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V '35 , , Y? f 1 , L 'V ' vu' -1 as ' , 5 H F , 4 n , ,-,. 1- :,'J,g I 1 ,Q-,rff 4,gx,,.':af.f""- 1. 1M-' ' ,, fy'--ixfl "'..2:...-wzffi' 'Eff' F fuHf61?3.'m9'W , V K' R 'X 1. .ng-f-:sg-V12 ,Ln-wi' .1- fp, -H .N-Eli ' 1 - V , - 1. .Q ' g llfsxw-2",f" ,1 aw. , , -MWJ Q. 1Yw: f3..,1 -51 ' , f mf ' , 4 , 1 ' , ,. . -, ,, ,ij nz, , 51,-.,f:,w 1v U v-1 ' 'ss 4' ' - 'E V - 3 ' 1 4' ,, A' '- 1,L."x , 1, - -13710 ' 1.9 ' " -' l14-,,,1S'Z1li':"v',-I1- U ' .- YQ- " ',7 Li' ,- 1' ' 535.3-jw:g5:" QQQLVJ ,- . .-G f' 1 w -N A- -A 4, ' ' -. , wwf- -.5- : uf -,'-"r ' ,x sw'vf' rff Wd ' 4, V N f ' J-Qw-'1 . --gf.-if,,fi' f-3--MISJ1,-, , M W 'f:.'a. . w il fl W V , ' ' f p ww ' '- ' f ' wk., 'mg-fig, .H 1 'wifefx 1: 'Li'-11621- ' +' 1"1v" -' , 'A - H: V-35:1 T 1- , -1 A T T - me ' -- ' Th e BQBASI-IELA VGLUME I2 ' ' ' 1936 TRENTQN, NEW JERSEY ANNUAL PUBLICATIGN ff THE TRENTON A CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL 4 SCHOOL HIGH TRAL N CEN TO TREN THE LL. 0 B 5 P an Z 'C 4 ra. E5 QC Foreword O O O THE THEME of the 1936 issue of the BoBAsHELA is 'la sound mind in a sound bodyf' Even a casual perusal of the book will convince one that our choice is apt, for here is evidence that the program of the Trenton Central High School places equal emphasis on the development of mind and body. Miss Harriet L. Wieand I I Dedication The Class of l936 dedicates this yearbook to Miss Harriet L. Wieand, Whose tvventy-seven years of service as a nurse in the Trenton schools have inspired its theme. Miss VVieand possesses those two qualities so essential to a nurse-eiiiciency and cheerfulness. The pupil in dis- tress vvho goes to her comes away not only relieved of his aches and pains but also buoyed up in spirit. The seniors, particularly, possess a Warm feeling for Miss Wieand because she has for many years accom- panied them on their annual trip to Washington, protect- ing them from the Hsnares and pitfalls" of the Nationls Capital, While giving them at the same time ample free- dom to enjoy themselves thoroughly. l7l Order of Book 0 0 0 FOREVVORD DEDICATION VIEWS ADMINISTRATION CLASS ROLL ACTIVITIES THE STAGE ATHLETICS CALENDAR I8I Q Views "The beautiful rests on the fozzndatiozzs the necessary."-EMERSON. Izfzfggyy, -'Hr'-mz.z?? f . E91 10 IN THE construction of the Trenton Cen- tral High School the architects designed not one building, but four. The central building is devoted to the commercial, the social science, and the art departments. The right Wing is given over to mathematics and sceinceg and the left, to languages, The building in the rear houses- the shops and gymnasiums. Such centralization of depart- ments is conducive to eiliciency and con- venience. The low buildings which necessi- tate little climbing of stairs, the spacious corridors, the well-lighted and Well-venti- lated class rooms, and the huge gymnasiums indicate that what the designers had in mind primarily was the health of the pupils. - E 1 l tw MMWNA- ,,r,, W ,,,M.,,,.,. ,.v, .,., ,,,, , , , my nw' HNX 4 :nw 11 f, f ,.,,,.f 12 71 1 J, ., x A 3 W .,,, , :Hx ,f ima . ' f X 1 fmffff -.., .Q-...4 V i131 'f H4 X 0 0 0 "Reason is the life of the law." -SIR EDWARD COKE E151 16 A HEALTHY ADMINISTRATION implies col- operation. When We consider the eflicient government of the Trenton Central High School, We realize that it is due to the harmony that exists between the School Board and the superintendent, the high school principal, his vice-principals, and the faculty. The School Board decides the pol- icy of the school system. Much depends, however, upon the wisdom of the superin- tendent, who interprets the laws devised by the Board. The principal, the vice- principals, and the faculty are responsible for the application of the laws to the school. The spirit of cooperation of o-ur pupils is merely a reflection of the spirit of their administrators. ...- -, ,. , Q -. 1-QD. -:LS--it . .gif -21 s. , ..11 l U' ' '. i uffwfm-,tic I I i 'if'ff+?h'25 f :X F R -'Til 1 Z ' - -f-: -3 f 51- film 'Z' X Paul Loser ONE OF the many interests which our superintendent has in common with us is a love of sports. lWr. Loser, a frequent spectator at our athletic contests, was particularly active in athletics at Muhlenberg College, where he played foot- ball, baseball, and basketball. When he became a member of the faculty of the Trenton High School, he assumed the responsibility of coaching football and baseball, in addition to performing his regular duties as teacher of mathe- matics. The only state championship football team produced by Trenton High was developed under Mr. Loserls leadership. 17 Dr. Paul R. Spencer 'fPR1Nc1PAL's OFFICE-COME IN." What could be more typical of Dr. Spen cer's attitude towards the students of the Trenton Central High School than this sign, conspicuously placed outside his office? He has from the first encour- aged our friendship. His busy schedule may always be altered to make time for student conferences. This helps to break down the barrier that frequently exists between pupil and administrator. Dr. Spencer has great faith in the intelligence of the pupils of our school, and demonstrates this trust by advocating the expan- sion of pupil participation in school government. l18l Vice-Principals AS LONG as there are students with problems to be solved, curricula to be planned, and activities to be put into operation, so long will there be the need of administrators. In the Trenton Central High School three vice- principals are necessary to aid Dr. Spencer in the administration of the school. Edward G. Leefeldt prepares the extensive curricular progranxg Miss Bertha Lawrence has charge of the extra-curricular activities fthe supervision of clubs, of Auditorium programs, of school publications, etc.D5 and William O'Brien undertakes the guidance of some 3,700 students. ll , V, A N . ff 1351 ' iifflaf Q . zinggg fl V id: ' Z X -4 Ip-5735522 - g.?'?..g :li-Er A' V, p vt : - it . j- -Wi i19l Miss SARA T. POLLOCK ELLARD A. Bocrs Miss CARRIE BUTZ Faculty Changes During the past two years, eight members of the Trenton Central High School faculty have re- signed, either to enjoy a life of well-earned leisure or to enter some field of endeavor other than that of public school teaching. Miss Harriet Day, who retired in 1935, was, for twenty-five years, one of the outstanding members of the English department. Seniors were particularly grateful to Miss Day for the splen- did background they obtained in English and American literature, a background which, in addition to being valuable in itself, helped those who were taking College Board examinations to pass with ease. O. Oswald, Whose health necessitated his retirement in February of 1935, taught in the Tren- ton High School for twenty-eight years. He was especially qualified to teach languages because of his extensive study at Albright, Lafayette, Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania, and New York University, as well as at Leipzig and Marburg in Germany. While a member of the Trenton High School faculty, Mr. Oswald served on occasion as assistant to the principal, school treasurer, and faculty adviser of the Bobaslzela. That pupils enjoyed his company is attested by the fact that he attended the first senior trip to Washington and every trip thereafter until he retired. Six members of the faculty have resigned this year. Miss Sara T. Pollock, retiring after teaching for eighteen years in the Trenton High School, is opening a private business school in the autumn. As a member of the faculty, she did not limit her activities to those of the classroom, but devoted herself also to extra-curricular Work. The present Commerce Club is an outgrowth of the Junior Commerce Club which Miss Pollock organized. She was also organizer and for many years sponsor of the Amanuensis Club. Ellard A. Buck has taught chemistry and physics in the Trenton High School for thirty-four years. In the old days, lVIr. Buck not only taught science but also coached all the athletic teams: baseball, football, basketball, and track. In honor of Mr. Buck and the interest he has fostered in athletics there is awarded to the class winning the most points on Field Day the Ellard A. Buck trophy. l20l Miss GRACE M. BRAUNINGER TRVING B. HUNTER Mrss BERTHA LAWRENCE Faculty Changes Miss Carrie Butz joined the Trenton High School faculty as a teacher of German in 1915. The following year she taught German and mathematics. During the World War, German was no longer included in the Trenton High School curriculum, whereupon Miss Butz taught mathematics only, and continued in this capacity until the time of her retirement in 1936 after twenty-one years of service. Miss Grace M. Brauninger, during the five years she has been teaching in the Trenton High School, has been very active in the physical education department. She has taught hockey, tennis, and swimming, and introduced speedball in the school. ln connection with these sports, Miss Braun- inger formed color teams which play inter-class games. She inaugurated the physical efficiency tests and the point system, whereby girls may earn their emblems. Miss Brauninger organized and is the present sponsor of the Girls' Leaders' Corps and the Photography Club. ln addition, she started the social dancing classes, and this year had charge of the dances for the operetta. Miss Brauninger has resigned to enter business. Irving B. Hunter, retiring head of the foreign language department, has taught Latin in the Trenton High School for eighteen years. For several years he has acted as college adviser, giving information and advice to college preparatory students. He has long been a member of the faculty's male quartet, a group who sing frequently at our special fu.nctions. To the men of the faculty, his departure is a particular loss, for Mr. Hunter was looked upon as the dean of men. Miss Bertha Lawrence, who has been vice-principal of the Trenton High School for the past five years, is resigning to become assistant professor of secondary education at the State Teachers College in Trenton. Miss Lawrence has had charge of all 'the extra-curricular activities in the Trenton Cell- tral High School, a big field in a big school. She is responsible for starting the Laureate, the school magazine, and for the adoption of a permanent school ring design. Particularly interested in student government, Miss Lawrence has organized and sponsored the Service Corps, the Presidents' Coun- cil, and the lnterclub Council. The alumni of the Trenton High School have presented medals to these teachers in recognition of their splendid service l21l English Department The English course of the Trenton Central High School is most adaptable to the individual needs and abilities of the pupil. Sophomores take, according to their ability, composition on one of three levels. The English com- position courses cover units in Word building, sentence structure, paragraphing, and outlining. Pupils who have achieved high scholastic rec- ords in the junior school are eligible to take the special speech course. Sophomore literature covers romantic and historical fiction, lyric and narrative poetry, prose non-fiction, and the drama. Juniors who received during their sophomore year honor ratings in ECI have an opportunity to take one of many special courses. The course in debating culmi- nates in inter-scholastic debates. The Laureate and junior Spectator classes publish the school mag- azine and school paper, respectively. The dramatic classes direct and present plays during the noon- time periods. A course in public speaking is also- offered to juniors. Juniors not eligible for one of these classes take English composition on the level of their sophomore year. However, good ratings result in advancement to the next higher level. Regular junior literature consists of the study of the realistic novel, modern drama, co-ntemporary maga- zines, and Shakespeare. Seniors who are going to college are prepared for the entrance examinations in the College Board class. ln addition to this course, the senior is given the opportunity to develop special talents in the Bobaslzela class, which publishes the year book, or the senior Spectator class, which publishes the school paper. The dramatic classes write, present, and direct plays. The public speaking class, the debating class, and the press class fwhich Writes school news for the local paperj are also open to seniors. Seniors not eligible or not preferring to take one of the special courses have a choice between two types of work. The first, which is for pupils who are going to colleges that do not require entrance examinations, is a survey of English and American literature. The composition given in this course is the type likely to be needed in college. For pupils not going to college a course in contemporary literature is offered. The composition for these classes emphasizes the so-called func- tional needs: conversation, letter Writing, and diaries. B English Teachers Front Row-Harold A. VanKirk, Mrs, Ada A. Duff, Miss Alice Benbow, Miss Eliza-- beth Bodine, Mrs. Elsie Saile, Miss Ada A. Reed, Miss Sarah C. Christie, Ed- ward A. Sullivan, Second Row-Morris E. Midkiff, Harry Michelson, Bernard Forer, Morris B. San- ford, Arthur S. Hancock, head of depart- ment, Elmer VV. johnson, Angell Mathew- son, Del Roy Wfhite, Herman Foss. Absentee.:-Miss Addie L. VVeber, Miss Ver- ena Luscher, Reginald Birks. l22l Social Science Department The social science depart- ment offers an interesting and ex- tensive program in history and economics. There are such courses as Ancient and lwedieval History, lliodern European History, lVorld History, American History, Prob- lems of Democracy, and Eco- nomic Geography. The Ancient History course, open to sophomores, em- braces the study of the achievements of man from the Stone Age to the Dark Ages. As a continuation of the Ancient History course, the junio-r student may further his knowledge of history by taking Modern European History, which includes the study of Europe from the Renaissance to the present. Perhaps a student in his junior year does not wish to continue the study of history for two successive years, if so, a somewhat condensed course is offered to him. World History, a condensed survey course, gives the pupil an excellent background for the understanding of present-day prob- lems and trends. Every senior is required to take American History, which comprises a complete study of our country from the time of its discovery to the present, and Problems of Democracy. For pupils who have difficulty in getting a knowledge of history from text books, there are the Visual Aid courses, which make particular use of pictures. Economics and Social Problems gives the student some idea of the various occupations of man and of the problems that confront man in his relationship with other men. Economic Geography is the study from an economic point of view of the w'orld's great na- tions, their locations, climates, people and commerce. This course is designed for sophomores, but it also finds favor With many upper-classmen. ln each of these courses the individual ability of the pupil determines the level of the class in which he shall be enrolled. These courses are taught through the medium of efficient unit systems and are designed to give the student a background to aid in the solving of the many problems which will confront him, as a citizen, in the future. Social Science Teachers Front Row-Miss Clara V. Braymer, Miss Lois B. St. John, Miss Madeline Bird, Julian B. Honeycutt, head of department, Miss Mary E. Meagher, Miss Ruth Scott, Lester I. Bartlett. Second Row-Robert C. McKenny, Ernest Y. Raetzer, Claude B. Kleinfelter, I. Howell Kane, Williaiii R. Weaver, Samuel W. Eberly. Alzseufce-Miss Edith Atkinson. l23l l24l Com m ercial Teachers From' Row-Frank Crouse, Miss Bella Kaplan, Miss Sara T. Pollock. Mrs. Mamie Peitz- man, Don T. Deal, head oi department: Miss Mary Lapin, Miss Laura H. Fell, Miss Nelf lie H. Terry, Andrew C. Sexton. Second Rott'-Robert N. Graham, Allen B. Dakin, Mrs. Augusta NI. Abbott, VVi1bur F. Mizer, Miss Gertrude I-lasselbach, VVard B. Gedney, Arthur E. Schoener. Alzsezttccsillffiss Catherine R. Gale, F. Murray Vlfestover. l l 5 The Commercial Department The expansion of business at the beginning of the twentieth century gave rise to the need of more efficient and skilled workers, and led to a public demand for free commercial education. The Trenton High School has always attempted to satisfy this demand, and today offers three excellent commercial courses: secretarial, general business, and accounting. Pupils who wish a more extensive knowledge of typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, and oflice practice enroll in the secretarial course. They devote time to the study of the fundamentals of the course and work with various oflice machines. The: seniors are assigned to act as secretaries to heads of departments, to advisors, or to anyone else who needs their service for a period of twelve weeks. Those students who wish to acquire a general knowledge of the entire field of business take the general business course. Subjects given in this course include come mercial mathematics, salesmanship, marketing, advertising and commercial law. The accounting course also includes the subjects of the general business course but empha- sizes one special phase of commercial work by giving an additional year of book- keeping and one year of elementary accounting. The theories learned are given prac- tical application by the more advanced students, who manage the book and supply rooms as Well as the school store. Each year about 33 l-3 per cent of our pupils choose the commercial course, and are graduated with sufficient knowledge and practice to enter the business world. ,Science Faculty Front Row - George Krall, Miss Florence M. Scheur- en, Miss Annie P. Hughes, head of department, Miss Sylvia Simon, William Crawford, VVesley C. At- kins. Second Row-David Vlfeisberg, Harold Jones, Ralph G. Caldwell, Constantine M. Diamond, Ellard A. Buck. Science Department The science department of the Trenton Central High School offers courses in biology, physics, and chemistry. Biology and physics are taught on two levels. The Sl courses, which include laboratory work, prepare the student for college. The S2 courses do not cover so much as the Sl courses and are intended for those students who are not planning to go to institutions of higher learning. The biology course covers zoology fthe study of animal lifej and botany fthe study of plant liiej. In the Trenton Central High School the course in zoology emphasizes the care of the human body. ln physics the student is taught the mechanics and principles of heat, light, electricity, and the other forms of energy. The chemistry course includes the study of chemical changes, principles of chemi- cal reactions, and what chemistry has done to transform our modern World. 'Three courses of varying degrees of difficulty are given in chemistry. Pupils who take l2Sl are pupils who have outstanding ability in science or pupils who are preparing for College. Girls interested in household chemistry take IZSZ, which emphasizes problems of food and diet. This course is usually chosen by those who are planning .to follow a nursing career. Boys who find l2Sl too dillicult take IZS3, which omits some theory and several experiments, and emphasizes metallurgy and industrial chemistry. l25l Borgia. The Foreign Language Department The study of foreign languages has always been considered of great cultural value. Students of the Trenton Central High School are offered a wide selection in the field of languages. The pupil has a choice of five courses: Latin, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Latin, which is the basis of many foreign languages, is also the foundation of much ofour own speech. First-year students of Latin Cninth gradej acquire the rudi- ments of Latin composition b,y studying the laws of Latin construction and by trans- lating from English into Latin and vice versa. Second-year students Ctenth gradel read Caesarls Gallic Wars for four days a week and devote the fifth day to the study of grammar. Third-year students Celeventh gradej read the Orations of Cicero. In the fourth year Qtwelfth gradel, the student reads the poetry of Virgil. First-year French students Qninth gradej devote their time entirely to the study of grammar. During the succeeding three years of French that are offered, the pupil reads modern plays and novels, and studies the works of the seventeenth and eighteenth century poets. , Y A tiifo-year course in Italian is offered. During the first year, two days are devoted to the study of grammar, one day to oral conversation and two days to reading. During their second year, students of Italian devote three days to grammar and the remaining two days of the week to reading Italian biographies and auto- biographies. a f ' During the first year of the two-year Spanish course, the student acquires a sufficient knowledge of grammar to enable him to readvarious Spanish storiesg in his second year he learns toimalce reports Qboth oral. and writtenj in Spanish on his reading. Conversation and literature are also included in the second year's work. The German student studies grammar during his hrst year. In his second year he continues the study of grammar and reads stories of travel. I26l Foreign Language Teachers Front Row-Miss Irene K. Ernst Irvin B Hunter head of department, Miss Mildred Shea Second' Row-Dr. Viktor Sabary John F Kelsey Iohn A. Kirkpatrick, Earl W Steffy Frank The Mathematics Department The mathematics department of the Trenton Central High School is outstand- ing because of the wide scope of mathematics offered to the students. Geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus are given. The pupil's choice of class depends upon the pupil's needs and ability. He may enter a regular mathematics class, or he may take college preparatory mathematics, or, it he shows particular ability in the line of mathematics, he may enter a special class which covers more than the required course in one year. ln his sophomore year, the student Wishing to attend college may take geometry or he may enter an advanced, group which studies algebra and trigonometry in addition to geometry. With this group Whitneyf Colliton, the head of the de- partment, uses a slide machine which flashes the geometry theorems on a screen. There are also- geometry courses for students not going to college and a course in industrial geometry for boys. Juniors may study intermediate algebra, a subject required for college entrance. During the present year a new system was used in this course. In order to develop thinking power, the type rather than the problem itself was stressed. To prove the success of his experiment, Albert E. Wenzel, instructor, compared the first rating period marks of last year with those of this year and found that they were generally higher under the new system. Industrial mathematics and the fusion course are also offered to the junior. Intermediate algebra and trigonometry are included in the course. Students in their senior year may study trigonometry, solid geometry, and ad- vanced algebra. There is also a special class Which covers solid geometry, advanced algebra, analytical geometry, and calculus. By being in a special class a student is able to gain extra credits toward his diploma. The credits, however, do not count as units for admission to college. Mathematics Teachers l Front Row-Miss Carrie Butz, I. Whitirey Colliton, , head of department, Miss Mary K. Frederick. Second Row-Albert C. VVenzel, Frederick Drewes, Emerson H, Burdick, Clarence W. Lowden. Absezzffe-Walter S. Crouse. t27l Shop Faculties Front Row-Lester M. Minlcel, Miss Maude Van Natta, Miss Lois Dnsinhury, Miss Daphne Koenig, Miss Hanna L. Foster, Miss Clara I, Ellsworth, Carl Daimerth. Second Rott'-Francis E. Black, Ioseph VV. Hills, Harry Burslem, J. Louis Crisp, Douglas T. Coodale. Absentee-Friebis Siegfried. Th th -f . ' k' Q ' ' h. .h The Shop Departments A three-year machine-shop course is offered to those Who have an interest in mechanics. "Seventy-Hve per cent of our Workf, says Douglas T. Goodale, instructor, "is showing the pupil whether he really Wants to be a ma- chinist or not." lVlany students enroll in the print classes under the tutelage of Joseph W. Hills. The three-year course in printing prepares them for an apprenticeship in the printing business. At the same time, the members of these classes save the city money by printing much material needed by the school. Pupils who take the three-year wood- shop course construct all the scenery used in the school plays. The newest shop course in the school is the three-year electrical course under the direction of Carl Dannerth. Con- struction of radios is very popular among the pupils taking this course. Une shop course expressly for girls is the three-year sewing course. Some of the students taking this course learn how to make their own clothing, while others prepare to become dressmakers or cos- tume designers. e ree year course in coo mg is unique in t 'it t e class work is not confined to cooking alone. The pupils follow a varied program that provides an excellent foundation for eleven different positions. Some of these posi- tions are governess, air hostess, and stewardess. l28l The Art Department The work of the art department emphasizes particularly the cultural side of art. lnstead of beginning immediately to produce work for exhibition, the student entering the Held gradually and carefully acquires a background. He learns to appreciate the work of others and to know what real art is. The art exhibits held in connection with this work help the students to develop the ability to judge and appreciate. The general introductory course gives the student a taste of the crafts, fine arts, and commercial art. He is encouraged to develop any marked ability he may possess along a particular line, and he is allowed sufficient leeway to do so. The student who continues as a fine arts student in his junior and senior years has the opportunity to select from a series of courses. The crafts offer several fields: jewelry, metal work, pottery, bead work, pup- petry, leather work, etc. Commercial art is one of the most popular courses in the Held. All phases of commercial work-field posters, book jackets, lettering, etc.-are engaged in. The student who does not wish to specialize in any one Held or who is interested in the fine arts as opposed to commercial art or the crafts may enroll in the general art course and study interior decorating, book illustration, and costume design-from the point of View of the costume designer and not from that of the commercial illustrator. Designing is done with either fabrics or paint. Any of the courses mentioned may be continued for two or three years because advanced work is given. Yet, since some of the shop and business courses of the general and commercial departments increase greatly in value when correlated art courses are of- fered with them, students may take a special course which includes art in the home and art in industry, and devote one semester to each phase of the course. However, they pursue the art work only so far as it is directly related to their other subjects. 291 MIss HARRIET L. WIEAND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT "She Gets All the Breaks" I I :QQ -fat: 1 'Qs 7 .mit ' ff KIA n Apple a Day and Us" Front Row-Miss Harriet L. Wiealid, Mrs. A1111 Grif- fiths, Miss Grace M. Brauiiinger, Mrs. Isabelle L Quick. V L. Second Reza'-Edward G. Murphy, Albert Neuschaefer, Albert F Clemens C Foster u11e . , . I , Absentee-LeRoy Smith, head of depart1I1e11t. DR. ARTHUR F. EDWARDS "He wants the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth." OFFICE F ORCE "Little Man, What Now?" Miss ' I l Miss Margaret E. VVhite Katherine M. Golclenbaum Miss Miss Helen Mclntire Grace M. Bullock l30l TOM CLARIC Cleltj "Keeper of the Keys" o 0 0 "The founriation of every state is the education of its youth."-DIOGENES. I 31 32 ALTHOUGH there are 3,700 pupils enrolled in the Trenton ACentral High School, the individual is not lost sight of. Upon en- tering school, each student is given a physi- cal and a mental examination. The physical examination enables the gymnastic instruc- tor to place a pupil in a group according to his ability. In this way no one is taxed beyond his strength. Pupils who have dis- abilities are placed in special classes. The mental examination enables the advisor to schedule a pupil according to the latter's ability. The fast, medium, and slow groups give all pupils a chance to work to their capacity. I X ROBERT DAVIS, President Senior Class O cers HARRY OLINSKY, Vice-President AQUA -, ' WW ri' .... MW7 BERNICE SCH ULTZ, Secretary DESIDER SIMKOW, Treasurer L33 34 V . . 1 l i Senior Class Hlstor "Ii gl! ' ' ' 'l?M65,l,,, "' 1933-34 Enjoying the distinction of being the first sophomore group to organize in the new school, the Class of 1936, led by Richard Grocott, president, Nlichael Starski, vice-president, Bernice Schultz, secretary, and Desider Simkow, treasurer, immedi- ately proceeded to participate in the various school activities, notably the spring musicale. 1934-35 Upon becoming juniors, the class, with an eye to organization selected its leaders -Richard Grocott, president, Harry Olinsky, vice-president, Bernice Schultz, sec- retary, and Desider Simkow, treasurer-and then set about making history. The Lrzzzrefzte class, a junior Bo11a.vl1eIr1 class which contributes to the school magazine, was organized, and in the 1935 issue the juniors had a representation of more than fifty per cent among the contributors. Continuing its activities in other fields, the class adopted a standard ring and pin design for future graduating classes. On ltiarch 14 and 15, twenty juniors received that coveted honor, induction into the National Honor Society. On May 24, the climax to the social activities came in the form of the spec- tacular junior Prom. 1935-36 Elevated to the rank of seniors, the class under the leadership of Robert Davis, president, Harry Olinsky, vice-president, Bernice Schultz, secretary, and Desider Simkow, treasurer, availed itself of every opportunity to make its final year one long to be remembered. The first event of note was the Washington trip, and for three happy but hectic days, Qctober 10, 11, and 12', the seniors overran the nation's capital. After returning from Washington, the seniors resumed work on the senior play, .Hlonsiezzr Eeaumire, and presented it on November 21, 22, and 23. Deeming the practice of selecting candidates by members of a nominating com- mittee undemocratic, the class amended its constitution to- allow no-minations from the floor. February 7, the date of the Senior Sport Dance, marked the transition from political to social activities, and on April 2' and 3, Girls' Sport Nite, an event introduced in this school last year, caused thousands 'of spectators to Hock to the school to view the stunts, dances, songs, cheers, and relays presented by the girls, and to see, in addition, the Red Team suffer defeat at the hands of the Black Team. Since financial aid Was necessary for the publication of the Bobrlslzela, the three classes combined to sponsor a Bobaslzela dance on May 14. And so-a little wiser, a little less carefree, a little sad, a little glad, the class of 1936 concludes its high school career and seeks new helds of endeavor. 1 Top Row- ABBOTT, DIARY ELIZABETH, Mamie, Acc.-Leaders' Corps. '34, '35, 36, Treas. '36, Candy COnI't '36, Tkt, COm't '36, Cheer Leader '35, '36. I D ABBOTTS, ETHEL,' Dolly, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y. '34, H. R. Pres. '35, Naturalist '34, Swim- ming '35, Girls' Science '35, Girls' Science V.-Pres. '36, Pres. Council '35, Color Sz Motto COm't '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Sr. Dance Cloak Room Corn't. '36, Laureate '35, Dramatic '36, Tap Dancing Leaders' '35, '36. . ADAMOWICZ, DIARY MONICA, S11ziIc.v,' Acad.-Leaders' Corps '36, Girls' Science '34, '35 '36, Treas. '36. ADAMS, DAISY ELIZABETH, Fri.r1a,' Acad.-Hockey '35, Leaders' 'Corps '35. ALLARD, TVIAX THEODORE, 171'wzclzy,' Acc.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, Musicale '34, '35. ALLEN, HOWARD, Acad.-Vtfoodcraft '35, '36, Safety Council '36, Pres. '36. Hliddle Row- ABIBROSE, .ALBERTA VIRGINIA, Bert, Sec.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Att. Awd. '35,'30. ANDERSON, JOAN, Acad.-Costume '34, '35, '36, Leaders' Corps 36, Service "T" '34. IANDERSON, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH, Givmyg Gen.-H. R. Sec'y '34, '35, Costume '34, '35, '36, Pres. '36, Tkt. COU1,t. Sr. Play '36. -IANDRZEJENVSKI, CHESTER, 1T1"lt'il':V,' Gen. "ANDRzEJEwsKI, HENRX' RICHARD, McTavi.vh,' Acad. ANGEl.INI, JOHN JOSEPH, Gen. Bottom Rom'- fANTHEIL, VVILLIAM LOUIS, Anfz'e,' Acad- Bobashela '36. ARGUST, NVILLIAM, Bill, Gen.-Woodcraft '35, '36, V.-Pres. '35, '36. ARMsTRONG, THELMA E., Gen.-Speech '36. ARONISS, THELMAQ Pat, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34. AISHBOCK, ROBERT VVILSON, Aslzieg G. B.-Aquarium '34, '35, Treas. '34, Track '35. ASHLIORE, DOROTHY, D0ftz'e,' Sec.-H. R. Treas. '34, '35, '36, Leaders' Corps '34, Speed- ball Capt. '35, Basketball Capt. '34. f l l35l Tap Row- ATCHLEY, LEROY, Ax, Acad.-Clionian '36, Tennis '35, Major "T" '35. ATKIN, GERALD, Jerffyg Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, Chess and Checker '34, '35, Pytha ,gorean '35, Pres. Council '34, Hon, Medal '36, Service "T" '36, Sr. Play Tkt. COm't. '36, Spectator '34, '35. '---YAZARCHI, KALLTAN, Kal, G. B. BALDXVIN, BETTY LEE, Lee, Acad. BANGHAM, RIARIORIE H,, Ma1'ge,' Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34, Service Corps, '35, '36, Orchestra '34, Service "T" '36, Spectator '35, Ir. Prom. Tkt. Com't. '35, Sr. Play - Tkt, Com't. '36, Ir. 8z,Sr. Ring Sz Pin Con1't. '35, '36. BARBER, SPENCER E., Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, '35, Forum '34, '35, '36, Pres. '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Pres. '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, V.-Pres. '35, Ir. Historical '35, '36, Debating '36, Hon. Medal '35, Service "T" '34, '35, '36, Forum Football '35, Sr. Play '36, Chrm. Ring Com't. '36, Chrm. Arrang. Sport Dance '36, Hon. Comp. '35, Debate '36, Circulation Mgr., Bobashela '36, Chrm. Ir. 81 Sr. Ring Com't. '35, '36. Middle Raw- ' BARBOUR, MARY RUTH, G. B. BARBOUR, RUTH ELIZABETH, Sec.-H. R. Pres. '34, '35, Amanuensis '35, Commerce '36, Pres. Council '34, '35, Dramatics '36. BARGELSKI, FRANK JOHN, G. B. BARKER, VVETONA MONTERO, We,' Acad. BARNES, DOROTHY, Dot, G. B.-Speedball '34. BARNETTE, HANNAH GLORIA, Honey, Gen.-Sr. Play '36, School Store '36. Bottom Row- BARRY, CRAIG W., Acad.-Forum '36, Chess and Checker '35, '36, Golf '36, Tennis '36. BASH, ALBERT A., Abby, Gen.-H. R. Pres. '36, Football '34, '35, '36, Ir, Prom Com't '35. BASH, NORMA, N01'f11f,' Leaders' Corps '34, '35, School Store '34, '35, Photography '36, Speedball '34. BATTALA, ANTHONY JOSEPH, Cakie, Acad. BAYLOR, LUCY MAE, Lu, Gen. ,S BEARDEN,'DOROTHY I., Dot, Acad.-Speedball '34, I36 l Top Row- BECK, SEYMOUR SIDNEY, Cy, Acad.-Sr. Play Tkt Com't '36, Cheer Leader '35, J. V. Football '35. BENEDETTI, EUGENIA RITA, fvazny, Acc.-School Store '35. BENTLEY, GEORGE: C111'Iy,' G. B.-H. R, Sec'y-Treas, '36, Sr. Play Tkt. Com't. '36. BERBICK, EDWARD GEORGE1 P11iIIww'f,- Acc.-Press '35, Philology '36, Speech '36. BI-TRBON, CATHERINE: Iiz'ffy,' Acad. '36, BERGER, L.AYYRlfNClf, Laz'ry,' Acad.-Band '34, '35, '36, Grchestra '34, '35, '36, Varsity Debating '36, Debating Class '36, .lfiddlu Row- BERGER, ll.-XRIAN ESTELLEQ Iggy, Acad.-El Siglo Futnro, '36, V.-Pres. '36. BERTA, JAMES, Acc.-H. R. Sec'y '34, '35, '36, Swimming '35, '36. BESSMERTNIK, RlARTINI Bv,r.v,' Acad.-Library '34, '35, '36, Treas. '35, '36, Page Spectator '35, '36. BISTRAN, GEoRoE JOHN, Bzzfrlz, G. B. BLACK, BETTY D., Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '35, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Clionian Girls' Athletic Council '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, jr. Prom. Decoration Com't. '35 Speech '36, Hockey '34, '35, '36, Basketball '34, Gym Sergeant '35, Service C '35, '36. ...f BLOOM, ROBERT, Boblzzlx' Gen.-Band '34, '35, '36, Naturalist '35, '36, Dramatic '35. Bnffouz Rota'- BLOOR. XVILLIARI SPENCER: Acad.-Forum '34, '35, '36, Pres. '36, Service Corps '35, '36, Treas. '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Football '35, Service "T" '35, Debate Hon. Comp. '35. BLY, DOROTHY' N., Doi, G. B.-H. R. Treas. '35, '36. BODNER, ROSEBIARY' E, Bobby, Sec.-Amanuensis '35, '36, Swimming '35, Hockey Dramatic '36. BOLINO, SAMUEL JOE: Sam, G. B.-School Store '36. BOBIBERRY, NORMAN JosEPH: Sqzzirc, Acc.-Harmonica '35, Bobashela '36. Ed. '36, orps '34, '36 , '35, BOPP, ALBERTA ANNA, Bert, Acc.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, H. R. Sec'y '35, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Sergeant '35, lst and 2nd Lieut. '36. I 371 1 I Top Row- BORODAY, PETE, Curly, Acc.-H. R. Pres. '34, Boys' leaders '34, Football '35, '36. -QBORUTA, FRANCES HELEN,' Acad.-Girls' Science '36. BOSHANSKI, MARY IRENEg .S'u..,vz'e,' Gen.-Hockey '34, Speedball '36. BOSSMANN, RALPH, Rafe, Acc-H. R. V.-Pres, '34g Third place class track meet '34' Att. Awd '34, Ir. Track '35. BOSZAK, PETER PAUL, Lefty, Gen.-H. R. Pres. '34, '36, V.-Pres. '35, Tumbling '34, , Football '34, '35, '36, Track '34, '35, '36, Boxing '36, BOWKER, ESTHER LILY, Tess, Gen. rlliddle Row- BRAUN, DOROTHY PATRICIA, Dot, Gen. BRAY, RICHARD, Acad. BREARLEY, PURVISQ Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. 363 Forum '35, '36, Laureate '36. BRENNA, IOSEPHINE ANN, Jog G. B. BRIAN, SARAH M1I.ICENTQ G. B.-Leaders' Corps '34. BRIEL, HENRY VVILLIAM, I-Iank, Acc.-Att. Awd '35, Press '36. Bottom Row- BRILL, ELEANOR T., Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '34, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Belles Lettres '35, '36, Service "T" '35, Refresh. Com't. Sr. Play '36, Spectator '35, '36, Gym Capt. '35g Service Corps '35. BROADHEAD, JOHN W1LFREDg Bill, Gen.-Band '34, '35, '36, Naturalists '34, '35, '36. HBROKAW, BETTY PRIMMERQ Bef, Gen. BROKAW, LORRAINE, Larzzriag Acad.-Hockey '34, '35. BROWDY, SOLOMON, Sol, Acad,-Forum '36, Ir. Historical '36, Chess 81 Checker '34, '35, '36, Service Corps '35, '36, Service "T" '35, '36, Hon. Medal '36, Co-Sports Bd. Spectator '36, Mgr. "C" Bldg. Serv. Corps '36. BRONVN, CALVIN 'W7ILLARD,' Count, Acad.-Boys' Glee '35, Musicale '35. T331 7 Top Row- BRONVN, DONALD VV., Don, Acad.-H. R. Treas. '35, Band '34, '36, Mgr. '36, Athletic Council '35, Band Letter '34, '36, Attendance Certificates '35, '36, Debating '36, Chrm. Publicity Band, Minstrel '36. BROWN, DOIQIS E.,'D0dr,' Gen.-H. R. Pres. '35, '36, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Sr, Play Candy COIn't. '36, Hon. Comp. '35: Dramatic '36, Basketball '36. BROWN, HARRY, G. B. BROWNE, DORIS lX'Il'Ll-ICENT, Bl'U'Zt'IlI'l',' Gen.-H. R. V.- Council '36, Inter-Club Council '36, Costume '36, BRUccOI-ERI, CIfIARLEs, Brmwls, Gen. Pres. '35, H. R. Pres. '36, Pres. Sport Dance Refresh. Co1n't. '36. Buck, ROBERT, 13011, Acad.-Chess K Checker '34, '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Forum '34, '35, '36, Spectator '35, '36, Page Ed. '36, jr. Historical '36, Serv. Corps '35, '36. llfiddle Row- ff' BUDD, CHARLES IyINs, Hl't'A'01'j',' Gen.-H. R. Pres. '35, Soccer '34, '35. Service HT" '35, Chess' Team '36, 34, Baseball '34, Basketball '34, BUDSON. THELMA, Acad.-Jr. Historical '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, Refresh. Com't.' jr. Prom. '35, Candy Com't. Sr. Play '36, Spectator, '35, '36, BURcHELL, STEXVARD CI-IARLEs, Stew, Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Band '34, "35, '36,' Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Basketball '35, '36, Dramatics '35, '36. BURKE, JUNE NIARYQ Jznz-ic, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '35, Les Intimes '36, Candy COm't. Sr. Play '36, Refresh. Com't. Sr. Dance '36, Dramatics '36, BURNS, ROBERT F., Bob, G. B. BUscHER, MARGARET C., Marge, Acc.-H. R. Pres, '34, Leaders' Corps '35, Pres. Coun- cil '34, Speedball '35. Bottom- Row- BYER, ALBERT LEON, Albicg Acad.-Philatelic '35, '36, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '35, jr. Prom. Com't. '34, Ass't Mgr. Soccer '34, Inter-Club Council '35. BYER, CHARLOTTE, C1zerz',' Sec.-Property Com't. Sr. Play '35, Dramatic '35, '36. ' T' CAHILL, JOHN, Acad. CALVANELLI, LOUIS ANTHONY, Lou, Acad.-Aircraft CAMERON, VIRGINIA CATHERINE, Gimzy, Sec.-H. R. Treas. '35, '36. '36, A1na11tIen,sj,s,,,-',36. CANFORA, PAULINE RosE, Patty, Sec.-School Store '35. . f39 M 'ff QL L? X! Top Row- CANTYVELL, JOHN VVILLIABI, Acad. CAPPIELLO, FRANCES MARIE, Cap, Sec.-Leaders' Corps '35, '36, Dramatics '36. CARELLA, JAMES G., Jim11zy,' Acad.-Les Intimes '35, Il Circolo Italiano '36, Band '35, Service "T" '35, Sr. Dance Music Com't. '36, Dance Orchestra '35f V CARLUCCI, ELEANOR A., Ellie, Gen. CARNALL, ELIZABETH HELENE, Bub, Acad.-Girls' Science '36. CARRIGAN, CORNELIUS PATRICK, Nean, G. B.-Criterion '36. Middle Row- CARTLEDGE, VERA IVIAYQ Acad.-Leaders' Corps '36, Sr. Play Candy Comft. '36, Dra- Bolt I 40 matic '36. CASTALDO, MARY, Gen.-Speedball '35, Baseball '36. CETKOWSKI, ALFRED JOSEPH, Rad, Gen. CEZUS, STELLA MAE, Acad. CIIADWICK, WILLIAM THOMAS, Little Beaver, Gen.-H. R. Pres., '34, Football '35, '36. CHAPMAN, BARBARA HELEN, Bob, Acad.-Naturalist '34, Girls' Science '35, Spectator '35, '36. Serv. Corps '35, '36, Hon. Medal om Row- CHERRY, WILLIAM VICTOR, Bill, Gen.-Soccer '35, , CHESN-ER, HELEN DOLORESQ Cher, Acad,-H. R. Treas. '35, Costume Dramatics '36, . CHORBA, STEPHEN S.: Pele, Acc.-Soccer '35, Press '36, Bookroom ' CHORDAS, YARMILA GERALDINE, Jerry, Sec.-Amanuensis '34, '35. CHRISTIAN, ANTOINETTEQ Toni, Sec.-Amanuensis '35, Commerce '36, '36, Att. Awd '35, Laureate '35, Bobaslaela Class Ed. '36, Leaders ' Hon. '36. CHRISTIE, OSCAR, Gen.-Shop Safety Council '36. '36, Hockey '34, 36. Hon. Medal '35 Corps '36, Nat'l l I Top Row- CHR1s'ro1'HER, RUTI-IQ Cl11'1'.vfy,' Gen.-Costume '34, '35, '36. CITRON, IQAYMONDQ Ray, Acad.-Chess X Checker '36. CLARKE, JEAN LOUISE, Acad.-Les Intiines '36, Girls' Glec '34, '35, Bobashela '36, Musicale '35. CLAYTON, CHARLES EDWARD, Ed, Acad. COHEN, CHARLoT'1'E, Acad.-Les Intimes '36, Laureate '36. COLAVITA, IUICHAEL S'l'lEP1llEN, Jllikvg Acad.-Italian '34. llliddlf' Row- COLEMAN, IQUSSELL F., O.v'wu!d,' Gen.-H.,R. V.-Pres. '35, '36, Clionian '36, Treas. '36, Football '35, '36, Clean-Up Co1n't. '36. COLLINS, NIINERYA ANN, Mz'1zi11'c,- Acad. COMES, RIARQIORIEQ Illargr, G. B. COMFORT, HOl2AL'E VV., G. B. CORIMINI, BSARY LUCIA, Mar, Sec.-Arnanuensis '35, Italian '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Att. Award '35, Speech '36, Hon. Medal '36. CONOVER, IQOBERTA HELEN, Bnlrbicq' Acad.4H, R. V.-Pres. '34, Pres. '35, '36, Euclidean '34, V.-Pres. '34, Pythagorean '35, '36, Jr. Historical '36, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Refresh. COn1't. jr. Prom. '35, Sr. Play Tkt. Con1't. '36, Chrni. Balloting COni"t. '36, Chrm. Tkt. Com't, Sr. Sport Dance '36, Hon. Comp. '35, Refresh. Con1't. Bobashela Dance '36. Bottom R010- CONWAY, BERNICE NLARY, Tofvsyg Sec.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '34, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Commerce '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Sr. Sport Dance Tkt. Conft. '36, Spectator '36. COOK, HEl,EN RIARIEQ Cookie, Sec -Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Girls' Glee '36. COOK, XA-'TLLIAM GEORGE, Cookie, Acad.-H. R. Prcs. '36, Band '34, '35, '36, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Pres, '36, Chrm. Music ConI't. Ir. Dance '35, Draniatics '36. COONEY, JAMES ALOYSIUS, fz'11zmy,' Acc.-Model Airplane '35, COONEY, JEAN MARIE, Acad.-Belles Lettres '35, '36, Euclidean '34, Jr. Historical '36, Serv. Corps '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, Service "T" '35, jr. Ring Sz Pin ConI't. '35, Ir. Prom. Com't. '35, Chrm. Candy ConI't. Sr. Play '36, Spectator '35, '36, Sr. Dance Com't. '36. COOPER, JUNE LARAYNE, Izmir, Acad. L41 E421 A Top Row- COOPER, VVYARREN, Bees, Gen.-Print '34 '35 '36 CoRvo, THERESAQ Terr, Acad.-Girls' Clee,'34, Italian '35, Swimming '35, Leaders Corps '34, 4 COURTNEY, DAVID CHARLESQ Cozzrmry,' Acad. COVERT, DONALD GORDON, Dong Gen.-Service "T" '35. CRACKER, NlCPIOI.AS ALBERT, Acad CRAIG, M. JEAN, Acad.-H. R. Sec'S1 '34, '36, Dec. Com't. '34, Caud Com't. S , Plz '35 y r ly Jg Debate 36, Hockey 34. Ilifiddle Row- CRAMER, RUTH ANNE, Acad.-El Siglo Futuro '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Leaders' Corps '35 '36, Speech '36. CRANNAGE, EARL LAWRENCE, Mny'm',' G, B.-Aquarium '34, Chess Sz Checker '35, CREGAR, CHARLES E., lfVl1z'fcy,' Acad.-Hon. Comp. '35, Statistics Ed. Bobashela '36. CROFT, JACK SPARMAKER, Acad.-Press '36. CSANYI, FRANK, Holubazzg G. B. CULLEN, ISABEL, Lxry, Sec.-Bkkp. Medal '35, Laureate '36. Bottom Row- JCULLITON, HARRY VVILLIAM, Clzifvfvevg' Acad.-Aircraft '35, '36. CUMMINGS, FRANcES'LENoRAg Fran, Sec.-Amanuensis "35, Treas. '35, Commerce '36g Leaders' Corps '34, Hou. Medal '35, Dramatics '36. CURINI, RENA MARIE, Reizuceg Acc't. CZAPLICKI, LEONARD JOHN, Chip, Acad.-Model Airplane '34, '35, '36. DAMMANN, CHARLES STEVE, Acad. JDALIINIANN, FRANCES T1-1ERESAg ,F7'CIllkl'L',' G. B.-Leaders' Corps '36. I Y Top Row- DANER, LENA, Luv, Sec. -9D'ARcY, XN7ILI-IAM FRANCIS, Bill 5 Acad.-H. R. Scc'y '34, V.-Pres. '36, J. V. Football '34, D.LXX'1ES, AIITIIUR VVILLIAMQ I-lri, Acc. ' DAX'IS, NIARGARIET E1.sI12,' Murgv, Acad.-Girls' Glee '35. DAvIs, NiII.DREl'J HIi.nA,' M1'ftz'v,' Gen. DAvIs, ROBERT XN7ooDRU1f1P,' Bob, Gen,-H. R. Pres. '34, '35, '36, Class Pres, '36, Pres. Council '34, '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Clionian '36, Publicity Con1't. Sr. Play '36, ,llidallv ROW- DE.-XRDEN, .ALBERT EDWARD, Acad.-Service Corps '35, '36. DE BLASIO, Rosiz T., Acad. DELANY, FI.oRI:NcIz I., F'10s.vy, Acad. DELOZIEIQ, ETIIEI- EI-IzAIIETH,' Efrlzg Sec. DEREs, ROSELLIX NIARIEQ Rasa, Acad. DIGUIESEPPIE, XIALENTINA RACHAEI-, Vallicg Acad.-Girls' Science '35, '36, Leaders' Corps '36, Bobashela '36. Bottom Row- DILEO, NIARY LORRETTAQ G. B.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, School Store '35, '36, Mgr. '36. DINGMIXN, CLARENCE, G. B. DISBROW, NL-XRIE GERTRUDE PAULAQ Tiny, Gen.-Girls' Glee '34 DOLDY, CAROLYN J., Kay, Gen.,-Leaders' Corps '35, '36, Basketball '35. DONNER, ROBERT, Bob, G. B. DONAHUE, KEYRON JOSEPH, Joe, Acad.-H. R, Treas. '34, Press '34, Forum '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Pres. Council '36, Serv. Corps '35, '36, Track '34, '35, '36, Serv. "T" '34, '35, '36, Ir. Class Tlct. Com't. '35, Sr. Class Tkt. Com't. '36 ,f Arr. Com't. Bob- asliela Dance '36. ww 10? E431 l 3 Top Row- DORAN, MADELINE IRENE,' Sec. DRAKE, ANNA VIRGINIA, Toots, Acad. DRESCITLER, RUSSELL CHARLES, Russ, G. B.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, Musicale '35. D'STEFANO, ANTIIONY, Tomy Shoes, Acc. DUATSCHEK, ELIZABETH BIARIEQ Beltyq G. B., Orchestra '34, Minor "T" '34. DUEF, HAROLD DAVISON, Acad.-Serv. Corps '36, Basketball '36 Jlliddle Row- DUNHAM, LILLIAN LORRA1NE, Ray, Sec. DURAND, DOROTHY MAY, Dot, Sec.-H. R. Pres. lst! sem. '34, V.-Pres. 2nd sem. '34. DURHAM, PEARL HELENE, Pnl, Gen.-Leaders' Corp '34, '35, '36, Basketball '35, '36. DURLING, GEORGE CLIFFORD, Cliff: Acad. EASTHAM, ROBEIQT ELLSWORTH, Bob, G. B.-Clionian '36, Sr. Play Tkt. COm't. '36' Sr Sport Dance Publicity COm't. '36, Exec. COm't. N. J. Assoc. High School Stuclents Council '36. EBY, YALTON C., Aer, Acad.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, Boys' Science '36' Band '34 '35' Orchestra '34, '35, Serv. Corps '34, Track '36, VVrestling '34, Att. Awil. '35, Musicale '34, '35, '36. Bdzftom Row- ECKER, FRED, Red, Acc.-Serv. Corps '35, '36, Band '35, Football '36, Service "T" '35, Major "T" '35. EDELMAN, .WWIILTON JOSEPH, M'z'fty,' G. B.-Print '36, EECK, DOROTHY .lVIARY,' Dot, Acad.-Speedball '34, '35, Att. Avvd. '34, '35, '36. EISENSHTAT, ESTHER E., Est, Sec.-Leaders' C-Orps '34, '35, Speedball '34, '35, '36, Speech '36. ELER,, 'WELLINGTON BALLARD, Duke, Acad.-Forum '35, '36, Chess Sz Checker '35, '36, Pres. '35, '36, Serv. 'Corps '35, '36, Gen. Mgr. '35, '36, Ir. Historical '35, '36, 11112612 Club COuncil '34, '36, Pres. '36, Philatelic Club '34, Hon. Medal '34, Service 'T' '35, Decoration COm't. Ir. Dance '35, 'Speech '36. , , , A ELLINGHAM, HAIQOLD BERGERQ Dzzvlecg Gen.-Aircraft '34, Aquarium '34, Swimming 355 Safety Council '36. ' - T441 Top Row- ELRO, MARGARET, Jlfargirg Sec.-Amanuensis '34, H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '35, H. R. V,-Pres. '36, Decoration Coni't. Jr. Prom. '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Jr. Spectator '35, Dramatics '36. ..,. .... . . ....... . . . ELY, HELEN,' Rui, Acad.-Girls' Glee '34, '35, Sr. Play Com't. '36. ENGEL, GEORGE FRIQDVJ .'ilL'tYll-H. R. V.-Pres. '34. ENGLR, ROISEIQT' 'CASSEL,' Bob, Acad.-Dramatics '36, Sr. Play Com't. '36. EPIFANIO, FRANK D., Acad.-Att. Awcl. '35, Dramatics '36. EPSTEIN, ilX1ARTIN,' 1llay.v!1,' Acad.-H. R. V.-Prcs. '36, Naturalist '34, Speech '35, Boys' Science '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Serv. Corps '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Inter-Club Council '35, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Nat'l Tliespians '36, Nat'l Hon. '36, Chrm. Ballot Com't. '3-lg Sr. Prom. Con1't. '35, Sr. Play Co1n't. '36, Hon, Coinpi '35, Dramatics '36, Musicale '36. Jfiddlc Row- ERMELING, XVARREN P., IfV0v,' Acad.-Boys' Science '35, '36, Trcas. '36, Tkt. Com't. Sr. Play '35, Sr. Spectator '36, Hon. Comp. '35. fl- ERRICKSON, PAULINE LOUISE, Polly, Acad.-Girls' Glee '35, Dramatic '36, Musicale '35. EVANS, OLIX'Ell,' Ollie, Acad.-Laureate '36. EWING, BUCHANAN, Bzzlrlig' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '35, '36. FARRAS, -TosEPH,' for, Sec. FARMER, PRIscILI.A,' Prix., G. B.-Leaders' Corps '35, Hon. Medal '36. B otfom Row- FARRINGTON. ALICE DURYE1X,' Bubblrfsf Gen.-Leaders' Corps '35. FASKE, LEONA JEAN, Lee, G. B.-Leaders' Corps '35, '36. FEDORCHAIQ, JOHN FRANCIS, Lefty, Acad.-Football '35, Baseball '36. FELL, VIRGINIA M., Ginny, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '36. FILICE, ROSINAQ Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, '35, Clionian '36, Hon. Med. '35, '36, Laur- eate '35, Drainatics '36. FINKEL, SHIRLEY L,, Acad.-Art '35, '36. H51 g 2? Top Row- FINKLE, HENRY :HARRYQ Fzmgsg Acad.-Dramatic '36, Ass't. Mgr. Football' '34, Base- ball, '36. FISH, WINIIPRED LEONA, lfV1'1z1zz'r,- Acad.-Leaders' Corps '36. FI.ACIrl, GERTRUDI2 ELIz,xnE'1'H, Y'I'1ldC,' G. B. FLYNN, Cix'rII12RiNiz lvliximc, Kay, G. B. FORD, .PIOVVARD PI-IELPS, I"0rn'if,' Gen.-Band '34, '35, '36. FORT, HAZEL MAY, Hu.5'f,' Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '36, Orchestra, '34, '35, '36, Speech '35, Philology '36, IIIYCI'-Cll1b'COL1l'1Cll '36, Service "T's" '34, '35, '36, Speech '36. Ilfiddle Row- FORTUNATI, DARIO T., Sfmrlyq G. B.-Band 34, '35, '36, Orchestra '34, '35. FOSKY, Rosiz PIELENQ Sec.-Amanuensis '35, Italian '35, '36, Att. Awd. '35, Speech '36. FOX, LEO, Hfolf, Gen.--Qrchestra '34, '35, '36, Aircraft '35, '36. FRANCICA, JOSEPH RICIIARIJQ liz'mz,' Gen. FRANCO, GUY LOUIS, Nuslzq C. B.-Italian '35, '36. FRANIQENFIIQLD, CHARLES, Rml, Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, '35, Wfooclcraft '35, '36, Pres. '36, Service "T" '34, '35. Hoflom Row- K I FRIIQDLAND, lVlARTIN,' Acad. l FRIIQOMAN, llf1Tl.'l'0N, Sf'f17Il'l.ffV,' Gen.-Print '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Safety Com't. '36. GALLETTI, SUI-3 RITAQ Blm?kz'v,' Acad,-H. R. Sec'y '34, '35, V.-Pres. '36, Leaders' Corps '36 G.'xRrz,'BI2RNARD, l?m'1ziv,' Acad.-Teimis '35, '36, Jr. Spectator '35, Press '36. GAUDY, VINCIEN'l' ERRICOQ C01Il7'fllfl"4,' Acad.-Spectator '36, I. V. Basketball '34. GEORGE, Louis, Lon R. V.-Pres. '34, Pres. '35. H61 . Top RUN'- GEIQNHIXIQIJT, NIELSONQ Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35, Model Airplane Awd. '35. GETER, aALLIIi BLUE, C'111'f!c.' Gen.-Hockey '34. GIIERSON, RALPH NORIIIIN, Acad. GIIIDRO, LOUIs GEORGE, Geir- Aircraft '35. . GIANGRASSO, CARMEN PETER, Genie, Acad.-Italian '36, Pres. '36, Baseball '34, Debat- iuv' '36. Gussof, GEORGE XVILLLXNI , Gizbliyg Acad.-Aquarium '34, '35, Asst. Treas. '34, V,-Pres. '35. Ilfiddlv Row- GILIIERT, LIYAURTCIE QI., Dizrkq Acad.-Naturalist '34, CliO1Iia1I '36, Swimming '34, '35, '36. GILINSIQY, S'1xxNI.Ex' ELL1s, 5111115 Acad.-Basketball '35, '36, Press '36. GINN, JOSEPII 3 Joi' Jim, Gen.-H. R. Pres. '35, '36, 'Woodcraft '34, '35, '36, Pres. Coun- cil '35, '36. GIORIIANO, LUCY GEORGIANII, Long Gen. GIORIJA NO, THEREsIx BLARIIZQ 7i1'L'tl5L',' Gen. GLAPPII, HELEN EVA, Gen. Bottom Rott'- GOLDBERG, EDNVARD LOUIS, Ed., Acad. GOLDEN, FLORENCE, Sec.-Amaiiueusis '36. GORDON, H.XIi0LIJ LOUIS, Flaxlig Serv. Corps '36, 'Wrestliiig '36, Minor MT" '36, Wrest- ling Asst. Mgr. '35, GORE. DORIS KixTIIRx'NE,- Daffy, Sec. GRABOYES, FLORENCE IDOROTHYAJ Flnssieq Acad. GR,-IFF, IABRAHAM S., Somzyg Acad.-Jr. Hist. '36, Pythagorean '36, Chess and Checker 36, HOII. Medal '36, Spectator '35, Speech '36. H71 Top Kow- GRAIIAM, DANIEL VVII.LIAIvI, Dau, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '34, Boys 'Glee '34, '35, '36, I. V. 3 Football '34, Band '36. GRANDSTAFF, ROBERI W., Bob, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, Forum '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Baseball '34, VVrestling '34, Service "T" '34, '35, '36, Sr. Prom. Tkt. Com't. '36, Property Com't. Sr. Play '35, Cleanup Com't. Sr. Sport Dance '36. GREEN, CELIAQ I, B., Acad.-Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Dramatics '36, Photography '36. GRIFFIN, GORDON D., Grij, Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35, '36, Belles Lettres '36, Chess Sz Checker '36. GRISCOM, ELMA ALICEr,' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '36, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Belles Lettres '34, '35, '36, Pres. Council '36, Swimming '34, Att. Avvd. .'34, '35, Sr. Sport Dance Refresh. Com't. '36, Tkt. Com't. Sr. Play '35, Refresh. Com't. Bobshela Dance '36, Constitution Com't. '35, Laureate '35, Lieut. Gym. Class '35, Nat'l Hon. '36, Service "T" '36, Bobashela '36. Ed.-in-chief '36, Ass't. Ed. Laureate, '36: First place Photo contest '36, Hy-Speed '36. GROCOTT, RICHIXRIJ H., Dirk, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, Class Pres. '34, '35, Forum '34, '35, '36, V. -Pres. '35, Band '34, '35, '36, Nat'l Honor '35, '36, Pres. '36, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Sr. Dance Orchestra Com't. Chrm. '35, Laureate '34, Chrm. Band Minstrel '36. Ilfiddle Row- GRoIfIfIE, EDXVARD F., Eddic, Gen.-Stage Craft '35, '36, Pres. '36, Stage Manager '36, Swimming '34, Ir. Decoration Com't. '35, GRoNosIiAsKI, EDWARD ANTI-IoNY,' E115-Model Airplane '35, Wooclc1'aEt '36. GUGLIUCCI, MARY GRACE, Cigyy, G. B.-Girls' Glee '34. GUNNING, NTILDRED DARLING, Mil, Acad.-Sr. Play Ticket CoIn't. '36, Laureate '35, Speech '36. GUYNEE, IosEPI-I GEORGE, G. B. HACIQENBERGER, VIRGINIA, Gimiy, Acad.-H. R. SeC'y-Treas. '35, Speech '36. Bottom Row- HACKNEY, GEORGE, Acc.-H. R. Sec'y '35, HACliNEY', VIOLA GRACE, Pr'mzut,' Acad.-Girls' Glee '34, '35, '36, Refresh. Com't. Sr. Dance '36, Press '36, Musicale '35, '36. 1 HALKO, .ANNA JULIA, fl7I71f,' Acad.-Girls' Science '36, Leaders' Corps '36, D1'21m211i1C '36, Basketball '34, '35, Baseball '35, Speedball '36. H1XLLE'l"F, EDWARD ALLEN, Ed, Acad.-Orchestra '35, '36, Debating '36. HALLORAN, FTARY C., Molly, H. R. V.-Pres. '35. ' l PIALSEY, DIARY GRACE, Graff, Acad,-Speech '34, '35, V.-Pres. '35, Les Intimes '36s Service Corps '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Service "T" '35, '36, Jr. Ring and Pin Com't '36, Ir. Prom. Refresh. Com't. '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Sr. Sports Dance Refresh. Com't. '36, Laureate '35, Bobashela '36, Hill Top Row- HIXRIER, HARRY FRANKLIN, Hfrk, Acc.-Aircraft '34, '36, V.-Pres. '34, Swimming '34, '35, '36, First Place4Commercial typing contest '35. HfXNEX', GERTRUDE ELISABETH, Gvrt1'c,' G. B. HIXNIC5, DAX'ID DANIIELQ Dizfw,' Acad.-Dramatic '35, Belles Lettres '36, Chrm. Com't. Class Colors X Motto '35, Prop. Com't. Sr. Play '36, Laureate '35, ASs't. Ed. '36, Bobashela Ed. of Features '36. HARIQER, IQOBERT GlEORGE,' T-wo-Gz111,' Acad.-Serv. Corps '35, '36, Aquarium '36, Spec- tator '36, Office Mgr. '36. HARRINGTON, LEE, Acad.-Clionian '35, '36, Speech '35, Serv. Corps '35, '36, J. V. Foot- ball '34, Clionian Basketball '36, Sr. Play Tlct. Com't. '36, Sr. Sport Dance Clean- up Com't. '36, Spectator '35, '36. HIXRIQISON, FLORENCE, 1"lo.r.v,- Leaders' Corps '34. Ilfiddlv Rott'- HIXRTZ, TIIERESA IQATHRYNQ 'l'v.r.vir,' Acad.-Girls' Glee '34. HARVEY, EDITII NIEIIASGNQ Ediv, Acad. HARVEY, JAMES, JI'llIllI1't',' G. ll.-H. R. Sec'y '34, V.-Pres. Sz Pres. '35. HENRY, ADOLPH FRANCIS, Hmzryq Gen.-Aircraft '34, '35, Att. Awd. '34. HENRY, CHARLES, C'11ZIfl,' Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres, '36, Football '35, '36, Letter '35, HERBERT, HILDA SALOMEQ Acad. Boffonz Rott'- HERSHICONVITZ, SYLVIN RUTI-I, Siblfyq G. B.-Photography '36, HENVITT, CHARLES C., Clm1'li1',' Acad.-Serv. Corps '35, '36, Forum '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Treas. '36, Jr. Historical '36, Chess Sz 'Checker '34, '35, '36, V.- Pres. '35, Hon. Medal '35, Serv. "T" '35, '36, Chrm. Tkt. Com't. Jr. Prom. '35, Tkt. Com't.. Sr. Play '35, Cleanup Com't. Sr. Sport Dance '36, Editor-in-Chief ot Spectator '36, Jr. Spectator '35, HIGGINS, RUTHQ Sec. HILDEBRAND, GRAYCE ELLEN, Acad.-Cap't. Speedball '36, Cap't. Volleyball '36. HIRST, FREDERICK NVILLIAINIQ Frfd, Acad.-Aquarium '35, Naturalist '35, '36, Treas. '35, Pres. '36. HOLDEN, THERESA MAY, Acad. H91 2 Top Row- HOLDER, EDWARD THOMAS, Edn'z'v,' Gen. HOLI.INS, HOPE ELV1RA,,' Acad.-Girls' Glee '35. HOLMAN, VVILLTAM I., A .-H. R cc . Pres. '34, Serv. Corps '34 '35 '36 Gen Mer '35, , , , . . Serv. "T" '35, Sr. Dance Con1't. '36. ' 5 HOMEIER, G. ALBIERTQ Gus, Gen.-Aircraft '34. HOOvER,,CAROL SHOTYVEI.I.,' Acad.-Library '35, '36, Girls' Science '36. ITIORNICK, FRANCISQ G. B. Middle Row- HOROWITZI, FLORENCE, Flossyg G. B.-Art '34, Nat'l Thespians '36' Sr, Pl f '3 , ag. 6, Dra- matics 36. I HORST, DOROTHY CECILIAQ Dar. Sec.-Amanuensis '35, Spectator '35' Hon Med l '35 '36. . , . . a , HOTTEL, GEORGE VVILLIAM, Acad ,-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Serv. Corps '35, '36, Chess 8 Checker '34, '35 '36, Forum '36. HOUCK, PAUL RCIIEIQQ Acad.-Swimming '34, 35. HUGIIES, DOROTHY MILLIEQ Doi, Gen.-H. R. Sec'y '35, Leaders' Corps '34, '35. HULSLANDIER, ELAINEQ Srool, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '35. Bottom Rott'- HUNl3'F, GEORGE R., Snake, Acad.-Band '36, Debate '36, Aircraft '34 '35 '36 V.-P , , , res. 36, Hon, Medal 35, Band Letter '36, Minstrel '36. HUSID, STANLEY JOSEPHQ Stmzg Acad.-Belles Lettres '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, Sr. Play COm't. '36, Ring 81 Pin Com't. '36, Ir. Prom. COm't '35, Class Organization Com't. '34, Spectator Sports Ed. '35, '36, Sr. Sport Dance COm't '36 JACKSON, ALBERT JAMES, AI, Acad.-Band '36, Aquarium '35, '36, See'y '35. JACOB, VVALTER JOSEPH, Jakvp Acad. JACOBS, NIARYQ Juke, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '36, Leaders' Corps '35, Girls' Athletic 'Coun- cil '34, Pres. Council '36, Photography '36, Cap't. Speedball '34, Cap't. Basketball '35, JAEGER, PIARRY 'I'IERBERTQ Slmkug Acc.-H. R. Pres. '34, '36, Commerce '36, Tkt. Com't. Sr. Sport Dance '36, Sr. Class Exec. Com't. '36, Chrm. Tkt. 'COm't. Bobashela Dance '36, School Store '36. l50l f ly Top Roug- JAGGERS, LILLIAN EI.IzAEEIH, Jiggvrsg Gen.-Swimming '34, Leaders' Corps '34. H JAMESQ CSRROLL D,, J1'111111y,' Acad.-FH. R. Sec'y '34, Serv. Corps' '35, '36, Serv. "T '3,, r. Play Co1n't. '36, JANTZ, FREDA HILDA, f"rif:,' Sec.-Arnanuensis '35, Dramatics '35. JfxsTREIssIcI, ,AMELIA LORETTA, Jas, Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Dramatic '34, Leaders' Corps, '34, '35, '36, Trcas. '34, Sec'y '36, Clionian '34, '35, '36, Sec'y '34, '35, '36, Jr. Historical '36, Girls' Sports Council Treas. '36, Hon. Medal '35, Class Color and Motto Com't. '35, Tkt. COm't. Sr. Play '36, Laureate '35, Bobashela '36, Basket- ball Mgr. '36, Jixuss, BIARIAN FRANCES, D11v1n's.v,' Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres. '36, Costume '34, '35, '36, Sec'y-Treas. '35, Scc'y '36, Sr. Sport Dance Cloak Room Com't. '36. JANVORSKT, CLARA, Di111fIIz's,,' Sec.-El Siglo Fnturo '35. Middle Row- JENNINGS, CORNELIA ELIZIIBETII, Comzic, Acad.-Girls' Science '35, '36. JOHNSON, DON,AI.D E., D071 ,' Acad.-Forum '34 '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Chess 81 Checker '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Serv. T" '35, Spectator '35, Circ. Mgr. Spectator '36, Sports Ed. Bobasliela '36. JOHNSON, ERNEST B., Erzzieg' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '35, H. R. Treas. '36, Boys' Science '35, '36. JOHNSON, JlxMEs BALDWIN, Jim, Acad.-Philatelic '34, Press '36. JOHNsON, lN'lARIE ANNA, G. B.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Dramatics '36, JOHNSON, MARION, !olzmzz'c,' Gen.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36. Bottom, Row- JOHNSTON, NIARYQ Szmny, Sec.--Commerce '36. JONES, LEONARD WILLIAM, Buss, Gen. IQALMAN, JUNE, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34, Dramatic '36, IQARWOSKI, FLORENCE ALICE, Flossyg Sec. KASONY, JOHN THOMAS, Red, Acad. KATO, JOSEPHINE CHARLOTTE, fo, Sec. fy' ' W l l I X . l E511 l I I V I Top Row- KATONA, ZOLTANQ Gen.-Radio '36, Sec'y-Treas. '36. KEARTON, SAMUEL, Maud, Gen.-'Naturalist '34, Aquarium '35, Inter-Club Council '35, Serv. "T" '35, Track '36, IKELSEY, ARTHUR SAMUEL, Kcls, Acad.-Dramatic '35, Press '34, Pythagorean '35, '36, Pres. '36, Ir. Historical '35, '36, Treas. '36, Serv. Corps '36, Chess 81 Checker '36, Hon. Medal '36g Sr. Play Com't. '36, Ir. Dance C0m't. '35, Sr. Play Publicity Com't '35, Speech '36. KELSEY, CALBERT ALBEl1T,'CGf,' Acad.-H. R. Pres. '36, Band '34, '35, '36, Drum Major '36, Dance Grchestra '34, '35, '36, Band Awd. '34, '35, '36. KELSEX', DORIS ALDEN1 l70l'l'1'C,' Gen.-HH. R. Pres. '34, V.-Pres. '35, Pres. Council '34, ' Costume '34, '35, '36, Girls' Glee '34, '35, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Art '34, Sr. - Play Candy Co1n't. '36. KELSEY, LOUIS F., Lou, Acad.-H, R. Pres. 34, Forum '34, '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Pres. Council '34, Sr, Play '36, Nat'l Thespians '36, Sr. Const. Com't. '36, Dramatics '36, Nat'l Honor '36, Hon. Medal '36. Middle Row- ZKEMLERA, LITA ELIZABETH, Loc, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '35, '36, Belles Lettres '34, '35, '36, Sec. '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Inter-Club 'Council '36, Pres. Council '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, Tkt. Com't. Sr, Play '36, Decor. Com't. Jr. Prom '35. KENNEIQ, CHARLES, Blfzclz.rp0t,' Gen.-Stage Crew '34, '35, '36, Orchestra '35, '36, Band '36, Minstrel '36. KENNY, JOHN PHILIP, Teas., Gen, KEIZSEY, JOHN R., Long Jnlm, Acad..-H. R. Pres. '36, Clionian '36, Pres. Council '36. KESTNER, HELEN JULIANNEQ Gen.-Photography '36. ZKING, CHARLES JOSEPH, "!aj'c'o",' G. B. Bottom Row- KIPPERMAN, GOLDIEQ Gwen, Acad.-Les Intimes '36. ICITE, BARBARA ELLEN, Balm, Acad.-Girls' Science '36. KITE, MARION ARLENEQ G. B. ICLINE, FFHELIVIAQ Tcaky, Acad.-Les lntimes '36, Hon. Medal '35, Ir. Dance Tkt. Co1n't. '35, Laureate '35. KIJTNKONVSTEIN, MILDIQEDQ Red, Acad.-Sr. Play '36, Dramatics '36' Girls' Glee '35 KLOTZ, HILDA, Sec.-Leaders' 'Corps '34, 35, Commerce '35, '36, Sri Sport Dance Cloak Room Com't. '36, Sr. Play '36, Dramatics '36. l5Zl Top Row- IQOHN, CARoLvN: 1X'1'Uj'lII.",' Acad.-Les Intimes '36, Basketball '34, '35, Hockey '35, Hon. Medal '35, Spectator Girls' Sports Ed. '35. KOLRIAN, IRVIN OSCIXRQ lakfcq Acad..-Chess S Checker '34-, '35, '36, Treas. '36, Sr. Egay3'g6, Ir. Prom. Decoration Com't. '35, Sr. Play Publicity Coin't '35, Dramatic IQONDOR, ELIZARETI-I .AxNN,' Eddie, G. B. IQOPCZYNSK1, HEIJWIG C., G. B. IQOREYVA, VICTOIQ JosEP1'I, Vic, Acad. U KosLAK, NVILMA 1?RANClESQ Wi!liv,' Acad,-H. R. Pres. '34, Sr. Play Tkt. Com't, '36, Speech '36. Middle Row- IQOTENY, Es'rHER BIARYQ S1'lIlIZf7,' Gen. K0x'Acs, ERNEST E., .E7'7l1'L'4,' Acad.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, Bobashela '36, Musicale '34, '35, '36., , f KOVACS, EYELYN MARIE, Ewyq Sec.-Hockey '34, Speedball '35. KowA1.sIiI, LUCIEN STANLEY, Botitlvg G. B.-H. R. Treas. '35, KOZMA, MARY ANN, fuss, Sec.-H. R. Pres. '35, '36, Leaders' Corps '35, Sr. Play 'Candy Com't. '36, Basketball '34, '35, '36. IQRAUSS, VIRGINIA ADAMS, Gl'lZllI'L",' Acad.-Library '34, '35, '36. Bottom Row- KRAUT, IRVING XAVIERQ Irv, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, Forum '35, '36, jr. Dance Com't. '35, Speech '36, Tennis '35, '36, A IqRPIIL.1NG,5NICIiOLzXS JOSEPI-I, Nick, Acad.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, Track '36, Musicals '34, '3 , '36, KROSNICK, HILDAXQ Hizzdyg Sec.-Sr. Play '36, Swimming '34, KRUPP, HELEN GERALDINE,' Jc1'1'y,' Sec.-H. R. Treas. '34, Treas 81 Sec'y '35, '36, Girls' Glee, '35, '36, Musicale '35, '36. IQRYZANOWSKI, HEDWIG MARIANNEQ Hattie, Sec.-Amanuensis '35, '36, Shorthand Con- test Medal '34, Dramatics '36. KUDRA, GEORGE MICHAEL, Ears, G. B.-Radio '35, '36, VV'restling '35, '36. ,fpvk l53'l fra Top Row- KUEHNER, CHARLES D., Chuck, Acad.-Forum '34, '35, '36, Boys' Glee 34, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Hon.. Medal '35, Serv. "T" '35, '36,l Sr. Play Publicity Com't. '36, Football '35. KUES'fNERA, .ALICE DOROTHY, Acad.-Speech '36. KULBAIQA, MICPIAEL JOHN, Kaymq' Gen. KULESZA, LUCILLE ALEXANDRAQ Acad. I KU'NDL,, CATHERINE HELEN, Cudy, Sec.-Amanuensis '34, '35, '36, Dramatics '36. KUNIS, H. lVlANUEL,' Mzmy, Acad.-Naturalist '35, Pythagorean '36, Sr. Play '36. Middle Rowg KURPAS, ANDREW JOSEPH, Ku1'p,' G. B.-Orchestra '35, '36, Aquarium '35, Serv. UT' '35, '36. KURTZ, HAROLD R., Fair, Acad.-Press '36. KURTZ, VVILLIAM D., Red, Gen.-H. R. Pres. '34, Football '34, '35, '36. LAARZ, JEAN E., from Acc.-Leaders' Corp '35, Speedball '35. LACEY, CHARLES PIENRYQ Cha1'II'c,' G. B. LACZONI, CLAIRE R., Sec.-H. R. Pres. '35, Leaders' Corps '34, Amanuensis '35, Pres. '35, Serv. Corps '36, Sr. Play Com't. '36, Prop. Com't. Sr. Play '36, Dramatics '36. I Bottom Row- LAIRD, PATRICIA ELIZABETH, Pat, Acad.-Inter-Club Council '35, '36, Euclidean '34, Pres. '34, Library '34, '35, '36, V.-Pres. '35, '36, Pythagorean '35, '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, Serv. "T" '35, Jr. Prom Com't. '35, Spectator '35, '36. LAMAR, SROXIE JULIA, Noogicg Acad. LANDOLT, FLORENCE E,L1ZABIETHQ Flossy, G. B. LANDWEHR, LEAII LOUISE, Lou, G. B. ' LANNING, VIRGINIA, Gingezf, Acad.-Belles Lettres '35, '36, Leaders' 'Corps '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, Leaders' "T" '36, Candy Com't. Sr. Play '36, Ass't. Ed. Spec- tator '36. A LAPIN, MIXTHEW R., Mat, Acad.-Boys' Science '35, '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Serv. Corps '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Bobasliela '36, E541 Tab Row- LARGE, HELEN RUTH, Acad. LARVE, HILDA PARKEQ Acad.-Press Club '34, '35, Treas. '35, Leaders' Corps '35, Serv. "T" '35, Ring X Pin ConI't. '35, '36, Jr. Prom, Tkt. Court. '35, Sr. Play Tlct. ConT't. '36, Dramatics '36. LASOF, SOLOMON, Sol, Acad.-Clionian '35, '36, Debating '36. LATELLA, GORDON B., l'ItIA'fl-,' Acad.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, Sec. '35, Pres. '36, Belles Lettrcs '36, Pres. Council '36, Nat'l Thespians '36, Sr. Play '36, Dramatics '36, Football '35, Musicale '34, '35, '36, Ass't. Mgr. Basketball '34. , LAUB, ARTHUR MAURICE, Budxyv, Acad. LAVIS, MARIE NAOMI, Rv, G. B. Ilfiddlv Row- LEAR, EUGENE, Acad.-Stage Craft '34, '35, '36. LEAR, HELEN MARIE ,A Gen. ' LEE, BIARIAN MAE, Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34. LEHIVIIXN, HIXZEL IQATHERINEQ IjI.glfj.f4,' Gen.-Girls' Glee '34. LENOX. ACLARY ELIZABETH, Bvtfyg' Gen.-Costume '35, '36. LEONI, THERESAQ Tcs.v,' G. B.-Hon. Comp. '35, Dramatics '36. Bofiom Row- LEPKOWSIQI, ALEX, Wlzitcyg Ge1I.-Wooclcraft '36. LESSLIE, LLOYD B., Less, Acc.-H. R. Pres. '34, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Forum '36, Serv. "T" '34, '35, '36, Jr. Dance Co1n't. '35. LEVACK, ALICE GERTRUDEQ G. B.-Amanuensis '35, Dramatics '36. LEVINE, MILTON, Jlliltg Acacl.-Mgr. Soccer '35, '36, Debating '36. - LEVINE, W'ILLIAII, Hfillicg Acc.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34. I LEVY, EDGAR, Eggs, Acad.-Forum '35, '36, Tennis '34, '35, '36, Press '36, Golf '36, Sec'y-Treas. '36. E551 QW! Top Row- LIPTAK, MARIE, Sec.-Leaders' Corps '34, Commerce '36. LISCHER, DORIS MAY, Dot, Sec. I LITOWITZ, ROBERT, Bob, Acad.-Ir. Historical '36, Les Intimes '34, '35, '36, Chess EQ Checker '36, Hon. Medal '35, Speech '36. LOCKETT, LILLIAN ELLEN, Gen,-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36. LOGAN, LULU VIRGINIA, B'1'i7LEfl,' Acad. LONG, KATHRYN, Acad. Middle Row- LoTT, MILDRED W., Mi1I1'c,' G. B. LUDWIG, ERNEST CHARLES, G. B. LUDWIG, MARIE PATRICIA, Pat, Sec. TVTACK, JOHN S., f01Z1Z7ljl',' Acad.-Clionian '35, '36, Basketball '36, Tennis '36, Hon. Medal '36, Bobashela '36, Hon. Comp. '35, Nat'l Hon. '36. MrXHAN, DORIS B4ARIE,' Dot, Sec. MA1oRINo, JOSEPH ALFRED, Acad.-H. R. Pres, '35, Serv. Corps '34, '35, Jr. Historical '36, Boys' Science '35, '36, Chess Sz Checker '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Serv. "T", De- bating '35, '36. Bot om Row- f MAKSINIOW, JoE, Max,' G. B.-Football '35, Track '36. MALICK, MICHAEL, Sec.-First Year Typing Prize '35, Boxing '36. NTALINOSKI, ANTHONY, G. B. TWSALLOY, FRANK, Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '36, Harmonica '35, Boxing '36. TVIALONEV, DOROTHY AGNES, Dat, Sec. , NIANDL, ADAM FRANK, Ort, Acc.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, '35, Commerce '35, 36, Trcas. '36, School Store '36. T56l Top Row- NlANTEL, I. HENRY, Acad.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, Inter-Club Council '35, Nat'l Thespians '36, Sr. Play '36, Musicale '35, '36. RIANTEI ..,, MARGARET MARIE, l'lltI1'QC',' Acad.-Sr. Play Tlct. Com't. '36, Laureate '35. NIANTIEL, RICHARD, Acc.-H. R. Treas. '35, '36. lX'lA,RAZZO., DORIINIC FRED, Sec. MARINO, EDITH, Edi, Sec. :lX'.lARKAU, ELSIE CAROLINE, Sec. ,lliddlc Row- RIARKGRAF, JOHN, Acc.-H. R. Treas. '34. NIARSHALL, CHARLES TILTONQ Igtlllfjh' Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35, Serv. Corps '36, Chess Sz Checker '36, Boys' Science '36, Safety Council '36, MARUCA, RosEMARx' lXdARGARETQ Acc.-Hockey '34, RI.-XSINE, JOHN PAUL, Tlzc' Kid, G. B.-41-I. R. Pres. '34, Boys' Glee '34. lMl:ASSIMI, EVELYN RUTH, Effie, Acad. RIASTRANGELO, JENNIE MARIE, fm, Acad.-Nat'l Honor '35, '36, Jr. Historical '35, '36, Pythagorean '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Euclidean '34, Chess Sz Checker '35, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Ir. Prom Refresh. Com't. '35, Sr. Play 'Candy Com't. '36, Sr. Sport Dance Tkt, ConI't. '36, Spectator '35, '36, Page' Ed. of Spectator '36. 130110111 Row- lX.l:ATHER, ELEANOR JUNE, G. B.-Leaders' Corps '35, '36, Girls' Athletic Council '36, Basketball '34, Cheerleader '36. NL-XYER, OLGA MARY, Ollie, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '35, '36, Baseball '35, Hockey '34, '35, Basketball '35, '36. NIAYER, NVILLIAM H., Bill, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '36, Pres. Council '36, Golf '36. NICCLINTOCK, LEWIS ALLEN, Lew, G. B.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, '35. NICDOWELL, MARY PATRICIA, G. B.-Hy-Speed '36. RICGUIGAN, GERTRUDE NIARGARETQ Gert, Gen. MN l57l Top Row- MCNIINN, ALVIN ROBERT, AI, Gen.-Aquarium '35, Safety Council '35, '36, Ir, Band '35, '36, Wrestling '36. NICMINNV, GILBERT FRANKLIN, Gibb, Gen.-Band '35, '36, Orchestra '35, Minstrel '36. MEANS, ROBERT PINGREE, Bob, Gen.-Naturalist '34, '35, '36, V-Pres. '34, '35, Serv. Corps '36. A IVIELLOR, ARTHUR, Ari, Sec.-Band '36, Laureate '36, Minstrel '36. MEI,TZI2R, JANET, Jay, Sec. MELTZER, PHILIP, Lefty, Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Boys' Science '36, Serv. Corps '36, Baseball '34, '35, '36, Major "T" '34, '35. llfiddlc Row- IVIERCIER, LEO O., Bing, Acc.-H. R. Sec'y '36, Aquarium '34, Pres. '34, Com- merce '36. METZ, ARTHUIQ H., Art.-Swimming '34, NIEZANKO, TI-IELMA, Acad.-Girls' Glee '35. 3M:ICHAEL, CHARLES FREDERICK, Mike, Acad.-Spanish '35, '36, Treas. '36, Serv. Corps '36, Hon. Comp. '35, Speech '36. MICHAEL, RICHARD CHARLES, Micky, Gen. MICITENER, GRACE EVELYNQ Eve, Acad. Bottom Row- MIELE, PAYE IOSEPIIINE, Gen. MIIIES, BERNICE GERTRUDE, Bzzmzyg Gen. MILLER, ALICE, MzXEQ Acad.-Girls' Glee '36, Dramatic '36. RUTH ANN, Sfoltie, Acad.-Girls' Science '36, Leaders' Corps '35, Bobashela MILLER, '36, Hy-Speed '36. MII.I.ER, THERESA, Tcs.r,' Sec.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35. , NIIRKIN, HARRIET, Me1'lc,' Sec.-Clionian '35, '36, Speech '345 5DCC'fHt01' 35, CODY Editor '36, Hockey Team '35, l58l Top Row- NLITCHFII THOM xe ANDERSON Much Acad IVIITRO,-JULIUS Acad Orclustrfu 34 O5 36 IYIONARD CHxRLF5 FER1J1R mn Clmllm Acad Bwnd 36 Boys Sc1eucc 36 Hon Comp '35 MONROE Sxx1UH FIFDPICI Samui! Acid. H R Sccy 35 Boys Glee 34 FOIUIH 35 Serv COrp5 36 Chess A Checker 36 MOONER Josrru Pau G B NIOONEX MARY IILFN Sec AITILIIIILIINIS 35 36 V Prcb 35 Lcadcrs Corps Spectator 35 Dramatxcb 36 Ulddlv R0 MOORE MOORE MOORE MORRELL ROSE Brrrx Slzp Gen Lcadcrs Corpe 34 35 36 MOSES C1-'ORCE Gen Mosuix XVILLIXM FRxN1 Mawr G B Bottom R0 U MOZZA JOHR Gen BIRAS, JOHR AIATTHIIW Jolmzzx Acad Serv Corps 36 Forum 35 Speech 36 AIUHS ELVERA ALICE 41 G B BIULHERONT FLORFNCE MAY flossx Sec AHIHHUCIISIS 35 36 Glrls Glee 35 31 Inter Club Council 36 MULLER CLIFFORD Lzttlc Clzjfzr znPc1smz Acad MUMOIA VITO LAWRENCE Slects G B Svmmmmb 35 Top Row- TVIUMOLIE, JAMES ANGELO, Acc.-H. R. V.-Pres. '36, Wrestliiig' '34, '35, '36. MURAWSKI, JOHN STANLEY, Jacleson, Gen. M'URPH'Y, GERTRUDE, JlIu1'pl1,' Acad.-Clionian '36, Girls' Glee '34, Sr. Dance Refresh CO1n't. '36, Sr. Dance Cloakroom COm't. '36, Bobashela '36. MURRANKA, BERTHA, Bert, Acad. MURRANICA, HELEN JEAN, SIl1'i7IZf7,' Gen. NACK, EDWARD JOHN, E. J., Acad.-Band 34, '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36 Euclidean '34, '35, Serv. "T" '35, Chrm. Election COm't, '34, Debating '36. Ilfiddle Rowe- NEMETPI, LILLIAN ANN, Lil, G. B. NEWCAMP, VIRGINIA JOAN, Sis, Gen,-H. R. Pres. '34, '35, Scc'y '36, Girls' Glee '34. NEWMAN, RUTH CAROLYN, Rufh'ic,' Sec. NIEDT, FERDINAND VVOLFQ Ford! Acad.-Orchestra '34, '35, Band '34. NORDLOW, STANLEY TVAR,' Stan, Gen.-Football '35. NORTON, CHARLES, Clzia-rlirg Acad.-N'at'l Hon. '35, '36, Pres. '36, Clionian '34, '35, '36 Pres, '35, '36, Jr. Historical '35, '36, Pres. '35, '36, Speech '35, Serv. Corps '34, '35 '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Serv. "T" '35,k Chrm. of Pub. 'Com't. Sr. Play '36, Chrm Pub. COn1't. Sr. Prom '36, Jr. Spectator '35, Spectator, AsS't. Ed. '36. Bottom Row- NORTON, RUTH, Acad.-Service Corps '35, '36. NOVAK, ALEXANDER, Al., Acc. ODORCZYK, JOHN J., D0r.vcy,' Acad.-Print '36. OFFNER, HELEN, Sec.-Amanuensis '36, Dramatics '36. , OLBRYS, JOSEPH, B'z1rz'a'y,' Acad.EH. R. V.-Pres. '35, Chess Sz Checker '35, '36, Aquarium '35, Clionian"36, Serv. Corps '36, Football '35, '36, Track '34, '35, '36. t OLINSKY, BENJAMIN, Beamie, Gen.-Print '34, '35, '36, Basketball '36, Safety Council '36 T60l 1 r 1 Top Row- GLINSKY, HIXIQIQV NW., I1'z'.rl1,- Acad,-H. R. Pres. '35, '36, Forum '36, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Football '35. OLINSKY, MARTIN IPXRTHURQ fIl11ld.YOIlIC,' Acad.-Aquarium '34, Library '34, '35, '36, Cheer Leader '35. '36. O'NE1l.l,, .ALICE QC., Clzipjvyg Acad.-Girls' Science '34, '35, '36, Pres. '36, Swimming '35, Chrm. Sr. Play ConI't. '36, Dramatics '36, Inter-Club Council '34, Nat'1 Hon. '36. OPACRA, :RUTH CLARA, Knflyy Acad. OSIE, EDNVARD I., O.v.viv,' Acad.-Radio '34, Library '35, '36. OsTRowsIiI, EDWARD josEPI-I, Ed, Acc.-Stockroom Clerk '35, Stockroom Mgr. '36 Illiddlc Row- OUTCALT, DONALD H., Don, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '35, Treas. '36, Pres. Council '34. PALAIIARO, ANGl2I.INIX MARIE, G. B. PALAZEY, HENRY, G. B. PALUNBO, JGHN EDNVARDQ Alibi, Gen.fSr. Play '36, Dramatics '36. PARP, MARY, Pafvfiyg Acad.-Girls' Science '35, '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Candy Com't. Sr. Play '36, Dramatics '36. PARKER, MARTHA, Mardzf' Sec.-Decoration 'Com't Jr. Prom. '35, Candy Com't. Sr. Play '36, Spectator '35, '36. Bottom Row- PASTERNAK, ESTTIERQ Sis, Acc. ' PATRICK, ETHEL M., Sec.-Leaders' Corps '34, El Siglo Futuro '35, Amanuensis '36, Hon. Comp. '35. PATTERSON, LOTTTE FRANCES, Pele,-Leaders' Corps '34, Girls' Glee, '35, Hockey '34. PAUL, JEAN M., Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35, Belles Lettres '34, '35, '36, Pres. '36, Dra- matic '35, '36, Nat'l Thespians '36, Sec'y-Treas, '36, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Girls' Glee '35, Swimming '34, Hon. Medal '35, '36. PEARL, ELSIE I., El, Sec.-Amanuensis 36, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Dramatics '36. PELLITTERI, RosE C., Acc.-H. R. Sec'y '34, Pres. '35, El Siglo Futuro '35, Hon. Comp. '35, Dramatics '36. ' ef W2 f ' H611 X Tofu Row- I PENNINGTONV. VVILLIAMQ Bill, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, Clionian '36, Model Airplane '35, '36, Serv. Corps '36, Soccer '35, Ass't. Mgr. Baseball '35, Major "T" '35, Clionian Basketball '36, Pub. ConT't. Sr. Play '36, Arr. Com't. Sr. Sport Dance '36, Spec- tator '36. PERTLLO, EDITH MARION, Eadie, Sec.-Girls' Leaders' '34, Italian '34, '35, '36, Dra- matics '36. PERLBERG, IXQARTIN Lou, Marty, Acad.-Pythagorean '35, Treas. '36, Serv. Corps '36, Euclidean '34. PERRINE, VVILLTAM, Bill, Acad.-Serv. Corps '35. PERROTTA, JAMES, Jay, Gen.-Aquarium '34, '35, Ir. Band '35, '36, Wrestliiig' '35, '36. PERRY, JAMES DORSEY, S1z'111,' Gen.-VVoodcraft '36. fllidc1'Ir Row- PERSICO, NLILDRED NIARION, Ni!l1'r,' Acad. PETTY, VVTLLTAM F., Jon, Acad.-Aquarium '34, '35, '36, Treas. '35, Serv. "T" '35. PERUGINI, NIARIUS FRANK, Pirigr, Acad.-Radio '34, Italian '35, '36, Speech '36. P1-rrI.L1Ps, JAMES FRANCIS ARMSTRONG, Ji1llI1lI'L',' Acad.-H. R. Treas. '35, Print '34. PIDCOCK, GERALD B., Jerry, Gen.-Speech '35, Commerce '36, Swimming '34, '35. PTESLAK, LIATTIE NIARGARE'l', Par, Sec.-Commerce '34, '35, '36, Hon Medal '35, Dra- matic '35, '36. Bottom Row- PISARRO, FRANK A., Pca.rm',' Acad.-Orchestra '35. POCHART, BERTHA PAULINE, Bert, G. B. POLOGE, RUTHQ Acad.-Girls' Science '35, '36, Library '36, Dramatic '36. POPKIN, SELMA, Pop, Acad.- Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Ir. Historical '35, '36, Pythagorean '35, '36, V-.Pres '36, Euclidean '34, lChess Sz Checker '35, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Ir. Prom Refresh, Con1't. '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Sr. Sport Dance Tkt. Co1n't. '36, Page Eel. Spectator '35, '36, Scholarship Wiiiiler '36. POWER, FRANCES SRUTHQ Rzzflzg Acad.-Euclidean '34, Chess 81 Checker '35, Les In- times '36, Sec. '35, '36, Sr. Sport Dance Cloak Room Com't. '36, Hon. Comp. '35, Dramatics '36, Hon. Medal '36. PROCACCINI, EDWARD ANGELOQ Eddie, Gen.-Philatelic '35, VVrestling '35. l62l Top Row- PUCA, FRANK T1-1oMAs, Hank, Acad.-V.-Pres. Italian '35, Football '34, '35. PULLEN, CATHERINE HoL1nEs, Kay, G. B. PUTZAN, NPlI.I.lE ELLA, Saa'1'v,-' Acad.-Girls' Science '34, '35, '36, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Inter-Club Council '35, '36, Prcs. Athletic Council '35, '36, Basketball '34, '36, Hockey '34, '35, Bascball '34, '35, Tennis '34, '35. PY1.E, B1ARGARE'I' E., Hlr1l'g1y,' Gen. 2 QUEEN, PA1.o1xiA, l"rz'v,' G. B. QUFENAN, LENORE MARGARET, N0110, Sec.-Amanuensis '35, '36, Girls' Leaders '34, '35, Dramatics '36. Jlfiddlc Row- QUINN, MARGARET E., llhirgcp G. B.-Cap't. Vollcy Ball '36. IQADICE, PHTLORLENA NIARY, Phil, G. B. RAGO, ITALIA MARY, If, Acad.-Costume '35, '36. RRXINIEAXIQ, 1-QOCKEY' GUY, Rags, Gen. RIXICONNVIECIQI, HARRTETTE TTIEIQESAQ Bl07lf1lU,' Gen. A READ, EVELYN M1R1AM, Evic, Acad.-Girls' Leaders '35, Att. Awd. '35, Bottom Row- REDD, DOLORESQ Rnd, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '36. REDNOR, FRANCIS H., 1'x7'CIlIlIl'C,' Sec. Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Athletic Council '35, Press '36, Basketball '35, '36, Specdball '34, '35. REDNOR, HEIQBERTQ Prilzrrg Serv. Corps '36, Aquarium '34, Pliotograpliy '36. REED, GEORGE EARL, Acad.-Philatelic '36, Pres. '36, Dramatics '36, Sr. Play '36. REED, JEAN .ALBERTAQ Pmf11e.r,' Acacl.4H. R. Scc'y '35, '36, Girls' Glee '35, '36, Dra- matics '36, Musicale '35, '36. REMMELE, FRED, Rnd, Acad.-H. R. Scc'y '35. iiiiw+EEHwsw,+ NK? E631 Top Row- RENCE, ROBERT, Bob, Acad.-Belles Lettres '35, '36, Treas. '35, '36, H. R. Treas. '35 '36, Hon. Medal '35, Class Colors Com't.. '35, Laureate '35, Dramatics '36. RENK, EDMUND C., Acad.-Les lntimes '34, '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Serv. "T" '35' Play '36, Dramatics '36, Qrchestra '34, '35. I ' I ' yv J Dramatics '36, Chrm. Publicity COm't. Sr. Sport Dance '36. RICH, MILDRED TVTARYQ M1'III'o,' G. B.-Basketball '34, '35. RICHARDS, WARREN HANCOCK, Biff Acad.-Forum '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Jr. Historical '34, Inter-Club Council '36, Serv. "T" '35, Att. Awd. '35, Nat'l Hon. '36, Chess Sz Checker '36, Hon. Medal '36, Serv. "T" '36. RICIINIOND, RUTH ANNETTE, R'It-f1I'i8,' Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Pythagorean '34, '35, '36, Jr. Historical '34, '35, '36, Euclidean '34, Library '34, '35, '36, Pres. '35, '36, Inter-Club Council '34, '35, '36. Sec'y '34, '36, Serv. Corps '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Serv. "T" '36, Spectator '36, Girls' Glee '34, Nat'l Hon. '36. flfzddle Row- RISTOW, KATHERINE ELIZABETII, Dolly, Gen.-H. R. Sec'y '34, Costume '35, '36. RITTT-ZR, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Dot., Gen.-Sr. Play '.Candy ConI't '35, '36, Bobashela '36. RITTMANN, JOHN J., Jack, Acad.-Radio '36, Speech '36. ROBBINS, JEANNE EVELYNQ Jcamzicg Acad.-Euclidean '34, French '36, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Hon. Comp. '35, Dramatics '36. ROBBINS, RUTH SCOTT, Acad.-Art '35, '36, Ass't Sec'y '36, ROBSON, BETTY BELL, Bots, Acad.-Euclidean '34, Clionian '35, '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Jr. Dance COm't. '35, Sr. Play Candy COm't. '36, Laureate '35, Girls' Glee '34, Hon. Medal '36, Humor Ed. Bobashela '36, Chrni. of Candy ICOm't. Bottom Row- ROCIIE, JOSEPH VVILLIAMQ Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres. '36. ROCHFORD, HEI.EN ELIZABETH, Pete, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Basketball '34, '36, Hockey '34, '35. ROGERS, EDWARD STANLEY, Ed., Acad.--H, R. V.-Pres. '36, Clionian '36. ROGERS, PATRICIA MARGARET, Pot, Acad.-Sr. Play Candy COm't. '35. , ROLOSON, C. LYMAN, Lyifzzcg Acad.-41-I. R. Pres. '34, '35, Serv. Corps '363 FOFUU1 365 Press '36, Chrm. Cloakroom COm't. Sr. Dance '36. QROMMEL, AARON LAWRENCE, Bu1my,' G. B. 64J 1 , Sr. RICH, JOHN MARION, Feet, Acad.-H. R. Pres, '36, Belles Lettres '36, V.-Pres. '36, Inter-Club Council '36, Chess EQ Checker '36' Nat'l Thespians '36' Sr Pla '36' Top Row- ROSEN, S. BEATRICEQ B1'I2sy,' Sec.-Amanuensis '35, Art '36, Swimming '34, '35, '36, lntra-Class SwinI. Meet Clst placej '34, lntra-Class Swim, Meet flndividual champ., lst placeJ '36, Trenton Times Meet t2nd placej '36, Cloak Room COm't. Sr. Sport Dance '36, Class Color COm't. '35. ROSEN, AIAXINE lXll1RIAMQ 1lIa.r,' Acad.-Speech '35, Girls' Science '36, Laureate '35, Organization Ed. of Bobasliela '36. Ross, LOUISE ELIZABETII, Wlzcvsiep Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Laureate '35, Bob- ashela '36, ROSTOCIQ, JYOLANDA NIIARIONQ Yoke, Acad. ROTH, FLORENCE MARc:ARE'r, Nfmlsy,' G. B. IQOUMANIS, PAUL JOI-IN, Acad.-Clionian '35, '36, Jr. Historical '36, Serv. Corps '35, '36, J. V. Football '34, J. V. Baseball '34, Serv. HT" '35, Sr. Play Pub. COm't. '35, Debating '36. IlI1'r1'a'Ic Row- RUBIN, MILTON A., Milf, G. B.-Harmonica '34, '35. RUDLIN, CLAIRE, Acad.-Press '34, '35, Jr. Dance Tkt. COnI't. '35, Sr. Play Tkt. Com't. '35, Spectator '35, '36. IQUMSEYA, JUNE DORIS, LlI1H'l'l",' See.--Leaders' Corps '34. RUssO, JULIA, Jule, Acad.-Italian '35, '36, Pres. '35, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Hockey '35, RUST, GLADYS ELEANORQ G B.-Leaders' Corps '36, Laureate '35, RYBA, HENIQX' E., Hwzuivg Acad. Bottom Row- RYBA, lVlARGARET, Rfaggicg' Acad.-H, R. Sec'y. '36, Jr. Historical '35, '36, Sec'y '35, '36, Clionian '36, El Siglo Euturo '34, '35, V.-Pres. '35, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Sec'y '35, V.-Pres. '36, Girls' Sports Council Sec'y '35, Hon. Medal '35, Jr. Prom Tkt. Com't. '35, Sr. Play Tkt. COm't '35, Sr. Sport Dance Tkt. .Com't, '35, Spectator '35, '36, Lit. Ed. '36, Red Captain Sport Nite, '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36. Sec'v '36. SAAs, HELEN ROsEg Wiggle, Gen,-Naturalist '34, '35, SALAY, JOHN THOMAS, Saleyg Gen.-Band '35, '36, Orchestra '35, '36. SAPRONY, ANNA, fl1l1'1fC',' G. B.-Speedball '34, '35,' SAXTON, DOROTHY JOAN, Scmg' Gen.-Leaders' Corps '35, '36, Gym Sergeant '34. SCAMMELI., SCOTT, Scotty, Acad.-FO-rum '34, '35, '36, Treas, '34, '35, Swimming '36, Chrm. of Prop. COm't. Sr. Play '36, Orchestra '36, Euclidean '34. E65l F29 T015 Rocca SCI-IAFER, DOROTHX', Dot, Sec.-Speech '36. SCHNEIDER, JOHN CONRAD, S11z'f:,' Acad.-Band '36, Orchestra '35, '36, Orchestra Awd. '35. SCI-IUCHARDT, HAROLD STEPHEN, Slzcifcg Acad.-H. R. Pres. '35, Press '36. SCHULTZ, BERNICE OLIVIA, Peg, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, '35, '36, Class Sec'y '34, '35, '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Sec'y '36, lCliOnian '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Dramatic '34, '35, Ir. Historical '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35, 36, Att. Awd. 34, '35, Jr. Prom Decoration Com't. '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Spectator '35, Musicale '34, '35. SCHUMM, GEORGE MARTIN, Red, Acad.-Philatelic '35. SCHWARTZ, HEIQNTANQ Tigfr, Acc.-Stage-Craft '36, Book Clerk '36, Wrestlilig '34, '36, Third Place in I. S. A. A. Tourn. '34, Sr. Play '36, Dramatics '36. Hliddle Row- Buff L66 SCHVVARTZ, MARY: SC,IZ6'U7'f'.S'Z'C,' G. B.-Press '34, Leaders' Corps '36, Sr. Play Prop. Com't. '35, Honor Comp. '35, Dramatics '36. SCHWARTZMAN, ANN, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y-Treas. '34, Dramatics '36, Girls' Glee '35. SCI-IWEDFR, CARLTON FREDERICK, C1'l1ldjl.,' Gen. SCIACCA, VIOLAQ Inicio, G. B. SCOTT, ISABEL1 Sanity, Sec. SCOTT, RICHARD D., Sroifyg Acc.-Aircraft '35, '36, Pres. '35, '36, Inter-Club Council '35, '36. om Row- ' SCOZZARO, RosE lVlARY GRACE, G. B.-Italian '35, '36, Speech '35, '36. SCUDDER, PEGGY MARTHA, Yfy, Gen.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Cap't. Hockey '35, ' Basketball '34, Capt. '35, Baseball '34, Sergeant Gym Period '36. SEEDS, ANDREW GEORGE, Skcci'c1',' Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Aircraft '34, '35, B21SCb-H11 J. V. '35, Major "T" '35. SEERY, DOROTHY JANE, G. B.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36. SENKO, MICHAEI., Mika, Gen.-H. R. Pres. '34, '35, Pres. Council '34, '35, Art Club '34, '35, '36, Treas. '36, J. V. Football '34, Tennis '35, '36. SERGIEANT, IXQARION VVILSONQ Sarge, Sec.-Leaders' Corps '36. l Top Row- SHANKMAN, RUTH FLORENCE, Slzanleivg Acacl.-H. R. Sec'y '34, Ir. Historical '36, Pythagorean '36, Chess Sz Checker '34' Spectator '36. ' SH.-IRKEY, RIARY HELEN,' Gen.-H. R. Sec'y"34, Costume '34, '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36. EHARLTN, EMANUEL ABRAHAM, Jiflllllljh' G. B.-Swimming '34, Boxing' '36 A L . . 1 - - - i - v N ' IIXRIIN, OUIs LEON, Lou, CJ. B.-Swimming 35, 'lrack 35, 'llnrcl Place Mercer County Swim Meet '35. SHARP, DORIS L1II.LSQ Slzarjvif, Sec.-Amanuensis '34, '35. SHAW, NVALTER IQENNETHQ Walt, Acacl.- Sr. Play '36, Property Com't. Sr. Play '36, Dramatics '36. Iltiddlv Row- SHAW, XVINIFRED IQATHRYNQ Wz'm1z'f',' Acacl. SHEENAN, JOHN j,xIxIEs, Burl, Acad.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, Musicale '35. SHEENAN, RIARIANNEZ Mary, Acad.-Girls' Glee '35, Photography '36, SHIRKEY, DOIQOTHX' RIANN, Dot, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Cap't. Hockey '35, Basketball '35, Sr. Play Candy CoIn't. '35, Baseball Cap't. '35, Speech '36. SHIRKEY, PHILIP C., Phil. Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, Boys' Science '36, Pres. '36, Chess Sr Checker '35, Ir. Historical '36, Serv. Corps '36, Inter-Club Council '36, V.-Pres. '36, Euclidean '34, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Page Ed. Spectator '36, Lab. Ass't. '36, Nat'l Hon. '36, Treas. '36, Serv. HT" '36. ' SI-IMOOKLER, ABE ALBERT, Obie, Acad.-Commerce '35, '36, Pres. '36, School Store '35, '36, Chrm. Sr. Play Tkt. ConI't. '36, Spectator '36, Bkkp. Medal First Place '35. Bottom Row- SHULTZ, RAE LOUIsE,' Acad.-Dramatics '34, Nat'l Hon, '35, '36, V.-Pres, '36, Ir. His- torical '36, Belles Lettres '35, '36, Glee Club Pianist '34, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Spec- tator '35, '36, Ir. Prom Decor. Com't. '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Sr. Dance Refresh. Com't. '36, Serv. "TL" SIET, BEss1E BEBE, Bess, Sec.-Leaders' Corps '35, Les Intimes '35, '36, Speech '36. SIMKOW, DEsIDER ANTHONY, Des, Acad.-H. R. Treas. '34, Forum '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Football '35, Serv. "T" '35, Sr. Ring 81 Pin Com't. '36. SIMON, BEssIE E., Betty, Acad.-Euclidean '34, Pythagorean '36, Sr. Play Tkt. Com't. '36, Dramatics '36. SIRIONE, CHARLES ANTHONY, CIlZICfC,,' G. B. SINE, ANITTX .NIILDREDQ Neat, Geri.--Girls' Glee '35, '36, Dramatics '36 ,l Musicale '35. 111 W E671 Top Row- SIROLLI, IOHN, Gen. SKELTON, DOROTHY ELIZABETH, Dot, Acad.-Sr. Play '35, Dramatics '35, '36, Property Com't. Sr, Play '36. SKRINAR, BozENA,EvE, Bert, G. B,-Laureate '36, SKYVARA, STANLEY RICHARD, Dick, Acad.-Naturalists '34, Dramatics '36. SLOATMAN, VVILLIAM SAMUEL, Bill, Acad. SLOVE5, CHARLES, Clzolly, Sec,-Commerce '36, V,-Pres. '36 xlliddle Row- SMITH, CLIFFORD B., .S17'II'Z'fy,' Acad.-H. R. Pres, '34, Basketball '34, '35, 36, Base- 1 ball 34. SMITH, ELSIE HARRIET, Dcwg1'c,' Sec.-H. R. Pres, '36, Leaders' 5Corps '34, '35, Ama- nuensis '35, '36, Pres. '36, Pres. Council '36, Medal Shorthand Contest '35, Medal Math. Contest '35, Dramatics '36,'Hon. Comp. '35, SMITH, GLENNA MARY, Glmmg Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34, '36, Hockey '35, SMITH, HELENA ALBERTA, Kid, Acad, ' SIXIIITH, JAMES, Sn.ujj'y,' Ge11.-Wooclcraft '35, '36, Sec'y-Treas, '36, Spectator '36. SMITH, LEROY, IR., Red, Acad.-H, R. Pres. '34, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Forum '34, '35, '36, Football '35, '36, J. V. Baseball '34, '35, Serv. "T" '35, '36, Major "T" '36, Forum Football '36, Sr. Ex. ConI't, '36. Bottom Row- SMITH, LOUIS MILI,ERj Lou, G. B. SMITH, VVALTER V., Wulf, Acc.-Commerce '35, '36. SNEDDAN, JENNIE NIAYQ Acad, SNYDER, MARGUERITE ANNA, Mazfgicg Acad.-Girls' Glee '36, Dramatics '36. SNYDER, VVILLIAM DENNIS, Bill, Acad,-H. R. V.-Pres, '34, Treas. '36, El Siglo Futuro '34,' '35, '36, Pres, '36, Aquarium '35, Chess Sz Checkers '36, Press '36, Pres. '36. SOHL, GLORIA LOUISE, Glorg G. B,+Leaders' Corps '35, E681 Top Row- ' SOLAN, DOROTLIX' BIARIEQ Dot, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '35, Nat'lfHon. '35, '36, Servv. CorPS '36, Jr, Historical '36, Clionian '36, Leaders' Corps '35, '36, HOl1.' NCCl2l1 355 Aft- Awd. '35, Sr. Dance Refresh. Com't. '36, Ir. Dance Tkt. Com t. '35, Sr. Play Candy Com't. '36, Spectator '35, Alumni Ed. '36. SOLARSIQY, JOHN JosEI'1I, Tiny T1'm,' Gen.-Athletic 'Council '34, '35, Baseball '34, '35, '36, Soccer '34, '35, '36, Capt. '35. SoPI:o, STEPHEN RAYMOND, Rafah: Gen. Sousa. JOHN, Gen.-XVooclcratt '35, '36. SPAIR, JOSEPHINE CLARE, .1005 G. B. I SPIEZLE, EDWARD P., Ed: Acad.-Dramatic, '35, Swimming '35, '36, Asst. Circ. Mgr. Spectator '35, Bus. Mgr. Spectator '36, Sr. Play '36, .lliddlc Row- ' SPx'cH, HELEN lXlARION, Sf7I'I1fIL'll,' Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, '36, Tap Dancing Leaders' 35, '36 SREEACR, IALICEQ Acad.-Girls' Science '35, '36, Laureate '35, Bobashela '36, Hon. Medal '36. S'rAc1iHoUsE, ELIZABETH JOAN, Buffy, Sec.. STAHUBER, FREDERICK, Fred, Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '36, Boys' Science. '35, Sec. '36, Jr. Historical '35, '36, Hon. Medal '35: Att. Awd. '35, Pub. Con1't. Sr. Play '36, Spectator '35, '36, Page Ed. '36, Hon. Medal '36, Nat'l Hon. '36, STANLEY, XVILLIAM JOHN, Bill, Acad,-Swimming '34, '35, '36, STANZIALE, AIILDRED MARIE, Acad. Bottom Rott- STEINMAN, RosE, Acad.-Press '36. ' STELLE. CONSTANCEQ C07llZ1.C,' Acad.-H. R. .Treas. '34, Sec'y-Treas. '36, Speech '34, '35, Girls' Science '35, '36, Sec'y '36, Hon. Medal '35, Ir. Prom Com't. '35, Hon. Comp. '35, Dramatic '36. STEPHENS, HAROLD VVILLIAM, Steve, Acad.-Orchestra '34, Band '35, '36, Band Awcl. '35, '36, Orchestra Awd. '34, Spectator '35, '36, Minstrel '36. STEPHENSON, ERIC, Eck Acc. STERN, CLARA, Kay, Acad,-Les Intimes '36, Dramatic '36, S1-ERN, EDVVARD S., Ed, Acad.-Clionian '36, Serv. Corps '36, Clionian Football '36, Ir. Dance Com't. '35, Jr. Ballot Com't. '34, Sr. Play Com't. '36, Sri Dance Com't. '36, Laureate '35. ww E691 Top Row- STERNFIELD4, TXTILDRED CAROLINE, Acad.-Art '36, Girls' Glee '35, Dramatic '36. STEVENSON, ERNEST EDWARD, Brazing Acad.-Print '34, Naturalist '35, '36, STINGEL, MARGARET CATHERINE, Peggy, G. B.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35, Leaders' Corps '36, Tap Dancing Leaders '36. SToUT. ELEANOR JEANNE, Jc'a11,' Acad.-Les Intimes '36, Leaders' Corps '34, Swimming '35, Bobashela '36, Inter-Club Council '36. STOUT, ELMER 1'IANCOCK,' Sloufyg Acad.-Print '34, '35, Philatelic '36, Sec'y '36, Sr. Play '36. STOUT, HATTIE VIllGINIfX,' Gillllyf Gen. lfzddlq Row- ' STRAUSSFOGEL, ISADORE, I::y,' Acad.-Sr. Sport Dance Tkt. Com't. '36, STRINE, ORA AMELIAQ Acad.-Dramatics '36, Hon. Medal '36, Hon.. Comp. '35. SUBER, RUTIYI EDNAQ Sec.-Girls' Glee '35. SUFFNESS, HARRY ARTHUR, His-I1,' Acc.-Sr. Sport Dance Tkt. Com't. '36. SUSSMAN, JULIUS Y., Yud, Acad.-Euclidian '34, Philology '36, V.-Pres. '36, VVrest- ling '36, Debating '36. . SUTPHIN, E. E1.1,SwoR'rH, ElI.r,- Acad.-Forum '34, '35, '36, Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36, Ir. Historical '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36: Chess R Checker '35, '36, Spectator '35, '36, Page Editor '36, Serv. "T", Sr. Play Class Co1n't,. '35. Boffonz Row- SUVALSKY, HENRY, Hen, Acad.-Pythagorean '35, '36, Chess Q Checker, '34, '35, '36, Nat'l Thespians '36, Treas. '36, Sr. Play, Ir. Prom '35, Sr. Dance Com't. '36, Dramatic '36, Musieale '36, Inter-Club Council '36, Bobashela Dance Com't. '36. SVTDER, LEONA E., Lug' Acad.-Press '34, '35, Girls' Glee '35, Girls' Science '36, Serv. "T" '35, Laureate '35, Bobashela '36, Speedball '34, SYPEK, ARTHUR R., Oscar, Acad.-H. R. Sec. '34, Orchestra '35, Boys' Glee '35, '36, Band '36, Music Com't. Sr. Prom '36, Musicale '35. SZABO, STEPHEN, Dzrkcg' Acc.-Commerce '35, '36, Treas. '36, Mgr. of Bookroom '35, '36. SZEKELY, CHARLES STEPHEN, Duke, G. B. SZELIGA, XVALTER THOMAS, Wulf, Sec.-H. R. Pres. '34, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Band '36, Commerce '36, School Store '35, '36, Serv. "T" '34, '35, '36. 701 ' NO Top Row- TADEJEWSIQI, EDWARD IDSEPH, Tad, Acad. TANIQEL, BESSIEQ BP.vs,' G, B. TAYLOR, MARGARET LIOOREQ Peg, Acad.-Art '35, '36, Girls' Glee '34, '35. TEMPLE, MADALINE, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '3-l. TEMPLE, XNILLIAM CHARLES, Bill, Acc.-H. R. Pres. '36 THOMAS, JAMES JOSEPH, Jinzmyg Acad.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35, '36, Soccer '34, '35, '36 Basketball '35: Baseball '3-l, '35, '36. Niddlv Row- K Spectator '35, Speech '36. THOMPSON. NIIRIAM LUCILEQ 7S0lI1ll1j',' Acad.-Girls' Glee '34, Clionian '35, '36, Refresh- ment ConI't. Sr. Dance '35, Laureate 35, Bobashela '36. TIETJEN, IDA BIARGARETQ TooTs,' G. B. TINDALL, CATHERINE MARY, Kitty, Sec.-Leaders' Corps '34, Nat'l Thespians '36, Sr Play, Dramatic '36: TORT. ROBERT ALOYSIUS, B011 ,' Acad.-Basketball '36. TOOMEY, JOSEPH BTTCHALLQ foe, Gen.-H. R. Treas. '35, Aquarium '34. Bottom Row- TOPLEY, DIARY EDITH, Sis, G. B. CIR.-XNSUE, EMINIA JANETT, Acad. TRENI-IAM. GRACE ELIZABETH, Grizcic',' Sec.-H. R. Sec'y '34, '36, Leaders' Corps '36. TRIBER, SALLY, Sally, G. B.-Speech '36. TROILO, XXERDA TERESAQ Birdie, Sec.-Leaders' Corps '36, Life Saving '36, Basketball '34, '36, Medal Girls' 50-yd, Dash '34. TULODIESKI, EDNVARD B., G1'car.r,' G. B. r THOMPSON. CHRISTINE A., Clzris, Acad.-Euclidean '34, Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Girls' Glee '34, Inter-Club Council '36, Nat'l Hon. '35, '36, Candy Com't. Sr. Play '36' 1 W0 71 Top Row- TUNNEY, EDWARD PATRICK, Ed, Acad. TYLER, ADELLE B., Del, Acad.-Musicale '34, '35, '36, Art '35, '36, V.-Pres. '35, '36, Girls' Glee '34, '35, Nat,l Thespians '36, Refresh. Com't. Sr. Sport Dance '36, Sr. Play '36, Laureate '35, Dramatic '36. X7ALYO, PAUL GEORGE, Swag, G. B.-H. R.. Pres. '34, Football '34, '35, '36, Major "T" '34, '35, '36. X7AN BUSKIRK, RUTH MAY, Riefmg Sec. VANDERBILT, EDYTHE JOAN, Edo, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '36, Speech '34, '35 ,I Commerce '35, '36, V.-Pres. '35, '36, Pres. Council '36, Inter-Club Council '35, Ir. Historical '36, Sr, Play Candy Com't. '36, Sr. Sport Dance Com't. '36, Ir. Dance Com't. '35, Speech '36, Girls' Glee '36, Com't. Pres. Council Dance '36, Nat'l Hon. '36, Hon. Medal '36. ' ViXNDE1iGRIFT, VERNA A., Gen. Ilfiddle Row- VAN LIEU, ETIIEL RUTH, Giggle,r,' Acad.-Leaders' Corps '35, '36, Swimming '36. VAN ZANT, MAIQGARET BETTY, Ma1'yc,' Acad.-Speech '36. VAUGIIAN, CARL HAXRRYQ l'll0'1flS6',' Gen. VECERE, RICHARD EGIDIUSQ Slick, Acad.-Italian '35, '36, Chess Sz Checker '36, Inter- Cluh Council '36, Serv. Corps '35, '36. VELIT, VIOLA, La, Acad,-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Swimming '35, '36, Att. Awd. '35, Life Saving '35, '36, Tap Dancing Leaders '36. VENANZI, ENIS VIRGINIA, Sec.-Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Italian '35, '36, Treas. '36, Serv. "T" '34, '35. Bottom Row- XIENANZI, LAWRENCE FRANK, Acc. VENANZI, VICTOII j'osEPH, Vic, G. B. VERTILLA, GEORGE I., V01'f.,' G. B. VITEZ, JOHN, folzmziyg Acad. VOGEL, LOUIS F., Lou, Acad.-Naturalist '34, Les Intimes '35, '36, Sr. Prom Tkt. Com't. '36, Sr. Sport Dance ConI't. '36, Musicale Publicity ConI't,. '34. VOJACK, ELEANOR PATRICIA, El, Sec- Amanuensis '34, Hockey 'Cap't. '35. l72l Top Row- Voss, PHYLLIS EDNAQ Pf1l'I,' Acad.-Girls' Glee '34, '35, Hon. Medal '35, Sr. Play Tkt. Com't. '35g Spectator '36. XVAGNER, CARL A.: Bruslz-Dorsvy,' G. B.-Band '35, '36, Orchestra '35, '369 DHHCC Orchestra '34, '36. XVAIN, DOROTHY HEI.ENQ Dotg G. B. XVALCZAR, BTARY CONSTANCE1 LiII1r.v,' Sec.-Amanuensis '35, '36, Dramatics '36. XVALRER, DORIS IRENEQ Rvzzvvg Acad.-Photography '36, Dramatic '35, Girls' Glee '35. 'WAI.RER, GLADYS TXTAYQ Gen. Middle Rong YN-'ALsH, VIRGINIA RTARYQ GillIIj'v,' Acad.-Bobashela '36. . XVALTERSV, NVILBURQ Bzzddg G. B. TNVALUKIENVICZ, JEANETTE ANNg Ja-v,' Sec.-H. R. Sec'y '35, Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Hockey '34, Baseball '35. TVARNER, THEODORE HAYEs3 Tad: Acad.-Spectator '35, '36, Clioniun '34, '35, '36g Serv. Corps '34, '35, '36: Ir. Historical '36, Tennis '35, '36, Mgr. '36, Sr. Play Com't. '36, Major "T" '35g Serv. "T" '35, XYASSUM, EDNA BIAEQ IlI1'rkvy,' Acad.-Girls' Science '36, Bobashela Picture Ed. '36. XVEINSTEIN, BEATRICEQ Twizzf Sec.-H. R. Treas. '36, Clionian '36, Decoration Co1n't. Jr. Prom '35, Refresh. Comt. Sr. Play '36, Spectator '36. Bottom, Roue- XVEINSTEINV, EVELYNQ Twin ,' Sec.-Decorating Com't. Ir. Prom '35g Sr. Play Refresh. Com't. '36, Spectator '36g Leaders' Corps '34, XVEISS, RTARGUERITE LOUISEQ Marg, Acad.-H. R. Treas. '36, Girls' Science '34, '35, '36, Nat'l Hon. '36, Hon. Medal '35, '36, Sr. Play, Publicity Com't. '36, Jr. Prom Decoration Com't. '35g Dramatics '36. XK'EISS, TXTARY PATRICIA, Acad.-H. R. Sec'y '36. XVERT, RTARION LOUISE, lTIUI'.C1'C,' Sec.-Leaders' Corps '34, Dramatic '36, Musicale '34. XYHITE, CATHERINE AINNAQ Kal, G. B.-H. R. V.-Pres. '35, Pres. '36, Leaders Corps '34, '35g Pres. Council '36. XVHITE, DOROTHY MARIE, Dot, Acad. 73 T011 Row- WHITEV, WILLIAM CHARLES, Wliifeyg Acad- Serv. Corps '36, Boys' Science '36, Chess 81 Checker '36, Swimming '35, Hon, Medal '35, Boxing '36, Speech "36, Hon. Comp, '35, WIEGER, VERONICA :NIARGARETQ Rofmie, Sec.-Spectator '35, '36, WILIQES, MARTHA ASHMORE, Marty, Gen.-Costume '34, '35, 36, Serv. "T" '34, VVILSON JAMES L., Fife: Acad.-Chess 81 -Checker '34, Baseball '34, Boxing '34, Medal Inter-Class Relay '34, First Place 100-yard Dash '34, VVILSON, MIl.DRED VIRGINIA, Middy, Acad. XIVINTERBURN, RAWNSLEY WILLIAM, Rmmie, Acad,-Orchestra '34, '35, '36, Middle Rowg ' WoJNARoWIcz,, JOHN ANTHONY, Aljvlzabetq Gen.-H, R. Sec'y '34, Swimming '34, VVOLF, FRANK SCHAFERQ WoIJ'ie,,' Acc.-H. R. Pres. '34, '35, Speech '35, Commerce '35, '36, Pres. '36, Dance Com't, '35, Speech '36, Pres. Council '34, '35, Inter-Club Council '36, Bus, Mgr. Bobashela '36, Boys' Glee. VVoL1NsKI JOSEPH ADAM, foe, Acad.- Orchestra '36, WOOIJ, HAl20I.D S., Wo0rl3i,' Acc,-H. R. Pres. '34, Serv, Corps '36, Football '35, VVOOD, LIDA MIRIAM, Gen, Woons, DOROTHY, Dot, Sec. Bottom Rofwg WooI.LEY,, NORMAN HOWARD, NOV7'll,' Gen- H. R, V.-Pres. '36, Forum '35, '36, Boys' Glee '36, Wrestling '36, Sr, Play '36, WOOLVERTON, BERTHA CATHERINE, Gen., H, R, V.-Pres. '35, Girls' Glee '35, '36, Speech '35, VVOOLVERTON, DOROTHYQ Dot, Acad.-Leaders' Corps '35, VVORMLEY, CATHERINE MILDRED, Milly, Acad,-Speech '36, VVORSTALL, MADEI,INIE LoUIsE, Gen, VVRIGHT, GEORGE LYMANQ Acad,-Print '36, Safety 'Council '36, Sec'y '36, l74l Top Row- VVRIGHT, JUNEg fmzicg Sec.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35. NVRIGHT. VVILLIAM M:XCGULLENQ Billg Acad.-Football '35, '36g Wrcstlirug '36. YARBROUGH, JOHN WV1LL1AMg Cigmg' Acad.-Print '35, H'AZUjIAN, ARINIEN DIKRANQ Arnzrg Acad.-Orchestra '34, '35, '36. YOUNG, KENNETH,' Acad- ' ZABITOXVSKI, ANNAQ Sec.-Amanuensis '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36g Speech '36, Jfiddla Row- ZARZECKI, OLGA JOSEPHINEQ Sec.-H. R. Pres. Sz Sec. '34, '36g Leaders' Corps '3flg Belles Lettres '35g Dramatics '36. V ZAZECKI, FLORENCE DoRO'rHYg F105 Acad.-Leaders' Corps '34g Speedball 34. . ZIMMER, DAVID LLOYD? Dawg Gen.-VVoOdcraft '34. ZMUDA, LEON JOHNQ Acad. M 75 Seniors .ADAMS, CHARLES FRANKLIN, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '34, V.-Pres. '35, Sec'y '36, Clionian '34, '35, '36, Football, '36, Track '34, Sr. Play Property Com't. '35, Jr. Prom. Tkt. Com't. '35, Clavian '34 ADAMS, EDGAR MERCER, Ed, Acad. ARLISTROICG, CAROLYN ELAINE, Gen. BANKER, ANDREW THOMAS, Banks, Acc.- H. R. Pres. '34, Photography '36, Treas. '36. BARLOW, CHARLES JORDAN, Acad.-H. R. Pres. '36, Clavian '34, Art '34, Speech '34, Belles Lettres '34, '35, Pres. '35, J. V. Football '34, Sr. Play '35, Laur- eate '36, Leaders' Corps '34, Assoc. Ed. Laureate '36, Chrm. Music Com't. Sr. Dance '35, Chrm. Entertainment Com't. Sr. Dance '36. BEKE, LOUIS, Stooge, Gen. BENSKY, CHARLES MARION, Scotty, Acarl. BLOME, WARREN JOSEPH, Gen. BONGRAZIO, FRANK, G. B. BOWERS, ROBERT WALKER, John, Acad. BOYD, DOLORESQ De, Gen. BOYKOWICH, ROSE MARIE, Ronnie, G. B. BRADLEY, BENJAMIN FREDERICK, Bing, Acad.-Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36. BROWN, JOHN CHARLES, Bro-wny, Acad.- Dramatic '35, Swimming '36, Laur- eate '35, Debating '36. BRUNO, ANGELO GABRIEL, Aggie, Acad. BULLOCK, ELSIE ROSE, El, Sec. ' BUSHKO, JOHN ALLEN, Johnny, Gen.-H. R. Sec'y '34, Swimming '34, '35, '36, First Place, 200-yd. Relay State Meet '35, Second Place Fancy Dive State Meet '35, Third Place Dive. National High School Meet '35, Medals, Let- ters '34, '35, '36. BYRA, JOHN, G. B. CANULLI, LUCY MARIE, Lon, Sec. CARNALL, MARION JOYCE, Sec. CAROCCI, SAM JOHN, Sam, Acc. CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, Ray, G. B.-H. R. Pres. '34, J. V. Basketball '34, Base- ball '34, Track '34. CHENKUS, WALTER JOSEPH, Chinle, Gen.- H. R. Sec'y '34, Print '35. CIESLIKOWSKI, HENRY JOHN, Casey, Gen. COOPER, EMANUEL, Ilfanny, Gen.-WOod- craft '36, Baseball '36. COOPER, LAURA VIRGINIA, Illiclcey, Sec. COSTALDO, MARY, Fritz, G. B.-Cap't. Spcedball '35, Cap't. Basketball '35, '36. CRITCHLOW, RAYMOND ROBERT, Ray, Acad. -Forum '34, '35, '36, Radio '34, Swim- ming '34, '35, '36, Serv. 'Corps '34, '35, Forum Football '36. T761 CUTTRE, JOSEPH VINCENT, Cnttrafe, Gen. DE LORENZO, MICHAEL, Ike, Gen.-Italian 7 35 DICOLO, PETER JOHN, Farvneff, Gen. DIGUISEPPE, FRED, Freddy, G. B. EARDLEY, SAMUEL, Acad.-Print '35, Soc- cer '35. ERICK, CHARLES EDMAN, Von-Erick, Gen. -Att. Awd. '35. FABIO, JOHN ANTHONY, Jack, G. B.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Baseball Mgr. '36. FAGELLA, SAM JOSEPH, Fudge, G. B.-H. R. Sec'y '34. FEDERICO, LEWIS JOHN, Fedie, G. B. FEOLE, DOMENICQ Don, Acad. FILIDOR, DAN JAMES, Clzink, Gen.-Base- ball '34. FLYNN, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, LVilIie, Gen. -H. R. Treas. '34, Basketball '34, '35, '36, Major "T" '34, '35. FORMAN, GEORGE E., Acad. FRALICARDI, ALFRED ANTONYQ Goat, G. B. -H. R. Pres. '34, Football '35. FREEMAN, LEON ARNOLD, Lee, Acad.- Clavian '34, Clionian '35, Nat'l Thes- pians '35, '36, Sr. Play '36, Sr. Dance Program Com't. '36, Dramatics '36, Musicale '36. FUCCELLO, MARK CARL, Mike, G. B.- Wrestling '36. GROSSE, CARL GEORGE, Gen.-VVOOdcraft '36, Track '36, Major "T" '35. GUDEBSKI, ROSE ESTER, Vera, Gen.- Dramatic '34, Speedball '35, '36, Swimming '35, '36. HALL, ANDREW WHITE, Andy, Gen. HARPER, JACK BENJAMIN, Jack, G. B.- Swimming '36. HARRELL, JOHN LLOYD, Fly, Gen.-Print '35. HARRIS, WARREN E., Acad.-Chess Sz Checker '34, Sec'y-Treas. '34. HENDERSON, EDWARD TOM, Eddie, Acad.- H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Pet Club '34, '35, V.-Pres. '34, '35, fFlemington Highj Pet Show Mgr. '34, '35 CFlemington Highj. HIXSON, JOHN DON, Doe, Acc.-Radio '36, Dance Orchestra '35, Pres. '35, Band '34, '35, Orchestra '34, '35, Serv. AIT!! 134, HOFFLIAN, JOHN JOSEPH, Hojie, G. B. HORODYNSKI, WALTER, Gen. HOROWITZ, EUGENE VICTOR, Gene, Acad.- H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Band '35, '36, Serv. "T" '36. HUDSON, ELLA VICTORIA, Ponya, Acad.- Costume '34, '35, Basketball '34, Hockey '34. Seniors HUDSON, EVELYN NErXSTER, Otto, Acad.- Hockey '36. IKALEWICZ, ERNEST, Newark, Acad. JAMIESON, HAROI.D RUSSELL, Slcinny,' Acad. -H. R. V.-Pres. '36, Serv. Corps '35, Forum '36. JAWORSKI, LORETTA GERALDINE, G. B. JOHNSON, DONNA A., G. B.-H. R. Sec'y '34, '35. JOHNSON, VVILLIE MACK, Berry, Acad.- Football '35, J. V. Football '34. JONES, JANIE ELIZABETH, Jafw, Gen. JONES, PERRY, Are, Acad.-Basketball '36, Major "T" '35, J. V. Basketball '35. KIARAFFA, NICHOLAS THOMAS, figgs, Gen. -Swimming '35, '36, Major "T" '35, '36. KARPOXVICHI, ALBERT, Karp, Gen-Stage Craft '34, '35, '36. KEARNS, NORMAN LEE, Duke, Acc. KIEBEK, LIATTHEVV X7INCENTj Mattie, Acc. KNIIEC, JULIAN HENRY, Speed, G. B.- Chess 81 Checker '35, Football '35, Basketball '34. KERECMAN, MICHAEL ANDREW, Ben, Gen. KISH, PAUL EMIL, Kelly, Acad.-J. V. Baseball '35, J. V. Basketball '35, '36. KOENIG, LOUIS JOHN, Lou, Gen. KOSCO, GEORGE, Gen.-Aircraft '34. KOZAKIEWICZ, IRENE, Renee, Sec. KRASNANSKY, JOSEPH, Joe, Gen.-Stage Craft '36. KRZYWONOS, EDWARD, CI11l71Z17,' Acad.- Model Airplane '36, Press '36. LABELLA, ARTHUR DAN, Art, Gen.-Att. Awd. '35. LARASON, ELOISE JOAN, Larry, Acad.- Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Baseball '34, Basketball '36, Hon. Comp. '36, Cheer Leader '36. LEFKOWSKI, ALEXANDER, Wlzife3i,' Gen.- Woodcraft '36. LEOPARDI, ALBERT ANTHONY, Gen. LEWIS, HELEN LUCRETIA, G. B.-Chrm. of Tlct. Com't Sr. Play '34, Speedball '34. LINDEULHAL, KARL, Kollle, Gen.-H. R. Sec'y '34, Woodcraft '36, Inter-Club Council '36. LIPSCHUTZ, MARTIN, Lips, Acad.-Spec- tator '35, Speech, '36. LLOYD, WILLIAM W., G. B.-Soccer '34, '35. LOCKWOOD, CHARLES WILLIAM, Bill, Gen. -Track '35, Cross Country '35, Swimming '34. LUIZZI, LEONARD ANTONYQ Dick, Acc.- Football '34. MAISTO, PHYLLIS, Gen.-Volley Ball '34, School Store '35. NIALLOY, JOHN, Gen. MANDI,, ALBERT M., AI, Gen. MANKOVICH, MICIIAEL, M'a11.k.r, Acad. lW:ANNIFIEI.D, JOHN VVILLIAM,.Klo11dil2c,' Gen.-H. R. Treas. '34, Swimming '34, '35, '36, Swimming Awards '34, '35, '36. MARINARI, DIAZ ARMAND, Di, Acad.- Italian '36. MARINO, ACKLEY ANTHONY, Tony, Gen. MASINO, ARTY,' Racvtracle, Acc.-Italian '35, '36, Boys' Glee '34, '35. MASON, ROBERT LOWELL, Pee Wee, Acad.- Print '35. MAZZA, JOHN ALBERT, Moz, Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, '36. MCCANN, JAMES A., Mc, Acad. MILBACH, MORRIS, Acad.-Print '36, Press '36 MILLER, ALBERT S., Al, Gen.-Print '35, '36, Pres. '35, Sec'y-Treas. '36. MILLER, CHARLES LEONARD, Bip, Gen.- Woodcraft '34, '35, Pres. '35, Baseball '34 , Basketball '34. IVIOLINARI, WALLIE, G. B. MONK, DONALD, G. B. MOORE, ALBERTA EVELYN, Bert, Gen. MOORE, ULYSSES, Uly, Acad.-Shop Safety giuncil '35, Football '34, '35, Musicale MUELLER, JOHN POPE, Jack, Acad.-Serv. Corps '36, Euclidian '34. NOTARIAN, JACK PHILIP, Jack, Acad. O'GORMAN, JOSEPH ALOYSIUS, Gen. OLESAK, JOHN FRANCIS, JoI11mie,' G. B. OLSCHEWSKI, RAYMOND EDWARD, Burk, Gen. PAGE, CHARLES A., Chick, Gen.-Aviation '34, '35, Wrestling '36. PALMERI, DOMENIC ANTHONY, Merchant, Acad.-Italian '35, V.-Pres. '35. PELLETTERI, PAUL ANTHONY,.POIIy,' Acc. -Photography '36, Chrm. Publicity 'Com't. '36, Press '36. PENNINOTON, RICHARD CHARLES, Dick,- Acad. ' PETERS, M'ICHAEL L., Mikey, Gen.- Avia- tion '34. PETRUCCIO, ALFRED, Alfalfa, Gen.-H. R. V.-Pres. '34, Football '34. PINELLE, ALFRED LOUIS, Freddie, Gen. PINELLI, JOSEPH GEORGE, Joe, Gen. PRUNETTI, ANTHONY JOHN, Tony, Gen.- Italian '35, Football '35. l77l Seniors PRZEWOZNIK, ALEX THOMAS, Bo1nh.v,' G. B, PUSHMAN, CHARLES ALVIN, Pu.vlzy,' Gen. -Athletic Council '34, VVOOclCraft '36, Cross Country '36, Soccer '34, Track '34, '35, '36, RAUB, ROBEIQT OSCAR, Bah, Gen, REDD, HOWARD VINCENT, Vince, Gen.- Print '34, '35, REED, ARTHUR, Ant, Gen.-Philatelic '36, Poster COm't. '36, REILLY, JOSEPH EMANUELQ Steamboat, G. B, RENK, HENRY BRONISLAWQ Whitey, Gen. -H. R. Pres, '34, '35, '36, Pres, Coun- cil '34, '35, '36, Track '34. RICE, THADDEUS PAUL, Fox, Gen,-H, R, V,-Pres, '36, Boys' Glee '34, '35, '36, V.-Pres. '36, Football '36, ROBINSON, ELIZABETH, Betty, Gen. ROSSI, AMELIA E., Molly, G. B.-Leaders' Corps '34, '35, Tap Dancing Leaders '34, '35, '36, RULICIEWICZ, PETER, Dmzh, Acc.-Soccer '34, '35, Baseball '34. RUSSO, IALFRED WILLIAM, The 'Wrrcleerg Gen. SCANLAN, TVIARCELLA, G. B. SCLOCCO, VICTOR, Vick, Gen,-H. R. V.- Pres. '36, ' SEAVEY, EDITH, Gen. SEKER, ELMER, Gen.-Print '34, '35, '36, SHAPIRO, LEWIS ERWIN, Short wave, Gen. -Safety Council '36, Tumbling '35, SIMMINS, LUCILE VIRGINIA, Bz'nhy,' Acad, -LeaderS'Corps '34, '35, SMIRES, RALPH, Gen.-H. R. V,-Pres. '35, Laboratory Ass't. '35, '36, SMITH, ITORACE ARMSTRONG, Smitty, Acad.-Clionian '34, '35, '36, Track '34, Jr, Class Relay '34, Sr. Class Execu- tive COm't. '36, SMITH, WALTER HENRY, Snuffy Smith,- Gcn.-H. R, Pres. '34, H. R V,-Pres, '35, '36, Att, Awd. '34, '35, '36, SOPRONYL. GEORGE, Gen,-Aircraft '34, Swimming '34. STACEWICZ, VICTOR ANTHONY, Sl1'7l1f,' Acad. STANISZEWSKI, ANTHONY JOSEPH, Stan, Gen. t78l STROCK, FREDERICK WILI,IAM, Bill, G. B. TAYLOR, HOMEIR B., Clarleg Gen. TERRITO, VINCENT A., Vince, Acad,- Basketball '36, THOMPSON, FRANK, JR., 7'11.01I1fJy,' Acad-- H. R. Treas, '35, H. R. Pres, '36, Belles Lettres '35, '36, Band '34. TOMLINSON, CLIFFORD EAIQLINGQ Tommie, Gen.-H. R. Pres. '34, Swimming '34, '35, '36, Track '34, '35, '36, All State 50-yd. and ZOO-yd, free style '34, Pole vaulting champ, of Penna., N, J., Del., '34, Medals, letters, trophys, ribbons '34, '35, '36, 100-yd. breast stroke champ. of N, J, '36, TRAMM, FRED CHARLES, Fritz, Gen.- Press '36, TREBELL, HERMANQ Rzzchy, Acad,-Base- ball '34, '35, TYSON, EDWIN ASHMORE, Ed, Gen. TYSON, WALTER, Ufalt, Acad.-Shop Safety Council '36, Executive COm't. '36, VAN CAMP, DONALD HATTERSLEYQ Don,- Gen.-Swimming '34, '35, '36, Letter '34, '36, Medals '36, VASTI, PASQUALE JAMES, Pat, Gen.- Print '35, '36, Print Safety Council '36, XAERDEL, JOHN ANTHONY, Flash, Gen.- H. R. Pres. '34, Sec'y '36, Print '34, 1 '36, Sec'y '34, Inter-Club Council 35, '34. WAROO, HEI,EN V., G. B. WASKO, JOSEPH ,MICHAELQ Puppy, Gen. WEISGERBER, NICHOLAS JOHN, Gen. WERKMAN, NICKOLAS, R1zsfy,' G. B. WHITE, VIVIAN MARIE, Vi, Gen.-Girls' Glee '34. WIESSMAN, CARL, DVecsy,' Gen. WIKOFF, CHARLES, Chas., Acad. WILLIAMS, RICHARD, Dick, Gen. WORSTALL, TVTADELINE LOUISE, G. B. YARMY, VILMA, Willie, Gen. ZAGURY, ORDWIN, Ortic, Acad. ZARRILLI, ROBERT VINCENT, Bob, H. R. Treas. '34, J. V. Soccer '35, ZIELINSKI, VICTOR STANLEY, l7z'ch,' Gen. -H, R. V.-Pres. '34, '35, Swimming '34. ALEX KRAMER flier AJGJILCI teas 110111 011 August 13 1918 111 176711011 Nou JCISGQ He offended the Hzllrzesz' and GlCq07y schools f11111o1 No 3 and H10 T1'e111'o11 CC1ZflUl H1011 School RFU! and dmd o11 Jnlx 22 1934 1 Jin vmnriam Alex Kramer Memorlal Alex Kramers classmates t umor Hlgh School No 3 and hrs frlends at the 'lrenton Central Hlgh School remember Alex as 1 jolly sort of person whose ready wx rt alu ays made hlm a welcome ad d1t1on to any group He pursued '1 Wrde varrety of 1nterests and 1ct1v1t1es A lover of musrc Alex was fond of srngmg and of play mg the v1ol1n Sprlng and summer found hrm mdulglng IH baseball tennls and quolts xvhlle fall and wmter beheld hlm enthus astlcallx attendmg football and basketball games At un1or Hlgh School No 3 he served as an oihcer of the Boys Safety Patrol and as The Buzz reporter for hls homeroom class Because of h1s executxve abrlrty he represented hrs home room class at the Presldents Council of Trenton Central Hlgh School Alex s most outstandxng ab1l1ty however, Was his affluent com mand of the Engllsh language and more Wldely than the average per son of h1s age and was conse quently a valuable member of the staff of unxor Hlgh School No 3s paper I'he Buzz At Trenton Central H1gh School he not only contmued to 'xVI'1tC DYOSC but 2llSO NVI'OlIC SOYHC VCFQC The memorlal to thelr son Alex, NVl'llCl'1 Mr and Mrs Nathan Kramer ale leavmg to the school IS a yearly award of 2350 OO and '1 gold medal to be glven to that boy of the graduatxng class who, 1n the op1n1on of a board of judges has shown the most aptltude for Engllsh composltlon To be ellglble for the an ard a boy must possess honor ratmgs 1n Enghsh m une of hls junlor year and IH February of hls senlor year and must also submlt materlal of h1s own composltxon Thls matter WVflttCfl 1n h1s senlor gear must be material WVhlCl1 has been pubhshed IH a school publlcatlon or IH the duly press artlcles Whlch have been approved for publlcatlon but have not yet been prmted or plays whlch have been acceptably presented before the student body ln addltlon the candldate must have an excellent character and must 1nd1c'1te 1 deslre to studv Engllsh 1n 'ln lnstltutlon of hlgher learnlng 0 , I . . 1 a J ' ' ' . 1 . C 1 L . 4 C . 7 . L T 7 7 ' L " . . c A . c . . L 1 . 3 -r c 1 . . . . 1 1 , . y C . , W . C L . . i . L I . . I c f . J . , V 1 Y I K C . L y - ' Y . C . ', . , . 1 f 1 l l' K c , ' I .V 1 I , C - - ,v ' I , ' L. I He -was iakcn sick d111'i11g his sopho111o1'c his extensive vocabulary. He read ,V ', . -l iv ' ' I '- . 7 . . 3 I ' t ' l J ' Y ' I , . . c c L c ' h ' 7 c c . t l 4 c J I c . l , 1 . . C VL , X X x . . .E . J .U . . C L I C . ' , , , k 1 y 1 - 1 1 ' 4 H 7 ' .., , o X ' ' I V o y I 5 C , C X l ' C C I J , , K . . . L ' 79 HYMAN KAPLAN, President Junior Class Histor The Class of 1937 elected as their president this year, Hyman Kaplan, who led the group as sophomores. During Kaplan's first administration, the class drew up a model constitution, and sponsored a successful Spring HARRY PENROSE, Vice-President administration, the juniors made a name for themselves in the Laureate and Spectator classesg sponsored a gala Leap Year Dance and a Junior Promg and contributed much to the hnancial success of the Bobashela. Dance. This year, during "Hy's,' second CRAIG FABIAN, Secrezary I 80 l -WILLIAM KINEY, Treasurer Benjamin Allegretti, Earle Applegate, Gervin Bailey, Edmund Beaumont, Carl Bopp, Pasquale Calderone, Angelo Constantine, Grover Cooper, Railey Cruse, Harry Dahl, Frank Hutchinson, Her- man Johnson, John Kawka, Jacob Keller, George Kmetz, Julius Massari, Andrew Mihalchik, Andrew Mikula, Joseph Morrell, An- gelo Nastasio, Edward Novak, Charles O'Malley, Cornelius Przecha, John Pukala, Vito Riccatello, Julius Seymour, Joseph Volk, Thomas XValachy, Anthony W'olier, John VVozniak, VValter Zelanko. James Ballard, Lillian Belets, Helen Boyd, Ellen Brophy, Rose Buatti, Charles Bullero, George Butkosky, Edith Carozza, Elizabeth Carozza, XValter Carty, Marie Chale, Sylvia Cherowitz, Marian Chinnick, Irene Darby, Jerry DiNatale, Catherine Duchek, Bessie Dumont, George Dyer, Dorothy Eib, Bernice Elmer, Bernice Garb, Mary Gervasi, Nancy Giordano, Beatrice Greenberg, Marian Katz, Marv Kondor, Julius Kovacs, Helen Krush, Sara Lepiane, Dominic B1 Sponsor: MR. MACIQ FRANCIS SABOL, President LoUIs MAZAICIS, Vice-President VICTOR VVIEDEMANN, Secretary B2 Sponsor: MRS. QUICK AUDREY GEFFERT, President WALTER PoTTs, Vice-President VIRGINIA DEXVEY, Secretary Lipira, Violet Luperillo, Evelyn Mikovsky, Michael Moldovan, Amadio Morello, Mary Petras, Bertha Petro, Dominic Picollello, Lillian Posen, Anthony Radice, Agnes Rednor, Frances Sager, Joseph Simone, Helen Titus. Clara Cebula, Dorothy Foley, Florence Goodwin, Sara Jane Groom, Morris Guadagno, Richard C. Gunn, Verna Harker, Frances Hill, Jack Hirsch, Anna Hough, Harry Hutchins, Blanche Hutchinson, Ruth Klotz, Ramon Koslowski, Anna Kucskar, Richard Larrabee, Rhoda Lavine, Ruth Loveman, Thelma Lownie, Natalie Mahlow, Virginia Mayor, Robert McManus, Adeline Maruca, Peggy Messler, Geraldine Meyer, Angelo Migliori, Charles Peters, Carmen Prunetti, B3 Sponsor: MISS KOENIG MARGARET HENRIETTA, Presidmzt VIRGINIA LOGHNER, Vice-President EDITH HOUGH, Secretary Mildred Roberts, Frank Russo, Alice Ryan, John Sala, Pauline Sadowski, Gloria Scheurmann, John H. Selby, Dorothy Schnitzer, Pete Shintay, Margaret Shacklefford, Margaret Sigatoos, Horace Stevenson, Altonzo Younger. Louis Applestein, Peter Apoldte, Ina Bellin, Anna Berry, Anna Bilecki, Jeanne Biles, Dorothy Blizard, Charles Bodine, George Bontya, Helen Bossman, Gertrude Bowden, Melville Boynton, Ethel Bray, John Bruther, Domenick Buonanno, Dorothy Burk, NVarren Butler, Charlotte Charnofsky, Teresa Conard, John Cormie, Carl Crosby, Dick Darling, Domenick DeLuca, Louis DiSylvester, Regina Dougherty, Jack Duncan, Mildred Dzaman, Alfred Emann, Robert Fell, Alma Frake, Dorothy Gernhardt, Catherine Gibson, Gertrude John Benck, Hugh Carson, Frank Caserta, Isabel Cook, Frances DeLorenzo, Andrew Durchuck, Florence Garson, Harriet Ghersin, Joseph Kaczorek, Bessie Kravitz, William Laing, Harry Lavine, Betty Levie, Spencer Lippincott, Charles Morrison, Helen Panella, Lucy Petito, Jean Pochart, John Potoki, Willetta Quinn, Ruth Ranke, Dorothy Reilly, Kenneth Russo, Betty Ann Stumpf, Jeanne Swern, Helen Szekeres Lillian Tootleman, Morris Tucker, Lillian Turner, B4 N Sponsor: MISS LUSCHER BETTY BALDWIN, President RICHARD BERNASCO, Vice-President ROBERT BIsHoP, Secretary Gibson. B5 Sponsor: MISS SGOTT RUTH WILSON, Prerident OLGA TERLECKY, Vice-President GEORGE NIARSHALL, Secretary Andrew Urban,, Shirley Urken, Matilde Vecere, Andrew Vrancik, Richard Walter, Eugene Warren, Jack Wig-- EZ ens, Phoebe NVilliarns, Arthur VVolff, Adelia VVoolman, Ruth Worstall, Abe Yatskowitz, Levon Yazujian. E813 B6 Sfwo1i.r0r.' MR. IIICICENNY EDA EPIFANIO, P7'l'S1-dt'7lIL RAYMOND FALZONIE, Vice-Prvsidvizt DOROTHY LANTZ, Secretary Estelle Richmond, Francis Rickette, Ethel VVilliam Applegate, Pauline Bardos, Evelyn Berkelhamer, Joseph Brenna, Milton Brown, Francis Burger, James Caldwell, Donald Cook, Margaret Cook, Morton Deitz, Elizabeth Dorety, Louise Graham, Ellen Hackney, Grace Hundt, Daniel Isaacson, Elizabeth Kall, Charinian Kaplan, Ethel Koschik, Selma Kraun, Lelia Ledden, Charlotte Markgrat, Doris McKinney, Doris McVicker, Louise Micklewright, Ruth Miller, Constance O'Mara, Marjorie Petty, Samachson, Beatrice Samachson, Robert Schoenser, Mary Simonko, Edna VVhite, Donald Wilsoii, Marie VVinner. B7 Spoizxor' MR. BURDICK AUGUST P. CIELL, P1fe'.rz'dmzt HELEN E. DEARDON, View-Pretndcizf NIIRIAM FORSYTH, Secretary David Allen, Donald Apgar, Hugh Armstrong, Martha Bahney, James Berger, Evelyn Bilbee, Audrey Billingham, Jack Bleeck, John Bontya, Vito Brenna, Maxine Cohen, Thelma Cohen, Eva Cox. Ethelyne Curtin, Francis Deck, John DiFranco, John Dittrich, Philip Douress, Mamie Dragwa, Elmer Drake, Frederick Ecker, Irene Filice, Thomas Green, Carolyn Goodrich, Erma Gross, Louis Halabuk, James Harris, Leola Hill, Robert Holloway, Elias Kalmanowitz, Stanley Larkin, Louis Linowitz, Betty Maroda, Frank Murray, Sophie Pasierb, Tillie Prazdnichuk, John Sante Alta Skirm, William Stearle, Robert C. Sutcliffe. B8 . Sf707lfS07'.' MRS. DUTF MARJORIE LYTHGOE, Pfrsiticfif BETTY XYATES, Vim-Pwsifivizt BRUCE ZORN, Secretary Paczewski, Norma Peltin, Mildred Phillips, Florence Bonanni, Margaret Campbell, Ellison Cloward, Howard Crammer, Margaret Cullen, Bentley Cutter, Rae Daner, Anthony DiNatale, Alice Dringus, Irene Edinger, Annabel Feasel, Samuel Fiorello, Madeline Frederick, James Gallagher, VVarner Goble, Vin- cent Graziano, Hollis Hartpence, Evelyn Heath, Alexander Holland, John Hoagland, Grace Kenderline, Betty Kennedy, Anna Kisti, Thomas Mathews, Anna Matuzan, Marguerite Notarian, Lillian Edith Pochart, Dorothy Proch, Iona South, Mary Spalinski, Louise Surtees, Sylvia Wfeber, Peggy VV'eltman, Alice VVerenne, Doris VVitthoefft, Gladys Wright, Beverly Zarling, Vera Zazecki. B9 Sjvonsor: Miss IKAPLAN CHARLES STRANO, PI'ESl.dU7lf CHARLES PITMAN, Vice-Prnxidvizt MAIQIE TAMS, Secretary Washliskie, Charlotte VVackinson, Madeline VVelsh, Raymond Wliitley, Dorothy VVnuk, Dorothy Woldaiiski Harry Wyfcoff, Ruth Vlfykes, Dorothy Yates, Josephine Yedlinsky, Charles Yopp, Nanzo Zefutie, Lillian Zuba Janet Ziveig. B10 Sfnonsor: MR. GRAHAM VVILLIAM GREEN, P1'csidmz.t VINCENT DELTA, V1'L'c-Pifcsifleizf STEPHEN LINZENBOLD, Secretary Betty Alexander, Betty Andicko, Eleanor Aumer, Joseph Ball, Frances Burkett, Freda Byer, Melvin Byer, Mary Cahill, Dorothy Clark, Anna Locane, Sandy Napoleon, Marvin Parish, Gertrude Pi- tasky, Florence Roman, Helen Rossi, Felicia Rykiel, Marjorie Schultz, Thelma Schwitzgable, Frank Smith, VVallace Soles, John Soltesz, Magnolia Stewart, Frank Suchocki, Daniel Sullivan, Stella Szwast, Ida Tashlik, Elizabeth Toth, Elizabeth Vigh, Gertrude Waracli, Jack 1 1 Ruth Backes, Stanley Bialczak, Robert Bice, David Brown, Edward Cameron, Nathan Christopher, Bertha Clugston, Edward Cope, Jean Carrigan, Robert Castigan, Florence Crowell, VVilliam Dale, Vincent DeBlois, Joseph D'Errico, Joseph Ferrante, Lawrence Felton, Jean Frascella, Alexander Hamilton, Magdaline Harvilla, Eileen Heran, Francis Hoffman, George Hornyak, Alfred Ianni, Harvey Jones, Edna Knapp, Stanley Kokotaylo, Anna Kownacky, Ellen Lane, Salvadore Marchesano, Myrtle Marx, Virginia McElhany, Rita McGarrity, Anna McLernon, George Mladenetz, Howard Phillips, Paul Pushman, Frank Zoltanski. Iwi Lillian Abramowitz, Harry Abrams, Frank Angel, Wfilliam Berrien, Helen Bloom, Joseph Boughey, Michael Chomicki, Charles Cox, Robert Dalrymple, John Dobay, Edward Dubrow, Jack Elder, Joseph Figur, Andrew Gallagher, Ralph Hess, Mearl Hice, Mathew Hor- vath, Albert Jelinek, Julius Kaczarowski, VVilliam Kuhn, Joseph Lagana, Yolanda Molnar, Harry Meehan, Florence Olszewski, Mary Ranto, Dominic Scheen, Joan Shann, Stephen Shargo, Louis Sczivos, Lewis Thorn, Dominic Toleno, Ruth Trent, Erwyn VVainer, Alex W Katherine Applegate, Fred Arend, Iilda Battista, George Blaner, Armando Bocchini, Julia Calkowski, Alphonse DiMaggio, Florence Finkle, Irene Furda, Ruth Garber, Anna Garnich, Irene Glappa, Catherine Goralski, Mildred GrOh, Margaret Halloran, Lois Hart- man, Alice Hawkyard, Kathryn Hiller, Mary Holeman, Mary Kerlin, Mae Knosky, Gertrude Kolk, June Kushel, Yvonne LaBras, Lillian Leonard, Teresa Lezzano, John Lutz, Mildred Maley, Mildred Roche, Vincent Salvatore, Carl Sehlicher, Dolores Smith, Gordon Spr Katherine Ziesel. Bella Allen, Robert Ball, Eileen Becker, Leonard Bejma, Dorothy Bennett, Goldie Berry, Norman Beverage, Robert Boyle, Loraine Byrne, Charles Coleman, Marion Cooney, Florence Cordis, Louella Dey, Ethel Dreher, Dolores Fischer, Alberta Ford, Williaiii Fowler, Ralph Gervasio, Helen Gervasoni, Frank Girtain, George Golden, Charles Goldenbaum, Nicholas Gusz, Marguerite Hill, Ruth Hirsch, Arthur Hobson, Howard Holcombe, Dorothy Holsneck, Dorothy johnson, Gertrude Johnson, Marian Kriergner, Dorothy Krupecki, Anna Mercier, Kathryn Mulryne, Sidney Putchat, Margaret Sande Fisher Brooks, Virginia Brooks, Lillian Chernin, Harold Coleman, Cora Goodrich, VVarren Harker, Joseph Helfrich, Jane Hopewell, VVilliam Kish, Harold Levy, Stanley Millner, Myrtle Moore, Anne Moskowitz, Pauline Muranko, Ellen Murphy, Hilda Nabutovsky, Kathryn O,Donnell, Harriet Penkoske, Harry Penrose, Marjory Perry, Helen Pietrosevitz, Hervey Raywood, William Reed, Roberta Rehrer, Gardner Reynolds, Margaret Rhoads, Rose Robles, George Rosenstein, Isadore Silverstein, Donald Smith, Violet Smith, Doroth ton, Thomas Sullivan, James Toft, Pauline Treat. Agnes Belardo, Sue Biondi, Marie Cahill, james Carlton, John Campy, Ida Downing, Nellie Dunn, Thomas Dunn, Earl Elder, Mark Falcone, Morton Fishbein, Leigh Frizzell, James Giquinto, Frank Golia, Irene Goncey, Ella Mae Gordon, Helen Hughes, Leon Kato, Gordon Kerlin, Irene Kirvay, Fred Meckel, john Merk, Aldo Micai, Joseph Nalbone, George Patch, Louis Perroni, Evelyn Pippen, Peggy Reeve, Joseph Reilly, William Ridgway, Helen Ringkamp, Edith Salt, Frank Salvatini, Mildred Scales, Matthew Zoladz. Bll Sf'0l1'.YOI'.' MR. MIZER ORLANDO VORSI, Pffrsiricnt VIIQGINIA Ports, Vice-Pz'es'idr1zt HAROLD PETTY, Scczfcfary ojeik, Williaiii VVOOd, Iohn Yuhas. B12 Spomozx' MR. DEAL ELEANOR LIOLT, PI'FS1.IlF1Lf DAVID ARMSTRONG, Vz'cc-Pwsidcuf ELEANOR HOUsLEv, Secretary ingfield, Helen Voorhees, Robert Wargo, B13 Sf707Z.S'07'.' MR. VV. CROUsE HAROLD HARTMAN, President TQATHERINE KRON, V'ice-Presidwzt EDNA GRAINGE11, Secretary Lillian Kuosmanen, Alexandra Martyniw, rs, Richard Schipski, Margaret Simon. B14 Sp0n.ror.- A1153 BODINE JACK DINOI.A, President THOMAS NOLAN, V'z'cc-President JANET STAULCUP, Secretary y Solz, Elizabeth Stanziale, Robert Strat- B15 .S'f1o1zsor: MR. DAICIN THOMAS BLAKE, P7'CS1'dU7lff BESSIE PRAZDNICHUK, Vz'ce-Pz'csz'de11t FREDERICK GAUGES, .S'ccrcfary T331 B16 Sponsor: MR. WHITE CHARLES WEIGEL, President STANLEY SLABICKI, Vice-President DIANA NOBILI, Secretary Chester Kolczynski, Helen Kovacs, Samuel N. LaPaglia, Minnie Lynn,'Mildred Maione, Clemend Marino, Marcella Marino, Marie Matteucci, Katherine Meszaros, Mary Mooney, Betty Nevil, Helen Ososky, Linda Porroni, Marie Queenan, Helen Remenicky, Dorothy Rodgers, Faiga Selden, Martha Simancik, Ruth Skrajewska, Made- line Stanzione, Loretta Slawiszynski, Sophie Storcella, Mildred Sut- terlin, Marie Talbo-t, Lillian Tedeschi, Anthony Thomann, Estella Tilton, Anna Tindik, Harriet Tootleman, Betty Whyte. B17 Sponsor: MR. SANFORD EDWARD OLIN, President VIOLA PRIMM, Vice-President ELEANOR KALE, Secretary Thomas Ryan, Divina Salerno, Vetur Williams, Margaret Woolverton. B18 Sponsor: MR. SEXTON ROBERT WATTS, President BETTY JANE WRIGHT, Vice-President TVIARION HILL, S ecretary William Beke, Julia Bossio, Margaret Burla, Loretta Byer, Elaine Gross, Joseph Halko, Walter Harrington, Alex Katz, Eleanor Klem- mer, Elsie Kuronya, Frank Maternik, Harriet Mathews, Harold Meehan, John Mcglis, Jerry Migliacci, Leonard Millen, Rhoda Miller, Vivian Minder, Clare Montooth, Margaret Pankovich, Mar- jorie Peterson, Vlfilliam Pfaff, Betty Pumyea, Harry Piitzinger, Arthur Randelman, Betty Rhoads, Lillian Rolnick, Mary Russo, ia Troilo, Barbara Wallace, Mildred Warwick, Dorothy Werts, Leonard Cathryn Brennan, Armond Christopher, Trieste Coculo, Josephine Dilouie, Theodore Grainger, Frances Howard, Gertrude Janos, An- drew Kasony, Lively Kelsey, Bernard Kessler, Mattie Killingsworth, Martin Klein, Albert Lavine, Betty Lutze, Helen Maier, Joseph Nal- bone, Ruth Marren, Herman Menetski, Stanley Monasterski, Flor- ence Outwater, Edward Pieslak, Welling Pidcock, Joseph Plumeri, Ralph Popkin, Esther Posen, Emil Repas, Fred Reister, Edith Rosenberg, Freda Rosenthal, Evelyn Salvatore, Henry Sarnecki, Sidney Schwartz, Albert Seaman, Peter Senko, Robert Thomas, Betty Wilcox, Jerome Wishnevsky, Spencer Vllouters. B19 Sponsor: MR. W. R. NVEAVER DAVID RANKIN, President EDWARD WIERZBICKI, Vice-President ROBERT PATERsoN, Secretary Soldin, Fred Totten, Henry Turak, Edwar Zagnit, Emanuel Zbell. B20 Sponsor: MR. LOWDEN JOHN HIGGINS, President JAMES JONES, Vice-Prvsidenf FRANK FATO, Secretary Lawrence Laurenti, Daniel Lewandowski, Dominic Altimond, Joseph Angelini, Fred Bickel, Pasquel Chianese, Frank Chimeleski, William Coleman, Benedict Constantine, Edward Ebert, LeRoy Grant, Michael Gulick. Mathew Haltmeier, Mike Hartonczyk, VVilliam Hegedus, Robert Henne, Aaron Kaplan, Alfred Liick, Raymond Miller, Erwin Palasky, John Papp, Paul Pavlovich, Michael Petras, Anthony Pompei, Walter Pomykola, Domenic Pugliese, Walter Reichert, Conrad Shea, Stanley Sikorski, Harold d Wieczkowski, Thaddeus Wojciechowski, Jack Wood, Coleman Carman Chianese, Frank Christopher, Nicholas DiBiagio, Paul Di- Costanzo, Frank Dombroski, Charles DuBusky, Darwin Duckworth, William Farkas, Angelo Fiorentino, Thomas Fish, Victor Forcina, Robert Fort, VVilliam Geller, Quinto Giacobbi, Arnold Goldberg, John Golenicki, Edward Gore, Ceslaus Grala, William Harris, Clin- ton Horton, Richard Howell, Ken Ireland, Stanley Jadynak, Joseph Jokiel, Walter Kopec, Michael Koschek, Victor Kushnerwich, Edward Lipski, Richard Louderback, Ralph Lucarella, Bernard Lynch, Felix Marchetti, John McGuckin, Louis Miller, William Miller, Arthur Mirabelli, Stephen Olek, Wil- liam Stec. l 34 l Leona Bridgewater, Della Brown, Juanita Brown, Gene Drake, Ara- bella Fine, Lena Guadagna, Helen Gulgun, Madelyn Hollis, Mildred Leftwich, Avis Logan, Edna Luterio, Angeline Mario, Betty Marren, Florence Mayer, Queen McNair, Emma McRae, Lillian Miciewicz, Madeline Mikita, Barbara Mitrascaki, Frances Modica, Ossie More- land, Margaret Ossmann, Margaret Pratt, Mary Sfura, Bernice Snead, Julia Sulek, Cecilia Wfhite, Mary VVilliams. XVilliam ,Giblin, Chester Kuzma, Franklin Levack, Victor Levin, Anthony Limato, XVilliam Martin, Mortimer Martinette, Dominic Massimi, James McKeever. Richard Morgan, Edward Mount, David Nevius, James Cnofri, Frank Pagliaro, George Petromany, Dario Ponilio, Ralph Rizziello, Thomas Roberts, Nicholas Sherbon, Dominick Sirolli, Joseph Skwara, Jim Smith, Paul Solomon, George Tobie, John Toft, Howard Topley, James Turner, Harrison Ulmer, Melvin XValker, Clarence XVard, Charles VVilson. Edward Aaronson,, Carl Amato, Frank Arone, Edward Bogatski, Thomas Boney, Richard Bossman, Rupert Branstield, Richard Com- fort, Edward Cooper, Frank Dajczak, William Dargay, James Davis, XVilliam DiBrongrazio, Cyril Edwards, Santo Farrauto, Genzinc Filliponi, Michael Fucello, Alphonso Glonek, Harold Halliday, Harry Hartman, Harold Hubsch, Elihu Jackson, Bayard Kemble, Donald Kinney, Albert Kish, Stephen Kliwinski, John Lovatt, Michael Matecki, Donald Mattern, Donald Meeks, VVilliam Meeks, Thoma Stephen Timko. Elaine Abrams, Barbara Anderson, Harold Aranoff, Iona Bethke, Reba Bingham, Ralph Buckley, Corinne Castaldo, Antoinette Chianese, Ruth Clyburn, Lena DelGaudio, Frances Deutz, Dorothy Gill, Aneta Haws. Annie Hudson, May Johnson, Edith Jones, Mar- garetha Kiraly, Margaret Kovacs, Jennie Latini, Julia Loffredo, Ellen Logan, Michael Milaszar, Helen Milaszewski, Marie Miller, Marjorie Morgan, Anna Painton, James Reed, Marion Roberts, VVillie Mae Stewart, Dorothy Trout, Alex Vargo, Vera Vaughn, E B21 Sponsor: MIss VAN NATTA JEANETTE MARAsco, President NELLIE LEMBERAKIS, Vice-President ROSE MOSCARELLA, Secretary B22 Sjzonsor: MR. DANNERTH EARL WRIGHT, Prcszklent JosEPH DONNELLY, Vice-President DAVID QUATTRONI, Secrcz'a1'y B23 Sponsor: MR. CRISP JAMES KING, President JOHN KISH, Vice-President JOSEPH CAPONEY, Secretary-Treas. s Moore, Louis Richleski, Clyde Snow, B24 Sponsor: MR. Foss ANGELO GIAMBELLUCA, President ALICE HALLIDAY, Vice-President THOMAS NTCDOWELL, Secretary rma Westenburger, Ernest Young. l 351 JAMES R. VITELLA, President SAMUEL J. PERAINO, l7icE-President A Class Officers -TANICE COOK, Secretary JOSEPH B. BENDEL, fl'reasz1rcr 87 C1 Sfvonsor: MR. BIRKS RICIIARD CULLITON, Prcsideizt HELEN LICCHESNEY, Vice-Pmzsidcnt EDITH BASTEDO, Secretary Abramowitch, Anna Barker, Caroline Barkholz, Marion Bedwell, Rita Bellett, Marie Berman, Lillian Bohmerwald, Charlotte Bojarski, Helen Braun, Marion Carter, Theresa Clark, Doris Clendening, Wilma Cook, Blanche? Dallas, Sarah Damiani, Louis Danberry, Eleanor DiBiagiQ, Lucy Engleberger, Elsie Feldman, Gussie C2 Ferraro, Rose Freeman, June Gilbert, Lois Goodman, Edward Greenberg, Evelyn Hoffman, Ruth Hutchinson, Anna Immordino, James Jeanette, Marie Jones, Hermeles Joyce, Peggy Karwoski, Irene Kelly, Regina Kerlin, Suzanne Kushnerik, Virginia Laden, Jacob Lettiere, Marie McHugh, Charles McKee, Elizabeth Rhoads, Bruce Sponsor: MR. BURSLEM MORRIS RICHARDS, President GLADYS WHITE, Vice-President BETTY VAN DOREN, Secretary Bennett, James Kazior, Walter Meisner, Margaret Miller, Ruth Millman, Dorothy Murphy, Jane Nugent, William Papszycka, Dorothy Pfleider, Evelyn Preston, Corrine Quattroni, Esther Ristow, Ruth Roth, Elizabeth Salyga, Josephine Seiger, Donald Spezzano, Mary Straussfogel, Fred Steward, Elizabeth Zupko, A Stoney, Catherine Sczepanski, Stella Tancreda, Elizabeth Tennant, Isabel Tessein, Frances Tice, Helen Timko, Mary Tramontan, Charles Tschudin, June Turinick, Anna Ungrady, Anna Valentino, Helen Van Buskirk, Adele Vickery, Eleanor Videtta, Mary Wiedermuth, Elizabeth Wood, Mildred nna C3 Sponsor: MR. DIAINIOND TIIEO HUNT, President FRANK KILCHESKI, JR., Vice-President EVELYN TWCGUCKIN, Secretary Bloor, Mary R. Carella, Helen M. Davidow, Evelyn DeGuiseppe, Antoinette Dunne, Margaret J. Dzurinko, Edward M. Elting, Rosalind H. Gross, Nicholas D. T881 Hallet, Claire E. Harvilla, Margaret Hildinger, Claire H. Hurd, Richard C. Kaczynski, Henry Kellock, Shirley E. Krivoy, Sophie Lapinewskey, Josephine M. Larrabee, Deborah L. Lavine, Talbert Magennis, John J, Marangiello, Theresa M. Masick, James E. Mather, Dorothy L. Mayhew, Virginia McCoy, Samuel W. McRae, Edith W. McTighe, Ruth J. Melman, Aaron Milgaten, Bernice Miller, Howard Millington, Beatrice F. Mintz, Milton Monteverde, James F Morenzo, Vincent Mottola, Victor Napoleon, Frank Napoleon, Lawrence T. Nasile, Virginia D. Neri, Armand, A. Niehaus, Betty M. Nutt, Frank R. Pisanko, Joseph Sp0nso1': TVIISS FREDERICK EDMUND SUTTERLEY, Prcsidezzt LEO PIEPSZAK, l7ice-President BETTY MAE BENDER, Secretary Acquaviva, Lucy Allen, William Aronson, Sidney Battala, Josephine Baxter, Ruth Birks, Jesse Bogage, Pauline Carter, Alice Disbrow, Louise Inglis, Robert Myers, Edwin Parker, Betty Penkoske, Theresa Pipher, Margery Pisarro, Joseph Pitcher, Charles Poblielska, Thomasina Popkin, Milton Power, Doris Rabstein, Sylvia Richardson, Robert Riether, Joseph Robinson, Charles Rosenthal, Rita Ross, Betsy Rosser, Lillian Rothstein, Seymour Roumanis, Soteros Sachs, Helen Sandford, Harold Sarkadi, Elizabeth Schalit, Edith Schueler, Carl Scudder, John Serbon, Mary Serbon, Stephen Sharlin, Abraham Skillman, Gertrude Spicer, Dorothy Zabinskyg Charles .S'ff0nsor: MIss SHEA WILLIAM BULLOCK, P1'e.v1'de11t HERBERT GRoss, Vice-President EDITH DILL, Secretary Berman, Elinor Brady, Helen Brown, Jean Brown, Wesley Carlton, Thelma Carson, VVillis Coney, Ellen Cook, Janice Cox, Miriam Crane, Ernest Creager, Ruth Crowell, David Daniels, Margaret D'Arcy, Catherine Dayton, James Dennis, Marjorie DiBenedetto, Lena Dubusky, Dorothy Eastham, Betty Eckstein, Edith Elischer, Isabelle Ertel, Gertrude Evaul, Carol Fiala, Mary Feinberg, Thelma Gervasio, Tony Gherardi, Gherardo Giordano, John Gladstone, Erwin Glendon, Annis Gold, Gilbert Goldmann, Evelyn Goldman, Myron Gorsky, Jean Green, Lewis Greenberg, Marjorie Migatz, Violet Solarsky, James Zeisel, Ruth C6 Sponsor: MR. JONES FRANK POVIA, P1'FS1iUiL'7Zf JOHN STOVER, Virc-Presiolcnt CATHERINE PAONE, Secretary Levy, Manfred Lynch, Louise McGrath, Ray Mitchell, Doris Nemchik, Nicholas Nemeth, Joseph Nicholai, Jolm Q'Brien, Hugh Pacia, John Pagnatta, Andrew Papp, Michael Paternaster, Lena Perlman, lrving Petriclko, Margaret Pippa. Ada Pincus, Laurence Pone, Anna Price, Lewis Ragazzo, Michael Reading, Harved Rebatie, Thelma Recd, Charles Ricci, Herman Rickctt, Sadie Ridgeway, Dorothy Roberts, XVilliam Robinson, Albert Rossi, Lillian Stevens, Catherine Thompson, Jack WVeinrurOth, Bernard Wfhitc, George Vlfilson, Harold VVis1nenski, Lillian Winuk, Stella Zapicka, George C7 Sponsor: MR. TVLATHEXVSON VVILLIAM SWICK, President VVILLIALI XVOOD, Vice-Prmvidont A BETTY VVORTHINGTON, Secretory Pugliese, Donald Pushart. Albert Venslavsky, Erren Verdel, Albert Ricciardi, Joseph Rosati, Charles Rutkowski, Victor Sebastian, Stephen Sessa, Morris Seymour, Harry Silver, Raymond Smith, Betty Spych, Bruno Spych, VVilliam Stec, Benjamin Stout, Norman Stumpo, Louis Tilger, Carl Tunner, James Vargo, Michael Wagner, Claude Wagner, Russell Walukiewicz, Mary Ward, 'William Warfel, Thomas Weber, VValdberg Weiss, Robert ' Wellons, George Werkman, Francis White, George White, Reginald Widlicki, Emilia Williver, Edward Wilson, Walter Winsor, Harry Wolfinger, Doris Yanno, Michael C8 Sfnonsor: MISS MEAGHER VIRGINIA EICDONALD, President JOSEPH SEAY, Vice-President GERTRUDE WHITE, Secretary Black, Frank Cantwell, Alice Hodgden, Roger Lampl, Sylvan Larrabee, Grace Leese, Marion Levenstein, Florence Lewandowski, Sophie Libori, Esther Lustgarden, Walter Malcolm, Katherine Melnick, Mary Miller, Robert Moloney, Louis O'Donnell, Jean Otto, Marion Overturf, Charlotte Pakman, Harold Phelps, Virginia Rosen, Morton Rosen, Muriel Schultz, Robert Shipper, Selma Sica, Mary Elizabeth Soden, Mary Stevenson, Doris Strasser, Jacqueline Sutcliffe, Mina Suvalsky, Robert Taub, Lester Updike, Alvin Vernan, Crozer Virgin, Carl VVatts, Katherine VVeibel, Laura 'Wenczel, Thomas Willever, Richard VVillia1ns, Ruth May Yates, Mabel Sfvonsorz M R. HANCOCK KlEN.NE'I'H RICPIAIQDS, President SIDNEY NEWMAN, Vice-President MAE RASLIUSSIEN, .S'oc1fotary DeElesco, Jean Krzyzanowski, Josephine Lavine, Bernard Lempke, Stella LoBue, Lena Ludwig, Leonard Mattei, Ernest Miller, William Mirkin, Jean Moore, Jean Mule, Johanna Natriello, Mary Orr, Samson Pallant, Frieda Pasawicz, Matthew Payne, Eugene Pegg, William Petrino, Lucy Phillips, Beatrice Pisauro, Vincent Powell, John Prickett, Ellis Prickett, Vivian Purcell, Constance Rasmussen, Margaret Sabol, Marcella Selb, Wellington Skillman, Russel Skokos, Alethea Szabolchy, William Tallon, William Tassone, James Thompkins, Thomas Turner, Marion Walker, Berthram Wilezol, Rosemary Williams, Thomas Zook, Gertrude C10 Sponsor: BTRS. ABBOTT ALONZA INMAN, President DOMENIC LICCIARDELLO, Vice-President ANNE BABYAK, Secretary Barna, Mary Burgess, Sara Chase, Etta Cook, Catherine Drake, Audrey Goldberg, Sylvia Golden, Caroline Golea, Angelina Goleniecki, Leonard Gore, Joseph Griffin, Virginia Haines, Dorothy Hannah, William Hendrickson, Charles Hershey, Mildred Hobson, Edward Holmes, Helen Hutton, Margaret Immordino, William Jablonski, Carolyn Jacobs, Samuel Jauss, Mabel Jendrzejeski, Edward Jedynak, Helen Johnson, Harry Johnson, Katherine Karwoski, Lawrence Kessler, John Kirkham, June Kliwinski, Mary Kondas, Stephen Kowalski, Leon Kowalski, William Krantz, William Lanigan, June Lasek, Jennie Latham, John Leber, Ruth Lloyd, Alma Lowe, Virginia Magna, Helen Ridolh, Anthony Speranza, Mary Thurman, Elizabeth Wagner, John l39l C11 Sponsor: Miss HASSELBACH FRANK VITERITTO, President RICHARD VVOMBELL, Vice-President PHILLIP TALLON, Secretary Albushies, Edith Allen, Earl Allen, Doris Arbitell, John Arkuszewski, Leon Barbour, W'illian1 Bradley, Genevieve Brenner, Elizabeth Bulovcsak, Helen Kinnevy, John Lancaster, Betty Ostermier, Elizabeth Sikorska, Mary Solimando, Josephine Sullivan, Dorothy Southwick, Hazel Spector, Ruth Vasily, Michael Vaughn, Clifford Venanzi, Emilio Venceller, Elsie Vinch, Samuel Vreeland, Dorothy Weaver, Betty Weaver, Doris Wilcox, Albert Wildoner, Marion Wilson, Drusilla Wood, Carolyn Zarodnansl-cy, Agnes Zuczek, Andrew C12 Sponsor: MR. FORER THEODORE SANDS, President SOL WE1ss, Vice-President MARIE STASH, Secretary Braun, VVilliam Bumbera, Francis Butcher, Stephen Conte, Thomas Dellairo, Angelo Dmytrow, John Duachek, Theresa Fromkin, Melvin Gallagher, Donald Gerhauser, Frederick Kalfm, Harry Kriesick, Frank Lehman, Sylvia Leigh, Ethel Levy, Monroe Lo-wrey, Howard Mankovich, George Mentis, Nick Mooney, Thomas Morgan, Willis Nonziato, Michael Peters, Marie Pierozak, Jennie Procaccini, Theodore Ramsdell, Robert Rappaport, Leon Renk, Stanley Rogers, William Rubin, Manning Tomko, Catherine VanDerpoOl, Dean Viteritto, Salvatore Wall, Edward Wolf, Oscar Zmuda, Dorothy C13 PAUL DZURISIN, Preszdent Sponsor: Miss BRAUNINGER MARCO DEANGELIS, I7ice-President MILDRED TERREs, Secretary Calu, Anthony Caperella, Mildred Capiella, Joseph Carroll, John Carroll, VVilliam Ciarka, Lilian Ciarka, Sophie Conte, Ralph Cox, John Cuivle, Albert DeCore, Lillian QOJ DeVaul, Doris DiStefano, Benjamin Dobay, Michael Doolan, Evelyn Duekch, Sophie Dymowski, Marie Edwards, Gladys Elias, Ruth Fabrizio, Rose Falcey, Elizabeth Falcone, Irene C14 Farrell, Catherine Feldman, Norma Fiori, Ada Ford, Marjorie Freund, Anna Gazillo, Rose Gerdpka, William Gerofsky, Bernice Getz, Virginia Page, Lester Page, Joel Palazey, Walter Palazza, Ralph Petruska, Andrew Petty, Donald Ricciardo, Marie Stanley, Harriet Wylie, Jean Sponsor: MR. MICHELSON ELIZABETH NEDZBOLA, President ROLAND MARAscO, Vice-President OLIVE NIGHTINGALE, Secretary Malick, Frank Malinoski, Regina Manziano, Mae Marut, John Mayer, Anthony Mazuch, Margaret McCann, Doris McGrory, Paul McKee, William Mendry, Stephen Meszaros, Mary Micholowski, Walter Monteverdo, Edward Morbidoni, ,Catherine Mount, Doris Mluhs, Stanley Mumola, Nancy Nagy, Viola Nardone, Frances Nemeth, Alex Nevius, Naomi Noone, Marjorie C15 ROBERT HAND, President Novak, Joseph Novitski, Helen Nowatkowska, Valena O'Donovan, James O'Keefe, Richard Otto, Doris Piwonski, Felix Platt, Dorothy Post, Bergen Proctor, Dorothy Puhalski, Stanley Raible, Catherine Rinyu, Mary Runko, Francis Sabatine, Ida Salay, John Treptow, Chester Triber, Edith Truch, Mary Turner, Harry Varga, Irene Sponsor: MR. JUNE ELIZABETH SCHWARTZ, Vice-President FLORENCE HUMPHREY, Secretary DeFilipps, Marie Deodata, Gloria Flynn, Rita Formicola, Lucy Fosbrook, Lillian Foy, James Frascella, Nancy Frusoione, Mary Fyffe, Margaret Gerding, Florence Giordano, Angeline Gladstone, Lorraine Golden, Olive Greenley, Catherine Gugliucci, Lena Hawley, VVanda Hirschheld, Louis Hivicdko, Helen Holsman, Anna Hopton, Alice Horst, Thomas Jedynak, Bertha Kanda, Mary Katko, Isabelle Kerwick, John Kimball, Frances Kinczel, Elizabeth Kish, Margaret Klein, Madeline Kosa, Florence Kostival, Margaret Koval, Edna Kuhn, Charles Kupecka, Anna Lakios, Vanetia Mallard, Mary Masserini, Joseph Pellitero, Frank Perlitch, Rose Pfleider, Hazel C16 Sponsor: MISS ATKINSON VK ILLIAM BREARLEY, President CARMELA DISTASI, Vice-President ANNA DETTMAR, Secretary Abbott, Thelma Aiello, Joseph Anthony, Alexander Aversano, Helen Azarchi, Sylvia Banham, Gladys Battista, Concetta Baumler, Dorothy Bellotti, Patsy Bertles, Mae Boor, Martin Boroday, Anna Bradford, 'Wilmer Brewer, Ethel Campbell, Eleanor Casciani, Josephine Cashel, Frances Ceremsak, Raymondi Weigel, Lor Clark, Helen Chapman, Howard Coleman, Evelyn Conover, Emma Contento, Lucy Criscio, Grace Cuiule, Vincent DeChico, Catherine Delahanty, Mary Demby, Ruby Dzuibek, Helen Dzuriun, Joseph Gagliardi, Michael Levine, Lillian Meylick, Gustano Velivis, Adella Voorhees, Robert Waldman, Harry etta C17 Sponsor: MR. BARTLETT ROBERT ROTH, President GIRARD XVELKER, Vice-President ELINOR EDYVARDS, Secretary Carabelli, Bruno Ehrlich, Paul Ent, Norma Everitt, VVade Filipponi, Mary Lambert, Evelyn Lasky, Mary Leip, VValter Lynn, Philip Mackenzie, Janice Mattia, Lucile Maurizi, Nancy McManus, Helen Medved, Edna Moffett, Doris Moximo, Alice Newman, Marion Oleksak, Anna Palermo, Mary Palmeri, Mario Palumbo, Antoinette Pantano, Margaret Paparella, Rose Parrish, Eldon Perlingiero, Madeleine Phares, Patricia Piela, Genevieve Pivovarnik, Olga Platt, William Poinsett, Margaret Ponzio, Dorothy Projetti, Leonard Rapos, Helen Ricatto, Bridget Rickert, Virginia Rittman, Helen Rondinelli, Virginia Ruopp, Charles Rura, Nellie Russo, Josephine Sear, Rosalie C18 Sponsor: MR. KIRKPATRICK DAVID TOMKINSON, President ROBERT FARLEY, Vice-President JANET STARSKI, Secretary DiPhillipS, Constance Donnelly, VVillia1'Il1 Elhardt, Elmer Fasanella, Carmen Fowler, Charles Frascella, Angelina Gartner, Charles Gervasoni, Louis Giordano, James Giovannini, Anesta Gloeckner, Jean Goodwin, James Goulding, Robert Guadagno, Bernice Guenther, Warren Gusz, Margaret Haisonak, Nicholas Hamilton, Irving Harcar, Joseph Hoover, Edward Horan, Marie Horvath, Helen Houseman, George McCallister, Ruby Rittley, Veronica Rogalny, Harriet Salvatore, Joseph Sereni, Antoinette Setteducati, Lucy Shestko, Williain C19 JOSEPH BENDEL, President Siet, Helen Slaboda, Dorothy Slack, Leonard Sneid, Madeline South, Adeline Sparella, Louis Steinmetz, Albert Sumners, Clara Taft, Harry Toomey, Carl Vanderbilt, Marguerite Sponsor: MR. MIDKIEE BETSY BLAIR, Vice-President WILBUR COOPER, Secretary Aaronson, Virginia Ayres, Dorothy Azzinaro, Mary Bargelski, Helen Barszewski, Lillian Bender, George Bloniarz, Helen Bogdan, Edward Bogucki, Walter Bowden, Francis Bradley, Margaret Burd, :Charles Burd, Doris Burns, Margaret Cahill, Margaret Clark, Alice Coleman, William Conry, Doris Cox, Beverly Curtin, Ernest D'Angelo, Charles DeAngelis, Henry DeAngelo, Joseph DeBase, Charles DeGeorge, Albert DelMargio, Paul DiDonato, Daniel DiMartino, James Haney, Jeanne Jesencky, Olga Jones, Thomas Keller, Alois Koteny, Joseph Kozar, Anna Krosnick, Max Lacomchick, Helen Lanzoni, Albert Latella, Alma Lewis, Marjorie Mihalik, Elsie Quinn, William C20 Sponsor: MR. HUNTER ILDA IRWIN, President ACKLEY HARRIS, Vice-President IRENE KANICKI, Secretary Albanezi, Charles Adelstein, Blanche Blackwell, Edith Burwell, Ruth David, Joshua Faulkner, Cleora Giallella, Catherine Gibson, Rufus Hagans, Essie Harvey, Ruth Haws, Lillian Hayes, Pearley Hendrickson, Henrietta Hendrickson, Mabelle Hice, Edith Hicks, Evelyn Higginbotham, Florence Law, Andre Hill, Doris Hills, Ruth Hirst, VVi1liam Holmes, Allen Humphrey, Harold Hustak, Mildred Hutchinson, Coerte Jensen, Charles Jewitt, Mabel Johnson, Charles Johnson, Emma Johnson, Wilma Kalman, Libby Kasser, Sidney Killingsworth, VVilliam Kline, Eugene Korzen, John Larason, Jerome Y T911 C21 JEANXE BLOOR, President Sf10ll'J0l'f MR. BUCK PAUL CONNELL, Vice-President BARBARA BLAKESLEE, Secretary Allegretti, Anthony Alloway, Edith Anastasio, Concetta Andrews, Robert Apoldite, Andrew Applebaum, Robert Appleget, Frederick Astbury, Ruth Audren, Denise Backus, Nancy Bender, Ernest Berger, Isabel Bishusky, Norman Bodine, Dorothy Booker, Frances Borbas, Steven Borcsik, Julius Botteri, Dominic C22 Bougliton, Helen Buck. Paul Bulitsky, Harold Burke, Thomas Caldwell, Thomas Callahan, NVilma Carll, Julia Cary, James Cates, Helen E. Collard, Norman Commini, Daniel Cooper, Doris Ehrengruber, Elizabeth Elshove, Ernest Engel, Rosetta Everett, Dolores Wilkinson, Betty Sponsor: MR. BORGIA VERONICA LIPTAK, Preszkient JENNIE FALEY, Vice-P1fcsz'dent RICHARD ZIMMER, Secretary Allan, Betty Bash, Alice Beamont, Edith Boldt, Gertrude Boyd, Mary Caprario, Frank Carter, Margaret Chenkus, Edna D'Ambrosio, Mary Forker, Evelyn Foulds, Elsie Henderson, Robert Kurty, Michael Larrabee, Margery Lawrence, Jacob LeBon, Kenneth Leser, Blanche Lucas, Mary C23 Nucaso, Angelina Nucera, Natalie Parno, Josephine Protzmann, Harry Rowley, George Ricciardo, Daniel A. Roberts, Beulah Robertson, William Russo, Frank Sabo, Gaza Salamandra, Tito Schuitz, Anna Scott, Albert Sears, Charles Seiple, Robert Stingel, Edward Wargo, Helen Wright, Rhoda Sponsor: MR. HONEYCUTT MILTON RosENTHAL, President ANNA SCHMIDT, Vice-President VIRGINIA TICK, Secretary Carl, Adele Connolly, James Ewing, Hunter Fabian, Parthenia Faras, Josephine T92l Fell, Georgiana Firman, Howard Fish, Donald Flanagan, Edward Fling, Noma Fountain, Doris Frey, Marie Garvis, Robert Gerber, Frank Germershausen, Allen Harwood, Greeley Knight, Phyllis Lombardo, Rose Rockel, Cornell Rome, Lawrence Rosen, Selma Schock, Marjorie Seplow, Mildred Shankman, Phyllis Simon, Gloria Skoropad, Olga Spare, Thelma Stanton, Catherine Sutnick, Stanley Sweet, Gwendolyn Temken, George Urick, Jeanne VanZandt, Vllilliam Warach, Eli VVollin, Esther Woods, Alethia Yuhaze, Margaret C24- Sponsor: Miss CHRISTIE FRANK LEE, President MARTIN PILLSBURY, Vice-President MARGUERITE ELLIOTT, Secretary Cohen, Max Conard, Clayton Cook, Leon Crockett, Richard Driver, Elwood Edelman, Aaron Gray, Thomas Guadagno, Michael Harley, Thelma Hartz, Eleanor Herring, Mildred Krecicka, Veronica Krosnick, Sadye Liewacz, John Liewacz, Joseph C25 HARRY FUGILL, President Murphy, Maston Nugent, Lida Phelan, Francis Power, Jack Pullen, Warren Reed, Victor Shealfer, William Smith, Ann Sutterley, Edward Szewcuw, Mary Trimmer, Thelma Trout, Allan Tyson, William Varchetto, Carmella Vine, Joseph Sponsor: MR. KLEINFELTER ADAM HAHN, Vice-President DONALD VANLIEU, Secretary Applegate, Roy Clugston, Harry Colavite, Albert Colton, Gene Cook, Richard Cosma, Louis Cyzewski, Edward Czaplick, Thaddeus DeGuiseppe, August DlErrico Pasquale Domanski, John Donahoe, Joseph Duffield, Kenneth Edge, Walter English, Donald Estok, Michael Velli, Roy Falzini, Michael Fecak, John Ford, Albert Fritz, Theodore Gabriel, Angelo Gervasi, Joseph Ginn, Casimer Grant, Ferdnand Grochala, Thaddeus Gualfetti, Guido Guhl, William Kelsey, Rudolph Merlino, John Paul, Benjamin VanLuppen, Joseph Vannozzi, Charles 26 Sponsor: MR. STEEFY THADDEUS SWIECONEK, P1fos1'dv11t JOSEPH Toro, Vice-President ILDNVARD TWILINOWICZ, Secretary Champion, John Davis, Albert Jones, Earle Kraus, Charles Kraus, jacob Krauss, Jack Kubiak, Frank Leckner, Charles Leoniec, Joseph Levere, Theodore Leverence, John Logan, Harry Marcinak, Fred Marissa, Thomas Marsilio, Joseph Morrell, James Nalbone, Josephine Ross, Mary Stoj, Thomas Suchnia, VValter Sullivan, John Sullivan, Wfilliam Sutton, Wfilliam Swincuchowski, Stan Sylvestro, Lewis Tarrantino, Joseph Thomann, Charles Tomes, Elmer Tomko, John Tonti, Peter Tuccillo, Frank Urick, Madeline C27 Sponsor: MR. KELSEY IRWIN CHRISTIE, P1'C51-dC7Zf THOMAS SCERBA, Vice-President EDGAR CLAYTON, Secretary Altobelli, Aldo Anderson, Albert Angelico, Frank Angelico, Umille Angelucci, Sylvester Barker, Seymour Bernert, Frank Blair, Hugh Bradley, Lloyd Bransheld, Donald Bunting, Charles Burbank, Cecil 28 Butcher, John Callery, VVilliam Cardiaciotto, Anthony Chiariello, James Ciesielski, Boniface Cifelli, Anthony Seruby, Felix Slowikowski, Charles Wszolek, Alexander VVylie, Harry Yaros, Charles Zufah, John Spomor: Miss BUTZ WILLl1XM R. SHARP, President EARL PUGLIESE, Vice-Pwsidcfit RorzER1 FORD, Secretary Bowers, Arthur Curtis, Jack Dunn, Matthew Edwards, Fred Fabio, Alfonso Farkas, John Fityere, Andrew Forman, Morris Fraytak, Ernest Gawrysiak, Edward Geffert, George Glover, James Goldberg, Julius Gould, Henry Henry, John Hoffman, Daniel Hoffman, -101111 Houlroyd, John Innocenzi, August Jacobson, Alfred Janotti, Joseph Jarkiewicz, Stephen Jones, Leon Joslin, Frank Fine, John Preg, George Purdunn, Robert Remsen, George Revolinsky, Frank Robb, Abner Schafer, Arthur Schmidt, Milton Seamon, Michael Sigley, Harry Soltesz, Andrew Sperrazza, Frank Stilson, Frank Sutts, Chester Kelty, Murtagh Purcell, Harry C29 Sponsor: MR. WE1sBERo STEVEN KRAYCSIK, President ALBERT KURLANDER, V1'ce-President FRANCIS MCHUGH, Secretary Amici, Albert Ammann, Henry Davidowski, William Goreglad, Anastasia Gorski, Anna Kramarz, Thaddeus Kriser, Frederick H. Kupecki, Michael Kuroczka, Milton Lane, John Leip, Birkley Long, George Marinelli, Nicholas Marinko, Ernest Mario, Dominick Markley, William McVay, Leon Meserall, Fred Milaszewski, Frank Mooney, Louis Opsut, Stephen Painton, George Patykula, NValter Ridolphi, Constance Sary, Edward Schiitt, Mathias Schleher, Harry Schneck, Charles C30 S1701l507'.' Miss BRAYMER JOSEPH SIKUCINSKI, President MILDRED T UzzoLo, Vice-President JOSEPHINE VACCARO, Secretary Smith, Marian Stewart, George Petrangeli, Iris Petruccio, Albert Rosso, Anna Salaga, John Scanlon, Lucina Scarlata, Alphonse Scorsolini, Andrew Seaman, Leona Serianni, Anthony Simonka, Mary Skrajewski, Norbert Skrajewski, Raymond Tallman, Mary Tanzone, Anthony Tartaglia, Nunzio Turner, Doris Valyo, Edward VanArsdale, Marjorie Vogt, William Walachy, Madeline Walker, William Weber, Nellie f93l C3 C33 BEULAH TOWNLEY, President C31 Spozz-sor: MR. VANKIIIK AUGUSTUS BUDGICR, President GEORGE HODANISH, 171700-President NELLIE DOMANSKI, Secretory Aulette, Angelo Bara, Frank Belardo, Vincent Bezek, John Bystrzycki, Anthony Cairo, Frank Canatelli, Leonard Chetnicky, Stephen Choby, Albert Clarke, Thomas Cliver, Albert Consol, Joseph Conway, Margaret Cubberley, Earle Davidowski, Leon Day, Thomas DeBlasio, Dominic DeFilipps, Fred DeResi, Eugene Derle, August Disbrow, Earl Dooling, Lawrence Dransbeld, Alfred Hertzman, Fred Hess, John Heyesey, Ernest Horcin, Frank Irwin, James Jackson, Alfred Johnson, Howard Kaly, Alex Kilcoyne, Harold Kisty, Joseph Marut, Michael Roignant, Peter 2 Sponsor: MR. NEUSCHAEFER GENEVIEVE TYSKO, President BETTY ZUPAN, Vice-President ELMA HARLEY, Socretaffy Feeney, Mildred Filipowicz, Rose Flynn, Nora Frascella, Marie Gliottone, Jennie Graham, Lucille Hoffman, Elizabeth Johnson, Betty' Johnson, Mae Jones, Mae Kellom, Roxie Kwoka, Genevieve Lichtfus, Augusta Turner, Marie VanMeter, Eva Walker, Gladys Washington, Doris Woodward, Gay Sponsor: Miss DUSINBURY CHARLOTTE RYKIEL, Vice-President LUCY SERVIS, Secretary Knight, Catherine Ludecke, Joyce Matuk, Leona Miller, Elizabeth Moon, Edith Nelson, Elizabeth Palma Angelina Patercity, Wilma Potts, Doris Reading, Eleanor Rogalny, Josephine Rosen, Ruth Schenkel, Elizabeth 9-lJ Schon, Anna Schultheis, Anna Shipp, Ruth Silcox, Ruth Sisti, Theresa Smith, Mildred Sondej, Mary Standiford, Evelyn Steelman, Gertrude Stocklas, Lottie Stout, Ruth Strauss, Millis Timmons, Marguerite ANNA DENA C34 Sponsor: MIss ELLSWORTII MARY CONNOLLY, President Angelico, Yolanda Baker, Minnie Bishop, Rose Booker, Elizabeth Bridgewater, Olive Butcher, Margaret Chato, Helen Chato, Rose Chorba, Margaret Conley, Thelma Crowell, Annie Crowell, Jane ZODA, Vice-President ALVINO, Secretary Davis, Beatrice Deck, Dorothy DiDOnata, Josephine Dileo, Rose Earling, Margaret Eckenrode, Dolores Fisher, Margaret Giordano, Philomena Moreland, Eunice Norato, Katherine Olinsky, Anne Phillips, Evelyn Wright, Evelyn Band Sponsor: MR. BORGEN DONALD BROWN, Band Manager WILLIAM COOK, Student Director JOsEPH HATRAK, Secretary Bottoroff, Norman Boughton, John Chambers, James Cohen, Ralph Conte, Thomas Critchlow, George Eldracher, John Franko, Linus Gerofsky, Alfred Higgins, Edward Kazior, John Loser, Thomas Mennel, Raymond Menyhart, Carl Moore, Herbert Moore, William Mydlowski, Henry Randall, Louis Scammell, Robert Snowden, Curtis Strucker, John Suverkrop, Edward Svider, Martin Terry, John Whitehead, Burton Wilcox, Robert Mankovich, George Boys' Glee Club Sponsor: MR. WESTOVER GORDON LATELLA, President THADDEUS RICE, Vice-President JOHN THEODORE EBY, Secretary Allen, Archer Allen, Robert Burtis, Arthur Cole, John Cole, Raymond Cowell, William Dann, Alex Durisin, Michael Funari, Mario Gerhauser, Frederick Glover, Frederick Green, Leonard Illian, Walter Janukowicz, Raymond Jenkins, Marcellus Jenkins, Wilbert Jones, Raphael Keating, John Kipperman, William Kydd, David Liick, Alfred Mantel, William Mihalchick, Joseph Reading, Charles Spears, LeRoy VValdt, Charles Wesseiidorf, Wayne 0 0 0 "Actz"vz'fy afone to man is happiness."-GOETHE. E951 96 PUPILS turn from the regular routine of the day to extra-curricular activities as zz source of relaxation and pleasure. Diver- sity is offered to the student through the medium of clubs, sports, and auditorium programs. There is a special period of thirty-five minutes allotted in the middle of the day for this phase of school life. During this period a pupil may on one day attend a meeting of a clubg on an- other, enjoy an auditorium program, on another, participate in a rehearsal for Sports Night. The program of activities gives the pupil an excellent opportunity to develop a sound mind in a sound body. Bobashela Class Bobashela Editors Frank S. XVolf, business manage-rg Donald Tohnson, sports editor, Antoinette Christian, class editor, Spencer Barber, circulation manager: Elma Griscom, editor-in-chief, Maxine Rosen. organization editorg David Hamg, feature editorg Betty Bell Robson, humor editor, Charles Cregar, statistics editor, Edna Mae XYassum. picture editor. "Theirs not to reason whyg theirs but to do or die," may well be termed the motto of the Bobashela class, which was organized in 1932, and which edits the yearbook, Bobaslzela, under the supervision of Edward A. Sullivan, faculty advisor. Not only does the Bobashela class 'Kget outu the yearbook, but it also helps edit, during the first term The Laureate, our school magazine, the editor-in-chief of which is selected from the Bobashela class. Beatrice Rosen assumed the afore- mentioned responsibility for the 1936 publication. 1VIost of the members of the Bobashela class this year had been members of the Laureate class last year, and were therefore well acquainted with the first term's work of issuing a magazine. The first phase of this work was short story writing. After studying the fundamentals of writing short stories, each member of the class submitted his plot and its method of treatment to the class for criticism and dis- cussion. After the plot was accepted, the pupil was allowed to write. When each pupil had written a short sto-ry, he was allowed to continue the short story-writing or to concentrate on either verse or essay writing, or both. During the second term the class worked on the Bobashela, of which Elma Gris- com was elected Editor-in-Chief. Her associates were the following: Edna Wassuin. picture editor, Maxine Rosen, organization editor, Antoinette Christian, class editor, Betty Robson, humor editor, David Hanig, feature editor, Donald johnson, sports editor, and Charles Cregar, statistics editor, all chosen from the Bobashela class. Frank Wolff, business manager, and Spencer Barber, circulation manager, were chosen by ballot from the class o-f 1936. A difficult task confronted the editors of the yearbook. The pictures of 730 seniors had to be taken, and statistics compiled for some 900 students. For the first time in the history of the school, the names of all juniors and sophomores were included in the yearbook. Much time was spent on an artistic layout of pictures and on the development of breezy articles. By May 1, all the work was completed and sent to the printer to be assembled into the 1936 Babashela. Band Front Row-Calbert Kelsey, Ralph S. Cohen, Walter Szeliga, Herbert Moore, Curtis Snowden, Robert NVilcox, John Terry, Harold Stephens, Howard Ford, Burton VVhitehead, Charles Monard, L. R. Borgen, sponsor. Second Row-John Kazior, Dario Fortunati, Richard Grocott, Joseph M. Hatrak, secretary-treasurer, Robert Seammell, William Kite, Louis Randall, Charles Lister, Arthur Mellor, Thomas Conte, George Critchlow, Edward Suverkrop, Third Row-James Chambers, Robert Bloom, William Moore, Carl Gabriel, Jack Eldracher, Gilbert Mcllflinn, VVilliam Cook, student director, John Schneider, Lawrence Berger, Donald Brown, band manager, Edward Nack, Albert Jackson, Steward Burchell, George Mankovich, Thomas Loser, Henry Mydlowski, Norman Bottoroff, Linus Franl-zo, Raymond Mennel, Edward Higgins, Carl Menyhart, Arthur Sypek, George Hundt, Charles Kenner, held marshal, Carl VVagner, John Salay, John Strucl-rer. Band-Organized 1928 ln addition to providing good music at athletic events, the band presented in March a minstrel show, the professional calibre of which impressed the large audi- ences attending the two performances. The band has reason to be proud, too, of its record at the National Band Convention, Where it won honorable mention. Orchestra Foreground-Frank Kriesick. Front Row-Melvin Fromkin, Harry Kalfm, VValter Szeliga, Martha Ennis, Marjorie Flemming, Catherine Tomko, Celia Green, Herbert Moore, J. Parker Russell, director, Ralph S. Cohen, Stella Sinclair, Enis Venanzi. Christine Thompson, Miriam Kiessling, Nicholas Mentis, Raymond Rossa. Second Rota'-VVillis Morgan, Charles Muscatine, Theodore Sands, Julius Mitro, Mahlon Smith, Harold Kramer, Jennie Pierozak, Edward Hallet, David Gross, Rawnsley VVinterburn, Andrew Kurpus, John Giordano. Leo Fox, Sylvia Lehmann, Lawrence Berger. ' Third Row-Richard Fox, Alyce Lehmann, VVilliam Rosenfelder, LeRoy VViley, Joseph Wolinsky, Joseph Geczi, Leon Rappaport, Theodore Procaccini, Wallace Black, Ralph M. Cohen, Armen Yazujian, Jeannette Dix, Ralph Wellever, Ferdinand Niedt, William Moore. Fourth Row-Leon.Gars. William Cook, president, Robertl Scammell, Edward Suverkrop, Elvira Rago, Gloria Poinsett, Richard Grocott, vice-president, James Chambers, Ellen Hackney, Carl Wagner, Hazel Fort, secretary-treasurer: Milton Caster. Lorraine VVooley, Jeanne VVeiss, Dorothy Berger, ohn Salav. Fiftli Row-Lucy Perlingiero, John Schneider, Muriel Sklute. Aly,-gnfgg,--Stewar-d Burchell, Charles Kenner, Edward Lowrey, Marjorie Newman, Jean Paul, Salvatore Vitteritto. The Orchestrrz-Organized 1910 This year the orchestra, with VVilliam Cook as student concert leader, presented an auditorium program featuring the original compositions, "Gone," by Richard Grocott and William Cook, and UlVIoods oi a Marionette,', by Mildred VVarWicl-1. l98l Laureate Class Front Raza-Dorothy AClark. Isabel Cullen, Louise Graham, associate editor, Elma Griscom, associate editor, Edward A. Sullivan. sponsor, S. Beatrice Rosen, editor-infchiefg David Hanig, associate editor, Charlotte Cohen, Mary Cahill. Second .Ro'zu7Gertrude johnson, Dorothy Kru ecki, Gloria Poinsett, Elizabeth Dorety, Janet Zvveig, n Louise Micklewright, Bernice Elmer. Edna Girainger, Audrey Gellert, Helen Kestner. Tlzzrd Row-Edward Halsey, Joseph Brenna, Fisher Brooks, Arthur Mellor, Purvis Brearley, Donald XYilson, Angelo Migliori, Eleanor Aumer. Abscntees-Jordan Barlow, associate editor, Oliver Evans, Louis Halabuk, Virginia Major, Stowell Moore, gorothy Rodgers, Jack Selby, Bozena Skrinar, Jeanne Swern, Abe Yatskowitz, Sylvia NVeber, Peggy eeve. Laureate-Organized 1934 This class, in conjunction with the Bobashela class, produces the Laureate maga- zine, which is published once a year and which contains essays, short stories, plays and poetry. Press Class Front Row-Fred Tramm, Edgar Levy, Lyman Roloson, assistant editor, Frances Rednor, secretaryg Qngell Nliathewson, sponsor, William Snyder, editor-in-chief, Bernard Garb, Stanley Gilinsky, Harold chuchar 't. Second Row-Henry Briel, Morris Milbach, Viola Hackney, Theresa Hartz, Harold Kurtz, Dolores Smith, Margaret Cool-c, Edward Krzywonos. Third Row-Paul Pelleteri, George Blaner, James Johnson, Stephen Chorba, Albert Seaman, James C. Berger, Jack Croft, Lenard Bejma. U U Absenfcex-Rose Steinman, class courier, Evelyn Massimi, Press Class-Organized 1935 The Press Club has in the past done such excellent Work in furnishing local papers with school news that it became this year a regular English class. L99 M arch 27, 1936 P2KeTW0 THE sPEc1'A1'oR Fddaw he S tator Dlhlng, Dancing, Llgltts, Ancl Song fa 4 ,x , 6 , s I pee Q fa W- 9 f u nify., Hal Kemp Draws A MI8l"lfY Tlmrong ,ZA 90" aa., 3 U! I um EE fi? .' " Q 1. ' S lf' l1"ll1 B ld . img SWWLW .1 "au" 43 ,elif gap LE Ncuslwlwcr m.::.,. Im 'ltlnx hell.. urrls. arc you l...1'.ng :. 5,,,-l..'...'A,,,,L. .. gm, Dun, n',.r,,.,., - 0 - V "1r.,M.t1s+ ....-1- .........r- 1...., .W .tt-... e.....e.1 ....1 1... 1.... A-1-I ... 0... 'rf 0 , I li, tint-oftl11'c.w1111tr5's n...s1 tanrous bzinrl 1.,. L 1 6 f 'f K W 1.-...1--rs. ll.l 1' -... .. And 1 -rs 1 V , . 1 1 K Published Bi-weekly at Trenton, N. J., by Students ,,,r,,,..,.. ' xi ' 'L L H Yl'f""llflI , , r ,. . . . . f 1111 R -v - , 'he TfL"'0n Cf-"ml Wil' Sfhoffln 11... .1...11..... ...e..1.-... ..ef....o1 .1......e .:..11..-Q 1.1.1. Prius, S100 -ptr 50.111 pct' lssue, IOC. Atlvcrtlsmg rates lllc Nun' York trl.. 111.1111-In lnelnlicrs ul md MHC x avlrliwlwu thu ......... .....1 en...-. 5,-.'r1..1.... classes . ' Editorial Staff 11- th. C.-ln...l...1Selinla-lie Press smite... , . ' rjLH,K,,-f,,AC,,i'.!,C,,AHPS HEWHT non .X111r sr.n1.1.11u h11rriedIy 1h.-....ul. Allyn W. A:xr1ri.zlr- E.i1lors-CnARLL5 Nomox, Vl11c1Nu LANNING 4' ltl"l'l""" 'l"'Cl"'5' llc' 'hm' hw mm' Wm-11 5,-...HJ E,ji.,.,,-g.,L Igkowwv STANLEY HUM., .lt-.'..l11.l ...1 1h.- Al:1nlm11.n1 Nunn. 411 the mu L, . , . . , . V v fr-fy II.l.l.-rf-P.-1rRif1.t Lfxmn. 1'l,tt1111E'r Minus, Br.,-xtmcn ll 'll IL""'fIlt"""' 'xml ulf"l VIR" 4, gym, Wmsmxl MJVJMES SMH V in.. .1 11... 1.. n...1 .ne R...... H1 ww , E Rn.. 1. ..,1ng lln-rt! A FW-' 1l'U"-Uf'-IWW H"Rm' we f....1.-.1 r... .1....... ......e lll"'ll Lilnmy Edif.-rs-Alsnoarrzr Itvur., RA:-l.ou1s1: Snuuz ,,,,.1 ...W ..el..-my 15. M..,.1,. .,,,,.,,,-9 ... ll W' I".11r'1f.l1'J1vf-SELAH I"m'1:1::, nvxne Mltsrnnxcuo, xl table tin :. -1....Il halcnnl mar the J - . ' . llgttl Itlnlvrlx lltssxsmzrxlx, 1uL1.s11nnru isurvltlrsl, lmml. L1-on elnnrnvu nur tht' prices 1.11 FRR11 5rA111:u2R,lio11gRrliucR, Iltc ...Inn 111 :lt r.111'1- Lnetv nh, they WM P11n.1r- Slnuxsv 1111-e -.1 :.-.1- nl.-..s:.n1 1.. ns. .Xin-r .mlm-, EH,m,W, Edimmlux Comm, .ng our .lnnn-rs no nsketl the 11.n1.-r tu 'fllvfy ll'lI'11'l1ff1J- Mums' Edi,L,,vDomTm, SUDAN l....- wklr lien... o... ...Inns 11'Nln1z .1Sil5'l'.1N'lsA1'..-.M .11..-1, ne... n..1.1.... 1i......1., nf. -H1-I 111- G.-1 tlnni ne Ln.-11. llwrv lv '.r.., r1.l..... I:.o..,., ,11.1..1. N, un..-.., x1,....... 1'.......1, 1:.1..1 N. 1.... 1...s. ll..l ... ..11sI.n. ,me .atv l1r.1..a., ln, .1 rn. F ..1. 13 li., tbhu ll n....... ....u.. , K., , X , ' N it..,.C.., hifi. 'R..ii,'ttirni...'ix....,-,Hf.1ifl 11.-... 1....f, ll' Wk l ll U ll' -1 IW llllllllllfr x1....1.. l,r.t-...ig .tnfv l..rl........, l1,....l.lrli.-1... Intel.-L. Ahnf., -lol... :..11..yr....l..-.I xliu 1...-1111s, anil then zislcetl .... 1. 11... 'i....1.-, m..s......-, .,1... -..1. ., .... '.-.. N . 1 , , -, , , iiit...m1..nii', 111-11, 1-i...i.ts li-...if R:1....5....1. '11 ....T l' 'l I" ll-'Il 'UD '1'X"f'lL WMS UW lll lun... 1l.f..1.:r.' r....n.-1.s...., 13.l..l S.n....1.f..... 1l.....l.l sm., n....1.. c....l.l .1l.1y 1..r us. Unr reqmsts niclntlvtl s.1........, w....1....,. s1....., 131.,.1..-... s........1.., .11.,..1.f... vu.. 1,.1 M... .1...,.,, nr...-.. 11..... n........ 111....i.. ..1. lr...-....-...Il 111.-uw '-i' R ... '.1'.1,..., s1.....- 11......., .3..1... nm... ,1..s...1.....- 1.-.1...u.. I , X' ' ' - Mlssln Ancl Recovered Business Staff I-? lllrmag.-r-Eu11A1m SP1zzL: .ml-Om. I. HH H um tml TVN. C.ff..n.i.... Jo...4s0.. ' . ' A ' Ch K 1 I R DH T, I J puns. r.1..... 1.. ,1..1 o.....'r...le. Mus. throes A . .. f 1 1 . , sf . ef. mm, ...ns U , I X V . Him I1't1l,.i.ifnI-i.i'..l Bffklvasqaslf ylgskei, G.11.1.. cold, I ll4'f':,1'l lltfilvf Wulf- f n.......Q -Hy, no mme. ...e.- ..e s .-fn... . issrng ro... , H lc F.....l.,. .ldmm np, ........ R.1..... 1.. any 1..... r Liz.-nr.-3-211. B. Sssiorm, Drrltrw Wnn-E, .md l....l.....f 1....l..-.. 'On thc .hr ' Miss SARAH C, CnR1s'ns I'-nvrnl-X.-tt' -yr.-.....Icl.ea1111g in y 'KAW ' I?11.fiu.'.r:-Cl.AtJL1E ll. KLEINFELTER Xll 1nl1r1'sl1-1l'1il1.l-1 src Itlfttfx 1 . al..-...stef -' ovcs to hear l, --l lzxlw l1'1'll1 Lrial in'c1l1'- ""'l'l""l "hr H ' . ,. ,. ,., ,N K . . N V. bi, wr on MMI' H-1 X A ll ..,.....,. ... n.-- . I. .3933 'S lnfrinst lr--ni xho .It-...I :.n1n1:1l :nm ..., ' . ' ' favorites . 1f.......1A11..e hl...-L f......n.i.. ...rn w..f...A. o.....- L.-.fp r:.'..f...... crackers. .1 4, ' Choose The Team! Weaf Your Rlbbon pltztsv su l'1'11n5 Scrllilrlv l-cl-in' ink lilun up :mtl fnrcul lnnl tr. llet' to lllc , . . I t , U, I 1 ,I itlterfa10l'5, 1 ftlllx 'VIH llll 'll ll , AJFI, N Hut' llllltlf VHS jllllll. M S one libs, Root For -I-l'1C GIl'lS l'.r.......1-I 11-nilvllilcvt1.ll1:n1l:tliulxo5 :....1 nl... 1.-..s U ll'.'..f-.'. ny tra1I1-, l.1.1 em, uw much liwaum t1lr..1t.1s .11..s11...H ... 11... 1...11e 1... 11.17 .11... s...f... 1... ......' V-1..-.1..... nt..-. 1... ii 7-,"' - .. ,', 'N . 'N' '1 'H.l"0Cl.. Ribl-ons. l'05lU'9 f'-1121-qfllww U-lumllrjrgf. l'f'f'1l"llsfl .........1. ...........f ... ...o 1111. 3..-..1.f. rms- f1...........1. 11'1..1.r ..1...-...Q r....l 1..- "ni " LU' I 'H A nnnl ...mhle ul :.c111.1.vs,v..l1-..s. piameiiixg cninpnst- ll.. ...l1L..... 1..., llllr. em...-, 1l..-. ..1.- Il.-n.-1-.rrll 1. large My c.,,,5cL. is 3 C0,,,,d5a,,' tht- re.11..s11.-s lor 1l1.1t nlgln o nrglits. tnrls hnrnr N111-, 51-.1h'1 l.. I .-nn.. llnt., s..u:.r Ito...-. Wim inks and Hacks galore.. Him- ag.11n. the gnl- l'.11'u r.1ll1ud llfulltl IU Kwik INN- --H -- - - f- S, --- A - !tl....y nf 1l..-... I 1l.i..k are line: li.-1lI1 in prntliicv an ent.-1tr1i.i11i.A11r 1-qnal to :tml ner- A . Pun..-rvBgn.1y,g11d C....1.,.-, 1.,.,., ,....r..... ... .l.... ..1 las. ..-.... Mallman Always Knocks Twice On The Door Spirrtetl girls l1:111- gin-11 tl11'i1"1r11111ls, tune, nnl 111111, B . . U I- tt B S MVB' l4lllWffSll1C'1'llb""1f 1.11.4-llielilx I.. nx.1Ie .1 slicerss ul tlns 11111l1-ttzrkntg. l'1n ringing 5 e ers y e core YUV' '1"'f'lt SVN" lo mm L X . ,I V I ,ll I Wk L - 14... an, 1.....1 of .............. Kwik llwl ll-111 l',r1"f1f-- -HH' 11"-15111--11.1111 'NNT 1111 11.-,... l........ ... .... .111-......-.. li. 1. lf...-.f...., rl-lm, JM gd in his mi,- l1'!.l"fjf"' 1"',,U ""'fn",". 'ml' 5 ff. J A ,I 'flux 1- :nr ...rn--si ..1... nn... n utrl. 111- ...-1.1.11 1..r.1....g l.+r11,n-rltu :...r.11.e. Az..r.i1........k1,., ' lllw Vfillgff iw :ll 133 fv QL M-1j'Qf' HH ffllli' .....-r.'....1 ... wie s.....'1s,1l11n.1n1l1ngwh! 1.....1 lf....I Re... ...1 .ln M.-........f. 11.13 .arcl Blues 'e The Latest News . report carrl time again. You t1-Llelur, ltnll? XX'cll, I did my .1 him 1'-rr a 1.h..le rating period, lllt- old skinllint uns 3 C. ln? I :julian 12 null the tuzlcller 1 this 1im1- Ll--v, l'.n a whip in nn our morhers and latlers lor what ther have sacrn llw virus uivfu 511 llli Cmumuluty Room. - . , . , need. 3 A1..r.... is als.. 1. ...e...1.e. ol 11.6 Sena... Fa' "T'M"'U" "Y H" Iwo". I' ,hc lm l- Class uxcrulite cmnxnittcu. Ile has the 'H Um',h0 davm mf lw'f'lfi 'mo 'hc I Vd bn d h d HH V l I I 1.o..... ..1 1...1.1...g .ng 1..g1.eS. .nm in .1.e 'W "Uf"'1ff 'ull' UCS-1115 blmkvw. ' US? lu, -wwf mf 1 A ,W md'W MSCS can fnnff .........1c, ...1..e1. carries the audi- P. S. He also ...anis .1 k..0w.. .hal on a pun point. how its how many students can 1ionul honor ol being hrst in the elngg he dats :ml hke Trenton High School - ' bus? sf1...1........11,.. gm.. stand on a su.-melt spaee ln a Top: MORRIS SANFORD, l100l faculty advisor. Bottom : SENIOR SPILCTATOR C 14. lz,.o1i.0...5 p.....c..1 egos fron. 1l.e fo Xttcr ....J semester 1 can n-fuer, 3 1.-ali. I'n1 21 Juliet, I am. I got l1ru: l111e f ' I'm ays I gr ou bet, s. The teachtr says 11 her feet. Malrlr. That? ir origin in Egypt. s11p1.f.rt a railroad is tthite, while in Egypt fnow hid: ln 1rain. n China in only unmarried president. calinn to take up. .st vo water while rocks togt-tlicr in necume duafs n. .rnlge hi-atc more nng the will make it vi over wtf rtnnancc languages to learn. the popu- symprntliy lrom important persons can be more S of at WestiPoinl are valued at sts lorflone-sixtcentlx ol a one-tenth ol a second. s' lathcm were either farm- r 22 presidents were born either t la lor' lent perspiration 'lro.r.,ge11lng into the rehond. 15. Steam cannot be' seen. 16. An echo cannot be heard it the xlistance ot the re. llccting surface is less than 55 feet. - in '15 is while. . 17, The sky .. LASS. ppcars to-be blue u 1 .-x .-. 1 sa E l Honor Meclalists Froni Raza'-.Helen Dearden. Antoinette Christian, Jean Paul, Rose Fosky, R.hoda Miller, Rae-Louise Shultz. Xirginia Lanning, Helen NVest, Ruth Miller, Mary Commini, Dorothy Horst, Margaret Elko, Claire Laczoni, Rosemary Maruca, Jennie Mastrangelo, Stella Sinclair, Rhoda Lavine. Second Ron'-XYinthrop Short, Gerald Atkin, Harold Kramer, Donald VVilson, Frank Malloy, Charles Hewitt. Carol Hoover, Doris McVicl:er, Bernice Schultz, Beatrice Samachson, Patricia Laird, Roberta Conover, Evelyn XY'olf, Solomon Browdy, VValter Smith, Paul Roumanis, Philip Shirlcey, Vtfilliam Ixiney, Ralph N. Cohen. Tliird Ron'-Abraham Shmookler, Mathew Lapin, Harry WVallace, Henry Ryba, John Eby, Marjorie Morgan, Jean Cooney, Marguerite XYeiss. Evelyn Berlcelhamer, Margaret Ryba, Lita Kemler, Catherine Kundl, Spencer Bloor. John Vitez, Fred Stahuber, Charles Norton, Joseph Maiorino, Arthur Kelsey. F0l17'fll Rom'-Charles Muscatine. Solomon Lasof, Richard Grocott, Robert Renee, Viola Primm, Ruth Richmond, Thelma Budson, Betty Bell Robson, Pauline Bardos, Constance O'Mara, Ruth F. Power, Gertrude Pitasky, Desider Simkow, Abraham Gralt, John Mack, William C. VVhite. Fifth Row-Louis Applestein, Edward Halsey, Rosine Filice, Lillian Rolnick, Grace Hundt, Priscilla Farmer, Selma Popkin, Nlary Papp, Louise Micklewright, Louise Graham, Edythel Vanderbilt, Beatrice XVeinstein, Alice Sreback, VVilliam Snyder, Donald Johnson. Sixth Razz'-Martin Epstein. Edward VVeizer, Charles Kuehner, Warren Richards, Louis Kelsey, W'elling- ton Eler. Jack Dilley, Nathaniel Doughty. Absentees-Craig Fabian, Amelia Jastrebski, Ora Strine, Charles YODP, Loretta Byer, Barbara Kite, XVilliam Kite, Gertrude Bowden, Dominic DeLuca, Manuel Kunis, Honor Medalists Following established custom, one hundred two students received honor medals for having had semester honor ratings in June of 1935 and in February of 1936. Scholarship and Prize Winners Front Raw-Jean Paul, recipient of American Legion Medalg Antoinette Christian, recipient of Business and Professional VVomen's Club Award: Bernice Schultz, recipient of College Club Award: Roberta Conover. recipient of College Club Award: Selma Popkin, recipient of Jewish Council for Women Award. Second Rau'-Donald Johnson, recipient of Dr. NVm. J. Bickett Award: Spencer Bloor, recipient of First Times Awardg Philip Shirkey, recipient of Second Time: Awardg Martin Epstein, recipient of Alex Kramer Awardg Charles Hewitt, recipient of Third Times Awaidg Spencer Barber, recipient of American Legion Medal. Lioij H021 ational Honor Society Front Row-VVarren Richards, Martin Epstein, Roberta Conover, Rae-Louise Shultz, vice-president second half year, Bernice Schultz, secretary tirst half year, Richard Crocott, president second half yearg Julian B. Honeycutt, sponsorg Charles Norton, president first half yearg Dorothy Solan, Claire Laczoni, Christine Thompson, Charles Kuehner, 'Wellington Eler. Second Row-Fred Stahuber, William Kiney, Craig Fabian, Grace Hundt, Marguerite Weiss, Evelyn Berl-zelhamer, Margaret Ryba, secretary second half year, Louise Micklewright, Patricia Laird, Evelyn VVolf, Elma Griscom, Jennie Mastrangelo, Spencer Barber, vice-president iirst half year, Edward VVeizer, Spencer Bloor. Tlziro' Row-Louis Kelsey. Charles Hewitt, treasurer Hrst half year, Edward Nack, Ruth Richmond, Alice O'Neil. Viola Primm, Helen Dearden, Pauline Bardos, Constance OlMara, Lita Kemler, Edythe Vanderbilt, Lillian Rolnick, Phillip Shirkey, treasurer second half year. Fourth Row-Winthrop Short, Mathew Lapin, Donald Johnson, Betty Bell Robson, Mary Papp, Louise Graham, Antoinette Christian, Selma Popkin, Jean Paul, Herman Schwartz. Absentces-Harry VVallace, John Mack, Nathaniel Doughty. National Honor Society-Organized 1925 The members of this society promise to be of invaluable service to the com- munity because they bear already the stamp of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and character. ational Thespicm Society Front Row-Gordon Latella, Martin Epstein, John Rich, Harold A. Vanliirk, sponsor, Louis Kelsey, Henry Suvalsky, treasurer, Norman Downing. Second Rowvllerman Schwartz, Alton Eby, Gordon Latella, vice-presidentg Aclelle Tyler, secretary, Florence Horowitz, jean Paul, Catherine Tindall, Bernice Schultz, Samuel Hirsch, president, Henry Mantel, Leon Freeman, .4b:c'nfcc-Manuel Kunis. National Thespion Society-Organized 1936 The Trenton branch of the National Thespian Society, the membership of which is limited to those who have acted in or directed one or more plays, was organized this year. .-x -.I .9 el N e 3 D sl 3 .o X 6 fa fel Q5 tg-E E. 9' in-I . ll x Sai 5 X., E1 V :sf '14 5 E E 'T P thagorean Societ Front Row-Ruth Shankman. Lucy Perlin iero, Helen Dearden, Esther Wollin, I. Whitney Colliton, sponsorg Selma Popkin, vice-presidentg grace Hundt, Bessie Simon, Iennie Mastrangelo, secretary. Second Row-Arthur Kelsey, presidentg Mary Simonko, Ruth Richmond, Roberta Conover, Manuel Kunis, Sherwood Vine, Patricia Laird, Phyllis Shankman, Betty Mae Bender, James Chambers. Third Row-Abraham Graff, Gerald Atkin, Martini Perlberg, treasurerg Lewis Randell, William Allfather, John Mandi, Henry Suvalsky, Harold Schwartz, John Terry. Absentee-Arthur Randleman. Pythagorean Society-Organized 1915 Formed in 1915 for the study of higher mathematics, the Pythagorean Society completed its twenty-first year under its original sponsor, Whitney Colliton. As in former years, members tutored students who were Weak in arithmetic. The regular meetings were given over to mathematical discussions and guest speakers, among whom were Miss Edith Klein and Albert C. Wenzel of the faculty. In accordance with tradition, the Pythagorean club again awarded the Goldmann Medal to the student who had done the most outstanding Work in mathematics. In April the members of the club presented a play, "Wurze1 Flummeryf' with Grace Hundt and Arthur Kelsey in the leading roles. Heading the social events was the annual reunion of present members and alumni which was held at the Longacres Country Club on April 4 in the form of a dinner dance. Arthur Kelsey, president of the club, acted as toastmaster and presented lVIr. Colliton who spoke at the dinner. This reunion honored Mr. Colliton who is com- pleting his twenty-tifth year in the school. Mr. Colliton is the head of the mathematics department and the organizer of the Pythagorean Society. M031 11041 1 Belles Lettres Front Row-Stanley Husid. Gordon Latella, Rae-Louise Shultz, Helen XVest, Charlotte Charnofsky, Janice Cook, Elma Griscom, john Rich, vice-presidentg Frank Thompson. Second Row-Herbert Moore, Frank Gerber, Lita Kemler, secretary, Jean Cooney, Arthur S. Hancock, sponsor, Virginia Lanning, Alethea Skokos, Ackley Harris, Cornell Rockell. Third Row-Gordon Griffin, Robert Renee, treasurer, James Reed, Alice Carter, Eleanor Brill, Margaret Henrietta, Patricia VVhitehead, David Hanig, Fisher Brooks, Harold Levy. Fourth Roto-Edna Hellman, Mary Bloor, Jean Moore. Absentee-,leari Paul, president. Belles Lettres-Organized 1916 ln 1916 Belles Lettres was organized to give students interested in literature a chance to gain more knowledge of good reading in the fields of prose, poetry, and the drama. At the beginning of this year an open meeting was held, which all sophomores interested in the club were invited to attend. ln addition to weekly meetings held in school, the club met once a month at the home of Arthur S. Hancock, sponsor. Reports, given at the beginning of each meeting, by four members of the club on books pertaining to the topic at hand, brought out the various authors, contra- dictory opinions and provoked discussion. Round table discussions have been held on such topics as l'Why Go to College?,', "The Conflict of Two Generationsf, ills America Lowbrow ?'l, HThe lndividual Versus Public 0pinion," "Should Amer- ica Have Unlimited Free Speech ?l', "ls Modern Realism a True Picture of Life ?',, HA Comparison of the Works of Guest, Millay, Service, and Noyes,', and f'The Difference Between Right and Wrong." The final project of the year was an exten- sive comparison of the cultural advantages in Trenton with those in other capitol cities in the East of approximately the same population. The program committee which chose these topics consisted of Robert Renee, chairman, Helen West, Jean Paul, Elma Griscom, Stanley Husid, and Mr. Hancock. During the winter Belles Lettres met defeat at the hands of the Forum Club in a challenge ping pong match. A Belles Lettres members went to Philadelphia with Mr. VanKirk's dramatic classes to see Walter Hampden in Cyrano de Bergerac, and Burgess Meredith in the current hit, Winterset. The annual initiation was held in May on Rotary lsland. At this time fifteen new members were taken into the club. Cn April 16, Belles Lettres and Clionian gave a dance at the Contemporary Club. Another social activity of Belles Lettres was the annual picnic held at the shore. -x .9 ei x E B ,Q .o x tes Ns :sa sg we rgg. .A 9 . cl- x UI W .o X d N. 3 as M E F orum Club Front Rozc'fCharles Hewitt, secretary first half year, David Thorn, Edward Weizer, George Abel. Lyman Roloson, Leroy Smith, Jr., C. B. Kleinfelter, sponsor, Purvis Brearley, Charles Kuehner, XYarren Richards, Louis Kelsey, VVellington Eler, jack Dilley. Secozzd Rota'-Lawrence Raugliley, Edgar Levy, Sol Browcly, Hyman Kaplan, Norman VVoolley, Keyron Donohue, vice-president second half year, Harry Olinsky, Harold Iamieson, Pasquale Nlaftei, Donald Johnson, secretary second half yearg Thomas Ryan, John Mras, Lloyd Lesslie. Third Rott'-Santo Belli. Scott Scammell, Edgar Bunce, W'i1liam Kiney, Samuel Monroe, WVi1liam Cook, Shelly Acuff, Robert Crandstalif, Stanley Sutniclc, Ellsworth Sutphin, Spencer Barber, president tirst half year, Spencer Bloor, president second half yearg Edward Halsey. Fozirtli Ron'-VVilliam Kipperman, James Vitella, Raymond Critchlow, Stanley Dnbe, George Hottel, Paul Buck, Joseph Brenna, Robert Buck, Irving Kraut, Desider Simkow, Bernard Millner, Craig Fabian. Fifth Razr'-VVi1liam Kantor, VVinthrop Short, treasurer, l-larrv Penrose, James O'Mara, Richard Grocott, vice-president first half year: Tom Loser. Craig Barry, Harold Saidt, Harry Case. Absmzirc-Kennetli Richards. Forum Club-Organized 1929 The Forum Club, sponsored by Claude B. Kleirifelter since its organization in l929, met every week to discuss events and to promote active citizenship through- out our school. Each member of the club, representing some state or territory, made up the Student Senate, over which Spencer Barber, the president of the Forum Club, pre- sided. Such bills as the 'AChild Labor Amendment" and the 'ATownsend Old Age Pension Planl, were discussed. Spencer Bloor led the Republicans, and Keyron Donohue, the Democrats. Thus the club members were able to study the procedure of the United States Senate by actual practice. A novel contest was held in the form of a Ping-Pong Tournament, which was managed bv Winthrop Short. George Hottel was the winner, with 'Craig Barry as runner-up. Another contest sponsored by the club was the annual oratorical contest, open to all students of the Trenton Central High School. It was held on March 16, 17, and l8 before the student body, and was won by Theodore Sands, whose topic was This Pure Food and Drug Act. The Forum Club participated quite actively in sports, all managed by Keyron Donohue. They accepted a challenge from the Clionian Club to a football game and played it on December 2, l935. The 7-6 victory elated the Forum Club. Harry Olinsky scored the touchdown, and LeRoy Smith, Jr., made the extra point. The first social event of the year Was the initiation of new members in Scott Scammellls barn. The fact that the party was held in a barn is indicative of the character of the initiation. A fitting close of a particularly active year was the reunion, which a large number of alumni attended, held on June 19 at the Trenton Country Club. f105l Boys' Science Club Front Row-William Rogers, Warren Ermeling, treasurer, William Bullock, William White, Harry Wallace, Ellard A. Buck, sponsor, Alton Eby, Philip Means, Ralph S. Cohen, Charles Monard, Dick Hurd. Second Row-Joseph Maiorino, Fred Applegate,.Charles Marshall, Philip Shirkey, president, Ernest Johnson, Martin Epstein, vice-presidentg Melville Boynton, Fred Stahuber, secretaryg Philip Meltzer, Mathew Lapin, Warren Butler. Boys' Science Club+0rganizea' 1921 With Ellard A. Buck as sponsor, the Boys' Science Club was organized in 1921 to promote interest in the study of all sciences. During the year of 1935-36, inspection trips were taken to places of scientific interest. The club visited the health department of the State laboratories, where experimentation with disease germs is carried on, the Murray Rubber Company, where the boys were taken through the factory to watch the making of rubber articles, and the Bell Telephone Company, where they were shown how telephone connections are made. At each meeting, one member spoke to the club on some scientific topic. Martin Epstein discussed "Louis Pasteur", Fred Stahuber, 'KRoebling Wire Millsug Wil- liam White, UAstronornly,'g Ernest Johnson, "Gunpowder", Mathew Lapin, "Mer- cury and Its Compoundsug and Philip Meltzer, "The Electrons." In addition to the speakers from within the club, outside speakers were invited to address the club on scientific subjects. Captain Snook, of the New Jersey State Police, spoke on "Science in Relation to the Law." William B. Christie of the Public Service demonstrated the various types and sizes of electric light bulbs and a new type of neon bulb, and showed slides on correct lighting. During the Easter vacation, on April 17, the Boys' Science Club and the Girls' Science Club took a trip to Philadelphia. First, they visited the Fels Planetarium, where they heard a lecture on astronomy, and,-in broad daylight, observed the stars and moon through a telescope. They then went to the Franklin Institute, where they saw the many modern mechanical and electrical devices which are now being introduced. The retirement of Mr. Buck at the end of the present year is a great loss not only to the Boys' Science Club but also to the school which he 'has faithfully served for 34 years. .-x cl- oi X N 1 0 - E . Girls' Science Club Front Ron'-Carol Hoover, Barbara Chapman, Edna Mae Wassum, Edna White, Miss Annie P. Hughes, Sponsorg Frances Boruta, Ethel Abbotts, vice-president, Constance Stelle, secretary, Marguerite VVeisS. Seton-d Rott'-Nellie Putzara, Rrilth Miller, Igaxinej Ilgosen, Bargara Kite, Jeanne Weiss, Mina Sutcliffe, . . , .H . h ' heo Hunt, Leona Svi er, ary app, lice ei , presi ent. Third Row-Ruth Pologe, Alice Sreback, Cornelia Jennings, Mary Adamowicz, treasurer, Edith Hough, Anna Halko, Valentina Di Guieseppe, Elizabeth Carnall. i-ibscntec-Virginia Bebbington. Girls' Science Club-Organized 1927 With Annie P. Hughes as sponsor, the Girls, Science Club was organized in 1927 to promote interest in the study of all sciences and to permit girls of similar interests to get better acquainted. During the Easter vacation, the Girls' Science Club and the Boys' Science Club took a trip to Philadelphia. First, they visited the Curtis Pu'blishing Company, where they watched the publishing of books, and the Philadelphia Museum, where the Liberty Bell is kept. They then visited the Fels Planetarium, where they heard a lecture on astronomy, and, ini broad daylight, observed the stars and moon through a telescope. At the Franklin Institute, they saw many modern mechanical and elec- trical devices which are now being introduced. Besides the trip to Philadelphia, the club visited the Bell Telephone Company, where they were shown how telephone connections are made. At each meeting, one member spoke to the club on some scientific topic. Alice Srebak discussed "Alchemy and the Alchemistsng Ruth Pologe, "Making of Ce- ment,', which she illustrated with slides, Mary Papp, "The Divining Rodwg Bar- bara Chapman and Marguerite Weiss, 'KScience of the Week", and Miss Annie P. Hughes, "Stars and Constellationsf' In addition to speakers from within the club, outsiders were invited to lecture on scientific subjects. Captain Snook, of the New Jersey State Police, spoke on HScience in Relation to the Law." William B. Christie of the Public Service demonstrated the various types and sizes ot electric light bulbs, spoke of a new type of neon bulb which is now being perfected, and showed slides on the correct light- ing of the home. Un June 10 the club, accompanied by lVliss Hughes and Miss Bullock, took a Bird Walk to White City Park. Following this, an initiation was held at the home of Mina Sutcliffe. 51071 51081 Junior Historical Society Front Row-Charles Hewitt, Philip Shirkey, Paul Roumanis, Warren Richards, Wellington Eler, Nathaniel Doughty, VVilliam Kiney, Fred Stahuber. Theodore Warner. Second Roni-Edgar Bunce, Selma Popkin, Sally Mohr, Margaret Ryha, recording secretary, Amelia Iastrsbski, Evelyn Wlolf, Helen West, Dorothy Solan, Joseph Maiorino, Ellsworth Sutphin, vice- Jresi ent. Tlzirii Ron'-jennie Mastrangelo, Ruth Shankman, Ruth Richmond, corresponding secretary, Lucy Perlingiero, Bernice Schultz, Thelma Budson, jean Cooney, Patricia Laird, Rae-Louise Shultz. Fovzzrflz Row-Harold Saidt, Craig Fabian, Charles Norton, president, Robert Buck, Robert Litowitz, Abraham Graff, Arthur Kelsey, treasurerg WVinthrop Short. Alzsentees-Edward Weizer, Spencer Barber, Solomon Browdy, Roberta Conover, Grace Hundt, Edythe Vanderbilt, E. Y. Raetzer, sponsor, Junior Historical Society+Orga1zized 1934 Through plays, skits, and talks, in which every member participated, the society studied local history and gained a new conception of Trentonys historical background. Commerce Club Front Row-Gerald Pidcock, Frank Wolff Leo Mercier, Frances Cummings, Marie Liptak, Don Deal sponsor, Eleanor Holt, Mary Iohnston, Stephen Szabo, treasurer, Charles Sloves, vice-president? Abraham Shmookler, president. Second Row-Edythe Vanderbilt, Antoinette Christian, Virginia Lochner, Catherine Kron. Walter Szeliga, Armando Bachinni, Hattie Pieslak, Adam Mandl, Harry Jaeger, Hilda Klotz, Bernice Conway, secretaryg Ruth Barbour, Ethel Dreher, Mildred Maley. Absentee-VValter Smith. Commerce Club-Organized 1924 The Commerce Club visited several manufacturing concerns in Trenton, spon- sored typing, bookkeeping, and mathematics contests, and received from Williani R. Weaver a most stimulating address. F l F l l , atumlist Club Front Row-Robert Bloom, Charles Bodine, Frederick Hirst, president, Harold S. Jones, sponsor, Robert Means, Jess Birks, Robert Schulz. Second Row-Erwin Gladstone, Ralph Cohen, vice-president, Wilfred Broadhead, David H, Crowell, Jeanne Dunn, Charles Muscatine, treasurer, Leo Piepszak, Milton Popkm, Elwood T. Driver, secretary. Abrasives-gliarles Snowden, Ernest Stevenson, Celeste Selerno, William B. Hirst, John Magennis, redia allant. Naturalist Club--Organized 1934 To augment the classroom study of biology and to promote interest in biology, the club heard such outstanding speakers as Dr. Wesley Atkins on 'Social Lessons X from Nature," Karl Dannerth on A'The Raising of Bees," and George Krall on -i "Birds," The members took several Held trips and visited the Museum of Natural Q History, The Zoological Gardens, and The Aquarium in New York City. l 1 Aq a ' Cl b Front Row-David Allen, Horace Rush, Donald Mattern, Miss Florence Scheuren, sponsor, Clyde Snow, treasurer, Donald Krauch, secretaryg Drew Dickinson, president. Second Row-George Gibson, vice-president, Alfonso Fabio, Achley Harris, William Petty, Frank Caserta, Fred Schuman. Absentee-+NVilliam Szabalchy. I " dqurlrium Club-Organized 1934 ?' . . . . . N ln connection with the breeding and culture of tropical fish, the members studied ,Q and made detailed reports concerning the pairs of fish purchased for them by the club. C gi 1 E E? 52 ' 51091 51101 Library Club Front Row-Martin Bessmertnick, treasurerg Charlotte Charnofsky Patricia Laird vice president' Lot ' W .rame E. ooley, secretaryg Lester M. Minkel, sponsorg Edward Osif, Mary Elihabeth Sica, Magnolia Stewart. Carol Hoover. Q' .econd Row-Lucy Acquaviva, Viola Primm, Ruth Richmond, presidentg Pauline Bardos, Estelle Rich- mond, Ida Tashlik, Harriet Penkoske, Martin Olinsky Jeane Biles Third Row-Lillian Rolnick, Ruth Worstall, Rosalind Elting, Ruth Rologe, Lucy Perlingiero, Virginia Krauss. Absenfeex-Loretta Byer, Rita Rosenthal. L Library Club-Organized 1932 Membership in the Library Club is open to those who are interested in books and who are willing to spend much time after school hours Working in the library. While left in sole charge of the library for three days, the members showed by their elhcient management the value of their years of apprenticeship. Art Club Front Row-Charmian Kaplan, Mahlon Smith, Michael Senko, treasurerg Ruth Robbins, second secretai ,f .' ' f ' .VZ Charlotte VN atkinson, Miss Daphne L. Ixoenig, sponsorg Peggy Taylor, secretaryg Mildred Sternheld, Jack NViggins, Jack Hirsch, janet Staulcup, president. Second Row-Levan Yazujian, Anastasia Goreglad, Clara Montooth, Jane Crowell, Eleanore Klemmer, Beatrice Rosen. Shirley Finkel, Olga Terlecky, Adelle Tyler, Wallace Black. Warren Harker. Absentces-Ina Bellin, Dorothy Bennett, Betty Marren, Virginia Major, Elizabeth Chambers. Art Club-Organized 1933 After preliminary instruction, students interested in painting, sketching and 7 leather Work are given an opportunity to concentrate o-n some phase of art work that interests the student. fx N Q I D is 3 Euclidean Society From Roca'-VVillis Carson, Theodore Sands, presidentg George Temkin, George Critchlow, Emerson H. Burdick, sponsorg Robert Suvalsky, Talbert Lavine, Dean VanDerpool, Howard Miller. Second Row-Leon Rapaport, Robert Miller, vice-presidentg Lucy Acquaviva, Peggy Daniels, Catherine Stanton, Martin O'liean, secretary: Edith Eckstein, Ruth Ziesel, Gertrude Ertel, Melvin Fromkin, treasurer: Bernard Lavirie. Abxczitees-Gloria Simon. Euclidean Club-Organized 1932 ln solving problems composed by its own members, the sophomore mathematics club became skilled in plane geometry and coached those who needed help in this subject. The club sponsored a plane geometry contest which was open to all students who are not members of the Euclidean Society. Radio Club From Row-Arthur L. Mirabelli, William T. Chadwick, Louis Szivos, presidentg Carl Dannertli, sponsorg Walter Reichert, Jack Rittmann, William Hegedus. V Q Second Rott'-William Beke, Paul Solomon, secretaryg Zoltan Katona, treasurerg Donald Hixson, Andrew U ban. .-lbsenzecs-David Quattroni, Jacob Keller, George Kudra, Spencer Wouters, Peter Apoldite. Radio Club-Urganized 1932 Having mastered the principles of radio, the members of the club practiced the lnternational and Morse codes, and studied the requirements necessary for an op- eratoris license. 51111 Woodcraft Club Print Club Woodcraft Club-Qfjrganized 1932 Front Rom'-Carl Gross, James Perry, Edward Lepkowslci, Iolm Soyka, Robert Zarilli. Francis E. Mack, sponsorg Emmanuel Cooper, Charles Miller, William Miller, Joseph Roche, jasper Smith, secretary-treasurer. SUCUl1d RowhMichael Petras, Carl Lindenthral, Michael Koschek, William August, vice-president, Charles Frankenheld, president, Edward Bentz, Howard Allen, Joseph Ginn, Charles Pushman, Anthony NVolfcr, William RlClljl!'LlSA0l1: 'h -grii H g V, Y Y V Making scenery for school productions is only part of the work done by this club. The mem- bers are particularly adept at constructing beau- tiful and serviceable household furniture. The cedar chest, occasional tables, modernistic par- lor set, and magazine racks which the members made were shown in an interesting display at the close of the year. f112l ,Print Club-Organized 1934 Front Row--Pasquale Vasti, Nlilton Friedman, vice-presi dent, Arnold Goldberg, Michael Hartonczylc, VVilliam Coleman, joseph W. Hills, sponsorg Elmer Seker, LeRoy Grant, Edward S. Bogatski, Thomas Stoj, George Painton. Second Row-Charles Bunting, Joseph Toto, Morris Mil- bach, George M. Kmetz, William I. Sutton, John A. Verdel. VVilliam Dargay, Joseph Tarrantino, Milton I. Edelman, Harry H. Lavine, Ralph Lucarella, Frank Napoleon. Tlzirrl Row-Harold Soldin, Robert S. Ford, Francis AT. Sahol, prcsidentg Albert S. Miller, secretary-treasurer, Benjamin C. Olinsky, Ray I. Falzone, Frank R. Nutt, Michael I. Mankovich, Anthony L. Pompei, Edward Novak, Mort Martinctte, John Odorczyk. fll75C'11fL'L'S-xVE1l'I'Sll Cooper, George VVright. As a result of the experience gained by mak- ing placards and "club cards," the Print Club won first prize in thelnter-State Fair for its outstanding display. A vL'In -'nunll lllllllllllllllln::: 7 l 7 7 l 7 , , , , B ol Moclel Aircraft Club Costume Club Model Airplane-Organized 1932 Frou! Ron'-Bruno Spych, Ernest Crane. Vincent De Blois, secretary-treasurer, Louis Calvanelli, Douglas Goodale. sponsor, Harry Hamer, Nelson Gernhardt, Henry Cieslikowski. Robert VVargo. Second Rozc'fRohert Vfeiss, Fred Edwards, VVilliam Laing, George Houseman. Stephen Chetneky, Frank floshn, Richard Scott. president: Alfred Jacobson. Clayton Conard, VVilliam Gihlin. NVilliam Rosenfelder, Absentee:-Iames Dayton, George Hundt, vice-president. Formed by boys interested in the construction and flying of model airplanes, this club sponsored during the year several air meets and studied model airplane engines. A challenge meet with the Air Scouts, a trip to New York, visits to various airports, and a demonstration of a Xt H. P. model airplane by James Dayton were instructive activities. Costume Club-Organized 1934 Front Row-Marion Roberts, Eleanor Kale, Doris Kelsey, Bernice Elmer, Ioan Anderson, Miss Hanna L. Foster, sponsor, Betty Lenox, Marian Iauss. secretaryg Dorothy Iohnson, Ruth Christopher, Doris? Browne. Second Rota'-Martha XVilkes, Mildred Dzaman,'Betty Jane W'right. Katherine Ristow, treasurerg Mary Sharkey, vice-president: Betsy Blair. Italia Rago, Helen Chesner, Frances Hill, Virginia Potts, Virginia Anderson, president. Alzsczzfcc-Vi1'gi11ia Lindley. The girls not only designed and made clothes for scho-ol productions, but also considered what costumes the well-dressed woman should have for various occasions. In lVIay the Costume Cluh gave a style show. The exhihition room was decorated with pic- tures of famous designers. The girls modeled clothes which they had made. H1131 f114l El Siglo F uturo Front Row-Gertrude Pitasky, Ruth Hirsh, Dorothy Holsneck, Sara Koschekl Dr. Viktor. S. Sabary sponsorg Ruth Cramer, secretaryg Ethel Koschek, Sophie Lewandowski, Marion Berger, vice-president Second Row-Louis Applestein, Charles Bruen, Frederick Ecker, William Allfather, Marie Winner Charles Michael, treasurerg James Berger, William Snyder, president. Absentee-Gertrtide Waraek. EI Siglo Futura-Organized 1919 The club was entertained frequently by guest speakers familiar with the Span- ish language and Spanish customsg among these were a South American and several Cubans. Philatelic Society Front Raw-Fred Areno, Robert Boyle, Earl Reed, presidentg Dr. Viktor Sahary, sponsorg Sylvan Lampl, Alex Kaly, Edmund Cyzewslci. 50507111 Row-Ellis Prickett, Lewis .C-teen, vice-presidentg Leroy VViley, treasurerg Richard Crockett Joseph Kaczorek, Edward Prolaccini, l:,lmer Stout, secretaryg Morton Deitz. .4bsc11z'cc-lflarry Scales. Q Philalelic Club-Organized 1928 To further interest in stamp collecting, the club held many auctions, sponsored a philatelic contest, and viewed the collections of Dr. George Sommer and Arthur Kurtz. x I il l , Il Circolo Italiano Frou? Ron'-George Franco. Pasquale Maffei, Jack Di Nola. Mary Commini, secretary, Frank Borgiri, sponsorg Mary Russo. Dominic Palmieri, james Carella, Frank Puca, vicefpresident. Second Ro:ufRiehard Yecere, Dominic- Piccolella, Marius Perugini. Rose Buatti, Tris Petrangeli, Anne LeonaEn1s Xenanzi, treasurer, Elvira Rage, Angelo Fiorentino, Nicholas Grosso, Carmen Giangrasso, presl ent. Third Ron-M.-Xnthoriy Prunetti. Carmen Prunetti, Julia Bossio, Rose Fosky, Julia Russo, Rose Moscarello, Rose Scozzaro, Edith Perillo. Amedeo Morello, John Di Franco, Il Circolo Italiano-Organized 1934 To stimulate interest in the Italian language, the club carried on an extensive program which included several guest speakers and the presentation of awards to the most outstanding pupils. l Les Intimes First Rott'-June Kalman, Bessie Siet. Lucy Perlirigiero, Harriet Gherson. June Burke, John Kelsey, sponsor, Hilda Xabutovsky, Eda Epifanio, Grace Halsey, Clare Montooth, Pauline Bogage. Second Rau'-Ruth Power, secretary-treasurer, Geraldine Meyer, Jeanne Robbins, Irene Filice, Ruth McTighe, Thelma Kline, Carolyn Goodrich, Cora Goodrich, Jean Brown, Pauline Muranko. Third Ron'-Dorothy Mather. Dorothy Berger. Jean Stout, Carolyn Kohn, Shirley L'rken, Charles Zabingl-gy, Goldie Kipperman. Selma Shipper, Dorothy Foley. Ida Tashlik, Barbara Blakeslee Fozzrllz Rott'-Bernard Kessler, l,Villiam Kish, Robert Litowitz. president: Edmund Renk, vice-president, Louis Vogel. john Elfilracher, Gherardo Gherarfli, Leo Peipsak, Louis Maloney. Abse1ztec'.vvBetty Haney, Therese Penkoske, Clara Stern. Les Intimes-Organized' 1932 Eager to acquire information concerning various phases of French, the club presented a series of plays, heard French recordings, and listened to talks given by guest speakers. H1151 Philology Club From' Row-Dorothy Bodine, Betty Maroda, Julius Sussman, vice-president, Gloria Poinsett, Harry R. Michelson, sponsor, Hazel Fort, Abe Yatskowitz, Jeanne Uncle.. president, Adela Veleyis. Second ROYKVT-MHTg3TCt Pantano, treasurer, Louise Disbrow, Josephine Battala, Betty Wilkinson, secre- tary, Ester Quattroni, Eli Waraeh, Virginia Rondinelli, Mildred Terres, Alyce Lehmann, Thelma Feinberg. Absenfecs-Olive Nightingale, Sylvia Rabstein, Yolanda Molnar. Philology Club-Organized 1935 This club not only studied the origin and the use of words but also compiled lists of idioms and supposedly modern expressions found in the classics. Chess and Checker Club Front Row-Joseph Olhrys, Charles Hewitt, Philip Shirkey, Warren Richards, Bernard Forer, sponsorg James O,Neill, coach, Albert C. Wenzel, sponsor, Wellington Eler, presidentg John Rich, Bernard Laviiie. Henry Suvalsky. Sccoml Raw-Paul Buck, George Hottel, Robert Litowitz, Thomas Maier, Joseph Maiorino vice-presidentg Gorrlen Griffen, Charles Marshall, Stanley Sutnielc, Ellsworth Sutphin, Robert Buck, secretary. Third Raw-William VVhite, Irving Kolman, treasurer, Abraham Graff, Craig Barry, Arthur S. Kelsey, VVilliam Snyder, Jerome Wishnevsky, Richard Vicere, James Reed. flbseizlecs-Gerald Atkin, Solomon Browdy, Raymond Citron, Donald Johnson, Robert Miller, Samuel Monroe, VVilliam Rogers, Fred Schumann. Chess and Checker Club-Organized 1932 Knowledge of chess and checkers was gained through tournaments conducted to determine the best players in the club, these players competed in inter-scholastic tournaments. fll6J .-x ,J .9 el x E . 1' 9 X 6 XN Q61 gg ... cl ol 9 Xa l 6I Amanuensis C lub Front Razr'-UFreda Byer, Dorothy Eib, Virginia Cameron, Violet Lnpariella, Florence Mulheron, Miss Mary Lapin, sponsorg Ethel Patrick, Marion Kriegner, Goldie Berry, Freda jantz, Yarmila Chordas. Second Row-Florence Golden, Catherine Kundl, Edith Rosenberg, Anna Zabitowska, vice-presidentg .-gnlrey Gellert, Hedwig Kryzanowski, Helen Offner, Catherine Duchek, Mary Walczak, Thomas isier. Third Row--Stephen Koczak, Elsie Smith, presidentg Mary Mooney, Dorot-hy Bennett, Marjorie Morgan, secretaryg Lenore Queerian, Rosemary Bodner, treasurerg Marie Queenan. flbsmitees-Elsie Pearl, Yvonne Labras. Azlzanuensis-Orgzlnized 1925 ln order to learn the methods of the modern business World, the Amanuensis Club visited several local business institutions, including the Bell Telephone and Times buildings. Photography Club Front Row-Andrew Banker, treasurerg Frank Maternik, presidentg Sylvia Weber, Miss Grace M. Brauninger, sponsorg Mary Jacobs, Edward Wieczkowski, Walter Kopec, vice-president. Second Row-Gwendolyn Sweet, Beatrice Greenburg, Margaret Woolverton. Norman Collard, Sylvia Hershkowitz, Margaret Dunne. Absentee:-Teresa Conard, Mildred Dzaman, Mary Sheenan, Jean Wylie, Sylvia Cherowitz, Helen Saas. Photography Club-Organized 1935 l Although the Photography Club was newly organized in the school this year, it has been very active in learning the art of taking and developing pictures. The club purchased its own developing equipment and was thereby able to extend photo service to the school at a minimum cost. ln order to raise money, the club held a photography contest which was open to members of the student body. - 51171 f1l8j Sophomore Dramatic Club Front Row-Donald Gallagher, Coerte Hutchinson, Violet Migatz, Laura Weibel, Wilma Iohnson, Miss garah Christie, sponsorg Betsy Ross, secretary, Alethia VVoods, Mary Elizabeth Sica, Sidney Ixsser, oomon feiss. Second Row-Phylis. Knight, Ethel Brewer, Florence Levenstein, Muriel Rosen, Alice Cantwell, Irvin Ixolman, student director, Rose Perlitch, Evelyn McGuckin, Dena Alvlno, Jean de Flesco, Marian Otto, Helen Brady, treasurer. Third Row-Ralph VVelliver, president, Aaron Melman, Irene Kanicki, Katherine Malcolm, Marjorie Greenburg, Claire Hallett, Shirley Kellog, Bernice Milgaten, Catherine Ciallella, Isabel Berger, Manning Rubin, Lester Taub. Fourth Row-Angeline Giordano, Doris Cooper, Deborah Larrabee, Harold Pakman, Ioe Pisarro, Sidney Newman, Helen Carella, Mary Melnick. Absentces-Richard Willever, jean O'Donnell, Thelma Spare, Jean Mirkin. Sophomore Dramatic Club-Organized 1935 So many pupils joined the Sophomore Dramatic Club in September that it was divided into three groups, each of which produced and directed a play. Stagecraft Club Front Row-Joseph Krasnansky, Alex Wojcik, Charles Goldenbaum, secretary-treasurerg Edward Groffie, president, John Kawka, Joseph Liwacz, William H. Ridgway, Jr. Second Row-Armand Christopher, P. Newell Hoagland, vice-presidentg Aaron B. Edelman, William Tyson, Nickolas V. Nemchik, Frank Christopher, Jule Massari, Herman Schwartz, Albert Karpovich. Absentee:-Friebis Siegfried, sponsor, Eugene Lear, Charles Kenner. Stagecraft Club-Urganized 1932 With make-up kit, hammer, and saw this club has rendered service in making up characters, constructing scenery, and managing the lighting effects for dramatic productions. fx ,-J el x Q E , A X D x be Xa id! E515 5:1 E15 E E A l l I I l i 2 f li , . l r -9 l f 1 s ' f di x 3, 2 sig i l - 9 X 6 ll 1 T x N Q51 E E? EE El .g I , ? E if if Y Boys' Glee Club Front, Ron'-Charles Reading, Nicholas Krieling. XVayne Vlfesseridorf, john Cole, Raymond Cole, XVilliam Lowell, F. Murray XYestover, sponsor, Gordon Latella, presidentg John Ehy, secretary-treasurer: Marcellus Jenkins. John Sheenan, Ernest Kovacs, John Keating, Frederick Glover. Second Ron'-LeRoy Spears, Alex Vann, Alfred Luck, Archer Allen, Arthur Burtis, Arthur Sypelc, Henry Mantel, Raymond janukowicz, VV'alter Illian, Thaddeus Rice, vice-president, Max Allard, Raphael Jones. Third Ron'-William Mantel. VVilliam Kipperman, W'ilbert jenkins, Charles VValot. Joseph Mihalchick, Leonard Green. Calvin Brown, David Kydd, Frederick Gerhauser, Daniel Graham, Robert Allen. Absmztem-.-Xltoii Eby, Mario Funari, Richard Potts. Boys' Glee Club-Organized 1910 The club not only furnished entertainment for school assemblies and local associations but also presented the operetta, "Venezia," in conjunction with the Girls' Glee Club. Girls' Glee Club Front' Rau'--Vl'anda Hawley, Ilda Irwin, Jean Wylie, Violet Nligatz, Ethel Brewer, Helen Cook, Mildred Scales, Emma Conover, Wilma Stout, Erma Gross, Shirley Urken, Eileen Becker, Betsy Ross. Second Rott'-Elaine Gross, Estelle Richmond, Philomena Giordanio, Gertrude Kolk, Jane Hopewell, Jean Reed, Jean O'Donnell, Thelma lllezanko, Marie Ludwig, Rose Perlitch, Dena Alvino, Evelyn Berkel- hamer, Rhoda Miller. Third Row-Mary Mallard, Patricia Whitehead, secretary-treasurerg Mildred VVarwick, Florence Mul- heron. Anita Sine, Doris Stevenson, Rose Morrell, Maxine Cohen, president, Edythe Vanderbilt, Bernice Garb, Helen Krupp, Alice Miller, Ruth Spector, Alice Carter. Fourth Rott'-Angeline Giordano, Mildred Terres, Louise Disbrow, Lillian Tedeschi, Virginia Brooks, Anastasia Goreglad, Doris Burd, Gertrude Gibson, Lena Gugliucci, Betty Ann Stumpf, vice-president, Harriet Stanley, Gertrude Warach, Pauline Bogage. Aivsentees-Isabel Cook, Ruth Stout, J. Parker Russel, director. Girls' Glee Club-Organized T932 Outstanding because of the service it has rendered, the Girls' Glee Club has given musical programs in the Auditorium and sponsored the annual operetta, Ki ' 31 Venezia. 7 Presidents Council fizoi Inter-Club Council 9 Presidents' Council-Organized 1932 Front Row-John Higgins, John Rich, Harold Hartman, Bernice Schultz. Betty Baldwin, Ilda Irwin, Elma Griscom, Miss Bertha Lawrence, sponsor: Jeanne Bloor, Ruth VVil4 son, Veronica Liptak, Elizabeth Nedzbala, John Kersey, Jack DiNola, Gordon Latella. Sccaizil Rowfllavicl Rankin. Robert Eastham, Francis Sabol, Milton Rosenthal, Catherine VVhite, Theo Hunt, Lita Kemler, Virginia McDonald, Doris Browne, Margaret Henri- etta, Eleanor Holt, Jeanette Marasco. Wil- liam Cook, William Temple, I-larry Jaeger, Keyron Donohue. Tfllllf Rott'-Alonzo Inman, Joseph Bendel, Douglas Fish, Doris Brown, Mary Kozma, Genevieve Tysko, Elsie Smith. Mary Con- nolly, Mary Jacobs, Beulah Townley, Edzt Epifanio, Richard Culliton, Joseph Ginn, Robert VVatts. Fozzrilz Ron'-Marco Deflngelis, Peter Boszak, Milton Rosenthal. Robert Roth, Harry Olinsky, Jordon Barlow, Edythe Vanderbilt, Theodore Sands, August Ciel, David Torn- kinson, VVilliam Sharp, Kenneth Richards, Edward Olin. Fifilz Row-VVilliam Bullock, Orlando Orsi, Morris Richards, William Snyder, Frank Uiteritto, Robert Davis. VVilliam Green. Robert Hands, William Brearly, Edward Sutterly, Joseph Sikucinski, Charles Stano. flbscntccs-William Mayer, Frank Poria, Wil- liam Swick, Harry Fugill, Thaddeus Svvie- conetk, Irwin Christie, Steven Kraycsik, Augustus Budgick, Audrey Geiiert, Mar- jorie Lythgoe, Thomas Blake, Charles VVeigel, Earl Wright, Angelo Giambelluca. Serving as a contact between the ex- ecutive force and the individual student through the medium of the homeroom president, this group discusses and at- tempts to solve school problems. Inter-Club Council-Organized 1932 Front Row-'James Reed. Henry Suvalsky, Robert Suvalsky, John Rich, VVellington Eler, president: Miss Bertha Lawrence, sponsor, Nathaniel Doughty, Warren Richards, Philip Shirkey, vice-presidentg Sol VVeiss, Leo Mercier. Second Row-Richard Crockett, Karl Lindenthal, Florence Mulheron, Ruth Richmond, Estelle Richmond, Doris Brown, Lita Kemler, Ethel Koschik, William Kipperman, Edward Bogatski. Tliirfz' Row-Charmian Kaplan, Patricia Laird, Aaron Edelman, Hazel Fort, Betty Rhoads, Christine Thompson, George Gibson, Jean Stout, Nellie Putzan, Richard Vecere. Abreiifccs-Cliarles Bodine, Divina Salerno, David Quattroni, Richard Scott. The club serves as a means of en- abling club representatives to discuss problems vital to school and club life and to establish Contact with the vari- ous organizations. as tl i I 1 s he l X l x ' .1 Q XL X, , F3 Tig 1 .5 1 ,Qi 1 i gs E 2-+1 rs Els-!l"Xw Serfvice Corps Shop Safety Council The Service Corps-Organized 1931 Front Rott'-Edward Halsey, Harold Gordon, Betty Black, Edna Hellman. Patricia Laird, Ruth Norton. Evelyn XYolf. Dorothy Solan. Miss Bertha Lawrence, sponsorg Claire Laczoni. Helen XVest. Jean Cooney. Sally Mohr. Ruth Richmond, Patricia XYhitehead, Harold Saidt, Louis Guerra. Second Ron'-Edward Stern, lfathew Lapin, Philip Means, Xewell Hoagland, James O'Mara. Edward Nack, De- sider Simkow. Samuel Peraino, Jack Travers, Grace Halsey. secretary: Fred Schumann, James Yitella, Stanley Dube, NYilliam XYhite. Harry Case, Arthur Kelsey. XYalter Ziegler. James Kenney, Louis Parker. Third Rott'-Robert Buck, Shelley Accuff. lVilliam Bentz, Charles Frankenneld, Harold Schwartz. lYilliam Kan- tor. Albert Rednor. Harry XVallace. Bernard Millner, XYilliam Erick, Charles Micliael. Lloyd Lesslie, XYilliani Mantel, Donald Johnson, George Hottel, Richard Vecere. AXvlTlIllfOD Short. Fozrrffz Ron'-XX'illiam Fisher, Spencer Bloor. treasurer, Joseph Maiorino, Philip Meltzer. Hyman Kaplan, Keyron Donahue, Charles Marshall. Samuel Monroe, Donald Krauch, Jack Meullcr. Albert Dearden. Law- rence Raughley, Herbert Rednor. Robert Grandstaff, Edgar Bunce, William Kiney, Joseph Olbrys, David Thorn. Fifth Roz:-Bernard Lavine. Carroll James, Sheldon Cub- berley. Charles Hewitt, Ellsworth Sutphin, Sol Browdy, Lyman Roloson. George Abel, XYi1liam Pennington, Andrew Seeds. John Mandl. Robert Means, Theodore XYarner. Pasquale Maffei, Spencer Barber, president, Harold Duti. Fred Ecker. Sixth Row-XVilliam Allfather, Paul Roumanis. Philip Shirkey, Edward XYeizer, Martin Epstein. vice-presidentg Charles Kuehner. Harold XVood. XYarren Richards. Louis Kelsey, Wellington Eler, Jack Dilley, Nathaniel Doughty. Absentee:-Marjorie Bangham. Bond Bailey, Edward De- boskey. Craig Fabian, Lee Harrington, Harry Jones, Irving Kern, John llras. llartin Perlberg, Julian Rifkin, LeRoy Smith, Jack Snyder. As in every community, a representative group of the ablest members are chosen for the pur- pose of maintaining and promoting its welfare. Cur Service Corps functions in this capacity. Shop Safety Council-Organized 1935 Frou? Row-Joseph XY, Hills. sponsorg A. XValter Tyson, sergeant-at-arms, Ulysses Moore, Charles Marshall, XYilliam Chadwick. Robert Ford. George XYright. sec- retary-treasurerg Howard Allen, presidentg Joseph Tar- rantino. Francis E. Mack, sponsor. Second Ron'-George Hodanish. Alvin llcMinn. Louis llazakis, Joseph Donnelly. Kenneth Ireland, YYilliam Argust. Benjamin Allegretti. Jule Massari. Lewis Shapiro, Spencer XYouters. fllvscfztvcs-Josepli Ginn, Benjamin Olinsky, Harold Elling- ham, XYilliam Hegedus. Promotion of safety in the shops is the pur- pose of this organization. The council adopted a safety code intended to make the students safety-conscious. 51211 1 l22jl 1 M 9 0 0 Y Cllomcm Soclet Front Row-Iohn Kersey, Maurice Gilbert, Joseph Olbrys, Ruth WVilson, Dorothy Solan, Miss Mary lf, Meagher, sponsor, Evelyn Wolfe, Bernice Schultz, vice-presidentg, Russell Coleman, treasurer, Na- thaniel Doughty, Leroy Atchley. Second Row-Solomon Lasof, Edward Stern, Paul Roumanis, Doris McVicl:er, Sally Mohr, Miriam Thompson, Betty Lantz, Amelia Iastrebski, secretaryg William Pennington, Thomas Nolan, VVilliam Brearley. Third Row-Sam Peraino, Edward Rogers, Robert Eastman, Rhoda Miller, Evelyn Berkelhamerm Mar- garet Ryba, Jeanne Bloor, james Kenny, Harold Kramer, Charles Norton, presiclentg Richard Bernasco. Fourth Row-Robert Davis, Beatrice Weinstein, Harriet 'Mirkin, Beatrice Phillips, Lillian Rolniclc, Pauline Bardos, Viola Primm, Virginia McDonald, Betty Robson, Rosina Felice, Betty Black. Abseaztees-Franklin Adams, Loretta Byer, Lee Harrington, john Mack, Gertrude Murphy, Horace Smith, Jr., Theodore Warner. Cliorzian Society-Orgmzizea' 1917 Organized in 1917 to encourage a better academic and social understanding among students, the Clionian Society closed its first year under Miss'Mary Meagherls sponsorship. During the weekly meetings members of the club made! reports on current events. These included the following talks: 'fCrime and Movies," by James Kenney, "Were the Lindberghs justified in Leaving America?" by Harold Kramer, f'Socialism,', by Nathaniel Doughty, and K'The New 100-inch Telescopef' by Solomon Lasof, Once each month the club was entertained by a guest speaker. The first of these, William O'Brien, spoke on "The Effects of War on ltalyf' Vance Pierce in his talk, "Opportunities for Young'People,,' explained that present conditions should not interfere with the future of young people. Other prominent monthly speakers xvere'William Blackwell and Elma Lawson Johnston. Each meeting was usually concluded by the reading of the "Climaniac," a humorous newspaper, edited by a different club member each week. This weekly, which contains intimate news about the members, proved so popular that all the issues were combined in one book. Each l'Clionian" received a copy. Most important of the social events was the Clionian Reunion held on December 23, 1935, at Longacres Country Club. The success of this affair was due largely to the efforts of Franklin Adams. Following this, a roller skating party was held at the Garden Skating Rink. Evelyn Wolf was the chairman of the committee in charge of this undertaking. Miss Meagher, who has proved a most active sponsor, gave a Valentine Party at the Community Home on North Clinton Avenue. Fol- lowing the Leap Year Dance, a joint dance with the Belles Lettres was held on April 16, 1936, at the Contemporary Club. ln the field of sports the rivalry with the Forum Club was continued, the Clionian Club losing the annual football game, 7-6, but winning the basketball game, 13-10. Washington Trip DEAR DIARY OR TMPRESSIONS OF WHAT l GOT FOR 19 BUCKS Thursday, Gctober 10: Retired at 4:30 A. M., got up X f X at -1:35 A. M. to catch 8:20 train . ., . Dashed to Clinton .Milk pig Street Station . . . 8:20 left right on time at 8:30 with fifi 4 me hanging on back by one hand and a tooth. tRemind me to get 50c refund for those ten minutesj . . . Masoin- Dixon Line--tremind me to get another 50c refund 'cause the line wasn't there.j . . . Elkton . . . Don,t jump out, girls, we're going 10lM miles per hour . . . Scenery . . . Musty jokes . . . Exciting bridge games . . . Tag through the cars . . . Roberta Conover's it . . . 11:33 train pulls into Union Station-11:34 . . . Bounced off train . . , Walked to Capitol . . . What! walk already? . . . Boots, boots, marching up, and down again, and up again, and down again . . . Stop! We're going crazy . . . No, we aren'tg we're going to the Zoological Gardens . . . Bears . . . Ellyfunts . . . Baboons . . . and Bill Antheil . . . We percolate arounl . . . Finally to hotel . . . We eat! . . . Library of Congress . . . It looks as though welll be here forever . . . This Declaration of lndepen- dence is a fake, it doesnit look at all like the one in Muzzey . . . Maybe Muzzey is wrong . . . Potomac Park . . . Full moon by special arrangement of Miss Lawrence . . . Soft lights and sweet music . . . Dancing . . . What a time to mention dancing . . . Sleep, oh well, not exactly . . . Mishaps of the night . . . Ir. Smith loses 3c playing poker . . . That's not a mishap, that's a calamity. Friday, Gctober ll: We uns dash cold aqua pura Coh yeah-aj on our faces and go down to eat our fried egg . . . Bureau of Engraving . . . 'fWill you engrave a few name cards for me?" . . . Walk Cnotice that wordj . . . Walk to and up the Washington Monument . . . A be-u-ti-ful view . . . f'Most of us rode downi' . . . Such sissiesl . . . Bureau of Fisheries . . . A lot of poor fish look at a lot of other poor fish . . . Which is which? . . . We can't tell . . . We bounce into White House and get bounced almost . . . Lunch . . . Luncheon to the 1Aristocrats . . A Arling- ton . . . Girls ogle soldier while Doubting Thomases count off seconds . . . l wonder if he's human . . . Sun gleams on marble . . . A wild dash for back seats in buses . . . Thence to Mount Vernon Lawn to watch birdie , . . Wait in line 10 Ctenj minutes for 10c tS.1Oj ice cream cone . . . Our magic carpets, buses to you, whisk us back to the City of Distances , . . Yea, we toddle off to the Red and Gold Giftie Shoppe . . . We don't go to town often, but when we do l5c don't mean nothin' . . . Zip, goes another nickel . . . One Kovacs buy Zap gun for nephew . . . f'Dinner for 200, please, james" . . . Thence to the theatre . . . Sigh, sigh for Bob Taylor . . . Hotel . . . We trip the light fantastic 'til twelve-thirty . . . My, what dissipation . . . Sounds of "raise you oneu and "Take that ace out of your sleeven issuing from rooms on 4th floor. Saturday, October 12: Poker games interrupted by calls for breakfast . . . Adios to hostelry . . . Wellington Eler was tired and tried to take a cab, but they made him put it back . . . Annapolis . . . l don't think they're all so good looking . . . However, we could hardly tear Miss Wieand away from the place . . . Well, on second thought, they aren't so bad . . . Back to hotel . . . We eat . . . This is getting to be a habit . . , Bid a last tearful farewell to hotel . . . Smithsonian Institute to find a better cane . . . All very educational, no doubt . . . Most of us sat, but some of us ambled around picking up stray bits of knowledge and stuff . . . As if we didn't acquire enough knowledge at dear old T. H. S .... Sit and wait for buses which in turn transport us to train . , . Songs, cheers, and locomotives for everything and everybody . . . Spencer Barber even suggests a locomotive for the railroad . . Mistofer Smiff passes out lunches . . . Have one of my cheese sandwiches . . . No, thanks, I just had an apple . . . We jog along at a merry pace , . . Trenton, my Old home town . . . Clinton Street Station again . . . Where have l seen that place before? . . . Train comes to a reluctant stop and we all get off more or less reluctantly . . . H231 42' J , S, 555521 ' N241 0 0 0 V"Ana' hola' the faithful mirror up to man." --ROBERT LLOYD. H251 H261 THE LOVE of the theatre is so universal that it is surprising that drama has played such a casual part in school life. To-o few pupils realize that acting is an excellent cure for the feeling of self-consciousness that affects adversely the efficiency and mental health of the student. The whole- someness and the joy of this activity are of great assistance in developing a healthy attitude toward school Work. The excel- lence of the plays presented in the Trenton Central High School has led to an in- creasing number of plays produced, and has finally necessitated the introduction of drama classes into the curriculum. Miss Cl1ristie's Dramatic Classes Last September, the large enrollment in the dramatic classes made it necessary to obtain a teacher in addition to Harold A. VanKirk to give instruction in drama. Miss Sarah C. Christie, because of the brilliant work in creative writing that she has accomplished in the Trenton schools, was asked to fill this position. At the outset, lbliss Christie's classes studied the history of the drama, the structure of the play, and the art of gesture. After the students had learned the essential rudi- N ments of drama they began the writing acting and pro- ducing of plays. lt is interesting to note that when The Laurerzie was in need of an original play, Nathaniel i Doughty, a member of Miss Christie's class, submit-ted an XE N as X excellent one-act play, entitled And So It Goes. Two plays were presented by Miss Christie's classes in the Auditorium. The first, showing the art of gesture to good effect, was the pantomime, Pierrot and Pierrette. The Perils of Penelope, the second play, was written by the pupils themselves. Since it was a "thrilling melodramaf' the desired effect was produced on the audience by the exaggeration of tone and gesture. SARAH C. CHRISTIE Belang' students who have elected drama show a desire to continue the study of this interesting subject in an institution of higher learning. "The old order changeth, yielding place to- the newf' This quotation finds direct application in the fact that, as the stars of today fade, these ambitious and talented students of the drama will suc- ceed them and gain the spotlight on the legitimate stage of the future. f127l Senior 'Play Mozzsieur Beaucaire stepped into the limelight on the evenings of November 21, 22, and 23, when the annual senior play was presented in the Trenton Central High School Auditorium. As the lights were dimmed, a hush came over the audi- ence, and the curtain rose on a young Frenchman, Monsieur Beaucaire QManuel Kunisj, who had fled to England to escape the ire of his cousin. Throughout England he Was known as a gambler and a barber. Disguising himself as a count, he gained admission to a ball, Where he met the Lady of his Dreams, Lady Mary Carlyle QAdelle Tylerj. Their romance progressed smoothly until Monsieur's jealous rival, Captain Badger CGordon Latellal, denounced him as a common gambler and barber. Imagine his Ladyls em- barrassment! Naturally, her love fell a number of degrees, in fact, it became considerably cooler. Monsieur Beaucaire, disillusioned as to the emotion of everlasting love, was sud- denly discovered in his true identity, that of a Prince- cousin to the King of France. Scorning the love which Lady Mary Carlyle once again offered him, he returned to his own country, "a sadder, but a wiser man." The excellent cast was coached brilliantly by Harold A. VanKirkg and the realistic scenery was designed by Friebis Siegfried and constructed under the supervision of Francis llflack. For smooth manipulation of scenery we give credit to the Stagecraft Club. Since one of the pur- poses of producing the senior play is that of revenue, we commend the Ticket Committee for the extensive sale of tickets and the Candy Committee for additional revenue. The total receipts amounted to 367514. H281 HAROLD A. VANKiRK "The Flower o Venezia" On May 8 and 9, the musical organizations pre- sented the operetta, "The Flower of Venezia," a complicated tale of love and intrigue. The tale: Victor CGordon Latellaj and the Dulce diBomba CHenry Mantelj both love Fioretta tMuriel Sklutej, daughter of the Doge CLeon Freemanj and his dominating wife Uean Paulj. However, through the aid of family assassins fHenry Suvalsky and Martin Epsteinj, and potent poisons, the Duke transfers his affections to Lavinia CStella Sinclairj, Fioretta's sister, making Victor's and Fioretta's hap- piness complete. Those responsible for the staging, music, costum- ing, scenery and lighting, dancing, printing and ad- vertising were Miss Hanna Foster, Freibis Siegfried, Francis Mack, Miss Grace Brauninger, Joseph VV. Hills, Miss Daphne Koenig, and Angell Mathewson. l Minstrel Internationale On the evenings of March 13 and 14, the first minstrel show of the Trenton Central High School was presented by the band. NVith L. Rogene Borgen as director, and VVilliam Cook as interlocutor, the show was a Uhowling success." No end of merriment was furnished by the six notorious endmen: Norman Bottorf, an Eng- lishman, Thomas Conte, an Italiang Donald 'Galla- gher, a stuttering Hobog Charles Kenner, a Negro, james Chambers, a jew, and Harold Stevens, a Swede. In the "Circle of Special Features," the band pre- sented the "Stephen Foster Tableauf' "The Ragtime VVedding," "The German Band," and a UI-Ianging Skit," Calbert Kelsey impressively exhibited a lighted baton act, and the Accordian Band made its first appearance before the public. H1291 Second Sl1epl1erd's Play For the Christmas Auditorium program, the dramatic classes of Harold A. VanKirk presented the Second Shepheravs Play. This morality-interlude, dating back to 1450, still ho-lds the ingredients of hilarious comedy. The three shepherds Uohn Rich, Jordan Barlow, and Henry Suvalskyj are philosophizing on the miseries of the poor and the misfortunes of marriage when Mok CSam HirshQ, a thief, appears and wishes to spend the night with them. During the night, Mok makes off with a sheep to his nearby hut. For fear of discovery, the wily Mok conspires with Gill, his Wife QLeon Freemanj, to dress the animal in baby's clothes and to tuck it in a cradle. Hearing strange noises from Mok's hut, the shepherds enter, discover the sheep, and punish Mok by tossing him up in a blanket. Stagecraft Crew The colorful scenery that did so much to lend atmosphere to the plays presented in the Audi- torium this year is the work of the Stagecraft Crew, which is comprised of seventeen members. Under the direction of Friebis Siegfried, the group designed and painted the scenery for the Auditorium plays, and did the vast amount of mechanical work behind the scenes so necessary to the successful- staging of a play. Before an individual is permitted to join the crew, he must present references of past experience in stage work, and must be an "AU or "BU student in drawing and in other branches of art work. At intervals during the year the members of the crew gave reports on the technique and methods of stage work. These reports familiarize the crew with the stage from a mechanical point of view. H301 0 0 0 "By sports like these are all ilzeir cares beguz'l'd." -GOLDSMITH. 51311 51323 EXTENSIVE ATHLETIC FIELDS, vast gym- nasiums, modern pools and up-to-date equipment enable our students to regulate their school activities primarily on a health basis. The diversified programs, sponsored by our health department, tend to further the interest of the student in athletics. Even those pupils who are not permitted to participate in vigorous exercise because of physical disability are given a definite program to follow in order that they may build up their bodies as near to normal as possible. Thus we put into actual practice the theory, long ago emphasized by Locke, that a healthy body is conducive to a healthy mind. Girls' Basketball ln the annual intra-mural basketball tour- nament, sponsored by Bliss Grace lXl. Braun- inger, Edith Hough's team defeated squads captained by Alice Halliday, Betty Rhoades and Ruth hliller, Song Leaders for Sports Night For Girls' Sports Night, the songleaders led the Red and Black teams in songs, the peppy lyrics of which were composed by the leaders themselves. Girls' Speedball Under the sponsorship of lVIrs. Isabella Quick and lVIrs. Anne Griffiths, some nine hundred girls vied for honors in the annual inter-period tournament championship. Girls' Tap Leaders 1 After having learned some intricate dance steps from Nlrs. Elizabeth DiGiorgio and lVIrs. Anne Grilhths, the tap leaders taught the dances to the girls participating in Girls, Sports Night. H331 "T" Winners Every girl in the Trenton Central High School now has an opportunity to earn a major UTY' Under the new point system, adopted by the Athletic Department, there are more than fifty different ways by which a girl may accumulate the points necessary for a "TJ, Leadership in "gym" activities and participation in inter-period and intra-mural sports enable the girls to earn credit. The greatest advantage of the new system, however is the recognition it gives to individ- ual sports. As a result, the girls spare neither their skates nor th e i r bicycles. They group for hiking trips as well as for an aft- ernon of horse- back riding, and by no means do they ignore ten- nis. M a j o r "T's" were given to the ten g i r l s who earned the high- est number of points and who in a d d i t i o n had taken 7 S Z 0 f e a c h semester's showers. hlamie Abbott, Amelia Jastrebski, Sallie M o h r , V i 0 l a Primm, Betty Rhoads, Helen Rochford, Peggy Scudder, Dorothy Shirkey, H e l e n West, and Evelyn DOUBLE B Wolf were pre- B sented with "T's." Bfffffff Com In addition to this Brrrrrrr-Boom m Q1 0 1' 3 W 3 1' d Boom-Boom Fight-Trenton-High Fight Rah-Rah+Rah-Rah Fight-Trenton-High Fight Rah-Rah-Rah-Rah Brrrrrrr1B0om L1341 s h i e l d s w e r e given to the girls who had earned t h r e e hundred points and a chev- ron for each ad- ditional hundred points. Those w h 0 e a r n e d s e v e n hundred points received recognition wi t h a star. cr 732821 Hii-Rah-Rah Hi--Rah-Rah Ki-Ki-Ki Sis-Sis-Sis Boom-Boom-Boom -aaaaaaah-- Team! Team! Team! Girls' Sport A ctivities Top-Girls' Leaders. Left-Amelia Iastrebski, captain of the "Reds" Right-Girls' Swimming Team. Boftouz, left-Girls' Hockey Team. Bottom, right-Mamie Abbott, captain of the HBlacks." 51351 Y H361 Board of Coaches At the beginning of the 1935 football season, Dr. Spencer, intensely interested in the athletics of our school, discovered among our faculty eight talented former gridmen. These men, Claude Kleinfelter, Douglas Goodale, Clarence Lowden, LeRoy Smith, Edward lWurphy, Morris Midkiff, "Al" Neuschaefer, and L'AlH Clemens, had formerly produced suc- cessful teams. They generously offered their services to help brighten Trenton Highys football prospects. A sophomore team, a junior team, and a varsity were or- 4 ganized. The idea is to give the football player twolyears of good training so that he will be fit for the varsity in his senior year. Cn the sophomore team, the young gridder receives in- struction in the fundamentals of the game. Cn the jayvees, he receives further instruction and meets tougher competition. One can easily see what sort of team Trenton will develop with such a plan in the future, LEROY "RED" SMITH This year, the sophomores, guided by 'Claude "Dutch" Kleinfelter and his assistants, Douglas HCap', Goodale and Ed Nfurphy, won five games and lost two. The jayvees, coached by the capable mentors, Clarence K'Cap" Lowden and Morris Midkiff, ended their .season with a record of two victories and two defeats. Because this year's varsity was made up of ,green men unaccustomed to- the Warner system, the coaching squad found it difficult to produce at-team' that Uclickedf, Since next year's varsity can draw men of experience from this year's sophomore and jayvee teams, Head Coach Pat Clemens and his assistants, LeRoy Smith and "Al" Neuschaefer, are looking optimistically toward the fall. . f137l sophomore T Football A t Front Row-Parker Lathan, George Stewart, Edward Valyo, Maston'Murphy,' Douglas 'l. Gooclale, coach, C. B. Kleinfelter, coachg E. G. Murphy, coachg Donald Seiger, Matthew Pasawicz, Harry Johnson, James Dayton. Second Row-XVilliam Shestko, Domenic Licciardello, Leon McVay,'Seymour Rothstein, Charles Thomann, Crozer Vernam, Victor Reed, Thomas Day, Stanley Renk, john Liwacz. , Third Row-Gene Dellisi, YVilliam Spych, Michael Papp, George Hotlanish. captain, Albert Verclel, Andrew Soltesz, Philip Lynn, managerg Harry NValdrnan, manager. ' , Albxcntoes-Lloyd Bradley, Lawrence Dooling, Richard Flynn, Donald Pugliese. Iohn Fecak-, WVilliam Roberts, VVilliamI Coleman, Joseph Masserini, Iohn' Pacia, John Powell, Paul Del Margio. ' The sophomore football team, organized last year, displayed such skill during the season that the future of football at Trenton High looks mighty promising. Coached by Claude Kleinfelter, Edward Murphy, and Douglas Goodale, the team devel- oped into a smooth-Working machine that Won five out of seven contests played. ln avenging a previous defeat at the hands of the George School Junior Varsity, the team won its greatest victory. Lloyd Bradley, the hero of the game, blocked three Georgian punts, one of which he recovered and which led to a T. H. S. score. Proof that the sophs will make varsity ma- terial next year came in the B. M. l. game. With, two inches of Water covering the greater part of the field, they adopted Water polo tactics and splashed their Way to victory. SOPHOMORE SCHEDULE T.H.S. Opffnt Peddie Juniors Cawayj .............. 7 O George School Ir. Varsity Chomej.. O 6 Peddie Juniors Chomej .........,.... 7 O Bristol High School Ir. Var. Chomej 6 7 Lawrenceville Juniors Cawayl ........ 27 0 B. M. I. Juniors Chomej ............ 7 0 George School Jr. Varsity Cawayl.. l4 0 Total .. ,... es B N381 Junior Varsity Football . Front Ron'-Iosepli Olbrys, Fred Ecker, Ulysses Moore, Mr. Midkiff, coachg , Albert' Bash, 'captaing Mr. Lowclen, coachg Russell Coleman, Charles' De Base, Paul Pa l 'l nu ovic 1. - Second .R0TCl4J'OSCIJl1 Nalbone, manager, William Kurtz, Ceslaus Grala, 'Arthur Wolf, Thaddeus Rice, Ioseph Reilly,'Iames Jones, Hyman Kaplan, Harold Petty, Desider.Simlcow, Philip, Means, Herman Menetski, assistant manager. ' Although the Junior Varsity lost to Lambert- ville bythree points and to Yardley by 'a single point, they soon learned the art of punting and pushing the pigskin over the last lime line. It was a group of veterans and not ping-pong jun-- iors that Won 33 points from Cathedral's sec- onds and from Bristol's first team, and sent both home sore and scoreless. The opportunity to play exceptionally strong opponents has whipped the V.'s into such shape that Trenton High's football fans are an- ticipating for 1937 a Uhumdingeru of a season, punctuated by many victories. SCHEDULE r.H.s. oppmf Yardley ....., . 12 13 Lambertville . . . . 6 9 Cathedral 2d . . . . 33 O Bristol ..... . . 33 0 Total . . . BZ Z Varsity Football Front Rott'-XVilliam Chadwick, Sam Dudick, Anthony Prunetti, Albert Bash. Harry Kurtz, VVilliam Temple. Second Row-XYilliam WVright, Pete Boroday, Michael Fnccello, joseph Maksimow, Charles Henry, Pas- quale Calderone, flames Jones. Joseph Reilly. Third Ron'-Joseph Olbrys, Francis Sabol, Paul Valyo, john Fedorchak, Coach Alfred Clemens, Nicholas' NVeisgerber, Frank Puca, Peter Boszak, Louis Mazakis. If the success of a team is measured by its improvement, then the Trenton High Varsity football team for the season of 1935 would rank first in the state. In the beginning, Al Clemens' players were new to the game and unacquainted with the lfVarner system. Six times in succession they went down to defeat before stronger and more experienced teams, but with each game ability and confidence grew until the team developed a winning stride that carried it through the last three games. Trenton High first found that she had become a team of real power in the Atlantic City Convention Hall. Tlhere, in the presence of 8,500 football fans, she gave a superb exhibition of running attack and aerial barrage that 'humbled the Atlantic team by a score of thirteen to two. From this victory, Trenton gained confidence, and her latent powers awakened. By single, double, and fake reverses she hopelessly bewildered the strong Princeton High eleven and defeated them by a score of twenty to twelve. A victory o-ver Cathedral before 7,000 spectators brought the season to a dramatic close. During the first half of the game, Fuccello and Boroday made spectacular runs, and each scored a touchdown for Trenton High. Then the rain descended and the floods came. Thousands of spectators left, but thousands with undampened ardor remained. Undaunted by the muddy field, 'Trenton High held her ground and ended the season with a thirteen-seven victory. - a SCHEDULE . T.H..S'. Ojvjflzzf . T,H,S', Opffm Oct. 5-Asbury Park , . .. .H Nov. 9-Collingswood A Oct. 12-New Brunswick H Nov. 16-Atlantic City .... A Oct. 19-Long Branch . . .. .H Nov. 22-Princeton ...... . .H Oct. 26-Camden ...... H Nov. 28-Cathedral . . . H Nov. 2-Phillipsburg .... . . .A - Total . , . . 51391 Soccer Front Row-Iames.Solarsky, NValter Patykula, Stephen Chorba, Louis Guerra, Sylvester Konderwicz Bruno Carabelll. Second Row-William Lloyd, Charles Dubuslcy, Charles Budd, Angelo Giambelluca, Albert Innocenzi. Tlzifg' Row-Milton Levine, manager, James Carlton, David Rankin, Jacob Lawrence, Earl jones, james Thomas, Coach Dave VVClSlJCIg. Besides sharing honors for the State title with Kearney, the Red and Black iron-clad hooters registered seven victories, suffered one defeat, and tied one score. In the two games with Camden, the locals showed real power, winning the initial gamd by a 7-O score and the second game by a 5-0 score. Long Branch offered no competition to Trenton as the Hnal score, 15-0, will indicate. Princeton Frosh succumbed by a 4-0 score, and Bayonne fell to defeat to the tune of 4-l, These games featured a brilliant passing attack led chiefly by Jimmy Carlton, Charles Budd, Al Inno- cenzi, James Thomas, and Dave Rankin. The guarding of Goalie Steve Chorba was beyond words of description. A thousand excited spectators attended the home game with Harrison and saw Trenton suffer its first defeat in two con- secutive seasons. The visitors gained a 2-l lead, and guarded the goal so closely that it was impossible for the Red and Black to tie the score. The home game with Hamilton produced much excitement among the followers of these two rivals. Both teams had to be content, however, with an unsatisfying tie, 2-2. The season ended with the customary taste of victory in Trenton's mouth, for Harrison went down to defeat to the score of 3-2. S OCCER SCHEDULE Oct. 4-Long Branch .. Oct. l l-Camden ....,, Oct. 25-Hamilton ...... Olct. 29-Harrison ....,... Nov. 1-Princeton Fresh, . Nov. 5-Hamilton ...... Nov. 6-Camden ....... Nov. 14-Bayonne Nov. 27-Harrison .. Total .. fl-lOl CHARLES BUDD 9 54 Boxing Tennis Boxing Front R0zr'fDaniel Ricciarrlo, Matthew Dunn. 50601111 Row4Stanley Siporski, Frank Angelico, Frank Mal- loy, james Davis, Frederick Sehab, sponsorg Mike Ixu- pecki, Peter lloszak, Anclrew Pagnotti, TllZiflllS1.1S VVOJ- ciechowski. Although a new sport at Trenton High, box- ing has been popularly received. Large crowds witnessed matches between the halves of bas- ketball games and in an intra-mural champion- ship meet. Mike Kupecki has a terrific left, which he uses to advantage practically all of the time. Mattheyv Dunn has developed a fast left hook, Which, accompanied by his Weaving tactics, makes him a very formidable opponent. james Davis IS the most experienced member of the club and is an all-round good boxer. Tennis From' R0wfBernard Carb, Iolin McCnckin, John lylras, Edgar Levy, Bernard Forer, coach, Theodore XVarner, managerg Iohn Black. George Hottel. LeRoy Atchley. Secozid Rott'-7Ralph Smires, Harrv Plitzinger, Dick Darling, Louis Applestein, Anthony 'llllOll1C1ll1l, Michael Senko, Manfred Levey, Craig Barry, Lawrence Raughley. With a record of l3 wins and 3 losses, the 1936 tennis team captured the South Jersey lnter-Scholastic League title. John Mack, Louis Applestein, John lVIras, and LeRoy Atchley were undefeated in league com- petition. Harry Pfitzinger, number one man on the squad, represented Trenton High in the George School lnterscholastics and won the Group Three championship. lVIajor letters were awarded to Edgar Levy, Dick Darling, John Mack, Louis Applestein, John Mras, and LeRoy Atchley. ' f141j fl-P21 wma, WAN D 'Z P raps Wrestling Front Roca'-"Pat" Clemens, coach, Vincent Belardo. Lloyd Bradley, Norman XVoolley, XTilliam xxvflgllt, Francis Sahol, Louis Mazakis, Eclxvarcl Procaceini, Herman Schwartz, .Xclcley Harris. Harold Gordan. Second RotU+NValter Pomyliola. Raymond Barber, ,lulins Sussman, Gene DeRisi, Arthur Burtis, Charles Page, John Pacia, Donald Meeks, john Giordano, Victor Forcina, Mark Fnccello, .Pasqual Calderone. The wrestling season this year may be considered successful in that it has given our wrestlers the necessary training and experience to form a winning team next year. Gvlf Front Rott'-Robert Eastham. ffoseph Roche, XVilliam Mayer, Edgar Levy, secretary-treasurerg LeRoy Smith, coach, Wfellington Eler, John Kersey, Scott Scammell, John Cormie. Second Ron'-Jolin Travers, Thomas Nolan, vice-president, Edgar Bunce, George Hottel, 'Vincent Candy, presidentg Iaclc Croft, Joseph Figur, Craig Barry, Charles Pitman. 1ilZ75CIlfCC.YmS1JSl'lCS1' Barber, Michael Mankovich, Keyron Donohue. Seventy students of the Trenton Central High School have evinced our grow- ing interest in the popular national sport of golf by organizing a golf club. teh Track Team Front Rott'-Earle XVright. Joseph Olbrys, captaiug Oscar Christie, Samuel Kearton, Marcelleons jenkins, Alton Eby. Keyron Donohue, Carl Grosse, John Sheenan. Second Run--Douglas T. Goodale, coachg Michael Petras, Ralph Bossrnan, Frank Murray. Clifford Tom- linson. Peter Shintay. Charles Pushman. Louis Sharlin, Herman Menetski. .-lbscuircs-Speiicer Bloor. Charles Lockwood, Mark Fuccello, Nicholas Kreiling, Frederick Hirst, Lawrence Karwoslci, john Liwacz. Robert Roth, Iames Solarsky, George Golden, Peter Boszak, Donald Van Camp. Louis Mazakis, Paul Pavlovich, XYilliam Berrien, Shelley Acuff, Richard Eagen, Francis Sahol. Competing against seven schools in the most important track event of the season, namely the George School Invitation Meet, Trenton High won second place. Cross Countr Alton C. Eby. managerg Charles Pushman, Earle lVright, Samuel Finch, Michael Petras. Absentee-Charles Lockwood. Hindered by inexperience, illness and injuries, the T. H. S. harriers won but a single contest out of Hve. However, the morale of the Red and Black runners is worthy of cornmendation because of their gallant showings against the strong teams of Elizabeth, Princeton Freshmen, Princeton High, and Peddie. 51433 Basketball Front Row-Harold DuH, managerg Harry Olinsky, VVilliam Stearle, john Mack, Vllilliam Flynn, Milze Gagliartli, Stanley Gilinsky, manager. V Serum! Row-Lelioy Smith, coachg John Champion, Benjamin Olinsky, Perry Jones, Irving Kern, Steward Burchell, Ernest Young, Clifford Smith, captain. Led by Coach HRedl' Smith and Captain Cliff Smith, the 1936 basketball team won 23 games and lost 7. This record was compiled in the face of the strongest opposition of Eastern high schools. Peekskill High, upper New York State cham- pions, and Allentown, last yearls Pennsylvania State champs, were among the highly touted teams defeated by Trenton. Besides Cliff Smith, the Red and Black array consisted of Willie Flynn, Harry Glinsky, Ernie Young, and Stew Burchell. This combination clicked smoothly enough to bring a 17th South Jersey championship to Trenton. The team made a strong bid for the State title but lost out to Asbury Park in the semi-final round. ' T. H. S. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE T.H.S. Opp'nf Dec '6-B. M. I. ............... 35 20 Dec. 14-Princeton Freshmen . . . 20 25 Dec 17-Immaculate Conception.. 26 13 Dec 18-Union Hill .....,...... 27 22 Dec 20-Camden ............... 25 17 Dec 23-Allentown, Pa. . . . . . 26 25 Dec 28-Asbury Park .......... 25 21 Dec 30-Garfield ............... 17 26 Ian. 3-Camden VVoOcl'w Wilsoii 20 15 jan. 4-Peekskill, N. Y. ....... 44 18 lan. 7-Cathedral ............. 25 14 jan. 10-Union Hill ,...... ... 23 20 jan. 14-New Brunswick . . . . . 19 17 jan. 17-Hamilton High . . . . . . 25 14 jan. 18-Princeton Frosh . . . . . . 32 28 jan. 24-Atlantic City ,... . . . 33 31 jan. 25-Asbury Park ..... . . . 11 33 Feb. 1-New Brunswick ........ 30 18 Feb. 5-Lawrenceville Prep .... 28 18 Feb. 8-Passaic ................ 21 24 Feb. 11-Camden High ..... . . . 27 25 Feb. 18-Temple Frosh . . . . . . 31 19 Feb. 22-Peddie School .... . . . 28 19 Feb. 25-Allentown, Pa. . . . . . . 28 32 Feb. 28-Hun School ...... . . . 22 13 Mar. 10-Pennington Prep . .. . . . 17 15 CState Tourneyj Mar. 6-Atlantic City ...... . . . 36 23 Mar. 14-Collingswood .......... 31 23 Mar. 20-Asbury Park .......... 23 43 Apr. 2-Glens Falls Tournament lEastern Statesb, Wliite Plains, N. Y. .......... 25 26 Total . . .................... 780 657 f14-ll Vllon, 235 Lost, 7 E. YOUNG, Center Boys' Swimming Team Breaking two world records, capturing the state and national high schoo-l cham- pionships, and placing second in the lnterscholastics, the Tren-ton High School swimming team splashed through a 'fwowi' of a season. With the exception of one meet, which was later vindicated to Trenton High's credit, 'Coach "Alu Neu- schaefer's proteges remained undefeated by any other high school team. Jim Berta, Jack Mannifield, Bill Stanley, and Cliff Tomlinson, the incompar- able relay team, broke the four-hundred-yard relay world scholastic record in the time, 3:47.7. The one-hundred-fifty-yard relay team, composed of Bill Stanley, Nick Karaffa, and Jack Manniheld, broke the world's scholastic record, formerly held by last year's team of Mikovsky, Hough, and Stanley, in the state meet at Rutgers Uni- versity. 'They lowered the time from 1:26 to 1:24. In the national meet held in the Penn A. C. pool, Maurice Gilbert broke the meet record, held for thirty years, in the two-hundred-twenty-yard free style. The former record was 2:25, Gilbert's time was 2:23.4. In the state meet Jack Mannifield tied the state record of 0224.9 in the fifty- yard free style. Jack Mannifield, Cliff Tomlinson, Bill Stanley, and Maurice Gilbert fthe backbone of the teaml, are leaving this year and must be replaced by the juniors and sophomores who have been working hard to win their places on next year's squad. Date Teams T.H.5'. Ogiffut Dec. 20-Asbury Park ..... 54 21 Mar. 2-Practice Meet with Rutgers Prep. Ian. 18-Penn Frosh .. 49 23 400-yard relay in 3:47.7. Ian.22-Allentown ......... 37 38 Mar. 7-Rutgers Interscholastic Meet in Ian.23-Peddie ............ 53 22 Rutgers University Pool--Seo Feb. 4-West Philadelphia. 49 22 to Blair, with 14 points. Feb. 6-Lawrenceville ..... 45 30 Mar. 14-State Meet, new record in 150- Feb. 8-Invitation by Down- yard relay, from 1:26 to 1:24. town A. C. of New Trenton, 455 Columbia, 165 Pat- York City, 400-yd. erson, 9. relay in 3:52.9. Mar. 21-Nationals. Won National Cham- Feb.14-Massanutten ...... 33 42 pionship, scoring 24 points, near- Feb. 19-Rutgers Prep .... 47 25 est rival, Erassnus, scoring 11. Feb. 22-Princeton Frosh .. 33 42 Feb. 27-Allentown ........ 49 26 Front Row-John Mannifield, fake Keller, Nicholas Karaffa, Cliff Tomlinson, Maurice Gilbert, Donald VanCamp, John Bushlco, Bill Stanley, Leonard Miller, James Berta. Second Row-Alfred E. Neuschaefer, sponsor, John Brown, Edward Spiezle, George Critchlow, Abraham Sharlin, Raymond Critchlow, Thomas Sullivan, James O'Mara, George Hornyak, Raymond Miller, Pasquale Maffei, C. Foster June, sponsor. Absentee-Anthony Malinowski. f146l r Baseball The performance of the Trenton Central High School baseball team last year was one of the best since the sport has been in existence here. Tlhe results of a season marked by persistent effort on the part of Coach Bill Weaver and his proteges were nine wins to three losses. The three defeats, sustained at the hands of New Iersey's best scholastic teams, which were of championship calibre, included the one handed out by -the Pennington Prep sluggers, who are rated with college teams. The effect of Trenton Highls "murderer's row" was felt in every game. Page, Corrado, and Dudick made up this trio, which deserves special applause for their bang-up playing. The pitching honors went ,to Nick Chomicki, who held the opposition to comfortably low scores. The timely hitting and brilliant base run- ning of Bill QHunkj Luzansky was another factor in ithe Red and Blackls success. Teamwork, however, essential to every sport, was evident in every play made by the local diamond array, The Trenton sluggers gathered a seasonls total of 99 runs to- the opponents, 65. ln turning these "rookies" into first class diamond men, Coach Bill Weaver did an admirable piece of work. Mr. Weaver has had much training and experience in our national pastime-training gained as a college baseball star. With so-me regulars from last year returning and with good material from the junior schools, we expect him to produce another great nine. 1935 SCHEDULE 1936 SCHEDULE T.H.S. Opjfut T.H.S. O1J1J'11ft Apr. Z0-Princeton Erosh .. Apr. 29-Princeton Frosh .. 1 3 Apr. 22-South Orange May l-Perth Amboy .. May 3-Perth Amboy ..... May Pennington .. May 10-Camden ....... May B. M. I. .... . May ll-Rutgers ....... May 13-Peddie ........ May 15-Peddie ........... May 16-South Orange . May 17-New Brunswick... May -New Brunswick May 25-Pennington Prep May -Princeton ..... May 29-Lawrenceville .... May 29-Collingswood .. June 7-Hamilton ........ june 2-Camden ...... June ll-Immaculate June -Hamilton .. june 14-Cathedral June -Cathedral .. Total ....... . . . . 99 65 Front Rott'-Angelo Ciamhellucca, Andrew Vranchik, Harold Schuhardt, Earl Iones, James Thomas, -VVil- liam R. VVeaver, coachg Emanuel Cooper, john Fedorchak, Buchanan Ewing, Donald Kinney, Harry P se. Sccozzjnrlclow-Ioliia Senko. john Solarskv, Vlfilliam Stearle, Fred Ecker, Thomas Caldwell, Michael Gagliardi, Charles Budd, Paul Kish, Donald Cook, Vincent Territo, Charles Peters, Herman Trebell, john Fabio. manager. ,1...t-- 51481 Calendar SEPTEMBER 9-57-minute periods! Oi! 23-And still no lockers! 2-l-lfair day! School tomorrow! Not so fair! OCTOBER 5-11259K A- M.-T. H. S. talks about Asbury game. 2:30 P. M.--'1'. H. S. plays Asbury game. 5:00 P. M.-T. H. S. does not talk about Asbury game. 10, 11, 12-Ernie, Kovacs terrorizes VVashington with deadly Zap bun. J. Edgar Hoover names him jr. G-Man No. 2.75. U M 1 ,. -.... I .. 'W' "' :tai 5, . 4, 1 7 k, ' - A 6 E 1 , n EI- Elii ' aw C Ja-A " L nj- t , I E Q P I 6 lr- r 16-One rating period has passed. - 1-f. .1 ,,.,., A But 1 have not! Alack! Alas! E02 "Cyl ,WEB - IL X.. 'R - '11 k NOVEMBER 355 :,Q.1-f 9 - . 1' , ' 'Q ,, ' - aj 35 16-T. S. wins a game! So you thought we couldn't. wif pi huh! 5219- I " .-. 193 21, ZZ, 23-Monsieur Beaucaire! May We suggest the ' -' Russian Ballet? '-- eg qqggi. ,algo ZS-Gravy an' stuHin' an' turkey an' piezsodium bi- J ,K . ,f - I "iff, ' 5 1' , ., -f' ' carbonate . i - , DECEMBER if if , , , . , find- A "-. ew sf Z-Forum-Clionian grudge game. Chonian holds the 2 grudge now! 1-l-Gracie Halsey pens a missive to Mr. Santa Claus, 1 North Pole, Arctic. 11- 25-XVilly Antheil Finds a fountain pen in his stocking. f QX1 Now he must learn how to write-shucks! R JANUARY ' ' O 5 33' 2-Some of us came to school, some of us didn't. f' A ' 15-Hon, Nogo makes Hon. Honor Roll. 27-30-Mid-year! My head goes roun' an' roun'! "" f f Wi! .-' ",7,,E 1? '. 4 t'-' 'Inu FEBRUARY Q 0'f 'f lil ff 7-Seniors strut stuff at snazzy sport struggle. QDance H '.-." 1 -' ' '--'-:' f at "i?il'i'TP to the common horde.j -- 22-Wfashington, ye olde meaney, has a birthday on a L Saturday. ' 5 ,153i,L 29-After adapting yourselves to the offensive tactics ' p -V for three years, girls, here's a golden opportunity to -' " , I , f percolate aroun' an' hunt yo' self a cookie. 2- -A .- ,Q l MARCH sf a , 10-Clear and warm! Signor Sullivan suffers shock when .li f'- 'og Chevie starts spontaneously. Avi' .5 - - 21-First day of Spring! Fancies of about 1,800 young gf -.ff 1 men lightly turn. , .1 22-Fancies of same 1,800 young men turn back. ffm, f f 5' APRIL 2, 3-T. H. S. Olympics! Us and Ziegfeld! 9-Oh, well, just Easter vacation! See you all at the Cadwalacler Park Easter Egg Hunt. 20-Some students stagger to school, totin' books 'cause of independent rodents. W fa 9 MAY -Q ,, if 8, 9-Spring Musicale. Potential Galli-Curcis and Ca- cu rusos come to the floor-I mean, fore. jx 5-Fifth rating period reports. Oh, well, 1' clidn't really 5, XX- iq . want to go to Princeton, anyway. JF as 9-Mom gives me two bits for her Mother's Day gift. V Q -if -- "Y 0 itil .1 :,Ag.,,Vf i.i,. Ak:, il, 9-12-Senior Exams. I will don't want to go to Prince- ,' A L. ., ton. gg, 4. 12-300 juniors, 276 sophomores, and 3 seniors attend Qffl Senior Prom. CJ Q 23-Graduation, I hope. L 149 51501 f 5. 1, I ni Li Y: T 3 gl K1 :C -Xl

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