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1 Q- .,w' .ff - illiijegihhzxsbelel , f, 111. L. uf 011132 Glass of '29 TRENTON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL TEENTON NEW J ERSEY 19 CWB QQ jfuretnnrh In the pages that follow, the staff of the BoBAsnELA has endeavored to portray a complete picture of school life at the Trenton Senior High School in 1929. Toward that end we have diligently labored to review for you the many happy days spent at the Alma Mater. In this volume we have tried to bring before you an interesting and lasting memory of the class of '29, iVe now await your decision as to its success or failure. Among the members of the Staff this year the cooperation has been most unusual. The credit for the attractiveness and completeness of this year-book must be distributed equally among all those who contributed. Those whose pictures appear on the staff page are the heads of the committees, and up till this time have received little credit, though they have worked very faithfully. The editor feels that this is an opportune time to express her gratitude for their assistance and support. It would indeed be a breach of gratitude not to enumerate here those who so efficiently assisted with the BOBASHELA. Florence Gadsby, who supervised the taking of all the individual and group pictures, was assisted by Edith Soden. Jack Bossert, head of the Statistics Committee, was assisted by Dan Ivins, Shirley Yewell and Elinor Wyckoff in compiling the statistics and by Edith Soden in typing them. Elizabeth Conover, who headed the Society Committee, was very ably assisted in her efforts by Rose Craig, Robert Petry, and Edna Cook. Milton Fineberg, who was entrusted with the writing of the Socks was assisted by Arthur Gold, Frances Kipperman, Helen Anderson, and Ethel Lewis. Ethel Manukas, who headed the newly organized department of Humor has as her assistants Madlyn Millner and Dorothea Oswald. Nelson Snook, Athletic Editorg lVIiriam Haveson, Girls' Athletics. Morris Forer, who was in charge of the Feature department,was ably assisted by Ralph Newton, lNIuriel Vetter, and John Musick. Holgar Jansson, the Art Editor, together with Jane Neil, John Lyons and Florence Thompson are responsible for the attractive illustrations appearing in this book. Albert Butterer and Eugene Hutchins were elected to the posts of Circulation Mana- ger and Business Manager respectively. A great deal of credit is due the BOBASHELA official typist, Dorothy Morris, for her fine cooperation and splendid work in connection with the year book. In closing we might say that we have sought to make this BOBASHELA a lasting monument to the many pleasant memories, events, and associations at dear old Trenton High. With such a goal in mind we have done our best and have enjoyed our task immensely. Tim EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. 19 C972 Q9 Bzhinatinn I n app1'eciafz'0njb1' his z'wenty-seven years Qffaifhful service fo our Alma Maier and for his fine fellowship and zmfiring eforfs in tm'in'ing us for the higher things of life, we, the Class of 1929, dedicate, this, flze fifth volume of the BOBASHELA ffl jlillr. li. Q. Burk 19 0717 Behicatiun iBnem Ile hax dzfffusrfl for us a mmpnuml Qf knowledge, Of friendship, Of humor For our mdimentary mimls to absorb- Ile has refined The crude, U nwrought, Unlabmed Ore Qffact- Ile has separated For om' use The gold from the useless slag. . . CHEMIST IN CHARACTER 19 CZ'-1?QWZ CiQ Q9 7 19 coil? QQ Qinntents STAFF . . 7 FACULTY . . 9 SENIORS ...... . 12 CLASS WILL AND PROPHECY . . 38 THE WASHINGTON TRIP . . 41 WHO,S WHO .... . Insert SOCIETIES . . 45 ATHLETICS . . . . 69 SNAPSHOT PAGES . . 78 SOCKS . . . . 79 8 19 C9712 QQ bzniur iaigb Snbnul jfanultp DR. VVILLIAM A. VVIGTZEL Principal MR. W. SCOTT SMITH . Vice Principal EIR. S. YV. EBERLY . . l,f'ha'rge of Carroll lifobbms EIR. A. H. :XLDRIDGE MR. DON T. IDEAL History and l.'o'mmercir1l Commercial MR. LESTER J. BARTLETT MR. CONSTANTINE DIAMOND History Science MISS CLARA V, 1g1QAYMER MISS ALICE HARTZIIFIR DIX Histo Ic7IglI.Sll MR, E, A. BUCK MISS BERTHA EVERETT Sgqfg-ncg Secretary MR. HIXIQRH' BURSLEM MISS LAURA H- FELL Drawing Commercial MR, IRALPII CALDWELL MISS MARY K. FREDERICK Science Jlallzem atics MR. J. W. COLLITON MR. IIOBERT GRAHAM lllathem aficx Com mercial MISS H ARRIET DAY English MR. ARTHUR S. HANCCJQJK English 19 C9713 QQ jfacultp qmzuminuenp MR. J. B. HONEYCUTT History MISS A. P. HUGHES Science MISS GRACE E. IIULSE ' Secretary MR. I. B. HUNTER Latin MISS RUTH E. JEMISON Ojice Manager MR. ELMER W. JOHNSON English MR. WILLIAM T. KERR Mathematics MR. C. B. KLEINI-'ELTER History MR. GEORGE M. KRAIIII Science MR. E. G. LEEFELDT Mathematics MR. CLARENCE W. LOWDEN Mathematics MR.S. EMILY M. LUNDY Drawing MISS AGUSTA MARTINI Commercial DIR. ILXNGELL NIATHEVVSON English MR. MORRIS E. MIDKIEE English MR. 0. J. OSWALD German MISS A. M. PEREAULT French MR. XVALTER W. PLOCK English MISS SARA T. POLLOCK Commercial MR. ERNEST RAETZER History MISS ADA REED English DR. VICTOR SABARY Spanish MR. MORRIS B. SANFORD English and Latin MISS FLORENCE SCHEUREN Science MISS MILDRED V K. SHEA Latin MR. LEROY SMITH Physical Training MR. EARL W. STEFFY French MISS LOIS B. ST. JOHN History MR. HAROIJIJ A. VAN KIRK Englis-h MR. WILLIAM E. WARD Laboratory Assistant MISS ADDIE XVEBER English MR. ALBERT C. WENZEI. Mathematics and German MR. F. MURRAY WESTOVER Commercial MISS BIARGARET E. VVHITE Secretary 'ir 19 C7727 Qlllass Qwficers Class President Vice-P1'es ident 1LEs'1-ER FISHER , 2ALFRED LAWRENCE Secretary Treasurev' 3MARIE 1ViAYHAM 4EUGENE HUTCHINS 11 19 IABRAMS, HENIQY "HENNY" F. P 0rcl:."28. '29g Hon. Meal. 'QS Sr. Play Cas! ZABRAMS, RIIARY " SMIN " 0. P 3ABRAMS0N, ABRAM HSLIMH Gen. Jr. and Sr. games. 4ABR0M0VITZ, RUTH "RUBY" Nor. 5A'xCQUAVIVA,R0CCHINA " ROCKIE " Nor. GADAMEC, MILDREIJ " MIL " Sec. El S510 FUl,l1l'0 '28, 'Qilg Nat. on. '20. 7ADLER, SAMUEL HIARCHIEU C. P. Orpheus '28, '29g Press '28, '29g Orch. '28, N295 Spec. Athletic Ed. '29g Hon. Bled. 'QQQ Sr. Play Cust. SALLEN, ELIZABETH "BETTY" Gen. Glen '29, QALVINO, LINDA "LINDY" Nor. IOAMBROSE, PAUL "BENNIE" C. P. Q9 1 IANDERSON, HELEN M. MANDY" O, P, Vlinnian "ZS, 29: Glee '98, V92 Spec. Social Ed. '28, 529. Bob. Asfft Socks Ed. "293 Hon. Merl. '28, '29g Nal. Hon. 'Q8, Q93 Sr. Play Cawl. IQARCHIBALD, ROSE UARCHTE " Sec. 1 3ARENSMEYER, EDYTIIE " Em-1" Sec. 14ARONS0N, ETIIEL Sec. Commerce '98, '295 Hon. Med.'28,'29. 15BAc:HIK, GEORGE C. P. 16BAGINsKI, FLORENCE " FLO " C. P. 1 7BANKS, GRACE " SNOOKY " Nor. Jr. Girls' Basketball. 13BAREER, HELEN "ALE" Sec. 3 QBARTOLOMO, CHARLES "CHICK" Gen. 2 OBELLISFIELD, MARION "SISH Nor. Belles Lettres '28: Glen Club 'YK 19 C9717 21 BERBON, HARRY ZZBERKOWITZ, BESSIE "Blass" C. P. Orpheus '28, '29, Band '28, '29: Orch. '28, 'i9g Glce '28, '29 23BE.RNsTE1N, SAMUEL "BENNIE" l'. P. Band '28, '29g 0rc'lx.'i8, '29. 24BERMAN, MIIADRED lKMll.LIE" Nor. 2'5BERNHARD, FRED,K "SUNNY BOY" Gen. Bus. ZGBILLINGHAM, Avis "Anus" 1'. P. 2 7 BINDER, DOROTII Y "DOT" Nor. gglles Leltrcs V285 Glcc Club ZSBIRCH, JOHN " VVIIITIE " Gm. 29BIRD, LILLIAN " TILLIE " Sf-1-, 30BLACKF0RD. GRACE U. P. Girls' Sr-i. '28: Orch. 'QSQ Glee '28, 529. 3 IBLAIR, ELLEN HSMILESN Sec. 32BoND, NIORTON "BoNDY" Gm. Swimming "Z9. 33BOSSERT. ANN K. NANN " C. P. Belles Leltres '28, '29, Stud. Conn. '28, "wg Spec. Feature Ed. '29g Bob. Ed.-in-Cl1ief'29g Hon. Med. '28, '20g Nut'l Hon. "29g Washington Essay- Qnml plareg Scholarship "29. 34BOSSERT, JOHN T. "JACK" C. P. Bull. Stallslic Ed. "29: Fool- lmll '28. 35B0VINA, JAMES 36BOVVLBY, NIABEL "Mins" Gen. Glue "28. 3TBOWMAN, EDITH "E" Gan. Bus. 38BOZARTlI, ALVA " SIS H Nor. Girl-1' Sci. '28, '29. 39BRESNAHAN, FRANCES " DOT " Nor. 40BRlNDLEY, IRIS Soc. 19 41 BRINK, HELEN Nor. 42BR0WN. ROBERT 43BROWNE, MIl4lJREll " M1M1', F. P. 44llm'AN. FLORENH-: " FLUSSIEH Sac. Commerce '25, V91 Nznl'l Hun. "lil, 45BUCHNER, GOLD! E SN: 46BUc1KLEY. ALICE "AL" Nor. 47BUGDAL. JOHN HJOHNNYH Gen. lfus. S1-honl Slovk llonm. 48BUR1'ON. lVIART11A UCUTTIEH Nor. 49BUTTEREH, ALBERT "AL" U. P. Boys' Sci. '28, N295 Bob. Vir- culation Mgr. "ill: Football '18, .293 Basketball "IS, 529: Hon. Med. H283 Nafl Hon. '28, 'llilg Stud. Umm. Pres. ,'28,'29. 5 0 CALLAHAN, EIAEANOR HBABEH Nor. 51 CARELLA. RIARGARET "MAMA" .Vnr. 52CARNALl4. GERTR,llDE uf:ERTIE,' Ser-. 53CARPENTER, MARGARET " PEGGY " Ser-. 54CARROLL. ANN " N AN " Sr-0. 55CAR'I'ER, BEATRIIEE " BEA " Sew. 5GCARTER,. JOSEPH " NICKH Gen. Bus. 57 CARTY, ETHEL Sore. SSCARY, VERONICA "VEE'l Acad. Girls' Sci. YQ. 59CELLA, IXOSANNA A. " ROSE " Gen. Bus. GOCASE, RUSSELL " RUSS" C. P. Public Speaking Prem. 'QD Pythug. '28, 'QSIQ Orch. '28 Spec, Reporter H283 S ec Fvalure Ed. '291 Nnl'l Ellyn Q95 Stud. Coun. Bev. 'ill Sr. Play Cust. G1CHRlSTIAN,JOSl'EHINlG " Jo " Ser. l'oI1xIIIL'rve '!!lg Hon. HTL-ll. 'ilfg N:xl'l Hon. '29. 52CHnIsT0PIIEIa.EvEI.x'N HSISN ' Snr. 53CHmsToI-III-JR. BIADELYN "SIS" Nor. 54C1CIIoN, HIQIIEN UCIIICKH Ser. 55C1EIc'oLo. LUCY NLC .. , A or. GGCLAPPERTON. , XVILIIEMINA "l31LL1E " Sw. 67CLARK, GENEVIEVE "JEAN" Sec. GSCLAYTON. ANNA "ANNE" Ser. 6 9 COLA VITA. J AMES "Cm'nBY" l'. P. Track '28, 70CoIIIBs. BIILDREU " MILI4Y,l Sec. . 71FoIwImw. MCARION " CUMMIE " Sec. 72CONIGLIO. .IosEPIi -'JOE " .-load. Fuotlmall V293 Suvver '-za: Sr. Play Cast. 73COOPER, LILLIAN " LILLIEH Sec. C0lIl!I1l'l'l'L' '28, V295 School Cunlesl. Vlblflsl: Stale Dis- Lricl Con. "28!lsl,. 74'COROHll, RUTII H1lll'1'llIEH Snr. 75CIIA1G. HEl,PlN Ser. 76CRAIu. ROSE f'. P. Clllilllllll 'Qflg llulr. Hcwlvly CIIIII. 77CUTTI.ER, BELLA " B1-ILLEU Nor. Hun. MI-al. '29. 7 8 CAMINAIJE, CHARLES "CII1f'K" Gm. llvllvs lA-llrcs '-291 Banll "Zf7g Orc-h. 320. 79CARTWRIGH'I'. EMERSON " EMIGRH Gen. SOCHAMIIERLIN. JESSICA "JEQ" U P l'yl,lI:I.g. '29: Sr. Play Coin. 19 81C0NOVER, ELIZABETH HBETTYH U. P. Clionian '28, 293 Bnh. Snrivly Ed. 'vlflg Sr. Play Cum. SZCOOK. EDNA M. HEDDIEH Nor. Clinnian '28, 29: Bob. Sm-in-ty Com.: Hon. Med. 'QS. 83C0HEN, GEORGE "CONEY', C. P. 84CREGAR, ELIZABETH "BETTY" C. P. 8'5CREEDEN, EDMUN11 "ED" C. P. SGCUBIIERLEY. MARGARET HPEGGYU l'. P. SFYCUNNINGHAM, MAIiY "MICKY,, I'. P. Band '18, 329. SSCALDWELL, FRANCES 39CORNELL, OLIVE QOCRECCO, DIARY Q9 91DAvIs, xVILLIAM " BILLH Acad. QZDAVIS, ROBERT 93DENTEL, ROBERT "BOB" Gen. Swimming 'Q8, 29g Track '98. 94DUBOSKI, THOMAS " TOM H Gen. 951DEANGEL0, FANNY " FAY " N or. 96DE.ATHERAGE. CELIA "CEL" C. P. 97 DEGRAVE, EVELYN UJIGRRY " Sec. 98DEREs, CLARA C. " CLAIRE ', U. P. 99DEuTcH1vIAN, RO:-IE Nor. Glcc "ZH: Basketball 528. 100D1CKINS0N,MILD1lED " MILH N or. Basketball '29: Hockey '29 19 UHIDICKSON. THOMAS U TOM " .'ll'lI!1. IOQDILATUSIX. Emz. HCHERIEN f'. P. 103DILEO. LEONARD "B11,L1E" Nor. Jr. Blselmll, ,93 104DORAN, RUTH " BLONDIE " l05DosT, PAULINE S 1-r'. UJGIJUNIIAM. BIARGARET " BIARGH Girls' Sci., 529. ' C.P. '07DUNN, DOROTHY " DOT" '08.DUNN, MANY KSMERKTYYS 09EMMoNs. RUTH " LEMs " IOENGLER. ANNA Src. Swv. .N cr. Sac. Je-1 v I E, f iw rm, 3 x 3 l .Ziff ic, 2 2 I' M1 Q x 5 , , is Hyun ,Ni b k H85 fs- -- Q N ' V Xl ff. 2 W i, , ' f'-9f'i:5g N 22M gf -,,- .-f' g,. lfQT' E an E fw, -0 ' V fl ,' Q 1 65.1 , f 'I V if l wig 2? 'xlifwgg l. 1 JZ I 95 f M .fa ' A' s A 4 my y 4 l .E ,l,A S P V , . .I .,A in i Q9 11l'ERDELSKY, JOHN HJACKH U. P. Sr. Play fum. 11 2 EVANS, R.UTII " Rm-'Us" C. P. 1 13FAsANELLA, ANTHONY HTONYH C. P. l14FED0RSAK, ELEANOR "L" Nm-. Hun. Med. 'Q9. 115FEIILAU, IRMELA " TOO1's" Nor. IIGFELCONE, FANNIE " FEL0 C. P. l l-IFELDMANN, L11,L1AN " Lui, Nor. 1 18FELL, ARMAND "OSCAR" C. P. Belles Lettrf-s '28, "ISL 119FE1.L, CECIL "CES" C. P. Girls' Sci. '28, '7Z9. IZOFEHRARA, P1111,1P 19 HIFIFE. YVILLIAM " BILL" Gen. 122FIl.IDORO. CATHERINE 'tKITTY', Snr. 123FII.IPP0NI. BIARY " BI.ONDY" Sec. Spanish '28, '29. 124FILOR, FLORENCE " FLO " Nor. 1 25FINEBERG, BIILTON HJOSIIN C. P. Philatelic '28, '29, Spec. Exchange Ed. 529: Bob. Socks Ed. '29, Track Mgr. '28, Hon. Med. "Ng Sr. Play Cast. 126FISCHER. LIINNIE "MIN" Gen. Bus. 127FIsH, CARLTON " XVHITEY " Gen. Bus. 128FISH, EMMA " FISH" Src. 12913181-IER. LESTER " LES" Acad. Boys' Sci. '28, '29, S ec. '28, Hon. Med. "ZS: N':Ik'l Hon. '28, V293 Sr. Play Cast, Stud. Conn. '28, N294 Sr. Class Pres, '29. l30FISHER, NIIRIAM Q9 '31 FITTON. NORMAN "WHI'1'EY " Gen. Bus. Hon. Med. 'Q8g School Store '28, 'l29. 132FoLMEn. EDWARD "En" C. P. l 3 3 FORER. MORRIS URIORRIS L." I". P. Clionian '18, 'i9: Philatelic '291 Press Club '28, '29, Stud. Conn. 'DZDQ Spec. Ed.- in-Chief '29, Hon. Med. '28, '29, NaL'l Hon. '29, Sr. Play Cast. 134FOSTER, HARRY " IKEDH Gen. Forum H293 Jr. Foolbnll '28, Swinnning '18, '29. l35FRADUsCO, HELEN " HELEN " Svc. 1-35FREEMAN, ANNE "VIRcIE" Gen. 137FROMHIN. NORMAN "NORM" F. P. 138FROsT. JOHN "JACK" U. P. Football '27, '28, Capl. '29, Baseball '27g Basketball '28, '20 139GADsRI', FLORENCE " FLO " Sec. Baskellmll 'Q8, H293 Com- merce "29g Glee Club '98, '-295 Bob. Picture Ed. '-29g Sr. Play Com. 140GARB, SARA M. Sec. 19 C7717 141 GARDNER. JOHN MQGAUDY. ITOROTHY "DOT" C. P 143GEI.B. FRANCES " FAY " Src Cleo '28. '29, 144GER0IfSKY. I'I.-KRRY HIKEDH C. P lfnnnball Qs, Aan. l45G1BBS. COLEMAN "IKE" C'. P 146GmsoN. ANNA HANNH Svc' 147G1ERMAN. GEORGE " YVHITEYU C. P 148G1LINsKY. SADIE C. I' 149GILMAN. PAUL " Izzy " Gnu 150GLADFI-JLTER, GENEVA "NI-:EDY" Nor Clinnian 529: Pululic Speak- ing '48, 'Qllq Hun. Blvd. 'QD Q9 15 1 GLISSON, ANNA "ANN', C. P. Hon. Mod. '28, 152GI.0G0XY'SKI. EDITII " W11rzY', Nor, Sr. Girls' Horkey "29. 15:3G0LD. ARTHUR HARTN C. P. Boll. Ass'l. Socks Ed. 'QQ' Ass't Truck Mgr, '28, 154GfJl.DSTEIN, BIINNIE " lVIIN" C. P. Hon. Merl. W28. 15 5GrO0DM.-SN. SY Lv1A HSYDH Nor. Girls' Sci. '28, R293 Ulcc '29. 15GGoULD. PEARL "'l'w1NY" C. P. Basketball '28, 529. l57G0UI,DING. .IAVK 153GRAHAM. XVILLIAM HVVILLY 01.l1Y,' U. l'. 1 59GR.ATTON. GLA OYS " SCOOP U Snr. Glee "29. 16 OGREEN, EDITH " E " F. P. Hon. Med. '-29. 1 19 161GREENLEx'. FRED II. "FRI:DmI-1" Svc. Truck '2S. IWGRESCHAK. STEPHEN "SHEET" Gnu. Bus. 1 63 GUI-IL, HELEN Y I C. P. 154HAINEs, W. STANLEY " STAN " Gun. l65HAAGE, SUSAN "SUEH U. P. 166HACKNE!'. FRANCIS " Bun" .-loud. Foothxll '28, '29. 167HALL, LIDA NIARY " BILL" Nor. Orpheus "ZS, '19, Glee "lS. '99 1G3HAMER, MIIIDRED H BABE H Nor. 169HAMM0ND, NVILLARD " BILL" Grfn.. 170HARD, G1-:RTRUDE " GERTIEH Sec. Q9 171HAssALL. IDOROTIIY UIJOTH U. P. Girls' Sci, 'YSL 172HAvEs0N. NIIRIAM uMIM" Nor. Urphcus '28, '29, Glee '28, '293 Spar. Reporter V285 Spar. Girls' Al.l1l. '29, 1F3HAYEs, EDNA " ED " C P Sr. Play Com.g Belles Lcltres '29, 174HEAL, ELIZABETH "BETTY" Nur. 175HEIII, WALTER " VVAIJI' " .-lmld. 1 7 6HEBI PE L. EI,sA "BOBBY" Gen. 17 7HENDRIc:KsoN, MARS' "HEXNY" .Vnr. Gln-I '28. 178HENRI'. EDWARD A. "BULLET" Acad. Fonllwll 'Qi-I. '99, Basketball '-293 Tennis, Capt. '28, '-29. 1 7l"HER.AN. RALPH "SPIKE, Jn." l'. P. Philnlelir' '29, Bch. Feul.. Com. '29, 'l8llH1I,IJ, IIAZEL " HAY" l'. P. Clinninn '29: Hon. Med '28, '29, NaL'l Hun. '29g Sr. Play Com. 19 Coil? 1811-IILLS. GRACE 'SHll.LYY, C. P. 182HIRSi'lI0N, ROSE K' ROSES" SVC. 183HOLLAND. HARRY StDUTCll " C. P. Clionian "29g Philnlelir- 'QQQ Spec. Sports Ed. 993 Foot- hall '28, "29g 'l'ruC'k '28, 184HOI.L0NX'AH'.ROBERTA ..B0B,, C. P. Pylhogorean '28, V293 Hon. Med. '29g Nnt'l Hon. Q93 Sr. Play Com, 185I'I0ROWITZ, DAVID "DAVE" C. P. 136HoUGH. HARRY "BOO BOOU C. P. Glen' '28g Foullmll '28, "l9g Swimming '29. 187HOWW'ARTH, FLORENCE R. UFLOSSIEH Sec. Commerce '28, '29, ISSHUBBS, BIILDRED " M1LLY', Svc. 139HUFF, CARROL " HUF1-'Y" C. P. Pythug. '18, 39. 1 9 0HU1.sE, DOROTHY "DOT" Sec. QQ 19 I HULSE, RONALD "CH1c'K" ISQZHUTCIIINS. EUGENE "HUTCR" Acad. Bob. Bus. Mgr. N295 Soccer '28-Captq Track '28g Sr. Play COm.g Sr. Class Treas. 193HU'1'cu1NsON, BIILDRED 'sM1LLY', C. P. 194IVINS, IJANIEL F.. JR. '.DAN,, C. P. Ifythag. '28, '29: Buh. Siulis- tlcs '29. l95JAFFE. ABRAHAM "ABE" Q C. P. Ass'l Mgr. Sovcer '27. 196JAMEs, MILDRED NJIMMYV Ser. Slml. Colm. "28, NZ9. 197JANssON, HOI.GER 198JEFFER1Es, ELEANOR "JMR" Nor. 199JENTER, MARGARET HPEGH Sec. ZOOJONES, ELEANOR 6lPEKi'l C. P. 19 201 JOY, IDA " Summary " Gen. B1 .s'. 202KARLBERG, ANNA "SWEDEN Nor. Clionlan V91 Basketball '28, '99. 203 KATZ, EDWARD "ED" U, P. 204.KELSEY, JULEs "SQU1RE', U. P. Orch. '27. '28, Sr. Play Umm. YS. 205KELSEX', RUTHADEL "TOBBY" Nor. Girls' Sci. mm. 206 KEssEm1AN, IDA Gen. Bus. QLWICESSELMAN, LILLIAN " LIL" C. P. Hon. Med. '28, '29, Sr. Play fum. 208K1NG, THOMAS 'KTow1.sEs" Gen. Soccer '18, "l9. 2 0 9 KIPPERMAN,I"RAN CES "K1PP" Nor. l'hll:1.l,eliL' '29, Glee '28, '293 Bob. Ass'L Sock Ed. '29, Mgr. Basketball 'Q9. 210 KLEMMER, HERBERT "HERB" U. P. Dalles l ellres '28, QQ 2 11 KLEMMPJR, MAIQIKJN "Mll'KlE" Sec. 21 2 KLEM PN ER, LESTER ' 'LEs" 213 KOPLIN. HERMAN 4' KOP " Acad. Clionian '28, '29. 214KNoPF, EMANUEL 2 1 SKRAUS. SIDNEY " SID " Gen. Cheer-lezuler "29. 2 1 fi KRAv1'rz. HARRY "HARVEY" C. P. Spec. repurler "ZS: Hun. Med. 528, '1Z9g Nut'l Hun. '28, '19, Sr. Plny Cust. 2l7KRON, FRANK " KRCJNYH C. P. Soccer 38, V293 Hun. Med. '28, Sr. Pluy Conn. 21 SLENOX, JOSEPH "Jul-J" Gen. 219LYNCH, DONALD "DUN" C. P. Pyllmg. '28, '29g Pub. Speak. '29, Nnl'l Hon. '28, '29, Hon Med. '28, '29, Sr. Pluy Cast 220LAwRENCE, ALFRED "PHASER" Acad. Boys' Sci. '28, '99, llasket- ball '17, '28, '29, Baseball '27 19 SWE 2 2 1 LANNING, WILBUII MBILLH Gen. Bus. Cumnle-rce 529. 222LAv1NE, BEATRICE " BEAN Sec. Philatelic? '-29. 223L.-XVINTHAL, ALBERT "THAI," C. P Hon. Merl. 'QBQ Sr. Play Cast 224LAwHENCE, BEATRICE " BEAN Com. El Siglo Fufuro '28, '29g lion. Med. '29g Nat'l Hon. Q9. 22514.-XYTON, CHARLES "BEM" C'. P. Girls' Sci. Qs, 19. 226LEAMING, THOMAS "TOM " C. P. Pythag. '28, '291 Hon. Med. '28, '29g Nat'l HOD. '98, 'Q9. 227LED1JEN, CATHERINE " KITTY " Acad. Stamp '28, '29. 228LEFK0WITZ, GLAIIYS "Duns" Nor. 229LEPF, NICHOLAS 230LEvIE, EVELYN " Ev " Svc. QQ 231LEVINE, ARNOLD UARNIEH C. P. Clionian "ZS, V293 Press Club "29g Orch. '28, 5295 Spec. Reporter '-283 Spec-. Aeso- 1-iule Ed. "Z9g Tennis Mgr. '29g N:IL'l Hun. '28, YQ. 232LEVY, LEON 'LREDH C. P. Tennis '28, '29g Sr. Play CIIst'Q9. 2 3 3 LEXVIS, DOROTIiY "DOT" Nor. 234I.EwIS, ETHEI. W. HSALLYU Sec. Sr. Play COIII, "29. 235LIEBEmIAN, ESTHER " Es " Nor. Philatelic '29. 236LINGRELL, DOROT1iEA "DO1"' C. P. Girls' Sci. '28, '29. 2 3 7LIPS KY, BEATRICE " BEA" Sec. 238LIPSKY, JULES "JUDEL" C. I". 239LONGSTREET, JOSEPH "JOE " C. P. Belles Letlres '29g Glee '29g Sr. Football '29. 240LONSDALE, GILBERT ' ' GILH Gen. Swimming YD. 19 241LYoNs, JQIIN " Ill-ID LYUN Gen. Bus. Sn Bob. Arl Com. "l9. QIWMAGEE, ANNAIIIARIE 'KGINGEli" Gen, 2421AI.If-K, EI.IzABE'rII " BETTY" Nor. Clioniuu '29, Sr. Play Com. '29. 24'1'MA1MONA. FRANCIS " H ANDSUME " Gen. Bus. Foulhull "ESQ Trznck '18, 24511.-KISTO, LENA " LIL" Ser. Hon. Med. '18, Nul'l Hun. wa, wo. 246MAL0NE, ELLEN I "'1'uo'I's" Nm-. 247MANUKAS, ETIIEL "CHICK" l'. P. Pub. Speak. '99, f'Ii0lli1iIl '28, '29, Glen' '28, "ZH: Spec, Humor Hel. '18, 529: Buh. Humor Ed. '-291 Hun. M1-II. '28, '29: Nal'I Hon. '29 24831.-XNZIANO, LIARY " NIAGGIE " Nm-. Baskelbull '98, '29, 249MARANGIELL0. ROSE "Ro" Sec. lst. Rapid ClllClll1lfilbll Cou- test "28. 250MAR.lARUIvI, GRACE " IIED " Soc. Culnnwrce '28, '29, Nal 'l Hon. '28, '29, Hon. Med. '28, "l9. QW A, mb? Q. ' I I. f , M' I "" 2' S ' Ili' 3, Aim E- -I. 1... g-4 , A wu, .I 3 ,241 I- QQ A ,.':f,..:IL V A ii VIVV A A W V V H ? I 'Y'n"Q'r2 . I V I V bg, A 1 ,L ,,:., - 5 I lf ' g I- , .P if I '24-I A --, I N . 3 , -1 5 Wx X W I' ., Q I in 'H' 4 XXX 9 7 ' f: A '---L. - .I ar AI' I ' 2' V . SQ ' I ' f' -' 25'5' H, 'f I Hs 5 S , , su In -, A 4 If ,. " A5 f- A f - 4 ' - A 9 If-,iff A .af if 1' . 1 , , I - .aug V . , I , ' ' " 5 5 'ff I K' KVM A I , ' ' I ,.,. . I I I I , 'igggs ,r ' . , I , e,:.,:q 1 D H E , ' E ' 5 i" 'E'v'7"' 'K fy. f' . I ' ' ' .- w if' V , , , , .4 s I ' , , - ' If 3 - I I5 wg I J -dv A ' I 2 . I 5 , . , ly . A 1 ,. f A 9 Av LQ if .- as 51 A if flfffeiv . ' ' AI, I - : '- 'fill-JILL' I wi' if , V- :r.:, 32 -gsm f' if 32 " '--nw' -g ',:'5Q5fQ, vw , 'H ' V- 11 gi' :Lili . 4, 1 ' .. -' It , .af 3 53 T Q . I 1 .fr 'A-, ,F A 1'. ' 1, , .. I I , n,.,f 4, .4 , Q2 1 - 1 1,-A -dw 5. W I I if I ' . . A , ff' 'ffm I ' ' I " ' ' . m f- ., ', Q9 251 MAIQKJIIIJA, BIQIDGEI' " BETTY " Svc. 252MARPI.E, LEIJNA " LEE" Nor. 253B1'ARSIlALL, IRVING "ITc1u " C, P, Slud. Lum: Com. 254MAssAIco, :KATHERINE S' KAY " Sm-. 255BIATIlEXYS, ROBERT " Bun " Gen. 256lxfIAYERS. CARROLL " MYER" C. P. Hun, M1-ll. '28, '291 Nut'l Hon. '28, "29. 257MAS'llAM, NIARIE HBUISBIEH Sec. Sr, flusx 521: '28, '-29. 258MCH UGH,MARGAIzE'r "PEG" Nor. 259McKEEN, ETHEL Nor. Hon. Mod. '29, 26c'MCKPIEN, EVELYN "EVE" Nor. 19 0717 ZMMCKENZIE, GEORGE "MAC" Gl?ll.Bll.'?. Comme-rre '28, Pres. V295 l"Oi'um "29g Football Mgr. '29 QGQMCLAUGHLIN, CRAs. "MACH Gen. Bus. Cnnnnerve 'Q8, '29, Basket- ball '19, Footlmll 'Q8. 2G3McQU11.LEN, FLORENCE " FLO " Sw. 264BlCTlGl-IE, ARTHUR HOTTOH C. P. Boys' Svi. "ill: Forum, Sec '29. 2 5 5M EAO HER, HONCJR.-K 2 5 6 M ESSEO, OLIN - UBRUD' C. P. Forum '-29. 2G7MESSLER. ALMA QGSBLIIDDLETOS, ARTHUR HART" C. P. Cl'ux' I '09 Puls Quik. llliil -1 ..g'a' "29g Pliilxilelic' '29, Hun. Med '28, 'Q9g Nal'l Hon. '28, '-2.9 269M1LLER, ELEANOR " LEAD Svc. 270MILLER, FRANCES " FRAN " Sec. Spanish, Treus. '-39g Phila- ielic "29. ,1.i..l... . ' - 2f:p: 14Z.f., ' ,i L , 4' ,. 'TS ,.. . - 'fs 4 .. f V. f l 'Q fi ,552 5 .'.' ' xg -1 ww 1 aff jf 'L 9 N.. ,f 1 I O 1 I 1 iL,:Z K All 'wel 'M .. . fxfbw, , , ,K 4 X M.. 5 25 in H531 A qt ' L T , fa xi ,,, i fi' fi ' W 'l f '-'A-A ' ij ,, an Q9 ZYIMIIJIENER, MADLYN "MIKE" C. P. Pylliag. "ZS, V295 Pub. Speak. '-281 Spev. F1-:xlure lid. "!9g Nnl'l Hun. '28, 5293 Sr. Play Cask. 272M1LLS. MARX' " BIOLLY " Nor. Sr. Play Cum. 27i3M1Nc1IE1f,, EDWARD HRITNANVAY KING" C. P. SLml. Louu Com. 2T4'MINSCHXN'ANER. GEORGE 'KLOU XVIIITI'-In C. P. Pyllmg, 98, V293 Band '28, '295 Orch. '28, 'Q9. 275MITC1IELIA, CHARLES C. Pi Pyllmg. '28, Try-as. '19, Truck "28. 276lMl0RABIT0, MARIE "B1TTY" Nor. Girls' Sci. '-38, "29. 277LIORGAN, JACK SHFIIIXH C. P. So:-1-er '28, V295 Swimming '-29. 278MoRRIs, IJOROTHY " DOT " Sec. Cummervc '!8, 'i9g Bob. Typist 329. 279MORToN, ELEANOR " NIJNAY' C. P. ZSOMOSEH, DOROTIiY "DOTTYEU Nor. 19 ZSIMOULTON, DORIS "D01mY" C. P 232MUcc1oL1, MARY ANN " MARY" Nor. 283MUSICK. JOHN "Doc" C. P. fllioniam 328, '29gPuh.Spea1k '28, 'QQQ Stud. Conn. 'ilk Holm. Asi'l Feature Ed. '29 284MADDAI1ONA, PAUL 285MAIlANEY, VVALTEH ZSGMAUER, PETER 287McCAEE, ELLSWORTH 288NAAR, FRANCES "Sl-Io1c'rY" Suv. 289NABUT0VSK1'. SYLVIA USILU Nor. 29ljNANNI, ALFRED "AL" Gen. Bus. QQ 291N AYLOR, KENNETH " KEN " Gen 292N EFF, LIILDRED " MIL,, C. P. El Siglo Futura, Pres. 7295 Hon. Med. '28, "29g Nalfl Hon. '28, '29, 293NEILL, JANE "ANDY', Nor. Girls' Sci. Suv. '98, '29g Spec. Art Ed. 'es. 294NEWBOLD, ALFRED 295NEWELL, RAYMUND " RAY', Gen. Sr. Football . 296NEwHAnT, ROBERT "BOB" C P Forum '29g Sr. Play Com. 2 9 7NITZBERG, ISAAC "Issue" Gen. 2 9 3N o1sK Y, CATHERINE " CAPM Sec. 299NUTT, CATHERINE " KITTY,, C. P. Hon. Med. '28, 300NUTT, HELEN HSONNYH Sec. 19 301OLI'I'sKY, BLIINNIE " MINAU N or. Girls' sci. ws, ma. 3020L1N, IDA 303ORLAND, JONAS FOI. Pref. Pllllalcllc '28, '29. 3040RLIN, STELLA C. P. El Siglo Fuluro '98, '29. 3050RLANSKY,NICHOLAS " NICK " Acad. Soccex' "28. 3050RR, GEORGE 3070SXVALD. DOROTIIEA HPETEH U. P. Pythag. '28, '29, Pub. Speak. '-i9g Spec. Reporter '28, Hon. Med, Washington Med.g Nat'l Hou. '29, Sr. Play Crlsl. 3080SVVALD'I', MABPIII 309PERLBERG, MAX HGINSBERGN C. P. Stud. Loan Vom. 3 10POINsET'I', CARL C. P. Swimming '29, 3 1 1 PARSONS. MARION " SWEDE " Nor. SIZPARSONS, VVILLIAM " BILL" C. P. Boys' Sci. '28, Pres. '29, Football, '28, '29. 313PAUI., JEANETTE " PAT " Ser. El Siglu Futura W29. 314PELTIN, ANNA 3 1 5PERNAZZA. JANE " PERRY " Nor. BIGPETRANTO, CHARLES "POP" Gen. Bus. 3 1 7PE'r1zY, ROBERT " BOB " U. P. Clionian '28, 5293 Hon. Med. '28, '29, NaL'l Hou. '28, '29, Sr. Play Com. 318PFEFFER, WILLIAM "BILL" U. P. Clionian '28, '29, Phllulelic '28, '29g Sr. Play Com. 319PHILLIPs, JOHN HJOIINNYU C. P. Hon. Med. "IRQ Sr. Play Cast 320PIIIL12s, EDNA " BOBBY " Sec. 19 321PINKUS, PHILIP "PHIL" Avail. 322P1NTO, DAN HDAPPER DAN " Nor. Buys' Sui. '28, '29, Sturl. Couu."Z7. 3 23P1PPEL, HELEN " SCOOP" Snr. 324PISANELL0, ROSE " PEACHES" Ser. 325P1sAURO, BIAIRE Nor. 326PIVOVARNIK, HELEN "Ll-:vTY" Sw-. 327PLAN'I', ELSIE Ser. 323PO11K1N, CHARLES "DENNY" C. P. Baskvlhzxll '29, Sp:-I-. .Sail Alhl. Ea. ww. 3 29PR1EsT, VIVIAN 330QUICK, ELINOIK " D ICE " Nor. Girls' Sa-i.'29gl3nskv1lwa1l '29, NaL'1 Hun. '28, '29, Hon Med. 528. 331 QUIG LEY, J AM ES "JIM" U. P. 332RABSTEIN, RUTH HFLAMEU 0. P. Hon. Mod. 'Q8, 'QSM 333R.ANDELMAN,BEULAH "Blau" Nor. 334RElII., D.-KNIEL UIDANU C. P. Spvl-. Limerick Conteslf flrd. 335RENf'. LEONARD " Lx-:N " C. P. Boys' Svi. '28, '29, 3 35REN DELL, ALFRED "AL" C. P. Hun. Ned. "ZS: Nul'l Hon. '23, '29, 337R.ENNERT, BERNARD " BARNEY " Gvn. Bus. 33S1:iEMMELE, ELIZABETH HHICTTYH C. P. Urphuus, '28, '29. 339REMMELE, ELSIE 340R1CnARDsON, DOROTHY "DOT" Nor. Orpheus '28, '29g Glee '9Z9g Orch. '29. 19 341RICATTO. SERAFINA 342RICmIONn, :DEAN "WEAnY,' C. P. 343RILEI', HAROLD C. P. 344RISOLDI, LENA 345RITTENIIOUSE. ELIZAIBETII UBETTYH f". P. Sr. Play Com. "l9. 346R1TTEn. EDNA " EDDIEH Sec. 347RITTMAN, FRANK GUN. 348RoBE1esON.BE.xTmcE " BEA " Nor. 3491lOBER'l'S, IQENNETII " KEN " l'. P. 350R0GERS, CHARLES CHICK " C. P. Pythae. '-28, Q91 Hun. Med vs, 'eng Nm Hon. '28, 'esvf QQ 35 1 IIOGERS. LILLIAN " LILH A cad. 352R0GOXYSKI. BERNICE " BUNNYU C, P. Hun. Nlcd. 'Q8. 35311018-IEO, CHARLES "ORANu" C. P. 354ROSENTlIAL, HAIi0LD "ROsEv" C. P. Gvn. Chaiflllilll of Prom 'Q9. 3551i0YER, EIJNA "ED" C. P. Hun. Med. "ZS, 'QSIL Home ljghling Cont:-st. 355RUsso, MARY "RUDY" Nor. 357RUssO, LOUIS "LOI1IE" C. P. Fonlhall '98, '29, 358RYKLIC'KI. ANNA "ANN" Str. 359RYKLICKI, JENNIE "JERm"' Sec. 3601lYMKIEWIEZ, PETER HP!-LTI-In l'. P. 19 361SABo, IIELEN " BEAD " Sec. 362SAF1R. LILY "LOU " Sec. Glen '28, 'Q9. 363SALTMAN, SYLVIA "Sw," U. P. Hon. Med. 'Q8, '29g Nat'l Hon. '29, 364SA1.wAY. SADIE "DIMPLES,' Sec. 365SAMs. CHARLES HSAMSEYH F. P. Basketball '29. 366SANDFORD, EDITH "SANDY" Nor. Basketball "ZS: Horkey '29. 367SANDH0I4'F, THOMAS " SAN DY " Gm. Bus. Hon. Bled. '28, 'Q93 Nafl Hon. '-29, '-29. 3 68 SARAPAN, SOPI-IIA "Soni" Sec. Glec "29. 359ScHAAE, LOUISE K. "Lou" Nor. 370SCHANZE, ADELE "SOUP" Sec. 371SC111NDEwm,E, ANNA 'SANN " Sac. 372SCHLEGEL, JOHN UJAKEU C. P. Philmclir '28, 'Q9. 373SCHMI'l'T, PAULINE "SM11'TY" Sec. 374SCHOELLER. LIILDRED " Mn.LY" C. P. 375SCH0HELD, EDYVARD "ED" C. P. Clioninn "29Q Hnn. Med Q83 Nat'l Hon. '28, W29. 376SCuU1.I-ZR. NIAJORIE 377SCHULMAN. SADIE X 'LSIDH Ser. 378SCHUMACHER, ANNE HSMILESH Sec. 379SCHURZ, RUTH HIIUTHIEU Gen. Belles Lctlres '28, '29. 380ScHwAnTz. CAROLYN "BABE" C. P. Hon. Mcfl. '28, 90: Nat'l Hon. '98, '29. l 19 3 8 1 SEKEROK, SOP!-UE " SOPHH C. P. Glce '28, '29. 332SELDEN, JACOB UJAKEU U. P. 383SELL, LAURA "LARmE" Nor. Hon. Med. '28. 384SEGAL, SAMUEL 385SE1uON, CAROLYN UCARRIEH Svr. Commerce '29-Sec. 336SHAFER, ALICE "ALM Sec. 387SHAFFER, CARL "BUD" Gen. Bus. Orpheus '28, '29, Belles Lellres '28, H295 Band '18, 529: Orch. '28, 529: Track YS. 388SIIANKMAN. PHYLLIS " PHIL., Nm-, 389SHARBAUGH, GEORGE U IDERU C. P. Sr. Play Com. 390SHEDDAN, DOROTHY "DOT" C. P. '29 391SIIINTAY, JOHN 392SH00K, YVILBUR "SHOOK1E', C. P. Belles Lettres '28, '99, Pub Speaking '28, '29g Hon Med. 'QSQ Nutfl Hon. 528 '29, Sr. Play Cast. 393S1mOPsHmE, C1-IAS. " S1mOP1'Y" Gm. 394SlIUTZ, FAY " FAN H Sec. Glvc '29: Baskcllmll '29. 395S1LcOX, DOROTHX' " DOT H C. P. Girls' Sci. 99. SQGSILVERGLATE. SAM 397SKELLENGER. BIADELINE " G ELLAN " Gen. Bus. 398SKRZYDLINSKI, STEPHEN 399SLO1N, AARON 400SMI'I'lI, GIBSON GIBBYH C. P. Bland '28, '29g Orch. '28, YD. 19 40 1 SMITH, XYILLIAM "BILL" Gen. Bus. Sr. lfmmtlmll 99. 402SNO0K, NELSON "Scoop" F. P. Boys' Sci. '28, V291 Band YS, 'QDQ Hun. Moll. 'UZSL Nat'l Hnn. '293 Sr. Play Com. 403S0DEN. EDITII " PUG " Sec. Commerce '28, 'QDQ Gleu '28, '29g Busketlmll 'QSM BolI.Ass'LSlu1istic '9Z9. 404S0I,CIIANsKY, MARY " RAY " Sec. Baskvlhall 'QS, 'Q9. ALOBSTAVVINSKI. EDWARD HJIMMYH Gen. Bus. Sovvcl' '98, "ZH, 406STEARN, HAZEI. If 11 407S'1'E1NG1I01s. IDA Nor. MJSSTEINMAN, HA1iIiY f'. P. Hon. Xlcrl. '28, N299 NzIl'l Hun. '28, '29, 409STOCKTON. EDITH " EDB " Svc, 410ST0NE. EMMA " BRICKY " Gen. C7713 QQ 411SmNE. LEE JAY "JAY" Gen. Fcmllmnll Y7, "ZH: Basketball '27g Find. Conn. 'Q7. 412STON ER. RUTH Sec. 4l3STRYCHARZ, THEODORE "'l'ED" Gan. 4l4'1'AslIJIAN, ARAXIE' "REX" Sac. Glco '28, '29, '4'l5TAU1s, SYLVIA 4l6'1'AYI,oR, NIARGARET UPEGH C. P Orpheus "ZR, '19: Glce '28, '20 4'l7TE1Tz, MIIIDREID " MI14I.Y" lf. P. Hun. Med. 719, 4l8TIlATCIIER, CLAIRE " CLI'r'rY" Sec. 419 TIIDMI-s0N. SAM '1. "SAM" Urn. 420TII0Ms0N, FLORENCE " 'l'0MMY" U. P. Cllolllzln 328. "Z91Plll1. SI'll'3k- "IQ: Bob. Asfl. .Xrl Hd.: Sr. l'l.iy CDIII. 19 C9717 Q9 421TIIoRN, ELIZABETH HLIBH Nor. Glee '29. 422'l'ILT0N. ALMA yu l K' SLIM C. P- llaekelhall V28. 423TILT0N. MARGIE "SHRIxIPIE" SHC- Qnrl Rapid Calm-ulation 'Qt-B. 424TINDALL, BEULAII NBEBEH Svc El Siglo Fuluro. 42 5TIN DALL, BIARJORIE "MIDGE,I Svc. 426TOTH, JOSEPH "JOE" F. P 427T0WER. LUCILLE "LITE" C. P 428TR0UT, ROBERT "Bora" C. P Boys' Sci. '29. 429UMBERGER, IDA "LEFTY', Sw-. 430UPDIKE, HAROLD " UPEI: " C. P Band '28, '29g Soccer '29, 431UPDIKE. HEIIEN Nor. Glvc '2S. 432URKEN, KARL 'SREDU C. P. 43 3VANB USKIRK , J OHN 434XvARCHETT0, ELIZABETH " LI-:E " Nor. 43'5VARCHETTO, PASQUALE " PAT " C. P. 436VETTER, DIURIEL G. 'sDUTCIi,, Nor. Belles Leltrvs '28, '5!9: Prefs H293 Pnh. Speak. '29: Spar. Social Ed. '29g Sr. Play Cast. 437VIDETTA, TESSIE "TEss" C. P. Glue "28. '29. 438VITIZ, SAMUEL 'KSAM" C. P. Hon. Med. '18, "29. 439WADSW0RTH. EDITH " Tops " Sec. 440WAGNER, FRANCIS HK. O." Gen. Bus. 19 441WAI.DRON, HOW'ARll 442XvALKLET, DONALD "DON" C. P. Boys' SI-i. '-27, 'QI-I, 'Qog Baskelball "2'7, '28, 5293 Foolhnll '27, '18, R291 Truvk "27ACapl. 'QSQ Baseball "l7. 443WARREN, THEODORE "'l'ED,' Gen. Bus. 444WATSON, ARTHUR UPETEH C. P. El Siglo Fuluru '29. 445WEI,sII, BLANCIIE UBUNCEU C. P. 446WELSH. PAUL HPALH C. P. 447WI-:NDI-JL, DOROTHX' "DO'r', Svc. 443VVENzI.OFF, EDVVARD " ED " Nor. 449WETzEL, VELMA UVELV, C. P. Pythag. "ZS, '-29: Spev. Ile- Porlcr 'QHQ Spec. Assoc. lid. 'Q93 Hon. Mod. '18, 529: Nal'l Hon. 'fl8. "l9: Sr. Play Com: ls! Ext:-mpnre Speer-h 528. 450WILLEI', ELIZABETH " DIBH Nor. Stud. COIIII. H295 Bnskvllrall '28, Capt. '29g Sr. Play Com. QQ 'l'5IxVILXER. IRVING "PHO" U. I' f,I'Il"N'llS '23, "Ng Band '28 V293 Orch. '28, 'img Sm-r-. Bus Mer. '29g Mgr. Soccer '29. 452xVII,SON. ALBERT " RED " Snr. 453XYII.sON. RICHARD "DII:K" F. P. Buys' Svi. '28, WSI: Bula. Ass'L Athl. Ed.'Qflg Nal'I Hon '18, Hu. 454W1RTII. ELIZABETH " LID " Sec. 455WIsIINI:vsKY. IJORUTHY " DO'1"' Nor. 45'5VVOOD. EA RL S. "WOODY" Gen. Bus. 4 5 7 VVUOD, FLOREN CE ' ' FLO " Src- 458VVO0DWARD, ADA Nor. Hon. llc-nl. '-28, '-MP1 Nafl HOD. '28, 'kl9. 459WRIuII'r, ALETHIA Nor. 460WOsNIr:K, ESTI-:DLA "CI-II1:KIIc" Nor 19 fix? 461WYcK01-'F, ELINOR " YOUNG LADY " Nor. Pythak. '?9: Sr. Play Com.: Bob. Stal? '29, 463YoLE, SARRA "CocKY" C. P Glee '28, "29. 455ZAHLEs, LEOTA " LEE " Sec. El Siglo Fuluro '!9. 467ZENTMAYER, GODFREY HZENTYH Gen. Bus. Forum 'Q9. 469ZENzER. CLARA " Lou " Nor. 462'YEWELL, SHIRLEY HSI-IIRLH C. P. Belles Lettreu '29g Sr. Play Com.: Bob. Staff '29. 454Yos'r, MYRTLE " NIYRTU Nor. Hon. Med. '28, '99, 466ZAPoL, SAMUEL HLOPAZH C. P. WSZENTNER, ROSE Nor. 470ZIELINSKI, HELEN C. P. 19 C9721 QQ 472ZULL0. NIARGARET " BIARG " Src. BUBLITZ. CHARLEs V HCHICKH C, P. Basketball '29. BENTLEY, FREDERICK "CHI-:EsIE" Gen. Soccer. BOLE, ROBERT I ,yi .W I 4. 'J V "BOE" 27' 'l7'C. P. Boys' Sci. '28, '29: Baskethnll '28, Capt. N293 Fonlhall 'QI-3, 'QDQ Nat'l Hon. BOULDEN, JOHN UJACK " Gen. Swimming '29, BROWN, MILTON J. HBROWNIEH C. P. BUCHANAN. GEORCYE HBUCKIEU Gen. Glee '28, V295 Truck N281 Sour-er '28, '29, COHEN. NIILDRED " MIIII.lE,l C. P. COMISKY. JOHN Nor. CURTIS, JAMES I. "JIM" Gen. CYNVINSKI, EDXVARD " CY " Gen. Bus. Server '28, "29. CANTWELL, CHARLES Gan " CHICKH CRACKER, WVILLIAM " BILLU DRAUTZ, RUDOLPII " RUDY " Gen Gen. A.. l 1 I DKJNCIKSTER. SAMUEL u R4EDI. FORT, SIDNEY HSIDU FRITZ, ROBERT " BOnnY" GARVEY, JAMES ' ' JIMMIE " GEE, WILLIAM " BILLN Football '29, GOLDBERG, NAT "0OI-'Y" GRAFTON, RICHARD " DICK " HAFITZ. BIORRIS " BIITFH " Hnn. Med. '18, "Z9. HOBIICHKO, NICIXIJLAS " NICK " I'IOROW1TZ, ARTHUR "Sum" HUGHES, HAROLD " IIE!! " J OHNSON, ELIZABETH " BETTY " KOSCHEK, JOSEPH " CO0cH" KOWNACKY, JOHN 471Z0LTICK. SOLOMON UZOLH C. P. Philufelif' 'QSM lfooiball '28, 'Jn Gen. C. P. G1-n. C. P. C. P. C.P C. P. .Al fur! A ca 11' I-1 rad . C. I' Nor Sec Sec 19 LAMBERT, CHARLES " CHICK " Pub. Speak. "2'7g Band '96, 'Q7g Orch. '26, '27, Glee 'Q9. LAVINE, HARRIET " HATTIE " LAWTON, ELIZABETH .. LIB ,. LEHMAN, CHARLES " CHOPS " Spec. "29. LEHMAN, JULIUS LINDSAY, EDWARD ..ED,. LOCKWOOD, RAYMOND " RAY Orchestra, "29. LUDWIG, ALFRED .. ALS DIANNERS. LILLIAN .. LIL., MARKS, JAMES AJIM., Glee '28, 'f29. MEAGHER, JOSEPHINE ...IO ,, MEDICI, GEORGE METZ, FRANCES uslsn MOLI1'E, JOSEPH AJOE ., MOUNT, WILLIAM " WILLIE " Bnnd '28, '29: Orch. '28, "l9. MUCCIOLI, ANTHONY " SAMMY " Ass 't Mgr. Basketball "29. NEARY, LEO if DY Soccer '28, '29. NIEDZWEIDZSKI, JOSEPHINE J O " .. 0'HARA, JOSEPH " IRISH " Sr. Football '29g Basketball "20. PAGELS, CARL " KITTENH Gen. Coil? C. P. Gen. N or. W L. P. C. P Gen U. P Gen Gen C. P Sec. Gen Nor C.P Gen 0.P Gen. v L.P Gen B us. PATTERSON, ETHEL .. PAT ,, Basketball '29, RAPPOPORT, DANIEL " RAPPY " Forum '29. READ. WILLIAM " BILLH Band "ZS: Swimming '-MD. REED, DOROTHY ' ' TOMMY " ROSSI, ORLANDO " KAYO " Football Rs, 'e9. SAAS, MIRIAM ssMIMas SHANAHAN, LEON .. LEE ,, SHULER, MARJORIE " MARG E " SLABICKI, JOSEPH .. JOE A STABILE, FRANK " TERRY " Tran-k 'Q9. SYLVESTER. PAUL " DARBY " TAYLOR, WALTER " TATER " WACKS, ALFRED " WVACKSY " WVALKER, VVILBUR " VVILLU FVEST, HOWARD " WVESTY " Soccer '98, 'Q9. WHENRY, PAUL " wwmy 1' WILEY, ALBERT HAL., WOOD, GEORGE " WOODY " Football Rs, Rs. WOOLF. FLORENCE f 5 19 Philatelic 'Q9. Q9 Gen. Gen. Gen. C. P. C. P. C. P. Nor Bus Nor Gen Nor C.P CHP Sec Gen Gen Gen Bus Bus Gen C'.P C.P 19 fix? QQ last will anh Gliestament ui the flilass uf 1929 nutn all men hp these presents, that ine, the Qlllass uf '29 Being ni buunh Minh, iltflenwrp, anh T!lin?JetstaniJing,iJu ntaleeanh publish this une last will anh estainent in manner fullntning, that is tu sap: Wle bequeath to our loved, honored, and obeyed faculty, a fond recollection of an illustrious class and a new building. We bequeath to Dr. VVilliam A. VVetzel most sincere thanks and gratitude for " bring- ingw us up budgetically. VVe bequeath to LeRoy "Red" Smith, "Tex" Rickard's place in the lladison Square Garden Corporation. lVe bequeath to a certain North Jersey institution of learning, a Book of Etiquette and the best of fortune in future frays. We bequeath to our endeared "Pooh" G's some happy days on that Chambers Track Campus. lYe bequeath to Esther Lawshe a place in line in our nickel lunch emporium, managed by M. Joshua Fineberg. lVe bequeath to Arthur Bainbridge, Al Buttereris busy but joyous hours in the Student Council. We bequeath to Elwood Allen the filibustering art of Russell Case. We bequeath to Charles "Audacious,' Stark a crocheted, leather-bound copy of "Instantaneous Personalityf, which Les Fisher has just discarded. We bequeath to Newell Gill, bigger and greater fumbles "a la Frost." VVe bequeath to Evelyn Sutton, love, love, and more love and Ginger iNIcGee's position in the hearts of men. We bequeath to the SPECTATOR room a year's arduous work, a broken desk, and a pajama. We bequeath, with pleasure, to the class of '30, all of our unpaid bills, faults, incon- sistencies, and Hunkers, if we really possess the aforementioned items. VVe bequeath to Dot Lee the brand that Madlyn Millner uses and the memorable directions, "Two inches thick and red all around." 38 15. We bequeath to Harold Hoenig a cute little face with the dimples of Robert Petry and the crinkly smile of Arnold "Si" Levine. 16. We bequeath to Agatha Townsend the alert abilities of Velma Wetzel. 17. VVe bequeath to Edwin Bellisfield the "Way Wid VVimmin,', by Sid Krous. 18. VVe bequeath to Rhodajane Hudnut, Dot Oswald's schoolgirl complexion. CADV. 10c, 3 for 25c.D 19. We bequeath to Miss Aurora M. Pereault, Realia, Realia, Realia, and then some. 20. Wie bequeath to lVIr. E. A. Buck the best Bobashela ever printed and a lasting memory of "That great class of ,29, where is it now". QI. And lastly we bequeath to a candid world a body of graduates who will live life, learn life, and support life to fulfill the hopes and wishes of themselves and their self- sacrificing pedagogues. Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared, by the said testators as and for their last will and testament in our presence who in their presence and at their request and in the presence Qf each other hare lzerezmto subscribed, we have signed our names as witnesses. QS'z'gnedJ THE SENIOR CLASS or 1929. MORRIS L. FORER, Attorney at Law J. ANDREW MUSICK AUDI T. ORIUM Witnesses C9543 WORN-OUT CLASS ROOM EXPRESSIONS A "Less noise." HA word to the wise is sufficient." "Now, get this, fellows." "Quizz next time." "You will please answer to your own "That will do. There is no cause for name." applause." "I can laugh at a joke--" "My error-er-er-" "You are the disturbing element in this 'fNow, when I went to Greece-- class." WHICH IS WHICH? We do wish that the twins wouldn't dress alike. It's awfully embarrassing to have to say, 'Wvhich are you-Madelyn or Evelyn?" . OUR SWISS "YODELERS" After hearing Russ Case try to yodel all these years, with such tragic effect upon the unlucky listeners, wasn't it great to hear the real thing? Next time we're in the Alps we'll try out prowess at it. Until then, we have the benevolence to spare the poor, defenseless world. WHICH? There were a few seniors who were so delighted with the animals at the Zoo that they refused to leave the place. Would you say. "Birds of a feather flock together," or, "Blood will tell"? THANK GOODNESS YVe surely are glad that our senior year was a presidential election year. Just think of all the class time consumed in heated political discussions. 39 l 19 fix? QQ Egfmnmo 0 ZX, "' E - 1: A 3 : '51-ju! H-:K x wk' ' X gg' jg? ,H . -NI' X mx-x ---,f Q-2 mins- . L w, my Ei 7' YH ' -' gi 'X -AF A i Q -pf. 1 'll . 1?-' .. I 52,5-Mqgblf - G f',x 0 TH IRL WE THAT SAD LEFT BEHND AFTER cm-Nx-is-I-NG, Home A comaNG- Q afmgmfg W"Q:.?,fr:i?ZZmi.".,z:J.,E,.U1 'if ligl. aaeolbifii- iN W Q E223 m31ff?'r E - 4 'Wg ' 133 O mm L 3.4 -QQ, J, my wewr ' A? f-"'-2 E! wana Mo THE SOUVENKK M can -rn -rm-armani-.. Pj-2-XJ? CnLLEc-roR5 fg UQ 4 Qll mf THE FELL-35:5 BEEN QP TD TRxc.K's ACTPHN LHWIQQ -Q! 1 it - :ml--"5 1.15, A5 --I G." Q 4 -I , A 4 lm 4 I ff El- L:!:4..-.--r.l.:., ...:,,,....?.: --..- .. ' ..- 5:1 ---Y Fil ' P jf f- 1,A N AND so-1N'1"o THE' NIGHT Tim ' G -, gy g 'u "'.f?f' gf ALL. as 'REA-1nY You THE ,. IVHDNIGHT FEAST-X.. 'T 40 K :f A N -f ,fi 'yi 1 Q ',o, Yi .4. 'U 2 Sa. ,, 'WWI 5 M ,,..1q,,, V , , J R r 2, ' GR' v l Lv ff iff, -1 MQ' . 11 s 4 ' 95 315. f " 'ff ,f LA THE Emo or A PERFECT DAY-3 LA Null. 19 QW? Q9 what washington Grip On October 11, 1928 a group of homo sapiens and femmes, known as high school seniors, made a hectic three-day tour of the U. S. Capitol long to be remembered by lvashingtonians, bus-drivers, chaperones, and the Metropolitan Hotel. "Rarin' to go," approximately three hundred twenty-six' and a half seniors jammed the massive structure known as the P. R. R. station at eight o'clock Thursday morning. lvhen all of the thundering herd had at last answered "here" to the muster roll, a vacuous voice bawlecl out, "All Aboard"-and immediately the rush of '29 put the rush of '49 to shame. VVhat beautiful scenery! But who wants to look at scenery when a saxophone oper- ated by that robust playboy, Aaron Sloine, is blaring forth big booms, booms, and that stellar danseuse, hlinnie Olitsky, is giving exuberant exhibitions in the aisle? Right in the midst of the hilarity a loud wail was heard from Mary lNIills who protested that she couldn't see the Mason Dixon Line. After passing miles and miles of the most gorgeous billboards and still more miles of water that appeared to be quite wet, the special pulled into the colossal Union Station which made us all homesick because it so closely resembled our own dear depot back in far away Trenton! Probably the thing most remembered about the Capitol was not the Senate Chambers, the rotunda, or the Dome-but the long, narrow, winding stairs lead- ing to the dome of the magnificent edifice. And if we may judge by Leon Levy's and other little children's actions, the prime object in making the treacherous assent was not for the pleasure of seeing the inspiring panorama but only to carve one's initials on the masonry as a heritage to posterity!! At the Old Museum some would-be-aviators, John Musick, Miriam Fisher, and Jonas Orland were keenly inspecting the newest contribution, Lindvis plane, "Us.,' The dresses of the presidents' wives attracted such excellent fashion arhiters as Ann Bossert, Hazel Hill, and Mildred Cohen. And what do you think? VVe saw Harry Kravitz de- lightedly buying the Washington monument for seventy-five cents-what a bargain! At the Zoological Gardens the lovely hippopotami, surrounded by adoring admirers, became playful and splashed gobs of water at their audience among whom was "Dutch', Kleinfelter and Flo. Gadsby. What a beautiful chance to tell them they were "all wet" and get away with it! Jack Bossert became so enamored of the parks, gardens and animals that he didn't want to leave. We believe this primitive cave-man was at last at home in the pre-historic ennuous. The Lincoln Memorial provided a beautiful spot for Holgar Jansson to indulge in his hobby of photography, while Roberta Holloway limped painfully up and down the too-long steps. Then-the Metropolitan Hotel! What spacious rooms, those olives, that bread, that service!! Who were those two who simply couldn't understand why they mustnit slide down those scrumptuous banisters of the Congressional Library? Oh yes, Bob Petry and Wilbur Shook. We attributed it to Fall fever. Because every student was checked up and in his room by eleven-thirty does not necessarily mean that all were asleep or even intended doing so-far from it. For instance, we've heard that Russ. Case and Don. Lynch played poker and pinochle with the House Detective all night- that Veronica Carey and Ruthadel Kelsey incessantly phoned the manager for ginger ale and pretzels-that Velma Wetzel, Madlyn Millner, and Bernice Rogowski issued tempting invitations to a promising party-that Ethel Manukas with 411 19 C9712 Q9 her banjo-uke and Betty Conover with her version of the "Varsity Dragi' entertained their roommates in Room-? And so far into the night and early hours of the morning the flaming youth of T. H. S., dazzled by a new and strange freedom, made much whoopee. Came the Dawn-and the Fish Commission. Looking at the poor fish, Bill Pfeiffer, noted wit, was heard to remark that the specimens did look a trifle healthier than the samples we'd just tasted for breakfast. Morris L. Forer was having the time of his life at the Bureau of Printing and En- graving until he heard that no samples would be given away. This must have been dis- heartening but then we're sure that Morris L. will some day own and operate just such an establishment. So why worry? Of course Nelson Snook and Al Butterer would have to climb the nine-hundred steps of the Washington monument in record time. We think they made it in thirty minutes and twenty-six seconds without once taking the elevator. The National Museum was just a bit boring, don't you know, what with all the old statues and relics we see every day at T. H. S. If Fannie Shutz hadn't lost her heel while dancing 011 the boat on the way to Mt. Vernon, we fear the trip would have been most quiet, although the orangeade was a bit exciting. One never knows about southern oranges! The gardens and woods at Mt. Vernon were something to rave about. Indeed Joe Toth was so impressed that he could be heard all over the place. VVe hear that Harold Rosenthal wanted to swim the Potomac, well, that would have been a fitting task for such a super-athletic, now wouldn't it? Only six cameras were wrecked when the class picture was taken on the lawn which is quite a remarkable feat considering the fact that the chaperones were in each attempt. Friday evening and a "night off" in which to revel and prove the Evolution theory. It was rumored that those nice boys Eugene Hutchins, and Dan Ivins went to a burlesque show. Horrors! Arnold Levine dared to go to a musical comedy while some girls even dared to entertain some Georgetown students. All of this outrageous conduct with cha- perones! Saturday morning and the Pan American building where the class discovered just why it is that we have no more bananas. Then, wonder of wonders-the class visited the lVhite House where it received a stupendous, astonishing, and cordial ovation from those lovely, hospital, gracious and lI1l1Cl'l+lOV6d dogs of the President and Mrs. Coolidge. In the hallway Mabel Bowlby and Jane Neill lingered, each to wonder how her portrait would grace the gallery of portraits of the presidents' wives. We didn't know that "Peaser" Lawrence and "Les" Fisher had such high aspirations! Back to the hotel. VVe,re quite positive that it was practically out of order for weeks after, owing to the strange disappearance of door knobs, bulbs, towels, soap, spoons, and so on. The ride back home was quite an ordinary affair after those three days. Of course the potato chips and apples were all quite unexpected. Nevertheless, despite sore feet and loss of sleep, the Class of '29 had a pretty fine trip. PAX VOBISCUM ff I l I 1 I j I llf ff, I . V K3 Xxlll X xvll. nf? X X 2 .1 - X -"""'- fffff' 'MM' .-..,. "f N I l -r -6, ,gs 42 19 QW Q9 who Zire we? CFor legend see page 445 GLQQ Eaumur i INTELLECTUAL HEIGHTS Miss Day Qto a prospective college studentD: "If examinations are going to over-tax your strength and if you think that the physical and mental strain of taking College Board Exams will be too great, why don't you postpone this trial a year until you feel yourself better equipped?,' Senior Qconfidentg yet half fearfulD: "But I'll never know as much as I do nowf' 966 HEARD IN THE CAFETERIA- Dejected Senior: "I don't mind HASI-I 5 times at week, but when they put raisins in it and cull it PIE, I draw u line!" Mr. Raetzer: "Levy, you may tell me Where the Declaration of Independence was signedf, Red Levy: "At the bottom, of coursef' Clever people these Chinese. Tsk! Tsk! 43 19 coil? Q9 Ziiep tn Bags' 43 Left--Miss SHEA Middle-MR. DIAMOND M idclle--MR. BUCK Right-MR. CALDWELL 9629 THANKS TO POP HUNTER VVhen we Latin students travel abroad, we will be able to omit Greece from our itinerary, thanks to the constant and graphic descriptions which so assisted us in avoid- ing the monotony of a full period's dose of Virgil. REALIA-UGH! Do we know what reulia is? Yes, that is one bit of information which was forcibly impressed upon all of Miss Pereault's classes. Did we like it? VVe-e-ell-- YES, WHO? - The two girls who spent two entire years in Trenton High School without even once falling down the stairs were presented with rubber medals. Who is there among you who can say that they didn't deserve them? OH, NO! We didn't want any outsiders at our prom. No, we didn't!! 44 llWl""' n mu In in E sub!-1lll!H::."m llylllll -nz, J ull I ffl rlnll III qmmli 'gl lu: lulqlii' I IIIIIQIT! g jLe:!gll Il:'m Firm. ,Q,.'Ziy'iUW in illllf ' . .Q r rlf f l I H Jai I, ,Qi u s N N H X 54' iwrixiizm K I F yn Shias s X K grnanlunnsr I: lf' ' " It 1 nm u n IE lim 1 I 1 I 1 4 'Q ' r H . If n" K ' s u I la nl ! lun: guns 1l' , Ill 1,, nw F- 1 'I X f . lllllllllh inn" ggi l 0 IM ffl' I"bg I f"95 4 u 1' 1 'p:'X1 afyf'95 K Inu! 1 ifpfr' QQK' ,Wg zzyv' 0 1' ff ' I 11019 ' v , 5,nl'n1, 1.-f,if:,.,,9 f5f,,g'.,s.f'f5-: 2.4 ,W j ll fi IW!!! viii' ....- : ' 'Y , if . Ulf if l 1 Ip' Ill 4 WWE , ' fr' I JIM' ff I 1 Jimi "" V 1 f fl L X ll - -i!T'Wf',ff.- 3 lwllr ,4 ru 1 I 'nl rfrff' Z, I 1 vffgfg. ' 'Hd' fu' A!- YT 41,,.5C Fill 'x Y asf 1,2 9, gi g, ss I 1 Pew 4 iiilli Vg un ll ruin!! N nl I nm.li1 1 Ill I F lrllli Il Il all ll :mu llmuln, , ,,,,,,,,M , 1 H' .'+s::5.2:.:,:5Hfi'f5f 'H' 'Eff I stlllllli ' I ' ' n I 'I-hliunui I 2 T 1 .,,,, E -" "f'mf,il.!z': M lq"Ir 2 'lun Sign' 'film wNEJ:,!,' F, 0 ,U I 112,51 , ' Nghir mxiggwls "fr ,Q ui ' If 5 1 ,gr gg., 414, ,ff 'QQNQA u. 9 gf-lf. vu' ,ilhummnll ' H ffl: ?A!"257"?'?'f5,a55 Q X XSi5."s:issTS4".5f Hikes. '3...,.:, x '51:' gQ ff? X 1 Q?-PHPRSQR iarhlai -1- 1,-ga:.f,Qf fi f f ff X -- -Q Il If VW Jllrgpg -my-,544 f We If gn! 'f Ill .e H' " be XX X Ill' 'nf' , .fi kk ur X ! 6 xx X9 QROAX X x www N llllilll L' 'M WA WN' agll 5f.',.:f"' if I I-' 'Hn u up 'till 'its in INWI I I ' E I H I IIIY n I I "' ln: 'll mv' IIIH nur Ill HIM nun L" ZEZE:-fm -2E::,:.:.. 'is .us.a.:sef'.ee.:!.x!s!U1?-'I 'iih :f:1:i.f:4 if ' :M . 1. ::!!""fv' " "' " W: 5'-'ff' fi ul .' 5123 5 NNW' 'LF--N fe'f',,:::::z:.....,..,.. X , , ,. .-,, llr I l'I1'llO mp... H ". .':nf::. 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Egg: if -131' B .I--ag: -U i"1!6',f! ,523 , 'F:E:1rf4-f la.:--1E'Q!'!!1 53 ULN 9 f- w'XA A'-M-21" W X ,semi f I l ff: ffl' 'E'EEz TE? .- ,, ,, My-xN1"Lg, V ,la , -giigiza ""u- i5:I..3.gi55QZi 'S ' ?g4f:,..L' '-" - ,.i.g iihivv A. - .-1.-gg'--: : 9 .UIQ M ., ,X f, ,S--...fu gg- sf , - - -. wx f-:e ---.1 -, -4lr:'v5,i..:':'!!?!- ,.n , ,.,, Y P: ...ay lv- -5 :::a'J.iz,,!:,,'ll " ' 'L, -72532. al" Hr: 17 -K, -NE.. ,:.E??:I,115-jfs-,j"1g,55,5,gggf'1"ua,-1 gh.---.4 -,H-I 'I . 'iz :wi 2215212 -Q-.:" Mft2-rmZ1Hsf15225Hi if .41 M 'w'1,5'i5"'5'1. . - 1' ,EV 2212 ' :ii::,',4?.,E4g5'f 11 EEE?i.EEEif2?31iSENz::i::E:5? f,E2?1.E5:5:, '1 +ugiE"f ggi ' f" Q55 , Q .' . '::::.: ' - QQ All E" if ww fzw f.f5'91 1 wa f I3 M5 121 wt 5 ?- ii? Ei5?fi:'f':7 llmg:n'i!'F Aii'T1?. ?ff2!!.JigifiiE?t?'E1Zf!?m'if:ii, -'- fi 1-Q?3353221aei:!',ia!!:4'?-fffw"VhV!E. 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I ..,.... ..,. , l, ., 'V' ., , ,. .. . , , .J uma, . ... :... ....,-. -1- . v ' ',,-:.::.'...-!-., ,..::'. 1' -'...iiif'.. . 1 ...I 43 ,. . . .v :ft" ,.. ,-I.,-........,.... 19 Q971? QQ The Belles Iettrzs bucietp The Belles ,l,et.l.res Soviety had a very sllceesshll year. During the first, selnester. it Ill1FlCl'l,00k a Complete. I-oinprellensive study ol' the "modern short story." The authors studied were: O'Henry. Edgar Allen l'Oe. etc-. During the second semester, an extensive study was made of the Hlll0flL'I'I1 drama," including leading dramas from Sc-alldinavia. F1'iLlll'L', Germany, England, Ireland. and Ameriea. The Writers studied were Hostand, Mate1'lil1eli, Dilllsaln-y, Galswortlly, Barrie, Shaw, and 0'Neill. The soc-iety also had a recreational side. The annual Belles Lettres Reunion was held at Hill- wood Inn during the Christmas holidays. In the late spring the society made a trip to New York to see a musical comedy. A formal dinner-dance, which was :L great success, was held at Hillwood Inn in June. The biggest project undertaken by the society during l.he year was the "Annual Short Story Contestf' fsx OFFICERS af 'Egg' I'res1'dm1t. . . . . . Q 2 Pr fx Secretary . . . 1. 'f' Treas urcr ,...... Li V ice-Pres ident . pbgf x ANN K. BOssERT FRANCES CALDWELL CHARLES CAMINADE ARBIAND FELL JAMES JOHNSTON ESTHER LAWSRE ISABEL LENOX RUTH MIILHOILIIANID MR. JOHNSON SENIOR MEMBERS JOSEPH LONGHTREET .RUTH SCHURZE CARI. SCHAEFFICR. XVILBUR SROOK JUNIOR MEMBERS GEORGE ROEISON POLLY IDURAND KJERTRUDE GIGDGHAN ADYISERS MR. HANCOCK 46 XVILBUR SIIOOK NIURIEL G. VETTER ANN K. BOssER'r JAMES J. JOHNSTON NIURIIGL VETTER SHIRLEY XVEVVELL EDNA IJAYES DOROTHY BINDER JAMES KINZEL KATIIIGRINIQ IJUNTER flER.AI,D MILLER Mrss YVEBER 19 37? Q9 The Iiunian Sucietp The Vlionian Society fluring 1928-1929 haul a successful your in many respex-ts. More emphasis was plaeefl on Seholarship and Leadership as qualifying factors for members in the clubg anrl more than half the entire number of members were on the honor roll. Interesting pl'0g1'3,lTlS developing Topics of historic' importance were renrlercrlg 3, Waslliligtrxli essay contest was conrlucteflz and trips were taken to New York City, Doylestown Museum, and the Shore. One of the successful events of the year was the Annual June Reunion. Nr-XX OFFICERS .nf X RIJISERT PETRY wwf 'WN PTI'-S'I'd871f ..... JJ Vz'1'e-Prrsiderzf . SAM SILVERGLADE ikvgxfxfv Af, Sm-retary . . HARRIET KALE - QL-5-V Treasurer . FLORENCE TnoMsoN HELEN AND:-:Rsox ELIZADI-:Tn f'oxovr:n EDNA Cook Rosie CRAIG BIORRIS Formica fi!-IN!-IVA GIAXDI-'Iil4'l'PIR H.kZPZI. HILL EVELYN DENEMARK ELIZABETH GERIIER l'1L1zAm-3TH HARmsox HARfJl1D Homme SENIOR MEMBERS HARIKX' HCJIALAXD HARRIET KAIAE ANNA IQARLBERG HERMAN KOPLIN ARNOLD LDv1NE EI.Iz,xnI-:TH NIACK Erin-:L NIANIIKAS .I UNIOR. M IC M B E RS RHOllA.lAN'I'l HUDNUT HARRY KLP1lNKAl'k' G1-:onus FAC ULTY ADVISICRS NIR. J. B. Hoxizvcvrr NIR. liAE'rzr:n Miss ST. Jonx Mn. BARTLETT 47 ARTHVR Minnmzrox Jonx Musicri Ronuwr PIQTRY WILLIAM Pwmn-'En EDWARD Sc'rIor1El,D SAM Sri.vEnm,ADn FLORENCE Tnonsox ERWIN MARsHALi, EARI, HIVRRAY ELEANOR ll EHNER MR. IQLEINFELTER Miss BRAYMER 19 C7713 QQ ' rr-ii' ' .y ummerce flllluh The Commerce Club has been one of the most active clubs this year. It consists of junior and senior commercial students. who have earned honor ratings. Several of the members have received honor medals, and many have been elected into the National Honor Society. The meetings are held every other week at members' homes. Some of t.he activities of the club included: Visits to several of Trenton industries. The Fifth Annual Banquet was held on February 22, at Hillwood Ina in the Princeton Room, and both the active members and the alumni attended. The speakers were: Dr. Blather Abbott, Headmaster of Lawrenceville School: Congressman Charles A. Eaton: Mr. Walter 0. Lochner, Secretary of Chamber of Commerce: and Dr. Wetzcl, During Easter Week the club visited New York City. Each year the club holds a contest in Rapid Valculation. Shorthand, Bookkeeping, and Typewriting for the commercial students to select the con- testants for the annual district contest. Gold and bronze medals were given to the winners of first and second places which were respectively: Richard Labate and George Ketancr, Ida Ryan and Frances Miller, Thomas Sandhoff and Richard Labate, and Doris Rathbone and Beatrice Lawrence. On Decoration Day the club held an all-day picnic at Jacob's Creek. The oHiccrs and members of the club are as follows: OFFICERS -fi. l" 1 gx U , Prr.s'1'rle11l ..... GEORGE NICKENZIE E bil liter-Prmiidcni . CHARLES MKILAUGIILIN Q, Q f Secrflary . CAROLYN SEMON REQ Treasurer . . . . GPIORGPI BowERs ETHEL ARONSON l'lLOREXl'I-I BRYAN -IOSEPHINE C1IRIsTIAN LILLIAN Coo1'ER FLonENcE GADSBY CHARLES AHR IIELI-:N IiLAsKoI'ITz GEoRGE Bowens KARI. BUGA .IOSEPII CHRISTIAN Adviser . . SENIORS FLORENCE HowAR'rII XVIIJBIIR LANNING GRACE NIARJARUM GEORGE MKJKIENZIFZ JFNIORS FREIJ ERLITZ EVELYN Fox Doms GEH'ER GEORGE KETANER LESTER KOIIMAN 48 f'HAs. MKILAUGIIIIIN DOROTHY BIORRIS VIVIAN PRIEST CAROLYN SEMON EDITH SOIJEN RICHARD LABATE RUSSELL METZGI-JR Axrnoxx' BIORTORANO IDA .R,YAN SYLVIA SINGER DON T. DEAL 19 C9713 Q9 it - I, . I, ,.., ., QEI Sigh: Jfuturn The name of the Spanish Club, "El Siglo Futnrof' means the future generation. This club has been organized in order that students of Spanish might, through obtaining knowledge of the Spanish- speaking countries, their characteristics, and the customs of their people, better learn to speak the language and feel more interest for it and the places where it is spoken, At the meetings of the club, different members give reports on the Spanish-speaking countries. their inhabitants, their arts. sports. and progress in the line of education and government. To further facilitate the accomplishments of the eluh's purpose, representatives of these countries who are study- ing in this city are invited to attend the meetings. They speak to the members in their own language and tell of their countries. X 0 l sbgx ,f f I X 6 . I, lu 0 L OFFICERS lf fo X President . . . . . Vice-Prcsiclcrit . Tamron HI an Secretary . SfHO0L 1 Freasurcr ..... RIILDRED AD.-KMEC RIARY FILIPPONI BEATRICE LAWRENCE FRANCES MILLER LILLIAN BILLINGS GEORGE GIKREFIAL FAXNIE GRECO Adviser . SENIOR MEMBERS NIILDRED NIIFF STELLA ORLIN JEANETTE PAUL JUNIOR MEMBERS JENNIE KRAMER IJOROTIIY MISKIIIL 419 . NIILDRED NEFF . STELLA ORLIN . MILDREIJ ADAMEC . FRANCES MILLER BI-ZIILAII TINDALL ARTHUR XVATSON LEOTA ZAIILES Gino IEEBECCA ELIZABETH SMITH DR. VICTOR SABARY 19 fix? QQ Ghz atinnal Iannnr buniztp The National Honor Society is the i2llI'f,IOS'l, society in 'l'renizon High School. This is only one chapter of a society that is represented hy high schools in every state of the union. The National Honor Society is to the high school stuclcnt what the Phi Beta Kappa is to the college student. and the honor of election to this society is much greater thnn some realize. The National Honor Society has completed a very suc- cessful year, its impressive installation services starring above all other accomplishinents. These ceremonies were held before the school, showing: the funrlamental purposes and ideals of the National Honor Society. Members were elected hy the faculty on the basis of high quality ill Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. OFFICICILS CFirs1 'Fcrmj President . Vim'-Prfsirlnzf Secretary . Trmszlrer . NAnoNAt N X X X ij ll Qi-gl' ' 'ggiuv .E NN, k l i f til OFFICICRS CSecond 'l'ermD . . . ROBERT PETRY Pl'f'N1.!If'IIf . . . IIARRIET KALE l'ivv-Prc.vz'111'nf . BIADLYN NIILLNER Svrrclary . . IJUNALD LYNCH TIT!!-S'llT6'I' . MEMBERS HENRY ARRAMS HELEN ANDERSON ETIIEL :XROXSON ANN K. Boss:-:RT FLORENCE BRYAN ALBERT BUTTERER RUSSELL CASE JosEI'nINE CHRIETIAN JANET CONN LILLIAN COOPER EDNA Coon BELLA CUTTLER LIORRIS L. FORER ltoBEI1TA HULLOWAY HIAIIRIET KAIIE VIVIAN PRIEST CHARLES ILOGERS THOMAS SANDOFF FRANK KRoN BICATRICIG LANVRENCI 'l'noMAs LEAMINU IJUNALD LYNCH LENA NIAISTO ETHEL NIANUKAS GRACE MIKIIGERUNI CARRoLI. MAYERS ARTHUR MlDDl1lC'l'ilN FRANCES MILLEII BLXDLYN NIILLXI-LR LESTER FIsI1ER IIOBERT Pl-:TRY HoLGER -IANSSON ANNA KARLBERG lQLEANoR CQUICK BERNICE RMGOVVSKI . . ROBERT PETRY XVILBUR SHOCK GRACE NIAIIGERUM CHARLES ILOGERS CAROLINE SCIIWARTZ EDWARD SCIIOFFIELD AVILBUR Snoox Nr:LsoN SNOOK HARRY STEINAIAN NIURTEL VFITTER SAMUEL VITIZ VELMA VVETZEL iLIC1IAltD WILSON ADA WooDwARn MILIJRI-:D NEFF DoRoTnI-:A OSYVALD HAZEL HILL ELLEN JONES HARRY IQRAVITZ ALFRED lLENDELL SYLVIA SALTMAN .-idnisrr . MR. J. B. HKJNEYCUTT 50 RUSSELL W. CASE 19 coil? QQ 1BuhIic bpeaking Qiluh Without doubt the most outstanding purpose of the Public Speaking Club is its desire to give to those persons who have an interest in the subject an opportunity to enjoy instruction and practice in public speaking. During the year, they have helped hlr. H. A. Van Kirk with :L book which he is publishing, con- cerning the art of public speaking. They also participated in special contests. VVith this end in View their secretary secured information from sources and sponsors of contests. P .d t OFFICERS 'Xi W gf resz an . . . . . Xe' Vice-President . C' i 'Q' ff Secretary . Xi! T reanswrer ...... HELEN ANDERSON RUSSELL CASE GENEVA GLADFELTEH HOLGIGR JANSSON EVELYN DENEMARK .4dv'z'ser . SENIOR MEMBERS DONALD LYNCH ETHEL NIANUKAS ARTHUR BIIDDLETON MAIJLYN MIl1I1NEll JUNIOR MEMBERS HARRISON ENGLISH flENEVA GLADFELTER DOROTHEA OSWALD DONALD LYNCH JOHN RIUSICK DOROTHEA OSKVALD FLORENCE THOMSON GEORGE MANUKAS . . . . MR. HAROLD A. VAN KIRK 51 19 Coil? QQ Bptbagnrzan Society The Pythagoreaix Society, the Il'l3,l,l1Cl1l2LtlCS elulm of '1lI'Clll,011 High School. was formed in 1915 under the supervision of Mr. J. VV. Colliton, and has been advancing ever since. The purpose of the club has been to study'1CIIl2-Ll,li'S extensively and to learn interesting facts not taught in school. The Society has again enjoyed a successful year under Mr. Colliton's lcarlersliip. It held its annual reunion at Hillwooil Inn during tl1e Christmas holidays. Many of the alumni were present. . , OFFICERS f f m Presirlmil ..... ir 21- A' 35. Vice-President . wx 'I Srcretary . . Ji- ' Treasurer ...... RUSHIQLL CASE Jicssm CJIIAMBICRLAIN CAROL HUFF Rom-:RTA Hol,LowAY DAN IVINS PERRY LALBERT ARTHUR BAINBRIBGE IRENE BRODNER .fldziser SENIOR M ICMBERS IIo1,c.1-:R JANSSON VFIIUMAS LIGAMING IMJNALD LYNCH INIMJLYN NIILLNER Gran. BIINSCIHVANI-IR JVNIOR M ICMBERS BERNARD G LASER RUBERT Gnovm 59 . HOLGER JANss.oN . IJOROTliEA OSWALD . ROB1Cl!'F.A Ho1,1,AwAY . CHARLI-is BIITCIIELL C'nA1u,r:s llIITC1IELI, IPOROTHI-IA Oswrum C11Anl,ns ltocsnns Vr:L:slA XVIGTZEI. l'ILIxon WYKOFF lx'IARGARl1l'l' Losmr JANET Mf1NAB ,l'lLIZABI4IT1I Mlmllcn, Mn. J. W. COLLITON 4.1. 19 coil? Ciba Girls' Scienne Qliluh "Science is the Light of all l'r0gre.v.v" lhe Girls' Science Club coinplc-ted il very SllCCCSSflll year. The activities of the club induded a SClS'llllf1C talk at each meeting :Incl various trips to inrlustrial plants Of the city or the state. At Christ mas time this club provicled for It needy family. lhe 'lnnual reunion, hvld at Hillwourl Inn mluriug thc Cllristmas holidays, proved to bt a de hghtful affair. Ali, 7x f ,J pl-xxx I ,' , X P N-lb I reszdfnl . llxf V ,J,f'f1N?i V1'ce-Prenvident . L Secretary . L-HQ Treasurer . Xf GRACE BLACKFORD ALVA BOzAR'I'II VHRONICA CARY MARGARET IDUNHAM CECIL FELL A flz'1'sf'r . OFFICERS MEMBERS SYLVIA GOODMAN DOROTIIY HASSALII DOROTIIEA LINORELL NIARIE BIORIBETO .5 3 DOROTHY SILCOX SYLVIA GOODMAN JANE A. NEILL, EIARIE EIORIBETO JANE NEILL MINNIE OLITSKY ELEANOR QUICK DOli0THY SILCOX Miss A, P. HUGHES 19 37? QQ Buys' intense Iuh The Boys' Science Cluh is :I sof-ioty clcvotc-fl to the study of sciciitifio invvstigatioiis. The results of this y0ar's Lliscilssiulis have hee-n very CllL'UllI'ilg.Zlllg. It owes much of its silrwss to the untiring efforts of Blr. E, A. Buck. thc faculty adviser of thc club. During the cll11'lST.1Tlii,S llolitlays, the Science Club llclrl its annual reunion, which was in the form of a rlinner-flanec. The affair. at which many alumni were present., was a great success. The I'Ill'I'I1ll0l'S made several trips during the ye-arg one to the sewage disposal plant., anfl one to the State Prison. At the end of the year a farewell trip was made to the Seashore. 4 Lo A OFFICERS if ' if I're.vident . LTU of YW - , - N - , V100-I 'I'BS'Id67lf ' ' Secretary . 5 l I V ,Y .J f I rcwvurer Romzm' Bom: PHIIILIP lioscuufxi, ALBIQRT lluwlcnicic I,Es'I'I-In Frsrmn ALFRED LAXVIH-INCE ALLAN Nr:wI:LL flILl, .flrI1'1'xc'r . SENIOR. M EMBERS CII.xnl.1:s L.xYToN ARTHUR MCTIGII VVILLIAM P.msoNfs Lmon ARD RING JUNIOR M EMBERS l1'LoYu LEIJGER PRAUL Ill-IEDER 5 4 Wl LLIAM PARSONS A LBEIVD BUTTERER LESTER FISHER NELSON SNUOK NELSUN Sxoox ltoBr:u'r TuoU'r l7oN XVALKLETT ltlcimnn VVILSON .loIIN SCHUCK CIIAIIIIES S'I'AIfK Mu. E. A. HUUK 19 C7713 QQ Philatelic Sunietp III the sm-uml year of its vxistt-IIQQ the Plnilute-lic' Society lllilflfb grczmt illlVElllC'QS iII its chusen field, that of C'0lll'l'llI1Q :Intl studying stumps. It lllSllt.lIlCfl thc Slillllp Cmlrse in this school. The club pI'6SOI1lLK'll to the sm-howl El vzmluuble 2l.ll7Ulll in May. It has lll'0lI,l.flll, to its meetings philatclists of world renowll. This year thc club has SllllSC1'llDCd to four IIIa.gzIziI1c-sg has sponsored at correspollclence chap- tvr uf thv soviety, including IIIUIIIIJCFS of all countries of the worldg has editl-rl a, bi-weekly club puperg and has become thc possossor of a valuable IIHJIIITI and catalog. . ,gi .fr OFFICERS up f,viI,:..,,I .X -Q, . A fi fffj' Preszdmi . . . . . MfJltRlS L. FORER f' Q l'l ,. jf! Sccrviary . . BKIILTON J. FINEBURII . ,C .I MON VAL ,,,. - A' , Trezzsurer .-54 QQ NI L 'I fo ffvNn'."N I .x LENA Comzx ihIIL'I'ON J. FINEIIHRG MORRIS L. FORER ARTHUR LIANCOCK RALPH HIQRIIN liAItRY IluI,I..xND HoR,xcI3 CAsIawEI.I. I . I lINKLE M lil RT If f'II.Is. M. J. JUIINSON ,-I fl 1'1--SFI' SENIOR MEMBERS FRANCES KIPPEIUIAN KATIIBRINI-3 LHILIN ESTIII-:R Llc! ISIGRMAN BIQATRIIJIQ LHVINIQ ARTHUR DIIDDLETUN FR.xNcIcs MILLER JUNIOR MEMBERS HA RRY KLEINKA UI' I1A1tRY ICOSLOVITZ VVILLIAM MAC,'KI4INSEN 5 5 R. FLORENCE XYOOLF GEORGE PI-'EI-'FI-:R JOHN SCHLEG-E14 AARON SLOIN HARRH' STEINMAN FLORENCE VVOOLF SOI, ZOLTICK ERNEST NAGY BERNARD PELTIIN VICTOR SAHARY 19 072 QQ jfnrum The person who first eoneeiverl of such R club and flirectecl the orgfmizzition of the Forum Club was Freclerick BI. English. :L Junior. In organizing this society the uuclerlying purpose in the minds of its K!I't'il,l,0I'S was that Of studying the 'Lf0VL'I'llIIll'llt,S ol' the I7I't'il0lllll13lli, llilllllbllii Ol' the worlclg there- by coinparing the ellieieney of their legislative bomlies: of studying the public at,t,il,11cle towzml govern- ment: of debating the outstaxnling politic-al problems of the ilay together with the private opinions as to their solutions: and ol' creating a Iuore serious state of Illillfl concerning St'lll-g0VG1'lllIl61li, within the student body. After having their plains :Lpprovecl by Dr. Wetzel and obtaining Mr. Kleinfclter ol' the history flC1lll,l'tlll0l1t as aflviser. the CllU.l't-CI' II10lllllCI'S helrl their first meeting On December 19, 1928. Due to the interesting talks and discussions, its IllCIl1lJCI'S llave COINS to feel that their elub plays a vital part in the life Ol' the school. Next your a much better and more vigorous season is being planned. if R W OFFICERS ' l 1'res1'rlm1l . . . . FREDERICK ENGLISH l V 'lf'1'ce-l'resiz1enf . JAMES JOHNSTON W Z, I Sccrdury of State . . ARTHUR BIIJTIGIIE EFLTE Secretary of the Treasury EDWARD N EVVHART Secretary to the Pfresident HAIIOIIIJ HOENIG GEORGE lVll!iKENZIE ARTHUR. Mc'l'IouE OIIEN XIESSIC ELI ALBERT LEON COHI-:N DIKX'ID ECKsTEIN FRED ENGLISH JACK ENGLISH JOHN ELKIVS I-l rlvfsz- r S J EXIOR MEMBERS ROBERT lvEWHAR'l' DANIEI. RAPPAPORT UNIOR MEMBERS JOHN LAXVTON' MILTON EIIQSICK ERNEST NAGY EDWARD NEWT-IART HOWARD NlIK2EN'I' 5 6 NIR. GODFREY ZENTMAYI R JAMES JOHNSTON JOHN STRUBLIC MARIII YOLPI-I HAROLD IlOl-INIG ROBERT EVALKICR IIOWARD WILSON KLEINI-'ELTER 19 C9713 QQ The bpzctatur THE SPECTATOR enjoyed the finest year of its twenty-seven years of existence during 1928-'Q9. Without exerting any special effort for the three issues sent to the Columbia Press Association Con- test, the SPECTATOR attained third place out of the five hundred entries in its class. Bflauy innova- tions were inade during this year. This year's SPECTNPOR issued more cuts than any set of issues before it. It introduced the effective p1'e-atliletie Write-up in place of the dry sunnnary typeg supple- mented issues were printed: it successfully carried out a poetry contest and formulated an inter- club basketball league. Blore than in former years, the SPECTATOR has fostered scholastic attain- nicnts, featuring articles of that nature. All through the year it upheld its position as the true organ of the school. EDITORIAL STAFF Idditor-in-Clzifef ....... Monms L. FORER Associates YI-:LMA FV!-ITZEL RUSSELL THOMAS ARNOLD S. LI-:VINE DEPARTMENTAL STAFF DDRDTHEA 0sWAI.D . Feature MUIIIEL VE'1"rEn . . . Social R-USSELL CA:-nz . . . Feature HELEN ANDERSON . . . Social MAIJI.YN MIIAIJNER . . . Feature SAMUEL ADLER . Boys' Athletics ANN Bossiswr . . . Feature JANE NEILL . . . . Art Mnfrox J. FINEBERG . Exclmnges BUSINESS STAFF IEVING FYILNER ....... Business Manager JIARRY KI1liINKAUl4' . . Assistants . IFOBERT CQROVE O. J. OSWALD . . Advisers . M. B. SANFORD 57 19 0713 Q9 , .:f,z.w. . - - ' be fwrcbzstra It is certain that there has never been prorlucecl a better orchestra. in Trenton High School than the one of this year. At many 2l,SS0lI1lDllL'S the 0l'Cl16St.l'2l. has not only played entrance and exit lll2l,l'Cll6S but also many special selections. Under Mr. VVestover's leadership the 1llClI'1bCl'S of the orchestra have been developed into a. well-conchicted and harmonious group. The nlelnbers and instrumentation are as follows. L. ABRAMSON P. CARMENELLI A . CI-IIANI-:sn G. MIIIIJER B. BERKOWITZ Piano ..... . . . GEIJRGE lhfIINClIW'ANEll Violins H. Anluxis H. HAPAS L. SI-IAPIIIU S. ADLEII J. KPILSEY B. STEIN D. BINDER J. KLINE J. SIIINTAY G. BLACKFORIJ A. LIWINI4: V. SHUBIQIIT C. BUGA R. LoCKwooD P, SHULTZ J. CHRISTIAN F. ROBERTS M. WATsox M. Hmmxx C. Rossr Flutes Trombone-v ' K. G1zAvA'rT ' I. Amen L. MAICIGNSON O. Mmmneic L. QUISITO Tuba-C. Clmniunlcs Coruefs Alto Saxoplzorms G. MINIJIIXVANIEII G. SMITH S BICRNSTIGIN L. FIGLTON I. WILNER R. PENNINGTON J. VAX BUSKIIIK C C.xRxIIN.xm: G. Nl.-XNUKAS A. SYKHS J. Dr: LUCIA Clarinzets Drums R. CARHART C. SHAFFEII E. BURROUGIIS A. IJAIRD W. MITIINT Pianfisls D. RA'rIIIzoNE D. RICJIIAIQIJSON 58 19 C7717 Q9 The Banu The spirit of the Trenton High School lJa.nd at the gzuncs has been one of the factors in enabling Trenton to produce sur-h EL creditable record. At every game the hand under Mr. Wcstover's leader- ship hus played to Keep up the spirit of the school. This year the band varied its usual selection of pieces with some popular' songs. Every person in Trenton High School wishes to extend his thanks to the wonderful Work of the band and its leader. BIEBIBERS Comets and Trumpets Tuba J. VAN BUSKIRK ' CHAMBERS G. SMITH P. C.xRMENI:I.LI V A R. PI-:NNINGTON U'l"'l'1ff-9 A. CIIIANESI-: I CARHART M. CUXXIxc.II.uI 1 BERKOWITZ G. MILLER K. GRAVATT F. CLARK Flute and Piccolo . . A Ms Drum Major BRA SON 'I' bHUCK Trombones Barilnne - QUISIT0 I. Amir. L. Mixrzxsox 5 fl Drums A. LAIRD E. Bunnoucns W. MOUNT N. SNooK Alto Saroplzones C. CAMINADE 1. WILNER .I. Dm LUCIA S. BIJRNSTEIN L. FELTON G. MANUK.AS Bb Tenor Saxophone A. SYKES 19 C973 Q9 Qbrpbeus buciztp The dominating aim of the Orpheus Society is that of promoting a greater and deeper interest in music, not only in tlic school, but in lutcr life. This socicty luis given lllilllf' musical programs to the schoolg many programs have also bccn rcnderccl at the students homes. Programs bavc also been contributed in the form of lunch period 61ll0I't2,LlllI1lCllt. Its mcmbcrs have aided the Glee Club, Orchestra, and Band by becoming members Of at least onc of the above namcd. As in previous years, thc club cnjoycd :L trip to Asbury Park. in addition to its annual banquet. OFFICERS President . LEON SHAPIRO V ice-President . BIIRIAM HAVESON Secretary . MIIZIAINI FISHER Treasurer . . . . . Lum HALL SENIOR MEMBERS SAMUEL ADLER Lum HAIAL l,OROTIIY RICHARDSON LEON SIIAPIILO BESSIE BERKOYVITZ M1liIikRi IIAVESON CARL SHAFFER I1cv1No VVILNER NIIRIAM FISHER EIJZABETH Rl-IMELE JUNIOR MEMBERS LOUIS ABRAMS JOE KLINE FLORENCE 1iOBER'I'S JOHN SIIUCK B1-JATRICE STI-IIN Faculty Aflviser . Mn. WESTOVEII 60 19 Q971? Q9 be Glen lub Under the leadership of Mr. Westover the raw material that presented itself to him at the begin- ning of the year has been moulded into a group of harmonious singers. The Glee Club has several times during the year participated in programs before the school. Both Mr. Westover and the indi- vidual mernbers of the club deserve much credit for the excellent work that they have done. MEMBERS Sopranos DOROTHY ASIIMORE BESSIE BERKOXVITZ BIABEL BAWVLBY GRACE BLACKFORD MARION DOBINSON ESTIIER FRANKEL FRANCES GI-ILB GLADYS GRATTON HELEN ANDERSON JEANNE COPELAND POLLY DURAND ROSE DI-:U'reu:xIAN F. EDWARDS ANNIE FULLERTON RITA GIIERSIA BETTY ALLEN PIIYLLIS JAMES G. BUCHANAN FRANK CLARK Adviser ROSALIND GROSS MARY HAMAN LIDA GALL ALMA MORGAN MILDIIPJD MYA1'T DORIS RATIIBONE LILY SAFIR S. SEKERAK Altos SYLVIA GoonMAN M. HAVESON F. KIPPERMAN PAULINE BIALLOXVITZ MIRIAM POPKIN FI.oRENcE ROBERTS SOPIIIE SARAPRIN Tenors HAROLD KUSI-IEL JOSEPH LONGSTREET Bass GEORGE MANIYKAS OLIVER NIERRICK 61 A. SERDEGLANZ FANNIE SIIUTZ ARAXIE TASIIJIAN AGATIIA TOWNSHICND IIELEN UPDIKE ELEANoR VVEHNER CLARA VVINKLER EIIITII SODEN BEATRICE STEIN M. 'FAYLOR ELIZABETH Tnomsox T. VIDETTA S, YOLE JAMES MARKS CHARLES SHAYV SAM SILVERGLADE J ORN SIIUCK MR. WESTOVER 19 C9717 QQ 'Vibe aming nf the Qbretnn Witl1a'4l1e":L11cla"l1i":n1da"he,high,hiny"gwitha gruntand alaugh and a,p11n."Tl1e Taming of the Shrew." hy1Villia1n Shakespeare. the 1929 Senior Class play of the Trenton Senior High School, opened before a record-breaking audience at the Crescent Temple. on November 30, 1928. Through Five acts the actors laughed, the audience laughedg then all went hoine and they are still laughing. "The Tanning of the Shrew" was the first senior play since 1906 that was written by the delight- ful but difftieult Bill the Avon. It was acclaimed by the students and the critics as the greatest senior play ever presented. The play was directed by Mr. Harold A. Van Kirk. ' THE CAST LUCENTxo, A Rich Young Man of Pisa ........ . Holgar Jannson. TR,ANIO, His Servant Who Iinpersoimies Him ,....... . Leon Levy B.-NPTISTA. Wealthy Merchant of Padua and I"uther of Kale and Bianca . .llorrfx Forer BIANCA, Daughter of Baptiste ........ . . . . .lluriel Vetter GREMIO, Older Suitor of Bianca. . . . Donalfl Lynch HORTENSIKD, Younger Suiter ol' Bianca ......,,. . Russel Case BIONDELLU. Also Servant to Lucentio ......... , Harry Krarilz PE'rnUe1uo, a Young Man of Verona, and Later Suiter to Katherine . Lester Fisher GREMIO, Petruehio's Servant ............ . Samuel Adler KATIIERINE, Buptistzfs Shrewish Daughter . . Marllyn Millner CURTIS, A Maid in l'etruchio's House . . , . ......... Dorothea Oswald SIX SERVANTS or PHTRUCHIO John. Errlclslcy, Joe CUll'ligl'l'0, .elnthorzy Fusanella, Milton, Ilinebvrg, Albert Lavzfnllzal, John Phillips Cook ....,................, . . . PEDANT, An Older Citizen of Maritim .,.... . Sam Silrerglale TAILOR ................ . Aaron Slain VINcEN'1'Io, A Rich Citizen of Pisa and lluther to Lucentio . . Wilbur Shook AN OFFICI-:R .............. . llerwy Abrams A Wmow Axn Win: T0 Honrsxslo Harriet Kale 62 19 C975 QQ btuhent Qtuuncil This ycmds Student Council has been very efficient. It has taken clmrgc of thc school grounds. ca'I'eterias, halls, and the lunch-hour programs, and as ii body has acted as it saw best for the good of the school. In addition to these things the Student Council has Started for the first time a plan of student-coaching. The purpose of the plan is to let the students who are skillful in their studies help those students who are deficient. This idea relieves the teachers of a great deal of work and gives all good students an excellent chance to serve their school. The Conncil's Candy Connnittee headed by Fineberg and Forer helped to swell a, fund which amounted to S575 for the Student Loan Fund. A group consisting of Butterer, Bainbridge, Volpe, and Grove were selected to go to the State Student Government Convention, but did not go due to ii very heavy snow storm that day, A pamphlet concerning manners and conduct was circulated by the Council in the hoineroonis ill an effort to improve public performances and school spirit. OFFICERS President . .... ALBERT BUTTERER, Vice-P-resident IIOLGAR JANSSON Secreiary . . . ISUSSELL CASE A.ssz'sta1zt Secretary . . . EVELYN RUOPP MEMBERS Aiinnnr Bu'r'rERER . Senior Class LESTER FISHER . . Senior Class RITSSIGIJL CASE . . Senior Class IIOLGAR JANSSON . . Senior Class Anrnun BAINBRIIJGE . Junior Class TRUTH MUIilIOLLANll . Junior Class Ronnm' Gnovm . . Junior Class MARIO VOLPE . . Junior Class ROBERT PETnY .... . . . . . Clubs Donornr S1LcoX . . . ..... Clubs ROBEIIT BOLE . Boy's Alhlelics Dox WALKLi-:TT . Boy's Athletics ELIZABETH hvllihl-JY .... . Girl's Athletics Monms Fomcn . . . ..... . Spectator Advisers- . . MR. SCOTT SMITH AND Mn. L. J. BARTLETT 63 19 Q771? QQ QE. . . rms Qllluh For two parainount reasons was the Pri-ss Club formed. First, to see that all tho Trenton High nc-ws of great iniportzincv was 1-oycrvd in the daily papers. und secondly to give journalistically in- :-lined students zz chance to enjoy practix-al experience. This cluh was created last. year under the Mr. Charles C. Hanslniry, who was then the sporting editor of the Trenton Tiuics. Mr. lVIa,thewsoi1 likewise deserves spec-ial weclit, in that, hc' has carefully and Lzmotfully supervised the members ol' the Press. Thr- inenibers enjoyed za very instructive trip through the Trenton Times Building. Not only has good work ln-en accomplished this your hy the club as H. whole. hut also has it hc-come quite ap- parent. that next y0zu"s Work and uccomplislunents will be particularly fine, duo to the good work which the Juniors have done this year. TRENTUN TIMES STAFF SENIORS ECI!-fllf-lill-lwlllilff . . . . . RUSSELL 'l'i-ioxms BIURIEL YETTER .-XRNoLD LEVINE J UNI! IRS ERNEST NAGY Joux ELKINS ELIZABETH YA RD GAZETTE STAFF SENIORS ,EllffUT-Till,-Clllifff ....... NIORILIS L. FORER HELEN ANDERSON SAMUEL IXDLER JIFNIORS LAWRENCE BONNET ITAVID ECKSTEIN ESTHER FRANKEL Adviser , . NIR. MATHEWSON 64 19 C9713 Q9 DAILY CIRCULATION EDITION NOT SO GOOD Advertise Here and Get Your Money'.s IVorth VOL X, No. Y? JUNE QS, 1939 PRICE M or VZ tVoi,. Acrl EWHIGI-I CHOOLOPENSN XTYEAR MUSICK NAJWES HCTCHINS AS CAMPAIGN Ill,-INACER John hlusick, Democratic candidate for sheriff of Mercer County, announced yester- day that he has appointed Eugene Hutchins, hrilliant politician as his Campaign Manager. Mr. Musick with becoming modesty says. "I think that I am big enough for the jolt," FIRST WOMAN SECRETARY OF VICE-PRESIDENT Wash., D. C., June '28-Miss Marie Moy- ham, Graduate of T. H. S. in ltlitl, has ln-cu appointed hy Vice-President .Klhert .l. Butterer, as his private. confidential secre- tary. Miss Mayham is quite experienced and should prove very efficient, WELL-KNO WN .4 VIA TOR TO MAKE FLIGHT .IULY 4 Mitchell Field, June 'IS-Captain Roller! E. Petry plans to make u non-s'op flight from Reno lo Paris in his nntcrl planc " Divorct-e." His only companion lacing his tncchauic, Charles Rogers. NE W B l 'SINESS VENTURE PLANNED The Irvings, Wilnt-I' and Marshall huvc merged their respective corporations, and have comhincd forces to launch an chain of Bond Companies, "Gentlemen Prefer Bonds." PRETTY ATHLETE WILL ATTEMPT CHANNEL SWLM JULY 4 Ann Karlherg, charming uthlcte and n'orlrl's champion swimmer of Trenton, will sail for England with her trainer, "Dila" Willey, to prepare for her swim. ATTA INS UNIQUE IIONOR Avis Billingham, noted sulfragist, has heen elected honorary advisor of. the "Nota- Bena" Sorority-"Halo Binapif' FORMER .ACTOR F OILS POLICE Prohibition Officer Mistakes Bottle of Listerinefor Scotch Rye LESTER FISHER BOSSERT AND WYCOFF WIN DANCE MARATHON John Bossert and Elinor WycotT. dazzling exponents of syn:-opation, have captured the unnuul duncc Il'l3.l'll,l,lllH'l sponsored hy Sidney Kraus. promoter of stunts. The prize is 351,000 in gold. The winners danced fur three consecu- tive weeks!!! it hat a record! SPECTATOR WINS FIRST PLACE Al the Columbia Press Conference held yesterday in New York, the T. H. S. Specta- tor captured first place, Class A. This was especially gratifying to the speaker of the threc-day convention. Morris L. Forer, hack in 1929, led the Spectator for the first time in its history to at t.hird place win. PLANS ARE COM- PLETED FOR LONG EXPECTED BUILDING Wetzel is New Principal Forer To Make Opening Address At School Con- structerl by F isher. According to most recent plans. the first unit of the New Central Trenton High School will open September 194-0. Four thousand students will he in attendance. Miss Velma Wetzel, Ph.D., ILA.. AB., ILS.. l7.D., E.T.C., will head the list of instructors. Other members of the faculty will he Helen Anderson, Lating Emanuel Knopc, Commercial Subjects: Leon Shapiro, Music: and Geneva Gladfelter, Public Spenkilig. "Red" Gerofsky and John Frost will he the new Football coaches. The units are heing constructed hy The Lester Fisher Construction Company: Holgnr Jonsson is the architect. At the opening exercises, Morris ll. Forex' will deliver the principle address. Paul Ambrose will hc the soloist, while Miss Mildred Neff will play "El Siglo Futuro." "D.4PI'ER DON' OFF ON SIIOOK EXPEDITION Donald Lynch, better known as "Dapper Don,"scion of wealth, hns abandoned idle career to join scientific expedition of VVilbur R. Shook, international famous scientist and explorer. The purpose of the expedition is for re- search work on "squirtless grape fruits" and "straight cork screws." Arlnnnd Fell, the infallible naturalist, will join the expedition nl. Lambertville. BRILLIANT LAWYER IS AP- POINTED PROSECUTING ATTORNEY New York, June 128-Ann K. Bossert. most outstanding woman lawyer in the United States. nt the age of Q6, has succeeded to one of the most noted positions of her profession. Miss Bossert will begin her new duties next week with Miss Edna Hayes as her assis- tant. BUY STOCKS AND BONDS Hafitz 8: Co. C. J. POPES vs, FLYNNSH ....50c BIG FOLLISION YESTERDAY BROAD STR!-Il'IT RAN INTO STATE 19 C772 QQ PAGE Two THE OUTLOOK What you are to be you are now becoming-ANON tithe Qbutlnnk Entered as "What-Does-It-Matter" June '25, 1929, at Trenton, N. J. Post Office. Subscriptions joyfully accepted. "A Paper of Contributors" V "A Paper Without Editorials' CHIEF CONTRIBUTORS Momus L. Forum Ellilnr nnd Publisher of Ihe Xen' York Timm Mumm. G. Vm-'ran News Editor of "Sec Me" Russnu. D. THOMAS Editor of the Sporlfolio ANN K. Bossem' Editor of .fiLf0T7'l.!'1l,S Manual Davin T. Bolxssl-UJLA Gerzrrol Editor ofthe Outlook All inquiries and complaints .should be forwarded to the Trenton Municipal Bldg., since the old High School Bldg. cannot be used any longer. even for a post. ofhce. BUY THE OUTLOOK RADIO LEADING FEATURES ON AIR TONITE WOAF-Madlyn Millner, international edu- cator, will discuss "The Modern Co-ed." WRAH-Mickey Reichert, T. H. S. Basket- ball Coach, will lecture on "Is Dribbling Nice?" WMOO-Russell Case, violinist, will render the popular ballad-"Tell Mc Mom- ma-Where on Earth Did You Get that Hut?" He will also render "My Old Green Hat." WJZ-A debate :-"Resolved That High School Annuals Are Dull." Affirma- tive, Ann K. Bosserl, BANg Negative, Morris L. Forer, Ph.D. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Fanny Shutz Beauty Shoppes Massagist ...... ,...., ,.... . . .lcgifiii grim: Halr Dresser .........,. ...,., : D . r Manicurist ........,......., Lillian Rogers "Ye Weak Tea Shoppeev Raw Lemons served in tea between hours of 4 and 7. Proprict.orHEl1zabeth J. Conover. Haze Hill Theatre "Girl of My Dreams"-Comedy Drama Starring John Phillirs and Lida May Hall. Supporting Cast-Veronica Carey, Leonard Renge. The Yew Theatre Now in it's 57th Week-"Variety' '-Musical Comedy by Heinz. Starring Ethel Manukas and Leon Levy. Music by Carl Schaeffefs Orchestra. Mrs. SchaeEer, former Lucy Ciricolo, soloist. SEEN THIS M ORN Morris L. Forer, Editor and Publisher of the New York Times, addressing the Con- vention of the Columbia Press Association with a number of Trenton High Spectators in his hand, explaining to his friends that Spectator work was his hobby. One friend. who had graduated in the Class of 1930 from T. H. S., remarked that he would rather play than be a Spectator. Sam Silverglade, dean of Terpischorean School for Women, exhibiting an overcoat in great glee, explaining that he lost it at T. H. S. ten years ago. Milton J. Fineberg, of Finebcrg 8: Sons, enthusiastically drawing up plans for at bigger and better Fire Sale. George Orr, wearing his first long pants. Evans Comfort, Sherili of Corkstown, making a vain search for the key of the City of Trenton. ANNUAL REUNION The tenth annual reunion of the Class of 29 will be held Friday night at Hillwood Inn. Members of the Class are requested to leave their families at home. Dr. William A. Vlfetzel, who retired nine years ago as principal of Trenton High, will make the opening welcome. Lester Fisher will be toastmastcr while his charming wife Mrs. Fisher, nee Miss Jane Neill, will assist in the ceremonies. Morris L. Forer will make the principal address on "A College Education." Mr. Forer, who has just gained the Republican nomination for Governor will hold at recep- tion directly after the reunion. J. Andrew Musick will urge all graduates to vote for him in the coming elections. After his stump speech, his campaign manager will pass out El Producto I0c cigars to thc ladies. Mr. Musick will offer Milder 5e cigars. BE PRESENT AND SEE THE FUN Cliiore front page news toxnorrowl BUY THE OUTLOOK NOTED ARTIST SELECTS MOST BEAUTIFUL MODEL Ronald Hugse, world famous artist, de- clares Mabel Oswaldt the most beautiful and most experienced artist model. Miss Oswald! is in great demand by some of the most famous young artists. ALUMNI NEWS Lee Stone, Senior at Little Rock College, has been elected a member of the "Tappa- keggabeern Society. PERSONALS Mildred Cohen has endorsed that popular confection, "Oh Henry." Her name at last. appears beside that of the great Sonny Boy, Leon Levy. Levy denies any engage- ment as yetg but he smiles, "It won't be long now." Aaron Sloin returns from England where he tutored the Prince in Saxophony. Dorothea Oswald writes another best- seller-"Men Are Like That." Arnold Levine, connoisseur of feminine charm, writes a column daily called "The Daily Sl'll'l6k', on "It, If, 8: Almost." .Sam .idler makes hit in movies with vltaphomc laugh. MAR Y MILLS LOVE ANSWERS Dear Miss Mills: I-Iow can I love the boy I love? Aus. In your arms or on your lap. fC'onlin11cd Tomorrmrl NOTICE Notice has come to this office of the secret engagement of Miss Muriel G. Vetter t0 Mr. Russell Thomas. The love affair began in the High School when Muriel became the See-Me reporter of Russell's Press Club. We are glad to see our young journalists get together. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS MAN VVAN'l'EDiWith wooden leg lu pwurfcih holes in Swiss cheese. Apply Art 10 I . ANNO UN CEM EN T The Madam Gadsby and Soden will open an aesthetic dancing school July 5. The Christopher Twins will be instructors. MERRY MUSICALE at Flo Thompson's Conservatory. Ed Mincher, bassg Eleanor Jones, sopranog Joseph Longstreel. liddlerg Oliver Merrick, drum-major. DANCE TON I TE--CA VE INN Music by Chas. Caminades Orchestra.. Thorn 3: Bosearell, famous dancing team. GIRLS WANTED -To appear in.a New Follies Revue, no ex- perience or brains necessary. Apply Carl Poinsett. BUY THE OUTLOOK! P5 of 1'Z,. 19 QW? QQ PVasl1,-ington T rip Snapshots 67 19 .W QQ IMUMWS? I . Y' ,i 4 1 if .... ff, ' , A 1 fr y: 9. ' ,gig 5 rl an l 7 ' U "f MQW- 1A N" jil' -- fra' f ' X X f X - WMTIN Cr SUMMER SU-Koo wf.1L, Mg. I Need how USL 3'U5'tl0Y1' Q K CHET'-h3S't'r'A, E1-milnsh, ' , ,, Hal ear 1-v1a1'h.'B'M1 .inf T81-fi-H,?lo1,1t 3- "'I'HB'h. ' 0 gb i I Cf-raflvaTe. -'U-w1,,B HM' 1 S ww-lAT's w11onG? o vnu THEY BE5' x . -f ,I H 6 1 1 2 5 . NN fum :waitin ,fflv I , , A N 'll W U IW L WNIHVI1 UlWh"'lii'ii" YUHTH11Hl W f i Hm js l I Ilv sl ' EVOLUTION or: 1: JUQIERSLQX-Y 68 ..1..- i, ' 1 6f4 - 7 ffffy i. g +-...Q. THU2 II " + ,4. , --s 1, 4 ' ...,- 'I 655 5 1 i 'e I ."' ' ' e:L.L f l X-5 -i ,fl -Q -.- 6, wi- if 7 I ,V 1'- - f 'T' - ,... . fr .i 3 -- L ,Z Y Y 7- x , f 3 - I' Y A f 1 Q Y - .5-4 - -Q-Qt -.Q .gi 69 19 JZ? QQ Basketball Although the basketball team of the season of 19Q8-'Q9 did not repeat the previous triumphs in the state championships. the team was ot' such a calibre that basketball remained the outstanding sport at Trenton High School. Large crowds, that filled the Junior Three Gym to overflowing, witnessed the dif- ferent encounters. The Arena was used for the Hoboken and Passaic games in order that the followersqof the team might be better accommodated. The large band of rooters was a fine tribute to the speed, power, po pularity, and winning ability of the team. The team avenged the two defeats of the previous season suffered at the hands ol' Hoboken, by taking Hoboken into camp twice. The schedule reads like a catalogiue of the leading teams in New Jersey. In fact, the schedule was a particularly difficult one. Notable triumphs were achieved over New Brunswick, Atlantic City and Camden, Trenton's old rivals. Losses were chalked up by us as the results of games with Atlantic City, New Brunswick, and Passaic. This year's team was a fitting example of the coaching ability of "lied" Smith. The team played throughout the season with a center neither adapted nor accustomed to the job. At the outset of the season Don NValklett was moved from guard to center to fill the position left vacant by the graduation of Beis- Wanger and Sanford the previous June. Chick Hulse and Jack Malone also helped fill the vacancy. In every game the center put up a fine battle against a taller opponent. This year's team was built with Cap- tain Bobby Bole and Less Klempner, veterans of two state championships. as a nucleus. The remaining positions on the first five were ably filled by Chick Hulse, Don YValklett, and 'Pease-r" Lawrence. In the State Championships, Trenton defeated Collingswood and Camden but bowed to Atlantic City in the South Jersey finals. The lettermen were Captain Bole, Klempner, Lawrence, Walklett, Hulse, Reichert, Frost, Malone, and Manager Bachik. SCHEDULE T. H. S. vs. Princeton Independents ...,.. 40-11 T. H. S. vs. Ocean City ..., .... 2 8-13 T. H. S. vs. Asbury Park .........,..... 28-18 T. H. S. vs. Camden .....,. ., .... 42-31 T. H. S. vs. Demarest QHobokenD ..,..... 18-10 T. H. S. vs. Atlantic City ..... .... 92 3-21 T. H. S. vs. Woodbury ........... ..,. 3 6-Q1 T. H. S. vs. Asbury Park ....... .... 4 2-21 T. H. S. vs. Collingswood ..., . .... 43- 9 T. H. S. vs. New Brunswick ..... .... 2 2-20 T. H. S. vs. Alumni ........ ,... 5 0-13 T. H. S. vs. Neptune ........ .... 3 6-17 T. H. S. vs. Haddonfield .... .,.. 2 1-18 T. H. S. vs. Demarest .... .... 2 3-16 T. H. S. vs. Millville ........ . . .4t1- 8 T. H. S. vs. Camden, . . . . . .23-20 T. H. S. vs. New Brunswick ..,. . . .15-24 T. H. S. vs. Peddie .... .... 2 3-21 T. H. S. vs. Montclair ....... .... 5 2-21 T. H. S. vs. Passaic .... .... 3 0-33 T. H. S. vs. Atlantic City .... .... 2 9-36 '70 19 Q971? QQ jfuuthall Our football season was ushered in with a somewhat surprising reverse at the hands of l'lu.iniielcl But, filled with that never-say-die spirit, the team came back with a bang to defeat the Morristown warriors by an overwhelming score. Then came our oldnemesis-injuries, and they were plentiful. We faced Neptune with several regulars out of the line-up, but after a hard struggle emerged victorious. The following week we lost to Woodbury by a very narrow margin. Following the YVoodhury game, we were faced with one of the toughest assignments any football team in the high school has had within recent years, that of facing our three great rivals on successive dates. Atlantic City was first and after a very exciting and hard struggle we were defeated. We then journeyed to Camden and received a reverse at the hands of the Purple Avalanche. Then came the animal Thanks- giving Day classic with New Brunswick. Although the Blue and White were victorious, they will long remember the heads up football played by their lighter opponents as well as the spirit which dominated their play. During the entire season the team won two games and lost five scoring 69 points against their oppo- nents 79. SCORES T. H. . 0 Plainfield . . . 12 T. H. S. . 0 Atlantic City . . T. H. . 444 Morristown.. . 0 T. H. S. . . 0 Camden . . . . T. H . 6 Woodbury . . . 7 T. H. S. . 7 New Brunswick . T. H. S. . . 6 Neptune . . . 0 STAFF Head Coach . "CAP" LUNVDEN Manager . clEORGH MCKENZIFI 43s,t Coaches IKKDUTCHY, KLEINFEIJER Captain-Elect BILL Pucsoxs, '30 ' ' ' l"Doc" XIEAGER Manager-Elect MANO VOLPE, '30 V Captain . . . JACK Fnosr, '29 Those who received letters and medals JACK FROST, '29 DoN VVALKLETT, '29 GEORGE Woon, '29 GEORGE Wuiors, '29 WM. MCDONAUQH, '29 Louis QU1s1'ro, '29 Were? ROBERT BOLE, '29 STANLEY BAXTER, '29 ALBERT BUTTERER, '29 XVILLIAM PARSONS, '30 Jo mv VAN Busnmic, '30 NEXVEI1L GILL, '30 '71 ORLANDO Rossi, '30 LESTER KLEAIPNPIlt,.Q9 .lonx NIE.-KNO, '29 HARRY GEROFSK1', '29 JosEr1I AMrss1oN, '29 G. MCKliNZ1E,fl1yT , '29 19 C9713 QQ burner Soccer, although listed as a minor sport in the athletic columns of Trenton Senior High School. was onc of the most successful games carried on during the 1928-Q9 year. Under the tutelage of Mr. Lcltoy Smith and captained by Eugene Hutchins the team came out of every fray with colors flying. The most notable victories registered were those over the renowned llighlstown High School aggregation and the George School soccerites. Several games with prominent North Jersey high schools were cancelled be- cause of schedule difficulties or inclement weather, a fact which somewhat hindered the team from becoming one of the most conspicuous in the state. The problem of schedule difficultiesflong a problem hero in soccerf-has been fully done away with by the entrance of Trenton High School into a league composed of nearby schools. This not only does away with schedule difficulties, but it also gives our soccerites something more to work for. The class ol' 1929 wishes to clasp the hand of those who are responsible for this movement, and we whole-hearledly wish for renowned success in the years to come in this department. Coach . K 'apfain Manager . Captain Elect M anagnr Elect MR. LERoY SMITH EUGENE HUTcu1Ns. 'QQ IRVING XVILNER, '29 . LEO NEAIKY, '30 . LEON COHEN, '30 TQ 19 C9713 QQ Trask Wihen the curtain rose for the beginning of our track season. Mr. Leltoy Smith, our 11ew track mentor. was faced with il tasli of developing a squad ol' unseasoned material. Considering that the squad lacked suitable facilities and considering the fact that the student, body was not any too en- thusiastic, we give much credit, to him and the team as a whole for their great spirit and record. The squad engaged in four meets. the Penn Relays, the Princeton Inter-scholastics, the South Jersey Championships, and a dual meet with the tracksters of Lawrenceville Prep School. The most successful meet was the meet with the Lawrenceville Prepsters in which our team emerged a decided victor. hlauriee Donohue. "28. proved a. very capable man in this meet making a great many of the team's points. In the other meets. although we did not occupy the commanding spot-light positions, the team showed up fairly well. In the Penn Relay, Don W'alklett hurled the javclin a winning distance, but was disqualified because ol' stepping out of the white circle, which brings out the team's ability as well as its incxperiencc. Because of the small number of meets the chances for earning a letter were greatly diminished and consequently only two members received their major "T," Samuel ltifkin, '28 manager, and M2.lll'iCC Donohue, 'Q8. This year, great results are expected. Donald VValklctt, '29 will captain the team and Milton Fineberg will take care of the inanagcrship. hflr. tVilliam E. XYard of the Faculty, and of former Dartmouth fame as a Track man, will coach the team. 73 19 3713 Q9 Swimming In the season of 1929 Trenton High put a swimming team in the tank for the second time. The 19528 team could hardly be called such. It had no regular schedule and only took part in the State Interscholastics. Bob Dentel was placed second in the 100-yd. free style and fourth in the back- stroke. Harry Foster won fourth place in the dive in the same meet. The 19Q9 season saw Trenton with a real team. Practices were held about twice a week in the Junior Three pool. The swimmers were under the tutelage of "Cap" Lowden and were managed by James Johnston. All three dual meets were participated in, besides the State High School Interscholastics. In the first meet Trenton was defeated by the more experienced Lawrenceville mermen. This was to be expected, because Lawrenceville had been crowned the state prep school champions for 1928. In the next two meets tl1e Red and Black natators had better success. Red Bank and Camden Vocational School were overwhelmed by substantial scores. In the state championships Trenton finished third to Atlantic City and East Orange. Captain Bob Deutel proved to be the big gun of the team. He was undefeated in the 100-yd. free style throughout the season and won that event in the state championships. He also placed third in the back-stroke. Harry Foster placed second in the dive in the championships and and put up some Hue performances in the breast-stroke throughout the season. In the championships the relay team secured third place. Letters were presented to Captain Robert Dentel, Harry Foster, Carl Pointsett, Praul Reeder, and Manager James Johnston. 741 19 coil? Q9 Qizrmis Tl1e season of 19528 closed with a record of six wins, one tie and three losses. The team captured third place in the South Jersey Interscholastics held at Atlantic City, losing to Camden and Collings- wood. The first match was held at Pcddic, the school which holds the State Championship, where the team received a 6-0 setback. Next came New Brunswick, Pennington Seminary, and Rutgers Prep each meeting defeat at the hands of T. H. S. A 4-44 tie with Collingswood and another defeat by Peddie followed. Hitting its Winning stride again the team defeated B. M. I. twice, and Pennington. A final defeat by ltlontclair High School closed the playing season. Letters were given out at the "T" Banquet by Coach "Red', Smith. Those who received them were "Red" Levy, Bob Brown, Ed. Henry, Phil. Wainford, Morris Aroniss, and Manager Harold Vllalters. Three veterans of last year's team have returned to form the nucleus of this year's squad. Ed Henry, as captain will have the support of "Red" Levy and Bob Brown in his effort to lead a winning team. This trio represents three of the leading juniors in the state and will undoubtedly give a good account of themselves. In addition to these men several promising uniors have reported for positions on the team. Arnold Levine, manager, has handled his duties very capably in preparing the hardest schedule in the history of T. H. S. The team will participate in the Princeton Interscholastics, the first time that a Trenton High team has entered. The season closes with the South Jersey Inter- scholastics at Atlantic City. SCHEDULE April 25 B. M. I. Away 27 New Brunswick Home May 1 Pennington Away 4 Collingswood Away 8 Peddie Home 11 Princeton Inter. Home 18 B. M. I. Home 22 Peddie Away 25 Collingswood Home 27 Rutgers Prep Home 30 Montclair Away June 8 South Jersey Inter. Away T. H. S. OPP. 19 Q771? Q9 x Girls' Basketball The Trenton High School Girls' ba.sketba.ll team. under the supervision of Miss Thompson of the State Normal School. has had the most successful season of any girls' team in thc history ol' the scllool. From a total of fourteen games they won eleven. tied one. and lost two. scoring -H5 points to their opponents Q-Ll points. This is indeed a record which is not only a credit to the individual members of the team but also t.o the Trenton High School. Tl1e team under the leadership of Captain "Dila" 1Yilley. in their first game of the season tore through the court representatives of the State Normal School with a score of 63-5g with sueh a dash- ing start the team swept through the season in a streak broken by only two defeats. It was only through the fine work of the coach and the efforts and cooperation of the players that so fine a record was established. The following is the number of games played and their results. om-oNENT's scoms . A. P. H. S. Q0 . . Bristol 19 . N. B. H. S. 8 . . J. J. D. S.11 . M. H. H. S. 29 Woodbury 17 . Moorestown 25 SCORE OPPONI'INT,S SVORE SCORE T. H. S. 63 . . . Normal 5 T. H. S. 15 . T. H. S. 46 . . . Normal 21 T. H. S. 28 . T. H. S. 42 . . Normal 15 T. H. S. 45 . T, H. S. 38 , . Hopewell 13 T. H. S. 31 . T. H. S. 31 . . Hopewell 25 T. H. S. 12 . T. H. S. 21 . . . Alumni 14- T. H. S. 17 . T. H. 15.26 .... . N. J. D. S. 19 T. H. S. 30 , The Squad Itlembers are: liLIzAizETn TVILLEY, Captain FLORENCE ciADSl3Y AXNN KARLBERG TVIARY KIPPEIINIAN ELINOR QUICK MILDItED TDICKENSON PEARL GoU1.o FANNIE SHUTZ TWIARY MANZIANO EDITH SODEN 19 C7717 MORRIS FORER . HERBERT ICLEMMER RUSSELL CASE . HARRY STEINMAN GGREDH LEVY . . "RED" GEROFSKX' EUGENE HLYTCHINS CAROL MAYERS . ED SCHOFFIELD . MR. STEFFY . LEE STONE . . MR. KLEINFELTER HARRY KRAVITZ . sc cs is H sc is Si if cc sc Q9 hp Shakespeare In arguing too, this man oft showed his skill, For elen though vanquished he could argue stillf, When years have passed and virtues still are seen, His still shall live and he in them, still greenf, He speaks well,- What a pity there's no sense in it." "Absence of occupation is not rest, A mind unexercised is a mind distressed." He'd scratch his head, the -infallible resource, To which embarrassed students have recourse." Take all my thoughts, my brains, yea take them all, What hast thou now more than thou hadst before." "His cheeks display a second spring, Of roses taught in wine to bloom." "Here is the one, as brilliant as a spark, He aims at nothing, and hits the mark." I pity bashful men who feel the pain, Uf fancied scorn, and undeserved distainf' How much a farmer thatis been sent to roam Excels the farmer that's been kept at hofmef, My glass will not persuade me I am old As long as youth and thou art of one date." ,Tis true he is not much inclined To fondness for the .female kind." Rejoice that nature made but one such man, And in the molding lost the dief, G40 PROFICIENCY-CAN YOU GUESS? One prominent honor student, who had to attend a play rehearsal all afternoon, and had an English test and a French Oral topic scheduled for the next day, refused to write more than a thousand words for the SPECTATOR. Lazy people, these high school students! DO YOU RECOGNIZE THESE? It was a Fell Day. The dusky Hunter strode slowly through the Reeds. Suddenly, he kneels Lowden Clow downlg then he Kralls through the brush-he has spied a Buck!!! He takes a great Deal of time to fire. Alas, he misses! "Ah, what's the Hughes?" he mutters with a downcast heart. He then supposes that the gun wasnit fixed well by the Smiths. Walking dejectedly onward, LO and Behold, what should spring before his eyes, but a Plock of trees on which is posted a sign reading, "Go West-Over the hills for the best Graham crackers in the country." The dusky one smiles to himself, "Honey, Cutt right across and get something to keep you warm, for if you get Cald, Well, it will be just too bad.', Coming out of the woods, he finds-a Diamond! Golly, he can sell it to his brother Johnson, and get enough to Ward off this hunger! He gets into his one-horse Shea and drives away. '77 1QC 39 E.vfm-11Iufral A C'fl'l'I.f?.US '78 -:.wv.,,, if l "-' X f 'ff H ins L TT. ' 6 I Lf' 'VKX xn 51 CY' 'is 5' MRQR X U ' CN X o C I 7 X fl' L , + X f I My , .,. ., S O C K 5 'AN Wfifhout a bil Q1' ill cowzimuf The BOBA SIIELA 'IIOII' presenls These pages for your merrfmcni. .Ind if if haps ihat you should find Yourself fhe .wubjelft of cz grind, W hy. join fha laugh and never mimi. ll I 1 Qs 5 0? ,IMA "., C ign- 79 19 C9712 QQ NAME AeRAMs, HENRY ABRAMS, MARY AERAMSON, AERAM ABROMOVITZ, RUTI-I AcoUAvIvA, ROCHINA ADAMEC, MILDRED ADLER, SAM ALLEN, BETTY ALvINA, LINDA AMBROSE, PAUL AMMISSON, JOSEPII AN DERSON, HELEN ARCHIBALD, ROSE ARENsMEYER, EDYTRE ARONSON, ETHEL BACHICK, GEORGE BAoINsKI, FLORENCE BANKS, GRACE BARBER, HELEN BELLISEIELD, MARION BERKOWITZ, BESSIE BERKOWITZ, ESTELLE BERMAN, MILDRED BERNARD, FREDERICK BERNSTEIN, SAMUEL BINDER, DOROTHY BIRCH, JOHN BIRD, LILLIAN BLACKFORD, GRACE BOLE, ROBERT BOND, MORTON BossERT, ANN BOSSERT, JOHN BOWLBY, MABEL BOWMAN, EDITH BOzARTII, ALVA BRESHNAHAN, FRANCI-rs BRINDLEY, IRIS BRINK, HELEN BROWN, MILTON BROWN, ROBERT BROWNE, MILDRED BRYAN, FLORENCE BUCHANAN, GEORGE BUBLITZ, CRAs. BUOKLEY, ALICE bucks WEA KN ESS Love-sickness Mr. Buck Water on the knee Giggles Another historian Afraid of cows! Quiet unless otherwise Raising a family Laugh, Laugh, Laugh-ha! Himself Honeys Walks and chocolate ice cream cones Trustfulness Her neatness Passion 'Frying to keep a team okay Rubber Study! Study! Study! Too shy! "I hate all men" A "Pull"?? Her charming voice Talk about talk?? Noise Milking the cows Collitch! Collitch! Chewing gum Piety Size Excessive arguing He lacks much lf she were tall, sheid be tall and handsome Juniors Likes 'em little Leisure time Style shows fGoldberg'sJ Parisian styles No need for one Homework plus Inen If he could only cook! Manly beauty L1 Study Girls Feet Good nature PORTRAIT 0'Henry Mary, that old gal of mine 7-7-come 11 She comes and goes, but always she is welcome Why men leave home Teachers' blessing A second "Boss" Tweed Overflowing with ambi- I tion Eat green apples and double up Slim, slinky, and slatty 82-97-63-Hike "Helene, see the stars up yonder" Vamp in the making Modest, capable and good natured A strange mental phe- nomenon 99 4-4-100 pure!! I love me all! "Got to get a man" God helps them who help themselves Our little butter-ball Tag-you'1'e "it" Lady MacBetlI Hates boys, but one can never tell! Wine, women and song Unknown genius! Isn't she cute, she's only six Half pint Innocence "Aunt Jemima" The Camptbells are com- ing! A Cherub in form only Cease the rushing, boys-H! What is your power? "Short and sweeti' Nymph Quiet until you know her-and then? I sing better now! CThank God!! The fatal gift of beauty have I From whence cometh thy hair? Trenton High's streak of sunshine Adonis "Lucky" Girl High stepper Girls "Oh, what feet!" Peach! FATE Gold-fish trainer A nurse To sleep "Wife of Bathi' A pose for Artist Models Join Salvation Army Chauffeur to Mayor "J" Somebody's pal That Spanish type Model in toothpick fac- tory Some modern Priscilla A resident of Morrisville Ziegfcld Follies They all end up the same Wife of garbage man Doorkeeper at Ziegfeld Follies Actress Old man's darlin' Junior Girl Reserve Driving Newell's grocery truck First to swim Pacific Farmerette A real school-marm A second Blister Keaton Light wines and liquor !Al1d yet she habbles on - Horseface Klutz' assistant Vampire Actress Basket-hole A sheik Somebodyis 1I1oral sup- port Alias, Jimmy Valentine A model-Wife Elocutionist Emotional actress Galli Curci, 52nd Deviltry A hula-hula dam-er Dice manipulator To make love President's wife M anniquin Girls Shoe salesman Snake charmer 19 C9717 Q9 NAME BUOKNER, GOLDIE BUGDAL, JOHN BUKOVICS, JOSEPH BURTON, MARTHA CALDWVELL, FRANCES CALLAHAN, ELEANOR CAMINADE, CHARLES CANTWELL, CHARLES CARELLA, MARGARET CARNALL, GERTRUDE CARSON, ELSIE , CARTER, JOSEPH CARTY, ETREL CARY, VERONICA CASE, RUSSEIAL CELLA, ROSEAN NA CHAMBERLAIN, JESSIE CHENV, DOROTHY CHRISTIAN, JOSEPHINE CHRISTOPHER, EVELYN CHRISTOPHER, MADELYN CIOHON, HELEN CIRICOLO, LUCY CLAPPERTON, WILHELMINA CLAYTON, ANNA COHEN, GEORGE COHEN, MILDRED COHEN, TINA COLAVITA, JAMES COMES, MILDRED CONOVER, ELIZABETH COOK, EDNA COOPER, LILLIAN CORNELL, OLIVE COROSH, RUTH CRAIG, HELEN CRAIG, ROSE CRECCO, MARY CREEDON, EDYVARD CREEGAR, BETTY CUBBERLY, MARGARET CUTTLER, BELLA CYYVINSKI, EDWARD DAVID, WILLIAM DAVIS, PVILLIAM DEANOELO, FANNIE -Qllnntinuch WEAKNESS Benefieent humor Trying to learn History Blondes? Mixture Her diminutiveness Fiddling with other people Smiles Trying to grow up Love "Elsie Carson" Making spit-curls Three guesses-first two don't count Looking for her man! I like the girls and the girls like me That horse laugh ..Red,, Innocence abroad Brains! f'Ask Sissy" "Ask Sissy" Saintliness Pretzel twisters Her early days were spent in seclusion Heavy meals "Pull" with teachers Twisting ankles A mail Cmaleb shock! Intelligence Curls Stubborn disposition A "weak,' in Washington Speed Displaces much air Clothes Ultra-modernism Wedding bells Paint His jokes Angelic character Her tranquility Playing a piano P-No, Men! Soccer Dieting One look is too much "Bashfulness" PORTRAIT Petite A wizard in finance I'm tired, give me a bed Gosh, oh, Gee! Oh ME! Lovely, lovely She's too quiet for us! A drugstore cowboy High hat people never hit the stars Heart-breaker Five-cent movie star Half-pint "Skin you love to touch" Pink of perfection A long estate-it's well- shaped, anyhow He needs a bell to an- nounce l1imself! Pass the garlic, please No relation to Clarence Our Own private air-line Her wisdom sheddeth light upon all hands Beauty To get thin A friend to all and to all a friend "An actress fair would she" First in class-first to re- cite-first to sit down Dough kneader It's hard to say Our "College Widow" We love to squeeze black- heads The child with the "base" voice Babe She's harmless "Ain't she sweet?" Accuracy Take olf your hat and stay awhile lf a date were a drop ol' water, she'd d?? Baby Veni, vide, amo Billboard "I hate to begin" Sweet child SO that's the kind of a girl you are? Good stuff comes in small packages Loan me a quarter Student Each day you are "im- proofing" Carmen 81 FATE Advertise Blondex Pretzel strangler Priest Old Maid Live in Pennington A blushing bride-to-be- Commander-in-Chief of Coxy's Army Plumber Flapper Bathing beauty Mary Pickford's successor Beauty specialist Companionate marriage Tiptoe dancer Let's hope he'll improve with age Spaghetti strangler Hairdresser Evangelist We'd hate to say "Salvation Annie" A ll!-LCl10lO1'iS dream girl Ukelele varnisher I can't help loving that man of mine George Whiteis Scandals Cleopatra Chemistry proof Waitress in Child's Originator of a new giggle Football star Run wild Small town Sheba Posing as cherub for Rube Goldberg Perfection She's dying to get in Greenwood Cemetery Stenographic teacher Grow up Bobbed hair bandit Clown Has applied for license to sell Listerine Loving wife Discoverer of the East Pole A Rabbiess A Polish priest Tonsil-tickler The "debutant" Macaroni twister 19 C7713 NAME DEATHERAGE, CELIA DEGRAVE, EVELYN DENTEL, ROBERT DERES, CLARA DEUTCHMAN, RosE DIoKINsON, MILDRED DICKINSON, THOMAS DILATUSH, ELIZABETH DILEO, LEONARD DURAN, RUTH Dosr, PAULINE Down, ELIZABETH DRAUTZ, RUDOLPH DUBOsKI, THOMAs DUDZINISKI, HELEN DUNHAM, MARGARET DUNN, DOROTHY DUNN, MARY EMMONS, RUTH ERDELSKY, JOHN EVANS, RUTH FASANELLA, ANTHONY FEDORSAK, ELEANOR FEHLAU, IRMELA FELCONE, FANNIE FELDMAN, LILLIAN FELL, ARMAND FELL, CECIL FIFE, WILLIAM FILIIJORE, CATHERINE FILIPPUNI, MARY FILOR, FLORENCE FINEBERG, MILTON J. Flscl-IER, MINNIE Frsn, CARLTON FISH, EMMA FISHER, LESTER FITTON, NORMAN FOLMER, EDWARD FORER, MORRIS LEON Qu -Glontinueh WEAKNESS Colds and chills Raising cows for market Swimming School-School-Sch ool! Piano! Strugglin' along The "Old country" Just keeping quiet Physics Princeton High My Joe Beef He's not particular "Ranger bicycles" "Dunt esk' She shouldnit study so hard Salad Dressing Bookkeeping Answering questions His "It" Algebra Straining oxygen Cosmetics Giving the boys the "run- around" Rompers Blind dates Sophomores Keeping boys away Music Height Teachers Enthusiasm I want no help-Come here! War Paint Public speaking Excessive brightness Other men's women Splitting hair-pins Lon Chaney I don't know everything- but- PORTRAIT The girl with the blue, blue eyes A snappy girl with a Frenchy name Who is that girl? Don't judge a book by its cover Her heart is larger than her purse "It goes like this" My lands-what have we here? Blushing school girl Oh, Marie "Typewriter" Joe-Joe- Cannibal's idea of a good meal He's little but still he's a Senior "In a fog" She's French Nice girl Beautiful-but dunn "Would that I were a dove" She expects to find oil in banana Orchards Nature did the best she could Wait till I find my man- Yeh-just wait! A "vulgar" boatman Why men come home- drunk My, how stately! Her mother's carelessness She rolls her eyes and gets men-ia thiI1g! Two shades smaller than a half-pint! It is-because I say so One of the Minute Men Peter Pan Heart-breaker Dumb "My Man" Ohh!! Harry! Beautiful Boy crazy! High School hero! Girls, here's a blonde! Our mystery man It's hard not to look im- portant! 82 Q9 FATE History teacher Model farmer of better pigs, chickens and cows A "life" guard Featuring in Black Bot- tom Revue Model in a barrel factory Bills Knot debts! Let thy conscience be thy guide Nun in a convent Wine merchant Bread winner A "bull', fighter To be the "before" in "Before and After Tak- ing" Siberian real estate dealer Boiler Inaker "Miss Americaue-believe it or not She's going to San Quentin A chamber maid Missionary Eat yeast and rise Yvild man in a wild country Manicurist Tramp Managress of Kresges' A coat model Hairdresser Ice skating Instructress Manufacturer of freckle Creafll Oratoress in 5 8a 10 cent store Hitch-hiker Join "Singer Midgets" Correspondent in divorce case Model for Egyptian mum- Inies Groom to Paul Revere Bakeress Rum-runner Posing for holy pictures Collar advertiser CArror preferred! Broker-mostly broke State Trooper None but himself can be his parallel 19 NAME FORT, SIDNEY FRADUsco, HELEN FROsT, JOHN GADSBY, FLORENCE GARB, SARAH GARDNER, JOHN GARVEY, JAMES GEROESKY, HARRY GIHsON, ANNA GIERMAN, GEORGE GILINBKY, SADIE GILMEN, PAUL GLADFELTER, GEXEX'.k GLIssoN, ANNA GLOVVGOWSKI, EDITH GOLD, ARTHUR GOLDBERG, NATHAN GOLDSTEIN, MINNIE GOODMAN, SYLVIA GORDON, SARA GOULD, PEARL GRAHAM, WILLIAM GRATTON, GLADYS GREEN, EDITH GREENIDGE, THELMA GREENLAY, FRED GREscI-IAK, STEPHEN GROPP, CHARLES GUHL, HELEN HAAG, SUSIE HACKNEY, FRANCIS HAErrz, MORRIS HAINEs, STANLEY HALL, LIDA M. HAMMOND, W. HARD, GERTRUDE HAssALL, DOROTHY HAVESON, MIRIAM HAYES, EDNA HEAL, ELIZABETH HEIL, WALTER HELLER, RICHARD C7713 QQ sufkg-Qtuntinush WEAKNESS But, Mr. Buck- Firecrackers Digging streets Studious??? Stage-fright Vampires Love Story Magazines Money Make herself heard Grinding Midnight Oil Unpreparedness Rivals the sun in bright- ness Far beyond the editoris imagination Smiling pretty Somnambulism Herring and potatoes C ross-word puzzles Blovie actress Prepetual grin Her angel ways Falling down Her ambition Clinging Vine Her charming voice Near beer Telling jokes Garages Chemical labor Her charms Nothing I don't know choose for my wife Girls and more girls Mary, not May! Wine-bring your own women and song Decorum Her curls! O! Red heads whom to Surplus in C. A. P.! Blase Teaching and explaining the mysteries of religion Close Peg PORTRAIT A real He-man Hopeless The Galloping Ghost Captivator of men! A fast girl-like a snail! "A romantic poet" Girls-don't pass him up! Give me a greater variety of women Nice baby Blank A masculine admirer Crackin' un-wise Still water runs deep- Mercy only knows! Member of S. S. G. S. "I faw down and go boom" "I'm Irish and proud of it., The girl under the raccoon coat Bab, bab, black sheep, have you any love? "Give me happiness and I am yours" Nobody knows the trouble I see ' Information man Call you me beautiful? Leave silence to the gods-I am but human Can't do a thing right- she's left-handed "Men of few words are the best men" Entirely acceptable "The farmer took another load away" Successor to Helen of Troy Boys I do not trouble Something Our muckle man Murderer-kills time "Give me a night in June" Fast stepper Quiet and unobtrusive Mary Pickford She's pretty good for the shape she's in Clara Bow at I6 I care not for learning- give me pleasure He has a most intelligent and engaging way Peggy O'Neill FATE The Way of All Flesh None Star in talking pictures Landlady! A husband's wife! Makin, much whoopeel Bootlegger A second Harry Raiser Ice-man for Frigidaires A few blind dates Viande peddler, booze smuggler Dishwasher Barney GOogle's offspring Promoter of brotherly love "Phi Beta Kappa at Wilson" A chambermaid Life saver Cvioletj Clock winder French teacher Another school-marm We hope for the best! A coach for day-dreaming Missionary in Africa .Ianitoress Sweet girl graduate Home breaker-perhaps Child's nurse Future Polish president Soap box orator A good wife-for someone Verbose Anything Marble-shooter Ice man in Alaska A model for Onyx hosiery Knitting Not much of anything Salvation Army God save the King Cow-girl Gold-digger Missionary worker in Africa Bootlegger 19 3717 NAME HEMPEL, ELSA HENDRICKSON, MARY HENRY, IEDVVAHD HERAN, RALPH HILL, HAZEL HILLS, GRACE HIRSCHON, ROSE HOLLAND, HARRY HoLLowAY, ROBERTA HOMICHKO, NICIIOLAS HOROWITZ, DAVID HOUGH, HARRY HOWARTH, FLORENCE I-Iunns, MILDRED HUFF, CARROLL HUGHES, HAROLD HUTCHINS, EUGENE HUTCHINSON, MILDIQED IvINs, DAN JAFFE, ABRAHAM JAMES, MILDRED JANSSON, HOLGAR JEFFERIES, ELEANOR JENTER, MARGARET JOHNSON, ELIZABETH JONES, STEPHEN JOY, IDA KARLBERG, ANNA KELsEY, JULES KELSEY, ILUTHADEL KESSELMAN, IDA KESSELMAN, LILLIAN KEssLER, ELLA KING, THOMAS KIPPERMAN, FRANCES KLEMMER, HERBERT KLEMMER, MARION KLEMPNER, LEsTER KNOFF, EMANUEL KOLLMAR, TIVALTER -Qfnntinueh WEA KNESS Bob Pennington Freckles A "FAST" tennis player A trolley car specialist Fixing her hair 7 different ways John Barrymore 'I must have liberty" Getting up early-to loaf longer Traveling salesmen Ye gods! How wild! Bisect this angle, please Noisesias you like them Quiet-But- Knowledge Our social bear Driving his car 'Tis best to draw a cur- tain o'er it Publicity Twins! Posing for Victor Records Public Speaking They say he's deeply in love! Society Oh! for a Cave Man! Books Argumentation Her height Basketballs-as many as you give me Hallucinations Blind dates fSjparking Loving nature Vocabulary Taking exercises to re- duce his hips Black and brown Lockers Silence is golden Wine! Women! and Song! Brains, more or less! WVork cards PORTRAIT O! So pure! That long, long hair! He came, he saw, he loved! A sawed-OIT piece of im- pudence Why boys come back to "school"!! Such a cute shaver Merry as the day is long Working girls' friend! Another blonde "Away with women" Cutest ever - to his mother Emil Jannings Why aren't they all con- tented like me? Grind A hum-dinger A red-headed Barney Old- field Pure and spotless "Sweetheart of All My Dreams" Tall and handsome- mostly tall Getting worse every day Not studiously inclined He is neither for sale or for rent "Climber" Life is a gamblefl hold Aces- Here come precious! Une ol' the two Irishmen! A rare type of beauty I'm a womanghelieve it or not He has plenty of "If" "Hasn't scratched yet" I've got the boys! My! What big eyes you have, grandma W-I-L-D! 4 out of 5 have "it" "A nymph, wild and un- tamed" Look at it A tackler of muskrats "Ain't he sweet" So quiet he doesn't even disturb the dust "How do you eat spa- ghetti?" Q9 FATE Mrs. R. P. The joy in life Explain Einstein "Rela- tivity" To inaugurate the new high school A second Gertrude Ederle Chorus girl Another Annie Laurie Promising constable A good helper for mother- in-law Lounge lizard Bicycle racer Freak Hunting for her shadow "My Charlie" Radio announcer Some cops know Selling real estate in Sahara Cortortionist Admiral in Swiss navy Real estate agent in Japan Topsy Street cleaner in one-horse town Marry money Little Eva Dress-maker for animal crackers Jay-walker Posing for Palmolive Circus tumbler Lunatic Posing for Blue Moon stockings MEN!-Her Waterloo Exterior decorator Lexicographer Manufacturing red neck- ties Cigar lighter Garbage inhaler Deer slayer? Father of 12 children Globe trotter Set his wife up in the laundry business 19 NAME KOPLIN, HERMAN KOWNACKY, JOHN KRAvITz, HARIIY KRON, FRANK LANNING, WILBUR LAVINTHAL, ALBERT LAVINE, BEATRICE LAWRENCE, ALI-'REO LAWRENCE, BEATRICE LAWTON, ELIZABETH LAYTON, CHARLES LEAMING, THOMAS LEDDAN, CATHERINE LEHMAN, CHARLES LEPF, NICHOLAS LEVIE, EVELYN LEVINE, ARNOLD LEVY, LEON LEWIS, DOROTHY LEWIS, ETHEL LIEBERMAN, ESTHER LINGRELL, DOROTHEA LIPSKY, BEATRICE LIPSKY, JULIUS LONGSTREET, JOSEPH LONSDALE, GILBERT LUDWIG, ALFRED LYNCH, DONALD LYONS, JOHN MACK, ELIZABETH MACK, GEORGE MADDALENA, PAUL MAHANEY, WALTER MAIMONA, FRANCIS M.kISTO, LENA MANUKAS, ETHEL MAR.ANGIELLO, ROSE MARJARUM, GRACE MARKS, JAMES MAROLD.A, BRIDGET MARPLE, LEONA MARSHALL, IRVING MASSARO, CATHERINE MATHER, ENOCH MIATHEWVS, ROBERT MAUER, PETER C9712 Q9 5 -Gfuntinueh WEAKNESS Passing I. O. U.'s Crazy words, crazy deeds Has a good blull' Math Himself Digesting chemistry Axels llMibsll Flirting Irishers First two letters of the alphabet His handsome figure "Ignorance is bliss" Women and women only! School Cof Reformj Paper dolls "All good men die young" 'Tm in love again" Variety "Paul Revere" Collegiates Trying to keep her child- ish complexion Night and a moonlight School Married women Smoking Tiddly winks Love 'em an' leave 'em Animal crackers Everything Lewis Mack Clara Bow Grape juice Sleep Books "Dream Kisses" Math Earrings Plattsburg I think it's her studies Liquor? Throwing the "bull" Breakin' little boy's heart Bologna He was a good scholar Bookworm PORTRAIT Digging wells in the Sahara Are you sleeping, Brother John? "I was a pretty baby" My hero! A brainy "bird" Hard-boiled cowboy An "Alma Mater" "Is she my girl friend?,' "Petite', I'm going to Normal Passion's Pride A man from the great open spaces I owe my success to "Miss Ireland's" Buggy Wuggy Silence is virtuous-butA- Knowledge is my goal "The fiddler of Dooney" He belongs to the "Reds" 100 lbs. sugar "There's safety in num- bers" Collegiate The eighth Sutherland Sister The slayer of souls fsolesl? Let's play hooks The greatest thing in the world "Let's fall in love" Amorphous Mr. Boom from Eyefaw- down Size 12 shoe "Henry made a lady out of Lizzie" Let's go to the carnival Mussolini One of the three mos- quitoes I want my rib Bubbling over with en- thusiasm "A spark of inspiration" Yes, it was her father's name, too Another Red-both in temper and in hair The infantry of U. S. "She's not so dumb" Angel child As handsome as Apollo A black-haired beauty There goes the bell, Ray!! He is a good scholar Handsome and brave FATE "Daddy Browning" Absent-minded professor John Barrymore's rival Einstein's prodigy Policeman! Chain store magnate Bee-But no honey Ford mechanic Broadway Rose Teacher of anatomy Aiming to graduate Spraying tear gas on onion beds Consult "Who's Who" 414929 C. C. Pyle runner Football star Fall in love with Tow-bit Hogan Street cleaner in Venice Working for the state fprisonj Become a Mormon God knows, but he won't tell Who cares? "Goldilocks" Opium sinuggler Peddler One of the three bears Drummer Clock-watcher Prespiring canine vendor Drug store cowboy Ad for "Sweetheart Soap" S. S. teacher Interior decorator High school janitor Home room teacher Successor to Sarah Bern- hardt Fannie Brice II Can't be found "Somebody's Stenog" General Some man will be lucky, she can cook Nun flike herl . Bigamist She can take care of that Farmer He will be a good scholar Bartender 19 C9717 QQ NAME MAYERS, CARROLL MAYHAM, M.ARIE MCCABE, ELLSVVORTH MCHUGH, MARGARET MCKEEN, ETHEL MCKEEN, EVELYN MCKENZIE, GEORGE MCLAUGHLIN, CHARLES MCQUILLEN, FLORENCE MCTIGHE, ARTHUR MEDICI, GEORGE METz, FRANCES MIDDLETON, ARTHUR MILLER, ELEANOR MILLER, FRANCES MILLNER, MADLYN MILLS, MARY MINCHER, EDWARD MINSCHWANER, GEORGE MITCHELL, CHARLES MOLITE, JOSEPH MORARITO, MARIE MORGAN, JACK MORRIS, DOROTHY MORTON, ELEANOR MOSES, DOROTHY A stiff back Aesthetic dancer MOTOLLA, MOULTON, ELSIE DORIS MUCCIOLI, ANTHONY MUCCIOLI, MARY MUSIOK, JOHN N AAR, FRANCES NABUTOY'SKY, SYLVIA NANNI, ALFRED NEFF, MILDRED NEILL, JANE NEWBOLD, ALFRED NENVEI.L, RAY NEYVHART, ROBERT gnfkg-Qlluntinueh WEAKN ESS "Iss goot" "Spigots" Pool Room The chip on her shoulder Heap big athlete That sheik! Something good!! Too sheikish Seeing what she can get away with Irishnxen Believing in fairies Looking glasses "I'm a man of few words" Learning to cook Bordentown Man?-No, Men! Ceaseless jabber "Runaway King" llashfulnessgbut- Walking home from school Garlic Macaroni twisters Married women Butterflies Overtime loving The human talking ma- chine Marriage Running around trying to End herself Spaghetti Macaroni twisters Bowery slang Dancing Those intriguing brows Macaroni eye- "Fisher"-man Napoleon Bright ties Credj To be somebody's weak- ness PORTRAIT Milt Gross "Her eyes a language speak: her lips a prom- ise make" "I'm here, girls!" They always gyp me My sister is Evelyn Well, I have a sister Ethel Chief cook and bottle Washer of Commerce Club One who loves his fellow- men Sweet, but demure What can an Irishman look like? Alibi Al "Ain't I Sweet? ' "A brainy Specimen" Sl1e's all right 0 "Sol" 0 Mio! A varsity drag Cute-and how! "Oliver Twist" Leave me alone and I'll go home- Standing on a corner with some pencils and a cup "In my gondola" He followed her to school one day The greatest thing in the world A star on a peaceful evening Manna, behave yourself Call me "Mac" "Who is he?" Out littlest little blonde Ma! Ma! He followed l1er to school one day Flannel mouth Oh, I'In sleepy Slow and easy "I've got to do my home- work" The "Woosterian" Love's own sweet one A regular day shaker Flaming youth The world is too much with him FA TE Bartender N o one knows! Bachelor- She's going to beateacher. God help our posterity! Professional Jim teacher A life at Lakeside Manufacturer of Cbutterl scotch? Village cut-up Pretzel bender The man in the case President of Ladies' Aid Sewing Circle Matron Author of book-"How to Poach Eggs without Breaking the Shell" Clothes wringer Self-supporting wife Tamed actor in night club Inventor of a stringless bean "Strangler" Lewis George, the organ grinder Ukulele tickler Hot air manufacturer Married, to whom we wonder? Selling ice to the Green- landers Stamp paster Chewing the rag Flap-jack turner in Childs' Marriage Model wife Bunker Hill, Jr. Married, to whom-we wonder? Alphalt Arab Why worry? A home-"down Michi- gan Avenue" Bookkeeper Deaf mute teacher Fertilizer Toothpick magnate A silent partner 19 C9712 Q9 NAME NIEDZWEIDZSKI, JOSI-:PHINE NITZBERG. ISAAC NOISKY, CATHERINE NUTT, HELEN NIITT, KATHERINE O,HARA, JOSEPH OLITSKT, MINNIE OPSUT, FRANCIS ORLANII, JONAS ORLIN, STELLA ORR, GEORGE OSLANSKY, NIcIIOLAs OSSVALD, DOROTHEA OSWALDT, MAIIEL PAGELS, CARL PARSONS, MARION PATTERSON, ETHI-:L PAUL, JEANETTE PENNINGTON, :ROBERT PERLBERG, MAx PERNAZZO, JANE PETRANTO, CHARLES PETRINO, PASQUALE PETRY, ROBERT PFEI-'I-'ER, WILLIAM PHILLIPS, JOHN PHILPS, EDNA PINKUS, PHILIP PINTO, DAN PIPPEL, HELEN PISANELLO, ROSE PIVOVARNIK, HELEN PLANT, ELSIE POPKIN, CHARLES PRIEST, VIVIAN PULLEN, BESSIE QUICK, ELINOR QUIGLEY, JAMES bucks WEAKNESS Poetry Fatigue Princeton "Nutts" do fall hard "Aggelicity" Bricks Romance and a moonlight night Consolation in love Everything "Tickling the ivories" Milking cows Baseball That man of mine!! Her hair! Tell us quickly! A trail of broken hearts Feather bed Chryslers "Necking"-Oh, don't be crude Sweet papa's sonny boy Street cleaners and con- ductors Girls His name!it,s magnol- ious Wow! what a lady killer Well-I like "Snappy Stories" Oh! John, you're so strong!! Ocean Importance!!? White Keys with Black Bottoms Cau't be found Stature None whatsoever Scholastic attainment Two points Ego Who cares? A glass jaw! His empty stomach -Qlluntinuzh PORTRAIT A woman without a coun- try Restless Princeton Giving the Inen the "waste"f?D Makes baldheaded men part their hair in the middle We Irishmen Hot stuff The happy prince I'm going to get a. haircut Another long-haired dam- sel George Orr-what? Hey. Hey!! YOu'll do, girlie, bring your lunch Prudence Prim Our man of mystery Curly-locks, curly-locks Why men stay home! Let's do it, let's fall in love "Big-Shotl' Specimen of the Lord's carelessness Short and snappy Oh! Marie He- Man CliOnian's sheik Chauncey Abrams A nice big morsel Down by the deep blue sea After being heard he sat down never to rise again Ask the women! She's a firm believer in police protection "Great oaks from little acorns grow" The gingham girl Report to the Salvation Army for gym credit Our little man Accuracy is perfection "My dear, I couldn't bear it" She's so fast, she's hasty! A permanent Hxture FATE My father and mother are Irish and I'm an Irish, too Sleep Princeton, and how! A collar designer, ac- quainted with necks From Brazil like all the rest of the Nutts Reformer Makin' Whoopee Bookie at a race track The question??? Interpreter for Spanish Onion Co, Long pants Water boy He'll starve, if you lose the can opener Not worth the trouble Salesman for hot air fur- naces at the equator Cabaret dancer By no means a fairy Whoopee girl!! Do you think he'd want it published? Henpecked husband Our iceman's wife Olive oil king Pulling corks President of VV. C. T. U. Worker in a cat-soup factory Heavyweight contender Bathing beauty To try to avoid labor! Escort for married women Running a pawn shop Glass blower Men! Men! Men! Play tambourine-in Sal- vation Army Counterfeiter Priest-ess Something we have always wanted to know Corset model Editor of Snappy Stories 19 JZ? Q9 NAME RABSTEIN, RUTH RANDELMAN, BEULAH RAPPAPORT, DANIEL REED, DOROTHY REED, ELEANOR REHL, DANIEL REIOHARDT, MICHAEL REMMELE, ELIZABETH RENO, LEONARD RENDELL, ALFRED RICHARDSON, DOROTHY RICATO, SERAFINA RILEY, HAROLD RISOLDI, LENA RITTENHOUSE, ELIZABETH RITTER, EDNA RITTMAN, FRANK ROBERSON, BEATRICE ROBESON, ELIZABETH ROGERS, CHARLES ROGOWSKI, BERNICE ROMEO, CHARLES ROSENTHAL, HAROLD ROYER, EDNA Russo, LOUIS RYKLICKI, ANNA RYKLICKI, JENNIE RYMKIEWICZ, PETER SABO, HELEN SAFIR, LILY SALAWAY, SADIE SALT, DOROTHY SALTMAN, SYLVIA SAMS, CHARLES SANDFORD, EDITH SANDHOFF, THOMAS SAPERSTEIN, SOL SARAPAN, SOPHIA SOHAAF, LOUISE SCHANZE, ADELE SCHMITT, HAULINE barks WEAKNESS Out-of-town boy friends Annoying men! Feeding his "Flock" Black and blue Her name Fights Ice cream cones Melody Rhythm Trig Books Syracuse "Too much pep" Macbeth Bald men Elkton, Md. Looking glass All is well-so far Woodlawn Park Necking, arming, or what have you? One of the 3 rings of Chickerboo "I think hels the cutest ever" Dynamite "Well, I want to report that?" Her perfect figure Picking winners- Making spit curls History Me and the Man in Moon the Her shape Ceaseless quietness Her popularity Books-naughty ones She hates school! Don't you? Cracker Hill Midgets A pillow The nation's business "My Ford" 6 footers Beer In the Pavalion Growing up 88 -Uliuntinueb PORTRAIT I've heard ducks "Quack" before "Let the rest of the world go byu Training "bull" frogs He even admired the wisp of her hair The same-but, oh, so different "Let's do it" O. K. Keeping up with Lizzie "If she could only cook" Brains -I- Playing post office "It's not your nationality, it's simply you." Handsome Harry We timid little mice- "Debutante" Lord save my child Vainly answers another maiden's prayer An ornament of Beauty She's only a brakeman's daughter, but she knows her stops Once I loved a maiden Such a petite, cute, inno- cent damsel Heretic Our business manager "The model schoolgirl," said a blind lady fal- teringly Joe Glick Cooperation Cooperation Cousin to Frank Merri- well 'Twas always well to know one's good points A vocal tickler A gold digger I'In all right-the world's wrong Champion Latin sand- wich eater A long-drawn-out imagin- ation I'm seven-eighths mad! Unconscious Here's where we get roped in proper Red Hot Mamma God's gift to the tired business man A morning greeting Nice child FATE Electrocution teacher I wondw'???? Official alibi maker Proprietress ot' Beauty "Salon" Manicurist and even- tually a millionairess Shoemaker Let's not worry about that Feeding wild frogs To enter Wellesley He'll sell his brains fif anyl for 81,000,000 Madame was well! Somebody's ball and chain Locomotive engineer Another public speaker Why bring that up? Opera gargler lst successful hair grower on bald men Artist model Silence Female impersonator The "elite" of Trenton's younger set Hi-class sewer cleaner A "bull" fighter G ood housewife? Rum-runner Salesgirl in VVoolworth's Hired girl Narcotic smuggler "A girl of our dreams" Gold-digger A certain young lady To be-or not to be Miss Perault's 4th period hope! "Slim-the wonder!" in Barnum and Bailey Originator of shelless nut Librarian Caruso Sophie Tucker Cook Society leader Maybe-man hater? 19 fix? Q9 NAME SCHOELLER, MILIJRED SCHOEIELD, EDXVARD SOIIULMAN, SADIE SCIIUMAOI-IER, ANNA SCHURZ, RUTII SCHWVARTZ, CAROLINE SEGAL, SAMUEL SEKERAK, SOPHIE SEKVA, BOZENA SELDEN, JACOB SELL, LAURA SEMON, CAROLYN SIIAFER, ALICE SHAEFER, CARL SHANAIIAN, LI SIIANKMAN, PIIYLLIS SHARBAUGH, GEORGE SHEDDAN, DOROTHY SHOOK, WILBUR SHROPSIIIRE, CHARLES SHULER, MARJOIIIE SHUTZ, FANNIE SILCOX, DOROTHY SILVERGLADE, SAM SRELLENGER, M.kDLYN SKILLMAN, TILLMAN SKRZYDLINSKI, STEPHEN SLABICKI, JOSEPH SLOIN, AARON SMITH, GIBSON SMITH, WILLIAM SNOOK, NELSON SODEN, EDITII STABILE, FRANK STEARN, IIAZEL STEINGROII, IDA STEINMAN, HARIEY STOCKTON, EDITH STONE, LEE STONER, It LTTE bufkg-fzliuntinueh WEAKNESS I-Ier loquacity My terribly unruly hair Dancing Penmanshin "Boys-I do not trouble" "Oh, I say, ole deah" Kosher hams "What shall I say?" Candy smuggling "Aw, I hate girls" Her History teacher Helping mamma Kay Lady's Home Companion "HotU dogs Ceaseless night hours The third rail Noise Dancing class. every other Saturday afternoon "Tell me that you love meh Peroxide Everythingandeverybody Wedding March Punctuality Her good lines T. H. S. Hard to tell Stiletto Dieting Kindergarten teachers He should play a flute Fights in Lambertville Punctuality!?? Scotch jokes Wild horsemen Her perfect figure I wouldst it were time to eat again Reducing to 200 pounds "I hate to leave these treasured halls" Likes to talk PORTRAIT The woman with futuris- tic ideas! "Step right up-I'm a ladies' man! Her line is never out of order Thrills and heart throbs Lady Godiva Latin's your best subject, eat more of it A hot and bothered "Sea- gull" I wonder??? Try me-I'm delicious Assisted Atlas in holding up the world A carrot-topped mamma! Interesting person Life is a game of cards and I hold "Jacks" Ambition hath no risks She knows her "tootsies" Another dangerous blonde The answer to a maidenis prayer SoInebody's sun rises and sets with her Toothpick consumer He walks, he talks: in fact, he's almost human" Riders--we cheer for you! "Doin' the new raccoonu Fools are never uneasy Three guesses, the first two don't count Shylock's companion Clever from the top of the head up You sneeze it The Arabian bloodhound He's a generous scout, but he hasn't any money An authority on imagina- tion Because he's a nice honest boy Dashing small town sheik Tracing the footsteps of "Flon Sheik of AI'aby She's not the wrong num- ber Ainit she a "wow"? St. Steinman Lordgsave my child Farewell, a long farewell to all Iny greatness Elite FATE I forgot to remember Keeper of harem in Arabia Everybody's business Model for dish washer Opera singer-endorsing Lucky Strikes Typewriter pusher Dancing teacher That's it That would be telling Bat boy for Babe Ruth Why ask me? She knows Fishing for suckers Ability to wink both eyes at once Famous musician or what have you? Iodine slinger Annette Kellerman Inventor of a fur-lined bath tub To get A's The last of his kind- Amen! Scavenger Mrs. Bee-maybee! Movie star at the Garden First to swim the Atlantic Advertisement for Sta- comb Company Taking reducing lessons So, So teacher "Chicken" inspector Sewer rat Sloin-cheap tailoring for ladies and gents Leader of a snappy rubber band And will undoubtedly marry Mayor of Titusville, also Fire Chief Cheer leader Successor to Mussolini Telephone girl Artist He puts Einstein out of business Opera gargler Goodby and God bless you Salesman for automatic potato pealers n 1 19 coil? QQ NAME TASHJIAN, ARAXIE TAUB, SYLVIA TAUB, SEYMOUR TAYLOR, WALTER TEITZ, MILDRED THATCHER, CLAIRE THOMSON, FLORENCE THORN, ELIZABETH TILTON, ALMA TILTON, MARJORIE TINDALL, BEULAH TINDALL, MARJORIE TOTH, JOSEPH TOWER, LUCILLE UMBERGER, IDA UPDIKE, HAROLD URKEN, KARL VARCHETTO, ELIZABETH VETTER, MURIEL VIDETTA, TESSIH VITIZ, SAMUEL WAcKs, ALFRED WADSWORTH, EDITH WAONER, FRANCIS WALDRON, HOWARD WALKER, WILHUR WALKLET, DONALD WATSON, ARTHUR WELSH, BLANCHE WELSH, PAUL WENDELL, DOROTHY WENZLOFF, EDWARD WETZEL, VELMA WILEY, ALBERT WILLEY, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, MINNIIB WILNER, IRVING WILSON, ALBERT gufkg-Qllontinueh WEAKNESS Oh-what at name Laugh and grow fat Bedtime stories Jazz maniac Work Can't think of it Won C"l"j student Comical member Billfsj Billfsj Billfsj Small and useful Hot air and a cold breeze B. B. D. "Lucky" Strikes "Work is his greatest delightu Clinging vine Looking 'em over His feet Talkitis Broadcasting Rah, rah, Rutgers Vaseline-those eyes La Tulipe Noire Wild dates Hop "scotch" Onions Passion ' Don't know-and dOn't care All excited over one AE ,, "Zat rite" Bugs about insects Tooth picks Arguing Flippancy Hunting hairpins Chemistry "Scotchmen" Makin' whoopee! My power over women "High" life PORTRAIT She thinks, and thinks, but little knows She has a lovely figure- in the bank A petite social boy "Sleepy head" The recluse She 'is nice and you know it. A loyal Girl Reserve and reserved girl "Sweet and pure she is-" Flag pole rival Can she? I'll say she can Membership of Campfire Girls Hope springs eternal Silence has many advan- tages "Oh, for a tall handsome man-" Sweet little girl Foist class farmer Ye gods-how wildl, "Henry made a lady out of Lizzie" "She's got eyes of blue" She who hesitates is Old- fashioned For sale or for rent "Who stole my poor heart away?" She's never out of order Ma, buy me One? Is it a sin? W. W., but not I. W. W. What is your power? What-son "Easy on the eyes" "Pumkin' head Freckles always gets the blame I am able to endure much! Latin professoress in Gold- berg's Dept. Store Get him WChjiley's wait- ing "I canlt give you any- thing but love Let her alone, she,ll get over it Conductor-to and from games-fare please Tall and handsome- mostly tall FATE Soliciting for carpet sweepers Red Hot Follies girl! Bell hop A Don Juan Part of Schofield's harem We hope she'll rise in the world Also a resident of Morris- ville "Mum's" the word! Successor to "Tillie the Toiler" It all depends on you Successor to Juliet Converting cannibals Just a man Old manys darling Mother knows best Fish smoker Man about town Illustrator-of what? Heroine for "Hairbreath Harry" Old country housewife Women's choice for mayor Pinochle player Acting busy General-nuisance OHicial ice cream tester The man in the "Brown Derby" Blue beard A Latin teacher for ninety years Poker shark Prep school widow Drowned while jay-walk- ing in Venice Eminent speaker on moral situation in South Seas Fisherman--throwing Basketball beauty Black Bottom dancer To grow up-and how! 19 NA ME WILsON, RICH.kRD WVIRTH, ELIZABETH WOMBWELL, HERBERT WOOD, FLORENCE XVOOD, GEORGE WOODWARD, ADA WosNIcK, ESTELLA WRIGHT, ALETRIA YEYYELL, SHIRLEY Yosr, MYRTLE ZAHLES, LEOTA ZAPOL, SAMUEL ZENTMAYER, GODEREY ZENTNER, ROSE ZENZER, CLARA ZIELrNsKI, HEIEN ZoL'rIcK, SOLOMON ZULLO, MARGARET 31? Q9 5 -diontinueh WEAKNESS Trying to beat Pavo Nurmi Dancing the "hula" Injuns I would if I could but I can't Meekness Men teachers Meeting at night, parting at morning Cutting up "Oh Charlie my Darlinm Mamma, buy me one of those Dog-kittens Sam "Lopez" He hasn't any-much Of all things!! Normal Learning to cook Working Been in the background too much 91 PORTRAIT I want beer Lord! what innocence! Oy! Oy! 0 Really-very nice He might be wise if he were otherwise Oh, Mr. Midkiff! So chaste! Too good to be true God bless her tegument We ain't heard nothing yet "Don't be like that" Cousin to Cornelius Van Berrell A picture no artist could paint "Love's old sweet song" Beat Riders! ' She's all right! Man was made to mourn Oh, Miss Zullo-Hullo! FATE A jay-walker Society mascot Still owner QPPD Scintillating trapeze artist A big "Bed" man from Hot Springs Story teller??? Crepe hanger Go to the "dogs" Sightseeing guide for Yardville Discoverer ol' a slipless banana peel Male impersonator Professional pinochle player If words were snow flakes, he'd be a blizzard "Society" maid, and what a society! Kibitzer Hunting for her shadow Pretzel vendor And the last shall be first 19 C9717 QQ NAME WETZEL, DR. WM. A. SMITH, MR. W. SCOTT EBERLY, MR. SAMUEL W. ALIJRIDCE, MR. A. H. BARTLETT, MR. LESTER J. BRAYMER, Miss CLARA V. BUCK, MR. E. A. BURSLEM, MR. HARRY CALDWELL, MR. RALPH COLLITON, MR. J. W. DAY, Miss HARRIET DEAL, MR. DON T. DIAMOND, MR. CONSTANTINE Dlx, MRS. ALICE EVERETT, Miss BERTHA FELL, Miss LAURA H. FREDERICK, MIss MARY K. GRAHAM, MR. ROBERT HANCOCK, MR. ARTHUR S. HONEYCUTT, MR. J. B. HUGHES, MIss A. P. HULsE, Miss GRACE E. HUNTER, MR. I. B. JEMISON, MIss RUTH E. JOHNSON, MP. ELMER W. KERR, MR. WILLIAM T. KLEINFELTER, MR. C. B. KRALL, MR. GEORGE M. LEEFELDT, MR. E. G. LOWDEN, MR. CLARENCE W. LUNDY, MRS. EMILY M. MARTINI, MIss AUGUSTA MATHEWSON, MR. ANCELL MIDKIEF, MR. MORRIS E. OSWALD, MR. 0. J. PERAULT, MISS A. M. PLOCK, MR. WALTER W. POLLOCK, MISS SARA T. RAETZER, MR. ERNEST REED, MISS ADA SABARY, DR. VICTOR SANFORD, MR. MORRIS B. SCHEUREN, MISS FLORENCE SHEA, MIss MILDRED K. SMITH, MR. LEROY STEFFY, MR. EARL W. ST. JOHN, MISS LoIs B. VANKIRK, MR. HAROLD A. WARD, MR. WM. E. WEBER, MIss AIJDIE WENZEL, MR. ALBERT WEsTovER, MR. F. MUHR.AY WIIITE Miss MARGARET E. zacbers MAIN OFFENCE "What you are to be, you are now becoming" Trying to play golf "Why were you late for class?" National Guard The call of the Sunny South "Now, just a 10-point check-up" "Skin outa here, sonny" Managing the faculty His Fish stories Scoring arithmetic papers Excuses! Excuses! His deep bass voice "Now, listen little fellowwq A politician! Giggles "I told you to follow instruc- tionsln "When I went to college!" Scotch Marking period tests EVERYTHING! "Of all things, this is the worst" Good-looking boys 0! Cataline!! "A Little Black Chariot" "Now is that what you ex- pected His power with "wimmin" Sarcasm Unconquerable curls , School teaching The Lord knows! Water-colors Soaring young juniors into be- havior That tricky way Poe's poetry an Red ties Realia!!-it grows in February and June Organ! Democratic boss He got married-two bad? I-Ierman's grammar Here's your passport Spectator She's bugs about Biology! Dear old Syracuse Wine, women and song-mostly golf Don't be obnoxious Rider's penmanship course Dignity A red Chevrolet and-oh well! Call of Europe "My little Snookumsn "Wait'll I give this boy five hours--" Her ambition 92 PORTRAIT The good Samaritan The big needle and thread man from so and so. Wooster! Wooster! Wooster! Short Pants Al Morally perfect Education personified Mayor of Ewing Township Hairbreadth Harry Inventor of radio heater Successor to Pythagoras "Day" service He's such a Dear! Einstein's successor Our fashion plate Demure! Faculty flapper The accurate wonder Slow but sure He is found without a fault Someday he will reach the stars-perhaps! Woman Suifragist Dimples Our scholastic lecturer Charlie, my boy! Psychology Window shade manipulator The big button from the vest Baby face The little man with a big collar ulncidentally, I might say-" Madamoiselle Modiste Just the Spanish type "Angel" without wings 'tFor tomorrow, we will memo- rize-U Trying to teach German Some more Realia! "Hello, people, here I am- W. W. Plock speaking" A friend in need Women lecturer Conventional type El Seiior Small but mighty It won't be long now! "Did I ever tell you the one about-" "Strange as it may seem, I studied poetryT" "Now there are always excep- tions"-and he's one of them Good stuff !! "Take paper and pencil please" Tall, dark and handsome-Well, he is tall'- "Make yourself less, child" The choice of the office force "Phantom of the Opera" The lost and found department 19 coil? Q9 Qnknumlehgments The Class of 1929 of the Trenton Senior High School herehy acknowledges with sincere appreciation the cooperation received from the following Business Houses in Trenton, for helping in the publication of the BOBASHELA of 19 Q9 through their financial as well as moral support. Butter and Egg Dealers GERHART it PAGELS, Wholesalers ...... Colleges RIDER COLLEGE . .... . Confeefioners SUGAR BOWL COMPANY, Peter Skokos, Prop. . . Dairies CASTANEA IEAIRY COMPANY ....... Department Stores GOLDBERGlS, INC. . . . . . . . . . LISSNER,S, INV. . . . . YARD,S IJEPARTMENT STORE . . . . Engrarers-Stationers NORTON, FQSRIK 81 CUMMINGS ....... I ce Cream HILDEBREf'HTlS ICE CREAM COMPANY, INC., Wholesalers Jewelers J. P. APPLE 8: COMPANY, Manufacturers . FORT 8: GOODXVIN .......... M en's and Boys, Clothiers FREDERICK W. IJONNELLY 8: SON ...... JOSEPH B. HOTTEL, INC ....... Milliners J. B. WILSON COMPANY . . . . M usie Stores KATHERINE HOFFMAN MUSIC STORE ..... Paint and Glass Dealers C. F. HCJOPER 8: COMPANY ........ 93 . 218 North Willow Street . East State and Carrol Sts. . 14 North Broad Street . 234 North Broad Street . Broad and Front Streets . 134--136 East State Street . 6 North Broad Street . 130 East Hanover Street South Warren Sz Factory Sts. . Lancaster, Pennsylvania . . 9 North Broad Street . 35 East State Street . 31 North Yvillow Street . 101 East State Street . 215 East State Street . 8 South Warren Street 19 C9717 Q9 Photographers RAW's STUDIO . . . . . . . Physicians-M.D. NATHANIEL H. KOPLIN . .... . , Printers HIRBERT PRINTING COMPANY ...... Restaurants ORIENT RESTAURANT. . . . . Shoe Stores FISHER,S SHOE SHOP .... .... JOSEPHSON,S . . . . . . PURCELL,S FAMILY SHOE STORE . . . Stationers DWYER BROS. .......... . SIEGLE BROS., Wholesalers ....... STOLL,S BLANK BOOK Sz STATIONERY COMPANY . Transportation CENTRAL TRANSPORTATION COMPANY .... Miscellaneous COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 94 . . 236 East State 142 West State Street Street . 7 Ewing Street State and Broad Streets . 108 East State 19 South Broad 12 South Warren 127 North Broad 32 West Hanover 20-22 East State Street Street Street Street Street Street . Broad Street Bank Building Qutngraphs J , r f 2 E E 5 E 5 E S i i a 5 K E i 5 Q 4- 1 . ,, .-W, 1 K ff TY 1 qt. X. M., . mv. A. -M Q55 ' ,. -.+V . V, '- ,TZM v . .-,, -1 v' 1 A 2 1 :gn 4 .V- if 'f ,lg .V xy fi: ' A :-- Q73 I-, 'tsl .-V i .Tv X. wg. if . 1 'vs ,L 'x3f.1-A ' W ng .' ' filj ',. .ep N. L wr: 1 a ,A '-rff' - ir. '5 , -4-sz' . 1, m . 3. v "1 fu. .- 5- "- 19- Jfu:Z.'2 .. a .Q -Q2 .,'TfF-ifeii . - , f'f'fg, .3 .xy-w' EP' "1" -fr" Q' , ny- 5 , :Q 34.5 'D YNW5 1 . 1,1 6 -.Li-59 . . 'A- 'J - -: ' -L. - - . . ' f ' . .. .1 ' I .jx . '27 L ' '- 'A' - H' . --v ,Y , ,J f-A. , q5,.fr'., v. .l: :V ' A JK' J... ,. 3 -WT .-fs.:-7'v5 f Fiqigfi 2.1, f- av -jf 54' in .- -V .-'i"1. ' P '. .: .?:.w,.-ig-Q1 Q.. .wry " 1.-P. "file, " HQ., 'i -'ii '94 -E. rr' 14 ...B 9 .,. N Q... JJ.-j ' N, ,. . :Lg ' ' M ' K . if V . " 1511- ' V 1, A , V-u,t.-fviafiw' zu'-" , , J N. V, ... xg 'J ... .., - .. J .1 ' 1 ,if . . X. 4. w'. 11.-. ,H :I -7 - fm. 1 1 1 ' X ggi, 'ng . .K .gr L1-. ,lf ' 1' A gif! f . 2: J" Ia wh, ,.. -I 1.-gil., , fbL',,.,-..,-, 1. 1 - .LN 'H ' 11' Y- '- ' - 'aww 1-J ef 1 fin' 456 fi' 's' .1 'f --,. . 3'-QP' . . - , . mg.. my . . nj.. F . 5 , . gg, ,. W . ,. aka. WV . A - .L Jr-.r '-1 2.4, ,Er -H -. ,zqf glv. yn. . -.1-. ' gs: M' . f E gr, -gm.. ' '. - .if- -,gg I ,l' V1 S' A -.'ffL..'f 'fGl .1 wx 1. 41 r , - 6 , , .f ft - Z"-1' . . f1 Li- 4: . Q,i.f.'f'i ,, gy., , nf ..., 'J ' v as 5 ., f W -M. wewahsas.-a4lm.LMiQiua1i3LEv,rgw W, V. 4 X--uv ,N ,ivll - IJ F ,J t . V . M 6 Q 1 i i Q A 'j l . , . 1

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