Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ)

 - Class of 1960

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Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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'fx J' I lv., I ,P fl X Lf AJ f f K 1 A 41244 X7 43 C7 QQ Q4- Af 6 PEACE BE T0 YDU !' 4 'Z ' 1 Q ' 'QA x z'l f I V r . yr. 1- ' .,, ' 1 4, .- L - .1 v Dt 1 I 7 fp' Fpf' K' ,V lr, .fur .1-'Lf ' ' , L1 i'fvi1.f7'f'l' ,J-V few' , 'ish-'Y1 . '44 'elf' ' Q' I ' J .':Z,',4X'Qk-' 951' N p r e s e n t e d b y 1' h e Q'w,,,5.x. --, 265, 2 -wg' , - -Q ..'-gfzf, ' 'wg' " r 1 , gf :'. - S e n I o r C I o s s fr.-.-5,533 M-Ui, 11'gg:'fy1f,b . vas:-." ,gk-t -'X J' I -4, :ki ' "'Q'15,l,'gg:'-fig 94. f , ., , Trenton Catholic Boys' High School Trenton, New Jersey PEACE and TRENTON CATHCLIC e nqull spur the the the the plness n our hvu lay of frlendshlp chaHenge of study awareness of the future an our plans eace the SCCYMICG of t e Son o the Prlnce of Peace from the message of Fatnna om the cry of the Saln ur education prepares t our caHlng to reahze n our a woHd at peace wnh man and God O I O tra 'Iity of ' it hap ' i ' 'ng d d ...we hold in our hands,the balance ....p - " h f fr ' ts... ..o ' . i ist ' i day- .riti 9 . wk, 5 wal x43- M -ff fa: Wd' I in 1 . s I w 2,1 A 1 K if , K ,Aw wriiff? ' ' ,.1, jf 'Vi 15 52, , Y f, .1 -:L 6, tw . W nfafw' X ' 3 3 M - - f 1' , " if " , ff : 3,4 - . 5 . 5 . Q' 'nw ig 575- ,ii i we-,KF f,:q 'f V k ' . as-6:lyf,,14 , if . 321. .ff fgf x , '1-.g,1 "21:f ' i. f , . Q ,gig 4 5 ,Q b- , W V- U17 zfffgiwf W7 ' , 3 v if f- , Y . .Q ' ' ' , ', 1 4355: X Q sr' -Q aw. i' 52+ Q S , K, K we fecal our world in Qui,-eggs , "...if my requests are Q Russia will be converted, iff , . there will be peace." Introduction Faculty ................... Seniors ...... ... ...... . Classes Activities .... Sports ......... ...... ..... Advertising CON TE NTS a ge ...............-.,....., ge ...- ............ p a ge p age Page M .......... 1 is 90 1264 - ... . V ' , mi" A J , , ,fu . ' ry ,-f ff n Ill. 12 , 7 I 36.5.60 li. 1 W . :',,.x"-' - . Q:--I vw A a f-'UP' : " x 1 ' iqflfv v1'V' ,.',,":,'l,".vA qfnkigf. .'-tvlL'J',:'viffg-ini .1,,.ij?.fS?!q:gv-V rv ' ':. 5',g,f iff' '. fr'-'H , ','1,'v""'-il," 1 "W 4- --2f1+1'4.' lm. A , "-'fffff' ff f-.w'f,,,"f'fL1,','1: J f '. f ' ' Q. '15 ..'f5-'.3-'.fgfi9,ef, , Q . 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I,-V ' 1 - ,, ' , ' '2f,.2a?,f-fifzff I 'P g a L' :fj,.l-1.-I ' 'sg".4f"'f- e J '1 -. - - f ,-' 'gggirs ,gfa . .'-'Wa' f"1.1'H. r, Q Q ff . - if 'iff A I. 0 5, g .5 . - mf, - 'er r-4 In f':'fg1i-gl, , ,,1 ' f , f rp ' ,f.c.j- alle v A , ,, . , , . -,vw 4 1 -fi' MV" fd 451, m f - ' 1 dfikf afr e Q ? kxQ,:jf1' .1 V' f Ref,"-.f' 4 .Il .,,v' ',,.n-K . , 1 I 5 1:4 ,gk are "- 'fflef-.5115 .. c . ,ff ,, i W a V re,,?5i1fgP !he,-fijmeh . A , ,MN A-,J k,.b,w,, 4 X ,wvfhl .. V .S . K I '41 9i32i'?l?'.- wn -52-is ow lo' 'f Y "f5""- ' l ,NY.5,.. it an "fra-J 'uw sf si - do Ve Ou I , 2:'4f-p1f"- I."?.- 'Jia'-9 'b -'wg 'adn fh ubg ' Wh r P I - ' I Obgfpiifiq--'vfl-'fPg1"'Z' ifl 4' e 'fun eS5 We ' ,fa- ere eflg .. X V-Qty. ,bg fr lay .. over, - ' .I11 u ' i i ,vlfh el H ' W:--'f 'ww--' - f. ' Q. 5.-V Y UQ lo S ' 9 ' W V 'iS,,4,,,f, au nh .,, , i. f h y. Wd . W fe . h . - A ' w'fAA'fff1ff'f+' "6 - wwf- of f Se o of h Is- ef 5' 4-V" 'ff-I 1'-' f W . 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L:.5j,g,f." ',1.'y4-'X' "'f1f, '53 ,:A,,- g-14,-f-,. . f, ,.-flag' ' Q,'qAwjsg-4,A- - . . R, ',",., --, ,N A4 . 3 mf-4,,x,,1',qkl' , ,- -Las I I i r --.gwefg fp H, 11 14 fa,-ww . ' ,f uf' , 2 wwf -- f,Sf'+14",: .f.L::':, ' A " W1 4111 f"'1" I 'fQ..7'u ' ' ' -. . ., A :V F if slligkyr f'7V,.i,,' Q fl , V ''1'rf?:5i5573EmfW"'--7'' ' f -7ff??i?5. ',5..f:w:',-'.,1, .im - ,..,, 'Q'--.N ,,fxf."'- V-. '?f.',,f5 . Qflff 2' .YV A?'f'a..-.-1 - . .A "1 ' ' " .-,J -guufsfr, ,-1 " . . ,fgyg !i-.V?,,:- , HH- I .A -Y.45,.':,?,.G -V-'yn 4.u.'-'K - -- U. ,is .. " ' - '5 -' " . 4' L 'T' 51.4. -.1-1-:ff if 4' . ' A5.41,,,.-1. , r- 1 , 1,14 '- png .. , , - kt., rr X P A ' 'FL lrx ii 1 iA J 4 fi uf 5? ag! 1 ztv.. ' V 1 ' 3- ,f - X ' f - Q- .H K4 ' f 5 H, Q: MQ 133,64 PQ: Qi .-1,4 vy ' -c . fy-:Qin 353 .W Q' H in HF 'i s. v smug., ' -can l f L' , ' V x , fig X U Pdf' 'll 1 ' if ,V M' ,Lg -'Lf , am 1 gsm 5 'f 5 ni G "YT ,- 3. as S li- N if , 461' ,9 ,ff ln if X I il K . The volor guard of our newly-formed prevision drill leum take the field. "' --'TQ 5 l ,D A I Z ii " 2gj31,.. , A -.Ai J-'S-ffa,Ht,.i3,i."55 3 , Our Bla-ssed Mother -Apalronesp nf our hvhool and guardian thereof. A disconsolale Dan Leavitt fan- .1 exam Amerirun literature. Think !! The concept of peace may be understood at different levels. We may think of world-wide peace., peace with one's own conscience, peace with our immediate neighbors or even that tranquillity of self- satisfaction in our accomplishments. Indeed, the whole world is at peace. This is one of the ultimate goals our Franciscan teachers have tried to set before us. Through knowledge of our scholastic subjects, but more importantly through the sacrament of Penance and by per- sonal contact and counsel, we have tried to benefit by their wisdom and example. lf then, we are to find that elusive commodity called peace, it is only insofar as we have seen and cooperated with the standards set by these Franciscan priest-teachers that we shall have won any measure of real success. V P 5 Q F g, 4 f 1 x ' A ' R 2 fi ff , 5 S5 5 1 Q 6, ? 35 1' i- , B' 1 L: i S- fr Q at Always an educator in his own right the Most Reverend George W school activity He has observed our progress and our problems throughout these four years He himself has a background ln education which explains lus contmued interest He served for a time on the faculty of Seton Hall University and as rector of Darlington Seminary before his appointment by the late Pope Pius XII to the see of Trenton Ahr, S.'I'.D., bishop of Trenton, has played a personal role in guiding our FR. RURPQRT YVUIN Prim-ipal: Pre--imlo-Ill of Ava qlvxniv Board: Nlmlq-rulur of l'.T..K.2 Hmla-rulor of Slll4Il'Ill Council. FR. ARMA YI! SURFNTO Yin- I'rinc-ipulz Sn-rr:-I.Ary nf x4'd1lPlIlll' linmrlli xI1lllf'l".lI0l" nf Fulhe-rl iflulr: Vllyir-. Q,- 4?-Q 1? 115. lfll. l'lfXll'l'll1ll,HNll'1XY' GASKIC Rvgiatrar: Ht-ml uf' l:UIllIll4'l't'lLll Dopurt- lIl1'lll1 Supvrvisur of Huiltlingisg Hull Patrol: Busim-ss 'l'ruining. FH. BERTIN YESEY H1-all Pr:-l'v1't of Disciplinv: H1-utl of History l,l'lH:lI'IlIlt'IlI1 Hall Patrol: Rc- ligionn VS. History. .1 Ill lrr Innutent as re lectA the exemplary I1 e 0 our teacher Oh bod help me to ln thx flax and eurx daw of nn llfe ln every way a man Help mt to ourn nn thou ht, and attlon dCCOl'f.llIl to the lllgllCat standards ol unsclfi h manhood Htlp me to do notllln of which I Qhould be a hams d to haw. tho L dc ar to me know Help mt to keep ner before nly me the goal of 1 llfe of trute and tht Htnewb to erve Amen If we keep llll prayer lll mind and only opt n our ut to the lllyfllld ood example all around u hall newer haw to fear Ndlllllflll from tht proper path ln llfe 'xi' mx NIRQ AI ICF TLCCILLO Yllbq ELEANUR NK XR XNKY Sthool Secretarw Nhool Y cretarw 5 c 6a i I .Q ' 1 1 ' 1 ' ' ' l . ' ' ' v - . . . . v , U - , Y U . . . . ' w . . ' U ' W ' r . r- 5 z:- q ' : s ' . - - ' g ' ' ' . . 5 . 7 - , Q , ,. . Y Y , , t - . ' s f 1 ' s ' " ' ' 1 3' S ' . . ' x 1 .5 1 ' x . ' 1 ' x I ' :S 3 l g 's' s.w'es' ' ' " 'lg I 5 1 . I x zf. , K - Y .1 , ,jkfmeg ' L 77ii5'f"' ' 1gf1Q?3f,.i ' f was Q15- r :Q-53:2 c A A 'fiiffi , L - QQ. . YF? N L 1.1 ' 1 K 1 I ,aux , , ' V ,. , ,K ' ' G JJ lk " , f Je f," ' f-V 1 f ' L 5' E J 5 0 1443 ' :. 2 . -11, 'ff - L 74 'X ' 1 gr - , , . ,, . A A . . 1 A Y - X. . - . J - N ' ' rw u N u ' FR ANGFI US NP TZER llc .ul of l Il ll l1 D4 p lrlllll nt Mo1l0r.1 tor of Xfdr Book l 1 ll ll R111 1011 FR XIFUSTINF KAPUNUS Mode ldllll' of flu IIIIQUW I lull Morlr Fd tor of School Banll lllmlmrator f School ll1o1r and 1 loc Klub CllE'!Il1S trw Prmtual Phw1c R1llg.l0Il -Xlgc FR AUSTIN 'WHIIAMS MISS AWWA BURNS Sup1rs1 or of Book Sion l Orman School Nurw R1 llglllll He altll 51-L-S, 'Qgf A' fu 6- X x4 rli g v:y il g 'Hx 'gt' it y -1 A 5 A y A Sv A :X I' X LJ- . . . bflxlq Iglillllgggg Ilclllllig I 7 3 A - mf' 1 im 4? a x E Cia- -1 Our efficient Brother Dennx e lt lu ammumtxon before the battle of the 4c.1fe ternab bulge are gulen 61, the Prlnce 0 Peace NIR ROBERT CARMIGIN ANI Bus1neQQTra1n1n EPOIIOIIIIC Hvaltll Spamh I Conumer Wlatllcmatxc Cafctcriaf Patrol. FR C-SSIMIR SABOL Head of Culdance Department Hod erator of Football Team Fngll l ligion. is-f in... Q' -12 giong Latin. Helping :nanny pastor, throughout the ahovese on week- :-nqlf, our Fathers lllllrl often take u train on Saturday eveninga, llfathcrf ,lohn Joacph, Angelu: und Duunc rhevk their train at Informuti0n.l FR. CHARLES NELIPOWITZ Moflvrator of School Patrolg Businvss Manager of Yvar Bookg Frcnchg Reli- I-w,,'r is .,,,o 5. '5I""' S1 FR. Cl..,XRlfYClf KVSHFA FR. CIM-Xlfljli SINISUN Dirvvtor of .Xtllls-tim: Varsity S. junior Motlvrator of Radio Club: English: Varsity Baskvthull Couch: Swinnnin Religion, Pool: Hall Patrol. and the precepw of S . ?ranciA f?G4f4444Q Assiftunt Nlmh-rutor of Yvur Book: 1 I in FR. Ulf-XNE MASTRA NGELU Nlodvrutor of gxllllllllil lfnglish: Reli- ionz Businvss l':llgliSll. f""4 '95 U' -QQ..-Q MR. JOHN CURCORAN BRO. DENNIS MOONFY CHf0if?l'iH Patrol: Typing. Supervisor of Cafeteria. 24. xx . n -2 I ,K fe-lvvl group nf music' rllHil"lllN un dvr Mr, Nlnyvfs mlirvm-lion lr ll lmvkgrouml fur lin- .Xnnnul Fu-iiion We o6Ael-:Je 5 . I MR. DAVID JACOBUS t Cf,"P' 1gF.1gw1dH' from eu' exdmp e ' ' ' ..lff'iEf0..0iilil.. Hrlfifii. or is if 10" FR. EMNIETT CARROLL FR. INNOCRNT DICURCIA Moiivrutor of Gulch-n XgY2:lY1'1 English: Hf-ad of Lllllglllllgf' Dc-purtnu-nt: School Rvligion. Urganist: H0111-rutur of Latin llluhg Latin: Religion. 22 I HHN I'RXNl I' II N Flx IHHN IH IPII DI BIINQIXI 1 001 1 H l1t1o11 .Nl of' N 11111 tn Ill H10 0 It 1 1 1 11 1011 ""WK,, 1-if-04 'l6....... FR IISIIN BIHH FR RP XNFIH NIKINT 'W Ol 4 IJIOI ci QIXI ll11l1 XIOJCIZI or OI tldl0l ul 1 S Nll I 9 H1 to 801111 1 on 1 1 R011 1011 gon ir" the harmony of I1 e FR. LESLIE SMITH Moilerator of F.M.A.g Freshman Bas- ketball Coach: Varsity Tennis Coachg Algebrag Religion. ,jf ?4-5. FR. lVlARCFl,l,US WTALDER Moderator of tlu- Spanish Club: Span- ish: U. S. llistory: Religiong wlorld Historyg Health. lt's breakfast time and Father Casimir rule-lies up with the latest before classes begin. 1 a E 5 s aa- G Qtr n lxjy 'r V I ' in the Aenlice 0 god and man 1. FR. MARK XOLAN FR. REMBERT CAHILL Hr-arl of Religion IJC'lDLll'llllf'lllZ Student Moderator of tllc Third Orclerg Healthg Spiritual Mlvisor: Plano Geometry. Wvorld llistory: Rcligiong English. The new look on the vampusn black-lop paving, 4-ourteby of the Fathers' Club iluwq FR RONALD SCHULTZ Head of Mathematlcs Department Pro moter of Vocatlons Guldance fSopho morej Trlgouometry Solld Ceome try Rehglon FR SEVERIN DIETRICH Moderatol of Forum Club Moderator of Camera Club Latln Health Rell glon Engllsh FR RUFINO MALONEY Junlor Varslty Soccer Coach Fresh man Baseball Coach Retall Merchan dlSlI'lg Buslness Law Rcllglon Clerlcal Practxce and we learn G'2fcc4444 T WJ I nllg Even before some of us get up, our faculty find st gth 'n their Holy Mass and daily meditation. A NIR. JOSEPH MAYER FR. MYRON CRHIMIXS Conductor of School Band and Or- Librariang Cclobrant of Friday Masses. chestra. tv uAe tluiA laarmvny with our Acluolm ticA 'd" oi,,o?4554i'i25if.of'ioiQ'2Wrf2'Qf4fffffiiiL'V that we may kind e the flame of peace in var day A glimpse of part of the main table at Father Clarence's testimonial dinner. FR. NICHOLAS YVEISS Supervisor of Campusg Moderator of the FfCH0ll Clulig FICHiTllQ GCIIIIHHQ Englishg Religion. 2 ievfrizmsx 2 G "Sify its-T X G--....-s MR. JAMES PETRUCCIO Varsity Football Coach 1. "-if F n s I D MR. ROBERT TROMBLEY Cafeteria Patrolz, Moderator of the Commercial Clubg Bookkeepingg Busi- ness Lawg Health. Mr. Weigand "takes five" between periods. MR. JAMES WEIGAND Cafeteria Patrolg Hall Patrolg Chemis tryg Guidance fFreshmenj. i To call the world today a rather sad-looking place is only to re-echo a phrase that has become threadbare through constant use in yearbooks. To say that as graduates we will "face the future armed with this or that sword" is even more time-worn. These things we already know. It is what we do with our weapons that makes the difference. Few, if any of us, will attain worldly fame. Above all, we are conscious that this is hardly the measure of our success. The peace which we seek with God, with our fellow-man and with ourselves comes from a reali- zation of something so basic we sometimes lose sight of it. It is noth- ing more than the knowledge of WHAT WE ARE AND WHY WE ARE. The person who is least known is often the real hero. Note Gray's lines: "Along the cool sequestered vale of life, they kept the noiseless tenor of their way." If we can do this in peace we are truly a success. if AL fi sis VC 444444 ". . . if people do what I shall tell you many souls will be saved, and there will be peace." Fatima Q f Nw f f x ff ROBERT S ALBANOWSKI Sclentlfic 11 2? Cen Comm 13 4? M C 4 Social u TRENTON CATHOLIC CARMEN .1 Sclentlfic 11 2 11,2 3 4? Soclal Football 13 4? Biology Club 12? ARMENTI 4? C S Clu 11 2 3 4? HENRY A ALLEGRETT1 xentxfic 11 2 4? CSL 4 Socla ub 11 Band 13? Forum Club 11 2 3 4? Clvxcs Club 12 3 4? Colden Wave 1 Latm Club 13 4? Stu ent Councll Secretary 12? Cholr 13 4? French Club 14? Blology Club 12? Camera Club 11? JAMES D ANCHAK n Acad 11 2 4? CS 3 4? Social Cl b FRANK 1 ARNOLD cxentlfic 11 2 CSMC 34? S cial Club 11 2 Biology Club 12? SCOTT P ARONSON Sclentlfic 11 2? Gen Acad 13 4? MC 11 3 4 Social u 2 Cl. ' FRANK .1 AMODIO c entxfic 11 2 4 C S 3 4? Socxal Club 2 F rum Club 11 2 3 4? Golden Wave 13 4? FRANK J AVANZATO Sclentlfic 11 2? Gen Com 13 4? MC 11 2 3 4? Soclal ll! K. QW f ' , , , , 4 S-i ' , I, 3,, 4 .M.c. si ' , , 3, 1, ..M.C. C.S. . . 1l,2,3, ?g ' Cl b 11, 2, 3, ?: 'ICI , 2, 3, 4?: 11, 2, , 3 ' 11, ,3,4?3 11, 2, 3, 4?. 2 , , , : 0 , ', , 4 4?: ' Y , a d ' ' , , ,s, 4 ..M.c. ce. . , , 3, 4 ..M.c. 1 9 9 1 I b 1 9 1 5 111 29 1 1 1 u 11121 3941- 1, -I b i S ' ' , , 3, 4?g . . . . X1 11:29 s Q 0 1 v , 31 C.S. .. ,2, , I, ' ,Clb C.S. .. , , 'Q 1' ,Cl I' 11, , 4?. 14?. U, I 'f . ' 1 WSW AQ T JANII-Sl IS XUJX IN 1-ntlfu 41 1 1 MI S' fix WALTER S BEINTLILX SlCIlllf1t 41 2 Lol f,0lIlllIBI'lll 50111 u 41 2 -ll '1l11r41 ll Ifllllldlllllla 4Bu111e Sta 4' flltbll' H1010 w M ... IGN Q iq- ROBERT T B -XLERN -X ent1fi1 4 1 2 I4 NI C 41 501ldl u 1 11 Foonba r DUN -XI D C BXBILE Club 41 11101 Blology Club 421 Manlnng bqunl GU1 T B1'NbUW lellllal 411 Il 11er11 4 N 1 ub 41 mur 4 Ba eball 411 XNTHONX lx BE'1x0b Sclentlfh 41 2 3 Gen 1111 DOIII u 47 3 3.4 ?gs TN-r X .af KPNNFTH 1' B X111-UNI 1 1 1 enufim 41 2 111 u 1 ll001.X Club 42I Rlfle Llulr 42I GRADUATES OF 1960 JOHN X H04 UXN n llllt Ill Qll ur Q f 4 3 f?f4?Ti , 1 i .g - 1 1 1 fl ' . -' Y ,D . Qu vw- Q . . Z.' I. . ' ' 1' . , ' Q wif' Q.-1. , 2Ig 1161. .11-1.1, 43, 11: S.-i ' - , , 311 Gen. A.-1 1. 111. ' c.s. .3. 41, 2, 3, 11. 11,111.1 . . 11, 2, 3, 4 J Cl 1 4' 4 4 2: , 41, 2. 5 ll 41 . I: , . 1 ' 'Ss 4 -1 College f10lIllll8I'1'12ll 41, 2, 3, 41 g Sn- vial I ,2,3,4ig I 'r 43. U2 K li-ll. . 1,393-A, g I 54" ' ' : Ge . Conn 1-'al 42. ,alia S1-i ' - . 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' ' 1 5' ss ff g I ' 43, 11, ' gf' 121, 3 ,NW 94 11-1 i v, n K 7 ' , ' , A C f Q x' . 4 'S' 1 ,N - 5.5 JOHN R BOGD-KN JOHN F BOCUS BERNARD M BORCFS ent1fic412 3 -H CSISC en Acad 412344 CSMC entlfir-412 3 4 CSMC Socxal Club 41 2 Baseball 43 4? 342 Laun Club 431 TRENTON CATHOLIC FR-SNK E BRENIN -UN JOHN R BOYD Cen Commermal 41234 P C NMC Svlentlfir' 4343 CQMC 434i 345 ma ub 4 I ual Club 43 41 .lohn Carroll Sou Patrol 43I enm 3 4 BJ e a 4 Cllonr ROBFRT .l BROWNF lentlfii 41 2 S ua up 4 I' rum Club 45 U Colden Wave 441 Imm.uulnl.1 4Fdltorlal laff -lb lem: lr, Club 43 4 Qtudenl Lounul 4Repre enluuve 4' Biology Club 42' Lo cha1rm.m Puhlluty 44? MARIO L BRUSLO n Amd 41 4 Cb 4 boual Clu 414 ate Pa rol 42 .il S HUGH T BRYCE College Lommerrlal 41 2 3 MC 4l 41 Soual u 41 2 3 4l Lommercml Club 4-1-P PLQ 'fb' in-av JOSEPH .1 BLLHKO ROGFR C BLCH ' lenufh 413 ben K all clentlfic 412343 LSW1l 4121 VI L 5041411 u 3 Football 43 1 CHARLES A BUTER A Sclenllfic' 413 General Commerual Club 41 2 43 Foolbd 4 3 Baseball 413 BOBFRT A BULM YN lenllfl4l123l3 L5Nlf 4 ual Klub 1 2 CEORGF C BURTON Sc1ent1Hc412343 CSMC 412343 Soua1L1ub 417343 KENNETH R BYRINE Gen Acaclemlc 41 2 3 43 CSMC lsgga 'Ny iq,- 3 1 3522353 THOMAS E BURKF enufic 41 2 3 L- n 1.111 4 3 MC 412343 bona Lub 2 3 43 GRADUATES OF 'I960 SALVATORE P CALOIARO Lal Sclentlfic 4123 Col Commer 43 4 Thlrd Order 413 Immaculata 4BuQl ness Stalf 43 Cheerleadera 413 Choir 43 43 Biology Club 423 -S1-s 35 3, A S Q' 2 P' . ' W ' .- w N . as ' ' ' . .. L - I , O gn ,. , go w 7 1 4 gg I' 1 ba , . . C-1 , ' I ' . I , . I . 4, 'V .. 3:4 - e Ai 'T N Q V r. . , . Y E' , I- go ' J- ' ,:. .. A Q, .. - . .. FZ .. '. ' "3 cn .... ' 1- ? . ' L"-4,:Z'Cd?Z5fT '. ' A , LL up U1 1 " V 3-1 ' 5 5 . . , . Na ' . ' . , I oo ' ' A . ,' . K . . I -ax l 1 s. ,N ,. 4 , , '. 4- J A ' . ' 1 1 . . 4- :A i A H y' Q, Q , 7 .W . . A4 , Z' 2. g 4 3 ' an 4 by ,. 3-f ' . . '. . if-7 T. 1' 1- W .. I rf, 2. , Q gn , - 5- . . , gn -- . up - -ln QI. 4 Q .. S7 J - , ' .. Sn - '1 , :S .. I , Y ,. J 1 N 0 s a 3- .' . - I ' , 3-1 I , . ' N3 3' V 'JW ,, . 'W ' 'fgfwz .. ," ,T , 2 ' 'V Qafgga . H -Hi: ,wr 1- 3 4 1' ' f-Mm, J XWIF5 .l I KINNUN Nm entlfim ll f 5 1 n TRENTON CATHOLIC JOHN ll l XRR entllis tl ua u 0 Patrol I2 lnlwlln Vue lilo op I ann r EPS:-' JUBFPH R 1 XNT XR X I FUN XRD l' 1 KRFY Com l S1 enllfic I2 5 4 S 1 NI C Sm I3 l lub MNTHUNH NI f -XROTFYUTO lPHlll'll tl CS 41 Sorlal Clu 1-lb forum Jnlm Carro nets 1 o1lanWlse1lI 1 ur 5lll1lEIll founfll lRz-pr: entalne 2 0 r Bl0l0 w RON KI D J CARR uumfim il 4- m M C ll S01 lal u 1 Foot ra I La ln Club tl! Student Counul lRepre senlatne 2I JKMFS .l CARTON entlfia ll 2 C5 'N ua Cl 1 21 C em lstry Club I3 Bmlogy Club 42h pm 'bw F10 a lun.-..,,. Nun- NTIMO T CFSARO Suenllfim tl! Col Commerual 12 41 use 11 2 4.1135 fx Q 5 gffiis, iv' CF X111 l fl1Xl1l"Nl R entitit 41 Fla ul John Carroll S01 lety HP Choir 44h 215' 1.x-v CARVII-'N .1 CHI-XINESE entnfic 41 2 3 Cs ma ur 4 olball 41 2 'i ii lil ke! ra S HARRY G CLAUSS lenllfic 41 2 3 CS 4 Ofla ub 4 ology 42? Chem: trw Club 44h 5-if Db -ac. Qeb.11141v X r y r JAMFQ D CHIORFLI 0 Col Commerc ml MC P otn 4 P 1 etb :ll 41 2 3 I Var ltv Club 42 Student 4 ounn ll 43 ue lre ulent 2 3 lreanlenl it 'Dx WALTER L CIFCHANOWSRI KENNFTH .1 CHIORELLO Comm 41 2 CS C mm 41 C5 QEDW ARD A COLLIG AN S cla u 4 Football 42i Immaculata lE4lll0I'ldl Staff it Biology Club 44? bona u 42 41 041 Choir 411 Blologw Club 421 as etball 4lr elull Choir 443 Biology Club 42h GRADUATES OF 'I960 ,ALAN 9 CONSTANCE Comm 41 2 CS lld J Biology Club 424 6' "Q" .psf 91 i,R1-, '. 1 1 ..I.'J1i . 141. . 1 Sri ' ' , 2, 3, li, C.S.M.C. 41, Sci ' , , , 413 ,.f.M.C. 41, 2, 3, -lvgSo'lCll 4l,2,3,4rg 2,3,4rgSo'lCll 1,2,3,4rg " 'A Q1 ' . F0 , ,..' g af'l'1l4lI: Ba. ' 3 'il sit' Clul 424. T. . , 41, 2, 3, llg , 11.5. .2.41,2,3,.1t, '0 lall 1, , ' , M lask 1 , , ', 41 g lasebnll 41a g , 3. 'V . I Q L. I I. ", 1 5' , g 1 .' , 1 5 4 . . 1 , ll Y Y A . Col. . , , 3, -lrg '..'.M.C. Col. 0 . , 2, 3, 4Ig ..'.M.C 1, 2, 3, -ll, 1 'l Clb , 3 41,2,3,-DQS -'al Club41,2.3,4Pg ' 4 Q ' ,' ' . B 'k g Bus 4 41, 2I Sc' ' - , , , 41, ..'.M.C, 1, Scientific 41, 2, 3, 4ig C.S.M.C, 41, Col. , , , 3, ll, . .M.C 2, 3, 4DgS 'ICI 1, 2, 373Bi- 2, 3, 4Pg o'lClb 1, 2, 3,-lt, 4l,2,3,4lgSo"'lClul 41,2,3,4D fa, . f " , l R, Jef 4 ' A A-5,1 in-NL "Q JAMES J. CORDAS Latin Scientific 11, 2, 3, -11, C.S.M.C. 11, 2, 3. 41, Social Clulv 11, 2, 3, -11: Forum Club 12, 3, -113 John Carroll Society 141, Golden Nvave 13, 11, Immaculata 1E1litorial SMH '41, Chemistry Club 1415 Choir 141, Bi- ology Club 121. PAUL R. CORTESINI Latin Scientific 1l, 2, 3, 415 C,S,1XI,C, 1l, 2, 3, 413 Social Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Football 1l, 2, 3. 41 2BH5ClJ1lll 13,411 Latin Club 121, Yarsity Club 131, Choir 13. RICHARD V. COOK College Commercial 11, 2, 3, 41, C.S.lVl.C. 11, 2, 3, 41, Biology Club 121, Commercial Club 141. ROBERT E. COOPER Latin Scientific 1113 General Aca demic 12, 3, 413 C.S.M.C. 11, 2, 3 419 Social Club 11, 21. ROBERT F. CONTE Latin Scientific 11, 2, 3, 41, C.S.M.C. fl, 2, 3, 41g Social Club 1l, 2, 3, -11, Football 13, -11g Baseball 121, TRENTON CATHOLIC Gerry Houck gets the "good word" from Father Angelus in a review of the king's English. im' fb- y fi T6 NEILLIANI F. CRACKER, JR. FREDERICK A. CRLCILI s1-1em1n1- 11, 2. 3, 'llQ C.S.NI.C. 11. Scientific 11, 2, 3, 41, C.5.NI.4l. 11. "E, 2, 3, 41, Fovial Club 4l, 2, 3, 113 2, 3, 41: Football 41, 215 Latin Club Third Order 4111 J0llIl C2iI'l'0ll 50- 421g Cll0il' 431. riely 411: llIllIllll'lll1lli'l 4E1lilorial Q Staff 11g Clieniiftry Clulr 4115 Choir 'U ' G. l'llQ 1310101111 Club 421. I ' GEORGE A. CLDHEA SClCIlllfll' 41, 2, 3, 11, C.S.BI.C. 41, cs 2, 3, 11, Social Club 41, 2, 3, 41, , 3 .Iolm Carroll Soviety 441, Football 111,G01f 13,41. l GRADUATES OF 1960 New faq-ulty members-Mr. Carmignani, Mr. Jacobus, Brother Dennis and Father Rufino - compare notes on the first clay of r4'll00l. CHESTER E. CZERNIK Scientific 12, 3, 41g C.S.Nl.C. 42,3,41g Social Club 42, 3, 41g Colllen WVLIVU ul! Biology Clulf 42, 41. 3 4- . 5, ,wc 1 ix A 1 i ." ,I i 1 Q , ' fi 5 , 1 ,K F1?g11rf',fgipy ,ROBERT F. CZYZYK Col. Com. 41, 2. fi. 11, C.S.NI.4I 41, 2, 3, l1g Biology Cluln 421 ' u. 'bb PETER A DAMIANO Gen Com 41 21 Col Com 43 S0c'1alClub41l CSMC412 3 4? Radao Club 43 4? TRENTON CATHOLIC ANTHONY T D ERRIQ O Latm Quentlfic 41 2 3 4h CSM C bo 1 b nd 41 2 4 le rl T lI'l mer 2 0 n Carroll Souety 43 All Blology Llub BENEDETTO M DAMICO College Commerc-ml 421 General Commerc1al43 4h CSMC 42 344 UOSEPH K DELOTTO General Aldllelllll 42 3 4h 1 SNIC 4? 5011411 Clup ALAN F DFSTRIB ATS Latin lentlfif 41 2 3 44 C S 1 ld ub 41 .lolm Carroll S uety 44r B1ology Club RAWNSLEY W DIBENEDETTO Lalm Sclentlfim Ill General Com merual 42l College Commerual 43 College L0lllIllEl'Klill 43 4 NIC 41 4 SOClEll u ot a 4 ology Club 42I Lommerual Club PHILIP .1 DELORME Latin S 8l'lllf'lC 41 2 33 College Commerual 441 CSMC 44l 9 Club 41 2 3 B m 4 r Thlrd Order 441 Commercial Club C I Z5-T VINCENT A DICKSON C Con1 41 23 Cen Com 43 43 MC 41 3 41 Soual u F ll 1 4. KARL A DIENED n Aad 41 4 CS WILLIAM R DI SALVO entlfic 41 2 3 4 C 4 S ma u Thlrd Order 431 .Iohn Cnrroll S0 uey 4-I1 Colden Wave 431 m maculata lEdll0l'ld1 blaff 41 RONALD .I DOLUSIC entlfh 41 2 3 C 4 41 Social Club 43 41 Ra I0 Clu 43 41 JOHN F DURNFR entlfie 41 2 oua u 4 lrd Oder 41 Football 411 lll Club 43 11 Bd ketblll 4 WILLIAM .I DOUGHERTY ROBERT J DOUCLASS Sclentlfiv 41 2 3 4 CS Cn Academic-412 3 41 CbMC Thlrd Order 411 Forum Club 41 4 Lat Clu So 'all lbs... THOMAS .I DON -XHUE entlfim 41 2 C 1 4 un u 'Illlfll Order 411 Football 441 B ke all 421 Ldllll Club 43 4 GRADUATES OF 1960 'JOSEPH F DRIFT n Madenuc 41 2 Col om rclal 45 -11 CDNIC Clll Club 41 2 Ban 1 I8 tra 41 Thlrd O der 411 John Carroll bo s 2 3 IlIllIld4llldll 4Bl1lIl9 Sta 41 Blolop Club 421 40"-55 11" Tug ,Q 3, nv- ve--f ,jfvvn xl W i', 19 'Q .IANIES b DRLLB XCRX SCICIIIIHI 41 2 CS lll u1 4 1111 41 2 I' ru111 11 oden Wave 434 ner 414 ology Club 424 TRENTON CATHOLIC ROBERT A FXRR-Xb enl1fi1 41 2 LN tld u Ba eball 424 B1o1og,w Club 424 m, ., 'Dx LAWRLNLF .1 D11-Xlx PHILIP .I F-SHERTY 5116111161 41 2 CS 5118111161 41 2 3 CS1 ua u 4 S 1 Cholr Club 43 4 Gale latrol 42 3 44 John Carroll SOCICIW 444 1n1m.11ulala IELIIIOFIJI Staff 44 Bl0I0gy 424 GEORGE F FARBFR Comm 41 2 C S 1111 u 1 Otball 41 24 011' B10 ogy Club 424 Wre!l111g 41 Commerual Club 444 WILL1-XM H FARRELL Cn Comm 41 2 Coll Comm 5011.1 Clu 41 2 3 44 Imm1cu1.1t.1 4Ed1 tonal and Busme ff 4 u dent Counul 414 Cl1o1r 444 afe ter1a Corps 41 2 3 44 Commerc1a1 Club 444 .IOSFPH .1 FAQANELLA 0 Comm 414 S entlfii 42 3 4 'SI C 4 -I 5011.11 u 1 Biology Clu olball 41 2 3 b ccer 42 3 44 C' ROBERT .1 FAQOLI entlfim 41 2 C 5 M c1a u -13? Q ANDREW P FERRO 16111164 41 C 5 'N 11.1 u 4 Chenubtry Club 441 blee Club g-4 if 'FDC JOHN J FITLPXTRICK Lat Sllellllfll 41 21 Cen Commer ual Club 41 2 Cate a tro 441 9-R 'UN STEPHEN L FFRRARA Cen Commerual 411 Suenufic 42 4 41 bona ub 41 e11n1 1 ee Club 441 DENNIS J FERRY S entnfin 41 2 51 Col Commer MC Baaeball 411 PAUL L FITZCIBPON unufil 41 5 4 Ln Commer 4 504141 Cu14121 Laun Club 421 C olr MICH XFL A IJORWTICOLA 5 81111114 41 2 Cb 41d ur 4 am Club 41 2 31 C Ol 42 191-5, - Q. 'ii java. PETER M FISCHER C01 C0mn1er11.1141 2 3 41 CS'VlC 1 S uer 4-11 BJ kelball 411 H1010 y Club 421 C0llllllCl'lld1 Club 441 GRADUATES OF 'I960 JOHN G FOWLER L SilCn1lf1C 41 2 3 41 CSMC 3 41 Soual Club John Carroll Soclely 441 Baaeball 43 41 Blology 421 Gu.- '11, " Ltfiiifv XX " +1 Vx 4 4 12135 in f, f 1 M 124 1 , . 'ix-f I 12" " QYTX 4- 96.1 ,Aw NHNKNA SANTO T. FRUSCIONE Col. Connncrcial 11, 2, 3, 41 g C.S.N1.C. 11, 2, 3, 11, Social Club 11 2 3 11' -1's a Football 111 g Baseball 111 g lllllllll- culata lliusineas Stuff 413 Student Council 121, Biology Club 121. JOHN N. FOX ' . Scientinc 11, 3, 415 emic 121, C.S.M.C. 11, it Lat iq.. d U' Social Club 11, 2, 3, 41 2, 3, 41, Or cliestrzl 12, 3, Gen. Acu- 2, 3, 41, Band 11, 41 g Third Order 11, 2. 3, -11, Forum John Carroll Society 12, 31, Coldcn Club 1313 Wave 12, 31: lnnnuculatu 111usinesm Staff 413 Student Council 121, FRANCIS P. GALLAGHER H Suentlfim 11, 2, 3, 41, C.S.M.C. 11, 2, 3, 41, 501-in Club 11, 2, 3, 41, Soccer 131, Cheerleaders 11, 21. THOMAS A. 1lAl,AYlJA Lat. Scientific 1l. 2, 3. -115 C.S.l1l.C. 11, 2, 3, 413 Social Club 141, ,lolin Carroll Society 141, Lzilin Club 1213 Biology Club 121, Rifle Club 121. TRENTON CATHOLIC 'YQ'-fp 5-Onan. ag., 1 4 ga 'UN 44' 5 . fs-9 1 . A, - .MJ T' . fc!! 1 A 1 1 X 1 , I Y, K 1 , 1 FR1LDhR1C1x C. CARREN Gen. Coin, 11, 2, 3,1113 C.S.l11.C. 11, 018 ll J ANTHONY 5. U1'1L,-X11 Col. Com. 11. 213 Cen. CUIIIIII, 3, ' S N 1 ' ' Qonia u11 no CM ' ""' fx? --. bw .N ,, . ,vs be '54 T - QQ' 'v A' iv ANTHONY Nl. Cl-INNARI ROBERT J. GERNASONI ROBERT J. GILBERT Sl'lEllllll1' 12': Cul. Conn. lliig Con. Scientilh- ll. 2. 3. ll: C.5.NI.C. ll, Col, Com. 41, 23: Gen. Com. 13, lig Com. HP: C.S.Nl.lI, 12, 3, 'Mg So- 2, 3, llg Football 11. 2. 3, UQ Biul- C,5.M.C. ll, 2, 3, 419 Soviall Club cial Club 12, Ii. li: liuske-llmll 12, ogy Club l2H. il, 2, 3, 43. 3, li: llawa-lmll 13, l': Latin Cluln 121g Yarfily llluln 121. ll'- womlerful lln- ulte-nlinn you get when pointing the yearbook camera. TTI FIJWARD L bILLl-U Clllllll 12 n NIL Soual l u IH rm el' l m.uul.1ll lu N l N u nt 1 unul Ill Blologw 1 up 4' TRENTON CATHOLIC RUBPRTI LURI- n .ul ua u 1 Baseball th an-5, .1 "D- NINLINI I llUX XLLHINI 94... 1 if RUN Xl ll .l bill HRH, lentllu ll N enulic ll 2 L H un ur Ill up ohn Biology Llulr IZ! Ldrroll 5 mlety ll lilolop Llub JAMES l tUOLH Klllllli tll n ln .zrroll 5011613 lilo o x Klub 7 JODFPH X CHECK Lom 41 N 1 ull 3 .I e Patrol 12h Biology Llub 1.5! 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Lal- 1" ' , , g . .M.C. 11,2,3,41g"'-l'll11,2,3,41g 11, 2, 3,414 '0-'-113111 1, 2,4 4 . r 3 ,L , - . . 3 . . . 3 . I Cie! 3 11. 1 .,', 3 'l ' 4. Q 141. , ' 1 . . 4 Lat. ' ' - , , , , 1 , 1 X . 11, 2, 3, Q ' 1 b 11, 2, 3, 41 g V 1 Y ' Z ' . , Wg , 1 A 1 i 1 - ' ff, 4- lf Cz? -f A if .g , K, ,f??51', .lls I k,1.. . 1 ' Y - - A sci ' - , , , 4 1 . . . 11, 2, . ' ' 1 1 s - - 3, 1 3 -"l ' , , ' , 5 hem. cial , 41 g C.S.M.C. 11, 2, 3, 41 3 C011. 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CSMC 3 4? Socla Club 11 2 Latm Club 12? Immaculata 1Bus1 ness Staff 4? Blology Club 12? 'Xuan' JOHN D KELLIHER Lat SCICIIIIHC 11 2 3 4? CSMC 2 3 4? Social Clilb 11 2 Radlo Club 14? John Carroll Soc: ety 14? Camera Club 11 2? Biology Club 12? . . 55,- 6 Qu' 7, 1' P ii N. ,wp " ALLAN G .IUSKO La Scientific 11 2 3 4? CSMC 4? Socl lub 11 MICHAEL J KAKAS Lat SCl6Illlf1C 11? Gen Academnc 3 4? Patrol 12? RAYMOND J KATO Lat Sclentlfic 11? Cen Commerual clal Club 11? DENNIS P KELLY SCIBIIIIIHC 12 3 4? CSMC 13 4? Social Club 13 4? John Carroll So clety 12 3? Tennls 13 4? Immacu lata 1Ed1tonal Staff 4? up-ff nu., sr'- Sn... 'ifima ALEX P KARPOWICZ Lat Scientific 11 2 3 4? CSMC 4? Socl ub 11 Bnology Club 12? GRADUATES OF 1960 THOMAS P KELLEY Sclentlfic 11? Cen Acad 12? Col Com 13? Gen Com 14? CSMC 2 3 4? Social Club 11 2 Soccer 14? 1'- ri- ...X if I "'o' " 'ff P L Stfl . 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Golden Wave TRENTON CATHOLIC DANIEL F MAHER General Commercial 11 2 3 41 MC 11 41 Socia Club 11 2 3 41 Gate Patrol 11 2? oot 111 ccer 11 2 3 41 a terla Corps 121 R 13" 2 7 11 I ?'11'5" I .XL 1, 1 -.ian 2- I ten, 9" A 1 1 1 JOSEPH C. LIPTAK ARTHUR J. LUCAS Latin Scientific 111 ' College Com- Latin Scientific 11 2 3 41 ' C.S.M.C. rclal 12 3 4? CSMC 11 Soc uh 4 Soclal Club 11 2 3 41 Band Orc estra 1 John Carroll Society 14? Biology Club 121 Commercial Club 141 CHARLES C MALESKI Latin Suentlfic 11 2 3 41 CSMC Soc ub C e Patrol 12 3 4? Baaketball 2 Baseball 11 2 3 4? B10 o Club 121 MICHAEL .1 MALONEX Latln Scientific 11? College Com merclal 12 General Commercial 4 C 3 4? Socla u 112 3 4? Football 11 2 3 4 ANTHONY P MANTO Scientific 11 2 3 4? CSMC So 1al Club 11 2 4? a e P rol12 3 4 Bask ball 11 2 3 seball 11 3 4? Stu ent Council 12 3 Secretary 4? Biology Club 121 We '22-' 11, 2, 3, 11 1a1c1 ,2,.3.,41i me ' , , 3 .. .. , 2, 3, 11, 2, 3, 413 in Cl, 11, 2, 3, 41. 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Scent1fic112 3 41 CSMC 112 3 41 Social Club 11 2 3 41 Third Order 111 John Carroll Society 141 Colden Wave 141 Football 12 3 41 Immaculata 1Ed1tor1al Staff 41 ix Su , 'Y RICHARD A MARKS 1entxfic112 3 41 CSMC 11 4 Social Club 11 2 3 41 ale Partol 121 John Carroll Society 141 Colden Wave 141 GRADUATES OF 'I960 RICHARD J MATLACK 3 41 Social Club 11 2 3 41 oot ball 121 Choir 12 31 Biology Club Q'-11' R 1 I ci ' , , , Q . . . . , , ci U 1 s 1 1 ' ' ' - , 9 , g ' , , , 3 ' 3, 413 c' , , , 41g Base- . ,- Col. . g....11,2, , 9 ' , , , : lir W -' Ce.'o. ,,, :,....11, SC' ' ,,, ,2. , , 9 ,' , , 3, 1: ' , . ,n :C 5 J 9 9 1 1' 1 ' 1 Col- - 1 , , 5 - - - - 11, i ' , , , 3 . . . . , , Scientific 11, 2, 3, 415 C.S.M.C. 11, 2, 2,3,13 'ICI ,2,3,419 ,g ' ,,,lg ' ,g ' ,,,, QF . , 5 ' - a ' 9 4 ' , s ' 9 , , : 121. , ' N13 2 2 Z I 1.1, 1 3334 ' , 1491 .,,, , K xl i 5 M V xx ff 1 3 'T who-f CARL J MATTES SLICIIUHC 11 27 Gen Com 13 47 MC 11 3 47 Soclal u 11 27 Radio Club 13 47 Cafeterla Corps 11 2 3 47 Biology Club 127 TRENTON CATHOLIC VINCENT 1' McKELVEY om 117 Sclentlfic 12 3 47 11 2 3 47 Soclal Club 1 3 47 John Carroll Souety 147 B1 kelball 11 27 Baseball 13 47 Clxolr 447 Blology Club 127 .i 4. 'Qu CHARLES A MATTEY Co Com 11 27 Cen Com 13 47 MC 11 2 3 47 Soclal u 2 ROBERT W MCCRATH Scent1fi1.1l2 3 47 CSMC 3 47 Socxal Club 147 RONALD S MIDURA Cl'lllHC1l Z 3 47 CSMC 11 3 47 Soclal Club 11 2 3 47 o t ball 13 47 Baseball 117 Laun Club 13, 47 Bxology Club 127 THOMAS W MIHALKO n Aad 112 3 47 CSMC Socxal Club 11 2 3 4 Band 137 Racllo Club 147 7 EDWARD J McCRATH 8112160112 3 47 CSML11 3 47 Socnal Club 11 2 3 47 Soccer 12 3 47 Baseball 117 7x 11 STEVEN F MIKITA Scxentlhc 12 37 Cen Acad 147 CSMC 12 3 47 Social Club 12 3 4 + A 1 EUGENE E MILLER Sclent1hci2 3 4-J CSNIC 12 3 11 Social Club Q2 3 4b Forum Club C3 41 John Carroll SOCl8ly Q3 41 Golden Wave L3 -lj Latm Club tl? Immaculata fEdll0I'l3l Stalf Cllemlstry Club C3 45 Clloxr ill Bl0l0gy Club C23 I j ,LJ WHIP' if ff? il JOHN G MOLLIS Latm Sclentlfic ll 2 3 4b CSMC 3 4? Social Club ll .lolm Carroll Socxety Q43 Bxology Club EDWARD W MONEYPENNX L lnSclent1flcl12 3 ll CSNIC tsu- KEIN INFTH J MURPHY 1 cnllflm 41 C Q ua b l ml ll 2 3? 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Acad. 11, 2, 3, 41, C.S.M.C. 11, 2, 3, -lb, Social Club 13, 41, Gate Patrol 1315 Student Council 13, 4-J. TRENTON CATHOLIC is J J. ms. f rv-D '55-f Yg- JAMES H. OLIVER Scientific 12, 3, 1113 C.S.M.C. 12, 3, 4-,rg Social Club 1115 Band 12, 3, ll g Orclxeftra 12, 3, -ll, ,I0llll Carroll So- ciety 13Pg Biology Club 121. JOHN M. OSILKO Scientific 11, 2, 3, 11, C.S,1I.C, 11, 2, 3, 413 Social Club 12, 3, il, Biology Club 12J. JOHN NI I' XCHLT X Sllblllllrll 1l -. 3. ll CS1lC 112 3, lvg Social Llub 11, 2, 3, ll, ,Iolm Carroll Societv 111, Il!llIll11'lllill11 1.Bu:ine:: -tall lv , 1510109 Club 12I ll ll I I! I I l'! -5 A V' QI l i cr K1 ' Q li. ja' 'Now pm. RICHARD C PAZDAN ontxfic412 3 C31IC b 11 T1 Order 411 Jolm Carroll Souetx 441 otball 41 2 4 Ba eba 3 41 TRENTON CATHOLIC ROGER J PERSICHILLI lentlfim 41 2 3 41 C M C So lub 41 41 om Carroll Socnety 441 Immaculata 4Bus1ness Staff 41 ia- iv JAMES .1 PFCK PETER A PERONI C0 Comm 441 CSMC 44-1 S entlfic 41 2 5 41 clal Club 441 3 41 Soual Club 441 Jolm Carroll DONALD L PERSICHETTI enufic 41 7 3 4 Sou uh 1 2 31 La n Cu 43 41 JOHN A PIEPSZAK S entlfic 41 2 3 11 C5 C l uh 41 o Carroll Souety 411 Clxolr 441 Biol ogy Club 421 Book tore 441 VINCFNT .1 PINCITOR enufim 41 2 3 1 C 1 clal Club 41 2 1 xo ogy Club 421 4 , Socxety 441 HENRY W PIOTROWSKI SFICIIIIHC 41 21 Cen Comm 43 MC 41 3 41 Socxal u 41 2 3 41 Gate Patrol 441 C ra. it"--V WILLIANI D PRICE C0111 41 2 C 1 J 1? a Patrol 41 2? WILLIAM D REAM S ent1fic4l 2 3 4? CSMC 412 4? Soclal Club 41 2 3 4? 10 ogy Club 42? VA Que ::-L Us... 'T DANIEL .l QLILL enufif' 41 7 3 4? 3 4? Soclal Club 44? JOHN R RXDOWSIXI S ent1f1c412? C 1 QOIII 43? n m 44? CSNIL cnl Club 44? ROBERT F RAYWOOD SLent1fic412 3 4? CSMC 412 4? Soc1al Club 41 2 3 4? o n Carroll SOCICIY 44? Football 41 2 3 4? Baseball 41? Student Councll res? 3? 44 VICCPTCS B1ology Club 42? Bookstore 44? JOSEPH E REGGI Latm Sc1ent1fic 41 2 3? College S c1al Club 41 2 3 4? Foot all 41 2? Q 3,5 15424 4 Q. if THOMAS I' RAFFERTY Sclentlfir 42 3 4? Cen Amd 41? MC 41 4? Soma u 1 2 3 4? Radlo Club 43 4? om Clrroll Souety 44? Latm Club 41? GRADUATES OF 1960 JOHN A REJNIS Lat1n Sclenufie 41 2 3 4? Socxal F rum Club 42 3 4? om Carroll Souety 42 3 4? Lat n Club 41 2? Cl1o1r 43 4? Biology ub 42? Camera Club 42? .0 4 X E. sw Col. . . .ps, 11: .S.NI.C, 41, 2, sri ' , ,g, , .4 C.S.1l.C. 41, 2, 3, lg Soc'nl Clul 41, 2, 3, 5 Ute , 3 " . ci ygce. KR Co . g ..1.'.41,2,3,4?gSo- .A 1, Q 24- 'i ' , , , s - ---. , , " ' - , , 4 - '- . 2 3, 5 ' , , , 3 J h C.S. . . , 2, 3, g ' l Cl b ' 3 . 1 , 4 , 4 , 3 ' , 3 .l l 41, P . 42,1 ., '- .14 ' ci I - s a , I - ' ' - 9 9 I I I v s I I ' . ' 1 H r I I 3, 3 ' , , , 3 B' l- Commercial 44? g C.S.M.C. 41, 2, 3, 4?g Clllll 41, 2, 3, 449 C-S-M-C 41, 2, 3, . 0' , . . , 9 b 4?: 0 , , 4 9 J I 1 - ' " , , 3 i , 5 ' , 3 ' Cl s 4 , A gi -R ig Yr 5' g . V, va- AR f 1 gk .- ' 1 .P 'v ix 'Bram X K .Q S 11 ,A gfi'-4 FRANK J REPKO Latm Sclenufic 11 2 3 41 CSMC 3 41 Socla Cub 11 2 Blology Club 121 Chou 141 TRENTON CATHOLIC ANTHONY M RICICLIANO L Suentxfic 11 2 3 41 CSMC 112 3 41 Soclal Club 112 3 41 'G 4 Gr r LAWRENCE W REUTER JOSEPH A RICCO Latm Suenufic 11, 21 Cener1lAca Latm Suenhfic 11 2 3 41 CSMC Lfllll, 13 11 CSMC 11 3 41 S0013 Cub ll Lholr 141 Biology Club 121 VICTOR A RICE Latm Scientific 11 2 31 General -Xca emlc 141 CSMC 112 311 Soclal Club 11 2 3 41 RZldl0 Club f 41 B10 ogy Club 121 ROBERT A RICK Lat bClCIlllflL 11, 21, Gen Academ It 13, 41, CSMC 11, 2, 3, 41. RAYMOND C ROBB Lnt Sucnhiim 11, 2, 3, 11, CSMC 11, 2, 3, ll , 5011.11 Club 11, 2, .i,f11, 'lhml Order 11, 21, Student Coun ul 121 nz., O' 9 ff W A '23 A , 2 . 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PETER W SCHROEDER enufh 41 2 3 un ub 41 oot K1 2 Blolo 1 1 TRENTON CATHOLIC GEORGE W SH-XRY Col Commerual fl 2 en Soual Club 11 2 3 4 Bas el Commerual 141 1 C Il Tnnls 13 4 Varuty Club 121 Commercial Club 141 Gate Patrol 1-v ANDREW G SEFRANSKY entlfif' 41 2 3 4 CS S Cla um Biology Club 121 MICHAEL T SERBIN Co Commerual E1 2 3 -I1 M 11 2 3 41 Social ub 3 41 Biology Q21 STANLEX L SHUBILLA entlfic 11 2 3 4 CSM cm u John Carroll Socnety Q41 JOHN .1 SIELSKI La Suent1fiC12 3 41 CSMC Q2 500131 lub 12 41 ase ha 13 41 .+'F"' NICHOLAS .I SERB YV o Commercial 11 2 .5 41 11 bon.: u B 5 etball 11 41 abc 11 2 WALTER .I SIKORSKI L S entlfic fl 2 3 41 CSMC Soma u 41 Cate Patrol K2 3 41 lmmacu lata 1Ed1tor1al Staff 41 - 'K .R- 5' ' ' J' 'J' 'ie ' I 1 - - A fsffimiwei ' Q, fv- l i JOHN T SIR-Xlx SLICIIIIIII' 11 2 3 L 5 11a u 1 ,Iolm Carroll Souuy 14? I111111a1u JOSEPH R SITKO Sclenufim 11 2 C5 1ll u 1 .lolxn C.1rroll bouely 11? Illd 1Bu me 5 Stuff 4? Cheerleader: 11? Frenmh Llub 14? -53" QT'-Law DAVID L SMITH SCICIIIIIIC 11? Gen Comm "W-v JOSEPH J SIVAK Col Commerudl 11 2? Cen Con1 1 rual 13 4? CSML 112 MICHAEL A SKIRZYNSKI Sc1ent1f1c 11 2 3? Cen Acad 14? CSNIC 11 2 3 4? Latm Club 13? JAMES lVI SMITH n Acad 11 4 CS 'Nye if M T' JOSEPH M SKEBA L Suentnlic 11 2 3 4? CSMC 3 4? Socnl C ub nd 11 2 Sauer 1-1? C1o1r 14? Blology Club 12? GRADUATES OF 'I960 THEODORE P SNIITH C Cmm 11 2? Cen Comm u 11 2 -1? Cale Patrol 1 ? John Carroll Souely 14? Wrestl1n 11? Cafeterla Corps 13? Comn1er c1al Club 14? 'wr' Lat. " " , , ', 1?g '..'.Nl.C. Lat. l ' ' , , 3, 4?g .I.M.C. ll, 2, 3, 4?g S0-'l Cl l 11, 2?g 11, 2, 3, -l?g 50711 Clb 1, 2, 4?g ne " ', 3 '. .,.'. , ,3,4?. 6 xx , ' Q 11111 , 1 1 ' ' A , , g . . 3 ill. " 2 I , , , 5 - - - - ..1...,, 1 3 ' . 1l,2, ,'3 Y ll l1,2,3,4l2 T Ba , , 3?g " g 'I ' . 5 ' . u - . L ' ' g . , 12, 3, Ce . 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STEARLE 'entific 41, 2, 3, 41g CS. . . , , , 3 S via um , , , . 3 Co ten Wave 43, 11, Tennis 3, 5 lmmaculata 4Editorial Staff 41. nf., 3421 ya, I K TV K '54 FRANCIS X. ST. JOHN 'entific 41, 2, 3, - g C.S.M. ,,,gScia 'uh ,, Biology Club 421. 9 Q 4L",,'x ROBERT R STRAINKO en ll C S S ub Football 12 32 JOSEPH F SZUCSIK Comm 1 42 CS 3 -ll Socxa Club ll 2 Gae Patrol fl 21 Immaculata CBusmess Stal? 43 .r fl ROBERT S SLRGENT lentlllm il 2 C S 4h Cl our 1.52 Bnology u CHARLES K SWEENEY entlfnc l 2 4 CS ua u I Cate latrol ll! football fly Lat ln Club 41? Biology Club 129 GEORGE S SZUCSIK centlfic C1 2 3 ll CSMC RICHARD D TARANTINO Sclentlfic ll 2 3 4! CSMC il 2 3 4J John Carroll Society 143 '55 Us.. iv Wim.. EDWARD M SZAIHMARY ICIIIIHI fl 2 CSR S cla ub Band 11 ZJ GRADUATES OF 1960 COLEMAN G THOMAS Sclentlfic fl 3 U Cen Acad 123 MC fl 3 43 Social u 41 2 3 4J John Carroll Soclety My Football fl 3 41 Immaculata lEd1tor1al Staff 49 gs. Wg -3 In. fa- .Q 'v' EDWARD C THOMAS n Com fl 4J CS U Cale P ootball 417 S ccer C2 Ca etc,r1.u C rps il 2 3 ll om mercml Club 44? TRENTON CATHOLIC RICHARD D THOMPSON WALTE R I TILDEMANN SKICIIIIHK' fl 2 CSM entlfic fl 2 3 1 CSIV Tl lrf r er Socla u Forum Club 423 S mer fl 2 3 4? F orum Club Q3 47 Choir 643 Tenn: 123 B s nology Club 121 CH AR LFS T TOBIAS ALBERT D TIMKO n X 'ul ll 47 CS -J: entlfic fl 2 CSB L tro 12 Baseball 41 29 XLBFRT J TONIAbFCK n Comm fl CS 111 uJ C e lntrol ill XLEX XNDER S TOMP-K JOHN R TURC I' enum ll, 2, , , CS , en Amd 41 , , , , , R.ul1o Llur Q , , YAN , Lb Mm 'Os Qu- xi JOQFPH S TX QOWSKI untlfiq 11 2 3 C Ill m ln f lrloll s01lllW P loot rl 21 B1 c ra 111 Qtuchnl founul 11 Vlce Pres 21 lilolo y Club 123 PETER W WALTER n Lom 11 C S Than Ori er or 11 4 Y arslty Llu DKNIPL X H CNRO enhfh 11 2 3 CLD c 1 'NI V 11 ll Social 1 u 1 4 no u m Patrol 131 Colden Wave ll? DOIN Al D Nl N KNNOIII lenufn 11 2 ua u 0 dul Wan 15 1 lmm.uuld!.1 1Ed1torxal bull' ll bludelt Lounul -XNTHONY .l W FLIN I5 Com 1 1 C S tl r ccer 11 2 5 DON -XLD J W -SLTZ n -had 11 2 51 lentlhm 1 I NI C 1 Som nal u Q ro 2 o I Carroll Wouetx 111 Ll our 13 I iw' REX NOI D I N XNNOZLI Suenufie 11 N ln ra or 1 7 F rum Club 11 2 3 41 .l0llIl -ll' r b uclw 12 3 41 Colden W ISP atm uh 13 mr 3 GRADUATES OF 1960 JOHN IL W-SRC-X uentlfim 1 C N Nl L 11.1 1 ll J e Patrol 121 Lalm Llub 151 Blolop Club 171 '15, ff Q o ' I j Twin 9 Q.. Q' vw, 1"""-s- -I GARY G. WIC.-XYIQR ROBERT D. WFISER Col. Cum. 43, ll: C.S,Nl.C. 43, llg Svia-nliliv 41. 2, 3, 115 C,5.Nl.C. 41, Football 4llg Social Club 43, ll. 2, 3, llg Sm-iul Club 41, 2, 3, lv. V ,mb DENNIS A. NVARGO 'I Svicntilim- 41, 2, 3. li, C.S.ll.C. 41, ' 12, 3, ll, S0c'iu1 Cluli 41, 2, 3, lbg ,lolln Carroll Society llig Immacu- lulu 4l'is1il0riul Sllllf ll, TRENTON CATHOLIC DANIEL J. WEDO Sriemifiv 41, 2ig General Academic 43, -l-P: C.5.M.C. 41, 2, 3, 41, Social Club K3' KU- French students in the language lab. "Get ready, get set . . ." GREGORY l.. WERESKI Col. Com, 42Ig G4-neral Avuclenlir 43, Lrg c,.a.x1.c,, 42. 3, 11, Social 4' u 4.. . . ., . . . YN, Q. , .:. T li if rw- -85' ,E Es, at . S NICHOLAS C. WFRKMAN MICHAEL R. WIIFLAN ienlific ll, 2, 3, llg C.S.NI.C. 4l, Scientific 4l, 2. 3. lig 4I.S.Nl.4,1. 4l, 2 3, 413 Social Club 41, 2, 3, -llg 2, 3, Ylrg Social Club Il, 2, ll, 'lvg Basketball 42, 3. llg Baseball 42, Forum Club 4l, 2, Iivg .lolm Carroll 3 4l. Society 42, 5, llg Colden Vhnvz- llrg f-G0 v' Football 4llg Bafclmll 411 g Clmir ll, 233 Biology Club 421g Color Cuarcl 41, 2, 3V 3 Drill Squad 411. ANTHONY B. Wll.CliN5lxl Scientific 4l, 2. 3, fl'g C.5.Nl.C. 4l, 2, 3, ,llg Social Club ll. 2. 15. ll: Soccer 4-lig Coll 4l. 2. 3, -llg Biol- ogy Club 421g Choir 4-lb. GRADUATES OF 1960 PAUL If. WISNIEWSKI Gen. Acaulcmic 4llg C.S.M.C, 413 Social Club 4All. if, STANLI-,H H. W5Z0l.Elx Gen. Commercial 4l. Z., I, 2 g NLC. 4l, 2, J, lv , fflll-il Club 4 3, allg Commercial Club 441. STEPHEN C ZIMMER entlfia 1l 2 3 4 Qoual u F rum ul John Carroll born-ty 141 Colden ave 141 F otball 1l 21 C1o1r 111 Bl0l0gy Club 121 RONALD B ZODA Com 11 C S 1 4 Choxr 141 B1olog.v Club 121 TRENTON CATHOLIC GRADUATES OF 'I960 4 RAYMOND .I LOI ADL PAUL .I IOLWA lentlflw 12 3 1 C 5 lenufic 1l 21 en om Social Club 12 3 l M C 1l li box lal u Q-f-,ff X JOHN .I COONAN III Latm SCICIIIIHC 11 2 3 45 C S M C 11 2 3 45 Latln Club 121 Blology Club 12? Chemistry Club 133 l . I. 'I' Sci 'z , ,', PQ. " 12, 3, 41, 0 Cll 11, 2, 31, W 3 o ' , 3 ll ' 5 . , I f Col. . , 2, 3, 433 . .M.C. 11, 2, 3, hl-lg S01-ial Clul 11, 2, 3, ' lg I ' '5 , ,fag .'.M.C. Ql,3. SC' 'X ,' gG1,C .12 473 ' ' ' ,,,g 3 'A ,',4. C.S... .2,3. Clb ,,,: ' 5' 11, 2, 3, 41- 3 ' - ff Q., 1 ..f"" gn- 4- l H A 1 HO-W Q. J i SENIORS i is ' ' -X fx, f. ... 74 at-'W 'fi'-A 'HVISQQ-w',,4" 5 Trenton Cathoht have been pleamlng and fruit u . .r HONIEROOM 4-E BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: D. Maller, C. Rosetti, B. D'Amim-0, R. Johnfon, R. Jannotti, A. Papai, Fr. Justus T. Kelly, F, Avanzatu, Y. Immordino. G. Benson, NI, Spottibwood, F. Cuiren. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: A. Offredo, E. Martin, R, Gilbert. T. Rom-he, G. Shllfy, A. Thornasevk, T. Smith, J. Rudowfki. R. Krzos. J. Bogdan. C. Muttey, J. Sivnk. THIRD ROW, Left to Right, F. Brennan. D. Smith, R. Kato, C, Butt-ru, NI, Maloney, R. Ruufe, R. Carr. Y. Oickron. C. Huttcf, J, Fitzputrivk, H. Iiiotrowfki. Tot' ROW, Left to right: E. Thomaa, l'. Zolna. A, Gennuri, 5. Wazolek. P, Walter. .-XBSENT: li. Sukuluwfki. To thee our Blesbed Mother may our tay at T SE -EQ' CLASS 4-21 FIRST ROWI, Left to Right: T. King. L, Inverso, J. Innnortlini. R. Wlsher, J. Gumhus, J. Sullnastrelli, Fr. John Fralnvis Lunny, G. Cudhea, M. WIICILIII, A. Carotenuto, R. Surgent. R. Zoladz, J. Carton. SECOND ROWI: R. Raywootl. 5. Shubilla, W. Sikorski, A. Tonlpa, W. Knorr, J. Sielski, J. Krenlper, C. Czernik, L. Dyjak, D. Wargo, E. Colligun, J. Cordas, T. Donahue. THIRD ROWE A. Karpowivz, C. Mabsarini. H. Kunit-ki, J. Curr, E. Miller. R. Pazdan, A. Dcstrihnts, D. Yannozzi, W, Cravker, J. Lep0I1I, J. Sirak, J. Dorner, FOURTH ROW: I'. Gallagher, R. Farkas. E. Moneypenny, S, Zimmer, R. Conte. N. Werknlan. A. Timko, H. Cluuss, A. Sefriinbky. FIFTH ROW: C. Russell, J. Iiellier, R. Marks. A. ,rv - '!'5: f. " tu -XM V41 T..- HONIEROONI 4-22 FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Grega, L. I.iilll0l'I!?. W. Iientley. II, Iiumin-Iii. D. Iiafile. R. Kurztyu. Fr. Renibert. K. Chiorello, R. Solti-. I'. Damiano. R. lizyzyk. I'. IIt'I,0I'lllL'. G. Ianni. SECOND ROWI. ,Left to Right: D, Ferry. H. Bryve. tl. Farber. W, I'riw-. J. Drift. R. Cook, R. Dilienedello. J. Reggi. W. Cieclianoufki. W. Sturin. P, Fi-flier. R. Zoda. A. Ceruro. LAST ROW, Left to Right: G. Crow, J. Marne. A. Yelivif. J. Chiorcllo. R. Cuntaru, Cefuro. THIRD ROW, Loft tu Right: J. Liptak, J. Ikwk, A. Con-tune-1-. R. Rugawzeu-ki. D. Henry, NI. Serbin. J. Szurrik. X. Serhan. 5. Culuiaru. YY. Furrvll. J. Nlurinu. IQ. Wfxiver. LAST ROW, Left to Right: G. Um-N. J. Nlarue. A. Nelivif, J. Chiurellu. R. Cantura, S. Fruscione, Fr. Rembert Cahill, O.I".NI. Cunv. A5 sq CLASS -1-23 FIRST ROXY, Loft to Right: I", Ammlio. II, Kevvtt. li. liorgvs. A, l.m'au, Y. Klart-vu. Fr Leslie, J. l'ie'pazuk. J. Flu-lui. R. Iilofzlk, IJ. Kelly. J. Riu-0. R, Nlvllrutli. SECOND ROW: P. Marcattilio. E. Szuthmury. F, Mule. R, Iiunter. B. U'lit-dc, J, Nlollif. J. I:lll'IllllH, Y Pingitor. R. Bulmun. H. Allegzrctti, R. Tarantino. R. Yunnnzzi. YY, Rt-gun, THIRD ROW- W. Douglu-rty. R, Pcrfirhilli, A. Jusko. D. Peroni. lf, Ht-Urutli. A, Nlunto. H. Farm-inski, R. Knapp, W, IJiSulvo. R, Nlialura. A. Lzlbonski. T, RaH'0rty, FUVRTH ROW: J. Wargo, S. Kulivzkowfki. A. Nivulai. A. Wilrenski, I'. Montague. J. Tyams-ki, J. Rt'g.llIS. R, Thompron J. Nevin. FIFTH ROW: K, Murphy. T, Kumluslx, J, Ofilko. F. Re-pko, li. Malefki. 5"'5i.. 52 Q CLASS 4-24 FIRST ROW. Left to Right: J. IJl'LlZIMl1'li, J. Gooch. J. Fa-anticlln. J. Oliver, J. Cannon, R. Fasoli, Fr, Berlin, Y, Giox'u4'rl1il1i. J. Fox, A. Derriro. J, 'IqIl"1lt'llHillIl, S. Ferrara, D. Quill. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: R. Sort, A. Ferl-10, Y. llvlielvey. IJ. Hyf-hulk, F. Cruvili, P, Cortesini. C. Chianefc. l', Faherty. K. Bauman. R. Gilleo. II. Formirolu. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: I.. Curvy. J, Ilogulun. A. Rivigliuno. P, Sl'lll"0L'1It'l'. J. Hilllllfl. .I- Svlllllilll J. Fowler, O. Burton, J. Krninrki, FOURTH ROW1 Left to Right: R. Browne. G. Chullender, N. Johnson. C. Armenli, R, Robb. R. Gervasoni, F. Arnold, J. Boyd T, Galayda. FIFTH ROW, Left to Right: C. Thomuf, J. Gutowrki. D. Waltz, R, Doluric, F. St. John. G. Sweeney, G. Szucsik, R. Goehrig. ABSENT: F. Grove, R. Bucs. .- w 1.1 '30 - f- " -- 'i 89 CLASS 4-28 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: T. Mihailko, J. Rofrano, C. Wen-fki, R. Dougluff, J. Hzijvuk S. Aronson, J. Rua-hko, R. Popp, M. Skirzynski, R. Rivk, SECOND ROW, Loft to Right: D. Vavvaro. J. Smith, R. Alhzlnowski, L. Core, J. Bogus, K, Byrne, P. Fitzgihbon, S. Soollul A, Celnk, J. Bac-ovin, A. Beskos. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: J. Rupprcx-ht, Y. Rive J. DeLotto, R. Cooper, J. Turgyan, J. Nolan, D. Wedo, R, Bnlerna, L. Reuter, P. Wianiewski J. Anchak FOURTH ROW. Left to Right: K. Dienes, R. Strunko, C. Tobias, E. Horvat M. Brusvo, T. Burke, S. Mikita, M. Higham, M. Kakas. wiv- lf 1 5 AV The only way to true peure in mliate-vcr aspect of life i- through Him Who in "the XX ay the Truth and the Life." v Y'-Sk tfN, JUNIORS b-'T' Senior Trip! CLASS 3-6 FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. F1-yko. J. lienihh. A, fllllilllvhv, J, Monlevenli. A. Czepiga, R, Cronin, S, Kokotajlo, T. l"z-ln-r, li. I.:-uvilt. J. Sain, ll. Montuuti. SECOND ROYY, Left to Right: W1 llunrlrury, ll, Fish, A. llc-rrivu, J, ,-Xmlrm-re, J. Connor, R. Guugliunlo. Wf Mark, O. Fisher, J. llannlnn. C, linbik. R. Holt. THIRD ROW, Left tu Right: P. Fifcher, R. Miller, A. Nitti, l'. l'itture. J, Grihhin, T. Turner, J. Sunni, ll. Olivieri, D. Hess, J. Rainiero. FOURTH ROW, Left to Right: R. Hoffman. R. Sopku, R. llnltlwin. We too reuhzc the hourre of all our strength. Can hardly wait until next year und that N- --la,,!'3l df J 7 aw if-2-. K sf ,few 5 K+, ' JL CLASS 3-T FIRST ROW, Left to Right: J. Wulhll, R. Ott. J. Peoples, J. Larkin, L, Moon, J. Jannotti R, Piazza, R. Innovenzi. N..-Xnnurenz, J. Ronny-n4lat. R. Ilier. SECOND ROW: J, Hague E. O'Connor, A. Swanic, R. Yunibko, D. Sllumski, U, Bonis, R. Malick. G. Conti, U. Svllinvo lin, T, Durmnin, THIRD ROW: J, Plumeri, J. Kaye, J. SUIIWVCIIIII. R. Prom. J, Palmer J. Hotminfky, T. Numainville. MISSING: F. Benrivengo. J. Comfort, B. Mc-Meer, R. Reither J. Thiel, 1 X '13 CLASP 3 8 FIRST ROWY. Left tn Right: T, Hy:-liulk. ID, Iiubuxhak. Ii. Ruin-. R. XI:-nm-lla. N, Buttuvl J. Iimrirm, li. llolliwiu. R. Falun.:-trf-lli, J. Furv-. I., fllliunwe-. IQ. .-xlllt'l'iIlt'. J, In-rrigun. Ix Xxillxnh-Imi, SIQKIONIJ ROW: I., Fablmro. R. limiipmiivlx. F. Fly. J, Oberm-. Y. lluuilln, W Iiutlin.,-X. Nun Huff. IJ. Ft:-rn. R. iirnivula. J. .Xhimml.inLu. R, Rnxtrzr-wsu. THIRD ROW apprvaclaing the maturity 0 Ach vol year 7 is Ay' But now we mufl buckle down uml hit those books for ull wi-'re worlll. ROOM 3-25 FIRST ROW. Left to Right: A. Dv Uranflis, T. Kosul, F. Zin-linski, Y. Mangione, S, Ray moml, R. Donna. R. Nlarrhctti. J. Ffh-II. WJ. Robbins, U. Calla, R. Cbiorello. SECOND ROW F. Hovurt. J. Suzjif-uk, T. Ke-rr. J. Shungulu, C, Himlki, J. l'lleIzun, A. Uvrvufi, J. Metrosky l., Lllllrll, U. bplmcr, R. Ryan, THIRD ROW: J, Kuvke-r. WH-zlver, U, Burns. J. Fruf riune, R. Kuvif. J. Bull. lZ.Sulraki. G. l'c-rfix-lu-Ili. J, Yurgu. ll, Wlnrgu. FOURTH ROW A. Wwll1't'll'lxi, P. Yunuvil. U. l'az1lun, S, Polizzi. JJ: Q55 7b7777777?PPPD3j3 CLASS 3-26 BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: J, Roseizka. T, Hiller. T. Cie-hot'ki, R. Chiapetta, A. Sparano R. Young, 1. Porr, G. Houck, M. Satalino. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: R. Candelori R. Merc-antini, D. Mm-Bride, J. Di5ulvo, W. Kerwirk. J. Brophy, T. Keating, P. McCormick THIRD ROW, Left to Right: D. Kenny, R. Hudzik, C. Dillostanzu, J. Cevk, R. Gerstemwker T. Maron, S. Zimmerman. .11 " fb-, A, - 1 . v' , ., 9. 1 ' f - ax! Y , . . . we AenAe the need of Atandard Jffbvrrrr Pia 44 -44444444 - 5 v OPHOMORE A.. I3 Last years, boplxomore Colnlllon we remember as one of the best ever. ifxff- FIRST IIUW. Left to Right: NI. We-ber. Il. Rofuti, T, Finigan. J. Hanlon, H. Svheideler, ,I. Iiulluro. I". Miele, A. Ifingitur, YY, Cummingf, A, Martini. T, SZOIIIIJLIIY. SECOND ROWH XI. Munn:-5, J. IR-lv, R. 5U1'IlU1IxI. T. Pafferella, W. Wlnrren, T. Snim-zal., R. Roriejku, I. W'uI1lfurh'r. PI. Uwai. T. IliNIu!h-11. THIRIJ ROW: R, Tnulny. IJ, Chnrhzx, R. Ilohrowulxki. 82 I., -Xlf-+I. Ix. Nhnllr-11111. X. I.nh. F. Imlul. Hil RIII RUVI. I., li 3 A. I 1u'm'iII0. upto-, F, I'upp, R. HUIIIIUR, 1 i - "U- iif. "5"-' CLASS 2-2 FIRST ROW. Left to Right: R, Pafqua. B, Margerum, I, Smilel-1, G. Albanowski. C. Nami. A. Morettoni, R. Przeu-ha. E. Bleistein, S. Santarsiero, R. Yan Huff. K. Spulluto. SECOND ROW: R. Kart-zewfki. C, M1'Corniis-k. T. Keller. G. Quinn.'S. Jaworski, J, Stillwell, A. Illuminati. W. Timku. L. Petroselli. J. Wurfel. THIRD ROW: F. Magrann. P. Russo, R. Baker. D, Chiorello. W, Miller, J. Mnttes, R, McGuire, H. Brown, R. Mazotas. FOURTH ROW: A. Lucci, L. Weiss, H. Dredge, G. Sypiewski, R. McMullen. . . . con of-ming to a code 0 Clnri tian li ing . . . CLASS 2-3 BOTTOM ROW, I.:-ft to Right: II. BLIVIKIIN, C, Suhol. J, RICCHFIIIF. J, Nalllmne.. R. Restuvvia. If. Rualolpli. M. Celuntuna. J. Clmrult. R. NIt'COI'lll8l'k. T. Zzlgorslii, J, O'D0nnell, SECOND ROW: R. .-Xngelini. T. liorate-n. J. I'upp. G, Ilutkofky. T. Caporusfn. M. Henrlien. J. Run- fune. J, Durlyorms. R, Dunflxury, J. IsllI'1'IlillO, THIRD ROW: l'. Cormier. A. Kleiner. M. Drungula. J. Dubyk. R. Stine. J. Wulu-zyn. J. Sawyer. T, Formuroli, Y, B0-rio. FOURTH ROW: P. Difjuibeppe. C. Bennett, G. Sinibaltli, BI. Allen. J. Yalainif, J. Lucar, J. Bahm. J. Carroll. 1 A rarely-viewed angle of our luxcd "Illllll2!1'l.ll8lCu 1'IlUl't'll, S!! bc- m 9 1 ..-..v- .fn -,,-,A li .lv PI 1-I CLASS 2-4 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: W. Kraft, A. Zamerowski, M, Korsak, A. Kall, T. Scorsolin, R. Kuzmu, J. Tiift, L. Lang, F. Angelini, J. Rir-ciani, W. Manfredi. SECOND ROW: W. MvCarrigle, J. Novembre, N. Molloy, E. Pulaski, J. Disvepolo, J. Wievhnik, J. Bonfanti, P. China-1-hio, J. Berkenkopf, P. Marchetti. THIRD ROW: W. Forsthoffer, E. Petranto, W. Horan, R, Ziolkowski, T. Deworocki, V. Pyl, M. Immordino, C. Salamandrac, T. Pinto. FOURTH ROW: L. Rossi, F. Weiss, L. Kramli. Here we go again-this time with Father Clarence und his favorite vulisthenivb. . . . that we may prvffer our example E "'.5s?' 'W Qs.. . JIW -wigs' "Last one there is u rotten egg!" But even in the pool we strengthen ourselves. h O O If O 0 fl turn img... CLASS 2-5 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: C. Cattani, A. Yizzini, C, Szejner, J. Pukala, R. Callino, D Raichel, C. Latini, J. Cahill, R. Tedeschi, A. Pitonyak. P. Zigrand. SECOND ROW: R. Artale, M. Chojnowski, G, Conti, R. Zanoni, K. Diener. R. Howe, A, Crucili, P. Kotkiewicz J. Tarcza, J. Resvh. THIRD ROW: D. Angebrandt, W. Baller, J. Serafini, J. McDonough A. DeAngelo, F. Petty, R, Trivellini, R. Harrison, E. Major. FOURTH ROW: A. Rotter J. Schaffener, E. Flagg, C. Mullen, M. Johnson. ABSENT: C. Sanvardine. X s FRESHMEN .M 4-3- YTLI7, Ill, fi' CLASS 1-31 FIRST ROXV. Luft ln Right: J. Zullo, L, Ksell, C, Cruser, .-X. Riclolfi, F. Slim, J, Miele J. Sylm-ak, l.. Grow-0, A. Favzltai. R. Ukuprki, R, Ragolia, SECOND ROW, Left I0 Right R. llunlun. J. Yizzini. J. Doerr. THIRD ROW, Left to Right: J. Zola. ,l. Kelly, A, Zorivhalc R. zinko, J, Yizzini. J. lloerr, THIRD ROW. LPI! to Right: J, Zulu, J. Kelly, A. Zorivhalc ll. llc-llrunzu, fi. Nlurflmll, R, Relwvra. J. Pvllilteri. .-X. Beveridge, lf. Funk. T. Mtflwfki FULRTII RUW. Left lu Right: 5. liamron, ,l, Diluriu. J. Caluiuro. J. Mllnvilli. T. M0rHwflii ll. Him-. .-X. lIiCc5ure, W. Pigott. l'. 5l'llM'Clllll. Our faithful school nurbe Mus Burn cheek us 1 lrefully ill through our high mhool wear wgahw Announcement of a free day? Nope-the normal reaction at a pep rally. x, ii' sm- if ll- 'P' S, x ,- i .....H .lf CLASS 1-35 BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right: J, Harvilla, J. Walls, T. Wisniewski, T. Kevett, L. Caponi R. Lanzoni, D. Mangine, R. Nolan, K. Serafine, P, Conigilio, F, DiCuiseppi. SECOND ROW J. Ruthewic, P, Walsh, R. Sirak, S. Jones, E, Nami, J. Zappley, F. Dombroski, D. Downs F. Solimando, E. Caloric, J. Tilli. THIRD ROW: A. Penzone, W. Barsczewski, R. Persi chetti, J. Strigel, R. Ryan, E. Weidlich, T. Cullaro, D. McKelvey, F. Phelan, F. Wiechnik FOURTH ROW: J. Hencheck, F. Bosler, S. McCowen, M. Fedorko, S. Zoda, .l. Brecko A. Ciuliari, C. Maier. FIFTH ROW Hopi: T. Porgorzelski, J. Mazotas, C. Nemes. The real student of Trenton Catholic is one who realizes that a good school will give him a complete education, offering him the opportunity to go beyond the curriculum of studies in that school. Happy to say, we possess that chance here, no matter what year may command our attention. For in this school we have activities that range from those in which the nobility of the human spirit is stressed to those which offer us a chance to develop a hobby that may some day become our life's work. Each one has its place and there is one for every student. Unless a student avails himself of one or more of these activities, he will never know the satisfaction or contentedness that can come only from something well done-a small but signifi- cant contribution to his own peace and that of society. RQ 'a 'IMQM K typ 2-1 .3 W Q , Q fi' ' .J -Q 5? 1, 4' 7551 i " . . . in the end. my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and there will be a certain period of peace." Fatima Q 0 B? if Mk... Q ur -'ff Q.. - Q.:-9-. . iibwfff ' ,S , -V f A ' g "iw . 5-, A ,, Jig' Fw '.-if 2 w K Q54 ' ai: ,, , , , A - . NG. 'k Q MJ' 47 ' ' 11 : ' N i Lvl Q '1 YY 'il X U '- 3' ... 2 ,f ? ,WW F N vm- 1 A+, , ' w',,,,M,,mc' V I V .xi h I K. IH . I if 1 mf Ji' .fa 'xp ak R --r 'Let me see-the book reports will be due on Jan. l4th." The memories of oneis high school ca- reer are not limited to those activities which find a formal listing in any annual. There are so many little things which happen, so many fa- miliar little scenes, whether they be objects, persons or places that have played a small but memorable part of our life around the school that we feel obligated to attempt at least to record them as best we can . . . for Hof such stuff are dreams made." Nor are they to be considered "special eventsv, for we have an- other section especially reserved for such. These are things which we just canlt help re- membering. The 'SBread of Life" nourishes our souls. These "volunteer" campus-cleaners move too fast even for the camera. a glimpu ef li e at 'fren ton Catholic 5 S 4.58150-w "H' . Fr. Charles inspects the A very familiar studenfs-eye view of Mrs. Banner and progress of our new lang' her assistant in the kitchen. uage lab. X 'YQ 4-1 'I First order of the day-checking the ahsentees. "Look, Ma, I made the yearbook TUDENT COUNCIL . . . leader lege Student Connell Presxdent ,hm Clll0l'6ll0 leads a twplcal meetlng to dlblU9S future plans . J L O A Q I H h f "1 - O ' f K, K N' M -fi Sr s 1. t t 010' Oldn mx , ft ., me i 'lf WW, wi K' k . www' S f s " ' - 2 ' . ' - 4 x x u I A a 1 D . I . , I s i ' . g 1 n . 5 S 1 I ' S X . Y 4 . " s 1 - X w I. '. - I 1 - e 5 w I . 1 - 1 vu ' 1 v X I w 5 1 w l . ju u Y r ' . u . H ' Y 1 1 - . . . s . . . ' ' ' . . D , . . . . , , ,dem Before a man can exert a proper IHHUCUCC upon other , lu must lt arn first to govern h1m self blmplw -tau d tht tounul has as IIS purpose to better tht rr latlons bf tween the student and tht mhool hoo t tudtnt morale and to brmg a clo er bond of unlon between Trenton CHIll0llC and other area ehools To these ends, the Stu da nt Lounm ll wnll sponsor dances, poster contests for the mon uuportant football games and award trophus to the outstandlng scholar, the best athletc and the outstandlng representative of each wear from Freshman to Semor Under the dlI'CC'll0Il of our prmupal Father Robert tlu- studtntclutmd Uroup has montmued ln lts valuable i0lllI'lbl1tl0IlS to llfe at Irenton Cath o IC 94 Wmners of the annual Student Count-ll poll pose proudly Wllll thexr new trophies Q4 X xx, f i 'E X v ' 2 ' 3 , Q 3 R aiu 'lil fun f A1 A333 45 . . EA y'?7fn,v1 seg-'S 4? Nigga. nu. K sw in U 3 . . in action The captain and hi- faithful l'l"t'U. the editorial staff. Dennis Wargo and llill firm-lfter know where to go for information to the lttrusty file cabinet. Caption-writing and identification of pictures is one of the biggest jobs in yearbook work. tllill DiSalvo, Bob Horam, ,lim Cordas and Denny Kelly will testify.: The saying of somennot -so -ancientnthat success is "ten per cent inspiration and ninety per cent perspiration" must be adjusted somewhat when speaking of our yearbook. Any member of its staff will tell you that a more proper pro- portion would be ninety and ninety. for the eminent success of the Immaculata is due to something more than the ordinary. Wlinner of First Place Honors in three out of four national and international contests, its production depends upon many' people. The finances for the book are supplied by Father Charles and the business staff, photographs by Father Severin and the Camera Club, and the dedicated group of Seniors under Father Angelus spend their many after-school hours assembling all the basic materials into a unified whole. 'tBlood, sweat and tears" is perhaps the best formula, after all. THIRD ORDER . . . 'be ae 601-n Father Rembert intel new member with the nord md stapular the ofliual religious habit of the 'lhtrd Order Wlith the students highest ain1 in life as its goal that of living as a good Christian. the Third Urder of Saint Francis is dedicated to the betterment of the indi vidual student of Trenton Catholic. Founded bv Saint Francis himself in the thirteenth century. it provides an opportunity to practice Christian perfection in the world, to be "in the world but not of it". The completely happy Catholic' is not content only with his own ad- vancement in things spiritual: he seeks to practice char- ity towards others. These students-fftertiaries. as they are called in the Order, do just that through their dissemin- ation of Christian literature in local hospitals and public places and through the giving of food baskets to the needy at Christmas. To learn the lesson of giving is to learn the secret of successful living. both with one's self and with others. Father Retnbert is the director of the Trenton Catholic Third Order fraternity. Upon his entry into the Third Order. Leon lnxersu promises to obey ll.e rules and regulations thereof 98 to ftern I Z1 gf .elif A M NXXHXXX y ftyeftv get if 5' ' l Hfifi 55x33 ev, ' 4 ' Y VK 5 I' X4 J 9 'Q 5 Time out for these brand new members to enjoy their investiture dinner, delicious- ly prepared by Brother Den- nis. N., Ll Through the elforts of the students' annual food drive, these young men van cheer- fully distribute well-laden baskets to the needy of the area. Father Hubert and his full staff pose for our camera prior to an important meeting. GCLDEN WAVE 100 One of the main journalistic activities of Trenton Catholic is its popular newspaper, "The Golden Wave." We like to think of it as the voice of the student, but more than that, it serves to build school morale as well as to in- form the reader of all recent events connected with Trenton Catholic. Shortly after midyear examinations, we were informed of the transfer of our moderator, Father Emmett, to work in Canada. A new-comer to Trenton Catholic, our new director, Father Hubert, immediately took over the reins and set to work on the next issue. His determination and interest quickly assured us that we would continue the high standards and workmanship of his predecessor. W'e hope that the manner in which we worked for our well-liked journal will be an inspiration to those who will take our place a year from now. ,,. sph K' . ,, Don Vannozzfs art work on ll plannenl varloun utterly "These ure your assignments". says Fatlln-r Hubert I0 fascinales Chuck Slenrle. Messrs, Allegretti and Carotenuto. . . . .6C00,2 OM Olll' A6606 . . . Q Y gi - .,- 5 Elsewhere, a new lay-out gels a going-over by Chuck The latest issue-and Father Nivholaa' 1-law judgej it Stearle, Dick Marks and Joe Lepold. a real success. ,4 -6 Q-ff RADIO CLUB 102 Knowledge Tllese woulal-be elevlronil' geniuser are all wrap- ped up in their work. olpliviouf In the prefenre of our camera. .K . Bob Francis lemls George Dennish a lmnal with ll delicate solllering joll. Q i 1 through communication Father Claude follows his own rule4"Make sure your hands are clean before you use any radio magazines." One night a week the lights burn brightly in the basement of the eollege building. Our electronic geniuses are at work. The outsider may smile to see the enthusiasm of the members of the Radio Club. but these students are in dead earnest as they pursue their hobby. whether it consists of removing that elusive Hbugu from their own personal radio. repairing electronic equipment or television reeeiyers. Sometimes they will learn radio from the ground up by building their own sets. All this is done under the very careful and watchful eye of their mod- erator, Father Claude. This Club, having a re- stricted membership, is often useful in helping a boy to find not only a fascinating hobby, but it may well serve him as the key to his future livelihood. Envious .loe Andrese watches Pete Damiano get the feel of some short-wave equipment. ,c1,, VFD 1 58 'ik' ,, H A question by Gerry Soma sends Father Claude to a baek issue of a radio catalogue 3 Busy little beavers, aren't they l-. 2' 112 ? FORUM CLUB As often happens. we are eulled upon in life to stand on our own two feet before people to eonvinee theni ol' our itleus. ln other wortls, we are all public speakers at one time or another. The Forum Club, unfler the alireetion ol' Father Severin, however. aims for inore than this. If as Catholies we haue a niessuge of peaee to tleliver. then it is eertuinly worth our best efforts to perfeet ourselves in the url of rhetoric. This is tlone by the elub through mlehutes. tliseussions, and original anfl exteniporaneous oratory as well as flralnatie interpretation. lfven more. it serves as at nieuns of ineeting others with eonliflenee and poise, anel provitles an opportunity to learn the answers to many mutual problems. --,X Preparing for one of their llllllly debates are Bill Dough- erty, Don Gibson, Tom King and George Dennish. Dom Olivieri anlclresses at Student Congress, one of the highlights of the Forum Club season. I . . . Ae! exfzreuion Fatlwr Fvxcrin .xml Ihr' --..-aw! full Fnrum Club li-tefn u- Iii uuglxurty 1ll'Pll.ll'C: for tlrlllllillil' interpreftaliwul. :fx Ernie Ruddolff i: 1-aught at a 1-riliral moment by our :pee-dy lensmun. athers and guardians get an ehanee to meet the 1-lose up. 'L 'iv' Fulfilling his part as moderator, Father Ar- mand keeps things moving at one of the reg- ular meetings. Time out for a formal portrait of moderator and ofheers, The finished improvement, blaek-topping, cour- tesy of the Fathers' Club. is given a final ap- proval. All ears are turned to Father Angelus as he delivers a let-ture on the sehool annual, this ulmmaculataf' FATHERS CLUB A truly thriving organization at 'l'renton Catholic that plays an important part in our Inu-kground aetivities f that's our Father's Club. linder the spirited guidanee of Father Ar- mand, this little-sung group is always willing to help the school in any way it can. By various fund-raising projeets these fathers or guardians lend material assistant-e by providing seholarships for deserving graduates, eondurtingi a leeture series. assist at all home basketball games and sponsor the annual sports Banquet. A favorite highlight of their aetivities eoines on a late ,Iune afternoon when, with the liniment and bandages handy. they play the faculty in a game of softball. Besides these activities there are innumerable other ways ill which their steady influenee is felt at Trenton Catholie. Their annual Day of Reeolleetion is perhaps the best evidence of their real solidity. 3 ' ,..a6'9??3 toomm .o,mom 1 L. .0,M,U.l lugs . .T.. Always in the forcfront of work which bcncfits the school, our Parent-Teacher Association is inorc than a incre outlet for the meeting of those two influences upon tht- honic ancl school life of a student. W'ith its hunclrccls of Illl'IIllJOI'S it conducts card party-fashion shows, a weekly bingo and also prepares a massive Christmas party cach year. By nicans ol' these activities the financial well-being of' Trcnton Catholic is lllllIlC2lSUI'illily augmented. Father Robert, niotlcrator of this group, and his faithful staff deserve a sincere "thank you" for all their sacri- ficial benefits, benefits which COIIIC to the school with all its faculty and students. Father Robert and his ofliccrs, past anul pr:-scnt, at thc annual Christmas party. K ,,' g H Y , R 1 an 'K The prime purpose tion-the meeting of er. tMr. Carinignani imir interviewed! of the organiza- parent with teach- and Father Cus- Father Leslie informs two interested parents of their s0n's progress. Faculty members " ' -x sing for their supper x :fl 1' ' ' RX 1 , ,., ,if N. jH,tg5'gg.angL ' 'x '- -. 3 X F my Q, ,511- Q' : K ,x '-x . f H -A 2 1 Y .,,, 4, w F N., A' 's sg H. P. ' . I z ,R 4. 1 . 91? ,I , 1 2 A l 2 I 1' A Jax, . i . f- . 5 14.1 . sw- gn o ' ' ' 2 . X10 E: 5 0 3 P 4 , M., - ,V ,,. A., . .ff XX K . fi is fy, 1 x 4 FS. Q. V' Qi V X. 1 E 'AMX ,B -nf il Q fag' ', A 1 Q' iw UG 5' '1'i'423' 5 K Dx 2' . ' 5 W ' 5 4-.. Q? JM' f 1 32 bw 'L P. M. kg' . sf? L. l. . ' 'g 1 5, '- S gx 13, N,,q ii' Q ,f N. :5gi5??Y? 2ii" ' ' -1.-V, Q I .ff Hill Joe Drift fon trumpet? and Company give their all for the "sweetest music this side of Chestnut Avenue." MUSIC The completeness of a boy's education partly depends upon what opportunities are provided for him to express himself in whatever talents he may possess. Music is universally recognized as one of the most cultural benefits that can accrue to him. At Trenton Catholic, therefore, this aspect of his training is not neglected. He has several outlets, the most common being the school band..Tllough student response in regard to numbers sometimes leaves much to he desired, those who engage in this activity go at it with a tenacity born only of ardent desire. Football games in particular hccomc more colorful through the playing and maching of this aggre- gation. Then there is thc orchestra. the highlight of whose activities is providing the musical ac- companiment at our outstanding graduation ceremonies. For those whose musical talent is vocal, the enjoyment of the student choir is always available. Father Augustine has been appointed this year as choir director and mod- erator of the two instrumental groups. Drum-major Ted Feher leads the band on to the field between halves of the Trenton High football game. 4:1 A f 'i..a'F. xx xykxky M, wg H,,7111fafM.. Q if 'Wt c,-w"f1l7ilf "' X no X Q fgfislefuazzf f V' Q rrp-f:r,fQ'f,q - I 1 ff if .f ,F 9 3.1.4 DEDICATION We dedicate this music section to the mem- ory of Mr. Joseph Mayer, faithful and kind director of our school band, who passed on to his eternal reward in the middle of the school year. Since coming to Trenton Catholic, Mr. Mayer had always been a model of patience and char- ity, and he was always on hand when he thought he could help the school. On even the coldest days there he was, directing thc band at a football game, sacrificing his personal comfort for us. Every student here could well look to Mr. Mayer as "an outstanding example of the e ff'H"'r1f'f'-" 1 4 i'i' W xflfll' Our orchestra adds to the beauty of Trenton Catholic' impressive graduation ceremonies. 03 true spirit of Trenton Catholic." fi' The student choir under the direction of Father Augus- tine sings the old familiar carols at the P.T.A. Christmas party. Mr. Cannon and Mr, McManimon explain'to interested parties in a more informal way the advantages, costs and courses of their respective colleges. The decision of a qualified upperclassnlan as to what institution of higher learning he will attend is not an easy one to make. To assist a student in such matters "College Night" is held every y.--ar. Assenlhled by Father Casimir, our guidance director, with ilu- assistance of Father Hohert and lnenihers of the P.'l'.A., the activities of tl f: evening provide a boy with first-hand in- forma ion on Catholic colleges found in the northeastern lfnited States. This is done speci- fically hy representatives of these institutions who personally address the entire group of stu- dents and parents and then consult individually with any interested parties, Thus is provided an excellent opportunity for the aspiring Collegian while still in his junior or senior year at Trenton Catholic, an idea which we think is a "must" in the really complete high school of today. COLLEGE NIGHT We think that this view of students and parents attending will amply attest to the interest in higher education. This being a Catholic high school, the stu- dents as young Catholic men have an obligation in charity to remember deceased former stu- dents. Therefore every year soon after school commences,a special Memorial Mass is celebrat- ed in their honor. The entire student body at- tends and offers its prayers for these that h1ve given their lives so that we may live in a tree land. After the Holy Sacrifice is completed, the words of absolution are sung and the roll call is read aloud. Trenton Catholic will always remember her departed sons, praying that God may give them eternal rest. K su xg ' MTT"'A-- ,V A., The honor guard of reservists led by Mr. Jacobus pause in marching back to the school after the Mass. MEMORIAL SERVICE Father Myron prays the words of absolution following the Requiem Mass for our war dead K g M 'Q' 2 SOCIAL CLUB The mowing force of the Social Club Father Justus and his general committee For the student who is at all social- minded, our fine Social Club gives him a golden opportunity. Here he can meet other young people very much like him- self in outlook and interests. Regarding this, we are not ashamed to make it known that membership or attendance is restricted 'to area Catholic schools only. While we do not intend to sermon- ize, wc do realize the wisdom of our Holy Church in urging us to socialize, particularly in our young years, in an atmosphere that will be conducive to our moral well-being. We further realize that the ultimate end of such an ap- parently indifferent activity is peace with ourselves and others. With Father Justus as its moderator, our Social Club has given us many pleasant and profitable hours during our school years. Here 1 your typ1cal stene of the Sorlal Club in action 9 Sv . xl ... . .- 8 no ,Ill li 1 ww NwHa11,1i 'I,"f'5 ' l sl1' K ' ' I .,-. i . N JOHN CARROL SOCIETY. . . X - ,I John Rejnis and Henry Allegretti There now--isn't this club worth be- concur on the questions to be raised longing to? at the next meeting. Under the direction of Father Justus and named for the famous early American bishop, this club has as its aim the study of contem- porary problems and the political system of our government in the light of Christian truths and principles, To learn the thoughts of others in matters politic is to find a clue to the understanding and sympathy so necessary in attaining world peace. Through this organization, too, the student can make his history courses come alive to him. Just three years old, the club has well demonstrated its popularity as early as its first year of activity. Guest panelists who are generally representatives of some branch of local government frequently address the members during their rcwlar meetings. All in all, the John Carroll Society is an extremely valuable organization to the students of Trenton Catholic. Father Justus clears the air on the problem about to be discussed. ?or The Him 0 Peace Refreshments and singing galore at the annual Christmas party. The student members can often toss a political bomb as these panelists will testify. aww . Here is a somewhat panoramic View of the seniors and their moms. MQTHER - SON C"""""""' g"""' 'A' A custom here at Trenton Catholic cvery year is the annual Mother- Son Cornmunion breakfast. Un a prc-dctcrniincd Sunday in the fall, senior students cscort their niothcrs to Holy Mass and Connnunion at our own ulmnlaculatau church. Aftcr this, all assclnble in thc school cafeteria for a delicious breakfast prcparcd by the P.T.A. Aftcrwards, as a guest speaker addrcsscs thc group on a topic of currcnt Christian interest. This year, Father Leon Dicks 0.F.Nl. Conv., chaplain of St. Francis Hospital, spoke to the group, delivering a tinicly and intcrcst- ing message 4-r 3 r We-act l',5. A11 U The main table with gu,-.1 ,peaken -enior Father Leon i- caught hy our yearbook camera moderator, cla-- officers and the-ir mothers. in lllff lllidlllff of hif luhlffff ll7 each couple help too to make it indeed a most JUNIOR PROM Undoubtedly the highlight of the social sea- son for the Trenton Catholic upperclassman is the Junior Prom. Generally held on the eve of Ascension Thursday, it is always one of the out- standing evcnts of the entire year. A well-known band provides the danceable music of this gala affair and refreshments are graciously served by the mothers of the attending students. Even a professional photographer is available on the scene to preserve in pictures "the night I went to the Prom with my girl." Little souvenirs for Happy Hour in af uAic mood memorable evening. Music by George Summers accompanied hy his vocalist provide colorful atmosphere. gym. , , f 'V' The first public appearance of the Drill Team precision marching between halves of the T C T H S game DRILL TEAM Something new and quite different for high schools made its debut this year at Trenton Catholic, and, we might add, created quite a wonderful impression. First conceived by Father Augustine and trained in the basics of march- ing by Sergeant Robert Cartlidge. these young men first executed their precision steps to the thunderous applause of the entire student body at a pep rally. Fortified by the confidence gained at that time, they astounded the huge crowds at THE big game itself on the Trenton High ath- letic field. Though their appearances have been limited this year, we look forward 10 a real blossoming of this activity next year. We feel sure that no one will be disappointed. 120 Attention and salute for the national anthem fi . ,N ." "'.1,,,"g?1-4 'WN . .' . r K. ,, -' l I I 'ml Jxh-:'s,t,,, , '2.,,.i , I FREN H CLUB Another brand-ncw activity available to the student of Trenton Catholic is the French Club. Here a student may delve as tlccply as hc wishcs into the sonorous language which is one of the stanflarcl foreign tongues taught in thc American school. The club is ably directed by Father Nicholas. This activity is almost a natural, for the or- ganization is aidcrl to a tI't'Illt'fltlOllS extent hy tht- construction of a fully equipped laboratory with the latcst in electronic devices for the learning of a language from two-way communi- cations from tho control ccntcr to each booth plus the hcst in rccortling and play-hack facil- ities. The motto of this club is appropriatcly: "Apprendre est servirf' A round-table discussion on French literature inclutlcs little-known but interesting points of French history. The base of operations for the club, naturally, is the language lab itself. -'..v3.- ' .1ur-ttf Q1 we 5.'lx.,v r'Y' CAMERA CLUB One of the most important orgamzatlons act mg towards the ultimate success of the yearbook and the Golden Wave IQ the Camera Club It 19 responsible for the hundrrds of pictures ln the award winning lmmaculata The orffanlzitlon is sup: ruscd hw Father Severin and IS fllXlfl0Il into two separate groups The first 1s composed of nouces who are ln strueted ln thc I'llfllll1i'IltC ol' photogmphw The second, the more adv 'mccd group is taught the technique of processing and CHlZl1f'lIlg The knowledffe of both dn 1910114 of the club 19 supplemented wlth sarious lectures bw trained technicians who make informal appearances the regular 111eet1ng,s from time to time l,ffrrtI"'! Martin 'md .lim Bovmo try their hand at usmg the contact printer All eyes on Father Severin as he demonstrates the technique of tank-developing. 'A an The various chemicals used ln picture promesslng are exammed by club members Chief student photog Tom King . aequaints his prob- able successor. Emie Ruddolph.with the graphic. PECIAL EVENT Wle proudly present here those miscellaneous scenes which, if omitted, would not give us com- plete a picture of life at Trenton Catholic as we would like to show. ln themselves, perhaps they were not world-shaking events, hut they seem to stick in our memories and we feel that we must present them. Mr. Good of General Motors rallys the interest of T.C, students in new car design. 'sf Mr Ray Fisher of the Bell Telephone Company exhibited a most interesting demonstration on the use of transistors in communication. Special evening classes were arranged by Father Ronald for anyone interested in "getting in on the ground floor" with college math. 4Right now his Einsteins are more interested in the camera.J ' 1: J --Q51 ' Father Robert, our principal, proudly presents Gene Miller with a certificate of achievement for his eminent success in the Merit Scholarship tests. SENICR TRIP. . . dn Mum rememlrrance Easily a contcndcr for the most IIlC"lll0l'Z,ll'Jll' event of our sojourn at Trenton Catholic, and especially of our last year, the annual Senior Trip to Washington is something long anticipated and long rcnienibered. Un a still, crisp Monday morning in April yvc paekcd our hugs, shined our shoes and boarded the comfortable husses that transported us to the very center of our nations government. Those four days flew by, but we shall nevcr forget them- There was so much to do so much to sec-tours of the Capitol, the FBI, the Bureau of Printing and Pirlgraviilg, the Yvashington Monument and myriad others. Yes, wc camc hack exhausted, but if you were to ask us if weid go again, we would be ready any time. 9 J- .s:,-1.,,1,...lGSKAa- fi :mms fr f1 JZ N..----M' fAbove left! : A fitting first picture-the newly-compleb ed National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. in fAh0vel : The hourly chang- ing of the guard at the Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers. Here we viewed the treasures of the famous Franciscan Monastery. ,N- Tlu: ventral point anal symf bol of our tripstlie Capitol of the United States. 'gy-M Another of our fascinating . stops-the Supreme Court building. Gettysburg-the monument marking -V-and the hallowed tomb of Wash- the exact hpot where Lincoln gave ington at Mt, Vernon. his immortal address. v 1 tu P I-fr r-'I K I i at-is ui- Xp 5 4f"'fJ"' I ,,la gi.. , K , . Jill. i 3 .n.a ."1 247 Tv. To complement the growth of the intellect and spirit of a youth, sports have their definite place in the scheme of things. The ancient expression 'ca sound mind in a sound bodyw is more than an idle phrase. He is only half-educated and half wise who does not engage in some physical activity to preserve that modicum of health which God ordinarily gives to His human creatures. If one were to stop there, however, the idea would still he im- complete. For sports teach us also to get along with others-and with ourselves, a useful device in preserving personal and social peace through physical competition. It is really to that end that sports at Trenton Catholic are aimed as we hope to show at least partially in the following pages. 6441141 ,W -.,,,,,. 3 Y I I I U lllfyl Pauli lmlljll X I I I K Ji., R j-, f' A f . . 'T 'fr pgs: Q 'G 'fm 'Q 'W hwy, v-Fnvw, .3 U 6 V. av Y 5 1 Crisp autumn air anll tln- snu-ll of burning 'I' lvave-s gvnvrally signal ilu- arrival ul' unc- uf gxIllt'I'l1'll-5 llaxurih- rporlf. King Fuutlvall lxurals upon tln- F1'l'Il1' in all its vulor anll 4-xvitl-1114-Ill. f llc-rc' at ,l1Y'1'lltUIl llklllllbllf. loyal fanf iillml the park will: tln- vxpe-1'talim1 that thf- lirst gann- xsnul1l Inu:-In ull' a gin-at FVLIFUII, XXI- puff:-ssc-nl all nhl- Ill1ll1'l'l1llN. lrut Nmmftllillg we-nl wrong. 1 . 4 . ,A-5 f , r by , i , f 4, r if 4 'ff ' A, , . f Af . ws jf W J I 4,1 --,fufrf '4' , ' 1 1 I 2, W ' ,,, f . P , ' ' I . ', 5 V , 1, V fl L ' ' f 1 . S 4 , ' 'L' ' ' 2 a fir. LJ' Q v V3 Ah , . , Q ' V, , . ik X 1 ' i -af , " k76'f'1'i'- 4 , 4 ' Y 0 ' 'Al 8 ' 'lY,bA ' "1"-f"'l - W"i""' If .J ' . ff' f " 'Qs ' f-A an ,, . .V lm. ' 'flu' Golalvn Yuan- voulrl not timl itsvlf. Fans and fports writf-rf alilu- uc-rv jultm-11. I'1'v-a4-u- in sou prmlicliurls and work-outs 1-ullwl for victory , uftvr xivtory. lgillllli mum- and wvnt. fix of , illl'Ill, Iwform- tllv Wann- finally did final itself. - Q n I but tha-ir flrft um tautwl purtn'ulurlv swm-t. A ' 5' ' r 1 1 - '- Un NOX4'IIllll'l' lllh the- YilllIlll'1l lormulovs of ' F - ' 4 V - . . . -- , V lI't'Ill0ll Hugh tvll lll'tUl'1' tho Wann: 18-13. .-X ' wvvk lulvr, Nolrv Dunn- nur I'UllIl'll by an scum- z . A of 32-H, l,l'FlPitt' its pour l'Q'L'0I'41, thv Golclvn i Wvavo won the- city 1'llliIIlIIiOIl5lliIJ. But it dill 5 . much more-f-it won its lost respect. I q 1 J t. ' 5 4 , ff , f .. ' ' f A 'I Yfk Y 1 ' 0 . 1 4 . ox s , 1 ' I A 1 ' 1 - I Y 'Y u if A ' 4 Q J , ,, I 1 -Q , . L Y, 1 'Q '. , ' .1 2' f ,. 'Vi-bf f , AHA 'ff fb. 12,1 -v cf!!-L2'.0M is I ff: " w 3""f fl ,Av- . , N, - 11' X :Sf Mk 1 , ,, ima: ' . 4? 1135151 K , ,L 'j4.f.,, ' s AU 'T 3 652 WMS! Q, fp , mu Hua N ' if YW. mr L , , 4, Q54 52,9 TfXa,,k,y ,o , f . ' V L, Nwzjyb, , WW, W X, 1 " ' f, ' 1, , 'L' ff, ,, f f 4' I wwf ,W 'VL 'W U.!f3"wfW Aff " ' , , . r ,gf A M tv Z, f I 27 !,,,,,,.. any W an-iw T L, ,, , , 2, ,f'f.,5'f'f Q' X ,wwf ,X My ,ky gt fir , , A, Q , . A+' f V A K yg:Zi442,y1wf' J, ' fv . J . n '1' 4, .-. , JI Y i . 'sg 1' ' x, . " 'Wa illkf A QM, A V , , Fikm K I .M 4 4 f . . X ,Qian L 1' as ' '- Q ? ' AN 5 , 'T QE ffwgiz F. W .I A S. ,-- ' 5 o 1 Y hw -f I Lf- P-' X fy 4, ,Q fr 6' , A -uv' f r ' X: A 1 W- ,, f N J In .,,,,. . + ' , f . .I 4, I ' s y , ., A ,, A ,, 2. . W 1, ' J , , M V Q 4 y ,3,,,m.M ' , 4 1 , , w , , 1 I 4 wa X 3, 1 I I - ,Y V, .. ' ' 5 L ,,.,,..,vf.' , M v"'w W wg, 4- -fW'f"" -" 5 , , Y 5' x 4 .1 'H S' 4 " ' n V, f" nv, 1 M- ,. 1 X , . ,. X .4 I A v .. - 1 -, 'A .-,...'f Q f- -,Q Wf I 'A - . '-4:-,rf. , .. ' 'D .Y-nh. 1 , 1,,f,f ..-- , A 7 ww 4 " lin' ... M' 1 uk .vwvf 'Ffa 1 2 . I R , V ' . -buvffiflff' 'L ,WN . ', x ' "' r f . ,'. x .fl 11. 'M- SS' N ykza , 1.4-A. Y s- f ,. 4,-,,,..,,m ' A 1' . N3 "' Y ' 'cf-' "' .Q if 4 A , 18 'W 'P .4 i M. ,gf ' M D- ,?Qf'lrg4"' '?V'. X , , W A o Adu I -Q .K . 1 . q -A Na x51 ,, 'Ili' 4-1 J' ,, .1 It W I .k' JUNIOR VARSITY When junior-varsity coach Chris DiCostanza sent out the call for candidates, he found himself surrounded by a group that really wanted to play football. Under his direction. Trenton Catholic found that with the virtues of tcam-spirit and cooperation the boys molded themselves into squad that won four of its seven rug- gcd contests, losing but two and ending the season with a scoreless tic against Lawrenceville. ln all, a good season with promise for the future. The frosh team wanted to have their voices heard too. With thc help of Hr. NlcQuillin, Coach Jim Bresuen r'54i inspired his yearlings to an undefeated season,win- ning all six games in rather handy fashion. They boasted a linc alone that averaged over two hundred pounds per man, something quite unusual in freshman foot- ball on the high school level. Our heartiest congratulations to both teams! """' fvni if 11 .. -f C' time. Sf' K ft- plies:-'!i"'1f' FIRST ROW: J. Smilek, R. Bucehino, A. DeCrandis, J. McCarty, J. Murphy. C. Sanasiero, A. Pingitor, R. Artale, J. Kotkewicz. SECOND ROW: S. Raymond, E. Coluccio, J, Sparano, R. Zanoni, A. Illuminati, E. Osvai, B, Mc.-Meer, R. Rielher, D. Papp, THIRD ROW: Coach DiCostanzo, J. Abondanza, M. Bennett, R. Lyczak, C. Persichetti, J. Melillo, A. Formaroli, J. Comfort, J. Carroll. A. Shuraaln Showing them how it's done, Brian McAteer goes after his man around the legs. JN A' 5- fx. Like Rockne himself, Coach Chris DiCostanza lays it on the line to his charges during half- 'Hi J. V. SCHEDULE FROSH SCHEDULE Trenton Catholir Trenton Catholic Trenton Cutholit' Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton l'ath0li1 Latholn l .xtholn Liilllbllt . ...H Trenton Hi-h Hx w fro lrlnteton Ntelnert Law renteulle Notre Dame .. Biahop Egan 0 12 df! KV' W- ag .1 Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Catllolit Catholir Catholit Czltholit Catholit Catholim Birllop lfgan Steinert Hun Prep . Prinreton . Notre Dame Holy Crors +- fs. X,-.5 x 4 I l A' 1.4',F'!xv f .V at ..-.' - 'is l - f . M. + re .. at .. , . T f . w'f'f?,'i ef"294." Fai " A ff 4 --. - .. . ' ' .7 "'r'i?'2'fi3,' f5z':l7'?Qw4 'Wu i".fI36l:f-pl y ' ,T Q. H f A W . ,- ' 1, ' -2 . . , .1 . f - ' ,W ," ,Jkt T' fi-l'-'im "ff"i,,g,.?'jF-ja'-VT' A 'ff' f I V' 'SWL' ' I ' V ly :K ' A , Ac2,:n.b5.,. W, -api ,AWB wg.- ,U Way:-6i!f:,f,,, I Q . .Q,w'.,f I H k-Ap-i4- 1,194-, . V . fa ' ,- "3 .gg .3,,L. ' ,wiv P g ..v-,4-'-wfffZ- 3 f M-,wt f ?'1.,,f1ulf'H., Wy.-,io - fi-' N - qv Q- ,h . . . "'3,:.W -- 3"W""" . 1-f .M -L'-135. ,., ,,"-ggafv-Q r .. .vo 4" H - A 1' . , W' 1,::4:n.N:!:,ZLvl?iin P ' -gZ's'....i3:yrQN2? :gi fu' . inf ' K kts. ' O 12A?.,fq V'4'v'k.,t?y'-fix'-:sy vi fafw-...R V M.. ,K ', Q' .J. - -.4-hx 5. a .A A ', 3'f-W, wgf , FIRST ROW: R. Ryan. R. Budd. A. DiCaesar, S. Zoda, S, McGowan, J. Calorio, J. Marshall, A. Dilorio. SECOND ROW: Coavh Mm'Quillin, F. Solmanda, A. Cenovesi, J. Sgro, D. Rankin. A. Persichetli, C. Marshall. J. Palatere, G. O'Corman, Coach Bresnen. I '.' '. Al Genovesi shakes off the last tack- wa- Q., - ler and heads for pay dirt. F1 J ff.. Freshman coach ,hm Bresnen IS a bit '-j apprehensive as his crew nears the - end of an undefeated season. ' Q Arn lusunn -- I. e 9' " I Dw5'Q. ,Q nf' 1 55" ji 41- A All-State Pete Walter shows how it's done as he leans around with the kick. 5 T' Goalie Pete Fischer saves one for the Golden Y N A 4- Wave. , i ACK, .V . Ttfwaw imma nr -Q d -AZ' 'Hinge 1 H -favs at N Y A f t ""' :rf A' The nineteen fifty-nine soccer season here at Trenton Catholic once again proved to be in the classification of the banner year. Likeable and capable coach Ed Smolinski and his assistants, Father Rufino and Dan Procaccino, once more came up with a team that took its share of honors. Pete Walter and Danny Maher made the all-city team with Walter earning all- state honors. To climax a season that saw Trenton Catholic take the measure of Steinert in their second meeting, the first resulting in a one-one tie. always-powerful Trenton High was held to a scoreless tie in a second meeting with the Tor- nadoes. The real frosting on the cake, however, came when the Wave, having beaten St. Cecelia's in regular season play, met them for the state title and won it by a single goal. Congratulations again to the soccer squad on another fine performance for Trenton Catholic. we v ' K ctzon an e t e ctwn . . . Quiclzf' 41552 ' 136 wt' -W. . ..-n r-.,-..,,- " .Q . '12-'Q 1' . f fi ag- N 6, fi wmv V - L 4 22 'Q W7 , - ' X xi X 'mms , -, A tx --YQ' m. ' 7 'T - 'iw A-1-.avg-' ,gi . .gb "-'L -. 5-R, I 3 -11-, . .....-,"" xi av ' , ox . x-. i Nw 'Clit 1:-Q , 3. .a. ,ga , 351' 'ez Q E if - as Q ,1,, M s. 4 yi! E 5. fn .. if ,gnwiign M., 4 -nr 9 K V f. ,, , -- , l, Q, Q- i . 4x"9,4,M'J Y I I X V, If U' Wfii 1 vu. , K 6 . , ' 5 qqhuw' Qty vm fax 2 1 A-,A 4 fir. 4 X X X 5 . v I . 2-1-iff K' ' HQ up A "IK 'QE 4 g 2 A wx ... A 'A? ' if ef Y 1 QAA E 5 .fn 3 A ,Z if , 'fa-, -.. w. if 5? , Q, 'i 'E' 'J 9 Q .J ,ix .--.L 1' - X X V, Qf' yr. f 1 4 t, 4 n 1W, W' fail "N .fi Juv' K, -5 s ' 1 --2311 5.0-- M, Q Lv f V- QA 3 , 1. A, an Nw w ' ' wly' , A My tfr ji Q -au. x, f , W' ., ,sg , 71 wg f , W X VV ,N ,. , fm 1- - K ""wL"fL',f f-sf. . , ' ' gl-2 2' - R 4' 5 V ,ay X f W ' .X i..2gL9g,, My k Agn x X W JW,-. ,A , f, x . QTY, Qwwivy si. e, 'fm' ' L3 f ,UA A .A i N4 W N ,181 M I L' 1 1 X., 'BSA if Q-4. Ka 5 4 33 if' 4 BASKETBALL . . . Aiming High L! f""?" M! RAW 431' ,,f I Y -XRSITY SQL AD fCounterclofkw1 e from the rl htv Tom Cennarl il Te7 ld Pa! Xanucll Jlm Chlorello Ken Sokolou kl 'Nuk Werkman Geor e Qharw Frank Bencnen 0 Aff. Null Nlfk Serban and Paul Fmher urroundmg fnuh Father flareme f 'Wa . U f 3, A W -5 E 4 If 3 fy fl . T5 ,ff 54, X Q 1 ' , 1 ' nv A f 5 X' is f I I ' 'VG . x 4 :M V, Rx +' .f f ' ' VM, , o Tap oh' and Tony Gennarn 143i does the honors VARDITY BASKEFBALL lhe Wan dld lt d"dlIll 'lrenton Catholu onee more produeed another lldlll tlllk year that ranked wlth tht bent ln tht Llltlft nation It you te nd to doubt u-, we think thebe facts wlll tonunee you Wlllllt r ln elghtetn of twenty rufular eeason monte st- the Golden Wave plated neeond ln the Eastern btates Ldlll0lll lIlYlldIlOIldl l0lII'IldIlll nt at Newport, Rhode Inland, lldYlIlU won tht-4 tourney- thc annual Dunes Tournann nt lll a eonlpletc wetp and taking the State Latho lu Lla-- X ehanlplonshlp Nuk Vltrkman gathered all state honor-, JOIIIIHU lxen Sokolow kx on the lrentonlan all elty fue and l0lIllJlIllflU' Nltll Tony bennarl for the Tunes all tlty team Xt Newport Nult berban donned the heron, garb and Cytorve Nhary et a new reeord 1n the foul 'll00tlIlg tour nanxcnt -X well halanud nam' lou bet' L lllf' the two platoon tc n m n any of rfvular Q1 on game coach Fat ler Llarenet aw lllN lllllff qutd lll urtually ewery eontest trying to keep the opponent eore rebpeetable But the players thembelye were not to be lllflleil runnlng rough hod and gomg oxer the century mark Ill four game-, almost dolng lt m a fifth eontent De pltt the lo-- ot an all fIll0I' Ntartmv fine and tlelr llllprt nt retord ft w ft nr are luld for next year, our loyal follower lldXlll -ten tht entlrt squad ln action very fre quently durlng most of the season George bharw headb up and ln for Iwn polnt , F . . n sm 1 y yn If -,1 . 1 5 'l -v l x x I I 1 . I ' x A' 'i I ' I K' v- u '. vm ' . 1 ' 5. in ' i 4 W 1 . ' ' . C' 'F , . . . ,. Y 4 1' v 5-y -- gf. 1 v . 4 sg ' 5, U e 1. r , . . N . ,. . 1 . , I n 5. - xr -y ' ...f in 1 N, .- lr l 1 v Q-. - 1 - x- ' m ,f ' , U L , L e , -, - . . tx 1, ' Y 'Q' - - . . . . C SVS 'I I ' lllS 'F ' PRS 'F, ' ' l '. .xgf v '- - ' tg i ' f . - ,-, - . I -' 5 X 1 5- Su i x' Xu' ' . .S , , , g 5 . U 1. ' ass'-L - Q 1 - my 5 1 , 1 . , - Q v. Q .-- ,, W . - , . ' , - , , l 141 ., , ,, e .,,...l nf' 124 VK ki? 'I vf Y 'U s L n.. -ll TC s gym site of the thirty sixth monsetutlve home court victory Trenton Trenton Catholic Catholic SCHEDULE ....80 Msgr. Bonner Memorial 4W.M.Y Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton 142 Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholiv Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic- Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic . .... 95 . .... T9 . .... 13 .84 .59 .64 102 .91 115 109 .61 .TT .56 .46 113 .99 Woodrow Wilson Seton Hall ..... Bishop Egan St. Peters' .... Trenton High Holy Cross .... Princeton Holy Cross Croydan Prep Camden Catholic Notre Dame .... Woodrow Wilson Trenton High Notre Dame .... St. Rose ........ Camden Catholic .' 1 2 W A A-. Q A 3 P A I kd ii Ai Ill! o ,, a ' AU' J IV? x VF' 'W , ai qw K' xx- o,e V l 'M .:. r .'r.'351' ,- gs, 0 . .,,.o,.5 61:11 w .SL M ff I' 0 ,Q ew 5? 4 I Ia in K M' I A It J l f1 Rui I' lx 'I 4 1 4 if ,K fn L 1 l ? vii Q I 1 -3- 2 D ,.?fw Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton bnntter Dou Hue .md Bob Wlfllullen 4Top rout lete Ru so Fd Petranto Andy Loh Pat brazlano Tom Keller .md 'lllke John on .I V SCHEDULE Latholu 1 llll0lll C llll0lll fdlll0lIt fdlllfllll f dtholn 1 ll l0ll4 C ttholu Qatholn fatholn ll ll K llll0llI I llll0lll Cdtllolu fatholn Cathol ll I ltholn 'Nkgr Bonner Nlemorlal Wooclrow Wilson Qeton Hall Bl hop Fgan gt Pe-terQ Holy Crow Prlneeton Holw Cros FI'0WlllD Irep I nnden fatholn Notre Dame Woodrow Wil on Trenton Htgh 'Notre Dame 9 Roe famden Cltholu M' ' v Lf We W t- 5 T 1 Q E5-'J f c l + Ai JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD . , hr row' Fd Flagg Qtevc Popp John Y alamls Paul o o ' " ........., 43 . . . . ... It " ..,....... 40 t ' ..... . . 1 " .......... 65 ' ' I' " ,......... 36 , ..... . 1' " .......... 65 's , .... f' " .......... 63 . . '. . . . . . . Trenton Catholic ........,. S5 Trenton High ... :Ll " ,......... 57 ,' Q., 1 " .......... Tl ' .... . .. H '- .......... 54 u' S gf '- ..... .... a rs , 5 1 ' ... Ca l rlit' .......... T0 la l' ' ' fa ' ' .,........ 19 . v ., , . la " .......... 60 - ' 5 l' " ........., 55 ' ... I' ' ' ,......... -19 . Y .... Y' " .......... T0 ft, S ....... . 3-- FROSH SCHEDULE Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton l llll0lll l .ltholn f dlll0lll 1 .xtholu C dlll0lll l llll0llt 1 atholn Ldlll0lH Latholn l dlllljlll l 3lll0llt Latholn Ldlll0llt Q atholu Catholn Latholu fatholu Ldlll0lll l atholn Luthollt lenn Jun ,lr No ,lr 'No o ,Ir No lrlmeton ,I No lenn bun Notre IJIIHC lop Fgln 0 Hols Lro Bl hop Egan Notre Dame Holw Cro Prxnteton UNDEFEATED' Doug Hlce along wlth Terry M0r3WSkl put on sensational show mgs vuth thelr freshman teammates to hrlng the Wave yearlmgs to an undefeated season endlng wlth a perfect record of twenty wms and no losses Our heartnest tongratulatlons to them and to thelr to'u'h Father Leslie H-Y' use 9 I PRTSHNI-KN SQL -XD 1Kneel1ngr Bob Cambell, Blll Panella, Charlie Marshall Ken Nlaxk, Frank Phelan, Fd Nnnth .md Lou Lapom 4Stanml1ngv john 'Nltloeotl Doug Hlve Terry Nlorawskl, Bob Curt:-, Lhutk Neme-, John Har-hall and toath Father Leslie TENNIS Une of the lesser, but not to he ignorf-tl, -port lun .1t'lrcntonL.1tl1oli1 i tlu gamm l' tennis Fullw as IOIIlp?lltlYt as any of tht other Htllletlf' emlcdxor- and .1 u-1 ful Ill bulldlng otl sp1r1t and boflw, lt 1 1 "dill It Wlltl our Qnthu-1a-ts pls tl1e1r trtulc Wllll a flgllt good vs1ll Thl wear tht squads coach Father Leslle, IH renterlnf' h1-hopes aronnrl 1 lrlrcl Cort of ra llI'l1lIl" letta I'llll ll who dl mo-tlw tn or Bw thx tune Illl dlllllldl 1 pul1l1sl1ul1n It urx earlw part of ,lune tlu tcmns team w1ll hate hun wtll on lts wav to what we Hrmly expect vnll bc .1 goofl If not 'fruit season, thus farrwlnv on another fine ll'dlllll0Il here t Trenton Ldtholu Iwslilt ff' 55, uv- The blazmg serve Tony Clnanese just slums over Wu rib Q01-4 V44 r + '11, 14 Dennns Kelly beorge Slmrw Chutk Stearle .lult Boyd and N' l x 1 l 5 in I 1 I I 0 . ' 1. v L- 1 a S I- x . l l I h l ' 'sa ,' va 'l'wl X i. N Q ' . 1 X M q. . 'n Al ' f .S Q i K ,K w 1 5 , a I I ' ' P J 1 . ' 't ' r, - --A' 1- . " s 1 i s. I' ' ' ' 'S ' ' ls ' ' tl H E 1 " y . ' F U . K K I . lv P . . . I a A Ri H A .7lll..w,.Cg"' ,f A , 1 K '12 , . V of ., . N 1 . 1 V I. 'V' ' lt Q - in X f 7 :QL , . , v 3 1 , l 5' .4 ' Ps' 3 'f . -2 " 1 A ,. I 3 1 n ,, .N " faq 2 . , A N1 F' E3 A x ' 1 HQ lf f l l l W ffffljxl rf 1, ,ll page 1 rx l K- 'I 5 1' I t 5 ,-,1 I l "1,. ' 'Q 'A' V I +' Q xy k if 11 ' . , , A . 1 "dw, " Q? 1 ' ' gg Q Y . V X 1 1. f 1 . 5, , M ' Y 3""Hi3? f 1 -M up 1 2 ,, l , ' 1 . 44 , . Q, V k A 'CJ . .1 iff? -7. dt, - ,tix W' g 5. .. ,vm - , - , M we , , 415553 -Y .I f 4- 1 ,':- 1.4 . Y . :A ' ' , . .... I f f n X H V 4 .ffffliiftf f , Ik' N rj Q- blll'-.1 ' -4 ' .I - . -H I -- r K' A , 4.,,, G as fkwvwmga W' tr, :A ' - Q . llineelinglz Tony Cianese and Terry Zealand. fSta1ndingl 8 -, ,, 1 A- . ,Q ' . K' . S 1 .. v . 19 'ft 3 be .-, 1 gy svn. v-ci .49 Q-'if .H .-5' . , v Ifivft: V A," 5' Q " 3 ' 1-f:gg7'i'- -xl s tn X J- , 4-RQ. .1 v , A E, 4 '. , . A' '- I g'--b Y - f-ras: fu,-JM 4.fs"'.-4. we ' ., " G11 " ,- '-.mi ' F92 .V ' 3.-xl A M' avi S15 t tx . V ss sn-.. 1 K4 4 ' 5 if - -.X tiff' A-1 . .. . . R 1 Tx., . 1-,Q Tony Wilcenski mutters or take the penalty? ss X r 14 I .. -A-,s.'-1 1 wxiwt '. to himself, "Shall I try playing it out GOLF Though it appcars last in tht- long list of traditional sports on both thc ,Xmcrican ami 'l'rcnton Catholic sccncs. golf is so placcnl in that position simply hccausc it is onc of thc sports that hring thc ycar to a closc. Jllrl ask its tlcvotccs how thcy woulsl coinparc it with any of thc so-callcfl major sports ami you might hc surpriscnl hy thcir answcrs. But what of thc prospccts for thc scason? Taking ovcr thc rcins of golf coach, Fathcr Clarcncc also has a harxl corc of rcturn vct- craus. notahly thc hrothcrs Wilt-cnski. :Xl anfl Tony. as wcll as Yic Ricc. It may sounil rcpctitious to say that wc arc cxpccting rcal rcsults from this corncr of thc sporting world at Trcnton Catholic: ncvcrthc- lcss, wc can makc no apologics in rcpcating our hopcs for thc golf tcam. But orclinarily we 1lon't hayc to worry about that -thcy usually givc a gooal account of tlwmsclvf-s. The first call-and varsity hopefuls pose with their new coach. f,Iim Cahill, George Cutlhca, ,lack Waltz, Al Wilcenski, Bolt Rogaczewski, Tony Yelivis, coach Father Clarence, llill Farrell, Joe Szucsik, Tony Wilcenski, Gary Bobik, Dick Ziolkowski and Bill lJowns.l M1 .Q , 1 'ry-v .,l wi 2 'UD' 5, hi BASEBALL Safe it The Pate A classic baseball picture-and a T.C. runner slides for a cru- cial tally. 'Q " ,f hr When winter with her dying breath gave in to a warm sun, our Trenton Catholic batsmen lost no time in limbcring up for their annual season campaign. ln fact, the snows wcrc still on the grounfl when the initial meeting of tliamontl cancliflatcs was callcfl. It put a glow into the cheeks of coach George Malone when he saw so many lcttermen from last year return. If the youngsters who are out for varsity baseball for the first time clo not realize it. they havc their work cut out for them. that of trying to tlisplacc tllc vets. Nat- urally this will help the campaignffthc olflsters will have to produce again while the youngsters will be fighting to take over their positions. Since this annual is protluccd hcforc the scasonis games actually start, we cannot give you any results. 'But this much is surcs-Arthcir opponents will be in for real competition and a few lessons in smart baseball as well. 39 www' mf I Al' -or., 7- Catcller John Sxelbkl pub on hub .nrmor before the first man ns up A long single and Nnk Werkman svoreQ easily V A , , ., Y r f ., .H f...f-' ,.. ' A Y - Z Q- A. - Q-" ,,.h ' 7' N, veg. ' '1hs:"'J.r .A. -if -. .' V W , . , - , ,, lb oser tural to drive ln an .ns- .qggvvwu Q-,J-A V I. . . .Q X A ,gf , e 1 v O 1 1 ' , fl' 1- .4 18 E E l , .5 ll ! V J ., 3 I Vn,,AMM . A 1 1 fx ian: Y f A- 911 " . A,"- 'q , HEERLEADERS 4 If therc's any group that wants Trenton Cath- olie teams to win. whether on the field or on the eourt, itgs our capable cheerleaders. Al- though they may never find their names in the score-boxes of your newspaper. their schedule or records in the public press, these spirited fellows are always there, leading the cheers and yells that so often spell the difference between vietory or defeat for the schoolls teams. Senior and veteran leader of the group is fll0lll Donahue. spirited and sehool-minded, around whom this aetivity is built. By means of these pages, we salute and congratulate them on another year of fine performances. They have not been afraid to get out there and give their best for 'llrenton Catholic as others might. Hats off to them and their line leader! VNS . . . and so it is with a lump in the throat. per- haps with a moistening of the eye. that we say good- bye to Trenton Catholic, our home away from home. Wvhatever we become in the years ahead, we shall know that we owe a generous part of our success to the efforts of the good Franciscan Fathers and to our lay-teachers: it is to them that we say a most sincere "Thank you", for all of them have played a most sig- nificant part in helping to form us into well-rounded good Catholic young men, men worthy of the name of Trenton Catholic. thoroughly grounded in the prin- ciples of morality. the things of the spirit and in the store of intellectual facts they have so unseltishly im- parted to us. Now we are put to the great test-that of bring- ing peace to ourselves and to all mankind. I I 1 ,Av ,r .' 156 MJVERTISEMENTS PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Aiello Mr. Peter Aiello Gary P. Albanowski Jean L. Albanowski Robert S. Albanowski Stanley J. Albanowski Mr. Dominick Allegretti Mrs. Dominick Allegretti Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Amodio Mrs. J. Anchak John E. Anchak Mr. Joseph Anchak Virginia E. Anchak com Hmenfs of Arthur H. Anderson, Funeral Director P Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Andrews Martin Angebranndt 8: Sons Archie 8: Helen's Grocery Frank J. Arnold Jophie Arnold Mr. John Bacovin Ronald G. Bacovin Mr. and Mrs. William Bacovin Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bado Bajor Family Mr. and Mrs. George Baker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Balerna B and E Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Barelkowski Mr. and Mrs. Mario Barricelli Rev. William A. Barron Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Bayer Mr. Edward Bayman Beatty St. Hdwe. and Pt. Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Bentley Bernie's Bicycle Shop Bertothy Florist Mr. Gus Beskos Mrs. Gus Beskos Bilancio Liquors Blake Hardware Supply Blank's Broadway Pharmacy Mr. George Bobko Mr. and Mrs. John Bogdan Mr. Robert Bogdan Miss Shirley Bogdan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bonfanti Nick Bonsanto Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Bradby A Friend Bar 8: Grill Liquor Store 81 Kitchen Phone OW 5 9607 Phone EX 2 8659 NATE S INN PIZZA RAMA Bar, Grill, Restaurant 81 Liquor Store COLOR TV 979 Lolor Street Trenton 10, N. J. O Complimenis of B L U N T' S IN C . FURNITURE, APPLIANCES. T.v. New Egypt, N. J. Plateau 8-2244 Wrightstown. N. J. Raymond 3-7686 ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION 1681 Princeton Avenue Phone EX. 2-9545 Trenton, New Jersey Trenton Caiholic P.T.A. PATRONS - Continued Compliments of Bridal Originals Mrs. Mary Browne Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Bryce Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buchko Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bucs Mr. Arthur Bulman Robert Bulman Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. Burk James L. Burke Anna M. Burns Mr. and Mrs. George C. Burton, Sr. David Joseph Burton Charles Butera, Sr. Janis Byer Mr. Alfred Cacciatore Mrs. Rose Calacino Mr. and Mrs. Gene Calabrese Mrs. Bessie Cannon Miss Dolores Cannon Mr. James Cannon Rev. William J. Capik Capitol Chrome Corp. Capitol View Barber Shop Carella Shoes Helen Carey Carlton Clothes Mrs. Jennie C. Carmignani Mr. John F. Carmignani Mr. Richard Carmignani Mr. and Mrs. John R. Carr Mrs. William V. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cartaino Mr. and Mrs. James Carton Mrs. John J. Cassidy Cebula Family Mrs. Anna Cedar Sophie Challender Chambers St. Esso Service Station Lillian Charm CWearing Apparel, Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Chianese Sr. Chickies Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Choquette George Cifranic Cinderella Beauty Salon Clark's Drug Store Clark the Florist Harry Clauss Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Clauss 4 I Q E I f X TL: E Ax xl I ,........ - .:......... ,,..ii3 , , .np ', :lb 4 ,, 'IL Q21 I Mfr -45? TRENTON CATHOLIC P. T Complimenfs of MAYFAIR THE non Phone EX 4-5196 TRENTON'S OLDEST INDEPENDENT ELECTRICAL DISTRI LQCT R xc SUP? .h . ATRE surons 2 HC' c0'I gf 443-447 scum Broad sneer Trenton, N. J LALOR ESSO SERVICE CENTER 830 Lalor Sheer Phone EXpor+ 6-6034 HALLMARK HARDWARE Chambers 81 Locust Streets Trenton 9, New Jersey Phone: Export 2-2047 PATRONS - Continued Clinton Hardware Rev. Thomas A. Coffey James J. Colavita, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. G. William Collier Sheriff John W. Condon Conover's Dairy Hightown Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Angela Conti Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Al Constance Samuel C. Conte Wayne Cook Jack Coonan Wm. E. Cooper John Cordas Wm. F. Cracker George Cudhea Mr. James Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Chester Czernik Miss Joanne Czernik Mr. and Mrs. Edward Czyzyk Miss Mary E. Dalton Dominick DaPiario Dr. and Mrs. J. Albert de Blois Delmor Lanes DeLuca's Trent Diner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Dennish Angelo D'Errico John C. Descepolo James G. Destribats De Vines Pharmacy Joseph S. DiBenedetto Betty Dickson Mr. George Dickson Mrs. George Dickson Miss Marianne Dickson Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DiNola Matilda Dobos Veronica and Don Dolusic QWAZAUHJ Mr. Edward O'Donovan Jack Dorner Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dorner Bill and Helen Dougherty Thomas J. Dougherty, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Douglass L. R. Douglass Welding Mrs. Ann Dunham Mr. Art Dunham Lawrence J. Dyjak PATRONS Conhnuecl Mr and Mrs Raymond Dyjak Sr Mr and Mrs Andrew Dzlak Mr John Dzlak Elder s Esso Statlon Harry Eplscopo Mr and Mrs Mlchael Eppollte Mr and Mrs P J Faherty Jr Joe Falcey Farkas Home Improvement Mr and Mrs Frank Farkas The Farley Famlly Mrs Katherme Farley Mr and Mrs Carmen Fasanella Compliments of the Fasanella Family Mr and Mrs Joseph J Fasanella Mr and Mrs M1chaelJ Feher M1 and Mrs Louls Ferens Andrew Ferko Mrs Margaret Ferko M1 and Mrs M1chaelFerko George C Ferrogme Mr and Mrs Cyr1lW Ferry Dr and Mrs Edgar Flestal Joln J Fmnegan Mr and Mrs Edward Fitzpatrick Mlss Hannah Fltzpatrlck and Mrs James Fltzpatrlck and Mrs Thomas Fltzpatrlck and Mrs Wllllam Fltzpatrlck Foley and Mrs Henry Forczek Stephen Formlcola The Forsthoffer Famlly Mr and Mrs Fred Foster Mr and Mrs J Frank Fowler Edward L Fox Jr Frank s Beauty Salon Ben Frusclone s Grocery Store Compliments Frlend Compllments Frlend Compllments Frlend Compllments Frlend Compliments Frlend Compllments Frlend Compllments Friend Compllments Friend Comphments Fnend PATRONS Continued Compllments of a Frlend Compllments of a Friend and Mrs Joseph Gale Dems Gallagher and Mrs Edward M Gallagher Kevln Gallagher and Mrs Max V Garrlts and Mrs Frank L Gazzlllo and Mrs Joseph L Glll and Mrs James E Glutk Mlss Daisy Mae Goehrlg Mr and Mrs John W Goehrlg Jr Mrs Anna M Goeke Mr and Mrs Herman Gooch Jullan Goodstem Mr and Mrs Lawrence Gore Mx Paul Gorskl Mr and Mrs Thomas A Gray Jr Margaret Grega Gremer s Delicatessen Clara Grelss Richard Grelss Wxlllam D Grelss Mlss Joan Grlflith Gropp s CCenter of the Worldj Gropp s Hardware Freeholder J R Gruerlo Joseph Guldo Mr and Mrs John Gumbas Madelme and Lathoma Guralskl Judson Hagerty Hahak s Bar Hamilton Townshlp Pollce Commlssloner Gustave Hanusl Mary Hanusl Harbourts Drug Store Nicholas E Hatrak D D S Frank Hellyer Justus C Higham Wm W Holcombe Horan s Drug Store Mrs James J Horan Mr and Mrs Stephen Hudopko David F Hychalk Mr Vlncent Immordmo Sr Mr and Mrs Vlncenzo Immordmo Mrs Vlola Immordmo . ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. ' ' Mr. . . . . ' ' Mr. ' . . . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' 8 Mr. . . ' - - Mr. . . Mr. and Mrs. Palll FiShel' Walter L. Gropp, Jr, Mr. . ' ' S ' Ed 8 ' ' Mr. . Mr. ' ' ' of a ' . ' ' of a ' , , ' of a ' ' ' of a ' , , ' of a ' , , ' of a ' ' . ' ' of a ' , ' ' . ' of a ' . . ' ' . of a . 0 . . Esso B U C S ESSO STATION AND PARKING YARD K :ke bocker Ro d Roebllng Ne Je sey Phone Hy 9 9836 Prop GEORGE and STEPHEN BUCS Compllmenis of The Pries'I's of S'I'. Hedwig's Church Sf Jn- X A ' l A- if 'P ni r a, ' , w r BUSH DAIRY FARMS. INC. 1707 soum oLoEN AVENUE Tren'I'on, New Jersey "SELECTED MILK FOR PARTICULAR CUSTOMERS" DELIVERIES THROUGHOUT THE AREA FLEMINGTON. N. J. Telephone ST 2 3737 PATRONS - Conlinued Mr. A. S. lnverso Jay Kay Liquor Store Jimmie's Camera Shop Jim's Service Station Joe's Barber Shop Mrs. Louise Johnston Compliments of J. T. Compliments of J. T. Mr. and Mrs. George J usko William Kane Mr. and Mrs. Alex Karpowicz Mrs. Mary M. Kasony Kay 8z Al John D. Kelliher Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kelliher Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kevett Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kevett, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kiawka Rt. Rev. Jeremiah J. King Mr. and Mrs. Owen A. King Leslie L. Kiruay Mrs. Rose Kiseluski Klik Shoes Mrs. Mary Klosak Knapp Children Mrs. Anna M. Knapp Mr. Joseph A. Knapp Mr. Robert J. Knapp Kness Piano Mr. and Mrs. August J. Knorr Pete Koenig Patricia Kohlmayer Mr. Harry Kominski Mrs. Harry Kominski Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Kominski Terence S. Kominski Kondash Family Kopec's Dairy Dr. Andrew G. Koschek Koschek Funeral Homes Mr. and Mrs. John Kosztyu Jr. Mr. Chester Krainski Mrs. Chester Krainski A. J. Krawczun, M.D. Victor M. Krawczun Charles W. Kreiser Stella M. Kremper Margaret Krimmel DRINK MORE MILK RANCH HOUSE DRIVE-IN Charcoal Broiled Steaks - Hamburgers - Hot Dogs Chicken - Shrimp in the Basket Lawrence Rd. and Princeton Ave. Orders To Take Ou+ LY 9-4295 PATRONS T- Coniinued Andrew Krisak Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kusek Kushner's, Inc. Mr. and Mrs: Stanley Labonski Joseph S. Labowicz Mr. and Mrs. Frank Landolfi Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Leash Mr. John Lestician Loui's Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Lydon Lynwood Cleaners Mahalsik Family Mrs. Nicholas Maisto Michael Manto John Maressa Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Margerum Mr. and Mrs. David Marshek Al Mason's Garage Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Massarini Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Matlack Andrew Mattey Margaret Mattey Stanley Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McCormick Mrs. Sarah McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGuire James C. McNally, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. George B. Meagher Mr. and Mrs. E. Mercantini Merlino Vending Co. Matthew Mickley Miami Gardens Thomas W. Mihalko Mike, George, and Al Mr. and Mrs. S. Mikita Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Miller Mrs. John Millward Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Moneypenny Major and Mrs. Lewis W. Moon Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Moore Mr. and Mrs. John Moroz Joseph Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morrison Martin Moss, Realtor Robert "Jay" Moyer Mr. Stephen M. Mule Geo. S. Murphy Complimenfs of CAPITAL CITY EMPLOYEES Complimenfs of A Friend SECRETARIAL 'SERVICES IBeH'yI Sfonis 7 Beaumont Road Yardville 20, New Jersey Phone: JU 6-3 I35 OCIOOOOOOOOOOOICOCIIOIOIOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOO EX 4-l56I DELI-RAMA DELICATESSEN SPECIALTIES Freezer Orders and Louis J. Turano Harry L. Yanfis Resfaurani Supplies Main Office 200 MOH' Street Trenion IO, New Jersey PATRONS Conhnued John Murphy Dr and Mrs John Murphy Mlchael L Murphy Walter A Muslck Mr and Mrs Edward Nally Andrew J Nemeth Jr Mr and Mrs Rlchardl Nevln Ilva C Nlcastro Mrs Clara Nlcolal Mrs Chrxstlne Nolan Mr Joseph H Nolan Mr and Mrs Charles Balr and Son, Norman North Trenton CIVIC Club Mrs Phxlomena E 0 Gorman RN Mlss Maureen O Keefe Mrs Lawrence Olesak Mr and Mrs Charles F Ohver Mr John Ollver Rev Theo Opdenaker Mr and Mrs Raymond Papszyck Mr and Mrs Ted Parclnskl Mr and Mrs Charles Pazdan Mr and Mrs G Pentz Maurice T Per1ll1 Mr and Mrs Peter A Peronl Mrs Margaret Perslchettl Mrs Margaret Plckery Mr and Mrs Albert Plepszak Mr and Mrs Joseph Plepszak Michael Pllenza Mr and Mrs Walter Plotrowskl Princeton Shoppmg Center Comphments of Mr and Mrs Paul Prynoskl Peter Plttman Mrs Julia Pochart Mrs Fulvla Polverlm Mr John Polverxnl Mr Robert A Pontam B1ll Popkln Dr and Mrs J J Prykanoskl Mr and Mrs Peter A Pulone Purdy s Grocerxes Mr Francis Quxll Mlss Helen A Qulll Mr and Mrs M1chaelJ Rafferty Sarah A Rafferty Rauth Prmtlng Servlce PATRONS Conhnued Mr and Mrs Robert E Raywood Mr Frank Reading Mrs Anna M Ream Comphments of Pete and Mlllxe Redeker Mr Joseph Reeder Jr St Regls Paper C0 Mr and Mrs Vincent Rexlly Mr and Mrs John F Rejms Mrs L1l1an ReJn1s Miss Ruth A Rejms Reliable Photo Servlce Mrs Anna Renelll Dr Angelo M Repole Audrey Reuter Frank J Reuter and Mrs James Reuter and Mrs Leon Reuter and Mrs Amerlco Rlcclanl and Mrs Alfred Rick R10 Grande Frult and Produce Arthur Rltchle and Mrs James Roberts Leon M Robxnson Mlss Mary Ellen Roche Mr and Mrs Thomas A Roche Mr and Mrs Alfred Rofrano Arthur C Romweber Rossettn s Dlnmg Room Mary Roth Mr and Mrs C Rouze Mlss Peggy Rouze H M Royal Incorporated Paul B Rupprecht Mrs Paul B Rupprecht Mlss Frances Rura Marxan F Russell Frank M Russo Bullder Russo s Tomato Pies and Restaurant Edmund Rutkowskl M D Mrs John J Ryan Dr and Mrs Robert J Ryan Saaz Real Estate and Insurance S and S Prmtmg Mr Nell Sanford The Sawyer Famlly Mr and Mrs John Scancella Mr and Mrs James Schlll . . ' , . ' , . . 3 . Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . ' . . ', Sr. ' ' Compliments of Pauls and Leons Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robb Jr. . . Mr. . I - 8 ' . ' . . - 3 - ' 3 . . . . . n u . .. , u . . Q 2 g - .' . 8 . Um fzce Z GOLF RANGE AND I8 HOLE MINIATURE GOLF COURSE 2411 So Broad S1'reeI' and Rouie 1 TRENTON N J FAIRLESS HILLS PA Lesso s by Appo nfme I Phone OW 5 9016 o o I I 5 5 I n i n 1 Now Reachmg More Than I4 200 Famnlles Ewmg Lawrence Greater Yardley SUBURBAN MESSENGER THE DELAWARE VALLEYS LARGEST WEEKLY NEWSPAPER 75 1500 BRUNSWICK CIRCLE SPECIAL BOWLING RATES FOR STUDENTS LUNCHEONETTE FACILITIES FREE PARKING OPEN BOWLING EVERY NIGHT EXCEPT THURSDAY Call EX 4 4915 for Reservahons CURTIS BOWLING ACADEMY INC 391 SOUTH WARREN STREET Trenton New Jersey PATRONS Continued Mrs Frank R Schroeder F Robert Schroeder Mrs Catherine Sedskl Mr and Mrs John Sgro Mr and Mrs John Sgro Mr and Mrs Stanley Shubllla Max H Slegel Mlss Cathy Slelskx Mr and Mrs Walter Slkorskl Mr and Mrs Stephen Slmonowlcz Mr and Mrs John C Slrak Joseph and John Slattery Mr and Mrs F J Smlth Mr and Mrs H L Smlth Pam Smlth Smokey s Garage Mrs Esther Snead Eugene J Sohwoda Mr Stephen Soodul Mrs Stephen Soodul South End Auto Parts and Glass Sorrentlro s Shoe Store South Jersey Concrete Plpe Co Mr and Mrs Charles H Stearle Mlss June Steele Steve s Market Mr John P Stlrpe Mlss Agnes M St John Mr and Mrs J A St John Blll Sulllvan Ins and Real Estate Henry Surgent Wllham K Sutterlm Mr and Mrs John J Sweeney Szelxch s Bakery Mr and Mrs George Szycslk and Son s Mr and Mrs Anthony M Talerlco Louls Tammaro Self Service Mrs Catherine Tanner Mrs Lena Tarantmo Mr and Mrs George Thomas Mr and Mrs Donald C Thomas Mrs Albert Tlmko Mr and Mrs Stephen Toboz Alexander Tompa Mr Alexander S Tompa Jr Mr. Alexander S Tompa, Sr Mr and Mrs John M Toth Trenton Furniture Co. Nf . " . . Exz-7148 ., Complimenfs of CLOVER LEAF DAIRY Morrisville, Pa. "We Serve in Tren'I'on" Compliments of NEW JERSEY TOBACCO CO. 170 PATRONS - Coniinued Trenton Wire Company Ubanik's Esso Station Mrs. Enis Valentine Mr. and Mrs. A. Vannozzi Mr. Americo Venanzi Mr. Dominick Venanzi Fredric Venose Blair N. Vine Miss Ethel Wach Mrs. A. L. Waldron Dr. and Mrs. Charles Waldron Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh Gus Waldron Wine and Liquor Store Francis Walowski Darlene Walsh Mr. and Mrs. John Waltz Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Warga C. G. Warga Mrs. J. E. Warga Mrs. John E. Warga William F. Warner William Warren Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wedo Welsh's Liquor Store Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wenczel Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wereski Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Werkman, Jr. David J. Whelan John F. Wilwol Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wilwol Mrs. Anna B. Wilwol Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wilcenski Windsor-Manor Bar and Grill Willets 5c and 51.00 Winowicz Funeral Service Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wisniewski Charles E. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Emil Wszolek Grace B. Young Mr. and Mrs. Warren Zanoni Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Zimmer Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Zoda Mrs. M. Zolna Michael J. Zolna, 3rd. Mr. Michael S. Zolna Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zsiszeri Mrs. Cecelia Zygmunt Compliments BLAKELY LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING Phone EX 6-I53l STEEL'S FLORAL Flowers By Sleel Will Always Appeal 725 S Broad Street Trenton, N. J. BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. Abarno Mr. Bill Abbott Clara Abramcz Mr. and Mrs: Stanley Abramczyk Betsy Adams Mrs. Charles Adams Agabiti's Shoe Repair Ida Agabiti Ernest G. Akle Mrs. Wanda Akle Mrs. Fannie S. Albano Josephine M. Albano Allen Allen George Allen Mrs. Irene Allen Al's Sandwich Shop Mr. and Mrs. Lukas Altseimer Mr. Benny Amato Compliments of Joseph Amenta Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson Marion Anderson Mrs. Philip Anderson Raymond Anderson Ernie Andreoli Mr. Edward Andrzejewski Michael J. Angel Anthony Angelini Jack Angelini Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Anthony Ann's Bakery Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Anthony Anthony's Steak House Joseph Antoniszyn Dr. Danbe Antonucci Peter N. Apostolires Mrs. Rose Appelgate Mrs. H. Appleby Mr. Hugh Arbuthnot Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Armenti Alan Arnold BOOSTERS Continued Mr and Mrs John Arnold Mrs Bertha Austln Mr and Mrs Andrew Awellmo Salvatore Avelllno Mr and Mrs Ayres Mrs Ida Azzaro N1Cky and Marle Azzaro Pat Azzaro Mr and Mrs M1chaelBacs1k Badge 328 T P D Capt Jlm Bagh Mr and Mrs AI Bakos MISS Irene Bakun Anthony Balardo Mr and Mrs George Balerna and Famlly Mr and Mrs Joseph Balerna and Famlly Mary E Banchoff Mr and Mrs C L Banko Bank s Delicatessen Mrs Ehzabeth Barber Mr and Mrs Elwood Barber Mr Thomas Barcroft Mr and Mrs Karl P Barger M1ss Betsy Barhacz Wm H Barlow Jr Mr and Mrs Peter Baron Sxdney Baron Mr and Mrs John Bartholomeo Gerry Bartle and Stan Zlta MISS Clalre Bartram Mrs Frances Baslle MISS Joeanne Basteckl Mr and Mrs Joseph Basteckl Mr and Mrs Jack Bayless Mrs Edward Bayman Janlce Bayman Kenneth Bayman The Beacon Mrs Rose Belardo Mrs Rose Bell PURCELLS SHOE STORE The Best Qualuty an Shoes for the Whole Farmly 'IZ South Warren Street Just Below State Street TRENTON N J CALL OW 51454 ,gl IC4 4' of QNX' HHN pl. 0 4 LAUNDRY 31 37 MORRIS Ave DWYER BROS ls Trenton s Headquarters for Kodaks Students and Art Supplies Office Supplaes H7 II9 North Broad Street Trenton New Jersey GRIFFITH ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO INC s anon ma sscoun srnssrs TRENTON I0. N. J - . if . ' Z . L l, lu - E 'Q charles B. Biallentine 6 E 4. ST. STAN ISLAUS CHURCH FATHER CLEMENT. O.F.M. CONV. FATHER CERARD. O.F.M. CONV. FATHER ICNATIUS, O.F.M. CONV. Phone EXpor+ 2-749I LOUIS 81 SONS Shoe Repairing and Dry Cleaning Experl Shoe Repairing 81 Dry Cleaning 621 N. Clinton Avenue Trenton, N. J. Louis Dellaria, Prop. Used Cars Boughi' 8: Sold JO-GAM MOTORS For Fine Used Cars See LARRY GAMBELL or CHARLIE JONES 'I536 No. Olden Avenue Trenton, N. J. Phone EX 4-I l53 BOOSTERS - Confinued Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bellan Jerry Bellan Brigitte Beller Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Beller Angelo Benecchi Tom Benentti Mr. John Benney Mrs. John Benney George Benti Miss Suasan J. Bentley Walter S. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Berger Mrs. M. E. Bergevin Mrs. John Berkenkopf Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berkenkopf Miss Judy Berkenkopf Harry Berkowitz Mr. Bernard Paul M. Bernardo Mr. and Mrs. Edward Betros Mrs. Josephine Betros Mrs. John Bettner Mrs. Agnes Bevins Mrs. Julie Bianchi Miss Jean Bigami Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bikowski Bill and Betsy Mr. and Mrs. Bi-nder Bishop Eagan High School Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bittner Mrs. Mary Black Mr. and Mrs. George Bleier Mrs. Arthur Blomquist Bob's Amoco Rt. 33 Frank,Bocchini Lucy A. Boczany Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bodnar Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bodnar Jr. Frances Bodnar Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bodnar John Bodnar CONSUMERS OIL CORPORATION Distributers of RICHFIELD PRODUCTS 421 John Fitch Way if I x X IX KF EX J fl- .gil 'A ' '-I J COLONIAL BOWLING LANES 2420 Brunswick Avenue Trenton, New Jersey Open Lanes Every Day Junior Bowling Leagues 81 Rates Instructions .OOO INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS 'k Filoor and Wall Coverings of All Kinds Linoleum, R.ubber and Asphalt Tiles, etc. Also Sink and Counter Tops 'lr Low Bank Rates - 3 Years to Pay Phone EX 3-9201 for Estimate l 'Ill llN0lEUM C O Y MPAN 208 Sanhican Drive, Trenton, N. J. 175 VILLA PARK Del Angellnl Joseph F Angelmn Andrew M Angeluccu Don Abbie Azzaro E T Beasley J J Calarlo Barr Carabelll Gmc Carabelln Augusi' Carmmgnam Louls F Clrlllo Pasquale A Clrlllo Fred J DeBronzo Edmond DlDona'l'o Pe+er E Frescella Reynold A Funarl S Rlchard Glallella Frank Jeanefh James P Kmnevy Sam Masserlm SOLDIERS AND SAILORS CLUB 272 Franklin Sfreei' BOOSTER CLUB Edmund J Zazzo Mlchael A Masfropaolo Domemc Mengonl Donald P Mercafanh Joseph V Mumola AlexJ Pagnanl Rlchard A Pagnam Fabio Panzolmu Joseph M Palmlern Joseph M Pnsclone Danuel J Procaccmo Jack Rowley Lawrence Samarone Vlcior Canforsnero Jerry Sanverdme Laurence J Schnoernng Vmceni' R Serum Jlm Tuozzolo Nello J Venanzn Anfhony G Venfello QQ Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q ll 'll Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q QQ Q Q QQ Q Q Q QQ Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q QQ Q Q Q Q 0 Q Q Q QQ Q Q BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. John Bodnar Joseph Bodnar Lorraine and Jessica Bodnar Margaret M. Bodnar Benedict J. Bogdan Evelyn Bogdan Helen Bogdan Mr. and Mrs. John Bogdan Joseph and John Bogdan Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bogdan Mrs. Mary Bogdan Bolis Chevron Service Mrs. Michael J. Bombery Remo Bonanni Rudy Bonanni Lucy Bonelli Mr. Peter Bonelli Mrs. Maria Bontanti Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bontanti Mr. Vincent Bontanti Mrs. Ethel Borbas Mr. and Mrs. C. Borowski Edmund A. Borelli Mr. and Mrs. C. Borowski Mae Borrelli Mr. and Mrs. George Borro Mrs. V. Bossman Botal Inn Bowen's Rexall Drugs John Boyd Mrs. Mary A. Boyd Mr. Robert J. Boyd Virginia Lee Boyd Miss Patricia J. Boyle Ralph C. Bradbury Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bralynski Mr. and Mrs. J. Bramer Fritz Brand Frank Breece Francis P. Brennan Mrs. J. A. Brennan ANDY'S AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES. INC 236 John Fitch Way Trenton, New Jersey LY 9-9566 Open 9-I2:30 Sundays Par+s, Equipment and Compleie Machine Shop Service FINEBURGS' Au+o Accessories - Garage Equipmenf Tires 533 So. Brood Street Trenion, N. J. EXporI 6-928i Kelly Springfield Tires I77 Yardley Venetian Blind Service iMakers of Fine Vene+iansl HY 3-3636 Yardley, Pa. Complimenfs of CAROL PERRY. INC Open 9 A.M. to 3 A.M. ow 5.2404 PEP'S STEAK HOUSE Deliveries to Factories and Offices 945 Liberfy Sfreef TRENTON. NEW JERSEY SHERWOOD JEWELERS, SILVERSMITHS The Diamond Corner' State and Broad Telephone EXpor+ 3-9666 Tren+on, N. J. BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. V. Brennan Mr. and Mrs. James J. Bresmen Bridge Auto Body Mr. Irven L. -Brown Jr. Miss Margarette Brobnar Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruno Mrs. Mary Bruno Nick Bruno Mr. Joseph Bryce Mrs. Joseph Bryce Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bucchino Alfred W. Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. A. Buchler Janice Bucko Mrs. John Bucko Mr. and Mrs. James Bucs Miss Sharon Bucs Mr. Stephen Bucs Mrs. Charles Buford, Jr. Lorraine Bugay Mrs. S. Bugay Bernard Bulakowski Mildred S. Bull Rev. Edward A. Bumbera Mrs. John J. Bumbera Mr. Val Bunnick Angelo R. Buonanno Helen Burke Judy Burkhauser Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Burkhauser Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burkus John Burns Marguerite G. Burns Miss Ruth A. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Gabor Burson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Burzymowski Agdzie Butch Phyllis Butera Rita Butera Norm Buttaci Mr. and Mrs. A. Buzgo Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Buzgo BOOSTERS Conhnued Maryann Buzgo Vllma Buzgo Lloyd Buzzl Tom Byrne Mr James Cacclatore Mr W1ll1am Cacclatore Cadwalder Llquors Paul Cagan Emlly Calderone Mr and Mrs Harry J Callan MISS Nan E Callan Mr and Mrs Joseph Calolaro S Calolaro Mr and Mrs E Calorlo Sandra Calorlo MISS Florence Camera Mr Frank Camera Mr and Mrs John Cameron M1ss A Candelorl Mr and Mrs John C Cannon George apewell Jr Mrs George Capewell Mr and Mrs H Capewell Joan Capewell Mary Capewell Capltol VIEW Barber Shop Mr and Mrs Capom Angela Caputl Catherlne C Carabelll Frances Carabelll Mr and Mrs Paul Cardaclotto Dr and Mrs G A Cardella Antolnette Cardmale Mrs Anna Carey Carl J Carey Harold B Carey Mr Henry H Carey Joseph Carey Leonard Carey Murlel Carey Mr and Mrs Robert F Carey Mrs J R Carlen Earl Carllsle Cec1l1a Carmlgnam Mr and Mrs Caroll Mr Alfonso Carotenuto Carmela Carotenuto Mr Louls Carotenuto Mr and Mrs Mlchael Carotenuto Anne M Carr Bart F Carr Mrs Catheune Carr John D Carr Robert Carr Robert Carr Mr Thomas E Carr Mrs Thomas E Carr Mr Tony Carrano Francls E Carrol Gerald T Carrol Mrs Anne M Carroll Mr and Mrs C Waltre Carroll Thomas Carson Mr and Mrs Joseph Cartlldge James J Carton Jr M1ss C Case M1ss Carolyn Case Mr and Mrs Bradley Casey Mr and Mrs L W Castana Guy Castranova Mrs Guy Castranova Katherlne Castranova Ann Cattam Mrs C Cattam Orlando Cattam Elleen Cavavaugh Mr and Mrs Edward Cebulskl Mr Damel Cedar Mr and Mrs Anthony Celentana Lucy E Celentana George Ceremsak John Ceremsak Mr: and Mrs: John Cannon Dr. and Mrs..C. Waltre Carroll . . . S . . .I 2 . . Complimenh of Suburban Cleaners and Shirt Launderers Compllmenls 'F FLEMINGTON CUT GLASS CO Flemlnglon N J OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Complamenls I BARBER SHOP 1336 South Broad St Trenlon N J J ALLEN HOOPER FUNERAL CHAPEL 45 North Pennsylvanua Avenue Morrisville Pa FUNERAL HOME IN TRENTON ALSO AVAILABLE Phone Mornsvalle CY 5 7725 I2 U O !' E U O I- I 2 0 '3- -I 3 3 3' 9 Z 9' 0 . . P . I - w ' . 3 - . . 'S - . in 0 ' I o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOOO U , F I I 604Vz Bear Tavern Road TUxedo 2-42II Besl' Wishes SIDNEY M GREENWALD 926 Brunswack Avenue Trenlon 8 New Jersey Complnmenls of HIRSCHMANS DAIRY LUCAS MOTOR COMPANY Cars Trucks Washlngion Ave al' Federal Sfreel' BURLINGTON NEW JERSEY 181 DUdIey 6 anoo EXporI' 2-4638 Air Condiiioned You've Tried +he Resf-Now Try +he Bes+ THE ORIGINAL DOMINICK PICA TOMATO Pies Baked in Coke Brick Oven 461 Whittaker Avenue 81 Roebling Avenue For Prompi' Courieous Service Tren+on, N. J. Play Golf a+ fhe Larges+ 8: Besf Miniafure in Ihe U. S. A. WHITE HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP Rf. 206 of White Horse Circle Taz Complimenis of PETER M. CASARICO HENRY P. DI DONATO OTHELLO MAISTO CHARLES FRUSCIONE HAMLET MAISTO NICHOLAS SALAMANDRA Complimenis of Sf. Mary's Church of the Assumption HBYZANTINE RITE" V. Rev. Geo. J. Chegin, V.F., Pasfor Rev. Paul Fe+ch, Curafe Phone: EXport 6-88 I 7 MARGE NAPOLEON BEAUTY SALON 'l2'l5 South Broad Street Trenton IO, New Jersey Margaret 81 Ernest--Hair Stylists JOHN J. DALE Licensed Plumber - All Townships Residential - Commercial - Industrial Oil Burner Sales 81 Service - Gas Heating Emergency Service On Clogged Sewers and Drains Completely Clears Obstructions 249 Tioga Street Trenton. N. J. All Work Guaranteed Phone Lyric 9-3737 Best Wishes BRENFLECK FUEL COMPANY 'blue cool'-FUEL oiL 266 Third Street TRENTON. NEW JERSEY Phone: EXport 3-4266 Radio Dial 81 Panels Decals, Ceramic Printing FRANK A. CLARICI 81 SONS siLK SCREEN REPRODUCTIONS 329 East Franklin St. Trenton, N. J. Printing on Glass - Metal- Wood - Etc. Pliorie LY 9-966i - EX 3-I966 BOOSTERS Conhnued Carmela Cerenz1o Mrs Peter Cerenzo Mr Joseph M Cermele Gerald Challender Mrs Sophle Challender Chambers Cleaners John Champlon Swlthlll Chandler M D Mlchael S Chantl Mr and Mrs Walter Charmck Mr and Mrs J Charry Mrs Jeanne Chasteen M1ss Kathleen Chato Mr and Mrs Albert Check Mr Andrew Cherba Mr Andrew Cherba Francls Chester Lydla Chlacghlo MISS Mar1anne Ch1anese Richard Ch1anese Mrs W1ll1am Ch1anese Mrs Vmcent Chlaradla Amello Chlarello Mr and Mrs James Ch1ar1ello Chlck s Barber Shop Jerry Chlorello Betsy Adams Ronald P Chlorello M T Chopan Chop1n Musxc Store Dave Chorba Mrs Dorothy Chorba Barbara Chuma Mr John Chuma Mr and Mrs John Chuma Mr Elrlc Clcehetlt C1cero Henry J C1611kOWSk1 Mr and Mrs Leonard C1eIlk0WSkl MISS Bruna CIODO 'JU . . o -. . - - , .-fb . ' ' .' P1 . ,., . . . ' "Q . . 99 - - - . - Q - - . I - U2 . . -m I 000000 . 0 an ' 0 ' I u Establlshed I90I W M WATSON fr CO T A Major Presudent REAL ESTATE INSURANCE One West State Street COMMERCIAL PRINTING 681 South Broad Street Trenton N J For the Best Deal on a NEW DODGE or SIMCA 66 VOLK MOTORS 1875 N Olden Avenue BOOSTERS Conhnued Mr and Mrs John Clancy Mr T1m Clark MISS Barbara Clauss Mr and Mrs Harry E Clauss Kathleen Clauss Lorralne Clauss MaryAnn Clauss Mrs Cather1ne Cleary Mr and Mrs James Cleary Mr Robert Cllnton Mrs Freda Clugston Mrs Mae Cochran Freeholder and Mrs Rlchard J Coffee Charles C Cohan MD Annet Cohen Harry Cohen Catherme M Coleman Jay Albert Coleman Mart1n Coles Mr and Mrs Frank Collura Colomal Cleaners Mr and Mrs James Conklln Mr and Mrs John A Conner Mrs Mar Connor Mr and Mrs Stephen J Connor Mr Walter G Connor Mrs Ann Conrey Mr B111 Conrey Samuel Consegllo Stella C Consegho Mabel L Constantlne Manon Conte Sam and Carol Conte Dr Thomas G Conte Mrs Ida Contento Edlth Ann Contl Arlene Cook Brlan Cook Mrs Edna Cook Mrs Edward Cook Mrs John Cook Russell J Cook Mrs Wayne Cook Mrs Wllham Cook Mrs Margaret E Coonan MISS Rlta Cooney Mrs Helen Cooper Gerry Cordas Gerry Cordas Mar1on Cormxer Noreen Cormler MfSgt and Mrs O J Cormler Mr and Mrs A Cort1s1n1 John Cosma John Cosma Mr and Mrs Lou1s Cosma Mr Emldlo COStaI1tlI1l Ern1e COStaI1t1!l1 Bertha M Cottman M1ss Jean Coyle M1ss Nellle Coyle Mr and Mrs Wm J Cra1g Mr and Mrs Earl Cranlage Mr Harry Crawford Mlckey Crawford Jeff Cray Mr and Mrs L Crecco Mrs J Creeden Robert Cflttl Mr and Mrs Edward Cronm Elulra A Cruc1l1 Mr and Mrs John Cruc1l1 Olga M Cruc1l1 Penny and Rlck Cruc1l1 Mr Charles Cryan Mrs John Cryan M1ss Nora Cryan Jean Csubak MISS Chr1s Cudhea George A Cudhea Mr and Mrs E L Cunnlngham . , . . ' Miss Louise Cracker ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE THE WESLEY INSURANCE' SERVICE AGENCY sos sTuYvEsANr AVENUE TRENTON 8, N. J. EXpor'I 3-6827 Complimenfs of A FRIEND 'I86 BOOSTERS Conhnued Edward Cu1le5 Florence Cu1t1n Mr and N115 RODQIL Cu1t1s M1 and M15 Joseph Cya1nsk1 Mr and M15 Cy1ek M1chael W Cxrek Mr Joseph Czahur DAgost1no B105 Inc M1 Joseph Dahlborg Hugh Da1ly Arthu1 L Dalton E Denn15 Daly James Damasco Fannle D Ambroseo Lou D Amb1o5eo Jr M1 and Mr5 Louls J DAmbroseo Leah Danlels Mrs Helen Danko Thomas D arcy Mr and Mrs Edward P Dare Mr and M15 M Dargay Mlss Agnes Darragh Lawrence T Davala Mr and Mr5 James Davldson Mrs Ann DeAngelo Mr Joseph DeAngelo Helen Deb1ec Mr and Mrs Peter J' Deblec and Son Mr and Mrs A DeBlas1o Mr DSCICCO Chr1s DeCostanza Elalne DeCostanLo Father DeCoste Jerry DeFeo Frank DeFoe Henry DeGeorge Edward DeLa1ne Mr and Mrs Nhcholas DelL1aud1o Lena Del Momca 130 E Hanover Street TRENTON 8 NEW JERSEY We welcome amateur Photographers wuth fheur problems Expert advnce cheerfully guven nn Trenton smce l93l export 5 9211 HERMAN SPIEGEL E F U R N 1 T U SPIEGELS Modern Manor 33 45 Market Street Trenton 10 New Jersey Phone OWen 5 5444 385 S Warren Street Trenton I0 New Jersey Phono EXpo t 6 6654 187 a Al 11. . ' ' ' ' . w 3 , I . -' c . , 1 , ' J . . I I I Q 1 . , Mr. John Danko . . 1 9 i 00 ' ' F I N R E I . , . -, 5 u . .L ' ' I . . I' ' ASBRAND HARDWARE Weigand and Groeger, Props. Hardware - Paints - Oil- Glass 677 Franklin Sf., Cor. Liberty TRENTON 10. NEW JERSEY Phone LY 9-4804 Trenton IO. N- J- W For Financial Security open an insured Saving Account Q3 '70 current earningsl Old Borough Savings 81 Loan Assn. 858 Soufh Broad S'I'ree'I' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY Phone EX 4-7077 BOOSTERS -- Continued Sara DeLorenzo Mrs. Frank DeMarco Miss Louise DeMarco Mr. and Mrs. M. DeMarco De Marco's Market Mrs. Joseph Dempesy Joseph Dempesy Jr. Edwin W. Denzler Jr. Mr. George Depue Mrs. George M. Depue Mr. Raynond Derois Dorithy D'Errico Mr. Denis P. Destribats Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Destribats Deutz Home Improvement Co. Dewey's Delicatessen Matthew DeVito Mr. George Dezseran Miss Jane Dezseran Mrs. Jennie Diangelo Dianne and Paul Mr. Charles Di Cicco Mr. John Di Cicco Mrs. Lena Di Cicco Miss Nancy Di Cicco Mr. William L. Di Cicco Mrs. Di Donato Mr. Barry Di Donato Mr. and Mrs. Louis Diehl M. DiGiuseppe Mrs. Frank Dileo Mrs. Anthony Dilisa Mrs. Rose Di Lioue Mr. and Mrs. George Dilts Mr. and Mrs. Carmine DiMatte0 Dr. and Mrs. Edward Dimon Mrs. Ethel DiMucci Dinner Bell Diner Mr. and Mrs. Philip DiPaola Angelo DiPastina Betty DiPietro BOOSTERS Conhnued Mr and Mrs George D1Pulla Jack DrRrenzo Carol Drrk Mr and Mrs Anthony DrSalvo Brll R C DrSalvo Mrs Marx D1Salvo Mr and Mrs M1chaelDobay Lorrarne and Joann Dobres Wir and Mrs Stanley Dobres John Doe Mrss Elrzabeth R Doherty Anthony and Gary DoLus1c Mrs O Dolusrc T Donahue Mrss Veronrca A Donahue Rudy Donatellr Marre Doran Mr and Hrs Wrllram Doran Mr and Mrs Jules Dore Dorko Florrst Mr and Mrs Julrus Dornstauder Dory s Bar Mrs Jane Dougherty Mr and Mrs Wrllram Doughty Edward Douress Mr and Mrs Joseph Dovr Mr and Mrs Walter P Dowd James F Doyle Mrs John A Doyle Joseph Dractenberg Pretro Drago Mr and Mrs Andrew Drangula Mrs Jamrson Dressmaker Robert Drres Mrs Joseph Drrft Bohelan Dubyh Mrs Clara Duffy Mr and Mrs J Duffy Margaret V Duffy Mrs Dax rd Dugan Ann Duncan and Mrs and Mrs and Nlrs and Mrs Rrchard Andrew Durchuck Nlrchael Durrsrn Stephen Durrtt Raymond Dyjak Dyjak Trudy Dyrsten Mr Lours Dzbenskr T E Dzrensuwskr Danrel Jane and Michael Dzrura Mr Mrchael Dzrwak Mrs Mrchael Dzrwak Mrss Joan Eckel Mr and Mrs Mrchael Eckel John B Eden Helen E Egan Mr and Mrs Arthur W Eldrrdge Theodore Eldrrdge Eleonor Beauty Salon Mr and Mrs E Eleuterr Albert Elras Robert Elras Mr and Mrs Theodore El1as El Rancho Bar Mr Frank Emde Mrss Freda Emde Very Rev Nlsgr John J Endebrock Mr and Mrs Frank Eprfanro Harry Eprscopo and Nlrs George Erdy r and Mrs F Errckson and Mrs Mrke Ernr Edward Errrckson and Mrs Phrlrp Esher and Mrs Rudolph Esher Angle Esposrto Lawrence Esso Mr Leonard Fstabrooke Mr and Hrs Robert Ettenger Mr and Mrs Robert Ettenger Bert Evans ' ' Mr. . ' Mr. r 1. r ' ' ' . T ' . ' Mr. r '. ' 1 A .wa D I Y n rl 1 ' . . I ' . Dorey's Bar ' ! ' - Y Mr. . . u M . ' . " Mr. ':. ' ' ' G Mr. '3. ' ' ' Mr. 7. . . FISCHER BAKING COMPANY TEL EX 2 we-1 EX 2 ms 802 PROSPECT STREET TRENTON 8 NEW JERSEY SCHREIBER S SUNOCO at the Battle Monument TIRES TUBES BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES Our Specialty Motor Tune up MAGLIONE S CLEANERS 501 Emory Avenue Trenton N J BOOSTERS Conhnuecl Mr and Mrs Paul Evans Mr Ernie Ewashko Luclne P Fabian Mrs oseph1ne P Fabxano Fabian s Service Station Mrs Helen Fabr1v1o Joe Falca Rose Falconla Falsettl s Shoe Repair Mr and Mrs Francls Faltz Mary Falzone Mr Frank Faras Mr and Mrs John A Farbar Mr and Mrs George Farber Mr and Mrs Joseph Fares D S Farma Mr and Mrs John Farmo Theresa Farmella Mr and Mrs E W Farley Mrs Eleanore Farley Mr Joseph Farley Mr and Mrs Richard Farley Mr and Mis ThomasJ Farley Wally Farr Mr and Mrs Anthony Farrauta Mr and Mrs Joseph Farrell Marie Farrell Mr K Fasanella Mr and Mrs James Favata Mr and Mrs John R Fazekas Jr Mr and Mrs W1ll1am A Fazekas Mrs Mary Fedor Mr and Mrs Anthony Feldenzer Jr Mrs Pearl M Fenton Mary A Feranko Ferencslk s Bar Mr W1ll1am Ferguson Mrs Anna Ferko Miss Elaine Ferko . , . . ., . ' . . . Miss Patricia Farley I I I ' ' ' 9 .. Q . I , . . 190 COI'I'll9El'l'l0l'lt5 of ST. PETER FRIARY POINT PLEASANT BEACH. N. J. REV. ROGER NELIPOWITZ. O.F.M. CONV. REV. RALPH BIROS, O.F.M. CONV. REV. CHRISTIAN SPINELLA, O.F.M. CONV PENGUIN POOLS SUPPLY 81 EQUIPMENT CO. CUSTOM BUILT GUNITE POOLS Member of Nafional Swimming Pool Insi'i'I'uI'e TUxecIo 2-4258 Gei Our Guniie Esfimafe Before You Build HEATH LUMBER COMPANY Isao No. ouaen AVENUE exrermou TRENTON. NEW JERSEY expm 2.1 use I92 COMPLIMENTS OF ROSALIE and STEPHEN DRUZBACK CAPITOL CITY JALOUSIE TYPE wlNoows s. nooks COMBINATION STORM WINDOWS 8: DOORS VENETIAN BLINDS Manufacfurers ALUMINUM AWNINGS JU 7-3653 407 RUTGERS AVENUE Trenion 90, N. J. BOGSTERS Contmued Mlchael and Jacquelme Ferko Albert Ferrant1 Guy Ferrantl Guy Ferrant1 Mrs Paullne Ferrara Gabrlel Ferrl Frank A Ferro Mr and Mls Robert C Ferry Wxlham J Ferschke Jerry Festa Jerry Festo Mrs Mary Feyt1 Mr and Mrs Paul Feytl Mr Steve Feytl Rocco V F1asco Mrs Fxgure MarJor1e C Flnnegan Mrs A F1or1 Mr and Mrs John F1or1 Fred F1or1ll1 Mr Charles F1scher Mr and Mrs P Flscher John J Fltzerald Mrs John F1tzg1bbon Mr and Mrs John F1tzg1bbon M1chaelB F1tzg1bbon Patrlck F1tzg1bbon Jr Mr and Mrs Patr1ck J F1tzg1bbon Paul L Fltzglbbon Mr and Mrs Robert Fltzpatrlck Dorls Flernmg Helen Flemlng Mrs Margaret Flemmg Mrs Margaret Flemmg MISS Cather1ne Flynn Carmella Foldetta Mlss Mary L Foldetta Andrew Foley Edward T Foley MATTY S BAR 712 s Broad sneer Trenton N J BEAUTY VOGUE 1476 W State Street Trenton N J Phone EX 4 4967 Ottice Phone Lenox War EXport 2 66I2 Alr Heatmg Complnments ot GEORGE DUACHEK INC SHEET METAL CONTRACTOR G J Sprmgtield 1460 Prospect St CYpress 5 55I9 Trenton N J 193 I Mrs. Charles S. Fischer . i I O 4 BOOSTERS Conhnued Food Center Mrs W1ll1am Forbes Mrs Agnes Forczek Mr and Mrs George Formanek Mrs Joseph1ne Formanek Mr and Mrs Formaroll M1ss Donna Mane Formaroll and Mrs Orlando Formaroll Theodore M Formaroh Stephen Formlcola Stephen Formlcola Stephen Formlcola Stephen Formlcola T1na FOPUIICOIH Mary Forte Mr and Mrs Joseph Fosky Wayne and Dale Fosky Elame and Dav1d Fowler Mr and Mrs Davld Fox Mrs Josephme Fox Sharon and Marlene Frabrlzlo Anthony Fracella Mrs Mary Frame Mrs Clara Franco MISS Elalne Franco Mlchael J Franko Frank s Tomato P1es Pamela Frarrauto Mrs John Frascella Mrs Dosea Frascella Mary Frascella Jerry Frawco Mrs C H French Frer s Radlo Servlce Theresa Anna Fresco Mr and Mrs Charles Fned A Frlend A Frlend A Frlend BRENNA FUNERAL HOME 340 HAMILTON AVENUE TRENTON NEW JERSEY WINEBURG S DEPARTMENT STORE QUALITY SERVICE Low PRICES 901 907 S Broad St Cor Beatty Trenton New Jersey AMOROSO FLOWER SHOPS 212 South Broad Street 997 South Broad Street 636 Lalor Street Trenton, New Jersey Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. ' Mr. ' Mr. ' Mr. ' Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Forsthoffer, Jr. I 9 u ' I 8 CUTTALOSSA INN Route 32 Lumberville, Penna. Tel. Axfel 7-338I or Axfel 7-8985 BOOSTERS Conhnued Comphments Of A Frlend A Frlend of T C Mr and Mrs Leonard Frost Lorra1ne Frusclone Damel Fuccello Mr Albert Futterman Mr and Mrs John Gabor Ann Gadsby C Elwood Gagg Paul Gagllardl Mr and Mrs Joseph Gagl1ardo Mr and Mrs George P Galayda John T Gall Ann Gallagher Ed P Gallagher Eddle Gallagher Thomas H Gallagher Mrs Thomas H Gallagher Gallo s Grocery Lary Gambell G and W Market Ellen Garber Mrs Carohne Garren John Garrett Mr and Mrs Jules Gasparre Mr and Mrs Joseph Gasper Francxs C Gattl Mr and Mrs George Gaydos John M Gelger Robert Geller Mr and Mrs Peter L Gennello Mr and Mrs Frank Gentxle Mrs Clalre Gerdes Carol1ne Gervasonx Domemc Gervasonl Mrs Domemc P Gervasonl Mrs A John Gervasonl Helen Getz M1ss Joan Getz Mrs Mary Getz Mr and Mrs Albert Glancarll Angelo Glancarlo Augle G1anGrasso Frank C Glbson Fred C GlbS0n Mr and Mrs Oscar Glbson M1ss Dorothy Gldusko Edward Gllbert Mr and Mrs Chester G1lleo Mr and Mrs Jesse G1lleo Mrs Teresa G1lleo Betty G1ll1gan Donald A Glordano Mrs Florence Glordano John Gxordano Louls J G1ovacch1n1 Mrs Anthony G1ovannett1 Mr and Mrs A G1ovann1n1 Mr Peter G1ovann1n1 Mrs Rose G1u1s1ppe Mr and Mrs Edw Glendon Abe Ghck Mr Joseph J Gnandt Stephen Gnandt M1ss Betty Goeke Mrs Ellzabeth Goeke Mr and Mrs Francls Goeke M1ss Carol Gold Mr and Mrs J L Goldenbaum ROSIQ Goldenbaum Alfred Golemblewskl M1ss Barbara Golembeskl Mr and Mrs Charles Golembeskx Goo Julla Gorman Mrs T1ll1e Gorskl Mr and Mrs Arthur Gosselm Gould s Fxve and Ten Cent Store Mr. and Mrs. John Gallos Mr: and Mrs: J..Giovanni 20TH CENTURY PUB. CO. All Kinds of Commercial Printing Wedding Invitations a Specialty 120 Mott Street Trenton, N. J. Phone EXport 3-4731 WALTER F. BOYE FLOWER DESIGNS Hightstown. New Jersey BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. W. Graff Alexander Granello Joseph D. Gray Thomas A. Gray III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graziano Mr. Robert Grear Ed Green Anne Grega Mrs. A. V. Gribbon James A. T. Gribbon Rev. Gerald Griffin Grace Griffith Joseph Grigoli Frost Grill Verna Grimes Mr. and Mrs. John Grochala Arthur Grocott C. Bergen Groendyke Mr. and Mrs. John Grofiie Mr. Ed Grogan Dru 'Gropp Mrs. Milton J. Gross Mr. Ann R. Grove Mr. and Mrs. D. Allen Grove Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grove Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grzegoreck Carmen Guaglearda Louis Gualfetti Mary Gualfetti Edward Guarnieri Mrs. Rosalie Guarnieri Gloria Guerassio Margie Guido Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Guralski Mrs. Hedwig Gusz Mr. and Mrs. A. Gutowski Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gutowski Ann Gyetuan Allen Hacther Mrs. Harry Haenni ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo EX 6-2224 AUTO TRANS CO. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS New and Rebuil+ - All Types 1025 Princeton Avenue Trenton, N. J. Tom F 81 F GARAGE Mike Complimenfs of AGABITI BROS. INC 'I25 Swan Street Compl me +s of GREGDRY HDMES, Inc 19 Gregory Drlve HAMILTON SQUARE N J JU 7 3347 Joseph DeLoH'o, Presid 'r BOOSTERS - Continued Miss Ann Hagen Miss Mary Ann Hagen Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hahn Sr. Mrs. J. A. Hajcak Mr. Joseph A. Hajcak Mrs. Julia Hajcak Mr. and Mrs. Irene Halasz Mr. John Halasz Mr. Michael Halasz Mrs. Teresa Halasz Mrs. Gertrude Hall The Hamann Family Hamilton Auto Tops Hamilton Food Mkt. Hamilton Shell Mr. John Hancin The Handy Shop Mr. Donald Haney Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Haney Mrs. Kathryn Hanson Mr. and Mrs. George Harcar Normand Hardy Mary Harhigh Mr. and Mrs. H. Harris Mrs. Jeanne Harris Dave Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harrold Miss Jean Harrold Compliments of Harry's Mrs. Hartgerink Frank H. Hartley Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hartmann Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Haws Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Haws Sr. Roy Hays Miss Betty Hazard Stanley Heibron Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments ot 000000000 NOTTINGHAM PHARMACY "Quality and Service" Phones: JU 6-3400 and JU 6-340l 25 George Dye Road Between Nottingham Way and Route 33 Hamilton Square, N. J. Harold O. Bloomberg, Rg. Ph. MODERNIZE YOUR HOME Free Esfimaie NO JOB TOO LARGE OR TOO STONE FRONTS ROOMS FENCING KITCHENS WATERPROOFING BATHROOMS CAULKING ATTICS NEW HOMES BASEMENTS DORMERS OFFICES GARAGES ADDITIONS PORCHES SWIMMING POOLS SMALL ROOFING CARPENTRY MASONRY HEATING PLUMBING PAINTING PAPERING ALUMINUM WEATHER BOARD SIDINGS, COMBINATION WINDOWS, DOORS. JALOUSIES AND AWNINGS Cash or Terms - Call Now De Graaf Roofing 81 Engineering Co., Inc. 1240 Princeton Ave., Trenton, N. J. EXpor+ 3-2520 Day, Night, Sunday Member of Trenton Forest OOOO EXpor+ 4-532 I W. M. DICKINSON CO. "ProfesionaI Insurance Service" 'I45 E. Hanover Street Trenton, N. J. 202 BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. Helmlinger Helmlinger Dairy Mrs. Helninger Mr. and Mrs. Helnlinger Edgar Henderson Bud Henry Mr. Jack Henry Mrs. James Henry Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Mr. Owen Henry Hermitage Laundromat David A. Hewitson Raymond Horton Milton J . Hershberger Jr. Ralph L. Hibbs Mrs. Constance Hice Mr. and Mrs. Mearl Hice Patricia Hice Robert Hice Francis J. Higgins Mrs. Anna F. Hilan Bob and Helen Hill Hillcrest Boys' Club Mr. and Mrs. Herbert C. Hillman Frank Hipp Mr. and Mrs. A. Hirsch Dr. Bernard A. Hirschfield Hi-way Inn Bar Mr. and Mrs. S. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hoffman Arthur J . Holland Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Holliday Mabel E. Hollies John Holmes Richard C. Holzbaur James J. Horan Mrs. Susan Hordchok Richard Hornick Thomas Hornick BOOSTERS - Confinued Matthew Horvath fw2rirJ Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Hose Mrs. Herbert Houck Miss Mary Lou Houck Miss Nancy Houck Mrs. David Housel Pat Housel Mr. and Mrs. M. Housky Donald E. Howarth Mr. and Mrs. William J. Howard Mrs. Ann Howe Gerald VV. Howell Mr. Oscar Howley Mrs. Anna Hreha Mr. Edward Hresko Mrs. John Hresko Anna Hrico Bruce Hubley Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Huda Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hull Raymond Hullfish Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Hunt, Sr. Elaine Hustak Mrs. Earl Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hutchinson Mrs. Mary Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hychalk, Sr. Michael Hychalk Jr., U.S.M.C. Thomas Hychalk Ike's Luncheonette Josephine Immordino Marie Immordino Peter Immordino Steve and Joan Immordino Imperial 1 hr. Cleaners Ida Innocenzi Mr. John Innocenzi Josephine Innocenzi Evelyn Inverso Cenfral Jersey s Home Fashion Shop MANNINGS WAYSIDE FURNITURE SHOP 2255 LAWRENCE TRENTON NEW JERSEY M. L. Hoagland, Inc. FINE FURNITURE -. BEDDING - CARPETS DRAPERIES - SLIPCOVERS since is-17 Ample Parking Browse In Leisure 203 RAYNOR REALTY CO. REALTORS Raymond R. O'Connor EX 4-3909 I2 South Eastfield Avenue Tren+on 8, N. J. Q...Uf"..."".."."'....'.",'....'n.'.' Complimenfs of P 81 V OIL BURNERS Tren'I'on, N. J. Phone JU 7-I743 JIB MEN'S SHOP FORMAL WEAR TO HIRE 831 Parkway Avenue Open Eves., Till Nine Mon. 81 Sai.-6:00 P.M. TUxedo 2-3I42 Congra+ula+ions To The Class of I960 Sfephen M. Linzenbold, Prop. C. K. BLAUTH LUMBER and BUILDER SUPPLIES A Complele Line of Building Maferial 4363 South Broad Street Yardville. N. J Phone JUniper 6-2283 BOOSTERS Conhnued Leon Inv erso Glnny Ireland Mr and Mrs Thomas Jablonskl Jr Mr and Mrs Nlcholas J Jachettl Jack s Ta1lor Shop Davld M Jacobus Robert D Jacobus Mr and Mrs John Jaczko Jaker Mr and Mrs Frank Jaksa Mr and Mrs Joseph Jancso Mrs Domemck Jannotl Mr Walter Janowskl Art Jarett Al Jarvls Sr Anna Mae Jarvls Lmda Jarvls Mlchael Jarv1s Ruth Jarv1s Albert Jarvls Betty Jerback L Neuman s Jewelers Mr and Mrs W1llard O Jobes Joe s Barber Shop John fN0tt1Ugh3m Barber Shopj Mr and Mrs Boyd Johnson Edward Johnson Mr and Mrs Erml Johnson Mr W1ll1am H Johnson Jr Mr Wllllam H Johnson Jr Mr W1ll1am H Johnson Sr Lucy Jones Nelhe T Jones Mr and Mrs Raymond Jones Mr and Mrs M1chaelP Joyce Mrs Edward Judge and Mrs John A Junghons and Mrs Ronald T Junlak and Mrs M1chaelJ Kakus and Mrs Joseph M Kamrad TYSOWSKI 8. C0 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE BONDS BRUNSWICK AVENUE TRENTON N J EX 4 I739 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 960 From Mr Jack Molnar Mlss Barbara Bazlon Mr 81 Mrs Rudy Seldenglanz Mr 81 Mrs John Clancy Jr Mr 81 Mrs George Shary 205 "" . Jo Sl O l' - 926 Robert E. Johnson . ' l . . I Dr. D A . . . Mr. V . . ' Mr. . ' . Jr. ' ' Mr. . . lANNl'S MARKET 2138 Brunswick Avenue TRENTON. N. J. GROCERIES - FRUITS - FROZEN FRUITS VEGETABLES - DELICATESSEN BOOSTERS Continued Mrs Margaretta A Kane Mr and Mrs Anthony Karboskl Jlm KaY1Val1S George W Kashner MISS Ann K3SpFOWlCZ Mr and Mrs Leon Kasprzyk Albert Kato Raymond Kato Mr and Mrs Raymond Kato Mlss Veron1ca Kato Mr and Mrs George Katz Tom Katz Edna Keatmy Helen K9dZ1eFSk1 Keefe s Hardware Mr Edward Keenan Mr and Mrs James A Keenan Kehrs Drug Store Bernard Kemer Mr and Mrs Hubert J Kelch Jacob A Keller Mrs Loretta Keller V10l3 Keller Mrs Harold A Kelley Damel F Kelly G Elleen Kelly Jos V Kelly Mlchael Kelly W P Kelly Mrs W Paul Kelly Mr and Mrs Hubert J Kelch Mr and Mrs Kemtz Marlon H Kendrlck Mlss Marle Kennedy McM1chael Keputsky John Keres1 Mrs Thomas KGYWICK Mr and Mrs Harry F Kevett Jr Mr and Mrs Albert Klanka Edward Klanka Mr and Mrs Edward Klanka Mr and Mrs Joseph Klanka MISS Dorthy K1Ch1DkO Mrs Charles K1dd Mr and Mrs H J Kllcoyne Mrs Julla G Klng Owen J Klng Thomas E Klng Mr and Mrs John K1Sh Mr and Mrs Karl K1sh Raymond K1sh Joseph1ne Klapac Martha Klapac Mary Klapac Mrs F J Kle1n John F Kleln John Klemmer Mr Harry Klempner Robert M Klosak Mr and Mrs M1Chd61 Kmetz Sr Mr and Mrs Steven Kmleclk Mrs Bertha Knapp Mr Kness Mrs Kness Zoltan Koczak Charles KOICZYHSKI Stella KOICZYHSKI Mr and Mrs N Koncz Mr and Mrs James Kondas Frances Kondash Mr and Mrs Joseph Kondash Tom Kondash Mr and Mrs John Kontura Pamela A Koopman Mr Walter Kopec John Kopfer Barbara Korchxck Mr and Mrs Louxs Korchlck 7 Mr. and Mrs. John Keister Jogeph Klimaszewski nnooloolnoooonoo 0000000000 Complimenfs of A FRIEND HARRY'S ARMY 81 NAVY YARDVILLE SALES CENTER Sporfing Goods Camping Equipmeni' 208 Phone: EX 3-4098 STEINEL PHARMACY JOHN M. HIGHAM, Prop. HamiI'I'on Avenue ai' Soufh Olden Avenue TRENTON. NEW JERSEY lfllllf TRENTON AUTO REPAIR AUTOGLASS Experi' Ins+alla+ion Elec+ric Windows Repaired 224 Furman Street Jack Kovac, Prop. OW: 5-9690 Phone OWen 5-0286 Ivy League COOKY'S CASUAL CLOTHES olsrmcnve sPoRTswEAR For Men and Women 814 Stuyvesant Avenue Trenton, N. J. COCQQCCCCCQQQQOOQ Congratulations Class of I960 ETON SHOP 20 East Stafe Street BOOSTERS Continued Stan Korewa Mr and Mrs John Korinko Jr Mike Korinko Korpse Auto Glass Mrs Andrew Kosco Jack Koshaiek 'Nlr and 'Nhs John Kosicky Anna Kosinski Mr and Mis John Kosinski Mrs Hanah Koslow John G Kosztyu M1 and Mrs John Kosztyu M1 George T Kotch Mr 'ind N115 Koxart Francis Kowalski Gertrude Kowalski Gertiude Kowalski Joseph Kowalski Mr and Mrs Joseph Kowalski Joseph Kozlowski Raymond Krainski Mrs Thadeus Ixrainski Mr Thadeus Krainski Ted Kiamany Miss Regina Kramarz Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kramarz Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kramer Mr. and 'VIrs. John S. Krawczun Kremper Pharmacy Father John Kreuter S.J. Mr. and Mrs. N ictor Krol NI1. Frank J. Krolak Miss Wanda Krolak Rey, fMajorJ C. Krug Mr. Stanley J. Krysztofik III 'VIr. and Hrs. Bill Kuderka Mrs. Joseph Kulak Mr. Nlithatl S. Ixuliczkowski Miss Ellen R. Kuligoski Mr. and Mrs. Jack K. Kunter 9 L 81 N GIUVACCHINI W TRENTON NEW JERSEY CONTRACTORS 81 BUILDERS Congra+ulahons To The Class of I960 29 Oriole Drive BOOSTERS Conhnued Mr and Mrs John T Kuplec M1 Stanley Kuplec Mr and Mrs John Kurtz Kuzma Barber Shop MISS Anna Kuzma Mlchael F Kuzma and Mrs Martm KW1atkOWSkl Leon La Bella Joseph Lacomchlk Betty La Dra Pat La Ferrara Mr and Mrs Joseph Laforsh Jr Mr and Mrs Joseph Laforsh Sr Lakeslde Shell Serv1ce Mr and Mrs R1chard Lambert Jr Lena LaMorte Mr L Lampert Mr and Mrs Lester Lanctot Grover R Landschultz Gemna Lang Lou1s J Langellottl Leonard E Larkm Mrs Irvmg Laskey Gary Lat1n1 Mrs Fred Lauble Lou1s A Lauretl Mrs T Laurentl Irvmg L3V1tZ Mr Chas A Lawton Norman Lawton Mr and Mrs Edward J Leadem Reverent James F Leary Reverend James F Leary Mr and Mrs Rlchard D Leber Mr and Mrs Romeo LeBrun James Lee Mr Walter Lee Mrs Edward Leedom Alex Lepkowsk1 Barbara Lestlclan Mr and Mrs J Lettlere Levle s Beatty St Market Janet Lewallen Mrs Marguerlte Lewallen Mr and Mrs W1ll1am Lewallen Mrs Mary LEWIS Llbby s Lrberty Apparel Shop Llberty MUSIC Center Carmen Llccardo Mr and Mrs Joseph Lleberman Lleblang s Dalry Mr and Mrs James L1 Lesslo Gene L1ll1 Max LlS00k Louls L1 Vecchl Mr and Mrs Louls S Locaclo Mlss Alma Locke Mrs Abther Lockwood Mr and Mrs George Loh Mlss Patrxca Lombardo Mrs Etta Longmuxr Mr and Mrs A Longo Mr and Mrs F Longo Mrs Fanme Longo Mr and Mrs J Longo Ellzabeth Lovatt Mrs Rose Lukacs Mrs Sally Luk1e Mr and Mrs Anthony Luyber Mr Joseph Lydon Mrs Wllllam Lymuk Gall E Lyons Mrs Katherlne Macxolek Mr Frank Mack Mr and Mrs John Maenzer Mr and rs F J Magee George T Mahan Mr. ' ' Mr. ' ' Mr: and Mrs. William Lampert Mr. and Mrs. Michael Liwacz Phone EX 6 8402 f'Nl 17" AUNDRY :Nl Remsen and Howell Streets Trenton I0 N J 00000000 W E WETZEI GIC0 Investment Securztles Export 2 8435 2 DANIECKI S BAKERY 642 North Clrnton Avenue Trenton N J 00000000000000 MEADOWBROOK DAIRY INC Trenton N J OW 5 6297 I2 BOOSTERS Conhnued Mrs Helen Mahan Mrs Dlck Maher Margaret Maher Charles Maler Earl J MHIOTHIO Mr and NI1s Anthony MalSt0 'Vlr and M1s Nlcholas G Ma1St0 Mrs Anna Majermk 'VI1 and Mrs Edward Major Lor1a1ne Maks1mow Cathe11ne Malesk1 Mr and Mrs Edward Mahn John A Malloy Vlncent E Malloy M1ke Manfredl Mr and Mrs Lou1s Manglone Andrevs Mankov1ch Rlta Mankovlch Mrs BernardJ Mann1ng Mr Douglas Manmng Anthony Manto M1s J Manto Janlce Manto Rose Manto Mr and BIIS J Marant Jeanette Marasco Ang1e Ma1chett1 Joseph M3FSh1S6ll1 Mrs John Maressa John Maressa Jr M1 Edward Margerum Mr and BIIS Edward Margerum MISS Mary Margerum Mr and Mrs R Margrattl E11 Marxan Joseph Maflanl Jules Marmko Katherlne MHFIHO Mr and Mrs John J MHPIOH Dorothy Markulec ' . . 7 ' ' tw ' . A . 1 . ". . N a . . L 4. '- u I 1 . , 1. 0 0 4 0 , I I ' 1 4' ' I Y . . 1 . , o . . . . . . , . . I I 0 . ' 2403 uswmnn WISE POTATO CHIPS GPOCQI' MAGEE PUBLISHING CO. Publishers of BORDENTOWN REGISTER WRIGHTSTOWN LEADER FLORENCE TOWNSHIP NEWS NORTON, FARR 81 CUMMINGS The Finesf in Engraving and Printing 123 E Hanover Sf. Trenron, N. J. EXpori' 2-5556 The Party Store of Trenton Dance and Party Decora+ions' BOOSTERS - Continued Mrs. Maroda Alba Marolda and Lew Mars Joe Marosovitz Lew Mars and Louis Marolda Mrs. Helen Marshall Mr. Albert Marsula Mrs. Albert Marsula Miss Cathleen Marsula Mrs. Frances Marue Mrs. Emily Marut Francis E. Marut Mr. Michael Marut Laura Massaro Mrs. Peter Matera Mr. Robert Mathews Mrs. Robert Mathews John D. Mathieson Dr. F. M. Matrjasik Joseph L. Matteucci Charles Mattey Jean Mattey Mr. and Mrs. Russell Matthews Mrs. Donald Mauer Mrs. Markovits Mr. Frank Markovits Mr. Richard Marks Mrs. Richard Marks Marian's Confeotionary Mr. Marolds Mrs. Marion Martian Mrs. Catherine Martin Edward Martin Miss Judith Martin Kate Martin Nancy Martin Patsy A. Martin Angel D. Martino Mrs. Andrew Mortonick Mr. Paul Marue Sr. Mr. Paul Marue Jr. BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. Paul Marue 3rd Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maruglio Miss DeLores T. Massarini Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Mastrangelo Mayfair Cleaners Mrs. Mazur Dorothy McBride James McBride Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McCamish Miss Margaret McClain Mr. William McClain Arlene McClaskey Mr. James M. McClaskey, Jr. Joseph McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McCormack Neal McCormick Leo J. McCrone Norine McDaniels Mrs. Mary McDermott Margaret McGee Mrs. Rose Ann McGee John McGoldrick Bill McGrath Eddie McGrath Nancy McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. McGrath Mrs. McGurk Mr. and Mrs. George McIntyre Vincent McKelvey Jerome B. McKerra Mr. and Mrs. Francis McManimon Mr. Stanley McNamara James McNichol Mr. and Mrs. James McQuire Mrs. Elmer J. McTamney Mrs. Edward F. Meara Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Medici Sarah and Jerry Meehan Mrs. Anna Mercantini Mercer Plastics Co. SALVATORE'S DRUG STORE R. Salvatore, Ph. G. Cor. Hamilton 81 Clinton Avenues Trenton, N. J. Tel. EXport 3-3505 Service tor the Sick CALL US FOR INFORMATION We have large, comfortable buses, at very reasonable rates, with sate, courteous drivers. Get up your own group and charter a special bus-GO when you please-STOP when you please-RETURN when you please. Make that trip with your own group and have tun. Plan it for the middle ot the week, it possible, and avoid crowded highways. STARR TRANSIT CO.. INC. Call Charter Department Hightstown 8-0260 Trenton OW 5-9340 215 BODNAR S SERVICE STATION TIRE Cr RECAPPING ssnvlcs AMOC0 Expert Products 23 Yea rs Experuence Lubncahon Complete Automotive Servuce TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Complimenis of mmacufafe Concelafion pario Very Rev. Daniel Lyons, O.F.M. Conv. Rev. Camillus Murray, O.F.M. Conv. Rev. Seraphin. Fifzgibbon, O.F.M. Conv. Rev. Ives Purcell, O.F.M. Conv. PHIL PRATICO JEWELRY AND NOVELTIES, ETC. Open Nights 6 P.M. to I0 P.M. 971 Lalor Street-Rear EX 2-6953 Phone OW 5-0282 Prop. Diamond Zucchetti D 8: D. RADIO 81 T. V. SERVICE ANTENNA INSTALLATION 866 Revere Avenue Trenton. N. J. BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mesanko Pauline Messineo Fred Micharski Jo Pagano Micharski - Wagon Wheel Dress Shoppe Mr. and Mrs. Pete Midura Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Migliaccio Mrs. Nellie Mikolajczyk Mr. and Mrs. Henry Milecki rs. Antonina Milewski Bill Miller, Kardon Chevrolet Mr. Charles Miller Mrs. Emma Miller Mrs. Frank Miller Mr. John Miller Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Miller Mrs. Mary Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller Mr. and Mrs. William J. Miller Mrs. L. J. Millman Mr. and Mrs. J. Mimmo Miner's Variety Store Rev. Joseph J. Mizerak Anne Mollis Georgian Mollis Miss Geraldine Mollis Mr. John Mollis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Mollis Thomas and Patricia Mollis Mr. and Mrs. Paul Molnar Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Monachello Richard Monahan Jerry Moneypenny Mr. and Mrs. Edward Montague Miss Adeline F. Moon John Mordaunt Nick Morehet Carmen A. Morello Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Morgan Mrs. Wm. J. and Miss Mary Morrissey Nelson Morton BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Mottola Mr. and Mrs. Karl Mount Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mraw Jack A. Mrazik Miss Elizabeth Muka Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Mullen Ray "Bud" Mulrine Mrs. P. J. Mulvihill Mrs. George Murl Mr. and Mrs. Martin Murphy Mr. William R. Murphy, Sr. Charles Mutchiga Joseph Muzyk John Myatovich Mydlowski's Grocery Store Anthony Mydlowski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nablinger Ricky Nablinger Julie Naida Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Naidi Charles Nardi Aida Nardoni Vincent and Estelle Nasile Gail Naylor Mrs. Patsi Needles Mrs. Sol Needles, Jr. Nello's Shoe Shop Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson Herman Nemerson-Kardon Chevrolet Miss Veronica Nemeth Walter J. Nerad Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nesbitt Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Neuman New Leader Food Market Miss Marcia G. New Miss Gail Newman Niagara Cyclo Massage of Trenton Joseph A. Nicholson Nick and Barb Johanna R. Nini Phone: E BUDNEY'S TIRE RECAPPING NEW TIRE MILEAGE GUARANTEED 1920 Brunswick Avenue TRENTON. NEW JERSEY X 4-3I43 Vincent S. Budne y, Prop hr l IIIICLAII llltlm 220 Expon 4-zosa ALBERT P ANNUCCI Proprueior Car Chambers 8: Mnflhn BOOSTERS Conhnued Mr and Mrs John N1Z1OlQk Mrs Ethel Nolan John J Nolan Jr Paul Nolan Adam and Anne NOW1Ck1 Nxcholas Nylkxta Arthur Oberg Mr and Mrs Mark O Brlen Edward H O Connor Charles O Donnell Allce Odrl Allce M Odrl Mr Robert E ODwyer George T O Gorman Rlchard F OGorman Mr and Mrs OKeefe Bernard O Keefe Pat Okum Olden Apparel Mr and Mrs Anthony Olfry Mr and Mrs A Ohmpxo Mrs Al Ohmpo Mrs Ellen M Ohver Ruby E Olson Mr and Mrs Martln J Olszak Harold H O Nell Mr and Mrs James O Ne1ll Theodore Opderaker M1ss Patrxcla Oras Mr and Mrs Donald Orendac Fam1ly Mary Oren1ch Aldo Orlandl Mr Paul J Ostopuck Mr and Mrs Gene Ox erholt Mr and Mrs Earl Overton Mr and Mrs Joseph A Pacera Mrs Margaret Pacera Donald M Pachuta Mrs A Padovano Mrs Irene Pagano Thomas MILES PHARMACY 1606 S Brood Si' TRENTON NEW JERSEY J McHcleR P Class ol 48 DICK PETRQ S 24 Hour Allanhc Servlce EX 2 0460 Greenwood 81 Chambers Srs. Cypress 5 4I I I WAMSLEY PCNTIAC E. Brldge Sr 81 Delmorr Ave Morrisville Pa Compllmenis of fhe IMMACULATE CONCEPTION HOLY NAME SOCIETY 221 0 ' ' s n I . ,. ll . .. . .- ,. 1 y , I 5 . 8 . . ' v 1 . v . .. ,. ,. . L. - . 0 n e n o 7 s o .. I. . Complimenls of CARL'S BARBER SHOP locaied af 59 White Horse Avenue Specializing in CHILDREN,S HAIR-CUTTING Complimenis of COLEMAN BUICK CO.. INC. BOOSTERS -1'Con+inUed Mr. Ralph Pagano Mr. M. Pagnotta Dr. Wm. J. Palansky Mrs. Joseph A. Palma Mary Palmieri Mrs. Frank Palmieri Mary Palmieri Cy Palumbo Mrs. Yolana Pampanini Anthony J. Panaro Marianne Panella Mrs. Mary Panella Mr. and Mrs. William Panella Amerigo Paoline Amerigo Paoline, Jr. Lena Paoline William Papp, Jr. S. Parno Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Pasierb Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pasierb Mr. Anna Paslowsky Mr. Charles Paslowsky Mr. Anthony Pasquito Mr. and Mrs. M. Pastor Pat and Jim Mrs. Mary Patten Mr. and Mrs. John Pattirson Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Paturaiski Mr. Joseph Patykula Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Patykula Paul and Paula Julia M. Paulson Miss Claire Pawlowski Mack Paxon Anne Pearson R. M. Pedersen Herman Pedrick Anna Pedrini Arthur Joseph Pelcz David Pelke RYAN'S DAIRY OF TRENTON, INC. Dis+ribu'I'or of JOHANNA FARMS COUNTRY SWEET DAIRY PRODUCTS Delivered in your neighborhood af your door or 'favorife s'l'ore 224 BOOSTERS Conhnued Mr and Mrs George Pelke Penn State Mr and Mrs Joseph A Peoples Samuel J Perro L1ll1an Perrotta M1 Nickolas Perslchetti Miss Lorraine Persichillx Lois Persico Mrs Emma Persons Mrs S Peskind Peggy Petersack The Petlte Shop Mr and Mrs Michael Petranto D1 Russell Petranto Father Petri Vera Petrino Mr and Mrs L Petroselli Miss Helen Petty Mrs F Pfleger Miss Mary Pfleger MfSgt and Mrs J C Phelps Mr and Mrs A J Picarello Mrs Anna Plcarello Al Pidcock Mr Joseph Piechowski Mrs Joseph Plechowski Mr Michael Pleslak Mlss Joan M Pietras Mr and Mrs John M Pietras Aurora P1nell1 Mrs Phyllis Pingltor Anna May Piotrowski Edmund Piotrokski Mr and Mrs Edmund Pletrowski Mr and Mrs Henry Pietrowski Mr and Mrs Joseph Pietrowski Henry W Plotrowski Particia J Piotrowski Richard Piotrowskl Robert Patrick Piotrowski Mr and Mrs Stanlev Piotrowskl Pisanko s Bakery Joseph Pisanko Michael R Pisauro Mr and Mrs Frank Piscopo M1chaelJ Plttore Mr and Mrs L P1zzut1 Mrs Helen Plecs M1 Joseph Plecs Mrs Joseph Plecs Mr Henry Pochart Mrs Martha Podkul Mr and Mrs A Pomton Albert Pomton Cathy Pomton Mr and Mrs J Pollace J Richard Pollard Mary C Pollaro Barbara Polyak Mr A Pontani M1 and Mrs Poole Donna Posluszny Mr and Mrs Posluszny Mr and Mrs Peter Possert Post Handy Shop Post Pharmacy Mr Joseph Potash Mrs Joseph Potash Stanley E Potash DDS Mr and Mrs J Potocki Rey Charles Powers Lester Preston Princeton Garden Center Mr and Mrs Harry Prlntz Mr and Mrs Robert Probst Mrs Michael Procaccmo, Jr Mr and Mrs S E Proctor Mr and Mrs Frank J Prokop Mrs. Eileen Phillips i MTS- Betty Pontani Esf. l904 Phone EX 3-4040 We Deliver SALAMANDRA LIQUOR STORE INC. 900 Chestnut Avenue Trenion, N. J. OFFICERS LEO V. SALAMANDRA, Presidenf ANTHONY J. PINTO, Vice Presideni' 8: Secrefary CHARLES DI FRANCO. Treasurer Women Shoppers Packages Placed In Your Car Complimenfs of ROGER PERSICHILLI BUILDER a. HOME IMPROVEMENT EXporI 3 0354 CAR CRAFT INCORPORATED BRCMLEY FUEL SERVICE CO INC Compleie Aufomohve Repalrmg Dlsf Aflanhc Fuel Onl an Burner Sales Servnce Refinishing 301 Mulberry Sfreef 27 29 Brooks Avenue Trenfon N J Morrlsvnlle P Phone 2 9667 ROYAL SERVICE GARAGE From 411 N Clmfon Avenue TIRES TUBES WASHING GREASING SIMONIZING rancls Holy Name Soclety Compllmenis of Ihe Edltorlal Staff COMPLIMENTS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IMMACULATA CRANBURY N J PALMER TROUT Inc STATIONERS AND OFFICE OUTFITTERS H22 South Clinton Avenue Trenton I0 N J Phone: EXporI' 6 5571 - .U d - . . . I ai ' Besf Wishes - Class of I960 - ' Sr. F ' ' of OF of 226 Modern Scnenhfic Pnva-fe Peg Melhodi Control ATLAS Prlvate Cars Guaranteed Servnce Atlas Sanltaflon Services. Inc Extermlnahng Fumlgahng Termufe Control John Snmone 2223 Brunswick Ave Phone EXpor1' 2 6025 Trenton N J JOSEPH H GILBERT Your Fire and Pollce Dept Suppller 326 W Umon Street DU 6 I337 Congratulahons to the Graduahng Class from PERAWEI. TRUCKING Trenton N J MIFFLIN of TRENTON PIANOS and oReANs 234 E Sfafe Sireef TRENTON. NEW JERSEY BOOSTERS Conhnued Mr and Mrs Steve Pf0H1eWSkl Tony Prunettl Mr and Mrs George Prusakowskx Henry Przewoznxk Stanley Przewozmk Publlc Meat Market Mr and Mrs Frank Puhalskl Mr Archle Pulone Peter Pulone Qulck SGTVICG Cleaners and Tallors B111 Qulck Mrs Francis Quxll Mr and Mrs Frank Qu1nn Mrs John Qulnn Mlss Maragret Qulnn George Rabatm Sr MISS Ellen Racloppl Mrs Anna Radlce Mrs Glrard Radlce Mr and Mrs Joe Radlce Mr Joseph Radxce Mr Rlchard Rad1ce Clancy Rae Mrs Clancy Rae Mr and Mrs F Rafalowskx Mrs Graco Ragazzo Joseph Ragazzo Mr and Mrs Charles Rak Mrs Ehzabeth Ramsey Mrs A Rasxmowlcz Paul Rauch Mr and Mrs Conrad Rauth Jr Mr and Mrs James Raywood Mxss Patrlcla Raywood Paul Raywood Walter Raywood and Mrs John Redzlerskl Leland J Reed and Mrs Stuart Reed 7 Burlington, N. J. Andrew Rabel ' ' co. ' ' ' Mr. Mr. Mr. . ' ' Mr. . Mr. . 3 3 POLISH FALCONS 5559 1000 02 N Olden Avenue Trenlon New Jersey Polka Home of Trenlon Royal French Dry Cleaners 925 N Olden Avenue CITY BEEF CO 206 N Wlllovv Slreel' Trenlon N J Phone EX 2 l492 TRY US FOR YOUR FREEZER NEEDS KARL WEIDEL INC 25 S Warren Street Near Fronl' Sfreel Trenlon New Jersey INSURANCE REAL ESTATE TRAVEL SERVICE Ex45l64 EX4 4436 VALENTINE S INC Oflice Maclunes 6 Equlpmenf 658 Wlniehead Road Exienslon TRENTON NEW JERSEY Telephone EXporl' 4M8l2l CLARICI FOOD STORE 598 Chestnut Ave Trenlon N J Compllmenls of The SANSEVIERE and DOLLARD Famllles I l I I I I l Trenlon 8, N. J. I Compllmenis of AJ? C1065 afflrf Pastor RT REV MSGR F A KASPROWICZ Asslslanfs REV MITCHELL CELKOWSKI REV HENRY BOGDAN BOOSTERS Continued Davld R Reggx Mrs Rose C Reggl Yvonne D Re1lly Andrew Re1n Drck Relnhardt Mr Frank Renghoffer Mary A Renzl Mr George Repltskl George Repltsky Mr George Repltsky Mrs Marge Repltsky Mr and Mrs F Repko D B Reynolds John A Reynolds M C Rlbson Co Mr and Mrs Rxcca Mr Charles Rncclardelll Marxe R1cc1ard1 John J RICCO Josephme Rlcco Mr and Mrs Samuel Rlcco E A R106 Seymor Rlce Harry J Rlchter Mr Frank T Rxckette Italo J Rldolfi Vlctor Rlely Mr and Mrs L R11ey Joseph Rltter Mr and Mrs C Rltzo Sara Rxzzo Mrs Jeneveva Rivers Ro Ann s Sportswear Marlanne Robb Grace E Robb1ns Roberts 5c to S1 O0 June Roberts Mrs Morell Roberts Frank Rocklno Mr and Mrs Joseph Roderlck Mr and Mrs Bernard Rogaczewskl Mr and Mrs Adam Rogallnskl Elleen Rogallnskl Mrs Mary Rogal1nsk1 Mrs Romanl George Ronald Brxdget Rosatl 9 : A: Rice . 3 , 2 BOOSTERS Conhnued Mr and Mrs John Roscoe Carolme Roscoe Mr Charles Rosettl Mr and Mrs Anthony Rosetty Mrs Evelyn Rosettl Arthur L Rosle Loulse J Rosle Rossl School of Muslc Clara ROSS1 Jullus ROSSI Henry Rouse Mr and Mrs Roussey W1ll1am Rowley Mrs Mary Rownan Roy fNott1ngham Barber Shopl Jlmmy Rubmo Mrs Ernest Rudolph Harold Rule Mrs Magdalena Rura Mr and Mrs John Rusnak Frank Russo Louls P Russo Maryann Russo Pete Russo Mr and Mrs Peter J Russo Steve Russo Mr and Mrs Ryan Dorothy Ryan Mr E A Ryan M1ss Helen Ryan M1ss Kathryn Ryan Le Ryan Mrs M Ryan Mary M Ryan ohn Ryba and Mrs Alfred Sabo and Mrs Demeter Sabo and Mrs Demeter Sabo Sr Mrs Edward Sadovskl Mr Joseph Safranko Samt Peter s Prep Eugene J Sakson Tony Saksose Edna Salaga Leo Salamandra Mrs Marge Salt Joseph Salup Mrs M Samlln Mrs M 'Samlm Mr and Mrs J Samonsky K and S SALES Spor+s Equlpmenf A Complefe Lune of Sporhng Goods Yardvulle Sales Cenrer Route 130 Yardvllle New Jersey JOSEPH J KEUPER Pannhng Papermg and Decorahng Call TU 2 0297 for Free Eshmare LEE S PHARMACY Free Delwery TU 2 3456 SUN RAY DRUGS 940 Parkway Ave Prescrlphons Shll Our Mos? Impor'lan+ Busmess Mrs. Catherine Ryan Mr. u Mr. ' . Mr. . , Jr. Mr. . , . I BOOSTERS Conhnued John Samonsky Roe Sanders Mr and Mrs George Sandor Jr S and S Produce Ann Sant1lla Tullo Safltllll Mr and Mrs NlCh0l8S Santora Sandra and Nlcholas Santora Mr and Mrs Frank Santos Mr and Mrs A Santuccx Andy Sary Mr and Mrs Satalmo Marty Satallno Mlss Ann Savage John V Sawyer Marlon Saybar Joohn Scaccettl Theresa Scardone Mr and Mrs W1ll1am Scheese Mr and Mrs John Scheldnagel Mr and Mrs R SCh1ed Mrs Charles Sch1nd Mr Charles R Sch1nd Mlss Margaret Sch1nd Mlss Margaret V Schmd Nlcholas Schmeltz Ludwlg E Schmelzer Grandmom Schm1dt Mr and Mrs ohn W Schm1dt Mr Francls Schnagel Mrs Ludwlg Schnelder MISS Judy Schoppet W1ll1am Schremser Francls Schroeder Peter Schroeder Mrs Rosahe Schuck Margle Schultz Mr and Mrs John Schuster Ellzabeth Schwartz Mr and Mrs Frank Schwartz Joseph Schwartz Joe Schwendt Jr Andrew E Schwlng Sr Mrs Andrew E Schwlng Sr Mrs Joseph Schwmg Mr and Mrs Robert Sclnto Mlss Edna Seaman Mr John Seaman Mr Jos Seaman Mrs Jos Seaman Mr NlCh0laS Seaman Robert Seely Mr and Mrs Frank Sefransky Mr and Mrs E A Seldenglanz Mr and Mrs Frank Seldenglanz Mrs Joseph G Seldenglanz and Mrs Rudolph J Seldenglanz and Mrs J D Selgel and Mrs W1ll1am Seller and Mrs Wm Seltfrltz Mary Seltz Mrs U Seltz Mrs Lawrence Seleswlck Al Seltzer Loretta M Seltzer Grace Sens1 Maggle Sens1 Renato SBHSI James Seraflnl John J Serafinl Mrs Clalre Serangeh M1 Nlcholas Serban Mrs NlChOl3S Serban Barbara Seslm Mr and Mrs Morrls G Sessa Mr and Mrs Wllllam Shafle Mrs Joan Shargo C W O Edward L Shea Joseph Shellds Ann Shelby Rocco Shlarappa Mr and Mrs Charles Sh1msk1 Mr and Mrs Webster Shmn Mr and Mrs Harry Shroeder LOUIS Schwartz The Slbenlks Herman Slca Mr Henry Slebers John Sxelskl Mr and Mrs John Slelskl Mr and Mrs Joseph Sxenklewlcz Mr and Mrs Fred Slkorskl Walter J S1korsk1 Jr S11k s Drug Store Mr and Mrs Edward Sllverglade Mrs Mary S1mcox Mr and Mrs Stephen Slmko Mary A S1mk0V1Ch Mr and Mrs M1chaelS1mkov1ch Mr and Mrs Leslle A Slmon 8: Son Mrs. T. Schlottenmeier Gertrude Sforza ' NATIONAL FUEL COMPANY FUELQIL -- coAL - coke Oil 'Burners and Complete Heating Installations 1287 Princeton Avenue Night and Sunday EXport 6-688l-TUxedo 2-45I I Trenton 8, N. J. For Courteous Service Call: EXpor'I' 6-942l or EXpor+ 6-9097 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SHOP AT ' AIF SUPERMARKET 4324 So. Broad Street Yardville, N. J. Compliments of EWING CARPET SHOP 1663 N. Olden Ave. Ext. Trenton, N. J. EX 6-4305 BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Simonowicz Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sinkiewicz Carol Sirak George R. Sirak Mr. and Mrs. Sirak Francis A. Sirak Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sirak Ted Sirak Frances M. Siris Mr. Joseph Sitko Mrs. Joseph Sitko Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sitko Ann Sivak Miss Anna May Sivak Joseph Sivak, Jr. Andy Sivo Sixth Ward Democratic Club Mr. and Mrs. John Skiba Mrs. Theodore Skowronski Charlotte Skroupa Francis Skroupa Mary Skroupa Robert Skroupa Mike Skurla John M. Skwarek Daniel A. Slota, Jr. Jean Fratto Smart-Shoppe Jean Fratto Smart-Shoppe Thomas R. Smeraldi Smith's Pharmacy Mrs. Catherine Smith Dr. Charles L. Smith Dr. Charles L. Smith Mr. Chester Smith Mrs. Della Smith Miss Diane Smith Dorothy Smith Mr. J. Smith Miss Mary Jane Smith Samuel Smith Mr. Theodore B. Smith, Jr. Mr. Tom Smolinski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snyder Sobkowiak Family Mrs. Joseph Sobon Mrs. Mary Sobon Mr. and Mrs. George M. Soganic Camile Solo Andrew Soltesz Mrs. Mary Soltis Gerald J. Sondej LEHIGH VALLEY MILK Be Sure To See LGGORCE SQUARE HOMES Route 130 Burlington, N. J. Samples Open Daily BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. Richard Sorento Mrs. Marie Sorento Mr. and Mrs. John Soss William H. Sost, Jr. Mr. William H. Sost Catherine Southwick Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sowa Gerald Sowa Ida Spaniciati Sparkie Mrs. Mary Sparko Spencer's Shell Station Mr. Charles Spezzi Mrs. Charles Spezzi Mrs. Madeline Spicer Mrs. John Spiscak Miss Grace M. Sposaro Mr. John J. Spottiswood Mrs. John J. Spottiswood Mr. and Mrs. John W. Spottiswood Michael Spottiswood Edward Spuler Robert Spuler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stafford Stanley Stanleyls Service Station Mr. and Mrs. George Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Starin Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Stawrosky Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Stearle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stec Mr. and Mrs. A. Steele Frank Stella Peter Stella Julia Stepaniak Mary J. Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Stephenson Dennis Stern Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stern Steve's Barber Shop Steve's Market Steve's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart Mr. and Mrs. A. Stripe Stitchy Ines Stocchi John Stocklas Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stone Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stonerock Agnes Storey Josephine Storey JOHN A. HARTMANN 81 SONS FUNERAL HOMES FOY'S DRUG STORE White Horse BOOSTERS - Continued Regina Storey The Stout Family Miss Bette Stranko Mr. and Mrs. John Stranko Dr. and Mrs. Wm. F. Strother Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Stutz Mr. and Mrs. A. Sudol Mrs. Margaret M. Suessegger Edmund Surgent Edmund Surgent, Jr. Emile Surgent Fred Surgent Gerry Surgent Henry Surgent, Jr. Mr. James Surgent Mr. Kenneth Surgent Richard Surgent Thomas Surgent Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutcliff Wm. Sutton Florence and Don Sweeney Mr. Al Symcak Mrs. Alice Symcak Mr. Eddie Symcak MMrs. Elaine Symcak Mr. and Mrs. John Symcak Mrs. M. Symcak Michael Szoliosy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Szuter Michael Szoliosy Mr. and Mrs. Edward Szuter Stephanie Szuter Michael Szuzepanski Bertha Szymanski Mrs. Carmella Tallone Mrs. T. Tamblyn Mr. August Tancreda Dennis Taylor Miss Joyce Taylor W. Scott Taylor's Drugstore Walter A. Taylor Ted 4-22 Mrs. Mary Tempfli Mrs. John Termun Mrs. Vincent Terranova Miss Helen Texany Mr. Joseph Thiel Peggy Lou Thomas A. Thompson Mrs. Frank W. Thompson Howard P. Thompson A. I. CUNNINGHAM 8: SONS 40 WWW May we take th1s happy occaslon to w1sh you the best that l1fe has to offer Whatever your plans however hlgh your goals see them throubh Your future 15 your most preclous possesslon Protect lt always Feel free to drop 1U for a frlendly chat about your plans anyt1me We may be able to help you Once agaln may we sav congratulatlons and good luck N B Yours very truly af neuron :Ast sure a. MONTGOMERY Noam HERMITAGE a. ARTISAN Walter W Anderson HAMILTON a. cussmur Cha lrman of the Board Member of Fede ol Deposl I s a ce Co porol on Compliments of THE TRENTON CATHOLIC LIBRARY Comphmenfs of ST CECILIA S ISELIN NEW JERSEY Best Wishes 'Io The Class of I960 from "DICK DEADLINE" 237 ,1 1 f ,V 238 BOOSTERS - Continued Rose Thompson Mr. James Thomson Geo. Thurston Joseph P. Tilger John H. Tisdale Mrs. Harry Titus Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Tobias, Jr. Mary Tobin Donald Toft Mrs. Donal Toft Paul F. Toft Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Tokasewski Mrs. Edward Tokazewski Mrs. Edward Tokazewski Mr. Joseph Tokazewski Theresa Tokazewski Bob Tomasullo Mr. Alexander S. Tompa Mr. Harry E. Tonne Mrs. Rose J. Toon Mr. and Mrs. V. Topolewski Mr. and Mrs. John Topolin Cheryl Lynn Tosky Mrs. James Tramontana Jimmy Tramontana Frank Travaline Mrs. Mary Tramontana Trenton Cab GC Trenton Cab S.M. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Treptow Anthony Tripodi Peter J. Tripodi Dr. S. S. Tropea Mrs. Carmela Trotto Peggy Trotto Mr. and Mrs. John Trout Mrs. Sarah Tuccello Mrs. Angelina Tucullo Sante Tulli Miss Dolores Tummillo Mr. and Mrs. John Tummillo Mrs. Anna Turgyan Miss Betty Turgyan George Turgyan Mr. and Mrs. John Turgyan Elaine P. Turner H. D. Turner Mr. Robert Turner Mr. Martin Tyler Doris E. Tyrell John Uchal IDEAL TERMINAL AND TRANSFER Walter T. Seliga 915 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Trenton, New Jersey Phone: EXport 6-2489 Compliments ot George Crammer - George Sanders Sales Representatives MERCANTINI MOTOR CO. AX 8-I287 AX 8 0959 Bordentown, N. J. BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. B. Ujazdowski, Jr. Mr.a nd Mrs. Ted Ujadowski Bruno Cliveiri Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Underloan Mr. and Mrs. John Unett Emery J. Cngrady, D.D.S. Mr. Joseph Ungrady Mrs. Clarence Unkart Frank J. Unsinger Mary E. Unsinger Mr. and Mrs. Harold Unwin Bill Urban Mr. Peter Vacca Mrs. Peter Vacca Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Vadon Father Valentino Leo Valentino Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vanderbilt Mr. James Vanderbilt Mr. and Mrs. S. Van Hise Mr. and Mrs. Donald Van Norman Mr. and Mrs. B. Vannozzi Mr. and Mrs. Julio Vannozzi Harvey K. Van Sant Mr. Stephen Varga Dr. Wm. S. Vaun Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vavricka, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. L. Vecchiolla Mr.a nd Mrs. Stephen Velenger Mr. and Mrs. C. Velivis Angelo Velli Mr. Albert Venanzi Mr. Angelina Venanzi Louis Venanzi Miss Louise Venanzi View Point Mobile Service Connie Vinugnerra Mrs. Joseph Vitella Mrs. Joseph Vitelli John Vizzini Louise Vizzini Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Volcskaai Mr. and Mrs. Hans VonBadins Steven D. Voorhees Bud Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wagner Ted Walker N. Wallass Mrs. Gertrude Walsh Mrs. Edmund Walukiewicz Mrs. Catherine Ward Complimen+s of LIEBLANG'S DAIRY EX 6-8923 JAMES E MCCAY AGENCY 334 Farnsworth Avenue Bordentown N J AX 8-I005 Insurers Real+ors 239 Lorraine Angelini Mary Ann Zampini Beverly Plazerine Frances DiFranco Joyce Seliga Complimenls of Palricia Sinlca Marianne Chianese Fai+l1 Meclcel Eileen Jarzylc Helen Raclowski 240 Compliments of Steve J. 81 Evelyn A. Faherfy BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wargo Margaret Wargo Mary Warner Robert Warner Warren 4-22 Mr. Eugene Warwick Richard Wasilichi Andrew Wasko Andrew Wasko Barbara Wasko Mr. and Mrs. John Wasko Watt's Mkt. William Weaver Dorothy Weber John Weber Mr. John Weber, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Weber Miss Kathleen Weber Peter J. Weber Robert D. Weber Francis Wedo Marie Wedo Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weinroth Joseph M. Weis Father Daniel Wendig, S.J. Mr. and Mrs. Wenson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wereski Mr. and Mrs. Francis Werkman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Werkman Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Werkman, Mr. Raymond Werkman Barbara Westphal Mrs. Johanna M. Wheeler Nora M. Whelan Mrs. Stephen D. Whelan Mr. and Mrs. John T. White Mr. and Mrs. A. Whittaker Mrs. Harry Wiessmann Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wiggins Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Wilcox Adam Wilczynski Mr. and Mrs. James Willie Mr. and Mrs. Lawerence L. Wilkins Thelma Willard Mildred Williams Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wilkia Mrs. Wilson Anetta L. Wilson Mrs. Anna B. Wilwol E. J. KOENIG. INC. Disfribufor SINCLAIR FUEL OILS TRENTON - BORDENTOWN EX 6-8I9l AX 8-0374 HYGRADE PRETZEL EXC. TRENTON. NEW JERSEY Phone: EX 4-5I53 241 CongraIuIa+ions +o THE 1959 IMMACULATA WINNER OF FIRST PLACE HONORS IN THREE OUT OF FOUR NATIONAL CONTESTS FARRELL LINES lncorporafed 26 Beaver Street, New York 4, N. Y. Compliments of Earl M. Van Horn, 2nd Lambertville, N. J. LAWRENCEVILLE FUEL Lawrenceville, N. J. TW 6-0I4I TW 6-0I68 Complete Heating Installations FUEL - OIL - COAL Oil Burners - Heating Equipment Asphalt, Rubber, Plastic, Vinyl ancl Ceramic Tiles - Venetian Blinds - 'Bolta Wall - Panelyte - Formica FRED F. AGANS CO. LINOLEUMS and CARPETS M. L. Delany, Prop. 333 Hamilton Ave. Phone EX 3-298i ICor. Whittaker Ave.I Trenton, N. J. College Transfer and Terminal Courses in o ART FOUNDATION 0 ENGINEERING 0 GENERAL STUDIES 0 LIFE SCIENCES o PHYSICAL SCIENCES Associate in Arts lA.A.I degree TRENTON JUNIOR COLLEGE W. State at Willow Sts., Trenton 8, N. J. CATALOGUES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST WRITE FOR INFORMATION OR PHONE OW 5-3414 Compliments of M. Miceli - Mason 1074 Franklin sneer Trenton, N. J. Phone OW 5-5328 .OOO XO... Phone JUniper 7-9725 Liquor Store Cedar Garden Restaurant, Inc. BAR and GRILL Accommodations for Weddings, Banquets and Parties Route 33 Chester Agabrh Trenton 9 N J Bartollnl Bar 81 Llquor Store Inc 931 Chambers Street Trenton N J Phones Store Ex 3 795I Bar Ex 2 9873 Rest OW 5 9039 John SaImas+reIIi and Russ Helvesfon SALM'S SERVICE APPLIANCES TELEVISION REFRIGERATORS AIR CONDITIONING EX 3-0897 WI 5-9624 245 DENTINI TV SERVICE Day and Nighf ANTENNAS INSTALLED 207 Coolidge Ave Ph EX 6-7220 T I REAL ESTATE M tg g I EXp rt 3-0246 0 S Broad Street re TY P E WR IT E R 5 BOUGHT- SULD - RENTEIJ -REPAIRE ffigb AUTHORIZED SALE. 4 Q1 -QF' REPRESENTATIVE W IQOYAL TYPEWCLRITERS SECURITY NATIONAL BANK TRENTON Complimenfs of ST. MARY'S CATH EDRAL TRENTON. NEW JERSEY REV. JOHN E. GRIMES, RecI'or REV. WILLIAM A. MAGUIRE REV. PETER J. MOONEY REV. CHRISTOPHER M. I-IEULITT Phone: EX 2-35l8 PARAMOUNT BAKERY AII Kinds of Pasfry Wedding and Bir+I'1dcy Cakes BREAD and ROLLS Cor. Genessee and Beaify Sfreeis TRENTON. NEW JERSEY Phone EX 2-7859 MIKE SABO'S GARAGE Specializing in AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS and TUNE UP 36 Taylor Avenue Trenton, N. J. Complimenfs of PEZ'S LUNCHEONETTE 801 Chestnut Avenue Roman Hall Bar 81 Restaurant We Cater to Weddlngs BuFFets 8: Banquets 200 Butler Street EX 4 I770 Caesare Orsl Mgr John Baldarsarl Chet 248 VISIT BLACK BASS HOTEL Open Every Day But Christmas Day OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHITE HORSE ACADEMY BOWLING ENTERTAINMENT 64 FULLY AUTOMATIC BOWLING LANES REDUCED RATES FOR STUDENTS ROSSI MUSIC SCHOOL PARKWAY SHOPPING CENTER IOpp OIcIen Ave I TU 2 I566 PRIVATE INSTRUCTION INSTRUMENTS ACCESSORIES NOTTINGHAM SUPPLY CO Paint Hardware Bulldmg Speclaltles 2145 NOTTINGHAM WAY Trenton N J AugustA Gus Dnetrnch Manager ROYAL CLEANERS 1249-51 Brunswick Avenue Trenton 8, N. J. 5 2 Lumbervmel Pa. Lumber, Millwork, Mason Materials KILBOURNE AND DONAHUE DR. JOHN J. RUTOWSKI Class Rings -Club Pins OPTOMETRIST Medals-Cups and Trophies 121 Homilfon Avenue Trenion 9, N. J. Cofologue on Reques+ EX 6-83M 571 Broad S'l'ree'I' NEWARK. NEW JERSEY Compllmenis of TRENTON BEVERAGE COMPANY 'I30 Ward Avenue Trenfon N J BALLANTINE SCHLITZ ORTLIEB BEERS GUINNESS IMPORTED STOUT Phone Expori' 2 3l23 Slug .SDA I9 CARL J GOELLER e d FLORIST B FI e Telegraphed 530 Hamilton Ave e e fo 1141 Hamilton Ave IN Old 249 , . . ca v 0 0 Finesf Qualify Clofh s an Shoes For Men and oys ow rs Fred Fiorelli, Prop. , Anfhony Anion Ili, Mgr. I Tr n nl N. J. . . ear en DALEY 61. COMPANY, INC ENGINEERS BUILDERS 2I45 Nottingham Way P O Box I6O0 JU 73200 Trenton 9, N. J. :PSI ou' H A V E A P E P S I PEPSI COLA METROPOLITAN BOTTLING COMPANY Inc ULLRICH FUNERAL HOME Helen M Ullrlch L Wllllam Ullrlch AMPLE PARKING ON PREMISES 1534 Pennmgton Road 425 Greenwood Ave Ewing Township Uust Off Chnl'onI Be Sociable ...... I O IO07 Livingsfon Avenue New Brunswick, N. J. oo oooooooo W MFG co mc SANITARY MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES Estobl sh cl l92I EX 3 2654 Trenton N Ancnc ICE CREAM womb, 43' Camden N if J 1 bi WA 5 3814 V' mln P Made 'U Tfefffon oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CAPITAL SPORTING GOODS Phone EXPOH 3 4264 EVERYTHING EOR EVERY SPORT 923 No Olden Avenue EX 2 78II ph J F CONTE P al TRENTON OIL COMPANY INC Distributors of And Other Petroleum Products FUEL OIL For Domestic and Industrial Uses 252 Phone: OWen 5-6318 Lumberton Road, Trenton. N. J. O O O Il ll i e n I 'xx J 'fn'-i i L55 . . . . . , 'S-:Jax ' N ' 'QNLI 3 , . J. ' ,- , .JI L. -O . u .. a. - Jose . Lombardo A. . , resi ent I O

Suggestions in the Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) collection:

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