Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ)

 - Class of 1959

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Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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L Jlmgmzngwi Jfmnfm faflwlic, fllljif' QSIIIDDL 1 ' . jJmnL0fz,,'l'lewQaM,eq, paeamta... 2 L A ,V ww ,LM ja ' 41'3W'!'1', Xi fm f -QW f 4 5 ANI?-Q? -vs' "giW"'3"23S'3. 'QSQE Am ,..... Lg M4 f R-5 ,-in ,,,5a ae, igggx - 'i mmwvllm' iv' I ,, H Y 4 -U 4 4 J i X 5 - ' 1 1 q ' ,S ,gr ,, X S x , Q21 ...W m ' F wi M.,1-Q MW, 9 ,A , 0 , , . n,,,. . fw- s. f -ami. if ' 32 F N' 1 W 'V V Lk 2 - f, ', ' .11 Q 1 i 11 KR W n X , Ts X. -A 2 N r. Q, 8 x ' ' if W as. . ' 4 . 1, "' , ., Q X + - . ' A vs " V 3 , S Q? . 5' , A 'XXX WT XX ,um ,Q a lm 7959 Z' QI 3' "': i ' f' 'S "ff - 1 5:'ifA'f9f--W' - 3 2 a E ES :Q . 3 5: 1 .fy Q 5 Y Z1 Z 3 -x 1 5 Q1 3 ? 3 3 if S ,A an Q iw, , -um ,Q -A 5 N ' M 3 ' 1 m:x2?'-x .Y ' 41 ,. ff? ff ,ann ,L Wg . :--'S Akz- : , A 'ffihn 9 1 ,gi fffgi 32 2. M If . mm.L 2? . Q 7 5 on -E 9 1 px K 5142 W 4 X 2 is Ji .. y. 3 Q , Fi W W..L Wi2 x,53 . ga .HJ we , A ,B qs . fs S W W xx ii ' 'XE FM 4? If , bg 'i :L ,Y f Av 1 5 5 ng, 9 fy 'Q Ayr 5: ,,, -Zi , . ia l ?iQ Ag y V Q gx ff A X pq! ,A ga 5 54 .1,iN,.x1 4 33:4 a E 152 me . L I h B L'f K 'fiw ' Q 5'-iil1 ..,. ,. .,, W 2,. K1 . . . J-,,,,ef' , -. ..., s - Y :f f. , V,.- I lf' K A fQix gQf .. flfi 5 if Q it m,A.., gf, if ,,' 2 1 A iii ? V QV 'V f 1 +3 W S . . Q4 fl "H-.1 f sb- ,, ey., lf urs W... .nv-., ' 131' Y x"s. -Muff' 'N-...Q . ,f-7. f z ,-an N. H ,V., V, Km, xr R ' X x gf l . 1 , A w E r I A 1 '? iZ5fi5!i3E' IH'-51335 'VHF' "W 'A1f! f?' .--- " ' " f .1pif'Qf:-5,sI- f ' NVQ:-11,.1 ' 3- ,,,J-ilffilg-liignlllii i k H : "3"1"S 'L' f- W - f, LESSZY! s1f,!1"- - N E x ' E 5 2 A ., 5 . I 1 , I v S x Q Q 5 3 5 'witwpxi 2 9: T '22 k P.. i .gf fr 5 2545 FACULTY The priests of Trenton Catholic are those who tread in the shadow of their patron, St. Francis. ln his fashion they have renounced worldly ideals to pursue the life of sacrifice-laboring to relate to us, the students, the knowledge and principles of saints and scholars. For years they have labored in His vineyard, preaching and teaching the word of God to gener- ations of young men who leave the shelter of parents and face a pagan world on their own. The thousands of successful graduates are ample testimony to the success of their efforts. Ever mindful of the Rule of Lifeof the Friars Minor ". . . living in obedience, without property, and in chastity . . ." they dedicate their lives to sanctity and learning. They are living their Rule well-they in whom the Father has placed His trust. Q, y 5 Sf Ef- 2 5 ,i Q4 ig Q 4 1 w W w 1 mzmfswww:-gwnzs mg nmmlnm ji .-A. M . ,I ,wh P V r F 1 r w I wfssfme X?2lf?fQf w ,, A - .EF E: ,X , ,,., if 1 A 111 ' ' K g mf ,, 1454" ' 1, . ff -,,ff,5,, S f A fs., ,x , - W' V gawim., H . wwwm I 'W ft FR. ARMAND SORENTO Vice Principalp Secretary of Academic Boardp Moderator of Futher's Clubp Physics. FR. ROBERT YUDIN Principalp President of Academic Boardg Moder aior of P.T.A. ' T l,' "-".,' K ADMINISTRATION FR. BARTHOLOMEW GASKE Registrarp Supervisor of Cafeteriap Supervisor of Buildingsp Assistant Prefect of Discipline. MISS ALICE GEWAK School Secretary FR. BERTIN VESEY Head Prefect of Disciplinep Head of History De partmentp Religionp History. MISS ELEANOR WARASKI School Secretary FR. ANGELUS NETZER FR. AUGUSTINE KAPINUS Head of the English Department, Moderator of Moderator of the Chemistry Club, Moderator of the Year Book, Religion, English, Health. School Band, Religion, Biology, Health Physics Algebra. .i My ian-g...N, FR. AUSTIN WILLIAMS Supervisor of the Book Store, Assistant Prefect of Discipline, Religion, German. is I . g,. MISS ANNA BURNS School Nurse Fr. Gregory supervises a senior typing class. FR. CASIMIR SABOL Head of the Guidance Departmentp Moderator of the Football Teamg Assistant Prefect of Dis- ciplineg Religion, English. FR. CHARLES NELIPOWITZ Moderator of School Patroly Religion, French Latinp Moderator of the Third Order. :al FR. CLARENCE O'SHEA FR. CLAUDE SIMSON Director of Athleticsp Varsity 8. Junior Varsity Moderator of the Radio Clubp Religion, English Basketball Coach: Swimming Pool. Mathematics. MR. JOHN CORCORAN FR. DUANE MOSTRANGELO Cafeteria Patrolg Typing, Bookkeeping. Assistant Moderator of the Year Booky Moder- ator of the Alumnip Religiong English. 'A w FR. EMMETT CARROLL Moderator of the Golden Wavey School Public- ityp Religionp Englishp Economicsp Moderator of the Social Club. MR. GEORGE FERGUSON Cafeteria Patrolp World History. l... . Firm' FR. GREGORY THOMAS Moderator of the Student Councilg Varsity Golf Coachp Business Manager of Year Booky Re- ligionp Typingp Bookkeeping. FR. INNOCENT DICORCIA Head of the Language Departmentp Moderator of the Student Choirp School Organistp Moder- ator of the Latin Clubg Religionp Latin. FR. JOHN FRANCIS LUNNY Assistant Prefecf of Discipline- Reli ionp Alge- f 9 brag Trigonometry. FR. JOHN JOSEPH DUBLINSKI Head of The Science Deparimenlp Supervisor of the Campusp Religion: Biology. Faculty members enjoy a "breather" between classes. Shop-talk? Maybe. FR. JUSTUS BUSH Moderator of the Civics Clubg Assistant Prefect of Disciplineg Religion Historyp Economics. FR. KENNETH NUGENT Moderator of C.S.M.C.y Assistant Prefect of Dis- cipliney Religionp U.S. History. i 27 FR. LESLIE SMITH Moderator of F.M.A.p Freshman Basketball Coachp Assistant Prefect of Discipline: Varsity Tennis Coachp Religionp Algebra. MR. ROBERT MAIDA Mathematics ""w-vm. FR. MARCELLUS WALDER Assistant Prefect of Disciplinep Religiong Span- ishp U.S. History. MR. GEORGE McGINNIS U.S. History . , I Q FR. MARK NOLAN Head of Religion Departmentp Students Spiritual Advisory Geometry. MR. JOSEPH MAYER Conductor of School Band 8. Orchestra FR. MYRON CRIMMINS FR. NICHOLAS WEISS Librarianp Celebrant of Friday Massesp Religion. Assistant Prefect of Disciplineg Religiong French Englishp World History. M9252---sy "ff1,iffiEz-jk. , , Father Claude performs the liturgical rites of MR. JAMES PETRUCCIO Ash Wednesday. FR. REMBERT CAHILL Assistant Prefect of Disciplinep Religionp Englishp Healthy Science. Varsity Football Coach FR. RONALD SCHULTZ Head of Mathematics Departmentg Promoter of Vocationsp Freshman Activitiesp Religiong Trigo- nometry 8f Solid Geometryp Algebra, FR. SEVERIN DIETRICH Moderator of Forum Clubp Moderator of Camera Clubp Religionp Latinp Englishp Health. FR. SHAWN NOLAN Head of Commercial Departmentp Assistant Prefect of Disciplinep Senior Activitiesp Relig- ionp Economicsp Retail Merchandisingp Clerical Practice. MR. ROBERT TROMBLEY MR. JAMES WEIGAND Cafeteriap Business Trainingp Bookkeepingg Cafeteria Patrolp Chemistry. Healthy Consumer Economics. s Mgtssgm D ,QV-. if i' A ii fl Y ffb I 512 W, , My -Aim! SENIURS As Seniors we now think of two aspects of our lives-what we have done, and what we are about to do. The little we have done we owe largely to others. We cannot truly estimate what we owe our parents and teachers who have combined their efforts to give us a Catholic education. They have helped expand our qualities and further our knowledge. They have developed our intellects and strengthened our wills. Now we bravely face the world ever mindful of the Christian principles which have been instilled in us here at Trenton Catholic. As we scatter throughout the nation we shall always show the influence of our Catholic training. Our moral strength will be subject to severe tests in the future, but tempered by the Catholic education we have received we are equipped to pass them successfully. The valuable knowledge imparted to us in secular subiects has given us good reason to feel assured that we are prepared to take our place in society and in our particular vocation. To all who have helped us- our sincere thanks. wgffmm ww fs dw! for ROBERT J. ALU Academic l'I,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Social Club lI,2,3,4lp Golden Wave l3,4ly Baseball i2,3,4lp Camera Club i'I,2,3,4l. ROBERT F. ANDERSON Academic i4lp Gate Patrol l4lp Football i4lp Baseball l4lp C.S.M.C. l4l. ' 1 .f ,wwxs . X my r aw .95 "ff M: TW f?f"i,y" . wr 'f'?'32.IvefSc JOSEPH M. ANGELILLO Commercial l'I,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. i'I,2,3,4l3 So- cial Club l'l,2,3,4lp Choir i4l. 34 ., firf i ' WILLIAM R. AMERINE Academic l'l,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4lp Social Club i2,3,4lp Latin Club l2,3,4lp lmmaculata l4l. MATTHEW J. ANDREJCO Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. lI,2,3,4lp Social Club lI,2,3,4lg Rifle Club i4lp Biology Club l2l. NICHOLAS P. ARMENTI Academic i1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. lI,2,3,4lp Social Club i'I,2,3,4Ip Football l1,2,3,4l: Baseball l3,4lg Wrestling l'Il7 Varsity Club i4lp Stage- craft l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. bf r .J ff.-.fmil R- -- kg -K if lrri' A B KJ 32 ,. .,.. .. . "3 me Q, A Q. W-1,:.,,,g,, ki ..k.V f K ' J +4 ,. Q A H ik .5 2 534.5 '- ' , . J-,- 21. '3""" Q: L. " Q wtf"-f" ' C iii? i s o r 'SEQ S .f-if-4 J, J WILLIAM J. ANDAHAZY Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l'I,2,3,4lp Rifle Club i4ly Biology.Club i2l. GRAIJUATING CLASS UF f miilifi '12 E !! Z J V V . J I ' Q Q 1: "i., ,-.' THOMAS A. BABASHAK Academic iI,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4l7 Socia Club i1,2,3,4lp Soccer i3l. ANTHONY A. BEEAKER ROBERT J. BEETEL Academic il,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4ly Radio Club illp Football lllp Club l1,2,3,4lp Rifle Club l4lp Football l1,2,3lp Wrestling l2,4lp Biology Club l2l. Baseball l4lp Biology Club l2l. TRENTUN CATHOLIC THOMAS A. BENTI Commercial l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4l. JAMES A. BEGLEY Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Football l'l,2,3,4lg Latin Club l2ly Varsity Club l4l. K ,x .,, .:7'5:f'4.? ' if 'peak , A a if . f ec tt L A A , 1,igg:?f,.v1y:,i'i, Fw.,"'fZf' ' " pQ'sffEi'12l1.i I - It itiffiizwlutvv-fifa.ff J - 1L'V'm.122.i'r,1' fu,-wrt.-i':Lff"n2cf".:. , .cozowiezff ANTHONY A. BEVILACQUA Academic i1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l3,4lp Band i'I,3,4lp Orchestra l4l3 Forum Club l2,3,4lp Golden Wave l4l. TERENCE J. BILANCIO Academic i2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l2,3,4lg Social Club i3,4lp Band l2,3,4lp Orchestra l2,3,4lg Forum Club l2,3,4l7 Civics Club l3,4lp Golden Wave l4ly Latin Club l2,3,4lp lmmaculata l4l5 Choir i4l. CHARLES R. BITER Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,4lp Football i1,2,3,4l: Wrestling i'l,2,4lp Varsity Club l2,3,4l. RONALD L. BLACKBURN Academic il,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4l7 Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Latin Club i3l. 35 GRAIJUATING CLASS 0F 1959 TRENTUN CATHULIC , iwm 7 K lx? L.: - I 1 M S 'al 55 i I3 .. . A. X Q . f "Ak I . 'G ' in . , 5 ? 3 ::Vzrf,4L 1,7 :lj .. kwL S E elii f f ' xx i " , w ill W l A .iie W ig Wg ' c RONALD A. BODNAR Academic l1,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lg Bi- ology Club l2l. 1 .li g ,, 3 , fm f . . X -3 , 'il JAMES J. BRENNAN Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4l7 Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Slagecrafl l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. 36 EDWIN F. BORDONI Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l7 Social Club l'l,2,3,4l7 Gale Palrol l4lg Civics Club l4lg Golden Wave l4lg Rifle Club l3,4lg Choir l3,4l7 Biology Club l2l. . . ' ... S lii1.3l,i :1:fl' , .gg i . rr fy M W V,.Q:ffl.' '55 A f- JOSEPH M. BRILLA Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4l5 Soccer l2ly Latin Club l2,3l7 Immoculola l4lp Golden Wave l4l. wwkpgac vis ,-gl ALBERT F. BODNAR Commercial ll,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp So- cial Club ll,2,3,4ly Golden Wave l4ly Rifle Club l4lg Choir l4l. JOHN P. BRACOLONI Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Third Order l'l,2,4lp Sociol'Club ll,2,3,4l7 Civics Club l3,4lg Rifle Club l3,4lp Camera Club l3,4lp Sfagecroff l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. 5 , ,,. l 1 Jil, fi? ' . ... lfil 1 L LAWRENCE J. BRoPHY Academic l'l,2,3,4lp c.s.M.c. i1,2,3,41. ffl JOSEPH A. BRYCE GERALD M. BRYSON LEONARD A. BUCCHINO Academic i1,2,3,4l7 C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l: Social Commercial i'I,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp So- Academic Hip Commercial l2,3,4lg C.S.M.C Club i'l,2lg Latin Club l2l. cial Club l'l,2,3,4lp Fooiball l2lg Tennis l4h ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l'I,2lp Foolball lli. Camera Club i4l. V eff H vi Q 1 K., 'Y lrlll an R I, WL M, R 1 Aer'rl rllr AAr r , A X - R ,,l. X X' 'r1'r JOHN J. BUDD WILLIAM C. BURKHAUSER Academic lllg Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. Academic illp Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Social Club l4lp Radio Club illg i'l,2,3,4Jp Social Club i1,2,3,4l. Rifle Club l4l. Q' . ROY D. BURNS Academic l4lg C.S.M.C. i4l7 Baseball Ml. Fr. Ronald explains a frig problem fo an amazed J. Brilla. ff-,fn GABOR M. BURSON Commercial ll,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l. ,nys LEONARD J. CARDINALE commercial l1,2,3,4lp. c.s.M.c. ll,2,3,4lg so- cial Club l3,4l. 'Wham- EDWARD F. CARROLL Academic l3,4lf C.S.M.C. l3,4lp Rifle Club l4l. I. ,Q . L5 ii' ' ii'-fi i .' 1 E ,mf L S ' JAMES J. BUZINSKY Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg Band ll,2,3lp Orchestra l'l,2,3l. ilzll JOHN J. CARR Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Rifle Club l4lp Sfagecraff l1,2,3,4l Biology Club l2l. JOSEPH T. CARROLL Commercial l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg So- cial Club l1,2,3,4lp Third order l'l,2,3lp nine Club l4lp Sfagecrafl l4lp Cafeteria Corps l1,2,3l. GEORGE P. CAPEWELL Academic l1,2lg Commercial l3,4l: C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4ly Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Biology Club l2l. GRAIJUATING CLASS 0F m.,, L ,.V,A xg -V RICHARD J. CARROLL Commercial ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg So- cial Club l3,4l. JAMES J. CHALLENDER Academic l1,2,3,4lp c.s.M.c. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Rifle Club l4l5 Soccer Sfagecrafi l3,4lg Biology Club l2l. TRENTUN CATHOLIC 1959 ill: DENNIS A. CHIANESE Academic l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4ly Social Club l3,4l. 'C'l"""vf DOMENIC J. CHIANESE Academic l1,2ly Commercial l3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4l. .fs lil RONALD P. CHIORELLO JOSEPH A. CHORBA Academic l'l,2lp Commercial l3,4lp C.S.M.C. Academic l1,2,3,4l: C5-M-C l1,2,3,4l: Social l'I,2,3,4lg Social Club l2,3,4lg Foolball l2,3l: Club ll,2,3l: Slamp Club lll. Basketball l2l7 Tennis l4l. w 5' f GRAIJUATING CLASS UF 1959 FRANK L. CIRILLO Academic lil: Commercial i2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. il,2,3,4lp Social Club i1,2,3,4lp Football illp Choir i4l. RONALD R. CLAYTON Patrol. iffy, ' wifi? , ' ' 'bw Qoao if MICHAEL G. COPPOLA Academic i'l,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. il,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Forum Club l1,2,3,4ly Civics Club i3,4lp Golden Wave i4lg Latin Club i2l: Student Council lily Biology Club i2l. CHARLES J. CORALLO cial Club l1,2,3,4l. TRENTUN CATHUHC .. ' ' H l f ? - ,,,,.., it 'L Qiai . 4 f uuui . ' - bmw. u -' '- '?'f1"74. '.fl'W'w,:f', , K. ti - .za THOMAS F. CONRY Academic il,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4lp Gate Academic ll.2,3,4l: C-5-M-C ll,2f3,4lF Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Soccer i3,4lp Latin Club i2,3,4l7 lmmaculata i4lg Choir i2lp Biology Club i2l. JOSEPH W. CYBORSKI Commercial i1,2,3.4lp c.s.M.c. l'l,2,3,4lp so- Academic l1,2,3,4lp c.s.M.c. u,2,a,-11, Social Club l3,4lp Gate Patrol l4lp Basketball i'l,2,4lp Baseball i3,4lg Varsity Club l3,4lp Student Council l2,3,4l. ,N j,'iH,4 A, Zmlm .f Q . ,, al l 1 Qi , , , , . Q' I fl gf eyry . I A :M A tscc 15: L f ft ,v . 31. 2 :NB-4 H .'- ff x.1'E."'. - 'I '3' '2' ,7'lfi"Af'-' '- --55-5 NVVY' ' :Y 41-frirfgff X if fi y" , .:..fJ-f 1 . Fw, , ew g' 'cl 5 3 fc' .41 4155 -if 53:54 -sg' ig? Eg Q. ,.,, 1 cc, tg Y A I . S. - gf- . ' f '- - ' f T' , ' 1,, ROBERT H. DEBLOIS DANIEL R. DEELY JAMES P. DE FAZIO Academic lllg Commercial l2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. Academic lI,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. lI,2,3,4Ig Social Academic lI,2Iy Commercial l3,4Iy C.S.M.C lI,2,3,4Ip Social Club l4I. Club lI,2,3,4I5 Gate Patrol I3,4lp Civics Club lI,2,3,4lg Social Club lI,2,3,4Ig Baseball l4l l3,4lp Rifle Club l3,4Ip Soccer l3,4Ip Immacu- lata l4lg Biology Club l2l. MILTON E. DEITHORN, JR. EUGENE R. DENAHAN DAVID G. DE ZAN Academic lI,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. lI,2,3,4Ip Social Academic lI,2,3,4I7 C.S.M.C. lI,2,3,4lp Social Academic l4Ip C.S.M.C. l4li SOCICII Clllb l4l- Club lI,2,3,4lp Third Order l2,3,4Ip Gate Club lI,2,3,4lp Football lI,2,3,4Ip Basketball Patrol l2ly Biology Club l2l. lI,2,3,4Ip Varsity Club l2,3,4l. -VF Serious l?l seniors find the corners of the library an ideal place for their intellectual l?I pursuits. TIMOTHY W. DILLON Academic l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l'I,2,3,4lp Civics Club l4lp lmmaculala l4lg Camera Club lllg Biology Club l2l. ROBERT W. DUNLAP Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg Lalin Club l3l. I' -'QE V.--1 'ri' , . 4 All 22. Q' - 5321 "i' 5 ft 1 . we JAMES J. on menzo JOHN J' DUNLAP Academic l1,2,3,4l, c.s.M.c. l1,2,3,4ly Social Commeffiul 11.2.1411 C-S-M-C. Uf2f3.4l1 S0- Club l'l,2,3,4lp Gale Patrol l2lp Golf l3,4lp Civ' Club l3,4l. Biology Club l2l. aninuin P A cuiss L E. EIKER C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg Social Band ll,2lg Soccer l2,3,4l, Varsily Club l3,4lp Choir l4lp Biology Club l2l. EAR Academic ll,2,3,4ly Club ll,2,3,4lp -1' K-we ., NG 0F M A V . , sm, , ,i. . L V K . iw.-z.. , - 63,1 Y ll A 5 8 '.21.-r"W3,2,g...1 gi? il 135 E 52, 2445" H s 5 if' 3'3"?'f'3k. -1' 1 ,, ' .' wx - ' ri X. ff' I C17-fs 3:s7"'lwx 1. 'L E ' A X U Qwjiq 1,43-ig,-ftf,a:qg ,UH VTX' xlib if if?-H 1 153,333 J 2:-VW l'f..Mi,,-ni lilafai or 'Y E , L.-. . 1.1 .a-. -1-mir. G5 11. - of 1- RICHARD E. EJMANOWICZ EUGENE J. ELIAS DAVID C. EVANS Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg Social Commercial ll,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp So- Academic lllg Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C Club l3,4lp Soccer l2,3,4lg Lafin Club l2l7 Var- cial Club ll,2,3,4lp Third Order ll,2,3,4lp Gale l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Civics Club sily Club l4lp Biology Club l2l. Patrol l2,3,4lp Sludent Council l2,3,4l. l3,4lp Wrestling l2lg Stamp Club lll. PETER L. FAHEY Academic I3,4l5 C.S.M.C. l3,4l. TRENTUN IIATHULIC 959 CHARLES M. FILIPOWICZ Commercial lllp Academic l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club i1,2,3,4lp Rifle Club Ml: Football l1,2,3,4l7 Varsity Club I2,3,4ly Stagecraft l2,3lp Biology Club l2l. THOMAS H. FARLEY Academic I1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4ly Social Club iI,2,3,4l7 Band I'l,2,3lg Orchestra l2,3,4lp Gale Patrol I2,3,4lp Soccer l2,3,4lg Latin Club I2lg Varsity Club l4lp Biology Club l2l. FREDERICK W. FELICE Commercial l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. i'l,2,3,4lg So- cial Club i'l,2,3,4lg Golden Wave i4lg lm- maculata l4lp Student Council l'l,2,3,4lp Cam- era Club l2l. PHILIP J. FINK Commercial l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg So- cial Club I2,3l. THOMAS J. FARRELL Academic I'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. I1,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4ly Civics Club I3,4lp Rifle Club l3,4lp Camera Club l3,4l7 Biology Club l2l. BARTHOLOMEW J. FETCAK Commercial l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp So- cial Club l4lp Gate Patrol l2ip Baseball l4l. 'C' CHARLES R. FISHER Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. I'l,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Rifle Club I4lg Tennis l3,4lp Latin Club l2lp Immaculata l4lp Chemistry Club l4lg Biology Club i2l. CRADUATINC CLASS CF 1959 TRENTUN CATHCLIC C C A "1"":v JAMES J. FLEMING Commercial l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp So- cial Club ll,2,3,4lg Football ll,2lg Basketball i'l,2,3,4l7 Tennis l4l. Y, E K, ,,,, - 5, 1 5 Uk A i 14' ifgf, F F 1 ' "AlV 3-.M 1' . A J' 'E'- ' ZX A A lCC A " X 4 - C F . ff' K JAMES A. FOLEY WILLIAM A. FOOTE Commercial l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp So- Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social cial Club ll,3,4lp Assembly Band l3,4l. Club l'l,2,3,4lg Wrestling l2l. an-.Q M FUN- x loulaa Milk? QQ , ,z Ax 1 Kew Q fl Jia fp 553 . ., - ,,?1.,g:ciFa. SL. . JEROME J. FRANCO JOHN J. FRECH Commercial ll,2,3,'ll: C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg So- Commercial l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg So- cial Club l'l,2,4lp Football i2l. cial Club l4l. 'ff BARRY F. FORD Academic l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lj Social Club il,2,3v,4lg Rifle Club l3,4l: Biology Club l2l. V51 x R FRANK P. GABOR Academic l1,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. i'l,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Tennis l4ly Latin l2l. if fi' c r 1-....- l b A 1 MICHAEL P. GACl'lETTl PATRICK J. GALLAGHER ROBERT J- GARDNER Academic illp Commercial i2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. Academic lllg Commercial i2,3,4lp C.S.M.S. C0mm9fClUl ll,21314', C-5-M-C ll121314lF 50' ll,2,3,4lp Social Club il,2,3,4lp Band ill: l'I,2,3,4lp Social Club il,2,3,4l5 Basketball cial Cl!-lb l4l. Baseball l4l. illg Baseball I4l. rl., S 22?z3,5i2k2f:2',?.if,iT1i'- 2' gn? gg gg.,-gf X THOMAS J. GIBSON RICHARD A. GIENOPIE Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. i'l,2,3,4lp Social Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Forum Club i1,2,3,4lg Civics Club ll,2,3,4lp Orchestra i3,4lp Wrestling i2lp Club l3,4lp Golden Wave ll,2,3,4l iEditor 4l7 latin Club i2lp Choir i3,4l7 Biology Club i2l. Soccer i2,3lg Tennis i4lp Latin Club l2,4l7 Choir l4l5 Biology Club l2l. EDWARD L. GILBERT Academic l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. il,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4ly Football i2,3,4lp Basketball 'lm' V"'5l'Y Club l2'3'4l' 5"'9ec"'f' l3'4l' J. Bracoloni and J. Popp perform an experiment using the inclined plane. BENJAMIN J. GIOE Academic l'l,2ly Commercial l3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4Ig Social Club lI,2,3,4l. RALPH J. GRECO Commercial lI,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4Ip So- cial Club l2,3I. WILLIAM C. HARBACH Academic lI,2,3lp Commercial l4lg C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4l. 46 WILLIAM M. GOYDEN GORDON M. GRAY Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lg latin Academic l1,2,3,4Ig C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4Ip Soccer Club l3,4lg Vocation Club l3,4I. l2,3,4lp Baseball l3,4lg Varsiiy Club l4I. JOSEPH S. HANCIN Academic ll,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lg Orchestra lI,2I. I gf? .Q 'rg , ,-'i. .- if,Jf'f2g ,, :hw M 4 , 51. c wx.: -u gifs " g gf zgwzz.-1 4 1 ' , ' fi:+1N4,2'r'::c:fr. Z-1 afif, ,g:,j3r We ' -A :fu as Q-5g?i11,"fi" 512.1 if ' 4 ANDREW J. HARCAR Academic l'l,2Ip Commercial l3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Biology Club l2I. GRADUATING CLASS 0F EUGENE S. HARZENSKI Academic l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l5 Social Club ll,2,3,4l7 Soccer l3Ip Tennis l3,4lp Sfamp Club III. 1959 CHARLES M. HENRY Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Football ll,2,3,4ly Baseball l1,2,3,4lp Wrestling lllp Varsity Club l2,3,4lg Student Council l4lg Senior Class Vice President. TRENTUN CATHOLIC RONALD B. HOFFMAN Commercial lllp Academic l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C ll,2,3,4lp Gate Patrol l2lp Basketball l'l,2,3,4l Varsity Club l4l5 Student Council ll,3,4lg Biol ogy Club l2lp Senior Class President. THEODORE F. HILLER Academic l12,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. HAROLD V. HOFFMAN Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2ly Golden Wave l4lg Choir l1,2,3,4ly Biology Club l2l. THOMAS J. HORAN Academic l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Social Club ll,2,3,4l. 47 nninulrma cuss 0F 1959 LIEHLBPC :A b i , M Q Fl I "' dal I J I ff .agar ,A .. I 3. ,. 'hge 1 A n . K 3... xx 2' ti? H 12 5 ,Qu V- -"T .," 'W -1 gn I , . ,, ,-' ,,,, . 27 5 igrxlifgx V I , .E " "' if ' 0 .' f -All ' BRUCE H. HUBSCHER RICHARD C. HUSTON Academic l3,4Ip C.S.M.C. I3,4ly Social Club Commercial I'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. li,2,3,4lp Soc- I3,4l1 Rifle Club l3If Football l4l. cer l2,3l. .5 ,il..ilA,lli A ,. it Q 5 fe i . 9 I A PETER C. JANORA MICHAEL J. KARNICKY Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Academic l'I,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4l7 Cam- Club l'l,2,3,4l. era Club l1,2,3,4l. QI MICHAEL J. HYCHALK Academic I'I,2Iy Commercial l3,4lp C.S.M.C. I1,2,3,4Ig Bancl,I1,2,3,4lp Orchestra li,2,4I. We Sriiag. ,-, 4,.:,, I-gg., .f..f'W"H"1 if" if qgstfsgfiffzix-we . . .I ,ez-,pg-f+'3:1"' ' 55:g5lfww'l4A 9 Q ccae l DENNIS M. KEENAN Academic I1,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. I1,2,3,4Ip Social Club l1,2,3,4lg Gate Patrol l4l: Biology Club I2I. DONALD J. KENNEDY Academic illp Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i'I,2,3,4lg Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Basketball LAWRENCE J. KENNEDY Academic l2,3,4lp Commercial lily Social Club l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Radio Club lily il,2l. Biology Club l2lp Tennis i4lp Wrestling l4l. JAMES J. KEUPER MICHAEL J. KING Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. il,2,3,4lp Social Commercial l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4l. Club il,2,3,4lg Biology Club i2l. DONALD F. KENSLER Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i'l,2,3,4lp Social Club i1,2,3,4lg Football l2,3l. Wee K if'M-fr.,.,,,,.f:Jf,3 S n et. . r :fi ni Q 5 iiii . i" iiii -1ii'i , 1. A JJJ' iee - C a tr r DONALD J. KLIMASZEWSKI Commercial ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. il,2,3,4lp So- cial Club ll,2,3,4lp Gate Patrol l2lp Basket- ball lil. R. Beetle and T. Regan lend a hand in getting out P.T.A. letters. 49 L - f - . M1 '- 'fi x ' 33' 7"'Y fir WILLIAM T. KOCIS Academic l2,3,4lp Commercial lllp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l2,3,4lp Band l3lg Foot- ball ll,2lp Choir l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. ry GEORGE T. KOTCH Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Band ll,2lp Football l2,3,4lp Wrestling ll,2lp Latin Club l2,3,4lp Varsity Club l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. sl' -,. -an -, 'w,L .ff -1 A. f if., N, Nw. 9,3 H , P A 1 L '-- . ' . '-f-M-if t a e: " L ll, hac.,y . 'L iffy- ii icoo A if P ' A 1 A t L s cyyycaoc Q aia' .. it ,,lt -- A ' of I . A A bl: .Jil ...V ,Q X: M Jlffljiiflfgigljg X x r 1 ALEX M. KOVACS Academic l'l,2,3,4l5 C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l5 Social Club ll,2,3,4lg Biology Club l2l. WWNQ KENNETH G. KRAMLI Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4l7 Gate Patrol l3,4lp Civics Club l3,4lp Golden Wave l4lg Stagecraft l3,4lp Bi- ology Club l2l. HENRY R. KRAMER Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Forum Club l3,4lp Rifle Club l3,4lp Soccer l3,4lp Tennis l2,3,4l5 Latin Club l2lp Biology Club l2l. ' 1: -a f-1 W. W, ,, W, ,V 1 . L 55: J..-1 22 I , f 'B-1'le'fal'iilfm'll . E' '-ff , ERICH 0. KRAUS Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l2,3,4l. K .,-, ,,. , V JOHN T. KOTKIEWICZ Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Club l1,2,3,4lg Rifle Club l4lg Latin Club l2l. lmmaculata l4lp Chemistry Club l4lg Biology Club l2l. GRAIJU ATING CLASS UF ROBERT P. KREBS Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l7 Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. ROLAND J. KRUGER, JR. Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lg Biology Club l2l. TRENTUN CATHULIC 1959 'L ,A ' 4-4 ' B. ' - KENNETH D. LAWLOR Commercial l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg So- cial Club ll,2,3,4lg Third Order l'l,2lp Base- ball l4ly Cafeteria Corps lil. if , ' W ..... ' ri.. . K.,: ... ,A A' if' p .... llllllgl llll -- . 1- -J, f if STEPHEN J. KUBANOVICH Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4ly Social Club i'l,2,3,4lg Radio Club i4ly Rifle Club l3,4lp Football i'l,2,3l7 Biology Club l2l. . it 'bc .gf 3, f? 'fs' -455 bf' if? , 45- fm? .is A-fs ,aff ,. . 'f' .?if4v?4. l' i ROMAN KUZYK Academic ll,2,3,4lf C.S.M.C. Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Radio Club illp Soccer l3,4lp Latin Club l2lg Chemistry Club l4lp Biology Club l2l. Slim ROBERT A. LOPILATO Academic l'l,2lg Commercial l3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Football l'l,2,3,4l7 Baseball l3,4lp Varsity Club l3,4l5 Biology Club l2l. "L MICHAEL A. KUDRA Commercial l4lp C.S.M.C. l4lp Social Club l4l Golf l4lp Baseball l4l. VINCENT P. LANZI Academic il,2,3lg Commercial l4l7 C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Band f4lp Orchestra l4lp Golden Wave l4lg Tennis l4l: Camera i4l. WALTER P. LUCAS Academic I1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4lp Third Order ll,2,3,4lp Latin Club i2l7 Biology Club i2l. 51 GRIIIIIIATING CLASS UF i959 TRENTUN CATHOLIC rc ls. 'Q' 'yell I5 . Lgg, Q-1, Q . , cg - lc 4 4 W :I K gn, . . f,.1 , C ,, ,N "Www , Tc ,www N 21 1. 1. E . Q :Q ' 2 zfj fjf gzr .2 QQ f V .' E' A.. . VINCENT R. LUPO Academic ll,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. Il,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4Ip Rifle Club I3Ip Basketball lllp Latin Club I2lp Immaculata I4lp Chemistry Club l4lp Choir I4lp Biology Club l2,3I. E RICHARD G. LUCIDI Commercial ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. Il,2,3,4Ip So cial Club Il,2,3,4l7 Rifle Club I4I7 Baseball I4I .cgbv , Q? and-Q, FREDERICK A. MAGEE MICHAEL J. MAKSYMOW Accccacmic Il,2,3,4lp c.s.M.c. ll,2,3,4Ig Soccer commercial Il,2,3,4Ig c.s.M,c. ll,2,3,4Ip So Il,2,3,4Ip Varsity Club l3,4I. cial Club l4I. fr- III I lil K A 'M x 91- ' X c 2, W . - M! Q mfr ' A Wlsui' Q Ei- in IIII II 'fflglriigggzghi , Ecli ccccc . Ili 'lf' Q- I 5 A or - Q' GERALD J. MALLOY LAWRENCE J. MANSUE WILLIAM J. MARCINIAK Commercial I1,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4I7 So- Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4Ip Social Academic l2,3,4Ig Commercial Ill: C.S.M.C. ll cial Club ll,2,3,4l. Club ll,2,3,4lp Radio Club I'l,2,3,4I. 2,3,4I7 Social Club ll,2,3,4I7 Gale Patrol l2l 52 Football Il,2,3Ip Basketball I'l,2I. v l l .ff Mk A ?f 'QT' AM cn? 1 at T ,, .... .... , .. ..,,.,. .L ,W .. , W - . -, ,... ff ' "fl 'Wi YI. 5 -3 Q 4 x,..k, T.. .QM ,Z 39 i ESQ ROBERT J. MARIANI THOMAS F. MARSHALL ARNOLD S. MARTIN Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4l5 Social Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lg Social Club l2,3,4lg Baseball l4l. Club l1,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. Club ll,2,3,4lp Forum Club lllp Football l1,2, 3,4lp Latin Club l2lp Varsity Club l2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. ggff 7: l Q S fydg se,eQeef.! Ri yliibilc T c iiili A iii' ' ,K MQ S , ,. T ,, . , 2 -aj, ,jg 1 . -,az 1 w:gg,,:'g. . 1 V. lfayaag JOSEPH J. MARTIN EDWARD M. MARUT Academic l1,2,3,4l5 C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Academic l'l,2,3,4l7 C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp So- Club ll,2,3,4lp Football l1,2lp Camera Club cial Club l'l,2,3,4lp Soccer l3,4lp Latin Club l2l. l'l,2,3,4lg Biology Club l2l. l ...J F -Q , l A A' ,' k'-- -.. -,,f. nr ef j J- . ,1. I,u-, ,,:. K 1 , ,. ,X,c .. ,, A, .,. .... . , --,-. 1 .I ff. ,V f ,. ., ,lll , ,, . 5 ...,,.. , iiiii' ,g.1f i,5 , , f,'z.. .,,.Q . T J iaer iccii MAURlCE M. MATUSZEWSKI Academic ll'2'3'4l' C'5'M'C' ll'2'3'4l' G. Scymanski and R. Skowrenski looking over their finished graduation portraits. 53 NICHOLAS J. MAYER Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C, l1,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Soccer l'l,4lg Biology Club l2l. WILLIAM H. MCDERMOTT Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Social Club l1,2,3,4lg Forum Club l2lp Civics Club l3,4lg Golden Wave l4lp Immaculata l4lp Bi- ology Club l2l. JOHN H. McHUGH Commercial ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp So- cial Club ll,2,3,4l. 54 1 MILTON E. McCULLOUGH Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club lI,2,3,4lg Civics Club l4lp lmmaculata l4lp Chemistry Club l4l. ROBERT G. McDERMOTT Academic l'l,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4l5 Sociu Club ll,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. GRADUATING ' ' CLASS UF "P"N . , i ' i':glw.,J -' - ,11i,:', ggi", 4, g ., 'lQ2fg:f i ' E V 1 1' ' . . L MICHAEL L. McGROARTY Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M C. l'I,2,3,4lg Social Club l1,2,3,4lg Civics Club l4lp Latin Club l2lp Biology Club l2l. Wav' r " ALFRED P. McLAUGHLlN JAMES T. MCQUILLAN Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Commercial l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lp So- Club l1,2,3,4lp Wrestling l2lg Latin Club l3l. cial Club lllg Camera Club l4l. JOSEPH W. MELONEY ROBERT P. MENlCHEl.l.l Academic l'l,2lp Commercial l3,4lp C.S.M.C. Academic l'l,2,3,4l7 C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social ll,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4l. Club ll,2,3,4lg Latin Club l2lp Student ,Coun- cil lily Biology Club l2l. TRENTUN CATHULIC JOHN E. MENSCH Commercial lllg Academic l2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l3,4lp Choir l3,4lp Bi- ology Club l2l. JOHN v. MESZAROS JOHN M- MIHALIK Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.c, l'l,2,3,4lp Social Commerfiul l1,2,3,4l: C.S.M.C. l1.2,3,4l: So- Club ll,2,3,4lp Football llly Stagecrafl l3,4l. cial Club l3,4l: Soccer l3,4l: Cvmerd Club l1,2J. 55 9 CRAIJUATINC CLASS CF 1959 - eval 7 ,f ff Q, -514 1 '--- ' e if 1 J' Q95 2, 7 or A W4 1 11 W,-" A 7- 1' W ha! . , ,L,: . , 1 N ' K Liif, ,, JOHN T. MIRABELLI Academic u,2,3,4l, c.s.M.c. i1,2,3,417 Social Club i'l,2,3,41i Football l'l17 Soccer l2,3,417 Baseball l41. iwwwl 7 f Q I V . bon c -,1, .KVM 3, -eg . 7 2.12 7 1r7e'Sif . 7 fl 2. s o 1. R. I! sf 3112 1 -wise. . 1: A JAMES L. MOSELEY Academic i'l,2,3,417 C.S.M.C. i'I,2,3,417 Social Club i417 Band l'l,2,3,41i Orchestra i2,3,417 Choir l417 Biology Club l21. e iw: ---:f--1x' 1 W MATTHEW J. MOLNAR Academic i'I,2,3,417 C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,417 Social Club l1,2,3,417 Soccer l2,3,412 Baseball I417 Latin Club l21i Biology Club i217 lmmaculata l417 Rifle Club l317 Varsity Club I41. DAVID E. MURPHY Academic i'l,2,3,417 C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4li Social Club l1,2,3,41 lPresident 411 Civics Club i3,41 iPresident 3,412 Golden Wave i417 Latin Club l3,417 Choir l3,41j Stagecraft l3,417 Biology Club l21. TRENTUN CATHOLIC V 'iizgf ggi l "U '?iGC'H. :Q -3 ifiifgsgcr ' afylaj Wg 5' XV g i c an 1 C. K c f 1-4 9' PETER J. MORGAN Academic l'l,2,3,41i C.S.M.C, l'l,2,3,41f Civics Club i3,417 Social Club il,2,3,417 Soccer i2, 3,417 Baseball i417 Varsity Club l3,41f Biology Club i21. LEONARD C. MURPHY Academic l1,2,3,41g C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,417 Social Club ll,2,3,417 Football i1,2,3,417 Baseball ll,2,3,417 Varsity Club l3,411 Biology Club i21. I QW ' f--. '31, 'fi 'a.Q,,.v., .. gw x52',,,af"'i-get 13 H at . L El lx vi 33995 nw RICHARD J. MURPHY DONALD Z. MUSINSKI Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4ly Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Football lily Wrestling ll,2lp Student Council ll l. cial Club l3,4l. IM x , ' A A . . ifl' x a at lf! WILLIAM J, NANGLE JOSEPH A. NATICCHIA Academic11,273,415C.S'M.c.H'2'3,4l. Academic lttg Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4l. Commercial l1,2,3,4l5 C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp So- KENNETH R. MUZYK Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4ly Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. PAUL G. NINI Academic l'I,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4l5 Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Soccer l2l5 Golf ll,2,3,4l. Fr. Myron obliges J. Wolinski and K. Lawlor in their search for an evasive book title. ANTHONY J. NlTTl Academic ll,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg Social Club l'l,2,3,4l5 Football i'l,2,3,4lp Basketball l'l,2l5 Baseball ll,2,3,4lp Varsity Club l2,3,4ly Student Council l2,3lg Stagecraft l3l. JOSEPH M. NYERGES Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4ly Social Club l2,3,4l1 Football l1,2,4lg Varsity Club l3,4l. lu ccc . ',.', Q if S ,.,, I wi, ly -A . A -, 121232 J. ,gliaiizii MW Qolli STANLEY J. OLSZEWSKI Academic l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4ig Radio Club lllg Football l'l,2, 3,415 Varsity Club l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. o8 JOHN J. NORTON Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Club ll,2,3,4lg Football l2ly Student Council l1,2l. . .1 i. CHARLES R. OLSZEWSKI Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Rifle Club l3,4lg Cafeteria Corps ll,2,3,4lp Man- ager's Organization lll. ill, DOUGLAS E. OPALSKI Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Civics Club l3,4l7 Golden Wave l4lp Stagecraft l2lp Biology Club l2l. 1. , it .. f -Q V7 1' ...f--if of qw X y 5... Au f? -W ifi J I A i?'1ti2Ng'f',i fIiQ2xN A .... ' si LESLIE F. NOVAK Academic l'l,2lp Commercial l3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lg Wrestling l2l: Biology Club l2l. GRAIJUATING CLASS UF -. A aerrg LEONARD E. ORDAKOWSKI Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp So- cial Club l'l,2,3,4l. Il .315 Q? , W .. 5 -ff' 'I 9' fe, 5 HERMAN J. PANACEK, JR. JOHN M. PANKO JULIUS L. PAPP Academic l1,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4ly Social Academic l1,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4,ly Social Academic l1,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4,ly Social Club l'l,2,3,4ly Mass Servers l'Il. Club l3,4ly Choir l4ly Biology Club l2l. Club l1,2,3,4ly Biology Club l2l. TRENTUN 1959 CATHOLIC M FRANK C. PATTERSON WILLIAM F. PECCl Academic l'l,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4,ly Social Commercial ll,2,3,4ly C.S,M.C, l'l,2,3,4ly So- Club lI,2,3,4ly Band l'l,2,3,4ly Orchestra l2, cial Club l1,2,3,4ly Football llly Baseball l4l. 3,4l. ..l' i , , 94- 4-yg. S . f Jr- .-.. as lf- Y-T M H ',-r' . f '-Nmiffgl n. A g e t T fi' uw 'ilfflk me mega is , -- flaw. :fic L.. . ., ,. S of , by or . by i 'W' xl ' ' "'. iii., , . fiiliilgfsfii if " , " 1-' ROBERT F. PEOPLES NICHOLAS Nl. PERSICHETTI EUGENE L. PETRILLO Academic l'l,2,3,4lF C-5.Nl-C- l'l,2,3f4li Sofivl Academic lily Commercial l2,3,4ly Social Club Commercial ll,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4ly So- Club l'l,2,3,4ly Biology Club l2l. l2ly C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4ly Gate Patrol l2ly Ten- cial Club ll,2,3,4ly Rifle Club l4ly Wrestling l nis lily Wrestling l1,2l. l2ly Choir l'll. 59 GRAIJUATING CLASS UF i959 minion cninuuc 'Iles JAMES J. PETTY Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lg Latin Club l2,3lp Biology Club l2l. Q N FRANK A. PINTO it l 5 r-gc QQ 'lf A , ll? 1 ROBERT W. PLUMERI Commercial l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4ly So- Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social cial Club ll,2,3,4lg Gate Patrol l2,3,4lg Base- ball l4l. Club ll,2,3,4lp Gate Patrol lily Basketball ll,2,3,4lg Varsity Club l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. FRANK J. PROKOP Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Radio Club lllg Soccer l4lg Baseball l4ly T.C. Players lllp Student Coun- cil lllg Choir l1,2,3,4lg Cafeteria Corps l2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. JOHN L. PRYNOSKI Academic l2,3,4lg Commercial lily C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Civics Club l3lp Stamp Club lll. DENNIS W. POLLARD Academic ll,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2lg Soccer l'l,2,3,4lg Tennis l'l,2,3,4lp Latin Club l3,4l7 Varsity Club l4lg Choir l4lp Camera Club l'l,2l. .NYM 'lk -V . iii 1 ...,i im, I . CHARLES J. PURSELL Commercial l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4l. DANIEL J. RADICE Commercial l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. i'l,2,3,4lp So- cial Club i3,4lp Baseball i4lp Camera Club i4l. lla 'R 1 f ,,, Nt'-N -- ,.---, X w:.i?!1e S it S ,W .,., . ,, xnfqhn xiii A Cbll ,, 3 ll laal' i WILLIAM E. RAGOLIA Academic i'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. il,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Forum Club ll,2,3,4lp Civics Club l4lg Golden Wave l1,2,3,4lp Latin Club l2lp Biology Club i2l. THOMAS M. REDWOOD Academic Hip Commercial l2,3,4lg C.S.M.C l1,2,3,4ip Social Club i1,2,3,4l. ,ei-sz., 'WN THOMAS P. REGAN JAMES A- RUN Academic i1,2,3,4iy C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Social Afademk il,2,3,4l7 C-5-M-C ll,2,3,4l- Club i1,2,3,4lg Baseball l4lp Student Coun- cil l2l. LAWRENCE J. REUTER Academic l'I,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lf Latin Club i3,4lp Biology Club l2l. Our school secretaries, Alice Gewak and Eleanor Waraski, form an important part of the aclministration's efficiency. 61 CHARLES A. RICCIARDELLI Academic ll,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lg Social Club lI,2,3,4lg Golden Wave l4l5 Football l'l,2,3,4lp Varsity Club l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. X, L ,. -L ' ' "'- V,V 1 . Q22 ' '- AQ. ' V fiwf L.z"," ' I ..1 A5 S alia Q' 4 -2 -V ftfwse .37 M,x, ,ip V h. . Y .x 1. .Q at ff 41 xl , 5 lf X Q' X A ISV? "Q qt il- f 'fr I fq ' . QQ' 3. PAUL W. ROBB Academic lI,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Third Order l'I,2,3,4lg Latin Club l2,4l. THADDEUS A. ROBINSON Academic lllg Commercial l2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lf Rifle Club l4lg Wrestling l2lp Choir l2,3,4l. CI Q Q 0 0 THOMAS E. RICKETTE Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Club l'I,2,3,4lp Forum Club lllp Golden Wave l4lg Soccer l1,2,3,4ly Varsity Club l3,4l. 'Y 'I 1, jfiilayi f "S: .. it ,, ..t..v,.Qs , ,Q-ff. -225. HS fi. wi, - 7 img r.1.f4i':1i:lf H ,L K, X 1... .ui V,,,f .Vaci ,, K L4',y1pe.f4,:1a.9., L 5. :nrt ,t,,W,.i-t1,.,,.X.,. Us f.'.i-W," , Yonex A vtyf. '-. . 'lIL.'g....-21171153 1 4, 1 ,,, 3-..g,,.m"gg..f -I 52. 'fi S922 1 milf w!f.'i'+5-""11I11 Qs emu: - w.v' We '-Ev In Ui... S 4 91,4 Ml JAMES A. ROBERTS Academic ll,2,3lp Commercial l4lg C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lp Social Club l'I,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. x .y WILLIAM J. RIDER Academic lI,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4ly Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Football l'l,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. GRAIJUATING CLASS UF ' ly ""9'Dnv'.' li , ,K ff A fi g: un'-iilb-W'-W GERALD S. ROSINA Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4ly Gate Patrol l2,3l. vs?-37-3 if . 'Iii gf. ffl: 'P QF ., ' -sg, iw. ff,,,71,,..f. Q.: 33-,H-, . -wiilfayc mga- we W, - 1 ' f:+:ggs., ,ga - , - ,. '2 " -.42 EDWARD J. ROSLON Academic l1,2,3,4l7 C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4l: Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Forum Club lllg Football l'l,3l. A WILLIAM E. RUPPRECHT Acaden ic l'l, ,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l: Social Club lll. TRENTUN CATHULIC RONALD M. SABO Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Latin Club l2lg Biology Club l2l. RAYMOND M. RURA Academic l'I,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l9 Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Biology Club l2l. FRANClS D. RYAN Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lg Gate Patrol l2,3,4l7 Civics Club l4lp Golden Wave l3,4lg Tennis l4lp Latin Club l2,3,4lp lmmaculata l4lg Biology Club l2l. - Q f , Z, .,,,,, W V ' ,i- 2'fes fi...i f A "" " -- H 'V "'i 5 oiiili A A ' L A i V' y ' ilk If .. l -. aqcf-'fy LA ,U ' ,. '51-if if-' . '. 'Y ii -. . ' 'f BERNARD J. SAWADSKI Commercial ll,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4l5 S0- cial Club l3,4l. nnnnulrmn cuss UF 1959 ggiggqfc ALBERT S. SBARRO Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M,C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Choir l4l. JOHN E. SCHEIDNAGEL Academic l1,2,3,4l5 C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Gale Pafrol lllp Basketball l2,3,4lg Golf l4l5 Varsity Club l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. af1al a , ' N121 4 fo. - ' me f E W lccc A 'ilcc acci 2 To ccuc - X nmomv R. scePANsKY JOHN F. scmxnen Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l7 Social cioo l1,2,3,4lg Biology club m. club l'l,2,3,4lp Radio 'Club lI,2,3,4l. GEORGE R. SCHWING Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Third Order l3l. JOHN W. SCOTT Academic lllp Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4l5 Choir l4l. . . 'f 'iw' 'Vg 'fix A C . , ,,,. g ,wi A S 7' I , i ' if i 5' 24,4 , f- l ,- f , 'izxfff ' JS: K . T , I ,Wg 15 .5 if? " :K K' .J Z ,V i A ,,i:,.w. . " Q5 'f',',""i' Q 5'-'iw , fwfl TL STEPHEN T. SCURATO GERALD L. SCYMANSKI MARK L. SERGEANT Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lg Social Academic ll,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Academic l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club lily Latin Club l2lp Choir l'l,2,3,4lp Biol- Club l2,3,4lg Latin Club l2lg Biology Club l2l. Club l1,2,3,4lp Football lll. ogy Club l'l,2,3,4lg Biology Club l2l. A. P' Q t s fl, ' R. . 2 . - : f' "-5. Q . A V x , yy 5 I no . Yi: . - A s All ' f I fa. A 5 I A sc, Y. ,Q as X 5 il y Ll 1 E--an i A A RT J. SHERIDAN JOHN P. SEVERINO ROBE JOSEPH E. SHESTKO Academic l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lp Social Academic l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Commercial lily Academic l2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. Club ll,2,3,4lp Football l'l,2,3,4lp Varsity Club Club l'l,2,3,4lp Tennis l4lp Biology Club l2l. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Baseball l4l. l4l5 Student Council lil. 5? wb . we Father Armand demonstrates the principle of gravity by means of the pendulum to a senior science group. rml L liar? l I ,jgyfxif A12 f Q S flfgli c . fill' 33" ,ff mf, slim if --Qlysiwf ,- , - lg.w3i,,5 S 311, - Blk a T V STANLE Y L. SKEBA V X V opilegfaifi f Am ROBERT W. SKOWRENSKI Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Academic ll,2,3,4lg c.s.M.c. l1,2,3,4lp Social club l1,2,3,4lp Choir l4lg Biology club izl. Club l3,4lg Golf l4lp Lalin Club l2l7 Biology Club l2l. H ' JOHN A. SKRZYPEK EDWARD J. SKWARA Academic ll,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Academic l2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l2,3,4l. Club l3,4ip Choir l4lp Biology Club l2l. ywawfwkw. fgqovii R , -ff- 1 : xo. 1 'ur 'H -1+ S .41 , 'Y' ' l ' o o,A ,oo K.- fig? iyv WQQ?'mNi 533 i ooiiooi . ..... ..:5f"' 'V A 'ki . ff' ,rv- ""i,:. A A my 6 iff. ...., X , my i S in llli , CHARLES R. SLACK ALTON J. SLANE Academic l'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Academic i1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lg Social Club l2,3,4l. Club l4lp Latin Club l2lg Biology Club l2l. 66 ff' 'S' fifww Eg, m . on 1 ' H fl' gy J ,,,. . . , , . V,!x N gs Q i . - 9 f- oo 319.gif i 1 , ' ,w,,,:, V. u YE S .. -W-- 'Ei igbgfw Leon F. SKOWRONSKI l1,2,3,4m, c.s.M.c. l'I,2,3,4lp Social Club l3,4lp Biology Club l2l. Academic GRAIJUATING CLASS 0F 11-4, FRANK J. SOBON Academic ll,2,3,4ly C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club lllp Lalin Club l2,3ly Biology Club l2l RONALD J. SOBON Commercial l'l,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4l7 So- cial Club II,2,3,4I. TRENTIIN CATHOLIC 1959 STEPHEN J. STANKOWSKI Academic l1,2,3,4I7 C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4Ip Social Club l1,2,3,4Ip Biology Club l2I. wc W' 4 - fj' , - 1 9 . ,, G -V ,gcc I ,mac if W,ii' fig. - L' i 'f'5iI'f'I3Wz I' 'V 'I ' .W i 5 JOSEPH P. SOLTIS Academic I'I,2,3,4Ig C.S.M.C. Il,2,3,4Ip Social Club l2,4Ig Football lllp Golf I'l,2,4l. JAMES M. SONCRANT Academic l1,2,3,4I7 C.S.M.C. i'I,2,3,4I7 Social Club l'l,2,3,4I. RICHARD J. STYPE Commercial l1,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4I5 So- cial Club l1,2,3,4I. , ,mf 3 cr, .. Efwwiwwl. KAR, . .4- DAVID L. SONCRANT Academic l1,2,3,4Ig C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4Ip Social Club l'I,2,4Ip Camera Club Il,2Ip Biology Club l2I. FRANCIS A. SPISAK Academic l'l,3,4Ig Commercial I2Ip C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4Ig Baseball l4I. JOHN P. SULLIVAN Academic II,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. Il,2,3,4Iy Social Club I1,2,3,4Ig Civics Club l4Ig Soccer l2,3,4Ig Basketball Il,2Ip Tennis l4lp Latin Club l2lp Student Council I3I lCIass Secretarylp Biology Club I2l. GRADUATING CLASS UF l959 TRENTUN CATHULIC diss L, K mu jf by l tliii :L M I .. n THOMAS J. SWEENEY FRANCIS C. SZEJNER Academic lily Commercial l2,3,4lp C.S.M.C Academic l1,2,3,-flip C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social l1,2,3,4l7 Tennis l1,2l. Club l1,2,3,4lp Golden Wave l4lp Latin Club l2,3,4lg Biology Club l2l. .T . I f wi' In , gfcgl-sixty x 5 ,, ,. wfgyvt k -A . . 'K-Y'ff""?'8 tix Pisa-Uiiillz t Q e A . J. TIMOTHY SULLIVAN Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Soccer l3,4l5 Baseball l2l. R GERALD H. SZUL Commercial i'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp So- cial Club l4lp Gate Patrol ill: Basketball ill. WALTER F. THOMANN EMANUEL F. TRAMONTANA Academic l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lg Social Academic l2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4lp Social Club l'l,2,3,4lp Latin Club l2l. Club l2,3,4l. 68 A 1 f, , L "rf . it f 3' EMANUEL .l. TRAMONTANA Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club ll,2,3,4lp Latin Club l2l. E L-' I 4 1 I. fur-ffm . ' i 1' M' I ,'lljfQgf"'ia.5, -if , ' ' I 'fi JM S if ' a . -1 -M 1 giif, v I . ii z ,il ' If 31 ii'-'fn-izf ,. , V H " ' 75 Ll-z f , vi " c g- Ik - 9 Riff. '- - . H ' . . 5 11 f I ,I RUSSELL C. UMPLEBY Academic l'l,2,3,4Iy C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4Ip Social Club l1,2,3,4Ig Choir l4l. Q, X lll I DAVID G. WALD Commercial l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4I. WILLIAM I. WEAVER, JR. Academic l'l,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. l'I,2,3,4Ip Soccer l3Ip Latin Club l3,4Ip Immaculate: l4Ip Biology Club l2I. gain., -1-.F Z WARREN J. VAN HISE THOMAS L. VANISKO Commercial l1,2,3,4Ip C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4Ig So- Academic lI,2,3,4Ig C.S.M.C. 11,2 cial Club l4I. .5r.2'i . ' ' "Q..:l'Yi,Qffi5',"i H "' ' Q ,. . I I IAAAI I Q IIIRII I I c I iIII I ' T1 - I I- :V"2Tg'4f5iY?4fgi?, if I 5 . ','?"1'i:iQ5?f5 I ' . . A JOHN F. WARGO Academic l1,2,3,4Ig C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4I7 Social Club l'l,2,3,4I. Qt. ae' R 1- L. I Seniors "mug" for our yearbook photographer. nv"-A WAYNE F. WEIGAND Academic illp Commercial i2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4lp Social Club i3,4lp Camera Club l2,4l. X c R 1? ' WALTER J. WENSKI Academic i1,3,4lg Commercial i2lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Social Club i1,2,3,lg Radio Club l2,3,4l. CHARLES R. WILSON Academic i'l,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. i'l,2,3,4lp Fool- ball ill: Camera Club i3l. J ALBERT P. WELSH Academic i1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. il,2,3,4lp Rifle Club i4l. i r 'r W - www l F., ,X , .M 1 in Q i f f 1. 1 'ww' ' Q fi P l iii' iq JOHN C. WILKINSON Academic l1,2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4ly Band il,2,3,4lg Rifle Club i3,4lp Camera Club i4l. GERALD J. WOJCIK Academic i'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4lg Social Club il,2,3,4l. QW 5 , lu Iii ,, gl u 1 2 L , X S, K . JW L 2?-gigzuf' I T .C 5 d ....., 3 , Q' 121122251 -' l:?S.:s.w1f?ff 7 Q ' iiE"5'.E57'f,..fv'1 ' A ,-,, 'EE , Hg i . LEWIS E. WELSH Commercial il,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp Base- ball i4l. rwasvi l X fl ,:i11'- , " A I Q J 'Q J? iilfiinlil 9 . ' " U, 1 ':...ii,-I . l5fQi?fi'i1 2?'is,'-:uv '- vQ5E"3e3if:qv-.-A,-.nj-fy., ' Ti: 1 'LW f.g'-Q-I-'.',15".fg 11? 123315 3 Tx if-f-2.'-L ' xii? :CQEZHV . fi 2'f'-f'1'- 117-. 15- .1 :lik.-1',1'v"-"."'5 '- ,-..,.-,,wv. ., tx. ..,. JOHN J. WOLINSKI Academic ill: Commercial i2,3,4lg C.S.M.C. i1,2,3,4lp Forum Club i'l,2,4ly Civics Club l3,4ly Camera Club i2l. HENRY .l. ZEALAND Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l'l,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4l5 Third Order l1,2,3,4ly Forum Club l'I,2,3,4lg Gale Palrol l3lp Civics Club l3,4l5 Golden Wave l1,2,3,4lp Laiin Club l3,4lp Choir ll,2,3,4lp Cafeteria Corps l2,3,4l. ANTHONY R. ZIOLKOWSKI Commercial l'I,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. l1,2,3,4lp So- cial Club l'l,2,3,4l. ROBERT E. ZERA Academic l'l,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4l5 Third Order lll. ANTHONY B. ZULLA Academic l1,2,3,4lp C.S.M.C. ll,2,3,4lp Social Club l1,2,3,4lp Choir l4l. ln memory of JOSEPH DARVAS '59-May he rest in peace. Wkifffw-S , eff: mfg so , 3 em' ss.. , if lit. 'ASX ' 5 2 fi' - i l 5 I Z 3 2' E1 UNIJERCLASSMEN Forming the maior part of the student body are the undergraduates. In each year there is the goal of attaining the highest level of education. Some day too they will be seniors, gaining the prestige that accompanies that elevated group. But for now they must labor to prove them- selves worthy of becoming seniors. It is their duty to learn and practice the principles which they are being taught, to study and experiment, and to follow the examples being set for them by the seniors. They in turn have been fashioned by the Franciscans who stress attention to the individual personality. As the undergraduates advance in knowledge and experience we pray they may some day do honor to God and to themselves under the benef- icent influence of Saint Francis, the "man of Assisi." I 11 , . 4 A A Q1 if I . I L 'L 1 ,x 1 v gf, VAN . I W 5 -Q LL' n . 3 Q i'i"'w4 S. ,n x 1 -3- -V -ww wif" , it I in -J H ,V 3- 1, Q Q Q . 5 , " f ff 3 3, v - 1 ,wa 'lin , W A N L ' ,K - V X :lm fgirfv 'Ax f ,fs.iwf'.',-11 "uvf'1m.f" .-Wx, ' 4 -1. ? , ., , A ax- ! O, ,S ifliw r V x If o . I S . fi i , Y 1 3' 1 5 I 5 I "','su0'.z is 5 N . , ff' veGgrgA,, f s IUNIURS CLASS 3-B FIRST ROW: T. Slevens, R. Rick, J. Haicak, T. Mihalko, J. Bacovin. SECOND ROW: P. Marszulek .l. Buchko, R. Core, S. Polenza, R. Douglass, J. Smith, S. Migliacci, F. Cosianiini, K. Byrne R. Popp, 5. Aronson. THIRD ROW: A. Gelak, S. Soodul, L. Reuler, J. Nolan, J. Delollo J. Anchak, M. Kakas, R. Albancwski, J. Bogus, H. Bosler. FOURTH ROW: R. Cooper, F Mozzarella, .l. Turgyan, R. Greiss, M. Brusco, C. Tobias, M. Higham, D. Wedo, K. Dienes 74 CLASS 3-6 FIRST ROW: E. Colligan, A. Lucas, D. Quill, R. Bulman, L. lnverso, P. Marcallilio, D. Kelly, D. Vaccaro. SECOND ROW: P. DeLorme, J. lmmordino, J. Rofrano, F. Tiedemann, R. Fasoli, J. Cordas, R. Sosl, R. Solfis, R. Weber, M. Skirzynski, B. Borges. THIRD ROW: R. Labonski, A. Ricigliano, P. Schroeder, J. Rupprechl, W. Cracker, E. Moneypenny, J. Carr, A. Karpowicz, J. Schmidl, C. Slearle, W. Knorr. FOURTH ROW: R. Robb, W. DiSalvo, T. Burke, N. Werkman, C. Sweeney, R. Marks, K. Murphy, G. Szucsik, J. Dorner, D. Vannozzi, H. Clauss. ABSENT: F. Sl.John, C. Czernik. CLASS 3-7 FIRST ROW: S. Ferara, J. Fasanella, A. D'Errico, V. Giovachini, D. Hychalk, J. Gooch, P. Filzgibbons, J. Cannon. SECOND ROW: M. Tormicola, F. Grove G. Challender, P. Faherly, K. Bayman, J. Boyd, D. Ferry, E. Gillio, R. Horan, V. McKelvey, C. Chianese, A. Ferko, J. Druzback. THIRD ROW: A. Beskos F. Arnold, P. Corlesini, W. Dougherty, G. Burlon, J. Fowler, V. Rice, R. Balerna, J. Hanusi, J. Bogdan, L. Carey, M. Cantwell, R. Crucili, W. Johnson FOURTH ROW: R. Goehrig, J. Coonan, R. Bucs, R. Gufowski, D. Wallz, H. Bcnacci, E. Horvol, D. Hazard, R. Dolusic, T. Galayda, C. Armenli, R. Browne R. Gervasoni. ABSENT: J. Fox, J. Krainski, J. Oliver, C. Thomas. f mf.sfs..1 CLASS 3-8 FIRST ROW: J. Ianni, J. Gumbas, T. Carofenulo, D. Mroczhowski, M. Whelen, S. Shubilla, R. Raywood, J. SiII1o, R. Zoladz, J. Salmesirelli, R. Surgenl, T King, J. Carton. SECOND ROW: T. Donahue, W. Sikorski, J. Leopold, J. Kremper, A. Tampa, A. Desiribafs, C. Massarini, R. Mailatk, P. Gallagher J. Sirak, J. Sielski, L. Diiiak, G. Cudhea, D. Wargo. THIRD ROW: A. Sefransky, V. Kuzyk, E. Miller, A. Timko, R. Pazdan, S. Mikiia, J. Kelliher, C. Russel R. Conte, G. Gross, S. Zimmer, R. Kunicki, R. Farkas. I I' CLASS 3-24 FIRST ROW: R. McGraIh, H. Keveif, R. Klosak, R. Taranlino, D. Persichefli, F. Amodio, J. Ricco. SECOND ROW: W. Ream, R. Vannozzi, J. Piepszak, R. Kunler, J. Pachufa, J. Mollis, V. Pingitor, H. Piofrowski, J. Reggi, S. Mule, V. Maressa, H. Allegrerli, E. Szalhmary. THIRD ROW: R. Midura, A Jusko, F. Repko, D. Nero, C. Sfansky, J. Reinis, E. McGrath, J. Nevin, R. Persichilli, P. Peroni, J. Warga, R. Knapp. FOURTH ROW: J. Osilko, H Parchinski, S. Kuliczkowski, A. Manlo, J. Tysowski, P. Monlague, T. Kandash, C. Maleski, A. Wilcenski, A. Nicolai, R. Thompson. ABSENT: T. Rafferty J. Skeba, B. O'Keele. r H , , . . ' ,lv - .iiiizff-lifiiafiiiiiili,.,1i 2 3.5. .V 5. 1921 ,si ,.n. . .. .vw ,.' J .. 12. .. . . R h 'A f A W 1 - - ' - 5 , .- I - ,W Q. .ig , Q. fr- ' H -' g". ti.. ,.,Z, sw I '23 4'-if 4 gs-. CLASS 3-25 FIRST ROW: T. Kelly, R. Kosztyu, W. Price, K. Chiorello, W. Bentley, L. LaMorte, R. Czyzyk. SECOND ROW: D. Basile, H. Kuminski, H. Bryce, R. Cook, P. Damiano, W. Slarin, J. Szucsik, G. Garber, P. Fischer, J. Drift, R. Zoda, A. Cesaro, J. Grega. THIRD ROW: J. Liptak, T. Falanca, W. Ciechanowski, S. Caloiaro, J. Spence, R. Minutoli, N. Serban, R. DiBenedetto, W. Farrell, G. Weaver, J. Radowski, J. Marino. FOURTH ROW: A. Constance, J. Cutry, M. Serbin, D. Henry, R. Cantara, J. Chiorello, A. Gennari, A. Velivis, J. Marue, S. Fruscione, R. Rogaczewski, G. Shary. - My-Q 1 swf 0 N CLASS 3-26 FIRST ROW: D. Maher, G. Benson, M. Spottiswood, B. D'Amico, R. Sanotti, R. Rossi, J. Campopiano, J. Sivak, C. Mattey, F. Avanzdto, R. Johnson, C. Rosetti, F. Garren. SECOND ROW: J. Trocki, J. Bogdan, G. Ziomek, A. Tomaseck, F. Brennan, T. Roche, R. Kato, D. Smith, R. Krzos, R. Gilbert, A. Papai, A. Otfredo, L. Kaner. THIRD ROW: R. Riesner, V. Dixson, P. Walter, R. Rouze, Stanley Wszolek, M. Maloney, K. Sokolowski, P. Zolna, E. Thomas, J. Fitzpatrick, T. Smith, C. Butera. ABSENT: C. Mahues, E. Martin, V. lmmordino. 77 SUPHUMURES CLASS 2-'I FIRST ROW: R. Candelori, R. Gersfinacker, C. Volk, J Cech, T. Wiechnik, C. Di Coslanzo, A. Pray. SECOND ROW: J. Porr, R. Wagner, J. Gusz, R. Hudzik, T. Maron, P. McCormack, D. McBride. THIRD ROW: K. Stephen, R. Chiappella, R. Varsalona, L. Sirak, J. Hudson, T. Hiller, G. Houck. ABSENT: F. Fiori. CLASS 2-2 FIRST ROW: M. Salalino, A. DeGranclis, D. Calla, F. Zielinski, T. Cyberey, W. Robbins, A. Woodrufl, R. Ryan, D. Splitter, J. Rosieika, R. Chiorello, V Olszak, T. Kosul. SECOND ROW: J. Brophy, T. Kerr, C. Drofar, R. Downs, M, Calonio, F. Miele, J. Mayko, K. Fosler, J. Melrosky, W. Downs, G. Solarski S. Kopancyia, L. Calisli. THlRD ROW: R. Young, J. Phelan, D. Warga, J. Ball, S. Polizzi, G. Persichelli, P. Yanucil, J Thiel., J. Vargo, J. Fruscione, CH Maguire, J. Saiczul, A. Gervasi. l l Mr. Weigand diagrams and explains the "halogen family" fo a group of chemisiry juniors. CLASS 2-3 FIRST ROW: J. Kerrigan, R. Mennella, D. Babashak F. Slulfs, K. Wilkowski, J. Komendal, T. Hychalk. SECOND ROW: N. Bruno, J. Fares, F. Ely, E, Evans R. Koslrzewa, J. Abdondanza, J. Zokovilch, J. Bovino, R. Companick, R. Salmaslrelli, G. Amerine, L. Chianese, A. Czepiga. THIRD ROW: R. Genicola D. Slern, W. Buffin, A. VanHul'T, V. Gazzillo, L. Slowe, F. Mark, G. Sowa, J. Oberc, W. Predebon, N. Builaci, E. Coluccio. FOURTH ROW: P. Orihel, W Hurst, R. Lyczak, L. Melillo, L. Fabbro, N. Slychno, A. Tezsla, A. Dimun, R. Berlolhy, T. Tomko, A. Wilcenski, R. Kocis. ..,,.. ....,. , . . . , CLASS 2-4 FIRST ROW: J. Walsh, R. OH, R. Piazza, N. Annaseny, J. Jannolfi, A. Sparano, J. Onofri, R. Marchefli, J. Peoples, J. Costa, J. Larkin, D. Longo, J. Walsh. SECOND ROW: T. Durcanin, F. Chianese, S. Raymond, R. Engel, W. Kerwick, B. MeAleer, J. Plumeri, E. O'Conner, W. Markulec, R. Vanisko, R. Riether, D. Shumski, R. lnnocenzi, A. Swanic. THIRD ROW: T. Keating, D. Burns, P. Neiber, J. Suhaicla, G. Delmonf, R. Proca, G. Pazdan, M. Moseley, J. Schwendl, J. Palmer, R. Malick, J. Kaye, J. Shurgala. ABSENT: J. Hague, J. Holminsky. 80 That "halogen family" again, this time in actual experiment. IR. Weber and C. Stearle check closely.i fm. CLASS 2-5 FIRST ROW: S. Kokotailo, D. Leavitt, R. Mercantini, J. Saia, T. Feher, V. lmmordino, G. Bobik, J. Monieverde, J. Benish, W. Dansbury, R. Bier, J. Feyko SECOND ROW: J. Farina, R. Groom, F. Eppolito, D. Fish, R. Miller, P. Fischer, J. DiSaivo, L. Morelli, J. Andrese, R. Holt, J. Hamann, A. Chianese, A Derrico. THIRD ROW: G. Conti, W. Mack, G. Fisher, G. Bonis, R. Guagliardo, P. Pittore, F. Bencivengo, D. Hess, J. Kucker, J. Rainiero, A. Wagner, S Zimmerman. FOURTH ROW: J. Risoldi, D. Olivieri, J. Ianni, J. Gribbin, T. Turner, J. McCarthy, R. Sopko, R. Baldwin, R. Hoffman, D. Kenney, P. Jarrett A. Nitti, J. Comfort. ABSENT: J. Connor, J. Edeli. FRESHMEN CLASS 1-33 FIRST ROW: H. Fraunhoffer, R. Palinkas, W. McGarrigle, P. Chiacchio, J. Berkenkopf, J Hanlon, R. Harrison, R. Gallino, V. DiDonaro, A. Maslripolo, F. Muscatc, C. Caflani, W Manfredi. SECOND ROW: J. Wiechnik, M. lmmordino, G. Conti, W. Beller, L. Kramli J. Discepolo, T. DiMaHeo, S. Blaszyn, M. Johnson, C. McCormack, J. Pelc, A. Pingiior THIRD ROW: E. Major, J. ToroHo, R. Dobrowolski, K. Wallenia, E. Flagg, R. Holmak, J Schalfner, L. Alesi, E. Cerrone, J. Boili, W. Warren. 'NA - .9 -S K' Nr 5' ,JI xx' f " " Tim., , 54' CLASS I-32 FIRST ROW: G. Sabol, P. Graziano, R. Bucchino, R. Angelini, J. O'DonneII, E. Rudolph, T. Sigorski, R. McCormack, M. Celenlana, R. Dansbury, J. Charuk, J. McCarthy, H. Back. SECOND ROW: R. Resluccia, G. Bufkowsky, J. Ranfone, T. Borafen, D. Papp, R. Sline, J. Sawyer, J. Shanahan, F. Caporusso, I M. Hencken, V. Bossio, J. Durborrow, M. Drangula, J. Nalbone. THIRD ROW: J. Dubyk, J. Woloszyn, A. Kleiner, J. Bahm, P. DiGuiseppe, E. Bouios, M. Allen, J. Valainis, J. Lucas, G. Sinibaldi, J. Carroll, T. Formaroli, C. Bennefi. CLASS 1-31 FIRST ROW: T. Szombaly, T. Zealand, J. Ricciani, M. Korsak, C. Rosufi, R. Kuzma, T. Kall, P. Marcheiii, J. Murphy, L. Lang, A. Zamerowski, W. Kraft, A. Martine. SECOND ROW: F. Angeline, N. Malloy, J. Novembre, A. Loh, W. Forsfhoffer, W. Horan, J. Bullaro, T. Pinfo, C. Salamandra, G. Bilecki, J. Bonfanti, J. Tifff, T. Scorsolini. THIRD ROW: P. Cavanna, E. Pefranlo, M. Walsh, W. Pyl, A. Paccillo, F. Weiss, S. Papp, L. Rossi, D. Chorba, T. Deworocki, S. Eckel, R. Ziolkowski, R. Touhy. B3 I CLASS 'l-34 FIRST ROW: A. Vissini, A. Pilonyak, J. Cahill, J. Resch, J. Pukala, M. Chofnowski, H. Scheideler, M. Mooney, G. Lalini, A. Frascella, C. Szeiner, R. Tedeschi, P. Zigrcnd. SECOND ROW: D. Angebrandl, T. Finigan, P. Kolkiewicz, K. Diener, R. Arlale, M. Dorso, E. Osvai, T. Passarello, A. Crucili, R. Suchocki, J. Tarcza, G. Sanvurdine. THIRD ROW: R. Zcnoni, T. Snincsak, R. Rosiejka, C. Rich, F. Zoldi, A. DeAngelo, A. Roller, J. Serulini, R. Trivellini, C. Mullen, F. Pelly, J. McDonough, R. Howe. ABSENT: M. Weber. .lib CLASS 1-35 FIRST ROW: E. Lelie, K. Spallulo, R. Pasqua, B. Margerum, E. Bleislein, R. VanHufT, W. Cummings. SECOND ROW: G. Albanowski, J. Smilek, S. Sanfarsiero, R. Loflin, P. Pusso, S. Jaworslfi, W. Fell, I. Wohlfahrler, J. Warfel, G. Coslcmlini, G. Precha, R. Magram, C. Nami. THIRD ROW: R. Baker, H. Brown, A. Morelloni, L. Pelroselli, A. llluminali, W. Wolvenlon, J. Malles, J. Slillwell, G. Quinn, T. Keller, J. Mugronn, W. Timko. FOURTH ROW: E. Mazolos, R. McGuire, R. Mullen, D. Chiarello, A. Lucci, P. Gmiller, L. Weiss, G. Sypniewski, E. Robolin, W. Miller, T. Marlin. Underclassmen take their intramural basketball seriously www? 19, 5 I fm: T C T T ' f mil' 1 2 ii ' ' I'l,,.l,.i.1vl ' SPORTS "A sound mind in a sound body"-a statement reflected often by men of importance. At Trenton Catholic athletics reach a pinnacle which is seldom matched in any secondary school. Its athletic prowess is well known in New Jersey and its teams have captured myriad state and sectional cham- pionships. Underthe watchful eye of experienced coaches and teachers, many of whom serve as priests of God, Catholic athletes form and flourish, reaching the highest ideals of Christian sportsman- ship. Spirit runs high at Trenton Catholic and none of the school's teams ever lack the backing of ardent fans. Anyone who has ever seen a Trenton Catholic football game or visited the school gym for a basketball game can attest to this fact. This year's fortunes on athletic fields brought added laurels to Trenton Catholic and deserved congratu- lations to the school's athletes and coaches. 'ul ,MV up vf 'H A-7. . 7 ?' .L.. .P Q 'xii 1 t,AL m X 9? F4 Ps ,K H W ,, ,H V 1:L. .. A ,.., 9 sw .M 21. ,. as wi sy, A H A, 5 'FQ Q 4 Nw -,-. X,-naw, ,M N. 'nn fx Fi IFN- ' M35 1 'Mx q,,,:..w - - K. R A v -. L-wi ,QLAH sas . ai U32 !iYQlH Si2e,.?I4' Q a FUUTBALL P3 ., ,iw it , Q, , . ' gif? ,,,--f' if 33 VARSITY FOOTBALL - The fall sports calendar opens and "King Football" takes over at Trenton Catholic. The cheers of the crowd herald the new season and expectation runs high. Through the year the team reached great heights posting an impressive five-win three-loss log. Among their laurels was the county championship as well as a smashing victory over arch-rival Trenton High. The team was recognized as one of the finest of recent years at Trenton Catholic. The Junior Varsity and Freshman teams also upheld the honor of T.C., giving evi- dence of a bright future on the gridiron. Coach Petruccio and his staff tried not only to build a winning team but to build character and enrich his players with the spirit of Trenton Catholic. Through the years we have always been proud of our athletic teams and this year's football team kept this standard high. All of the students will remember the season as one of the most successful. X- ' to 5 2? 1 if ' '," f -, .t,fY 1.25, T "' VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: P. Cortesini, C. Filipowicz, S. Olszewski, M. Cantwell, B. Lopilato, G. Kotch, N. Armenti, C. Chianese A. Martin, A. DeGrandis. SECOND ROW: R. Raywood, E. Colluccio, A. Nitti, F. Bencivengo, A. Chianese, C. Ricciardelli, S. Raymond, J. Schmidt, G. Zlomek, W. Rider.. THIRD ROW: B. Hubscher, C. Armenti, J. Mellilo, J. Begley, R. Gervasoni, C. Thomas, G. Persichetti, V. Dickson, R Pazdon, L. Gilbert, M. Maloney, A. Nitti. FOURTH ROW: J. Nyerges, G. Denehan, L. Murphy, R. DiBenecletto, C. Henry, C. Biter, J. Comfort, C. Massarini, P Schroeder, J. Severino. .el , ..... rt,r. -Q .Ie 1 ...J I S 1? 15 f 1. ' -21.3. Qif ki 5 A 4-- ' 'ii' " , fkk . , a n y, .. I . "l. kr,. . rrr- A ryl as . ., . l, ,.,. zv, - L ne- VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE if A. L Z Ji-Q if Trenton Catholic 26 Ewing . . , . . . . , . . . 0 A' ' ,g',,,4,.m,. g N g Q Trenton Catholic, .O Camden Catholic . . 6 it'F if I fl Trenton Catholic. I2 Seton Hall . . . . , . . .14 I Allllll I Trenton Catholic, .19 Vineland . . . . .25 F - .,.. g S Trenton Catholic, .26 Princeton . . , , , . . . 7 g K Trenton Catholic, .25 Bishop Egan , , , , 0 '75 3 Trenton Catholic 35 Red Bank Catholic. .18 . I 1' E I- Trenton Catholic. I8 Trenton High , , . , . . 7 - !AfP7Lgk.. 1 K I hz gif. y,,: , '-1'ee I ., , ,V Coach J. Petruccio strikes a serious pose. x 51, 1, 1' A Wave back drives for extra yards. All-city end A. Nitti makes a leaping catch. FIRST ROW: A. Nitti, L. Gilbert, C. Filipowicz, P. Cortesini, A. Martin, L. Murphy, C. Henry. SECOND ROW: C. Chianese B. Lopilato, R. DiBenedetto, G. Denehan. t t l E. Denuhun struggles toward paydirt. E. Denahan twists to avoid un onrushing Surrounded by opponents C. Chiunese falters after a good gain tuckler. 92 A 1'.C,buck springs info fl-,e clear, C. Chianese hurtles a defender to pick up valuable yardage. If's follow the leader as C. Henry leads interference. 93 The squad watches intently as Coach Petruccio discusses strategy. A Wave back powers through the arms of an Trainer Leon Bevilacqua tapes L. Murphy. opponent. f 1 ' . A I ..., , ",L . , 4. A' L 1? M A ' - ', 1 V A H f Aw , k.VVV,gA N i V.f. 1-- af --.... lr A W ,B .wuwnxnue-m,w , :zwaw ...., TUUCHIJUWN! JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: J. McCarthy, G. Persichetti, D. Shumski, F. Fares, A. DeGrandis, A. Derrico Chianese, R. Vanisko, G. Conti, B. McAteer, W. Markulec, S. Raymond, E. Colluccio, C. Risoldi, J. Lepold, J. Comfort. THIRD ROW: F. Mazzarella, F. Bencivengo, V. Pinigi- C. Massarini, P. Schroeder, R. Gervasoni, C. Armenti. SECOND ROW: J. Fasonella, AI I V tor, R. Miclura, M. Maloney, J. Tysowski, R. Conte, J. Mellilo, A. Nitti, R. Pazdan. Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton tacklers. 96 J.V. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE I4 Ewing 31 Notre Dame I3 Trenton 24 Holy Cross 37 Burlington A T.C. back breaks into the open after eluding would be FROSH Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Spirited action in a freshman game as an opposing back is gang-tackled by T. C. players. FROSH FOOTBALL SCH EDULE Trenton Catholic ,..... 6 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: F. Muscato, J. Pukala, J. McCarthy, J. Riccianni, T. Scorsolini, B. Bucchini R. Papp. SECOND ROW: R. Cummings, D. Angebrandt, R. Artale, A. Crucili, Asst Coach J. Bresnan, Coach C. Di Costanzo, V. Bossio, J. Smilek, J. Murphy, H. Brown THIRD ROW: J. Bahm, J. Botti, G. Sinabaldi, R. Trivellini, V. Pyl, J. Carroll, J. Trotto, J Disepolo. FOURTH ROW: W. Wolverton, M. Formicola, A. Illuminati, J. McDonough J. Magrann, E. Major, R. Zannoni. Mount Holly ....,.. 27 Notre Dame , . . . . 6 fig Ewing ..,.. ..., I 8 Princeton . . .... I3 Holy Cross .,. ..,.40 VARSITY SOCCER FIRST ROW: F. Prokop, M. Molnar, E. Eiker, E. Marut, F. Magee, J. Jannotti, P. Morgan, R. Fasoldi, D. Maher SECOND ROW: T. Sullivan, T. Farley, A. Velivis, P. Walters, J. Mirabelli, Coach E. Smolinski, J. Sullivan G Gray, N. Mayer, R. Eimanowicz, E. McGrath. Under the capable direction of Messrs. VARSITY SOCCER SCHEDULE l Edward Smolinski and Stanley Patykula, Tren- ton Catholic's Varsity Soccer team enioyed its most successful season in recent years, compil- ing a fine 9-4-2 record. The highlight of the campaign came when the Golden Wave cap- tured the Class A State Championship from St. Cecilia's of Kearney in a playoff series. lm- portant victories were also registered over arch- rivals Trenton High and Hamilton. The Junior Varsity showed excellent potential for the future in registering numerous victories over stiff competition. The popularity of soccer is definitely on the upswing as is evidenced by the increas- ingly large attendance at the games. Because of its fast-moving action, soccer is not only an exciting game to play, but is an interesting spectator sport as well. With an abundance of talent on hand, Trenton Catholic soccer is at the peak of one of its greatest eras. Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Trenton Catholic Championship Game: Trenton Catholic Pennington High Princeton High Hamilton St. Cecilia Jamesburg High Steinert Lawrenceville Hamilton Trenton . Pennington High Jamesburg High Freehold St. Cecilia Trenton St. Cecilia SOCCER M, Mglnqr in q l1egd5-up play, T. Sullivan in fine defensive play against Ham- ilton. Freehold goalie being charged by T. C. Iinemen Walters and Morgan. 52 F, is Z J ei W . We . , V .-1 M ..- 'M if rg-N f A " umm mmmmaxm W. haf, -ygswmfiazx 1 :zwmmcufmefw Qwzemsvm-1-rnrm ,S wmnzwravmiuemagr, . N mmrwimwni efve,1wwV21f ,X,- ,, -mmmxmmmmmm.. p,x. ,un m , .mane Imam Q Huh!!! A more determined P. Morgan takes aim. r N A. Velivis set to cross to J. Jannotfi. JV SOCCER R. Fasoli, H. Kramer, E. Marut, D. Maher, F. Prokop, J. Jannotti. SECOND ROW: P. Gallagher, J. Suhayda, E. McGrath, Coach S. Patykula, T. Sullivan, A. Velivis, R. Thompson, E. Thomas. Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Catholic ....... Catholic ....... Catholic Catholic .....,. Catholic ....... Catholic .,...., Catholic ....... Catholic ..,..,. Pennington . Steinert ,,.. Hamilton .. Lawrenceville Pennington . Hamilton ,. Steinert . . Peddie .. J. Jannotti fast-breaking through opposition. 5 v E Z i E 4 2 E 2 I I i r 4 2 3 1 1 s 1 1 H Q I 3 1 3 1 1 3 i E I 1 1 l A 5 .1 il ii fi 1 ,. . 'Q 5 'a ki Q, 3 M ss, E J TH 52 5 53 K ff ,D 52 www ff magma: www,wwfuswm.Lfwswwwsw,fsiwwuwmmwmmawfmwmwnmmkmmxwww-mwswxf fy VARSITY SQUAD FIRST ROW: A. Offredo, G. Shary, N. Serban, J. Cyborski, J. Scheidnagel and E. Denahan. SECOND ROW: A. Manto, R. Plumeri, A. Gennari, K. Sokolowski, N. Werkman, J. Chiorello and R, Hoffman.- Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Trenton Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic Catholic VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE , 71 Msgr Bonner , . , 91 Memorial . . , . .55 Allentown Catholic . 72 Demarest . 55 Wilson . 58 Seton Hall . 76 Camden Catholic 68 St. Peters . . 73 Demarest , , 78 St. Michael's . 119 Princeton . . 74 Trenton .... , , 89 Camden Catholic . 68 St. Mary's , . . . , 62 Wilson . . 57 Trenton . . . 102 St. Michael's , 69 St. Rose . STATE TOURNAMENT 93 Red Bank Cath. 62 St. Peter's lN.B.l 50 St. Peter's lJ.C.l ESCIT TOURNAMENT 81 De La Salle 84 St. Peter's lJ.C.l . . , 65 John Carroll No one has to ask a Trenton Catholic student, "What kind of team did you have this year? Any- one who follows basketball at all in the area or state would know. Only a two-point deficit in overtime marred an otherwise perfect season for regular play. In state tournament competition too the Wave easily swept the South Jersey crown, bowing in the finals to a stubborn St. Peter's quintet from Jersey City. A well-balanced attack and smooth defense would probably best summarize the '58-'59 var- sity version of Trenton Catholic basketball. ln fact, three of the first five won places on the all-city quintet. In the Eastern States Catholic Invitational Tournament at Newport, Rhode Island, the Wave courtsters found themselves in the final round pitted against the tall and talented John Carroll array from Washingon, D.C. Again two points made the difference as Catholic roared from be- hind, but time ran out and the Wave dropped it 67-65. All in all, a tremendous season for Trenton Catholic with a definite promise for a brilliant campaign next season. 103 offman N. Werkmun Fr. Clarence O'Shea E. Denuhcm K. Sokolowski R. Plumerl H R. Plumeri leaps to score against North Jersey parochial rival, St. Michael's. Opponents find it hard to score over the out- E. Denahan registers with a fast break basket in stretched arm of K. Sokolowski. return game with Demarest. X '5 , . 5 1 1' Y, ry. , 2 As J .. m 0 A, , 1 Q -1 va Mx-- ff ' W Qvff .tex if Agp Q av, If x W . .mgpff x: v' vi' ' 4 ,- ny QQ I :PW 'iw' 1 .21 53, 4' -I 1 ,,.,..,,, 'Q V Q Y .A '3 , 5 56'--'fvr A bit of spirited action with G. Shary and friend fighting for a rebound. if X lt's very simple-the faces tell the story. IR. Plumeri carries, E. Denahan pleasingly surprisedj An early score against Trenton Highg R. Hoffman slips by for a left-handed lay-up. The second half tap-off, this time against Camden Catholic. G. Shary helps to avenge an early season loss G9CIinSf Demarest. "Now go out there and make it a good ball game." - -viral IUNIIIR VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL This year's Junior Varsity team has continued in the tradition of Trenton Catholic basketball by chalking up another impressive record. Also under the capable guidance of Fr. Clarence, they lost but two games in their seventeen outings to date. With the loss of three starting lettermen, next year's Varsity will depend highly upon the ability of this impressive team, and right now, things are very bright. Trenton Cath.. . Msgr Bonner . . , Trenton Cath St. Michael's . Trenton Cath.. . Memorial ....., Trenton Cath Princeton . . . . Trenton Cath.. , Allentown Cath.. . Trenton Cath Trentvn High . Trenton Cath.. . Demarest .4.,., Trenton Cath Camden Cath.. Trenton Cath.. . Holy Cross ...,. Trenton Cath St. Mary's S. A -V Trenton Cath.. . Seton Hall ,..., Trenton Cath Notre Dame. . . Under the wafchful eye of ,he referee, A. Tezsla Trenton Cath.. . Camden Cath. , , Trenton Cath.. . Wilson . . . . slips past a host of defenders and hooks one in. Tfenlon Com" I 5" Pelefs N' B-4 - T'e"'o" cull' T'e"""' H'9h ' Trenton Cath.. . Demarest ..., Trenton Cath.. . St. Micl1uel's . Trenton Cath.. . Notre Dame .... Trenton Cath.. . St. R059 . . . . . FIRST ROW: D. Hess, C. Chiorello, P. Fisher, A. Nitti, G. Bobik, J. Comfort. BACK ROW: F. Bengivengo, A. Tezsla, P. Yancil, J. Melillo, J. Ball. IIO FRUSH FROSH BASKETBALL Completing his second year as coach of the Wave yearlings, Father Leslie again has produced a fine ball club. Displaying a hustling attack typical of Trenton Catholic teams, the Wave Frosh recorded numerous vic- tories including a triumph over new rival, Notre Dame while dropping but five contests in all. Continuous drilling in the basic fundamentals of the game is the principal idea behind the Freshman team, insuring good material for coming years at Trenton Catholic. Trenton Catholic. .58 Jr. .,rll'2 ,,,,,4 44 Trenton Catholic. 51 Notre Dame ..45 Trenton Catholic. .46 Jr. I,li4 .,..., 38 Trenton Catholic. .72 Jr. 1,43 ...,.. 24 Trenton Catholic 38 Jr, 43 Trenton Catholic. .69 Bishop Egan . .35 .. I,Yil..... ji5 Trenton Catholic. .71 Jr. ...,.. 42 Trenton Catholic. .71 Ewing .,.... .33 Trenton Catholic. 33 Holy Cross . , .49 Trenton Catholic, .38 Holy Cross . . .47 Trenton Catholic. .47 Jr. -H54 ...... 42 Trenton Catholic, 39 Notre Dame . .49 Trenton Catholic. .47 Pennsbury . . .19 Trenton Catholic. .68 Jr. Q5 . . . . .46 Trenton Catholic, .94 Bishop Egan , .49 Trenton Catholic. 57 Ewing ..,,.. 25 Trenton Catholic, .41 Jr. iii ,..... 53 Trenton Catholic. .58 Jr. K3 . . . .32 Trenton Catholic. 46 Jr. 112 . . . . .42 Even the Freshman know how it's done. IT. Keller pushes in two.l FIRST ROW: P. Russo, E. Petrano, T. Keller, P. Graziano, J. Quinn, M. Johnson, E. Osvai. SECOND ROW: A. Rotter, E. Flagg, P. Gmittar, Fr. Leslie, B. McMullen, S. Papp. 'Ill 112 GULF As the first warm days of spring roll around, the golfing season once again gets under way and Trenton Catholic's Iinksmen head for the local courses to begin practice. The squad receives ex- pert guidance and instruction under the compe- tent coaching of Father Gregory. The team as in previous years again faces some tough opposition but with the help of five returning lettermen they should prove to be one of the powers in the area. Practice make perfect, hence to the driving range. lP. Nini blasts a long drive.l . . ,.... ,-.. ,,,..,, ,wmmmmff Members of the golf team prepare to leave for an important match. lAl Wilcenski, Tony Wilcenski, V. Rice, J. DiRienzo, P. Nini and Fr. Gregory.l . 3 -t The tennis squad, left to right: G. Conti, coach, Fr. Leslie, G. Shary and H. Kramer. TENNIS The traditional spirit at Trenton Catholic has always been that of a winner. The tennis team, under the capable direction of Fr. Leslie, is eager to comply with this tradition. Last year's record was not too goocl, but with a year behind them, the members are now look- ing forward to a victorious season. No longer handicapped by inexperience, this year's matches promise to provide plenty of action for the eager tennis enthusiasts. Once again Tren- ton Catholic will step onto the court with this traditional spirit of friendly competition, and this year they are confident of a good season. H. Kramer counters his opponent with a blistering forearm smash. BASEBALL ff 3 I ws, me vm, ,,,.. , ' .. 'lil-i 5: P" A f L fN?0,,2 f-QW i , . L. L' ...v . 114 W cw This yecr's returning lettermen: FIRST ROW: J. Cyborski, A. Cuesaro, L. Murphy, A. Munro, N. Werkman. SECOND ROW: N. Armenti R. Lopilato, A. Offredo, R. Alu, N. Serban, C. Henry, Couch Malone. THIRD ROW: A. Timko, K. Soko- Iowski, T. Kclczor, A. NiHi, G. Gray. l F The thump of the fist in the glove, the crack of the bat, the umpire shout- ing "PIay Ball", are signs that once more our "national pastime" has ar- rived at Trenton Catholic. Again under the leadership of Mr. George Malone, we are once more well represented on the diamond. With thes exception two, the en- tire varsity squad will be returning and combined with the upcoming talent from the underclassmen should enioy a winning season. Coach George Malone tensely observes a close play ,.....-...........- T. C. runner steals home safely. A. Nitti blasts one for extra bases. .XM I 5 ,sf u Qi .,,. L. Murphy is thrown out at first in a close play. X Q W NX -2:-N XX F ly A. Offredo puts away a routine fly Members of last year's Frosh team who will be competing for Varsity berths this year. Ready for action: T. Zealand, D. Olivari, T. Donahue, L. Perroselli, E. Rudolph, J. O Donnell CHEERLEADERS cheerleading squad. Cheerleaders gather for instructions from their captain, T. Donahue. The support of the student body In ref erence to the backing of their teams could be the determining factor In the wmnmg or the losing of a game. The responsibility of rally ing the support out of the attending spectators rests upon the cheerleaders For the third con secutive year under Tom Donahue, the cheer leaders have done well in arousing this en thusiasm. In the gymnasium they create an atmosphere of winning even before the actual playing of the game and have turned the tide on perhaps more occasions than the public has realized. Reliable and dependable, that's our T. Donohue points the way to victory. Counting off the points after another T. C. touchdown. 9 gf as ' , .- '-I 33M I, Q5 iff 1 H5 ' 1 I I - if ffl , If ,Q I 1 I -If ff as e , sis I fit? I ': Y , 1 2 f K -2 Q I ,iz .17 ' '57 I K g .. ' ,,,' f, V .VW ACTIVITIES Certainly important complements to any school are its extra-curricular activities. These pro- grams are designed to provide the student with a means of rounding out his school life. Here at Trenton Catholic the organizations and clubs are indeed numerous. They enable the student to foster his spiritual as well as his mental and physical development. Activities range from the Third Order of Saint Francis to the Senior Trip and include a wide variety of interests. They also administer valuable aid in character building which is an essential part of any school program. These societies are interwoven with the school curriculum and give the student a way to gain a further knowl- edge in his subject of interest. Some clubs suggest to the student the virtue of helping others through charity or another may provide him with entertain- ment. All these facts amply demonstrate that the activities program of Trenton Catholic is absolutely necessary for a complete development of the student. www- R XX 2 XX X XXX THIRD ORDER UF ST. FRANCIS The Third Order of Saint Francis is one organization that was not originated at Trenton Catholic. It is an order that was founded by Saint Francis in the 'l3th century. Its purpose is the sanctification of human souls. It is a lay organization for people who do not wish to enter the religious life but who want to gain great indulgences for themselves and others. The tertiaries, as they are called upon entering the Order, have a probation period called the novitiate that lasts for a year and a day. After that members may discontinue or they may go on to profess themselves by the Rule of the Order. By this Rule they promise to observe the Commandments of God and the Church. They must also wear a cord and scapular as a sign of the Order. The Third Order does not make us do anything out of the ordinary, it only asks that we live as Catholics should. Father Charles invests a new member, D. Murphy and W. McDermott attending. Members recite the opening prayers at a Third Order meeting. Father Charles makes plans for coming Third Order activities with his officers. lM. McCullough, H. Zealand, T. Gibson, W. McDermott, and D. Murphy.l 'I2 I Fr. Gregory poses with Student Council. STUDENT C0llNCIl The Student Council is an able body of chosen representatives elected by the students themselves. Under the leadership of Father Greg- ory, it brings about better relations between the student body and the members of the faculty. Also on their agenda is the task of bringing about a closer bond between Trenton Catholic and the other schools in the area. On their enormous list of activities are our pre-game pep rallies, our poster contests, and of course, the ever popular Socials. These are only a few of the many extra activities which the Student Council sponsors. The voice of the student at Trenton Catholic, this organization will always have a place in the democratic system of the school. 4 F. Felice and R. Hoffman raise the Flag at the beginning of the school day. YVQQHQ i 0 Quan J. Cyborski sells pennants for the Student Council. E f-1 un.. 5 I sf RZ rar is t ' H ? V ,T lvl MW TRENTU Gil i-rMVl 3155 ' H rx: t ifew - ' i I lf' -" Winners of the poster contest receive their prizes from Fr. Gregory "Wait until I get my hands on the guy that made that mistake!" IM. McCullough emotes,l The fact that Trenton Catholic's yearbook is annually awarded many honors must induce some curiosity as to how this is accomplished. This question is answered by the hard work put forth by a dedicated group of seniors. Under the capable leadership of their moderator, Father Angelus, they strive to produce a book worthy of Trenton Catholic and the title "lmmaculata." A task such as this is year-long and almost daily. There are many individual assignments with great responsibility involved. Collecting and sort- ing ads, pictures and the tremendous amount of information needed is but a small part of the work to be accomplished. Many talents are needed. lf "it takes all kinds of people to make a world", the same is true for a yearbook. The editorial staff is aided by Father Severin supply- ing the many pictures and Father Gregory the necessary finances through the ad campaign. All of these individuals working as a team again as- sures us of a competent award-winning yearbook. IMMABULATA xx -4 4 Fr. Angelus explains picture balance in a typical "layout" to the yearbook staff. 126 T. Conry and D. Ryan submit a spread to Fr. Angelus for approyal. Our dedicated yearbook staFf hard at work on the various phases of production L T 2 Z nu The working-force of the "Golden Wave" sits with Fr. Emmett for a formal picture. GOLDEN WAVE Reporting the news and giving timely views on current events, the Golden Wave works to encourage the active par- ticipation of every Trenton Catholic Student in Catholic Action. To bring about one hundred per cent co-operation and good will from the student body for every school-sponsored activity, the paper keeps the student informed on every important event. This year the "Wave" added cartoons to depict the humorous side of typical school scenes and situations. The warm reception of each issue gives the newspaper stall' ample payment for the great effort it puts into producing the Golden Wave. llllillliili' T. Gibson and W. Ragolia lay out a coming issue at the printer's. The "Golden Wave" editorial staff selecting the best articles and photos M N Z W K. Murphy operates a ham set while Fr. Claude looks on approvingly. RADIO CLUB A steadily expanding field in the world today is that of electronics. Students of Trenton Catholic have a chance to gain practical experience in this line through the facilities of the Radio Club. During the year each member completes a project which may include anything from radio to television. This year the club has had a large number of licensed radio operators. Under Father Claude's direction it has added another fruitful year to its existence and is a further complement to the activities offered at Trenton Catholic. i l w A v Radio Club members work on their various proiects. 'iw any .1 M.. z Q Mernbers learn the functions of the various parts while building their own radios and electrical equip men . Forum Club members pose with the moderator, Fr. Severin. FORUM CLUB The primary purpose of education is to form a well-rounded, complete man. A man who can not convey his thoughts to his fellow-men is not a com- plete individual. At Trenton Catholic this important aspect of training is of- fered to the student through the Forum Club. Here members gain experience in the various types of public speaking by competition with students from other schools in the National Forensic League. The debate team travels extensively to N.F.L. tournaments sponsored by uni- versities Iocated all along the eastern seaboard. Also in extemporanous speak- ing, original oratory and dramatic in- terpretation Trenton Catholic students enter statewide contests. With the great influx of members this year, our Forum Club is very likely to win the leading chapter award for New Jersey. 132 H. Zealand, M. Coppola, and T. Bilancio do research for an up-coming debate. H. Zealand addresses the Senate of a District Student Fr. Severin briefs club officers on conducting a meeting Congress. T. Gibson assigns debaters for an approaching contest. 133 One of the most popular extracurricular activities in the school is the Camera Club. With Father Severin as its moderator, this club has the responsibility of furnishing the pictures used in the Golden Wave and in the lmmaculata. Teach- ing the club members to take, develop and print their own pictures is only the fundamental train- ing which could be obtained through the Camera Club. The more advanced students are taught the technical aspects of the camera and of the prob- lems which could occur in picture-taking. The The lessons that Father Severin gives are not only interesting but may help a student should he make it his profession in life. Getting down to work Father Severin explains the idea of picture balance to J. Martin. CAMERA CLUB Club members watch attentively as R. Alu demonstrates the finer points of the enlarger. 134 Shutterbugs anxiously scan the final print. AT. Wt X54 1!.' . 7' QQ. ' V, 2":-5f5,',.'- Y' The purposes of lens openings are thoroughly explained by Father Severin me ffiiigs' I X XR , l Fr. Innocent and Latin Club members pose for formal portrait. LATIN CLUB The Latin Club is a member of the Junior Classical League. It ioins with other members in various social activities. Under the guidance of Father Innocent it has strived to fulfill its purpose-to promote the study of Latin and the culture of the Roman Empire. During the winter the Latin Club held the annual Roman festival. The feature of the festival was a satire of some of the classes here at Trenton Catholic. In the spring delegates from Trenton Catholic attended the convention of the varied Latin clubs throughout the state. The Latin Club is another society characteristic of Trenton Catholic's aim to broaden the student's cultural appreciation. , . All eyes on T. Gibson as "teacher" D. Murphy disciplines him. F. Szeiner leads members in vigorous calisthenics. Moderator and officers look satisfied after annual banquet. 137 The officers of the Fathers' Club work with Fr. Armand on a new prolect FATHERS' cum l y 2 3 2 i The obiect of this organization is to promote good fellowship, understand- ing and advancement of Trenton Cath- olic by the fathers or guardians of all boys attending the school and to lend both spiritual and material assistance to the faculty. For these ends the club has sponsored many worthwhile activ- ities this year. Among the proiects started to raise money for student scholarships was a series of lectures given by experts in different fields. This series was well- received both by the fathers and their sons. On the spiritual side the fathers sponsored a Day of Spiritual Recollec- tion during Lent which was well at- tended. ln all the various proiects and activities of the club, the fathers have worked together in a spirit of friendly co-operation to make this second year under Fr. Armand one of its most successful. Fr. Clarence presents awards at annual sports night . . . . . . as the faculty and fathers listen. Mr. Brown of the Bell Telephone Company demonstrates the operation of the NIKE missile from a model. Y Mi Y 40 3 1215 1, 9 is 'Riga , we 11 Officers of the P.T.A., past and present, enioy themselves at the annual Christmas party. Mothers proudly display some of the door prizes at one of the group's many social activities. P. T. Il. Perhaps the largest and most ac- tive organization in the school is the Parent-Teacher Association. Under the direction of Father Robert, this organi- zation brings about a closer union be- tween the faculty and the parents of the students. On the first Wednesday after the termination of the marking period, par- ents meet with the different teachers of the school to discuss their son's scholas- tic progress. On the agenda of the P. T. A. are the weekly Bingo, the annual Fashion Show and the annual Christmas Party for the members of the faculty. The Parent-Teacher Association will always be the vital link between the school and the home. 9 KH . ns 5 The mothers themselves modeled the latest in millinery fashions during their newly- introduced hat show. Y ' Interested parents interview the faculty concerning their sons' progress school-wise. Fr Casimir introduces the various college representatives to the assemblage of parents and students. COLLEGE NIGHT Many of the students now attending Tren- ton Catholic have the desire to further their education after high school. Father Robert's sincere desire is that this is done in a Catholic college. To help Junior and Senior students make this important decision, Father Casimir, the head of the Guidance Department, has organized an annual College Night. On the appointed date students and their parents gather together in the gymnasium where Father Robert and Father Casimir introduce the repre- sentatives from approximately fifteen Catholic colleges of the area. Then the assembly ad- iourns to various rooms where there is a de- tailed talk given and questions answered. Individual attention is stressed. The senior class sincerely thanks Father Casimir for the opportunity to personally meet with these representatives and for his graciously offered guidance and advice. Particular attention is stressed Schneider, S..l. explains a fine prospective collegians. xl.-QE" as Fr. John point to two Fr. Robert blesses the catafalque during absolu- tion following the Mass. Incensing the altar during Memorial Mass. MEMORIAL SERVICE This being a Catholic high school, the stu- dents as young Catholic men have an obligation in charity to remember deceased former students. Therefore every year soon after school commences a special Memorial Mass is celebrated in their honor. The entire student body attends and offers its prayers for these that have given their lives so that we may live in a free land. After the Holy Sacrifice is completed, Father Robert speaks the words of absolution and the roll call is read aloud. Trenton Catholic will always remember her departed sons, praying that God may give them eternal rest. 14 44 Suomi cLuB The Trenton Catholic Social Club is certainly the most pop- ular club in school. Dances throughout the year provide an excellent opportunity for Catholic boys and girls to get better acquainted. The dances are generally called "Socials" by those who attend. Under the moderation of Father Emmett and Pres- ident David Murphy the Executive Committee strives to provide a night of fun and entertainment for all. The dances are also attended by students of Cathedral High, Villa Victoria Academy, and Notre Dame High. Guest "disc-iockeys" sometimes emcee the night or "live" bands are featured. On one occasion pop- ular singers honored us by giving their time and talent to pro- vide a night of complete entertainment to a capacity crowd. May the Trenton Catholic Social Club always be as pop- ular and successful as it has been this year. Mayor Connolly crowns Carol Hoch "Queen of the Hop" as D. Murphy and runners-up stand by President D. Murphy and assistant lead the "Queen of the Hop" contestants to the stage for judging. l t This scene is repeated at every Trenton Catholic Phil Allen lwith plenty of attentionl M.C.'s one of Social. our socials. 145 Father Justus moderates an interesting discussion between T. C. students and guest panelists. The John Carroll Society, although only in its second year at Trenton Catholic, has proved itself a club of maior interest among the students. The aim of the club is to aid the student in understanding Christian principles in relation to current events. Father Justus, the moderator, ar- ranges monthly discussions at which time learned persons are guest panelists. The topics have to do with problems found in the American Democracy. 46 Father Justus and officers of the club preparing for a coming panel discussion. MOTHER-SUN communion Bnfixfisr An annual event at Trenton Catholic is the Mother- Son Communion Breakfast. At this time the students escort their mothers to Mass at the Church of the lm- maculate Conception and then to the school cafeteria. Here in the cafeteria everyone is treated to a fine break- fast followed loy an address on a timely topic. The fea- tured speaker for this year was Father Conall O.F.M. Conv.. As in previous years the Breakfast was met with great success. As Fr. Conall delivers his address the gathering listens attentively. t .,ts,.,t i ,. W. Goyden and his mother receive Communion from Fr. Conall. l47 The reed section prepares to "blow up a storm" during a practice session. MUSIC The Music Department at Trenton Cath- olic is divided into three parts-the Band, the Orchestra and the Student Choir. The tirst of these, the Band, makes its initial appearance of the year at the football games where it entertains the spectators dur- ing the game. From the Marching Band there is chosen a small group of boys to make up a relatively new, but very important organi- zation, the Dance Band, which entertains the student body during the pep rallies. Both of these bands are under the direction of Father Charles and Mr. Mayer. The Orchestra and Student Choir, although making fewer appearances, are iust as im- portant to the school. The big day for the Orchestra is the graduation exercises at which time they render fitting musical selections. This traditional organization at T.C. is under the expert direction of Mr. Mayer. The Student Choir under the leadership of Father Innocent sings the annual Memorial Mass as well as at various other times during the academic year. 48 Musical accompaniment at graduation is provided by the school orchestra. Fr. Innocent directs the choir in the singing of carols during the Christmas Party. The orchestra practices under the watchful eyes of Mr. Mayer and Fr. Augustine. 14 ., The Senior and Junior class presidents lead the grand march. F. Magee and his date step outside for a breather during the evening's activities. 150 IUNIUR PROM Annually, on the eve of Ascension Thursday, the Junior Prom, highlight of the Trenton Catholic social season, is held. The senior class, as guests of the iuniors, dance into the late hours of the -night to the music of a well-known band and enioy refreshments graciously served by iunior and senior mothers. As this is the last of the maior social events in which the graduating class par- ticipates, it is always anxiously awaited and long remembered. 1 1 l V fa ri FQQS The highlight ofthe evening - dancing to the music of George Sommer's bond. A. Beeuker dances with the queen of the prom. Mrs. Vanisko presents R. HofFmon's date with a sou- venir of the Junior Prom. 151 Nllry. V!! 52 . af J ' J'xAfi- . if ' J ' L ' jr, i i . Hs... F . .QQ WA nf J, V , ,, I W .1 . 1 ' ' YI? 1 , 1, , ,. A A k ., ji .X ., fx s 73 s s . pr 4 y if fi kk xbtr . , I f AV K I . X.. Jr .w ' ' 'fire , , .sl .5 K i I 1' , 'K f f. ' ' . Q 'I If f , if x 4. K K, Q i Xi ' Kr if 'K ff . H' l I 3 1 3 X ,R-Ji . -c , . Y Q , - ' A. .L The sun-drenched Capitol, central point of our whole trip SENIOR TRIP A much anticipated highlight of the Senior year is the annual iourney to our nation's capital. It marks one of the final times when the senior class is together as a body. Here for four days the Seniors tour the seat of our nation, the center of liberty in the free world. Chaperoned by the good Fathers the visits to the institutions, museums, and the other places of high interest consume the greater part of the time spent in the shadows of our glorious heritage. The busses will be waiting and restless feet will climb aboard and look forward to a truly wondrous trip that will long be remembered as part of our association with the school days that in a few months will be only a pleasant memory. 152 ...L We stop on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to look at the wondrous scenes about us. One speaks in hushed reverence in the presence of the The flag-raising at Iwo Jima, a stirring moment in great man. American history. . fxnx r"11lu-..,,. - . , " - J A ,- - cw ,, r ' i Frill , ,ff Perhaps the most impressive sight of all -the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 153 SPECIAL EVENTS Along with the sports, clubs, dances, etc. which round out the year at Trenton Catholic, there are also those events which may happen every year along with those which take place only once in a while. All these activities could not be given sep- arate sections, therefore they are repro- duced on these two pages. Some of these are social and some are religious. Some are designed especially for the parents and some for the students. The outsider who might see a group of unrelated photographs in one small section might feel that these were un- eventful and not very important, but to those who took part in them they will be remembered iust as long as the victories over Trenton High, the Junior Prom and the Senior Trip. .f --.. E 5' iff f J. Kotkiewicz proudly hands M. Molnar his graduation portraits as R. Menichelli looks on, a really special event for the seniors. 5 -.Sf if tr' ,H is y -,n"""" ,',,---' ,gui ,.,-44 lg'-""+. -1-"" New faculty members for the year 1958-1959. lFathers Duane, Augustine, Rembert and Nicholas. Standing: Messrs. Trombley, Maida and Ferguson.l I J W- 'V-L.Qg.fg 5' 1 Fr. Myron at the most sacred moment Fr. Kenneth, moderator ofthe C.S.M.C., of the First Friday Mass, a frequent but congratulates Fr. Innocent on again still outstanding event. winning the annual Mission Award plaque. and now, the most special event of all, GRADUATION! PATRCNS Acme Upholslering Co. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L, Adams Al's LiHle Spoi- Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Andahazy, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Andreico Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andreico Mar+in Angebranndf, Jr. Miss Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Aufo Trans. Anrosiewicz Nicholas Armenfi Anne A. Babashak James V. Bab ashak John F. Babashak, Jr. L+. John Bahm Miss Mary E. Banchoff Barbero Bakery, lnc. BarreH"s Resfaurani' Mr. Maffhew J. Bayan Mrs. Pauline A. Bayan Harold Bechrel Tom Beeiel Esso Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Begley Jos. Berg Blank's Broadway Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A. Bodnar Alberi' F. Bodnar John Bogdan Mrs. Mary Bonderchuk Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bracoloni Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brilla, Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Brennan Jr. Joseph Brilla Hugh Bryce Neil R. Bryson John Burke Miss A. M. Burns Miss M. G. Burns Mr. and Mrs. Gabor Burson Waller Buzinsky Cagan's 'Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs, Carella Shoes George Capewell Mrs. Ca+herine Carr MEENAN OIL SERVING FUEL OIL TO LOWER BUCKS COUNTY WI 6-2000 Levittown, Pa. OOllOOIOOOOOllCIOCICOIOIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCOO l Complimenfs of A Friend OOO0000000000000'COOOOOCIOOOOOOIOOOOOOOOOOOU R. F. McGRORY CO. SANITATION SUPPLIES CHEMICALS 224 Hudson Street Trenfon I0. N. J. OICIOCCUCCIIIOOCI Clllillllff Complimenis of REGAL CLEANERS 21 College Street Tren+on, New Jersey FISCHER BAKING COMPANY TEL. EX 2-I764 - EX 2-7I65 802 PROSPECT STREET TRENTON 8. NEW JERSEY FRANK DEL ROY SPEED PARTS Route No. 130 BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY Frank Del Roy, famous Builder-Designer of Indianapolis Race Cars Midgel' Cars - Roadslers Solicifs Your Palronage for Your Cus'I'om or Sporls Car or Drag Racing Equipmenl SEE US FIRST FOR YOUR CUSTOM ACCESSORIES CLUB DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FRANK DEL ROY 3' - ifimg .M Q ' - X9 ,fam PATRONS - Conlinued Deelcs Balcery Mr, and Mrs. Daniel R. Deely Mr. and Mrs. John DeFeo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sam De Forli Mr. and Mrs. Millon C. Deilhorn Delaware Packing Co. Riclc and Pal' DeLorenzo Gene Denahan Mrs. Isabelle Denahan Mr. and Mrs. Cesare DeZan Mrs, M. DiGuiseppi Mrs. J. Dillon Jeannelle Donnelly Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Carr Mr. and Mrs. John J. Carr Mrs. Margarel M. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Carroll Case Pork Roll Co. Casino Reslauranl Joseph M. Challender Slephanie Chesier Vic'l'or Chesfer Mr. and Mrs. F. Chiappella Mr. Pal' Cirillo Cleary's Service S'I'a'l'ion College and Anderson Monumenl Wks College Radio and Television Service Colonial Dairy Mr. and Mrs. Edmund B. Connolly Mrs, Carl J. Conslance Convery's Furnifure Arlene Cool: Cordwell's Marlcel' An'l'hony Courlney Complimenfs of Creco's Bar Mr. and Mrs. George G. Cudhea Charles Cullen Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Curran Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl- Culler William D'AgosI'ino DaiIy's Texaco Service Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D'Amico Mrs. Henry De Blois Complimenls of a Morrisville Friend '...'..QU.U..QGQ..U.CCGG.......""'...".'.l." Congraiulalions +o +he Graduales STOY'S DAIRY INC. 1660 No. Olden Avenue Phone EX 3-472l Royal French Dry Cleaners 925 N. Olden Avenue Trenlon 8, N. J. THE HARTMAN'S John A. Sr. John A. Jr. George J. Joseph R. A. 158 PATRCNS - Conlinued Bill and Helen Dougherly Thos. J. Dougherly, M.D. Dr. and Mrs. William F. Dougherly Economy Aulo Paris Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Eiker Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eimanowicz Emory Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Dewi+ Evans Falcon LuncheoneH'e John J. Farrell Micheal J.Fayco, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Feher Mr. and Mrs. John F. Feller A. James Fessley Jr., M.D. A. James Fessley, Sr., M.D. Mrs. Ann Felcak Barlholomew Felcak Mr. John G. Felcak Mr. and Mrs, John M. Filipowicz Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Fisher Mr. J. E. Fool'e Mrs. J. E. Foole Vincenl' Foslxy Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fraikor Philip Friedman A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Fulfon Calering Service Mr, and Mrs. Frank Gabor Miss Judy Gabor Mr. and Mrs. Viclor Gachelli Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gallagher Roberl Gardner George's Beverage Gerry'sl Delicalessen Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Gervasio Complimen+s of Eugene J. Gelz Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Gibson Mr, and Mrs. Augusl Gienopie Mrs. Anna Gioe OXFORD BOYS SHOP 120 S. Broad Street Trenlon's Mosl' Complele Boys Shop Fealuring Sizes from 6 +o 40 EX 3 - l 3 2 8 hOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MEADOWBROOK DAIRY INC. Trenlon, N. J. OW 5-6297 y CALL 5-1454 pLRlC4,v l . l SWAMAND94 31-37 MORRIS AVE. PATRCNS - Conlinued Mr. and Mrs. J. Gorman Mrs. Mary Goydan Greco's Barber Shop 6reiner's Delicalessen James A. T. Gribbon Me'l'a A. Griffilh William S. Griffilh Complimenls of Gropp's Healrh Sludio Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hancin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hancin Mr. and Mrs, W. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Harcar Mrs. Mary Hawley Helen Marie's Beauly Shop The Henclcen Family Hermilage Laundromar lnc. Mrs. Cecelia Hoffman J. Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel Howe Nurseries Michael P. Humenay Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hus'l'on Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hychalilc Mrs, Louise Johnslon Mr. ancl Mrs. P. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Walrer Jones and Family Elmer A. Kemp Mrs. Marie Kennedy Kenny Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Kensler Mr. Peler Kernasl' James J. Keuper Mrs. Josepll Keuper Mrs, Joseph Keuper R+. Rev. Jeremiah J. King Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. King Mr. and Mrs. Owen A. King Dr. Andrew G. Koschelc Julius Koszlyu Mr. ancl Mrs, George Kolch Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kovacs Michael T. Kovacs ' if " H Wf?q' F"k'SWP"?S"f'2f' - 1 f W i W. ' ff. 1 W . ..W .fflff fig.. . 3.1 fy W H W W gk rf 1.51 , N lik Rf 5 QM 9 W I - - 4 T-7 X xi ,,Y 'W2":,r ,' f ?- -1 ,. I , - Y " X rv 1? X43-'NK - 'K , A, lf 3 f."""'-x.'. ." 'f" , Q . ., ,, .,L, Paw f' L' ,..- . 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W -1 H . - , ' f , f 1 ' 2 if: 5' 173-If' -' 1' Q, 1' ' ,, '- k"f -, E.. f " ' :NL-5: K' .5122,LJIQEWQ-fn-12,,.m34:53 . V -'a' M 231.55 " kk . ' "1 W . . - ' " 52 ' 5 W1.1,-- -"- M',i'71 " '--,- ' . -, , '-,'. 1 . W. .W. ., . f f,E'5,.Lg'Qgf3'i. :""" 'ff ' 'ALA: -, ., 2 ' '-.ff n ' kg , WA ..1-L ' L ' My " ' '15 " I ' f , ',--,' a1,.f:p:'F1f,11121.1.m f, ' ' " ,' I ' ' A .,.."- - .i wi" 'gk ' ' f ,-fn 4 - i1 . ."'.f 7 V' ' ' -L h ' W , Ex ',': , V y ,Q , - N : L . i1 ., ,, , A kkkk Q! Q s ,pt MW .KI if it ' .. Lii' 'QP- "L, " v W 'A ',., ,fi, i fi? ' , ' "fl r m"" m'A V, If ? Y A J.1E"Y5..-f-- 'fir' ET-2f'kx'XE, , H ' f , ' ... '1 i -'..,..,,. ,,,X . , , ' ' 1' - - e- . 'W' 5 K .- ' . ..-, m -' 1 'Y Q ' i"v'fr ' .. , 'Q 9 K ' ' :T i fi.. fi AL Q --tg ikzeu' 15 .el , ' , l f li . 91.551-5 " . - 45 ' 5 . . , Rf W- ,. f ,. -'V ' P ' inffl , f ,, ' .H M ' ' --'X Id' 513 'A '77 . A W - ,.1, ' 'ffl iw 5 f. ?' - Y-" ii? 1 V xy' 4' W A M Y ' W.. F 5 - W 'M , . ' Af,-"1 ' 5 Ag A .A+-N. ' Mig 4 . TL q Q- .....: Q gs : L v 9' ' 'W' X . W zi3efv1i'2!iws?2Ws . -' Q - r ' W . sam: -fi -M '----: Tilf . . ' N W. .' 2.4 - 1? if-1 if W ' W'---M . . . ',Pf',"Q, A - -. K ,k-, 1 W " ' -' '-. nj, wg A . A , '.-' f,. g , - Mk 'A , ' Q., Q I Ag-iq. , f f "fi '-:: ...Lu 'N ., . wfi-Pa:-ww, I 1 mgw?,,Xb K K 1 W 'S - gn x W'-fffm' " f '71 .. , . . ' 'f W . . 1 W . . . . . . V fm.111:ff?S,fff?:15:fX , 7 4h,, , N M ,,,. 160 W Complimenis of M. W. and L. W. SLACK PATRONS - Conlinued Mr. and Mrs. George Kramli Bob Krebs Mr. and Mrs. George C. Krebs Mr. Andrew Krisak Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kucskar and Daughler Mr, and Mrs. Leslie Kun Louis Kupersmil- Mr. and Mrs. Felix Kuzniacki Laylon Bus Co. Dorolhy Lee Flower Shop Joseph Licciardello and Sons Edward P. Lisieclci Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl Lopilalo Mrs. Dorolhy Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lupo Vincenl' R. Lupo lll Mrs. John Magyar The Slephen C, Mahalsilc Family Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Maher Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Malloy Mr. and Mrs. John Mansue Lawrence Mansue Mr. and Mrs. Mariani S. P, Mariani - Roma Bar Thomas Marshall Mr. Thomas Marshall Mrs. Thomas Marshall Maruca's Tomalo Pies Mr. Pe+er May Mrs. Anna Mayer Mr. Nicholas Mayer Frankie Mayo's Halfway House Joseph McCar'l'hy Mr. William H. McDermoH' ZZZZZZQO "1'I'lfn'1'1n' 2..l.?E2..1.gz :z o asggaaem : W zzmmzzgg 35'-33R.2f":,, ..Zy,..hi4 c.L o o m 32 T W E TTB' Egan: 530 ... mo :ZW 59""f" -1 V' -. E 5. K Q o all E05 71-0 6--90 3 z Z 1 iF'l 3-F III I I I I I I 3 5' 8 3 I 3' 0 3 b I uw I- 2 S 3 ' w f 2 3 UI 2 lib E 5' 3' - S fp .lm 9- 2' 5 us -U Q.- : 2' W n O -l 0 3 0 'U 4 m 0 m I " -- 0 0 52 3 I- 2 H1 Q 3 2 m I 3 0 I I 8 I I I NORTON. FARR 81 CUMMINGS ENGRAVERS - PRINTERS - STATIONERS Social and Business S+a+ionery Receplion, Debu+an+ and Tea lnvirafions Programs, Resolulions and Diplomas Badges, Medals, Trophies, Memorials 123 Easi' Hanover S1'ree'l' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Complimenls of ST. PAUL'S CHURCH Burlingfon, N. J. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Complimeni-s of CLOVER LEAF DAIRY Morrisville, Pa. "We Serve in Tren-lon" Ml EW' . risl... 1 CJ.. 5, '-zfyZQ:' ,. K - .1 .,.- Q -g.-X 1- 'J-:Q 'I If f' w e f y L"L Ig: I El." 4 ' A 4 J if . 'I - f .fc - - ., ,i 1 ' - fr K A Y be ,.,..,,-f ,, . U , nw.. , u..,d,-L-:Je . ,,..,......W,,...,.., W, - 1 f. -, , k NV M,.,,.---f-""' Compliments of HOLY CROSS PARISH C oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.oooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo 5 Q 3 PURSELL SIGNS g I Lettering for Trucks, Windows Q S Card or Paper 8 Tables for Ladies Always Good Advertising S Hours from 8 +0 4 E 366 Union St. Trenton, N. J. Monday to Friday 9 215 Perry Street 3 Phone OW 5-9059 EX 2-l788 8 3 Q l................. ""'...""..'.. E OOCOCOC!llOOOOOOOCOOIOIOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOIIOJ Blueprints Phone 8 C I. + Ph.-,+0s+a+s EX 2-2397 "mp 'men 5 Engineering 'F Architects 0 Artists' Supplies . , , Au-STATE Hamilton Township Committee Blue Ptinl' George R. Holland, Mayor Snslwzlles Eqrzlzgifgfzecggs. Roland J. Krueger Joseph A. Jansen Tremonl N. J. Robert G. Martin Thomas F. Rhodes 162 ALEXANDER MOTORS. INC. 940 Prospect Street Trenton 8. New Jersey LINCOLN - MERCURY - EDSEL RENAULT - PEUGEOT Phone EX 4-3I ll Phone EX 635l4 CARL J. GOELLER FLORIST Flowers Telegraphecl 530 Hamilton Ave. Trenton, N. J. Compliments ot TED DOLCI tl!OlCIOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Phone EX 2-8877 EDDIE BRACKER Auto Electric Service SCOOTERS and ENGINES TRACTORS - POWER MOWERS 1955 Greenwood Ave. Trenton 9, N. J. PATRONS - Continued John Mihalilc, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Morgan Mr, and Mrs. Morgan's Paul J. Molnar Peter J. Morgan Capt. and Mrs. James L. Moseley Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John Nangle Mr. Anthony Naticchia National Venetian Blinds Mr. and Mrs, Carmen J. Nini Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nitti Nitti Motors Noto's Liquor Store Mr. and Mrs. Franlc Novak Mr. and Mrs. Franlc J. Olszewslci Rev. Theodore Opdenalcer Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Opdenaker Len Ordalcowslci Mr. and Mrs, Herman J. Panacelc, Sr Phillip Pappa no Pa ridise Swimming Club Kathy Pearthree Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Peoples Donald Persichetti Mrs. Margaret Persichetti Mr. and Mrs. Gene L. Petrillo Mrs. Fanny Pica Pietras Mkt. Anthony J. Pinto Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Anna M. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. J. Richard Pollard Charles Pursell Wm. E. Ragolia Ream Joseph Rein Reins Barber Shop Reins T. V, Service PATRONS - Coniinued Mr. C. Ricciardelli Mrs. C. Ricciardelli Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robb, Jr. Romeo and Juliel Cafe Mr. and Mrs. Siephen Rosina Gil Rossi Royal Bakery William E. Rupprechl' Mr, An+hony S. Rura Mrs. Magdalind Rura Mr. and Mrs. Sianley A.Rura Frank M. Russo, Builder Mr. and Mrs. S+anley Ryba Salamandra Liquor Siore Sam's Mea+ Markei Saniiary Pouliry Markei' Bernard J. Sawadski Mr. Peier Schafer Mr. and Mrs. John E. Scheidnagel Schul1"s Tin Shop Mr. and Mrs. S. Scuraio Buff Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. John Sheridan Siegel's Pharmacy Sigma lo+a Xi Sororiiy Mr. and Mrs. John Simson Mr. and Mrs. Skowrenski C. Slack Mr. and Mrs. Al'ron Slane James L. Slane Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Slocum and Family George A, Smiih Mrs. Anela Sobon Frank J. Sobon, Jr. Mr. Frank Sobon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Soliis James M. Soncranl' Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sooihwick Mr, Roberf Spack Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Spisak Complimenfs of A FRIEND I..ll'lillllllllfllllllllflflflllllllflflllf Complimenis of General Porcelain OOO!CIIIOOOO00000000COOOOOOOOOOCIOOOOCIIOIOO LAWRENCEVILLE FUEL Lawrenceville, N. J. TW 6-0l4I TW 6-0l68 Comple+e Heaiing lnsiallafions FUEL - OIL - COAL Oil Burners - Healing Equipmeni llOIlllllllllllllllfllllllll'CIOC'llllllllfd Complimenfs of FREY FLORIST 949 Liberty Street Tren+on, N. J. Phone OW 5-828 I Compliments ot YELEN'S PHARMACY 2521 Nottingham Way in Mercerville Call JU 7-4765 killllllllllllillOIOlllillllllllllllllllllli Panelyte 8: Formica Tops OWen 5-8823 STATE FLOOR COVERING Linoleums - Floor 8: Wall Tile Venetian Blinds - Window Shades Sandron Rugs - Bamboo Shades 8: Drapes Bob Taylor 102 Cuyler Ave. Walt Kozakiewicz Trenton, N. J. JUniper 7-236I SZELICH'S BAKERY 876 Beatty Street Trenton IO, N. J. Phone EX 2-3068 FOREIGN CARS LTD. Courteous Sales 81 Service For Most Popular Foreign Cars 368 Nassau St.. Princeton PATRONS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stankowski Stanley's Service Station Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Stype Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sullivan Sun Beam Contectionery Mr. and Mrs, Ed Swiderski Mr. and Mrs. Francis Szeiner Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Szul Mr. and Mrs. Frank Szymanski Terminal Lunchonette Trudy Thomann Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thomann Mrs. Julia Toth Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Tramontana Tramontana's Market Trenton Dressed Poultry Trio Shop Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Tyman Mrs. Joan Umpleby Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Ungarini Ungarini lron Works Val Cleaners Mrs. Bart. Valenti Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Van Hise Mr. and Mrs, Thomas Vanisko Vincent's Formal Wear Wendell's Electric Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Winowicz Mrs. Mary Wolinski Helen Woicik Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wrobel and Family "Compliments ot Yardville Pharmacy Don Young's Restaurant Frank J. Zanger Joe Zazzo Edward Zera's Groceries Ziggy's Luncheonette Mr. Robert Ziolkowski Betty Zipko Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Zulla cc 77 ssnhlg. Qfngawf Finesl' Qualify Clolhes and Shoes For Men and Boys Fred Fiorelli, Prop. Anfhony Anlonelli, Mgr. 1141 I'IumIII'on Ave. lNear Oldenl P. BONANNI 81 SON SELF-SERVICE FOOD MARKET EX 6-8698 166 301 Morris Avenue I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I PI I IP I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 3 QIIIIIIIIIIIOIIIIII PI IP IP IP IP IP IP PI IP PI il IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP PI PI PI IP IP IP IP IP IP PI IP PI PI PI PI PI IP PI IP IP IP Q, Formica - Tappan - ELKay Philipine Mahogany BECO INC. 1823 Liberty Sf. Trenlon, N. J. Joseph M. Bahelka OW 5-3407 IINIINIIIHIIIHIIIMIIIMIIIMIIIHIIIMIIlNlIlNlIlNIINlIlNlIlNlIu JU 7-4408 Orders Delivered RUSSO'S RESTAURANT SPAGHETTI-RAVIOLI-MANICOTTI FISH and CHIPS SANDWICHES 2607 Hamilton Ave. Trenlon, N. J, Congralulalions and Good Luck lo lhe Gradualion Class STEEL DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Cedar 81 Westmoreland Sts. GArI'ieId 3-9300 Philadelphia 34, Pennsylvania CITY BEEF CO. 51 TUCKER STREET Trenton, N. J. Phone: EX 2-l492 TRY US FOR YOUR FREEZER NEEDS b"".'."'..... .O.."'......... Ampex Stereophonic Sound ALLEN 81 HURLEY Wholesale Distributors RADIO - TELEVISION HI-FI EQUIPMENT 23 South Warren Street EX 3 0386 Trenton, N. J. JOHN LESTICIAN, Trucking Car Loading and Unloading General Trucking Bunting Ave. Trenton, N. J. Phone EX 4 6902 Home OW 5-0003 "Every known kind ot insurance' PETER J. RUSS AGENCY Lawrence Realty Co.. Inc. Sales, Rentals, Appraisals Property Management 802 Mulberry St. Trenton 8, N. J. Phone EX 2-057I EX 2-O53I Compliments ot LiebIang's Dairy EX 6-8923 HERMAN SPIEGEL FINE FURNITURE SPlEGEL'S Modern Manor 33-45 Market Street Trenton 10, New Jersey Phone . . OWen 5-5444 385 S. Warren Street Trenton 10. New Jersey Phone . . EXport 6-6654 BOOSTERS George Able Adams 81 Sickels Mrs, Rose Agosrinelli Miss Ada Agosrinelli Mrs. Maria Agreslini Mrs. Geraldine Ahern Sranley Albanowslci Al's Cleaners Cafherine Ambrose Mrs. Mary Anclhazy William Andhazy Mrs. H. C. Anderson Mr. Leo Andresli Michael J. Angel Ann's Bakery Alberi' P. Annucci Anonymous Guy Anlonelli Mrs. Carherine Anfoniszyn Rose Applegare Mr. John Arbi'I'ell Archie 81 Helen's elicaressen Mr. and Mrs, Joseph P. Ash Church of 'rhe Assumprion Mr. and Mrs. Paul As+alosh Mr. and Mrs. Alberi' S. Allcinson Mr. Edward Alwood X Mary P. Auld Charles P. Aversano W. Babeclci Mr. and Mrs. Roberf Backes Mr, and Mrs. Michael Bacsilc William E. Basco Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bahm Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bailey Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Margie Bain Helen Bainbridge Waller Bainbridge Flora Balogh Sfephen Balogh Harold A. Banle'H'a Complimen+s of BANANA SUPPLY CO 830 S. Clinfon Ave. EX 6-9640 OOO...0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000U "Sani+ary Mainrenance Supplies WEIDEL SUPPLY HOUSE Wholesale Dis+ribu+ors 352 So. Warren Street Trenfon I 0, New Jersey O......'.'.'...".'.'..'.........O...".'.'..l KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Trenron Council, No. 355 Tren+on, New Jersey 60'rh Anniversary I89 8 OO'OOO0.0000000000QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Complimenls of Freeholder JOSEPH R. GRUERIO Phone EX 4-6I06 N. A. OLIMPIO, R.P. OLIMPIO'S PHARMACY Hamilton Ave. 81 Quinton Trenton, N. J. LOIOIOOICOOOOIIllllllllllllllllllllllllilllll HILLTOP CLEANERS Route 206 Bordentown, New Jersey Opposite 2 Guys l Hour Shirt Laundering VOLK MOTORS oooee . PLYMOUTH - SIMCA 1875 N. Olden Ave. Ext. BOOSTERS - Continued George A. Barber Mr. Ronald Barber Miss Margaret Barlow Steven and Joseph Barns Mr, Albert Barret Mrs. Sally Bartko Mr. Bartolone Mr. and Mrs. W. Bartosiewicz Mrs. J. Allen Bartram Bash's Department tSore Floyd W. Bauerstield Miss Mary Bavol Michael J. Bavol Mrs. Susan Bavol Miss Irene Beckman T. J. Bednarczylc Mr, and Mrs. A. A. Beeaker Bob Beetel Mr. and Mrs. Richard Begley B. L. Beiderman Frances M. Beligon Miss Bobbie Bell Mrs. Leona Bell Ben's Delicatessen Mr. and Mrs. William Benclc John P. Benedetti Tom Benedetti Susan J. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. Walter A, Bentley Mrs. Vincent Berger Mrs. Edward Bergteld Mr. and Mrs. Hebert Berientield Berish's John Berkenkopt Mrs. Joseph Berlcenlcopt Harry Berkowitz Bernadine Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bernard Mrs. James Boozan 9 Compliments ot SAINTE MARIE CLEANERS 725 Chestnut Ave. EX 6-9IOI OlIOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOCCOOIOOOOOIOIOOUO0000000000 Phone OW 5-8665 REGAN'S APPLIANCE STORE Nicholas J. Regan APPLIANCES - KITCHENS PLUMBING - HEATING 1133 Hamilton Avenue Trenton, New Jersey LUTERIO'S TAILOR SHOP 431 Princeton Ave. Trenton, N. J. Phone EX 2-8545 IDEAL MARKET lTed 81 Aida Cybrouchl MEATS - GROCERIES - FRUITS FROZEN FOODS - VEGETABLES Brunswick 81 Southard Trenton 8, N. J. Phone OW 5-6685 170 BOOSTERS - Continued Mrs. Jean Bordoni Altred Borgianini Fred and Barry Borgianin George Borsch Mr. and Mrs. John Boscarelle Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Boscarelle Albert Bottoni Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bottoms Altred E. Bozarth Mrs. Frances Bozowslci Mr. and Mrs. O. Bradly Mr. Charles Ivan Brady, Jr. Mrs. Martha C. Bralynslci Mr. and Mrs. Bralynslci Mrs. John Branstield Stephen M. Braun Mrs. Marie C. Brelstorcl Robert Brelstord Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brenna Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan Miss Anna Breza Miss Elizabeth Breza Mr. and Mrs. George J, Breza Mr. Paul Brilla Mrs. Susie Broczak Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernath Bernie's Bicycle Shop Joe Berry William Berry Best Bros. Paint Factory Better Men's Club Betty's Luncheonette Gail Betz Mrs. Jule Bianchi Mrs. Dorothy Bieth Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Bilancio Bill Bircher IWTNJJ Mr, and Mrs. Edward Bishop Mary Bisagnano Charles Biter Eugene H. Black CAPITOL CITY Vene+ian Blinds Manufadurers Jalousie Type Windows 8: Doors Window Shades Drapery Hardware A Mos+ Enloyable Even+ for Your Group I I I A Char+ered Bus To New York CiTy Radio Cil'y Music Hall Wi'I'ness Their Beau+iful Ex+ravaganza ChrisTmas Pagean'r "THE NATlVITY" C b. . Om STARR TRANSIT co.. INC. Slorm Windows gl Doors Call CharTer Depar+menT JU 7-3653 Higl-n+s+own a-ozeo 407 Rutgers Ave. Trenfon 9, N. J. Tren+on OW 5-9340 WENCZEL TILE COMPANY Trenton. New Jersey "The Besl' in Ceramic Tile" TrenI'on Makes The World Takes" BOOSTERS - Coniinued Edward A. Blackford Blondie Barber Shop Mr. Roberl' Bly'rh Joseph Bogdan Milan E. Bogdan Mr. and Mrs. R. Bodine Al Bodnar and Bonnie Kelry Julia Bodnar Ben Bogdan Miss Louise Bonello Thomas Bonner Edward Broda Mrs. James Brophy Maureen Brophy Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown Mr. and Mrs. Charles E, Brown Miss Cheryl Brown Mr. J. Lawion Brown Mr. and Mrs. lrvin Brown Madelyn Brown Mrs. Thomasine Bruno Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Bucchi and Family Mr. Leonard Bucchino Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Buckley Mr. John A. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. E. Buckley Mrs. Francis J. Buckley Mrs. Joanna Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Louis Burkus Mr. and Mrs, James Bucs Mr. and Mrs. George J. Bucs Miss Sharon Bucs Mr. Siephen Bucs Mrs. John Budd John Bugdal Mr. and Mrs. George Burch Burns Pharmacy Mrs. E. Burns Susan Burns Thomas Burns, Jr. The Bes+ To The Class of I959 ETON SHOP 20 Easl' Stare Streel' Trenfon, N. J. POLISH FALCON'S 359 1000-02 N. Olden Avenue Trenion, New Jersey Polka Home of Trenion UO0IOIOOIOOOllOOOCIOOOOOIOOOOOOOIOOIOOOOOIOOI4 l Yardley Venetian Blind Service lMalcers of Fine Veneiiansl HY 3-3636 Yardley, Pa. BOOSTERS - Con'I'inued Mr. and Mrs, Thomas J. Burns, Sr. Mrs. Elizabeih Burslem Mr. Charles Bu+era Mrs. Phyllis Bulera Cadwalader Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Cahill Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cahill Mr. and Mrs. George Calisli Mrs, Edward A, Callahan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William Camac Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cambira Mrs. Florence Camera Mr. and Mrs. John Cameron Vi+o Cammisa Marie T. Campbell Mrs. Phil J. Campbell Canales Frui'I' and Produce Mr. Felix Caola Mr, and Mrs. J. Capi+anio Michael Cappiella Rose Cappuccio Mr. Alberi Cardinale Leonard Cardinale Mrs. Vicforia Cardinale Earl Carlisle WILLETTS 5c to 51.00 Store Brunswick af Olden lillllll00000000OOIIIIOOIOOIOOOOIOOOIIIIOOCOOO ART'S MARKET Monmouth Rd., Jacobsfown, N. J. R+. 537 Fresh Dressed Chickens 8: Turkeys Fruifs 8: Vegelables lin seasonl Cider 8: Whole Milk Plaleau 8-2068 Arfhur K. Robson 'cu I F 3 co 3 nf O DI 3 cn 4 PL m O. -I I P 4 m I- an n1 T S 0 m E um C I J' Z O m Mr. and Mrs. Carmaine Mr. and Mrs. Carman Mr. John Carmignani Ma. Roberl' Carmignani Mr. and Mrs. Anfhony J, Carnevale Miss Arlene Carr Mr. Leonard Carr Mrs. Leonard Carr Mr. ancl Mrs. Thos. E. Carr Dr. C. Waller Carroll Mrs. Francis E. Carroll Mrs, John L. Carroll Miss Pa+ricia Carroll Mr. Palrick Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Carroll KARL WEIDEL, Inc. REAL ESTATE 25 SOUTH WARREN STREET Tren+on, N. J. Phone: EX 4-5I64 173 Cunnin9Aam gd Sand 2850 Brunswick Pike TRENTON, N. J. EX 4-8000 BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. William J. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. N. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Artie Carugno Mr, Franlc Casciani Cases Mobil Servicenter Cass Street Cleaners Jimmy Cassidy Mr. John Castelnuovo Mrs. John Castelnuovo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Cech Miss Lucy Celentana Franlc Ceroteci Mr. James Challender Mrs. Sophie Challender M. J. Chapan Charlie's Hardware The Charulc Family The Charulc Family Mrs. Jeanne Chasteen Mrs. Cherba George Cheesman Mrs. Alex Chester Angelina Chiarrello Theodore Chiemgo Mr, and Mrs. Franlc Chiorello Jerry Chiorello Kenneth J. Chiorello Ronald Chiorello Tony Chiorello Marvin Chmielewslci Mr. and Mrs. Albert Choby Miss Charlette Choinowslci Mr. and Mrs. Julius Choinowslci Mr. Martin Choinowski Mr. and Mrs. John Chomlco Joseph Chorba, Jr. Lucy Cipollani Mr. and Mrs, Harry Clapper, Jr. Mrs. Mary Clatts Domenic Claudili Mrs. Betty Clayton Expert Worlcmanship Call tor Estimate Palmieri Floor Covering, Inc. lnlaid Linoleum - Formica Tops Asphalt, Rubber 8: Plastic Tile Rugs, Carpets, Venetian Blinds 1356 South Broad Street Phone EXport 2-4857 Trenton l0, N. J. ."...".CUC.UC..U.'l'.'.l'.'.l..l..".'."'.. Compliments ot SALVATORE'S PHARMACY QC....'0QCl.'."".""......""".CCQCUUUUQ' Compliments ot GABBY'S BARBER SHOP 1336 South Broad St. Trenton, N. J. ooooooooooooooooooooo onggggngggg.. Greetings to the Class ot '59 PRIOR DONUT CO. Serving Trenton 35 Years Cor. S. Clinton 81 Liberty St. Phone EX 4-5970 'I75 BOOSTERS - Continued Scotty Clinton Edith M. Coclcram Mr. and Mrs. F. Coella Miss Maureen Coffey Miss Annette Cohen Mr. Albert Colaguori Miss Cynthia Colaguori Miss Donna Jeanne Colaguori Mrs. Emily Colaguori Mr. Frank Colaguori Mrs. Lottie Colaguori Master Richard Colaguori MfSgl'. and Mrs, John D. Cole Mr. and Mrs. J. Comegwo John W. Comfort Peter Conigilio Mr. and Mrs. John T. Connor Mrs. Thomas Conry Carrie Conte Margret Conry Mr. and Mrs. Robert Convery Mr. and Mrs. John Conway Mr. and Mrs, John Conway Mrs. Margaret Cook Audrey G. Cooke Jack Coonan Mrs. Helen Cooper Lou Copper Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Corey Jennie Cortelli Mrs. Francis H. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Martin Coughlin Court Barber Shop Mrs. Jeannette Coy Pat Cramer Ceil and Tony Crea Mr, and Mrs. John Crislcowslci, Sr. Miss Evelyn Crush Mr. and Mrs. John F. Crush Alexander T. Csapo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Csilc Compliments of COHEN'S TUXEDO 185 South Broad Street EXport 2-6432 Owner and Operated by Bruccoleri Bros. CompIimen+s of CARMIGNANI'S GROCERY STORE SCHRElBER'S SUNOCO a+ 'rhe Ba'H'Ie Monumen+ TIRES, TUBES. BATTERIES and ACCESSORIES Our SpeciaI+y-Molor Tune-up 24 Hour Service W. T. COWAN, Inc. Fas'I' Molor Freighl Service 'Io Balfimore - Wash. - Phila. - N. Y. Tel. OW 5-l475 llllllillllllilllOllllllllllllll000000000000 DOOLITTLE-ALLEN CO. Dis+inc'I'ive Furni+ure EWING CARPET SHOP Carpeiing and Draperies 1661 Norfh Olden Ave., Ext. Tren'I'on, New Jersey EX 6-5548 EX 6-5549 BOOSTERS - Conlinued Mrs. SI'eIIa Csu'I'or Mr. John W. Czaikowslci Mrs. John Czailcowski Mrs. L. Czaikowslci Chesler Czeshowslci John Dailey Harriel Danley Jean A, Dannelly T. F. D'Arcy Mr. and Mrs. Henry Darocha Mrs. Es+her Darrach Lawrence T. Davala Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Davidson Kalhleen Davies Mr. John R. Davis Mrs. John R. Davis Waller C. Davis Alberl' DeAngeIo Mary DeAngeIo Mr. and Mrs. Clifford DeBIois L+. Col. N. J. DeBoer Mr. and Mrs. Russell DeCara Mr. and Mrs. Ar+hur DeCore Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DeCore Mr, and Mrs. Naylor DeCore Dennis DeFazio Mrs. Elibefh DeFazio Mr. Roberl' DeFazio Raymond DeLomenzo Mr. ancl Mrs. Nicholes DeIGaucIic Deluxe Cleaners Mr. and Mrs. Mark DeMarco Mr. ancl Mrs. B. Demslci Cozy Snaclc Den Harry Deneberg Mr. ancl Mrs. Henry Denny Ernesf J. Deodafo Carl DePa'I'ivo Miss Ann DePaul Mr, and Mrs. Frank D'Errico Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D'Errico - TRENTON OIL COMPANY, INC. Q Distributors of And Other Petroleum Products 'FUEL OIL For Domestic and Industrial Uses Phone: OWen 5-6318 Lamberton Road, Trenton, N. .I Compliments of GREGORY'S 461 Washington Ave. Burlington New Jersey 130 E. Hanover Street TRENTON 8. NEW JERSEY SEE We welcome amateur Photographers Lq GQ'-ge Squqre with their problems . . . Homes Expert advice cheerfully given . . . Rt. 130 BURLINGTON, N. J. ' t ' l93l . . . in Tren on since Samples Open Dany l EXport 6-9211 Fellows: There's No Mystery About Styles and Fashions We Have The Latest BYER'S SHOP 127 No. Broad Street Trenton, N. J. 179 BUXTON'S PURITY .DAIRY DAIRY PRODUCTS "Homogenized Vilamin D" Local Deliveries TW 6-OI63 llllllllllillllillllllOOQOIOOOOOIIOOOOCOOOOICO JACK HANSEN'S INN LUNCHEON DINNER COCKTAILS Banque+ Facilifies Phone CY 5-SI79 llllllllCCICIIIllCllIllIIOIIICOOIOOOCOOOIIIOCI Pyramid Motor Freight Corp. Service +o Tren+on Philadelphia New York Wilminglon Phone EX 6-9266 STANGL POTTERY CO. TRENTON New Jersey 180 BOOSTERS - Confinuecl Mr. ancl Mrs. Nicholas D'errico Mr. ancl Mrs. Pal J. D'errico Thomas and Palricia Lynn D'errico Mr. John L. Delriclt Mrs. John Delrick Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Devlin George Dezseran Mr. and Alberl' DiAngelis Mrs. V. DiCos+anzo George K. Diener Frances DiFranco Joseph DiFranco Samuel DiFranco Mrs. Mary DiGeuseppe Mr. and Mrs. John Dill Anne B. Dillon James A. Dillon Palricia E. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Thos. J, Dillon Mr. and Mrs. James DiLouie Guy Dimmemo Pefey Dink Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dinucci Helen Di Rienzo Mr. and Mrs. Jack DiRienzo Josephine DiRienzo Miss Toni DiRienzo Mrs, Jane DiSaba'rino Miss Sylvia Dize Mr. and Mrs. S. Dobies Jean Dolan Mr. and Mais. Joseph Dolina T. Donahue Miss Veronica Donahue F. H. Donoher Pam and Sandy Donoran Grace Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Doolan Dorolhy Lee Flower Shop Mrs. Ann Downs BOOSTERS - Conlinued Peg Drager Mrs, Elizabeih Drangula M. N. Drangula Mrs. John Drazelc Wm. Druz Mr. and Mrs. John Duffy Margaref V. Duffy Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Duffy Bohdan Dulylc Mr. and Mrs. Henry Duncan Mr, and Mrs. John Dunlap Mrs. M. Durham Mr. and Mrs. John Durisin Mr. and Mrs. Michael Durisin Mr. and Mrs. Siephen Duriil' Mr. and Mrs. E. Drolshagen Mr. and Mrs, Elmer DyoH Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dzurinlco Jane Edwards Sg'I'. John R. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ehrengruber Bill Eldridge Frederick Eler Emilio J. Eleuieri Alex Elias Bob Elias Ted Elias Mr. and Mrs. E. Elias Ellen's Beauiy Shop Marce Ellis Madeline Episcopo Winn Epslein Mr. and Mrs, Alberl Eric Mrs. Mary M. Erni John E. Eros Mrs. Clara Evans Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Evans Mr. J. J. Evans Mrs. J. J, Evans Miss Pafricia Evans Roberl' Evans Jules Fabiano LIBERTY SELF-SERVICE FOOD STORE 1435-37-39 Liberty Sfreef Trenlon, New Jersey JACOB KAZIOR 79 Asbury Street Trenton, New Jersey J81RBAR John 81 Rosella Harzenslci, Prop. 562 Second Street Trenton, N. J. Phone OW 5-2007 Recapping and Vulcanizing 24 Hour Service MERCER TIRE SERVICE Telephone: OW 5-OI79 I65 Holfmcln Avenue Compliments ot STENZEL and SOUTH. INC. 503 Miller Avenue 182 Trenton, New Jersey Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Dodge Passenger Cars Plymouth Passenger Cars BARTON F. FRANCIS 2235 Nottingham Way Trenton 9, New Jersey Est. I926 Phone JU 7-8080 CLARICI FOOD STORE 598 Chestnut Ave. Trenlon, N. J. MYERS BROS. com. and FUEL olL 270 N. Clinton Ave. Phone EX 3-4064 Trenlon, N. J. FORMAN'S TEXACO STATION Taxi Service Phone TW 6-0047 Main Sfreel' Lawrenceville, N. J. BOOSTERS - Conlinued Jules Fabiano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Faigier Mr. and Mrs. J. Fares, Jr. D. S. Farina Mrs. Eleanor M. Farley Mr. Thomas J. Farley Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Feehan Mary G. Falcone Barbara, Karl, Veronica Felles Mr. and Mrs. Karl Felfes Mr. Louis Ferens Mrs. Mary Ferens Michael J. Ferko Ferorillo's Alberl' Ferranle Mrs. Pauline Ferrara Mrs. C. Ferrae M, and Mrs. Frank Ferriolo Mr. Burch Ferucci Mr. and Mrs. Ferucci John Fesla Fiasco's Grocery Slore Malilda Filidore Anlhony J. Filipponi Gino Filipponi Miss Mary A. Filipponi Mr. ancl Mrs. John Filipponi Mary Ann Fink Mr. and Mrs. Philip N. Fink Philip Fink Mr. Elmer Fiori Sadie Firrazza Mr. and Mrs, Frank Fischer Pa'l'rick J. Filzgibbon F. J. P. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Fleming Calherine Flynn Rilh Fogerly Mrs. Leon Foley Food Cenler Gene Forconi BOOSTERS Mrs. Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. - Continued Ford Gerald Fowler Edward Fox Michael Francione Mrs. Clara Franco Franlc and Pal' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frascella Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Frech Fred and Franlc's Shoe Shop A Friend A Friend Compliments of a Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend A Friend Compliments of a Friend A Friend Compliments of a Friend A Friend A Friend - N. D. A Friend of T. Donahue Frizzell's Men's Shop Ben Frucione Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Furry Mr. and Mrs. Mary Gadde John Gabor A. J. Gagliardo Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gaiser Mr. and Mrs. George P. Galayda Paul and Thomas Galayda Bernard J. Gallagher Frances X. Gallagher John P. Gallagher Mr, and Mrs. Patrick Gallagher Mrs. James J. Gallavan Anna M. Gambi Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gandolfo Best Wishes P. E. ALBERT 8: SON Compliments of CAPITOL CITY VENDING oooooooooo0ooooosoooooooooooooooooooooooooooc CARL FISCHER CANDIES 66 Boudinot Street Trenton 8, N. J. 0unionooooooooonoonooooouoooooonouns DR. JOHN J. RUTOWSKI OPTOMETRIST 727 Hamilton Avenue Trenton 9, N. J. EX 6-83I4 BOOSTERS - Continued Mrs. Rose Gandolfo Babs Gannon Ann Gardner Mary Gardner William Gardner Mrs. M. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gaug Miss Esther A. Gaynor Gem Jewelers Mrs. Eugene Gendek "The General" Food Shop Mr, and Mrs. Peter Gennello Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Gentili Mr. and Mrs. Dante Gentili Baby Janice Lynn Gentili Mrs. Harry Gerdes Gertrude and Marianne Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gervasoni Mrs. Albert Getz Helen Giba Carol Gilbert John Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Gilbert Mr, and Mrs. E. Gilenslri, Sr. Virginia C. Gilmore Mrs. A. l. Goehrig Mr, and Mrs. Jack Goldberg Goldberg's Service Station Miss Carrol Lynn Golden Mrs. Catherine Golden Mr. and Mrs. G. Gombos 32333327333 rg-.7.'r'.,.'-Q-rf-ww-P mmmmmggmmm :Q-21:1 :1-kb: n'm1"'2g7Pg3"' zifzzcm mi ag, D'-Kg--mm: Q,,5'Q,T.- 2.26'5" -4- 0-1 Bmmmz cn unSG5"3 -- 'U 0057 2. 0 3' Egg- 2 'T :x 53650 1 GU s':' CD Z S' 5' :s n, 3- 9: 3 1 O.. O Q U Q C 3 I 3 Q UI i I 5 2 U" -I S 23 -4 0 za Z D. 2 2 l'I'l 2 1 at .,. 0 - :,f I "' E 2- . s in 2 ul 2 P 0 W 3 E 3 BURN'S BONDED TAILORS - CLEANERS - LAUNDERERS 360 Bert Ave. Trenton, N. J. Phone EXport 4-56 l 4 GClCQGOQQlGCQCGOQU.GOGGG..OCCGOQUOIOCOOOOQCOCC STANSKY'S MEAT MARKET 22 Roebling Ave. Trenton, N. J. Phone EXport 3-20 I 7 OCOIOOOIII000000IOIOOCIOCIIOOOOOOOOIOIOOOOOOOO Nottingham Esso Servicenter 2361 Nottingham Way Trenton, N. J. Graham Cleaves JUniper 7-9879 ' 185 AL'S SINCLAIR SERVICE EXPERIENCED MOTOR TUNE-UP ALBERT P. ANNUCCI, Proprie+or Cor. Chambers 81 Mimin EXpor+ 4-2058 iw ug 'Nj P 9 fi 'f SN? f - 51 H E W V f 'ai U mi! Complimenfs of TRENTON CATHOLIC FATH ERS' CLUB Complimen+s of H. JOSEPH WOOD Class of '54 ATLANTIC SUPERAMA Hi. 206 Borcleniown, N. J. Everyihing for The Home al' Lowesl' Prices NOTTINGHAM SUPPLY CO. Lumber, Millwork, Mason Maferials Pain+, Hardware, Building Specialfies 2145 NOTTINGHAM WAY TrenIon, N. J. Augusi' A. "Gus" Diefrich Manager 188 Jewelers of Repu+al'ion af The same loca+ion for 35 years FEATURING Circle of Ligl1'r Diamonds All Nafional Brands of Wa+cl1es lmporTed and Domes+ic China and Sfemware Fine Sferling and Silverplafe Royal Doulfon Figurines lrisl1 Belleek Hummel Figurines Wedding Sfafionery Wedgwood Giffware R E I D ' S 25 EAST STATE STREET Tren+on, N. J. Phone JU 7-3 I 00 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI Complimenis of MAYFAIR THEATRE oooooooooooooooo00oooooooooooooooooooooooooool Phone EX 4-4053 BILANCIO LIQUOR STORE Keg and Bo'Hle Beer Wines and Liquors - SoH Drinks 255 Hamilton Ave. Trenton, N. J. 4 l BOOSTERS - Confinued Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gonzales Mrs. Eva Goodwin Lawrence Goral Mr. and Mrs. E. Gorman Miss Julia Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Siephen T, Glorski Mr. and Mrs. Arfhur Gosselin Leon W. Grabiiz John M. Grace William Grala Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Granaldi Judy Graves Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gray Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Graziano Grecos Shoe Repair Mr, G. Greco Joseph Greco Mrs. O. Greco Mr. and Mrs. Siephen Greschak James A. T. Gribben Mrs. Gloria S. Griffiih Mr. and Mrs. M. Grilli Mr. and Mrs, John Grobelni Mr. and Mrs. Sianley Grobelny Mr. Edward Grogan Mr. and Mrs. H. Gronos+ajski Jennie Guadagnola Carmen Gagliardo Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Gusfino Mrs. Harry N. Haenni F. J, Hager Mr. and Mrs. Adam V. 'Hahn Mrs. Joseph P. Hahn Mrs. Margarei Haley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haley Harold Hall Hall's Dance Sfudio Hamil+on Food Marlcei' Ida L. Hannan Mrs. Helen Harbach Mrs. George Harcar COLEMAN BUICK CO.. Inc. 1060 Spruce Sfreef Trenion, N. J. Phone OW 5-5425 A-I COMPOSITION SERVICE Hand and Machine Composifion for 'Ihe Trade Highes+ Qualiiy Reproducrion Proofs I7 LEXINGTON AVENUE lParkway Shopping Cenferl TUxedo 2-0383 Trenion 8, N. J. William L. Hofmann Alex A. Virok on0o000000000noooooooooooeoononoeeonenn GENERAL ELECTRICIAN JOSEPH POVIA 212 Franklin Sf. Tren'Ion, N. J. EXporI' 3-8647 189 For 84 Years A Greai' Name in Prinfing MacCRELLlSH 81 QUIGLEY COMPANY PRINTERS . PUBLISHERS 10 WOOD STREET Trenfon, New Jersey nooneononnonnooooooooooooooooonounoo 2 GUYS SNACK BAR BAR-B-Q BEEF On A Bun 15c Wifh Coupon BOOSTERS - Conlinued Mrs, John Harcar Mr. and Mrs. Lee Har'l' Helen Ha+ala John E. Halrak Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hauck Harry Hawk Olga Hawley Miss Janice Hay+on Mr. and Mrs. L. Haylon Mrs. Mary Heberl' Mrs. Richard T. Heckman Mr, and Mrs. A. Hemphill Joseph Henecheck Mr. and Mrs. J. Henclc Thomas and Daniel Hennessy Mrs. Caiharine Hess Hesl'or's Shoe Fixing Parlor Mr. and Mrs. James Hewiff, Sr Mr. Brian Heverin Rev. Pe+er Heyer Mr. L. Hill Mrs. L, Hill Mrs. Mary A. Hiller Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hiller Mr. and Mrs. Waller J. Hiller Mrs. Edward Hines Alberl' Hirsch William Hludyinslc Mr. and Mrs. William Hobson Mr. and Mrs, Waller Holi' Mr. and Mrs. Richard Horn Mrs. Wal+er Howasih Henry Howe Henry and Gloria Hovemeyer William Hovemeyer John Hughes John Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hun+ Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Virginia Hurley Mrs. Marlha Hurley Joseph Hussey Eileen Hus+ak Renfal-Service of All Heavy Equipmeni' WILLIAM H. COURTNEY 81 SON. INC. EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR 2161 NOTTINGHAM WAY Tren+on 9, New Jersey Phone JUniper 7-2995 I.OIOICOCIOOIOCIIOOICIOCOOOIIOOCCCIOllllfllllll Phone EX 2-9700 H A M I L T 0 N WINE 81 LIQUOR STORE 166 Hamilion Avenue, Near CIinI'on WE DELIVER BOOSTERS - Confinued Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Huichinson Mrs, Earl Hulchinson Sarah lmmordino Mr. and Mrs. Vincenzo lmmordino Richard lnnocenzi Dennis lona'l'a Gaul lona+a Rudy Ionala Olden Jackson Irene's Bea u+y Shop Jack's Tailor Shop Mr. David Jacobus Roberl' Jacobus Mrs. and Mrs. John Jaczko Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jaczlco Jan and Len Mr. and Mrs. G. Janovcilc Sianley Janowslci Jimmie's Camera Shop Jims Service S+a1'ion Mrs. Louise Johann Mr. and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson Leo Johnson R. Jones George Joplxo, Jr. Arlhur A. Julian Arihur A. Julian Dr, and Mrs. John A. Junghans Mr. and Mrs. George Juslco Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Juslini Alber+ W. Kaline Mr. W. Kane Mr. Joseph Ka plon Mr. and Mrs. Thaddius Kapolha Micheal Kardys Mr. and Mrs. Leon Kasper Ted Kassian Phyllis Ka'l'o Ray Ka'ro Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ka+o Frank Kalona George Dickson's Sons PLUMBING HEATING Office - 625 Chambers S'l'. Phone: EX 2-1443 Complimen1's of STEVE'S BAR 29 Tuttle Avenue Trenton. N. J. EXpor'l' 4-7507 S1'eve Harzenski, Prop. "SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO" -moose0000000000ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo0000000oooonooenononoooooo00000000000 BITER'S TRANSFER CO.. INC. 1800 North Olden Avenue Tren+on, New Jersey OWen 5-548 I 193 BOOSTERS - Conlinued Sgl. and Mrs. D. W. Kay Andy Kearney Thomas F. Kealing Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Keenan Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Keller Mr. and Mrs. James Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kelliher Edward W. J. Kelly Miss Eleanor V. Kelly Miss Leona Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Kelly William A. Kelly Donald J. Kennedy Joseph E. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Kenner Thomas Kensler Mrs. Edward Kenl' Mr. Harry Kenworlhy Mrs. Pauline Kenworlhy Marion Kever Mrs, Calherine King Mr. Charles King James T. King John T. King Owen J. King Mrs. T. J. King Mr. Thomas King Mrs. Thomas King Mr. Thomas J. King, Sr. Mr, Thomas J. King, Jr. Paul Kirlcham Leslie L. Kiruay Miss Carol Kish Mrs. Julia Kish Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kislco and Son Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kislco Mrs. Mary Klein Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Klimaszewslci George Kwilclinslci Complimenls of SHIRLEY ANN CANDIES OOOIIIOIIOICOIllllllllllICCOIOOOOOOOCIOOOCOOC IDEAL TERMINAL AND TRANSFER Waller T. Seliga 915 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Trenlon, New Jersey Phone: EXporl 6-2489 Herman Fink 81 Sons, Florist Flowers - Tropical Fish - Novellies Member of Florisl' Telegraph Delivery Wedding Bouquels 8: Floral Designs 767-769 Brunswick Ave. Trenton, N. J. l l l l 8 SCULLIN HOMES Au+horized Nafional Homes Complimenk of BU'LDER'DEALER MERCURY FUEL ou. co. 1707 HAMILTON AVENUE 103 ALTHEA AVENUE Trenfon, New Jersey Trenfon 20, New Jersey JU 7 3960 EX 2-2038 oo Complimenrs of TONY KALL'S CAFE 150 Front Sl-reel' Tren+on, N. J. EX 3-253I 195 M. NICHOLSON, INC. KELLOOO FOOD STORE Groceries, Meats and Provisions Corner Spring 81 Willow Sts. Trenton, N. J. EX 6-8I59 Compliments ot Stevenson's Sunoco Station Sanhican Drive 81 Sullivan Way Trenton, N. J. oo i t Compliments ot i ! TRENTON BEVERAGE COMPANY 130 Ward Avenue 1 Trenton, N. J. BALLANTINE - SCHLITZ - GUINNESS STOUT Phone Lyric 9-45lI , For Steaks You Like, See Mike No Bum Steers MlKE'S STEAK HOUSE 706 Brunswick Avenue 1 i 1 EDWARD J. DOURESS FUNERAL DIRECTOR 325 Centre Street Trenton, N. J. Trenton, N. J. We Deliver To Factories Phone EX 4-5545 t Phone OWen 5-9897 196 O BOOSTERS - Continued Kness Piano Mr. and Mrs. Henery Knight Mr, and Mrs. D. Knox Margaret Kocis Robert Kocis Mr. and Mrs. William Kohler Andrew Kontura Mr. and Mrs. John Kontura Mr. Walter Kopec Mr. and Mrs. John Kosiwski Capt. and Mrs. R. M. Kostrzewa Mr. and Mrs, Kostrzewa Mr. Jack Kostrzewa Mr. and Mrs. John Kostrzewa Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kostrzewa Mr. and Mrs. John Kostyu, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kotch Miss Mary Kovacs Mr. and Mrs, Alex Kovacs Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kovacs Miss Barbara Kowalski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kowalski Mrs. Victoria Kowalski Joseph Kozlowski Mrs. Emma Kraus Otto Kraus Kramer's Bakery Mrs. Marion Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kraus Kremper's Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kriesick Mrs, Helen Krol Edmund Kuelewicz J. E. Kuialowicz Mrs. F. A. Kursl' Mr. and Mrs. John Kurtz Mrs. Mary KuI'ch Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Laarz Octavius La Cross Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laczko George La Falce A. M. UHRIK INC. MOTOR FREIGHT SERVICE Service to Trenton Philadelphia New York Phone EX 6-3573 Complete Banking Service FIQQTMHLMZQLQWW! MIMIEI FEDIRAI. DEPOSIT INSURAN CORPORATION FAMILY LIQUOR STORE 'I770 East State Street Trenton, N. J. Charlotte Walinski, Prop. Phone JU 7-0827 I9 7 BOOSTERS - Coniinued Mrs, John Lally Mr. and Mrs. M. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lane, Jr. "Jo" Lane Miss Dora Lanzi Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lanzi Mr. and Mrs. Terrence R. Larka Mr. and Mrs, Alberi' Larkin Mrs. Elsie Laiini Mrs. Louis Louderback Ka+hryn I. Lauchry Laurence R. Lownds Mr. and Mrs. Alberi Lawrence Aloysius Lawlor Ken Lawlor R. C. Laycock Dick Leary Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lebeda Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Lebish Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Le-Brun Miss Elizabefh Lecak Lee and Les Louis C. Leedom, Inc. Claire Leighion Mr. and Mrs. Granden Leland Carolyn Leming Mr. Augusi' Leonardi Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leoparcli Teresa LeH'iere Simone Lewis Liberfy Music Cenfer Carmen C. Liccardo Mrs. Joseph Lieberman George Liebhar+ Mr, and Mrs. William Lloyd Mr. Carl A. Lind Mrs. Carl A. Lind Lindo's Esso Service Marfha Liniervioz Walier Liniewicz 0 Xml 1 : I 1 4 5 ' .Ll I ill I . W , Qi ' . gf COLONIAL BOWLING LANES 2420 Brunswick Avenue Tren'I'on, N. J. U.S. MOTORS INC. Exclusive Tren'l'on Dealer For +he Fine ENGLISH FORDS Always a Full Line On Display Come for a Demonsirafion Drive a+ Your Convenience 1701 CALHOUN STREET . Tren+on, N. J. y Complimenls of Editorial Stal! of 'l'he IMMACULATA Complimenls of Business Staff of +he IMMACULATA BCOSTERS - Conlinued Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lippincoli John Lippincolrl' Sunoco Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Lippman Lisoolc Delicalessen Mrs. Alberl' Lockeil Mrs. A. Loh Mr. and Mrs, George Loh George M. Loh, Jr. Miss Palricia Loh Harry Lombardo Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Lombardo and Son Mr. J. Lombino Mrs. Ella Longanini Mr. and Mrs. Edward Loniz Frank Lonlz Paul Lovenduski Harry Lubirman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lupo Mr. and Mrs. Slephen Lupo Mr. John Lyden Mr. Sfephen Lyden Mr. and Mrs. Gino Maccaroni A. MacDonald Maclcensen Kennels Miss Anna MacReam P. MacWhor+er Mrs. Russell McCormick Mr. and Mrs. James F, Madden Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Madden and Family Madison Diner Donald Magee Fred Magee Mr. Fred Magee Caroline Maher Mr. and Mrs. James Maher Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Maher, Jr. Michael Maher Richard Maher Thomas L. Mahony Morris Maio Josephine Maiorino T. E. KUCKER PAINT CO. PIERCE - VALSPAR .- LUMINALL MINWAX - FABULON PAINT SUPPLIES 1237 EAST STATE STREET Tren+on, New Jersey Phone EX 4-2277 BOOSTERS - Conrinued Ann Malloy Jack Maiioy Jerry Malloy Joseph Pafrick Malloy Mrs, Thomas F. Malloy MaIone's Men's Wear Mr. and Mrs. John Mansue Lawrence Mansue Chubby Manio Janice Man+o Michael Manio Mr. and Mrs. P. Marca++iIio O. Marche'Hi Mr. and Mrs. Jos. J. Marcucci Louis T. Maressa Mr. and Mrs, B. Marino Mr. and Mrs. G. Marino Mr. ancI Mrs. J. Marino Mr. and Mrs. J. Marino, Jr. Mrs. Laura Markee Mr. and Mrs. E. Markiewicz Mr. Nicholas Marrone Mr. Joseph Marsh Miss Nancy Mariella Vanda Marfelloni Mr. John Marfens Miss Clara Mariin Donald Mar+in Mrs. Josephine Mar+in Miss Mary Marfin Mr. and Mrs. Peier Marrin Mr. and Mrs. B. Massimi Mr. and Mrs., Carl J. Massarim Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Mafarese Mrs. Eva Ma+e AI Ma'HaIiano Mr. and Mrs. C. Maiuszewski Mrs. M. Ma+uzsah Mr. and Mrs. John May Mr. and Mrs. Leo May Mr. and Mrs. S+anIey A, May BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. J. May Mrs. Wm. May Mr. and Mrs. E. Mazalewski Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mazzaeetti Henry McCaffrey James McCormick Joseph F, McCarthy Stella A. McCarthy Mrs. John McCaw Richard McCoy Mr, Milton E. McCullough Mrs. Miriam McCullough McDermott and McCullough Mrs. Margaret McDermott Mr. Wm. McDermott F. T. McDonald Ray McFadden Mr. F. McGarigle Mrs. F. McGarigle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGrain Michael McGroar'I'y George A. McGuinness Mr. and Mrs. Howard McHugh William T. McKee James E. McKeever A. McKenna Jos, J. McKenna Helen G. McLaughlin Mr. James McQuilIan Mr. John McQuillan Mrs. John McQuillan Francis J. Meehan Harold J. Meehan Mr. and Mrs. A. Megin Gary Melillo Joseph Melillo Mary Ann Melillo Miss Ceil Meliss Mrs. Ethel Meloney M. J. Mercantini Mr. and Mrs. Franlc Meszaros ELENEWSKI BROS. FLORISTS 425 Lawrence Rd. Trenton, N. J. Phone EX 2-8995 01 Compliments of B 8. R Pl-loro oFFsET PRINTERS 338 South Broad Street Trenton IO. New Jersey Ge, A 4 -i . -1f V BCDNAITS SERVICE STATION TIRE cf RECAPPING SERVICE Cor. Hudson G' S. Clinton Tre ton, N J AMOC0 , . Expert Products 23 Years Experience Lubrication Complete Automotive Service TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES - ACCESSORIES Complimenfs of MRS. M. WILLIAM MURPHY and MR. and MRS. HENRY B. MURPHY BOOSTERS - Confinued Olive Meh Karen Michalsky Barbara Joan Midura Mrs. Sophia Midura Mr. Bill Miezanilc HarrieH' Mihalilc Michael Mihalik Sr. Cpl. Michael Mihalik Jr., U.S.M.C Mr. and Mrs. S. Miki+a Mr, and Mrs. Michael Milcsiiz Mr. and Mrs. James Mililig Mrs. H. Millard Donald R. Miller Mrs. Virginia M. Miller Harvey Mills'l'ier Mr. John Mirabelli Mrs. John Mirabelli Niclc Mislan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mi+chell Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Molnar C. Moore T.V. Agnes M. Moran John Moran Joseph F. Morello Mr. and Mrs. Rober+ Morre Al Morrison Morrisseys Drugs Sue Moscarello James Moseley James Moseley James Moseley Burling+on Mo'l'el Rouie l30 S+ephen C. Mraw Mrs. Ann Muha Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mumola Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Murl Murphy's Barber Shop Murphy's Corner Siore David Murphy Edward A. Murphy Helen P. Murphy INSURED SAVINGS HOME FINANCING UNITED SAVINGS AND LoAN AssoclA'noN 114 N. Mon'I'gomery Sfreei TRENTON 8. NEW JERSEY oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CAPITAL SPORTING GOODS Everyfhing 'lor Every Sporl' 923 N. Olden Avenue EX 2-78II Joseph J. Lombardo Grease and Oil Washing Tires and Tubes Ba+'I'eries and Accessories Pick-up and Delivery CHAMBERS STREET ESSO SERVICE STATION Chas. Gilmore, Prop. Cor. Chambers SI. and Emory Ave. TRENTON. NEW JERSEY 204 Phone: EX 2-9605 BOOSTERS - Confinued John J. Murphy Joseph V. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Mar'I'yn Murphy Maureen Murphy Wm. L. Murphy I. V. Musinslci Mr. Charles Mulchiga Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Muzylc Kennerh Muzyk Mrs. Sleven Nagy Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nalbone Joseph Nalbone, Jr. Anlhony W. Nangle Joseph Nangle Mr. and Mrs. S'I'anley Narozoniclx Miss Jennie Naficchia Mrs. Jennie Naficchia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Neary Mr, and Mrs. Louis Neese Mr. George Nemchiclc William L. Neme+h Mrs. Joyce Newlcirlc Isabelle Newmark Tony 'Nini Sfella Noch Charles Nolan Paul T. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Nor+on Mr. and Mrs. James 'Nor+on Jim Norlon Mr. and Mrs. Noiarian Mrs. Ann Noiarian Miss Pa+ricia Norarian Noiiingham Esso Service Leslie Novak Vince Novalc S. Nugenl' Elizabeih A. O'Brien Hugh O'Brien BOOSTERS - Con+inued Mr. and Mrs. James O'Brien Joseph J. Ocicki Mr. and Mrs. James E. O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Edward O'Hara Olden Painl Facfrory Ann Oliver Mr. Dominick A, Olivieri Mr. and Mrs. A. Olszewski Charles R. Olszewski Mr. Henry Olszewslci Miss lrene Olszewski Roberf F. Olszewslci Mary Orlandi Mr. Raymond Orpen O++'s Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Tracey Overacker Mr. Gene Overholr Nora M. Owen Pacera Cleaners 8: Dyers Grace A, Pachu+a Irene Paglione Josephine Paglioni Al Pagnani Frank Pagnani Julia A. Palinsky George Pall Cy Palombi Mrs. Yolanda Pampanini Herman J. Panacek, Jr. James A. Panacek Mr. and Mrs. William Panella Helen Panko Mr. John Panlco, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Panlco Miss Mary Pan'l'ano Edi+h Papa Mr. and Mrs, Alex Papp J. Dennis Papp Mrs. Helen L. Papp 6 BOOSTERS - Conlinued Mr. Julius Papp Helen Parilcas Parkview Mobil, Burlinglon Mr. and Mrs. Sanguel Paul Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pech+ Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Peck Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Pellegrino Mr. and Mrs, H. Pendlebury Mrs. Ca+herine Peoples Mr. Francis Peoples Mr. Roberi F. Peoples Mrs. S. Peslcincl Eunice Pelers Pe+ersen's Bakery Charles Pe+ran1'o Eugene Pefrillo Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Pe+rino Mr, ancl Mrs. S. Peirovich Miss Helen PeHy Mr. ancl Mrs. John PeHy Jim PeHy Thomas J. PeHy Phi The+a Bela Sorori+y James PiccineHi Mr. and Mrs. Piechowski Mr. and Mrs. William Pieper Miss Lillian Pierson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piffal' Franlc Pin+o Jennie Pin+o Thomas Pinlo Leonard Pi+craian Nellie D. Pi+'I's Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plumeri Mr, and Mrs. Viclor Plumeri Mrs. Alberi Poini-an Jack Pone Louis Pon+ani Mr. and Mrs. P. Pop HEROY TEA STORE lmporlers COFFEE Rooislers 'I55 No. Broad Sireei' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY Phone: EX 6-9295 KILBOURNE AND DONAHUE Class Rings - Club Pins Medols - Cups and Trophies Ca+alo'gue on Requesf 571 Broad Sfreef NEWARK . NEW JERSEY PAPA'S TOMATO PIES 37 Years ln Business OPEN EVERY DAY 4 P.M.-3 A.M. DOMINICK lAbbiel PIE-MAKER Chambers and Roebling BOOSTERS - Conlinued Mrs. Helen Poiash Mrs. Joseph Powell Nicholas Primmer Prince'I'on Sweel' Shop Anlhony J. PruneHi Mr. and Mrs. S. Przewoznilc Eugene Pucci Angelo Puccinello Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pulcala Mr. John Pulcala Mr. and Mrs. A. Pulaski Palricia Pulcinello Mr. James Pulili Mrs. James Pulili Mr. Lee C. Pullen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pulone, Jr. 84 Family Miss Marie Pulone Mr. Peler Pulone Mrs. Peler Pulone Miss Rose Pulone Qualily 'Nursery Quick Service K. A. Rabel Mrs. Hazell C. Rabinson D. A. Radice Joseph A. Radice Joseph Radice, Jr. Josephine Radice Peler Wm. Radice, Jr. Rev. Waller A. Radziwon Mr. and Mrs. Slephen A. Ragolia Mr. and Mrs. Francis Rakers Mr. and Mrs. Waller Ralc Mr. E. Ranucci Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rao Andrew Rapos Mr. Samuel Raymond Mrs. Samuel Raymond Mr, and Mrs. Ward Redman Gerald B. Redner soooooooooonoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooneoooonoooooooooonoonooooonoooooooonooooo l- Investment Securltzes w.E.wETzEl, as co ,-1.-.l TELEPHONE EXPORT 6-8251 IWEST STATE ST. TRENTON, N J Orders executed on all Exchanges For Financial Securily open an insured Saving Accounl l3 70 currenl earningsl Old Borough Savings 81 Loan Assn 858 Soufh Broad Sireel' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY Phone: EX 4-7077 l.".'...'...l.l."l..'.'.l.....lll..ll"..". BARNETT OSOWITZ HARDWARE Garden Supplies - Builcler's Hardware DUTCH BOY PAINTS 1099 South Broad Street EXpor+ 2-I504 Tel. EX 3-bl I9 Open Evenings Res. EX 3-8959 TINA'S BRIDAL SHOP "Everyl'hing for lhe Bride" Formols - Cockiail Dresses 1415 Chambers Sfreei' TRENTON, NEW JERSEY Sadie Tina Cavanaugh, Proprieiress OOOOOOOO0.000000000000000000000000000000000000 ASBRAND HARDWARE Weigand and Groeger, Props. Hardware - Pain+s - Oil- Glass 677 Franklin S+., Cor. Liber'I'y TRENTON 10. NEW JERSEY Phone: LY 9-4804 Trenfon IO, N. J. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0.0000000000000000000000000 Phone: EX 2-35l8 Vincenl' S. Piazza, Prop. - PARAMOUNT BAKERY All Kinds of Pasiry Wedding and Birrhday Cakes BREAD ond ROLLS Cor. Genessee and Beafiy Sfreefs TRENTON. NEW JERSEY OOO...OO0.000000000000000000000000000000000000 Wedding Cakes Birihday Cakes HUBER'S BAKE SHOPPE 1205 S. Broad S1'ree'l' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY EX 4-7021 A. Huber, Prop. 208 BOOSTERS - Confinued Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Reigel Mrs. Chrisfopher C. Reilly Frank Reilly James Reilly Peg Reilly Mr. Frank Rein A. Reinerl' Belly Reiner? Leo Raiiher Mrs. Fay Rencewicz Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Renk Charles Renner Frank J. and Kaiherine M. Resch Mr, and Mrs. John G. Resch Mr. and Mrs. J. Reso Agnes Ressler Anihony Resfuccia Mrs. Adeline Resiuccia Joe Reyner Mr. and Mrs. Chrisfopher Rich Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rich Mrs. Laura Richards Mr. Perer Richards Richie and Sca++y Mr. and Mrs. William L, Rider Riegen and Jones Mrs. Lucy Rieger Sam Riggi Dr. Harold C. Riley Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Ringkamp Mrs. Ann Ripko River Road Sailes, Toys Mrs. C. Rivera Miss Gladys Rivera Donald Roberis James Roberis Leo Roberfs Margarei Roberfs Mr, and Mrs. Sranley Rober+s Rocco's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Sranley Rodi Congra+uIa+ions To All members of T.C. 59 From TONY KALL'S BAR 81 GRILL 150 E. Front Street Trenron, N. J. P I N T O ' S FRANKIE JOHNNY'S Amoco and Richfield Service FRONT 8: WARREN STREETS BRIDGE 3: FERRY STREETS EX 2-6086 OW 5-9942 EX 6-9840 TUNE-UP 8: GENERAL REPAIRING ROAD - AAA SERVICE Proprie+ors John Pinfo Frankie iMasonI Pin'ro 209 O BOOSTERS - Confinued Mr. and Mrs. S. Rodzow Mr. Arlhur J. Rodgers JoAnn Ronca Mr. Horace Rosaii Mrs. Horace Rosari Mr. Andrew Roscoe Miss Debra Roscoe Mrs. Sfacy Roscoe Edward J. Roslon, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ches+er Rossa Mrs, Pai' Della Rossa Ernesiine A. Rudd Mr. ancl Mrs. D. Rudensiein Ernesi' J. Rudolph Mrs. Harold Rule Mr. and Mrs. E. Rupprechr Mr. and Mrs. J. Rupprechi John B, Rupprechi Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Rupprech+ Frances Rura Joseph S. Russo Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ruilcowslci Anne Marie Ryan Miss Calherine Ryan Elizaberh Ryan J. Dinny Ryan Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Ryan Mary Eileen Ryan, R.N. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryba Mr. Samuel Saaz Mr. and Mrs. G. Salool Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sager Mr. and Mrs. Benedici' Salamandra Salay Jewelers Sieve Salay Mrs. Henry Salen Salilia A. Salilia Sammis Shell Service Barbara Sander PARK LANE Furniiure Co. 1673-83 N. Olden Ave. Exiension TRENTON. NEW JERSEY ........"'.lf..'.'."'....".'..."'..'.'.'.. EXpor+ 2-2393 CHESTNUT 2f:f:2'ny monufoduring opiicions George H. Honcock ond John L. De+rlclc Jr 141 N. Warren Sireei' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY BOOSTERS - Con+inued Fred San+illa Tim Sargio'Ho An'rl1ony Saufno Mr. and Mrs. B. Sawapski Mr and Mrs J. Sawyer Mr and Mrs Canio Sbarro Mr and Mrs. Machael Sbarro Mr and Mrs Vincenf Sbarro Carmen Scamuf'H'a Pa'I'sy Scanella Alyce Scarlafa Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scepansky Mr. and Mrs. James Scepansky Mrs. M. T. Scepansky Mr. Michael Scerba Schafer's Service Cenfer Mr. and Mrs. Francis Scharer Sarah Scheefz Jack Scheidnagel Walfer Schensky Mrs. Julius Schey Mrs. Carrol Schiavone Edward W. Schnorbus Mr. William Schnorbus Chuck Schroeder Mrs. Frank Schroeder Mrs. Louise Schulrheis Mr. Charles Schulize Mr. Francis Schulze Miss Pa+ricia Schulze Mrs. Pauline Schulze Earl V. Schus'I'er Miss Alice Schwing Mr. Aug. Schwing Anionina SciarroHa Joseph A. Sciarroffa Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Sclavi Charles Scohening Mrs. Charles ScoH' Mr. and Mrs. W. Sco'H', Sr. IOOOOOOCIOIOOIOOCOOOIOI EXpor+ 2-9350 Fedeli' Bros., Props. BLUE EAGLE FRUIT MARKET Wholesale and Reioil FRUIT cmd PRODUCE 1337-39 Souih Broad Sireei' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY . . MARK fsf- ,A fs.,g,.x ,gf-Q-fN fig-sf' 'S-5-,N vs,-5? o,K. eo1'ruNc co. TRENroN, NJ, llllOOOIllllOIOCOOOOOOIIOOIOCCIIOO0000000000ll W MFG. co. INC. "SANlTARY MAINTENANCE SUPPLIE Esfablished I92l Sl! EX 3-2554 X' Trenion. N. J. QWQQ wo 4-5961 I- Camden, N. J. ig:-All WA 5-3814 il -Q 211 Phila.. Pa. Phone EX 6-8402 E !fNl llrigf- 1 ISJHIE Remsen and Howell Streets Trenton IO, N. J. r Ill COMMERCIAL PRINTING CO. 681 South Broad Street Trenton, N. J. BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. R. Scudder Leo Scymanski Mrs. Mary Sycmanski Mr. Milton Segal Robert J. Seicle Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Seitert Mr. Mario J. Serenelli Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sergeant Seruby's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. J. Shanahan Mary Shanahan Dr. John Altred Shea Mrs. Eclw. Shelby Jack Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. John V. Sheridan Ron Sherwood lWT'NJl Joseph Shestko Mrs. Lena Shiarappa Mr. Leonard Shiarappa Mr. Rocco Shiarappa John S. Shupen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Siebel Stan. Sienkiewicz Mrs. A. Simkins Mr. and Mrs. R. Simmons Mr. and Mrs. J. Simzak J. F. Skillodge, lnc. Marguerite Skillodge Mike Skilloclge Stella Skrzydlinski Frank J. Slack, C.S.C. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Slack Victor F. Slater Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Smajda Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smaida Michael Smaida Agnes Smith Mr. and Mrs. Allen Smith Special Bowling Rates for Students Weekdays Betore 5 P.M. Saturdays ond Sundays Betore I P.M. Student Credentials Must Be Presented BOWL WHERE YOU SEE THE "MAGIC TRIANGLE" LUNCH EON ETTE FACILITIES FREE PARKING C U R T I S BOWLING ACADEMY, INC. EX 4-49 I 5 391 So. Warren Street I INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS 'A' Floor and Wall Coverings of All Kinds Linoleum, Rubber and Asphalt Tiles, etc. Also Sink and Counter Tops dl' Low Bank Rates - 3 Years to Pay Phone EX 3-9201 for Estimate 208 I. 'I'I-I LINOLEUM c o . Y M P A N Sanhican Drive, Trenton, N. BOOSTERS - Continued Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Smith Samuel Smith William Smith Mrs. Walter Sobon Palma M. Sodi Martin Sokolott Mr. and Mrs. James L. Solan, Mr. and Mrs. J. Scolarslci Eugene J. Soliwoda Joe Soltis Mrs. Eugenia Soncrant Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sozio Robert Spack Robert Spaclc Robert Spaclc Peter Spair Fay Spangler Squirrel's Club Miss Sally Stankowski Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Stanley Ann Steclcel Julia Stetaniak Dick Stella Jennie Stella Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stphen Lee Stephan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stephan Joan Stevens Richard J. Stives Mrs. Sally Stout Miss Deborah Stoy Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Strapp Miss Helen Strempa Miss Pat Strigel Joseph Strzempa Dr. William Stumbaugh, D.D.S. Leslie Such Mr. and Mrs. T. Sudol Harry A. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutclitt J BOOSTERS - Conlinued Mrs. Mary Suih James G. SuHon Dr. M. Su'I'nick Mike Su'l'z Mr. and Mrs. Don Su+z Mrs. Elizabefh Svella Howard Swann Mrs. Howard Swayne Miss Sieffie Szeliga Joseph Szymanski Mrs. Joseph Szymanski Mrs. LoHie Szymanski Mr. and Mrs. M. Szymanslci Angelo Tammaro Anfhony Tassone Mr. Walrer H. Tawmend Mrs. Lowis C. Taylor Mrs. Sally Tedeski Telephone Secreiarial Service Mrs. Norma Temple Evlyn Terriio Miss Helen Texany Mrs. Harvey Theberge Peggy Lou Thomas Mrs. U. Russell Thomas Mrs. William Thomas Carolee and Bobby Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Wiebue Thompson The Three Ca+s Tim and Al Wayne A. Ti+us George Tivador Tomasulo's Ciries Service Cen+er Mr. and Mrs. George Tomko Mrs. John Tomlcovich Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tomosi Mr. and Mrs. George P. To+h Joseph Tracienberg Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Trani Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Trauger "Soy I+ Wilh Flowers" Phone: EX 2-24-3I CLARK THE FLORIST Chambers and Roebling Sis. TRENTON 10. NEW JERSEY EBAY IIHY W!-11.1. IIUHPUHATIUN LEVITTOWN PA. Windsor 5-9535 Phon e EX 4-5196 TRENTON'S OLDEST INDEPENDENT ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORS 2 HC' I-EQTRX 60.1 C SUPYTX 443-447 South Broad Street Trenton, N. J. PREMIUM PETROLEUM COMPANY TRENTON. NEW JERSEY STATIONS LOCATED AT Bridge and Warren Streets Hanover and Calhoun Streets Broad and Harrison Streets Princeton and Mulberry Streets Greenwood Avenue Circle 302 No. Olden Avenue Phone: E 216 BUDNEY'S TIRE RECAPPING NEW TIRE MILEAGE GUARANTEED 1920 Brunswick Avenue TRENTON. NEW JERSEY X 4-3143 Vincent S. Budne y, Prop. BOOSTERS - Continued Trenton Photo Service Mrs. Edward Tluiszewski Catherine C. Turtord Tommy Turk Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Nanncy Valli J. Tunney Frank Tylus George Tylus, Sr. George Tylus, Jr, Joseph Tylus Stanley J. Tylus Mr. Andrew Vanisko Edward Vanisko Frank Vanisko Miss Patricia Vanisko Raymond Vanisko Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Van Sant Mr. and Mrs. E. Varga Mrs. Stephen Varga Mr. and Mrs. Robert Veldot Ann Velenger Mrs. John Vellenger Angelo H. Velli Veteran's Tavern Vet's Radio Taxi Village Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Volcskai Mr. and Mrs. Robert Voorhees Mr. Richard Wagner Mr. and Mrs. John Wahl Theresa A. Walker Edward P. Walsh Kathryn T. Walter Walter's Beauty Salon Mr. and Mrs. George Waltersdort Francis J. Ward Miss G. Warga Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Warga Mr. John E. Warga, Sr. Mrs. John E. Warga H. L. Smith 5c 81 10c Store 509-ll Hamilton Avenue Trenlon 9, N. J. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Trenlon Colholic Boys Enjoy LEHIGH VALLEY MILK AND DAIRY PRODUCTS coll OWen 5-6477 for service pea BOOSTERS - Conlinuecl Mr. John Wargo Mrs. John Wargo Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur Warren, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Complimenls ol Washinglon Sign Co. Anna Wasko Barbara Wasko Thomas J. Walchorw Mr. and Mrs. Jos. J. Walls, Sr. Mr. Alfonso Weaver Mrs. Ann Webb Marie D. Wedo Edward Weigand Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Weigand lda Weigand Richard R. Wells Anne E. Welsh Lewis Welsh Winilred Welsh Charlolle Wendel Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wendson Mr. and Mrs. F. Wener Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wenlling Weville Lumber Co. Edward Whelan Mr. John H. While Whi+e's Hardware Slephen Wiacelc Lola Wiener Mrs. Mary Wilchinslci Calherine Wilczynski Mrs. Helen T. Wildblood Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Willman Charles R. Wilson, Jr. Harry C. Wilson Mrs. Marie Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wilson John F. Wilwol Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wilwol Mrs. Mary Willig and Son 7 CLASS 4-23 FIRST ROW: P. Nini, R. Murphy, A. McLaughlin, D. Pollard, R. Umpleby, M. Deiihorn, J. DiRienzo, J. Carr, J. Hancin, J Papp, D. Chianese. SECOND ROW: P. Morgan, W. Goyden, W. Andahazy, W. McDermoH', A. Zulla, A. Sbarro, Fr. Auslin N. Armenli, S. Kubanovich, C. Filipowlcz, M. Anclreico, R. Bodnar, D. DeZan. THIRD ROW: E. Roslon, C. Henry, J. Mira- belli, K. Kramli, J. Bracolonl, T. Scepanslcy, R. Zera, A. Beeaker,T. Farrell, J. Soncranf, Regan, B, Ford, R. Blackburn. FOURTH ROW: M. McCullough, D. Murphy, J. Challencler, J. Meszaros, M. Sergeanf, E. Tramonlana, A. Nilli, J. Brennan D. Deely, D. Opalslci, E. Gilbert T. Horan, J. Chorba. Absenl when pielure was fakenz R. Beelel. Complimen+s of 'rhe Candidafes and Office Holders of fhe . HamiI'l'on Township Democra'I'ic Club Paid for by Commi'Hee IOOOC!!C000COO!OOOIIIllOOOOOIOOIOIIIOOOOOOOOCOlllillllllO000000000IC0000OCOOOOOOIIUOCOOOOOOOCOOO i h1f 1 :Q: e 22i1gL1 Complimen+s of Tren'l'on Cafholic SOCIAL CLUB 219 coMPL:MEN1s or SCHOLARSHIP FUND Complimenfs of ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL TRENTON. NEW JERSEY REV REV REV REV JOHN E. GRIMES, Rec+or JOSEPH A. O'CONNOR PETER J. MOONEY HENRY A. MURPHY METROPOLITAN BOTTLING COMPANY, I 1600 LIVINGSTON AVENUE NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J. Compliments of B EACON FINANCE COMPANY 107 East State Street 'I Trenton, New Jersey I . TT""E""'I - S A f 1 Phone: EX! 3-4098 I Z STEINEL PHARMACY 5 JOHN M. HIGHAM, Prop. 1. I I 2 Homilton Avenue at South Olden Avenue' ' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY I I I PALMER TROUT Inc. STATIONERS AND OFFICE OUTFITTERS ' H22 South Clinton Avenue , I Trenton io, N. J. 1 Phone: EXport 6-5571 CLASS 4'-C FIRST ROW: J. DeFazio, T. Benli, M. Hychallc, L. Cardinal, F. Cirillo, P. Fink, R. Chiorello, L. Bucchino, R. Lopilafo, W Weigand, B. Gioe, M. Gacheffi. SECOND ROW: F. Felice, G. Capewell, J. Angelillo, C. Bifer, J. McHugl1, R. Greco, R Sobon, B. Sawaclslci, J. Carroll, R. Lucidi, E. Pefrillo, M. Maksymow, K. Lawlor. THIRD ROW: J. Wolinslci, J. Franco R. Ziokowski, D. Klimaszewski, G. Szul, R. Carroll, J. ScoH, R. Husron, G. Malloy, C. Pursell, D. Kennedy, A. Bodnar NOW... complete offices to serve you! Extra conveniences at both our Hamilton and Western offices include 0 DRIVE-IN WINDOWS o FREE PARKING o AIR CONDITIONING , -wi: .if i"' - :zum The ffghiizfvijaff nu UU UU MSD 'In 15751-95l:iE'?"fi!'15l nn BUD Hu ui HU A'lilH,i:i'i'i'Iii.'i.'i W e UU UH nn nn QQ .I gg Ilgg l m : EAST STATE and MONTGOMERY Our Hamilton Office You'Il find our bank more than just a place for routine serv- ices. Our officers and employees are always ready to advise and counsel you. Because a friendly, helpful bank is so important to your career, choose Broad Street and get the best start. Q - NORTH HERMITAGE I yi -lh:y A, I and ARTISAN O llfwlllla of TRENTON Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporolion OOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOOOOIIOOOOIOOOOOOOlOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOIOIOIOOIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOC ..-.........-.,. iv 4 v .iv .N 0 if -7,, .,Lk If 4 K ,ygffex ya- , Q, if , ' f v .. 4- 1 - Li.. ', E"'mj, if -.., i z"' wiv? N I T R 224 ENTON CATHOLIC P. T. A. HAMILTON AND CHESTNUT Congratulations to all graduates. May God steer your tuture course. Compliments ot Associated Steel Construction Co., Inc. 375 Bernard Street, Trenton, N. J. EX 4-4534 OW 5-4920 Manufacturing Sales Agents tor all types ot Aluminum Storm Windows, Doors, Jalousies and Aluminum Awnings. Commercial and residential design for all discriminating tastes. "Free Estimates-No Obligation" Mr. Henry Jablonski, Pres Class ot '42 226 ARCTIC ICE CREAM Made in Tren1'on Phone EXpor+ 3-4264 CompIimen+s of B L U N T' S IN C . FURNITURE, APPLIANCES, T.v. New Egypt, N. J. Wrighfsfown, N. J PIa+eau 8-2244 Raymond 3-7686 CLASS 4-21 FIRST ROW: W. Pecci, E. Elias, J. Foley, J. Mihalik, L. Novak, N. Persiche++i, F. Marcellos, B. Fefcak, D. Radice, D. Chianese W. Burkhauser, T. Redwood, R. DeBlois. SECOND ROW: J. Budd, J. McQuillan, W. VanHise, D. Wald, V. Lanzi, F. Pinfo C. Corallo, C. Burson, W. Harbaclm, R. Gardner, M. King, R. Sfype. THIRD ROW: J. Frech, L. Welsh, M. Kudra, W. Wenski D. Musinski, D. Evans, A. Harcar, T. Sweeney, J. Dunlap, G. Bryson. A. A. HARRISON G' SON PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM ICE CREAM HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D CompIimen+s of HAMILTON SQUARE, N. J. Phone JU 7-4292 Phone JU 7-I IGI BLUNT'S INC. .U ' , . ,..k Q S : ,,1, A ,,II f 248 'P ,, 5 2 W. a QUALITY OIL CO. INC. 1513 PRINCETON AVENUE Wholesale and Re+aiI GASOLINE - FUEL - KEROSENE Phone EX 2-8243 , v DALEY Gm COMPANY, INC ENGINEERS BUILDERS X ZI45 Nottingham Way P. 0. Box I6O0 Q Trenton 9, N. J. JU 7-3200 sr. STANISLAUS cuuncl-I FATHEKCLEMENT, 0.F.M. CONV. fATH,ER VALERIAN, o.F.M. coNv. . , , - , - , FATHER IGNATIUS, O.F.M. CONV. Complimenfs of l mmacufafe Concelafion arid Very Rev. Daniel Lyons, O.F.M. Conv. Rev. Camillus Murray, O.F.M. Conv. Rev. Conall McHugh, O.F.M. Conv. Rev. lves Purcell, O.F.M. Con. BRENNA FUNERAL HOME TRENTON. New JERSEY PARA LABORATORY SUPPLY CO. Chemical Supply 8: Laborcdory Equipmenf 1995 Spruce Sfreei' TRENTON. NEW JERSEY Phone: LYric 9-2543 OOOOOOOO'QCII'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GINO'S BAR 2085 Liberty Sl-reel' Phone Highfsfown 8-0222 Telegraph Delivery Service WALTER F. BOYE FLOWERED DESIGNS, WEDDING BOUQUETS. CUT FLOWERS and POTTED PLANTS HIGHTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY "wo CLASS 4-E Firsl' Row: M. Coppola, S. Scuralo, F. Sobon, J, Koflciewicz, H. Kramer, G. Korch, A. Marlin, R. Manicluelli, J. Bryce and M. McGroar'I'y. Second Row: P. Robb, W. Rider, W. Ragolia. J. Brilla, F. Szeiner, R. Peoples, Fallwer Angelus, M. Molnar. T. Gibson. F. Proliop, T. Bilancio, W. Lucas and W. Weaver. Third Row: E. Maruf, P. Sabo, V. Lupo, F. Gabor, D. Ryan, R. Fisher, T. Farley, W. Amerine, T. Conry, J. Sullivan and R. Gienpoie, Fourfh Row: W. Thomann, E. Tramonfana, E. Dena- han, T. Dillon, J. Begley, R. Eimanowicz, J. PeHy, R. Skowrenslxi, A. Slane, R. Kuzyk and G. Scymanski. SHAMHUEH HAH 28 Souih Warren Siree-I' P p Ch I OD II . ' ' I Q- ... ...., , my It Vi H N . ts e.- - S ' Q In . ANDY'S AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLIES, Inc. 236 John Fitch Way Trenton, New Jersey OWen 5 - I 48 I COOICOOOIOOOOOOOOOllOlllIOOOOOOIOOCOOOIOOIIOOOOO .IllllllOOl.XlC'l Xlllllllllllllllll ULLRICH FUNERAL HOME Helen M. Ullrich L. William Ullrich AMPLE PARKING ON PREMISES I534 Pennington Road 425 Greenwood Ave. Ewing Township Uust Off Clinton? 235 2 CLASS 4-22 FOURTH ROW: D. Soncranf, G. Gray, N. Mayer, W. Kocis, R. Plumeri, T. Sullivan, B. Hubscher, T. Richkefia, J. Wilkinson R. Hoffman, D. Keenan, T. Marshall, R. Burns, L. Ordakowski. THIRD ROW: S. Olszewski, L. Murbliy, F. Pafferson, J. Panko T. Babashak, C. Olszewslci, E. Carroll, W. Fooie, L. Kennedy, L. Reurer, J. Sclwarer, J. Scheidnagel, J. Solfis. SECOND ROW H. Zealand, R. Sheridan, F. Magee, J. Skrzypek, K, Muzyk, H. Hoffman, Fr. lnnocen+, L. Mansue, S. Sfankowski, R. Krueger S. Skeba, R. McDermoH, C. Ricciardelli. FIRST ROW: G. Schwing, A. Bevilacqua, E, Eiker, E. Bordoni, R. Rura, J. Mensch J. Keuper, W. Rupprecl1+. The Hub Express Company HAULING MOVING TRUCKING Trenion, New Jersey NATIONWIDE SERVICE I.C.C. M.C. l0I932 Phone EX 6-8032 EX 6-zeal CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l959 mr. C9 Wjrd. yoke Jgflfiewicz Complimenfs of Ihe TRENTON CATHOLIC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Congra'I'uIaI'ions 'Io The Trenton Catholic SOCCER TEAM STATE CHAMPIONS I For I958 I CLASS 4-28 FIRST ROW: J. Melony, J. Roberfs, F. Spisak, R. Mariani, D. Kensler, C. Slack, Fr. John Joseph, M. Mafuszewski, A. Welsh. , J E. Harzenski, J. Cyborski, L, Brophey, G. Rosina. SECOND ROW: P. Janora, J. Severino, A. Kovacs, J. Buzinski, J. Rein, P. Fahey, W. Nangle, E. Skwara, J. Mar+in, J. Nyerges, C. Wilson, T. Hiller, J. Norfon, THIRD ROW: J. Shesiko, R. Dunlap, J. Wargo, T. Vanisko, R. Clay+on, R, Anderson, H. Panacejc, W. Marciniak, M. Karnicky, L. Skowronski, G. Wojcik, R. Krebs, T. Robinson, J. 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Suggestions in the Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) collection:

Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Trenton Catholic Boys High School - Immaculata Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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