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Text from Pages 1 - 166 of the 1979 volume:

St. Anthony High School Trenton, NJ 08610 Corristin Volume I 5 THE 1979 CORRIS TIN STAFF I' CS6I1 ts ITDIRECTI ONS N HQ ' - 'fx' f nw: ,r fe v'-fif'iw,:F:z-,I1,' fum , fs. gb. bw. 7,451 ,iafa-5 , .7 ww- Y-'fm Wi into fn ic, -S WE J. Direction of Contents Forward ......................,......... 2 Administration and Faculty flnwardj ..... 17 Seniors COutwardj .................,.... 33 Juniors QFrontwardJ .................... 65 Sophomores fForwardj .... , . .76 Freshmen fUpwardJ .... . . .86 Sports COnwardj ....... ..... 9 7 Activities QAfterwardj . . .... 129 Senior Directory ..... .... 1 56 Staff and Credits .... ,... 1 59 Seniors Steer Eu. G TWARD Juniors Jut Q I -2, ft -g f H. 7 Q i 'M-ggi Au N, J , ff ,,, f i 4 uf I 5 A. vw X. . 9, , 5 f FRG WARD i ,mm N Ri Aff' 5 Sports Speed I GNWARD 7 ' A fffv-1 l'f21E'2:x QZSQ ,www .4 X555 ,ff -4 'hug nv:-wg-. .,,,. 'M i':,,f'J I 1 L f: x FCRWARD W, ,nm-ww +C -1 "f fl . . f---of 51" wwf 'Q 9 Administration And Faculty Favor NWARD if 11 nl' . iz,- l gd M, f ? 4 ,,,,! A ,Z L Q my PWARD q"'1F""' 4. X WNNMW ... L+.:-. ",,,., ,,,, Activities Advance - A . ' na, TER RD ww , lk., QQ? Q W,-A V 4 -' 3 ,E 's l :Q-ff' ,-NW J- na.. , . rs xx' V I 0 Q VA , 4,55 Yi XV 5 p S X' Q - A -, , 1 Y as i f Q, 'W 5 v ,,, ',,, an as 1 ' V294 H"f. O' X' 5, 3, V, J? fsv,,,,,f,, 4-3f"f!f, 555 , .1,g:'g,,z. Q X 5 ra Qi 'tax VWMA V . , . ,Q gun, yi, , ' If 5,314 ,,L", if Vitxif. 8 LL , I 1 Af aff 5' A , A ..,, J M I , .. . , , W V, I , , , , I , v f , PV Vi VL V V, V , V, VVI, I L , ,V HV V V ,A V VV V VVV ' V V .f Q Q i Q7 j'R,fLC N ' A f K nv 'W 'A' QU. " lb. gf 41 3 VVV N,kk ,ff p ,V ,- V , AL f L' BY is ' .A 2 'ff we wha . i 9 2 W 1 ' ,1,' V . 1.: Q 'W , , 40 , , Q93 Ar ' ' ' Q ?n,"f ' f'- in 4 V , lam ,VV , . , , Q 3 , I,,' ' Z" ,V f' 'A' X 136, ,, , .AV' ""' A a W Mr ' 327, wr w Q., ., f , I VVVAVV V VV.,V Vip V V V IV V Q V . Q pt ff, V W, f f ,V "V VV f ,AV i "',VVV V ,, 558V 5'-an 4 V6 V Warn, Q55 V, 2 .YV . . 'Q BVVJV 4 qi , x P, 1 2 yi, , , V .V V . , 1 , , ' 1. , I ' f JV " ' 1 A, , ,M m A if P 7: f 5 4 Q4 ' , 'K , , 7 Z ' J ' , an 5 ' , ,-1' M Q, " a,, , '..- " A Vw ,f 'ff A' ,df ,,'4,, f , ' if Q V. ' 'VJ "'h .5 I-s ' I ' I , v . I ,. , H ,.,'G " ' aww v 1 - WW 5 , , - Q, -.,.. 1... . .-. 0 4 'H' Q , - ' f ,W fv :I gi- vw' -W4 I , av. 1 M V ,Z V 'sp 'VAV VVU V ' Jivj , ,V , 4 . V 4 Q f' xx . "A, I 4 V ,,,A w f, , I ,, , I , I, , 3 my M 1' , 4' ' P' ' " 7' , - ' ' ' " ,. A ' Y' ' ' "' V 3 , 'XY f ,K 'Q 1 , U V ' . 4 ,i,VfNV,V, H, . Q, VV .", '1,VxV., V by aug, V VH ' V , W, .1 V V , , V VK V? VVV VVVV V V 1, f Q , ' A !,'W 5 A 1 f 'S . , A ' Lf, 4.-ff'Z,,t fa , ,,,f W Vx 5 V V V ff "' . 2 ' , . L2, Ma? 'ML M ia. ' ' , M ' A ' ' 1. w ,fv 4T " f Diocesan leaders determine Ca tholic oy' Monsignor Thomas Leobkiog, Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. His Excellency, The Most Reverend George W. Ahr, S.T.D., Bishop of Trenton Monsignor Michael P. McCorristin, V.G., P.A., Founder and Director of SAH, offlciates at in- duction of students into National Honor Society in May, 1978. Sister Catherine Mr. Richard J. Carson Sister Alice Cecilia Mr. Charles V, Clerke principal Associate Principal, Business Man- Co-ordinator of Financial Affairs Administrative Assistant, Reli- agement and Organization, Studies gious Studies 3 Sister Ca th erinc lea ds new administration as Fourth Principal iii 3, . Sister Catherine enjoys a shared administrative problem with her Associate, Mr. Carson. Concern for students motivates Sister Catherines personal contacts. Here she speaks to Andrew Kusnirik, senior. gjllmil Finances, shared by Sister Alice Cecilia and Mr. Clerke, involve hours of their days. 19 Fmt Miss Alice Agocs Physical Education and Health, JV Girls Basketball coach, As- sistant Varsity Girls Basketball coach 3 3. is st? N Mrs. June Battaglia Spanish 1, Junior Prom Booklet adviser , Y. . ,,... ,,.,, ,,, .. 'V fl if ,-1+ ...sf if ltrtpgg' i lgissfsiisii Sister Mary Arlene Religious Studies 4, National Honor Society moderator Miss Colette M. Balfe U.S. History, World History, Junior Ring Day adviser Mr. Frank T. Bencivengo Biology, Earth Science, Ski Club adviser U.S. History 1,25 Assistant Varsity Football coach, JV Boys Basketball coach, Varsity Softball coach ,f fs .5 -'L rf llllii Mr. Glenn Basham Fine Art l,2,3g Arts and Crafts, Senior Prom Committee advis- er Sister Cecilia Agnes German 1,2,3g Learning Center moderator ,..,,,..g:159s,'-:,,,,,,,,M as .. g:-,,.,- -K -gi.: Q., ,f J-1.pas1'1i M ,,...., ,. ,.., ,,,,.. qt . , X . -M 'T ,NN . J,,....JfW' Mrs. Corvo lectures her class on the assets of Accounting 1. , 'ww ies f .W , My Miss Carol Chmura ""f1.-aw ' . U . Q JV Softball coach Guidance Counselor, Mr. Lally, discusses educational opportunities after graduation from SAH with Donna D'Errrco, senior. 11fA.yw51f51 .ffs-1' on-ci i L s .r M.. A f I if hi W . ' Sister Corinne Wright MTS- Mafilyn Cloclalfl Biology, Anatomy and Physiol- English 2, Z Club assistant ogy, Public Relations coordina- adlflsel' tor, Catholic Schools Week ad- viser . tiiyy A--"' ra As Director of Studies, Sister Therese projects master plan for student fostering. Sister Cornelius Marie Mrs. Elizabeth Corvo Calculus, Trigonometry! Math Accounting l,2g Typing l, Con- Analysis, Geometry, Algebra 2 sumer Economics, Talisman f Trigonometry, Math Chair- typing adviser person, CVC Math League coordinator. Physical Education and Health, Mr. Gary D. Craanen Religious Studies l,3g Sopho- more SC Moderator, Liturgical Committee Miss Arlene Dogaluk Spanish 2,33 Sophomore Thanksgiving Drive adviser The Folk Music Group lMiss Fitzpatrick, Mr. Craanen and Miss Wilsonj "sing along" with students at the Mass offered at the opening of fall sports. Miss Lucine P. Fabian English 4, The Antonian advis- er, Sunshine Club moderator, CVC newspapers coordinator 49" Miss Kathleen A. Faraglia Librarian, English 1, Library Science, Senior SC adviser, Senior Prom adviser Mrs. Joyce Firman English l, AP English l, Public Relations coordinator Miss Mary E. Fitzpatrick Religious Studies 2, Mission coordinator, Junior Class SC moderator In Catholic atmosphere, Faculty point Inward approach as "basics" educators for subjects, extra-curricular activities ,. 3' -1 I i 4, 5 0 , V 169' if if X 6, g i gg 5 'HM' fs., J In Trigonometryf Elementary Analysis class, Miss Yencha stops to observe Annamarie LaPointe's calculation. Father Patrick Fitzpatrick Religious Studies, Assistant Soccer coach Miss Dorothy Georgiou English 2,31 Forensic Club ad- viser Sister Grace Pierre English 2,4g Journalism, AP English 2, English Chairperson, Publications adviser Mr. Robert Graham Physical Education and Health, Freshman Football coach, As- sistant Varsity Track coach, .I u- nior Prom adviser Mr. Kevin Hardiman U.S. History 1,2g Varsity Foot- ball coach Sister Helen Religious Studies 4, Religious Studies Chairperson, Religious Services Committee, Liturgical Committee, Graduation Music Sister Imelda Dooley Religious Studies 1,33 Fresh- men SC moderator Mr. Calvin Jenkins English l, Key Club assistant moderator Teachers function Inward by attending on thl y Meetings, N CEA Con vention, Workshops, quarterly In -service Days Sister Kathleen Algebra 2, Math l Mrs. Mary Emma Keene World History, American His- tory, Drama Production assis- tant adviser Miss Kathy Keelan Physical Education and Health, GAA moderator I . ,-t, , f ftt' " Mr. Timothy C. Ketterer Music theory, appreciation, in- strumentalg Counterpoint, Di- rector of Marching Band, Con- cert Band, Choir margins for her copy. 5 if L is. it 'Wi . I I 5 g 'ij - ' V iiiii' ,124 . 1'-' l ef. , , Y at-: V. rf, in eeitm 1 was . ' ' .V '. In Typing 2fTranscription class, Mrs. Radice shows senior Patricia Luizzi how to adjust V 1 Fathers Patrick Fitz atrick John R an S V D visitin missionar from New Guineaj and Liam Minogue concelebrate p , y , . . -C s y I , an evening Mass in School Gymnasium for faculty, students and athletes at beginning of fall sports. Mrs. Marie C. Kleber Home Economics, Senior Prom Restaurant Committee adviser Mrs. Dorothy T. Kupelian IPS Science, Awards Program moderator Mr. John Lally Guidance Counselor, Varsity Cross-Country coach, Varsity Track coach, Key Club moder- ator, Career Speakers coordina- tor Sister Marguerite English 2,43 Sacristan Sister Leslie Birks Chemistry, Science Chairper- son, Junior Prom adviser Sister Marie Margaret Religious Studies 3 Mrs. Madeline Lucuski Biology, Chemistry, Display Cases coordinator Mp. . SX Q47 Sister Marie Olivette Drafting 1,23 Architectural Drafting Mrs. Pauline Mains Assistant Director of Student Affairs, Cafeteria and Deten- tion moderator 1-nn.. Mrs. Donna McDonnell Distributive Education, Gener- al Business, Retailing, DECA adviser, Junior Prom adviser Sister Miriam Rose Baldwin Director of Guidance, Testing Program and College Boards coordinator, Guidance Night moderator Mrs. Linda L. Nicholls Miss Roberta L. Nelson Geometry, Math lg Junior Ring Physics, Chemistry, Senior Day adviser Prom Band Committee adviser NHS moderator, Sister Arlene, observesjunior Mark Ferrante light a candle, representative of one of the society's goals at May, 1978 Induction. Father Liam Minogue Chaplain, Liturgical Commit- tee moderator, Senior Retreat moderator - X I, vi, a Mr. Angelo Anthony Nitti Physical Education and Health Chairperson and Instructor, Athletic Director Mrs. Mary Lou Murphy Algebra I, Math 2, Senior Thanksgiving Drive adviser Mr. Carmen Nitti Physical Education and Health, Varsity Basketball coach, Driv- er Education moderator Mr, Joseph Albert O'Donnell IPS Science, Chess Club co-ad- viser Miss Leslie Peckerman Physical Education and Health Sister Patricia Warman Guidance Counselor, World History, Career Speakers coor- dinator, Chess Club co-adviser Mrs. Alice Pilger Assistant Librarian vt.. ...P -... K.-,wmW.t.,,,:, A 5 1. N . Q Kd.: -lr. I s f Y sf' i . I s l , 5 5 5 'M "N k 5: ""'--. ' X"w-N-...NNN 'M -H ""'st... Mr. O'Donnell lectures his Freshmen IPS class in preparation for an experiment km Inu-umm--J George Stout counsults Mrs. Wokoun in Junior English class about a written essay answer on his paper. -Q- .fmyx AX S 1 X--'La j M... W in this science. .jp pif"i5iMY ,' mWq4.""' , i75'fiF5?L,f:724r .,,. f . - iff- V ' , ??'g I Q, gf qu, "f114k1,v - , V, ., . , . t 3 , , .X , , My K, rcs-'ve 'vw 541, f- 2, , ,: f if f aww? 'W f N .i,i ,, , A my 4 r,i-' V- ' H 'my 1 4 A ff 2 M 2 Q ,,,,, A W' ' W5 ' f X gif Sfw , , 5 -of up 'l'Fi8lGQl!Qf,llIIIAfIiff!! Sig 4 1 V f V 1,94 , M E 1 1 H f,,k , wwf 5' , f,,9,fA.1g1fMQ,3,y,Axk,4Kp K, 4? 'i" L ' ' S in ii 7 ' act becomes the main issue for Father Fitzpatrick's instructions in Sister The morality of the Helen's Religious Studies 4 class. l 1 Mr. Tony Potenza U.S. History l, New Jersey: State and Local Government, Varsity Soccer coach, Varsity Baseball coach Mr. Adrian Seitz Director of Student Affairs, JV Baseball coach ' Sister Therese Director of Studies, Typing 2, Cheerleading moderator Mrs. Doris Radice Stenography 2fTranscription, Typing 2, Office Practice, Ste- nography l, Future Secretaries Association co-adviser Mr. Kevin Sirak French l,2,3,4g Language Chairperson, NHS co-modera- tor Mrs. Veola Williams Personal Typing lfNotehand, Stenography l, General Busi- ness,Cooperative Office Educa- tion Program, FSA co-adviser ' Miss Kathleen Woodcock Religious Studies 2, Cheerlead- ing co-moderator t i Mr. Gary Rossi Physical Education and Health, Freshmen Football coach, Boy's Freshman Baseball coach Miss Kathleen Smith Algebra 1, Catholic Schools Week adviser l Miss Anne C. Wilson Algebra 1, Geometry, Catholic Schools Week adviser, CVC Music adviser Mr. John D. Yager AnthropologyfSociology, AP U.S. History, The Presiden- cyfAmerican Foreign Policy, Social Studies Chairperson, Guidance Counselor, Voc-Tech moderator Mrs. Joyce Sealtiel Typing 1,25 Recordkeeping l, Business Math, Talisman typ- ing adviser, Junior Ring Day adviser Mrs. Clara J. Stefane Business Communications, Ste- nography l, Typing l, Business Chairperson, Z Club adviser Mrs. Constance W. Wokoun English 3, AP English 3, Drama Club and Productions director, Catholic Schools Week adviser Miss Lois A. Yencha Algebra 2, TrigonometryfEle- mentary Analysis, Math Analy- sis, Student Council moderator ,ih I ,VM ffwumm is ,..1,.h,: Z? 5 V fxff1f"'xv" ff1f-f 2 :zfff f r :w::f: ff,: 1 -wry k Typing 1 teacher, Mrs. Williams, looks at senior Deborah Brown's text to check accuracy of Debbie's copy. . if e . Mrs. Bernice Carson Sister Ellen Grant Mrs. Anna Kosul Mrs. Gloria Palmere Comptroller Secretary of Guidance Office Secretary of Student Affairs Attendance Officer, Librarian Office Clerk Secretaries, Nurses con trol school s pulse S E 9? Two underclassmen, Laurie DeLapo and Debra Gabauer, Sophomorcs, follow directions as Mrs. Pilger demonstrates the way to zerox a book's pages. . , . 'l if ' - x Wifi-Q f' AW. 0. 'V' rms Q -we Mrs. Joan Smith Mrs. Agnes Thibodeau Z -, . . ' NM Secretary-Receptionist Accountant iiii l"i ' 'W ' 2, ' . a N wvi., exv nl 'hh ' xx g . .xs ,,,,. N, , 0 i ,,.,.,.wv"'f' fill. I ,,.,, ..-ff" C in-.... Taking a break from her daily attendance listing, Mrs. Palmere speaks to co-workers in Studies Office. QM, f fl Secretary of Studies, Mrs. Thompson greets a teacher in her pleasant and accommodating manner. .Q tx , . x L: Eh M ,.ls...Q Mrs. Lee, ,R.N., school nurse hired by SAH, consults with Mrs. Hazel Klim, R.N., SAH nurse from Hamilton Township Health Department, Nursing Division. Mrs. Dorothy Thompson Secretary of Studies Office Mrs. Janet Lee C School Nurse Sophomore Theresa Volvo waits for Mrs. Puhalski to give her change after she buys lunch during the Sophomore Class lunch periods 13-14 Cafeteria Workers initiate breakfast program. Mrs. Elizabeth 0'Neill Mrs. Ethel Farber Mrs. Helen Sheppard Mrs. Pauline Pitcherello Mrs. Lois Puhalski Cafeteria Coordinator Cafeteria Cafeteria Cafeteria Cafeteria L. ..-s.f Ay 'AN Mrs. Lorraine Vaccaro Mrs. Theresa Wieger Mrs. Elizabeth Menichelli Mr. Thomas Morgan Cafeteria Cafeteria Maintenance Maintenance 32 ,,,6,w2k as? W Q -' if KN il , +I UI ki I ,Jr , F ,K ,4- n'w-42? -f' A M 'in m QF 5-252115 'QW' 1" 'im 5' x Checking her master roster, Sister Therese attempts to make a change ol' schedule for Chris Giangrasso ROBERT J. ADAMS LORI J. ALLEN MARK AMMANN JOHN AMODIO LORRAINE ANDERSON JANICE MARY ANGELINE Ebb-'lv 'Cl .imv .. -aqgm-51" '. I .55 X WALTER APGAR THERESA ARCANG ELO KAREN T. AULETTA EARL K. BAKER SANDRA J. BALKUM CYNTHIA MARIE BARBATO DONALD C. BARGHOLZ BARBARA ANNE BARTLETT RONALD A. BARONI BRUCE M. BAVOL SUZANNE BELLAN MARYANN BILANCIO 35 i" Minn' DOUGLAS C. BLOW JUDITH M. BODNAR Donna D'Errico and Rosina Pingitore use expertise in adjusting Sandra Piotrowski's hem. CAROL C. BOGACZ DOREEN M. BOGACZ wwf ROSEMARY BOGACZ L ELAINE MARIE BOHONKO ANGELA BOYD MARK C. BRADBURY 'W M' .1 RAYMOND BRIDGE THOMAS W. BRITSCHGE BEVERLY BRODA Q, "Aw DEBORAH AN N BRODOWSKI ROY GEORGE BROOKS DEBORAH ANN BROWN A MARY LOUISE LOUIS A. BRUNI BROWN To start the fall sports off, cheerleaders rouse Iron Mikes Varsity Football team to a victory. 37 ANN BUCCA JOHN BUCCI PAUL BUGAY PAUL A. BURNS ROSEMARY BUROCZI A in Fantasies come alive in Lenilda DosSantos' sketches of Snow White's dwarfs in Fine Art ll class. L x MICHELLE MARIE CHARPENTIER DALE F. CHIACCHIO ORLANDO PETER CHIACCHIO JR. RONALD P. CHIARELLO PHILIP BUTLER MARY ELIZABETH CANDELORI ROBERT CAPONE CATHERINE ANN CAPRIA VIRGINIA ANN CAVELLA JEAN M. CEREMSAK llll :ill :M 2311 ,M it 'All L l M M ,lilt l -:liz -N 'ln l l , li ,lx :W 'l' f - " 113+ K 1 'til , ill 9933 i f li ww THERESA MARIE CHORDAS Sewing presents no problems for Steven Herceg who, having threaded his needle, firmly holds his material for stitching. l MARIA A. CILIENTO JEANNETTE ANNE CLEARY JAMES CLYNE I THERESA ANN COLLURA JOSEPH CONSIGLIO BARBARA ANN COOK PAUL M. DIGIACOMO MARILYN SHARIN DILLIONE MARYANNE CORDI STEPHEN MICHAEL COSMA BARRY S. COSTANTINI DAVID CSILLAN ANDREW DEMKO DONNA D'ERRICO JU DITH ANN DESTRIBATS KATHLEEN DIBENEDETTO THERESA DIFRANCO MARK DILLON JAMES DILOUIE JR. ALISON ANN DILWORTH ANTHONY L. DIMATTEO LUCILLE DINATALE LENILDA SILVEIRA ANNA DOSSANTOS JANE TH ERESA DOYLE KATHERINE DUMONT CLYDE DURKEE 42 4 , N 1 W 1 Among 270 Seniors, DE involves I2,' COE aids I 4,' Voc- Tech Schools, 42,' 140 are active in after-school activities Aw J L NEB Last to board the bus for afternoon classes at Vocational Technical schools are James Schulz and Richard Owens. LINDA ENDRZEJEWSKI ANN MARIE ERMI LISA MARIE EVANS 'W'-S' , I W4 MICHAEL J. FAIRBANKS JOHN N. FELL DORIS M. FIGUEROA JOHN FLEMING ,.. . , ,,,.. Q 'wh ,ff Deborah Pege, Cheryl Robinson, Marilyn Dillionc, Vladimir Kusznirczuk use library for research and reports, DOREEN ANN FOLEY JUDITH A. FOSTER LESLIE A. FOWLER CARLA ANN GENTILE CECILIA ANN GERDES LISA GIAMBELLUCA 44 4 S 4-. A. S-51 i CHRISTOPHER GIANGRASSO CORRADO T. GIGLIOTTI JOELLEN GIGUINTO GRAZIA M. GIULIANA LAWRENCE M. GORAL MICHAEL ANTHONY GRAZIANO JOSEPH J. GREHAN JOHN J. GRES CARA LEIGH GUAGLIARDO KATHLEEN HAGGERTY KIMBERLEY ANN HAYES MARIE T. HEATH 45 l Wen' VICTORIA HEATH KAREN MARIE HEGNER Will William Holmes mount the obstacle at the hurdles? STEVEN LESLIE HERCEG ' THOMAS A. HERRERA CYNTHIA M. HILLSMAN ff' EUGENE HOFFMAN JR. WILLIAM M. HOLMES JR. DARIA NATALIA HOLOWCZAK 46 J CHRISTINE MARIE HORVATH DEBRA HOWELL WILLIAM HRICO JR GERHART HUY BRUCE INVERSO JOHN JACKO LISA JARONI DAVID WILLIAM ln hls attempt to throw the shotput John Jacko undergoes emotional and physical anguish. PATRICK JORDAN LOUIS E. KAGEL III SUSAN MARY KAPP RENEE KARDOS THERESA MARIE KELLY I 4 On the Notre Dame diamond, Andrew Kusnirik attempts to bunt his way on base in game with Iron Mikes' archrival. xp . TERENCE KEVETT KEVIN KINNEVY I VLADIMIR KUSZNIRCZUK MARK A. LA FERRARA MARY L. KLINK LINDA M. KMETZ WILLIAM R. KOBA TERESA KOPANYCIA JAMES KOSTIVAL DENISE LYNN KOSTRUB HELEN ROSE KOVACS EILEEN KUDRICK ANDREW KUSNIRIK III 49 ANNAMARIE LAPOINTE GUY ALLEN LEBO JOSEPH H. LECAIN THERESA LYNN LEDOUX THERESA LEE FRANK LIVOLSI LAURIE LOMBARDI PATRICIA ANN LUIZZI ANGELA LUPINACCI DENISE MARIE LAMBERT THERESA M. LANZONI 4. I Approximately 70 Senior Athletes lead Iron Mikes into action in Colonial Valley Conference CHESTER MARCZAK CHRIS MARGOUNAKIS LISA ANNE MARSILIO JEROME MARTUCCI MARINA RENEE MACKOV MARTIN MAINZER GINA ANNE MAISTO ANGELA MASTROIANNI STEPHEN MCCORMICK CHRIS MCDONALD ELIZABETH CLAIR MCMANIMON ROBIN MCVICAR GREGORY S. MERSHON BARBARA ANN MICHALSKI MARIE R. MICHAUD LOUIS J. MIGLIACCI WARREN A. MARUCA GEORGE MASON JR. l AA.. i,.,,,..0 tw' VICKI LYNN MURL fa, 'CK X RICHARD J. MIGLIACCIO SNEZANA MILJKOVIC JOHN F. MLADENETZ THOMAS G. MLADENETZ ANTHONY N. MORLANDO II ANTHONY MORELLO 'M iw it Wlnl .Q., TS. mm, V, 'sf tt. Bicycles, used as models, give direction for correct sketching to students in Mr. Glenn Basham's Fine Art ll class. 53 What hath the game wrought? A perplexed Joseph Grehan follows the play strategy of teammates from the bench PATRICIA MUSCATO DONNA NALBONE MAUREEN ELIZABETH NANGLE MARY C. NORMILE JEFFREY NOVELLI GEORGE OBARANEC D A 4 WZ! PATRICIA OBERG SUZANNE L. OLIVER ALBERT ORLANDI RICHARD M. OWENS BARBARA PALLOTTI DONNA MARIE PALLOTTI MARIE MICHELLE PALMERE RALPH P. PALMIERI DAVID F. PALOMBI IRENE PAPASPANOUDIS TIMOTHY G. PARENT MICHELLE M. PARTYKA DEBORAH ANN PEGE DIANE PERILLI CRYSTAL J. PERRINE JOHN GERARD PETRILLA JOSEPH H. PHELAN LUCILLE MARY PIERSON ELIZABETH A. PIHOKKEN JAMES PINDER ROSINA PINGITORE Michelle Partylca, Deborah Pege, John Fell rate Commended Students in Na tional Merit Testing Program I SANDRA PIOTROWSKI KEVIN J. POIRIER GAIL POLLACCO ANDREW J. POLYAK ROBERT G. RADICE ANTONIETTA REPERTORIO I We I CHERYL ANN ROBINSON i i , 2 , fs A fife is ., ...,,,,...........-. , ,, M V. , .3 ,WW ,n ,,V. V . O-, 'erkgfzfif sfo' ,fur ' Aff it Q 'fn ' L 2. 'E - ns 'A , -r A Ill , ,A ... . if Q , he An alert, enthused group of Trigonometry students follow Miss Lois Yencha's explanation. 57 ROBERT WILLIAM RONAN JULIUS MICHAEL SABO CYNTHIA E. SAKIEY DENISE M. SAKOWSKI AGNES SAMOJEDNY THOMAS G. SANFILIPPO SUSAN SANTORO ANNE SCACCETTI JAMES SCARINGELLI S8 JACK RAYMOND RODEAWALD AUDREY RODGERS 'Pr-J' 43' L R 3 ROSEMARIE A. SCHEN BARBARA ANN SCHLEHER JOSEPH J. SCHOEN . ,n K Mal- Q Q m ,W W CQ A 2- Typing a class assignment requires the skill and concentration which John Tesauro applies. JAMES A. SCHULZ THERESA C. SCHWING TIMOTHY CHARLES SCHWING CHRISTINE A. SEILER 59 ,,,,,,, , W MICHAEL SERENELLI ROBERT SERENELLI WILLIAM SESSA CYNTHIA M. SHAW JEFFREY M. 'ww' SIENKIEWICZ ""7'7i' JOSEPH SIKORSKI ,.,.....----f Renfue Kardos and David Jones respond to Sister Helen Young's Religious instruction by taking notes. DONNA SKWIRUT KENNETH M. SKWARA MARY SLABICKI COLLEEN P. SMITH LAWRENCE W. SZUL CATHERINE M. TARDUGNO JOSEPH G. TATTONI MARIA STELLA TAYLOR DAVID SOLTESZ MATTHEW SUTA PATRICIA A. SWEM JOHN F. TESAURO ANNAMARIE TESTA JAMES M. TOHILL MARIANNE TOMASULO JAMES TORRES CAROL TRAPANI THOMAS F. TUFFY DONALD J. VALERI THERESA VAN REYMERSDAL WILLIAM G. TAYLOR III DIEGO TEMPESTA 4 Stop! Look! Something new! Seniors fa ee oompreh ensive exams for Hrst time at St. Anthony High FRANCES VITTORIANO JOSEPH A. VIZZONI DIANE L. WALKER SCOTT W. WARRACK VICTORIA A. VAYDA LISA J. VIGLIOTTI ANTHONY VISPETTI GLADYS WELLS ROBERT JAMES WELSH DEBRA ANN WHITE MATTHEW J. WIECZKOWSKI CYNTHIA WINGET JOHN YOUNG CHRISTINE M. ZAPICCHI BELINDA ALEXANDRIA ZOLTANSKI THERESA ANN ZUCCHETTI MICHAEL WEAVER SANDRA M. WEINHOFER ik..- in-'S' im, ,f""" X, if if A z . 4 4 5 aww Am f Ji, 'gif' Fu :N WW 4, A V .W it WA, V? . , 5 'E 1 "'.JL"2 jp' . 7 Q , 'z-+1-r, ev Q ,,, , , nf L: if Q af" if W 1 EQ L' Ks 7 f -wx .4!w, , ivy "' V ,J 59- 'L v nr W ' ' 'Z M U I l fu' ,. ,, f Q u 5 it V., ' ,, i, wan 4 ,J m iw A V- 4 .4 15:8 Q Q ,A iz , L5 1 Q-inf 1, Y is ww . f , t Aa- ' -if wi 2' ,4 ae, ,,,, 'K , ,, ,A -df "b 'iff' ,fi W, A "' D sf QM 2 ,,,,, , ,, - Ty' My - ' H Q, vv m,,'jw P hh f if 9 ' ' Wa 1"'l'xF f." k ,fl at q,, , .ark 'u V79- -'S Q I ' ii , fm W ,Mr if CQ ' W ,M WU , ,,. ,V 1 5, v ,K -15 -gm. 1' Q- ,M Mr, f 2 ' , , , +1 f ff '-" f 4 . 1 f , M , A yy X ' I5 H Q 4 5 , V, Qu, , W2 if ,ff f ,,,V 4 Z 1 H' . W . M y . . f if "'1 M iff' 3-ZH ,Q f ' , A' 4 1 3 3 Q' 4- i , it Q H A W ur- K' ' 1':a..' ' ' f2 '.., W 35 Mm .ff L' as A, 17 v. , s 7 V? , -vi V ' V ., - .- 1 If ' ff " , V' ' "1 Q . 4 . 1' Y jk 1 Y Q! is ' f ' - ff- A ' 3 2 I M H gym ff D " I yi , I4 '37 W4 Q ' H ' X! , T V if 2 ' L ' W '-I 2 "ff 'Q' , f ' " ' -' V 35.1 -4, V W f ",i ' gi 2 V , A, w VJ , , ev 1 W H 2 ,, , Q- V W M ' we vw 4,5 'W ' W 'l I W" ,I ,, 'W . VXVVV f. I fl 1- I ' v'."", ' ' V L,.1f V W 1 'W , " 1, , V' "'.L M :Zvi A , 'W ,", gf, vi '. 'ffifilif rf ' ' M354 , 3' 'E . 'W '-'Jf Jfii. im. 5 21 W, 1 5 Angelina Acquisto Alan Alessi Linda Amburg Thomas Anama Mary Angeline I as Tammy Ann Anthony William Anthony Ellen Bahm Michael Beckett D0ra Benedetti y , Gino Benedetti Andrew Bernard Lawrence Biesecker Denise Bissonnette .Iuda Bocchini Judy Bogacz Diane Bohonko Wesley Bolton Alison Boor Elizabeth Both IME. Cynthia Botteri Terence J. Brennan Mary Bresnen Peter Brown Robert Brozena Joanne Bucci Christopher Burek Barbara Burrows Lisa Burzachiello Cathy Callahan Karen Candelori Terry Canialice Russell Carr Barry Carter John Caruso 'fl 'ar Celeste Chale Renee Chiavoni Michele Ciliento Nicholas Compagnucci Donnie Corsner 1. f - John Cortina Teresa Costantini Lisa Crea Mary Crocker Michele Cseremsak QA Mark Csorgo Kathleen Cubberley .ver Glen M. Cucinotta Richard Cucinotta 3 Using research tools for a term paper in English 3, Mary Crocker finds this new experience enjoyable. Jeffrey Cuiule Gail L. Dallas if l Kathleen D'Al'Cy Harry Day Paul DeGregory Michael Dertony John DeSanctis Rosalie DiGirolamo Deborah Demspey Andrew Dempsky Josephine DiMattia Michael DiMattia Janis DiNatale Rosemary DiStephano Lynne Durastanti Anna Falvo Donna Farley Ericka Fekete Mark Ferrante Theresa Festa Dennis M. Figueroa Corinne Fiorelli Michele Flaherty Robert Fleming i Diane Ellis William Ellis While reaching into her locker, Ericka Fekete pulls out the book for her next class. Donna French Karen Funari Patricia Gabauer Timothy Gardthausen Mary Ann Giancola Jerome Gilbert Theresa Gill Victoria Giovannini Kimberly Gore Robert Greco ' Ronald GFCCHY Patricia Guadagno Lydia Haninclak Eileen Harrison Lisa Herrera Kathleen Hibbs Sharon Higham Rodney Hillsman Lisa Holowczak Joseph P. Horan II David Hvisdock Roberta Jablonski Karen Jannotti Timothy Johnson Brenda Jordan Joseph Kaluzny Linda Kern Jeffrey Klein Keith Klemmer John Koba f WP, I' Marika Kopocs Joseph Korchick Nancy Kurilla Charlene Kurst Raymond Kush Donald Kutch C ly L gan Katherine Larkin Barry Latella Patricia B, LeC Juniors advance Fron tward as class progresses through studies, activities involving PSAT, Ring Day, Senior Rosters, College Boards, Prom Nicholas Lech Sharon Leili Jean Ann Lewis Jeffrey LiVolsi Anita Lucidi Jeffrey Luther Diane Maahsen John Margicin Francesca Marrazzo Patricia Marsilio Y ny. 4 David William Martin Sharon Marne Kenneth McCoy Edward T. McGinley s...,,a- Timothy McG0ugh Kathleen McGovern Mary Anne Montervino John Morreale Joseph Mucha Victoria Muni Sandra Norton Mary Eileen Nowacki Foremost, among the Juniors assembled for the Mass offered for their class prior to Thanksgiving Day, are Katherine Larkin and Glenn Thompson. ff W? Barbara Michon Linda Migliaccio Brian MOCeri Jay Moses Rita Mottola Elilabelh Mralik Rose Nangle Bruce Nelson Gloria Nelson Donald Olla Jacqueline Olsen Nina Onyszczuk William Orlowski Michael Owens Vincent Palmere Brian Patterson Joseph Pelicano Joan Pellegrino Robert Pellegrino Michael Petrecca Tammy Petrilla D0l1n2 PCil'ill0 Kevin Phelan Karen Platt John Pomcki Joseph Potocki MaryAnn Primerano Frank Pugliese Douglas Ralph Emily Reyes Lyman Rhoads AHIlaMaria Riccitiello Mark Risoldi Joseph Rizziello Christina Robu In Accounting 1, Angeline Acquisto glances at her work- David Mcldlale Nestor L- Rodriguez Joseph Rogers book to see if she has made a correct entry in her ledger. Carolyn Russo Neil Sanvardine Patricia Sikinger Claire Sorce Lisa Storcella Theresa Swem Rose Russo Sandra Savage Vincent Siracusa Sheri Spryn George Stout Patricia Tague Susan Russo Timothy Serben James Smiegocki Mark Stearle Helen, Stout Joseph Takach Debra Sabo Raymond Serben Donna Sniadach Margaret Stephan 177' Kim Suydam Anthony Tempesta Maria Sandor Patrick Sheppard Carol Solarski John Stevenson Karen Sweeny Beth Tereszczyn X , x is Gina Testa Michael Testa Carl Thomas At the end of the last period, Eileen Harrison takes her weekly turn to erase the blackboards. Glenn Thompson Patricia Tietbohl Michael Tighe Kenneth Tozzi Marcia Turano John Tykarsky Lisa Tysko Kenneth Unverzagt Lisa Vaccaro Joseph Valeri Rosalie Vannozzi Joseph Vittoriano Christine Wagner Theodore Willever John P. Williams Jeffrey Wills Linda Witkowski Lawrence Wood Helen Wuensch John Ziegler Donald Zielinski John Zoller Lisa Zotta Mark Risold i, junior, fills a test tube with distilled water in preparation for a chemistry experiment. 'LW - 5, wr we "Nm, vw 'W ,sw-an , X-Q Joseph Abbott Theodore Abbgtt David Acolia Charles Adams Anthony Adllbaw Michelle Ahern Leah J. Albano Brad Alesi Michael Amantia Gina Angelini Nicholas Angelucci Terri Anthony John Antinoro Angel Arce Thomas Auletta Joseph Avanzato Paul Bade Sharon Baldwin Ronald Bannister Laurie Barbato Maria Barbato Marianne Bartolomei Veronica Battafarano Elizabeth Bell Mary Binker Gwendolyn Bodine Robin Bohlumbohn Cynthia Bolton Maria Bottoni Ornella Bottoni W2 fem., . Christine Brennan Michael Britton Clockwise: sophomores, Maria Bottoni, Theresa Conti, Marie Mucha, Angela Loffredo, and junior Theresa Swem type copy from texts in Typing l. Edward S. Broda David Brown Donald Browning Arlene Bublewicz Michelle Budden Michael Camera Luis M. Cancel 4 l Digna Carreras Anthony Cattani Maria Chiarello Donna Ciccone Terry L- Cilmadia A . r Debbie Commini Joseph Conti Theresa Conti Robert Cook Barbara Crocker Brenda Cunningham Jude Curini Kevin Daily Anthony Damiano Thomas Davidson Kristina Dearden Marianne DeLorenzo Nancianne DeLorenz0 Michele Delorme Valerie DePaul l Annarose D'Ei-rico Carl Derry John Dertouzos Tracey Destribats Joseph DiBenedetto Vincent DiCesare Lisa Dickerson Carla DiLissio Eileen Dillon Valerie Dilworth Vincent DiMatteo Mary DiMattia Donna Doherty Patrick Donnelly Vera dogsanggs John Doyle Robert Duda Mark Ellis Sharon Episcopo Francis Ernli Victoria Eve,-ist Giang Nguyen follows the reading of The Witch of Blackbird Pond during Sophomore English class. Maria Farina Clare Fitzpatrick Robin French Carol Feldenzer Theresa Fell Audrey Figueroa Thomas Fiorelli X 4 -f.. -. , Michael Flaherty Maureen Foley Michael Foley Jeffrey Foss joan Fi-iedel Jerome Friedman Marcella Friedman Debra Gabauer Sylvia Gallo Pam Giambelluca Irene Gianopoulos Richard Girman Michele Giuliano Eric Glenn Juliane K. Glover Jose Gonzales .loan Grochala Lewis Gryziewicz Carla Guagliardo Mark Hadley Theresa Herrera Karl Horan John Hornyak ni! Michael Hummel Kathleen Hutman Robert Hutton J A n Innocenzi Anthony Into ll Sophomores move Forward to responsibility by participating with oflicers in Student Council, by taking enriching electives, NEDT Program Victoria Jeremias Lionel Jones Leigh Ann Julian James 'Karlovich Emma Kelly Lisa Kelly Edward Kevett Jay Kiernan Joseph Kildea Ernest George Bernard Kondash Janet Konstan Michele Kozma Teresa Krol Deborah Kus k Patricia Lafferty James Lamarca A Monica Iester Mitchell Lis Larry Lobue David Lorenzo Vincent Lucci James Langan William LeCain Richard Leckie Angela Loffredo Jeffrey Loffredo Matthew Maffei David Magyar Nicholas Maisto Marianne Malkin Colleen Malone Brian Maloney John Maloney Sam Manago X iw al nn Ronald Romejko, sophomore, holds his pencil in readiness to take notes in U.S. History. Marie Mangus Kimberley Marazzo John Marcinkowski Roseann Martucci Colleen Marue Sl12l'0n MaSlerS0n V g Cheryl A. Matthews Pamela Mason John McHugh Mark Mernone Donna Miller John C. Miller 44 Marie Mucha Renee Muhn Catherine Mydlowski Linda Nelson Maria Orsini Patricia Orson John Maziarz Jeffrey McGlynn Richard McGuire Jeffrey Mershon Lisa Metterle Leonarda Miceli Denise Minutoli Robert Mitchell Tina Mostrangeli A Laura Murdza Christine Murphy Clare Murray Giang ghonh Nguyen William 0'Brien Gregory Olszewski Natalie Onyszczuk JoAnn Ouskin John Overton Monica Paisley Deborah Paterra Susan Pollacco Mary Pugliese David Ridolfi Michelle Rodeawald Dorothy Pallotti Christine Panfili Mary Pecht Diane J. Pege Rita Pontani Carrie Prescott William Rafferty Anna Ragnacci Edward Pantaleone 43 Arleen Pek Richard Prihoda Glenn M. Rainer David Ridoltino Ronald Romejko Ronald McGuire, sophomore, devotes vocal expertise to his saxophone during class practice. Jason Parent Theresa Piwonski Brenda Procassini Lena Riccitiello Lori Anne Rosetti Russell Rosie ,YVAQX Barbara Sargent: Two musicians, Costantino Delli, freshman, and Anthony Cattani, sophomore. tune up for practice session with their instruments. Sharon Schmidt l li Virginia Schwing Ann Sikorski Karen Skwara l Kathleen Snyder Barbara Sondej Henry Sondej ,px X . ,., 84 David Swanhart Clifford Swift John Terman Michael A. Rossi Angela Rosso Rosemary Savalli John Schmidt Kathleen Schwab Debbie Schwing l . James Smith Joanne Smith Rose Stellerine William Stout Michael Treptow Thomas Terlecki rg Y Patrick Tohill Gerry Torrente Sharon Tozzi James Tucci Todd Tykarsky John D. Tyrrell Vincent A. Vaccaro David Valentino Lucy Valletto Huw Sandra Voloski Lynn Walker Christian Walter Charles Webster Lynn White Halina Wiacek Rosanne Yaccarino John Zapicchi David Zelley i f 1 Mary Trolle Alicia Tryba Denise Tysko Robert Unverzagt Louise VanReymersdal Gary Victor Donna Walter Tracy J. Warner Lisa Wieczkowski Tracey Wollman Michelle Zulla Janice ZUZOV Anthony Abatto Antonina Acquisto Lisa Allen Carmelo Amantia DOIIIIH R080 Amantia Kimberley Amantia Mark Amantia Michael Anderson Anthony Angeli Lisa AIISCUIIO David Angeline Vincent Angeline Michael Aregnano Rosemary Balkum Michael Bates Frank Battafarano Andrea Bavol James Bell David Belyung Brian Bezek Ellen Bleistein Jloseph Bodnar Clare Bogdan Patricia Bogdan Joseph Bogner Anna M. Both Michael Brancolino Christopher Breccia William Breining Patricia BrelSf0rd Noreen Britton Denise Brodowski Mary Brogle Kathleen Brozena Linda Bucci Mary Jo Budd Freshman Robert Sawyer translates an exercise in Mrs. June Battaglia's Spanish l class. John Burrows Maria Calabro Edward Callahan Kenneth John Callan Kenneth Candelori Diane Capone Teresa Carabelli ljereen Cariola Michael Carney Anne Caruso Claire Cavanaugh Donna Celli Ralph Chiarello Denis Clyne Ronald Cobb Sam Colella John Cooper Donna Cruichley John Cunningham Michele D'Angelo Costantino Delli Philip Delorme Joseph DeLucia n ' l Kevin Denti Peter DeSisto Jeanine DiLissio Theresa DiMattia Monica DiMucci XX Joseph DiPaolo Frank DiRe Penelope DiStephano Melanie Duffey Teresa Episcopo 4. Thomas Ermi Mark Evans Terri Everist Karen Fairbanks Christina Fantauzzo James Fasoli Cynthia Figueroa Maribel Figueroa Orlando Figueroa Brian Fitzpatrick Richard Fleming In World History, Miss Balte acquaints her Freshman class with types of government in Ancient Greece. 4 X Kevin Foss Marc Friedman Sharon Frollo John Garrett James Gennello Bea Geraci James Geraci Christine Girman Maria Giuliana Ronald Glenn Thomas Glover James Gorman Maria Goulding Robert Graziano Ralph Greco Darlene Greeny Dante Guagliardo James Halsey Mark Harrison Moira Hayden Debra Henry Beth Higgins Judith Hill William Hnatuik Lawrence Hoffman Jean B. Hogg Katherine Holowczak Gerard Houck Thomas Houck Cynthia Hupfl Edward Jacko yirginia Kaluzny Michael Kapp Linette Kelly Lawrence Kelty Joann Kiernan William M. Kildea Kathleen Klank Michael Kostinas Mildred Kostrzewski Freshmen step Upward from Eighth Grade Studies to continued courses in Religious Studies, English, Science, Math, History, to choice of Electives Oksa K L LaM AdlLa hlL Kathleen Leachko Diana Leaver Jeffrey Lee Lauren Leili Marcia Lester Robert Liedtka Donna Lindley 4. Peter Maher 4l Mary Markley Esperanza Lozano Christopher Luciano Walter Lukasewycz Stacie Majeski Margaret Maloney Dominick Mangine Anne Margicin Holly Martelloni Mario Martillotti Elaine Martucci Frank Marue Anthony Matthews Patricia Matzer Karen Mayer Michael McKenna Amelia Mello Katherine Testa, freshman, consults her book to affirm the weight of a chemical that James Fasoli is weighing. Gregory Meszaros Tracey Meszaros Marie Migliaccio Laura Miller Judith Mills Denise Muscato l Gerald M. Nowakowski Joseph Paretti Dean Pesarini Dominic Petrucci Alex Mizsak Edwin Morales Stanley Moslowski Deborah Murdza .4 Debra Nami Lori Anne Naylor Hai Nguyen Robert Nqvak Deanna Orha Ernest Parrey Anna Marie Pesca Richard Piotrowski Scott Osterstuck Rose Panzitta Joyce Papp Peter Pasicznyk Anthony Paterra Paul Pavlov Andrea PCIFHMO Steven Petrecca Gerald Petrillo Robin Piotrowski James Pitrelli Charles Platt Robert Platt Joseph Poliziana Robert Pontani Peter Ponzio David Procaccino RS W Xrrr l Carolyn Pugliese Joseph Pugliese Rose Ragnacci Frederick Randow Regina Ann Reali x it i x Risa Reali James Reed Lawrence Reuter Cynthia Revesz Mary Ridolfi Peter Rigas David Risoldi Robin Rose Gregory Rossi Thomas Russo Andrea S2lk0WSki David Santini Lisa Sanvardine . V 'fx ,,-""?!, i fc eq, ILL.. The Library sets the scene for freshmen, Costantino Delli's gather Robert Sawyer Albert Sbarro Sherry Scanlan mg of mformauon for an asslgneg report' l-. Joann Schaible Peter Sciarrotta Robert Simcsak Marina Spera Michael Szczepanski Beverly Thomas Lisa Schen Ronald Schnorbus Carolyn Schulz Theresa Schwing .4 Wallace Seda ffaul Seiler Eleanor Sheppard Louis Sheppard l - X Leslie Slover Barbara Smith l.isa Soltesz John Somich Karen Spam Sandra Stackhouse Robin Ann Stilwell R0bCl'l Stranko Marybeth Tattoni Cynthia Tedder Gino Testa Katherine Testa Sharon Thompson Maureen l'ighe Ester Toscano Mark Tozzi E Margaret Traks Anne Tuffy 55.5 1 Qx J A Mr. O'Donnell's IPS group prepare to learn new concepts in their Freshman Science Michele Vastola Joseph Vispetti class, Christine Wackley Catherine Walker Edward Walter Cydney Walton Karen Warner Christine Welch Michael Welsh Patrick Welsh ffheresa White William White A Luke Wiaczek Judith Willever Susan Williams Timothy F. Williams James Wyr0Ugh Laurie Wyszynski Lola Zara Ralph Zita Mifthael Zito JHIHCS 20121 H"""' Ag! ' .. ww" ' What is amiss? Anne Marie Pesca, freshman, has her equipment for lab periodg yet, she has a problem as her hand signifies ,ig Mft, 5 ,,,, I 'ilf fx, ' , ,VGV 2 ' qgffw, F ff v-'ff " QQ P r 'QWX' 'wg Tim ' 'IX .55 x Q3 U51 if 1,5 , ,Qt f 3 fi Taira 1 5 I X,h' x E4 A 4 du Es' If D, mn 4 if . 2 " ' Ly 35539755 5 kv "H wa, W, ll , ' Q QW: 23,6 if "I ..rz,, '- , AH!-' -Q' 0, is ,L ,I 4 ' 4' ff . Q '11 ': :Aj , 4, :ff 5 x. it Wg, 1" 1 We "' f 14 PW, sf gm ivy ,Pl " .. ' inf ! L T' as -.nfs MQ M il' 1251 6 1 wg ,fix me M "1,4f2,s,, Ulf ,, ' W or ' -All f 'w w iv ,Q f .w-,H . 'Ho Q .A .. S 5,5 , n:' M , Jgzjwgx SQ In-9, -. -r mv ' 94 . . -sl' ":. ,. "'- . " 'f'f'4,,, Q f , M' 'ft I A' " 4' , ff fa 1 n 1 ,I 4' . xl 4 . i wr . -, 2, M ,wh VV I Q -. .-f -. wwe ' , , 9 A wwf I t W' ml! My 4 ' ' VY lm' .f 'rv K V ,W A M' ff., M. 'H h 1-.M mf 4 ..,. f-f Q.-. I 4, '-- ., , flzf X ' i, I A" L, Ik W C ,, Ai 1 Q 'f ,, , ,W S. 5' ' ' ' 'rf 4147- ' ' lr 'xv bi "' 'W,,a.' 2 Z .Y-" ff M '- . af H. 554' ' 1 f , 'fF"'4, Q 'Q in 'X M ',,1 j A '35 gfq 5 f' mp lk, I M A 'W 67 Q 5 Q , 'mi 445 jf if ',,, , EN f- Aran W rg 4,4 ff M 4' J ie W ggi, 4- A' 4 4' , 4 W, 1 'ca H I, f - ,f " ' . Y 6 ,2 2k M. nv W it , I ,igy , M I , ix U W5HV'V" 9 '55 ,',- , lv A .2 ' 'W W -, Vw, I 4' WP , f , , f ,L in ' 11 Trying to arouse some team spirit, senior Jerome Martucci cheers on his fellow Iron Mikes. Football Team, unbeaten, desp1fe winless season Although the SAH football team was winless, one would have trouble finding a beaten player. The basic problem as Coach Kevin Hardiman saw it, ". .. arose from the lack of experience and of fun- damental knowledge among new players entering var- sity ranks." A number of the Varsity Team earned recognition, however, for their abilities. Among these are Jeffery Luther, All-County First Team punter, CVC First Team punter, David Jones, All-County Honorable Mention right back, CVC Honorable Mention, Ham- ilton Elks Senior Eleven, Gregory Mershon, All- County Second Team offensive guard, CVC First Team, Hamilton Elks Senior Eleven, Michael Weaver, All-County Honorable Mention right back, CVC Honorable Mention, Hamilton Elks, Senior Eleven, Earl Chiacchio, All-County Second Team de- fensive tackle, CVC Honorable Mention, and Jeffrey Klein, CVC Honorable Mention. Head Coach Kevin Hardiman takes a "time out" to discuss game plays with SAH senior quarterback Anthony Morello. After handing off, Junior Jeffrey Klein watches as junior John Williams grinds for crucial yardage. 0 Always posing a deep threat, junior Lawrence Biesecker eludes the defense to catch this pass. 'ide 5 ii .gp K i at Q ,M ms? YQ'- 4' X .., ,- N , , In , f . K ,jk 4 H Q k l .. " K 'N , - ,,...,,, " . H J 1 ' .1 I 4 l f- I J 1 C 'e f " , 3 -. 'Yl.J.,tl' 1,1 , ' A f ,. , V .iv . A . A , . V , . W A M Varsity Football Team-Front Row: Jeffrey Klein, Michael Weaver, Anthony Morello, John Jacko, Jay Moses, James Scaringelli. Row 2: Vincent Lucci, William Koba, Michael Graziano, Michael DiMattia, Lionel Jones, Harry Day, Eugene Hoffman, John Williams. Row 3: Coach Kevin Hardiman, Chris Walter, David Jones, Jerome Martucci, Nicholas Compagnucci, Gregory Mershon, Brian Doyle, David Zelley, David Swanhart, Assistant Coach Den- nis Hardiman. Back Row: Assistant Coach Gary Bushelli, Lawrence Bie- secker, Earl Chiacchio, John Morreale, Brad Alesi, Joseph Phelan, Joseph Grehan, Jeffrey Luther, William Sessa. f..Q r'Nx Senior Mike Weaver plows through Ewing defenders with added protection from senior Dave Jones. Racing for the goal line, senior Bill Sessa goes untouched for six points. i The Ewing quarterback looks for a way out as Greg Mershon, seniorg Joe Phelan seniorg and Nick Compagnucci, junior, come in for the kill. O 'Q L 11 c it . l . Football lllt , , if 1 M Vkgk :V V,.,M,,,:4Jg3kr, . ,,,. :lip 5 14 s 7 , Pfmeewff 1 icc 'l-4 7 West Windsor 16 2 Lawrence J , 42 . ,,.. 26 Notre Dame 2 Attempting to get around a Trenton defender, senior Mike Weaver rambles around end for yardage. ,:' '- P f f. J 6, , , e L14 A ,ja . " Q 4 . fc: 1 - ff. ,1-Lf. a , , Vx Y' ,-, th. . , 'Q 7 gd ' S f W s' S x l ' if is. J , ,N I my , , , 1, " fr l .w W x Freshman Football Team - Front Row: William Breining, Thomas Russo, John Cunningham, John Garrett, Anthony Matthews. Row 2: Denis Clyne, Michael Kapp, Stanley Moslowski, Walter Lukasewycz, Christopher Breccia, Lawrence Hoffman, Peter Maher, Thomas Ermi. Row 3: Coach Michael Mahalo, Wallace Seda, Mark Evans, Robert Pontani, Ernest Parrey, Michael Zito, Scott Osterstuck, Michael McKenna. Back Row: Gerald Petrillo, Wil- liam Hnatuik, Robert Sawyer, John Scheuerman, Joseph Vispetti, Coach Gary Rossi, Coach Robert Graham. - f.rf'f4f-Mf-' " "Q,L"N' , ' "M ,,,,...,-, J . .. - -V -A QW: ,Ng x Ng, ' ' Blilllg,-525 ' ,- ls.. M' Varsity Soccer Team-Front Row: Vladimir Kusznirczuk, Mark Stearle, George Obaranec, Andrew Kusnirik, Joseph Schoen, Roy Brooks, Steven Herceg, Warren Maruca, Sam Manago, Michael Britton. Back Row: Assis- tant Coach Father Patrick Fitzpatrick, Paul DeGregory, Joseph Consiglio, ,N t W -rm 4 r.-- , K5 A '- tg -i ef..-. ,, 71 wgf-iifgfj I ' -J J A C C t A 1395455 1 C ' if t f-,- ' if ' D i it l QE -,, , 5-' ,Q M- f if -six. .wg J H - x .,-, ii'i A , ,iwwg I R55 ig W! 1 N an ,ua X I ,jkAf"'v ip xnxx-1,9 i978 F 7 K2 J former JV Coach George O'Gorman, Edward Broda, Thomas Tuffy, Anthony Vispetti, John Tykarsky, John Young, Kevin Kinnevy, Vincent Palmere, Kenneth Tozzi, Coach Anthony Potenza. f tr., ' .A ' t C o w sff'fi.,t Y ff Q ff' ' if ,J f C ii.. at J J ,J ,aat in at 'Paws f if-fs. -, , RW ," xi' 5'-', - .., ff. 51- 'W5 '- '- ' 49 . ,-A-,"'3'?Q+i , i x? tnsy y -f ff? ','. J . f J MS' as ' ' f' Af? 3325? -'iw-"" i Against Notre Dame, senior Tom Tuffy jumps high to head Once again, junior midfielder Vinnie Palmere thwarts an opposing onrush by Lawrence. this ball up Held. we Trying to direct his team to a win, senior midfielder Joe Consiglio passes a Trenton High defender as senior George Obaranec looks on. Mid-season Wins place Soccer in tournament The Iron Mikes soccer team of '78, coached by Mr. Anthony Potenza and Father Patrick Fitzpatrick completed its season record with a 12-6-2 record. The mid-season record qualified the team for the State Tournament but a second-round loss to St. Joseph's, Metuchen, ended state Championship hopes. A potent offense, a key factor in Mikes' defense also came through in crucial matters. The team, plagued by injuries, also endured the loss of tri- captain Warren Maruca who suffered a broken ankle. Standouts were not lacking. Kevin Kinnevy and Thomas Tuffy, two high-scoring strikers, made First Team All-County Squad. The team's goalie, Roy Brooks, another key link in the chain of soccer successes, merited the County's Second Best Goal- ie. Junior Lineman Mark Stearle wins this battle against two Lawrence players Junior Paul DeGregory helps senior goalie Roy Brooks scoop in a ball headed in the wrong direction. as in ,ss ils ffrfs i C NI-idle i Lawrence iiiiid s i i 2d i Pemberton ,ii. ,.:,., E 1 L , , Notre DQJDC M "i' 1 ":' 3 s 12.1-2 K -.s, i 'i'o ii ssdd 112 Qwest windsor sion o o si ' Lawrence i ii 1 ghd 1 n Notre Dame n 1 1 wif. if Pewell n n n rincetons Hami1f011'i s.s ' i 1 ' 0 Highstown Q' 0 1 West ii 2 0 Steinert ' I io L 3 I Ewing ' 4 n iss M rinament z: ?ChristianfBre ers Academyl ,Qs 3 N so g s f ' ill . esss , 5 n nnsnso cefe,' snie ene nsnso so ,.noen inn s " ,Z rm Vmkr:,VrL . .,- ms'VI rV1V VTKV h Iron Mike booters rejoice around senior George Obaranec as Notre Dame defenders look in disgust at the ball Obaranec kicked into the nets. nr A' Controlling the ball, senior Kevin Kinnevy passes a Steinert defender enroute to one of I7 goals. Weaving around a Lawrence player Tom Tuffy speeds toward an All-County berth. nga, ":-Q...-V if .IV Soccer Team-Front Row: Robert Hutton, James Wyrough, Paul Seiler, Anthony Angeli, Charles Platt, Robert Platt, Mark Hadley. Back Row: Dominick Petrucci, Carl Thomas, Thomas Fiorelli, John Koba, Mark Risoldi, Thomas McKenna, Jay Kiernan, Michael Foley, Gregory Mesyaros, Coach Jerry DiCola. i 105 Cross Country Team - Front Row: James Geraci, Gino Benedetti, Edward Jacko, Jeannette Cleary. Middle Row: William Taylor, Mark Ammann, Ray- mond Serben, Joseph Potocki, Jeffrey Mershon, John Hornyak, Edward Four Runners attain II - County recognition Outstanding runners who led the 1978 Cross Country team and merited All - County Honorable Mention were Mark Ammann and Poirier, seniorsgflGino Benedegti, juniorg and Brian-Maloney, ifsophomore. 1 J J- ' Supporters of the teamginclyde sg J eannette Cleapyiifwilliamm. Tayl0l', JOHN 35655, junio?:Josephtf131Potockii2ii?fi1Y'ii sophomore John iHornyaIEiffresignanQEJames Geraci. Cdggjfilohn Lally has the assistance of Johnf'QgnEolly. ' lf VQ 'J '-i,ziV.fiiiz i',i . V, 5 a J ettt ttss .rr,yy J J my -2- f mamzfw "ww t J Zlyy J I trstt so ittt J it J west 3321 r y A s 404i r HOPCWQH i1,i i ' Princetaiiit Highswwn Westlt f Ewing elree reee eteer s 46 - I i-t,,,t. 32"" ' rr'11ilr t-' H ' 50 50 tt,, ' 22, ,- ,1., McGinley. Back Row: Coach John Lally, David Acolia, David Csillan, John Bucci, Kevin Poirier, Raymond Kushnir, Michael Beckett, Brian Maloney, Assistant Coach John Connolly. mv it A warming-up sprint in late autumn puts sophomore Dave Acolia, freshman Jim Geraci and sophomore Brian Maloney in shape for Cross-Country meets. 2 2 2 F lu SK .cv Q Y N n Boys Varsity Basketball Team-Front Row: Richard Girman, David Csillan, .lohn Bucci, tri-captain, Andrew Kusnirik, William Taylor, Vincent Palmere. Back Row: Matthew Suta, Jerome Gilbert, James Smiegocki, Roy Brooks, tri-captaing John Amodio, tri-captain, and Coach Carmen Nitti. NN. ?7 if is . , , 1 23521 f gt ' .32 Xt I ., . ,, Bill Taylor, senior, dribbles past a Ewing defender. ,. ln Christmas Tournament against St. Mary, Elizabeth, NJ, senior Andrew Kus- A ' nirik aims for that basket. .,s, IRISH t Rf ln game with rival Notre Dame, Matt Suta, senior, tries to snatch a rebound. Passing half-mark, Boys' Basketball holds 11 -4 record Past half-mark, the boys' basketball team main- tains an 11-4 record. When the team reached the 10-point margin, they succumbed to nation- ally top-ranked Dematha. Dematha, the school administered by Trinitar- ian Fathers in Hyattsville, MD, met the Iron Mikes January 14, 1979, at the Trenton Central High gym. Before a capacity crowd of 2,000 plus, SAH gave Dematha a tough but losing fight Q69-641 which gained SAH recognition. Two reasons exist for team's spectacular success - coaching of Mr. Carmen Nitti and the bal- anced attack of his players. The five starters, seniors, complement each oth- er. John Bucci, 20-point scorer per game pre- sents defensive threat. Roy Brooks and Andrew Kusnirik hit double figures. John Amodio is hard on boards and defense while Bill Taylor provides playmaking and defense on press. " K f f 'V ' , 'YW' Q .nf 5 ' x , ,' fo. Q ""'w, I W, .4 'sd 'Q' 1 sa. 'iii Z 'hill' , ' 1 . H , '.,", i ,,," i "" K , wt. " Sm!" N". ' ' ' defense. l ,. Senior John Bucci, one of lron Mikes tri-captains, weaves his way through Hamilton Opposing nationally ranked Dematha, Roy Brooks, tri-captain, goes up for 2 points. 109 5' .Ek imp.. U3 F l TX w-..,MQ Boys JV Basketball Team- Front Row: Richard Girman, Francis Ermi, James Smith, Jay Kiernan, Donald Browning, Vincent Palmere. Back Row: Dave Acolia, Mark Risoldi, Ralph Chiarello, Joseph Bodnar, William Anthony, John Terman. Freshman Boys Basketball Team-Front Row: Dominick Mangine, Michael Carney, Kevin Denti, Thomas Ermi, Gregory Meszaros, Robert Licdtka, Frank DiRc, James Gorman. Back Row: Coach Kevin Hardiman, Michael Zito, Ralph Greco, William Hnatuik, Joseph Bodnar, Brian Fitzpatrick, Dean Pesarini, Michael Kostinas. 110 f glf'Trenton to J Boys Stcinert ' iiii i A - f 11-- aw.:- Christmas Hunterton Cycililiyil 1 SMMSUY F Princeton 'i" Hopewell - 9' WW-P' aioa J iiaa to J I7-1:liltlSl?l5l0Wf12: M A J' Princetonfl J - Hopewell Valleyffi Notre Daniel 4 J Lawfence SW-nfhonys J Ji Highrswwn-f Hamilton aSIrfiHefl R J aaii EWJHE aiwt .ati,a.,, S'AA r tPafQf?h J F aile HOW Spirit, Pope Paul vi, Chrisian Brothers, i 'J . . ,,.,,Q,,.. OPP- 45 73 68 F 437. 53 53 ilr 42 7 4 F " : " 1: . ., 21.5 50 52 ,7'8?jfg ye" i 62 i64f ialate a ee 64 38 ' 8,lt,'f?'Y'l1 T5 634x25- 60. ,,,. ,L 48 L48 at '56 53 56 ' 43 4l - After scoring his l,0O0th point, Roy Brooks accepts congratulations and the game ball from Associate Principal Mr. Richard Carson. ii i,gft'fW"' That was the shot which made thc jump from 998 to l,000 in Roy Brooks' basketball career. Mrs. Carol Brooks gives Roy a motherly hug immediately following her son's acceptance of his 1,000-point award, Ro Brooks attains 1,000 point standing in St. nthony game In the game with St. Anthony, Jersey City, February ll, Roy Brooks passed the 1,000-point barrier, a feat last ac- complished at this school by Joseph Puhalski who reached the same mark in his senior year, 1976. Having joined the varsity squad in his sophomore year, Roy now averages 15 points a game and provides the team with needed rebounding power. The 1,000-point feat did not concern Roy as much as the approaching tournament. He stated at the time of his 1,000- point mark, "The state championship is what I want, and I'm going to play as hard as I can to get it." Roy intends to continue his athletic career at college. ff Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bucci's pride in their son John glows outwardly as he displays the Paul VI game ball and his l,000-point award. His mother's red roses denote .lohn's basketball milestone, In last four Seconds of the game with Paul VL Bucci hits I,000t11 point Roy Brooks and John Amodio having fouled out, John Bucci on the foul line scored his 1,000 points during the last four seconds in the Mikes games with Paul VI CHaddonfieldJ, March 2. "It couldn't have come at a better time," said Bucci who scored his 1,000th point in the pressure-packed situation to seal the 56-53 win over Paul VI in the NJSIAA South Jersey Parochial A Tournament. Bucci added, "I was glad to get it over with so I could relax." Until his "grand" foul shot, no one in the sold-out Mikes, gym was able to get any relaxation. John Bucci becomes the fifth Iron Mike to top 1,000. lron Mike teammates carry John Bucci aloft after making his 1,000 career point in game with Paul Vl - a 56-53 victory for St. Anthony. Iron Mike reserves, senior Matt Suta C301 and junior Jim Smiegocki 1311 provide a pressing situation for Paul VI, Had- donfield, in a 56-53 tournament win for St. W"3":' ,, 5tiW9!!lf75 ln the Mikes' game with CBA, Roy Brooks 1221, pressured by avenging Colts, tries for the basket. CBA Colts a Ven ge Mikes ' taking crown in 1978 tournament After the Mikes' 69-56 win over Holy Spirit, Absecon, and 56- 53 win over Paul VI, Haddonfield, the team tried its final tournament game against Christian Brothers Academy, March 7 to clinch the NJSIAA South Jersey Parochial A crown. But the CBA Colts avenged the last year's overtime loss to the Iron Mikes in the South Jersey final in almost the same manner SAH did a year ago. CBA's Marty Lutschannig's field goal with ll seconds re- maining was the final margin in the Colts Parochial A South Jersey 43-41 win over St. Anthony at Manalapan High. Nor did John Bucci's shot for the basket falling short in the final seconds of the game turn the victory. John Bucci 1241 goes in for a shot in the game with CBA. Destined to Win, Girls ' Basketball obtains l I-l record The girls' basketball team, under the direction of second-year coaches, Mr. Kevin Gallagher and Miss Alice Agocs, destined for big things this year, have proven their worth. Returning to the starting lineup are senior Ann Ermi and junior Katherine Larkin and Patricia Sikinger. At the mid-point in the season, the Iron Mike girls boasted an 11-1 record, the only loss coming at the hands of State Power St. Rose of Belmar. In the opening round of the Christmas Tourna- ment, the Mikes defeated Steinert and turned back archrival Notre Dame to take the Cham- pionship. Kate Larkin earned an All-Tourna- ment team berth. The girls will now be competing in the State Tournament as well as looking for another CVC title. M52 ln Sophomore Pam Mason goes up for rebound with rival Notre Dame. 114 by-mt-...,,Q X L. Star junior Kate Larkin, co-captain, displays talent to shoot that ball against Trenton High. lllllliii EYKT? mxfmmf 'max Girls Varsity Basketball-Front Row: Patricia Sikinger, Lisa Vaccaro, Pamela Mason Katherine Larkin, co-captain: Kimberly Gore, Ann Ermi. co-captaing Barbara Smith. Notre Dame player appears powerless against Iron Mike Lisa Vaccaro, junior. Marcella Friedman, Beth Tereszczyn. Back Row: Joanne Bucci Senior co-captain Ann Ermi goes in untouched for a layup. 'lg 'QE y,N 'Tiki g,NTHf , QANVM Nm J f fn, .qsfnfap i42 3521 VNTHOIL v-NTHQ1, Girls JV Basketball Team-Front Row: Diane Capone, Stacie Majeski, Lisa Kelly, Deborah Kusnirik, Alicia T b . B k R - M' Al' A Coachg Linda Nelson, Claire Cavanaugh, Mary Pecht, Tina Mostrangeli, Christine Brennan. ry a ac ow' ISS me goes 4 'iii'i i niiii Basketball1Slatc Stcinert Ewing Hamilton l Christmas Tournziiment Steinert - Opp. SAH 49 66 , 49 50 64 64 36 56 Notrepame llii 55 57 Erincetoiiia 31 76 'ewegiig 44 59 i mv?-he iloo it QS ' if 9 at T' it ' .a,. siiif ' wife -- .-il- y ii'ii . i 'sf' i - . is we if' t tif ewsizsfsfa K 1 J' i.1,,, , Y ' liii a-1-ii l 5, t liia 'ooi 72, il 49 Asbury vol ipiiisi so 50 NJSIAA Qrougffwo- Tournament , si. Rosellaelmaryt Voorhees A NcwlBrunswiHf5 If Haddonfield High ' Holy Family IBayonncJ . 54 57 56 60 45.44. f. 4 7,3 53 Sl 1 :hit . 5 5 K ,,.h K P-STH i Qu ww l -9 s 'Sn .01 ,vga raa"l vii? ........... i....... ,yi ,t .lunior Joanne Bucci reaches for a jump ball against shore power, Asbury Park. 9 ,1, Associate principal Richard Carson presents Kate Larkin with her coveted trophy as her mother, Mrs. Marie Larkin, shares the honor. Mr. Kevin Gallagher, coach, looms in background. ww.,- On her way to becoming the all-time leading scorer in Mercer County basketball, junior Kate Larkin amasse the clinching point. Kate Larkin Wins coveted county scoring cm WH Surpassing Diane Olech's 95-game career mark of l,697, Kate Larkin claimed the title, all-time fboys and girlsj leading scorer in Mercer County basketball history, dur- ing the team's 64-44 triumph over Hamilton, February 23. This Iron Mike junior has amassed a total of 1,709 points during her 71-game career. This record tops the score of Diane Olech, graduate of Notre Dame High who held the record since 1977. Concerning the act of winning her new title Kate said, "I made the layup at the beginning of the game and I thought I'd get it out of the way." Diane Olech, former record holder was there to present a card of congratulations and a broken record to Kate. Enroute by bus to the Lady Mikes final game of the tournament with Holy Junior Lisa VHCCHFO Q55 3UemPl5 10 Connect On 3 IHYUP While Sl- R0555 Mafy Family Academy of Bayonne, Coach Kcvin Gallagher sports two St. Patrick's Manutti U51 applies pressure. t . 1 , et ' - 1 , Day carnations and an optimistic view. "Tough defense" seems to run through junior Joanne Bucofg mind as She Defensive pressure from New Brunswick's Terry Braithwaite docsn't affect Pam slows down Doris Hill 1321 of New Brunswick High. Mason's shooting ability. Ann Ermi looks on, Sophomore Pam Mason, in the tournament game with Voorhees, attempts shoot- ing for the basket with junior Kate Larkin rebounding. ln the game against Haddonfield, which gave the Lady Mikes the title, Group Two NJSIAA south Jersey champs, senior Ann Ermi makes a jump shot. Lady Mikes become first Mercer County NJSIAA sta te Cham ps Playing team basketball the way coach Kevin Gallagher preaches it, the Lady Mikes on St. Patrick,s day became Mercer County's first-ever NJSIAA state girls champions. The girls won this Group Two crown with a 67-55 verdict over Holy Family Academy of Bayonne at North Brunswick High. In the two games prior to Holy Family, the girls basketball team had already snatched the NJSIAA central and south Jersey crowns. The 56-53 win over Zebras of New Brunswick clinched the central Jersey title, March 10. Pitted against Haddonfield High, March 14, the girls scored a 60 - 51 victory to capture first-ever sectional title - south Jersey champs. Leading the girls into this triple crown were the first tourna- ment wins: Voorhees 157-471 and St. Rose C54 - 451. Junior Patty Sikinger in game with Holy Family Academy, Bayonne, goes in for a layup Individual scoring on Spring Track will produce points Again lack of depth and experience threaten to plague the Iron Mikes track team for 1979 sea- son. Despite the team record, each meet produces impressive individual efforts. Seniors, Joseph Schoen fsprinterj, Kevin Poirier fdistancej, Mark Ammann Qdistancej, John Petrilla fjave- linj, Anthony Morlando fshotputj, John Te- sauro Cshotput and discusj and John Jacko Cshotput and discusj are members who score every outing. Outstanding performances also come from ju- niors: Jeffrey Klein fpole vaultJ, Joseph Potocki Cdistancej, John Williams fdistancej and John Moreale fshotputj. During a practice run, junior Ray Kushnir takes a breather. p , y Senior Kevin Poirier races through on the outside lane to gain position in the one-mile run. Extreme concentration of body and mind motivates senior Bob Roman to throw shotput farther each time. ' Running in the mile. Jeannette Cleary faces for 2 SUIT' Throwing the shotput for the lron Mikes, John Tesauro displays his skill tling finish. f gf G , , A ' A . 51: em' ' M fiffrf t I ,M - 1 . . L , H ' - i ff' A .7"f'ag,wmZf'1 f A i'fk tn, , ,swf . A , fin? fy f . ,Qi vw ' , Will ,', ' ' s , H l "ll l V V Coach John Lally and statistician Deborah Brown observe the lron Mikes track team moving toward "great expectations." as y.E G - S Q 4 Iron Mikes' sprinters race against time and other factors to acquire a point. Senim' -'05ePh Schoen takes Some minutes I0 relax at Pfac' tice. """"1 Distance runner Mark Ammann displays his uniform at start of Shotputter and discus-thrower Anthony Morlando shows his winning form to gain a first place. spring practice season. 122 Gracefully flowing through the air William Holmes gains footage in the long J jump. ' Track 'Weight men, repeatedly tally bulk of team points The 'weight men,' led by Anthony Morlando, throw up to 45 feet in shotput. Along with the efforts of John Tesauro, John Jacko, John Pe- trilla and John Moreale, these weight men re- peatedly tally the bulk of the team pointsi The bulwark of the sprinting squad consists of Joseph Schoen, Joseph Potocki, junior, William Holmes, senior and William Koba, senior, who consistently place in the 100, 220, 440, 880 and mile relay. Despite past team records, optimism is on the rise under the watchful and experienced eye of mentor John Lally. Establishing a good footing to start the two-mile run, seniors Mark Ammann and Kevin Poirier wait for the gun to go off. ucleus of 3-year Varsity will make Diamond History SAH's 1979 baseball team has promise of placing the Iron Mikes in diamond history since twelve of its senior players also were a part of the 1976 CVC Championship Squad. Mr. Adrian Seitz, pilot coach, replacing Mr. An- thony Potenza who left SAH in February 1979, states his optimism about the team's potential. Mr. Seitz has a good nucleus of three-year varsity vet- erans: Stephen McCormick, Kevin Kinnevy, Wil- liam Sessa and Thomas Anama. Players predicted to be valuable contributors are crafty pitchers Robert Serenelli and Thomas An- ama, steady infielders Kenneth Tozzi and William Taylor, catcher Kenneth Univerzagt and slugger Gregory Mershon. Mershon comments, "I know we will definitely be a top contender -- we won the title as freshmen with the same players we have now." V Y V Lyltypl. . , 7 XX, 'K , , ., -A 1.3. , - l Qlflf. S ' ' M M, . . W 1, 3- iii, t ' t 9 , agar, M r . ' 4s -4, gHf1J3Ha ,W x, .Q X , ,,,.. v.,.w I V , ..., Si I in ff " iid - r.r -H :ef-42:3-V? 'e" 'W' 4. Q 1, ' M we 4 W' . 1 1 s wr- 1 'S W- 1 ,- i'iri Bi, 5, p J wir , 'qfl fi .,g4a,piT , Jffgklxls - "N -f'- A L ., " A Q' ,Y tw , 1 f-1 Third baseman Bill Taylor awaits a throw to put out a Lawrence runner. 124 Sliding into second base, junior Ken Tozzi appears to avoid the tag. ' N sf , f 1 1. Q :S V. .pix mw- As one ofthe team's leading hitters, senior Steve "Stick" McCormick usually puts on a good show for the fans. +3-Sa' V f . s o ", f v,, ,V 'ifwvfq VD, -4, .59 grghgyi, 1 3, I Q aumwim Jr- wen, .J -f ' '-,".l: ' 1 'f f.fzi,v' f - 'wif 'Z 1 'V r r or , srrr if ' , -, my U 1- sf by QQ. as J- ..:,sx, g gwmbratarfzm s , Y U ,,,,,,,,,o.l.,..,.,M,.,a..4.,3..,a,..s.Q+,f is ,H ! Attempting to bunt his way on base, senior Kevin Kinncvy tries to sacrifice base runners to scoring position. in Qggaigigs ,: , ,sf :Sw-..y . ff W,,, . f1'3fQ,k 1 W , 1,, A M if I Q V. Q jg wg fr , 'fn Aw Q 1 -me .if ' "" r .Luigi T V " 'K 'if ' 'rihfv a "" , f-?,iZt.:1?wz'M' ' is i,,, .. ,'5v 1. Unloading a curve ball, senior hurler Bob Serenelli provides some needed relief. Rounding third base, Kevin Kinnevy checks to see il' his path home is safe Tennis Team uses veterans as team basis With the expected return of veteran players and the arrival of certain others, the SAH 1978-79 tennis team seems set for a fine season. Led by USTA registered instructor Mr. Robert Conti, coach, the team tries to improve 1978 record of seven wins, ten losses. A unit of veterans: Joseph Consiglio, senior, David Palombi, senior, William Ellis, junior and Mark Ellis, sophomore, promise a season of forehands and backhands. With new prospects Mr. Conti will develop three top singles players and two sets of double players for competition. Last year's team MVP Joe Consiglio states, "I feel last season provided a good building year, and this year's team will fare especially well in CVC compe- tition." 2 'arf F7 1' I e ilreiici "vi Preparing for a forehand volley, senior David Palombi makes use of vital concentration. While playing singles, senior Joseph Consiglio makes use of a spin serve. Getting the racquet back, senior Bruce lnverso gets ready for a forehand After hitting backhand, Bruce lnverso watches the ball fly. Using unique form, junior Bill Ellis uses much power to hit a forehand. Waiting for the ball to appear, Joseph Consiglio gets in the ready position for a backhand volley. Leading the team in aces last year, Dave Palombi prepares to hit his first serve. Softball Team moves onward with Bush elli, former ooa ch of J V squad, in pilot seat ,. k,,V I ,Q,: I O h yf h h run. Marcell F d ph k h ph E an 2 5 E H ii 5 5 5' 1 M E 3 fl A 5 . :w.m flu fi' -2 JfZ7'll1'NY..,,, Jil, - ' ' if We ""'1"lai'll -7Hvf,?-,,,kK7fMfn- . ' ' GAAis 14th Show honors Big Apple The 14th annual GAA Show honored the Big Apple by displaying in the school Gym the theme, "New York, New York," during its dress rehearsal on Sunday Afternoon, November 5 and Tuesday to Friday Evenings, September 7, 8, 9, 10. Mistress of Ceremonies, Elizabeth McMani- mon, twirled flags before holding aloft the win- ning color. Either pair of captains, Karen Au- letta, Lisa Jaroni of the Brown Team or Mary- beth Candelori, Michelle Palmere of the Gold Team, raced toward the stage for their winning color. Among the top outstanding events were the gold Rockettes, led by seniors Gina Maisto and Pa- tricia Muscato in "Dames at Sea." After sailing to victory in Best Event category, these girls competed at Bethesda, MD, on December 17 where they earned Second Place. Gold Team Captains, Marybeth Candelori and Michelle Palmere, await the presentation of the victory trophy by Mistress of Ceremonies Elizabeth McMani- t i ,J A 2 " f 24 Q 34" 533 P jx L1 I Ti' Throughout her exhibition of gymnastic ability, freshman Cynthia Revesz strikes her pose in her breathtaking performance of "Cabaret" Junior leaders Maryanne Montervino and Lisa Storcella herd their lambs through "Fairy Tale Land." 130 The Rockettes, led by seniors Gina Maisto and Patricia Muscato, capture First Place Best Event in their rendition of "Dames at Sea." , r.,...n,,.,.....--w- "Go Grease Lightning!" Senior Anne Scaccetti leads her mechanics to an electrifying four-night victory. Court Jester Gina Maisto not only entertains her King, Celia Gerdes, senior, but also captivates her audience with her bal- ance beam performance. l Poppin' Fresh Doughboys, led by sophomore Maria Barbato, roll into First Place Best Costume. 131 AP' Sophomore Gumball, Joan Grochala, followed frantically by Robin French, sophomore, tumbles out of machine to bounce her way into the judges' favor. Showing their patriotic flare, sophomore Sharon Schmidt and senior Deborah Bro- dowski step to "Yankee Doodle Dandy." 5,4 Brown Team members shriek uncontrollably as their team racks up two more points. Collecting the flag and two points, Brown Team Captains, Karen Auletta and Lisa Jaroni, accept Brown Flag from Mistress of Cerrmonies, Elizabeth McMani- mon. T Gold Team breaks tie with 71-69 Victory. Both teams won equal recognition until the final night when the Gold Team edged Brown 71-69. These Brown Team events won on all four nights: West Side Story, Shoe Shine Boys Cwho performed twice each nightl, The Wizard of Oz CGymnasticsJ, Obstacle Course Races and Decorations. Their cover for programs, designed by Lisa Tysko won three nights as did The Fifth of Beethoven. Four-night wins for the Gold Team were Grease Lightning, Gold Usherettes, Clowns, Cynthia Revesz's Floor Exercise and Gina Maisto's Bal- ance Beam. Brown Team won Non-Dance First Place Best Event QWizard of Ozj and the Dance Second Place Best Event QFifth of Beethovenj. Gold Team, besides winning the Dance First Place Best Event fRockettesJ also won Non- Dance Second Place Best Event and Best Cos- tume fDoughboysJ. 1 Clockwise: ln their award-winning gymnastic performance, "The Wizard of Oz," juniors Lynne Durastanti, Nancy Kurilla, Sharon Higham, and Patricia Gabauer displayed their talent that merited four-night wins. Ju- nior Sharon Leile and freshman Marie Migliaccio show a fighting spirit as they battle for victory. Would Beethoven recognize his Fifth Symphony as Juniors Kim Suydam Nancy Kurilla and Sharon Higham speed it up to modern Disco? 133 a On Community Day fFebruary 8, 19791 of Catholic Schools Week, Monsignor Michael McCorristin, Director of SAH and Pastor of St. Anthony Parish concelebrated Mass with Pastors and Associate Pastors from area parishes for Faculty, Students, Mayor and honored guests. At the Mass for Catholic Schools Week, seniors John Fell and Joseph Consiglio offer Monsignor bread and wine for the stu- dents at the Offertory. 134 One of the services of the Religion Department is to provide speakers for Vocation Week. Here sopho mores listen to Fathers Michael and John ofthe Order Friar Minor Conventuals. J' i -H Q Father Fitzpatrick instructs seniors in concepts of Christian Life. Parish Pri es ts share Religious Services The students and faculty share the blessings of Religious Services that Fathers Patrick Fitzpa- trick and Liam Minogue of St. Anthony Prish give the school. Both priests give valuable time from daily schedules to instruct and guide the students and to offer Masses on days of special observance. Father Fitzpatrick supplements teaching of Re- ligion classes and Father Minogue, School Chaplain, schedules retreats and gives Religious counseling to students. Sister Helen, Religion Chairperson, keeps Reli- gious instruction timely by organizing with Fa- thers Fitzpatrick and Minogue Religious Ser- vices. These Services include instructions from visiting priests, lectures from priests and reli- gious of various orders and congregations on vocations, Washington, D.C. trip for Pro-Life Movement and Mass concelebrated by area priests for Catholic Schools Week. ll Carrying a Thanksgiving Basket offering from Juniors, John Williams follows his classmates Mary Offerings of bread and lwine, as well as Thanksgiving Food Crocker and Kathleen McGovern as they offer wine and bread to Father Minogue. Baskets, await Offertory of pre Thanksgiving Mass l 135 Four years Ia ter Marching nit returns to SAH After a four-year absence, St. Anthony High School proudly welcomes back the Marching Band Unit. It is relevant that the marching unit rejuvenated the spirit and loyalty of SAH stu- dents. Judging from the response at the first Brown and Gold Day this year, the students enthusiastically received the unit. Joy, happi- ness and pride shone on the faces of the students as the band marched around the SAH Gym. The unit came into existence under the direction of Band Director, Mr. Timothy Ketterer. Many dedicated students helped with the revitalization of the unit. Those responsible for leading the band into halftime victories are Renee Kardos, Drum Majorette and Thomas Herrera, Band Captain. Members of the Marching Unit perform at all half-time shows. They had the honor of leading Bishop George W. Ahr in the blessing of Holy Cross Parish Center. Cornet player, Vincent Angeline, freshman, blows and marches as "the band plays on." Senior Renee Kardos proudly presents the rejuvenated SAH The band moves into formation for a lively "Pink Panther" rendition. 0 S 'N gf- X u 5:3g! E Qilfsf WT- ul L- sr L ai. Iwi School Band, Color Guard, Pom Pom Girls - Front Row: Carol Feldenzer, Theresa Festa fDrill Team Captainj, Janice Zuzov, Joseph De Lucia, David Valentino fPercussion Section Leaderj, Neil Sanvardine, Renee Kardos fDrum Majorettej, Peter Brown, Thomas Fiorelli, Fred Randow, Gina Ange- lini, Sharon Schmidt, Kim Krueger. Row 2: Jules Consiglio iSt. Anthony Grammar Schoolj, Brenda Procassini, Mark Tozzi, Victoria Jeremias, Leon- ardo Miceli, Lisa Herrera, Vincent Angeline, Joanne Zola, Linda Kern. Row 3: Ellen Bahm, Karen Sweeny, Cynghia Botteri, Barbara Cook, Patricia Le Cain, Donald Olla, Thomas Herrera fBand Michael Testa, L' .1 . ,qv Cuiule, James Clyne, Debra Sabo QWoodwind Section Leaderj, Virginia Kaluzny. Row 4: Valerie Dilworth, Helene Gray fCoIor Guard Coordinatorj, Marie Mucha CRifle Captainj, Eileen Dillon, Corinne Fiorelli, Sylvia Gallo, Lisa Kelly, Jo Ann Innocenzi, Elizabeth Both, Mr. Timothy Ketterer fBand Directorj, Sharon Tozzi, Kristina Dearden. Back Row: Terry Cizmadia, Den- ise Minutoli fl-Tlag Captainj, Carla Di Lissio, Kathleen Schwab, Catherine Tardugno, Linette Kelly, Karen Candelori, Lisa Wieczkowski, Deborah Kus- nirik, Patricia Collins, Michele Vastola, Cheryl Matthews. At Christmas Concert Glee Club girls with lighted candles sing out their joy. Girls are Cynthia Sakiey, seniorg Donald Olla, junior, stands foremost in the trombone section Barbara Cook, senior, Lori Sagnip, junior, Anna Marie Pesca, freshman: Kathleen Schwab, sophomore: and at the Band's performance for the Christmas Concert Kathleen D'Arcy, junior. 'U N' Junior Varsity Cheerleaders- Front Row: Lucy Valletto, Linda Migliaccio, co-captaing Theresa Piwonski, Clare Murray, co-captain and Karen Skwara. Middle Row: Tracy Destribats, Maria Barbato and Carla Guagliardo. Top: Angela Loffredo. SAH Cheerleaders rotate at games l There are three squads of cheerleaders, a Fresh- man squad, a JV squad, and a Varsity squad. They cheer for their respective teams' games in soccer, football, and basketball. This year all three squads rotate on cheering for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team's home games. The captains of the Freshman squad this year are Christine Girman and Joyce Papp, the JV squad captains are Linda Migliaccio and Clare Murray, and the Varsity captains are Gina Maisto and Beth Pihokken. This year's squads are very hard-working and spir- ited. They began practices for this upcoming year in early August. Also members of the JV and Var- sity squads attended the National Cheerleaders Associations cheerleading camp this summer. All squads are moderated by Sister Therese along with the help of Miss Kathleen Woodcock. Varsity Cheerleading Captains, Gina Maisto and Elizabeth Pihokken try to decide what cheer their girls are doing. Certainly not what they intended. Christine Seiler agrees. W The Iron Mikes Football Team's workout reflects on faces of Lisa Evans, Beverly Broda and Christine In the act of clapping, Linda Kmetz suspends her applause to follow Seiler. a close game. 1 in ,..,,,L ., 6? cv 3' , X in I ,ca R I A lie. H1141 Varsity Cheerleaders - Front Row: Co-Captains Gina Maisto and Beth Pihokken. Row 2: Marianne Tomasulo, Michelle Palmere and Lisa Evans. Row 3: Christine Seiler, Theresa Lee, Cecilia Gerdes and Cynthia Barbato. Back Row: Leslie Fowler, Colleen Smith, Sharon Higham, Linda Kmetz and Beverly Broda. Does the team really mean that play? The action upsets a concerned Cecilia Gerdes. 139 Eliza beth MeManim on reigns wi th court at homecoming game On November 25, 1978, at halftime during the St Anthony-Notre Dame game, Elizabeth McMani- mon became the Homecoming Queen for the 1978- 1979 school year. Diane Chiaccio, having finished her reign as last year's queen, along with Mr. Car- son, crowned Elizabeth. David Csillan escorted Miss McManimon and Warren Maruca was her driver. The Queen's Court consisted of the other four nominees. These included Thrersa Arcangelo es- corted by Scott Warrack, driven by Louis Arcan- gelo, Lisa Jaroni escorted by Mark LaFerrara, driven by Douglas Blow, Linda Kmetz escorted by James DiLouie, driven by Andrew Demkog and Gina Maisto, escorted by Thomas Tuffy and driven by John San Paolo. Around Homecoming Queen, Elizabeth McManimon, gathers her court: Theresa Arcan- gelo Linda Kmetz Gina Maisto and Lisa Jaroni. Gina Maisto, a member of the Homecoming Court, parades with her escort, Thomas Tuffy. Scott Warrack moves with Theresa Arcangelo of the Queen's Court through the Honor Guard of the Marching Band. 5 as 'ff ,I E A .. ., . M " 'E ,j,s'.-QW . . 1 M' s. An ecstatic new queen, Elizabeth McManimon, accepts her crown from Associate Principal Richard Carson. Her escort David Csillan watches crowning. 36g .sr wg.. 'ws Y ff was t, l 5,32-3 f hV...L S A ' s .f , . 2" 1 T x y I ' , 1 - C , 9- L04- W K'-'lx 6. P- . A,-Its, 5 vw' ', , -- , ., ,, V, ,., .. '-- ea." fs. .-1' I ta N' -1 ' ' S' 1-. ,pvsylk .g .-. . I: .,. . l T. I , --trgaifgicj . .13-If-QQ 'xg' .Q ., ff' ,tw cf5,,?fjg . t H- . .4 f 33 35 r. 5?"7'?Y's--X- . -- .."fW ,W .- .AM F.,-,pf -, 'YY' 'iiiepf I.. -S' f . affix? -' 1 an -Q S 'F ' . Q, Heel-5 Y ff With her escort Mark LaFerrara, Lisa .Iaroni braves the cold weather to take part in Homecoming festivities. 'J!"'7. '. .f.f' A 'A 9' V . V .. b 1 F914 ' -4- f V T 4 .,, 1 . f Hgijytf Sfqfg yew A. ,M ,- L. at - '5 al . , ,cy if ,. '94 f ga 1' X 3 ,,. , , -aim I9 M ' . l mi., H- ,J v .. g f'CLLiL"-iii, ,,5'?Li..iZ,j?'c 1 of 'gif -' .. L., - ...t amtafv A91 gh- ii,-4 .fffaijg fx., f- ,,. " '14 K if rf' l ., 11, f in ,Mu ..,, J Q 'N VY. 4 .-:g g.,13Z1pv, ,. A.. ' f"C'f2m's W ffgffz -i,'i:ff '75 F17 L Q .sz-gy iw W, Q, at, J X" 'V Ji ililf ww ...- 'ty is ' f f at , J ,X t A ., 1645.3 5, ftf.,, Linda Kmetz and escort James DiLouie are standing proof of the winds that blew that Homecoming Day. Seniors Christine Zapicchi, Doreen Bogacz, Teresa Lanzoni, Cynthia Barbato, Mary Normile and Lisa Evans wait to light candles at Z Club Induction. Z Club organizes for Ieadershi p, service The Z-Club is a service-oriented club, sponsored by Zonta International. Its purposes are to serve the school and the community, provide career guidance and encourage leadership in young women, and promote fellowship and better un- derstanding in the world. Its motto is GROWTH THROUGH SERVICE. This year, to serve the school, the club has elect- ed to assist each department. The girls formed a committee, for example, to sew typewriter cov- ers for the business department. To serve the community, each girl in the club has "adopted" a grandparent at Morris Hall, to whom she sends cards on holidays and pays occasional vis- its Membership is open to sophomore, junior, and senior girls who demonstrate good character and scholarship. The club advisors are Mrs. Ste- fane and her assistant Mrs. Ciocian. I Z' .t If I .-:- , ,.... , The significance of the candle shows the willingness of new members to serve their community. Here Teresa Lanzoni lights her candle in presence of Zonta member, Miss Regina Flynn and Z Club adviser, Mr. Clara Stefane. l l l l t P Z Club Induction starts with a prayer, led by Principal Sister Catherine. Standing are Reverend Doreen Bogacz, senior, lights a candle, part of the Induction ceremonies Barbara North of Zonta, in middle, and Mr. Marilyn Ciocian, on left, assistant adviser of Z for Z Club. Assisting the inductees are Zonta members Mrs. Claire Wag- Club. ner and Mrs. Veronica Cary. Mr. Clara Stefane, adviser of Z Club at SAH, meets with student President Deborah Pege prior to Z Club meeting to confirm plans. 143 Members of Na tional Honor Society serve school, comm unity The Monsignor McCorristin Chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes and ap- plauds young men and women of St. Anthony High School for outstanding scholastic achievements. To be nominated into the group, juniors and seniors must also demon- strate leadership, service and character. Membership becomes official at the Induc- tion Ceremony held during the spring of each year. Guided by Sr. Arlene and Mr. Keven Sirak, the group aims to serve the students of St. Anthony and the surrounding community. Members lend a helping hand at the PTA Fashion Show, the Spaghetti Supper, and various other projects. In December, the NHA journeys to Morris Hall to present a show filled with singing, dancing, and gifts. The NHS also offers tutoring services to any student at St. Anthony High School. l "Sing out with us," invite Joseph Potocki, David Palombi, John Tesauro and Michael Testa as they carol for Senior Citizens at Morris Hall, Lawvenceville, N.J. The Five Aces Thomas Britschge, James Tohill, Joseph Tattoni, Raymond Kushnir, Glenn Thompson put "Do you hear what I hear?" asks Eileen Kudricks as she sings their act across with gusto. along with Doreen Bogacz at Morris Hall. W... 5, 11, s we f N ,Miata su A A ww www Www- -, we N wav. W-U,a -' We ml Newly inducted National Honor Society members - Front Row: Doreen Bogacz. Annmarie La Pointe, Linda Migliaccio, Maryann Primerano. Middle Row: Joseph Consiglio, Nancy Kurilla. Back Row Joseph Tanom' Kathleen Mc Govemi This "ageless" senior citizen appreciates youthful fun. See those hands go! A-,dwQ5,2agig Meet St. Anthony High NHS organization team: Mr. Kevin Sirak, co-moderator, Christine 2 Seiler, president and Sr. Arlene, moderator. Santa Claus Uohn Fellj meets administrator of Morris Hall, Sister Be- atrice Diamond, O.S.F. 145 ,,s. 1 , Wi 5 Y v Q , X ,fgaz 4 1 .... "2 'fi 'G ,X ll . . Seniors who played for 24 hours at Volleyball Marathon sponsored by Key Club are as follows: Clockwise - Joseph Tattoni, John Tesauro, senior, member of Key Club, gives service at the annual Spaghetti Supper held in February, sponsored by SAH Parent Teacher Association. SAH Key Club holds Marathon for 24 hours The Key Club of St. Anthony High is a service-oriented club whose active mem- bers implement the 1978-79 Key Club In- ternational Theme, "Respond to Society's Needs," by carrying out a span of activi- ties from putting on a Christmas Show for the residents of Mercer Care Center to aiding with the work at Monsignor Mc Corristin's Christmas Tree Farm. The club's number one project, Volleyball Marathon, dominated the school gym for 24 hours on October 31 and November 1, 1978. The Key Club, for its many community services, ranks number two in New Jersey. The club also received the Governor's Award for Outstanding Service. Mr. John Lally serves as the club's moderator and Mr. Calvin Jenkins as assistant moderator. 146 Mark La Ferrara, Renee Kardos, Linda Kmetz, Douglas Blow, Andrew Demko and John Jacko. . 1 sf M' 5 5 Key Club moderators and Board of Directors - Front Row: Mr. John Lally, adviser, seniors Lawrence Goral, Joseph Consiglio, David Palombi, John Fell, president. Back Row: Mr. Calvin Jenkins, assistant adviserg senior James Tohill, junior Glenn Thompson, senior Thomas Britschge, junior Kenneth Mc Coy. .rg . - .. ,. ,ra-P' ear, 'L . I K.. ,S .' F ! S , I fr., i . . ...,, .. ,.., V ,, 'FJFK K7 At Induction ceremony at Steinert High, these young ladies of St. Anthony High Future Secretaries Association assemble with their co-adviser, Mrs. Doris Radice. Girls are Lisa Evans, senior, Cynthia Barbato, senior, Anita Lucidi, junior, Barbara Pallotti, senior, Karen Auletta, senior, Donna French, junior. 1 .,,,,,..-.---f "W ,,..ree--" mai -5 ln Mrs. Radice's Typing IIfTranscription class, these members of FSA practice for efficiency. They are Donna French, frontg Lisa Evans and Cynthia Barbato, middle: Barbara Pallotti and Anita Lucidi, back. President of FSA, Karen Auletta, discusses the association's activities with Mrs. Radice, co-adviser. FSA assists activities Initiation of new members and installation of president Karen Auletta of Trentonette Chapter Future Secretaries Association occurred Tues- day evening, October 17, 1978 in Steinert High School Auditorium at a Candlelight ceremony. Members of FSA are active at SAH typing for activities. Those representing SAH in this association are seniors Karen Auletta, Barbara Pallotti, Cyn- thia Barbato, Lisa Evansg juniors Donna French, Anita Lucidi, sophomores Ornella Bottoni, Ma- ria Chiarello and Donna Ciccone. Co-advisers are Mr. Doris Radice and Mrs. Veola Williams. Student Council moderator, Miss Lois Yencha, shares a humorous incident with senior officers: Renee Kardos, Theresa Kelly, Denise Kostrub and Lisa Jaroni. mwmqmnq 5 E 2 S Student Council reaches goals through 'action' To obtain goals, the 1978-79 Student Council performs outstanding council leadership in the school. Maintaining its purpose, SC works with the administration in upholding the philosophy of SAH. Scheduled events and activities raise the student body morale and spirit to a level of honor and pride. Student Council reinforces its goal for more student involvement by endless hours of orga- nizing and "putting into action what they preach." The newly formed Public Relations Committee adds a special touch by publicizing Student Council events. Student involvement has increased so much that dances, formally sponsored by SC in the Cafeteria, have now moved into the Gym. Brown and Gold Days combine spirit and fun. Miss Lois Yencha, Student Council moderator, keeps all running smoothly. .t Associate Principal, Mr. Richard Carson, plans l978-79 activities with Student Council officers: Andrew Demko, Vice-Presidentg Linda Kmetz, Secretaryg Mark LaFerrara, Treasurer and Joseph Tattoni, President. 148 1 1 ei 1 l Student Council Officers-Front Row: Alicia Tryba, Sophomore Treasurerg Linda Migliaccio, Junior Vice-Presidentg Lisa Tysko, Junior Treasurer: Janice Zuzov, Sophomore Presidentg Nancy Kurilla, Junior Secretaryg Denise Kostrub, Senior Vice-Presidentg Karen Warner, Freshman Treasurer. Middle Row: Mary Beth Tattoni, Freshman Vice-President, Linda Kmetz, Student Council Secretaryg Lisa Jaroni, Senior Secretaryg John Williams, Junior Presidcntg Kristina Dearden, Sophomore Secretaryg Thersa Kelly, Senior Treasurer. Back Row: Renee Kardos, Senior Presidentg Margaret Maloney, Freshman Presidentg Mark LaFerrara, Student Council Treasurerg Joseph Tattoni, Student Council Presidentg Cynthia Teddar, Freshman Secretarvg Andrew Demko, Student Council Vice-President, ,ii- I ' J V, Wm-W. , X h ' cu' . V. I. Halloween Dance provides Joseph Tattoni with a chance to be "hammy." Linda Kmetz and Mark LaFerrara prepare for Homeroom Announcements on PA. ' we f in ,....-nov' -. ..,...W .,,. ,.c,....-an ,..,..---f The Antonian writers Deborah Brown, Karen Auletta, Michael Graziano and Susan Miljkovic compare copy with page proofs. I if f Doreen Bogacz, typist, checks copy as Denise Kostrub and Linda Kmctz check their articles on the galley. 150 Miss Lucine Fabian, The Antonian adviser, shows the paper's 1978 First Place award and guide book from National Scholastic Press Christine Seiler shows her article to typist Rosemarie Schen as James Tohill corrects The Antonian records newsworth school happenings The Antonian, school newspaper, keeps members of faculty and student body informed concerning newsworthy events affecting school and communi- ty. A senior staff of eight writers, six page editors, four typists and a photographer, Joseph Schoen, under the direction of Miss Lucine Fabian and Sister Grace Pierre, combine journalistic talent to pro- duce a high-quality publication. At the end of 1978 school year, the National Scholastic Press Associ- ation in recognition of the Antoniank quality awarded First-Class rating. John Fell, Editor-in-Chief, organizes each issue with aid of page editors. The editors and advisers combine to correct articles, write headlines and layout pages for each issue. Journalism class taught by Sister Grace Pierre once each week after school from January to May annually prepares a staff to publish the paper. I copy of his edlto,-,al for typlsl Cecilia Busy editors gather to finalize copy headlines layouts before sending paper to printer. Seated: Linda Endrzejewski, Page Two Gerdes Editor Joseph Consiglio and John Tesauro Page Four Editors. Standing: John Fell, Editor-in-Chief, Theresa Kelly, Page One Editor Annamarie Testa Exchange Editor Lawrence Goral, Page Three Editorg Deborah Pege, Page One Editor. Editor-in-Chief David Palombi, Theme Artist Thomas Britschge, Staff Artist Victoria Vayda, and Layout Editor Sandra Balkum consider Thomas Britschge's idca for Divider Pages in Corristin. Corristin involves after-school time Producing the Corristin involves a large staff and a seven-month after-school time slot. The 1978-79 staff, realizing the option of un- derclassmen, provided them a chance to have individual protraits taken in November for the yearbook. In a section spread similar to the Senior Section they have individual black and white pictures -- a "first" at SAH. Also did the editors and staff decide to bring back on the cover the school seal not used since 1973. Colored Introduction and Divider Pages as well as colored pictures in the Introduction and Senior Section still dominiate the book. David Palombi, Editor-in-Chief and Louis Bruni, Associate Editor, have worked on Cor- ristin every day after school since September for two to three hours a day to produce a Number One Yearbook. Sister Grace Pierre advises and directs staff members. Adviser of Corristin, Sister Grace Pierre, shows Associate Editor Louis Bruni and Sports Staffer Anthony Morlando how to fit pictures on layout. Making decisions about placing basketball pictures on planned layout concerns Cecilia Gerdes, Deborah Brown, Cynthia Hillsman tseatedj, Kevin Poirier and Mark Ammann fseatedt. Typists Carla Gentile, Carol Trapani and Lisa Evans receive directions of Maryanne Cordi fthird from leftj on how to follow margins on copy sheets. 152 sa' arf, , if 'S 4 - 44 ff- - 1-Q, 'W :ff J Am A . Mxcef-. K' 'Z...'f1.-9 szffxt' .- M 'N-f...,, ' A' -up f "f ,,,.,. wmhm 1-' s .., , Nubuk' .-.....,- .,,,.- Ee ,f W ,, Faculty Layout, yearbook section designed by Mary Normilc, Suzanne Oliver and Renee Kardos, Gina Maisto, Elizabeth MeManimon and Michelle Partyku proofread Cheryl Robinson' demand curcnn placement' names on underclassmen proofs. is QU? Mxsx " :li ' sire k Q yQ '2- jt ,S 'ii'i 1 -"'A 5 vi Ria? .V,, W fyx, 1 fy M J "fat i ,,.f '- Planning the artistic layout of 750 underclassmcn on pages kept Christine Zapie- chi and Maria Cilienti busy many hours each day from l to 2:30 p.m. y f yu ef N, trial' QF Y 'NX s , ,tii L o h ...V ,...,, My .it-. 1 'M' Vi, f,.t X 'K...,u,.. t... .e,.N,w....:,,.,w, Staffers for Senior Layout planned spreads as curly as May l978. Here Louis Bruni, Associate Editor, and his staff assistant Andrew Polyak combine forces to organize pictures of their classmates. 153 ti 1:13 i w .n bald it Y. P f A 1 KE lr 5 X ' t 14, , ' t fd' Committee for theme and art in 1979 Talisman: Cynthia Sakicy, Lawrence Goral, Editor-in-Chiefg Linda Endrze- jewski, Art Editorg Gina Maisto, Denise Lambert. Talisman shows creative talent, artistic ability The school's literary magazine, Talisman, an annual publication, displays the out- standing writing talents of students from all grade levels at SAH. The majority of printed articles in the magazine reflect the creative ability of members of Creative Writing class, taught by Sister Grace Pierre, Talisman adviser. Within the magazine appear several types of poetry, prose, essays and short stories. Photographs and drawings illustrate arti- cles as well as give artistic design. A gener- al theme captured on the cover unifies all literary and artistic contributions. A staff of 15 evaluates articles before Lawrence Goral, Editor-in-Chief, and Linda Endrzejewski, Art Editor, plan lay- out for printer. Miss Elizabeth Corvo dir- ects her Typing 1 class girls to type copy. Denise Kostrub, Joseph Consiglio fseatedj and Karen Auletta fseatedj, John Jacko and Sandra Enjoying Past editions Of Talisman. lneSe Staff members l00k for layout Balkum evaluate student writings for acceptance by Talisman. Ideas- They are Linda Kmell, Mark LaFerrara, Elizabeth McMan1- mon and Theresa Lee. 154 Miss Georgiou accepts charge of Forensic Club At the beginning of this school year, Miss Dorothy Georgiou assumed the Forensic responsibilities which Mrs. Joan Ruddi- man terminated after two successful years in May 1978. For the third year, the Eng- lish Department became the sponsor of oratorical contests. Miss Georgiou works with a nucleus of five -juniors Lydia Haninczak, Tammy Anthony, Lynne Durastanti and sopho- mores Tracy Warner and Irene Gianopou- los - who will advance their skills to bring forensic honors to SAH. On November 30 the school's Forensic Club hosted a meet for the area schools. Fifty-three students participated in the competition. Topics included the oral in- terpretation of both literature and poetry. Throughout the year the SAH Forensic Club attends meets at neighboring schools. E it ff- To get the feel of arguing before an audience, Lydia Haninczak practices for lrcne Gianopoulos and Miss Georgiou ton leftl and Tammy Anthony and Lynne Durastanti ton rightl. .1 0 f Assisting at a Forensic Club meeting in thc Library arc Tracy Warner and Irene Gianopoulos. , Miss Dorothy Georgiou adviser shows Lynne Durastanti where to find a topic for debate. 155 SENIOR DIRECTOR Y ROBERT J. ADAMS fBobJ - St. Anthony: Music Festival 2,3,. LORI J. ALLEN fLoriJ - St. Anthony: GAA 1,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 43 Music Festival l,2,33 Ski Club l3 Drill Team 4. MARK AMMANN - St. Anthony: Key Club 13 Music Festival 2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Cross Country 2,3,43 Special Awards: Latin Contest l,2Q NEDT 23 Corristin 4. JOHN AMODIO fTubaJ - St. Joachim: Baseball l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,4. LORRAINE ANDERSON fLoriJ - St. Stephen: GAA 4. JANICE MARY ANGELINE Uanj - St. Anthony: GAA l,2. WALTER APGAR CWaltJ - St. Anthony: Ski Club l,2,3 Voc-Tech 3,4. THERESA ARCANGELO fTreeJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,33 Student Coun- cil lg National Honor Society 3,43 Z Club 2,3',4Q Prom Committee 3,43 Music Festival 2,33 Track 2,42 Cross Country 3. KAREN T. AULETTA fKarJ - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,3,43 Student Council 43 National Honor Society 2,33 Z Club 2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 The Antonian 3,43 Talisman 43 Softball l,2,3,43 Music Festival 2,33 Basketball 33 Special Award: Eagle of the Cross 3. EARL K. BAKER CBakeJ - Immaculate Conception. SANDRA J. BALKUM fSandyJ - Church of the Assumption, New Egypt, NJ: GAA l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 43 Corristin 43 Tailsman 43 Music Festival l,2,3,4. CYNTHIA MARIE BARBATO fCindyj - St. Joachim: GAA l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Music Festival 1,23 Cheerleading l,2,3,4. DONALD C. BARGHOLZ fGuyJ - St. Anthony: Key Club 2,3,43 Soccer 23 Baseball 23 Music Festival l,2,3. RONALD A. BARONI fRonJ - St. Anthony. BARBARA ANNE BARTLETT fBarJ - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,33 Ski Club 13 Drama Club 2,33 Voc-Tech 4. BRUCE M. BAVOL fBruiserJ - St. Mary of the Assumption: See Club 13 Key Club 3,43 Football 13 Music Festival l,2,33 Track l,2,3,4. SUZANNE BELLAN - Holy Cross: GAA 2,3,4Q National Honor Society 2,3,43 Music Festival 1,23 NEDT Award 2. MARYANN BILANCIO CMareJ - St. Joachim: GAA l,2,3,43 Music Festi- val 1. DOUGLAS C. BLOW fDougJ - St. Raphael: Student Council 43 Prom Committee 43 Football l,2,33 Music Festival l,2,33 Ski Club 3,4. JUDITH M. BODNAR Uudyj - Holy Angels: GAA l,2Q Music Festival l,2,3,43 Latin Award 2. CAROL C. BOGACZ - St. Stanislaus: Music Festival 2. DOREEN M. BOGACZ - St. Joachim: GAA 2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,41 Z Club 43 Prom Committee 43 The Antonian 43 Music Festival l,2. ROSEMARY BOGACZ fDimplesD - St. Stanislaus: GAA 33 Music Festival 2. ELAINE MARIE BOHONKO CED - St. Mary of the Assumption: GAA l,2,3,4Q Softball 23 Music Festival 23 Basketball l,2,3,4. ANGELA BOYD fAngieJ - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3. MARK C. BRADBURY - St. Raphael: Voc-Tech 3,43 VICA 3,4. RAYMOND BRIDGE fRayJ - St. Raphael: Key Club 3,4. THOMAS W. BRITSCHGE fThomj - Holy Angles: National Honor Society 3,43 Corristin 43 Key Club 2,3,43 Music Festival 23 NEDT Award 2. BEVERLY BRODA 1BevJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,43 Student Council 2,32 National Honor Society 3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Music Festival 2,33 Cheer- leading 3,43 Track 2,4. DEBORAH ANN BRODOWSKI fDebbieJ - St. Stanislaus: GAA 2,42 Stu- dent Council 1,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Corristin 43 Music Festival l,2,3,4. ROY GEORGE BROOKS, JR. fHondoJ - St. Anthony: Soccer 2,3,43 Basket- ball 2,3,4. DEBORAH ANN BROWN fDebbieJ - St. Gregory the Great: GAA l,2,3,43 Student Council l,2,3,43 Forensics 23 See Club 1,21 Z Club 2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 The Antonian 3,43 Corristin 43 Key Club 43 Music Festival l,2,3,4: Track 2,3,43 Drama Club l,2,3,4. MARY LOUISE BROWN - St. Gregory the Great: GAA l,2,3,43Student Council l,2,3,43 See Club 13 Z Club 3,43 Prom Committee 3,41 Corristin 43 Track 2,33 Drama Club l,2,3,4. LOUIS A. BRUNI fLouJ - St. Anthony: Student Council 2,3,43 The Anton- ian 2,33 Corristin Associate Editor 43 Music Festival l,2. ANN BUCCA - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3. JOHN BUCCI - St. Joachim: Soccer 1,23 Track 3,43 Cross Country 43 Basketball l,2,3,4. PAUL BUGAY - St. Raphael: key Club 3,4. PAUL A. BURNS - St. Anthony: See Club 13 Jazz Lab 4. ROSEMARY BUROCZI fRoeJ - Holy Cross: GAA l,2,3,43 Music Festival 2,3. PHILIP BUTLER - St. Francis: Baseball 1,23 Basketball l,2,3,4. LYNNE CANAVERA - St. Anthony: Softball 2. MARY ELIZABETH CANDELORI fMary Bethj - Immaculate Concep- tion: GAA l,2,3,4 Gold Team Captain: Student Council 1,23 Prom Committee 3,42 Music Festival l,2,33 Cheerleading 1,23 Drama Club 2,3,4. ROBERT CAPONE QCJJ - St. Joachim: Voc-Tech 3,4. CATHERINE ANN CAPRIA fCathyJ - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 43 Gymnastic Club lg Music Festival l,2. VIRGINIA ANN CAVELLA QVirgJ - St. Anthony: GAA 3,43 Prom Com- mittee 43 Music Festival 1,23 Ski Club 2,3,4. JEAN M. CEREMSAK - St. John, Allentown, NJ: GAA l,2,3,43 Softball 23 Music Festival l,2,3,4. MICHELE MARIE CHARPENTIER - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3,43 Music Festival l,2. DALE FRANK CHIACCHIO fChocj - Immaculate Conception. ORLANDO PETER CHIACCHIO JR. fEarlJ - Holy Angels: Prom Com- mittee 43 Key Club 3,43 Football l,2,3,43 Baseball 13 Ski Club 2. RONALD P. CHIARELLO fRonJ - St. Anthony: Student Council l,2,33 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Football 2,33 Music Festival l,2,33 Ski Club 2,3,43 Track 43 Basketball l,2. THERESA MARIE CHORDAS - Immaculate Conception: Voc-Tech 3,4. MARIA A. CILIENTO - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Corristin 43 Special Award: Typing 33 Steno 3. JEANNETTE ANNE CLEARY Ueannettej - St. Anthony: Music Festival 2,33 Track l,2,3,43 Cross Country l,2,3,4. JAMES CLYNE Uimj - St. Raphael: Key Club 3,43 Music Festival l,2,3,43 Ski Club 33 Tennis 43 Band l,2,3,43 Jazz Lab 4. TERESA ANN COLLURA fTerriJ - St. Raphael: GAA 2,3,43 Music Festi- val 2. JOSEPH CONSIGLIO Uoel - St. Anthony: National Honor Society 3,43 The Antonian 3,43 Talisman 43 Key Club 2,3,43 Soccer l,2,3,43 Baseball 1,23 Music Festival l,2,33 Ski Club 33 Tennis 3,43 Special Awards: Latin 23 MVP Tennis 33 Who's Who 4. BARBARA ANN COOK - Holy Angels: GAA 1,23 Student Council 43 Forensics lg Music Festival l,2,3,43 Chorus l,2,3,43 Band 2,3,43 Drama Club l3 Junior Civitan 1. MARYANNE CORDI fMareJ - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3,4Q Corristin 43 Music Festival 2. STEPHEN MICHAEL COSMA CCosJ - St. Raphael: Soccer 23 Track l. BARRY S. COSTANTINI fFootj - St. Joachim. DAVID CSILLAN fCiscoJ - Holy Angels: Track 33 Cross Country 43 Basket- ball l,2,3. ANDREW DEMKO fDrewJ - St. Stephen: Student Council l,4, Vice-Presi- dent3 Prom Committee 43 Music Festival 2,43 Drama Club 1. DONNA D'ERRICO - St. Joachim: GAA l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 43 DECA Club 4. JUDITH ANN DESTRIBATS - St. Joachim: GAA l,2Q Music Festival 1. KATHLEEN DiBENEDETTO fKathyJ - Our Lady of Sorrows. THERESA DiFRANCO fTerrij - Holy Angels: Drama Club l,3. PAUL M. DiGIACOMO CProJ - St. Joachim: Voc-Tech 3. MARILYN SI-IARIN DILLIONE fDi1lJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,33 Student Council l3 Music Festival l,2,3.' MARK DILLON - Immaculate Conception: Voc-Tech 3,4. JAMES DiLOUIE JR. Uimj - St. Anthony: Football l,3,43 Voc-Tech 3,4. ALISON ANN DILWORTH - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Twirlers 1,23 Music Festival l,2,3. ANTHONY L. DiMATTEO - St. Joachim: Football 13 Baseball 4. LUCILLE DiNATALE fCeilyJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,33 Prom Committee 33 Music Festival 1,2,3 Ski Club 33 Cheerleading l,2. LENILDA SILVEIRA ANNA DOS SANTOS CLenij - Immaculate Con- ception: Prom Committee 43 Music Festival 23 Track 23 Art Club 33 GAA 4. JANE THERESA DOYLE - St. Raphael: GAA 1,23 See Club lg Music Festival l,2. KATHERINE DUMONT fDumontJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 3,43 Cheerleading 2. CLYDE DURKEE - Holy Angels. LINDA M. ENDRZEJEWSKI CRedJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA 23 Student Council l3 National Honor Society 3,43 Z Club 3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 The Antonian 3,43 Talisman Alrt Editor 43 Music Festival l,2,3,4Q NEDT Award 23 Drama Club l,2,3,4. ' ANN MARIE ERMI fErmJ - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,3,43 The Antonian 33 Music Festival l,2,33 Softball l,2,3,43 Cross Country 33 Basketball l,2,3,4. LISA MARIE EVANS - St. Mary of the Assumption: GAA l,2,3,43 Z Club 43 Prom Committee 3,43 Corristin 43 Music Festival 1,23 Cheerleading 3,4. MICHAEL J. FAIRBANKS fAlaskaJ - St. Stanislaus: Tennis l. JOHN N. FELL - St. Mary of the Assumption: Student Council l,2,4, National Honor Society 2,3,43 The Antonian l,2,3,4, Editor 43 Talisman 43 Key Club l,2,3,43 Music Festival 1,23 Math Meets 2,3,43 Special Awards: IPS l3 NEDT 23 Latin 2,33 PSAT 33 School Leadership Award 33 Philadelphia Classical Society Latin Award l,2. DORIS M. FIGUEROA - St. Anthony. JOHN FLEMING - St. Gregory the Great: See Club 13 Track 2,3,4. DOREEN ANN FOLEY 1DodyJ - St. Joachim: GAA 2,3,43 Prom Commit- tee 3,43 Music Festival 1. JUDITH A. FOSTER Uudyj - Holy Angels: GAA 2,3,43 Music Festival l,2,3,43 Chorus 3,43 Band 43 Voc-Tech 3,4. LESLIE A. FOWLER - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,3,43 National Honor Society 3,43 Prom Committee 43 Music Festival l,2,33 Cheerleading l,2,3,4. CARLA ANNQGENTILE - St. Joachim: Basketball 13 Corristin 4. CECILIA ANN GERDES fCeliaJ - St. Joachim: GAA I,2,3,4Q Prom Com- mittee 3,43 Corristin 43 Music Festival I,2Q Cheerleading l,2,3,4. LISA GIAMBELLUCA fLisaj - St. Raphael: GAA 2,3,43 Music Festival l,2. CHRISTOPHER GIANGRASSO CChrisJ - St. Joachim: Golf 3,4. CORRADO T. GIGLIOTTI fCoryJ - St. Joachim: Music Festival 23 Special Award: NEDT 2. JOELLEN GIGUNITO Uoelj - Immaculate Conception: GAA l,2. GRAZIA M. GIULIANA QGrazJ - St. Joachim: GAA l,2,3,43 Music Festi- val l,2,33 Drill Team 4. LAWRENCE M. GORAL QLarryj - Holy Angels: Student Council l,2,3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 The Antonian 3,43 Talis- man 43 Key Club 2,3,43 Music Festival I,2Q Special Awards: NEDT 23 Biology 13 Philadelphia Classical Society I,2Q Boys' State 33 Who's Who 43 Math Meets 2,3,4. MICHAEL ANTHONY GRAZIANO QGrazj - St. Anthony: National Hon- or Society 3, 43 The Antonian 3,43 Football l,2,3,43 Music Festival l,2,33 Track 43 Special Award: NEDT 2. JOSEPH J. GREHAN Uoej - St. Anthony: Football l,2,3,43 Voc-Tech 3,4. JOHN J. GRES QGreslyJ - Holy Cross: Basketball 1. CARA LEIGH GUAGLIARDO fGoobJ - St. Staninlaus: GAA l,2,3. KATHLEEN HAGGERTY fKathyl - St. Anthony: GAA l,2. KIMBERLEY ANN HAYES fKimJ - Church of Christ: GAA 43 Softball 2,33 Basketball 2,3. MARIE T. HEATH - St. Joachim: GAA 2,3,4. VICTORIA HEATH fVickyJ - St. Stephen: GAA 132,33 Student Council I3 Z Club 3,43 Music Festival 13 Drama Club l,2. KAREN MARIE HEGNER fHegJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA I,2,4Q Voc-Tech 4. STEVEN LESLIE HERCEG - Immaculate Conception: Soccer 43 Baseball 43 Chorus 1. THOMAS A. HERRERA fTomJ - St. Anthony: Key Club I,2,3,4Q Music Festival l,2,3,43 Chorus 1,23 Band 3,43 Special Award: Latin 23 Jazz Lab 3. CYNTHIA M. HILLSMAN fCyndiJ - St. Vincent De Paul: GAA 3,43 Student Council 1,23 Prom Committee 3,41 Drill Team 43 Corristin 4. EUGENE HOFFMAN JR. fGeneJ - St. Stanislaus: Football 43 Baseball 1,31 Voc-Tech 3,43 Special Awards: Voc-Tech 3. WILLIAM M. HOLMES JR. fBillJ - Holy Cross: Football 13 Music Festival 2,31 Track 3,4. DARIA NATALIA HOLOWCZAK fDarJ - St. Josaphat: GAA 2,3,43 Stu- dent Council 43 Music Festival l,2,3. CHRISTINE MARIE HORVATH fChrisJ - St. Anthony: GAA 2,33 Student Council l,2. DEBRA HOWELL fDebbieJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA 2,33 Prom Committee 3,43 Music Festival l,2. WILLIAM HRICO JR. CWillieJ - St. Mary. GERHART HUY fGerJ - Holy Angels: Music Festival l,2. BRUCE INVERSO - St. Joachim: Key Club 3,43 Football 2,33 Music Festival 2,31 Drama Club 4. JOHN JACKO - St. Mary of the Assumption: Talisman 43 Key Club 3,43 Football l,2,3,43 Music Festival 1,2,33 Track l,2,3,43 Special Award: NEDT 2. LISA JARONI - Immaculate Conception: GAA 2,3,43 Student Council 1,4, Class Secretary 43 Prom Committee 3,43 Music Festival 1,2,33 Drama Club 4. DAVID WILLIAM JONES QDaveJ - Calvary Baptist: Football 2,3,4. PATRICK JORDAN - Immaculate Conception. LOUIS E. KAGEL III fLouj - Immaculate Conception: Voc-Tech 3,43 Football 13 Baseball 1. SUSAN MARY KAPP fSueJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,43 Softball 13 Tennis 13 Voc-Tech 4. RENEE KARDOS - Holy Cross: GAA 2,3,43 Student Council 2,3,43 Secre- :ary 13 Class President 43 Forensics 2,33 Z Club 3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Chairperson 43 Corristin 43 Music Festival 1,32 Tennis 13 Drama Club l,2,3,43 Drum Majorette 4. THERESA MARIE KELLY fTerriJ - St. Vincent De Paul: GAA 2,3,43 Student Council l,3,43 Treasurer 43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 The Antonian 3,43 Music Festival I,3Q Special Award NEDT Z. TERENCE KEVETT - St. Raphael: Music Festival l,2. KEVIN KINNEVY - St. Anthony: Soccer l,2,3,43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Special Award: NEDT 2. MARY L. KLINK. LINDA M. KMETZ fLynneJ - Our Lady of Sorrows: GAA 2,3,43 Student Council 3,43 Secretary 4g National Honor Society 3,43 Z Club 23 The Antonian 3,43 Music Festival I,2Q Cheerleading 2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,4. WILLIAM R. KOBA fBillJ - St. Mary of the Assumption: Football 13 Track 3. TERESA KOPANYCIA - St. Josaphat: Music Festival l,2,3. JAMES KOSTIVAL fKosJ - St. Mary of the Assumption: Track 3,4. DENISE LYNNE KOSTRUB lH.L.J - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,43 Student Council l,2,3,43 Class Vice-President 43 Z Club 3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 The Antonian 3,43 Talisman 43 Music Festival 1,23 Ski Club 13 Drama Club l,2,4. HELEN ROSE KOVACS fDodieJ - Immaculate Conception. EILEEN KUDRICK - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,33 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Z Club 2,3,43 Music Festival 2. ANDREW KUSNIRIK III QKushJ - St. Anthony: Key Club 2,3,43 Soccer I,2,3,4Q Baseball I,2,3,4Q Basketball l,2,3,43 Special Award: Latin 2. VLADIMIR KUSZNIRCZUK - St. Josaphat: Soccer I,4Q Music Festival 23 Tennis 33 Track 3. MARK A LaFERRARA QLafj - St. Anthony: Student Council I,2,3,4Q Treasurer 43 Forensics 2,33 Prom Committee 3,43 Talisman 43 Key Club 2,3,43 Music Festival 1,23 Ski Club l,2,33 Drama Club l,2,3. DENISE MARIE LAMBERT - St. Raphael: GAA I,2,3,4Q Student Council 33 Prom Committee 43 Talisman 43 Softball 13 Music Festival 13 Special Award: NEDT 2. THERESA M. LANZONI fTerJ - Holy Angels: GAA I,2,3,4Q Z Club 13 Prom Committee 33 Music Festival 1,23 Chorus 13 Drama Club 1. ANNMARIE LaPOINTE - St. Mary, Bordentown, NJ: GAA l,2,3,43 Stu- dent Council 43 National Honor Society 3,43 Z Club 3,43 Prom Committee 3,42 Music Festival 2,3.' GUY ALLEN LEBO fLe Boj - St. Mary of the Assumption: Track 3,42 Tennis 1. JOSEPH H. LeCAIN Uoel - St. Anthony: Soccer 1,23 Ski Club 3,41 Voc- Tech 3,4. THERESA LYNN LEDOUX fTerJ - St. Mary, Bordentown, NJ: GAA l,2,43 Music Festival l,2,3. THERESA LEE fT.L.J - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,3,43 Student Council 33 Talisman 4. Softball 13 Music Festival I,2Q Cheerleading 2,3,43 Special Award: NEDT 2. FRANK LIVOLSI fQuillJ - Immaculate Conception: Voc-Tech 3,4. LAURIE LOMBARDI CLorJ - St. Raphael: GAA I,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 3,41 Music Festival l,2,3,43 Voc-Tech 4. PATRICIA ANN LUIZZI QPattiJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA I3 Music Festival 1,23 Tennis 1. ANGELA LUPINACCI lAngJ - St. Joachim: GAA I,2,3,4Q Student Council 23 Prom Committee 3,43 Music Festival l,2,3,4. MARINA RENEE MACKOV flnaj - St. Nicholas: GAA 2,3,43 Music Festival 1. MARTIN MAINZER QMartyJ - St. Joachim: Soccer I,2Q Ski Club I,2,3,4Q Voc-Tech 3,4. GINA ANNE MAISTO QGJ - St. Joachim: GAA l,2,3,43 Student Council l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Corristin 43 Music Festival l,2,3,43 Ski Club l,2,3,43 Cheerleading I,2,3,4Q Drama Club l,2,3,4. CHESTER MARCZAK fChetJ - Holy Cross: Voc-Tech 3,4. CHRIS MARGOUNAKIS - St. George. LISA ANNE MARSILIO QLeeJ - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3,4. JEROME MARTUCCI fChizzlerJ - Immaculate Conception: Football 2,3,43 Voc-Tech 3,4. WARREN A. MARUCA fWarJ - St. Raphael: National Honor Society 3,43 Soccer l,2,3,43 Music Festival l,2. GEORGE MASON JR. fMasj - St. Anthony: Football l3 Voc-Tech 3,4. ANGELA MASTROIANNI fAngJ - St. Joachim: GAA 2,3,4Q Voc-Tech 4. STEPHEN MCCORMICK QStickj - Immaculate Conception: Baseball I,2,3,4Q Voc-Tech 3,4. CHRISTOPHER McDONALD fChrisJ - St. Anthony: Voc-Tech 3,43 Band l. ELIZABETH CLAIR MCMANIMON fLizJ - Holy Angels: GAA l,2,3,43 Student Council l,2,3,43 Prom Committee 3,43 Corristin 4g Talisman 43 Music Festival 1,23 Ski Club 43 Cheerleading 1,23 Drama Club 4. ROBIN McVICAR - Holy Angels: GAA 2,33 Music Festival 1,2,33 Special Award: NEDT 2. GREGORY S. MERSHON QMershJ - Holy Angels: Football I,2,3,4Q Base- ball l,2,3,43 Voc-Tech 3,4. BARBARA ANN MICHALSK1 fBarbJ - Holy Cross: GAA 2,3,43 Voc-Tech 3,4. MARIE R. MICHAUD - Music Festival 2,3. LOUIS J. MIGLIACCIO fMigJ - St. Joachim. RICHARD J. MIGLIACCIO fRichJ - Holy Angels: Voc-Tech 3,4. SNEZANA MILJKOVIC lSusanj - Holy Trinity: GAA 2,3,43 Z Club 43 The Antonian 3,43 Music Festival I,2,3Q Band 3. JOHN F. MLADENETZ QLittle Mott, - St. Stanislaus: National Honor Society 2,3,43 Music Festival 23 Ski Club 3,43 Track 4. THOMAS G. MLADENETZ fMottj - St. Mary of the Assumption: Baseball 13 Music Festival 1,23 Basketball l,2,3. ANTHONY N. MORLANDO II QSasquatchJ - Immaculate Conception: Key Club 3,43 Football I3 Music Festival 1,23 Track 2,3,4Q Corristin 4. ANTHONY MORELLO fAntJ - St. Anthony: Football l,2,3,43 Baseball I3 Ski Club 33 Tennis 43 Track 23 Basketball l,2,3,43 Special Award: MIP Football 3. VICKI LYNN MURL fVicJ - St. Anthony: GAA I,2,3,4Q Voc-Tech 3,43 Gymnastics Club 1. PATRICIA MUSCATO fPattyJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,4 Prom Commit- tee 3,4. DONNA NALBONE - St. Anthony: GAA 2. MAURENN ELIZABETH NANGLE fMoej - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3,43 Music Festival I,2Q Drama Club 3. MARY C. NORMILE fMarej - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3,43 Student Council 2,43 Z Club 43 Corristin 43 Music Festival 13 Ski Club 1. JEFFREY NOVELLI Uayl - St. Anthony: Music Festival 1. GEORGE OBARANEC QYudJ - St, Josaphat: Key Club 3,45 Soccer l,2,3,45 Ski Club l,2,3,4. PATRICIA OBERG fPattyJ - Holy Angels: GAA 25 Music Festival 2. SUZANNE L. OLIVER - Holy Angels: GAA 2,3,45 Corristin 45 Music Festival l,2,35 Tennis I5 Gymnastics Club 1. ALBERT ORLANDI CAD - St. Anthony: Music Festival l,2,3. RICHARD M. OWENS QBurn Outj - St. Anthony: Voc-Tech 3,4. BARBARA PALLOTTI fBarbj - St. Raphael: GAA l,45 Prom Committee 45 Music Festival 25 Future Secretaries of America 3,45 Gymnastics Club 1,35 Corristin 4. DONNA MARIE PALLOTTI - St. Anthony: GAA l,25 Voc-Tech 3,4. MARIE MICHELE PALMERE QCheleJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,45 Gold Team Captain 45 Student Council l,2,3,45 Vice-President 35 Secretary 25 Z Club 2,35 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Music Festival l,25 Cheerleading 2,3,45 Student Exchange Program 2,35 Special Award: Girls' State: County Clerk. RALPH P. PALMIERI - St. Joachim. DAVID F. PALOMBI - St. Joachim: National Honor Society 2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Corristin Editor 45 Key Club 3,45 Tennis 2,3,4. IRENE PAPASPANOUDIS QRenaJ - St. George: Voc-Tech 4. TIMOTHY G. PARENT CBerniej - St. Raphael: Key Club 3,4. MICHELE M. PARTYKA fMishJ - Holy Angels: GAA 25 National.Honor Society 3,45 Prom Committee 45 Music Festival 3,45 Tennis I5 Special Awards: NEDT 25 PSAT 3. DEBORAH ANN PEGE - Immaculate Conception: GAA l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Z Club 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 The Antonian 45 Music Festival 2,35 Math Meets 2,3,45 Chem Team 35 Special Awards: NEDT 25 PSAT 35 Science Award 2,35 Math Award l,2,35 Student Council 1,2,3,4. DIANE PERILLI fRillJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,45 Student Council 25 Voc-Tech 45 Music Festival 2. CRYSTAL J. PERRINE QChrisJ - St. Matthias: GAA 2,35 Prom Committee 35 Music Festival 1. JOHN GERARD PETRILLA fJ.P.J - S.S. Peter and Paul: See Club 1,25 Key Club 3,45 Ski Club 45 Track 2,3,4. JOSEPH H. PHELAN Uoej - St. Anthony: Football l,3,45 Baseball I5 Music Festival 2. LUCILLE MARY PIERSON - St. Anthony. ELIZABETH A. PIHOKKEN fBethJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA l,2,3,45 Student Council I,3,45 Z Club 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Music Festival l,25 Cheerleading l,2,3,4. JAMES B. PINDER - St. Stephen: Track 4. ROSINA PINGITORE fRoeJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA 45 Voc-Tech 4. SANDRA PIOTROWSKI QSandyJ - St. Anthony: Prom Committee 4. KEVIN J. POIRIER fWildmanj - St. Anthony: Student Council 25 Corristin 3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 Music Festival l,2,35 Track l,2,3,45 Cross Country 2,3,45 Chem Club 3. GAIL POLLACCO - St. Joachim: GAA l,2,3,4. ANDREW J. POLYAK fAndyJ - St. Raphael: Corristin 45 Key Club 2,45 Music Festival l,25 Tennis I5 Drama Club 3. ROBERT G. RADICE fBobj - St. Raphael: Baseball l,2. ANTONIETTA REPERTORIO fAntj - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,45 Student Council I5 Z Club 2,35 Music Festival 1,25 Voc-Tech 4. CHERYL ANN ROBINSON lCherylQ - St. Stanislaus: GAA 45 Music Festival l,2,35 Corristin 4. JACK RAYMOND RODEAWALD - St. Stanislaus: Football 15 Tennis I5 Track 2. AUDREY RODGERS - Holy Angels: GAA 2,3. ROBERT WILLIAM RONAN fBobJ - St. Anthony: Key Club 45 Band 35 Track I5 Drama Club 4. JULIUS MICHAEL SABO Uukiej - St. Stephen: Band l,25 Voc-Tech 3,4. CYNTHIA E. SAKIEY fCindyJ - St. Raphael: GAA 45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Z Club 3,45 Prom Committee 45 Talisman 45 Music Festival l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 Drama Club 2,45 Jazz Lab 35 Special Award: NEDT 2. DENISE M. SAKOWSKI - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,35 Music Festival l,2,35 Drama Club I. AGNES SAMOJEDNY CAggiej - Holy Cross: GAA I,2,3,4. THOMAS G. SANFILIPPO - Our Lady of Sorrows. SUSAN SANTORO CSuel - St. Joachim: GAA 2,35 Prom Committee 45 Music Festival 2. ANNE SCACCETTI QSchnoodlesJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA l,2,3,45 Student Council l,2,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Music Festival 25 Special Award: NEDT 2. JAMES SCARINGELLI fScarj - Holy Angels: See Club I5 Football l,2,3,45 Music Festival 1,25 Track 2. ROSEMARIE A. SCHEN fRosej - St. Mary, Bordentown, NJ: GAA l,2,3,45 The Antonian 45 Music Festival l,2,3,5 Ski Club l,4. BARBARA ANN SCHLEHER fBarbieJ - St. Michael: Voc-Tech 3,4. JOSEPH J. SCHOEN Uoej - St. Anthony: Key Club 3,45 Soccer l,2,3,45 Ski Club l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 The Antonian 4. JAMES A. SCHULZ QSchulzJ - Immaculate Conception: Voc-Tech 3,4. THERESA C. SCHWING fTerryj - Holy Cross: GAA l,2,3,45 Music Festi- val I. TIMOTHY CHARLES SCHWING - Immaculate Conception: Football I. CHRISTINE A. SEILER fSillerJ - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,45 Student Council l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Z Club 2,3,45 Prom Commit- tee 3,45 The Antonian 3,45 Music Festival l,2,35 Cheerleading 3,45 Math Meets 25 Special Award: Excellence in Biology 2. MICHAEL SERENELLI - Immaculate Conception. ROBERT J. SERENELLI QBobJ - St. Raphael: Key Club 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Music Festival l,2,3. WILLIAM SESSA fBillJ - St. Joachim: Football l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Music Festival 1,25 Ski Club 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Special Award: Latin 2. CYNTHIA M. SHAW fCindyJ - GAA I5 Music Festival 25 Voc-Tech 3,4. JEFFREY M. SIENKIEWICZ Ueffj - St. Anthony: Voc-Tech 3,4. JOSEPH SIKORSKI Uoej - St. Anthony of Padua, Hightstown, NJ. DONNA SKWIRUT CBlueJ - Holy Cross. KENNETH M. SKWARA CKenJ - Holy Angels: Baseball 3,4. MARY SLABICKI QMarJ - St. Anthony: GAA 1,45 Z Club 3,45 Music Festival 1, 25 Voc-Tech 4. COLLEEN P. SMITH - St. Raphael: GAA l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Cheerleading I,2,3,4. DAVID SOLTESZ fSaltJ - Immaculate Conception. MATTHEW SUTA fThewj - St. Stanislaus: Basketball l,2,3,4. PATRICIA A. SWEM fPattyJ - St. Anthony5 GAA 3,4. LAWRENCE W. SZUL fLarryl - Holy Angels: Student Council 1,25 Music Festival 1,25 Special Award: NEDT 2. CATHERINE M. TARDUGNO - Our Lady of Sorrows: GAA 2,3,45 See Club l. JOSEPH G. TATTONI Uoej - St. Raphael: Student Council 3,45 President 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Soccer 25 Music Festival l,2,35 Band Announcer 45 Drama Club 3,45 Special Award: Student Council Leadership 3. MARIA STELLA TAYLOR QStellaJ - Holy Angels: GAA 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Music Festival 2,3. WILLIAM G. TAYLOR III LBIIIJ - Holy Angles: Baseball 2,3,45 Cross Country 45 Basketball 3,4. DIEGO TEMPESTA tDickieJ - St. Anthony: Voc-Tech 3,4, JOHN F. TESAURO - Holy Angels: Student Council 15 National Honor Society 2,3,45 The Antonian 3,45 Key Club 3,45 Music Festival l,2,35 Track 2,3,4. ANNAMARIE TESTA - St. Joachim: National Honor Society 2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 The Antonian 45 Music Festival l,2. JAMES M. TOHILL - St. Raphael: National Honor Society 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Key Club 3,45 Soccer 25 Music Festival 25 Math Meets 3,45 Chem Meets 35 The Antonian 4. MARIANNE TOMASULO fMarel - St. Anthony: GAA l,2,3,45 Student Council l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Music Festival l,25 Cheerleading 2,3,45 Drama Club I. JAMES TORRES - Immaculate Conception: Music Festival 3,4. CAROL TRAPANI - St. Stanislaus: Z Club 35 Corristin 4. THOMAS F. TUFFY QTomJ - St. Raphael: Soccer l,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Music Festival l,2,3. DONALD J. VALERI QDJJ - Immaculate Conception. THERESA VAN REYMERSDAL fTrayJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA l,2,3,4. VICTORIA A. VAYDA QVikij - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3, 45 Student Council 25 See Club I5 Corristin 4. LISA J. VIGLIOTTI - St. John, Allentown, NJ: GAA l,2,3,45 Student Council 25 Corristin 45 Music Festival l,2. ANTHONY VISPETTI Wideoj - St. Joachim: Soccer l,2,3,45 Baseball 35 Music Festival l,2,3. FRANCES VITTORIANO fFranJ - St. Anthony5 GAA 1. JOSEPH A. VIZZONI - St. Anthony: Football I5 Track l,2,4. DIANE L. WALKER IDD - Holy Cross: GAA 2,3,45 Voc-Tech 3,4. SCOTT W. WARRACK fScoutJ - Christ Episcopal, Bordentown, NJ: Key Club'45 Music Festival 25 Ski Club 45 Tennis 25 Cross Country 25 Basketball 35 Special Award: Unsung Hero 3. MICHAEL WEAVER fMikeJ - St. Joachim: Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,45 Basketball I,2,3,4. SANDRA M. WEINHOFER fSandyj - St. Anthony: Student Council 45 Homeroom Representative 45 Prom Committee 3,4. GLADYS WELLS - St. Stanislaus: GAA 2. ROBERT JAMES WELSH fWelchyJ - St. Raphael: Key Club 3,4. DEBRA ANN WHITE - St. Anthony: GAA 2,3,4. MATTHEW J. WIECZKOWSKI IMattJ - St. Stanislaus: See Club 15 Prom Committee 3,4. CYNTHIA WINGET fCindyJ - St. Anthony: GAA 1,45 Music Festival l,2. JOHN YOUNG fBingJ - St. Anthony: Soccer l,2,3,4. CHRISTINE M. ZAPICCHI fChrisJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA 2,3,45 Z Club 45 Corristin 45 Music Festival 2,4. BELINDA ALEXANDRIA ZOLTANSKI QBelindJ - Holy Cross: GAA I,2,45 Voc-Tech 4. THERESA ANN ZUCCHETTI fTazJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA l,2,3,4. Corris tin Staff Editor-in-Chief - Da vid Palom bi Associate Editor - Louis Bruni Staff for Introduction - Maryanne Cordi, Maria Cilien to, Christine Zapicchi Staff for Faculty Section - Louis Bruni, Mary Normile, Suzanne Oliver, Cheryl Robinson, Andrew Pol yalc Staff for Senior Section - Louis Bruni, Da vid Palom bi, Andrew Polyak Staff for Underclassmen Section - Louis Bruni, Maria Ciliento, Christine Zapicchi, Viki Va yda Staff for Sports Section - Mark Ammann, Cynthia Hillsman, Anthony Morlando, Kevin Poirier Staff for Activities Section - Celia Gerdes, Renee Kardos, Gina Maisto, Eliza beth McManimon, Michelle Partyka Copy and Headline Editor - David Palombi 3-R Layout Editor - Susan Balkum Artists - Thomas Britschge, Viki Va yda Typists - Lisa Evans, Carla Gentile, Carol Trapani Faculty Typist - Miss Lucine Fabian Photographer - Hamilton Studios fMr. Donald Syersj Adviser - Sister Grace Pierre A u tographs

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