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Z fi! 45- '91 if Fu 3 .nz www- . , WW1,,,,,a,M V , -' ww 4 L W-i , --: G -I -I Qi.-..- 2 i 0' .,w . In: ' ....... W.: 3zf""....'.:..-- : Ullman A-u-. Q mm-nn.. ' Ori ai uvllnsnn.-. ling can :Illia-1-, 113 nun salsa:-p... ftig 1- -lux-un-..., in-p 1- Gini--... ii nun nu-1.-. - ---"""" "1 """"' -: , , , ' gf ,M E 3 "ff .L 5 3 , i .12 W' ' W sb 5 my 3, U 'Y 3 Q 2 ' r 1 ill W1 D I Aw 4 , Y l ACTIVITIES Page 106 Memories, which make us what we were, recall times too long for some, too short for others. Too long the times of blind and frantic rushing along our individual, yet, ever-crossing paths . . . Too short the times of looking back and grasping for a moment, those Keepsakes we call memories Memories, which make us what we are, create the IMAGE of what we shall someday be. 3 I DIOCESAN LEADERS His Excellency The Most Reverend George W. Ahr, S. T. D. Bishop of Trenton if we 4 ,Sys ' tascs-is l to 5. r Q Bishop Ahr and Father Luebking in their care for the students of the Diocese of Trenton em- phasize that "God created man in His IMAGE." To the awareness of this image these conse- crated men direct their pastoral efforts. l Bishop Ahr addresses Graduates. , fugtm.. f Nw w e Reverend Thomas Luebking Diocesan Superintendent of Schools FGUNDER-DIRECTOR QF SA Monsignor McCorrlstin, whose heroic efforts ff to found St. Anthony in 1962, has always pre- sented the IMAGE of the dedicated priest who realizes a Catholic education produces a com- plete individual mindful of his eternal goal. The Most Reverend Monsignor McCorristin with Sister Elizabeth and Michael Tryba, MICHAEL P' MCCORRIS1-IN'V'G"P'A' School President, preside at the Induction of Student Council. Monsignor speaks to Assembly of SA students. SISTER ELIZABETH, PRINCIPAL Sister Elizabeth, who began her principalship with the Senior Class in September, 1973, has been the resourceful lead- er whose love of learning and culture has been the IMAGE to the students in their striving for excel- lence in scholastic achievement and person- al development. To this gifted educator, Sister Elizabeth, we dedicate o the 1977 Corristin. V- 5 I f ' .. 2- -u:E.f:i 'f"". 1 f . 1 Sister Elizabeth illustrates a bone function to John Szucsik, Michael Tryba and James Bartolomei in Advanced Biology. Sister Elizabeth scans with Deborah Henger the folder of student rules. Mrs. Elizabeth Wagner and Mrs. Elizabeth O'NeilI serve Sister Elizabeth in school cafeteria. ASSISTANTS TO PRINCIPAL MR. RICHARD CARSON Associate Principal Studies, Business Administrative Assis- tants, Mr. Carson, Mr. Clerke and Sister Alice Cecilia, competent and supportive, aid remark- ably in the smooth run- ning of the school's schedule and finances. In their roles appears the IMAGE of the committed personage whose support and trust keep the school's management ef- hcient and functional. I MR. CHARLES CLERKE SISTER ALICE CECILIA Administrative Assistant, Religion Coordinator gf Financial Affairs SISTER ARLENE Religion I MR. FRANK BENCIVENGO Science, Math MR. BRUCE BERLINGER Director of Student Affairs TEACHERS INSRIRING FACULTY Y MRS. ROSE MARY BITTLE 1 Business IVIAXIIVI: "TIME IS SISTER CECILIA AGNES Science, German MR. GARY BUSHELLI Social Studies MRS. MARILYN CIOCIAN English I I AND STAFF EXEMPLIFY PLATO'S THE IMAGE OF ETERNITY." MR. CLIFFORD CONOVER Music SISTER CORMELIUS MARIE Math Chairperson MISS LUCINE FABIAN English 3, as K J, f M RS. ELIZABETH CORVO Business SISTER DOROTHY Science MISS KATHLEEN FARAGLIA English MRS. JOYCE FIRMAN English, Remedial Reading as S SN 3 ffsessfsi 'fi A 11511582 - Rs. f::ef:fsffs,, - .... . ,,,. 3 MISS MARY FITZPATRICK Religion FATHER PATRICK FITZPATRICK WITH CHARLES SCANNELLA, Senior Class President Religion MR. JOHN GALLAGHER Business MISS DOROTHY GEORGIOU English SISTER GRACE PIERRE English Chairperson MR. KEVIN HARDIMAN Social Studies SISTER HELEN Religion Chairperson MR. DENNIS HICE Social Studies N I I l X . MRS. JOANN JESIOLOWSKI Business 2 J' 2 VF S 1 I MRS. CAROL JOYCE English 1' MR. DOUG HICE Physical and Health Education MR. CALVIN JENKINS English 1 SISTER JOHN BERCHMANS Religion MISS KATHLEEN KIRBY Physical and Health Education MR. JOHN LALLY Guidance MRS. MARILYN KLEBER Home Economics MR. JOHN KOSSMAN Math SISTER LESLIE Science Chairperson MR. ABRAHAM LEVIN Science EPI MR. GARY LISNAK Studies, Science MRS. PAULINE MAINS Physical and Health Education SISTER MARGARET MAHONEY Spanish SISTER MARIE Mechanical Drawing SISTER MARIE MARGARET Religion FATHER LIAM MINOGUE Chaplain, Religion SISTER MIRIAM ROSE Guidance Chairperson SISTER MARGUERITE English, Remedial Reading f Ssllfnf MISS BARBARA MCDONALD Physical and Health Education Mww. N . f' N f':5 5512. Q, MRS. MARYLOU MURPHY Math MR. ANGELO NITTI At me MRS. NANCY OPSUT Business Physical and Health Education Chairperson MISS ROBERTA NELSON Math MR PAUL ORDOG MR. CARMEN NITTI Physical and Health Education Science SISTER PATRIClA Guidance, Psychology SISTER PAULA MARIE Business Chairperson MISS LESLIE PECKERMAN Physical and Health Education MRS. GLORIA PENROSE Math MR. ANTHONY POTENZA Social Studies MR. THOMAS PRIORY Social Studies Chairperson MRS. DORIS RADICE Business MRS. JOAN RUDDIMAN English MRS. KATHLEEN RUDOLPH Language Chairperson MRS. CLARA STEFANE Business MR. ADRIAN SEITZ Physical and Health Education MR. KEVIN SIRAK Attendance, French MRS. PATRICIA TAYLOR Spanish SISTER THEODORE Religion SISTER THERESE Studies, Business MR. JOHN YAGER Guidance, Social Studies MISS ROSEMARY TOTTO ROTO Art it MRS. BRIGITTE WAGNER German, Art and Music Appreciation MISS LOIS YENCHA Student Council, Math M R. ALVIN ZACHARKA Science MRS. BERNICE CARSON Comptroller SISTER ELLEN Guidance Secretary MRS. ANNA KOSUL Secretary in Office of Student Affairs MRS. JOAN SMITH Secretary-Receptionist ,. MRS. AGNES THIBODEAU Accountant MRS. DOROTHY THOMPSON Secretary in Studies Office MRS. HAZEL KLIM School Nurse MRS. ELIZABETH MENICHELLI Maintenance MR. THOMAS MORGAN Maintenance fx- .1 X LIBRARIANS-Mrs. Dorothy Schnorbus, Mrs. Alice Pilger, Mrs. Margeret Huddy Mr. Martin McDonald Painting, Maintenance CAFETERIA WORKERS-Front Row: Mrs. Helen Sheppard, Mrs. Ethel Farber, Mrs. Lois Puhalski, Mrs. Mary Katona, Mrs. Marie Matasovsky. Back Row: Mrs. Pauline Pitcherello, Mrs. Elizabeth O'NeiiI, Mrs. Elizabeth Wagner, Mrs. Teresa Wieger X , X " Q i J Q X 4 3+ Q , m E n fp' .2 I 4 X v In V' vw SEINIICJJIFBS A JOANN M. AMODIO DAVID G. ANAMA JEFFREY ANGELONI L MARGARET M. ANTHEIL LINDA M. APGAR DONNA APPLEGATE LOUIS M. ARCANGELO GABRIEL ARCE I I ' iz A, ,M ,i.,,.Mw-VV'-' Is Mark Maloney drafting a strategic play or a scrumptious 13th period banquet? SUSAN C. BALKUM ROBERT BARANYI MARY BARBATO MICHAEL BARRY ENZO BARTOLE MARIA BARTOLI 3 .1 JAMES BARTOLOMEI MICHELE BAVOL KAREN J. BECKETT ANNEMARIE BEDNAR NANCY-ANNE BERNARD JODI BILARDO ROSEMARIE BLESS WOLFGANG H. BOGACZ DIANE MARY BRACONI CAROL M. BRAUNSTEIN VINCENT BRENNAN ROBERT S. BRITSCHGE BERNARDINE BROZENA WILLIAM BRUSCHINI KATHY ANN BORICS THOMAS C. BRENNAN KAREN MARIE BRITTON in 1 CHRISTINE BUCCA MARIAN NA BUTE RA I L James Parriski, Matthew Larkin, Thomas Rusnak and Jane 0'conneu display FASHION GOGGLES DISCOUNT CENTER'S MARY L. CALDERONE newest shades. MARK A. CALLAHAN CAROL CAMERA NANCY ELIZABETH CAMERON DIANE CAPRARIO ANN MARIE CARLINI BARBARA A. CARMIGNANI Mark Marinan Attains Rank Of Semi-Finalist In National Merit Scholarship Program CYNTHIA E. CARR PATRICIA CARTLIDGE EUGENE CASCONE JOSEPH CELINSKI n GUY CHIARELLO JOHN CHIARELLO MARY ORYSIA CHOMIAK DONNA MARIE CLANCY ROBERT J. CLEARY JOHN CLYNE X FRANK CONSTANTINE ELIZABETH CONTE DENNIS COOK A ELAINE MARIE COOPER MICHAEL COSMA LINDA M. COX VINCENT COZZOLINO RICHARD A. CRAVEN JOHN G. DAILY LYNNE M. DAMIANO SALVATORE J. DAMIANO III JUDITH A. DELUCIA JOSEPH D. DELVECCHIO KENNETH M. DENTI "Fly, Johnny, fly!" John Chlarello, colliding in the air with his opponent, falls into a crash landing. VITO L. DEPAUL DONNA DESIMONE CHERYL ANN DEWOROCKI TERESA DIBENEDETTO ROBERT J. DIBRACCIO HELENE ANN DIDUN GRACE CLARE DIETRICH DAVID JOHN DITILLIO GLEN HENRY DOMBROWSKI in-r QW' -r KATHLEEN DRIBER 1 GINA DILISSIO MARK S. DOCIE MARY-ALICE DOYLE DONNA MARIE DU FFEY CYNTHIA M. DIMATTEO KATHLEEN DOLAN -fx f h KATHRYN A. DRAKE EDWARD J. DZURANIN CHARLENE M. EDWARDS CATHERINE ELMER JEANNE MARIE ERMI ORSOLA MARIA FALVO VIRGINIA FANTAUZZO KEVIN FARLEY gl ANTHONY FASANELLA ROBERT D. FIGUERO BERNADETTE FINK l. l CYNTHIA FISHER SHARON ANN FLAVIN TERESA A. FLEMING COLLEEN ANN FOLEY KRISTINE M. FRASCELLA NORA FREATIS BERNADETTE GAUGHAN CHRISTOPHER J. GERDES JAMES D. GERRITY Members of the football team, trying their sweep play, use every trick in the books. JAMES A. GIAQUINTO 5 KATHLEEN GIAQUINTO A I A MICHELLE GILBERT A GRACE GRAZIANO SHARON LYNN GREGORIA JACKIE HANN Lv. TINA MARIE GIOVACCHINI MARC ANTHONY GRAZIANO GENEVA BRIDGET GROFF JILL MARIE HANUSCHIK WILLIAM GOLDEN MARIE GRAZIANO HELEN ANNE HALAJDIDA KATH RYN ALICE HARCAR "Always fleeing, Always WAITING. Prepared-when shall I confront my- Images, images-secretly related. Creating or destroying in life, in dream, in art." -Dag Hammarskjold CHARLES HART x ...fl MARIE HATRAK DEBORAH C. HENGER ROBERTA HERRERA CHRISTINE HIBBS SHARON L. HOFFMAN MARY C. HOUGH JOHN HUTTON MARK A. HVASTA MARY JACKO ANDREA JANSCO ROBERT M. JARONI JR. MARIA JASKIR WAYNE J. JOHNSON CYNTHIA JORDAN RICHARD L. JORDAN JR l. KAREN F. KALUZNY CYNTHIA ANN KASCIK JOHN M. KAZIMIERCZYK L WILLIAM A. KEENE DAVID M. KOCH THERESA KOHLMAYER L... KATHLEEN KOHUT JULIA KOLESAR THOMAS J. KOVAL JR JOHN J. KOWALSKI LEONA KOZICZ KATHLEEN KOZMA lLIADA KOZOMPOLIS Kathleen Kohut and the other cheerleaders show astonishment at a caught sloppy pass. ROBERT KRECICKI L f' CYNTHIA C. KROL Sister Cecilia Agnes directs Louis Arcangelo and John Szucsik in rnan- ipulating this "bony feIIow's" funny bone to make him laugh. LINDA M. KUDRICK JUDITH A. LAGANA MARY ANN LANGAN MICHAEL F. LANGAN MATTHEW LARKIN LAWRENCE L. LATHERS MICHELE LAURETI KAREN M. LAWRENCE BETHANN LEE ROBERT LERTCH X l. MICHAEL LIHVARCIK THOMAS LIPSKI ANGELA LONGO l L. LISA LORENZO , After school "Mr. Bones" models the uniform that placed him in 20- days detention PHILOMENA A. LUCIDI Students of Sister Elizabettfs Advanced Biology Class, Marisue Wagner, Carolyn Zim- mer, Doreen Valeri and Frances Weber, study the remains of former students worked to the bone. VICTO R LU KAS EWYCZ in WY-' 3 X KATHERINE LUNA MINERVA MARIE LUTZ BARBARA LYDEN CHRISTINE MACCARONI DENNIS R. MAFFEZZOLI EILEEN M. MAINS MARK B. MALONEY MICHAEL MALONEY JOANNE MARAZZO KATHLEEN A. MARION MICHELLE MASON ROSEMARY MANGUS J. THOMAS MANUGUERRA CHESTER MARCINKOWSKI MARK MARINAN MONICA M. MARTINI MARK MASIELLO ROBERT MATTONELLI RONALD J. MATTONELLI MARY GRACE MCANDREW BRIAN C. MCCAULEY THOMAS MCDONOUGH JOANNE MCGOUGH NOREEN A. MCGOVERN PAUL F. MCGOWAN ff' KAREN L. MCQUILLEN MICHELE MERSHON MADELENE MICKNICZ A. I A LISA J. MIGLIACCIO ARTEMIS MILONAS ANTHONY MINELLI DAVID MICHAEL MINOTTI x GERIANN MIRABELLI LINDA EILEEN MOHR 1. PATRICIA ANNETTE MONTI ALFRED L. MOTTOLA JOANNE M. MRAZIK l DONNAMARIE A. MUCCIE CECELIA JOAN MULRYNE Sister Patricia "tries" to guide Eileen Mains who needs all the help she can get toward her future goal. Nancy-Anne Bernard, William Keene, Matthew Larkin, Brian McCauley Receive Letters of Commendation in National Merit Test. DAVID W. MURDZA KAREN ANN MURDZA DEBRA ANN MURL KAREN MURPHY PHYLLIS A. MURRAY KAREN NALBONE MARIA A. NATRIELLO gf I I I 'X ,Q PATRICK G. NOCERA PATRICIA A. NOLAN NGUYEN THANH TUYEN MAUREEN ELIZABETH NOON DANIEL OBERDING THOMAS F. PALILLO T I I JOSEPH J. PALOMBI A PATRICIA NORTHEY REGINA NORTON JANE F. O'CONNELL MARGARET A. O'NEILL JAMES S. PALMERE CYNTHIA PALMIERI DAVID PANFILI JAMES PARRISKI X 1 JAMES M. PATERSON JOANNE PATYKULA BRENDA K. PAYNE 4 DONNA MARIE PEGE ROBERTA PEK SHARON PESARINI In the four minutes between classes, Nancy Cameron, Kathleen Marion and Kathleen Dolan do last minute cramming before "Big Business" test. THOMAS V. PETITO WILLIAM PFAFF ROCCO L. PICCIOLO DEBORAH PLATT DEBORAH L. POLIZIANA GEORGE PREGG JR. Z RAYMOND A. PYONTEK DAVID REEDY LAURE A. RICHARDSON EDWARD RODGERS VICTORIA PLUMERI ALBERT L. PROCASSINI MARGARITA A. REPERTORIO MARY ALICE RONAN THOMAS C. RUSNAK MICHAEL A. RUSSO PATRICIA MARIE RUSSO DONNA SABOL BRIAN D. SAKOWSKI CASIMIERA SAMOJEDNY I ROBERT SANDOR JOANNE SAN PAOLO JOSEPH SANTORSIERO CHARLES SCANNELLA SUSAN SCHAIBLE GREGORY SCHROTH Mrs. Doris Radice's Steno II girls express, in varying degrees of facial contortions, their results in the 100 words-a-minute dictation. BONNIE MARIE SEAMAN .bfi I DONNA MARIE SERENELLI JANET SESSA SUSAN SHEKIRO KAREN SHIVE MICHAEL T. SHVERHA CYNTHIA ANN SLABICKI JOANNE SMIEGOCKI JOHN E. SNYDER ANDREA B. SOLTESZ FRANK SORCE 1 A MARTIN J. SPEHAR PAUL STANTON REGINA STRONG JEANETTE M. SUDER ROBERT J. SWEM KATHLEEN SWICK JOHN C. SZUCSIK LEONHARDT G. TASCIONE LUCINDA MARIE TIEDEMANN But the images of men's wits and knowledges remain in books, exempted from the wrong A of time and capable of perpetual renovation." LINDA TRAPANI -Frar1CiS Bacon THOMAS P. TREPTOW PEARL TROTTO MICHAEL TRYBA DEBORAH TUMILLO CHERYL VALENZA MARYANN VALENZA ' i DOREEN VALERI GERTRUDE VANREYMERSDAL SHARON VENTURA ARLENE VERES NANCIANNE VIZZINI ERIC WAGNER Theresa Zielinski, Sharon Hoffman and Joanne Wieland appear more interested in the test information memeographed by Mrs. Nancy Opsut than by the process explained. N ,f 1 MARISUE WAGNER MARY LYNNE WALTER FRANCES J. WEBER CHARLES WEINHOFER BERNADETTE M. WEISS MICHELE WERNER JOANNE WIELAND I DEBORAH WOOD BEVERLY WUENSCH LISA WYSZYNSKI MARY JO ZABICKI PETER ZIEGLER THERESA E. ZIELINSKI CAROLYN ZIMMER w A ' s 15' Q " 1 , X QQ: X A f ff f ' QM 1 z 5 ' l R ffl ff af A 1 ' QR ' df 9 2 X ' XS X X 7 j f : ' J y vf 1 l 1. X 1 l Q x N .41 , X f 2 I A ff, - UINEEEIERCQSLASSMEN- Scholastic Course Offerings Challenge The class of 1980 numbers 275 - a record enrollment in view of the 1976 "tuition raise." Twenty-odd of these new students had traveled SA Halls every Wednesday from 4 January to June, 1976 for initiation into accelerated courses in English, math- ematics and science to prepare for Ad- vanced Placement courses in these sub- . jects. These students among the top 296 of their Eighth Grades had voluntarily opt- ed these courses. Religious Studies and Physical Education and health are man- datory for these students. To those students, not accelerating, the mandatory courses are English CA or B or CJ, math CAlgebra 1 or Basic Algebra 1 or Math IJ, Physical Education and Health, and Religious Studies. All Freshmen may elect one of the fol- lowing: French 1 or German 1 or Latin 1 or Spanish 1 if their abilities warrant it. Other elective offerings are World Histo- ry, a prerequisite for courses in Junior Year, science CBSCS Biology, or Biology, or IPSJ, a one-year requirement for graduation, and Communication Arts 1 for students with reading levels below grade norms. General Business course is also among Ninth Grade offerings. The Music Department offers Choral Music, a day a week after school, Instru- mental Music, also after school, and Mu- sic Theory 1. Freshmen may take part in all sports if they qualify, may run for Student Council, and merit membership in National Honor Society if they carry honors in both se- mesters of Ninth Grade. Also students in Grade Nine may elect the minor course, . E1 MUSIC ,and Alt Appreclatlon' open to Stu- Kevin Kildea CSDJ catches a quick look as the camera dents in all four years at SA. . . . . ,. . . . . .. ..., i . e , H, 1 W. we-M...-M Section 1D - Front Row: Mary Anne Bencivengo, Elizabeth Both, Mary Bresnen, Adrianne Benson, Debra Brennan, Angelina Acquisto, Tammy Anthony, Dora Benedetti. Middle Row: Terrence Brennan, Andrew Bernard, Lawrence Bie- secker, Michael Beckett, William Anthony, Alan Alessi, Wesley Bolton, Thomas Anama, Gino Benedetti. Back Row: Denise Bissonnette. Alison Boor, Linda Amburg, Judy Bogacz, Juda Bocchini, Cynthia Botteri, Mary Angeline, Diane Bohonko. Freshmen to Acquire IMAGE of SA Scholar l. Anne Marie Riccitiello QSDJ and Carol BogaczC1CJ reenact the Latin feast of Saturnalia at the Christmas Language Fair. flash startles him at the beginning of a school day. amgsysgsiirggngzgg ggoxmitfffnfused as Miss Section 2D - Front Row: Lisa Crea, Mary Crocker, Karen Candelori, Kathleen Cubberly, Celeste Chale, Barbara Burrows, Catherine Callahan, Joanne Bucci. Middle Row: Robert Cartlidge, Mark Csorgo, John Cortina, John Caruso, Russell Carr, Donald Corsner, Robert Brozena, Glen Cucinotta, Michael Chordas, Christopher Burek, Angelo Chiapetta. Back Row: Barbara Browning, Michele Crawford, Terry Cantalice, Teresa Costantini, Barry Carter, Lisa Burzachiello, Joanne Burnett, Michele Cseremsak, Renee Cotton. , Janis DiNatale, Corinne Fiorelli, Leslie Desimone, Kathleen D'Arcy Section 3D - Front Row: Deborah Dempsey Durastanti, Gail Dallas. Middle Row: Mark Ferrante, Michail Dertony, John DeSanctis, Jeffrey Cuiule, Anthony Delia Cucinotta, Harry Day, Michael DiMattia, Dennis Figueroa, Paul DeGregory. Back Row: Ericka Fekete, Josephine DiStephano, Theresa Festa, Michele Flaherty, Anna Falvo. 3 at wiv .i is gi ini' r'iilil'ili.'lsi", if ill , ' ' i'i, If 7,, 4' Section 4D - Front Row: Karen Funari, Roberta Jablonski, Donna French, Lisa Holowczak, Kimberly Gore, Victoria Giovannini, Theresa Gi Lydia Haninezak. Middle Row: Patricia Gabauer, Kathleen Hibbs, Sharon Higham, Eileen Harrison, MaryAnn Giancola, Laura Grec LeighAnn Juliah, Lisa Herrera, Patricia Guadagno, Brenda Jordan. Back Row: Carmen Gennello, Joseph Horan, Charles Holmes, Jero Gilbert, Timothy Johnson, Robert Greco, Rodney Hillsman, Ronald Greeny, Timothy Garthausen, David Hvisdock, Robert Fleming. , Susan Davis, Lynne , William Ellis, Richard DiMattea, Rosemary ll, 0, me :awww Ma"y Anne BenClvene0f1Dband Gai' DaHa5c3D5 rush fo Lawrence Wood CIODJ and Robert Cartlidge CZDJ consult their books to solve their next class as they emerge from the traffic in Freshman Hall. the IPS problems. Section 5D - Front Row: Patricia LeCain, Linda Kerns, Nancy Lehman, Katherine Larkin, Anita Lucidi, Carolyn Langan, Jacquelin Maes, Sharon Leili. Middle Row: Donald Kutch, John Koba, Jeffrey Klein, Joseph Kaluzny, Jeffrey Luther, Kevin Kildea, Nicholas Lech, Ralph Mancuso, Barry Latella, Joseph Kozma, Raymond Kushnir, Peter Luisi, Louis Marazzo. Back Row: Keith Klemmer, Charlene Kurst, Jacqueline Livingston, Nancy Kurilla, Diane Maahsen, Jean Ann Lewis, Jeffrey Livolsi. IMAGES of these students reflect the scholastic in- 1 terest of SA's stu- I dent body. Brian Walsh QIODD applies himself to an English composi- tion. Michael Sabo C8DJ prepares his lab by reading through directions. Section 6D - Front Row: Francesca Marrazzo, Rita Mottola, Linda Migliaccio, Sharon Marue, Barbara Michan, Theresa Mraw, Kathleen McGovern, Patricia Marsilio. Middle Row: Fred Miller, Brian Moceri, Robert Mills, Jeffrey Mowbray, John Morreale, Timothy McGough, James McLaughlin, David Martin, Vincent Maugeu. Back Row: Elizabeth Mrazik, David McHale, John Margicin, Kenneth McCoy, Linda Morales, Michele Messina. .S '5 il , 'f 5' 1" S'i .xlfli i ' ' lf' 1" r i ' ii i , Hi l i El, Q li If A - . ,V K t :im ,il li 51+ lil ,!f5.l4kj' l . N -. 1 ,-, 5 'pi f,v .I ll , xi, 1 ' i ' 1 J' 3 f 5 Sill fi lst ll ails Q lx vi' . i K gi :UN I-'f,g,lk efi,".ll:l'lflll l ,intl l li H' ill .lull l l' l 'l' il fl' Wt' 1 ' . .l 1 1 .l L. , . . . ll' I I l n l Section 7D - Front Row: MaryEileen Nowacki, Karen Platt, Victoria Muni, Donna Pertillo, Nellie Murray, Jane Pelcz, Maria Muller, Jacqueline Olsen. Middle Row: Vincent Palmere, Barbara Otto, Rosemarie Nangle, Joan Pellegrino, Nina Onyszczuk, Barbara O'Hara, Tammy Petrilla, Bruce Nelson. Back Row: Michael Petrecca, Brian Patterson, Carlo Orsini, Michael Owens, Joseph Pelicano, Donald Olla, Joseph Mucha. I iiz"',: tl iq if -, ll, 2 1 S R all ' l i , Section 8D - Front Row: Maryann Primerano, Debra Sabo, Susan Russo, Linda Schroth, Natalie Pylypiak, Maria Sandor, Laurel Sagnip, Sandra Savage. Middle Row: Annamarie Riccitiello, Michael Sabo, Lyman Rhoads, Douglas Ralph, Frank Pugliese, Mark Risoldi, Catherine Russo, Rose Russo, Keith Salay, Joseph Pyle. Back Row: Carolyn Russo, Jeffrey Pyontek, John Rapciewicz, Joseph Rogers, Neil Sanvardine, John Potocki, Joseph Potocki, Nestor Rodriguez, Joseph Rizziello, Shawn Roney, Emily Reyes. ig Y -,st I - r , L ' s ' Section 9D - Front Row: Mary Schutte, PeggyAnn Smith, Susan Soltesz, Claire Sorce, Carol Solarski, Donna Stellerine, Margaret Stephan, Shell SPVYU- Middle ROWS GGOVSG SYOUT. Vincent Siracusa, Steven Servillo, Raymond Serben, James Smiegocki, Mark Stewarle, Joseph Takach, Timothy Seaman, Patrick Sheppard. Back Row: Donna Sniadach, Karen Sweeney, Helen Stout, Kim Suydam, Elizabeth Schuster, Patricia Tague, Patricia Sikinger, Beth Teriszczyn, Emma Spera, Lisa Storcella, Section 10D - Front Row: Theodore Willever, Donald Zielinski, John Ziegler, Jeffrey Wills, John Tykarsky. Middle Rows: Row 2 - Gina Testa, Carl Thomas, Rosalie Vannozzi, Linda Witkowski, Lisa Zotta, Marcia Turano. Row 3 - Joseph Valeri Brett Wackley, Michael Testa, Ronald Tummillo, Brian Walsh, Arnerico Trotto. Row 4 - Lisa Tysko, Helen Wuensch Patricia Tietbohl, Elizabeth York, Lisa Vacarro, Christina Wagner. Back Row: Kenneth Unverzagt, Charles Wilson Robert Weber, John Williams, Kenneth Tozzi, Lawrence Wood. v 1 v Additional Courses-Business, Academic- Broaden Sophomores' Horizons Section 1C - Front Row:Donald Bargholz, Walter Apgar, Mark Bradbury, Cynthia Barbato, Angela Boyd. Middle Rows: Row 2- Robert Adams, Paul Bugay, Douglas Blow, Karen Auletta, Doreen Bogacz, Ann Bucca . Deborah Brodowski, Carol Bogacz, Sandra Balkum. Row 3- Mark Ammann, Thomas Britschge, Earl Baker. Lori Allen, Barbara Bartlett, Elaine Bohonko. Row 4- Louis Bruni, Bruce Bavol, Lorraine Anderson, MaryAnn Bilancio, Theresa Arcangelo. Row 5 - Raymond Bridge, John Bucci, Ronald Baroni, Suzanne Bellan, Judith Bodnar, Janice Ange- line. Back Row: Christopher Blanche, John Amodio, Roy Brooks, Deborah Brown, Mary Louise Brown, Rosemary Bogacz. St. Anthony Class of 1979 totals 317 students who improve their student IM- AGES by moving into courses which start them toward their future goals- business or academic. Among the business courses offered them are Business Math- ematics, Stenography 1, Typewriting 1, and Recordkeeping 1. These students may also continue in a second year of Spanish or Latin or French or German and choose Math ll or Basic Geometry. All will study American Literature as well as writing and speaking skills in Eng- lish, and each student will follow the three Religion courses: Christian Values, Chris- tian Worship and Christian Morality 1. Physical Education and Health remain on the daily schedule. The subjects from which they have a choice are science CChem Study or Chemistry or Topics in Science or Biology or IPSJ and Social Studies CU.S. History 1 or Civic Government or Comparative His- tory of Russia and Germany or Asia: A Study in Contrasts or New Jersey: State and Local Goverment or Eupopean Histo- ry, An Introduction to the Law.J Other electives open to sophomores are -Drafting 1, Fine Arts 1. ln addition the Music Department offers Chorus, Instru- mental, Band, History and Theory of Mu- sic andthe English Department continues the study of reading in the Communica- tion Arts 2. Some of the sophomores have become eligible for varsity teams, for cheerlead- ing, for membership in school clubs and for election to Student Council. Section 2C - Front Row: Theresa DiFranco, Donna D'Ericco, Anna Clark, Virginia Cavella, Maryanne Cordi, Marilyn Dillione, Rebecca Davis, Jean Ceremsak, Kathleen DiBenedetto, BethAnn Coyle, Catherine Capria. Middle Row: Stephan Cosma, Mark Cozzarin, Ronald Chiarello, David Csillian, Robert Capone, Paul Burns,David Chairmonti, James DiLouie, Anthony DiMatteo, Orlando Chiacchio, Mark Dillon, Andrew Demko, Paul DiGiacomo, Theresa Collura. Back Row: Joseph Consiglio, James Clyne, Alison Dilworth, Judith Destribats, Jeannette Cleary, Theresa Chordas, Rosemary Buroczi, Michele Carpentier, Barbara Cook, Maria Ciliento,Thomas Burzachiello, Dale Chiacchio. In the Resource Center Mrs. Rudolph gives Rosina Pengitore OCD directions for an English make - up test. , Lawrence Szul C8CJ pretends to read as he actually catches a few winks. Section 3C - Front Row: Terry Ann Gomez, Lisa Edwards, Ann Ermi, Judith Foster, Linda Endrzejewski, JoEllen Gigunito, Leslie Fowler, Lenilda DosSantos, Lisa Giambelluca. Middle Row: John Fleming, Corrado Gigliotti, Christopher Giangrasso, Christopher DiStephano, Joseph Fabiano, John Gres, Joseph Grehan, Clyde Durkee, Michael Fairbanks, Michael Graziano, John Fell, Lawrence Goral. Back Row: Lucille DiNataIe, Katherine Dumont, Carla Gentile, Doris Figueroa, Doreen Foley, Celia Gerdes, Lisa Evans, Grazia Giuliana. Section 4C - Front Row: Renee Kardos, Christine Horvath, Susan Kapp, Deborah Howell, Cynthia Hillsman, Victoria Heath, Teresa Kopanycia, Karen Hegner, Kathleen Haggerty. Middle Row: Terrence Kevett, Bruce lnverso,Thomas Herrera, Andrew Kascik, William Hrico, Justus Higham, William Holmes, John Jacko, Louis Kagel, Kevin Kinnevy, Louis Koponosh, David Jones, Eugene Hoffman, William Koba, Gerhart Huy. Back Row: Bonnie Howard, Kimberly Hayes, Lisa Jaroni, Lisa lntorelli, Linda Kmetz, Theresa Kelly, Daria Holowczuk, Marie Heath. "!Feliz Navidadl" Bonnie Young C9Cj sings out during practice for Christmas Language Fair. rM4f,.M Chris McDonald QGCJ listens carefully as Sister Marie Olivette teaches him the fundamentals of mechanical drawing. ,I:'7L'p it if gg l -l f '- ll' f i ' ' , f' El V1 i l ll' ' wig: A 35 - 5 2 1 , ll K f , l I N 'ii Ll ., 1 I s - il L fA i 'fs ,li ,ii F' 3? a .V ..l ' ..l. i lui-5: , rl' ii' 4 'f 'if it Q lite-if,-iii Section 5C - Front Row: Ann Marie LaPointe, Gina Maisto, Dawn LiCari, Beth Maiorino, Eileen Kudrick, Patricia Luizzi, Theresa LeDoux, Donna Laureti, Lisa Marsilio. Middle Row: Chris Margounakis, Jerome Martucci, Chester Marczak, Marc LaFerrara, Thomas Lertch, Joseph LeCain, Andrew Kusnirik, Edward Laramee, John Langan, John Laske, Paul Lyden, Vladimir Kuszirczuk, Paul LaPointe, Melvin Losowski. Back Row: Frank LiVolsi, Theresa Martino, Laurie Lombardi, Marina Macov, Helen Kovacs, Guy Leko, Martin Mainzer, James Kostival, Theresa Lee, Theresa Lanzoni, Angela Lupinacce, Denise Kostrub. Section 6C - Front Row: Angela Mastroianni, Barbara Murl, Donna Nalbone, Jacklyn Murray, Elizabeth McManimon, Mary Normile, Robin McVicar, Barbara Michalski, Sandra Pagano. Middle Row: Christopher McDonald, Louis Migliacci, Albert Orlandi, George Mason, Thomas Mladenetz, Frank Oliveti, Anthony Morlando, Stephen McCormick, Gregory Mershon, Michael Masiello, Warren Maruca, George O'Bar- anec, Richard Migliaccio. Back Row: John Mladenetz, Susana Miljkovic, Vicki Murl, Marie Michaud, Lisa Mauss, Suzanne Oliver, Virginia Minelle, Patricia Muscato, Maureen Nangle, Jeffrey Novelli. -gl-,Vi I +"i'r'1l:' Section 7C - Front Row: Patricia Rosidivito, Cheryl Robinson, Michele Russo, Michele Partyka, Sandra Piotrowski, Deborah Pege, Crystal Perrine, Cathy Rizziello, Lucille Pierson. Middle Row: Andrew Polyak, Louis Raspatello, Jack Rodeawald, Gregory Pylypiak, Ralph Palmiere, Kevin Poirier, Robert Ronan, Richard Polak, Joseph Phelan, John Petrilla, Louis Pascucci, Robert Radice, James Pertuccio. Back Row: Irene Papaspansydis, Virginia Sabol, Audrey Rodgers, LouAnn Ronca, Barbara Pallotti, Timothy Parent, David Palombi, Julius Sabo, Antoinette Repertorio, Gail Pollacco, Donna Pallotti, Elizabeth Pihok- ken, Diane Perilli. , ,,.. X 1. Gail Pollacco UCD avoids looking at the keys as she types feverishly to complete her assignment. Stephen Cosma 1203 searches for the answer in his head Section 8C - Front Row: Denise Sakowski, Colleen Smith, Rosemary Schen, Catherine Tardugno, Cynthia Shaw, Annamarie Testa, Agnes Samojidny, Tina Schroeder, Theresa Schwing, Middle Row: Thomas SanFilippo, William Taylor, James Scaringelli, Martin Slaboda, William Sessa, Joseph Tattoni, Lawrence Szul, Joseph Schoen, Diego Tempesta, Matthew Suta, Robert Serenelli, John Tesauro, Jefterey Sienkiewicz, James Schulz, Michael Serenelli. Back Row: David Soltesz, Anne Scaccetti, Patricia Swen, Barbara Schleher, Maria Taylor, Timothy Schwing, Joseph Sikorski, Donna Skwirut, Susan Santoro, Mary Slabicki, Cynthia Sakiey. Section 9C - Front Row: Sandra Weihoffer, Carol Trapani, Bonnie Young, Theresa Van Reymersdal, Cynthia Winget, Patricia Walter, Glady Wells, Diane Walker. Middle Row: John Young, Anthony Vispetti, Bob Walsh, Samuel Ungarini, James Tohill, Mathew Wieczkowski, Scott Warrack, David Verok, Donald Valeri, Thomas Tuffy, Michael Weaver. Back Row: Theresa Zucchetti, Frances Vittoriano, Lisa Vigliotti, Christine Zapecchi, MaryAnn Tomasulo, Belinda Zoltanski, Debra White. 3 Y i E Marianne Straus f8BJ, Linda Apgar CIAJ, John Molnar f6BJ and Kenneth Zola f9BJ make beautiful music together as Mr. Conover "listens in." Juniors may participate in many extra- Timothy Fitzpatrick concentrates to balance a chemistry equa- tion. Elective Program - Updated, Comprehensive - Projects Juniors Toward Careers The 1978 class has retained, from its original group, 316 students who have many opportunities presented in aca- demic and business courses, job training, electives and extra-curricular activities. All study Jesus, The Church and Jus- tice, and Peace Education in Religion, Survey of British Literature for one se- mester in English and participate in the Physical Education and Health Programs. The English Department offers six elec- tives for one half year. The Math Depart- ment offers Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Al- gebra 2, Modern Geometry. Spanish 3, Latin 3, German 3 and French 3 are also electives. ln science many choices exist, namely, Modern Physics, Physics CEnrichedJ, Chemistry 2, Chem Study, Chemistry, Ac- tion Chemistry, Earth Science, Curricu- lum Project. History offers such ad- vanced sourses as American Govern- ment, Psychology, AnthropoIogy!Socio- logy, Contemporary Economics, Presi- dencyfAmerican Foreign Policy, Great Depression and World War ll. The Businesss Department presents various opportunities with Business Com- munications, Business Machines and Data Processing, Consumer Economics and Business Law, Stenography 2, Ty- ping!Transcription, Office Practice 1, Typing 2, Transcription, Recordkeeping 2, Retailing and Office Practice 1. Additional choices are Home Econom- ics 2, Drafting 2, Vocational Training at two centers ouside SA, Commerical Art, Fine Art 2, Music Offerings and Journal- ism, a minor course after school. J , .,-MN E-3532.5 curricular activities and sports offered to those who are interested, capable, eligi- ble, or qualified. Easily, I "f 1 ' l" T' 2 A xt." 'l 5324 i 'gi , ,V '.1 ' it J J' '? l 1 fil l,l fl . lllil' if ln' .li QW 'Sf it 2. Section 1B - Front Row: Sherie Applegate, Luanne Barbato, Elizabeth Basioli, Deirdre Bellan, Lauren Barbero, Mary Brennan, Michele Bates, Frances Andahazy, Virginia Barnila, Patricia Amburg. Middle Row: Catherine Blackburn, Paula Boyd, Mary Abbott, Jeffrey Bartkowski, David Bednar, Robert Brennan, Craig Aulford, Gregory Bennett, Gregory Albano, Deborah Bargholz, Colleen Adessa, Celeste Angell, Back Row: Paul Anama, Jeffrey Allen, Thomas Beckett, Thomas Barry, Robert Agos, Edward Bogacz, Dean Bernocchi, John Billings, Robert Blakley, Kurt Born, Gregory Bezek. Secion 2B - Front Row: Suzette Carr, Suzanne Constance, Susan Chepiga, Bridget Budgick, Marguerite Cavanaugh, Ann Crocker, Francine Bruno, Roxanne Cotton, Helen Czajkowski, Barbara Connelly. Middle Row: John Conte, David Cardona, Eugene Chiorello, Kenneth Cleary, Gloriann Capasso, Sharon Brown, BethAnn Bresnen, David Burek, John D'Agostino, Gregory Cheeseman, Robert Bucchi, Theodore Caruso. Back Row: Andrea Cirillo, Cynthia Bystrzycki, Diane Chiacchio, Michael Cooper, John DeLorenzo, Charles Cody, Geral Cimbala, Lynn Breza, MaryAnn Ceremsak, Marie Carney, Joanne Damiano. Section 3B - Front Row: Debra Evans, Cynthia DiBenedetti, Marcella Episcopo, Kathleen Delate, Patricia Edwards, Michelle DiAntonio, Debra Donoher, Nancy Dzuramin, Maria Favro. Middle Row: Bruce DiAntonio, Egidio DeSisto, Kenneth Dunn, Dennis Dziesiuta, Stephen Duda, Timothy Ermi, Timothy Fitzpatrick, Joseph DiFaIco, Thomas Dolan, Joseph DiStefano, Mark Eckel, Vincent DePaul, James DiLissio, Ronald Denti. Back Row: Stacy Fysz, Linda Feldenzer, Sandra Fillipponi, Donna DiMarcello, Donna Elias, Mary Dombroski, Mignon Diamond, Linda D'Errico, Constance Dolci, Sharon Fleming. l l l 5 2 2 Section 4B - Front Row: Joanne Hagduk, Cynthia Hibbs, Francine Guagliardo, Lorraine Gilbert, Christina lmhof, Joni Gernert, Lucille lntorelli, Celeste Giancola, Diane James. Midddle Row: Debra Ann Harbist, Donna Halasz, Suzanne Harcar, Michael Guadagno, Robert Hibbs, Celeste Hodge, Elizabeth Kapp, Jeanann Gardocki, Marylynn Hughes, Stephen Hornyak, Mark Hagen, Joseph Kazimlerczk, MaryAnn lkalewicz, Michelle Hoffmann. Back Row: Mark Holowczak, Edward Green, Michael Kawalek, Jeffrey Horkay, Gary Garry, John Kapp, Kevin Herrera, John Kettner. l l F l a l Kathleen Delate C3BJ smiles at her art work as Miss Tottoroto evaluates it. t'ff"'r N 1 .Q ., o.,, . if Rena Lamanchia CSBJ and Donna Spanicciati CSBJ do some extra studying in the quiet of the library. Marcella Episcopo f3BJ and 'Maria Favro f3BJ discuss future plans with their guidance counselor, Mr. John Yager. 4 V F Francis Swing CSBJ and ,qi Jane O'ConnelI UAB pre- is-ggbgg pare equpment for chem- " ' istry experiment. Q These hands IMAGE the typing password: "Fingers on the keys and ..,. " A ,sy ir Ll ' ,u , 1 i 1 F 5 fi-iw- I N i'f.lH, .i,..i l .': l' .i ri' Milf Section 5B - Front Row: MaryAnn Kleiner, Angela Matera, Mariann Levandowski, Diane Maczinko, Eileen Larkin, MaryKate Maloney, Emma Loffredo, Susan Lertch, CathyAnn Kovacs. Middle Row: Raymond Klama, Cynthia Margicin, Floria Labowicz, Gesualda Marrazzo, Maryann Mastrosimone, Lisa Latella, Celeste Lucci, Rosemarie Losowski,Denise Magyar, Mary Jo Lee, Katherine Krum, Joseph Martelloni, Back Row: Gary Marcinkowski, Frank Laske, William Liwacz, Thomas Krawiec, Paul Maloney, David Maziarz, Michael Manning, Richard Lucherini Ralph Mastrangelo. if i -J s l ' X , -S!141'.J,.-,,.. ..-,...... , -L ,,,, ,, , W, l , 1 l l Section 6B - Front Row: Patricia McDonald, Valerie Pawlukewich, Linda Pellitteri, Judy Paisley, Barbara McLaughlin, Nancy Parichy, Maggie McManus, Mary Nangle, Robin Orson. Middle Row: Maria Pagano, Joan Papp, Janice Muschal, Lemonia Milonas, Susan Mesday, Mary Parrotta, Joan McAndrew, Mary Mydlowski, Charlene Munder, Lori McCommack, Lorraine Mucha. Back Row: Dean Migliaccio, Carl Palermo, John Perarini, John Molnar, Gerard O'Malley, Roger McManimon, Sean McSorley, Daniel Murphy, Sean Meara, Jeff Migliaccio, Joseph Notaro. .. .s Q - - A 5 gg gt , 8 l . Q 5 Q 5,1 f, l l l 1 l 1 s- I ftsiii - , 1 3, , , . ,T is Section 7B - Front Row: Victoria Riccitiello, Donna Pyle, Rosemary Ronan, Evelyn Robeson, Patricia Rodeawald, Michele Sabatino, Katherine Pugliese, Deborah Rafferty, Kathleen Place, Middle Row: Diane Polyak, Diana Sagnip, Terriann Petito, Janet Santilli, Linda Rubi, Joann Rogers, Joan Pertuccio, Rose Primerano, Valerie Risoldi. Back Row: Peter Rickett, Douglas Schindewolf, John Petrino, Steven, Riccitello, James Puckace, Harry Psomaras, Michael Russo, Michael Saville, Kevin Quick. Section 8B - Front Row: Debra Lynn Sokol, Donna Spanicciati, Deborah Spoto, Teresa Sondej, Diane Schroth, Diane Tazza, Karen Stencel, Christine Tartaglia, Lisa Slover. Middle Row: Eric Sikinger, Richard Tattory, Barbara Segretario, Miriam Stefane, Marianne Straus, Natalia Skilkevich, Margaret Stercula, Donna Marie Spett, Donna Sujansky, Patricia Skrajewski, Joseph Smith, Andrew Serenelli. Back Row: Anthony Schwing, David Slaboda, Richard Suta, Lawrence Szmutko, James Szubrowski, Michael Susko, Frank Schwing, Eric Slafkovsky. Section 9B - Front Row: Mary Ann Woodrow, Debra Vaccaro, Anna Marie Venanzi, Elizabeth Treptow, Diane Zielinski, Linda Torres, Dawn Williams. Middle Row: Girard VanHise, Kenneth Zola, David Walters, Gerald Welsh, Frederic York, Eugene Walker, Frederick L, Wills, Back Row: Ida Zulla, Kimberly Tkacs, Patricia Testa, Maria Vetovik, Stephanie Treglia, Erika Wildmann. ll'lrl', D D ' 5 F Fri ' ' ls' 9-7 1 fi Vocational-Technical Students - Front Row: Chris Stevenson, Linda Rubi, Dawn Williams, Donna Padalino, Lorraine Mucha, Joan Papp, Judith Roman, Kathleen Place, James Santoro. Middle Row: Robert Tummillo, Richard Pelrine, Richard Rhoades, Michael Serben, Frank Pacera, Christopher Zsenak, John Slover, Brian Demko, John Rick, Richard Ratkowski, Dimitrious Tsougas. Back Row: Dennis Schwartz, Donald Slabicki, David Brodowski, Salvatore Marino, Gary Zottoli, Timothy Gore, Thomas Grehan, Ronald Morgan, Stephen Tryba, Edward Fink. Only a few stragglers leave their IMAGES on Junior Hall which is always crowded during the day. Another school day finishes for Crystal Perrine UCD, Christina Wagner CIODJ and Sharon Gregorio C4AJ who rush down the stairs to their lockers. ' 7 5 Q S X555 Q 1 gf f ,fxx iam N QR GQ K4 i A 1 in f X x, f Q 2 lA'1rHLE'iI-'ncsl Loses The Bicentennial football season did not reach the expectations of coaches and players. A highly talented squad, pla- gued with injuries, hampered tri-captains: David Murzda, Rocco Picciolo and Eugene Cascone. Also, the Iron Mikes under the direction of Coach Angelo QTonyJ Nitti, had been pre-season favorites for captur- ing the first Colonial Valley Conference Football crown. Inconsistent defense hampered the closely knit, senior-dominated squad. Out-matched physically, but not vitally, the Mikes' defensive squad took advan- tage of opportunities that won the pivot- ed Steinert game for Coach Nitti. Seniors on the defensive team included Eugene Cascone, Vincent CMoshJ Cozzolino, Wil- liam Golden, Joseph CNailsJ Santorsiero, Richard Craven, Michael Maloney, Charles Hart, John CHuntsJ Kapp, Thomas Brennan, Raymond Pyontek, Brian Sa- kowski and Leonardt Tascione. After play- ing brilliantly in the opening conflicts, the defense began to falter, and never re- gained form for the turkey-day contest Football Team Pre-season Image of Winning 44,4 'limi am '53 W N tltti 1. 1 4, , "g , X " ilsstsi ' t ,,,, Senior Robert Lertch squeezes through the Ewing line for a couple of yards in the irst game of the season. against archrival Notre Dame in final game of the season. Senior John Chiarello scampers around the fallen Ewing defender. Coach John Lally shouts encouragement to the players in the shadow of the IMAGE of Head Football Coach, Angelo Nitti. Football Team - Front Row: Gregory Bennett, Ronald Chiarello, Eric Slafkovsky, Dennis Dziesiuta, Earl Chiacchio, William Sessa, Robert Agos, Thomas Manuguerra. Row 2: Paul Maloney, John Kapp, Brian Sakowski, Edward Dzuranin, Anthony Morello, William Golden, Robert Lertch, Joseph Santorsiero, Row 3: Head Coach Angelo Nitti, Leonhardt Tascione, Thomas Brennan, Vincent Cozzolino, John Chiarello, Michael Lihvarcik, Eugene Cascone, David Murdza, Charles Hart, Michael Maloney. David Maziarz, Coach John Lally. Row 4: Coach Michael Fedorko, Michael Weaver, Rocco Picciolo, Douglas Blow, Raymond Pyontek, Jerome Martucci, Paul LaPointe, Thomas Burzachiello, Michael DeBonis. Back Row: Coach Kevin Hardiman, Frederick York, Patrick Nocera, Fred Roney, Richard Craven, Joseph Grehan, Gregory Mershon, Bruce lnverso, Coach Adrain Seitz. Varsity Football Slate SA 21 Ewing 6 Trenton 0 Hightstown 6 Hamilton 25 Steinert 14 Princeton 26 West Windsor 18 Lawrence O Notre Dame John Chiarello hits a pair of Ewing linemen and gains nothing. ODD 28 14 30 13 O 6 28 26 27 Senior Michael Lihvarcik weaves through a hole for a few yards against Hamilton. Crunch! Senior Eugene Cascone Sophomore Thomas Burzachiello boots an extra point against Steinert Spar- tans. Quarterback Senior David Murdza fires a pass against a stubborn Hamilton defense. pummels a Spartan receiver. Senior William Golden gathers a pass over the outstretched hands of a Steinert defender X5-lx Junior Paul Maloney lends a hand in stopping a Spartan back while junior John Kapp comes in on the action. Senior Rocco Picciolo meets resistance in returning the kick- off against Steinert Spartans. Fullback Michael Lihvarcik bulls for a couple of yards, carrying a pair of Steinert linemen. The offense led by the passing an- tics of Dave Murzda, and the explo- sive backfield combination of Mi- chael Lihvarcik and John Chiarello kept St. Anthony in every game until the final days of the last quarter. A small, quick, offensive line compli- mented Joseph Santorsiero, chosen first team All-Mercer County Center, who was joined by tackles Patrick Nocero and Edward Dzuranin, pull- ing guards Eugene Cascone and Vin- cent Cozzolino and tight end Robert Lertch. Though the season did not accom- plish the goals set by the players, the team members had positive re- actions to the slate. Senior Patrick Nocero reflected, "Everyone has heard the line that football is like life, and I believe that is 100fZv true. Play- ing the game taught us to take de- feat with class and dignity." This thought was equally shared among the other team members. The play- ers believed that it was the philo- sophical outlook of the coach that instilled pride in their closeness, Mr. Nitti believes that a team is a "fam- ily" and the players should take re- sponsibility for each other, both on and off the field. The juniors on the team also played aggressively on the Varsity team. Among these are ends Paul Maloney and Joseph DiFalco who, with Robert Agos, Michael Weaver, Frederick York and Thomas Dolan, will comprise the nucleus of the '77 Team. Rocco Picciolo and William Golden converge on an Irish fumble during the annual Notre Dame SA game. Coach Tony Nitti discusses his strategy with one of his players. Image Of Soccer Glory Fades With Holy Cross Defeat Of SA Playing in a frigid-type atmo- sphere, St. Anthony booters closed out a disappointing season with a 3- 1 loss to Holy Cross. This marked the second consecutive year Holy Cross, defeating the Mikes' in the state tournament, ended the SA soccer season. St. Anthony scored first when All- County Halfback James Palmere took a Joseph Celinski corner kick and headed it into the empty net. Holding a 1-O lead early in the third quarter, the momentum switched to Holy Cross when they scored three 2nd half goals to end SA's dreams of a 2nd state championship. Although labeled as a season of "many losses," there were many bright spots throughout the cam- paign. Several newer players showed promising futures with "Coach Anthony Potenza's booters," especially freshmen Vin- cent Palmere and Kenneth Tozzi. Both played consistently well and are hoping to bring on more spark- ling plays to the "77" season. Senior Varsity Captain, James Palmere, boots his way to an All-County berth. Sophomore net-minder Roy Brooks awaits the ball as junior John Petrino attempts to clear it from a Hamilton Hornet. Varsity Soccer Team--Front Row: Joseph Celinski, John Petrino, Kevin Herrera, Roy Brooks, Marc Graziano, Michael Tryba, David Cardona. Middle Row: Egidio De Sisto, Michael Cosma, Kevin Kinnevy, Frank Oliveti, Dean Bernocchi, Mark Docie, James Palmere. Back Row: Coach Anthony Potenza, Andrew Kusnirik, Vincent Palmere, Kenneth Tozzi, Paul Anama, John D'Agostino, Thomas Tuffy, Warren Maruca, Mark Eckel, Assistant Coach Joseph Mariani fCoach Mariani died during the Soccer Team Seasonj Senior Marc Graziano dribbles the ball beyond the reach of a Hight stown defender, Senior Michael Tryba searches for ball. T Senior Michael Tryba clears the black and white past the blue and white defenders of Notre Dame. Egidio DeSisto matches some fancy footwork. Varsity Soccer Slate SA Opp 3 Lawrence 7 4 Trenton High 2 3 Notre Dame O 4 Hopewell O 1 Princeton 2 2 Hightstown 1 2 West Windsor O 2 Hamilton 3 2 Lawrence 3 3 Princeton Day School 2 4 Notre Dame 0 2 Hopewell 3 2 Princeton 3 1 Hightstown 2 1 West Windsor 3 3 Trenton High 1 2 Steinert 1 1 Ewing 5 2 State Tournament 3 with Holy Cross James Palmere gives it everything he has to clear the ball over aston- ished Hightstown opponent. f f -ee'v ' ve'ee A Q , ,V lg' V' LA , , i 'Viii'. s . ,o o , 'kVy'k V ,-:f ni k , 'tba 'f w 7 H? " fs ',,." 1. 1 V Senior Joseph Celinski puts his stomach into the ball as a Hightstown defender prepares to block. Senior Marc "Buzz" Docie heads the ball over a Hightstown player. Freshman Vincent Palmere is outmaneuvered by a Hamilton player. Michael Tryba and freshman Kenneth Tozzi combine to prevent a Hamilton attacker from getting the ball. Sophomores Warren Maruca and Frank Oliveti race for the ball while blocking a Hightstown player. Junior John D'Agostino outwits a trio of Hamilton players. The Iron Mikes experienced some morale boosters when they defeat- ed Notre Dame twice by identical 3- 1 scores and beat the state's top- ranking team, Steinert High, 2-1. Both incidents were firsts in the school's history. Senior back Palmere, one of the most sought after high school play- ers in the state, stated, "inexperi- ence played a major role in the final 9-11-O record. With so many under- classmen getting the experience needed, the future should be prom- ising for SA soccer fans." Following the season, five St. An- thony players were cited for their consistent outstanding style of play. Seniors, James Palmere, Marc Gra- ziano, Michael Tryba and Joseph Ce- linski along with sophomore, Kevin Kinnevy, received due recognition from coaches and sports writers throughout Mercer County. Joe Celinski summed up the over- all season in mild fashion by saying, "Although it was a disappointing season, everyone gained valuable experience for their soccer future at SA and beyond." Junior All-County Lawrence Szmutko, trailed by West Windsor's James Snedeker, follows on the heels of HopeweIl's Geoff Noden in the Colonial Valley Conference Meet. . Cross Country Team--Front Row: Richard Tattory, Mark Maloney, James Puckace, Lawrence Szmutko, Robert Cleary, Salvatore Damiano. Middle Row: David DiTillio, Mark Hvasta, Mark Marinan, Robert Brennan, Kevin Poirier, Scott Warrack, John Daily. Back Row: Glen Dombrowski, Katherine Larkin, Mary Jacko, Linda Feldenzer, Thomas Palillo, Mark Ammann. fCoach Thomas Priory was absent when this picture was taken.J SA Cross Country Harriers Image Reality. 1 l Senior David Di Tillio and sophomore Mark Ammann run neck and neck. Lawrence Szmutko and sophomore Scott Warrack are out in front of a horde of West Windsor and lron Mike CSAJ runners. "His arms drooped with exhaus- tion like the flowers bending to give way to the winter, and his was a lost, hopeless cause. For the winner was already across the finish line, far ahead, out of sight. And the other runners had long ago left him be- hind." "His legs screamed at him to stop. His scorched lungs pleaded for rest. Even his socks seemed to fly at half- mast around his ankles, soiled flags of surrender." "Still, he ran." This is reality, the IMAGE of each SA Cross Country runner. "Such runners don't get scholarships, nor no-cut contracts, nor offers to en- dorse deodorant, panyhose, or cof- fee." "Cross country runners get shin splints and blisters on their feet and running noses and watery eyes. One thing more-they get a special kind of self-satisfaction that few every ex- perience." "Oh, it is not from winning. lt is merely from finishing, from ever go- ing out there in the first place and running through puddles and briar patches and up hills and down hills and telling lies to legs." Quoted from Bill Lyon THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER With a look of determination, senior Glen Dom- browski pushes to the finish. SA harriers warm up prior to an upset victory over West Windsow Junior Robert Brennan breezes along. Junior Thomas Beckett lead SA's pack past West Windsor "Reality is the kid with the stock- ing cap and the sweat-stained sneakers, Ioping a long way behind the field, pain and puzzlement con- torting his face." "Maybe he will not be able to put into words exactly why he still runs. Maybe he will mention something about 'gutting it out' or pushing through the pain barrier or running on because he has this curiosity that drives him to discover just how much he is capable of or not capable of. That can be the harshest kind of reality and anyone who is willing to confront it, then he is, in the truest, purest sense, an ath- lete." Quoted from Bill Lyon THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER SA runners of 1976 cross-country varsity team's 2-15 season fit this picture of the determined harriers, such as Lawrence Szmutko, first place, junior Robert Brennan, sec- ond, sophomore Scott Warrack, third, and seniors Mark Marinan and Glen Dombrowski, fourth and fifth. In the same spirit the girl runners, freshmen Katherine Larkin and ju- nior Linda Feldenzer placed in Mer- cer County Meet. The girls 1-1 re- cord bolsters the team's showing. Seniors Mark Hvasta and Glen Dombrowski complete the first of three rugged miles with a West Windsor harrier on their tails. YV Iron Mikes' Basketball Season Upsets Senior Joseph Celinski lays one up against a Trenton High defender. Senior Frank Sorce reaches ton the ceiling to control the top over a Notre Dame center. Senior Co-captains, Marc Gra- zianoand Joseph Celinski, flank rookie Mentor, Mr. Carmen Nitti. fi- .. Low Ratings Of Area Newspapers Coach Nitti's IMAGE shows through. The 1976-77 lron Mikes' basketball season with its three wins against cros- stown rival, Notre Dame, and the capture of the first Colonial Valley Conference Basketball Crown proved the area News- papers wrong in their terming the SAH team, "cellar dwellers." Rookie coach, Carmen Nitti, took them out of the cellar and won the title first Colonial Valley Conference Coach of the Year. The opening four games of the season brought disappointment to hard-pressed Mikes who lost all these games to group four teams. Not until the Christmas Tour- nament did the team reach the winner's circle by capturing the Irish Invitational Christmas Tournament with wins over Delhass and arch-rival Notre Dame. At the end of the season the Mikes en- tered the state tournament with a 12-13 record where they lost to a powerful Red Bank Catholic in the first round. Varsity Basketball Team - Richard Suta CSBJ, John Amodio f1CJ, Jeffrey Migliaccio CSBJ, Joseph Celinski C3AJ, Thomas Beckett f1BJ, Marc Graziano f4AJ, Roy Brooks QICJ, Frank Sorce, C8AJ, Robert Brennan CIBJ, Kevin Farley 14AJ, Gene Chiorello CZBJ, James Palmere UAJ, Charles Scannella f2AJ, John Bucci UCD, Coach Carmen Nitti. At the Christmas Tournament, St. Anthony placed Co-captains, super guard Joe Celinski and senior for- ward Marc Graziano, on the Irish Ail- Tournament 1976 team. "Graz" re- ceived the added honor - Tourna- ment's Most Valuable Player. The Nitti-coached varsity squad also included many other stellar per- formers. Junior Bob Brennan, senior guard Jim Palmere and super-soph- omore Roy Brooks were members of the starting roster for most of the season. Frank Sorce 6' 4", the main- stay off the bench, had supporters: Boys Basketball Slate SA Opp. 57 Ewing 80 62 Steinert 77 32 Pennington Prep 42 55 Hamilton 68 64 Christmas Tournament - 47 Delhass 61 Christmas Tournament 53 Notre Dame 50 Princeton 51 76 West Windsor 50 69 Notre Dame 67 50 Lawrenceville 50 75 Lawrence 59 55 Hightstown 47 55 Trenton High 70 27 Princeton Day 51 45 Princeton 49 55 Hopewell Valley 63 73 West Windsor 49 67 Notre Dame 63 55 Lawrence 54 58 Hopewell Valley 50 76 Hightstown 42 60 Hamilton 72 46 Steinert 72 63 Ewing 76 52 Trenton High 82 50 State Tournament 62 CRed Bank Catholicj sophomore John Amodio, juniors Tom Beckett and Gene Chiarello, and senior Kevin Farley. Both Co-captains, Celinski and Graziano, attained All Colonial Valley Conference and All Mercer County spots. Although the season did not attain the .500 plateau, the team's satis- faction with results appears in words of Joe Celinski: "The 1976-77 sea- son was a profitable one both for me and my teammates. The skills taught by Mr. Nitti developed my game to its full potential." Thomas Beckett, junior, drives for the basket while John Bucci, sophomore, tags along for an unexpected pass. Ad" Sophomore Roy Brooks - all Junior Robert Brennan passes around two Trenton alone for a Iav-uo. High defenders ,.- . .. M-fM..,..,,,,. ..... .. ,.... ,... W .,..,......,,,,...,-.. ... 1...-4 ..........,.....,..........,......,.,,.,...,.,....,. .,..a.,4-M, 5 Senior Charles Scannella gets set to jump against Princeton Day School. Junior Jeffrey Migliaccio looks for a steal against Tren- Robert Bfennen Concentrates On his next n"0Ve- ton High. .gym Girls Roll ln State Tournament Kate Larkin does it again to attain her average in her bout with Trenton High. With a 14-7 slate to their credit the Girls' Basketball Team made their way to the State Tournament where they defeated South Brunswick. This victo- ry, keeping the season open, pitted them against the power -- Asbury Park. But this top state team forced them to bow out of the tournament. The Asbury Park game terminated for the girls a season which placed them in first place in SAH athletic histo- ry. Only Notre Dame's three-year vet- eran, Diane Oleck, overshadowed the girls' success by stealing from them three wins. Also did Trenton High and Steinert somewhat diminish them, but in the last Trenton High meet the girls sur- passed them by 20 points. In most of their win games, the girls' consistent scoring gave them a good margin on their opponents. Iypnrwgp mtpw 92, A'p,NTl1Q2I,,1N54ffk IAN? 4 at ...,. T I G A A M 2 ...aio 3? ' i i , ..,. . ,Z I Girls Varsity Basketball Team Line-up - Co-Captain Cecilia Mulryne UAH, Patricia Sikinger CQDJ, Debra Donoher CBBJ, Mary Lynn Jacko CSAJ, Co-Captain Philomena Lucidi 16AJ, Karen McQuiIIen f6AJ, Diane Zielinski CQBJ, Katherine Larkin C5DJ. img ,dm Diane Zielinski sets loose on a jump shot for two points against Hamilton High. Ceil Mulryne uses some tricky ball control as she faces a Tornado to the net. ,nbias x Mena Lucidi battles for possession of a loose ball from Hamilton High. 'ff Pat Sikinger hustles to keep an opponent wary of her next shot. l i l i Freshman Sikinger pops up an easy two points. Larkin and Zielinski use some team work to outmanuever baffled Torna- does fTrenton Highj. During time out Coach Kathleen Kirby lays out some Girls Basketball Slate Trenton Steinert Ewing Hamilton Christmas Tournament Hamilton Christmas Tournament Notre Dame Princeton Hopewell West Windsor Notre Dame Lawrence Hightstown Steinert Princeton Hopewell West Windsor Notre Dame Lawrence Hightstown Hamilton Ewing Trenton State Tournament CSouth Brunswickj State Tournament fAsbury Parkj heavy battle plans for a team approaching victory. Co-captains Ceil Mulryne and Mena Lu- cidi added to the team's cohesiveness and fast style in play. Ceil's adeptness at rebounding opened the way for Mena's fast breaks. Both players, carried by strong scoring percentages, earned All Mercer County berths. Freshmen sensation, Kate Larkin, breaking the school's record, with her 22 points per game average, merited All Tournament, All Colonial Valley Confer- ence and All Mercer County teams. A strong bench carried the girls' team through the winning season. Mainstays were seniors Mary Jacko, Karen McQuil- Ien, juniors Diane Zielinski, Debra Don- oher and freshmen Patricia Sikinger. For the school, girls and fans "that was the year that was" - the 1976-77 girls' basketball season. Diane Zielinski outjumps two Trenton High girls for a well-earned basket. Coaxing the ball down, Mena Lucidi sets up for another dazzling play Coach Potenza Predicts Baseball Team's Prospects Mr. Anthony Potenza, now in his seventh year of coaching the baseball program at SAH, predicts the 1977 squad will top last year's 12-9-1 log. Considering a long 21-game slate, the area papers remain optimistic about the success of the team. The Iron Mikes, returning Iettermen this spring, have in view the Colonial Valley Con- ference Title. Led by senior tri-captains, Marc Graziano, Guy Chiarello and Gregory Schroth, the Mikes boast a stellar squad. The depth of the mound shows promise with pitchers Thomas Beckett, junior, and William Sessa, sophomore. At second base, Paul Anama, junior, has possible All-County credentials. Jeffrey Migliacchio, junior, has the edge at shortstop where Frank Sorce, senior, is also in the picture. Other members in the Mikes' quick and ag- ile infield include Michael Shverha, senior, Wil- liam Liwacz, junior, and Andrew Kusnirik, sophomore. Outfielders, Greg Schroth and Fred York, junior, have the ability to hit for average and supply the clutch defense neces- sary to form a winning nucleus. Another All-County prospect looms in Schroth who according to Coach Potenza has come out with a dedicated attitude, one which makes champions. With such a talent-laden squad, the Mikes aim to merit a berth in the state. if . aff" 539' ' ik'-?"'I ali 1 t u 25:3 . 1 H Marc Graziano buries the ball in the dirt and Guy Chiarello's mitt. rg. . A Q' 1 ' M, - , . .' rm, , . --ag-i:2',. . . , Y . ff ,gf f,-.f..- , . aa... - . 4.4 h -'-we M ,.. 'fag' 'Zh-. -- .' 'Q JJ f '- 'fee' 'W -.m 1, ---fy .- ,sae-I'-5? . ,.', -W 'L A Q, ff -Ll-A .1-is-2' 4. 15 11495. .1-, ' N-"f.r5f"'fff21g'-"'f"-.' "W-'A' W' f -.-' y ffl 4-i,..s4,',. A . , are-fy... Michael Shverha anticipates the ground ball. Gregory Schroth fouls one off while Marc Gra- ziano and Rocco Picciolo watch. The seniors on the 1977 SAH Baseball Team gather for a shot. Front: Frank Sorce, Guy Chiarello, Rocco Picciolo, Gregory Schroth, Marc Graziano and Coach Anthony Potenza. Back: Robert Jaroni and Michael Shverha. -sua.: , Robert Jaroni in the IMAGE of Randy Jones winds up for the pitch home. Rocco Picciolo displays perfect form while Guy Chiarello awaits the pitch Large Turnout Of Boys, Girls For 1-:Yi ' Junior Richard Lucherini launches the discus into orbit. Seniors Thomas Manuguerra and David DiTillio hurdle on down the track. The SAH distance team line up for a practice run. Runners are Joseph Schoel Senior, Kevin Poirier, sophomore, Glen Dombrowski, senior, Larry Szmutk- i i I +fffHg?fxfz ' V ' A -- , ' 3 - ' T - ,L ' K --k' 'L ' ' Q' ,V ,, -.- .N .41-G x Seniors Michael Cosma and Joseph Celinski start on a blazing sprint for the inish line. Track Team f , -we 'W ' "5 A sophomore, Mark Amman, sophomore, John Daily, unior. Senior Kevin Farley does a "Fosby Flop" over the bar. .5 , 5 1 The girls limbering up for track practice are Katherine Pugliese, junior, Linda Feldenzer, junior, Jeannette Cleary, sophomore, Mary Jacko, senior. St. Anthony High stamped itself as favorite to capture the first Colonial Valley Conference track title this spring when a large and fleet team reported on March 1. Coach John Lally in his fifth season as coach feels this team has potential. With hard-running seniors David DiTiIIio C330-yard hurdlesj, Michael Cosma and a possible All-Area Track honor roll prospect, Joseph Celinski, the Iron Mikes prepare for the first meet against Hightstown. Other key performers are Larry Szmutko, ju- nior, in the two mile, Kevin Farley, senior, high jump and Dennis Dzie- siuta, junior, in discus. The girls' team coached by Mr. Thomas Priory has been practicing with the same goal in mind as the boys. Led by senior Mary Jacko and junior Linda Feldenzer, this is SAH first year for a separate girls' track team. The large turnout of girls pays tri- bute to the growth of girls' athletics in the school. M ,,., . , , ..,, .:f,,:, , --ffi . ,..,1l,' .gi -.0 n Junior Timothy Fitzpatrick clears the high jump bar and heads for a soft fall in the pit. Backstop Debra Evans, junior, snares the pitch. N THQ!! J ..,,, ta ' 4. 1. Girl's Varsity Softball Team - Front: Geneva Groff MAJ, Middle: Karen Auletta CICJ, Maria Vetovick CQBJ, Lisa Voccaro CIODJ, Ceil Mulryne UAB. Back: Debra Evans CBBJ, Karen McQuiIIen QSAJ, Diane g Zielinski 1985, Eileen Raney C7BJ, Ann Ermi CSCJ, JoAnne McGrough CGAJ, Debra Donoher C3BJ. Girls Kick Off Softball Season Against Peddie "Spring has sprung," and so has the girl's softball team sprung into action at their afternoon practices. This year the girls are under the direction of third year mentor, Miss Leslie Peckerman. She expects the team to improve last year's record and to win a large percentage of their games. The team's co-captained by seniors Ceil Mulryne and Karen McQuillen. Also returning from last year's squad are senior Gene- va Groff and juniors Debra Don- oher and Eileen Raney. Up from last year's 7-4 Junior Varsity squad are juniors Debra Evans and Maria Vetovick plus sopho- mores Karen Auletta and Ann Ermi. Joining them are newcom- ers senior Joanne McGough, ju- nior Diane Zielinski and freshmen Kate Larkin, Beth Tereszczyn and Lisa Vaccaro. The girls kick off the '77 softball season on April 6 against Peddie at home. Following that game are two away games: Hightstown on April 12 and Notre Dame on April 18. The team sees wins over these two teams as definite step- ping stones toward the Colonial Valley Conference Championship. . ,3,, ' . f, , A ., ,Q . V95 , ,.f' f . ""'W-tw, wa, ' V ' , WW 1 , 7 ' ,h A C-,. "F"-5 R Xl , ,ff ,-. -f .. ,Af x , .g I " + s Fx .V , ,gl f Z' -F -Nast' ii Q fy- 3 -,gr , ,, H ,J fvwdiaqy- wg te 21.-if-4 4, Q, ,gl .4 i QV in 'af Q t 9' : M it' zz 5 ,Q 4 Q if vf- 11 at ,E W F MM G D VI mam.. -v at 'H if " 4' -avr +- fvhfa ' Af , W r 5 .um e Z ,. M Ja J if W me 'xii ,. ,U ,M 1 : gg,3f5K1,l.f . 4.,. ,W f -- -- -1, 1 if :A . -ff -if 1. ' , , A 3. M . , Q 2 2-5 7 , J f 1 mga ' W. - it . ww .1 in - - I- A' r "" ,. hx., ii -s. :ings 15321 ' . in , "" 1 . fi?" -2454? Z, - '. -1 f.-if 111. V, -1' Af K- fi ' :fl ff' i ,Q .pw-.Q .1 f y wat. -inf , -, 1 mr... V , ,g5f:fj,,,:1,.'5r.v,.Q - . -' :"??q,g I 121 ',' 1.3 ' 1 ' J g-. -',.g. ,g---v1g',.',. Mm- W -f ...wif , -:Wt -pf' Q 'iLL'i53??fe':1LYf:':,,-- , ., L.. wifi-flllf' A W f,Q?"'j'y,, Al in fl '1':'.,':" s i:EQf'if'5."-Wfffi' , ,,.,',.'..'f33f 15' 4,55 . I ' f .Vat , Are-2 -,V..',q,::,s5 f5fZjv5m7if'"gvBi,,f-.X -h 'V ' ' xi R 1' - W ,l .' hr. .f 291- ,I ,,+j1,. ,4 ff V 'ff-W .fr H. - f " - . ., V , ,, -2.14-4 2?-. mv.. 2- -W .,v ,qi-5 ., ff 5,8 my? w-rf:-f wat," ' -' -a 17:':-1-.M . 'fl fa ,gt- .r' ' -7, ' I '-f .' "1-'Vw L 4- fi , ,f 4, V ff' 21523315 i' ' " f We ' ' ifrwq,-5'i,x--1-Ei3t'?"'2"'. , . ,,., f ' ,. , rf iff: '-,i- fl: Junior Diane Zielinski shows off her form. Senior first baseman Karen McQuillen reaches for the out. Golf Team Races To Eighteenth Green Richard Suta, junior, takes an ironshot with help from seniors Mark Marinan, and Raymond Pyontek. Looking out at the green are Richard Tattory, junior, and Michael Buckett, freshman. Tennis Goes To Battle Sixteen Times Captained by James Palmere and Robert Cleary, the 1977 spring tennis team will go to battle 16 times to try to win the Colonial Valley Conference Crown. The team includes sen- iors William Keene, court speedster George Pregg and backhand ace Michael Barry. Coached by USTA registered tennis instructor, Mr. Robert Conti, the team will play their home meets at the Kuser g Courts- Captain of Tennis Team, James Palmere, makes his way to Kuser Courts. - li , ,, The 1977 golf team coached by Mrs. Edward Marinan and Captained by senior Mark Mar- inan races to the 18th green., or the the Colonial Valley Con- ference Crown. The team, led by the power drives of seniors Paul Stanton and Richard Suta, supported by the sure-fire putting of Ray Pyontek, practice daily at Prin- ceton Country Club. According to the captain, this year's ex- perienced team should be first in county and Mike's history. Mark Marinan, captain of Golfers, takes a position to drive the ball away. SAH Golfers - William Keene, sen- ior, Thomas Barry, junior, Robert Cleary, senior, Thomas Palillo, sen- ior, Mark Hvasta, senior, Kevin Quick, junior and Chester Marcin- kowski, senior. X, Q JN F x 1 ' f f, M - T Q i X - - 3 , X 0 ' H f ,A my 9 U CVD J K p f I. wp ' A fx Q Q ff Q , if If xg 2, ' I 1 fl U Af I , ,Q kk' I ,. q A ,v f XX V Q , MH 5 Xxx get W. AX X Cir , ' ,V ' I v ' Wg J, fy 641 , Q N A, ff ' lk ' lil f x 1 1 Q, V Q Y I 'I X X xx X 3 'J s V f A' N wg Xfvk ' A 'T JL L-0, 1 , K Q K 33521 V 71 4' K 1 s f , ka 3 ,J ga ' 1' SY! 1' Q ? W S J H W XX V W I Y X, E Q1 f 1 . xx ' 2 ff 1 Q , Q r H 'X , , f'3 XM ' L Q 553 5325? Li? X - x XX XX X N .X X , X x '- xx - K x X X X X if ' lx w il xl f 'X I 'N xx yfl lx gx is ff? ' QD ' x mmf! ffkifbq ' if I A R , U Xf fJ If f, A , -ff f ' aj If V ACGTUVUTHES V . 108 Events Of Twelfth GAA Show i Salute Bicentennial Year l By "Hats Off To America" Images. l ln correlation with the United States' Bicentennial Year, the GAA QGirls' Athletic Associationj present- ed the twelfth annual competitive show titled "Hats off to America" on the nights of November 2, 3, 4, 5. All the events, featuring "Hats off," IMAGED the theme saluting Amer- ica. The 500 girls involved Calmost en- tire girls' student bodyj began plan- ning for this fall show in May, 1976. To prepare for the show, the girls, during the summer months, initiated dances and designed costumes. When school started in September, the girls practiced after school until early November. Mrs. Pauline Mains, Physical Education instructor, as well as the other teachers in her de- partment, moderated the plans and practices for this show. The competition revolved around two teams, Brown and Gold CSA's colorsj, whose senior co-captains organized dance varieties, designed elaborate costumes and props, and set up gymnastic skills to heighten the competitive spirit. The co-cap- Captain Joanne SanPaolo, and Co-captain Mena Lucidi soar on their way to another Gold Team victory. tains prepared scripts for Mistress of Ceremonies, senior Debra Tumillo, who announced winners, designated by four teams of judges not connect- ed with SA. Colleen Smith, sophomore, flutters across the balance beam. iw 4 it sg? . 1 3 it T we-, f Gypsies gaze into their crystal ball, and foretell their future. "Crystal Gazers steal Second Place Best Events, and Third Place Best Costume. .ax Q if wr nm., "Daisies" blossom under the rays of the spotlight and turn their faces to the crowd. "Funky Turtles" come out of their shells and capture First Place Best Event and Costume. "Disco Ladies" give a "Nasty" performance as they flip their 'fro's in all the excitement. The talent scout from Dole Pineapple lnc. awarded "Tropical Tumblers" Third Place Best Costume. Theresa Lee seems canned! Co-Captains, Joanne Sanpaolo, Mena Lucidi, Lead Gold Team To Victory Against Brown Team By Score 71-55 After Four-Night Competition Captain Donna Pege and Co-captain Ginger Groff greet the audience with vigor and a spir- it of self-determination. Mistress of Ceremonies Debra Tumillo, flash- ing the brown flag, is surprised when greeted wildly by a brown team stampede. I 14-5 K i l 3 C C if t s r gr 4 s ytrrrt s V srr it aw if f Diane Schroth and Linda Schroth, of the patricia Gaybour' freshman' --Quackgup "Cheek ITS." nibble 3 Path to 596005 in the air after she realizes "Disco Duck Place Best COSTUFTIG- waddled to First Place Best Costume. C, s Flappers, Debra Murl and Colleen Foley, seniors, re- vive the famous Charles- ton of the "Roaring 2O's." This year, Captain JoAnne SanPaolo, and Co-captain, Mena Lucidi, led Gold Team to victory over Brown Team, captained by Donna Pege and co-cap- tained by Ginger Groff. The final score after the four nights of competition to- taled Gold 71 and Brown 55. "Funky Turtles," led by Tina Giovac- chini, Judy Lagana, and Donna Muccie, captured First Best Event. Gypsy lead- er, Linda Mohr, and co-leader, Pearl Trotto, danced their "Crystal Gazers" to Second Best Event. Third Best Event went to "Rain 2000" whose leader was Lauren Barbero and co-leader, Barbara Connelly. - The "Funky Turtles" also captured First Best Costume which they shared with Lauren Barbero's gymnastic, "Disco Ducks." "Crystal Gazers," a double winner too, shared Second Best Costume with Diane Schroth's gym- nastic, "Cheez Its." Leslie Fowler and Colleen Smith led their "Tropical Tum- blers" to Third Best Costume. Events of the Brown Team which won all four nights were Debbie Henger's dance group "Raggity-Tags," "Cheez lts," gymnastics, and the clowns under the direction of Marianne Strauss, leader, and Natalie Shilkevich, co-leader. Winning every night on Gold Team were Nancy Parichy's "Can Can Girls," "Funky Turtles," Colleen Smith on bal- ance beam, "Bullfighters" led by Cyn- thia DiMatteo and Lisa Migliaccio, and "Crystal Gazers." The 1976 GAA Show, distinguished for strong competition, never lost its tone of friendly rivalry. The co-cap- tains, girls and their parents promoted this refined environment. Also, the GAA Show still retains its original goal - to financially aid SA. Best Costume. The futuristic dance, "Reign 2,000," perform "out of this world." Senior, Linda Ku- drick has expression of joy on her face as "Reign 2,000" sparkles to Third Place Best Event. 111 Student Council Serves As Between Administration, Standing, Louis Arcangelo, SC Vice-President, JoAnne SanPaolo Senior Class Vice-President, Thomas Bren- nan, SC Treasurer, Nancy-Anne Bernard, SC Secretary, surround Michael Tryba, SC President. Student Council consists of elected officers, home- room representatives and those students who show interest in the Council by attending meetings. Council meetings operate on an alternating schedule. One week the officers attend to discuss new ideas and to finalize plans for approved activities. The following week class officers meet with homeroom representa- tives and interested classmates to inform these stu- dents of plans adopted at officers' meeting and to ask for feedback. The Council serves as a liaison between the student body and the administration. It presents proposals for activities and student suggestions to the administration for consideration andfor approval. In addition, the Council plans various activities, such as dances, ice skating parties, etc. The Council also serves the school by collecting absentee slips, by deli- vering guidance and detention slips, by saying prayers and making announcements, and by raising and lower- ing the flag each day. They also help with school pro- jects and initiate services for school and community. Two teacher moderators from each class assist Miss Lois Yencha, SC Moderator, in carrying out the endeav- ors of the Council. Early in May elections for Student Council officers takes place. Students who run for offices may nominate themselves but must have teacher approval to sanction them. As the student-governing body of St. Anthony High School, the Student Council serves an important func- tion as planner, organizer and representative for the student body. Senior Class President Charles Scannella, Senior Class Secretary Susan Shekiro and Louis Arcan- gelo check announcements before using PA. Michele Palmere, Christine Seiler, Margaret Petryshin, Su- san Texany, Diane Barber, Jeanne Wysocki offer hoagies 8001! Dior f X Liaison Student Body 52" they made for the Student Council Hoagie Sale' During the lnduction of the 1976-77 Student Council officers in June 1976, the camera caught Louis Arcangelo as he gave his oath of office. Present were Sister Elizabeth Staudenmeier, principal, and Monsignor McCorristin, director. Student Council Officers - Front Row: Nancy-Anne Bernard, Christine Seiler, Sophomore President, Michele Palmere, Sophomore Secretary, Beverly Broda, Sophomore Treasurer, Mary Beth Candelori, Sophomore Vice-President, Theresa Festa, Freshmen Vice-President. Row 2: Diane Barber, Junior Vice-President, Jeanne Wysocki, Junior President, Susan Texany, Junior Treasurer, Margaret Petryshin, Junior Secretary, Kimberly Gore, Freshmen Secretary, Kim Suydan, Freshman Treasurer. Row 3: John Williams, Freshmen President, JoAnne SanPaolo, Susan Shekiro, Charles Scannella, Michael Tryba. Back Row: Thomas Brennan, Louis Arcangelo. December 21, 1976 marked a memorable first at Saint Anthony's. On that day, through the joint ef- forts ofthe Language and Music de- partments, language students pre- sented an outstanding display of for- eign Christmas customs to the facul- ty and students. The language teachers, under the general direc- tion of department chairman, Mrs. Kathleen Rudolph, familiarized the students of French, German, Span- ish and Latin with the Christmas customs associated with the coun- tries from which each language came. French students, attired in color- ful native costumes, under the direc- tion of Mr. Kevin Sirak, explained French Christmas customs to their audience. They also sang "Vive Le Vents" Uingle Bellsj and 'll Est Ne Le Divin Enfant," a traditional French Christmas carol. Their presentation also included samples of French pas- tries and cheese, along with a poster display. Sr. Cecilia Agnes and Mrs. Brigitte Wagner led the German students in the preparation of a large display complete with over-sized Christmas tree. A narrator for the German classes informed the audience of all the colorful German Christmas cus- toms. The German students demon- strated their Christmas spirit in the singing of "Stille Nachte" CSilent Nighty and "O Tannenbaum" CO Christmas Treej at which time Cwho else butj Santa Claus appeared to wish the audience a Merry Christ- mas. Language, Music Departments Initiate First Christmas Language Fair at St. Anthony High "Adeste Fideles" fills the auditorium as Latin students perform during the Language Fair A X t .49 .Q- 5 c 5 John Fell in toga creates interest in the Christmas Language Fair with announce- ments and commentaries. Students Joseph Phelan, Jo hn Petrilla, and John Jacko contemplate the nativity scene during a Spanish skit. Hail to the king! Latin students Carl Thomas, Scott Warrack, and Robert Adams look on as King of the Saturnalia, Lawrence Goral, is seated upon the stage. Spanish students presented a colorful presentation of Christmas in Spain. Under the leadership of Sr. Margaret Mahoney and Mrs. Patricia Taylor, these students presented a skit which re-enacted a musical play that takes place in Mexico from De- cember 16-24. The Spanish stu- dents then sang "O Sanctissima" CO Holy Onej and "Pedida De Le Posa- da" which follows along with the skit. Mrs. Rudolph and her Latin schol- reproduction of the ancient Roman feast of Saturnalia which took place Q E at about the same time as our s T y Christmas. Latin students dressed in , togas sang the ever-popular "Adeste Fideles" CO Come All Ye Faithfull. The Latin display contained a Satur- nalia tree, a Roman sculpture, var- ious posters and implements of the Saturnalia. A large painting of the god Saturn topped off the Latin dis- play' German students sing out their Christmas spirit as Santa Claus, Douglas Blow, looks on at far right, Rounding out the Christmas pre- sentation were the musical selec- tions of Concert Band and Brass Choir under the direction of Mr. Clif- ford Conover. "A variety of Christ- mas carols by these musicians add- ed much to the beauty of the Lan- guage Fair Presentationf' com- mented one spectator. 115 ars labored to produce an authentic t Editor-ln-Chief, Page Assume For Publication Of The An active staff of journalists work together to prepare THE ANTONIAN, the school paper, for publication and distribution. The editor-in- chief oversees general plans for each issue, and an editor for each of the four pages as- sumes responsibility for his or her page. The staff meets at the beginning of the month to plan the issue. Page editors prepare layouts, compute word counts for each arti- cle, decide on headline size, and arrange for photographs. Page editors then give out as- signments to regular staff writers to cover scheduled activities. In addition, some students handle specific beats for news tips. Typists prepare copy for the printer, and photographers snap shots. The business manager secures advertising from local businesses and the military, and an exchange editor sends out copies to high schools around the country. THE ANTONIAN also has two faculty advisors, Miss Lucine Fa- bian and Sister Grace Pierre. Page One reports upcoming and recent school events, including regular coverage of Student Council activities. The controversial pointfcounterpoint articles on current issues highlight Page Two. Editorials, Corridor Chat- ter, letters to the editor, music reviews, and cartoons complete this page. On Page Three articles relate to class ac- tivities, and accomplishments by individual students. Newsbriefs and club news appear regularly on this page. Seasonal boys' and girls' sports dominate Page Four. On this page also a regular feature, The Mike of the Month, honors an outstanding athlete. Now in its 15th year of publication, each volume comprises five issues. The issue in June becomes the responsibility of the new staff trained in after-school journalism classes. Thus, each staff handles the last is- sue in its Junior Year and first four issues in Senior Year. Adviser, Miss Lucine Fabian, and THE ANTONIAN staffers, John Fell sophomore, and seniors: Donna Pege, Pearl Trotto, Susan Shekiro, Bernadette Weiss and William Keene enjoy reading the paper, "just off the press." Senior photographer, Peter Ziegler, gets a shot of junior Rosemary Ronan, news writer, and seniors: James Pal- mere, sports writer, Michael Barry, ft """ P 'r ,, , , My L. t ii, . . M ,, , . ,,,, ,. ,L ..., ' , . ..,,- ...Wi f -,H ,,,' , ifitkll I ' Seniors Louis Arcangelo, Page Four Editor, Albert Procassini, Page Two Editor, Jane O'Connell, Editor-in-chief, Deborah Henger, Page Three Editor and Nancy-Anne Bernard, Page One Editor choose pictures to use in THE ANTONIAN. Responsibility l Antonian sports writer, Brian McCauley, news writer and Marc Graziano, sports writer for THE ANTONIAN. Junior photographer, Donald Slabicki, surveys room for a good view for his shot for THE ANTONIAN, Senior typists for THE ANTONIAN, Theresa Fleming and Joanne Mrazik, check typing before deadline. In drawing a sketch for Page Two of THE ANTONIAN, seniors Judith DeLucia enjoys her own humor. 117 Corristin lnnovates With Seniors' ln Four Colors, With Wrap-Around Adjusting machine to correct spacing for typing CORRISTIN copy is the concern of Monica Martini and Kathleen Marion. ' Chester Marcinkowski, in search of pointers for designing layout on CORRISTIN, confers with 3R Layout Form Editor, Susan Balkum. Double-Image Linda Mohr looks startled as Kathryn Drake and Geneva Groff find a familiar face in a photo for CORRISTIN. Minerva Lutz, Editor-in-chief of CORRISTIN, looks over the shoulders of Robert Baranyi and Thomas Brennan to see what problems they are having with picture cropping for the CORRISTIN. Pictures Cover Of Rainbow Shortly after the Junior Class had their portraits taken last May, a group of ju- niors Cnucleus of 1977 CORRISTINJ met with the adviser, Sister Grace Pierre, to discuss innovations in the yearbook. This group agreed on four-color portraits and candids for the senior section. ln September, Minerva Lutz, Editor-in- chief, and her Senior Staff of Editors, fi- nalizing the idea of four-color senior por- traits, decided to keep this a surprise for the seniors. Gradually, this "secret" fil- tered outg yet, the staff refused to con- firm rumors. Early in the school year the theme - IMAGES - received general staff approval. Next, when Linda Mohr suggested for the CORRISTIN her graphic photo of a dou- ble-image rainbow, the staff welcomed the picture for reproduction on a wrap- around cover. Between August and March, a dozen staffers kept after-school hours to pro- duce a different book of the pictorial school year. Of these twelve, David DiTil- lio and Susan Balkum were regular in at- tendance, the other members were pre- sent during the period in which their sec- tional assignment were progressing. To unify the theme, Miss Rosemary Tottoroto, Art Teacher, suggested for di- viders sketched white images on black, which she directed her art students on the staff to draw. In-depth copy for each class, sport, and activity detailed picture layout. Typists, Monica Martini, Kathleen Marion, aided by Minerva Lutz and Eliza- beth Conte, typed long hours outside of school to meet all deadlines. Making their last deadline in late March with the spring sports layout and copy, the CORRISTIN staff rested until the arri- val of the yearbooks for distribution in late May - in time for the seniors to enjoy it before their practice days prior to Graduation. Louis Arcangelo, David Di- Tillio and Mark Maloney experiment with Photofit Cpicture cropping devicej for CORRISTIN. David DiTillio, Layout Edi- tor, consults with Sister Grace Pierre, adviser of CORRISTIN, about activi- ties layout. If 'WM " - . . K .kwxb A all Finding the most suitable pictures of the GAA Show for CORRISTIN intrigues Susan Shekiro, Pearl Trotto and Cynthia Palmieri. National Honor Society Enables Members To Begin Lifetime Cf Serv'ce The National Honor Society of SAH school enables the faculty of St. Anthony High School to give recog- nition to outstanding youth. To those students who are chosen for membership, the Honor Society of- fers close association with their outstanding school- mates. The Society offers its members an opportu- nity to begin upon a lifetime of service consonant with their abilities. Eligibility for membership in the society is based on Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character, which are the goals which each member strives to IMAGE. iii ARACTER ll ADERSl-ll? SCHOLARSH P National Honor Society member, School President Michael Tryba, spreads Christmas cheer to residents of Morris Hall. seavice Sister Arlene, moderator of the National Honor Soci ety, looks at the characteristics required for mem bership in society. I Honor Society. Entertainment Committee for Christmas Party at Morris Hall - Seated: Seniors, Albert Procas- sini Kenneth Denti, President John Clyne. Standing: Seniors Cynthia Kascik, Maggie McManus, Margarita Repertorio, Roberta Pek, Deborah Henger, Marisue Wagner, Virginia Fantauzzo, Donna Pege Pearl Trotto. Senior Pearl Trotto, tutoring Sean Me fulfills one of the functions of the Tutors for National Honor Society - Seated: Seniors, Linda Kudrick, Deborah Henger, Michele Bavol, Kathleen Kohut. Standing: Seniors, Linda Trapani, Kathleen Swick, Anne Marie Bednar: Junior Mary Brennan: Senior, Pearl Trotto. Junior Margie Petryshin of NHH serves cake at annual Spaghetti Supper in school cafeteria. The purpose of the Monsignor McCorristin Chapter of the National Honor Society of Sec- ondary Schools is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in all students of St. Anthony High School. Through the direction of Sister Arlene, Reli- gion teacher and NHS moderator, students learn to reach the society's goals. The annual induction ceremony, held in the spring of the year, marks the official start of the National Honor Society activities for the school year. With the election of officers, members begin to organize meetings, pro- grams and activities. Tutoring services, of- fered by the NHS, are available to any student of St. Anthony's. In cooperation with the Parent-Teacher As- sociation, as well as with other school-spon- sored service organizations, the members of the Honor Society assist with the annual Fashion Show Luncheon and with the Spa- ghetti Supper. The Christmas Program pre- sented for the guests at Morris Hall is one of the top priority activities sponsored by the National Honor Society. is Decoration committee for Christmas Party at Mor- ris Hall - Kneeling senior Robert Britschge, Doug- las Schindewolf OBJ, Kevin Quick OBJ. Seated: sen- iors, Treasurer Karen Shive, Secretary Jane O'Con- nell, Vice-President Michele Bavol and President John Clyne. Standing: seniors, Pearl Trotto, Cynthia Kascik, Bernadette Weiss, Maureen Noon, Deborah Henger, Donna Pege, Natalie Shilkevich CSBD, Diane Sagnip OBJ, Maggie McManus CBBJ. ' .lK S,,,.,.,,,,,,. f 5 Four TALISMAN staff members - Karen Shive, Kathryn Drake, Elizabeth Conte and Thomas Petito examine for evaluation entries submitted to 1977 TALISMAN. , 14 if tj, 122 'eau , , ,iii sf wm- XW P V 1 ,kt ' A ft st N . Carolyn Zimmer, literary editor, reads intently in evaluating the writings for Looking through Literary Magazines of other schools, Karen Murphy, the TALISMAN' Editor-in-chief, and Jeanne Ermi, art editor, find new ideas for TALIS- MAN. ln early spring when the trees buds and the bird's on the wing, the TALISMAN staff of seniors compiles and edits the 1977 lM- AGE of this literary magazine for printing. A select student body of aspiring writers and literary con- noisseurs clamor for the pub- lished copies since the 1976 TA- LISMAN merited "First Place" in the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation Contest. A staff of 10, chosen from the senior Creative Writing class, evaluates all entries before the magazine's prepared for publica- tion. Many entries - short sto- ries, essays, poems, sketches and drawings - stem from superior samples of writing done in this class. For the underclassmen an op- portunity to write for the TALIS- MAN occurs when English teach- ers conduct a Writing Contest in their classes in early December of the school year. These teachers determine which writings merit entry into TALISMAN files. Staff members spend the few free hours they have during a With Spring's Return, 1977 Talisman Presents Its New Creations 45- yigy iigu . S Susan Balkum, art edi- tor, consults an art magazine for a con- cept for TALlSMAN's cover. school week to read and evaluate writings. This completed, the Edi- tor-in-chief, Karen Murphy, con- fers with adviser, Sister Grace Pierre, about entries most worthy of appearing in the 1977 TALIS- MAN. The last concern before the fi- nal putting together of the maga- zine involves the TALlSMAN'S theme. The staff finally decided the theme - Bridge - to join the worlds of fantasy and reality. The book's cover illustrates this theme-concept. Peter Ziegler and Grace Dietrich, liter- ary editors, agree on an entry for TA- LISMAN. Z Club Admits Young Women Devoted To Service, International The Z Club of St. Anthony High School ad- mits young women devoted to service and international understanding. This association, sponsored by the Zonta Club of Trenton, is a member club of Zonta International. Membership in the Z Club, limited to 45 members, is offered to young women in the upper three classes of secondary school who IMAGE good character and demonstrate in- terest in the growth and development of their potential capabilities. The objects of the Z Club are to serve the institution with which it is affiliated, to serve the community, to develop leadership in young women in secondary schools, voca- tional and technical schools, colleges, and universities and to promote fellowship and better understanding among all peoples of the world. The Z Club initiates and conducts service projects in three categories: school service, community service, and international service, and requires one major annual project which involves most of its members. Purchasing new books for the library, making holiday fa- vors for residents of Morris Hall, and sponsor- ing an overseas adopted son are the three major projects which fulfill the club's require- ments. A major fund-raising affair lends sup- port to the main undertakings and also to the many smaller services rendered. A Thanksgiving basket for the needy, a Christmas party and Easter egg hunt at Tren- ton Psychiatric Hospital, the collection of bingo prizes for Morris Hall patients, service to the PTA Fashion Show and to the Annual Spaghetti Supper, and assistance at the Zonta-sponsored Flower Sales comprise a sample of the minor services the Z Club girls perform. Mrs. Clara Stefane, moderator, guides the girls with these projects. Understanding Z Club members, Margaret Petryshin QZAJ, Karen Auletta UCD. Michele Bavol QIAJ, Sharon Hoffman C5AJ, Diane Polyak UBJ, Karen McQuillen C6AJ, Bernadette Weiss CQAD work as a team to make favors for Aged at Morris Hall. Donna Pege conducts meeting of Z Club. In front seat, senior Deborah Henger looks across Senior Oficers of Z Club , Kathleen Kohutv treasur- at senior Maureen Noon for confirmation of Donna's proposal. er, Donna Pege, president, Joanne Wieland, secre- ,Ski is .inns ,it da Kern CSDQ Forensics Expands, Competes ln Major Tournaments Under the direction of Sister Theodore and Mrs. Joan Ruddi- man, Forensics at St. Anthony High has expanded this year to include extemporaneous speaking and debate as well as speech events, original oratory, declamation, dramatic and oral interpre- tation. As members of both the Trenton Catholic Forensics League and the newly organized Colonial Valley League, SAH Forensics team actively competes almost every week in an afternoon prac- tice round. These practice sessions before judges give the stu- dents experience which helps prepare them for major tourna- ments, such as the Pennsbury High School Fall and Spring Invita- tionals, the Monteville High School Invitational and the Trenton Catholic Forensics tournaments. The hours of practice did enable the team to win in the final Trenton Catholic Forensics League Tournament held at St. An- thony High, April 2. Nancy-Anne Bernard, winning first place in Original Oratory, represented the League and SAH at the Nation- als in Milwaukee, May 25, 26, 27. St. Anthony High Key Club, mainly a service-oriented club has far-reaching aims. Members implement the 1976-77 theme - Challenge Indifference - by taking part in many services ranging from aiding the Parent-Teacher Association CPTAJ clean-up after their annual fashion show to working with retarded children. Through these projects, the club tries to develop initiative and leadership qualities in its members. This year the Key Club has completed many projectsg namely, aiding PAA at football games, maintaining a current school-events bulletin board, helping at a picnic for senior citizens, assisting PTA, selling candy, working with older retarded children on a bi- weekly basis to show these children someone their own age really cares. These services have caused the Key Club to receive the cita- tion - an outstanding club in New Jersey - from New Jersey District of Key Club International. This award serves as a source of pride to the members of the club who have tried to "Challenge Indifference," and to Mr: John Lally who has moderated them. Key Club Implements Theme 'Challenge Indifference' tary, Bernadette Weiss, vice-president. Moderator of Key Club, Mr. John Lally, stands with some members. Seated: William Keene l5AJ, Thomas Palillo f7AJ, Kenneth Denti f3AJ, John Fell f3CJ, Lawrence Goral C3CJ. Stand ing: David Anama CIAJ, Matthew McClanahan C6Bj, Ronald Denti C3BJ, William Ellis 13Dj Moderators of For ensics, Mrs. Joan Ruddiman and Sis ter Theodore hold a meeting after school with stu dents involved in debating: Denise Magyar CSBJ Re nee Kardos C4CJ Richard Craven C3AJ, Tammy An thony CIDJ, Mary Mydlowski C6BJ Mark La Ferrara CSCJ, Thomas Pe tito UAJ, Nancy Anne Bernard CZAJ Michael Testa CIODJ. Missing from picture is Lin i l Concert and Pep Band Members - Front Row: Lisa Herrera C4DJ, Mary Mydkowski 4683, Thomas Rusnak C8AJ, Kenneth Zola QQBD, Ronald Mattonelli C6AJ, Albert Procassini CSAJ, Grace Dietrich Q3AJ. Middle Row: Debra Sabo CSDJ, Corinne Fiorelli CSDJ, Patricia LeCain QSDD, Frank Constantine C3Aj, John Clyne CSAJ, Donald Olla UDB, Richard Jordan CSAJ, Mary Grace McAndrews f6AJ, Jeffrey Cuiule C3DJ. Back Row: Barbara Cook QZCJ, Craig Aulford CIBJ, Mark Stearle QQDJ, Kurt Born QIBQ, Robert Weber CIODJ, Shawn Roney CSDD, Mr. Clifford Conover, director. Concert, Pep, Folk-Rock Bands Perform At School Functions Folk-Rock Band - Denise Sokowski C8CJ, Barbara Bartlett QICJ, Maggie McManus C6BJ, seated at organ, Cynthia Sakiey C8Cj, Patricia Oberg C6CJ, Mr. Clifford Conover, director, Barbara Burrows QZDJ, Cynthia Margicin CSBJ, Denise Magyor C5Bj Barbara Cook CZCJ. l Mr. Clifford Conover, band director, creates a hand IMAGE as he directs the band for Christmas Language Fair. 126 The bandsmen of "76-77" at St. Antho- ny have been busy and productive group. Under the direction of Mr. Clifford Con- over the concert band, pep band, and folk- rock band flourished, performing fre- quently at school and community func- tions. Members of the concert band practiced constantly in the weeks prior to the Christ- mas holidays. They were preparing to per- form at the school's Language Fair and to record Christmas carols to be broadcast over WBCD-radio on Christmas Day. Mr. Conover also saw to the restoration of the pep band at St. Anthony. The 20- piece musical ensemble cheered on the Iron Mikes at home football games with the team's fight song, BROWN AND GOLD. The idea for this year's new folk-rock band came from two students, Cynthia Margicin C5Bb and Maggie McManus C6BJ. Mr. Conover encouraged the girls in their ambition. They planned to form an organi- zation which would act as a vent for the musical talents of the students. Mr. Con- over gave the band free rein in selecting and arranging original student composi- tion as well as other popular songs. l 1 Mr. Paul Ordog, modera- tor of Photography Club observes as Thomas Barry OBJ shows manipu- lation of Kodak Visual maker to members: Jo- seph Kasimierzczk C4BJ, Joseph Martelloni CSBJ, Grace Dietrich f3AJ, Mark Maloney C6AJ,, Michael Barry CIAJ. Drama Club IMAGES Dramatic Skills: Photographers Learn Aesthetic Principles The Drama Club includes a group of stu- dents who have the desire to IMAGE their creative skills and cultural appreciation of drama. Through various activities, stu- dents learn to develop socially by team- work, cooperation and dependability. Personal growth in acting results through the gaining of poise and confi- dence, improved body coordination and vocal flexibility. Activities consist of body and voice warmups, exercises in strength- ening imagination, oral interpretation and characterization. Games of charades, pan- tomines and improvisations leads mem- bers of the club to IMAGE dramatic per- sonages they admire. Theater trips taken occasionally help students to broaden their theatrical back- ground. Under the direction of Miss Doro- thy Georgiou, moderator, the Drama Club put on a one-act play "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell for the evaluation and enjoyment of students from English classes in Decem- ber, 1976. The photography club is designed to teach photography to anyone who has any determination to learn it. The modera- tor, Mr. Paul Ordog, teaches basics of camera and darkroom work, and then he deviates from the rules and gets into the aesthetic principles of the medium. There is more to photography than pushing a button and popping the exposed film into the mailbox. Photography is a complex medium, notjust mechanical, because the students must recognize the patterns of light and shade, and the potentials of ab- straction and deception. One must study the effects of composition, of circles, of patterns, of squares, of conventions, of perversions, of static, of similarities. To create successful photographs one must have irst a knowledge of the materials and their limitations and then he is free to create what he sees through his mind's eye. The moderator strives to create pho- tographers with more than encyclopedic, knowledge as more and more technical schools are doing. J 4 ln Drama Club Meeting senior Grace Dietrich and Junior Matthew McClanahan give an improvisation for club members. Seated: Mark La Ferrara CSCJ, Karen Candelori C2DJ, Gina Maisto CSCJ, Renee Kardos C4-CJ, Cynthia Sakiey CSCJ, .Denise Magyar CSBQ. Kneeling: Barbara Bartlett CICJ, Deborah Brown CICJ, Mary Brown CICJ, Denise Sokowski C8CJ, Linda Endrezejewski C3Cj. Standing: Richard Jordan f5AJ, and Moderator, Miss Dorothy Georgiou. Representative Group of Ski Club members shiver in the below zero weather of Janu- ary 1977. Front Row: Linda Feldenzer CBBJ, Deborah Henger f4Aj, Donna Pege C7AJ, Mi- chele Laureti QSAJ, Sharon Pesarini f7AJ, Geral Cimbala CZBJ, Patricia Skrajewski f8Bj, Middle Row: Mi- chele Bavol QIAJ, Da- vid DiTillio C3AJ, Bar- bara Carmignani CSAJ, Gina Maisto CSCJ, Vir- ginia Cavella CZCJ. Back Row: Joseph Le- Cain CSCJ, Thomas Barry CIBJ, Louis Ar- cangelo CZAJ, Ronald Chiarello CZCJ, Scott Warrack CQCJ, George Oberance CGCJ, Mark LaFerrara C5CJ, Martin Mainzer C5CJ. lb 9 'Hari' ,fi f0A -1"-J' .A .'wwN,,,,. if Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders from St. Anthony High, shown here with Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle, Bill Dunstan, won the varsity Spirit Award contest, Saturday, December 4, 1976, at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. The contest, sponsored by the Eaglettes, the team's cheering squad, was a fund raiser for leukemia research. The St. Anthony squad defeated 42 other varsity squads to bring home the award. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders - Front Row: Linda Kmetz MCD, Theresa Lee f5CJ, Mary Ann To- masulo QQCJ, Mary Beth Cande- lori QCD, Michele Palmere CCD, Leslie Fowler f3CJ, Back Row: Elizabeth McManimon C6CJ, Pa- tricia Walter CQCJ, Katherine Du- mont C3CJ, Kathleen Delate f3BJ. Cheerleading Involves Psyching Fans For Games St. Anthony's initiates many athletic activities geared for over-all student involvement, among these - cheerleading. Cheerleading involves psyching the fans for a game by promoting support and enthusiasm. A cheerleader performs this duty through her leadership qualities and her out-going personality. Her energetic athletic ability as a gymnist provides a good sense of rhythm and a steady beat for the crowd to follow. All these characteristics set the qualifications needed for an aspiring cheerleader. Qualified cheerleaders play an important role in sport activities in this school. Upon them rests a great re- sponsibility to represent the school well. Their cheers, reflecting this attitude, should be positive, not antago- nistic, in order to create better relations between op- posing supporters. The squad's cheering also reflects the mood of the athletic program by guiding the stu- dent body toward better sportsmanship and by pro- moting school spirit among the fans. These duties of a cheerleader require a properly chosen squad. The choosing of a squad begins with requirements that each girl must meet. All girls in St. Anthony's are eligible for tryouts which usually commence in the spring. Tryouts begin with practice sessions over a peri- od of two weeks followed by a series of "cuts." This leaves a total of fifteen girls per squad who meet these criteria: neat appearance, good voice quality and co- ordination and rhythm in their jumps, cartwheel and split. Varsity Cheerleaders - ln front of squad: Mascot Nancy Palmere, St. Anthony Grade School. Front Row: Karen Britton CIAJ, Elizabeth Pihoken UCD, Barbara Segretario CSBJ, Diane Barber OBJ, Kathleen Kohut C5AJ. Middle Row: Cynthia Barbato CICJ, Diane Chiacchio CZBJ, Cynthia DiMatteo C3AJ, Cecila Gerdes C3CJ. Back Row: Lisa Migliacchio CGAJ, Colleen Smith C8CJ, Luanne Barbato CIBJ, Gina Maisto CSCJ, Erika Wildmann CQBJ. W . g? 'W' n if X Lisa Migliacchio gives a rousing cheer to football squad. Varsity cheerleaders react to a win during a soccer game: Karen Britton Gina Maisto, Kathleen Kohut, Elizabeth Pihoken, Luanne Barbato. Girls On COE Program Spend At SAH, Afternoon At Place Of The COE CCooperative Office Educationj Pro- gram consists of a group of 25 girls who attend St. Anthony High in the morning and then leave school at 12:16 p.m. After signing out in the COE office, the girls depart for their jobs. Some girls work at the State Offices and others, at privately owned businesses. This program gives the girls the opportunity to earn experience as well as money through their jobs. Only a special group of girls may elect COE because they represent the school as well as themselves. The program prepares girls for the outside world. As members of the COE program, the girls have a chance to prove to themselves and others that they are capable of dealing with the reality of the business world. COE has many advantages for the girlsp such as, making new friends, learning about business, earning money and keeping the job when possi- ble. Also each girl receives a grade from her em- ployer which SAH combines with the coordina- tor's, Mrs. Nancy Opsut's grade. The coordinator visits the girls at their places of employment various times during the year. The purpose of these visits is to give the coordinator an opportunity to talk with the supervisor and the girl on the job about problems. Near the end of the school year, the COE group holds a luncheon which proves the girls' apprecia- tion to the businesses for their cooperation in the COE program. Girls in COE Program who work at New Jersey Department of transportation. Helene Didun, Christine Hibbs, Mary Jo Zabicki. These girls in COE Program work at New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Seated: Cynthia Kascik. Cheryl Deworocki. Standing: Barbara Lyden, Joanne Smiegocki, Karen Lawrence, Eileen Mains. V 1 Morning Employment COE Program girls practice filing for work outside of school: Colleen Foley, Annmarie Carlini Rosemary Mangus. -"""-u-.M At New Jersey Department of Labor and lndustry these COE students work after classes at SAH: Arlene Veres, Lisa Lorenzo, Michele Werner, Gina Di Lissio, Christine Bucca, Marie Graziano, Grace Graziano, Rosemarie Bless, Nora Freatis. Distributive EducationCDE5 Includes Students School, Business Employers Ot Local Distributive Education, a cooperative plan of edu cation involving the student, the school and an ap- proved employer from the local business communi ty, prepares students for future careers in Market- ing, Management and Distribution. Mr. John Gal lagher moderates this educational program. The essence of cooperative education involves the maximizing of the satisfaction of student em- ployment needs and at the same time providing the employer with a source of willing workers. Also, it gives the young worker a deep appreciation of the world of work. Each prospective student is interviewed in some detail to determine if his or her career objective is reasonable and within the scope of the program. More importantly, the interview helps the teacher- coordinator match students' career objectives with available employment opportunities in the commu- nity. Once a student gains admission to the program, he begins preparing for his job station employment in school during the morning hours. He studies those skills and competencies necessary for him to succeed in his particular job. Curriculums and relat- ed classroom instruction are then geared in accor- dance with these competencies. The program offers a myriad of possibilities for its student participants. A student receives a full year of experience on-the-jobg he becomes part of the labor force and a willing worker, and he receives valuable training as well as a weekly wage. Community. Moderator of DE Program, Mr. John Gallagher, helps his students arrange a front-hall window display. Students are Lawrence Lathers and Charles Hart. ' All DE Program students help with window display project- Front: John Kowalski, Dennis Maffezzoli, James Gerrity, Lawrence Lathers, Charles Hart, Kathleen Kozma. In the middle of the picture Mr. Gallagher shows how to dress a mannequin. QMissing from the picture are Donna Applegate and Debra Tumilloj. Group of DE students arranging another part of display piece are Robert Figueroa, Ronald Mattonelli, Kathryn Harcar, Kathleen Marion, Maria Natriello. DE Program students in middle of room enjoy dressing mannequin fforwardy for display. Students are Margaret O'NeiII, Victoria Plumeri, Salvatore Damiano, Robert Lertch. Mr. Gallagher helps group in the back of the room. Senior Directory JOANN M. AMODIO CAm.J - St. Joachim: Ski Club 3,41 Gymnastics Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Basketball 1. DAVID G. ANAMA CBionicJ - St. Anthony: Key Club 3,43 Soccer 13 Track 1,21 Cross Country 4. JEFFREY ANGELONI CJeffJ - St. Anthony: Soccer 1. MARGARET M. ANTHEIL CPeggyJ St. Anthony: Drama Club 2,33 Chorus 1,2. LINDA M. APGAR CLinJ - St. Anthony: Z Club 3,42 Drama Club 3,43 GAA Show 2,3,43 Homeroom Rep. 1. DONNA APPLEGATE - Immaculate Conception: Ski Club 1. LOUIS M. ARCANGELO CArkD - St. Anthony: Ski Club 2,33 Key Club 3,43 Corristin 43 Antonian 43 Student Council 43 Prom Committee 3,43 Cross Country 23 Track 1. GABRIEL ARCE CGabeD - Holy Angels: Band 1,2,33 Chess Club 1. SUSAN C. BALKUM CSueJ Church of the Assumption, New Egypt: Jr. Civitan 1,2,33 Z Club 43 Corristin 43 Talisman 43 GAA Show 4. ROBERT BARANYI CBobJ - Holy Angels: Key Club 43 Corris- tin 43 Photography Club 43 Homeroom Rep. 2,3,4. MARY BARBATO CFluffJ - Holy Angels: GAA Show 3,4. MICHAEL BARRY CMikeJ - Holy Angels: Ski Club 1,2,3,43 Key Club 3,43 Photography Club 43 Antonian 43 Tennis Club 3,4. ENZO BARTOLE fEnzoJ - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. MARIA3 IZARTOLI - Immaculate Conception: GAA Show 1,2, , . JAMES BARTOLOMEI Uimj - St. Joachim: Football 13 Ten- nis Club 3,4. MICHELE BAVOL - St. Mary of the Assumption: Tennis Club 33 National Honor Society 2,3,43 GAA Show 2,3. KAREN J. BECKETT CKarenJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Color Guard 1. ANNEMARIE BEDNAR CAnne5 - St. Raphael: GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Tennis Club 33 National Honor Society 2,3,4. NANCY-ANNE BERNARD CNanJ - St. Gregory the Great: Forensics 3,43 Drama Club 33 SEE Club 2,3,4Q Color Guard 1,22 Z Club 2,3,43 Student Council 1,2,3,43 An- tonian 2,3,4Q National Honor Society 2,3,4Q GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 3. JODI BILARDO - St. Raphael: GAA Show 1,2,3,4, Typing Award 3. ROSEMARIE BLESS CRoseJ - Holy Angels: GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q COE 43 Steno Award 33 Typing Award 3. WOLFGANG H. BOGACZ CWolfieJ - St. Stanislaus. KATHY ANN BORICS CChickJ - St. Stephen: MCVS 4. DIANE MARY BRACONI St. Joachim: GAA Show 2,43 MCVS 43 Steno Award 3. CAROL M. BRAUNSTEIN - Immaculate Conception: GAA Show 23 MCVS 4. THOMAS C. BRENNAN CClawsj - St. Anthony: Key Club 43 Student Council 2,3,43 Antonian 3,43 Football 1,2,3,4Q Track 1,3,43 Corristin 4. VINCENT BRENNAN - Immaculate Conception. ROBERT S. BRITSCHGE CBobJ - Holy Angels: National Honor Society 2,3,4. KAREN MARIE BRITTON CKarenJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Cheerleading 1,2,3,4. BERNARDINE BROZENA CBernJ - St. Stanislaus. WILLIAM BRUSCHINI QWilburJ - St. Joachim. CHRISTINE BUCCA CChrisJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,43 COE 4. MAiRgA3NNA BUTERA CMarianJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show MARY L. cALoERoNE - st. Raphael: GAA show 1,2,3,4. MARK CALLAHAN CCalJ - St. Joachim: MCVS 3,41 Base- ball ,4. CAROL CAMERA - St. Joachim: Ski Club 3,43 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Softball 1. NANCY ELIZABETH CAMERON CNancyb - St. Mary of the Assumption: GAA Show 3,4. DIANE CAPRARIO CDD - St. Raphael: Color Guard 1,22 Ski Club 23 Drama Club 1,2,3,4Q Prom Committee 33 Cross Country 3,4. ANN MARIE CARLINI CAnnieJ - St. Joachim: GAA Show 23 COE 43 Typing Award 3. BARBARA A. CARMIGNANI CBirdJ - St. Joachim: Ski Club 3,43 Gymnastics Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3,4. CYNTISIIQ E. CARR CCindyJ - Holy Angels: GAA Show 1,2, , . PAi'RlClA CARTILDGE CPattyJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show ,2,4. EUGENE CASCONE fHoochD - St. Joseph: Ski Club 2,3,4Q Student Council 2,31 Football 1,2,3,4Q Track 2,3. JOSEPH CELINSKI CJoeJ - St. Raphael: Cross Country 13 Baseball 13 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Soccer 3,4. GUY CHIARELLO CGizzyJ - St. Joachim: Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4. JOHN ANTHONY MARCELOUS CHIARELLO fNanub - St. Joachim: Ski Club 33 Track 2,33 Football 3. MARY ORYSIA CHOMIAK CMaryJ - St. Stanislaus: GAA Show 1,3,4. DONNA MARIE CLANCY CDonnaJ - St. Michael: Gymnastic Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3. ROBERT J. CLEARY CBobJ - St. Anthony: Chess Club 1,23 Tennis Club 3,43 SEE Club 13 Cross Country 2,43 Basket- ball 1. JOHN CLYNE CJohnJ - St. Vincent de Paul: Key Club 3,43 Antonian 43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Marching Band 1,2,33 Concert Band 2,3,4: Stage Band 2,3,4. FRANK CONSTANTINE CGuntherj - St. Joachim: Concert Band 2,3,43 Stage Band 2,3,43 Marching Band 2,3,4. ELIZABETH CONTE CBinJ - St. Joachim: Talisman 43 GAA Show 1,2,33 Student Council 3,43 Shorthand Award 33 Corristin 4. DENNIS COOK - Holy Angels: Chorus 1,2,3. ELAINE MARIE COOPER CCoopJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Drama Club 1,2. MICHAEL COSMA CMikeJ - St. Raphael: Cross Country 13 Track 2,3,43 Soccer 2,3,4. LINDA M. COX CWeazJ - St. Raphael: Ski Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,4. VINCENT COZZOLINO CMoshJ - St.Joachim: Football 1,3,4 RICHARD A. CRAVEN QRichJ - St. Gregory the Great: Foot- ball 43 Track 43 Antonian 4. JOHN G. DAILY CJackj - St. Anthony: Cross Country 3,4. LYNNE M. DAMIANO fTurtleJ - St. Joachim: Student Council 13 Gymnastics Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3,4. SALVATORE J. DAMIANO Ill CSalJ - St. Joachim: Cross Country 4. JUDITH A. DELUCIA Uudyj - St. Anthony: Drama Club 13 Z Club 2,3,4: Twirlers 2,43 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Antonian 4. JOSEPH D. DELVECCHIO - St. Raphael: Football 3. KENNETH M. DENTI CDentJ - St. Mary, Bordentown: Key Club 3,4,3 Antonian 43 National Honor Society 2,3,4. VITO L. DEPAUL - St. Anthony: Key Club 43 MCVS 3,4. DONNA DESIMONE - St. Raphael. CHERYL ANN DEWOROCKI - St. Stanislaus: COE 43 Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,43 GAA Show 3. TERESA DIBENEDETTO - Our Lady of Sorrows: GAA Show 2,3. ROBERT J. DIBRACCIO CBochJ - St. Stephen: Key Club 3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,4. HELENE ANN DIDUN - St. Mary of the Assumption: COE 43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 GAA Show 3,42 Cheer- leading 13 Steno Award 3,43 Typing Award 33 Cheerlead- 'n 1 I g . GRACE CLARE DIETRICH CGrace Slickj - St. Anthony: Z Club 3,43 AV Club 3,41 Student Council 1,23 Drama Club 3,43 Talisman 43 Marching Band 1,2,3,4Q Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Stage Band 3,42 GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Prom Com- mittee 3,4. GINA DILISSIO - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,43 COE 43 Steno Award 3. CYNTHIA M. DIMATTEO CCyndij - St. Joachim: Ski Club 3,42 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Cheerleading 3,4. DAVID JOHN DITILLIO QTulJ - St. Joachim: Ski Club 43 Corristin 43 Track 1,2,3,43 Cross Country 43 Football 1. MARK S. DOCIE CBuzzJ - St. Raphael: Soccer 2,3,43 Track 3,4. KATHLEEN DOLAN CMunchkinJ - St. Raphael: GAA Show 2,4. GLEN HENRY DOMBROWSKI - St. Raphael: Cross Coun- try 1,43 Soccer 33 Track 2,3,4. MARY-ALICE DOYLE CMareD - St. Raphael: SEE Club 3,43 Color Guard 13 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Antonian 4. KATHRYN A. DRAKE CKathyJ - St. Mary, Bordentown: Drama Club 1,23 Z Club 2,3,43 Corristin 43 GAA Show 4. KATHLEEN DRIBER CKathyJ - St. Anthony: Gymnastics Club 3,43 Drama Club 1. DONNA MARIE DUFFEY CDuffj - St. Stanislaus: Ski Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3. EDWARD J. DZU RANIN CBig Edj - St. Mary of the Assump- tion: Key Club 43 VICA Rep. 3,43 Student Council 13 Baseball 1,22 Football 3,43 MCVS 3,4. CHARLENE M. EDWARDS CCharJ - Holy Angels: GAA Show 3. CATHERINE ELMER CCathyJ - St. Joseph: SEE Club 2,3,43 GAA Show 2,3,43 Student Council 43 Forensics 23 Prom Committee 33 Marching Unit 2. JEANNE MARIE ERMI Ueanniej - St. Raphael: National Honor Society 1,2,33 GAA Show 1,2, 3,43 Chorus 13 Basketball 23 Softball 1,23 Talisman 4. ORSOLA MARIA FALVO CUrsJ - St. Joachim: Ski Club 3,43 GAA Show 2,3. VIRGINIA FANTAUZZO CGinnyj - St. Joachim: SEE Club 2,33 Marching Band 1,2,33 Concert Band 1,2,3Q Nation- al Honor Society 2,3,43 Student Council 23 Prom Com- mittee 33 GAA Show 2,3,4. KEVIN FARLEY CFarJ - St. Anthony: Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 3,4. ANTHONY FASANELLA l,FasJ - Holy Angels., RObBiRiI'2DAFlGUEROA CFigJ - St. Mary's Cathedral: Foot- a , , . BERNADETTE FINK CBernieJ - Holy Angels: Z Club 23 Ju- nior Civitan 23 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Typing Award 33 Steno Award 3. CYNTHIA FISHER CCindyJ - Holy Angels: VICA Rep. 3,43 GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Twirlers 1,2,43 MCVS 3,4. SHARON ANN FLAVIN CSharJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Homeroom Rep. 1,2. TERESA A. FLEMING CTereJ - St. Raphael: Ski Club 2,3,43 Tennis Club 2,33 GAA Show 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,33 Softball 1,2,3,43 Antonian 4. . COLLEEN ANN FOLEY CCOIJ - St. Joachim: Z Club 33 Marching Band 13 GAA Show 1,3,4Q COE 4. KRISTINE M. FRASCELLA CKrisJ - St. Anthony: Twirlers 1,2,43 GAA Show 2. NORA FREATIS - Holy Angels: Student Council 13 GAA Show 33 COE 4. BERNADETTE GAUGHAN CBernJ - Immaculate Concep- tion: Ski Club 2,33 Gymnastics Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Softball 43 Track 1. CHRISTOPHER J. GERDES CGertJ - St. Joachim: National Honor Society 2,3,4Q Football 13 Soccer 2,3. JAMES D. GERRITY CJimJ - St. Raphael. JAMES A. GIAQUINTO CChicoJ - Immaculate Conception: Baseball 1,2. KATHLEEN GIAQUINTO CKathyJ - St. Raphael: SEE Club 2,33 GAA Show 2,3,4. MIEIQELLE GILBERT CGiIbertJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show TINA MARIE GIOVACCHINI CTD - St. Anthony: GAA Show 3,4. WILLIAM GOLDEN fGoldenJ - St. Anthony: Football 1,2,3,4Q MCVS 3,4. GRACE GRAZIANO - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,43 COE 4. MARC ANTHONY GRAZIANO CGrazJ - St. Gregory the Great: Antonian 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q Soccer 1,2,3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4. MARIE GRAZIANO - St. Anthony: GAA Show 2,3,43 COE 4. SHARON LYNN GREGORIO QShaJ - St. Anthony: Z Club 3,43 Student Council 1,2,33 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 MCVS 4. GENEVA BRIDGET GROFF CGingerJ - Holy Cross: Corristin 43 GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Homeroom Rep. 13 Cheerleading 13 Softball 23 Track 2,3,4Q Cross Country 3,4. HELEN ANN HALAJDIDA - St. Mary of the Assumption: Gymnastics Club 3,43 Tennis Club 33 Drama Club 1,22 Z Club 43 Chorus 13 Prom Committee 33 GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Softball 23 National Honor Society 2,3. JACKIE HANN - Westminster Presbyterian: GAA 1,2,33 MCVS 3,4. JILL MARIE HANUSCHIK CJIIIJ - St. Mary, Bordentown: Ski Club 23 GAA Show 2,3. KATHRYN ALICE HARCAR fKathJ - St. Stanislaus: GAA Show 3. CHARLES HART CBudJ - St. Gregory the Great: Football 1,3,4. MARIE HATRAK CMarieD - St. Mary: Naional Honor Society 1,2,3Q GAA Show 1,2,3,4. DEBORAH C. HENGER fDebbieJ - St. Raphael: Z Club 2,3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Talisman 23 Anton- ian 2,3,43 Ski Club 2,3,43 GAA Show 1,2,3,43 Twirler 1,2,3,43 Student Council 2. ROBERTA HERRERA CBobbiej - St. Anthony: Majorettes 1,2,3,43 Chorus 1,2,33 GAA Show 2,3,43 Pep Club 2. CHRISTINE HIBBS CChris7 - St. Raphael: Jr. Civitan 13 Gymnastics Club 3,42 GAA Show 2,43 COE 43 Softball 23 Steno Award 33 Typing Award 2. SHARON L. HOFFMAN CSharJ - St. Stanislaus: Z Club 2,3,43 GAA Show 2,3,4. MARY C. HOUGH CMary5 - St. RaphaeI:GAA Show 2,3. JOHN HUTTON CJohnj - St. Anthony: Football 13 MCVS 3.4. MARK A. HVASTA St. Raphael: Key Club 43 Cross Country 3,41 Tennis Club 3,4. MARY JACKO - St. Mary of the Assumption: National Honor Society 2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4Q GAA Show 23 Cross Country 43 Track 4. ANDREA JANSCO CAndiJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,4. ROBERT M. JARONI JR. CBobJ - Immaculate Conception: Baseball 2,3. MARIA JASKIR CMarieJ - St. Josaphat: National Honor Society 2,33 GAA Show 3.4. RAYMOND JENKINS lLittIe .lj - St. Anthonv: MCVS 3,4. WAYNE J. JOHNSON - St. Anthony: Cross Country 43 MCVS 3,4. CYNTHIA JORDAN CCindyJ - Immaculate Conception: Jr. Civitan 1,21 SEE Club 33 GAA Show 2,42 Marching Band 1. RICHARD L. JORDAN JR. CChopsJ - Immaculate Concep- tion: AV Club 33 Drama Club 3,41 Marching Band 1,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Stage Band 3,4. KAREN F. KALUZNY CKareJ - Immaculate Conception: MCVS 4. CYNTHIA ANN KASCIK CCindyJ - St. Anthony: Z Club 3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,4Q Antonian 33 Student Council 33 Homeroom Rep. 13 GAA Show 2,3,4Q COE 43 Typing Award 2,33 Steno Award 3. JOHN M. KAZIMIERCZYK QKazJ - St. Anthony: Photogra- phy Club 33 MCVS 3,4. WILLIAM A. KEENE CBiID - Our Lady of Sorrows: Key Club 3,43 Chess Club 1,2,33 Antonian 3,43 Tennis Team 3,43 Cross Country 2,3,43 Talisman 4. THERESA KOHLMAYER CTraceeJ - St. Anthony: SEE Club 33 GAA Show 1,2,3,4Q Drill Team 1,23 Typing Award 3. KATHLEEN KOHUT CCokeJ - St. Mary of the Assumption: Z Club 3,43 National Honor Society 2,3,4Q Cheerleading 1,2,3,4Q GAA Show 2,3,4. JULIA KOLESAR CJulieJ - St. Anthony: Drama Club 1,33 GAA Show 1,2,3,4. THOMAS J. KOVAL JR. CTom Weedj - Immaculate Con- ception: MCVS 3,4. JOHN J. KOWALSKI Uackb - Holy Cross. LEONA KOZICZ CStarskyJ - St. Joachim: GAA Show 3. KATHLEEN KOZMA CKozJ - St. Anthony. ILIADA KOZOMPOLIS CLindaJ - St. George: GAA Show 3,4. ROBERT KRECICKI CBobJ - St. Raphael: Key Club 43 MCVS 3,4. CYNTHIA C. KROL CCindyJ - Holy Cross: Jr. Civitan 23 Homeroom Reb. 23 GAA Show 1,3,4. LINDA M. KUDRICK - St. Raphael: Z Club 3,41 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Color Guard 1,23 GAA Show 1,2,3,4. JUDITH A. LAGANA fJudyj - St. Anthony: GAA Show 3,4. MARY ANN LANGAN CMareJ - St. Anthony: SEE Club 3: Jr. Civitan 1,2: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Drill Team 1,2. MICHAEL F. LANGAN CO'MikeJ - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. MATTHEW LARKIN CMert Lerkinj - St. Anthony: Antonian 2,3,4: National Honor Society 2,3,4. LAWRENCE L. LATHERS CLarryD - St. James. MICHELE LAURETI CMicheleJ - St. Joachim: Ski Club 3: GAA Show 2,3. KAREN MARIE LAWRENCE CNIXQ - St. Stanislaus: Tennis Club 3: GAA Show 3,4: COE 4. BETHANN LEE CBig Eyesj - St. Joachim: Color Guard 1,2: Twirler 2,3,4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4. ROBERT LERTCH CLertchJ - St. Anthony: Football 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL LIHVARCIK CVarJ - St. Basil: Key Club 3,4: Pep Club 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1: Track 1,2,3. THOMAS LIPSKI CLipJ - St. Raphael. ANGELA LONGO CAngelJ Immaculate Conception: Ski Club 3: GAA Show 1,2,3. LISA LORENZO - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,3,4: COE 4. PHILOMENA ANN LUCIDI CMenaD - St. Joachim: Ski Club 2,3,4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Cross Country 4. VICTOR LUKASEWYCZ CLukeJ - St. Raphael: Key Club 4: Ski Club 4. KATHERINE LUNA - Holy Cross. MINERVA MARIE LUTZ CMinervaJ - St. Mary, Bordentown: Chorus 1: Corristin 4. BARBARA LYDEN - Holy Angels: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: COE 4: Softball 3: Steno Award 3: Typing Award 2,3. CHRISTINE MACCARONI CChrissyJ - Immaculate Concep- tion: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: MCVS 3,4: Cheerleading 1. DENNIS R. MAFFEZZOLI CMaffJ - St. Joachim: Basketball 1. EILEEN M. MAINS CED - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Student Council 1,2: COE 4: Steno Award 3: Typing Award 2,3. MARK B. MALONEY CMaloneJ - St. Anthony: Jr. Civitan 2: Key Club 3,4: Student Council 2,3: Corristin 4: Football 1: Track 1,2: Cross Country 3,4. MICHAEL MALONEY CMaIoneJ - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: Baseball 2. ROSEMARY MANGUS CRoeJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA Show 1,3,4: COE 4. J. THOMAS MANUGUERRA CMannyJ - St. Anthony: Foot- ball 1,2,3,4: Track 1,2,3,4. JOANNE MARAZZO CJOD Immaculate Conception: GAA Show 2,3,4: Prom Committee 4. CHESTER MARCINKOWSKI CChetJ - Holy Cross: Key Club 4: Tennis Club 3,4: Corristin 4. MARK MARINAN CMarkD - St. Raphael: Key Club 3,4: Na- tional Honor Society 3,4: Chess Club 1,2: Math Club 4: Antonian 2,3: Golf Club 1,2,3,4: Soccer 2,3: Cross Country 4: Science Award 1: Math Award 2,3. KATHLEEN A. MARION CMarj - St. Raphael: Drama Club 1: Z Club 2: Corristin 4: National Honor Society 2,3,4. MONICA MARTINI CMonicaJ - Our Lady of Sorrows: Na- tional Honor Society 2,3,4: Corristin 4: GAA Show 2. MARK MASIELLO CMazD - St. Anthony: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Football 1. MICHELLE MASON CMech5 - St. Anthony: Ski Club 1,2,3,4: VICA Remo. 4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: MCVS 4. ROBERT ATTONELLI CMatl - Holy Angels: Chess Club 1: Concert Band 2,3,4: Stage Band 2,3,4. RONALD JOSEPH MATTONELLI CFat Matty - Holy Angels: Concert Band 1,2,3,4: Marching Band 1,2,3,4: Music Award 3. MARY GRACE MCANDREW CMaryj - Our Lady of Sorrows: Jr. Civitan 1,2,3,4: Z Club 3,4: Concert Band 1,2,3,4: Marching Band 1,2,3,4 Stage Band 3,4. BRIAN C. MCCAULEY fWhiterJ - St. Mary, Bordentown: Chess Club 1,2: Key Club 4: Marching Band 1,2,3: Con- cert Band 1,2,3: National Honor Society 3,4: Antonian 4. THOMAS MCDONOUGH CMacJ - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. JOANNE MCGOUGH CJOJ - St. Raphael: GAA Show l,2,3: National Honor Society 2: Softball 1,2,3. NOREEN A. MCGOVERN - St. Raphael: GAA Show 1,2,3,4. PAUL F. MCGOWAN - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. KAREN L. MCQUILLEN CMikkiJ - SS. Peter and Paul: Z Club 2,3,4: National Honor Society 2,3,4: GAA Show 4: Bas- ketball 2,3,4: Softball 1,2,3,4. MICHELE MARIE MERSHON CMishJ - Immaculate Concep- tion. MADELENE MICKNICZ CMatJ - St. Stanislaus. LISA J. MIGLIACCIO CLeeD - St. Joachim: Ski Club 2,3,4: Gymnastics' Club 2,3:GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Cheerleading 4, ARTEMIS MILONAS CArtJ - St. George Greek Orthodox. TOIRIE IQILLER CToraballsD - Holy Angels: GAA Show ,2,3, . GERIANN MIRABELLI CBurr Headj - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,4. LINDA EILEEN MOHR - St. Raphael: Corristin 4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Student Council 2,3: Prom Committee 3: Soft- ball 1: Cheerleading 1. PATRICIA ANNETTE MONTI CPattiJ - Holy Angels: GAA Show 1,2,3,4. ALFRED L. MOTTOLA CAD - St. Anthony: Chess Club 1,2. JOANNE M. MRAZIK CJOJ - St. Raphael: Jr. Civitan 2,3,4: National Honor Society 2,3,4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: An- tonian 4. DONNA MARIE A. MUCCIE CDoughnutJ - St. Joachim: Ski Club 3: Gymnastics Club 2,3: GAA Show 2,3,4: Student Council l,2,3: Track 1. CECELIA JOAN MULRYNE CCeilJ - St. Raphael: Ski Club 1,2,3,4: Tennis Club 2,3: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Softball 1,2,3,4. DAVID W. MURDZA Ury - St. Anthony: Football 1,2,3,4: Track 1: Basketball 1,2,3. KAREN ANN MURDZA fMurdieJ - St. Joachim: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Basketball 1. DEBRA ANN MURL CMurlJ - St. Anthony: Drama Club 1,2: Ski Club 4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Color Guard 1,2,3,4: Homeroom Rep. l,2,3: Student Council 1. KAREN MURPHY CMurfj - St. Gregory the Great: Talisman 4: GAA Show 4: Typing Award 1. PHYLLIS A. MURRAY CPhilJ - St. Anthony: Z Club 3: Ski Club 2,3,4: Gymnastics Club 2: GAA Show 1,2,3,4. KAREN NALBONE - Holy Angels: GAA Show 1,2,4. MARIA A. NATRIELLO CMariaJ - Immaculate Conception: Photography Club 3: GAA Show 1,2,3,4. NGUYEN THANH TUYEN CPeterJ - Sacred Heart. PATRICK G. NOCERA CPatb - St. Joachim: Student Council 1: Football 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA A. NOLAN CPattiJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA Show 1,2,3,4. MAUREEN ELIZABETH NOON CMaurJ - Immaculate Con- ception: Z Club 2,3,4: National Honor Society 2,3,4. PATRICIA NORTHEY CPattiJ - St. Joachim: COE 4: Typing Award 2,3. REGINA NORTON Ueaniej - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,3. DANIEL OBERDING CDannyJ - St. Anthony: SEE Club 1,2. JANE F. O'CONNELL - St. Raphael: Student Council 2,3: Photography Club 2,3: National Honor Society 2,3,4: Antonian 3,4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4. MARGARET A. O'NEILL CPeggyJ - Holy Angels: Homeroom Rep. 1: GAA Show 1,2. THOMAS F. PALILLO CTomj - Our Lady of Sorrows: Key Club 3,4: Tennis Club 3,4: Chess Club 1,2: Cross Coun- try 2,3,4: Track 2. JAMES S. PALMERE CDukeJ - St. Anthony: Tennis Club 2,3,4: Soccer 1,2,3,4: Baseball 1,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4. CYNTHIA PALMIERI CCindyJ - Immaculate Conception: Student Council 3: Corristin 4: Antonian 4: Prom Com- mittee 3,4: National Honor Society 2,3,4: Softball 2,3,4: GAA Show 2,3,4. JOSEPH J. PALOMBI CJoe Budj - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. DAVID PANFILI CPanJ - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. JAMES PARRISKI CJimJ - Holy Angels: Chess Club 1: Marching Band 2: Stage Band 2,3,4: Concert Band 2,3,4: Pep Band 4: Football 1: Baseball 2. JAMES M. PATERSON CJimJ - St. Anthony: AV Club 3,4: Stage Band 1,2,3,4: Concert Band 1,2,3,4: Marching Band 1,2: Pep Band 3,4. JOANNE PATYKULA CJQJ - St. Hedwig: SEE Club 3: Gym- nastics Club 3,4: GAA Show 1,2,3,4: Drill Team 1,2. BRENDA K. PAYNE CHutchJ - St. Joachim: GAA Show 2,3. DONNA MARIE PEGE - Immaculate Conception: Student Council 2,3,45 GAA Show 2,3,45 Z Club 2,3,45 Antonian 1,2,3,45 Drill Team 1,25 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Ski Club 2,3,4. ROBERTA PEK - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Z Club 2,3,4. SHARON PESARINI fPesJ - St. Joachim: Ski Club 35 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading 1. THOMAS V. PETITO CAdolphJ - St. Anthony: Forensics Club 1,45 Jr. Civitan 25 Chess Club 25 Talisman 4. WILLIAM PFAFF CBIIIJ - Immaculate Conception: MCVS 3,4. ROCCO L. PICCIOLO CRockj - Immaculate Conception: Baseball 1,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,4. DEBORAH PLATT CDebbieJ - St. Raphael: GAA Show 1,2,3,45 MCVS 3,4. VICTORIA PLUMERI CVickiJ - St. Anthony. DEBORAH L. POLIZIANA CDebbieJ St. Joachim: Ski Club 1,2,3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 GAA Show l,2,3,4. GEORGE MICHAEL PREGG JR. - St. Stephen: MCVS 3,4. ALBERT L. PROCASSINI CAD - St. Mary, Bordentown: Chess Club 15 Marching Band 3,45 Stage Band 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Math Club 45 Antonian 4. RAYMOND A. PYONTEK CRayJ St. Raphael: Football 45 Golf Club 2,3,4. DAVID REEDY CSacJ - St. Vincent de Paul: Football 35 Track 4. MARGARITA ANN REPERTORIO CMarJ - St. Anthony: Z Club 2,3,45 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Student Council 2,35 MCVS 4. LAURE ANN RICHARSON CLarJ - St. Anthony: Drama Club 1,25 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Steno Award 3. EDIWQFSD RODGERS CEddieJ - Holy Angels: Cross Country MARY ALICE RONAN CMaryJ - St. Anthony: Jr. Civitan 2,35 Drama Club 2. THOMAS C. RUSNAK CTomJ - St. Stanislaus: AV Club 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL A. RUSSO CRuseJ - Holy Angels: MCVS 3. PATRICIA MARIE RUSSO CPattyJ - St. Anthony: Prom Committee 45 Student Council 3,45 GAA Show l,2,3,4. DONNA SABOL CSabolJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA Show 2,3,4: MCVS 4. BRIAN D. SAKOWSKI CBrianJ - St. Raphael: Football 2,3,4. CASIMIERA SAMOJEDNY CCathyJ - Holy Cross: GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Softball 1,2. ROBBEIZTZSEEANDOR CBobJ - St. Mary, Bordentown: Stage an , . JOANNE SAN PAOLO - St. Joachim: GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading 1,25 Student Council l,2,3,4. JOSEPH SANTORSIERO CNaiIsJ - St. Anthony: Football 2,3,45 Track 3,4. CHARLES SCANNELLA CChazJ - St. Joachim: Forensics 45 Antonian 35 Student Council 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 45 Track 4. SUSAN SCHAIBLE CSueJ - St. Raphael: Ski Club 45 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Softball 4. GREGORY SCHROTH CGregJ - St. Raphael: Baseball 2,3,4. BONNIE MARIE SEAMAN CBonJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Steno Award 35 MCVS 4. DONNA MARIE SERENELLI QB.T. Madwomanj - Immacu- late Conception: VICA Rep. 45 Ski Club 3,45 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Softball 45 MCVS 4. JANET SESSA Uanetj - St. Anthony. SUSAN SHEKIRO CSueQ - St. Raphael: Antonian 45 Corris- tin 45 Student Council 2,3,45 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,4. KAREN SHIVE - St. Raphael: Photography Club 35 Talis- man 45 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Homeroom Rep. 2,3. MICHAEL T. SHVERHA CMikeJ - St. Mary, Bordentown: Key Club 45 Antonian 45 Baseball 1,3,4. JOANNE SMIEGOCKI - Holy Cross: COE 4. JObHIf: SNYDER CSnitzelJ - St. Anthony: Track 15 Foot- a . ANDREA B. SOLTESZ CAngeJ - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1. FRANK SORCE -St. Stanislaus: Baseball 2,3. MARTIN J. SPEHAR CMartyJ - Our Lady of Sorrows: Track 1,2,3,45 MCVS 3,4. PAUL STANTON CTexJ St. Raphael: Golf Club 25 National Honor Society 1,2,35 Football 3. REGINA STRONG CTidgeJ - St. Anthony: SEE Club 35 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Drill Team 1,2. JEANETIE M. SUDER Ueannettej - St. Raphael: GAA Show 1,2,3,45 MCVS 3,4. I ROBERT J. SWEM CBobD - St. Anthony: Soccer 15 Baseball 1. KATHLEEN SWICK - St. Anthony: National Honor Society 2,3,45 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Color Guard 1. JOHN C. SZUCSIK - St. Stephen: Chess Club 15 Marching Band 1. LEONHARDT G. TASCIONE CLenJ - St. Anne: Football 2,3,4. LUCINDA MARIE TIEDEMANN CCindyJ - St. Raphael: Cho- rus 1,2. LINDA TRAPANI - St. Stanislaus: Jr. Civitan 25 Z Club 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. THOMAS P. TREPTOW CPatJ - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. PEARL TROTTO CWicked Pearly - Immaculate Conception: Corristin 45 Antonian 45 Prom Committee 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Softball 1,2,3,45 GAA Show l,2,3,4. MICHAEL TRYBA CTrybJ - St. Anthony: Student Council 45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Football 15 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 15 Soccer 2,3,4. DEBORAH TUMILLO CDebJ - Immaculate Conception: GAA Show l,2,3,4. CHERYL VALENZA fCherylJ - Immaculate Conception: VICA Rep. 45 GAA Show 2,45 Track 2. MARYANN VALENZA CMare7 - Holy Angels: MCVS 4. DOREEN VALERI - St. Anthony: Student Council 1. GERTRUDE VAN REYMERSDAL CGertJ - Immaculate Con- ception: GAA Show 1,2. SHARON VENTURA fventurab - St. Joachim: GAA Show 2,3,4. ARLENE VERES - Holy Cross: National Honor Society 2,3,45 COE 4. MICHAEL VOLK CMikeJ - St. Gregory the Great. ERIC WAGNER CEricJ - St. Anthony: Soccer 1,2,35 MCVS 3,4. MARISUE WAGNER CRedJ - St. Raphael: Marching Unit 1,2,35 Twirlers 1,2,35 National Honor Society 2,3,4, GAA Show l,2,3,4. MARY LYNNE WALTER CLynneJ - St. Anthony: Jr. Civitan 25 Student Council 25 GAA Show 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading 1. FRANCES J. WEBER CFranJ - Holy Cross: GAA Show 3,4. CHARLES WEINHOFER CCharlieJ - St. Anthony: MCVS 3,4. BERNADETTE M. WEISS CBernJ - Immaculate Conception: Jr. Civitan 2,35 Z Club 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Antonian 4. MICHELE WERNER - St. Stanislaus: COE 4. JOANNE WIELAND CJOJ - Immaculate Conception: Jr. Civi- tan 1,25 Z Club 3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,4. DEBORAH WOOD CDebbieJ - St. Raphael : Jr. Civitan 2,35 Z Club 3,4. BEVERLY WUENSCH CBevb - St. Anthony: GAA Show 1,25 Cheerleading 1,2. LISA WYSZYNSKI - Holy Angels: Drama Club 1,25 Tennis Club 35 GAA Show 4. MIZRY JO ZABICKI fMareJ - St. Raphael: COE 4: GAA Show PETER ZIEGLER CRobert-Davidl - St. Anthony: Photogra- l-Fha' Club 35 Antonian 45 Talisman 4. I E ESA E. ZIELINSKI CTerryJ - St. Stanislaus: National Honor Society 4. CAROLYN ZIMMER - St. Raphael: Jr. Civitan 1,25 Talisman 45 GAA Show 2,4. With Images Of inbetween - r 'We stand: s We sit, Mouthing words to Nameless songs, Yearning for and shrinking from The final trip to the beginning. - Grace Dietrich '77 'l ff' In Memory Of Mrs. Margaret Huddy Mrs. Margaret Huddy, librarian-clerk, died suddenly in the late afternoon of March 31, 1977 at Mercer Medical Center. Having sustained a fall in the school parking lot after leaving the building at 3 p.m., she went to the Medical Center with a school nurse, Mrs. Frances O'Connell, for treatment. While still in the clinic, she unexpectedly died. In the school library, Mrs. Huddy served St. Anthony High since September 1972. She had until that time been a member of the Cathedral High School Staff. When Cathedral closed in June 1972, she chose to assume a position in SAH library. Although her main function in the library was typist, she never hesitated to help teachers and students find books. Her gracious smiling service, as well as her devotion to the Holy Eucharist, leaves a lasting impression. Autographs Phgtggraphy by Original Photograph Hamilton Studio of cover by Lunda Mohr ...mum un uv-mx f N A nm A J,.,,,, .?fpL.,..L.,

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