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11 I 1 The Yearbook Staff and the Senior Class present the 1974 CURRISTIN: a pictorial essay in TRANSITION SAINT ANrHoNY cuool if-f fX'fs In a predominantly technological era, society requires highly-trained people to meet its needs. St. Anthony High School, like all its academic coun- terparts, strives to meet such stringent and ever- changing requirements. Change during this academic year is evident even to the casual observer-a new principal, a new diocesan superintendent of schools, new teachers, ti W... -..N s 331 - 3 ews +155- new courses, and new ideas. In brief, St. Anthony is responding to the expectations society will have of its graduates. However, this is but the veneer of the issue. Change is made manifest by the vitalism, by the resurgence of spirit throughout our academic community. ln commemoration of this feeling, we dedicate this yearbook to the idea of transition. 3 DIOCESAN OFFICIALS FATHER THOMAS LUEBKING Diocesan Superintendent of Schools The Most Reverend GEORGE W. AHR, S.T.D. Bishop of Trenton Our diocesan officials and school administrators face an arduous task as they deal with the transi- tions in secondary school education. His Excellency Bishop Ahr and Father Luebking, the new super- intendent of schools, formulate policy to affect or- derly educational change. In his role as the director of St. Anthony High School, Monsignor McCorristin works iointly with Sister Elizabeth Staudenmeier, our new principal, to meet the demands of a vital, yet ever-changing system. SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS The Most Reverend MICHAEL P. MCCORRISTIN, V.G., P.A. Founder and Director of Saint Anthony High School SISTER ELIZABETH STAUDENMEIER Principal of Saint Anthony High School SR. REGINA Direcfor, Sfudies Office 5 1 rw-QA 1 ' Q , Q. X Q . 1 s, xg - emu ' Z .. ,eri1ffe3-"Kri ssy -v'-- -5 .W I TEIISEON A l Q l 1 e re . changing l'0Sf6l'S ...IIEW ideas . . . broader spectra 5 ew ., MR. RICHARD CARSON Associate Principal, Studies Office, Business Law MR. ROBERT COMPANICK SR- CANUTA Disciplinarian Discipline Office Assistant DISCIPLINE I MRS. ANN KOSUL Discipline Office Assisfcmf ,asm SR. MIRIAM ROSE Department Chairman, Guidance GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT ,ber ,H 0 L Q ,ax'9 The Guidance Department headed by Sr. Miriam Rose, helps students to become self- guided in the best use of their talents and opportunities. Part-time counselors include: Mr. Joseph Garrison, Mr. John Lally, Mr. Bruce White, Mrs. Kathleen Rudolph, Mr. Carmen Nitt-i, and Mrs. Doris Radice. MRS. ANN MARIE BUGDAL Director, Cooperative Work Program, Oltice Practice - A uffegazzefh MRS. ROSE KEEFER Director Distributive Education Program General Business, Salesmanship COOPERATIVE AND DISTRIBUTIVE WORK PROGRAMS . MR. JOHN GALLAGHER Assistant Director, Distributive Education Program Consumer Economics, Driver's Education Basketball Coach BUSINESS . . :banging typewriter ribbons . . anbalancell figures . . 6l'llSlll'8S . . coping witb the I business worlrl SR. PAULA MARIE Deparfmem' Chairman, Sfeno Qfvphyf TYP MISS CLARA RAYMOND MRS. ELIZABETH CORVO Sfenography, Typing, General Business, Z Club B00kk9ePif19, TYP 9 G al Busi SR. FRANCIS CLARE SR. THERESE Personal Typing, Sfenoscripf, School Sfore General Business, Typing, Sfenography s iw is MRS. ROSEMARY BITTLE MRS. DORIS RADICE Business Math, Record Keeping Sienography, Typing, Office Pracfice, Guidance SR. GRACE PIERRE SR. CHRISTINE MARIE Department Chairman, English English MISS LUCINE FABIAN English, "The Anfonian" ENGLISH . . . changing in style, prose, verse, essay . . . changing in mood liapp 19 salemn, imflferent . . . Hterature, tlranun creative writing language arts 4 MR. RONALD STOJ English, "The Corris1in" MRS. JEAN SHIPOS English, Drama Club MRS. CAROL JOYCE MISS KATHLEEN FARAGLIA English English, "The Talisman" M SR. MARGUERITE MRS. JOYCE FIRMAN English English, Reading Developmenf, Fufure Teacher's Club MRS. KAREN BLACK MISS JOANN KRAML English English, Cheerleaders SR. MARGARET MAHONEY MR. JOSEPH GARRISON Department Chairman, Spanish German, Guidance, Forensics, Drama Club w,.,,f-' 3,3 1 Wifi? .x g ,, N.. xr 375 SR. ALICE CECELIA MRS. KATHLEEN RUDOLPH Spanish Latin, Guidance . . el cumbio . . la transition MISS PATRICIA RAUCH Spanish, Forensics transitin :He anflerung I MR. KEVIN SIRAK MISS PATRICIA NOON French French, Sp h SR. MARY LOUISE SR. MARIE OLIVETTE Department Chairman, Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry Algebra, Applied Math sines, sines, everywhere SINES MR. BRUCE BERLINGER Algebra, Geometry MATHEMATICS ,,f-: . . Mlss LOIS YENCHA MR. RAYMOND RURA Al99bfU, MUfl1 Af1C'lYSiS, SGHFOI' MONT, Algebra, Geometry, Driver's Education Student Council Moclerator MR- ERNEST MUCNEW Mas. KATHLEEN PRITCHARD Algebra, Geometry, General Math Algebra, Geomefry HEALTH AND hhh , I M M if I E Aw 3' I ,,,- ,Q . . MR. ANTHONY NITTI MISS KATHLEEN KIRBY Athletic DIFGCIOV, Healih Physical Education, Discipline, Softball gfgxisix ,,gusxi MISS LESLIE PECKERMAN Physical Education, Health Q I'l'1 X f V MR. DOUGLAS HICE MISS BARBARA MCDONALD Physical Eclucation, Health Physical Education, Basketball, Driver's Education 'A' , ' in MRS. CAROLE NATOLI MR. GEOFFREY HILL Health, Red Cross Club Physical Education, Health, Football Coach EQ? MR. CARMEN NITTI Physical Education, Health, Guidance, Driver's Education, B.A.A. I f ww '51 ' ti fi K , f , 5 Xf X.. .t xff Xml if 'ffl-fff X f ff' MRS. PAULINE MAINS Physical Education, G.A.A. 7 , Q Q! 1-, ELI SR. MIRIAM GRACE FR. JOHN GLOVER Deparfmenf Chairman, Religion, Mafhemafics, Religion Nafional Honor Sociefy MR. JOHN LALLY Religion, English, Guidance, Track, Key Club Yu MR. GARY LISNAK Religion, Mathematics S 'ii MR. CHARLES CLERKE Religion, Football llllllll M J ww", SR. MARIE MARGARET Religion MR. JOHN LQCON Religion, Great Ideas, World Cultures K ,A .,N. .N ,Rial- Mr. LaCon gives a dissertation on Health and Metaphysical Education. MR. THOMAS BURNS Religion SR. THOMAS MARIE Religion, Missions FR. PATRICK FITZPATRICK Religion SCIENCE SR. DORIS Department Chairman, Science, Chemistry I MR. ABRAHAM LEVIN MR, PAUL ORDOG Biology, Electronics and Radio Biology .. , 'WV .W X , 5 I SR. DOROTHY MR. ROCCO CARSIA Chemisfry Physics, Biology MR. FRANK BENCIVENGO SR. CECELIA AGNES Biology, Earfh Science, Ski Club Biology, German SR. LESLIE BIRKS MR. ROBERT KELLY Physical Science Physical Science, Earth Science ji- ? . 5 411m MR. BRUCE WHITE Depurfmenf Chairman, Hisfory, Guidance MR. DENNIS HICE World C ulfures, U.S. Hisfory MISS PHYLLIS PALOMBI S 0 C I A L World Politics, U.S. History STUDIES 5 EI MR. GEORGE CARMICHAEL World Culiures, U.S. Hisiory MR. KEVIN LOGUE MR. WILLIAM DONLEN World Culfures, Economics U.S. History, Latin, Religion, Marching Band and Unifs Q S ,. ,,,... f , ...x .R .Q 5 my .L 3 Q4- uni' MR. ANTHONY POTENZA U.S. History, Physical Education, Soccer Coach MR. THOMAS PRIORY MR. JOHN YAGER U.S. History, Cross Country Coach U.S. History, Latin, Religion MECHANICAL ART DRAWING MR. RAYMOND WERNERSBACH Mechanical Drawing as MISS JANET LOGUIRATO Fine An' and Commercial Ari I 32 A MUSIC MR. PAT SALERNO MISS MARJORIE BORN lnsfrumenfal Music, Choral Music, Band Music, Choral Music . ng 'X ' Q' x....7 5 . v Z L ix A , if MRS. LAURETTE TRACCHI Home Economics, Foods and Clothing if YI STAFF S i MRS. PILGER MRS. SCHNORBUS Assisfanf Librarian Librarian R . W MRS. THIBODEAU, MRS. CARSON, MRS. RYAN i W Main Office Secretaries CAFETERIA 1 N MRS. HUDDY Assistant Librarian MRS. METZGER Nurse STAFF ' MRS. MENICHELLI ei' QA-.U SENIDRS ? Y lf a man does nof keep pace with his companions perhaps if is because he hears a different drummer. Lef him keep sfep fo the music which he hears, however measured or far away ' ' -Henry David Thoreau 37 N Memories light the corners of my mind, Misty, water-colored memories of the way we were There was a time when we looked ahead four years, thinking how far away graduation was. So days piled upon days as we became closer to the end. Through each victory and each defeat, we re- mained together, grasping each moment that since has slipped away. Now we have no more to share than the memories of the way we were.. Senior year, a time to look back for one moment and to reflect on our cheerful blindnes, suddenly changed to awakened responsi- bility. Joined together by bonds of time and place, the senior class is even more closely connected by bonds of friendship. By changing about in the future when we are no longer one as a body, but one together, we have made something to remember, something to think in spirit. g.,f7.m.nw,n 624664 3" Cm JLW, m QM 9.,...,w,,,,,m74 ,gawk emmmw. Zywfbfz. mia!!! WMM.: WMM- gfg-Lao grim awww MMM I can'f believe she's doing fhaf! -lun ruined! Why does everything have to A L..4,.....,!'.'. I h pp f e?" moans Mari-.I wA9m.:.b.JBAoaLeAi4uc "'--1--cv .5-A002921 Qui-rnwwuuis V,' Jl"'l-.u-4me- WVMMQZJLL 744'-ff-CQMMM 'dw-Ma,...:.,.4,4 Q24 4 7b"'f'C'Ix4a,o0- 5-ff H! r o ' ' f'i M 1' W ff I' D9N'T CARE WHO V670 EFL YU!! 0f4lV'l' PARK UV THE .YCHHOL LM' MATH OW' A Ffa M171 .aww fwwgl 77Lu704wu- Cebhwkb JMQAUZJQL Scattered pictures of the smiles We left behind . . . 2 a in l' ' 4 o S iles we gave fo one h F fh 1-Jain-Lggwz. way we were . . . 9"'-'fffdgvw .g'w,Q1.-.QQ-A. QM? M Z. W Kcsntpn Q""""?'4'f"" wma? www Givma 7aZ'imb. '?LzeceJ!a. few-db Lfwgw Z. f57'4'-'S'3f-1-M-Mffaff' Qfwxwa-J-Q ' QMMQMLW AMQLM ' dfaa-MAH-JM-W 'm-4-f--AQSQWQ WMM 6,..L,...,.J,8.f,e..Ja.J JE'fvc4w.z,02am4:,.4 07uLL!Dp,'Ba4.' CV-mlw Jam, J,f,,.4.,. 9,..,emz.+ zz-gg, pied, sfi' , 447' .4".2f l4'c'4 44f !f.," "Knif one, purl fwo. Can't you do anyfhing right?" says Mrs. Tracchi to Denise Pangaldi. Www, .Cm awe ,eww aww ILM M .fair-f-U., .omTfIS"' iw- iw! PV-k,W'DiL.J2, fvf+uf7"'5M lo'-Mb-!?"1f 'vfhff-Y-tklflf' X 5H+-f37- WM! 'fir W - . - k .M Vfff' f , .,,.. f.. ,,,,y. Cin? U7 ,Maya hwftwiy If figures Gerber would compute fhaf we have only one monfh, two weeks, and fhree days, which means 264 more class periods fill graduafion. aolmmnab . Z . 9"""""'1-Hwewr Wm jwwwwgglwmw Professionally speaking: Ron Sagnip rec- ommends Ajax. a I Amp Lxlsr Bu? N07 Lenin X! KIM WWE cffwefvf cnewwc, GUM wx 1.1. EE SHOT ofvsgl-fl' L, WVNN 4 Can it be that it was all so simple then Or has Time rewritten every line? . . . Ofw-fu lf we had the chance to do if all again, Tell me-would we, could we? . . . Wwwwwwly 19 ..H. QMAQ IG-7-M-v-' ff-A41-N-7Mf Q3 fe? fum f5fH+yL1-0 KW? ' , ZF u Where do weary students go on their free time? To the third floor student lounge, of course! i 8 5 ini 'NW' fi? "iff" M, I!!! 4. nv 5 ,I 1. hi ,f.,'f,1v. v , 4,r,',,', V' .' ..4::::x :Q - 'mgggg , fr ff az' .' -.funn ' H' l,":' 2,2 ' 1 . mv' v . , :IA ,rf 'ri mmm. ,,,,,,gg Q ,, k , - f-11w5:zs:MW5Ei.:,i1, 2 n my ff n ff' Sfigu f . ...qu . " 'f 4 .wif A V 1' 1f"'?'2gfff'::HX "' ' C iv xv- u ...zz ag. g- ingiismw- J fo ' - 4 uf?-san" 5" OiQ .4 , . You" mgdisizf. ...nun-,-n AOUIOQQUOIOQ ln nu! QQ' V-yzpzn ' 6 v 'Q n n-naman 9-Nwynmnmw as 'Suk-W1 'HQ' 'Q 5. if ir' 1? Q ,:,, ,. Q wal' ww' Wm! Giwmla ffwwmgfwmd C',?,,,...4.f'?f7gw,4,,,.f 9fL.4.M QJIALUJV auM MmAy AQMLWQWQGM mzqntm ,G HALLCHJ CW? Qflailanuufca' mm - '35-E:-z, wp-s b.E yb clyhasfog d l'wNfv7w7'f WWW WL ffwfil-WV Kilim-fn 'Puma-1 f You can'f see the boys in fhe band fU.S. Navy vcoriefyl, but Kathie McManus, Paffie Merriff, and Maryclaire Morlando can as fhey have one whale of a time. MWMMQ7 MWML 'fZ3gw5Zr Dmufn.D7Zfn.R2'2, Hey girls: Eat your hearts ouf! 7Z"t'7'7"?"""' 70-f7'4'?v7lHL-If IW 0 fffifgzbfnlff T' J ..:' TQ 1 Q 1-F3 '::' foo cox wa, ao3 nod- 756' o 7 O G 65 D 6 fb I ""'5 f"N !""N I-'X .f- ,fl I-K '7-:xx 1-'55 :- X 'I 'draw-'ffffqw 1 7224.45 1m:"if YM' 7"WC" WW 974,..9,,.f0f,.m.f 44 ciem mm fz-arid Ma... amy... 7404 'ffm ffw-zu-A Nnyf-Quay 44-CAA, 7.h..w6Qu,.w Memories may be beautiful and yet Whaf's foo painful fo remember . . . 45441 We simply choose fo forget, We simply choose fo forget uk ps.. who Qfv ?f7""' QALJLL D"""f'L-P-Dbwuduv ..r. . :P A - ,Q ,f1,.i:: ,s.: jugs F- L 3 eww gg ' U hm ,Y 'W-,wr az .. MH 77? . Qnkcd, 77 mum Mwwwi-2 Dm-asm jvakfuzdo AQMM Fwvkwzfw wmam QAMWKM. dum wed I M Oyg,4,a,.,4 fi,w.o-df WW 55,446 Cbofww-,bgnfjvyvk Wmaafwlm 52561-f,.L..JJKdZ -ai-4 sw? few? MNH.. 9..a.,z.M,,,jaf.2w.,ouv d,'M4,,,Q , May we be excused? MQ? mm. S,,,,.Ji. 51:-4-Wg zz, sL.e...u aw, Hwmwwf a'L,M..,,Q...M-eb-5 man ,J-440 7"Lu-I-1.-6.9.13-1.214 155054-f'J""':0O MJJWW .ikwaum aww? Jffwuwdffufff fiiwawffff-W Qmadmxaww Ya, Please do noi feed the sfudenis! odfmu f?icc0nlJ Qmufhlfubf -4.v:..4A.4fJ.L13w-.afw WW 1,,,,L.beff,,m.1L So if's the laughter we will remember Whenever we remember . . . ,4,yA1:..M.ZZv oc-caan! J2,Z,.,, ,'d.mofwLff',au.L!lr 72.01. The way we were, THE WAY WE WERE . . . Qeflmiuw 'bwmwa ahnbh-w4V4"'w29e ffrfffigmcrfaf VQAV 2,77 Jun Qflua, Uago gm, awk aww. :ww CQ,dw,i.V9Li7., Zluwaxmz, ffm! Qwwfw MM 'MPW WW f V! nf, , i, V ,, W W H 'ff "z2"'fyP 1 4' M f nv r ,av Q, A 4 Y 2X 5 361 yi K g, ,. as R "3 1 1 Qigubwp- f , f ,fgamff-H415 -V 1' 4: X ' Q ffy Q, A 1 ' ' f-4 6 , 91 ,vf f A fr Q 'N f 11 f in-as -Iv if , A 9 , ., I 5' 4 ' L Q3 Q M15 f .. r Q vi A iv-A V mm...,,.m,,, ,, QL we. 'Zh ,! i ' ,,, Q, if x Wy a .. , kv-,,,, . J 'N 4. in I v Y MSM' 3 ' Lg,QV,,fQ A,,, ,I UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIDRS As seekers of new designs, juniors stand in silent passageways, searching for the way that they will become, having placed aside the sophomoric way that they were. As iuniors receive their school rings, they realize that they are indeed at an age of tran- sition because adolescence is behind, while adulthood looms in the labyrinthine recesses of their souls. SECTION lB -- ROW 'l: Antonella Bartole, Michele Bartolomei, Agnes Angel- Loretta Balkum, Barbara Balog, Carolyn Belardo. ROW 3: Domenick Argenti lilo, Barbara Angelico, Carol Battala, Margaret Allen, Susan Abbott. ROW 2: James Bahm, List Barszcewski, Dorothy Adams, Donna Anderson, Paul Bachi Jane Agocs, Mary Argust, Jane Battista, Regina Belardo, Mary Ammann, James Baroni. ROW 4: Michael Babice, Ronald Augustyn, Michael Azzaro. SECTION 2B - ROW 1: Linda Burek, Susan Bella, Mary Lou Britton, Susan Bogdan, Sharon Breining, Angela Bumbera, Barbara Botteri. ROW 2: Jacqueline Brittain, Kathleen Banner, Mary Bleier, Lisa Bocchini, Eileen Bencivengo, Frances Bernhardt, Linda Buckley, Raymond Bucchi. ROW 3: Jonathan Borkow- SECTION 38 - ROW 1: Thomas Deluca, Thomas Celinski, Robert Craig, Vin- slno Andrea Chrzan ROW 4 Joseph Coculo Craig Constantin: Marlann cent Costa, John Connolly, Michael Ciaramella. ROW 2: Agatha Constantine, Compognucci Denise Covert Kathleen Connelly Theresa Cunningham Joyce Joann D'Andrea, Margaret Czillich, Tomasina Damiano, Pamela Cashel, Jean Cesarlo Cheryl Cardona Steven Csogi ROW 5 Thomas Chase Albert Cons Carroll, Mary Ann Davidson. ROW 3: Suzanne Culliton, Lucyanne Cammisa, tantml Carmen DeFellce Robert DeAngelo Kenneth Cook James Collan Kimberly Dearden, Kathy Deck, Janet Cesario, Debra DeBonis, Evelyn Carma- Joseph D Errlco Daniel Cavallaro Vincent Damiano SECTION 4B - ROW 'l: John Gapszewicz, Ronald Duron, Vito DiGuiseppe, Kenneth French, Thomas Frascella. ROW 2: Theresa Gallo, Eileen Gaughan, Cinthia Dill, Marie Gayzik, Marie Fares, Joan Dittrich, Linda Giancola, Anne Marie Frome. ROW 3: Susan Fysz, Kathleen Erni, Theresa D'Errico, Brenda Eberst, Jayne Dombroski, Anastasia Dertouzos, Catherine DeSandre, Paula Dzurisin. ROW 4: Donna Gennello, Linda Fisher, Susan Drake, Debra Faughnan, Carol Dzuranin, Natalie Favro, Donna Formaroli, Annette Dillon. ROW 5: Thomas Gadecki, Gregory Gore, Alfred Dillione, Nicholas Giovacchini, Patrick Foley, Richard Domboski, Mark Falaiano. SECTION 5B - ROW 'I: Ronald Kisiel, John Janos, Daniel Griggs, Mark Iucolino, Eileen Kelly, Clark Jablonski. ROW 4: Theresa Kelly, Mary Hogan Gulyas. ROW 2: Ronald Harbist, Linda Hvasta, Mary Halaidida, Florence Joan Halak, Kathleen Kirwan, Carol Hornyak, Donna James, Robert Kishler Hoffmann, Marilyn Gripp, Rosemary Kanda, Kim Harvilla, Kathleen Hooper. ROW 5: Joseph Guerra, William Hurley, William Johnson, Erwin Heidenhofer ROW 3: Virginia Hunt, Sharon Hewitt, Theresa Klein, Allyson Jamieson, Mary Leon Kasprzak, Timothy Jones, Walter Kloc, George Hrico. SECTION 6B - ROW 1: Scott Krasny, Eugene Kutch, Steven Liebhart, Anthony Laramee, Raymond Leibensperger. ROW 2: Debrah Luisi, Kathleen Lee, Mary Latella, Geraldine Leachko, Anna Marie Kosztyu, Sharon Livingston, Marie Lombardo, Kimberly Knowles. ROW 3: Lester Lathers, Susan Luft, Sfephannie Levandowski, Mary Ann Lindeman, Christine Leone, Mary Lebo, Dana LiCari, Theresa Larkin. ROW 4: Karl Krueger, Nicholas Kushner, James Kuti, Martha Koponycia, Helen Anne Lech, Ellen Liesch, John Lee, Gregory Korona. ROW 5: Gary Longo, Jeffrey Lorenzo, Timothy Lertch, Thomas Krupa, Louis Laureti, Theodore Kokotailo, Richard Lucash. Regina Panella works in single file, fd'arf room stylel. :goin I If.-W ww H N, v ,, -, ..f.i SECTION 7B - ROW 'l: Maria Mastrodomenico, Kathleen Meyers, Patricia Maloney, John Masiello, Joseph Mennuti, Albino MCElh0eS, Mary Ann Maglione, Patricia Mancuso, Mary Mattis, Renee Menellal Robin MCCOFITIGCJC- McCarran, Linda McGlynn, Michael Mangus, Vincent Migliaccio. ROW 4: Joseph ROW 21 PGfl'iClCI Mello, P0fl'iCl0 Mflfefllf MU'-'fe9l'l MCKGGVEYI CYHTMU Muhcnl Mihalyi, Michael Magee, Timothy McClain, Paul Mercantanti, Jeffrey Magyar, Deborah Mercantini, Susan Miller, Joanne Maruska, Jill Massi. ROW 3: Patrick Thgmqs McAndrew, William Marshall, Stanley Maziarz. 'Z ' in SECTJON 8B - ROW 'I: Robert Monteverde, William Normile, Myron Obaranec, Christopher Mirabelli, Joseph Palmieri, David Novelli. ROW 2: Cecilia O'Shaughnessy, Theresa Polmiere, Joyce Panebianco, Maria Pascucci, Lynn Murray, Luba Panczyszyn, Eva Morris. FOW 3: Rosalie Mule, Elizabeth Palmieri, Regina Panella, Kathleen Parrey, Kathryn Oberding, Angela Muscato, Diane Muka, Rena Mostrangeli. ROW 4: Holly Padderatz, Maria Onorati, Jean Opalski, Nancy Nowakowski, Kathy Ostopuck, Wira Mykytyn, Cynthia Nowak, Maryellen Palombi. ROW 5: James Olfky, Gregory Mitrosky, Jeffrey Papp, Eric Nelson, Paul Olsen, Keith Padderatz, Robert Mrazik, Michael Nemeth. SECTION 9B -- Row 1: Robert Santitoro, Stephen Rosati, Kenneth Rauth, Thomas Risoldi, Maria Radice, Janice Russo, Diane Peck, Kathie Rudnick, Mari- Michael Rossi, William Quinn. ROW 2: Michele Sabat, Donna Ridorfino, Ther- anne Sabol, Jane Pushman, Donna Pellitiere. ROW 5: Joseph Pelrine, John esa Samojedny, JoAnn Roberson, Robin Quick, Anne Marie Ronca, Caroline Rittley, Mark Potenzone, Samuel Pellitteri, Michael Rinz, Michael Potash, Petrilla, Marie Phelan. ROW 3: Olga Pilaros, Ruthann Pullen, Lucy Ann Rose, Mark Pelletteri. Mary Ann Piccolella, Carole Sagnip, Mary Rogers, Theresa Rodgers. ROW 4: lOl .lim Y lui I 11 if: Schutts, Mary Schultz, Karen Skorupa, Susan Stout, Marianne Solinsky. ROW 4 Mary Lou Stone, Edith Stillger, Dorothy Sost, Gail Spencer, Gregory Slaboda Michael Swem. ROW 5: Steven Sienkiewicz, William Sokol, Andrew Steward Walter Slayer, Mark Szczepanski, John Sullivan, Peter Silvestro, Thomas Spair SECTION HB ROW 1 Delbert Thomas Nicholas Tsougas Michael Turanslck Karen Walsh. ROW 4: Robert Young, Russell Vizzini, Monica Thiel, Susan Von Vincent Weiser John Tanzone ROW 2 Lorraine Tesauro Donna Valera Judith Spreqklesen, Sharon Walsh, Geraldine Toth, Maria Toscana, Joanne Ungarinl Vetovlck Diane Testa Joanne Wilson Barbara Zuccorelli Joyce Zuczek Donna Raymond Williams. ROW 5: David Uhaze, Kevin Waters, Patrick Weber Tazza Patricia Zalno ROW 3 Joan Taylor Angela Van Reymersdal Rebecca Michael Szvetkovics, Robert Weiger, Mark Wiaczek, Michael Szuter. Has anyone seen Sister Doris? ". . . then the Mama Bear said Q mamma '- to the Papa Bear . . ." REHDE VEAL 6 gui' LET' Sb fi CAFETE RMI MENU rf ""ffz-19 -any sw if we gf, 'QXVQL r-- ' Y-9'-f P 5 A 5 -1: Q n 4? '- so TH!-1T'S wr-mr 1-mrpfuep ra THE I-EF7ouE.e oA7'ME0L. SOPHOMORES To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield are the promises formulated by sophomores upon their re- turn in late summer. They trust that the commonplace dilemmas of freshman year have been resolved, and they appear to familiarize themselves more quickly with the routine of academe. They become more aggressive in the assertion of their own opinions, and seem less fearful of their own inadequacies. Yet, as the sages have noted, sophomores are nothing less than "wise fools." 1-li Q. SECTION TC - ROW lf Richard Agublllf D0mef1lCk Burtolini, -,Ohh AmlW"9f Maureen Abbott Kathleen Baron ROW 4 Joseph Belllna Lisa Apgar Marylou Dennis Berek, An7l"0nY B'-'ldessflf A"'fl"0"Y Amarillo: Ronald Benedeffl- ROW 21 Bernhardt Doris Boblk Linda Bazner Sharon Angeloni James Altobelll ROW PGT"iCiU Bufbeff Mafgufel Billings, Marina Arce, Cmheflne Allen, Annelle 5: John Abatto Perry Bernocchl Michael Bella George Bade Gary Benclvengo Aiello, Cynthia Batcha, Lisa Balkum. ROW 3: Carol Blanche, Patricia Battalia, Anfhony Benclyengo Mark Bauer Joann Ammann, Mary Helen Agos, Sabrina Allegretti, Kathleen Bencivengo, SECTION 2C - ROW 1: Philip Calabro, David Bowker, Barry Borgianini, Anthony Borgia, Anthony Bradley. ROW 2: Susan Bogdan, Patricia Capone, Marie Bossman, Joanne Breccia, Antonietta Capasso, Diane Boyer, Kathleen Callan. ROW 3: Janice Bogacz, Mary Cavanaugh, Donna Browning, Patricia Callahan, Rosemary Charapata, Nancy Burns, Colleen Boss, Diane Chell. ROW 4: Norma Carmichael, Jennifer Brozena, Donna Bongrazio, Mary Lou Callan, Georgeann Buzgo, Theresa Brovak, Antonio Cardona. ROW 5: Thomas Buriani, Mark Braunstein, Sebastian Carnevale, Dennis Bogdan, Thomas Brennan, Julius Bucsis, Gilbert Cheeseman, Christian Born. SECTION 3C - ROW 'lz Edward Costantini, David Cleary, Michael Cunning- ham, Gary Corti, David Chiacchio, Kenneth Ciccarelli. ROW 2: Victoria Constantini, Annette DeBlois, Bernadette Contento, Cathy Dallas, Susan Clyne, Teri Day, Karen Culliton, ROW 3: Maryann D'Angelo, linda Cilento, Eileen Connelly, Grace Damiano, Donna Corso, Donna Culsberly. ROW 4: Cynthia Ciuba, Margaret Chiappetta, Mary Chmielewski, Linda Dempsey, Mary Ann Chiappetta, Debbie Corsner, Walter Conover. ROW 5: John DelVecchio, Mark Dennish, Walter Davis, Mark Chiacchio, Joseph Cooper, Frederick DeAngelis, Ronald Danaso, Robert DeMarco, Edward Cook. SECTION 4C - ROW 1: Timothy Foley, Christopher Fadeiew, Edward Fleming, Mario DiBartolo, Dennis Elmer. ROW 2: Catherine DiFalco, Patricia DiPasquale, Sharon DiBenedetti, Kathleen Fowler, Joanne Freund, Kathleen Domino, Linda DiC-viuseppe. ROW 3: Patricia Derrico, Kathy Fairbanks, Patricia Flavin, Joann Falchi, Marguerite D'Oria, Marian Falconio, Frances Filipponi, Victoria DePaul. "Will all the absentees please stand up to be counted? ll SECTION 5C -- ROW 'lz Bernardo Giuliana, Keith Hrabchak, Juan Hauser, ROW 4: Alfred Imhof, Janice Gentile, Maureen Hogan, Susan Hutchinson, Myra Hendrix, Sharon Halasz, Mark Grochala. ROW 5: Frank Graziano, Vin- William Hutton, David lnverso, Robert Hegner. ROW 2: Phyllis Huy, Luba l Hlady, Maryellen Harcar, Patricia Hoch, Linda Green, Elizabeth Groff, Cynthia cent Iorio, David Hiel, Richard Hickey, Robert Jachetti, John Harcar, Michael Hurley. ROW 3: Susan Hamran, Joanne Imbalzano, Amy Hollendonner, Debora Grogan. Ann Griffiths, Eileen Gray, Mary Ann Jeremias, Carol Grcchala, Susan Hoyer. SECTlON 6C - ROW l: Robert Kelly, Peter Kopanycia, John Leachko, Thomas Kostinas, Catherine Keating, Christine Kostinas, Joanne Landerkin. ROW 4: Kozar. ROW 2: Katherine Kleiner, Allison Kerr, Michele Kmetz, Annamarie Benedict Lee, Joann Kushnir, Kathleen Leary, Helen Klosterman, Linda Lis, Kostura, Claudia Lawrence, Donna Kostrub, Christiana Kirzecky. ROW 3: Ronald Liedtka, Joseph Joiner. ROW 5: George Kasony, Timothy Kapp, Robert Karen Lehman, Catherine Kanicki, Jo Ann Kondas, Diane Lertch, Kathleen Kudriqk,Nich0Iq5 Lqtoof, l Q ' Amnwbmsdiixfv CQEA77 5 V7 w wax Wkp Q J eq ? ggi .Ji 14-Q, jf ' eb, A 'V' ti' e xnlllull - ..,,,. ,M K K x ' "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" SECTION 7C - ROW l: Bernard McNellis, Peter Lupinacci, Carlos Mazon, Kenneth Mastalesz, Earl McCoy. ROW 2: Rosemarie Matzer, Rosanne Malkin, Christine Menichelli, Antoinette Marino, Joann Marczak, Linda Maressa, Deb- orah Martin, ROW 3: Doreen McManimon, Jeri Matera, Patricia McGough, Martha McClanahan, Susan MacNeil, Julianna Meggyes, Patricia Mellan, Helen Marcinkowski. ROW 4: Christopher Lombardi, Mark Mastrangelo, Mary Marolli, Kathleen McCarty, Kevin Malone, Robert Malkin, Michael Loffredo. ROW 5: Michael McTamney, Patrick McTamney, George Machnowsky, Ronald Maksimow, Guy Margiotti, Dennis McManimon, Sean McManimon, Kevin Meara. ,-4' l SECTION 8C - ROW l: George Milonas, David Oshman, Gary Ottaunick, Daniel Micai, Michael Mimmo. ROW 4: Mark Moscarello, Nicholas Oros, Robert Ernest Minotti,.Jarnes Palniieri. ROW 2: Carol Nowacki, Lynn Notaro, Karen Minelli, Patrick Migliaccio, Michael Mesday, John Olla, Kenneth Meyers. ROW M0SC0fell0, VICTOFIG MGSSIFIUI Kufen MUCl1U, PUfYiCi0 Nangle, Mary Nemet- 5: Timothy Oliver, Herbert Muller, Stephen Metterle, Michael O'Brien, Michael voelgyl. ROW 3: Carlo Palombi, Rosemarie Mule, Judith Odry, Sharon Olsen, Myslinski. SECTION 9C - ROW 1: Mark Pratico, Frank Pugliese, Rudolph Palombi, Rettzo, Patti Ann Reali, Christina Penardi, Diane Pelis. ROW 4: Vincent Pratico, Joseph Pratico, Leonard Procaccino, Michael Parrotta. ROW 2: Terri Pelc, Eugene Ragazzo, Lisa Pampanini, Christine Pompei, Angela Rauch, Charles Clarice Pennacchi, Pamela Reuss, Elizabeth Reading, Marylee Paolillo, Pamela Penzone, Michael Pelosci. ROW 5: Joseph Puhalski, Joseph Petrino, Robert Pelicano, Kathleen Panzolini. ROW 3: Lisa Pucciatti, Karen Pawlukewich, Cheryl Pelc, Daniel Price, Carl Rapciewicz. "Will this be on the test?" SECTION TOC - ROW Tr Donna 5Cl1iPSlie, Doreen 5ChWf-Wil, CUFOI ROQOFSI Romanczuk, Karen Richter, Nanine Sacco, Linda Schmidt, Robert Sabat, Joseph MGYY Schleher, Linda Rodflquelf R059 Roseti, Mflflellen RUNNING- ROW 21 Schiavone. ROW 4: Michael Samu, Thomas Ronan, Robert Schoen, Thomas Michele Russo, Renee Rober, Regina Scioscia, Sharon Ruffner, Judith Sailey, Rowland, Helen Sabo, Joanne Rosetti, Lorene Rogalny. ROW 3: Joseph Rosidivito, Darla SECTION IIC - ROW I: Marybeth Seaman, Bernadette Strippoli, Sharon Smith, Anne Marie Swatkoski, Denise Segretario, Donna Stepowany, Agnes Szilagyi. ROW 2: Susan Stocker, Susan Snyder, Anne Stefane, Mary Sieminski, Kathleen Stencel, Susan Sweeny, Karen Soss, Katherine Soss. ROW 3: Thomas Stanics, Ronald Sukotsky, Ray Struck, Maria Solimando, Mary Ann Sikorski, John Surowiec, Joseph Smiegocki. ROW 4: Florian Smith, Ronald Sebasto, William Stein, Steven Stryker, Mark Slafkovsky, Jaroslaw Sydor, Kenneth Simon, Joseph Siracusa. SECTION 'l2C - ROW I: Carmen Testa, Robert Zulla, Leonard Walentukonis, Richard Wills, Nicholas Tummillo, Kenneth Volk, Matthew Vigliotti. ROW 2: Ralph Treglia, Lori Ann Waskovich, Debra Wargo, Vanessa Voacolo, Frances Toscana, Cheryl Testa, Susan Trolle, Mary Tarnecki. ROW 3: Robert Zola, Gail Zotta, Cynthia Walters, Diane Williams, Noreen Tuccillo, Joanne Young, Cath- erine Treptow, Martha Trylaa, Donna Tuccillo. ROW 4: Paul zabicki, Charles Vickey, Katherine Tattoni, Lynn White, Lisa Tomasulo, Patricia Thiel, Charlotte Wagner, Joseph Vassey. ROW 5: James Wiaczek, Robert Tindall, John Tatter, Dean Tuccillo, Robert Vanisko, Kevin Toft, Kenneth Walentukonis. FRESHMEN "Hesitant," "a rehensive," and "fri htened" a tl PP 9 P Y describe the responses of a freshman as he enters Saint Anthony High School for the first time. To find his locker, to memorize its impossible combination, and to locate all his classrooms are seemingly insu- perable feats within the first days of the academic year. Somehow, as time passes, our fearful freshman adiusts to his daily routine and realizes more vividly his surroundings. As he approaches the threshold of adulthood, he will continue to stand "hesitant," "apprehensive," and frightened." SECTION 1D - ROW 'I: Michael Barry, James Bartolomei, Wolfgang Bogacz Joann Amodlo ROW 3 Mary Barbato Anne Marie Bednar Susan Balkum Jeffrey Angeloni, David Anama. ROW 2: Maria Bartoli, Linda Apgar, Nancy Karen Beckett Jodi Bllardo Janet Blesecker Angela Brenna Kathleen Boncs Bernard, Donna Applegate, Diane Braconi, Rosemary Bless, Kathleen Battlste Anthony Astore ROW 5 Enzo Bartole Louis Arcangelo Gabriel Arce 1-1 .ig - .. - , W, SECTION 2D - ROW 1: John Clyne, Robert Britschge, Guy Chiarello, William Brittain. ROW 4: Diane Caprario, Marianna Butera, Mary Calderone, Patricia Bruschini. ROW 2: Karen Caruso, Julie Carabelli, Annmarie Carlini, Karen Cartlidge, Joan Chesner, Bernadine Brozena. ROW 5: John Chiarello, Joseph Britton, Donna Clancy, Nancy Cameron, Carol Camera. ROW 3: Barbara Car- Celinski, Thomas Brennan, Robert Butler, Eugene Cascone, Mark Callahan. mignani, Christine Bucca, Cynthia Carr, Mary Chomiak, Linda Carnevale, Joann SECTION 3D - ROW lr -l0l1l1 Daily, Glen DOl'l1bf0WSki, Frank Constantine, Elizabeth Conte. ROW 4: Kenneth Denti, Dennis Cook, Cheryl Dewrocki, Helene Michael Cosma. ROW 2: Kathryn Drake, Gina Dilissio, Cynthia DiMatteo, Mary Didun, Elaine Cooper, Mary Doyle, Mark Dgcie, ROW 5: David DiTulla, Sal. Dfflgef, l-Ynne DC-1mi0l10, Kathleen D0lUl'l, Judith DBl-UClU- ROW 32 Vll0 DePaul. vatore Damiano, Thomas Dillione, Vincent Cozzolino, Robert DiBraccio, Joseph Janet Dillione, Grace Dietrich, Teresa DiBenedetto, Linda Cox, Donna DeSimone, DaIVecchia, Frank Dilea. ". . . and God bless all our kind teachers . . ." SECTION 4D - ROW 'I: Kevin Farley, Kenneth Fugill, William Golden, John Fitzgeorge, Joseph Garzio, Robert Emmons, Christopher Gerdes. ROW 2: Kathleen Giaquinto, Bernadette Fink, Teresa Fleming, Sharon Flavin, Jeanne Ermi, Donna Duffey, Catherine Elmer. ROW 3: Grace Graziano, Bernadette Gaughan, Virginia Fantauzza, Brenda Endrzeiewski, Michele Fuccello, Cynthia Fisher. ROW 4: Nora Freatis, Colleen Foley, Kristine Frascella, Justine Filippi, Kathleen Driber, Charlene Edwards, Orsola Falco. ROW 5: James Gerrity, James Giaquinto, Edward Dzuranin, Tina Giovacchini, Michelle Gilbert, Martin Filipponi. Anthony Fasanella, Robert Figueroa. SECTION 5D --ROW 1: Joseph Greco, Richard Jordan, Louis Iorio, Wayne Kathryn Harcar, Mary Jacko. ROW 4: Marie Hatrak, Teresa Jones, Jacklyn Johnson, Charles Hunt, John Hutton. ROW 2: Sharon Hoffman, Geneva Groff, Hqnn, Mary Hough, Joanna Ioannidis, Martha Hunt, Helen Halajdida, ROW 5: Andrea Juncso, Christine Hibbs, Dawn Hovck, Sharon Gregorio, Cynthia Jor- Mark Hvasta, Francis Kane, Mark Graziano, Karen Kaluzny, Jill Hanuschik, dan. ROW 3: Marie Jaskir, Marie Graziano, Roberta Herrea, Deborah Henger, John Harold, Raymond Jenkins, Robert Jaroni. SECTION 6D-- ROW 'I: Matthew Larkin, Michael Lee, Michael Langan, Francis mayer, Mary Ann Langan, Kathleen Kohut, Cynthia Krol. ROW 4: William Leone, David Koch, John Kazimierczyk, John Kowalski. ROW 2: Karen Law- Keene, Kathleen Kozma, Leona Kozicz, Linda Kudrick, Marianne Korpusinski, rence, Iliada Kozomopoles, Angela Longo, Michele Laureti, Beth Lee, Augusta Julia Kolesar, Michael Keegan. ROW 5: Robert Krecicki, Michael Lihvarcik, Lanna, Cynthia Kascik. ROW 3: Lisa Lorenzo, Philomena Lucidi, Theresa Kohl- Thomas Koval, Robert Lertch, Thomas Lipski, Lawrence Lathers. SECTION 7D - ROW 1: Victor Lukasewycz, Michael Maloney, Mark Masiello, Marazzo, Karen McQuillen, Minerva lutz. ROW 4: Mark Marinan, Kathleen Chester Marcinkowski. ROW 2: Eileen Mains, Noreen McGovern, Barbara Lyden, Marion, Michele Mershon, Eileen Luisi, Michelle Mason, Dennis Maffezzoli, Brian Heather Maloney, Rosemary Mangus, Christine Maccaroni, Melinda Madley. McCauley. ROW 5: Ronald Mattonelli, Paul McGowan, Thomas McDonough, ROW 3: Monica Martini, Joanne McGough, Mary Grace McAndrew, Joanne Robert Mattonelli, Raymond Mclntyre, Mark Maloney. "Are you bored?" "Yes, you have me pegged." 151.1-1 1 ,sf-nt- 7 SECTION 8D - ROW 'l: Robert Mihalyi, Leonard Murl, Patrick Nocera, Nicholas Migliaccio, David Minotti, Alfred Mottola. ROW 2: Joanne Mrazik, Regina Norton, Lisa Migliaccio, Karen Nalbone, Jane Murray, Linda Mohr, Cecelia Mulryne. ROW 3: Karen Murdza, Donna Nota, Torie Miller, Maureen Noon, Kathleen Norwood, Patricia Northey. ROW 4: Geriann Mirabelli, Phyllis Murray, Patricia Nolan, Donna Muccie, Madelene Micknicz, Deborah Murl, Maria Nafriello. ROW 5: David Nelson, Rostyk Mykytyn, Patricia Monti, Jane O'Connell, Cynthia Mihalko, David Murdza, Anthony Minelli. ln: 1 . -4.777 SECTION 9D - ROW li Robert Richards, David Pdnfili, RUYMOHCJ Pyvrlfek, Repertorio, Deborah Poliziana, Sharon Pesarini. ROW 4: George Pregg, Albert FI'eflI'iC RGUSS, Andrew Pelfonellar Tl'l0mGS Pulillo- ROW 21 l-GUYS RlCl'lClfdSOn, Procassini, Linda Odry, Maria Pelrine, Cynthia Palmieri, Deborah Platt, James RObel'f0 l-0UlS0 Pek, DOHYW P2991 Bfenda PGYHB, PSQQY O'Neill, JOGNHS Pvfy- Palmere. ROW 5: James Paterson, Rocco Picciolo, Joseph Palombi, James kula. ROW 3: Victoria Plumeri, Mary Oresic, Donna Passerella, Margarita Pqrriskilwilliqm Pfqff, Thgmqs Petite, David Pastor, David Reedy. SECTION TOD - ROW 1: Gregory Schroth, Michael Shvero, Michael Rogers, Michael Russo, Edward Rodgers. ROW 2: Pamela Richter, Robin Romeiko, Susan Shekiro, Eileen San Fillippo, Joanne Smiegocki, Mary Alice Ronan, Janet Sessa. ROW 3: Joanne San Paolo, Patricia Russo, Debora Ricigliani, Susan Schaible, Donna Serenelli, Casimera Samoiedny. ROW 4: Brian Sakowski, Donna Sabol, Julie Smith, Karen Shive, Bonnie Seaman, Mary Siefert, Robert Santorsiero. ROW 5: Kenneth Samu, John Robbins, Robert Sandor, Richard Rittley, Thomas Rusnak. SECTION 'ITD - ROW 'Ia Teresa Tomasulo, Jeanette Suder, Virginia Sost, Regina Strong, Susan Tafrow. ROW 2: Andrea Soltesz, Annette Taylor, Kath- leen Swick, Lucinda Tiedemann. ROW 3: David Sommerville, Christopher Szmauz, Martin Spehar, Thomas Somich, Thomas Smith. ROW 4: John Snyder, Paul Stanton, John Szucsik, Frank Sorce, Leonhardt Tascione. :NJ bl? al x ' I. 0000 VV Q i j i Q P Pb olgcl m P f' M R fi : 0G7'5,V,7alv l SECTION 12D - ROW li Mlfhael TfYbUf Joseph Tucflllof John Zindlf Charles Mary Anne Untener, Gertrude Van Reymersdal, Theresa Zielinski, Maryann Welnhofeff Pelef Ziegler, Eric Wugnef- ROW 21 Peufl Tfollof linda T"0Plnlf Valenza, Bernadette Weiss, Carolyn Zimmer, Mary Jo Zabicki. ROW 5: Anfhony Michele Werner: Sharon TUSUYI Mvriwe Wagner: BeVe"lY Wvenschf R05emU"Y Toscano, Michael Volk, Joanne Wieland, Mary Lynne Walter, Frances Weber, Volo. ROW 3: Arlene Veres, Debra Tumillo, Lucille Urbano, Cheryl Valenza, Thomas Trepfow- Nancianne Vizzini, Doreen Valeri, Debra Wood, Sharon Ventura. ROW 4: V 5+ ,, ..,,, :iv --l 1 PORTS SPURTS' IL determination . . . frustration . . . speecl . . . power . . . timing . . . style . . . endurance . . . concentration . . . exlrilaration . . . Irustle . . . and victory F 0 0 T B A L L fi.: VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM -- BOTTOM ROW: Jol1n Lee, John Friel, Sion Maziarz, Mike Balaice, Jim Burns, Greg Costa, Tom Tresansky, Mark Braunstein, Dean Tuccillo, Chris Kerins, Mike Bella. ROW 2: Ron Maksimow, John Janos, Sieve Sienkiewicz. ROW 3: John Riftley, Randy Schwartz, Greg Gore, Mike Pica, Bill Hurley, Pat Foley, Dave Locane, Jim DiMemmo, John Sullivan. ROW 4: Mark Slalkovsky, Al Rhodes, Rick Mule, Bill Normile, Bill Johnson. TOP ROW: Gary Gersfenacker, Mike Frascella, John Masiello, Chuck Vickey, Tim Foley, Arlan Biesecker, Vince Costa, Mike Simone. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES SAHS OPP. 7 ........... EWING ........... 34 6.. ...TRENTON .... ...l3 O.. ..PRlNCETON... ...52 6.. .. HAMILTON ...33 6.. ...STEINERT.... 0 0... ...MORRISVlLLE.... ...4l 8... ..BORDENTOWN... ...T4 O... ...LAWRENCE..... ...42 T6.. ...NOTREDAME... ...34 Quarterback Vince Costa attempts to throw on the run. Inspired by the enthusiasm of new mem- bers, by the experience of lettermen, and by the winning attitude of new Head Coach Geoff Hill, the Iron Mike gridders expected to enioy a productive season. Although it seemed that their hopes would not be ful- filled after four opening losses, the year was not totally unsuccessful. In their fifth contest, the Mikes defeated Steinert for the first time ever and concluded with a 1-8 record. Senior John Friel highlighted this season by winning the Scholar Athlete Award. Key defensive player Mike Pica received honor- able mention for the All-County Football Team. Running back Greg Costa prepares to penetrate the Steinert defensive unit. me 2 Z z E 5 2 2 Head Coach Geoff Hill and assistants concentrate on game strategy. Defender John Friel ancl Mike Pica wrestle a Spartan running back to the ground. ,fi if sg: of ,H , 1 fl 'ff A avi i"AJ' ' all I. 'Fo 'Vgf ' " 'X ,Wf it T-mira I--:fwfr - ' ' - . -IP w if - JUNlOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM - ROW T: Mike Simone, John Lee, Mike Babice, Stan Maziarz, Greg Gore, Vince Costa, John Rittley, Randy Schwartz, Bill Normile, .Bill Hurley, Steve Sienkiewicz. ROW 2: Coach Jack Lally, John Masiello, Chuck Vickey, Bill Johnson, Mark Slafkovsky, John Janos, John Sullivan. ROW 3: Coach George McQuillan, Mike Frascella, Arlan Biesecker, Pat Foley, Ron Maksimow, Tom Celinski, Tim Foley. 125 SOCCER Coach Tony Potenza ignited his Iron Mike booters to become the Parochial State Champs. Their 9-5-'l record is deceiving because the Mikes stormed through the latter part of the season, winning their last ten games which included three tournament games. Their capturing of the title is not only a tribute to all the outstanding players, but to Coach Potenza as well, since this was his first year as it r-. Varsity Head Coach. Senior Denny Kinnevy had an exceptional year, tallying 33 goals and breaking the school record of 8 goals in one game. Throughout the season, the Mikes demonstrated a winning drive and a hustle that could not be match- ed by any other team in the area. Don Maffonelli maneuvers fhe ball info scoring posifion. Junior Frank Hudik displays precision ball control agoinsf Nofre Dame Denny Kinnevy adds lo his Mercer Counfy lead in goals, fofaling 33 for the year. Billy boots the ball-senior Billy Gazonas at the right place again. 1 4 CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM - ROW 'lz Marry McDermoH, John Borkowski, Carmen DeFelice, Al Consfaniini, Rick Dombowski. ROW 2: Glenn Dombrowski, John Connolly, Joe Petrino, Mike Swem, Tim Oliver, Jim Puhalski, Tom McHale, Mike Cosma. ROW 3: Ed Rodgers, Ken French, Mike Keegan. BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - ROW 'l: Joe Puhalski, Bob Linder, Charlie Didun, .leff Lorenzu. ROW 2: Walt Davis, Mike Potash, Fred Dumont, Bob Jachetti, Pat Maloney, Tom Celinski. ROW 3: Frank Bennett, Tom Brennan, Joe Baranyi. New head coach, Jack Gallagher, began the season with one goal in mind-the earning of more respect as a basketball team. Previously thought of as pushovers, the Iron Mike Courtsters attained this respectability by their key victory over Steinert. Al- though the '73-'74 season proved somewhat disap- pointing, there were innumerable moments of ex- citement. Seniors Charlie Didun, elected to the First Team All-County, Bob Linder, Fred Dumont, and sopho- mores Joe Puhalski and Tom Brennan, who both received Honorable Mention, gave S.A. tans some- thing to cheer about. Able reserves Mike Potash, Joe Baranyi, Bob Jachetti and Walt Davis provided the additional spark needed on the court. The J.V. and Freshman teams also deserve recog- nition. Although the J.V. team, coached by Kevin Gallagher, failed to earn a win, they gained valu- able experience for their upcoming varsity careers. The freshman team had another brilliant season un- der the leadership of Kevin Logue, with several play- ers showing great potential. All in all, S. A. fans can count on plenty of excitement and many more victor- ies in the seasons to come. Fred Dumont grabs an important offensive rebound. 130 I Sophomore Joe Puhalski gets off a short jump shot. 'Four score and seven baskets ago, our opponents brought forth on this court a new team, conceived in leaping and dedicated to the proposition that all players are created equal . . ." SAHS 58 .... 51 .. . 48.. 45 .... 51 39 54 67... .. 53 55 40 41 .. 53 51 44 46 53 61 48 55 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES OPP PEMBERTON ...57 ... ST. JOE'S, CAMDEN ... ... 58 ... NESHAMINY .. ... 56 ....STElNERT.... ...65 TRENTON 73 .....NOTREDAME.... ...48 .......PRINCETON....... ...69 .GLOUCHESTER CATHOLIC... 52 EWING 77 ......HAMILTON..... ...51 ...STEINERT ..... 33 HOLY CROSS .... 49 TRENTON 65 NOTRE DAME .... 60 EWING 63 ......HAMILTON..... ...64 ST.JOE'S,CAMDEN 51 ... J.F.K., WILLINGBORO ... ... 72 .....HOLYCROSS.... ...42 STATE TOURNAMENT .. ST. JOE'S, METUCHEN .... 59 jr I SEE 'J wwf' is , LAY Up I V i M7745 Pousy. X A f' 5' ,W rr A .-LZ' ff . j YQ Unconfesied, Bob Linder gets an easy lay-up. Charlie Didun muscles his way foward the baskef. Action under the boards. Bob Jacheffi keeping his eye on the ball i 133 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - ROW 1: John Janos, Ray Leiben- sperger, Juan Hauser, Charlie De- Stephano, Fred l5eAngelis, Joe Smie- gocki, Perry Bernocchi. ROW 2: Tim Kopp, Vince Iorio, AI Dillione, Mark Chiaccio, Jim Puhalski, Ron Mak- simow, Kevin Malone, Coach Kevin Gallagher. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM -- ROW 'lz Joe Torreita, Jim Palmere, Charlie Scannella, Guy Chiorello, Kevin Farley, Tony Minelli. ROW 2: Coach Kevin Logue, Mark Graziano, Tom Dillione, Joe Celinski, Mike Tryba, Dennis Maffezoli, Rusiy My- kytyn, Mike Livarchik, Tony Astore. Absent from photo - Bob Cleary. 134 TRACK V r -F-, VARSITY TRACK TEAM-ROW l: Mark Fabiano, Joe Palmeri, Tom McHale, Russ Vizzini, Dan Mattonelli, Joe Petrino, Ken Dave DiTillo, Dave Anama, Marty Sphear. ROW 2: Mike Keegan, Lou Arcangelo, Al Rhodes, John Friel, Vince Damiano, Tom Celinski, Joe Bollina, John Connolly, Ken French, Rick Mule. ROW 3: Mike Swim, Mark Maloney, Bud McNellis, Tom Brennan, Mike Pica, Bill Johnson, Christian Born, Bob Craig, Sam Carnclvale. ROW 4: Marty McDermott, Stan Maziarz, Rick Domboski, Frank Graziano, Kevin Waters, Arlon Biesecker, Mike Levarchik, Dan Cavello, Erwin Heidenhoffer. ROW 5: Greg Mitrosky, Mike Frascella, Ron Maksimow, Mike Magee, Mike Babice, John Borkowski, Mike Smith, Al Constantini, Jeff Bramley, John West. STANDING: Coaches Tom Priory and Jack Lally. .lack West and Mike Smith take it all in stride. Mike Pica in peak form At the start of the '74 track season, Head Coach Jack Lally expressed hopes for a winning slate. It seems probable that this will be a reality because this year's squad certainly abounds with ability. Veteran sprinters Marty McDermott, Rick Mule, Jack West, Jerry Harcar, Al Rhodes, and Mike Smith supply great depth for the team. Seniors Mike Pica and John Friel represent the strength in the weight division. Eager underclassmen round out this year's track team. Rick Mule is looking forward to breaking his own record in the 440, and Mike Pica should crush the shotput record as well. BASEBALL VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM-ROW 1: Bob Mrazik, Frank Hudik, Greg Costa, Mike Gerstnicker, Pat Foley. ROW 2: Joe Puhalski, Vince Costa, .loe Guerra, Jim Sapia, Joe Tuccillo, Charlie Didun. ROW 3: Coach Tony Potenza, Jeff Plunkett, Mike Scully, Chuck Paglione, Bill Welsh, and Manager, Mark Potenzone. Experience will play an im- portant role in this year's var- sity baseball team. They have it, and, if they can combine it with a winning spirit, a very successful season can be ex- pected. Along with the play- ers, all share in the hope that Coach Tony Potenza can once again lead his team to the State Championship. Their con- fidence should also'help them throughout the season. GIRLS Dunn GIRL'S BASKETBALL TEAM - ROW I: Sue Seaman, Debbie Mesday, Cecilia Mulryne, Janet Dillione, Terry Fleming, Kathy Kosma. ROW 2: Sue Bogdan, Karen Murzda, Joyce Ponebianco, Cindy Cuiba, .Ioann Anolio, Mary Jacko. ROW 3: Cindy Mahon, Mina Lucidi, Theresa Brovak, Kathy Meyers, Pam Maahsen, Captain, Doreen McManimon. Absent from picture: Mario Zampini, Captain. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES SAHS Opp. 31 ..... .... H omilton . . .... 33 27 Notre Dome 52 I3 Hopewell Valley 35 35 . . . ..... Princeton ...... . . . 59 36 . . . .. St. Rose, Belmor ... . . . 57 24 ... ...... Ewing ...... . . 50 47 . . . . . Lawrence . . . . 42 I3 . . . .... Hightstown . . . . 42 36 . .. .... Hamilton .. . . 37 23 .. Notre Dame .. 53 44 . . . ..... Princeton ...... . . 43 29 . . . .......... Ewing ........... . . 54 36 .. St. Peter, New Brunswick .. 52 58 . . . . . St. Mary, Perth Amboy . . . . . 40 46 . . . ......... Steinert ....... . . . 29 54 . .. ... Stuart Day School ... . . 35 Cindy Ciuba jumps high for a pass. Freshman Mena Lucidi gefs a pair for the girl's varsity team. 138 Things are looking up. The girls fighf for a rebound Members of the Varsity Softball Team who "keep on truckin" are: Kathy Lqtellq, Patty Matera, Diqne Williams, Mary Lou Andahazy, Margaret Vickey, Lucille Werner, Eileen Bencivengo, Cynthia Ciuba, Terri Klein, Debby Pallotti, Mary Beth Schleher, Sharon Hewitt, Kathy Filipponi, Cindy Mahon, Cathy DiFalcc, Joyce Panebianco, Maria Zampini, Lori Pesce, Pam Maahsen, and Miss Kathy Kirby, Coach. ,J 1 "l've got this knot in my stomach!" "Fore!" Seaman, CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS - ROW 1: Maria Mastrodomenico, Co-captain, Sharyn McNellis, Captain. ROW 2: Bernadette Contenta, Doris Bobik, Mary Jo Marana, Cyndi Sollami, Mary Ann Lindermann, Joann Falchi. ROW 3: Maryellen Romano, Pam Lutz, Lynn Notaro, Nancy Hurley, Nancy Spald- ing, Cindy Hurley. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS - ROW 'I: Sharon Pesarini, Helene Didun, Lynn Walters, Linda Odry, JoAnn San Paolo. ROW 2: Chris Macaroni, Karen Britton, Kathy Kohut, Ginger Graff. ROW 3: Beverly Wench, Cnidy Mihalko, Co-captain, Nancianne Vizzini, Co-captain: Linda More. JUNIOR ROW 1: VARSITY CHEERLEADERS -- Mary Helen Agoes, Maribeth Karen Moscarello, Cindy Dill. ROW 2: Agnes Angelillo, Denise Seg- retario, Lucy Menichelli. ROW 3: Mau- reen Abbott, Lisa Brady, Captain, Kathy Panzolini, Co-captain, Robin McCormack. L GIRLS'TRACK k , N , ,., .hy GIRLS' TRACK TEAM-ROW 'I: Rena Mostrangeli, Maureen Cosfigan, Eileen Maheucci, Terry Papp, Linda Ponficelli, Kafhy Fowler. ROW 2: Miss Lois Yencha, Coach, Terry Klein, Linda Lis, Joanne Freund, Clarice Pennachi, Bernadeffe Conienfo, Joanne Imbalzano, Donna Muccie. ROW 3: Cindy Mahon, Martha Hunf, Cheryl Valenza, Debbie Tumillo, Bern Guaghan, Denise Segretario, Mariellen Romano. S Il Q.: "Wharf do eighf foul balls gel you? A.: "Almosf enough for a men's faculfy feam." ilu? 7 V 1 4. W 2 www, Y 1 1- f ' 1 Ky. PM Q . 'I 2 , , af ,4, ,L , fweegg ,, ti: 'pf . .S-,a if""' ,TA .M , iq, w,,1., TIVITIES AND EVENT ,512 if 1 QM Q Q i ,A f N X Nia 15, fin ,.-vs' N755 nf, s f. N, . . A N ,M 3 Hp, if sX'V::g 1 Q, A . 11 ,S 1 5 S Q5 s X xp . ,-1.4 ., fr , -2 7.-f-Q :af--e - x. M.-fi 3: - ' ' ,..+ if . f l :fl -. ASJQQ, -- ,. ff .':J3y?ff,gfa I know some-thing you don'f know." Mangia! Mangia! Billy and Liso-Prince and Princess "By George, I fhink he's gof if!" "Just you and me fogefher . . ." "Johnny Gel Your Gun" 'Twenfiefh Cenfury Love"? If was fun while if lasfed, but all good things must come fo an end." 'T- ANYTHING The Drama Club proudly presented its rendition of "Any- thing Goes" on May 7, 8, 9, and 10. Under the general directorship of Mrs. Jean Shipos, the hard-working crew was deserving of the audience's superb response. CORRISTIN Posed in front of the future Publications Room are the yearbook's diligent senior members. Seated from left to right: Debbie Richter, Sharyn McNellis, Carole Vincent, and Beth Chaty, Faculty Editor. Standing: Donna Guadagna, Liz Walker, Underclass Editor, and Eileen Matteucci. On scaffold: Dave Maurer, Sports Editor, Theresa Papp, Assistant Editor, Maureen Costigan, Editor-InChief, Sue Seaman, Activi- ties Editor, and Frank Camera. Planning the faculty centerfold. The business staff shed its inhibitions Donna Guaclagno accepts the gavel signifying her role as President of the Zonta Club. Officers Beth Chaty, Maria Kirzecky, and Sue Kasian look on. Z CLUB Putting together Thanksgiving baskets for needy families, bringing Christmas cheer to the girls in the State Home, and distributing Valentine gifts to the Senior Citizens at Morris Hall are iust a few ways the members of the Zonta Club uphold their motto, "Growth Through Service." Under the direction of Miss Clara Raymond, the Z Club, sponsored by the Zonta Club of Trenton, celebrated its first anniversary with the initiation of new members in November, 1973. "Hey, save some for me!" pleads Joanne Ronney to Cathy Dillione at the Zonta Club Induction. Members light the candles of the Z during installafion cere monies. BOB SH00 BOPS Rfk Spellbound! ,Q-.4 tl IN CONCERT 3 9.2 on the Richter rock scale. March T5 was nostalgia night at St. Anthony's. The guests of honor were the fun-provoking Bob- Shoo-Bops. The band consists of 'IO former Rider Students who revive memories of the fabulous 50's. Because of their appeal in '73, they returned to SA with their 50's attire, including slicked-back hair, leather jackets, and feather weight shoes. The over- all effect provedsucessful as students present rocked and rolled their way back to those untroubled years of the 50's. mae-wg 11 izsnfsasuu-11-nilaznau Rock on! I X ,a.,, il , .IW to ---+....,,.. .JV STUDENT COUNCIL AND SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS-SEATED: Joanne Class President, Miss Lois Yencha, Moderator. Absent from picture: Rooney, Class Secretary, Linda Ponticelli, Student Council Treasurer, Rich Maureen McManiman, Student Council Vice-President, Cathy Dillione, Mule, Student Council President, Nancy Spalding, Student Council Sec- Class Vice-President. retary, Mary Ellen Tague, Class Treasurer. STANDING: Steve Makrancy, STUDENT COUNCIL The St. Anthony High School Student Council of 1973-74, under the direction of Miss Lois Yencha, attained many of their goals through its perseverance and its un- wavering determination. Although Student Council President Richard Mule met with many obstacles during his term of office, his unceasing concern for a better school mo- tivated students to strive for greater school spirit. SENIOR HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES: Frank Camera, Anna Pratico, Cathy Dillione, Mdry Ellen Tague. ROW 2: Lisa Brady, Michelle Onofri, Ellie Silvestro, Carole Vincent, Pam Lutz. ROW 3: Nora Mostrangeli, Meg Hooker, Joe Baranyi, Sou Kon Louie. CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR: Mary Ellen Tague, Treasurer, Cathy Dillione, Vice-President, Steve Makrancy, Presi- dent, Joanne Rooney, Secretary. E OF 'rx-:E btwbr A N 5? HS '5' in ' H isis. I .iinhlsia in is in iibhihhhhh qSgqjEy.vQ1b omg 5. 'fm Yb Lu SOPHOMORE: Cathy Dallas, Advisor, Lynn No- taro, Vice-President, Dean Tuccillo, President, Karen Moscarello, Secretary, Earl McCoy, Ad- visor. Absent from picture: Ben Lee, Advisor. JUNIOR: Luba Panczyszyn, Advisor, lisa Barszczweski, Vice-President, Monica Suy- dam, Secretary. STANDING: Mark Poten- zone, Advisor, Pat Foley, President, Greg Gore, Advisor. HONOR SGCIETY l i. Liz Walker, Secretary, Art Sciarrotta, President Jeff Sr. Miriam Grace utters a few words of wisdom at a meeting. Members discuss plans for future activities. Seifert, Treasurer, Sr. Miriam Grace, Moderator and Petronella Verducci, Vice-President, discuss the agenda for the next meeting of the Honor Society Scholarship, character, leadership, and service are four qualities which members of our National Honor Society display in their actions throughout the year. Induction of these exceptional students took place in November. Their first undertaking is the bringing of the Christmas spirit to the senior citizens at Morris Hall. Various projects, under the guidance of Sr. Miriam Grace, such as tutoring and service to the school and community, fill their calendar for the whole year. l s ssh' Q. SEATED: Theresa Larkin, Mary Latella. ROW 1: Earl McCoy, Joseph Mennuti, Linda Buckley Theresa Klein, Carolyn Belardo, Dana LiCari, Kathleen Lee, Lisa Bocchini, Raymond Bucchi, Miss Janet LOQUIYCTO Faculfy Advisor. ROW 2: Mark Pofenzone, Louis Laureti, Victor Calandra, Jeffrey Bramley Jonathan Borkowski. .SENIOR MEMBERS: Joel McKeever, John Friel, Presidenig Steve Makrancy, Dave Maurer, Jack West. SEATED Rochelle Rettzo Caroline Petrilla, President, Ronald Sagnip. STANDING: Cynthia Basler, Maureen McKeever Karen Petrilla Kathy lmmroth, Donna Turano, Marie Phelan, Eileen Smith, Mary Hogan Judy Moscarello Ann Ronca Luba Panczyszyn, Miss Lucine Fabian, Moderator. D. E. C. A. The future of the business world has been secured! Under the skillful guidance of Mrs. Rose Keefer, the industrious-looking students managing the new store in Room 'I24 are members of the St. Anthony High School Chapter of D.E.C.A. The numerous trophies illustrate concretely that their attempt to combine a high school education with real contact in the fields of business and of state government is highly successful. f,.1 I.. V ,1xl,, '55 i K M---....M.,.,, .. SEATED: Judy Editor, Debra Caruso, Janice Dill, Loretta Balkum, Valerie Gross, Miss Kathleen Faraglia, Faculty Advisor. Moscarello, Peironilla Verducci, Kim Baker, Abramo. STANDING: Karen Bleisiein, Mary Russo, Nancy Schuler, Marie Fares, Cynthia l .. I 'f ' " - .. ft- Q2 FRONT: Helene Gray. SEATED: Lisa Bocchini, Ann Ronca, Nancy Anne Bernard. STANDING: James Altobelli, Carol Thibodeau, Martin Price, Mr. Garrison, Fcaulty Advisor, Richard Crosby, Arfhur Sciaroha, Rosemarie Fisher. NUMBER TWO IN VIENNA Speaking of Transition, what can one say about a group of students, who, within the period of five years, have marched from the football fields into the hearts of the Vien- nese? The Band Front, under the superb direction of Mr. William Donlen, is an ac- tivity which has brought much praise and honor to our school. It consists of 122 mem- bers: 54 in the Band, a Drill Team of 16, I2 Twirlers, and 40 Color Guard members. The long hours of hard work, which have re- sulted in sore, tired, disgusted, and happy performers, have really paid off. This group has claimed 56 trophies, awards, and hon- ors, some of which include: the State Cham- pionship Color Guard Contest, and Second Place in the International Music Festival in Vienna, Austria. S S "M ,,..z.nd Bon Voyage! mum-t iq., M is NUMBER ONE WITH US ddr x' ,r .1 , ' L' was r .NN .,V, 1 1 I Y 3 3 A . I AWV' K' 3.4 - I V VV VZ' .. .A ,If - . Q .fra ' 13 ' ': r R -A - A . -gag ,1 J QA rl ,. 'x 1'zff?1, ,nf r. get ,Q S, . ' ' - za, 7 .X .xx Members of the band performing in concert while in Vienna. Our Boogie-Woogie Bugler Boys Members of the drill team show deep concentration as they march. 0NE ' NIGHT OF JAZZ "Shoo-Be-Bop-Do-Bop!" were the musical notes that transformed St. Anthony's gym into a "Jazz Fan- tasia." Bouncy tempo and flashy rhythms were added by the pres- ence of Alumni returning for their February extravaganza. "A one and a two!" Director Pat Salerno leads band members in a snappy tune. Members of the chorus Sandy Lanzoni, Rosemary Cooper, Paul Bachi, Cheri Bogdan, and Cindy Basler display their vocal talents during a number at the Night of Jazz. Alumni add pizazz to the Night of Jazz Show. A fight for the sparkling treasure chest ends with the capture of First Place for "Best Event" and "Best Costume" for the pirates of "Free Ride." "TOYlAND" Transformed into a "vision of sugarplums," St. Anthony High School gymnasium provided the set- ting for the Ninth Annual G.A.A. Show. Six hundred girls, portraying anything from Raggedy Anns to popcorn, created a toyland for children of all ages. Led by Captains Sharyn McNeillis and Nancy Spald- ing, the Brown and Gold teams delighted friends, relatives, and guests with outstanding dances and Second Place for "Best Costume" was awarded to Lisa Rossi's dancing "guys" and "dolls" in "There's No Bus: ness Like Show Business." COMES T0 S.A. gymnastic exhibitions. As the final night of compe- tition approached, Mistress of Ceremonies Rosemary Cooper raised the brown flag which indicated the team's first win in three years. All too quickly, the Raggedy Anns stopped dancing, and the popcorn stopped popping "in hopes that next year soon would appear." TX M x it P T B ,,,,.. ,, V . . .V T Are you ready, frogs?" .lody D'Andrea's lilypadders "Twas the Night Before Christmas" as these mechanical proved they were ready by leaping to Second Place cuties "wound up" in Third Place for "Best Event in this for "Best Event" and Third Place for "Best Costume." year's G.A.A. Show. 6 S gf 1, J Eli? C "7" t ? ,Sl , ku., new M r S 'W ,Q QT :fx- K 'xlb E W WW,,.pw-WWW' VM4' da- ,,,, ,,., 4 My ia 'f 'Q ,--s QM., X . 7+ PAY' K I s.. .M ,4,.7 , K 2 kg! fig X 53 as E .f,flixSsi"3 . f . , . .W , , . we .V 0 QA.L 3 V 55 jj iw . . gg, 9 aa sm f- , Mfiiv ' i .E Af ,Q , - k H , .,L-LL t . W! 34 415. .Q fu. ,:..... fvf ,-,, 5 f...-- ., E A a j Q . .nk A . an--.,i -38? . . Because of outstanding reaction last year, the Navy Band returned this year to put on an even better show. "Just You and Me," "2001, Space Odyssey," and "Anchors Aweigh" were just o few of the vibrant tunes they performed. ANTONIAN x N 5. -Q L : VTX ':-5' 1 ,4 y . 1,-if T STAFF SEATED: Maureen Manning, Mary Caruso, Sou Kon Louie. STANDING: Thomas Chepiga, Michael Mancuso, Joel McKeever, Michael Tomasulo, Miss Lucine Fabian, Moderator. .gy The Publications Room I -W-m,fz:,f-iyffzfi' 9 f ' 5255? 5. r. f 1 'P' ,,,,, ,I ,.L.,,,.,,, ' Q . PM . ,ge Q. I' A W ref K, U Q, 1' , if M' if V ,,,,,, ,. V , V , . l if Z , ,.,,.,,, , V V 'iii A i .gg is... ,Q rrrr . I Paying close affeniion to Kurt Dennish, Editor-in-chief, are Page Editors Elaine Mitchell, Caroline Pefrilla, Debra Abramo, Patrick Foley, Thomas DeLuca. , il 5 2 THE MIME if ,,. 1 1 K ' ., 5 rx K Ol 1 s BADMINTON Rocket Ron before he ran out of gas Killer Kirby cheered on by Nofre Dame Lots of racket, buf not much score. NOV. IO, 1973 Braving the cold, Sharyn McNellis, escorted by Joe Nocera, was happily crowned Home- coming Queen during half-time. Members of her court included: Phyllis Allegrefii and Michael Fasanella, Lori Everift and Carl Chianese, Lisa Rossi and Bill Welsh, and Nancy Spalding and John Russo. SENIORS CAPTURE The reflection of sparkling crystal chandeliers, the tables bedecked in royal red and golds, and the romantic notes provided by the John Tomasulo Quartet furnished a myriad of memories for the enchanted couples who at- tended the Senior Prom at the Cullora Restaurant in Bristol, Pa. The crowning of Rosemary Cooper as prom queen, escorted by Ralph Iorio, culminated the regal evening and, in fact, captured "time in a bottle." l l TIME IN A BOTTLE X. 4634595 Y 1 x is is T T The Queen and King, Rosemary Cooper and Ralph lorio, surrounded by their Court- Bette Anne Della Rosa and Al Paglione, Phyllis Allegretti and John Friel, and Ellie Silvestro and Frank Camera. Roe Williams and her escort, Rick Caiazzo, "The kids in Bristol are sharp as pistols when they PFFPUVG. f0 leave the PFOITL Their fCIC9S do the Bristol Stomp" . . . Cynthia Basler enjoys Shme W'lh Th? h0'PP"'2e55 lhet' lWV9 had some nostalgia at the Cullura in Bristol, Pa. that enchanting evening. SENIOR DIRECTORY Maiorettes 1, 2, 3, 4, Choral 3, 4, Junior Honor Society 2, National 3, 4, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Future 1, Band 3, 4, G.A.A. Show T, 2, 3, Band T, 2, 3, 4 BORELLI Team 1 2 3 4 C l 2 3 4 GAA Show 1 Mis Chess Club 3 4 C O E 4 Chess Club 3 ciety 3, 4 A FRANK sLEssg?ennss 4 BETH CHATY: Homeroom Representative 3, Junior in Honor Society 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Zonta Club 3, Secretary 4, Ski Club T, 2, 3, 4, Basketball T, 2, Softball 'l, 2, G.A.A. Show 'l, 2 f 3, 4, The Corristin 3, Editor 4, Girls Track 3, 4 .VVKK fr' resentatlve 3 Zonta Club 3 4 wg THOMAS A CHEPIGA Homeroom Represent zz- - Q 4- .I u mor Ho nor? N CQNNIE CHIACCHIO: G.A.A. show 3, Massimo Rep QIOT YO 'I Team 3, Editor Club 2 CAVANAUGH: soccer 1 3 Drill Team T, 2, G.A.A GAA. Show T, 2, 3, 4, Bas- T, 2, Homeroom Representative 'I, 2, Ski K 6 in ,, . 3 ,S G.A.A., Baseball 1 MARLEIZLE JANET l ba 1 ' . .lu ior Key NANCY l'O0m The N pgs,-Ez' 2. ' o '97 , gg' S tudent img, H in 5515- A li X 3' 4 .. ' 3121 RLNE ,F H Th 9 FRED LYNNE THOMAS F JOHN FINK: Soccer 2 1zosEMAR1Ei?l4.NN FISHER: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, color G 2 Future Teachers Club 1, 2, 3, 4, uurd , 4, 3, 4, Forensics Club 1, 4, G.A.A. 4, Biology Club 2, Choral Group 4, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Ski Club Club 1 Red Cross Club 3 J DIDUN Junior usket- DIEKNEIT Baseball 1 Guard Honor 4 Drill Team Show 2 :'G.A.A. Show 1 2-L3 4, Home- 2: , , , L, AUGUSTUS FITZGERALD JEFFREY L. FOWLER: Baseball 2, 4 BRIAN JOSEPH FRASCELLA: Class Vice-President 1 JOHN P Society 2, Honor Class President tonian Track 1 'N--Q..- Ciioi-aL..Group ,,,3f" 4, National P. HOLLlDAY M4iiY1lMAnoAiiE?f1 sfodonf 2, G.A.A. Shovk "I, 2, 3, 4,1 Basketball, 1, 2, '4, Soft- ball 3, 4, Forensics Club 3, 4, The Corristin 4 AUDREY A. HORKAY: G.A.A. Show 1 MARIJANE L. HUCMAN: Class Secretary 2, G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 4 NANCY HURLEY: Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 4, Mariorettes 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Council 4, JEROME F. HUSTAK: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 KATHLEEN M. IMMROTH: Softball 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Zonta Club 4, The Corristin 4, Junior Honor Society l Honor Society 3, 4, G.A.A. Show 1, 2, Club 4 ' IORIO: Student Council 3 N, show1,2,3 ' 3 Missioiifjkepresentative 1, G:A.A. Honor sooiofy 3, 4, Future 4, Girls Track 3, The Corristin 4 G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior National Honor Society 3, 4, 1 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, KELLY G.A.A. Show 3, National 3 4 Ecology Club 3, Drill Team 2, 4, Future Teachers Club 4, Girls KAREN ELIZABETH KELLfgg?G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, D.E.C.A. 4 KATHLEEN ANN KELLYgfStudent Council 1, G.A.A. Show 2, 4, Representative 2, Third Order 2, Secretary Drill Team 1, 2, The Cor- ristin 4, Girls Track 3 MALJREEN KELLY: G.A.4gg5show 1, 2, 3, 4, o.E.c.A. 4 DONNA 41 Skfzefeb 21 31 4f ,i,.. HELENA JAN ? 3 3 5 9 - E, , ,,,,,.1.,.a5,:, DENNIS P. KINNEVY: Soccer 4, Baseball: 1 MARIA L. KIRZECKY: Junior Honor Society 2, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Zonto Club 3, Treasurer 4, G,A.A. Show 4, The Corristin 4 DEBORAH A. KNIGHT: Mission Ropfosoneofivo 1, G.A.A. show 1, 2, 3, 4, ska Club 1 WILLIAM A. KNIPE: Football 1, Baseball 1, Basket- swoon, Council 3,4 CHRlSTOPHER KERINS: Football 2, 3, 4 EILEEN ANNE KRISANDA: D.E.C.A. 3, 4, Student Council2 JEFFREY J. KRUEGER: Football 1, Student Council 1, D.E.C.A. 4, Ski Club 4 - JOANNE J. KUCAY: G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4 ,,,wq,l5,oW- we 1 rg,-E .iffy EE L' , . . ,,,.. ,,,... , X. .. - - - . 4 1' ww,gg,,sff,,,.,,ss4,ss..,ss,osssof.f4,f,1,hs,4, I f- . v, I - f-ss,,s,f,s-sI,,,,o,,,s,.,,s1,, - , 9'2- T " ,. We 4 'WW I ' ' --off----4,-oe-.ov--s ffsszssflffzwoemsfor.. . ikfuiir .--, .. -- L ,,,. s,.,5,,:,,,,,,M i, o .- 3 .- f DENNIS J. KUTI: ski CIub53, 4 JOSEPHINE PHYLLIS MARINO: G.A.A. Show 3 DONALDJ- KUZMA: National Honor Society 3, 4 MARK ANTHONY MARINO: Basketball 2, 4, B.A.A. 2, 3, 4 DAVID M. LANIGAN: Football I, 2 - DAVID MICHAEL MARION SANDRA MARY LANZONl: Choral Group 'l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Show 'l, 3, 4, Junior Honor Society 2, National Honor Society 3, 4 DIANE CAROL MARKEE: G.A.A. Show I, Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Forensics Club 3 DOUGLAS J. LARGE s ,,,, THOMAS S. MARTIN MICHELLE EUZABETH LAWN DEBRA M. MARUCA: G.A.A. Show T, 2, 3, 4, Girls Track 3, The Corristin 3, 4 TIMOTHY P. LARIcINs Football I Q illlli NTHTASTSSRDSE'tMAsTRoDoMENIcos G.A.A I 3, 4, Cheerleading l RICHARD KENNETH PHILIP JOSEPH MATERA: Forensics Club l, Track 3, li Df-'IM Club 21 Key Club 3, 4, Chess Club 3 DEBRA C. L G.A.A. Show 'l, 3, 4 EILEEN F. MATEUCCI: G.A.A. Show 2, 3, 4, Junior Honor Society 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, The Corristin 4, Pep Club 'I ROBERT JOSEPH dent Council 'l, 1 2 3, 4, Stu- DAVID MICHAEL lf 2, 3,4 DAVID S. MAURER: Key Club 2, 3, 4, The Corristin 3, Editor 4 X CAROL LOMBARDI: 2, 3, 4, Student Council 'I G.A.A. Show 4, Zonta SOU KON LOUIE: Teachers Club 2, Junior National DEBRA ANN KMESDAY: o.A.Aj3f4Show 2, soshofholi 2, 3, 4, ski Club I, 2, 3, 4 I THOMAS MICHAEL MIHALOW: Football 'I, 2, 3, 4 IRENE MILONASI A DEBORAH ELAINE MINoTTIs G.AfA. 3, 4, sro. dent Council l I I'iI DOREEN MINOTTI: chooslooolof I, ski Club I, 2, G.A.A. Showlll, 2, 3, 4, School Play 3, 4, Student Council 4 STEPHEN ANNE MARIE 1, 2, G.A.A. STEPHANIE Show 3, 4 JoANNE G.A.A. show T, 2, 3 4 Club 2, 3, The Corristin 4 TIMOTHY M. MARYCLAIRE Mission C orristin LUTZ Show 'I 2 3 4 Girls Track JOHN H Council 2 Forensics Club 3 4 Student Council 1 Mission Color Guard I Club MICHAEL P OLSZAK: Future Nurses Club 1, Club 4 - Future ANN MENICHELLI: G.A.A. Show l, 2, Future Nurses Club 3, 4, Masslon Cheerleader 'I, 3, 4, The Corristin 4 Club 'l, Junior CIvItan School Play 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, 4, G.A.A. MARION M. MENNEL: G.A'A' Show 2,4 Show 'l, 2, 3, 4, Choral Group 3, Girls Track 3, 4 45 Drill JOANN ORESIK 1 ,gg S .s,,,, LOUIS FRANK MERCATANTI: Baseball 2, 3, 4 QAgx,.,g,,,.,pR50N I Y EDWARD -JQIMARCINKOWSKI S 'r'r AIs.lswAiRIcIA.,gs.MERRITT, sfoaohf coohon '1IAMEs P. PAcERAs Key Club I, 2, B.A.A. I, 2, 4 DEBORAH A- MARCZAK ,.., -'r- T, G.A.A. ,,,,. ff! "i'l rfr Ili' Student Council 2 A C . ..,,. K JW,g,,,,gfs5:efr4f,:v.uso, kk M H K V , . .s,gg4?'?i3r'ff" C31 CI, ' G.A.A. Show 3, The Antonian 3, National Honor JUDlTH A. SCIARROTA: G.A.A. Shoyv 1, 2, 3, 4, The ALBERT JOSEPH PAGLIONE: Boseballi, 2, 3, 4 JENNIFER PANFILI A DENISE PANGALDI, G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2 ,3 LORRAINE A. PANNONE THERESA PAPP: Drill Team 1, 2, 3, G.A.A, Show 1, 2, 3, 4, The Corristin 3, Editor 4, Girls Track 3, 4, ,School Play 4 PATRICIA, PARMIGIANI: G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1 'lii 2,.,,3,.,NiS1'ionol igi Honor Society 3, 4, Zonta orr, , A rlrro ,,4, rrf Jrr y ,C l,,, , 11-1AonEus PAUL PATTERSON: 1, 2, 3, The Q, Antonion 1, 2, 3, Football 4 T 'll' , SEPHINE PEAK: Color Guard 1, 2, G.A.A. show 2, 4, Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4,-:Iiorensics Club 4, Group 2, School Play 4 recur, ao,Ro1ho11 1, 2, sonloon 1, 4, , G.A.A. show 1, 2, The Corristin 3, 4, 4, RALPH RASPATELLO, Football 1,if2, 3, 4 DAVID o. RELN: soooholl 3, 4 ,S BARBARA J. REINECKE: Drama Club 4, Student Council 1,8 Choral Group 1, 2, Futura Nurses Clulo2 1' DOREEN RENIO, G.A,A. show 3, 4 JOANN REPERTORIO: Pep Club 1, Choral Group 1, 2, G.A.A. show 2, DONNA RESCH: D.E.C.A. 3, 4, G.A.A. Show 3, 4 ROCH-ELLE c. RETrzo?E3noio1o11oo 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Teachers Club 1, Choral Group 4 ALBERT G. RHODES: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4 PARlS ANN RlCCl: G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 2, School Play 3, 4 DEBORAH ANN RICHTER, G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 3, Junior Honor Society 2, National 'JOHN FJSCHREIBER: Chess Club 3 jNANCl H. SCHULER: Junior Civitan 3, 4, Junior Honor Society 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Choral Group 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, The Corristin 3, 4 JUANA MARY SCHULTZ: Student Teachers Aide12, Student Council 1, 2 , ,,,, 5, DEBRA LYNN SCHUSTER: Choral Group 1, Future Nurses Club 2, Drama Club 4 5 MICHAEL SCULLY: Baseball 2, 3, 4, SUSAN ANNE SEAMAN: Mission G.A.A. Show 1, 3, 4, Forensics ball 1, 2, 3, 4, The Corristin 3, Honor Society 3, 4 German Ciub 1, Rep rese ntativei cioh 1, 2, Basket! Editor 4, National THOMAS EDWARD SEAMAN: Chess Club 3, 43, Jsrfngggy J. ssurem, National Honor Society 313, Tracing, , Representative 4 251514, 25, EV- SERENELLI: rofohsioo Club some 2, Honor Society 2, National ljonor PELLITTERI, G,A.A.1lShow 2, 3, 4, HOW Sofiefy 3, 4: Mission Represwwfive 2, 3, A 2, 3, 4, Forensics Club 1, 2, Drama Student Council 3, 4, The Corristin 4 A VVVKW VV If I 4,:1 "ii 1 'kii A riii iiil ,LA RTSOLDI: ooh.. CIub'2 ssss liii ' L412 oss. A iiti ,yV. ,,,,, ,,,,,,.., , .. Wyyyk ,,y, i,ELEANog,,.,C. -,1L Q 1,, 2, 3, G. ,ss A ,L'1is Micnsue Rfk 1 c '1 2l 50EiE'Y 3' 'ff "ER'lli'9 2' ,,,,1 , it Ji 1, , sss 1,,, A 1 . ' Tennis -',- Q ' Cl 3- fffcii C""?S559f'9' ",f"""" CME" JANEES, Bandail, 2,,3, 4, Fume Teachers U U ,,,s " 3- ssss 3, 3 ,s,, ,,,,,, 1 1 , ,,,s isi ettfes iiiiis r. PETRONE: 2, I titt , tiioi A it isst ,s1,,, 41, ,1,,,s 1 2, A, A ' ' ' i,'s .'ii srst sssls, sssf 1 if 22 4f 3. LALL ,ji Vyyhy ' 45 'J A 3, Honor 2, National 'Honor ' ,iffy A L SEPH . - 'ki'- ,... --.. , .... A ,sss it A iiiiii A MICHAEL 2, E1,o,ooo11 A 'issf Lsss - Tfdfk A sssi Rosso 3, LINDA A. P4EfRA2Sg,f2fE,A-Aqiishow s, 4, Mow- 1,,2,Ski ooo 1, 1,sohSoo1P1of3,4 ssssisssiistss EMEA lf C"'C"Pf'51" 509191 22 ss..,,ss . ,il so 1 , DEBRA 'ENN 50MlCH:Ufe1!w Ch 1G 3 ',,,,,,,,,, .,,.. i,,- lft ',,, . .,,, -i.i1 om siisss A ifss yy ,,y, , ,,,s 1. ,,ss1,, 1, , s,,ss 1,.,11 1 yr y , ,iyy , 4, ,,,, 1 y NANCHEAN s?Aw,NG5 45 Eu' 1' , i,,s A .5 ,',, isss if ,,s, o '1 , ffi .1s,,,ssss,s,s s,,s 1 tiit irsi iiisi h,,n'1,:2,L3, 4, 3 jiifix A , RQNALD S. ESAGNIP, School Play 3, 4, Junior Ciiifan ,,,s 3 ,s,, ' A 3 1, 1 1 3 ,11,,s 1 A Group ' A SHARON, ANN G-AA 21 Batkoiiball 1 , L T315 Honor Society 2, National Honofifsociety-'3ffiii4 ' ' 1, 1 ,s1, , , 1 . Leett DOL ES M' 5MZ"'cEA""""" CAA 2, a, 4 A UNM ,sr SN-NH' CW-haf' 2. 2, A ,rsi sets srrs A KATHLEEN N- STANTON, PAP Sfvsihfif rroosofom, Baslietbail1,fIG.A.A. Show 2, FRANK 1.sAN1ARs1eRo4aooosi311 1, 2, ai 4 A Liss oil was, 4, Basketball 1, 2, sohhon G.AQiifi I y A , L Show 1, 2, 3, 4, The Corristin 4, School Play 4 ANNA MARIE PRATICO, SN 3 ooh: Council 1, 2, 3, 4, ski Club 435 ' 1 A3,,,lA,oT,oo1fA2i, Eooloowtlub 41 EAAAA 1-"1'1A27E'iEARY'lli?iLJlSE s1E1N, Fofisro Noriefclob 3, 45? fr 5 i'E' f G.A.A,Q'Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 1, 2, Pep 1 A A,,,, ,sst 1 A , .1 . 1 h 2,1 ' 1 h 3 A fi MARTIN VFQQPRICE: ofomo Club 4, hofohsfoo ARTHUR D- SCIARROISEAS ,JA!9!9f How? Somew 2, Cu 2 5 E Cgub gyg ' f iii' ' National Honor Socieity'3, 4g,,1The Corristin 4, Chess ' ' E SLJSAN MARIE QUIGLEY: chofol Group 1, 2, 3, 4, Society 3, 4, School Play 3,,H4 MARY c. RADICE: G.A.A. show 1, 2, 3, 4,,f,,.1oh1o1 Honor Society 2, National Honog SocietQfQf3, 4, Softball 2, The Corristin 4 71 Club 3, Drama Club 3, 4 CHARLES SCIARROTTA Corristin 4, Drill Team 1 DOROTHY ANN SCHINKEL: Color Guard 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. Show 3, 4 LORRAINE SUSAN STEPHAN, G.A.A. show 2, 3, 4 "'MARYiJ i STERCULA, Basliieiiball 1,37 i f'i L PATRlCiAg5:,,,ANN STILLWELL, G.A.A, show,,2, 3, 4, Student c:ooho11S4, ska Acagoh 1, 2, 3,4 :Noe P,,5,, sruMPf,,, o.A.A,Jshow 1, 2, 3,,,4, Moior. enes 152,57 , .,, , , 4, Junior Honor So- -' , stugk., JOSEPH D. TUCCILLO: Basketball 1, Baseball 2, 3, 4, JOAN K. WELSH: G.A.A. Show 1, 3, Future Nurses Soccgr 4 Club 2, 3, Tennis Club 1 LEONARD JOSEPH TUCClll02Cl1OfGlGf0UP4 wlLuAM DENNIS WELSH: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, aus- : kefball 1, 2 ' Key Club 2, B.A.A. 1, 27 will Lkk" ., ,,., MARlANNE CHRISTINE, r 2 , shq, Club Junior Honor: Sa ul cm. su cnubig 599 41, swam School Represbhlailwio nrls Track 35 CAROL R. VAYDA: Softball Show 1 DOREEN SALLY MICHAEL The JOHN J. Key Club Honor STEVEN WISHNIE: Baseball 3, Club 2, 4 B.A.A. 3 ZABICKI: Cross Country 1, 2, 4 T. WOOD: G.A.A. Show 2, 4, Drill MARIE YANNO: G.A.A. Show 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Group 1, 25 Drama Club 1, 2, 3, alive 1, 2, Girls Track 3, 4 TIMOTHY M. YOUNG: Ski Club 1, 2, 3, D.E.C.A. 4, AAA TRIUCKIING CORPORATION I Quakerbridge Road Mercerville,??N.J. If BiETTY'S WEDDING SERVICE 2005 South Clinton Ave. Tre , . , g . ,,,,,gj,. rfProm Gowns, Bridal, Spoftswearj 2RoaId I , , Trenton, N.J. .5595 LANG AIE?I'AN'?5E5 I I J .3f3iAIUTo BO DY New York Ave ' EEE I BUIIQDING-'CORPORATION Liberty St. N.J. EYE of OLDSMOBILE INC. g North Olden Ave. I ' Ewing Township, N.J. ,e ,C0mpliments of DOLCI at CoNIRACToIIQS I EEEA Trenton, N.J. V, , ,7 lCompliments of SELTZER MAN I393-43763 Congratulations to The Class of '74 JOHN J. MARION, Committeemant Hamilton Township Congratulations Walt D. From MOM, DAD, and FAMILY A. JOSEPH CZILLICH ASSOCIATES 2772 South Broad St. Trenton, N.J. DE FELICE BUILDERS Trenton, N.J. DELAWARE CONSTRUCTION Greenwood Ave. I Trenton, , DELA,WAREEI2ONS3?5RUC1?Ii N AND LANDSCAPECOMPANY I QQDR. rfr I ANNA, ooIS2IINIC,3Iz., Mia-IAEI iI R I 3145 Qualcerbridge Road F. Member, Hamilton Township I If Areeii Board of trt Beatty and Smithl lSts. I il 1 Trenton, C695-1 8821 EWING CARPET SHOP 1663 North Olden ,Ave.+ExtenslIon Trenton, N.J. FELL SI MOON COMPANY 212 East Hanover St., Trenton ,,N.J 3 East Afton Ave., Yardley, Pa. It Insurance since1886 . , FIRST NATIONAL STATE BAN.K OF CENTRAL JERSEY Brunswick Avenue at Olden Trenton, N.J. Q , FORTUNEICERAMICS TILE CORP. I Samuel Minotti, President GABRIELE'S HOUSE OF STYLING AND BARBJERING ' I GALE'S SERVICEIIINC. I 2142 S. Broad Street 912 Parkside i5ivenuef I Trenton, N.J. GE5MAN..:,.AMEI3IICAN CLUB A., Route 130 iliit Ave 4587-97375 t 1t't1 I C587-29273 , ..,. HARRY'S.SUPPLY Co., INC. Sjrroad Street Trenton, N.J. HELEN'S APPAREL N..Olclen Ave. Trenton, N.J. HERM'S TRUCKING, INC. 58-64 Ward Avenue Trenton, N.J. 4393-50095 HOLIDAY INN OF BORDENTOWN Route 206 North at Exit 7 fN.J. Tpk.j Bordentown, N.J. ROSE MARIE JAC KYNE 177 JOSEPH JINOOLI 8. SON INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS 644 Parkawy Avenue Trenton, N.J. JOSEPH'S FLOWERS 2535 Liberty Street Trenton, N.J. ROBERT JOSEPH UNISEX HAIRCUTS 931 Parkway Ave., Trenton . 203 Nassau St., Princeton I I KEATS AuTO RENTAL INC. T751 N.,OIden Avenue KEATS FORD I T751 N. Olden Avenue Trenton, N.J. KUCKER-HANEY PAINT CO. 1237 E. State Street t1.. 1599-9397J LAKESIDE SHELL SERVICE STATION? ttt South Broad Street Trenton, N.J. LEONA DECORATORS T808 South Broad Street Trenton, N.J. JOS. LICCIARDELLO SONS, INC. WHOLESALE FRUIT AND PRODUCE' 64 ButIer Street 1396-82402 JOE KANKA LUBIK OLDS, INC. THE MAGIC MUSHROOM UNISEX BOUTIQUE Warren Plaza West QUINN'S BAR 701-703 Cass Street Trenton, N.J. , Route 130 f396-1062, Hightstown, N.J. b RABBITS TAVERN MAGUIRE-BURKE AGENCY 85 Route 33 , T'e"'O"' NJ' . RED-SIAR CONSTRUCTION GENERAL BUILDER and MASONRY MAC DONALDS JEWELERS fF'?PeC' Sf- DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS NJ- RRIBRI S T08 Yardville-Allentown Rd. I GLL, , Yardville, N.J. I,s.I.tI A I r,.rsnL. - I A SHOP I8 SI. . JOE MC GARRITY - ARTIST 1955 Arena Drive ' III Itl 5 III I I Trenton, N.J. . Iasrs . 1905 Route '33 MR. and MRS. JOSEPH MC KEEYER Hqmmon Township' NJ, and FAMILY I I BIIIR Qifii ,MESDAY TRUCKING SERVIC .,.L . Trenton, N.J. I if Gnd A JMR. and MRS. ALLEN IRI AR D GRILLEL , , I .QQ f.. . Sh' A ' LIRL Strt OXFORD MEN'S SHOP A Rrrs I Independence MaII ,,, , C888-49901 .fgff In Irnr MR. MRS. O. I. ROSSI THE PARFAIT Hg USE A ALEXANDER SAVONIGK - 411 Route 331586-2835jancI 210 Nancy Lane ' I660 North OIden Ave. f883-72311 Trenton, NJ. I' PAT'S DINER , 1300 So. Broad Sfreerf ISI1 A ISC TOMATOIRIES Trenfon, NJ. 46TtISWhittaker Ave. I ' Trenton, N.J. MR. and MRS. AUGUSTUS PERILLI ' I ' I'I PIZZA PLAZA ,.. . SQUARE CENTER 1633 Hamilton Ave. Route 33 Route 130 Bordentown, N.J. C536-3777J Hamilton Square, N.J. JOSEPH STANTON, AGENT ALLSTATE INSURANCE CO. 727 Route 33 Trenton, N.J. MR. cmd MRS. JOHN TOMKO TINA'S BRIDAL SHOP 1415 Chambers Street Trenton, N.J. . Mr. and Mrs. .Anthony Abramo S fi Debra . .ACG and 91 . Mr. and Aga All-Equip Renfdl Service 7 ARTAHRE Mary Lou' Anclahazy f Q Mr. and Mrs.,.gWiIliam J. Andahazy, Sr. JAWOI'-'I'5 5 ffl Qlfim JNA. f f I and FamilIiYffiiQ n1AJ V11 RRJin email? Mrs. Peter J. Bella Peter J. Bellaiil Mr. and Mrs.,,WiIIiam G. Bergnerg. Mf- and ..r. Befkenk0'PffIIei.3.k!.fi5fiE5z5.:rife .Best QW the I Best Wishes Albert S Driver, Jr., and Freeholder Election Karen and Bill Black g Mrs. Black and Homeroom 3D Carl, Peggy, and Mary Bleier Mr. a nd Bleier ., . .1 Bob's Ca Prlrt l g PTPC . Mr. and Mrs. Plllr abert Bogdan, S and Family I S Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. Borelli Patricia Ann Borelli James J. Bresnew Mr. Arthur Calderone s Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Calderone Casino Restaurant Denis Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cavanaugh Sr. Cecelia Agnes and Homeroom 1D Cesare's Pizza Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Chase Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chaty Mr. and Mrs. William E. Chepiga I Mr. and Mrs. Guy Chiacchio I Carl Chianese Mr. and Mrs. Carl Chianese C 8m M Ceramics TRENTON EMERGENCY AND RESCUE SQUAD 821 Second Street Trenton, N.J. VECERE JEWELERS 900 S. Clinton Ave. Trenton, N.J. G l Complmsents of a Friend ef Q Cooper ' ritiift Mr. Richard M. Mr. ancIfMrs. Gus Costiganl Mr. ancI.Mrs. John R. Cox N' Bag Leather Service Mr, E- H- S Joan Lffzaikowski I Debbie and Billy Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DeCore Mr. and Mrs. J. Gregory Delate S . Charles Dennish Mr. Mr. James The Family Don'siDeIi as l AIbertsEmiIio's Coiffures Fares Surgical Associates, P. A. Mrs. Firman and Homeroom 8D Fitzgerald Family The Very Rev. Msgr. William Fitzgerald - Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. John P. Friel, Sr. A Friend A Friend Mr. Garrison and Homeroom 8C Gervasio's Italian Restaurant Good Luck, Class of '74, Homeroom 206 Graziano Florist Griffith Electric Supply Co. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gross HinkIe's Garage, Bordentown Hofing GMC Trucks, Inc. Holly, Freddy, Wilbur, Harriet Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Hustak Immaculate Conception High School Association Ivin's Glass Mr. and Mrs. William R. Johnson VILLA PARK BEAUTY SALON 900 Quinton Ave. Trenton, N.J. 4 THE WESLEY INSURANCE SERVICE AGENCY s 32 N. Hermitage Ave. Trenton, N.J. - Kitchens, Inc. : i Glen Ketisy and Rich . .. J .iii I . . If Ik .. Maureen, Donna,fandfTherese Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. Richardilielly Mr. and Mrs. Myron, Kirzecky FUm"Y Mrs' ....... t Mrs- .... . Mrs. ' iMr.'and Mrs. Martin J.fMaicher, Jr. Mr. Louis Makrancy, Sr., and Family Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Makrancy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Mancuso 'fan 1 - Th.Manuguerra Famjrlyfs 1 g 'C'nk9WSIi'a3fv. r 'Marino N Mrs. Marino Debra Maruca Mrs. Dolores Maruca Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Maurer Mr. Francis J. McDermott Mrs. Francis J. McDermott Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mclntyre Francis J. McManimon Adrian McManus Bernard McNeIIis, Sr. Cesare Menichelli William Mennel, Sr. Irene Milonas Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Isidoros Milonas Steven Monople William J. Mostrangeli J. Nicolai Miss Noon and Homeroom 12C Nu Way Coin Op Laundry and Dry Cleaners PaImerfTrout Inc. The Panfili Family Pangaldi Family Park Getty Station Sr. Paula Marie and Homeroom 9C179 f:mT-f-,.' -- 1 KS '-s wig L .. 33 fa -- H Ba rbesrfssJr Belmont 56955 Mrs eslgr Hornggoom 9B Remomxfonanni Boyeiiii l Mr. Roliiirt Mary and Ruth,Bradley mmym E l Mr. and Mrs. Frank Family TV ii J Britton Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brovak Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Bucci Mrs. Anne,M. Burnett Tom Burnfiw Calabrese Electric Mr. an 5Mrs. Edward A. Callahan, Jr. Mrs. Edyvard A. Callahan, Sr. James, Anita, Robin, and Jim Jr. Cardinale Eileen s Kent E Kent Knight x Miss Mr. and Krisanda Ron Leon William J. Maher ig A ' J and Family A is Mrs. Mains and Homeroom6ii4B Mrs. Ann Maloney Zs5 Mary Mancuso 'P Mr. and Mrs. James J. Manning l. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marazzo p Mr. and Mrs. C. Marczak Sr. Margaret Mahoney and Homeroom 4D Sr. Marie Margaret and Marie's School of Dance Mr. and Mrs. John P. Markee Frances and Eileen Matteucci Maureen and Jay Maurice's Coiftures of Hamilton Bqrril Maurice's Phillips 66 A A Rein Mr. and Mrs. Frank McAneny Kathy McGarrity and Bruce Silvers . Pqrig Denise M. McGlynn Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John McGlynn Mr, qnd Tom McHaIe nl sri Nicoli Rossi Joel Mc Keever "Rush" Rock Mrs. Catherine McLaughlin Phyllis Anne W ,ji:'lsii ' gg'-- 6 Mrs fMr an 9 Mr. A JoAnn lbone T UN Pizza Bicycle Comypanysg Mr. and Miss and Homeroom 836' Twilight Mr. andgMjs.Joseph Papp y - Paris Europa Wir. andrfMrs2Joseph Pelicano Mr. aniil Perilli Mr. and M'l?llCarmen Petix Pfaff Phillipsf 66, Greenwood Avenue Mrs. John P. Pietras J. Plunkett Michael Ponticelli Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vayda Vayda '74 E V Carmen Verducci Wagner Wald James Walker Family Wegschaidler Terri Werkman Werkman, Jr. Werkman lll Werkman Werner N. West Class of '67 Wieczkowski Yanno and Michael G. Yanno, Jr. Michael Zeyack Diane Zola PATRONS 81 BODSTERS Dot Adams Aunt Midge Andre's Cake Box Mr. and Mrs. Walter Apgar Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Barbato Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bartolomei Mary Anne Basler '75 Mr. Dominick Botteri Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bavol B and B Deli B and B Deli, Yardville Miss Ann Berkenkopf Mr. and Mrs. George Bobik Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Peter Breccia Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Britschge Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Broda Robert Brovak Kathy Bryce '68 Mindy and Theresa Burket Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Butera Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Buzzeli Jo Cary Casino Stereo Mr. and Mrs. Amadio Chiacchio Mr. and Mrs. Alex Choby Hilda Cifranic Cindy and Tony C72-73D Mrs. John A. Collins Michael Commini, Inc. Compliments of Lettiere's Gulf Alice Cooper, Jr. "74" Mrs. Florance Cosmo Louis Cosma Mr. and Mrs. John Costaldo Joe Crosswicks '72 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Cunningham Mary Susan Cunningham '71 James T. Cunningham '72 , Margie Czillich '75 Mrs. Michael Darcy Mrs. Elizabeth Dargo ' 6 Mr. Joseph Dargo 5 get f Frank DeFelice Mrs. Mary DeFelice Mr. and Mrs. James DeGregory Klaus Deinzer Gregory Martin Delate Dorothy Deldzier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Demarco Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Dempsky rt. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. DiFalco Thomas P. Dipierro Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Duva Eileen and Jack Electronic World Erika fMutIey the Mascotj Evan's Bridal Shoppe Joe, Mitzi, and Marita Fisher Mrs. Vanda Fosbrook A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gainey Andrea Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. John Giancola Mr. and Mrs. Peter Giancola "Good Vibrations" Greenwood Flower Shop Donna and Michael Guadagno Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guadagno Mrs. Steve Guzikowski Hamilton Shoe Repair Jerry Harcar Mr. and Mrs. John F. Harcar Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harcar and Mrs. James E. Harper Ann Hartmann and Mrs. George Hartmann Debbie Henger Scott, Steve, Sherri Henry and Mrs. John I. Hibbs QM. and Mrs. Eugene Hoffmann Frloffman's Music Shop Aunt Claire and Aunt Bess Holloway Eugene Horkay Robert C. Hough Joseph A. Hurley Gina Jancso Joseph Jancso ,avid Jaworski iss Jeanette's Bridal Salon 8g Specialties r. and Mrs. William Johnson, Jr. r. and Mrs. Jones and Family he Kane Family r. ands Mrs. Walter Kawalek Boa Ketaner J Joseph C. Kramer R. Kolczinski V r. and Mrs. Edward Kucinski I r. and Mrs. Hugh Lake pick Langan Mrs. Elizabeth Latham Qslicky and Lori Lavine and Mrs. Benedict Lee Liberty Music Center kinda and Skip gfirginia Lippincott The Maher Family Josephine Maicher and Mrs. Jgmes Maloney Mrs. Mattheiivtfllaloney fnthony and ,Maria Manuguerra r.i I Mrs. r. dMrs. iyliss F. M . and 'V . Marano and Qs. fam Marano EMark and e fbie lllAari-Jo a gian' Diane Calf arkee Mrs. MatfT'i"i..iQatzer Itvta ry R. Mgflrthy and Mrs..Patrick McClain Anna Mcpon .L Driveign Eleanor cifiid Catherine McGrory Sharon Mclntyre guddy and Michael McNellis Joe and Joanne Mierzwicki gllrs. Marge Mikurak and Michael r. and Mrs. K. C. Miller avid and0Carol Mitchell lieggywlitchell r. yyl X. Monteverde Vg r. Welfare Bureau Qfliss Barbara Moormann V rs. Ida Moscioni r. and Mrs. Richard Mount Barbara Normile '68 QM. and Mrs. William Normile Mr. and Mrs. Nyzio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Okupski Barnett Osowitz Patti and Michael Pattie's Place Mr. Joseph E. Pecht Samuel N. Plumeri Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Pollard Elizabeth Ponzio Dr. I. David Popkin Quick Chek Food Stores Quiet Jotta Mr. and Mrs. Louis Raymond Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rendemonti Donna Marie Resch Mary Jane Resch Bob and Sandy Reszler Jeff Revolinski '7'I Rita and Theresa Rittmann's Bill Roche Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rockal Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Roissier, Jr. Michael Sagedy Mr. and Mrs. Linford Samsel Mr. and Mrs. E. Sandhoff, Jr. Joe Scarantino Mr. and Mrs. Roderic Schmidt Isabelle A. Schuler Nanci Schuler Mrs. Kristine Scott SeImon's Arco Silk's Pharmacy Sloshberg's Department Store Smith's Citgo Dick Smith '66 Mrs. Glady L. Smith Jim, Kathy, and Shawn Spalding Joyce and Bill Speokman Spencer's Shell Station John A. Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stutz Sue and Don Mr. and Mrs. John Suzh Elizabeth P. Sweeney Terri and Barry The Tesauro Family Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Testa Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thompson Tile Discount Center Mr. and Mrs. John A. Tramontana Tremont Deli Mr. and Mrs. James Trolle Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Turgyan Mr. and Mrs. Chester Urbanski Vicki Vayda Abe Vetovick and Family ' Mrs. Mary E. Vitelli Mary Vrancik Nancy fD.D.I Vrancik Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Vuono Mr. and Mrs. Beniamin Walker Mrs. J. Walsh Mrs. Catherine Werkman Mr. and Mrs. Francis Werkman Michael White WilIett's Fabric Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Williams "Wish" '74 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood and Family ignafurea 'wbmwm , X 'IL z Q - Y X, S . f if-ful.. .-wig. ' Wx.,fi?1:fTWivx1. V- sfmnamxiggsgz ffkfmE1SsQ?fgigZfi?55 , 1 . ya f X x . . X 1 z Lithographed hy RAE PUBLISHING G0., IND 282 Grove Avenue Cedar Grove, N. 1.

Suggestions in the Trenton Catholic Academy - Corristin Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) collection:

Trenton Catholic Academy - Corristin Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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Trenton Catholic Academy - Corristin Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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