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4 . . , Y ., 1 - .. L - A 1 ,. 4 V ,- -I , U, I WM, V in 'aa E' 'Z' f, 5' , ,. A.. F ? 11 F1-. 'R u-. wi .. 5' 1-. ',,-g- .. 5:24 A -1-5: Qui!! K . X. 'Q x l f N i if I 'A U M WX H ld ' 1 V N711 HWY!! 1 Hmm Th 6 o volume primary Wi th Gretschmann Public Sch school life. years their We wish her futixre years, and may appreciation for the helped so many. and happiness in her tion co nvey our s with which she has 4' ,,,.....- XX X W Fiandreau USSVFID AUTO COMPANY 1 Z , . .,, 5 .7 q .u,nf,-iisoyod ov ... L .f J , f W X , s k ,,.... . . . A-I 1 v J ' , 'V V I ' A ,I , -1. f: - ' -, Annual Staff .X l W f '- , , A , . n O ' - -1---..-.n-.-...aelnunnun li' ' of w O dingy f O ei so O Q d . ' do , . ,, ,.y ,m,, d o,f5 V V lQ'o, K . .O ' D O oess - mqfidnyearrseokeesterf ngsfenaeavorea to Present in the pages iuhionfgollgw g record Dt the friendships, of the play and or y theryiork make up gg rhtghpaohool year, inthe hope that D the. nsverpge 1gs1tfto you:whophlve lived it. ds ', O Q Years hence, you look back over these O pdgeif ,re1siveo Qitniftheo ljrealm of memory the joys and sorrows d 01' this,dd'yeerf,g1ye'than 11111 have suoceededg r O 7 . . Marjorie Anderson Q . Robert wues A D A . Jerry Fu1ton . . one Y , f i ' D' Activity Editors. . . Ellen . Astheleticiiditord . . . Daryl Gleason Donald Olson Faculty EditorQ . . . Marlys Nelson .., ,, Undergrad Editor. . . Delores Typists . . . . . . Carol Koerlin Edith Olsen Advisor . . . Mrs. Hansen Sponsored by J. F. ANDERSON LUMBER CO. Tr-ent 3 ,,f' .- x "' - - ' ....-- Viborg High School fe University of South f Dakota 1 B. A. Degree , A 2 M. E. Degree 1 Chemistry X I Biology 7th, th Science Algebra VRS. B. HANSEN MRL F. J. KLIMCZAK '3374 Howard High School C Elyria High School South Dakota State College Bowling Green State 5 General Beadle College University High School Special Certificate Dakota Wesleyan University Typing I and II B. A. Degree ' Sth Arithmetic 7th and 8th History 'V World Geography American History A Journalism 7th Arithmetic A Clerical Office Practice Shop I and II I- Economics Industrial Arts Useful Math Magazine Campaign Advisonj Magazine Campaign Advisor Girls' Physical Educatlonxv Junior Play Coach Y Annual Advisor Paper Advisor it Q H lk 2 1 Hi xl iWjI?9'mM,:y:gf-to ..c,. , ..., , .,.,. fM"'?'Ami"H5Ll Sponsored by FARMDRS SDADE SADh'K -U Flandreau i El29:3yW s c , A -U,. , -------u- A A - ,mlhqz V k N 5 ,...- eCo11ege College Tre, iand Three NEWT e General Beadle College e State Certifioateeee e M, l Grades F'op.r.eFl1ovel, Sixf' o iw o l Home oF EDUcA'i:1 ou ol P. fs. A. oFF1cERs Willis Nelson, President Mrs. Vernon Youel, President 1 Virgil lhipkey, Vice President Mrs, Paul Clark, Vice President Rl eOsoar Sandbeck Mraz Lynn Jorgensen, Secretary M Walter Stegeman l Treasurer W Vernon Ybuel l V M Frank Hoover, Clerk QQ Vincent Whipkeya Treasurer Q t 'h . -. . I trlv- :lk i t-1' ,Z Sponsored by QUAKER CATS COMPANY Trent 6 H I N Qsqar Sandback 0scar Ulaon Bus driver aug QIQVBY' 5 w V'Jan1sar Mrs. Oscar Olson Elsie Christensen Jan1trena Ella Nelson ' Hot Lunch Cooks Q . W x ' L A .i NORTHWEST SECURI Y 'W v ' qvfl A 'TOQCVNSEN X, r D , , 1 A 1.4 'xy ,ELL 5,J:1ESm' SP0m 'd by D RAPIDS Xxx' -, x ,. P,- ' 1 7 N X CI Q Q I , f. f i r-1 '1 4 ' A A ff, . Q f " ' Y JW ' f I - 1' I , X , , Q YY M I 5 gi' . 1 x - ' ' -' . ::-- .. . . , 1 ' " I an . " :' v ' - - I. .,:- . v , .. . . . I X . . U K :'..,5:' N . , 1. - 55:4 -Y ' . ' 1 -' . N f 1 - gang, -..- .-Tp.. , . rfhifri ---- ii' h' ., ' g:?:55:g1::. 2 - 'f -. 41' .:: 2.-rg.-. . , - 29551355 ' ..., . ' ' ' A " '.r.s5?::5 - f . 'keg-:Q "' f., '. . . 'Pl' 1 . 7::fJ,:fCi2g ' 'v , . . I .::g::5::5::g " . ' Q., ' Un f ' :--.:--:---Q. ., '-. '- . N .--.,-..'.-..-. ,.. lu. . k - 1::2':I:5::f: 555 . ' ' , - ,,, -. ..-. , .g 5 ..,., . I I , Q'::gf.'325G5 51:15 .,f::5: , 'U , .gn -ws, -. -..:-. -. -:--.' - -. . -.f"i" E- SI I'-I 2' 'u P261 .Sv TF, ' f I dl- ',-A 3:1 .'- '- :Sgr gsg: : ge: I -- 5355. '::1:f.: . --imfgsgil -sg! 4 ,. f I - 5.13: '- f W 'ffififd' f Yfiif ' " " I ,f :fig-gig" : , " -., 1, -J:g,, ' 5 I l I , X ...Tse ' ' -. P lskllUlhU L- n:'3:g!:ei'- 'v-tw:-:3' "' u 4 ' -J.-of-R524 Seri:-2:-:g-. k:f::5:g,: 'r55:!a'5::j:.,.,. ' :H . . 4' JS. ws5:5::f5:5' ,f . hi! 1 - M.: "-, ' . " . .r 1:-. f W 5 iff: f If-2:1 -.. '.:--3"-f' 75' : 1" - : :Iri- . " ?Sf55f':::5':5':i5: :i- 35255 1 .:. ,, -., , - r,-:-:r,.-- :,-:,: -, ' ff'-EBM'3f:':!:f:-535512:-if i . tl fp.:-I: :f:g2:f:g-:g:5-:gin-ig X ..":f:1':5f?55Sr5::2r5f:i'5:ff - 'X - 1 ij .sm f....:,,.l.,5:1.: 1 i w y gifs:-. 12551: r ' ' . 52:-:asia 5 2555-5.,...., Q ' W W I qiggfif Qt. X I -2 J:-ff: -1':fe5'if:: ff -fl: Inj- . f., :- 4"-..u :gi g mfggisn '-555f:5::::,:: S. Wx 4'--.-" : :Hi2312:t:s':g5: N ' 'Q 'l"'b". 1 1 F. :J s.,'3.g.g5:f x ll. P .1 ', x x , x -.. vv,4"1u .N ' -4, Q X ,. "' ,,- iv K - , - +'-"2" 'xx T-v jffsvf' V-Q,-wa - h "Af "" ' .' .. , .IJ- "--V -1,- .1 8 'Q . HELEN MUDDER UM HbQQWQQwwbw ng unweebwomgm bsfmdobmodvw B -H d00"dH QCD wo H3 bbmwwHm 03 g'dCJ"I-'-9,0-' 'U Gig? QCI1g:g'U!' H 231-'U' 'id' Pd' SDUSIGQ4 OSI HSD word cd MH I-'I-' 'UO H: 'Q FT? 1" 3 NN N N hu,, Q vo ww I--' I-'babab-J V052 U VEB! W?wH ??HNwwFPFF C7U3l'fJ4C l-"gC'l'l"'0 0 D00 02202 e3mH?m 252522 O NUBWGV S OID-'G good F9 5-'UCI' U 400 H' Cl, In , Cf -F' DJ!-I-FWJJ SDEA Chorus I P Editor of 'Arrow' ,M Editor of nwarrior' k Sponsored by ELLEN JORGENSEN Salutatorian I l,2,3,I.l. Annual Staff l,3,L Paper Staff 2,3,h FQHQAQ I ' 1,2 G.A4Ag 1 Glee Club 1,2,3,u Carnival Attendant 2 Instrumental ' Solo 1,2,3,h Starving Twelve 1 Junior Play 3 Cheerleader l,2,3,h Vice President 1,2 President 3,h Bakers Dozen 2,3 Pep Band 1,h Vocal Bolo 3,L Vocal Sextette 3 FeHsAu 1 Reporter 1 Choral Group 3 GuLBRANsoS AN151 slows I I 9 I I ROBERT WILES Valedictorian HBN Band l UAH Band 1 Annual Staff ' 3,h Paper Staff 2,3,h I Secretary- Treasurer 3 I Basketball 1,2,3,Q I Softball l,2,3,h Junior Play Boys' State LS' Reporter Qkf I I I II II I M IV N I J I ICS Trent MYRTLE HOYER Band. A 2,3,34 High School 1,2 Annual Start 2,3,!4 1,24 Paper Staff 2,3, r.n,A . 3 I . 1,2,3,h, y1l3l,4 G1i!'1B f- ' - 3:14 Baiketball 1,2,3 ,lL: M Glas ub 1 2 3 ' , Hungary- ' 11,2 DQHALD onson 1 roasurer n If 0 I Solo Acoompaniat Q1 Vgoeagaident Stat! 'E Janie? Play 3 Junior may 3 starr 14 ff F-PM-+ P111 1 Annual scarf 1, Magaains Buainaaa u Paper staff M ' Manager V f 3 222322211 1:2123 1 PBP B014 1+ T1-ack 1,2 5 Choral Group 3 I x, ll NH' X . M . ' U f. I M YK v h I V .Y Q' . l v. V4 A b K .'. . k. Sponsored by NELSON'S SALES and SERVICE TT9Ht 10 A 5 3 Z 1 DELORES LOUCKS Band , 1,2,3,h HBH Band Annual Staff . MARLYS NELSON Annual Staff 1 3,14 . Paper Stiff 3.h Paper starr. 2,3,h PSP Band A F.H.A.A 1,2 Declan 1 c,.A,p,. 1,2,3,L, F.H.A. 1 2 5,5 Glee Club 1,2,3,h G.A .A.l o Junior Play 3 Girls Basketball ,1:2:l4 mm GLF-ASON L 1,2,3,l4. 'V o Ins tx-umental ,N ,- .,! Junior Play 3 Solo 1,2 "W" ' Y! b Choral Group 3 N J Band ' 1-a2a3aLlf ' Annual Staff D4 IP PHPBI' Staff ,4 l 1' President 2 Basketball 1,2.,3,h l o Softball 1,2,3,h 3, Track 1 1 Carnival I Attendant 1,2 'l ' Pep Band 1 , Junior Play 3,14 L ' Vocal Solo 3,14 'H ww 1 W l l l oo lo l,, - A Sponsored by GULBRANSON SERVICE, Trent . ff l -.- - """ f.. -. 11 IV' ., 'J D X x nl --W-eeo.,.o...1-..,..ann n qmail!! '. y f l oe o l l 1 y oye e e i no we , the Senior relies Q .4 or insane be mind and 1' orgeibeble land odeolareb this, our lest will andyeotossameenisf-Sm fro:-axes fbllglifggo o Len Josoeussue YI sill sed eqqseash 5595eslf1on as ehsefieodf:Q er to Doris Poelg my French se nate Hope Sohertfg and my clot? yoo r tered eoifowned W lockers to Herjor-in Andelrson, if she ll111fk86P dlydb it ' 'I .. ,A L k',g Ti' . ly il 1 'K ii Q ROBERT WILES: 'I will end royo eequoaesfeyigeoefgreaea to Eddiefuilkg all my girl friends to Duane Gsrlsong ellfmy scrap paper and pen-y oil' ssytubs eysyso togL0soar to pick upeg and my desk to anyone who ein s s stand int, syy y o - y Q Y yy HELENQ edlo end g l od eliong hair to Meriden Clsrkgy my position he lst o forembonisty be neges Pools myoposition es Editor of the y'!Arrow"i and the oeoo Q'?!la4rriO12"oTggio1 memories Andersyong and If on d w1111ne1v lee sossnm cLARK:J1i.wi11baneiboqeeeinfsy l love for the rescuers edfT anybody who een take themgkmyjdrlYlngQ8bl1ity to Dupnejderieon-53 MYRTLE Horse: Ifwiliyanagbgqoeiihfsy basketball su1tsto'sarbsra Weeds if she will promise to use brit: my Bells to Eddie Uilk if he can carry themg my errors in Typing to Y Lois Heakg my co-owned locker to my little eislter,yMarll,yn,j iQ:ffSh8 can find someone sto s keep it clean for her. , y- JofQopgjf l e so is DONALD OLSON: or will and bequests my driving skill oo Felix-loo Klimczakg my basketball ability to Eddie Uilkg and my grades dl to my cousin, Gary. l yr 1 y ,oy rl b MARLYS NELSON: I will and bequeath my desk in the assemble to anyone who can keep it clean and in orderg my love for dancing YQ and having a good time to Marjorie Andersong my sense of humor or to Marion Clarkg and Barbara Weeds my well kept locker: my lever for Trent Ivll keep myself and the day after the night before to d anyone who can keep awake in school. e y yo DARYL GLEASON: I will and bequeath my good grades Chai to anye l ly body in school who needs tnemg my love life to Larry Andersengld and all my girl friends, except one, to Delmar Winter. do by - r - Q , x DELORES LOUCKS: I will and desk to Carol Koer1in,"egyy?o if she can keep it as clean as I have: my neck for snapping gumwygggyg to anyone who can get away with ity and my position in llls ing band to anyone who can stand the boysg my pencils to Merton fj,wl, Clark if she can get the kids to return them. llil oyeo ll-ol K ,. lj The Senior class will and bequeath our talents funlinltedl V i and silly giggles to the girls. our ability to play basketball r' I yke Q i.'.,L, ' Tri ax erica KL! I 1? 1 H Qwithout practical, to the boys, and our sincere desire that the Na poor struggling underclassmen have e miserable time in high xy school for the duration plus, to Trent High School. l on e kg QEQEEHHEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I, 12 X H y . 1-1- Ill Claes .Heston nearing the portals or signer memnsg in 1915.950 weregllelen Hodder, Ellen Jorgensen, Myrtle Boyer, Margaret Hudson, Patricia Hsdlaren, Delores Lousks, Daryl Gleason, Robert W11ee,' :snug Home n 3 f 1 vi Koppelman, and Hsrlys Nelson. Hr. J. A. Gullon, clans edv1eor,, Hrs. Ja A Gulson, Mrs George Gulbraneon and Hr .H ti guided us through our first year. Margaret Hudson was . Steinmetz .elected presidentg Ellen Jorgensen, vice-presidentg and Myrtle Boyer, secretary+treasurer.j Leaving our assemblage during the year A were Donna Koppelman moving to Flandreau, and Patricia McClaren goingste Sioux Falls. a a fl asisgalsuasmaa Ellen Jorgensen Myrtle Hoyer, Delores Loucks, Daryl Gleason, Donald Olson, Robert Wiles, and Marlys Nelson returned to the familiar halls in 1950-51. .In Maron Papl Erickso and Robert Clark transferred from Egan to join the concourse. Plloting us were Mr. Cecil Parsing, advisor, Mr. J. A. Gulson, . Mrs. George: Bulbrenson, and Mr. Harold Krantz. President of the class was Daryl Gleason, with Ellen Jorgensen as v1ce-pres- ident, and Myrtle Hoyer as secretary-treasurer. During the noon- hour and at games we sold ice cream to start a class fund. Conducting the same group for their third year were Mrs. Bill Hansen, advisor, Mr. J. A. Gulson, and Mr. Richard Priest. Lead- ing the class through the significant junior year were Ellen Jorgensen, president: Donald Olson, vice-presldentg and Robert wiles, secretary-treasurer. Again candy and pop were sold for class presented nThe Case of the Missin -Up was the theme of the Jun1ordSen1or f ,the Cottage ln Sioux Falls. funds. In November the Heirsn. The Last Round banquet given May 2, at of 1952 when nine seniors passed through sights held high for one goa1--Gredu- ation Dey. The class of nine were Helen Mudder, ellen Jorgensen, Myrtle Hoyer, Delores Loucks, Marlys Nelson, Darvl Gleason, Robert Niles, Uonald Olson, and Robert blark. Mr. K. E. Christen sen, class advisor, Mrs. Bill Hansen, Mr. F. J. Klimczak, and Miss Julie Rank were the instructors. Ellen Jorgensen again led our class as president, Helen Mudder as vice-president, and Robert Clark as secretary-treasurer. lhe group earned money by selling Bards and stationery. Noteworthy was the fall the gates of THS, their , CLASS Morro: only 8 Beginning 4 CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver Il 13 W kept and see Delores to Mrs living in Iowa stal ball is my CP? L: nurse After where te busy Rememser how she organized her toured the game. ewhy it's the , and pitching for the gone quite he is a way since ho after graduating from State constructing fade for another year. Marjorie Anderson " K --'----........ uan We srefifgeeseniorseoeyou know us all crimes t smell x s e l ?QwssgyswesQew,wg+1 si f xilwsepezegw 2v 4.. x f ensmsvfl o gf-xxsgimggbf -. i.. gm?"513M?3'f'i'1.'.z - - ,"' f- --1 . Q--QTL, "LJ f f .lee : c e ' olive- o l l sos.:-ea ua. to o emppyeege luekh JXQVQT. sado He plays l'baeketbsll1very well n His study is large need ste tell. A11 Kyrtlew abilities to cannot tell Feroin her classes she didn excel In school activities she did take part A secretary job she!s soon to start. Ellenllis the blondie of our class She isithe kind and etudious lass OHgtOcQ011:?0 she plana to But end we know. 'Io wefk in Brookiligiifjlsf7bgei'f desii'e For up there she , an eldmirer Delores is an ambilfilf-R18 eenec one But in any work ehsI 11l B11riys have rung Helen cooks and sews rithmease And turns out things thatllgreelly please A nurse she says she wants to be Fromlfear and pain she111 set many freer From dancing Marlys gets much fun A guy in the navy is her chief one Her clothes are nest and truly class She is such a well groomed lass. Don is nearly six feet tall He plays center in basketball Sinking baskets is his delight Next to staying out late at night. He has talent so hefll succeed An exciting life hels apt to lead Robert Wiles is his name Ano wevre sure his road will lead to fame. Now at last has come the day These last four years are put away. Here's wishing happiness to each in his own way Good luck to you all who graduate in May. Marlon Clark 15 Donald Ellen v - Myrtle Marlys Rob C. x v V13 P 7,1--y, .,,...:W Q Helen -N-4::w 2:::::?1 Bob W. Daryl Dclora mnrvms HYBRID SEED com: 1, 45 ' l 'A ovzrr J. HAAK - THENT Sp'm"OT'd EY 16 , Q X X f ,L-' nn .- 1 f H A H fi Y WV ml K P. 9' n ,p 0 s nl' H... ..,... A aninnnnllll V Q, , ,, , A. ,A ,,L.W ,x,X :,, m ,WE vo, f . Edith Olsen Cgrdl Koer President Vice-?res1dent I Filaxyjlnrle Anderson Jerry Fulton W Secretary Treasurer , 1953 GIRLS' STATE 1953 Boys' STATE M X11 W " . ,Q - ,K ' n" V - ., ,, lH .'- . Q 4 LL f u x '?,f.f, EQREESQZUIHPLEMENT Sponsored bg M' A " CRYSTAL THEATER ' ' V ,bu NI. A ,4, FLANDREAU 18 ....w..--,- I I lk r SOPHOMORES 5 ing... Delmar Winter President El 1 ' Hope Scherff Marion Clark Vice Pres. A rS1 . T . LC P688 Barbara L iens Fulton Reporter 1 Larry Anderson Doris Poel John Stegemap- 11 1 . 1 '9 fi I ,., Wx w Audrey Rasmussen Lois Haak XR PETER SCHUIDT sponsored Bi 'M' FELL HPPTDS CC'OgwF?AgfPgg5 PULL RAPILS Q . 4H'h N'. ,A 1 .V "" ' :'-"T4::.a,g, " " "' K 'HA'MA4 f' U. ,,,,. 19 Tx 1. xv x I Il illlll X A I FRESHMEN' . ,.,.,.,,, I I f I X w 4 "V Jane Cleveland President :L , i 1 I Duane Carlson f Class Reporter x I Edward Uilk Vice-President 2Qiu L 1 5 Janet Wiles v Social Chairman f fb Z0 Dale Dahms Sefventhl Ezghth Grade ' Q x N i. ,I I 1 lb1QQQ Shirley Husaboe Wendell Nelson Barbara Kruger Sharon 1 1 , 1 6 kk Don Stegeman r , r fi' If Marilyn Hoyer David Graves Mildred Sandbeck Gary Olson f, I-mvvglrvt ef s. I K 5 ' 1 I 'r A , I ' r ' ' Y 1 Y f J :sl X Q 5 9 - Vivian Carlson Jelanne Baldwin Sharon Kruger Karen Kruger Judy Feuerhelmf 13 K if ' A 'T wx Not shown: a3,e Lot shown: f 12 , ' L' ne, X E Ione Fulton El V! "Y 5 Curtis Nelsohv lg f:?' F N V' fa pf Wy we 3 Y? J n in fyy. S AT A Q I' m ar' ' Ni I Bonnie Heinemann Delores Ellis Joan Rasmussen ,,.!,- I-15 1, HIL . 1"' ' ' " Z1 l " " M, V . N , ,., X . Intermedzate Grades d Q Back: Middle Front: Left to Right: Rodney Anderson, Donald Graves,,Sandra I Sandbeck, Lena Ellis, Lorraine Carlson, Norma Waade, f Jerrilynn Eng, Robert Dahms, Ronald Whipkey. Kathryn Rasmussen, Dian Winter, Barbara Youel, Roberta Clark, Judith Cleveland, Virginia Kruger, Lyla Card, Larry Jorgenson, Mrs. Evans Cteacherl. William Husaboe, Wayne Whipkey, Marcella Olsen, Sharon , Janssen, Theresa Darcy, Faith Scherff, Chris Nelson, li Robert Sandbeck. , ffl F ,W of of f 3 dvi 1 ,.A w L A , 1 W d ui . 0 ' ZZ F lrst Sebond ,Timed Grcide Back: Middle: Front: Left to Right: Leeland Whipkey, Rodney Fsuerhelm, Charles Ryan, William McKinney, Roger Carlson, Gustav Kruger, Loren Whipkey, Gerald Peterson, Allen Gundvoldson, Miss Gretschmann Cteacherl. Jerrilynn Wests, Patricia Kruger, Patricia Whipkey, LaVonne Olson, Anna Marie Fulton, Donna Ellis Katherine Baedke, Mary Ann Janssen. Stanley Husaboe, Diane Graves, Corrinne Dunn, Jacqueline Olson, Beverly Youel, Merle Rasmussen, LaVonne Youel, Rhoda Jean Fulton, Jeanie Darcy, JoAnn Darcffe 1 I , , K l -Q I Z3 X ' 4 uf I ,,,.,..-.- l- X . X X .54 X 5 ,.4.- K I 1 J i If ! + f r X T15 A x kk Z4 I All BASKETBALL BACK ROWS Left to Right: Olson, John Stegeman Wiles, Delmar Winter, Mr. FRONT ROW: Larry Anderson, A T Klimczak fcoachl, Robert Clark, Jerry Fulton, Daryl O lea Gleason. 1952-S3 A Team Scores Q Trent M6 Chancellor 1 R Trent M2 Egan 1 Trent - 37 Chesterl Trent Q5 Elkton Trent 59 General Beadle Trent M2 Lyons Trent S3 Colman Trent S6 Egan Trentt M6 Baltic Trent M9 Hartford , Trent S1 Orland T Trent M5 3Dell Rapids T - ROBERT WILES Trent 37 Rutland DONALD OLSON Co-Captain Trent M6 Baltic Co-Captain r Trent E3 St. Mary's, Dellsw All Star Trent 56 Colmanw T Trent 61 Lyons Trent 30 Coltonww Trent Dell Rapidsww N w Postponed games T we Tournament games gg V h7".b. -.. Av. V 24 urn' at ' -fy -. 1 1 'K V F 7 I- s i . " , mi . A ,A q,,,xl,, ,xa,nr.i.,, Vru Ae. ' Sponsoredpy L. G. EVERIST Dell Rapids i I , , 4 'rf' : - ' ' Z5 Seated: Q 1952-53 B Chanoellerio Egan Chester Elkton Beedle Lyons Colman Egan e - Baltic Hartford e Orland Dell Rapids Rutland ' Trent Baltic Trent St. Mary's of Dells Trent Orland Trent Lyons Trent St. Hary's of Dellsao Trent Colman? Trent N Postponed games -a " .v,, - , it gl ' 'W'-'5f,, . ..fa-'?f'lW C. E. BEATTY, JEWELER V" TUSIA FEED STOR Sponsored by DELL RAPIDS FLA NDREAU , 'r'f "-' " .. . A A'..i fu 74 -I 4, x w XX K '11 kg D E A C H E E R L B A D E R S x w Barbara Wanda 'Ellen Jorgensen Marjorie Anderson I r - B C H E E R L E A D E R S Y Q Lorena Fulton Janet Wiles Jane Cleveland G R A L E C H E E F L E A D E R S Jalanne Baldvvn SIAPOH Clark Ione lui on I new , f' Tr - v"w"4- .... . ., .E si I , 1 1 I ev, I , , . . , .- uf. " ,x . Z7 f 3 - .-.--..-..-.-.-..... anlunnuiluh ii i! - "ln -Q ., MCM. Q1 RLS Left to Eight: ihirley Hueeboe, Audrey Rasmussen, Vivien Carlson, Harbara Kruger, Myrtle Hoyer, Lorene Fulton, Edith Olsen, Keren Kruger. Middle: Delores Ellis, Marion Clark, Lois Eaak, Janet Wlles, Hope Scherff, Carol Koerlin, Marilyn Hoyer, Sharon Clark, Mr. Klimogak, coach. Front: Joan Rasmussen, Sharon Kruger, Judy Feuerhelm,JeJanne Baldwin, Delores Loucks, Marjorie Anderson,IoneFuMwn,l Jdne Cleveland, Mildred Sandbeck. A Team Scores Trent 30 Rutland M3 Trent 6h Baltic M9 Trent 36 Rutland 241 B Team Scores Trent 16 Rutland 36 Trent 28 Rutland L2 XQESEE5qq!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIliIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I, Z8 , , ' M ll ll K so , I ---...... . ann sind ll s s BAND Back: Middle: Front: Left to right: Judy Cleveland, Lorene Fulton, Barbara Waads, Myrtle Hoyer, Lois Haak, Carol Koerlin, Marjorie Anderson, Jerald Fulton, Doris Poel, Helen Mudder. Judy Feurhelm, Delores Ellis, Jalanne Baldwin,Blrbara Youel, Mildred Sandbeck, Janet Wiles, Ellen Jorgensen Hope Scherff, Roberta Clark, Delores Loucks, Larry Jorgensen, Wayne Whipkey. lone Fulton, Marilyn Hoyer, Marlon Clerk, Shirley Husaboe, Jane Cleveland, Sharon Clark, Wayne Reed, Larry Anderson, Daryl Gleason. Insert: Miss Rank, director. 4-5-.2 31 renee vw -W m .ee lqmsf one Club Back Row: Middle Row: Front Row: il? .v Ellen Jorgensen Contralto .nq '4- ,J T Left to Right: Vivian Carlson, Lorene Fulton, Delores Louoks, Jalanne Baldwin, Edith Olsen, Myrtle Hoyer, Ellen Jorgensen, Marlys Nelson, Barbarn Kruger, Audrey Rasmussen, Delores Ellis. Miss Rauk Cdirectorl, Shirley Husaboe, Marion Clark, Lois Hagk, Janet Niles, Doris Poel, Hope Senerff, Carol Koerlin, Marilyn Hoyer, Helen Muclder. A Joan Rasmussen, Judy Feuerhelm, Sharon Kruger, Jane Cleveland, Marjorie Anderson, Karen Kruger, Ione Fulton, Barbara Waade, Sharon Clark, Mild- red Sandbeck. Jane Cleveland Daryl Gleason Helen Mudder Mezzo Soprane Baritone Accompianist ' I-L L L 32 clarinet,quartet Division I Rating High s E Q 9:5 Q ' , L I ' " . A 3 QS5Qs"Fi 1 L ihgJgS? 3,1 RobertaWC1ark Alto Horn Division I Ratin ! Saxeohone quartet X , N ,, A,...... I 33 -1. 1-1-Y-V.--V, - STANDINGS SEATED5 Edith Olsen John Stegeman, Mrg. fHan Carol Koerlin, f Q , sen, director. Daryl Gleason, Marjorie Anderson, Barbara Waade, Jerry Fulton. MAMA'S ANGEL CHILD Mrs. Charmer.................. Daphnetoullosl O00 Horace Bagley.... ... Ellen......... Dick Armstrong.... . Wil1oughby..... . . Miss Kreech.... .. 0 OOO Barbara Waade Marjorie Anderson Jerry Fulton Edith Olsen ..Dary1 Gleason ..John Stegeman .Carol Koerlin iwggijer Staff -.- " Wm- .. A I 1 X s . M , l i STANDING: Edith Olsen, Donald Olson, Robert Clark, Robert Wiles, Delores Loucks, Daryl Gleeson, Mrs. Hansen advisor, Marlys Nelson. SEATED: Ellen Jorgensen, Myrtle Hoyer, Carol Koerlin, Helen Mudder, Marjorie Anderson. I 5 1 1 Q f mi' -5 Our Editors Our Advisor 35 y .. ll in Z' ' -f--1.'.n.'... illlllhlilllllii- M 9 0 Magawe Camvwgnc STANDING: Left to right: Mrs. Hansen, advisor, Mr. Christensen, general sadvisor, John Stegeman, Second high sales- man, Myrtle Hoyer, business manager, Daryl Gleason, award certificate, Mr. Klimozak, advisor. SEATED: Robert Niles, team captain, Lois Haak, high salesman, Lanny Baldwin, award certificate, Marilyn Hoyer, award certificate, Donald Olson, team captain. The quota taco, set by the Curtis Publishing Company, was made this year by selling a total of f2Nl9SM.3O. Donald- Olson and Robert Wlles were selected as team captains by the faculty, and Myrtle Hoyer as business manager. The three high salesmen were Lois Haak, 225655 John Stegeman, 3558.253 mdJalanne Baldwin, 5,556.25 Marilyn Hoyer, Daryl Gleason, and Donald Olson earned a Certifi- cate of Achievement, which required that they have sales of 22330. The school received S'Sl'78.99, which was used in the athletic department for new basketball uniforms and other equipment. On March 20, a dinner was given at the Cottage in Sioux Falls by the Curtis Publishing Company. Donald Olson, Robert Wiles, Lois Haak, Myrtle Hoyer, John Stegeman, and Mr. Christen- n attended this dinner from Trent. -: V 'T' ',-xN.,, i V it si' A , K A. 1. 36 X i s ll l lhluallllll ll' X J Q vmovs wso Best All-Round Girl Best All-Round Boy. Most Dependable Girl Most Dependable Boy Greenest Freshmen Silly Sophomore . Dignified Junior. O l O O Q 0 U O U 0 O I Q U Sophisticated Senior. . Prettlest Eyes. . To He Se Glamour e T. H. S. Glamour Boy. . Best Boy Athlete. . . . Best Girl Athlete . . Most Musical Girl . . Most Best Best Best Best Prettiest Hair. . Prettiest Hands . Most Poppy. . . . Biggest Feet. . . Cutest Giggle . . Prettiest Dimples Most Bashful Girl Most Beshful Boy. Biggest Flirts. . Best Escort . . . Blushes Host. . . Most Studious Most Studious Best Scholar. Biggest Tease . . Warmest Heart . . Coldest Heart . . CBO? Musical Boy. Dressed Girl Dressed Boy. : . School Spirit School Spirit Best Physique Best Girl Figure. Most Ambitious. . Romeo and Juliet. O ceirli e O O O l I O O 0 0 0 Q I O Boy Girl. I O S O O O 0 0 0 O I U O O O O IN TRENT sion rsoaoonll ...Marjorie Anderson C O C O C I I I Q l 1 'O O O- O I O 0 e'eone se'oee'ee . . .Daryl Gleeson . . Helen Mudder 0 0 eBob Wiles . . . Eddie Uilk . . . Doris Poel . .Carol Koerlin . .Ellen Jorgensen .Marjorie Anderson .Marjorie Anderson . . .Daryl Gleason e 4 c Jerry .Marjorie Anderson . .Ellen Jorgensen . .Daryl Gleason . .Ellen Jorgensen . . .Daryl Gleason .Marjorie Andersen . . .Daryl Gleason . . . Helen Mudder . . . Helen Mudder .Marjorie Anderson 0 e 0 . .Lorene Fulton . . Janecleveland 4 e a e A L C I O U'l O 0000! I , Darylsnfflsiworl . . .Herlys reruns 0 0 0 - f -Jihsf Files .f. .Daryl Gleeson . . .Marjorie Andersen sconce e Q e K e luU.ddQr ..Dary1eGleesen O-f 'l .J .Ellen Jorgensen e o, .er eB0fb wilal' fMQr3or1Q Xneersenfand na rl Gleason rvA B Ri ni 38 4.1.4,.,,-4 14' 7,34-1 N if 1 4-n . 5 East Quan mnlilllli f', U , '1J95?BQN5jf if, DR. Rq M+ , , , i DRf HgMKAM?g ih, 3 Xyiyy DELLS woatrmfzorm PR 61i: 613 g coAsm TO dQKSTfSTORES ,f VAN BUT-KEN ,, 'VOGT l TIESEN LOCKEIR i DELLS BARBER,!Q,fID BEMQTY szfz5p, INDEPENDENT LUMBER CGMPANY THERON GRAVES DON HUSABOE fwfr.. k 1gf.,,qg,gkg,.,,.:.11Q1-.'::w:,.1'1,,, , Hlllllhh mai, ,Pbllv W i krrk D5ii D611 fei1 D611 Dell Rapids Rapids, Qflapiriiis Rapids RdQids Rapids Rapids F1andredu Trent Tf6nt 7 i, 1. --1 n ':,'if:N1-3gm---it-.V-: .-pgs.. gf, ' f: -' l',f,fiLlif -V ,MLW FARMERS MUTUAL U3SUFf-A-N337 ? , , H- V- FADGEN z EIHITERPRISE WBLXSHING l RAMSDALL IMPLEMENT CQMPANY BENNETT ELECTRIC Q DR. P. T. ANDERSON GLEASON AND mooam LEE UUIPKEY TRUCKER NEw CAFE . JENSEN's sEBvIcE Ngnsom STQHE SQHROEDQR BRQTHEHS IRV'S Tsxmco BEAN BAR R . , . . K ,,.,,,.,,g.,kx Q .,tf.,,:1wff.1':.- 1. 1 ,,,.,,., K, .. .,,..,H -f. . . ' ' ' L'lg.,.J' 91 Tw: 'X ,X . My K,-.-,,imq,V,,,, K ..,, - in ,- ixhk 5 3 QW, I, V5 K 511,13 'iif'2'1," K g ' gmmf my . www ljx:.gT?Tf3,.g, 1 DQ11+RH?f3!?E5? if55i4Q Trent.H ' ffy 1 D011 Rapids , ,,, 57 De11 Egan Egan Egan Egan 289152 , pd 11 X' - i ,,,... Mgggafj 3. s , 'W K, qi, QQa'52:3XX5f1QL 3 sf 227. S Q 5 if sf E ami f i I 1 XY N I! X ': 1 N 4 JIMMIES FOOD STQRE kgik? F1andreauf Q' .. x,m.m,,:-.aku lain-Aby ' f g ' ' I g ' K A , wAmwonnx,ng'msns ' K K Y Q X .P FL . A ' -. - I ,V I luum-ml... 7,9 , ,, 1 r L, it 1' , '- fy'-L, 42 rv g my 'J af I xx ll NICK SCHVEBACH R SONS BWRGE'S MEL STORE BIDNB'S -alllul-null!! II' Dell Rapids Dell Rapids Flandreau i FLANDPRZIQU BAKERY , NFlandreau CIAWLEY' BAR VOY'S DRUG STORE GREG'S STUDIO COAST TO COAST STORES GRINDBN VARIETY STORE FAHIS MEAT MARKET CHERNEY MOTOR SERVICE MOODY COUNTY OIL COMPANY DELLS MOTOR COMPANY DELI'S SODY SHOP FLANDREAU MOTOR COHPAVY HEMMER'S CAFE HAVIER JEWELRY BEATTY'S GROCERY JEAN'S SPECIALTY SHOP CROUSE JEWELRY CRISP MFG. COMPANY ROCK GARDEN LUNCH MELVIN A. PETERSON AIRWAY STATION GAMBLE'S STATION KIYNEY LAND COTPANY LENIUS JORGENSEN, CONSTRUCTION 43 Flandreau Dell Rapids Flandreau Flandreau Flandreau Flandreau Flandreau Flandreau Dell Rapids Dell Rapids Flandreau Flandreau Flandreau Flandreuu Dell Rapids Dell Rapids Dell Rapids Dell Rapids Trent Trent Dell Rapids Flandreau Trent

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