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If ff 4 Dedlcatwn We the Semors of 1951 of Trent H1gh School ded1cate thxs volume of The Warrlor to Lew1s Baldwm Lou1e was born m Egan November 7 1908 and two years later he came to Trent where he res1ded unt11 the tlme of hzs death March Z8 1950 the P T A Ch1ef of the Fxre Departrnent and also as drwer of the school bus for two years He started the Commerc1a1 Club and also an 1ce skatmg pond m the west part of town for the children Lou1e w11l be r membered by all of us for h1s cheerful dxspos1t1on and h1s w11l1ng ness to help others Z 1 1 O O He was active in the community as President of the School Board, President of 7 SUPERINTENDENT J A GULSON St Olaf Academy Black Earth Hzgh School Unmversxty of Wxsconsm B A Degree Psychology Physlcs U S Hlstory Internatlonal Relatlons Vocal Muslc Instrumental Musxc Band 4 M. A. Degree H ig -553 MR C PERSING Huron I-hgh School South Dakota State College B S Degree Hxgh School Certnixcate Mathematxcs Secretarxal Traxnxng Commercial Law Shop I and ll MR H R KRANTZ Carustota l-hgh School Swux Falls Colleze Mas GEORGE GULBRANSON Umversxty of Nebraska Florence Hngh School B A Degree Enghsh 1 and ll World Hxstory Typmg I Physxcal Educatxon Declarnatory Basketball Senxor Play General Beadle College South Dakota State College B S Degree Smxth Hughes Home Econonucs Typing II Gxrls Phyncal Educatxon Basketball Hot Llmch Supervuor Paper MISS MAMIE GRETSCHMANN ,. 4' 'sn--0' 3+ MISS MAE DELLA DILLY General Beadle I-hgh School Southern State Teachers College General Beadle College Northern State Teachers College Suze Certificate General Beadle College K' Grades Three Four and 1-'we State Certxfxcate Grades One and Two dm MR FLOYD ANDERSON Cavour Hxgh School Dakotan Wesleyan Umversxty Mmot State Teachers College B A Degree Sxx Seven and Eighth Grades 5 n kk K ' ' - i w . ,I V x 'K - '25 , ' f A Tyndall High School if f.-ggg xgl ' -ff Y ' "2 , . . . . ff7 I Q V GLEN CARLSON Basketball Kxttenball Junxor Play Senxor Play Track Declamatory Band Warrxor Staff Student Manager Class Presxdent Student Council Co Captam Kmg Candxdate RALPH MUDDER Basketball Knttenball .Tumor Play Semor Play Track Declamatory Band Warrxor Staff Arrow Staff Student Manager Kmg Candxdate Class Presxdent Class Vice Pre sxdent ff PAULINE SORENSEN Editor of ihe Arrow Class Presxdent G A A Presxdent Cheerleader Queen Candxdate Student Councxl Class Treasurer Warrxor Staff Arrow Staff Iumor Play Semor Play Rockets Instrumental Solo Starvxng Twelve Baker s Dozen Pep Band Declamatory Glee Club Band F H G A ARLENE GULBRANSON Class Secretary G A A F H A Hobby Club Rockets Declamatory Magazme Campaxgn Busmess Manager Junxor Play Senxor Play Glee Club Band Baker s Dozen Starvmg Twelve Girl s State Warrxor Staff Arrow Staff Pep Band F H A Play 1234 234 ARDIS HANSON F H A President G A A Presxdent Queen Candxdate Cheerleader Rockets Captam Rockets Band Glee Club Vocal Solo Declamatory G A A F H A Class Secretary Treasurer Pep Band lnstrumental Solo Arrow Staff Warrxor Staff .Tumor Play Senxor Play Magazme Campaxgn Busmess Manager DUANE GLEASON Basketball Track Band boftball Co Captam Kxng Candxdate Boys State Nlarrxor Co Edxtor Warrxor Staff Magazxne Campaxgn Captaxn 9 IRENE HENDRICKSON Warnor Co Edxtor Arrow Assocxate Bdmtor Band F H A G A A .Tumor Play Semor Play F H A Play Glee Club D A R Candxdate Queen Candxdate Baker s Dozen Warrxor Staff Arrow Staff Pep Band Cheerleader Class Vxce Presxdent Declamatory Captam Magazxne Campaign 234 234 S' fx' T 'F' N . l . . . ' ----------- -- 4 , , , A ........----- 3 f ' ----,,,,,-,,, ,, 1 ------------------- 4 " " ' ------------- 3 T! I .. as --.----------. ---.- 3 .4 ,' ---------------------1,Z,3,4 ,--,------------1.g.3'4 41 V -----------------1,Z,3,4 --------------------- 5.3.4 L," ----------------- 2.3.4 -----------------------l,3,4 ak f ----------------l,3,4 1 ---------------------1,g,3 1 y , , , ................-. l,Z,3,4 - ' .................... 4 . l A . . . ------------------ ' ' --------------- --3 1 , .,.... 3 f ---------.------..-. 3 J " K --------------g----,-1,3 .. V - H - - ---------- 4 K S , Baker's Dozen ----------------- 4 Senior Play -------------------- 4 - L 1 ,,,,,-,------- 4 .- - - -- --------------- 4 -- H .............. 1,z,4 A - - ----- 4 ,, . .. -------- ---- - U 4 - -,,,,,,,, ,,,,,....,. 3 h ---------- .------.-- 4 " ' " - ' ------- --- 4 . - .. .. . . ------4 . --------------------- 1. . . """"" 3 . . .----------------- 1,z.a.4 . . . ------------------ 1, . , ' ,....,.,,....,.,,.., 3 - ,,,,,,,,.....,,..... 4 . . . ---------------- -- 3 -----------------1,z,3,4 , . . ' ----------- -- 4 - ,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,, 3 - ,,....,.......... 4 -- ' " ------------ l,Z,4 -- " .-.----------- 1,Z,4 ------------------- 1,3 ------------------3,4 A - - ,,--,,,,,,, 1 -------------------1 1. s. s. ------------------------ 1 . . . nn-4 ,,.,4v'f ff s X EMILY JORGENSEN Band Glee Club G A A F H A Class Secretary Cheerleader Declamatory Pep Band Baker s Dozen Arrow Staff Warrxor Staff Junxor Play Seruor Play Instrumental Solo Vocal Solo Rockeis F H A Play Hobby Club Starvmg Twelve Brass Sextelte S -vw- FREDA POEL Wan-xox' Staff Arrow Staff F H A G A A Declamatory Class Treasurer Junior Play Glee Club S Z3 4 FRANC F H A -K Warnor Staff Arrow Staff Declamatory Glee Club Class Presxdent Junxor Play ES POEL. Senior Class History The class of 51 has mcreased cons1derably smce the fxrst year 1n 39 when the only f1rst graders were Arlene Gulbranson Ardxs Hanson Emxly Jorgensen and Evon Hoover Therr teacher was Myra I-Ieeren The second year found the same four together wxth Mxss Loveless teachmg them Carol Woodhouse and Robert McClaren were admltted mto the class m the th1rd year w1th Mlss Corey as teacher Mlss Corey taught the class ln the1r fourth year when LeRoy Hebberecht Jo1ned to make them number s1x The fxfth grade found the class wxth Ruth And1s presrdmg Dorzs Rasmussen entered mto the class 1n the1r sxxth year The teachers were qulte numerous M1ss Gladys Curnmms taught durm the fzrst semester Mrs Frank Sm1th taught the class two weeks Mr Stxllwell and Leonard Benson alternated between the teachxng of the class unt1l the comlng of Mrs N1ls Gunderson to flmsh out the year after wh1ch Carol moved away Charles Brown jomed the seventh grade class when Mxss Betty Lloyd taught them We are sorry to relate the death of Dor1s Rasmussen thxrteen years of age from an attack of append1c1t1s only a week after the begrnmng of the summer vacatlon m 1946 Four new students were added to the class 1n the followmg year They were Paulme Sorenson Ralph Mudder Duane Gleason and Warren Swanson w1th Mrs Brandsma presxdxng Chuck left at the end of the year Frances Poel Jomed the class wh1ch nurnbered th1rteen the class at 1ts largest The faculty consxsted of Supermtendent .T A Gulson Mrs Thomas and Mrs Gulbranson Charhe Swanson left the Sophomore class durmg the year Mrs Gulbranson returned as the Home Economlcs teacher Mrs Gulson took the place of Mrs Thomas as Englxsh instructor and Mr Stemmetz coach arnved after the fmrst semester Members of the faculty of the J'un1or class were Supermtendent Gulson Mrs Gulson Mrs Gulbranson and Mr M Stemmetz LeRoy left the class followmg the frrst semester after wh1ch he was cr1t1cally mjured 1n the C0111S1Oh of a tram w1th the car m wh1ch he was traversmg We are happy to relate that LeRoy IS fully recovered from hxs hazardous expenence At the present txme the Semor class of 51 IS ten 1n nurnber Bob McClaren havmg left 1n the preced1ng year The faculty conslsts of Super1ntendentGulson Mrs Gulbranson Mr Persmg and Mr H Krantz As we conclude the class hxstory these ten students w1ll beg1n a new l1fe 1n whxch they w1l1 make a new h1story as adults of the world ll In the Freshman year, Glen Carlson, Irene Hendrickson, Freda and Semor Class Prophecy Th1s prophecy IS for the reumon of the class of 51 approxxmately ten years from now It IS held 1n the beautlful audxtormum of Trent The buxldmg covers one square block and 15 used for all the large banquets and formal get to gethers Everyone 15 laughmg and Jokmg and shakmng hands They are all pretty glad to see each other after ten years As I roam through the crowd I see Duane Gleason How are you these days Duane? Oh you are a banker m Coeur d Alene Idaho Well you must be domg Just f1ne You say Irene IS your secretary? Oh also your wxfe Well let me congratulate you I knew you must have some good luck Guess I ll talk to your w1fe H1 Irene see you fmally hooked Duane How long d1d lt take you to do 1t'7 Oh just two years You say you just went back to work after havmg your second ch11d Who takes care of your fam1ly'? Oh you hlred Frances Poel as your governess D1d you brmg her along? Well guess I ll shake her hand now Here you are Frances I ve just talked to your employer How do you l1ke your Job? The kxds are kmd of mean huh? They must take after thelr Dad Remember when he was voted the b1ggest tease m T H S What s your future plans? Oh you plan on v1s1t1ng your twm slster m Texas You say you are leav1ng from here wlth her well take It easy Don t let those Texans get you down Where have you been keepmg yourself? New York C1ty What are you dolng out there? You saxd you just started slngmg on the Arthur Godfrey Show Tak1ng Janet Davxs place huh? Oh really you are on telev1s1on 'oo I ll be watchmg for you We always fxgured you to be a bubble dancer or somethmg s1m1lar What do you do m your spare t1me'P At home w1th your husband the mar1ne I thought so Well don t stram your vocal chords H1 Nay Say you re lookmg swell Washmgton and you must be gettmg along f1ne I heard you gave Duane a hard tune when you audlted hxs accounts Fortunately he was able to gzve a satlsfactory excuse for hxs d1screpanc1es Now that you are employed by the Federal Reserve System no doubt you get around qu1te a b1t Oh you really love your Job huh? lsn t there anythmg you love any better? I see a b1g sparkler on your left hand May I ask who the lucky man IS? You say Senator Holter Well I d say that you ve made out quxte well smce you left Trent but who wouldn t'7 That tall handsome fellow who towers over everyone else must be none other than Ralph Mudder How d1d you get down here from Wash1ngton'7 Oh you drove your 62 convertxble Cad1l1ac I hear you are a member of the Unmted States Mar1ne Band What mstrument do you play? Oh you st1ll beat the bass drum huh? How come you qu1t IZ O ' . " ' I " ' . . .? Well, well, whose this short gal over here? Aren't you Audy? playmg ball wlth the Mmnesota Lakers? You say they were a httle too fast for you? Hello Polly What neck of the woods d1d you come from? Oh you are 1n Cahforma What have you been do1ng'P You re a spec1al nurse 1n the largest hospztal m San Dxego You really love the work Good Maybe I ll be your pat1ent sometxme Oh you are marrxed to a young doctor U1lk You say you and he are gomg mto the servxce together You ll make a good team Are there any httle U1lks" Oh there aren t yet but you have hopes Well Polly lf I ever get s1ck I ll call on you Bye now Hello Freda How do you l1ke lzvmg 1n the cow country? You don t m1nd huh? See you have on rxdmg pants you must have turned mto a regular cow gxrl 'where dzd you meet the cow poke? That s a long story 1S lt? I hear you are talung your twm szster back wlth you Oh you say she has to take care of your set of tr1plets wh1le you herd the cows My you even have that southern accent Well be good Freda And who IS thxs d1gmf1ed lookmg chap? Now I remember aren t you Glen Carlson'7 Oh the Reverend Glen A Carlson Where are you mlmstermg at now Oh up in Canada You say you spend your spare txme huntmg and hshmg Good Sport Isn t xt pretty cold up there for you Glenn? Oh you have your love to keep you warm You say you are movmg to Trent to preach Well take It easy Reverend see you m church Last but not least I must shake hands wzth Emlly Jorgensen Emlly what s keepmg you so tr1m'7 Oh you ve been travelmg You say you ve been all over the Umted States and even over to Europe I mlght of guessed you d become a pa1nter someday What do you P3.1Dt9 You beheve scenery Suppose you re about ready to settle down now No you say your career has just begun Well mt s mce someone has some talent You ve even pamted a beautzful plcture of Trent to hang ln the new audxtorxum That w1ll add a lot to our home town Guess I ll be movmg on as I ve completed my xntervxew wxth every one now Hope I ll see you all agam Bye I.,- , . , . . , . . . . , . . O O 0 U , . . . ' 1 . . . . . . . . . , ' ' a 9 . . , ' 1 1 x ' , . . . . , , . . 9 - 9 . , . , . . . . , . . , . . . . . . . , ' 1 . , . . . , . . . . , , . . . , . , . . , , . v 9 1 - - s - v . , . . , . . . .. . , I . 4 , . . , . ' 0 , . . . . . . . , . , . . . o - on U -1- II Senior Class Poem As the Seniors of the year, 1951 Pass by all in one line, l'l1 write down something about each To bring you up to time. First in line is Glen Carlson President of the Senior class We ll ask him about h1s ambition Before we let him pass Glen s str1ct1y a country lover He ll live on the farm all h1s 11fe When he returns from the Navy A1r Force He ll make his best girl his wife Second we see Duane Gleason Always smiling never surly He s called the biggest tease in school Known to one and all as Curly When Duane graduates from high school He will Join the United States Navy Then settle down with Irene his wife And call his fxrst boy 111 Davy Well I say what have we here? Come on up to the front Nay You know what you would like to do Can you tell us about it today? Arlene will go on to school lhen be employed as a man s secretary We hope she ll have a very nice boss Then later perhaps they will marry Next we ce in 11ne Ardis Hanson The l lass s snortest gal She s high scorer on the girls basketball team Sure to everyone s pal Someday he ll fulflll her greater W1Sh And be a satisfied s1nger Fhen shc ll nook that certam marine And together forever they ll linger W 1 herel ee l ene 4 oming I p She s yell ng for lrent High Irene s our Semr heerleader e before she gaes by 14 I , . . . . , . I I I . I I I I I ll 'E l I I I . . . . . I I ' 1 2 I f. . , I , I ' I 7 I ' MA . . . ., , , -e , . . , . , I - ' l S , A . 1 . I ,, , I ' , . el, X . 'J re f .1 Q. , ,. ,, . I . 1 n , ' . Q f , ll ' ,, M . ll strip 2- A .. ' 2 . Irene wants to be a secretary And soon after that a housew1fe Of course you ve guessed the lucky man It s Mrs Gleason for her future l1fe The next one of whom you re about to hear Is the class artxst for the paper Maybe she has her French horn along If so we ll ask for a song from her Emxly that s who I prev1ous1y dxscussed Knows what she wants her future to brmg She 11 play 1n an orchestra or be a wrxter Then later marry a man who can s1ng There s Ralph now headed our way Jnth h1s long lanky carefree str1de We know he doesn t move very much It may be he s lazy blame h1s hxde As lrmber and sl1m as he 1S He should work for the Ordnance Corps He could crawl r1ght through a gun barrel And g1Ve a report on the bore Why here s Frances and Freda The class only 1dent1cal paxr They surely can mxx anyone up They re ahke from the1r toes to therr haxr They are d1fferent 1n some ways I hear Thexr ambltlons are quxte far apart Freda looks forward to a nursmg career She wanted that from the start Frances as I have told you before F1nds her career ln another f1eld She Il be employed 1n an 0ff1C8 Now both thexr futures are seated Last but not least Of the Semors by golly That s the wxtty Mlss Sorensen She s best known as Polly She ll scr1bble and type In an 0ff1CE for hrre A modern day scnbe Then wed Darv and ret1re Good luck to you all By ROSBIIE Fodness 15 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 1 1 - . I 1 1 , . . , . . l I 1 , . . . 1 Y,. . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 - ' ' . I 1 , . . . . 1 1 1 I 1 1 P g . . 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 . . 1 11 11 1 , . 1 u - 11 I 1 Class Wlll We the Semor class of Trent H1gh School bemg of msane mxnd and forgetful memory do make pubhsh and declare thxs our last w1l1 and testament m a manner and form as follows GLEN CARLSON I w1ll and bequeath my hook shot to Darwm Uxlk my basketball ab111ty to Terry Ferguson and my nurnber 51 to whoever can wear xt and my love for Trent I ll keep DUANE GLEASON I wxll and bequeath my ab111ty as co captam to anyone who 15 lucky enough to get votes and my love for Enghsh to m teacher Mr Krantz ARLENE GULBRANSON I w1ll and bequeath my abmlxty to tease to Marlys Nelson My love for basketball I leave to Eva Dahrns and any of my pencnls lymg around to the f1rst one who can fmd them There are plenty, ARDIS HANSON I w1ll and bequeath my tuba to anyone who loves to be wrapped up m the1r mus1c my love for school and the teachers and thexr love for me to Eva Dahrns and my good txmes I guess l ll keep for myself IRENE HENDRICKSON I wxll and bequeath my alto horn to Eva Dahms My pos1t1on as Co Edxtor of the Annual to one of the poor .Tumors and my desk 1n the assembly I 11 leave to anyone who s1ts m lt Keep xt clean EMILY JORGENSEN I wxll and bequeath my French Horn to my l1ttle to clean xt out and my numerous boy fnends to anybody who wants them RALPH MUDDER I w1l1 and bequeath my he1ght and long legs to Larry Anderson my good grades I 11 leave to Darwm Uxlk FREDA POEL I w1ll and bequeath my stralght haxr to Helen Mudder and those bus rzdes to Carol Koerhn FRANCES POEL I wxll and bequeath my he1ght to Edlth Olson my typxng abxhty to Ceclha Gulson and my one penc1l I leave to Carol Koerlm PAULINE SORENSEN I wmll and bequeath my posmtxon as Ed1tor of the ARROW to Rosahe Fodness My ab1l1ty to foul out to Eva Dahrns and my a.tt1tude 1n class to anyone who lxkes to have fm and be a l1ttle mean QI saxd LITTLEQ The Semors as a class w1l1 and bequeath our abxlxty to procras txnate to the teachers Our talents unhmxtedl and s1lly g1ggles to the g1rls Our ablhty to play basketball fw1thout practxcel to the boys and our smcere deslre that the poor strugglmg underclassrnen have a mxserable tune xn hxgh school for the duratzon plus to Trent Hxgh School 16 O . . Y sister, Ellen, my locker to Marjorie Anderson, if she has the courage so n - . - - - . , . f . . . . 1 . . . , , off! 15 5 'I' Junior Clase SEATED Rosle Fodness Cecxha Gulson Eva Dahms STANDING Bxlly Meyers Darwxn Uilk Mrs Gulbranlon fAdvuqrI Sophomore Class SEAT!-ID Delores Louckx, Ellen Jorgensen, Helen Mudder, Marlys Nelson, Myrtle Hoyer bl'ANDlNG Daryl Gleason Robert Wxles, Donald Olsen, Mr Persmg QAdv1sorl 18 y 3' li ' l 4 N 71' f - k Q. , X cf , V, h . I , ' M -, I - ,Lu gy? - , v . Q gf' 1 , if ffl' J ' ' r ! Xu gi 1 4' Q , .lumor Class News The .Tumor class of 51 conslsts of fxve students They are Presldent Rosahe Fodness V1ce Presxdent Darwm Uxlk Secretary Eva Dahrns Treasurer Cecelxa Gulson and Reporter Bllly Meyers To raxse money thxs year the Jumors have sold candy and pop durmg noon hours and at basketball garnes They have a pop cooler whxch was mstalled to keep the pop cold On March 9th the Junxors put on a carnxval The candldates were Semor Pauhne Sorensen Glen Carlson, Jumor Rosahe Fodness B1lly Meyer Sophomore Ellen Jorgensen Daryl Gleason Freshmen Marjorme Anderson Terry Ferguson Crownbearers were Katherxne Baedke and B1lly McK1ney Paulme Sorensen and Glen Carlson were elected for the Kmg and Queen honors Shortly after school started the class rxngs were ordered and recexved 1n December In the sprmg the Jumors gave a Junlor Semor Banquet It was not d1sclosed where lt would be held untll a later date Sophomore Class News The class opened the year w1th e1ght Sophomores They were Daryl Gleason Myrtle Hoyer Ellen Jorgensen Delores Loucks Helen Mudder Marlys Nelson Donald Olson and Robert Wxles On March lst two new students enrolled 1h the class They were Paul Erxckson and Robert Clark The off1cers of the Sophomore class were Pres1dent Daryl Myrtle Hoyer and Reporter Myrtle Hoyer For a project the class sold 1ce cream at ball games at noon and after school hours The class held several part1es for the hxgh school The students took Commerc1al Law World H1story and Enghsh I1 The boys took Shop I except for the fxrst sxx weeks of the second semester m whxch they took Home Econorrucs The g1rls took Home Econom1cs ll except for the flrst s1x weeks of the second semester mn whxch they took Shop Freshman Class News On August Z8 1950 sxx Green Freshxes enrolled at Trent I-hgh School They were Marjorxe Anderson Audrey Fodness Terry Ferguson Jerry Fulton Carol Koerlln and Edith Olson They elected the followxng offxcers Presxdent Marjorze Anderson Vxce Presmdent Jerry Fulton Secretary and Treasurer Audrey Fodness The class took the followmg subjects Algebra Englxsh World Hxstory Shop for the boys and Home Economlcs for the glrls The gxrls took part xn G A A F H A the school paper and other act1v1t1es The boys were 1nterested mn athlet1cs The Freshmen were 1n1t1ated on the 14th of September They were a rare sxght to see for they wore gunny sacks torn stockmgs and a sxgn on the1r back saymg I am a Green Freshme The gxrls wore no make up and braxds while the boys were heavxly made up 19 O J ' ' , ' ' . : . - . , . - . - . . , - n ' . I ' I - ' I . . . . . : . -- . , U . H . ' ' s -- . s - ' , : : ' , . I . I I I I I I . ' , . Gleason, Vice-President-Ellen Jorgensen, Secretary and Treasurer- o I , n I I I I ' ' ll ' I1 ' I I I . : ' ' , , I l I . ' : . - . . ' . - . - ' - I . . 1 , . ' . , . . . . . . 0, . n n, , . s . 0 . 1 . y . . . ,, . ,, . - , . , . F rmhman Class LEFT TO RIGHT Jerry Fulton Marjone Anderson Terry Ferguson Carol Koerlxn Edith Olson Audrey Fodness Mr Gulson QAdvxsor FIRST ROW L 1 Upprr Grades arry f ncerson Wendell Nelson Javxd Graves Curtzs Nelson Dale Dahms SECOND ROW Shxrley Husaboe Lorene F It H S h ff IV ld u on ope c er 1 ree Sandbeck Bonnxe Anderson Audrey Rasmubsen Janet Hee THIRD RON fi en rd Sorensen Tommy Ferguson V1 man Carlson IS. arllyn Hoyer Barbara Nance Barbara Kruger lone Fulton Delma Mxnters Wayne Reed Mr Anderson Teacnerj Z0 ,. . , . I 1 I I . . . 7. J . . - . 7 Y - - 1 V I y I 'A Y r U : .z"a , , ,' 1- ' A, 1' ' I Intermediate Grades FIRST ROW Lyla Card Cynthxa Strom Bnlly Husaboe Robert Sandbeck Wayne Whxpkey Chns Nelson Jacquelxne Johnson Faith Scherff Rodney Anderson SECOND ROW Kathryn Rasmussen Joan Rasmussen Helen Welbxg Sharon Kruger Vxrgxma Kruger James Meek Mxss Dllly fTeacherl THIRD ROW Jack Spawn Sharon Janssen Thresea Darcey Judy Feuerhelm Gordon Anderson Jean Dahlrnexer Dxck Hazelwood George Gulson Barbara Youel Larry Jorgensen Lorrame Carlson PTlmClTy fades FIRST ROW Jean Darcy Patrxcxa Vlhxpkey Katherme Baedke Merel Rasmussen Mary Ann Janssen Charlene Spawn Joanne Spawn Marlene Spawn SECOND RCW Lona Ellxs Jerry Lone Donald Graves Donna Ellzs lx arcella Olson Ann Marie Fulton Jacquelxne Olson THIRD ROV! Ronald Vkelbxg LeRoy Rorem Robert Dahms Gustave Kruger Rodney Rorem Steven Dahlmexer Billy Vclmnney Ronald Vlhxpkey Roger CarlS0h M155 Gretchman Zl 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 Y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - v - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - f. - - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I ' - 1 1 1 I ' 1 41 1 1 I -1 4 Basketball A Squad STANDING Mr Krantz lCoach, Daryl Glenna Bob Wxles Ralph Mudder Donald Olson Jerry Fulton SEATED Terry Ferguson Billy Meyer Duane Gleason Glen Carlson Dax-wm Urlk Basketball B Squad FIRST ROW Larry Anderson Tanrny Ferguson Bob Wxles Ralph Mudder lCaptaxnj Donald Olson Wendell Nelum Curb: Nelsm SECOND ROV! Mr Krantz QCoachj Z3 CK 11 : ' I I - U I I KK H November November November November December December De cember December January January January January January January January February February February February February Smaz Colton Monroe Egan Colman Dell Rapxds Elkton Beadle Balt1c Flandreau Egan Chester Dell Rapxds Brandon Rutland Lyons S1na1 Lyons Dell Raplds Chester ik 441 4'D1str1ct 12 Tournament Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Trent Guard Center Z33 Poxnts 36Z Points All St "A" Chccrleadcrs M3J eAnde o In!-idck Ellnlogse Z4 14 ' ' 31 38 17 52 30 21 37 31 28 49 38 1 49 36 5 ' 65 Z7 12 46 47 15 55 49 Z ' 48 41 5 48 39 9 65 41 16 79 47 19 ' 73 51 Z3 85 65 30 55 49 February Z Colman 64 Trent 66 6 68 36 13 ' ' 45 51 16 51 50 Z1 ' 66 44 ZZ 6 37 DUANE cLEAsoN 7 GLEN CARLSON Ath letlcs The Trent Warrxors whose team averaged 5 10 ended a fan-ly poor season wmmng only 5 out of 21 games of the season Although they scored 980 po1nts for the season There w11l be 3 men from the squad graduatxng they are Duane Gleason Glen Carlson and Ralph Mudder The returnmg players wxll be Darwm Urlk and the tallest man on the flrst f1ve at 6 1 B1lly Meyer Bob Wlles Donald Olson Daryl Gleason Terry Ferguson Jerry Fulton Bob Clark and Paul Erxckson who moved to Trent from Egan Glen Carlson led the team mn scormg wxth 362 po1nts followed by Duane Gleason w1th 233 B1l1y Meyers wxth 165 Darwm U1lk wzth 75 and Terry Ferguson w1th 66 Terry Ferguson and Jerry Fulton both Freshman showed they had a lot of prom1se for the future as both played on the flrst teams for short perxod of t1me QUICK movmg Daryl Gleason has a good chance of becommg the smooth ball handler h1s brother IS The Warrlors were coached by Harold Krantz Trent 38 S1na1 31 S1na1 by a 38 31 score Carlson and Meyers led Trent w1th 14 pomts each and Erstad had 11 for S1na1 Colton 52 Trent 30 ln the second game of the season at Colton Trent lost to a fast movmg Colton team by a 52 30 score Carlson led Trent w1th 10 po1nts and Ingalls had 15 for Colton Monroe 37 Trent 31 In then' f1rst home game of the season the Warrlors lost to the Monroe Canarxes by a 37 31 score Carlson led Trent w1th 15 pomts and Mmller had 12 po1nts for Monroe Egan 49 Trent 38 Trent lost then' fourth game of the season whzch was themr f1rst S1oux Valley Conference game to Egan on the latter s floor by a 49 38 score Carlson led Trent with 15 po1nts and Bxrnbaurn had Z2 for Egan Colman 49 Trent 36 Trent lost thezr second Sxoux Valley Conference game to Colrnan by a score of 49 36 Carlson had 9 po1nts for Trent wh1le Woodword had 16 for the wmners Dell Rap1ds 65 Trent 27 Trent lost zts th1rd S1oux Valley Conference game to a h1gh powered Dells team 65 27 wzth ease as Trent s defense dxd not hold Terry Ferguson had 8 po1nts for Trent wh1le V1rg Rxley hxt 21 for Dells 25 The Warriors started the season by winning their first game at Trent 47 Elkton 46 After losmg f1ve stramght games the Warrxors snapped back on the1r home floor to squeeze out a 47 46 wm over the Elkton Elks Carlson swxshed the nets w1th Z5 pomts to lead Trent whxle Jensen lut 12 for Elkton Beadle 55 Trent 49 Trent tned to make xt two w1ns m a row 1n the Sxcux Valley Conference game at Beadle but the Narnors fell behmd the last quarter to lose by 55 49 score Carlson hooked m 20 pomts for Trent and Nugent h1t 19 for Beadle Balt1c 48 Trent 41 In the f1rst game after Chnstmas vacatlon held at Baltlc the Bull dogs beat the Warrxors m a close game by a score of 48 41 Carlson h1t 18 pomts for Trent wh11e Lyle Benjamm had 14 for Baltxc Flandreau 48 Trent 39 Trent played 1ts best game of the season agaxnst Flandreau whxch caught the Fhers off guard for three quarters The Warrxors managed to stay w1th1n f1ve and s1x poxnts most of the txme a last quarter outburst put Flandreau out m front to stay unt1l the end The th1rd quarter score Antome h1t 13 for the Fhers Trent 41 Egan 65 Trent lost a Sxoux Valley Conference game at Trent January 9th to Egan by a score of 41 65 Egan started out fast and stayed ahead throughout the game Leadmg the scormg was Don Blrmbaum of Egan wlth 18 pomts wh11e Carlson hxt 17 for Trent Trent 47 Chester 79 Trent lost a Smoux Valley Conference game to Chester January 16th As the hxgh flymg Maroons trounced on the Warnors wxth a 79 47 score Leadmg the scormg was all conference bound Charhe Alverson wxth Z7 po1nts, Carlson and Meyers led wlth 14 each for Trent Trent 65 Brandon 85 Trent lost agam to a tall Brandon team that won the Dlstrxct 2.3 Tourney Trent played a good fmrst half and was ahead 42 38 but 1n the last half Brandon really snowed the Warrxors under wxth a fmal score of 85 65 S1x foot f1ve Bob Fmch from Brandon h1t ZZ poxnts whlle Carlson s hook shot hxt 23 for Trent Lyons 68 Trent 36 On February 6th Lyons played at Trent and the Warnors lost by a Z6 stood 35-31 for Flandreau. Gleason hit 17 points for the Warriors and score of 68 36 wxth Lyons leadxng all the way through the game Woken was hxgh pomt man wxth Z0 pomts for Lyons wh1le Carlson was hmgh for Trent w1th 14 pomts Trent 51 Smax 45 At Trent on February 13th the Warrxors beat S1na1 51 45 Smal got off to a fast start and kept the lead for three quarters Durmg the last of the fourth quarter Trent boomed ahead to stay Carlson was hlgh pomt man w1th 17 pomts and Ekstad was hxgh for S1831 w1th 10 polnts Lyons 51 Trent 50 Lyons put on a last m1nute surge to overcome Trent ln a 51 50 scorlng game Carlson s amazmg hook shots were good for Z0 pomts to lead the Warnors and Woken led Lyons wxth 15 pomts for h1s team Dxstrmct 19412 Tournament In the fxrst game of the Dxstrxct ffll Tourney at Flandreau the Dell Rap1ds Quarners knocked off the Trent Warr1ors xn a rough game by a score of 66 46 Duane Gleason led Trent wxth ZZ pomts wh1le Mxller h1t Z6 for Dells Chester Maroons outclassed Trent m the second round game of the Tourney as they won easmly over Trent by a score of 64 38 Duane Gleason led Trent wxth 15 pomts wh1le Berg got ZZ for Chester Z7 - ' 0 1 . - . . 1 1 ' ' . . , . - -...-T.... 117.-. . . - . , . . ' - . 1 v ' n 4 1 - . ' . Q avi? E Guls Sport News Trent 15 Colman 11 The Trent Rockets played thexr f1rst game of the season on December lst wxth Colman there Colrnan led all the way unt11 the last quarter when the Trent Rockets bounced ahead endxng the game w1th a score of 15 to 11 Lola Floy Larsen was h1gh pomnt for Colman wxth 7 pomts Ardxs Emlly and Rosahe each had 5 apxece for Trent Rutland 28 Trent 3 December 4th found the Rockets hosts to Rutland Rutland led the game all the way wzth a final vxctory of 28 to 3 over the Trent girls Hmgh pomt for Rutland was Eggebrotten w1th 13 for Trent Ardxs had 2 and Rosalme 1 The B team score was 13 to 33 m Rutland s favor Rutland 55 Trent 17 The Rockets th1rd game was a return w1th Rutland Rutland was agaln vxctonous wmmng over Trent wzth a score of 55 to 17 For Rutland Eggebrotten was hxgh po1nt g1rl w1th 21 for Trent Rosahe had 8 and Ardls 7 The B team score was 34 to 12 wxth Rutland wmmng th1s game also Monroe 43 Trent 34 January 10th found the Rockets on thexr way to Monroe to play them for the fmrst txme Th1s was one of the best games the Rockets played It was a close and exc1t1ng game The score at the half was tled 16 up but Monroe took the lead rn the th1rd quarter to defeat the Rockets 43 to 34 Hxgh pomt g1r1 for Monroe was Ramona Versteeg w1th 34 pomts for Trent Ardxs had 20 pomts Trent 38 Orland 32 On January 12th the Rockets went to Orland to play them for the fxrst tlme also Trent started out ahead and kept the lead throughout the game The score at the half was 20 to 13 The fxnal score was 38 to 32 I-hgh pomt g1r1 for Orland was Peterson w1th 22, for Trent Ardls had 24 pomts The B team g1rls lost to Orland 13 to 12 Trent 37 Monroe 33 February 7th found the Rockets hosts to Monroe Th1s was a close and exc1t1ng game all the way Monroe led the hrst quarter but then the Rockets moved ahead and stayed ahead unt1l the fxmsh The score was 17 to 14 at the half The fmal score was 37 33 Hxgh pomt gxrl for Monroe was Ramona Versteeg wmth 26 pomts for Trent Ardxs had 33 pomts Colrnan 30 Trent 14 On February 12th the Coknan g1r1s returned the game wmth the Rockets Colman g1r1s took the lead 1n the second quarter and d1dn have any d1ff1culty rn keepmg xt They won over the Rockets by a score of 30 to 14 I-hgh pomt for Cohrxan was Lola Floy Larsen wxth 20 P01135 ani Arc ls w1t1 1 po nts for the Rockets The B 1 m score was 8 27 I . . .7 - . 1 P- . . 5 1 - .. M M... , . . , . ll 00 ' 0 . - ......-.-. ....-. . . , . I , , . ul on - - - f I . ...-M... ...-.M , - . - S - S . - I , . . . 0 ' , . I. .I ' . , . ' ' . I I I ' . ' 1 . a ' it . . . 1 1' l F' 1 . ll U' :fbi 1 I ?1 Cheerleaders On September 2.9 1950 the cheerleaders for the basketball season were chosen from the hxgh school students Three A ' team cheerleaders were elected Irene Hendnckson Ellen Jorgensen and MarJor1e Anderson These cheerleaders wore whlte satm blouses w1th a clrcular red corduroy sk1rt The three B team cheerleaders are Ardxs Hanson Eva Dahms and Audrey Fodness They wore one p1ece outf1ts wh1ch consnsted of wh1te taffeta blouses and red satm skxrts The grades also chose cheerleaders Lorene Fulton Janet W11es and Barbara Waade were selected They wore red slurts and wh1te sweaters G A A News The g1rls started out the G A A season by playlng kxttenball They chose two s1des playmg a serxes of f1ve games Irene Hendrxckson was captam of one team and Ard1s Hanson was capta1n of the other It was dec1ded beforehand that the losmg team would meet wxth the boys losmg team and put on a party for the wxnners Ardxs s1de was vmctonous Off1cers were chosen they were as follows Presldent Paulme Sorensen V1ce Presxdent Arlene Gulbranson Secretary Treasurer Irene Hendnckson Dues for the year were declded to be Z5 cents and each glrl paxd for her own physzcal exam1nat1on for basketball As soon as xt turned colder the g1rls began practlcmg basketball They recewed two po1nts for each txme present one pomt for takmg a shower and one pomt was gxven for every game played Three new basketball su1ts were bought during the year for the gxrls on the B team who dldn t have one Mrs Gulbranson was our coach 1n kxttenball and also m basketball 30 9 1 . so 0 , ' ' D . . . , n me va - l . - . . . . Q 1 1 0 9 . . O O O . . . . . . . . . , . . . , I . - . . . . ' . . , . 1 , . - - - sl an I ' O . . , . Basketball A Squad FIRST ROW Eva Dahms Pauline Sorensen, Arlene Gulbranxon Rosahe I-'odnesl QCapt.nnj Myrtle Hoyer Emxly Jorgensen Ardis Hanson SECOND ROW Marjorxe Anderson Bonnie Anderton Audrey Fodness Mrs Gulbranson fAdv1sorl FIRST ROW Lorene Fulton Audrey Fodness Marjorxe Anderson fCaptaxnl Bame Allkfll Edxth Olsen Delores Loucks Mrs Gulbranson Advxsor SECOND ROW Nanlyn Hoyer Barbara Kruger lone Fulton 31 Basketball "B" Squad QB I . , , , , l - I l K . A . I I Arrow S a STANDING Mrs Gulbranson QAdvisorQ Billy Meyer Bob Wiles Audrey Fodness Frances Poel Helen Mudder Freda Poel Cecilia Gulson Marlys Nelson Ralph Mudder Ellen Jorgensen Myrtle Hoyer Rosalie I-'odness Marjorie Anderson SEATED Irene Hendrickson Ardis Hanson Emxly Jorgensen Arlene Gulbranson Eva Dahxn Pauline Sorensen Warrior Sta Gulbranson Lva Dahms STANDING Mr Persmg fAdvisor lf l Fecilia Gulson Emily Jorgensen Frances Poe-1 -xrdis Hanson r R lie lodness Myrtle Hoyer Glen Carlson Audrey For: 33 66 JJ t sc ' n SEATED: Billy Meyers, Pauline Sorensen, Duane Gleason, Irene Hendrickson, Arlene : . ' ' 1, z- . .fe , , , ' . ,. "' ,E'.l- 1dr-,ci ' ,. . Editor 1n Chlef Assocxate Edltor Busmess Manager Cxrculatxon Manager Art Ed1tor Sports Edltors Feature L1terary Grade News Gosslp Column Musxc Typ1sts Co Edxtors Busmess Managers Cxrculatlon Managers Sports Edltors Class Reporters Semor .Tumor Sophomore Freshman Musxc Reporter F H A Reporter G A A Reporters Natzonal Assembly Reporter Photography Typ1sts Advxsor Arrow S a Pauhne Sorensen Irene Hendrxckson Ardzs Hanson Arlene Gulbranson Emxly Jorgensen Rosahe Fodness B11ly Meyer Marlys Nelson Ellen Jorgensen Marjorxe Anderson Eva Dahms Helen Mudder Typ1ng II Class Warrlor S a Irene Hendr1ckson Duane Gleason Paul1ne Sorensen Arlene Gulbranson Eva Dahms B1l1y Meyer Ardls Hanson Rosahe Fodness Glen Carlson Ralph Mudder Arlene Gulbranson Eva Dahrns Myrtle Hoyer Audrey Fodness Paulme Sorensen Frances Poel Ardls Hanson Rosahe Fodness Ceceha Gulson Vo1land Genelh Studxos Mr Gulson The Rott Stud1o Irene Hendrxckson Paulxne Sorensen Ardls Hanson Frances Poel Freda Poel Arlene Gulbranson Mr Persmg 34 Cl f? Advisor ----------------------------------------- Mrs. Gulbranson ff ' ff f ff Band FIRST ROW Barbara Youel Lorene Fulton Judy Feurhelm Mildred Sandbeck lone Fulton Larry Jorgensen Dxrector Mr Gulson Wayne Reed George Gulson Larry Anderson Robert Sandbeck Wayne Nhxpkey SECOND RON Myrtle Hoyer Ralph Mudder Delores Loucks Marnlyn Hoyer Shxrley Husaboe Marjorxe Anderson Daryl Gleason Ellen Jorgensen Irene I-Iendrxckson Eva Dahms Bxlly Meyers THIRD ROW Ardzs Hanson JaLanne Baldwin Janet Wxles Cecxlxa Gulson Arlene Gulbranson, Duane Gleason Bonme Anderson Emxly Jorgensen Paulxne Sorensen Jerry Fulton Helen Mudder Carol Koerlm Rosahe Fodness not mcturer' BLUE RIBBON WINNER Pxano BLUE RIBBON WINNERS Cynfhla Su-om lndnvxdual solos and tno George Gulson Wayne Reed Larry Anderson 5 .A. Band The A band has started out in full swing again this year with many new members present The officers are as follows President Em11y Jorgensen Vice President Larry Anderson Secretary Treas urer Ralph Mudder Reporter Pauline Sorensen August Z.9th the band members attended the show Annie Get Your Gun with money they received from Mr and Mrs Art Carlson for playing at their Golden Wedding Anniversary the summer of 1950 The evening of October Z7th found a group of the band members who called themselves The Baker s Dozen playing for a farewell party for Mr and Mrs Regmald Raxlsback at the Trent Baptist Church The fall concert was held on December 8th Many humorous and interesting nurnbers were presented A large audience attended th1s performance December 20th the band played several Christmas numbers for the All School Christmas program A f w Christmas solos were also given The grade school held a recital on February 12th in preparation for the grade music contest at Madison February 17th cornet George Gulson on cornet Wayne Reed on cornet Cynthia Strom on piano and the Cornet trio On March 30th the band held a spring contest to make money to send high school solo1sts to Madison The Madison contest for soloists was held on April lZth and the contest for the band and glee club was held on the following day April 13 1 51 As this yearbook goes to press the members of the band have high hopes of winning a super1or rating This year there are seven Seniors who will be playing in their last h1gh school contest So this IS the year for another trophy B Band The B band has held its rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursdays After Christmas the B band rehearsals were devoted entirely to the development of soloists for the grade school music contest which was helo at Madison This year the grade children brought back more honors than in the past four years In all the grade children brought back seven blue ribbons The three members of the grade school trio Larry Anderson Wayne Reed and George Gulson each won his blue ribbon in solo comnetetlon Then they each won a blue ribbon again in the brass ensemble event by winning a superzor and the pr1v11ege of playmg in the grand concert that evening 36 CK H The contestants receiving blue ribbons were: Larry Anderson on . 9 . CK H Hugh School Soloist? SEATED Ardxs Hanson Paulme Sorensen Lmxly Jorgensen Cecxha Gulson Ellen Jorgensen STANDING Mr Gulson Dxrector Marjorie Anderson Helen Mudder Daryl Gleason rudc School Sololsts SEATED Mxldred Sandbeck Judy Feurhelm Shxrley Husaboe Marxlyn Hoyer lone Fulton Barbara Youel STANDING Cynthxa Strom Larry Anderson George Gulson fx r Gulson Dxrector Lorene Fulton Janet VN iles Jaloanne Baldwxn Wayne N hrpkey Robert Sandbeck Larry Jorgensen 37 .T N 5 .K K Z A. KI' . L ' -I , . ' I ..' I . G I 1 5 K - .S S y z ' , Y 1 , Q ' J, Bakuw Dozen SEATED Arlene Gulbranson Marjone Anderson Ellen Jorgensen Irene Hendrxckson Ardxs Hanson Cecxlxa Gulson Emlly Jorgensen Paulxne Sorensen Jerry Fulton STANDXNG Daryl Gleason Mr Gulson Helen Mudder Rosalxe Fodness Glee Club Arlene Gulbranson Cecxlxa Gulson Nyrtle Hoyer Rosalxe Fodness Ardzs Hanson SECOND RO V Eva Dahms Irene I-lendrlckson Ellen Jorgensen Pauhne Sorensen Helen Mudder Freda Poel Marjorxe Anderson Audrey Fodness Marlys Nelson Mr Gulson Dxrectorj 38 D I FIRST ROW: Edith Olsen, Emily Jorgensen, Frances Poel, Carol Koerlin, Delores Loucks, K ' . G A A Club FIRST ROW Vxvxan Carlson lone Fulton Barbara Vlaade Lorene Fulton Janet Wxles Slurley Husaboe Marxlyn Hoyer Audrey Rasmussen Mxldred Sandbeck SECOND ROW Delores Loucks Paulme Sorensen Arlene Gulbranson Emxly Jorgensen Carol Koerlm Bonme Anderson Hope Scherff Barbara Kruger Marlys Nelson Mrs Gulbranson QAdv1sor Marjorie Anderson Audrey Fodness Eva Dahms Ardxs Hanson F H A Club BOTTOM ROW Emxly Jorgensen Cecxlxa Gulson Paulme Sorensen Rosalxe lf odness Arlene Gulbranson Ardxs Hanson MIDDLE ROVS Delores Loucks Frances Poel Carol Koerlm Helen Mudder Freda Poel Marlys Nelson Mrs Gulbranson Advxsorj TOP ROW Irene Hendrxckson Ellen Jorgensen lk yrtle I-loyer Edxth Olsen IN arjorxe Anderson Audrey Fodness Ewa Dahms 39 . . Q . ' D. THIRD ROW: Irene Hendrickson, Ellen Jorgensen, Rosalie Fodness, Myrtle Hoyer, Edith Olson, . Q . . - ,C - Hot Lunch The Hot Lunch Program began operat1ng the second week m September wxth Mrs Els1e Chnstensen as head cook and Mrs Ella Nelson assrstrng her The program was under the supervxslon of Mrs George Gulbranson The program started out wlth about 45 students part1c1pat1ng and lt reached as hxgh as 70 rn the wmter months The prxce started out as 15 cents per meal for students buymg meal txckets and Z0 cents for those who ate 1rregularly Due to ra1se 1n food prlces we ra1sed the pr1ce 17 cents ZZ cents 1nclus1ve The government pa1d 9 cents a meal for each student The program rece1ved several surplus products from the government such as frozen turkeys cranberry sauce dry beans cherr1es orange juxce and the supply of potatoes for the ent1re year The surplus commod1ty 11st was cut down on account of the war s1tuat1on The department rece1ved some new equxpment such as the deep freeze and some kxtchen utensxls from the funds of the years of 49 50 The Hot Lunch Program hopes to have more equ1pment at the end of the year F H A News The F H A g1rls held thexr f1rst meetmg October 9th All the g1rls 1n hlgh school are mn th1s club The fo1low1ng offlcers were chosen Presmdent Ard1s Hanson Vme Pres1dent Arlene Gulbranson Secretary Rosal1e Fodness Corresponding Secretary Emxly Jorgensen Treasurer Paulxne Sorensen H1stor1an Cecxha Gulson The club dec1ded to have the1r meetmgs the second Monday of each month A commxttee was appomted to select the servmg commxttees for the year The b1g project selected for the year was a trxp to the Black I-hlls mn the sprmg To carry th1s out the club deczded to have one money malung project each month of the school year Some of the projects carr1ed out were numerous bake sales sell1ng tickets on an automat1c percolator sellmg popcorn at basketball games and the sellmg of cards An Amateur Show was presented by the club m whmch all students from f1rst grade through h1gh school were 1nv1ted to part1c1pate Nexghbormg towns part1c1pated 1n th1s event The three top wmners who were awarded pr1zes were ReJean Er1ckson accord1an solo1st from Flandreau Lorene Fulton pxano soloxst from Trent and Rodney Welbrg accord1an soloxst from Trent The F H A g1rls served lunch after the show The Chapter had several partxes durmg the year They were held for Chrxstmas and Valentme s day Heart sxster week was held durmg Valentme s week A Chapter Mother was chosen thxs year who was Mrs Hllmar Gulbranson of Trent The adv1sor 15 Mrs George Gulbranson The club made two tr1ps wxth the bus th1s year One to the D1str1ct Rally held at Mad1son and the other to the State Conventlon held ln Brookmgs 40 1 . g . . . . . . - . . I 9 1 a , . . . . , , I ' ' Q O O O . . . . . I 1 , 3 " I ' 1 - ' - , - . . I , 1 . 1 n 1 . . - 1 - l Q A A 1 . - . . . . . . , . . , - ' I . , . . . . . Natlonal Assemblies Informative and sparkling programs have been enjoyed by the Trent community due to the coming of entertainers from the National Assem bhes John and Wilhelrnina Dona featured accordion violin and Dutch musical instruments Their colorful native Dutch costumes and their dances were typical of their native Holland Vinson Brown the explorer and naturalist gave dramatic and thrilling stories about the wild animals jungles and tropical seas the Orient and Central America Mr Stuart one of the original cast of Oklahoma dramatized most of his songs Mrs Stuart played the piano accompaniment William Wallace the world s most remarkable memory expert delighted the audience His catalogue test was amusing and extremely difficult Manuel and Lolita Garcia presented a whirlwind of color and bril liance in flourescent costurnes The popular dance duet presented a delightful demonstration of folk dances of Peru Mexico and South soloist in h1s own rxght These programs were superb and the National Assemblies Programs will be continued next year Magazme Campalgn On September 7 1950 Mr Hamre from the Curtis Publishing Company arrived at Trent High School with a plan offering prizes to the school and the pupils for selling subscriptions to magazmes pubhshed on distribution by his company With the school receiving the profits on the magazine sales of 50 and 3071 The school was divided xnto two teams The Tigers which was the losing side was under the leadership of Irene Hendrickson and The Yanks led by Duane Gleason was the winning side Arlene Gulbranson was the Business Manager for both teams Mr Krantz was the sponsor for The Tigers where the sponsor for The Yanks was Mr Persmg Mrs Gulbranson was the campaign supervisor The quota set for the campaign was S500 which we did not reach Prizes were given to those who sold three subscriptions or more Donald Olsen was the high salesman 41 O C I I . l . I k I . . . . . , . . . of D , . . l . D U .- . 5 . I D . . , . American countries. Their accompanist, William Tabarini, is a concert I O O D I 0 . . - . . . . 5, . 5, . I I . . 1 . . ll ii I ' ' ' , . tl ' OO ll ll Dgclamatorv LEFT TO RIGHT Ardxs Hanson Rosalxe Fodness Paulme Sorensen Mr Krantz fAdv1sorQ Arlene Gulbranson Cecxlxa Gulson Emxly Jorgensen Pcrfc ct Attendance FIRST ROW Lyla Card Ronald Nelbzg Jerry Lone rxlly 'Vlclixnney Donna Ellis Patrxcla VN hxpkey Jean Darcy SECOND ROA Georve Gulson Dxck Hazelwood Edxth Olson Arlene Gulbranson Bob Wxles Cecxlxa Gulson Nlarxlyn Hoyer THXRD ROV! Bxlly Husaboe Helen A elbxg Barbara Youel Jalanne Baldwm Thresa Darcy Jack Spawn 42 , . I J 2 . '. .3 A . ' , I '- ll' . I l 'V ', 1 -1 ' 1 "Wu "W-an-q..,,, 'll HURRAY FOR THE SENIORS 1 9'9" man, an F. H. A. CHAPTER MOTHER THREE'S A CROWD iv- an EGADS WW? li 1952 HAIR STYLE HE LOOKS SWEET IS HE? "' 9 WK GET BUSY JOHN 44 1 MY! WHAT A GRIN SCARED RICHARD? ? August September October November December Calendar of Events 6 Regzstratxon Day Magazme Campalgn Arrow staff elected Band Theater Party Hot Lunch started Curls sold Warrmor ads Freshman 1n1t1at1on Roller Skat1ng Party P T A recogmtmon meetmg Plng pong p1ctures taken Cheerleader electlon Natlonal Assembly The Donas F H A rally at Mad1son Magazme awards arrzve Boys take physxcals at Dells F H A Bake Sale I-Iayrxde Baker s Dozen play at Ra1lsback s Party Gxrls take physxcals at Dells Semor p1ctures taken F H A D1str1cL rally at Madxson School closed for furnace repa1rs F H A Bake Sale P T A Carmval Basketball game at Smal Local Declamatory Contest at Trent Basketball game at Colton Natxonal Assembly fAdventure Basketball game here wlth Monroe Thanksgwmg Vacatlon D1str1ct Declamatory Contest at Hartford Basketball game at Egan Warnor staff selected Basketball game at Colman Basketball game at Colrnan QGIIIS Rutland played basketball here Glrls Basketball game at Dells Fall Band Concert Elkton played basketball here Basketball game at Madlson Mmstrel Show F H A Chrxstmas Party H1gh School Chr1stmas Party 45 za ' ' . 31 ' ' . 4 -' " . 5 . 10 . 13. ' " ' " . 14 . .. . D 14 ' . 14 . . . " ' . Z7 ' - ' . Z9 ' . Z ' .Q Q 6 . . . ' . 9 ' ' . 10 ' . ll . . . . ll ' . ll ' ' ' . 13 ' ' . Z4 ' ' . av . . . ' ' ' . 5- -7 ' . 8 . . . . 10 . . . ' . 14 ' '. 15 . 17 . Z1 ' , 1 Z1 - , 23-24 ' ' ' . zv ' ' as . 30 " ' " . 1 . 1 ' 1 4 -K' J 5 . 8 . 12 . 14 ' . 17 ' . 18 . . . ' . .ao ' ' . December January February March Apr1l May All School Chnstmas Program Chrlstmas vacatlon started Chrzstmas vacatxon ended Basketball game at Rutland QG1rls Basketball game at Flandreau Natlonal Assembly fMelodeers Egan played basketball here Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game at Monroe Gxrls at Orland fG1rls at Chester at Baltxc Dells played basketball here Annual pxctures taken Brandon played basketball here Natnonal Assembly Memory Wxzard Rutland played basketball here F H A Amateur Show Colman played basketball here Lyons played basketball here Monroe played basketball here Gmrls Chester Grade Basketball Tournament S1na1 played basketball here F H A Valentmne Party at Irene Sen1or College Day Basketball game at Lyons Grade Mus1c Contest at Madmson D1str1ct Basketball Tournament Junxor Carn1va1 .Tumor Play Sprxng Band Concert Natxonal Assembly Brazxhan Dancers Band Contest at Mad1son Sen1or Play akxp Day Junxor and Semo Baccalaureate School Pxcmc Commencement 46 r Banque t Z0 ' . Z0 ' ' . 3 ' ' . 4 . ' D 5 . 8 ' . J 9 . 10 .Q ' J 12 . ' J 16 . 18 ' . 19 . 19 ' . 2.3 . Z9 ' .Q ' 30 . . 31 . . . - Z . 6 . 7 .Q ' 7-8 13 ' ' . 14 . . . ' 's 14 ' 16 . 17 ' ' . ZZ-Z3-Z4 ' ' . Z ' ' . ZZ-Z3 ' . 30 ' . 3 . ' Q . . , 12-13 ' . Z6-Z7 ' . 9 3' ' . ll ' ' . 13 . 17 ' ' . 18 . . TRENT S AI-I MONEY THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL OI-I BABY IT S COLD OUTSIDE BATHING BEAUTIES LET S GET CHUMMY KIDS BRAZILIAN DANCER T H S GLAMOUR BOY TRENT'S FORM OF TRANSPORTATION MY ARDIS, WHAT BIG FEET YOU HAVE 47 AH 1961 CONVERTIBLE Who s Best Sport Best A11 Round Gzrl Best All Round Boy Most Dependable G1r1 Most Dependable Boy Greenest Freshman S1lly Sophomore D1gn1f1ed Jun1or Soph1st1cated Semor Prettxest Eyes T H S Glamour Glrl T H S Glamour Boy Best Boy Athlete Best Gxrl Athlete Sllck Chxck Most Musxcal Gxrl Most NIus1cal Boy Best Dressed Gxrl Best Dressed Boy Best School Spxr1t G1rl Best School Sp1r1t Boy Boy Most Lxkely to Succeed Gxrls Most Lzkely to Succeed P1-ett1est Han' Prettxest Hands Most Wxtty Most Corny Neatest G1r1 Neatest Boy Cutest Gxggle Prettxest Dxmples Personalxty Glrl Personalxty Boy Most Bashful G1r1 Most Bashful Boy B1ggest Fhrts Best Escort Blushes Most Most Studxous Boy Most Studlous Gal Best Scholar Bxggest Tease Most Fnendly Best Liked Gal Best Llked Boy Best Physxque fBoy Best Girl F1gure Most Ambxtxous Cutest Couple Wl1oInTHS Arlene Arlene Duane Ceclha Ralph Edlth Myrtle Rosal1e Emlly Marjor 16 Rosalle Duane Duane Ard1s -Ma rjorle Cec1l1a Daryl Rosahe Glen Marjorme Duane Duane Cec1l1a Irene Arlene Paulxne Ard1s Rosahe Glen Eva Freda Arlene Duane Carol Terry Paulme Duane Duane Marlys Bob Cecxlxa Ceczha Duane Marjone Darwm Arlene Darwm Duane Em1ly Ceczha Irene Duane i O O 0 .. K. ,---nu --------------U-------H . . ' 4 1 ------------------------------------ Most Peppy --------- ------------------- ------------------- A r dis I D--C--------l----c-I------------ ----- 1 48 i r Gqufmj 'iclflgi CI. 4 . I I A-me V' WALSWORTN WA l.9l0ll'!H BROTI-IFRS U 5 50 Y L.n.qq..pz-.4 A Bound by n..f.1m., no A Comphments Of FARMERS STATE BANK General Bankmg Strong Enough To Protect You Large Enough To Serve You Small Enough To Know You Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatxon Flandreau South Dakota capita, s5o,ooo.oo - surpms, S100,000.00 Compliments Of Hasvold Auto Co Plymouth Garage DeSoto and Plymouth Cars Case Tractors and Farm Machinery Flandreau South Dakota Guiloranson SL Sons Phone 2281 Trent South Dakota O IH Sales - Service and Refrigeration Quaker Oats Company Come To The Ful O Pep S1gn Phone 2351 Trent South Dakota F N Gunsbach Sales Servxce Phone 36031 Dell Rapids South Dakota C ompllments Of Flanclreau Independent Lumber Co Quality and Service Phone 176 Flandreau South Dakota Case Farm Equipment - DeLava.1 Separators-Milkers Gasolme O11 Greases Washxng Tank Wagon Servxce MOODY COUNTY OIL COMPANY C1t1es Servlce Products Phone 373 Flandrea South Dakota MCLAREW DRAY AND TRANSFER Local and Long Dzstance Haulmg Da11y Frelght Servlce Between Sioux Falls Flandreau South Dakota and Pxpestone Nhnnesota We Spec1a11ze In Movmg Of Household Goof s Phone 215 Flandreaa South Dakota PEAVY ELEVATORS 2 4 D Feeds Phone 67 Flandreau South Dakota Compliments Of EIDE IMPLEMENT COMPANY International Harvester Phone 93 Flandreau South Dakota U, Trent - Egan - Lone Tree Station - Airway Station Phone 2223 TR NT OIL COMPANY Champlm Products Gas Grease O1 N D Lone Trent South Dakota Station and Country Delivery Service O SILKINSEN SERVICE Gas ohne and O11 Phone 3 61 l l n Conoco Products Phone 23 61 Guaranteed Rogers Silverware ROSBURG GROCERY Quallty Grocerxes Fresh Meats Garden Fresh Frults and Vegetables Trent South Dakota Compliments Of COMMUNITY GROCERY STORE Fresh Meats and Grocerles T K McKinney Proprletor Trent South Dakota - .. '1 Dell Rapids, South Dakota an 90 ' PETER SCHMIDT Good Equxpment Makes A Good Farmer Better :mann-ounu HARVESTER McCorm1ck Deermg Farm Machmes and Implements Dell Rapids South Dakota DELLS CLEANERS r and Mrs T J Unger Proprxetors It Pays To Look Neat Dell Rapids South Dakota Cakes Pastrzes and P1es Send Us A Card Or Telephone Us Today For Tomorrow s Order Phone 36171 Dell Rapxds South Dakota NICK SCHWEBACH AND SONS Electrxc Contracting Frigldaire Apphances Plumbing and I-Ieatmg Phone 36311 Dell Rapxds South Dakota I M . . . . , ' 'QDEL1.s" BAKERY Compliments Of WILLIS ELLEFSON John Deere - Buick Sales and Service Hydraulic Farm Hand Phone 206 Flandreau, South Dakota BIDNE'S Footwear For The Family Ladies Ready To Wear Phone 132 Flandreau South Dakota Compliments Of FLANDREAU CAFE Quality and Service Phone 42 Flandreau South Dakota EKERR HOME EQUIPNIENT COMPANY Bath Room Fixtures Septic Tanks Water Softeners Electric Water Heaters Gas Water Heaters O11 Furnaces and Boilers Coal Furnaces and Boilers Gas Furnaces and Boilers O11 Burners Stokers Phone 348W Flandreau South Dakota Plumbing - Home Appliances - Heating Phone 56 FARMERS UNION CO OP OIL COMPANY Farm Supplies Tank Wagon Delxvery Bottle Gas and Appllances Flandreau South Dakota FLANDREAU CO OP Creamery Locker Produce A Co Operatxve lnstltutlon Telephone 317 For Locker Servxce Buyers Of Eggs and Poultry Telephone 517 Purma Feeds Telephone 275 For Creamery Service Dry Cleamng Phone 6 8 VOGUL CLEANERS John Roshexm Press1ng Alterations Hat Blocking Repaxrmg and Dyeing Member S D A C D Flandreau South Dakota C E BEATTY Jeweler and Optometrist Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted Flandreau, South Dakota . I - . - . - 0 . . . . . a - - - . . - . Q - u I Q - . - . THE ROCK GARDEN LUNCH Sandwiches Pop Ice Cream Candy Malted Mxlks Dell Raplds South Dakota ROCK GARDEN SERVICE STATION Z4 Hour Tow Service Phone 46781 Dell Raplds South Dakota Compliments Of DELL RAPIDS TRIBUNE Complete News Coverage Qualxty Job Printing Dell Raplds South Dakota Compliments Of NORTHWEST SECURITY NATIONAL BANK A Good Place To Do Your Bankmg Dell Raplds South Dakota Mobilgas - Tires - Batteries Congratulations, Class Of '51 Meet Your Friends At The PANTRY CAFE Famous For Steaks - Chops - Home Cooking Flandreau, South Dakota Two Dependable Drug Stores OLSON REXALL STORE Phone Z4 SAN TAX STORE Phone 34 Prescription Druggist Congratulations To Class Of 51 Rexall Flandreau South Dakota S1nce 1893 Glfts and Jewelry For A11 Occasxons MALLORY S JEWELRY STORE Dr A A McMillan Optometrist Flandreau South Dakota FLANDREAU BAKERY Home Lake Rolls and Pastries Ever Best Bread Fresh Quality Products Phone 39 Flandreau South Dakota ' I I . . - I e u I 1 u u , 9 . . Q - n I 1- ' Q.-.H-: ... --- 'if' " FLANDREAU MOTOR COMPANY aAu.zs sznvuce Phone 140 Flandr eau South Dakota HANSON S New and Used Furniture Phxlco Apphances Easy Washers Amerlcan Kitchens Marvelgas For Your Bottle Gas Needs Phone 69W Flandreau South Dakota FLANDREAU CLEANERS Cleaning Pressing Moth Proofmg Repair Dehvery Pick Up Phone 190W F landreau South Dakota J R ORVEDAHL Furmture hone 8W Flardrf au South Dakota Congratulations To The Graduating Class Of '51 Compliments Of ENTERPRISE PUBLISHING COMPANY Printers Publishers Office Outfitters Flandreau South Dakota PALM CHEVROLET COMPANY Farm Implements and Equipment Allis Chalmers Minneapolis Moline Phone 290 Flandreau South Dakota GULBRANSON SERVICE Mobxlgas Mob11o11 and Accessories Motors Overhauled Tires, Tubes and Batteries Soft Drinks and Candy Trent, South Dakota Phone 2451 NELSON'S Sales and Service Authorized Ford Dealer New and Used Cars - Parts and Service Trent, South Dakota nn I, L P--H-' H f-rw - f ' "P" 'C'-4' v- F" 'fa' -Si--" '- 'w1'm' . . . , - - I . . . . - - , - U . . . . -. FARMERS UNION CO OP ELEVATOR Phone 6591 Egan South Dakota BEN FRANKLIN STORE R F Oebser For All Your Var1et1es Phone 36501 Dell Rapids South Dakota Phone 3611 SUNNY SIDE DAIRY Pasteurxzed Dairy Products C1ar1f1ed For Cleanness Pasteurized For Safety Homogemzed For Taste Dell Rapids South Dakota DE LLS MOTOR COMPANY John Deere Farm Implements Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Phone 46741 Dell Rapids South Dakota Dealers In Grain - Coal - Feed - Seeds GLEASON S SERVICE Gas O11 Greases Soft Dr1nks Trent South Dakota J F ANDERSON LUNIBER COMPANY Black Gold Coal Sherwxn W1111ams Paxnt Prompt Eff1c1ent Servlce Phone 2211 DELL S THEATRE P A K1ng and Sons Dell Rap1ds South Dakota Compliments Of JIMMIE S FOOD STORE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Croce-r1es Phone ZZ5 Flandreau, South Dakota Compliments Of FARIS MEAT MARKET Reta11 Meats and Processmg Frozen Foods and Fish Phone ll Flandreau South Dakota BEN FRANKLIN STORE Nationally Known Locally Owned A1Staack Proprietor 591' And IOC S100 And Up Phone 455 Flandreau South Dakota Comphments Of KASSDAM S DEPARTMENT STORE Complete Outfitter For The Entire Famlly Wxth The Super Market Grocery Department Phone 312. Flandreau South Dakota ROLEF S DRUG STORE Tollet Articles Prescnptxons Statlonery Candxes Nyal Remedxes Phone 84 Flandreau South Dakota Q . o I - - u D - . I O v I . Q I I . a 0 n 0 - - . u - I STANDARD OIL COMPANY Arnie s Standard Serv1ce Dell Rapxds, South Dakota K T FARIS JEWELER Elgin Watches Bulova Watches Expert Watch Repalr Dell Rapxds South Dakota Compliments Of Phone 3681 1 Dell Rapxds South Dakota Ervm P Van Buren Wxllxam P Vogt VAN BUREN AND VOGT LAWYERS Dell Rapxds South Dakota VOY'S DRUG STORE BARTLE FIRESTONE DEALER STORE Home and Auto Supplxes Phone 160 Flandreau South Dakota GORDON OLSON General Truckmg Local and Long Dlstance I-Iaulmg Trent Phone 2433 Trent South Dakota Congratulatmns Class Of 51 From LESTER HARDWARE Pamts Glass Plumbmg I-Ieatmg Phone 2.2.31 Trent South Dakota DELL S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Phone 36741 Dell Raplds South Dakota Your Dollar Buys More At Your Dxck Kranz Dell Rap1ds South Dakota BERGE S Dell Rapxds South Dakota JOHNNLE S CAFE Meals Lunches Short Orders Hours 6 A M To 1 A M De ll Rapids South Dakota WORTHMORE CREAMERY AND PRODUCE Cream Eggs Poultry Ice Cream Feeds Sam Busman Manager Dell Raplds South Dakota MARSHALL-WELLS STORE Men's Store BILL S CORNER Gas O11 Txres Meals Lunches Soft Drinks lntersectlon Highways 34 and 13 Compliments Of GRINDEN S VARIETY STORE Your Fr1end1y Locally Owned Store Flandreau South Dakota COAST TO COAST STORE Everything For The Home Farm and Car J A Llddxard Owner Phone 43W Flandreau South Dakota Frozen Foods Flsh Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Phone 37 Or 89 Flandreau South Dakota GREG S STUDIO Portraits Commercxal Photo Flnishlng Phone 16 Flandreau South Dakota For A Treat Eat At TILLIE S EAT SHOP Homemade Pastrxes Flandreau South Dakota TOWNLEY CHEVROLET Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Accessones Authorlzed Chevrolet Mechamcs Tow Truck Service, Call 36541 Dell Rapids, South Dakota NEW CAFE H B Everts Auctioneer Dell Rapids, South Dakota BEATTY'S GROCERY AND MARKET WEBB ou. STATION Comphments Gas - Oil - Tlres Dell Raplds South Dakota A FRIEND U BOOSTERS CORNER CAFE Flandreau South Dakota ZARECKY BARBER SHOP Flandreau South Dakota FRED S SHOE REPAIR Flandreau South Dakota DR E A PETERSON Flandreau South Dakota Flandreau South Dakota STAGIES PARK SERVICE Dell Rapids South Dakota COOPER S APPAREL SHOP Flandreau South Dakota THE COFFEE SHOP Flandreau South Dakota LUND GARAGE Trent South Dakota DR ROBERT O EISELET Flandreau South Dakota SUPER VALU Flandreau South Dakota ' Of MARTY'S STANDARD SERVICE

Suggestions in the Trent High School - Warrior Yearbook (Trent, SD) collection:

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