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r ,V , P- ' fr ' '- ' ' ' ' f ,rv ' , - " A . - I' " ,qv X-, ,V V J, f , , -, Vg-.-g ,15j,L.3.f-g- gffva- K 1 .,,, A , W ,N ,, . 1 , ,1,,-,V I, , ,.,-. .. Y Q A, 1. f 1- ff- , n has 'W'A-,f,4,f4n 49,4-nf' ,IXLAIILGMAJN NOQJW' 1 I gwwfl-fgfr - W7 d MM 714. Lui, 1 ,f 1 . x A z 511 We, the seniors, would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Rauch for his helpful- ness and guidance in making our class activities, especially our money making enterprises, a success. We also Wish to thank him for giving us his time to make our graduation exercises successful. .is ..?.... EARL D. RAUCH To Mr. Flaherty we, the Class of 1958, Wish to extend our full and sincere thanks for his patience and understanding in making our yearbook possible. We also thank him for chaperoning our New York trip. JOSEPH E. FLAHERTY H I 5 ,kyk , k A I When the evening sunset glows Gn the valley's Wooded hill, My thoughts turn to thee with longing And my heart With rapture thrills As I muse upon thy glory Never dimmed by passing time May I always, Alma Mater, Help to make that glory shine. ul- . llld FWZ! " AN -M Y liiil :Ill EIIUI Nlaler As your sons and daughters go lnto other Walks of life, May they hold on high the standards That they learned in Tremont High. As We leave these halls of learning May our lives be brave and bold, N e'er forget our Alma Mater, Tremont High - Maroon and Gold. lVo1'ds by EMILY LINN Music by LESLIE HARNEI M Foreword We look forward to years of growth ahead, for our school and each member of the graduating class of 1958. It is our hope, as we reach this important milestone, that as our school grows in service and influence, we too may grow in wisdom. leadership, and service to our fellowmen. DANA ZERBE SHIRLEY BARR ww . ' l 1 1 LESLIE HAR-NEB Dedication We, the Class of 1958, dedicate this annual Memoria to Mr. I-llarner, whose never-ending work through all the seasons of the year has surely brought many proud moments to all the members of the Tremontl High School. l Leslie Hamer has received top honors and innumerable compliinents for consistently producing a top musical -aggregation, and we, the1Class of "58", want him to know that his difficult and -sometimes tiringi work is 'sincerely appreciated by one and all. ROBERT LEMKE n Editors and Co-Editors BUSINESS EDITOR ART EDITOR ASSISTANT ART EDITOR Edward Behrent Robert Eckler Judith Miller ASSISTANT EDITOR EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR Richard Oswald Donald Gauntlett Claude Schach ACTIVITIES EDITOR SPORTS EDITOR ASST. SPORTS EDITOR Emma. Bonawitz Paul Dimon Sandra Schell O In Appreciation To the members of the Board of Education: The Senior Class of 1958 would like to extend our deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation to you for providing instruction and equipment making it possible for us to receive scholastic and vocational training and recreational pleasures. It was through your efforts that we have received these advantages and opportunities throughout our school experiences. Thank you. -ANNA HEISLER and JEANETTE GRETH SCHOOL BOARD Standing, left to right: Wilbur W. I-leckert, Frederick Maurer. Seated, left to right: William Gammell, Fred C. I-latter, Attorney Richard Russell. JAMES 0. CLOUSER Supervising Principal FACULTY State Teachers College, East Stroudsburg, B.S. Bucknell University, M.S. Pennsylvania State University The high school graduates should consider the completion of twelve years of public schooling as a step along the road, not as a terminal point. Education can not be giveng it must be earned, and all education does not come from books. We, the faculty of Tremont High School, take this opportunity to con- gratulate the Class of '58. RHEA ENGLE Secretary EMILY E. LINN Mathematics, Geography, Library Lebanon Valley College B.S. Education 5 Z LESLIE HARNER Instrumental Music Ithaca College BS, Music Education DORA H. KOHR Home Economics, Kindergarten Penn State University Kutztown State Teachers College B.S. Vocational Home Economics Q Q Q 'in 'QT' JULIA M. STUDLACK Commercial Bloomsburg S. T. C. EARL D. RAUCH Science, Mathematics Kutztown State Teachers College B.S. Education JOSEPH E. FLAHERTY English Penn State University East Stroudsburg S. T. C. B.S. DOROTHY M. LASH Biology, History, Art West Chester S. T. C. B.S. LEWIS H. HUBLER Health, Physical Education, Coach Penn State University East Stroudsburg S. T. C. B.S. PHOEBE E. TOMKO Mathematics, Spanish, History Bucknell University B.A. - M.A. ANNA M. IMSCHWEILER RAYMOND DONMOYER CLARENCE SNYDER Supervisor, Vocal Music Industrial Arts Custodian Lebanon Valley College B.S. Music TO THE GRADUATES In behalf of the Teachers Association, may I congratulate you, who are leaving our school, ready to meet life as it is today. Life is made up not only of great isacriiice or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindnesses and small obligations, given habitually, encourage and comfort the heart. If We, as teachers, in some man- ner have given you wisdom and un- derstanding, our efforts have been successful. "Only in the true and beautiful Will the teachers find strength to fulfill their noble task." LESLIE HARNER President of the Teachers Association 12, 12fmnff M amo s F N Z 0 5 3, 5 2 4 ff UQ! J? wx ' X 'f' A President CLASS ADMINISTRATIO President ......... Vice President Secretary ........ Treasurer ........ Class Colors Motto ....... Flower ...... Claude Schach Robert Eckler Judith Miller Robert Wiscount Red and White "Not the end, only the beginning" Mamie Eisenhower Carnation NANCY MAE AUNGST - - - COMMERCIAL - - - dent Council, 1 year. good typist . . . a working girl . . . takes life seriously. SHIRLEY ARLENE BARR - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Cheerleader, 1 year, Band, 1 year, Girls' Chorus, 1 year, Typing Club, 2 years, German Club, 1 year, F. H. A., 1 year, Junior Class Play. Cute . . . quiet . . . her love for Tommy . . . ambition for driving . . . wears a ring on third finger of left hand. LOIS ELAINE BARRY - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Pianist for Chorus, 2 years, Ensemble, 1 year, Band, 6 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Typing Club, 1 year. Short . . . jolly . . . her love for Bobby . . . loves to drive Bob's car . . . tickles the ivories . . . little but mighty. I l HENRY EDWARD BEHRENT - - - COMMERCIAL - - - . Business Editor Y-ear Book Staff , Game Club, 1 year, Typing Club, 1 year, Chess Club, 1 year. Loves to break pencils...a smasher of type- writers...lazy-but detinitely...easy to get along with. Girls' Chorus, 3 years, Typing Club, 1 year, Stu- Nice . . . quiet . . . a cute kid . . . ambitious . . . a EMMA ELIZABETH BONAWITZ - - - ACADEMIC - - - Cheerleader, 3 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Band, 4 years, Girls' Chorus, 1 year, Ensemble, 1 year, F. H. A., 1 year, Sewing Club, 1 year, Junior Class 7 ' 'Playg Activities Editor Yearbook Staff. A Nl , Loves to go to Art classes . . . tall in stature . . . 'i H believes in going steady . . . Oh! . . . How that girl drives a car. . . Hubba, Hubba. 1 F I. W . I b MARGARET ANN BOYD - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Ch-orus, 3 years, Girls' Chorus, 1 year, Ensemble, 1 year, Typing Club, 1 year. Loves to eat . . . a skilled typist . . . likes to talk on the telephon-e . . . personality plus . . . always laughing . . . friend to all. PAUL CLAY DIMON - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Basketball, 4 years, Baseball, 3 years, Band, 2 years, ColorgGuard, Game Club, 2 years, Chess Club, 1 year, Sports Editor Yearbook Staff 3 Harmonica Club, 1 year, Typing Club, 1 year, Conservation Club, 1 year. ' Star of ba-sketball . . . tall . . . a wise cracker. . . woman hater ? 'Z ?...we wonder?...loves to sleep and eat. CARL IRVIN DON MOYER - - - ACADEMIC - - - Band, 3 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Vice President, 1 year, Basketball, 2 years, Baseball, 3 years, Gam-e Club, 1 year, Conservation Club, 2 years. A very nice guy . . . favorite food, "soup" . . . I fyfllhushes easily . . . interested in electronics . . . always 3 Crawl :seen with his slide rule.. .a friend to all who know him. L' LUV ROBERT FRANKLIN ECKLER - - - ACADEMIC Band, 4 years, Band Vice President, Twin Valley Band, 2 years, Choral Group, 1 year, Ensemble, 1 year, Sextet, 2 years, Chess Club, 1 year, Game Club, 1 year, Harmonica Club, 1 year, Class President, 1 year, Vice President, 2 years, Art Editor Yearbook Staff . Cobb . . . puttering around the Henry-J . . .love for that girl. . . dig his blonde hair. fl K JEANNETTE LoU1sE GRETH - - - ACADEMIC F. H. A., 1 year, Travel Club, 1 year, Typing Club, 1 year, German Club, 1 year, Knitting Club, 1 year, Girls' Chorus, 1 year. Her love for the Valley boys.. . always sleeping late...what she said in the lab ? ? ?...her trig ability...always seen with Joan and Cindy...her ambition-a secretary. sg x Cf, DONALD EUGENE EISEPNHAUER ---GENER.AL--- Band, 1 year, Typing, 2 years, Home Economics, 1 year, Game Club, 1 year. Tries to outwit the teachers ...his slick hair-do . . . a certain girl in Donaldson . . . wolf . . . likes school very much ? ? ? DONALD WAYNE GAUNTLETT - - - ACADEMIC - - - Band, 4 years, District Band, 1 year, Twin Valley Band, 3 years, Stafbe Chorus, 1 year, Di-strict Chorus, 1 year, Choral Group, 1 year, Ensemble, 1 year, His- tory Club, 1 year, Newspaper Club, 1 year, Chess Club, 2 years, Junior Class Play, Class Treasurer, 2 years, Junior Representative Yearbook Staff , Editor Yearbook Staff , Student Council, 1 year. Very ambitious . . . his diary . . . Oh! Those side- burns . . . his friend . . . a cage man . . . those spaghetti dinners . . . the many long walks. . . V -1" L, 5 ROBERT JAMES GRIFFITHS - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Game Club, 2 years, Typing Club, 1 year, Con- servation Club, 2 years, Harmonica Club, 1 year. Always hunting.. .deer slayer ? ? ?. . .an out- doors man. . . does he still like Bill's girl ? ? ? KENNETH ARTHUR HARRIS - - - GENERAL - - - Typing, 2 years, Home Economics, 1 year, Game Club, 1 year. His love for Peg. . .his driving ability. . .that nickname . . .one day a state patrolman. ANNA LOUISE HEISLER - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Band, 2 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Girls' Chorus, 1 year, Junior Class Play, Travel Club, 1 year, German Club, 1 year, Knitting Club, 1 year. Cute . . . giggles incessantly . . .likes Clay Street . . . one of the three C's-Chubbie . . .likes to dance . . . shy around boys Cwe wonder?J. RONALD ARTHUR KIMMEL - - - GENERAL - - - Home Economics, 1 year, Game Club, 1 year. His love for Kathryn . . . his frequent illnesses . . . his bashfulness . . .one of the Frailey five . . . Wow! that English . . . Mersie is a friend to all. ROBERT LEIGHTON LEMKE COMMERCIAL - - - Band, 5 years, Basketball, 3 years, Chess Club, 1 year, Conservation Club, Typing Club, 1 year, Har- monica Club, 1 y-ear, Library Club, 1 year. His shorthand azbility . . . his craziness . . . always joking . . . plays a hot trombone. BUCKLEY RICHARD MILLER ---GENERAL--- Band, 2 years, Home Economics, 1 year, Gym Club, 1 year. One of the Frailey five . . . a Laurel Street lad . . . a nice "quiet" guy . . .a wolf, but not in sheep's clothing. J UDITH ANGELA MILLER - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Band, 2 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Band Secretary, 1 year, Girls' Chorus, 1 year, Ensemble, 1 year, Cheerleader, 3 years, Class Secretary, 3 years, Travel Club, 1 year, Knitting Club, 1 year, Junior Class Play, Assistant Art Editor Yearbook Staff. Cute . . . quiet . . . crazy . . . one of the three C's- cutie . . . d-oe-sn't like boys Qwe wonder?J . . . always laughing. . .being teased about the Mansion House? ? RICHARD CLAUDE OSWALD COM MERCIAL Game Club, 1 year, Chess Club, 1 year, Typing Club, 1 year, Assistant Editor Yearbook Staff. One of the Reilly "3" . . . the prize fighter . . . a "cage" man . . . drives a hot Chevie . . . Oh! those side- burn-s . . . favorite song, "Baby Face" . good-looking -hubba, hubba. JOHN ALBERT REINER - - - COMMERCIAL - - - ball, 2 years, Basketball Manager, 1 year, Game Club, 2 years, Student Counvcil, 1 year, Junior Class Play. Jimmy Dean . . . blushes . . . popular . . . those nipping sessions . . . that certain Spring Street lass. CHARLES HENRY SALEN 1 - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Chess Club, 1 year, Conservation Club, 2 years, Typing Club, 1 year, Harmonica Club, 1 year, Library Club, 1 year. Crazy . . . comic . . . his hate for typewriters . . . collects girls' pictures . . . that senior girl he teasels . . . his bookkeeping ability. CLAUDE HENRY SCHACH - - - ACADEMIC - - - Band, 4 years, Band President, 1 year, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Class President, 2 years, Ensemble, 1 year, Basketball Manager, 1 year, Game Club, 2 years, History Club, 1 year, A-ssociate Editor Yearbook Staff. Witty . . . ambitious . . . likes to work Cat the A. 8a PJ. 5 4, SANDRA LEE SCHELL , ---ACADEMIC-U A B-and, 2 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Sewing Club, 1 year, German Club, 1 year, Newspaper Club, 1 year, Girls' Chorus, 1 year, Ensemble, 1 year, Junior Class Play, Assistant Sports Editor Yearbook Staff, Gossip Columnist of the School Newspaper. Blondie . . . her concern for a certain boy . . believes in playing the field. f, K xl'i 5 'lfjc.ft4flf'a Band, 6 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Basket- SON IA LOU SCHELL - - - ACADEMIC - - - Band, 3 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 year, Sewing Club, 1 year, Girls' Chorus, 1 year, Ensemble, 1 year, Junior Class Play, President of Student Council. Always laughing . . . her love for Bobby . . . and the word "Tom" . . . writes letters. ,'w , , - CNJQWJ ' ' " x H DONALD LEE UHLER - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Basketball, 3 years, Band, 2 years, Color Guard, Game Club, 2 years, Typing Club, 1 year, Harmonica Club, 1 year, Library Club, 1 year, Art Editor of the School Newspaper. Liking a tiny girl . . . always in trouble. . .a great drawer. ROBERT HAROLD WILLIAMS ---GENERAL--- Band, 4 years, Home Economics, 1 year, Gym Club, 1 year. Scrooge . . . why he likes Laurel Street . . . driving his car. ROBERT CHARLES WISCOUNT - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Band, 2 years, Color Guard, Basketball, 4 years, Class Treasurer, 2 years, Chess Club, 1 year, Game Club, 1 year, Typing Club, 1 year, Library C'lub, 1 year, Harmonica Club, 1 year. "Little Italy". ..thick-headed...afraid of girls . . . his bookkeeping ability . . . a basketball star . . . a friend to all. DANA ELIZABETH ZERBE - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Drum Majorette, 4 yearsg Girls' Chorus, 1 yearg Ensemble, 1 year, Junior Cl-ass Playg F. H. A., 2 years, Typing Club, 1 year. Dark eyes . . . witty . . . her love for Eugene . . . likes trucks . . . her friend Shirley . . . her being teased about "Rosebud" . . . a farmer girl. GARY JOSEPH ZERBE - - - COMMERCIAL - - - Band, 4 years, Twin Valley Band, 1 yearg Basket- ball, 2 yearsg Baseball, 2 yearsg Student Council, 1 year. Playing football . . . writing on desks . . . heart- broken . . . his love for Joyce . . . a Siamese . . . his driving ability . . .his pal Rich. Farewell As our time is gradually drawing to a close, we, the Class of '58, wish to express our appreciation to those who have made our graduation pos- sible. We express our gratitude to our faithful teachers. To the Board of Education we -extend our thanks for their careful training and supervision. To our dear parents, who have sacrificed much, we express our gratefulness. To all of you who have helped us thus far on our quest for knowledge, the Class of "58 extends a fond farewell. -CARL DONMOYER LOIS BARRY Tremont High, Tremont High, Alma Mater true. Where we lived and We loved the years through. Memories of the days will for e'er live on, As we leave we all bid thee adieu. CLASS SONG As the years disappear in the twilight of time, And the spring slowly turns into fall. All the plans that We made, How we dreamed unafraid, With a sigh we will fondly recall. JOHN REINER QABYP 2 Z W 5 5 7 5 5 ...AR 5,0 X., ,f R 3' Baldie Sailor Boy Goldilocks World Traveler True German '95 ,,,..-m-nu Glamour Boy Hold Me Tight Hold My Hand Sittin' Bull Curly Hop On! Master Sergeant Annie Oakley So Innocent Help Me Up v--A R .. 4 mr, Cleaning Woman Truck Driver Lonesome I'm In The Army Now is "" We Farmer Boy I'm Hungry See That I'll Walk Alone Frosty The Snowman Shirley Temple Double Trouble What's So Funny? Ain't I Sweet? Waiting Room Girl CLASS HISTORY In September of 1953, 29 eager beavers entered Tremont Junior High School, including four new students. Through the guidance of Mr. Rauch we'll always remember our assemblies and parties. After nine long months we were sent to eighth grade. Thirty-two now comprised our total, including six new students and losing three others. Mrs. Hoffman, our adviser, encouraged us and very soon we were. on our way through high school. Under the guidance of Miss Lash we gained five new students and lost three in our Freshman year. Our number was now 31. This year we were on our first class trip to Philadelphia. Everyone had a wonderful time. Our Sophomore year was a busy one for Mr. Clouser, our adviser, and us. We sold turkey chances, held dances and sold Easter flowers to get money toward our Washington trip. We gained two new students and dropped six by the wayside. Our total is now 28. Our Junior year was crowded with many activities. In December we received our long-awaited class rings. We had a class play, sold doughnuts, held dances, and sold turkey chances to get money for the Prom. Our Prom was the major event of the year for us. The theme was "Fantasia". We'll always remember the fun we had decorating and the Prom itself. Our clas-s roll remained at 28. Finally we entered our Senior year. Now having a mere 22 after losing six, we gained from Frailey Township five boys and three girls, giving us a grand total of 30. We sold magazines, Christmas cards, Christmas candy and held dances to earn money for our Washington trip. We were filled with many activiti-es, selling ads, working on the year book, picking a motto, iiower and a class song. We went to New York on November 13. We are looking forward to the Farm Show in January, the Washington trip and finally, graduation. We wish to express our sincere thanks to those who have helped and encouraged us through these 12 years of our education. We, the Class of 1958, leave our motto, a fitting ending for our history, "Not the end, only the beginning." -SONIA SCHELL CLASS WILL We, the graduating Class of 1958, being of sound mind f?j, and realizing that we are about to depart from our beloved Alma Mater, declare this to be our last will and testament. To the Principal-Our selling ability. To the Faculty-Our ability to answer so Well in class. To the Custodian-The honor of having the dirtiest class depart. To the Underclassmen-Hopes they'll have less trouble in their Senior year. "Individual Bequests" 1. Dana Zerbe's Pine Grove friends to Barbara Oswald. 2. Anna Heisler's clarinet abilities to Mary Louise Wolfgang. 3. Peggy Boyd's love for dogs to Shirley Brown. 4. Nancy Aungst's typing ability to Darlene Scheib. 5. Judy M'iller's shyness to Christine Schwartz. 6. Shirley Barr's driving ability to Diane Withelder. 7. Emma Bonawitz's love of the Avenue to Anna Mae Batz. 8. Lois Barry's mu-sic ability to Gertrude Loeb. 9. Sonia Schell's deep voice to Bob Ossman. 10. Sandy Schell's boy friends to Carol Loeb. 11. Jeanette Greth's Valley friends to Joan Koch. 12. Donald Uhler's age to Leroy Kramer. X 13. Donald Gauntlett's ability to do solid geometry to Anna Mae Strovinsky. 14. Bulckley Miller's clowning ability to Dave Ossman. 15. Edward Behrent's mischievousness to Carl Witmer. 16. Charles Salen's bookkeeping ability to Cindy Wiscount. 17. John Reiner's hot trumpet to Billy Imschweiler. 18. Paul Dimon's athletic ability to Art Ritzman. 19. Bobby William-s' thriftiness to Ronald Koppenhaver. 20. Pete Wiscount's tallness to Chub Scheibley. 21. Donald Eisenhauer's hair to Charles Miller. 22. Jim Grilliths hunting ability to Lewis Graver. 23. Bob Lemke's dear hunting ability tolRona1d Shadle. 24. Ronnie Kimmel's "great attendance" in school to Pat Shade. 25. Carl Donmoyer's quietness to Joanne Shott. 26. Claude Schach's mustache to Tom Graeff. 27. Ken Harris' hot Chevy to Doug Fulmer. 28. Rich Oswald's lovemaking to Ronnie Boyer. 29. "Cobb" Eck1er's "Henry J" to whoever wants it. 30. Gary Zerbe's football tactics to anyone who can take it. In witness whereof, we, the Class of 1958, have set our hand and seal to this, our will, the twenty-ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight. WITNESSES-Peggy Boyd and Nancy Aungst EXECUTOR-Tremont High School CLASS PROPHECY In 1978, the Class of '58 held their reunion. Time had separated everyone to a great extent. To realch everyone, invitations had to be sent to many parts of the world. The idea originated by the multi-millionaire, Robert "Scrooge" Williams, who had his two successful secretaries, Lois Barry and Jeanette Greth, type the invitations to all his former classmates. The most difficult invitation to deliver was that to "Jungle" Jim Griffiths, who was hunting somewhere in the heart of Africa. Through great efforts the help of the U. S. Air Force was secured and they agreed to dispatch their ace pilot, Ed Behrent, to parachute the invitation to "Jungle" Jim. As soon as he read the invitation he began traveling northward toward Algiers. He had no sooner started when six vicious head hunters nabbed him and took him to their chief. Jim just about dropped when he saw Donald Gauntlett teaching the- natives math and physics. "Jungle" Jim immedi- ately tif you haven't noticed by now, Jim is the hero of this plotj told Gauntlett of his invitation. Jim was set free and put out with Gauntlett on the journey toward Algiers. After weeks in the desert, they began to approach Algiers. In Algiers they decided to eat. They saw a small place with a sign above reading "Fresso Italiano". After Jim ate his fill he complained to Gauntlett about the poor cooking. Immediately following, a loud shriek came from the kitchen as the cook came tearing through the door. He knew it was his old buddy, Pete Wiscount, because of' the violence. in the voice. After getting stabbed in the arm, Jim was removed to a nearby first aid station by his old buddy Pete. He was admitted by medical secretary Peggy Boyd. The arm was then x-rayed by Sandy and Son-ia Schell and the knife removed by Emma Bonawitz. The three girls dressed the wound and quoted "Jim will live."-fNote the beating-this kid is all Manj. Jim now discovered he hadn't shaved in six months and entered a barber shop. Falling asleep on the barber chair, Jim awoke to find he had a "sputnik" haircut. Jim tackled the barber, who immediately pulled a switch blade. After a short scuffle Jim was about to kill the barber when he recognized him as John Reiner, an old buddy, Cthis Jim is rough, isn't he?J Jim and John shook hands. They then went back to the first aid station where they met Goose, Sandy, Sonia, Emma, Peggy and Pizzano. Then they took a cab to the airport and boarded a DC-8 flying saucer. The saucer departed for Paris. While flying over Italy, "Jungle" Jim had to call back the pilot because Pete had just yelled "Mamma Mia" and had tried to jump out of the saucer. CLASS PROPHECY fcontinuedl Much to their surprise, Qthere have been a lot of -surprises around here, haven't there?J the pilot turned out to be Claude Schach of T. W. A. "Jungle" Jim then told Claude to tell the radio operator, who happened to be Carl Donmoyer, to send a message to Monte Carlo to the world famous international playboy, Buckley Miller. Buck was to meet the group in Paris. "Jungle" Jim had an attack of hunger-tantrums-fhe was hungryj. The stewardess appeared with food, and who should it be but Shirley Barr. The saucer landed and everyone, including Jim, had a fine meal. In the restaurant they saw a fashionable woman, who turned out to be Nancy Aungst. The group then started back to the airport. While at the airport the group was met by two Marines on leave- Ron Kimmel and Bob Lemke-who incidentally just completed five years in the guardhouse. The saucer left for New York and landed safely, much to the relief of everyone, including Jim, who was hungry. Five cars designed by Robert Eckler met the group, and on the way to the mansion the car driven by "Cobb" broke down and two mechanics, Paul Dimon and Donald Eisenhauer, were called on to repair it. Jim, fascinated by the lights, began walking around and soon wandered into a bowling alley. There he saw one of the world's best pro bowlers, Mort Uhler, who turned pro to become famous in this old world. Meanwhile the iirst woman F. B. I. agent, Judy Miller, was investigat- ing Dana Zerbe's beauty salon where two bookkeepers, Anna Heisler and Charles Salen, were getting sticky fingers and itchy feet. This mess was partially cleared up and all came to the party, although Salen had to be escorted by a state patrolman who turned out to be Ken Harris. "Jungle" Jim then decided to take in the Pro Bowl football game, and much to his surprise, saw his old classmate, Gary "Burly Joe" Zerbe, play one of his best games. At the game Jim spotted another successful athlete, Rich Oswald, who by now was world's champion of the heavy- weight division fthis boy grewl. Everyone had now been found and all had a good time at the reunion. We Wonder 1. Why Nancy Aungst likes Home E-c? 2. Why Shirley Barr lik-es turkeys? 3. Why Lois Barry likes Fords? 4. If Ed. Behrent likes shop? 5. Why Emma Bonawitz is truthful? 6. Why Peggy Boyd likes Ed. Behrent? 7. Who wanted Paul Dimon's phone number? 8. If Carl Donmoyer is really shy? 9. If Robert Eckler was always handsome? 10. Where Donald Eisenhauer got his hair? 11. If Donald Gauntlett will really get his friend? 12. Who Jeanette Greth's boy friend is? 13. Who really shot Jim Griiiiths' deer? 14. If Kenneth Harris can do the muskrat ramble? 15. If Anna Heisler still thinks of "Tammy"? 16. Why Ronald Kimmel's nickname is Marsey Dotes? 17. Why Robert Lemke likes Yul Brenner? 18. Why Buckley Miller quit basketball? 19. If Judy Miller will ever drive a truck? 20. Who Rich Oswald really likes? 21. Why John Reiner prizes his hair? 22. If Charles Salen likes girls? 23. Why Claude Schach likes red hair? 24. Why Sandy Schell always picks out-of-town boys? 25. Why Sonia Schell likes cats? 26. If Donald Uhler likes Washing dishes? 27. Where Robert Williams gets his money? 28. If Robert Wiscount can really speak Italian? 29. Why Dana Zerbe goes to Pine Grove? 30. If Gary Zerbe has a girl friend? gmesag W Q 55 S b E Q 4 J ...ea 5 J I gh I!! V J' X A X fsixlizok -I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ........ Douglas Fulmer Treasurer .... ..... B arbara Oswald Vice President ..... .... D iane Withelder Secretary .... Marion Barr CLASS OF 1959 First row, left to right: Barbara Behrent, Barbara Oswald, Darlene Scheib, Shirley Brown, Mary Ann Miller, Anna Mae Batz, Marion Barr, Patsy Shade. Second row, left to right: Mary Louise Wolfgang, Joan Koch, Gertrude Loeb, Diane Withelder, Christine Schwartz, Carol Loeb, Cindy Wiscount, Anna Mae Strovinsky. Third row, left to right: Mildred Schwartz, Ronald Shadle, Carl Witmer, William Scheibley, Douglas Fulmer, William Imschweiler, Joanne Shott. Fourth row, left to right: Kenneth Precise, Arthur Ritzman, Ronald Koppenhaver, William Allar, William Ellinger, David Ossman, Charles Miller. SOPHOMORE CLASS First row, left to right: Judy Fasnacht, Claudia Felty, Cassandra Klinger, Carol Fultz, Bonnie Scheibley, Carol Wetzel, Gail Betz, Dione Fisher. Second row, left to right: Richard Huntzinger, Janet Imschweiler, Gloria Salen, Ronald Griffiths, Miss Lash, Laine Mack, Sara Jane Hatter, Carol Drumheller, Ted Allar. Third row, left to right: Thomas Lemke, Lou Graver, Bonnie Grifilths, Mary Jane Fettcrolf, Jerry Devine. Marie Seheib, Darryl Lehman, John Ressler,Paul Withelder, Fourth row, left to right: Harold Hancock, Thomas Hummel, Ken Richter, Gerald Wolfe, Larry Neal. Robert Staller, Robert Ossman, Bruce Adams, Ed Maurer, FRESHMAN CLASS First row, left to right: Elizabeth Zerbe, Barbara Heitz, Elaine Withelder, Marie Rupp. Kay Renninger, Susan Richter, Janet Fasnacht, Diane Crone. Second row, left to right: Margaret Kramer, Mary Lou Shehakis, Barbara Gage, Fay Brassington, Mrs. Tomko, Doris Womer, Linda Wellbank, Judy Scheib, Mary Roach. Third row, left to right: Walter Salen, Russell Maurer, Jack Hartz, Thomas Graeff, Kenneth Fultz, Karl Lengle, William Wiscount, Terry Knapp, Harry Confair. Fourth row, left to right: Lester Koch, Ronnie Boyer, Neal Scheibley, Charles Batz, Charles Lucken- bill, George Neidlinger, John Klinger, Floyd Krammes. EIGHTH GRADE First row, left to right: Sandra Donmoyer, Kathleen Murphy, Connie Scheibley, Gail Wolfe, Phyllis Miller, Patricia Juritsko, Diane Miller, Donna Boyer. Second row, left to right: Diane Wetzel, Carol Renninger, Robert Renninger, Mark Schell, David Schaeffer, Mr. Flaherty, Lester Brown, Jack Gage, Robert Rhody, Judy Wiscount, Robin Zerbe. Third l'0W, left to fight! K3-Fyl Kl'3fmm0S, Larry Carl, Deborah Lemke, Edward Scheib, Carole Ellinger, Rose Marx, Edward Bonawitz, Barbara Ochs, Ronald Betz, Judith Kreis. Fourth row, left to right: Ronald Bettinger, William Salen, Ralph Hatter, Dennis Klinger, Annetta Frew, Dawn Ritzman, William Murphy, Thomas Conway, William Gauntlett, Robert McGovern. SEVENTH GRADE First row, left to right: Richard Long, John Wolf, Dale Chapman, Gary Zerbe, Edwin Morgan, Joseph Horvath, John Leininger, Richard Confair, Ronald Redinger, Charles Fetterhoff. Second row, left to right: Betty Griffiths, Beverly Murphy, Donna Schaeffer, Bernice Oswald, Janet Bettinger, Miss Linn, Kay Rentschler, Christine Luckenbill, Paula Krammes, Lois Woll, Helen Franks. Third row, left to right: Virginia Miller, John Faust, Joseph Ellinger, John Graeff, Dennis Ressler, Carol Heberling, Rodney Updegrave, Donald Lengle, John Cavanaugh, Warren Scheib, Carol Frew. Fourth row, left to right: James Griffiths, Carl Ritzman, Ronald Scheibley, Kenneth Savidge, Glenn Betz, Terry Ritzman, Robert Zerbe, Howard Ney, Roger Barr. M'wEE3m,H2E5 0588 Eg? HE-ang? Sym .om tg M33 2503 Qaeda mi Es Oo-'SN EGU .mm Zaman E95 ag 23 HCM BBN SEQ .ww TAQSE UEOW Exam E503 QEEENS M2363 SN W3003 Str 52: SME: ,EO HN Q03 E563 ,SED Egan .ww baggy E22 :atm NEOW .mm WEE .Hg QE NEEDS :BOW NSENW .E Nmvzgp EMM! 32 305 'Sw Em 33 Q-C2500 ggim 2520 .N 5:3 we in B E503 gsm WUEEO .NN Mix-H03 8 Eg ,SBSH :gon .HN MEEMEMEEQ 8 ow P5258 E250 :OE .ON S503 egg 05 Q5 ia E503 'SEE bin .2 Wagga PC2560 93 mug-ME sign .2 ZS N 96.6 M3505 tgqm .5 20055 OH OES E595 EEEUH Egg! im: Tmtdwm EVE! :REU ,Siam SEGA 554 .2 tag WE mwgam 95:58 Beam gm .E :vga Egg ge '53 WEEEU Eg 'MH NQBPB 33 as gm H-EVE E96 03383 .NH TEN? WE E2 '63 32550 Egan I: Z3 ,EE QE HCM vagggmmm Egan .S N32 SEQ EE 'ag M5303 Om ta-BOO :EOM E303 6 WEEE Eiga 'HQAOEQOQ TSO .MW MEAE WE DES E595 :CEE :sm .Ns Memcagvggn EAEOE QE: 36300 FSM! zmwmm nw 2300 gg HES 330 gm HB 23 Aa 2595 EMEEOM SEEN im Macaw E 9:33 E503 AEOEMH 'E JN :Sim 8 E55 8 Eg asm 23 um :EOENE 'Ss SO- E503 :dm RQESW .N 2:05 Us 03.6 2 E62 E503 Hmwqiw NSENZ .H I' H: SEB: Eg ESS .QBOHES 'Sagem EP panama tgbm .Om Q98 CQ QE magma Eagm um .mm 55:08 Magda BSN EWU .mm .magmom MHEEE Bali SEQ SN .gamgwdam M533 tssmrs 24393 .ww .3003-m SE Magda was!-Wa tg-OE AN DA: ,Sw Msgs? ,SED Egan .WN .gms 8 Sew MSB MAE :Dim Egm .MN .gg QE 5952 wifi :SHOW Exam .NN dm Magma sogim 2585 .HN .mgargmgb MEVEEQ Sim QWEEOF .ON .QOEQW SAE! .snag MER! ,SEO-M H505 -2 .bamw H53 M568 E556 HVSQUE .MNH .8555 HWS We HN HOAEUW 8 M533 .EEE bah .5 .Em tmmzm EE QSO maids 'SEE kgggm .2 .manga 25583 WAEEEUH Egan .2 .Liam dm EO: :swam NEHG .3 .Qaida N QE EERE migm SM .MH -30.58 Es 33 WE ETS '58 miami miata 2303 .NH USED 'Sw MEVHOOM E95 Mwtogwg .: .320 Qt HE? 820026 3 wines 323586 EBSQ .3 .933 WESMEG 'SOM bug WE QHEEOU 'SSN-tsmi Egan .Q .SHE EE, mite ,BENQ HZBSH .w .355 Manages 'SNAOEEVQ EWU .N- .EEWOQ MES? 2855 :gm Dm .mmtdm 30302 Eg? mimi pam kgwms .m .352 MREEQ MO EBM E M5433 ujvgmiwgm MESH tv I-E323 Nm 25 .M 305.5 9365 Q E mimi 'adm QESW .N VENEEW was SE wegpoa ,SPO M553 unwind, NSENZ .H mms-SAAB: wsu mggm .EEEHE TREMONT HIGH SCHOOL BAND Shirley Brown, Mary Ann Barry, Sonia Schell, Sandra Schell, Lois Miller, dith Ju a Zerbe, all etzel, D t row, left to right-Judith Fasnacht, Carol W Firs Hamer, Cassandra Klinger, Carol Drumheller, Sara Jane eslie L eib, Sch ald Gauntle tt, Darlene Oll anne Shott, D Jo el, Ulm I-Ill m To f,-. Second row, left to righ Hatter, Anna Louise Heisler, Emma Bonawitz, Kenneth Precise. Ile all Di Felty, dia all eb, Cl Lo akis, Gertrude eb uSh L0 ary artz, M hristine Schw Allar, C ed Allar, T Robert Wiscount, William t- gh Third row, left to ri Jack Gage, Dale Alspach, Laine Mack, Jack rer, all count, Russell M Wis Ill Willia Charles Batz, Bruce Adams, ert Staller, ob ght-R to ri ft row, le Fourth witz, Carl Donmoyer, lla B0 Imschweiler, Eddie III chter, Larry Neal, Willia Ri enneth ke, K III Le obert erbe, R Ossman, Gary Z obert h row, left to right-R Fift Thomas Lemke, Robert Eckler, Ronald Boyer, John Reiner, Ed Maurer. tsy Shade. Pa ib, 6 Sch rie -Ma ght Sixth row, left to ri President CLAUDE SCHACH Vice President ROBERT ECKLER The High School Band under the direction of Leslie Harner concludes another year. This is one of our consistently successful organizations. We can always depend on the band to bring honor to our school. Activities during the year thus far were: Baby Parade on July 1, Homecoming Mummers' Parade on July 3, Band Concert for Homecoming on July 6, T.C.O. Carnival on September 14, Gratz Fair on September 20, Bloomsburg Fair on September 27, Pine Grove Hallowe'en Parade on October 27. Some future events will be: Twin Valley Band on March 21 and 22, Easter Card Party and Dance on April 7, Annual Spring Concert on April 25, Memorial Day Parade on May 30. The Eastern District Band will be held at Governor Mifflin Joint School District, Shillington, Pa., on April 10, 11 and 12. Participating in this event are Gertrude Loeb, Donald Gauntlett and Thomas Hummel. The Eastern District Orchestra will be held at Allentown High School on January 11. Thomas Hummel will participate. The following leave the band due to graduation: Emma Bonawitz, Sonia Schell, Sandra Schell, Judith Miller, Anna Louise Heisler, Dana Zerbe, Lois Barry, Carl Don- moyer, Robert Wiscount, Donald Uhler, Donald Gauntlett, Robert Eckler, Claude Schach, Paul Dimon, Gary Zerbe and Robert Lemke. Treasurer DIANE WITHELDER Secretary J UDITH MILLER l p .1 BRASS SEXTET First row, left to right: William Imschweiler, Robert Eckler Second row, left to right: John Reiner, Carl Donmoyer, Robert Ossman Third row: Thomas Hummel FROLICS ff' G ' U0 Q aan: . ann 4 IJUO DDU 1 UU I l N I: ll gy Phila '32 f CE- 5' Un -fi A uf? A 3 b ,ty X :- fl 'A ,., L' ' 3 E 4 j - -0 ,fax QW, 1,027 H 4539 n 53 2 Q 23 5 Q .pf .Z THREE JOES TWO NIT-WITS ARCH OF TRIUMPH WATCH THE BIRDIE MARTIN KANE CAUGHT UNAWARE CLIMBERS OUR TAMMY rl 750755 ' .12 H,!HHq,:'2 H fwygnzhi THE WORKERS THE MOB Mlm. 'ax Af H M TWO ALONE HUBBA HUBBA HIGH SOCIETY FACE HOLLYWOOD PRESENTS: CAUGHT DIG THOSE CRAZY LEGS TRUE LOVE SEDORT5 -7f 'K i wx 1 EL E W Z Q Ku K f 22' 5 D 2 5 ..-li J? fpgwx X.. ,X R CHEERLEADERS Shirley Brown, Susan Richter, Judith Miller, Fay Brassington, Gail Betz, Emma Bonawitz, Joanne Shott. i CAPTAINS EMMA BONAWITZ JUDITH MILLER C0-Captain Captain f VARSITY First row-Laine Mack. Second row-William Imschweiler, Thomas Lemke. Third row-Edwin Allar. Lewis Graver. Fourth row-Robert Ossman, Robert Wiseount, Lewis Hubler, Coach: Paul Dimon, Kenneth Richter. Fifth row-Thomas Hummel, Bruce Adams. f i JUNIOR VARSITY Back row, left to right-Robert Staller, Floyd Krammes, Neal Scheibley, Charles Baftz, Mr. Flaherty Kjoachy, Russell Maurer, Lester Koch, George Neidlinger, Edward Maurer. Front row, left to right: Harry Confair, Charles Luckenbill, Jack Hartz, Kenneth Fultz, Carl Lengle, William Wiscount, Ronald Devine. XM RU v Q, A 4 3 :Ji 52 RE 4 R ixsvtwvg V' ine: E .' U J i we War-1 1 '75 si Y X 'AA' . H . Y ,140 v in , O Y K ' I 0 I if ws A Q. I I r vin ff-.1 al Ka 'rw-ij-7. ....- . . P BASEBALL First row, left to right: Lou Graver, William Imschweiler, George Graeff, Ted Allar, Bruce Adams, Jack Graeff. Second row, left to right: Mr. I-lubler, Frank Miller, Carl Donmoyer, William Allar, Gary Zerbe, Kenneth Kimmel. Thlrd row, left to right: Larry Putsavage, Gene Griffiths, Paul Dimon, Art Seiger, Ed Maurer. LEWIS HUBLER We, the Class of 1958, Wish to thank Mr. Hubler for his untiring eHort in coaching our basketball and baseball teams. We fully appreciate his sacrifices and guidance in leading our teams. All that our teams achieve this year will be due to individual abilities and Mr. Hubler's coaching ability. Seated, left to right-Sandra Schell, Judith Miller, Emma Bonawitz, Barbara Oswald, Gertrude Loeb, Cindy Wiscount. Standing, left to right-Edward Behrent, Richard Oswald, Paul Dimon, Donald Gauntlett, Robert Eckler, Claude Schach, Mr. Flaherty. Yearbook Staff Editor-Donald Gauntlett Activities Editor-Emma Bonawitz Assistant Editor-Richard Oswald Business Editor-Edward Behrent Art Editor-Robert 'Eckler Sports Editor-Paul Dimon Assistant Art Editor-Judith Miller Assistant Sports Editor-Sandra Schell Junior Representatives-Barbara Oswald, Gertrude Loeb, Cindy Wiscount. f5U1VlT1ES E 453699 f . ff XX , T W 3 5 QA 3 D K ' f if Ck X If lk D 9 -Q Az- Q X 5 Nu5,b ' X STUDENT COUNCIL Seated, left to right-Susan Richter, Sara Jane Hatter, Diane Withelder, Sonia Schell, Rose Marx, Fay Brassington, Kay Rentschler. Standing, left to right-Lester Brown, Robert Ossman, Donald Gauntlett, John Reiner, William Allar, Gary Zerbe, Mr. Clouser, John Leininger. Seventh Grade-Kay Rentschler, John Leininger Eighth Grade-Rose Marx, Lester Brown Ninth Grade-Susan Richter, Fay Brassington Tenth Grade+-Sara Jane Hatter, Robert Ossman Eleventh Grade-Diane Withelder, William Allar Twelfth Grade-Sonia Schell, Gary Zerbe, Donald Gauntlett Roving Delegate-John Reiner T , SONIA SCHELL, President For the first time in the history of Tremont High School a Student Council has been formed. This is a chance to let the students share in the governing of our school. There are two members from each class who are representatives on the council, with the exception of the Senior Class which has three and one delegate-at-large repre- senting the whole school. Through the efforts of the Student Council, we have maintained better conduct in the halls, started a school newspaper, installed a water cooler, taken care of special assemblies, and collected money at basketball games. We wish to express our best wishes to the graduating class. Uur Junior Prom The theme of the Junior Prom was "Fantasia". The color scheme was emerald green and white. Tiny wishing wells were the centerpieces on the tables. The walls were accented by small white picket fences with climbing red roses. The stage was enclosed in a green and white archway. At the crowning of the king and queen, the setting was white metal lawn fur- niture with an arch of red roses. This Whole setting was under a ceiling of white sky and gold stars. The king and queen of our Junior Prom were Frank Miller and Carolyn Scheibley. Other members of the court were: Joan Ochs, Jack Graeff, Carol Wolfe, Arthur Seiger, Janet Rentschler and Larry Putsavage. The court attendants Were: Stella Griiiiths, Patty Clouser, Frank Zerbe and Neal Quesnel. COMMERCIAL TYPING ACADEMIC TYPING HOME ECONOMICS CLASS N CHEMISTRY CLASS 1 1 - 1 l 1:7 l 1 1 PATRONS Marlin Heckert Raymond Donmoyer Kenneth Kimmel Alex and Ann's Cafe Mr. and Mrs. William Moyer Miss Julia Studlack Miss Emily Linn Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kohr Miss Dorothy Lash Mr. and Mrs. James Clouser Attorney and Mrs. Richard Russell Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Maurer Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Lorenz Dr. A. E. Simonis Mr. and Mrs. Milton Eisenacher Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hatter Dr. Eugene Bogage Mr. and Mrs. Donald Adams Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Eckler Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Yoder Kenneth Wertley Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fetterolf Mr. and Mrs. William Gammell Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kutzer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leonard Atty. and Mrs. George Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Fred Evans Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kender W. W. Heck-ert COMPLIMENTS Mr. and Mrs. William Gauntlett. Ruby's Beauty Shoppe Jean Huth Dr. Joseph Bendinsky THE 1958 M JE M O R l A WAS PRINTED BY The West Schuylkill Press and Pine Grove Herald MACK STUDIO af ir af MAKERS 0F PHOTDGRAPHS IN THIS YEAR BO0K if f if 11lNthC' t Wrf Ptt ll P 1VIILLER'S Plumbing and Heating LOSCH BOILERS FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES MAYTAG 8z BENDIX WASHERS Ph T t MY Engzauinga gy li SZZHMNHQ SEZ STlITZ MAN'S PRESGRIPTIUN PHARMACY GOOD LUCK To The CLASS GF UH? 'I' ' mfmt, Ill. WlTTl0ll'S MUSIC STDRE Musical Things of Every Description Always the Finest Possible Quality for the. Price You Want To Pay Wittich's Exclusive Agency Hammond Organs - Steinway Pianos -- Conn Band Instruments PENNSYLVANIA'S OUTSTANDING MUSIC STORES: 635 Penn Street, Reading, Penna. 16 North Laurel Street, Hazleton, Penna. 518 Spruce Street, Scranton 3, Penna. Compliments of CLASS OlF 1959 Compliments of BIIEIIIIAII-KEIP POST IIo. 384 AMEIIIGAII LEGIOII AMEIIIGAII LEGIOII AUXILIARY MII. AIID MIIS. MIIIIRIS WAPIIEII AIID IIAIIGIHTEIIS Compliments of INDIAN IIEIIII 00AL 00 Compliments of FIIIE PMI CML 00. next to reading station Qchuylkill haven where style begins for men a d boys n Compliments of G'0LIl MILLS Nylon and Acetate Fabrics Pine Grove, Pa E A LR L S T 0 Y E R CADILLAC - OLDSMOBILE Schuylkill Haven, Pa Pottsville, P Compliments of TREMUNT WUMMVS CLUB SNYDEIPS FURNITURE STURE FURNITURE - RUGS - CARPETS 139 Main Street FROM 9 TO 9 Phone FI 5-2601 Pine Grove, P E. W. RUPPERT, Inc. Your Direct CHEVROLET 8: OLDSMOBILE Dealer Tremont 3. SllPERl0R GDAL 00. ROY E. BLYLER STANDARD ANTHRACITE Valley View Pa GRACE DISTINCTIVE FEMIN IN E FASHIONS Pottsville, Pa. Compliments f . 0 SERVICE STATIDN A T 1 S We Sell Texaco Gas T. V. - APPLIANCES and 5-7 West Main Street, Tremont, Pa Give Green Stamps Phone MY 5-3869 Pine Grove, Pa Compliments of PENAG 00AL 00. Compliments of LEGAL GOAL 00. Wilmot Jigs 8x Menzie Cone Cleaned ANTHRACITE COAL Good Spring, Pa. Congratulations CLASS OF 1958 Compliments of INDUSTRIAL BRAKE 00. DEWALD 81 LENGLE Your ALLIS-CHALMERS Sales 85 Service Dealer New Idea Equipment Ph RE 9 2100 Friedensburg D0lITRI0lI'S ' f Pottsviue Compllments o THE STYLE CENTER OF TREMONT FIRE 00 SCHUYLKILL COUNTY F or No. I Men's and Boys' Apparel cunnuas wznunn Www cm co G co. Wilmot Cleaned C O A L 85 Box 13, Pine Grove, Pa Phone FI 5-3081 Pine Grove, Pa. Two Miles North of Pine Grove on Route 125 Compliments of TNE GLASS 0F 1960 WALTERSDONF, Inc. DIRECT DEALER FOR YEAIJS-AHEAD PLYMOUTH THE MIGHTY CHRYSLER And The TRIUMPHANT IMPERIAL Compliments of BOWMAN BNDTNENS ESTIMATES FURNISHED SCHNEIDER 81 DAVIS CONTRACTORS at BUILDERS 2040 Mahantongo Street Pottsville Pa Phone MA 2-6000 EON0 VALLEY Moana Homes For Carefree Living Ui and STUDENT 00llN0lL Pleasure In Traveling BUY A MOBILE HOME Route 125 Phone MY 5-3677 Between Tremont and Pine Grove F 0 X - K N A I' I' MANUFACTURING CC. Creators of Functional Outerwear Pine Grove, Tremont and Milton JACK and CHARLOTTE Complete Line of UN DERWOOD TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES ART-METAL OFFICE FURNITURE HEDMAN CHECK-WRITERS REXOGRAPH DUPLICATORS OFFICE SUPPLIES Convenient Payment Plan Business Machines - Sales and Service We Repair Typewriters - All Makes, Models J ack's Bar and Miniature Golf Course L B E R T I I n G ' TI'9IY101'1t MYYU6 5-3155 500 West Market Street Pottsville, Pa. ROTNERME'L'S DAIRY MILK MILK PRODUCTS ICE CREAM 14-45 East Sunbury Street Minersville, Pa. Phone LI 4-4713 FRANKLIN I. MILLER Nydrotated Coal Co. Ravine Pa Phone Fireside 5-4941 Pine Grove, Pa lIEM'MY'S CAFE Beer - Wine - Liquor LIIDWIG 81 KENNES Men's Sz Boys' Clothiers Botany CBrandJ 6500" Eat Drink and Be Merry Valley View, Pa. Compliments Of K 0 0 N S 0 A F E ' Tremont I wa WELLS DRILLED Rm For Any Purpose NMAYENNIK 81 30N Pottsvlue Pa Phone MY 5-3754 Tremont We Offer All the Various Services In BANKING TREMONT NATIONAL BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of E I G H T H G R A D E Compliments of REHHIH6ER'S 'MARKET MRS. H. H. CARL Ladies' and Children's Apparel Tremont, Pa. Compliments of CARL H. MILLER Erie Insurance - Auto - Fire 20 West Laurel Street Tremont, Pa. Compliments of 0. J. IMSGHWEILER INSURANCE Fire - Auto - Plate Glass - Bonds Tremont, Pa. KLlHGER'S REO0RD tSHOP 5-7 Main Street, Tremont Compliments of Compliments of L. H. M A 0 K Gulf Oil Products BROWN'S Tremont P 0 M E R 0 Y ' S Schuylkill County's Finest and Greatest Department Store Pottsville, Pa. "There's Beauty In Clean Clothes" LEFFLER'S DRY OLEANINO PRESSIN G and TAILORING Phone FI 5-3157 Pine Grove, Pa. M 0 Y E R ' S FLOWER and GIFT SHOP 45 South Main Street, Pine Grove Telephone FI 5 5502 OELL'S OAFE "Where Good Fellows Meet" Tremont, Pa. Compliments of The Pine Grove National Bank 81 Trust Oo. Over 50 Years of Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatzow LEON E. KOONER OOAL OO. Heavy Media Cleaned Coal Valley View, Pa. Phone OVerbrook 2-3181 Compliments of DR. S. O. ASNER Pottsville, Pa. B R ll O E ' S SHOES and OLOTNINO 2 East Main Street Tremont, Pa. Compliments of TR0llTMAN'S GREENHOUSE CLAUDE K. WILSON, Prop. Phone OV 2-3295 Valley View, Pa Compliments of FRANTZ JEWELERS 64 South Main Street Pine Grove Pa Compliments of HARRY FORMAN "The Family Outfitter" Lykens, Pa. Phone GL 3 7271 Compliments of SEARS, ROEBll0K AND 00 113 South Centre Street Pottsville Pa Compliments of 0ANOE UNDERWEAR Pine Grove, Pa CITY CLEANERS DYERS 'EEYFS' Plant Route 209 Williamstown Stores in Tower City - Lykens Lykens Valley Motors, Inc. PONTIAC Sales and Service Lykens, Pennsylvania Wrecked Cars Rebuilt Painting and Polishing PAUL MOYER AlITO BODY SHOP 224 West Main Street, Schuylkill Haven Phone FU 5-2300 r 1 BONORAD'S Pottsvillek Favorite Store for M ew Congratulates The CLASS OF "58" 6 8 North Centre Street, Pottsville Pa Compliments of S. S. WEISS DEPARTMENT STORE Pottsville Pa Phone Minersville Llberty 4-3812 MAPLE SPRING GOAL 00. Menzie Heavy Media Processe ANTHRACITE COAL Route 209 Branchdale, Pa ol ZAOK0'S Sportsmen's Store Since '24 Pottsville, Pa. Compliments of NINTN GRADE BERT STEPHENS ELECTRICAL STORE Gifts for All Occasions Tower City, Pa MANSl0N N0llSE RESTAURANT Steaks - Chops - Seafood FI 5-4571 Pine Grove N. R. KNAPP 81 SON Luggage KL Leather Goods 202 South Centre Street Pottswille Pa Phone MA 2-6400 i441 7 RUSSELL FELTY Poultry Supplies Feed - Baby Chicks Custom Grinding and Mixing Telephone Fl 5-4201 Pine Grove, Pa. J. WILSON BARTO SONS Hardware - Plumbing - Heating - Losch Anthratuloe Stoker Units Pine Grove, Pa. SWATRRII 00IIL CDMPRNY Tremont, Pa. Phone Tremont MY 5-3125 N LL FARM DAIRY Quality Dairy Products Phone FU 5-3250 Schuylkill Haven Pa Professional Training For the Best Position FORD SONO0L 0F BUSINESS 223 South Centre Street, Pottsville, Pa. Phone MA 2-3380 Compliments of L. G. 81 N. 0. FELTY Clothier, Haberdasher gl Shoes Guns - Rifles Pine Grove, Pa. 24-Hour Wrecking Service Auto Body Repairs NEINBIIGN MITO BDIIY WORKS Radiator Repairs Glass Installed Phone FI 5-3071 Pine Grove, Pa. Compliments of FREDERICK J. MRIIRER Home Dressed Meats Tremont, Pa. Phone MY 5-3122 Everything Photographic SIIITOII'S 217 South Centre Street Pottsville, Penna. 0DRRADO'S SHDE STDRE Schuylkill Haven, Penna. RDBERT 0. GREEII'S SDII The Finest Jewelry, Silver, China and Gifts Pottsville, Pa. Quality and Integrity for 111 Years MATT'S "Where Youth Is Served" 111-113 East Norwegian Street Pottsville, Pa. Compliments of AL. IIESSDTSKI SHDE STDRE Minersville, Pa. Be Smart Be Thrifty Better Buy BRIGHTER FURNITURE 434 North Centre Street, Pottsville Compliments of DR. R. II. LEIDIDII Compliments of W 0 II D E R DRESS GDDDS STDRE Tel. MA 2-2290 Pottsville, Pa. Compliments of CAPITAL FURNITURE C. F. Discount Furniture House BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '58 From The UIIITED FURIIITURE 00. The Store With Better Values 300 North Centre Street, Pottsville, Pa. I- E E ' 5 AIIDELUDGPS SUB 81 PIZZA RADIO 81 TELEIIISIIIII Ravine-Pine Grove Phone FI 5-3200 Palo Alto, Pa. Proprietor: MAURICE MIRABELLA J. l. LONG 00. BETTE'S f of V 6 South Centre Street ' ' Pottsville, Pa. METERED GAS SERVICE House of J i F hi U FT 5-3361 Pine Grove, Pa. un Of as O S Compliments Compliments of 7 of NOI'AI.II S A FRIEND NEIM'S SUN000 Route 125 Between Tremont and Donaldson DEPARTMENT STORE NELT'S FURNITURE STORE A. L., Proprietor Furniture of Distinction Floor Coverings MI 7-2373 Tower City, Pa. MOYER'S FURNITURE Everything for the Home Tower City MILLER MOTOR G0., Inc. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 22nd and West Market Sts., Pottsville, Pa. ARMY 81 NAVY STORE 123 Mahantongo Street Pottsville, Pa. BEN YAGER, FIIRS 119 W. Market St., Pottsville, Pa. Phone MA 2-7560 BOYS and GIRLS . . . ENROLL NOW! So many boys ,and 'girls are at the Crossroads of life today not knowing which way to turn, only thinking of some profession they can enter and learn easily and quickly. The Beauty Business is the 4th largest in the world today, and qualified beauticians are al- ways in demand. - Free Placement Service. ELIZABETH GILLESPIE, Director Rembrandt Beauty Academy 415 South Centre Street, Pottsville, Pa. Ph. MA 2-3069 NIIFF'S SPORTING 60003 Baseball - Basketball - Football Gym Equipment - Class Hats gl Caps KEN R. HUFF, Mgr. - 307 W. Market St., Pottsville Phone MA 2-6680 GNARLES IIIMMERLING Men's and Boys' Clothing 117 East Norwegian Street Pottsville, Pa. Compliments of NATNAN'S FURNITURE The Most Modem Store in the County 316 North Centre Street Pottsville, Pa. "Pay Jay From Your Pay" JAY JEWELERS HOWARD W. STOTT, Manager 112 North Centre Street, Pottsville, Pa. BILL TRGUTMAN Try Our Dutch-Ukranian Cooking Platters and Seafood Llewellyn, Pa. Compliments of REILEY'S STORES, Inc. Frigidaire - Maytag APPLIANCES Pottsville Phone MA 2-3221 GGNEY ISLANII LUNGN 215 North Centre Street, Pottsville, Pa. NGNEY BEE BLGUSES Manufacturers of LADIES' BLOUSES Branchdale, Pa. STUTZMAN'S Plumbing - Heating - Appliances Phone OVerbrook 2-9162 Hegins, Pa. BOTT'S AUTO PARTS 29 Sunbury Street Minersville, Pa. Compliments of SEUENTN GRADE GILBERT'S Hot Dogs - Light Lunch Sacramento, Pa. SPRING GLEN INN Penna. Dutch Food OLLIE si LOBBY'S PLACE i r 1 Compliments of TWIN IIALLEY FARMERS' EXGNANGE OV 2-3171 Hegins, Pa. GARL FARMS KLINGER 81 STENR Anything In Tires OV 2-3645 Valley View, Pa Compliments of AGNES' GAFE Compliments of ALBERT'S STGRE Compliments of GHANGE'S GRILL Llewellyn-Pottsville Highway Compliments of NEGKERT'S STORE Good Luck From GLELANII'S FURNITURE STGRE 18-20 East Main Street, Schuylkill Haven Schuylkill Haven Body 81 Fender Works WRECKED CARS REBUILT AUTO TRIMMING - REFINISHING POALISHING FU 5-2580 Schuylkill Haven Dwellings, Apartments 8a Stores For Rent GORDON D. REED AGENGY Schuylkill Haven and Pottsville JIM'S SPGRT SNGP Sporting Goods For All 'Occasions Phone FU 5-1050 111 East Main Street, Schuylkill Haven FAREL Y. BEGKER Lincoln - Mercury International Trucks Schuylkill Haven FU 5-3031 Compliments of KIMMEL'S GRDGERY Compliments of RESSLER'S RADIO REPAIRS 204 East Main Street Tremont . Phone OV 2-3802 Valley View Compliments H 0 v E R , of "FLYING A" SERIIIGE Pickup SL Delivery Service Phone MY 5-3548 Tremont International Trucks Sales Sz Service GAS ESSO OIL J. H. Laudenslager Garage Hegins Best of Luck MESSIIER 81 HESS Minersville, Pa. THE SPDT Dancing and Fun For Teen-Agers DR. A. A. HEll.ER OPTOMETRIST Pottsville, Pa. 11.3 Sunbury Street Minersville Compliments EARL ADAMS GARAGE of erase REPAIRS DR. TIIDMAS J. SIIDRE DENTIST Tremont, Pa. , Pottsville, Pa. Congratulations AIIII'S SIIDPPE Fountain Service -Specializing In- HAMBURGERS - HOAGIE SANDWICHES Tremont, Pa. General Electric Appliances Sporting Goods House Furnishings Paints and Building Supplies Tremont Hardware Go. Tremont, Pa. Congratulations from THEMOHT JEWELRY 81 GIFT SHDP LOHEH 'MIIRCHISUH 00. Distributors of Class Rings and Announcements ROBERT ADAMS and CLARENCE B. WINGERT, Props Compliments of Tom and Doi Hamllrick- BENS SHUPPE, Tremont LIGHT LUNCH - som' DRINKS - ICE CREAM - PIZZA PIE THEMOHT EI.EOTHl0 GUMPAHY ROBERT LEHMLER, Prop. "You Can Be Sure If It's Westinghouse" 17 East Main Street Tremont T H A H K Y 0 ll ! To All Advertisers and Patrons THE GLASS 0F 1958 Expresses Sincere Thanks for Your Generous Cooperation and Support Which Made Possible the Publication Of The 1958 Tremont High School Year Book - THE MEMORIA. QQHYEQZQJQQR CL I N ' 1 ' I L X XL QRQQQEQKEQR? ' L " , If-7 L f' . JL ,QLMQA f' YU C yy 'TM3 jgl-W ' 1 Je fp ff L ,W ,L 4 MLN qy Af , wf 5 Q 593, fa f if H of fwfkk LU ' fl" ,If fiqyb AU ,LS , 2 0 X L 11 jpwxg I ani f M539 1 I U we cl ,: V , I I 1 T' I 1 ' A , I W get .f 'CLI' X I K UL 1 , ' ' 4.9M CL H vw 1" L L M fywlvyv -UN! V ' Mi iw' LJ ff ,AWK ' UJ2 V 'V vbyf' ivy J! RJ L 1 -f XX- N ,QNX ,V W 5 ?X' P-...ff fx - .X ff, X. ta 2. Q Q A V - 'Q x it Q 'N wb - X ""+. C' 'fl X' X- R. f 3., "'f4l2y- - ' 'T my '55 Y' Sh .ox Llp? H fi ex 5 , X C qx A "' C A 1- L--li, 3 T' flux f v x h A '?g"?S.i3b-D fc me Q, Q 5' X Q 2594 X N 'X fx -- - Q K , Ohliifgf. sb 'pig f-, K' . ,. 'IL vfggxgvvlx v - 'f .gg fu-,hx K X. fx- H, Q Y Q1 l A. 'Q ,T bi .1 X Q? 1---A? Y-L . if nf , hifi? g A fg , ex A -1 I NM, "al . fn Q- WX' fx ""-:-- 5 Q Q" ' N N I . X ,, ff F, ' 9 R V- 1 -X , 1, 1 T K' ms 55- 'F " N C-F N ' 'fk V NN.. . x X . W 2 fb. L T? ' JN K X Ps 4 ' . W- - X ' n P ak 'ex t 3 'Q 'Q E CW 5 w Q? V .J X: . E ' -5 "' F6 Zi A fp Q Qt: Q 50 N A if-. E-A ."1. Q I 55 RW cg f . ,rea 1 i ff Q, vm X a,.,ffi J HL Q f ,'x L A n X W , J L J ix 2 " E ' 'S' , - -H-A 2 J, - . 59 'ixg ,. W Q A Y , . B Ex CQ- E 2 . X s -x gi- 'Q 'z K!!! x ' Y- + c" , P X Q A f L ' Q. R C :Q R ' Q 9 , E' F Q f Hi. Q 'QQ X iff A w C., -i - ' K f' N -L., - 'Q K, Eqgq? ,L Q A MV N X ,Y .A 'in it S., KX 6X 1 5 R' f A M0 fc ' -N - ' mf V fc I A fsmvyf' Q W4 A5'Wf,5f'WfQw' fa qgfjijg ffy3fMfMyfWw7,fjpw' qoiifi 4 ,X , Q ' , .al fe i i iffi- A ' iq H v l i ffgfiy v E .-.u-wkuug ,,--.-'.45k.1.hffHfQ- A J 'N - ' -wf , ,.-mai-.x-A. ....,.,.,.v.wg.n.-..-,wma-inf-NY:-nn1,m.wQ,y.v1 L M. ,. , Il V Ei? , . ' s ' . "IJ - 'I '50 F O, U U I as H 0 '74 , Fx an N . 'N , M wg h ,, K I gy -.2 EM 'X . A P4 o " I V . " " if " X Q - , . U 'AN x q an A I . - A' A -1 . lJVL H

Suggestions in the Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) collection:

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 70

1958, pg 70

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 14

1958, pg 14

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 25

1958, pg 25

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 32

1958, pg 32

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