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1 Eayl D R nfiwlljffclw Q1 V cg! 1 Vw' 'W' - ,wwf V7 ,, I M gV,L.zr' M -N,Yy,.f" l, ? A,L.,5.L.w"f JV yi,,.,,V ,. ' . V' f L, Vw' A ' 1 ,Q ' A 1 w,,Q." I 'A Wjfff' X DLA Wu, V . Y ,,v Ky , Q i ,-,gf 1, 4, fp- vi ,Q Llp ,An Yr ' L,,,,U "7,,F Q' 3 ff. '5 S ,IQ 2 pLr,,j 1 laybpbdjz Q 1 V f F -. M fbi- 1, I I YMJPI s-V 'Ll l3'M!!!v, "il-R, V. liqpl' N 'XUVAWLLF Ad srity. ,LJLILLLX ,Ali fly H ir f NU ALL NM, 3,7 J' Q -v ' m 'Lf V. Smit? . I ii , ,ffc'f""'l r V -5, VPL' 'Y' ., 6" V 1, jx Vi ,Q V- M A'k Y Q Lijw Q MM mv --'L 5 ul 5, Hr law" 'V -1 ' U IM Vwrww J lL,W"'4 x Q 5 if Q 5 JW Wi, 'C,L,,,yl... . A L 53.41 L4 J . V- 3, , PML, JJVAJX Vo I' affix 'V 'XMIM bb , flu A I ,mx A' I 'fr'-"V, 1 , ' 'Lv' ' V Av if ,WL .5 1 6,3 ,s 9' P fit A" X A ,Lf W l I 'MJ cy U45 ,IMM5 kiln- W JL! .Vi 1 jim? 1 ,L T1 Vglylqfff I' 1 W IX. Q, I gn V A-N A 9, lik 'kj , I J ,LLV4 Jv.uv"fA 'J 6941 af 'Q vwk' Ay 3 wv't1 ' ' f fl, 5 H' rx .fw.'f'5 ' ' jvfml' wir 4-f 1 fi' ix? ' . t- , ,U J v J , w qw! x 3 K i d U,0'fC' 'V'-L' vb! 'Jw' ',,,,' I 'lt ,kqll 9" 'aid J . .P ft gc, ,V pd, 1 X A SN i YAKYHJ-Q J up a""h"' t fi' H Q 'ff 3,f1"' ""rW irwc y, f 'Ak 5.1 vfyfxj yin: 4VNh'. f awful 2 Ffa, JAIWW +V I My-I ,f1 Lyf' MA I AF' 'rip ,Y 2 - W ww' my ,pf . y Aw! fp' I .M jp E 4 I Jff V A C. F,vv'1 I 5, K 15' ,f 4 V. W, gl 9 O5 L U' +,,M,x . ,gf Q,-fflff' , 1 fc Wi ". wpfugrfx -. v A Q , r 'f,,,.. g - ' NN yu, 1- A 'Ml f0'f"!y 'i T' 4. if 'fVE"j A M - :UNIJ Wx . k , jf WW M Glf :Bm TH MEMURIA VOLUME NINETEEN Published By The Senior Class 'Fremont High School 'l'ren1onL, Pa. 5-7""5ff?'??15iWi?7 i7 21735 ' - 1 . 'f L--ri' Wsff.-,"u' !'Vq'j7l.- . - ,.. 7 ALMA MATER Words by EMILY LINN When the evening sunset glows On the valley's Wooded hills, My thoughts turn to thee with longing And my heart with rapture thrills As I muse upon thy glory Never dimmed by passing time May I always, Alma Mater, Help to make that glory shine. Music by LESLIE HARNER As your sons and daughters go Into other walks of life, May they hold on high the standards That they learned in Tremont High. As We leave these halls of learning May our lives be brave and bold, Ne'er forget our Alma Mater, Tremont High - Maroon and Gold. :oooo::o:::::::::::::::ooooooo:::::::::::ooo::-Qo::-::-Q-o:: fDec:lication We, the senior class of 1952, respectfully dedicate this issue of the Memoria to our Latin and English teacher, Mrs. Evelyn S. Kreis. To her tireless efforts and unselfish interest in our behalf, We dedicate this book as a token of our sincere appreciation of her loyalty to us. Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Art Editor Business Editor Sports Editor Faculty Advisor Tdhe Staff Junior Representative l Carl Eisenacher William Connell Ronald Carl David Wynn Marlin Lehman Evelyn S. Kreis Diana Kemfort igocwd Qf Education Al.Bl'IRT KUTZER REV. F. L. HEMMIG ASHER FURMAN President Member Vice President PL WILLIAM E. JONES FREDERIC EVANS WILLIAM MOYER Treasurer Member Secretary Supervising Principal B.S. State Teachers College, Kutztown, Pa. M.S. Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa. MORGAN S. FELLOWS TO THE GRADUATES : My sincere congratulations to you young people upon the successful com- pletion of your High School studies. You are entering into a highly com- petitive, world, in which you will have to prove your worth in order to get ahead in life. We have striven to prepare you for the task you now face. May you face your future, with the firm conviction that you are capable of meeting and solving the problems that will arise and then go on to Success. -MORGAN S. FELLOWS EMILY E, LINN Lebanon Valley College B.S. in Education Mathematics and Geography ANNA M. IMSCHWEILER Lebanon Valley College B.S. in Music Supervisor, Vocal Music WILLIAM E. IRWIN State Teachers College Kutztown B.S. in Education, Science and Mathematics C0n Military Leave? EARL D. RAUCH State Teachers College Kutztown B.S. in Education Science and Mathematics 'YM , M. ,5- K X 1 I E . D' elf- LESLIE HARNER Ithaca College B.S. Music, Education, Instrumental Music Faculty Director of Athletics ANNA M. SALEN Kutztown S. T. C., M.Ped. Lebanon Valley AB Social Studies RUTH N. HOFFMAN Kutztown S. T. C. B.S. Art, English JEANNE E. WILLIAMS College Misericordia. B.S. Secretarial Studies, Commercial Studies JAMES O. CLOUSER, E. Stroudsburg S. T. C. B.S. Health Physical Education, Coach DOROTHY M. LASH West Chester S. T. C. B.S. Biology, History BETTY M. HEINBACH Mansfield S. T. C. B.S. Vocational and General Home Economics DOROTHY SCHEIBLEY Secretary EVELYN S. KREIS Kutztown S. T. C. English, Latin KATHRYN K. DERR, R.N. Lebanon Business College Temple University Hospital ROBERT C. MAURER Millersville S. T. C. B.S. Education Industrial Arts RHEA ENGLE Clerk to School District . If SENIDRS ----------- ------,,,,--,,,,,,-,,,-- -,,----,-- - -::,:: President .A A A Vice-President A A A Secretary A A Treasurer , A CLASS MOTTO The Higher We Climb, the Broader the CLASS COLORS Royal Blue and Gray CLASS FLOWER Corn Flower and White Carnation CLASS SONG Tune . . . "September Song" Oh, as we say farewell, To our Tremont High, We think of all, of the days gone by. We remember teachers To whom we all owe -- Our thanks and gratitude For they've labored so. And the days dwindle down Till our schooling's through We'll always remember The priceless years that we Have spent with you - To Tremont High we bid adieu! ELLEN l lenior G' lass Qfficers Carl Eisenacher A A Vinnie Brown A A Barbara Bashore AA Ellen Maurer View" MAURER ::::oo::oQo4,,:::::::q:::::::pq::,:::::: -:::::: A 5 H . ,, M, ,-- 4.-,.1- 4 , il I lff,,.,4' f'f4.7 J '1- """ . H- . , . J 2,4 'keel car well. Likes blondes, driving, lemon A f -H17 . QI' ' 'AML1 1 it ,' f4,04JA: C4-1541 ' Av-,Aff 0441 " 1' f ' ' 5' "1 '40 J ' , X . . -1, ff ...f .1 ,.,, , - -,,, ' - - ff - - fA4 no fad lg, ,ff .,-f,,. n , 4 1 -1 Q . xv f If 1' p '-. . " 'ff' .:-11-4 v 'I -' 'ff' " r -1-5 Q "' 'A ' ,f., 1 I I - 1 fl . 1,..,L.l ..-- ..,,. 1' ' " AV.. ,7"'s " ., 1' f ' -' , if . F , - W .-- , 1, . U ,,.'. -.,1-. ,4-wx,-4 . .. 4' ' y fp . 1 ,:-BA:RBARA ANNE BASHORE 4 1 1 A c ? , ' P Tremont, Pa. I . 1 Academic-Barbara, an honor stu- I 'i' " 'I Pb' A I 7- dent and one of the Chemistry four is ' 14 ' 'A " ' interested in science, handles her dad's full, . . . ,,, .,,..,L ,,., ...f- ,.T,1+,J. ,T 1,fff+..fC " - 1, cokes. Next year will find her at Dickin- l' ,,,,1,if, .. -- 4'-ff,"f"'N son. Activities-Chorus 2 years, Home 5 r A"'- ' gf A - "4 4 'Ec. 2 years, Related Art 1 year, F.H.A. J- " x ' ' tr f- A " ' ' 2 years, Band 6 years, Class Secretary Ay -- - 1" ' .V " ' U" 2 years. Ambition -- College. ,,,'1-. 1'-1 W ' " "' " '-- KSC: H 1 .QYINNIE MARIE BROWN ' Tremont, Pa. Academic-Vinnie, an honor student, and one of the chemistry four has an affection for someone by the name of "Mud" and spends most of her time in the Bea Shop. Activities-Home Ec. 3 years, Related Art 1 year, Band 6 years, Cheerleader 4 years, Perfect At- tendance 4 years, Girls Chorus 2 years. Ambition-Nurse. WAPA' CLlG,p4,zu-Nl JK FAYE 3, UAAWMH- Je WAMWMA. V.. JI- . In-aQ1,f,Q 4f, ,wuclnAf-1fV. ,mpgm 011114, Q 4M19.fn.vvU'V IDHQAJ wb UTLERA1'-49 M-1 Tremont, Pa.-Gdhfvi, 9'-DUUQ Commercial-"Toot," one of the girls from the "Hill," spends most of her time writing letters to Pete. Activities -Home Ee. 6 years, Related Art 1 year, Band 2 years, Chorus 2 years, F.H.A. 2 years, Cheerleader 3 years, Perfect Attendance 1 year. Ambition -Beautician. MARY LOUISE BUTLER Tremont, Pa. Commercial--"Mame" is one of the girls of the "Hill." She is one of the gigglers of the class, and likes to keep everybody happy. Spends most of her time at a neighborhood store. Activi- ties-Home Ec. 5 years, Related Art 1 year, Chorus 2 years, F.H.A. 2 years, ',,- H..,,f" Perfect Attendance 2 years. Ambition -Beautician. A-IRIN! r s Kava gif Pi FWS WILLIAM JOSEPH CONNELL Tremont, Pa. mick. a very lively lad, H:-1 0 gpm- ime wit f - n Gay, 5 as - ine Gr . , ' usually comes : wg ool late. , :rfn e" work- ing v th ' .' ind-' . lv e know bet- ter. -- 'y i-. and -f earsg Shop 4 years! 4 A " - s, State Cho- rusg HUF". Staff. Ambition-Col- lege. Hobby-Salesman. EARL DINGER A Donaldson, Pa. 'I' join the Army. '-591,44 2114! G" Z7 if ' ni! X F X flag General-"Carsey" spends his time at Degler's playing cards. Pastime is playing hookey. Activities-Shop 6 years: Chorus 2 years. Ambition-To E. Y. 1 1 sv.. gfsvfc-'-vfwf-r ' v' f mf- 3: '3lTzfgujq1mr'g,'y1x.yv RONALD RALPH CARL Tremont, Pa. "Ronnie," an Academic student, can often be seen cruising along Vaux Ave- nue in search of a certain Junior girl. He is known as the cowboy of the school. Activities-Art Editor Memo- riag Shop 4 years, Chorus 2 years. Am- bition-to be a naval oflicer. GEORGE WASHINGTON CLARK Donaldson, Pa. General-"Clarkie," a pleasant lad, likes to smoke a pipe and fix cars. Hob- by-his trombone. Pastime-"Joanne" Activities-Band 4 years, Chorus 3 yearsg Shop 4 years, Basketball 3 years. Ambition-to become a Mechanic. 'IW' "-?'f'f?"' .!:1Q A 762-,L Z'J"""d Jan! . ,,1.I,w,L-9'-g Qfk 1,4 ,E fe 11 ,:,,2fw67. GERALD J. DORAN Tremont, Pa. Commercial-Jerry spends his time shooting pool. His pastime is smoking and telling about Indiantown Gap. Ac- tivities-Tremont Band 4 yearsg Bas- ketball 3 yearsg Shop 4 years. Ambi- tion-Mechanic. CARL EISENACHER Tremont, Pa. 09 M 11'- Qrxmffiaabfaggdffg Academic-"Eisic," an honor student, has an interest in Sylvia. Activities- Baseball 3 yearsg Basketball 1 yearg 'limekeeper 3 yearsg Editor-in-Chief of the Memoriag President of the Class 2 years: Band 6 yearsg President of Bandg Shop 4 yearsg Chorus 2 years. Ambition-Mechanical Engineer. pML,,v6,we.? , 441001 ROBERT EUGENE FOCHT Tremont, Pa. General-"Leo" seems to be a quiet lad, but still water runs deep. Up to date he can be frequently seen walking the railroad tracks to Donaldson. Hob- by-Raising pheasants, cats, quail, rab- bits, dogs. Ambition-To be a Game ,uwl-JJn,4,J4'f U1-f""MZ7'i"'lfdJ IZ. lo Warden. ANTHONY FOY Tremont, Pa. General-One of the boys from Tre- mont Twp., spends most of his time ,2,,,!,-,-,.,,6-fd? smoking cigars or driving his brother's A ,AMT car. Activities-Tremont Twp. Band 5 years 3 Basketball 3 yearsg Shop 6 4-f ff years. Ambition-To be a Mechanic. ELIZABETH M. GRIFFITHS Donaldson, Pa. Commercial-Betty spends most of her time roller skating. Her favorite class is shorthand. Activities-Frailey Basketball 3 yearsg Band 3 yearsg Home Economics 3 yearsg Chorus 2 years. Am- bition--To become a Secretary. BETTY J. HOY Tremont, Pa. Commercial-"Shorty," one of the girls from the "Hill," is the joker and giggler of the class. She likes a '42 Ford. Pastime-Vernon. Activities- Home Economics 4 years, Related Art 1 year, F.H.A. 2 yearsg Chorus 2 years. JOANNE P. HOKE Donaldson, Pa. Commercial-Joanne spends her time watching TV. Pastime is "Clarkie." Activities-Home Ec 3 years, Basket- ball 3 years, Chorus 2 years. Ambition -Typist. Ambition-Typist. ' Z P YLLIS M. HUNTZINGER 'M Tremont, Pa. fn Ea-C164 4.0-3.4- - ' Academic-Phyllis, an honor student , "f"""' Wd one of the chemistry four, always anages to find something of interest on Laurel Street. Activities-Chorus 2 J at 9 I ' K ' ' PM yearsg Home Economics 2 years, Re- ba lated Art 1 year, F.H.A. 2 yearsg Band 1 fH-LEM-11 4 years. Ambition--Nurse. T4-'-44.41 .0-4431. , cwuowv . . 0, I M441 eemduwf Wwwm . vw Q A . jf . li. 'v,bff't'u.A'fEl?5l'Z3E2'4"P'-14 al' ms. 17 offw-el? magma Jowdlifbflfm MARILYN YUVONNE KOCH Tremont, Pa. Commercial-"Kochie," one of the WILLIAM EVAN JONES Tremont, Pa. Honor student in the Academic group. Active member of Basketball team and as a center is the high scorer. Other activities are Baseball 4 yearsg Band 6 yearsg Chorus 4 yearsg Shop 4 years and has several years' perfect attendance. His essay, "Unite For Freedom," won first place. Hobby is sports. Ambition - to enter college. girls from the "Hill," is fond of a cer- tain '50 Ford. She loves to eat popcorn in the movies. Pastime-Bob. Acti- vities-Home Economics 4 yearsg Re- lated Art 1 yearg F.H.A. 2 yearsg Cho- rus 2 yearsg Band 4 years. Ambition- Clerk-typist. i drive truck. RUTH KOLVA Donaldson, Pa. Ruth-Commercial. Spends most oi her time playing canasta. Her pastime is writing letters to Pottsville. Activi- ties-Home Economics 3 yearsg Frai- ley Basketball 3 yearsg Frailey Band 4 yearsg Chorus 2 years. Ambition- To become a Secretary. MARLIN DANIEL LEHMAN Tremont, Pa. "Hanky" is an Academic student. Ac- tivities-Basketball 4 yearsg Shop 4 yearsg Baseball 2 yearsg Chorus 2 years. Pastime-A certain house in Pine Grove. Ambition-To join Navy or l FRED LEHR p,.f6Z-1- MAZVL Tremont Township, Pa. Mkyvb, Fred-General, is a talented trumpet player, and is interested in orchestras. He and Wertz spend a great deal of time on their pigeons. Activities - Tremont Twp. Band 4 yearsg Basketball 3 yearsg Shop 6 years. Ambition--Be come a Musician. -J ARTHUR LONG Donaldson, Pa. ELLEN ANN MAURER Tremont, Pa. Commercial-Ellen, an honor student, likes Typing and Home Economics. Her pastime is watching television. Activi- ties-Home Economics 4 yearsg Rela- ted Art 1 yearg F.H.A. 2 yearsg Band 3 yearsg Girls' Chorus 2 yearsg Class Treasurer. Ambition-Stenographer. , 0.411 0442. M rk-Typist NANCY I. MILLER A Tremont, Pa. Commercial-Miller's face lights up when she sees the green Plymouth come around the bend. She is interested in door life. Pastime-Prune. Acti- vities-Band 4 yearsg Chorus 2 yearsg Home Economics 5 yearsg F.H.A. 2 Related Art 1 year, Perfect At- dance 1 year. Ambition-To be a "Skip" -- Commercial. He spends most of his time at the Bea Shop. His pastime is Rosemary. Activities--Frai- ley Basketball 3 yearsg Baseball 3 yearsg Shop 5 years. Ambition-To be a Clerk-Typist. Us eww? -f A..4Afo4-2-' Hlfvr ghd 'I fy-A4.A4nAitDf9h4Afa-A u A'u""'4 EDWIN REIN ER Donaldson, Pa. "Teddy," a General student, hails from Frailey. His pastime is sports. Activities-Basketball 3 years, Baseball 3 years, Chorus 2 years, Shop 6 years. Ambition-To join the Air Force. DOLORES REINOEHL Donaldson, Pa. Commercial - Dolores likes green Dodges. Pastime-Richard. Activities -Home Economics 3 years, Frailey Basketball 3 years, Chorus 2 years, Frailey Band 3 years. Ambition- Clerk-Typist. EDNA MAE SALEN Tremont, Pa. Commercial-Edna Mae seems quiet fstill water runs deepl likes to have fun. Pastime-Reading, skating, mo- vies and designing clothes. Favorite classes-Typing and Home Economics. Activities-Home Economics 6 years, Related Art 1 year, Chorus 2 years. Ambition-To be a Typist. JOAN ELIZABETH SCHELL Tremont, Pa. u,g,,,.,,JMzS Swwmilqw 1 Academic-"Toot," an Honor student, WW, 0.1-A N one of the chemistry four, is fond of the , , , , 4 f-wa. movie actor "Hopalong Cassidy." Ac- 1 Qdfu. 5.1219 AWAAAAI tivities-Chorus 2 years, Home Eco nomics 2 years, Related Art 1 year F.H.A. 2 years, Band 4 years, Basket igwupowisafapw ball 2 years. Ambition-Attend Lan-Q jg 13. kenau to become a Florence Nightingale izdw-LJ A WH' WM 4"j"'f' f I 7 JA' Ov MW CHARLES DAVID SEIGER -'Qld Tremont, Pa. "Smiley," one of our Basketball play ers, is an Academic student. His main interest is one of the Freshman girls. He spends most of his spare time fixing the Chevvy. Activities-Band 3 years, Shop 4 years, Chorus 4 years, Basket- ball 4 years. Ambition-To become a Coach. '5-Qfsfe 5 I1 in r DONALD LEON SEITZ Tremont, Pa. "Trick," a Commercial student, can LESTER R. STRAUB Tremont, Pa. General-"Strauby," the Romeo of our Class, spends most of his time in the neighboring towns with the girls. He has been a faithful manager in Ath- letics. Activities--Chorus 4 years, Shop 4 years, Basketball Manager 4 years, Baseball Manager 2 years. Am- bition-To become a millionaire play- often be seen journeying to Ravine. He has taken up skating since he met Lor- raine. Activities-Band 4 years, Bas- ketball 4 years, Chorus 2 years, Shop 4 years. Ambition-To join the U. S. Air Force. ina! 0 L- i rr A N44- boy. if A! WM "Rickie," an Academic student, one JOM' MQW RICHARD PAUL WERTZ Tremont, Pa. of the pool shooters of the school, spends much time in Pine Grove. Ac- tivities-Band 3 years, Chorus 2 years, Baseball 2 years, Basketball Scorekeep-T er 3 years. Ambition-To be a big time pigeon shooter. WW? fi Q- a. 23-054- ,.,.-.24 IW . ga DAVID W. WYNN Tremont, Pa. General-"Skindle," one of the better actors of the Class, likes to tell jokes. I c He is witty, and has a smile for every- one. His hobbies are watching TV, playing basketball, hunting and fishing. Activities-Chorus 4 yearsg Shop 4 yearsg Basketball 4 years. Ambition- Is to become a Forest Ranger. W ,. QZZZM-f fwff FRANCIS A. WISCOUNT Tremont, Pa. "Wissy" is a General student. His favorite pastime is eating large quan- tities of spaghetti and meat balls. Hobby is raising game chickens. Activities- Shop 4 years, Chorus 4 years. Ambi- tion-Truck driver. I ,x9'MLe ' ' ' ,.....i.?,'C i.0'f-osfvnazml:-I-4-Jx.'uJ"4 ..o...x-fha----L ' ,,,,,:C1fs'13v- 4- Juxw ' .-Pl' DONALD ZIMMERMAN Donaldson, Pa. Academic-Donald, an Honor stu- dent, and an accomplished pianist, is a nice chap. Competed in Penna. Essay Contest. Activities-Frailey Band 6 years, Basketball 3 yearsg Shop 5 years. Ambition-To attend College. FAREWELL In September of 1940, a small group of boys and girls began a tre- mendous undertaking, their education. For twelve long years we have striven to attain the knowledge of the ages. This was by no means an easy undertaking. Those of us who put forth the effort have finally reached our goal, but sad to say some of our members have become discouraged and left us to follow other endeavors. The time has arrived for us, the Class of '52, to bid farewell to our beloved Alma Mater. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the fac- ulty for the noble efforts put forth in our behalf. We hope that in the future we shall use the knowledge gained in these past years and forever uphold the standards of Tremont High. -WILLIAM CONNELL s4:-:bcA-1oo4:A-- +A-A-A-oc--:soo A---4-Af--4:A+--4s---A--- -A-AQ4:-444+ Girls? and Boys? Lineup Name Barbara Bashore Vinnie Brown Faye Butler Mary Butler Ronald Carl George Clark William Connell Earl Dinger Gerald Doran Carl Eisenacher Robert Focht Anthony Foy Betty Griffiths Joanne Hoke Betty Hoy Phyllis Huntzinger William Jones Marilyn Koch Ruth Kolva Marlin Lehman Fred Lehr Arthur Long Ellen Maurer Nancy Miller Dolores Reinoehl Edwin Reiner Edna Mae Salen Charles Seiger Donald Seitz Lester Straub Joan Schell Richard Wertz Francis Wiscount David Wynn Donald Zimmerman Nickname Bashore Skinny Toot Mame Hairy Clarkie Dan Carsey Angelo Eisic Leo Tony Bets Hokie Shortie Phyl Bill Kochie Ruthie Lemon Fritz Merchant Maurer Miller Dilly Ted Edna Smiley Trick Les Toot Richie Wissy Doubler Zim Zim Y -- -----------Q--A000-A009100 Pastime Asking for car Mud Writing to Pete Talking Vaux Avenue Joanne Helen Gay' Fishing Prevaricating Sylvia Pheasants Gambling Skating Clarkie Vernon Sleeping Tending chickens Bob Movies Pine Grove Pigeons Rosey TV Prune Rich Driving Chevy Reading Basketball Pine Grove Girls Billy Pool Room Tending store Mary Jane The Chevy Favorite Expression That's right I don't know That's for sure Get out No kidding You go to Work and Well good for you Oh, Boy The heck with that That's nice Go fry an egg Wanna bet Are you kidding? Your darn tootin' That's nice Gee, thanks I'll be seeing you Let's see Goody gum drops Hey, stupid. Go lay an egg You can trust me Golly Moses Don't you like it? I wouldn't doubt it Go fly a kite Cut it out I don't know Stop it, I love it Wanna bet Gee Whiz You're a liar Let me at him How about that? Who's blushing? -- oooo--ooo--90-04-A--V----- ' BARBARA BASHORE Barbara Bashore is one of the classg But David Bernd she will not let pass. She is an ardent fan of the Bea Shop And an excellent dancer at any hop. VINNIE BROWN Vinnie Brown is a swell cheerleader. As a nurse, no one will beat her. "Mud" is the apple of her eye, And she will never pass him by. FAYE BUTLER Faye is always in a whirl. We all know that she's Pete's girl. A nicer girl you'll never seeg A beautician is what she wants to be. MARY LOUISE BUTLER Mary is a cheerful lass, And always talks in Shorthand Class. A typist is what she wants to beg She'll be a good one, wait and see. RONALD CARL Ronnie is always driving his car, Without Clara Mae he doesn't go far, He Wants to join the navy, And he will sail on the U. S. S. O. maybe GEORGE CLARK "Clarkie," the slow-poke of the class, Likes a certain Frailey lass. He has a car and smokes a pipe, And boy! is he the handsome type. WILLIAM CONNELL Bill tries to help in every way. He goes to Pine Grove to see Helen Gay. His ambition is to go to college, Where he will acquire much knowledge. 000099909 EARL DIN GER "Carsey," the smallest of the class, Has his eye on a certain lass. Staying at home is his ambition, But he'd rather go hunting and fishing. GERALD DORAN Known to everyone as Jerry, t He is usually very merry. In the pool room he can be found, Every night that's where he's bound. CARL EISENACHER Carl is the president of the class. You can always see him with a Junior To be an engineer is his aimg He will probably gain much fame. ' ROBERT FOCHT Bobby seems to be very quiet. You never see him out at night. A game warden is what he'll be, To protect the animals for you and me ANTHONY FOY Anthony is always in a whirl, Even though Mary won't be his girl, He always wants his brother's car, So he doesn't have to walk very far. BETTY GRIFFITHS Betty is an all-around lass. She's the skater of the class. To be a secretary is her ambition, But she'll wind up in the kitchen. J OAN N E HOKE She is a Frailey lass, And is liked by everyone of the class. A typist is what she wants to be, But a homemaker she will be. 9Qo9o9oo vooooooQ lass BETTY J. HOY "Shorty" is a cheerful lass. She is always telling jokes in class. You never can find Betty at home, Because she likes very much to roam. PHYLLIS HUNTZINGER Now Phyllis is a pretty lass. One of the Workers of our class If it's a Nurse she wants to beg She'll be a success just wait and see. WILLIAM JONES Bill is a very Well liked boy. Playing basketball is his joy. In all things he is really keen, At college soon he will be seen. MARILYN YUVIONNE KOCH "Kockie" is a friendly lass. One of the "Hill" girls of our class, She pretends to have her mind on the job, But we all know she's thinking of Bob. RUTH KOLVA Ruth hails from Donaldson. Being with her is lots of fun. She is a grand girl to meet, And can always be found on Philadelphia Street MARLIN LEHMAN Marlin has a Pine Grove flame, As We all know, Joan is her name, A sailor is what he wants to be, He'll be an Admiral, wait and see. FRED LEHR One of the boys from the township, A musician, he aims to be. ' He goes to Pine Grove for a trip And Nancy suits him to a "Tee." 900902:I:::::::vo::::::'::pc:::::rc:::::::- A-7 --A- ----A --A904 ARTHUR LONG In every class there is a "Romeo." And "Skip" is ours as you know. In school he may not acquire fame, But just mention "Rosemary" and you'll hear his name. ELLEN ANN MAURER Ellen is a friendly gal. She is known as eVeryone's pal. To be a secretary is her aimg And someday she'll acquire fame. NANCY MILLER "Mil" is a girl who's lots of fun. In typing she is always done. To be a typist is her aimg And she will probably change her name. EDWIN REINER Teddy finds school work very boring That's why in class he's always snoring. Trapping is what he wants to do, Good luck now that school is through. DOLORES REINOEHL A tall Senior with eyes so blue, Like many others she's a sweetheart, too. Her object a typist to be, She's trying hard, it's plain to see. EDNA MAE SALEN Edna hails from the Avenue. Her friends number quite a few. To be a typist is her aimg We're sure some day, she'll acquire fame. JOAN E. SCHELL Joan, better known as "Toot," Makes "Billie" run when she stamps her foot. A nurse is what she's going to be - She'll cure many patients - Just wait and see. tl ll ll ll 0 ll 0 0 0 0 0 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll lb ll ll ll r ll ll ll in ll ll 0 ll ll ll ll H ll ll ll 0 in lu ll ll ll 0 ll u ll ll in li ll ll 0 ll ll tl ll ll ll 0 ll ll ll ll II ll 0 0 II ll 0 ll ll lb nv U ll lb ll ll ll ll tl II 0 0 II ll ll ll ll ll :boa ff-1--1-1 .,-.. q:,,-- , ,,.--v, ,,-- ,,,,,, ,-,- -v,-- ---,----:p7 l ll l 1l ll ll ll ll I1 I1 11 I1 ll ll 11 ll 11 11 1 I II ll ll ll ll ll 11 I1 ll 11 ll ll ll ll ll 11 tl ll ll ll ll lb ll ll H 1I ll II I1 11 ll ll ll 1l ll ll 11 1I ll 11 ll ll ll tl 1l ll ll ll ll li I1 11 ll ll ll I1 11 ll II ll 11 ll 9O9oQ9Q0c---- - --- CHARLES SEIGER Charlie, a basketball star, of our class. Has an interest in a freshman lass. To go to college is his aim, As a coach, he'll gain great fame. DONALD SEITZ To Pine Grove Trick likes to roam, Never does he stay at home, Of jokes he never gets his till, In the air corps, there, he will. LESTER STRAUB Straubie is a friend to all, He takes an interest in basketball. Willing to try anything, he's always busy, Watching the girls, makes him dizzy. RICHARD WERTZ Wertzie is an ardent pigeon fan, Lehr is his right hand man, To pigeon matches do they go, In the rain, or in the snow. FRANCIS WISCOUN T Wissy doesn't travel far any more, For he works in his Dad's store. At home, he doesn't mind to stay, A certain someone, passes by that Way. DAVID WYN N Doubler is a friendly boy, A sophomore girl is his joy. On the basketball court he is really hep, For never he loses his pep. DONALD ZIMMERMAN A Donaldson boy on the quiet side, In school he.'s Frailey's joy and pride. He has a pile of junk which resembles a car, But he cranks it up and travels afar. 1 ll ll 1? 1b 1l ll 1I 0 1? 1I ll ll ll IP 1I H tl 1? 1? ll 1l ll 15 ll 1l 1I ll 11 0 11 11 1? 1b ll ll li I1 tl ll ll ll 1l 1+ 1l ll U ll U ll ll 1? ll ll 1l ll ll ll 1? 1? ll ll ll 1l ll U 1l ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll 11 11 ll ll II ll ll ll lb ll 991:-Ot-vvvJQt-JQQoe:'zQJ WE WONDER Why Bashore goes to the "Bea Shop" at noon Why Vinnie doesn't go dancing anymore Why Faye is so interested in "Home Ee" Why Mary likes to sing in the "choir" Why Griiliths was so interested in "Degler's" Why Joanne is so fond of banana splits Why Betty likes "Mount Vernon" Why Phyllis visits her grandmother so often Why Marilyn is so interested in her father's gas station Why Kolva buys her clothes in the Grace Shop Why Ellen is so quiet in school Why Miller doesn't go skating any more Why Dolores is so anxious for Friday night What interest Edna Mae had in the township Where Joan developed her singing voice Why Ronnie likes blondes Where Bill Connell gets his essay material Why Clark likes lower Donaldson Where Dinger got his curls Why Doran doesn't go to the Bea Shop any more Why Eisenacher likes the hotel business Why Focht used to walk to Donaldson, was it for rabbits Why Foy likes the Tremont girls Why Jones developed an interest for the shop Who Lehman's chaperone is when he's with Joan What Lehr finds so interesting in Oak Grove Where Long goes at 9:27 every night What Seiger writes in his Diary Why Seitz enjoys playing with the Orchestra If Reiner is the woman hater he pretends to be If Straub learned his technique from the "Russian Lover" Why Wertz visits Donaldson so often Why Wiscount never has his homework done Why Wynn is walking on the clouds recently Why Zimmerman blushes so much Why is there an EAGLE on the year book? Ask the boys Why most of the senior girls had coal dirt in their hair for the prom What happened to Jones' pickup the day of the "Winter Ball" Where the forest warden was the day we got the decorations for our dance What happened to the auditorium floor when we moved the baskets What happened to our sandwiches for the prom If the teachers will miss us when we are gone How Tremont High will ever get along without us What Lehr would have done iflsomeone wouldn't have out bid him at the Farm Show Who designed the boy's clothing for the Farm Show Who took the Senior girls' thistle tube Why the girls spent so much time in the arena at the Farm Show Why Teddy and George had TV in their hotel room in New York Why we wrote so many essays? Ask Mrs. Kreis 9??9??9?? A--- ------------A::::::::::Q:4ooooooooo::eooooo:::::::A::::o CLASS HISTORY In September, 1946, after six years of anxious waiting, came the day of days. Thirty-one excited youngsters were all set for their first year in Junior High School. Ellen Maurer, William Connell, and Francis Wiscount joined us that year, raising our number to thirty-four. Our girls were quite proud when we were allowed to model the aprons we made in the fashion show. With Miss Linn as our guide, we were lead safely on the first lap of our long journey through Junior High School. The next school year our class of thirty-three was separated. Miss Lash became the supervisor of seven girls while the rest of the class was under the leadership of Mrs. Hoffman who taught us that "We were only little fish in a big pool." September, 1948, we entered our freshman year. Fifteen boys under supervision of Mrs. Kreis, while Miss Lash had charge of fourteen girls. This year we elected class officers for the first time. President: William Jones, Vice-President: Charles Seigerg Secretary: Carl Eisenacherg Trea- surer: Joan Schell. Attending our first "Junior Prom" was the highlight of the year. Thus ended our third year of the long journey. Entering our sophomore year we were under the supervision of Mr. Irwin and had an enrollment of thirty. Ellen High joined us this year. Class officers were elected. President: William Jones, Vice-President: Phyllis Huntzingerg Secretary: Ellen Maurer, Treasurer: Ellen High. We sold candy apples and held a skating party to earn money for the class. At last we were Juniors with Miss Williams as our guide. Two events were outstanding in our junior year. One. of these was the picking of our class rings, which we still cherish. The other was our "Junior Prom." After much debating, we decided to use the white parachute in the center of the ceiling. To this we attached green balloons. Green and white crepe paper was dropped from the center to the walls. We were quite proud of our decorations. Class ofiicers were elected for our junior and senior year. President: Carl Eisenacherg Vice-President: Vinnie Brown, Secretary: Barbara Bashore, Treasurer: Ellen Maurer. To earn money we sold dough- nuts, held recording dances, competed in the West Schuylkill Press Con- test, and sold TCO chances. Thus completed another successful year. At last! The year of years. We were now "Seniors!" Nine new members came from Frailey and two from Tremont Township raising our members to thirty-five. The brainstorm of our senior year was the semi- formal dance called "Winter Ball" held on December 26. Our decorations consisted of pine and spruce. We were kept quite busy selling Christmas candy and cards, magazines, writing paper and chances on a turkey. Some of our boys and girls brought recognition to our class. William Connell is singing in the District and State Chorus, Fred Lehr and Bill Jones are play- ing in the District and State Band and Barbara Bashore won honorable mention with her essay, "Employ the Handicapped for National Security." Our senior year, we feel, has been quite successful and now we are looking forward to Commencement, graduation, and our trip to Washington, D. C. Through the tireless efforts of Miss Salen, Senior dean, our money has been realized for various activities. We salute her as a great leader and teacher. --VINNIE and JOAN cwczcc::rooccirczaac::QO9oooQ::::o-Qoa:::::::::::::::::::::::: -v .... - ..,..... aqq0c-v-4--c,,- ---oc--- ..-.. -v--ac-1 CLASS WILL We, the members of the Class of 1952 do hereby pause to write. our Last Will and Testament before departing from these beloved halls of learning, into the Future that is in store for us in this world of innumer- able trials and triumphs. First: To our Principal-The sad recollection that we, the "Class of '52" which has been the most co-operative, most reliable, and by far the most energetic class, that has ever passed through these halls of learning, is now leaving forever. Second: To the Faculty-The fond memories of our untiring efforts to work with them in every possible way. Third: To the Juniors-Our seats in our home room, though battle scar- red they may be. Fourth: To the Sophomores-The sad news that we will no longer be sta- tioned across the hall from them. Fifth: To the Freshmen-The hope that someday they will become seniors. Sixth: Individual Bequests: 1. Barbara Bashore's interest in college and military men to Arlene Reedy. 2. Vinnie Brown's careful ?? driving to Billy Ochs. 3. Faye Butler's ability to hold a man to Dolores Lehman. 4. Mary Butler's ability to type to Mary Wiscount. 5. Ronnie Carl's car to any future mechanic. 6. George Clark's desire for music to Karl Bernd. 7. William Connell's ability to sing to Harold Kender. 8. Earl Dinger's height and muscles to Squire Kramer. 9. Jerry Doran's ability to agree to Charles Hopstetter. 10. Carl Eisenacher's ability to hold an orderly class meeting to Fat Wagner. 11. Bob Focht's menageries to Ralph Kehler. 12. Tony Foy's ability to play the bass horn to Junior Dull. 13. Betty Griffiths' ability to play basketball to Clara Mae Precise. 14. Jo-Anne Hoke's affection of senior boys to Mary Jane Fitzpatrick. 15. Betty Hoy's soldier friends to Marlene Bensinger. 16. Phyllis Huntzinger's height to Faye Fulmer. 9 17. Bill Jones' basketball ability to the Juniors who will take his place. 18. Marilyn Koch's alumni friends to Dot Bretzius. 19. Ruth Kolva's twinkle in her eye after reading her daily mail to Carol Tobin. 20. Marlin Lehman's car to anyone who likes to drive to Pine Grove. 21. Fritz Lehr's ability to play the cornet to Donald Marks. 22. Arthur Long's Freshmen friends to Lamar Scheib. 23. Ellen Maurer's slenderness to Diana Kemfort. 24. Nancy Miller's fondness of "Prunes" to Nancy Mack. 25. Edwin Reiner's cheerful attitude to Lank Brown. 26. Dolores Reinoehl's reserved pair of seats in the movies to Joan Conway. 27. Edna Mae Salen's ability to concentrate to Dick Doran. 28. Joan Schell's happy disposition to Sylvia Schrope. 29. Charles Seiger's pleasing smile to Jerry Hoover. 30. Donald Seitz's fancy dribbling to Louie Griffiths. :::::::::::::::o:::::::o::oo::::o::::::::::::::::::::: -A--: ---A--,---- ------,------ ---------------- CLASS WILL fcontinuedl 31. Lester Straub's ability to fiirt to Clarence Freeman. 32. Richard Wertz's pigeon knowledge to Cueball Seitz. 33. Francis Wiscount's pull?? with the Faculty to Snook Wolf. 34. David Wynn's ability to make anyone laugh to Tip Cleary. 35. Donald Zimmerman's ability to play the piano to Chester Coleman. We, as Testators of the Class of 1952 do hereby appoint the Tremont High School as sole executor of this, our Last Will and Testament. WITNESSES: Betty Griffiths, Bill Connell. EXECUTOR: Tremont High School. CLASS PROPHECY Clt was a warm day in May, 1964, when we arrived in Washington, D. . Because of the coming Presidential Campaign there was an air of excitement in the city, with people scurrying here and there about their business. We were very lucky to get a cab and were surprised to find EDWIN REINER, an old classmate, as the taxi driver. As we got out of the taxi in front of the Mayflower Hotel, we saw BOB FOCIHT, who owns the only pheasant farm in Washington, D. C., located on the penthouse of the hotel, was talking to FRANCIS WISCOUNT, the doorman. In the lobby of the hotel we saw four Navy officers: RONALD CARL, GEORGE CLARK, MARLIN LEHMAN, and DONALD SEITZ. It was a surprise to see DAVID WYNN, the desk clerk and the hotel accountant SKIP LONG. EARL DINGER, the bell-captain, and JERRY DORAN, one of the bellhops, came up to take our bags. As we turned we ran into CARL EISENACHER, the manager of the hotel, who welcomed us and then hurried off to greet BILL CONNELL, who was recently appointed Ambassador to Turkey. The trim elevator girl, BETTY GRIFFITHS, smiled to us as we got in and JO-ANNE HOKE, DOLORES REINOEHL and MARILYN KOCH, secretaries, moved over to make room for us. On our way to our room we passed LESTER STRAUB, the house detective. After we had freshened up, we went down to the dining room. The charming hostess, PHYLLIS HUNTZINGER, was escorting BARBARA BASHORE, now a Senator, and ELLEN MAURER, her secretary, to a table. We enjoyed listening to the music of TONY FOY'S orchestra, fea- turing FRITZ LEHR as trumpet soloist and BILL JONES doing the vocal Work. Glancing across the room we saw VINNIE BROWN and JOAN SCHELL, Navy nurses, and sitting at the next table was DONALD ZIM- MERMAN, math professor at Harvard, who was attending a convention. Having finished our lunch we were on our way to the beauty salon when We met RICHARD WERTZ who was campaigning for President and his campaign manager CHARLES SEIGER. We learned that his slogan was "A pigeon in every pot." When we arrived at the. beauty salon we were surprised to find MARY BUTLER, FAYE BUTLER and NANCY MILLER Working there and EDNA MAE SALEN and BETTY HOY get- ting permanents. As we left we went to the information desk where we found RUTH KOLVA who told us of some outstanding things to see. As we went on our way we were very happy to know that our class had done so well. --BARBARA BASHORE and ELLEN MAURER II ll ll II 0 ll wr ll ll tl ll r I ll ll lu lb lr r ll ll II lu ll 0 tl ll ll li lr li lr ll lr ll tl ll ll u ll u H H ll ll lr lu ll ll ll II wr ll ll tl tl tl ll ll ll ll wi ll 1I ll II ll lr 0 lm nu ll H H ll lr 0 lr ll ll tl 0 II ll 0 ll ia ll -zroocvvvvv .... .v...-- v vvvv----vv vvvvv. -- .vvv -- .v,... - ...... --v- H CLASSES f 3' ' UN on OFFICERS 2 President ............................ Diana Kemfort N. Vice President ........ ....... H arold Kender ' . t Secretary .......... ....... S ylvia Schrope gi Treasurer ....... .. .... Chester Coleman 1949-50 Under the leadership of Miss Lash and Mrs. Kreis our freshman year ended a success. -Z.. 1950-51 With Mr. Irwin on military leave, we obtained a new dean, Mr. 71- X Rauch. Our bake sale and candied apple sale turned out fav- 0 - orably. ,Y M1-52 Our junior year, under Miss Williams, began our social activities. Adj- ' We received our class rings, had bake sales, doughnut sales and W' dances. With the end of the year nearing, we are looking for- Q, - .CLJ fa ward to ou rom and a class trip to New Yo k City. . . . I4 1 . . V' 1 ll 304,00 .gurl ,ow ' u P W' L I 1 A ' Q ff 'I . A40-l CLASS OF 1954 CLASS OF 1955 ...R CLASS OF 1956 CLASS OF 1957 ATHLETICS fBa5e19all K6-N0y4 REMUIWA 5 , A 'W'f'f Q, VNVVQ I 8 , fx X131 I xYiNgU47 THE TREMONT TROJANS BASEBALL TEAM 1952 CARL EISENACHER RICHARD WERTZ WILLIAM JONES MARLIN LEHMAN fgaskethall TREMONT TROJANS BASKETBALL TEAM 1952 The Varsity basketball squad should have a good year with such hold- overs from last year as Harold Kender, Harold Brown, Lewis Griffiths, Karl Bernd, and Lamar Scheib. Coach Clouser's team has a hard grind ahead of them, for they lose four players through graduation. TREMONT JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 1952 The Junior Varsity looks very promising with such young stars as I-Zola Hatter, Schoffstall, Heckert, Adams, Scott, Fisher, Martin, and Hoo- ver. They are exceptionally good shots and promise a highly successful season. an M BILL JONES-Our outstand- ing center. He is best known for his shooting and rebound- ing and has the ability to shoot equally well with either hand. He has led the team on to victory many times. DAVID WYNN-A hard-p1ay- ing guard and one of the reg- ular live. He is a calm player and is known for his ability to come through in the clutch. Set shots are his specialty. l l MARLIN LEHMAN-A V61'S9.- tile driving forward. He is Well known for his right-hand push shots. Has the ability to come through when needed. DONALD SEITZ-Though he is small he is noted for his ability to dribble in for a lay- up shot. He is one of the out- standing guards. CHARLES SEIGER-A hard- playing forward and one of the regular five. Although he is small he can shoot from either side of the court, . l LESTER, STRAUB, Manager -Lester is our very popular manager. He is known to be ready when someone is hurt. He has given the team great service. Clheerlcaders The f'hc'erleacling' squad this year consists of Faye Butler, Vinnii lirown, Cfaplainsg Diana Kemforl, Faye Fulmcr, Juniors: Mary Jane Fitz 1l2lll'll'li, Sophomore: anrl Mary Minnigf, l'll'USl"lTY!2lIl. 'l'hey have enjoyed a successful year unclvi' the vapahle j.Z'lllfl2lNCt' o 1 Miss Williams. Many new motions and vheers were learned. J. V. squad 1-onsists of Joan White Sonia Seiger, Fave Zimmerman i'reshmc-n. Betty Zimmerman, 8th gracle, Helen Chapmanf 7th grade. The J. Vfs have learned many new songs and cheers, and have helped the varsity i'l1601'lGHfl6l'S at the away games. ,' ' X fri K. 4,4 X ww 5,3 .J H Qi 4 Q' fs? 1 55912 Sf W W. .W ff a ,Q . :.g,.L.- V W WU E ywwsswd ,,, ew vuwwwmg ,M MVS? mn wmv!! nw :vw T nu ?! I gli, W3 wh fr 4-K v 1 Mn LJ ,4 V, M"ff1Y' Ii M6 4 ,J '40 M v 9 Q -.ummm wh -mm M: fn 59 W inf ww. W M I Pb ,Pu MQ :i iil' Haw! QM: M 53952 Qi W V51 ,yawn wif 'fif . 'x fyl I 1' rm ,, . 2' .fl MQ 4-2143? A J, 474, kQfQMffJf4wf ' AW WWW' JWMX04 A ff W W Q if-" '-1v1-"- -' . 2 3 ', . , , i , A, ,W Q. ,-gzvi - - . 4. ' '- - L ,... 51- Jai-2 vig- -fi l' , -, ' -egg ' -5, iii -Q-TS...-, 1.- A ,J " '-ll? - .. 4, - I - . - -,, 11,- 5 M- -N -u., Li 3' 2 4, 'lr'- Q i - ,-if 4---5? 1.5 "X --., --4...--S 7 A S, Q.. I '7 'i ,gr .iii-an A "X A-N iii-.1 L ' if 5 I N ACTIVITIES G- TREMON SCHOOL BAND TREMONT HIGH :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::e-ooeo::::::oo::::::::::::::::::::: ::::o: : ::: :oooo::.o: : Q: :oooo::oQ:e- 0 : :-oe::QooQooo-oooo Qoo: 957161 President ........ .... C arl Eisenacher Vice President .......... William Jones Secretary ........ ..... C lara Mae Precise Treasurer ..... ..,........... F red Lehr The Tremont High School Band has completed another successful year under the leadership of our instructor, Leslie Harner, in its nineteenth year of existence, with a total membership of 71. F The concerts were: Firemen's Block Party at Pine Grove, opening ex- ercises at Homecoming Week, an evening concert on Saturday night of Homecoming Week: Muir Fire Co. Block Partyg concert for Girl Scouts, and an assembly. The parades were: Pine Grove, Baby Parade, and Fire- men's Parade. Fred Lehr, a cornet soloist and William Jones, a clarinetist, had the honor of participating in this year's Eastern District Band at Northamp- ton, Pa. A Christmas party was given by the Band Auxiliary serving the band members with a delicious dinner. W Awards will be made to the following members who will be lost through graduation: Barbara Bashore, Bill Jones, Carl Eisenacher, Robert Focht, Vinnie Brown, Donald Seitz, William Connell, Jerry Doran, Nancy Miller, Phyllis Huntzinger, Marilyn Koch, Joan Schell, Ellen Maurer, Charles Seiger, Richard Wertz, Fay Butler, Fred Lehr, George Clark and Anthony Foy. Additional awards will be given for more than four years of service: Barbara Bashore, William Jones, Carl Eisenacher, Vinnie Brown, and Robert Focht. MEMBERS First Row: Yvonne Wertz, Sylvia Schrope, Faye Coleman, William Maurer, Charles Seiger, Fulmer, Joan Schell, Robert Jones, Harold Fourth Row: Anna Shade, Ralph Kehler, Wai- Kender, Frederick Klinger, Jack Renninger, ter Fisher, Richard Heckert, Donald Seitz, Arthur Seiger, Rosemary Leininger. Richard Renninger, Donald Adams, Wil- Second Row: Nancy Miller, Janice Kramer, liam Lengle, Larry Putsavage, George Marx, Diana Kemfort. Marilyn Koch, Faye But- Stewart Frew, Rose Mary Precise, Carl Ei- ler, Shirley Wolfe, Mr. Leslie Harner, Clara senaoher, Gerard Hoover, Nancy Boyer, Mae Precise, William Connell, Richard Fifth Row: Ge-urge Dun, Karl Bernd, Richard Wertz, Fred Lehr, Donald Marks, Gerald Doran, Jim Bainbridge, Delbert Straub, Ro- Doran, bert Lemke, Ernest Wolfe, George Clark, Third Row: William Jones, Robert Focht, Beryl Lamar Scheib, Anthony Foy, Noll, Phyllis Huntzingeryseray Maurer, El- Banner Bearers: Dorothy Bretzius, Nancy Mack. len Maurer, Jane Mary Harner, Judy Derr, Majorettes: Mary Jane Fitzpatrick, Carol To- Vinnie Brown, Barbara Bashore, Chester bin, Anna Shadle, Nancy Boyer, BOYS'TYPING'CLASS BRASSSEXTETTE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB JUNIOR PROM GIRLS' TYPING CLASS 'F dy' Aa' 5 '67 SENIOR GIRLS GYM SENIOR BOYS GYM 11+ v ':f4J r, lbw: fC-f6i'Cf Elf 55" I N f L 'Lf " lil IKf'4l"J '5-fn-72,1 '41 . 7: X RL,-.-vldg' , X L1-1' Q .,1,f'v1f,-L I I www-x SU I' J: 11,111.4 ., K 'n,Y- . lx fn,-J, SENIOR GIRLS' CHEMISTRY CLASS SENIOR BOYS' CHEMISTRY CLASS SENIOR GIRLS' HOME ECONOMICS CLASS 3 0 SENIOR BOYS' SHOI' CLASS ------AA-- ----qqcqsooo oo Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bashore Mrs. Esther Boltz Miss Ruth Bonawitz Miss Violet Bonawitz Miss Nancy Boyer Miss Dorothy Bretzius Mr. and Mrs. John Brown Joan and Barbara Buchanan Mrs. Dollie Butler Henry P. Butler Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. Gabriel Derr and Mrs. Frank Dimon David Eberly and Mrs. Milton Eisenacher and Mrs. Robert Eisenacher Misses Ina and Rhea Engle Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Jack Ernst and Mrs. Frederic O. Evans and Mrs. Morgan S. Fellows and Mrs. Thomas Fessler and Mrs. Norman Fetterolf Mrs. Grace Focht Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Foulds Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Asher Furman Mrs. William Gehres Mr. and Mrs. John Graeif Mr. and Mrs. John Hain Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Harner Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hatter Miss Betty Heinbach Mr. and Mrs. J. Milton Hirst Mr Marlin Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hoffman Mr George Houser Mr and Mrs. John Huth ' Miss Anna Imschweiler Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jones PATRONS Miss Winifred Jones Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kimmel Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Klinger Mrs. James Koch Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kohr Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kreis Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kutzer Miss Dorothy Lash Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leininger Mr. Paul Leonard Miss Emily Linn Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Lorenz Rev. and Mrs. Earlin Lutz Mr. and Mrs. William Moyer Miss Helen Miller Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mumper Mr. and Mrs. Howard Murray Miss Ruth Neyer Plaza Restaurant Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rauch Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Renninger Mr. and Mrs. Frank Renninger Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rissinger Mrs. Sevilla Rissinger Mr. William Ruppert Miss Anna Salen Mr. and Mrs. James P. Salen Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Scheibley Schwalm's Bakery Miss Joan,Seiger Dr. A. E. Simonis Strovinsky Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Stutzman Ruby Tobias' Beauty Shop Updegrave Cleaner Mr. Robert Wagner Miss Jeanne Williams Mr. and Mrs. Carl Zimmerman vv-- -------vv-v-v vvvv---oc-ov:::::::::::::::::::g:::::: mf' DVERTISEM ENTS . Zvi? 'F Q , ,gig 5 I 1' I ff J -If ILL.: fp. ' ' X N N r f f Z f f.,,.! . ' , X j k l i f W X W 15 xx L .g.nKtQSK1 XQIIXXX 4 ....-' v ' 5 4 iq ' J c 2? 1 -fii-rf - . JT fgf- Y Zggil .. J " V --L ' 545455 fg, --X - .HEI "'2 . - " --fr? 3ZQ.ii -S '---...gx ,,.-slgg' CK TUDIO P t t dC mercial Work of th Btt K d . ir MAKERS OF PHOTOGRAPHS IN THIS YEAR BOUK ir 11lN th Centr St t Ptt ll P 00000000 000000000000 00 w ,, 3 'Q W5 Congr tions to the Class 0f ,52 From INDIAN HEAD COAL CO THE1952 MlEMORlA WAS PRINTED BY The West Selmuylleill Press and Pine Grove Herald EMONT, PA. 1: PINE GROVE, 00 Compliments of Brennan-Keip Post No. 384 American Legion -Anam- American Legion Auxiliary Tremont, Pa. STEVENS COAL CO Westwood Colliery Compliments of Tremont Woman's Club ::p4::::::: :::: ooc::::: Compliments of Tremont Young Men's Club ::::::rc:::::::rc:9o:::::: O9060Qooo :::::0oc: We Offer All th V S 1 B k TREMONT NATIONAL BANK M b fFd lDp tI C p With the C pl t f th PHILADELPHIA AND READING COAL AND IRON COMPANY oQoooQ ooo-ooooooooooooooo ooo-ooo -ooooo - l1dL kt th Class Of '52 CAPITAL BAKERS, INC. C l t f Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wapner and Daughters :::oo:::::::::rc:::::::::::::oc::::::0ooooc::::::poo4::::::: POTTSVILLE BOX CORP. PAPER BOXES C t l t t th Class Of '52 POTTSVILLE REPUBLICAN :::::::o::oQ::::::::: :::-o::::::o::::::oo G t POTTSVILLE SUPPLY C0., INC ::c::ooooo::::::ooc:::94-::::::: : ::::::::o-o4:::: QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQQQ-.Y Y : : : : : : : : Q: : : : : :--Q-: ::-: : Compliments of John Schumacker and Son CONTRACTORS TELEVISION Commander Hallicrafters Crosley Majestic Dermo Televsion Co. 207 Court Square Opposite Court House Pottsville, Pa TONY DERMO, Prop. - Phone 6397 ----- --v --- ---V--v- ...-- v---:::::::::o::Q:::: We Offer The Finest In Home Furnishings Open Daily and Every Evening Until 9:00 Closed Wednesday afternoons at 1:00 OMBERGER MGIFTS Phone 44 Valley View, Pa. --o-v--- ..., v----vvvvvvvoov v --- ::oooooooooo::o::::o:::::Q0..: ::::::vo-,c::::::o:::: Nordel Motors DeSoto - Plymouth Minersville, Pa. I I II II II I II :I I I I II II II I II II II II II II II II II II II II II II I I II II II II II II II II II II II I I E. W. Ruppert, Inc Tremont, Pa. Direct Chevrolet Dealer Direct Oldsmobile Dealer - :::::e:::::::o:::oo:::o::o :cv ::::o:::: Doutrich's Pottsville, Pa. The Style Center of Schuylkill County For Men's and Boys' Apparel 2 ::o1:::ro:::::o1::::::: :occ vt-:-,vvooc 1 Plumbing and Heating Distributors for Timken Silent Automatic Stoker Franchised Dealers in Bendix Home Laundry Equipment Frigidaire Appliances Youngstown Kitchens S. P. Miller 8z Son Phone 65 Tremont Compliments of Tremont Hardware Co. East Main St. Phone 3 Tremont Electric Co. Westinghouse Appliances Laundromat Automatic Washers Dryers - Ranges - Refrigerators Ironrite Ironers Zenith Radios -vvvv00----v v-----coco: Compliments of Circle Bar Pottsville, Pa. -A -:s4:-A-- GOOD LUCK From Valley View Gun Club Compliments of The Junior Class '53 Compliments of I MILT sz EDITH EISENACHER Milt's Cafe U 100 W. Main St. Tremont The Pottsville Journal II "One Of America's Oldest Newspapers" I I I I Established 1825 Comphments of CHARLES WERNER 8z COMPANY P' G P Compliments of R. C. MCCAUGHEY Distributor Of Gulf Oil Products D ld P C I t f HEINBACH'S CAFE T t P -----094:-oe:-taf----Abc-zoe-A-4:-------4: ---:n4:-:oc-A- -AA:-:AAQ-A--AAQQQ4 .,...... . . n. . . . . . . I lllwltl O . . . . , , . . I in YhlUni9ll Ilalllo ' -na una- ' U O ..... .......... .. City Cleaners And Dyers Tower City Plant Lykens 71-R-2 W'm'stwn 5-R-12 19-R-4 ----- ---- -------A-------AQQQQQQQQQQQPO Compliments of Tremont National Hotel CHARLES SCHROPE, Prop. -A ----- A-------AA-o- ---- Ae-A--ooo-A Yorkville Camera Shop HENRY E. SHULTZ, Prop. 3A North Second St., Pottsville, Pa. Cameras Sz Supplies Expert Photo Finishing Phone 3235 Snyder's Furniture Store Furniture Of All Kinds Phone 2601 - Pine Grove, Pa. J. H. Brokhoff, Inc. Golden Guernsey Milk Vitamin D Homogenized Milk Dairy Products - Ice Cream Telephone Pottsville 3507 Compliments of Kimmel's Dairy Valley View, Pa. oooooooooooooooooaeeeoooooooooooooo-r QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQooqaoooooooooooo Congratulations to the CLASS OF '52 Fox-Knapp Manufacturing Co. Compliments of Compliments of ophomore Class '54 . Class Of '55 s u 0 0 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooQooooooooooooooooeoogooooooo ng main 91 5 .1-w :A g -1 , L- 4 5,1 .gy-71.1-1-ag.. 4-,gi-q,'y,,7w.i .Jug-,u V.. . A ,N ,, .,A.. NffiziaaaqiawvsfasgMsfsiiibiiieeegi -'- -. .L .1 1. fr' ' s -R1,q-g,,.2- ' 0-14. ff..-x:fLzs-Qy::g"f.xfl-g,-,sg.,I . 49-215115-QF!!! '-i -1.14-'mf H' ' -mg 5,11-'N QU- 4- --JSM: Y'-:ram .LE q,v?,f'Mb' 5:-.-,.?,'3-5.-5-en M,.w!q,fe-f.v5::-4a1:-rg -2, mxqg .-'.z5-5-G24 V' "-1 -492,9-r:'q:gN:5Q1,. g.Z"5Z1wi??7U3f' ' - t ' 'f5.5.:'f.' 1 W " F 'ff ffx x J ,.., N X 1 J .Q rl '-:A 'Qs r- . ss X L .-. ,.f'G+. ?hEZ7bE:liP?3fi!ifsg., , .,-,a1iG55Z1Es33a5iii?i-' X1:91535''fZv5'!2G7'.'1::'f.f.ihv:,,,, , f-+:?4Q5q1p:nL':.:-l-'FZEQQQ ff. Vw, h,,.,.t.u.... A 1e.,g,.5., S5 9.9-ls, ..- .. .Q-J-,1'y, .,,., .yffg-335'uL'fw,y?he:i'1f-'vg'g'y,,32Qgq5G, , V.-:page:sgis'1:11.12f-5i:g'.-:2m7CQ17:4' an . f-sf-fad:-wg--1:3-?g,f,:. 1'-J-" ft - -:1323324L-.'T'3'r24'7lif-EfA!':5?Q3Yxk'-4131' :::::::::::Q-::::::::::::::::::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::--:::-Q---. C. Raymond Artz Home Dressed Meats Groceries 728 West Market St. Phone 2409 Pottsville -A--------,--- ......... ----------- Jim Clouser Poultry and Eggs Tremont Compliments of Class of '56 Bashore's Chickens Roasting and Fryers Corn Fed Phone Frystown Exchange 23-R-12 Compliments of Charles F. Nelson Reinerton, Pa. Veterans of Foreign Wars :::::rQQ94::::voc:: Compliments of A Friend Compliments of Bashore and Bashore Attorneys at Law Ralph M. Bashore - George G. Lindsay Phone Tremont 101 Pottsville 625 -- -vv-:root vv... vvzrc:-oooooc Ivan C. Newcomer Wholesale Confectioner 72 S. Main St., Pine Grove, Pa. Ditzler Brothers Pine Grove and Green Point Home Dressed Meats ---- .... ooooo,-oo--ooo For Hudson and Willys It's Erdman Motors Pine Grove, Pa. Courteous - Dependable Compliments from Renninger's Market Schuylkill Haven and Hometown Compliments of Renninger's Coal Co. Compliments of Cooper's Bakery Ho-Made Pies 8z Cakes Cakes For All Occasions Groceries - Frozen Foods 538 Main St. Tel. 130-R-3 Lykens, Pa Compliments from Lamar Coal Co. 7 Jo-od:--AA9oq:'9Qoc-I--:rooo4:A-A Y -0- Herb's Amoco Service Carl Herb, Prop. 410 W. Main St., Tremont, Pa. rc-,vvvv,-v:rcv:rv-v vvcvaoocvv- 9004:--- -- ---------v 4::::: :::::vo4:::::- :::::----- Congratulations A. J. Land, M.D. Minersville, Pa. Hill Farm Dairy Milk shakes Schuylkill Haven, Pa. :::::::::::::::::::::ooo: Messner 8z Hess 56 - 51.00 store Minersville - Schuylkill Haven Girardville Compliments of Frederick J. Maurer Home Dressed Meats Tremont Compliments of I. G. A. Quality - Service - Price Self-Service Food Market C. RALPH KREIS, Prop. Phone 16-R-11 - Tremont Compliments of William E. Minnig Courtesy of Harry Snyder Compliments of Mrs. H. H. Carl Imschweiler Confectionery The Home Of Quality 17 N. Centre St. Pottsville, Pa. Schell Coal Co. Tremont, Pa. Ford School Of Business Where High ,School Graduates are Thor- oughly prepared for Responsible Steno- graphic, Secretarial and Accounting posi- tions in Business. Write, or phone for full information. 223 So. Centre St., Pottsville, Pa. Pottsville Water Co. Bldg. - Phone 1818 Pomeroy's Pottsville "Schuylkill County's Greatest Department Store" Beverly Shop 18 N. Centre St., Pottsville "It's Exclusive At Beverly" Oiiice Hours: Daily 9 a. m. to 5:30 p. m. Thursday 9 a. m. to 12 Noon Friday 9 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. Evenings By Appointment Dr. Saul Anton OPTO-METRIST Phone 2566 - Room 218 Thompson Bldg. Centre and Market Sts., Pottsville, Pa. Congratulations to 1952 GRADUATION CLASS Girl Scout Troop 70 Leaders - Mrs. Henry Kipps and Miss Dorothy Lorenz --o::::::::o::::::::: -::- Compliments of TOM 85 DOT BAMBRICK Bea's Shop Light Lunch -- Soft Drinks - Ice Cream --- --- ----vv--- .... --Qo----- H. R. Knapp 8: Son Leather Goods - Auto Supplies Phone 669 202-204 S. Centre St. Pottsville, Pa. Lots of Luck To CLASS '52 Star Candy Co. Pottsville, Pa. Aluminum Storm Windows and Doors Ace Storm Window Co. 311 West Market St. Pottsville, Pa. Compliments of John E. Jones Compliments of Twin Valley Farmer's Exchange Phone Valley View 71 Hegins, Pa. Compliments of Troutman's Greenhouse Phone 55 Valley View, Pa. Nathan's Five Floors of Fine Furniture Open Evenings By Appointment Phone 4560 - Join Our Furniture Club 122 So. Centre St., Pottsville, Pa. .oo::::::oooo::::::: ::::::::::::::::: Rapp Motors, Inc. Lincoln - Mercury Telephone Pottsville 3199 2244 West Market St., Pottsville, Pa. Qoqqqsvvvooo---v-----v--o------Y-- I. D. Schlegel BUS SERVICE Group and Party Service a Specialty Phone 10-R-4 Valley View FORD Phone 28 Palmer H. Reed MOTOR SALES Valley View, Pa. -..---A--- ------------------------- Lenwood G. Hepler Portrait Photography, Candid Wedding, Babies, Commercial, Social Painting 8: Toning Valley View, Pa. Earl 8z Alma's Place Dinner Served Sundays from 11-7 p. m. Valley View, Pa. Compliments of Bowman Bros. Bus and Truck Service Phone 57 Valley View, Pa. Leon E. Kocher Coal Dealer and Trucking Contractor Phone 124 Valley View, Pa. KIEFER PREMIUM FEEDS Custom Grinding 8a Mixing Poultry Equipment, Remedies Sz Litter Kiefer Bros. P Hegins, Pa. Have Harvilla Handy Harvilla Phone 76 Minersville, Pa. -Qoovvvveo--ooo--qQ----o-------v----- ov---oo---v-vvvvv--- -. --------- -----v-----o4:vooo---- Harold R. Kimmel Valley View, Pa. I ll Congratulations Class Of 1952 Diamond's Furniture Store Fine Furniture Since 1898 500-504 N. Centre St., Pottsville, Pa. Ressler's Radio Service Radio and Television Sales and Service Valley View, Pa. --------v vv.. --YY--o---v .... ---Q- Straub's Barber Shop Valley View, Pa. Compliments of S. R. Starr Hardware and Furniture Valley View, Pa. Compliments of Gable's Pharmacy Valley View, Pa. Best Wishes From The Class Of '57 Charles T. Seiler Home Dressed Meats Tremont, Pa. Fisher The Candy Man Schuylkill Haven, Pa. ::::::Q:::::::::: ::o Potato Ma Wagner's Chips and Distributor of Benzels Britzels and Pickled Meats Valley View, Pa. Best Wishes To The GRADUATING CLASS A Friend ::::ooo::::::::::::::::- - oo---vo---Q4 Margie's CAFE 8a RESTAURANT Branchdale, Pa. - - - ----- -----:poo-- noo4:-1:-:rc-1:----v v--f-- -v Compliments of Kender's Store -ac-ao-- .v.. o4:---94:-o4:- .Iohnny's Rapid Shoe Repair Service Shoes Dyed All Colors JOHN F. MAYERNICK, Prop. Charles "Ted" Bonawitz Coal Hauling Phone 93-R-4, Tremont Compliments of Sparky Adams Sz Son Gas - Oil - Welding - Repairs ----------------,,-------,, nc--,- -..-. -- -.v-..--.v-- - ------ Compliments of Imschweiler's Confectionery Compliments of C. J. Imschweiler Insurance Fire - Auto - Plate Glass - Bonds -A-----Ao--A--A---A----A----A---Aa Compliments of Mr. And Mrs. William Adams Store A--AA-A--A--A------Aoo----------o Sinton's Everything Photographic "Schuylkill County's Oldest Photo Store" 217 S. Centre St. Pottsville --A'------A---'oo-AA-o--QA--occ-roy--. Compliments of W. W. Heckert Representative of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Tremont, Pa. Compliments of White Shop Graduation Gowns 104 N. Centre St. Pottsville Robert S. Bashore 209 Thompson Bldg., Pottsville, Pa. Real Estate and Insurance Phone 623 Compliments of Rev. and Mrs. F. L. Hemmig -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::u Weaver Service Station Muir Rebuilt Generators 8a Starters For All Popular Cars Frailey Girls Jo Anne - Dolores - Ruth Compliments of Olive's Cafe Joliett, Pa. Phone Tremont 25-R-23 --,---,-Q,-,--o--,--oq, ,-qQos-::::: Woody's Esso Service Station Keffers, Pa. eo--A-A --------A--A--- --A- "Help Keep Penn's Forests Green" Harry M. Freeman Penna. Dept. of Forests 8: Waters Donaldson, Pa. John Evanchalk Gas, Oil KL Grease. Light Lunch - Ice Cream Candies Sz Soft Drinks Branch St. Tremont, Pa Compliments of John Wenrich Donaldson, Pa. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::oo ::Q:::::.:::::::::::::::::oQo::-::::: Compliments of V. F. W. Pine Grove, Pa. Weaver's Service Station Tydol Gas - Oil - Lubrication Pine Grove Compliments of Tony's Service Station Pine Grove, Pa. v- v--v ---- t -------v--v-v--CC09t:3QqQa --'-4'-----A-----A--A--' A--'A Workman's Supply Co. Major Appliances Norge - Philco - Admiral Pine Grove, Pa. Qc--- -,,,----v---,,,----- --,--:bc Koch's COAL YARD Ravine, Pa. aocvvotvx vDQQoo4:vocv:Pc--, -:rc::r4:::po9q:-. :L :2::r4::9o4:::::1Q9t:::r94::::I:L2fP1 v--,,, -- ..,, v--- ov- Oakwood Coal Co. Wilmot Cleaned Coal Box 13, Pine Grove, Pa. :::::oA--o -AA"'-- "'A 1 :I Compliments of ll Joseph A. Maurer CONFECTIO N E RY Best Wishes to CLASS OF '52 Dr. J. W. Schultz --,,,,---- ,,,. ,,-------o---- Compliments of ll EE R. C. Strohecker Sz Son , Millersburg, Pa. DRY CLEANERS Compliments of The Great A8zP Tea Co. Tremont, Pa. I Compliments of Beryl Haag'sf Cafe U Tremont, Pa. Compliments of EE J. H. Schultz Pharmacy ll CHARLOTTE 8z JACK BAUSCH ll The Rexau Store 9 Bausch s Cafe E Beer - Wine - Liquor E 2 E. Main St., Tremont, Pa. Compliments of Dr. Guy L. Barr Compliments of U Heckert's Store ll ll Compliments of I Compliments of HelTner's Garage Snyder's Cafe PONTIAC q:-:po1:-q:--- "'A-'A'v1:"':rc"A9c'AJ0 Q Liquor - Platters I vv --,:rcv-tvvv:r4:vvoq:-vIvvJoc::voo:::vq -A ---- AAA- A --A--aooc-----oc 0 0 , :' Compliments of Compliments of " 1: Mlll6F,S Cash Grocery Brown's Service Station ., Phone 1-R-5 1: Pine Grove -:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-.0 --:::::::::::9::::vv Congratulations to the Graduates , From Compliments of 4 Pine Grove 5 Sz 10c. Store 'I . , 7' A Frlend Self- Service J. Wilson Barto Sons 3 Compliments of H d .-Pl bi -Heting ' " Wzstgnyghivuse 8zuCTi'osIl5y Applignces 1, Ladles Auxlllary Pine Grove 1 V. F. W. Post 9201 Compliments of 1 Gang Skateland Faye - Mary - Betty Pine Grove I Vinnie - Marilyn Compliments of Compliments of I Tydol Station ' John L. Long James "Snap" Koch, Prop. ' Pine Grove C. Bastas Place I New Sz Used Cars where Friends Meet , M306 M0t0l'S 301 W. Market St., Williamstown, Pa. ii Ch1'YS161'- Plymouth II 240 E. Market St. Williamstown, Pa Phone 200 Phone 180 c-A---AA-A-A-ooooo--4:-A-AQAAQAA---Q- --A- AA-AAA-:4:-A---4AA--A-4A-A- Maytag - Hoover - Frigidaire RCA - Philco - Motorola Television J f f . f 's STOPESANC r 200 N. Centre St., Pottsville oooQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-Q Compliments of Puddu's Corrective Footwear 20 S. Second St. Pottsville, Pa. po::oo:::::::::::::::::::::::o:::::Q- Compliments of Dr. Leon H. Miller Dr. A. A. Heller Optometrists Pottsville, Pa. '::::::::::v-::::::::::o::::::::::::::- Girls! Get Your Graduation Gift at ' 9 Liner s "Your Favorite. Furniture Store" 444-459 N. Centre St., Pottsville Compliments of Anton T. Miller, M.D. 418 Garfield Square Pottsville, Pa. ,,,,,,,,--- vvv- ..... ----- vvoo :::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::o- Compliments of The Globe Shop Clothes For Men and Boys 110 N. Centre St. Pottsville Courtesy of American Legion Post 575 Valley View, Pa. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ coco - - -::::::::::::::::1::::: :::::::::::::: Food -- Drinks Koppyls Restaurant Spring Glen - Phone 83-R-5 Compliments of Plugger's Hotel ARTHUR ARTZ, Prop. Valley View, Pa. vQQQ.QQoooooQ......ooQQo-oQoQo : : oo Stroup's Esso Servicenter Gratz, Pa. Phone 32-R-5 General Repair - Home Cooking -- can -- Model Laundry 8z Cleaners For One-Stop Service Valley View 9-R-11 - Lykens 34 -Qoqoeooooooo ....... :::::::::::::::: --v .... v--- ........ ---::::::-:::::::-5 Compliments of Keystone Garage Hegins, Pa. ,----- ---- - .... A- -,,-o ..., vvvvv v v:::::---::::::::pc ::::::::::::::::::::::::Q::::::: Joyce's Sea Food Cafe ARAMOUN "Your Host In Pottsville" East Norwegian St. :::::::::::::::::oo::::::Qo::::oQ: Smith's Photo Studio All Types of Photography Phone 3995 426 North centre st. Pottsville, Pa. Shoe Shop Pottsville Pottsville Advertising Gang Bashore Miller Huntzinger Schell ------------A-----------------A,---- ------------------------ ..,, ------ Compliments of Federal Lunch Centre St., Pottsville Mary B. Kingsbury, M.D. 320 W. Market St., Pottsville, Pa. Compliments of Dr. William J. Cress Compliments of Swatara Coal Co. Compliments of Hilltop Mink Farm S ' ' ' 'APIT1gf': 'NSE 1'sI15i1E"' Working Men's Supplies Pottsvllle Tire And Brake Service Phone 3846 123 Mahantongo St. Pottsville, Pa. Compliments of Mary's Grocery Store 124 E. Main St., Tremont :::::::::::::::---q-QQQQQQQQQ Compliments of Steward Jewelers Pottsville :ooQQ::ooQ::::::::o:::e::: ::::Q::::::::o::::: -:::: Of Course . . e GR CIE hop "Stole The Show" with Most of These Gowns - and Other Smart Apparel --- There-,S 8 RGBSOII! 1-1- To All Students - and Their Parents: The GRACE SHOP wishes All Tremont High School Students the Very Great Success in their New Endeavors 221:23 :CCQPOOCC2:1P99::I:::::::91::o1::ao9coooQ9oQoooo9Qoo X Wwvgffiff W WMZj,f??J,fff WWW M MW W 3 Q , W MW W MWMW M W7 ff MQW F , . pf , . , ,, , , ',, -' A, , f': 11,-,M 71, , -ufl - u vk g j ,253 , A 3. 715 1,5-,Q H 91 1 9 I qrg fyg. W1 y 1+, A5 - .5 f g qfgg .T . fi' i ' f ' N?" ' f" C - f" . I ' Z ' ' Q ' ' A 'f " - f'A7"'i,':f,ki5iif!1Q , 3 . it , x , ., l Q X N 1 QN 5 ' ' S 1 V' of gf ' X5 Mqkggjfff 9 1 XV 6353423 flwgigfiw ww V M WKWRLZPWM f M JW 0? Wwf w WK GW QB 'J , P4 SQ 1,4jWzi.fa6L0 3-'low' Jcfwofvwwlwffh ww-kftqimqj . A , I , l ' .., fy 1 ,T 4 .,,, xiii Y- K f , ,V I 1 , . 5, , ,V ,u ,I r. g 4 .K LA Alf- : . gi j g dhlyfdew M yew ala-M ane 4 'MZ k464A-Quia, A CUM, Q QM-W kicwfe 4iH'if3 f7Qw'M fM Q, A ggi vawdwndauwwa f4Q-v6a,Jy9,Q4,,,,L,,2, 56, Mmifww Vmmfw M5 5f:4,54,,, 5? 0.,i4"g'f,L"2L, , W 4zEb'.3173fie 'Xe' 55' .3 f View? 7,6 l 'ff-W' IN x , 'f Q J A , . M Q'jfM14fff'fX-'ifff Ofvwf .,li4fM,fff' affix 'fivwfffa .4 fy, ,J ' L ,f-4 QM! A . . an-qi' , f 1 441 Z 1,6-1 P11 JA Aj 63,-,fs QI .V-ffiwh ,dp-f4f4'f'd""r -I L I I L5i'!rr!fL' PC Q dk., 'f' I I yLlf'.4l'g,61L,ffy'f,A,g5-,,-x?d,A!f a,,A4',1,1,fL fy-,fx-LA,6L,gyM,,LL,q,f' 6711- 'M .n,L.-Wywf .,IL:fyl ' X-j f,!y 'K-:M K 0141! fifyff x af 'W f WJ ffiafaff ' 71 W! 'Z'V'4' Ml""3L 7U 0v!'U 4, .1197-19'-fa ij ' .N Y I ,0,,, 65 , Jjwfjf C2-'yL N ilk 5, .- If - . lj f 74", 42, - H I -AJ., ,M

Suggestions in the Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) collection:

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 8

1952, pg 8

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 82

1952, pg 82

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9

1952, pg 9

Tremont High School - Memoria Yearbook (Tremont, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 28

1952, pg 28

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