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Yox 1967 ECHO Tremont High School Tremont, Illinois Editors: Mike Koch Lynn Unsicker Chuck Mitchell A special thanks to MRS. SHIRLEY RENNER for sketching the picture on this page. Jr. Editor: Advisor: 7136131316 Miller Mrs. Linda Springer Organizations p. 23-42 Student Life p. 3-22 2 1 0 ,Q VYV, P was I S ia, , fs i 'nn rf 'i4-0- i5':2':A A Y-A A A 9 Pvrsonnvl IJ. 53-58 Athletics p. 43-52' Uppvrrlnssmvn p. 59-76 U nderclassmen p. 77-82 Ads p. 83-98 9' 3 ..M.... .WW ,....,,,,,-ii," '-QR .. .. g .y Eh V. ,, , n,,., z,.f,.n,Lmm,., .ww 1, , Z, W e ffA'M2a2iaV f" iq'i? "7-g,1ggfHz?' is 7 ,Vf,Ql1f g.,,g fl I' , STUDENT LIFE TO THE PLAY CAST , , it' s a well-played scene. TO THE PROM COURT . . it's to be the queen. TO THE TRACK TEAM . . it's the county title TO THE STUDENTS . . it's not being idle. THAT'S WHAT , , Happiness s. rarrr fag! af fgaff' X M Q f X 4 A 5 V ' f z9f'R'L'?f'i1's.. 4,, 'f'.,jY. ff. A , - - .- W up ga, .. , if yr S f fs fair ,I A wal Q is kkk. M 5 E I. fy Q if R H, ,..A -2 5 asf awfirhprfsghgsmzssrq, . A .Hrs A 4 Q K 4. wg. X A ,A ,ir T i .4 is A 1. .iii y 9 ' L " "? ' vi i t L -.-' . ,..A --.. L -. ,,,. N N N if fin Jumor Float Senior Float HAPPI ESS S . . . A Wonderfn Homecoming weekend, 1967, started off with a whirl of excitement, Thursday night, October 13, when the cheerleaders threw the hornet effigy into the blazing bonfire. The dancing shadows played on the expectant faces of the crowd as the suspense-filled moment came ...... the crowning of the king and queen. Queen Patti Campbell and King Gail Springer were crowned with the traditional football helmets. After the coronation was the snake dance through the streets, followed by cider and doughnuts, courtesy of the student council. Friday afternoon was the parade and that night brought the big game with the Eureka Hornets. Even wet weather did not dampen the spirits of the many fans. The fun-filled weekend was climaxed with the an- nual dance in the cafeteria. This year's theme was "Har- vest Moon". As always, it seemed to be the best home- coming yet. Deutsch Klub Float 2 i 2 s Yomecoming Donna Grigsby Bruce Pflederer Kris Dorsey Chuck Mitchell Connie Steinbeck John Sluuffer Donna Phoenix QUEEN KING Ron Rowell Patti Gail Springer N, L if F Q Q 5 s"' Q - WS is a edges H omecommg fb ' Us I A ! W -.xgrsf-glfff , I 1 X ,,., ,i?.,,M.aaw.seZ,lQ,f, , ' A Q is N b, wifi naps 'A 'Q L LL.L A' s N N is Q f .' 'mxtiagg is' Jfpi.- ' -3 ,A N5 sw ...,. 7 ss. b - L . x W , , . , -JE-f. 4' . 'wt 1 .W l :X ' J - ,,..' 'f ..- , tg, .XM - W i. M , -r "' Where's the "White Knight". The '66-'67 Homecoming parade begins. Ng-'-'-it 6 "Harvest Moon" This page sponsored by BEN FRANKLIN STORE of MORTON "K, Our Royalty--Patti and Gail What's this--a couple of Pollacks? H M fff, VVVV STUDENT COUNCIL Sponsors Carnival, AFS and Assemblies Sabrr Unur AFS Student from Turkey Would you believe Angel Unaware. Mrs. Hutton exerts her strong force once again. My first big win! Will the real Mr. Gilchrist please stand up? Aw ' on, quit your clowning aro und. CIT1 Sim WM Q x , ...,, , ,x-' V . " . A 5 3 l g J A A i K Q Q i I 5 Q A WL'LL V A S Hi . , ' V i MQ ' fig' , K' giigjf ."' I . 3 if "-,'- ji' gif 5 2 f. Qi , . Xrk.. V. ...L was . ,. .... E .,,, ,nw 5, 5 I N . 1 if, , .... N ..,. , ii 1 f a i f f i t X H i D at Q19 -va 1 -x.,,1h ,fe .. . L,.5 ,JY Yk,: gg ,'.f ,L,. i T H Earl Ropp and his ag. project. - ' -va- 'Yn 7 T' 4' F7 0 x n , . in .-, . ' 'VP - o " 1 15 k.sgQE,Af5, .s Z l 5 74" H Qv Q 1 l 'L' 6 'X t, 5110 Q ..,fV, . ' ,Q ,, Z 3 -,,' ,--X?-:W , f Q-eg. U15 xl ' Q u .f FFA Grain Judging Team. Land Judging Team. 39555-kZl5Ei.E?T?l??Z5i.f:-f . .XXFL 'Y"f'f 1- v--- ,, f. fsGsrF5zi51s?Si2i """ fvsfgf- X 11s1'vf12-fg:fZsX3QE ' ' " V345 K-A sfa:.- 'f - Q 3 is .1Qf-1f1l. . fyszwft via: K gag X, x za, X 3 Q if S? -' gajflii i :kigif ' IS. . iv- 'E . iii .J N51 'f Pziwsts 3-if 71315395 -fi :Z s F Xu FFA Public Speaking Award Winners. Tom Stewart Ornamental Horticulture Winner. f 1 J Florence Nightingale??? London Bridge Is Falling Down. Tremont's Helping Hands KMAKUQX K' 010 1,,'e'f,Q 9 0 +C , 1 ry S? 2 E , 3 fl q f I A S1 0, . 0 -' ? h f QYPD Q9-Gio , Nfw W' F , Ready. Willing, and Able. Practice Makes Perfect. From The Old To The New. And Tomorrow Will Be Partly Cloudy. Our First Purpose ls . . . GAA and T-Club Activities Could it be a UFO? iCount: one ball and two strikes. Hitting that home run. The Notorious Five. And now the fun begins. lnitiates plead for mercy. The Aftermath. Latin Banquet 5 1 4 N Q ,.. K 1 N X y Ave Lacim. y Whatcha' doin'. Nanette? Fan harder, slave! The conspiracy. No money in here, we bank! On your mark, get set, GO! 66She Stoops to Conquer" by Oliver Goldsmith The version of SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER presented by the Drama Club this year is a one-act cutofthe original five-act play by Goldsmith. Writ- ten in the Victorian Age, this play is truly a com- edy of manners which presents a picture of its age and criticizes gently by making riduculous the man- ners and customs of the age. 'The leads in our pro- duction of the play were done by Sherry Getz, Bill Beutel, and Mike Koch. The plot is taken from actual experience in the author's life. As a young man, Goldsmith wan- dered into a village one evening. absent-mindedly asked to be directed to the best house, meaning an inn, and was directed, by a prankster, to a fine country manor house in the vicinity. There he or- dered the squire about and otherwise acted the part of a patronizing, arrogant, certified guest at an inn. This page sponsored by TAZEWELL COUNTY NATIONAL BANK of DELAVAN f6The Importance 0 Being Ernest" by Oscar Wilde In Oscar Wilde's most famous play, THE IM- PORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, he sets an ex- cellent example ofa comedy of manners. He ridi- cules the sentimentality, manners, customs, and values of high society in Victorian England for any- wherej. The leads in the Drama Club's production of this play were played by Al Unsicker, Holly Grimm, John Renner, and Beth Odle. Bunbury is a permanent invalid who provides Algernon Moncrieff, alias Earnest, an opportunity for journeying to the country homes of his numerous lady friends. On the other hand, Mr. Jack Worthing, also alias Earnest, has invented a wicked younger brother so that he has an excuse for going to town, supposedly to rescue his nonexistent brother, but really to visit his lady friends. The hilarious result of their imaginations almost causes them to remain bachelors until they learn "The Importance of Being Earnest. " This page sponsored by BONNIE'S TREMONT CAFE "Go settle your problems in THAT office! " "24-hours from now the curtain g06 s up. Are you ready?" 660ur Miss Brooksg' The Tremont High School Chorus Or- ganization, under the direction of Mr. Cluts and Mrs. Hutton, presented atwo-act mu- sical, "Our Miss Brooks. " Debbie Tyler and Chuck Mitchell had the lead roles of Miss Brooks and Hugo Longacre. The high school show band, directed by Mr. Cluts, provided the music for the production. "Our Miss Brooks" is the story of a high school English teacher trying to direct a high school revue. She comes into direct conflict with a handsome coach, Hugo Long- acre, over the use of the gymnasium. which houses both the stage and the basketball court. While waltzing her way through var- ious "disasters," Miss Brooks manages to thoroughly plague and pester Hugo Longacre and also Mr. Wadsworth, the school princi- pal Cplayed by Bill Beutelj. In the end, Mr. Longacre subtly proposes to Miss Brooks who happily accepts. r . , f ' , . ,,-,- Q, ww-was we f w' . if-QT' T - fr, J fr 1. ,..,. -g ,. lilg ., . -"- - K r ' ' - ffl'f'jy fffifliisiliigiis - ' .. . f 1 z"Ef:fT?ift5P2-S fi- . f i- ' ' . 5-ff. 'I f K H ,. -1, - wi is iiii y 4 s,.. if . s, ,fp Q B . -K , K .,r.,... --,--, L- i - fmgif gi: f ji t U i , ,.k K., ..,, A i-,g r , -'-' :K,SiBi.g32sFsi'is2?'rf1f1. X- : " K F' s T R Qf,.rrrs,f..,.s,Up,.s,,s'6.r..,f.ssr.... ...... , f "Love's The Shortest Distance. . "You re pretty cynical for a school teacher u . I4 8 The grand finale--"BROADWAY. " B willi ' Q The 1967 Fighting Turks in Action 1' .QV ,V E . . . f 9. L Q, rf . gl Q . X " ' ' m ' ' X L Q ,Q ' x kk.. K . N .. . M 4.2 . Us ' .m......wM.....fMfW.:..w.w:ssgQ.-145'Q "W E ---- 1-55 N www fy -giwwfgsssw 'fi A ' Q X- S W3 -.. M -L x M " A 31.5551 f?:1.s.1i.J,5li? .--. si..f-w-ziaiaifir-Gil-i'. .-9211 Eilsxsffw-4f1f1iSsZ5'flS:1 -f-- .. A .H A LL-. '.-.- W'-L E EE S f my3s1kIf:QM.?sYf1x-.?.Fs'1fr::f1g-..fww .za . - Sw 1 W is 1. . f - I 2 1 . 'Kg 'WMP' ---.. .49-' z ..f S' .x.,..m. LLL,, ga. AL . , .X . -is . 5 if ,. s .,., X ,m Q . fi 3 x , in 'X L' S . if .g Q lf "-s.':-I-E :. fat'--: . -: IU? ,-' - .ffl 1. :FE .L C' : . 1 E S . Q.. . -X .eww -rs f Kass -5... - . -2, S 'I 1. 23 X. I1-if.: ,.':"..: '-.limi fly L' I 4 .5 -'li 7 '- ' ..... .K .X A ,Q .A ... .N ,, ..,.. a . .. ,....,..,.. Q .... A -Q , , Q " f X Power Hitter. Get that ball. I6 I We want--two points 'Tl Dangerous Pitcher. A we- 4 ' fs . '-- . f X lv-. hir- . . - , - - . . Y Q' 5 ' wi . V fm - i f...f..........,...5... ,,.. . ' . .S , Q'Swrf5f:.:.f.g...rf1-:L -A gg ...,.. . A -f A . . A Quia? ...g..a.f 5. -. .fl j -- - -ey V. ffilfl S ' " 1 'L p T' k 5.51 1 F-f?ii?i.,s . K . - ' . , I .affix 4' . - ffifiws . ,.... 5? . .A A , - ..A- -. - Q Y fs ---iff. R ---. -V . Q . .. S fs-5 - -.,-. a . V .sg-f1gf..f - -1 5.. 3 , X " .1-T EFF'-f3"?f.ffbfi' -'J.'!kff'-.F-fffij2.?- V5 31 ,315 S. F ' i 'I - . 1:45 3, 39 5-,ig F 1 . jg L. il f' f , , 51- F -w fifw - K? .W . . - , Y g...3-,.M,.-58... gf f in ..-, . .. -E .f.- .LX--xi 1.. . ,. wx.. 3, - f . . X. X. 'xv . . K 4 2 . Q f x S. Q.h.. . ' :ff Q 1 5 . .. ? -If , W Ai' L A 15 , V M, , M ' . f U A X -A . ,' .9 .- ,QT 7 f A ' , K ' Y f " ,,., nr ,n x t .L 1. M' I fl A .ul .. : '- 4 ,A A A- p , , f , . V .ff . W ' f "V Wig t ' ' 4 L f 'v . . mightier than a falling meteorite. . . leaps tall buildings with a single bound. 66Supermen" 0 if THS . . . more powerful than a locomotive. . . faster than a speeding bullet. It's a CTweetyJ bird. Ron. it's not the end of the world. Gee, Ronnie, isn't this exciting? Give us a cheesy smile. boys. raduatwn naps Would you believe? Q S 5 xg i S m JA Are you nervous? Commencement Chaos. Today--Graduation I'11 bet Dave's proud. Tomorrow--Florida and ROP 3 , S 5 1 . SY? X V Q ss new For Me and My Gal. 5771" .H ,,, I T y I , 0 g if if 5 f gig? Ui :,, 3, f ag GOOD GUYS wear white hats! Far Away Places. . .are calling me. 1 Cbuld Have Danced A11 Night, I wash MY dishes the way you should! s g Queen Louise Turton and King Dean Oswald. Randy Stuber and Mary Ann Stauffer , ,. Iv .. may V sw-W if Dan Zehr and Rosie Neville. Marca Goforth and Brad Strunk. PROM BA QUET 1 q A .f ff :JI 2 N iw ' FM, f Mar Q Q QE .y-nuff SE if X 21 . gk 1 A 5 Q A V w, LL.L,.. ff A 5 y - .-W A A, 2-4. Ann Q I 'Nw ....,:- xg-b""" qv fy. X ,f G V 1 .M f N 3 X Q1 X Q F 1 I kgiigm ,. EQ X 8 vm o'Yf2'f,uf l3zWw27?5qQ1 ' MM J , 4V Hz M-A A V I agfn-in f J' ,J Z x r m diz- 4 L' 3 A X Q ,W .f w At the Prom SENI URS ROW 1: Yergler, M., Koch, K., Harkins, D., Piper, I., Eggena, J., Campbell, P., Dorsey, K., Bolliger, J., Tyler, D., Beutel, B., Kepple, G. ROW 2: Mrs. Sparrow, Austin, S., Stuber, L., Naffziger, P., Harkins, D., Puckett, J., Lindenfelser, D., Mitchell, C., Schupbach, E., Grigsby, D., Brunner, E., Mr. Cluts. ROW 3: Downs, C., Stauffer, J., Koch, E., Carrier, B., Unsicker, L., Schmidgall, D., Steinbeck, C., Funk, S., Couch, K., Rowell, R. ROW 4: Luick, I., Schurter, J., Koch, M., Neville, R., Unsicker, A., Riggenbach, J., Renner, J.,Springer,G.,Pflederer,B. UNI URS ROW l: Mr. Gilchrist, Martin, I., Koch, C., Turton, L., Hinman, S., Miller, D., Rowell, N., Runyan, I., Koch. G., Mrs. Hildebrand. ROW 2: Reid, R., Pech, B., Gillespie, D., Koch, B., Odle, B., Goforth, M., Bartels, R., Funk, M., Oswald, D. ROW 3: Saal, D., Kaiser, T., Birky, K., McCammon, L., Neville, R., Stauffer, M., Bolli- ger, P., Springer, R., Stuber, R., Zehr, D. ROW 4: Schmidgall, D., Zimmerman, J., Runyon, S., Sauder, R., Duf fin, R., Weeks, D., Strunk, B., Sherwin, C., King, J. ORGANIZATIONS TO THE HOMEMAKER . . it's a spoon and bowl. TO THE SCHOLAR . . it's the Honor Roll. TO THE FFA , , it's an ear of corn. TO A BANDMAN . . it's a horn. THAT'S WHAT . . Happiness s. TUDENT CUUNCIL Plays Integral Part in Life at TH ROW 1: Frederick, G., Miller, D., Woerner, M., Bliss, C., Koch, R. ROW 2: Sparrow, M., Neville, R., Schmidgall, D., Stuber, D., Funk, M. The Student Council is a necessary part in the day to day life at Tremont High. Each year the council, with the help of the AFS Adult Chapter, sponsors a Foreign Exchange Student. Much hard work and time goes into making the AFS Program a reality. To raise money during the year the council spon- sors the Homecoming Dance, candy concessions, the little store. and the Spring Carnival. Each year the council sends two delegates to the Student Council Convention in Chicago. Here they are able to learn some valuable information concerning leadership. This year the delegates to the convention were Debbie Miller and Mike Funk. We hope through good leadership that the Student Council will always prosper. This page sponsored by FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MORTON 24 OFFICERS: Mr. Bruell, Advisor: Phoenix, D. , Sec.: Ro- well, R., Pres.: Mitchell, C. , V. -Pres.: Brunner, E. , Rep.: Koch, K., Treas.: Mr. Gilchrist, Advisor. Convention Delegates: Mike Funk and Debbie Miller. This page sponsored by MORTON SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION The Tremont Chapter of the National Honor Soc- ety was established in 1964. Membership is based upon scholarship, service, leadership, and character. All ju- niors and seniors who have maintained a "B" or 85070 av- erage and have met faculty approval are eligible for ac- tive membership. Sophomores are eligible as probation ary members if they satisfy the same requirements. Officers elected for this year were: Ken Koch, Presidents Lynn Unsicker, Vice-president: Elise Brunner, Secretary: Gene Kepple, Treasurer. Eighteen new members were initiated at the Third Annual Candle-lighting Ceremony, bringing the total membership to 28. lla '32 'Vtggil Mr. Gilchrist, ADVISORQ Kepple, G. , TREAS Unsicker L V. -P.: Koch, K. , PRES. g Brunner, E., SEC Mr Bruell ADVISOR. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members Must Maintain WB" Average Nr- . 5 l I ROW 1: Woerner, H., Bolliger, J., Schmidt, C., Koch, C., Austin, S., Sparrow, M., Koch, R. ROW 2 Getz S Martin, I., Funk. M., Schweigert, A., Koch, T., Brunner, C., Bolliger, P., Rowell, N. ROW 3: Lindenfelser D Rowell, R., Frederick. M., Adams, I., Sauder, R., Koch, M., Frank, T., Mitchell, C., Beutel, B W ii! Nui' SPONSOR: Mrs. Linda Springer. This page sponsored by PEKIN MUSIC SHOP JUNIOR EDITOR: Miller, D.: BUSINESS MANAGER: Koch, E. Happiness Is . . . EDITORS: Mitchell, C. , Unsicker, L., Koch, M. ARTISTS: Harkins, D., Schmidgall. D is , -Q 1A1wQuvwwm.NmMims Q-fm.-:'f'g:,.. ..., - ,. mms-S511 A New Parkhursr, E., Koch, s. This page sponsored by BRUNNER BROTHERS of TREMONT TYPISTS ROW 1: Sparrow, M., Campbell, P. ROW 2: Hinman, S., Birky, K., Schupbach, M. LAYOUT CHAIRMEN Tyler, B., Austin, S. PHOTOGRAPHERS GENERAL WORKERS ROW 1: Simmons, N., Hinman, S., Brunner, E., Sundstrom, S. ROW 2: Hall. H. Beutel, B., Moore, B., Haskert, D., Warts, I., Waremburg, D., Pech, J., Zimm erman, I., Kaiser, T. TURK TALK Staff Introduces New Style SEATED: Koch, E., Haskett, C., Watts, I. STANDING: Kager, G., Stewart, M., Poorbaugh, K., Schurter, S., Elli- ott, B., Sundstrom, S., Grimm, H., Unsicker, L. ROW 2: Pech, J., Hansen, R., Zimmerman, G., Mr. Weinstein, ADVISOR, Fox, A., Couch, L., Woerner, M. LINCOLN VULUNTEERS Spread a Little Joy ROW 1: Schupbach, M., Yergler, M., Woerner, H., Pflederer, K., Maharas, T., Miss Fredericksen, Advisor. ROW 2: Tyler, D., Fox, A., Brunner, E., Grigsby, D., Dorsey, K., Haskett, D., Stuber, P. ROW 3: Austin, S., Sparrow,M., Cornell, S., Moore, B., Lind, N., Hansen, R., Unsicker, L. ROW 4: Hutchison, S., Simmons, N., Frank, C., Watts, J., Schmidgall, D., Runyon, B., Gillespie, R. 28 2 LIBRARIANS Hold Banquet at Kramefs if-'11 I ,- 4-5 2, l g ,11- Y' - Z' gi- 5 Z ,- .i5g X -f LEFT TO RIGHT: Steinbeck, C., Stauffer, M., Simmons, N., Unsicker, L., Wagenbach, K., Koch, E., Stuber, L Austin, S., Phoenix, D., Dorsey, K., Brunner, E., Woerner, H., Bollinger, J., Odle, E., Yergler, M. M, 5 S Listening Booths: Mitchell, C., Koch, M., Miller, D., Goforth, Librarian Advisor: Mrs. Linda Springer. M E i DEUTSCH KLUB Has Ver Active Year ROW 1: Baer, N., Beutel, S., Hansen, R., Getz, S., Fox, A., Unsicker, L. ROW 2: Couch. L., Migit, P., Koch,M., Mrs. Hutton, Harkins, I., Knieriem, D., Oyer, G. The German Club was formed this year with the introduction of a German class into the curriculum here at THS. Although the club had only twelve members, they were very active throughout the year. Under the direc- tion of their sponsor, Mrs. Hutton, they sold Swipe and sweatshirts, and also sponsored two dances after basket- ball games. To wind up the year's activities, the group spent a day in Chicago. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the German consulate which proved to be very informative. This page sponsored by IOI-INSON'S FLORAL SHOP 30 SEATED: Mike Koch, V. -Pres: Rita Hansen, Pres. STANDING: Lynn Unsicker, Sec. -Treas.: Mrs. Hutton, Advisor: Dave Knieriem, Hist. LATIN CLUB Enjoys Annual Roman Banquet ROW 1: Haskett, C. , Austin, K. , Beecham, B., Koch, R. , Martin, I. , Callahan, A. , Reidner, J. , Schupbach, M., Mrs. Sparrow, Advisor. ROW 2: Woerner, H., Bolliger, J., Sinn, C., Elliott, B., Simmons, N., Musselman, A., Sparrow, M., Woerner, M., Grimm, H., Nafziger, B. ROW 3: Bliss, C., Koch, F., Cornell, S., Sauder, S., Maher, J., Brun- ner, C., Lind, N., Moore, B., Kester, S., Goodwin, P. ROW 4: Burns, C., Poorbaugh, K., Koch, S., Zimmerman, G., Sauder, H., Adams, I., Frank, T., Parkhurst, E., Fox, R. The Latin Club has forty members this year. As usual the club's main project for the year was the Latin banquet which was held April 28, 1967. This year the decorations were centered around purple and gold char- iots for nut cups and centerpieces. The programs were scrolls. The program consisted of a short playlet and various Latin games. The members wore togas and were seated at low- ered tables. Several of the members' mothers helped in the kitchen and eighth grade girls served as slaves. This year, because of various conflicts, the club was not able to attend the Junior Classical League Con- vention. Plans were made for a group field trip early in May. Ken Austin, Pres.: Jack Reidner, V. -Pres. 5 Debby Has- kett, Sec.: Marj Schupbach, Treas. This page sponsored by TREMONT CO-OP GRAIN COMPANY tudents Profit Through Activities 0 SPEECH CLUB I Q 5 a ROW 1: Stewart, M., Piner, K., Stewart, A., Mrs. Hutton, Austin, S., Grimm, H., Piper, I., Pech, J. ROW 2: Getz, S., Rapp, G., Watts, J., Couch, L., Stuber, P., Gillespie, D., Bryan, T., Waremburg, D. ROW 3: Maher, J., Zim- merman, G., Adams, J., Renner, J., Downs, C., Stuber, D., Migit, P., Haskett, D. The Speech Club was formed this year under the guidance of its sponsor, Mrs. Hutton. The purpose of the group is to give students the opportunity to develop their talents in various speech activities. Five students entered the IHSA District Speech Contest. These five students and the competition in which they entered are Sherry Getz - prose reading, Sue Austin - original monologue, Holly Grimm - serious reading, Joe Adams - comedy reading, and Debbie Has- kett - verse reading. Holly Grimm received a second place rating at this contest, and this allowed her to ad- vance to the sectional where she received a fourth place rating. According to Mrs. Hutton, this club has great po- tential for next year. This page sponsored by ABEL VAULT Sc MONUMENT COMPANY of PEKIN 32 L , 4 l ROW 1: Mrs. Hutton, sponsor: Couch, L., Fox, A., Austin, S., Grimm, H. ROW 2: Adams, J., Zimmer- man, G., Migit, P., Maher, I., Haskett, D., Getz, S. DRAMA CLUB Sponsors School Plays .1 1 In V ,r Urlffif g , :s2f?awm'gs:,92 ff 'Wimshagvil 'L zfwmsww , ,qihfgiigiaifiz ,Q v ,..' ' ' K K 5 H ,,,1p,z,, ,sr,, A . H 'TCM , chell, C., Vice-President: Koch, M., President: Brunner, E., Secretary. ROW 1: Odle, B., Sparrow, M., Austin, S., Dorsey. K., Grigsby, D. , Grimm, H., Tyler, D. , Fox, A. , Schupbach, M. ROW 2: Reid, R., Elliot, B., Simmons, N., Cornell, S., Moore, B., Getz, S., Schurter, S., Koch, G., Phoenix, D., Bliss, C., Koch, B. ROW 3: Hasket, C., Koch, S., Rynyon, S., Duffin, R., Renner, J., Park- hurst, E.. Beutel, B., Lindenfelser, D., Unsicker, L., Hinman, S. CAMPUS LIFE CLUB Is a New Urganization 'Qs- Misses K H-,...,.-g ,,' . .. f f 4, ,,., .E w . Q 1 OFFICERS: Mrs. I-lildebrand, Sponsor: Mit- OFFICERS: Goforth,M.,President: Spring- ROW 1: Lindenfelser, D., Beutel, B., Campbell, P., Miller, D., er, R., Secretary: Birky, K., Treasurer. Turton, L., Hinman, S., Koch, E., Odle, B., Tyler, D., Brunner, E. ROW 2: Oswald, D. , Beutel, K. , Pflederer, D. , Getz, S. , Han- sen, R.,Burns, C.,Unsicker, L., Elliott, B., Schurter, S., Poor- baugh, K. 33 ROW 1: Yergler, M., l-larkins, D., Beecham, C., Bliss, C., Martin, J. ROW 2: Burns, C., Stewart, M., Weeks, J. McCammon, N., Grigsby, D., Brunner, E. ROW 3: Hutchison, S., Piner, K., Taylor, C., Koch, C., Stuber, I., Runyon, M., Woerner, H. ROW 4: Dorsey, K., Pech, J., Sinn, C., Schurter, S., Elliott, B. Woerner, M., Sinn, K., Sparrow, M. ROW 5: Waremburg, D., Miller, D., Bolliger, P., Cornell, S., Turton, L., Koch, F., Simmons, N. ROW 61 Keith, R., Schrnidgall, D., Naffziger, P., Neville, C., Boyle, P., Carrier, B. ROW 7: Phoenix, M., Schertz, S., Unsicker, L., Poorbaugh, K., Lind, N., Gillespie, R. SEATED, Left to Right: Campbell, P., lst Vice-Pres., Stuber, L., Pres., Austin, S., Sec., Miss Fredericksen. STANDING: Schup bach, M., Goforth, M., Birky, K., Frank, C., Springer, R., Rowell, N., Rapp, G., Steinbeck, C., Moore, B. El irighigltmflxf iss .... 5 Q P163 f.'fw,. ,S silt KNEELING: Green, S., Willoby, S. SEATED: Gifihorn, J., Schweigert, D., Koch, G., Schweigert, A., Lusher, K., Pech, B., Mr. Dowell, Advisor. ROW 1: Bong, T., Aberle, M., Oswald, D., Kajer, G., Schurter, D., Oyer, G., Schweigert, R. ROW 2: Springer, G., Miller, D., Ropp, E., Stauffer, J., Strunk, B., Sauder, R., Stewart, T., Schmidgall, D., Wagenbach, I. This page sponsored by RIPPER'S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP of PEKIN 35 This page sponsored by BOB GRIMM CHEVROLET of MORTON ROW 1: Haskett, D. , Stauffer, M., Austin, S., Koch, C., Koch E., Couch L. , Cornell, S., Unsicker, L., Getz, S., Bolliger, P., Bolliger, I., Sparrow M. , McCammon, L. , Hansen, R., Haskett, W. ROW 2: Lindenfelser, D., Beutel, K., Koch, K., Harkins, J., Bliss C., Schupbach, M., Knieriem, D., Funk M. ,Fox A. , Nafziger, B. , Miller D. , Dance Band 36 The Tremont High School Band had anoth- er successfulplaying year. Inthe fall, we played a concert for the "Turkey Festival, " performed i at two home football games, and paraded for l Homecoming and United Fund parades. During the winter, we provided music for eleven home basketball games and presented a Winter Concert. In the spring the band participated in State l Music Contests, the Illinois State University Band Clinic festival, took a spring tour, gave a BA D Taka This page sponsored by Spring Concert, then ended the year by provid- ing music for high school graduation exercises. The "Swing Kings" added an extra "spark" to the band program, by playing for two bas- COHEN FURNITURE COMPANY of PEKIN Migit. P., Goodwin, P.,Fox R. ROW 3: Schupbach, E., Mitchell, C., Couch, K., ger, J., Fensterman, B., Couch, R., Sauder, H.,Stu- ber, R., Koch, R., Oswald. D., Aberle, M.. Sauder. S. ROW 4: Pech, B., Burns, C. , Reidner, J., Yergler, M., Pep Band Harkins, D., Saal, D., Bolli- Schurter, J., Luick, R., Mah- aras, T., Mr. Evans, Director. ketball games, a school dance, and all con- px g 3 certs. T 1 The "Pep" Band added the extra "zip" for ' QR f B ,Z Q V Tuesday night basketball games particularly 5 1 -5 ...Qi .figs ' 'T r " . .. .. , 'X I ,, . t '-B 5 '-s W " ' -. 'ff' 5 ii when playing the Tijuana Brass tunes, and Go XX. gg: Y - a mx fy. , Q 2. . ,, " 1 .lf A, 4 i Q ,f 'g X . 3 - , '- I5 . i Twist! xx: , K! - Mg . ,mn ' Ze Q , I1 .N L . , 1, P V. . .f , ,. :J 1, I ,,,"' . . Q I asf., LEA F L du I 13, . ' A 1 K N KQ. '.,-', S 8 .F g 'K' A gi. K -1 4 Q 5 sttst t .L , . jj 3 . ,SW-ssffi T 4. M A ,,, . .,.. B T . 1.41-.2 B fx' X T R. lrirr r s R 1 P 5 lied 37 4. M. ...,, M, E sw ROW ONE: Koch, B., Getz, S., Stauffer, M., Schupbach, M., Bolliger, P., Sinn, S., Beutel, S., Koch, C., Goforth, M., Birky, K., Stewart, A., Goodwin, P. ROW TWO: Sparrow, M., Wagenbach, K., Fox, A., Waremburg, D., Matthews, S., Grimm, H., Schur Martin, J., Sinn, K., Pech, J. ROW THREE: Odle, B., Stewart, M., Simmons, N., Rapp, G., Schurter, D., Schupbach, E., Koch, Stuber, B., Stuber, T., Schertz, S., Austin, S., Tyler, D. ROW FOUR: Sundstrom, S., Harkins, D., Schmidgall, D., Unsicker, Beutel, K., Burns, S., Austin, K., Haskett, D., Wagenbach, B., Musselman, A. CHORU Presents Musica QE WA B 0 YS ' CHOR U S 38 GIRLS' CHOR US ner, H., Springer, R., Phoenix Koch, E., Frank, C., Woerner, d, D., Pflederer, D., Pflederer Renner, J., Mitchell, C., Beutel in itled 660ur Miss Brooks" 1 4 CGT99 C L U B Sponsors Annual Faculty Basketball Game ROW 1: Koch, R., Reidner, I., Strunk, B., Pflederer, B., Riggenbach, I., Springer, G., Reid, R., Funk, M., Risinger, S., Mitchell, C. ROW 2: Evans, I., Luick, I., Duffin, R., Unsicker, A., Haskett, G., Neville, R., Downs, C., Greene, S., Martin, J. ROW 3: Schupbach, E., Flannigan, I., Renner, J., Kepple, G., Stuber, R., Lindenfelser, D., Beutel, B., Yergler, M., Zehr, D., Wagenbach, S. 40 P P CL B Has '6Spirit" at Games The Turks Are Victorious In Everything They Try, i And For Our Great ' And Mighty Team 4' We'll Give Our Battle Cry. I' V-I-C-T -O-R-Y, Turks! l ll v-1-C-T-o-R-Y, Victorious 1 If The Turks Are Victorious l N fl 5 - ' Ps ' fp, . 1 'S 4 r . if . ...sf iw lf Q X .ses r r ggi? 5 6 A 5 " f is . X' "TW'5'X'i 5, ff f , ,, A fr - gf ff, 5 ..., , M r A Q p fs , E Q v-F" fit: . f-5,1 A - . A5 iw-,T M sq. F, Q ' , is 3 Q 1 V, - K .5 ,,.,, ,,,,,. rv if ---1-sf-I l . me , J Q E f" .,., , :Z .t K , Q I ' - ni . i ll plitjqgpf "5 1 - f . 2 . 1 r .r ltr ss 6, ' , W are n as . is 12i..,.If'f' r r s . 6f'1'a'S'iS.u.i1sT?f' - K up ,C krfTT,iiTT"iif g l l A KNEELING: Neville, C., Watts, J., Sparrow, M., Beecham, C., Schupbach, M., Hinman, S., Dorsey, K., Birky, K., Steinbeck, C., Neville, R. ROW 1: Unsicker, L., Austin, S., Sec.-Treas.g Miller, D., Pres., Moore, B., V.-Pres. ROW 2: Stauffer, J., Schurter, J., Grimm, H., Koch, K., Luick, J., Piner, K., Waremburg, D., Pech J. ROW 3: Pflederer, D., Goforth, M., Beutel, B., Turton, L., Sundstrom, S., Haskett, D., Simmons, N. ROW 4: Tyler, D., Reidner, J., Knieriem, D., Austin, K., Rowell, N., Runyan, J., McCammon, N., Mitchell, C. ROW 5 Koch, E., Springer, G., Duffin, R., Reid, R., Bliss, C., Bolliger, P., Unsicker, A., Schupbach, E. ROW 6: Mc- Cammon, L., Lindefelser, D., Koch, M., Elliot, B., Schurter, S., Poorbaugh, K., Boyle, P., Naffziger, P., Downs C. ROW 7: Beutel, K., Saal, D., Zehr, D., Pech, B., Brunner, E., Campbell, P. 42 Fun Filled Year in GAA ROW 1: Funk, L., Fensterman, B., Runyon, M., Piner, K., Simmons, N., Schupbach, M., Watts, J., Sparrow, M., Schmidt, C., Phoenix, M. ROW 2: Martin, I., Burns, C., Neville, C., McCammon, N., Neville, R., Stewart, M., Haskett, D., Waremburg, D., Rapp, G., Pech, J., Koch, B. ROW 3: Furrow, J., Elliott, B., Bliss, C., Schurter, S., Poorbaugh, K., Hansen, R., Moore, B., Sundstrom, S., Stewart, A.. Grimm, I-I., Getz, S. ROW 4: Sinn, K., Boll- iger, J., Woerner, M., Miller, D., Campbell, P., Hinman, S., Birky, K., Rowell, N., Bolliger, P., King, J. ROW 5: Yergler. M., Beutel, S., Sauder, S., Sinn, C.. Koch, F., Schmidgall, D., Dorris, S., Hutchison, S., Beecham, C. , Weeks, I. Us f , xp, .- Q7:71' v x E. y Z fi. KNEELING Unsicker L. Vice-President Tyler D. President, Goforth M. Secretary. ROW1 Kincaid Sponsor Austin :X D 'I ff f 1 X" .XX f ri, ' S., Recreation: Koch, C., Points: Turton, L., Treasurer. ATHLETICS TO A GRIDDER . . it's a conference win. TO A WRESTLER . . it's that important pin TO A CAGER . . it's the point we need. TO A TRACKMAN . . it's a record speed THAT'S WHAT . . Happiness s. John Henner Ed Schupbach Bruce Pfederer Steve Risinger F ighting Brad Strunk Ron Neville Jerry Evans 595 H1nF1a 111113611 101111 Lui ck XX 'kxihifq Beutel Dale Si Wagellb .2011 11177 Ron Rowell Riggelzba ch, Da ve Schlni dgall S ROW 1: Renner, J., Neville, R., Pflederer, B., Riggenbach, J., Risinger, S., Rowell, R., Wagenbach, S., Flannigan, I. ROW 2: Strunk, B., Adams, I., Luick, I., Evans, J., Kaiser, T., Beutel, B., Schupbach, E. ROW 8: Matthews, D.. Lindenfelser, D., Stuber, R., Schmidgall, D., Bartels, R., Kinsey, J., Stuber, R. ROW 4: Beecham, B., Freder- ick, C., West, O., Evans, J., Oyer, C., Fox, R., Unsicker, D., Allen. B. FOOTBALL 46 "Tea,m's in a huddle 25:5 L1 Q T RA CK ROW 1: Fox, R., Pflederer, D., Hasler, K., Beutel, B., Yergler, M., Lindenfelser, D., Beutel, K., Kajer, G. ROW 2: Strunk, B., Pflederer, B., Renner, J., Rowell, R., Risinger, S., Harkins, D., Couch, R., Stuber, D., Sauder, H., CROSS COUNTRY Frederick, M. - M ROW 1: Koch, R., Yergler, M.,.Koch, K., Martin, J., Reidner, J., Brummett, R. ROW 2: Zehr. D., Sauder, H. Frank, T., Pflederer, D., Kepple, G., Springer, G. STANDING, left to right: Martin, J. , Luick, I. , Neville. R. , Unsicker, A. . Haskett, G. , Wagenbach, S.. Riggenbach, J., Strunk, B.. Pflederer, B., Kepple, G. KNEELING: Bong, T., manager. VARSITY BASKETBALL 1966-67 Record TREMONT OPPONENT Danvers Metamora Haftem Roanoke-Benson Chillicothe Morton Forman Mason City Minier Chillicothe Morton Eureka Delavan Metamora Decatur-Lakeview Farmington A Mt. Pulaski Lewistown Warrensburg-Latham Danvers Eureka Green Valley Farmington 48 TREMONT OPPONENT 67 66 68 78 58 84 79 87 57 72 81 83 57 78 89 53 92 69 77 43 64 67 P1 e," Q G4 l 69" "n,'J, , 'iq' - i fam! 'R Ch-Ki., hh' 5: Bknel This year's basketball season was another exciting and suspenseful one. The Turks coached by Vernon Sprehe com piled an 11-'7 record for the regular season. Tremont entered the Mt. Pulaski Holiday Tournam ent with a 7-O record and succeeded in taking home the second place by par trophy. The Turks also took second in the Tazewell County Tournament and ended the 1966-67 basketball season ticipating in the District Tournament held at Delavan. evo D Ho CAJQVJ jqgk '53 .7- JZ Ah G4-,,rN5 A ol wafuxwv MANAGERS: Callahan, A., Austin, K. LEFT TO RIGHT: Evans, J., Frank, T., Haskett, W. Stuber, D., Brunner, C., Reidner, J., Beecham, B., Neville, D., Kinsey. J., Brummett, R., Un- sicker, D., Sauder, H., Adams, J., Ropp, E. B A K E T B A L L 'E G2whHmmW X ffvmffffygg. M 1 W4 X -V 1-2 ,gy 'e,M,gg.f,,V L, Wm 1 , x :X V, ,.!, , Z .,,, RQRX3 HKS Qgawxg 596 iii pf 'P4 3191 2? CDI-: v. W3 70 O5 SE wo- ng Zim Ol F M -P' EFF IJ'-. :f 3 95' .D- 92 Eco wr' E ti? QQ. N C173 'O 'ri 'NJ 9... Ecu gd: FY 'CD W:- SF' gg- if-2 05 Co. 'sz F? U hw Hkmmm H ROW 1: Reidner, J. , Schupbach, E., Funk, M. , Downs, C. , Luick, J. . Stuber. R. ROW 2: Pfled- erer, B., Riggenbach, J., Strunk, B.. Frank. T., Brummett, R. MM to Dfw! 5 JJ 5 if if s E? 3 Mr. Richard Vedder - Ass't. Football MT-VeFf10H SPICUC , mg . Q , - Head Basketball Cross Country, Track , wi - 34 .,, f 5 K i ' L2 fr, , t f 5 , A ai I. ' , , 3 , B , 'WW Q, , - ef , , M, V , 4 A ,' 595. fx V 'Swain pg 2 ' .5621-Iam 'zziigzzlfxg , I ,,-.4ff"f2'f'f a .:::':1-21:1 . t ' ' ,,-.mfmifatiziz k.5g,,.g,g:: :em , t '- VU-13'1ff'2 n' ' 'r' ' H wa Q 113212: L. 'NY3lf"'?n5' 1 Wrzrxffmizwiiiizii . 3 . "f'122:z::5:E"'::fr2--- - :::v:g.'!fa:q,Mp.5m, r :2 :7i:z::gg:,,.::g,q-.zzz 4 we M., ,,1f"'::..f - - -c 1"---'Q-"' . ':::'f- - 1 ' B -fr1f:Mf'!H.'::gg2"-1224 1.42. 2 :hE31gz:::ZSEZf,5:E--4124 j .,,.:,n,,a :,,,,.,., Fil, 1 ??+,4,+ ,, Q up., 5 i , ..... .1 ng, .mm . . . 3 'g vu. ZZ" 'ZZ:""" ' f W f1:rQZ::3gf::::.g,? 31.1 412,g3,gzg:3g3i.:q5:..,:::11, dd .Jnw ' -.- , .. v, rf t': f,::.':g::z "... z.. :51i:EE:EZ::Z',?535' at ' -ZZ711"4f1.-'Z .u . A 4 ' 5 . f ,, . .T , if "Q ":::::::252411'5.- --fffgf is ages? ' hnssjzfggfifiililz :::::2"'2f3f1fff1f' 1: -2. 451' sm, ":z::S2:::z:::::::: , 1:::::5:::ug-lm.: ai gaae wz. wr... . 11:2-f'f+p 14 'ffl z':::::: 1111-. - .....2 u.""' N. ' stnf gwl u" -""' ""'1"""". 2-ff' Mr. Ray Shannon - IV Basketball. Head Football , , 4, E j' V - Xi 5 k A ' B fr Q ' ff' , V . 11 5 , l . e fag jk' , Q nw- 1 1 ! .. --. . ' i 5 2 x X . rx LA g B Q 'W 5 E 2 5 Q l e Mt. Roger Hallberg - Wrestling, Ass't. Track Snr! .Q-a, 49' B Mr. Bill Hopkms Baseball ROW 1: Dorsey, K. ROW 2: Neville, R., Steinbeck, C., Birky, K. ROW 3: I-Iinman, S. , captain . Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 52 Varsity Cheerleaders ROW 1: Schupbach, M., capt n. ROW 2: N vll C., Beecham, C., Watts,J. ROW 3: Sparrow, M. 8 PER SUNNEL TO A TEACHER . . it's ffif only my work were done". TO A PRINCIPAL . . it's a school well-run. TO A SUPERINTENDENT . . it's 'fno miss- ing links". TO THE SCHOOL BOARD , , it's black ink. THAT'S WHAT . . Happiness s. SEATED: Elwyn Stuber, Howard Parkhurst, Sec.: LeRoy Wineburner. Pres.: Leo Rowell. STANDING: Dr. Daniel Baer, Harold Weghorst, Merle Naffziger. School Thrives Under Competent BOARD and ADMINISTRATUR Principal Superintendent Mr. Gilbert Bruell Mr. William Poorbaugh Being a member of the Board of Education is a task with some long hours, challenging decisions, and hard work with very little thanks. The task of keeping abrest of educational needs and changes along with trying to make a budget balance is all in a year's work. The board has been involved in a building program with the addition of a new lr. High wing at the high school, and a new elementary building for the increasing number of students. The planning of additional courses of study and employing of qualified staff have been only a few of the tasks undertaken. But because these men are deeply interested in the education of youth, they gladly give of their time and efford to insure good educational opportunities for the students of Tremont District 5702. To Uur FACULTY Happiness Is . . . MR. GEORGE LANG--B. S. , ISU: M.A. , Bradley U. . . . to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. . . gaining through accomplishment. . . found by trying to do the best you can. . . a total realization of a goal. MR. LYNN GILCHRIST--B.S., U. of I. . . . THS. . . a state fair champion. . . an "empty" closet. . . a GTO MRS. MARILYN SPARROW--B. S. , ISU: M.A. , U. of I. . . . waking to find it is an hour earlier than you thought. . . having all your students come to class prepared. . . having a nice family vacation. . . having a secret cache of chocolate bars. MRS. LENORE I-IUTTON--B. A. , ISU. . . . helping others to help themselves. . . a student who finally understands. . . creativity and spontaneity. . . . a friend's smile. MRS. DOREDA HILDEBRAND--B.A. , SIU? attended Monticello Junior College. . . . summertime . . . English students who don't use "ain't. " . . students who like to write themes. . . a play in which everyone remembers his lines. MR. W. H. DOWELL--B.S., U. of I.: M.S., Colorado State. . . . a plane ticket for Hawaii. . a snow day if you haven't tried to dig out yet. . a hayrack ride on a cold night--when you follow in a heated car. ,4"'W i Sem MR. GLENN WEINSTEIN--B. S. , MacMurray College: M. A. , Bradley U. . . . having a friend who cares. . . being able to help someone. . . having good health. . . being with friends and doing those things one en- joys most. MRS. LINDA SPRINGER--B. S. , Bradley U.: L. S. , ISU and Univ. of Utah. . . . a summer without going to school. . . having a quiet library with no overdue books. . . when it is 10 below outdoors and warm in rooms 10 and ll. . . . living in the country with a backyard fishing pond. MRS. PHYLLIS KINCAID--B.S., ISU. . . . Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and summer- time. . . the Seniors winning all the class tournaments. . . extra money in the GAA and cheerleading funds. . . all girls dressed properly for P. E. every day. . . P. E. classes that really take showers. MR. ROGER HALLBERG--B. S. , WIU. . . . the country of pointed firs. . . victories on the field. . . state champion wrestlers. . . . vacations. 56 MR. BILL HOPKINS--B.S. , Eureka College. . . . freshman algebra classes with less than 30 students . . going to basketball practice at 6:30 A. M. and finding that school is called off. . .June 5. MR. VERNON R. SPREHE--B.S. , SIU: M.S. , SIU. . . . having a team in the "Elite 8. " . . having five 5'10" dunkers. . . a basketball team thinking basketball 24 hours a day. . . happiness. MR. RAY SHANNON--B.A., St. Ambrose College: M. S. , ISU. . . . winning a football game. . . catching a 30-pound Northern Pike. . . making a 30 ft. putt. . . . winning--period. MR. RAY TYLER--B.S. , ISU: M. S., Wesleyan U. . . . visiting andfor working with family and friends in homes, school, or church. . . teaching polite, motivated students. . . time to do my work thoroughly. . . a skate board for commuting between the science rooms. MISS DONNA FREDERICKSEN--B. S. , ISU. . . . a child's sincerity. . . a friendly smile- . . a job I like to do. . . personal rewards of a job well done. MR. ROBERT EVANS--B. S., Bethany College: M. S.. Vandercook. . . . being thankful for all that God has given my family. . . being healthy each day. . . being happy at work. . . being able to meet all current expenses and then some. MR. H. KEITH CLUTS--B.S.. ISU: M.S., ISU. . . . having both boys and girls in chorus. MR. RICHARD VEDDER--B. S. , ISU. . . . shoveling a car out of a snowbank and finding Florida license plates on it. Zines Lan, Secretary to the Superintendent. Vicky Horton Secretary to the Principal. Shirley Tiffan Personnel CUSTODIANS: Mrs. Welty and Mr. Beutel COOKS: Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Holverson, Mrs. Reidner, Mrs. Hazelman. Mrs. Eicher. UPPER CLA SSMEN TO THE SENIORS . . it's the month of May with class trip, finals, and commencement day. TO THE JUNIORS . . it's a new class ring, term papers, Prom--just everything. THAT'S WHAT . . Happiness s. Carol Schmidt Valedictorian Betty Crocker Award Jody Bolliger Administrative Manage- ment Society Award Ron Neville American Legion Scholarship 60 Senior Awards Bill Beutel Bausch and Lomb Award DAR Award American Legion Award Bruce Pflederer Gene Becker Award Lynn Unsi cker Salutatorian American Legion Scholarship Susan Austin DAR Award American Legion Award Ron Rowell Dekalb Award PATTI CAMPBELL Latin Club 1.2: Echo Staff 1,2,3,4: Turk Talk 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3: Girls' Chorus 3: FHA 1,2, 3, 4: lst Vice-Pres. 4: GAA 1,4: Librarians 1: Drama Club 3: Youth For Christ 4: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Homecoming Queen: Class Treas. 4. IIM FLANNIGAN Latin Club 2: Turk Talk 2: T-Club 2, 3,4: Librarians 1: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Pep Club 1, 3, 4. W , HAPPINESS IS . . . June 5, 1967 W 4 BILL BEUTEL Latin Club 1, 2: Echo Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Boy's Cho- rus 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: T-Club 3, 4: Foot- ball 3,4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Drama Club 3, 4: School Play 3, 4: Youth For Christ 4: SAR Award: JETS 4: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Operetta 4: Class Pres. 2: Illi- nois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist. LINDA STUBER Echo Staff 3: Turk Talk 3.4, Editor 4: Band 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 3: Girls' Chorus 3: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Li- brarians 3,4, Pres. 3: Pep Club 1: Class Sec. 4. BARBARA CARRIER Transfer from Henry, Illinois. FHA 4: Lincoln Volun- teers 4. IIM PUCKETT Drama Club 4: School Play 4: Operetta 4. Seniors Take in Riverview a LYNN UNSICKER Student Council 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Echo Staff 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4: Turk Talk 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensem ble 1, 2, 3, 4, All State 3: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 2, 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4: FHA 4: GAA 1, 2, 3,4, Point Chairman 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Librarians 2, 3,4, Point Chairman 2, Vice-Pres. 3: Varsity Cheerleader 2 Lincoln Volunteer 3, 4: Drama Club 2, 3,4: School Play 3, 4, Student Director 3,4, Understudy 4: German Club 4, Sec. -Treas. 4: Youth For Christ 4: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Student Leader 4: Operetta Stage Band 4: WIU Music Camp 2: Illinois State Latin Tournament 1, 2: Girls' State 3: Illinois State Scholarship Finalist. GAIL SPRINGER Mixed Chorus 1: Boys' Chorus 1: T-Club 3,4: FFA 1, 2,3, 4, Reporter 3: Cross Country 3,4: Pep Club 3,4: Home- coming King. MIKE FREDERICK National Honor Society 4: Track 3, 4. SUSAN FUNK GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: Office Helper 4. 62 SUSAN AUSTIN Latin Club 1, 2: Echo Staff 4: Band 1,2,3, 4, Ensembles 2, 3,4: Pep Band 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3,4: Girls' Cho- rus 3,4: National Honor Society 2, 3,4: FHA 1,2,3,4, Sec. 4: GAA 1,2, 3, 4, Sports Chairman 4: Librarians 4: Lincoln Volunteer 4: Drama Club 3, 4, Student Director 4: School Class Vice-Pres. 4: Speech Club 4: Operetta 4: Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist. JOHN LUICK Latin Club 1, 2: T-Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club ll 3l 4: BRUCE PF LEDERER Latin Club 1, 2, Treas. 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Boys' Chorus 1: T-Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. -Treas. 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1: Class Treas. 3, Class Pres. 4: Prom King: Homecoming Candidate. JANET EGGENA Turk Talk 4: Band 1: Mixed Chorus 1,2. 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3: FHA 1,2,3,4: Pep Club 1. ' 99 ee Gclflddler on the R00 if 'f-...,' '54 TERRY KOCH Latin Club 1.2: National Honor Society 4: Basketball Mgr. 1: Cross Country 3: Illinois State Scholarship Semi- Finalist. DONNA HARKINS Echo Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3.4: Girls' Chorus 3,4: FHA 1,2,3,4: Drama Club 3: Pep Club 1. DEBB IE TYLER Latin Club 1, 3: Echo Staff 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Solo 1, Girls' Chorus 3,4, Ensemble 1,4: GAA 1,2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Lincoln Volunteer 3, 4: Drama Club 2, 3, 4 Board Member 3: School Play 2, 3,4, Student Director 3 Pep Club 1, 3, 4: Student Leader 2,4: Operetta 4: Prom Queen. STEVE RISINGER T-Club 1,2,3,4: Football 1,2,3,4: Wrestling 1,2.4: Track 1,2,3,45 PGP Club 3- 63 CHUCK DOWNS T-Club 2, 3,4: Track 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4. CHUCK MITCHELL Student Council 2, 4: Latin Club 1, 2, Pres. 2: Echo Staff 3,4, Ir. Editor 3, Co-Editor 4: Band l,2, 3,4, Vice- Pres. 4: Pep Band 3, 4: Dance Band 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Solo 1, Ensemble l,2,4: Boys' Chorus 3,4, Pres. 4: National Honor Society 2,3,4: T-Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3: Wrestling 1, 2: Baseball 2: Drama Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Operetta 4: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Class Vice-Pres. 1, 2: Class Pres. 3: Prom Candidate: Homecoming Candidate. The Seniors Genuinely Appreciate the Exper .TODY BOLLIGER Latin Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3,4, Majorette 1, 2, 3,4: Na- tional Honor Society 4: Librarians 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 3. GENE KEPPLE Latin Club 1, 2: Band 1: National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: T-Club 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2,3,4: Cross Country 1, 2, 3,4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 1, 3: Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist. RON NEVILLE Latin Club 1: T-Club 1,2, 3, 4: Football l,3,4: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Class Treas. 1: Prom Candidate. DONNA PHOENIX Student Council 3.4, Sec. 4: Latin Club 1: Mixed Cho- rus 1, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: GAA 1, 2: Librarians 3, 4: Drama Club 4: Pep Club 1, 3, Pres. 3: Class Sec. 2: Prom Candidate: Homecoming Candidate. 64 f an 4 f iam: maaiamwmtwfivwe-mLs'5w,-a:Z+', DAVID HARKINS Latin Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3,4, Solo 1: Pep Band 3,4. MIKE KOCH Latin Club 1,2, Vice-Pres. 2: Echo Staff 2, 3,4, Co-Ecl- itor 4: Band 1, 2, Drum Major 1: Pep Band 1, 2: Nation- al Honor Society 2, 3.4, Vice-Pres. 3: Drama Club 2, 3,4, Board Member 3, Pres. 4: School Play 2, 3, 4:Ger man Club 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Illinois State Latin Tournament 1, 2: Illinois State Scholarship Semi-Finalist. uidance 0 Mrs. parrow and Mr. Cluts 'W AA ,N- .,,, SI WAGENBA CH T-Club 1, 2, 3, 4: FFA 1, 3, 4: Football 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3,4: Cross Country 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, 3. CAROLE FRANK Echo Staff 3: Turk Talk 4: Mixed Chorus 1.3, 4: Girls Chorus 4, Pres. 4: GAA 1, 2: Pep Club 1. DONNA GRIGSBY Latin Club 1, Sec. -Treas. 1: Echo Staff 2, 3: Turk Talk 1, 2, 3,4: Band 1, 2, 3, Majorette 1, 2, 3: FHA 1, 2, 3,4: GAA 1, 2: Librarians 1, 3,4: Cheerleader 2: Lincoln Vol- unteer 3, 4: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: School Play 3: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Prom Candidate: Homecoming Candidate. I IM RIGGENBACH Latin Club 1,2: Band 1: Pep Band 1: T-Club 1,2,3,4, Sec. -Treas. 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 3. 65 RON RO WELL Student Council 3.4, Treas. 3, Pres. 4: State Student Council Convention 3: Latin Club 1, 2: Echo Staff 3:Na tional Honor Society 3, 4, Treas. 3: T-Club 1, 2, 3,4, Sec. -Treas. 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4: FFA 1,2,3,4, Treas. 2: Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 3: Wrestling 1 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Youth For Christ 4: FFA State Farmer Award: FFA National Convention Delegate 3: Pep Club 1, 3: Class Pres. 1: Prom Candidate: Home- coming Candidate. DON FENSTERMAN Carol chmidt and Lynn Unsicker Ar CAROL SCHMIDT Latin Club 1,2: Illinois State Latin Tournament 1.2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 3: National Honor So- ciety 2, 3,4: GAA 1,2, 3,4: Pep Club 1. GARY HASKETT Latin Club 1,2: T-Club 1, 2, 3,45 Football 1, 3: Basket- ball 2,4: Wrestling 1: Track 1,2,4: Pep Club 1, 3. KEN KOCH Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3,4, Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 3, 4: Dance Band 1, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: T-Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 1, 2, 4: Track 1, 2: Pep Club 3, 4. IRENE PIPER Transfer from Bloomington, Illinois. Speech Club 4. 66 MIKE ABERLE Band 1. 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 3, 4, Ensemble 1: Boys' Cho- rus 3,4, Pres. 3: FFA 1, 2, 3.4, Pres. 3: FFA Section 12 Officer--Pres. 3, Reporter 4: Section 12--Public Speak ing Contest, Soil Judging Team, Corn and Grain Judg- ing Team, Parliamentary Team: Basketball 1: Cross Country 1: Lincoln Volunteer 3. JIM WAGENBACH Mixed Chorus 1: FFA 1.2, 3,4. 'his Year's Valedictorian and alutatorian DAN SCI-IWEIGERT Mixed Chorus 1, Ensemble 1: FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Section 12-- Soil Judging Team, Dairy Judging Team, Corn and Grain Judging Team. DEBBIE SCHMIDGALL Echo Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 1,3,4: Girls' Chorus 3,4: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: Lincoln Volunteer 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 3,4: Pep Club 1, 3,4. ELISE BRUNNER Student Council 2,3,4, Reporter 2,4: Latin Club 1,2, Sec. 2: Echo Staff 2, 3,4: Turk Talk 4: Mixed Chorus 1: National Honor Society 2, 3,4, Sec. 4: FHA 1,2, 3, 4: GAA 1, 2,3: Librarians 3,4: Lincoln Volunteer 3, 4: Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. -Treas. 4: Youth For Christ 4: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Class Sec. 1, 3. TOM STEWART Cross Country 1, 2: Football 3: Wrestling 1, 2: Track 1, 2: FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, Historian 4: Section 12 FFA Horticulture Award 4. 67 ED SCHUPBA CH Latin Club 1,2: Band 1, 2, 3,4, Pres. 4, Solo 1,2,3,4 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 1, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Chorus 4: T-Club 1, 2,3,4: Football 1,2, 3,4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2: Baseball 4: Pep Club 1, 3, 4. KEN COUCH Transfer from Broadlands, Illinois. Band 4: Pep Band 4: Dance Band 4: Wrestling 4. The Seniors Enjoy the Junior-Senior PAM NAFFZIGER Latin Club 1,2: Echo Staff 3: Turk Talk 3,4: Band 1: Mixed Chorus 1: FHA 1, 3, 4: GAA 1, 2: Lincoln Volun- teer 3: Drama Club 3: Pep Club 1,3,4: Class Sec. 2. JOHN SCHURTER Latin Club 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: PepBand 1, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 1,4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4: Boys' Chorus 2,3,4: Wrestling 1,2: Track 1: Pep Club 1, 3,4. JOHN RENNER Latin Club 1,2: Turk Talk 1, 2: Band 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Chorus 4, Vice-Pres. 4: T-Club 2,3,4: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 3. KRIS DORSEY Echo Staff 2, 3,4: Turk Talk 1, 2, 3,4, Artist 4: Mixed Chorus 1: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: GAA 1, 2: Librarians 3, 4: Cheer- leader 2, 3,4: Lincoln Volunteer 3, 4: Drama Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 3,4: Homecoming Candidate. 68 , . ,.--ff.',, u,,msf,:fs-1,,wr,-4.fu.z. . , ALAN UNSICKER Latin Club 1: Mixed Chorus 1,3,4: Boys' Chorus 1,3,4, Vice-Hes. 3, Sec. -Treas. 4: T-Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 1,2,3,4: Cross Country 1, 2, 3,4: Track 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 1,3,4. DALE LINDENFELSER Latin Club 1, 2:Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 4: T-Club 3,45 Football 4: Track 1, 2, 3,4: Dance Band 1,4: Youth For Christ 4: Pep Club 3, 4: JETS 3. banquet and Prom, 66P0ly 'fffrw nesian Paradisea' MIKE YERGLER Latin Club 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Mixed Cho- rus 3: Boys' Chorus 3: T-Club 3,43 Wrestling 1,2, 3, 4: Cross Country 4: Track 4: Drama 3, 4: Operetta 4. ELLEN KOCH Latin Club 1: Echo Staff 2, 3,4, Business Mgr. 4: Band 1, 2, 3.4, Ensemble 3, 4: Pep Band 3: Mixed Chorus 1,2. 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3,43 FHA 1,2, 3: GAA 1, 2,3,4: Librar- ians 1, 2, 3, 4, Point Chairman 3, Outstanding Librarian Award: Lincoln Volunteer 3: Drama Club 3,43 School Play 3.4: Youth For Christ 4: Pep Club 1, 3, 4. CONNIE STEINBECK Echo Staff 3: Turk Talk 3, 4, Editor 4: Mixed Chorus 1: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Recreation Chairman 4: Librarians 3, 4: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4: Drama Club 3: Pep Club 1, 3, 4: Prom Candidate: Homecoming Candidate. JOHN STAUFF ER Mixed Chorus 1: FFA 1, 2, 3.4, Reporter 2, Vice-Pres. 3: National FFA Convention Delegate 3: Wrestling 1, 2:Pep Club 1, 3.4: Homecoming Candidate. 69 GRADUATING CLASS of 196 E ii 2 Z Valedictorian - Carol Schmidt Salutatorian - Lynn Unsicker tai I3 ROW 1: Yergler, M., Brunner, E., Piper, I., Dorsey, K., Schupbach, E., Austin, S., Funk, S., Tyler, D., Koch, K. ROW 2: Phoenix, D., Grigsby, D., Koch, E., Carrier, B., Naffziger, P., Steinbeck, C., Schmidgall, D., Unsicker, L., Campbell, P., Frank, C., Schmidt, C., Bolliger, J., Eggena, I., Stuber, L., Harkins, D. ROW 3: Beutel, B., Lindenfelser, D., Puckett, J., Risinger, S., Aberle, M., Luick, J., Schweigert, D., Couch, K., Ro- well, R., Fensterman, D., Mitchell, C., Harkins, D., Kepple, G., Koch, T. ROW 4: Stauffer, I., Frederick, M., Flannigan, J., Renner, I., Riggenbach, I., Unsicker, A., Wagenbach, S., Haskett, G., Neville, R., Spring- er, G., Downs, C., Pflederer, B., Stewart, T., Wagenbach, J. eaves THS with Mixed Emotions Address - Gene Kepple Gene Becker Memorial Award Bruce Pflederer American Legion Scholarships Lynn Unsicker and Ron Neville American Legion Award DAR Award Bill Beutel and Susan Austin Bausch and Lomb Science Award .Bill Beutel Class Wills TO THE FACULTY as a whole we will a good sense of humor in order to understand and appreciate the class wills TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION we will another election. TO AMY, we will a GOODY-GOODY will l TO THE SECRETARIES, we will a smile no matter what the occasion. TO MRS. WELTY, we will a powder blue mini skirt and white "Go-Go" boots so she'll be up in the world of fashion. TO GEORGE, we will a wall-to-wall broom and self-cleaning gymnasium. TO MR. BRUELL, we will a P.A. system for his car and a radar trap to catch students speeding for the lunch line. TO MR. CLUTS, we will the ability to be in three places at once for next year's musical. TO MRS. CLUTS, we will LOTS of patience in case Mr. Cluts decides to put on another musical. TO MR. DOWELL, we will a group of boys who will go along with his way of thinking. TO MR. EVANS, we will a big vault to keep his bass mouthpiece and other valuables such as clarinet and sax reeds in so they'll be safe. TO MISS FREDERICKSEN, we will a pair of stilts. TO MR. GILCHRIST, we will several things since we have been so bountifully supplied: 13 an empty closet so he won't get that "spied-on" feeling, 21 a full class so he'll always have someone to talk to, 33 an Armerd Forces Ex- emption Card so future generations will know what we went through. TO MR. HALLBERG, we will a pair of brass knuckles so he can save his ring for decoration only. TO MRS. HILDEBRAND, we will a copy of "Rules of the Road for Illinois Drivers." TO MR. HOPKINS, we will a black silk hankerchief to wipe his weeping eyes at Miss Fredericksen and Mr. Wein- stein's wedding. .TO MRS. HUTTON, we will a generous supply of second year brownie buttons. TO MRS. KINCAID, we, the senior girls, will a diploma of appreciation for making our four years in high school great ones. 1 TO MR. LANG, we will an empty schedule so he'll always have time for students. TO MR. POORBAUGH, we will a new red light bulb for his Christmas tie. TO MR. SHANNON, we will a blarney-stone in hopes that he will never lose his "gift 'o' gab". TO MRS. SPARROW, we will a long, snowy-white robe to complete her angel costume. TO MR. SPREHE, we will the senior boys' long hair in hopes that he will put it to good use. TO MRS. SPRINGER, we will books and encyclopedias that fly back to the library when they are due. TO MR. TYLER, we will TV sets as students so he can turn them off at will. TO MR. VEDDER, , we will a full chest of tools and a vault to keep them in. TO MR. WEINSTEIN, we will an extra long black necktie to wear at his wedding. TO THE JUNIORS, we will brains, beauty, and all the other things we have plenty of and they'll NEED. TO THE SOPHOMORES, we will a big, six-foot "69" sign so they can use their loud mouths for something more important. As individuals, we will the following: l, Mike Aberle, will to anyone who wants it, an Ag IV class consisting of two people, Bill Pech and myself. l, Susan Austin, being very desperate, will my brother to anyone who wants him. ' 1, Elise Brunner, will my ability to get along with our beloved American Problems teacher to anyone who won 't smile, cough, frown, move, or breathe. l, Patti Campbell, will my courage to any Junior girl who will be alone in next year's all boy American Problems class. l, Bill Beutel, will my ability to lose the 880 by two inches at the County to anyone who is satisfied with second place, and my ability to miss only ONE campus Life meeting all year to the entire student body of next year. I, Jody Bolliger, will my ability in Shorthand to Rosie. I, Barb Carrier, will my dog tags to Jan Watts until she gets Chuck's. I, Kris Dorsey, will one pair of my brightest red "petri-pants" to Rollie so they may be seen throughout these hal- lowed halls again next year. I, Chuck Downs, will my ability to tear up 3 cars in 3 years to Tom Van Meter, a guy who will probably never have a car. 1, Janet Eggena, will a padlock to Miss Frederickson for her refrigerator. I, Don Fensterman, will my quiet ways to my sister, Barbara. I, Jim Flanagan, will my set of loud mufflers to Brad Strunk so he can sweat the police for awhile. 72 I, Michael John Frederick, more commonly known to my many friends as "Homer, " being of sound mind, will my battered briefcase to my brother, Gerry, my ability to collect pens and pencils to my cousin, Dean Unsicker, and my ability to louse up the mile run to my cousin, Don Pflederer. I, Gary Haskett, will my nickname, "Ginny," to Orville West. I, Carole Frank, will Sherry Hinman a future of success with her Hopedale guy. l, Susan Funk, will my ability to blush to Trudi Bryan. I, Donna Grigsby, will the holes in my ears to all the girls that wear the "pierced look." I, Dave Harkins, will my long hair and sideburns to Larry Couch. I, Donna Harkins, will my ability to be seen and not heard to the Freshmen. I, Gene Kepple, will my ability to give up on Tremont girls to all the boys at Tremont High. I, Ellen Koch, will to Mrs. Springer Kramer's recipes for onion rings and cinnamon rolls. I, Ken Koch, will my well-used and appropriate nickname, "The QBeepJ Kid," which won't pass through the of- fice to Tom Kaiser. I, Mike Koch, will my position as a senior in the freshman P.E. class to anyone who would like being surrounded by thirty "strange" little people. I, Terry Koch, will my driver to Mike Funk to replace his which broke in half after being smacked against a tree. I, Dale Lindenfelser, will my ability to make good use of the lunch hour to Todd Stuber, in hopes that he won't bother next year 's couples as much as he did this year's. I, John Luick, will my ability to go steady with one girl to Dave Schmidgall, I, Chuck Mitchell, will my ability to spend four years with Mr. Cluts to Dean Unsicker. Heaven help him! I, Pam Nafziger, will by ability to get a Bradley boy and keep him to Pam Boyle. l, Ron Neville, will my senior year to anyone except Dennis Stuber, I, Bruce Pflederer, will my ability to pole vault to Becky Koch in hopes that she will attain greater heights. I, Irene Piper, will my ability to move back to Tremont to Marj Schupbach. I, Jim Puckett, will my electrical ability to the Drama Club. I, Donna Reidner, will to the Junior class a diamond ring so that they may carry on this Tremont tradition. I, John Renner, will to Richard Bartels my ready, sterling smile so he can keep his "cools" in the locker room. I, Steve Risinger, fcensoredj. I, Ron Rowell, will my Mustang to Rocky Duffin--maybe he'll quit begging me to drive it. I, Jim Riggenbach, will my neatly trimmed and parted hair to Randy Couch. I, Debbie Schmidgall, will my quiet ways to my cousin Dave--he can use them. I, Carol Schmidt, will my Betty Crocker Homemaker of the Year award to Amy. I, Dan Schweigert, will my duck hunting ability to Kerry Lusher. 1, John Schurter, will my convertible and drum set to Gary James and Chris Curtiss to keep up the Excel tradi- tion--girl chasing. I, Gail Springer, will my Angus calf to Rich Sauder. It's not my fault it isn't a Hereford. I, John Stauffer, will my ability fand lucky to not get kicked out of Ag class to Steve Green. I, Connie Steinbeck, will my six years of cheerleading experience to the faculty cheerleaders in hopes that they will improve. I, Tom Stewart, will my ability to "skip" to anyone who wants to get caught. 1, Linda Stuber, will my contacts to Mr. Gilchrist in hopes that he will have better vision to see what is going on behind his back. I. Debbie Tyler, will to the science department. one slightly used chemistry teacher, complete with life-time sup ply of "pink slips. " I, Al Unsickcr, fcensoredj. I, Lynn Unsicker, will a copy of my driver's license to Beth Odle so she can get out of first gear. I, Jim Wagenbach, will my strength to Steve Willoby. I, Si Wagenbach, will my EXPERIENCES to the underclassmen. I, Mike Yergler, will my nickname, "Canary, " to Coach Hallberg, "Our Hero." 73 Senior Class fficers Bruce Pflederer, Pres., Susan Austin, V. Pres.g Linda Stuber, Sec., Patti Campbell, Treas. The Junior Class began its successful year with a bake sale and car wash. Next came the annual maga- zine drive in which this year's class topped all other classes of preceding years. To complete the money- making projectsa scrap drive, soc-hop, and bake sale were held. These activities were all aimed at raising money for that all important dance--the Prom. The theme for this year's Prom was "Polynesian Paradise." The banquet was again held at the Beacon in East Peoria. For the Juniors the 1966-67 school year proved to be a very busy but enjoyable one. This page sponsored by RIVERVIEW HATCI-IERY 8: MOBILE MILLING of PEKIN 74 The Seniors, with their sponsors, Mr. Cluts and Mrs. Sparrow, started the year off with a second place Homecoming float, "The Last Voyage". This was a remarkable achievement since none of our floats have ever placed before. As money -making projects, they sold light bulbs and scented candles. Their work was rewarded by the wonderful time they all had on their class trip to Chi- cago. On this trip they visited Riverview Amusement Park, went shopping in the Loop, and saw the stage play "Fiddler On the Roof". The Seniors may have tried the patience of their sponsors at times, but even Mr. Cluts and Mrs. Sparrow seemed to enjoy the trip! The Class of 67 leaves Tremont High with mixed emotions. All the good times and old friends will be fondly remembered, but they are anxiously anticipat- ing future years to be just as great. Junior Class fficers Christy Koch, Pres.g Dean Oswald, V. Pres.g Tom Kaiser, Sec.g Randy Stuber, Treas. UNIURS Have Successful Magazine i i , is ,, 1 - ,ry Q t , M A A y "V 711- 1,,,,,g ' 'E-53,32 9 'Q VI' , Eg, 'x'f1 , 0V" H' ,-g' Li 'L,. ,i? R , , f,5 A. t, 'A fi f-,,' 1 - L . fffjf 1 K 'ww""' an ' ,cf K M t fi "W if, A f is NQQ ,,' sr,s Vi5awe,fg 'ff ' iiri Mg agp, is 'K siw ii A K ff' A5 'wi f ,s 55,5 ' N if 5 Zwljv MQ-ff fu 3,5113 :E M I ,, Z " Elem 7 us 1 P AV ' M- , ' 'Wh 1 .43 AAIA V ' , ag 'VV1 3:4 .. ,ij- fif, Bw ,V 3,5 'W' 'WK vm W., uf Qywljy ' 1, , Y' ,- " y, V ,nie kk 4 f , , W ' M, ., A ,N - mf i f f F3 , -,A ,ir 'V' W,-,, ., ' ' , ' 'J . gf i ' V K 'V 1-'YW' IV' J ,V af-fi K 9 V ' ' ' - Ls ' N-M v' A 1, .4 f, -f V ,-0-.',.' ' - A A V if, . fi?" , riM?'9,Z A '- 1' 4 trmeax ' f f. f , ,yr ,.,. gn' ,. . ,R f y A --:A 4, 'AAL ,gf wld Y' 1- K iw K K L A 11 fs! ff ew rw y, , 5 ,ga ' 3 ., W ' r ' fi-liff ' iam: rf? if f , T Lusher , Kerry Martin , I im McCammon, Linda Miller, Debbie Not Pictured: Baer, Peter Greene, Steve Hasler, Gary Hinman, Sherry Kaiser, Tom King, Jeff Koch, Becky Koch, Christy Koch, Galen Sales Bartels, Richard Birky, Karen Bolliger, Pat Boyle, Pam Duffin, Rocky Funk, Mike Getz, Sherry Giffhorn, John Gillespie, Dean Goforth, Marca Vi, To Raise Mane or 66P0lynesian Paradise" V7 aaaa , Y Neville, Rose Mary Odle, Beth Oswald, Dean . 5 ,,.l 1 l"""' new ,,.. , ,,,f-qglfyya, 2 H95 2 2 W ,v" .-" ',f: ,s Zill ai? , r .K ff if f 2 si J 3 f 3 1 r agar 2+ 1 M-ft e in 3 jr .ills Q 3 av if Q me fa Q il 'W , e H ,. W , 77,5 lil ' f . fx - , ij ,-" 7 l , , 'i P I in- if f ' ,g if Y , ifisf A :' ' r ,FU 'k yilfsig f k'f-k 12 3 ,5 7 sf fr" , j i lalll ? W is S - Q ll W wa , , yi V 'vi .av . aa' ,, yi EW ii? , 2, ll, ,J ,Av ,M 2, ,Ee X W ,gy Z s ,gk 5 r Q ,f was 2 76 MMP , J Y 4 1" W f if , Weeks, David West, Bill 7, Zehr, Dan Ewgyfigf if I i ,V Zimmerman, Jim Pech, Bill Reid , Randy V Rowell, Nancy Runyan, Josie Runyon, Steve zikl Saal, Dean , ABRR1 , "'i" ,,'i Sauder, Richard 2'i 1 Schmidgall, Dave Schweigert, Alan Springer, Roma Stauffer, Mary Ann Strunk, Brad Stuber, Randy Turton, Louise Wagenbach, Kathy f i S This page sponsored by Bos Grrz AGENCY of TREMONT UNDER CLA SSMEN TO THE SOPHOMORES . . it's a float first place and learning to drive so you'11 be an Mace". TO THE FRESHMEN , , it's which courses to take, initiations, and money to make. THAT'S WHAT . . Happiness s. Industrious SUPHU ORES Raise B B B . 1 R "'i",f V ,, 'i"i 1 ff' V, V A V r u , W Ivl ,g k Y", ,- 4 f I I ,:'., ' 7,V-, w -' ws L,i"' ' , ' v..V - ,i .f E , Q i ,,,. ju 7Lm" ' ,'f D., we . W H -W , 3 , 'ZV' f - w i V. E' ' f if, 3 ' ' ',f, ' , H37 - 'QQEILJ1' - X vgfig i T25 , ' Q ' Qi V " , af ' i . . M lsis T sr- ,, ., 4 y Q T at u W9 ' ' 3, , ii, ., ' la. V ..,, .. ' , v iz ," " if MM, ,, ,,VZ 4? ,L,. Ji, V, , . ?ff 47513 ' i JP:- ,J ' fx,-f " ,I ' - ' ' ' " ,, ., .wa gaix ,, , i li ,X , f y ,g Jw a 4 , W My 3 my Z ,f 2 wg? Zjfrfarf W J 5 5 rm "' f A fy yi 2 K' v .3 ig- gi- , ,, Cook, John Couch, Randy Evans, Jerry Frank, Timm Green, Bill Grimm, Holly Harkins, Jim Brunner, Chuck Bryan, Trudy Burns, Steve Calhoun, Larry Callahan, Alan Haskett, Debby Haskert, Wayne Kinsey . Jerry T yyyyr za Koch, R086 ,V I G' , ind, Nancy T, Maharas, Terry f , V war' l f rf' ,ff r fwfr? Miller, Duane lvloore, Barbara Neville, Dennis This page Adams, Joe Austin, Ken Beutel, Keith enson, Rick ong, Todd rummert, Rich sponsored by M one P.R. KUBITSCHEK, D.D.S., of MORTON 1 Expectation 0 a Great Prom Pech, Judy Pflederer, Don A Pflederer, Ken V ' "' I - V' Q I 12g"',,' 55, 'K , w ,ff aa Vw L S' t gut VV ,. Piner, Kay !t,t wh o Rapp' Gail Reidner, Jack 'tw Robinson, Leonard f H . s 'tt A V A i RODD. Earl W. e 5 ,. . . t as 3,5 . t " Sauder. Howard A Schwelgert, Roger ' 5 i " " 72 S 'F Simmons, Nanette Sm 1th, Mike ff V- s, Sparrow- Maflyse ' M Sfewaffi ADH i l 1 UW - T , ' Stewart' Mary i Swbef- Peggy Y E, . t nn, I A fgf fgglmg gj,ffd3,,M,.trl is aamff at i if ,. gg zmmmuusu Ma - ,. t. ,, Sundstrom, Sharon Van Meter, Tom :fi 215' , Wafembufgf Diane -I i . V Vtt, W Z in , ,W a ig . .M A V' ?Q7Q2.., K. f , '1- Qy- iii, VT' Asiivzl E,-1, 35 "' --" ' ' 4"" ,Wi , ' Watts, Janice , ' ' Willialm. SUS Willoby, Stephan Wilson, Ronald Not Pictured: Jording, Riann Matthews, Sheri Stuber, Dennis 5 M-ff V Woerner, Helen St- 1 , I " ,Q 5 x t my 'ia si :,Qsf47ii at , A f ,,,, V,,.. , Q 79 Sophomore Class Ufficers Helen Woerner, Pres.g Roger Koch, V. Pres.g Holly Grimm, Sec.g Barb Moore, Treas. This year the Freshman Class had many activities. To start off the year we made a float for the Homecoming parade. It displayed a rotating penny with the motto, "Heads We Win, Tails They Lose." After building the float we were low on money so everyone was asked to pay 31.00 dues. We also sponsored a soc-hop after a basketball game in February. At the Student Council Carnival we had a Hawaiian Wedding booth that proved very successful. To end the year we had a bake sale at the Village Hall. 80 The main goals of the Sophomore Class this year was to build and pro- mote the image of a real "go-getting" class and to earn money for next year's prom and the classes' senior trip. The class moved towards the realization of these goals during the school year by winning the sweepstakes trophy in the student council's homecoming day float contest by participating in every school-sponsored event in which it had an interest fincluding the entry of a booth in the spring fund-raising carni- val for the AFS Fund for next yearJ, and raising a little money for next year's prom through the sale of candy. Freshman Class 0 icers 'fear' Greg Oyer, Treas.g Connie Burns, Sec.g Steve Kester, V. Pres.g Dean Un- sicker, Pres. FRE HME tart Slow limb ,el rx is ,QS J 4, Allen, Bill by 'E M M Beutel, Sally is S as ssss ' , ,J A li Beecham' Bob . r 1 I . we ' ,NWS 1 Burns, Connie r b Clark, Randy h W , J ' Z Y Cornell, Shirley I -'- rw kg' Couch, Larry J dwg: v 5, 'if W5 Dorris, Linda XYLFK-5 rilbqa . ffiifl is A Dorris, Shirley ' A 'Ml L Elliot, Barbara h E , Evans, Glenda " ' " il , ,,., is Evans. John EVM' Y r' ' gif: "'l Fensterman, Barbara ll J . .r:.: J f Q - FOX. AHDC it J f ' P if -1 all F R b ' E -' ' 4 fiat OX' 0 eft Vw Y , Q 'Q Frederick, Betty is JN l,. 5 Frederick' Gerry gre-,r.Qr5Sr gi 4 3,1 K rm , k.,li. S Funk' Lynn F g ' f PM J? fs. N I Jrr or fe re , .3 s 3Pe':,,.,sQ' 2 r . if ,f,l:.f1- R egg- - , Mme 5 .M 1 ,wan ""'f 3, kbgkremnr whsw., ,if r. ., - wwf:-.veg E' ' , -1 V 1, 5 . ii? iw f if Q 93 gf,ffffr3,f3 , O uf are " Qi -EJ.. it ' 6 'V 5? ET fix it-153 va - J.,-E.. V es ir - r . at .ffsgvx mfii' re. .K J- fl1:.11f?ff?E253'Q2-f ' 13 Y we M551 Y. a-SS n 'S if 3 E .K ' a....vf ff' 1 .M fy if ,A ef, 25 sr.: V I , DX? if . of 2gg':1J-fungi fa 919:-,.c,2?.2UnU'c Koch, Faye Hall, Henry Hansen, Rita Hasler, Karl Hutchison, Sharon Kajer, Guy Keith, Renee Kester, Steve King, Jill Knieriem, David Koch, Harold Furrow, Janice Gillespie, Ruth Goodwin, Phyllis Goodyear, Greg To the Top and Prepare or the Future we 1 Scott Richard Maher, ,Terelyn Martin, Jeanise Martin, Larry Mason, Bruce McCammon, Norma Koch, , ,, Luick, 4+ M li rrr r it r r, i w' l" - -'l- 253, 4' K' 4 M M f ,, " M y V Z .. gg , ' ' M ,rg r' ,f ,- ff' ,f , W, 41, ., V, W .IM . VL, Alll M f rrrr -r A Mr' 6291 -"V4 ' M 1, 3 Mign, Phrnrp L , A Q W, , m g .ga A Morris, Diana .. ,li N ' 'K - . MLM , ' A . V .1 ,rr M tax, , ' 3,5 ,, f,,,,,. W ,f ff gj ,g Musselman, Annette , 'M,r,' r ,W ,gMWfpir, he "" .1 Nafziger, Becky .A or 5.1-1 K, 'M , V Q ' , .- B M f i Q! A . Neville Charleen IMIQSMIEQ K i KM V. - M ' ' Oyer, Greg Q 5' Parkhurst, Ed r M' A r ' M S Phoenix, Mary Jane 'jjif,L.' , , ' .2 , Z E file' ,,,f , .5 f Poorbaugh, Kathy tr K w :ff l M M , S 1 14, ,gf Runyon, Mary Beth I cfm, . ,K -.,.L , fi'-..-gg, 1, vigrtfrp ,V ' ,ir ,r ., Q a. 61' .,M : ,, Sauder, Shirley Q A ' Schertz, Sue 5 "g nj It Schurter, David Schurter, Sally 'yr 1 :K fi' 57251. . M as f . fMM ' Scott Jim ,f , ,bam y r , ix , I, 1 1 IM - -' lf. Sinn, Carol 4' wh, f 2 Sinn, Kathy P , I ' '3 '55' fr' Stuber, Jill r , 5. . hx' K Stuber, Todd "'l 51. 4' 1' Y I t '1-, 3 V, V M A MZ Taylor, Cheryl ,gfflla M Unsicker, Dean 'V w f , S A , Vltt Wa enbach Becky Y' lkrr. ,, Jlwzzv. V V f M J g 1 W., -Zn i M ff , R., Weeks, Janet L33 ' 2,'. 4 Weeks, Ioyce , A V West, Orville AA ,,,, ,, fry vi N' ' E e ,gr I .., g B Woerner, Mary Yergler, Margo ..,. I f 'H , f , Zimmerman, Gary fi Zortm an h ' N, I-'rr ' JO D Not Pictured: Baer. Nancy 82 Matthews, Darrell ADVERTISEMENTS a "fi11'er up". it's a coffee cup a big bouquet. a holiday. SS. Theend of the beginning! A lot ofswork goes into earning a diploma. Your name on one indicates a measure of achievement of which you can feel proud. But a diploma is only a milestone-a mea- surement of what you have done. Now . . .how about doing something with it? For example, what are your plans for fur- thering your education? If that isn't possible, then how about looking for ajob with a company for whom you can work as beneficially as you worked for your diploma? Personal effort is the essence of success-W the key to your progress. That precious piece of paper you receive graduation day can help you unlock a bright future-as bright as you strive to make it. May your future be a fine one! CATERPILLAR R.A. 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BAER, M.D. Tremont, Illinois TINA-ANN SHOPPE Tremont, Illinois COMISKY FURNITURE Pekin, Illinois STAR GARAGE Tremont, Illinois TAZEWELL FLOOR COVERING Tremont, Illinois MODERN MILLWORK Tremont, Illinois BUEHRIG ELECTRIC SERVICE Morton, Illinois PALMER BLISS, TRUCKING Tremont, Illinois GRIMM OIL COMPANY Morton, Illinois FLOWERS BY FLORENCE Pekin, Illinois TREMONT LUMBER COMPANY Tremont, Illinois WINDSOR PHARMACY Tremont, Illinois SCHWENKS MARKET Morton, Illinois TREMONT COUNTER TOPS Tremont, Illinois GAUGER MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE Tremont, Illinois JOSEPH P. ARONOFF, M.D. Morton, Illinois THOMPSON FOOD BASKET, INC. Morton, Illinois NORTON VILLAGE PHARMACY Morton, Illinois WATSON BROTHERS Delavan, Illinois Our years at THS are full of precious memories for all of us 5 the Echo provides a means for recalling these memories. We, the editors, have made several evident changes in the presentation of the material in our yearbook. These changes are imed at bringingTremont High's yearbook up to the standards of progress and change which we feel are becoming more and ore evident in the lives of. the students of THS, We hope that you, the student body, find these changes exciting and enjoy- lble. Compiling this yearbook has been agreat deal of work for us over this past yearg however our work 'will have a purpose f this book will at some time bring back just one memory of the 1966-67 school year for anyone of you. The Editors, Lynn Unsicker Mike Koch Chuck Mitchell Debbie Miller, Jr. Ed. KW' Happiness s . . . Being a yearbook editor and knowing.,Uylli have come to - THEE D 99 Index Aberle, M.--35,3'7,38,6'7,'70 Adams, J.--10,25,31,32,46,49,'78 Allen, B.--46,81 Austin, K.--10,31,38,39,41,49,'78 Austin, S.--19,2l,22,25,2'7,28,29, 62,'70,7l,'74 Baer, N,--30 Bartels, R.--22,46,'75 Beecham, B,--31,46,48,8l Beecham, C.--34,4l,42,52,8l Benson, R,--8,78 Beutel, B.--12,14,19,22,25,2'7,33,38,4O,4l,45,46,4'7,50,60 61,7O,'71 Beutel, K.--l4,33,36,3'7,38,41,4'7,50,'78 Beutel, S.--3O,38,42,81 Birky, K,--6,14,22,2'7,33,34,38,39,41,42,52,'75 Bliss, C,--14,24,31,33,34,36,39,41,42,81 Bolliger, Ja.--19,29,31,36,42,81 Bolliger, Jo.--18,l9,21,22,25,3'7,6O,64,'70 Bolliger, P.--14,22,25,34,3'7,38,39,41,42,'75 Bong, T.--8,35,48,'78 Boyle, P.--34,4l,'75 Brummett, R.--1O,4'7,49,5O,'78 Brunner, C.--10,25,31,48,'78 Brunner, E.--21,22,24,25,2'7,28,29,33,34,4l,6'7,'7O Bryan, T,--32,78 Burns, C.--3l,33,34,42,80 Burns, S.--38,39,'78 Calhoun, L,--'78 Callahan, A,--l0,3l,49,'78 Campbell, P.--5,6,19,22,2'7,33,34,4l,42,61,'70,74 Carrier, B.--2l,22,34,61,'70 Clark, R.--37,81 Cook, J.--'78 Cornell, S.--12,28,31,33,34,36,81 Couch, K.--l0,21,22,36,3'7,50,68,'70 Couch, L.--28,30,32,36,81 Couch, R,--47,78 Dorris, L.--42,81 Dorris, S.--81 Dorsey, K.--5,18,2l,22,28,29,33,34,41,52,68,'7O Downs, C.--22,32,4O,41,50,63,'70 Duffin, R.--22,33,40,41,'75 Eggena, J.--18,22,63,'70 Elliot, B.--28,31,33,34,38,39,41,42,8l Evans, G.--81 Evans, J.--40,44,46,49,'78 Evans, Jo.--46,81 Fensterman, B.--36,3'7,42,81 Fensterman, D,--66,70 Flannigan, J.--4O,45,46,50,61,'7O Fox, A,--28,30,32,33,3'7,38,39,8l Fox, R.--31,3'7,46,4'7,8l Frank, C.--28,34,39,65,'70 Frank, T,--10,25,31,4'7,49,50,'78 Frederick, B,--81 Frederick, C,--46,81 32,33,34,3e,37,39,41,42,6o Frederick, G,--24,81 Frederick, M,--25,4'7,62,'7O Funk, L.--42,81 Funk, M.--1O,22,24,25,36,3'7,40,5O,'75 Funk, S.--18,21,22,62,'70 Furrow, J,--42,81 Getz, S.--l2,14,25,30,32,33,3'7,38,39,42,'75 Giffhorn, J.--21,35,'75 Gillespie, Gillespie, D,--21,22,32,75 R,--9,za,34,a1 Goforth, M.--20,22,29,33,34,38,39,41,42,'75 Goodwin, P.--31,3'7,39,8l Goodyear, G,--81 Green, B,--'78 Greene, S,--35,40,'75 Grigsby, D.--5,l9,22,28,33,34,65,'70 Grimm, H.--2,13,28,31,32,33,38,39,41,42,'7'7,'78,80 Hall, H.--27,81 Hansen, R,--28,30,33,3'7,42,8l Harkins, Da.--22,36,3'7,65,'70 Harkins, Do.--18,21,22,26,34,38,39,63,'70 Harkins, J,--30,36,4'7,'78 Haskett, D Haskett, G .--13,27,28,s1,32,33,3e,37,39,41,42,7a ,--4o,4a,66,7o Haskett, W,--3'7,48,'78 Hasler, G,--'75 Hasler, K.--47,81 Hinman, S.--6,14,22,2'7,33,38,39,41,42,52,'75 Hutchinson, S,--28,34,42,8l Kaiser, T.--21,22,2'7,46,'74,'75 Kajer, G.j-28,35,4'7,81 Keith, R.--34,81 Kepple, G,--l9,22,25,40,4'7,48,64,'70,'71 Kester, S,--31,80,8l King, Je.--22,75 King, Ji.--42,81 Kinsey, J.--1O,46,49,'78 Knieriem, D,--3o,3e,37,38,41,a1 Koen, B.--12,14,z2,33,3a,39,4z,'75 Koch, c.--22,25,34,3s,3'7,3a,39,42,74,75 Koch, E,-- 13,21,22,26,28,29,33,36,3Q,41,69,70 Koch, F.--34,4z,s1 Koch, G.--s,2z,33,35,'15 Koch, H,-- 81 Koch, K.--22,24,25,3e,37,aa,41,47,5o,6e,'2o Koch, M.--2,12,19,21,22,25,26,29,30,33,41,59,65,'70 Koch, R.--24,25,31,3e,37,4o,47,5o,7a Koch, S.--12,2'7,31,3:s,sz Koch, T.--25,63,'7O Lind, N.--9,2a,31,34,'1a Lindenfelser, D.--12,18,19,2z,25,33,3s,37,4o,41,45,46 4 7 69,70 Luick, J.--18,19,22,4O,41,45,46,48,50,62,'70 Luickk, R.--37,82 Lusher, K,--35,75 Maharas, T.--9,28,37,'78 Maher, J.--31,32,82 Martin, Ja.--19,22,25,40,4'7,48,'75 Martin, Je.--31,34,39,42,a2 Martin, L,--82 Mason, B.--82 Matthews, D.--46 Matthews, S.--38.39 McCammon, L,--l9,22,3'7,41,'75 McCammon, N.--34,41,42,82 Migit, P.--30,32,37,82 Miller, De.--2,22,24,26,29,33,34,3'7,41,42,'75,83 Miller, Du.--35,78 Mitchell, C.--5,14,22,24,25,26,29,33,36,3'7,38,40,41,64,'7O Moore, B,--2'7,28,31,33,34,41,'78,80 Morris, D,--82 Musselman, A.--31,39,82 Nafziger, B,--31,3'7,82 Naffziger, P.--19,22,34,4l,6'7,'70 Neville, C.--34,41,42,52,82 Neville, D.--48,78 Neville, R.--16,18,19,21,22,4O,44,46,48,60,64,'70,'71 Neville, RM,--l0,20,22,24,41,42,52,'76 Odle, B.--13,22,29,33,3B,39,'76 Oswald, D.--8,20,22,33,35,36,3'7,38,'74,76 Oyer, G.--4,3O,35,46,80,82 Parkhurst, E.--l3,2'7,31,33,82 Pech, B.--22,35,36,3'7,38,41,'76 Pech, J.--2'7,28,32,34,41,42,'79 Pflederer, B,--5,16,1v,21,22,4o,44,46,47,4s,5o,6o,63,'ro,71 '74 Pflederer, D.--14,33,38,41,4'7,50,79 Pflederer, K.--14,28,38,39,50,79 Phoenix, D.--5,l8,21,24,29,33,39,64,'70 Phoenix, MJ.--34,42,82 Piner, K.--19,32,34,41,42,79 Piper, I.--22,32,66,'70 Poorbaugh, K.--28,31,33,34,41,42,82 Puckett, J.--21,22,61,'70 Rapp, G.--l9,32,34,38,39,42,'79 Reid, R.--22,33,40,41,'76,'77 Reidner, J.--3l,36,3'7,4O,41,48,'79 Renner, J.--l3,l9,22,32,33,38,4O,44,46,47,5O,68,'70 Riggenbach, J.--16,18,19,22,4O,45,46,48,5O,65,'70 Risinger, S.--1'7,4O,44,46,4'7,63,'70 Robinson, L,--'79 Ropp, E.--8,35,49,'79 Rowell, N,--22,25,34,38,39,41,42,'76 Rowell, R.--5,1'7,22,24,25,45,46,4'7,50,6O,66,'70 Runyan, J.--19,22,41,'76 Runyon, MB.--9,28,34,42,82 Runyon, S,--22,,33,76 Saal, D.--1O,22,36,38,41,50,'76 Sauder, H.--21,31,3'7,4'7,49,'79 Sauder, R,--8,21,2.2,25,35,'76 Sauder, S.--31,3'7,42,82 Schertz, S,--14,34,39,82 Schmidgall, Da.--4,1O,22,24,35,45,46,'76 Schmidgall, De.--18,21,22,26,28,34,38,39,42,6'7,'70 Schmidt, C,--25,42,6O,66,'70 Schupbach, E.--22,36,3'7,38,40,4l,44,46,50,68,'70 Schupbach, M.--14,2'7,28,31,33,34,36,38,39,41,42,52,'79 Schurter, D.--35,38,82 Schurter, J.--22,36,3'7,38,41,68 Schurter, S.--28,33,34,38,39,4l,42,82 Schweigert, A,--13,25,35,'76 Schweigert, D.--8,35,6'7,'70 Schweigert, R.--35,79 Scott, J.--82 Sherwin, C,--22 Simmons, N.--14,2'7,28,29,31,33,34,38,39,4l,42,'79 Sinn, C.--34,38,39,42,82 Sinn, K.--34,39,42,82 Smith, M.--'79 Sparrow, M.-- Springer, G .--5,6,22,35,4o,41,47,e2,7o Springer, R.--9,14,19,22,33,34,39,76 Stauffer, J.--5,z2,35,41,e9,'7o Stauffer, MA.--2o,22,29,37,aa,39,76 Steinbeck, C.--5,2z,z9,34,41,52,69,7o Stewart, A.--32,39,42,79 Stewart, M.--28,32,34,3s,39,42,79 Stewart, T.--8,21,35,67 Strunk, B.--1e,2o,22,35,4o,44,4s,47,4s,5o,'1e Stuber, B.--14,3a,39,46,5o,79 Stuber, D.--17,24,3z,4'1,4a stnber, J,--34,82 Stuber, L,--2,9,22,23,29,34,61,7o,'14 stuber, P.--28,3239 stuber, Ra.--2o,22,3e,3'1,4o,46,'14,7e stuber, T.--3s,39,a2 sundstrom, s,--2v,2a,3a,39,41,42,79 Taylor, C.--34,82 Turton, L,--2o,21,zz,33,34,41,42,v6 Tyler, D,-- 12,14,19,2z,27,2a,33,39,41,42,e3,'1o Unsicker, A,--2,13,1e,1a,19,22,3a,4o,41,4s,48,69,7o Unsinker, D,--4e,49,ao,a2 Unsicker, L,--2,13,21,22,25,2e,2s,29,33,a4,37,41,42 59,60 6 2, '70, '7 1 Van Meter, Wagenbach , Wagenbach, Wage nbach, Wagenbach, T.--79 B.--39,82 J.--35,6730 K.--29,3s,39,76 S.--1e,4o,45,4e,4a,e5,vo Waremburg, D.--2'7,32,34,38,39,4l,42,"19 Watts, J.--2'7,28,32,41,42,52,'79 Weeks, D,--19,22,76 Weeks, Ja.--34,82 Weeks, Jo.--42,82 West, B.--'76 West, O.--46,82 Williams, S.--'79 Willoby, S,--10,12,35,50,'79 Wilson, R. - -'79 Woerner, H,--9,28,29,31,34,39,'79,8O Woerner, M.--24,25,28,31,34,39,42,82 Yergler, Ma.--28,29,34,42,82 Yergler, Mi.--17,22,36,3'7,40,4'7,50,69,'7O Zehr, D.--2O,22,40,41,47,50,'76 Zimmerman, G.--28,32,82 Zimmerman, J.--13,19,22,2'7,'76 Zortman, J,--82 14,24,25,2'z,2a,31,33,34,37,3s,39,41,42,52 79 5 Q X03 W1 '70 -- and '68,'6?, Q s Va 3 E lk Q 'Ns 3 sg S 1 .S ' Egg ggi. N353 U pperclassmen Underclassmen V.I.P. 's

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