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'MKS ww ,-f iymfwm' e, MW fe f 1 1 A , 21 Q. , U 9 'WJ 1' Lbfe TC At Pg Dedication CAROL LYNN BILL J 42 WR ,............. 5- L T ,g Q. DJ Q V A I , ' f I K f' i 2, Y Y. 1 " I : f i , I CAROL JANE HOLVERSON A cheerleader F.H A offlcer and an actlve student She liked to have fun and was a lot of fun A happy person wlth a hkable person ahty made Carol s hfe pleasant and well lived LYNN ANTJE BECKER A smale was Lynn and a sweet personahty The hbrary was her love and she put forth her best. Lynn hked to smg and was U1 the chorus Her wholesome and cheerful life was gemally spent WILLIAM HOWARD RENNER A basketball and football player 1nd a track team member Bill was a sausfted person and an Lndlvlduahst. Godhad glV91'1llLlT13. vo1ce and he used rn benef1c1ally Hts hfe also was one spent mn nobility We are those who remaln we were the1r classmates and fr1ends Yes 1f you look up toward the sky there are three new stars one for Lynn, one for Carol and one for B111 the three Semor Class members who were taken from us In our school thls year we have felt what happens when youth meets death. DUTIES tlus school year we have learned that hfe IS uncertaln. Because of thls lt IS U1 the memory of these three students that we dedlcate the 1959 ECHO. 1 so g 4 u . ,. - u 0 a o . If I I a -- ' , - 1 1 o CO EDITORS Marljane Unslcker Peggy Gardner JR EDITORS Karen Schaefer Glenda Whlte ADVISER Mary 1-1 Boyd OVQLUO1' What IS school? That seems lure a stmple quesuon The dlcuonary says xt IS an educatlonal 1IlSI1IUI1OIl for systemattc lnstructlon We flnd that a school IS much SU'LlCU.OlSl Other act1v1t1es whrch occupy our trme lncluchng Chaflglllg classes eaung lunch phystcal educatron ndrng home on the school bus the student councll Echo G A A P ep Club ' T Club football basketball baseball and many other acuvrues But that ts the subject of our book and we can t tell the wl1ole story here. It rs our purpose to try to show you what school rs more complex than this, in that only a part of our time is spent for "systematic in- ' I! . D 1 n I 9 I 1 1 C 0 tl . ,. - - - I I I l I ' ' ', , Y 's L 1 "fa , 4 227. 'FQ is f , is 'gy' K L :mm K lgffi Q Y ,v 1 AV,g,+.' 41 i' ' A Z 4 W ,fi ' ,f"2:5" ' X' Ig nj, , 4 N 'f ' 'f , 4 ,if , S53 -.. .WLAV -Wi WW Ai' f H Q , , 4, mug Wu 'fi' 1 M,-,I g,,f-31.1141 52151. ,, Q: .fy . 'g 3 5 fn? we Board Of Education We the members of the 1959 Echo Staff wish to express our gratitude to our Board of Education. This group of citizens has done much to make our 1958-59 school year successful. It is through their personal efforts and the strength of the entire group that our school and our activities run smoothly. Without the schoolboard we would not have Tremont High as a reality. To the Board of Education the staff says "Thanks". 'I'he present members of the Board of Education are: CLAUDE BRYAN, President ROBERT SPARROW, Secretary RUDY BERTSCHI MILDRED BLISS JESSE KOCH ROBERT TRUMPY WILLIAM WATSON CLAUDE I ROSE AL LOUIS PENMAN Sllpeflfllefldem Of 30110015 Southem Illinois University Sponsors Student Council B S S, S0111-hem I111Il01S UHIVCISIIY Principal of Tremont Elementary B S Ed M. S School and Coach Indiana State Teacher s College North Carohna State College Columbia University MRS. DONNA BAECHLER Physical Education and Social Problems. Advisership: Cheer- leaders, G.A.A., Pep Club, B.S. Education, Bradley Uni- versity . MISS MARY E. BOYD Mathematics. Advisershipg Ech- o, Freshman Class. B.S. Ed- ucation, Illinois State Normal University. 'Ol MR, SIMON BIRKY MRS. LOIS BLA ZER Eighth Grade. B.S. Education, English 1 and 2. A.B. , WCSI- Illinois State Normal Univer sity. acuity Vocal Music. Advisership: Sophomore Cla ss. B. M. E. Illinois Wesleyan University. ern Illinois S t a t e Teachers College, Knox College. MISS ALMA GETZ Seventh Grade. B.S., Normal University, Bradley University, M.A., University of Illinois. MR, BEN GETZ S cience Department. Adviser ship: Photography Club. M. A. , Illinois Wesleyan Univer sity, State University of Iowa. MISS LYDIA KOCH Commercial Subjects. Ad- visership: Librarians. B. S. Education, Illinois State Nor- mal University. MR, HOWARD R, HOHMAN History, Physical Education, Coaching. B.S, , Elmhurst College, University of Illinoisg M. A. , University of Mary- land. MR, LEONARD KISELLUS Physical Education, Industrial Arts, Coaching. Advisership: T-Club, M. A., Hlinois State Normal University, Colorado State College of Education. MR, HAROLD M. LEE Eighth Grade. Illinois State Normal University. MR. RICHARD MOORHOUSE MISS DCRIS REED MR. RONALD REIK Band Director. B. M. E. , 111' Home Economics, Advisership: Seventh Grade, B.S. , Illinois inois W CS 1 SY 3 I1 UI1iV61'SiIy. F. H, A. , Senior Class. B. S. , State Normal University. Bradley University. Illinois State Normal Univer- sity. MRS, BERTHA TOWNS END Latin 1, 2g English 3.4. Ad- visership: Latin Club. Mon- mouth College, A ugus t ana Western Illinois University, University of Florida. MR, SAM WEGMAN Agriculture. Advisership: F F. A.. Junior Class. B.S. Burlington Junior College, Ill tnois State Normal University M. A., University of Illinois A99 ELMBI AND MRS. WELTY This page sponsored by WILKEY AMBULANCE Tremont, Illinois 1 L KATHY BEUTEL Secretary to Mr. Rose COOKS--M. Davis, F. Riggenbach, K. Weeks, E, Stuber A. Holverson. YH' AW M iz b-18,-MJ 1 -Q, M, ia, ? 5 if gfii , XZ m f Us s 5 Yi? 2? ii , fin. fif' F55 CHRISTIE ANN ADELL lfchrisll Majorette, Clever, Cute, Responsible. Student Council 44 Secretary-Treasurer 4, G.A. A. 2, 3, 4, Girls Club lg Latin Club 1,2g Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice- Pres1dent4gGirls' Chorus 1,23 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4g Junior Class Play, Queen Attendant to Spring Formal. KENNETH ROBERT BACKMEYER 'Ken' Flirt, Husky, Cars, FBI. T Club 2, 45 Photography Club 2, Pep Club 4, Boys' Chorus 1: Mixed Chorus 1gBand 13 Football 1,2, 3, 43 Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2. ANNETTE L. BEUTEL llDiexll Red Hair, Likeable, Fun, Athletic. G.A.A. 3,45 Girls' Club 15 Latin Club 1, 2, PepClub 43 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Ensembles-Band 1: Junior Class Play, Ensembles-Chorus 1: Band 1. 2, 3, 4. RICHARD DALE CALLAHAN "Dick" Quiet, Courteous, Collected, Football. Football 2, 3, 4. DELMA MARIE CLAIR Hard-worker, Smiles, Sweet, Quiet. F. H. A. 1,23 Girls' Chorus 1. SYLVIA ANN CONNELL "Sophie" Irish, Fun, Flirt, Humerous G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Girls' Club 1, F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4g Echo Staff 4, HiCrier Staff lg Rep Club l,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4, Ensemble 2g Band 1,2,3,4. DAVID JAMES DALBY "Pave" Intelligent, Witty, Bowling, Books Freshman Class Reporter, Latin Club 1, Pep Club 43 Boys Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus lg Wrestling l,2. RUPERT W. DAVIS Singer, Temper, Tease, "Dubs" Class President 33 F.F.A. 2,35 "T" Club l,2,3,43 Vice-President 4, Echo Staff 2,3,45 Latin Club 4, Photography Club l,2g Pep Club 4, Boys' Chorus l,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Cross County 1gBaseball 4, Basketball 3, Football 2,3,4g Wrestling l,2,3,4g Class Play 3. KENNETH RAY DILL GCKenI1 Farmer, F .F .A. Talkative, Cheerful F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Librarians 2, Mixed Chorus l,2g Track 3,43 F.F.A. Sentinel 4. IUDITH MARIE EERTMOED llErkyIl Wayne, Giggles, Humorous, Fun G.A.A. 2,3,4g Girls' Club lg F.H.A. l,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus l,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Ensemble 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Ensembles 1,2,3,4g Formal Dance Attendant 3g Queen Candidate 4. NANCY KAY FAWER "Two dt a Half" Clothes, Neat, Nice, Pleasant Class Vice-President 2, G.A.A. l,2,3,4g Girls' Club 1, F.H.A. l,2,3,4g Echo Staff 3,4p Librarians 2,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Girls Chorus l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g En- sembles Chorus lg Accompanist 2, Band l,2,3,4g Ensembles lg Queen Attendant for Prom, Queen ofl-Iomecoming 4gJunior Play. .1 I ,J za .9 ,gy ELLEN PEARL HOWARD Majorette, Serene, Good-natured. Student Council 1, 2, G. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 3, Treasurer 4, Girls Club 1: Echo Staff 33 Latin Club 1,23 Pep Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 1,2, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Band Majorette 1,2, 3, 4: Junior Play: G. A. A. Camp 3, Prom Queen Attendant 3, Winter Dance Queen 4. ROSE MARY HUETTE "Rosie" G.A.A., Personality, Tall, Treasurer. Class Secretary 2, Treasurer 45 G. A.A. 2, 3, 4g President 4, Vice-President 3: Girls Club 1: Echo Staff 1,2, 3, 4g Latin Club 1, 2g Librarian 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Cho- rus l, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Home- coming Queen Attendant 44 IACK GILBERT HUTCHISON "Hutch" One girl, Football, Calm. CUIICY- "T" Club 3, 43 Football 1,2, 3, 43 Wrestling 1, 2, 33 Track 2, 3. WESLEY GENE KOCH llwesll Handsome, Clothes, Cool, Agreeable. Class Vice-President 1: F. F. A. l,2,3,44 President 4g Sentinel 4, librarian 1, 25 Photo- graphy Club 1, 2, Boys Chorus lg Band 1,2, 3, 4g Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Homecoming King 4, Prom King Candidate 3: Junior Play. LOUISE GLADYS MICHEL 'Sheep' Complexion, Blonde, Ambitious, Faithful. G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g cms Club 1, F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4g Echo Staff 2, 3, Librarian 4: Pep Club 2, 3,4g Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 44 Ensembles 1.2.1-1.44 Junior PlaY: Queen Attendant for Spring Formal 3. JUDITH ANN REIDNER ClJ'udyil Ronnie, Car Hop, Musical, Talkative G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g Girls Club lg F.H.A. 1,2, 3,4g Echo Staff 4, Pep Club 3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Ensembles 1,2,3,4g Accom- panist 1,2,3,4p Band 1,2,3,4g Ensembles 1, 2,3,4. HAROLD EUGENE RISINGER "Hobe" Class Secretary 13 Student Council 3,4g T Club 1,2,3,4g President 4g Secretary-Treas- urer 3g Photography Club 1,2,3g Pep Club 4: Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3g Foot- ball 1,2,3,4g Co-Captain 4: Wrestling 4. HOWARD RAY ROPP "Howie" Farmer, Tall, Slow, Easy-going F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Reporter 35 Wrestling 1,2. CHARLES WILLIS SAUDER llchasll Student Council 2,3,4g President 43 Vice- President 3g T Club 2,3,4g Echo Staff 4: Latin Club 1,2g Boys Chorus 1gMixedChorus lg Cross Country 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4gJunior Playg Homecoming King Candidate 4. IOSEPHINE ANN SCHAEFER NIO.. Typist, Handy, Studious, Artistic G.A.A. 2.3.4, Girls Club lg Echo Staff 1, 2,3,4g Hi-Crier Staff l,3g Latin Club 1,23 Pep Club 2: Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Junior Play. LEONARD RUSSELL STEWART ucorbyn Harmless, Mild, Easy-going, Carefree Photography Club 15 Pep Club 3pBoys Chorus 1,2g Mixed Chorus 1,25 Cross Country lg Baseball 1,25 Basketball 1. ill!" if WN? 'mf' 4 Y i 'af' X IESSIE GLADYS STONE Happy, Friendly, Giggles, Cheerful Girls Club 1, Girls Chorus 1. MARUANE UNSICKER uv Unkyll Cheerleader, Active, Peppy, Loyal G.A.A. 1,2,3,4, Girls Club 1, Echo Staff 1,2,3,4, Editor 4, Co-Editor 3, Hi-Crier Staff 1,2,3, Latin Club 1,2, Pep Club 1,2, 3,4, President 4, Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4,Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Ensembles 1,2,Band1,2,3,4, Ensembles l,2, Junior Class Play, Cheer- leader 1,2,3,4, Green Valley Tournament Queen Candidate 3, Band Majorette l,2, Homecoming Queen Candidate 4, Cheerlead- ing Camp 2,3,4. ROBERTA MAE WELLS "Bird" Pretty, Prom Queen, Blonde, Musical Girls Club 1, F.H.A. 2, Echo Staff 3, Pep Club 4, Girls Chorus 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Prom Queen 3. RONALD DEAN WILDERMUTH ll Ron!! Brain, Book-worm, Math, Likeable Class Treasurer 3, Echo staff 2, Latin Club 1,2, Cross Country 1. WAYNE FREDERICK ZIMMER llzi-rn' i Tiny, Talker, Boastful, Different "T" Club 2,3,4, Latin Club 1,2, Librar- ian 4, Pep Club 4, Baseball 1,2,3,4, Wrest- ling 1,2,3. Honors And Awar s RON WILDERMUTH IOSEPHINE SCHAEFER Valedictorian Salutatonan Bausch Lomb Scrence Award MARUANE UNSICKER Achrevement Award CHARLES SAUDER JOY MAE PLATTNER D A R. Award D A R. Award Gene Becker Memonal C1t1zensh1p Award Class We, the members of the Seruor Class of 1959 of Tremont Communtty Htgh School, bemg of sound and tntelhgent mtnds do hereby bequeath our numerous talents characterrstlcs and habtts of our last wtll and testament to the followmg classes teachers and students As a class we w1ll the followlng To the ,Tumors we w1ll the abtltty to have a class play that IS a sell out To the Sophomores we wxll our dxgruty and ab1hty to carry on class meetmgs mtelllgently To the Freshmen we wtll the abtltty to become successful Semors ltke ourselves To Mr Getz we wtll a new drrver s tramlng car To Coach Ktsellus we wtll a tape recorder for hts many complamts To M1ss Koch we wtll roller skates to keep up wtth her typrng students To Mrs Blazer we wtll a sophomore class that appreclates .T uhus Caesar To Mrs Townsend we wtll many years of good health To Mlss Reed we w1ll a car that w1ll start tn sub zero weather To Mrs Baechler we w1ll the book Teachmg Soctal Problems Wtthout Arguments To Mr Rose we w1ll a year s supply of prpe tobacco To Mr Wegman we w1ll an enlarged detenuon hall. To Mr Galvan we w1ll a more co operatlve chorus To Mr Moorhouse we w1ll whtte walls for h1s Tnumph To Coach Hohman we wtll ramps to put hrs car up on his porch dunng Halloween To M1ss Boyd we wlll a manual tn the operatlon of the sltde rule. To Kathy we w1ll students wlth valtd excuses To Elmer we w1ll a tamper proof coke machxne. To Mrs Welty we w1ll a 100 gallon barrel of sxmoruze. To F ran we w1ll another Senror Class l1ke ours wtth the ab1.l1ty to clean up after Seruor suppers As 1nd1v1duals we w11l the followlng. Chnsue Adell w1.ll my good natured ways to anyone that needs them Ken Backmeyer w1ll my Plymouth to the drrver s trammg class Lynn Becker w11l my helght to Mtss Koch Annette Beutel w1ll my red ha1r to my brother Phthp Rlchard Callahan wtll my corny Jokes to anyone who can tell funny ones Delma Clan' wtll my abtltty to smrle to the J uxuor Class Sylv1a Connell w1ll my ab1l1ty to chew gum 1n all my classes to Sharon Wagenbach Davtd Dalbey w1ll my ab1l1ty to wm at cards to ,T ay Hoffman. R W Davts, w1ll my abtltty to wrestle to Ronnre Stuber Kenneth D111 wxll my werght to Cra1g Rob1son Judy Eertmoed w1ll my abllxty to go steady wxth one boy to Judy Hmman. Nancy Fawer w1l1 my cornfleld to next year's semors Stanley Ferree wlll my ablllty to bowl to Bob Sauder Peggy Gardner w1.ll my abtltty to get the glggles on the stage at exchange assemblies to lame McMullen. .Tay Glllan w1ll my ulcers to any nervous person Allen Htnman w1ll my ab1l1ty to stay home from school to Steve Guernsey Kenneth Htnman, w1ll my ab1l1ty to drtve a Hawk to Paul Dalbey Lots Hofmann w1ll my ablltty to play the trumpet to Don Oswald Carol Holverson w1l1 my abtltty to keep long fmger naxls tn gym class to Lmda Bolllger Ellen Howard w1Jl my majorette abtltty to Ltnda Beane. I Rose Mary Huette wtll my athletlc ab1l1ty to Georgla Ann Keller Th1s page sponsored by SAUDER FEED INC Tremont Illmots . , . I' . , . . - I, I . . , . . I, I . , . l L ' . . . . . ' I. . , . . L . D . . . . . . I, . ' . . . . I. . ' . . . . I, . . . . . . . . L . , . . . . . I, ' . . . . I. , . . . I I. ' . . . 0 I. . . . . . I, ' , ' . I, . , . . . I. . . . . . . I, . ' . . , I, , . . . . . . L U . . . . . I. Jack Hutchison, will my ability at center to Dave Becker Wesley Koch, wrll my ability to run high hurdles to Jay Hoffman. Louise Mrchel will my old books to anyone who can learn more out of them than I did! Gary Miller will my ability to play basketball to Roger Sauder Curtis Musselman will my nickname Moose to Dennis Ferree Drck Muselman will my ability to be a clown to Ron Ummel I, Mary Noland will my seat in Senior English to Glenda White Ioy Mae Plattner will my giggle to anyone who can stop it. Ronnie Reid will my ability to play football to Maurice Schaefer IudyRe1dner will my ability to play the piano to Susan Montgomery Harold Risinger will my ability to borrow my brother s car to my other brodrer Robert. Grarles Sauder will my height to Don Bertschl. Iosephme Schaefer will upon request my intelligence to my brother Leonard Stewart, will my thick hair to Mr wegman I, Jessie Stone will my ability to sew to anyone who wants it. Marhane Unsicker wxll my dad s red truck to the school for reliable transportation. Roberta Wells wrll my ability to get along wrth the teachers to LuAnne Carpenter Ron Wildermuth, wrll my shde nrle to lay Hoffman. Wayne Zimmer will my ability to talk in class to Marie Yoder rom Diapers' To Dip omas In 1946 these students took their Hrst big step going to Hrst grade, together. During these past 12 years they have been together in many classes and activitres. Now they are ready to face the out- side wcrld, more sure of themselves because they have known each other The printing of this page made possible by CATEQPILLAR TRACTOR COMPANY Peoria, Illinois L . L ' . If l 0 I, , OI ll ' . I. ' . - I. . Il I U I, ' , . I. . ' . I, Howard Ropp, will my ability to drive a VW to Jim Dully. I. . If . l I U ' 1. . . L ' . ' ' I, , ' ' ' . L . . Il I 0 C ass I-Hstory We entered Tremont H1gh School as a group of forty eight excrted freshmen. Our first step as freshmen was to elect Mr Speck to sponsor us We also elected Stan Ferree and Ellen Howard to rep resent us on Student Councrl. We chose Ken Hmman Pres1dent Wes Koch V1ce Pres1dent Harold R1s1nger Secretary Dick Muselman Treasurer and David Dalbey Reporter The hrghlight of the year was a party given to us by the sophomores As the Sophomore Class we chose Mrs Blazer to sponsor us and elected Ken Hmman Pres1dent Nancy Fawer V1ce Pres1dent Rose Mary Huette, Secretary Drck Muselman Treasurer and Harold Rrsrnger Reporter Our Student Councrl representatlves were Charles Sauder and Ellen Howard. We had forty erght students agam after losing Carol McMahn and Cil.1c1a Penn and ga1n1ngDe.lmaCla1r and Donna Watters The big event for our class was the W1l'lI1ll'1gOffUSI pnze 1n the Homecommg Parade w1th our float entrtled Turks Cut Em Off We also gave a party to the Freshman Class As Juniors we were becoming real experts on high school hfe. Mrs Davrs and Mlss Reed our sponsors ass1sted the class and the offrcers who were- R W Dav1s Pres1dent Allen 1-Ilnman V1ce Pres1dent Peggy Gardner Secretary andRonn1eW1ldermuth Treasurer Gary Maller Harold Rrsinger and Charles Sauder were elected to Student Council. Although we lost Donna Watters our class again had forty erght members as we gamed Mary Noland. It was our honor m our Junior year to design the school crest to be used on our class rmgs and all rings rn the years to come. Agarn our float took frrst place in gave a play called THE PERFECT IDIOT winch was a great success and mcreased our class treasury After weeks of plannmg work headache, and scrapmg for funds we gave the annual banquet and prom to the Semor Class It was held on Saturday May 17 1958 we had chosen aHawauan theme whrch was qulte successful. over the event were Stan F erree and Roberta Wells At the end of our Jumor year we were qulte sat1sf1ed with hlgh school but anxxous to be Seruors We began our sen1or year rn the hrgh school w1th a class trrp as our goal. To help us attaln thts we chose Mtss Reed as our sponsor and elected Stan Ferree, President Ken Hrnman Vice President Peggy Gardner Secretary and Rose Mary Huette, Treasurer Our Student Counc1lRepresentat1ves were Gary Mxller Chr1st1eAdell, CharlesSauder andHarold Rlsmger Dunng the year we sponsored several suppers, scrap drives a carruval, and a play entltled FOR THE LOVE OF PETE Our class role dropped to tlurty nine after losmg Charles Hymbaugh Carol Holverson Albert F leckenstetn Dwrght Tanner Joy Miller Bill Geary Bob Taylor Btll Renner and Lynn Becker Wes Koch and Nancy F awer rergned over the Homecommg festiviues Ellen Howard was Queen of the formal Wmterlude Dance and Delma Clarr was chosen queen of the F.H A style show On May second the junrors gave us a beauuful prom w1th an Arabran Nrghts settrng. After workmg hard and savmg our money we departed from Tremont on May 10th for our goal, the class trip We toured Washxngton D C., New York Crty and Ntagara Falls On the 16th we arrxved home well satisfred and w1th the memorres of a wonderful class tr1p Our graduation exerclses berng only two weeks away we began to reahze our high school days were comlng to a close. Our class was graduated on May 28th bemg the frrst class to graduate from eighth and twelfth grades U1 thxs burldrng. The future bemg uncertam the class of 1959 left the halls of Tremont Hrgh. . . , . S , . - . 3 . ' l S O S l l ' . ' ' ' 1 : ' . : , . ' ' ll I .ll . ' . . . . U . U . S ' . - ' 3 D : . . I 9 ' I . l the Homwoming Parade. Our theme this year was "We're Expecting a Victory." During the year we also , . . . . ' ' . . 0 A . ' D .. . ' : ' . - z . . . . , . ' . . - - I I 0 D , 9 S 9 I . I ' ' D 0 . l O . I . 0 . . . . . i . emor ass Prop ecy Today IS May 13 1980 The Semor Class of 1959 of Tremont H1gh School IS having 1ts f1rst reunion at D11lon I1l1no1s The reunion is being sponsored by I ack Hutch1son Mayor of Dillon As I drive LIIIO Dillon Square I am directed to a parking space by F.B.I agent Ken Backmeyer Lynn Becker head l.1brar1an at the Wh1te House lsbusy catalogtng cars m the lot Upon gO1l'lg 1ns1de I see Stan Ferree, bowling instructor at Rosewoods Outer Space Lanes showmg Nancy Fawer owner of the largest chmchilla ranch of the world the correct bowling form Dav1d Dalbey un1on leader of the world IS Ielllflg Judy Eertmoed of Eertoed Contractrng Company that she should 10111 the muon Harold R1smger chief taster for the Budwetser Company 1S tal.k1ng w1th Peggy Gardner owner of the largest moonshtne sttll tn the umverse. They are d1scuss1ng a cure for alchohcs w1th Annette Beutel, head nurse at Dillon Emergency Ward Outside the roar of motors IS heard Gary M1.ller motorcycle champ and Howard Ropp Volkswagen racer are tunmg up their motors Trying to close a big deal wldl them IS R01'lI'llCRC1d foreign sport car salesman Ron Wxldermuth nuclear DhyS1C1SI IS d1scuss1ng plans for a new space fuel w1th Delrna Clair U S Ambassador to Pluto Over 1n another corner I see Lou1se Michel, largest sheep raiser m the country mak1ng a deal w1th Charles Sauder pellet producer for Sauder's Feed Co for a new sheep feed formula Wes Koch the smg1ng foreman IS hstemng in Sy1v1a Connell, ace kmdergarten teacher 1S conversmg w1th Lois Hofmann toe dancer at Dav1s club Allen Hmman, outer space wrestling champion, is demonstrating the hold that won him thet1t1e. .T ess1e Stone, head gym teacher at Tremont High looks on f.h1S w1th dxsgust She thrnks all athletes should do cahsthenics all day Roberta Kitty Wells country music star 15 Slflglllg her latest h1t Lonely Heart to Mary Noland girls counselor at West S1de Lonely Hearts Club Manjane UIISICRCI' driving instructor at Menert Consohdated IS talkmg w1th Leonard Stewart head grease monkey at Chuck s Super Service about a new fender for her tra1n.1ng car .Toy Mae Plattner newly elected housewife of the year IS talking with Wayne Ztmrner president of the Hen pecked Hubbies Club about Wayne s S1XIh wtfe. Ken D111 and Curt Musselman are discussing plans for enlarging the 1 000 000 acre ranch that they own together Two other ranchers Ken Hmman owner of Hawthorne s Pigeon Ranch and Drck Callahan head clucken feeder of Huette s Houses are hstemng to some of Rose Mary Huette s Jokes from the latest ed1t1on of GIGGLES' JOKE BOOK Judy Reidner star of her own television show J oseph1ne Schaefer head soc1al problems teacher for the retired Mrs Baechler and Ellen Howard Burden, mother of 10 ch1ldren, are d1scuss1ng the problems a mother of 10 children has Ellen I Hllght add has her bull wh1p with her today .T ay G111an Presrdent of Winzeler s Inter Planetary Trucking Company IS conversmg with Dick Muselman Mass Producer of Floating Power Bombs about bu11d1ngJ'ay a fleet of Floatmg Power Tmcks for his tnp to Outer Phxto Now that everyone has arrived Ch1'1St1S Adell world famous parade leader IS assembling every one for a parade from D111on to Tremont We are looking forward to seemg our old stamptng grounds Tremont High School and our next 1959 class reunion This page sponsored by BRUNNER BROTHERS Tremont Illinois . l . ' . . I . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . . . D . . I . . . ' . . . . . U . . . . . . . . . , l F rolics. R. W. is unable to attend today because of the responsibility that comes from owning a night ll !: ' ' ' ' ' ll fi I I I , . ' . . . D . ' . . . . , . - . , . . . . . . , , . o ' u s I I I U . , . . , . ' ' ll 9 . . , 3 . D . n . . ' ' 0 . ' . , - , . . . wmimw 4 I e hx- at S N f E-n ,nf , 'I sg ax 'J N 7110? Vip 'Hx ., 134- . .' ,Q-42 5, Q .nl L. , .Q-+3 yMF' Z v J . . Q Mm, p4 ' 52 gif v .M ,,,f f '- A - ' ' . ', Y' wwf.-if fx. 1 ' u 4' 4 ,np-Qgxvtks 4 , fr Suk, 5 'Z V j , 'f-Iggy,-,gif ' -9'9'43s5fm, Y . ' 'O ' NNHE, lt. h!??i'A A ., .tgirl 'f"?Q,5V' ' 32, 5 . ' Y. .. 3 - 2' - I lib . V I yi 'Q 1 .lx 3 f g . fili- J inf' 1 ,F .ff . Q rl ,. rf '4 -,,+u 7 4 9" - 4 I 'Q ,Sk ,. ' ev Q + ,a ' w 1-' 'a 6. ww' fx if .. '-. s 4 . .4 :is ' .' . , W, '. w 'X i1 rr' A- Jn Q , 'E' 6 wr. ,- 5: A, , . WE, qw if 'QL ,Hz 1- , aw' x 1 A enfor Play 0 T e Love Of. Pefe Scoop Cramer Reporter on school paper Irrepressible Paul1ne Schelder Quxet serrous g1r1 frrend of Pete Spxder Kowalskr School football hero good catch for Sally Ann Martrn Self appornted glamour queen Jeanrue Everett Sally Ann s confrdante Hard workrng honor student Mrss Bertha Colllns Warm hearted helpful teacher Mr Noris Bewildered Prrnclpal of Union High Norah Lane Typrcal high school grrl Eugenia Patrrck Glamour grrl from the as Mr Henery Kowalski Spider s father former All American CAST the grrls Jay Glllan Stan Ferree Nancy Fawer Peggy Gardner Drck Muselman R W Davrs Maru ane Unstcker Joy Plattner Lourse Mrchel Chrrsue Adell J osephrne Schaefer Harold Rismger Judy Reidner Ellen Howard Mary Noland Sylvra Connell Ken Hinman Mrs Henry Kowalskl Annett Beutel Rose Mary Huette The famlly peacemaker Thrs page sponscxed by TREMONT OIL COMPANY Tremont Ill1no1s rr L rr 1' Pete Anderson. ....... . . ....... ....... W es Koch. Charles Sauder ' E r ? Q xg 4 f Qifxi XXX WWE WUC xv H ffgmi .T Q ,if f f k J I '11 MIL' if L77 ' U O SQ ' S O IJ, 11 : ! lJo"' ave. 5 QW Qgfff Q K . 9 f 9 ' mflv Q I- N s i 2: xx x I f- 121104 a wg-fag MS 1 lips ,, if Q I 302232 gb rm v V A 1 2. 67' mg, . ' ' fb I ebfggi OUR TRIP We 've been bouncing on a Greyhound. rl ll the last few days We've been bouncing, on the Greyhound, 5ust to see the U. S. A. We got up early every morning although we looked like creeps. When we passed the customs office, Kenny Dill was still asleep. The Seniors went, the Seniors wt-nt, The Seniors went to Washington. Now it 's done, we had some fun, so back to home we come. Annette didn 't like her hotel, so she kicked out a window pane, People thought that Muzzie was totally insane. Jay stubbed his toe and wrecked it and Stan's tattoes were great. The turnpikes were the greatest especially where we ate. The Seniors went, the Seniors went, The Seniors went to Washington. Now it 's done, we had some fun, so baek to home we come. Gettysburgji, Washington and Niagara Falls We would like to extend our thanks to the sponsors one and all. 'Teva ff L? T953 , 4 QQ! ,414 yea , WQZZQ M? fQ,,f , '4 4 9, 55.13, OUR INVITATION 6 fe?'e2e C94 O 'gl' 400 OUR MOTTO C4 IJVOVC S 'ogfo ,, oe OUR CREST Q- ff Fl -blink. Graduation llzy val 'il' " 'X , gg, Wi fab .gg vi Egg, , ff I f wa L VBWQ1 - ,i iff " ' . - sw--... ,A ff . - Q if -6 21-'mf ,swf J A fx .. 5 sir' MQJ -N , Wg , Q L: S, V? , , f 5 l , ' E ' ,, YH, ggwifs I Ay' ' www . , .,,f .va ,..f Mb, V ax - Af xr , .KY 81- A' .N ff ,Q z ' 4 . ff , X24 ve, gg- -' z 4 Q ' , A 1 vw A we A ' Hi ww. IQ ' 1 'HI' f V f. .f , ' ' X : , W Z ' jlf g - ffl' ri ' ,Sf - A A 'W I , I V ff fha' 5' Y" N' 'L 7 l ,' ', f ??ig:'9 '. Q2.N A 1 U .Tj PW: 5 Z? "1 ii' ' ., -- 1, 5 " 'SALE , if 52137. f w x? , 'A :fi I ' F? ., ,,, . T F N Lgm, f-W xx, mit?" J'ibe:Vff,"'Pif L , sky, 3 :V 5 ri Q 1 2 fa s 'H is ,A 2 1' 12 " z . ? if si f A 4 Lg W SQ' lx 5 , fm , X s J A. f' . 51, -K. , fffigg L in. ? 3' . Y 3-5LZs'r . He. ff 3' gags, f Jeff? ' Y f X A 4? 1' Q jf ie , ,. 4, KF L: UTIIOT' Cass O 1C'Q1'S jr--' 5'-'Or-,',,, f't"" Q V' 1 ji. gf R1chardStemer, V1ce Pres1dem,Jack1e Lanier, Presxdent, Jerry Bxrky, Treasurer, O11v1a Evans, Sec rerary. O I . I I 9 x ,: Q I h X 1 I ff ,A x viva: ' .V 7!:9l,, wx ff MX XX K . A s T xxx x 'X ' , ' 7 I unior lass Ol1v1a Evans Sally Fawer Norma Calhoun Bonme Hoffman ,Tackle Lanter Sharon Her Mamane Aberle, Steve Guernsey Denrus mall. Karen Hlnman 1311106 Hllndt .Tack Ferree ,Terry B1rkey Fred Beutel. Hllrldt Fred Horton, .T ay Hoffman. Nita Rxley Jamce Rlggenbach Carol Papen hause Gary Parks Eileen R1ggenbach Don Oswald Donna MCGIHHIS f-lf Helen Rlsmger Sara Sanders Karen Glenda Wh1te Mane Yoder JOS16 Stone Schaefer Beth Schurter Charles Schurter Sandy Taylor Susan Zimmerman Sharon Dxck Stelner B111 Stewart Robert Schurter Wagenbach Rlchard Watson Ruth J' oy Art Sauder Ummel. This page sponsored by JONES BROS IEWELERS Pekin Illinois unfor P ay Mrs Laura Morton Pleasant lookmg woman of about forty Grandad Srxty has been semi mvahd for year Tilly Green country maid about sixteen Betty Shadduck Attracnve gul of about runeteen Krp Shadduck Regular boy of fourteen Trudle Norwood Ludre Norwood Attractlve tnplets of fourteen Jack Norwood Attracuve young man of twenty Jack Mahoney CAST Tall heavy set man of SIXTY or sucty f1ve Mrss Abby I-hggms Coy old mald of about f1ty or frfty f1ve Mrs Joe Feeney Tall heavy set country woman of frfty detecuve Thmks he knows all but xs rather stupid This page sponsored by GETZ INSURANCE AGENCY Tremont Illinois Ruth Joy Ummel Rrchard Stemer Ohvla Evans Karen Schaefer Don Oswald Donna McG1nn1s Karen Hinman Mary J Aberle Rrchard Watson Jerry Brrky Beth Schurter Sally Fawer Fred Beutel 'Grandaaf feps Out " .C naana . p . f 1 n 1 - Q a 1 . 4 n 4. . . ' 1 x 5' Q n , ,ff 4 M! I ,K "Pi 5 ,, ., 5 , . , A V M! X, A ,, M, ' f 0 M 2, .b X ES 'lv ask Q it ,, 1 W 4 A f f .1 My W ,WWW A. Q 4, W' 4 I Q ,, if 4 ,mr AV! ll I ' ,M ix x ,5 NW - qQ f ill? M- W YH ,Q D! , , ' fn ,Y if - 47X '1f','iEifQ " I V, G., , , I ..' 1 A rflfl 2,515 ' ,' ,gow Q, 5 5 . Q 1 i 4 - w 5 . ,M ,QQ -A I was X x I 1 XX? um, XM, M .1 mg aux :Z 'Vx iv v' 4 3 mx., lm Km RQ ., :Wg 3422 wr' if? 5? 5 op omore C ass 'irq Jane Connell Rae Bolhger Dorothy Clalr Sharon Hampton Harvey Evans Ann Hack L1nda Bolllger Lmda Beane Gleah Book bart Ida Davls G1or1a Green Warren out Dav1dBecker DannyCounterman Sharon Howard Jun Dully Jerry Davls Dale Counterman. Eggena rf' :K Sue Montgomery Davld Koch John Kxnsey Barbara Hymbaugh Joyce Meyer Larry Lenox Marvm Hundt Jerry Lenox Etta McMak1n. Bob Sauder, Patty Staker, Marcelle Moser, Becky Zimmer, Mary Taylor, Milton Stuber, Alice Renner, Bill Reidner, Roger Sauder, Helen Wildermuth, Clarence Stewart, Ron Maurice Schaefer. Ummel, Judy Wagenbach, Harold Steiner. This page sponsored by DR. P. R. KUBITSCHEK Tremont, Illinois FQS 77111 Tl Class Don Bertschi, Gloria Geary, SharonCaddick, Judy Hinman, Anita Hoffman, Alan Gillespie, Philip Beutel, LuanneCarpenter,JerryBrun- Carol Green, Eddie Hazelman, Linda Hazel- ner, Fred Dully, Paul Dalbey, Lynne Beutel. man, Chuck Greene, Bob Green, Wini Hoff- man. Elizabeth Howard Florence Malcome Georgann Keller Kathy Hopkins Cheryl Hymbaugh John Larkin Fred Malcome, Keith Lee Paul Hillman Clayton Horton. Jane McMullen Larry Pflederer Er1cRob1 Tom Sauder Carol Schurtcr Paul Wilder son Jay Plattner Cre1gRob1son PatMoore muth J udySm1th Marywatson MarySauder house Bob Risxnger Linda Moore Janice Mike Wrhel Warren Stone Charlottewagen Moser bach Ronn1eStuber Tl'l1S page sponsored by SCHIPPER AND BLOCK CO Pekm, Illinois Efglzflz Gracie R. Eggena, G. Calhoun, S. Blair, D. Aberle, M. Maurer, M, McMakin, J. Howard, L J. Fawer, G. Gifihorn, M, Freeman, J. Lohnes, D. Kirby, J. Koch, G. Hart, C Evans. Lanter, S Nafz1ger R Naffziger M Noe B Musselman J Moorhouse Z. Moruson W Penn S Pame B Pflederec 1 Renner E Renner E Schaefer D ter H Wagenbach R Trumpy R Unslck R1s1nger er J Taylor CHRIS HOERR 84 SON RE JOYCE FOOD 85 COFFEE Peona I111no1.s D. Saal, W. Ropp, J. Pflederer, K. Plue, G, Wolfe, J. Stuber, T. Stuber, M. Schur- eve-mill Gracie LarryBertschi, Etta Margaret Bartels, Mary Bolliger, Joyce Brunner, Tom Bryan, Adrian Augustine, Robert Brooks, Jerry Blair, Lois Bennett, Robert Beutel, B111 Beane Judy Gardner Pam Bollrger David Greene, Ernest Herman, James Evans, Gre- gory Eaton, Kathi Hinman, Jim Gerstner, Daren Horton, Kathy Geary, Joann Frank, Roger Qrrry, Mary Lou Frank, Catherine Carpenter Joy Duffin. Nancy Taylor Gordon Stuber Steve Schmrdgall Becky Stuber Jewel Sills Connie Stauffer Dorothy Stewart Karen Webb Lois Wagenbach Gary Springer Martha Schurter Loren Kalser B111 Lohnes Sharon Mrtchell Judy Moser R1ta Johnson Bonnre McMak1n Marge Huette JerryMa1come V1ck1Nafziger Judy Hym baugh Gus Kmertem Nelson Musselman Rodney Nevllle This page sponsored D1anePf1ederer C1aud1aRose Tom Plullips Nancy Oswald GarySchm1dga11, Kenny Ropp Gary Pfled erer Sandra Plue Lynn Robrson MikeSauder Ken neth Rowell Roger Parnham Steve Riggenbach. Not Pictured Alan Bliss Ronnie DY TREMONT MILL Tremont Illinois I . Q . 4 L 1 ,I l I f . ' ' U , ' D I + , e . - Q. 3'f1.. i RJ: I I: -. film .J Q , , , f f I l ' f 9 a l 1 1 ' 9 1 I ' 1 I I 1 ' 0 Q 1 1 s . : , . I f ROW ONE ,T Eertmoed J Lanter C Holverson ,T Plattner M1ss Reed L Mlchel, McGmn1s N Fawer E McMak1n ROW TWO S Hampton E Howard G Geary S Montgomery L Hofmann, M Moser J Sm1th C Green I Rexdner ROW THREE Keller S Herman K Hopkms C Hymbaugh D C1a1r S Taylor C Papenhause Zunmer S Commell ROW FOUR M Taylor R Bolltger S Craddack A Hackbart Green J' Meyer I Davis B Hymbaugh N. 'sw' ROW ONE H Stemer J' B1rkey A Hmman W Koch D Oswald K D111 Mr Wegman ROW TWO T Sauder P Beutel D Bertscht ROW THREE E Robison C Rob1son C Horton E Hazelman ROW FOUR B Green K Lee C Musselman F Horton F Beutel P H111man ROW FIVE L Stewart W Stone D Stexner R Schurter D Counterman, M Hundt. P ofograp y C 5... FIRST ROW Mr Getz B Sauder H Steiner F Horton SECOND ROW T Sauder P Beutel A Gillesple D Koch C Horton E Hazelman M Schaefer L Pflederer D Bertschx THIRD ROW Plattner R Stuber J Lenox J Brunner D Ferree W Stone D Eggena L Lenox J Larkin L1 1'd1'1Cl7'lS FIRST ROW: W. Zimmer, G1 Miller, C, Sauder, R, Huette, SECOND ROW: S. Fawer, Miss Koch, S. Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: D, Koch, S, Montgomery, L, Becker, I. Lanier, K. Hinman. FOURTH ROW: L, Bolliger, K. Schaefer, N. Fawer, L, Michel, D, Clair, This page sponsored by LOHNES PRINT SHOP Pekin, Illinois Pep ROW ONE E McMakm A Hoffman C Holverson B Ztmmer M Unslcker J' Hmman I Dav1s ROW TWO S Hampton L Becker T Sauder E Howard Mrs Baechler C Green J McMullen J' Rexdner O Evans S Montgomery ROW THREE H Rxsmger M Moser S Connell L Bolleger G Keller G Geary ,T Smith R Wells C Hymbaugh K Hopkins C Papenhause S Taylor K Hinman B Schurter J' Plattner ROW FOUR L M1che1, C Adell D McGinnis W Hoffman M Watson M Sauder S Crad Gardner ROW FIVE L Hofmann E Howard P Moorehouse A Renner S Counterman M Noland L Beutel H Stemer R Sauder H Evans P Hlllman L Hazelman B Hymbaugh M Taylor I Connell R Bolliger J Meyer ROW SIX R Reld L Lenox A Hackbart G Green A Hmman R Huette D Eggena D Becker W Zunmer F Beutel, A Beute1J Eertmoed S Fawer J Lenox C Schurter B Reidner ROW SEVEN R Umme1,H Rzsmger R Davts D Ferree R Schurter F Horton B Renner F Dully J Davxs B Stewart K Backmeyer R Watson J' Wagenbach S Zunrnerman G Bookout. Thls page sponsored by MEYERS BROS STANDARD SERVICE Tremont Illinols dick, P. Staker, L. Beane, M. Yoder, L. Moore, J. Moser, C. Schurter, H. Wildermuth, N. Fawer, P. GAA FIRST ROW E Howard R Huette Mrs Baechler S Zunmerman M Moser SECOND ROW E Howard Green ,T Plattner S Montgomery J Smnh J Lanter C Papenhause J R1ggenbach H Rxsmger Garner M Unslcker J Hmman J McMullen THIRD ROW A Hoffman L Hofmann G Geary Connell P Moorehouse J Connell R Bolhger H Wlldermuth M Aberle N Fawer B Schurter Keller O Evans FOURTH ROW J Rexdner L Bolhger B Zimmer K Schaefer L Moore B FIFTH ROW L Michel M Sauder C Holverson S Fawer L Carpenter L Beutel R Ummel G Bookout J' Schaefer ,T Ertmoed A Beutel L Hazelman S Craddxck W Hoffman M Watson. Imhahon 05845 I I C C. , . , . . . ' , . , . , . ' , . " , P. , . ' . . ' , . . : . . . , . , S. . . , . , . ' . . ' . . , . , . , G. , . . : . ' , . ' . . ' , . . . , . Hymbaugh, J. Meyer, P. Staker, I. Moser, C. Schurter, K. Hinman, I. Davis, E.McMakin,C.Adel1. 0 0 0 7 7 . ,L-'1 t', If ' Q ,Y V' . t F KJ Echo fag 411 TN- .....a.. FIRST ROW L M1che1 R Huwtte P Garner M Unsxcker M1ss Boyd SECOND ROW B Sauder O Evans J Re1dner ,T Plattner N Fawer G Wh1te L Becker M Schaefer THLRD ROW S Connell B Schurter M Noland S Fawer K Schaefer L Hazelman P Moorehouse C Papenhause N Rlley FOURTH ROW ,T Schaefer D Oswald I Gulen D Muselman C Sauder S Ferree R Dav1s R UmmeL S cl f Counm 4 on 4' 15" 01. .833- 'If' xx! FIRST ROW Mr Rose C Sauder C Adell G M11ler H Rlsmger R Watson. SECOND ROW L Pfled erer S Montgomery J Hoffman R Ummel., M Sauder "T" Club ROW ONE T Sauder Coach Krsellus Advrser M Stuber ROW TWO- D Koch C Green ROW THREE. J Kmsey R Reld ROW FOUR. K Hmman B Rerdner ROW FIVE I Hutchison H Evans ROW SIX D Muselman I Hoffman A Sauder W Howard R Sauder C Schurter H Rxsmger G Mllher W Zrmmer F Malcome ROW SEVEN M Wrhel R Sterner S Ferree K Backmeyer I Davls C Sauder H Ropp R Ummel R Watson D Becker These are the boys who garn achrevement through adrletrcs for our school They practice and pamclpate They are the lettermen of Tremont High Thrs page sponsored by TREMONT CO OPERATIVE GRAIN COMPANY Tremont Illrnors 1 ' - . 1 1 1 r 1 . . . ' ' 1 . , 1 . . 1 . . . ' ' . . 1 1 1 . . 1 . . 1 . , . , . 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 . , . 1 1 . - . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - , 1 1 . , . , . . 1 1 Ban anal Maforeffes . . S. fn ,E HA, QAM UNI, FIRST ROW: Mr. Moorehouse, A. Hoffman, L. Bolliger, L. Moore, S. Connell, H. Evans, R. Davis, .T Himnan, B. Schurter, E. Howard, C. Adell, M. Stuber. SECOND ROW: J. Ertmoed, J. Reidner, R. Watson, C. Holverson, N. Fawer, A. Beutel, H. Risinger, S. Zimmerman, J. McMullen, G. Keller, J. Moser. THIRD ROW: M. Unsicker, M. Moser, D. Oswald, L. Hofmann,J. Hoffman, J. Plattner, P.Staker, S. Fawer, R. Ummel, R. Ummel, C. Schurter, J. Smith. FOURTH ROW: J. Plattner, E. Hazelman, J. Connell, A. Gillespie, B. Renner, D. Steiner, J. Birkey, D. Koch, P. Moorehouse, M. Sauder. C. Adell E. Howard A. Hoffman L. Bolliger Mixes! C orus 'X FIRST ROW M Unslcker C Green ,T McMullen P Beutel P Hlllman .T Reldner L Becker O Evans SECOND ROW Mr Galvan P Garner G Geary G Whxte S Herman D Koch B Re1dner B Sauder N R11ey R Wells K Hopkms J Plattner THIRD ROW E Howard M Moser B Zxmmer B Schurter M Aberle H Ste1ner D Oswald C Hymbaugh C Papen hause N Fawer S Connell L Hofmann FOURTH ROW J' R1ggenbach S Sanders I Dav1s R Bolhger M Yoder A Renner F Beutel, R Dav1s D C1a1r L Mxchel E McMak1n D McG1nn1s C Schurter P Moorehouse FIFTHROW K Schaefer S Fawer M Sauder M Watson Hoffman L Hazelman D Becker,R Watson S Craddlck J Moser C Wagenbach L Moore R1ggenbach L Beane. SIXTH ROW L Beute1A Hackbart J Schaefer A Beutel, G Bookout Wagenbach J B1rkey B Renner J' Wagenbach J Starnck J' Ertmoed R Huette ,T Stone L Carpenter J' Starnck Tremont I-hgh IS fortunate mn havmg Mr Galvan Th1s IS h1S flrst year here and to you Mr Galvan the students say Thanks ' , . . , i 4 4,344 ' f. , w ,hgh G if gf -,tg ,qv ' 7 AV 9" 1 S 4 M ,, fi , , A . na Q. -A ,i21f.K 'f 1- g.fw..1..,, ak- V- - ff fzwfef- Maw, 1, flip f : l,1w.ig' :Eg A . e, 2? , ?g1f2?'f'3"f 'f , 4 mgw M ,LQ,,,. A, ,. 55123335 Q vm Lvl, Y, wry., M 1 gm, es, gf-K 12, Q, :iff Q .HW ws, ' 55- 5 - ' ii eg MN f, ,air .,k 1, .W-,pw . , ' fs .AM.4.,,. f f'e+ FL QQ1'l9d GTS' 1 1 V! ..v AN I lei Va rsi f y Marijane Unsicker, Carol I-Iolverson, Etta McMakin, Ida Sue Davis. t Q . A 1 Ir. High Rita Unsicker, Jackie Pflederer, Bonnie McMakin, Kathy Hinman. This page sponsored by BLOOMPOTT FLCRIST Pekin, Illinois Ir. Varsity Judy Hinman, Becky Zimmer, Anita Hoffman. TUQKSFE4 . I TPQII V6 long 9' ,f..1 eb? 8Wif 4Q atesffnl llff-f,An.,iB it V . Cdl W ffiiiyf -f 'QfV . r V. In 351 Ella Hvgfis I In ai In 'l'zu" SU!!ifUillUI'i'r-9 Cash Nur: l 'rl if -W -x s. 1-41123. . GU-gil: 1 'Q . i"' X, gy 27514 5 if' 'Q ,,s YV' , W, f. 1 , f 4 .Y V. V 'wsiwif ,,, 1wf W. if f 'ggw' MMM V, .wx L L, s M if Qbimwf L, , , ..-3. h. Li, s .M M f. QI N ' wiwzq 4 Q 4' F! 'Sf v 'Q Q .f ,.V . .fm ,, wh . v bw " 5 1- ,,, ,, fa fm, 'Ei 2 Q Q 1 ii if '53 -f. W .,.v, sq '44 mgJfi an " 511 .-2 ,fm ' , +52 K 1- J' ,, A-L , , cke ane Un da Sue Davls Becky Z mme Ma udy H nnman CHEERLEADERS Cao Hove on km cMa M Ea H1811 Hoff 8 Alu : rl Irs ,J i ,I ', i r, rij si r, 't ,tr '. Va rslfy lgaskeflra I CHEERLEADERS C Holverson I Davis E MCM3k1H M Unsrcker Coach Hohman C Sauder I Davis B Renner S Ferree R Ummel J Blrkey D Steiner D Muselman J Hoffman G Miller R S au der Manager Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont 48 Tremont A lumm Miruer Metamora F arm1n gton Hopedale Deema ck Chllhcothe Eureka Hopedale Morton Deemack Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Tremont Green Valley Delavan MJ.n1er Morton Hopedale Delavan Chillicothe Eureka Metamora F armlngton Green Valley lhe basketball team successfully started the season by wrnning five out of their first six games The team then seemed to h1t a slump and ended up the season with an 8 14 record Tremont however lost five two pomt dec1s1ons whlch would have almost reversed the record havlng won these games Gary Miller made the 2nd team in the 11110 Conference The team had good SPlIiI throughout the season and was considerably helped by underclassmen. Printing of this page made possible by CATERPILLAR TRACTOR COMPANY Peoria , Illinois gf fejciigm K .viii f 4 s'sJ+- iq! '::55gi? ' . ' 7 Aww, vi 5: N 1, X 2- ,f Q V ' -Z , 3 , I W f MHZ EHAQ 'X 1' Ei-'I iii' 'vI5x 'gg ,Wd . V f ' ill, f A' , ' ,. .V 4" , i, fer, P fi 3' , 0- J ,iff X xx g ATN Eg 1 vvjfqq ,4 Z 1 A7 .,,.A f x. 1 W .g,-fu bf' A N . F "Q .- ' ' W .1 ,A f.,xv ' 4 ' q ,4 Q W N ,Cx l .sgfvk X V , f x 1 K ,.. f f - f' fa ' , K, f ' . T. -A 2 V Ai MWF X ' E' , ,V ' .X V 34' 6' ' P 'f.u14i5w.si1 A -i-- "" V " 1 A A ag W g x 54 2 mu' ,1 :-A ' Wa' T , 4 ' T 1 5 2 - ' 1 5 LQ 1 S J: N i, I Q g 5 1 f X ,Z ', IE 55 '- I' K I 2. .Wx - .L4.f.7k K , . .,, ag f ' ' N I A ' A A f if HU 11 5 V L ' fl ' 5 g'u'1'w'x I .3 X ' 5 1 V L , M ' W ' , , ' i - ' I 1 1 VZ , T342, I V o , 0 Y zxp sh Q ,' 5 1 - 3 A' I' Q , 4 Lf . ' 'ff ,LQ " A A M -, 2 .jj jg Y unfor Varsfiy ooflmfl ROW ONE D Bertchl R Sauder J Plattner ROW TWO J' Lenox D Becker F Dully R Ummel, M Wrhel, L Lenox ROW THREE Coach Klsellus R Stuber P H11l1TlEll'l K Lee B Reldner W Howard H Evans ,T Brunner J Dav1s umor Varsdy Baskeflva 1 'mul' ROW ONE J Hinnman.B Zimmer A Hoffman.ROW TWO D Bertche L Pflederer C Green, B Greene, H Evans J' Kinsey B Reldner ROW THREE Coach Kxsellus K Lee D Becker J Dav1s F Dully J Dully M Wrhel J' Brunner Varsffy Fooflia FIRST ROW S Taylor C Holverson R Sauder E McMak1n M Unslcker SECOND ROW M Whrel, B Geary S Ferree F Dully B Renner R Urnrnel, D Becker THIRD ROW Coach Kleswetter I Hutchlson H Rtsmger D Muselman R Ste1ner J Hoffman R Dav1s ,T Davls Coach Hohman FOURTH Although the football team thts year was not as successful as pred1cted the team showed good sptnt throughout the campatgn. The squad tumed up qmte a vlctory 1n wtnmng the Homecoming game wtth Eureka 27 18 the first Homecomlng wm 1n several years Ken Hmrnan and Stan Ferree made the ftrst and second All-Conference Ilho teams respectively Tremont Mackmaw Tremont Chtlhcothe Tremont Mansfield Tremont Eureka Tremont Metamora Tremont Morton Tremont Farmington Va rsify qua ROW: H. Evans, K. Hinman, R. Reid, W. Howard, L. Lenox, B. Reidner, D. Callahan. 6 ' 18 18 ' ' 31 13 13 27 18 19 28 12 24 0 27 AY ilia l OG "R" N ss DAVE Di-8 U in kai COACH KEN Q 9 RJ I if 'X RON X I V 4 BHL I RON If Yfv A X I x U 'il' Y 149 X . , ii . V! x If , I 5 O 3 4 if, W V A , In ' 1 7 Nyf . A N I fm, I .pf ,V I gf Q u, YF, 1 M if 'O ,K 5 Q if q 1 P I N A mx V S l, iq a R W I ,O l I I K , ' I .- ,1 -N ' . X I 5 if n O K ,ww X S. x"'X 259 ff? 91 Heavy Weighfs ROW ONE R. Unslcker B McMak1n J Pflederer K Hlnman SECOND ROW W Penn J Gerstner B Trumpy E Schaefer M. Hymbaugh THIRD ROW D G11ham B Boyle Managers FOURTH ROW Mr Dempsey R. Anderson G Hart R. Curry D Rrsinger D Horton Mr Penman M Lfffkf Wefffhffr ROW ONE B Fawer M McMullen, Mr Dempsey K Schubach K Seeman ROW TWO D Weeks R. Reldner M Kent D T1ffan M G1111am K Thompson ROW THREE L Beecham G Flannrgan D Grllram R. Woemer L G111an Manager J Schurter .4 via f 12 125 ' au. 1.11: Y ig -ji. ,, .ff 'S 4 L, 1 '- ' , wil iv? f . ,.-,wa - ws, V, ,W rg ,yx if , iii ,sf M2 V ww A if r ' Yi e r 1, fin mv" ,W paris Wrffe CRCBS COUNTRY Once again Tremont faired well during the cross country season. The team shows good promise with a number of good underclassmen. Much individual talent was shown during the year and the team ran with considerable spirit. TRACK The track team began the season with a bad start but cltmaxed II by taking second in the county The help of the tmderclassmen makes for a good outlook to the future. A few defeats made the record look bad but the team kept going and ftmshed better than was anticipated. WRESTLING The wrestling team this year did a creditable Job by winning a good share of their matches Warren Howard and Allen I-hnman advanced to the sectional meet after a superior showing III the distrlct. Allen took first in his dtvlsion tn the secuonal and went on to the state finals The state competiuon was held at Arlington Heights It was there that JEEP took second in the state. The school along with Coach Kissellus congratulates Allen for the excellent Job he has done in wrestling this year Y 'kan I Af 04210 4 ' -U , T 1-453 U rr , 9 ,Lv - if 9 4 .af Af A5 vzhw' V MW g. ma 53" ,em an., b x.f W-.,,, if f JEQJ- , rin! , WL 'W V ', S , we ' ti 'W .M, Q,.Q Aswff , J-MZ' ang- A Q. ! jig., 'KW Q h 5 W w . wx fu .. 73,2 Q ' if, a 5: 35, K A ik. 4 fa, mf' v aw I -4011 0 A. . ,zz 0 GEORGE L GERSTNER COOPER BR THERS AND SDN GEO L GERSTNER 8 SON CUSTOM FARM SERVICES Hardwa e t I111n 18 Tr t Illinois J W MACKEMER LUMBER C0 l TAZEWELL BUILDERS ,am R c 9. On d On -F h Quality Building ou e Miles :Est O2 our Products Tremont, Illinois one WA'5'3811 Phone WA-5-2701 1 r 21 l if LJ .41 nk E I W ' Ch 1 - P1 h Phone WA-5-7471 I rys er ymout r Tremon , ' o' E emon - r. . . . T C Ph TREMONT LUMBER CO MOORES GROCERY Everythlng for the FOOD STORE ld Bul er Ralph E Moore Proprletor Quality MBCBIIGIS Phone WA 5 7731 Tremont Illlnois Tremont Il11DO1S PURITY BAKING CO WOERNER FARM SUPPLY KT' ,ITE Allis-Chalmers - New Idea Briggs - Clinton - Sacobsen I Compliments of SALES AND SERVICE SUNBREAM BREAD Phone: WA 5-9361 Tremont, Illinois 7 nHGf6i555 5 riff! ,, - uVE'BllILD'BUYX ,.....JJ'L , l lo I O , . 3 o n E. . , X een I TREMONT IG A MKT nt 1111 lS 431 JACK AND BILLS SPORTING GOODS F lt Str t P 1 I111 R AND R GIFT SHOP t I111no1 WATSONS TRUCK STOP On R ute 121 1111 1S I ' u. I 0 I V .Lf Tremo , 'no' Tremon , ' 's - 3 -AQWGBLGZ' g,, LEATHER Q ,, I - V A I I I I Immg I L... 1 'OSA ' I -' 4. -' V I , 9 o 325 u on ee Tremo t 'HO' eor a 'nois I I . I SURNKE FIRST NATIONAL BANK BENNET BECKER WA5 3511 INSURANCE AGENCY t 1 t 1 GIFFORD GAS DOG N SUDS SERVICE INC WA5 7371 WAS 9031 t 1 t 1 I I I 1 A ' I NELSON STUBER KEENAN'S SPORTING GOODS CO. GENERAL CONTRACTOR CABINET MAKING AWARD JACKETS AND LETTERING Phone WA5 4641 HSport Goods for oo por s Box 569 Tremont I111nO1S 514 Maln Street Peorla I111no1s GLLIBA JEWELRY BOLLIGER BROS ICN 'ij watch Repalr GENERAL CONTRACTOR 4 V xx Hand Engravlng X Dlamonds Phone WA5 7701 and WA5 3061 Phone WA5 4001 Tremont I1l1no1s Tremont I111no1s , G d S c H N I O I .w Tfh, 1 :A - I K,-Q.'v-V'-v41'.xX ' !f,vIfNXN6 fl A - TKJDXNKAT - - 'I R.A. CULLINAN AND SON, INC. Road and Brldge Contractors Phone WA 5 2721 Tremont, Illlnois Excavat1ng Plle Drivlng Drainage Ditches LARKI HOME BAKERY X9 JL XOVQ f' 111552 XI QTY ,, wtf' f We Phone 6 2414 THE HOME OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT 526 Court Street Pekin I111no1s Fresh Meats Produce Da1ry Products Store Hours Weekdays 8 A M 10 P M Sundays 9 P M RIPPERS M RKET cz, :EE owER PRICES' P-P' Jct Hwys ""' 9 121 Tremont I111no1s AM ULANCE SERVICE DAVIS MORTU RY OXYGEN EQUIPPED Phone WA 5-2761 Tremont and Hopedale Illinois f , ' d P' at 3 3 X Q W 0 ' W w M-4 . . 9 A,M. M P ' ' THE NU CAFE On Route 121 Phone WA 5 9251 One m11e east of Tremont PATRON S BERCHTOLD BARBER SHOP ED HERMANN DR J P BLUMENSCHEIN TREMONT CAFE JOHNSON'S FLOOR SHOP TED EERTMDED ROBERT E MULLINS LEN VER FARM WINZELER'S TRUCKING A FRIEND DR. R. L. BEAHGLER infs There were times we thought we wouldn tl There were times we thought we couldn tl Our minds are wracked Our backs are stooped The ECHO is here and we are POOPEDII Once again the end of the school year is here The eagerness of summer vacation sends resounding echoes through the halls of Tremont High. Some will walk away for the last time never to return again. Some will be happy some will be sad others will be bewildered by the future ahead but most will be prepared to face the future squarely and honestly In this book we have tried to answer the question What is school? School is fun, school is part of our Lives A part which can never be replaced or taken away As you go out the door and onto the sidewalk, stop look back and up at the silent maJ esty of the building Give it a smile and a Thank you, before you go on your way for it is your school. The Echo Staff v I 9 l n u gg o 0 I I , . n n I O I o sv n ' U f INTER LOI I LGI NTL PRLS5 Yearbook r Du Iornas Graduaru n Announcements Fact ry H nnc Offxce Kansas Cnty Ma DSA K5 -1 fa 1' X 563 9 L' . 4- H: A 7 ra Pubhshers 4 Manufacturers a s-- Yea baak Cawers p - Q 1" is 11" I 13 I' I W : eff Q 'fix M. 'fw- Hag af vf ,QW 5 'fr ' 2, 'an 518: gq M 4'

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