Trego Community High School - Golden Eagle Yearbook (WaKeeney, KS)

 - Class of 1951

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Trego Community High School - Golden Eagle Yearbook (WaKeeney, KS) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1951 volume:

',1.-. 3. ,Ji , - 'sf H ' A xi: 'M X 'fm M Y fikg it ,. V' .VX , , 4 f W .3 .sy i. ' . 1. H - t , , -3 V1 - ' . ' z 1 w- L 1 ,, V 1 . .X , ,I , gk, , "X'Fffg5 9 Mal- " - a.x'5a'Q.. ' .. "YI, - ,V .214-'.', . -,Y ,. 'J ff' , ', ,.:. , if 1' gfai.-H V' Q A-Avi 3,4 7' Yi, , .E P, 4- .ff ,Q - . 2 -I Hx, . . - 5-.E " " ' I."-ff' lv- .f,f..- af 1 ' . x., 'fr' Q 3 I 4 .fr ' u ,Q A ff. h . E C G olden agle PUBLISHED BY We journalism lass TREGO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Wa.Keeney, K 95 QQKQIM To the T. G. H. S. students we dedicate This book we all so highly rate-- To the Student Council you see above Representing the school which we all l ov To the seniors leaving T. C. H. S. with wishes for a great successg To juniors who to the top have raced And soon are taking the seniors' placeg To the sophomores so prim and neat-- Who soon will have the juniors' seatg To the freshmen whom you soon will see Initiating the next class with glee. 93 D. R. LIDIKAY B.S., Baker University, M.E., University of Kansas, Princi- pal, Student Council Sponsor. MARY HARRIES B.S., Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, M.A., Denver University, Commerce, Book- keeping, Law, Typing I, Sec- retarial Training, Senior Class Sponsor, Y-Teen Sponsor. WENDELL GOLDSMITH B.S., Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Industrial Arts, Football, Track Coach, T-Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor. BETTY SPOELSTRA B.S., Kansas State College, English, General Science, Journalism, Yearbook Sponsor, Y-Teen Sponsor, Sophomore Sponsor. PAUL NELSON A.B., Bethany College, M.E., Kansas University, Social Sci- ence, Sr. Hi-Y Sponsor, Fresh- man Class Sponsor, Guidance and Counseling. PHYLLIS ANN MURPHY B.A., Oklahoma A Q M, Spanish, Physical Education, Pep Club Sponsor, GAA Sponsor. BARBARA WHISLER Secretary W. H. ELLIOTT A.B., Wichita University, A.M, Colorado University, Vice- Principal, Social Science, Latin, Senior Class Sponsor, Guidance and Counseling, Stu- dent Council Sponsor. ANN NEFF B.S., Kansas State College, Vocational Home Economics, FHA Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor. LEE KRAUS B.M., Bethany, Music, Sopho- more Class Sponsor. LOIS LEE MYERLY B.S., Fort Hays State, Com- merce, English, Typing I, Shorthand, Pep Club Sponsor, Freshman Class Sponsor. HOWARD HAMLIN B.s., Kansas state College, Physical Education, Biology, Basketball, Golf, and Tennis Coach, Assistant Football and Track Coach, T-Club Sponsor. PETER BAHTEL A.h., Bethel College, Mathematics, Science, Sponsor. Newton, Jr. Hi-Y GERALD BERRY B.S., Oklahoma A Q M, Voca- tional Agriculture, FFA Spon- sor. DEAN HADDOCK B.S., Kansas State College, G.I., Agriculture. NINA GALLOWAY Librarian WAYNE JOHNSTON B.S., Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Speech, Eng- lish, Radio, Junior and Senior Play Sponsor. BYRON EATON Custodian Left tg-Right: Nadine Ellis, chairman ex officio, R. H. Galloway, Gerhard Mnssemann, Carol Newcomer, treasurer, W. W. Harvey, president, Homer Neff, B. D. Hixon, sec- retary, D. R. Lidikay, principal. 4 V GWEN ARNOLD Band 12345 Glee Club 12345 Chorus 12345 Sophomore P1ay5 Y-Teen 1234, President 45 Pep Club 15 Freshman Secretary5 Student Council 4. CARROLL BROOMFIELD Hi-Y 15 Football 1. ETHEL BILLINGER Band 123h3 Glee Club 12343 Chorus 12345 Student Council 35 Sophomore Secretaryg Junior Secretary5 Y-Teen 12345 Pep Club 15 GAA Treasurer 3, FHA 1234, President 3, District Secretary 45 Twirler 2345 Homecoming Queen Attendant 4. RICHARD CAIN Glee Club 12345 Chorus 1235 Hi-Y 12353 Football 123. ESTELLE'CARLETON Y-Teens 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Colorado: Glee Club 125 Pep Club 25 Chorus 125 Student Council 2. LARRY conmon A Glee Club 12345 Chorus 12345 Student Council 25 Sophomore President5 Hi-I 1234, Treas- urer 45 Football 125 Basket- ball 12355 Track 15 Tennis 125 PFA 14. WILBER BEHG Band 15 Glee Club 1235 Chorus 1235 Hi-Y 125 FFA 1234 Vice- President 45 Football 125 Track 15 FFA Basketball 34. EVELYN BERSCHAUER Band 12345 Glee Club 12345 Chorus 1235 FHA 1235 Y-Teen 1234. GLENN BUCHHOLZ Glee Club 2345 Chorus 2345 Hi-Y 145 FFA 1234, Reporter 45 FFA Basketball 2345 Football 1235 Basketball 1. DOROTHY BOLLIG Glee Club 1235 Chorus 1235 Y-Teens 12343 FHA 235 Girls Softball Team 1. RICHARD CLEVENGER Glee Club 12345 Chorus 12345 Hi-Y 12345 Football 1. ELAINE DEINES Glee Club 2345 Chorus 235 FHA 12343 Y-Teen 12345 Year- book Staff 4. NADINE DIETZ Glee Club l23hj Chorus 1235 Y-Teen l23Lj Pep Club is FHA 1233 Yearbook Staff A. ROSS EHRICHS Hi-Y l23h3 FFA 1233 Glee Club 13 Chorus 1. DARLENE FOLKERS Band 3L3 Glee Club l23As GAA 233 Chorus l23hS Pep Club li Y-Teen'l23h3 Student Council hs Senior Vice-President3 Girls Trio hi Yearbook Staff A. DALE HILLMAN Glee Club l23Lj Chorus l23hj Student Council 3A, Vice- President A3 T-Club l23A, President L, Bouncer 33 Hi-Y l23A, Treasurer 33 FFA 13 Football l23LQ Basketball 12- BL3 Track l23LQ Baseball 13 National Athletic Honor So- ciety 33 Homecoming King At- tendant L3 Football and Bas- ketball Co-Captain A. PEGGY GIBSON Band l23h3 Glee Club 1233 Chorus 1235 Junior Play3 Stu- dent Council l3 Freshman President3 Y-Teens l23hj Pep Club ls FHA 123 Twirler l23h. EARL MCCOY Band 13 Glee Club 13 Chorus ls FFA l2343 Track l. GARY CUMMINGS Glee Club lg Chorus 13 Hi-Y l23b3 Sophomore Play3 FFA 12- 3A3 Football l23 FFA Basket- ball 3b. SHIRLEY DIETZ Band 23h3 Glee Club QBQQ Chorus 23A3 Y-Teens 23h3 Hi-Y and Y-Teen Play hs Girls Trio 2. Oakley: Kay-ettes 13 Girls Glee lg Chorus ls Pep Club l. WILLIAM HAFLIGER Glee Club l23A3 Chorus 1233 Hi-Y l23Lj FFA l23Q5 Track 33 FFA Basketball 3b. EVELYN GARDNER Band 12335 Glee Club l23A3 Chorus l23b5 Sophomore Playj Junior Playg Hi-Y and Y-Teen Playg Student Council A, Sec- retary and Treasurer Lg Pep Club 13 FHA l23h, Vioe-Presi- dent 23 One Act Plays Senior Presidentg Twirler 23h3 Girls Trio 23A3 Yearbook Staff L. LAVERNE KOLEBER Glee Club l23LQ Chorus l23h5 Junior Play3 One Act Play 3h3 Hi-Y l23L, Youth and Govern- ment hs Basketball l23 Track 123 Cheerleader L. SHARON GROFT Glee Club l23hj Chorus l23hQ Junior Plays Student Council 33 Cheerleader 233 Pep Club l23A, President 33 Y-Teen l2- 3L3 GAA 13 Girls Trio 3A3 One Act Play l. VIRGINIA HALL Glee Club l23Ag Chorus l23g Student Council 3Ag Pep Club l23Ag President Ag FHA l23Ag Y-Teens l23Ag GAA 23A, Presi- dent 3g Girls Softball Team lg Yearbook Staff A. ROBERT MALINOWSKY Band l23Ag Glee Club l23g Chorus l23g Sophomore Playg Junior Playg Hi-Y and Y-Teen Play Ag Sophomore Treasurerg Hi-Y l23Ag Secretary Ag Stu- dent Council President Ag Drum Major A. LORRINE KERTH Band l23Ag Glee Club l23Ag Chorus l23Ag Pep Club lg FHA lg Y-Teen l23Ag Vice-President Ag Sweetheart Queen Attendant 35 Homecoming Queen Attendant Ag Senior Secretary. ' ERNEST MODEN Glee Club l23Ag Chorus l23g Hi-Y 3Ag FFA lAg T-Club 3A, Bouncer Ag Football l23Ag Basketball lg Track l23A. GLADYS MANZ Glee Club l23Ag Chorus l23g Pep Club l3g Y-Teen l23Ag FHA l23Ag GAA 2g Yearbook Staff A. ARTHUR NEWCOMER Band l2Ag Glee Club l23Ag Chorus l23Ag Boys Quartette Ag Junior Playg Sophomore Vice- Presidentg Junior Treasurerg T-Club l23Ag Treasurer 3g Hi-Y l23A5 Football l23Ag Basketball l23Ag Baseball lg Track 25 Tennis 2343 National Athletic Honor Society 3g Homecoming King Attendant A. HOWARD MAI Glee Club l23Ag Chorus l23Ag Boys Quartette Ag Junior Playg One Act Play 3Ag Student Coun- cil 3Ag Junior Presidentg Hi-Y l23Ag Vice-President 3, Presi- dent Ag T-Club l23Ag Secretary 3, Treasurer Ag Football l23Ag Basketball l23Ag Track l23Ag Baseball lg National Athletic Honor Society 33 Homecoming King Attendant Ag Football and Basketball Co-Captain A. NATHALEE KELSCH Glee Club l23Ag Chorus 123g Cheerleader 2g Junior Play 3g Pep Club l23Ag Vice-President 3g Y-Teens l23Ag GAA lg Girls Trio 345 one Act Play Ag Home- coming Queen Ag Sweetheart Queen 3g Yearbook Staff A. WALTBR MATTKE Glee Club l23Ag FFA Basketball 3Ag Chorus l23g Hi-Y l23Ag T-Club 3A3 Football l23Ag Basketball lg Track l23Ag Homecoming King Ag FFA l23A. MAUREEN MALINOWSKY Glee Club l23g Chorus l23g FHA 123g Y-Teens l23A, Treasurer A. PAUL MORTON Glee Club l2g Chorus 12g FFA l23A, Secretary Ag Hi-Y l23Ag Football l23Ag Track l23. SHIRLEY MCCOY Glee Club l23Ag Chorus l23Ag FHA 123g Y-Teen 12345 GAA 23g Pep Club lg Yearbook Staff A. CAROLYN MOHR Glee Club l23Ag Chorus 123g Y-Teens l23Lg Yearbook Staff A. M LVIN REEDER Band l23Ag Glee Club l23A5 Chorus l23hg Boys Quartette hs Junior Vice-Presidentg Hi-Y 12343 T-club 23b3 Track 23hg Football 3. KATHRYN NEFF Band 12343 Glee Club l23h5 Chorus 1235 Student Council 23 Y-Teens l23Ag Pep Club 23h, Treasurer hs FHA l23L, Presi- dent 23 Twirler 23Lg Home- coming Queen Attendant A. DWAYNE SCOTT Glee Club 1235 Chorus Hi-Y 13. 1235 BETTY JEAN PORTER Y-Teen 34. Arkansas: FHA 12. PAUL STANTEU Hi-Y 15 FFA 23. JASON OTT Glee Club l23h3 Chorus l23Ag One Act Play 3Ag Junior Playg Hi-Y l23A, Youth and Govern- ment 33 Sophomore Playg Stu- dent Council 3A, Represen- tative hs Freshman Vice-Presi- dentg T-Club 23A, Secretary L, Bouncer 35 Athletic Manager 233 Tennis 35 Basketball l. ANNA MOOS Glee Club l2hg Chorus 123 Y-Teens 1. Clayton: Girls Glee 3. RICHARD SCHE H Glee Club l23A3 Chorus l23Lg Sophomore Playg Junior Playg Hi-Y and Y-Teen Play A5 Stu- dent Council 1, Representative 25 Hi-Y l23Ag Yearbook Staff Ag Youth and Government A. JANICE POAGUE l23h5 Twirler 3h5 Glee Club l23A5 Chorus l23Ag Girls 23h5 Y-Teen 12343 Pep Band Trio Club lg FHA l23h. CAROL SMITH Band l23g Glee Club l23hg Chorus 123hg Junior Playg Hi-Y l23Ag Cheerleader A. MELVA RIDDLE Hi-Y and Y-Teen Play Ag Y-Teen kg Yearbook Staff A. Idaho: Grizzly Gazette 235 FHA 125 Girls League 233 One Act Play 3. JUDY RINKER Band 12355 Glee Club 123h5 Chorus 123hs Sophomore Playg One Act Play 3h3 Hi-Y and Y-Teen Play A5 GAA 23A, Sec- retary 35 Student Council 25 Pep Club 15 Tennis l23A5 Y-Teens 123A5 Student Council Representative 2. DICK WILSON Glee Club 125 Chorus 125 Hi-Y 1235 Football 15 Basketball 15 Track 15 FFA Basketball 3. HANORA SHUBERT Band 123h3 Glee Club l23A5 Pep Club 15 FHA 1235 GAA 23h5 Chorus 1235 Y-Teens l23L5 Yearbook Staff A. M HNE SPITSNAUGLE Band 1234, Twirler 23h5 Junior 'Play5 Hi-Y and Y-Teen Play A5 Y-Teens l23L5 Pep Club 15 FHA 235 One Act Play 3L5 District All-Star Cast 35 Yearbook Staff A. BERNIECE THESING Band l23h3 Glee Club l23b5 Chorus 123b5 Sophomore P1ay5 Y-Teens 12315 Pep Club 1235 FHA l23A, Treasurer 3, Presi- dent L5 Senior Treasurerg Stu- dent Council A. DAVID SURPRISE Glee Club l23u5 Chorus l23h5 FFA l23A, Vice-President 235 Hi-Y 125 FFA Basketball 3A. ARLENE SCHNEIDER Glee Club 1235 Chorus 1235 GAA 2, Treasurer 25 Sophomore Play5 Y-Teens l23A5 Pep Club 125 FHA l23, Secretary 3. LOIS TAWNEY Glee Club 1235 Chorus 1235 Y-Teens 123b5 Pep Club l23L, Vice-President 25 FHA 1235 GAA 23A, Secretary L. MARY ANN WAGNER Band 23L5 Glee Club 23A5 Chorus 235 Y-Teens 123A5 Pep Club 1. LOUISE ZAHN Glee Club l23h5 Chorus 1235 Pep Club 15 Y-Teens 123b. Front BQ!! Ann Neff--class sponsor, Darlene Nemechek, Betty Schemm, Barbara Peacock, Darline Massier, Lois Fabrizius, Frances Richmeier, Kathleen Custer, JoAnn Schneider. Middle Roy: Geraldine Ellison, Bonnie Berry, Corleen Folkers, Wilma Bender, Joyce Hockman, Donna Lidikay, Nova Moody, Karol Papes, Melvin Tawney, Vernon Bender, Leon Fabrizius. Back Roy: Dwayne Ries, Victor Dinkle, Robert Stenzel, Ronald Karst, Donald Naiman, Paul Fabrizius, Carrol Claycamp, John Hafliger, Everett Wanker, Glenn Berg, Kenneth Hughes, Malvin Mai. rng'y,i Q f ,wi President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer t 2'. Back Row: Elmer Boxberger, Everett Lahmann, Herbert Newcomer, Charles Hille, Cletis Brungardt, Frank Krhut, Delmer Lynd, Elvin Fabrizius, Ar- thur Ridgway, Donald McLean, LaVern Stenzel, LaVerne Gaschler. Middle Row: Wendell Goldsmith--class sponsor, Emma Jean Mai, Rosetta Rohn, Donald Novis, Sidney Rumpel, Melvin Gardner, Laverne Lessor, Dean Bhares, Clara Ann Wederm er, Treva Denham. Front Row: Shirley Schoenthaler, Charlotte Boxberger, Janice Keraus, Verna Lou Shively, Glenda Blender, Gladys Meyer,. Wilma Riedel, Loretta Sherfick, Marlene Kessler. Front Egg: Carole Jean Hixson, Shirley Reeder, Beverly Wilson, JoDell McAdams, Laura Belle Reinert, Kenneth McCoy, LaVerne Stieben, Ralph Zeman Jr., Max Rumple. Middle Egg: Lee Kraus--sponsor, Wanda Wanker, Shirley Buohholz, Juanita Hamm, Twila Bender, Lavonne Owens, MarJean Olson, Dorothy Nejdl, Patri- cia Morton, Charlotte Aschenbrenner. Back Egg: Harold Newcomer, Robert Lessor, Willard Dinkle, Jerry Box- berger, Arnold Heide, Phillip Wagner, Raymond Hafliger, Paul Hammond, Duane Deines. - . 5 V . ,Iii ' ' ie" Z1 F gg, ,gn President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sinai, magma V ff X.. Back Egg: Donald Steckline, Herman Eichman, Donald Kerth, Bill Schwien, Earl Neff, Francis Stanton, Kenneth Flagler, Duane Bellaire, Earl Tawney Middle Egg: Leon Roth, Myrna Mnsseman, Gladys Connor, Kay Flagler, Emily Mai, Mary Ann Schneider, Doris Armbruster Lane Hendricks, John Kenyon. Front Row: Betty Spoelstra--sponsor, Lorene Fabrizius, Rhetis Wickizer, Roberta Arnold, Lois Marquand, Phyllis Lofstead, Karen Spitsnaugle. Front Egg: Virginia Stanton, Beverly Sellers, Marjorie Gardner, Betpy Nemechek, Joan Dorman, Darlene Feezor, Loretta Connor, Jean Naiman. Middle Egg: Paul Nelson--sponsor, Keith Broomfield, James Cleland, Bernadine Dietz, Betty Lou Deines, Harriet Willans, Norma Lee Berschauen Barbara Bass, Charlotte Novis, Glenda Beach, Thomas O'Toole. Bach Row: LeRoy Berg, Gary Bollig, Glen Riggs, Clarence Stewart, Myron Dietz, Donald Riedel, Henry Eiring, Glen Wentling, Larry Folkers, Gary Lofstead. N,,3,up5,r 'f I President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer L L ' fair? 1 Back Egg: LaVerne Wiedeman, LeRoy Brabb, Frank Cain Jr., Ronald Schwien, Malcolm Applegate, Charles McGinnis, William Covey, Gary Hanna, Curtis Fowler, Donald Kraus, Darrell Massier. Middle Egg: Gilbert Scheck, Carol Kenyon, Virginia Sherfick, Carolyn Flagler, Faye Riggs, Greta Gorsky, Wilma Leach, Kay Blender, Patricia Greene, Elgin Wahlborg. Front Egg: Lois Lee Myerly--sponsor, Ann Horak, Shirley Novis, Peggy O'Toole, Dorothy Hobbick, JoAnn Bollig, Dolores Bostick, Lavonne Hill- man, Sharilee Lidikay. f m-run-was-w Q-3' 1- ,W ,N ,,,, W .,....,.,.,....... ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,.-, H, G N! VZ f I mwpwlm j OVWQ ' 0 ' Y 5 Q8 ' Q, 5,000.4 ,QQ 09 1' X!'!"w'w2 ww eww P M2 Ni 3,34 if? 'wwf WMM ' WV M 45-Ho4N4Z QQ WV! H! lf ff W' l , 41 ' J l15"'f ,lf ll f UWIJZC' , 1" ' HW' vf? 'fill' - . 1 f f"ff W -f fi x, Q ' Q img, lr, 1 Q, "z ww cw .' :Ulf M f , ' , UI!! ,Ill Ol -.if 03 ' 'Q 1 .fa Q lf" X wa 3- Q2 4 Hp Q ff' g'4 4, 552 2 l Q V V' , 1 6' EW ..., Q gf XXI! N :Z x I xx I vig 3-ngvw 000' Bottom Row, left to right: Nathalee Kelsch, LaVerne Kole- ber, Shirley Dietz. Tog Row: Sharon Groft, Bob Malinowsky, Janice Poague. Since the senior play was too late for the annual, we took snaps of seniors choosing their play. The choice seemed to be HMeet Me in St ll Louis. B Egg Egg: Art Newcomer, Glenn Buchholz, Evelyn Berschauer. Bottom Egg: Shirley McCoy, Jason Ott, Bernieoe Thesing. Egg lggg: Hanora Shubert, Gwen Arnold, Melvin Reeder, Howard Mai, Evelyn Gardner, Richard Schemm. Bottom Egg: Virginia Hall, Merne Spitsnaugle, Judy Rinker, Darlene Folkers. 13 A scene 2, 1950. Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Johnston . Carl .... Helen . . . Eunice . Bob . . Carrie . Junior . Lefty . . Midge .... Mr. Gordon . . Sitting, Left to Right: Jane ..... Mother .... Father . . Dot..... U Mrs. Gordon . 0 Q 1 1 Standing, Left to Right: Mr. Johnston--dire Victor Dinkle, Betty Lou Schemm, Emma Jean Ma Claycamp, Paul Fabrizius-gstudent director, Ka from HThe Baby Sittern presented by the junior class December . . . Director e Victor Dinkle . . Charlotte Boxberger . . Verna Lou Shively . . Art Ridgway . Janice Keraus Melvin Gardner Leon Fabrizius . Emma Jean Mai . . Frank Krhut . . Karol Papes . Donna Lidikay Carroll Claycamp Betty Lou Schemm Barbara Peacock ctor, Charlotte Boxberger, i, Donna Lidikay, Carroll rol Papes, Barbara Peacock Sitting, Left to Right: Leon Fabrizius, Janice Keraus, Art Ridgway, Verna Lou Shively, Frank Krhut, Melvin Gardner. Wmymm-www -1 M-a,e,,.m,,,.-,Wwammwm-wamfwa -'-'- - l .W , A scene from nHis Ozark Cousinn presented November 30, l95O, by Hi Y and Y-Teens. Standing, Left to Right: Uncle Zeb . . Jack Rankin . Mrs. Rankin . Gary Stark . Glenda Rankin Ned Richman . Sue Rankin . Sitting, Left to Right Guy Haines . Mrs. Haines . Francis Haines Fay Kirby . . Randall Haines . Donald Naiman . . Ronald Karst . Shirley Dietz . . Arnold Heide Merne Spitsnaugle . Bob Malinowsky Virginia Stanton . Richard Schemm . . Judy Rinker . . Melva Riddle . Evelyn Gardner . . . Leon Roth the Standing, Left to Right: Miss Spoelstra-ndirector, Shirley Dietz, Karol Papes--student director, Virginia Stanton, Ronald Karst, Merne Spitsnaugle, Arnol Heide, Donald Naiman. Sitting, Left to Right: Bob Malinowsky, Melva Riddle, Richard Schemm, Judy Rinker, Evelyn Gardner, Leon Roth. The Speech II has somehow found time to work on one-act plays along with their other projects. During class time they prepared nHis First Dress Suit.H Characters are, left to right: Mother Harding . . . . . . Gwen Arnold Teddy Harding . . . . . . . Jason Ott Johnny Drake . . . . . Ronald Karst Betty Harding . . . . . . . . . . Nathalee Kelsch This one-act play, The Happy Journey, was presented at the forensic contest last spring and was presented several times last fall. Characters are, left to right: Beulah . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Judy Rinker Caroline . . . . Merne Spitsnaugle Arthur . . . . LaVerne Koleber Ma Kirby . . . . gEvelyn Gardner Pa Kirby .... . . Howard Mai Stage Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jason Ott 16 Left tg Right: Virginia Hall, Judy Rinker, La Verne Koleber, Darlene Folkers, Ronald Karst, Gwen Arnold, Shirley Dietz, Janice Poague, and Howard Mai. Radio Glass The radio groups in the year 1950-51 have really been busy present- ing two radio programs. The programs were given every Saturday morning on station KAYS, Hays, Kansas, at lO o'clock. The first program to be given was the regular USchool Programn and the second was UTops With Teens.U These two broadcasts alternated Saturdays. The radio groups were composed of the members of Speech II class. Left tg Right: Jason Ott, Nathalee Kelsch, Merne Spitsnaugle, Hanora Shubert, Melvin Reeder, Leon Fabrizius, Evelyn Gardner, Sharon Groft, and Arthur Newcomer. iw, 'f'!WMfc'M'mW2M THIS Band Front How: Lee Kraus--director, Evelyn Gardner, Janice Poague, Ethel Billinger, Peggy Gibson, Kathryn Neff, Merne Spitsnaugle, and Bob Malinowsky. , Second Bow: Wilma Riedel, Berniece Thesing, Juanita Hamm, Carol Kenyon, Bernadine Dietz, Jean Naiman, Lavonne Hillman, Kay Blender, Ann Horak, Janice Keraus, Rhetis Wickizer, LaVern Stenzel, Shirley Buchholz, and Max Rumpel. Third How: Beverly Wilson, Shirley Schoenthaler, Karen Spitsnaugle, Sharilee Lidikay, Wilma Leach, Barbara Peacock, Charlotte Boxberger, Gwen Arnold, Gladys Meyer, Evelyn Berschauer, Shirley Dietz, Lois Mar- quand, Phyllis Lofstead, and Roberta Arnold. Fourth Bow: Hanora Shubert, Patricia Morton, Twila Bender, Emma Jean Mai, Kathleen Custer, Marjean Olson, Marjorie Gardner, Gary Hanna, Treva Donham, Wilma Bender, Lorrine Kerth, Judy Rinker, Joan Dorman, Carolyn Flagler, Kay Flagler. Back Bow: Mary Ann Wagner, Shirley Reeder, Beverly Sellers, Marlene Kessler, Karol Kay Papes, Donna lidikay, Verna Lou Shively, Clara Ann Wedermyer, Malcolm Applegate, Curtis Fowler, Melvin Reeder, Glen Riggs, Arthur Newcomer, Darlene Folkers, and Mary Ann Schneider. PEP BAND Clairnets-Gwen Arnold, Bob Malinowsky, Barbara Peacock, Ethel Bill- inger, Kathryn Neff, and Charlotte Boxberger. Cornets--Lorrine Kerth, Roberta Arnold, Darlene Folkers, Shirley Buch- holz, and Judy Rinker. Flutes--Janice Keraus. Piccolo--Rhetis Wickizer. French Horn--Kathleen Custer and Emma Jean Mai. Saxophones-Donna Lidikay and Twila Bender. Trombones--Karol Kay Papes and Marlene Kessler. Baritone Qaggghgng-Verna Lou Shively, Tenor Saxoghone-Gary Hanna. Bass Horn-Mary Ann Wagner. Bass Drumf-Beverly Wilson. Snare Drum-Berniece Thesing. Director--Judy Rinker. 19 Front Boy: Lee Kraus-director, Myrna Musseman, Gladys Connor, Lavonne Hillman, Marjorie Gardner, Wilma Leach, Sharilee Lidikay, Dolores Bos- tick, and Charlotte Novis. Second Egg: Patricia Greene, Lois Marquand, Darlene Folkers, Emma Jean Mai, Betty Schemm, Donna Lidikay, Karol Kay Papes, Glenda Blender, Anna Moos, Janice Keraus, and Shirley Reeder. Back Egg: Bernadine Dietz, Norma Berschauer, Lorene Fabrizius, Doris Armhruster, Nadine Dietz, Ethel Billinger, Shirley Dietz, Lorrine Kerth, Elaine Deines, and Nathalee Kelsch Qnot in picturel. Girls' Glee Club Front Egg: Shirley Novis, Carol Kenyon, Louise Zahn, Marjean Olson, Dorothy Hobbick, Beverly Wilson, Juanita Hamm, JoAnn Bollig, and Char- lotte Aschenbrenner. Second 393: Darlene Nemechek, Bonnie Berry, Corleen Folkers, Lavonne Owens, Evelyn Berschauer, Emily Mai, Beverly Sellers, Kay Flagler, Rhetis Wickizer, Twila Bender, JoDell McAdams, and Kay Blender. Back Boy: Glenda Beach, Evelyn Gardner, Charlotte Boxberger, Gwen Arnold, Nova Moody, Clara Ann Wedermyer, Lois Fahrizius, Carolyn Mohr, Gladys Manz, Phyllis Lofstead, Roberta Arnold, Karen Spitsnaugle, and Virginia Hall Cnot in pictureb. Egggt Egg: Betty Nemechek, Ann Horak, Barbara Bass, Virginia Stanton, ge?n Kalman, Betty Lou Deines, Loretta Connor, Darlene Feezor, and Peggy oo e. QQQQQQ Egg: Frances Richmeier, Shirley Schoenthaler, Rosetta Rohn, Loretta Sherfick, Hanora Shubert, Greta Gorsky, Kathleen Custer, Gladys Meyer, Wilma Riedel, Mary Ann Wagner, Darline Massier, Verna Lou Shive- ly, Barbara Peacock, Marlene Kessler, and Berniece Thesing. Qggk Rgg: Virginia Sherfick, Patricia Morton, Wilma Bender, Judy Rin- kefa Shirley MCCOY, Treva, Joan Dorman, Sharon Groft, Carolyn Flagler, JoAnn Schneider, Merne Spitsnaugle, Shirley Buchholz, and Janice Poague. Mixed Chorus Malcolm Applegate, Gwen Arnold, Twila Bender, Vernon Bender, Wilma Bender, Ethel Billinger, Charlotte Boxberger, Jerry Boxberger, Glenn Buchholz, Richard Clevenger, Larry Connor, Kathleen Custer, Myron Dietz, Shirley Dietz, Victor Dinkle, Willard Dinkle, Lorene Fabrizius, Paul Fabrizius, Kenneth Flagler, Darlene Folkers, Curtis Fowler, Evelyn Gard- ner, Marjorie Gardner, Greta Gorsky, Sharon Groft, Lane Hendricks, Dale Hillman, Kenneth Hughes, Carol Kenyon, Janice Keraus, Lorrine Kerth, Marlene Kessler, La Verne Koleber, Frank Krhut, Donna Lidikay, Sharilee Lidikay, Howard Mai, Lois Marquand, Shirley McCoy, Gladys Meyer, Nova Moody, Donald Naiman, Art Newcomer, Herbert Newcomer, Jason Ott, Karol Kay Papes, Janice Poague, Melvin Reeder, Shirley Reeder, Glen Riggs, Judy Rinker, Leon Roth, Richard Schemm, JoAnn Schneider, William Schwien, Loretta Sherfick, Verna Lou Shively, Carol Smith, LaVern Stenzel, David Surprise, Berniece Thesing, and Rhetis Wickizer. 21 PAH Front Row: Max Rumpel, Glen Riggs, Leon Roth, Donald Novis, Leon Fahrizius, Vernon Bender, and Howard Mai. Middle Row: Jason Ott, Jerry Boxberger, Bill Schwien, Melvin Reeder, Richard Clevenger, Frank Krhut, David Surprise, Frank Cain, Lane Hend- ricks, and Gary Lofstead. Back Row: Willard Dinkle, Richard Schemm, Dwayne Ries, La Vern Stenzel, Malcolm Applegate, Glenn Buchholz, Delmer Lynd, La Verne Koleber, Earl Tawney, Elgin Nahlhorg, and Tommy O'Toole. Front Row: Ralph Zeman, Myron Dietz, Heary Eiring, Dean Phares, Kenneth Hughes, Melvin Tawney, Paul Fabrizius, Arthur Newcomer, and Raymond Hafliger. Middle Row: Lee Kraus-director, Victor Dinkle, Robert Stenzel, Larry Connor, Herbert Newcomer, Charles Hille, Curtis Fowler, Dale Hillman, Carol Smith, Melvin Gardner, Laverne Lessor, and Robert Lessor. Bagk Row: Everett Lahmann, Earl Neff, Walter Mattke, Richard Cain, Gary Cummings, Roger Callahan, Donald Naiman, Kenneth Flagler, Donald Mc- Lean, Ernest Moden, Glenn Berg, and Duane Bellairs. 'f I P I K :If I' :W '7 F Z f if Za! X 5 4 ,IA 1 w 1, I 4. lb , W !f!!!5 f ,I ,,, 1 I f 1 l W' ,f ,'l ,'., ,, Mfr? ' 1, I 1 f ly H711 ,Q 'lh ,,f' lv: ,' A 'V od I V x ,f 1, I lf. Nw rf' "fC,' ual 'J fi-in fai' -'1"' II 'I I 'Ml Lp" vial! n, by tus' .films ig., A we A i IME 'M 4 ll u I W' 14 1 ,ni S' I.. Il l hhf' -, lxlufll Ill nl . ll' Y IH 4 11, hill!! MN " Iahffl' I If Gum f I I I 'sl I I f"' ,Il Yaf- ik M1 M Ii ' ". - 1-- Ir 5' 1' 4 1 ,fff ll HHH? Mifflin ,f f I lr f,' fl ulllnf MII' 1" :H Mun' S'-::Ar- - 5::.5:-3:: -:rg - , WI 'Muff 'Nil f ,' 2 Q 1 Q Left tg Right: Gladys Meyer, Phyllis Lofstead, Miss Neff--spon- sor, Janice Poague, Ethel Bill- inger, Janice Keraus, Berniece Thesing, Loretta Sherfick, Clara Ann Wedermyer, Kathryn Neff, Mar- lene Kessler, and Gladys Manz Cnot on picturel. F, H. A. HAS BUSY YEAR In the past year the members of the F. H. A. attended two conven- tionsg one at Russell and the state convention at Topeka. The big social event of the year was their annual valentine party which was held in the home economics room. At the end of the year a style review and tea was given for the mothers. Several of the girls who worked for their state degrees were Berniece Thesing, Kathryn Neff, Gladys Meyer, Barbara Peacock, and Loretta Sherfick. F. F, A. WINS FIRST PLACE The F. F. A. livestock Judging Team won first place at The Ellis County Junior Free Fair. William Hafliger won first place and John Hafliger and Glenn Berg tied for second place. The judging team also tied first place with Colby at the Trego County Free Fair. William Hafliger won first place with Wil- ber Berg second and Kenneth Flag- ler third. Some of the events during the year were the Parent and Son Ban- quet, November 143 Shop Team to Oberlin, November 153 two basket- ball games with Hays, two basket- ball games with Ellisg Poultry Team to Stockton, February lO5 Crop Team to Hoxie, March 35 Speech Contest at Norton, April 33 livestock and Dairy Judging to Colby, April 14, and State Contest at Manhattan, May 7-8. Left tg Right: Glenn Buchhoiz, LaVern Stenzel, Mr. Berry--ad- viser, Dwayne Ries, Wilber Berg, and Paul Morton. g, 4 - . Y V A. T ,..m,,..,x, f -- .xv.V,1,,,.lw-mMs'.:ffswzf nf -f .,,,.1.,1,f,gg-V-,Qw..,.M , ,,,m,i, . , K Standing at Left: Lois Tawney, Maureen Malinowsky, and Karol Kay Papes. Left to Right: Mrs. Harries--sponsor, Darlene Folkers, Evelyn Ber- schauer, Kathleen Custer, Charlotte Boxberger, Pianist, Ethel Billinger, Gwen Arnold, Joyce Hockman, Kathryn Neff, Lorrine Kerth, and Miss Spoel- stra-sponsor. Y-Teens and Hi -Y Front gow: Melvin Reeder, Larry Connor, Howard Mai, Carrol Claycamp, and Bob Malinowsky. Middle Bow: Richard Schemm, Dale Hillman, Art Newcomer, and Victor Dinkle. Back Row: Ronald Karst, Paul Fabrizius, and Mr. Nelson--spon- sor Left to Right: Leon Roth, Donald Kerth, Earl Tawney, Bill Schwien, Paul Hammond, and Mr. Bartel--spon- sor, is me I ,stay x 'ff ' 'ai I ' Gigi' gap- N I X N ,' 'wx Q-214 -122 x:.,,:::x ICI, S .': Eli: '1 I III I 'III I I - 4 222:-,.-- 1 I I ,, - fp ' f ffff . A " of ' III' ,X WL " Il44I I ' . ,ill ' ' I 1 , 1' I III If U- ' :R l'I If .44 -.NN ' ' I I If 4 .M 2 ff , " fr ,' f f ff, y If 4 ,ll f X H ,GL 1' ' ,I , ' ,ph 4 Y I I I , ,fp A, 4f I k 4 1' " II 1 ii f' 1' f If Y' "Z I I , I 4 I I4 1 1 . - . - I , I I 1 p f 4- ,sa-, I I, I A I, NX, W 0 9 1 4 , A Xi 2 -5 , 411, 'I Q ff! X 'H I, P5 -- if : SN N a-wr it f I I - -, - III x ti. III 3 :sri 'fl 0 3 3 3 i 3 1 3 u 1 1 E ! 1 C i 2 I H 5 5 5 5 ! ? ? E 5 ! i A e 3 i r 5 i I 5 2 1 4 i f f 1 1 4 f 3 1 ! X F 5 1 J I x i 4 1 u S F 5 R : 5 2 5 rAL.,'-w:'L1A' :!.1L1:A1155512 'ff .' '41-"-'-ff"1'1'f'1'v:'r " 1 "v"'1fH'w-1r"'N A' fn 'A 1 - rw ' ' ' -1 r - .. --'11 ,i 241,51.g:1,:1:1!.--.QL..:..' ANI '1' " -'I C 7 O . Queen Nathalee King Walter Standing, left to right: Howard Mai, Lorrine Kerthg Ethel Billinger, Dale Hillmang Kathryn Neff, Art Newcomeru Seated: Nathalee Kelsch, Walter Mattke. Football Squad Back Row, left to right: Melvin Tawney, Art Newcomer, Charles Mc- Ginnis, Kenneth Flagler, Paul Fabrizius, Phillip Wagner, Ernest Moden, Art Ridgway, Frank Krhut, Dale Hillman, Charles Hille, Howard Mai. Third Row: Coach Hamlin, Darrell Massier, Ronald Karst, Curtis Fow- ler, Walter Mattke, Herbert Newcomer, Myron Dietz, Earl Tawney, Donald Riedel, Malcolm Applegate, Carroll Claycamp, Paul Morton, Coach Gold- smith. Second Row: Leon Fabrizius, Malvin Mai, Melvin Gardner, Jerry Box- berger, Ronald Schwien, Duane Bellairs, Henry Eiring, Paul Hammond, Dean Phares, Victor Dinkle, Vernon Bender. Front Row: Glen Wentling, Donald Steckline, Gary Lofstead, Donald Kraus, Leon Roth, Jim Cleland, LeRoy Brabb, Ralph Zeman Jr., Tommy O'Toole, Lane Hendricks--student manager. Dighton , Trego Jennings Trego Bazine , Trego Oakley , Trego Morland , Trego Ness City Trego Quinter . Trego Ellis , , , 20 Trego Hoxie . , , , 6 Trego , , 6 Hill City , , l2 Trego . , O The Trego Golden Eagle Football team had a successful season during the 1950 season. Coach Goldsmith led his team through 6 wins, 2 ties and 2 losses. The team showed high spirits and good sportsmanship through-out the season. Dale Hillman--Co-captain Paul Morton Ernest Moden Walter Mattke Art Newcomer Frank Krhut Charles Hille LETTERMEN czp can cn 429 C33 C13 C29 Howard Mai--Go-captain Carroll Claycamp Vernon Bender Victor Dinkle Art Ridgway Phillip Wagner Provisional letters were awarded to the following: Paul Fabrizius Melvin Gardner Herbert Newcomer Melvin Tawney Malvin Mai Kenneth Flagler Leon Fabrizius A-Team Dighton . Trego Palco . . Trego Ness City Trego Plainville Trego Quinter . Trego Quinter . Tr-ego Ellis . . Trego Hill City Trego Oakley 1, Trego Plainvill e Trego Ellis . . Trego Hoxie . . Trego Almena Trego LaCrosse Tr-ego Oakley Trego Ness City Trego Hill City Trego CHilJ City Toumamentj Quinter . . . 3h Tr-ego Front Row left to right: Melvin Taxwney, Melvin Gardner, Arthur SCHEDULE " 1950-1951 Ridgway, Larry Connor, Arthur Newcomer. Back Row: Coach Hamlin, Howard Mai, Frank Kr-hut, Paul Fabrizits, Carroll Claycamp, Dale Hillman. ,lf X, x'+ a. Q2 5 J ' f x V L I, ge , ' N 57 b Back Row, left to right: Herbert Newcomer, Kenneth Flagler, Phil- lip Wagner, Arnold Heide, Coach Goldsmith. Front Row: Harold Newcomer, Paul Hammond, Victor Dinkle, Jerry Boxberger, Vernon Bender. B Dighton . , . lO Trego . , Palco ..,. 28 Tz-ego . , Ness City , , 22 Tr-ego . . Plainville , 32 Tr-ego , , Quinter , , , 20 Trego . , Quinter , . . 26 Trego , , Ellis ,,,, 31, Trego , , Hill City . . 38 Tx-ego , , Oakley . . . 21 T1-ego , , Plainville . 31 Trego , , Ellis . . . . 30 Trego , , Hoxie . . . A8 T1-ego , , Almena T1-ego LaCrosse Tr-ego Oakley Trego Ness City Tr-ego Hill City Trego SCHEDULE - 1950-1951 Freshmen -Te am Quinter . . . 25 Tr-ego . . lb, Quinter . . . 27 Trego . . 33 Ness City . . 9 Trego . . 27 Scott City . 35 Trego . . 31+ Hill City , , 12 Trego . . 32 1 Myron Dietz, Henry Eiring, Front Row, left to right: Glen Wentling, Glenn Riggs, Darrell Messier. , 5 1 Back Row: Ronald Schwien, Donald Riedel, Charles 1 McGinnis, Curtis Fowler, Malcolm Applegate, Coach Hamlin SCHEDULE - 1950-1951 w, 1, 1' 'A V E ,AWN ll A 1 0 5 A H1 A I . Back Row, left to right: William Hafliger, Walter Mattke, Donald Riedel, Gary Cummings, Wilber Berg, Glenn Buchholz, Mr. Berry--sponsor. Middle Row: Robert Lessor, LaVern Stenzel, Robert Stenzel, Raymond Hafliger, Henry Eiring, Glenn Berg. Front Row: Glen Wentling, John Hafliger, Larry Folkers, LeRoy Berg, Dwayne Ries. K- FFA Ellis A 27 Trego A B 11+ B Hays A 9 Tr-ego A B 11+ B Hays A 12 Tr-ego A B 19 B Town Team A 52+ Tr-ego A B 21+ B Ellis A 30 Trego A B 29 B Roller skate Basketball Hays A Tr-ego A B B SCHEDULE - 1950-1951 Track quad Back Row, left to right: Gary Lofstead, Earl Neff, Donald Riedel, Ernest Moden, Frank Krhut, Phillip Wagner, Paul Fabrizius, Donald McLean, Charles McGinnis, Ross Ehrichs, Vernon Bender. Fourth Row: Myron Dietz, Art Ridgway, Dale Hillman, Roger Callahan, William Hafliger, Ronald Schwien, Curtis Fowler, Malcolm Applegate, Richard Clevenger. Third Row: Coach Goldsmith, Kenneth Flagler, Charles Hille, Howard Mai, Melvin Reeder, Duane Bellairs, Frank Cain, Jr., Raymond Hafliger, Henry Eiring, John Hafliger, Lane Hendricks--student manager. Second Row: Tommy O'Toole, Carl Wilson, Laverne Lessor, Earl Tawney, Paul Hammond, Melvin Tawney, Victor Dinkle, Melvin Gardner, Leon Fabri- zius. Front Row: Keith Broomfield, LaVerne Wiedeman, Darrell Massier, Don- ald Kraus, LeRoy Brabb, Glen Wentling, Robert Lessor, Ralph Zeman, Jr. 30 T e nnis 'OiX2v Ca ms O was , no Kifgfxxf '- 9 M63 959 Refi Q69 . 'XQXK' ai , 'boyz ' 6596 039,96 XM, QXWQX Pep Club Back Row, left to right: Rosetta Rohn, Frances Richmeier, Shirley Schoenthaler, Roberta Arnold, Betty Lou Deines, Shirley Buchholz, Lois Tawney. Fourth Row: Shirley Novis, Virginia Hall, Dolores Boetick, Greta Gorsky, Kathryn Neff, Emma Jean Mai, Nathalee Kelsch, Glenda Beach. Third Row: Miss Murphy--sponsor, Betty Nemechek, Virginia Sherfick, Wilma Riedel, Sharon Groft, Lavonne Owens, Marjorie Gardner, Loretta Sherfick. Second Row: Loretta Connor, Juanita Hamm, Beverly Wilson, Gladys Con- nor, Patricia Greene, Virginia Stanton, Harriett Willans, Charlotte Novis. Front Row: Darlene Nemechek, Darline Massier, LaVerne Koleber, Bonnie Berry. ,,gM,QggQvqPgrs- 759 1 efrfi: L-tg Qllngyp G03 Golden 37831981 Go! Golden Eagles! Fight right through that linel Fight for victory-- With our colors flying Spread forth the fame of our We will cheer you every time. fair name, Rahl Rah! Rah! and Golden Eagles win this game v -'.-:- .4,,', -e.- .5.. "4-- -n 5, l"MlE1'f ' 1 T. lu1,l1lj:-- NK,'ll - N,g':l Ihill I, -"4 1 162 QQQQ fn CIM SCP wp T-Club This organization includes in its membership the boys who receive ath- letic letter awards in T. C. H. S. Trego holds a special regard for this group, and there's a glad day when new members are initiated. Their purpose is the improving of their athletic ability throughout their years at Trego. front Row: Victor Dinkle, Ernest Moden, Carroll Clay- camp, Melvin Reeder, Vernon Bender. Middle jew: Dale Hillman, Howard Mai, Arthur Newcomer, Charles Hille. Back Egg: Walter Mattke, Jason Ott, Arthur Ridgway, Wendell Goldsmith--coach. Back Row: Lois Tawney, Evelyn Gardner, Phyllis Lof- stead, Miss Murphy--sponsor. Front Row: Joyce Hockman, Janice Keraus, Charlotte Box- berger, Emma Jean Mai. GAA The Girls' Athletic Association mem- bers have been very busy this year earning points to receive that ever- awaited letter award. This organi- zation participates in all women's sports throughout the year. The group has many tournaments, play-days, play- nights, and parties, and takes part in the annual physical education demonstration early in the spring. Qs ,Hx , I ,Nga A 'Sr Q Q 1 wa 5 . sam.. "iff f' NF -1 1 '. CN if L ik 5 3' ? 2 9 .. . . - SW ,f ..., V vw: 'ms' 'gf f' A 1 ,. - 33, ws it3 gg .,,, GR A 3 5' fM56 1 ' Wfff 9 .- gv' ' Z2 54.11-EQ i .gwsvlifibw IIJISW7 ,Ill ' Lf, Z vp Auf ' " Ill - "5 1: . X ll. ,I -:.1:i':5:: ANU . ff I ' 2 a0q.:'-.- , I 4 4 ook owN WWN 3 Q G " Vw MV N Y ,J u N ,fray A J N . ll ' Ex ll 1' YIM? X41 AZ-Z A H ,IW xg of 0 1 '7 l E l 51 1 S T1 11 32 R :A- af, , ,, af: l Ei 53 Q. in S: ,. I M af 1 s - . 5? 2 ii l . Q rv asf S2 95 gh: 'Q S- Af. Q. A 2 1 Q . ,, QE F A 5? '11 if YI. Q' -2 1 N H11 25 , ji , ji , 1, ' , U1 L5 ,. ,E gl 3. Sf gn Q 9. fl I fa if 2 ks E Y , x-:Len-swf: me-:rn!-Y.:'mfnwan'v,1..'1" 51 'f' I-"wh Pvwvrlvns-1svnv'f1s"eV:1:5 'mira-,fs '+ '-a., -2251?'1lL'71,2i :L- 1.2g..:.+-1 A,-' gm ' ",.."'u.c...' " ,fkzamaeemwz Zawzzdfcotaw THE GIFT CENTER HINSHAW'S GROCERY QE- GO QUALI 505599 by LEANER3 GUY DGBOER MORGAN 'S READY-TO-WEAR DU CKWALLS RUTSCHMAN MOTOR CO GAMBLE STORE GLELAND DRUG STORE RENICIGEFUS IGA CITY CAFE WICKIZER INSURANCE AGENCY THE MIDWEST MARKETING CO CLAYCAMP JEWELRY I BUY RITE MARKET WESTERN AUTO STORE KELLER SHOE SHOP I WESTERN KANSAS WORLD KELLY THEATER ROBERTS SERVICE STATION REXALL DRUG STORE W. W. GIBSON 8: SON BROOMFIELD CREAMERY COLEMAN 'S SKELGAS TREGO WAKEENEY STATE BANK I r vi 1 .1 I 1 I 7' 1 'Q 1 4 i I. ? Q1 V 3

Suggestions in the Trego Community High School - Golden Eagle Yearbook (WaKeeney, KS) collection:

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