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Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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wfjw QQ mf? 2? if if wwikxikgwfy Q-Q QW My Www MMM? QHW5' dvi WM Q7 All fv QSM is W will QQ 0 E5 R ' Q ig? O? ' My WG if QW Law? away f ffm E H V T ,M 9? ' Wy S . I . 5 eq 6 D .- CL 69' V PLAQ O' gif GAR ET and GRAY as photographed b CO EDITORS IN CHIEF Fa +h H sf Mary Lynn Ward LITERARY EDITORS Mary AI ce Nash Jane+'I'a Lee BUSINESS MANAGERS Bob AveruII Kahe Good g ADVERTISING MANAGERS WIII am Ma++he s Ross Bu sde ART EDITOR Cy 'rh a LaCo PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR 'I 2 In Rober+ J Thompson J' I? ADVISORS 4' ff Mr O D usch ff 9' If M W MecI'lIn iff I ur I ' In ' I w rn I . X Q . ,G 3 - n I urse .K if A QS , -an .",yy?x3x , gf- I I , I I' .bf f' ' If , I I' is Q ff' I Q N, Z l Til' ' I f - f 'I ' A 5 , nf 4' 1 'f E 9 -I' ,f ' , f' ff 1 x so : ff fs ,I I I 5 . I3 4. f I, Q , . B I x A 15, tw ,,-I X? i, , 1 fr, 4 I 7f . . . It X ,Z I i. ,f If I V' , E if F4 f4!f4,m ' I fi? I 4 ' v I ' ' N xl ' if A ,4 . Z X, h ' ' I ' ' 0 I , fl, 1 , rw ff , :Q E' , ' V , ,J 4 TREDYFFRIN -EASTTOWN HIGH SCHOOL BERWYN, PENNSYLVANIA THE CLASS QF I955 FCDREWGRD We the class ot 1955 wlsh to record the memories ot our be past year at Tredytfrm Easttown Our book IS Intended to ects of our years at T E a plcture album portraying all the asp scholastic and extra curricular hs constitutes not only a col Smce an album of photograp t tures but a collectnon ot memorles we have chosen the scrap book with Its power to revlve your me theme for our book YTTGW QQ i lection o pic ' ' , ' ' ' mories as the 5 N ft' 49 3 o E I QL UD Y 0 0 dl' MISS IRENE BRUMBAUGH In Decllcahon Flve, decl1ca+e our Garnel and Gray for fruly wonderful and memorable years ol servnce To you, Miss Irene Brurnbauglm, we, llwe Class of Nineleen Hundred and Filly- S15?Lf'f "'?lT""if2l27 My 'W Alf 'T mlm! TT' ' To The Class of l955 The Tame Tor whnch you have so eagerly awauTed your CommencemenT as now aT hand For some of you :Ts aTTavnmenT has meanT real sacruflce and honesT eTTorT Tor oThers Thus goal has been easier To reach All of you have been TorTunaTe nn having had The opporTunnTy To lay a good Toundahon Tor your TuTure You have had The advanTage oT Tune parenTs under sTandung Teachers and loyal assoclaTes Your opporTunaTles Tor working and playnng TogeTher have developed Those gualnhes oT leadership and cooperahon so necessary Tor success As you move on Toward The nexT goal un your luves wheTher :T be college lousuness sndusTry or The esTablnshung oT your own home may The lessons you learned un hlgh school serve you well l exTend my hearTy congraTulaTuons To each oT you un aTTalnung The TlrsT mule sTone OT a Tull and happy llTe Snncerely Alger C WhnTcraTT 1 . I , . . , ' I . I T I I ... I Our GARNET and GRAY Sfaff All lhe worlc Ideas desnres and dlsapolnlmenls Thai go wllh lhe publncahon of a yearboolc cannol be described IH lhese few words Our slafl pulling logelher had +o organize whal was To be a small sllce of our fhree wonderful years al T E We fell' Thai we had an exlra bug responslblllly as we published +he lasl Issue of THE GARNET and GRAY We wash 'ro aflernpl' fo lhanlc lhe admlnnsfrahon facully and sludenl body for all 'lhelr sincere ellorls rn helpnng us +0 do lhns 'ob Row Row 2 Row 3 Palrucua Meyer Cynfhla LaCourse Mary Lynn Ward Faulh Hursl Janella Lee Alice Royer Mary Alice Nash OW Fra q Bollman Poberf Thompson Fred l-lenzme X! ll am Mallhews Marne Shaughnessy Nurqxnua Devaney Shrrley Clark Carole Madden Pafrlcla Pyoll O D Busc I Judllh DI Ballrsla Nancy Muller LII :an Cordero Nancy Jones Joan Thomas Vrvuan Walers Lleanor Flelz Row Nl o 5 Sllverl B ce Ml s 'on Tobuessen n ':er+ Averxll N frlllam Wverfh -i- 9 N I . I W X 1 9 y r -'- , Q J I . .I. ' llr. . . h' ' ' R 4 5 , I 'ch la ' ' X rw 'll Jounl' Board of Educahon of 1'he Paolu Area Hugh School Sys+em Fursl Row Lefl +o Rughf Mrs Joanna Reed Mrs Edna S Maffhe s afernafe M Henry J Mc uusfon Mr Law rence S Roney Mrs Vuda K Gruffufh Mrs Eugema C Maderua Dr John L Spangler Second Row Mr Owen B Rhoads Mr Aberl E Byecrofr Mr Harry K OH Mr Paul F Rake Dr J Anfhony Kelly Mr Waller l Gusfalson Mr Wulluam H Ashlon Mr Harry A Samworfh Thurd Row Mr Paul F Kummer Mr George G Malun Mr D Ruce Longalrer Mr George A Hammond Fourih Row Mr Ronald Souser Mr Seldon V Whuralcer Mr Joseph E Palmer Mr Frud+1ofTobuessen Mr Frans: Aulcen Mr Wulluam A Eason Mr Fred H Thomas Mr Horace Eppenhumer Jr Mr Malcolm Moncrueff D D J Rosao Because of rhe need lor a more cenlraluzed educaruon sysrem lhe Jounl Board of Educaruon came unro exuslence rwo years ago Thus was The b gunnung of rhe operaluon of our school by s dusfrucrs Prevuously ur had been operaled uounlly by The school boards ol Tredyrlrun and Easflown Thus commulree us represenred by 32 members 7 from 'rhe Tredyhfrun dusfrucr and 5 from Easl' lown Wullusfown Charleslown Malvern and Easl Whureland They meer rwuce a year un January and May ro worlc our a budge? and malce olher necessary plans ro keep our schools un good runnung conduruon Theur dulues consusf prumaruly of esfablushung polucues payung all bulls and clecudung how much lhe dusrrucls musr spend 'ro operale rhe schools Orhcers were elecled from fhe 32 members of rhe board Thus year rhey are Presudenl Mr Lawrence S Roney E Vuce Presudenl' Mr Henry J Mc uuslon EW Treasurer Mrs Eugeruua C Madeura lW Secrelary Mrs Vuda K Grulhlh O . I . J King, Mr, Rinwalr S. Plall, Mr. William B, Brosius. lMissing from phofol Mrs. E. Baker Pyle, Dr. Thomas G. r. . . f . I . . ' . 9 . . . ix . h . I l I Q . y l Operahng CommlH'ee of +he Paola Area Hugh School Sys+em Sealed Mr Harry A Samworlh Mr Henry J Mc uuslon Mrs Edna S Mallhews alfernale M Lawrence S Roney Dr Joh L Spangler Mr Wallerl Guslafson Slanclxrg Mr George A Hammer-d Mr R rald S user Mr Alberl E Rycrofl M Rrnewall' S Pl The operahng commurree consusrs of Jrwelve able persons elecred ro represenl lhe sux school duslrucls Each as oulslandung nn hrs parhcular commnllee namely Buuldung Funance Salary Insurance Leguslalure Transporlahon Publuc Relahons Alhlehc Council and Educahon I+ may be added lhaf rhes members are nomvnaled and Jrhen elecled +o fhenr specuhc duhes by lhe Jounr Board ol Educahon who have delegaled lheur aufhornly nn order lo have a more compacl and well nnlormed group Wulh each commullee working nn clobesr harmony wulh rhe ofhers much work as accomplushed rn a relahvely shorr hme They guve The hnal word on plans and prolecls lhal will ahcecf lhe welfare ol our schools They also decade when and where any new schools will be bulll In lhe lulure The new Conesloga Hugh School IS a resull of lhelr hard and never ending work . Q U . ze T2 sz lay gl . ,T , . or o . . . , r. ' . aff, Mr. Joseph E. Palmer. llvhssinq from pholol Mr. Owen B. Rhoads, Mr, William H. Ashlon. X461 a "N M1452 Ji Y " .,1 V :Rx Vx. ADMINISTRATIGN J MAURICE STRATTAN Ms S Ed M Ed Superintendent of Schools West Chester State Teachers College Temple Un vers ty U e s ty of Pe nsylvan a DISTRICT SECRETARIES Mrs M Hurst MrssL Gamble Mrs S Gott Mr V Grrttnh Mrs A Motley ADMINISTRATION B ANTON HESS MS Ed M Ed D Prlnclpcll MnIIersv:IIe S+a+e Teachers College Duke Unlvers fy Temple Un vers: OFFICE SECRETARIES Muss H Allevcu Miss B Neuman . il i .W IC I' . . . CLARA HENRY McELHANEY MARY LEHMAN DUNLAP BS M S ALGER C WHITCRAFT B S M S PAULODEA BA SAMUEL L CLAUSER BS M Ed CARL M PENNYPACKER BS MA STANLEY M GRAY BS MA CARMEN EVANS CULP BS ROBERT T KESSLER BS ERNEST HENRY MEYER BS JAMES E SEITZ BS MEd WILLIAM MECHLIN BS M Ed Wnllikuqlivuid WILLIAM F MONAHAN, BS M S RICHARD TOWN, B S, M S JAMES ROSATO, BS MAXWELL E KUEBLER, BS, MS ,Md- A A -L i ' , A ' ff 1 tg C MH - T L, ' 3 .ew v 4 3 t fs ILP' ., ,Z Ii: U WINIFRED M NASH AB MS LLB ROBERT WINTERS JR BS HAROLD 5 QSWALD BS MA MARY JO BASEHORE AB MA IRENE BRUMBAUGH BA MA ORVILLE D BUSCHI BS WILLIAM W CROUSE BS MS THERESA HICKNER DIJOSEPH BS ROBERT McCARDELL BS MA BARBARA HAMMER BS DOUGLAS H SHEPPARD BS MA VIRGINIA M DULIN BS ROBERT E KEEHN Jr AB DR RICHARD H BOLSTER CATHARINEM LANG RN CATHERINE STARKY Our Fme Faculty Ccmdldly SHOT' OUR FUTURE FACULTY The Wallace S Brey Club FuTure Teachers oT Amernca was organlzed lasT year by M Clauser our sponsor The purpose oT Thus club IS To learn abouT The opporTunITIes IU Teachlng To culTIvaTe The qualITIes essenTIal ID a good Teacher To sTudy The llves oT greaT Teachers and To TosTer The developmenT oT Teachers apprenTIce Teachung Membershlp IS open To any sTudenT In grades IO To l2 who IS InTeresTed IH Teachnng and who has The necessary qualITIes oT characTer scholarshup and leadershlp Thus year The club has been very acTIve Durung The year speeches movues pracTIce Teachung and Tours were used To learn more abouT The proTessIon oT Teachlng ln Thre colloge Tours The campuses oT Cedar CresT College Albr1ghT College KuTzTown and WesT Che Ter STaTe Teachers College Lebanon Valley College Dnclclnson College and ElIzabeTh Town Collge were VISITSd The sensors Tool: parT IH The acTIve program oT sTudenT Teachlng Several Trmes durmg The year They vIsITed The grammar schools In Thus dIsTrIcT The senuor members oT The Club were PaTrIcIa PyoTT presIdenT JaneTTa Lee vnce presIclenT PaTrIcIa Meyer secreTary BeTTy Ann McKeown Treasurer Sarah Leonard lubrarnan Mary AlIC6 Nash MargareT MaxTon Mary Lynn Ward l:aITh l-lursT Nancy Mlller Sandra l-laaclc Ellen WhIT loclc RuThe Frey Mary Ann Sherocl Theodore Murdock and Wllluam Robunson The oTher members were Clclney MarTIn Sandra Souder Mlm: DeShula Eleanor Poggenburg Sally Chandler Maude Nelson Connue Naurns Burgess Schllpp JudITh McKee Be-TTy Klrlc Carole RedIngTon JeaneTTe MaThIeu and PeTer Ggle . - . . T 5 v - . , ' 'f-M - Qi 4 'bf :Tl , I . A , ,T ., .am . . R T I-- , - I I L' y - T I T T A Q . V T T 5 T T T - T I T I T I T I T I I I I I I I T T T T T T T T T - soPHoMoREs y Presiden+ Vincenr Dipaul Vlce Preslden+ Charles Frank Secremry Bonnie Pelzold Treasurer Carmella Duperrus HISTORY On Seprember 9 l954 a group of I96 sophomores enrered Tredyflrun Easrfown Hugh School for rhe hrsr hme Since They came from dllllerenl lunsor hugh schools lhey made many new friends They were assigned ro homerooms Once fhey found rhns srrange new room rhey were gnven 'rheur sched Uleg for rhe year A+ a glance rhey knew rhey had some new problems ro conquer such as biology fy mg shop and algebra Afrer a weelc or rwo rhey were wholly adlusled To The busy life of a hugh school srudenf A+ rherr hrsr class meehng wlrh lhe help of Mr Rosalo rhenr sponsor 'rhey elecred class officers To guude 'rhem rhroughour rhe year They held rhe annual Sohomore Dance early IU rhe sprung I+ was a bug success and enloyed by all who alrended They were very proud of rhenr classmares who parhcapared on our successful arhlehc reams and In all orher achvlhes As lhe year drew To a close lhey remembered rhar rhms was nor only rheur hrsr bur also rhenr lasr year al T E Nexl' year Huey wall be Iunlors ln rhe new Conesloga l-llgn School Advnsor Mr James Roswlo I 2 X ,' K F All - . . . T P r X 0 ,E K s N ' -: 3 'Q jf, I X S . Ah. SOPHOMGRE GIRLS I si' Row I1 I' 7+h J Moulder F Bowman J Good S Chandler B Malor S Dress B Hulchnnson P Rambo A Johnson D Banks H Cody A Pennypaclcer R Herman Row E Borromeo C DePel'ris B Rambo N Trego P Mossie B Saurer C Narino J Shoclcley B Squires H Wilson P Wynne D Mancini J Charalcer Y Kilpalriclc ow J. Carver A. Joiner J. Rossiler R. Thomas G. Lockwood M. DeShula E Poggenburg N. Grilfilh R. BaHis'ra S. Cunningham M. Brown B. Bi'r+'ng N. De Branges. ow: V. Dempsey R. Marshall K. Robinson J. Barber N. Fernon C. Wagley J Averill, J. Molley A. Vosburg C Redingfon H Walker J. Blain B. Pefzold. ow: Woodson, D. Coclcerham, G. Gensemer, C. Fifzsimmons, K. Rice Davis, N. Henzie, F. Dorsey, A. Gordan, P. Wallace, B. Schlipp J. Reichner, B. J. Thomas, R. OW! Kyle, M. Reader, D. Young, S. Overmiller, E. Coolcsey, S. Souder M. Myers. J Regan S Hess S Honeywell B Carlin, J. Brunell. S. Enclicoll, R. S. Overmiller, Row: S. Kulelce, S. Giles, K. Kovacs. H I' 8+h SOPHOMORE BOYS Row R Vaun W Frank R Tico D Braendel P Gruef R Moulder J Mc ulsfon J Malpolu E Grllfulh N DIFGDFIZIO R Marlin J Campanese A Wilson ow R McQuls+on B Oglesby A Furlong R Wallon T Brown C Alexander E Wnlllams C Kessler H Wallon P Caulovnch ow R Mann H Brown L Murdock J Hamnlfon G Ramsay E Carler D Melllnger W Cropper W Delaware T Lennon A Turner R Glover M Gelllg ow D Reason R Gaflous T Helrnes E Pelers J Garlner J Pyle C Marshall ow R Sharpless J Hanlom J Crossley R Clauser V DuPaul R Kurfz T Henry C Frank R Devaney B Blxler B Slewarl T Walfers R Clark ow S Goff W Balernan H Samworfh B Knox W Lynn J Gallagher R Johnson V Slmmons R Dunn J Dodson J Krallevuch R Kulgore B McKeown ow J Gruffsfh J Sheldrake R Ruchards D Loser H Thomas J Harshaw M Gross J Mernon W Blalr R Eckfell W Smufh ow W Kellz H Cornell J Larkin R Senn D Mayo S Romano T Parry Is+ : 2 d R : 3 d R : 4+h R : P.. Cox, T. Davis, J. Mallhews, H. Boyle, C. Durham. C.lBrown, D-annaker. 5+h R : bfh R : 7'I'h R : R : UNIORS OFFICERS PressdenT Emil CapeTola Vice Pres1denT Alucna Allman SecreTary Marlorue Kirk Treasurer JaneT Meszaros ExclTed and happy The class of I956 enTered Semor l-llgh xn SepTember i953 Their sponsor Mr RosaTo called a class meeTmg and They elecTed The Tollownng class officers PresadenT Emnl CapeTola Vnce Pres1denT Allcla Allman SecreTary JeaneTTe Evans Treasurer AlberT Repscha Their Sophomore year passed qulckly endung wuTh Their Lolllpop Hop Now They are Junlors7 When They saw Their shedules There was no doubT leTT In The I56 dazed minds They saw ThaT Their Junior year also presenTed new problems This year They were French Spanish bookkeeping and physucs Snnce They were accusTomed To The Semor Hugh s way oT running Things They quickly elecTed capable class oTTucers aided by Mr Monahan Their class sponsor WnTh The help oT The TaculTy and Tellow sTudenTsThey learned many new Things and had many new experlences They held Their Junior Prom In May aand honord one oT our lovely Sensor gurls as Thenr May Queen NexT year They will noT only have The dlsTuncTnon oT beung Sensors buT They wall be The TlrsT class To graduaTe Trom The new ConesToga l-llgh School They look Torward To The many Thrulls oT The new school and Those ThaT go along wnTh being a Sensor Mr Wm Monahan Advisor J F N. T M jfeaf -1 0 JUNIOR GIRLS I sf Row I1 I' 5+h 6+h C Casey S Wylfenbach N Lilley A Alexander M Gordon L Morgan R Navarro D Moore S Trego J Benneh' J Malhieu J Toner N Dixon OW J Herman B Buzzell G Lyman J Giovaninni M Garland F Gross B uay K Kuebler J Laughner M Rice E Summers F MCG-loHon L Princo F McFarland OW M Hansell J Burgess B Rambo E Warren B Marshall M l-lerfzler J Elzier lc Beard C Marlin D Newlon E Pennell M Navarro Row. J. McKee, M. Buckley, C. Russel, H. Adams. 6. Johnson, A. Code, N. Best J Wilson, J. Hale, J. Evans. M. Kirlc, A. Allman, P. Laloup, M. Usher. Row: R. Schurnacker, J. Elzey, D. Pierson, D. Williams, C. Melson, P. l-less, J. Mazaros P. McKenna. J. Sfefler, F. Charles, C. Bowman, P. Clarlce, E. Draylon. Row: M. Nelson, A. Bass, B. Terry. JUNIOR BOYS Isl Row D I' 7+h Wm Shoclcley R Augeldnnger P Rosalo P Ealon C Osler R Freas C Bishop R Houqhron J Hemnlcen F Warner C Blame J Bowman A LeGar ow R Smllh V Melchlorre J Boschl H Toronr T Johnson R DeRem1gro D Meolo C5 Gusrafson J Bryan T Herr H Pearson C Coleman M Aherne T Jackman Row E Mosleller J DlMasclo R Whale D Shaw D Myers R Jones W Murphy W Spealrman S Burlcey A Rrddle M Barbone R Pefers L Lowry Row J Lewis H Wiley E Tunnell S Lemons D Miller W Sweef J Carpenrer J Goldie H Bardsley S Corbun G Ford T Alleva E Caperola F Falasco ow L Mllchell H McEyen R Darnell L Wise D Way P Ogle L+ e Mulligan T Grubb W Davus H Sanhnu L Murphy C Thomas ow: C. Darlinqlon, D. Anderson, P. Dipiano, J. Hammond, K. Talbol, H. Long, D Chrisrensen, J. Bellz. 6. Morris. D. Flood Cv. Selfinger, E. Hesfon. J. Newporl' R. McCreary. ow: J. Nixon, K. Roloerls, J. Marlin. A HH- as 3 -3' in 41' 'Ed Q I ki' AL 7 ,Q 1 yy, ,L ,W-A ., Wi M, 4 , .X, WW....,, WW? 'g"""-2 X V-J., ,-, yr ,- J A-r Q.-sf ,M 4 -swf 15 MM K T54 kkx l l 4 bm ki ,4 4,:i,b.,-ff 2 I AA 7' T S , 1 ' - , 4 4 " ' 5' 3 fin '!jwfn, ,zf A I 'Q V, 32235 5 W , K I x g I ,W ' ' ' , 4 4, X" , .W , Y M wi , .W i ,gf .- ff, f , 4 Qi X ia 1. . SEQ Q MFE . 6- :Jef if M, Q A A '-V' 31522, lx ,gage- .,,. ax '. my ! Em 'N-.QX W ' .41 721 ,gig J -au s. iff X Q in +g,.., ,iA,, , w 2 9 A W. W W? .MW , Www-gwwmw, 1 ifI'?i"rWfQf W' MZ, - i fs--a..,.wv..,..n W- Z, 'M .V .- W -. N' , 'ale N M . b y .-:-- Yihmz 1 35 A new OUR CHAMPS' lsf Row uclnards L Mulclwell T Corrlgan A Ray C ClWICClPO P Sasser C Bollman W Young F ollc DlAndrea E Lawrence W Klnq 2nd Row J Crawlovuclu P Ealon J Hamlllon H Waley W nxler H Toronr P Rosalo E Capelola B Slewarl' R Eclcleldl A LaGar J Danaclcer T Jaclcrnan r ow M.'R' ..' .. I' ,. ,. 'q. , . , . ,P 3 d R : V. DePaul. N. Mcflxuslarcl, W. Slwoclcly, W. Murphy, R. Vlfallon, W. Griffin, R. Aigelcllnq, W. Delaware G. Ramsey, J. Bellz, D. Clwrlslenson, G. Selllnger. . . , . , T, , . . . , . , . l ', . P rry. ' H . . '12 . . ' en' 6 - Q I I, r li -TE' , 'Q 4l'h Row L Henry J .ltlnorlow Brown J Pyle W Lynn R Jones W Ban- L a and the BRAINS behind them' MR METZLER Assus+an+ Coad MR PAOLANTONIO Assuslanl Coaclw OLD SENIORS NEVER DIE Wllllam Young Clnarles Clucclno Fred Sasser Maurlce Rnrlmrm MR MEYER ead Coacln MR KEEHN Allmlehc Dureclor Francis Follc Torn Corrigan Cralq Bollrnar MY, what pretty ankles' You re brecrthmg on my face' When The I954 edrTron oT The Bulldogs reporTed In The laTe AugusT Coach Ernie Meyer and hls sTaTT oT coaches had no Idea ThaT The rnexperlenced squad would explode mTo one oT The besT and mosT sprruTed TooTball Teams In T E hlsTory In The opennng game wuTh BrudgeporT The Bulldogs walked oTT The Trelcl 40 O vlcTors Conshohocken always a sTrong Team handed us our TlrsT deTeaT by a 32 O score WuTh The hope OT avenging IasT years deTeaT by ST lv1aTThews we rolled up an early lead To wan I9 7 An early Berwyn Tally Tarled To duscouraoe our maunlune rivals Radnor They wenT on To overcome us 27 6 The resulTs oT some necessary changes were apparenT as Upper our Tough opponenTs CoaTesvlIle WrTh mrnuTes To play nd CoaTesvllle leadlng I4 I2 we recovered a Tumble and In Three plays advanced IT over The goal lrne The Tame cam To hurdle The PoTTsTown barruer The Berwyn baclcs wenT Through Tor Tour Touchdowns To wan 25 6 There was a I9 7 vIcTory over DowrlngTown Berwyn puT up a sTrong deTense To hurdle The IasT barrier Phoenixville I3 O The vucTory sewed up The ChesT monT TuTle Our loss To WesT ChesTer was I3 7 and soon TorgoTTen when The season was revlewed The 7 3 season record revealed a successTul march IT proved ThaT an ordinary group oT boys who have The hearT and The desrre To wan ca become champlons A greaT Team became a TrrbuTe To a greaT coach and an able sTaTT Well I'lI be CI clurty brrd' War? for me, Chrcl Merlon bowed 37-O. The Bulldogs goT oTT To a good sTarT and pulled away To a I2-O halTTime advanTage over Lf 4 MARCHIN6 BAND F WhaT Tun we all had IH The marchnng band This yea ' We QerTa:'1ly have To glve Mr Gray well earned pralse Tor all The eTTorTs he puT TorTh Tor our beneTuT We were duvuded nnTo Tour groups colorguards maIoreTTes cheerleaders and The musncnans Even Though we all d d our share OT complaining on Those cold Tall mornungs as we were perTormung prachce rouhnes all seemed worTh whale when we marched onTo The Tneld beTore The games and aT half Tnme We would luke To exTend our graTuTude To The Bad ParenTs Assocnahon who conTrnbuTed Thenr Tame so Teamer Field durrng The TooTball games Again a noTe OT Thanls To This grand organlzahon Loolcung luke a well Trained Marnne unuT Tresh ouT oT Pans Island Nor-Th Carolma came our Color Guards To perTorm Tor T E Thus year My' How we dld en1oyTheIr precuswon marching and excellenT handling oT Their guns AlThough CadeT CapTaun MaxTon was very hard on The LueuTenanT CadeTs all seemed To be sTull ahve and loolcung Torward To The nexT TooTball season aT Cone Toga l-llgh We are very proud To saluTe you The Color Guards In our scrapbook oT T E I955 COLOR GUARD i . . . . . Treely To all our band acTiviTies. They are The brave Tolks who mainTain The wonderTul reTreshmenT sTand on s ' . I V T W ' W - 1 'l I fl ,. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS rare moment of snlence Our cheerleaders as always have lead our Ioolball and baslcelball 'reams To many vucrorres Ihns year Among 'rheur achvhes our cheerleaders have helped 'rhe Upper Ivlaln Lune Xflfomen s Club give several successful dances for Ieenagers Wulh 'rhe help of Iheur advnsor Ivlr Gray Ihey have had many pep rallys The cheerleaders are PaHy Meyer X XI XII Caplam Allce Royer X XI XII Co Caplaln Carole Madden Xl XII Rulhe Frey XI XII Ann Alexander 7 XI Judy Laughner X Xl Nancy Slmpson XII Ivlarlorle Klrlc Xl Jeanelle Evans Xl Nancy Lilley Xl and Mum: Deshula X Those hugh sleppnng gals we all loved Io wafch Ieadnng 'rhe band down Ihe held were The malorelles They cerlalnly had Io worlc hard Io perform so many unique and orngnnal rouhnes We would always see Ihem prachcrng afler school and of course each gurl was requured Io alrend band camp Led by 'rhelr caplaln Loss Girard who dud some prefly fancy Iwnrlung durung The year The ma gorelles were Janne Rlclcabaugh Co caplaln Magarel Frank Joan Porle Sally Leonard Judy Du Balhsla Peggy Fulllpoo Nancy Besl Jean Hale Ro mane DePe+rls Ann Pass Sarah Brown Roseanne Anlonelll Carmela Depelrls I' 'I MAJORETTES , 1 -- -I 'lr' - '. 1.f 'I I-I 'I . 4 - 'I 'I VARSITY HCCKEY Oh, my shmsl Our sguad playnng under lhe name ol: Tredylfrln Easllown for 'fhe lasr fume has Turned IH The loesl perform ance of any of Mass Dulun s reams Wulh only 'rhree velerans relurmng around which To bunld a Team and shorl prachces due lo The laclc of a playlng held ar rhe hugh school rhe season s oufloolc dudnr appear brughl af fhe loeglnnung of 'rhe year However lhe leam was nol lo be denled a wunnung season Wllh each game lhere was Improvemenl In Induvudual and ream play This molded fogofher wllh a spurs? husrle and plenly of courage was lhe characferushcs lhaf pur 'rogefher a sfrong unll We won our hrsl fwo games wnlh Wes+ Ches+er and Brudgeporf buf dad no+ qunfe make rhe grade when we mer Darby Reboundung from fhe Darby loss we defeared our nexr fave opponenls Downungfown Haverford Phoenxxvllle Sprrng Cary and Radnor Our lasr game was a scoreless one wlfh Lower Merlon Wnndlng up our year we had a +o+al of seven wIns one loss and one he a record 'ro be proud of Vcsufy Awc ds or Va 5 A cz ds Mo co C Mo Mclvi l A C Al Mo MCGO B Iv"1 Oh, my little shmsl I I . , . - I I I I - I I I I , , . . ' r Juni r Hy ' M. Horgreoves W r L. . ' 'I De' . 330' D' S. ll Q' Enons N. Lllle. Hursl J. Elie G. Jones A. Code' R. Jere- . o'1' Klrv A. lmor Lode. M. 'sho' MC '," I F. ' Ho' VZAQ :ri N. M5 fr' Neznrs A. Blank, Mon Ffafte' uw Rce S'e'o': To". Tnnf. II2Ze'f '. . . OUR CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPS Cf My' What mce legs' Chances Tor reTaunung The ChesT MonT TITI loolced slum as The cross counTry season opened Coach Monahan had To almosT compleTely rebuild his squad as The only reTurnlng leTTermen were Franlc Mearns The capTaln and John Bowman Everyone was overwhelmed as we deTeaTed PlyrnouTh WhlTemarsh PoTTsTown WesT ChesTer La s dale Radnor and CoaTesvllle NorrnsTown proved To be Too much Tor us buT Thus drd noT dampen our spnruTs as we won The ChesT MonT Champuonshlp meeT Tor The Third sTranghT year Media Tell beTore us closung our season wnTh a record oT seven wrns and one loss lncludrng The ChesT MonT Champuonshrp AT The DusTr1cT l meeT we placed Thrrd agannsT rnlghTy Tough compeTrTron Two oT our boys repres nT d us aT The Penn STaTe Tlnals We reTalned The Marcus l-loolc Class B Trophy wnTh a shrrung vlcTo y Every boy on The Team Trnrshed hugh enough To merlT a medal J V CHEERLEADERS We now have Two cheerleading squads In sensor hugh Thus IS The second year we have had a gunror varsrTy They have led us In cheers Tor boTh lunuor varsrTy baslceTball and TooTball The J V squad Thus year consusTs oT Sue WyTTenbach capTaln 2 years Kar n Kue ler 2 years Barbara uay l v a Bonnie e zod ye ean Carver I year and Priscilla Rambo I year 5 """"""'--- V sm... I T l 5. T l 'l 1 el b . : O , ,e rp ' PT I, I ar: J SCIENCE CLUB We nme aspurnng young sclenlusls walched lnfenlly around The lab lable In room No I7 The advusor lo lhe Scnence Club was conduchng anolher weelcly expernmenl wnlh our help and hnnder ance A volunlary orgamzallon lhe only requxslle for membership IU This club IS an achve lnleresl an fhe held of science Meelnnq every Monday sevenllw peruod we explored 'rhe myslerues of 'rhe organxc and unorganlc world TRAVEL CLUB One of our new acfuvnhes lhaf began nn T E fhus year was rhe lravel club Under lhe leadershnp and encouragemenl' of Mr Wlnlers lhe club has oblalned much IHlOFfY1GlIOV1 lhrough films and lhe collecluon of lnleresllng dala IH order lo lurlher Inspire lhe sludenl ol our old TE and The n w Conesloga l-hgh School nnlo lravelung In fume some of us may possibly be lravelxng +hroughou+ lhe Unuled Slales and Europe Wonder who Those lucky people wlll be7 The officers lhls year were William Murphy Presndenl Margarel l-less Vnce Presldenl Ann Vosburg Corresponding O H Secrelary and Palrrcla Laloup Record ang Secrelary KWH? . . . . . . S 1 . e ' I l D ' 9' ' 5' , Vg. Q , a V . . ' - A . , ' l f A QQQ Q " I we I 2 . . 5 V fv I it A K-1 V M l if 4 ,-ll' , L x V 'deny' .I if' Egg iii Sfflf ,p "f , ' fl ff' ,X W L THE MEN BEHIND THE PRESS We cerTaunly owe a debT oT graTnTude To our wonderTul prnnTung sTaTT Many oT us donT gave much ThoughT as To who does The prsnTung work on our school paper pep Tags reporT cards and so on All Thus IS done by a group oT nune able boys under The leadership and dlrecT1on OT Mr Wulllam Mechlln These boys Talce graphic arTs In place oT Their sTudy halls They do prunTung Tor ElemenTary Juneor and Sennor Hugh Schools They have saved The school qu1Te a loT oT money In The pasT by doing all The prunTung Tor The yearboolcs In every case Turning ouT a splendid 'ob and one To be proud oT The Sophomore and Junuor classes can loolc Torward To a lmoType machine nexT year which us used To seT The Type Thus work as now beung done ouTs:de The school ,p.-w....M-..we.::,1 .Tr - ,ff 'Y S , 1 ., f , F 5 T 'U I ., , . - I I I T OUR GOVERNING BODY Qur sTudenT councn TS The governing oody o Th scl'ool Working TogeTher wuTh our advwsors lvllss Nash and Mr lvlccardell and Dr l-less we have compleTed many successTul prolecTs O of our baggesT was The annual TooTball bangueT For The T1rsT Tnme we elecTed Tuve delegaTes aT large Trom The senuor class and Two Trom The rumor cass These delegaTes we e elecT d The sprung beTore To represenT The sensor and gunuor class as a whole The sensor delegaTes are Alice Royer PaTrlcua Meyer ArThur Bovell Neal lvlcfxusland and Bll MaTThews As usual a represenTaTuve was elecTed Trom each homeroom The sensor represenTaT1ves were Bruce Mrlls Craig Bollman Sandra l-laaclc and RoberT Thompson The IUUIOFS elecTed were lvlarlorle Karl: Barbara uay Sue WyTTenback Eugene Falasco and Thomas Alleva Those from The sophomore class were Jeanne Averlll Ann Vosburg Yvonne K1lpaTrlclc Ted Parry and Charles Franlc Our oTTlcers ArThur Bovell Treasurer DRIVERS To be Drxver saTeTy and Trannung played an umporTanT role ln our educahon aT T E lT was required TU our Sophomore year To Talce a course an hrghway saTeTy whmch when cornpleTed rnsured us oT conhdence and readlness IU learnlng how To me When T our Junlor or Senlor year w were of Th oron r age we had The prnvllege of Talcung The clnve-rs Tralnmng course under The able up rv1swon oT Mr RoberT McCardell l-low Tamlluar The word Com on cluTch were To us aTTer several weelcs Taehnnd The wheel NoT onlv drd w null TN manigmng a car buT also how T cxerclse w e and saTe ludgm nT 1 on The huohway rough Th courTesy oT Francl lVloTors l c a Dodge or Plvmo lTn as do n e T Th school Tor our e Drlver Tram lng X, " I A l . A I x , ,, ' v I T Q T'l T 'l' '. ' T e ' T . ' ' ' . ' . , . ' . ne l . r e , ' ' ' ' were: Richard Olffonnor-President Neal McAusland+Vlce President Nancy Simpson-SecreTaryg . . .Q Cy .1 . 'n ' A e e -e , ' ' ' .. S ,, S- I - T ' . T ' e lea-'r il- ' T K ' o- A . ' ls I ' ' g e wl an 1 J ' Q s , l Th ' e s H , I ' , aT d o e us lr . .n. . lN HONOR OF OUR CHAMPIONS . Our annual loolball banquel look place here al T.E. on December 9, I954. ll was sponsored by The sludenl council in coniunclion wilh lhe alhlelic deparlmenl. Over a monlhls preparalion wenl inlo lhe linal resull and one well worlh all lhe lime spenl. All our lhanlcs and apprecialion go To Miss Nash who direcled and did all lhe planning for our banquel. Our lheme was lhe Home of Hle Clldmpidlls. Therefore, in relalion lo lhis. our decoralions consisled ol gold crowns and olher gay ornamenls which hung from lhe walls and served as cenlerpieces on lhe lables. We all enjoyed a delicious dinner aller which varsily awards were presenled by Coach Ernesl Meyer. Roberl' Keehn lhen had lhe pleasure ol presenling iaclcel awards lo lhe deserving boys. Lasl bul nor leasr, Congralulalions Ches-monl Champs! Wilhoul your many vic- lories and splendid sporrsmanship il never would have been such a siqnlicanl allair. ,....W-'uw-'Q4"""""""' ,,..i.p4a-u-aw DRAMATICS CLUB Thls year Tor The TnrsT Tame we had Two dramahc clubs because oT The greaT number oT1nTeresTed sTudenTs Our busy sponsor Tor boTh oT These clubs whnch nneT on alTernaTe Mondays was Mr WlnTers In co operaTuon wlTh The musuc deparTmenT we pre enTed a ChrusTmas Tableau aT The Musuc I:esTn val QT course we wall never TorgeT all The Tun we had In presenhng our sensor class play You CanT Take IT WuTh You a Three acT comedy by Moss I-larT and George S KauTman I guess The acTual members IU The play will never TorgeT Inky Madden The Trlslny dog who al mosT broughT down The house' Our dramaTusTs worlced dullgenTIy behind The scenes and on sTage CredlT was glven To us Tor our eTTorTs and applied To our record Tor eIecTlon lnTo The NaTlonaI Th splan SocleTy Thus year we oT The NaTronaI Thespuan SocueTy enTered lnTo our second year aT T E Composed OT eughT sensor members and one TalenTed lunlor we hoped To promoTe and encourage beTTer plays as semblues and musical shows Toward The middle oT The year we presenTed a moclc raduo program aT school ID whuch noT only Thesplans buT The Teaching sTaTT The STarIughTers and oTher sTudenTs parTuclpaTed In The sprlng we held an unsTaIIaTuon ceremony Sophomore and II nuors who had done ouTsTandung worlc In The DramaTac Club were admlTTed To The soc:eTy NATIONAL TH ESPIAN SOCIETY - .. - ' I , ' i I , ,4 ' 31 , f 5 A X f- . . - . .Q . . 1 T ft ' U 4 ., .. j 'Wx .'Av . Q I E E- W, .- f - 1' :,. ' ' 1' Y, 'T' , V' f ' B 5 X D , ' Wx THE EASTFRIN ECHOES STAFF All arflcles are fo be complefed by fomorrow was fhe never falling requesf of our edrfor IU chief Wrfh fhls demand lfhaf us fo be falcen lsferally we all would busy ourselves lllce laffle bees or af leasf prefend fo do so fo meef fhe deadline always fhaf snfernal deadline' Slnce we had such an xncrease In sfaff members fhus year fhe Easffrln Echoes was Increased fo an elghf page edlfuon The famvluar Say Now and Promunenf Personalufy columns were always fo be Wnfhouf The confnnued advuce of Mass Smufh Mr Kuebler and Mr Mechlun our paper could never have had such a successful year Staff Edlfor In chief Sallie lvlclvllllan Assssfanf Edlfors Peggy Hess Jeaneffe Mafhueu Feafure Ednfor Cynfhaa Melson News Ednfor Alrcra Allman S orfs Edufor Sfanley Lemons Alumni Edufor Danna Pearson Malce up Edufor Anne Blanlc Exchange Ednfor Ann Beresford Phofographer Roberf Thompson Busuness Manager Mary Aluce Nash r ' Q BANKING 'HA Alfhough a considerable par? of many a good nnghls sleep was losl because ol lhe S2 73 Tha? yusl wouldnl balance we all enloyed laksng care ol deposuhng The money from our school acllvnhes and organnzaflons Some of These deposnls Included foolball recenpls dramaluc club prohls and lhe cafelerna proceeds Under The careful supervision ol Mr Whnlcrall lhese commerclal sludenfs managed To lceep ou school and sensor class oul of lhe red Our Finance Business Club The Finance Busrness Club IS an exlremely aclnve organuzallon here al TE We are very much nndebled lo 'rhns group whach ns under The supervasuon of Mary L Dunlap I+ rs responslble for lhe Alhlehc and Calelerua lsnances These gurls pass on lhelr ,obs lo a group ol Juniors who are ready 'ro assume lhelr posuluons Many 'rhanlcs for a lob well done' The club consusls of enghf Senior Commercial sludenls Palrucna Plank Presldenl Juanula Rey nolds Vice Presndenl Ann Beresford Secrefary Ellen Whnlloclc Treasurer Mary Amaranl Delores Donafo and Nancy Davis And Junior sludenls Joan Bennell Carol Casey Mary Hansell Karen Keebler Judy Laughner Gayle Lyman Barbara Marshall Janel Meszares Belly Rambo Mabel Garland and Jeanelle Evans I if ls 'K 4 s , . , , .. . . I . F . H .. . . : - , - l I l I li I Y I I I . . . DP ESS CLUB The exceIIenT work done by The p ess club conTr:buTes mqch Toward The publlcnzmg oT our school We are very graTeTuI To Mr Monahan who has spenT sux of hrs seven years aT T 81 E bulldnng p This club and really malclng IT a worThwhlIe acTlvlTy An average oT Ten arT:cIes per week are submuTTed To The surrounding newspapers The UPPER MAIN LINE NEWS SUBURBAN NEWS and DAILY LOCAL NEWS enIlghTenlng The public as To our aThIeT1c evenTs and many lnTeresTnng programs Peggy Rlce and PaT RosaTo Top noTch reporTers are on hand aT all school acTlvlTles busily loTTnng down TacTs and comparing noTes Thus lnTormaTlon IS Then checked and handed To our speedy and able Typ1sTs Bermce Leamy and MargareT Larr Andy Rays cooperahon as messenger and all around asslsTanT ns mosT assuredly appreczaTed by all Much cred1T us due To Mr Monahan and These Tlv members who gave so Treely of Theur Tame and eTTorTs wuThouT paymenT Tor such an exceIIenT servnce The Music Councrl IS one oT The newer acT1v1Taes oT The school IT ns run by The sTudenTs oT The dsTTerenT rnusuc deparTmenTs and advised by Mr Gray and Mrs Culp The mann robs oT The council are To help wrTh TlcI4eTs Tor The Mussc Feshvals care Tor The OTT sTage choruses whlle oThers are on sTage and To meeT The varued needs oT The music deparTmenT MUSIC COUNCIL I X r . v - I u , . I I - . ' I T -I , . . . . . . I .e . . . 1 . , . ,........-..---A . ' 1 CARNATION BALL Have Tux will dance Nwre hours' We yusf do frealnze how orwo If fook our decorahrmq commuhee rwr vw ym ww o he ihroorrw w whmch we danced my wghHy preyudmced we rea1Ny fee! Jrhaf orr Cdrndhon Ball was whom rhe mo beauhrd mosf successwfd prom 1 gerwror desi has ever gwerw The perfed dare Vey Q Qaoe C ream musuc rw? o e or r e ance Q orw rhe Hoor were fhe rreako1f+he Q mopy fhrew ramrdyzmnou soo? of irghf on rhe dance Floor The frech r arrwahors rloahrwq IU 3 Sher poo! m The rehrer proleded o iovey fraqrmfe rhrouqr 'r e ro rh Toufhurwg oh rhe evemrmq wrrh hoe ereomre o 1 Oo den pirfy wgwrer ru e rr The ouefr fh cops Qm w e I . ' Q ' , r . J ' r ' ' fo Travsform our Word? ri y look' g Q ' 'r f. bf . 'W ' ' . O 5 S" ' A , ' ' f 1 ' C ar ' , f A . . ' . , a Yo Y or, J , and d mf ' d 'f fel ro d h d 1 Q aw inqredierrs of fher uhrorgefrakie evening in Feoroary. The crysral bali, revohirwg from W, f f, . ' E, S ' . . ea ' ' ' c .A ' o ' ' fr 6 . V W h C ' ! . , Y . , it 4 if l jr I N 4. X YLCSS d 5 r oeo J A 5 W? of rwch and , AH gaeo Ear 5. my 1 MDGD CHORUS No nah no nah no nah How awTul we sounded lasT SepTe-mber' IT Toolc a loT of work buT by The Tume The ChrusTmas and Sprung l3esTuvals rolled around all eughTy oT us were ready To sung our hearTs ouT The senuors envy The uunuors a luTTle because They sTull have aruoTher year To be un Mrs Culp S gowned chour and The sophomores are all anxuous To Try ouT May The besT vouces wun' Thus year our Gurls Chorus us composed oT sophomore uunuor and senuor gurls Thus chorus had added much beauTy To boTh our ChrusTmas and Sprung musuc TesTuvals Theur carudlelughT processuon especually creaTed an ef TecTuve aTmosphere Tor our ChrusTmas program We shall remember Them Tor Theur sungung whuch heughTened The value oT our musuc cleparTmenT GRLS CHORUS Who's singing bass? 4-'-'Q--'H --w-v--- 5 QT 1 . s.-,,,.... I ..,,. ., ,WW,,,,,,,V,,, W: RLQ , ss.,,s u,rss, u A A K T" 'T , , ' I , ' f I I M 3 A ' M, ,, A, i . u. I M V Q A ' 1 T Q- V u . ' I , VARSITY BASKETBALL Shoot :T up pu IT In Led by Three reTurnung varslTy players Louls M1TcheIl Charles Chuccmo and Buzzy Ruclcards lasT years lunnor varsuTy sTar Edward Lawrence and a new sTudenT John Hanley our Berwyn Tuve p+loTed by Mr lvlalllcowslcu wenT on To one oT our besT years aT TredyTTrun EasTTown Hugh School Our season sTarTed oTT wnTh The usual ophmnsm buT unlllce oTher years This opTlmlsm was subsTanTlaTed by wuns over Upper Menon and Unlonvxlle This was The TlrsT nnlclung oT a successTul season AT Thus pounT our opTlmusTlc ouTloolQ was dxmmed by Two losses To Radnor and Lower Meruon ID The RoTary TournamenT These Two losses 1nsT1lled IH The Team The desire To malce The remarnder oT The season a success Thus Teelung was evldenT a our Team wenT Trom vlcTory To vlcTory VlcTorues over Phoenixville DownlngTown CoaTesvrlle PlymouTh WhlTemarsh and BrxdgeporT enabled Berwyn To capTure Third place un The Ches monT League sTandnngs When The All Ches monT League Team was chosen we were represenTed by Louis M1Tchell second hwghesT scorer IU The area on The TlrsT Team and John Hanley I0 The ranlcs oT Honorable Menhoned The lunlor varsaTy led by Donald ChrlsTensen and dlrecTed by Mr McCardell also enloyed a succ ssTul season The resulT oT dorng Their besT In all games BrudgeporT Phoenuxvrlle and DownungTown all Tell vlchm To The yunror Tlve As all can see The baslceTball Teams oT Thus season have leTT The TuTure Teams oT Berwyn a sTandard oT wan nung Teamworlc and sporTsmanshup J V BASKETBALL We did wm 1 nal T . . . . . .. ,- . T T T I I 1 I I I - S - . . n ' I ' ' 1 I I . .. . . . . Q . V v - 1 I I . . a o . Q n VARSITY Co capTams l'auTh l'lurs Loss Gnrard Manage Mary Ann Sherod The bug sux plus The BaslceTl3all Team sTarTed :Ts season wlTh many new Taces on The varsmTy squad All during pre season TouqhesT opponenT by a Tour polnT margin They wenT on To wwn Their lasT sux games by good margms We hope The J V 5 will sTep unTo The varslTy baslceTball shoes and have TUST as successTul a season JV J V Manager Peggy Rwce The Inttle sux plus Tralning They displayed a loT oT splriT and enThusiasm. ATTer a Tle wlTh Radnor and a loss To Lower lvlerlon. our NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ' W combined ehforls of The Tacully prevuous members and Mr Clauser classmafes who excelled In scholashc abllrly leadership characler and service were elecfed INTO The SOCIETY All sludenls elecled OTTICIGTTY Toolc Their oalh In cardlellghl servuces gaven Jrwzce a year IU assembly The SOCIETY was ably led by Richard O Connor pre ndem' William MaHhews vice pressdenl Faulh l-lursl corresponding secrelary and Juanula Reynolds recording secrelary Members of 'rhls SOCIETY were Rvchard Oconnor William Mallhews Faslh Hursl Juanlla Reynolds Bruce Mills Ralph Mueller Rvchard Carver Sallue McMullan Francis Follc Peler Bowman Mary Allce Nash Mary Lynr' Ward Cynlhla l.aCourse Alice Royer Ann Beresford John l-lanley Charles Chuccuno Nalhlue Leech Barry Rufler Judy McKee Judy Laughner Jeanelfe Malhleu Slanley Burlcey Svdney Marhn Ann Code and Barbara Terry O H Q , l -W l .Q . U N x , X f Q T T 'f L f f we Q Ihlydgygv. K Q J sax vii. For Those of us who were Toperanlcing sludenls The door of Nafional Honor Sociely was open, Through The ORCHESTRA They ploy Too' Those early Thursday mornnngs' Whew' As we Truggved rnTo school we oTTen wondered TT T was worTh all The eTTorT Our long prachces were qushhed when we gave our besT perTormanc s To The duTTerenT assemblies muslcal Teshvals and oTher school Tunchons ThroughouT The Year RESOLVED THAT Every Monday some oT us Sensors meT wuTh Mr Town our sponsor To Talk over The problems oT our school and nahon and To plan our coming held Trap As members oT The Bux Ches MonT Forum we Traveled To duTTerenT schools each monTh Tor discussions oT such Topics as Should Congress Be Televused7 and Are Our Morals DeTeruoraTung7 The laTTer was held In our own aud1Toruum In Aprul I954 and was a very successTul program The boys TD The club seemed To enloy These Trsps The mosT so many good looking gurls' ATTer The duscussnons dnnner was served always provudlng a good orporTun Ty To meeT The oTher sTudenTs A sTage show would Then be presenTed by local TalenT The Junaors and Sophomores oT The club who meT on Tuesdays occaslonally wenT wuTh us CU OO DEBATING CLUB , . T . . 5 l ' , ' l by ss,, T ' T4-fx' T av! ,sg f S, f T T 1 f as is You can'T Take IT wiTh you But you sure can try' The casT oT You Can T Take IT WuTh You drew Thunderous applause on Thursday and Frrday Feb ruary 24 and 25 when The sensor class gave :Ts performances oT The sensor play From The opening lines To The closing curTa1n a Truly proTesslonal producT1on was guvew The ors and acTresses noT only knew all oTTherrl1nes o1T also lived and looked Their parTs Grampa VanderhoT Bull MaTThews was h1mselT as he was 1nTervuewed by Henderson llzddle Yourg, The Infernal Revenue rnvesTlgaTor Alnce Sy mo e Lrlluan Cordero was busily Trying To Tidy up The lnvnng room and Tuhlely aTTempT1ng To have her Tamuly appear human when she broughT her one and only Tony Kirby Craig Bollman The son oT her boss Tony was In love wuTh Alnce desprTe her Tamuly buT hrs parenTs didn T seem To have The same oprnron aT TnrsT The parenTs were played by B Lce Malls and NaTalre Leech Therr TrrsT oprnlons were Tormed when They came To drnner aT The Sycamore s on The wrong nrghT Essre Carmrchael Nancy Jones was sTlll prachcnng her balleT rouTunes She has been pracTlcung Tor over erghT years and sTlll hasnT seen much lmprovemenT l-ler husband Ed Duck Gooding was aT has prlnTrng press and piano durrng The play Pennny Sycamore Carole Madden was busy aT her desk where she was wrrTmg her sevenTh play She also dabbled ID paunTung l-ler husband Paul Barry RuTTer was aT work planning a bang up l:ourTh OT July celebraTlon aT MounT Vernon Mr and Mrs Kirby were IusT as KauTman and l'TarT had planned and Paul Drplnna Ralph Mueller was very busy Trynng To pose as a drscus Thrower Tor Penelop and Trying To geT caughT up on hrs reading an The Police GazeTTe Borrs Kolenkhov Duck OConnor The Russian b lleTmasTer was as Russian as anyone Trom T E can be l-le was even sporTlng a red musTache Rheba Julle l-ley The maid was as much un love wuTh Don ald lTuclcer WorThmgTon as ever Donald couldnT help wnTh The Tnreworks Thus year because he was on relneT OThers rn The casT were Tops Too They were Lors Grrard as Gay WellnngTon Judy DnBaTTnsTa The Prnncess Olga KaTruna and The Three G men who were ArThur Bovell Judson Vosburg and Fred DnmonTe K. 3 . . . A M H. . In . we F K... I . . H 4 .li I. .yy . J' - 0 I . . . . .Ol . . K J . .. , n .. . . . . n . 1. .Ju . .. . . y K I .. . . I . .. l .l . . . K. In . E V . H S . U I. lv .I I . . - il f Q'c75 "M 'I Soy, he s cute' Could you pull In your stomach, Mr Du Punno'9 Better let her sleep It oft' 'Mig Nlcesi Personalniy Jull ey Bob Averill Mosi' School Spurufed Polly Meyer Duclc O Connor Mosi' Lllrely +o Succeed Wulluam Malllwews Fauflw Hursf Mosf Flurfahous Craig Bollrnan Sandy l-laaclc SENIOR SUPERLATIVES if Besf Dressed Nancy Srmpson Crolq Bollman Mosf A'rhle+lc 'W Ann Cirler Cnmc Clnccln :AB ,pf x Class Clowns Lois Girard Marwn Gordon Bes+ Loolung Susle Wilson Cralg Bollrnan , l . 1 E, N . i' 1' . H . if ,gf Si .5 07. -' s l A' l I-ci ' :gi if A . , 5 I Lal N911 I 1-V , ,g Vg rig ' B 4 nr K X . ,Z-, 4 'A Q55 7 ff ' ' " n , Q : My wo. - Y A . . T ' X . 5 . . M, -' c' ' ' Q 1 - ' - '-ls, fs ' ,K ' rv' '-" Qu' K A v. IJ I I I-I , mga V . P, I N, Jinx "V ,i - , 5 WAYS AND MEANS Theur bug Ideas' The busy orqannzahon behmnd The magazine sale The Senior Super The RadnorTE Dance The Sensor Prom our unTorgeTTabIe class Trip and many oTher acTnvrTues was The Ways and Means Com nnuTTee W1Th The and oT Mr WhuTcraTT our paT1enT and hard worlcung sponsor The commlTTee has en abled us To have a very successTuI year The Tollowung sTuclenTs made up The cor'nrnnTTee Bull Kung Charles Chlccuno Mary Alice Nash Mary Lynn Ward Frances Folk William MaTThews Lllllan Cordero Mary Gallaqer and PaTrlcua PyoTT MONITORS Those obsTrucTung ummovable oblecTs sTandunq In our way beTween every class pernod Thus year were The monuTors AIThough aT Tnmes we ThoughT Them To be useless we musT exTend To Them our Tull apprec1aTuon Tor Iceeplng The halls In an orderly Tashaon ThroughouT The year Under The able Ieadershup oT Mr WhnTcraTT and Charles Chncclno eIecTed capTaun un has sensor year The boys dnd an exceIlenT 'ob Chosen because oT Thexr hrqh schoIasTlc sTandunq cl Tm :Tu zenshup were Chnc Chucclno Phllzp DonaTo ArThur Bovell Rob erT Averill Nicolas Srlvel Crauq Bollman Edward Roh Wuluam Kong Rlcharcl OConnor Edwnn Lawrence Francs Folk Jon Tobues sen Maurice Ruclcards and aITer naTes Benlamm Puomblno and F ecl Sasser go around . . . please! ' I I, Q' ' xf i fs --- ,,,. faq 1 g if . ' 5 - ' 4 my ,-- -, - Q ,vm , ,I . . . . . . . I I T ' ' I I I I I - a a y ' I ' - . . . I . . . - - . . . , . an S C ' . ., . , . . . . I 'I T . . . F. . . I I . .,. I . , , . I I T ' . . - . I 1 ' I . r Hall, Almlgh+y Semorsllll Presldenf Charles Clwrccmo Vlce Preslclenf William lvlaHl1ewS Secretary Juafwila Reynolds Treasurer DSICVGS Domalc M.,-xh GEORGE ALENOVITZ CLEM Frazer Indusfrual Arfs ern s a In hon To e an eIecIrIcIa can ua be found af Devon Sunoco where he II probabIy e sayInq II buy VI ed by Ihe JAMES E ANTHONY ROMEO Malvern General Track XI XII FIeId Day Evenfs X XI XII Woodshop X XI Ambmor- Io be successIuI T FI ed by prerfy q Seen rnosr anywhere sa Inq Ease up on the pressure Pope JOHN BARDSLEY JOHN Berwyn Academnc rm Echoes XI XII er a Use ypI g X hanIcaI Drawmq XI Wanrs T be an erqmeer uaIIy In The IITIIe eep uxer ANNE CHARLTON BLANK NAN Wayne Academic nnrs XI XI Hockey XI XI D y E enfs X X c e Ira X XI X Eas rm oes XI XII Foods Aclv X CIoI'hInq Acfxvnry PersonaI Use Typrnq XII GIFIS Chorus X Mrxed Chorus XI DrIver TraInIrIg XI Trave Club XII Arf ACIlVIIy XI XI ends aII It hm M Fon of J C dances and Bxg ed Arn mon IS To ra se horses Favomfe saymg Tough' S, MARY ANN AMARANT MAGGIE Devon Secrefarnal D y Evenfs X X Red Cross Represenfaflve Xl AIhIeIIc Assocrarucn XI I-Ior c room Secretary X XI CvIrIs Chorus X MIxed Cncrus Fxnahce u D Iver Iralmrg XI A 'fun IovInq IIIIe qIrI whos I seems To cerfar Radnorlre Can Ire uer be found ar Lous DaIry Bar WanIs Io be a secrefary My heavens ROBERT M AVERILL JR BOB Shafford Academl BasIce'rbaIIXI FIeId Day Eve rs Drarnaircs u I onIIors XI XI Year oc S XII I-Iorneroom Ice Pr sdenr XII Debahnq Cuo Trans erre rarn ScardaIe HIgh ScnooI Bob can be Iound ar-ywh r own Ihe I e Geez yo re rIeaI FI ed y bomb Wanfs Io be a mechanIcaI enqmeer rIrIc p rsonahiy T af 4I Ford ANN BERESFORD :Irafford Secreiarnal a run E hoes XI XI e Cross Represenfahve X Fo c Ivlfy X Cohrg A Inance u ver TFGIV' rg X 3' Honor Socuery XII TaII blond wnose ambmo Io be a rnecIIcaI ecrefary ThrIIed by rnuszc aIways be fornd Ir Sfraff rd Favcrde saylhg e CRAIG M BOLLMAN CRAIG Devon Acaderm o+baI X X Base a O venI X D arna u XI Mom o S u enf C ur X A ehc Ass c a' I-Iomeroom PresIdenI ence CIub X Debah 3 X Good Iookrr-13 dresser n b I home e of 'he 11 ARTHU R M. BOVELL ART Phoenixville Cleric Day Evenls X XI onllor XI Slu en? unc l Xl Banlun Whaf ya say nnce manne s I s lo P menlnon of accounhnq schoo Devon Allanfuc Whufcralls rnqhl hand wanls To be a success JACOUELINE BRENNAN JACKIE Whnfe Horse Clencal Baskefball manager X Tenn m naqer XI XII Fleld a enls X Xl Xl Red Cro s Represenlahve XII Lnbrarx ssslanf X Xl X Foo s Acllvnly X Clolhung Acllylly urs C orus X Dnyer Trawnlng Xl Lnlces horse racunq 'rure horfncullurusl' alway busy MILDRED BURGESS MILLIE Malvern R D I Clerncal I Fleld Day Evenls X Library Assuslanl X Foo s Acllvlly X XI Clofhnng ACIIVIIY X Cnrls Chorus X Drnver Tram Inq XI Shool long brown aur usua ly found a+ home boolckeeper NEIL CAMPBELL MICKEY Devon lnduslrlel Arfs I Day Eyenls X Xl Woodshop X Xl XII Drlver Tralnlng X You donl Icnow do you? Thru led by gurls we of 'the Devon Sunoco qanq woud luke mechanic PETER BOWMAN PETE Sfrafforcl Academ c Baskelba XII Marchunq Band X Personal Use Typnnq XII Driver Traxnung XII Nanona Honor Socnely XII Newcomer from New Ycrl Iulure enqlneer lrwendly musician cass lols of fun JOSEPH BROWN JOE Berwyn General Feld D y Eens Xl Wood shop XII Scoreboard operalor says mind your own busnness Iound al Berwyn Fl e House wanls lo work lor Bel Telephone QUIQI ROSS BURNSIDE BURNEY Pao: Acaclem c D y Evenls X XI earboolr Slafl XII oys Chorus X Muxed Chorus 7 e allnq Club X Drlver Tralnlnq Geez friendly can be found mos? anywhere along lhe llne lnlendg Io haze has own business PATRICIA ANNE CAMPBELL PATTI Malvern Academic D y If enls X X o s Aclnvlly XI XII er s na Ue Typing XII D Tralnnnq XI S oclc car races u usualy or lhe ee phone ambullon ss lo e a ecrefary black Chevy THOMAS CAM PBELL TOM Malvern Academlc Day Evenls X Xl X Travel Club Xll Agrlcullure Oh nulsl Ihrllled by avlallon can be found on The arrn qulel ANN CAPRIOLA ANNIE Sfrafford Clerical Day E enls X XI Red Cross Rep Xl Foods Ac lIVlly X Xl Clofhlng ACllVIlf X Olrls Chorus owned Cholr Xll Mu If Councll X Mlxed Chorus Xl Annle wanls 'Io be a de slgner Slrallord lhrllled by 'rravellng ac alr shorl RICHARD CARVER DICK Berwyn Academxc lng Band X XI Sclence Club X Personal Use Typlng Xl N Honor Soclely Xl Xll Travel Club Xll lvlechanlcal Drawlng X Cmon man can be heard comlng from any place when Dlclcs around pays lhe sax Nuclear physlcs A e IU chemlsfry LESTER CHRISTENSEN Paoli Indusfrlal Arfs Foolball Xl Drlver Tralnlng X Paoll Texaco IS always lump ln wllh Le shoullnq lldde sllclcs l d lvlng Iruclc amblflon IS Io own a s ocn arm WILLIAM CAMPBELL DAD Devon Induslrlal Arls Foofball Xl Baslcelball Mgr T ck Mgr X Fleld a E enfs X Xl Xll Woodshop X One of fhe Devon Sunoco gang cars wanls I3 be a farmer Howd lnal grab you7 shorl SARA ANNE CARTER ANNI Sfrafford Secrefarual B etball X XI Xll I-loc ey Flel Day Even s X Xl Xll Sfudenl Councll X Xll Yearbook Sfalf XII Alh leflc ASSOCIGTIOD Represenfa flve Xll I-lomeroom Vlce Pres ldenr X I-lorneroom Treasur l Xll Foods AClIVIly Xl Clolh ACTIVITY X XI lrs Chorus X Mlxed Chorus Xl urlver Tralnlng X XII Wherever sornelhlng excll lng IS happenlng you can b sure Annls aroun lnrlled by boys remern bered as a slar hoclxey and baslceIball player CHARLES CHICCINO CHIC Howellvllle Clerlcal Foofball X XII Baslcel a Fleld Day Evenls Ways and Means Comrnllfee Monllors X Class Presldenf X Xl X Homeroom Presldenf Xll l-lomeroom Vlce Presldenl Xl n ng XI Base a Thrlll IS Peggy and lhal llrsl can usually be found e ys house saylng Thats your buslness college IS Chlcs arnblllon al ccunly baclcl SHIRLEY CLARK SHIRL Malvern Commerclal I9 y yen s D amallcs Club XII Yearbook SI XII Foods ACllVlly XI Xll Clolhlng ACllVIly Xl Transferred from O ld H gh School b lrg wlh Joe I s lulu e secrelarys TYTGIIT VI can usually be heard sa mg b ke a long blonde halr 46 Ford I Field . . ll: ' I ' - Xlg ra . : ' D y . T ,, .H V I I I . " . .' A x, l, xll. . f , 1 - .. .. ask I 4 1 R U - x, Xl, Xll: ' d l Field y , ,xllq 'vl l 'g V 1 .f xl l, lXlIq ' ' xl , I 'Q , e ' 1 sf ang " A, ,Xllg cf l' ' ' l 'I d . . . lx ' . . . . Y ll - - - If , Xl, 3 l Orcheslra X, Xl, Xll: March- X' XII XII: ' lj l ' . : ' x, xl, Xllg y ' 5 ' Xll: ' l, 5+-yl - : Xll: ' , , ll: ' . Ba ki , Xllg ls ll Xl: ll - -l XII, , I TD . . . l ' ' ' '. df P QQ ' ' 1 "LES" .. .. I Y 'D ' 'H ' F' ld Da E l XI, xlll ' Q ' " S" ' "CIM Fall , I -A , ' l ' l" . . . +hr'lI ls I , .. rl ' a . , . I' V. I I, ' l l T - . . . e' I is hl r ' ' ll 'll . .. y y' , "OK, e ll Th I" THOMAS CLARK TOM Berwyn Genera ver Trannlng X Prlnllnq Cheese and cr ckers always be heard comlnq com when Torr'S around lhls prnnlers Ihr ns Io gel a IO well o e qulel ANNA COOPER ANN Phoennxvllle Clerical Eleld Day Evenls X Llbrary Assnslanl X Foods Acruvnfy X X Colhlnq Aclnvlry X XI GI S Chorrs X Driver Tramlnq XI ns arnbullcn IS o secrelary I led by Navy a THOMAS CORRIGAN TOM Berwyn Academic olball X XI XI Tra X Field Day Even 5 Xl XII Woodshop XI XII I-Ioly smolce I G T E 5 rouchdowns Iound almosr anywhere wanrs To qraduale lafe comer EMILY J CUNNINGHAM JEANIE Pao I General Clerlcal ' Day Evenls X, X, I as rin Echoes XII: ood, iviry X, XI, 1 Co lvl C Iviry X, , 3 I I C orus X7 Ivfxed Chorus X I Drlver Training XI. rllinq Earl ' Jeanie 3 Il ..,oens,en'n Ford . , . nls Io be model . . . heard saying 'GI' II, Georqell . . . , ,. ling up. GEORGE CLAUSER GEORGE Frazer Academlc Woodsnop XII Frazerrre wanls Io malce lols of money thrilled by q rs Thals a good plac: qrear nrferbuqqer record fan LILLIAN CORDERO COOKIE Shafford Academl Day Evenrs X XI Cheerleaders XI XII Drama? :cs C Eb XI Ways and M ar Cornrnlllee XII Library A ssanf XI Nafnonal Thes Ian Soclely XI XII Foods Aclw X Clofhlnq Acllvnly ersonal Use Inq raver Tralnlng XI Debarlnq u XI XI T rlll 5 Those fabulous col lege week ends usua , found ar home ambmcr s ro be rnrellnqe If BETTY CUNNINGHAM Pao: Clerlcal D y Events X XI I oc s Acluvury X X olhlnq A Invsfy X XI XI Mlxed Chorus X XI Gowned Chonr X XI Drlver Training X Arnblllon as I0 be a success I ed by o hea d saylng Playnnq Crazy ua ly ound d nq Bobs Cadullac ANTHONY J DASTALFO TONY Cedar Hollow General ' I ay venls X, , ' Genera' Shop XII: Wood Shop 3 I Irion . . 'oys being wifh J' - Badon I-I' . . . beaulllu ey, ,..alrns fo be a bulcher . .. flirlarioas. NANCY LEAH DAVIS NANCE Berwyn SOCFEIBFIBI Day Evenrs X XI ' BasIceIbaII X Tennis X Hockey X roods Achvify X Clorhing Achvufy X Finance CIub X XII Driver Training XI Cafe rua Cashier XI XI Preffy bIond hair and bIu eyes Ihr1IIed by boys Gaazooks rnalce Ierrihc secrefary JAMES DE REMIGIO JIMMY Malvern Cler cal ie ay venfs Ban Inq XII Shop XII C me I from Ph1IIy his .Junior year one big I s Wise up w I a7 'fabulous sense of humor Ii'IIIe and Iively one of Chics boys e oy Ihe sc nery around I-IoweIIviIIe JUDITH DI BATTISTA JUDY Berwyn Academic Day Evenfs X XI Ma orefres X XI XII Drarnar c CIub XI Yearbook Sfaff XII' AIhIeIic Associafion Rep- resenfafive XI: Homeroom Treasurer XII' Foods AcIiviIy ' Girls' Chorus X3 Mixe Chorus XI: Driver Training XI. Thriled by a hoI rod wifh dua s . . . says 'You'd bet or believe Ihaf' . . . arnbiIion is Io be a nurse . . . aIways IaIe . . . ' I-Iey you.' DOLORES DONATO DOLORES Devon Secrefarial i Day E enrs X, XI, X 1 I enr C unciI X, XI, 3 CIass Treasurer XI, XII: Home- roorn Vice PresidenI XI, XII: Cohing Acfivify X: GirIs' Chorus X7 Mixed Chorus XII owned Choir XII: Finance u XI, X 1 Driver Irainin usic and dancing c DoIcres' main IhriIIs . . . "You're a good kid" . . . found around Devon , . . beauIiIuI hair . . . successfuI. GLORIA D ANDREA GLOR BGYWYD Secrefarial D y Evenfg X XI OO S ACI1vlIy X r's Chorus X Mixe Chorus XI Babysdhnq X Enloys dancing wifh Tee I SI Augusfus dan es Fors in Bridgepcrf VV a a banana rn mon be an Xray Iechn clan seen w+h Rosanne Shirey o BIII WaIIcer around e a s VIRGINIA DEVANEY GINNY Sugarfown Secrefarial D y Evenfs X XI Dramahcs CIub XI XII Year b ok SI If XII I-Iomeroorn ice residenf irs Chorus X Dnver Training XI UsuaIIy found with Barb and Sylvia can be heard say in Oh rea y IhriIIed by seeplechase races ambihon is Io own a conver' i e qiggIes FRED DI MONTE DI MONTE HoweIIv1IIe Indusfraal Ar'I's Day Evenfs X XI OrchesIra X Xl XII Wood Shop X, XI, XII: Mixed Chorus . I. X ' Boys' Chorus X. . XII: Gowned Choir X, XI, XII' Music CounciI XI, XII: Dis'fr'c Chorus XI. Can be found a+ I-Iowe'Iviife rossroads , . . 'rhriIIed by DoroIhy . . . amoifion is 'fo b a craffsrnan . . . "Hey" . . . greaf ' pIa r . . . wavy air, PHILIP DONATO PHIL Devon Clerical ' . Day Fvenrs X, X, Inq Monifor XI, XII: Genera' hop , X I n in , , Cusrorn cars and women are 'Is Iwo I 'I . . . found af Devon AIIanIic . . . wanfz Io be successIuI . . . can be heard saying "Don'+ swear ir" . . . Devon AIIanIic. JAMES DRY M Newtown Square General asebal' Xl Fneld a venls X CYS Chorus X Mixed Chorus X owned Choir X Drlver Tralnnng X Thrllled by Mary arnbl hon IS lo be a c ef B Bug Sr lerrlc cook blond haur ELEANOR HELEN FIETZ FIETZIE Fra1er ACademIC D y Even s X X Dramahcs Club Xll Yearbook Stall Xll Foods Achvuly Xl Clofhnnq Achvlly Xl Garls Chorus X Mixed Chorus Xl X Gowned Cholr Xl Xll Druver Tralmnq Xl T will work O can usually be 'Found nn Frazer fhrnlled by adyenlures In Kalues car ambuhon IS 'lo go ro college good pan FRANCIS E FOLK BUBBY Edgmoni Industrial Aris Foofball Xl Xll Track XI Xll Ways and Means Commnllee Xll Monnlors X Xll Wood sho Xl Drnver Trannlnq XI Nall Honor Socuely Xll Can be found al lhe Dairy Co Tage saying Don? do anylhung l wouldnf do lhrullecl by hunllnq c bmluon as lo be a mechamc Daylesford Vnllaqe RUTHE FREY LITTLE FREY Bacfon Hull Academic F DyEenlsXXl Xl Cheerleaders Xl Xll Drama' Club Xl Alhleflc so cnaluon Represenlahve XII Llbrary Asslslanf Xll Home room Treasurer Xl Foods Ac lnvnly X Xl Clofhlnq ACllVIly X Xll Driver Tralnlnq Xl ard saylnq Bar and Donl gel spaslnc peppy lhrnlled by con verlnbles wanls lo be an azr lane hosless shorl' poelry d hor wonderful Mom and Dad bug brown eyes 'wi' TOWNSEND EU LER, JR. TOWN Berwyn Clerical rack Xll Fleld Day Evenls anls lo malce qul m ll on l-ley erved newcomer lo T E w I e MARGARET Fl LLI PPO PEGGY Devaulf Clerncal l r Day Evenls X XI Malorefles XI Xll Foods Ac ny XI Clolhlnq Achvrl nr s orus D :ver Tvannlnq Xl lhrulled lo pieces by Chlc usually found al honre ayunq Oh shooll wanls lo be a secrelary roolbal MARGARET FRANK MAG Be wyn Secrefar al I Day Evenls X Xl b Xl Xll Ma,oreHes X Xl Xll Alhleluc Assoclallon Rep resen ahve X Colhung Achv an un r-:nance Club XI Drlver Tram rnq X Terrufc slruller school pnrlf qa ore lrlendly ga Oh well willy wlll malce a wonderful secre tary ay MARY GALLAGH ER SMULTZEY Malvern Commercial Fe Day Evenfs Xll ay and Means Cornmuflee Xll Arn llnon lS lo be a se re fary lhrlled by Lenrue usually can be found r home Why sure n wcorner from Radnor HJ' H .. .. T 1 A B l , Xllg ' D y Xll- E , xl, xml: B ' w a 'ck I I '5 I I , . . " " . . . re- 6 ' I l L s . . . , . I ' - . . . . ell l'lc d. ' ' h "Th l ' I," , , , ' . . . Field la l . l. Xll! Feld , , XI.: . 1 A . I . 3 M I - - -Y I ' ', Xlg G'l' Ch XI, Xll: ll: I I . I r' ' ' . "Oh, a -' ' uf" . .. I isf. l I U 1 1 3 ' I Feld , , Xllg Held DOY Evenfs Xl X'-,WI Orchesfra x, xl, xug Basker- V . all , 3 7 , A P 7 ' I ' ' 1 ' y . : I . . ' ' . ity X, Xl: B k' g Xl, Xll: ll V II I 4 u. : A . ' ll l ield a v l . li H U ics 1 I I' A s I- I I , y Z l ld Q W ff: . , I : :L n - - b' ' ' C - :He l ' II +V' ' L . ' . . , . ll l a Y an l D -lazz . """'4'x.. 'X A . ' anvil' FRED GASSER GASSER Malvern ACddemlC oIbaII X XI XI Trac FIed Day Everrfs Orc esIra X X 'vionrrors Xl XII Homeroorn PresIdenf XI XII Mlxed Char X XII Boys Chorus XI XII Crowned Chorr X XI XII DIsIrIcI Chorus XI ThrIIIed by Haverford Lower Merron and Radnor qIrIs aII counIy IackIe 6' a nf rr hr 53 Ford cure rare sense of humor WILLIAM GOOD B LL Berwyn CIerIcaI IS ay venfs Dramahcs CIub XI Wood O X ankmg X Drrver Tralnlnq X XI Am IIIon IS Io be a banker heard sayInq Be good seen at Goods Markef Mr WhIIcraIIs helper RICHARD GOODING DICK Berwyn Academuc ersonaI Use Typmq Drrver Tramlnq XI Dry sense of humor Ioys bernq wIIh eI'Iy came Io us In hIs Junuor year oh' Thar SparIIsh'I' shorr n sow CARL GREEN GREENE Berwyn IndusIrIaI Aris I Day Evenrs X XI oodshop X XI XII D Trarnrnq XI So wha? Ih I ed y horses frre house QIQCIFICGI enqmeer grow NORMA LOIS GIRARD LOIS Frazer Secrefanal eIbaII X XI TennI Hoc ey X I I Evenfs X XI fhesfra X Maioreireg X XI Darnahcs CIub XI Red Cross Represenfahve X XII Foods ACIIVIIY X GIFIS Chorus X Drrver Tran Inq XII Found wrfh Brandos Gang Counrry KIIchen LddIe sfenoqrapher I-IoIy cow dass clown cure malorerfe KATHRYN ANN GOODING KATIE Frazer AcademIc Day Evenrs X XI aoII XI Hockey X Drama rcs CIub XII Yearbook Sfaff XII Foo s ACIIVIIY X XI C In CIIVIIY rs Chorus X MIxed Chorus XI II C-owned Chor XI DFIVQF Trarnrnq XI Carefree rh Illed by a cer+aIn someone from Coares VI e red haIr and green Ish bue eyes Oh donf worry abouf I casuaI clofhes MARVIN GORDON TOOCHIE Berwyn General Day Evenrs X X Track X XI DrIver TraInIrq ne of The Bq x The qrearesf sense of humor oys b xnq besr a Iqhf o hs ee? a and anky IrendIy aIms Io become a champ SANDRA HAACK SANDY Pao I Academlc TennIs XI FIeId Day EverIIs x SIudenI CouncI FOOGS ACIIVIIY X Cofh rj ACIIVIIY X Personal Use Typ I X rlver raIr'I e ahnq C ub F Turn, Teachers of Amer ca XII Fufure anguaqe Teacher Nea+ wIId over horses IIIn b usI es EGSI y JOHN PAUL HANLEY JOHN Malvern Academic s efball X XI XI Trans Ierred from Haverford Hugh School Would Ink Io go Io M IT sfar baskefball player Hey Slum Haverfor a FRED HENZIE FABU LOUS FRED Malvern Clerical we Da venls XI Dramahcs Club XI Yearbook SI' XII Mixed Chorus X Boys Chorus X Gowned Cholr X XII Bank :ng XI XII Drnver Trannnng XI Room 4 gang Marxlyn Monroe usualy wllh BII and Ted wanls 'ro work Ialkahve ELIZABETH JILL HEY J LL Malvern Academic Gof X XI Fleld Day Evenls X Xl XII Dramahcs Club XI I-Iomeroom Secrefary Xl Per sona Use Typmq XII G ls Chorus X XII Mnxed Chorus XII Gowned Choir X XII Music Councul XII Drnver Tramunq Xl Fufure Teachers of Amerlca Xl WI make a pre+Iy nurse of Alfred says Neal Ierrwhc per sonallly Iuked by every one FAITH HU RST O Berwyn Academlc efball XI XII Tennis XI o X Xl I-I ckey XI D y E enls X Xl Dramafncs Club XI Presldenl XII Yearbook Co ednfor XII I-Iomeroom Presndenl X I-Iomeroom Secrefary XII Foods Achvhy X XI Clolhmng lvnly X XI Gurs Chorus Ixed orus Druver Traznmg Xu Nahonal Honor Socuefy XI XII Fulurc Teachers of Amernca XII N honal Thespran XI XII Likes amusemenl parks Iulure Ieacher MARTHA C. HARGREAVES MARTHA Malvern Academic s efball XI Tennis c ey D y Evenls X XI Yearbook Slaff XII Red Cross Pep XI Foods Achvuly X XI Colhlnq Acluvnly X Drwer Training Xl Sporfs lar physlcal ed ucahon Ieacher YFC qulel HELEN E HESTON HELEN Fraler Clerical fue-Id Day Evenls X Dramallcs Club XII Caleler IG Cashner X Foods Acllvnly X I Clol In Achvufy Mnxed Chorus I Gowned Cholr XI XII Nurse Found al Frazer De Iauranl Oh qood en oys plays blonu anr FRANK MONROE HODGE REBEL Daylesford Academlc Baskelball X Field Day Evenl XII Sfudenf Councnl Horneroom Presldenf XII oodshop Xl XII Trans I rred from Vsrqlnla Trlps Io Vlfqlnla How bouf daI7 Iulure nr qnnua Sfale Polsceman kes qnrls and quns e us an Novemb r for Vlrqlma NANCY ANNE JOINER NANC N wiown Square Secrefa nal Day venls X nance Club XI Drwor Tralnmq XII o u r d af Tomm s Who me' a cerlam Oy qunel very nxcc HELEN JONES "HELEN" Berwyn Genera Ie Day Eyenfs CIoII'IIng ACIIVIIY X T aInInq XII Foods ACTIVITY Wants To succeed O os rrIobIIes Are you nd dIng7 nIce manners a ways smI Ing WILLIAM KING B LL Edgemon+ Genera Foo'IbaII manager X XI XII Track XI FIeId Day Eyenfs X XI XII Ways 81 Means Com FYII ee XII Monlfors XI WoodsI'Iop X XI XI DrIve TraInInq X WI'IIIeI'Iorse Gef our of Iwere Iurure scIenIII farmer Iound In The pad doc on a Inorse yeIow Cneyyy CYNTHIA LA COURSE Edgemonf Academlc Day Evenfs X XI IEasIIrIn Echoes XII SIucIenI ouncII XI XII Year oo Sfa XII Red Cross Repre senIaIIve X Homeroom Treas I y XII Ari ACTIVITY X AFIISIIC Iufure eIec'rrI caI enqmeer ISS Ger manIown says Nof oo o EDWIN LAWRENCE EDDIE Malvern Academnc FooIbaII manaqer X B eIbaII X XI XII Base a I X FIeId a Even s Mom ors I I IeIIc AssocIaIIorI Represenia IV6 X LIbrary ASsIsIarI XII I-Iorneroom Treasurer XI Woodslnop X XI XII weIIyIIIe XI IrIsI1 Roa 5 JackIe I IoId wanIs Io be Independenf NANCY JONES "JONSEY" Wayne Academic Yearoook Sfarf' XII CIoIIIIrq IyIy X DrIyer TraInn TransIerred Irorn Barham II'IIs year I Ro r TayIor nfs O do weI In co Ie e qI,g sn c nIce Io I: w MILDRED E KLAUS MILLIE Sfrarford Commerc aI FIeId Day Evcnrs XI CaIeIcrIJ SIISF XI X I I-Iomero rn Treasurer XI Drwer Traurnnj Pre-dd e Leu s DaIry Bu ver p easa I GIOTBI se re ar c Ty blue e es MARGARET LARR MAGGIE Malvern R D SecreIarIaI I Day yen s Red Cross Repres rIaIIye X o s A IyI y re ab r Xe cms TraIr- nq XI I espe I y W TVIQ S V9 I' rI d 54 Me r q I BERNICE E LEAMY LITTLE TUD Pao I SBCFEYBIIWI u XI New paper of Inq I o s I I X d 'I r Cxworus X Fed Day Eyerfs o ne ar n na a X CaIe er a s er X DrIyer TraIrII Coasf Guard dear secrerary e VTIUSI I F' Id X, XI, ' ' 1 ', ' " ,XI, XII: AcI' '+ II: ' "Q , ' ' , - - XII. X, XI, XII. I'. I ...II'IrII I5 I:eI ' II. ..,waI 'I ' ' , ' IIq ... "-Ies in I 'I' y ErIqffI Iass . .. I ro , II I ll II II I ' I I , I I I I I Ca I4 , I 3 Q 'II I ' , XII: XIII y u 4 U - F I ,,, .r . . . I I . , . y TI . . . OIII " . I ' ' 'lic are IA y . I I I I , , , I "SIS" -- -- FISICII - - XIII me E I X, XI, XIII C ' - I II I ra a Cr X, XI, XII, ff I - P 35 CI' XII, ez 4 crew ' 1 - XII1 MI d cr I XI, XII: Ure' X7 IXIGIIOIIGI Honor SO' Gcwned CI'IoIr XII: DrIver c'eI I I I I XI- U XII. - I A II Jof cia I . . . III , ' ' ' H wI:e a good ec Ia y . . . I ' .I I I I' I VII II e by rcI. ys , . . dd,-I ,Ian I XII XIII P ess CI b I1 s XI, ask I . 1 b II XII: CI I' C AQIIIIY X, Xa, X. X. Il: ' D X I X XII, FC a Af Ive, X, XI, XIX Xl, XII: 'I XII X' I AIG Ma Q CI ms XI, XII' GI 5 I A I ' ,I , I , X, +A 1 ' I XII X XIII e W CI crm XI, XIII I f I M 4' - B rd I I I, I - - Ca ci Ip I 'fnq X, Ho ' ' d . . . "Oh, JANETTA LEE JANNIE Berwyn AC8deml D y Evenis X XI X Orchesrra X XI XII Dramahc CIub XI Yearbook S+afI XII Homeroom Secreiary Xl I-Iorneroom Treasurer XI Foo s Achviiy X XII GirIs Chorus X Mixed Chorus XI XII Gowned Choir XII Muslc ouncil XII Driver Traufur XI Fufure Teachers of Amer XI Mercurys Swe I found a'r Befiy Annes Iurure Ianquaqe Teacher Iors of uck qredf IIICI SARAH LEONARD SALLY Devon Academic as e'rbaII XI Tennis X i D y Evenis X XI Magoreffes X XI XII Drama? :cs CIub XI CIo+hing Acfmiy mrs orus Gowned Choir XI XII Driver Training Fuiure Teachers of America Xl XII The Monk MoblIe O Howdy Rowdy w make a prefiy nurse found af Maxs ROSALINE LLEDO Berwyn SBCFSIBFISI Day Fvenis X XI oo s Achviiy X, XI, . irs' Chorus X XI' Mixe Chorus XI. Found wifh Jimmy wanfs Io ger married , . . "Are you kiddin'7' '... cerfain '46 Ford. CAROLE MADDEN CAROLE Frazer Academic e+baII X Xl X 3 Tennis I, : I-Io y X, , I ' D y Evenis X, XI, 'Z Cheerleaders XI, XII: Drama?- ' Cub , XII: Year oo Sfaff XII: Afhleiie Associafion Rep., X: Library Assisfanr X., I Foods c+ivi'Iy X, I C-3irIs' Chorus X: Mixed Chorus X, Music CounciI XII3 Driver ininq XI, Nafiona es- ' n XI, . Air Line Sfewardess . . . LiIIeys . . , a cerfain someone . . . cheering . . . sporfs . . Iois of Tun Io be wifh. NATHALI E LEECH NAT Sirafford Academic- Day Fvenfs X rchesfra XI XII Marchmm Band XI XII Dramahcs Cluo Easffrin Echoes Baby Surfing X GriIs Chorus rxed orus Gowned Choir XI XII Music uncu XII Driver Training Nahona Thespians Oh Pefer Fooflrghfcr drama and music Ian en husiashc Tufure adress preify bIond hair CHARLES LEWIS CHARLIE Berwyn Academ c asebaII XI Fred Of Fvenis X XI XII Orches rw I XII Marching Ban S ience Club X Woodshop XI Mixed Chorus X Bo C orus owned Choir XII Mu xc C uncuI XII Driver Training Trumpeier ThaI's noi foo darn funny wanis w r Ior The railroa found af ome DOUGLASS S LIVINGSTON DOOGLAH Pao I Academic BaskeIbaII X FleId Day Evenrs , , XII, AIhIeIlc Associ Iion Rep. X1 Library Assisfanf XII: Personal Use Typing XII Vifoodshop X' Boys Chorus X: D afing CIub XII' TraveI CIub XII. An affernoon ai Wesffowri . , . "NeaI Jack reaIIy neaIi" . . . Nass'ss Kifchen . , . a - nor 's his second home . . . GERALD MADDEN JERRY Paoi GeneraI ofbaII X, X'g Fie ay F enfs X, XI, XII: Library As- sisfanr XI: Banking XII. rry's ambiiion is To e married . . . says "ZooI" . . . can be found in The Blue J y wirh The oys . . . 'k s '40 Ford . . . One of Mr. VVhi+craT1's assisIanIs , . . "I-Iey, you." MADELYN MARSHALL TIPPIE Berwyn Secreiana Ba efball X XI XII Hoc ey FueId Day Even s Orcres ra Foods Achvlfy X Clofhung Achvnfy X XI MIxecI orus X XII Drnver Tram Inq XII Indeed no? SporI Ilkes very excmnq Ihsmjs IuIure secrefary an where Sporf MARGARET E MAXTON MAX Pao: Academic BasIceIbaII X Fneld Day Evenfs X XI XII Red Cross Re re senfahve X Lrbrary Assnsfanf X XI Foods ACTIVITY X Xl ofhnnq Achvufy X ersonaI se Typung oor Guard X ap? I ur s Chorus Mnxed Chorus X XII Gowred C our XI XII Music CouncnI Drlver Trannsnq X Fu Jre Teachers oIAmer1ca XI XII Found aI Sallys horses Bar I execuhve sec refary rides home n B e Beefle ELIZABETH A McKEOWN BETTY ANNE Daylesford Academl I Day EvenIs X XI Orchesira X XI XII Drama :cs Club XI Afhlehc Assoc a hon Represenfahve X Lnbrauy AsnsIanI XI XII Horneroorn Secrefary X Foods Achvufy X Gwrls Chorus X Max Chorus XI XII Gowned Choir XII Musuc CounclI XII Dnve Tr ming XI Furure Teachers of Amerxca X XII F und af Jannxes I-'IoIy cow' Imkes ooI baII games IuIure 'teacher MARY McVAUGH MARY Berwyn SecreIarlaI Day EvenIs X Xl Foods AcIlvzIy X XI CIoIhlrq A IVIIY X XI GIrIs Chorus axe o r u Gvowned Chosr XI Banklnq Driver T a n nq X FuIure secreIary mo Inq For why7 music drnvung Budd, s Corner Sandwich Shop 4'1-uf' WILLIAM MATTHEWS B LL Malvern Academlc B sebaI Manager X XI XII D y Evenfs XI XII s ra X Xl Marc I an X Wa s Means Comm Hee XII SIuden C uncnI X Xl XII I-Iomeroo 1 Pesudenr X XII Homeroom Vuce Presldenf XI Personal Use Typnnq XI Mwxed Chorus X Boys Chorus X Musuc Coun II Xl Driver Tramnnq Xl De af C ub X X Nahona Honor SocueIy XI Yll ear o Sfarf XII Cass Vic. enf X Annapohs bound Gee you re near NEAL McAUSLAND MOOSE Sugarfown Academic ooIbaI X Go X ne ay venrs usen Councu XI XII Homeroom Presndenf XI I-Iomeroom V1 e Presnde M xed Chorus X XI o s homs owned Chour X XI Music CouncII XII IIs abouf average wanfs To gro Ines qood IoofbaI qame of IucIc SALLY McMlLLAN SALLIE Devon Academl s e IoaII XI XII I-Iocke X we .ny Evenfs X XI XII Dra a+ Cub X Eas ra r ces X SIU e T LncnI X XI R d Cross ep re en ahve X XI A hIehc As CIGIIOFI Repre5erIaInve X YI FIS Mixed Chorus XI XII Gov-.rg 'A Ir X XI Drwver ran X PGI I-TIOVICI' OCI XI X I3uIch IuIure Reg'-ea Iona Tnerapwf Q w IZ' 5 5 FRANK MEARNS PANCHO Sfraffo d Academ c eIbaII X Trac I X en s I-I mem P s denI XI s cruwse basIreIbaII Iwshlnq Wyr' ewood P n Ia' bourd q r s Shdc b her converhbIe LUCILLE MESSANTONIO LUCY Sfrafford Cler cal Day E enlls X Xl I DFBYTIGIICS Club XI Cafelerlu Cashler Xl Foods Acllvlry X X XII Clolhlng Achvlly X X XII GIFIS ChorusX Mx Chorus XI Drlver Tralnlng XII Shucks wanls Io graduale found IH Pally a Tlldas ar good Ilme always R BRUCE MILLS BRUCE Berwyn ACdd8'nlC Baskelball Slallsllclan XI XII ck X XI Fleld ay ven's X XI XII Drama cs u XII Sludenl' Courlcl XII Yearbook Sfalf XII Pe sonal Use Typlnq Xl Wood s op X Drlver Tralnlng D allng Club XI XII Nall Honor Soclely XI XII Sfudenl Afhllarlon Cornmllfee XII Found al' The besl place a The rlghf Ilme Tremen dous fu ure deslqn glneer loker JOHN MONAHAN JACK Frazer General as elball XI Ba eball Go XII Fleld Day Evenls X X Wanfs Io b mllllona playboy pegged pam Hol cha cha glr s Ilrrerbug anywhere ln Frazer THEODORE M URDOCH D Malvern Academlc Dramaflcs Club XI Personal Use Typlng XII Mlxed Chorus X Boys Chorus X Gownecl olr X Muslc Councll rlver Tr Inlnq X u UI Teachers of Amen a XI XII Nallonal Thesplan SOCIGIY YI Llkes languages Tulure Ieacher See you aler movles PATRICIA MEYER PATTY Chesfer Sprlngs Academlc ua keloall X I-leld Day Eve I X X Orches ra Cneerleaders X XI Uramallcs Club XI Sfudenl LOUHCII X XII Yearbook Sta I Llbrary ASSISIGDI Homeroom Preseclenl X Home Ioorn Vlce Presldenl XI Pel s nal Use IIYPIDQ XII lrs Cnoru X Mlxed Chorus X rlver ralnlng X Fulure Ieachers of Arnerlca XI XII Larry Iulure elemenlary Ieacner Greall cneerlng wonderlul pcl onallry found wlh Ile I s NANCY MILLER NANCY Malvern Academl lennls XI Hockey Manager X ockey Xl XI Fleld ay I: enls X XI XII Orches ra XI XII Marchlng Band X Dramallcs C u I Yearbook SI If Il nal splan XI aI Use Typlng XII Gr Chorus X Mlxed Chorus XI Iver Tralnlng XII Furure leachers of AWSFICG XI XII Je crols que non' Ieacher Ilkes 'lo wln game quler RALPH MUELLER RAOUL Charlesfown ACdd8I'T1IC Go XII Fleld Day Eyenls X XI Dramallcs Cub ersonal Use T Inq I Woodshop X Deballng Cluu XI Nall Honor I Xl XI Gee youre DICE Ilkes hls 39 Plymoulh glrs chemlcal englneerlnq IS hls a m MARY ALICE NASH MICKIE Devon ACBd9mIC ay venls Dramaflcs Club XII Ways and Means Commlflee XII Easl Trln Echoes XI XII Yearbook S XII Personal Use yp D ver Tralnln GIIFIQ Club Xl XII Ilonal Honor Soclely XII F I e Teachers of Amerlca XI College week ends ee Whal a panlc Inlerpreler busy 3 If l, II:' I x, XII ml: " , , XII: Field v , . XI'7 K I T I , . ' .. I All: ' I I ' XI: I, I I I I I ' ' I 3 ll 5 ' ' 1 I ed o I I I G' l' ,, ,', I LJ' 9 II I ' ' I: I nd ' ' . , . has a . " . . . I 5 I . k'd. Tra , , XII: ' I D I H - 'I ' D E I I I I ff v , , U: I CI ls I 'I X- I I X- I , ,. xl, II: ' I I, X. ' 1 . XII: a : Na- h I ' ' ' X: ho The I , XII: Per- eb . I I I Son A ' 1 Ib' -- - f I , XIII eawlled Choir xl, XIII y Ur. . . I I"'- SUI II 'l B k : s XI: If I - I If I ' I xl, ll ' I XII: Xl, ll. P yp- X: e a I I IFC : ' . I , . . 'C X, XI, I : ' Soc'- . . . 'I - - 'I . . . I ely , I. ' I I . "TE " .. .. ' 7 Field D E Xl, XII: Ch ' 1 ' I ' X: I , I I D I a' ' li F I e Tall : T - -C I Ing XI: rl ' ' q XII . . . ' i Deb ' , 3 Ne- XII. ur - I uf I . . , XII. ELEANOR NASS ELLIE Pao: Academ c Foo s Achymly XI Colhnnq Acfuvnfy XI Former Shipley sludenl nfs Io In Ihe Roc Mounlalns II Inq donf know her knfchen IS QUITE a hanqoul always wIIh Susle and Sabra LAURA LORETTA NORCINI LAURIE Devon Secrefarlal I D y Evenfs X Xl Red Cross Represenfahye X I-Iomeroom Secrefary X I-Iorne room Trea urer XI Clofhlnq nyl'ry X Grrls Chorus Mixed Chorus XI Crowned C our Banking XI XII Laurues ambulon s Io be a secrefary e w D C she can be Ioun af home Ihaf cerfaun 50 Ford Converflble Ihrllls her reserved nice O my qosh BENJAMIN PIOMBINO SCOOCH Devon Clerical Day Evenls X XI rc esfra X XI XI on Io s XI XII General Shop X U ID P I+ C ol snaro dress r I Illed by ol ro s and qrs nanqs vu? al Devon Allarhc Slahon wanls Io be a success JOAN PORTE JOANIE Berwyn Clerlcal -Field Day Eyenls I , . Malorelles X, XI, 7 C: - 'n Acllyily X : Press Club 1 Glrs' Chcru . , I Drlyer Tralnirq XI. Joan wanls I , - dresser . 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J' ROBERT NEWTON BOB Malvern General Track XI XII Fleld Day yen X XI Woodshop X XI Go rnan q Ihrllled by sporls can be seen af Ihe L 81 M wanfs Io be a Ianor RICHARD O CONNOR DICK Edgemonf Academic Foolbal XI Baseba I Day Eyenls X onllors XI Sm em ouncrl XI XII 'ehc Assn ca on XII Personal U e lyp Mrxed C orus Boys Chorus X Gowned Cholr De afxnq Club XI Ironal Honor Socxely XI XII ACIIVE In school alfalrs Hanqoul IS al home rn bnhon Io gel 'through co 1 qood luck PATSY PLAN K A Pao I Secrefarnal efball XI XI Fred ay enfs X XI XI Red Crcss Represenlahve XI Foods A Ilylfy X Collnl q Ac yl Color Guard X Flnance Cub X Anolher o e our u secrelarles I ed Dopular music a d loo oa games can be found er In Jxrn s r or Brando Gang saylnq I als dumb' PATRICIA LEE PYOTT PATSY Daylesford Academlc I D y Eyenrs X arch Band Drarnahcs Club XII Ways a J Means Cornmzfree Xllg Sludf' ounci' XII: Yearbook 'a 1 L' rary slslanl . , XII: I-Icmeroorn Vice Preride ' I oods Aclsffy g Clolhing Aoi I y X, 3 'r Cnorus X3 ix, nora, ' Driver 'I'rgAn', 3 Deba Inj C u X, XI, II:u+ure T- QI' ers of America Xl XII, a sy's bilicn 's o e a Ieacher . A . Ih ' ed y oct ball games . .. ANDERSON JAMES RAY SPEEDY Berwyn Clerlcal Foolball XI Baskelball XI XII Day Evenls X XI archlng Band X Mlxe Chorus Xl XII Boys Chorus Xl XII Gowned Cholr XI XII Cross courllry slar wanls Io be a Ieacher lhrllled by sporls seen al Ihe L an M Tha s real gone JANE B RICKABAUGH JANIE Berwyn SSCFGIBTIGI Day Evenls X Xl Xl Malorelles X Xl XII Dramal ICS Club Xl Red Cross Rep resenlallve XII Clolhlnq Ac lvl y XI Glrls C orus X Drlver Tralnlnq XI Tlny and cule good dresser wanls To be an lnlerlor decoralor almosl' always IH her 53 ord You can say lhal agaln WILLIAM ROBINSON Bl le Pao l Academlc Traclr X Flelcl Day Evenls X XII Dramaflcs Club ' ersonal Use Typlnq Xl Mrxed Chorus X Xl XII Boy Chorus X Xl XII Gowned Cholr X XI XII Muslc Coun X Drlver Tralnlnq X lure Teachers of Amerlca Xl XII Nallonal Thesplan Soclely X Wanls Io go Io college Enloys languages and popua muslc hangoul al' Ihe lnovles Don? buq me' ALICE ROYER Pao l Academlc as elball X Xl Fleld GI Evenls X Xl XII Orcheslra X Xl Cheerleader X XI Dramallc Club XII denl Councll XII Personal Use Typlng XI Mlxed Chorus X Glrs Chorus Crowned Cholr XII Drlver Tralnlng XI Nallonal Honor SOCISIY XII Thrllled by muslc and Irav ellng sweel smlle my X lwisw. JUANITA REYNOLDS Daylesford Secrelarlal Day E enls X Xl Sludenl Councll Xl Caleler 1 Cashler Xl Class Secrelary Y Xl XII Homeroom Presldcnl X Homeroom Secrelary Xll Clolhlng ACIIVIIY X Xl GIVE Chorus X Flnance Club XI Drlver ralnlng Ional I-Ionor Soclely XI XII rn lllon IS I b suc cesslul secrelary w now e wll qulel lnrllled by lhal cerlan someone and by III E Ioolba MAURICE RICHARDS BUZZIE Berwyn General Foolball X XI XII Baslcelbal e a D y E enls X XI onlfor Xl XII Drlver rall lng XII nl y u cl hanoouls al Bobbles hou c nlce lhrllled by glrl amblllon machlnlsl EDWARD ROFI EDDIE Slrafford Academl D y Evenls X Xl O c eslra X XI XII Ma ch lnq Band X Monllors Xl XII I-Iorneroom Treasurer XII Mlxed Chorus X XI XII Boys C orus X Xl XII Gowned C olr X Xl XII Drlver raln lng Xl EdCIl6S one arnblllon IS o q lo co e e hangs around wllh the boys al school O shul' up' BARRY RUTTER Malvern Academlc D y Evenls X Xl FIVSF Ilralnlng XI Iravc Cu XII fry e s les long holl ays can b found al hls norne ambl YT b a cheml glneer Who Icnows7 Field v , , XII: Field , , XII: I I xl M I 1 I CI I . I I 1 . xIlIll ' I T" xlg NaI , . , A b" ' o e a I- ' . . . " I' ' ... e lc ' II .. I Sh II Z -. I .. . nice Field . . II , y ' - - I ' x, xl, Xllg Bas ls II xl, XII: h I ' I Fleld a v , , Xllg I I M I , 1 I II I1- II Il , XII: I I h - ' I Y I IIDo I o o IIII . . . Bill.. . . " ' R' W .. .Ir .. H H I. . .A XI' ,I - x,Q ' Field a , , Xllg P I III rh , , 7 r V cil 1 I I I II I 1 FUI 6 I . l I I A A . . I I III I I I 7 h . V I I . , - Xl, II. . I ' . . . R O Il Q - - - HAL.. 4 I. . y Field 6 , , XII- B I' ' 7 D I K D' ' ' Ig Al l - I 1 l ls . Xl ' .. , II. II , 'I STI - - Ba , Illc all ol u, I'Ic I . . I III Id . . . e XI XM- I , I XI llc ls lo e I IIcal ell- JAMES L SAMWORTH JR M Leopard Academic Baseball XII Field Day Even? XII Personal Use mg X Woodshop X ms hangouf ns al home wanls fo be a success Good luck MARY ANN SHEROD MARY Devon Academic Baskelball Manager Tennls XI XII Hockey XI XII Day Evenls X Grs Chorus X XI XII Muxei orus XI X I Gowned Cholr XI Driver Traunlng I Fulure Teachers of Ameucw Found al' home Radncr Converhbles Mum boy wanls Io get Ihrough college Irnendly NICHOLAS SILVERI NICK Devon Academnc D y Evenfs X XI Monufors XI XII Year ook XII Scsence Cub Personal Use Typing XII Sporls Ian se n of Devon Luncheonelle FTW bnhon ns Io qo Io NOIVG DGVT19 l"IoIy cow Always has a smule baseball DIANNE PRICILLA SKATZ SRATZIE Malvern Secrefarlal I D y Eyerfs X X Alhlehc Assoclaflon Repu- 5en+a+,Ve XII Foods Achvuly X Cofhlng Acllvlly I,-5 Inorus X MM d Chong XI DrlyerTraln Ing XI s Moore Inshlule or busl Be good Reels Ihrllled by a cerfann someone bug shiny e es friendly JAY SEGNER Malvern Indusfrlel Ari T ack X Fneld Day Evenfs 7 XII Woodshop X XI XI Mlxed Chorus XI Boys Choru X Gowned Cholr Xl run X Ja w nfs Io be a prnnfe fhrllled by aufo races Iruendly seen a'r Devo-1 Sunoco I guess MARIE SHAUGHNESSY Berwyn Secrefarlal Day Eyenfs X XI Dramahcs Club XI Yearbook Sla XII Foods Achvnly X Iolhlnq A fully r Trannung XII Ambnhon gel ouf of schoo and Ifayel usually wllh DGISY Oh darn Wall Irlendly NANCY SIMPSON NANC Slfiffofd Secrefarxal Day Evenfs X XI Llbrary Asslsfanl X Cheer lea er XII Dramahcs Cub Ea run F 095 u en? C uncul X XI Yearbook Shah' XII Red Crow RepresenIahveX XI XII Ath Iehc Assocrahon Represenla I' 9 X XI Homeroom Secre a XI Foods Acfuylfy o hung Ac Ivnly XI 5 CIWOTUS X Mixed Chorus X Music Councrl X Drlver Tram 'VI Fulure Teac erg Arnerlca XII I'I'ya Chl en menldfy Ieacher GEORGE SMITH SMITTY Devon Acedemac a ebal XI F d G FGUIS X XI XII Hornercorn :ce resvdenl X S C U X Mixed Chorus Boys Chorus X Debahnq C U5 XII Cross Conrlry X X Oeof Ihe I2I3 oyg wanfs Io pass Spamgh Aw SI'IuI up Q rg sporfs "JI " ' 5 r 5 ' I, ' ' , XI, g , , IZ X, XI, 3 Typ- ' I ' S ' 3 I . IZ ' 7 P' I- Ji - . Ing , XI, XII. . . . Y 5 A F f- -- "Rue" Xl, XII: Field , , XII: Field I I . X. XII: ff 2 " In il' I V I ' - XII C ' C g D Iver Ch , I: I ' - ' 1 ' I I X-I 'I Z I XIII . . . 'I " , , , " " Fleld I I Xu: I d : , I I I Track X3 Cross Counlry XII: SIIG 'CII X, XXI: new 5 , . XII: y I Il: ' . 1 b ' , , 5 7 Smf 1 ' I X1 , ' ' - . V I : - ' I VY : " A . . . a - - 7 ' 5: .. H I - Q I h Og I ' - - ' H I - 'lik f . . . eief Feld G I y ' I- XIII Bs I , XII: iel D, I , ,E 'V - I 7 , ' I I V- P I I clen H X, If I ' ' ' XI CI b , ' X1 Xu: GI' C - XIII ' , A ly' A9 I I . ' XI, 7 X 'I- ' ' . H - b .. . NANCY JOYCE SPARROW NANCE Radnor Secrefarial Hockey X Field Day Eyenfs X Sludenl Counci Ca elerua C shler X XI XII Library Assislanl X XI Food c wily X Mlxc Chorus I Thais crazy lulure ecrelary Ardmore Wes? Philadelphia Have Ol' SVEA STRID SVEA Devon Academic Tennis Xl Field Day Eve-nls X Xl XII Clolhlnq fxcllvlly X Xl Personal Use Typing XII Girls Chorus X Mixed Choru Xl Gowned Choir XII Driver Training XI O kiddies shorl week ends Janels Che y Danle nursing nice ROBERT J THOMPSON BOB Pao I Academic Day Evenls X XI Easffrin Echoes XII Sludenl Council XII Yearbook Sfall XII Alhlelic Assocnalion Rep resenfalive X Mixed Chorus Boys Chorus X Driver Training Xl Deballnq Club X How aboul Ihall pholoqrapher wanls Io be a lournalisl' crazy car found al' home EDWARD TREGO TREG Malvern lnduslrlal Arfs B elball X Baseball X XII A Day F enls X, XI, I Dramafics Club Xlg Homeroom Vice Presidenl Xl' Woodshop , , XII' Mixed Choru 7 Boys' Chorus X, XII. One of lhe Devon Sunoco gang . . . Lois . . . wanls Io qel ou? of school . . . friendly. MARY ANN STERN MARY ANN Frazer Clerical Golf Xl Hockey X Field Day enls X Xl Recl Cro s Represenlalnve X XI Cafeler a Cashier X XI Foods c I y X X XII Clolhlnq I y X X Girls Chorus Girard College gradu e nursing Le S Q Gooding' Frazer residenf converlibles JOAN THOMAS JOANIE Morsfem Academ c Day E enls X XI Yearbook Slalf XII Persona Use Typing XII Girls Chorus Mixed Chorus Xl XII lure Teachers of America XI Likes skaling shucks qulel buf veiy friendly w II be a suc e In co ege usually fowl af home JON TOBI ESSEN TOBY Leopard Academic Foolball X Baskelball Xl XI onilor XI XII Yearbook Slal XII Class Treasurer X Homeroom Presidenl Xl XII Homeroorn Vice Presldenl X Mixed Chorus X Boys Chorus X Crowned Choir X Debahnq u X XI X Flow cah I be so dumb7 Iourid wherever peope are having lun SHIRLEY TREGO SHIRLEY Peo I Secrefarlal D y F enls X X rc es ra X, XI, Xllq Ma c - ' Band X, XI, XII' Clol in Civily X, , ' G'rIs' Chorus X, Xllq Mixed Chorus A fulure secrelary. STAN LEY TU NNELL fan Berwyn Clerlcal Day Even s X Woodshop X Sian wanrs ro be success Found pus? abour any where Donf sweal' I Cusfom cars JUDSON VOSBURG u Sirafford Academrc F ofoall X XI Track X er Sona Use Typing XI Drxver Tralnnng XI W af do you have I can borrow7 Crazy aboul money Found al Rebel s or Hanks Drives Olds 5 ax Whale bucks MARY LYNN WARD Gordy Pao: Academic Day Ev nfs X XI rc esrra X XI XII heer eader XI Dramal L Club XI Ways and Means Comrnll ee XII Easllrln Echoes X XI XII Yearbook Co edlfor XII Alhlehc Assocnahon Rep X Nafl Thespuan Socuely XI XII Personal Use Typnng XII Girls Chorus X Mrxed Chorus D :ver Tranmnq XI a nor S cney XII Fulur Teacher of Amerzca XI XII Those Penn Srafe college weekends O swell The qanq rn Blue Beelle JAMES WEAVER rm Malvern General Clerical Day Even s X Nfoodswop X Seen af Smrfhe s I-Iorse racmg VVoucI Ike Io b a mechanic good luck BARBARA VERNON Barb Sugariown Secrefarual I ay venfs X X Orcheslra X XI XII Dramaflc Club XI Yearbook Slafll XII G1 s Chorus X Mixed Chorus Ronnie Wes? Chesler Usually wulh Ginny Secrelary I ue Eyes DORIS ANN WALKER Dee Dee ffdler Academrc I D y E en s X D arnalrcs Club X XI Foods N vlI'y X XI Clofhnnq W y X Persona se Q Glrls Chorus Mlxed Chorus XI XII Gown ed Choir XI XII Driver Tram n XII Say now' Wanls To be a nurse Can be seen any In o shorf n sweef olrnples VIVIAN WATERS rv Devon Academic ches ra X X ear K S TXII Lnbrary A I nl X XI XII Homeroom rre xdenl' X Glrls Chorus X IX d Cher s X XII Gown hour Muslc Councll XII Drlver Trannung fmbuluon as Io be a musrcuan A IIVI y X Terrlflc arllsf New S hool of Muslc Slradl var u Loads ol luck ELLEN FRANCES WHITLOCK E en BSFWYH Secrefarral ey venfs X Sfudenf COUDCII X XI Home rcom Secrerary X XI C Nan s Io be a success cerlaln someone Hey There Egund h me or wnrh 'rhe gang SABRA WILSON Sabe Malvern Academuc Foo 5 Acllvlly Xl Clofhlnq AC IVIIY X XI Ihrllled by Dlcr Relanl Fabulous Nasss lurchen Tan Na I1 knee socks TUCKER WORTHINGTON Tuc Charleslown General Fleld Day Evenls X X A IVIIY XI XII Fulure Arhsl We I Chesler Bring your whee s Sfoclc car races 'hal aur EDWIN YOUNG Youngsler Malvern Academu eball Xl Golf Xl I9 Da Evens X Xl XII Scuence Club X Woodshop X Boys Chorus X Drlver Trannmg Xl Travel Club XII Found af Tommys fulure accounlanf yeah lwey 'rhlnqs come srnall packages RICHARD LEONARD Leffy Devon General mnasllcs X, Xl, Xll: ie Day Evenfs X, Xl, X l: Li r y Assislanl X: Boys' Chorus Xllg Banlrinq Xll. Laurle ...' 'Whala you care" . . . fufure road build- er . . . found af Laurle's gas srafion . . . one of rhe boys. SUSANAH WILSON LIB Malvern Academlc Max d Chorus Xl Travel Clul ss klfc en Thafs Vfanls lo qc abroad grand Rachmamnoll sweer WILLIAM J WUERTH Wlllle Pao: Academic urarzoolc Slaff Xll N w I T E ll1lS e Awallon Go ly Nass s klfchen very r endly Thrills vary wnfn we and p ace WILLIAM LEE YOUNG Youngne Wayne lnduslrlel Arls no ball X Trac Fneld Day Evenls Muxed Chorus Boys Chorus Xl Xll Gowned Chclr XI Tlwrllled by all unds of cars Drallsman Wel dressed BEING OF SOUND MIND We ol Ihe Class of I955 Ioeung of sound body and no more I'han usually dusfurbed un mund do hereby devuse and publush Ihus documenl as Ihe Iasr wull and Ieslamenf of Iredyrlrun Easffown Senuor Hugh School To rhe Junuor Hugh we do begueafh 'vlr Whurcralrs room Io be used as an olnluce The rennauns ol a school dear To ouu hearrs To Ihe Class of 56 we do bequealh The pruvulege ol beung The Iursl class Io graduale from Conesloga Hugh School Thar long awauled day of gradualuon Besl of luck To Ihose who have gauned our alrenluon NS as unduvuduals hereby bequealh Carole Madden beguealh my luveluness 'ro Jeane'H'e Evans PaH'y Meyer beguearh my school spurur Io Judy Laughner Lous Gurard beguearh my Tulle ol class clown Io Vuncenf Melchuorre Chuc Chuccuno beguearh my arhlehc abulury Io Lou MuIcheII as ul he dud I have enough of nus own Pafsy PyoI"I beguearh my abululy Io be un every acluvuly 'ro Margue Kurk Fred Gasser beguearh my grun 'ro Frank Warner Jull Hey bequealh my absenr mundedness Io Ann Alexander Juanu+a Reynolds Ioeguearh my quuef sweerness 'ro Helouse Adams Duck OConnor beguearh my leader hup To anyone else who can do as good a uob Bull Mafihews beguealh my love for Ihe Navy Io anyone else who wanrs Io go Io Annapolus Nancy Sumpson beguearh my famous baked bean sandwuches To Nancy LuIIey We Sandy Haack and Bull Wuerfh bequealh our Ilurfaluousness Io Pai Laloup and Make DuPuano I Tom Corrugan beguealh my puzzled look Io Herbue Wuley We Gordy Ward and Fau'I'h Hurs+ bequealh Ihe co edurorshup of Ihe Garner and Gray Io any orhers who enuoy meerung deadlunes and doung hard work I Jane'r'Ia Lee bequealh my love for Lalun To Judy McKee I Phulup Donafo beguealh my Iufle of sharp dresser ro Eugene Falasco We Craug Bollman Doug Luvungsion and Bob Averull beguearh our abululy Io anragonuze Muss Basehore Io any olhers who would luke Io Iry u+ I Marue Shaughnessy bequearh my abulury Io hook school Io anyone who lukes unrervuews wurh Dr Hess We Ann Carfer and Tuppue Marshall bequealh our hockey abululy Io be duvuded among nexr year s 'ream I Jon Tobuessen begueafh my heughl Io be duvuded berween Tommy Herr and Bob DeRemuguo I John Hanley beguearh my baskefball abulufy 'Io EmuI CapeI'oIa I Pe'I'e Bowman beguearh my bashfulness Io Lee Parry We Ihe Senuors beouearh our Senuor Blasls Io any orher gang who can have as much lun Andy Ray beguearh my Cross Counrry records Io Ronald Houghfon un hopes he can wun some more Cywynfhua La Course beguealh my concepl of machunery Io anyone Ilunkung Chemuslry P suc I Nayrhalue Leech b ouearh my soprano vouce To JeanneH'e Ma+hueu Sugned and sealed rhus nunrh day of June un The Year of our Lord One Thousand Nune Hundred and Fully luve Wurnesses Lulluan Cordero Sugned Palsy Pyorl Jon Tobuessen PaHy Meyer Nuck Sulveru Nancy Muller Bob Averull Marue Shaughnessy Gordue Ward Judy DuBaIIusra I . . I . . . I, , ' ' . I, , N . II . . ' . . . . II . . . ' . .. . I . . m, ll I .. . . . . . . I, , I . I, ' , - ' . I, ' , ' ' . I, ' ' , 3 I ' . I, ' , ' . I. ' , X ' ' . I, Pafsy Plank, Ioeguealh my giggle Io Elaine Beard. II I I . 1 I, ' , I ' V ' or REMEMBER WHEN We were cleaning oul lhe allmc lhe olher day and whal dld we lwnd brl an old album lllled Memoirs ol lhe Class ol 55 The conlenl ol lhe book wenl somelhung luke lhus Remember when Margarel and Bernice were always lyplng lor pre s club Eddie had lhoughls ol Jackie Nalhalue and Dorls had lhelr sunoung abxl ly Vlvua end Cynlhua dwd arl work nny Arl Ball ev a ou lhe ev o Newlon was lhrrlled by sporls lC s lomd wulh Laura George Jack and Jam were known as lhe Frazerules Ann C oper wus lhrlled ov lhe Navy Frank Mearns had a blue Sludebaker conve llble l.ucv had all lh se go d limes Nancy Jones Barbara Vernon and C: n y Devaney were lorever glgglung Bll Kung had red ha r Raoul had 39 Plymoulh Mare wa always Shirley had long blonde halr Mary Gallagher was unleresled en Lennie Bfll Good Blllle Roblnson 'led Murdoch and Fred lnlenzne haunled room 4 FFGG DlMonle had wavy haur Carole Pally Cookie Jannue Belly Anr Judy Gvordy Pa sy M ckle Sallie Nancy Jrll Sally Molly Rulhe Sandy and Allce had l ose labulous palama parlues Fred Sasser nd M O Dea were lhe be l ol lrxends Maggie drove a green Chevy Kaly and Eleanor rode around Kaly s car Bob Averull had h s 4l Ford bomb John Bardsley drove a rec: Jeer' Mnllle and Nancy worked In lhe calelerla Bob Thompson was always lakung plc lures Jon was always lllrllno wnlh lhe glrls Belly Cunningham llked Cadullac converllbles Ellen Whlllock Mullle Burgess Ann Capruola and Nancy Joiner had lhelr guuel way Torn drove a green Chevy converllble Phll Donalo had an lnleresl In Frazer Nancy Muller played lhe plano Ro and Jimmy were always lound logelher Mary was lound al Buddys Charlle played luke Harry James John l-lanley made lhose lasl munule shols Marlha and Anne played hockey Helen and Jackie duslked chemlslry Fon w s so lall , f, l . . ..J. .E .gnc .. . . . Be , ., ' , and N 'l hcng r nd D on Sunoco . . . B b ' . . . D' k wa, u ' . . . 1 , . ' . ' . . . a o f. l l . . . r' . . . I 5 oc o ' . . . , , , l n A A . . . l A l . . . a 1 V , . . l s lhinking ol Wall . . . Nick was lnleresled ln sporls . . . Les worked al Paoli Texaco + I I . I . N V . I I I ' I . h ' ' . . . a r. ' ' s ' . . . I . . . , ' J . . . . . . ' ' F ' I . . . ' a .Q xfvo I rp: VQ 1 11112-Q1 111 1110 e 1m 5 10 wr mv r p EYGU 1 no 112- fa C f vw 112 GK N1 .Q SN11'r11 VTHN W' Tvprv SPQRTQQJ 1 new W1 CW BJdm Xlf' U TOWN CVWVVNPHVW 0111 1rlc M 'HWN 1 0 111101 'NU 11 C Prcmy 111196 wa N10 Wlw W VY11 C1 11 19 1 mime, re 1113 V CW wen O1 Oxk Tfl F1 G V115 VW H D 1301610 fi Mary SFerf1d V OHH VUVTIFJ vig V V V 1 w 1 M 1 T w VNC! 'C' V JT' . . . 1'-XXH11, V51, 1111111 571 1' 1110 1111i , -1 . . , PMA, PM J' v J' T .,.x Q 1" P 115: Cffq Br 1111 ."'Q"9 ' . . . Df- Qfinfzlmf-: C"1,G 1 "3 :f 163 '11 11-Q 1911, f... D131 C 'Q 115 ' AC -sax . . , S119 S112 - : E E .wi-"9 f' ff 1 We 11,9 M,.-',',e1'- '.., vi: ge " wh' 1TT1'l.- fw 'F-Cf' R,,. M1111 XANHU -2 71111 W., X,'. 111 P1111 , , . E 'lf w 1wf1, 1-w"'A"'j Ev . . . V we C1 1x1f:,1'ep1 e,e1',:ne 1-er 53 gifd , . . 3111, "1fFO'T1lC"l 361769 'sl 1111 11113611 ,... 4 X 1 if . . . 1 1. ' 14g':':f1 95' 5 'L Xvf1 .... A191 u-.pi ni fAv' 11,3 111151 111. Fflfd :id-1.1: 111.9 . . . 31111, IWW1, 1 1. w'1'1 119 1'1 1" 81611111 . . . , , T CM , ilfxff J -1'1'f S 1 1.5 '... J111, 3611191 NV.l 1af'w1'l'5-11 C. S111'1'zi'11 . . . E61 R117 W1 1w1. 1 '11 ,... B1'11fC 1112, B111 M111111Q , 1 V41 D1Cf CC 1151711 ':,' 1 , , , P 1", 3 1r11:11,, 1.-1 1, 1'fg"11'11,11!1, :111,1'1'e1'11"1q 31313 1 . . PNP BHWWA 11- 1 "'k 1 B11 V1"u1O1'111 1 .-,' '11, M110 11110 53111152 . , . 1 if 1,, 1151 Tfh 11 ' 1 - " 1"1fu . . . D L.'1 V11 71,11 4:1017 BMI ff3"w'S31'1'9'5 A 1 , 1121 JWD 11,171 'Qpni 11 Be-1-wpx F119 11-11111 . , . 1'1C1C,1 Jmew J 111 ny: 1 5'11 . . . T ff--1: TM. 11'M'w,, 1'1'1d 31.11 wefe ' Wei: +15 B13 5 . . . 3.36111 6:1251 1f'1'1".1f11'V1: G17 . , . J..g1 V1 mfg 1113 11 fri' JY ,SQ1 "11 ' 1 3 1... S-H1 ' 1, T Vqo Df1:1 i' 1g. 1 '... 3' ' iff: '11 1111"1 1'y fl'N'1A6? . . . Lf-'1i'fi E513-G wefe Ffxfii '.g1,'11f1 '... PATIVQ 11-wfe 11.11110 H . , f. 'M' 1... R ff 1 'Cf 21111 11 vafl fy 5 :C .. . A""6S'1f- 11111 11'51,3?111CIV, F.1v1.A. . . Ji .11lA1"Cf. w51f '1'1-'Mei Q, r:eF11."i11 C111 ,..1 fx 11, ' 3 rf, Aff' - ,, , 11rd .1 1. Amy'-111 '... !3'?"'kf'L1L 5" qf1'1'gf?": Ve F 'He pi'f1ng1:1 . . . 5 eff: F1151 fx' 1 c"NFe1i1"f1' IQ I3 . . . J 5 11, 11, 11' 511111113 50' '7,, 151 5 1' 9 1' " Y 11 '... S' '1 1 161: f1."VY1 T111 . . . DMWQ 'Ml 1 ',,, 7, '1 if '1 ' 111-H5111 1115 1,,, N 111 1, Sg111'1'1w 11 51, 111131 f,11f1"i , , , V1 "1 1 1--1 11' ',,, f11151'f- 1"1 J11 1"1'1 wvff: Ci" 15111 . . . 'f 1' f1'1'f- , ., Tl .ur 11'-11 - 1' : 1,4 1' 1 11 111f-1-1'f1:111 ,911 1 5-11-,f 11 'g13 'C: 1.2 THE LAST CLASS Sop cm es' Seplember l952 was a brg monlh for s as we became parl of The Sen o l-l oh School We proudly slgned up for our Tavorzle achvlhes enloyed our lnsl Senlor Hloh wssemblles and Toolball games and greeled our new prlnclpal Dr Hess Under lhe guidance ol our class sponsor Mr Rosalo we elecled our class ohhcers Presrdenl Charles Chlccnno Vice Presldenl Wm Mallhews Secrelary Juanrla Rey olds and Treasurer Jo Toblessen and had our hrsl dance Aprul Showers We learned many new Things lhal year Including The wonders of +he frog lhe worm ahd +he grasshopper Juniors' We 'rhoughl we were lhe old hmers We were delermlned la malce 'fha' year be ler lhan +he la l For The hrsl lame lhe sensors permulled us lo lorn lhem fn lheur magazlne drnve We elecled a presldenl Charles Chlcclno a vice presldenl BII Mallhew ecrelary Juanula Reynolds and a Jrreasurer Delores Donalo as our class ofhcer Anolher hrs? was our Junior Play Sorry Wrong Number presenled ln assembly Ir May we held our prom An Evening IU Paras To honor The Senior Class We ended our year wllh a more abundanl Treasury Than any olher lunuor class and so we were able To presenl our sponsor Mr Monohan a porlable radio Senlors' As lhe lasl graduahng class from T E we wanled lo malce our year a memorable one ulclcly we assumed our duhes as leaders of The school Our spec lacular loolball and cross counlry leams caplured The Cheslmonl League champlon ships As mohey malclng prolecls we sold magazines had a Senior Supper and held lor The hrsl hme a Radnor T E Dance Afrer our Sensor Prom IU February we pre enled our class plwy You Canlr Take IlWn1h You whuch ran for lwo nughls LILLIAN CORDERO C l'l Cf ,,. 1 l v H U I V rl . , ' ' J c T , , . ... . . . I ' , T I l . I 1 rl f l VT . . . T L . .... . f T A S . . 1 ' I I - 1 l S, 6 5 , I l S. T . , , . ll . . - l. - . I. I l J r l . . . I - . . . l , , . . . . S ' . - f r , . BASEBALL Ho Hum Thus year we had no more Ihan an average baseball season wunnung seven I Ing IX and Iyung IwO I league play we won Ilve while losing sux and Iyung one In Ihe IursI game we played we Iopped Friends Cenlral 6 O Chuc Chnccuno huI Ihe season s ImrsI home run waIh nobody On The Bulldogs had IO huIs Among Ihem doubles by Ed ZOneIIl BuIch Shoclcley BIII Bayles Ind Buzzy Ruclcards U pe Ivleruon and Ihe Bulldogs baIIled IO a I I Ile Ulvl s Warner sIruclc OuI IOurIeen OI Ihe Bulldogs AgaunsI Marple NewIOwn Ihe KeehnuIes won 50 Jlm I-lenry huI IwO slngles and BuIch Shoclcley had a perIecI day aI Ihe plaIe COaIesvllle was IOO much IOr Our Bulldogs w1nnungOnI 8 O Ed ZOneII1 cOllecIed IwO hlIs Ior Berwyn A 5 5 Ile wuIh WesI ChesIer was Ihe resulI OI Our n xI encOunIer The gam wenI eleven unnangs and was Ilnally called because OI darlcness AIIer Ed Lawrence gave up Iuve runs Lee Parry wenI In IH Ihe sevenIh and held WesI ChesIer IO no more runs POIIsIOwn had piled up a 43 game wlnnnng sIreaIc beIOre Ihe Keehnmen meI Ihem The Ilnal score was 6 5 agalnsI us TE scored Ihree runs ID Ihe IIrsI lnnlng and POIIsIOwn was upseI bound The Trolans reIallaIed however wvIh 2 an Ihe second and wenI on IO wan by I run Ed ZOneIIu had 2 hnIs DOwnlngIOwn IOOIQ an early I O lead buI aIIer IhaI II was Ihe Bulldogs game We racked up 3 runs In Ihe Ihlrd 3 IU Ihe IOurIh and 3 In Ihe IlIIh The Ilnal score was 9 2 Ihe wunnung plIcher Lee Parry Eddie Lawrence and Ihe Ieam Ioolc care OI Phoenixville 7 2 TE had I2 hIs 4 OI Ihem 3 singles and Irlple by Ed ZOneIII The Bulldogs were leadung COaIesvllle Ihrough mOsIOl' Ihe gam buI Ihe Rauders puI Ihe Ind On In Ihe lasI unnung cllnchung an 8 4 wan IOr Ihemselves Lee Parry Ioolc Ihe loss In Ihe second game agaInsI Ihe WhuppeIs OI DOwnnngIOwn Ihe Bulldogs were deIeaIed 6 5 n II unnlng Lee Parry pnIched Ior TE AIIer Ihus hearIbrealcer Ihe Keehnm n Ioolc 2 games Irom BrrdgepOrI The I'ursI was a 5 2 wan Ihe Bulldogs scorvng one run IH all buI Iwo lnnungs In Ihe sevenIh Inn nd BuIch Shoclcley huI a homer wlIh nobody On e second game was a I O wan IOr Berwyn Chic Chlccnno sIarIed Ih lnnung wlIh a single Eddie Lawrenc sac rvhced and Chic wenI IO second A solid hnI by Jam I-lenry senI Chlcclno running home wnIh Ihe gum wan nung run The Bulldogs playung Iheur Ihlrd sIralghI game In a row fell beIOre Ihe Warriors OI WesI ChesIer 7 4 e Keehnmen Ioolc an early lead buI lusI couldnI hold On IO II PoIIsIown scored IasI and Iursous as Ihey won go ng away The Troyans whose vlcIOry sIrnng was sIOpped aI 48 won by a Iunal score OI I2 O In Ihe season s Iunale Ihe Bulldogs measured Phoennxvxlle IO Ihe Iune OI 5 2 Every man On Ihe Ieam gOI 1nIO Ihss game COngraIulaIlOns IO TE s Iwo leIIues Eddie LawrenceBulIdogs These boys dld a Ilne 'ob Ihls year and bOIh und Lee Parry who handled Ihe p1Ichlng chores IOr Ihewxll be loacli nexI year Also cOngraIulaInOns IO Ed ZOneIIu Our husIlIng Ihnrd baseman Ed was Ihe Ieams leadnng baIIer wuIh an average OI 473 I L. I K 'K 7,1 'I . , 1' I ' I t NNLII E , sf N , wr , Q , I I I I. ' . ' ' , Os' s'. ' . n , . C . 1 p r ' - I . I . A . . Q I S , . ' Y I I l u 7 - ' I . . . I - . I i - . 6 ' ' I . - I ' ' s. , , . - . Th. , . , . . C ' I - GOLF Thus years golT Team noT To be ouTdone by The success oT The oTher Teams sTormed To Theu sevenTh sTraughT Ches MonT Champuonshup leavung a Trall oT desTrucTuon un Theur walfe NorrusTown Lower Meruon PoTTsTown and Valley Forge MuluTary Academy all Tell beTore The unbeaTable Team The hugh pounT oT The season came when The squad consusTung oT Wulluam Crouse AlTred Kung Leroy McCardell MarTun Roache and The Iunuor members wenT To The DusTrucT GOTT lvleeT Here The Traunung oT The coach Mr Crouse and The persusTenT pracTuce oT The Team resulTed un qualuTyung MarTun Roache Tor The dusTrucT Tunals IvlarTun wenT on To represenT Berwyn un The sTaTe compeTuTuon aT STaTe College The reTurnung members oT The Team are expecTed To and undoubTedly wull recapTure The Ches MonT Champuonshup and ruse To The sTandard seT by Thus years Team STarTung abouT The second weelc un March several gurls were seen conTunually on The Two Tennls courTs aT Devereaux For The TursT maTch oT The season The gurls Traveled To Upper Darby and alThough They puT up a sTuTT TughT They losT by The re oT I 4 Desp Te The los oT The TursT maTch They leTT Spr1ngTueld vucToruous wuTh The score oT 32 The Team Then wenT To Radnor an old ruval oT T E and won very handuly by 4l ATTer wunnung Two sTraughT maTches The Team TughTly packed unTo Muss Dulun s Ford Bus wenT To l-TaverTord where They ToughT valuanTly unTul 7 p m AlThough They played Theur besT They losT by T4 The Team ended The season by playung WesT ChesTer and won by a score oT 4 I TENNIS 7 LOVE ly gurls ' ' . sco - . I 5 ' Q W w VJ TRACK l954 W W D MO ' fwerw A w V71 Mfwlev fe rw WTI VYT NN rw O 1 I Q NV! 1 m me r e'Qvem Mer mee 1 Cl RX The Mow? e '3 Fi C I EY NHW VLLO' Q if Url D1 vmw eve L 1 ar e? HV c UCI D fcd C 1 ed M rr 440 fr mnrmom A 1 VW C 'fe vfnl V v- Texfvr f ' 'wwfw f":i:X"5- 1- 11,01 "Sayid fwfi mzfliis Huw 1" wwf: 7 71. " ffm. CDV? M'W5J15e" 1 kJ"',.QL" W-ff -,M ' Qphiei 91. 612.9 ' fmv' 4' burn f.-T 3 C1-WT! 'f'Qj:w5f and N, Ks' ' lfl. 'ifarv Ami: 'fx 5 we' Q 1' . V 'fe Sl ' S, "-'-'1'.'t, iw J f- , Q 'en- G 5" ' 've 13.. '1:Q1'ef1'vw-+1-iff" ins 'Ywgff-:fV,fe1'. In 'Ne xfy even? , V91 fs-Hnev' "1 A r -Q :, iw- 'w, fwm mme up O? S V 'Wm' '75 Lu". U wi, 50155 IM .ww AV R X Sf ':OEf-"Gif 1 'N' r A' pi 'k'g Q59 :S "xv "UU mu?-,' 'L NT" Pr' 'Dy' MG! Wm, 1 Q ff FX fifivtf l'f"'? frrwmfe wa- NNJA40 ,M FQ wrmf v'f:'wfi RQ?xag,:. Here The feam wo' Q J' '3 'Ef!'1, '-we ' 'ws five b, mifozl. vfi- Vw: +-, 'Q-rv '1 'VG "5 -1' f1Q:"f-4' 'rw' -'j-C155 F-'1i:,'Rf1x L 'ff 'f ' iz wi- ' 1, Lv", Um l'YU1'x'R1 Fd- ww 1 B' Kfj 'vm'-fe .p We QL. f . fxofw We Am QH'1r'wVg1 LCAG Pm. Efdcrw Lx TV DWR, CWC! A X, Rfeyj W "V 1' 'we Be?3"e"Gr'1 Re if-.-X :1:::f'HL ue" 'L.'w'X,I'i 'P We 1 Ai my "wi1"": r9fV:f"M'ti wefe 'Jmei ri. Rii Mn'-9" wlvt ffeii A "ew-. 'A'-' r' 5 f TGTCVU ww Lwm Dfivf X '-f-. .nf i X f W' . 11 Q ,, L1 'iff 'I-: Vrvw-QW 1 ,. ':wf'15 UQ' rg v, "'X Vw ' M 'Nm MWF? ',?faf'P4'ir'rI W 'Wf- V- x' f f "' X' 4 OUR CLASS SONG EfffIUrffI3fruVNfUfw ?x - IE I rar 5'5Q?Ti? gfgfndglgu ug ft 21 fvfffgnf mfs Y9 ds Wd AI -rv!! 2""""-'-.- 5 i .ff 1 T ' " Z T LZ H J fl ,X H 3 V 1' V I Y Q Q . KW - ff' T A I SMH ervxff rg xy TW 4 T TTT'-ii , - ff 'fx I .,,-f' ' Sf! q W T w Z5 ik- HJ FJ V e Q W The sun has se'I' on T-E H'gh' Th +' h + d-by . Our h I d y CI ' A new I'f b g . We face +he f h p f Ily- Our lamp f Ir I l'gh+ y' We raise ou y I G cI d p y Thai' He 'II g 'd I 'l'h . Far II f II T and E. -orsandM'by ' Ry. LIBRARY CLUB WuThouT our school Ilbrary and Inbrarlan Mr ODea many oT us would cerTa4nIy oe nconvenmenced The many boolcs aproxumaTeIy 4000 volumes noT only provude releasurable readwng buT help us IU research T-IlsTory proIecTs and English boolc reviews The Ilbrary IS used consTanTIy by abouT 250 sTudenTs every day Some oT us have been given an opporTunuTy To lea n library Techniques by ac:TuaIIy wo long wnTh Mr 0 Dea The voCaTuonaI Tales have been recenTIy rearranged and now Include lnTorrnaTvon and booIcIeTs o almosT every proTessuon The AgrlculTuraI Club was organized To acguannT Senmor I-hgh boys wlTh currenT Trends In aornQulTure ana also The basic TacTs oT agrucuITure These boys broughT n Then Texas on ons whlch They had planTeo IasT year The agrrculTural deparTmenT showed Them soul erosion pIcTures In The Tall They Toolc a Tueld Trap To ATlanTuc CuTy A Tew oT Them wenT To I-Iarrlsburg To The Tarm show The boys are loolclng Torwald To nexT year when They Can have beTTer TacnIuTles To have a beTTer club PresldenT STanley Burlcey Vnce PresldenT Ronald I-IoughTon Treasurer Wnllram Murphy SecreTary David Shaw AGRICULTURAL CLUB . . . . I 1 , I 1 , L , N - . r - - F . . . , . . . . , n . . - . . . J nl . I I ' T I . I I X , W , ' " s TT f 1 R. I . , 'H ' , if--' , K it Rig, ,-3 W' A"'W.w xy S' 'S FAMOUS LAST WORDS Muss Baselwore Mnlly Jo no M Mass Brumbauglw Irene Mr Busch: Bushy Clauser xr Crouse Bros xfrs Culp Carmen Mrs DrJosepl1 Slworfsluff Miss Dulm Ginnie 'vlrs Hammer Kessler Gray Sian flue Man Mrs Dunlap Mary Keelnn Confessor Mccardell Mac Mrs McElhaney Clara Meclwlln Prof Gel nc Meyer Fa'rl1er Ernie 'vers Monahan Wrld B II JS ss Nash Wunnre OeaPJ Oswald H SO Rosafo Jalre lr Sellz Jrm Shepplward Doug Town Dlclr 'l VUC fl Wlmllcrall Ace Wmlers Rocky r B , Q akf- ,C 1 ri 3 Efard v -lL':!'Y7 an W l xml f yr ro n lm: Cox R CVlV'C GU V'lSf I ruolv rv' 'r-bg CVWL EOF G W5 F- rfci G an fl mr' an rlr ,Om n OW ,M 'V w Id 'n-- bf 1 VFW? . . . O ' fr 'v'. ..YCu Dfffvgpf lo We leaf: 11" payinz a'lf . ,QL-' 1.l r- . C"V'V'w'1l ..W'Ff S "YT . . , llw- llvsl l'm13 l eww Qld fx'wllVvaul V-.v '-1 . - . '51 .I 1 Qzinfil . . , l .ni-" " str? ... ma' is 'r's7 Mr. C' "re 3' aqaf sorrr-:"'f,g , .. -e L care ii H . , . 'lvc dvr '1 a .ay C1 . V. - ' Bill VVMQ' 3 lnfwl,-7 , . . VVM7 . . . l,l wfwrl. w.: lf d-VH? Q. . - Y 1 'J f1'l .. " 'r fl-' ' 'rz-, U1 ' .,, F-L' ' 'A Qlrl ,... "J 'gl' l.,.llw rr-itll" V5 C" 'Ulu , . . YC fi' 'l MV? ,. I. . 1 . . Tea' sriziiv -Helen '.'Tl'o"'rr . . . l,nr1 :pl , , A 4 3 I d 2 ga., fifxgbd' I I I PVCL, fel, ,-.rf A .'. . 1 'fr . .T""f " Du' ,fu ' "Tis ewa, ,. UQ' .-ix -' ali" Dlrs nl'- Mr. B: f ' . ..r Hnlsl .,Gf1' 'o vl , llal :gr-va" 'lmwowr n r-S' f rl, Mr. - - - F' "1" Lv-fish . . , CH-f-'f-aC1e's dl Wed . . , Drfls, url llw we lm, , , Cm,--Lf , ff X.-, I. I-1.I iff-' ,..l-fe ':" Ns if .+V wk lf 3' . .flils 1 an llfel .... wfrlr lille, Mr. - Cnfxr 'WD up lov' lVl'. Kfmf' . . . Womff'Wslonq.1o 71 lim rmf QF 5? QU ,, Knoflf il fall, Mr. - C f 'ar ,.,Ql:l""1':1l ,. Tniclkr, I 1' "'Tl'f1lfr'- , pi' 'rr 'l'-- Dawg '55 'lmfrI La-Y gn- 1,14 UU P.--5 Mr. ' - New-, Sa ll: .. r 5102 ,.6Q-l mr Joes ln - l' 1, Mr. - ' B ' :am 1 ...E '- "a' . 'l , , 4 Pri-rf, D:-na, Mr, - ' i A' -'1 f-Y. .Rah , Qfao ,im f-ddr-rs Decal. Mi - ' ' F r vs'a"ff' . . . Ol- H VJ T bn ,-1 llll f- qulz, Mr. 'D - . . CH- - brfks 11' "w"'1"'T', rf wfrrf lf-5 ' ' wlvw. were" Gramer? Cuie' cn l Mr. - , I il 'f-i D.'C,S cos' gi-"- . . . blow, yes' bookf , . Re e 1' .ou sgnlgfg, 'Hg , 4 gran: Mr. - G1--' fi lddlf-s . . . .l ,d ,.., Rosa? Pv Mcfalwan fdsfed, Mr. ' - ' lNfL.": . B114 lr tr, W ir-A gf-r fu Nucl Mr. - N rg . 'uf' -Ya sl' J, ceula, . . . l 451, , 5,4 Mr. - ' Bc-'ive-d ' 5' ,U . .ld5f+ W. lyn dfa. y+"'Q I , 'd + diI N I ,I ,IH Mr. ' - ,i.. ol' FV-'ICTI7 . , , N lm .Merge ' .eu ir nfvwaffgp-7 Mr. ' - 'r 'V 1 .,. f . a dw, 'wwf , , Mae fm 4, 5 ,,,,-, CUSTODIANS Ar+hur Lelghfy Domemc Caporal Mrs Geraldine McNeill B Brooke Longalcer MAINTENANCE Louise Hume Edward Jemmofi Emory Radel Rober1'J Devine John H Sfanforcl CAFETERIA Mrs Viola Wilson Mrs Mary Morris Mrs Myr+le Tracey Anfhony D'Anclrea Ns... x 1' " 428 -.Q 'lui 4.5 S--sz. 23 Q53 Smit fs www swan, IK sf' .XA 2 gs it Uk Nqg Wim flag 2653?- fu 'img '44 "NS..N 'iw if 4551 WN 'Wiz a 1, ""Q4A., 'ry 5 " E' Qagmk 'll is it P Nm WW W mym, my X-gh V1 115,84 I zwfqfem W Q 'wh-, 5' -um """ v-'T QU M""-MK maui imwu an ,Mn 54,2 X kim XM, N"wh,.m N 'Why lx 'mm F '72-' S I ka, '4 5, in lliallknginw Cakaalmgh x wx .Wm 'W , .A a flank. N- W- , , 4 .h gm, mb ' 'nw:f,ff?'jm..,,z. .N 'KUQM as ,Mi id, , dm- Nqfaxug., Xaxtmgfffswvgrf-. w ww- ,.:3'1+e -.u1'? 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O TOYS NOTIONS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SEND STATIONERY GIBSON GREETING CARDS IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII glpaoli Nar er+l'1 MALVERN NEWS AGENCY 5 ' ' ' HWHWHMHMHMHWHMHMHMHMHWHWHWHWHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMMMHMHMHMHMHWWHMHMHMHWHWHMHNHMUMHMMHMHW BERWYN NATIONAL BANK BERWYN PENNSYLVANIA Your Frnendly Commundy Bank Your Checkunq and S vrnqs Accounfs Sohcnfed DIRECTORS Edward A Alle-va Dannel M LeFevre Dr C J Barfholomew W Frank Mauger E Lewrs Burnham F J McCorry Harry H Francus Casper J Tolhnger CIye H Warner Wm A Warnock II OFFICERS E Lewis Burnham Charrman of Ihe Board W Frank Manger Presudenr Danrel M LeFevre Vrce Presrdenr Charles E Gibb Execufrve Vice Presndenf Dlssron E Hosbach Caghrer Member FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION mnnumnmlnllnmlunIullnnllllnmnnmnnnnlnnnlllllnnnnunnumnllnmnInllnlnmmumumnnnnuummllllInllnnmumnullInnmunmunnnnnnun EARL S WILLIAM H FRITZ P H A R M A C Y COAL FEED PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY BUILDING MATERIALS LUMBER MILLWORK Llncoln Hlghway BUILDERS HARDWARE an Berwyn Pennsylvanua Valley Road Phone 0608 Paola P Phone 2304 IHHHHHHHHHHHMHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHN I . ' , Jr. I I . ' Mary A. Morelli ,. .....,. L. ...A... ,. .. I.', . H.. .,, Assis+anI Cashier - E . . E H d I' E Q o o '. a. 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Suggestions in the Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) collection:

Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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