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uv 'W M me ' i"1w?j'3 Q5 QF 7 M ' ' 'EQ Q in 1 M fm 5 PUBLISHED by the CLASS of I954 TREDYFFRIN EASTTOWN HIGH SCHOGL Berwyn Pennsylvania Pt 511 WN O i 2 EDITORS Sondra Skow Jeonetle Woodrow BUSINESS MANAGER Mildred Folk ADVERTISING MANAGER Alfred Goff T E 3 7 2 C T in 1.15 if f' ,A ,fi 7 f 1 . 5-Efilf' ,5 4 7 'XQX 4, 5 6 gr I '5 an o S an 1 o 54 TE U16 Garnet And Qmy 1954 .'A'.v ' '.'.' 'A' ' v 'A' v v v.v.v v.v.'.'.'.'.' ' A .'.v. A .v.v.'.'.v1Ap'Av.,,,.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v, T E A3IJx?y'.'.2.'.7vi2.'.3J,',',2,','.Z'.'f.2SX!'.Z'f1",'fff,'I'VVVVN A-----A---A we --A--vAv N +---A' e 54 MISS EVAJUNE SMITH In Dedlcahon Allemplnng +0 express our sincere gralllude for The knowledge received for nun Teen hundred fully four fondly dedlcale This volume ol lhe Garnel and Gray lo you lvluss Eva June Smolh 4 l O 0 lhe Hme so selflessly given, lor Jrhe uncounred services rendered, we, The class of 54MWMN vAvA 'AvA'AvA'A' A N 'A'Av+-Av-v A'AvA'A A A'Av +'A'A' AvA' A - We 'AvAvA' v 'A'A M 'A TE Mr ALGER C WHITCRAFT TO THE CLASS 0F 1954 The hme you have so eagerly awanfed has now arrived your Commencemenlr May I+ be for each of you a real commencemenl In +he lulles+ meaning of The word lhe hme of beginning a new era In your life You have been forlunale In having had lhe opporfunlfy To build a good foundalnon for your fulure You have had loving 'rumhes fo work and play 'fogelher You have developed Those quallhes of leadership and fellowship so necessary for successful l1vnng As you go on lhrough lnte you wall have many opporfunlhes To prachce Jrhe lessons you learned IH your youlh May you lake advanlrage of lhese opporlunlhes and realize 'the 1'rue happiness +ha+ can come when one learns lo serve olhers above self l exfend my congralulahons 'ro each of you and hope Jrhal a full and happy llfe may be your reward ALGER C WHITCRAFT 5 parenls, undersfanding leachers. and pleasanf associafes. You have had many oppor- ADMINISTRATION .I MAURICE STRATTAN Ms S E M Ed D Superintendent of Schools West Chester State Teachers College Temple Un erslty Um ers ty ot Pennsyl an a In thy face I see the map of honour truth and IoyaIty DISTRICT SECRETARIES Mrs M Hurst Mrss L Gamble Mrs S Gott Mrs V Grlftlth A Motley Wlllram Shakespeare B ANTON HESS MS Ed M Ed D Principal M lle s Ile State Teachers College Thou shalt be served thyself by every sense of service which thou renderest Elizabeth Barrett Browning OFFICE SECRETARIES Miss H Alleva Miss B Neuman 7 I l l ll I ll l I i r vi Dulce University, Temple University 2 l ' ' Q Y 0 . 0 FACULTY W , A 11 ' 5 W Nash H O wald W Crouse E Meyer W Mechlm H PoHs T DuJoseph A Alexander S Clauser P ODea R Wm+ers I Brumbaugh W Monahan 3 W.. FAQ - Munvwc , - mug I c FACULTY AIVCS R fNACC6l'deIl R Keehn V DLIIIH R055-fo E Sm'-H1 R Town N1 Bagehore C Lang RN P Schrode MD J Har+man RN S Gray C. Culp C Pennypacker A. Whu+craf+ M Dunlap C McElhaney 9 ug, N?MWM.A. I WW , 'M .rg A L. 'T1'T'.1w 53155 M. . . . ' J. . ' . . J Y M C FACULTY ANGELA V ALEXANDER BS H me Econormcs L Ca der Lwerp c Erq a MANUEL ALVES B5 GeneraI Sa eIy Spamsh Drwer Educahon Ea SIr dsburq SIaIe Tea ers CCI e MARY JO BASEHORE AB MA re CI d C Q Courn IVGFSIV IRENE BRUMBAUGH BA MA Eng Isr ff S 5 P' CHI P SAMUEL L CLAUSER BS M Ed KVI E JUS? I u z'Iowr SIa Teacher CoIIeqe TempIe nIxnI'sIII Ona ICU CARMEN EVANS CULP BS MIISI c IC ameri O WILLIAM W CROUSE BS MS EaQI SIrmId burq SIaIe e ners CII e T rnpe U ersIIf THERESA HICKNER DIJOSEPH BS I-om Eco ofwcs I y o MI neSoIa VIRGINIA M DULIN BS Hee In Physma Educahon Inus C Ie MARY LEHMAN DUNLAP BS MS Cornmerma ad us ss Co Ie e TempIe UnxersIIy WeSI Chee r SIaIe Teacners Co eqe JANE ARMSTRONG HARTMAN R N SCIIQOI Nurs Bryn M wr I-Io5pIIaI cn 0 Ior N rses STANLEY M GRAY BS MA MIISIQ Superwsor r eoIe In5IIIuIe I Tec no ogy UnIxersIIv OI WaIes AberysIwyIh IVGVSIIV CII PIIISIJI oh UnIversIIy o Rennsvxama UnIversIIy w New Y Ia ROBERT E KEEHN Jr A B HeaIII' Physma ECIIJCGIIOII Urs us CoIIeqe Tempe UnIversIIy CATHARINE M LANG RN SCIIQOI Nurse n sIIy OI Pennsylvama Pe ns5Ivan I SIaIe C0 eqe ROBERT MCCARDELL BS M A IJI0 Drwer Tra rIn J We I Chee r SIaIe Tea hers CGI e Ternpe II IVPFSIIV CLARA HENRY MCELHANEY Con'IrnercIa PhIIacIeIcIIa Busmess Co eqe WILLIAM MECHLIN BS IEdI MEd WesI ChesIe SIaIe Tea ers C0 eq rnpe U y a e Teacher C ERNEST HENRY MEYER BS enexa C eye U r5I Iroh Ca hers WILLIAM E MONAI-IAN BS MS rush e'IpIc JVIIVL WINIFRED M NASH AB MS LLB MaIheIIIaII rnrracIIIaIa Ce ego Unmm ns PAUL O DEA B A L brarua eachers C HAROLD S OSWALD BS Smente u enbure CoIIeqc LI- II CARL M PENNYPACKER BS r Ku zIow Ie Teacre s Ieqe c JmbIa Ur rs HENRY C POTTS BS MS IIa IVEVSIIY O Pe sy van JAMES ROSATO BS MA I-IIsIor, V I arcva Cc eq EVA JUNE SMITH BA Soma SIIaIes rsInII5 O eine NQII 5 er Un vers RICHARD TOWN B S M S a SIudIes C fnrn Ima GFSIIY 0 e 5 I DR PAUL E SCHRODE AB MD SchooI Dodor nIversIIy OI ScranIo C urnba Un vers Iv UnIversIIy QI PenrIsyIva a Medma Serco ALGERC WHITCRAFT BS MS Comrneroa Drexe InsIIIIIe OI TeCIn0Ioqy IJVIIVGVSIIV OI C-rrS5xanI1 ROBERT WINTERS JR BS Enqhsh WPSI Chesfor SIaIe T afhers Co e 5'v E4 . I , I 0 I, I I nd ' I ' I X I . lx- - I I , . . . . . I I I N V IndIIsIrIaI Ar's sI QI. ch Ieq F CH A fe! Te r'IversII , MIIIersvIIIrI ' I " I I SI I 5 f,IIefII LaIIr, E rch I I I-I CI A Iezl I bIa UIII III D I'IdIISIrIaI AVS I. I I II I I G' . OII IQ ., III, III J.II:IfI'e CI- :Iran P: I I I, 'Ile IIIIISIDI I I III IIIIII SIRII: IWIII I CII '34 QIIIUC ge CCI ,II3r TR III IIIIV' 'QI K I X T9 I, 5' :N 1 T II ,I I HIV, U II, I , Nah I AGI IIIIraI COIIQQQ , . . i I 'S IC I , 1 , If,'5I', I IIf:" If ,fi Wfg ni5Ii-- S'aIc Tf 2 C IIe1e . , . ., . . I ' ,L BIOIOQE UnIversII5 05 SCFGWIOVW KIIIZIIJIII SIGIP . , 5 VV T,azI I f eq I' , I C Sq? e I nII. I I I . , . ., M.A. UMW? Sig 5 M h' 4 4, e Ig' UIII-IersI'y . , . ., M.A. , If I ' .I I AI IIrSI e I A SIE I I CCI ' ' " Q Q I ' .IIE III, . . 4 I I I'IcJI SIA I Arg II I I PIII e I B I e I V I3 I: IIG A q Ur' I I nf Ia I +9 W I II Q I I I I' I I le a I S Io I . I. , . ., M.A. . , . ., . . I ' I I I I II ' CIN ITWEI II 5, Ca II 4' I Q h I , Um' ' I I ' 2, I! ' ' I f Soc? I I , 1. e I I I I II . I I ,I ar UrIv I I P n" yI anIa In I , I ' ' I LI ' I' III QI I I . , ni , 5 , II I-,QI I I I , I ,II I , If II , I II .I , I, I I P. I.I' If AI I .B.T. I -. -- 5 'Q Q I ,Iea I I, III K I I A 1 4 4 43 4 I IIQ IO GARNET and GRAY STAFF Co Editors Sandra Skow Jeanette Woodrow Assistant Editors Barbara Bird Jean Griffin Holly Harris Jane Kuebler Martin Roache Peggy Rosato Business Managers Mildred Folk Charles Snyder Advertising Manager Alfred Goff Assistant Advertising Salesmen Florence Keithley Martin Roache Peggy Rosato Alex Severence Charles Snyder Kay Staclchouse Typlsts Patricia Barber Theresa Cappelll Carole Friedhoter Florence Keithley Delores Melchlorre Jean Morrison Virginia Rice f Charles Snyder Kay Stackhouse Photography Marie Bunch Lawrence Lee Shirley Conover FACULTY Editorial and Business. . , . . ,,..,, , . . . T .Harold S. Oswald, Manuel Alves Typing ,..,,. . .. .. . ., , ,. .. ..Mrs. Clara McElhaney Art.. ., 4,u,. , ,..,. .... .a.. .....,....,... M r . Carl Pennypacker Joint Board of Education of the Paoli Area High School System T us am s a a s J Reed Dr J Spangler L Ron G ITE W Ta e nqfnef VI a C Gm ECVKO S F Tob essen This I954 issue oT The yearbook has special hisTorical inTeresT Aside Trom The TacT ThaT IT records a class whose achievemenTs have been many and whose members have upheld The Tine TradiTions oT T-E iT also marks The TirsT year oT operaTion oT our school by six disTricTs. TredyTTrin-EasTTown l-ligh School was The TirsT ioinTly operaTed high school in Pennsylvania. Since l907 iT has been operaTed by The school boards oT TredyTTrin and EasTTown and Tor sTudenTs Trom oTher nearby disTricTs aTTenoing T-E TuiTion was paid by Their scrool boards. On May 7 I953 The school boards oT six disTricTs-CharlesTown EasTTown EasT WhiTeland Malvern TredyTTrin and WillisTown-voTed To Torm a new ioinTure To be known as The Paoli Area l-ligh School SysTem To operaTe our iunior and senior high schools beginning wiTh The l953-54 school year. The problems oT operaTing a modern high school sysTem are many and complex. ln addiTion To The maTTers oT operaTion which The superinTendenT musT bring beTore The JoinT Board Tor decision The board musT esTablish policies pay all bills decide how much The disTricTs musT spend To operaTe The schools. ATTer which The individual boards mus decide how each disTricT will raise The necessary amounTs by TaxaTion. The six boards combined have a ToTal oT ThirTy-Two members. Th's is a g.o p OT raTher unwieldy size so in Their ioinTure agreemenT The boards delegaTed Their auThoriTy To an OperaTing CommiTTee consisTing oT Two board members Trom each oT The disTricTs. From among The members oT This OperaTing CommiTTee The ThirTyfTwo school board members elecTed a presidenT and a vice-presidenT oT The ioinTure- This year elecTing Lawrence S. Roney oT EasTTown as presidenT and WalTer l. GusTaT- son oT CharlesTown as vice-presidenT. From among The Treasurers oT The individual boards as required by law The boards elecTed a Treasurer-This year Mrs. Eugenia C. Madeira oT WillisTown. For The secreTary oT The board The members elecTed Mrs. Vida M. GriTTiTh head oT The secreTarial sTaTT. I2 Is-W. C5 Tafscn, I-l. S worTh, T-T, McQuisTon, Mr. E, Madeir , Mrs. E, M 'Thew5, Mrs, E, Pye Mr. . ii . . 4 , . ey. Qndel-T. OTT, O. Rhoades, R. Pla+T, W, Brosius, W. AshTon, P. Rake, W. Eason, 3rd-J. P ' - r S. hi kr, P, Ku , D. Lo Q kir, G. l-l mond, A. By TT, R, Soce, . i . I . il T I I F U 54 A'+'+ '1-A N '+'Av+ 'A'A'-'+vA v a W '1'Av+'+'AvA'-'A'+'+ M 'A-+-+vA'A'+'A'+'+ M 'A'Q'-'A WWW TE Operating Committee of the Paoli Area High School System lst W Brosius H Samworth W Gustatson L Ron y H M uston W Anton D J Spangler d P Kummer O Hammond A Byecrott J Palmer R Sou er The Operating Committee conducts its attairs by a method known as the Committee System There are eight standing committees Building Finance Salary lnsurance Legislative Transportation Public Relations Athletic Council Chairmen ot these committees are members ot the Operating Committee Committee members are selected trom thirty two board members these members being assigned to committees where their special experience and knowledge will be valuable Once each month these standing committees report to the Operating Committee the studies they have made in their respective tields and recommendations tor Committee wherever action must be taken ln addition to these standing committees the president with the authorization ot the Operating Committee appoints tempo rary committees to study speclal problems which arise By this method the boards are assured that each ot their problems will be studied intensively by board members with experience in that tield yet tinal decision will be made by its Operating Committee which studies the recommendation with relation to other decisions it must make As a typical example should the Transpor tation Committee recommend the purchase ot a school bus the Finance Committee mu t decide whether the money can be made available and the Building Committee may have to decide where the bus might be housed During the past year there have been more than l5O meetings by board members ot these six districts The malority ot these meetings have been tor the purpose ot solving problems ot a new high school iointure Working with unanimity and speed unusual in new Iointures they have accomplished much One striking oractical exam ple is the tact that only nine months atter the iointure was tormed ground was broken tor a new Senior High School which is scheduled to start operation Sep tember I955 I3 t - . A , . . . , . 9, . COi , . s' , r, 4 . In Y . ' . . , , ', . , . s . action by the Operating Committee. Final decisions are made by the Operating if ii 5 N X X LQ, . i S' sm- f'Q S, f f. X e . ki .M 1: 4 Un. X X i I Y I H Q ir 45 xx W df.: ' A z' l , I , , 4. I ' 1 7 .M A . E I XX Y , X, XRS? X7 xi ' X- iii 3-.K X X A Y -i - B -i -xxxxg Officers Presldeni Louls Capefola Vlce President Lawrence Davls Treasurer Donna Alken Class Morro Educahon makes people easy fo lead buf difficult ro drive easy fo govern but rmpossrble fo enslave Lord Brougham Class Colors Blue and White Class Flower Rose I6 Sec refa ry-Ma ry Hoffner CLASS HISTORY lT was un early SepTember OT l95l ThaT The Class oT l:uTTy Four TursT enTered T E Senuor Hugh School as sTudenTs We were welcomed by The uunuor and senuor classes who helped us become ac cusTomed To The Senuor Hugh rouTune Mr James RosaTo our class sponsor called a class meeTung and we elecTed The Tollowung as our sophomore class oTTucers Alex Severance presudenT Muke CeTaraTTu vuce presudenT Mary HoTT ner secreTary and Louus CapeTola Treasurer ThaT school year was wonderTul Tor us Sophomores We were Thrulled by The TooTball games and The dances In May aTTer The Junuor Prom we lcepT up To daTe by presenTung The Sprung Swung The dance was a Tunancual success as well as Tun To pre pare Tor and aTTend The year ended quuclcly wuTh our class Trup To The Phuladelphua Zoo ln SepTen'uber oT T952 our class now numberung l54 enTered our Junuor year We welcomed a new pruncupal Dr Hess and a new superunTendenT out schools Dr STraTTan We elecTed Larry Davus presudenT Lou CapeTola vuce presudenT Mary HoTTner secreTary and Donna Aulcuns Treas urer ATTer The elecTuon we seTTled clown To spend a successTul school year under The guudance oT Mr Wulluam Monahan our class sponsor The cross counTry Team made up enTurely oT uunuors won The ChesT MonT Champuonshup The TooTball Team had a nune To one record and They Too capTured The League Crown AT The FooTball BanqueT our school receuved Ten Trophues We all aTTended sev eral dances presenTed ThroughouT The year by The Upper Maun Lune Women s Club ATTer Thanlcs guvung we sTarTed supporTung The besT baslceTball Team aT T E un many years Many oT us aTTended The Senuor Prom A STreeT oT Dreams we enuoyed The Senuor Play George WashungTon SlepT Ball un honor oT The senuors We elecTed Two May Queens Barbara Blaur and Frannue Cox Before exam Tume The golT Team Tool: The ChesT MonT Champuonshup To malce uT Tuve years un a row We waTched The Class oT FuTTy Three graduaTe and Then uT huT us we were nexT' SepTember TenTh I953 was The day The Class oT FuTTy Four enTered Senuor Hugh Tor our lasT year We were puT un senuor homerooms sugned up Tor senuor acTuvuTues planned senuor socual evenTs and walked proudly To The TronT seaTs un assembly We were Senuorsll' Our TursT uob was elecTung class oucfucers We chose Louus CapeTola presuclenT Larry Davus vuce presudenT Mary HoTTner sec reTary and Donna Aulcuns Treasurer The boys on The TooTball Team worlced hard and puled up a saT usTacTory record oT Tuve wuns Tour losses and one Tue We along wuTh The uunuors sold magazune and newspaper sub crupTuons and dud a good 'ob' A loT oT The creduT Tor our Tunancual success goes To Mr Alger C WhuTcraTT our senuor advusor Our cross counTry Team won The ChesT MonT Champuon shup and Then The DusTrucT l Champuonshup The Upper Maun Lune Womens Club presenTed several dances Tor our enuoymenT The besT one was on N w Years Eve We had our TursT Nahonal Honor SocueTy unducTuon ceremony un December and anoTher one un February The Nahonal Thespuan So cueTy was also unTroduced To our school BaskeTball season sTarTed and Then ThaT wonderTul Senuor Prom our Prom Rhapsody un Blue SOTT lughTs Tlowers musuc The Senuor Play The Man Who Came To Dunner came nexT a bug success Tume was geTTung shorT' Aprul broughT us baseball games Traclc rneeTs golT and Tennus maTches as well as EasTer vacaTuon ln May we aTTend ed The Junuor Prom Durung Senuor Weelc we had our unTorgeTTable Trup To New Yorlc CuTy Class Day BaccalaureaTe Servuce and Tunally on Thursday June IO T954 The Class of FuTTy Four graduaTed Trom T E Hugh School and we wenT TorTh To puT To good use everyThung we had learned un our Twelve years among Truends and Tun PEGGY ROSATO I7 i T .,,,T .. f ii Here." The big evenT oT our Junior year came on May TirsT, when we presenTed The "CoronaTion DONNA L AIKINS Donna Bac+on Secre+ar1aI D y Eyermfs X XI nance CIII: X Th uc Assoc Rep XII erua Cashner X ass reas XI XII Homeroom Pres X Homeroom Sec XI I-Iomeroom Treas XII Sopho more Chorus X Mwced Ch rus Nan r'aI Honor SorIeIy BERTHA M AYRES Berfha Pao: Academic D y E erwfs X V1 XII Foo S ACIlvIIy CIoIhlng ACIIVIIY XI Persona U e Typmq XII Mnxed Ch r XI PATRICIA BARBER Malvern CIerlcaI Day Evenrs XII Wa s and Means COrrImIIIee 5I Yearbook Sheff XII Lubrary Assxsranr XI Foods Achynfy XI XII Sophomore Chorus X GRACE BEARD Grace Pao: Academic D y Everfs XI Dramafc CIub Treasurer XII Newspaper Sfaff X Lubrar, Ass:sIarII XII Foods Achvrfy Corhmq Achylfy X ssemby ure Sophomore Chor s X Ivixed orus XI X I Gowne Chorus XII i ANN MARIE ANDERSON Ann Sfrafford CIerlcaI FueIcI Day Evenfs X CaIeIerIa Cashier Foods AcIlyIIy XI CIoIhIrg A IIVIIY XI Sophomore Cror u Max d orus XI CHARLES BALL Charlie Sirafford Academic as eIbaII X Trac D y E erIIs X XII ernc Assoc Rep X Mechar :ca rawmo XII Smence CcbX WILLIAM HARRISON BAYLES JR Frazer Academic oss Cour1Iry XI XII ase X XII OrchesIra Ban er soraI Use Iypmq Mecw ra YI q X IVIIxed Cher us X MusIc Coun X aI I-Ionor SocIeIy XII MARY L BIRCHER Mary N wIown Square SSCFEIBYIGI Day fenfs X nance CIIIQ XI XII So o 'more Chorus X Mnxed Chor uXI FieId a , , XII: ' V XII XII: Fi I I, XII: A ' - ' ' X! XI: Ief' . . : CaIe- ' ' I Q I I ' l XI: CI C ' ' I , , I - I I s X: 'e Ch , XII, XI: for I .I XII. I. . . FieId a y , XI, XIIq B ks , XI: I X7 Ba I 7 d ' ' XII FIeId a y , 3 AIIIY S . T . F . 1 D . 4 I i , us I. 'I . MPM.. - "Bill" FIeId 1 y l ' QI? Cr - , 3 B - 7 ' baII , XI, g X, ' I 44 ' XI, XII: d X, XI, XII: I5 - I I - . I Xlq Ian- IcaI D -fn II: ' - 1 ' giI :IXIBIION I. . S . FISH G I X- I XIV Had E- , XI, XII: ' 3 Fi 1 , g ph - I 7 I I s . X: I ' ' ' , XI, Xllg A Co I S XII: Ch , I : d I3 BARBARA BIRD Barb Malvern Academlc Day Eve-nfs X XI Yearbook Slaff XII Llbrary Asslslanf XI Foods Achvlly XII Clofhunq Achvlly X XII Personal Use Typing XII Sophomore Chorus X Mlxed Chorus Xl PHYLLIS BOWMAN I Berwyn Secrefarla I8 a fewls e Cross R r s n ve X C e r a Cas w 0 X Sophomore Chorus Mixed Chorus XI XII Gowned C orus XI XII Music: Coun JOHN BUCKWALTER Bucky Berwyn General Foolball X Baseball X Fwelcl E enls X XI XII FI cu ure Club XII Prunl op X Woodshop X neral Shop X XI JAMES CAMPBELL Jnmmy Pao: Indusfrnal Arfs I ay venls Woodshop X XI DAVID R BOVELL David Phoenixville Indusfrlal Arfs Taclc X Fled Day Ee s Monrfors XI XII BARRY BRENNEMAN Barry Pao: General Radlo and TV ACIIVIIY XI MARIE BUNCH Marne P60 I General I Day Evenls X XI Yearbook Sfaff XII Clofhung Achvlly X XI Sophomore Chorus X Mixed Chorus XI LOUIS CAPETOLA Cap Devaulf Academic olball X XI Bas el X XI Fleld Day Even s XI XII Ways and Means Cornmllfee XII Monlfors Xl XII Class Presrdenf XII Class :ce resldenl Cass Treasurer X I-Iomeroorn Pres ld nf XI Homeroom Vice Preswdenl XII Assembly Coun cal XII Wooclshop XI Gereral Shop X 15' T If Field , , XII: r 3 ' ' ,I+ pq I . . . I XII ..PI1.I.. ,, ,, . I I, F' Id D y E' I X, XI, ' ' ' I XII: R d . op c Q f- all II: al lol I I ,f : X: h , 3 ' A :II X, XI, XII. I I. 1 g ' Feld , , Xllg Day v , , 1 A433 g ' I+ 3 ' Sh ' ' , g : : Ge I 1 ' , . . XII. I. . . F'eId D E XI, XII7 Fo , , XII: lc - , , ball , 3 ' I X. , 1 V' P ' XI: I . e I . I9 MARGARET CAPORAL Maggie Berwyn Academic I D y Evermfs X XI Cross R p X XI Iehc Assocuahon R p X XI I-Ifmeroom Secre ary XII I-Iomeroom Treasurer X XI ersonal Use punq Sophomore Chorus X Mlxed orus XI X I Crowned Chorus Xl Musxc Councrl X CLAIBORN CARTER Dlc Shafford General rack XI me Day Even s S uderwl Courwcxl XI Flomeroom R p XI Wood Mnxed Chorus XI ANNA MAE CHILDS Annle MI Pleasani General I D y Evenls X XI Foods Achvnfy XII Clofhmq A my XI XII NORMAN COLE Norman Malvern Academic acl: X X FueId a E enfs X XI XII Newspaper Slall XII Arr Achvnly X TH ERESA CAPPELLI Terry Devon Clerical B elball X XI Hockey X Yearbook Slall XII Home room Secrerary X Foods Ac my X XI XII Sophomore Chorus X Mlxed Chorus XI MICHAEL CEFARATTI Malte Devon Academuc D y Everwrs X omrors XI XI a Vice Presudenf X I-Iorneroom Vlce Typmg XII Woodshop erneral Shop Mixed ores X XII Boys horus X I Gowred Choru Nahora Honor ocuely JOHN CLARK Clarkle Berwyn Inclusfrual Arfs nl Shop X XI GERTRUDE A CONN Gerhe Frazer Clerucal Day E emls X Xl Foo s Achvury X CIo+ Inq C Ivrly X XI Ivhxed Chor S T E if F'eId a , , XII3 ask , 7 I Red e . , I AIII- I - ' ' ' e . . 2 1 - ' 3 Iiv'I , , g P Ty ' XIII Ch , I 5 H . ku " ' " T 3 F' ld I Field o , XI, Xllq Xlg 1 ' , XII: M ' . I: CI ss ' 9 h y i . T . Shop XI: General Shgp Xlp PresIderII' X: Personal Use ' , A 1 XI: 6 Xg ' Ch I , : ' C X I 1 I S X, XIIQ ' I S ' XII. F'eId a , . XII? Prl , , XII. cf' ' , , Tr , I, XII: ' D y Field v , , XII: v , , g , cl ' ' g h' I . . 1 Q A +. . V I . y Y 3 XI. I I 20 3 T-E SHIRLEY ANN CONOVER "ShirI" Wayne General FIeId Day EyenIs X, XI, XII: Yearbook SIaII XII: Foods AcIivIIy X, XI: CIoIhinq Ace IivIIy X, XI: Sophomore Chorus X: Mixed Chorus XI, XII: Gowned Chorus XI, XII. BERNARD CORRIGAN Bernle Berwyn Clerical o ba'I X XI X Trac X I FIeId Day EvenIs X X I Wood Shop X XI XII WILLIAM CROUSE JR Malvern Acaclemlc ooIbaII XII BasIceIbaII GOII X XII AIhe IC Assoc Rep X ScIence Club X Personal Use Typmq XII Woodshop Xl Ivhxed Chorus X NaIIonaI Honor SocIeIy LAWRENCE DAVIS Larry Malvern Academic Irac X I'IeId a venIs X XI Ways anc ans Ccmf-'II I o XI M nI s Xl XII S ucIenI Councu ass VSSI nI ass IC6 I'esI enI XI I-Iomeroom Pres de I XI XII Home o rn Vnce Pres denI X Press C ub X XI Personal Us Inq XII IvIIx d Chorus Nahonal Hon r CocIeIy XII DOROTHY COOK ..Do+.. Paoli SecreIarIal Field Day IEyenIs X, Xl, XII: Finance Club, SecreIary XI, XII: Color Guard XI, XII: Sophomore Chorus X: IvIIxed Chorus XI, PAUL CRAWFORD BU Sfrafford Academlc Cross CounIry X XI ooI B e a ennns X FIeId Day Evens Scuence Clu X Mechanlcal Drawlnq XI XII T ack XI XII LOUIS DASTALFO OU Cedar Hollow Clerical O ball XII v Woo Shop Banlong XII RUTH DETWI LER RLIII1 Devon Academlc Foods AcIIvIIy XII CIoIhIng Ac VII X more Chorus X Ivlrxed Chor .. . .. ,IP In Fo I I , , II: I4 XI, Y 1 F . 'I ' XI I ball XII: ask Ib II XI, XII: I : . , . T ' 3 ' I XI, XII: ' ID 7 r , . "Bill" HL I. F I XI Fc I - F'eIfI cfm: 54, XII I XII I II' xI, XII: CI XI: XII. I Cross-Co.InIry X, XI, XII: I Field Day EvenIs XI, XII: ' lc , XI, XII: " D y ' ' I I E , , XII: I I I II 'v . YI. XII' Soph- Ivle ,'I c 'I: o '- T I - :Of V 4? '! us X, XII. XI, XII: CI P 'de XI- CI V' P 'd II I n , : I ryo Y , : . Iypi : ' e A . X3 21 1 DOMENICK L DIADDEZIO Dom Devon Academic F o ball X XI XII Track XI Day Eenls X XI X Monllors XI XII Woodslnop XI General Slnop X HARRY DILABBIO Harry Malvern Indusfrlal Arfs olball XI XI Baseba RICHARD DONOHUE Duc Sfrafford Academnc oolball XI rack Day E enls X XI Science Club X Dramalnc u XXIXI CURTIS FARRA Curl' Pao: Indusfrl Arfs B seball X XI XII J FREDERICK DIANTONIO Fre Daylesford Clwerlcal I Day Evenls X XI OHIIOFS XI X I Sluclenl unc1I XII Mlxe C orus n Inq FREDERICK DOMENICK Freddy Slrafford Academic olbal X XI asee a Trac X Mon: Iors XI XII I-Iorneroorn Treas urer X Wccdswop XI General op X F Id Day Ilvenls JEAN DOWNS Jean Berwyn Secrelarnal B skelball X XI XII Hockey X XI Faeld Day Evens X Fnnance Clu CIOTIIIUQ ACIIVIIY X SopI1o more Chorus X Bankxng XI XII Naluonal Honor SOCIGIY MILDRED FOLK Mullne Eclgemonf Academlc enms anager Hockey X Fneld Day Evenls X XI XII Orcneslra X and XI XII Ways and Me Commuflee XII Newspaper Sfaff XII Yearbook Sfalf XII Library Asslslanl XII Clollw ACIIVIIY X XI X r u XII Music Councul X .. .. .. dn o I , . I I Feld , , XII: Field v , , II: M ' , I 1 ' , : Co ' : ' cl I1 g , XI: Ba k' XI, XII. Fo , Ig II X, Fc V , , XII: B I Ib II XII XII. X, XI, XII: k II '- Sh 3 ie ' X XI, XII. -I - kv' .I -I F 1 T X, XI: a , , 3 Field v , , XII: X, I, I 3 ' I ' I ' X, XI, II: ' b X1 CI b , . I. ' ' ' g - XII. I' 'al I 5 V W U T ' M X, XII: I , , : : B X, , g ans ing ' ' , , Ilg P ess CI b 7 ' ' II. 22 JOAN FONDOTS Joan Devon Academic Baskefball X Tennis XI I-Ioc X Fxeld Day Evenfs X XI CIoIhIng Achv Persona so Typmq XII Sophomore Chor X M x CI C orus XI Gowned Chorus XII Music Council XII ARTHU R GABLE Ar Malvern Indus+rlaI Arfs ooIbaII XI Baskefbal ne a venis I rary Assusfanf X XI X Woodshop X XI XII eh ANDREW GALLAGHER Andy Wayne Clerlcal eIbaII X XII I:leId a enfs X XI XII Banking ALFRED GOFF Berwyn Academlc eIIoaII X XI Fleld a Evenfs X XI Cross Coun+ry Ways and Means Yearbook Sraff XII Scrence u X Personal Use T 'WIVIG XI Mechanical rawmq XII NaI'lonaI I'Ionor SoCleIy CAROLE FRIEDHOFER Carole Malvern Clerical Fse Day Evenfs X ear boo Sfaff XII Red Cross Rep X Library AssusIanI XI I-Iomeroom Secrefary X Food :vary X XI XI So o more Chorus X EMILIE GABLE Tlny Frazer Secre+arlaI BasIce+baII X Tennns X XI XII H cIcey X XI XII FueId ay E enfs X Xl XII Orchesfra an X Dramahc u XI XII Nahonal es plan Socuefy XII I-Iomeroom Presndervr X Homeroom Sec refary XII CIo'IhIng ACIIVIIY X XI Sophomore Chorus X Mixed Chorus XI BARBARA GLEASON Barb Berwyn Secrefarlal Day Evenfs X XI eer Leader X X SIuden+ Councnl X XII Afh Iehc Assocuahon R p X XI Foods Achyury XII Clofhlnq Achylfy XII Sophomore Chor X Mixed Chorus XI Gowned Chorus XII Musuc CouncrI XII Fufure Teachers of Amerlca XII ALICE GOOD Alice Pao I SGCFBIBFIGI BasIceII9aII X I'IocIcey X I:e'd Day Evenis X XI XII Orches X X XII Cheer Lea er Dramahc Cu I Sophomore Chorus X Mwxed C orus Xl XII 5' ---AMN ..... MMMWW......, T E 7 , , 7 - 7 . ' Id 1 Y - key , xl, Xllg ' I 2 ny xI xl, xuq I u I S ' 7 7 Ad' ' , , I I ph - us 7 I e h , XII: ' 77 +77 .. . .. r I I xg 1 ' 1 - Y P' Id D y E XI XI: O I ' Y D L'I'J ' , , II: V ' ' I , G - XII B d X, I: ' eraI Shop X, XI CI b '7 I I -III A Bask 7 7 ' D Y FieId , , XII: EV 7 7 7 A X17 Ch , I, XII: xlr. ' - I - I I . S . . I us g ' , Xllp HAI.. .. . .. . 7. . Bash , 3 ' D y 7 7 I . XII: I I XII: Ira , I, : d 7 ' XI, XII: ' I b X Z CI b 1 I' ' I Q ' I: ' D ' XI. 7 h , . 7 . . 7 XII. I 23 ROBERT GREEN Bobby Berwyn General aclc X Field ax, enls X XI Prmr vop JOHN GROSS Johnny Berwyn General as eruall ra Freld a Fvenrs X Woodshop X XI nerel Shop X XI XI GEORGE HANNA George Malvern Clerical Day Evenlg X XI rr Inq XI NANCY HEEGARD Nancy Pao I Secrefarlal e'rbaII X XI Tenms I H c e D y F enfs X X c eslra X Xl XII Band Sfuden Council Red Cross Represenlahve X XI XII Horneroom Presrdenf C ol mg AC IVIIY Sophomore Chorus X Mrxed C orus XI XII JEAN GRIFFIN Jean Howellvllle Clerucal Day Fvenrs X XI Yearbook Slall XII Foods why X XI X Sop o more Chorus X Mixed Chorus XII Gowned Chorus X BETTY JANE HAMMOND Pao: Clerical Fneld Day Evenls X Drum Mayorerle X Sludenf Councn Xl e Cross Represenlahve Foods Achvnry XII Clolhlnq Achv 1 XII Sophomore Chorus X Mrxed Chorus XI HARLENE HARRIS Holly Sfrafforcl Academlc I mms XII Yearbook Ial of irq ACIINIIY Mfxed Chorus XII Gowne Chorus XII JAMES HENRY Jimmy Malvern Academic olball XI X Base a XII Personal Use Ty IU X Crvuc F rum League ep reser'+aInve XI XII T E 15' 'Ir . XI, XII: ' D Field , , XII: Ev , , XII: ', SI I XI, XII. ACI" I V II: Iq. XI. 7 I I, XII. " " "B, J." I. . B In I X, XII Pixel o A . Xl, XIII XI, XII, I ck XIIg ' D y ' , XI, XII: 7 I 7 'I , XII: R d Ge , , I. ' X2 'ry X. XI, 1 XII. I I Field , , XII? 9 ' 3 S f B6 X' . XII. XII: Cl h', lf' XII: . y d I. . - BGSI4 . . XII? ' Fo ' , II: b II X, X,X, XIII oIcyX,XI,XIIi XI, : ' pg Field a v , I, XII, I7 " C , R , Or h , V 3 X, - ' X I XI, XIIg I 'I X3 XII I h' I" XI: h , . I 24 PATRICIA HERRINGTON 5 Pao I Secrefarla Iew Day venfs X X nance CIub XI X News paper Sraff XII Cafeferra C s ner XI XII Sophomor Chorus X Mnxed Chorus XI JOANN HOFFMAN Joann Berwyn SGCFBIBFIBI Day EyenIs X XI Red Cross Rep X XI Home room Vrce Presx enI' I-Iorneroom Treasurer Sophomore Chorus X Mlxed C orus XI Banking XII Gown ed Cnorus XI RICHARD HOHLEFELDER Crouf Berwyn GeneraI oIbaI X Xl X Base a CI: X FIeId yen's X XI XII Assem C uncrl XII Woodshop X Genera Sho Max d Chorus X THOMAS HUGHES Tom P i Academic Dra firm XI, XII: Cross-Coun q ck Y, Y 7 Bar , , 3 Monifors ' Person Us- Typlnq XI- GeneraI nop 7 M ' I, .'I X' afio I I-I nor Scoe y XII, JERROLD HEY Jerry Malvern Academic oo+baII X X Dramahc CIuIo X XI Lubrary Assfsfanf MARY HOFFNER Mary WlIIls+own SecreI'arlaI s e'rbaII X Tennis X I Day Evenfs X XI XII Orches X XI XII Cheer Lea er Finance CIu A ehc Assoc Vlce PresIden+ XII CIass Secrefary X XI XII I-Iomeroom res: enI' XII Sophomore Chorus X Mrxed Chorus XI Musnc CouncII XII NaInonaI I-Ionor Socuefy XII ROBERT HUGHES o Wayne CIerlcaI oIbaII X XI Bas ef X T ac F Day Evenfs X XI XII C chesrra X XI XII Ban A Achwfy o s Chorus X Gowned Chorus X XI XII uxed Chorus X Music CouncrI XII BASIL JACKMON e Pao!i General FooIbaI X, , 3 Base a , 7 Fed Day Eve Is . I I Ubrary fxssIsIanI , 7 Iv1Ixed Chorus XI, X 3 f ' hr , g owe, Chorus XII, I TISMMMMW A'1vA' AvAvA'-v-vA'Av W A'AvA'A'A'Av 5 ABNER JOHNSTON Berwyn Academic F oIbaII X XI XII BasIceIbaII X FIeId Day EyenIs X XI XII Momrors XI XII Personal Use Inq XII NaIIonaI I-Ionor SocIeIy XII WAYN: KEITHLEY Wayne FaoI Indusfrnal Arts EIecIIve Drawnnq XII Woo shop XI ALFRED KING Occle Malvern General FooIbaII X XI XII BasIceIbaII I anr XII PrIrI+ Shop XI LAWRENCE LEE Larry Wayne Academic FIeId Day Even+s XII Drarrvahc u XII Mom ors Newspaper Sfaff XII Sruden C uno XII Yearbook SIaII X AIhIeIIc Assoc Rep X XI Ar? ACIIVIIY X Assembly CouncII XII MIxed Chorus X Bo s C orus Gowned Chorus XI XII Muslc C uncII XI XII FLORENCE KEITH LEY O Pao: CIerIcaI BasIceIba'I XI FIeId Day EvenIs X XI Year ook Sfa XII Foods ACIIVI y XI o Inq ACIIVIIY X Sophomore Chorus X MIxed Chorus XI RICHARD KERSEY Duc Devon Academlc oIbaII XII r CK X I Day EvenIs X Persona se Iyplrq Xl ArI ACIIVIIY XII JANE R KU EBLER Jane Berwyn Academ c D y E erIIs X XI Drarnahc Club Xl XII Ways and Means Comrnaffee XII Newspaper Sfaff XI XII Year Boo SI If XII Red Cross Rep X XI I-Ion-Ieroom Treas r XII CIoIhInq ACIIVI y X XI Sophomore Chorus X DrIver TraInIng XI DORIS LEWIS Dorn Sfrafford Academlc eIbaII X XI XII Hoc e X XI FIeIcI Day Eyenfs CIoIhInq ACIIVIIY X XII Sophomore Chorus MIxed Chorus XI XII Gowned Chorus XII "Ab" "FI " - I. . o , , 1 ' . 3 -' I ' I . I , 1 b If 1 ' . I "I ,Xllg CI Ih- Typ. I . . . . 7 XII, I ,, ,, .. . ku In u ' ' ' ' I d. Fo 1 T a ' Ig Fed - I Ig I U - FIeIcI a y , , XII: XI: eau XI, XIIg Library AS- A - I I s's'f I ' I- I ' I: a 3 ure I ' ' 'I ' 3 ' Bask , , 7 In y CI b 3 'I XI, XIIg I 7 I X, XI, 3 I Xllg ' ' ' , XI. o' 'I 7 3 XI II: ' . . . ' , I XI, XII: y' h XI, XII: o ' , . 26 SALLY ANNE LILLEY Sa y Berwyn SecreIarlaI D y E enIs X XI XI Orches'rra X Sophomore Chor X Muxed Chorus XI X G-owned Chorus XII NaIlonaI Honor SOCISIY XII RICHARD MATTH EWS Duc Pao I Academic ofbaII XI XII BasebaI XI XII Newspaper Shaff XII Llbrary Ass1sIan'rXI XII Per sonaI Use Typmg XII Wood hapX XI XII Genera Shop X Driver Trannlng XI LEROY McCARDELL Leroy Malvern General X XI X Press u X JULIA MAY McLAUGHLIN -.Judyn PaoIl GeneraI BaskeI'baII XI XII Hockey X XI XII, Clofhmg Achvdy XII Sophomore Chorus X 41- -Al- SARAH JANE MATEER Sa y Pao I Academic FleId Day Evenfs X XI XI Drum Maloreffe X XI XII Homeroom Secrefary XI Per sonal Use Typung XI Sopho more Chorus X Mnxed Chorus XI XII Gowned Chorus XI sac ouncu Drnver Tralmng X MITCHELL S MAUGER MlfcheII Pao: Indusfrual Aris ooIbaII XI rack X run shop x xr xl: JOH N McKEON John Berwyn Commerclal Newspaper Sfaff XII Wood shop XII DOLORIS MELCHIORRE "Dee Dee" Cedar Hollow Clerucal Field Day Evenfs X XI, XII Yearbook Staff XII, Foods Achvnfy X, XI, XII Sopho more Chorus X, Mixed Chorus XI 5 --.'za-2-2-2-2-2-Qfaoof-zvz-2-iv:-2-zavzvzvzvz-cf-A-NAI'-Av -A-A-Avo-A-Afvvxf-A-Af-A -A-'vv T E I .. H .. f ,, H ,, - I. . Field a v , , I: ' I I Ig us 5 ' , II: I I5 XII: IvI'u' C 'I XI, XII: .. . k.. .. . .. I' 1 In q FQ . : I, X, F ' 1 T g P' I s , , 1 I Golf , , II: CI b , - xl, II. ' 27 AAA,Avxzxfv-vaszxzw-vxzxfsiv-vAvAvAv+-.A'Av-v-v-.1-vA.+vAvAv-.Av Azvvv vezxzxzvxzvv-v-v-,rv-v-v-v-v-vsA1vNfw+v-x1x1vAv+,fvszvAv-rv-vx-v-v-v-v-v Ars.-v-vAv'x1-v-'lv-'Av RODOLPHE S MELSON O Frazer Academlc c X FIeId a Evenfs X XII Dramahc ub eneraI op MIxed Chorus X XI XII Boys Orus X XI XII Gowne Chorus XII JEAN KYLE MORRISON Jean Pao I Cleuca Day Evenfs X XI Yearbook SI IF XII Foods ACIIVIIY XI XII Sophomore JANET ESTH ER M U RDOCI-I Janei Malvern SSCTEIBFIBI Hockey X FIeIcI Day Eve-nfs X Fmance CIu CIOI' Ing Ac IVIIY X CoIor Guard XI XII Sooho more Chorus X ROBERT A NONES JR Ro Newiown Square Academu: c+baII X XI X Base a as ef a IP D Evenfs X XII Mon ors X Sfudenf CouncIl XII er sonal Use Typmq XII DONNA JANE MILLER Donna Pao I Secrefarnal Day EVIIS X rc esIra X and Fmance CIub XI XII AIhIeIIc soc ep CIoI mg ACIIVIIY XI GLADYS DIANA MOULDER GIacIys Paol GeneraI FIe CI Day Evenfs X Foo s Ac IyIIy XII Cofhmq lVIIy X XI EDWARD N EWION Edche Malvern General Foo baII X Track X So ho more Chorus X MIxed Chorus X XI SAMUEL NORCINI Sammy Devon General I ck X FIe-Id a en s X Sfu em uncII XI XII Home oorv Vuce PresIdeh'I X ArI Ac? y IIy Xl G neraI Shop XI Cross urIIry X XI XI T E 5' "R d" II If ' I. a Trek . XI. XII: ' D I F:eICI I Ev I XI, XII: I I ' CI o II I B xy Xlq XII: G Sh X, XII: ' V 1 ' ' . I : ' As . Ia . Xlly H Ch , , 7 CI " ' I' ' I I' Field , , XII: 'I , XI, XII: a I d 1" g I ', ' ' . 7 ACC' ' , , XII. Chorus X: Mixed Chorus XI. XII. 5 ' I I I I p - X, Xl, II: ' b XI, I ' XII: h' I' ' I I - ll- br! 'I " Fo , , II: Is II Ia I XI, XII: ' D I XI, XII: B I Is II XII: Flid Ev I I XI. XII: 4 ay X I 5+ Co ' . 1 r I II: ' 3 P, - I I 3 I ' ' I Co I I I. JUDITH ANN PENNYPACKER Judy Slrafford Secrelarxal s efball X XI Tenms I I-loc e D y E enIs X XI Florneroom Sec XI I-Iome room Trees XII Clofhlnq Ac Iuvhy X XI Mnxed Chorus XI Gowned Chorus XII Sophomore Chorus X LOUIS C PIOMBINO Loure S+raf'Ford Academic o1baII X Xl X Base Base a rack XI Fle a venfs X XI XII Genera Shop X XI DOROTH EA EARLENE RAMBO Earlene Pao I Clerical venls X Foods Achvdy XII Clofhang Ac IVIIY X XI XII GEORGE N REDINGTON George Malvern Academic Drwer Tranmng XI JOYCE PEPPER Joyce Malvern Clerical Day Evenfs X XI Sophomore Chorus X Ivlwxed Chorus XI XII CELESTINE PRICE Cellne Pao: Academic Fne d Day FyenIs X X ewspaper S I a I XI Foods Acluvufy X Clofhuno Typxnq XII Sophomore Chor X M CI horus XI Driver Traxrnnq XI LAWRENCE J READER Larry Malvern Academuc DFGNWGIIC CIub XII Arf Achv My X Woodshop XII VIRGINIA RICE Ginny Pao: Secrelarual Day Evenls X XI Newspaper Sfaff XII Year book Shall XII Foods fXc+Iyu+y X Clofhlnq Adlywfy r ss u Coor Guard XI XII Sopho m r Chorus X Drxyer Tram I XI 3' T E Bak - - XII: ' Field , , XII, X,X,XII: I1yX,XI, XII: I ' Field a v , , XII: V . . XII: 1 F I- v Fo , , Il: Inf- . I I XII. ball X, XI, XII: b II X, N I' I XIII XII: I : ' Id D y , , ' I . I E ' ' I I Achviiy X, XI: PersonaI Use us : ixe C , XII: I. . I 4 Field Dey E , xl, XII: . , ' ' I' ' , , . . . . I' - ' FieId , , XII: , X, I: ' ' ' X, I XI, XII: Pe CI b XI, XII? I I I 1 f o e 7 ' I Y I 'ng I. 29 JOAN B RICHARDS Joan Berwyn General selball X XI Tennus I H re Day Evenls X XI O C eslra X Xl XII Band X X XII Clolhnng Achvlly X XI XII Sophomore Chorus X M x cl Chorus XI XII MARGARET AN NE ROSATO Peggy D von Academuc Hockey Manager X Xl XII D y Eyenfs X XI Dramaflc Cub XI Ways and Means Cornmullee XII News paper SIaIIX XI XII Sludenll C uncll X XI XII Year ook XI A+hIe+rc Assoc Pres XII P ss Club X XI Assembly Councnl XII Color Guard XI Music Councal XI Nahonal Honor SOCIQIY XII JOHN SABBI Johnny Pao: Clerncal Foorball X Baslcelball X XI Ba eball X X XII Cross unlry XI XII Fxeld a Evenls X Xl Ways and Means Cornrmllee XII Alnlelnc: Coun A Acllvlly Banlcunq X XI ANNA MARIE SCARDECCHIO Woody Malvern Clerl al Day Evenls X XI Muxed Chorus X XI XII MA RTI N ROACH E Marhe Frazer Academic X XI XII Ways an Means Comrnllle XII Mon: Iors XI XII Newspaper Slab' Year oolc a Library Assuslanl XII Personal Use Typing XI Nahonal Honor Socuely XII ROBERT W ROSSITER 0 Pao: General Foorba' X I: eld Day Evenls X Arr Aclnyufy X XI General Shop X JEAN CAROL SAY Jean Frazer Academuc as efball XI rms D Even s Orc eslra X SIudenICounc1I XI XII Press X X XII Musrc Coun n Xl News paper Slalf X XI XII WILLIAM SENN Malvern Academic Ck X X Fleld ay Even s XI Dramalc Club XI xed Chor 5 X X o s Chorus X Crowned Chorus XII T E 'vvvz-Qv:-2-zfvafv'-'-v:v'-A-Av'v'-A-'v:-:-A-vNfvv--vA-- 3 Ba lc , , XII: ' Golf , , 7 cl X, X, Xllg ockey X, XI, XIIg ' 9 7 '- F' ld , , XIII , 1 r h , . I I XII: b SI If XII: ll 7 . . . 1 . . I I e , . ' . I. 1- "B b" , - I' I , ll Q I Field a , , XII, 7 I I ' 7 ' I , . o ' , I, I : I b Slall XII: Library Assislanl XI, I : ' . . 1 re- , 5 .V In n ' i I I B lc 7 Ief X, XI, XII: S V II Z XII: Field ay I X, Xl. CO I : - D Y XII: h , XI, XII? - I I 1 : - 4 Club , I, 1 ' - CH XM: r+ - ' X! Xl: CII XI: Ba CI XI, I 1 - "Bill" 'g ' Tra , I, XII, ' D Field , , xlw, I I 7 I 1 I XII: Ml u ,XI, MII: B y' , XI, XII' l I 30 ALEX SEVERANCE Ace Berwyn Academic oIbaI XI BaskeIbaII X XI Track X I:leId Day Lverf I S phomo e CIass Presxden Homeroom P esld I X JANET SMITH Janei Devon Academnc Day Even+s X OrchesIra XI XII Newspaper Ia X XI CuoIhlnq ACI vr y rsonaI se T In Sophomore Cro s X Mrx CI C orus Xl XII KATHRYN SIACKHOUSE av Malve n Academic D amahc: Cub XI XII e r b on Sfa Y XII Foods Achv y X XI CIoIhInq AQ rvu+ DORIS ANN THERES STRID D rus Devon CIe ncaI Sop omor Chcr s X Max d orus XI o w r- e f'I Chorus XII SANDRA SKOW Sandy Shafford Academic nnls X XI Freld a Evenrs X XI XII Cheer ead X XII Drama IC C ub XI Ways and Means Com mrfee XII Yearbook aff XII Clorhlng ACI1vIy XI Per sonaI Use Typing XI Sopho mor orus Nahona Honor SOCIQIY XII CHARLES SNYDER Charlie CharIes+own Academic m Exhrbrhon X XI S mor PIay Commurree XII Drnver Trarmng XI F:eId Day venrs X X XII Drama IC CIub XII Ways and Means CmrnI+Ie XII Yearbook Sraff XII PersonaI Use Iypsng HELEN MARIE STEWARD Helen Berwyn Secrerarlal Re Cross Rep XII Drrver Trarnmg XI I-Iomeroom Secre Iary XI Sophomore Chorus X Mrxed Chorus XI XII Gown ed Chorus XI ROBERT STULL o Malvern Academic Fre'd Day Eyenfs X Monlrors XI XII I-Iomeroom PreslcIen+ PersonaI Use Typrnq X Wocd hop XII C7eneraI Shop X INIahonaI Honor Socxey Mechanrca Drawmo 5 T E Fo ' 3 , XI, Te ' , , XII: ' D y I : : ' F s , . : L Y X, X, XII: Yearbook S'aIf XII: er , XI, 3 I' I C , r ' I X3 : A . ' in . XI, I 1 SI XII: Prinr Shop X, XI, XII, 3 ' AI Z - e Ch ' X: ' I Fiefd r Y, XI, XII' Gy ' " , , XIII S If , 3 ' S E 'I ' ' ' 3 ' X: Pe L' yo q XII: E , I, : I' I "Ir 3 ' Q q h . . o '. 3 1 XI. HK .. .. ,, r ' I . r : Y a - d . : ' o I If 7 ' - ' ' ' A II , Z A 'I' ' y X, : : XI, XII. ' , : - H ' ' I' "B b" h 3 1 7 ' e ' , : ' Ch , XII: G C, Y 5 ' A X: ' II: I . . y XIII ' I ' A X. XII, 3I EDWARD THOMAS Eddle Berwyn Clerucal Day E enls X XI Srudenr Council X Red Cross Represenlahye XI Library ASSISIBUI X Woodshop X 6 rn Exhubrr X XI XII MARY ANN TRADER Mary Wayne General Basrelball X XI XII I-loc ey XI Clolhmq Achvm X XI Sophorr-oe Chorus X Mnxed Chorus XI XII Gown eo Chorus XII LAWRENCE WADSWORTH Larry Berwyn Clerical Woodshop X General Shep X Boys Chorus X DONALD WIEDINMYER Don Berwyn Academnc MARIAN THORNTON Marian Malvern Secrefarnal as elball XII Hockey XII Day E enls X Xl Clofhnng Achylfy X XI Soph omore Chorus X Mlxed Chor DOROTHY TROWI L Do y Berwyn Secrefarnal Baslcefball X Tennlg X I-lock Eyenls X XI XII Orchesfra I n Fnnance Club XI XII Sludenl Council X XI Clolhnng Ac hfufy XI Mixed Chorus XII CHARLES WARREN Charlue Malvern lndusfrlal Arfs oofball XII Personal se Typlnq XI PAULINE WINNICK Pauline Frazer Secreiarnal D y venls X Sophomore Chorus X Mixed C orus XI XII T E 15' Field v , , XII: B Ii 2 I ' 1 Field v , , Xllg y ' ' , , . us X, XII. .. .. I I. H .. ' . , 1 If : ' 7 - X, XI, XII: Field Day Everfs ey X, XI, XII: Field Day X, XI, I 3 . ' ' 'fy , . Z 1 3 r - X, X, XII: Ba d X. XI, XII: T F 1 U X, Ig , XI. ' U Fleld a E . XI, XII: h , . 32 JEANETTE R WOODROW JeaneHe Devon Academlc eIbaII X XI Tennus X EueId Day Evenfs X Orchesfra n N s paper Sfaff XI XII Yearbook SIT XII I-Iomeroom Vwce resnden+ XI Homeroom Sec re-Iary XII CIo'rhlng Ach ufy X Personal Use Typing XI Sophomore Chorus X Muxed Chorus XI XII NaIlonaI I-Ion or Socnefy XII Drrver Trammq PEGGY ANNE WOLFE Peggy Berwyn Secre+arlaI Day E enfs X XI XI 0 C esfra X XI B nd X Xl Sophomore Chorus X Mnxed orus XI XII Gowned C orus XII Driving XI EDWARD J ZONETTI Eddle Berwyn General o baII X XI X Base aI Fueld Day Eyenfs SENIORS Sensors we are our work us done7'7' No more from I-I O Ozzie musr we run Boo Boo mus+ Ieave dear Miss Brumbaugh s snde No more from Miss Basehore need Prew Domenlck hude No more games Irke Take Off musr Donna Iv1lIIer play Nor Ihe dagger soI1Ioguy mus+ Loune Cap say Tmy Gable warh her John now more offen can Dick Donohue cease worrylng abour Thar E A Muhlenburg Mule IS now Ihaf Trader gurl s aim Leave Rocky Wunrers we mus+ :snr I+ a shame You Thank we re happy we aren I deep WIILIID Wed do I+ all over If we had ro again Bur here s Io Ihe fun we had Through 'rhe years So Iong ro our worries so Iong ro our fears The doors of a new Infe have been opened wl+hou+, And we IH our lnfenhons are IruIhTuIIy devouf -LAWRENCE LEE 33 G5 CLASS WILL We The class oT NaneTeen I"lundred and l3aTTy Four oT TredyTTran EasTTown JoanT I-Iagh School who Tear The Tanal Traal ol graduaTaon do hereby execuTe declare and publash Thas our IasT wall and TesTamenT 'Io The enTare sTudenT body we do hereby begueaTh The name I E To be used Tor ausT one more year Our love and respecT Tor Thas deIapadaTed place The Traendshap assasTance and darecTaon oT a TaculTy whach wall never be equalled To The class oT 55 we do hereby begueaTh The pravalege oT beang The lasa class To graduaTe Trom TredyTTran EasTTown The specaal Teelang along waTh The specaal expenses ol beang a senaor The Pennsylvanaa Ralroad lane To New York aTTer we have Tanashed waTh aT To Those underclassmen who have gaaned ocar specaal aTTenTaon we as andavaduals do hereby begueaTh I Peggy RosaTo begueaTh my school sparaT and my abalaTy To cry my hearT ouT aTTer each game we donT wan To PaTsy PyoTT Alace Royer and lvlackae Nash I Bob Nones begueaTh To Jay Segner my abalaTy To oeT any g rl s anTeresT waTh a wank and sma e I Dack IvlaTThews oegueaTh my manageracal duTaes Towards The TooTball Team To Eddae Law rence knowang ThaT he wall manage To geT ouT oT Them somehow I Ann Marae Anderson bequeaTh my abaIaTy To sell rnagazane subscrapTaons To CynThaa La Course We The senaor members oT The hockey Team begueaTh our delacaous danners and crazy parTy oames To any oTher group oT garls whose parenTs wall sTand Tor aT I Sharley Conover begueaTh my posaTaon as every Teacner s raghT hand garl To Lucalle IvlessanTonao I Ball Bayles bequeaTh my abaIaTy To geT a 4 an French II no maTTer where I am saTTang To any one waTh enough nerve To boTher Mass Basehore as mach as I do We The senaor members oT The cross counTry Team bequeaTh along waTh our champaonshaps To all TuTure Teams The hope ThaT They can Tand a place To eaT spagheTTa The way we dad aT Sam Norcana s I Ivlary I-IoTTner begueaTh my chauTTerang servace To Nancy BesT alThough Nancy already has a growang busaness I AlTred Kang shall Take whaT laTTIe I have waTh me when I go We JaneT SmaTh and CeIesTane Prace beoaueaTh our unendang gaggles To The only Two garls capable oT makang such noases namely PaTsy Plank and Loas Garard I Larry Lee begueaTh To Tucker WorThangTon my abalaTy To draw a olaTTerenT carToon Tor ev erybody s P O D assagnmenT I Jean Carol Say begueaTh my edaTorshap oT The EasTTran Echoes To someone waTh enough cour age paTaence and good nerves To undergo The Task I-Iowever I reTuse To Throw Ball Kang an on The deal I Jean Ivlorrason begueaTh To Sally Leonard my guaeT ways BuT I don T Thank Sally wall use Them I Claaborn CarTer bequeaTh my love Tor cars and mv abalaTy To make a beauTaTul rod ouT oT a olaan auTo To Warren DeLong I Ba bara Bard bequeaTh my TalenT Tor drawang carToons on TesT papers To anyone who would aa e a TesT paper Tor Thaa purpose I Tom I-Iughes begueaTh To Rachard Carver my abalaTy an chemasTry TragonomeTry and solad oeomeTry We Sandy Skow and JeaneTTe Woodrow begueaTh The yearbook To someone who has IoTs T Tame oaTaence and lakes To argue waTh Ivlr Alves I Alex Severance begueaTh my love Tor baskeTbalI To Lou Iv1aTch II and P ank Mearns I Doras STraol begueaTh my heagha To Jane Rackabaugh so she wall be able To look down on peo ple Tor a change I Bob Hughes begueaTh To Mass SmaTh my eaT an The corner an P O D class so she wall be able To assagn aT nexT year To someone who wall have as much Tun back There as I dad Sagned and sealed Thas TenTh day oT June an The Year oT Our Lord One Thousand Nane I-lun dred and PaTTy Four WaTP sses Varganaa Race Sagned Kay STackhouse IvlarTae Roache Peggy RosaTo lvlarae Bunch Mallae Polk Al Goff 34 T-E 54 , , I I N J I I I ' ' a 'I . . , , . . J . - n I I . I . . 1 I, PaTsy I-IerrIngTon, bequeaTh To Bernice Leamy my posT as head cashier In The caTeTeria. , I - 1 O 54 MMANWT E CLASS SONG - '54 Words by Judith Pennypacker, Mary Hoflner, Margaret Rosafo, Charles Snyder and Michael Cefarattig music by Jean Carol Say 4VH7C'lljj,5JllE,1 WH Jill Jiljfl HJHJJ Hrmi Tredyffrln EasHown Hugh School Wr+h Honor and lnfegrrfy Well sung your praises loud Devofed lo your colors We will be frue +0 fhee Well lreep your cherished memories All ihrough 'lhe hnsfory Remember all fhe school days The many games and parhes As +he years go passing by Wifh ihe besf In educallon We ll face lhe 'Fufure new Well slrrve +o be successful ln ev ryfhlng we d U Y , . , W Y . f5 . 9 A The school of which we're proud: And friends al' T-E High, ' . ' ' o. 35 ! TE WNWMWVMWW 54 SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER Teachers mee+ +o defermlne our fare SchooI opens Sensors ar IasII Eoo+baII T E O Brwdgeporf 6 I3ooIbaII T E 6 SI MaHhews I3 Juke Box Dance Hockey RhoennxvuIIe Cross Counfry T E 38 Roffsrown OCTOBER Cross Counrry T E 38 Wesr Chesfer Eoo+baII T E 24 Conshohocken 6 Cross Counfry T E 38 LansdaIe I8 Hockey Wesf Ches+er Foofball T E I3 Radnor 6 Cross CounIry T E 35 Coa+esvuIIe Hockey Darby Cross Counrry T E 57 SI Agnes I8 Eoorbaul T E I3 Upper Menon I2 Senior Rorfralfs SmIIe pIease Cross Counfry wins Chesf Mon? Champion s I I:oo+baII T E 2l CoaIesvlIIe 6 Cross Counfry T E 36 Medxa I9 Hockey Haverford CongraIs Io Ihe cross coun+ry cIIsIr1cI champlons Eoo+baII T E 7 Po++sIown 7 Skelefon Sfomp Boo' Cross Counfry T E 28 Norrxsfown 32 Reporf Cards' Ugg' Hockey Sprung Cny Cross CounIry S'raIe Champs hnush IOIh Hockey Radnor Hockey SwarIhmore EooIbaII T E O Phoen4xyIIIe Senmor Supper Ymn YmnI Hockey Lower Meruon EooIbaII T E 7 Downlngfown O Bug Game T E O WesI Chesfer 7 Thanksgzyung Day Dance DECEMBER I3askeIbaII sIarIs Radnor EooIbaII Banguef NahonaI Honor Socmefy Induchon Reporf Cards again' Baske+baII Conshohocken Chrusfmas Mus1c Eeshval Thrs was exfra nvce Chrwsfmas Assembly Chr1sImas Holiday begins Hurrah' 30 Wayne Rolrary Tournamenf nuff sand New Years Dance Oh' WhaI nouse JANUARY Back To Ihe oId gmnd BaskeIbaII DOWDIHQIOWD GIFIS BaskeIbaII Radnor I3askeIbaII Brwdg-eporI Girls Baske+baII Coa+esvIIIe BaskeIbaII Wes? Chesfer AIumnl Baske'rbaII Game WhaI a sIaugh'rer Nahonal Thesplan Socrefy Induchon BaskeIbaII PoIIsIown Gurls Baske+baII Lower Menon Baskerball Phoensxyalle GlrIs Baske+baII Conshohocken Band Sees QkIahoma . 2 , I ' L- 7 u 3 1 - v . N 6 I .. ' I - - IO I I2 , . . I4 - , ' ' 2 ' I7 ' - , . - , 23 V ' 2I - , ' 26 I - , 27 A' o o o , , , 8 I 9 - I I7 I4 '. - , I5 . , I I7 ' ' ' Y ' , ' I8 ' ' ' I9 ' ' ' We . Hockey, Bridgeporf 28- I - ' I I 22 3I ' - . ' I ' 0 0 0 , . . A , - 5 V ' . 7 ' I , hp I2 X . - I . I5 . , V . ' ' I9 ' - I 20 . . . . ' ' 22 . 26 , ' ' ' ' 27 ' I . 36 SCHOOL CALENDAR FEBRUARY Baskelball Downlnglown Gxrls Baskelball Coalesvllle Reporlsl Oh' Those panned expressions Baskelball Springfield Baskelball Wesl' Chesler GIFIS Baskelball Brldgeporl Sensor Prom Rhapsody In Blue Nahonal I-Ionor SOCIETY Induchon Opening nughl of The Man Who Came To Dinner Curfaln goes down on a nice performance MAY Whal parhes' MARCH Facully Varsuly Baskelball Game Some people look so odd Cheerleaders wln plaque Tor besf Team cheer nn local compehhon Reporls More excuses Sprung Band Concerl Boys Gym Exhlbml Whal' muscles our sensors have' APRIL JUNE Baseball Friends Cenlral Baller up Lollipop I-lop a success Io The sophomores Baseball Upper Merlon Baseball Marple Newlown Whal a lovely day' Why do we have Io slay IH school7 Baseball Coalesvalle 37 Fur I Track Meer Wes? Chesler Schoolmens week No school Easler I-Ioluday begins Baseball Downunglown Baseball Brldgeporf School reopens Girls Sporl Banquel Whal food' Flrsl Tennis malch Upper Darby Track Penn Relays Track Phoenlxvulle Dual Meel Venskv Relays Annual Spring Music Feshval Junior Prom a dreamy affair Reporls now only sux more weeks Award Day Assembly lusl look a proud 'laces Tennrs Radnor Track Chesl Monr Champs Dlsrrlcl Golf Jellersonvllle Fore' Baseball Phoenlxvllle 29 Sfale Golf Championship malch Fxrsl day ol exams uck 'In moles' Yes shll exams Whew' End of exams Senior excursion To New York Cnly Baccalaureale Class Day Cra uahon Canr belxeve III' I Those d your MMNVW MMANNM,, x T-,E 2 , ' Q C v N v IO ' . I2 I . 8 . . ' ' I 9 I I l . I5 , I9 I2 , I , I 20 ' ' . I3 ' ' " 23 I7 ' ' ' I 25 I I II O O O 26 ' ' O O I 5 I 7 . - . IO - ' 4 ' " II -' 5 ' I3 I I5 , - 22 - I8 ' ' , ' , . 25 25 V - - 3I I T 28- ' ' ' 3I ' ...Qi , I O O O I o o o ' I , ' - Q 2 ' - I I - 5 , ' 2 5 I - 3 . . . 7 . 6 . 1 8 8 - ' no d ' - ' ' Name Donna Alkens Ann Marne Anderson Bertha Ayres Charles Ball P t Barber Brll Bay es Cvrace Beard Mary Burcher Barbara Bard Davld Bavell Phyllls Bowman Barry Brenneman John Buckwalter Marne Bunch James Campbell Louls Capetola Margaret Caporal Theresa Cappella Clarborn Carter lvluchael Cetarattu Anna Mae Chllds John Clark Norman Cole Gertrude Conn Shlrley Conover Dorothy Cook Bernard Corrigan Paul Crawtord Wrlluam Crouse Louls Dastalto Larry Davrs Senior Statistics Am bltlon secretary secretary nurse ma e a mllluon secretary engineer medlcal mlssronary secretary nurse mechanuc secretary Favorlte Lakes classical muslc sailors Dom musrc swnmmung sports Joe the luttle em muslc baseball oolt druvlng muslc hlllbully muslc Mercurys certaln cars dancung automobules music black Pontiac l'6dlO c3l'lCl FGQGIFHWGD GUtOf'T'1OlDllGS tarmrng bookkeeper carpenter college nurse marriage mullsonaure doctor seamstress mechanic bro chemust bookkeeper missionary work secretary to graduate go to Villanova electrical englneer to succeed to succeed certain glrl trom Wayne music Valley Forge swfmmlng sports basketball movles music Jac SO Ford Remembered By long harr laugh Unlversrty ot Penn oker her rlno trumpe rnterests at U ot Penn Mrs Dunlaps helper cartoon drawer sldeburhs oker short order chet has tarm helptulness red Nash agua pegged pants sweet sm hot rod working on automobiles Devon Atlantvc gas s a gurls sports music movles music driving stamps Ice cream gurls lce skating photography dogs dancing records that certain someone lunch perlod sports sports sports cars sports 38 lon good vouce sewung good dancer serlous storles quietness kindness talkatrve bookre those tellows curly halr track ablllty T E MNvffWWNwNN.f: xvMWNNNN 754 to lc ' ' I a C 4' ' Q " ' J . y . . I I J y , ' , ' Ele . , k- , +. I . DA. Name Ruth Detwuler Dom Dufxddezuo Fr d Dlfxntonlo Harry DlLabbIo Fred Domenuck Duck Donohue Jean Downs Curtis Farra lvl he Folk Joan Fondots Carole Frledhoter Arthur Gable Emllle Gable F Barbara Gleason AI red Gott Alice Good Robert Green Jean Grrttun Jonn Gross Betty Jane Hammond George Hanna Holly Harris Nancy Heegard James Henry Patrlcla Herrlngton J rry Hey Mary Hottner Joann Hottman Rvchard Hohletelder Rooert Hughes. Jr Senior Statistics Ambition medical rnrsslonary go to college to succeed let ace to succeed calleg car marrlage bulldlng contractor aurlun hos ess medlcal secretary graduate tlorlst truck druyer e ahead In e enguneer p mate secretary get out ot school e ott ot school sports halr dresser banker retail buyer Favornte Likes opposlte sex tootball games r p rlod lzrench class rs r s models 7 sports Chrysler car Johnny sport drlylng swlmmnng sports college tootball rtaln lvlarlne danclng cars sports mg tun Bob clothes TV bwsketball hukung Mar tnns m cheerl adlng sports sports TV and m English swlmrnung 46 Fords basketball soorts clothes cars nurslng physical teacher toocl weekends sports to become a good student sports career woman englneer secretary secretary have own store ottlce or business meetlng peop hllbllly mus c cheerleading her car skatlng and mtsrc protessonal tootball saxophone 39 Remembered By mnsslon ary Interests Romeo tw lor okln terrutmc smlle cct up tters trom Lancaster cur musher gt chwtter Bermuda shorts chewlng gum lnclltterentness +la smlle lntelllgent wise crick thwt accent runner red tace sports tan trouble wlth her baton tuture tarmer Roucl Knlghts t at smile and laugh Jacques Henrl orngunal ldeas o llty to cut casses swe tness roller skatmng playlng cards pox car shoes gl! ,,M,,, ,, , , , , , ,AM 4, ,, , .J , ,, , . , , ,. , J .s,,s,, , as N.,AA,,f ,N,,MAf,., Af,.,-s,,,-,,, ,,A.,., ,, ., . , ,,..,.,.,, f,-,A.,,,, ff,cA,,V.,f, ' . . . ' ' tht d et e ' ' r 'r ca , spot , girls gas slat' r ' ' ' l-l I Q , Q X Y , ' , S le s . . . . . C S C il' ' A e t ' ' , f Cy Q . , f a ce " ' , ' tloppy shoes Andrew oallagher have own store nice clothes, people, hav' one ot .ne Dragelns g t A llt , , . . A , . . . . , . T L , , - r c S ' ' Da . 71. ' 9 1 I c ' D g t I . . Jl , . . A. A . . . . V I r . c I . . X L . . . . . Ee . . . e ' I ' l al l' l . ' , e . A 'I V . l ' ' I Name llwoma l-it gttes Basll Jackman Ab Jolnnston florence Kertttley W y e Kertlwley ljlClGF"t Kersey Altred Kmo Jane Kuebler Lawrence Lee Dons Lewl Sally Mateer Rlcnard M ttltews Mrtcltell Mauger Leroy McCardell Jorn McKeon Julla McLaJglwlun Do ores M lclnorrle Rodolplt Melson a Mu lea Morrlson Gladys Moulder Janet Murdoch Edward Newton Robert Nones Samuel Norclnl Judy Pennypaclqer Joyce Pepper Louls Plombuno Celestine Price Senior Statistics Ambition engineer rlaylng an sports play college tootball YP carpenter success to worlc be successtul to be a dancer VWUFSG secretary buslnessman get out ot scltool easy lute stenograplter ottuce worlc secretary engineer secretary typlst worlc on rallrotd stenograplwer Favorite Likes ross country mamng tur l ure rn ports l nn soor s 'allf Jlfl oo ll wnno women song oo weelqerds s twlrlmg swlmml g ddflijl orse ertaln un or trau- a to oo or cars b nam d D lq rnusrc colcmng Wlldlle muslc tanance u muslc drlylno boys m aC ooys bus boy golt baseball sports go to college ports go to college sports nurse or ralwyslcal educatlon noclcey tennrs nurse oadnno go to college spor s to succeed Jimmy bowllng Remembered By cuentltuc abulty a second Joe Lewls th a t accent pretty brown eyes guletness long strldes tnose guestuons ner manner ot speech camera palnt bruslt SVTGSZG lt r ltorse al carrot top orlnt ng abll ty go belng sltort ltoclcey ner sneeze deer' yolce Oli' George guletness lways smlllng blaclc Mercury ltard to trnd blue eyes smile tus grrltruends plclcup trucl4 West Clrtester ltls loud walls glggllng with Janet Y . . . S 1 ' Q L L, to s ' 'Q W mt ' 4, ' k ' usic, sy . ' ' L nillblly ruslc, N t e - A ' f t lst J lt' o X J af ' ' f tba ' X4'Q V I I rr 1 I . X H , . , car., baton ' f , C , A - . .S .ng Sally Anr Lilley secretary music, sallors blondie 1 lr L s, c A J I e UP " . , 5 . .xi g ' s a 'Q ' j lt lt It fl ls, N ' L' 1 ' ' oy e 'c ' e ' ' , c ' , . V W1 Donn 'ller ' cl b . Q gn . I . . J . ' C muslc, a A' - l A rcfl , s , ' V' .Q J . . . A . r 40 Name Earlene Rambo Lawrence Reader George Redington Virginia Rice Joan Rickards lvtartin Roache Margaret Rosato Robert Rossiter John Sabbi Jean Carol Say Senior Statistics Ambition to graduate geology auto mechanic secretary to be a success lawyer elementary school teacher pi ot get out ot school surgical doctor Anna Marie Scardecchio her own business William Senn Alex Severance Sandra Skow Charles Snyder Kay Stackhouse Helen Stewart Doris Strid Robert Stull Ed Thomas Marian Thornton Mary Ann Trader Dorothy Trowill Lawrence Wadsworth Charles Warren Donald Wiedinmyer Pauline Winnick Peggy Pnne Wolte Jearette Woodrow Ed Zonetti to be successtul millionaire government service complete school tashion designer nurse certitied public account an engineer millionaire secretary to succeed to be a success cabinet maker mechanic school teacher good 'ob YP toreign interpreter carpenter Favorite Likes o rods and horses music sports cars music basketball triveling dancing sports convertible sports music guns sports sports music working coo music cars girls cars s orts college weekends swimming skating swimming skating tootbill dancing basketball driving hunting and tlshing cars sports sports and Bobby dancing and sports cars rzving television and cars Johnny and dogs dogs and Charlie hit tunes movies sports GFS 4I Remembered By her diamond dramatic abil ty playing basketball everybody s p athletic ability trwnkness school spirit sideburns those glasses newspaper trouble pony tails long legs basketball likes the way she talks that grin sewing her twin Margaret tall and slim ouiet and studious neat dresser her laugh athletic ability prettiness quietness those s deburns shyness guiet and nice chewing gum quick walk his walk h t , ' . X . .i X s ,ftyist . ' 'l ' . . I , I Janet Smith nursing Jimmy, driving giggles with Cellie . . X . C . t ' d ' '. i i X t ist ' ' ' . I y . F.-. 2 3 4 , K ,M ,, ,551 54 T-E JUNIORS OFFICERS Presldenf Charles Chlccuno Vice Presldenl' William Maffhews Secrefary Juanlfa Reynolds HISTORY The class of l955 enfered Sensor Hugh School In Sepfember I952 wlfh 'rhe desire of success and an an evenfful socual life Our sponsor Mr James Rosafo called a class meefnng early rn fhe Year an we elecfed mosf capable officers Our Sophomore Dance proved fo be a greaf success and fhe year passed quickly pushing us on fo our Junior Year Junlors"' Can If be frue7 was fhe fhoughf fhal raced fhrough l5I bewildered minds Wlfh sub Iecfs such as Spannsh physics bookkeeping and French we knew fhaf There would be a lof of hard work ahead of us Wnfh The aid of Mr Wlllxam Monahan our wonderful sponsor we qulckly elecfed our Junior offucers During our Junior year we nof only conquered our many new sublecfs buf learned fo admire and respecf our faculfy and fellow sfudenfs Wufh handsome beaux and gurls so preffy ID fheur lovely gowns a sensor gurl was crowned May ueen af our Junior Prom on May 7+h Our Junnor Year ended successfully and we eagerly awanfed fhe arruval of our Senior Year' 43 Treasurer .,...,.........,..,.. Dolores Donafo d ' . Q ' - JUNIOR GIRLS Row One J Hey V Walers M Sherod S Wilson E Nass N Sparrow E Granl S Trego M S+ern H Hesron S Haack J Lee G DAndrea Row Two E Whullock S Scoll T Thorlon E Cunningham H Jones D Walker L Nor can: J Hewman B Buckwaller M Larr M Amaranl S Banks Row Three A Beresford F Hursl' A Cooper P Meyer N Slmpson M Max+on G Ward A Blank L Glrard P Plank N Leech S Leonard M Hargreaves Row Four M Burgess D Donalo J Brennan B Cunningham L Messanfomo V Devaney M Shaughnessy J Rsckaoaugh M Frank A Capreola R Lleclo M McVaugh Row Five J DrBaHus+a J Alslon S McMillan M Nash L Slurgeon L Cordero A Royer B MCKeown N Joiner C Madden B Leamy S Clark A Carler Row Six J. Thomas P. Pillippo J. Porle M. Marshall E. Fiefz K. Gooding N. Davis P. Campbell D. Skalz N. Miller J. Reynolds B. Vernon 44 JUNIOR BOYS Row One R Leonard T Clarlc G Alenovulz T McNelly A Bovell A Daslahco W Young M Gordon C Chlcclno N Lugar F Gasser E Lawrence W DeLong Row Two T Campbell B Rurler B Plombuno S Tunnell E Young A Rav J DeRemnguo N McAusland E Newlon C Arnaranl J Anlhony W Robinson Row Three B Alford R Mueller J Toblessen C Lewis D Llvlngslfon R Averill F l-lodge R Burnside R Thompson B Malls C Dsckerman G Sml+h N Silver: Row Four G Punlcerlon J Dry L Chrlslensen R Mallhews J Segner R Donalo F DuMonTe M Rlclcards E Trego W Campbell T Murdoch N Campbell Row Fwe D OConnor J Samworlh J Bardsley W Good T Corrlgan J Vosburg C Bollman F Mearns E Roh W King J Weaver E Johnslon J Monahan Row Slx D Carver F Henzne J Brown T Worlhungfon 45 This Is What They Sand 7- Mlss Alexander Angle II o Everybody happy7 O Ior pIIy sakes SIraIqhI away nov i Mr Alves Brofher Alves Now oo I W WGII a mn II Mass Basehore MlIIIe Jo Now I warI you Io sIucIy hard Iona I TravaIIIez en I was a OnI MISS Brumbaugh Irene Preoous ere IS ou abou nq Iorn rrow IaIce Mr Clauser Sammy Claus The oor IS aways cpe WhaI IS your arnbIIIo Jusr corre Ir aI our con VGIAIGVCQ Mrs Culp Carmen I-Inq er srpran s Ready sInq DonI breaI e non Mr Crouse Osmosus may asI some efnbar assmq queshr Is everyone n rrna RepeaI I aI Hrnrnmrn Mrs DIJoseph e are qomo Io cook Ioday II our own apron uIeI down Gkav Q V C CG WUT SI Miss Duhn Ginny PIay your wn pCSIII ne p r qc pInny Ieanv se I e I Bock Ihose snoIs Mrs DunIap Mary L Corn ee nd qeI down Io w S an OIIIC9 e rd of y ur Mr Gray Sian Ihe Man SIraIqhIer up Ihuse Ines u re aIe n Q rne aI a Where are your I3 If shoes ard soc 57 Ind Ihe bam In Mr McCardeII Mac a aIs I. I Ihe C u c Ease upI Reverse rIghII WaIch IhaI curb Mrs McEIhaney Clara Fee IaI on he Iloor sIudenIsI Are you chewmg gurn7 GeI QLIGI sIude Mr Mechhn Prof hf O e I Iod you once D d you Clean Ihe Iype OII WaI unIII we qeI n o Ihe ne hIq'I schcoI Mr Meyer Fafh r Ernie W o are you a Iarrner7 a w nner never QUIIS an a quIIIer never w ns T I0 I q IhaI qIrI I'rIend aqaIn Mr Monahan WIId BIII AI ease boys' Our Iwq rnarsIor In Ardmore R n aII I e way oys no QUIIIE Mass Nash Wlnme Is everyone IaIIcInq abouI rnaII'I you don I I n can aIways Iew more prob erns Mr O Dea PauI Keep quIeII GeI ouII Ta e a weeks vacaIIonI Are you domq reIerence wo In Mr OswaIcI Ozzie IhaIs I Ih qra e arIIhrneIc Express yourseIves IIIce Sernors Know II beIIeve e II Mr POHS Zeke A rIqhI s n K dsI wonI a e rnuc Im Mr Rosafo Jake Pupe dowr you guys' Loo I you guys Now C IIdre'I a I she cu Miss Smafh SmI'IIy Theres Ioo rnuch IaIIcInq Who IS r5I Ior Nevvsvvee 7 Any more quesIIons7 Mr Town Th Ins+rucIor No Iwo ways abouI I Ialce you Io Dr ess er re ere a uqh oI S e here y I Mr WhIIcra'fI Ace Does anybody cneck wIIh rne on IIIaI7 Does II baIance Where are y u supposed Io e7 Mr WIDIGTS R W Yeess Go' anyIhInq Io eaI7 ann rnaIIer of Al rIqhI 6 ' 0 I I ' - '...RIp' uf... ' h, I- ' 6 , -- ., . I In .,,. No ' "uIeI . . . Hdd I , . .. I, ' -- ' ' . . . . Iryh , . . I . . . Wh ' In P rfs , . . B .... ' - . , . ' . , . Th ' ro d bI I II , . I BrI V II In o or an E . . . . - . . , I CI ' I n . , , I " P? . . , I , ' y - . - . . , I h , ,I 3 . ..Th'nk abcuI I'I , , , , ' YI . . . . h - I 4 . , . - ' . . , Nov. I I , I ' dns . . . f 0 I? . . , 1 h . ' . . . W ' 1 . qIrIs A . , P. on y . . , Q ' , . , JI Is I II y, 'IIS . . . ' ' -- ' . . , o II 'on . . . LII u QI SI , . . LeI's I A I . . . U h p'vcI , . . , - .,. e In h r a frIcI . . , ThI Is ' . . . G I I Q qufn . .. . - . . . ' ' ' . , , II yo I , do 'I o II , . , Iac. Ii . . . . Mr. Keehn-The King , , . You durnb Iarrners , . , you spaqheI'I benders . . , OK, Iake a comp eIe Iap , . . Fe-eI beh' , I I I' eI . . . , - .,.Th- I',.,P-sh'I- III'I.,. I . 1 . . . I I I , ..,4 ' I . . . . 'I , "S . . . . ' 1 , , . AII rIq . r II I r'nI . . . I . .. I I . .. I I V I I w I I II . . , , - e h , I ' CI I ',..h'k'n of V' ' V ' 7 . , . . -' I .,,. ' I" ,..u h ,IJ ' - ' ' . . . ' , . . II I 'I hInIc II Is e ouqh, I qIve you a . ' - . . . ' . . . , ..,. If I ' I . . . . ' r'7 , , . , - '...' ' II d ' I.I.y ' ' A U II,us'I , - ' o.,.I .,.. I II: hI'enow.,, . - ... ' I .... Ii I . . , h' . , . Ye h, Isn' Ie . . . , - 3 , , . I , . , III . . H I . . , I'I e, he , h I have h d ana V IhaI , . . e ou. . . , In .... ,' -. .... ' ,...AQ.,I7ISd In-I,.. 4 SOPHOMORES OFFICERS Pre-sldenT Emil CapeTola Vice PresldenT Allcla Allman Treasurer AlberT Repscha HISTORY On The mornung oT SepTember 9 l953 a group oT I48 eager Sophomores enTered TredyTTr1n EasTTown Tor The TlrsT Time AlThough we came Trom many cllTTerenT Iunlor highs we gulclcly made new Truends ATTer being assigned To our homerooms we became occupied IH The Taslc oT adIusTnng ourselves To our exc1Tlng new courses We all had our speclal problems Typing biology l.aTan or shop AT our TlrsT class meeTmng wsTh The help oT our sponsor Mr RosaTo we selecTed capable class oTTlcers To guide us ThroughouT The year The annual Sophomore Dance The Lollipop l-lop was held early In April lT was a greaT suc cess and was enloyed by all who aTTended We canceled our Trlp To The zoo buT parTlcrpaTed In various oTher Tleld Trlps We were all very proud OT The achlevemenTs oT our classmaTes who parTlcu paTed ID The various aThleTlc Teams and ID all The oTher acTuvlTues As The year drew To a close we loolced back on an evenTTul year and were loolcnng Torward To many new experiences as Junuors 47 54 T E T SecreTa ry .... I. A. A. T. T. A. E. T. E. T. T. V. E. E. A. I.. deaneTTe Evans n T E W +'AvAvA'A'A A-ew '+vA' M va vQv+v MMMMWWWWM 54 SOP!-IOMORE GIRLS Row One G Johnson P Clarlc J Blackburn J McKee A Allman A Code P Charles C Russell l-l Adams B A Hughes D Pearson J Meszaros A Alexander Row Two P Race B Buzzell P McGloHen L Prlnco J Grovannl G Lynam J Laughner K Kueloler M Garland D Pennypaolcer A McK1m E McFarlane Row Three A M Pass B Terry J Elzy D Williams B Schumaclcer J Sfeller P McKenna Row Four C Casey M Klrlc J Evans J Hale L Morgan M Gordon S Wyllenbach N Llley J Malhleu P Gross E Pennel B uay C Marhn L muh Row Five E Beard B A Rambo E Warren D Newlon M Navarro S Trego M l-lerlz ler J Toner P Bowman J Moulder R Nevarro N Dixon J Bennell Row Slx M Buckley J Burgess D Ramloo A Vendllh M l-lansell M J Usher M Coney L Smulh P Laloup B Marshall B K lc 48 Y l 4 ' V S. Marlcley. C. Bowman, E. Drayfon, A. Baer, P. Hess. C. Melson .i,. '.. ,. ,.o,. ",.s'+ . I I ' , . V ' , .V ' , . I Q ir . . . . , ANWwfNvw SOPHOMORE BOYS E' is lfy Row One M Aherne T Jaclcmon P Warner C Bishop t Pala co J Bowman A Riddle L Welsh P Ealon R Preas E Mahoney J Ahn Row Two J Bosch: R Houghlon A Parlcs H Toroni D Meoll R DlRernigio H Pierson J Bryan J Heineken T Herr C Blain V Melchlorre G Guslafson C Cole mal Row Three A Repscha L Parry J Marhn D Anderson C Darlinglon L Mifchell R Darnell H Li++le E Hesfon H Long R Lewis C Thomas D Flood Row Four P Milligan P DiAndrea M Barbone D Miller W Shoclcley R While C Gibb J DiMascio S Corbin J Goldie R Pe+ers E Mosleller C Osfer S Burlcey Row Five K. Roberfs, J. Nixon, W. Murphy, T. Tunnell, H. Speakman, T. Alleva, H. Bards ley, W. Sweef, L. Lowry, A. LeGar, E. Capelola, R. Aigeldinger, D. Shaw R. Smilh, H. McCuen, G. Hammond Row Six P. Rosalo, R. McCreary, D. Way, L. Davis, J. Brown, W. Cropper, P. DiPiano H. Sanlini, J. Bellz, H. Wiley, D. Chrislensen, R. Jones, K. Talbot S. Lemons 49 V Ui 00 Q df Em W H Q' J Y ' ' MZ? 506640 i I N .4 F K ' 2 f 3 K, " k ' 5 - Q, Q gi QC 1 was ' ,,A-s H -Q STUDENT COUNCW Advlsors Mr R MCCARDELL MISS WINIFRED NASH The STudenT Councll us The governing body oT our hugh school The Council does a very capable lob under The supervision oT Dr Hess and The assusTance oT Mass Nash and Mr lvlcCardell Every year elecTlons are held and sTudenTs Trom each homeroom are selecTed To help govern our school There are Ten sensor represenTaTlves Tlve uunuor represenTaTlves and TTJQ sophomore rep resenTaTlves The asm oT The Council This year IS To do everyThung every oTher councll has done only beTTer The rnosT umporTanT proIecT oT The councml every year TS The TooTball bangueT Thls year The councll has sponsored several dances and also a very lnTeresTnng Name The New School conTesT The STudenT Councul had a very successTul year under The presldency oT Peggy RosaTo Her e I cnenT oTTncers were RoberT Nones vlce presudenT BeTTy Jane Hammond secreTary and Fred DnAn Tomo Treasurer MONWORS ln January I953 The presenT senior monnTor Took over Their posTs These boys selecTed by The STudenT Council because oT Their ouTsTandung scholasTlc and cxhzenshlp g ades drd a Txne lob ellmnnahng TraTTnc lams rn Tlfs crowded halls Lows CapeTola elecTed capTaIn IU hls senior year has ably led The boys Tn carrying ouT Their duTles Thus years monlTors Include David Bovell Louis CapeTola Fred Du AnTonlo Fred Domenlclc Lawrence Davrs Domenuc Du Addezuo Abner JohnsTon Lawrence Lee RoberT Nones lv1arTnn Roache RoberT RossnTer and Michael CeTaraTTu 1,9 Advisor: Mr ALGER C. WHITCRAFT T- Qc T Es T T T T' E T X rl?-f N A 1-151 . 'lg , T M , .c my ggyr 3' it 1 0 T WU' , . . ' 4 . . ' . ' -Ht.- gu . it . C . t. .. .r.p..n. M ,4 'T M 'X T N, EASTFRIN ECHOES Advlsor Mass EVAJUNE SMITH 5 -y The EasTTrln Echoes IS Issued monThly by The TeryenT eTTorTs oT The advisers and The sTaTT They aTTempT To enlughTen us wlTh urnporTanT evenTs and TacTs abau+ our school and The people sn :T The sux pages are marked wlTh cerTaun regular TeaTures such as PrornunenT Personallhes Say Now and Comlng EvenTs Members OT all Three classes are represenTed ID The sTaTT This year Thus malclng a varleTy oT new an Ideas To be presenT zn The EasTTrln Echoes PRESS CLUB The Press Club IS under The guidance oT Mr Monahan Each weelc The yarnous evenTs ThaT Take place around school are reporTed wrlTTen up and senT To The Two local papers The Upper Mann me News and The Wayne Suburban In Thus way The cornrnunuTy receives Through The press news on whaT Talqes place around The school Advisor Mr WILLIAM MONAHAN 53 -J T, R u . 43 d . . 1 I ' . ' T , ' L' s Z 2 Q' DRAMATICS CLUB Durector Mr ROBERT WINTERS The Dramahcs Club sponsored by Mr WunTers has presenTed several plays during The year The TlrsT was a one acT comedy enTnTled uleT Please In co operaTlon w:Th The Musrc DeparTmenT They presenTed a ChrnsTmas play A Song Is Born A new TeaTure Thus year was a play presenTed by The Junmor Class enTlTled Sorry Wrong Number The Senior Class presenTed The Man Who Several members oT The DramaTlcs Club had The honor oT being lnducTed 1nTo The NaTlonal Thesplan Soc1eTy which was broughT To T E Tor The TnrsT Tnme DRIVER TRAINING Drnver SaTeTy Thus program operaTes mainly Tor saTe drlvlng among The Teen agers The oblec Tnves oT The program are TlrsT To Teach The laws aTTlTudes and correcT hablTs To be Tormed In The classroom and secondly The regunred number oT hours behind The wheel Training aTTer The sTudenT has reached hrs slxTeenTh blrThday The program This year warranTs anyone wushsng road worlc as Two nnsTrucTors lceep The dual conTrol car busy seven pervods a day Under The CIITSCTIOH oT Dr J Maurice STraTTon Through The sTaTe deparTmenT we have obTalned our own TesTlng area here aT T E The sTaTe police admunlsTer The drlvung TesT one day a monTh The car used In Thus course as a dual conTrol PIymouTh donaTed by Francis IvIoTors oT Paolu Advisors Mr ROBERT McCARDELL Mr MANUEL ALvEs 54 1r"r ,,, I Q is , -ff 3 - , i WL . A 2 ' To - Came To Dinner", a Three-acT comedy, by Moss I'IarT and George S. KauTman. t 7' N ,fy If I : 5 I ,1 N.R , Q X ' ll FLSA ' . ' ' VHCKI U I WAYS AND MEANS Advisor A C WHITCRAFT The Ways and Means CommlTTee can e1Ther male or brealc a class' Thus year The commuTTees 4nTermlnable source oT Ideas creaTed many successTul pro4ecTs Tor The class Under The leadership oT Mr WhuTcraTT They dnrecTed The magazine drive To and oyer The Top goal The Senlor supper wlTh Turlcey and all The Trlmmlngs and many oTher plans oT success which rewarded The class wlTh a won derTul day IN New Yorlc DEBATING CLUB Gaming selT conhdence meehng people Trom surrounding schools and learnsng To geT along wlTh oThers are some oT The acTlvlTles carried on by The members oT The Debahng Club The Club IS only ID :Ts second year aT T E yeT :T has an enrollmenT oT elghTeen members AT The meehngs lasT period Monday and Tuesday Mr Richard Town The club sponsor can be heard leading a discussion on any Topic Trom Proper ETugueTTe To Premier Nehru s currenT Trouble n nda ParTlclpaT1on IH The Junior Town MeeTlng oT The Arr Forum The Suburban School Round Up Forum and The Bux MonT Forum League are The ouT oT school lnTeresTs engaged :n by Th club members Advisor Mr RICHARD TOWN 5b Www-a.nm.:, A QW- fensw.. . . . . . . . , - . . I . - I Y -I 1 . - . . . . . . H . n . . S I l I. I , - - - ' . D , o . . . "iSW'4'?fK 'Q PB!! BANKING Advisor Mr A C WHITCRAFT The school bank handles The money oT all The school s acTlvuTles and organuzahoh lnclud ng Thc AThleTlc XAXSSOCIGTIOVT and CaTeTerla There are abouT ThurTy dlTTerenT accounTs wnTh whvch The banklng deparTmenT has To work The personnel oT Thus depa TmenT IS made up oT Commercial sTudenTs under The supervlsuon oT Mr WhnTcraTT Members oT The ac nvnTy are George l'Ianna Cashler Louls DasTalTo Andrew Gallagher Fred DAnTonuo AsslsTanT Cashlers Jean Downs Checkbook Joann I-IoTTman Bookkeeper ArThur Bovell Philip DonaTo Charles Chlccvno Tellers ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Busuness Manager D Alkzns AsslsTanT D Cook Bookkeeper M Brrcher Senlor Class Treasure D Aukrns STudenT Council Treasurer F DuAnTonuo CAFETERIA Boo keeper S Lllley Menus D Muller Cashiers N Davns J Reynolds General Follow Up Muller JUNIORS BeresTord M Frank E Wh1Tlock B BuckwalTer D DonaTo L Norcrnl N Jorner N Da P Plank J Reynolds M AmaranT The obIecT oT The School Izrnance Club IS To handle and record accuraTely The school Tunances namely AThle-Tac Assoclahon CaTeTerla and various class acTlvlTy Tunds and also +0 prepare memhly sTaTemenTs Tor The AdmlnusTraTuon Members oT The club musT carry TWO Or more Commercial subgecTs and are seIecTed on The basis oT scholarshlp personal gualmes and speclal commerelel glallg Mfg M L Dunlap Faguhky Advisor approves all members beTore They are Tlnally selec ed Ter The Club 'MID FINANCE CLUB Aclvlsor Mrs MARYL DUNLAP Presnden+ D. Aukms Vrce Preslc.IenT M. Hoffner Secretary D Cool: Treasurer M Barcher 56 I:T!D Bw H f vein . I , nmsfvf : 'MiQ.1aau.c . I mls'-sw. ' X 2, z' 5 Q - 'Rx ,FX ., RN IX, I I . A 1 f - I . . . . - - XS' ' ' :V . F . . - - l.. . ' . I V I I I I I . - 1 . I h 1 . I 1 . I I I ' k - . ' I - . ' 7 ' - . ' . . I - - D. ' A. , . , . ' . . , . . . ' '. . A , . vis . . , . . . - I I I I I I I I I . V A Q - I . y . 1 ' 4 I . I ...,c .V we Yiwu ' V 'bw - wil V av 4. . 5- 5 n I I U . CHEERLEADERS Advlsor Mr STANLEY GRAY Tlue clueerleaders play an umporfanr paru' af T E Socual Evenls Besudes leadung Hue clueerung sec uuon ar Hue ufoorball and baskefball games Huey also luelp wuHu Hue dances sponsored by Hue Upper Mann Lune Women s Club This years squad was awarded a plaque for Hue besl Team clueer a Hue clueerleadlng compeluruon lueld ar Norrusrown un Marclu Tlue scluools out Hue Plfuuladelplula and Suburban areas parlucupaled Tlue clueerleaders Huis year are Mary l-loflruer caplaun Huree years Sandra Slcow co capraln Huree years Barbara Gleason Huree years Allce Good lwo years Lllluan Cordero one year Parry Meyer Two years Aluce Royer lwo years Linda Slurgeon one year Ann Alexander one year and Judy Laugluner one year MAJORETTES Seniors S Maleer and B J Hammond Co Capuauns Eulluppo Sophomores N Besf and J Hale Freshmen R Ballusro C DePeHus R Anuonellu S Brown A Pass Tlue malorelles of I'-753 54 were forfunafe ro luaye lruad specual Haunung under Hue leadersluup ol Mr and Mrs Samuel Long well lcnown IH Hue ufueld of balon lwurlung and Mr Slanley M Gray band dlreclor AlHuougl'u Hue malor empluasus of Huelr program loolc place during Hue ufoglball Season flue group was busily engaged Hurougluoul' mosl of Hue y ar un preparung rou Ines for fnmre use and furHuerung rneur readuness for Hue coming season AE. Advisor Mr STANLEY GRAY 57 I ' - ' ' u ' u. A 1 l M lu I U . .1 ' , : " . Juniors: L. Gurard, J. Rucluabauglu, M. Frank, J. DuBaHus+a, J. Perle, S. Leonard, M. Dlrecfor Our lvlarch ng Band has been duvlded mTo Todr secTuons The colorguards maloreTTes musnclan and cheerleaders who have all oerTormed IU many various school acT1vlTues and local cuvuc program When Mr Gray opened Band Camp ID 52 manv oT has older members were graduaTed and many new memoers had been placed ln :Ts ranlcs whvch prevenTed :T Trom marching TU The Culmral mony Tor The new hugh school In March The Band l3arenTs IS an assocuaTuon oT The parenTs oT The members oT The band which baclcs up The worlc oT Thus organlzahon They enabled The band members To see The opereTTa Olclahoma February COLOR GUARD A very umporTanT parT oT The hugh school band rs The color guard which conslsTs oT Two sensor co capTalns Janel lvlurdoch and Vlrglnla Rlce one yunxor lvlargareT lv1axTon and Three Treshmen Sandra Gales Susan l-'loneywell and JanneTTe Burgess The color guard worled nard Thus year spendlng many aTTernoons pracTlcung Tor The TooTball gam s They wccompanled The band ln many parades ThroughouT The year Advisor Mr STANLEY GRAY 58 ' 'o :lx 5 l . W S: Olympics. The band played aT all The TooTball games. IT also perTormed aT The groundfbrealclng ceref ' I ' . , ll , T ln , l , . . . . J MARCHING BAND Mr STANLEY GRAY ORCHESTRA Director: Mr. STANLEY GRAY The obiecTive oT our high school orchesTra is To play Tor all school TuncTions, namely assemblies, school plays, music TesTiyals, memorial programs. class day, BaccalaureaTe service, and commence- menT. Adams Ailman Baylcs Bark Carver Code Drayfon Elzey Frank Gasser Gibb Giovihirni Good Heegard Hoffner A. Hughes Hughes Kirk Leech Lee MEMBERS C H M C J. W. R. J. B. J. Lewis LiTTle Marshall MarTin MaThieu MaTThews McCreary McKee McKecn Meszaras Meyer Mi 'er Piombinio Repscha Riclcards Rofi RosaTo Royer C, Say Sr'niTh H S. D. E. B. M D. V, J. Toroni Trego Trowill Tunnell Vernon Ward Way WaTers Woodro MUSIC COUNCIL AlThough only in iTs second year aT T-E, The Music Council has grown unTil iT is now one oT The school s mosT imporTanT acTiyiTies. IT is a represenTaTive body, composed oT members who are acTive in one oT The schools oTher music organizaTions. The council Talces charge oT The business parT oT The Music l:esTival and oTher music programs presenTed during The school year. The gowns purchased Tor The gowned choir lasT year Through money rnalcing proiecTs are in use aT The presenT. Mr. STANLEY GRAY Mrs. CARMEN CULP Y MIXED CHORUS Dlrecior Mrs CARMEN CULP This organlz Tlon TS composed oT sophomore boys and Iunsor and senior gurls and boys The chor menT Thus year lT was around Thus choral group h T all oTher choruses have been buulT GOWNED CHOIR Thls choir us composed oT TvTTy voices chosen Trom Mixed Chorus by Mrs Culp They have gvuen ouTsTandung perTormances ln The annual ChrlsTmas and Sprung Feshvals Each member oT The cholr has has or her own gown obTalned lasf year IT TS considered a rrlvllege To be chosen To slnc ln This speclal group Dlrecfor Mrs CARMEN CULP 60 as W 5' us perTorms in The ChrisTmas and Spring l:esTlvals, and has been a greaT value To our lvlusic DeparT- w ' T T a ' . SRL? CHORUS Director: Mrs CARMEN CULP The Grrls Chorus vs composed oT sophornor glrls who are lnTeresTed IU becoming members oT Mixed Chorus nexT year The group under The ourechon oT Mrs Carmen Culp parTlclpaTed an The annual ChrlsTmas and Sprung Muslc FesTlvals They have conTrllouTed a greaT deal Toward The success oT our music program BOYS CHORUS The Boys SelecTed Chorus has oTTered boys wrTh TalenT The opporTunvTy To receive addlT:onal Training This chorus parTlcIpaTed IU The annual ChrnsTmas and Sornng l:esTuvals These boys have added a greaT deal To The school s curricular rrogram Many Trom This group have Talcen parT nn DlsTrlcT Chorus from Dlrecfor Mrs CARMEN CULP v-E' . . , 3 , . . . , I, , . . , . , . . T . . . . . I T . . . . . V T I J . . . S , 'I 'CM ,K kt 5 . , lv Y Lx, ' K :S ' . 531 33' 'Y'-fw T? T J U X f K 1 + f f L f' . . T ' .gg Q. ' H Fw 2i"fIS?Q ' ' I X n 'SIIA 2' ,. .W L - Jef' .J N A A . s ' 93 1. 'Q' 15,4 as KJ 3 - Z, V 'Q fl lu lm wb ii if Q"g""f"1TTi '12 was sf . f M1 I N1-1 I , fs. 1 'VY M gy'-fa Vjh ,t 5, -62' ' ,W im, ,, .W faifwf' ww K H J W.. Tiii Fill? ll Q- ,JR f wg ff! 1 5941- :M fi? if-3 ' o MIA ' H img W-om -"' la wr 5' 4 w I X .,.,fy, , ., . 1 . ,Q 1,3 iff. ,gf ,gl Q if k is M .2 .gf L A ,Q 1.1 1 ' H M Y 'Sig ' ff' ,A:,,, 1 . i i 4 A rg 'fl 115 wfw 4'x ,rr- 4 N uviff W. 3,1 'W E9 ig K I I . 'wwf 2 1 gaw. E KzK1x53ig.?i li 31" I TK jww v I - gflzw-A fb 'V " ,W , . "1 If X gh .f YR 4 '31 'ef af 1 1 , .imgima .qA.k 5 lifbl L I L A Kwik, XFQQ Q , X xx ,Q , , V ex- K' ,A 3 M . A :J QL' 'A 924 ' '57 xt 4 I ' Q A7355 f , ' E.: M K 'A' , N, ... ff, u. 3 I , 1 - xx N Ki -an K- vs x wma. ' 'gm w4ig B EK U Z S 5 If 5 :g ' ' 1 Q, b 'NWN' Xl Y VN s"" x fa 3 h . f A . 4-"a.f fix ' 4 3 2' ,D , , ,Atl S 'Alf HYA, . .- in :gas Q' MQ' va' A " 3 Q rg. .d .1-.3 ED u. f .ff - ii' in ? 1 'law ' S-L, f A ff' Wy! IQ b 5. ' I Y-1 71 A y A V H, , X vf"ff53i'1 , . , N 41: 1 'lf T' . M I-9,3 fa ,,gQfm -, ,fr W- H4 ' ' . ,. 4 ' K' X ' P' X T , ,,., - 1 4 "" Q f 4,134 ,f . " va figf i , x ' -X-gi, A , "'-- 1 ww 'Af A ' fi". SPECIAL AWARDS COMMENCEMENT 1953 Renssalaer Alumnl Medal Tor senior boy who has done ouTsTandung worlc In MaThemaTlcs and Science ThroughouT has preparaTory course CHARLES J CODE JR Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award for qreaTesT achleyemenl' In Scuence CHARLES J CODE JR Berwyn Paola Malvern Business and ProTessuonal Women s Club award oT IOOO To The gurl In The Commercial course excelllng ID Engllsh KATHRYN LOUISE CAMPBELL Readers DugesT Award one years subscrlphon To Readers DuqesT Tor hughesT ranlcnnq sTudenT ROBERT MCOUILKIN Sllver Cup oT The Class oT I924 Tor qreaTesT deyelopmenT n The Three years oT hugh school an Three oT The Tollowlnq areas Leadershlp Scholarshlp Dramahcs AThleTucs Thus year award ed To WILLIAM JOHN HAYS BalTour Award Tor hnqhesT excellence ID Scholarship LoyaITy and AchuevemenT NANCY ROLL MAN KESSLER Alumnu The The L For or OF 6 or e orTe or e e e 6 Awards Tor Sensors IOOO each hughesT ach1eyemenT hughesT achIevemenT hughesT ach eyemenT h1ghesT achlevemenT hnghesT ach1eyemenT IH he I G 6 6 6 Academic course ROBERT McOUILKIN SecreTarIal course KATHRYN LOUISE CAM' Clerical course CHARLES M TALBOT JR General course GLORIA BERNICE BYRD IndusTrual ArTs course JOHN MORRIS PAXSON e besT boy aThIeTe ROBERT ELLIS LEE and RICHARD DIEHL PATTON Ed1Tor oT The School Newspaper BARBARA ANNE McMILLAN PresldenT oT The STudenT Council BARBARA ANN DICKERMAN Vice PresldenT oT The STudenT Councll RICHARD D THATCHER besT muslc sTudenT IU band and orchesTra ROBERT McOUlLKIN MUSIC AWARDS DusTrncT OrchesTra DasTrxcT Band Upper Darby NeTher Providence Cudney MarTnn IsT EIuTe Cndney MarT1n FIuTe Vwvuan WaTers Vnolln EasTern STa'I'e Band STaTe OrcI1esTra Norr1sTown KlngsTon Cadney MarTln IsT EluTe Vuvlan WaTers Vlo In DlsTrlCT Chorus Pennsburg Hugh Yardley RoberT Hughes Ered DlMonTe Ered Sasser Nancy Muller AlberT Repscha Cldney MarTun Cd ey MarT o ac co e acco The o chesT a 64 T I 6. ' .I I T ' - lv. E ' ' 'n Th ' - . - BEL c. E Th ' E in Th ' - . , . d. E Th ' ' In Th - e. E h ' ' in Th ' - T. Eor The besT qlrl aThleTe - EUNICE THERESA CONNELL g. E Th - h. To Th ' - I. To Th ' ' - To Th ' - ' ' e- . I. To Th ' ' -- . . - . I. . ,K I I I I I I :Ei I n In was chosen as one oT Tw ccmpanisTs in a 5Trong mp TITion To mpany Mr. SAMUEL CLAUSER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Advisor: Firsf Row: S. Show, M, l-loffner, D. Aliens, S. Lilley, J. Downs, J. Woodrow Seward Row: M. Cefaraffi A. Jccnsfcn, T. Hughes, R. Sfull, W. Crouse, W. Bayles December ninfh was fhe dafe of fhe firsf Nafional Honor Sociefy induclion cerernery held af T-E. On This day, Twelve sen- iors received fhe highesf hcnor ccnferred in high school Through membership in fhe sociefy. Anofher inducfion ceremcry was held cn February fenfh, af which firne four senic-rs and eighf iuniors were given membership. Mr. Samuel Causer, fhe sociefy advisor, has sef up a program whereby fhe members helped organize colege cafaiogues and pamphlefs in fhe library. They have also assisfed in fhe "follow-up" sfudy of T-E graduafes. The high gfandards necessary for sociefy membership are fhe mosf desirable Qualifies of characfer. eadersnip, schcarship and service in any sfudenf, The experience of belonging fo fhis is valuable fo each member. This year a nafional dramafic sociefy was infrocluced af our school. The Nafi nal Thespian Sociefy's aim is fo creafe an acfiye and infelligenf inferesf in dramafic acfivifies and fo develop in youfh an appreciafinn cf fhe fheafre. The reguiremenfs for Thespian membership are earning fee poinfs in fhe field of dramafics, in plays, on commiffees, or by showing oufsfanding leadership in fhe business meefirigs. The firsf group of members included AllClG Allman- Emllle Gable- P'95lClGVWiZ Faifh l-lursf, secrefaryq Nafhalio Leech, Carole Madden yicefpresidenfg Sa'ie McMillan, scribe, Nancy Miller, freasurerg Doris Ann Vxfa leer. NATHONAL Tl-lESPlAN SOCEETY Aclivsor: Mr. ROBERT Vwflisl YL f x' fx UL-A-A2 1-,0 M m Q gm K , X, X ? 1 1 ii X ,, I- . I . . . s Y 1 C' Q .I - I I ' i ' I X t jf V V,l xQ -XS" , ' 44 X 5 ' ff KW? A - x -XJ XIX ff 5 !, QJm..Q. -J ,f il! ..-f FOCJTBALL LaTe in AugusT The l953 squad oT Bulldogs reporTed To Coach Ernie Meyer and his sTaTT. For a momenT "Ernie" looked The candidaTes over and ThoughT abouT his 52 champs. Gone was The sTalwarT line, gone were The TleeT backs: The all league names were iusT clippings in Hue school scrap-book. The coaches TorgoT Hue pasT and concenTraTed on Hue TuTure, concenTraTed on building a Team Trom The boys who so eagerly reporTed. There were many people who said, "They wonT win a gamefl BuT aT leasT Two groups had TaiTh 4 The coaches and Hue players Themselves. They realized ThaT The Team would noT be a greaT one or one wTTh greai sTars. BuT iT was a Team ThaT would win iTs share oT games, giving each opponenT a baTTle. And iT did iusT ThaT. The squad losT The TirsT Two games, BridgeporT 6-O and ST. MaTThew s I3-6, BoTh game: were close and could have been vicTories Tor T-E. DishearTened buT sTiII scrappy, The Team bounced back and won Tour sTraighT. Conshohocken, The Team ThaT had smoThered The '52 champs was in Turn smoThered by The '53 sguad, 24-6. The nexT To Tall was Upper Merion, I3-IZ. For The TourTh sTraighT year Radnor was humbled, I3-6, in The usual Thrilling game. CoaTesville was a Team which wanTed To avenge The '52 upseT, and They wanTed Their TirsT vicTory oT The year. BuT iT was The Bulldogs who wenT away wiTh a 2l-6 vicTory. PoTTsTown, conceded To be The league's sTrongesT Team, was Tied 7-7. The sguad iourneyed To Phoenixville and losT a hearTbreaker on a saTeTy. WiTh a minuTe To go and The score 2-O in Tavor oT The PhanToms The Team lined up Tor a Tield goal. l-lopes Tor a sTory-book Tinish diminished as The aTTempT Tell shorT. The Tollowing week The Meyermen reTurned To The win column wiTh a 7-O win over DowningTown, On a beauTiTul Thanksgiving morning The T-E Team meT WesT ChesTer Tor Their TradiTional game. ln a Thrilling conTesT ThaT gave The capaciTy crowd good TooTball all The way, The Bulldogs losT 7-O. Once more The coach, Mr. Meyer, proved ThaT given a grouo oT boys who wanTed To play TooTball, a Team could be developed ThaT would proudly represenT The spiriT oT T-E, 'itil COACHES TQ Q Earl Mehler-AssisTanT Coach ErnesT Meyer-Head Coach William PaolanTonio-AssisTanT Coach WE REMEMBER THESE SENIORS BY Lou Capefola Hrs alerl playrng In every game nd The way he handled rhe Team as guarrerbaclc Paul Crawford The bug end walh a hearr lusf as large Bull Crouse The way he +oolc over In The Upper M non game and ran fhe ream lo a vlcrory Dom DlAddezlo The Devon Demon always dependable for a good game Fred Domenlclr A lnurle guy who was always IH 'rhene scrappnng Jlm Henry Dependable boy who could be counred on 'ro do a good 'ob Duck Hohlefelder The wonderful game h played again + Wesr Chesrer when he almosf gor away for a louchdown downs Ab Johnsfon Frqhr spiral and has rerrmhc backing no Jrhe lrne Bob Nones Always ready and wllllng lo hghr Lou Plomblno Whose polnrs afler rouchdowns won Th Upper Merlon game and hed Porrsrown Eddie Zone'H'l Has pass snfercephon ar Coaresvoll Thar unsured a T E vuclory 69 Basil Jackmon-His greal defensive game againsl Coaresville wirh his raclcles +ha'r saved rwo Touch- 'H z 15 115,51 'L x 3 x an k MW 923: wi .. .M ,fm Q' . ., Y W lg xJf'g3X5?5i1 Nj sfflzxv FSSSQ? fi? .,.Q: A212 " A' ' if , gggffm, vw GLW , i X IQ, v 2 ,gk 6 Q Q 13? Q aww f r wi 3 w 4 .. A. v 5- AA ,. A Sq ., , M i S ,Q at , Y 5 df R pa Q' ' ,sexy pi? E fm X '41 5, 15,65 y ! , .. E . AB K ,'LV X X , 4? wil 4' mls, 1 V"2f5 TRACK Spring of T953 Coach: WILLIAM F. MONAHAN , AssisTcrnT: WILLIAM PAOLANTONIO When The season opened, The coaches Tound only Tour IeTTermen Trom The excellenT '52 squad. Around These Tour boys, R. Lee, L. Davis, S. I'Ielmers, and D. Edwards, a Team was builT ThaT capTured Three dual meeTs. WesTTown, Valley Forge, and Malvern were The vicTims oT The Bulldog squad. In Two Triangular meeTs The Team Toolc one second and a Third. In The ChesT-MonT Championships The Team placed TourTh. R. Lee, L. Davis, S. I-Ielmers, P. CrawTord, and T. I-lughes were The only scorers. The disTance Medley relay Team proved The ouTsTanding success oT The season aT The Venslci Relay. This Team noT only won iTs evenT buT seT a new record Tor The evenT. CapTain Bob Lee was The ouTsTanding perTormer oT The squad. I-Iis ToTal oT 63 poinTs led all TeammaTes. CROSS COUNTRY I953 DISTRICT CHAMPS ProspecTs Tor a winning season appeared dim when Two members oT The I952 Team were unable To com- peTe. However, IT proved To be The besT Team in T-Es hisTory. The squad raced To dual meeT vicTories over WesT ChesTer, PoTTsTown, CoaTesville, Ivledia, Lansdale, Church Farm, ST. Agnes, and Radnor. Only a posT'season deTeaT To NorrisTown marred The record. The Team Then won The ChesT-Iv1onT Championship and climaxed The season a weelc laTer by winning The DisTricT I Championship. Every boy on The squad proved To be an ouTsTanding runner. B. Bayles became The ChesT-Iv1onT Champ. J. Gross won The Ivlarcus I-loolc InviTaTion Run, L. Davis won a place on The DisTricT Team aT STaTe7 J. Sabbi and IZ. Mearns were sTeady perTormers and were among The leaders in each race. S. Norcini, A, GOTT, and J. Bowman also ran well. sW"'4b FW uirwn Coach: WILLIAM F. MONAHAN 7 I B' 5 Q. , 4 4 Aff? , ff Q -, .,. 1 Q ' 13: .:., ag I X3 ., I,.w: p 35 v m f lik ' I K x '!" it ",.'1. 2 1' .,. Qi, - A ,,Q" A dk "'. 'iw f 1 i 275' 2- ' A' 4 ' B? MQ 2 M ., - QLMW A:.,AA 2 1 A ,Lis - X A... -w Q A , g V f A - 12f,QA W i:f1 siZ5f -'-::. 1, QW' ' - Wm dai? Q 'frgsgif 2:5 555 -25? 5 QV fix- H 'I ,L-X' ' 3 m...Jf M3 . 5 ' X: WWW? 'M KK jf Xwmmm ,Alf W lpwiy f- X' if X it Q His? W 2:4 "K, - .... 5? ?," 'Q ag f f Y x if J I '?5f5 - ,f uw f 1 -V K S '1:1Tf:.,.' , .. 7 5 . we-z. egg, W' 1 Q qs. 5512 15 5 3 u H o . ,,,,,, I aff wi , , J , ff' f S, -W, ,"'5,4 Y 1 sm' U1 . sf fs av 9' TENNIS SPRING 1953 Coach: Miss VIRGINIA DULIN T-E Oppone I 0 Lower Marion 5 I Axfnqlon 4 I Chelrenhorn 4 2 Wes? Chesrer 3 C Lansdowne 5 I rlcvevord 4 2 Rcono' 3 I No"'sTown 4 5 Upper Darcy O In Ihe spring of 53 our Ier'nI learn really wenl Inlo a spun We had well IraIned gIrls buf were uvsucces ful In wInnInq The 53 season ol lennIs wav a greal Improvemenl over Ihe 52 season The qIrls coached by MIS VIrqInIa DulIn came ouI wIlh one wIn and eIghI lo ses Jean C Say Nancy I-leeqard and Sandra Slrow played sIngles whIle KaIherIne Campbell Joan RIchards Judy Pennypaclcer and Rulh Walfon played doubles IennI an excIIInq sporl helped Ihe gIrls lo realIze Inaf eyen lhouoh Ihey played IheIr loesf 'rhey could nol aI ways ww Coach Crouse 9 learn had a ve y successful year c plumnq The Chesl Monl League ChampIonshIr for Ihe sIxIh yea l1rIly Pla ers WIllIam Crouse Leroy McCardell Rob r+ Mc uIllcen Al Kennedy Alfred KIng Marhn Roache Dawd Ivlorlel Manager GOLF SPRING or 1953 Coach Mr WILLIAM CROUSE 74 I 5 . - I 5' .S . . . . V . . . S . . V 1 x . . . . , , , by X . r , a I - , I- A 3" y : ' ' , . e . Q ' . , ' . ' I TE. 9 'If.?.M,A. O T.E, I2 3 Lower Mefon ZIQ TL. 5 V.F,M.A. 4 T.E. I3 Broqeood 2 T.E. 6 Cwlrernorn 9 TL. 3 A::7'Ig'on I2 T.E. 9 Pohyown 7 LE. 3 Podelcwn 6 3 T.E. I3g Bfzgecod I 3 T.E. Slg Che 'ei'3" 4? 2 ITE, 73 Lowe' Medon T3 T.E. 2 'Q Aphgron I2 2 BASEBALL SPRING OF 1953 Coach Mr ROBERT KEEHN VBFSITY Players Serald Sasser Chesler Knlghl Edward Lawrence John Sross Rnchard Pallon James Henry John Sabbr John Trego Edward Zone+h Charles Raum Edward Trego Edward Shockley Wrllram Bayles Basal Jaclcmon Michael Conner Junror Varsufy Players Roberl Nones Crarg Bollman Nlcholas Sulverr Arlhur Le Sar Richard Mallhews Junlor Manager and Wullram Mallhews Sophomore Manager By a olance al 'rhe scores one can see lhal 'rhe l9o3 has ball season was nor allogelher a successful one b I lhe leam had a heavy handncap young and :nexp ruenced players Edward Lawrence a sophomore won lhree of lhe hve VICTOFISS The leading hlller was Serry Sasser OpponenIT E OpponenfT E OpponenfT E Opponenf s r Valley Forge of own Br dg por? Marple Newlown Downxnglown Phoenlxvllle 3 Wesr Chesler Phoenrxvllle Brldgeporf Coofesvllle Poflsfown O Cooresvllle Wes? Chesre Down ngfown ATHLETIC AWARDS SPRING OF 1953 BASEBALL Varsrfy Conner M Jaclcmon B Pal on R Trego E Sasser S Knnqhf C Raum C Vechlen L Mgr Gross J Lawrence E Sa I J Zonerh E Junior Varsl Bollman C LeGar A Mallhews r Mallhews W Mgr Nones R Srlvern N GOLF Varslry Crouse Kung A M urllcen R Roache M Kennedy A McCardell L Moflolr D Mgr TRACK Varslly Crawford Sreen R I-lohlefelder Lee R D vls L I-lays W Hughes T son Edwards D I'-lelmers S Kung C Junior Varslly Campbell N Mgr Corrrgan T Lrl e H S n W Campbell W Mgr Donohue R Maleer T Vosburg J Coe N Sasser F s Yomg W Corrigan B Sordon M Segnor J 75 I' A J . . 4 V I Ll 1 3 . , , T-E - - - 3 Frlend Cemrczl 8 7 ' 3 5 P Isl I IB IO I e 4 5 - 7 6 ' 8 2 ' ' I IO 3 ' A 0 8 ' 3 0 ' 7 2 8 4 7 O r 3 I I 4 Bayles, W. I-lenry, J. Osler, W., Mgr. Shoclcley, E. , . , . I , . , . .'. ' bb'l f ' . . , . . R,, Mg . , ,, , , W. ' , . cQ ' , . , , , P. , . , R. . . a A , . , . , . Mel , R. . ., . ' , . ' fl , A en , . l , .I .I I , I. I Mlll, T L , I .- ATHLETIC AWARDS TENNIS Varsl'Iy CarnpbeII K Pennypacker J Ru P gr Heeqard I4 ds S J C Junior Varsl+y Code A or -3 e C man Caoe+oIa Cnrccmo C Crawford P Crouse W DAddezro D A eva T CapeIoI Corbnn S Ccrrrqan T Cropper W DAndrea P Bay es W VYI VT rkey BucI:waIIer Carrer owns Po dors J AII'nan A Code A ConIey M EIzey J Hargreaves M wns EIzey J G rard L Buckwalrer CarIer A Code A Chrccrno C Craw ord P Domenrrk F Croppe W Cor In S DrAndrea P SWIMMING Varsl+y S M macner FALL AND WINTER AWARDS CRVYI Gasse E I-IarnI I-I ry I-Iore o G C K FOOTBALL Varsl'I'y JoI1n5Ior A Inq A r Kung W Luoar N MaIIIwevvs r IFIWPI Jumor Varsl+y McAus and N O Conner R rn SCDI1 or Lega A Parry L Jr or R A Icards RosaIo P CROSS COUNTRY Varsl+y Davrs r ss I Mearns E Carrz:DeI Ga e E Heeoard N MarsnaI MCLauon UPS Le-or-ard Madden Marsra I-Ieeqard Lewrs McLa :nn V Jumor Varsl'Iy Mor Green R HOCKEY Varsl+y M MnIIan Pennypacker J Rckards J RosaIo M Jumor VarslI'y MCGIOIIGP J M er N Morgan L P rrreII V BASKETBALL Varsl+y Girls Pennypacker J Rrckards J Jumor Varslfy GlrIs Evers J I I-Iarcrreaves M Madden rs MarsI1aII M GaIao'wer A Gross J Lawrence E LeGar A Vars1+y Boys MrIcI'IeII Nones R Jumor Varsu+y Boys Mearns E Repsclwa 7 . . ' , . dd. .. M . S , S. , N. RIC ar , J. ay, . . W Io , R. I , , I-Iafrr ,. f S, M. L3 Ia, M., Mor. C' . , B. BQ I. . C. D, erick. F. , . Ncres, R. , L. r , K' . Sr. Mc. ' A , L. ' ' , . IIC' J. ' , . I . . , . er' J. , I - SLCC , W , . Ie er, R, , R. Sr. Mo. I I . .If'af,Icrrvo" B. MII ,I L. Ir , . E I r P, I . Se fin r, 6 ra, E. Pc", P, ' . , ', . Jack cr, T,, .Mf. , . 4, . ' . . Lawrefze E.. . M . ay, . WA e I-I. , . , J, . RIC , M. ' , LIIIIe H. , , , " , , ', L, 6 G , J. Nor MI, S. Bow a , J. GOP A. . , abw . B.. S. ' N. Jr, V, . . ' , . , B. b .. . c ' , S, r d r, . A , A. 4 , . , . Trc EI' D. D ,J. ' , M. I , . A , . IK' 'Im J, , . . , . I'I ' E, . RIQe, P, , . , S. Mg. III , , , . , 4 LIIIey N. , . e ' . , . I , C. u , . r , , M. Do' , J. 17 , N. , , , , A . , . 4, D. ' . . I , J 7 , , uy' Iin J. , B, , . KEFIQ, M. P'a , P. , , I . , C. S' , ., , , I-II. I , . I , . . , . abbi, . bf',' . I. ' LA. J 6 Icow a' n P crnbrro Repscra A I4Iey ge Speakman W Sooh Mdr Vosburtl J I Y CIF S DI J SrnrrP G Tae M W SIverod M T rr, B Thornron M Trader M Wcodrow nk wercd M Jr r RIc:Icards M S J Tobressen J SIwockIey W 4" ,:.,, A:,1,,,, Q 'E Q' 2 Q X sr Cafelerla Mrs Celeshne Prrce Mrs Gladys S+evenson Mrs Clare Morrls Mam+enance Louls Hume An'l'l1ony D1Andrea Edward Jemmoll' Henry Slanford Cuslodlans Domlmc Caporal Geraldine McNeill B Brook Longakre Ar+l1ur Lelghly Jolm McElroy Emory Radel Cafeleria Lunch Lanes X X ! Zzrewell Swzmrs 6 N ff' 2 3 o 5 1 ,, an 1 0 O3 dl' if .,,. A,.., ..A, , ,, f ' ' A " , W ' -- .- -"-- g , 5 5 Q ' 1,2 " N A' .. .,,.,. , ,. ..,... -,A.- A f E. E , ' A K, ' ""' i """ ' A " k 25? QQ 11 5 4 Q53 E iff is RX E Ax 2 - g 'I 0 " f N . f 'A A ff " K f-rj ft-J 5 ,X I Kr 7 ' f X 9 N - 1 f is xml 3 - XX 55 I4 ' R i 'XY 1 f CN-u'a.Q.v- YQ XM ilIIIIllIlllIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIIIllIIIllIlIIIllIlIIIIIlIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIllIllIllIllIlIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ,Manger s 5'u14mzl Serwce Malvern, Pennsylvania W FRANK MAUGER 6 EUGENE MAUGER 'llllllllllllllllllIllllIIlllllilIllllllllIllIllIllliIIIIIllllllllIIlllllllIIlllllllllIllIIIIIllllIllIIIllIIllllllllIIIIIllllIllIllIlllllIllllIllIIllllIllllIllllllllllIIIIIIllIIIIlllllllillllllllllillllllllllllli Compilmenis of ROLAND D EWIN6 VINCENT S RESTAURANT MALVERN NEWS AGENCY 0 O 0 ITALIAN SPAGHETTI HOAGIE SANDWICHES FOR ALL OCCASIONS SEND STEAK SANDWICHES GIBSON GREETING CARDS Befwyn 9370 lllllllllllllIIlllllllIIIIllllIIIllllIllllllIIIIIlIIIIIIIIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIllllllllIIIlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Illlllllllllllllllllll J - E . 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"I A R 0 L D 5 CARL P HURLOCK DEPARTMENT STORE BICYCLE LAWNMOWER Wearnnq Apparel Nolnons Toys Sales 81 Servuce Save Time and Money al Harold s I35 EC-35+ Lancager Aye LINCOLN HIGHWAY BERWYN PA Wayne Pennsylvama Phone Berwyn 0456 Phone Wayne O338 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHI The Typese'Hlng For This WELL DRILLING Publlcahon Was Furnnshed By or PRINTING ASSOCIATES INC Farm Home Induslry Lunolype Composnhon Presswork Proofs lor Oflsel AIR CONDITIONING SWIMMING pQOL5 Sou+I1 Media Lune Roar Thomas 6 Keyes Malvern 2886 Newlown Square Pa Lincoln I-Ilghway Erazer Phone ELgm 6 0677 HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHI HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHH COmP"mef1IS OI SPINNELLI BROTHERS STACKHOUSES GENERAL ooNrRAoroRs SUPERETTE MARKET DEVON PA Malvern Penna Phone Wayne II7O or Wayne I308 HHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHUI I : E 0 . , : : . 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E I HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHI Complimenfs of: TRANS MATERIALS COMPANY Berwyn Pennsylvania IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllllllllIIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Sa es Service PACKARD Collie s Log Cabin Diner USED CARS 2 Mules Wesf of Paoli LINCOLN HIGHWAY Paoli Aufomohve Cenier Inc Gpen 24 Hours 22 42 Lancasfer Avenue Malvern 9926 Mawem Paoli 333i Paola Penne IHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BRIDGE SHOP LAMP POST INN Lincoln Hnghway Berwyn STRAFFQRD PA Founfaln Magazines Ph 979 I Records one Be'WYn 0649 Haze' WO'Ie Recommended by Duncan Hanes HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHW n r - E - E ,Pa. DE LONG ENGINEERING PHILIP BRUNI Pump and Tank TAILCR CLEANER MaIn+enance lns+alla+Ion LINCOLN HIGHWAY '-'NCC'-N ""G"'WAY Berwyn 0l20 0227 Berwyn Pa paoll Perma Pllole 2520 Phone Malvern 2982 S M RUBINO RADIO TELEVISION SALES and SERVICE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Your CerIIfIed Servlce S'I'a+Ion 32 Easl KInq Slreel Malvern Pa Prop W G Ferry IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WM E PERRY Complwnenls of SInCere Congralulahons B qnd T N PYLE AGENCY E Real Eslale Insurance Morlgages I3 E KING ST Malvern Pa BERWYN PA Nolary PulolIC IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII STAAT5 OIL CUMPANY BROSIUS 81 SMEDLEY INC Aulornahc DelIvery l-Umbel' MlllWOFli Pamf Hardware SERVICE 84 HEATING SYSTEMS Malvern 2777 Wesl CPISSTSF 2400 Phone PaolI 2250 PaolI Penna llllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I : I ' - , . - S O I - ' - 'I o s ll I . : -' 0 o . - . . . - .. 1 : - - I - I - .- I : l l .. , . Phone Paolr 9998 FRED NUDY Complsmenls of H U G G L E R BARBER sHoR Insurance Agency SOUTH VALLEY ROAD Pao: Pa IlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIlIllllllllIllIlllllllIlllllllIllIllllllIlllllllIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIllIlllllllllIlllIll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlIllllllIlIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Phone Wayne 9774 THE HANDY SHOP STRAFFORD HARDWARE A Massarella Open 730 AM 900 PM GARDEN SEED and FERTILIZER Sundays Pamls Oils Roofing Malerlals Glass AM 5 30 PM 9 OO GROCERIES CONFECTIONS Home Furnlshlngs Plumbing Supplies PAPERS MAGAZINES STATIONERY GIFTS ON LINCOLN HIGHWAY Slraflord Pennsylvania IIIllllllllllllllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIlllllIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllIllllllIIIIlllllllllllIIIlllllIIIIIIIlllllIIllIIIIIlllllllIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Wayne I574 Lincoln Highway Whee+oDne Chesl Counfy TIP TOP LUNCHEONETTE THE COUNTRY K'-I-CHEN PI s nf Afmosph ourfe us S LANCASTER PIKE 8: MANOR ROAD F od You WII En' y Snacks Paola Pennsylvanna en ll A M O A Tuesdays Through Sundays Llllan C Newsham LINCOLN HIGHWAY FRAZER IIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIlIIlllllllIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIIllIIIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII CONGRATULATIONS FRAZER FARM MARKETS To The Home Grown Producis CLASS OF I954 Lincoln Highway Frazer Penna One Half Mule Wes+ of Frazer Harold A'9eId'n9e" Tarlan Groceries Poullry Meals Paoli Pa Malvern I876 IIlIlllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIllllllllIIIIIIIlIlIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E r, . . n .h . . n 27:30 . .-I:3OP.Iv1.-: ..-1 PM. E " r I " in er - E ea a ere - C o ervice E o I 'o E Lunches - Dinners - Z ' ii Op . . + I . M. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIlIlIIIlIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Phone Malvern UPHOLSTERING 3 Males W of Paoli on Roule 30 Anllques Repalred and Reproduced Cablnel Work of All Descrlpllons U MAK IT Boa+ Kn+s 8 Prams +o 23 Crunsers LINCQLN HIGHWAY Penn Yan Boals Grumman Aluminum Canoes Scoll Alwaler Mofors Hobby Supplies Glen Loclc P Pos? GJHICG Malvern R D 2 Pa IlllIIIllIlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIllIllllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH PHOTOGRAPHY H Brackbllls Farm Markets Candid Weddrngs Home Porlralls Soclal Evenls Commercual Work VEGETABLE GARDENS bluduo IIS STATE ROAD Paola Pennsylvansa Phone I786 Wayne Ardmore PQI l OGHRPHS fi 1.1 P D1 In all Thy ways acknowledge Hlm and He shall dnrecl Thy paflws Proverbs 3 6 sALvAeE SCRAP METAL AUTO PARTS Comphmenls TRUCK SERVICE Tovvlme REPAIRS Dwy Malvern 2220 Nlglwl' Berwyn 0756 of cs GLENN LINCOLN HIGHWAY I Mule Wesl of Paola Pa llllllIlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllIlIIIIIIllllllllIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E . - ' - . 2 , 6. E - - . . . S O C O 2 A E G 0 O , , E Malvern Villanova . E I E I O C - ':'L .J . E HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHQHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WALTER M. ALTHOUSE E Phone Wayne 070' DEVON SUNOCO SERVICE E CONRAD'S Car Washing LubrICaIIon E TIres BaIIerIes ACCSSSOFIGS LANCASTER PIKE and DEVON BLVD Free DSIWY Devon Pe Wayne 9734 Grove 81 LehIgh Ave Devon Pa HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH an? For that after game snack, stop In at your favorne Juke Box CHARLES E PUSEY Iomt featurmg Abbot an :Ama GHIOY 0 PIGIG Of YGUIIY gone REAL ESTATE INSURANCE goodness or a Iong Ianky soda Wlfh generous dlps of Abbotts Ice Cream ,cfefccaawi Jzefzaifungt Wayne 3320 VAIIey Forge 9 7I I2 Valley Forge Motor Couri GIFTS LENDING LIBRARY New Modern Mo+eI wI'l'I1 TIIe Bafh and Televlswn I0 E LANCASTER AVENUE RouIes 202 and 83 Valley Forge Pa ProprIeIors Mr and Mrs B E Marhn Phone 2422 Pao' P WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I Q' E 0' O 0 d E . S 0' O O mail' 2 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII SILVINO DIMASCIO Great Valley Mea1' Market CUSTOM SLAUOI-ITERINC5 CUSTOM BUILT HOMES Home Dressed Mears Berwyn Penne WIIOISSGIG HOWELLVILLE ROAD Berwyn O42I Berwyn O56I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FRANK FRATONI Hobson S PEACOCK GARDENS SHOE REPAIR SHQP TI-IE POPULAR DINING SPOT Pao: Pa Luncheons Dinners Cocldalls La+e Snacks IlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII We Specrahze In Banquef Parhes JEAN S BEAUTY SALON TERRACE OPEN IN SEASON 7 S VALLEY ROAD OrcI1es+ra Dancmg Every Friday 8: Sa'Iurc,Iay Roufes 202 23 Kung of Prussia Pao' Pa Phone NO 5 9902 Cornpllrnenrs Decrde 'Ihe Fuel Problem WlseIy Order Super Clean Famous Reading An+hraclI'e P A 0 L I Servlce and Ins+aIIa'hon FRED W ERNST SUNOCO SERVICE valley Rd Paola Penna Paolr 237I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII E . 13 . E E Open Daily and Sundays year 'round . E ' 13 . E - E . 3 N. . JOHN J BUFFINGTON phone T824 ELIZABETH S BEAUTY SHOP GENERAL AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS KNOX AVE ancl LINCOLN HIGHWAY Olllrcual lnspecluon Slalnon Lubrlcaluon Gas Ballerues B 3 2 Cerlury Tires erwfn O 3 2l8 E KING ST Malvern Pa IIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllIIllIlllIIIlIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlIllIllIlIIIlIIlIIII STANLEY S PAINT 81 HARDWARE Com I e I plm n S Paml Glass Tools Housewares Garden Supplies Plumbing 81 Elecfrlcal Supplles Luncoln Hwy Dayleslord Berwyn Pa Phone Berwyn 0497 Incorpora+ed ROBERT THORNBURY No 2 SOUTH VALLEY ROAD Paou Pa Paoli, Penna WATCHMAKER and JEWELER Hamnllon Walches IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Cornpllmenls of Phone Wayne IOOO COMINS PRINTING LITI-IOGRAPI-IERS and PRINTERS OFFSET LANCASTER AVENUE STRAFFORD PA Berwyn Pa llllllllllllllIIlIIlIllIIlIIIIIIIIllIIllIlIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIlllIIIIlllllIIllIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIlllllIIllIlllIlIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIllIlIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII of E U I W' E' J O H N N 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHWHWHMHMHMHMHWHWHMHWNWHWHWHMHMHWHMHMHMHMHMHMHMH McDonough s Greenhouses D E L U X E Run-ILAND AVENUE CHECK PRINTERS INC Malvern Pa Lincoln Hlghway Phone Malvern 2340 Paola Pennsylvan a IIIllllIlIllllllIlIIllllIIIIlIIllIlIllIllIllIllIlIIIlIlIllIIIIIIIllIlIIllllIIllIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIIll!IIIIIllIlllIlllIlIIllIllIIllllIllIIIllIlllIIIIllIlIIllIIIIlllllIlIllIIllIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll CHARLES E SHANK Comp' mm of LICENSED REAL ESTATE BRQKER KINNANE CHEVROLET Sara G LuIIey Assoclahon avem 257' 24" Phone Paoln 3575 I.InCoIn I-Imghway OFhCe Service of 'Ihe Be'H'er Kind HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNHHHHHHHHHHHHIIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Comphmenls I CompIlmenIs of THE CAROUSEL Mann Llne Coal 81 Feed Co Edward A Alleva Prop Cen'I'raI Avenue Paolr PennsyIvan1a Pao' Pa HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Phone Malvern 2656 W P A O L I N E W S A G E N C Y 220 KING STREET Paoll Pa Malvern Pa PAPERS A and L VENDITTI GROCERIES COLD MEATS MAGAZINES TOBACCO ETC ICE CREAM CAKES CANDY Phone Paoh 9944 - E E I M I . .Ru E ' , 1 2: . 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Willard Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Woodrow

Suggestions in the Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) collection:

Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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