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WJ? - Q L 0 2.f.11.,.. S,-A bi u 'BME My J, . fx n wwf! 'PAM qw Q - 440' 5 Y M S qw , A-1 vw . 'W' ' -v JN izqri kg-,-r . ' 0 ' : ,ada Q6 l J Qi, QM! 1 Q is '46 fqff v?,."'Q.AG ' , 'fc' . Mgzobdfh Q' F f5f'!'?f1f5"wff JM P jf Q3 N bmw Z Q x X I X Q LWHMQQSM Q G Q Nb. ug fe "SMA WST? 0 Yiwbgw MQ gf ig N RWM -'-va" .1 . L,f'V .0159 .Qi gm LJ. wdb ff If ' X ' nb... ,Qu mm' 4' ,xg D44N,,4,,l C-'T ss4,7n ' M MQW , N 6 . ioFh1H++lI5?6WLLXk,w gf M wwf" QM Qffwfiff- WWUXH Ggvgg-1 We cw ,Z-'Af " M14 " Xwffa' aww D 5' we Q N Q5 ui if Ty' ,fifggxafffp JJ? 3? QW ,Ak W 0 v www Y Keffi if u G, 5 Mm wikis'- , Aff QW k933?f3VL..M AIN Q' we Lnap Mmm 9? CS WW W' Www '94 Nix 'ff 3Yew?'2QWAW!q NAR' ga Q . , L- Us J, Xt' X, -lm, ,,,,. is Q61 9 Q X ?,fZ"'eA WS' 'faq IB' J Wifi fic? 5Zj'5.'ff'7 gl ' nV'Q4qt?9O Vrqa iz ' J' 5'-fa . , fp f'W""vf3fZWG ESQ .I W5 Ngff , ff: fwwfm gm , aw 5 af A F ,ff Y :j.,4LW?',f Q- Qu fs Q "7 Was, S WM wf 'N W f if Q -d 'fy QM, f fi 'favfm " . ,,.,..g,,w .Q XM I 19115 Barnet and Bray Ellilnr -i11- llhief BABBABA FBBB Business Manager BIBHABB BIBHABBS I 1 - TTOWM if fa 3 'E 5 .Q 0 Q 381 1 0 i 1945 Garnet and Bray P hlishell by the X! Senior Class THEIJYFFHIN-E!-KSTTUWN .IUINT HIGH SIIHUUL IIEHWYN, PENN5iYl.V!-WIA I C FUHEWUBII We, the class of nineteen hundred forty- six, publish this record of our three years of Tredyifrin-Ecrsttown High School life. I4l 1 IIEDIIIATIIIN In appreciation ot her sincere friendship and invaluable assistance we, the class of nineteen hundred forty-six, dedicate this, our yearbook, to Miss Bertha M. Neiman. l51 YEAHBIJUH STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS Barbara Pegg Elizabeth Amedei Catherine Bunch Theresa Carbo Carmen Ellison BUSINESS MANAGER Richard Richards Edward Dalton William Mateer SALES MANAGER Alma Davis TYPISTS Mary Best lane Doraneo Helen Fazzini ASSOCIATE EDITORS Iane Funkhouser Hazel Iohnson Irene Koons Eleanor McKeeman GIRLS' SPORTS EDITOR Mary Piner BOYS' SPORTS EDITOR Edward Wolfe BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Renola Crabb Bernice Hampton ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS Dominick Nudy Edward Rosato SALES ASSISTANTS Marie De Yenno Beatrice Ford Zenaide Stern Anna Manenti Dolores Olcina Iennie Pilotti FACULTY ADVISERS Mrs. Clara H. McElhan ey ,..,......,,.... .... Mrs. Madeleine M. Royer Mr. Alger C. Whiteman . i 1" l 6 l Phyllis Wilson Gloria Robinson Dorothy Rossiter Winifred Pattison ADVERTISING MANAGER Edward Wolfe Valentino Rubbo Phyllis Wilson ART EDITOR Klara Harbage ASSISTANT ART EDITOR Rosalene Stroman PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Iune Savits lean Stilwell .Typewriting , . . ,Editorial , . , .Business School Calendar Class Sponsor . . Table nf Contents School Board .... Faculty ....... Class Song ..................... Senior Class Ofiic Senior Informals . ers, Honor Roll .... Seniors .......... Senior Farewell .... We, the Seniors . . Class History . . . Class Will ...... Class Prophecy ............,.... Senior and Sophomore Farewells . . . Underclassmen ................ Activities .... Sports ......... Advertisements . . . 171 Page 8 9 10 11-16 18 19 20-21 22-46 47 48-49 50 51 52-53 54 55-58 59-72 73-82 83-100 September October November December February March April May Iune 4 5 27 29 5 13 19 20 27 3 10 22 SEHIJUL CALENDAR 22-25 ..... 22 6 20 9 22 28 13 26 11 23 30 2 4 6 13 ............... 22-Ianuary 1 ...... 29 ..... -22 ..... Local Teachers' Meeting Our Senior Year Commences The Football Season Begins With the Defeat of Malvern Prep Coatesville Game Victory Over Radnor Beat Upper Merion County Institute at West Chester-School Closed Bristol Game Haverford Game Downingtown Game Phoenixville Game The Big Game of the Season-WEST CHESTER Thanksgiving Vacation Turkey Hop Tootball Banquet Annual Christmas Party Christmas Vacation Valentine Ball Washington's Birthday-Vacation 3choolmen's Week-School Closed Easter Vacation-School Closed Bunny Hop 'unior-Senior Prom Class Trip Memorial Day 'Baccalaureate Service Class Day Commencement 'School Year Comes to a Close E81 FROM YOU, THE CLASS OF 1946, came this request: "The senior class would greatly appreciate a few words from our class adviser for the Yearbook. We want to keep that which you wish to say to us .... " That which I might wish to say to you would not originate with me, but rather be the living spirit of T-E-coming from many quarters-originating and being reiterated by all those interested in this high school. I could quote what your superintendent, Mr. Wagner, said to you in as- sembly a few weeks ago-"There are bigger high schools in this Common- wealth but none better than yours-if you believe that and work to make it true, it will be so." I have worked with you to help you make you and your class worthy members of such a high school. The present administrators of this high school have no doubt had an influ- ence upon your growth,--physical, mental, and moral. Their job, along with mine, and every other member of the faculty, has been one of endeavor to help each one of you to broaden your scope of life, improve your character and help each girl build a WOMAN and each boy a MAN. You came to us young and are leaving us, although still young, much wiser. I, too, came to this high school rather young. The same leaders of the school that have had so great an influence in your life have also had an in- fluence on my life. Behind these men there were other leaders who had a great influence upon me. These too, therefore, have had an indirect influence upon you and your school of today. I could quote from them ally however, they would all breathe this living spirit of T-E. Your school has come to mean much to you. School spirit in times past has induced you to give your best. The school that you are leaving will con- tinue to be interested in you and hopes to continue to hold your interest. It can be of assistance to you. As members of the Alumni, your school will al- ways need you. It will need your loyalty and support so that it may continue to improve and become more helpful to those who come after you. May you, the Class ot 1946, always emulate the good qualities of all who believe and work to make T-E the best high school in Pennsylvania. HENRY C. POTTS I 9 l THEIIYFFHIN - EASTTIJWN JIJINT HIGH SIIHIJIJI. BUAHIJ OFFICERS President ........ ............... M r. W. C. Latch Vice President ..... .... D r. Thomas G. Aiken Secretary ...... .... M r. Edward H. Tyson Treasurer .... ........... M r. William S. Dillin MEMBERS Dr. Thomas G. Aiken ........... .... E asttown Mr. William B. Brosius. . . Tredyfirin M1. William S. Dillin .... .Easttown Dr. I. Anthony Kelly ..... Tredyfirin Mr. W. C. Latch ....... Tredyiirin Mr. Iames A. Murray .... Treclyffrin Mr. Rhinewalt S. Platt ..... Tredyffrin Mr. Lawrence S. Roney ..... .... E asttown Dr. D. I. Rosato ......... Tredyfirin Mr. Ioseph W. Sharp, Ir.. . . .... Easttown Dr. I. T. Spangler ......... .... E asitown Mr. Edward H. Tyson, Sr.. . . Tredyifrin l10l The approach of graduation brings memories of many pleasant days in school and inspires hope for the challenge which lies ahead. The clouds of war which were ever present in your high school days have now been lifted to be replaced with the confusion of peace. Visions of brighter and happier days lie in the hearts of all men and the door of opportunity stands open for everyone. Our hope is that the realization of these visions will be attained by each one of you. "May all your ways be pleasant ones, And all your pathways peace." HOBSON C. WAGNER, Superintendent. l12l rr 5 T-E CLASS OF 1946: Less than an hour ago we learned that another of T-E's sons had paid the supreme sacrifice. I knew him well. I had been his teacher and principal and we were Iriends. His ancestors had come to America from the heart of Europe: he returned to the land of his forbears and gave his life so that our liberties might live. "Dulce et decorum pro patria mori." iFrom Odes of Horace 65-8 B.C.l I feel certain that every member of the Class of 1946 agrees with Horace that "it is sweet and honourable to die for one's country." I wonder how many oi you realize that to "live" for one's country is also sweet and honourable and, if done wisely, the day might come when it would no longer be necessary that the youth of each generation sacrifice their lives on the Altar of Freedom. WALLACE S. BREY, Principal l 13 I HENRY C. POTTS Practical Arts MARY L. DUNLAP Commercial ELEANOR G. CORNMESSER Librarian OLLIE BELLE COFFMAN History rr'1, 5 . . if Afwvf I "hh vs' K K I 'ii I . f WILLIAM W. CROUSE Biology CLARA H. MCELHANEY Commercial ALGER C. WHITCRAFT Commercial 141 MARION D, WILSON Languages ion leave 1945-19461 STANLEY M. GRAY Music adv HAROLD S. OSWALD Science EVA IUNE SMITH Social Studies MADELEINE M. ROYER S. IRENE BRUMBAUGH English English WINIFRED M. NASH Mathematics l RUTH D. ROSS -f'j'f .N sr ERNEST H. MEYER ' A K English and W Social Studies , 3 H. ELIZABETH BUCK Girls' Physical Education IOHN F. DWIGHT Boys' Physical Education Languages IUNE W. REED Art ETHEL F. RANDOLPH IResigned February 19467 Music WILLIAM O. MECHLIN Practical Arts RUTH A. PATTERSON I" Home Economics I Qs S 151 FACULTY l. Office prcrctice with Miss Neiman. 2, Mrs. Lang, School Nurse. 3. Mr. Wagner, cz Iunior ct Albright College. 4. Mrs, Stcxrliper. 5. Parking lot und shop. 6. Miss Buck. 7. Faculty- Picnic Casualty. 8. Officer Maurice Lewis. 9. Miss Nash. 10. Mr. Meyer as cr college boy. ll. Mr. Dwight. flbl mbMfQ X X - . - - . I Y ' ! 1 .1J'Illl'11l1':.: Und l'l1Ull'll!1Q hlll-171101111111.1-llrtnt-nrflllfl f ,f, Jes F lx l l l 3 Eiliilifliiii AJ 44,4 vt ilifltfl Erfltflifirl PA1 Eliwdliiltslieil w :FF FF FF FF EF jgJJsA,1JJJ FflPPlF1tl f? , A +L l 1 + . R.lTl'F:ffBlElif.!Pl Senior lilass Sung - 1945 From halls endeared, we must depart O'er life's highways, far and near. Your lamp has been our guiding star Through the years we've spent with thee. The friendships and the memories dear With us shall always be so true, Where'er we go, we'l1 honor thee. Our dear T and E. 181 As we go forward in this world From our Alma Mater true, We'll carry on throughout the years With the knowledge gained through you. We now are strong in heart and soul: We'll use this strength to win our goal. So with fond memories in our hearts, We bid fond adieu. Words by Anna Toroni and Anna Natale Class llfficers Presxdent ....................4. Ierry BGIIUCCICIII Vlce Ptes1dent ..... .... V crlentmo Rubbo Secretary ..... ..... I rene Koons Treasurer . . . . . Corlnne Lobb Class Cnlnrs Green and White Class Mnlln "What We Do, We Become" Hnnnr Hull Icxrrcmnged alphabetically! IERRY PETER BERTUCCIATI WILLIAM BRINTON BROSIUS KLARA PENELOPE HARBAGE FAYE ANNA HOFFMAN REITA CORINNE LOBB WINIFRED MARY PATTISON SYLVESTER VICTOR SKATZ IEAN ELIZABETH STARLIPER IEAN STILWELL VIRGINIA FLORENCE STULL I19I ,,,.A: 5' V' , E K ,Vanin , 'YK iff-GM-1 aww 'X if 2. . Z :A ,fi we AO' -.-, ,- J W'-G, v W, ' .1 1- .I 3,63 g,3?,'1'gy-32311-ff5'7'w .A SENIIIHS 1. Bob Barnes, Ah yes! A Ford. 2. "Pot," "Dot" and Iune. 3. Which is Iennie, 4. Aren't they cuie! 5, Fun on the campus. 6. "Dee Dee." 7. Now, lane! 8. Sisterly Love. 9. Striking Cir- cle, IU. Grammar School. 11. Corinne. 12. Iunior High. 13. Men Working! 14. "Iohnny." l5. Annie and Doll. 16. Ethel. 17. "Roney" at cz tender age. 18. "lime," "Pot" cmd "Ginny" 19. The gang. 20. Lazy at gym class. 21. "Dot" cmd "Ginny." i201 -Q.. N3 .S 1 l SENIIIHS l. Chem. lab. 2. "Tina," gas jerker. 3. Schoolgirls. 4. Intra-mural hockey. 5. Some of the gang. G. Young love. 7. Betty, Marie, "Chum," "Dutch." 8. They got a touchdown, 9. Hop- skotch, IU "Ginny" ll. Dick and Barbara. 12. "Potts," at a very early age. 13. Women only! 14. lean and "Dot," l21l Seniors ELIZABETH AMEDEI Academic "Lizzy" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Homeroom Secretary XII, Athletic Association Repre- sentative XI, Library Assistant XII, Yearbook Statt XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Drum Majorette XI, XII, Bowling League X, Poster and Sign Club X, XI, XII: Class Ring Committee XI, Decorating Committee X, XI, XII. Petite and sweet, Elizabeth has managed to crowd into a tull study schedule a host ot school activities. She has been valuable on the yearbook statt, likes to sew and is interested in art. We hope she will soon achieve her ambition to drive her own car. ROBERT BARNES Academic "Ho" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Homeroom Vice-President Xl, XII, Monitor XII, Class Constitution Committee X, Nominating Committee XI, Aviation Club XI, Band X, XI. Although Bob is very quiet, he is well known because ot his mechanical "know how." The Berwyn auto grave- yard might be called his experimental lab because it has seen everything from his earliest contraptions to his lat- est "chariots" come and go. IERRY BERTUCCIATI Secretarial "Bert" Malvern, Pennsylvania Class President XII, Homeroom President XII, Home- room Vice-President X, Student Council X, Athletic As- sociation President XII, Monitor XI, XII, Senior Com- mencement Committee XI, Nominating Committee X, XII, Decorating Committee XI, Dance Committee X, XI, War Bonds and Stamps Committee X, Aviation Club XI. lerry is popular with his classmates, has a pleasant personality, and a co-operative attitude. He likes to read and particularly enjoys sports. His leadership has been valuable both in class and Student Council activities. When it comes to friendship, that's Ierry's "middle name," tor he has a smile that warms the hearts ot all who know him. MARY S. BEST Secretarial "Mary" Devon, Pennsylvania Newspaper Statt XI, XII, Yearbook Statt XII, Library Assistant XII, Field Day Events X, XI, Girls' Chorus X, Ways and Means Committee XII, Hot Dog Committee XII, Candy Committee XII. Quiet and pleasant, Mary has attractive wavy brown hair and a "peaches and cream" complexion. She is tond ot ice skating and dancing and her main interest is "Bob," Barnet and Bray mi 19115 BETTY ANN BRYSON Clerical "Wal" Malvern, Pennsylvania War Bonds and Stamps Committee Xlp Cafeteria Cash- ier XI, XII, Girls' Chorus X7 Cheer Leader Xl, Band XI: Field Day Events XI, XII. Betty is known to her friends as "Wal." She is very loyal and would do anything in the world for them. Every school morning finds her before the mirror chat- ting with "the gang." lf not seen, you can easily locate her by the "giggle." CATHERINE BUNCH Home Economics "Kitty" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Red Cross Representative X, Yearbook Staff XII: Finance Club X, War Bonds and Stamps Committee X, Hot Dog Committee XII, Field Day Events X, XI, Ath- letic Association Representative Xl, Cafeteria Assistant Xll. "Kitty" was voted the most dignified girl in our class, but that does not mean that she isn't fun. She spends most of her time in the home economics department and has been a valuable assistant in the cafeteria. DORIS BRADLEY Clerical "Dutch" Malvern, Pennsylvania Girls' Chorus Xllg Cafeteria Cashier XI, Xllg War Bonds and Stamps Committee Xlp Field Day Events XI: Bowling League XI. "Dutch" is always ready for a good joke, but she can also be very serious. When she smiles she has a cute dimple in her right cheek. She has a sweet personality and is well liked by everyone. "Dutch's" favorite sport is swimming. WILLIAM BROSIUS Academic "Bill" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Class Vice President Xlg Student Council X, XI, XII: Dance Orchestra Xl, XII, Monitor XI, XIIg Band X, XI, Football Manager XI, XIIQ Orchestra X, XI, Basket- ball Xp Track X, Xip Field Day Events XI. l'Bill" is one of the most active members of the class. His cheerful and intelligent manner has won him a dis- tinction among his classmates that very few people hold. His leadership as president of the Student Council and his position as senior manager of the football team prove him to be a well-rounded, well-liked fellow. E231 Garnet and Gray Seninrs THERESA CARBO Academic "Terry" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Yearbook Staff XII: Decorating Committee X, XI, XII: Poster and Sign Club X: Bowling League X: Cheer Leader X, XI, XII: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Hockey X, XI, XII: Basketball X, XI, XII. "Terry," a dark-haired, pleasant miss, is character- ized by her sweet smile, distinctive laugh and gentle disposition. One of her major interests is sports, in which she has been very active. She is especially fond of hockey, basketball and bowling. RENOLA CRABB Commercial "Ollie" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Yearbook Staff XII: Cafeteria Cashier XII: War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI: Field Day Events XI. Ollie, one of our "commercials," likes bookkeeping, movies and dancing, Her activities during the past three years have been varied and this year she has been help- ful on the yearbook staff. She is quiet and usually found with "DeeDee." EDWARD DALTON Secretarial "Eddie" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Class President X, XI: Homeroom President X, XI: Student Council XII: Athletic Association Representative XI, XII: Football X, XI, XII, Captain: Basketball X, XI: Baseball XI: Field Day Events X, Xl: Finance Club X, XI, XII: Class Ring Committee XI: Noon Dance Committee XI: Monitor XI, XII. A striking personality, a pleasing voice, a friendly smile, and you have Ed. He is an all-year sportsman but his favorite game is football. He has served the student body very well as a monitor and member of the Student Council. ALMA DAVIS Clerical "Chips" Stratford, Pennsylvania Hockey XII: Field Day Events X, XI: Ways and Means Committee XII: War Bonds and Stamps Com- mittee XI: Hot Dog Committee XII: Candy Committee XII: Decorating Cognmittee X: Newspaper Staff XI, XII: Yearbook Staff XII: Library Assistant XII. Who has a broad winning smile and that distinctive little laugh? lt's probably tall slim Alma. She loves to ice skate, is a wonderful sport, and an everlasting friend. All through high school Georgena has been her constant companion. Garnet and Gray I24l 1945 IOSEPH DISIMONE Clerical "Ioe" Devon, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XI. Ioe is a dark, good-looking lad whose main interest is music. He plays the drums and hopes some day to have his own orchestra. Very often he can be seen cruising through Malvern in his dad's Lincoln. Next to playing in an orchestra, he likes dancing best. MARIE DE YENNO Home Economics "Dolly" Devon, Pennsylvania Yearbook Staff XII: Baseball X: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Bowling League X, XI: Hot Dog Committee XII: Candy Committee XII: Girls' Banquet Committee XI, XII. This attractive, dark-haired young lady has a pleasing manner and rates high in the estimation of her class- mates. She is very co-operative and always willing to lend a hand. Sewing is one of her achievements, and collecting the latest records is her hobby. FRANK DI FELICE Practical Arts "Beefy" Malvern, Pennsylvania Orchestra X, XI, XIIQ Dance Committee XI, XII, Noon Dance Committee XI, XII, Motion Picture Operator XI, XII. Frank, who is better known to the boys as "Beefy," is a jack of all trades. He is Mr. Gray's chief assistant, in charge oi the music for noon and Student Council recording dances. Without him we would be at a loss in assembly, for who would set up the amplifier, run the movies or manipulate the slides? CATHERINE DE SIMONE Home Economics "Reds" Devon, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI, XII. Catherine is short, red-haired, has a winning smile and a cheery "hello" for all. She is good-natured, friendly and co-operative. "Reds" enjoys cooking and dancing and shows skill in both. tm Garnet and Gray I RICHARD DOBER Academic "Dick" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Entered from Port Richmond High School, Richmond, N. Y., XII, Basketball Assistant Manager XII. "Dick" entered T. E. early this year and immediately made a place for himself among us. His outstanding characteristic seems to be speed, tor he is quick of speech, thought and movement. Track is his main in- terest and he is credited with organizing the cross coun- try track team this year. IAMES DONBOCH Clerical "Hank" Radnor, Pennsylvania A clean cut, handsome chap with dark curly hair, "Hank" is interested in such outdoor sports as hunting, swimming and baseball. He likes variety in many things, especially girls. Iames hopes to join the Marine Corps in the spring. Garnet and Gray I26l Seniors ANNE DI DOMENIC Academic "Andy" Devon, Pennsylvania Athletic Association Representative XII, Hot Dog Com- mittee XII, Basketball X, Soft Ball X, Hockey X, XI, Field Day Events X, Xl, XII, Bowling League X. Anne is one of the quietest girls in our class. She takes her school work very seriously. Anne spends part of her time working in Wayne, but she has always found time to participate in our school activities. Anne has a kind word for everyone. LOUIS D'INNOCENZO Academic "Louie" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Football X, XI, XII, Baseball X, XII, Field Day Events XI, XII, Monitor Xl, XII, Decorating Committee XI. Lou played guard on the football team. He has a pleasing personality and a faculty for breaking things and getting into mischief. He spends much of his time trying to persuade his father to allow him to use the car to take out one of his many young lady friends, and ends by going on the train. 19115 IEAN DOWNING Clerical "leannie" Malvern, Pennsylvania Girls' Chorus X3 Field Day Events X, XI. "Ieannie" has long brown hair and a pleasant smile. She is dainty and full of pep, making her good company. Ready and helpful, you will find her always the same. RICHARD DUNKERTON Academic "Dunk" Stratford, Pennsylvania Class Vice President X, Student Council X, XI, XII, Newspaper Staff X, XI, XII, Monitor Xl, Cheer Leader XI, Field Day Events XI, Dramatic Club XII, Ways and Means Committee XII. Dick has a contagious smile. His keen sense oi humor and his ability to think things through have made him a valuable member of T. E. His hobby is writing which he has demonstrated by his work on the newspaper staff. IANE DORSANEO Clerical "Fran" Strafford, Pennsylvania Cheer Leader X, XI, Yearbook Stafi XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Cafeteria Cashier XI, XII. Tall and poised, "Fran's" ambition is to become an actress. She has given us several excellent assembly demonstrations of her ballet dancing. She is easy going and makes the best of whatever comes her way. "Fran" is usually found chatting with Betty about Saturday night's date. GEORGENA DOUCETTE Clerical "Georgie" Wayne, Pennsylvania Girls' Chorus XII, War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Basketball X, Field Day Events X, XI, Decorating Committee X. Full of pep and ready to laugh-that's "Georgie" She is a true pal, a good friend, and a willing helper. She enjoys dancing and can frequently be seen inventing a new 'liitterbugu step. mn Garnet and Bray Seniors IAMES DUNWOODY Practical Arts HDMI!" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Football XII: Field Day Events XI: Decorating Com- mittee XI. Smiling, happy-go-lucky "Dink" is well known around T. E. He is mechanically inclined and has supplemented his course with practical work in a garage at Malvern outside of school hours. His knowledge of mechanics and a pleasant disposition assure him of success. MARGUERITE DURANTO Clerical "Maggie" Paoli, Pennsylvania Drum Majorette X, XI, XII: Hockey X: I-Iomeroom Treasurer X: Cafeteria Cashier XI, XII: War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI: Field Day Events X, XI, XII. "Maggie" is good-hearted and friendly. She makes friends easily and is liked by everyone. Most of the time she is very care-free: but once in a while she will sur- prise you and will become very serious. CARMEN ELLISON Secretarial "Carm" Malvern, Pennsylvania Homeroom Secretary X, XI: I-Iomeroom Treasurer XII: Red Cross Representative X: Yearbook Staff XII: Cheer- leader XI, XII: Field Day Events X, Xl: Girls' Chorus X: Decorating Committee XI: Ways and Means Committee XII. Carmen is a short, attractive blonde, full of excess en- ergy. She is carefree and jolly, and her friendliness and sincerity have made her a lavorite at T. E. Dancing, combing her hair and eating hamburgers are her spe- cialties. IOI-IN EVANS Practical Arts "Piggy" Paoli, Pennsylvania Poster and Sign Club XI, XII: Score Board X, XI, XII. Unassuminq but not retiring, lohn seems to find plenty to talk about to Holland in homeroom two. He has done a good job in charge of the "down" box and yard mark- e.s at football games and was also in charge of the electric signboard tor basketball. Garnet and Gray mi 19115 BEATRICE FORD Home Economics "Bea" Malvern, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI, Bowling League X, XI, Candy Committee XII, Girls' Banquet Committee XII, Yearbook Stott XII. "Bea" is a quiet and retiring home economics student. She has served on several committees, and outside oi school hours has been working at Great Valley Mills. Skating is her hobby, which she greatly enjoys. IANE FUNKHOUSER Academic "Ianie" Paoli, Pennsylvania Ways and Means Committee XII, Yearbook Stall XII, Basketball X, XI, XII, Tennis X, XI, XII, Hockey XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Bowling League X, Dra- matic Club XII, Hot Dog Committee XII, Girls' Banquet Committee XI. lane is always ready to supply a laugh when things are dull, and her irresistible giggle may burst torth any- where at any time. Her ability as a leader showed in the way she handled the hot dog committee, a sore sub- iect in the days ot rationing. From tootball season on "Ianie" and her hot dogs could bring a laugh to all who knew and understood. HELEN R. FAZZINI Secretarial "Lin" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Homeroom Treasurer X, Library Assistant XII, Year- book Staft XII, Athletic Association Representative XII, Girls' Chorus X, Field Day Events X, XI, Bowling League X. Lovely brown eyes, curly brown hair and a pleasing disposition are a lew ot "Lin's" characteristics. Her lus- cious cakes have made many mouths water at lunch time. Her tacttulness will help her a great deal in her business career. BARBARA FOGG Academic "Foggy" Malvern, Pennsylvania Red Cross Representative X, XI, Basketball X, Hockey X, XI, XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Orchestra X, XI, XII, Band X, Bowling League X, Dramatic Club XII, I-Iot Dog Committee XII, Decorating Committee X, XI, Yearbook Stafl XII. Vivacious, energetic and prominent in sports and school activities is Barbara. She is recognized by her bright yellow hair and a pair ot the bluest eyes in T. E. Although quiet and unobtrusive, she has a poise and charm that has gained tor her the respect and triend- ship of all her classmates. not Garnet and Bray Seniors BERNICE HAMPTON Secretarial l'Deedee" Malvern, Pennsylvania Homeroom Secretary X5 Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Invitation Committee XI: Yearbook Statf XII, Red Cross Representative XII. Bernice, better known to her friends as "Deedee," is a favorite in her crowd. She is always ready and willing to do her share. Her beautiful penmanship will be an as- set in her business career, and the ability to find the bright side of things will take her a long way in the world. DORIS HAMPTON Secretarial "Dorrie" Phoenixville, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Ways and Means Com- mittee XII. "Dorrie" is a fun-loving girl with a wonderful sense of humor which has acquired for her many friends at T-E. She has made many dull moments bright with her witty remarks and we wish her success and happiness in the future. swf. gifs' KLARA HARBAGE Academic "Penny" Devon, Pennsyvania Basketball X, XI, XII, Tennis X, XI, XII, Hockey X, XI, XII: Field Dcxy Events X, XI, XII, Bowling League Xp Poster and Sign Club X, XI: Decorating Committee X, XI, Nominating Committee Xp Yearbook Staff XII. "Penny" is found wherever something is happening. This versatile lass with lovely, blond wavy hair is one of the most earnest rooters for the school. She has been a valuable member of our class. We are all thrilled by her accomplishments in art. Good luck in everything you do, "Penny," LYNDEL I-IARTSHORNE Practical Arts "Smoke" Malvern, Pennsylvania Homeroom Vice-President XII, Basketball XI, Field Day Events XI, Aviation Club X5 Ways and Means Com- mittee XII, Decorating Committee X, Xl, Nominating Committee XI. Lyndel is better known as "Smoke" He has served well on various committees, is a good dancer and plays basketball, ln his spare time he works in a drug store. Barnet and Gray moi 19115 CHARLES HITCHENS Academic "Hitch" Stratford, Pennsylvania Track X, XI, XII: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Ways and Means Committee XII. A talented and active young man is Charlie. He is a sportsman on the playing field and off, and his pleasant personality will be an asset in his lifetime pursuits. He is a track man and his hobby is collecting photographs and stamps. PATRICIA HOBSON Secretarial "Pat" Devon, Pennsylvania I-Iomeroom Treasurer XI: Basketball X: Hockey X, XII: Field Day Events X, XI: Bowling League X, XI: Hot Dog Committee XII: Candy Committee XII: Class Ring Committee XI: Invitation Committee XI. Blond-haired and lots of fun, "Pat" is fond of all sports and participates in many. She is cr very active person and always on the go. She also enjoys humorous plc- tures, especially those starring Danny Kaye. Because she is persevering, she will succeed in whatever she chooses to do. K WILLIAM HAUSER Academic "Bill" Malvern, Pennsylvania Homeroom President XI, XII: Homeroom Vice-President X: Basketball X: Cross Country XII: Dance Committee XI: Field Day Events XI, XII: Noon Dance Committee XII: Nominating Committee XII: Monitor XI, XII. Easy-going and unhurried, Bill is a popular member of our class. ln addition to his genuine interest in school activities, he is a real sports fan. lf there's any- thing about baseball that you want to know, just ask Bill. IANE M. HICKMAN Secretarial "lanie" Malvern, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI: Drum Majorette X, XI. Iolly and carefree, lane strolls through the halls with a merry "hello" for everyone. Studies are the least ot her worries, but she holds down a job outside of school hours, and her pleasing personality has won her many friends. I31l Garnet and Gray Seniors FAYE HOFFMAN Secretarial "Faye" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Homeroom Secretary XI, XII, Athletic Association Treasurer XII, Athletic Association Representative X, Nominating Committee XI, Finance Club X, XI, XII, Basketball X, XI, Hockey X, XI, Field Day Events X, Red Cross Representative X. Quiet, good-natured, and with humor and fun, she is dependable, willing to lend a hand and pleasant to know. Her tedious and laborious hours of work in the Finance Club have been invaluable but have not inter- fered with her studies. ROBERT HOLLAND Practical Arts "Ducky" Paoli, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, Poster and Sign Club XII. "Ducky" is a very happy sort of fellow, His specialty is cars-all makes and models. He likes to hunt, too, and considers the first day of hunting season a holiday. At school he has helped to operate the scoreboard at the football games very efficiently. Enlisted in the United States Army Air Corps, February 14, l946. my , pgtfsi lil 1 t'-' VIRGINIA HOLMAN Academic "Ginny" Devon, Pennsylvania Entered from Caernarvon High School, Morgentown, Pa., Xl, Library Assistant XII, Candy Committee XII, Hot Dog Committee XII, Ways and Means Committee XII, Bowling League XI, Field Day Events XI, XII, Ten- nis XII. Ginny is tops on everyone's list for she has a won- derful personality and a beautiful beaming smile. Music is one of her main interests, she enjoys dancing and singing. lt is very possible that you could also find Ginny horseback riding for she is always busy with some activity. EDWARD HOLMES Clerical "Eddie" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Football X, XI, XII, War Bonds and Stamps Commit- tee XI, Field Day Events X. "Eddie" is characterized by his quiet resourceful manner. He is well known tor that "educated toe" which plants the ol' pigskin squarely through the uprights. His hobby is writing poetry. Barnet and Bray I32l 1945 HAZEL IOHNSON Academic "War" Malvern, Pennsylvania Ways and Means Committee XII, Yearbook Stott XII, Field Day Events XI, XII. Laughing eyes and a cheery smile direct you to Hazel. Hazel's loud giggles help to brighten many a dull spot in school. Her carefree manner was missed due to her absence at the beginning of this school year. Here's wishing the best for her in the future. BETTY KING Clerical "Boots" Berwyn, Pennsylvania War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Girls' Chorus Xl, XII, Field Day Events X, XI. "Boots" is small and blond, full oi pep and always ready to be helpful. She has a sweet singing voice and quick light feet on the dance floor. Her hobby is playing the piano. DOROTHEA HUEMMRICH Academic "Dot" Stratford, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XI, XII, Hockey XI, XII, Field Day Events XI, XII, Poster and Sign Club X, Ways and Means Committee XII, Hot Dog Committee XII, Candy Committee XII, Library Assistant XI, XII. This tall, slim "Dot" has been an indispensable part of our hockey squad as its efficient manager. She is fun to be with because of her unending chatter and dry sense of humor, Everyone is amazed at the length of the stride Dot possesses, especially in getting to the lunch line. WILLIAM IEZZI Clerical "Willie" Malvern, Pennsylvania War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Decorating Committee X, XI, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Senior Commencement Committee XI. Carefree and nonchalant, "Willie" is present one day and absent the next. He has dark wavy hair and tells humorous stories well. He is friendly and lots of fun at all times. mi Barnet and Gray CORINNE LOBB Commercial "Debby" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Class Treasurer X, XI, XII, Homeroom Secretary X, XII, Athletic Association Representative X, XI, Red Cross Representative XI, Basketball X, XI, XII, Hockey X, XI, XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Tennis XII, Or- chestra X, Xl, Finance Club X, XI, XII, Dance Commit- tee XI, Class Constitution X. This fair-haired, bright-eyed student is known for her ability to support the opposite side of any argument. She did an excellent job as class treasurer for three years and was also active in sports. "Debby's" ambi- tion, initiative, self-conhdence and enthusiasm will al- ways keep her out in "front." WERNER LUCHT Academic "Lucht" Leopard, Pennsylvania Student Council X, XI, XII, Nominating Committee XI, Field Day Events X, XI, Basketball X. Werner's outstanding quality is his excessive height. He towers above everyone else at a 6'4"Valtitude. He is quiet, but extremely witty, and possesses the keen ability to think things through. His activity list indicates his varied interests. Barnet and Gray I 341 Seniors "Renie" Paoli, Pennsylvania Class Secretary X, XI, XII, I-Iomeroom Vice-President XI, Athletic Association Secretary XII, Yearbook Staff XII, Hockey X, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Drum Majorette X, XI, XII, Bowling League X, Dance Com- mittee X, Candy Committee XII, Decorating Commit- tee XI. Quiet and efficient is our little class secretary. Irene has a sweet reserved disposition, and there is a soft kindness in her lovely dark brown eyes. We doubt if you have ever heard her speak a harsh word, and we ' all agree she is delightful company. "Ellie" Malvern, Pennsylvania Newspaper Stalt X, Xl, War Bonds and Stamps Com- mittee XI, XII. A sweet, dimply smile and a lovely personality make "Ellie" one of the best pals of the senior class. She is full of fun and mischief and seems to be having a good time wherever she may be. With that delightful person- alify and plenty of ambition she will surely succeed. 19115 ELEANOR MCKEEMAN Secretarial "Eleanor" Frazer, Pennsylvania Softball XII: Field Day Events X, XII: Yearbook Staff XII. Eleanor is a quiet, sincere person with gorgeous red hair. She is usually tound in Room 4 with a shorthand book in her hand. Loyal and dependable, she should go far in this world because of her ability to do well any- thing she undertakes. ROBERT C. MCLEAN Clerical "Lindy" Devon, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X. Robert is a good tellow, always ready tor a good time and full of fun. He likes to sing, and we hope that his voice will give many people pleasure in the future as it has given us enjoyment at school. f fxtiksgrg, - . W 1 ,N . . X ANNA MARIE MANENTI Secretarial "Annie" Stratford, Pennsylvania Finance Club XI: Class Ring Committee XI: Yearbook Staff XII. ln addition to a sweet disposition and a cheery smile, Anna has been gifted with that wonderful virtue-pa- tience. She goes about everything with efficiency and accuracy. Her good sense of humor and ability to do things will aid her in her desired profession. Good Luck, Annie! WILLIAM MATEER Secretarial "Bill" Paoli, Pennsylvania Football XII: Basketball XI, XII: Field Day Events X, Xl, XII: Projection Operator X, XI, XII. Bill's ability to keep one laughing is a definite asset. He is a loyal and ardent T. E. rooter, a staunch sup- porter of the Paoli Fire Company, and a good tellow, His hobby is cars. He has a flare for poetry, and his usual location is the Mateer News Agency. mn Garnet and Bray upatu ANNA MAGDALEN NATALE Secretarial "Ann" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Homeroom Treasurer X, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Orchestra X, XI, XII, Girls' Chorus X, Nominating Com- mittee XI, Dance Orchestra XI, XII. Carefree, talkative and happy, Anna is also neat and fastidious in appearance. These qualities should assure her success in the business world, Anna is also definitely musical and has been a real asset to our Swing Band and orchestra. DOMINICK NUDY Clerical "Io-Io" Stratford, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XI, XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Baseball XII, Monitor XI, XII, War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Noon Dance Committee XII, Student Council XII. "lo-lo," the efficient monitor who directs traffic in front of room nine, is a good basketball player and a favorite among his classmates. He is known as the best soda ierlcer in Stratford. His hearty smile, reserved manner, and politeness are the outstanding features of this small but energetic chap. Garnet and Bray mi Snninrs PATRICIA MILLER Secretarial Paoli, Pennsylvania Field Day Events XI, Girls' Chorus X, Decorating Committee X, XI, Invitation Committee X. This attractive, friendly girl, who is full ot fun and has a lceen sense of humor, is an active secretarial stu- dent. She is also an ardent football tan and can be seen at the games yelling tor old T-E. No matter how busy, Pat has time to lend a helping hand. BENJAMIN H. MOSTELLER Practical Arts "Benny" Malvern, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Poster and Sign Club XII, War Bonds and Stamps Committee X, Candy Com- mittee X. Ben is a courteous, hard-working, conscientious young man. He has been very helpful in taking charge of the football posters, and he excels in mechanical drawing. He is the only member ot our class who sports a mus- tache. We think it's becoming, too! 1945 WINIFRED M. PATTISON Academic "Pat" Paoli, Pennsylvania Homeroom Secretary X: Yearbook Stafi XII: Student Council XI, XII: Girls' Banquet Committee XI: Invita- tion Committee X: Nominating Committee X, XII: Dec- orating Committee XI: Hot Dog Committee XII: Dance Committee X, XI, XII: War Bonds and Stamps Commit- tee XI: Dramatic Club XII: Bowling League X: Orchestra X: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Hockey X, XI, XII: Tennis X, XI, XII: Basketball X, Xl, XII. "Pat" is recognized by her slim height and brilliant red hair. She can be seen almost anywhere in her lit- tle ol' Ford which she calls "losie." She has proved again and again her mastery ot athletics and captained our hockey team through a successful season. "Pat" is a good student and possesses a spirit and willingness that helped so much to better our class. ELLEN PI-'ITZENMEYER Academic "Ellen" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI. Ellen is one ot the quieter members ot our class, but this does not stop her from having many friends. This brown-haired, dark-eyed, slender girl is a conscientious worker and co-operates in everything she is asked to do. Her quiet ways and unassuming manner make her wel- come among us. ' .WN DOLORES OLCINA Secretarial "De" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Year Book Stall XII. Dolores is a short, light-haired girl with a friendly smile tor all. Her pleasing personality and love ot lite have won her many triends. Dolores will make a good secretary and we are certain she will reach her desired goal. MAFALDA Pl-XOLIZZI Secretarial "Muffy" Devon, Pennsylvania Newspaper Stall XI, XII. "Muffy" is small in stature, folly and lun-loving. She may seem quiet, but her very best triends will tell you that she possesses a keen sense ot humor and gives a helping hand whenever it is needed. tm Barnet and Gray Seniors IENNIE PILOTTI Secretarial "lennie" Devon, Pennsylvania Homeroom Secretary XI, Red Cross Representative X, Yearbook XII, Student Council X, Newspaper Stall XI, XII, Dance Committee X, XI, Ways and Means Com- mittee XII, Bowling League X, Cheer Leader XII, Girls' Chorus X, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Hockey X, XI, XII, Basketball X, XI, XII. A sweet smile, lovely dark eyes and shining black hair combined with a pleasant personality are only a few of Iennie's characteristics. Always agreeable and ready to help with anything worthwhile, she rates high with all of us. MARY PINER Academic "Piner" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XI, Softball X, Hockey X, Xl, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Orchestra X, Band X, Ways and Means Committee XII, Yearbook Staff Xll. "Piner" is a happy, fun-loving, hard-working girl, al- ways ready to help out when she can, "Piner" is one of the iolliest members of our class. She is liked by all who come in contact with her. IEAN PINKERTON Clerical "Pinky" Malvern, Pennsylvania Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Girls' Chorus X, Cafe- teria Cashier XII. Sweet and polite is this strawberry blonde. "Pinky" is the smallest girl in our class and we wouldn't be at all complete without her. Whenever there is a dance, just plan on meeting Pinky as this is one of her fa- vorite pastimes. lean is very friendly and you can be sure that when you see her, Mimi will be there too. IOHN POTTS Academic "Iohnny" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Homeroom President X, Homeroom Vice-President XII, Dance Orchestra XI, XII, Decorating Committee X, Aviation Club XI, Band X, XI, Orchestra X, XI, XII, Field Day Events X, XI, Baseball X, Basketball X, XI, XII, Football Xl. Full of pep, "I. P." is our Swing Band's outstanding drummer. Iohn is nonchalant, never hurries, and his many "flames" come and go. He can usually be seen with Lou and Iohn laughing at each other's corny jokes. Garnet and Gray mi 1945 GLORIA I.. ROBINSON Home Economics "Glo" Devon, Pennsylvania Yearbook Staff XII, Girls' Banquet Committee XI, Candy Committee XII, Decorating Committee XI, Field Day Events XI, XII. Gloria is a faithful student and always has her home work done. Although she is usually quiet, you can ex- pect her to say something to set the whole class laugh- ing. Because of her jolly manner and her good disposi- tion, she has made many friends at T. E. IEAN ROF I Secretarial "lean" Devon, Pennsylvania Library Assistant XII, Baseball X, Hockey X, XII, Girls' Chorus XI, Field Day Events XI, War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Hot Dog Committee XII, Candy Committee X, XII, Class Ring Committee XI, lean has dark brown hair and a winning smile. She is lull of fun, keeps a crowd laughing, and a party could never be dull with lean there. She works in Potfs' Drug Store out of school hours, likes to read, and her favorifc crooner is Frank Sinatra. DOROTHY RAMBO Academic "Dot" Paoli, Pennsylvania Ways and Means Committee XII, Basketball X, XI, XII, Hockey X, XI, XII, Softball X, Golf X, Bowling League XI, Dramatic Club XII, Hot Dog Committee XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Orchestra X, XI, XII. A deep, hearty laugh will direct you immediately to "Dot." Her slow reaction to jokes keeps everyone con- stantly amused. Her thrill is horses, her hobby music, and her outstanding ability in various sports is well remembered. RICHARD RICHARDS Secretarial "Dick" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Monitor XI, XII, Yearbook Statt XII, Red Cross Repre- sentative X, Decorating Committee XI, Candy Commit- tee XII, Ways and Means Committee XII, Aviation Club X, XI, Field Day Events XI, Score Board Committee XII. Tall, dark and handsome is Dick. He has added a spark of gaiety to many a dull class and has served faithfully in many capacities during his high school ca- reer. We understand that his l'thrill" is girls and his hobby "doing homework!" mi Garnet and Gray Seniors GERTRUDE ROMANO Clerical "Gertie" Paoli, Pennsylvania Cateteria Cashier XI, XII: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI: Candy Commit- tee XII. "Gertie" is one ot the quieter girls ot our class. She has a shy smile and wavy black hair. Her inquisitive questions and dithculty with spelling have caused many laughs in het section. IANE RONEY Academic "Honey" Devon, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XI, XII: Softball X: Hockey X, XI: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Drum Majorette X, XI, XII: Bowl- ing League X: Candy Committee XII: Library Assistant XII. You can recognize lane by her short, slightly curly hair and a big broad smile. She is a "whiz" in Latin and French, and is also a "slugger" on the baseball dia- mond. Her wondertul personality and sense ot humor have made her one ot the outstanding girls in our class. EDWARD ROSATO Academic "Eddie" Devon, Pennsylvania Football X, XI, XII: Track X, XI, XII: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Monitor XI, XII: Basketball X, XI: Noon Dance Committee XII. "Eddie," along with being one ot our outstanding athletes, has proved himselt to be one ot our best stu- dents, He has many triends and his quiet, soft-spoken manner has gained him the respect ot all. DOROTHY ROSSITER Academic "Dotty" Wayne, Pennsylvania Tennis X, XI: Hockey X, XI: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Orchestra X, XII: Drum Majorette X, XI, XII: Bowling League X: Dance Committee XI: Decorating Committee X, Xl: Invitation Committee X: Girls' Ban- quet Committee XI: Red Cross Representative XI: Year- book Stati XII. With a flashing smile and a toss of her long tresses, Dot makes an impressive picture as first lady ot the T-E band. Dot is our vivacious drum maior. The nursing profession will gladly welcome "Dotty," this sparkling- eyed beauty ot T-E '46. Garnet and Bray l40l 1945 ANTHONY SEGUI, IR. Clerical "Tony" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Student Council XI, Track X, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Orchestra X, XI, XII, Band X, XI, XII, War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Decorating Committee XI, Library Assistant X, XI. Carefree and nonchalant, Tony lets very few things bother him. He is a member of the school band, but has a habit of forgetting his instrument. He can entertain at great length on the subject of past experiences and future intentions, and he seems particularly attracted to the junior class. WAYNE SHAINLINE Academic "Shenny" Malvern, Pennsylvania "Shenny," our lucky class butcher, is the inseparable companion of Hauser. He is full of "wise cracks" with a winning smile and folly disposition. Mechanically in- clined and a "grease monkey" at heart, he spends most of his time in his black and yellow "Chevy." VALENTINO RUBBO Clerical "Tina" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Homeroom President X, XI, XII, Class Vice-President XII, Athletic Association Vice-President XII, Football X, XI, XII, Basketball X, XI, XII, Baseball X, XI, XII, War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI, Noon Dance Com- mittee XII, Nominating Committee XII, Monitor XI, XII. Sports and "Tina" are inseparable. An outstanding, fleet-footed halfback, "Tina" has contributed much to the success of our team. His dark complexion, flashing smile, neatness and courtesy have made him one of the most popular boys in our class. IUNE ANN SAVITS Academic "lune" Paoli, Pennsylvania Drum Maiorette X, XI, XII, Athletic Association Representative X, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Orchestra X, Dramatic Club XII, Dance Committee XI, Nominating Committee X, Yearbook Staff XII. With her graceful back bend, her fast twirling baton and a lively strut, lune helped make T. E.'s band com- plete. The Post Office is the place where you will most likely see lune waiting for the "male" call. Around school we often heard her chattering about peanut brit- tle, fruit cakes, and the art ot soda jerking, i411 Barnet and Gray Seniors SYLVESTER SKATZ Secretarial USVI" Malvern, Pennsylvania Finance Club X, XI, XII, Athletic Association Repre- sentative Xlg Field Day Events X5 Nominating Commit- tee XI. Dubbed "Syl" by his classmates, this well liked, hard-working student is known to everyone at T. E. He is good hearted, industrious, and has made an excellent school record. "Syl" is a great debater and has very htm views from which he cannot be shaken. LYDIA SLIDER Home Economics 'lButCh" Malvern, Pennsylvania Girls' Chorus X, XI, Cafeteria Assistant XII. "Lyd" is a shy person who always does her work taithtully and in a quiet way. She was usually found bright and early in 12 and 13 with Eleanor. Her help in the cafeteria was greatly appreciated. LOUIS SMITH Practical Arts "Lou" Malvern, Pennsylvania Aviation Club X, XI. Lou, who hails from Malvern, has a great sense ot humor. Racing in his black "Chevy" is his greatest thrill, His interests include aviation and racing. SHIRLEY STACKHOUSE Clerical "Punlcin" Paoli, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XI, Girls' Chorus Xllg Drum Majorette X, XII, Bowling League X, XI: Candy Committee XII, Newspaper Stati XII. gal's envy, isn't it? Shirley is the lucky lass to possess those locks. She is lull ot lun and obliging and helptul. We wish her all Light, naturally wavy hair is every the success in the world in her luture. Garnet and Gray I42I 19115 IEAN STILWELL Academic "Stilwell" Paoli, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XI: Hockey X, XI, XII: Field Day Events X, Xlg Bowling League Xp Hot Dog Committee XII, Yearbook Stall XII. Fair and studious, lean is outstanding in the classroom as well as in sports. She excels in chemistry, is a hard hitter in hockey, and her hobby is photography. Al- ways lull ot tun, she is "tops" in our estimation. ROSALENA STROMAN Academic "RQ" Wayne, Pennsylvania Basketball X5 Hockey X, Xl: Yearbook Stall Xllg Field Day Events X, XI, XII. Rosalena is very ambitious. She is talented in art and is well known tor her very good drawings ot peo- ple and places. She is tond ot sports, particularly hockey, Congenial to all, Rosalena is the type ot girl who we all know will succeed. l IEAN STARLIPER Academic "lean" Paoli, Pennsylvania Homeroom Treasurer Xllg Ways and Means Commit- tee XII: War Bonds and Stamps Committee Xllg Drum Majorette X, XI, XIIg Orchestra X5 Library Assistant XII: Tennis X, XI: Field Day Events X, Xlp Decorating Committee X, XIg Bowling League X. With dark curly hair, a twinkle in her eye and an answer to any question you may ask her,-that's lean. When not twirling a baton, loan spends most ot her time gabbing to "Dot" about the wonderlul birds in Downingtown. lean may appear to be meek, but when she let's loose-beware! ZENAIDE STERN Home Economics "Cham" Frazer, Pennsylvania Yearbook Stall XIIg Field Day Events X, XI, Basket- ball Xg Baseball X5 Candy Committee XII. "Chum" is a very good sport. She can usually be seen in the midst ot a group ot classmates laughing, talking, or telling a joke. She is triendly with everyone and is well liked. Her hobby is going to T-E's tootball games and yelling loudly in support ot the team. tm Barnet and Bray Seniors VIRGINIA STULL Secretarial "Ginny" Devon, Pennsylvania Homeroom President X, Homeroom Treasurer XI, Student Council X, XII, Finance Club X, Xl, XII, War Bonds and Stamps Committee X, XI, Candy Committee XII: Class Rings Committee Xl, Decorating Committee XI, Nominating Committee X, Athletic Association X, XI, Bowling League X, XI, Basketball X, XI, Softball X, XI, Hockey X, XII, Field Day Events X, XI, XII. Ginny is ambitious and intelligent. She has received two American Legion Awards and we expect her to go far in this world. She is honest and trustworthy and likes to have fun. Always dependable, she has plenty ot tact and understanding. She likes dancing, eating, movies and has a varied interest in sports. IOHN TAYLOR Academic "lack" Devon, Pennsylvania Football XI, XII, Basketball Manager X, Basketball XI, Field Day Events X, XI, XII, Track X, Aviation Club X, Dance Committee XI, Athletic Association Rep- resentative X. Iack's pleasing disposition and magnetic personality make him one of the best liked members of our class, He has participated in various sports and has many other interests. Being full of fun and a hard worker, his future will no doubt be a prosperous one. ETHEL M. THOMSON Clerical "Mickey" Malvern, Pennsylvania Girls' Chorus XI, XII, Candy Committee XI, Decorat- ing Committee XI, Newspaper Staff XII. Ethel is an active senior with a smile and a cheerful "hello" for everyone. Her favorite activity is Girls' Chorus and she enjoys playing the piano in her spare time. Ethel's dependability, initiative, and poise will be valuable assets in her future undertakings. ANNE TORONI Secretarial "Annie" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Basketball X, XII, Softball X, XII, Tennis XII, Hockey X, XI, Field Day Events XI, Band X, XI, XII, Drum Majorette X, XI, XII, Bowling League X, Dramatic Club XII. A cute, brown-eyed fun maker with a highly con- tagious giggle can be identihed as Annie. She has a wonderful sense of humor and can supply highly de- scriptive details to almost anything. One of her greatest thrills is to go to a performance of the opera "Carmen." Her ambition is to become a journalist. Barnet and Gray an 19115 PI-IYLLIS WILSON Academic "Phyl" Malvern, Pennsylvania Homeroom Secretary X: Yearbook Staff XII: Red Cross Representative X, XI: Athletic Association Representa- tive X, XI: Entertainment Committee XI, XII: Orchestra X, XI, XII: Cheer Leader XI, XII: Dramatic Club XII: War Bonds and Stamps Committee X, XI: Dance Committee X, XI: Basketball XII: Candy Committee XII: Decorating Committee XI, XII: Invitation Committee XI: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Golf XII. There is so much to tell about "Phyl." What would school have been without her? Her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes and her winsome personality have won for her the popularity she deserves. Her feet were made to dance. Her tongue will not stay still and her peppy cheerleading is the backbone of our games. Good luck, "Phyl," in the musical career you have chosen, EDWARD WOLFE Practical Arts "Fizzer" Berwyn, Pennsylvania Yearbook Staff XII: Football XII: Basketball XI: Base- ball X, XI: Track XI: Field Day Events XI: Ways and Means Committee XII: Decorating Committee X, XI: Score Board Committee XI. Good-natured, hard-working, and always ready with a bit of humor, that's "Fizzer," as he is known through- out the school. lf not seen selling candy at noon, you'll find him having a good time with his many friends. it ANNA R. WALKER Clerical "Anne" Malvern, Pennsylvania War Bonds and Stamps Committee XI: Bowling League XI: Girls' Chorus XII: Field Day Events X, XI, XII: Cafeteria Cashier XI, XII. Anne, a short member of our class, hails from Mal- vern, "Iolliness" is Anna's outstanding characteristic. She has a delightful, musical laugh and her pleasant disposition has won her many friends. Dancing is one of her favorite pastimes. HARRY WILSON Practical Arts "Harry" Malvern, Pennsylvania Homeroom Vice-President XII: Baseball X, XI, XII: Dance Committee XI: Decorating Committee XI: Noon Dance Committee XII: Nominating Committee X, XI, XII: Monitor XI, XII: Field Day Events XI, XII: Cross Country Track XII. Harry is the strong, silent type. His chief interests are track and basketball, in which latter he is an outstand- ing player. He keeps close tabs on the professional base- ball and football players, too. A shy smile and nice fea- tures resulted in his being voted the best-looking fellow in our class. He can be seen usually in his garnet and gray Austin. H51 Barnet and Gray MATTHEW YELOVICH Secretarial "Matt" Paoli, Pennsylvania Golf Xp Field Day Events X, Xl, Xllg Orchestra X, XI, XII, Band X, XI, XII. "Matt" has an outstanding personality which has won him many friends. He is a practical joker and always ready tor a laugh. He has participated in many ot our musical affairs and we suspect that he may be a tuture Tommy Dorsey. Tall, handsome, and with a twinkle in his eyes, we predict a bright tuture. uk ak 'Ir 'A' These boys, former members Forces before our senior year: 1. Ioseph I. Malloy 2. Walter R. Dawson 3. Eugene Holmes 4. Frank L. Stetson X . "-, ' ',. Q . f U ..,' L n 12,5 X X i g,j,v'3'f' ,I f . 4.-12' l lx do ot our class, left school to join the Armed 5 6 7 8 . Donald P. Galloway . Paul W. Fry . Iames I. Nardi . Robert N. Banks ,,.. 5 in 1 As Q." t an fe ' E461 A SENIIIIFS PAREWELI. 1 Three years ago, in forty-three, I entered senior high, A frightened little sophomore Who knew not "how or why." 2 My homeroom I had hardly found- A bell I-'Twas time to pass. I'd never make it, I was sure, In time for my first class. 3 Not till I'd found the classroom And slipped into my place, Did I venture to look 'round me For iust one familiar face. 4 Soon I gave a little sigh And thought, "Oh, gollyl Geel I know I'm going to like 'these kids': I do hope they like mel" 5 We soon became quite friendly: They all were grand to me. Before too many weeks went by, I grew to love T.E. I 6 In spite of lessons hard and long There was time for gaietyg I found that 'l'.E. operates As one big family. 13 To all the things that one holds dear One cannot say "good-bye": You know that I have loved you, God bless you, T.E. I-ligh. 7 The teachers all were thoughtful And helpful there at school, With each one doing his own part To apply the Golden Rule. My sophomore year sped quickly by- A grand and glorious year. New interests found, new friendships And each one still held dear. 9 'Twas in my junior year, I found That teachers, girls and boys, Share all a student's sorrows As well as all her joys. 10 At last my senior year is here- How it rushes to a close! What must I face? What lies ahead? Not one of us really knows. 11 I understand that I must go Into the world to take my place: I feel that I'm prepared to meet The joys and troubles I will face. 12 Now that it's time to leave the halls Of dear old 'l'.E. High, I look back rather longingly And heave a little sigh. PHYLLIS WILSON, '46 I47l made ill I .W Lf., SENIUH SUPEHLATIVES l. Best Athletes-Winilred Pattison-Valentino Rubbo. 2. Best Looking-Dorothy Rossiter- Harry Wilson. 3. Most Carefree-lane Roney-William Mateer. 4. Most Promising-Virginia Stull-William Brosius. 5. Most Polite-lrene Koons-Ierry Bertucciati. B. Most School Spir- ited, Most Popular, Most Typical H. S. Student and Most Outstanding Personality-Phyllis Wilson-Edward Dalton. 7. Most Dignilied-Catherine Bunch-Harry Wilson. 8. Most Artistic --Klara Harbage-Charles Hitchens. Not pictured: Most Versatile-Winilred Pattison-Edward Dalton. Best Sense of Humor-Iane Roney- Iohn Potts. Most Indifierent-Hazel Iohnson-Iohn Taylor. Most Winning Smile-Dorothy Rossiterxlohn Potts. i481 1 f O' n Y 1 .ff l 1 +u,',.. .pf A N., 1 X SENIIJH !ilIPEHL!X'I'lVE5 1. Most Patient cmd Most Obligingv-Faye Hoffman-Jerry Bertuccicxti. 2. Best Dressed-Phyllis Wilson-Ioseph De Simone. 3. Most Inquisitive-Gertrude Romano-Ioseph De Simone. 4. Most Iolly-Dorothy Rambo---Iohn Potts, 5. Best Dancers-Marguerite Durcxnto-Matthew Yclovich. 6. Quietest-Lydia Slider-Harry Wilson. 7. Most Flirtations-Iune Scxvits-Wi1- licim Iezzi. 8. Most Tulkotive-Corinne Lobb-Sylvester Skctz. 9, Most Musical-Annu Ncztcxle --Iohn Potts. IU. Most OriginC1lfAnne Toroni-Louis D'Innocenzo. Not pictured: Most Studious-Ieun Stilwell-Sylvester Skcxtz. Most Independent-Klura Hcirbcxge--William Brosuis Wittiest-lane Honey-Louis D'Innocenzo. Friendliest-Icme Honey-Ierry Bertucci- ati. Most Intellectuc11iVirginicx Stull-William Brosuis. l49l 1 CLASS HISTIJHY We entered senior high school as timid little sopho- mores on September 9, 1943. It was opening day for everyone but to us it was not only the first day of school, but the first day of our exciting school career. Our first term was spent in adjusting ourselves to high school duties and routines. Early in the year our first class meeting was called, We elected Ed- ward Dalton, president: Richard Dunkerton, vice- president: Irene Koons, secretary, and Corrinne Lobb, treasurer. Several events stand out in our memory. The dances celebrating our football victories made our sophomore year very exciting. Our Christmas vaca- tion was lengthened because of the influenza epi- demic but this did not prevent us from enjoying the social affairs of the following semester. The most festive of all was the Iunior-Senior Prom which helped to bring to a close the outstanding events of that year. Before we could realize it final exams had come and gone and our sophomore year had come to a successful close. The summer flew swiftly by and we were back in school as juniors. This year brought several replace- ments to the teaching staff-Miss Nash in Algebra, Miss Smith taking the history classes and Miss Brumbaugh and Mrs. Boyer in the English depart- ments. We re-elected the class officers who had served us so efficiently the previous year. As the end of the football season a win over West Chester by a score of 18-0 gave us a chance to enjoy a roaring bonfire. During the year a swing band was formed, and a Variety Show was staged on May 3 which proved a big success. The Senior Prom was held early because of the boys who were leav- ing for the service. lt seemed impossible that the year had passed and it was time for exams again. lt was with the usual cramming and studying that we passed exams and with sudden amazement real- ized that we had completed our junior year, Two outstanding events of this year will be re- 5 501 membered by all of us for a long time. They were the sudden death of President Roosevelt and the long-awaited end of the war in Europe. During the summer of 1945 peace came to a war-torn world and we entered school in the fall with lightened spirits It was thrilling to have the front rows in assembly and the homerooms 1-2 and 4 and with them the realization that we were seniors at lastl Our first class meeting was held and officers elected. The results were jerry Bertuciatti, presidentg Valentino Rubbo, vice-president: Irene Koons, secre- taryp Corrinne Lobb, treasurer. The senior class had made a good start for what proved to be a busy year. A Our senior year also brought some additions tc the school faculty. Miss Patterson capably took over the Home Economics department and Miss Buck and Mr. Dwight became the girls' and boys' physical education directors. Mr. Oswald taught Chemistry and our capable football coach, Mr. Meyer, taught some of the English classes. We were also very glad to welcome back from the armed forces Mr. Hatch and Mr. Myers, two of 'l'-E's former teachers. Something new was added in the fall, The annual Thanksgiving football game with West Chester was played at the Villanova Stadium instead of on the athletic field at T. E. The football banquet was held on December 6, and gold footballs were presented to senior letter men. The main activities of the spring of 1946 were the Valentine Ball, held on February 9, which proved a huge success, a Variety Show featuring our chorus, dramatic club and swing band, and the Iunior-Senior Prom, a gala affair which was held in May. Senior week arrived at last with the busy activities of Class Day, Baccalaureate, and yes-Commence- mentl It was not until the night of graduation that we realized our career at T-E had closed. With a deep appreciation of all T-E had done for us we found ourselves looking forward to a bright and happy future. ELEANOR MCKEEMAN, '46 CATHERINE BUNCH, '46 CARMEN ELLISON, '46 Last'Will and Testament nf Blass nf 1945 We, the class of nineteen hundred and forty-six, being of sound mind and body, do make, publish, and declare this Our Last Will and Testament: To the student body as a whole we do bequeath: Item: The right to love and honor our Alma Mater as we have done in the past. Item: The spirit that leads our teams to victory throughout the school year. Item: The echo ot banging lockers throughout the halls, soon to be heard only in our own memories. Item: A luxurious chair in every classroom to each and every student. To the Iuniors as a whole we do bequeath: Item: The time-honored privilege ot being a senior, and with it all the seniority an upper- classman can handle. Item: The seats in assembly reserved for seniors only. Item: The honored position ot serving monitor-duty in the halls. Item: The anxious and prolonged wait for graduation. To those individuals who have earned the reward, we do bequeath: Item' Werner Lucht's excess height to Ioe Alleva. Item: Louis D'Innocenzo's wit to Tom Gasser. Item: Ioe and Phyls' title ot class couple to Chuck and Nancy. Item Virginia Stull's intellectual ability to Sara Mae Tollinger. Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Item Dorothy Rambo's queer chuckle to anyone who can make Iohn Potts' drumming ability to Iames Spurrier. Ed Dalton's ability to till any position to Sam Scarpone. Phyllis Wilson's school spirit to Sue Patton. the same noise. Iune Savits' ability in chemistry to anyone who wants it. Dot Ross1ter's posit'on as drum major to Marie Davis. Klara I'Iarbage's artistic ability to Kate Lewis. Bob Barnes' love tor old cars to "Barrel" Sumertield. Item Winitred Pattison's athletic ability to Charlotte Reinhart. Item Theresa Carbo's friendliness to "Scooter" Kelley. Item "Tina" Rubbds position as outstanding athlete to Iohn C Last ot all we express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the faculty who has pulled us through three years of hard study. Signed and sealed under our hand this fourth day ot Iune, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-six. Witnesses: ERNEST H. MEYER HAROLD OSWALD I51l able. WINIFRED PATTISON '46 HAZEL IOI-INSON '46 IANE FUNKHOUSER '46 MARY PINER '46 IILA55 PHIJPHEEY ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Berwyn Broadcasting Company and your announcer, Richard Richards, bringing you radio entertainment at its best. Keep tuned to this station for the news and local items of interest, morning, noon and night. Here's a news item.-At 9:20 this morning there was an attempted burglary at the First National Bank of Daylesford. William Brosius, the president, made a daring attempt to take the culprit singlehanded. He heard the screams of Dolores Olcina, a cashier, who discovered the man, and found lean Pinkerton, a brave little teller, trying to lasso him with her belt. Mr. Brosius grabbed the burglar and struggled for some time but was unable to keep him from escap- ing by means of a rear exit. Iennie Pilotti, the presi- dent's private secretary, is suffering from a sprained ankle which she received when she tripped during the excitement. Fortunately, Anna DiDomenico, a nurse, was in the bank at the time and rendered first-aid. The Cedar Hollow Airline, under the management of William Iezzi, invites you to enjoy the low rates of travel by air. Thanks to the ingenious mechanical skill of Robert Barnes, the "Snowbird" is in flying condition. A safe trip is assured by pilot Lyndel Hartshorne. Comely airline hostess Irene Koons will see to it that your trip is a pleasant one. Make your reservations now and travel by air. Speaking of Cedar Hollow, all the people of the city are proud of Sylvester Skatz who is having a brilliant career in politics. He plans to run on the Prohibition ticket in the 1960 election and is already planning his campaign trip. While on the subject of politics, Hazel Iohnson, preparing a feature article for cr leading magazine, is in the capital interviewing the first lady of our nation. May eighteenth marked the opening of the Rofi Restaurant where home-cooked food is at its best. Lydia Slider greets you and is your hostess during your visit. Table service is excellent, thanks to Eleanor Lewis and Doris Hampton, the two head waitresses. Be sure to stop in sometime soon. Now B. B. C. brings you "Iohnnie" the drummer boy and his "Pottsettes." This band is rapidly be- coming the best band in the East. "Mat" Yelovich with his golden-toned trombone and Anna Natale tickling the ivories are the feature attractions. You will also enjoy the singing trio, Misses Doucette, King, and Thomson. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you-Iohnnie I I Girls, are you lonely? Do you stay home nights? Well, you shouldn't! Consult Savits' Date Bureau. Results, if you aren't too fussy, are guaranteed ab- solutely! Get full details by dialing Paoli 2300. Don't delay! Associated with this agency is the Duranto Modern Dance Studio. Dance for health, dance for grace, dance to be popular. Betty Bryson is the jitter- bug expert. Sign up today and learn to dance. The time is 12:00 noon, and we bring you Mary Best with local happenings of interest. MARY BEST: Hello, everyone! Over at the high school the new physical education teacher, Miss Pattison, is making quite a hit with the girls. She calls her basketball team the "Carrottops" and they are undefeated thus far this season. Good luck, girls! And best wishes, Miss Pattison, in your teaching career. Miss Hoffman, school secretary, is ill with the l52l measles. We all wish her a speedy recovery. The dental hygienist, Miss Stern, will be at Easttown School Monday and Tuesday of next week to exam- ine the teeth of pupils in grades one to eight. Now a few social items. Patricia Miller, typist at Gimbel Brothers, entertained her Sunday School class of girls at her home last evening. Games were played and punch and cookies served later. Everyone at- tending had a most enjoyable evening. Cupid, we find, is still alive after ten years of married life for Shirley Stackhouse Taft, She recently celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary with a dinner party at Rofi's Restaurant. Bernice Hampton, stenographer, and Renola Crabb, typist, both employed at Camp- bell's Soup Company, are vacationing in the West. They expect to fly home on the "'Snowbird." lean Downing, buyer at Snellenburgs, had a thrilling ex- perience when she talked with Vaughn Monroe and later had lunch with him. And with that bit of news, this is Mary Best leaving you until this same time tomorrow. Good-bye, and have a nice afternoon. ANNOUNCER: Here is an item of importance to you housewives. Are you ashamed of your home? Do you need new furniture, rugs, wall paper? Are your parties a flop? Are you afraid to have your friends see your house? Well, you should bell But don't put up with it one moment longer. Consult the Dorothea Shoppe. Miss Huemmrich, interior decorator, will help you redecorate your home at low cost. Call Alma Davis, Stratford 6106, for information. lane Hickman and Catherine Bunch are her able as- sistants. Come one, come all! D'lnnocenzo Brothers' circus is in town. Bigger and better than ever. 'l'he kiddies will love Werner Lucht's blundering, brazen, buck- toothed bunnies in one stupendous act. See the tallest couple in the world, eight-feet one and three- quarters Dominick Nudy and his charming partner, Elizabeth Amedei towering at seven-feet eleven and a half inches, in a breathtaking trapeze act. Ed Wolfe walks the tight rope at the height of not one, not two, but three feet from terra tirma, Dorothy Rambo, light, airy, wonder-woman, now tips the scales at a mere eighty-nine pounds. She rides the milky-white horse in the grand parade. Be sure to get some pink lemonade from Beatrice Ford and Catherine DeSimone. lt's their own recipe and it's simply lush. When you're hungry, try a Funkhouser frankfurter fried in fish fat. 'After eating, it might be wise to take a Petite Piner Pain Pill for pale people. No matter what the ailment, these pills are guaranteed to stop your misery, even if they have to put you out of it. V Don't be discouraged if you haven't gotten your Holland Deluxe Convertible Coupe as yet. It's really "Duckie" and worth waiting for. Mateer's Taxi Serv- ice says, quote, We would think of using nothing but Holland automobiles. Unquote. Be sure to make your next car a Holland. And now we bring you Bill Hauser, B. B. C.'s sport announcer. BILL HAUSER: Hello, sport fans. Before we hear from the world of sports this afternoon, let me re- mind you that this program is brought to you by Bertucciati Raspberry Flavored Toothpaste which is used by Dorothy Rossiter, beautiful model at Espanols. Now for a little football flavor. ln the annual gridiron clash between the State "Pee Wees" and the Northeastern "Shrimps" the outstanding fig- ures were Ed Rosato playing fullback and Captain Eddie "Doc" Dalton at end for the "Pee Wees." The "Shrimps' " stars were halfbacks "Tina" Rubbo and Edward Holmes. At the game loyally leading the cheers were attractive blond Carmen Ellison and pretty brunette Theresa Carbo. Quite a few well- known people were there. One of the celebrities was Congresswoman Corinne Lobb who has recently an- nounced her engagement to Iohn "Longfellow" Tay- lor, noted author and traveler. Miss Klara Harbage, well-known artist, was also present. As you know, she has been awarded high honors for her remark- able painting, "The Danube Isn't Bluv-lt's Green." Some track news now-Richard Dober will compete in next year's Olympic Games. This chap is going places. Well, that's all for today. See you tomorrow. ANNOUNCER: And now, a transcription. lf it's kissin' you are missin' we can give you good advice: Buy yourself some Bertucciati Raspberry Flavored Toothpaste Cleans your teeth and makes breath N-l-I-l-CE. ANNOUNCER: Believe it or not, folks, that singing commercial gave you the voices of Charles Hitchens and Robert McLean. Mothers, are your kids brats? Well, stop blaming it on your husband's side of the family and turn them over to Barbara Fogg, child psychologist. Don't let your children roam the streets or surely that lrish policewoman, lane Roney, will pick them up and haul them in. Whatever you need you can get at Stull and Hobson's department store. Stull and Hobson's is a real example of successful women in business. Ladies, you can always count on value and quality when you shop there. Gertrude Romano is in charge of the ladies' wear department. Anna Walker and Ellen Pfitzenmeyer are efficient salesladies who are anxious to help you. As for you men, look for the name Anthony Segui and you know it's good. Segui has become a password with men who appreciate fine clothes. Attention, readers-the new best-seller, "Howell- ville Road," by Iean Starliper, is now at your favor- ite book store. The author's private secretary, Anna Manenti, deserves a lot of credit for her able as- sistance in the preparation of this book. Miss Star- liper is in the studio today and we want her to say a few words about her masterpiece. MISS STARLIPER: I want to urge every lover of fine literature to read my book. It contains striking scenes of local color and daring adventure, This glowing romance, I am confident, will make an un- forgettable impression upon you. ANNOUNCER: The time is now 7:00 P.M. This is the time for one of' our most popular features. The brilliant question-and-answer woman, lean Stilwell, answers questions sent in by you, her radio friends. The sponsor of this part of our program is Louis Smith, independent grocer, catering to your every grocery need. Now, Miss Stilwell, the first question is sent in by Eleanor McKeeman, stenographer. She wants to know "Where in the world do men only wear hats?" IEAN STILWELL: On their heads, of course! 53 ANNOUNCER: Very good, Miss Stilwell. Another question comes from Gloria Robinson, hairdresser. "How many eggs can one eat on an empty stom- ach?" IEAN STILWELL: Only one-figure it outl ANNOUNCER: Excellent. But now we must say good- bye to Miss Stilwell until tomorrow at this same time. Here are a few local news items. There was ex- citement in Malvern today when a fire was discov- ered in the rear of Shainline's Butcher Shop. The flames were discovered by Rosalene Stroman, a French teacher. In short order Firemen James Dun- wofady and Iohn Evans had everything under con- tro . A great labor-saver will soon be on sale every- where. Iames Donboch patented recently, in con- junction with Mafalda Paolizzi, his secretary who collaborated in the invention, a device whereby you can now read in bed without holding the book or turning the pages! Now for the movies. Anna Toroni, your "Hedda Hopper" of Berwyn, takes us behind the scenes of movieland. ANNA TORONI: Hello, movie-goersl Of all the new pictures this year, I give the bouquet to "Two Lips," directed by Cecil B. Dunkerton. The film features that daring young lover, handsome Harry Van Wilson who thrills everyone in this exciting picture. A new screen personality is lane Dorsaneo. She dances a lovely ballet in "Two Lips," and we know that she will climb to stardom on the screen as she did on the stage. An important person behind the screen is Virginia Holman, art director. Her talent is seldom publicized but she is one of the best in movieland. Two others who have some credit coming are make-up director Doris Bradley and hairstylist Marie DeYenna. Many feminine screen personalities get their radiant beauty from these two. Last, but not least, a big bouquet to sound-effects man, Frank DeFelice, And now, good evening, until tomorrow, same time, same station. ANNOUNCER: Boys, turn over a new leaf. Get your haircut before you need it so badly! Go to Ben Mosteller in Frazer City. It' the finest barber shop in the country. Let Helen Fazzini hold your hand while you get your manicure. Be sure to visit there soon. And now, a special treat as we end our broad- cast. We bring you the soothing, tender melodies of "Ioie" DeSimone and his lovely talented wife, the former Phyllis Wilson, and their little family band- Ioe on drums, Phyl on piano, the maid and cook on cornets and who do you think is on the saxophone? Yes, it's their wonder dog. We bring you the De- Simone family band. That's all for tonight, folks. Tune in again tomor- row. Remember, it's station B.B.C.--the Berwyn Broadcasting Company-for your favorite radio en- tertainment. BARBARA FOGG, '46 DOROTHY ROSSITER, '46 THERESA CARBO, '46 GLORIA ROBINSON, '46 FHHEWELL, While roaming around those dark gray halls, We sophomores found help from seniors all. With history, English, geography, too, They lent us a hand with all they knew. The seniors helped, or did they- And when we came to classes late With an alibi that took the cake, Or when too bored, we hookied school To that pleasant spot, the swimming pool, The seniors helped, or did they- SENIUHS And then we told those moron jokes Down at Day's, sipping our cokes. Remember the time we "clashed" with the fellows And wore maroon and pink and yellow? The seniors helped, or did they- But really, seniors, we're only kidding, Farewell to you we all are bidding. May you never have any sorrow or woe, But success and joy wherever you go. Good luck, seniors! HILDA HEMMEN, '48 FAHEWELI. TU THE SENIIIHS Here's to the seniors tried and true, A class above all classes Working like bees, when there's work to do 'Tis true of both lads and lasses. 1 With four long years of toil and sweat, Their brains are now improved. The journey's end they now have met, With wisdom they're imbued. We do not know their fate forsooth, Nor what their future task. To bear the flaming torch of truth Is all our school can ask. PETER HILL, '48 "WE LE!-WE THEE NEW" For four long years we've trod the halls, And listened to familiar calls Of fellow students on their way To different classes of the day. We've studied and we've worked our brains To try to get enough to train Our minds and hearts, our every thought: Our wisdom grew as we were taught. We've glared at teachers, fought with friends, We've dreaded hours we've had to spend On Latin, French, shorthand, and such, We never thought they'd amount to much. 541 Our football teams have given us thrills: Our final exams have given us chills. Each spring has brought those new romances Each fall has brought those victory dances We We We We saw wars come and saw them go, saw them take our lim and Ioe. made new friends and lost some old: gained some knowledge which isn't sold. We've waited for the day that's here, When old school books would disappear. Now that it's come we hate to part: We're leaving thee with a heavy heart. ETHEL M. THOMSON, '46 lllxlllllllllllfiilvllli Z2 l 'UF Y-f- H556 :4 .,....v UNIJEHEIASSMEN l. Passing in halls. 2. Geiiing on the bus. 3. Iunior gang. 4. The two "loans," 5. Phyllis cmd Dolores. 6. Virginia Hampton. 7. Mary lane. 8. The Devon gang. 9. Chuck and Nancy. lU. Lena, ll. Iust resting. 12. "Ianie." 13. Spring Fever. 14. Curiosity. 15. Helen. 16, Anna and Shirley. 17. The Three Musketeers. l8. "Sam." 19, Iunior class officers. 20. Sophomore class oflicers. l5bl Abraham, Thomas Ahn, Francis Alleva, Ioseph App, Russell Barbieri, Iohn Bartosh, Dorothy Baughman, Ruth Beaver, Robert Bentley, Theodore Beyer, Robert Bianchi, Helen Binns, Barbara Bond, Lester Bozzi, Congetta Brown, Catherine Brown, Ernest Buckwalter, Richard Bunch, Clara Burger, Ellen Cable, Iohn Campos, Iohn Colehower, Richard Corrigan, Iames Corrigan, Ioseph Cox, Harvey Culbreath, Mary D'Amico, Carmen Dannaker, Maureen D'Antonio, Susie Davis, Marie Davis, Marion Dawson, Lois .Iuniur Class e President ....... . . Samuel Scarpone Vice-President. . . ..... Thomas Gasser Secretary ...... . . . Georgeanne Reed Treasurer. .. .... Iames Higgins CLASS ADVISER Miss Winifred DeLuca, Marie De Stefano, Louis Diamond, Louise Di Antonio, Seratino Di Marcantonio, Egidio Di Paolantonio, Phyllis Dober, Gerald Dorizio, Anna Dunwoody, Barbara Espenshade, William Evangelista, Lydia Faggioli, Robert Fazzini, Ida Forrester, Yvonne Francis, Marcella Frei, Cecelia Friel, Robert Fryberger, Mary Gasser, Thomas Gavette, Dorothy Gemberling, Perry Gill, Anna Golder, Adele Greeley, Iune Hahn, Ioan Hampton, Virginia Harbage, Alfred Hess, Connie Hickey, Ioan Higgins, Iames Hitchens, Lillian Hoehler, Harry I 57 M. Nash Holliday, Catherine Keithley, Doris Kelley, Laura Kincaid, William Kirkner, Paul Klinger, Thomas Kramer, Frances Lannutti, Louise Lees, Anna Mae Lewis, Kate Long, Shirley Mac Leod, Stanley Magee, Barbara Massarella, Michael McKay, Robert McLaughlin, Irene Meurer, Florence Morgan, Helen Moyer, Phyllis Norcini, Amelia Novelli, Elmer Palma, Vincent Parfitt, Sheila Patton, Suzanne Phelan, Thomas Pilotti, Samuel Plank, William Price, Franklin Pusey, Charles Rambo, Ethel Ramsay, lane Rash, Herbert Reed, Georgeanne Reinhart, Charlotte Rhoad, Edwards Rickards, Robert Scarpone, Samuel Schmitt, Iean Shank, Rodney Soulen, Nancy Steele, Ray Sullivan, Kathleen Sumerlield, Richard Taylor, Mary Iane Thomas, Ioseph Thornton, Eleanor Tollinger, Sarah Mae Tornarelli, Samuel Trowill, Ieanette Umsted, Louis Van Dyke, Herbert Vasquez, Mary Vause, Sara Wagner, Nancy Walker, George Waters, Albert Webb, Lillian Wiseman, Nancy Wood, Lee Wright, Calvin Wright, Harry Young, Hattie l i v Aquilante, Katherine Armstrong, Eleanor Barber, Eleanor Barbieri, Gloria Barbour, Ann Battisto, Raymond Battisto, Vincent Beaver, Iames Belmonte, Ioseph Bentley, Richard Bovell, George Brown, Ann Browne, Elizabeth Buchanan, Allan Bueche, Mary Bunch, Ruby Burnside, Cantwell, Capriotti, Carrigan, Clem son, Consalvi, Clarence Elizabeth Anita Beatrice Charles Mary Cooper, Alice Corkhill, Richard Cunningham, Vilma Currie, Nancy D'Ambrosio, Carmell D'lnnocenzo, Rose Davis, Robert Deans, George Deans, Margaret De Luca, Carmen DeMarco, Dora DeYenno, lean DiMascio, Paul DiMonte, Anthony DiPaolantonio, Lena DiPenna, Victor DiSeratino, Giulio Dixon, George Donato, Umberto Donnelly, Virg'nia President ........... Vice-Presi d ent .... Secretary ....... Treasu ret ......... Faculty Advisers .... Dunning, Charles Edwards, Elizabeth Evens, Edwin Ewing, Richard Falasco, Iulius Fells, Marie Fogg, Lois Ford, Richard Fosnocht, Allison Foster, Dudley Gaillard, Adele Gallagher, Ruth Genn, William Gill, George Ginnona, Henry Gonzalez, Beatrice Gooding, Thomas Griffith, Margaret Griiiith, William Hargreaves, Sheila Harper, Henrietta Hartman, William Hemmen, Hilda Hill, Peter Hitchens, Dorothy Holliday, Patricia a Holmes, Victoria King, Freda King, Matthew Kolva, Iohn Koons, Elaine Kouba, Audrey Kramer, Walter Lawless, Anthony Lee, Marjorie Lipp, Robert Lledo, Frank Lose, Lloyd Lund, Frederick Macbeth, Edward Malesky, Ioseph Mann, Irene 2 l 58 Suphnmure Class . . . . . . Ronald McCorry .. Guilio DiSeraiino . . . Wanda Mushala William Starkey . . .Mrs. Mary L. Dunlap Mr. William W. Crouse Marron, lane Maston, Charles Mateer, Ioanne Matthews, Walter McComsey, Winiired McCorry, Ronald McCreary, lean McLaughlin, Gladys McLaughlin, Raymond McQuilkin, Ruth Merriwether, Duncan Merroth, Rebekah Menig, Betty Meszaros, Lillian Miller, Ianet Moftat, Gordon Moriarty, Catherine Moore, Horace Morris, Edith Morrison, Thomas Mushala, Wanda Noblitt, Gertrude Norcini, Iustino Nugent, Iack Olcini, Helen Ottey, Waunetta Patterson, Robert Pechin, Irene Ptitzenmeyer, Ruth Phelan, Ioan Pilotti, Gloria Pinkerton, Iohn Piombino, Delores Piombino, Magdalene Plank, Robert Purnell, Gladys Pusey, Richard Pyle, Mildred Rambo, Cameron Ramsay, William Reed, Shirley Reis, George Renzi, Marie Reynolds, Richard Rhoad, Harriet Rice, Elizabeth Robinson, Geraldine Roti, Adelaide Rogers, Marie Romano, Ursula Roney, Roger Sassaman, Iay Scarcella, Bernard Scarpone, Lucy Shainline, Theodore Shindo, Yoshiko Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Gerald Smith, William Smurthwaite, William Solitario, Rosa Sowell, Robert Spurrier, Iames Staats, Anita Starkey, William Stone, Arthur Stone, Doris Stroman, Walter Taylor, Anne Teal, Frederick Thomas, Dorothy Thomas, George Tomarelli, Dolores Turner, Hilda Underwood, Robert Vause, Esther Von Stroh, Burgess Walters, Charles Warren, David Williams, Ralph Wright, Myrtle Yaich, Christian Yelovich. Mildred Young, Mary 7 ff f 67 f 2134. jzzft A271 Front row, seated left to right: R. Dunkerton, V. Stull, W. Brosius, W. Pattison, E, Dalton. Second row, lett to right: D. Bartosh, N. Taylor, R. Sumerfield, W. Lucht, L. Umsted, A. Capri- otti, A. Golder. Third row, -left to right: D. Nudy, H. Cox, R. McKay, A, McCorry, I. Spurrier, D. Foster. STUDENT EUUNIIII. President ...... Vice-President .... .... Secretary ..,.. Treasurer ...... Faculty Adviser .... ....... SENIORS William Brosius Edward Dalton Richard Dunkerton Werner Lucht Dominick Nudy Winitred Pattison IUNIORS Dorothy Bartosh Harvey Cox Adele Golder Robert McKay Richard Sumertield Louis Umsted William Brosius Edward Dalton Winifred Pattison Virginia Stull .Mr. Alger C. Whitcratt SOPHOMORES Anita Capriotti Dudley Foster Ronald McCorry Iames Spurrier Anne Taylor Virginia Stull In the tall the council revised its constitution to meet new conditions aris- ing in the school. During football season victory dances were held as usual. Several other dances were held throughout the remainder of the school year, cmd at Christ- mas time the annual pre-war Christmas party was revived with great success. Football sweaters were awarded to the senior football boys, and charms were also awarded to seniors in sports other than football. In the spring the Council sponsored the tourth annual dedication ot our service flag. l61l Front row, lelt to right: W. Espenshade, H. Hoehler, R. Shank. Second row, left to right: Miss E. I. Smith, Advisory M. Paolizzi, R. Dunkerton, M. Best, E. Thomson. Third row, lett to right: S. MacLeod, I. Greely, S. Stackhouse, I. Pilotti, A. Davis, G. Reed, R. Buckwalter. Fourth row, left to right: S. D'Antonio, B. Dunwoody, M. Pyle, N, Currie, I. Hahn, I. Fazzini, A. Norcini. Eastfrm Echoes THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief ................. Richard Dunkerton Associate Editor .... .... W illiam Espenshade Art Editor ....... .... L ydia Evangelista Adviser .... . . Miss Eva Iune Smith Senior Reporters Iunior Reporters Mary Best Richard Buckwalter Iune Greely Alma Davis Susie D'Antonio Ioan Hahn Ethel Thomson Phyllis D'Paolantonio Harry Hoehler Shirley Stackhouse Ida Fazzini Stanley MacLeod Amelia Norcini Sophomore Reporters Typists Nancy Currie Maltalda Paolizzi Mildred Pyle Iennie Pilotti Georgeanne Reed Rodney Shank Eastirin Echoes, our senior high school paper, records the main events, both serious and amusing, of the Week. The stall frantically searches tor news in an effort to meet the Tuesday deadline. Alumni, when revisiting their Alma Mater, are besieged by reporters. On Wednesday the editor nabs errant reporters or busily Wracks his brain to till that last inch of space. In the meantime the Art Editor sketches an ap- propriate heading tor the Week's issue. Through the aid ot the Commercial Department, the material is typed in its final iorm, and on Friday the mimeograph machine rolls out the finished product. l62l Front row lett to right: E. Macbeth, T. Gasser, R. Corkhill, W. Mateer. Second row let! to right: Miss Irene Brumbaugh, Coach, C. Lobb, R. Dunkerton, P. Wilson, R. Richards, A. Toroni, I. Roney. Third row lelt to right: N. Wiseman, D. Rambo, I. Funkhouser, W. Espenshade, L. Umsted, F. Price, T. Bentley, W, Pattison, B. Fogg, N. Wagner. Back row left to right: I. Savits, W. Brosius, D. Rossiter, D. Foster, I. Hahn, I. Spurrier, K. Lewis, A. Harbage, I. Trowill. llramatins Phyllis Wilson, President Miss Irene Brumbaugh, Coach The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss Brumbaugh, is made up of seniors interested in different phases ot draniatics. This group chooses the plays which are produced during the year. In addition to this group there are many from other classes who have appeared on the stage this year. The tol- lowing are the plays and the respective casts which have been given this year: llallowe'en Stunt Richard Dunkerton Dudley Foster Corinne Lobb Dorothy Rossiter Iames Spurrier Phyllis Wilson Let's Make Up Iohn Cable Edward Dalton Marie Davis Thomas Gasser Ioan Hahn Klara Harbage Kate Lewis Michael Massarella William Plank Charles Pusey Richard Richards Dorothy Rossiter Ieanette Trowill Louis Umsted Nancy Wagner Christmas Bouquets Thomas Gasser Corinne Lobb Richard Richards Iane Roney Anne Toroni Louis Umsted l63l Full Circle Richard Dunkerton Corinne Lobb William Mateer Allred Harbage Phyllis Wilson Front row seated, left to right: A. Davis, H. Fazzini, I. Roney, E. Amedei, Miss Eleanor Corn- messer, Adv. Second row standing: S. MacLeod, M. Best, M. Fryberger, M. Davis, V, Forrester, I. Starliper, E. Koons, W. Espenshade. Back row standing: B. Magee, B. Binns, L. Hitchens, L. Diamond, M. I. Taylor, M. DeLuca. Library Eluh Miss Eleanor Cornmesser-Supervisor SENIORS IUNIORS SOPHOMORES Elizabeth Amedei Barbara Binns Elaine Koons Mary Best Marion Davis Alma Davis Marie DeLuca Helen Fazzini Louise Diamond Virginia Holman William Espenshade Iean Roti Yvonne Forrester lane Roney Mary Fryberger lean Starliper Lillian Hitchens Barbara Magee Stanley MacLeod Mary lane Taylor This year the Library Assistant Club was organized under the supervision of Miss Cornmesser. The club meets once a Week in a group and each mem- ber must Work an additional period each week. The purpose of the club is to sponsor a greater interest among the students in the library and library serv- ice, to stimulate reading interest, and to improve the library service of the school. l64l Seated left to right: Ed. Dalton, V. Stull, F. Hoffman, C. Lobb, S. Skatz. Standing: Mrs. Mary Dunlap, Adv.: C. Reinhart, R. McKay, M. Taylor, L. Lannutti, M. Fry- berger, I. McLaughlin, I. Ramsay, D. Thomas, H. Ginnona, S. Patton, W. Starkey, M. Pyle Mr. A. C. Whitcraft, Adv. Finance - Business Eluh President ......................... Edward Dalton Vice-President. . . . . . Faye Hoffman Secretary ..... .............. V irginia Stull Treasurer ........................ Louise Lannutti SENIORS Athletic Association Treasurer ....... Faye Hoffman Senior Class Treasurer .............. Corinne Lobb Music and Student Council Fund Treasurer, Virginia Stull Cafeteria Bookkeepers ...... Irene McLaughlin fIr.l Iane Ramsay fIr.l Photo Service Committee Chairman. .Edward Dalton F ollow-up-Commercial ............ Patricia Hobson Anna Manenti Assistant to Faculty Manager Sr. High School, Sylvester Skatz Suzanne Patton fIr.l Assistant to Athletic Association Business Manager, Mary Pryberger fIr.l Mary Iane Taylor fIr.l IUNIORS SOPHOMORES Mary Fryberger Suzanne Patton Henry Ginnona Louise Lannutti lane Ramsay Mildred Pyle Robert McKay Charlotte Reinhart William Starkey Irene McLaughlin Mary lane Taylor Dorothy Thomas Members of this club must carry two or more commercial subjects and are selected on the basis of scholarship, personal qualities, and special commer- cial skills. The object of the club is to handle and record accurately all school finances. This is under the general direction of senior members who enlist the assistance of juniors and sophomores in preparation to stepping into the key positions. All members must be approved by the faculty advisers-Mrs. Mary L. Dunlap, Mrs. Clara H. McElhaney, and Mr. Alger C. Whitcraft. I65l First row, left to right: T. Morrison, I. Schmitt, T, Gooding. Second row, let! to right: E. Cantwell, N. Soulen, M. Davis, R. Pusey, C. Hess. Third row, Iett to right: C. Burnside, I. Corrigan, H. C. Potts, instructor, D. Warren, C. Clemson. I-lviatinn Club Sponsor ....................... Mr. Henry C. Potts President ....... ...... M arion Davis Vice President ...... ....... R ichard Pusey Secretary ............ ........ N ancy Soulen Financial Secretary ............. Elizabeth Cantwell MEMBERS Iuniors Sophomores Marion Davis Elizabeth Cantwell Richard Pusey Connie Hess Thomas Morrison Thomas Gooding lean Schmitt Charles Clemson David Warren Iames Corrigan Clarence Burnside Nancy Soulen This is the fifth year lor the T. E. Aviation Club. The purpose ol the club is for those who are interested in aviation to get together to study and express their own particular ideas on this subject. The members start out as Yardbirds, and through various tests are ad- vanced to Cadets, and later Lieutenants. Marion Davis was one oi the iirst to become a Lieutenant this year. At every meeting there is usually an appointed member of the program committee who gives a talk on any subject matter concerning aviation. Cadet Thomas Morrison is the chairman of the committee this year. The club subscribes to "Current Science and Aviation," a newspaper on aviation issued weekly. This paper has helped the members very much in giving reports. The club's library has also helped very much in this respect. An assembly program was given this year by the club. It opened with a speech by Cadet Richard Pusey, Vice President, on the purpose ot the club and what it has been doing this year. After this, a motion picture on aerial acrobatics was shown. The picture was loaned to the club by the Army Re- cruiting Oftice ot Philadelphia. Cadet Thomas Gooding secured the tilm from Captain Harvey Berry ot the Civil Air Patrol, Norristown. The program put on by the club proved to be a success. lbbl Iunior Monitors Front row seated, Iett to right: W. Brosius, L. D'Innocenzo, E. Rosato, D. Nudy, R. Barnes. Back row standing: R. Dunkerton, R. Richards, E. Dalton, W. Hauser, H. Wilson, I. Bertucciati V. Rubbo. Senior Mnnitnrs EDWARD ROSATO, Captain A. C. WHITCRAFT, Adviser In February, 1945, The Senior Monitors took over their duties. These boys, selected because of their satisfactory scholastic and citizenship records, per- formed well their job of keeping order in the halls, directing traffic, and keep- ing the students moving along to classes in the proper way. In February of this year the Senior Monitors were replaced by the newly selected Iunior Monitors. Senior Monitors Edward Rosato Harry Wilson Edward Dalton Robert Barnes Valentino Rubbo Dominick Nudy Ierry Bertucciati William Hauser Richard Richards Alternates William Brosius Louis D'Innocenzo Richard Dunkerton 67l Iohn Cable Elmer Novelli Thomas Gasser Charles Pusey Thomas Klinger Ernest Brown Perry Gemberling Iohn Barbieri Michael Masserella Alternates Robert Beyer Theodore Bentley Harvey Cox First row seated, left to right: W. Smurthwaite, R. Beyer, M. Yelovich, V. Palma, F. Price, R. Steele, T. Gasser, G. Walker. Second row standing: Mr. Stanley Gray, Advisor, S. Pilotti, I. Spurrier, R. Patterson, H. Cox, R. Beaver, R. Lipp. G. Thomas, A. Fosnocht. Third row standing: D. Stone, C. Dunning, W. Ottey, M. Beuche, F. Meurer, I. Pinkerton, R. Richards, I. Thomas, V. Cunningham. BAND Mr. Stanley Gray ........................ Director The band that plays during football season, at the games, is a special group made up especially for that purpose. It consists ot both junior and sen- ior high school students, boys and girls, who practice every day for three or tour weeks until the tirst football game. This group adds zip to our pep rallies and interest to the games. Later the group is divided into the Iunior Band and the Senior Band, and all practices are strictly tor musical education purposes. However, during these practices, programs are developed for such occasions as are deemed necessary. So ph om ores Mary Beuche Vilma Cunningham Carmen De Luca Charles Dunning Allison Fosnocht Robert Lipp Wauneta Ottey Robert Patterson Iohn Pinkerton William Smurthwaite Iames Spurrier Doris Stone George Thomas Iuniors Robert Beaver Robert Beyer Lester Bond Harvey Cox Thomas Gasser Florence Meurer Vincent Palma Samuel Pilotti Franklin Price Robert Rickards Carl Steele Ioseph Thomas George Walker l6Bl Seniors Anthony Segui Matthew Yelovich ,H V , ...., ,...., ... ,,,,,..W . .. At piano, left to right: P. Wilson, A. Natale. First row, lett to right: I. Potts, M. Pyle, N. Wagner. Second row, lett to right: D. Rambo, R. Merroth, I. Marron, B. Fogg, E. Macbeth. Third row, left to right: W. Ottey, F. Price, R. Corkhill, F. De Felice, C. De Luca. Fourth row, lett to right: V. Palma, R. Patterson, L. Bond. Standing, lett to right: Mr. Stanley Gray, directory A. Barbour, A. Gaillard, I. De Yenno, S. Tol- linger, H. Rash, R. Beaver, S. Pilotti, R. Roney, C. Dunning, W. Smurthwaite. IIHEHESTHA MR. STANLEY GRAY, Director Under the supervision of Director Stanley Gray, the orchestra participates in many musical programs in addition to its Weekly performances in Assembly. The Senior Orchestra is composed of two groups. One group has a practice each Thursday and plays in Assembly each Tuesday. The other group, com- posed ol eight students l'l, plays in Assembly on Tuesday but does not attend the Thursday practice because ol other activities scheduled at that time. The first group receives credit for all time spent in practice. PIANO OBOE CORNET Anna Natale Phyllis Wilson Sara Tollinger Ann Barbour Iean De Yenno Adele Gaillard VIOLINS Dorothy Rissiter Elmer Novelli Barbara Fogg Rebekah Merroth L..lward Macbeth Frank De Felice Iane Marron Samuel Scarpone' CELLO Dorothy Rambo FLUTE Nancy Wagner Carman De Luca CLARINET Franklin Price Doris Stone Waunetta Ottey George Walker' Florence Meurer' Allison Fosnocht Richard Corkhill FRENCH HORN Iohn Cable' ACCORDION Mildred Pyle BELLS Mary Beuche DRUM Iohn Potts l69l Samuel Pillotti Robert Beaver Charles Dunning Roger Roney Herbert Rash Lester Bond Robert McKay' TROMBONE Mathew Yelovich Carl Steele' BARITONE SAXOPHONE William Smurthwaite TENOR SAXOPHONE Vincient Palma ALTO SAXOPHONE Harvey Cox' Thomas Gasser Robert Patterson Front row, left to right: G. McLaughlin, S. D'Antonio, A. Norcini, I. Pechin, H. Olcini, R. Ptitzen- meyer, A. Walker, B. Magee, A. Staats, K. Sullivan, B. Dunwoody. Second row, left to right: U. Romano, A. Capriotti, H. Harper, S. Reed, A. Gaillard, E. Rambo, S. Long, A. Gill, A. Barber, Miss Ethel Randolph, Director. Third row, left to right: H. Hemrnen, R. McQuillcin, B. King, R. Gallager, B. Binns, I. Fazzini, M. Taylor, I. Carlton, D. Bartosh, H. Turner, D. Rogers. Fourth row, left to right: Ft. Bunch, L. Webb, R. Baughman, C. Bunch, L. Hitchens, H. Bianchi, L. Fogg, M. Soulen, G. Doucette, S. Patton, M. Fryberger, C. DiAmbrosia. Fitth row, left to right: S. Stackhouse, D. Bradley, E. Thomson, D. Tomarelli, I. Mateer, M. Wright, C. Moriority. Girls' llhnrus MISS ETHEL RANDOLPH, Director This year, we are glad to say, the Girls' Chorus increased its number over all previous years. Activities began with the annual Candle Light Procession in the Christmas program on December 20, 1945. A second appearance was made on February 19, 1946, when an assembly program was given. On May Z and 3, 1946, the Annual Variety Show was presented in which the Girls' Chorus had a big part. The Chester County Music Festival was held on May 9, 1946, at the State Teachers' College in West Chester. Our Girls' Chorus was present, singing two songs. The most exciting event ol the year was the trip to the Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia Where the group took part in the Sec- ond Philadelphia Music Festival on May 23, 1946. There the girls sang in a combined chorus ot 5,000 voices from the suburban high schools. To close a very successful year the chorus sang at the graduation ot the senior class in Iune, 1946. I70l i 1 Front row, left to right: R. Patterson, T. Gasser, H. Cox, G. Walker, V. Palma, saxophones Mr. Langdon, instructor: I. Downs, I. Taraschi, vocalists. Second row, left to right: C. Steele, trombone: S. Speers, W. Brosius, R. Beaver, S. Pilotti etsg I. Spurrier, I. Potts, drums, R. Meyers, bass, A. Gaillard, A. Natale, piano. The Tnphatters Mr. Stanley Gray-Music Supervisor Mr. SENIORS William Brosius Anna Natale George Langdon-Director IUNIORS Robert Beaver Harvey Cox SOPHOMORES Adele Gaillard Robert Patterson Iohn Potts Thomas Gasser Iames Spurrier Vincent Palma VOCALISTS Samuel Pilotti IUNIOR HIGH Ioan Downs Iohn Taraschi Franklin Price Carl Steele George Walker Richard Myers Samuel Speers , trump The "Tophatters" was organized late in 1944 as a branch of the Music department by Mr. Langdon, who had dance band experience at Penn State College, and Mr. Gray, supervisor ol music. Most of the members were sophomores and there were a few juniors. All members returned this year, and a few new and younger members were added. Three will graduate this year. New members must attend practices and must qualify before they are permitted to play in public. Practices are held twice each week after school. This organization operates under the same principles as athletics. All money earned is put in a dance band fund and used for dance band promotion. Needless to say, all members enjoy playing and are getting a wonderful training and experience. l71l Nlainrelles 4.1, First row, left to right: I. Koons, E. Amedei, I. Starliper, I. Savits, D. Rossiter, Captain, A. Toroni, I. Honey, M. Duranto. Second row, lett to right: D. Piombino, B. Casson, R. D'Innocen:o, M. Davis, Cheerleaders First row, kneeling: C. Ellison, T. Carbo. Second row: P. Wilson, E. Kelley, S. Reed, G. Reed, Captain, W. Mushala, I. Pilotti, S. Patton l72l mass Q m n Q59 Q5- SPIIHTS 1. "Ted" and "Bud." 2. Hockey team in action. 3. Baseball Squad. 4. "Eddie" and "Louie" 5. "Cable," 6. "Eddie" 7. "Louie" 8. West Chester game. 9. Baseball squad in action. lU, "Tina" ll. Iune, 12. Iunior high "gym" class. 13. "l..inesmen." 14. Coach Meyer. l5. "Football Action." 16. "Eddie." 17. "Rosetta," 18. Pre-game practice. 19. "Pat." 20. "Breaking the tape." 21. "Ierry." 22. "Ray." 23. Scramble. 24. Seniors. 25. "Bench Warmers." 26, "Fizzer" and "lohn." 27. "Dot" and "Shirley." 28. "Pep Talk." First row, left to right: E. Rhoad, L. D'Innocenzo, E. Novelli, E. DiMarcantonio, E. Rosato, E. Dalton, S. Scarpone, V. Rubbo, I. Cable, R. Sumertield, E. Holmes. Second row, left to right: E. Wolle, L. Umsted, R. Shank, M. King, R. Battisto, H, Ginnona, T. Bentley, C. Maston, G. DiSerfino, W. Pollard. Third row, left to right: Mr. Myer, Coach, I. Taylor, S. Tomarelli, L. DeStetano, R. McKay, G. Deans, T. Morrison, R. Faggioli, G. Dixon, I. Campus, H. Hoehler, Assistant Manager. Fourth row, left to right: T. DeShula, S. DiAntonio, R. Beaver, P. Gemberling, T. Abraham, F. Price, W. Blackburn, I. Corrigan, W. Smurthwaite, W. Brosius, Manager: T. Phelan, As- sistant Manager. FUUTBALL Edward Dalton .................. ..... C aptain William Brosius ..... .... M anager Mr. Ernest H. Meyer ....................... Coach Getting an early start with football camp and benefiting by the superb coaching of Ernest H. Meyer and Iohn F. Dwight, T-E launched its season by beating Malvern Prep 25-6. After dropping a tough one to Coatesville, we came rolling back and won a last minute thriller over Radnor by the score of 13-6. Our winning streak was continued as we beat Upper Merion 25-6. Then came Bristol, a newcomer to our schedule. They were defeated by our hard-hitting "Bulldogs" 6-0. The remaining four games, bitterly contested, were lost to Haverford, Downingtown, Phoenixville and West Chester power- houses respectively. The bright spot in T-E's '45 campaign was its win over an old rival, the Radnor "Red Raiders," when the Garnet and Gray team was at its best. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE T-E OPP. Malvern Prep . . . .............. . 25 6 Coatesville ..... . 0 18 Radnor ......... . . 13 6 Upper Merion . . . . . 25 6 Bristol ......... . 6 U Haverford ...... . . 0 13 Downingtown . . . . 16 19 Phoenixville . . . U 13 West Chester . . . . U 12 85 93 1751 Hnlzl-my Winifred Pattison, Captain Dorothy Huemmrich, Manager Miss Elizabeth Buck, Coach The hockey team began its season this year under the supervision of a new coach, Miss Elizabeth Buck ot Wayne, Pennsylvania. The team was soon hard at Work with new plays, dribbling, and driving. There were five games played this season. They were with Lower Merion, West Chester, Radnor, Phoenixville, and Spring City. The team, captained by red-headed Winilred Pattison and managed by Dorothy Huemmrich, had a successful year although not all games were won. 'Q T-E Opp. Lower Merion . . . . . 2 3 West Chester . . . . . 2 U Radnor ....... . . 2 5 Phoenixville . . . . 2 2 Spring City . . . . . 1 5 l76l VARSITY: First row kneeling, left to right: W. Mateer, R. Dober. Second row standing, left to right: E. Dalton, I. Potts, V. Rubbo, captaing S. Scarpone, Mr. Iohn Dwight, coach. Third row standing, left to right: W, Hauser, C. Merriwether, C. Pusey, I. Cable. IUNIOH VARSITY: First row, left to right: F. Ahn, C. Maston, E. Macbeth, I. Higgins. Second row standing, left to right: G. DiSerafino, R. Pusey, R. Davis, T. Gasser, Mr. Iohn Dwight, coach. Third row standing, left to right: R. Beyer, F. Price, W. Plank, W. Smurthwaite. Buys' Basketball Valentine Rubbo, Captain William Mateer, Manager Iohn Dwight, Coach T-E, producing one of the best teams this school has seen in many years, fought its way into second place in district three competition. Displaying an excellent defensive zone combined with fast-breaking lay-ups and deadeyed long shots, the T-E "Bulldogs" proved a hard match for any school team. Coach Dwight, although he had little knowledge of the boys' abili-ty, soon had them working smoothly, both on the defensive and on the offensive. He certainly deserves much credit for making this a successful basketballseason for our school. SCHEDULE T-E OPP. Radnor ..................... . . 25 36 Reading Catholic . . .. 46 22 Marple Newtown . . . . . 39 32 Lower Merion .... .. 15 24 Haverford ..... . . 27 23 Phoenixville . . . . . 44 22 West Chester . . . . . 31 32 Conshohocken . . . . 54 19 Coatesville . . . . . 33 34 Pottstown .... . . 29 25 Downingtown . . . . 43 31 Alumni ...... . . 42 13 Phoenixville ...... . . 30 24 . Friends Central . . . . . 47 64 West Chester . . . . . 37 47 Norristown . . . . . 25 28 Coatesville ..... . . 45 25 Downingtown . . ..... . . 73 42 45 56 Pottstown ..... ......... . . l 77 l VARSITY: Front row, left to right: C. Reinhart, A. Golder, N. Wiseman, I, Funkhouser, D. Rambo, N. Wagner, I. Pilotti, V. Stull. Second row, left to right: K. Harbage, W. Pattison, I. Roney, P. Hobson, M. Wright, Miss E. Buck, coach. IUNIOR VARSITY: First row, left to right: M. Bueche, L. Fogg, G. McLaughlin, A. Barbour, P. Griffith. Second row, left to right: Miss Buck, D. Piombino, D. Thomas, B. Dunwoody, D. Huemmrich, I. Stilwell, I. Hickey, V. Hampton, P. Wilson, C. Lobb, A. Capriotti. Girls' Basketball Klara Harbage, Captain Iane Funkhouser, Manager Miss Elizabeth Buck, Coach The girls' basketball team began the season earlier than usual this year. By Thanksgiving the girls were eagerly cooperating with Miss Buck, our new coach, learning new plays and techniques. It was hard Work, but the team, captained by Klara Harbage, was re- warded by one of our most successful seasons for a long time. T-E Opp. Alumnae . . . . 34 20 Radnor ..... . . 24 34 Coatesville . . . . . 38 14 Alumnae ....... . . 32 13 Conshohocken . . . . . 22 15 Phoenixville . . . . . 23 29 Lower Merion ...... . . 16 26 West Conshohocken . . . . 46 29 St. Katherine's ...... . . 24 22 l78l First row, left to right: I. Pinkerton, E. Novelli, F. Ahn, R. Sumerfield, C. De Luca Second row, left to right: P. Gemberling, I. Bertucciati, E. Dalton, V. Rubbo H Wilson I Donboch, I. Dwight, coach. Third row, left to right: S. Scarpone, R. Beyer, M. Massarella, T. Abraham, R FCIggl0ll G Dixon. Fourth row, left to right: R. Battisto, G. Gill, C. Merriwether, L. Umsted, D. Nudy April ll . .. April 22 . .. April 25 ..,, April 29 ..,. May 2 . . , May 9 . . May 13 .... May 16 ,. . May 20 .... May 23 .,.. BASEBALL FRANCIS AHN, Manager JOHN DWIGHT, Coach SCHEDULE West Chester Coatesville . Pottstown .. Phoenixville Downingtown West Chester Coatesville . Pottstown .. Phoenixville Downingtown l79l Away Home Away Home Home Home Away Home Away Away April May May May May Mew May GIRLS' TENNIS MISS ELIZABETH BUCK, Coach IANE HONEY, Manager SCHEDULE , . . . .Lansdowne .... . . . .Norristown . . . . , . ,Cheltenham . . . .....Upper Darby ,. . , .Lower Merion .... . . . . .Coatesville . . . . , .... Radnor ,...., I 80 l Home Away Away Home Home Away Home First row, left to right: H. Hoehler, Mr. Hatch, Coach, E. Wolfe, E. Rosato, L Dlnnocenzo R Dober, I. Chaippini. Second row, left to right: R. McLaughlin, E. Macbeth, I. Higgins, C. Maston W K k d T ln G1 Gemberlmg, W. Griffith, W. Devaney. Third row, left to right: I. Beaver, L. Holmes, W. Stetson, R. Shank, R. Myers, N Griffith Fourth row, left to right: W. Tyson, H. Mitchell, T. Morrison, M. King, C. Weldon H Gmnonia T. Bently, I. Thomas. Fifth row, left to right: R. Roney, R. Lipp, C. Pusey, D. Foster, R. McCorry. April April April April May May May Mffv Mew May 10 19 24 Z6 1 8 11 15 18 25 TRACK RUSSELL HATCH, Coach DUDLEY FOSTER, Manager Triangular Meet at West Chester Chester County Relays at Downingtown At Pottstown Penn Relays Coatesville Triangular Meet at Coatesville Boyertown Relays Suburban Championship Downingtown at Berwyn District One Championship at Norristown State Championship at Penn State l81l Lett to right: Mr. Crouse, Coach: W. Starkey, A. Fosnocht, D. Evans, T. Klinger, C. Steele, M. Yelovich, I. Spurrier. Tuesday-April 30 Friday-May 3 , . . Friday-May 10 . Thursday-May 23 Monday-May 27 GULF MR, CROUSE, Coach SCHEDULE . . , ...,. Pottstown . . . Upper Merion Pottstown . . , Upper Merion Lower Mex-ion l821 Marvil, T. Gasser, I. Cable, E .Home . . ,... Away Away Home . .... Away W. FRANK MAUGER MALVERN. PENNA. lIhris's Pauli Sunncn Service Slalinn Lincoln Highway and Darby Road Phone 9963 PAOLI, PENNA. A-Z LUBRICATION - WASHING - KELLEY TIRES SUNOCO BATTERIES OFFICIAL TIRE INSPECTION STATION Compliments of STAATS OII. CO. Phone 9914 PAOLI CUT RATE Fountain Service Iane Logan Ice Cream Household Necessities of Merit Perfume - Tobacco Norris Candies PAOLI. PENNA. I83I RUSSELL MURPHY Al 0 , G Meat - Groceries ttey S arage Frozen Foods Paoli. Pa. Phone 1738 Towing Work On All Cars Paoli 2072 Elizabeth G. Pyle PAQLL PENNA- Newsstand Stationery - Tobacco BERWYN. PA. Soda Fountain WILSON'S CUT RATE STORE 20 East King Street Malvem. Penna. Confectionery l841 - 'll Compliments Cu Eu of Hardware and Paints TIP-T House Furnishings, Seeds, Glass, Etc PAOLI, PA. PAOLI PENNA. Phone 2013 I Best Wishes to the Class of " '46 " VAN RODEN S from Sc and 10c Store Post Office' Bldg. PAOLI. PA. "Topsy" Tenaglio United States Navy "Pat" Piombino Army Air Forces WILLIAM H. F RITZ Coal, Wood, Feed, Grain, Hay, Straw, Etc. Lumber and Building Materials Fuel Oil BERWYN. PA. Phone 0608 EARL'S PHARMACY Lincoln Highway and Valley Road Paoli 2304 PAOLI, PA. lB5l eorge A. Morris Edward E. P 1 mom Paoli 2691-W Paoli 2011 MORRIS and PARLAMAN PAOLL PENNA. Best Wishes From Moran' K Compliments of Cctmgha. BERWYN HOTEL and nnnwm. PENNA. Roney We Congrot 1 t th C1 1 1946 Berwyn National Bank 1861 Harold's Department Store -Shoes - Hosiery - Underwear 5 and 10 Cent Department Save Time and Money at HAROLD'S Lincoln Highway Berwyn, Pa. PIKE PHARMACY I. I.. IRETE, Prop. West Chester State Rd. PAOLI. PA. Phone 2353 COMPLIMENT S of BILL PYOTT'S BERWYN ESSO SERVICENTER Phone Paoli 2482 COMER'S Ready-to-Wear and Dry Goods Hallmark Cards GIFTS Paoli, Pa. Distributors of Berkshire Hose WILSON'S CUT RATE .STORE 20 East King Street MALVERN, PA. Soda Fountain Confectionery 871 PHII.IP BRUNI TAILOR Paoli. Pennsylvania BerW'Yn Hardware Phone 2520 C. I. TOLLINGER Hardware and Paint House Furnishings, Seeds, Glass, etc PHONE 0275 CUT AND POTTED FLOWERS WEDDING 6- BOUQUET SPECIALTIES Phone: MALVERN 2340 COMPUMENTS Elmer Griffith. Sr. of Flying Horse Gas Station , Phone 9960 Cecll N. Cooksey P501-If PA- PAOLI. PENNA. 88 Compliments of Boyer's Esso Service Devon. Perma. Paoli News Agency Paoli, Pa. Papers, Magazines, Tobacco, Etc. Telephone Paoli 9944 Save Safely Save Regularly Save Profitably Malvern Savings and Loan Association MALVERN, PA. For Investors-Three Types of Savings Accounts: Installment, Full Paid and Optional Shares For Borrowers-Direct Reduction Mortgages i891 FRANK NOSEK Malvern Shoe Repair Malvern, Penna. Compliments oi Martini's Restaurant Devon. Pa. Chris's Paoli Sunoco SERVICE STATION Lincoln Highway and Darby Road Louis W. Stackhouse Meats, Groceries Phone Paoli 9963 Phone 2708 A to Z Lubrication - Washing Malvern' Penne. Tires - Batteries 4 Simonizing Compliments of THE BRIDGE SHOP Berwyn, Pa. E. V. Potts, Prop. Harold's Department Store Shoes - Hosiery - Underwear 5 and 10 Cent Department Save Time and Money at HAROLDS Lincoln Highway Berwyn, Pa. l9oJ Highley's Esso For Quick Starting Service Use Pure Pep Gasoline . . PURE OIL SERVICE STATION Lincoln Highway Devon, Pa. Paoli, Pa. Iames D'Antonio, Prop. Paoli 9917 Phone Wayne 9871 Suplee Hardware Frigidaires - Maytag Washers Malvem, Pa. Your Neighbor Store Strafiord, Pa. Phone Wayne 9736 Albrecht's Flower Shop Wayne 2120 We Telegraph Flowers 112 W. Lancaster Ave. Wayne, Pa. Straiiord Beverage Company Lancaster Avenue Straiford. Penna. Soft Drinks Carbonic Gas Wayne 0735 191 Wiring Fixtures R E P A I R S to "Everything Electrical" I I RECORDS i ' f 120 N. Wayne Avenue l Wayne 0999 ' Radio Appliances V 81 Years Training for Business i Accounting - Secretarial Courses I for Men and Women i SUMMER SCl'lOOl.b ' M d ,I 17 ' FALLeiiiiiM on GY une WCIYIIS Floor i DAY-Tuesday, Sept. 3 , W Evsnmc-Monday, Sept. 16 Co. PEIRCE ,,::3g""' if S C H 0 0 ll 124 W. Lancaster Ave. " ,f OF BUSINESS ,KT in r ADMINISTRATION Wayne' Pa' 'S-AL PEN. 2100 Peirce School Bldg., Pine St. West of Broad Philadelphia 2 INDIAN MOTORCYCLES Ernest Di Simone Lincoln Highway, Box 46 Wayne, Pa. Phone 0938 l92l I 1 I i Suplee Hardware Frigidaires - Maytag Washers Malvern. Penna. D. B. STOUT Lighter Fluid Aztecs Bantams Marbles Razor Blades Comic Books Berwyn, Pa. Newspapers Tobacco Magazines Candy Pipes Shoe Strings Radios Repaired BUT No Bubble Gum Frank's Atlantic Service Station Frank Boromeo, Prop. Stratford, Penna. N udy's Barber Shop Devon. Pa. PAOLI TAXI SERVICE PHONE 2564 Sr D, MATEER l93l Luigi DiMartini Shaw's Drug Store Italian cmd American Groceries Prescriptions Devon. Pa. Mcxlvem, Penncr. Phone Wayne 0240 Phone 2306 La Raine Cleaners TAILORS McA1ister Lancaster Avenue. Devon. Pa. Hosiery F. Notions Phone-Wayne 4592 Malvern, pm Victor Cornevolino, Prop. Compliments of RAYMOND W. FRYBERGER GENERAL CONTRACTOR MALVERN, R. D. 2 PENNSYLVANIA Phone Malvem 2l88R4 I941 " ' " " ' " ill I CONGRATULATIONS I I The I NATIONAL BANK OF MALVERN I MALVERN. PENNSYLVANIA I Fashion Nook I Edna Braxton Grover Gable'S Flower Wayne 2587 Dress Making Hosiery MALVERN. PA- Alterations Costume Iewelry Materials Lingerie P11036 1727 2 Lancaster Ave., Straiiord. Pa. I A. MASSARELLA Garden Seeds and Fertilizers Paints House Furnishings Oils Plumbing Supplies Glass Roofing Materials Phone Wayne 1574 Lincoln Highway l95l K- Decide the Fuel Problem Wisely Order Super-Clean Famous Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heat- ing, Hot Air Heating, Sheet Metal Work, READING ANTHRACITE Tin and Slate Roofing "W 0648 W F ISINGER Berwyn Pemm. Phone Paoli 2371 Compliments of PAOLI BANK Paoli, Penna. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION l96l Malvem 2585 West Chester 0228 Francis I. Kehoe ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Malvem - West Chester REFRIGERATOR-S RADIOS RANGES Devon Pharmacy I. H. O'Loughlin, Ph.G. Devon, Penna. Dorothy Stevens BEAUTY SHOP "PERSONALIZED" BEAUTY TREATMENT Paoli 2125 5 Paoli Court, Paoli. Pa. Compliments oi Main Line Coal 6. Feed Co. Edward A. Alleva. Prop. Paoli - Bryn Mawr, Penna. Compliments of R. E. MCALLISTER Compliments of Paul and Donald Kocher Kocher's Service Station East Lancaster Avenue Berwyn. Penna. i971 FRESH DAILY PRODUCE CO. Groceries - Fresh Meats - Frozen Foods LINCOLN HIGHWAY - PAOLI Telephone 2140 Free Delivery BISSET LAMP POST INN Cut ond Potted Flowers STRAFFORD, PA. Wedding and Bouquet Specialties Wayne 9791 Phone Malvem 2340 PENNELL'S AMPLIFICATION SYSTEM PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM-S RENTED AND SOLD R.C.A. RECORDS cmd RADIO REPAIRS 118 E. King. Malvem Malvem 2216 l981 1 1 1 1 1 l E Phone 9774 wayne ' The Handy Shop D I LUNCHEONEITE - REFRESHMENTS Bergyyn Pharmacy , Groceries - Confections Stationery .. Gifts "Between You and Sickness" Papers - Magazines I Many Other Useful Items Berwyn, Penna. - On Lincoln Highway at Strafford, Pa. I I Peerless Chester V. Thomas E1191'fIViI19 COHIPCITIY Sales - CHEVROLET - Service 22nd 6 Arch Streets Malveml pemm. Philadelphia 3. Pa. Hit. 3396 l99l "One Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words" Especially When That Picture Is Made By "CameraMasters" The experience ot Two Generations ot Photog- raphers went into making most ot the photo- graphs in this book . . . Photographs to tell an everlasting story. Yes, Two Generations ot Photographers offer a special service to Editor and Class Advisor, a service which includes, not only making Por- traits, Groups and Candid Photographs, but also suggesting ideas tor adding interest to the Yearbook. The small Yearbook and large, can be just as interesting, by making every photograph count. We will gladly show you how. Hollander G Feldman "CamemMaste1's" 1705 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. PRINTERS oi The 1946 Garnet and Gray UDISILL AND SMITH COMPANY PRINTERS 109 West Chestnut Street Phone 33846 Lancaster, Pa. 1 if 1, 1 I' l 1 l100l DalaMH1C7T"47" ff milf i Ph 1+ +G' T5 lgfgyfmw ' ,qw 46 'dl J, rf 6 Mm B WWE fn 'MW QW Q9 7- 5? Q1 1 Q W6 N 3? li Q EUR! Eqjbjgjgf ' z 77 df - A E M aM59fY Q WY Ng' XV 'N' E 40 . ,W f My YW fm, 2 N QF W M

Suggestions in the Tredyffrin Easttown High School - Yearbook (Berwyn, PA) collection:

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