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'2DfHJ 1f:.l Mfpoff' 3 s X0 , Qxi A wfjf f dd if Q E X5 'mf 5 Qwiff g qZZ?f:L 73iwJd5,Lf2 Q Q Wy X Q SX 4,15-ff-I ,,,Epff-JZ" f j , M We Mfyiffgfiwf A AQIVVZ-511101 www T' N39 X x amy! ff! Ni XX QQQQQX E X w S6924 1 M B NP NK N X SSENXQQ, rj N QEQSXXBXE miiw BEANS W QQ W MM ffMfW!d f ffiffmjjff 'dj NX LAL C54 -Q Xu 654' L I7 I 'X 0 Q f ,v F I V ' 4 ' I 1 f A- ' I C f? : V 'A . X H nf ' ' if 'u Til 13 1 - up 5, x ' " K x X ' , - b- , 1 ' REQ Riga! E ,NK X , .Iii JK I x ' ,, is Q, A BQ R, N R xa 'Q x ' - ' '-J ' 3 ' 1 -,fx-, 'P' Mx Y, N 'il .X xjjx g: X' JJ Mi. N-HA, L. fu ,f XS YS E ' X! 'Q X Q5 HIV, 'M H Rye ,afflrg 5, . KX B HQ Q 'Mid W f wr - ai -' f, , nt J X x va! 11 xg :Lf 5 , NH- '-1 . XB! 'fy ,K ILM' I N Q uns X :avg I X il ., . V 2 bk Q: X I '31 - ff GN," ' f ', 95' 'J Ln A Q 4 , ax xf rx. ' U Q1-W9 "3 , I :ff L15-'L f' . X Q X - XXJ U., 5 lj J :ffl-,fd Y IFF' XL L: 1 ' P' X N X ix, L ,X U Q Q A 5 ., U 4 U - 1 ,Xxx .. , I J i E F' Q ii Q' N2 - ,L 'GK 'ix xx Q E Hx x IV I' 4 'Tx ' , Aff yx 3' MNH If -- i' ' P we Y J K 'J M 1'5" .3 Q ' kg .. E i - I , A .' 2' ' N Q . .J , A ,ff , YK sf? " if , 'QS A ' , Q' ! f f' f f H 4 7' I LLXLZW S ILE T 1 1'1" 'QQ in 0 + eg 1 , 4 x.2f2a,, ' - 'T Le L E 1'. gg! guy flfffnow '-7? -Zintigfei -Q-Le loe2s-:L cell,ocf5fS .fdliL3TfZ gifs. .yd 72 r F f 53-Sfeclany ms-S. T7SJ4.le7 f Q X c, -- Ai , gene Da I-P g i I QQ: B5Ci'cg,,5 62215. -3 -1 iiijQ,2f7j47 33 YW wM wk? 1 fjfjfiff XV Q X M ' gy Jfff ENR My P , A I V ij V. A in EW ,,-4fJLL3' j3 , f L A W 7 'I " ' ' ' " f P l7b'x f 'L may you lnauf, K I I , W" ,J , Ti ' ' 1 L' f -A' - fy W X QV SQ x HQ ffzzgzr bfgggn Wm 6. HV: J ik 01 fire A as xj 15 H L KX KN M n x A NS? do, --Amit ,A,. 47 1 N gf I .Jw ff u ofa, 'A ,q.,.. , Qfff L 4 gi T .-.i d..,,A.,. ,, il HH? . if X MLM! ' 6QJ' QWXAMGMU Z5 ,Z LW in I Agfa! nj f Qfoaafyfc . C,QfUJ 3 t LMLXIJ J f WML my 4 ?77 662,44 l Ly 7 f Qjfkjw Q gf ju, lu . 9 . Q s W . Q , g, -, I ' iv: 1 ' x.-' J , I , . W .A J L I' gJL A rl!!! 1 'J 4 'a, , , 1 . - X A. .-M ,f r, H 1 l'f 1. M vi My Mifmbs fy if Mwfiiwfgx mf , 0KgQGfjQfp J'5WJN J S ?Q"fA' . .Tl 1,7 mg JE A NN gfgjkw QQ? B in gg? im X 1 gf W JL fs 51? W X I X M 5, 42 Q5 YJ 1 v m fi? 157' Q x. X6 X4 R fr 5 Q? . .ii 'X Q5 59W XEYRXSQQSM fx 3' N E5 T 1' X 'Q NJ 3 . .- s 1 Q X, X A , gag M I THE EA CLE ss . , A jf!! ' Vf1' Lf,7 4Q!'MfAlw S, , S E , 5,.',u'UfLc-1 ,LL l?iJl,KQgyf I l I G? JiV,I.g7'2' flaw 1 , a Q! mjvf q !,b,L,,,,.' ' tj gjfh ' ,X ' 03 cu . if D!!-ff H ffl ffsQ?es 'EQDEL A5W ,ww E L QW! sf U, e?, W s , gg E E I f fx s eff? E Www readwell Lgh Scheoi Memphis, Tennessee Edited and Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1959 1. wfww N f WGN My gk g n tlltffff QE t FORE WORD it ul QW ' Encl sed in these pages are the memories of a wonderful year - Q1 outstanding occasions that We believe represent the true picture of 6? our life at Treadwell High School. ln the years to come, it is our wish U Y a ilu QM that this volume will be a source of unceasing pleasure as you recall a N , K ' V ' the activities and happiness of 1958-59. pd vlXWe, the Annual Staff, sincerely hope that you will enjoy this book 'J as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you. It was ours for almost a yearg now it belongs to you! A , yn CJ 'EQ , cl. 1 l '91, P, t R X, eff fifigf 9 e- JW is ' Qz1'2.g 3 l ti ,jig EL 552 f JD 3 do ., 33 555950.56 are Cie-Q 0 , L is W DEDICA TIUN slum Jivwoj fwf-VA . K, fide N3 K Wei? if ' A Merit' M ,ff i e ' 2, , 0 4' ,f Ci i 'ii 55' is seg 21 tiki N3 3 2? if 5 is g its To jWilliam L. ' Maybry , 20 Years at Treadwell I We, the Annual Staff of 1958-59, dedicate this book to you, our beloved principal, Mr. William L. Maybry. Through the years you have inspired Treadwell students with your ever-present interest, constructive discipline, and unexcelled leadership. Who, wearing a smile, was always ready to give a word of encouragement or advice?-You, Mr. Maybry. Who planned events and activities in the interest of Treadwell?-You, Mr. Maybry. Who supported athletic events and wever urged us to attend sports activities? -You, Mr. Maybry. Who fostered a spirit of coopera- tion between the faculty and students?-You, lVIr. May- bry. ' 5 We, the seniors, will always remember you 'with grati- di tude and will benefit from your guidance. Inlclosing we would just like to say, "Thanks forfbeing our Mr. Nlzay- bry!" 3 Y 'N- ig- 0 R FA VORI TE TEA CHER A Recipient of Cofueted Honor For the past thirty-five years, Treadwell's students and alumni have appreciated the diligent talents of Miss Leone Grammer, a member of our elementary faculty. This amazing teacher possesses an extraordi- nary knack for turning curious little boys and girls into experienced little ladies and gentlemen with a whole year of school behind them. As a Commercial Appeal Favorite Teacher of 1958, Miss Gramrner received well-deserved recognition. As recipient of this honor she was awarded a two-weeks' vacation in Jamaica. MISS LEONE GRAMMER Treaa'well's Favorite Teacher Mid-South Favorite Teachers of 1958, Laura Truitt, Mary Hubler, Leone Gram- mer, and Annie Ree Harvey, were graciously received by Mr. Borderwell, man- ager of Tower Isle Hotel upon their arrival. On the beach near Tower Isle Hotel, Miss l Grammar leisurely enjoyed the Jamaican l sunshine. l TABLE OF CONTENT DEDICATION ' Page 3 ADMINISTRATION Page 8 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Page 24- SPORTS Page 36 CLASSROOM SCENES Page 58 ACTIVITIES Page 70 STUDENTS Page 122 SENIOR PERSONALITIES Page 184 ADVERTISEMENTS Page 192 5 1 Character improvement A C - School particwation h - Religious growth Treaciwell Offer Education Well-Rounded rogram GUIDANCE 1 Teacherpupzl relatwnshqn EN T T - Fun and enjoyment PA TRIO TISM - school loyalty f 7 - G 'YF-T -' H w ,u ,N N . HM :X :,, wg. QL -AS A , X Q U.. K QT H15-fu. 5 5-,vu 'nge - , Y Y ww u H 'I ' swim '--v""f' awe Q , 1 ,gg ,H M X-ew 4 ,N , .W KJ A . " ,Q-, v IW iw jm'TfiEADWELL SCHQMLANT W M . 51" f , 1 ' Q. H " ' H ' 1 51+ WW L 1 X nu 4 5 mv '8A- 2 if ' 5 , ww ww., Fg r""'?-,,,l-- f .. , pg 3 .-gf' Wm, 5. Hr hw.. 'W I H4 5 fine 'S I M PN" 'I 5 ' l xi lift! 1, nt 'I 'ht' 'I I .4 In rv" r ffw EH., -A. i'- r-' , A-L E':gw Q-M fl' ,."1::?- Q 1 N-O ws. lx. "LH ML, rf- -P ff .. F31 Xu 7 -. .zsww Gus' Mx, 'Q Q . A u A H' 1 at, Q n' 6-X X' LW abi , 'hw w- Administrative taff of Memphis Cit Board of Education Left: MR. WALTER P. ARMSTRONG-President of Board of Education ' l w l 5 MR. HARRY SHARP KSEATEDJ-Assistant Superintendent, Department of Guidance and Attendanceg MR. ELDON C. STIMBERT QSEATEDJ--Superintendent of Memphis City Schoolsg MR. JOHN FREEMAN CSEATEDJ--Deputy Assistant Superintendent, Depart- ment of Business Affairsg MR. FELIX OSWALT--Assistant Superintendent, Department of Plant Managementg MR. LEE THOMP- SON-Administrative Assistantg MR. MORGAN CHRISTIAN-Assistant Superintendent, Department of Instruction. Supervising the school program, planning the school budget, and issuing books and materials are some of the many time-consuming duties of the Memphis Board of Education. Through the assistance of support of this organization, educational standards of high quality are I0 established and maintained in the city's public school system. We would like to express our appreciation to the Memphis Board of Education for the guidance and in- spiration they have given us. Mr. Maybry reads one of the many letters he receives daily. Spring days find Mr. and Mrs. Maybry working in their garden. During a break on a picture schedule day Mr. Maybry chats with Joyce Hunt and Marilyn Word as staff members gather Mr. W. L. Maybry, Principal Heads Executive Staff. Few students realize the many duties awaiting Mr. lVlaylJry and his office force at the beginning of each day. Mr. Maybry often finds himself deluged with questions and requests of students, teachers, and parents concerning every phase of school life. Mr. Maybryas most immediate duties are supervision of the educational program, maintaining discipline within the student body, and holding conferences with students and parents. On registration day Mr. Maybry offers some helpful sugges- , tions to June Bryan, a puzzled senior. around. as g i 1' 'cf in g e e ff i t g IJ l I 4' r 1 ig ' - .. yyy 1 'Qi I2 MR. F. A. FARINO Junior High Mr. F arino discusses the junior high tournament ads with John Dowtin, Leslie Wood, and Mary Frances Nelson. MR. J. B. CHILDERS Elementary ASSISTANT PRI CIPALS Direct Their School Programs Supervising the activities of Treadwell Junior High was the never-ending job of Mr. Farino. He cheerfully performed all of his many duties and willingly devoted many hours of hard work to his numerous obligations. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Childers were 45 teachers and 1448 students. As elementary principal he guided the young child toward higher education. Jeffrey Holmes, Julianne Wintker, Marilyn Pope, and Larry Walters drop in for a friendly chat with Mr. Childers. .ev- Mrs. Wright, executive secretary, checks her schedule for Mrs. Turner, senior high secretary, cheerfully carries on her secre the day, tarial duties. SECRETARIE Maintain Office Order The many duties which supply our secretaries with a busy daily schedule were met with hard work and pa- tience. Mrs. Wriglit never had to wonder what to do next. Every minute of her time was filled with checking absentees, handling finances, checking credits, enroll- inff new students and purchasing bookstore supplies. her regular secretarial duties. Sending out transcripts also kept her quite busy. Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Suggs handled the business for the junior high office and the elementary office respec- tively in much the same way as did Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Turner for the senior high. Z3 7 Mrs. Turner, too, checked attendance in addition to Mrs. Powell, junior high Secretary, begins the day by check, Mrs. Suggs, elementary secretary, pauses a moment during a busy ing the absentee cards. day'- 'Lf' , if .K V ar ' ' ' 1 , , ... M . J w ni V iw '- Ny , ' . lm ' V ' 'lx' y is ' ,A Aw . I . it The Student Loan Committee is composed of Mr. Mayhry, M1-5, Two trophies, won by the P.T.A. are presented to Mr. Maybry by Loenneke, Mrs. Crossno, Mrs. Sharp, Miss Willis finsetl, Mrs. F0TTCSt61'HHdM1'S. Perdue. and Mrs. Brattain Cinsetl. PARE T-TEACHER ASSOCIATIO Co-ordinates Home and School Founders' Day was commemorated by the presentation of. a skit in which Mrs. Pardue and Mrs. Raspberry portrayed the founders, Alice Birney and Phoebe Hearst. EXECUTIVE BOARD SEATED: Mrs. Harry Sharp, Mrs. Lawson Danielson, Mrs. Rad- ford Neighbours, Mrs. C. C. Collison, Mrs. J. D. Bowen, Mrs. J. F. Crossno, Mrs. Henry Jones, Mrs. Henry Raspberry, Mrs. L. P. Beaver, Mrs. .lack Wright, Mr. W. L. Maybry, Mrs. HJ P. Loenneke, Mrs. L. M. Grant, Mrs. Bill Pitt- man, Mrs. W. I. For- rester, Mrs. .l. H. Jones, Mrs. Robert Ar- quitt, Mrs. L. R. Par- due. The P.T.A., with its large membership this year, was enabled to parti- cipate in more activities in our school. It had 44,332 members, making it the largest association in Tennessee. They engaged in many activities in order to meet the budget. Some of these were the Curtis Publication Drive and the Spring Carnival. The P.T.A. provided money for sending a delegate to Girls' State and for five 35100 scholarships, which are given each year to deserving seniors. They also sponsored T1'eadwell's Science Fair. The interests of the P.T.A. went far beyond the school. Under the lead- ership of their president, Mrs. J. F. Crossno, the P.T.A. endeavored to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, church, and corn- munity. LUCENE BEST MARTHA MJSGT. THOMAS MARGARET EMMA BUFORD English BLANCHARD BOYLE BUFFALOE Home Economics English Military Commercial Junior FHA Rifle Team Secretary Club F AC LTY Presents ct Challenge for I nofwled e Treadwell's faculty was the stimulating spark that inspired our pro- gram this year. Their enthusiastic interest and cooperation were appre- ciated by each member of the student body. While working conscientiously to transmit their knowledge, these teachers also served as character-builders through their high ideals and principles. Such wholesome influence will indubitably affect tomorrow's citizens. Aside from their classroom hours members of the faculty devoted their own time to the personal counseling of students. Their friendly advice and intense concern with individual problems, vocational decisions, and college plans strengthened the student-faculty link. Once again we find the faculty's interest in student affairs manifested by their donation of time and assistance with extracurricular activities. Without their service as chaperons and advisors, Treadwell's club and social program would he impossible. We salute you, our faculty, and render our -most sincere gratitude for your ever present inspiration. HELEN BYRD School Nurse FRANCES MARY ELEANOR CASTLEMUN COOLEY English Speech, Thespians S.A.B., N.F.L. INEZ CRAIG BRUCE CRUMPTON SGT. RICHARD English Industrial Arts DAVIS Engineers Club Military Drill Platoon JOYCE DOWDY Physical Education .lunior High Cheer- leader I5 CLARA CHARLOTTE ANNIE ELLIS DUNAWAY EDMONDSON World History Librarian Geography World History Club Library Club KATE EMMETTE GEORGIA FEILD English History Junior Honor Society . E. T. FOWLER HAROLD ANN GUYTON American History FREDERICKS Mathematics Senior Honor Society Industrial Arts Junior Advisor Newspaper MARTHA ANN FRED HARDKE HARDIMAN Physical Education Music Head Football Coach Music Club Assists With Extracurricular Activities MARGARET HARRIS Engllsh Junior Honor Society Senior Red Cross ETHEL HARRISON English ROSS HARTON .IOSEPHINE f f Problems of Democra- A Leading the way for the Treadwell R.O.T.C. battalion during the Armistice Day 93' lnencan mow garage are sponsors, Mrs. Mary Alice Parker and Mrs. Annie Ellis, chauffeured TIPS Club History Club y r. White. I6 MARCELLE ELZIE HUTCHENS MILDRED JAMES HUNSAKER Science Chemistry English Safety Patrol Y-Teens Quill and Scroll Newspaper Mr. Maybry and Miss Tisdale seriously discuss the problems of registration day. Encourages HL h NELLIE JENKINS ELLA DALE JETER Librarian Mathematics Junior Library Club Scllolarships ALICE JOHNSON EVA JOHNSON Geography Junior Honor Society MARY KING RUBY KING Algebra English Senior Honor Society tandards VIDA MAE EVELYN LESLIE LEATA LEWIS LAURENZI ' ' English' English History , Junior Y-Teens Science W. M. LINEBERRY BILL LUTTRELL Commercial American History Law Club Junior High Coach I7 I8 MINNEOLA MORRIS ERLINE NATIONS EVELYN OAKLEY MARY PARK MARY ALICE Commercial Mathematics Tennessee ' Latin PARKER Junior Honor Society History Latin Club gzghfweigatics I nstills Greater Ambitious MAXINE JOE PETERSON PATTERSON Science Spanish Junior High Coach Spanish Club ELISEBETH ADELE POPE S XEILLIPS Mathematics Members of the coaching staff, along with Mr. Maybry, pose before their caricatures at the annual football banquet. POWELL PUCKETT EDNA RATCLIFF J. D. REDING ROSE SLAUDE SCOTT ' L Science Mathematics Science ng is is ory Football Coach Science Club 1 Science R k t Cl b Junior High Coach oc c u Key Club ELIZABETH MARY SPANGLER MSQMERVILLE Special Class usic Junior Honor Society Eeveral members of the faculty watch attentively the occurrences at the football anquet. Promotes Creative A Thinking A HELEN STAHL BUFORD TAYLOR MARGARET A1-L Commercial TISDALE Home Economics F.H.A. - Yearbook Ffa DFWAYNE TUCKER WILLIAM VICKERY SUE WALKER SGT. IAN WALTERS LUCILLE WALTON Algebra Industrial Arts Commercial Military A English Engineers' Club NCO Club I9 PATRICIA ALLEN MARIE ANTHONY DOROTHY BACON RUTH BENTLEY JEANNE BRYANT FRANCES Fourth Grade Second Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Sixth Grade CASTLEMAN Fourth Grade rt 5 HAZEL CLAYTON ERNEST DEAN TRILLA DOWTIN EVELYN DRAKE VIRGINIA FLY NORMA JEAN Sixth Grade CROWDER First Grade Fifth Grade Third Grade GODSEY Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Elementar F acult Forms the Basis for Learnin Steadfastly molding the minds of our youth, the elementary fac- ulty laid the framework for tomorrowis world. Upon the shoulders of these teachers lay the task of developing personalities and of teaching the fundamentals so necessary to modern education. Aside from being well-trained teachers, this group also served as part-time mothers, nurses, and big sisters. As the twig is bent, so grows the tree: this motto inspired our faculty to the high achieve- ments they attained this year. l 'Fifii' il .5e:i A zeff ' 1- gi 'A 5 F., 1 :j' ,' EQ A A It in at-Zi 'Q' J .. - 14, LAURA GRAHAM LEONE GRAMMER RUBYE HAMRIC Supervising playground activities is one of the Second Grade First Grade First Grade dUi1eS Of the ClemGma1'Y teacher- MARGARET HAYNE KATHRYN I-IAYS BOBBIE ANNIE HOUSTON LOUISE HOUSTON MARTHA KEITH First Grade Fifth Grade S HOI6LOdWAY Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade ixth ra e 20 KATHRYN LESTER NITA LOWERY MILDRED HELEN MILLER HANSFORD LOLA MOORE Fourth Grade Fourth Grade McCARLEY Second Grade MILNER Fifth Grade First Grade Second Grade SARAH NEWSOME MILDRED ODOM MARY PENICK VIRGINIA PHELAN LOUIS PORTER MARY PRIVETT Sixth Grade Third Grade Second Grade Third Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade MISS MARY QPENICK RETIRES For the past thirty-two years Miss Mary Penick served as an inspiring, stimulating example for Treadwell stu- dents. Her devotion and ability as a teacher have con- tributed, not only to the development of individuals, but also to the academic level of the school. Miss Penick, may you leave with the knowledge that your departure is' regretted and that your presence Was HELEN RAINES PEARL SCOTT JUANITA SEGNERI Very greatly appreciated. Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Third Grade ,LFP L' S 1.-1 I l 1 I-1 .wx l l 'I 5 I, 4 Y 4 , V L. .W X Y it , V Q ,. ,ir .- X Z L I ' :- . .. :,1"" i , l we l li' l 'milf :I .- 2 -- 47575 , l f V Y-fr 7 I- , v l .-ev" - Ap' - 3 , ,W ,ggi Q.Q..J l - 1, , ,V , MARY SHANNON MARY ELLEN SIMS HELEN SMITH Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Second Grade A ""' "' ' ' Q Y' l T?" ' "J "" 72" -'jf I ' f - r"L:' ' ' -mth" if 4 IL Nfzgf ' - 'f ' ' xl 1 f .1 Eg 2-'-"C155E? , ""if,UA5'gL- l , A - - .1 ly' .1125-5 ' 'Sf ' ' , A4 A 3 4 1" 1 :-ul.-'V if , - ,.'..' . , - - , ' -- " 'QI ' -:wifi 1 - . V. '2f:1"'-' 'L , f r: 1 I I ,f if' W ,. , V , l' 'lm .2, ' as ,' '-,' .tsqvifz-i f -H en " 'f uw, in' 2 , lf .- 1" i 1W'f': ,1 1 H the Lf T' ' V -Gb 1: 7:5 l "2" '-"' ' K- i, -.::'-, f . xl -' - ' . ' l '. , -- Y ' .' ,ily :LV I 1 . , 1. , .V -1 r 1 Thx N ' li' ' .' 'F , I l ,f'Ef':,gfs,, ,TU 1, ' lf' ' - f 1fm'rfm1" v J. 1 v . g 1, rg, J, t, my-,Q gm, wi .1 - A, 1,- 1 " -'VL 1, 'Z EULA SPRAGUE ANN TUCKER ALLYNE WALKER LULA MAE WYNN CLARA WYNNE AUGUSTA YOUNG Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Third Grade First Grade 2I sf' After finishing his vegetables, an elementary student MIS- Vivian Vaughn sets 2111 CXHHIPIC of the cheery Service purchases his dessert from Mrs. Carrie Arata. given every student in the lunchroom. teria. Our cafeteria is under the expert direction of Mrs. Elsie Ison, head dieticiang Mrs. Esta Milam, and Mrs. Vivian Vaughn, assistant cafe- teria managersg and Mrs. Carrie Arata, head cashier. Steaming plate lunches are served to 3,000 students daily. One porter and twenty-three maids assist in the cafeteria. Special meals are planned for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. The favorite menu , of the senior high is roast beef, dressing, English peas, potatoes, apple rg pie, ice cream, and milk. ,X The application of speedy arithmetic is a require- ment for Mrs. Esta Milam's daily tasks in our cafe- CAFETERIA MANAGEME T Hungry senior high students eagerly'make their selection in the lunch line. it , MRS. ELSIE ISON Head Dietician N Rfb-, i ,4 . 1 mf. fx z, 4, if ' ii . "' , 1 , H C ' '- 14 . yt y i is uQQ:l N. s. WHITE Head Custodian "Lost a locker keyl Mister White is the man to see," Here Mr. White is performing one of his more routine jobs. Opening the locker of a careless student who has lost his locker key is a frequent ritual for our head cus- todian. Heading tl1e maintenance crew after school hours is Mr. H. R. Harwell, our night custodian Knot picturedl. As the newest addition to our staff of custodians, Mr. Harwell is doing a fine job. t MAI TENANCE STAFF Keeping Treadwell clean was a mammoth task! Through the ef- forts of one of the finest school maintenance staffs in Memphis, the students and the faculty of Treadwell were able to enjoy clean build- ings and healthful facilities. To these unseen people in our school life goes a vote of thanks from both students and faculty. E I i . I l i s l I I CAREY PRESCOTT Elementary Custodian Checking the lights in the gym be- fore a basketball game is one- of the many duties of Mr. Prescott, our elementary custodian. ,Q K. 'E' 'c r fr .1 ' FT 4 'gilflg'-' 4111 ,1 2 4 14g1fi: 1 gp1.x ' gg. Lfif 141 4: 1 1 , 'L -Q, I ,pie if 111 1 1 Q Wi ' 4' 1 'ff?5192?'fq1'McLff4i'.ff:i1f'f51iiW-121253 'ZLTE " ' :gr 'fi .Q- P -, 1 1 If FV Ji-qw A l g I1.41-A'ww5ff,-ffljjf jjff' -ff , V- iff? 1, V ,iw ff! -, , 'f:fr.,f .r' 1 f' 'J"wf" f' -f' ?'!. .1': -' ,bfi 11 -f nf' ,f-' ..' J f 1 - 1 1 I ' 1 ' JA "1ff',Qf- fiffff fiffffff 'f" . ,. . l 1 y J 1 1 ' '4'44"1':?4.' f51'1 4557!-4517" s,. J f f 1- f 1 . ff ,A L, ,.. ,V l,,,nv .,,-'T 6 e if, If f?1f'2-"f - 4 4 251 1 'i ,vbfqff sw 'A'-S'21f-S' .f1.14J4236?M-Z? H'1Sf? 4 1 'ff 1f'1'f'7l4'f 'lil 1 11 fluff 1 4.1 1 QQ 041 n'44fP'1'1ff?1':g4'g"gF"pf f',4 3. Q-?514f4'4,?p -,1 1 4f1,f1'3p'4f14vm'f55f1ff41'1,, .www 4QEi444922--. 1415441415k1 4Wi9n?4bW5M 3? ,444 'I I nhl? ff41"f'5' Eflgfff A 11g14'14f1--- fp 1 . 1' 4' 1 1 1 1 1 L . 5, 1 ffl 1151 1 1 - f1 1 1 1,4134 12,1 E, 1 . 1 453 1' f14'112"b44"1 1 1 4 1 114441 1 1 1,492 1 X' '1' '1-A 4f11-'44 1,1v'.1"'1"'1'1 1 1 1' 4 1 Hi 4Z441'bl'f'f4,f'f 1 l",u p'2filIFi'1d1'pn9' 4 'f4f14' "' "14'14'1Q44 1 vggvgffqg f 444,41 !'1'I44'4'H -A L E 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,i ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,11' 1' nfl new 4 '-:fav-:ff-.-.1-'11-14 1 ': - , . """15"" :If Qfizf ' 5 H 9 X ' mazes ' 1 1 1,- 1 ,2 5 4 A 3 1 1 Q qffli 14' ilililllll L" 1,,4,51n,,1 I !', ' nlllll'mL'1"1:f?i?3?2'f1?33-if? 4' v- Z-Z7 1191111-lallfpgv gg f 141-'rieri-" 1 ,W-511,61-, 'I-"" 1- Q' Q 4 , l""1""1"""1l'g"-14 S'g22'1':E52::-1--'g 1 5'-:-E--E-S-5-51g-2 -4 -"lf """.h 1 7 ,,'.E-:5:1-16Q1'w,g'a-W," 1- 1 wsriif "' . v .05 1 I 51. 4, -,f12.:.,?,1,-g.':,:L.. 1 - 1!',"1ll,',11','pulmu1 ' v:'5L1?f F?'W!l S 1 - 'H -"2"-"'l-fl-"" ?l'1 ' ll 9 Q9 gf 1 if nl' -null 115' 2 '--5--511-51.5 4 I i "- iahvll,-1'-,n-n-11' ' 2 T , -llllihggi 311 111 sul? 1-""L1"',-11-1-115 ' 1 ' an gm g li 4 - E1 '. f -- 1113 1111 '3"""',- , 1111 111:-' -X-1.1.1, ' .f ' . EEE- ' ul? 'f.fLi"""'n1lll"' - 'Fits L V- - - " ' ' 1113 1111 11 ' 11" pull -I AEI - gay 1111 f .- --""".nuul f Q ' ara 1 E umm ? 1 ,,,.gn-1--,,-, 1, V El' 32-55:-'.-.-.':-1,1-'51f1? - 4 1 1- 1 .1 ' 1 : 1 " ,. E.-.-::.:.g-1:-gi'-.If 4 3 1 1 W. 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A X .- 1 . -- 1.1 . - 4 -- 'll'- ' '.3i'5"L5- 'Vi ' 'I' 'i T 5' , 1'x"A.'i pw-, V 1 ' M 1 N' nib' ..L..h1:.. 4149 -L-: -1 H ' - -- . -., , w . 4 - ' , - . , M-- ,. L.. I is , , ,M - 1 WM, Y A- EQ,-if ., 4' -zz N5 XPS- -,i,.1,w-, 3 '---'--VA-.- . . fi - Wiz?"-'.-X+-1.-.,,-sms ' , A. , QI ..., V .. , . " A -'-- L v . , 71 5-mv 4, - if ku-L ,J , I -,-, ,- U11 .- L-Qt-, 4 , , . - ,.,, , ide: Q 1 - ,-'atv--if 7, Tennessee Erme Ford becomes acquainted with SEPTEMBER .' Back to the Classroom i4 performance at the Dallas State Fair. awww, lam, Wen 'x The J dmoz Rx' Nj director '-"2 5559 E+ N if YF were explained by A. ln Memphis. w fig-M ilu!! I of lt- Kia:-:X , JV A My ,bi E 50' W'- We be 3 ii ei XM' Spiri. fogwfthe first pimp meeti gli was aroused by the cheer- leader ,Rfiis the lJan wW:llot Time In The Old Town ,K The first event of the senior year was.the problem of registering for the last time. During lunch hour these seniors were caught viewing the NT" for Treadwell made up of the names of the 1959 foot- ballteam. 26 X 's V4-. H. Ton' ' yisx X L ,M iaii'w,Ei",1m, 'nk Mft , ies "W were fl, ff 'GT . W1- ' 1 fi' "' ' Q 41 l U5 Q1 'YV ii il ,I 'W' W w w w nil 1 Q -an lx i - Q Qi! r 0 1-'42 A when .-F, Y i 'l qggqluf 3 . 4 gi i n -- .-g '4 i , u ,W Lx- I A , 5 . ,tif N " i Q A " . 1 4 E -yu. ,. V fr-HW" ri V, X , 511, ..,., ,.,.. LW - -.,- K--T, W, ----t-- - ' w , P- is Mr. Maybry admlmslels the Honor plcf c to in the 'fall ceremony. QW. inn if X' .fo GA XXXNG fa, ,ff ,f M' X X lf' f xf 34 Marilyn Word, Bob Strickland, Glenna Boales, and Ronnie Swain decorate the goal post he- fore a football game. Q O VEMBER: Speech Department Presented 6'Dear Ruth" Dm ef Quaid .C. Battalion in the Armistice V Q'-' -vo? Barbara Gunn and John Neal sell the "Eagle's Call" to A. C. Williams. Glenna Boalcs, Francis Perry, and B020 Ware. The football players and their enjoy banquet. at the Wayne Rushton presents a bouquet of roses lo the Football Queen of 1959, while her alternates and Mildred Ballinger look on. .Pirie Cobb f-QQLL 114151:- known 'sit to 'H -vm DECEMBER .' Banquet Honored Football Team onnie Durby and David Howard the football team of 1959-1960 Ralph Flanigan, paid a band party. ll Left: Bill Jones, Linda Laney, Craig Leake, Tommy Geiger, and Kay Scliuele take part in the Christmas play. 29 Joe Rhodes accepts the championship trophy from the Moose Tournament after Treadwell beat Bartlett 4-1-36. wk QQ ml? ss? he Ex of if fy Q ta ff tm 0.- ayzlp' 4' QV' 4 Mrs. W. the ,MNUAR Y: Basketball Brought Winning Streaks 'XX KMQ3 tts for Stanley at club and 4 Mr. Fowler demonstrates first aid in giving oxygen. fqm Q05 l .fs fo ala 'K ,Bef a game, the varsity team jokingly plan a Qsa ghter for their opponents. ng, 30 vf- f: 1'f:. ' z -m., , Mlfillllill ""' 'H' VH Bw, 1, ,r l' ff? F BR UAH Y: Cupid Visited Valentine Dance y fix f Ronnie Swain, Carolyn 1'CSl.C1', and Aubrey Smith Tri-S Club party. Mr. Harton the elcva ll 0 the .mspdlg fe 01" MMM all Walt, jackets finally arrived. Rushton hi? The S.A.B. officers, their dates, and Mr. Maybry as the other recipients around the piano to request a favorite number June Judy Forrester, Lauran Waldran, Ron- Hannings, and Larry Davis study the a Valentine Dance. Appeal for their appearance on "Quiz-'Em on I , , ,W .. .,f,z-i ,gT- Ralph Haynes, a candidate on the White Ticket, delivers the speech. which won him the office of presi- dent of the Student Advisory Board. Q-5 Dr. Cletus Oakley from Haverford ford, Pennsylvania, explains a new type to a group of math students. . '-. .'-ll-,-E3 " A project on the adrenal glands brought a first place award in the girls division of the Treadwell Sci- ence Fair to Lauran Waldran. APRIL: Honor Society Tapped New Members ,f , ill4iiii 'Mm ll 43 ee, 2 'Bi Q6 of the with his fresnel lens M 0'1" 6 32 o WAQ Miss Johnson, the senior class sponsor, measures Ervin Mont- gomery for his cap and gown. These Treadwellites, coached by Bill McClain, volunteered F . Soci for the American Legion baseball team. H, Q 01ICSfC1 6 ' " -'-" xl' wir: .a PE, AV, , 5? the parents at the reception after the National ln the Physics division 34 MA Y: Prom Highlighted Social Events .luniors and seniors dance to the music. of 'Bob Morris in the Continental Ballroom of Hotel Peabody, scene of the long-awaited Prom. Darnell Rye, Jimmy Nichols, and Ran- first seen exchanging ev KV Ralph Haynes xv D. W. Williams and spoke at assembly during Crime Week. Proud seniors Houston, display their class rings Lott, and Corky Irwin . n,.rn.l u-. my vi - ' .1-1.,l .limmy Mayo and his parents, Mr. and .l. W. Mayo, discuss with Mr. Mayhry for Jimmy's college education These students, exemphfymg, many of Treadwells semors lnter ested in continuing their education, are seen in Miss Jeter's room browsing through college catalogs. 7 JUNE.- Graduation Came at Last 'Q Joint and Mr. Al Marcus, Director, from chosen ff Q 0:0911 are as follows: First Graves, Sherry Cockran, row: Rita Watkins, Carolyn Cole, Maureen Hamrick, Linda riffin, Joy Bizzell, Gail Hoover. rflbe- - 4- as-za: ., f"'a3Z'Q I if-I-?"1B-Q-. , Q V-73 i1.Q'Tlf'?'iETQ1"'Rq ""'Qu!u., ""'QS 'J -A fgf:,QE,-fSE'fmag55""""-1'e-3 'a""'f-H , P. - .. -L-C-:va 5 X' ' , 5321 . A -V 3 if1 gif5g,f?' 'EFEENQ -iwr'f2a.!i7f-if F all 1 1 l i E?.'lif3 i1 Wg'-2114 A 'T 'E'--1 A N :gg-af,-1, " Q V igaizafgzzgL:f.12:n'-ggi l 2 - 1-M153 Qhufgaum Q ,, .1i1.fzg3i ff If rf fi' 'H' ws"-uf-Eiigsigmhfm 'im 'il 7 '15'1El1i':i'z1:'f r f .1f,L'ijrf'--fl""J1 . - V-1.11 Lfgqzq 7 Iffrsamf:-ff ,. 1 i4?Hl? -?ff"1f2'v 32 il .. 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K - " "' " ,J 1:3 fi Exlieifgzkuzrg Ek: if ix: 2:53 hz-,1-S:-aiifim: mm 2-12:1 'Leng lam In in - 'L E111 margin :Sai-321 15.1154 2-'sem Ewa II?"-ll fl-rm 1, 0212 Wim tn 5 23531 ii iiiil N in - if M Q? 'Q I 1 1 E , 'Z I Q1 ilu P . 1 iv i , . , I l . f I' . 'K ' .2 , if 4 " ' ' ' ' ' - ...,..u,4. Q 31.ffL'4.-..g3Ldl 'v-Yi-yu' A-V , 4 -qgzzibtidvi. NW'-1i'w4'++' 91,1 ' ' f ' V" . ' f-v f , 4 ,.vn..,-, w ,-I.-' LAL- . ,':1,WL,,gv- .,q.f'f?,:'gf .. ,fx '--N , , -eilqg vm," MJ? "':' W " ' - " g.1,...,...'1 Q - ,g,:uiti'LiaR3f"u 'HJ' 75' E V W Q ,,, L ' ' V ' , . , - If--4 ,,.,1j+'1'f-MT?Tf'R -EgA,-WDQWQELQI.1', ,,Ohce 1 f f---' ' -"" ' " ' .' " , . . ' ' --.-,-.-,-.,,5,..,,,.,L,.f.f-5, H1--' , V 5- .-'that prunmted ,the,-'splljlg gr """'-L--fr-S ".'t-'55"'-'U' ' , , . . , . "ie-'T'-,'7 . . i -- fE...' "f"ap,4:i""" 'J giving part-lmpalllsjifalualzple -tral-mng .ff-""' -g'11,fTLA ,-.j-4.,. ' ' - .Q ' I - "ff - .., ' - ' ,. -m,.,af A . ' IIIQIHIIIUVQUIIIIIY. Q f,lQ'yaltyf'agnoug p?"',,,,- M" ' "' ' ' Uni' all ClbM'i'Ii'g1:"CX3'IH13l6S V" rec-cggds which -olur Atggms- -, ??"ff7fQ1 v 4 - f , Q- F -long hpurs and . --., Q, , gexzexxts. A r, U -' .., 1, A .fri :fl ' WTI'----f" " I A A A Iiilfsff--' '-"1",.'I''e:.foll.ow1nff' Jaffes YGVIBW , . . . . z- :- 4 ,X,,, M, ix .. . , , . . ,. iff-vgfii +11-' . 1 , - - 1T'fT,f,:., Q sjmrtgvrecord ffyr T958-59,j , . rum-ff . .. ,N -.z pg?-1b7""'f.,f if A'P::'1Cf,:'v- ,' 'ff k" f ' F.,.l.9g5fL f A ,QL . bli'-Jqlzmim-:1. , . r. . Y if l L , 'l.1g,fZi1-35f4."" IQ vii gf ' '. f - -' 1""-,-L,-.Qs-Q J' ""' ' ' if'-Q47 5 QQ. J "lff1.f-15meo,...:jg: ,. ' ff gf: a r M- , K H. .ur - I J ... WAYNE RUSHTON Guard RUSSELL McGOFF Back "BOZO" ,WARE End With the Eagles leading the East Mustangs 27-0 some of the Seniors look on as the second team takes over. Treaclwell .........,..,.,, 0 Treadwell ...........,..,. 7 Treadwell ....,....,..,. Trearlwell Treadwell ...v............ 7 Fights Tupelo .... Messick .... F rayser ..... Humes .... Central .... 9 for Victor --.--.-13 ,,,-,.---0 ,--,-..34 FIRST ROW: Baker, Bulge, Scott, Snipes, Vaughn, Burkeland, Mash- bum, H. Jones, Hamrick, Cook. SECOND ROW: Sanders, King, Halford, Ware, Perry, Cunningham, Sullivan, Rushton, McGoff, McAfee, Patter- son, Johnson, Lee, Howell. THIRD ROW: Mendez, Brown, F. Brown, Exley. TREADWELL 0 CATHOLIC 20 Playing bruising football, the Eagles battled the Terriers to 0-0 for the first three periods. With four minutes gone in the fourth quarter Catholic scored three times to hand Treadwell a 20-0 defeat. TREADWELL 14- FRAYSER 0 With the Treadwell defense starring, the Eagles defeated the Frayser Rams by a score of 14-0. Scor- ing the touchdowns for Treadwell were Charles Hal- ford and Benton Patterson. ARSITY Every Game Treadwell .,.............. 0 Catholic ................ 20 Treadwell ................ 7 South Side Treadwell ............., 27 East ..........,.. ....,... 7 Treadwell .............. 12 C.B.C. ..... .....,..,. 2 0 Treadwell ..,..,...,.... 1 9 Tech ...... -. 1'-Us .. 1 I-, Li. , . v .v J OE SULLIVAN Guard TOMMY CUNNINGHAM Ray, Coy, Durby, Reinhardt, Higginbotham, Duke Geiger, Fairley, Crowe, Morris. FOURTH ROW: Myrick, Holland Walton, Miner, Mmm, Howard, Mohrmdm, E. Mccoff, K.-:pf ler, Richards, Meadows, Millwood, W. Brown, Nabors. TREADWELL 20 TECH 7 In the closing seconds of the first quarter, the Yellowjackets went ahead of the Eagles 7-6 on an intercepted pass. Tackle Jim Fairley made the most exciting play of the game in the second half by going all the way with a blocked punt. Also scor- ing during the game were Burge and Martin. TREADWELL 0 HUMES 7 With one long run in the closing seconds of the second period the Humes Tigers defeated the Tread- well Eagles 7-O. The remainder of the game was a defensive battle. , Center lr , " "".-'vit -. I . .fl r 1 M - , - 3 .- , . -in 11 ' BUDDY McAFEE Back JOHN COY 3 Tackle P 1 Treadwell's powerful line opens a hole in C.B.C.'s front wall through which Robbie Martin is able to score. TREADWELL 12 C.B.C. 20 Playing one of their best games of the season, the Eagles led the highly favored Brothers 12--6 at halftime. The Brothers scored twice in the third quar- ter to make the final score 20-12. Going over for Treadwell were Burge and Ware. End PAT EXLEY Guard t?..',n, ,fri V L fi, 5,4 ' 'L V:-Q'-5,fZ3'f'Q-5 f',1Z'x." M v'A3iff1,f:-192133 ' 1. -v ', i.:g.,.-fn' t..-'1'. 'it' ,fn Av " eatin. :N 555,-1 -.4 pug, 1 e ,-. .Q,.r ,,sgJ .I uh- U, 1 1 , . ' t?4.,- ,iq , 'Z I Jw ' 1 ffl' -gina' A-.5-2r -559 . - a , 5--f?"gnff'. lf 2 Q Viifff-vi' ":"f?'1f'9"-'1'2'Jsf'ft'+ 7 1 . tel. . 1 bl wsu' VJ-'f 'Iii iffvf b-F'- ' 'A Q5--,L Au f 2- CHARLES HALFORD End This year's hard working managers are Portis, Reinhardt, McAfee, Tram- mell, and Whitaker. .f.nQ-' g-ga w17n.t fr. . , Q l. . ' 3 N .VV . N- U ' 1 J -t I-'nf . w" W . H i JAMES RAY ERWIN VAUGHN End McGoff sprints aroimd end to pick up yardage against Central warriors but loses 34-7. BENTON PATTERSON Back TREADWELL 7 MESSICK 0 With one startling play in the second half Russell McGoff iigzagged 55 yards for the only score of the game: Treadwell ............,... 0 Treadwell .............. 1 3 Treaclwell .............. 13 Treadwell ................ 7 Treadwell .....,........ 27 Treadwell .............. 33 ilgfffx DICK BURGE Back Our coaches put in many long hard hours both on and off the field. Whether teaching the funda- mentals, or scouting the other teams, the coaches' day is a long one. To this year's coaching staff, several new faces were added. Joining our excellent coaching staff headed by Coach Hardke, was the capable line coach, Coach Powell Puckett, and taking charge of the "B" team this year was Coach ,loe Peterson. Last, but not least, is "Doc" Fowler, who is always standing by to administer first aid to the injured player. Under their combined efforts, the team learned valuable lessons in teamwork and sports- manship. Treadwell scores only to lose to the powerful Southside Scrappers 32-7. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Germantown ........ 33 Messick ---- ..... ...,. - -O . V i, V , East ........................ 7 l. P. A rt if White Station -------6 fliif?-'lfff.5-L.. liitfiilf-HM' Frayser .. ............. 12 fiitfsf.-f7'lf' . r " ff' '2':l 7 -es.f5..L,i3f l"1.-ff HY ' ', South Side - .......... ---7 Ei'zZzE'i.,Q,, f'2f . f1' ,,':f-this :Leah-T21A13?-e'4wJva'ifvaiafsmvgl43 H - fr :vw-25' ' ,.,, js-3+ ixgifvw-5 RANDELL SN IPES End F Coaches Hardke and Puckett demonstrate proper blocking as Coach Peterson and "Doc" Fowler look on. FRANCIS PERRY b Back JIM KING t Back TREADWELL 27 EAST HIGH 7 During the East High game Russell McGoff fired the Eagles up by making the first touchdown, with Buddy McAfee adding another tally in the same quarter. The team wasn't satisfied until Bozo Ware had scored twice on passes, leaving the final score 27-7. 4I JUNIOR HIG Treadwell --- ........... ---- .... -2 Treadwell ...... ......... 2 Treadwell ...... - ....... 1 Treadwell ..,....................... 2 Treadwell ---- ........ - ...... --.-2 Treadwell .......... ............ Treadwell ---- ........ FIRST ROW: B. Colvin, L. Scott, D. Joyner, R. Coleman, J. Escane, H. Cotten. SECOND ROW: R. Smith, M. Slaton, P. Templeton, M. Luton, D. Autry, D. Sticht, J. Fowler, C. Porter, THIRD ROW: B. Allen, J. Rodgers, R. Grant, R. Ballard, R. Henson, T. Gatewood, B. Phillips, D. Mills, H. Pittman. FOURTH ROW: D. Jamison, M. Breckinridge, F. Compton, R. Camp, O. Mills, J. Suratt. BABY EAGLES Learn Athletic Skills Under the fine coaching of Bill Luttrell and Claude Scott, the 1958 Baby Eagles enjoyed a very successful year. While winning six, they only lost one game in regu- lar league play. Although the Baby Eagles were forced to 'forfeit three ball games, they gained experience and dis- played good sportsmanship throughout the year. JUNIOR HIGH Interest in the football team was displayed by the fact that only three members quit the team during the year. The Baby Eagles will lose twenty-one team members in June, but there are nine returning lettermen for the next season. Glenda Chadick, Judy Collison, Sharon Smith, Penny James, Joann Warren, Sandra Pear- son, Brenda Davis, Gayle Bowen, Shelia Witt. ' Promote Spirit t Behind our winning junior high team this year, we had a very energetic group of cheer- leaders. These nine girls, with the cooperation of the student body, did a fine job of keeping the Baby Eagles' spirit flying throughout the whole season. 42 OOTBALL SCORES . . 6 raining ...,............,.....,...,.., ingsbury ....... ......... 7 herwood .......... ......... 0 hire Station ....... ..,..,... 0 essick ........... ......... 7 ast ...... - ..... .... ......... 0 olonial ..... ....... 2 6 l 3 l l l This ycar's junior high managers are B. G. Petty and Jim Bacon. Coach Luttrell and Coach Scott discuss a new play before an PEE WEES Learn Fundamentals A fine season was enjoyed this year by the Treadwell Pee Wee foot- ball team. They tied for the division championship but lost the right to play for the city title by losing the play-off game in their division. afternoorfs practice. In their first year as junior high coaches at -' ' Treadwell, Coach Claude Scott and Coach Bill Lut- trell compiled a very impressive record. Through their energetic efforts much interest was revived in our junior high football program. . ,A FIRST ROW: B. Caldwell, D. Hardesty, J. Temple, F. Haynes, B. Rocks, B. Scott, J. Coy, M. Hansen. SECOND ROW: B. Loftin, E. Wilcox, D. Rodgers, B. Webber, S. Morrow, D. Baldridge, B. Dye, R. Henry. THIRD ROW: T. Adams, Managerg L. Lunsford, B. Rowe, R. French, W. Woody, B. Owens, L. Baker, M. Brewer. FOURTH ROW: R. Halford, M. Falls, C. Beard, C. Kinser, C. Calicutt. j"""""'i"' """"' "" ' " ' 4 j 1: , ' ,:' . f I , . -.Th:-i'i-l- F .. ,VETW7 :lay-:-,B-xzsgi 1-3,-Q . . -V - - , . . ,fn--! 4 ' 1 ,l3,4.' 'IV ff, ..a w . Q '51 'il I xl: I 17 -L ,r ' 9 Ak f ,f V4 -fi ' 'x W5 5: A1 9 V ' v- ' , X is A , P, -. I ,M -zllw H Q , vf ww U G' 'E' :X + Q E . 5:5 H Q , fr D . , b 19 Fi -' -' 1 ' ,Ui-Q 'A 4-Z .,+ . 5' ' 44 , ,R Q1,l g x X. r. N, V k'h15IlL ' ' J Z-1-iiq 1: 5 I A .": ' r IA vi JS, ,X 21 - 5l4-4' ff - W ' 'xv W .fi P. A WSJ' A 54,4 1. , ,571-" 1 'Q' N ' 1? A. c. WILLIAMS AUBREY SMITH F ard Guard OVW All-Memphis nififfiad Tfiim 7, igilglslllctl u Emp ls The Treadwell Eagles take time for prayer for inspiration before Alfstegwna the C.B.C. game. - ate Tournament Honorable Mention STATE TOURNAMENT All-State We They PREP LEAGUE GAMES Nashville West .......................... -.- 47 45 First Round Second Round Meigs County ,---- w -------' - --.------4V-----! 35 53 We They We They PRESEASON GAMES East ........ 63 4,6 53 446 Tech ..... .. ........,..... 73 447 647 50 , , We They South Side ..,..,.,.. 55 36 78 44 Millington ----- W- ----f'-' - -----4- -e-----H 65 26 White Station 81 541 73 4.7 Mnnngtnn --N -------4 - ------- --W---H 64 37 Messick ..... ,. .....4.... 58 56 85 42 Jackson ------'------------------- ---M-----1 -4--- 64 45 Central ----nn GC1'IT1E1I1.lIOWIl ....................... .. ......... .. Frayser ...,.. 83 55 55 42 MOOSE INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Kingsbury ........ 80 52 62 440 We They C3tl'lOllC ...... Savannah -nnu-n-Nu-u--- -M.-hu HUUICS .....,.. Bartlett -M-u---H-Wun-----uv-M--an---no C. B. C. .......,.. .. ..... 417 4-1 80 48 ' 29TH DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 8TH REGIONAL TOURNAMENT We They We They Catholic . ..,... -- ..... --.-,--- ..,, ---W 49 - 30 Grand Junction ........ ....., 6 0 38 Whitehaven - 4 mmm-N 75 37 Mme ,3--74r1r,--333+-,-,- 4 r,r--.--r-3-r.4r--334+ at 47 42 C. B. C. g11Q1g1iii3Q1 ,,3.., W 71 45 RSIYICI' ..................... .. .......... ,. ............... East Qu-an D- --nm--um---n i 644 At left: Byron drives for two as Treadwell overcomes Central 29 to 28. At right: Smith rebounds for Treadwell as the Eagles close the Prep League season with an 80-48 victory over C.B.C. J OE RHODES Center All-Memphis All-District All-Regional - nf Iggy --.J Q- fl. Coach McClain gives the team a "pep" talk before the C.B.C. game. Pyron makes two points as Treadwell rallies to beat East 64-50 TREADWELL 58 MESSICK 56 This early season game produced many thrills in a 58-56 win for the Eagles. The game was tied six times throughout the last half. All five of the Eagles produced double figure scor- ing in a balanced attack. TREADWELL 29 CENTRAL 28 This was a slow down type ball game with the Eagles freezing the ball for ten minutes against Centralis zone de- fense. This win was an early boost for the Eagles who won 21 straight before losing. TREADWELL 49 CATHOLIC 30 Again Treadwell was cold from the field and played cautious ball to keep from showing its defense to other teams. A. C. Williams was high with 12 points. RUSSELL McGOFF Forward in the finals oi the 29th District Tournament. BUDDY MCAFEE Guard Memphis Commercial Appeal TREADWELL 64 EAST 50 Treadwell led all the way in this third meeting with East. Jerry Pyron had 17 points and Joe Rhodes had 14. ln this game the Eagles captured the first place trophy in the District finals. RAMER 52 TREADWELL 47 The Rainer game was a thrilling one for the packed house at Memphis State. Although we lost this close game in the Regional, it assured us of a better bracket in the State Tourney. A. C. Williams was high man with 14. Memphis Commercial Appeal DARNELL RYE Forward Honorable Mention All-Memphis All-Regional Honorable Mention All-State Tournament Rhodes drives in for a layup as Treadwell loses to Ramer 52 to 47 in the finals of the 8th Regional Tournament. ' FIRST ROW: Ronnie Annis, Jerry Richardson, Monty Slayton, Vic Petty, Tommy Sanders. SECOND ROW: Gary Howell, Tommy Enos, Coach Peterson, Reed Bryan, Larry Burns. C6 " EAM B T Strifves Toward Perfection Successfully combining teamwork with skill carried the HB" team to a three- way tie for first place in their division of the city prep basketball league. The outstanding record of 18 games won and only 4 lost makes for a promising senior team next year. Fairley rebounds as Treadwell de- feats C.B.C. 43-37. East Tech .......... . ...,.,. Southside .....,,...... White Station... ...,... Messick - .... . ......... -. Central .,.......,.,. F rayer ,..... Kingsbury .... Catholic ........ Humes C.B.C. Annis scores as Treadwell takes Humes 42-22. They 54 ll 32 21 37 38 35 35 38 22 36 They 40 28 34 46 25 56 36 45 29 14 43 47 Coach Luttrell Ralph Jordan Don Joyner Jerry Rogers Rickey Coleman Dan Hardesty Ronnie Goad B. C. Petty Don Jamison Bobby Colvin Buddy Loflin Cole Porter Jerry Levy UNI OR HIGH BASKETBALL Prepares Tomorroufs Team Development of tomorroW's team was one of the major team is proud to have B. G. Petty, league leading scorer objectives of the junior high Eagles. Determination with as a teammate. teamwork placed the team high in their division. The A Jordan tallies two as Treadwell takes Gragg 37-26. Jamison jumps for the .rebound as Treadwell defeats Kingsbury 43-38. Petty sinks two as the huhy Eagles take Gragg. Bellevue ..... .,,.,.,., 3 5 Gragg ......... .....,... 3 9 Sherwood ....... ..30 Colonial .,,.... .29 Kingsbury St. Micheals Tranung ...... ....... - . Little Flower JUNIOR HIGH SCORES Catholic ,- Fairview ...,.. Longview .... Messick .... Humes Gragg ........ South Side ..... ........-..... Training ,..,..... L .,....... West Frayser White Station C.B.C. LH. ........... Sherwood --a- ........ -- Hollywood ,.... - ....... We They - ....... 58 ----.--.35 ------,-27 -L .,..... 32 -....,..37 --..---.27 --- ....... 37 - ........ 28 .-------39 Kingsbury ..............---,-.-------- -------------------'---------- 44 3 Fred Haynes, Junior High Manager, prepares the equip ment before a big game. Junior High M399 Team 1"-' " ' "-"' FIRST ROW: Gary Taylor, Bobby Dye, Larry Lunsford. S E C O N D ROW: Mike Hansen, Larry Cutts, Gene Wells, William Young, Tom- my Adams. - - - v - U f -Y f-v----1 -- --- 'rr'----D -fw- tESlaI1lI gOCS 0VCl'. Coach Hardke shows Benton Patterson how to get a fast start. TRACI TEAM Runs for Points The past track' season proved to be very success- ful for the Treadwell High cindermen. The Eagles turned in victories in almost every meet. Last year Coach Hardke worked long and hard with the members of the team and it was very evident in the meets. This year the track team will have two coaches. Coach Harclke will return and Coach Puckett will also work with the cindermen. Both are hoping to have a fine season. Ronnie Durhy tosses the discus. Mike Mendez prepares to pole vault Coach Puckett helps Pat Exley to throw the shot. -l Dick Burge warms up for the 440 relay 1-P' DOUGLAS J ANSS Captain BILL JONES GOLF TEAM Shoots for Low Scores Although golf is a minor sport and does not re- ceive as much recognition as other sports, this factor does not dampen the spirits of the team. Every Saturday in the spring one can find the team on the fairways of Galloway Golf Course. They put in many hours of practice, striving always to improve their game. Last year the golf team placed fourth in the city and are hoping to do as well this year. Warming up for the annuaI'Cross Country race are, from left to right: , al, McNe Neal, Houston, Wiseman, and Krotzer. ,f-f fr . wg- Qear - f,-'. ': RALPH HAYNES - KYLE DUNCAN RONNIE SWAIN L 1 "Doc" Fowler passes along some valuable information to some members of the golf team. CROSS COUNTRY Strides Against the Clock Many long hours of hard running to get into shape was very evident as the Treadwell Eagles placed third in the annual Cross Country run. The race is usually run on Thanksgiving morn- ing, but had weather caused the race to be post- poned for a Week. On Saturday morning, December 5, the runners ' started on the grueling two-mile race over all types of terrain. Runners crossed the finish line: Raymond Wiseman,finished fourth, Bob McNeal eighth, Larry Houston tenth, and John Neal eleventh among a field of fifteen. 'X Q VARSI T ll Develop r' RUSSELL Mccorr r ' 1 Outfielder FIRST ROW: Meadows, Jones, South, McAfee, Halford, Williams. SECOND ROW: Whitaker, V. Scott, Howell, Burns, Higginbotharn, Grimes, and McClain. Coach Bill McClain in his first year as head baseball coach, built a team for which all Treadwell was proud. With energy and stamina, our boys had a successful sea- son of 8 wins and 6 losses in the Memphis Prep League. I We are hoping for a better record in the coming season with six returning lettermen. These lettermen are Buddy McAfee, A. C. Williams, Russell McGoff, Grady Miller, Larry Higginhotham, and Bill South. DAVID SISSION Pitcher Tffi.. - "W - V Y it 9529174-fit, . , - 1 1 . V. ,rr ' 'JI Qin 9 l 'QQQ-"',f"E A' -3: 124' -41 . iii L--34, f..' 5 it -1.45. - - " Q.'fZ.fL 11,317-:':1i: li' ,E V ' uriiff-.':'f-,f'?-Jill'1 " th f l -, ,gm ,- w ,I , ' 'fjerps '-i, 5, ...,-Aj'-,, ,Att I KL M 3.2: 3- X? ' .- V, N - . .E ,Q -. , 'Ljgx-.-1,:-,5 'Ig ' L-. 'ff , '- 7 , ' ' w'T9f'57i3ffQ2q 'fr-if 5'ri Q53 "Z W A Wai 15: pf" 1 was e- . H-"g.:5':'2, Q 7' :elf-?515bf.Um ' f',f,"1..: r,:F ' ' , - ' ' Gxfilijflb Firazrvr la t A -raise? nf, "- -N ,,.. ' I lg-Lat,-321' 3- ig,.1,, -K" I ' ' ' ' lf r - 1 am i, " - . ji 7Z:,:' Y :ffl ' .--fplffsz if ""v-,234-55' ' if 5 Y-'Q.:.1fuinEfrg '? ' ' "N ,r 'W 2. Tj" t- q , . , 'ear ' L-LLL L L ev gzfii -.. L-, ' CRADY MILLER BUDDY MCAFEE CARY HOWELL First Baseman Second Baseman Shortstop BASEBALL 'eamwork Treadwell ..,.,...,... 3 Treadwell .........,.. 1 Treadwell .... ........ 7 Treadwell .,... ., ...,.. 9 'Treadwell ............ 3 Treadwell .,..,.,..... 5 Treadwell ............ 5 . M 4 Tommy Scott and Larry Higginbotham, hull pen hurlers, warm up before the game. SCORES Central ............ 1 1 Tech ---- ......... -0 Humes ....,....... 10 East ........, .. ....... 0 South Side ..,..... 2 Messick ............ 0 Catholic ............ 0 Treadwell .... ,. ....... 2 Treadwell ............ 1 Treadwell ............ 6 Treadwell. ........... 7 Treadwell ............ 2 Treadwell., ...., ---44 Treadwell .... ..- .... . Wvhite Station 11 Kingsbury ------2 Messick ,... ..-2 Humes ...... -----.3 White Station ---6 C.B.H.S. ----..-,9 C.B.H.S. ........ -6 A. C. WILLIAMS Tl1ird Baseman . ""W" h 1 Y. . LARRY HIGGINBOTHAM Pitcher CHARLES HALFORD Coach Bill McClain puts drive and desire into his team before an important game Pitcher xg xv- N ' I S-Lv, -v-QQ' ' I X .-li X SLN 5 .fvxfg 3 ij , , ,. . ,f g I -ssl 'T ik-5 . 'g'3.fVZ y i . 'IL X W N. Q iv ij ,YJ Q., ff Q s 4 in , 39 -k 1 , . ,veg .. . ,31,, 1 ff 'NIS "Ax ' W 51 Ls. Sf 1 :4 J f '2C..aM.l - 'f ' "1 -' ' n E V A ' A , .a'f"'9',fx7f Y' E f A , Z b A ff in ,--!A , ,X , I ' , .1- I Y , K' ni U-' if H it Fundamentals of basketball are taught in physical education. BOY 9 PHY ICAL ED CATIO Encourages Sportsmanship Our Boys' Physical Education Department has an objective program that will help to build the Whole individual - his mind as well as his body. Building physical fitness and alertness, as well as teaching principles of fair sportsmanship, are the primary ideals of this department. Through instruction in the fundamentals of football, bas- ketball, volleyball, softball, and track, the boys learn the importance of mental keenness and proper coordination. will 1 Boys do calisthenics under Coach Lutt.rell's direction Coach Luttrell explains softball funda- mentals to David Davis, John Council, Jeff Hester. Ig., 1 A9 we ' 9 ejn-'-ek: if iii-M f P X ' ' '- 'P --. Us -,. l - H 'Jia- ig K Q ' ff Pi ., N, I ,N--av: Leaving to play softball are Peggy Marshall, Judy Woods, Gayle Finleyson, Annette Gordon, Betty Robison, Ginny Vernon. SENIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS X Miss Moriarty stresses i In 3 ' physical fitness for healthier living. GIRLS PH YSICA1 Provided Recreation am Learning athletic skills, promoting good sportsmanship, and enjoying fellowship were the elements which combined to make a typi- cal physical education class. The girls were required to wear all white and to keep their gym clothes neat ancl clean. Volleyball, basket- ball, softball, shuifleboard, badminton, tum- bling, and exercises sum up the sports for girls Pennant winners in volleyball at Memphis State were Ginny Vernon, Carol Durby, Linda Catewood, Linda Charlene Hutcherson, Marjorie Elmore, Romelle Aikens, Joy King, Carol Y H' r Roy, Samxnie Gross, Sandra Pike, Winnie Schmidt, Mary Sue Harris, Sherry Cochran, Marilyn Coker. Miss Moriarty is the instructor. . . I '13 S all n Q At the hoard in the girls' Health class are Mrs. Dowdy, Judy Percer, Brenda Smith, and Patsy Howell, who explained facts about health and hygiene. Playing badminton under Mrs. Dowdy's instruction were Judy Jones. Vicki Estes, Eva Cooper, Susan Rowland. D CATIO rains in New Skills volleyball, basketball, and softball the the homerooms. Health and home nurs- form a part of this course. Tum- gymnastics and lots of patience supplied and variety. The overall results of these activities was the acquisition of many new JUNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS Lahey, Dorothy Childress, Patsy Hellums, Virgie Hern- don, and Eunice Burton. Cheyrl Peterson, Gwen Smart, Judy Smith, Russlyn Whitson, Sherry A Schneider, Twila Wiles, Anita Falls, Gail Clark, Diane McMinn, Mary Helen Tipton. Mrs. Dowdy was the instructor. '7r .m . . , .. -. ones. A volleyball tournament was held X ,'. .,, . ,,2Lf,., -1. y ' '-,."..s::' . x .u.,m..i, ,- . I ,cgi 13:14 Q-" 6 r.-,4,fA"5 N, if K ,r g. --4. Y .. -,JA-an , ' '21 '4?Zwf:s1'fgf.??E .ff57If1':"?'-"Ill "I."1 4 .W5.1Ti..iV Al. - .f -'11 :fg- , z '54 -5, wr. '1v.rA:n:,z.:-..-' ' .H ipfgz, .. -f.w4,4. , -.,. I J f 1 s - . y-'..,.2,Y:- i4.1,.,. . ug! .' z, Af Y" 'I - -w . rw- M-A-vr ,ry ,fm ., gf.. -,yy .. :.1,.1.'.4:4.':1 s .ff m'.f'3fTgg""'-' ' .g,, y. f',-,.f,,.,7., if 1.-5.1-"ber-,.-ffg-x 1 ' Ewa. 2- ,ws::-5 E .-L-'f,,1,,:g.-: E wf- fs.-,L 12-.,1 -fu-1 .5 ,,,-4.L,'.,, ,I .. N -,J . ...JJ-'..-.-.':' .QL-Lfa-LIZ -x . L. -.:L , .4 522.9 it-If wr?-4 gf, f -Q 4' -ia 'ffl . .f M. 3 .-'A-.4 f.. ., .iff- pjv-lp . .. .71-.3,. .-....-.-., MMM 1 Juli' I ' .' A 'is 4- it .......q..,.. v.'4.- ,.. f.: 1 ,ci V, ":',.'fg-2 ' . qu Ja.:-fl .x .,'-I, J ...Q ' -,"1',' ,.,-- .f - IV .N ' Q31 ::' I , . f . 5, ,41 ,. .3 , ' N 1 xxx f ' M. fl .P ,IAY-. 7. - -f-L4-A .. .Q ,.l1'....:.4.l: r . ,A X .. vu -, I .gm .- Ir.4..QY,-- ' ' . ' ,A -.Q '-"-' -M----- ' . -vf, 'nw . . L ,S -..1 " Mun-- 1 ' v , 1' - P ' vi" K ra ,, f ,552 4 fx- i'5xSKR.f--gf , 'I I N'fF'4.' ":"' "'-. TV"-. "' 1 -, ,UQ ' I -LW :fl ff: ':,.,f.g.r v5k'7,: 1 pk, N ' ft: 315-1-'X .' ,-W'-J."l I-J," ',,, :sn uc, ,C ,-4 - ' I Wx sph-Q-',-i5s':, 9 L hir Q. , ,-.4 " M, --.. fin: v. 'uf T: ,. "-E241 :-22711-fam .4 L, . , -W . 4 Q s . '-'4'1,! 4-.',':.1f.Z.f-'J 5, "'- A lk v L. . .A A -:'W1'LAkl.'h -K AUM .-. - we. f -N' :aff ff'-'f .1- "-,':'-.:.r-1'.",'- .. ' K .-- .1, , , ..'xx.:1!jJ -IL". L "" 1 M- .gin -X.-:jf E -.,. ""RxQ,5.i4!wf',f' A'X,-f , ij' L N, . . . -'Na -'J N Q, ,wk 'Q V.- :-.. .' A -M.4Ll5 .A f+s -S, u 1 I-QTEK " .Il W' fm L' saw E KEN? N, Qi Ss ? Pi 'nf i' Y gl L-HL Y? 'EF' EEE N M 1:53 f V s E is sg Fe?-R WTB Mfg LATIN Miss Park watches with approval as Nancy Gramlick, Kathy Ball, and Barbara Tapp study their first year Latin. 60 Adventure, romance, knowledge, and satisfaction- these are the elements found in Treadwelfs foreign lan- guage courses. Students who clelvecl into the two lan- guages offered at Treadwell, Latin and Spanish, were enlightened as to the customs and cultures of the foreign lands. Study of a classical language broadened vocabu- laries, while knowledge of a romantic language was put to conversational use. Ykss- ,,,,,. . LANGUAGE SPANISH Mrs. Patterson points out an interesting fact to her Spanish students Dick Guthrie and Peggy Howell. 'r t Il , . R11 JUNIOR ENGLISH In junior English Miss Deadrick explains the principles of diagraniming as Betty Morris, Shirley Graves, and Carolyn Maharrey illustrate to Shirley Nolen, Clif Jamison, and Ella Meter, how it is done. E GLISI-I The development of a better vo- cabulary, the employment of cre- ative thinking and the correct use of sentence structure were the es- sential grammar goals of the Tread- well High School English Depart- ment. An individual cannot advance in our modern complex world un- less he knows the fundamentals of speaking, writing, reading, and lis- tening. Through the wide world of literature imaginations were given freedom to explore, appreciate, and understand the arts. Speech courses, which are very popular in our school, teach invalu- able skills which better equip the individual to communicate his ideas and opinions. f' QF ll 5 , ART Art classes provided the gifted student with a chance to show and develop his talents. The students made valuable contributions to the school by assisting with the publicity of coming events and by providing colorful exhibits. This year's out- standing project was the designing of the scenery for the Junior-Senior Prom. SENIOR ENGLISH In senior English, Michael Doris, Dixie Austin, Nouvell Cor- don, Larry Douglas, and Lynn Fly discuss the illustrations from Ivanhoe with Miss King. Larry Cardin, Brenda Cavitt, Richard Williams, and Helen Zumbro display their talent in art as Miss Stahl lends a helping hand. mr.. 45-- SOLID GEOMETRY As Emanual Cheek describes a hexagonal prism, Miss Johnson and her solid geometry class listen attentively. MATHE AT ICS PLANE GEOMETRY In the field of mathematics stu- dents found an outlet for- their rea- soning power and initiative. Neatness and accuracy are two musts of the math student. The mathematics classes offered at Treadwell often provide the basis for future careers. Ruler and chalk in hand, Dot Moffatt, ,lack Little, Betty Robinson, and Pete Brown wait for Miss Jeter to give them further assistance with their plane geometry problems. Q' 4. -4.+X ALGEBRA I develop the rudiments of first year alge bra. A.. 3' Mrs. Nations observes her pupils as they OCIAL STUDIE In our modern world, history plays an important role in promoting cit- izenship. Thrilling events from the pages of the past were' relived as students studied such topics as the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, and World War II. A part of each day, however, was devoted to the study of current events, so that Treadwell students would be well informed as to the problems of our time. ' rw " 'wfll E PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY John Elkins, Joe Neyman, Emanuel Cheek, Becky Phillips, Martha Faught, and Shirley Diebolt listen as .loe Sullivan narrates a debate in problems. iii-- - Eur.--C t be , Q +V wmgw, A-, -' i .I . W w N , i re ,ass Ig . WORLD HISTORY As Eddie Cash reads about different coun- tries, .lohn Elkins points them out to the members of Mrs. Ellis' history class. AMERICAN HISTORY Driver Education enters the classroom as Mr. Fowler discusses safe driving habits with his history class. 6 Under Mr. Reding's supervi- sion .lohn Collins, Allen Lacy, Donna Roberts, Joe Morton, and A. C. Williams prepare experiments for their P.S.S.C. Physics Class. P.S.S.C. PHYSICS Treadwell Seniors were given an opportunity to participate in the revolutionary physics course prepared by the Physical Science Study Committee. In the new course use was made of text books, motion picture films, and numerous monographs. An effort was made to stimulate creative ability rather than rote learning. This course was offered in only five schools in the United States in 1957-58, but in 1958-59 it was offered in two hundred eighty schools. Treadwell and Oak Ridge were the only two in Tennessee offering the course. li, 'E X B, ffp l ff With the help of Mrs. James, Annette Gordon,l' Bonnie Taylor, .lohn Can- trell, Larry Hayes and Joy 1 T' Nancy Hannings, .loy Lott, June Bryan, and Joe Mor- ton expcriment with waves in a ripple tank as Mr. Hoffart, a visitation repre- sentative ol the Physical ' Science Study Committee, from Watertown, Massachu- setts, and Mr. Rcding, teacher of the physics class, watch with approval. GY CHEMISTRY In Mr. Puckett's chemistry class the students watch as Kenneth Miller, Ronnie Durby, Nancy Rayner, and Lauran Waldran demonstrate an experiment. T-fe-' t, ,t,t Heinz are studying the skeletal system in biology class. GENERAL SCIENCE Mrs. Hutchens directs her general science students Jerry Levy, Don Moore, Du- ane Mills, Judith Collison, and Mary Helen Tipton in their first attempt in a laboratory experiment. SCIE CE Science is the key that unlocks the untold mysteries of the world. Our classes aided the cultivation of curiosity, open-mindedness, and cautious judgment. In biology the students working on insect and leaf collections gained an understanding of our natural world. Chemistry classes provided answers to the questions concerning the composition of matter. "' 3 COMMERCIAL LAW Mr. Lineberiy stands by as Nancy Levy, Betty Richardson, Karron Leatherwood, .lim Reynolds, Frank Willis, and Grady Miller discuss the fundamentals of law. Commercial law classes offered at Treadwell are based A knowledge of insurance, contracts, and other busi- on the theme of consumer protection. This study gave ness forms was gained through the mastery of this the students an insight inte the principles by which We subjectg thus, commercial law proved valuable in pro- are governed. ducing well-informed citizens. TYPING Miss Walker times Murray John- son, Demetra Cullum, Marcbeta Greene, Martha Bowen, and Paul Pannell on a speed test in their first year typing., COMMERCIAL STUDIE 'il tai" ' I I .Q g 934 Training received in the office practice classes provided practical experience for the everyday prob- lems in the business world. Shorthand is a valuable asset in all walks of life. Students taking shorthand, learned the art of con- densing words rapidly. Bookkeeping courses at Treadwell taught the fun- damentals of accounting, billing, and recording. Treaclwellls commercial classes were sound training for those who planned to enter full time em- ployment after graduation. SHORTHAND - Mrs. Morris dictates a letter to her very attentive first year shorthand class. VI ' BOOKKEEPING Marilyn Word watches as Mr. Taylor shows her how the bookkeeping equation A:L+P is used. l OFFICE PRACTICE Mrs. Buffaloe teaches Peggy French, Judy Boartfield, Judy Lee,h-and Brenda. Cavitt how to operate the various office mac mes. '67 HOME ECO OMI CS Homemaking courses offered at Treadwell trained girls in the various aspects of providing pleasant sur- roundings for a happy family rela- tionship. Watching films, listening to guest speakers, and participating in panel discussions macle family rela- tions interesting as well as practical. The arts of food preparation and clothing construction are the main assets in the homemaker's life. lc .,- fb, Sara Wier Georgia Sanders Charlotte McCracken Mary ferry and Mary Dutton prepare tantalizing cookies JUNIOR CLOTHING Mrs. Buford makes sure her clothing class understands the principles of constructing their first garments. - 3 'YY-'E METAL SHOP Jerry Owens listens as Mr. Vickery explains how to ope rate the bending machine in metal shop. INDUSTRIAL ART Skill and accuracy are main assets for shop students in their later careers as carpenters and architects. They were taught the fundamentals of carpentry and model building, and learned the cor- rect use of their equipment and materials. The most industrious boys gained self- confidence and valuable training in shop. MODEL BUILDING These young boys develop ability while working on their projects under Mr. Fred- erick's supervision in model building. 1 p WOOD SHOP Ray Prescott, Don Jackson, and Terry Jones watch Mr. Crumpton as he shows them how to operate the various machines in wood shop. 69 511114:-' ' XS. . TP .1 1 1 I -Q11 1-1 X , wi .-.HX X 8 ' :" X, 1:,f' l 1 11 .1 . X ' X X 1 ,ZX L mp 1 1 ui' ,X 1 H1 ' ..f"' , , u ,Y 6 1 4 1 ' ' 1 'f 1, 1 1 11 5 1 1 X147 I V f' 1 " 'cj Ex ' W' -:Q R. ' . fn W 11 1 Q Q ' 1 1111X' 11 X Fug, . 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Mi X 1.'g14,31-1.' 1'-' 1 fin' .tg ,- ., ' ,. augfr. 51.11"-.'9"' 1 X. -X -.1,.f1" fg' "umm .'TY3'A'V', . 1 L- .ni -A-1,1 "V fjmxx- 1 ffs-B -N -" ' N 11, 1 '- 111111 ' , 1 2,1 1? 1 ,- 'N- . 1 . lnjggfus.-7 .. , Mw 3. 11,1 ,X 11XXXX X111XXX11XXX ,243-',, 4 syn Q- as - 1 1 11 , . -M-'-..,1-1 A f - X ,X ,. 1 -v 1" " . - X '- X .K 1 -f aggf, , X, ,X XX,- 1 rx ,ukwiwf - 2 11 X I i , 11 7 X' ' 1 1, -'11-11 X1X . h .1- "" 1XX X 1 1XX 1 1XX 3 XXXX XXXX WXXN K 1 X7 11XX11 11XX11XXX1 XX XXXXXXXX X XX V f bb - 'H . 111521 11 1111 H 1 ' U1 ' I " 1 1 1 v1 - ' ' X, 'XXX X "111 H11XX111 1 X 1'1" X1l1XX11"11 , 11 11 - . 11 1 X 1 1 1 111 1 , 11"'111"'11 M .-.., 11 X11 NX, fi x 1 ' 451.1 11112211 W H 11 -if - 1 11 XXX 11 H 11"'11:'11XX 1 J 1 11 ' 1 Q, . 111. 1 1' I Q. X '1 4 - ' 1 X .X 11 I 11XX L' "' V 11 1,11 111 K 1 Ll X , ,.. ...111 ,.- ,.. 1 11 Ei 1.1, T Jil? V 1 11 1 , M 1' M A 1 1 X Q ,,.-1.---fr'5"""" I' 1 ' , 1 Q- rf'-M, 1 'N - 'J' ': .. 1"'1 1 1XX11 L15 ,:g:,, ,,-....... -1-w-rf. 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" --1--": M A " "ff r .-.-"'--1-11-41 ,vm -,'1...-.1-.Sgw QQ 155135 1 111 XX XX If-' .,,-11 1,X-1.1-r -Vg 41-.3 X- n ,Xi A vjr-V-,,.' ,-1, ,1 L1.J,.1,..4 ,. swf, 1 1, 1 1 11-11 ..111..11 1. 1... ,.,-, . 1 , 1 11--. 1 1 - 1 1 4.1 mass' W r TIME' " A THE SENIO Provides Entertainment f V. ".' nr, , 9?-' Q :Q he 'B c ,..-':' i'2 ' 'Z W ' , as 3 m Q5 72 BAND MEMBERS-FIRST ROW: Walker, Colvin, Wintker, Bergdorf, Percer, McDaniel, Laney, C. Bergdorf, Wilkes. SECOND ROW: Carr, Hathcock, F. Davis, Hite, Shipman, Stout, Windham, Mc- Ewen, Herndon, Lee, Jamison, Morris, Moore, Medford, Spencer, Woodruff, Riddle, Knight, Noonan, Sprague. THIRD ROW: Bledsoe, Martin, Hornbeak, Richardson, McGonagill, Chenoweth, Jackson Hellums, Kirkpatrick, L. Davis, Cowan, Dew, Corder, Ellis, Morton, Sexton, Cockran, Archibald Providing the finest in musical entertainment, stimulating school spirit, and representing the school at various civic events, were some of the accomplishments of the Treadwell High School Band. One of the first accomplishments and un- doubtedly the most memorable one for the hand was a three day trip to the Texas State Fair at 5 1 Dallas. This trip was financed by two stage shows in which talent from all over the Mid- South was presented. Another out-of-town trip was taken to Tupelo, Mississippi, in support of the football team. The hand played at every one of Treadwell's football games. At four of the halves, the band put on interesting and colorful halftime shows. vii lr V . -,- r L,- . 1 . . .7 ,,,., T IGH BA D tudent Bod l l r l .V -,, IC: 3 -if. ,jf 1,111 .SA P N719 . and an 21 E IS E 'El lv' ' ' : aww Cunningham, Carman, Cantrell, Maxwell, Dody, Hurley, Emerick, Drake, Ragsdale. FOURTH ROW: Brasel, Hudson, M. Knight, Moyers, King, Mills, Dunn, J. Davis, Lawson, Milstead, Gann, Vaughn, Baker, Ruynor, Clark, Compton, Lott, Slover, Grubb, Howell, M. Davis, Ray, Vinson. FIFTH ROW: Amold, Clark, McDaniel, Powell, Gray, Goforth, Dalrymplc, Durhy, Wilson, Norfleet, McBride, New- man, Lewis, Hilliard, Crawford, Green, McCall, Hill, Rodgers, Smith, Berry, Barfield, Odom, Moore. This year the band marched in the Armistice Day Parade, the Christmas Parade, and the Cotton Carnival Parade. Another important event in which the band participated was the formal opening of the annual Mid-South Fair in Memphis.. The highlight of the year for the band was a gala Christmas party given at the Hotel Peabody, December 5. This party will long be a fond memory for those members who attended. In January the band held its annual mid- winter concert which was a big success. The band climaxed its year's work with its participation in the graduation exercises. 73 K w f1 i, - 1 1 i W'i""" 1V I ,. Q ,, ,. Vf x 1 n I S2 Q BAND SENIORS Performing at athletic contests, partici- pating in parades, and taking out-of-town trips are a few of the memories the band seniors will always cherish. FIRST ROW: McDaniel, Crawford, Gann, Wilson, Vaughn, Arnold, Gray. SECOND ROW: Walker, Cowan, Noonan, Carr, Archibald, Ragsdale, Morton. THIRD ROW: Emerick, Davis. Fr' p I p F' A i i 'A N. Qu.. BAND OFFICERS Supervising classroom activities, and setting a pattern of conduct for the band members are some of the duties of the senior band officers. FIRST ROW: Jackson, Librarian, Hill, Custodian: Vaughn, Social Chairmang Gunn, Drum Majorg Carr, Librariang Noonan, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Walker, Student Director, Archibald, Social Chairman, Davis, Presidentg Cowan, Secretaryg Emerick, Merit Re- corder, Ragsdale, Vice President. Mr. Harlo McCall, director and talented trumpet player, gives his rendition of "Carnival of Venice" to a capacity crowd at the stage show presented in the fall. The purpose of this show was to finance the band's trip to the Texas State Fair at Dallas. fer -xy FIRST ROW: Hunt, Tate, Emerick, Nichols, L. Vaughn, Teeters, Flatt, Hurst, McCall, Roberts. SECOND ROW: Taylor, Armstrong, Holt, Beard, Giordano, Wilson, Hogue, Lowery, Wilkes, Drake, Houpt, Turner, Washam. THIRD ROW: Bullard, Allen, Warren, C. Lowery, Freeman, Tipton, Ennis, Cowan, Halford, Rice. FOURTH ROW: Pitts, Wrlht, Presley, Hinchey, Brown, Favro, Jenkins, Beaver, Todd, B, Davis, Smith, Casto, Graves. FIFTH ROW: Autry, George, Erwin, S. Compton, E. Davis, K. Vaughn, Jacobs, Schneider, P. Compton, Clark, Lott, Martin, Walk. SIXTH ROW: Howell, D. Wilson, Adams, Quatman, Cagle, Murdaugh, J. Vaughn, Dorris, D. Harris, Walker, Driver, Grant, Scott, Long. SEVENTH ROW: Ethridge, Harris, Janes, Kernoedle, Riggans, Bellanti, S. J. Giordano. JU D Shows Rapid Improvement This year could only be described as one full of ex- I C citement, entertainment, and achievement for the Junior I 1 High Band. Participating in activities at Treadwell for the third year, the sixty-five member band worked very hard to become eligible for the Senior Band next fall. The band performed at pep meetings, football games, and the Christmas Parade, and presented a concert in Decem- ber for the elementary school. ' Our band practiced diligently in last minute preparation for the Annual Spring Concert. X l i Sandra Vaughn, the Treadwell Band Queen, and her alternates, Kay Crawford and Suzy Gray, were an- nounced at the Christmas Dance. The setting for this annual social activity was Hotel Peabody. 'X E it 'W "" 'I'?:7F 1f?i, ' 1 1 lflhfllfi l DC I' DO A - :V lx .f ' -, 5 ' 2'- ,. VH: vi 'N " FIRST ROW: Spencer, Woodruff, Ellis, Morton, Walker, Cowan, Davis. SECOND ROW: Baker, Ray, Vinson, Moyers, Emerick, Ragsdale, Drake. STAGE BAND Practical experience in the modern phases of instru- professional artists was tackled with enthusiasm by the mental music was provided by the Stage Band. Anything students who comprise this band. from presenting jazz concerts to accompanying local PARADE BAND Displaying marching precision, the Treadwell High School band performs at the military ceremony in which the Memphis high schools received new R.O.T.C. flags. - i cp:"fgf"T"-mf' 0 W ,qw r MILITAR Y V1-"""ff": .Jae . .1 .3,:,xi: :rx While Cadet Colonel Larry Cockrum fleftl and Master eral Inspection, First Sergeant Richard Davis conducts Sergeant Thomas Boyle frightj discuss plans for Fed- inspection of cadets' rifles in preparation for the event. .Bm-tstsq Mom, 3 9 nnxwnfttmt 9 9 nf. 'lfii O B ' Q 'AS ,. J. ' , fs ' ii no 0 o 09 e Q J as unun noone- 0 so 0 e Q0 9 . fi .i iaoof, m 0 o s Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Harlo McCall, Band Mastery Sergeant Ian Walters, Instructor Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Mary Parker, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Mayhry, Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Annie Ellis, Faculty Sponsorsg Master Sergeant Thomas Boyle, Instructorg Ser eant Firt Class Richard Davis, Instructor. RE ERVE OFFICER TRAINING CURP Develops Leadership, Character and Sptrtt "Tomorrow's Minute Men," is the motto of the Reserve Officers Training Corps. The cadets are taught various subjects: leadership, drill and command, weapons, map reading and aerial photography, tactics, military organi- zation, marksmanship, etc. It gives them the opportunity to accept responsibility and leadership readily, aiding them as they mature and become leaders of tomorrow. Our participation in the Veterans Day Parade, com- peting with the other six high schools, was an outstanding event even though we did not march away with the trophy as we did last year and three out of the last five years. We let the other units know that Treadwell R.O.T.C. is striving for first place again. The drill team's visit to Vanderbilt for the all-state Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Larry Cockrum reviews the Battalion with Mr. E. C. Stimbert, Superintendent of Memphis City Schools, and Colonel E. P. Thompson, Chief of Tennessee Military District. drill competition was a beau appearance with its usual sna we can all he proud of. The annual Military Ball with four hundred attending The annual Command M off without a hitch, as here o ore re "Superior" rating. We did w and another 'cSuperior" rat Federal Inspection. This co without the full cooperation With another year fading aw was another job well done. Mr. E. C. Stimbert and Mr. W the battalion as Master Sergeant son look on. , t ,J , ,. , E ."v , -. Z ' .IQ an A .. . 5 .- . E is ? BATT ALI O ,, , W N ,Ag Xe.: f Nix Q L ' I 2 1' . Cadet Captain Honorary Cadet Captain Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet EDDIE CASH RITA DUNGEY PAUL PANNELL Lieutenant Adjutant Intelligence Officer JANET MORTON In the Veterans' Day Parade the Battalion Staff leads the battalion with perfect dress. ta. 1- -' i Cadet Colonel LARRY COCKRUM Battalion Command Cadet Lieutenant KENNETH HALE Assistant Intelligence Officer 1 V I Y Cadet Captain JERRY HOLT Supply Officer I 9 V'f"'f'-' if fwfz I X ' 5' 1- if ' 'L' ., ' " 'La , -If X W l 2 its I A Lijkxi 0,7 d"i1Q Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet Cade! Captain Cadet Lieutenant LARRY MAULDIN Lieutenant JOHN MILLER EDWARD KNIGHT Assistant Adjutant PEGGY WILLIAMS Assistant Training Band Officer Officer -V , 4 . A 4iIawar,- t 2, -X ,gd - 'f ra J ."'fl 1 Y X 7? Qt lv 0 0 N R.. L--GD Honorary Cadet Colonel ELAINE HOPKINS W it :v F , ski! 2? t 1 51 fa' P ' .tilt . t if QU? lj , xx X at Nw 5' 411' Mix-li K Q , 4 1: t- ' - ' Q Q 'E 14 L u A 1' Honorary Cadet Lieutenant DONNIE DENNIS : .fan I-a W gift. - it . ,, -1 -- Q- in ,-. 0 it U 0 v I STAFF F - -TJ6 1' t l I 1 S U Q Q .- ,-.1 945' ' 4 Wfaf-3 f -zi ' L . .ras-.' -to Cadet Honorary Cadet Cadet Captain Honorary Cadet Captain Lieutenant-Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel FRANK ROBERTS GENE HARGAN BERNARD McAFEE MARTHA BOWEN Training Officer OFFICERS AND SPONSORS CLUB FIRST ROW: Arnold, Zumhro, Dungey, Hopkins, Souder, Van Eaton. SECOND ROW: Richardson, Niernsee, Hargan, Jones, Wilson, Rowland, Whitaker, Williams, Bowen. THIRD ROW: Krotzer, Honorary Cadet Johnson, Holt, Cash, Covington, Cotham, Witt, Billions, Enos, Ford, Hale, McCa1la, Byers, Pannell, Lieutenant Lee, Coclcran, Hunsucker, McAfee. DIANE ARNOLD IAWWTfBTTW tor i anno C -M ff . V Z I f t bf 1 s 1 41 I f Q- l X Ts, Z Z ty '3:Qf 9"'v'Q -' C ' Q 5' 'QI Qitl. .tl 1 , , . I QS Vgffigl ' 1, 'l X A 9' . 3 ve?" ' . , Q ,, ,V .5 W ,,,,m,'m: K7 V' . e Ni ' ' t I . ti' I- , 1 . I A t W, 1 "Q - . Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet Cadet Captain Honorary Cadet Captain KENNETH BYERS Lieutenant DAN ENOS BERLENE SOUDER Supply Officer HELEN ZUMBRO Public Information Officer 8l C003 Gay Cadet Major ALFRED JOHNSON Commander 1 l. l f l l, 1... . .L l Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet ALAN LACY Lieutenant Platoon Leader SUSAN ROWLAND First Platoon practiced its marching formation in order to win the "Best fP1'0m0lEd SSCOI1d Platoon Ribbon." semester? FIRST PLATOON FRONT: Lacy, Howard. FIRST ROW: B. Mynatt, South, P. Brown, Bradsher, Kepler, Edwards, Blair, Lott, Cranberry. SECOND ROW: Garrett, Deakins, McKay, Boggan, Foshee, Martindale, Hogan, Mitchell, Rauls. THIRD ROW: Buffaloe, Jackson, Holliman, Hodge, Harris, Gaia, Baird, La Barreare, Kelly, Kennemore. FOURTH ROW: E. Mynatt, Jordan, W. Brown, Walters, Mohundro, Cook, Owen, Hawkins, Leake, Miller. Right: Lt. J. Hunsucker, Capt. J. Holt, D. Krauss, Guidon Bearer, Capt. A. Johnson, and First Sgt. D. Howard relax to- gether after a hard march. Honorary Cadet Major P, NANCY scorr N ya 3 ,Xl fu 'tl 5 i QU 'ft 1PM"yEf' FF? 3 'W Wi' Axim, l w 'V r , . 3 , ss N.. RQ H ! , 1 Q 1 .X i rl new 1 A 4 " ' il" ' V f it X 1 Honorary Cadet Lieutenant VERA SUE VAN EATON SECOND PLATOON FRONT Mauldin. FIRST ROW: Thomberry, McMahon Rasbach Ray McPha1l F Srnrth Grace Mayhall SECOND ROW: Loukhuff, Houston, L. Smith Vogt Rrchards Wlllamson W1 emon THIRD ROW Exley, Tavema, Ballard, Ross, Biffle, Cannon Remhart Bennett Rus ell FOURTH ROW Jack on Guthrie, Caviness, Antwine, Cayce, Boyanton Wood Peak Scott x , ' L 11 "1 ' ..L-' '65 wg x"a. f- gf 'f P 5. ss- h'-,::.u- A As the Colors go by the Second Platoon snaps to Present Arms Co M- W WY' ' WW-'WJ . fl Cadet Lieutenant LESLIE CROCKER Platoon Leader "Inspection Arms," one of the many different drills of the "Manual of fPl'0m0fed Second Arms," was performed by the First Platoon. semesterl FIRST PLATOON gy. ' Cadet Major JOHNNY McCALLA Commander C ..' Is 5.47, 1- 5 ,, Wk-71143 , T gr A-5' 9 - 1 22. I ,Wg I- 3 ' .' 554-3 Q' .,,, ' f I 1' ' " "5 'jithy e 5- .,-L , !t,. . IQ 0 l , - E X' o A, , 1 , -1 H . s Honorary Cadet Lieutenant BETTY RICHARDSON FRONT: Crocker, Cardin. FIRST ROW: Holmes, Warxiner, J. Smith, Ryan, Cicalla, Tollison, Whitaker, West. SECOND ROW: Coleman, Sanders, McCarter, Johnson, B. Smith, Lokey, Curley, Beaver. THIRD ROW: R. Brown, McCray, Roberts, Thweatt, Boone, Jackson, P. Jones. FOURTH ROW: Baker, Crabtree, B. Morrisette, Curry, Arrowsmith, Browning, W. Brown, T. Jones. lTT"TWS'l X ,H aight: Capt. R. Billions, R 1- I " 1, j' 'fl Hutchens, Guidon Bearer, Lt. I. l., .X 5 5' -, 3151 McCalIa, and Lt. W. Ford got 'Ve 'V ' 5, .- 3',f, v,: wI together for a few laughs 'on ' k Q N571 Kf.-, parade day. :J I ' J' , A' n ' 0 l 1 . l D- 0 l Honorary Cadet Major ROBBY WHITAKER iv-. ,::'-" YF? 154.111 fa . f .' - - " -QWQMT'-'11 A-:--A- . W- - 4 Striving to achieve perfect timing the Second Platoon "Manual of Arms." V L a 'P Q C , l I Q., N Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet ROY BILLIONS Lieutenant Platoon Leader DELANA WILSON SECOND PLATOON FRONT: Harris. FIRST ROW: Foster, Vaughn, Coy, Hatcher, Morton, Ford, K. Smith, Lee. SECOND ROW: Petty, Galloway, Nabors, McLain, Ryan, Hayes, Johnson, Simmons. THIRD ROW: Davis, Scroggins, Sherrod, Richards, Shaw, Wilson, Nelson, Boals. FOURTH ROW: Campbell, Sowell, Burns, Bryant, L. Brown, Bradford, Ferguson, D. Smith. ,- t. .. -,,.,. E-, 1- ,. . ,. - .-. ry-, 12-:.41.:":p...-1155.-:-'-' .,1.g.,,.,,- ,L ,. . - . - , A '1 e-9.2! ii-fy-f"": Egg-,Qs "rp-2 , " ': . "L sh, , ' ' if i l'i 'fJ:'f? "4"A' ':f1i:??i!QL ffl' -122 . . -4 fn.: ffi:L4:s.l fl -h.'21.- :4f41.-an-55ui?fLi,.dmd.L'5..L.'f9: ' 3 ""5'..,g" if 51.5. L.- L C 11-5 ' 'f.,f " , -,,J,,,, Y..- 3.54-4 drilled on the -vt 1 Co lhpony Cadet Major DENTON LEE E Commander X .1 , 'ff-L' ., , ,- fav . I "f : Cadet Lieutenant Honorary' Cadet JOHNNY KROTZER Lieutenant Platoon Leader CAROL NIERNSEE "Column Right," a difficult marching movement, was executed by the First Platoon. FIRST PLATO ON FRONT: R. Black, Dunivant, FIRST ROW: Whitley, Gallarno, Pike, Cavender, Caldwell, Clark, Chumley, Long. SECOND ROW: Taylor, Crowe, Cummins, Deckelman, Elder, Hall, Jamison. THIRD ROW: Hardcastle, Gann, Tardy, Hughes, J. Black, Hornsby, Cotton, Coghill, Willis. FOURTH ROW: Vopel, Mashburn, McCoff, Ford, Mooney, Krone, Enos, Swaffer. X. at Right: Capt. D. Lee, Lt. J. Krot- zer, Lt. P. Pannell, and T. West, Guidon Bearer, recall some of the lighter moments in Company C's morning drill. Honorary Cadet Major SHERRY COCKRAN i , , ' . , ' xii' "M , Y ,, . . L V - H - , ' :":f2.:m.- Fw . . r . V wif,-., .il JL Close attention is given by .the men of the Second Platoon, as their leader gave a command. Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet EDDIE DUNIVANT Lieutenant Platoon Leader SANDRA CLARK Cpromoted second semester? SECOND PLATOON FRONT: Bennett. FIRST ROW: Nowlin, Nelson, Schrock, Scott, Reinhardt, Nixon, Duran, W. Smith. SECOND ROW: Pennington, Simmons, Wright, Wolfe, Duncan, Moore, R. Brown, THIRD ROW: Newman, Bun, Brannon, Bills, Annis, Bell, Ratliff. FOURTH ROW: Banks, Piercy, H. Jones, Coolsby, Cox, Jennings, Bacon, B. McDaniel. YG ' gg - Q 7 ,f', a- 1 si '. v i RQ A LVY nl QA-V: rx ' , f ilfr , X' in -' lvl.-' F' W . xl Cadet Captain BILLY WITT Commander ,. 4'1- , . -f :" lj T AA - flax- z DRILL PL TOO V -4" If 53 it if-:ii e P- - Honorary Cadet Captain PEGGY GOODMAN -- . gs it ', ' , -2-. K L i r 3 . "git as A , 1 1' 2 f N EL J-a. lst. iiathwwkf ' A Dx X ll ' ' ill, R I H if 'ti Z s Rx X .5 It 'I Y JI n ' x x ' , fu I O -A , ,l , fi.. --tw , H3 ,fm ,gy - gt' ' 'I' n H1 V- .ll l I b ' 11 I 1 1 1 " X . D, N QQI 1 ij' .L . VY 1. "' Q ' . r' 'S HK - l J W 4 Cadet Lieutenant Honorary Cadet Lieutenant JERRY COTHAM MARY JONES 1 1 ini ' '5 ' V . ' ' ' V l 5.1 V g . '- A j Practicing to achieve Perfefir Hligrlmerlr, the Drill After a hard day's practice, Capt. B. Witt, F. Boling Platoon Prepared for the State Drill Meet in the Guidon Bearerg and First Sgt. J. Cotham relax and Spring. discuss the Drill Team's accomplishments. KNEELING: Boliug. F IRST, ROW: Everson, Barbee, Coggin, Meadows, R. Mcuaniel, Carnes. SECOND ROW: Weeks, Futrell, Branch, Patterson, Waldrup. THIRD ROW: Jacolis, Huffman, Rowe, Wood, M. Black. FOURTH ROW: Mahaffey, Fletcher, Brehm, Curry, Stephenson. E . 'Hmm-ni, rg 4 I FIRST ROW: R. Black, C. Jamison, J. Taylor, C. Sowell, Social Chairman: J. Pennington, Secre- tary: V. Petty, Treasurer: L. Foster, Vice President: B. South, President: L. Moore, J. Tollison, E. Houston. SECOND ROW: G. Martin, A. Lacy, F. Boling, T. Everson, A. Barhee, J. McHuffey, M. Stevenson, P. Weeks, R. Laukhuff, L. Cardin. THIRD ROW: A. Warriner, J. Gronberry, B. Vopel, J. Anderson, B. Childers, C. Percer, J. Simmons, J. West, T. West, D. Newman. FOURTH ROW: D. Rauls, D. Guthrie, D. Whir1ey,.L. Mauldin, R. Whitaker, D. Bennett, R. Swaffer. FIFTH ROW: D. Lee, R. Brown, W. Smith, B. Roberts, C. Davis, T. Jones, P. Miller. SIXTH ROW: G. Baker, D. Jackson, R. Harris, D. Cornpbell, A. Nelson, J. Thoronberry, R. Prescott. NCO CLUB A dance and an all-night bowling party at which Cadet Sgt. Dan Gallarno scored the most points were some of the highlights for the NCO club, made up exclusively of non-commissioned officers. R.0.T.C. BAND Keeping the Battalion in step and setting the "pace" during the parade must be contributed to the R.O.T.C. Band. RIFLE TEAM Some of the more important matches that our rifle team fired in were the Third Army Match and the William Randolph Hearst Match in which Cadet Sgt. Lacy fired the highest score for Treadwell. Cadet Capt. Alfred John- son directed the rifle team. Top: FRONT: Knight. FIRST ROW: D. Richard- son, R. Baker, J. Spencer, M. Davis. SECOND ROW: R. Hurley, J. Hathcock, H. Maxwell, R. Ray, S. Vin- son, S. Sexton. THIRD ROW: B. Doty, B. Wood- ruff, B. Coffee, F. Bled- soe, D. King, J. Howell. At left: FIRST ROW: A. Johnson, R. Billions, A. Lacy, P. Pannell, E. Knight. SECOND ROW: J. McCalla, D. Lee, J. Vaughn, L. Elders. THIRD ROW: F. Schrock, B. Clark, B. Howell, R. Krone, F. Bledsoe, B. Cof- fee. 'x33'9i' 89 ST UDE T ADVI ORY BOARD Linking the faculty with the student body in a firm, efficient manner, the Student Advisory Board capably served Treadwell. A democratic form of student govern- ment Was employed in the election of homeroom repre- sentatives and general officers, as well as in council meetings. S.A.B. provided many services such as monthly calen- dars, monitors, office assistants, and the blessing followed by music each day at lunch. Assemblies came under S.A.B. planning. This group also promoted special projects: citizenship week, Christ- mas baskets, a student directory, and opportunities for fun and recreation with occasional dances. New officers of S.A.B. were presented at the Inaugural Ball: Cleft to right? .lohn Neal, Traffic Chief: Barbara Cz-mn, Girls' President: Ralph Haynes, Boys' President, Gerry Easley, Chaplain. 90 Dr. Jerry L. Glisson, pastor of Leawood Bap- tist Church, spoke to the student body during an S. A. B. assembly. These are the officers who guided Treadwell's Student Ad- visory Board: Cbottom to topl Emily Hatcher, Social Chair- mang John Neal, Traffic Chiefg Gail Hoover, Secretaryg Bobby Walton, Treasurer, Gerry Eas- ley, Chaplain, Tommy Scott, Social Chairmang Barbara Gann, Girl Presidentg Ralph Haynes, Boy President. TENTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: Ann Voss, Carol Kinser, Kathy Ball, Vergie Hendron, Dixie John- son, Delores Crabtree, Patsy Haines, Betty Milton. SECOND ROW: Johnny Cotton, Janet Hydrick, Charles Hatcher, Pat Fergu- son, Robert Nelson. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Cavender, Craig Leake, Jimmy Gann, Pete Gay, J. C. Caviness, Henry Goggins. TWELFTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: Esther Dickson, Juanita Mc- Gee, Katie Robbins, Annette Hawks, Emily Hatcher, Judy Wilkes, Joyce Hunt, Donnie Dennis. SECOND ROW: Jerry Covington, Jesse Hall, Willie Ford, Bob Strickland, Ben Fields, Larry Walker, Mike Avent, Corky Irwin, Tommy Scott, Jimmy Mayo. ELEVENTH GRADE REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: Nancy Parham, Scottye Clark, Carolyn Hatch, Joy King, Gail Hoover. SECOND ROW: Linda Palmer, Sandra Smith, Janelle Winters, Patsy Lynch, Martha Bowen, Larry Higginbotham, Terry Myrick. THIRD ROW: Leslie Beaver, Fred Drake, Eddie Dunivant, Mike Long, Bobby Walton, Al Piercy, Dossett Foster, Bill South. ik-L' 'x , 1511+-- ,f-"'f mf- Q - - A Srl ,.-. RFQ, OFFICERS: Jim Fowler, Vice Presidentg Leslie Wood, Presi- dent, Penny James, Secretaryg Gayle Bowen, Delegate at Largeg Linda Dlugach, Traffic Chief. REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: B. Cox, L. Vaughn, R. Wintker, P. James, T. Mahar- rey, P. Jeffers, J. Fowler, K. Wohler. SECOND ROW: R. Green, J. Waddell, L. Wood, R. White, D. Mills, D. Windham, G. Grissom, L. Dlugach, P. Man- nis, P. Hall, S. Barron, B. Pruitt. UNI OR SAB. REPRESENTATIVES FIRST Row J Smith M Click D. Green M. Nelson SECOND ROW: G. Clark, A Ray, L. Shelley, D. McMann, P Marshall, C. Harris, G. Bowen THIRD ROW: B. McAtee, R Smith, R. Coleman, N. Wells, C Horton, F. Keywoocl, J. Lee, D Autry. if ' iifis., Four officers from each ninth grade home room composed the Junior High Student Advisory Board. This council provided an ef- fective means by which junior high students were able to practice self-government in a practical, though limited way. One of the principal duties of the Junior S.A.B. was to provide informative, interesting assembly programs once every two weeks. This responsibility was rotated among the ten ninth grade sections. The Junior S.A.B. trained the leaders of junior high so that they would be capable of even greater leadership and service in senior high school and in home and community life in years' to come. UNIOR HO OR OCIETY To create an enthusiasm for superior scholarship, to develop loyal citizenship, to stimulate a desire to serve faithfully one's community and country, to instill exemplary qualities of character - all are the high goals of the Junior Honor Society. Each six weeks this organization sponsors an assembly program. At this they award pins to the boys and girls who have made'first and second honor roll, banners are awarded to the hon1erooms"with the highest scholastic average in the boys' and girls' division.- One project this year included the sale of sweat shirts, crew hats, pennants, and scarves with the Treadwell emblem on each. 71n:.v' 1 7-,nA-L-ivlgi. -. f--.-are-1 '-'l--l-- be wi- NIN TH GRADE MEMBERS FIRST ROW: Miss Eva John- son, Advisorg R. White, R. Wint- ker, L. Wood, J. Stewart, G. Mar- tin, R. Gadbois, Mrs. Elizabeth Somerville, Advisor. SECOND ROW: P. Isbell, J. Waddell, G. Bowen, J. Collison, K. Wohler, A. Ray, J.. Bergdorf, M. Ship- man, P. Dodd, R. Coleman, R. Smith, N. Morris. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ethel Harrison, Advisor, B. McDonald, Treasurer, P. George, C. Kincaid, P. Maniss, P. Sprague, Vice President, D. Mills, M. Nel- son, Presidentg F. Keywood, P. Windham, P. James, P. Marshall, Secretary: V. Joyce, Mrs. Erline Nations. Mrs. J. Q. Wolf demonstrated her set of an tique glasses during a Junior Honor Society EIGHTH GRADE MEMBERS FIRST ROW: C. Owen, J. Dow- tin, J. Patterson, B. Webber, S. Grant, J. Lott. SECOND ROW: N. Riddle, L. Todd, B. Davis, R. Grese, P. Bradsher, B. Tate, M. Bailey. THIRD ROW: M. Pribbenow, J. Pharis, M. Wilkes, R. Ellis, K. Duncan, J. Wright, I... Hannings, N. Ray, 94 WU' t 1 1 'bm' i 'S'-'A' 57 . - -HRT if ' Ne da-, FIRST ROW: E. Hatcher, V. LeDuke, C. Welch, N. Hannings, J. Moore, J. Forrester, D. Bowen, B. Reed, W. Vaughn, R. Brown, President, G. Mitchell, D. Wilson, S. Palmer, G. Boales, K. Robbins, B. Nahors, G. Parker, M. Smith, C. Easley. SECOND ROW: C. Buzbee, Secretaryg N. Powell, Vice Presidentg S. Miller, J. Stenquist, E. Weston, B. Cavender, J. Clark, L. McDaniel, L. Davis, T. Scott, J. Collins, J. McDaniel, D. Janss, J. Morton, J. Mayo, R. Foster, K. Walker, J. Patterson, J. Brisco, F. Tatum, D. Milam, B. Kyles, B. Moore, V. Rossall. THIRD ROW: S. Carson, M. Templeton, C. Moore, D. Whaley, P. Rossall, B. Beaver, S. Cowan, G. Adams, R. Dew, R. Barfield, J. Jacobus, M. Raggett, B. Franklin, B. Jones, B. Broskey, B. King, N. Fowler, J. Moore, D. Shipman, J . Jones, M. Smith. ATIO AL HO O These students were inducted into the Honor Society at the fall tapping. FIRST ROW: Gail Noonan, Mildred Ballinger, Brenda Cavitt, Lynn Fly, Ronnie Swain, Joy Lott, Deon Haynes, Nancy Sanders. 'SECOND ROW: Norma Slover. Becky Speck, Judy Wilkes, Mary Caviness, Robert Ragsdale, Jeff Morris, Larry Walker, Jim King, Betty Richardson, Patsy Boals, June Bryan, Suzanne Slover. Judy Forrester, Emily Hatcher, Miss Ruby King, Advisor, Maribeth Smith, Carol Moore, Larry Davis, Mr. E. T. Fowler, Advisor, and Jimmy Mayo enjoy the reception following the fall induction service. l' I si' 114,yn-4,,,,,gw,.m,', Ig H" 'L ' 'x X Q 'T' ax 1 Tau Sigma hapter Signifying the height of achievement in scholarship, service, citizenship, leadership, and character is the Tau Sigma Chapter of the National Honor Society. Students loolc with great interest and anticipation to- ward 'the semi-annual induction services of the chapter. A wonderful feeling of honor, yet humbleness, is long cherished by the ones who are inducted into membership. Service projects included the addition of electric cande- labras to the stage equipment, maintenance of a current file of alumni members, and a scrapbook of group ac- tivities. The year's principal money-making project was the sale of senior pins. This was transacted through the senior English classes. Each six weeks the Honor Society awarded pins to those who made first honor roll, the homeroom with the highest scholastic average was presented with the honor banner. .limmy Mayo, President of the Honor Society, presented the honor banner to Miss Frances Castlemun and the 12-4 home- room president, Joe Sullivan. A. C. Williams bought a senior pin from Tommy Scott. This is a scene from the formal induction. service of the Tau Sigma Chapter in the fall of 1958. Left to right: Nancy Hannings, Glenna Boales, Barbara Nabors, John Collins, Katie Robbins, Ronnie Swain, June Bryan, Joe Morton, Gayle Parker, Tommy Scott, Douglas Janss. 95 96 EAGLES' NST. Treadwellites purchase their latest edition of the "Eagle," Treadwell's "Eagle', records newsworthy events and interesting activities of the school life. This year eight papers, the last one being a senior edition, were pub- lished by those students interested in journalism. Bar- bara Nabors and Gayle Parker, the co-editors, directed an editorial staff of eight, a business staff of three, and an assisting staff of thirty. A first class honor rating was NEAGLEM E W PAPER STAFF awarded the 6'Eagle" by the National Scholastic Press Association. Representing Treadwell, Barbara Nabors won third place in the annual journalism contest sponsored by 'The Commercial Appeal." Gloria Tyner won an engraved trophy for her editorial on fire prevention. g as . na. 1 Barbara Nabors, co editors of the "Ea gle," work stren uously to produce an interesting, in' formative newspa per for Treadwel students. 4 Gayle Parker an? ug .14 Mrs. Marcello Hunsaker Senior High Advisor l H 1 I l i Mrs. Ann Guyton Junior High Advisor Gayle Parker, June Bryan, Barbara Nabors, and Lauran Waldran feverishly work to meet a deadline. :"I .--Ji: cr:--:4.1n'. SEATED: J. Bryan, C. Moore, L. Waldran J. Winters, E. Hutchens, G. Tyner, E Dunivant, M. Smith, S. Mansfield. STAND ING: J. Mayo, L. Cardin, J. Cotton. SEATED, FIRST ROW: J Byrum, J. Smith, L. Lott. SECOND ROW: D. Dens ford, L. Bloodworth, J. Thom- as, D. Melonas, D. Rauls, B. Marr, S. Strickland, M. C. Campbell, L. Palmer, J. Rus- sell. STANDING: H. Pyle K. Nabors, J. Escarre. Q Miss Margaret Tisdale Advisor EDITORS: Tommy Scott, assistant ed- itorg Douglas Janss, editor-in-chief, and Glenna Boales, associate editorg directed the progress of the yearbook. J--. :I- , Activity staff developed individual pages: Joy Lott, senior pictures and faculty, Barbara Gann, band sectiong Judy Boartfield, classroom ac- tivitiesg Judy Forrester, ninth grade sectiong Suzanne Slover, calendar of events. Alice McNeely and Larry Davis, circula- tion managers, check receipts with their staff, Emily Hatcher and Larry Walker. Ronnie Swain and Car- olyn Grant, business managers, assemble their ads with the as- sistance of June Bryan and Joyce Hunt. Lynn Fly, business staff, not pictured. off 'gif THE 66EAGLE" YEARBOOK STAFF Recording memories was the task of the annual staff. This energetic group devoted long, tedious hours to compiling the joyous, though sometimes difficult, experiences that marked the school year. Copy writing, typing, editing, artistic ability-all talents were put to work in an effort to produce the best yearbook Treadwell ever had. With the mailing of the last copy came a feeling of accomplishment, a sigh of relief-and a crossing of fingers. The 1958 volume of the "Eagle" was awarded the highest rating given by two of the major presses. 'iv Miss Elxseheth Ver Phillips Proofreader Mrs Margaret Jamce Cobb Wayne Rushton John Neal Tommy Cunmngham, and M11dred Buszness Advzsor a Sue Van Eaton, Dale Osborne, Alice Watson, Nancy Hannmgs time to C10W1'1 ar0UI1d and Carol Dowtin designed layouts and wrote copy for the club and classroom section. Marilyn Word, pictures and schedulesg Kay Crawford, typistg Camille Callaway and Brenda Cavitt, art editorsg Marian McWhirter, typistg Jimmy Mayo, student photog- rapher: and Patsy Bouls, typ- ist, pause during a busy staff period. CL UB Clubs, the center of extracurricular activities, offered Treadwellites added information ,in academic fields and opportunities to develop leadership qualities, as well as the fun of social and recreational events. The coopera- tion between students and faculty, so necessary for suc- cessful club activities, encouraged mutual respect and un- derstanding. These organizations, with their regular business meet- ings promoted special projects, visited points of interest and provided social occasions. The next pages depict the clubs of Treadwell, which have played such a vital role in Treadwell's educational process. Q ILL AND SCROLL Young men and women of letters are recognized for their superior accomplishments by membership in the Treadwell chapter' of the Quill and Scroll. This selective organization is composed of newspaper and yearbook FIRST ROW: M. Word, G. Boales, L. Davis, L. Walker, D. Janss, Treasurerg L. Lott,-Secretaryg G. Parker, Presidentg B. Nabors staff members who have displayed initiative and creative P ability. Through the stimulation of others with journal- istic interests, each student was challenged to improve his own work. 1 r 7 Vice Presidentg G. Easley, Chaplaing T. Scott, T. Mayo. SECOND ROW: M. Ballinger, P. Boals, C. Grant, J. Cobb, P. Turner, V. L Van Eaton, J. Forrester, L. Waldran, B. Gann, K. Crawford, A. McNeely, J. Winters. THIRD ROW: M. Smith, C. Callaway, E. Hatcher, .l. Htmt, 5- Slover, .l. Boartfield, J. Bryan, M. McWhirter, G. Tyner, D. Osborne, W. Rushton. FOURTH ROW: N. Hannings, M. Campbell, T. Davis, B. Cavitt, D. Rauls, R. Swain, .l. Neal. ,iH,,.,..xlllF' Ill Il .mlm'JInH:...l'Qli.Ll.: .. l SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: P. Turner, Treas- urer: H. Shelby, Secretary: N. Hannings, President: C. Emerick, Vice President: D. Rauls. SEC- OND ROW: D. Woods, B. Bar- rowclough, G. Sanders, J. Jones, C. Hutchens, J. Shaw, K. Schuele, K. Kennon, Mrs. Margaret Harris, Sponsor: R. Harris. THIRD ROW: A. McDaniel, G. Lena- han, J. Fleener, G. Camp, S. Slover, B. Maddox, J. Mayo. FOURTH ROW: N. Townsend, C. Churchill, F. Garrett, J. Con- nors, B. Younger. A ERICA JU IOR JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: M. Owen, Treas- urerg A. Sowell, Secretary? J. Smith, Vice President: A. Clark, President, B. Lampley. SECOND ROW: S. Wilson, K. Sarten, L. Hannings, G. Smart, L. Halford, D. Giordano, K. Vaughn, R. Mor- gan, V. Green, L. Myrick. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Lucene Best, Spon- sorg A. Callery, L. Loflin, C. Heywood, C. Kilpatrick, J. Haw- kins, B. Roberts, C. Jones, A. Ellis. FOURTH ROW: S. Wil' liams, R. Pennel, D. Davis, C. Atkins, J. Sueno. Shelby County Hospital Treadwell students lead a group of patients in the singing of Christmas carols. RED CROSS "Service to others." This is the purpose, goal, and principle of Junior Red Cross. This year, for the first time, Treadwell's Red Cross Council was di- vided into a junior high council and a senior high council. The junior council carried through several major projects: holiday favors for Shelby County Hospital, gift boxes for foreign countries, flower showers, and scrapbooks for Kennedy Hospital. The senior council's projects were just as enthusiastically carried out: visits to the Shelby County Hospital, collection of pocket novels for the hospital, an international chest program, flower showers, and cookie showers. ' ' "J ' Y 'Z' ' FIRST YEAR LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: B. Cook, Vice President: C. Peterson, Secretary: L. Wood, President: G. Bowen, Treasurer, P. James. SECOND ROW: P. Marshall, P. Dodd, M. Click, A. Hord, D. Clark, J. Greaves, M. Nelson. THIRD ROW: V. Herndon, K. Wohler, I. Rodgers, B. McDonald, P. Jeffers, D. Rountree, P. Berry. FOURTH S 3 A ROW: H. Pittman, G. Brett, C. Slover, S. Lambert, P. Phillips, D. Moore, K. Shelly, B. Lee, A. Sowell, M. Morris, D. Greene, R. Patterson. f'T"P'f FIRST YEAR LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: J, Fowler, L. Dlugach, S. Wiggs, R. Coleman, P. George, N. Morris, B. Collins, L. Moore, C. Kincaid, S. Richter, K. Hall. THIRD ROW: C. Atkins, J. Turnage, L. Halford, T. Wiles, S. Shanks, G. Grissom, P. Hall. FOURTH ROW: P. Weaks, T. Callicut, M. Mendez, S. Corkran, S. Patterson, D. Zumhro, P. Sprague, D. Windham. First year Latin students humble themselves LA at Latin Club initiation. "Latinus hodie vivitf' Treadwell's Latin Clubs seek to prove that Latin lives today. The programs at monthly meetings pre- sented Roman life in an interesting manner, thereby increasing the members' knowledge of Roman customs and history. Highlight of the first semester was the initiation of first year Latin students. It must be admitted that second year students looked forward to this with more relish than the first year students. A Latin banquet in finest Roman style climaxed the year. SECOND YEAR LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Cantrell, C. Kinser, V. Holt, Treasurer, B. Zacharias, K. Baxter, M, Burns, President: M. Hayles, Vice President: A. Voss, Secretary: B. Woodruff. SECOND ROW: D. Rountree, M. Sparks, L. Monroe, D. Pyron, N. Gramlick, V. Greene, Miss Mary Park, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: L. Denton, J. JI'Iydrick, L. Fuller, J. Bradford, J. Jolly, C. Hutcherson, C. Schwill, P. Dew, M. McGurty, J. Wright. FOURTH ROW: K. Ball, P. Ferguson, B. Russell, G. Norton, T. Ross, B., Tapp, B. Conner, L. Conner. FIFTH ROW: M. Riggan, V. Moore, J. Gann, T. Rowe, J. Spencer, T. Gurley, R. '02 Nelson, J. Martin, J. Blake. FIRST ROW: D. Trindle, J. Trammel, T. Cun- ningham, C. Roy. SECOND ROW: J. Buford, D. Johnson, M. Jobe, P. Cook, N. Cowen, D. Derryberry, P. Howell, S. Pike, L. Hilbun. THIRD ROW: L. Palmer, F. Sawyers, A. Thompson, J. Jones, K. Kennon, M. Marshall, C. Hutchens, W. Schmidt, L. Raspberry. FOURTH ROW: M. Cummins, D. Jones, N. Scott, B. Holder, W. Pitts, I... Baham, B. Cates. FIFTH ROW: M. Hamrick, D. Guthrie, F. Smith, R. Krone, A. Johnson, J. Cotton, G. Holt, K. Browning. ,I l V Z V x I ' nlll 1 FIRST ROW: D. Rye, A. Smith, M. Cole, M. Ballinger, Vice President, P. Boals, Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: C. Taylor, L. Wright, G. Parker, M. Campbell, P. Turner, J. Little, I. Pratt, D. Osborne, Secretary. THIRD ROW: L. Gatewood, S. Perry, J. Byrum, N. I-Iarmings, S. Mansfield, P. Lynch, J. Falls. FOURTH ROW: M. Mahaffey, S. Bishop, M. Flack, B. Winbigler, C. Grant, K. Hunt, K. Leonard, C. Durham. FIFTH ROW: R. Harris, J. King, B. Strickland, D. Lee, Mrs. Patterson, R. Hornbeak, J. Corder, T. McEwen, S. Rauls, L. McMahon, D. Meadows. Senorita Carolyn Grant shouts "Ole!" as she finishes the "Mexican Hat Dance." P x PAIHCLB "La lengua de nuestros vecinos al sur." Through Treadwell's Spanish Club students studying the language of our southern neighbors had an opportunity to learn more about the customs and ideas of Spanish-speaking people all over the world. In, club activities a special effort was made to give members personal experi- ence with Spanish people, Spanish foods, and realia. Field trips were made to Mexican restaurants, to Spanish movies, and to musical programs presented by Spanish-speaking people. From acquired knowledge of our neighbors, we are better able to under- stand their actions, thus improving in- ternational relations. I03 E. Dunivant, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: S. Mansfield, L. Nolen, J. King, Secretary, L. Douglas, Vice Presi- . 6' dent: E. Hutcbens, B. McAfee, President: 'ai 'fx I F. Bridgewater, C. Roy, C. Hutcherson, L. Waldran, G. Hoover, J. Hopper, J. Goad, M E. Hopkins, B. Younger, J. Wayne, P. Unsworth. THIRD ROW: C. Bishop, L. Long A " G. Tyner, M. Hamrick, C. Hornsby, B. Sweany, C. Neimsee, B. Pickett, L. Hilburn r' L. Perry, B. Tillman, G. Wood. FOURTH ROW: B. Williams, V. Ellis, J. Morris, A. Nelson, D. Mayhall, D. Campbell, B. Buffaloe, W. Whitaker, Mrs. Hughes, Sponsor, , L. Crocker, L. Beaver, D. Medford, B. Jones, A. Piercey, J. Mayo. fe if--.fn ,.., ' ' AMERICA Mrs. John Scott Lee, hostess at the Magevncy House, explained items of interest to Lauran Wald- I ran, Larry Douglas, and Joy King. "You can't bring the past to life." Treadwell's American History Club proved this statement to be false for many Treadwellites last year. Through field trips to the Magevney House, Desoto Park, and other points of interest in Memphis, members were able to relive events of the past. The out- standing trip of the year was to Shiloh Park. FIRST ROW: Mr. Horton, Sponsor, M. Ballinger, Secretaryg R. Swain, President: C. Grant, D. Rye. SECOND ROW: K. Crawford, J. Forrester, D. Cullum, C. Bolton, P. Turner, J. Cobb, J. Nichols, T. Davis, G. Boales. THIRD ROW: M. Echols, B. Ricardson, E. Hatcher, J. Bryan T. Cunningham, J. Coy, W. Rushton, D. Burge, J. Gordon. FOURTH ROW: N. Levy, J. Hunt, L. Fly, R. Strickland, J. McCalla, D. Lee, S. Merrell, J. Neyman, M. Dorris, D. Chandler. FIFTH ROW: C. Halford, B. Ware, E. Cheek, W. Ford. 7 was ing, and Tri-S Club members enjoyed a dance at Hotel King Cotton. TRI- CL B Self, Service, Society! This the theme of the Tri-S Club as it opened the year with a meet- explaining the club motto. The Tri-S Club endeavors to pro- mote social improvement among its members. The programs this year were those concerning social etiquette, service to community, self-improvement. Members also participated in filling a Christ- mas basket for a needy family. The highlight of the year was a Christmas party at the Hotel King Cotton. 1 1 L. Beaver, J. Cann, J. Spencer, B. Woodruff, L. Crocker, D. Rauls. Shelby County Medical Society, at Tread- well for polio inoculations. The Clinic Plans were explained to the student body by Mrs. Vernon L. Place. FIRST ROW: C. Guyton, W. Schmidt, J. Coker, R. Secretary, A. Griggs, L. Monroe, D. Bar- ringer, Treasurerg C. Noonan, Presidentg L. Rasherry, Vice President, K. Schuele, N Gramlick, Mrs. Miller, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: J. Martin, K. Hall, D. Johnson, V. Herndon, L. Fuller, J. Hydrick, D. Childress, C. Hutchens, L. Moore, C. Wilkes. THIRD ROW: R Whitaker, A. Turpin, S. Singleton, M. Moore, S. Clark, C. Secretary, J. McDaniel, B. Sweaney, L. Davis, V. Moore, D. Turner. FOURTH ROW: F. Jones, M. Jobe, K. Baxter, L. Burns, F. Davis, M. McGurty, P. Marshall, J. Hassler, A. Thompson, E. Hopkins, J. Shaw. FIFTH ROW: Juniors and seniors who were concerned about the place of science in our world tomorrow composed the Science Club. Lectures and discussions at meetings dealt with such topics as future space travel and Einstein's mass-energy theory. Field trips allowed members to ex- plore scientific careersg recreational outings supplied fun and fellowship. Laboratory technician, physician, teacher, pharmacist CIE CE CLUB BIOLOGY CLUB - the Biology Club offered insight into many such ca- reers. Field trips to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, the Cancer Research Laboratory, and Memphis State University's biology department were made by members interested in these particular areas. Stimulating lectures at business meetings, service projects, financial projects, and social functions completed the year's agenda. STANDING: L. Walker, President. FIRST ROW: Mr. J. D. Reding, Sponsor, Hatcher, Secretaryg C. Emerick, Treasurer, L. Davis, Vice President. SECOND ROW: W. Ford, J. Corder, R. Hombeak, T. Mc- Ewen, R. Swain. THIRD ROW: F. Drake, R. Ragsdale, B. McNeal, B. Strickland, M. Dorris, J. Morris. FOURTH ROW: W. Rushton, J. King, J. Coy, D. Rye, M. John- son, J. McMahon. FIFTH ROW: J. For- rester, S. Slover, D. Armstrong, C. Calla- way, M. McWhirter, G. Hammett, C. Mc- Neill, L. Douglas. SIXTH ROW: J. Bryan, N. Hannings, P. Boals, R. Laukaff, D. Rauls, A. Smith, G. Miller, B. Williams, J. Bailey. SEVENTH ROW: D. Janss, J. Morton, D. Unsell, J. Holt, L. Cockrum, B. Witt, J. McCalla, F. Brown. I05 FRONT: Donald Flat, Park Sprague, John Bruno. BACK: Larry Cockrum, Mr. Reding, Sponsorg Jerry Vaughn, Mike Davis, Douglas Ray, Mike Mor- ris, John Miller, Roger Pattison. ROCKET CLUB Average velocity, nose cones, firing pins - from these overheard terms one knew that the Rocket Club was hav- ing another meeting. This year junior and senior high boys who were interested ini individual rocket projects organized to form this club. Through this group the boys were able to compare notes and discoveries. Group fir- ings are advantageous in that the members gain not only from individual accomplishments or errors, but also from those of others in the group. Chemistry, electricity, mechanics, and architecture - no matter in which of these fields of engineering a stu- dentls interest lay, he was able to find interesting infor- mation and companionship in Treadwell's Engineers' Club. Each month a speaker trained in a particular area of engineering was asked to talk with the club. Many of the speakers were supplied by "Architects of Memphis." EN CINEERS' CLUB H lm' 3' ' "' ' Left to right: Ralph Lau- kaff, Bob McNeal, Mike Dorris, David Rauls, Den- nis Coggin, Emanuel Cheek, Mr. Bruce Crumpton, Mr. William Vickery, Sponsors. it Hm..wt. .M .mm Q l .L' ..t 'mHlHM Vital members of tomor- row's business world - Members of the Secretarial Club learned more about the business world and became better acquainted with the duties of a good secretary through visits to business firms. Executives of various firms spoke at club meetings. ,x..!.'T ,fin FIRST ROW: P. Galloway, P. Harris. J. Magee, M. Moore, P. French, V. Owen, J. Fletcher, R. Green. SECOND ROW: F. Morris, L. Lee, G. Mc- Lemore, D. Saulters, J. Boartfield, J. Lee, O. Nowell, B. Cavitt, B. Souder, J. Heinz, M. Faught, N. Sanders, E. Olive, Presidentg J. Cobb. ? SECRETARIAL CL B 2' Is this a prediction of the future? Perhaps someday Brenda Cavitt Judge Beverly Boushe spoke to the members will he the efficient of the Law Club. FIRST ROW: Mr. Lineberry, Sponsor, N. Levy, M. Word, Treasurer, K. Leatherwood, B. Richardson, President: J. Barbee, G. Miller, Vice President. SECOND ROW: E. Webb, D. Cullum, C. Grant.,THIRD ROW: L. Houston, J. Terry, M. Darby, G. Boales. FOURTH ROW: R. Williams, F. Morris, N. Townsend. FIFTH ROW: B. Tatum, F. Willis, J. Bailey, S. Bradley, E. Clemmer. 4. 1 'I W V-Ein! -1 secretary to the noted lawyer James Barbee. LAW CLUB Insurance, parliamentary procedure, and legal documents were only a few of the subjects discussed at Law Club meet- ings. The major project of the club was to distribute identification cards to stu- dents with emergency accident proce- dures printed on the back. Speakers dur- ing the year included judicial, law en- forcement, and business authorities. IO7 FIRST ROW: R. Baker, J. Garm, L. Crocker, B. South, R. Lauk- hliff, B. Williams, C. Sowell, M. Doris, C. Emerick. SECOND ROW: D. Foster, L. Cockrum, L. Beaver, J. Morton, E. Duni- vant, S. Moyers, F. Drake, R. Ragsdale, B. Jones, T. Scott, J. Morris. THIRD ROW: Mr. J. D. Reding, Sponsorg G. Holt, R. Haynes, J. Mayo, L. Davis, L. Walker, Secretaryg J. Neal, Treas- urerg W. Rushton, Vice Presi- dent, D. Janss, President, T. Geiger, R. Swain, L. Higginbot- ham. I EY CLUB Service to school and community, and development of Among the school projects were the operation of con- useful leaders, who will be capable of service to com- cession stands at basketball games, decoration of goal posts munity, nation, and world in years to come, were the for the football games, and aiding the management of purposes of Treadwell's Key Club this past year. Treadwell's Science Fair. The Honorable Stanley Dillard, City Commissioner, raises an amusing point at the Key Club Banquet. 08 At the Banquet Tommy Cunningham, Larry Walker, and Larry Davis present Key Club Sweetheart Alice McNeely and altemates Sandra Vaughn and Mildred Ballinger. Members of the Key Club operated a concession stand during basketball games. Senior Y-Teens compiled a scrapbook of their activities to he exchanged with a group of Y-Teens in another country. . HAM.. .. -zz-n SENIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: M. Taylor, sec- retaryg M. Brandon, Chaplain, G. Guyton, Presidentg A. Tur- pin, Vice Presidentg G. Camp, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: J. Wood, D. Saxe, .l. Pratt, K. Billion, J. Russell, D. Watkins, E. Hopkins, J. Byrum, N. An- derton, D. Davis. THIRD ROW: C. Lineberry, B. Younger, M. Terry, C. Hutchens, E. Burton, B. Cole, J. King, C. Chaille, K. Churchill, L. Raspberry, Mrs. Mildred James, Sponsor, J. Davis. Y-TEE "Y-Teens Grow" - They grow in friendship of all people, in the knowledge and love of God, and as individuals. Part of this growth was felt by Treadwell's Y-Teens through projects such as the Christmas basket sponsored by the senior group and the sale of poppies on Veterans' Day hy junior high students. Treadwell's groups also participated in YMCA activities, including the sale of potato chips. Part of the funds from this campaign were used to send officers to camp for special leadership training. JUNIOR Y-TEENS FIRST ROW: B. cox, P. C01- lins, Presidentg B. Pruitt, Vice President, L. Hannings, Secre- taryg Donna Green, Chaplain. SECOND ROW: P. Hall, D. Hawks, J. Breckinridge, E. St. Clair, E. Newell, G. Bushhy, M. Williams, T. Hickey, N. De- Shazo, C. Hannis, B. Rhodes. THIRD ROW: A. Clark, A. Brandon, L. Smith, Z. Camp- lin, V. Moore, S. Cothani, N. Harrison, R. Brooks, L. Shelley, M. Vernon, M. Churchill, C. Rhodes, B. Oliver, C. Kilpat- rick. furry- pri-azriiu I09 TENTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: L. Cornatzar, L. Wright, C. Roach, C. Durby, S. Truitt, J. Lee, C. Cook. SECOND ROW: L. Gatewood, P. Lovall, J. Jones, J. Hassler, S. Wiggs, P. Marshall, S. Rowland, J. H drick, B. Robinson, M. Rankin. Y THIRD ROW: C. Kinser, C. Wray, I. Gibson J. Stacks, G. Jeffcoat, L. Laney, N. Anderson, B. Wood. OFFICERS FIRST ROW: C. Moore, Sergeant-at-Armsg J. Gordon, President 3 G. Hoover, Treasurer. SECOND ROW : T. Scott, Treasurer g B. Nabors, Chaplain: S. Vaughn, President, C McNeil, Vice President: P. Boals, Secretary, D. Osborne, Sergeant-at-Arms, J. Duke, Secre- tary. THIRD ROW: R. Swain, Vice President: L. Fly, Chaplain, J. Collins, Sergeant-at-Arms: B. Ware, Sergeant-al-Arms. HI- HI-Y FIRST ROW: C. Halford, J. Archibald, B. McNeal, M. Johnson, B. Walton, W. Rushton, J. Neal, F. Perry, J. Gordon, J. Sullivan. SEC- OND ROW: F. Lott, J. Mc- Mahon, T. Scott, J. Duke, D. Whirley. THIRD ROW: B. Caldwell, M. Mendez, M. Hall, W. Garrett, C. Sowell, T. Geiger, T. Cunningham, J. Tramell, B. Iones, D Chandler, B. Strickland, M. Dorris, G. Miller, L. Doug- las. FOURTH ROW: J. Col- lins, M. McAfee, K. Miller, C. Brown, W. Tate, D Burge, J. Coy, B. Patterson A. Smith, R. McGoff, R Durby, R. Martin, D. Rye, D. Howard, J. King, B. Mc- Afee, L. Fly. CLUBS By-word of Hi-Y Clubs is clean thoughts, clean speech, and clean living. A major project of the Treadwell Clubs was the filling of a Christmas basket for a needy family. Part of the dues went to World Service, an international pro- gram of the YMCA. A Halloween dance was an outstanding social event of the year. ELEVENTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: R. Milam, S. Cockran, L. Long, B. Thweatt, R. Watkins, J. Hopper, P. Lynch, N. Raynor, M. Cole, B. Holder, C. McNeill. SECOND ROW: D. Parker, G. Hoover, V. Holt, M. Bowen, F. Garrett, C. Norfleet, B. Wilcox, L. Waldran, S. Nolen, G. Hammett, C. Hutcherson. THIRD ROW: G. Griffin, B. Atkins, V. Rodgers, L. Stanley, P. Goodman, J. Thomas, H. Pyle, C. DuBose, S. Gross, M. Diffey, C. Roy. FOURTH ROW: J. Win- ters, S. Mansfield, J. Bizzell, M. Brock, C. Hatch, J. Rankins, K. Krauch, J. Connors, R. Ritter, J. King, M. Elmore, C. Niernsee, L. Hilbun, J. D3-ITYIUPIC, P. Whitted, S. Allen. FIFTH ROW: A. Griggs, J. McCamon, S. Clark, M. Pearce, T. Taylor, W. Schmidt. TWELFTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW: G. Easley, M. Campbell, J. Forrester, G. Parker, J. Cobb, M. Word, G. Boales, S. Slover K. Crawford, D. Osbome. SECOND ROW: S. Vaughn, S. Grey, B. Philli s E. Hatcher J Bryan, V VanEaton, C. Grant, P. Boals, M. Balhnger, T. Davis P 1 7 ' ' M. McWhirter. THIRD ROW: B. Gann, J. Lott, G. Turner. K. Leatherwood, D. Austin D W'l FOURTH ROW P Turner C. Callaway, J. Nichols, M. Dunivant, J. Smart, . lson. : . B. Nabors, C. Moore, J. Wayne, W. Woodside, C. Bishop, J. Garner, P. Howell, C Bolton, D. Cullum, J. Hunt, N. Levy. Al Marcus, youth director at the T. Walker Lewis YMCA, dis- cussed plans for a business meet- ing with Tri-Hi-Y officers. JUNIOR TRI-I-II-Y FIRST ROW: B. Graves, B. Cook, L. Vaughn, A. Ray, P. Howell, M. Hunt, S. Smith, L. Bagwell, P. James, G. Gris- som. SECOND ROW: V. Walk, L. Halford, D. Giordano, J. Smith, C. Peterson, G. Bowen, J. Strickland, N. Ray, C. Pesky, B. Washam, S. Witt, J. Colli- son, P. Marshall, K. Vaughn, V. Joyce. THIRD ROW: L. Drake, B. Davis, J. Percer, E. Odom, L. Harwell, J. Favro, G. Beaul, B. Turner, D. Scott, D. Smith, L. Holt, D. Rodgers, K. Moore, M. Click. FOURTH ROW: K. Hinchey, L. Blagg, W. Phillips, J. Tumage, B. Prince, S. Evens, P. Smith, B. Powers, P. Phillips. FIFTH ROW: C. Ryan, A. Day. J. Laney, M. Rice, J. Pitts, I... Surratt, D. McMinn, L. Walker, C. McKinsey, J. Taylor. SIXTH ROW: M. Driver, L. Hooper, S. Schuele, N. Davenport, P. Berry, S. Shanks, M. Nelson, B. Collins, K. Kepler, J. Hawkins, K. Quatman, E. Davis, J. Wal- dran. UNIOR HI-Y CLUBS Junior Tri-Hi-Y and Junior Hi-Y provided leadership observed Prayer Week 'with daily morning worship serv- and organizational training for junior high students. They ice. Highlight of the fall was a hayride. OFFICERS F FIRST ROW: D. Mills, Chap- lain: D. Sticht, Treasurer: J. Surratt, Secretary: D. Jameson, Sergeant-at-Arms: J. Fowler, President: J. Escarre, Sergeant- at-Arms: R. Grant, Vice Presi- dent. SECOND ROW: A. Ray Secretary: P. Howell, M. Hunt Sergeant-at-Arms: L. Vaughn: President: C. Smith, Chaplain: E. Walton, Vice President. . . lm.. .U l . l 1 -ll .L.L:ll:.4..-.... ,Nl JUNIOR HI-Y FIRST ROW: D. Sticht, J Escarre, R. Grant, D. Mills, J. Fowler, D. Jameson, J. Sur-ran, H. Pittman. SECOND ROW: L. Malone, R. Col- vin, T. Callicut, D. Autry, B. Phillips, L. Hunt, R. Cole- man, F. Keywood, R. Ballard, J. Smith, R. Nichols. THIRD ROW: D. Zumbro, C. Atken, C. Beard, P. Portia, J. Gior- dano, D. Joyner, R. Smith, J. Rogers, R. McDaniel. "Today's Teenagers - Tornorrowis Home- rnakersf, This was the theme that lead Tread- well's F.H.A. to fulfill its purpose, to develop creative leadership in home and community life. Fun and hard work round out the program of this group which included preparing a Thanksgiving basket for the needy and spon- soring parliamentary law classes for officers of all clubs at Treaclwell. Money for these and other activities was raised through projects such as Hobo Day, skating parties, and the sale of attractive "Treadwell" bracelets. Alice McNeely, one of Treadwell's out- standing F .H.A. girls, also served as president of the Memphis Sub-District. Linda Stanley, President, and Rita Dungey, Secre- tary, assisted Janice McCamon and Margaret Duni- vant, chairmen df projects, with the Thanksgiving baskets, while Nancy Parham, Treasurer. looked on. F.H.A. Senior 'Chapter FIRST ROW: D. Barringer, F. Davis, A. Griggs, D. Whitsett. SECOND ROW: K. Hall, P. Byrd, M. Hill, C. Donis, G. Lenahan, R. Barr. THIRD ROW: B. Tapp, C. Dubose, M. Todd, J. Ross, R. Davenport. FOURTH ROW: C. Pozzi, E. Dacus, J.. Jerden. FIFTH ROW: J. Walters, D. Derryberry, R. Jones, P. Cook, R. Sneed, V. Estes, J. Shaw. FIRST ROW: J. Coker, P. Howell, N. Parham, R. Dungey, L. Stanley, M. Green, G. Guyton. SECOND ROW: G. Turner, N. Bourland, M. Dunivant, S. Cockrum, J. Lee, D. Watkins, B. Younger. THIRD ROW: J. McCamon, P. Whitted, B. Atkins, A. Barks- dale, M. Darby, D. Cullum, P. Williams, B. Zumbro, B. Thweatt. FOURTH ROW: A. McNee1y, Joyce Mc- Camon, L. Harrell, B. Winbigler, N. Gordon, J. Vance, B. Hawkins, N. Webber. A Il3 II4 FIRST ROW: P. Hall, G. Clark, C. Ogle, B. Smith. SECOND ROW: W. Phillips, D. Wiles, L. Davenport, S. Williams, L. Sur- ratt, D. McMinn, M. Jones, B. Bryant, S. Bullard, S. Smith, C. Hannis. UNIOR F.H.A. Through Junior F.H.A., freshman girls were able to look toward the future, when they would be America's homemakers, and trained themselves accordingly. They learned to improve their personal appearance and home living through' lectures, demonstrations, and home proj- ects. The outstanding project of the year was the dressing of dolls for the Goodfellows' Cl1I'iStII1aS drive. These FHA girls dressed dolls for the Goodfellows' Christ- mas charity program. DEBATE TEAM "Affirmative!" "Negative!', Members of a Treadwell times during the year in Memphis and Shelby County. I debate team took a stand, and another interesting spirited The team with jthe best record was sent to Louisville, debate was off to a good start. Kentucky, for the Southern Speech Conference. Two debate teams represented Treadwell at various l Left to right: S. Clark, M., McAfee, 'D. Rauls, Miss El- ' eanor Cooley, Ad- .visorg J. Mayo, G. Tyner, T.' Geiger, T. McEwen, V. Van Eaton, M. Word, T. Scott. 1 5 E ' xi .. fn rr. lx..l !... ... .. . Students listen attentively as Peggy Turner reads a dramatic selection. .F.L. Five Treadwell speech students earned mem- bership in the National Forensic League last year. Activities participated in this year by Treadwell's NFL members included the Southern Speech Association in Louisville, Kentucky, the Voice of Democracy Contest, the Constitution Oratorical Contest, and Kiwanis Tennessee In- terscholastic Literary League. Scott Moyers delivers his ora- tron, "Speak for Democracy." Tommy Scott and Vicka Holt compile notes for a debate. ggbs A Compiling notes, San- dy Clark typed a speech for her next assignment. 'fas- ,bl ATIO AL THE PIAN SOCIETY "Dear Ruth"-this was the successful, hilarious com- production was the most outstanding event of the year for edy, presented by Treadwell's National Thespian Society, the Thespians. that made itself "dear" to the funnybones of many Other activities included a formal induction service Treadwellites as well as patrons in the community. This during assembly and the production of a Christmas play. THESPIANS FIRST ROW: M. Martin, S. Moyers, B. Holder, K. Schuele, S. Clark, T. Scott, B. Gann. SECOND ROW: M. C. Campbell, K. Ball, L. Burns, D. Pry- on, A. Voss, L. Laney, J. Coad, Miss Eleanor Cool- ey, Advisorg P. Weeks, L. Hardcastle, P. Turner, J. Winters, B. Phillips. THIRD ROW: C. Steele, M. McAfee, M. Elmore, R. Bowling, G. Woods, C. Halford, N. Scott, E. Hite. X l l I y 4 ati rx' ---g? ELEMENTARY OFFICE ASSISTANTS-Left to right: Judy Fletcher, .Iudy Morris, Bessie Souder, Sammy Jackson, Jackie Barron, Sherry Cockran, Reba Green. SENIOR HIGH OFFICE ASSIST- ANTS-Left to right: Judy Dalrym- ple, Wanda Woodside, Jean Eastwood, Sharon Thompson, Pat Bradsher, Joyce Hopper, Joan Little, Dixie Austin, June Heinz, Pat Manness, Larry Cockrum, Marsha Maness. SENIOR HIGH LIBRARY ASSIST- ANTS-Front: Joan Little. Seated: Joy Lee, Reba Green, Judy Moore, Claire Powers. Standing: Sue Truitt, Eugenia Boyd, Karen Oliver, Phyliss Dew, Rita Watkins, Betty Thweat, .lohn Miller, Mrs. Clara Dunaway, Dot Parker. Office assistants donated the most valuable thing they had to the school-time! Even though it may have been but an hour each day, Tread- well was very grateful to these people. Their duties included checking attendance, running errands, filing, typing, and other gen- eral work. OFFI 1 -' A. VA"-L Lf 71 r - " "' LIBRART Checking books in and out, keeping shelves in order, assisting students, running errands- these were just a few of the tasks that kept the library assistants busy. Donating their time and energy to serve the school, student assistants proved essential to the By taking charge of such details, the office assistants left school secretaries additional time to care for more important matters. The experience gained by the helpers may prove invaluable in the future when they are seeking employment. SSISTAN TS JUNIOR HIGH OFFICE ASSISTANTS-Left to right: Linda Moore, Bar- bara Cox, .ludy Smith, Janie Pratt, Wally Pinckley, Norris Wells, Linda Cornatzar, Melba Jones, Jerry Levy, Carolyn Cook, Phyllis George, Leslie Wood, Barbara Pruett, Dorothy Childress, Linda Cox. '27 SENIOR HIGH OFFICE ASSIST- ANTS-Left to right: Ann Barksdale, Elaine Hopkins, Robbie Whitaker, Linda McCarter, Barbara Lamb, Mary Todd, Bonnie Holder, Beverly Arrow- smith, Ella Mae Hite, Dot Moffatt. SSISTANTS efficiency of Treadwell's libraries. Without them, students would not have found research materials or literary entertainment so readily available. For all the kindnesses of this group, Treadwell says, "Thank you!" ff.-"2 , .415 JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY ASSIST- ANTS-Seated: Betty Collins, Brenda f' -- Mahr, Anita Falls, Janice Paschall. Standing: Kathryn Sarten, Cheryl Peterson, Barbara Cox, Patsy Collins, Judith Smith, Gail Clark, Mary Bai- ley, Vernita Green, Ann Clark. TRI M Chapter 59414 of Modern Music Masters, national honorary music society, was granted a charter at Tread- well in the fall of 1958. Membership requires satisfactory completion of a written examination and a performance. Thirteen members were inducted by the charter officer. Parents and friends were invited to attend the first for- mal initiation. Establishment of this chapter has given incentive to students to improve their musicianship. FIRST ROW: A. Watson, L. Monroe, V. Montague. SECOND ROW: M. Green, J. Hargan, R. Watkins, L. Dickison, J. Brock. THIRD ROW: A. Hawks, P. Williams, P. Goodman, J. Morton, A. Matthews. FOURTH ROW: M. Smith, J. Fleming, S. Allen, M. Drake, O. Green. FIFTH ROW: M. Jennings, P. Loveall, E. Olive, P. Noe. SIXTH ROW: L. Dacus, C. Lyon, T. Taylor. SEVENTH ROW: O. Nowell, M. Jones. EIGHTH ROW: J. Goad, M. McCoy. NINTH ROW: P. Byrd, K. Baxter. Taylor, J. Goad, C. Maharrey, P. Byrd, J. Brock, A. Matthews. THIRD ROW: R. Futrell, D. man, Advisor: M. McCoy, P. Goodman, A. Hawks. High school musicians, seeking to develop musical knowledge and technique, found just such an opportun- ity in Treadwell's Senior Chorus. At Christmas the chorus presented the cantata, "A Star in the Sky," for both the Parent-Teacher Associa- tion and the student body. Members of the group parti- cipated in the Memphis Music Festival and in the All- State Chorus, held in Nashville, Tennessee, during March. To round out a year of hard work and fun, the entire chorus gave their annual Spring Concert. E IOR CHORUS FIRST ROW: B. lBeith,' B. Caldwell. SECOND ROW: T. Enos, W. Whitaker. THIRD ROW: J. Covington, J. Gordon. FOURTH ROW: G. Martin, D. Jacobs, B. Williams. FIFTH ROW: A. Nel- son, F. Brown. SIXTH ROW: C. Jennings, G. Barreare, R. Fu- trell, D. Enos. SEVENTH ROW: D. Coggin, H. Jones, .L Hud- son, G. Holt. EIGHTH ROW: D. Bennett, J. Thronberry, J. Holt. . .,.. .A y ' 155,-, 1-1--. .vrisitfgij 5' y - V 1. ,,-..-..-- -. I FIRST 'ROW: M. Green, M. Smith, J. Holt, J. Covington, J. Hargan. SECOND ROW: T. Enos, Mrs. Martha Ann Hardi- GIRL ' GLEE CL B Pride of Treadwell's music depart- ment is the Girls' Glee Club. The group presented their rendition of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" in the annual Christmas program. Featured soloists were Carol Durby and Mary Sparks. The Glee Club al- so sang for assemblies. Concluding the year, this group worked with the Senior Chorus in the Spring Concert. FIRST ROW: S. Walters, M. Brandon, J. Tucker, J. Traywick, S. Collins, K. Wray, J. Oglesby, S. Miller, M. Thompson. SECOND ROW: .l. Lee, L. Cornatzar, B. Arrowsmith, C. Prescott, D. Childress, L. Laney, B. Winbigler, K. Churchill, D. Densford. THIRD ROW: P. Dew, L. Brasel, J. Stevens, S. Truitt, P. Williams, B. Younger, C. Durby, M. Sparks, G. Carrington. FOURTH ROW: Karen Oliver, M. Rogers, G. Martin, D. Watkins, C. Norman, M. Harris, M. Mooney, G. Iefcoat, C. Cook. Junior Chorus is for those who wish to gain a singing knowledge of the best choral musicg to achieve skill in part singing, and to grow in appreciation of the part music plays in the life of the individual and the community. The group performed at several junior high assemblies. They also sang in the Memphis City Music Fes tival. UNI OR CHORUS FIRST ROW: B. Bryant, Mrs. Elizabeth Somerville, A. Ellis. SECOND ROW: D. Stewart, G. Bowen, J. Collison, H. McLellan, C. Green, J. Paschal, P. Hall, D. Horton. THIRD ROW: J. Carrol, J. Dawson. FOURTH ROW: B. Oliver, B. Collins, M. Bailey, C. Rhodes, S. Richter, S. Lambert, K. Brown, S. Sumner, B. Wilson. FIFTH ROW: C. Horton, H. Cullers, H. Jones, J. Price, D. Blankenship. WORLD HI TORY CL B One of Treadwell's newest organi- zations is the World History Club. It was begun last fall to stimulate interest in things of the past and to present to its members the relation- ship that history has in effecting our world today. The infant organization got off to a good start with a series of interest- ing programs. This group originated under the leadership of Mrs. Annie Ellis. FIRST ROW: P. Lovall, J. Jones, A. Voss, G. Lenahan, A. Hudson, A. Gordon, P. Byrd S. Foley. SECOND ROW: D. Davis, B. Strickland, E. Burton, P. Haynes, M. Dorris, M Todd. MTR CL B Teamwork, school loyalty, sacrifice of time, together This Organization presented an opportunity for out with hard work were required to earn a HT" in one of standing athletes in various fields to meet each other Treadwell's senior high sports. socially and enjoy fellowship. l.1x.. ..x.'Aln:.1 in stm in wlumz...1m.....1l......m.lmr.' m5Al:.u r .lnl4s1rull.lanl... al. 1111. I ...ul FIRST ROW: P. Ex- ley, D. Howard, R. Haynes, D. Janss, J. King, B. McAfee, A. C. Williams, A. Smith, F. Perry, C. Halford, M. Ham- rick. S E C O N D ROW: L. Houston, B. McNeal, J. Neal, B. Strickland, J. Coy, E. Ware, J. Sullivan, J. Fairly, W. Rush- ton, G. Miller, M. McAfee. THIRD ROW: Coach Hard- ke, Sponsor, R. Wise- man, R. Durhy, K. Miller, T. Myrick, R. Martin, R. Snipes, .l. Ray, D. Burge, B. Patterson, D. Rye, R. McGoif, R. Baker. Treadwell graduates always remember the home of their senior year with a certain fondness that holds a very special spot in their memories. This sentiment is twelvefolcl for those who have spent their entire school life at Treadwell. On a particularly important day, September 2, 1947, several hundred six-year-olds crossed Treadwell's thresh- old for the first time to enter a new, fascinating world with curiosity, eagerness, and a little fear. As the years progressed, many experiences were en- countered and memories stored away for future refer- ence: the first report card, friendly snowball fights, a favorite teacher, success with real writing, an Easter egg hunt, and the first sentimental valentine. Moving from the quiet halls of the elementary build- ing to the bustling activity of junior high was considered quite an achievement. The freckled-faced girl with pig- tails seemed quite different as a sophisticated seventh grader. Sports and social activities became a vital area of school life. The four unforgettable years in senior high were filled with development in all phases of personality. Higher academic levels carried with them higher levels of charac- ter and responsibility. Truly these years at Treadwell have been wonderful. But, even though graduation brings a separation from the familiar surroundings, friends, and security, a Tread- well graduate can leave with the assurance of a promis- ing future based on the Well-rounded foundation he has acquired and the cherished memories of twelve glorious years. TWELVE YEAR CL B FIRST ROW: D. Lee, D. Autry, C. Halford, J. Coy, B. Ware, J. Sullivan, G. Boales, J. Forrester, M. Roper. SECOND ROW: A. John son, R. Ragsdale, S. Merrell, W. Ford, L. Houston, B. Strickland, C. Emerick, B. Jones, W. Rushton, J. Hunt, N. Hannings, P. Carr, N. Slover. THIRD ROW: M. Jones, F. Brown, G. Hillar, J. McCalla, J. Neymon, S. Diebolt, J. Brigance, J. Garner, B. Phillips, J Traywick, D. Armstrong, S. Slover. FOURTH ROW: W. Woodside, M. Dorris, B. Witt, BQ Collins, L. Douglas, B. Fields, E. Cheek, C Prescott, G. Holt. FIFTH ROW: B. Gann, A. Smith, V. Van Eaton J. Holt, J. Fleming. SIXTH ROW: N. Towensend, N. Gordon, C Bolton, S. Vaughn, J. Hunsucker, D. Dennis, D. Burge. ' V vi' . tj, .'. 4- Y.. a ,S Y , , f'T"' 'l 37' D ' ' n ' "4 --44 ,- Y: ' .jrfqi ...J ' , M A 'N , , - .1 as ' X 4. L Ll h ' , .- f,-nf.-T""1 - ' .lf P ,.,.f. ,ZIVA .- l If '14 "fs A , , - , , L . U' - , . A 'li Q d v by. , aww", 05' ' 1 x I 1 -I , . 4 ,Y F sf' . ws 2 51. Q 5 ,, . 2 .vw , Q -1 H-:Ji F-21 ff, L-6, v 57' 1 In XL 23 if ' ' ., ' ' xww' fi - 'f v 2 -l . ir' ffm ,A F 4? 4 va 4. b Y I, , lfpifiuv airs -Mx gf w1jg,'.fs' :IW I 'I' 2 f M S I .wr ' Ph J 1 1' ' 'Wir' 3' . 792512-'af l?i,J'F' ir.: 15114-5-4 '. 'W ' ' ' rm Mn. 1 ' - . A 25325 X , :F ..,, ., f15'z1:.v-rlfqIW?-32fSRff5mfiiafi1.g N2 . F 'flv',JFJ" -fs: P -Q1 1 ,em 1 .ffm 1y Qww-.zu-1 , H" ,E fr---4fefe2:1:--:'.-.rfMgggc:,,:T 'w , L V 53157 - 3 i .,.qq f1 1 .w ,L f' 3-FSE-i 3 mg-.egf fflffhiiif113:5-'f'ffffEQi4f.l'g,'f.:.i"f,,:fq'1TLw'f.f'4K ' ' 7.79 11 ' '23 - F F2955 l"'T4?ii'YD-:PLZ'f'5-3553:4223-5:3'if.QQ.f,f,L'.1f'?Ef5.lf'.. ' 2-12 H Q1-as-H . A A N sf:-' as if-2 +P' 5 1. 3. 1-""-P5 "Q xI-a11vaa1:iIf,f!4-sxZfS"rfV'f ' M f 3 3: .fL,5g,i, ighyf ,,3,.'.123:A.Hwgf'f, . ., 1 ' f .-.' ir? 129352 ,Q J211,'.wg32iagf2:?ifg.Ul ISV f5",,,,y - 1. . ' 1 ' 3un:1l5.1ii5g'i4L15a,3,1--.qggjg-szgxifw.-gf." gig? gm J' " ,T 2if:iL3ff3 A L-+FE.1fE?,5J5E"fi . ' L-1, ?'i'I'1 Y. if! . 'W , -I A 4 'fr-Mn, ff, If Y Wxnlalfqf-"ny-.L? '- 1-V--5 ' . if :Y 4 .- -14, . -- - i 1'-:eds ,. .. - -' ' - 'V r5f"5:' 1Af ffvfifiilf M513 ?'.f:L'I4?3,-fiaiu' J" '- ' ' J! , Q1 . 'ilbgfb -b'i.xg.lJ'-gf"h,5r -f?, 'P ' 1, :ily-'TJ af L MJQ' "" 1 -V T1-"" 'U ' x. -'15, -fri-r.1f7??" '. ' Fi' ru L . mf' A 3514 .- ' 4 V'1""'1 - 546' 499 '- 'v-+1-www ' '2!:Tf" 1 ':- Burial 'F ' . -'I -Q? . - 'f 251. br v, li ' '4f.4'q T551 Q 15" 1 1 1. -':'.ff13'g., K--'if' fig JT,-1 ' ' THA WYw'y:1'g,frf - 'h31if1f " '1'Hi zgffadifioiikiiff' 'GH H f -f gf A E. ig? P331 by 1: f-LWIQ-.K Q, , 5 iii ook, S0 ' - Hesse, psi' ' Y -f M is mv: -r 4 55515. . '. 4- J - ' .'3Li"' " 11 . GJ F-'ff 'if' ' " 'i '-'. ' 'I 3'1" n ' if f do makefq'agssif:x,5+Qi51igjbcl5vn'?6f1s-rhoiabifglipu :gm-ins is a 7,111-LVI, . . 1-f..1.g . Qgzri Al? if,3.quQ -Quia? :.,i,31igLi4-gif.: ATE! 1- ji ,g l .f , .-2.16, ala-G + re5H1HSSgfgl1Cy,,9Q.fY?!4li?iQf11fTE,gq?7f?iffthC.11l1f31Y15!Z?1E3jilaf6Yg5.' U':Lf-if fdent body . - i' 21r?f?1 A - -..,...,f If I ,-,,::C',1,,'5- Ar..-.LI . J. zxfgwtv '- I V Q .ix 5 W A Q., I l A- .sr ,'- .v 'gi ui -A Q HS fl Whdik '5fle , ,i2: ' ?fl11UIf ards aif1HZ"f2iha7f Q2 z?Y ,,15'm3f-,-,H .-H h ' wif! 'f"Q3', ,J ,, F 1. W- U- 'i V- Q Aw w ,,- . "J" 9-lglm 1. C 0 -f . 11' ' 4" jyf , , N - 1. , Q ' -4' -. q -g x' -1 -1:5 - L- .- ' f 'QQ-, 1.-I-' -, - ,lf , Wlth Mf Treadwe11 uf K M v '-,N ' Wi -fain v 0 .Ski-H E 5 K . :F 1? .S . K. Te ' J' ' qw- J." ' fx. 13557 'HY1g5g,,r,- L 'L y'-f' . - ' .fy ,. , . -1-59 , 3 L P P0Ss1b1e thas for they were wvw 'ag3s'Q u fanq e .mul fic ' d - f' f ' ve - f ' fr.-:aw A Q " Q I , i ,fj5wl.nEf:,!5ggg.?:g,jT. .. , vi.. V 'i '- 'bf-1' 9 'CQMJHI QQ- ab!! :L Q fig.:.:u551g5-5-E, - ivafvfali ' GXPGTICUCCS- ' 'W ' gil f zgligiklm.-i ' LU 21I1:':: . -' - X," ' . . ' Li-gm-1 ,, ..' Lifigs:e:J5.1f-Lf,: " .1 - ' - 2 2- . GB, . Egiilgyf, -315,5 163.-f' 'nga :fixing 'ian-,,3,i" - . W M Tzvfiiw - 2,---. L '-'- Mimi-:.1.e.'1d'. -5 - ,.,fif-2,.i'G21Qe1'fi'y":-.Lffg g ,-JSA? - ' ' ' 1 wffasf Q 6?:?3p3r ' .,-f'-' :13'i,f--:iia'f':9- 3523 . i f-1-"',-11-135-'11 , f .' -- " D ' M-5329 . fafrarsvma-Sri? 'W-,i ,-.1212 A , P, "Ut" 1' l -1 5 waQ.mwLEw5s?6f 2m:?:,pa:f:s-1f,,--.', J 72? K V riff :X Y Ss, 156- 46-Q fl si 1,91 'lr- A4'ex, Q-.I Smiling over the future, the Senior Class Officers, Ronnie Swain, Treasurerg Larry Davis, Presidentg Nancy Hannings, Vice Presidentg Patsy Boals, Secretaiyg Alice McNeeley, Social Chairman, and Dick Burge, Social Chairman, are pictured in a planning session. THE E IOR CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE September of 1958 opened the fresh pages of a new book, destined to be filled with fond memories as the seniors plimged enthusiastically into the long-awaited year. No dream is more cherished, perhaps, than that of being a senior. ln May of the junior year the dream he- gan to materialize upon the arrival of the senior rings. Registration day opened the book to a new and thrilling year. Mr. Maybry brought us down to earth by reminding us of the quality of work expected from seniors, the im- portance of leaving behind a good record, and the vital- ness of dependability and punctuality. With the first day of classes a new chapter had begun. Talking to friends, hurrying to classes, passing tests, and rushing to the lunchroom will always hold a treasured spot in our book of memories. Sports have an exciting chapter in our lives. Colorful memories of basketball and football games, noisy pep meetings, and the glamor of the football banquet will long l24 persist in the minds of Treadwell graduates. This year our basketball team had an outstanding record, which ex- emplified our enthusiasm and appreciation for sports. May brought us the 1959 Annual with its permanent record of our achievements and activities. Our joy knew no bounds! As our book draws to a close, a happily remembered chapter is filled with excitement and gaiety of the tradi- tional ,lunior-Senior Prom. For many, the Prom with its color, soft music, and swish of dresses will be considered a high spot in their senior days. With the closing of the last chapter, the strains of Treadwell's Ahna Mater swell out as the seniors receive their diplomas. As the final page of our book is gently closed, the seniors with glistening tears walk out to meet life with the training and experiences received at Tread- well. TREAD L Twelve Years of Memories Jimmy Archibald Doris Armstrong Diane Amold Dixie Austin Reba Arendale MW ARCHIBALD, JAMES - Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Red Cross lg Track 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Science Club 43 Band 1, 2, 3, Social Chairman 4. ARENDALE, REBA-Major: Science. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Biology Club 2. ARMSTRONG, DORIS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4: Prayer Meeting Group 4, Latin Club 2, 3: Science Club 4, American History Club 4. ARNOLD, DIANE-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Home Econo- mics. Activities: Office Staff 2: Honorary Major 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 45 FHA 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2: Science Club 4-g Biology Club 2: Majorette 2, 3, 4: Tri-S 4. AUSTIN, DIXIE-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Student Advisory Board 23 Office Staff 2, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 45 Science Club 3, 4: Biology Club 2. AUSTIN, WILLIAM-Major: History. Minor: Industrial Arts, Art. Activi- ties: Homeroom Social Chairman 3, 4. AUTRY, DONALD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: Twelve-Year Club 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. AVENT MICHAEL--Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Commercial. Student Advisory Board 4-9 Red Cross 2: Football 2, American History Club 35 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. BAILEY, WILLIAM-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. Ac- tivities: Law Club 4. BAILEY, ROBERT-Major: Science. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. lgvrtsu. mini Etiilisif 193913 Gif mfs! 94.2 I 'EERE 3' .91 ilk' El' Eh FI 1.. Robert Ragsdale, Glenna Boales, and Charles Emerick begin their last busy day at Treadwell. William Austin Don Autry Mike Avent Jimmy Bailey Bob Bailey I Mildred Ballinger if James Barbee Roy Billions FAC LTY: BALLINGER, MILDRED' - Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Lan- guage. Activities: Student Advisory Board-2, 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Home- room Social Chairman 2, Secretary 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club Vice President 4: Science Club 3, 4: Biology Clu'b 2, 3: American History Club Secretary 3: Tri-S Secretary 4: Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4. BARBEE, JAMES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board 3: Homeroom Social Chairman 3: Hi-Y 2: Science Club 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Law Club 4. BILLIONS, ROY-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: Homeroom Vice President 2, Social Chairman 3, President 1, 4: Rifle Team 3, 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3: Officers and Sponsors Club Treasurer 4: Football 2: Track 2: Science Club 3: Biology Club 2, 3: American History Club 3. BIRKELAND, VICTOR-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Drill Platoon 3: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3: Football 4. BISHOP, CAROLE-Major: Science. Minor: Language, Mathematics. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 1, Vice President 3: Red Cross 1: Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Senior Chorus 2: Glee Club 1: American History Club 3. BOALES, GLENNA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: 'Student Advisory Board 1, 2: Yearbook'Staff Assistant Editor 4: Junior Class Secretary 3: Homeroom Secretary 2, Vice President 3: Twelve-Year Club 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 1: Y-Teens 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Science Club 3: Band 1: Tri-S 4: Law Club 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4. , BOALS, PATSY-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board 3, Monitor 2: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Class Secretary 4: Homeroom Secretary 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Secretary 4: Spanish Club 3, President 4: Biology Club Secretary 3: American History Club 3: Tri-S 4: Honor Society 4: Science Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4. BOARTFIELD, JUDITH-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Speech. Activities: Eagle Staff 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Office Staff 1, 2, 3: Secretary Club 4: FHA 3: Quill and Scroll 4. BOLTON, CUTAH-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activi- ties: Homeroom Social Chairman 1, 2, 3, 4: Twelve-Year Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1: Science Club 4: Biology Club 2: Tri-S 4: FHA 3. BOURLAND, NANCY-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Home Eco- nomics. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Y-Teens 1, 4: Prayer Meeting Group 4: Secretary Club 4: Spanish Club 1: FHA 4: American History Club 3: Law Club 3. Judy Boartfield Cutah Bolton Nancy Bourland fb. gy Victor Birkeland Carole Bishop Glenna Boales Patsy Boals Language. Activi- Jean Brigance Freddie Brown if ll JDQW BO INETTE, PHILIP-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Art, History. Activities: Track. BOWLING, 'RAMELLE-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 43 Thespians l, 2, 3, 43 FHA 2. BRADLEY, SARAH-Major: Home Economics. Minor: cial. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4-3 FHA 3. BRIGANCE, JEAN-Major: Home Economics. Minor cial. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 43 Office Staff 1, Tri-Hi-Y 43 Secretary Club 4. Arts. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 43 Football 3, 4 Chorus 4. BRYAN, JUNE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, 23 Red BROWN, FREDDIE - Major: Mathematics. Minor: 3 Speech, Q Speech, Commer- Cross 2 3 Music, Industrial Track lg Senior Commer- ties: Student Advisory Board 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Eagle Staff 3, 43 Homeroom Vice President 3, Treasurer 4-3 Latin Club 3g American History Club 33 Tri-S 43 Honor Society 43 Quill and Scroll 4. BURGE, RICHARD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activi- ties: Senior Class Social Chairman 4-3 Homeroom President 1, 2, 3, Vice President Ll-3 Twelve-Year Club 43 Red Cross 2g Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 3, 43 Hi-Y 4g Biology Club 33 Boys' Chorus 13 American History Club 33 Tri-S 4. BURK, JOE-Major: History. Minor: Industrial Arts, Commercial. Activi- ties: American History Club 33 Law Club 4g Homeroom Vice President 13 Basketball li Baseball lg Spanish Club 33 Science Club 3. BURNS, JOE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science. Activities: Latin Club 13 Science Club 33 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 23 Engineers Club 3. BYARS, KENNETH-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Mathematics. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 33 Officers and Sponsors Club 4g Football 13 Basketball 1. Typically posed Mr Muybry speaks to us at Senior Registra- Joe Burk tion reminding, us that this is our most important year. J oe Burns Ken Byars Glowing with pride, Seniors examine their new class rings. Camille Callaway Don Campbell CALLAWAY, CAMILLE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4-3 Office Staff 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2g Science Club 3, 4, American History Club 3, Tri-S 45 Quill and Scroll 4. CAMPBELL, DON-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Art. Activities: Homeroom President 1, 2, Vice President 3, Football lg Track 1. CAMPBELL, MARY CAROLYN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Speech, Science. Activities: Eagle Staff 44 Twelve-Year Club 4: Student Congress 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4, National Forensic League 4-g Spanish Club 3, 4g Science Club 45 Biology Club 2, 3: American History Club 3g Tri-S 4-. CARR, PATRICIA-Major: Band. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activi- ties: Twelve-Year.Club 4-5 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Y-Teens 2, 3: Biology Club 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Memphis Youth Concert Band 4g American History Club 3. CARR, VANCE--Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 25 Hi-Y 2. CASH, EDWARD-Major: History. Minor: Industrial Arts, Speech. Activi- ties: Eagle Staff 1, 2, Homeroom Vice President 2: Red Cross President 25 Football 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2g Biology Club 2, Senior Chorus 3. gA'gES, WILLIAM-Major: History. Minor: Industrial Arts. A ri- 4. CAVINESS, MARY RUTH-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science story. Activities: Student Advisory Board 13 Eagle Staff 2, 3g ,Homeroom Sec- retary-Treasurer 4-g Honor Society 1, 4-3 Office Staff 4, Library Staff 1: Prayer Meeting Group 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3: American History Club 3. CAVITT, BRENDA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Art, Home Economics. Activities: Yearbook Art Editor 45 Homeroom Secretary 3, Treasurer 3, 45 gecrefary Club 45 American History Club 39 Honor Society 43 Quill and cro 4. CHANDLER, DON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. E I OR CLAS Vance Carr Eddie Cash Mary Carolyn Campbell l28 Activities: Student Advisory Board 23 Track 4g Tri-S 4. Mary Ruth Caviness Brenda Cavitt Don Chandler Billy Cates INGS: Cherished Emblem l Emanuel Check Dianna Cobb Janice Cobb l Larry Cockrum Cl-IEEK, EMANUEL - Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Twelve-Year Club 4: Tri-S 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. COBB, DIANNA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Speech, Home Economics. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 3, Vice President 4: Secretary Club 4: Law Club 4: FHA 4. COBB, JANICE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Eagle Staff 1,.2: Yearbook Staff 4: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1: Spanish Club 2: Biology Club 2: American History Club 3: Tri-S 4: Secretary Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4. COCKRUM, LARRY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Industrial Arts. Activities: Student Advisory Board 1: Drill Team 2, 3: Non-Com- missioned Officers Club 3: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Office Staff 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant Colonel 4. COLLINS, JOHN-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board 2: Horneroom President 1: Honor Society 3, 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3: Football 1, 2: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: American History Club Vice President 3. COLLINS, ROBERT-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4: Red Cross 2: Non-Commissioned Officers Club Vice President 3: Football 1, 2: Spanish Club 3: Biology Club 2: American History Club 3. CONNORS, JAMES-Major: History. Minor: Art, Industrial Arts. Activi- ties: Tri-S 4. COTHAM, JERRY-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Industrial Arts. Activities: Student Advisory Board 1: Red Cross 3: First Lieutenant 4. COVINGTON, JERRY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Music Club 3, 4: All-Memphis Chorus 4: All-State Chorus 4. COWAN, NORMA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Commercial, Science. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 4: Science Club 4: Biology Club 3: Band 1, 2, 3, Secretary 4: Memphis Youth Concert Band 3: American History Club 3: Band Club 1, 2, 3, 4. John Collins Bob Collins James Connors Seniors look on as Juniors Bob Jordon and Gloria Griffin N X Jerry Cotham start u jam session. N 'O Jerry Covington Norma Cowan John Coy .., -,.,., CL Heart COY, JOHN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 2, Twelve-Year Club 4, Student Congress Represen- tative 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Track 3, 4, Boys' "T" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Science Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, American History Club 3, Tri-S 4, Law Club 4. CRAWFORD, KAY-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board 1, Eagle Staff 1, 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Home- room Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Office Staff 1, 2, Cheerleader 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Majorette 3, 4, Tri-S 4. CULLUM, DEMETRA-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Science, Mathe- matics. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, Secretary Club 4, Tri-S 4, Law Club 4, FHA 1, 2, 4. CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Lan- guage. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4, Homeroom Treasurer 2, Vice President 1, Social Chairman 3, Honor Society President 1, Non-Commissioned Officer Club 2, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Baseball 1, Track 2, 3, 4, Boys' "T" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3,5 4, Key Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1,,Spanish Club 4, Science Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, American History Club Treasurer 3, Tri-S 4, Thespians 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. DABBS, PATRICIA-Major: History. Minor: Art, Commercial. Activities: Y-Teens 1, 2. DARBY, MARILYN-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Mathe- matics. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 1, Social Chairman 2, Red Cross 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, Law Club 4, FHA 1, 4. DAVENPORT, EUGENE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Industrial Arts, Science. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4. DAVIS, LARRY JOE-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Activities: Yearbook Circulation Manager 4, Senior Class President 4, .lunior Class President 3, Homeroom President 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Treasurer 2, Biology Club 2, 4, President 3, Band 1, 2, 3, President 4, American, History Club 3, Science Club Vice President 4, 'Quill and Scroll 4. DAVIS, TON1-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4, Red Cross 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Biology Club 2, Tri-S 4. DEAKINS, RONALD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History. Activities: Drill Team 4, Transfer from Germantown. Patricia Dabbs Marilyn Darby Larry Joe Davis Toni Davis' Ronald Deal-tins Eugene Davenport nior Activities ,H- Al Johnson, Carolyn Grant, Mike Hamric, and Mildred Ballin- ger are still able to smile, even after being initiated into the Spanish 'Club. DENNIS, DONNIE-Major: Science. Minor: History, Commercial. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board 45 Homeroom Vice President 2, 35 Twelve- Year Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Y-Teens 15 Tri-S 4. DICKISON, ESTHER-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, Commer- cial. Activities: Student Advisory Board 45 Latin Club 15 Senior Chorus 45 American History Club 3. DIEBOLT, SHIRLEY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board 45 Twelve-Year Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. DORRIS, MICHAEL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Ac- tivities: Student.Advisory Board 1, 25 Homeroom Vice President 1, Presi- dent 3, 45 Twelve-Year Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 2, 35 Hi-Y 45 Science Club 45 American History Club 35 Tri-S 45 Key Club 4. DOUGLAS, LARRY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science. Activities: Student Advisory Board President 15 Twelve-Year Club 45 Red Cross 1, 25 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Hi-Y 45 American History Club Vice President 4. DOWTIN, CAROLE-Major: History. Minor: Science, Home Economics. Activities: Yearbook Staff 45 Y-Teens 35 Prayer Meeting Group 3, 45 Science Club 45 American History Club 3. DUNIVAN, MARGARET-Major: Commercial. Minor: Speech, Home Economics. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 45 Y-Teens 45 Prayer Meeting Group 45 Biology Club 45 American History Club 35 FHA 3. EASLEY, GERALDINE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, Science. Activities: Student Advisory Board 3, Chaplain 45 Eagle Staff 2, 35 Year- book Assistant Editor 45 Homeroom President 1, 2, 45 Honor Society 3, Vice President 45 Student Congress 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Prayer Meeting Group 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Biology Club 35 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 American History Club Vice President 3. EASTWOOD, JEAN-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activi- ties: Red Cross 2, 35 Office Staff 45 Library Staff 25 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Prayer Meeting Group 45 Biology Club 25 American History Club 3. ECHOLS, MILDA-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Economics. Larry Douglas Carole Dowtin Shirley Diebolt Michael Dorris Activities: Office Staff 45 Y-Teens 15 Secretary Club 45 Tri-S 45 Law Club 45 FHA 3. Gerry Easley Jean Eastwood Milda Echols A Margaret Dunivan I3I YEARBOOK Selected to be Miss Eagle of '58 at the Annual Kickoff was talented "Cha Cha Halfoot" of the 12-9 homeroom. ELAM, LOYCE-Major: Activities: Library Staff 2: Prayer Meeting Group 1. ELAM, JOYCE-Major: Activities: Library Staff 25 Prayer Meeting Group l. ELKINS, JOHN-Major: ties: Student Advisory Board lg Baseball Manager lg Thespians 2g Non- Commissioned Officers Club 3. Commercial. Minor: Speech, Home Economics. Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Speech. History. Minor: Mathematics, Speech. Activi- EMERICK, CHARLES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Band, Science. Ac- tivities: Twelve-Year Club. 4: Honor Society lg Red Cross 3, President 4: Science ,Club 3, 43 Biology Club 2, 3g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, American History Club 3, Band Club 1, 2, 3, Merit Recorder 43 Key Club 4. ENOS, DAN-Major: History. Minor: Music, Mathematics. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 4-5 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 33 Officers and Sponsor Club 43 American History Club 3: Music Club 3, 4. ERWIN, JERRY-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 45 Tri-S 4. EXLEY, PATRICK-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4-5 Boys' "T" Club 4. FAUGHT, MARTHA-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Eco- nomics. Activities: Red Cross 1, 3: Office Staff 2, 35 Spanish Club 2. FERGUSON, DAVID-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom President 1, Vice President 2, Social Chairman 3, 45 Twelve-Year ,Club 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club Treasurer 33 Football Manager lg Hi-Y 2, 4: ROTC Drill Team 2, 3. Loyce Elam Joyce Elam John Elkins Charles Emerick Dan Enos Jerry Erwin FIELDS, BEN-Major: History. Minor: Art, Commercial. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 45 Student Advisory Board 4. FIELDS, ROBERT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Industrial Arts, Science. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3: Science Club 4. Davy Ferguson Ben Fields Bobby Fields I32 , . Pat Exley Martha Faught l N as Richard Fleet .lo Ann Fleming Judy Fletcher Lynn Fly of Memories FLEET, RICHARD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: American History Club 35 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Eagle Staff 4. FLEMING, JO ANN-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Music. Activi- ties: Twelve-Year Club 45 Senior Chorus 3, 45 Band 2. FLETCHER, JUDITH-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Home Economics. Activities: Office Staff 4. FLY, LYNN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, History. Activities: Yearbook Staff 45 Honor Society 1, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 25 Track 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Science Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 American History Club 35 Tri-S 45 Quill and Scroll 4. FORD, WILLIE--Major: Mathematics. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Student Advisory Board 3, 45 Eagle Staff 1, 25 Homeroom Treasurer 1, Secretary 25 Twelve-Year Club 45 Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Rifle Team 3, 45 Library Staff 1, 25 Football Manager 15 Basketball Manager 15 Baseball 15 Hi-Y 45 National Forensic League 1, 25 Debate Team 25 Thespians 1, 25 Prayer Meeting Group 15 Science Club 3, 45 Biology Club 25 Senior Chorus 35 Boys' Chorus 35 American History Club 35 Tri-S 45 Drill Team 2, 35 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Music Club 1, 3. FORRESTER, JUDITH-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Student Advisory Board 35 Eagle Staff 1, 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom Social Chairman 3, 45 Twelve-Year Club 45 Honor Society 1, 3, 4, Chaplain 15 Red Cross 15 Office Staff 1, 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 3, 45 American History Club 35 Tri-S 45 Quill and Scroll 4. FREE, JUDITH-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Band. Activities: Student Advisory Board 15 Junior Class Vice President 35 Homeroom Vice President 1, Social Chairman 2, 35 Honor Society 15 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Y-Teens 15 Science Club 35 Majorette 2, 3. FRENCH, PEGGY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Home Eco- nomies. Activities: Office Staff 1, 25 Library Staff 1, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 25 Secretary Club 45 FHA 2, 3, Social Chairman 1, 2. GALLOWAY, PATRICIA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics. Activities: Eagle Staff 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Red Cross 45 Office Staff 1, 25 Thespians 2, 3, 45 Secretary Club 4. GANN, BARBARA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Speech. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board President 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, 4, Treasurer l, 2, 3, 45 Twelve-Year Club 45 Honor Society Secretary 15 Student Congress 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Y-Teens 15 Thespians 3, 3ilVice President 45 Band Majorette 2, 3, Drum Major 45 Quill and cro 4. Willie Ford Judy Forrester Peggy French Pat Galloway Barbara Gann Judy Free P r S CH OLARSHI Representing the twenty fall inductees into the Honor Society, .lune Bryan and Ronnie Swain receive inspira- tion from Master of Ceremony Douglas Janss. Jerri Garner Jerry Gordon GARNER, JERRI-Major: History. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activi- ties: Yeanhook Staff 45 Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, 3, 4, Twelve-Year Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens lg Quill and Scroll 4. GORDON, JERRY-Major: History. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activi- ties: Homeroom Social Chairman 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4: Hi-Y 3, President 4: Senior Chorus 3, 43 American History Club 3: Tri-S 4, Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. GORDON, NOUVELL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Speech. Ac- tivities: Homeroom Secretary 4: Twelve-Year Club 45 Prayer Meeting Group 4: FHA 3, 4. GRANT, CAROLYN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Language. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board Sg Yearbook Business Manager 45 Red Cross 2: Cheerleader 3, Captain 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 4: Biology Club 3: American History Club Treasurer 3: Tri-S 4g Law Club 4g Quill and Scroll 4. GRAY, MARY SUE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Secretary Club 4: Band 3, 43 Majorette 4: American History Club 3g Law Club 4. GREENE, REBA-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Commercial. Activi- ties: Red Cross 3: Office Staff 3, 4: Library Staff 45 Secretary Club 4: Law Club 4. GREEN, GALE-Major: History. Minor: Language, Commercial. Activities: Office Staff lg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens lg Prayer Meeting Group 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Tri-S 4. GREEN, MARCHETA-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Red Cross 1, 2, 3: Library Staff 1: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: All-State Chorus 2, 3, 45 FHA 4g Music Club 4. GUTHRIE, BRADFORD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. HALE, KENNETH-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Biology Club 2: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3:'Officers and Sponsors Club 4. an g Carolyn Grant Mary Sue Gray Reba Greene Nouvell Gordon I34 Marcheta Green Brad Guthrite Kenneth Hale Gale Green Charles Halford for Eve: y Senior Jesse Hall HALFORD, CHARLES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Speech. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 13 Twelve-Year Club 43 Red Cross .lean Hargan 2g Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 4g Boys' "T" Club 4g Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Thespians 43 Tri-S 4. HALL, JESSE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Language, Science. Activities: Student Advisory Board 4. Judy Hall Mickey Hall Nancy Hannings HALL, JUDITH-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: FHA 2. HALL, MICKEY-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 33 Hi-Y 4. HANNINCS, NANCY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board 13 Yearbook Staff 4g Senior Class Vice President 43 Homeroom Treasurer 2, Secretary 43 Twelve-Year Club 43 Honor Society 3, President 1, Secretary 43 Red Cross 2, 3, President 43 Office Staff 33 Latin Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Science Club 43 Biology Club 2, Vice President 33 American History Club 33 Quill and Scroll 4. HARGAN, JEAN--Major: History. Minor: Science. Activities: Red Cross 33 Science Club 43 Senior Chorus 3, 43 Music Club Vice President 4. HARRELL, LUCY-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: Latin Club 2g FHA 4. HARRIS, PHYLLIS-Major: Commercial. Minor: Language. Activities: Spanish Club 2, 3, HATCHER, EMILY--Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Junior Class Social Chairman 33 Homeroom Secretary 1, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, Chap- lain 43 Office Staff 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Club 1, Vice President 23 Science Club 3, Secretary 43 American History Club 3g Tri-S 43 Quill and Scroll 4. HAWKS, ANNETTE-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board 4-3 Prayer Meeting Group 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Biology Club 2, 33 Senior Chorus 3, 43 Glee Club 23 American History Club 4. Lucy Harrell Phyllis Harris At the Inaugural Ball new S.A.B. officers Ralph Haynes, Barbara Cann, John Neal, and Gerry Easley had already begun making plans for the new year. Emily Hatcher Annette Hawks A .,.-1' Deon Haynes Ralph Haynes June Heinz PEP MEETI G. HAYNES, DEON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, Commercial. Activities: 'Student Advisory Board 1: Twelve-Year Club 4: Honor Society 1, 4: Office Staff 3: Library Staff 1, 2. HAYNES, RALPH-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Industrial Arts. Activities: Student Advisory Board 2, 3, President 45 Junior Class Treasurer 3: Homeroom President 2, 3, Vice President 4: Baseball l: Track 1: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys' "T" Club 2, 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4. HEINZ, JUNE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Language. Activi- ties: Office Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Y-Teens 4: Secretary Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Biology Club 2. HILLIARD, GENE-Major: Science. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4: American History Club 3: Honor Society 1: Drill Pla- toon 2, 3: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. HITE, ELLA MAE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Speech, Home Economics. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4: Twelve-Year Club 4: Office Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Thespians 2, 3, 4: FHA 3: Tri-S 4. HOLT, GENE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Music. Activities: Student Advisory Board 1: Homeroom President 2, 4: Twelve-Year Club 4: Honor Society 1: Football 1: Track 1: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Science Club 4: Biology Club 3: Senior Chorus 4: Tri-S 4: Drill Platoon 3. HOLT, JERRY-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Music. Activities: Student Advisory Board Monitor 3: Twelve-Year Club 4: ROTC Captain 4: Science Club 3, 4: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3: Music Club 2, 3, 4: Drill Platoon 3. HOUSTON, LARRY-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Arts. Activi- ties: Twelve-Year Club 4: Red Cross 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3: Basketball Manager 1: Track 3, 4: Boys' "T" Club 4: Law Club 4. HOWELL, PEGGY-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Home Economics. Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: Eagle Staff 1: Yearbook Staff 4: Homeroom Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, Vice President 3: Red Cross 1: Office Staff 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1: Spanish Club 4: FHA Secretary 3: Quill and Scroll 4. HUNSUCKER, JERROL-Major: History. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Junior Class Social Chairman 3: Homeroom President 1, 2, 3, 4: Twelve- Igear Club 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club President 3: Football 2: i-Y 3, 4. l Ella Mae Hlte Gene Holt Gene Hilliard Larry Houston Peggy Howell .l C1101 HUIlSUCk61' Jerry Holt Joyce Hunt Kyle Hurst Corky Irwin Promote S pirit HUNT, JOYCE-Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Commercial. Activities: Student Advisory Board 1, 4, Monitor 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom Secretary 1, Social Chairman 35 Red Cross 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Y-Teens 15 Science Club 35 American History Club 35 Tri-S 45 Quill and Scroll 4. HURST, KYLE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Commercial. Ac- tivities: Drill Platoon 25 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 2, 35 Red Cross 2. IRWIN, ALVIN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Honor Society 15 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Golf 4-5 Hi-Y 45 Science Club 45 Biology Club 25 American History Club S5 Tri-S 45 Thespians 2, 35 Drill Platoon 2. JACEMAN, BEVERLY-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Band. Ac- tivities: Honor Society 15 Red Cross 15 Biology Club 25 Band 1, 2, 35 American History Club 3. JANSS, DOUGLAS-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitor 2, 35 Eagle Staff 1, 2, 35 Yearbook Editor 45 Homeroom Social Chairman 1, 2, 45 Honor Society 1, 3, 4, Treasurer 15 Red Cross 1, 25 ROTC First Lieutenant 35 Student Congress 35 Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 15 Baseball 15 Track 1, 25 Golf 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Key Club 2, 3, President 4-5 Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 Quill and Scroll 3, Treasurer 4-5 American History Club 35 Non-Commissioned Of- ficers Club 25 Officers and Sponsors Club 3. JENNINGS, MAXINE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Music, Commercial. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 25 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Prayer Meeting Group 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 25 Senior Chorus 3, 4. JOHNSON, ALFRED-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Language. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 45 Second Lieutenant 3, Captain 4, Rifle Team 45 Football 2, 3, 4-5 Football Manager 15 Spanish Club 4. JOHNSON, MAURY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Industrial Arts. Activities: Red Cross 15 Football 25 Baseball 15 Track 15 Hi-Y 45 Prayer Meeting Group 1, 2, 35 Science Club 45 Biology Club 25 Senior Chorus 1, 25 American History Club 35 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Music Club 1, 2. JONES, DANIEL-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Industrial Arts. Activities: Spanish Club 4-. Douglas Janss Beverly .lageman JONES, HARVEY-Major: History. Minor: Music, Mathematics. Activi- ties: Red Cross 35 Football Manager 15 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Track 35 Senior Chorus 3, 4. Maury Johnson Danny Jones 5 . Harvey Jones Maxine Jennings Al Johnson X Jean Jones Jean Jones lm A- Mary .I ones U --V1 SENIOR PI JONES, JEAN ELAINE-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Speech, Com- mercial. Activities: Office Staff 3, 4: Library Staff 1: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Prayer Meeting Group 1, 2: Latin Club 1: American History Club 3: FHA 1, 2, 3. JONES, DERRIE JEAN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Music. Activities: Glee Club 4: FHA 3: Red Cross 1. JONES, MARY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Speech. Activi- ties: Twelve-Year Club 4: Office Staff 3, 4: Honorary First Lieutenant 3, 4: Prayer Meeting Group 2: Secretary Club 4: Spanish Club 3: Senior Chorus 4. JONES, ROBERT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: Twelve-Year Club: Football 2: American History Clubi4. JONES, ROY-Major: Art. Minor: Industiral Arts. Activities: Non-Com- missioned Officers Club 3. KING, JAMES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science. Activities: Student Advisory Board 1: Eagle Staff 1: Homeroom President 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 4: Track 1, 2, 3: Boys' "T" Club 4: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4-: Spanish Club 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: American History Club 3: Honor Society 4. KROTZER, JOHNNY-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 1: Homeroom President 2, Social Chair- man 4: Rifle Team 3: Football Manager 2: Baseball 1, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Boys' "T" Club 4: American History Club 3. LACY, ALLEN-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Rifle Team 3, 4. LAFFERTY, MICHAEL-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Industrial Arts. Activities: Student Advisory Board Reporter 2. LEATHERWOOD, KAREN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 1: Office Staff 1, 3: Library Staff 1: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Secretary Club 4: Glee Club 1: American History Club 3: Law Club 4. LEE, DENTON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Industrial Arts. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4: ROTC Captain 4: Rifle Team 4: Football 2: Hi-Y 4: Science Club 4: Tri-S 4: Band 1: Drill Platoon 3. Roy Jones King Johnny Krotzer Bobby J ones Mike Lafferty Karen Leatherwood Denton Lee Allen Lacy N 1 eff I38 5 adge of Seniority Judy Lee Lyvonne Lee Sandra Lee Nancy Levy J ack Little Joan Little LEE, JUDY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Mathematics. Activities: Office Staff 1, 2g Prayer Meeting Group 1, 4-3 Secretary Club 43 State Homemaker Degree 43 Band 13 FHA 1, 2. LEE, LYVONNE-Major: Commercial. Minor: History. Activities: Spanish Club 33 American History Club 44. LEE, SANDRA fBisl1opJ-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Home Economics. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 33 Office Staff lg Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Treasurer -1: FHA 2, 33 State Homemaker Degree 43 Biology Club 2. LEVY, NANCY-Major: History. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Eagle Staff 2g Office Staff 33 Library Staff lg Tri-Hi-Y 4-3 Secretary Club 43 Latin Club lg Spanish Club 23 American History Club 33 Tri-S 413 Law Club 4-. LITTLE, JACKSON - Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Industrial Arts. Activities: Science Club 3. LITTLE, JOAN-Major: Language. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board Monitor 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Library Staff 43 Prayer Meeting Group 1, 2, 3, 413 Latin Club 1, 2g Spanish Club 43 Science Club 4-. LOMAX, BRENDA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Band, History. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 43 Y-Teens Vice1President 13 Spanish Club 3. LOTT, JOY-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board 2, 33 Eagle 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 413 Homeroom President 1, Vice President 2g Honor Society 413 Girls' State 33 Cheerleader 1, 2, Captain 3, 4-3 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Spanish Club 2, President 33 Science Club 413 Biology Club 2, 33 Quill and Scroll 3, Secretary 4-. LYON, CAROLYN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Music, Home Economics. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 33 Y-Teens 13 Senior Chorus 3, 43 Glee Club 2. MADDEN, SANDRA - Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, History. Activities: Homeroom President 1, Social Chairman 2g Office Staff 1, 2g FHA 2, 3. MAGEE, JUANITA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Lan- guage. Activities: Student Advisory Board 43 Red Cross 3. Brenda Lomax Joy Lott Carolyn Lyon Sandra Madden Juanita Magee Feeling the football spirit, students join the cheerleaders in yelling, "Let's beat Tupelo!" i l Gertrude Martin James Mayo MARTIN, GERTRUDE-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 15 Debate Team 15 Glee Club 1. MAYO, JAMES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, Science. Activi- ties:,, Student Advisory Board 3, 45 Eagle Staff 45 Yearbook Photographer 45 Honor Society 1, 3. President 45 Red Cross 2, 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Biology Club 2, 35 American History Club 45 Non- Commissioned Officers Club 35 Science Club 45 Quill and Scroll 4. McAFEE, BERNARD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board 2, 35 Homeroom President 1, 25 Second Lieutenant 35 Officers and Sponsors President 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' "T" Club 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 American History Club President 4. MCCALLA, JOHN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: Homeroom Secretary 2, 3, Vice President 45 Twelve-Year Club 4, Captain 45 Rifle Team 45 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Officers and Sponsors Secretary 45 Track 45 Tri-S 45 Drill Platoon 3. McCAMON, JANICE-Major: Science. Minor: Home Economics, Com- mercial. Activities: Honorary Captain 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 45 Secretary Club 45 State Homemaker Degree 45 Biology Club 2. McCOY, MARY-Major: Music. Minor: Art, Home Economics. Activities: Senior Chorus 45 Glee Club 2. MCDANIEL, ANNETTE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Science. Activities: Red Cross 3, 45 Office Staff 25 Library Staff 15 Secre- tary Club 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Science Club 35 Majorette 45 American History Club 3. McGOFF, RUSSELL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Ac- tivities: Eagle Staff 35 Homeroom Vice President 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 45 Boys' "T" Club 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3. MCMAHON, JOHN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: Twelve:Year Club 45 Track 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 15 Science Club 4-5 American History Club 35 Law Club 4. .' Senio Janice McCamon i Buddy McAfee I40 McLEMORE, GAIL-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Home Eco- nomics. Activities: Library Staff 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 25 Y-Teens 15 FHA 3. . - 4 5 it .. Mary McCoy Russell McGoff John McMahon Gail McLemore Annette McDaniel Bob McNeal Alice McNeely Marian McWhirter Swayne Merrell Geraldine Middleton Grady Miller John Miller Scarlett Miller Football Captains Wayne Rushton and .loe Sullivan set off the Treadwell spirit as they enter the first pep meeting. Patricia Milton Virginia Montague McNEAL, ROBERT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Industrial Arts. Activi- ties: Homeroom Social Chairman 35 Track 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Science Club 45 American History Club 4. McNEELY, ALICE-Major: Science. Minor: Commercial, Home Economics. Activities: Student Advisory Board President 15 Yearbook Circulation Manager 45 Senior Class Social Chairman 45 Homeroom President 1, Secretary 35 Honor Society 15 Office Staff 15 Tri-Hi-Y President 15 State Homemaker Degree 45 Biology Club 25 FHA 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4. McWH1RTER, MARIAN-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Lan- guage. Activities: Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom President 1, Social Chair- man 45 Red Cross Vice President 25 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Latin Club 25 Science Club 45 Biology Club 25 American History Club 3. MERRELL, SWAYNE-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Twelve Year Club 45 Red Cross 15 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 2, 35 Tri-S 4. MIDDLETON, GERALDINE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Lan- guage. Activities: Red Cross 35 Office Staff 15 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Prayer Meeting Group 15 Spanish Club 2, 35 American History Club 3. MILLER, GRADY-Major: History. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activi- ties: Homeroom President 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' "T" Club 3, 45 Science Club 45 Law Club 4. MILLER, JOHN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: ROTC Captain 35 Library Staff 1. MILLER, SCARLETT-Major: Commercial. Minor: History. Activities: Glee Club 1. MILTON, PATRICIA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Speech. Activities: Y-Teens 1, 35 Thespians 3, 4-. MONTAGUE, VIRGINIA-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Music, Lan- guage. Activities: Office Staff 25 Senior Chorus 4. I, w .l if lf'-.ji ' v , A. -sgi- gg5 nl Jimmy Mayo, Treadwell's most promising scientist, instructs a group of seniors in the use of a slide rule. Douglas Montgomery Ervin Montgomery MONTGOMERY, DOUGLAS-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics. Ac- tivities: Key Club 2, 3, 4. MONTGOMERY, ERVIN-Major: industrial Arts. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. MOORE, CAROL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Language. Ac- tivities: Eagle Staff 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4. MOORE, MARTHA-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Eco- nomics. Activities: FHA 45 Secretary Club 4. MORRIS. FRANCES-Major: Commercial. Minorzl Art, History. Activities: .Homeroom Treasurer 15 Red Cross 35 American History Club 3. MORRIS, JEFFREY-Major: Science. Minor: Language, History. Activi- ties: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Key Club 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 35 American History Club 4-5 Honor Society 4. MORRISSETTE, JERRY-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Science. Activi- ties: Red Cross 1, 25 Biology Club 2 5 Glee Club 1, 2. MORTON, JANET-Major: History. Minor: Music, Commercial. Activities: Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Music Club 3, 45 Officers and Sponsors Club 4. MORTON, WILLIAM-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Activities: Honor Society 3, 45 Key Club 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 American History Club 3. NABORS, BARBARA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activities: Student Advisory Board Monitor 35 Eagle Staff 1, 2, 3, Editor 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Red Cross 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Prayer Meeting Group 45 Latin Club 25 Biology Club 2, 35 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 American History Club 3. FI AL EXAM Frances Morris J eff Morris Moore Janet Morton Joe Morton Barbara Nabors John Neal Joe Neyman .lo Anne Nichols Smlc or Swtm NEAL, JOHN-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Student Advisory Board 3, Monitor 2, Traffic Chief 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Homeroom Treasurer 13 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 2, 33 Track 43 Golf 43 Hi-Y -2, 3, 43 Key Club 3, Treasurer 43 Latin Club 213 Biology Club 23 American History Club President 33 Tri-S Vice President 43 Quill and Scroll 4. NEYMAN, JOSEPH-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 3, 4, Treasurer 1, 23 Twelve- Year Club 4g Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3, 4g Tri-S 43 Hi-Y 4. NICHOLS, JO ANNE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3g FHA lg Biology Club 2, 33 Tri-S 4. NOE, PATRICIA-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Office Staff 23 Senior Chorus 4. NOONAN, GAIL-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Ac- tivities: Homeroom Secretary 23 Red Cross 13 Debate Team 2g Biology Club 3, President 43 Latin Club 23 Band 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4g All-State Band 1, 3-, 43 Memphis Youth Concert Band 23 Honor Society 4. NOWELL, OLETHA-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Science. Ac- tivities: Secretary Club 43 Senior Chorus 43 Glee Club 1, 2g FHA 1, 2g Music Club 3. NUNNALLY, WILLIAM-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Industrial Arts. Activities: Track 3, 43 Band. lg Law Club 43 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 2. OLIVE, ESTER-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Music. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 Secretary Club 43 FHA 43 Senior Chorus 43 Music Club 4. O'NEIL, LARRY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Industrial Arts. Activities: Football 23 Track 2, 4. fter exams hurried students relax at a dance sponsored y the SAB. Pat Noe Gail Noonan Oletha N owell Bill N unnally Ester Olive Larry O'Nei1 PR Joyous M Dreaming and dancin to the music of Bob Morris, seniors, g at last, find the Prom a reality. Dale Osborne .Terry Owen OSBORNE, DALE-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activi- ties: Eagle Staff 1, 2, 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Advisory Board Monitor 35 Homeroom Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, Social Chairman 35 Honor Society 15 Office Staff 25 Cheerleader 1, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club Secretary 45 Science Club 35 Biology Club 2, 35 American History Club 35 Tri-S 45 Football Queen 15 Quill and Scroll 4. OWEN JERRY-Ma'or' Mathematics Minor- Science Industrial Arts. J . . . , Activitibs: Red Cross 1. OWEN, VIRGINIA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Language, Home, Eco- nomics. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 15 Prayer Meeting Group 15 Secre- tary Club 45 American History Club 4. PANNELL, PAUL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activi- ties: First Lieutenant 45 Rifle Team 2, 3, 45 Band 15 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. PARKHAM, NANCY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Science. Activities: Student Advisory Board 35 FHA Treasurer 3. PARKER, GAYLE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: Student Advispry Board 1, 35 Eagle Staff 1, 2, Copy Editor 3, Editor 45 Homeroom Vice. President 1, Treasurer 25 Honor Society 3, 45 Vice President 15 Cheerleader 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Prayer Meeting Group 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 American History Club 3. PATTERSON, BENTON-Major: History. Minor: Industrial Arts, Art. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 45 Football 3, 45- Basketball 1, 25 Track 3, 45 Boys' "T" Club 4. PATTERSON, GERALD-Major: History. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: Tri-S 4. A PATTERSON, STEPHEN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Industrial Arts. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 45 Latin Club 25 Band 1, 2. PERRY, FRANCIS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board Monitor 2, 35 Homeroom Social Chairman 35 Non-Coinmissioned Officers Club Vice, President 3g Football 2, 3, 45 I44 Gerald Patterson Steve Patterson Francis Perry Paul Pannell Nancy Parkham Gayle Parker O Benton Patterson Johnny Reed Joe Rhodes PHILLIPS, BECKY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, His- tory. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 State Homemaker Degree 4g FHA 2, 3. PHILLIPS, WILLIAM-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Mathematics. Ac- tivities: Twelve-Year Club 4g Red Cross 1, 25 Thespians 3, 4. PRESCOTT, CHARLOTTE-Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Mathematics. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 43 Library Staff 1, 2, Prayer Meeting Group 2g Glee Club 4. PRYOR, MARIE-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Language. Activi- ties: Yearbook Staff 4, Homeroom Secretary 13 Library 1, Spanish Club 25 American History Club 3. RAGSDALE, ROBERT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Music. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 3, Twelve-Year Club 43 Red Cross Presi- dent 2, 35 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Biology Club 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Honor Society 4. RATLIFF, JAMES-Major: History. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: Tri-S 45 Transfer from Frayser. RAY, EDWARD-Major: Science. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activi- ties: Junior Class Treasurer 35 Homeroom Secretary 13 Football Manager 1, 2g Track Manager 1. RAY, JAMES-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: History. Activities: Student Advisory Board Monitor 2, Yearbook Staff 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- galg 1gdTrack 1, 2, 3, 49 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Biology Club g an 1. REED, JOHN-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Art, Science. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. RHODES, JOE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History. Activities: Basket- ball 45 Baseball 43 Hi-Y 4. Festive Treadwellites make way for Cinderella at the Junior-Senior Prom. I X X. Larry Walker impatiently calls Jimmy Mayo to hurry for the A SENIOR PIC I an QD' Senior Picnic. Zi Q-Q' 5 Betty Richardson 1 Bill Rigsby RICHARDSON, BETTY-Major: History. Minor: Language, Mathematics. Activities: Student Advisory Board 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Honor Society 1, 45 Homeroom President 1, Vice President 25 Library 15 Honorary Cap- tain 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 American History Club 35 Tri-S 45 Law Club 4. A . ' NI RIGSBY, BILLY-Major: History. Minor: Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom President 4-5 Basketball 3, 4. ROBBINS, KATIE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, Science. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 2, 45 Honor Society 1, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Y-Teens 35 Latin Club 1, 25 American History Club 3. ROBERTS, DONNA-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Homeroom President 1, Vice President 25 Spanish Club 2. ROGERS, MAXINE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Music, Language. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 35 Homeroom Secretary 45 Office Staff 35 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Prayer Meeting Group 25 Spanish Club 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 45 American History Club 35 Law Club 3, 4. ROPER, MARY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Art. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4. RUSHTON, WAYNE-Major: Mathematics. Minorz' History, Science. Ac- tivities: Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom Secretary 1, President 25 Twelve- Year Club 45 Honor Society President 15 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 2, 35 Boys' State Representative 35 Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' "T" Club 2,'3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Key Club 2, 3,Vice President 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 3, 45, Biology Club 2, 35 American History Club President 35 Tri-S 45 Quill and Scroll 4. RYE, DARNELL-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activi- ties: Homeroom Social Chairman 1, President 35 Red Cross 15 Baseball Manager 15 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4-5 Spanish Club 45 American History Club 35 Tri-S 4. SANDERS, JAMES-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Mathematics, Art. Activities: Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. SANDERS, NANCY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, Commercial. Activities: Homeroom President 15 Prayer Meeting Group 15 Secretary Club 4-5 American History Club 35 Honor Society 4-. ,111 Donna Roberts Maxine Rogers .iv V 3" Mary Roper ,044 Katie Robbins I46 DarnellVRye James Sanders Nancy Sanders Wayne Rushton Class Outing A L. L Norma Slover Suzanne Slover SAULTERS, DORIS-Major: Commercial. Minor: History. Activities: Red Cross 45 Office Staff 25 Secretary Club 4. SCOTT, TOMMY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board Traffic Chief, Monitor 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Associate Editor 45 Honor Society 1, 3, 45 Football 1, 35 Baseball 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, Treasurer 45 National Forensic League 3, 45 Debate Team 3, 45 Tliespion 3, President 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 3, 45 Biology Club President 25 American History Club 35 Southern Speech Convention 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4. SI-IELTON, ROBERT-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Tri-S 4. SLOVER, NORMA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 2, 3, Secretary 15 Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom President 1, 35 Twelv.e-Year Club 45 Honor Society 1, 45 Prayer Meeting Group 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club Secretary 1, President 25 Biology Club 25 Senior Chorus 3. SLOVER, SUZANNE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom Treasurer 1, Secretary 35 Twelve-Year Club 45 Honor Society 45 Red Cross 45 Office Staff 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Latin Club 15 Science Club 45 Biology Club 25 American History Club 35 Quill and Scroll. SMART, .IOANN--Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Economies. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 2, 35 Office Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 FHA 4. SMITH, AUBREY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 15 Twelve-Year Club 45 Honor Society 15 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Boys' "T" Club 45 Hi-Y 3, 4g Spanish Club 45 Science Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. SMITH, MARIBETH-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Language. Activities: Eagle Staff 45 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 45 Honor Society 1, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 45 Senior Chorus 3, 45 Glee Club 25 American History Club 3. SMITH, WANDA-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Science. Activities: FHA 2, 3. SNIPES, RANDELL-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 35 Football 1, 2, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. enjoy one of their few remaining socials at QS, Wanda Smith Randell Snipes Mr. Maybry and Miss Alice .Iolmson check a list of Seniors GRAD UA TIO with Larry Davis, while Nancy Hannings ties diplomas. Berlene Souder Becky Speck SOUDER, BERLENE-Major: Commercial. Minor: History. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 45 Red Cross 45 Officers and Sponsors Club 45 Office Staff 4-5 Secretary Club 45 American History Club 3. SPECK, REBECCA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 35 Honor Society 45 Prayer Meeting Group 3, 4. STAFFORD, WAYNE-Major: Science. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activities: Eagle Staff 35 Homeroom President 1, 25 Twelve-Year Club 45 Library Staff 15 Football Manager 15 Track 15 Thespians 3, 45 Senior Chorus l, 2, 3. STEELE, CHARLES-Major: Music. Minor: Speech, Commercial. Activi- ties: Eagle Staff 35 Homeroom President 1, 25 Twelve-Year Club 45 Library Staff 15 Football Manager 15 Track 15 Thespians 3, 45 Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3. STEELE, WAYNE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activi- ties: Tri-S 45 Transfer from Mississippi. STEVENS, JOYCE-Major: Commercial. Minor: History. Activities: Stu- dent Advisory Board Monitor 25 Homeroom Secretary 15 Honor Society 15 Red Cross 15 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Secretary Club 45 Prayer Meeting Group 45 Glee Club 1, 3, 45 American History Club 35 Law Club 4. STEWART, ROBERT-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Ac- tivities: Twelve-Year Club 45 Red Cross 25 Football 15 Hi-Y 45 Biology Club 25 American History Club 35 Drill Platoon 3. STRICKLAND. ROBERT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Lan- guage. Activities: Student Advisory Board 1, 45 Homeroom Social Chair- man 35 Twelve-Year Club 45 Red Cross 25 Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 15 Baseball 1. 2, 3. 45 Boys' HT" Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Science Club 3. 45 Tri-S 45 Engineering Club 3, 4. SULLIVAN. JOE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom President 1, 2, 3, 45 Twelve-Year Club 45 Football 1. 2. 3. Captain 4: Track 3. 45 Boys' HT" Club 1, 2. 3, 4. SWAIN. RONNIE-Major: Science. Minor: Language, Mathematics. Ac- tivities: Yearbook Business Manager 45 Senior Class Treasurer 45 Home- room President 45 Honor Society 45 Hi-Y Vice President 45 Key Club Charles Steele Wayne Steele l J Joyce Stevens Wayne Stafford 3, 45 Science Club 45 Tri-S President 45 Quiz 'Em on the Air Team 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4. Bob Strickland Joe Sullivan ,Ronnie Swain Robert Stewart Attam Goal Raymond Swtcney Billy Tatum Wayne TMC .lane Terry Nancy Townsend Barbara Thompson Ann Voss and Tommy Scott are confronted with serious but hilarious problems in the school play "Dear Ruth. SWEENEY, RAYMOND-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4, Football 15 Basketball 1. TATUM, BILLY-Major: History. Minor: Speech, Science. Activities: Thespians 1. 2, 8: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 1, 2. TATE, WAYNE-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 29 Hi-Y 4: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3, 4. TERRY, JANE-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Red Cross 4: American History Club Secretary 4: Law Club 4. TOWNSEND, NANCY-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4: Red Cross 45 Law Club 4. THOMPSON, BARBARA-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Com- mercial. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 23 Y-Teens lg Spanish Club 35 FHA 2g Biology Club 2g American History Club 35 Law Club 4. THOMPSON, RICHARD-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Industrial Arts. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3. THOMSON, SHARON-Major: Science. Minor: History, Commercial, Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 1: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 2: Office Staff 4g Tri-Hi-Y 4g Y-Teens 4: Prayer Meeting Group 43 Spanish Club 3g Biology Club 2. THORNBERRY, JAMES-Major: History. Minor: Science, Music. Activi- ties: Senior Chorus 3, 4. TRAMMEL, BARBARA-Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Com- Richard Thompson mercial. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 2, Social Chairman 4. H1-Y 4, Spanish Club 4, Science Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2 y Club 3g Engineering Club 45 Football Manager 1, 2, 3. Manager 3, 4. James Thornberry Barbara Trammel James Trammel JAMES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- 3 . ' Q ' . ' S l. Gene Holt, Jeff Morris, Alice Watson, Suzy Slover, and Judy Boartfield make last minute preparations for that all-import- ant event, Commencement. V .lanice Traywick Glenda Turner TRAYWICK, JANICE-Major: Music. Minor: History, Home Economics. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2: Glee Club 2. TURNER, -GLENDA-Major: Band. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activi- ties: Yearbook Staff 45 Homeroom President 1, Vice President 2, Secretary 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: FHA 4: Biology Club 2: Band 3, 4: Majorette 1, 2: All-West Tennessee Band 2. TURNER, PEGGY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, History. Activities: Eagle Staff 2, 4: Red Cross President 2, Treasurer 43 Honorary Captain 2g Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: National Forensic League 4: Thespians 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Spanish Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3: Quill and Scroll' 4: American History Club 3: Tri-S 4. UNSELL, DONALD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Ac- tivities: Rifle Team 3: Drill Team 25 Basketball 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Biology Club 2. VANCE, JANIS-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Art, History. Activities: FHA 4: Homeroom Treasurer 3, 4. VAN EATON, VERA SUE-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Com- mercial. Activities: Eagle Staff 1, 2: Yearbook Staff 4: Homeroom Vice President 1, 2, 3, 45 Twelve-Year Club 4: Office Staff lg Cheerleader 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 4, Social Chairman 33 Y-Teens lg Science Club 3: Biology Club 2, 3: American History Club 3: Tri-S 4: Law Club 4: Football Maid 1: Honorary Second Lieutenant 4glQuill and Scroll 4. VAUGHN, ERWIN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activi- ties: Football 3, 4. VAUGHN, SANDRA-Major: Commercial, Minor: Band. Activities: Home- room Social Chairman 3, 4: Twelve-Year Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Presi- dent 4-5 Secretary Club 43 Band 1, 2, 3, Social Chairman 4-g Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4. VAUGHN, TANYA-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Language. Activities: Red Cross 4. WALKER, LARRY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Language. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 2, 43 Yearbook Staff 49 Homeroom Social Chairman 1, 3: Honor Society 1, 4g Track 8g Key Club 2, 3, Secretary 4: Latin Club 1, Secretary 2: Science Club 3, President 4: Biology Club 3,NTIeasurerx2g Band 1, 2, 3, Student Director 4: American History Club l.. I50 Peggy Turner Sandra Vaughn Tanya Vaughan ' Larry Walker .' Senior, Donald Unsell f. ,Y J anis Vance Vera Sue Van Eaton Erwin Vaughn n l l 'I 'I I CY , 1 , , Bozo Ware Edward Webb James Webber Judy Wilkes Bert Williams Alva Williams K 4 Billy Williams Lynda Williams WATSON, ALICE-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Music, Commercial. Activities: Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Chorus 45 Music Club 45 FHA 35 Quill and Scroll 4. WAYNE, JAN-Major: Language. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Tri-Hi- Y 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 3, 45 FHA 1, 25 Biology Club 25 American History Club 4. WARE, ERNEST-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Art. Activities: Homeroom President 3, Treasurer 25 Twelve-Year Club 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2, 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Tri-S 45 Law Club 45 Boys' "T" Club 2, 3, President 4. WEBB, EDWARD-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Law Club 4. WEBBER, JAMES-Major: Industrial Arts. Minor: Commercial. Activi- ties: Eagle Staff 25 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 Law Club 4. WILKES, JUDY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Language. Activi- ties: Student Advisory Board 45 Prayer Meeting Group 3, Secretary 45 Honor Society 4. WILLIAMS, ALBERT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Student Advisory Board Monitor 25 Homeroom Social Chairman Society 15 Non-Commissioned Officers Club 35 American History Club 4. WILLIAMS, ALVA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Student Advisory Board Monitor 25 Homeroom Social Chairman 3, President 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' "T" Club 3, 4. WILLIAMS, BILLY-Major: Industrial Arts. Activities: Red Cross 4. WILLIAMS, LYNDA-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Com- mercial. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 15 Red Cross Treasurer 1, 25 Library Staff 1, 25 Y-Teens 15 Office Staff 1, 3, 4. Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Turner, accept senior program cards from Benton Patterson, Dick Bure, .Ioe Sullivan, .Iudy Forrester, and Tommy Cunningham. The senior courses will determine majors and minors. 7N.. Mr. W. G. Smyth, representing the University of Tennessee, F U TUBE: Unlimited after discussing the possibilities of a college career with the seniors, advises Marilyn Word and Douglas Janss on individual problems. Richard Williams WILLIAMS, RICHARD-Major: Art. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Ac- tivities: Homeroom President 1, 2, Social Chairman 33 Football 1, 2: Bas- ketball l, 2, Baseball l, 2: Track 1, Hi-Y 1, 2: Biology Club 2. WILLIAMS, WELDON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Senior Chorus 4. WILSON, DELANA-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Language, Science. Ac- tivities: Student Advisory Board 2: Homeroom Secretary 1, Social Chair- man 3, Vice President 43 Officers and Sponsors Club 45 Honprary Cap- tain 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Science Club 4: Biology Club 2: Band 4: Majorette 49 American History Club 4. WITT, BILLY-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Student Advisory Board 1: Twelve-Year Club 4: Homeroom Social Chairman 2: Non-Commissioned Officers Club 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Science Club 3, 45 Drill Platoon 2, 3, 4. WOODS, GWENDOLYN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Home Economics. Activities: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: Prayer Meeting Group 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3: FHA 2. WOODSIDE, WANDA-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Twelve-Year Club 4: Office Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4, Spanish Club lg FHA President lg American History Club 3. WORD, MARILYN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science. Activities: Yearbook 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 3: Spanish Club 35 Science Club 4, Biology Club 2, 3: American History Club 3: Law Club 3, Treasurer 4: Quill and Scroll 4. YOUNG, JUDITH-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commer- cial. Activities: FHA 1, 2, 3. ZUMBRO, HELEN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Home Economics, Art. Activities: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: FHA 3. Delana Wilson Billy Witt Gwen Woods Weldon Williams I52 Marilyn Word Judy Young Helen Zumbro Wanda Woodside i 1 7 as' -dt: SENIOR H 0 ORS Each year Treadwell seniors acquire numerous honors which bring credit to themselves as well as to our school. The class of 1959 was an outstanding exam- ple -of this tradition. Even though all the awards were not known at the time this volume went to press, we did compile the honors which Were announced. These seniors, making all A's since the ninth grade, qualified to compete for various scholarships: Judy Forrester, P.T.A.g June Bryan, Sears, Glenna Boales, Cotton Carnivalg Norma Slover, Josephine Circleg Judy Wilkes, Elks Foundationg Emily Hatcher, P.T.A.g Ronnie Swain, Elks Foundation. TLT? Brenda Cavitt designs the cover of our yearbook. Nancy Hannings prepares to be- gin another busy day at Tread- well. She was a finalist in the General Motors, the National Honor Society, and the Merit Scholarships, and was featured as Teenager of the Week in the Memphis Press-Scimitar. The National Council of English Teachers selected her as one of the top English students in Ten- nessee. tion. Jimmy Mayo, one of Treadwell's fa- vorite seientists, was a finalist in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search, and was in the upper 1021 of the na- Students making outstanding scores on the Merit Scholarship were Larry Y H Cockrum, Larry Walker, Jimmy Mayo, and Gayle Parker. Nancy Hannings, Jeff la.1 Wl 5,5 -ly 1. I-. Morris, and Bert Williams qualified as semi-finalists. Alice McNeely, Memphis Sub-District FHA Pres- ident, prepares the program for a future Sub- District meeting. Bozo Ware and Wayne Rushton admire some of the trophies that the Treadwell Eagles have won in years past. These two boys made the Press-Scimitar second string in All-Memphis F oothall. .loc Morton, an outstanding student, works on his win- ning essay, "Traffic Safety for Teenage Drivers," that won first prize in city com- petition. Left: Tommy Scott and Douglas Janss were two students chosen to represent Treadwell on "Youth Hunts Headlines." chosen for the All- , Memphis band were Charles Emerick, . Larry Davis, and Lar- l' - W 131 ry Walker. 'N ' "1 June Bryan, winner of the "Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award" was caught reviewing the fundamentals of etiquette. Seniors who were - Buddy McAfee and John Coy, two outstanding Treadwell boys, Janice McCammon, Gretta Guyton, Alice McNeeley, Patricia Ni- may make their future out of the Armed Forces. Buddy is an chols have worked hard all year to attain their FHA Degrees, which alternate for an appointment to Annapolis, and John won a nomi- involves projects concerning leadership, decision making, and man- nation for an appointment to the Air Force Academy. agement. 1958 SCHOLARSHIPS V Since our yearbook must go to press before we learn about many of our scholarships, we would like to sum- marize the results of 1958 scholarships as follows: Richard Barfield, Ford, University of Tennessee Linda Barnett, Memphis State University Bonnie Beaver, P.T.A. Dan Bowen, Southwestern Honor, Sears Richard Brown, Alternate to P.T.A., Merit Finalist, Southwestern Jean Brisco, Memphis State University Carol Buzbee, Memphis State University Sue Carson, Union University Betty Cavendar, Union University Jackie Clark, Union University, Memphis State Univer- sity Richard Dew, Southwestern Honor, Cotton Carnival, Josephine Circle ' Nancy Fowler, P.T.A. Barbara Franklin, P.T.A. John J acobus, P.T.A. John J effers, Merit Finalist Betty Ann King, P.T.A. Council, Memphis State Univer- sity Charles Landreth, Southwestern Grant Freddie Morton, Southwestern Leadership, Princeton Gail Oxendine, Memphis State University ' Leslie Palmer, King College, University of Tennessee Freshman, Betsy Vogel Science, Amvet and Bankers Organization Claude Pearson, Baylor Grant-in-aid John Perry, Tulane Grant-in-aid, Memphis State Uni- versity Grant-in-aid George Perryman, NROTC alternate, Memphis State University Billy Reed, Memphis State University Donna Shipman, Freed Hardeman Carol Ann Smith, Union University Maryan Smith, Sears Judith Stengquist, Betty Crocker Award, P.T.A. Mary Susan Templeton, Southwestern Grant Katherine Walker, M.S.C.W. - Elaine Weston, Southwestern Grant, Merit Finalist Wanda Whitten, lVl.S.C.W. Dorlyse Whaley, P.T.A. Joan Wilder, Memphis State University Douglass Wilson, Southwestern Grant I55 is W I 'S' .... W-af 'G' f l, ll: y Q iflllz ll 5 .mea , , Sandy Clark, Secre- taryg Joy King, Social Chairmang Bobby Wal- ton, Social Chairmang Bill South, Vice Presi- dentg Larry Higgin- botham, President 5 and Bill Jones, Treas- urer, assemble for the first time after being elected officers of the Junior Class. THE J UNI OR CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE Junior!-That title signifies the last important step toward the senior year. 'The responsibilities and situa- tions encountered as a junior contribute a great deal to the development of character and personality. A junior's future life was immeasurably affected, not only by more advanced academic explorations, but also by acquaint- ance with new, interesting friends. Registration for the third year in high school re- quired a definite decision concerning major and minor courses. That decision was made after much thoughtful consideration which perhaps determined a life-long occupation. Election of Junior Class officers was one of the high- lights of the first semester. Each member of the class was faced with a personal responsibility to help select leaders who would represent Treadwell as well as their I56 class in an efficient, ,capable manner. Being measured for a senior class ring was a special thrill for every junior. When the rings arrived in May, the long-awaited dream of becoming a senior was real- ized. There was much excitement as time drew near to elect next year's officers for the Student Advisory Board. The nominations, campaigns, and election were all important training for participation later in public affairs. The Junior Class, under the leadership of its officers, was responsible for arranging the Junior-Senior Prom. Much time and effort was spent to make that occasion the most memorable social event of the year. The junior year was busy, exciting and sometimes difficult, but almost always happy. Junior Year Filled With Excitement Right: These Juniors, Linda Stanley, Carl Brown, San- dra Mansfield, Bill Jones, Gloria Griffin, Bob Jordan, and Tommy Geiger, discuss the wonderful time they were having at the Valentine Dance. PNB:- Tommy Geiger, Charlotte McNeill, Fred Drake, and Gloria Hammett exercise their junior privilege to vote for Mr. and Miss Treadwell. Right: Larry Higginhotham and Bill Jones happily visual- ize senior dreams as they are measured for their class rings. 1 CHAMMIE PERCER CAROL NIERNSEE Social Chairman Vice President LAURAN WALDRAN RAY PRESCOTT V Social Chairman P1'CS1d8Ht la-.-.s llgss Johnson counted votes as her students elected their homeroom o icers. An R.O.T.C. sponsor, Carol Niernsee, was a member of fl' eleven-one homeroom. Another member, Linda Palmer, 1 was on the "Quiz 'Em" team last year. This homeroom is especially proud of its high academic rating every six weeks. Eleven-one H omeroom FIRST ROW: Linda Long, .lane Buford, Linda Elam, June Seat, Phyllis Leatherwood, Linda. Palmer. SECOND ROW: Lauran Wal- dran, Jackie Fleener, Gloria Griffin, Joyce Lee, Carol DuBose, Martha Marshall, Gwen Moore, Betty Lewis. THIRD ROW: Carol Niernsee, Brenda Tillman, Linda Nichols, Ray Prescott, Curt Harter, Stephen Bishop, Donald Foshee, Miss Alice Johnson. FOURTH ' ROW: Owen Boals, Daniel Campbell, A1 Piercey, Chammie Percer, Jim Reynolds, Dick Guthrie, Bobby Buffaloe, Douglas Mayhall. tn ..... J A 7-v J FIRST ROW: Brenda Pickett, .Io Ann King, Linda Moore, Martha Bowen, Lillian Schroeder, Alinda Turpin. SECOND ROW: Eugene Kennemore, Beverly Arrowsmith, Linda Jones, Margaret Pearce, Beverly Zumbro, Peggy Williams, Shirley Nolen, Joetta Byrum, Leslie Crocker. THIRD ROW: Carl Brown, Don Jacobs, Kay Krauch, Brenda Sweaney, Sandra Collins, Linda Raspberry, Gloria Camp, Miss Sue Walker, Jimmy Fairley. FOURTH ROW: Louis Hardcastle, Jerry Vaughn, Mike Mendez, Don Whirley, Bobby Walton, Cecil Sowell, Louie Gaia. Eleven-two Homeroom SHIRLEY NOLEN LINDA RASPBERRY Secretary-Treasurer Vice President CECIL SOWELL MIKE MENDEZ President Social Chairman ALINDA TURPIN SANDRA COLLINS Chaplain Social Chairman ... 521.9 I r While Miss Walker watches, Shirley Nolen writes receipts, as Brenda Pickett, Jimmy Fairley, Brenda Sweaney, and Kay Crouch pay deposits on their class rings. Junior class social chairman, Bobby Walton, and an active cheerleader, Martha Bowen, came from the eleven-two homeroom. Members of this group who par- ticipated in varsity athletics were Jimmy Fairley and Mike Mendez. l59 1.- JANELLE WINTERS MARY ANN COLE Secretary-Treasurer SOCiEl1 Chairman LARRY HICGINBOTHAM PAUL MILLER President Social Chairman Miss Jeter issues bus tickets during homeroom period. Interest varied from politics and teaching careers, to modern music and sports in the eleven-three homeroom. Larry Higginbotham was junior class president. Eleven-three Homeroom FIRST ROW: Janelle Winters, Bonnie Taylor, Carol Clark, Judy Ellis, Lynn Paris, Peggy Long. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Cole, Elaine Hopkins, Pat Greaves, Anita Matthews, Donna Cooper, Bonnie Holder, Rita Dungey, Nancy Scott. THIRD ROW: Ray Williams, .Ierry Nowlin, Tillman Everson, Jean Brock, Larry Higginbotham, Don Campbell, Ronnie Black, Miss EllaDale Jeter. FOURTH ROW: Larry Thornton, Paul Miller, Frank Grimes, Billy Phillips, Jimmy Edwards, John Mahaffey, Ralph Laukhuff. . V! I FIRST ROW: Mary Sue Harris, Winnie Schmidt, Kathryn Churchill, Carol Chaille, Gean Bellanti, Betty Letson. SECOND ROW Charlene Hutcherson, Sammie Gross, Sandra Pike, Karen Beck, Sherry Cockran, Barbara Barron, Joy' King, Marjorie Elmore, Pat Unsworth. THIRD ROW: Larry Cardin, Jerry Pyron, Carol Roy, Marilyn Coker, Ramelle Atkins, Winnie Pitts, Andy Nelson, Mrs Evelyn Leslie. FOURTH ROW: Rodney Holmes, Eddie Hutchens, Bobby Mynatt, Charles Ray, Troy Morrissette, Buddy Millwood Michael Long, David Smith. Eleven-four Homeroom TROY MORRISSETTE SANDRA PIKE Vice President Social Chairman SAMMIE CROSS BUDDY MILLWOOD Secretary President MARJORIE ELMORE RAMELLE ATKINS Chaplain Treasurer EDDIE I-IUTCHENS Social Chairman E ---gzza'-1.E,,,, ll ii' , f5,5f3fi'Lfgyg - tn'2' n-Sl , II- yi, 5:51 ,J ,-,' 1 111 - , 1, indian-:Inn Y E' A' -'H I-'f-:aa-E li "A Fl-in,...'fkf - Q 5' gn'-' X Mrs. Leslie's students enjoy dancing at a homeroom party. ll 23.42 1' ' 1 JJ' . "L A :r:.r:'--"1 -I ,411 5 A I. , -5- .. ,r.::.-:-.i i:- I .fa - I ss- -,.--:sa-1 .W -51:24. If . , S 1 d. Q . ov Q ,A H - , H-1 U, - ,,t,' R., H Y :B -1,-C evera outstan mg students were members of the ""' 'V' i . , 'l"'f- - L -1 lf!-X 'iff' 1 ,gm N . XT- . -V, A -. V IM, ,tai eleven-four homeroom. The group boasted of the 1 q , S ' Y . V 35" 1 girls' senior high volleyball champs and Jerry Pyron, LN Vw,-1. E All Y. :H 'K I Y , a member of the varsity basketball team. Joy King i A V . B -, p ' ei represented the homeroom as junior class social fha V ' gl 'V X '-"' T Q chairman. ' isis L " H g i 'M CHARLOTTE' McNEILL JAMES CORDER Social Chairman Social Chairman TOMMY McEWEN GLORIA HAMMETT Treasurer Secretary FRED DRAKE SCOTT MOYERS Vice President President if-5 Social chairmen James Corder and Charlotte McNeill lead students in planning a party for eleven-five homeroom. Most of the members of this homeroom were in the band. The bancl's feature twirlers, Nancy Raynor and Nola Law- son, were in this section. Eleven-five also boasted three senior high majorettes, Opal Green, Scottye Clark, and Mar- ilyn Goforth. Participation in club activities was the gen- eral interest of all. ' Eleven-five Homeroom FIRST ROW: Linda Hill, Nola Lawson, Jackie Barron, Rita Milam, Judy Moore, Gloria Hammett. SECOND ROW: Nancee Drake, Opal Green, Marilyn Goforth, Claire Bergdorf, Scottye Clark, Ella Pearl Miter, Carol Schwill, Charlotte McNeill. THIRD ROW: Fred Drake, Tommy McEwen, Robert Hornbeak, James Corder, Nancy Raynor, Kenny Kirkpatrick, Edward Knight, Mr. Reding. FOURTH ROW: Robert Nunnally, Jimmy Carmen, Don Bennett, Scott Moyers, Raymond Wiseman, Jere Mil- stead, Dennis Medford. ' '9- FIRST ROW: Sandra Clark, Kay Leonard, Norma Mayo, Glenda Carrington, Dorothy Hunt, Gretta Guyton. SECOND ROW: Norma Allen, Joyce McCamon, Gale Phillips, Faye Bridgewater, Dorothy Parker, Harriett Pyle, Martha Brandon, Joyce Thomas, Carolyn Hatch. THIRD ROW: William Whitaker, Frank Roberts, Bobby Roberts, Frank Willis, Bill Jones, Leslie Beaver, Bonnie Cole, Fred Lott, Miss Eleanor Cooley. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Morrisette, Buddy Beith, David Rauls, John Banks, Kyle Duncan, Arthur Barbee, Bob Smith. Eleven-six Homeroom SANDRA CLARK JOYCE THOMAS Secretary-Treasurer b Social Chairman BILL JONES BUDDY BEITH President Social Chairman BOBBY MORRISETTE Chaplain '171 ,- l : .,-,wr5- Miss Coolcy's eleven-six homeroom celebrate the Christmas holidays with a coke party. i H1 ,A As K P 555' ' 'D Students from the eleven-six homeroom were active, in all phases of school activities. Two of the members held class offices-Bill Jones, junior glass treasurer, and Sandy Clark, junior class secretary. Yv , wa DAVID HOWARD RITA WATKINS Social Chairman Social Chairman MARK McAFEE JIMMY WEST Secretary-Treasurer President LINDA STANLEY BETTY THWEATT Vice President Chaplain After a busy exam schedule, harassed juniors paused for an informal 'Lget-together." Many school leaders were members of the eleven-seven homeroom. Some of these included the co-captain of next year's football team, David Howardg and class vice presi- dent, Bill South. Eleven-seven H omeroom FIRST ROW: Joyce Hopper, Patsy Williams, Rita Watkins, Betty Thweatt, Billie .Io Younger, Nancy Newton. SECOND ROW: Patsy Lynch, Linda Stanley, Sandra Allen, Virginia Rodgers, Carol Hornsby, Karen Mooney, Mary .lo Taylor, ,Ianet Goad, Diana Watkins. THIRD ROW: David Howard, Terry Jones, David Sisson, David Newman, Charles Davis, Walter Owen, Mr. Buford Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Charles McCray, Richard Whitaker, Robert Pittman, Frank Boling, Bill South, Mark McAfee, Jimmy West. l 1- -l'--L 41-HFJL 1 -:" rmfil1t.f -. , ' 5- V ini' FIRST ROW: Audrey Griggs, Nancy Parham, Madge Morrisson, Linda Hilbun, Sarah Perry, Frankie Sawyers, Bonnie Wilcox. SEC- OND ROW: Joy Daniel, Pat Pike, Lila Joy Pinkston, Martha Diffee, Sandra Mansfield, Flo Garrett, Ann Norfleet, Mary Jane Wat- son, Sandy Taylor. THIRD ROW: Nancy Webber, Judy Jolly, Tommy Geiger, Terry Myrick, Victor Ellis, Phil Weeks, Tommy West, Betty Moore, Miss Helen Stahl. FOURTH ROW: Billy Vopel, Victor Petty, Ernest Houston, Jimmy Duke, Gene Martin, Jerry Penning- ton, Gene Boggan, Clif J amison, Alfred Warriner. Eleven-ei his Homeroom ERNEST HOUSTON SANDRA MANSFIELD Chaplain Social Chairman JIMMY DUKE BILLY VOPEL Ville PrBSid6flI Social Chairman Miss Stahl's students take advantage of the opportunity to study during homeroom period. I - Eleven-eight homeroom boasted two basketball play- ers, Tommy Geiger and Victor Petty. Several members of the Tri-Hi-Y girls' basketball team belonged to this group, and Junior Achievement claimed some of these My students. I 65 R2 YYQAF MARY MARTIN BOBBY CHILDERS Vice President President CAROLYN MAHARREY VICKI HOLT Chaplain Social Chairman RONNIE DURBY PEGGY GOODMAN Social Chairman Secretary-Treasurer Eleven-niners gathered eagerly around the refreshment table at their homeroom Christmas party. Next yearls football co-captain, Ronnie Durby, and other football players were in the eleven-nine homeroom. The homeroom students were active participants in school clubs. Two members of the quartet, which was invited to Dallas, Texas, Twila Taylor and Carolyn Maharrey, belonged to this group. -.1-H Eleven-nine I-Iomeroom FIRST ROW: Mary Martin, Shirley Graves, Janette Falls, Lorraine Mills, Ruthanne Perry, Betty Fletcher. SECOND ROW: Bobby Walters, Vicki Holt, Peggy Goodman, Betty Morris, Carolyn Crume, Joan Russell, Sandra Smith, Twila Taylor, Carolyn Maharrey. THIRD ROW: Ralph Scott, Bobby Childers, Ray Harris, Linda Miller, Betty Hawkins, Eddie Dunivant, Larry Mauldin, Mrs. Kate Em- mette.FFOURTH ROW: Paul Wilkes, Walter Galrett, D. T. Morris, Robbie Martin, Ronnie Durhy, Kenneth Miller, Gary Howell, Larry ord. 7 lAx . Linmmlx nmm ...nassaui-.xl nm.. auL.n:ml FIRST ROW: Maureen Hamrick, .Judy Dalrymple, Peggy Whitted, Carol McBride, Ruth Ritter, Jo Ann Connors. SECOND ROW: Olin Willis, LaVe1'n Long, Gloria Tyner, Ann Barksdale, Juanita Rankin, Carol Bishop, Gail Hoover, Betty Atkins, Betty Bradford. THIRD ROW: Jerry Tollison, Michael Stevenson, David Richardson, Diana Trindle, Marguerite Flack, Joy Bizzell, Dennis Lee, Jim- my Taylor, Mrs. Minneola Morris. FOURTH ROW: Michael Hamrick, Dossett Foster, Raymond Goolsby, Angelo Tavena, Bobby Brown, Allen Russell, Bobby Coleman, Franklin Pike. Eleven-ten Homeroom DAVID RICHARDSON BETTY ATKINS Social Chairman Secretary-Treasurer JOY BIZZELL CAROL BISHOP Social Chairman Vice P1'CSidCIlf MICHAEL HAMRICK President 1.195 .rr Everyone has a gay time around the festive refreshment table at a homeroom party. The members of eleven-ten homeroom took part in all phases of school activities. Some students played in the band, and others were majorettes. Outstanding members of Junior Achievement were also found in this group. I67 f I-IOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Bobby Blair, Kathy Beck, Billy Caldwell, Faye Davis, Marie Ran- kin, Rosemary Jones, Virginia Vernon, Hugh Maxwell, Tommy Gur- ley, David Meadows. THE OPH OM ORE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE Now a full-fledged high school student, the sophomore arrived at the point which awarded him ,all of the privi- leges of high school: pep meetings, assemblies, senior lunch hour, and senior social activitiesg but this same point re- quired the meeting of the responsibilities of high school: choice of major and minor subjects, participation in clubs, and problems of student government. The earnest sophomore realized more completely the importance of a firm high school foundation for his fu- ture plans and scheduled his courses accordingly. By this time he began to consider a lifetime vocation. Sophomore homerooms were represented on the Student lx lea l Advisory Board and, with the freshman and junior home- rooms, participated in the spring election of Student Advisory Board officers. Senior high dances, sports, and various club activities played a large part in the lives of most of the students in their sophomore year. Many benefits through congenial recreation, entertainment, leadership training, and char- acter-builtling were derived, from such extracurricular activities. With the close of this year, the half-way mark in the high school 'career was passedg but half of the fun and the making of new friends is yet to come. Sophomores Caught in the Whirl of School Activities Phyliss Dew, Dennis Coggin, Jerrie Richards, Mike Kelly, Carol Kinser, and Susan Stephens talk with Dr. Cletus Oakley of Haverford College about a future in mathematics. be ffjaf fi' o ooo is we -eoe 5 JS e Il' n ra., y 'E L 4 F. Charles Steele, Bill Jones, Craig Leake, Kay Schuele, Tom- my Geiger, and Linda Laney rehearse the Christmas play. Students show their spirit and enthusiasm for their team at one of the many pep meetings of the year. Lynda Monroe, Larry Cardin, Kathy Ball, Roy Jones, Frances Noonan, Billy Caldwell, Sherry Cockran, and Denton Lee enjoy themselves at the Valentine Dance. I69 10-1 10-2 FIRST ROW: Barbara Lamb, Bobby Blair, Presidentg Joy Lee, Danny Mashburn, Vice President: Gayle Finleyson, Secretary, Randy Smith. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Annis, Clarice Powers, Annette Gordon, Kathy Wray, Petty Chandler, Glenda Jefcoat, Wanda Mason, Barbara McGonagill, Jimmy Branch. THIRD ROW: Eddie Cayce, Judy Woods, Sandra Wiggs, Elaine Powell, Kay Kennon, Juanita Jerden, Lazette Tomlin, Walter Galloway, Miss Moriarty. FOURTH ROW: Larry Hayes, Terry Ford, Ray Bills, Pete Bennett, Joe Mitchell, Billy Johnson, Marshall Fletcher, Marvin Carter. Not pictured: Patricia Lowery, Alice Faye Allen, Phyllis Hodges. Sophomores Participate in Senior High Actifvi-ties. FIRST ROW: Sally Sanders, Mary Lou Riggan, Kathy Beck, President: Denis Coggin, Mary Sparks, Carol Cook, Secretary-Treasurer: Dolores Roundtree. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Hayles, Linda McCarter, Carol Lineberger, Carolyn Dutton, Joy Heinz, Glenda Norton, Bonnie Hines, Mary Catherine Mooney, Cathy Weir. THIRD ROW: Martha Brantley, Wesson Brown, Larry Burns, Don Crabtree, Larry Moore, Mac Arrowsmith, Floyd Haney, Ronnie Swaffer, Mr. Vickery. FOURTH ROW: Glen Morton, Danny Cannon, Larry Brown, Larry Sherrod, Richard Boyanton, Ronald Ross, Kenneth Smith. Not pictured: Dennis Krauss. it L X 4' r f""f .. , : 4 X. 31. . - if . .. ...ndfw A 10-3 10-4 .w VE! . , if ., 1 I Wai- LJ - 4-f s if in TT "!,4flll"'l it 'C' 'fl I J SQ? - , 41' l , FIRST ROW: Betty Robison, Dianne Barringer, Vice President: Teddy Rasbach, Susan Rowland, President: Billy McKay, Ann Voss, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Betty Winbigler, Marie Turpin, Charlotte Taylor, Joyce Coker, Sandra Foley, Patsy Byrd, Ruby Barr, Sandra Talley. THIRD ROW: Mike Mohundro, Karen Hall, Secretary: Judy Chenoweth, Louise Burns, Kathy Billions, Carolyn Roach, Vivian J ennings, Claudette Norman, Linda Weston, Tommy Sanders. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Bradford, Bobby Clark, Larry Elder, Bill Brehm, Paul Hall, Bill Jackson, Ray Wilson, Bobby Burr, Randy Krone, J. C. Caviness. Not pictured: Mr. M. Lineberry. Pep-Meetings and Assemblies Arouse Interest. 'FIRST ROW: Margaret Moore, Dixie Johnson, Tommy Curley, President: Jane Hassler, Wayne Cook, Margaret Marshall, Chaplain. SECOND ROW: Jeanene Blake, Virginia Moore, Janice Bonds, Alice Cannon, Jean Walters, Emily Dacus, Patricia Saunders, Dorothy Moffat. THIRD ROW: Phillip Reinhardt, Don Jackson, Mike Cicalla, Linda Gatewood, Judy Jones, Marilyn Turner, Lou Springer, Robert Kepler, Charles Jennings, Mrs. I-Iunsaker. FOURTH ROW: James Chumley, Billy Ryan, Charles Hatcher, Herbert Cox, Jim Bacon, Douglas Brannon, Roane McPhail, Frank Smith, Raoul Hurley. X! -1 V ,gm 10,5 FIRST ROW: Ray Baker, Secretary: Virgie Herndon, Orille Hite, Treasurer, Faye Davis, President: Frank Bledsoe, Vice President, Carolyn Wilkes, Chaplain: Albert Woodruff. SECOND ROW: Mike Kelly, Barbara Cates, Cynthia Hutchins, Jean Martin, Linda Brasel, Carol Durby, Phyllis Dew, Linda Laney, Carol Berry, Bobby Coffee. THIRD ROW: Charles Meadows, Larry Curry, Sammie Jackson, Donna Hillard, Joyce McDaniel, Jerry Oglesby,-Patsy Helllnns, Harriet Lewis, Mrs. James, Robert Rogers. FOURTH ROW: James Waldrup, John Hathcock, Eddie Mynatt, James Spencer, Mike Davis, Sammie Vinson, Johnny Cotton, Bill Doty. Enthusiastic Sophomores Join in the School Spirit. 10.6 FIRST ROW: Pete Brown, Georgia Sanders, Chaplain, Brenda Conner, Vice President, Jackie Wood, Secretary-Treasurer, Marie Rankin, President: Morris Black. SECOND ROW: Joe Anderson, Judy Hemminger, Linda Conner, Nancy Anderton, Jean Wright, Mary Terry, Sonya Walters, Donna Turner, Linda Denton, Earl McGoff. THIRD ROW: Paul Holliman, John Stonecipher, Paul Jones, Janie Pratt, Leona Jacobi, Barbara Barrowclough, Kathy Ball, Virginia Davis, Cliff Biffle, Mrs. Patterson. FOURTH ROW: Billy Ford, Jerrie Richards, Frank Schrock, Kenneth Browning, James F erguson, Estes Bradsher, Billy Curry, Robert Nelson, Robert Shaw. i r' 4.- z-1. -5. .... .! .l l1i,.Ill:. 1111. Nfabir-V 411.1 x " ..', 1: -5 .l . ,W . . r..,.,Y g . ,,4 --.Y-, V .. X' .'. E.-'-"'21f':fx1,LA ,.,..,.r.f. if .N ll, ,.. ,.1' . Lf. . 'AJ V. ,J n K . 1 u i ,- f'7L Q L 4 4, ,Ei- , ,1' ,14'.v' , A ' wrjvfl - ,: W V 1 . up fm! , , ,, . - V, , Wx. 2.-5 X 4 If -l in-.L .,! .L 9, ,. I a' nn .. -.1:. . fn., A . jg- ...-,-.1 "5 " ..iR:y'f.ff' .4 fflqif -"'Y' ri 1 E , ' c N., ,4'.,:,-. l,,... 1,1 .1 I . r -v if .. -'I' 'V Q 73 K. A 10-9 10-10 , df FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Jobe, Chaplain, Larry McMahon, Patsy Cook, Secretary-Treasurerg Kay Schuele, Billy Caldwell, Vice President, Rosemary Jones, President. SECOND ROW: Walter Tardy, Patsy Haynes, Donna Fly, Cherry Dorris, Judy Morris, Mary Todd, Kay Baxter, Linda Wright, Carolyn Pozzi, Bill Lowery. THIRD ROW: Edward Clemmer, Marilyn Mauney, Judy Tucker, Bessie Souder, Donna Sue Saxe, Lynda Monroe, Carolyn Roach, Pamela Sutton, Mildred Shoemaker, Miss Phillips. FOURTH ROW: Michael Cummins, Robert Brown, Donald Wolfe, Bobby Martindale, Wayne Coghill, Jerry Hodge, Lee Owen, Hugh McVeigh, Jimmy McCullough. Sopho-mores Plan Courses for Careers. FIRST ROW: Hugh Maxwell, Presidentg Linda Cornatzer, Secretary, Vic Scott, Ann Thompson, Treasurer, Jimmy Black, Carol Kinser. SECOND ROW: Patricia Mayo, Barbara Lindsey, Linda Norden, Diane Rodgers, Beverly Maddox, Robbie Whitaker, Jean Newman, Beverly Zacharias, Tresa Ross. THIRD ROW: Steve Sexton, Tommy Vogt, Athel Wade, Pete Gay, Lonnie Thweatt, Jean Gibson, LaWanda Austin, Judy Stacks, Peggy Nichols, Mrs. Parker. FOURTH ROW: Luther Huff- man, Dennis Johnson, Roy Stone, Don Jackson, Jerry Howell, David Wood, Kenneth Nabors, Max Ballard. 'himkilf ..,. .1Ml,.,.. l9iil7RI1K,...W:l .1 L..l' .., ..... JEULIK' ..... .,'.., I- 'kfsrf-.3 M s '--:Ji 1 .Q-V Q-5 , "1 -,a H ggi Q, 1,1 lv, . k- M .F W1-2 la ..g,,, m LJ 5 4 iw WN-4, The homeroom presidents look cheerful as they remember the gay events of their freshman year. Seated: Bill McAtee, Jim Fowler, Carlene Harris, Ricky Coleman, Ellen Ratliff, Sandra Barron. Standing: Leslie Wood, Gayle Bowen, Ray Wintker, Ronnie Smith. THE FRESHMAN CLASS or NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE Finally a Freshman! At last the first important mile- stone of the high school year was reached. Registration, the first highlight of the year, presented the freshman with his first opportunity to choose classes and arrange his own schedules. The all important high school academic record that will follow the student through years to come began this year. The eager freshman was soon caught up in the exciting whirl of high school activities. School spirit and loyalty reigned higher this year than ever before, as the ninth grade student scurried to keep up with both junior and I76 senior high sports. Membership to clubs of varied inter- ests were opened to the freshman. Junior Honor Society membership stood out as the high goal and honor that was bestowed on a deserving select few. Through the Junior Student Advisory Board ninth graders were faced with the responsibility, as well as the privilege, of self- government. The year was climaxed with promotional exercises. By this time the freshman had truly earned his own special niche in the busy academic and social life of Treadwell High School. Freshman Year Sprinlcled With Activities The Junior High Christmas Pageant exemplifies the spirit of the Christmas season. Reverend Robert P. Richardson, Jr., speaks to the Junior High students in one of the many assemblies. Junior High Football Queen Linda Dlugach smiles prettily after being crowned hy Ricky Coleman as the alternate Football Queen Camille McKenzi and her escort Larry Scott watch. -s-'fr-. Cheerleaders lead the Jun- ior High students in a rousing cheer preceding an important game. I77 FIRST ROW: Leslie Wood, Pat Maness, Anita Ellis, Linda Dlugach, Ralph White. SECOND ROW: Betty Bryant, Lena Davenport, Melba Jones, Janice Paschall, Donna Bowling, Anne Cayce, Patricia Blaylock, Billy Murphree. THIRD ROW: Harry Lemonds, James Stewart, Carol Ogle, Mary Louise Solomito, Virginia Joyce, Judy Collison, Tommy Callicut, Miss Oakley. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Melonas, Jerry Roberts, Douglas Ray, Raymond Finger, Tommy Sawyer, Don Blankenship, Marshall Luton. Threshold of the Freshman Year Is Registration. FIRST ROW: Jim Waddell, Mike Morris, Sandra Barron, Pat Hall, Terry Maharrey, Ronnie Fennel. SECOND ROW: Sandra Smith, Sharon Shanks, Sandra Bullard, Janet Wiles, Joan Greaves, Donna Clark, Gene Lawson, Gayle Stout. THIRD ROW: Sharon Harwood, Victor Odom, Lawrence Corbin, Harlan Manning, Wayne Bills, Larry Malone, Jack Ervin, Mrs. Harris. FOURTH ROW: Don Jami- son, Donnis Edwards, Harvey Earl, B. G. Petty, Jerry Chism, Charles Musselwhite. .ar . FIRST ROW: S. J. Giordano, Kyleen Wohler, Ellen Ratliff, Dave Fischer, Patsy Collins, Carey Atkin. SECOND ROW: Shirley Johnson, Barbara Pruitt, Patsy Jeffers, Ann Clark, Brenda Haase, Mary Frances Morrow, Julia Lawson. THIRD ROW: Nancy DeShazo, Linda Roach, Carol Rhodes, Mary Anne Watkins, Barbara Cox, Barbara Oliver, Mrs. Ratcliff. FOURTH ROW: Glenn Gross, Larry Scott, Ronnie Looney, Don Moore, Jerry Levy, Wally Pinckley, Bobby Howell. Freshmen Participate in Clubs. FIRST ROW: Margaret Owen, Jim Fowler, Gail Grissom, Richard McDaniel, Penny James. SECOND ROW: Diane Rountree, Mary Brown, Lavonne Surratt, Linda Blagg, Jo Ann Carroll, Sandra Barren- tinc, Arlene Hord, Wanda Phillips. THIRD ROW: James Rarnage, Herbert Cullers, Jeff Hester,"Sue Williams, Frances Baggett, Sydney Shaw, Charles Hunt, Mrs. Nations. FOURTH ROW: William Davis, Bill Allen, Oscar Mills, David Horton, George Cutts, Burt Alderson, Richard Grant, Gary Bass. FIRST ROW: Parke Sprague, Duane Mills, Ray Wintker, Linda Vaughn, Don Windham, Lamar Clark. SECOND ROW: Sharon Smith, Lynn Dale Halford, Mary Lynn Hunt, Mary Driver, Anita Collins, Judy Bergdorf, Joan Turnage. THIRD ROW: Charles Slover, Judy Percer, Ione Rodgers, Mary Lynn Shipman, Peggy Phillips, Elizabeth Odom, John Bruno, Mrs. Harrison. FOURTH ROW: George Martin, Bobby Colvin, Steve Corkran, Bernard Hudson, Jerry Davis, Bobby Barker, Jimmy Ethridgc. Freshmen Learn to Govern Themselves. FIRST ROW: Linda Bagwell, Ricky Coleman, Cheryl Peterson, Glen Newton, Sue Elam, Gail Clark. SECOND ROW: Russellyn Whiteson, Anita Falls, Sherry Schneider, Judy Smith, Dianne McMinn, Gwen Smart, Betty Houston. THIRD ROW: Jim Crossno, Bobby Cunningham, Mary Helen Tipton, Twyla Wiles, Betty Clark, Jimmy Harrison, David Roberts, Mrs. Feild. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Johnson, Mike Lowry, Eddie Dunn, Larry Jackson, Jerry Surratt, Ronnie Stovall, Jerry Rogers, John Carson. . ' 1.l.,,ii, . i aulnmnin-ll!-llntlnllnlllzns .. .nm lu, .. FIRST ROW: Annette Ray, Boh Lee, Freddie Keywood, Gayle Bowen. SECOND ROW: Betty Washam, Kay Brown, Betty Wilson, Johnnie King, Sandra Richter, Carol Kincaid, Lucy Harwell. THIRD ROW: Herbie Warren, Gay Brett, Patsy Howell, Shirley Sumner, Joan Hawkins, Betty Holland, Harry Pittman, Mrs.. Pope. FOURTH ROW: Richard Morgan, Charles Phillips, James Smith, Robert Nichols, John Council, Robert Menendez, David Thronberry, Raymond Camplin. Term Exams Test the F reshman's High School Ability FIRST ROW: Ronnie Smith, Jimmy Escarre, Martha Click, Danny Autry, Betty Collins, Charles Horton. SECOND ROW: Karen Kepler, Phyllis George, Kathy Oliver, J 0 Ann Monsue, Betty Burcham, Vcrnita Green, Linda Wiles. THIRD ROW: Phil Isbell, Harry McLellan, James Dawson, Patricia Dodd, Nancy Morris, Brenda Smith, Linda McGough, Mrs. Edmondson. FOURTH ROW: Larry Bell, Bobby Turner, Doyle Stewart, Roy Kamerzink, Billy Crain, Charles Greene, Don Joyner, Marvin Petty. 9-9 FIRST ROW: Karolyn Blagg, Mary Nelson, Norris Wells, Bill McAtee, Penny Marshall, Bobbye McDonald. SECOND ROW: Shirley Lambert, Brenda Mohr, Betty Roberts, Ann Sowell, Cheryl Jones, Pat Berry, Shirley Enoch. THIRD ROW: Don Zumbro, Paul Compton, Shirley Strickland, Barbara Cook, Rebecca Jones, Thomas Grubb, Richard Hicks, Miss Blanchard. FOURTH ROW: lljonald Scobey, Don Sticht, Ronnie Bass, Richard Kamp, Monty Slaton, Jimmy Parker, Rodger attison. Freshmen Reach Their First Goal in Promotion Exercises 9-10 FIRST ROW: Donna Greene, Barney Ratliff, Linda Shelley, Russell Pelfrey, Carlene Harris. SECOND ROW: Mary Davis, Barbara Powers, Bobbie Prince, Sara Evans, Doris Duffield, Mary Bryson, Patsy. Thomas. THIRD ROW: William McAlister, Fred Johnson, David Davis, Malcolm Tardy, John Day, Robert Wiseman, Kenny 0'Neil, Coach Puckett. FOURTH ROW: James Mullen, Ray Burrows, Robert Ballard, Ricky Gadbois, James Jones, Billy Kramer, William Arnold. ... .. . ,.1w:4v3.'.1 '. . . um- . 1-. a Maxis -:mnrnuinm tvxeg '-sn. 11-. FIRST ROW: F. Tucker, S. J. Giordano, J. Barnes. SECOND ROW: D. Kutz, B. Billings, S. Clark, M. Burgess, R. C. Corder, G. Stevens, R. Hawkins, B. Burrows, K. Robinson, K. Whitaker, B. Dye. THIRD ROW: J. Stone, R. Ben- nett, R. Murray, A. Wins- ler, B. Houston, E. Clark, i R. Keywood, P. Taylor, D. Kirk, T. Patterson. FOURTH ROW: B. Da- venport, C. Martin, R. Holt, H. Hartz, D. Davis, B. Wilson, R. Johnston, R. Oliver, M. Cherry. Through snow, slcet, rain, or shine the Safety Patrol party at the home of their sponsor, Mrs. Hutchens. They faithfully serves to protect the students of Treaclwell. will never forget that steaming cup of hot chocolate that These boys are usually the first to arrive at school and they received every morning during the cold winter the last to leave. months. The climax of the year was a picnic given at the However, it is not all work and no play for this in- Optimist Camp. dustrious group. They were entertained by a Christmas AF E TY PATROL Protectors of Our Welfare Officer Broadway and Bill Burrows prepare to stop on-coming S. J. Giordano, Mrs. I-Iutchens, Officer Broadway, Frankie Tuck- traffic as the students cross the street to begin another day at er, and Johnny Barnes discuss the placement of the Safety School, Patrol boys on the different corners. SENIOR PERS ONALI TIES Treadwellfs Favorites MR. TREAD WELL Q , ff g A. C. Williams V I l lah? W! MISS T1-LEAD WELL Q N - . Joy Lott js 41 K 1 3 'ling gf' ',, 'MX' A! A 1 K. I A '. 1 f X J 1 1-.. ' ,f 1. 1117 vi I L W7 'fx gf 1.4 L l i 'E 4' A 1 '1f1 ',1 ggqjhl 'yr 1 1 1 ,vi ,1 1 a K "' rf! X Qt ly Ury, 4 lu Quai 1 - X1 'tm 1 3 x x 1 ' 1 K hxx ls I V XX X 14, .'1111 1, 5 A 5 1' 1 -12-g 11 1 111 1 f E13 W f ff 19,1 , Y V . ---1 . -..-, . .1 1 WQA 3 N MOST LIK 111 W ouglass fanss TV' . ' 1 1' 1 11 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 4 . 1 - - 112111, 1'1 .'I 1 . 1 , 1 .. 11 ,K1 1 A .1 , 1!1.l1 1 , 1 , 11 1 1 ., 1 1 , V X . 1 , 1 .A . . .1 1":g-L ,a11! W, 1-qs, - . . ,If1.13, 1 ll!- 1 1 1 V I 1 1 1 11 fu- 11 1' 1 41111 , 1 1 11 1 N , I 1-Y 1 1 1 "' 111' 1 1 1 11 1 1 , A1 1 4.1 1 , 1 1 - 1:1 1'1'.,.111, , 1,,.11., '11 ,W 1511 1511 1 1111111111111 1 1 1111111 11111111 Q 4 1111l111111111111 t 111L11l,,11111, N A I 111'11 ' -,Q . Q 1, 1 5 1 l 1 11 ' '. 1, 11 .i Sill iii 1 . ,1 31 gr C2211 annmgs 'x K N 1 .,., 1 . 1. 'J 1 1-1 ,Q Z J I85 , ok , 'Q ' T P' V5 "MT sg -.-.--Q -,IA , ,I l'-.141 ,mv "K . .arg ,J . 17 .. . . , i M4 4 WL 1 1 L K l W -A I, 1, , F Z-3 , : --4 we .... , A .., ,I !'- ' -' w"',,m - Lv .94 "" "I .Q I . :sl -5- 'nu- , V. 'i V .ifrgal xxx I E JJLZQZ-Aa 4, ,Qrg df 'Y M OS T TALEN TED '86 :Walker Gqil Ndofkgln PPITIF I f ' ' - Q-Jr' r 'SLXTII 2 I L! ! . Yu' . Vlkcfalgfh , P ... ' '45 . 3,1 V. sq univriny -' 7, I , Q s 1 X V L: 1. ' "1 W Mu L? X . ,Zh ig 9 24 7 U L., R R , 1 I L lid, W, 53.1-1.4 2.43.1 l 5 , A, , ., -, .,. I 'PQ 1 , -,-V,-, Q. '9- aa T L . al., u. ,V , Y- qrr '. ' - J! x .Y ,tu ,.v if 'I ,lffrrol . LQ, 'I ., my . . , .A , X. J, ,bt 1-., X, .lK,L x . I x 5 . . -Ax -4 -ka-. 41A"'x X ,, 'ff -S ,-1: 1-1- 4 1. 1- R ,..- ,. 05,- 9:7 8 A Q f am-,F TELLEC1 A K V Jimmy Mayq. ii, '-'iff-35 fl "3 Y Y' ' ' . v.,,.,L. f . :. 1, . x ,L q., . -,ak M ,-:'ax ',"f5 ,N 4 JB :W Tb : ill' 2 I - E J JJ : ' J u il r-'- ' U. y :: ' .. . .5-54, iv! -4, l, ., 4, -,, . . -, 211'-. N '43 3 ' -f x I I. I' wa. ' V. ff' If . E 1 f - V ff , JJ -T., -bxk v N' tv ' , 'vs ,Q X ' .uw 1 1.1, i 1 V " 'A ,Q " -N S I ' 1 ' af' r ,, M95 ' 5' A , , A 1 sv , 1,1 - ' ' f' . 5 if , . s W J . web., 2 X V ' C ,gif . 1 1. '1 1 ,-'f7"' Q ar h ' 'f"f,.'f"' 'rzfw' Jvfifkgl.. I LM: , R '31, lu, L, , Y gf M w .1 g ,-, ,H W gf 31 www "H ' w Q 5 :if 3 ,W E ,Q 3 H' if Q as Q 1 - W- X: W N X - "We ,is ,,.. mm.. n H, 552155 334 E .1 'A 6- fx-if P Nwf' had 1+ 1- X W . UAF gy. .r MCGOJY V Joy i Z.: .H -4-4 Lx I 1 3 1 ., L. f 5 , i ' y N, ,. V ? 'IEEI W 1 iii I N 'U Q3 V , ik fa, I GRAD UA T10 The End- The Beginning Commencement brought a flood of memories-each separate, each distinct, each treasured! The joy of achievement was foremost in the minds of Treadwell graduates, but the joy was somewhat diminished with the thought of leaving our second home and making our way in the world. Perhaps the sentiment of each senior was best expressed by Larry J oe Davis, president of the Senior Class, in his commencement address: ". . . Four years ago when we entered high school, this graduation ceremony was only a distant goal-an As graduation time drew near, Miss Johnson helped Larry Joe Davis, Senior Class president, re- hearse his commencement speech while members of the senior class listened attentively. end toward which to strive. We were as pioneers going to a new land, facing obstacles and difficulties. Just as the early settlers were joyous upon their arrival at their long-awaited destination, so are we joyous as we have reached our destination, commencement exercises. Tonight we realize we also face new and challenging frontiers. As the early Americans left their friends and familiar surroundings to launch out toward new fron- tiers, we tonight leave the friends and familiar surround- ings of high school to launch into our future lives . . . " Music, laughter, and dancing-these are the memories of the Junior-Senior Prom relived at graduation time. g xl n .U ,f , .4 . LFE? MJ J. .4 jfk Y i W .QV . 1 f 4-gf' , r Agn JI: H .- qw f naw. w J. iq. .I X ,,. - .' f. . ,f . f ! 44251: - fy fg x, fi AE' AW: ' Y 4 ij: f , .3 f,, ,fy ,U VA Ji' A! -Il v U, , N. 4' 7 V I ' fr" IV. P p mir .' M." 1. , . rf. .',. y' ' 51:2 In .gf -V gf ' y -,' , , ,rg li. JQ1- . ' .y r 5.6 ff - 141 .'7 -'. - .lr J 2' . ,H .ff .' fy! 9 Arhr. j , Lf' , G-.l"'.' . C' 'P I 1.. 153 E J: Pte ,JF ., .K I. Fl 95 . J' I Ll Eqg 325' M. Tv.-355. .4-L' ..-:I sz .31 .gg-LZ +52 311, 'STU , I Ag. 015. 1 ,I - iii fl. nh' . Q, I' I f,.Jl',, . 1:3 .. ' x. . 4-0 ...., w -f--up WU. W , ,W fulfil BQ .,..,M H ,Y I. Nix. . ,JG - ' ig W, Y ni:- , ' . . U . 4 Z W U. J l E V M YJ 'f' Z' :":u"v W. -1,1 wiw .Jw2gE'gj!n.l V . . H .,:. , , sn: 5 -1 "uma X5 2 gf , -1 . . 1 :H 'ww f ' I- . F: 1: I H -. X. ' p I J. 'Q-IU ' 5 .A 52'-1--QV... ' ' . . E' ' 'QQ 4 ja?.:g.1,,kgV Q. ' 27 1 V... 2.1, , 1 1-C ,TJ---3 2. :Qi - w, .' , M " ' :7 E N 7 TE" V-f1.V.,gV. ' 'Ji ...Egg K K I , W , . 5, A 15,-' fl 451--Q . L. If . . 1 , 35.53-1 'Ti-'xml V - ' , '.Zw.wMw 4.1- 'lc-.fl I W . rg? iiifffstp A , ,Q flifiizb A 333-'f41ff.' rw 4 . , . . . ...lar K., , ,V gn., , '-' - L L V 2' I. ...., M W 0 P -. fr A--1. . These the exercises er joined wlierethgy 41.4 ??Qi,f' ' Q? -f WZ!! L-: U7 ig:-:A-A 55... . -. V- Qi, ' sae, M m. - ,,, , M 'gi fs-:. .,-..-......,....,, .fi , gs? :"'7L"' . . " S 1.55 he 5 , . NC, iii -L . . - vi, W 1. 1? I ' X s A A fi., L' 55551582 ' g giggsfgsx X Px kv 'fx' ilwgfigf ', --- ma' ' N xi' 'N 1 w 'iznrffvl-:full f -'Q' :l'J5LV' H , W Q 7 V A Wu 44 -H. CS' .. iv 'Wx . iq- fi . f, Y 4 4, " a "- - V .91-A - .N "I f A IM' L A, 41 -,J .'v -J I , ' :"':q.?7 J,. , . 1 ' '!'Q'.fg'.'7E:E1 .., J ,,..,:11 ACE APPLIANCE CO. 343I Summer Ave. FA4-4408 ADAIR'S PURE OIL SERVICE STATION 3893 Macon a+ Naiional GL2-I870 A FOOTBALL FRIEND Besi' Wishes, Team A FRIEND AMERICAN MUSIC CO. I669 Madison BR2-I067 AMERIVENT, INC. I080 Keniucky Sireef WH8-7628 A. NICHOLS FENDER AND BODY WORKS 3I27 Summer FA3-I44I A. W. MADEWELL MASONRY CONSTRUCTION 495 Wes-Iern Dr. FA3-8068 BEL-AIR CLEANERS 447I Summer Avenue MU3-342I BICKNELL'S BIG STAR 3572 Chelsea BLACKARD'S FOOD MARKET 3283 Given FA7-7307 FA7-7308 BRISTOL CLEANERS 3380 Summer Avenue CITY COFFEE SHOP I03 So. CourI' aI' Main JA6-9389 JA7-9786 COMBS SUNDRY STORE 3380 Macon Rd. FA4-0260 CON LEY'S GARAGE 3086 Summer FA4-2048 GL8- I 20 I DELUXE BAKERY 3546 Jackson FA3-3437 ALPHABETICAL LISTING DENT CLEANERS 26I 7 Broad GL2-7336 DILLS RADIO 8: TV SERVICE I29l Mississippi Blvd. WH8-4I53 DRIVER BROS. PAINTING CO. I055 Isabelle GL2-I I I7 EAST MEMPHIS SHOPPERS' NEWS 6I4 S. Highland GLS-8030 ELIZABETH OWEN'S BEAUTY SHOP 684 Hudson Sfreei' GL2-I690 ENOS BEAUTY SHOP 2327 Hubbard BR6-2B4I EZELL-FLANAGAN LUMBER CO. 760 Vance JA6-83II FERGUSON'S CAFE 3I69 Summer " FA4-9I34 FITZPATRICK JEWELRY STORE 2553 Broad Ave. GL2-0207 FLAV-O-RICH DONUTS 2239 Lamar 3804 Park FORTNER FURN. CO., INC. 3406 Summer Ave. GL2-6270-GL2-6279 FROSTY MAID DESSERTS 2757 Chelsea Ave. BR6-6007 GARNER'S DRIVE IN GROC. I489 Wells S+a. Rd. MU5-9235 GENERAL HDWE. 8: SUPPLY CO. 4447 Summer Ave. MU5-824I GILLETT'S TEXACO STATION 2463 Summer FA7-9379 GRAVES BARBER SHOP 3536 Jackson Ave. FA7-9I27 HALL REXALL DRUGS 2492 Summer Ave. GL8-2633 HARVEY'S BEAUTY SHOP lI6I Homer FA4-0990 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS PHARMACY 3397 Summer Avenue GL2-2I89 HIGH POINT LAUNDRY- CLEANERS 3668 Macon Rd.' GL8-8I9l HOLLEY'S FLOWERS 327I Summer Ave. FA7-5658 HOLLYWOOD FURNITURE 8, HARDWOODCC1 ' 2,46I CheIsea Avenue GL2-I978 HUNT'S REFRIGERATION SERVICE 7 I 4 Hudson GL2- I 24 I , JACK JACKSON FLORIST 272I Union Ave. a'I' Poplar JAYS LUCKY STORE 3l52 Johnson JERRY'S LAUNDROMAT 3538 Jackson GL2-2274 JOHN A. DENIES' SONS CO. 373 Adams Ave. JA6-732I JERRY'S BEAUTY SHOP 647 Hudson GLB-I500 I93 .--Il 4 JULIA'S FLOWER SHOP 3285 Jackson Ave. FA3-0075 KENNON DRIVE IN GRO. 4265 Jackson Ave. Open 6:30 A.M.-I2 P.M. LATIN CLUB Firsl' and Second Year LEAWOOD BAKERY 3670 Macon Road FA4-2850 LEAWOOD BARBER SHOP 3674 Macon Rd. E. D. Swea'H, Owner LEVY'S Young al Hearl Shoes LILES ELECTRIC CO. I69 Scol-I' Slreel LUCKY STORE ill I399 Hollywood BR6-4655 McCRORYS 5. I0 8: 25 3444 Poplar FA3-7706 McDONALD SPORTING GOODS 3IIl Summer Avenue FA7-6007 MACON RD. BARBER SHOP 3864A Macon Rd. MALCOMB AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH Malcomb al' Broad S'I'ree'l' Rev. Virgil W. Cavencler Pas'l'or MAYO'S GULF STATION 3749 Given GL2-9250 MOHAWK DISTRIBUTORS 3I77 Summer Ave. FA4-5804 NATIONAL LUMBER CO. 3588 Kendrick Ave. , GL2-2080 ' I94 NATIONAL VARIETY STORE 3670 Jackson Ave. GL2-9I57 NYAL PHARMACY 32l6 Summer Ave. FA7-5472 GL2-9233 PALS OF MEMPHIS 4288 Summer Ave. MU3-87II PATRlCIA'S BEAUTY SHOP 3864 Macon Rd. PINCKLEY ESSO 4062 Jackson FA3-3365 PRINCE SERVICE STATION 3499 Summer Ave. PROFESSIONAL RECORDINGS 207l Union Avenue BR6-4732 ' RANSOM'S DRIVE IN 3229 Jackson Ave. RITZ COFFEE SHOP 672 Marshall SI. JA7-7744 RITZ PLAZA BARBER SHOP 58 So. Presco'l'l' GL8-3225 ROBILIO 8: SARNO Big Slar No. 9 4627 Summer Ave. RYAN ROOFING MATERIALS 854 Vaughn Rd. el,24l4l SAMMY'S WEONA iI9l40 Corner Nalional and Bowen GL2-7326 SHOE CENTER SELF-SERVICE 3530 Jackson FA7-370l SMlTH'S GULF SERVICE l272 N. Walkins BR6-2378 SMITH 5 8: I0 4284 Macon Road MU5-587I SOUTH SIDE PEST CONTROL l409 Weiner Rd. MU3-7078 SOUTHWESTERN BARBER SHOP "Home of Ihe Flal-Tops" 649 McLean STARNES GULF SERVICE 3373 Jackson al' Vernon GL2-57l I SWEETS TRAILER HITCH 8: WELDING SHOP 3 I I7 Summer Ave. GL2-3428 THOMAS TEXACO 3208 Summer FA4-3698 THOMPSON'S BARBER SHOP 3399 Summer Ave. GL8-8666 THRIFTWAY SUNDRIES 3270 Guernsey Ave. TROUTT'S BARBER 84 BEAUTY SHOP 2358 Jackson GL2-7335 WALK BODY SHOP 77l Vance JA7-5926 THE WEBBS PHOTOGRAPHY 5I0 S. Highland FA4-2775 WEONA FOOD STORE 9I964 795 Pope WHITFIELD KING 8: CO. 8I Monroe JA5-358I WINSLER HDWE. CO. l093 Nalional GL8-59I0 WOODSIDE 8: MAY BARBER SHOP l726 Poplar CHOOSING YOUR PATTERN? Brenda CaviH' and Carol Dowlin choose 'rheir silver pal-Iern ai- GEORGE T. BRODNAX, INC., 39 Soulh Main. BEAVER WELDING SUPPLY Success and Besl' Wishes 'ro lhe '59 Graduales THE TRI-S CLUB AND THE LAW CLUB Wish Success ancl Happiness 'ro 'Ihe Class of I959 THE KEY CLUB Congralulalions, Seniors! May You Be a Creclil +o Our School. MISS CASTLEMUN'S I2-4 HOMEROOM Ex'I'encIs Besl' Wishes 'Io Their Classmales of I959. GET HEP. MAN! lone Rogers is bealing 'Ihe drums ouf for STEPHER- SON'S BIG STAR, corner of Macon and Maria. I A f fl ' ,f ' , 5. .15 5 Lp .Q - WGR ' fi - v x f 4 Y' fig AEG, 4 '7 'ff 5 X94 aw 5 an Q w 3 5 'fx 1 'f-rw I czwng S4 , , , , A , N SOUTHERN BELL EGRAPH COMPAN TELEPHONE AND TEL W xx' X 'sf , R. .3 iii - ,isa 715 - X id!!-234537 5 52 I f 'gf ,Y 'L y 1 4 M , , if 9 PL 2 I 5 4, , 5 "' , Y b fi! v 4' 'J gy ! i 6 I , DANlEL'S PHARMACY SPEIGHT E550 The RexaII S'rore SERVING NORTH EAST MEMPHIS 3I60 Summer Ave. Cver QuarTer Cenfury MEMPHIS' TENN. PHONE GL 2-I I28 Ph. FA 4,9046 3388 'Summer Ave. E.H.CRUMP 8: CO. WJWWWWCYMWWWW FIRE, AUTOMOBILE AND GENERAL INSURANCE LIBERAL REAL ESTATE LOANS REAL ESTATE SALES For The Bes'I' in Professional Service LUCILLE'S BEAUTY CENTER 323: JACKSON AVE. el. 2.3812 Delana Wilson is a living exampie of whai' LUCILLE'S can do for you. HIGHLAND HEIGHTS CENTRAL HOME IMPROVEMENT METHODIST CHURCH 3I59 Summer Avenue Summer af Highland HENRY RASPBERRY- owne' REv. ROBERT Y. HORTON, Minmer Builders, Remodelers, Decorafors CONGRATULA1-'ONS' SENIORS! REV. WILLIAM P. BAILEY, JR. Associa+e Minisfer 435 Judy Wilkes, Norma Slover, and Eddie Dunivanf purchase some of 'I'haI' 'Fine candy dislribured by WAYNES CANDY COMPANY. WE SUPPLY YOU WITH THE FOLLOWING POPULAR NUMBERS Baby Rui-I1 BuHer Fingers BuH'er Nu'I' Clark Bar Clark, Coconul' Cough Drops Fruil' Drops Good Bar Heaih Hershey-Plain Hershey-Nuf Jr. Mlnl M 81 M Milk Duds Milky Way Mini' PaH'ies Muskeleers NeCo Wafers Neslles Deal Nes'IIes Crunch Peanuls-Plain Peanufs-Chocolafe Reese Cups Snickelrs Turkis Ta Goobers Hy Raisinels Power House Hi-Noon WAYNE'S WHOLESALE CANDY CO. I64 E. Carolina Ave. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE HARDAWAY SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION ISABELLE AND GIVEN AVE. Washing - Greasing Tire Repair Tires and Accessories PHONE FA7-9I84 "Success, Seniors, Through 'rhe Fufure Years" TREADWELL PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION W. F. JAMESON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 3I04 BROAD Congra'IuIa'I'ions Io 'Ihe Senior Class of I959 HOGU E 81 KNOTT ECONOMY SUPER MARKETS I378 Norfh Hollywood S'l'ree+ 35II Park Avenue I I065 Norih Second I578 Lamar -'A7'059f' 4321 summer "HOME OWNED-HOME OPERATED More Memphis and Shelby Counry Families Use FOREST HILL MILK Than Any OI'her Brand Darnel Rye, Carolyn Grant June Bryan, and John Coy enioy a healfhful drink of FOREST HILL MILK. "We like i DIXIE GARDEN FOODS, INC. Phone GL'8-5404 - TWX ME-346 P.O. Box 397i - Memphis I4, Tennessee Packer of Soulhern Fruils and Vegelables Sfrawberries, Kale, Collarcls, Mus+arcl, Turnip Greens, Spinach, Olcra SOUTHERN MAID DONUTS OF MEMPHIS 4509 suMMER Ave. Ph. MU 3-4l8l HoI'-Ho+-HoI- Donu+s 4 P.M. Daily Joyce Hun'r, Larry Davis, and Jimmy Mayo enjoy Ihose fine SOUTHERN MAID donuis. Congra'I'ula+ions, Seniors! Keep Ihe Eagles Flying High TREADWELL BOOSTER CLUB SUPERIOR LETTERING SERVICE 2433 CHELSAE AVE. Bowling Shirls - Work Clolhes BR 8-365i "Adver'rise Wifh Qualify LeHering" FRANK BLACK SERVICE STATION AND APPLIANCE COMPANY 3069 SUMMER AVE. GL 8-8939 SOUTHERN CHURCH SUPPLY COMPANY 3434 Summer Ave. Memphis, Tenn. 'Teacher Aids and Bible Class Malerials 'Communion Ware ancl Church Furniiure "Bibles, Commentaries ancl Religious Books 'Commercial and Religious Prinling "'EveryI'hing in Church Supply Line HILLEBRAND UNDERWOOD PHARMACY 34II Macon Road Phone GL 2 II68 PRESCRIPTIONS Besi Wishes Treadwell Seniors' Your YMCA SAMPSON CLEANERS 'Mes You 3I27 Broad lo pHQNE GL2 5535 Join Now and Enioy 'Ihe Many Acfivifies Arranged for You Fine Cleaning for Over 36 Years Swimming .. Gym - Rec'-ea-'-ion V V I 3 1 '- -f , ,, 4 - ,- , FE .V I, . A e 5- 1 C ET 35,211-ar. - ' . I' ., 3 'a ' , ' W Y in Zyl: I I I ' 5 SfIl.'.,'. ' ' I ,qfesz I, A I I W I f W I X. nn I . . , . ,W -fs Z. M541 , A - 1:- E, , ' 'Q-'rg KEATHLEY BLIND CO. 3000 SUMMER.AVE. TALLEYIS FA3-3736 Cusiom Made Veneiian Blinds Draperies ancl Cornices 3437 Summer Ave. FA7-3369 Supplies-Reiail and Wholesale 366 N. Cleveland BR5-0l5I Manufacfurers of Zephyr Lifeiime Awnings I INDUSTRIAL I TAX SERVICE, INC. I I I I 8 I Madison Building Memphis, Tennessee A Mary Carolyn Campbell and Peggy Turner waich aHen'Iively as Mrs. Campbell explains her work ai INDUSTRIAL TAX SERVICE THE ARMKO LUMBER COMPANY H0I-I-INGSWURTH 3297 Summer Avenue Building Ma'reriaIs Phone FA 4-3823 2980 SUMMER AVENUE "YOUR FAMILY RESTAURANT" HIGHLAND HEIGHTS BEST HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE COMPANY 758 Na'I'ionaI Phone GL 2-572I BEST WISHES TO -THE SENIOR CLASS! 3455 Summer Avenue Phone FA 3-7606 I I A SPORTING SITUATION Tommy ScoH' and Lynn Fly know Thai' for' The besf in sporis equipmeni' They need To go To LAWSON AND CAVETTE, 9 N. Third Sireef. "OYNER""EARD REALTY CC' open 6 AM. Till nz Mzanagm REALTORS MATTHEWS 54 So. Presco'H S+. in COMPLETE FOOD MARKET POPLAR-HIGHLAND PLAZA 3'03 Summa' Ave' FA 3-5502 MEMPHIS, TENN. MALLORY AMOCO SERVICE I 32I5 Jackson Avenue PHONE FA 7-8558 Feaiuring Ihe Na'Iion's Only Unleaded IWHITEI Gasoline SMITH AND WELLS PEST CONTROL 43I NORTH HOLMES CongraI'uIaI'ions Io 'Ihe Seniors of I959 SKATELAND ROLLER RINK 5004 Summer Avenue PHONE MU 3-699I Roller Skale 'For Heallh and Enioymenf ANGEL FOOD PREMIUM ICE CREAM 2469 SUMMER AVENUE Dependable service E ,If . Vi , Qualify Worlcmanship I Marilyn Word and Glenna HOOKER'S DRYWALL SERVICE BOEIQS admire beaufifu' .E ,. cloihes found exclusively aI' QV lVA yy ' me HELEN SHOP, :eos 4.5 jig .Y Union Ave. F I 4' GL 8-3863 3444 HENRY ' I AIV I 5 fy., V I a Z :iw HELEN SHOP Meei' Your Friends aI' PAT'S DRIVE INN and Enjoy Good Eafing, a+ a Reasonable Price. iaoa UNION AVENUE AERO LITTLEFIELDS' BLUE PRINT CO., INC. 30 N. Third S'rree'I' MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE HENRY D. FLEMING, Pres. Blue Prinis and PhoIosI'a1's PHONE JACKSON 6-5522 "In Berclair" 453i SUMMER AVENUE- I -A..-B FREED-HARDEMAN COLLEGE A Fully Accrediied Junior College HENDERSON TENNESSEE iWriIe for Li+era+ure H. A. DIXON, Presideni' E. Claude Gardner, Dean Paul Taylor, Charles Brammer, Bobby Simpson, Donna Shipman, Befh Kyle, Harold Cuiler and David Howell are aHending Freed-Hardeman Ihis year. CONTINENTAL Rosemary I NVESTMENTS CORPORATION 334I Summer Avenue Shirts -I Dry Cleaning Phone FA 4-6626 .AUTO, FURNITURE PERSONAL LOANS New and Used Car Financing Low Raies, Long Terms 4 Hour Service HIGHLAND AT SUMMER PHONE FA7-6394 H'-BOY CHARL ANNE fLi"2j3+ BEAUTY SALON HZIMBERQER Owner-VIRGINIA MOSS 3257 Jackson Ave. Treadwell S'I'uden+s Always Inviied 445I SUMMER ,MU2-2449 DRINK 1 x lin 7711 'TF- f-.4 The SENIOR CLASS Of-Ficers, Dick Burge, Nancy Hannings, Pa+sy Boals, Ronnie Swain Larry Davis, and Alice McNeely pause for a coke. The Pause That Refreshes fzzalf fzzmff HAVERTY FURNITURE CO. 2 GREAT STORES TO SERVE You 3432 Summer Ave. GL2-7309 I57 S. Main JA6-5708 Congralulalions Io lhe Senior Class of I959 TREADWELL BAND BOOSTERS ASBURY CHAPEL EVANGELICAL METHODIST CHURCH 3823 Orchi Roacl BILLY CROWSON, PASTOR Congralularions and Our Prayers for 'Hue Senior Class of Treadwell High School Io From Congra'I'ulaI'ions I'l1e Senior Class of '59 NICKEY BROTHERS, INC. 2700 Summer Ave. PHONE FA4-883I , ..,. Nona 5 AQ ld' , Qi" 17952 i Mvglw"-"" f5f'HAMs RcERs -.. "'-ra' -2- '- - -.,'r' -- Y -2-Q.-Y. - , ' ' -af"-IiE23.51-.5 i :f:1EEf?:7'l -V iflI:"'-v-- T' ' iig, 'Mtn' ...,- v - L+ -..Y - T ' T "- 'lik' -zwjx "T"n:': l .1----,, . ,, Y ---..:,,fii 4' I ' "T1f 'H-TIL 'T' -."w.--.Tm3T--"tn IA '-eff-1' -- ..w. I - 5:-again: V- -V I ,, gA - L11--:'-v:: M -..... --- :E-1-.E11:., - I -a-.ig '----.-:-- --- 1:31. "-JL -3. f 5. f 'T-v. - ,f A -.--- :L 4 iif'2"' -" 'Silvia' :J --.g.g:..- " ax-LE a-:IEEE TERMII A BUGGY SiIua'I'ionI Camille Callaway, Emily Ha'Icl1er, Jucly Forresler, and I Wanda Woodside are being fumigaled by Larry Walker. CALLAWAY EXTERMINATING COMPANY 745 Homer l F. 81 W. EXPRESS 678 LOUISIANA Shipping Sou+h? See F. 8: W. EXPRESS 'for Thai' Fas'r Dependable Service. une an 'us inis e ins ec in one o modern 'lruclrs from F. 8: W. EXPRESS ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. 935 Rayner LEAWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH 3638 MACON ROAD Our Prayers and Good Wishes +o 'I'he Class of I959 Chipwoody Says . . .s X,- P . X19 Q A ik -.3 - for... TERMITE CONTROL and PEST CONTROL Call BR6-5465 -: W ITH ii.- The BIOLOGY and HISTORY CLUBS Give Their Congralulaiions +o +he Class of l959 Besl' Wishes io 'lhe Seniors MRS. H UGH ES' HOMEROOM. I2-7 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH NaIionaI a+ Faxon DR. SLATER. A. MURPHY, PasI'or Sincere Good Wishes +o Ihe GracIua+es Io Our Greaf School aI'l GLENN BROTHERS ESSO SERVICE CENTER 34I6 MACON ROAD AI'Ias Ba++eries and Tires A A A Service Mechanic on Dufy VAN CAMP MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY 2064 UNION AVENUE "You Always Save WiI'h MuI'uaI Insurance STANLEY'S BY RYT FOOD STORE 3662 Macon Rd. PHONE GL8-28I9 Besi Wishes, Seniors I959 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS CIVIC CLUB EARL'S BARBER SHOP 3422 SUMMER We Appreciafe Your Pa'I'ronage" FREDDIE GOLD REAL ESTATE CO. OFFICE 800 SO. McLEAN Builder-Insurance MU 3-2504 BR 6-2529 STUDENTS . . In order 'lo slimulale league bowling among high school and college siudenrs, IMPERIAL offers 'Ihe Junior Bowling League raie per game 'Io all sludenis and provides bowling shoes renl-'free lo all iunior and slu- denl' bowlers playing in regular league comperilion. IMPERIAL will provide all necessary assisrance in form- ing a, high school or college league. Free bowling in- siruclion available al- all iimes. League openings now avzilable in affernoons af+er school as well as on weelc- en s. "'Call IMPERIAL LANES for Informaiion MU 3-5224 IMPERIAL LAN ES 4700 Summer Ave. Cheerleaders receive candy from lhe foolball feam al' 'lhe Foo'l'baII Banque-I. RYAN'S MEAT CO. 675 N. 3rd "Where Qualiry Rules" MRS. CATES RYAN, Owner Ca'l'ering 'io Holels, Res+auran'I's Churches JA 6-5 I 68 JA 5-042l MISS DEADERICICS HOMEROOM Prtilsgliiilisl-lunsucker, Gerry Easley B' Secrefa . MERCANTILE COMPANY Ram:-lille Bowling 328l Jackson Avenue Treasurer: Phone FA 4-4I55 Emanuel Cheelc S.A.B. Represenrafivess Willie Ford, Joyce Hunl' Red Cross Represenfafivez Billy Williams XS! SERVING MEMPHIANS 45 YEARS Household Furnishings Qualify Merchandise on Easy Terms YORK ARMS CO. Sporling Goods l62 Sou'I'h Main BRANCH JA 6-l2l7 Poplar Plaza GL 2-II93 Acknowledgements ...... Act1v1t1es ...... ..,......,,......., INDEX 210 70-121 Administration .,.... - .......... , .... , ,,,,.,,,, 8-10 Advertisements ,.....,.....,,,.. ,,,,,----- ----- 1 9 2-209 American History Club ......, , ,,,,,-,, ,--,,---, 1 04. Band ..,..........,.............. Baseball ................ .. ....., - .,- ............ 72-77 . 52-53 Basketball, Varsity ,...,.,.. -A 44,-4,6 Basketball, "B" Team - ......... Basketball, Junior High Biology Club ,.....,..............., Board of Education ...... Cafeteria, Staff .......... Calendar ................ -- Cheerleaders, Senior .... 47 48-49 105 10 22 ---.- 24-35 54 Cheerleaders, Junior ...... ....... 4 3 Classroom Scenes ........ Clubs .,...............,...,..,. Contents ......... .--- Cross Country ....... Debate ................ Dedication ................. Eagle Staff ......... - ,....... Engineers' Club ........ Editor's Message ..... Faculty .................. --- ....... --- -----.--- 58-69 100-121 - ..................... 51 114 ---,---,-------.. 3 96-97 - ......... 106 210 15-21 Favorite Teacher ......... - ........ L ......... .. ....... -..-..- .... - 4 Football, Junior High ................ Football, Peewee .......... Football, Varsity ..,.... 42 1--- 43 W--- 38-41 Foreword .............. .... - --- .............. - ...... 2 Freshmen ...................... - ................... - ...,.,. 177-182 Freshman Homeroom Presidents ............ ......... 1 76 FHA, Junior .................................. ..- ..................... 114 F HA, Senior ..... - ........ - .......... ---- ....... - ..... 113 Glee Clubs ..... Golf ............. Graduation ..... H1-Y ........ - .................. - ........ - ........... ...... 118-119 - ................... 51 190-191 111-112 Honor Society, Junior ................ - .................... -----. 93 Honor Society, Senior .... -.-- ......... .......... - ----... 94-95 Juniors .................... - ........... - ............... ----..- 157-167 Junior Class Officers .... ---- ........... 1 ............................. 156 Junior Red Cross ................. ..-.-- .......... -..-...-..----- 101 Key Club ................ - ...... mm--- ..... --..- ........... Latin Club ---- .... ..-.--- ...... ...--- ..... - ...... -.-.. .... --------- 2I0 ' 108 102 Law Club .....,,,.. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-, , Library Assistants, Junior ,.,. Library Assistants, Senior .... Maintenance ,,,,,- M, Maj orettes .,.,,..,,..-.,,,,, , ,,,,.,.,,, Mr. and Miss Treadwell ,..,.... Military .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,--,,.,-,,--,,- National Forensic League .... Office Assistants, Senior .... Office Assistants, Junior ........ Office Assistants, Elementary ....... ,, PTA ..,,,..,.,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, 107 117 117 223 1811. 184 78-89 115 -1 .... 116 116 116 14. Physical Education, Girls' ,-,,,,,, 55.57 Physical Education, Boys' ....,. 55 Princlpals ...,,,,,--,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , --,,,,, 11-12 Quill and Scroll Resume ..,...,,.,, Rocket Club ....... Safety Patrol ....... Science Club .....,.... Secretaries ...,. 1 ,,,,,,,,,, Secretaries Club ..,.,. Senior Honors ...... Seniors , ......... ..,... Senior Chorus ....,-.. Senior Class Officers ....... Senior Personalities .,...,,.,,.... ,,,,,,,,, ,-,---- Sophomores ...........,.. ,....,...,, , ,.,,,,.,,, ,,,, ,.,.,,. Sophomore Homeroom Presidents 100 6-7 106 183 105 13 107 153-155 124-152 118 124 184-189 169-175 168 Spanish Clubs ...........,...,,,..,...,,.,,.,,,,,, -.,,, , , 103 Sports ...................,..,...,..... Student Advisory Board ...... Students ..... ., ,,,..,.......,.,.,.,,. - "TH Club ...... ,- Thespians .... Title Page .... Track ............ Tri-Hi-Y ....... Tri-M ........ Tri-S ........................... Twelve Years Club ......... World History Club ..... Y-Teens, Junior ...... Y-Teens, Senior ...... ....... Yearbook, Staff ....... .. .....,... 36-57 90-92 122-182 120 115 ---.----.- 1 110-112 - -- - ........ 119 -.-- 104 ---.-.-- 121 120 109 l ....... ....... ----- ...... . 98 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Aero Blue Print Co., Inc. ..,.. . 2011. Angel Food ,..................,... ,,,4,,. 2 03 Armko Lumber Company ...... ..,... 2 02 Band Booster Club ..,........ ,,o,,. 2 06 Beaver Welding Supply ,..... ,,,.,. I 95 Booster Club ................... ,,,.,. 2 00 Best Hardware ........ .,.,,, 2 02 Biology Club ......o.,............... . ..,. .. ,.,.. . 207 Callaway Exterminating Co. ...,. ,-,,,, 2 06 Central Home Improvement .. .,,.. .,,,, , 197 Charl Anne Beauty Salon .,.... - ,.., 204 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. ...,..,... ,,,,,, 2 05 Continental Investments ,..,,. ,.,.,- 2 04. Daniel's Pharmacy .......,....., ,,,,A, 1 97 Dixie Garden Foods, Inc. ,..... ...... 2 00 Earl's Barber Shop ......,.... .,.,,4 2 O8 Economy Machine Shop ...... ...... I 99 E. H. Crump Sz Co. ........... ...... I 97 F. 81 W. Express Co. ,.......... .,.... 2 00 Forest Hill Dairy ...................... ...... 1 99 Frank Black Service Station ..... .. ..... 200 Freddie Gold Real Estate .......... ,..... 2 08 Freed-Hardeman College ,..... 204 George T. Brodnax .4 ...................... ...... 1 95 Glenn Brothers Esso ..........,.............,... . 208 Hardaway Sinclair Service Station ........ ...... 1 99 Haverty Furniture Co. ........................ ...... 2 06 Helen Shop ...........................,..... ...... 2 03 Hi-Boy .................,...,....................... 204 Highland Heights Baptist Church ....... ...,.. 2 08 Highland Heights Civic Club ..........., ...... 2 08 Highland Heights Cleaners ..,............,.... ...... 2 02 Highland Heights Methodist Church ........ ...... 1 97 Hillebrand-Underwood Pharmacy ..... ...... 2 01 Hill-Smith Termite Control ............. ....., 2 07 History Club ................,,...,.....,....... .-.... 2 O7 Hogue 81 Knott Super Markets ,.... ...... 1 99 Hollingsworth Cafe .........,......,.... .. ..,.. 202 I-Iooker's Drywall Service .,...... ....... ...... 2 0 3 Imperial- Bowling Lanes ...... ...i................... 2 09 Industrial Tax Service, Inc. .........,...... ----.. .............-. - 201 Joyner-Heard Realty Co. ...... - - ..... - ......--- 1 ------ .- 202 Keathley Blind Co. ---, 1- 201 Key Club .........,...... ---- --------- 1 9 5 Law Club ............ ---.------- - --------------- - --- 195 Lawson Cavette ........................---.- --1 -,------ --- ----- 1 ----- 202 L. B. Price .....,................... - ------'-- - ------, - ---------- -- 209 Leawood Baptist Church ...-..,.-. - --------. 1 ----- -- --f--- - 207 Littlefields' Jewelry ..-....... - ..-..---- ---- - --- ------ ---- 204 Lucille's Beauty Center ...... -------- 1 ------ - ---------- - 197 MacDonalds ....................-....-----.------ - ---- - --------- ---M 200 Mallory Amoco Service ...... - ....-..--- - ---------- - ---- 203 Matthews Food Market ...........----------------- 4-----M ------- - 202 Miss Castelmun's Homeroom ..... .- ....-- 1---- '--- - ---- - 195 Miss Deaderick's Homeroorn ......... - --.-- -11--W -,-f-- - 209 Moss Barber Shop .............. .--- 1 --------- - ---------- - --- 204' Mrs. Hughes Homeroorn ...... MM- ------ - -----,af --- 207 Nickey Brothers, Inc. ...... --- --------------- ---- 200 Pat's Drive Inn .,...................... ------- - ------ - - 203 P.T.A. ..,........................ 1 -......--- - ------4- - --'- - 199 Rosemary Clean-A-Mat .............. -----,- - ----- - 204' Royal Crown Bottling Co. -- ,......... - ......... ..- ..... ..-- 207 Ryan's Meat Co. .............,. .. ............ - ........ -- .... 209 Sampson Cleaners .........,........ L. .......... - 201 Skateland Roller Rink ..........,.......... -M ............ 203 Smith 8: Wells Pest Control ...... - ........ .- ........ - 203 Southern Church Supply Co. ..... .............. - .... L - 200 Southern Maid Donuts .............. ........... - ...,..... ...... 2 0 0 Speight Esso .................. - .......... ----- ........... .---- 197 Stanley's Bye Ryt .............. .--LL 208 Stepherson's Big Star ............., ............. 1 95 Superior Lettering Service -.- ........, ............... - .... 2 00 Talley's Dress Shops ......,....... .. ....... ... ............. 201 Telephone Co. .................. ...... 1 96 Tri-S Club ..................................................... ....... - - 195 T. Walker Lewis YMCA ............. - .......... - ................. 201 Van Camp Mutual Insurance Agency .... - ........ - ...... 208 W. F. Jameson Construction - ........ .. ....... ...... 1 95 York Arms Co. .................................... ...... 2 09 In Appreciation In closing I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the many people who have made the 1959 Eagle a reality. I am especially grateful to the yearbook staff, who toiled diligently many an afternoon and night to 'meet the deadlinesg Mr. Maybry, his administrative staff, and the entire faculty for fervent interest and cooperationg Mrs. Margaret Buffaloe, who advised the business staff 5 Miss Elisebeth Phillips for correcting the continuous stream of copyg Mr. William S. Carrier for his excep- tional job on the photography and his helpful advice and criticismg and Miss Margaret Tisdale, our sponsor, for her guidance, assistance, and never ending patience with- out which we could never have made the dream of our yearbook come true. It is through the combined efforts of these people that I can now present to you your 1959 annual. Editor 2II 1 UT0 GRAPHS WM, QW 'f W ff - QQ df W5 24654, -Q Wfmw WM T1 v 0341, U, X . gig Q1 , Q ,, L - --. ,QQ XJ MM if WU TA I I U 4 x 2:2 I x l 0 I, 1 L af y 59415 'guy My Y ,fcfvviwcu-Q ,Wx ., VLCJJL 'wuz ?L4,nv,.,., Wie.,-aku' -5 57 f I-1,7 4 fgvph jg " '12 .Y -, 4 gpg-,LL q-9-,pac f,c.z.2..,, N1 1' ., 'i'fCf,LL.., Lu--54 Q ,Q - ff oECq,e.1,.:,c,c wlfcx-ef "' V " kZ',5-'bf--'lf' ac ,afffifl 'Q-bgffi AL ALMS tv .J -1- .. b Q ,fam Q fwf f 'XX - , AW LVVQ, Y 'Y w QW 911 f Z ag H QLIWLL0' fu Jgflnpdyx ,MW ' :jd Syd' - SGD jwjrp 5 l QWPQ 40 GMQM. !Q My M wwf JJ CX? ,163 ,WIS 625952 W JQM iiww xy? Of W9 - bw 3 W gldfff Mn! U15 v WM l .i XML Nmii OV C, ,D Wi, W ' M 13 ww gal? W jg My f qw if W JU QWQ My ' ,7 1 1 , Q- J 'jay' V L6 V fi. xvi't,mCi.. M 4 1 f f , A N - .I 7? f fg0fVL'7LLjfpiUj4,' f ' A - . v if X61 ,M Wfihzuly kvdkjff - ll? , LM Ny' jan- My f f A .' - V 1 M jf 'X X ' if f 'J f 3 iff fl, ESE CU x A X 'Q 2 1. A 63 aa! Q, Aj. -7, C 4f fQ ff fi' 42 fd M A' JT' ,vga iff 'fit' 'I QNX ,N R I N . , NA L1 'xl -

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