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aa. Q E S s i A was THE EAGLE O F 1957 TREADWELL HIIGH SCHOOL Memphis, Tennessee Vdlume XVII EPDXNELL HIGH S '62 CHOO4 MEMPHIS TENNESSEE xx 5 YQ f. ' Bard dP bl hdbyfh s C1 D MISS TREADW L 4 Opposite page: Miss Treadwell-Margaret Barrow Mr. Treadwell-Rodney fMickeyJ Cobb "N lwifllsfmfvrvfktw-" ' tl Mr. and Miss Treadwell of 1957, typifying the i287 June graduates, thoughtfully pause in reflection over the treasured experiences of their high school life-past subjects, favorite teachers, valuable guidance, glittering socials, lasting friend- ships, and carefree days-as they realize their high school days are behind them. As each new page presents itself, may you relive the incidents and influences that have spurred you on to that goal which may spell success for you. This has been the thought we had in mind throughout the production of this record of 1956-57. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION . . . We take an informal look be- hind the scenes: at our teachers and administrators, at the activities of the parents' organization, and at the cafeteria and maintenance staffs ........ page 8 CLASSES . . . We focus our attention on the different high school classes and a few of their activities: the saddened seniors, the twelve-year group, the excited juniors, the hard-working sophomores, the jubilant freshmen, and the conscientious safety patrol . . . page 22 CLASSROOM SCENES . . . We glimpse into the lives of typical students at work in their chosen classes: academic-science, languages, history, mathematics, vocational-commercial arts, homemaking, industrial arts, and art-crafts, design, commercial . . . page 80 ACTIVITIES . . . We see the work and recreation of those taking part in the important and diverse activ- ities afforded by our school: the Student Advisory Board, our governing body, the R. O. T. C., our military unit, the journalistic groups, our newspaper and yearbook staffs, the Honor Society, our honorary scholastic group, and the clubs, our organizations for social and educational purposes ....... page 92 SPORTS . . . We hear the frenzied cheering and dis- appointed sighs as we relive the important moments in our sports history: Major-football, basketball, base- ball, Minor-ftrack, swimming, golf, Physical Edu- cation-boys' and girls' ........... page 136 HIGHLIGHTS . . . We take a backward glance at all the varied happenings of the past year: the personal- ities section, consisting of the Who's Who, and the events section, depicting all the important highlights . . . page 156 ADVERTISERS . . . We wish to thank all of the busi- ness men and women who have given their support to us and shown their interest in our school by adver- tising in our annual ............. page ,175 4 W A I f wind ...N .ng GM? I ' f 2 X iT? 'EW li I in 7 X I , if-il -QM A 7 a.W,,, bm... W 1 1 4 2 0 T"'-M v, if 'iff' .wg - f Y Wg m , m ., uf. ,gm -M im Guidance 5WHRKNJGEi NVE WWHESE if f E K H- W ,N W 1 Inspiration 3 ii If. Mg, Our Alma Sportsmanship 'TREADYWELL GAHN IIDEALS Mater ADMIINHSTRATIION , 2 COUNSIE' H--u-..- ls. AlUMllNTS'TRATTTVE, STA FE Ulf? MEMPHTS CITY BDA RD UE EDUCATTUN MR. ELDEN C. STIMBERT, assistant superintendent, Department of Instruction. MR. ERNEST C. BALL, superintendent of Memphis City Schools. MR. WALTER P. ARMSTRONG, JR., president of the Board of Education. MR. HARRY SHARP, assistant superintendent, Department of Secondary Education. MR. O. H. JONES, assistant superintendent, Department of Business Affairs. MR. FELIX OSWALT, Cnot picturedj assistant superintendent, Department of Plant Management. The Memphis Board of Education, coping with the problems of the city schools, advises in matters of curriculum and administration. Theirs is a large and vital responsibility which they handle wisely and efficiently. i rf, X SQHOU AlUJMllNllSTRATllON x Principal Mr. Maybry smiles at the end of a successful day. Equipped to handle every detail of our ad- ministrative functions, are our principal, Mr. Maybry, and his office staff 5 Mr. Farino fpic- ture on section page, Mrs. Wright, executive secretary, and Mrs. Turner, secretary. Few students realize the many duties awaiting Mr. Maybry and the office force at the begin- ning of each day. Mr. Maybry finds himself often deluged with questions and requests by MRS ANNE WRIGHT Execzzfive Secretary students, teachers, parents, and others seeking advice, instruction, counsel or guidance on every phase of school life. Mr. Farino, who assists in discipline, is also in charge of the safety patrol and textbooks for the junior and senior high. Mrs. Wright never has to wonder what to do next. Every minute of her day is filled with MRS. MARY TURNER Secretary her quite busy. Mrs. Wright pauses a moment during a busy day. checking absentees, handling finances, checking credits, enrolling new students, and purchasing bookstore supplies. Mrs. Turner, too, checks attendance in addition to her regular secretarial duties. Sending out transcripts also keeps To you, Mr. Maybry, Mr. Farino, Mrs. Turner, we sen- iors sav, "Please accept our appreciation." Mrs. Turner cheerfully carries on her secretarial duties. K MR. W. L. MAYBRY Mx 7' CATHERINE ALLEN CATHERINE ERNEST BALL LUCENE BEST MARTHA Aff BALDWIN General Science English BLANCHARD Commercial English junior S. A. B. MARGARET EMMA BUFORD FRANCES CASTLEMUN J. B. CHILDERS JOHN COBB BUFFALOE English English Industrial Arts Physical Education Commercial Tri-Hi-Y R. 0. T. c. Secretarial Club FA Q U Y .... HELP US AS UNDERSTANDING COUNSELORS, INSTRUCTORS AND FRIENDS. Teachers, we realize the most important part of our education lies in the influ- MARY ELEANOR COOLEY Speech Thespians S. A. B., N. F. L. The faculty immensely enjoyed the Christmas tea given for them by the Home Economic INEZ CRAIG Department. English I2 SFC RICHARD MYRTLE CLARA DUNAWAY SFC ORIS DUNCAN CHARLOTTE DAVIS DEADRICK Librarian Military EDLfONSON Military English Library Club N. C. O. Club GCOQZFHPIWY Drill Platoon ANNIE ELLIS KATE EMMETTE FRANK FARINO GEORGIA FEILD E. T. FOWLER World History English Guidance Counselor Higfofy American History RA O- T. C. Junior Honor Society 5C'fli0f Honor S0ClCfY ence of you upon the students of our school. Constantly administering to our ideals and principles, as well as to our actual knowledge, you provide the RUTH FRANKLIN Mathematics 3 hristmas came early as Mr. Maybry opened the gift presented to him at the faculty tea. HAROLD FREDRICKS Industrial Arts I3 The Treadwell R.O.T.C. advisors view the crowd as they ride down Main Street in the Armed Forces Parade. stimulant so vital to our mental growth. Besides the regular duties of teaching classes, keeping records, counseling, enforcing rules of good conduct, you have MARGARET HARRIS English Red Cross Q C15 MAR'l'l-lA ANN HARDIIXIAN Music Mllsic Club i, ai. FRED H ARDKE Physical Education ETHEL HARRISON ROSS HARTON JOSEPHINE LIARCELLE English American History HUGHES HUNSAKER Tri-S Club American History English History Club Newspaper ,S +5 5: 5 MILDRED JAMES NELLIE JENKINS ELLA DALE JETER ALICE JQHNSQN EVA JQHNSQN Chemlsffv Librarian Maflwlmtifs Marheimucs GEOGRAPHY I4 Y-TGCHS junior Library Club Scholarships C 'i ,. ar n 1 FRANCES KENNEDY Mathematics junior Honor Society Members of our faculty enjoy the early winter splendor of the football banquet. RUBY KING . - U , I , . English generously devoted your time to our extracurricular activities, arriving early and Senior Honor Society VIDA MAE EVELYN LESLIE LEATA LEWIS W. M. LINEBERRY HARLO MCCALL LAURENZI English English and History Commercial Band Physical Education Newspaper junior Y-Teens Law Club junior Cheerleaders MONA LLOYD MCDOUGAL ANNIE WINN MILDRED MORIARTY ERLINE NATIONS McCLURKIN Head COHCI1 MILLER Physical Education Mathematics English T-Club Homemaking Senior High Cheerleaders I5 MXSGT. JAMES EVELYN OAKLEY MARY PARK MARY ALICE MAXINE NORRIS Tennessee History Latin PARKER PATTERSON Military Junior S. A. B. Latin Clubs Mathematics Languages Rifle Team Senior Honor Society Spanish Clubs French Club JOE PETERSON ELISEBETH BIARY ALICE ADELE POPE EDNA RATCLIFF Sqienqe PHILLIPS PHILLIPS Mathematics Mathematics Junior High Coach English Biology Junior HOHOI SOCICYY Senior S. A. B. Biology Club staying late to make our school life more enjoyable. Forever aware of our JOAN RATLIFF General Science J. D. REDING Science The new parking lot, used by the faculty only, saw much use during its first year of existence. I6 Science Club Key Club I-UCIU-E ROSE CARRIE MAE BETTY JO SOYARS HELEN STAHL MARGARET English SISCO Music Art STUBBLEFIELD Mathematics Music Safety Council BUFORD TAYLOR MARGARET CLAUDE 'TURNER WILLIAM VICKERY SUE WALKER Commercial TISDALE Mathematics Industrial Arts Commercial Homemaking FHA Yearbook changing world, you spend much of your time in meetings in order to keep abreast of the current educational procedures. To you, our devoted teachers, we sincerely extend our humble "Thank you." LAMAR WATSON History 'NP' The steering committee and chairman conferred over the plans for the Inservice Training Program, HAZEL WEBBER English I7 ,iii MARIE DOROTHY SARA MARIAN RUTH JEANNE ANTHONY BACON BARCROFT BENJAMIN BENTLEY BRYANT Second Grade Fourth Grade Sixth Grade First Grade Third Grade Sixth Grade Le . I DEMETRA FRANCES HAZEL ANNETTE TRILLA EVELYN BUTLER CASTLEIWAN CLAYTON COOK DOWTIN DRAKE Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade First Grade Third Grade ,I . E I E I The children are impressed as Mrs. Meeks helps them plan their P.T.A. program. Helping to pattern the minds of our youth, the elementary faculty flawlessly Carries on its duties. MRS. MILDRED MEEKS Elementary School Principal 'Chl' CAROLYN VIRGINIA FLY RUTH LAURA LEONE DOROTHY ESTES Third Grade GARNER GRAHAM GRAMMER GREANEY Fourth Grade Third Grade Second Grade First Grade Third Grade ,QV A .'. O. i'i.i file ANN GUYTON RUBYE MARGARET KATHRYN ANNIE LOUISE Sixth Grade HAMRIC HAYNE HAYS HOUSTON HOWSER I8 First Grade First Grade Fifth Grade First Grade Fourth Grade .5 A at 3 I A A T. I I Q ig R ,M A ,L ff W Q mag, A sig? ' 3 1'--it A :, 'vgffgif I, f Aw it - -gi-fd - a I V TQIELMQSRESTLQ ' f ,A . 1: 123-YLYQEQQ W : ' V1 NELLE HULL MARTHA KATE LESTER NITA HELEN MILLER HANSFORD Fourth Grade KEITH Fourth Grade LOWERY Second Grade MILNER Fourth Grade Second Grade Second Grade :ggi LOLA MOORE MARY PENICK VIRGINIA MARY HELEN RAINES Fifth Grade S d G Id Second Grade PHELAN PRIVETT Fourth Grade mm fd 6 Third Grade Fifth Grade ii f 'f ,dv I : ,,-: I ', at Mrs. Brown tirelessly per- ' forms her duties as secre- ' tary for the elementary school. A 31' l ,A M A if 6 X Xa Wvy i ygg T. V ANNE REYNOLDS First Grade EULA SPRAGUE Lt, ,t-' , L U 5 Q ' i a a A ta i - v .gif '- ew I v 'R N5 " ., 24' .L 5. PEARL SCOTT -IUANITA MARY Fifth Grade SEGNERI SHANNON Third Grade Fifth Grade ALLYNE NORMA LULA MAE WALKER WILKINSON WYNN MRS. ELAINE BROWN EIFIIZEIYZHIQ' School Secretary MARY ELLEN SIMS Fifth Grade I L A 15 ? 5, - , CLARA WYNNE Third Grade HELEN SMITH Second Grade - L I 'TT AUGUS1 A YOUNG L, -L. Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Fil-gf Grade I9 Mrs Jacobs, Mr. Maybry, Mrs Fleener, Mrs. Cross- no and Mrs. Loenneke admired their well-earned trophies. membership drive. STUDENT LOAN COMMITTEE-Miss Willis, Mr. Maybry, Mrs. Brat- tain, Mrs. Loenneke, Mrs. Jacobs. Not pictured: Mrs. Harry Sharp. PARE The '56-'57 year's activity began in August with a picnic. Mrs. Crossno, heading the membership drive with our slogan, "Buy a share in your school-Join your P.T.A.," turned in 4,416 members. This membership entitled us to a cup for having the largest association in the city in addition to another cup for 100 per cent membership. T:TlEACllclllE.R ASSUCHATHO To meet the budget of .152,477.64, we conducted a Curtis Publication Drive, a "monthly waste paper drive," and the Spring Carnival. The P.T.A. under the leadership of its president, Mrs. Jacobs, closed its year's .work with a satisfactory record. EXECUTIVE BOARD: Miss Ida Willis, Mrs. Raymond Brattain, Mrs. L. R. Pardue, Mrs. C. C. Collison, Mrs. J'. F. Crossno, Mrs. Henry Jones. Back row: Mrs. J. E. Morton, Mrs. Mildred Meeks, Mrs. H. J. Raspberry, Mrs. Harry Jacobs, President, Mrs. J. H. Waldran, Mr. Maybry. Right: Mrs. H. P. Loenneke, Mrs. W. I. Forrester, Mrs. F. H. Raggett, Mrs. Wheaton Ennis, Mrs. Jack Wright, Mrs. L. P. Beaver. Mrs. Morton, Mrs. Jacobs Mrs. Brock, Mrs. Young man, Mrs. Krauch, Mrs J. A. Jones, and rs Crossno, Membership Chairman, enjoyed cokes while they worked on the ,. an 1 -' . . , gi, fr wt ,fl 5 i - 4 r 9 AF -5 . g, .aw-5 :-,ir-8 . : s F" nv.. Q. MR. N. R. PEGRAM Night Cuilodian MR. N. S. WHITE MR. CARY PRESCOTT Arfimznr Curmdian Cuylodian MAHNTEN AN QE Many times we tend to overlook the warmth of our Without our cafeteria staff, the hot lunches and school, its cleanliness, and the other numerous com- cheerful atmosphere of our cafeteria would be an forts that our maintenance crew provide for us. impossibility. CAFETERHA MRS- EI-SIE ISON MRS. CARRIE ARATA MRS. ESTA MILAM MRS. VIVIAN VAUGHAN MHWSW' Afriffanl Aififtant Auiflant Tempting foods are served at the noon hour. yf' sf K. ... KVL L'w,f:X'v 2 f . .VK -' 51 fmt. 11, A YY ,, wg y I 5 gg-, K. my ,As ! . 1-My , X111 ',azi:i:3 :x-::: y- , rw 1-aizzzfm -f-Q '--1:--r--n .xg j ' 'i?'::Pb,-4 -M-: .,.k :W Q. Q .TQ-y-0-mv. ...Wu ::r.'Tz:zp,,, u f-f-Gmac.. --3, -- 1 IIIHI ii A 5 .,.,,..... . Q , W-m......k,..,,,-4,-53 u . , E Q F4 ii, xml 'I 'I vu A 'fi MlS31?,r'4..-15, X . K 'f ,.-i,, , .M Xs- E M 5 'mx ,mu 'Z f 4 M ? , 1 1' ' 5 5 Q 2 A E m,M,. , r Mag' f VAAS V 91 ,J F, X, A , , Qi V! , ig 2 if if We caught our Senior Class Officers, Ronnie Williams and Priscilla Lee, dreaming about gradua- tiong Joe Pennel and Sharon Noonan, smiling about that "Senior Picnic", and Margaret Barrow and Dale McGee recalling the glitter of the Prom during an informal planning session. THE SENHOR GLASS or NiNE'riEEN HUNDRED FHFTYQSEVEN Seniors! What a thrilling sound to fall upon our waiting ears! At last we had reached our goal of year we had ever known! Oh twelve long years-and it was the most wonderful yes, we laughed and said we were glad it was all over-but, tears glistening in our eyes as doors for the last time? Yes, were. Can you really blame us Actually, as the year began, any other year-that is until arrived. The lower classmen 9 we closed we must though? it seemed our senior inspected were those our locker admit they almost like class rings them with such envy, and we knew we'd treasure them through- out our lives. The enthusiastic shouts rang out through the crisp fall air as our football team triumphantly downed Central for the second time in Treadwell's history, making our senior year complete. Weill remember that Treadwell spirit always! Our long, hard labors were well rewarded when our completed Annual came out in May with a per- manent record of our cherished memories. And then came our last enchanted Prom, as we danced starry-eyed to the dreamy strains of music floating across the ballroom. The delicate aroma of corsages and the gentle rustling of formals helped to make this night an unforgettable experience. All too quickly, graduation became a reality. Our hearts were heavy and our eyes filled to overflowing as we sang Treadwellls beloved "Alma Mater" for the last time. With diplomas in hand, we fully re- alized that our dreams had now come true. PATSY ALLEN BILLY ALRED SENIQRS PATRICIA ALLEN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Spanish, Speech. Activities: Eagle Staff 3, 43 Twelve Year Club3 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Secretarial Club 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 American History Club 33 Quill and Scroll 4. BILLY ALRED - Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: SAB Monitor 33 Homeroom Vice President 43 Red Cross 33 Football 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 "T" Club 43 Science Club 4. MARGARET ARATA-Major: Commer- cial. Minor: History, Music. Activities: Tri- Hi-Y 43 Girls' Glee Club 1. WANDA ATCHLEY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Year- book 43 Homeroom Vice President 3, Sec- retary-Treasurer 23 Red Cross 23 Officers and Sponsors Club 43 Prayer Meeting 3, 43 Football Queen 13 Cheerleader 1, 3, 43 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, President 43 Secretarial Club 43 FHA 23 Science Club 43 Tri-S 4. LINDA AUTRY - Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: SAB Monitor 1, 33 Twelve Year Clubg Of- fice Helper 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Prayer Meeting 3, 43 Science Club 43 Tri-S 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Drum Major 43 West Tennessee S010 and Ensemble Contest 3, 43 Band Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Vice President 4. MARGARET ARATA E. G. BAILEY JIMMIE BAILEY MARTHA BALLARD WANDA ATCHLEY LINDA AUTRY E. G. BAILEY-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: SAB Monitor 2, 3, 4j Homeroom President 1, 2, 33 Sergeant 3, Corporal 23 Latin Club 13 Spanish Club 23 Science Club 3, 4. JIMMIE BAILEY - Major: Mathematics. Minor: Art, History. Activities: Yearbook 43 Class Social Chairman 33 Homeroom President 13 Vice President 43 Treasurer 33 Twelve Year Club3 Student Congress Representative 33 Manager, Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 "T" Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 4. MARTHA BALLARD-Major: Commer- cial. Minor: Music, Home Economics. Ac- tivities: Girls' Glee Club 13 FHA 2. PAULA BALLINGER-Major: Languages. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: SAB President 43 Monitor 13 Eagle Staff 2, 33 Yearbook 43 Homeroom Vice Presi- dent 2, 33 Honor Society 3, 43 Officers and Sponsors Club 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 43 Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Science Club 43 Tri-S Club 43 American History Club Reporter 33 Y-Teens 43 Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM F. BARNETT-Major: Mathe- matics. Minor: Shop, Science. Activities: Twelve Year Club. PAULA BALLINGER BILLY BARNETT BILLY BARNETT MURRAY BARNETT ANN BARRON GLORIA BARRON MARGARET BARROW SENHORS WILLIAM H. BARNETT-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathe- matics. Activities: Sergeant 35 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. MURRAY BARNETT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Foreign Languages. Activities: Red Cross 1, 35 First Lieutenant 45 Drill Platoon 45 Sergeant 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Latin Club 15 Science Club 45 Spanish Club. LYNN BARTON DENNIS BE LLAMY DOLORES ANN BARRON-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Economics. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Y-Teens 3, 4. GLORIA BARRON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Home Economics, Science. Activities: Yearbook 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Officers and Sponsors Club 45 Volleyball 1, 25 Latin Club 25 FHA 2. MARGARET BARROW-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: SAB 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman 45 Yearbook 45 Homeroom Vice President 15 Twelve Year Club5 Honor Society 3, 45 Volleyball 1, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Vice President 45 Cheerleader 1, 2, Co-captain 3, 45 Prayer Meeting 3, 45 Y-Teens 45 Secretarial Club 45 Class Vice President 35 Secretary 45 Quill and Scroll 4. LYNN BARTON-Major: Art. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Library Assistant 35 . ROSALEE BESIN Volleyball 15 Prayer Meeting 15 Library Club, Secretary 3, President 4. GER DENNIS BELLAMY-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Languages. Activities: SAB 45 Twelve Year Club5 Red Cross 1, 2, 35 Vice President 35 Officers and Sponsors Club 45 Sergeant 35 Man- ager, Football, Basketball, Baseball 15 Hi-Y 45 Dramatic Club 15 Latin Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Key Club 4. ROSALEE BESINGER-Major: Commercial. Minor: Music, Home Economics. Activities: Eagle Staff 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 FHA 15 Senior Chorus 45 Music Club 4. CHARLOTTE BEST-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: Library Assistant 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Prayer Meeting 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 4. l ! CHARLOTTE BEST BARBARA BIDDLE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, 'Speech Activities: Eagle Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Dramatic Club 15 Latin Club 25 Y-Teens 45 History Club 45 National Thespian Society 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4. I CAROLYN BILLS-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activities: Eagle Staff 25 Twelve Year Club5 Red Cross 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 45 Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Spanish Club 35 American History Club. 26 BARBARA BIDDLE CAROLYN BILLS MARGARET BOALS HELEN BOOKER MARTHA BOONE DON BOULDIN Regiftrnlion in September Ir tbe beginning will nl! remember . . . CHARLES BLEDSOE-Major: Agriculture. Minor: Science, History. MARGARET BOALS-Major: Science. Minor: History, Home Eco- nomics. Activities: Yearbook Assistant Editor 4: Class Secretary 3: Home- room President 3, Vice President 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club 4: FHA 2: Science Club 33 Tri-S Club 4. EUGENE BRANNON HELEN BOOKER-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Home Economics. Activities: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 2, 4. ' MARTHA BOONE--Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Commercial. Activities: Volleyball 1, 2, Y-Teens 1: American History Club 3. DON BOULDIN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Shop. Activities: Twelve Year Clubg Sec- ond Lieutenant 3g Rifle Team 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4: Corporal 2: Sergeant 33 Base- ball 1, 2: Football 15 Science Club 3, Captain 4. DANNY BRADFORD-Major: Shop. Minor: Commercial Art, Crafts. Activities: Monitor 33 Ser- geant 3g Wrestling Team 2. EUGENE BRANNON-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activities: SAB 2: Home- room President 1, 2: Vice President 3, Twelve Year Club: Red Cross 1, Sergeant 3g Honor Society 1: Spanish Club 25 Science Club 3g Tri-S 4. LOLITA BRANTLEY-Major: History. Minor: Speech, Home Economics. Activities: Senior Chorus 4: Music Club 4. FRANK BREWER-Major: Shop. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Sergeant 3: Student Congress: Boxing 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 3, 4: "T" Club 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Clubg Tri-S 4. BETTY BROOKS-Major: Languages. Minor: History, Music. Activities: Prayer Meeting 4: Secretarial Club 4, Spanish Club 2, 33 French Club 4, Girls' Glee Club 13 Senior Chorus 4. JOE BROOKS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Spanish, Shop. Activities: Monitor 33 Homeroom President 1, 4: Red Cross 2: SAB 33 Football 3, 4: Basketball 1, 23 "T" Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Science Club 4, Senior Chorus 1. BETTY BROOKS JOE BROOKS ROY CASH-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Honor Society 3, 4: Sergeant 3: Basketball 2: Science Club 4. BONNIE CATES-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Econom- ics. Activities: Eagle Staff 4: Homeroom President 1: Red Cross 2, 4: Volleyball 2, 3: Quill and Scroll 4. ANNE BROWN BERNIE BROWN CELIA BROWN JULIA BRUNN SIENIORS ANNE BROWN-Major: History. Minor: Spanish, Science. BERNIE BROWN--Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Ac- tivities: Homeroom President 4: Twelve Year Club: Football 2, 3, 4: "T" Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Science Club 4. CELIA BROWN-Major: Art. Minor: Commercial, Home Economics. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 3. MARIE BURTON JULIA BRUNN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Speech. Activities: SAB 3, 4: Eagle Staff 3: Yearbook Business Manager 4: Homeroom Chaplain 2, 3, 4: Honor Society 1, 3, 4, President 1: Girls' State 3: National Forensic League 2, 3, 4: State Speech Contest 2: Third in State 33 Debate Team 2, 3, 4: Thespian 1, 2, Secretary 3, President 4: Latin Club Secretary 1, Vice President 2: Science Club 3, 4: Quiz 'Em On The Air 3: Quill and Scroll 4. CHARLOTTE BURNWATT-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Spanish Club 3: Band 3, 4: Band Club Secretary 4. MARIE BURTON-Major: Languages. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Monitor 3: Yearbook 4: Homeroom Vice President 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1: Spanish Club 2, 4: Science Club Secretary 4: History Club 3: Y-Teens 2, 4: Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4. ROBERT BUSS-Major: History. Minor: Science, Shop, Activities: Sergeant 2. MARCY BYRD-Major: Science. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: SAB Monitor 2: Year- book 4: Homeroom Secretary 1: President 2: Red Cross 1, 2: Office 1, 2: Volleyball 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Social Chairman 4: American History Club 3: Tri-S 4: Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretarial Club 4: FHA 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: Science Club 3. PEGGY CAMPBELL--Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, History. Activities: SAB 1: Eagle Staff 3: Yearbook 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Football Maid 1: Volleyball 1, 2: Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 1: Prayer Meeting 4: Spanish Club 4: FHA 2: Y-Teens 3, 4: Chattanooga Press Conference 3: Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4. CHARLOTTE BURNWATT J is ROBERT BUSS s 1, S8 t MARCY BYRD iS is 5 :f PEGGY CAMPBELL ROY CASH 5 is BONNIE CATES DONALD CAUDLE RONALD CAUDLE RONNIE CHAILLE LARRY CHAMBERS JULIA CLEMENT H ow long we awaited our cherished ringr Ami the joys that being al senior brings . . . DONALD CAUDLE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Ac- tivities: Honor Society 1: Corporal 2, Sergeant 3: Track 3, 4: Cross Country 4: Science Club 3, 4: French Club 4: First Lieutenant 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4. RONALD CAUDLE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Latin. Activi- ties: Honor Society 1: Sergeant 3, Corporal 2: Track 3, 4: Latin Club 4: Science Club 3, 4: Honor Society 4. CONNIE CLEMONS RODNEY COBB RONNIE CHAILLE-Major: History. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: Sergeant 3. LARRY CHAMBERS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Shop, Science. Activities: Science Club 4. JULIA CLEMENT-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Languages. Activities: SAB Chaplain 4: Eagle Staff 3: Yearbook 43 Twelve Year Club: Honor Society 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Office Assistant 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Secretarial Club Treasurer 4: Latin Club 1, 2: American History Club President 3: Quill and Scroll 4. CONNIE CLEMONS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Homeroom Treas- urer 1: Red Cross 1, 4: Treasurer 1: Library Assistant 1, 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3: National Thespian SHELBY COLEMAN Society 4: Latin Club 2, 3, Treasurer 2: American History Club.3: Science Club 3, 4. RODNEY COBB-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: SAB 1, 2, 3, Monitor 2: Class President 3: Homeroom President 1, 2: Honor Society 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3g Football Captain 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 4: Track 3: "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4. SHELBY COLEMAN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, History. Activities: Secre- tarial Club 4. THOMAS COLLIER-Major: Shop. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS COLLIER DARRELL COLQUETTE-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Sergeant 3: Spanish Club 2. ANN COOK-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Speech. Activities: SAB 2, 3: Monitor 2: Eagle Staff 3: Homeroom Vice President 4: Twelve Year Club: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1: Spanish Club 33 Science Club 4. DARRELL COLQUETTE ANN COOK 29 TERRY COOLIDGE ROBERT COVINGTON BILLY COX DWIGHT CRANE SENIORS Activities: Spanish Club 4: Science Club 4. ing. Activities: Sergeant 3: Library Assistant 3. CAROL CROCKER WILLIAM COX-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Industrial Arts, Science. Activities: Football 1, 2, City Open Champ 2g Mid-South Runner-up 23 Track 3. DWIGHT CRANE-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Languages. Activities: SAB 23 Red Cross 1: Sergeant 3: Latin Club 1, 2: Science Club 3, 4: Band 1. JOHN CRENSHAW-Major: History. Minor: Art, Shop. Activities: Twelve Year Club: Sergeant 3. CAROL CROCKER-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Latin. Activities: Yearbook 4, Twelve Year Club, Volleyball 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2: Science Club 5, 4: 'Honor Society 1, 4, American History Club 35 Quill and Scroll 4. WILLIAM CROSSNO--Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: Red Cross lg Officers and Sponsors Club 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4: Corporal 2, Sergeant 33 Football 1, 2, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 4. CHARLOTTE CROUCH-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 4: Volleyball 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 5, 4, Spanish Club 2, Vice President 3, Science Club 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: American History Club 5. RALPH CROW-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Yearbook 4, Homeroom Secretary 5: Honor Society 1, 3, 4, Corporal 2, Sergeant 3, Key Club 3, 4. TERRY COOLIDGE-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Languages. ROBERT COVINGTON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Draft- JOHN CRENSHAW WILLIAM CROSSNO CHARLOTTE CROUCH RALPH CROW SYLVIA CULLUM-Major: Science. Minor: Languages, Commercial. Activities: Latin Club 2: FHA 35 Science Club 3. KENNETH CUPP-Major: Shop. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Hi-Y 1: Track 2g Basketball 2. if SYLVIA CULLUM KENNETH CUPP HAROLD CUTLER DON DALRYMPLE SANDRA DAVIS CHARLES DEARTH LOUISE DENNIS Rem!! the pap meetings the day of the game Chewing the Eagles I0 fight on to fame . . . HAROLD CUTLER-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Speech. Ac- tivities: Yearbook 4: Second Lieutenant 3: Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4: Sergeant 3: Prayer Meeting 2: Spanish Club 2: Science Club 4. DONALD DALRYMPLE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Science Club 3, 4: Memphis Astronomical Society 3, 4: Royal Canadian Air Cadets 1, 2: 155 Squadron RCAC Pipe Band 2. KAYE DODSON MARY DODSON SANDRA DAVIS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, History. Activities: Honor Society 1: Latin Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 3, 4. CHARLES DEARTH-Major: Science. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Twelve Year Club: Sergeant 3: Tri-S Club 4: Science Club 3. LOUISE DENNIS-Major: History. Minor: Languages, Mathematics. Activities: Twelve Year Club: Office 3: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Tri-S 4: American History Club 3: Y-Teens 4. KAYE DODSON--Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Twelve CAROL DOSS Year Club: Library Assistant 1, 2, 4: FHA 3. MARY DODSON-Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Band. Activities: SAB 4: Eagle Staff 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: FHA 2: Band 2, 3, 4: Band Club 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Library Assistant 3. CAROL DOSS-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Yearbook 4: Home- room President 1: Vice President 3: Cheerleader 1, 4: Volleyball 1, 2: Spanish Club 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: Treasurer 4. RICHARD DRAKE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: SAB 2: Homeroom President 3, Vice President 4: Boys' City Representative 3: Swimming 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Science Club 3, 4: Tri-S Club 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Sergeant-at-Arms 4: Key Club 4. RICHARD DRAKE MARY SUE DUFFY-Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Com- mercial. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 3, Secretary 4: Band 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Prayer Meeting 1, 4: FHA 1, 2: French Club 4. PATRICIA DUNCAN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Music, Mathemat- ics. Activities: Eagle Staff 2, 3, 4: Yearbook 4: Volleyball 1, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Music Club 4: Homeroom Reporter 2. MARY SUE DUFFY PATRICIA DUNCAN 3I MARGARET DWYER PATRICK EAVENSON ANITA ELLIS SONJA ENOS SENIORS MARGARET DWYER-Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Com- mercial. Activities: Office Assistant 35 Library Assistant 25 Volleyball 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Prayer Meeting 35 Spanish Club 35 FHA 2, 3. PATRICK EAVENSON-Major: Science. Minor: Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts. Activities: Yearbook 45 Second Lieutenant 35 Rifle Team 3, 45 Officers and Sponsors Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Corporal 25 Science Club 4. PAUL ESTES ANITA ELLIS-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Honor Society 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 35 American History Club 3. SONJA ENOS-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Art, History. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 15 Social Chairman 15 Red Cross 15 Volleyball 15 Tri-Hi-Y 3. SUE ERVIN-Major: Science. Minor: Languages, Mathematics. Activities: SAB 2, 33 Monitor 25 Eagle Staff 2, 35 Yearbook 45 Homeroom President 15 Vice President 35 Secretary 25 Treasurer 45 Red Cross 15 Office Assistant 33 Volleyball 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 National Forensic League 3, 45 Latin Club 25 Spanish Club 35 Science Club 3, 45 Tri-S 45 American History Club 35 Y-Teens 3, 4. PAUL ESTES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Latin, Science. Activities: Twelve Year Club, Sergeant 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 3. OSCAR EVANS-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Shop. Activities: Sergeant 35 Corporal 25 Science Club 4. MICHAEL FINGER-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: First Lieutenant 45 Officers and Sponsors Club 45 Sergeant 35 Corporal 25 Library Assistant 4. DONALD FOSTER--Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Football 2. 92 il SUE ERVIN OSCAR EVANS n MICHAEL FINGER 3 F DONALD FOSTER MARY JO FRENCH-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, History. Activities: Twelve Year Club: Library Assistant 1, 2, 35 Volley- ball 15 Tri-Hi-Y Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 American History Club 3. JOHN GAINES-Major: History. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activi- ties: Homeroom President 1, 3, 45 Twelve Year Club: Football 1, 2, 3, 45 "T" Club 1, 45 Spanish Club 4. a MARY JO FRENCH JOHN GAINES CHARLES GHOLSON JAMES GILBERT EDWARD GOINGS EDDIE GOOD JOE GOODMAN The football gamer za the early fall Beating Central we looea' mort of all . . . CHARLES GHOLSON--Mayor. Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Yearbook Assoc. Editor 4, Honor Society 3, 43 Science Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JAMES GILBERT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: Sergeant 3. JAMES GRACE BETTY GRANT EDWARD GOINGS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Shop, History. Activities: Twelve Year Club, Football 1, 2, 3, 43 "T" Club 4, Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Science Club 4. EDWARD GOOD-Major: History. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activities: Eagle Staff 3: Corporal 2, Sergeant 3g Football 1, 2: Track 1, 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. JOE GOODMAN-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 3, 4: Red Cross 2, Corporal 2, Sergeant 3, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. ' JAMES GRACE-Major: History. Minor: Metal Shop, Wood Shop. Activities: Sergeant 2. SY IA GRIFFI ELIZABETH GRANT-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Spanish. Activities: Homeroom LV N Chaplain 4: Twelve Year Club: Tri-H1-Y 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 43 Office Assistant 3. SYLVIA GRIFFIN-Major: Science. Minor: Commercial, Home Economics. Activities: Volleyball 2, Prayer Meeting 2. BARBARA GROSS-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Music. Activities: Eagle Staff 4: Twelve Year Club, Volleyball 1, 2, American History Club 3, Tri-S 4, FHA 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Senior Chorus 4: Music Club 4. BARBARA GROSS RUTH GUTLIPH-Major: Art. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities' Twelve Year Club. DARELL GUYMAN-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Mathemat- ics. Activities: Homeroom President 1, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1, 4, "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3 4, Tri-S 4. 1 y RUTH GUTLIPH DARELL GUYMAN 33 ARBARA HAASE ED ANLEY SHARON HASTE B NANCY HAGE FR H FREDDIE HANNA SEN IORS tory. Activities: Volleyball 25 Prayer Meeting 2. BARBARA HATCHER FRED HANLEY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: SAB 45 Monitor 45 Homeroom Vice President 25 Red Cross 15 Office Assistant 45 Football 25 Hi-Y 25 Science Club 4. FREDDIE HANNA-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activitiesx, SAB 3, 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Office Assistant 3, 4g Library Assistant 15 FHA 1, 2. SHARON HASTE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Yearbook 45 Home- room Social Chairman 45 Red Cross 1, 25 Library Assistant 15 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Prayer Meeting 2, 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Latin Club 15 Science Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 15 Senior Chorus 2, 3, 45 Music Club 4. BARBARA HATCHER-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 45 Twelve Year Club5 Library Assistant 1, 2, 35 Volleyball 15 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Senior Chorus 45 Music Club 45 American History Club 3. JANE HATHORN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Twelve Year Club5 Secretarial Club 45 Senior Chorus 45 Music Club 45 American History Club 35 Honor Society 4: Yearbook 45 Quill and Scroll 4. BARRYE HAWKINS-Major: Languages. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: SAB 35 Eagle Staff 3, 45 Homeroom President 45 Treasurer 25 Red Cross 15 Office Assistant 25 Volleyball 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Prayer Meeting 15 Latin Club 1, 25 Treasurer 25 Spanish Club 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 35 Senior Chorus 45 Music Club 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 American History Club 3. LARRY HENDREN-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activities: Red Cross 15 Sergeant 35 Hi-Y 25 Tri-S Club 4. BARBARA HAASE-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, His- NANCY HAGE-Mayor: History. Minor: Science, Commercial. FHA 2, 4. JANE HATHORN BARRYE HAWKINS MITCHELL HERRON-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Industrial Arts. Activities: Twelve Year Club5 Track 2, 3, 45 "T" Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 4. JAMES HESTER-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Industrial Arts, Science. Activities: Wrestling 1. LARRY HENDREN 5 fl MITCHELL HERRON JAMES HESTER JOHN HEYWOOD BETTY HICKS JERRY HICKS ROBERTA HINES CAROLYN HOLBROOK The lunch hell rings, run for your liver There they all come as heef from hires . . . JOHN HEYWOOD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activities: Yearbook 4: Twelve Year Club: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Sergeant 3: Prayer Meeting 3: Science Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4. BETTY HICKS-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Band. Activities: Prayer Meeting 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Library Assistant 4. WI LBURN HOOTEN NEIL HOPPER JERRY HICKS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Shop. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 1: Treasurer 2: Sergeant 3: Basketball 1: Baseball 1: Track 1: Hi-Y 4: Science Club 3. ROBERTA HINES-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activities: Volleyball 1, 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Prayer Meeting 2, 3: FHA 1. CAROLYN HOLBROOK-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Speech. Activities: Monitor 3' Library Assistant 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Prayer Meeting 3, 4: Senior Chorus 4: Music Club 4. a WILBURN HOOTEN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Rifle Team 3, 4: FRANKIE HORNE Corporal 2: Sergeant 3: Science Club 4. NEIL HOPPER-Major: Agriculture. Minor: Science, Shop. Activities: Sergeant 2: Football 1: Basketball 1, Track 1, 2. FRANKIE HORNE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Twelve Year Club: American History Club 3: Honor Society 1, 4. DAVID HOWELL-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Speech. Activities: Debate Team 4. DAVID HOWELL C. B. HUTCHERSON-Major: History. Minor: Music, Commercial. Ac- tivities: SAB 2, 3: Homeroom Vice President 2, 3: Red Cross 4: Sergeant 3: Baseball 3: Tri-S Club 4: Social Chairman 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Music Club Program Chairman 4: All-State Chorus 3, 4. DIANE IRELAND-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Music. Activities: Spanish Club 3: French Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Senior Chorus 4: Music Club 4. C. B. HUTCHERSON DIANE IRELAND 35 JEAN JACKSON EVA JARVIS DAVID JENNINGS MORRIS JENNINGS CARMEN JOHNSON SIENIORS JEAN JACKSON-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Eco- nomics. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 1: Volleyball 4: Prayer Meet- ing 2: FHA Song Leader 2. EVA JARVIS-Major: Music. Minor: Mathematics, Languages. Activi- ties: Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4: Office Assistant 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Music Club 4: All-State Chorus 4. ELIZABETH JOHNSON WAYNE JOLLY DAVID JENNINGS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: HiSt0ry,, Shop. Activities: French Club 4, Social Chairman 4. Sergeant 3: Prayer Meeting 3, 4. CARMEN JOHNSON-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: SAB 4: Eagle Staff 3, 4: Homeroom Secretary 1, Treasurer 3: Red Cross 2: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Vice President 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: Vice President 4: Secretarial Club 4: Spanish Club 2, 3. ELIZABETH JOHNSON-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, History. CHARLES JONES WAYNE JOLLYfMajor: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 4: Twelve Year Club: Red Cross 1: Corporal 2, Sergeant 3: Track 4: Science Club 32 Band Club, Sergeant-at-Arms 3. CHARLES JONES-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, Science. Activities: Yearbook Circu- lation Manager 4: Homeroom President 1: Honor Society 3, President 4: ROTC Second Lieutenant 3: First Lieutenant 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4: History Club Vice President 3: Corporal 2: Sergeant 3: NROTC, Pensacola Representative: Quill and Scroll: Key Club 4. PATSY JONES-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Languages. Activities: Volleyball 1, 2: Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4: Prayer Meeting 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Science Club 3. PATSY JONES ROBERT JONES--Major: History. Minor: Shop, Science. Activities: Rifle Team 2: Sergeant 2: Football 1, 2, 33 Track 2, 3, 4. CLAY JORDAN-Major: Languages. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: SAB 2: Monitor 2: Homeroom Reporter 33 Cheerleader 3, 4: Volleyball 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 3, 4: American History Club 3: Y-Teens 1. 36 ROBERT JONES CLAY JORDAN 5 i. MORRIS JENNINGSfMajor: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Speech. Activities: Red Cross 4: CAROLYN KEEN BUDDY KELLY RICHARD KELSALL GENE KENNEDY Then Christmas mme and excitement supreme With joyf to fill our fondest dream . . . LARRY JORDAN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Commercial, Science. Activities: Homeroom President 33 Red Cross 23 Sergeant 33 Hi-Y 3, 4. CAROLYN KEEN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Home Economics. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 13 Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 43 Library 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Prayer Meeting 23 FHA 23 Honor Society 4. DAVID KINSER MARVIN KELLY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Shop. RICHARD KELSALL-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Music, Activities: Eagle Staff 43 Yearbook 43 Red Cross 1, 23 Football 23 Swimming 3, 43 Science Club 5, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Club 2, 3, 43 Reporter 4. GENE KENNEDY+Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Art. Activities: Sergeant 2. WILLIAM KIDD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Band. Activities: SAB Monitor 23 Eagle Staff 2, 3, 4g Feature Editor 43 Honor Society 13 Corporal 23 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Band Club 43 State Press Clinic 33 Quill and Scroll 4. DAVID KINSER-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Languages. Activities: Homeroom Treas- urer 3, 43 Twelve' Year Clubg Red Cross 1, 23 Football 3, 43 Basketball 23 Track 3, 43 Golf 2, 33 "T" Club 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 2, 33 Treasurer 33 Science Club 3, 43 Tri-S Club 4. ELLIS KNIGHT-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Commercial. Activities: SAB 43 Sergeant 33 Basketball 23 Baseball 23 "T" Club 3, JAMES KNIGHT-Major: Shop. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Sergeant 33 Corporal 23 Hi-Y 2. LANCE KRAMER-Major: History. Minor: Shop, Science. nomics. Activities: Red Cross 23 Volleyball 23 FHA 43 Honor Society 4. LANCE KRAMER PAT LANEY PATRICIA LANEY-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Eco- JONAH LATCH PRISCILLA LEE JOYCE LENAHAN MARY sUE LETT NANCY LIGHTFORT SENHORS JONAH LATCH-Major: Music. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Girls' Glee Club 33 Senior Chorus 43 Music Club 4. PRISCILLA LEE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, Science. Ac- tivities: Class Social Chairman 43 Homeroom Vice President 13 Red Cross 1, 43 Library Assistant 13 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Science Club 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 President 43 Tri-S Club 43 American History Club 3. HENRY LOENNEKE JOYCE LENAHAN-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Commercial, History. Activities: Volleyball 33 FHA 3, 4. MARY SUE LETT-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Home Economics. Activities: Volley- ball 2, 53 Prayer Meeting 43 FHA 3. NANCY LIGHTFORT-Major: Science. Minor: Languages, Commercial. Activities: Monitor 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Science Club 43 Tri-S Club 43 Y- Teens 3, 43 National Honor Society 4. HENRY LOENNEKE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Languages. Activities: SAB 13 Eagle Staff 2, 33 Co-Editor Sports 33 Yearbook Business Manager 43 Homeroom President 3, 4g Vice President 23 Twelve Year Club3 Honor Society 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Second Lieutenant 33 Captain 43 Officers and Sponsors Club3 Sergeant 33 Corporal 23 Boys' State Representative 33 Football 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 3, 43 Golf 3, 43 "T" Club 43 Hi-Y 43 Key Club 2, 3, 4g President 43 Latin Club President 1, 23 Science Club 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Biology Club 43 History Club 3. EDNA LOLLIS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, Speech. Activities: SAB 2, 3, 43 Eagle Staff 2, 33 Yearbook 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Chaplain 43 Red Cross 13 National Forensic League 2, 3, 43 Thespian 2, 3, 43 Secretary 43 Treasurer 33 Prayer Meeting 1, 23 Latin Club 23 Science Club 3, 4g Volleyball 1, 2, 43 Quill and Scroll 4. DONALD LOWE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Monitor 2, 43 Year- book 43 Sergeant 3, Corporal 23 Science Club 4. SARA LUTON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Spanish, History. Activities: Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Science Club 43 History Club 33 National Honor Society 4. EDNA LOLLIS DONALD LOWE SARA LUTON RUTH ANN LYNCH-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Music. Activities: FHA 2, 33 Senior Chorus 3, 4. H. E. McCALL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Art. Activities: Red Cross 43 Football 43 Band 4. RUTH ANN LYNCH H. E. McCALL 1. if L 1 BERNICE McCOLLUM MERRY McDANIEL RICHARD McDANIEL DALE MQGEE JOHN MCLEOD DICK McMAHON RITA McNUTT Around the corner came N ew Yeah Eve Bringing new goals we wished to achieve . . . BERNICE MCCOLLUM-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, History. Activities: Basketball 2: Volleyball 2: FHA 4. MERRY MCDANIEL-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Languages. Activities: Yearbook Assistant Editor 4: Office Assistant 1, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Secretarial Club 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: FHA 2, State Degree 3: Tri-S 4: History Club 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4. JO ANNE McMAHON RICHARD McDANIEL-Major: Science. Minor: History, Shop. Activities: Twelve Year Club: Rifle Team 3, 4: Sergeant 3, Captain 4. DALE McGEE-Major: Science. Minor: Languages, Mathematics. Activities: SAB 2: Class Social Chairman 4: Homeroom President 1, 2: Twelve Year Club: Sergeant 3: Corporal 2: Baseball 1, 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Science Club 3, President 4: Thespians 4: Yearbook Sports Editor 4: Key Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4. VIRGINIA ANN McKEE-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Eagle Staff 4: Volleyball 1, 2: Secretarial Club 4: History Club 3: FHA 33 Quill and Scroll 4. JOHN McLEOD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer 4: Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Sergeant 2: Library Asst. 1: NFL 4: Debate Team 2: Spanish Club 2: Thespians 2, 3, 4: History Club Vice President 3. JO ANNE McMAHON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Languages. Activities: Yearbook Assoc. Editor 4: Honor Society 1, 3, Secretary 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 1: Secretarial Club 4: Spanish Club 3, Vice President 4: FHA 2: Tri-S Club Vice President 4: FHA 2: Tri-S Club Vice President 4: History Club Secretary 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Twelve Year Club: SAB 1, 33 Quill and Scroll 4. RICHARD McMAHON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Languages. Activities: Honor Society 3, 4: Sergeant 3: Corporal 33 Boys' City 3: Track 1, 2: Swimming 3, 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Key Club 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Science Club 3, 4: Student Director 4. RITA MCNUTT-Major: Music. Minor: Commercial, Mathematics. Activities: Red Cross 35 Monitor 4: Latin Club Vice President 1: Glee Club 1: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4: Music Club Vice President 4: All-State 2: National 33 Quartet 4. ANN MABRY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, History. Ac- tivities: Volleyball 1, 2: Secretarial Club 4: FHA 3: Honor Society 4. GAY MALUEG-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, Science. Ac- tivities: Eagle Staff 3: Yearbook 4: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 4: Honor Society 3, 4: Latin Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: junior Y-Teens 1: Quill and Scroll 4. ANN MABRY GAY MALUEG VIRGINIA McKEE IM MARQUIS BLENDA MARTI BILLIE MILLER-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, History Activities: Homeroom President 3, 4. BOBBY MILLER--Major: Shop. Minor: Crafts, History. Activities: Lieutenant 4, Rifle Team 3, Corporal 2g Sergeant 3: Hi-Y Club 4, Prayer Meeting 2, 3, Band Club Librarian 1. SENIORS JIM MARQUIS-Major: Science. Minor: Speech, Mathematics. Activi ties: SAB 4, Monitor 4, Eagle Staff 3, 4, Yearbook 43 Honor Society 1 Quill and Scroll 4. BLENDA MARTIN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics History. Activities: Red Cross 3, 4: Office Assistant 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 FHA 33 Music Club 4, Y-Teens 3, 4: Secretarial Club 4, History Club 3 CANNON MASON ORA BELLE MARTIN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Speech, Home Economics. Activities: Yearbook 4, Homeroom Vice President 1, President 2, Officers and Sponsors Club 2, 33 Office Asst. 4, Student Congress 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: NFL 3, 4, Thespian 4, History Club 3g Y-Teens 4, Secre- tarial Club 4, FHA 2, 3g National Honor Society 4. RICHARD MASHBURN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Shop, Science. Activities: Corporal 2, Ser- geant 3g Science Club 4. BEVERLY MASKfMajor: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Monitor 1, 3g Tri-S Club 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Science Club 4, Senior Chorus Accompanist 4, Music Club Social Chairman 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 West Tennessee Solo and Ensemble Contest 2, 3, 43 Band Club 1, 2, 31 Presi- dent 4. CANNON MASON-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: SAB 4, Monitor 39 Yearbook 4, Rifle Team 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4, Sergeant 3: Key Club 33 Secretary 4, Science Club Vice President 4, Quill and Scroll 4. CAROLE MAXEY-Major: History. Minor: Commercial, Home Economics. Activities: Twelve Year Club, Volleyball 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, FHA 2. BETTY MAYO-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Commercial, Art. Activities: Monitor 3, Year- book 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4g FHA 33 Quill and Scroll 4. SANDRA MEADOWS-Major: Art. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Yearbook 4: Tri- Hi-Y 4, Spanish Club Chaplain 4, American History Club 4: Drill Team 2: French Club 23 Class Treasurer 2, Y-Teens 1, Quill and Scroll 4. BILLIE MILLER BOBBY MILLER N ORA BELLE MARTIN RICHARD MASHBURN BEVERLY MASK MITCHELL MILLER CHARLES MITCHNER JANE MOBLEY JOHN MONTAGUE CONNIE MORRIS ROGER MOTT ANN MOULTRIE ENITA MOULTRI E Term exam! stared af in the face We studied and toiled to avoid difgrace . . . MITCHELL MILLER-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, Languages. Activities: Eagle Staff 3, Yearbook Editor 4, Honor Society 1, 3, 4, Second Lieutenant 3, Captain 4, Rifle Team 3, 4, Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4, Corporal 2, Sergeant 3, Boys' State 3, Baseball 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4, THPA 3, 4, Key Club 4. CHARLES MITCHNER-Major: History. Minor: Science, Languages. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 4, Red Cross 1, Sergeant 3, Basketball 2, Track 1, Swimming 1, Latin Club 1, 2, Secretary 1, Band Club Social Chairman 4, Tri-S Club 4, Thespian 4. JANE MOBLEY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Latin, Home Economics. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Latin Club 1, 2. JOHN MONTAGUE-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. BARBARA MOORE-Major: Science. Minor: Languages, History. Activities: Homeroom Secretary 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Tri-S 4, Science Club 4, French Club 4, Social Chairman 4. CONNIE MORRIS-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Eagle Staff 2, Yearbook 4, Homeroom President 1, 4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 2, Officers and Sponsors Club 2, Volleyball 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 1, FHA 2, 4, Science Club 4, Tri-S Club Secretary 4, American History Club 3, Y-Teens 4, Congress 3, Quill and Scroll 4. BONNIE MOSBY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Home Economics. Activities: Eagle Staff 4, Officers and Sponsors Club 2, 3, Volleyball 2, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Y-Teens 4, Quill and Scroll 4. ROGER MOTT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Speech, Science. Activities: SAB President 4, Eagle Staff 3, 4, Class Treasurer 3, Homeroom President 3, Officers and Sponsors Club Vice President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, "T" Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Key Club 4. ANN MOULTRIE-Major: History. Minor: Home Economics, Science. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 1, Cheerleader 1, Volleyball 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Tri-S Club 4, Prayer Meet- ing 4. ENITA MOULTRIE-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Art Activities: Volleyball 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Tri-S Club 4 Prayer Meeting 4, FHA 4. THOMAS MURPHY-Major: Shop. Minor: History, Science, Activities Sergeant 2. TOMMY MURPHY BARBARA MOORE BONNIE MOSBY x 3 BETTY MYNATT BUDDY NEYMAN SHARON NOONAN JOYCE NORTON STAN ODOM SIENIORS nomics. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 2, Volleyball 1, 2g Prayer Meeting 2, 3, Secretarial Club 4: FHA 3, American History Club 3. EDWIN NEYMAN-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Ac- tivities: Homeroom Vice President 1: Sergeant 3, Corporal 2, Hi-Y Club. BETTY OLHAUSEN SHARON NOONAN-Major: Languages. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Yearbook 45 Class Treasurer, Homeroom President 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 33 Spanish Club 3, 4, Presi- dent 4g French Club 4: Y-Teens 3, 4, Tri-S 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant 4, Quill and Scroll 4. JOYCE NORTON-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Art, Commercial. STANCEL ODOM-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Languages. Activities: Tri-S 4. BETTY OLHAUSEN-Major: Commercial. Minor: Languages, Home Economics. Activities: Vol- leyball 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2. PAUL OSTEEN-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Yearbook, Sergeant 35 Basketball 2. EMMA NELL PALMER-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Spanish, Commercial. LOUIS PARDUE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Sergeant 3: Science Club 4. MARTHA PATTERSON-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, History. Activities: Yearbook 4: Homeroom Vice President 1, Secretary 2, Red Cross 1, 2: Library 13 Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2, Tri-Hi-Y 45 Prayer Meeting 1, 23 Glee Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. REBECCA PATTERSON-Major: Commercial. Minor: Music, Mathe- matics. Activities: Homeroom Chaplain 3, Yearbook 4, Twelve Year Club, Red Cross 1, Library Assistant 2: Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2: Glee Club 3: Senior Chorus 4, Music Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4. BETTY MYNATT-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Eco- Q PAUL OSTEEN EMMA N ELL PALMER E 5? LOUIS PARDUE 42 MARTHA PATTERSON REBECCA PATTERSON ROSWELL PATTISON JIMMY PAVATTE BETTY PEARCE CHARLES PEARCE JOE PENNEL DON PIKE BOB PRICE EMILY PRUITT We worked and flawed on oar annual 50 dear Realizing our deadline would mon be here . . . ROSWELL PATTISON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Lan- guages. Activities: Eagle Staff 25 First Lieutenant 45 Officers and Spon- sors Club 45 Sergeant 35 Latin Club 25 Spanish Club 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 History Club 4. JAMES PAVATTE-Major: History. Minor: Shop, Music. Activities: Football 1, 35 Prayer Meeting 45 Senior Chorus 2, 3, 45 Music Club 4. NANCY PITTS BETTY PEARCE-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 45 Sec- retarial Club 45 Tri-S Club 4. CHARLES PEARCE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Red Cross 15 Base- ball 1,2, 3, 45 "T" Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JOE PENNEL-Major: History. Minor: Speech, Commercial. Activities: SAB Traffic Chief 45 Monitor 3, 45 Yearbook 45 Class President 45 Homeroom Chaplain 1, 2, 3, 45 Sergeant 3, Corporal 25 Student Congressg Football 15 Golf 45 NFL 3, 45 Debate Team 3, 45 Spanish Club 25 Tri-S Club 45 Thespian 3, 4. DON PIKE-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Shop. NANCY PITTS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, Home Economics. Activities: SAB Monitor 25 Eagle staff 2, 35 Yearbook 45 Homeroom Vice President 3, 4, Secretary 1, 25 Twelve Year Clubg Office Assistant 15 Cheerleader 15 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Latin Club Secretary 1, 25 FHA 2, 3, 45 History Club 3, 4. ROBERT PRICE-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: SAB Monitor 3, 45 Homeroom President 35 Corporal 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 "T" Club 2, 3, 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 45 Tri-S Club 4. EMILY PRUITT-Major: Science. Minor: Languages, Music. Activities: Eagle Sports Editor 45 Typist 35 Homeroom Chaplain 2, 35 Officers and Sponsors Club 45 Volleyball 1, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club Treasurer 1, 25 Science Club Social Chairman 45 French Club 45 Glee Club President 35 Senior Chorus 4, All-State 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 History Club 35 Girls' City 3, 4. EDWARD RICE-Major: History. Minor: Science, Mathematics. A tivities: Homeroom Vice President 45 Sergeant 35 Football 1. JERRY RICHARDS-Major: History. Minor: Shop, Mathematics. EDWARD RICE JERRY RICHARDS PAUL RICHARDSON SYLVIA RICHARDSON SHEILA RITTER BARBARA ROBBINS MARY ROBBINS SENTORS PAUL RICHARDSON-Mayor: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Corporal 2: Sergeant 3: Basketball 2. SYLVIA RICHARDSON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Art, History. Ac- tivities: Homeroom Social Chairman 3: Library Assistant .2, 3: Volleyball 2: Prayer Meeting 2. , IH K ?E HELEN ROBERTS CHARLES RODGERS SHEILA RITTER-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Languages. Activities: SAB 3: Eagle Staff 3, 4: Homeroom Vice President 1, Secretary 2: Twelve Year Club: Volleyball 1, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: Y-Teens 3, 4: Secretarial Club 4: Spanish Club 2, 3. BARBARA ROBBINS-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Economics. Activities: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Volleyball 1, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Y-Teens 4: FHA 2, 3, 4. MARY ROBBINS-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Music. Activities: Volleyball 2: Prayer Meeting 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Senior Chorus 4: Music Club 4. HELEN ROBERTS-Major: History. Minor: Art, Commercial. Activities: Monitor 3: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Office Assistant 1, 2, 3, 4. DIANE RODGERS CHARLES RODGERS-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Corporal 3, Ser- geant 4: Football 3: Basketball 4. DIANE RODGERS-Major: Science. Minor: History, Speech. Activities: Associate Yearbook Editor 4: Homeroom Chaplain 2, 3: Red Cross 1: Student Congress 2, 3, 4: National Forensic League 2, 3, 4: Debate Team 2, 3, 4: National Thespian Society 1, 2, 3, 4: Social Chairman 3: Tri-S Club President 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, Secretary 3: Science Club 4: French Club President 4: Glee Club 1, Z: Memphis Concert Band 1: Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4. JANE ROGERS-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Homeroom Secre- tary 1: Red Cross 3: Library Assistant 1: Y-Teens 3: Glee Club 1. JANE ROGERS MICHAEL ROWLAND-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: SAB Reporter 2, 3: Monitor 2, 3: Homeroom Vice President 2: Twelve Year Club: Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4: Homeroom Treasurer 1, 2, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: "T" Club 1, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Key Club 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 4. EARLINE RUARK-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Secretarial Club 4: Tri-S Club 4. ' 44 MIKE ROWLAND EARLINE RUARK PATSY RYE MARY LOU SAULTERS GLENN SCARVEY WARREN SCHMIDT NANCEE SCHNEIDER Liner and lines to read and my, Before we produced our senior play . . . PATSY RYE-Major: History. Minor: Science, Mathematics. Activities: Eagle Staff 33 Yearbook Asst. Editor 43 Office Asst. 3, 43 Library Asst. 1, 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 FHA 2, 3, 43 Science Club 33 Senior Chorus 43 Music Club 43 Y-Teens 3, 43 History Club 33 Quill and Scroll 4. MARY LOU SAULTERS-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Commercial. Activities: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 33 Red Cross 23 Glee Club 1. GLORIA SCHWENDEMAN GLENN SCOTT GLENN SCARVEY-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Yearbook 43 Sergeant 33 Senior Chorus 3. WARREN SCHMIDT-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Twelve Year Clubg Sergeant 23 Football 23 Swimming 1, 4. NANCEE SCHNEIDER-Major: Band. Minor: Commercial, History. Activities: Monitor 2, 3, 43 Homeroom President 2, Vice President 1, Secretary-Treasurer 33 Twelve Year Clubg Officers and Sponsors Club 43 Band Club 1, 2, 3, Merit Recorder 4. GLORIA SCHWENDEMAN-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Commercial, Music. Activities: FHA 3, 43 Glee Club 4. ELIZABETH SEXTON GLENN SCOTT-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 13 Twelve Year Club3 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 "T" Club 1, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Science ..-.f- .. . , If Club 3, 43 History Club 33 Tri-S Club 43 Basketball 1. . ' i ELIZABETH SEXTON-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Tri-Hi- .,1 3 2 Y 4. FHA 3. Vi . H HARRIET SEYMOUR-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Languages, Speech. Activities: Yearbook 43 Honor Society 43 Homeroom Secretary 43 Thespians 3, Treasurer 43 History Club 33 Latin Club 1, ',,: ' 23 S anish Club 3, Social Chairman 43 French Club Chaplain 43 Science Club 4g Red Cross 3, 43 .:: -. P Quill and Scroll 4. .i HARRIET SEYMOUR HARRY SHARP--Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Languages. Ac- tivities: SAB 2, 33 Yearbook 43 Homeroom President 1, Secretary 2, Treasurer 43 Twelve Year Club3 Honor Society 3, Vice President 43 Red Cross 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Captain 43 Golf 1, 2, 3, 43 "T" Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Key Club Treasurer 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Science Club 43 Quill and Scroll 4. BILLIE SHAW-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activi- ties: SAB 23 Homeroom Chaplain 43 Red Cross 1, 33 Library Asst. 2, 33 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 33 Science Club 43 Thespians 2, 3, 43 Tri-S Club 4. SKIP SHARP BILLIE SHAW 45 sf ROBERT SHELTON VIRGINIA SHEMWELL BOBBY SIMPSON BILLY SMITH CECIL SMITH SENIURS ager 1: FFA 2, 5. VIRGINIA SHEMWELL-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Econom ing 2. DEWAYNE SMITH BOBBY SIMPSON-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Industrial Arts. Activities: Homeroom Chaplain 5: Red Cross 5, 4: Sergeant 5: Corporal 2: Tri-S Club 4. WILLIAM SMITH-Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activities: Twelve Year Club: Red Cross 4: Sergeant 5: Tri-S Club 4. CECIL SMITH-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Homeroom President 4: Vice President 5: Track 1, 2, 5, 4: "T" Club 1, 2, 5, 4: Cross Country 1, 4: History Club Treas- urer 5: Science Club 4. DEWAYNE SMITH-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Homeroom Treas- urer 2, 5: Red Cross 1, 2: Football 2, 5: Basketball 2, 5: Hi-Y Club 2, 5, 4: Science Club 5. LESLIE SMITH-Major: Art. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: Eagle Staff 2, 5, 4: Sports Editor 5: Business Manager 4: Yearbook 4: Homeroom President 1, Secretary 5, Treasurer 2: Twelve Year Club: Red Cross 1, 2: Corporal 2: Library Assistant 1: Cheerleader 1: Spanish Club 2, 5: Science Club 4: Art Club 1: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Tri-S Club Treasurer 4: American History Club 5. LLOYD SMITH-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: SAB Treasurer 4: Year- book 4: Homeroom Vice President 2, 5: Honor Society 5, 4: Second Lieutenant 5: Rifle Team 5: Officers and Sponsors Club 5, 4, President 4: Major 4: Corporal 2: Track 1, 5, 4: "T" Club 1, 2, 5. 4: Science Club 5, 4: Spanish Club 2:'Key Club 4. RICHARD SMITH-Major: Science. Minor: Commercial, History. Activities: Football 1: Basket- ball 1: Track 1, 2, 5, 4: Cross Country 1, 2, 5, 4: "T" Club 1, 2, 5, 4: Tri-S Club 4. ROBERT SHELTON-Major: History. Minor: Art, Shop. Activities: Homeroom President 1, 5: Sergeant 2: Cheerleader 2: Basketball 2, Man- ics, History. Activities: Homeroom President 2, Treasurer 4: Prayer Meet- LESLIE SMITH LLOYD SMITH RICHARD SMITH BERNARD SNIPES-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Shop. Activi- ties: Sergeant 2: Basketball 1: Baseball 1: Track 1. HELEN SNIPES-Major: Commercial. Minor: Home Economics, Stenog- raphy. Activities: Eagle Staff 2, 4: Red Cross 1: Volleyball 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 5, 4: Secretarial Club 5, 4. BERNARD SNIPES HELEN SNIPES NANCY STARNES DIANE STEDMAN LARRY STEGALL PEGGY STEWART JO LYNNE STONE The Prorn arrives with excitement and sighs Bringing atwinkle to everyone? eye! . . . NANCY STARNES-Major: Commercial. Minor: Speech, Languages. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 1g Volleyball 1: Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1: FHA 2, 35 French 43 Glee Club 1. DIANE STEDMAN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Commercial. Activities: Homeroom Social Chairman 2, Reporter 3, 4: Honor Society 1, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 3. LOIS SUMMERS PAULETTE SWAFFER LARRY STEGALL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Shop, History. Activities: Monitor 2, 3, 4, Home- room Vice President 23 Football 2, 3, 4, Track 33 "T" Club 4: Hi-Y 3, 4. PEGGY STEWART-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Stenography. JO LYNNE STONE-Major: Science. Minor: Mathematics, History. Activities: Homeroom Sec- retary lg Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 13 Science Clubg Glee Club 1, 2. LOIS SUMMERS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Music, Commercial. Activities: Homeroom Vice President 15 Secretary-Treasurer 33 Honor Society 3, 45 Red Cross 1, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Prayer Meeting PORTIA SWAIM 1: Latin Club 1: Glee Club 1, Senior Chorus 3, 4: Music Club 4: Y-Teens 3, 4. PAULETTE SWAFFER-Major: Home Economics. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Twelve Year Club, Volleyball 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3: Prayer Meeting 33 FHA 3g Y-Teens 4. PORTIA SWAIM-Major: History. Minor: Languages, Mathematics. Activities: Homeroom Sec- retary 1, 2, 33 Twelve Year Clubg Red Cross 45 Office Assistant 33 Tri-Hi-Y 4g Latin Club lg Spanish Club 25 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 3, 4. DOROTHY SWEENEY-Major: Commercial. Minor: History, Home Economics. Activities: Home- room Secretary lg Twelve Year Clubg Volleyball lg Secretarial Club 4: FHA 4. DOROTHY SWEENEY DELLA SUE TARPLEY-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Com- mercial. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4g Y-Teens 3, 4. MARILYN TATUM-Major: History. Minor: Music, Commercial. Ac- tivities: Glee Club 4. DELLA SUE TARPLEY MARILYN TATUM 47' EUGENE TAYLOR GEORGE THOMAS CECILE THOMPSON SHARON THOMPSON ROBERTA TRACY SENTORS EUGENE TAYLOR-Major: History. Minor: Science, Shop. Activities: SAB 43 Homeroom President 43 Red Cross 23 Second Lieutenant 33 Rifle Team 3, 43 Officers and Sponsors Club 43 Corporal 23 Sergeant 33 Foot- 1 ball 23 "T" Club 43 Science Club 33 Lieutenant Colonel 4. GEORGE THOMAS-Major: History. Minor: Art, Sh0p. FRANK TRAFFORD CAROL UNDERWOOD x CECILE THOMPSON-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Mathematics. SHARON THOMPSON-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Vol- leyball 23 Tri-Hi-Y 23 FHA 33 French Club 43 Band 1. ROBERTA TRACY-Major: Commercial. Minor: Science, Home Economics. Activities: Eagle Staff 3, 43 Fashion Editor 43 Homeroom Social Chairman 33 Red Cross 13 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Chaplain 3, 43 Prayer Meeting 1, 23 Secretarial Club 43 Spanish Club 33 FHA 3, 4g Reporter 33 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 History Club 3. FRANK TRAFFORD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: Sergeant 23 Span- JAMES VAUGH-AN ish Club 2, 43 Science Club 4. CAROL UNDERWOOD-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Homeroom President 13 Twelve Year Club3 Officers and Sponsors Club 4g Tri-Hi-Y 33 Secretarial Club 43 Na- tional Honor Society 4. JAMES VAUGHAN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: History, Science. Activities: Monitor 33 Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 43 Corporal 23 Sergeant 33 Baseball Manager 13 Hi-Y 43 Spanish Club 2. BETTY LOU VEST-Major: Commercial. Minor: Mathematics, Music. Activities: Glee Club 43 Band 1, 2. BETTY LOU VEST ANN VETETO-Major: Home Economics. Minor: History, Commercial. Activities: Library Assistant 1, 23 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 FHA 2, 3, 43 Tri-S 43 Y-Teens 3, 4. JOHNNY MACK VISE-Major: Music. Minor: Mathematics, Crafts. Activities: Yearbook 43 Captain 43 Sergeant 33 Corporal 23 Library Assistant 1, 23 Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 33 Senior Chorus 3 2, 3, 4g Music Club 4, President 43 All-State 2, 3, 4g National Choir 33 West Tennessee Chorus 2. 48 ANN VETETO JOHNNY MACK VISE Er MAX WADDELL WANDA WADE DIANE WALDO JAMES WAREN GENYTH WELLS The end of our toil, the end of our yeam Graduation hrought laughter and lean . . . MAX WADDELL-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, Languages. Ac- tivities: Homeroom President 23 Sergeant 33 Corporal 23 Spanish Club 2, 33 Treasurer 33 French Club 4. WANDA WADE-Major: Languages. Minor: History, Commercial. Ac- tivities: Red Cross 1, 23 Latin Club Treasurer 13 Spanish Club 2, 33 FHA 23 National Honor Society 4. JOAN WHEATLEY DIANE WALDO-Major: Languages. Minor: Mathematics, Music. Activities: Homeroom Treas- urer 1, 2, 33 Cheerleader 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 1, 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 3, 43 French Club 4: Senior Chorus 43 Music Club 4g Honor Society 4. JAMES WAREN-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Shop, History. GENYTH WELLS-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Music. Activities: Red Cross 33 Prayer Meeting 43 French Club 43 Girls' Glee Club 33 Senior Chorus 43 Music Club 4. CAROLYN WESTMORELAND-Major: Commercial. Minor: Languages, Mathematics. Activities: Tri-Hi-Y 4: Secretarial Club 43 Science Club. JOAN WHEATLEY-Major: Languages. Minor: Mathematics, Speech. Activities: Twelve Year Club3 Spanish Club 2, 33 French Club 4. ADAIR WHITE-Major: Art. Minor: Commercial, Speech. Activities: Eagle Staff 43 Library Assistant 1, 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 23 Prayer Meeting 43 Quill and Scroll 4. CARROL WHITE-Major: Shop. Minor: Mathematics, Science. Activities: SAB 33 Homeroom Treasurer 13 Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 43 Sergeant 33 Corporal 23 Wrestling 13 Hi-Y 4. BARBARA WILLIAMS-Major: Commercial. Minor: Music, History. Activities: Volleyball 33 Prayer Meeting 3, 43 FHA 33 Senior Chorus 4. RONALD WILLIAMS-Major: Mathematics. Minor: Science, History. Activities: SAB 3, 43 Class Vice President 43 Sergeant 3. BARBARA WILLIAMS RONNIE WILLIAMS 49 RAMONA WILSON JAMES WOLFE CLAUDIA WRIGHT GAIL WRIGHT RONNIE WRIGHT SIENIORS RAMONA WILSON - Major: Commer- cial. Minor: Speech, Mathematics. Activi- ties: SAB 2, 3, 43 Yearbook 43 Homeroom Vice President 2, Secretary 33 Cheerleader 33 Prayer Meeting 1, 2, 3. JAMES WOLFE--Major: History. Minor: Shop, Art. Activities: Sergeant 33 Football 13 Basketball 13 Baseball 1. CLAUDIA WRIGHT - Major: History. Minor: Music, Home Economics. Activities: Volleyball 23 Prayer Meeting 1, 43 Science Club 43 Glee Club 4. GAIL WRIGHT - Major: Commercial. Minor: Language, Speech. Activities: Year- book 43 Office Staff Assistant 43 Prayer Meeting 43 Secretarial Club 43 Latin Club 13 FHA 23 French Club 43 Y-Teens 1, 43 History Club 3. RONALD WRIGHT - Major: Science. Minor: History, Mathematics. Activities: Homeroom President 1, 3, Vice President 23 Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 2, 33 Dramatic Club Vice President 2. VIRGINIA YANCEY JEANE YOUNG BETTY YOUNGMAN VIRGINIA YANCEY - Major: Mathe- matics. Minor: Science, Languages. Activi- ties: SAB 1, 23 Monitor 13 Eagle Staff 2, 3, 4g Feature Editor 33 Editor 43 Honor Society 1, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 23 Prayer Meeting 13 Latin Club 1, 2, Chaplain 2, Social Chairman 23 French Club 43 Glee Club 13 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Y-Teens 33 History Club 13 State Press Clinic 2, 3, 43 W, T. Summer Journalism School 3. JEANE YOUNG - Major: Commercial. Minor: Speech, History. Activities: Eagle Staff 2, 33 Yearbook 43 Twelve Year Club3 Volleyball 1, 23 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Secretary 43 Secretarial Club 43 Y-Teens 2, 3, 43 History Club 3. BETTY YOUNGMAN - Major: Home Economics. Minor: Languages, Commercial. Activities: Monitor 33 Y-Teens 3, 4g His- tory Club 33 Homeroom Treasurer 33 Red Cross 43 Volleyball 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Prayer Meeting 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 FHA 2, 3, 4. PEGGY ZIRKLE - Major: Home Eco- nomics. Minor: Science, Bookkeeping. KAY ZUMBRO-Major: History. Minor: Mathematics, Speech. Activities: SAB Sec- retary 43 Eagle Staff 33 Homeroom Presi- dent 2, Vice President3 Twelve Year Club3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 13 FHA 2, 33 State Degree 3, President 43 National Convention 33 History Club 33 Tri-S Club 43 Officers and .Sponsors Club 4. 50 PEGGY ZIRKLE KAY ZUMBRO M... Left to right, bottom to top: Mike Rowland, Skip Sharp, Mickey Cobb, Jimmie Bailey, john Gaines, Edward Goings, Bernie Brown, Glenn Scott, Charles Dearth, Warren Schmidt, Dale McGee, Nancy Pitts, jeane Young, Paul Estes, Dennis Bellamy, Ruth Guliph, Frankie Horne, jane Hathorne, Linda Autry, Kay Zumbro, Patsy Allen, Richard McDaniel, Nancee Schneider, Mina Kay Dodson, Ann Cook, Mary jo French, joan Wheatley, Carolyn Bills, Rebecca Patterson, joe Pennel, Wayne jolly, Billy Smith, Billy Barnett, Barbara Hatcher, Leslie Smith, Barbara Gross, Betty Grant, Margaret Barrow, julia Clement, jo Anne McMahon, Louise Dennis, Carole Maxey, Carol Crocker, Gene Brannon. TlWlElLfVllf, 'YllilfXlRS AT 'llllilill'1AXllllWlli',llr,llr, Thir year the door closer for the firm! fime on twelve years of life az Treadwell High School, ALMA MATER Southern skies look down upon thee Southern stars smile overhead Standing there, our guide, we hail thee By thy teachings, we are led. Treaclwell, Treadwell, Alma Mater, Faithful through the years We thy children gladly hail thee, Let thy praises ever swell. In the stress and strain before us, Thy calm light will lead us on, Lending courage to sustain us, Till our victory is won. Alma Mater, Alma Mater, Let thy praises ring. Conquering victor, Alma Mater Treadwell's fame we'll ever sing. -ROSS HARTON Willie Vaughn and Cecelia Peterson agree that, "lf and when we get our rings, we're gonna keep 'em." "Who would be a good Mr, and Miss Treadwell?", wonder Judy Goad and Bill Wilkins. Carol Buzbee agrees with Claude Pearson that, "Being a junior is just wonderful," THE JUNTUR Q ASS Ulf? NHNETEEN HUNDRED lFll FTYQSEVEN Oh, those bewildered juniors! They went through the year torn between a feeling of inferiority and superiority. To have been so young and unsophisti- cated as those Sophomores was just unthinkable, but always in mind was the dream of one day being an exalted "Senior"! In spite of being torn between the two feelings, they managed to have some memorable experiences and wonderful times, which combined to make their junior year an unforgettable one! First there was the election of class officers and then their ring fingers were measured for their long- awaited class rings. For the very first time, they had the privilege of voting for the boy and girl of their choice who would have the coveted titles, "Mr. and Miss Treadwellf' Another first for the juniors was that most treas- ured social event of the entire year-the Prom! Theirs was the full responsibility of planning and decorating for that gala occasion. And, best of all, they could attend I Then came the thrill of the S.A,B. campaign, with the excitement of nominating candidates, its spirited speeches on behalf of the nominees, and the color- ful campaign posters that covered every spare inch of hallway. Finally there was the suspense of an- ticipating the outcome of the campaign when the winners were revealed at the Inaugural Ball. As a reward for their year's hard work, many of them were inducted into the Senior Honor Society at the anticipated spring tapping. All in all, they closed the year with the feeling that being a junior had been the most exciting year to date. MRS. MARY ALICE PARKER Tommy Pugh. Social Chairmang Miriam Na- bors. Vice President, Robert George, President Mary Ann Gilhreath. Social Chairmang Char- lie Beale, Red Crossg Bonnie Chrisman. Sec retaryg Maggie Gilley. Treasurer. "Refreshments . . , candy cigarettes. First row: Joe Pugh, Bonnie Christman, Magdaline Gilley. Mary Ann Gilbreath, Miriam Nabors. Robert George. Second row: Frank Pearson, Joyce Boyd, Suzanne Miller, Brenda jones. Becky Davis. Harriet Gilmore, Janis Hollingsworth, Annette Keelin, Alva Bonds. Third row: Don Norman. Mary Ann Smith, Frances Smith, Ann Melonas, Barbara Coker, joan Norman. Dorothy Hamm, Herbert Mitchell. Fourth row: Gary Wallace, Kenneth McGriff. Charles Beale, jimmy Moffatt. Frank Con- yers, Bill Rooks, Douglass Hogan. ELEVENQONB Miss EI.lSITBE'l'H Pi-ir1.i.iPs Beverly Brock, President: Ronnie Adams, So- cial Chairmanp Carolyn Salty, Serretary-'l'reas- urerg l.arry lklorrow, Vire President: Pauline if XX'renn. Social Chairman, jimmy Raynor, " S. A. B. 'S- is "Why so serious ? Y" First row: Ronnie Adams, Dorlyse XXf'haley, Pauline XX'rcnn, Beverly Brock, Larry Morrow, Second row: Clayt Finleyson, Mary Susan Templeton, Sylvia Chapman, Carolyn Saltz, Shelby Russell, Risu McAfee, Joan Nolan, Brenda Gray, Richard Brown, Third row: joe Wfingo, john jacobus, Linda Richards, Alice Puckett, Betty Grigsby, Peggy Nelson, Bonnie Beaver, Robert Mitchell, james Russell. Fourth row: Tommy Duncan, Donald Garretson, jimmy Raynor, jan Grissom, Bobby Williams, Bobby Harper. jimmy Gibson, -Iames Pruitt. X.. MRS. MARGARET BUFFALOE Don Cathey, Vice Presidentg Betty Cavender, Social Chairman, Sue Carson, Presidentg Robert Randolph, Social Chairman. "Santas helper is here' First row: Donald Cathey, Sue Carson, Robert Randolph, Betty Cavender, jim Ryan, Second row: Richard Barfield, Peggy Agent. Carolyn Smith, Linda Barnett, jackie Clark, Betty Broskey, Linda Aaron, Kay Densford, Donald Batchelor. Third row: Audry Williams, james Hudson, Barbara Graves, Carolyn Nichols, Karolyn Ellis, Charlotte Wadlington, Donna Shipman, Bobby Crossett, jack Jeffers. Fourth row: Sidney Long, Ray Dickison, Curtis Grisham, Billy Taylor, Glen Mitchell, Ronald Williams, Ronald Saigeon. lElL,EVlEN.:TlHlRlE,lE V MISS MARY PARK Ruth Groves, Secretary, Barbara Franklin. So- cial Chairman, Van Corkran, President, Mi- chael Davis, Vice President. "Halloween and the pause that refreshes!" First row: Jack Blair, Barbara Franklin, Van Corkran, Ruth Groves, Michael Davis. Second row: Talmadge Petty, Joann Chandler, Sue Vance, Jamie Criner, Carol Ann Smith, Barbara Sutherland, Wanda Whitten, Rebecca jones, Philip Moore. Third row: Bruce Krauss, Roy West, jean Good- win, Emily Norfleet, Gloria Lawson, Edna Nowell, Betty Witt, Bobby Cawthorn, james Cook. Fourth row: Charles Liversiedge, Harry Kutz, Dean Vaughn, jimmy Kinsey, Billy McMahan, joe Hardy, Richard Prichard. ELEVENQFHVE MRS. ANNIE ELLIS Nancee Fowler. Social Chairman, Skipper Haynie, Treasurer, George Perryman, Social Chairman, Billy Reed, Secretary, Richard Dew, Presidentg Carolyn Welch, Vice President. "Lace no less F" First row: Billy Reed, Nancie Fowlor, Richard Dew, Carolyn Welch, Richard Haynie. Second row: Mike Brown. Carole Buzhee, Linda Hailey, Gail Adams, Jeffie Dale Aston, Bettylu Smith, Gaye Hurst, Billy Pickle, Third row: james Lowe, Linda Butler, joy Patterson, Betty Collins, -lane Veteto, Ramona Long, Lillian Collins, Minnie Anthony, Wayne Smith. Fourth row: joe Diebolt. Ray Clark, joel Stewart, George Perryman, Joe Baker, john Wayne Barker, Milton Kee, jerry Larson, Larry Bizzell. MRS. MARCELLE HYNSAKER if , -ar H as f , .J Kathryn Wrilker. Charities Chairman: Bill Hilliard, Boys' President, Cecelia Peterson, Girls' President. "Southern hospitalitylu First row: Bill Hilliard, Kathryn Wzllker, Cecelia Peterson, Judy Goad. Dan Bowen, Second row: Edgar Hill, Laquita Inman, Nancy Miller, Lena McAlister, Ruth Colvin, Betty Sparks, Betty Houli- han, Dena Butler, Charles Landreth. Third row: Bobby joe Canerdy, Leonard Parker, Linda Mc- Daniel, Barbara Stultz. Karen Nooner, joan jones, jane Starling. Martin Raggett, James Maxwell. Fourth row: Miles Hilliard, J. D. Cooper, Larry Mitchell, james Buck, Melvin Wakefield, Billy Hooper, XWayne XX'ood. 5 l Mias MILDRED JAMES Louie Todd. Vice President. Eleanor McCoy, Secretary-Treasurerg John Perry. President. "Well-shall we have a discussion?" First row: John Perry, Mary Pennington, Sandra Parker. Eleanor MrCoy. Louie Todd. Second row: Howard Larsen. Ray Witt, Judith Stenquist, Kara Rowland, Janell More, Jean Goad, Judy La Fitte. Sandra Parker, Willie Vaughn. Third row: Jimmy McDaniel, Nelda Duke, Joyce Jacobs, Elaine Weston. Sharon Halcornb, Elizabeth Bennett. Freddie Morton. Fourth row: James Enofh. Steve Jackson, Terry Bastow, Gary Winberry. Lanier Thorne, Jesse Wfismiller. Larry Norton. Jerry Matthews. Claude McAtee. MRS. MAXINE PATTERSON jack Morton, President, Bobbye Jean O'Brien, Secretary-Treasurer, Helen Haley, Chaplaing Wanda Feezor. Social Chairmang johnny Green, Social Chairmang Davis Taylor, Vice A Presidentg jane Moore, President. li "Pin the bone on the skeleton. First row: jack Morton. Bobbie O'Brien, june Moore, Davis Taylor, Second row: Wayne Roby, jackie Palmer, Silvya Davis, Joyce Cartwright, Claire jackson, Elaine Howard, Nancy Petty, Joanne McNeese, Helen Haley, Darrel Adams. Third row: johnny Green, jimmy Douglas. Wanda Feezor. jerry Nicar, Barbara Poley, Larry Harrell. Charles Brammer. Fourth row: Tommy Grisham. Gary Williams, Larry Short, joe Comer. Robert Echols. Carlton Cooper, W. L. Speck. ELEVENGNHNE MR. W, M. LINEBERRY Gene Banton, President, jean Fitch, Vice Presidentg jane Banton, Treasurer, Sally Smith, Secretary, Ramona Mooneyham, Reporter. "From the boyfriend ? l" First row: jean Fitch, jane Banton. Gene Baxton. Ramona Mooneyham. Sally Smith. Second row: Dale Abbott, Shirley ,lean Cowley, Barbara Shaeffer. Gloria Morgan. Norma Yow, Mary Bledsoe, Dora Milam, Patsy Pope, Ierry Latch. Third row: Billy Thomas, Elizabeth Nutt, Frances Sumner, Corrine Turner, Alma Kile, Glenda Collier. Gale Norman. Fourth row: Iohn Franklin Charles. Iimmy Taylor, Clinton Horton, Bob Bedford, Tommy Bell, Lynn Tubbs, Wells McPhail, Gayron Turner. MISS MARGARET TISDALE Nancy Powell, Vice President, Mary jo Camphell. Treasurerg Dorothy McCaslin, Sec- retary, Sidney Wfoodard. Presidentg Martha Blackwell, Chaplain, jo Ann W'ilder. Social Chairman. "Dinnah is surved Y" First row: Ronnie Wright. Mary lo Campbell, Nancy Powell. Dorothy McCaslin. Charles Dugan, Second row: Jerry jones. Marian Harris, Martha Kate Blackwell. Sonia jean Haynes. Brenda Logan, -To Ann Crowe. Lora Meek. Leslie Palmer. Third row: Harry Alder, Larry Cox. Patricia XY'atts. Peggy Osteen. ,Io Ann Wildei', jean Briscoe. Carol McAlister. Janice Young. Judith XY"ells, Jimmy Richter, Jerry Hooker. Fourth row: Preston Dunn. Larry Henry. Steve Murray. Kenneth Mattox, Lewis Sellers. Sidney XWoodard, Not pictured: Dewey Leonard. MR. W. I.. VICKERY . rtiflnwjg jan Edwards, Social Chairmang Billy Wil- banks. President: Betty Alderson, Vice Presi- dentg Thomas Jacobs, Social Chairmang Malvia lyn Middleton, Secretary-Treasurer. "Toasting! With a Pepsi??" First row: Billy Wilbanks. Malvilyn Middleton, Frances Tatum, Betty Alderson, Lamar Tyner. Sec- ond row: Linda Ward, Martha Ragland, Phyllis Lewis, Peggy Bradford, Dorothy Pannell, Margaret Canerdy. Third row: Sandra Jones, Barbara Denton, Elaine Marshall, Janice Edwards, Betty Hester, Geraldine Watkins, Margaret Faught. Fourth row: Tommy Keeling, Bill Miranne, Von Powell, Carl Foshee, Robert Elam, Thomas Jacobs, Billy King, Norris Sullivan. MISS MILDRED MORIARTY Billy McNeill, Social Chairmang Glenna Car- penter, Secretary-Treasurer, Martha Jane Smith, Vice President, Paul Chapman, Presi- dent. "Let's spin the empties First row: Paul Chapman, Martha Smith, Junna Haines, Glenna Carpenter, john Grosmann. Sec- ond row: Gloria Cannon, Bonnie Taylor, Ann Wiseman, Mischel Boyle, Genie Crawford, Beth Kyle, Juanita Fleming, Beverly Sanders. Third row: Leon Malueg, Linda Hall, Nancy Jones, Beverly Ray, Paula Rossal, Nancy Favazza, Gail Oxendine, Lillie Buzbee, Gordon Cochran. Fourth row: Billy Wayne Funk, Ronnie Clement, Jerry Lankford, jerry Lumpkin, Billy McNeill, Charles Curry. Not pictured: Thomas Beard, Martha Sexton. MRS. CATHERINE BALDXVIN Letsey Montgomery, Secretary, johnson XX'al- ton, Social Chairman, Brenda Younger, Social Chairman, Betty Moore, Chaplain, Claude Pearson, President Barbara jackson, Vice Presidentg Paul Taylor, Treasurer, lBlL,lBYVlEN:THllRTllEllBN First row: Paul Taylor, Betty Moore, Barbara jackson, Letsy Montgomery, Claude Pearson. Second row: johnson Walton, Verna Mae Vest, Roxy Stuart, Mary Helen Schrimsher, Dolores Stapleton, Donna Thompson. Brenda Younger. Sara Smith, Bill Dickey. Third row: Kenneth Burchom, Tom Cash, Virginia Rossal, Ann Rodgers, Marjean Martin, Linda Parks, Betty Ann King, George Hale, W'illiam Roberts. Fourth row: Douglas Wilson, Paul Wyatt, George Hutcherson, joe Purnell, Luther Thweatt, Donald jones, Ralph Smith. w - . jerrol Hunsucker, jim King, Dick Burge, Joe Sullivan, Larry Davis, Gene Holt, johnny Krotzer, Richard Williams, Buddy McAfee, and Vfayne Rushton wonder, "How can the homeroom presi- dents plan the Sophomore party when we're all boys? Girls occasionally have good ideas, too." HE SUPHUMORE Q ASS IDF G NTNETEEN HUNDRED Fl lFTY:Slff,VlEN There are few experiences in school to compare with the first day of being a Sophomore! At long last, the student is really in high school. They are active participants in many of the exciting events at which, for so long, they have been merely envious onlookers. This year brought more privileges than they ever imagined while a freshman. They were able to attend' the senior assemblies, which were always interesting as well as entertaining. They also took part in the liveliest phase of the whole year-the pep meetings with all their loud cheers, rhythmic band numbers, and whole-hearted enthusiasm. These are two of the most important events in a Sophomore's school life. And, of course, they were now invited to all those wonderful parties and dances that were always for the tenth through the twelfth grades. At long last they were a part of the group! Besides the regular social activities of the high school, the Sophomores had their own big party near the end of the school yeaf. Being a Sophomore was really something quite special! RU 10-1 First row: Tommy Cunningham, Treasurer, Lester Miller, Vice President, Wfayne Rushton, Presi- dent, Patsy Boals, Secretary, Buddy W'illiams, Social Chairman, Floyce Townsend, Social Chairman. Second row: Johnny Coy, Marian McWirter, Toni Davis, Judy Lee, Jo Anne Carter, Noewell Gor- don, Nancy Townsend, Veniece McDaniel, Billy Means. Third row: Frank Roberts, Jean Brigance, Patsy Means, Mary Jones, Jerry Mauney, Billie Joyce Barentine, Barbara Thompson, Dixie Austin, Peggy French, Darnell Rye. Fourth row: Larry Houston, Paul Scroggins, C. G. Collums, Allen Thompson, Al Johnson, Tommy Scott, John Miller, Frank Grimes. MISS MYRTLE THE irzxeiwriaiwiiaixiaii or ooa sariafxxsftm DEADERICK BQIQNG ,012 NEW Woaioo . , . First row: Wayne Tate, Treasurer, Gerry Easley, Vice President, Maxine Jennings, Secretary, Jerrol Hunsuclcer, President. Second row: James Green, Doris Armstrong, Carolyn Lyon, Ramelle Bowl- ing, Sandra Duffy, Jean Eastwood, Linda Williams, Judy Wilson, Brenda Lomax, Wayne Wilson, Third row: Mike Bovinette, Norma Slover, Joyce Hunt, Gwen Woods, Gale Greens, Milda Echols, Sarah Lofton, Joann Smart, James Ray. Fourth row: Robert Collins, Willie Ford, John Neal, Bobby Millner, Richard Thompson, Bobby Escue, Swayne Merrill, Emanuel Cheek, James Webber, Edward Clemmer, 10-3 First row: Dick Burge, President, Jerry Garner, Secretary, Gayle Parker, Treasurer, Cutah Bolton, Social Chairman, Janice Thomas, Vice President, Douglas Janss, Social Chairman. Second row: Karron Leatherwood, Shirley Riebolt, Annette Gray, Janice Cobb, Peggy Turner, Marianne Cole, Gail McLemore, Wanda Smith. Third row: Billy Phillips, Charlotte Prescott, Connie Warren, Mary Edith Roper, Ervin Montgomery, Billy Cates. Fourth row: Jerry Owen, Charles Pierce, William Austin, Lynn Fly, James Jeffery, Jerry Covington, Ronnie Reid, Hubert Mills. l2iiTFi'RFUi5S viuevymo THE UPPERCLASSMEN W'llTll-ll AWE ., ., MR, R055 10-4 HARTON First row: Joe Sullivan, President, Vera Sue Van Eaton, Vice President, Nancy Hannings, Secre- taryg Joe Neyman, Treasurer. Second row: Billy Nunnally, Emily Hatcher, Wanda Woodside, Lucinda Savage, Janet Morton, Patricia Noe, Martha Faught, Nancy Sandy, Kenneth Fry. Third row: Roy Jones, Don Chandler, Barbara Collins, Helen Zumbro, Mildred Ballinger, Frances Morris, Virginia Montague, Nina Brooker, Kenneth Byars, Jerry Holt. Fourth row: Larry Douglas, Bob McNeal, Jimmy Sanders, Mickey Hall, Douglas Montgomery, Jimmy Mayo, Joe Morton, Larry 3 Cockrum, Jeff Morris. Not pictured: Peggy Howell. 10-5 Robert Ragsdale, Franklin Brewer, Charles Emerick. THE OPPURTUNHTY TO JOHN SENHUR S 1 in M3 T Z f."1,,,. f- 5. -' ?2z:fivQeQ,. A Fi:Qi3'ii?" ,ig J V. ., , . First row: Glenda Turner, Vice President, Larry Davis, President, Gail Noonan, Secretary-Treasurer, johnny McCalla, Social Chairman, Georgeanna Randle, Social Chairman. Second row: jack Little, Rosa Hathcock, jo Ann Nichols, Marilyn Word, Norma Cowan, Rebecca Via, Sandra Vaughn, Mary Campbell, Anita Keeling. Third row: Robert Bailey, Jean Harville, Glenna Boales, Patsy Tucker, Beverly jageman, Tanya Vaughn, Carolyn Grant, Pat Carr, Charlie Barringer. Fourth row: Steve Patterson, Denton Lee, Coley Parker, Brad Guthrie, John Lee, Benton Patterson, Larry Walker, MRS. MONA McCLURKIN EEESQESQE 10,6 HHGH acariviwriiazs. First row: Barbara Gann, Secretary, Gene Holt, President, Betty Richardson, S.A.B.g Ralph Haynes, S.A.B.g Donnie Dennis, Vice President. Second row: Charles Steele, Juanita German, Margaret Dunivan, Joyce Elam, Loyce Elam, Patricia Galloway, Deon Harnes, Mollye Oyler, Deweese jordan, Donald Williams. Third row: Freddie Brown, june Heinz, Vivian Wiggs, Judy Free, Maury johnson, Peggy Pearson, Nancy Bourland, joan Little. Fourth row: David Ferguson, Gene Hilliard, john McMahon, Frank Willis, Raymond Sweeny, Kyle Hurst, jerry Erwin, Corky Irwin, Donald Unsell. Y All 10-7 ' ga, First row: Richard Willianus, President, Dale Osborne, Secretary, joy Lott, Vice Presidentg Donna " N, Q ' Roberts, Bozo Wai'e, Treasurer. Second row: Eddie Cash, jane Terry, Mary Felts, Marion Arata, in K - Linda Boggs, Nancy Levy, Gwen Hooper, Gail Spain, Katie Robbins, Aubrey Smith. Third row: , , ' ' Marcheta Green, Patricia Nichols, Barbara Parker, Marie Pryor, Diane Arnold, Kay Peck, Alice " -'- P McNeeley, Berlene Souder, Carolyn Medlin. Fourth row: Russell McGoff, jerry Gordon, Glen if , Simpson, Richard Chappell, john McDonald, Mike Avert, Dan Enos, Richard Fleet, jimmy Bailey, ": 22, Bert Williains, John Collins. s ' Y V fl l Y V ggvfgi 'llwll'lllE1 ll3'rL,1lN Ula HlA X' HNG lHlUNllE',RUUMl ITAA MISS JOSEPHINE 10-8 A A C' 0 C' HUGHES First row: jim King, President, Diana Cobb, Secretary, Robert Stewart, Chaplaing Suzy Slover, S.A.B.g Vance Carr, Vice President. Second row: Danny jones, Ella Mae Hite, Sarah Bradley, Faye Dawson, Nancy Sanders, Ernestine Cummings, Lucy Harrell, Rosa Wrightsman, Ben Fields. Third row: jerry Ewing, Joann Fleming, Carolyn Langham, Virginia Owen, Evelyn Cole, Camille Calla- way, Sharon Wrightsman, Ruth Caviness, Judy Forrester, Richard Oliver. Fourth row: Billy Witt, Joe Burns, Bobby jones, Frances Perry, Don Autry, Gary Goade, jerry Cotham, Charles Chism, Kenny Hale. 11 'xt 10-9 Fred Yarbrough. Tldllli AN'llillCllPA'llilllUN UF ANU'lli'lHllliR HARDIMAN 10,0 YEAR COMHNG, MRS. MARTHA ANN First row: Johnny Krotzer, Presidentg Barbara Trammel, Vice President, Vivia Best, Secretary- Treasurerg Delana Wilson, S,A.B., Roy Billions, S.A.B.-Second row: Brenda Cavitt, Bertha Gonyaw, Annette McDaniel, Geraldine Middleton, Jean Jones, Lyvonne Lee, Sandy Madden. Third row: Jimmy Turpin, Juanita Thomas, Judy Brady, Diane White, Shirley Stewart, Maxine Rogers, Bessie Harris, Bobby Fields. Fourth row: Edward Webb, Robert Shelton, Kenneth Gutherie, Joe Burk, Wayne Stafford, Wayne Jackson, Jerry Kiddy, Jesse Hall. First row: Roger Bishop, Vice President, Sandra Lee, Chaplain, Kay Crawford Secretary Treasurer Buddy McAfee, President. Second row: Eddie Billings, Mary McCoy, Alice Watson Jeanne Hargan Doris Saulters, Annette Hawks, Jean Jones, Joan Evans, Janice Traywick, Charles Halford Third row: James Connors, Carole Dowtin, Jo Ann Greene, Billie Abernathy, Joyce Huckabee Randell Snipes, Becky Speck, Barbara Nabors, Maribeth Smith, Judy Boartfield, Johnny Rhodes Fourth row Jimmy Archibald, Mike Dorris, Larry Ford, John Elkins, Melvin Goff, Bob Strickland Pete Chorak Fred Drake. Linda Stanley. and Marjorie Almore discuss homeroom activities, while Leslie Crocker, Robert Brown, Gene Boggan. and Joyce Allen recall the Junior Honor Society tapping. Faye Bridgewater. W'alter Owen and Bobby Mynatt compare notes on a wonderful year. THE FRESHMAN CLASS or i NiNE'iriaEN HUNDRED lFlllF'TY:SlEVlElN What a memorable year of adventure these eager freshmen look back upon! Sports events, dances, clubs, new ideas, new friends-these all became a part of the freshman's life. From the very day of registration, they found things more wonderful and exciting than they had ever dreamed. They acquired a driving incentive to make higher grades, for they realized that this was the beginning of their high school recordfa record that could mean a great deal to them as time passed. And as a reward for their efforts, many of them became leaders and members of, the junior Honor Society, one of the greatest honors they could achieve. They developed a deeper respect for their school, a respect that was shown by their loyalty in athletic, as well as in scholastic competition. However, they must admit that the grandest part of the whole year was the vibrant social life that made each new day an exciting adventure. There was always something happening that required lively dis- cussion and eager participation. The most thrilling event of the entire social year was the long-awaited Football Banquet that climaxed their football season with the crowning of their queen and her maids. They got a small taste of high school life as they took part in the last senior pep meeting of the sea- son-the one that preceded the all-important game with Central. Yes, the freshmen discovered the secret formula for becoming a part of this fast-moving, gay, wonder- ful high school world-and they loved it! Romelle Aikens Joyce Allen Norma Allen Sandra Allen Betty .lane Atkins Rebecca Baker Anna Barksclale Barbara Barron Leslie Beaxer Michael Beech Claire Bergdorf Carole Bishop Joy Bishop Joy Bizzell jim Black Frank Boling Martha Bowen Faye Bridgewater an lBlRlBSHlMlll-EN Mary Brock Ruby Brooks Carl Brown Harold Brown Walter' Brown Bobby Buffaloe joetta Byrum Williani Caldwell Gloria Camp Daniel Campbell Gene Campbell Larry Cardin Wayne Carmon jimmy Carr Glenda Carrington Barbara Cecil Angela Cherry Mark Childers Danya Kay Chitwood Sanclra Clark Scottye Clark Carol Clark Marilyn Coker Mary Ann Cole 73 Bobby Coleman Sandra Collins Albert Connors JoAnn Connors james Corder Leslie Crocker Judith Dalrymple joy Daniel Charles Davis Fred Drake Nanfee Drake jimmy Duke Edward Dunivant Ronald Durby Linda Elam Marjorie Elmore Tillman Everson Janette Falls it 'Wi F lil ES lil Nl EN Ruby Flack jackie Fleener Betty Fletcher Evelyn Fraley Kenneth Fraley Dan Gallarno Waltei' Garrett Tommy Geiger janet Good Marilyn Goforth Shirley Graves Patricia Greaves Opal Green Gloria Griffin Gail Griggs Sammie Gross Dick Guthrie Gretta Guyton james Hall Gloria Hammett James Hanley Raymond Harris Betty Hawkins Pat Hendren Larry Higginbotham Linda Hill Bonnie Holder Vicki Holt Gail Hoover Joyce Hopkins Joyce Hopper Robert Hornbeak Carol Harnsby David Howard Ann Howell Gary Howell David Howell Wayne Hughey Dorothy Hurt Edward Hutchens Cahrlene Hutcherson David Jamison lFRlE',SlHlDflllli',N Billy Jo Jenkins Judy Jolly Linda Jones Terry Jones Bill Jones Paul Jones Robert Jordan Helen Joyner Charles Joyner J0 Ann King Joy King Kenny Kilpatrick Carol Kay Krauch Dennis Krause Phyllis Leatherwood Betty Jean Lee Dennis Lee Lynda Leonard Betty Jo Letson Betty Lewis Jane Lofton Frederick Lokey Linda Long 7 Micheal Long Mildred Long Fred Lott Ralph Laukhuff Patricia Lynch Mark McAfee Carol McBride Joyce McCannon Eva Mcflarter Alton McCoy Charles MtCray Joe McEwen james McNatt Sandra McNeese Charlotte McNeill Burl McPherson john Mahaffey Carolyn Maharrey Sandra Mansfield 'SH VR 1ElSflllQY3l ll'i1N .., Martha Marshall Mary Martin Anita Matthews Douglas Mayhall Linda Meadows Wayne Medford Kenneth Miller Paul Miller Lorraine Mills Buddy Millwood Betty Moore Gwen Moore Judy Moore Betty Morris D. T. Morris Robert Morrisette Sara Morrison Scott Moyers Gene Moyes Bobby Mynatt Terry Myriclc Beck Nave Andy Nelson David Newman Nancy Newton Linda Nichols Carol Niernsee Shirley Nolen Ann, Norfleet Carey Norman Sadie Norton Blanche Norwood Robert Nunnally Linda Owen Bessie Palazola Linda Palmer Dorothy Parker Nancy Parham Melba Paschall Margaret Pearce Williarxi Pearce Wlilmet Pearcy Chassmil Percer Sarah Peigry Victor Petty Gail Phillips FR HI Nl EN Al Piercey Arthur Pike Sandra Pike Robert Pittman Winnie Pitts Mike Powell Harriette Pyle Jerry Pyron Juanita Rankin Lyxida Raspberry David Rauls Nancy Raynor James Rea Richard Reinert Ruth Ritter Bobby Roberts Doris Robertson Ralph Roby Virginia Rodgers Frederick Rose Carol Roy Bart Ryan Winifred Schmidt 77 Lillian Schroeder Ralph Scott June Seat Larry Shepherd john Simmons Sandra Smith William South Cecil Sowell Linda Stanford Linda Stanley Michael Stephenson john Taverno james Taylor Twila Taylor Joyce Thomas Larry Thornton Betty Thweatt Brenda Tillman Sandra Tobin ll-iRESfhlM Alinda Turpin Benny Utley Marie Vance Lauran Waldran Bobby Walter Sonja Walters Robert Walton Juanita Wardlow Rita Watkins Mary Watson Nancy Webber james West Don Whirley Richard Whitaker William Whitaker Amy White Peggy Whitted Bonnie Wilcox Peggy Williams Betty Winbigler Raymond Wiseman Sara Wooldridge jean Yancey Beverly Zumbro .H i W b any .V K L. f 'whiz ww? jk: af 1 "K, 5 ix is V1 A E H' 5 . W mf: ' Q ? ' xv , if 6 ,. 1 in f In in Eg, -gl J, U, QQ, Q41 'lf-7111 1 35-wg NW M, J ,, V ' M -in I if 24, V I , ,M ,ww iwdkwf, 1 -gm " M, , Awww, Wfxf-M, P' -....,,,,Amm-M If 5, i Q 5, , uw Sm Eff 1-,Mir 'mx QLASSRUUM SQENES E fu Q . 1.35, sf? .,.l.pws Qi fr . Aff: 595' 12312 5 5 52 2 f 'S fig: 1 -1 g ,A 'git 255 JL.: :e ,z Qxkeili ,sw s Q' - 11,,A F J' ff ,. 'ffsftlssiii E ii Ei E? Leiis' A Qu L ,gen , 7 V595 ' 53 1221 Q img, W ' - im fwiff I 12:- LS? 5' 1 Er' Km zz. :MFE-" ' gi. li? .. , f Q32 9,55 WE Q-:': ,sz QQ 9 ,pig sig: ax Q g' S if KE E b EEN 5.x any 2 1 gm, Wfvg. 'Y fnwwif 3? . V3.4 if I 2 " 1a"EP,fiT ' , 2.7 g . , 4 .. ,, d.,,,,, .Ax 1 I , K, .,...Y,, f t ' 1 wa .4 , a T' f 5 V G ,iw ,U , ,,q"' ULN? Q f' 4 , ,,... A X 1 . Girls in office practice perform a service to the school by duplicating stencils. WALKHNLE Tl-llRUlUGll-fl TlHllE, CURRHHMDRS UF 'lli'RlEAlWWElLlL WE VIEW THESE VARIOUS CLASSROOM SCENES Let's take a walk through the corridors of Treadwell High School and discover exactly what takes place behind these classroom doors. Every phase of activity behind these doors is devoted entirely to the purpose of education, that portion of life in which one grows and develops in accordance with the trials and aspirations of the modern world. Practical experience in dressmaking proves an asset to these homemakers of tomorrow, The art department endorses "The Spirit of Christmas" through Ll picturesque window display- the outgrowth of L1 class project. Vital issues of the day yield source material for these dchate colleagues. Wood shop boys Create both useful and ornamental products. ,,'l' if ,:l,, t 1 ' 'W r i -t-as ll E 'pf' junior high wood shop enthusiasts Treefdwells variety in offered curriculum pre- sents the key to future success. Treadwell's English department offers ad- vantages in everyday life through a better understanding of English grammar and an in- troduction to world literature. The construction of an active vocabulary and the employment of creative thinking and correct sentence structure are the major purposes of the English curricu- lum offered to students of Treadwell. Adven- tures in literature broaden the horizons of our imagination, thereby providing an ample back- ground for appreciation of the arts. 5 , receive basic training rx xg? 1 ii? fl fx .-.rx M ,. 'M1lliaur'M!k"'-"2 -V --din is Eli-Q' gs as-Q inn i Q 5- I in this preparatory course. El I :alex Model building provides an out- let for the interests and abilities of creative boys. The mastery of typewriting not only teaches these pupils accura- cy but it also proves useful in many other ways. Civics students develop a foundation for a more detailed study of our democracy. The training received in metal shop often fosters future careers. Advanced art students pursue their hobbies in class. In our mathematics department clear think- ing and eager initiative are of absolute necessi- ty. Bright futures in architecture and engineer- ing, as well as in ordinary business ventures, are patterned in the minds of our students. Accuracy is taught by methods of setting up equations, constructing diagrams, and solving difficult problems. Mathematics develops the reasoning power and helps explain many facts of nature heretofore misunderstood by the students. NN. A Mechanical drawing produces accuracy and develops skill in these students. merican history students study the growth and development of our countr Exploring the secrets of nature, students in our science department uncover the amazing phenomena existing in our world. Touching upon the surface of these wonders piques the student's interest and he becomes anxious to delve into the scientific background of these phenomena. Plant life, minerals, and machinery become alive and vivid to the individual who prior to The mystery of "x plus y" puzzles these algebra students. ' or American problems students examine the social, economic, and political factors which control our way of life, this time has been unaware of the magnificence of nature. Science is the key to the interest which keeps our minds alert. Knowledge of the struggle and perseverance with which our fore- fathers molded the modern world gives us a keen appreciation of our nation's history. Exploration of the past, plus a keen following I-Iomemaking courses provide the impetus for developing good family relations Angles and functions, degrees and area are only a few of the problems confronting these trigonometry students. 87 of present-day news, better prepares the student to accept his position in the civic-minded world in which he finds himself. Our dra- matic history is vividly re-enacted in the history classes of Treadwell. Ler Lazzgner fzfrgzzlefziem' In rfzgerre. Lfzi' lifzglmt karen Never' el rofmrimiefzlo. Lizzgfme rciefzfifzw augezzl, It's true any way you say it- languages increase understanding of the differ- ent people throughout the world. Romance, ad- venture, and exotic customs are brought to life through French, Latin, and Spanish, the three Through library research these girls prepare themselves for more rewarding schoolwork. Students in the physics lab examine and record their findings. Visual aids make English an interesting subject. basic languages taught at Treadwell. The study of languages encourages the student to seek further informa- tion and more firmly bind the rela- tionship of the different countries comprising the world. Treadwell's home economics de- partment prepares students for their future, thus helping them to find their places in the world. Home- making is a big business, and our girls are trained for this task through the fine instruction they receive. Nutrition, knowledge of correct fashion, and home decorating share the spotlight of importance in this field. Girls in the future will look back and appreciate the valuable training which they received. Skilled stenographers, competent typ- ists, and accurate bookkeepers are in- structed in the art of business efficiency in our commercial studies. These jobs all play an important part in the formation of an indispensable and able executive world. In these classes are taught neat- ness, promptness, and outstanding ability through experiences such as they may if ,.. 1 ' . A 5 W ,,.,,, , i s . E., Junior high art students prove that they, too, can be creative Chemical research aids this student in determining the quality of fabrics. Commercial law gives the students an insight into the principles by which we are governed. fha Bookkeeping acquaints these students with the mechanics of maintaining a financially sound enterprise. encounter when they eventually enter the offices where the business of our country is transacted. Fright becomes self-confidence, awkwardness be- comes proficiency, and talented performer through the diligent guidance the the shy introvert becomes the student receives in Treaclwell's speech department. The tense atmosphere backstage before the curtain ascends on the enchantment of the theater and the terror that strikes the mind of a debater before an important contest are just two of the special moods encountered by a speech student. Upon graduation the student of speech at Treadwell has truly attained poise, personality, and ability to speak. Music that quickens the step and adds sparkle to life is the treasured product of diligent practice of These young cooks prepare delectable foods through the medium of the culi- nary art. Chemistrys many facets present an in- teresting challenge to these students, 90 our musical organizations. Wlietlmer it be the popu- lar music ot today, the romantic ballads of yesterday, or the compositions of the masters, they are per- formed with the quality and assurance of profession- als delightfully pleasing their devoted audience, Appreciation ot art as well as artistic talent is de- veloped through the course of study presented by our art department. Crafts, worked' and molded with the hands, supplement the actual drawing and def signing usually associated with art. This important phase of cultural training is not ignored at Treadwell. Having completed our walk through the corridors of Treadwell, we were aware of the invaluable ad- vantages that we, as students, had enjoyed through our years at Treadwell. tr ,..F.,,,,s, TI F. V. das t f i is y gl A my t"ii ,yss , , s xx i ,ff A i a m SE.: H., l J z 4 Jw-,, it I t i tetr e s s y tsss ' iii ? .. idaflvfazs '--' i H W , Consumer buying aids one in making wise selections, U 5 HX' lf J i-1" Practice aids the French students in conquering the "language barrier," Biology students ponder the mysteries of life. ACTHVHTHES Awning 5 , .Mw..,.,,....HW,W..4 E i , 92 ,gf aa- -Q " and Roger Mott. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES f w ,-ma Maia Mr. Maybry congratulates the newly elected S. A, B. officers, Paula Ballinger, joe Pennel, S ll lllllllfil I AD . ...sat fm gs: ...W .r mmm m' -' imma Ginuw- vi'-' fl? 2. me iff- KW ttrftsizi f N X255 1102731551 -sw "Hell - -1-is .wg 'ii . W f 5 . .,, W, Q- .. :ww .5- ..,.igW' if First row: C. Doss, R. Wilson, J. Brunn, J, Marquis, M, Dodson. F. Hanna, E. Lollis. Second row: F. Hanley, E. Knight, E. G. Bailey, E. Taylor, D, Bellamy, C. Mason, R. Williams. First rowz L. Tyner, M. Temple- ton, V. Rossal, F. Sumter, N Fowler, S. jones, C. Dugan. Sec- ond row: F. Morton, S. Walker P. Rossal, C. jackson, J. Clark C, Smith, J. Goad, M, Harris Third row: J. Grossman, R. Bar field, D. Bowen, J. Raynor, C. Pearson, J. Taylor, B. Cawthorn, R. Dew. 94 :as ma-user fr-.:...w my wsu Wiinfusw was . :aware 'U es-eral , -lf.. WMM 354458. Wea' E COMPLETES A YEAR Better and more assem- blies! Exciting dances! New- er Movies! All those S.A.B. candidate promises still ring in our ears. How much prestige the name badges, given the of- fice assistants and hall moni- tors this year, have added to our montiorial responsibili- ties! The information desk in the hall has kept hordes of pupils from harrying the of- fice staff with questions. A new practice of blessing at lunch and records played dur- ing the lunch hour was a project of S.A.B. JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES .S RY BOARD VORTHWHILE ACI-IIEVEMENT An Eagles Call, with a new leather- ette cover, was put out after many hours of work. Since it was printed at a professional printer's, the paper and print were of a much higher grade. The informal Halloween Dance, sponsored by the S.A.B., was lauded for the unusual decorations and the excellent band. The Valentine formal, the biggest S.A.B. dance of the year, was a thrilling sight with the swirling formals, colorful corsages, and roman- tic atmosphere. The 1956-57 activities the campaign for the new officers and the Inaugural Ball in May. ended with SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES The highlight of the White Ticket's entertainment was Ronnie Hesselbien and his Combo THE ADVISORY COMMITTEE First row: K. Zumbro, Secretaryg P. Ballinger, Presidentg R. Mott, Presidentg Miss Cooley, Sponsor. Second row: L. Smith, Treasurer, J. Clement, Chaplain, T. Pugh, Social Chair- man, M. Barrow, Social Chairman, J. Pennel, Traffic Chief. Miss Elisebeth Phillips, Sponsor, not pictured. First row: S. Slover, G. Boales, K. Robbins, D. Wilson, M. A. Cole, B. Richards, M. Nabors. Second row: N. Slover, J. Neal, R. Haynes, J. Collins, R. Billows, L. Walker, J. Hucklabee. Third row: J. Elkins, F. Perry, T. Scott, H. Mills. 95 :F gp 2 vp 1-mu .Mgr --A ' Q MM4 . - V-Nlwnpssw - -,K V . .Q Q45 a 1 g . swf fi yi' uf H. . ww mm "5Q sssfwwf ' i .f ' ..' . .w ..- .gp .. rf if V Q fx ' Q 5, .5 fm F' ,xxx Z' i,f2' Mgcaggq g 5251? few.-'K S 'Q we Left to right: Autry, McMahon, Dew, Drake, Mask. 'Dodson, Fowler. Hicks, Anthony, Schnei- der. Burnwatt, Noonan, Kelsall The band officers transact the business of the band and promote its activities. R.O.T.C. BAND BAND OFFICERS The R.O.T.C. Band pro- vides martial music for the cadets at each drill period. Front: Autry. First row: R, Dew, Ragsdale, Buzbee, McMahon, Reed, Second row: Diebolt, Mor- ton. Scroggins, Parker, Vinson. Third row: Rey, Emerick, Walk- er, Archibald, Mask. Fourth row: Dodson, Rhodes, Adams, Kee Cowan, Collins, Noonan. Vete- to,,Davis, Pickle. Sixth row: Fowler, Anthony, Kidd, Butler Bradford. Seventh row: Wfise- man, Knight, Moyers, Parker, Wilcox. Eighth row: Haines, Hicks, Clark, Hainey. Ninth row: Saigeon, Morton. v v A N .Y z 'Q , wa, X 6 ,A " , H gf x K 74 512. , 5 ,S Q JK E' g 5fRWffSfT1m"iL-Ewewfesz ff ff? K gp! Q ,: ,. 1...S?.a49' 453 1:7 5. wx- ,. A 5 Vi 251 ig , x- ff,sa?f'f::S4:ig- l 'WS L ZFITEWF 3 fi w wf l Qfwgvg ' , , 'waz A -r gfiffwi if Qi .- My ' if 'Sii951is?f?2.i3.i-535k A. 55 4535- , L L C.: 4. T' A.. 'Owl rv AVN U- L. N:- f-N f-1, 33? .-f-.T",?fg' 1"5 s", 'A .. :5,!. 35.35 an :Q S wif wk ,,. ,gf . A ,I , ,N 5' A - ., 1 . A ?"?f' f N . ., A ,,,,-g,,,, 3 3 v 'v av' ,..".Q,- -nga -'lk '-'7"2'E' Kg!-5'j'g1E'! '? 'g3"'W"'f"'WN J""'rf45 fs? xii' ... fa? -0 if ' J "' 5 . . "' ,.m V ,,. -up i ff, Q f - b V , th 1: , l Ken 1 'T ,i.:..' 5 ' . 41.5 ,Eff f., '-"' -f-'cm 2"'i"iw 253' S .ug.,-5 . pi? .4 is -Rs, 1 5 Al..-vyfx-.,,-'TQA,,.,1x ,n'Zf5X?k 'Wf'v"Xff -M T . ' . if '1 1 . as -lvl pm P' Q ll, Q- 623. ,ri 3 W I I 5 " 9' 1' if II' ' IOO em 51 sf-Qz x ls Q idx si 'ii ,f , avi 3: Left to right: Carol Langham. Joyce Hurst, Betty Collins, Diane Arnold, Glenda Turner, Barbara Gann, Frances Tatum, Portia Swaim, Linda Autry, Carolyn Saltz, Judi La Fitte, Gaye Hurst, Sandra Vaughn, Nina Faye Brooker, Junna Lea Haines, Lester Miller, Judy Free. PROVIDE THAT EXTRA TOUCH OF VITALITY TO THE BAND The sixteen majorettes led by Gaye Hurst and football shows and added quite a professional touch Sandra Vaughn, dressed in their new sparkling se- with their unique routines. quinned costumes, did much to brighten the half-time The Treadwell High band displays its excellent showmanship at one of the outstanding football games. fifi 'ii r , 'fr A 4 7' T . 'W , Q . '- Q. fit, A, i f w can A in Ll insggtpx -i :qi Y 77 , A I O ii , his K Ha V 3 iz it it , iq, - H ijt., .1- . eg s .-,' S .J Q ., 5 ,, gr ' V ,,, , 1 'T .' ' C , , edu " - , ,r ..,, ,. , a V t ,-P V M A H 2 ' J it " ' 1 trrt a ni s , 'M ll A V1 2 I Q .lit pl Am 5 , . Q Q X A , .. .WST Y , 'LLL. gas-11:lE?Al -X '7 il ' h is A kzw3f.'?ffg:Q: ' 1 r .N as - 31159 Kg . , ik .r 'fl ' Hai Q 'K L ,TSE K 5 N - iff . ..::, ,S jfifg Y Xa i X Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Wfilliam L. Maybryg Master Sergeant james E. Norris. IMS!Tg Hon- orary Lieutenant Colonel Annie Ellis. Faculty Sponsorg Sergeant First Class Oris L. Duncan, Assistant IMSXTQ Sergeant First Class Richard S. D.uis. Assistant IMSXTQ Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Buffaloe, Faculty Sponsorg Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Harlo McCall, Band Master. RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS CADETS DEVELOP PRECISION AND LEADERSHIP ABILITY This year for the first time Treadwell's R.O.T.C. battalion was reorganized to include a drill platoon. This platoon was composed of volunteers only, as a great amount of time after school is required to develop the many rifle movements and gain perfec- tion in drill as a team. Their keen ability was dis- played during many of the football games this season. All of the seven R.O.T.C. units in the city have a similar unit and a competitive program was held in the spring at which Treadwellls unit did exception- ally well. Another phase of the program that has taken its share of honors is the rifle team. The team recently became affiliated with the National Rifle Associa- tion and is officially known as the Treadwell R.O.T.C. junior Rifle Club. Seventeen cadets have their names on the charter. Other than the city The perfect dress of Company A is typical of Treaclwells Battalion. Cadet Major Lloyd Smith I EYW,f,,,j,-6 Oflfjfg, Honorary Cadet Major Peggy Campbell Cadet Captain johnny Mack Vise N.. Adjllfdflf Honorary Cadet Captain Peggy Turner Cadet Captain Cannon Mason Opewliwzr Officer Honorary Cadet Captain Gloria Barron g,,lg IO4 New' Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Taylor Brzllrzfffnz Cammrulder l l I BATTALHI championship matches the team competed in twt national matches: the William Randolph Hears trophy match and the Army area matches, The social event that highlighted the year was thi annual Military Ball held on Valentines Day for thi cadet officers and their sponsors from the sever schools. 1 ' it is ' , I ' pg, .5 I ' ' ' . Q ' . ,- " gp, A fi E 'GQ l 'Q Cadet Captain Cadet First Lieutenant we Elbert Cutler Ni I Harry Alder ' 6 Publir Irzfornmliofz Honorary Cadet Captain A,f,l'f,ffcJ7Zf Honorary Cadet Offffef' Gloria Lawson Publir Information First Lieutenant Offirer Eva Jarvis ir! Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Emily Pruitt c 1 ,Q . QM, , Cadet Major Pat Eavenson Honorary Cadet Major LjL,jf,,,2 Qffjfw- jo Lynn Stone Sl STAFF Treadwell did well in the informal inspection, a 'ra v J. ,r Cadet Captain Don Bouldin Honorary Cadet Captain lrztelligence Officer Jackie Palmer preliminary to the "annual" Federal inspection. In the "annual" inspection, which is the basis for de- termining a unit's eligibility for award of the coveted G9 Cadet Captain Honor School rating, Treadwell again received a X' ix Rifhafll MCDHYUCI - - Honorary Supply Officer high honor rating. Cadet Captain F Q A V K i .,:,i -2 :X . 4 ' ,W Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Rebecca jones Nancee Schneider Cadet First Lieutenant Bobby Miller Arriilmzz Ojveruliafzf Officer Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Julia Clement Cadet First Lieutenant John McLeod A,l'IfJ'll1fZf Adjufafzz I05 Cadet First Lieutenant Howard Larson xt 'Q'- Plaioon Leader c A ' , "gf FN f b Cadet Captain Mitchell Miller Cwzzzmlflder - - Cadet First Lieutenant Warren Schmidt Exerzzfire Officer Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Virginia Rossal FIRST PLATOON Hooper, Beard, Elkins, Burge, Hale, Ford. Cates, Chism, Duncan. Second row: Moore, Douglas, Tate, Hall, Davenport, Collins, Gibson, Palmer. Third row: Lawson, Ewing, Clemmer, Bishop, Hall, Goade, Sweeney, Billings, Enoch. Fourth row: Crossit, Hogan. Grims, Grisham, Ware, Conners, Cash, George. Kneeling: Hillard. First row: Honorary Cadet Captain jean Goad aaa, I Q - H I Vk .,,, ' ,.V.,,:. . V A N MM we 4 K N 'W I If ' Honorary Cadet ' 5, First Lieutenant Paula Ballinger Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Margaret Dwyer SECOND PLATOON Kneeling: Powell, Adams. First row: Waren, Vaughn, Houston, Sanders, Irwin, Sullivan, Adam McDonald, Long. Second row: Hilliard, Cooper, Cheek, Austin, Cotham, May, Billons, McMahon Lafferty. Third row: Roby, H. Irwin, Fosher, D. jones, C. jones, A. Irwin, Simpson, Hunsuckerl Fourth row: Parker, Jackson, Cash, Wilson, Kirby, Himmler, King, Abbot. 1 Cadet First Lieutenant Donald Caudle Platoon Leader , f es, P A 4. ,X of ID Cadet Captain Willi C0 Cadet First K Lieutenant V 'V' Cadet First Lieutenant Roswell Pattison it 'L Charles jones Platoon Leader Exerutife Offirer' Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Barbara Robbins FIRST PLATOON Kneeling: Wallace. First row: Speck, Kennedy, Little, Patterson, Owen, Cooper, Miller, Ferguson, Bowen. Second row: Taylor, Byars, Charah, Dorris, Chantlee, Webb, Liversiedge. Third row: Jones, Halford, H. Fields, Fry, E. Fields, Gordon, Unsell. Fourth row: Charles, McMahon, Moren, Turpin, Bedford, Hill, Rodgers. am Crossno mmmzder CUMPA Honorary Cadet Captain Helen Booker Cadet First Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Diane Waldo Platoon Leader Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Carol Underwood First Lieutenant Michael Finger SECOND PLATOON Kneeling: Henry, Grosman. First row: Guthire, Hurst, Holt, Krotzee, Merrell, Kibby, Burns, Wood. Second row: Thompson, McCalla, Neyman, Patterson, Brewer, Williams, Montgomery, Bizzell. Third row: R. Williams, J. Williams, Witt, Autry, Haywood, Smith. Fourth row: Eckles, Cun- ningham, Woods, Coy, Burchum, Collins. Z C' '5 9 fb is VA,-V QM C t Q . '- K , I W ' Q Cadet Captain Henry Loenneke Commander iff' r, .. - , f natfltei- r rl Cadet First Lieutenant tl Cadet First Lieutenant Dennis Bellamy H John Heywood Platoon Leader EX9f14!i1'6 Uffffff' Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Carolyn Smith FIRST PLATOON Kneeling: Keeling. First row: Brick, Lowe, Holt, johnson, Haynes, jones, Lee, Goff, Williams. Second row: Bramer, McAfee, King, Ray, McNeal, Neal, Lumpkin, Nunnally. Third row: Hooten. Rhobes, Roustan, Brown, Stewart, Snipes, Scott. Fourth row: Scott, McGoft, Rye, Bachllor, Buck, Horace, Ray, Grant. W COMPANY tm J., 1 Honorary Cadet Captain Wanda Atchley ,A , . J 'ff , is 'WHT 'P tv F X Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Helen Roberts Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Mary Gilbreath SECOND PLATOON Kneeling: Brown, Morton. First row: Taylor, Mitchell, Means, Webber, Miller, Wright, Sweeney, jackson, Duffeild. Second row: Thomas, Wilson, Sterle, Mills, Rhodes, Montgomery, Percy, Mill- ner. Third row: Thorne, Conners, Petty, Reed, Phillips, Fly, Turner, Matthews. Fourth row: Win berry, jans, Johnson, Covington, Bonds, Montgomry. Cadet First Lieutenant Larry Hendren Platoon Leader 3- Cadet Captain Honorary Cadet Captain Roger Mott Kay Zumbro Commmider Cadet First Lieutenant AK Sidney Woodard K Exerulizfe Offirer Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant Beverly Ray DRlllL,lL PLATDDN Honorary Cadet First Lieutenant jean Harville Cadet First Lieutenant Murray Barnett Plalowz Leader First row: Ryan, Curry, McDaniel. Center: Smith, Dugan, Horton, Garrettson, R. Williams, Jeffers, Moffatt. Second row: Thweatt, Woodard, Bell, Vaughn, Elam, Barfield, Mitchell, Bastow, Malueg, Davis, Barnett, Brown. Third row: Harold, Short, Hopper, D. Williams, Barringer. Standing, left: Mott. Standing, right: Blair. wsu... MRS. MARCELLE HUNSAKER Adrimr Advisor VIRGINIA YANCEY, edilof'-inwlaief, guided the paper through a successful year. THE EAGLE I WSPAPER The "Eagle" got off with a good start this year with Virginia Yancey as editor-in-chief and her staff of thirty-five reporters and twenty editors. A superior rating by the National Scholastic Press Association was their goal for 1956-57. Changes, which the student body accepted enthusiastically, were made in the size, make-up, style, and circulation of the "Eagle" Many of the budding journalists attended clinics and conventions, sponsored by the Commercial Appeal and the University of Tennessee, to aid them in their work. Several of our writers won prizes for their editorials and features. Seated: Donna Shipman, Patsy Allen, Wanda Whitten, Barbara Biddle, Kathryn Walker, Pauline Wrenn, Beth Kyle, Dan Boeen. Standing: Paula Rossal, Bonnie Mosby, Helen Snipes. The reporters scanned past issues of the Eagle for helpful hints. 1 s k Vs.. i us e PM MRS. EVELYN LESLIE Seated: Glenn Gross, Don Joyner, Fran- ces Noonan, Mary Ann Remacklus, Shir- ley Strickland, Brenda Mahr, Ione Rod- gers, Standing: Gerry Easley, Mary Cavanass, and Roxie Stewart, reporters, wrote up the important news stories. l 5 5 . l Seated: Claire jackson, Assistant Editorg Martin Raggett, Sports Editor, Emily Pruitt, Sports Editor. Standing: Billy Kidd, Feature Editorg Eddie Cash, Art Editor, and Leslie Smith, Business Man- ager, worked hard to meet their dead' line. in 'kv Seated: Janice Hollingsworth, Copy Ed- itor, Jane Starling, Exchange Editor, Joan jones, Copy Editor, jamie Mc- Crimer, Copy Editor, and jim Marquis, Photographer, contributed their talents to the school paper. i ll 'l Charles Gholson, Associate Editor, Jo Anne McMahon, Associate Editor, Edna Lollis, Associate Editorg and Mitchel Miller, Editor-in-Chief, took a last look at the final copy. Above: Sandra Meadows, Art Editorg Jimmie Bailey, Sports Editor, Betty Mayo, Art Ed- itorg Skip Sharp, Sports Ed- itorg Diane Rodgers, Picture Editor, and Margaret Boals, Picture Editor, designed pages that gained the staff's ap- proval. jim Marquis, Photographerg Harriet Seymour, Typistg Con- nie Morris, Typistg Carol Crocker, Typist, Patsy Rye, Senior Picturesg Martha Pat- terson, Freshman Pictures, and Rebecca Patterson, Freshman Pictures, carefully laid out pictures. II6 MISS MARGARET TISDALE Advisor 'll'llclllE, EAGL The annual staff, eagerly planning and designing the anticipated highlights of the entire year, diligently worked toward the completion of the Treadwell annual. Writing copy, designing pages, col- lecting pictures, and typing endless material were just a few of the jobs which we un- dertook with enthusiasm and determination, always bearing in mind the happiness and warm memories this, our 3 3 Q MRS. MARGARET BUFFALOE Burirzerf Adrimr EARBCDUK Henry Loenneke and julia Brunn, Business Managers, talked to their staff: Ora Martin, Dick McMahon, Paul Osteen, Wanda Atchley, Harold Cutler and jeane Young. Treadwell annual, will bring to you, the students of Tread- well, for years to come. We came early, stayed late, and sacrificed several holidays in order to fulfill our various duties and meet those inevit- able deadlines. Now as this memorable school draws to a close, we proudly present your 1956-57 Treadwell annual. Above: Margaret Barrow and Charles jones, Circulation Managers, center, seated, tal- lied the sales with their staff: john Heywood, E. G. Bailey, joe Pennel, Nancy Pitts and Sharon Haste. Dale McGee, Sports Staffg Paula Ballinger, Copy Editorg Gay Malueg, Proofreaderg Merry McDaniel, Assistant Editor, Marie Burton, Typistg Cannon Mason, Assistant Lay- out Managerg and Peggy Campbell, Assistant Editorg worked on layouts and copy. II7 . . . - . .lj Q. j j f- 0 Q TUNIM "Xi ff ' fe A 1 ll . S0 AQ B0 ,B 9 .A 'X A A 4 gifts, 1 ...R A,i, Y MA I TRAINS LEADERS yi j A 5 p XR 453 J ff 55 x M W' R L E Officers: Waltcmn, Long, Bowen. Hig- ginbotham. First row: Gurley, Taylor, Cherry, Allen, Connor, B, Connor, Krone. Second row: Moore, Zacharias, Lynch, Mahaffey, Maxwell. McNeill, Alleh. Third rqwz Myrich, Annis, Fin- leyson, Howell, Wfood. Miller. Fourth row: Rochester. McEwen, Hutchens. Durby, Cavender. Standing: Crol-ser. King. Dunnivant, Lott, Cook. S. A. B. Representatives Definite requirements must be met for eligibility in Junior S.A.B., the most important of which is good grades. The junior High' Monitorial system in the halls S.A.B, Representatives was directed by the junior S.A.B., as well as in the lunch room, which was checked for cleanliness. The junior high assemblies were under their direction and supervision, also. JUNTUR HQUDNUR SOCTETY ENCOURAGES GOOD GRADES No cards to sell . . . No cards! This unusual cry was heard this year for the first time because the National junior Honor Society had money in its treasury from previous projects. This year's Honor Society,,composed of eighth and ninth graders, gave an award to the freshman having the highest average, during junior high. The major projects for '56-'57 were helping elementary teachers, and organizing a National Honor Society at Kingsbury School. First row: J. King, S. Clark, V. Petty, M. Bowen, F. Drake, L. Waldren, B. South, E. Roy, L. Higginbothan, L. Raspberry, L. Beaver, C. McNeil, B, jones, C. Niernsee, J. Yancey. Second row: Mrs. Kennedy, C. Sowell, T. Geiger, M. Hamrick, M. Schuster, D. Pyron, A. Voss, S. Smith, B. Bradford, P. Lowry, N. Anderton, F. Davis, V. Herndon, D, Dunnivant, B. Baker, J. Gann, Mrs. Feilds, Mrs. Pope. Third row: H. Gurley, L. Crocker, G. Hoover, K. Kobbermann, T. Ross, M. A. Nemeklus, G. Guyton, A. Woodruff, W. Schmidt, E. 'I-Iutchens, G. Finleyson, H, Maxwell. L. Turpin, E. McCarter, S. Nolen, V. Holt. 'ww-" Members and inductees listen to words of wisdom from Mr. Maybry at the formal spring tapping. First row: D. Waldo, M. Burton, S. Luton, D. Rod- gers, H. Seymour, P. Campbell, W. Wade, O.'Mar- tin. Second row: F. Horne, N. Lightfort, 1. Hathorne, C. Crocker, R. Caudle, P. Laney, D. Stedman, A. Maybry, C. Underwood. NATHU AL HU UR SUCHETY The most cherished goal of a Treadwell High awards to all first honor roll students and an honor School student is membership in the Tau Sigma Chap- banner to the homeroom having the highest scholastic ter of the National Honor Society. This year's projects average. The sponsors were Mr. Fowler, Miss King, included making robes and a cedar wardrobe, making and Mrs. Parker. and selling Christmas corsages, presenting merit First row: H. Loenneke, L. Smith, G. Malueg, M. Miller, J. Brunn, D. McMahon, E. Lollis, C. Gholson, L. Summers. Second row: R. Cash, A. Ellis, P. Ballinger, J. McMahon, J. Clement, R. Crow, C. jones, M. Cobb, G. Barron, F. Hanna, V. Yancey, M. Barrow, S. Sharp. ClL,lUBS Numerous clubs and organizations are sponsored at pation in these activities we develop character, further Treadwell and each offers untold advantages to the our education, and spend many pleasant hours to- student members. Through membership and partici- gether. QlUlllLlL AND SCRULL PRODUCES JOURNALISTS The Eldon Roark chapter of the Quill and Scroll, named for Mr. Eldon Roark, famous journalist, was inspired by these words of his at the 1957 induction: "Success can come to all who truly desire itf' With this thought advanced, each member, new and old, resolved to do better work and thus increase the strength of the chapter. Mr. William S. Carrier, who has been our photographer for nine years, was made an honorary member. First row: Diane Rodgers, Beverly Mask, Roberta Tracy, Leslie Smith, Emily Pruitt, Mr. Roark, Henry Leonelce, Virginia Yancey, Mr. Maybry. Second row: Janice Hollingsworth, Patsy Allen, Claire Jackson, Barbara Biddle, Virginia McKee, Roxie Stuart, Paula Ballinger, Margaret Barrow, Patsy Rye, Rebecca Patterson, Merry McDaniel. Third row: William Kidd, Dan Bowen, Bonnie Cates, Van Corkran, Bonnie Mosby, Sharon Noonan, Charles jones, Connie Morris, Charles Ghol- son, Mitchell Miller, Sandra Meadows, julia Clement, Cannon Mason, Gay Malueg, jo Ann McMahon, Harriet Seymour. Fourth row: Jim Marquis, Freddie Morton, JoAnn jones, Rosalee Van Middlesworth, joy Patterson, Martin Raggett, Virginia Rossal, Helen Snipes, jim Bailey, Edna Lollis, Shelby Rozelle, Wanda Whitten, Kathryn Walker, Peggy Campbell, Marie Burton, Julia Brunn. Not Pictured: Martha Patterson, Betty Mayo, Skip Sharp, Carol Crocker. Y-TEENS PROMOTES INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP "Oh, if I ever get all these potato chips sold! I" For the two weeks of the nation- wide project, girls were seen running this way and that, yelling, "Potato Chips, 25C -Buy here!" This year, we sent our president to the National Y-Teen Conference in New York and Washington, D. C. We also participated in basketball and softball games, adopted an orphan girl, dressed her for Easter, and sent her to Y-Teen Camp for two weeks. Our aim is the creation of Christian fellowship among girls of all nations. First row: Best, E. Moultrie, Crouch johnson, Vice President, Lee, President, Doss, Treasurer, Tracy, Secretary, Barron. Second row: Ve- teto, Tarpley, Den- nis, Patterson, Mob- ley, Olhausen, Rit- ter, Snipes, Mosby. Third row: Cowan, jordan, Zumbro, Wright, Burton, Noonan, Ervin, Hawkins, Rye. Fourth row: Bid- dle, Swaffer, Brown, Lett, O. Martin, Summers, Be-singer, B. Martin, Lightfort, McMa- hon, McDaniel, Mrs. james, Spon- SOI. Above, first row: Morris, Ballinger, Campbell, Carr, Woods, Wilder, Smith, Wrenn. Second row: Veteto, Welch, Robbins, jackson, Bled- soe, Franklin, Chrisman, Gray, Nolen. Third row: A. Moultrie, Holbrook, Parks, Weston, Shaeffer. Left, first row: J. Greaves, Bishop, Matthews, P. Greaves, Hopkins, Holder, Guyton, Rasp- berry, Turpin. Second row: Stacks, Byrum, Cole, Bullard, King, Terry, Green. Third row: Moore, Camp, King, Yancey, Goforth, Pratt, Lawson. "Just wait until next year," was the threat of the SPANTSH CLUB EAMILIARIZES Us WITH THE SPANISH PEOPLE AND cUsToMs fill - S '53, first year Spanish Club member as he walked away - from the initiation ceremonies sponsored by the mem- bers of the second year club. This initiation marked the beginning, of a year of work and fun with a S? Latin American flavor. Both Spanish clubs have as their purpose a better knowledge of Spanish-speaking people. In carrying out this purpose the clubs at- tempted to illustrate and often to act out Spanish customs and ways of life. First row: N. Lightfort, D. Brown, J. McMahon, Vice President. J. Pugh, M, Burton, T. Coolidge. Second row: R. Saigeon, C. Jordan, S. Mead- ows, Chaplain, M. McDaniel, P. Ballinger, Treasurer, H. Seymour, S. Luton, S. Walker, B. Grant. Third Row: E. Jar- vis. S. Walker, F. Trafford, N. Powell, Secretary, B, Youngman, C. Peterson, M. Anthony, D. McMahon, S. Noonan, President. I22 Center: Mrs. Patterson. Spon- sor. First row: J. Palmer, A. McDaniel, K. Densford, Vice President, S. Carson, V. Ros- sal, P. Rossal, B. Chrisman, M. Rogers, N. Bourland. Pro- gram Chairman, J. Greene. Second row: D. Shipman. M. Boals, G. Carpenter, Social Chairman, J, Fitch, P. Camp- bell, D. Jordan, E. Cole, N. Levy, B. Richardson, J. Cobb, G. Middleton, J. Lott. F. Townsend, B. Kyle, D. Rob- erts, President, B. Beaver, L. Barnett, B. Franklin, Wal- ton. Third row: C. Brammer, J. Gaines, G, Williams, M, Pryor. M. Raggett, Social Chairman, B. Cavender, Chap- lain, T. Grisham, S. Smith, L. Ward, F. McAfee, Secre- tary-Treasurer, D. Thompsom, L. Mitchell. . as Q, LATIN CLUB INCREASES UNDERSTANDING OF OUR BASIC LANGUAGE It ,', 5 A toga-clad figure scurried down the hall at 3:15 p.m. and everyone wondered if Caesar's ghost were roaming about Treadwell. No, the Latin Club had prepared a skit for the monthly meeting. "Tinniat, tinniat, tinntinnabulumu the words were strange, but the melody seemed familiar. The group was singing carols in Latin. First row: Beaver, Social Chairman, jones, Treasurer, Higginbothan, Hopkins, So- cial Chairman, Turpin, Vice President, Nolen, Secretary, El- more, Chaplain, Crocker, Pres- ident, Dunivant, King, Har- rell, Pyle. Second row: Moore, Clark, Perry, Granberry, Mil- ler, Clark, Wilson, Waldran, Bowen, Long, Raspberry, Wil- cox, Bishop, Turner, Clark. Third row: Bergdorf, A. King, Armstrong. Moore, Schmidt, Yancey. Fourth row: Sparks, Bridgewater, Hunt, Hoover, Hawks, Griffin, Hol- der, Greaves, Seat, Elam, Hall, Everson, Rouls, Geiger, Lauk- huff, Mayo. Fifth row: Fleen- er, McNeil, Hammett, Clark, Niemsee. i 'NIE 4 x f MM x I 3 I go The Roman Banquet held in May climaxed the year's activities. Typical Roman food was served. A few fortunate first-year students dressed as Roman citizens attended as slaves. Did Caesar's ghost really return and make a speech as he campaigned again for the consulship? First row: Scott, Social Chair- man, Neal, Hatcher, Vice President, Easley, Slover, Pres- ident, McDaniel, Walker, Sec- retary, Davis, Treasurer. Sec- ond row: Smith, McWhirter, Boales, Fly, Noonan, Callo- way, Forrester, Little. Third row: Unsell, Caudle, Chap- man, McAfee, Rushton, Col- lins, Cunningham. Fourth row: Bellamy, Nabors, Han- nings, Robbins, Davis, janss, I23 'Sv-.sf First row: J. Morton, Treas- urer, S. Miller, Secretary, D. Rodgers, President, H. Sey- mour, Chaplain, B. Moore, Social Chairman, V. Cork- ran, Vice President. Second row: D. Caudle, 1. Baker, Mrs, Patterson, Sponsor, B. Gray, -I. Barker. M. Waddell. Third row: H. Haley, S. Cow- ley, K. Rowland, M. Penning- ton. L. Inman, B. Sutherland, B. Shaeffer. S. Smith, B. Brooks. D. Waldo, E. Pruitt. Fourth row: K. Walker, G. Oxendine, S. Noonan, G. Wright, J. Goad, V. Yancey, V, P' if M. Duffy, 1. Starling. I IRIEPJTIIIQIIJIIIB EXPLORES THE ROMANCE LANGUAGE :NWC IE Does anyone sing second soprano?" was Mrs. Hardiman's plaintive plea to the Girls, Glee Club "Un diner, une fete, une danse . . . qu'est-ce qu'il sera?" The French Club's final decision for its major project of the year was a French dinner with food a la mode francaise, a French menu and a French after-dinner speaker. In addition to this event, the French Club studied French customs, learned French songs and took part in many other activities. ww members at the first of the school year. Through transfer of willing first sopranos and altos, enough were finally secured to perform a three-part number on the Christmas program. As a reward for .hard work a social was planned for January. CIIJEIZQIIJIN BRINGS HAPPINESS THROUGH MELODY CLUB l First row: B. Vest, B. Denton, M. Arata, Vice President, C. Lyon, M. McCoy, B. Coker, G. Collier, 1. Morton, W. Feezor. Second row: M. Rogers, J. Hudcabee, M. Smith, Secre- tary-Treasurer, S. Holcomb, P. Watts, J. Boyd, President, R. jones, Social Chairman, S. Rossell. Third row: M. Smith, P. Wrenn, Social Chairman, J. McNeese, A. Hawks, C. Wright, C. jackson, M. Bal- lard, G. Schwendeman, E. McCoy, M, Tatum. First row: D. Williams, Dew. Wallace, Reed, Secretary- Treasurer, George, Pavatte, Steele. Second row: Randolph, Saltz, Phelps, Williams, Rich- ards, Robbins, Harville, Green, Rossal, jarvis, Mrs. Hardiman, Sponsor. Third row: Hol- brook, Mask, Haste, Besinger, Calvin, Hatcher, Hathorn, Mc-' Nutt, Vice President, Moore, Shipman. Fourth row: Pruitt, Hutcherson, Mise, President, Gross, O'Brien, Rye, Summers, McAlister, Wells, Ireland, No- lan, Norman, Morrow. Fifth l row: Brown, Jeffers, Watkins, Nooner, Patterson, jones, Brooks, Hawkins, Douglas. The Senior Chorus is a selective group being com- posed of students chosen by audition. Our first pro- gram was "Christmas in Song, Story, and Legend" given with the Speech Department. A group was chosen to make the much coveted trip to the All-State Chorus in Nashville, April 10-12, and we wound up our busy year with a formal spring concert. SENMMRCHORUS COMPOSES MUSICAL VOICE OF TREADWELL First row: Mask, Shipman, Jones, Jarvis, Patterson, Holbrook, O'Brien, Lynch, Williams, Latch, Moore, Robbins, Inman, Pruitt, Duncan, Haste, Harville, Third row: Hatcher, Hathorn, Besinger, Calvin, Ireland, George, Norman MTHCLEFS PRESENT MUSICAL VARIETY Treadwell Clefs Club is a group of vocal music students whose aim is threefold: to further the stu- dent's interest in music, to aid students by serving as an audience for learning performers, to have fun! Meetings were held in homes of members on the second Monday of each month. The piano was the gathering place for an informal bit bf singing. Brooks, Rossal. Second row: Green, Watkins, Gross, Wells, Saltz, McNutt, Morrow, Wallace, Reed, Secretary-Treasurer X 1 W Owen, Taylor, Phelps, Rye, Hawkins, McAlister, Brantley, Richards. Fourth row: Waldo, Summers, Brown, Wil , 1 . I ,Hr , 1--:iffy .. 1' .T liams, Holt, Jeffers, Hutcherson, Steele, Vise, Cox, Murray, Dew, Douglas, Social Chairman, Nolan, Nooner. mimi .. tl HISTORY CLUB DELVES INTO OUR HISTORICAL PAST "Hurry, Billy! Come' on, Carole, the bus is ready to leave!" This was the cry heard when the History Club made its annual trip to Shiloh National Park. This year for the first time the club visited the vari- ous historical markers in Memphis in addition to DeSoto Park, the Mageveny Home and other points of interest. First row: C. B. Hutcherson, Social Chairman, C. Morris, Secretary, L. Smith, Treasurer, D. Rodgers, President, B. Mask, Social Chairman, J. Mc- Mahon, Vice President, J. Pen- nel, Chaplain, D. Guyman. Second row: Mr. Hatton, Spon- sor, S. Haste, M. Dodson, A. Cook, M. Duffy, N. Light- fort, L. Dennis, B. Shaw, S. Ervin, M. Byrd, B. Moore, S. Noonan, L. Autry, M. McDan- iel, C. Holbrook. Third row: D. Drake, D. Kinser, B. Price, M. Boals, G. Scott, P. Ballin- ger, P. Lee. Fourth row: F. Brewer, R. Smith, C. Dearth, B. Smith, S. Odom, L. Hen- dren, G. Brannon. l26 First row: M. Boyle, R. Dew, P. Beaver, Vice President, B. Franklin, C. Buzbee, D. Bow- en, President, M. A. Smith, Second row: S. Walker, J. jones. tl. Crimer, E. Nowell, R. Patterson, S. Miller, S. jones, N. Powell. F. Tatum. Third row: L. Palmer, B. King, D. Whaley, N. jones, G. Craw- ford, R. Colvin, C. Smith, B. Brock, M. Campbell, B. Reed. Fourth row: Mrs. Hughes, Sponsor, L. Harrell, K. Walk- er, M. Pennington, W. Whit- ten, L. Collins, G. Oxendine, M. Blackwell, L. Tines, N. Petty, -I. Clark, M. Harris, J. , Ryan. "Study, strive, serve," is the motto of the Tri-S Club, which was organized to assist students in learn- ing good principles of higher culture. During the year each member undertook a task for. the improvement of himself, his school, or his community, such as the collection of money to aid Hungarian refugees. AIDS DEMOCRACY IN TREADWELL TRLS First row: M. Rowland, D. Guyman, S. Sharp. M. Cobb, B. Price. Second row: C. Brammer, B. Cawthorne. Third row: B, Wfilbanks, B. Ware. W. Rushton. Fourth row: M. Finger, F. Brewer. Fifth row: R. Mott. H. Loen- neke, J. Bailey. Sixth row: D. Kinser, G. Scott, J. Gaines, G. Perrymari. R. Smith, R. Brown, C. Pearson, C. Smith. F. Pierce. W. Crossno, J. Perry. Seventh row: B. Brown, R. Randolph, Goings, R. McGoff. L. Ste- gall, J. Sullivan. j. Crane, I.. Todd, R. Dickison, D. Cath- ey, H. E. McCall. SERVICE WITH A SMILE. Refreshments! That's our motto. May we serve you? The Treadwell Key Club, a service organization composed of thirty "Key" boys chosen from our senior high school, is sponsored by the Memphis Kiwanis Club. The objectives of the club include development of initiative, leadership, and citizenship. ,CZ HTH ciuuia U rosTERs SPORTSMANSHIP 7 l Ill KEY cron l Q X LEADS THE SCHOOL IN SERVICE Q E X9iQF?fff'l' One of Treadwell's finest clubs for sports-minded boys is the "T" Club. To become a member onexmust first earn a varsity letter. The awarding of this sym- bol recognizes the wearer as outstanding in athletic ability, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Receiving the honor of membership in this club is a highlight in a boy's school career. i First row: V. Corkran,' C. Mason, Secretary, M. Cobb, Vice President, S. Sharp, Treasurer, H. Loenneke, Pres- ident. Second row: G. Holt, R. Hainesk, R. Ragsclale, T. Petty, L. Cockrum, W. Rush- ton, D. McGee, D. Mont- gomery, T. Scott, L. Walker, B. Reed, R. Clark. Third row: B. Wilbanks, R. Saigeon, R. Mott, L. Davis, B. Price, D, Kinser, M. Miller, C. Jones, M. Raggett, J. Mayo, R. Dew, R. Brown, B. Pickle. Fourth row: D. McMahon, D. Drake, D. Janss, W. Vaughn, C. Pearson, T. Bell, R. Crow, D. Bellamy, L. Smith, D. Bowen, G. Perryman, S. Haynie. I27 Left to right: Ora Belle Mar- tin, joe Pennel, jim Marquis, Diane Rodgers, Edna Lollis, john McLeod, Julia Brunn. Lights! Camera! Action! Thespians are at work, bringing drama to Treadwell. The drama was the chief concern of the Thespians, we also indulged in many varied activities. Our two major productions of the year were, "Our Hearts were Young and Gay," and a choral reading at Christmas. p,HE7,,4 N 1: THESPHANS te' yi f P HIGI-ILIGHT TREADWELL'S DRAMATIC LIFE ' H N. F. L.. I OFFERS SPEAKING EXPERIENCE Debate, oratory, extemporaneous speaking-These are only a few of the challenges which confront speech students in the National Forensic League. Six students went to the Southern Speech Convention at Athens, Georgia, where they represented Treadwell in all speech activities. Our aims include promoting self-development through public speaking, and en- couraging competition. First row: Donna Shipman, Edna Lollis, Secretary, Har- riet Seymour, Treasurer, Lin- da McDaniel, Julia Brunn, President, joe Pennel, Social Chairman, Billie Shaw, So- cial Chairman. Second row: Barbara Biddle, Pauline VC'renn, Sandra Wfalker, Mary Carolyn Campbell, Diane Rod- gers, Ora Belle Martin, Mar- tha Jane Smith, Georganna Randall. Third row: Frank Brewer, Dale McGee, Charles Steele, Tim Clemons, john McLeod, Dave Howell. Standing: Joe Pennel, Mr. Lineberry. Seated: Earline Ru- ark, Charles Dearth, Shelby Coleman, Billie Miller, Mary Sue Lett, Helen Snipes, John McLoed, Ellis Knight. 1 2. LAW CLUB The Law Club is composed of law students who wish to increase their knowledge of how our legal system functions. We obtained information first hand by visiting court and having men connected with law speak at our meetings. "Money, money, money-always wanted and always needed," became our slogan when sixteen of us "F.H.A.-ers" wanted to make that trip to State Con- vention in Nashville in March. Skating parties, Hobo Days, and dances helped make our wish come true. The Future Homemakers of America is an integral part of the program of Home Economics. Offering opportunity for carrying out activities related to home- making, the F.H.A. is a national organization of high school pupils studying homemaking. lF..ll'll.A. M "S FASHIONS TOMORROW'S S K is o , ' a 5 m 'I 2 'kai N f W Seated: K. Zumbro, President, M. Anthony, L. Miller, Treas- urer, S. Rossell, J. Chandler, N. Slover, B. Jackson, J. Mc- Camon, A. McNeely, B. Phil- lips, B. Collins, P. French, B. Youngman, M. Schrimsher, A. Gilmer, Vice President, L. Boggs, P. Nichols, M. Felts, D. White, J. Jackson, B. Mar- tin. Standing: L. Parks, B. Jones, S. Madden, J. Harville D. Sweeney, S. Ree, J. Thom- as, C. Lyon, R. Bowling, B. Thompson, G. Woods, J. Lee, B. Gross, J. Carter, B. Davis, G. Schwendeman, P. Rye, C. Wright, C. Wadlington, A. Watson, J. Jones. Not pic- tured: E. McCoy, Secretary. y i l SENIOR LIBRARIANS PROVIDE HELPFUL INFORMATION "I just can't find that book I wanted, and I have to have it for my report!" Here comes a library as- sistant, willing and helpful, running to the rescue. Many other library routines and processes, chiefly clerical and mechanical, were performed by student ,ui 'rim First row: S. Haines, P. Lew- is, E. Bennett, Secretary-Treas- urer, L. Butler, Social Chair- man. L. Barton, President, C. Holbrook. Second row: D. Edwards, M. Cole, A. White, L. XX'ilIiams. D. XVhaley, B. Shaw. Reporter, M. Finger, D. Bradford. assistants who devoted many hours of their spare time to library work during the year. Highlighting the social side of the Library Club were parties and the traditional Spring Library Tea. JUNIOR lL,llBRARllANS FURNISH ADVENTURE First row: P. Howell, S. No len, F. Boling, N. Gibson, J. Byron, J. Brock, A. Cherry, B Conners, A. Matthews, Mrs Jenkins, Sponsor, M. Martin, J. Barron. s.:.t,t.t2'atrN -J" 'wif' First row: Mason, Stone, Lol lis, Burton, Stedman, McGee, Fowler, Pruitt, Crouch. Bel lamy, Hicks, Autry, Hanna, Chrisman, Ballinger. Malueg, Weston, Morris, Cook, Miller, Crane, Cutler, Mask, Kelsall, Franklin, Brunn, Rodgers, King, Lightfort, Smith. Moore, Brooks, Dalrymple, Goings v Wright, Seymore, Luton, Crocker, Westmoreland, Hines, Brown. Cobb, Marquis, Bowen, Raggett, Mashburn Lowe, Herron, McMahon, MC- Daniel, Shaw, Coolidge, Drake, Garrison, Todd, Kin- ser, Heywood, Caudle, Osteen, Petty, Cash, jones, Loenneke, Rowland, Smith, Gibson, Caw- thorne, Pugh, Brown, Sharp, Hopper, Price, Scott, Caudle, Trafford, Smith, Patterson, Hanley, Perryman. x "" .fx ! Xxx 'I gvgff-sf. I SCIENCE CLUB 7 Homo sapiens galore! How else could one describe -il CREATES SCIENTIFIC INITIATIVE the collection? From field trips to socials, from leaves c ff to laboratories, it maintains this scientific attitude. The result, sometimes hilarious, was always educa- tional. 'lust name one other biology club that has a "bug bop" social. BOOM! BOOM! What was that? "Oh! You say it was coming from the Science Club room? What were they doing?'! "Stimulating interest in science, developing scientific ways of thinking, and building a I, T' p wholesome philosophy of life." "How did they do ' .T it?" "You see, they used outstanding films and field ff P gi JH trips." STUDIES MIRACLES OF LIVING CREATURES fi '41-V-' ., i First row: Hollingsworth, Comer, Chrisman, Neal, Ha ley, Boales, Scott, Whaley, Walker, Crimer, Phillips, Hannings, Austin, Cole, Clark, Davis, Wilson, Smith, Pen nington, Franklin, Pearson, Schrimsher, Slover, Campbell, Watts, Slover, Barentine, Os teen, Osborne, Crawford, Heinz, Lawson, Buzbee, Mc- Whirter, Walker, Lott, Phil lips, Carr, Roberts, Gray, Turner, Lee, McDaniel, Huck abee, VanEaton, Carson Thomas, Bolton, Ballinger Townsend, Nabors, jagerman, Thompson, Thomas, Fowler McAfee, Williams, Rushton, Cunningham, Fly, Parker, Cobb, Green, Davis, Nowell Graves, Uncell, McCannon janss, Coy, Collins, Emerick, Ragsdale, Rodgers, johnson, Kibby. l3l a 1 v 1 First row: G. Oxendine, C. Smith, L. Smith, K. Walker, R. Ragsdale, P. Lee, J. Mc- Leod, B. Nabors. Second row: B. Cates, B. Smith, L. Par- ker, C. McAtee, J. Gibson, B. Kutz, R. Reid, B. Phillips, C. Halford. L. Richards. Third row: C. B. Hutcherson Mrs. Harris, Sponsor, M. Mci Whirter. J. Boyd, J. Good- man, P. Rye. B. Martin. F Dawson, C. Bills, S. Davis J. Eastwood, P. Osteen, G Norman. Fourth row: F. Brewer, B. Youngman, G Malueg, B. King, F. Morris, B. Simpsom. R0 um 4 SU 'PQ C 41 .rUNroR RED eiaoss BETTERS HUMAN RELATIONS Boxes, boxes, boxes-have you ever seen so enrollment fee, too! 1 T w A ' . many boxes. he Red Cross representatixes certain Again Treadwcll had 8 hundred Per Cent enroll- l 'h ' f'l h . - Y Worked wit their homerooms to 11 tem Re ment from sixty-two homerooms. Throughout the member what wonderful response we had with the year we found much fun in helping others. First row: R. Barrentine, J. Surratt, W. Galloway, K. Kobbermann, J. Holt. W. Pinkerton. R. Stone, J. Blank. B. Colvin. K. Smith. Second row: D. Autry, C. Sowell, R. Prescott, F.,Lokey. B. Mor- risette, J. Corder. R. Horns- by, T. Robertson. D. Mauney. B. Hatcher, J. Taylor. Third row: B. Hawkins, A. Mat- thews. P. Greaves. S. Gross, A. Voss. J. Fleenor, M. Sparks, J. Walters. B. Cecil. P. Moore, N. Drake. L. Shel- ton. Fourth row: M. Hunt. L. Raspberry, C. Bishop, V Herndon. J. Hydrick, j. R0- chester, J. Lee, N. Anderton P. Duffy, L, Wfiles. B. Mad clox. SECRETARHAL CLUB SUPPLIES COMPETENT SECRETARIES Attention-Secretaries of tomorrow! Heres something you will be interested in-the Secretarial Club. The club was organized for the purpose of helping its members learn more about the business world and be- come better acquainted with the duties of a good secretary. We visited business firms to observe their office procedures, and we also invited the personnel of different firms to speak at our meetings. The ex- periences the girls gained in this club will help to give them incentive and confidence in future office work. 51 L' WSV II. xgz i!Cf ff 1,2 fy C 'L if R! M52 1 1, ,- First row: P. Laney, J. House, E. N. Palmer, J. Clement, Treasurer, R. Wilson, Presi- dent, C. Jordan, Vice Presi- dent, J. McMahon, Social Chairman, R. Tracy, Secretary, M. McDaniel, Reporter, W. Atchley, B. Brooks, V. Shem- well. Second row: S. Coleman, B. Cates, A. Maybry, B. My- natt, A. White, I. Young, J. Rogers, J. Hathorn,.M. Bar- row, C. Bills, G. Wright, S. Haste, G. Schwendeman, B. Collins, A. Sweeney. Third row: S. Ritter, J. Mobley, B. Olhausen, V. McKee, C. John- son, P. Stewart, A. Barron, Mrs. Buffaloe, Sponsor, H. Snipes, B. Pierce, C. Ruark, E. johnson, C. Underwood, M. Boone, P. Allen, J. Stone. Help wanted! That's the call that the office assistants answered in their free periods. They give thei-r as- sistance by answering the telephone, picking up and delivering absentee cards, running errands, and doing many miscellaneous jobs. OlFlFllClE, ASSllS'll'ANTS HELP TRANSACT SCHOOL BUSINESS Cole, Autry, Crawford, Hanley. Below: Clement, Rye, Welch, Clark, Calloway, Hatcher. Howell, Forrester, Noonan Below: Fowler, Randle Wright, Howell, Chit wood, Martin. TR ltilll-T MAINTAIN CHRISTI ein living, clean scholars li v, in worts, 1 svechftl is thc motto of the Hi-Y and the Tri- Hi-X. The Treiidwell club mem- i Above K First row: - jones, Huckabee. For- rester. Osborne, Craw- ford, G. Boals, Cobb, P. Boals. Grant. Sec- ond row: Hatcher, Cal- loway, Leatherwood, Townsend, Xword. Par- ker, Miller, Arnold, Nichols. Third row: McNeely. Lee, Randal. Gray, Lott, Carr, Har- ville. Townsend. Fourth row: Nabors, Van Eaton, Diebolt M, Ballinger, Garner, Howell, V. McDaniel, Cowan, Tucker, Cole Campbell. Vaughn, Fifth row: Roberts, French, Bolton, Carter, Wocmdside. Brady, Phil- lips, McCamon. Thompson, Thomas. v First row: Barrow, Ballinger, Young, Atch- ley, Best, Moultrie, Holbrook. Second row: Lee, Grant, Jordon, Ervin, Dennis, Byrd. Tracy, Waldo, Biddle, Dodson, Duffy. Third row: Olhausen, Mobley, Zumbro, johnson, B. Martin, Barron, McMahon, Meadows, Camp. bell, Arata, Pitts. Snipes. Fourth row: A. Mai'- tin, Hatcher, French, Ritter, Summers, McDan- iel, Boals, Rye, Moultrie. Ruark, Pierce, Mosby, Doss, Crouch. Fifth row: Autry, Mask, Pat- terson, Moore, Lightfort, Tarpley. Dwyer, Rob- bins, jackson, Swaim, Cook, Morris. Sixth row: Noonan, Veteto, Youngman, Hawkins, Maxey, Allen. l34 bers .ire living up to this motto by carrying out projects for world service and performing services to First row: Saltz, jones Wrenn. Rossell, Mil- ler. Second row: Duke Feezor, Veteto, Tatum, La Fitte, Vfelch, Fow- ler. Haines, Jacobs, Smith. Third row: Chapman, Agent, Har- ris. Blackwell, Powell Nabors. Gilbreath. Smith. Starling, Wfitt McAlister, Colvin, Fourth row: Stuart. Rowland, Carpenter, Thompson, Goad, O'Brien, Goad. Fifth row: Carson. Graves, Cavender, Hollings- v worth, Crimer, Nowell Barnett, Banton, Suth- erland. McAfee, Peter- son, Templeton. E LLOXVSHIP the community, thereby 'making themselves better citizens. On the other hand, dances, parties, and all other types of wholesome fun form an important part in the lives of Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y members. First row: Gordon, Hammitt, Roy, Wfald- ron.- Green, Rodgers, Nolen, Hopkins, Go- forth. Gross. Second row: XY'alton, Lynch, Bigby, Baggett, Raynor, Holt, Bowen, Yancey, Holder, Long. Third row: Warren. Man- ness, Pike, Howell, Gray, Griffin, Colli- son, Joyce, Dlugach, King. Cherry, McNeill, Roach. Fourth row: Vaughn, Newton, Graves, Randle, Mc- Neese, Long, Martin, Maharrey, Parker, Hutcherson, Greaves. Matthews. 21? Above - First row: M. Barrow, Vice Presi- dent, J, Young, Secre- tary, P. Ballinger, Treasurer, W. Atch- ley, President. Second row: M. Rowland, Treasurer, S. Sharp, Secretaryg M. Cobb, Vice President, B, Brown, President, R. Tracy, Chaplain First row: Rowland, Cobb, Brown, Sharp, Goings. Second row: King, Williams, Neal, Smith, White, Bishop, Bailey, Guyman, Ste- gall, Kinser, Green, Pearson, McGee, Brooks. Third row: Perry, Vaughn, McAfee, Coy, Col- lins, Rushton, Cunningham, Hopper, Gibson, Chambers, Mott, Smith, Scott, Todd, Pugh, Adams, Fourth row: Halford, Beale, Garret- son, Wilbanks, Cathy, Perry, Randolph, Ney- man, Woodard, Raynor, Perryman, McNeil, Rooks. l I35 153 25315 is Ei ii gum- K 1w:ig.??i 'x Q . ,M J.: '--. ' . Treadwell .......,.... 13 Treadwell Treadwell VARSITY SCOREBOARD Messick ...,,,.28 Paducah, Ky. Columbus, Miss. .... .....,. 1 2 , .,.,,,, 0 Treadwcll ,.,.......,. 34 I-Iumes .....,,,A,. .. .,,.,,, 19 1, Y 3 fffyi., 2 1 Y ig .- Treadwell ...,,....s,, 7 Tech A,,,,,.,...s Y,,,.,, 6 fqKQ'i?f,-fti,,,.S ' .ill 'it ' Treadwell .........,.. 25 Catholic Y,,.,. .,..,,, 8 rt A I 7. , ' Treadwell, ,,.. 6 south side ssccc c,,,c.. 2 o jg f, ' Treadwell .,.....,c,,. 34 East .,s,,...,.s. ...YA.. 4 J 6 " I Treadwell ............ 7 C. B. C. .,.,,, ....,. 7 Treadwell .,.......... 13 Central ..,, .. 6 Light Bowl Treadwell .....,....,. 13 Whitehax'en ,,,... .,.,.. 2 0 I 3 - , I First row: Loenneke, Alred, Brooks, Stegall, Scott, Cobb, Rowland, ! B. Brown, Guymon, Mott, Gaines, Crossno, Goings, Price, Kinser. I 'I ' Second row: Cox, Ware, G. Williams, Beale, Wilbanks, Cook, Raynor, Perry, Brammer, Lowry, Douglas, Burge, McAfee, Perry, 6 ww 6 Cawthorne, Wakefield. Third row: Ray, Pruitt, Dickison, King, I . , I "' 6 ,Q - l I aaa. 1 . . U ROGER "" U l..., +7 - ' .. Y i mff . - I I , I 3 SENIOR - emphis ,-.,, 31 , 111 , ,ff 1 i , 5.5 jj' .. ' - I - l End 1 I ivs- .1 ,,..........,.......... , I .,,. - - . ! 3 , 1 iq 'Sirens Z.. F I ,M , . i.,,. . ,1-, . V JOE 7 5- 'lf E QT Wt? HS End MICKEY , 5 , rf 3 ,5 ir 6,-'Inq I Q li I COBB I .- 3 1 at L. Tackle GLENN E i I H cumin SCOTT 3, k 1 t ,...,., Tc.. Tackle JOHN 3 W 1 GAINES -- ' 1 rrie Tackle BU-LY ALRED Tackle S E WILLIAM MIKE CROSSNO ROWLAND Tackle Guard Co-Captain 9 ri Guymon scores on 82 yard run I BATTLE THROUGH A TOUGH Treadwell 12 Paduqah 0 Treadwell, after four tries, handed Paducah a 12-0 beating. Darrel Guymon sprinted 82 yards in the first quarter for the first marker taking a pitchout from john Perry. One min- ute after the opening of the second half, Perry found end Roger Mott in the end zone for the second tally. Treadwell 25 Catholic 8 Treadwell, leaving the field at half on the short end of an 8 to 6 score, tallied two times in the third quarter and once in the last to hand the Terriers a 25 to 8 defeat. john Perry and Bob Price were Treadwell big offensive guns. JUNIOR VARSITY SCOREBOARD Treadwell ............ 13 M, U. S, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 0 Treadwell .........,.. 3 8 Bartlett ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 3 Treadwell ............ 6 Germantown ,..... 6 Treadwell ............ 1 3 White Station .... 24 Treadwell ............ 21 Whitehaven ........ 1 3 'if Stewart, Lowe, Coy, Cunningham, Rushton, Collins, Keeling, - Pearson, Sullivan, R. Brown, Randolph. Fourth row: Morrow, - Jones, Enos, Honeysuckle, johnson, Lee, R. Williams, Snipes, - Crane, McGoff, Russell, Todd, janss, F. Pearson. ! ..............- gl- , 1 l Yily .F . JIMMIE s o r - I u ' ' 2 BAILEY - P 'ni I . HENRY Manager V W - 3 "W L- te' LOENNEKE 1 , I "' E f Back gulf! - .,:-- ,, V A I 5- " ' - 1 ' Q if I E DAVID 1, . Z, '- Q' . E KINSER ' ge f"' 'Q E P BOB Back I V i . PRICE F ,,, A DARELL Back -. fa GUYMON E All-Memphis Back 3 A ,Q LARRY fi' STEGALL H. E. Center MCCALL BERNIE Guard BROWN Guard EAGLES TEN GAME SCHEDULE Treadwell 13 Central 6 John Perry, playing his best game of the season behind a very determined line, threw 16 times, completing seven for 139 yards including a 23 yard pitch to Roger Mott for the first score. In the second quarter Perry handed off to Guymon who slanted to left for four yards and the Eagles' second score. Treadwell 13 Columbus 12 A successful conversion by Darell Guymon in the fourth period was all Treadwell needed to shade Columbus 13-12. Both teams scored in the second and fourth pe- riods. Kinser recovers Perry's blocked punt. li. fl 'fe Left to right: "Doc" Fowler, Coach Hardke, Coach Cobb, Coach MacDougal. Treadwell 34 East 0 The Eagles smoothed their feathers with East High for a brush. Claude Pearson, Darell Guymon, and Louie Todd united sl-:ills for five Treadwell scores. The boys who are usually seen on the bench got acquainted with a rough turf. They, too, showed strength to hold East scoreless. Treadwell 7 C. B. C. 7 The Eagles tossed C. B. C. out of their first league championship. It was a battle royal from start to finish with the final score seven to seven, showing favor to neither team. The coaches put in many long hard hours for which they often receive too little credit During, a game they are under nearly as much pressure and tension as the players. Coach MacDougal has been the athletic director for the past three years while Coach I-larclke has served as line coach. Assisting them as backfield coach during this time has been Coach Cobb, who has rendered in- valuable service in working with the Eagles. The fact that "Doc" Fowler is always stand- ing by to administer first aid gives the Eagles confidence to tackle any team. Under the guidance of these excellent mentors, Treadwell has attained a good rec- ord and has developed high ideals of sports- manship. Left to right: Andy Durby, Pointer I-lasting, Jimmie Bailey, Don- ald Cathey, Johnny Crosset, our managers, battle jerseys and equipment to have the team ready for each game. Price gains valuable yardage against stubborn C. B. C. WN-...W ,ll ul' lk 5. ' I Q 17 VK gi ji, J 1 U ,R 7. , w s A ' f , 9 A iw , L an funky 'Y if fc Cfhbv 22 ig, if 35' 4. ' ' ' ' u Q 05. Sn - Ay. 71411 f HE lP7lElEl TWETZS First row: B. Blair, D. Mashburn, J. Sanders, Hodge. Second row: J. Bland, P. Wilbanks, B. Schroclc, T. Volt, J. Witaker. Third row: P. Templeton. B. Clark, R. Kepler, P. Crawford, D. Ewing. L. Scott. Fourth row: P. Leake, J. Escarre, K. Kobberman, B. Phillips, R. Coleman, D. Mooney. Insets: Coaches Darrell Janes, left, and Sam Evans, right. Treadwell's Pee Wee team entered the league for the first time this year. Twenty-five boys qualified for the team. Two of our former football players, Darrell Janes and Sam Evans, taught them the principles of the game. LEARN IUNDAMENTALS OF HIGH SCHOOL FOO FBALL In his first year at Treadwell Coach Peterson greatly rival The team although winning only tvwo out processed the material which he found upon his ar six league games showed good sportsmanship First row: B. Millwood M Beech B Waltcan R Durby H Myrick V Scott M Cicalla B jordan Second row S Carnes, H. Wood, B. Mymtt C McCray B leltus R Tullos W Brown P jones E McGoff R Whitaker B McPherson. Third row K Miller D Meadows G Howell D Howell C Brown M Mohundro D Morris P Reinhardt. Fourth row: B Ryan K Farley T Hunt D Howard T Mardis D Campbell M Schuster K Nabors ' 1 ff -. s -fa -. . x Hy.-F. .Q 151 X 'Q a T' 'Q 1 ww!-L . we at is tm X ll ,,, ,., .SAIOR ilfl,ll:rlTl C' 'lil 'li' 'li' R 'l Qli' 'X D li' R S i,,.1i,1. ,i..,1.i . ,.1, Peppyl Spirited l Determined l Animated! These words describe the nine girls who boosted the morale of the students and Baby Eagles. Left to right: Charlene Hutcherson, Mary jane Randle, Bonnie Holder, Car- ol Roy, Linda Long, Lauren Waldren Martha Bowen, Vicki Holt, Gloria Grif- fin. s JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SCORES Treadwell ,,,,,..r,,,, 14 Treadwell .,,.,,,,.... 0 Treadwell ,,..,,,,,,,, 6 Treadwell Treadwell Treadwell Colonial .,,,,,..,.., 31 East ,,,,,,,..,,......... 33 White Station U40 Messick ,,,.....,r,,,, 15 Training ,,,,, ,,,Y., 0 Kingsbury ,,,,..,.., 6 Managers jerry Levy, Paul Miller and Mike Morris prepared the equipment for the forthcoming game. Coach Joe Peterson prepared the schedule for afternoon practice sessions I I E 3 Q s Left to right: Coach MacDougal, Darell Guymon, Martin Raggett, Tommy Cash, Louie Todd, Robert Randolph, Tommy Pugh, Mike Rowland, Joe Crane, Mickey Cobb, Claude Pearson, Skip Sharp. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHOOL SPIRIT AND HIGH-POWERED TEAMWORK BACKED THE TEAM IN EVERY GAME Although Treadwell's basketball victories were few From the beginning of the first quarter until the last this year, the players had good teamwork which en- fCW seconds Of the game, TfCadWCll'S boys played abled them to give every opponent a fierce struggle. good ball and were a credit to the entire school. Sharp scores as Central whips Tfeadwell 62 to 50, Randolph attempts as Treadwell bounces Tech 77 to 57. . wg' K i . -iffy f . 1 ' fig , 'if ' 1 . sr' . gf' 1 'ik i . K 1 in S A .Li ,, on if fin lr' 1-Q' . JE w m , .fm 1 1 - fy ? A Q. - Twwfsi- .lnfxvgjzrf . 4 1' -"- mm K M, av if S ff V ff 32 mn, vm. Q.. i 42 an Qi f ,,,,,fe:, -gy: -- W i45 A ' 1 , b. f f g Qf: ar-ri QE f M M ek ,QTL . ' 4 . . Www? ' ife.f:fif . V x.,..,.,A ,.. viii y r , I, ,:., , I eg2ii ' W., K 235 QS, J syyz A W ij? f nf 33 3 , h: lh' , M.-A 1 1,- Q, -:A. , , 4 g l if K ff X KA as ' 9' 1 3 h . by Z? iyg K t Q N! S f W W. - W Vhh Q DQ5-. h l Z . y is ' i s ff: i if 5 izz 6 X , 'ig : Ef: ' f ' f S . -, ' X ' ' -Y '- . I M - . - 1' X -1 :NIQI I .. ,V f ul 5 S 'lu 5 Q ,.,:1 .fi : :' . fe! , . if qs Q ,K 5' A fe Vk f ' .. ...,. 3 V M'-L - LII' ,L 156 First row: Bob Durby, Buddy Milwood, Tom Girger, Bob Mynatt. Second row: Victor Patty, Bob Walton, Fred Drake, Earl Mfooff, Gary Howell, Coach Peterson, jim Fareley, Larry Higgin- bothan, Bart Ryan, Bill jones, Ray Tellus. JUNTUR BASKETBALL Since these junior high boys will form the future will greatly benefit the Senior high team in the coming senior high team, the fundamentals they learn now years. I JUNIOR SCORE BOARD Treadwell ,,,,,,,, 39 Kingsbury ....,,,, Treadwell ,,,,, H50 Hollywood Treadwell ,,.,,,, 26 Training ,,,,,,,, Treadwell ..., 22 White Sta. ,,,, .31 T1-eadwell ,,,Y M43 East VVVYY Treadwell 46 Colonial ,,,,,,,,, Treadwell ,,,,, 19 Kingsbury ,,,,,, 28 Tfeadwell ,,,,,,,, 17 White Sta' r Treadwell 21' Messick ,,,,,,,,,,,, Treadwell. 47 Training ,,,,,,, ...54 Treadwell 40 Hollywood Treadwell ..,.,, .45 Colonial ,,,,,,,, . .32 JUNIOR TOURNAMENT Treadwell 22 East , ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Treadwell, ,,,,, 47 Messick ,,,,,,,.,,.. 40 Treadwellwwib Messick i H "B" TEAM SCOREBOARD Treadwell .,...... 22 Kingsbury ,,,.,,,,,,,, Treadwell ,,,,,,,, 24 Training ,,,.,,,,,,,...,. Treadwell ,,,,.... 39 Hollywood .,,......,,. Treadwell ......,, 20 East ,,,,.,,.,,,,, ,,..,., Treadwell ..,..... 34 Kingsbury ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Treadwell ....,... 3 1 Training ,,,,, ,,,,,,, Treadwell ,,,,,,,. 29 Colonial ...., .... . . Treadwell ,,ii,.,. 28 East ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Treadwell .,,,,., 13 Colonial ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Treadwell ,,,,,,,. 24 Hollywood ........,,,, First row: Charles Hatcher, Danny Mash- burn, Andy Durbin, George Petty. Second row: Don Mooney, Philip Sanders, Robert Kepler, Mike Mahundro, John Collins, Tom Sanders, Kobby Koberman, Bob Blair, Don Wolf. HBH TEAM TEAM First row: Charles Pearce, Frank Pearson, Ray Clark, Dale McGee, Billy Thomas, Jim Ryan. Second row: Joe Comer, Manager jim Tonahill, Bob Price, Darell Guymon, Lewis Sellars, Claude Pearson, Manager Don Cathey. BASEBALL 9546 BUILDS SPORTSMANSHIP, TEAMWORK, AND PHYSICAL SKILL The Treadwell Eagles, repeating their successful ner-up. In the state tourney at Nashville, in spite of season of 1955, recaptured the prep, district, and re- hard playing, they were again beaten by the same gional titles, and once again they were the state run- team QChattanooga Centralj by the same score! McKee throws a curve to Pearson during the state tournament. nil PEARSON CHARLIE PEARCE All-Memphis All-Legion T f BOB PRICE DARELL GUYMON All-Legion All-Legion All-State All-State " JOE COMER All-Legion T 1 'alkyl V . V g. X 1 ,.. 1 435 , Ab i M -- in L ette f A E LEWIS SELLERS JOHN PERRY DALE MCGEE Price picks off runner during the state tournament. 1 eff? , FRANK PEARSON LEGION TEAM First row: J. Comer, L. Tubbs, D. Guy- mon, J. Perry, B. Price, C. Pierce, Mr. Maybry, Coach Farino, M. Raggett, R. Williams, G. Miller, D. McGee, D. Cathey, B. McAfee. Back row: L. Sell- ers, F. Pearson, R. Clark. For the first time in Tread- well's history one of their legion teams won the city championship. With the fine record of 16 wins to two losses in the city, they went to the state tournament where they Treadwell PREP SCORES were runners-up. Catholic -..---- ----. 1 Treadwell ......... .... 7 Catholic .... ..... 5 Treadwell Southside -.... .---- 1 Treadwell ................ 10 Tech .......... ..... 5 Tfei'-dwell -------------'-- Tech ---------- ----- 2 Treadwell ........ ..... 1 C. B. C. .... ..... 2 Treadwell Messick .... ..... 0 Treadwell ................ 8 Humes ...... ..... 4 Treadwell ---------------- C- B. C. .... ..... 3 Treadwell ................ 10 Central ...... ..... 5 Treadwell Humes ...... ..... 6 Treadwell ........ ..... 3 Tech .......... ..... 2 Treadwell -----------4---w Cfiflffal ......... ........ 1 4 Treadwell ........ ..... 5 Southside ..... ..... 1 Treadwell ---------------- Southside ..... .............. 8 Treadwell ........ ..... 6 Messick ........................ 1 CITY TOURNAMENT REGIONAL TOURNAMENT STATE TOURNAMENT Treadwell ............ 3 Central ............ 0 Treadwell ----..-,..ff 3 Whitehaven ..--.. 0 Treadwell ............ 6 Rule .........,,..... 10 Treadwell ............ 2 Central ............ 1 Treadwell ............ 3 Jackson ............ 2 Treadwell ............ 5 Litton ...,.......... 1 Treadwell ............ 3 Rule .......,.....,,. 2 Treadwell ....,....... 5 Pearson scores as Treadwell wins second game of state tourney. Chattanooga .. 5 Kneeling: Coach Fowler. Left to right: Ralph Haynes, Henry Left to i-ightg Billy McMahon, Dick McMahon, Warren Loenneke, Douglass Janns, Skip Sharp, Schmidt, Dick Drake, 'W ' 'XI , il X XX will Tlfifklwf SWIMMING TEAM AIMS AT LOW SCORES SPLASHES FOR POINTS TRACK STRIDES FOR POINTS IN DIFFERENT EVENTS The ffaCk team Of '56, who fif1iShf3d fifth in the Coach Harkey, who was pleased, feels that this year's city meet, practiced untiringly on the fundamentals of team will finish much higher iii the Standings than track and brought home many firsts in different that of hist year, events. First row: Charles Beale, Donald Caudle, Richard Smith, Ronald Caudle, George Perryman, Lloyd Smith, Wayne jolly. Second row: Frank Brewer, Mike Rowland, David Kinser, Cecil Smith, Gary Wallace, Rodney Cobb, Ray Dickison, Henry Loenneke, Mitchell Herron. .ff ,. . , ut , A "Nw E.: wp.. 4, i in tru' I K 'yr , L s, V . .rs-... 4, W " .V " ab , M V, l .s V 'ir fy 5 sv ai.. M fo' in Q, Q, ' ' lu, .. A M551 2-W"."4.t. S S ,, ' v-sw mas: 1,-f., .iz A i ' . gf9..l.ff't5'?i':' fm-waiw-v" 1 'rw f"iaCw13,ux - Z ML fra-f ei 1-1, . t cm LQ Tiff' '. -p,,'.,i93m-rfwyi-Q . N . ,. 'QQ' - X--MQKMQQAQQ yi 1 wit, 75- t4,,,ff'r, 44 - J Y 'Q . I I I 2 .f ,. -QW i ft...m, ni .."'sgf':g5,, 'L' s 'w x . i ,,,. f 15523271 4 N- 1'-Hf,Q:s.wfvw.Zn 1 K i . 'fr i m ," !. i gimme. :W . .7-:.V' "' Q W as Q tr Qg?5,3,w,..4 V . 7 0 ,,, sl. ,J N - l'1gf.?s.t.f ,xi we . , A -' ii: 4 f fr. It ' -, i t 7. 7 M513 gy rag 9.75. ' .-'W 1. Glenn Scott sets to throw the discus. Richard Smith prepares to pole vault. Richard Smith, Coach Harkey, and Mitchell Heron admire the cross-country trophy. TRIANGULAR TRACK MEETS Treadwell ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,, 42 Messick , .. .. 79 Southside , , A,r.. ,, 17 Treadwell ,,,, , 40-U2 Wfhitehaven , .79-U3 Bartlett ,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 12-U6 DUAL TRACK MEETS , Treadwell ,,,,,,,, , H M56 Whitehaxfen ,, ,W78 Treadwell ...,, ,,,,,,, 6 7 Central , .. ,,,, 66 Treadwell , ,,,, H57 C.B.C. ,,,, ,, ,,,, . 73 Henry Loenneke readies for 440. Frank Brewer spans the sand. Cecil Smith strides high to clear the hurdle. Fourth place State Decathlon. mind are a must. Hostess lvlelrrslc lla: Eiuiuc'ATloN Coordination and an alert Building physical fitness and alertness, as well as teaching princi- ples of fair sportsmanship, were the primary ideals of our physical education department. Through in- struction in the fundamentals of football, basketball, volleyball, and softball, the boys learned the im- portance of mental keenness. 5 is K , .S by . A M K ix. M 3 '-7' Hill" N' V ,xl Xi l V M ft 'in W' -t, c ... F I all ,if 0.4! L V if .ftp wg' N 1' SQ 3533 , ,W V M, 1, sc Fm A fundamental knowledge of softball is gained through participation. wwf- 'Y' -W fffif WWE ,T , ,V JVNIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS 9-Ai Kneeling: Marilyn Coker. First row: Majorie Elmore, Sam- mie Gross, Charlene Hutcherson, joy King. Second row: Carol Roy, Romelle Aikens, Barbara Barron, Winnie Pitts. Wfinifred Schmidt, Brenda Cridcr. GIRLS? PHYSIIC SENIOR HIGH VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS 10-9 Kneeling: Ramona Moneyham, First row: Barbara Shaeffer, Sally Smith, jane Banton, jean Fitch. Second row: Shirley Cowley, Dora Martin. IELDU SATION PROMOTES SKILLS IN SPORTS As their aim, the Girls' Physical Education classes enjoyed fun, fellowship and good sportsmanship. To achieve these aims they participated in three major sports: volleyball, basketball, and softball, several indoor games and sports: paddle tennis, shuffleboard, badminton, pingpong, tumbling, exercises, and many different square dances. As the volleyball and bas- ketball seasons drew to a close, tournaments were Proficiency in the art of square dancing is gained by organized practice. ,, ef, Y K E. ,,. with W Y GIRLS ENJOY THE ADVANTAGES OF BASKETBALL held to establish the Champion fe21IT15 Of IUYUO1' ilfld girls were instructed in home nursing by a registered senior high in each sport. This year the deserving public health nurse. All of these activities gave the volleyball champions were Mrs. Franklirfs 9-4's in girls a well-rounded program with which to achieve junior high and Mr. Lineberry's 11-9's in senior their pl-iygiqal education aims, high school. For one six-weeks period each year, the EVENTUALLY THEIR ABILITY MUST BE TESTED fi?- any S5 mm MQ fx Ge Q 'fm-,, ,W 'lfipfw M. Wwslfgisww :mm 3""'1f K Q ' we g 1' . if U' ., mn, ---M is ff I '-" - 'WW yiaiww WH. fm! U. " f MQQTWH "WX ' Nw Y" --My H - , Mm 'wwwarmkawymbf WSJTT 'WNV , , nn, Hamann, , I V. ILS mywmk A , W- W, ,. WW s 'mu 'Mmm V' "iv"-W fm , A " .., M 4' an A, was 1M,.,Ww,, Mi, W N AV" 'Tag 3 k ' 'fu K H 'W' WM, I Huw-if 3ww,,A., I .MK HK ww K. hum., WT awww K V W., . mf iw ' K x Munn, W Am ,ff W... aa Fawn . PMN W, K if-,v R .wywns f N W .. -'M HX hw, Q linupfgmsw. .ww ....,,m,,W .45 M -Q ,,, ww- . M. My, ww 7 -WS i Mwllrwgkif ffv-Biff. - .?g,NQ'l:S pg!1m. IQAQ' S vm, W ' .5 f .:,,.,U A H 7 . H. f . . A-fA A H+ A ' - -'mf ww: my ggig , vs. W H L1 an jig A :- . vwmwgfs' W 'M W w,!fX,LZig Wfwwwt . . vi ,fV,. . - g u?.g,.,,, M ,F if mnhkwgzwfg I 5. , M, X f.,............"W'-'P-W 153,35 wk-g5ig,.,.,4,..1g .1 w1s:mu-wx ""' -.,g,,l.1 'M' M W' 5? W - A ff W!-W... , L VFMWMUWW in -K W, K N A ' ' I W QW .....,.. . ,iw L, V, V ,, A -' -' 4 , K.. , - 52 .. A Q 1 A .wg T "MW "' -' f -N -wr f 11 ' M.-, .,,. .fi L 'Af ' g my v N bmw - . 'L - A W -Z ., . K 'M N W f HW ,..,. . 5 N, , .,., Q M V --5.5, ..,, mm., v v " ,sa if .1 Y EP 'SL in 3' gl W- 1 'aiu K evggipf .7 ,.2ggq,.v A ff- ws .fa-.4g:,2"' B1 :Wie-Qfsw, '?3sfzlg,5s2 is , A -, V u-T, -: ww. J 'L f. 5 W hip 2-.Xr21.:,-H - Y S! ' Li z2!w?'l:"l'H?E?A,eg .2 5: : 1 5552213114-if Jr" N511 S -- Misifzf Q film z 2 . . ZTEW TLTZ55' if A K 1 Q E , Q .1 ku S A Q S W ,Q 1 85:5 f A K ,fn X :fs 'R 1 Q Dv . 5, S H- ' A K W XV " i Hum NTS K Jlfh .JL- v H, X L 913551 my , C - '- Egfigif . ipmfz ,lai9?"335iTi i '1- 725i Q35 , ,L 1355: Flg ifsij 'kv QQQKZFQ. 1 'if ,Q if , , 1 za? FE ? ,gg H32 xs1,11?QgQe,e2f:3Q QSM 7 .Um gg, ,Q ' ' 7 Leif .sf , 'Fixfw 1izaLQgggw5ff1Lh,- K -15 AFT: ' 7 - iy gy gm' f Lfsfikfvr',zJ 1 "',fz?",i's'fm1 J.. ,513- , f 1 E57 61" 5 rfb -'Qi ,-.....,,,,,, W xx 'Nw-f m M5k,3iQmwQ,lwW ww-aw-rs5w'W'5 'A I K, Lw-qu., , .w L Q 'Wm NPaula Balhnger J MOST 4 M IING LEA .ffh ,aff ,xx ,M , , I.. , XM' 5 MEI . Noonan S ,Law L- ,Ma V MFW 'Wm' 1"""-7, 4r"f"' wma, lElVlliilNTS As we go down memory lane, reliving each The different phases of our social, scholastic, month's happenings, this past school year un- and service activities are represented as they folds before our eyes. occurred. FUN I AND ACHHEVEMENTS l"""'lb- the fair. ..Qs.,L Ji qs fi P GMX Quai",- Q 'ss' 2. 4 5 '44, began with registration as the seniors tried to adjust their classes to fit their crowded schedules. Poised Martha Smith represented us in the fashion show at Long hours of toil and preparation by the faculty and stu- dents resulted in this informative display, "The Pride of Treadwellf' , W A .i ' - f'fxga..,. ig, . - qiywsglp ML C ' .-:,l,,,,. Q i W y M PH S S CVYY SCHOOLQ "i " X i'-- lll lfiiliiii uurtor-mrs A rmwwxku umm W H ASZWRZQQ ,i CY, doa A U G95 8 va M 9 TYTIZENSHIP W i seamen! In A ,Ns is-si Q. 'M V1 . 3 f i' .f sisrersi ,, s rztl Q L . lll t ' if l V ,1 f-,fi . . iiiigq ' ai is 1 wi Highlighting the annual kickoff, jeime Young :mil Leslie Smith sang in true minstrel stylei l II Ill ll'.'I Il I 1 fb 44 5 UCTUBER came bringing thc long awaited class rings to the proud seniors. Over at last! The big smiles of the com- mittee showed the success of the kickoff. Another honor-Davis Taylor won the Fire Prevention poster contest. These ambitious girls, Minnie Lee An- thony, jo Ann Chandler, Kay Zumbro, Sub-district degree chairman, Norma Jean Yow, Betty Youngman, Chapter degree chairman, Brenda Gray, Barbara Robbins, Barbara -Gross, worked ear- nestly to obtain their state degrees in homemaking. lbb Speeches by Mitchell Miller, julia Brunn Charles jones, Edna Lollis, and Dick McMa hon impressed upon the students the impor tance of membership in the Honor Society. POSTER CONTEST UIIIUIERS The S.A.B. officers enjoyed danc- ing to the music of Garner and Jordan. Refreshment time found hungry people crowded around the table. This scene from "Our Hearts were Young and Gay" brought laughter from the audience. OVEMBER Hobo day found these F.H.A. girls performing tasks to raise money. ,1...w-M l68 The students cheered the mighty Eagles on to victory over the Cen- tral Wfarriors, WM 451 WQ'lBlifi2??e . . x aa xwillim sf if i, Before Armistice Day Emily Pruitt and Eugene Taylor were seen discussing the parade with Sergeant Norris. The football co-captains proudly es- corted Diane Waldo, our candidate for the Blind Game Queen. Stunning Portia Swaim and her maids, Wanda Atchley and Diane Waildo, added much ex- citement to the evening. ,M 'N DECEMBER found Lois Summers presenting the Eagles with an attractively decorated cake to con- gratulate them on their successful season. Suspense ended at last! Portia Swaim was an- nounced football queen by Mickey Cobb. -lgmni Climaxing the best football sea- son in Tre-adwell's history was the football banquet. Treadwell students learned of the evils of narcotics and alcohol. Almlwl ia BMWED FERMEHTED DISTILRD The junior Gridiron crowned their football queen, Martha Bowen. and her maids Gloria Griffin and Lauren Waldren, at their banquet. Colorful dresses, dazzling decorations, and tempting food headed the agenda of the football banquet. mas spirit throughout the school. The winner of the Mid-South Fair talent show, Charles johnson, added a professional touch to the band show. L The impressive play spread the Christ- At the party after the Quill and Scroll induction, these girls These students won honors: julia Clement, D.A.R. were seen wishing on a coke bottle. awardg Jim Marquis, national recognition in the Westinghouse Science Talent Researchg Paula Bal- linger, Betty Crocker awardg Ralph Crow, Merit J Q N N I R Y Test finalist. Top-notch students received helpful guidance from Miss Twirp Day brought quite a change! Girls doing the Jeter. Charles Gholson, Virginia Yancey, Edna Lollis, inviting and footing the bills. julia Brunn, and Mitchell Miller made straight A's during their four years of high school. Treadwell was privileged to be the first high school to hear the U. T. Chorus, who are becoming quite famous. l7I FEBRUARY alentine formal corating was half the fun of the S.A.B. V t'ves. De epresenta 1 for these r ,W 9 ina, Gay Malueg, a junior Achiever, learned some of the , M 'I "behind the scenes" work of advertising. v i ii' Eugene Taylor, Harry Sharp, Charles jones, and i ' f Ronald Candle went to Pensacola on the Naval at . Buddy Cruise. mf' 1. The Key Club officers surround their g d Atchley. 2 SWEC theart, Wan a I7 lowing At the evening Honor Society induction parents were impressed by the solemnity and significance of the program. Big Moment! Paula Ballinger, Roger Mott, and Joe Pennel learned of their election at the Inaugural Ball. Arrayed in tunics and togas, Lat- in students relive a Roman Ban- quet. Peggy Campbell and Bernie Brown started a jam session at the party given . .1 1 yr.. LW .La c,.-:h-- 4l rin'-f AY Punch and Cookies! The traditional Prom refreshments were served lav' Cotton. ishly at the King Amid l eaborate decorations, gay dancers found that time passed far too fast. Satisfied that their Prom had b the junior C een a success, lass officers, relieved a left the hotel, nd happy, Dear Friend: We are thankful we can present to you this compilation of advertisements of these firms which are interested in you. Each one deserves your consideration and patronage. Please use this section as your guide to better buying. Sincerely, Business Managers Accoun+" "I+ Takes Only 3 Minu+es +o Open a Charge In Mem his a+ P IIO Madison - 3393 Summer 2553 Broad TOOF n lar Qhenue ' P' + - S+ +' 39 p Guard, Office Oulliislgrs - Says'I,e1:1rsDeslgners 3295 Poplar Ave. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Gerald Marlin, Pasior Congraiulaiions, Seniors Duplicaior Dealers I95 Madison Ave. JA 6227I Park free across Ihe sfreei or af any Parlxrrie Iocaiion while a+ Toof's. CONGRATULATIONS +o Ihe Deserving Treadwell Seniors and Their Parenfs NEWMAN'S W. F. JAMESON CONSTRUCTION CO INC 3 I04 Broad MEN AND BOYS SHOP FA 3-I679 Pres+ige Merchandise 4272 Summer Avenue E.H.CRUMP 8: CO. K' FIRE, AUTOMOBILE AND GENERAL INSURANCE LIBERAL REAL ESTATE LOANS REAL ESTATE SALES I76 SETH E. GIEM General Contractor 800 Rolancl MEMPHIS. TENNESSEE Congratulations to the Faculty ot Treadwell and the Class ot I957 SERE ERECTION CO. I247 North Evergreen BR 64339 J. H. SERE W. R. DODSON Steel Erection and Heavy Rigging Goocl Luck, Alma Mater FRANK BREWER . CARMEN JOHNSON DELLA SUE TARPLEY DAVE HOWELL LOUISE DENNIS ELIZABETH SEXTON JERRY HICKS ROBERTA TRACY BARBARA BIDDLE From the I2-I Home Room Congratulations, Seniors ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE LIFE TO YOUR YEARS Join the "Y" Today T. WALKER LEWIS BRANCH 894 Isabelle St. gif- MOTORS REBUILT Q BEAR FRONT END COMPLETE SERVICE AND ALIGNMENT BRAKE SERVICE MILLER AUTO SERVICE 2938 Summer Ave. Phone FA 3-8556 Nite GL 8-3442 COMPLETE TUNE-UP AND CARBURATOR SERVICE I77 DANIEL'S PHARMACY The .Store "Nor'I'hes+ Memphis' OIdes+ and Leading Prescripfion Pharmacy" Phone GL-2-I I28 3388 SUMMER AVE. CongraIuIa+ions. Seniors BERCLAIR TEXACO SERVICE STATION 4590 Summer Ave. MU5-03I I MU5-9I5I J. S. INMAN C. S. WILEMON Open Sundays H 81 N DRIVE- IN GROCERY 367I Summer Ave. Phone FA3-92I8 O. R. NIVANS, Owner LEAWOOD BARBER SHOP 3674 Macon Rd. Bes'I' Wishes and Congra'I'uIaI'ions +o I'he Graduaies of I957 Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors! HIGHLAND HEIGHTS METHODIST CHURCH Summer a+ Highland YORK ARMS COMPANY "IF IT'S SPORTING GOODS WE HAVE IT" I62 S. Main S+. Memphis, Tenn. JA6-I2l7 JA6-I2I8 For Clean CourI'eous Service and Tas+y Food VISIT MONTE'S RESTAURANT 3053 Summer Ave. MEMPHIS' FAVORITE DRIVE-IN C 81 M BEAUTY SHOPPE 4007-B Chelsea Ex+ended FA3-7554 ALL TYPES OF BEAUTY WORK ELIZABETH TINGLE, Proprieior MACON ROAD BARBER SHOP 3864A Macon Road R. C. HORWELL, Owner FOR THE BEST IN HAIRCUTS AT YOUR FRIENDLY SHOP" If You Are Sick Le+ Us Know Gholson geI's a I1aircuI'. Ge+ a Shoe Shme' Too Don'I' Forgei' MODERN MUSIC Records, Por+abIe Record Players, Porfable Radios Hi-Fi Equipmen+ IWI1oIesaIeI EASY TERMS - LAY-A-WAY 3438 Summer Avenue Phone FA4-3I22 LOCKWOOD'S STANLEY'S TEXACO SERVICE BY-RYT NO. 5 4255 Summer Ave. 3662 Macon Rd. Memphis, Tenn. EAST BY-RYT NO. 8 TEXACO PRODUCTS 43I4 Macon Rd. FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE THE FABRIC MART 3423 Summer Ave. GL8-6652 81 Drapery and Dress Fabrics Ready Made Draperies DRAPERY HARDWARE AND TRIMMINGS WINDOW SHADES AND VENETIAN BLINDS BEST HARDWARE 3455 Summer Avenue I79 WACHTER'S CLOTHING FOR MEN AND WOMEN SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY HEADQUARTERS FOR BUSTER BROWN SHOES 340I-03 Summer Ave. Phone GL 2-6960 LITTLEFlELD'S JEWELRY in Berclair DIAMONDS, WATCHES. JEWELRY GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS T. R. LITTLEFIELD AND JIMMY BRYAN Wafch Repairing Over 25 Years We Appreciafe Your Pafronage HIGH POINT LAUNDRY CLEANERS 483 High Poini' Terrace FA3-2I60 3986 Park Ave. FA4-7075 3668 Macon Rd. GL8-8I9I 552 Poplar JA5-402l MACON DRUGS CompIe+e Line of Drugs and Sundries 3658 Macon Rd. FA4-6060 P FOR TERMITE OR PEST CONTROL 'D 'II limi X? WI, fi F- nr- ugg n s ii! iv -J' L' I' 'HIL '14 N r Turf' . L ii. fa. eil' CALL WU.-5lllITIf BR-6-5465 THRIFTHAVEN BAPTIST CHURCH 3925 Chelsea Ave. JOHN B. ADAIR, Pasfor "SI'rangers Are Only Friends Thai We Haven'I' Mel" Exfending Congra'l'uIa+ions 'Io 'Ihe Gradualing Class Phone GL2-9 I 77 Phone FA3-94 I 0 HESSELBEIN TIRE OIL CO. TIRE AND OIL DEALERS Your Business Greally Appreciafed FIRESTONE TIRES AND TUBES 3I97 Poplar Ave. Memphis, Tenn. ACE APPLIANCE CO. YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER RCA VICTOR TELEVISIONS Phone FA4-4408 343I Summer Ave. L. E. GATLIN R. G. KINKLE RAY GAMMON'S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 2374 Summer Ave. A Good Place 'ro Ea'I TAYSTEE BREAD "Baked While You Sleep" GRENNAN COOK BOOK CAKES "CerI-ified Fresh" PORTIS COX 8. SON MOTOR CO. 3OIO Summer Ave. USED CARS AND INSURANCE "Your Friendly Neighbor DeaIer" Phone GL2-5297 Bes'r Wishes 'ro 'Ihe I cms O. .57 RYAN s MEAT co. Like Cafering Io STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS "They Sland Ihe TesI"' B. LEE PHILLIPS, Branch Mgr. 50I N. Hollywood GL8-47ll HOTELS - CHURCHES - RESTAURANTS "Call Us for Prompl Service" 675 N. Third SI. JA5-042I The Pause That Refreshes Us ' . Ji Q.WZ?ZfZjv1zZ45fzy5ff19aafzy M ph T I82 Best Wishes to Treadwell and the I957 Graduating Class BRISTOL THEATRE 34I5 Summer Ave. "YOUR FAMILY THEATRE" Schwill and Harwood WEONA NO. 66 4453 Summer Ave. U.S. CHOICE BEEF ALWAYS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED AVIATION CORP. 4448 Macon Rd. Phone GL2-I05I "LEARN TO FLY" EcoNoMY QUALITY MACHINE SHOP LUMBER COMPANY I065 N. 2nd S+. Phone JA6-5392 3475 Bayliss Aye. COMPLETE Phone FA4-9647 MACHINE SHOP SERVICE HQME REMODELING I83 WARREN'S BEAUTY SHOP 3:59 Poplar GL2-I292 YOUR BEAUTY IS OUR BUSINESS MORRIS PHARMACY D. T. MORRIS, Ph.G. 368I Jackson Ave. Phone FA4-2693 "Specializing in New and Elhical Drugs" PRESCRIPTIONS Open Till MicInigh+ ComplimenI's 'ro Senior Class HIGHLAND HEIGHTS GULF SERVICE 3643 Summer Ave. Phone FA4-9224 A 81 M EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 536 Goodwyn InsI'iI'uTe Building Bes+ Wishes To 'rhe Senior Class THE BAPTIST CENTER Fm I25 Linden FREE MEALS AND BEDS TO THE NEEDY SERVICES CONDUCTED NIGHTLY CLEANERS AT 7:30 758 NaI'ionaI DR. CLOVIgSreCi:o'BRANTLEY GI-2-572' BYRD FRANKLIN SIMON Poplar Plaza 3480 Poplar FA7-734I ELECTRIC COMPANY 2l0 N. Evergreen S+. Phone BR2-I6I I STEPHERSON'S BIG STAR NO. II 3870 Macon Rd. We Give Qualify SI'amps WiIh Every Purchase "FOR COMPLIMENTS - SERVE STEPHERSON'S MEATS" Diane makes purchase from Bufch HIGHLAND HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH NATIONAL AT FAXON DR. SLATER A. MURPHY, Pas'I'or Exfends Sincere Good Wishes 'Io 'Ihe Graduaies and +o Our Greaf School CARLOS CASSELL BUILDER 24I Avon Rd. BUILDER OF MEMPHIS' FINEST HOMES BERCLAIR ELECTRIC CO. 4535-B Summer Ave. Phone MU3-3462 LICENSED AND BONDED ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL TISCIA AND WADE MEAT CO. 604 N. Third Phone JA5-5344 STEAKS, ROASTS CUT TO ORDER FROZEN FOOD MARCUM PURE OIL STATION 342I Jackson Mm vp Qian of '5 7 S HERN B H N ELEGR N CROWN JEWELERS 4509If2 Summer Ave. 8' Phone MU 5-0033 WATCHES, DIAMONDS COSTUME JEWELRY 35' I Park SAMPSONITE LUGGAGE FA 4-6300 Guaranieecl Waich Repair "Your Jeweler in BercIair" LEADER FEDERAL 81 Savings ancl Loan Associaiion of Memphis Home Loans iff Insured Savings 43I N. Holmes TWO LOCATIONS: GL 8-6I52 I58 Madison Ave. 3307 Poplar Ave Telephone JA 3296 I More Memphis and Shelby Couniy Families Use FOREST HILL MILK Than Any Ofher Brand Nancy, Fred, Marcy, John, Merry say "WE LIKE IT TOO" B 81 H SERVICE STATION 3I55 Summer Ave. Phone FA 4-3l80 AUTOMOBILE REPAIRS-TUNE UPS OR OVERHAUL-SERVICE CALLS Tires, Ba+'I'eries ancl Accessories of All Kinds Fasi Courieous Service W. C. PUTT, Mechanic Owners: WALTER N. BELL AND TROY H. HARDEN I87 AVON COSMETICS "Take Time Oui' for Beau+y" 4I2 Dermon Building We Give QuaIi+y S+amps Wifh LINT FREE-CLING FREE DRY CLEANING JACKSON CLEANERS Serving Memphis Since I930 Ph. JA 5-6933 I394 Hollywood Ph. GL2-9425 Congra+uIa+ions, Seniors! CAFE F. w. wooLwoRTH co. 3297 Summer Ave. Phone FA4-3823 3457 Summer Ave. Phone FA3-4975 The Brodnax Name on I'he Box Adds Much Io +he Value bu'r Nofhing 'ro +he Cosf GEO. T. BRODNAX, INC. REGISTERED JEWELERS AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Main aI' Monroe Memphis Headquar+ers for School Pins and Rings, Frafernify Jewelry AWARD AND CHEERLEADER SWEATERS-SCHOOL LETTERS BASEBALL, FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL EQUIPMENT GOLF-SHOE SKATES-ICE SKATES-FISHING TACKLE GUNS AND AMMUNITION-HUNTING EQUIPMENT Agenfs for A. G. SPALDING AND BROS.. THE McGREGOR CO. JOHN T. RIDDELL 9 N. Third S+. JA5-2725 LAWSON - CAVETTE SPORTING GOODS CO. Sou'I'h's Largesi' Trophy Dealer "I+ Pays fo PIay" HELEN OF MEMPHIS Gree+ings +o Our Good Friends af Treadwell School HELEN SHOP l808 Union Ave. Julie and Diane selec+ Helen's Hafs. SOUTHERN LAMI NATI NG COMPANY I60I Clancy S+. MEMPHIS. TENNESSEE T BT fthe? STEWART LITTLEFIELD Tea we el1IOl'S JEWELERS WHITE ROSE DIAMONDS-WATCHES LAUNDRY- CLEANER JEWELRY AND GIFT ITEMS 299 S. Dunlap Phone JA5-3434 3435 Summer Avenue ROBERT L. MOTT JACK5 4535 Summer Ave. -'Builder of Fine Homesu 3425 Macon Rd. Phone GL8-9566 Open 6 A.M.- I2 P.M. I89 THE DU KE'S DRIVE-IN 2536 Summer Ave. Fea+uring HOT PIT BARBECUE SODA FOUNTAIN PAT'S DIN ETTE 2890 Summer Memphis Where You Gef fhe Besi' Hamburgers in Town- I2 Cen'I's GOVERNMENT INSPECTED GROUND BEEF TRI-STATE Congra+uIa+ions ARMATURE a. ELECTRICAL io me WORKS INC Senior Class 32I-3I E. Bu+Ier Ave. Phone JA 7-84I4 TREADWELL SENIOR HIGH BAND and TREADWELL JUNIOR HIGH BAND THE FRENCH CLUB Meilleurs Voeux Pour Une Vie Heureuse E+ Agreable THE FIRST AND SECOND YEAR SPANISH CLUBS Buen Viaie y Buena Suer+e Por Toda La Vida , THE KEY CLUB Congra+uIahons and Gnd BeS+ Wishes THE SCIENCE CLUB Seniors TREADWELL PTA Exfend Congrafulafions +o +he Class of '57 A. NICHOLS GARAGE 7I2 ScoH' FA4-236I MofI'ors RebuiI'I' FENDER AND BODY WORKS 3I27 Summer Ave. FA3-I44I 24 Hour Towing Service WP? 1512 L-I-'wy?1 .ky 'f-4 MOHAWK DISTRIBUTORS AuI'omoI'ive Elecfricians 3I77 Summer Avenue PHONE FA4-5804 KLINKE-REED DAIRIES. INC. I039 S. Bellevue Phone WH8-6643 "You Can Whip Our Cream, Bu? You Can"I' Beaf Our Milk" Congra'I'uIaI'ions, Seniors ' 9 f-IW'A'Yi1f-IREI OUALHY-, 3440 Poplar-Plaza A A TELEVISION SERVICE FA4-9434 3226 Macon Rd. Macon Rd. and Jackson Ave. EXPERT TV - PHONO REPAIR Congrafulafions +o Ihe Senior Class of I957 THE I2-5 HOMEROOM CONGRATULATIONS TO THE YEARBOOK STAFF CompIimenI's of a Friend GL 8-8939 GL 2-9447 CONGRATULATIONS and FRANK BLACICS Sel'VlC6 Siafion sENloRs Gauge Mr and Mrs. Hugh H. Hogue Home Appllances 3069 Summer Ave. coma a,1jQggg1g , FoRMAL2 Rm, ICELAND SKATING RINK 'if lillllllil Fairgrounds Enioy fhe Wonderful Sporf ' I of Skaiing a+ Iceland let,freShl n:mil?'lTJIl Class Insfrucrions a+ I '.,t LANSKY ggg:I'HERS Iceland Skaiing School '1ENf.ff,. JA -4Dl HOME FEDERAL 32, Dividend II9 SO. COURT OFFICERS AND SPONSORS CLUB RIFLE CLUB FRED CORKRAN, AGENT Remingfon Rand Proriable Typewriiers I827 Madison - GL2-I6I4 NO MONEY DOWN A DOLLAR A WEEK Call me 'For a home demonsfrafion I92 ADAIR'S PURE OIL SERVICE STATION 3398 Macon Road GL 2-IB70 ADAMS 81 HELTON SERVICE STATION I800 Union Ave. BR 6-5242 AIR FILTER SERVICE 660 Chelsea Ave. JA 7-9632 ALBERT COOK PLUMBING CO IOI3 E. Parkway S. AMERICAN HISTORY CLUB ANN'S DRESS SHOP 2440 Chelsea Ave. FA 4-3865 ARKMO LUMBER CO. 2980 Summer Ave. BERCLAIR SHELL STATION 4650 Summer Ave. MU 5-623I SHOP AT BIG STAR No. I5 2360 Jackson Where You Are Always Welcome BIG STAR NO. 24 3I52 Johnson S+. GL 2-9495 BLACKARD'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 3283 Given FA 7-7307 or 7308 BRISTOL CLEANERS 3380 Summer Ave. GL 2-9I23 BURGESS PHARMACY 4308 Macon Rd. GL 8-858I CHARL-ANNE BEAUTY SALON 445I Summer Ave. DELUXE BAKERY CO. 3546 Jackson Ave. FA 3-3437 THE EAGLE STAFF EILEEN'S BEAUTY SHOP 3864 Macon Rd. FA 3-2559 FERRELL DRUG STORE 465 High Poini Terr. GENERAL HARDWARE 8: SUPPLY CO. 4447 Summer Ave. MU 5-824l GRAVES BARBER SHOP 3536 Jackson Ave. ALPHABETICAL LISTINGS HI-BOY HAMBURGER 3257 Jackson Ave. GL 2-9283 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS BEAUTY CHOP 32II Summer Ave. FA 4-3666 HOLLEY'S FLOWERS 327I Summer Ave. FA 7-5658 HUGH AND JEAN'S FLOWERS 3697 Rhea GL 2-I374 HUNT'S REFRIGERATION SERVICE 7I4 Hudson GL 2-I24I JO RDAN'S BEAUTY SALON 4458 Summer Ave. MU 5-l9lI KAM DOG FOOD CO. 2428 Chelsea Ave. FA 4-8944 FIRST AND SECOND YEAR LATIN CLUB LEADWAY NO. 2I 3287 Jackson LEAWOOD AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY 3672 Macon Rd. FA 4-4050 LEAWOOD BAKERY 3670 Macon Rd. FA 4-2850 LILES ELECTRIC CO. I69 ScoH GL 2-23l0 and FA 3-3IlI MATTHEW'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET 3I03 Summer Ave. Open 6 a.m. 'Iil I2 midnighl' McCLURE'S GROCERY I466 Naiional Ave. FA 4-l393 McCRORY'S STORE 3444 Poplar Plaza McGREGOR SERVICE 81 MOTOR CO. I2l6 Thomas M ETHODIST HOSPITAL PHARMACY IBB S. Bellevue BR 8-0046 MOON EY'S BARBER SHOP II6I Homer SI. GL B-344I MYER'S MEN 8: BOYS' SHOP 3442 Summer Ave. NYAL PHARMACY 32I6 Summer Ave. FA 7-5472. GL 2-9233 OWEN'S RADIO 8: TV SERVICE 3329 Summer Ave. FA 4-7239 THE PATIO 443I Summer Ave. PETERSON'S STATE FARM INSURANCE 3I83 Summer Ave. PRUlTT'S SUPER MARKET 4304 Summer Ave. MU 3-I066 RANSON'S DRIVE-IN GROCERY 3229 Jackson Ave. GL 2-9290 RYE'S BARBER SHOP 4456 Summer Ave. SALLER'S SHOE STORE "Your feel deserve 'Ihe best" 449l Summer Ave. SAMMY'S WEONA NO. I4-0 3386 Bowen Ave. GL 2-7326 SANDRIDGE FEED STORE 4435 Summer Ave. MU 3-3442 SHAINBERG'S BLACK 8: WHITE STORE 7 Locaiions SKATELAND ROLLER RINK 5004 Summer Ave. ST. STEPHEN'S METHODIST CHURCH Macon Rd. a+ Graham THOMPSON'S BARBER SHOP 3399 Summer Ave. WAGNER SALES 8: SERVICE CO. 29I3 Summer Ave. GL 8-6433 WARD'S MOBILE STATION 4475 Macon Rd. WU 5-9l43 WEONA NO. 64 795 Pope WISE PURE OIL SERVICE 366I Summer Ave. WOODY'S PAN-AM 4583 Summer Ave. MU 5-I25I I93 Acknowledgements ...... Activities ................... Administration ...... Advertisements ............ Alma Mater .......................... American History Club ...... Art Display ...................... Band ...................... Baseball .................... Basketball, Senior ........ Basketball, Junior ............ Basketball, "B" Team ...... -- Biology Club .................... INDEX .-...-.-.196 92 9 .------.-175 51 .----....126 101 ---.---.14s, 149 --..---144, 145 .--.-...--..147 -.-.--...146 Boosters, Treadwell ............ ........................... 1 93 Buildings and Grounds ...,... ......... Cafeteria, Staff ............ Cheerleaders, junior ........ Cheerleaders, Senior ........ Classes ......................... Classroom Scenes ........ Clubs ................................ Contents .............................. Commercial Law Club ........ Creed .............................. Cross Country ....... Debate Team ........... Directory, Senior ...... Eagle Staff ............ Events ...................... Faculty, Elementary ................ Facult unior and Senior Ya J French Club I ......................... Football, junior High .......... Football, junior Varsity ...... Football, Pee Wee .......... Football, Varsity ......... Freshmen ....................................... 6-7, 8, 22, 80, 92, 136, 156 --....--.143 -----------.141 -.,,.--..82-91 81 ---------120 -.--.....129 5 ......--.152 83 .---.-...25-50 14-1 1 5 ..-.-....164-174 ---...---18-19 -.,.-.---12-17 ...-.-.--124 .--......142 ..---.---138-159-140 .....-....-..73-78 Freshman Section Page .................... ............ 7 2 Future Homemakers of America ........ ......... 1 29 Glee Club ...................................... Golf ........... Highlights ............... Hi-Y ................................ Honor Society, junior ...... Honor Society, Senior ...... Intramurals, Girls ...... juniors ........................ . junior Class Officers ...... I 94 ....--.-.124 .........151 ......--.157 -........135 18 ......-.-119 .-.-.-.-.154 3-65 52 junior Red Cross ......... Junior Section Page ....... Key Club ................ Latin Club I .......... Latin Club II ........ Library Assistants ..... Maintenance ...... Majorettes ......................... Message: Mr. and Miss Treadwell The Editor ................... 132 52 .--...-.127 -...-..-123 --------123 ----.--130 2 1 ...-.-.101 Military ............................... ........ National Forensic League Office Assistants ............. Parades ..................................... ....... Parent Teacher Association Physical Education, Boys' 102-113 -----.-.128 ........... .133 -7, 14, 102 Physical Education, Girls' ....... ........ Quill and Scroll ............... Safety Patrol ...... Science Club .......... Secretarial Club ....... Seniors ...................... Senior Chorus ............... Senior Class Officers ....... Senior Section Page ........... Sophomores ...................... Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Section Page Spanish Club I ................... Spanish Club II ................. Sports .................................. 154-155 ---.---.120 79 ...--..131 -----..133 5-50 -.-.--.-125 24 24 .........67-7 1 66 66 .-.....122 ...-.-.122 ....----137 Student Advisory Board ..... ......... 9 4-95 Swimming ..................... "T" Clefs ........ .- "T" Club ..... -. Theme ........ Thespians ....... Title Page .......... Track ..................... Tri-Hi-Y, junior ....... Tri-Hi-Y, Senior ............... Tri-S Club ......................... Twelve Years at Treadwell Who's Who .................... Y-Teens .................. Yearbook Staff ....... ----...151 .-.-.-.125 ..-..-.127 .-----.128 1 5 1-1 52 .......135 --....-154 .......126 51 158-162 .---.-.121 116-117 AA TV Service ,77,,,,A llNlDlE,X TU ADVERTHSERS .........191 Ace Appliance Co. .....,,77,,,,,7.,, ........, 1 81 A8:M Employment Service ,,77,,., .,7...... 1 84 Avon Cosmetics ....c...Y,.c........................v,,, 188 The Baptist Center ................,.........Y.,,,. 184 Best Hardware 8: Appliances, Inc. ,,...... 179 B 8: H Service Station ,,,....,........,...,,..., 187 Berclair Electirc Co. ,...,............... ........, 1 85 Berclair Texaco Service Station ........,..... 178 Frank Black Service Station ,t..,,,. Bristol Theater ,,.......................... ........192 ,,,,,,,,183 George T. Brodnax jewelers ................ 188 Byrd Electric Co. ,,,.....,,..r..... . Carlos Cassell Builders ...... C 8: M Beauty Shoppe ....... Coca-Cola Bottling Co. ........ . .........184 ,Y.,,.,.185 ,,,11.,,178 .....1..182 Fred Corkran Ace Appliance ........ ....... 1 92 Portis Cox 8: Son Motor Co. Crown jewelers ,,,.,.r.,,............. E. H. Crump 8: Co. ...... . Daniels Pharmacy ..... .....,,,181 ,.,,....187 ........176 ........178 Duke's Drive-In ......,...,.,, i....... 1 90 Economy Machine Shop ,.,.,, ,.i.i,,, 1 83 The Fabric Mart ,,,.,,...,.,.. ,..,,,.. 1 79 Fitzpatrick jeweler ,,..... ........ 1 76 Forrest Hill Dairy ................. ....Yf,Y 1 87 Franklin Simon ,,,,,,,,....,,,i,,....,...,.....,....... 184 Ray Gammon's Drive-In Restaurant ...... 181 Seth E. Geim .,.....,........,.........................., 177 Helen Shop ............ ........ 1 89 Hesselbein Oil Co. ,,.,,1..181 Highland Heights Baptist Church .. Highland Heights Cleaner ,,...............VV Highland Heights Gulf Service ...... Highland Heights Methodist Church High Point Laundry Cleaners ...,...... Hill-Smith Systems .r,.............. .. H 8: N Drive-In Grocery ..... ....... Hogue 8: Knot er..................,, .. Hollingsworth Cafe ....... Home Federal ....,r..r... .. Iceland Inc. ..............e.....e,, .. jack's Drive-In Market ,..... ,, Jackson Cleaners ....r................,,,Y,,,,, W. F. Jameson Construction Co. Klinke-Reed Dairies Inc. ..,,........... . Lansky Bros. ..............,..,,........,,....,... . Lawson-Cavette Sporting Goods Inc. Leader Federal Savings 8: Loan Association ......ereeerrer..................,.. Leawood Barber Shop ,,i,...........,, 1. Littlefield Jewelry ....,.,.,,,,....,,............ Lockwood's Texaco Service Station .. Macon Road Barber Shop Macon Drugs .ee................... . Marcam Pure Oil Station ...., .. Martin Aviation Corp. .,.,,, ,. Miller Auto Service ........., .. Modern Music Inc. ,,,.,.. ., Mohawk Distributors ...... .. Mott, Robert L., Builder .,,,.. .. Monte's Drive-In ........... -- 1185 .184 ,184 .178 .180 .180 .178 .187 .188 .192 .172 ,189 .188 ,176 .191 .192 ,188 .187 .178 .180 ,179 .179 .180 ......185 ..,,,.183 ......177 ......179 ......191 .,....189 ......178 Morris Pharmacy ,..........,.......,,,.,........,1,. Newman's Men and Boys Shop A. Nichols Garage ........................,,,,,,,, Pat's Dinette ,........................ j. C. Penney Co. .,,.,,,.,,,,.,,..,..,,,, .,,,.,., . Poplar Avenue Baptist Church ....,.,....... Quality Lumber Co. ........,.,.,.,. . Rynn's Meat Co. ............. . Schwill s Weona No. 66 .........,.. .,....... Sere Erection Co. ,,,.....,..,r,1.........,.,,....... . Smith 8: Wells Termite Control Southern Laminating Co. ,......., . Stanleys' By-Ryt No. 5 ............ Stanley Home Products ,,.,,.,....... Stepherson's Big Star No. 1 .. Stewart Littlefield jewelers ...... 184 176 191 190 191 176 183 181 183 177 187 .........179 . ....,.,., 181 185 Southern Bell Telephone Company ........ 186 Taystee Bread .......................,................ 181 Thrifthaven Baptist Church ....,.,. ......,,. 1 81 Tiscia 8: Wade Meat Co. ...... .,,...... 1 85 S. C. Toof 8: Co. ,,,,....,,,,,,... ......... 1 76 Tri-State Armature 8: Electrical Works .,.... ,.....,,. 1 90 Wachters Clothing .................... ......... 1 80 Warren's Beauty Shop ,.,,....,................... 184 White Rose Laundry Cleaners ............ 189 F. W. Woolworth Co. ............................ 188 T. Walker Lewis Y.M.C.A. ....... H177 York Arms Co. ,,...........,........ ......... 1 78 Names of persons who appear in pictures on division pages are listed below: Page 2 ................................................................................ Margaret Barrow, Mickey Cobb Page 4, 5 ..... Page 9 ...... Page 23 ....... Page 81 ...... Page 93 ....... Connie Morris, Charles Gholson, julia Clement, William Crossno, Jimmy Richter, Sharon Haste ..............Pete Gay, Mr. Frank fHankj Farino, Joe Pennel ......jimmie Bailey, jean Goad, Richard Williams, janet Goad ...............................Sandra Meadows, Harry fSkipj Sharp Jones jean Young, Henry Loenneke, Rebecca Patterson, Peggy Campbell, Pagp 137 .................... Sharon Noonan, Emily Pruitt, Merry McDaniel, jo Anne McMahon, Connie Morris, Harriet Seymour, Carol Crocker, Margaret Boales, Betty jo Mayo, Charles Gholson, jim Marquis, Fred Hanley Page 157 ...... ........ E dna Lollis, joe Goodman The Bell Vrlrbnokl Ar TAYLOR MADE TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS TEXAS l95 lN A.:' X PllllliifldltffllAVlFflUN I cannot make my final departure from Treadwell without leaving behind a few words of appreciation in behalf of the 1957 staff to the following people, who were of great assistance in helping us in our en- deavor to produce a successful yearbook: Mr. Williain S. Carrier, owner of Allied Photographic Illustrators for the job he did with photography and for his constructive advice and criticism. Taylor Publishing Company for the splendid printing job and competent services. Mr. H. E. Allen for his interest and untiring efforts in helping us minimize our problems with the publishers. The Commercial Appeal for use of pictures in the sports section. Mrs. Dorothy Pensinger and Mr. Marvin Roseberry of Gerber's Photo Reflex Studio for the fine work on senior and freshman pictures. The administration and faculty of Treadwell High for their kind assistance and cooperation. Miss Elisebeth Phillips for correcting the never ending copy, Mrs. Margaret Buffaloe for advising the business staff. The student body for being such a fine group to work with. Our biggest thanks of all go to Miss Margaret Tisdale, our advisor, without whose patient Counseling and constant guidance our goal could not have been reached. Editor-in-Chief

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