Treadwell High School - Eagle Yearbook (Memphis, TN)

 - Class of 1950

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Treadwell High School - Eagle Yearbook (Memphis, TN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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J I .T . f ffl' -, f , M -6- .--x-W- -A -. , 4 . -- W - -.1 - L H THIS BOOK BELONGS TO K n 4 he faglc' EDITED AND PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF ,49 AND '50 WM ,1- wrl rg um u nn ,ff MIA I MN!! ...H Nw aw g jf 'Y X ffxwm , 'W wx -.,s,w. W, 2 L mn-w un. may Y g day X gr L Au if? -- . ..,..,. ,, a 5- f Xsvlx rw: mx um B uv wx Auuxuul, ,f min g ff ,f Z mx oui U4 ' 2 :,,.. 5 ww , I4 S QW 3 aw, W, y , M .J,., Q H itil ill RMN My wmoum mv wugs mm Ax mv LM.-4 mmm um nn-u 0501 xmumu cuunmux wo gusmn ug vm mm www ., .,..,., vs -s i 3 L mm WWW ws aw ,, tw ww 51 Ace B, gig W we, ff it W My QV My ,S ,pw W 'L W Y M-iwfigflfw tgffw 4,5 awk sw tw ,Q fww ef 113' NW 'A W wtf S ,. 1- 1- W WW 2i"lT1HtCTVEiIi1 1- 1- NNT. thi- g'I'2lCill2ltiIlg class of 1950. dvdi4'z1tv this yt'l1l'i3OUi'i to our IJ2ll'f'I'llS. our tm'111hm-r's. and our Alma ix12lfl'l'. To our pzirvnts for iA01'IIliHQ 2111 l1SSOL'i2ltiOI1 that has 1'u'm'o111plishm'd Illllfil for us -fzuuplc' plziygrouiid. sc'holt11'ships :md thi' loam fund which Q-iiuhlm' IIIZIIIY studvnts to C'0IlIiIll1t' thvil' s'dun'z1tio11: to our t1'ac'h1'rs, who hzivc' workvd 11111'1'asi11fJ,ly with us through llllllly trying yn-airs. il'2iViI1fI us bvttvr vquippvd to Iliff' thi- iilltl1I'C'I amd to our A111121 Rlzitvr for thx- Illdlly high idvals it syruholizvs- ff'XlJI'l'SS1'Ci in our school song whit-h was w1'itt1'11 hy OIIK' of our t4'z11'l1m'1's: iifxilllil Kizxtvlx fxilllll iX'IllIl'l'. Lvt thy piuisvs ring Coiiquvring Vivtor, lxilllll, iN1z1t1'1', Vl'I'l'Z1dNN'Vli,S l'z1111w- wm"ll vvvr singf, ADMI ISTR1 'N JULIAN B. BONDURANT ELDEN C. STIMBERT Prexident Board of Education Axxistant Superintendent ERNEST C. BALL HARRY B. SHARP Superintendent Director of Instruction 4 PIO Mike Maybry Treadwelljs Boss for a Day William L. Maybry D. Winton Simmons Principal Principal Elementary School Mrs. Anne Wright Mrs. Margaret Wade Regixtrar Secretary 5 . N, ,,f' V' K L bf, X was L gyda' fl.-J ' ,ei , -, ' :W QQ' Q 2 i ff, f .H Kqfcfif I UFFIEE HELPEH5 6 n , V v L ff - W Vpvv v V i in 1 hffbgwfwf 5,6641 JJMJL 4.,..w Wz.,w,, gh, 1 7 Q ' 1 .11 J , Z!!-A .7,fwLzS ,121 AV IYAAI Nnnfnf ' MM W 'l ' by 4 up 02647 Wzwmgk ' ' ' -m,,.u.Qs.,..1L,..s :4I,ZAwZif5-644-137 'WM 'Uwe' 8 QMJMWMW gm, , W-gf mx MW dem? Z2-,afLL'b'9'34-I Qffwf 6l49fi4'-f-Mfff W W LEFT TO RIGHT-RUTH BENTLEY, Third Gradeg MAURINE BURNS, First Grade, HAZEL CLAYTON, Sixth Gradeg KATHRYN CHAFFIN, First Gradeg MARY LOUISE DAVIS, Fourth Gradeg OLIVE DAVIS, First Grade. ELEMENTARY LEFT T0 RIc.HTiFRAN HARRISON, Third Gradeg CARMINE HATCHETT, Sixth Grade,' KATHRYN HAYS, Fifth Grade, ANNIE REA HOUSTON, Firxt Grade: CHRISTINE HOVER, Second Grade, NELL HULL, Fourth Gradeg OLENE HULL, Third Grade. 3 Q QF MM G LEFT T0 RIGHT-LOLA MOORE, Fifth Grade: MARY PARK, Fourth Gradeg LELA PARSONS, Third Gradej ELIZ- ABETH PEERY, Firxt Gradeg MARY PENICK, Second Cradeg VIRGINIA PHELAN, Third Grade: JANE PHILLIPS, Second Grade. LEFT TO RIGHTfHELEN SMITH, Second Grade, MARY SPANGLER, Sixth Gradeg JANE TURNER, First Gradeg ALLYNE WALKER, Sixth Grade: CLARA WYNNE, Third Grade: LULA MAE VVYNN, Fifth Grade: AUGUSTA YOUNG, First Grade. 10 LEFT TO RIGHT-EVELYN DRAKE, Third Grade, MAY BELLE ELCAN, Second Grade, LAURA GRAHAM, Sec- ond Grade,' LEONE GRAMMER, First Grade,' JEAN GEGAN, Fourth Grade, ANNA GUYTON, Sixth Grade, RUBYE HAMRIC, First Frade. SCHOOL FACULTY LEFT TO RIGHT-MARGARET JOHNSTON, Fifth Grade, MARTHA KEITH, Fourth Gradeg EVELYN KILVING- TON, First Grade, ETHEL MICHAEL, First Grade, HELEN MILLER, Second Grade, MARGARET MILLER, Second Grade, HANSFORD MILNER, Second Grade. M LEFT 'ro RIGHT-MARY PRIVETT, Fifth Grade, ANNE REYNOLDS, Second Grade, HOWARD RICHARDSON, Sixth Grade, PEARL SCOTT, Fifth Grade, MARY SHANNON, Fifth Grade,' HELEN SHAWHAN, Third Gradegf HER- MIE SIPES, Fourth Grade. LEFT TO RIGHT-KELLY BURMEISTER, Custodian, ELSIE ISON, Assistant Cafeteria Manager, SALINA KELLY, Cafeteria Manager, S. E. ROSS, Cuxtodiang THELMA TARKINGTON, School Nurse. 11 PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION Studcnt Loan Fund Committcc lilcctcd Council Board Mem STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD Appointed Council Representatives and Officers ELECTED OFFICERS M ll N I T ll H 5 Evelyn Margaret Southwood Tisdale YEARBOOK STAFF APPRECIATION Your editors and yearbook staff wish to express their sincere gratitude to Mr. Maybry and the faculty for their whole- hearted co-Opcrationg our deepest appre- ciation to Miss Tisdale and Mrs. South- wood for their untiring efforts to make this the best yearbook everg and to all who gave of their time and talents, we thank you. YEARBOOK SPONSORS lzdztor CLIFFORD DAVIS Associate Editor ELZORA HARGIS Assistant Editors GAIL WILSON MARTHA GAUGHT MARILYN WEBB Business Managers JOE ED WALK MICKEY GREEN Assistants GLORIA BYRD NARAH JACKSON HAROLD DUNBAR THELMA BROWN MARY ANN LILES Co-Circulation Managers CLAIRE MOCOMMON NEAL FORSYTHE Assistants DAVID OWEN BOBBIE LEE GILKEY FRANK SOWELL BETTY GENE SUMNER Co-Art Editors JOHNNY CROSSNO BOB COOLIDGE JUNE WINEERRY, Ass't DONALD HULBERT, Assft CLASS SPONSORS MR. Ross Mlss RUBY MR. HAROLD Mlss FRANCES Miss ALICE HARTON KING FREDERICKS CASTLEMUN BRIGNARDELLO GRADUATION . . Q.. -Ly. P 1 . 1, in ff? 1' 1, ,t9g2,m5,SA f :I "fir . 2: ,Es ESTES, THOMAS RAYMOND, President Major: Mathematics. Foreign Languages Minor: Speech. Music, Social Studies Artizfitiesz Student Advisory Board 2: Eagle Staff Member 4: Senior Class President 4: Junior Class President 35 Homeroom President 3: Member Honor Society 4: Non- Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 2, 3: Student Congress Re resentative 2. 3, 4: Boxing 3' Hi-Y Club Vice-President 4: National Forensic League if 3, 4: President 3: Debate Team 1, 2, 4: Dramatic Club l. 2, 3. 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: Latin Club 2: ipanish Club 4: Science Club 4: Glee Club 25 Boys' Chorus 2: Band 1: State Winner. xtemporaneous Public Speaking 2: West Tennessee Extemp Champ 2: West Tennessee Debate Champ 3: Superior Award in Student Congress 3 ALDRIDGE, BONNIE Major: Mathematics Minor: History, Typing. Latin Artivitiex: Honor Society Member 4: Girls' Basketball 2: Girls' Volleyball 2. 4: Girls' Softball 2: Girls' Aquatic Club 2: Latin Club 2 GREEN, ROBERT, Vice-President Major: Science, Mathematics Minor: History. Foreign Languages Avtivitiexz Student Advisory Board 2, 3, 4: Monitor 4: Eagle Staff Circulation Man- ager 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Class Vice-President 4: Junior Class Treasurer 3: omeroom President 1 25 Honor Societ Member 4: Red Cross Representative 1, 2: 35 Non-Commissioned Officer, Corporal 21 3: Boys' State Representative 3: Boys' City Representative 35 Manager in Football 3: Basketball 1, 2. 3. 4: Golf 3. 4: Hi-Y Club 2, if: Key Club 4: Latin Club 2. 3, 4: President 2: Science Club 3. 4: President : reasurer . ALSTON, DAN Major: Art Minor: Mathematics, llistory Activities: Twelve Year Club 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, Corporal 2 MOOSE, JEAN, Secretary Maior: History Minor: Commercial Studies. Home Economics Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: Monitor 2. 45 Eagle Staff 2. 4: Senior Class Secretary! 45 Junior Class Social Chairman 3: Homeroom Secretary l. 2: Reporter 4: Twelve ear Club 4: Honor Society Member 3. 45 Secretary 3: Officers and Sponsors Club 35 Librarf' Staff 1, 2: Girls' Basketball l. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Volleyball l. 2. 3. 4: Girls' Softball , 2. 3, 4: Girls' T Club 4: Tri-Y Club 2, 3, 4: President 4: Treasurer 3: Senior Service Scout 2, 3: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3. 4: Treasurer 3 ARATA, THERESA Major: Art .Minorz Speech Activities: Cheerleader 4: Girls' Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Volleyball l. 2. 3. 4: Girls' Softball l. 2. 3. 4: Red Cross Representative 2: Dramatic Club l. 2: Senior Service Scout 4: Tri-Y Club 4 . ADCOCK, IRIS, Treasurer Major: Languages, Art Minor: Algebra. Typing. Shorthand Activities: Eagle Staff Member 4: Yearbook Staff Member 4: Senior Class Treasurer 4: Homeroom Vice-President 4: Honor Society Member 4: Red Cross Representative l: Librar Staff 1: Prayer Meeting Group 3: Stenographers' Club 3, 4: Latin Club 1: Spanisli Club 2. 3: Glee Club l ARMQDUR, MARTHA Major: History Minor: Typing. Algebra Artivitim: Twelve Year Club 4: Sponsor 3. 4: Office Staff l. 2: Cheerleader l, 4: Girls' 'I' Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basketball .l. 2. 3. 45 Girls' Volleyball l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Softball 1, 2, 3. 4: Tri-Y Club 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 4: Senior Service Scout 4: Future Homemakers of America 2. 3: Vice-President 3 SOWELL, FRANK, Social Chairman Major: Mathematics Minor: History. Science Activities: Monitor 3, 4: Eagle Staff Member 3: Yearbook Staff Member 4: Homeroom Vice-President 3. 4: Red Cross Representative 1. 2: Manaqer in Football 2. 3, 4: Football l: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' T Club 2. 3. 4: Hi-Y Club 2. 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Science Club 4 BAHAM, DOLORES JEAN Major: History Minor: Shorthand, Typing Activities: Student Advisory Board 3: Homeroom Vice-President 2: Office Staff l, 2. 2, Pegl Sfoqiiatg 4: Girls' Basketball 3: Girls' Volleyball 2, 3: Stenographers' Club 3. : lee u , AGEE, ANITA Maior: Commercial Studies Minor: Mathematics. Music Artiuities: Monitor 2, 3: Stenographers' Club 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2. 3, 4 BARBARO, DOROTHY Major: History Minor: Music, Commercial Studies Artiuitin: Monitor 4: Homeroom President 4: Twelve Year Club 4: Girls' T Club 4: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4: Girls' Volleyball l. 2. 3. 4: Girls' Softball l, 2. 3, 4: Tri-Y Club 3, 4: Senior Service Scout 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: All Star Volleyball Team 3 16 BARN ETT, EVELYN Major: History, Home Economics Minor: Mathematics, Typing, Spanish Activities: Student Advisory Board, 2, 3, Monitor 2: Homeroom Secretary 2' Treasurer lg Twelve Year Club,4g Red Cross Representative lg Office Staff 2, 3 4: Librar Staff 2 Pep Sfiuad 4, Girls Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Volle ball l, 2, 3 45 Girls' Sofflball l, 25 4, Gir s' Aquatic Club 3, 4, Prayer Meeting Group Spanish Club 2 BERRY, RHODA ELIZABETH Major: History Minor: Art, Bookkeeping Activities: Homeroom Secretary 33 Dramatic Club lg Honor Society Honorary Member BARNETT, MARY JO Major: Music, Commercial Studies Minor: History, Home Economics Activities: Student Advisor B d 3' R d y oar , e Cross Re resentative lg Stenographers' Club 3, Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 43 Glee Club ll? 2, 3, 4 BLAYDES, CHARLES Major: History Minor: Science, Typing Activities: Monitor 45 Homeroom President 1, 2, Vice-President 3: Rifle Team 25 Non golreimiiifwrgei Officer, Sergeant 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 4, Hi-Y Club 2, 3 I 97' U BAUMANN, HAZEL Major: Home Economics Minor: Algebra, Speech Activities: Monitor 4: Sponsor 45 Pep Squad 4: Dramatic Club 2. 3: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3 BRANCH, ELIZABETH JEAN Major: Speech, Commercial Studies Minor: Mathematics, Spanish Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 1 Red Cross Re re t ' 1' 'V ' : ' p sen ative , 1 ational Forensic League 2, 3, 4: Secretary 4, Debate Team 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: Spanish Club 3. 4 BECK, RONNIE Major: Mathematics, Science Minor: History Activities: Basketball 3, 45 Bowling Team 4: Boys' T Club 4 BROWN, MARGARET Major: Language Minor: Science, Mathematics Activities: Came from Farragut High School, Chicago, Illinois BECKER, CHARLES Major: Mathematics Minor: Speech, Spanish Activities: Monitor 4, Firing Squad 2, 3: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3 BROWN, THELMA Major: Home Economics Minor: Shorthand, Typing Activities: Student Advisor Board 2. 4: Monitor 3: Yearbook Staff Member 4, Home- room Secretary 1. 2. 3. 4: Twelve Year Club 4: Red Cross Representative lg Sponsor 4: Girls' Basketball l. 2. 3, 45 Girls' Volleyball 1, 2. 3, 4: Girls' Softball l. 2. 3 45 Stenog- raphers' Club 3, 4: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: lvlajorette l BELL, CAROLYN Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Latin, Mathematics. Science Activities: Eagle Staff Member 4' Twelve Year Club 4' Honor Societ Men b 4 R cl Cross Representative 3: Library Staff lg Pep Squad 43 Tri-Y Club 3: Stlenogra:pfiers':ClSb 3, 45 Latin Club 1, 2 BRYANT, HOWARD Major: Science, History Minor: Shop Activities: Football 3: Bowling Team 4: Science Club 3, 4 17 4 1 BURKETT, BETTY Major: History Minor: Home Economics Activities: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3: Science Club 2 COTHRAN, MARY LEE Major: Vocal Music Minor: Typing, Latin Activities: Twelve Year Club 4: Tri-Y Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 BYRD, GLORIA EMOGENE Major: Home Economics Minor: Music, Typing Activities: Yearbook Staff Member 4: Stenographers' America 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2 COWARD, MARY LYNN Major: Band Minor: Typing, History Activities: Monitor 3: Homeroom Treas 3, 4: Girls' Volleyball l. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Service Scout 4: Future Homemakers of Band l, 3 COLLEY, CLARENCE Major: Band Music Minor: Mathematics Activities: Manager in Track 1: Cheerleader 1: Hi- Club 1, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4 CRENSHAW, WILLIAM DAN Major: History, Shop Minor: Science, Algebra Activities: Twelve Year Club 4: Non-Cc sioned Club 3 COOLIDGE, ROBERT EARL Major: Art, History Minor: Mathematics, Speech Activities' Eagle Staff Art Editor 3. 4: Yearbook Stal 4: Baseball I: Track 1, 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 45 Key Club 3 CROOM, JOE Major: Science Minor: Mathematics, History Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 2, 3: l' l: Cheerleader 3. 4: Science Club 3, 4 COOPER, JAMES Major: Mathematics Minor: Typing Club 3, 4: Future Homemakers of er 2: Bowling Team 3: Girls' Basketball I, 2, oftball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Y Club 2. 3, 4: Senior merica 2, 3: Band 1, 2, 3: All West Tennessee -Y Club 2: Dramatic Club 4:filee rmmissioned Officer, Corporal 3: Non-Commis- ft 'f Art Editor 4: Homeroom President 9 Spanish Club 3: Quill and Scroll 4 ion-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3: Football Activities: Student Advisory Board Treasurer 3: Eagle Staff Business Manager 3: Man- ager in Baseball 1, 2, 3,: Basketball l, 2, 3: Basebal. CROSSNO, JOHNNY FRANKLIN, Major: Art, History Minor: Mathematics Activities: Student Advisory Board 3.: YA: ' n ROTC Second Lieutenant 3, Captai 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergea sentative 3: Football 3, 4: Key Club 2 nt i COOPER, PEGGY Major: Home Economics Minor: Music Activities: Monitor 3: Twelve Year Club 4: Red Tri-Y Club 3: Future Homemakers of America 4 Q DAVIS, CLIFFORD Y., JR. Major: History, Mathematics Minor: Latin, Science 1, 2, 3 JR. arbook Staff Member 4: Homeroom President I: : Firing Squad 2: Officers and Sponsors Club 3 2- Non-Commissioned Club 2: Bo ' City Repre af 4: vice-President ag Quill and Sscroll 4 Cross Representative 4: Pep Squad 4: Glee Club 3 Activities: Student Advisory Board 4: President 4: Yearbook Staff Editor 4:FJunior Class Vice-President: Homeroom President 3 L Vice-President 1' ROTC Major 4' iring S uad 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Vice-President 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, qSer- ' 3 B ' State Re resentative: Bo ' City Re geant 3:.Non-Commissioned Club Secrei resentative 3: Football l, 2, 3, 4:-Box President 4: Latin Club 2 3, 4: Scienc phis Competition 3: Quili and Scroll 18 ary : oys - nzg 2: Boys' T Club 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y aiub 2, 3, E: H. , 4: Football Co-Captain 4: Best N.C.O., Mem- DAVIS, NORMA JEAN Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Algebra, Science Activities: Student Advisory Board Re orter 35 Monitor 35 Eagle Staff Member 45 Honor Society Member 45 Pep Squad 45 Tri-el Club 35 Stenographers' Club 3, 4 FARMER, JAMES Major: Mathematics Minor: Science, Music Activities: Yearbook Staff Member 45 Eagle Staff Circulation Manager 45 Homeroom President 15 Vice-President 45 Twelve Year Club 45 ROTC First Lieutenant 4' Rifle Team 35 Officers and Sponsors Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officer Sergeant 3' Non Commis- sioned Club 35 Bowlin Team 15 Key Club 2, 3, 45 President'45 Spanish Club 3-: Science Club 4, Glee Club 1, 51 3, 4 DOROUGH, QUANAGENE Major: History Minor: Mathematics Activities: Twelve Year Club 45 Bowling Team 45 Girls' Basketball 45 Girls' Volleyball 45 Girls' Softball 45 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3 FERRELL, CHARLES Major: Art Minor: Algebra, History Activities: Monitor 45 Ea le Staff Art Editor 3: Homeroom Vice-President 25 Secretary lg Treasurer 35 Red Cross Representative 1, 2: Firing Squad 3' Non-Commissioned Officer, Ser eant 35 Football 1, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Swimming 1, 25' Bowling Team 1, 2: Boys T Club 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 3, 4 DORRIS, ROBERT MILTON Major: Music Minor: Art, History Activities: Student Advisor Board 45 Homeroom Secretary 45 Non-Commissioned Officer, Corporal 35 Glee Club l, if 3, 45 Boys' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 F ITTS, DAISY Major: Home Economics Minor: Science, Typing Activities: Monitor 3: Red Cross Representative 45 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' I Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Stenographers' Club 3, 4 DUNBAR, BETTY JEAN Major: Home Economics Minor: Music, Typing Activities: Student Advisory Board 25 Homeroom Treasurer 2: Twelve Year Club 45 Red Cross Re resentative 15 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4' Girls' Softball it 2, 3, 45 Prayer Meeting Group 3' Future Homemakers of America 2' 3 4 gang 3, fi, 45 Majorette l, 2, 3, 45 Memphis Youth Concert Band 3, 45 All West Terinessed an , FLEMING, BETTY Major: Home Economics, Commercial Studies Minor: History, Music Activities: Student Advisor Board 25 Red Cross Representative 15 Girls' Basketball 4: Girls' Volleyball 45 Tri-Y Club 45 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2 DUNBAR, HAROLD Major: History, Shop Minor: Algebra, Music Activities: Monitor 45 Yearbook Staff Member 45 Homeroom Vice-President 15 Treasurer 45 Twelve Year Club 45 ROTC Captain 45 Officers and Sponsors Club Treasurer 4' Non Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 2. 35 Non-Commissioned Club 2, 35 Football 1, 2: 3, 42 Track 15 Boys' T Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y Club 45 Glee Club 3, 4 FORRESTER, BETTY JEAN Major: Science, Home Economics Minor: Languages, Mathematics Activities: Student Advisory Board 4: Reporter 45 Homeroom Vice-President l, 2, 3: Treasurer 45 Red Cross Re resentative 2: Officers and Sponsors Club 3: Sponsor 3: Office Staff 45 Library Staff 2, 35 Pip Squad 45 Girls' Basketball 1 2. 3, 4: Girls' Volley- ball 1, 2. 3, 45 Girls' Softball 1, 2, : Girls' Aquatic Club 4: Tri-Y Club 3 45 Dramatic Club 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Future Homemakets of America 2, 35 Science Club 3, 4 DWYER, LUTHER ALLEN Major: Mathematics Minor: History, Speech Activities: ROTC Second Lieutenant 45 Officers and S onsors Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 35 Non-Commissioned Club 35 Football 25 Cheerleader 35 Baseball 4: Boxing 2, 35 Hi-Y Club 3 FORSYTHE, NEAL Major: History Minor: Shop Activities: Yearbook Staff Circulation Manager 4' Homeroom Treasurer 3, 4: Twelve Year Club 45 ROTC Second Lieutenant 45 Rifle Tieam 4: Firing Squad 3: Officers and 'Sponsors Club Secretary 45 Non-Commissioned Officer Sergeant 3' Football 1 2 3 4 rack 1, 2: Boys' T cub 1, 2, 3, 4, Fwfbalx os-casein 3, Football capaih 4: Auf Memphis, Football 3, 4 119 FRASCELLA, VIVIAN Major: History Minor: Commercial Studies. Home Economics Activities: Library Staff 35 Latin Club 2: Spanish Club GEORGE, JOHNNY Major: Mathematics. History Minor: Spanish Activities: Homeroom President 3: Footba, President 3: Glee Club 3 FRAY, ALICE MARIE Major: Science Minor: Languages, Algebra Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: Homeroom Se Honor Society Member 4: Red Cross RCETESQHIQIIVB ' 0 Sponsor 4: Football Queen 2, Pe S uad 3 Girls V 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Softball 1. 2. 4: 'Fri-2 Club 3, 45 Dra Club 2, 35 Science Club 3, 4 GILKEY, BOBBIE LEE Major: Commercial Studies, Home Econt Minor: Speech, Mathematics Activities: Monitor 4: Yearbook Staff Mel sors Club 3 4: Sponsor 3, 4: President 45 Girls' T Clyub 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 1. 2 ban 1, 2, 3. 4, Tri-Y Club 2, 3, National If Senior Service Scout 2, 3: Future Homema GAMMON, JEAN Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Home Economics Activities: Monitor 2, 35 Homeroom Treasurer 3: R Staff 2, 35 Girls' Basketball 29 Girls' Volleyball 2: Gir GLISSION, ANNIE LEE Major: History, Music Minor: Typing, Science Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: R Girls' Volleyball 15 Girls' Softball 3: Glei GARRISON, JAMES WILLIAM L Major: Band, Science Minor: Typing flhirrgsil, 2, 45 Band l, 2, 35 Memphis Youth Conc GONYAW, NELSON LOUIS, JR. Major: Mathematics Minor: Science, Languages Activities: Monitor 4: Eagle Staff Memb Club'4l Non-Commissioned Officer. Ser, . . . ve Bowling Team 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. Sci GAUGHT, MARTHA LOUISE Major: Science Minor: Mathematics, Home Economics Artivities'.Eagle Staff Member 35 Editor 4: Yearbr ' rs room President 45 Honor Society Member 3, 4, T Softball 1: Future Homemakers of America 39 So and Scroll 4 Z GOODMAN, JUNE LEA Major: Science, Mathematics Minor: Speech, Commercial Studies Activities: Twelve Year Club 4: Red C Team 4? Girls' T Club 3, 42 Girls' Baske Softball 1 2, 3, 45 Girls' Aquatic Club Stenographers' Club 3, 4: Latin Club Club 2, 3 GAYLORD, ELLEN Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Music, Mathematics ci ll Ina JI nb O Sli V ut 1 ls' Activities: Red Cross Re resentative 1: Non-Commi Club 3' Dramatic Club 4,: Ke Club 2, 3. 4: Scienc Ji 1 ll 3: Track 3: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Vice- 'etary 35 Homeroom Treasurer 15 2' Officers and S onsors Club 4: eyball 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basketball tic Club 4: Latin Club 13 Spanish rtics er 4: Twelve Year Club 45 Officers and Spon- fficer Staff l 2' Cheerleader 1: Pe Squad 25 3 4- Girls' Valle ban 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' son- orensic League 2, 4: Dramatic Club l, 2, 3: ,kets of America 2, 3, 4 ed Cross Representative 25 Library Softball 25 Stenographers' Club 4 d Cross Representative 1: Girls' Basketball 2: Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ioned Officer, Sergeant 2, 3: Hi-Y Club 3' Glee Club l, 2, 43 Boys' t Band i, 2, 3, A11 Memphis Band 3 4' ROTC' Ca tain 4' Officeis and S onsors rant 3: Footldalli iz 2, 3,l45 Baseball 1, il 3, 4: cc Club 3,4 ok Staff Assistant Editor 4: Home- asurer 45 Girls' Basketball 1: Girls' hern Chemical Society 3, 45 Quill ross Disaster Chairman 3' Pep S uad 15 Bowling tgnall 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' volieybaiicl, 2, 3, 4, cms g Dramatic Club l 2. 3, 4, Vice President 3 5 Science Club 3, 4: Secretary 35 Commercia Activities: Entered in Spring Term from Martin, Tennessee GRACE, MARY KATHRYN Major: Home Economics, Commercial Studies Minor: Algebra, Typing Activities: Monitor 35 Girls' Basketball 3: Future Hoinemakers of America 2 20 GRAVES, C. Y. Major: History Minor: Shop, Art Activities: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 HARRIS, J. P., JR. Major: Mathematics Minor: Science, Speech Bowling Team 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4 GROVER, BETTY JUNE Major: Science, Music ' Minor: Commercial Studies, History Activities: Monitor 25 Homeroom Treasurer 2: Red Cross Representative 1, 2: Library Staff I 2: Bowling Team 3g.Glrls' Basketball l, 2, 4, Girls' Volleyball 1, 2, 4: Girls Softball 1, 2, 4, Girls' Aquatic Club 4, Senior Service Scout 2, 3: Science Club 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 4 HAYES, RONNIE Major: Mathematics Minor: History, Science Activities: Twelve Year Club 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 4: Swimmin 3, 4 Bowling Team 4: Boys, T Club 3, 4, National Forensic League 2, Science Clu 3 4 Bowling E , Team Captain 4: Dramatic Club 2 GUESS, KENNETH LEE Major: Mathematics Minor: History, Shop Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 2 Activities: Twelve Year Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3: Football 3 HAYSLIP, HOWARD ROLLIN Major: History, Band Minor: Mathematics Activities: Student Advisoq' Board 3, Red Cross Rgnresentative 1: ROTC Second Lieu- tenant 3: First Lieutenant g Officers and Sponsors lub 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Band 1, 3, 4, Maior 43 Memphis Youth Concert Band 3, All West 'Iennessee Band 3, All-Memphis Band GUIDRY, SAMMY Major: Art, History Minor: Mathematics, Typing Activities: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 25 Boxing 2 HEBERLING, KENT Major: Science, History Minor: Mathematics, Shop Activities: Monitor 4' Homeroom President 45 ROTC Lieutenant Colonel 4: Second Lieutenant 35 Rifle 'I2earn.2, 3. 4: Firlnyg Squad 2g Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4: President 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, ergeant 2, Football 1: Hi-Y Club 45 Science Club 3 HALEY EDWIN ALLEN Major: Shop Minor: Typing, Science Activities: Band 1, 2 HERNDON, ANN Major: History Minor: Home Economics Activities: Twelve Year Club 4: Girls' Basketball 3: Girls' Volleyball 2 HARGIS, ELZORA Major: History Minor: Home Economics, Commercial Studies Artivities: Student Advisory Board 2: Monitor 2. 4: Yearbook Staff Associate Editor 4: Homeroom President lg Vlce-President 2: Secretary 3: Honor Society Member 3, 4, Chap- lain 43 Red Cross Re resentative 1' Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4, S onsor 3, 4' Treas- urer 4' Officer Staff if 2' Library Staff 2, Pep Squad 1 2' Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3,49 Girls, Volleyball 1 2 3 4, Girls' Softball 1 2, 3, Trl-Y Club 4, Future Homemakers of Algeg1cal2,43, 4: Rresldent 31 All-Star Volleyball Team 3: Commercial Club 2, 3: Quill an cro HOLT, JACK w. Major: History Minor: Mathematics, Speech Activities: Red Cross Representative 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3: Glee Club 1 7 s Chorus 1, 2 2 1 ,MN HOLT, JO ANN Major: History Minor: Speech, Music , Activities: Twelve Year Club 4: Library Staff 2, 3: Pe i Squad 4: Tri-Y Club 3, 45 Dra- matic Club 1, 25 Stenographers' Club 35 Glee Club 2, Iii 45 Band 1, 2 JOHNSON, DOROTHY JEAN Major: History, Home Economics 1 Minor: Mathematics, Science Activities: Monitor 35 Homeroom Vice-Pre ident 31 Secretary 15 Red Cross Re resenta- tive 2' Office Staff 2, 45 Cheerleader l, 2, 4 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Yyolleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls, Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 , N HOWARD, PRENTIS STAFFORD T Major: Science, Mathematics N Minor: Shop 1 Activities: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 45 Manager in Track 35 Football 35 Basketball 35 Bowling Team 4 Q i i JONES, CLEO MAE Major: Home Economics i Minor: History, Algebra Activities: Homeroom Secretary 35 Twelve iYear Club 45 Red Cross Representative 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 4 HULBERT, DONALD Major: Art A Minor: Speech, Mathematics ' Activities: Twelve Year Club 45 Rifle Team 35 Firing Squad 2, 35 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 35 Football 2, 3 ' JONES, FRANK w. Major: History J Minor: Music, Shop Activities: Firing Squad 2, 3: Non-Commi sioned Officer, Sergeant 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Track 45 Boys' 'I Club 45 Glee Club 2, 45 B s' Chorus 2, 4 HURST, CECIL ALLEN Major: History 3 Minor: Mathematics, Science ' Activities: Red Cross Representative 35 ROTC SecondiLieutenant 45 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 2, 3 , i JOYNER, JERRY EUGENE Major: History, Commercial Studies Minor: Mathematics Activities: Student Advisory Board 25 Red Fross Representative 15 Hi-Y Club 35 Stenog- raphers' Club 3, 45 Glee C ub 1, 2 JACKSON, NARAH ANN Major: Home Economics J Minor: Science, Languages Activities: Student Advisory Board Treasurer 4: Monit r 45 Yearbook Staff Assistant Busi- ness Mana er 45 Homeroom Secretar 15 Pep Squad 4 Girls' T Club 3, 45 Girls' Basket- ball l, 4' girls' Volleyball 1, 2, 45 Girls, Softball 15 ri-Y Club 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 45 Science Club X , 4 KENNEDY, BILLIE JEAN Q Major: Mathematics, Science . Minor: Languages, History i Activities: Twelve Year Club 45 Red Cross Representative 35 Girls' Aquatic Club 43 Science Club 3, 4 JOHNSON, BETTYE ELZENA Major: Music, Commercial Studies J Minor: History, Algebra Activities: Red Cross Re resentative 45 Stenographers'iClub 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 45 Glee Clliib 1, 2, 3, 4 Y i KILPATRICK, NELLIE ANN Major: Science, Mathematics Minor: Languages i Activities: Twelve Year Club 4' Officers a d Sponsors Club 35 Sponsor 3: Office Staff 3, 45 Cheerleader 35 Girls, Basketball 3, 42 irls Volle ball 45 Girls, Softball 3, 45 Tri-Y Club 3 45 Dramatic Club 35 Senior Servic Scout 3, 4,5 Latin Club 1, 25 Science Club 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3. 45 Cinderella nf 194 Cotton Carnival: Society Editor of Eagle 45 Sports Editor of Eagle 2, 3 22 1 LANGHAM, ROBERT EARLE Major: History Minor: Mathematics Activities: Monitor 3, Homeroom President 33 Vice-President 4: Twelve Year Club 4' Second Lieutenant 4, Firing Squad 35 Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Non-Commissioned Club 3: President 3' Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3: Football 1, 2: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4 LITTLEJOHN, ALICE PATRICIA Major: Commercial Studies Minor: History, Home Economics, Science Activities: Future Homemakers of America 2 LEAGUE, NANCY SUE Major: Commercial Studies Minor: History, Mathematics gftgfiiiesz Red Cross Representative 1, 2: Pep Squad 4, Stenographers' Club 3, 4, Spanish U LOKEY, BARBARA PAULINE Major: Mathematics Minor: Latin, Typing Activities: Student Advisory Board 4: Traffic Chief 4, Monitor 2 3, 45 Twelve Year Club 45 Honor Society Member 3, 45 Secretary 45 Red Cross Vice-President 35 Officers and Sfonsors Club 4: S onsor 4' Office Staff 2, Football Maid 3' Girls' T Club 2, 3, 4: irls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4' Girls' Softball 1, 2 3, 4, Tri-Y Club 3, 4, 'rrwnrrr 4, Senior Service scorn 4, Latin Club 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Red crnsr Delegate to Talladega, Alabama 3 LEE, JOYCE ALINE Major: Commercial Studies Minor: History Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: Secretary 2, Homeroom President lg Vice-President 2' Red Cross Regreseutative 1: Stenolgraphers' Club 3, 4, Girls' Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Volleyball 1, 2, , 4, Girls' Softball , 2, 3, 4 LOWE, CAROLYN Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Mathematics, Science Activities: Yearbook Staff Member 4' Officers and S onsors Club 4: Sponsor 4' Cheer- leader 4: Girls' Basketball 3, Girls' Volleyball 4, Girls' Softball 3, Stenographers' Club 3, 4 LEE, WALTER T. Major: Shop Minor: History, Mathematics Activities: Twelve Year Club 4' Rifle Team 3, Firin Squad 3: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3, Football 4, Track 4: Bowling Team P, 4 MANGRUM, WILLIAM Major: Mathematics Minor: Shop Activities: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3 LEMONDS, IMOGENE Major: Commercial Studies, Music Minor: Speech Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 4: Pep Squad 4, Girls' Basketball l 2, 3, 4: Girls' Volley- ball l, 2, 3, 4' Girls' Softball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' T Club 3, 4: National Forensic League 3 4' Treasurer 45 bramatlc Club 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Stenographers' Club 3, 4, Band 1: Majorette lg All West Tennessee Chorus 2, 4 MARTIN, JANICE Major: History, Home Economics Minor: Typing Activities: Eagle Staff Member 4: S onsor 4: Office Staff 3, Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Volle ball l, 2 3,1 4: Girls' Softball 1, 2 3, 4' National Forensic League 3, 4: Dramatic Club Vlce-President 4, Debate Team 3, 4, Future Homemakers of America 3, 4, Glrls' Bowling Team 3, 4 LILES, MARY ANNE Major: Mathematics, Music Minor: Latin, History Activities: Monitor. 2, 4: Eagle Staff Member 4, Twelve Year Club 4: Honor Society Member 3, 4' President 4' Red Cross Representative lg Officers and Sponsors Club 4: Sponsor 43 Office Staff 1' Pep Squad lg Glfl5, Basketball 1 2 3 4' Girls' Volleyball l 2 3,1-4, g:rlls.'1Sogtb?ll 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y Club 3, 4, Senior Service 'snlnri 4, Latin Club 1, 2f 32 ee u , , MASK, CHARLES Major: History Minor: Art, Mathematics Activities: Firing Squad 25 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 2 23 MASON, GERALD B. Major: Mathematics, History Minor: Typing, Shop Activities: Monitor 3 4: Homeroom President Officer, Selrigeant 3, Football lg Basketball 1, 2, T Club 4: i-Y Club 2, 3, 4 lg Firi MOULTRIE, IMOGENE Major: Home Economics Minor: Shorthand Activities: Girls' Basketball 35 Girls' Aqua: MAUPIN, ANN Major: Art, History Minor: Typing, Home Economics Activities Red Cross Re resentative 3, 45 D : ramatic America 4, Commercial Cijub 3 MURPHY, VENABLE ARTIS Major: Mathematics, Science Minor: Latin Activities: Red Cross Re resentativ sioned Officer, Sergeant 35 Corpora 3, 4, Swimming 4' Bowling Team Club 1, 2, Glee ciub 41 Boys' chu l 21 Li 4, Boys' MCCOMMON, CLAIRE Major: Home Economics Minor: Speech, History, Typing Activities: Monitor 3, 4, Yearbook Circulat Officers and S onsors Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Squad 4g Tri-'F Club 3: National Forensic L I-Iomemakers of America 2, 4: Glee Club 4 ion Man Office eague 2 NACK, TOM Major: Mathematics, Science Minor: History Activities: Student Advisory Board 43 Moni ' ' ' ' ' oltklzall 2, 3, Boys Cit Representative 3, Fo ball 3, 4: Officers and Sponsors Cl MILLER, ,IO ANN CAROL Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Spanish Aetiuities: Girls' Volleyball 45 Girls' Softball 3 Band l, 2 5 Stenogi NOBLETT, CLARENCE Major: Mathematics Minor: Shop, History 3, 4: B31 rus 4, Of g Squad 2, 3, Non-Commissioned seball 2, 3, 43 Swimming 43 Boys' tic Club 4, Stenographers' Club 4 Club 4, Future Homemakers ol TC Ca tain 43 Rifle Team 4, Non-Commis- lg R e agar Staff l, 2: Football l, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, T Club 3 4: Prayer Meeting Group 45 Latin ficers and Sponsors Club 4 ager 4: Homeroom Secretary 4: Staff 2, 3, Football Maid 45 Pep , 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Future tor 43 Homeroom President 1, 23 Firin Squad 3, 4, Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Science Club 3, E: Base- 'aphers' Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Activities: Student Advisory Board 2, 3: Monitor 4: Eagle Staff Member 4, Homeroom Vice-President 25 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 2, 3: Football 25 Basketball 3, Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4g Vice-President MORGAN, BILLIE CLAIRE Major: History, Home Economics Minor: Typing Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: Pep Squad 33 F NOISWORTHY, MARY EVELYN Major: History, Home Economics Minor: Algebra, Typing Activities: Monitor 3, Office Staf makers of America 2, 3, 4 f 4: Pep MORGAN, SAM Major: Art, History Minor: Science, Shop Activities. Firing S uad 3: Non Commissione - - d Offic ball lg Track 4, Hifb' Club 4: Spanish Club 3 5 Glee NOLEN, ETHELEEN Major: Home Economics Minor: Shorthand, Typing Activities: Glee Club l, 3: Stenographers' 24 uture Homemakers of America 2, 3 Squad 1, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Future Home- r, Sergcant 3' Football lg Basket- Club 4: Boys' Chorus 4 Club 4 NUNIS, BETTY ANNE Major: History Minor: Speech, Typing Activities: Homeroom Secretary 2, 4, Red Cross Representative 23 Library Staff lg Dra- matic Club 4 POWELL, HELEN Major: Home Economics, History Minor: Typing, Music Activities: Eagle Staff Member 4: Office Staff 33 Girls' Basketball 3: Future Homemakers of America 3, 4 OWEN, DAVID H. Major: Science Minor: Mathematics, History Activities: Yearbook Stall Member 4: Homeroom President 2, 3, Non-Commissioned Club Secretary 4, Manager in Baseball 3, Football 2, 3 4: Baseball 2, 4' Hi-Y Club Vice- President 4: Key Club 3 4' Latin Club President 3, Science Club Vice-President 4, RO'l C Second Lieutenant 4, Quill and Scroll 4 POWELL, JIMMY Major: Music Minor: Shop, Commercial Studies Activities: Student Advisory Board 2: ROTC Second Lieutenant 3: Captain 4, Rifle Team 2, 3, 4' Firing Squad 2 3, 4: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 2, Glee Club l, 2: Boys' Chorus 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4 PALMER, EUGENE Major: Mathematics ' Minor: Spanish, Science Activities: Homeroom Vice-President lg Football 2. 3, 4, Track 1: Boys' T Club 25 Dra- matic Club lg Spanish Club 1 PRICHARD, NORMA Major: Home Economics Minor: History, Commercial Studies Activities: Twelve Year Club 4, Pep Squad l, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Stenographers' Club 3, 43 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4 PAYNE, DOROTHY Major: Home Economics Minor: Latin, Commercial Studies Activities: Student Advisory Board 2, 3: Twelve Year Club 4, Honor Society Member 3, gg Pep Squad lg Stenographers' Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Future Homemakers of America RICHARDS, NELLIE Major: History Minor: Home Economics Activities: Twelve Year Club 41 Glee Club 3, 4 PITTS, MARY ANN Major: Mathematics Minor: Latin, Home Economics Activities: Student Advisory Board 3, 4: President 4: Monitor 3, 4, Honor Society Mem- ber 4g Officers and Sponsors Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4' Cheerleader 1, 3, 4, Pep Squad 25 Girls' Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 45 Girls' Volleyball 2, 3, 4, Girls' Softball 2, 3, 45 Tri-Y Club 3, 4' Senior Service Scout 4: Latin Club 25 Treasurer 2: Future Home- makers of America 2, 3: Secretary 3 RIEGLE, PATRICIA ANN Major: Science, Mathematics Minor: Language, History Activities: Eagle Staff Member 3, 4, Editor 4, Honor Society Member 4, Officers and Sponsors Club 3 4' Office Staff 2, 3: Student Congress Representative 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 3, Girls' Basketball 1 2, 3, 4, Girls' Volle ball l, 2, 3, 4' Girls' Softball I 2 3, 4, Tri-Y Club 3, 4: National Forensic League 2, Eli 4' President 4: Vice-President 39 De- bate Team 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, President 3: Senior Service Scout 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Science Club 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4 PORTER, HAROLD T. Major: Shop Minor: History, Mathematics Activities: Rifle Team 2, 3, Firing S uad 2, 3' Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3, Football lg Basketball 3: Baseball 4: Bowling Tieam l, 4 ROBINSON, THOMAS W. Major: Mathematics Minor: History, Shop Activities: ROTC First Lieutenant 4: Firing Squad 33 Officers and S onsors Club 4: Non- Commissioned Officer Sergeant 3, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball F: Boxing 2, 4: Hi-Y Club 3: Dramatic Club 4, Non-Commissioned Club 3 25 ROE, CHRISTINE Major: History Minor: Shorthand, Typing Activities: Stenographers' Club 3, 4 SCHNEIDER, MARY ANN Major: Science Minor: Mathematics, Latin Activities: Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3 4' Gi Girls' Aquatic Club 3: Dramatic C lub 4:r ROGERS, WALTER Major: Band, Mathematics Minor: History, Typing Activities: Student Advisory Board 2, 4: Monitor Representative 4' Non-Commissioned Officer Serge Chorus 1: Band l, 2, 3, 43 Memphis Youth Concert SCOBEY, CARLTON EUGENE Major: Mathematics Minor: Mechanical Drawing, Shop Activities: Non-Commissioned Officer, S4 Club 2, 3: Hi-Y Club 4 ROY, BILLY Major: Mathematics Minor: Science Activities: Football 2, 3, 4: Boxing 2, 3: Track 3: Sw SCOTT, CLIFTON Major: Shop Minor: Mathematics Activities: Monitor 3, 4: Homeroom Se+ sioned Officer, Sergeant 2, 3: Football 2, Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Dramatics Club 4 ROYER, RALPH Major: History Minor: Mathematics, Shop Activities: Red Cross Representative 2, 3: Presiden Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3: Football 1, 3 Golf 3, 4: Boys' T Club 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4 t SCOTT, GENEVA Majo1:History Minor: Home Economics, Typing Activities: Monitor 4: Office Staff 1, 2 Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4 RUSSELL, Major: Art Minor: Commercial Studies Activities: Yearbook Staff Member 4: Homeroom PATRICIA Se ls' Volle ball 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls Softball l, 2, 3, 4: Latin Cliub 1, 2, 3: Science Club 3, 4 : Twelve Year Club 4: Red Cross nt 2, 3: Library Staff 1, 2' Boys' and 3: All Memphis Band 3 :rgeant 3: Football 1: Boxing 1, 2, 4: Boys' T imming 3, 49 Boys' T Club 3, 4 :retary 4: Twelve Year Club 4: Non-Commis- 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 4: Boys' T Club 1, 2, 3, 4: 2: Rifle Team 3: Firing S uad 3: : Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseballl2, 3, 45 , Girls' Basketball 1, 2: Tri-Y Club 4: Future cretar 3: Treasurer l: Twelve Year Club 4: Office Staff 1, 2. 3: Pe Squad 4: Stenographers, Club 3, 4: Future Homemakers nf America 2, 3: Commercial Club 3 SHU PE, ROBERT E. Major: Mathematics, Shop Minor: History Activities: Monitor 4: Homeroom Presi Officer, Ser eant 3: Football l: Track 1, 3, 4: Key Cfub 2, 3, 42 Secretary 4 RUTLAND, JOHNNY Major: Mathematics Minor: Science, History Activities: Monitor 4: Twelve Year Club 4: ROTC and Sponsors Club 4: Non-Commissioned Officer 3: Football 2, 4: Basketball 2, 4: Baseball 41 Golf 2, Boys' Chorus 4 SIMPSON, ERNESTINE Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Music, Home Economics Activities: Monitor 2: Honor Societyi M raphets' Club 3, 4: Future Homema ers 26 dent 2: Firing S uad 2 3: Non-Commissioned 4: Swimming 4:Cl3oys' 'I' Club 2, 3: Hi-Y Club Captain 4: Firin Squad 3: Officers , Sergeant 3: Non-glommissioned Club 3, 4: Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Glee Club 42 amber 3, 4: Red Cross Re resentative 1: Stenog- of America 2: Glee Club Ii, 2, 3, 4 SIMPSON, JAMES LEE Major: Mathematics, Science Minor: Typing Artiuities: Monitor 3, 4: Science Club 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Band 1 SUMMERLIN, ZOE Major: Music Minor: History, Home Economics Activities: Eagle Staff Member 45 Yearbook Staff Member 45 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 SKAGGS, MARVIN Major: History Minor: Algebra, Music Activities: Twelve Year Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3: Football 35 Glee Club 3, 4 SUMNER, BETTY GENE Major: Home Economics Minor: Typing, Music Artivities: Student Advisory Board 35 Yearbook Staff Member 45 Homeroom Secretary 35 Twelve Year Club 45 Stenographers, Club 3, 45 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2 SPRINGFIELD, JAMES w., JR. Major: History Minor: Shop, Art Activities: Twelve Year Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 35 Non-Commis- sioned Club 35 Football 1: Baseball 45 Bowling Team 45 Hi-Y Club 3, 4 TARKINGTON, CARTER Major: Mathematics, History Minor: Latin, Speech Activities: Student Advisory Board 45 Monitor 3, 4' Eagle Staff Member 25 Homeroom President 3, 45 Vice-President 25 Non-Commissioned Of icer, Sergeant.35 Football 1, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Golf 45 Boys' T Club 2, 3, 4: H1-Y Club 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 45 Latin Club 1, 2 STEELE, Jo ANN Major: History Minor: Typing, Home Economics Artivities: Homeroom Secretary 2: Treasurer 35 Office Staff 15 Dramatic Club 45 Future Homemakers of America 3, 4 THOMPSON, R. LEN Major: Shop Minor: History, Art Activities: Homeroom President 25 Vice-President 45 ROTC Second Lieutenant 45 Officers and S onsors Club 45 Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 35 Basketball 1, 25 Hi-Y Club 3? 4 STEWART, MARGARET Major: Mathematics Minor: History, Science Activities: Pep S uad 43 Girls, Basketball 1, 25 Girls' Volleyball 3. 45 Girls Softball 15 Tri-Y Club Presigent 25 Dramatic Club Secretary 35 Prayer Meeting Group 35 Future Homemakers of America Secretary 25 Glee Club l, 2 TODD, MARY LANELL Major: Commercial Studies Minor: Languages, Mathematics Activities: Homeroom Treasurer 35 Honor Society Member 3, 45 Pep S uad 45 Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3 45 Girls' Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Softball 1, 2, 3, 45qfri-Y Club 45 Stenographers' Club 35 Latin Club 1, 25 Spanish Club 4 SULLIVAN, HARRY Major: Science, Mathematics Minor: Languages, Music Activities: Student Advisory Board 25 ROTC First Lieutenant 35 Second Lieutenant 25 Officers and Sponsors Club 2, 35 Key Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Science Club 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 15 Boys' Chorus 1 TOWNSEND, NATHAN ALLEN Major: History, Band Minor: Art, Mathematics Activities: Red Cross Representative I5 Non-Commissioned Officer, Corporal 35 Band l, 2, 3, 45 All West Tennessee Band 3 27 TOWNSEND, PAUL ALLEN l Majnr: Music ' Minor: History Activities: Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant 3: ootball lg Key Club 35 Glee Club l, 2, 3. 4: Boys' Chorus 1, 2, Hi-Y Club 3, 4: Non-Co missioned Club 3 WEBB, MARILYN I Major: Mathematics X Minor: History, Science Activities: Student Advisory Board 4: ecretary 4' Monitor 3, 4: Eagle Staff Feature Editor 4, Member 3, 4' Yearbook Staff Assistant Editor 4: Honor Society Chaplain 3: Vice-President 43 Red Cross Representat ve 1: Officers and S onsors Club 43 Sponsor 4: Pep S uad lg Girls' Basketball 3, 4' Girls Volleyball 2 3, 4' Ciirls' Softball 4' Trl-Y Club 3, 4i1Eec2etary 4: Senior Service Scout 3 Latin Club 2, 3: Science Club 4: Quill and cro , TREADWAY, WILLIAM GOURLEY Major: Music I Minor: History, Science l Activities: Eagle Staff Member 2: Homeroom Tre surer 1: Twelve Year Club 4: Red Cross Representative lg Non-Commissioned Officer. ergeant 2' Non-Commissioned Club 2: Hi-Y Club 25 Dramatic Club lg Spanish Club 1giScience Club 3: Glee Club 4: Boys' Chorus 43 Band 4: Memphis Youth Concert Band I l WHITE, ROBERT l Major: Mathematics l Minor: History, Shop 3 Activities: Twelve Year Club 4 1 WADE, DELORES MARLENE l Major: Art Minor: Typing, Speech l Activities: Red Cross Representative 4' Dramatic lub 2, 3, 43 Stenographers, Club 3: Future Homemakers of America 2, 4, Glee Club 1: Commercial Club 2 WHITEHEAD, JEAN Major: Home Economics, Commercial Studies Minor: History, Music W Activities: Monitor 4, Homeroom Secret ry 3: Red Cross Representative 2: Girls' Basket- ball 4g Girls' Volleyball 4: Girls Softball 1 Tri-Y Club 4: Senior Service Scout 49 Future Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4g Glee Cl b 2, 3 WALK, JOSEPH EDWARD Major: Science, Mathematics j Minor: Latin, History Activities: Student Advisory Board 35 Monitor 43 earbook Staff Business Manager 4: 'Twelve Year Club 45 Honor Societ Member 4: No -Commissioned Officer. Sergeant 2. 3: Bowling Team lg Hi-Y Club 3, 41, Secretary 4, K y Club 4: Latin Club Member 2, 3: 4: Science Club 3, 4: Southern Chemical Society, Q ill and Scroll 4 WILLIAMS, JEAN l Major: Home Economics Minor: Typing Activities: Homeroom President 25 Re Cross Representative 3. 4: Cheerleader l, 2: Future Homemakers of America 2, 3 ii WARE, CAROLYN VIRGINIA Major: History Minor: Typing, Home Economics Activities: Future Homemakers of America 2: Glee liflub 2: Commercial Club 3 l WILSON, GAIL J Major: Mathematics, Commercial Studies Minor: Spanish, Home Economics Activities: Yearbook Staff Member 4: E gle Staff Member 3, 4: Homeroom Treasurer l. 2g Twelve Year Club 45 Honor Societ Member 4: Red Cross Representative 3: Pezp Squad 41 Stenogra hers, Club 3, 42 Span sh Club 3, 4: Future Homemakers of America ' , 3: Quill and ScrolF4 WATKINS, BARBARA ' Major: History Minor: Music J Activities: Library Staff 25 Future Homemakers of Almerica 3: Glec Club l, 2, 3 WINBERRY, JUNE Major: Home Economici Minor: Algebra, History Activities: Twelve Year Club 43 Pep Squad I. 4: Fixture Homemakers of America 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4 THOMPSON, JAMEs Major: History l Minor: Art, Music i Activities: Entered at Sdring Term from Bay City, Arkansas g iiz fg7,s' F5 'Y' -f W V20 0640? 1- ni 'S iq B S ri .fx N j x i NI f N 1 A IiN'l'FR'I'.XlN Y . v-A A I I I I I -Q' fffff Q ..EE. ., 'Nw ,ii TWELVE YEAR CLUB Cf!" ' lk Q A A ff' I K Rf SV'-1 5. 2J,Wu.Z5f11ff2 nz. 4:5 9.2. 5 : u. ,Z ' 5 132843- T . VSQSLB. 1 9, . 2IT3fg. gafyfi' g,.fj,q,?fUmfLd0'!f 55' W 1 56 3 5' Wfgfx 42. idtysonr rx. -'ff 'U . 95.1.6679 31,9ffaM'wV 94?-,QSSQ 5 sg as Si??l'j5"f'M"f 9ff.ZaW"a'-iff ---9--F 7 w J, 4 1 ,X v V SKYLINE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT As we board the Senior Plane, and take to the air, the hum of our motor dies away and we, the Seniors, being in full possession of mind and with memories that put the encyclopedia Britannica to shame, do leave this last will and testament to the class of 1951. Article I. To our principal, W. L. Maybry, we leave our most sincere thanks for his untiring efforts in helping us to reach this eventful point in our lives. Article II. To the pilots of the senior class: Mr. Harton, Miss King, Mr. F edericks, Miss Castlemun, and Miss Brignardello who have looked upon our take-off with joy, we bequeallh the joy of work well done and our regrets for any unnecessary trouble we may have given them. Article III. To our Juniors we leave our landing field, our hangar, a good place in which to hide our senior dig- nity, the best brand known. Article IV. To our school, we leave all the time we wasted. May the other classes use it to an advantage. Article V. To our stewardess, Mrs. Wade, we leave ten free dancing lessons at Arthur Murray's.for her and her husband. Article VI. To Mrs. Wright, we leave a vault and burglar alarm to protect her? money. Article VII. d To Mr. Reding we leave a large collection of various joke books so he may keep his classes well up- IO- att. Article VIII. To Mrs. Buffaloe, our distinguished lecturer, we leave a booklet of the latest techniques in lecturing. Article IX. To Miss Tisdale we don't leave, but take the annual staff so that she may again live in peace. Article X. To Mr. Lineberry we leave a shiny gold-plated truant officer's badge. Article XI. To Miss Walker we leave twenty-five old typewriters to be wonried over by the up-coming classes. Article XII. To Miss Alice QPythagorusJ Johnson we leave another brilliant solid geometry class. Article XIII. S To Mr. Thompson we leave a miniature iceberg to keep him cool throughout the winter months. Article XIV. To Mrs. Webber we leave a new supply of the State Contest music for her next class. Article XV. To Mrs. Southwood we leave a book on "Techniques of Teaching the Eskimosf' Article XVI. Section 1. Mary Ann Liles leaves the gavel of the National Honor Society to Glenn Young. Kent Heberling fGod's gift to womenb leaves his Lieutenant Colonel bars to Victor Steele. Bobbie Lee Gilkey leaves her many heart broken boy friends to Marjorie Bates. Chuck CAD Ferrell leaves his glorious voice to jake fjolsonj ore. Mary Lynn Coward leaves Don Adair to any she-wolf who has a new car. Tom Nack leaves his long legs to Alvin "gismo" jackson. Jack Holt leaves his athletic ability to "Tootsie" King. Tommy "Kayo" Robinson leaves his svelte figure to Richard Bellamy. Eugene Palmer leaves his brilliance to Pat Wintker. Geneva Peacher leaves her knowledge of English Literature to Billy French. Ronnie Beck leaves his slightly battered Crosley to Richard Diggjms with his best wishes for luck. Marilyn Webb leaves her bottle of peroxide to another sucker, S zie Williams. Pat Riegle leaves her debating ability to Jack Russell. Bob Coolidge leaves his artistic ability to Leon Drewry. Sam Morgan leaves his good natured, easy going way to Wade Starnes. Jo Ann Holt leaves her towering height to Mary Ann Sellars. jerry Joyner leaves his lifetime supply of "Home Run" cigarettes to Charles Crane. Paul Townsend leaves to settle down with his family. Gloria Byrd leaves her sophistication and dignity to Barbara Hay. Betty johnson leaves to protect her main interest, CB. CJ Betty Burkett leaves her sewing ability to Peggy Hunt. Helen Powell leaves her large collection of sweaters to Joyce Richardson. Martha Armour leaves her athletic ability to Frances Huffman. Mary ,Io Barnet leaves her tiny feet to Barbara Winberry. Ellen Gaylord leaves her long hair to "Tiny" Williams. Cliff Davis and Joe Ed Walk leave their pull with Miss King to some unsuspecting, enterprising Junior Elzora Hargis leaves all her trouble to Preston Smith. James Thompson leaves, uh, do I have to leave something? 36 CLASS PROPHESY Here it is 1965 and we are preparing to depart for the moon. Remember how much we used to laugh about making a trip to the moon? Well, now people even live on the moon! As we prepare to board the interplanetary space ship, which is owned by those fabulous space explorers, James Simpson and Buddy Scott, our baggage is checked by two redcaps-Dan Alston and Harry Sullivan. Assisting us aboard are two familiar stewardesses, Delores Wade and Christine Roe. Just as we are fastening our safety belts, two newly-weds, Hazel Baumann and Cecil Hurst, come dashing madly aboard. Well, here we go-oh no! engine trouble. "Don't worry," says Margaret Stewart, "here come "Miss Fix Itl' Payne, Norma "No Trouble At Alll' Prichard, and Jean "Don't Laughl' Williams. In no time at all everything is fixed and we are on our way. There is absolutely nothing to worry about because our alert pilot and co-pilot, Joe Croom and Venable Murphy, have told us so. What a meal that well-known chef Pierre de Crenshaw has prepared for us! Suddenly we feel a. terrific jolt and discover that we have reached our destination-the moon! After stepping hurriedly from the ship, who should welcome us? None other than Mayor "Honest" Johnny Rutland and two of his poli- ticians, Big Shot Jerry Mason and Burk Shot Clarence Noblett, who are members of the Sure Shot Tarkington government machine that controls the moon. The welcoming committee escorts us to a waiting jet cab controlled by that Mighty-Mite, "Tweekie" White, who drives us to the "Little Dipper" Hotel. To our amazement who are the owners but Billy Roy and his wife Ann Maupin. Rushing up to the desk to take our bags are those two snappy bell-boys, Ronnie Hayes and Nelson Gonyaw. After freshening up a bit we decide to set out and see the wonders of the moon. We have just stepped out the door when we meet Janice "Information" Martin who proceeds to tell us the latest gossip. "Did you know that Robert Langham and Cleo Jones have finally married after such a prolonged engagement? Just guess who has just been appointed "Moon Shine Collector"-that's right, James Farmer. The newly appointed editor of the "Moon Chronicle" is that highly educated iournalist, Theresa 'iI.Q." Arata. Bidding a hasty good-bye, we continue on down the street. After we have walked a short distance, we chance upon the "Silver Moon Slipper Club," whose proprietors, Iris Adcock and Martha Gaught, welcome us to this fine social gathering. While sipping our Moultrie Specials, our attention is called by the master of ceremonies, Nathan Townsend, who introduces the Moon Maid Chorus Girls, Betty Gene Sumner, Zoe Summerlin, and Mary Ann Mazyck. Next on the program is the distinguished soloist Billy Jean Kennedy. Following this are the acrobats, "Muscles" Guidry and "Superman" Haley, who are gracefully tossing Betty Jean Dunbar through the air. Thelma Brown, model for the distinguished designer, Jaques R. Len Thompson, appears next with the latest moon fashion creations. The famous fleet-footed ballet dancers Betty Grover, Joyce Lee, and Evelyn Barnett really perform beautifully to that famous tune "That Lucky Old Earth," composed and written by Ralph Royer. Last on the program comes that moon-known violinist, Carlton Scobey. Suddenly, we hear a loud-crashing noise and in rushes Mary Ann Schneider, president of the Ladies Tem- perance League, followed by Jo Ann Miller, June Goodman, Quanagene Dorough and Imogene Lemonds, ardent members. On our way out we see Nellie Richards and Ann Herndon graciously trying to help Mickey Green find his way home, but he only replies "Just point me toward Bowen and keep the people off my fingers." Over in a secluded corner we happen upon Tommy Estes and Walter Rogers, who are solemnly engaged in a close game of "African Dominoes." As we are trying to find our way out, we feel a stiff breeze and discover it is only Charles "Crooner" Blaydes, who is being madly chased by his unavoidable admirers. Leading the flock is "Miss Sadie Hawkins of 1965" Dorothy Barbaro, who is closely followed by Betty Branch, Carolyn Lowe, and Barbara Watkins. After coming to the street, we decide to do a little more snooping. As we stroll down the street, we pass by Dot 'KHealth and Strength" Johnsonis reducing salon. She has gained moon-wide fame for writing the book "I was a Candy-maker's Daughter," or "How Stuffed Can You Get?' Going out the establishment, we see "Blubber-Bustle" Russell and "Dianmatic" Daisy Fitts. While passing the busiest corner, Moon and Clinging Vine, we see C. Y. Graves, the paper boy who tells us that many of our old school-mates are professional businessmen. James "Rocker" Cooper is now the president of the First National Bank. Harold "Ten- Pin" Porter owns the local bowling establishment, and Charles Mask is now directing the Slabovan Chorus at the local concert hall where Rollin Hayslip is a professional custodian. Continuing our stroll, we see a gym owned and managed by the former boxing im- presario, Luther Dwyer, who has now retired and is promoting fights in the "Moon Square Garden." Entering the gym, we see over in the far corner Bill Treadway, the current holder of the gnatweight title, working out for his tough battle with "Killer,' Dorris. Johnny Crossno, who is getting a massage from the best-known trainer of the day, Frank Sowell, tells us of his latest leg injury. Patsy Littlejohn, the head of the Women's Division, is giving a few pointers to Carolyn Bell, Norma Jean Davis and Mary Lee Cothran who are practicing for their professional volleyball game. As we are leaving the gym who should we run into but Marie Fray. "Have you heard about the newly appointed principal of "Moon High," Jimmy Springfield? Prentis Howard is the geometry instructor, Charles Becker, the History instructor, and Narah Jackson is the helpful instructor in Physics. As we are crossing the street, we narrowly escape being hit by a car guided by Betty Jean Forrester. As Mary Todd and Gail Wilson are her only companions, she invites us to ride to the exciting football game about to begin. On our drive to the game, we glance at a billboard that reads: "See Johnny 'Gorgeous' George and Peggy 'Make 'Em Swoon' Cooper in their latest picture, How To Win Them." Imagine our not jeering about the "Cut-throat Three" Barber Shop! June Winberry, Evelyn Noisworthy, and Margaret Brown are the owners and live up to their suggestion: "Use Molpalive Shaving Cream-no brush, no lather, no soap, no nothing,-just blood." "Whatls that loud noise coming down the street?,' we ask. Upon further investigation we discover it to be Unit A, Company B of the Citizens Army which is triumphingly marching in front of us. Many familiar faces catch our attention. Harold Dunbar is the major. Among other high ranking officers are Delores "Big Ham" Baham, Jo Ann "Big Wheel" Steel, and Betty i'Little Wheel" Nunis. Nellie "Speedy" Kilpatrick comes lagging along just alittle late as usual. After the band has passed, we glance across the street and see a large red and white sign proclaiming: H 'Let us be the last men in the world to let you down' J. P. Harris, Buddy Guess, and Marvin Skaggs, cut-rate undertaken." Finally, we arrive at the stadium, erected by Jimmy Garrison. Well, here comes Nancy League, wonder what she knows new? "Ernestine Simpson now has her own private kindergarten and Betty Fleming, Jean Whitehead, and Carolyn Ware Anita Agee has all of her children enrolled at this small castle of knowledge for youngsters. Annie Lee Glisson is in land of Mars gathering material for her next illustrated lecture. Well, Rhoda Berry and Mary Katherine Grace grams, we didn't know that either! As we take our seats on the fifty yard line we glance down on the field and fessional teams preparing for the great game. Jack Holt is the captain for tonight. While glancing at our program, miliar names as, Walter Lee, Halfback: Billy Mangrum, Quarterback, and Frank Jones, Tackle. What a game this In the last quarter while standing on the sideline, Coach Neal Forsythe is injured by a player who was knocked out are her helpers. the dark waste- are selling pro- see the two pro- we see more fa- turns out to be! of bounds. Imme- diately, the loud speaker calls for a doctor. Who should answer the call? None other than Dr Whitey Owen pushin his wa t h ' ' v R I unconscious coach. Mrs. Owen CJean Moosel was left behind to comfort Mr . F th Cl ' M ' Y 0 e scene are the umpire, Donald Hulbert, and the referee, Clarence Colley. s orsy e 1 arre cCommonJ. Also rushing to the After seeing that the coach had recovered, we leave for the Victory Dance to be held at the Plantation Club ownd by those two spinsters, Billie Claire Morgan and Bonnie Aldridge. Proceeding to the roof we give our wraps to the hat check girls, Jean Ray Gam- mon and Ethelene Nolen. We are then shown to our table by the waiter, Howard Bryant. The main attraction for the evening is U . ,, . . . . . Hot Lips Powell with his featured vocalist, Vivian Frascella. The host and hostess turn out to be Mr. fRobertl and Mrs. fPollyl Shupe. My how time flies! Oh well, so it is time to go. After all, the moon is TREADWELLIZED so no need to worry, everything is in good hands. Bye All. By Jove Emory Board Chester Field Al Goaway 37 554 F P' F We la fi THE COLORS Lieutenant Colonel E. D. Lucas P M S 8: T Memphis City Schools Honorary Colonel W. L. Maybry Principal RESER E CFFICER E 3 if N JI fu l A 5? 1 JH fpwvr 'rj if 0 My 1.4, yea r P ijfxf 00 P44 Nl, To iq 0 5,330 F N 'm""' Qs 5449 -lqd IQST PMTOON IFCOA1 P Pwroofv 5 Z4 rr V54 Pl' lily c QW K,-L i My 2 M ,A I ,L-'wh 6 QM X :.:, W" E co cw? 3 cvwfko '49 , ,M X S 10. Wfyrtk I MI S v a I 5 D L SE N70 S if ,ff sf Marion Linebcrry Instructor Q T H E B A N ll Q, gi s iv is Q, va -x s Ya mn Q Q. x :IVI f .. ,- I ll ,M 5 43 , , w w if ,-was qw .xI::?. ? ' .X gs, M 9 dh V gl , MW ' ':" E A , K . fs Ga dr ff If 3 1 3 MM, 'W ,,,: if ..., f ',:v,v U W QW Jmqpv. 'UNWWBA ur-W BLIND QAM! PAKAM Qu EE N Q53 , vxwivxniwx vb Q82 ami: MJMD5 COAT mu , FOLK, PATH 2 A ,xx AFP vwsor-x ef! 4 0 , 5311 fi ,PAqmo,foqs2g Pi P SQUAD ss.. QQQ QQQQ Qfbidga an if '79 X XQYQY YWQ vvpra bw ,, if fb .:.,, II" .: '- ,vv: . 52 FQ 3 'Q ji F 2 .. , , - If 3.. 0. QUAD, B Ugket all SB" T-EAM I am WTA w QQ ca gf K W. l 5 f QMMP5 E! .,I A .,A., , M A '1-P357 - , ,S , Q, fx Z :,. ...,, , K, I Q X Dqvib Gwen " Mlvmafbsr BOBBY Movizuou ALL MQMPNS WRXESTUNC l'EfXFV 1 Z gy, i :.,:.: ::::::es:.. :: , aw' +2 -3 -QM at ' Mm wmi, ji cr U5 s? I QNX W QM ff A--....fM 0 we ..,,, Eiisa W y W W M 'b N VA G M.. MT box .M LN Mm 527113 TH LETIC A161 AfAfQra.r Bmnvsscog 25 4fro.ywCesYA5He,nw IS. ftifagvni guups ms emma uw---H-............. linhnnhnsng--n Ithaca:-imma-4 vz? , fig 1, f,f 'Mfr W 1 X , fi" M LANGUAGE mmsrfwcvon Eskiice Iiriqnmrfwllo -1.-..... --na. u-an D V-bt D+! vflgfw QW' Svsruw f 531 Rl . . , mmf A ' 0 I W fkiiggm Q -iw.. We Q WF 5 gg. Q WW f 7 , fx! ' Q 1 Si ' 3 A' 1 .f' 3:04 V f X Q , 4 M ,404 w aww I ' A og VT Q, x ""L'Q'w'i"'0 A-309 Vs P' vi Sn MQ' fd ww ef U7 zl' y E 1' 'MQW Q? f E www , QS -mo.. www, ww, QWQQ qkvgxv' 3? I www-f..W,X N I X F S A ig E 5 f 'a F ! v NSS! Vx. :mms awp OYFIYUQ iN Moon fog www IQJEGIONAL wu:21T ww voumvm Q99 K W N ."-::: Q .,.,...,:.,:..f' . .. .:::-::' . 'gg PX Qfwqj 60859 CNY' aw'-W 4,, wQQ if wx W X Am f ,bvfo ,Awxor -HI'-'Y Kev awp fm.-. Qebiwg- aivvww W 4-as Y 995411 111 ro,r4'Hf -X8 fer vwfq aqou ,ull-56 5- Oixkxe-f,'iKir',.1ffAr-cf Lav- ' 6bv'l5c.v'-3 CtNDEQ5LI.fA of Coilon Czxrnuvaxl Time, NELLHE KILYATQWY., wzavwmavs Mans J.EDGAR4-KOOVCK Tomm nk E5+os HJAT from Hue, SPQYQ-L as Qhrigi- VA TRADE HOME RGOMS 1 ll - 1 Miss PHILLIPS, IST. B. Teurhcr ROW J. BOLTON. Secretary MOOSE, Vo-President KOCH. F0-PrE'SIdPnL L. C. 2ND. ROW: B. ROBINSON L. SMITH P. DEAN V. NEVVTON L. KEYWOOD L. WILLIAMS li. MITl'HI'2I.I. 3RD. ROW: I.. HARNETT' Il. BRUCE C. MILLER A. BURKHART ll. EAST J. GUYTON S. MOORE S. JONES V. BOLTON ATM. ROW: M. ALIJRIDGE il. HORMAN T. HARMAN J. PUWELI. l'. HARNETT li. WOUDSIIIH D. GAOUETTIC I.. VVATSON STH. ROW: I.. GILLANID J. HARI' H. GILI. J. TURNER J. MCLAIIRINI-I J. YAGAR II. V. MARTIN l'. HRAIPIJCY 1 ll - 2 MRS. BUFFALOE, Tearlwr IST. ROW! lm. HOUSTON v, TUWNSEND .l. IEREAZI-LAL!-1. Sm-romry v. DAVID, 'rn-1-surer in KEPLI-Ln. Vlvv-I'r9sllh'nl L. SLOVER S. RANKIN 2Nu. Row: sn sucns lr FORm:s'mn A. L. ROSS H. sc'0GGlNs P, VINSON A. SCHELLY I7. RAGGLJTT A. s'rEwAn'r H. RAGGI-:TT 1. cmAc'H ZRD. ROW: mu .IAMISON J, HAYSLII' W. DAVIS. Pu-sum-m w. nePonTl-:R E. ARUHI-in R. .JAVKSQN lf. SHUMAN 0. DALTON lx, 'rAYL01z u. Tl-:Rwll.l.l-:GER 4TN. ROW: R. I-'ORU J. HOOKS I-2. c'RoNl-:Y lx. LEMONINS l'. BUIKT I-3, HARRIS J. VRUMI' s umm H. TINNI-:N -. R, 'X ol " , 435 .,, Y , H ,I 1 K I ..,, K.. J-" 'J' 1- 5. ll-3 IRS. ELLIS. Ts'a1'lu'r .'I'. ROW: F. PERKINS. I'reSIr'lenL E.. OVVI-IN, Suriul 4'huIrln:ln J. VARBEIKY. Sew.-Trezw. C. CRAIN. Vivo-I'r0Slcin'lxl ID. ROW: R. MPNEELY S. BOURNE I'. PAINE I.. 4'AI.I.Il'IY'I' A. TOHIAS J. RARHAM R. GIII-.KN H. RICALI. ID. ROW: B. NlYTHI'jRI.ANID Il. J. POVVI-Il.I. V. l.I'1AIIUl'I H. HRAIDI-'URI7 J. A. IVERSON S. ATKINSON l'. BOYD J. DAVIS V. 'I'URNl'IIl V. IIOIIIU H. ROW: Il. 'l"UL'KI'1R I.. MOORE J. I'AMI'BI'II.I. ll. HUUK J. JONES l'. CARSON H. IPAVUH M. SVI'AFI"I'IR R. DAY H. ROW: I. MURRAY L. RAGVVI-Il.I. I. KJIOFFORID -2. HAGVVI-II.l. I'. STARI.INli I. MIYURK ll-4 R. THOM PSON, Trllrlzvr V. ROW: J. ROW: fl. J. NORVICLI. . VVARRPZN V. RIFE '. IVIVGANN K. MARTINIIALIC . RIFHARITSUN I. ROW: l. I'0VYl'lRS I. I.. REASON I. t'HAMl'4I'1RS J. I-IANSUN ' VI'Hl'I'I'l 1. ARMPi'I'IlUNfI I. VVATSON . DUKE I. HARNHR '. IIIAI. I. STANLICY N. RUW: . IlRI'IW'l'IRY U. TURNHII . IQAHM . -IOHNSUN . REI-Ili . RAMSI-IY . SANIYI-IRS . PEAK . MOSS . ROW: . VVI-IITI-I '. I-'IAYS . SVUBFIY . VAVUARO . HAI.l. . HAIYAVVAY . fil,"I'I.II'I'I . VANTOR . OZMICNT . 1IIlII"I"I'I'II . TODD, Tl't'1lSl1rt'l' . DENNIS. Vive-I'l'1-fsitlvlil I. GQIFOIITH. I'r4-sIlh'nl N ff,-uv., 71 . M ni. i Q 'W Q za M.. .....-...WW .W-..,....... v Q , " ,El U L .4 Yi Q 'YQ 11-3 MISS WALKER, IST. Is NK' Tvarllrr' now: . vorxzs. lu-I-sim-m . ICAINPZY. s.-I-wmry- T1---.1,m-w J. .low-Ls. lu-pon.-r l.. BI'lNIlAI.I. ZND. now: .1. l,l'l"rl.H v. TATIC I-'. umm u. xmomzs 5. urlmu' c, III'1,L .1. sx'mwn'1-:R rx. H01.l,AN11 JRD. Row: r. SWINIH-II.I. .l. KAl'Sl.I'll1 rx. I41I.l.IS .1. I-ull.1,n'L'T N. Sl'U'l'T 1'. w1N'1'Kl-In u. A. .mm-:s N. Mums u, s. A1u'H1-:lr 4TH. Row: '1. 4'lun-'rolm w. uL:1.1. r.. Alwrlx I. rum: 11. usmmNr1 lc. HrxnA1.l., viwAl'.-Q, STM. ROW: lx. MVIIICIIII-I .I X1 . lil!ssr'I.l. . lIII.l. 11-4 Miss .11-LTER, I mmm' lsr. Row: u. YOUNG H. uxml' 11. Almllc, Proficient A. mum, 1'1-vuhun-I m'. KING 2Nn. Row J. A. TAT:-1 1. 1cAucu-:r'r ll. HAHIIWICK E. MARLAR K. UNumu-31'l-11' ann. Row: M. A. moom: w, OAI-IL!-IX' K. MUTTUN J. I-IIINVAIUIS M. UAT!-is v, BILLS H. I-'lunfxx' .1 srmw C. UQANE 4'rH. now: u. If1S'l'I'CS I.. wu, xv, .1AL'KsuN n. FRICNVII w. TODD lc. THUILNIL lx. l'AI.Ill!I-IVR u. l,'UUI'EIi 5'rM. ROW: lc. 1-'l'1.l.1-:R ls, VAN mA'l'uN I-1. lxumuass L' mmm n. IIIGISUNS M. IIPZLI. .I vA1,r:NT1NH MR. FORBES, IST. K. Ii ,I . 2ND. 1. ll F AI 3RD. A li. S. A II. .I , J. 4TH. K. li. .I. Il. .l. 4. IK, I.. STH. 4. IL. Ii. Il. I.. 4. V. Trafllfr ROW! KICNNIQIDY. Vive-I'ruf.1m-m XVIIITSITT. I'l'L'sI4Il'lll HRYD, 5uvrol:u'y-Trcnsun-r ROW: IIU'I'l'I'IISON IIUILAN 191.1-IIVIING VVILSON ROW: l'IElU'I-f INICINTUSH IU7Bl'IR'l'SON l'AIVII'BI'II,L McIlANII".I. l'lIII,IlI-'IHS MAY SMITH ROW: IKONYE VRUSSNO IHIHI-IICTS SUM M ICIIS l'ROUM I-1 NVII.I.IS DAVIS IIIKICXYIIY ROW: LANE VVHALICI! Al'S'I'lN Rl"l'I,I-IIIIIIC DAVIS Tl"I'0Il FRAIN 1 ,ff s ,til ' if . 4,3 qi I W Z ,I is IJ W fs IL ,if 'rf-WMM wswxuzqrk ":::w...,f,, sh v 32' 5 3 M ' v af' a w ft' - , 2 bt 1 Rita Abbey Billy Ages James Anderson Sam Armour Martha Aughc-y Mary Austin Mary Austin Martha- Austin jo Ann Baggett Henry Baker Loretta Baker Gary Barkley Billy Barnes Sue Barnes Jo Ann Barrom Sue Bateman Gwyn Bellamy Barbara Bennett Mary jo Bishop Carolyn Blake Joan Blankenship Newell Boaz Dewayne Bolton Millie' Bouldin Dewell Bowlin Martha Branch Larry Breazeale Rose-mary Brigancc LUBS anc 2, W 52 LASSES Patricia Bright Fanny Brooks Sue Broome Harriet Brown Janette Brown Betty Bruce John Brunson Jerry Bryan Betty Burkhead james Burnett VVinnie Byrd Beverly Coke Dale Coker Sam Cole Dorothy Collins Anita Cook ,Iune Cook Earline Cooley Billy Cotten Mary Sue Craig John Cuneo Charles Davis Mary Davis Maurine Day Peggy Densford Ruby Donnelley Sylvia Dunlap William Dunning Mildred Durr Roy Eggeman Virginia Enovh Sarah Estes Betty Farmer Richard Farrell Shirley Ferguson Elizabeth Fields Billy Ford Joyce Ford Julia Ford Dorothy Forsythe Sam Forsythe Mary Fraley it W is H A Rf 1 A .,....,......,., . xg Q H., BX al i f ,nf .x r . 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Jinnny Fraser Ray Free Billy Fritts Bm-tty Jo Frost Raymond Gill Donna Goade Shirlcy Good Gvorgx' Graham Alicc' Hall Barbara Hair Bvvvrly Hardin Doris Hardwick Danny Harkcy Raymond Harvvll Shirlvy Harwcll Bobbin' Hcndcrson Jr-an Hcndvrson Billic' Henning Bc-tty Holland Barbara Hollingsworth Bobbie Ann Hollowcll Donald Holmrs Joannr' Hovvr Ronald Howell Dorothy Howard Juanita Jackson Evangvlinc- Jaincs Ruby Jarrett Janice Johnson Stanley Johnson Charlvs Jonrs Joannf' Jordan Shirlvy Jonvs Kvnncth Judd Shirlvy Krlly Carllvan Kinlvy Philip King Mary Alicv Kumnivrrr Billy Lanr Lounvll Lanc Harry Livvrsicdgc Bc-tty Lcwis G. C. Lvwis Ann Ligon Jo Annr' Littlc-fif-ld Nancy Loving Linda Lindquist Joc Luton Mary Evvlyn Maharrey Jr-anninr' Marrhcsini Jc-an Masscrano Dc-nnis Massvy Shirlvy Maysc' Ruth McCullough Walter McDaniel Donald MrFalls David Mc-adows An'l Milam Don Wynn Sarah Work Carolyn Morgan Edgar Morgan Lucy Moore Barbara Morrisctte Tommy Murphy Raymond Mynatt Lamar Nall Mary Alice Nethery Shirley Neirmcyer Billy Noblctt Frances Norwood Sarah Oakley Doris Patterson Sybil Pearson Ellen Phillips Joan Pierce Jimmy Pound Winford Rainey Martha Reese Patricia Reese Dale Richards Grace Richards Geneva Roberts John Robinson Shirley Robinson Bobby Rodgers Virginia Rogers Lewis Sager Jimmy Scoggins Barbara Scott Frances Scott Harold Sexton Shirley Shaw Paul Sherman Patsy Shirley Patsy Short Shirley Siler Raye Stanley Lelan Stanton ,lean Ann Stockdale Dan Stovall Shirley Strickland Robert Tate Ralph Taylor Gary Thomas Barbara Thomason Ralph Thompson Frances Tucker Nancy Turner Wayne Wilson Dorothy Wilson Tommy Wadlington Floyd Walker Richard Wallace Mary Catherine Webb Shirley White Imogene Windham Bobby Wolfe Jerry Wood Frank Whitten Pat Whitworth Mildred Wilkinson Barbara Wilson Ma Q ' as I S i X M 'i J Q -aa ., Aa, , 4 , at ' as - Raw, sv N K f WN S QA fam at rarr if f mf Q: wah .,.,. : f at iff" , in SQ Gb TK f N VM, bb QW sw W Nc. l9f,f'NN , fb :.:L , f' "1 55 15 ' N 1 Z 3 -- I WQLZ? . ' "Ay ' v' Fmt ,vw :.s "': 'W f A 'WNW . 0, , ,ig ..,,,,,, I A.l.A...: 3 5:1 ,,, N 5 ' , wig ---- f ':" ' ' if .Mak -v--:-::,- Q in ,fw jm W2 gg ' in 5 qv ' s f : M Q ,.:,,, Pgjjf, X 2? YW? QQ ng 8 IMC Ny QE? C, rw, ...,. 5 :VI .WN Y w PM M f vfdgw fs? 3 A2 4 42 5 A Q E g i? gs - E ff ..,.,. 'Ffa x ,, , Q, V- W 9 -'v, N SQ fs ':-- 'R ::: lx Q " 2 i ,ff V9 f 9 i 2? .1 5 3? 5 .. M ' 'M Q '53 iw rm, mx X x if f X F X . 5, Rf f I I f if JF? 35 1 ,gi 3 fi? Q ff' l I f ,YJ , X l1 0 I W 05 19 U ' Vi . Lu 4 Jumoug-men Home msgnwc f H1177 Anand Wanna mnner- iNS+l"V0"t'D7' CLOT4-llNCfMb-F0095 Q E C K Fw 0 f , 5 H . Q gk ft: yo """'vx xr I X Qmkaiff 5 ..., 5 -uouon, SOCIAETY Uviseriz Mrs. AUC-6 P-fxrkev bqljf -EVGIQN Mr. E.C.y-an www' f 1nQs.Aileen Jqmock QA riff counts 47155 Evax Jokrwon ftifry. ftffggxvfine khxvffalip WM? 599955 WN 56 -3 ff Q5 z Q5 lf? Q. V W R v C 0 v UGA . F B J XR I TREADWELL BOOSTERS REV. 81 MRS. E. L. ADCOCK MRS. J. W. AGEE MR. 8: MRS. JAMES ALLEY TREET ARATA BU BU ARMOUR RUSSELL BAKER STRAT BARBARO MR. 81 MRS. S. O. BARBARO MRS. R. M. BARRACK MRS. F. L. BARROW MRS. ANNIE LAURIE BAUMANN MR. 8. MRS. H. E. BERRY MR. 81 MRS. J. O. BERRYHILL BETTY GENE 8: EDWIN BILLY 81 MARY LEE MR. 8: MRS. FORD BOYD MRS. RAYMOND BRATTAIN ALICE BRIGNARDELLO MR. 8: MRS. E. J. BROWN NELSON A. BRYANT DOROTHY 81 NORMAN BUEHL MARGARET BUFFALOE T. G. BURCH KELLY W. BURMEISTER MR. 81 MRS. J. A. BYRD KATHRYN BYRD MR. 81 MRS. P. M. BYRD PATSY 81 GLENDA BYRD MR. 81 MRS. ROBERT R. CALHOUN ERNIE CAMERY FRANCES CASTLEMUN MR. 8: MRS. J. M. CARTWRIGHT MRS. FLORENCE CHENEY JOANNE CLAYTON TERRY COOLIDGE IRBY COLE MR. 81 MRS. OREN COLLEY, SR. MR. 8: MRS. A. F. CONDO MRS. ALLIENE CORBITT MR. 81 MRS. W. L. COTHRAN MR. 81 MRS. J. F. CROSNO ROOSTER COWARD THE COWARD FAMILY F. M. Da COSTA MRS. M. E. DALTON L. H. DANIEL MR. 81 MRS. W. O. DANIEL T. M. DAVIDSON MR. CLIFFORD DAVIS, SR. MRS. CLIFFORD DAVIS MRS. E. C. DAVIS NORMA JEAN DAVIS . WOOLDRIDGE DAVIS MARY DILLINGHAM MRS. DOROTHE SOWELL DOSS VESTO DOSS MRS. E. M. DOUGLAS GEORGE R. DOUGLAS, JR. MELVIN DOUGLASS JIMMY DOYLE HORTON G. DuBARD, M.D. MRS. W. E. DUNBAR MISS GLADYS FARMER MR. 81 MRS. JAMES M. FARMER E. E. FERGUSON, JR. MR. 81 MRS. I. J. FERGUSON MR. J. H. FITTS MRS. J. H. FITTS V. H. FITZPATRICK J. W. FORBES 86 ID. FORRESTER MRS. C. FORRESTER EETTY ANN FRANKLIN ROM A FRIEND RAY GAMMON MR. 81 MRS. PAUL GARNER ELBERT GATLIN M. W. GAUGHT MRS. A. W. GIEHLER E. R. GILLETT MR. 81 MRS. T. J. GIVENS MR. 81 MRS. BILL GLENN MR. 8. MRS. HARVEL GLENN MARION GONYAW . L. GONYAW ICE GRANTHAM ELL W. GREEN HOMAS W. GREEN WILLIAM G. GREEN MRS. MARY ANN GUY MRS. ANNA GUYTON MRS. WARD C. HALL J. H. HAMLIN MRS. FLORENCE HARGIS FORREST HIGHT MR. 8: MRS. CHARLES HILLIARD MR. 81 MRS. HUGH HOGUE LEE R. HOLCOMB MR. E. A. HOLT NELLE HULL F. D. HUTCHERSON MR. 8: MRS. M. M. IANNACONE EDDIE ISOM MRS. K. B. IVY SIarI Your Week Off RighI ATTEND H. L. Evans' Sunday School Class HIGHLAND HEIGHTS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SCHOOL Complimenls of A 81 P SUPER MARKET I578 Lamar R. A. SAUNDERS. Mgr. CAIR H 2 8 2 POPLAR OPPORTUNITY IS PW? If-YEEEYE If . U A: ,-r' ' and ' 'Q I ---- couriies QS I' X ' cf TREADWELL BOOSTERS ICon+'cII FRANK M- JONES FERRELL DRUG STORE GULF SERVICE PRESCRIPTIONISTS GISCIERYARDIRAATIEKET 3250 Summer Ave. Phone 4-9336 U S. Tire and Tube - Delco Baffery 465 High Polnl Terrace 820 N' Holmes Telephone 48-9544 Road Service Phone 443388 Memphis, Tennessee FREE DELIVERY Complimenfs of Disfricf I2 COLLINS CO PLI EN S O COMMERCIAL APPEAL WEONA No' 9' M M T F Phone 9-564-I 930 So. Third B F B. B. BILLINGSLEY, DisI'ric+ Mgr. Fancy Fruifs-Meals-Vegefables . . W. P. JACKSON MRS. L. G. JENKINS CHUCK JENSEN MR. 81 MRS. CLEO JONES MR. 81 MRS. HENRY H. JONES MRS. ANN B. JOYNER WAYNE JOYNER W. E. JOYNER ROBERT KILPATRICK MRS. NORA KILPATRICK MR. 81 MRS. H. S. LEAGUE MR. 8: MRS. M. D. LEE, SR. MR. LEWIS MR. 81 MRS. JACK LILES MRS. F. E. LIPSCOMB MRS. C. L. LOKEY GEORGE LOKEY MAC AND MARIE MR. a MRS. w. H. MANeRuM FLOYD E. MAHARREY w. c. IBILLI MAY w. L. MAYIIRY v. e-. MCCULLOUGH w. H. McDANIEL LEROY MEADoRs MR. a MRS. w. E. MERRITT MRs. IJoNA L. MILLER MISS LELIA J. MITCHELL JOHN MooN WILLIAM Y. MORRISON MRS. CHARLES c. Moss MR. a MRs. ROBERT Morr MRS. IsEuLAH B. MUNN JuLEs w. MUNN MR. 81 MRS. F. O. MYNATT MR. 8: MRS. THOMAS A. NACK MR. 8I MRS. W. R. NEIGHBORS CLARENCE NOBLETT BOB ALLEN NOISWORTHY EVELYN OAKLEY J. A. PARKER PATSY 81 JIMMY MRS. FRED N. PATTERSON MR. 8: MRS. JOHN K. PATTERSON MR. 81 MRS. F. W. PAUL MRS. V. O. PENNEL MR. 81 MRS. W. W. PEPPER, SR. MRS. W. A. PHILLIPS MR. 81 MRS. M. O. PLEDGER GEORGE L. PURYEAR M. L. RAY J. D. REDING MRS. EVELYN SOWELL REED MR. 8I MRS. WARREN C. RIEGLE CLARENCE M. ROBERSON MRS. JOHN L. RUSSELL MR. 81 MRS. R. L. SCHNEIDER, JR. C. S. SCOTT MRS. C. S. SCOTT JAMES F. SHARPE J. T. SHELTON MRS. J. M. SHUPE JAY SIGMAN D. WINTON SIMMONS O. D. SIMPSON MRS. ESSIE SKAGGS 87 R. A. SMITH MR. 81 MRS. D. E. SOWELL MRS. JAMES SOWELL JULIUS SOWELL MRS. VELEDA SOWELL MR. 81 MRS. J. W. SPRINGFIELD MR. 81 MRS. NOBLE STANLEY GLADYS STRATTON MR. 8I MRS. E. G. STEPHENSON MISS LALA STEPHENS DAVID SUMMERS J. C. SUMMERLIN MR. XI MRS. J. W. SUMMER MR. 81 MRS. J. C. TARKINGTON MR. 8- MRS. J. P. TODD TOMMY 81 BETTY HUBERT M. TOPPER MR. 81 MRS. MAURY WADE MRS. MACK WADLY MR. C. J. WALDEN MRS. C. J. WALDEN MRS. A. E. WARE MISS LELA WARE HARRY WARNER IRIS A. WEATHERLY MRS. J. H. WEBB WILLIS C. WELCH L. F. WHALEY MRS. C. E. WHITE GEORGE A. WHITE MRS. G. A. WHITE MR. 81 MRS. GERNIS WILLIAMS MRS. MORRIS L. WILSON MRS. ANNE P. WRIGHT HIGHLAND HEIGHTS YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION A PROGRAM WITH A PURPOSE-CI-IARACTIER comms BODY SP RIT I MIND Meer Me A+TI1e I NEWHOUSE s. co. '24 EXCHANGE AVE' AND DRIVE-IN PHONE 8-89I6 3257 Summer D IIC '99 -D' pI V Loure J. Alexander, Manager Uwe Dhecom Th S H1 , ,- ., .., I BARRETVILLE The BRODNAX name BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY RFD I, Kerrville, Tennessee and Branches THE PEOPLES BANK I Raleigh, Tennessee PEOPLES STATE BANK Millingfon, Tennessee THE PEOPLES BANK Collierville. Tennessee TX, Paid on Time Ceriificaies of Deposifs IVZOA, Paid on Savings Deposifs Member of Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. on The box aclds much To The value buT nofhing To The cosf Geo. T. BRODNAX, Inc. Regisierecl Jeweler ' American Gem Main ai Monroe MEMPHIS HEADQUARTERS for School Pins and Rings Frafernify Jewelry Sociefy See Toof's CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS for the best in V ' Calling Cards l l 0 Invifafions ' Announcemenis DQPALDING ' Wfiiing Papers SADDLE oxroans if . Scrapbooks li Q Ann Lomfsns - efeewng cards 2':::.,?'::::,...,. ,T T ' A'b"mS iifffl lUfff2,. T ' Novel+y School Caps ii SOCIAL STATIONERY SECTION A -li-'m'S0N'CAVETTEg S, C, TOQF 81 CQMPANY 9n.svsr.X--.......-afmsuvuns I95 MADISON ' MEMPHIS MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CCIRP. "AMERICAS FINEST ICE CREAM" Exiends Besf Wishes To The Class of Nineleen O Hundred Fi'H'y f Treadwell High School We All lvleef AI TOWN AND CCUNTRY Where They Specialize in Good Food and Soclas EIRE, AUTCMCBILE, AND GENERAL INSURANCE LIBERAL REAL ESTATE LOANS REAL IESTATE SALES E. H. QRUMP 8. Co. TI-IE SCIUTI-I'S LARGEST INSURANCE AGENCY DUNNING AND OUINN 4462 Summer Avenue GROCERY AND MEATS FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE BEST IN HOME APPLIANCES! Frigidaire Refrigerafors, Home Freezers, Auolmalic Washers, Driers, Ironers, Elecfric Ranges, Elecfrnc Wafer Healers ' Caloric Gas Ranges ' RCA-Viclor Television, Radios and Phonographs ' Dornesfic Sewmachines AND HOME IMPROVEMENTS Fiberglas lnsulafion ' Youngsfown Kifchens ' Plasfic Tile ' Armsfrong Inlaid Linoleum 0 Weafherslripping ' Panel Siding ' Roofing Phone4-343I We Deliver HOME EQUIPMENT CO. 2529 SUMMER AVE. PHONE 33-265I LITTLEFIELD BROS. JEWELRY COMPI-IMEN-I5 OF Aulhorized Dealer for Garland Diamonds and Walches TREADWELL AND HARRY INSURANCE See us for Ihose Gradualion Gills Since .909 Experl Walch and Jewelry Repairing 3425 Summer Phone 48-4242 HILL - SMITH TERMITE CONTROL Co. Phone 2-I I37 l282 Madison Avenue W. B. Hill Myron W. Smifh PICKLE IRON CO. 3007 Summer Avenue Phone 34-895I Memphis, Tennessee CUSTOM MADE ORNAMENTAL IRON FOR EVERY NEED Window Guards W. F. Pickle O. W. Palmer HOLLEY'S FLOWERS Cornplimenls Io Senior Class of I950 U. S. RADIO FLUORESCENT MFG. CO. SALES - SERVICE EXPERT WORK-ALL MAKES 235 Soulh Main SI. Memphis, Tenn. Phone 5-I I44 HOLCOMB DRUG STORE "Where qualify and price lead" l703 JACKSON 8: 3400 SUMMER Complimenls of SCOTT ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 272 Madison Avenue 8-3743 91 CHAILLE'S WATCH REPAIR SHOP Guaranfeed Wafch and Jewelry Repairs 3203 Summer Avenue Phone 34-3584 Complimenfs of OWEN'S GROCERY AND MARKET I466 Na+ionaI Avenue Complimenfs of G. P. NEWMAN TILE AND MARBLE CO. 2618 Jackson Avenue CompIimenIs of COCHRAN'S BEAUTY SHOP 635 HiIIcres+ COMPLIMENTS or O. J. BARSOTTI 8: CO. Phone 48-8526 2562 Summer Ave. Memphis, Tenn. NATIONAL VARIETY STORE 3658 Jackson Avenue MARTINDALE FEED AND SEED CO. 3I97 Summer Avenue Full-O-Pe Feeds Poulfry Siupplies Phone 48-4587 COM PLIMENTS OF WEONA NO. 83 BUSTER BEARD EXCLUSIVE CLEANING by VOGUE I535 Overion Park Phone 36-9764 SANDERS REFRIGERATION SERVICE AII CommerciaI Refriqerafion and Air Condifion Service Your Pafronage Is Apprecia+ed WARREN'S CAFETERIA 3039 Jackson COMPLIMENTS or BOYETTE BARBER SHOP c:oMPL1MENTs or BURN'S FOOD STORE T. H. ROWLAND SERVICE STATION 3208 Summer Ave. Memphis, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS or CHICASAW TOURIST 2466 Jackson Ave 48-3343 Specialize in Oils and Lubricafion ' Phone 4-9125 24 Hours WHITTEN BROS. HARDWARE Ea+ Complimenfs Of pig STY WHITEHAVEN HARDWARE 549 Soufh I-IighIand Phone 34-5506 Hof Ba r-B-Q 3033 Jackson AND SUPPLY CO. Whifehaven, Tennessee COM PLIMENTS OF HOLLYWOOD THEATRE Chelsea af HoIIywood COM PLIMENTS OF THOMPSON'S STORE Rosemark, Tennessee PURYEAR'S PHARMACY 34II Macon Road Memphis, Tennessee HESSELBEIN OIL COMPANY Tire and Oil DeaIer F. T. DOOLEY LBR. CO., INC. COM PLI M ENTS OF McCONNELL'S RESTAURANT Memphis, Tennessee AND BAKERY 3I97 Poplar 4-9I77 3402 Summer BAILEY'S BUTTON BAR ,Say H WM Sound., McCOMMON PLUMBING co. EQZNS COVERED UCKLES McTYIER RADIO SUPPLY 888 Robin Hood Lane UTTON HOLES 48 Hour Service 3217 Summer Avenue Phone 33-2236 - Memphis, Tennessee 205 Madison 8-3936 MORRIS PHARMACY 32I6 Summer Ave. See your docfor offen and Ie+ us fill your prescripfions wifh +I-me worId's besf drugs. We also feaiure 'Ihe besi' in cosmefics and ofher producfs. Phone 4-9233 LEADWAY NO. 2I THE LITTLE SHOP H' G- BOATNER' Owner 4437 Summer Avenue Free Delivery 3287 Jackson Ave. Ladies' Ready-fo-Wear ChiIdren's Cloihes and Dry Goods Phone 48-3003 Phone 4-3378 FIRESTONE STORES Tires-Tubes Home and Au'Io Supplies Complimenfs from The BOBBLE "N" MINIATURE EARLES' FLORIST "Fashions In Flowers" AII Types of Floral Work 3533 Walker al Highland GOLF Jackson 8: Evergreen Phone 7-2876 Phone 4-6000 Besf Wghrizgjfefshe l95O Besi' WISI16S Class of '50 FURBRINGER AND GARAGE C' E' MCCORY CONSTRUCTION CO. FROZEN FOOD OCKERS EHRMAN L Commercial and Induslrial Builders Archiileclls 608 S' Highland 2948 Summer Avenue Union Planfers Bank Bldg. 48-5848 48-BSI6 Phone 33-262I 93 BEST WISHES I950 GRADUATES From The FRIENDLY CHURCH MALCOMB AVE. BAPTIST CHURCH Malcomb a+ Broad Rev. V. W. Cavender, Pasfor DENK R-ENDICOTT MANUFA TURING JEWELERS 677N Shrine Building Jewelry repairing our speciaIIy ITNGRAVING DIAM ND WATCHES DIA oND serrme I I Complimenfs of N PERNIE WILEY I Highland Heighfg Furnifure CQ, Inc, Faculfy Member De Shazo College of Music NO. 92 P. + L IIO3 Ncfional 3425 Summer Avenue Greiis Tinsfinijjirinsns Phone 49268 3529 Givens Avenue Phone 4-6294 W. S. JOYNER, Owner Wifh CornpIimen+s Io ' H C SHARP 'rhe Graduenes AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE STANLEY'S LADIES BROWDER PHARMACY I 3275 Jackson TOGGERY 2883 Poplar Boulevard I PRESCRIPTIONS - COSMETICS 484525 48-I525 340' Summa' Avenue I vim Our Founfain Memphis. Tennessee I Memphis II, Tenneggeg X Besf Sundaes in Memphis Congralulalions To The I95O Graduales Besf of Luclc Io Ihe I95O Gradualion Class OWENS RADIO 8: REFRIGERATION COMPANY 3329 Summer Ave. Phones-Day or Nighf 34-7593 81 34-7239 I RSSP Q, All Philco Appliances THOMPSON S BARBER SHOP Lg' '7 9 ig RCA and Philco Television 3399 Summer 95 "" IQ, -7 I 704-Don, R615 P Open evenings 'fil I0 P.M. Besf Wishes Io Treadwell Gracluales For Clean' Courlegus Service and MATTHEVWS Tasly Food Complefe Food MarIce'I' Visii' 3I03 Summer Avenue 3053 Summer Avenue Open 6 A.M. Till I2 Midnighf for your convenience Memphis' Favorile Drive In HOPKINS HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES MOSS BARBER SHOP "Goodyear Dealer" Besi of Luck '50 Gracluafes 3434 Summer Ave. Phone 48-6446 GEORGE IRON WORKS Manulaclurers of ORNAMENTAL IRON PRODUCTS 2408 Summer Avenue Memphis, Tenn. Phones-48-3750 Dey-4-7328 Nighf Your Business Appreciafed HIGHLAND HEIGHTS SHOE REPAIR Shoes Repaired While You Wai? LIBERTY CASH GROCERY NO. 7 3422 Summer, near Nalional 34I4 Summer Avenue D. R' MASSEYI Owner Phone 4-93 I 9 MEADOWS 81 SON "AnvIirne in Summerfime is walermelon lime" 3264 Summer 48-4833 95 W IIB' U15 ILT- 975 , Complimenfs Coca-Cola Bottling Company MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE BRYANT - FITZPATRICK JEWELERS BUTLER'S PHARMACY Diamonds, Wa+ches, Gif+s TED. BUTLER, R. Pl-I. "I+ iakes only 3 minufes Io open a charge accounI" 329I Jackson Avenue 2553 Broad Phone 4-0207 Phone 34-2646 Memphis Complimenis of TOM DWYER'S BARBECUE DUFFEY FURNITURE COMPANY 3498 Jackson 4'6oI4 E. E. WILLIS-GEORGE T. MOSS Owners H-I-he Besl In Townu Telephone 8-5400 292 S. Main Memphis, Tenn. Complimenfs of Your confinued pafronage Complimenls of is appreciafed al COMPANY Norm-I sine BAKERY LIDDELL'S BARBER 8: BEAUTY SHOP MANUFACTURERS OF 3359 Jackson Phone 48-3493 .-I 3266 GUSFHSSV R. L. Pence T E. Meadows BRISTOL Compnmems of Gas-Oil--Tires-BaH'eries P. 81 M. GARAGE HATTERS AND CLEANERS STANDARD BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. Qualify Cleaners 33I3 Jackson 34-4405 Complefe Auio Repair h Experi Body 8: Fender Work S S B J II R d Y ac a ar Summer Durable Building Maferials WRECKER SERVICE phone 4-QI23 Hardware-Painfs PHONE 4-6989 2466 SUMMER 97 W. A. Whi+si++ Cons+ruc+ion Co. BRITLING CAFETERIAS COMMERCIAL s. INDUSTRIAL I55 Madison BUILDERS u 795 Walnul Phone 37-5665 75 Umon I Congra+uIa+ions Treadwell Grads! VERLEV5 CLEANERS LIBERTY CASH GROCERY, No. za 3436 Summer Cash and Carry or We Deliver Bill Speros, Owner Buck Arara, Mgr. Phone 48-8066 or 48-8668 Visi'r Our Planl 3394 Macon Road Bob Pugh I I Coriese Bros. Cleaners 8: Ha'Hers THE DORRE' SHOP POR-l-ls COX AND SON 3285 Jackson Avenue Smart Sfyles for Tofs, Teens MOTOR CO and Ladies ' Memphis, Tennessee Insurance Auromobiles Phone 4-0632 3438 Summer Avenue Highland Heighfs 4-5297 30'0 Summa' Memphis, Tennessee Phone 48-0216 I J DeSHAZO COLLEGE OF MUSIC IZ64 Linden Avenue Phone 2-5594 MACON ROAD GROCERY "Open When Everyone Else Is Closed 3423 Macon Road Phone 48-9566 CURTIS PHARMACY Prescripfions Carefully Compounded 4451 Summer Avenue HOME BUILDER BURGESS PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY C In If 3528 Lily Ave. omplmenis 0 Your Hollywood Drug Sfore 2445 Chelsea Ave. AII ' d h b 'If JAY'S NATIONAL BRAND 'mc' was "' RUDOLPH V. RUSSELL, Mgr. Omce 48-8032 Home 4-6168 Teiephones 32-I636 and 32-I637 Congrafuiefionsi U S SAMPSON CLEANERS CompIimen+s of Member of Cleaners Insfifufe HARVEY'S STAND Prompi Pickup and Delivery Service 4-5535 3I27 Broad 96 N. MAIN ST. Everyfhing in Army and Navy SurpIus Clofhing and Equipmeni Phone 5-4794 YORK ARMS CO LIBERTY SUPER MARKETS "If iI's Spor+ing goocis we have ii" E89 8' :HI I I62 SO. MAIN STREET 3 PGVIC Avenue 2454 CIWGISSG Phones 3-1217 8-I2I8 HOGUE 8: KNOTT Memphis, T enne me OWNERS For Besi' Dairy Producfs call REED BROS. DAIRY 9-6643 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Congrafulafions Seniors! Complimenis of MAHAFFEY BROS. TENT 81 AWNING CO. 743 Soufh DudIey SI First in Television SEE THEM AT Youn DEALERS NOW! I MAGIC MIRROR ' 1' E L I S I 0 N Admiral also leads I'he appliance field wifhl I'he fame of wad deemed! ,eaztww of Mem all! COMPLETE CHANNEL COVERAGE ' Dual-Temri Reffigefafw 1''efl5225255553525555555525252552522522252525Iieiiififiiieifieiziifs '-E55:i5ifi1i2f:5. . FIex'O'HeB+ Elechic Ranges DiS+riIw+ed by . , ,a,, .l:.- , "'ff'T iff? '1'- "'E'f E- r Wh I E I ' I Memphis, Tenn. O esa e xc uswe Y Jackson, Miss. KENNER SPORTING GOODS Conqralulalions Io Ihe I95O Graduales HIGHLANH HEIGHTS FLORIST A COMPANY, INC. D NURSERY IIB Jefferson Ave. Phone 37-1621 I gjielgoplifis I Egfjlqijslqns 0 All Types Shrubs School Jaclxefs-Award Sweaiers-Guns-Shoe Slrales Fishing Taclxle-Trophies--Tennis Shoes "DISTRIBUTOR OF WILSON" Flowers al an economical price Over IO years experience P' H' MILLS in Highland Heiqhis 3353 Summer Ave. Phone 34-I62I Besr Wishes Io the Gradualion Class of I950 from HIGHLAND HEIGHTS CLEANERS C. M. GOOCH LUMBER COMPANY 'Manufaclurers of BAND SAWN HARDWOOD LUMBER 1235 Universify Blvd. Memphis I, Tennessee EM . Qlifrfz .:,, ..V,: Z V IAIIIIIV v ll I ru H Complimenls of BLUE RIBBON CANDY CO. 3 I93 Summer Ave. Phone 48-2884 FITZPATRICK JEWELERS 3393 Summer af Nafional Phone 33-I24I I364 Poplar af Cleveland Phone 36-4992 WATCHES - DIAMONDS EXPERT WATCH REPAIR "I+ 'fakes only 3 minules Io open a charge accounf Congralulafions Io 'rhe graduales of I95OI Complimenls of TOWN 81 COUNTRY DRIVE IN RESTAURANT TRI-STATE ARMATURE 81 ELECTRICAL WORKS, INC. 32I-33I Buller Ave. Memphis, Tennessee 2842 Poplar Specializing in Good Food GEORGE'S IRON WORKS Manufaclurers of ORNAMENTAL IRON PRODUCTS Phones 48-3750 Day: 4-7328 Niqhf 2408 Summer Ave. Memphis, Tenn. C I' I I omp Imen S O "We Specialize in Lumber and Millwork WEONA FOOD STORE No. 64 795 Pope WHITE STATION l LUMBER COMPANY "CourI'eous Service" Our Molfo CURTIS GAY-Manager phone 4-2808 Under New Managemenl WINSLER HARDWARE COMPANY IO97 Nalional Phone 4-93I5 JOHN A, WINSLER, Owner Complimenfs of KosI'en's Men 8: Boys' Shop Cleveland and Overfon Park Ave. Phone 48-55I8 45I Merfon 101 Woodland Cleaners Laundry Inc. r angie ome aundrg The besf place in +own +o do your washing 9 wifhoui' working r Y 2594 JACKSON iltf.. 9 Where you gef a bargain In a goo far pig BARBECUE 34-9 I 92 3359 Summer r r Com pIimenI's of DANIEL'S PHARMACY 3388 Summer Ave. FORTNER FURNITURE COMPANY 3406 Summer Ave. Good HeaI+h Io AII from RexaII Memphis, Tenn. We fill any cIoc+or's prescripfion. 4-6279 Phone 4-I I28 When driving drop by ISI 4-9433 ig m fg: " ' ',,:. ,,.: COMPLETE ff' :f f m ' A " " FOUNTAIN I-IDWE. 3. SUPPLY COMPANY H T PIT B'Kii5"E?'fi'i5 SERWCE 2536 SUMMER AVE. opposi+e Sears Wh--4 h A444 eeee ae Phone 36-9297 4447 Summer 34-445I en S 0-If-'ijt DUKE,S CAFE Cornplimenfs of ORR'S CORNER Office 34-4423 Res, 4-I575 Morrison 8: Davis ReaI'I'y Co. SANDRIDGE FEED STORE Phone 49486 "YOUR NEAREST REALTORS" GROCERIES AND MEATS LICENSED AND BONDED STAF-O-LIFE FEEDS Summer and Mendenhall 4435 Summer Berclair Slafion 3217 Summer Ave Memphis. Tennessee SIDNEY DAVIS MEMPHIS, TENN. Come in and See and ride Ihe HARLEY-DAVIDSON HIGHLAND AVENUE BARBER 84 BEAUTY SHOPPE 54I S. Highland Phone 4-9l22 STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS ifI25 MOT "They S+and Ihe TesI" ORCYCLE Cash Price 5367.75 ' Down Paymenf 595,00 Call 5-7785 for home demonsfralion 5550 5 Week MEMPHIS HARLEY-DAVIDSON COMPANY Mr. B. Lee Phillips, Branch Manager 804 Dermon Bldg. 235 Poplar Avenue 103 Drink EIGHT O'CLOCK G O J O L L Y COFFEE PHONE 5441: America's Largesl' Selling , IIITQQ Coffee "EVERY ETH CUP IS AN AaP ,. .V EP.,E A8mP SUPER MARKET 2473 POPLAR AVE. DRIVURSELF CARS TOO HALEY WEONA F58 I Sell More for Less 3224 Summer Ave. p in Sauer's Dept Sfore BINFORD-5 WMQUHCE I-EE U DUKE'S BEAUTY SHOP gjg+C1nMajxj ftlsmiiizalr 3308 Summer Avenue Prescripfions are our specielfies "Lobby" Goodwyn Insmiule Owner Phone 4s-3051 Phone 4-9758 BERCLAIR DRY GOODS 4477 Summer lBerclair SIa.I Shoes, Hais and Ready-To-Wear Open Evenings "GOOD EATS AT ELLIS BROTHERS CAFE" 3379 SUMMER LOUIE'S MARKET Open 7:00 A.M. Iill l0:00 P.M. Open Sunday 7:00 A.M. Iill I2:00 Noon I 4970 Poplar BRYAN FEED 8: GULF SERVICE 22:8 Raleigh Rd. 48-9036 CONKEYS Y.-O. FEEDS GAlA'S WEONA i-H35 EVERY DAY LOW PRICES I006 N. Holmes I I Complimenfs of Gene's Variefy Siore I 3264 Guernsey WE DELIVER Complimenfs of BAKER HDWE. I MQNRQE w. C. BOLTON 3. Appl., COMPANY EQUIPMENT COMPANY GROCERY CROSLEY APPLIANCES We buy and sell used Cars HARDWARE 81 TRUE TAGG PAINTS 707 Monroe Enended B-3446 Cisarszirzazrgazzs I of JACK'S T H. iiii.5:':.r:::?:.T., SERWCE STAWON I WASHWGTON PPV Phone 4-5706 I46O WARFORD STREET T GARAGE Bes+ Wishes Io The GraclUaTes Compllmefm Oi I PRIESTER MACHINERY CO. 249 S. Third S+. Phone 5-6886 LEAWOOD AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY 3672 Macon Road T PHARMACY H. HACKEL, Prop. 2366 Jaclcson Ave. PIT. 4-6244 W MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE C0mP'fmen+S of PEREL s. LowENsTElN The Diamond Slore of l'he Soufh JACKSON CLEANERS "S9"Vln9 MemPl1l5 'FO' TWef'l'Y Yeafsu l-leaclquarlers for Diamonds, Walches Graclualion Gills-Class Rings and Pins Prompl piclcup and delivery l44 So. Main S+. Phone 5-67ll l394 Hollywood Phone 4-9425 Opposile Gayoso l-lolel Phone 32-l6l I BYRD ELECTRIC COMPANY Slreomlined courses in Business Adminis- Elecfficil C0f1ff8C+0fS 2132234 f.ff.'2"ll',l.'f"..Eli'AJ.1f,'.l'fysflllffl Druughon sfudenfs fo begin earning hand- some incomes month: sooner. Approved for G.I. training .... Gel Free Cafelog. 2 NO' Evergreen Nome .,........,................,,............,. . .,..... P. o.,..., . ....,... ...,... ,,.... . . ,.,,. . C. l-l. Dennis 81 R. M. Byrd Memphis, Tennessee MEMPHIS D R A U G H 0 N'S TENNESSEE susmrss couror Complimenls of HOLLYWOOD FURNITURE 81 BERCLAIR onus sToRE HARDWARE CO' 4468 Summer lBercleir Sl'e.l "The House of Square Dealings" Mosl' complele clrugslore belween Memphis ancl Jackson, Tenness Memphis, Tennessee ROY S. SANFORD Phone 4-l978 246l Chelsea Ave. BOBBITT 8: FLEET GROCERY 3748 Townes Avenue FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS and VEGETABLES Telephone 33-l8ll Congralulalions lo our Treadwell Graduales FISHER BUILDING CORP- HILL-SMITH TERMITE CONTROL Complimenls of JONES 8: ROGERS GARAGE BUILDERS l282 M Cl' ' 5 'Son 2l5 N. Cleveland 980 Pope Slreel W. B. l-lill M. W. Smifh General Aulo and Truclr Repairing Memphis I. vv. Rogers M. T. Jane 105 MEMBER i1"VaFy, A 'T ' 65 If , gg if -R S E T H E. G I E GENERAL CONTRACTOR if 801 Roland MEMPHIS - TENNESSEE il? Congratulations to the Faculty of Treadwell and the Class of 1950 MATTHEWS MKT. 3I03 Summer Open 6 A.M. 'Io Midniie MID-SOUTH FLOOR CO. Linoleum Floors Armsfrong Producfs Free Esfimafes SWEETS' RADIO AND RECORD SHOP 3I I7 Summer Avenue GROCERIES, MEATS, VEGETABLES 3229 Summer Phone 34-2787 Radios Repaired -- One Day Service Home of the "Famous Jamesu Headquarfers of Besi Wishes and HIGHLAND EQUIPMENT CO. Bicycles and Tricycies Clean-cur Power Lawnmower 29l3 Summer Avenue 48-6433 Confinuecl Success BRISTOL THEATRE STAFF NEW SINGER SEWING MACHINE "We Teach You Io Sew" Complimenis of LEAWOOD HARDWARE AND AUTO SUPPLY CO. Complimenis of JlM'S PLACE l54 Union Complimenfs of FRANK BLACK'S PURE OIL STATION 3069 Summer Ave. Complimenis of KING'S HAMBURGER STAND 3420 Summer Avenue Complimenfs of LILES ELECTRIC CO. 3 I 89 Summer Ave. Wiring Fix'I'ures BAILEY DRUG STORE B. J. BAILEY, Reg. Phc. 2547 Broad Memphis, Tenn. Phone 4-4626 Your Prescripiion Drug Sfore Designs Cui' Flowers Corsages HUGH AND JEANS FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSES Phone 4-I374 3697 Rhea Sireei' Memphis, Tenn. Complimenis of BEAVER WELDING SUPPLY CO. 351 Jefferson Avenue 8-8724 Everyihing for ihe Weider 107 HIGHLAND HEIGHTS BAPTIST CQHURCH NATIONAL AT FAXON EXTENDS Sincere Good Wishes for Ihe Biessings of God upon The Graciuaies and our Greai Schooi HUDDLESTON McCLAREN Real Esfafe ' Insurance CO. McCOOL'S WEONA No. I50 469 High Poinf Terrace Conqraiulaiions, Graduaresl J. J. NOLAN 8: CO. Mechanical Confraciors Commerce -IIII9 Bldg- 78-82 Washingion Avenue 4-2378 Free Delivery 4-4534 Phone 8-IO2O MCCULLOUGHS' . Cornpiimenis of ESSO STATION ACE APPLIANCE CO. Fawn 8' McLean 343i Summer Ave. P. W' CONSTRUCTION CO. Memphis, Tennessee phone 34,4403 6II N. Holmes Phone 7-I88I "Your Neighborhood S'ra'rion" Frigidaire Appliances Phone 4-2865 ROBILIO 8: SARNO GRO. 8: MKT. 4507 Summer Open Till I0 P.M. PAT'S DINETTE 2890 Summer Avenue Phone 4-9I I4 Meel Your Friends A1 Pe'l's PAT 8: MARY Complimenfs of SANDRIDGE FEED STORE 4435 Summer Avenue 33-323I WEONA 44166 4453 Summer Ave. Phone 33-2637 Free Delivery Complimenrs of NORVELL'S SERVICE STATION 2600 Jackson Ave. SHANGRILA CAFE MR. MILLER, Prop. We Specialize in Siealis and Barbecue JONES' PHARMACY BERCI-AIR LAUNDA-lT Graduale Pharmacisi' SeIIfService Laundry 4440 Summer Avenue Owner-J. W. JONES Phone 34.5557 2577 Broad 34-43l3 SAVAGE AUTO SERVICE 3I27 Summer Ave. SHELL GAS AND OIL Phone 48-0870 Road Service For your Plumbing Repairs call: 36-837I E. DOYLE AND SON I3I3 Poplar All Work Guaranleed W. H. MILLER HDW. CO. "The Home of Cour'resy" Phone 34-3990 3365 Jackson al' Vernon CompIimenIs of LEWIS VARIETY CENTER 45Il Summer Complimenls of HI WAY SUNDRIES 3005 Summer Comiplimenls of RAGSDALE AUTO PARTS 8I4 Scoff HERMAN'S MARKET 3254 Guernsey SI. and Holmes Qualify Meals Groceries. Poulfry BELL BROS. GARAGE General Aufo Repairing 2540 Summer Ave. Phone 4-9294 PEERLESS DRUG COMPANY Phones 9-8477-9-9244 869 Soulh Third Memphis, Tennessee FOR DANCE BIDS i aes+ofLuck+o see M GANN 3, DAVID . PEPPER STATIONERY C Ihe I95O Graduahon Classl F mm 68 Com Inferior and Exierior STANLEY'S EASY WAY Com Vm fs ,, I en NO- 2: P D. c. Mae-ann E. C. David M. BOOTH Moron INC. 48,7058 4,2760 3386 Summer Phone 4-ZIO9 678 Union 3384 Lamphier 3705 Faxon Ave. DeSoIo-Plymoulh 109 I Plumbing and Hea+ing Confracfors TELEPHONE 8-4448 PLUMBING SUPPLIES BATHROOM FIXTURES HEATING APPARATUS OF ALL KINDS We SpeciaIize in Repairing AII Kinds of Plumbing 8: Hea+ing Equipmeni ASA TERHUNE COMPANY 904 ESTIVAL ST. I Venillaling Fans 0 Hardware 0 Painr 0 Wallpaper Complgmenfs of LIPSCOMB'S 3390 Macon Road ESOUIRE LAUNDRY CLEANER 3085 Summer Avenue Phone 4-6624 l62 Union Avenue Phone 37-6546 To Buy or Sell Real Esfafe Call Complimenls of JOPLIN MOTORS O. B. EARLES REALTY COMPANY 8-750I IIO6-8I Madison Bldg. ' 4-4262 3200 Summer Clean-Used Cars MYER'S For Men and Boys Our Pleasure Is Pleasinq You Q 3442 Summer Avenue Open Everangs Till 8 BEN FRANKLIN STORE 3409 Summer Avenue Memphis, Tennessee SERVE YOURSELF LAUNDRY 3538 Jackson ar Naiional Briqhfesf Wash and Friendliesf Affenlion Complele Drying Facililies Phone 4-2274 Appoinlmenfs Welcomed BEAUTY SERVICE SWINDELL'S BEAUTY SHOP "Exclusive buf noi Expensive' Telephone 4-9207 338I Summer Ave. BARNEY'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP BARNEY HOLDER, Owner We feafure invisible resolinq 648 Nalional af Summer Wimpy Beddingfield, General Manaqer Complimenfs of HIGHLAND HEIGHTS PHARMACY FRED M. YARBROUGH 3397 Summer 4-2I89 111 II ,Shy llama C1 el ,sf 9, The value of the telephone isn't just the calls you make. Sometimes the calls you receive are even more impolrtant. You'd miss a lot if the telephone wasn't there. mn., DA TE UNK just on calls you make, the tele- phond's a big bargain in conveni- ence, security, success and good timesl When you add the calls you receixfe, it's an even bigger value. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE ANU TELEGRAPH COMPANY BARRON'S GROCERY 8: MARKET I306 Hollywood GROCERIES AND MEATS 4-3346 Free Delivery Complimenls of GEORGE AWSUMB 8: SONS Compllrnenls of DAN AND JOE FOWLER I -4 STEBBINS 47 Norfh Third Slreel WE FRAME EVERYTHING INCLUDING YOUR DIPLOMAS 24 l-Iour Service Memphis, Tenn. DRESSES SUITS LINGERIE THE MOLLIE ANNE SHOPPE 2549 Broad Ave. Phone 4-l22l I I W Phone 4-35I8 NORVELL TILE 81 MARBLE CO. I CONTRACTORS All Types Floor Tiles ' Glazed Wall Tiles ' Manlels U Bathroom Accessories EI. N. NORVELL 3I83 Summer Avenue Rles. Phone 48-8623 Memphis l2, Tennessee Complimenls of F. E. IJIPSCOMB General Builder and Confracfor Complimenls of ALAMO GRILL 3034-36 Summer Complimenls of NORMAL FURNITURE CO., INC 52I Soulh Highland Phone 48-8422 3573 Powell Avenue 4-9943 M. T. COLLINS C0mp'l'f'e"l5 of J 3' K CAFE Your Friendly Home Ccolred Meals BE-r'R'VALUE A a P Plale Lunches and Sandwiches Phone 9-4456 l35l Lal-han MARKET Johnson 81 King. Mgr' Fancy Meals - Vegelables - Fruil 423 N. Cleveiand IM Walker MAURICE, JEWELER Complimenls of T. R. NEWMAN 420 N. Cleveland S+. Memphis, Tenn. Across from 'rhe A 81 P Merkel WILES DRUG STORE I635 Union PAINTING-PAPERING REPAIR WORK 554 Malcomb Phone 34-640l Complimenls of WEONA No. 55 575 s. Highland Complimenls of N. B. SMITH MAUPIN CONSTRUCTION CO. P. O. Box 97 ' Oakville, Tennessee GENERAL CONTRACTORS REPAIRS AND REMODEL Complimenls of B 81 J SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE 3270 Guernsey W. E. MAUPIN, Owner Phone 34-4072 Phones 34-7255-4-5792 Complimenls of METAL WEATHERSTRIP CO. D. GRAHAM METAL WEATI-IERSTRIPPING' CAULKING LONG DISTANCE HAULING STQRM SASH . SCREENS 3827 FAXON l6I5 N. Highland Rd. Memphis, Tenn. Complimenls of BOB'S WATCH REPAIR BERCLAIR Complimenls of MAYWOOD GROCERY 8: MKT. Olive Branch, Miss. FRED VON HOFE SERVICE l895 Union al Barlcsclale Phone 36-9I45 113 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I 50 The ATLANTIC UNION COMMITTEE is s+riv'n I l I g or a asfing World Peac so Ilwal your fulure educalion and careers will nol be inlerrupfed by anoflwer war Jrlial would make all ormer wars loolc lilce minialure conllagrafions. Enlisf loday in Ilwis dynamic movemenl lor 'rlwe preservalion of World Peace. For inlormalion, wrile Memphis Chapler, Aflanlic Union Commillee, P. O. Box 2547, Memphis I, Tennessee. Complimenls of TREADWELL KEY CLUB CON LOS CUMPLIMIENTOS del CLUB ESPANOL Complimenfs of The EAGLE STAFF Complimenls of DRAMATIC CLUB Complimenls of FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB Complimenfs of OFFICERS AND SPONSORS CLUB Complimenfs of LATIN CLUB Complimenfs of Compllmenls ol TREADWELL HoNoR soclETY TREADWELL HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE CLUB Complimenls of TREADWELL HI-Y CLUB Complimenls of Complimenls ol STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD TREADWELL TRI-Y CLUB Complimenis of -1. 2950 Summer Phone 34-5 I 26 TRI-STATE AWNING COMPANY 23lO Cenfral af Parkway Venefian Blinds-Tarpaulins-Awnings Umbrellas Porch, Lawn and Garden Furniiure Phone 7-26I I Besi Wishes for Success Io The Graduafing Class from D. CANALE 81 CO. Wholesale Disiribwfors of FRUITS AND PRODUCE BIRDS-EYE FROSTED FOOD 408 S. Fronr Phone 8-4I2I Good Luck Treadwell Graduafesl Hull Company Plumbing 8: Healing I88 Easi Sf. Phone 2-2928 Complimenis of GLENN ALLEN CO. Records-Radio Paris-Record Players I I46 Union Normal Drug Company 57l S. Highland Memphis, Tenn. Complimenis of Summer Ave. Sundries 320'l Summer 4-5064 Free Delivery Complimenis of Your Friendly A 8: P Super Marlcei' 423 N. Cleveland Complimenis of C. FORRESTER Complimenfs of Savage Aufo Service 3I27 Summer Ave. Phone 48-0870 Complimenfs of Springdale Pharmacy 2366 Jackson Fanup wan snlups Gas for Less Plus Tires - Bafieries Liberal Budgei Plan Now in Effecf Complimenrs of MASON'S GROCERY 372 I Tufwiler WEONA FOOD STORE No. l32 3662 Macon Rd. D. C. STANLEY Phone 36-7355 Complimenis of Gordon Hollingsworih Co. Wholesale Plumbing and Healing Supplies i348 Overion Parlc Ave. Memphis GORDON HOLLINGSWORTH When Your Shoes Need Repairing Phone 34-0433 Shoes Called For and Delivered Free HIGH POINT SHOE SERVICE 473 High Poinr Terrace 115 SHIP VIA 'Z Gordons Transport S I Nc The UIILY Moior Carrier Irom Ihe GREAT LAKES Io Ihe GULF thro ugh the Mississippi Valley , 3 O cHlcAco , I A riff My . I --UMLY-' n-:Rouen umrs 54 wm-:ouv TRANSFER ge ST.LOUIS V BETEIEEN A O CHI AGO e ' I 3 ST.I.g.UIS 4: ME Puls ff f-f JACKSON g NEw 1-RLEANS O BATO IEOUGE MEMPMS. - HAMMoNn, LA. I W WM Hawk 55,2 cAmc. TRANSFERJNC. eww al aa A., ,ma gf! pq Q if Lf5l"li RATES PUBLISHED uv I -rs ", em aim? mnlrrs OFQLL BUREAUS V J' A 5"j5i' ' " ' it MEMBER A.T.A.FREIGHT 552553 .Lkmdeff flekuyvwieff cuum SECTION 744401, 5 . 1AcKsoN mm Q 40 O TELEIFHONE Wm! fpu .- oun ERMINALS MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE FOR INFORMATION i' Wu Me fiofuii anon nous: QW ew Relfzdle 0 O WMU l:9"'fN"f'1 Smeg NEW ORLEANS SPECIAL RATES HIGHLAND HEIGHTS METHODIST CHURCH C. N. JOLLEY, Minisler Summer al' Highland "Remember now Ihy Crealor in fhe days of Ihy you'Ih."-Ecclesiasfes I2:I Ours is a friendly church wifh a kindly inleresl in youlh. We desire To help young people build in Ierms of Ood's will. The prayers of This church ever follow you. STEPHENSON NURSERY General Landscaping Pruning, Planling and Spraying Bonded Licensed end Experienced Men 2496 Poplar 34-052i Home Address, 3654 Tulwiler-34-9545 I I8-20 No, Eronf SI. Phone 38-I354 SMITH STORE FIXTURE 81 MFG. CO. Crealors of Be'H'er Slore Fixlures Cuslom Buill-Complele lnsfallalion Enqineered H. L. SMITH Memphis, Tenn. COUNTRY CLUB CLEANERS 628 Semmes 34-5564 Your Saiisfacfion-Our Desire Complimenfs of SUMMER AVENUE GROCERY AND MARKET 3I59 Summer Ave. Free Delivery Tel. 4-9I45 FERRELL DRUG STORE ROBERT W. FERRELL, Prop. 465 High Poinl Terrace Phone 4-3388 Complimenls ol Memphis School of Commerce 295 S. Bellevue THWEATT BROS. TITLE CO. Over IO Years Experience 4-0378 4-6509 Congralulalions from SIGMA SIGMA SORORITY Conqralulafions "5O" Seniors IDEAL 5 8: I0 I4I2 Jackson 36-9I3I Complimenls of Mr. 81 Mrs. Balie McGee Complimenls of COLLINS GROCERY ELITE BEAUTY SERVICE 573 Norlh McLean Complimenls ol CHISCA DRUG STORE IO94 Nalional Sl. 70860 7'O86' Complimenls ol CONLEY'S GARAGE CONGRATULATIONS N. P. TOWNSEND AND SONS GRADUATES Specialisfs in Tune Up and Wheel Alignmenf h Builders ol Good Homes GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING NO. 4 3086 Summer Ave. Phone 48-IZOI MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE GIRLS For a complefe skin analysis ,and facial demon- siralion in your home wifhoul Charge Call your cosmelic consulfanf MAURINE ARNOLD 664 Hudson Phone 34-I979 LUZIER'S COSMETICS Phone 4-0994 Mr. and Mrs, Eugene Masseranino 117 SENIUHS 1 Q I y 1 I are you going to r 7 , are you going to I 1 I I 1 If you are going to VVORK select a PRO- J FESSION instead of a JOB. I Our ll months course ln lIlll0llllf'lllg 01 IQ '- engineering will place you in ll rzulio station D P H JK 'ff ii'ii I or T.V. repair shop. ' 3 V'.:,l l I :,.: GAR '.-1 3 ',,-, ' .Q1-1 2 Day and Night Classes T 'Z EaSy Payments I ...r.A n" ' I .ee. ,.,.. 1. Iniii KEEGAN'S SCHOOL OF BROADCASTING 81 TELEVISION 207 Munson Puouf 5-san K4 X 1 1 1 It 1 11 11111, flu' .mn11' .fha PRINTERS? We're Ihe BEST! Standard PRINTING af SUPPLY co. P7'I1lf1'7'A' of II11' 7'1'1'11d11'1'll "lff14gl1f," CvI'IIf7'HI "Iflf'111'1'im'," .S'011tl11I'1',x11'1'11 "Ly11x" and nfhm' KIIIISVIIIIIIIIIIQ 111111111111 307-9 Madison MEMPHIS Phone 8-423I 7 Il'hn,m1'1'1'1' l11.Y.Y1'.i'X1'lIl fl ZIIII' horn VI4lRX' f,I.IJ VI'1NI'lZI'I'll..'XN Pkovlckl E 5 Qi 4 E 3 Q 5, W i as E, B" Q 3 A Ai Q E 3 55 S if us 3 3 HF AUTOGRAPHS ,ERN ,Nw .,,- g.- L 'TH ' + . E V. fin? Sf ' LV j s 1 0 . 5 ' 'ff . 3.1, A539 H V, Qi' yn l'f -,, - - ,.pj:'5iC, :wg 551: EYS2' Ula ,121 2 - f 'vi 5 ,,x"Q, '- K '. if: - ,2- "f. Le' ., 5 R,-i:11'.'E'gf , 'yi' 1 k , 7 ,Q JV' fi 'i' if 'ren ? 'HIS'-in 1.51 -,. in Hn -.wg ' .-'5f"" f' N . "'F"' if.:f3:.1 N ?' F , , ., .gui-?-A k"z: . ,,.WL gin ge wfag 1. -.mmf M ii, fir rv 1 r 4'--L 1 3 4 its - ,551 if 1. ' 4- ,mfr , as J 4 -wtf J Ti F2 , Www , V 1- -f I 1. Wa, 1 ,f -- Trim? A L, ., . ,., rg F r , fx -1 Y 3.4 ' 'P .N 1 li R. H . L z-- 1 X f 1 125-3 . gf: a- -- 1.1, V V, Y ,A,A . 1519- all' .gg rr 5 ' -JH. ' Q. X l . 'I Qtr "ir -mls " In H421 A 1, . 1--" 21:53- .,1',a.4f:..2:sLx5g2S.'a."f,f 5,-. 1 . . -f' - . - . ,na-qzv ' s - f.,, .Hg . ':.1.- .-. '--.-' ., -: ie. X 'f R' I 4 h Q , ...,2.,,,,. -, . .A-,. LM. , f 1 '-'Nh , f ,' ,M V f ,fi .'---fy:-fe, -,r A!"-.,g , f 1 9? ' if ' .,'v',,-' L. 1... - .1-rg.,-,-,, ,. ' 15.-3.-3-j-,gg -, .,.:f5.." ' Fix.. Q-i'r?f.:p,. j- . -. .- ' .5 V-un..-.iffzf -J, - ' ' -a , , . V . f . .f,f-x-f -fr-1,-54.-F--fl Jqiqa. , M -- .1 ,. -Y ' f ' - ?'f1+e1:':-. ia" A P-11 - . - ,, ' , , . ,,., , ,V . ,.-,. .K,V ,al ,gn . - Az, ' - Q' fw?z'iQ'4:9Z2?:.fifi' - "UV ' "' 'L '- - '-LHB:--C-':.w3XL-2 ' .M I 'V 'A - fl uf- -. 1 :FYI . ,, . . . 'Q '55 if 51' , - , Y --wig fi! 55' - ff.. -V . 'A' Vu- ..- , .nfia 1' wg- - up ,ff - - A 1 .1590-x -. .Q-,.. , fi. w fl 1 -I , 1. , 3. . .ff r xv 5, v ' fx 53.7 . .- , ..,. , . . F1 1:32 ,,'?,lH:., '5 -'fH,:.. 'Z , ,rf ' ., fffi.-L s.2'4'?LT-- ., - ' Y' +,i,,.- Q! Q. ' mpg. Lf -V SMH-",.'f .. f.433'ff" QL' 12:5-LL ,F ., .swf 1233? 1 Y- 3511 EA-fi"1 . .unix gf .,., , ,- v, N- , -,, -1: . .17 l I . ,- ,,.. .. U., ,- , ugwlxc. ,.. - ,pi 3 -M N..--..5,,,.,.....,-. J A AYQL., M.: 2112

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1950, pg 49

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