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♦ r « . 1- apital Appenratice—Thc Beatles performed for a youthful audience in Wash- igton on the night of February 12. Ranger on Target— This is a photo- graph of the lunar surface taken by the Ranger 7 spacecraft prior to its impact on the moon July 31st. The urea shown is about one and two- thirds miles on a side. The smallest (raters are about 30 feet in diameter jiid 10 feet deep. Some of the large craters are about 300 feet in diameter. 4- Opening for Jiniiu} — Ihvse college juniors joined the Peace Corps ' new summer project for six to eight weeks of training similar to that for regular Peace Corps volunteers. They later did surveying work near Taos. N.M. After graduation they will be sent to Latin America. Family Grieves— Gust Carlson, father of Dr. Paul Carlson, medical mission- ary slain by rebel troops in the Con- go, dabbed at his eyes during a news conference in Los Angeles on Novem- ber 24. He is flanked by his daughter and another son. New Teen-Age Qiieen— Smiling Caro- lyn Mignini, 17. of Baltimore was crowned the new Miss Teen-age Amer- ica of 1955 in Dallas on November 13. World ' s Fair at Night— The New York AVorld ' s Fair attracted as many visitors at night as it did during the day following its .April opening. The nighttime lights set off the beautiful pavilions constructed by many countries. ( Democratic rVc or — PiesidLiit lAudon jolinson won the 1964 election by the greatest phir.iiily f and per cent of the total vote in L ' . S. historv. ' Johnson became President at the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Barry ' s Battle for J ' otes—Sen. Barrv Goldwater was sniioiinded by fans at Knoxville. 1 enn.. air- port September 16 as he campaigned for the presidency on the Republican ticket. The con- ser ative senator swept to a first-ballot nomina- tion at the convention in San Francisco. National Events in Review — J964 Nobel Prize ] iiutrr— Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.. right, was greeted by Richard C. Patterson, commissioner of public events, at Kennedy International Air- port Dec. 16 on arrival from Europe. Dr. King was in Oslo to rccei e the 1064 Nobel Peace Prize. ds are the Winners— Ko ct Craig leaped on a group eammates surrounding the pitcher Bob Gibson mo- ils after the last out in the seventh World Scries le won by the Redbirds over the Yankees, 7-3, in St. I ' m the Gr(?rz(e5 — Cassius Clay whooped it up with his handlers after he won the world heavyweight title in Miami Beach in February. He was credited with a tech- nical knockout of Sonny Liston when Lis- ton failed to answer the bell for the sev- enth round. ' . 2 Alaskan Oi nkr—. whole line of cars rest- ed about 20 feet below street level on a main thoroughfare in . nchorage (he dav following (he disasiioiis earthquake on March 27. Norma Bailey, Editor-in-Chief The Pines Vol. 53 1965 Traverse City Senior High School Traverse City, Michigan Spring fever doesn ' t bother Dave Eickenroth and Jim VanStratt, who study in front of the library. i The covered Students put the walk in walkways as they hurry Margie Budnik takes her turn at the most- to the cafeteria. used telephone on campus. TCHS Campus Is Stage for Many Activities i j t % i t t. I t R I If sm u i.... With the gymnasium as a backdrop, Dave Linger and Bob Ludwig study in the mall area. TABLE OF CONTENTS Activities 10-34 Organizations 36-58 Sports 60-88 Academics 90-108 Undeixlassmen 110-140 Seniors 142-174 Advertisements 176-195 Indices 196-207 walkways: avenues to success. This is Traverse City Senior High School. TCHS Goal: Symmetry Sophomores symbolize underclass activities with magazines from the annual sophomore magazine drive. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores get an education in typing. In the Pines of 1965 we wish to emphasize the impor- tance of all activities to the total pic- ture of the school. Just as the symbol would not be complete with one piece missing, a school is not complete un- less all phases of education are present . A school must maintain the proper bal - ance of schol- arship, ath- letics, and other extra - i ' Ml ■4 Hi-Y, one of the many school organizations, discusses membership at a weekly meeting. %. ,. ■s ' M ' h t n Education curricular activities, for all these things con- tribute to the overall per- fection of the school . The well-rounded and success- ful person participates in service clubs and sports activ- ities, as well as devoting time to his Tiife, studies . This student real- izes the im- portance of all activities to his full ed- ucation and to the complete- ness of the school. Sharecroppers sew tobacco leaves in " Finian ' s Rainbow. iiiaT ' Seniors count the days ' til graduation. Trojans cheering on their team mem- bers demonstrate TCHS ' enthusiasm for sports. Students Get Their Hands into Every We Salute Clyde Graichen Mr. Clyde Graichen assists a student. Mr. Herbert Olson catches up on his paper work. Herbert Olson Norman Pollman TCHS owes much to Mr. Clyde Graichen, who for 36 years has taught vocational education. He is retiringafter a lifetime of serv- ice. Mr. Graichen looked for new methods to bett er education and for four years taught the first aviation course in Michigan schools. His success is evident by the number of his students who have become prominent architects and engineers. Their accom- plishments have been his reward, but we would like to laud a dedi- cated man. Mr. Clyde Graichen, the 1965 Pines is dedicated to you. Mr. HerbertOlson was instrumental in building the effective vocational education system at TCHS. For 19 years he strove to establish a program training stu- dents to take productive roles. As co-op training co- ordinator, vocational counselor, and English and history instructor, he sought to give his students the best education possible. Mr. Olson, at one time, served TCHS as adviser to the Watchbird. Earlier this year, he resigned as vocational and adult director to continue his career of service in Royal Oak, Michi- gan. For your dedicated and selfless service, we dedicate the 1965 Pines to you, Mr. Herbert Olson. Seldom do we find such concernfor students as has been shown by Mr. Norman Pollman. He entered TCHS in 1958 after 35 years of previous service in other school systems. He has always been unselfish in donating his time to school activities. For 26 years he served as athletic coach and, during his stay at TCHS, he has given invaluable service as Pep Club adviser. Mr. Pollman helped produce the highly suc- cessful Tro-Gi Talent Show this year, and for the benefit of the community, he also directed the Year of the Tiger Fashion Show. In addition, he has taught government, economics, and other courses. After 42 years of service, he retires this year. We salute a great man by dedicating the 1965 Pines to you, Mr. Norman Pollman. Mr. Norman Pollman instructs his government class. A ctivities TCHS Buzzes Modern matli buildings became a new es- tablishment on the campus this year, above. .Jite ■ ■ ' ■« A painter spruces up one of almost fifty class- rooms on the school grounds, left. Workmenpour cement into the reflecting pool after a period of student council controversy on the subject. The kitchen prepares for a long winter of big appetites. A floor gets washed before the trample and scuff of TCHS scholars. 10 Throughout Summer Earl Hamilton and Charlie Mcach, ' 65, grimly face a newschoolyearby paying activity fees to Bob Graham, ' 60, summer library assistant. Sharon Mihulka ' 65 and Gail Olson ' 66 pass out Pines at TCHS ' first pen party for deliverance of the yearbook. " Let ' s forg t tlie whole thing, " thinks Gary Feneley ' 65 as he watches his book bill mount. A lack of tables doesn ' t hinder Mariann Ingwersen ' 65 from thinking up a witticism for Nancy Hadley ' s Pines. Typical at the Pines party were students like Bruce Jenkins ' 65, absorbed in signing piles of latest yearbook. Today ' s Candidates This propaganda-filled junior wing bulletin board illustrates the gusto of a TCHS elec- tion. Junior class candidates get last-minute butterflies before their speeches. Gubernatorial candidates AlexBlue, Len Hawley, Jeff Hayes, and Dale Manty listen to their opposition, Phil Nelson. Make Tomorrow ' s Leaders ' . Kiw.i x ' .WKf]pss7;;r KTj»(raT - TCHS ' new principal, Mr. Lawler, points out parliamentary procedure to the school ' s incoming lieutenant governor and governor, Jeff Hayes and Len Haw- ley. Secretary D ' Arcie Oatley jots down notes at a summit meetingof the junior class officers, Bill Bjork, president, Jim Batsakis, vice-president, and Bob Guyot, treasurer. Leaders of the next graduating class. Treasurer Stew- art Reed, President Steve Lockman, Secretary Linda Hamrick, and Vice-president Roland MacEachran decide on senior announcements. President Tom Lardie, Vice-pres- ident Ross Overbeck, Secretary Marg Bellfy, and Treasurer Bill Smith meet with the ' 67 class ad- viser, Mr. Ronald Gray, to dis- cuss the future of TCHS ' newest faces. 13 Our Fair Lady Reigns r ' ? ; -■ f a4 ; The TCHS football players nominated five senior girls to represent tliem for 1964 homecoming. The student body had the difficulty of choosing among Cathy Wheeler, Kay Youker, Barb Muse, Elaine Johnson, and Kathy Hagen. The single yellow rosebud corsage revealed to Barb Muse that she was " oiu- fair lady. " Coach Bacon re- ceived the crown from little Rudy Raftshol to coronate QueenBarb after a 34-0 Trojan victory over Holland. Over ' 64 Homecoming The annual Snake Dance stretches both arms and enthusiasm for homecoming. Len Hawley sparks the fire that singed Holland ' s effigy. Tlie next night we burned them out 34-0. Sherry Mericle and Judy Montague agree that school lunches are becoming quite imaginative- -mums for dessert! Spectators at the homecoming game demonstrate the en- thusiasm which boosted the Trojans to LMAC champs. Dave Ligon and Tom Brott treat their fair ladies to a dance at the post-game " My Fair Lady " homecoming dance. Exchange Students My name is Nora King. I ' m an excha nge stu- dent from Uruguay on the Youth for Understanding exchange program. I am living with the Raftshol family. Traverse City is a very nice place. I es- pecially like the high school and its activities. In Uruguay the school system is different from here. There are four years of high school, and we graduate when we are sixteen years old. This is why they don ' t teach driving at school, because we can ' t have our driving license until we are eighteen. 1 find that American people have a very active life. What I like most is that they are very friendly and ready to help me whenever 1 need help. My hobbies are swimming, tennis, and listen- ing to good music. I hope skiing will be one too. Of all the subjects I take, the one I enjoy best is humanities. It is a completely new thing to me, for we don ' t get it in Uruguay. My favorite tilings are cherry pie, salad dressing, American cars, and sweatshirts . I will always remember my stay in America as a wonderful experience. I think it is the wish of every exchange student that Americanpeople should know and understand other ideas and customs. My name is Torbjorn Sandberg. But most Americans couldn ' t pronounce my first name, so I changed it to Toby. I live in southern Sweden, just across from Copenliagen, Denmark. I live there with my family, which consists of Mom, Dad, and two sisters, 20 and 15 years old. I ' m in between them, many times a very good position. Here in the U.S.I live with the Frantz family at 422 Sixth Street. They ' re a very nice family with three sons and one daughter, all of them lots of fun. I like your ski areas around here. Where Hive in Sweden we have the snow, but not the hills. Therefore, I ' ve taken every chance to ski I ' ve had. Further- more, I like the school with its spirit, my family, the Big Boy, your big, smooth cars,Tanz Haus, and the choir. Shortly said: I like it here and enjoy every min- ute of it. The people over here in the U.S. are very nice and friendly. Youfeel welcome wherever you go: to church, stores, clubs, school, everywhere. What I ' m going to miss most? Your pies, especially banana, your friendli- ness, your cars, the Big Boy, and Holi- day ski area. Hope to see you again! Until then . . . take it easy! Enrich Traverse City I am Eva Svensson from a city called Sundsvall in the northern part of Sweden. Sundsvall is three times bigger than Traverse City, but the two cities remind me very much about each other, because they are both situated around a bay. I like Traverse City very much because of its marvelous beaches and good skiing facilities. Where I live we have at least as much snow as you have, but unfortunately the hills are too rocky to be good for down hill skiing, so we ski mostly cross country instead. Besides skiing and swimming, I en- joy reading, theater, concerts, and traveling. This year I am staying with the Youker family. My Swedish family consists of six persons: my father, who is a veterinarian, my mother, my three sisters, and me. American schools seem to be somewhat easier than Swedish schools, because American students are fortunate enough to choose themselves what they want to study. Swedish students have to choose one out of the main three combinations and have to take at least three foreign languages to be able to graduate. Though we have to take gym every year we do not stress sports and other extra- curricular activities. We study up to thirteen subjects, and go to school on Satur- days. Only a minority graduate, and it is not uncommon to have to repeat a year. Being an exchange student, I will miss a year of school, but I think the experience I have gained will more than make up for it. My name is Manfred Sommer. I stay here with the Scranton family under the Y.F.U. program. My home town Bre- men in northern Germany is the size of Boston. Going to school in the afternoon , having lunch at school, and missing real fall, Christmas, and Easter vacations required quite some adjustment. While I take about thirteen subjects at home, I experience six different courses here. I find that in American literature and senior math 127 the teach- ing methods are pretty " German. " Humanities, my favorite class, driver ' s education, and U.S. government, the class I regard as most important for all students, are completely new to me. My favorite club, the Varsity Club, the Ski Club, and the A.F.S. Club made my free time a " great time. " The N.H.S. emphasized the academic aspect of school life. It was a privilege for me to be the first historian of the Student Council and tobeamember of the Investigation Com- mittee, which created the Student Court. I want to express my gratitude to your great principal, Mr. Lawler, his ex- cellent teaching staff, and the entire stu- dent body, especially the seniors. The only wish 1 have, while I am just about to leave TCHS, is to return to Michigan as soon as possible. I am Lone Jacobsen from Copenhagen, Den- mark. I am in the United States on an American Field Service International Scholarship. For several years it was my great wish to go to America, so when the time came, I was very happy to go, and 1 expected much, I didn ' t get disappointed at all. My stay in Traverse City with the A. Kent Schafers on 7341 East Shore Road is a wonderful experience. I enjoy the school, though it ' s very different from the " gym- nasium " I attended in Denmark. The relations between the teachers and students are very in- formal here, which I think is a favor. The clubs are very well developed and are adding much of importance to the school atmosphere. This is something I will miss when I get home. I will be home in Denmark in August after a four week trip around the states. Back and Forth with AFS The local adult chapter of the American Field Serv- ice, teachers, and upperclassmen interviewed eight TCHS juniors for the Americans Abroad Program. From this group, the committee selected RickStulen and Con- nie Spencer. The committee sent their applications to the New York AFS office . This office notified Rick in March that he was a semi-finalist with the program. If AFS can find Rick a home overseas for the summer, TCHS will enjoy his programs next year, as much as it enjoyed last year ' s finalist Jean Bjork ' s experiences in Turkey. 18 Chics ' Chug-a-Lug to Sadie Hawkins Marryin ' Sam, alias John Hawkins, has a lucrative business at Sadie Hawkins. Beatniks mingle with cowboys at the annual spree for eager gals to snag their men. " Chics ' Chug-a-Lug, " sponsored by the Black Gold staff, gave the opportunity for TCHS ' fair maidens to treat their Prince Charmings to an expense-free evening. Middle left, best-dressed females Connie Spencer, Jennifer Hart, and Carole Wilcoxen sport their prized jugs of cider. Middle right. Bob St. John, Jim Pulcipher, and GaryLaMott sport the outfits that won for best-dressed males. Right, Linda Raczkowski, Joe Sobkowski, Gary Saf- ronoff, and Dana Hager placed after first-place Sandy Brown and Dan Scott for the best-costumed couple. m A personal appearance by the Beatles (faculty members Woody Hansen, Jim Ooley, Ed Schuknecht, and David Dye) shook up the talent show audience. Madrigal members Sandy Strieker, Kim Murchie, Charlene Scranton, Tim McGrew, Gail Olson, Howard Cook, Anne Marie Raftshol, Ken Racht, BACK; Randy Bright, Bob Funds, Mary Lou Paxton, Jeff Hayes, Ken Leismer, and Georgene Wilson, FRONT, favorite entertainere in the community, add their touch to the talent show. The " Tro-Gi Talent Show " was the Bo-Gi Club ' s biggest project for the year. TCHS and TC St. Francis students provided the acts, Anne Marie Raftshol wrote the script, Jim Kroupa, Bo-Gi president, was student chairman, Mr. Nor- man Pollman directed the show, and Mr. David Dye co- ordinated the program. The two evening performances and two matinees given January 6, 7, and 8 were attended by over 2,600 people. The show ' s success gave one thousand dollars towards a new Bo-Gi building. Talent Tickles Tom Sommerville (not shown) narrated the " Red, Red Rose of the Morn, " starring Jeff Hayes as the rose and Bob Purvis as the virgin, which broke up the audience . Mimi and Carol Cowell delight- fully introduce an act. 20 Chinaman Hansen, Scottie Salathiel, and Dr. LaiimT harmonize as Castro Krull rings his triangle. Mr. David Dye, co-ordinator, Jim Kroupa, Bo-Gi president, Anne Marie Raftshol, student director, and Mr. Nor- man Pollman, faculty director, can be proud of their successful " Tro-Gi Talent Show. " Bill Somers, Mary Lou Paxton, and Roger Stan- wick strum and sing " To- day. " Trojans ■ n 1 i ■ m wh 1 r Iff " TO H 1 M 1 I HSBg- 3|H 3 w p l M S ?r 9 Bell-ringers Tom Stokes, Marsha Sporre, and Bob Purvis make six bells and a belle of tlie group. Adair Cortell sings a solemn ballad about Hattie Carroll. Echoes of a Roar The senior class play, " The Mouse That Roared, " was a huge success. Six weeks of hard work led up to the final nights, No- vember 20 and 21. The play was so well done that the cast was asked to repeat its performance for the T. estate Hospital. Sue Elsenheimer and Marcia Page played the female leads as " Glorianna the Twelfth, " opposite Jim Harris and John Harbesonas " Tully Bascomb. " Upper right, Thespian AdviserWoody Hansen stands by his stalwart aids, Stage Manager Tom Grapes and Stu- dent Director Mary Roxburgh. Middle right, the victorious high constable of Grand Fen- wick speaks to his charges on his homeward return. Lower le ft, Tully Bascomb (Jim Harris) and Glorianna the Twelfth (Sue Elsen- heimer) relax after their performance. Lower right, the entire cast poses for a final picture as the last echo of the Mouse ' s Roar dies away into the land of memory. 22 Juniors Sponsor Anne Frank ' Two full houses enjoyed the March 19 and 20 performances of " The Diary of Anne Frank, " spon- sored by the junior class. Assisting Director Woody Hansen were MSU extern Robert Wamer, Student Director Mary Roxburgh, and Stage Manager Tom Grapes. Sharing dual roles were Janine Gibeau and Mary Lou Paxton as Anne, Mimi Cowell and Marcia Page as Miep, Sue Elsenheimer and Harriet Rumble as Margot, Carol Cowell and Anne Marie Raftshol as Mrs. Frank, Denyse Schultz andMariann Ingwer- sen as Mrs. VanDaan, Paul Wilbur and John Russell as Peter, Steve Hanna and Jim Jurica as Mr. Frank, Mike Orr played Mr. VanDaan, Tim McGrew played Mr. Dussel, and Bill Reynolds played Mr. Kraler. Above, Anne, portrayed by Janine Gibeau, comforts Peter, played by Paul Wilbur. Left, Mr. Kraler, Bill Reynolds, gives his opinions to Anne, Mary Lou Paxton. Below left, Mr. Frank, Jim Jurica, reads the Scriptures in celebration of the Jewish New Year. Above, Mr. and Mrs. VanDaan argue over the sale of her fur coat in Peter ' s presence. Mariann Ingwersen, Mike Orr, and Paul Wilbur play the characters. Below, the entire household rejoices over the Allied invasion of Europe and the hope of freedom. Wiinderland Prom Chairman Lee Mamett, Senior Class President Steve Lockman, and dates Linda Tompkins and Elaine Johnson agree that the evening is truly a wonderland by night. Seniors parade in the Grand March. Harry Hibbard directs the " Harry Dale Orchestra, " which provided fine dance music for those at the prom. 24 bei Nacht Sandy Anderson and John Hall pause for refreshments in an Alpine atmosphere. Angelhair trees and mountains transformed the school cafeteria into an alpine scene for " Wlinderland bei Nacht, " the senior prom, Tuesday, December 29, 1964. Senior class of- ficers led the Grand March, while Adviser Arthur Schubert and Prom Chairman Lee Marnett initiated pro- gram dances which permitted changes of dance partners . The " Harry Dale Orchestra " was pro- claimed the best prom band in recent years . Duane Russell and Barb Muse admire the decor of the prom. 25 Tales Tell of General Chairman for Pep-a-Rama, Linda Hall, introduces the skit judges and speakers at the pep assembly. Witches Mariaun Ingwersen, Kathy Hagen, and Ruth Valade brew up the winning sen- ior skit. The eighth annual Pep-a-Rama Week, staged February 1-5, revolved around the theme of legends and myths . This week honored the basketball team and, for the first time, the ski teams, and aroused a feeling of school spirit and student co- operation. Although the Pep Club sponsored Pep-a- Rama, the entire student body participated this year inthepreparationand activities. Under the direction of Linda Hall, general chairman, and June Lentner, co-chairman, various interclass competitions were slated during the week. Seniors placed first in color count, class count at the Bo-Gi, class count at the game, pep skit, and tied for first place with the juniors in wing decora- tions. The sophomores broadcast the winning PA skit. Jay-Vee and Varsity cheerleaders arouse Pep-a-Rama en- thusiasm at the Bo-Gi. The winning snow sculpture of the juniors depicted a Trojan lighting the fire to stew the Mona Shore Sailors and the Muskegon Tigers. Trojan Triumphs The seniors adopted the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the T-Table for their class theme. They designed tlieir snow sculpture and wing decorations after King Arthur ' s stately castle. Their motto was " Just as the spirit made by the three witches helped King Arthur conquer the dx ' agon, so the spirit of the stu- dent body will help the Trojans de- feat Muskegon and Mona Shores. The juniors selected the legend of Tarzan, fabricating it into the legend of Trozan. Decorating their wing like a jungle, they constructed exotic trees, cannibals, and wild animals. " We catch ' em . We beat ' em . We cook ' em. We eat ' em, " the juniors motto, expressed the school ' s as- surance in defeating its basketball opponents . Robin Hood and His Merry Tro- jans, the sophomores ' theme, stimu- lated the underclassmen ' s pep. They sculptured Brother John out of snow and reconstructed Sherwood Forest in their wing. 27 ■V- " Behold the little pot which man has sat on so smugly for centuries ... " f 1 }i 1 A S With two hundred students involved in its production, " Finian ' s Rainbow " played to ap- proximately three thousand people throughout its six performances. The musical comedy has a double plot: the Negroes ' struggle to preserve their rights, and a fantasy involving an Irish leprechaun and two love stories. The cast in- cluded Kay Kinney and CharLene Scranton as Geologists Toby Sandberg and Mike Thompson and sheriffs Rod Schaub and Ken Leismer tell " Senator Rawkins, " Jim Kroupa, and " Buzz Collins, " Chester Zaremba, that they have discovered gold on their property. Principals in the production of " Finian ' s Rainbow " were Tom Grapes, stage manager, Mr. Larimer, choral director, Cathy Wheeler, pianist, Mary Rumble, Left, " Well, this is a pretty bucket of fish! " says Charlene Scranton of lep- rechaun Bob Purvis. R A y r 3 O Sharon, Jeff Hayes and Jim Savage as Woody, Steve Hanna and Jim Harris as Finian, Bob Pur- vis and Ken Racht as Og the leprechaun, Mary Rumble and Patti Stokes as Susan, Jimjurica and Jim Kroupa as Senator Rawkins, Ken Walk- meyer and Chester Zaremba as Buzz, and Ken Leismer as the sheriff. Right, Woody, Jeff Hayes, and Sharon, Kay Kin- ney, gaze lovingly into each other ' s eyes. Rainbow Valley participates in Sharon ' s and Woody ' s wedding (Charlene Scran- ton and Jim Savage). choreographer Mary Roxburgh, make- up and assistaitt stage director, and Mr. Hansen, dramatics director, and absent Mrs. Potes, art director. Og practices his magic to change the senator ' s per- sonality. Dancers Shirley Weller, Kim Mur- chie, Janet Burston, Eric Haven, Jerry Wylie, Mary Lou Paxton, Mike Thompson, Sharon McManemy, Toby Sandberg, Judy Lemcool, Tim McGrew, JeanLawler, Linda Keway, Tom Stokes, Liz Williams, and Howard Cook execute the finale to the Rainbow Dance. a Sakura Odori ' Means ' Dance Kimono-clad favor girls serve punch, fortune cookies, and doughnuts to Elaine Johnson and Steve Lockman. Left, Len Hawley ponders Patti Stokes ' small talk. i Right, Kathy Walters con- gratulates Linda Keway and Ted Thirlby, decora- tions chairman, on the lovely Japanese atmos- phere. Two hundred fifty couples danced to the music of the Harry Dale Orchestra at the Japanese -inspired junior prom, " Sakura Odori. " A waterfall and pool, pagodas, teahouse, cherry trees, and a Buddha adorned the cafete- ria May 15, 1965. Japanese dancers Yuko Komesu and The Harry Dale Orchestra plays Under the Cherry Blossoms ' ' Sara Sanborn and pianist Scott Connine ' 64 provided special entertainment. The juniors planned and worked on con- struction for the prom for five months. General Chair- man Dennis Spenceley thought that though junior participa- tion was small, the prom had a successful outcome. lidst the cherry blossoms. Janine Gibeau responds to Dave Downer ' s ad- Brian Wales, Sherrie Becker, Bonnie Burton of St. Francis, and Bob Mathews momentarily enjoy the decor from the sidelines. " Gee, what a nice dance! " comments Norma Bailey, escorted by Howard Cook. of IScS, passes S e sssaicsr i-3ass giveS Severs - Griidtu:::: ' : Is Finale ' to? ' Thirtttu )« .jz. ?£ ' :£r I., Clancy, I esSssr lie lAss i 2ri 0 I To ' : They r.;. : :.--;__- ;:■-:• ' zt 1 izd 2, Sjefore tiie iJEHfercLassssEeH. Frisai; ji3i=e4, was officii- --:!-, r ;;:. " " , : " . T:i; i-iss first sjsv xsd in lieir caas j ' " ! gmnins Sursaaj ers- -- ' -g, ju-e f , z ' zz: - - re-its . Tie anjioal Swing Ojs; preceded tiae Class Day programa, ' ■••iieii awards arc — -c Vi-i c -.vexe ajxaoiiiiced. Tlie Class ' Of ' 65 gatliered fcir tte M sil time as it lizied vsp for connnencenisiit exercises Jsoe 10. Afier receiTisg B±eir diplo- mas tr.r " . ' t ied for tlie class party at Glli ' r: licre. Exploring Areas for Continued Education Left, Miss Edna Sar- gent has a large audi- ence interested in Traverse City ' s North- western Michigan Col- lege. Below, Perhaps Marie Wolf and Sue Graham will be going to the Kendall School of De- sign. TCHS Students and parents showed their interest in con- tinued education by attending College Night November 4, at the high school. Representa- tives from 16 colleges and uni- versities, five hospitals, and four business and technical schools explained the courses they offer, cost, campus life, and anything else of interest to prospective students. John Marnett, John Seese, and Chris Ansorge listen to the CM Institute repre- sentative give the merits of his institution. 34 Organizations TCHS Parliament Core Council A summer extension of t±ie student governing body is the Core Council. Its members met bi-weekly to organize school activities for the fall. The Coun- cil published the student handbook, oriented new students, and set up the student election schedule . Core Council, backbone of the Student Council, consists of Governor Pro-Tem Gary Olson, Phil Nelson, Jim Wid- rig, Don HaJ ala, Dan Austin, and Dennis Spenceley, TOP; Norma Bailey, Anne Marie Raftshol, Jim Batsakis, Linda Keway, Betty Haskin, and Elaine Johnson, MIDDLE; Patti Bloomquist, Nancy Sporre, and Ann Ballance, SITTING. Governor Len Havvley, Lt. Governor Jeff Hayes, and Student Coim- cil Secretary Norma Bailey plan their next executive committee meeting. 36 Ponders, Plans, and Produces Student Council The Student Council ' s purpose is to create a closer re- lationship among the administration, the faculty, and the student government. Governor Len Hawleyand Lt. Governor Jeff Hayes, led the student government. The Council organiz- ed the honor study halls, the opening of the school library on Monday nights, the beginning of the Pledge of Allegiance each morning, and the establishment of two student assemblies. Also, Council committees sold sweatshirts and stationery bearingthe school seal, placed magazines in the study halls, and developed an exchange of students with another school. A few of the Council ' s main goals were to improve the re- lations between TCHS, the community and its schools and to help the school ' s vocational programs and drop-out problem. 37 Journalists Record ' 64 Norma Bailey, Pines editor, dis- cusses a layout with A. V. Wil- liams, publica- tions adviser. Senior editors Fred Nelson, Rita Sorensen, Linda Hall-seated; Shirley Hagel- berg, Barb Sayler, Jeanne Moss, John Hawkins, Norma Bailey, and Mariann Ingwersen-standing, plan this year ' s deadlines. The ' 65 Pines staff worked diligently Mondays and Saturday mornings and in between at workshops to complete spreads for approaching dead- lines. The staff members decided to continue last year ' s precedent of ad- vertising and summer delivery. The book has more pages this year, some of which provided a new student -faculty index. SB - ' 65 Tear on Paper Black and Gold Black Gold and Pines workers readily agree that producing a publication is not a small job. Reporting the im- portant school activi- ties for the year of ' 64- ' 65 was a job for the Black Gold staff under the leadership of Edi- tor-in-Chief Sandy Conroy and Adviser A. V. Williams. The newspaper contains editorials, features, news, and sports, which includes " Var- sity Profiles. " Atten- dance at journalism conferences and aid from the Press Club created a better bi- weekly paper. Sandy Conroy, Black Gold editor, types up the latest news. l ? ' iaiaisa|w: Editor Sandy briefs Black Gold staffers. 39 Secretary Shirley Hagelberg, President John Royce, Treasurer John Boquist, and Vice-President Don Willman solicit speakers for the next NHS initiation. The National Honor So- ciety exists primarily to pro- mote scholarship. The fac- ulty chooses the members for scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Only two and one half percent of each of the junior and sen- ior classes are honored each semester by member- ship . The NHS programmed the fall academic awar ds assembly, as well as the two candlelight initiation cere- monies . NHS members took over the task of compiling the honor roll. The NHS sponsored movies, a Christ- mas candy cane sale, cup- cake sales, and a dance to raise funds to further pro- motion of scholarship . Societies Honor •■:a •ojji „ I P Quill and Scroll Adviser A.V. Williams and members Barb Sayler, Norma Bailey, Shirley Hagelberg, Sandy Con- roy, Jeanne Moss, Carol Cowell, and special citation winner John Hawkins met at Schuler ' s for the first semester initiation. Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is an international honorary society for high school journalists . The Elizabeth P. Morey chapter at TCHS promotes improved journalism for the Pines, Black Gold, and Challenger .The advisers elect students for membership on their contributions to the publications and on standing scholastically in the upper third of the junior or senior classes. Two initiations constituted this year ' s activities. National Honor Society A ccomplishmen ts Officers Chuck Herbert, John Bragg, Judy Lemcool, Sandy Findley, Georgene Wilson, and Tom Killman, clockwise, organized the new Music Varsity Club. Music Varsity NewatTCHS this year was the Music Varsity Club. Students were eligible for membership after earning a varsity letter in the music department. The cIuId formed to increase interest in music and to maintain respect for music varsity awards. Hilarious costumes marked initiates walking to classes on the day of their initiation. STANDING: J. Vandervoort, Mr. Williams, sponsor, T. Novak, D. Manty, M. Kortokrax. SEATED: D. Fox, J. Wiens, M. Fowler, L. Stout, J. Moses, S. Winchester, A. McCarthy, N. McGhan, N. Grant, A. Ballance. Press Club The Press Club consists of students in- terested in journalism who can ' t take the journalism course. The main objective of the club is to aid in the production of the Black Gold. Also, the members earn money through the sale of programs at games to finance journalism trips and to purchase equipment for Black Gold pro- duction . The Press Clubaccomplished many things this year. The club members prepared, folded, and sold programs at all home and tournament games . They wrote and prepared the editorial page and the feature page of the Black Gold. Besides sponsoring a dance after the final basketball game, the club financed a trip to a press conference at Central Michigan University and an over- night trip to a conference at the University of Michigan. Staffs Communicate K. Hagen, J . Moss, D.Hults, L. Peterson, K. Marnett, R. Lindley, D. WoHe. WTCS Student radio station WTCS has seen three successful years since its organization in 1962. At this time, Mike Bradford, Terry Groesser, and Mr. Dean Davenport formed WTCS to promote interest in the radio profession. While the students and faculty are being entertained, the mem- bers are receiving " on the job training. " Activities of the radio station in the past school year have been the regular morning broadcast from 8:00-8:25, the morning announcements at 10:35, and dinner music from 11:50-1:20. At night, on WTCM, there was Swing Shop from 8:06-9:00 and the Satur- day morning Fabulous Forty Teen Show from 10:00- noon, on WCCW . A local TV-Radio workshop was organized for WTCS members. SEATED: L. Lardie. STANDING: T. Groesser. M. Benedict, T. Dundon, G. Adams, Through Pen and Voice J. Bragg, A. Melichar, D. Hakala, Challenger Again the Challenger, TCHS ' literary magazine, published fall and spring issues. The Challenger staff solicits creative writingfrom both senior high and junior high students, edits the material, pulD- lishes it, and sells the finished magazines. The staff, headed by Jeanne Moss, senior editor, Nancy Sporre, junior editor, and Mrs. Betty Parker, ad- viser, met weekly. Helping greatly were the poetry, fiction, light essay, and serious essay section editors . The seniors take the responsiblity of the year ' s first issue, then help the underclassmen in the spring. This method insures an experienced staff for the next year. 43 Nurses ' aid Sue Proper takes the pulse and temperature of one of her patients. - 1 H Don Ehrenberger attacks his office job with concentration. Co-op Produces Skills Cooperative training workers T. Hubert, D. Ehrenberger, B. Smith, G. Stowe, K. Scott, D. Courtad, G. Rokos, B. DeVoI, N. Chappel, L. Derks, J. McManus, C. Kinney, M. Eiken, L. Adams, F. Pink, B. Huey, T. Skiver, K. Dor- man, S. Braden, J. Dobson, S. Blodgett, M. Lindsey, G. Cornell, G. Crandall, C. Wagner, L. Lardie, C. Carter, P. Decker, and J. Strahan take a break from work. Co-op offers vocational train- ing to ambitious seniors. These students are placed in local stores, hospitals, gas stations, and li- braries to gain experience in their chosen vocation . After four hours of school each day, they are dis- missed to their jobs where they put in forty -eight hours a week. The forty -four members honored their retiring adviser, Mr. Her- bert Olson, and welcomed next year ' s adviser, Mr. Wilbur Mc- Math, at a banquet. The members selected Kathy Scott as president, Jim Hains as vice-president. Sue Braden as secretary, and Woody Campbell as treasurer. Dan La nn in arranges merchandise in Hamilton ' s as part of his co-op job. Bob DeVol works hard at removing rust from a car. Sue Fowler checks out a customer. (At Kresge ' s.) 45 Taking the leadership and responsi- bility of the Pep Club are officers Elaine Johnson, sec- retary, Jean Bjork, presi- dent, Nancy Cornwell, treasurer, and Kay Youker, vice-president. Where There Are Pep Clubbers Besides carrying on their regular activities, the Pep Club added new ones to its list. Pep Club ran concessions for Trojan games, the NMC basketball games, and tourna- ments. Members sold season tickets, pins, and ribbons. The club sponsored the " Tro- jan Tromp, " " Mom and Dad ' s Nights, the Snake Dance at Homecoming, Pep-a-Rama, and pep assemblies. A Christmas tea at Shield ' s for members was an innovation this year. The band received new Homecoming music, and the cheerleaders received new uniforms and megaphones from Pep Club funds. Pep Club members were rewarded for their hard work by a bus trip to a Trojan football game at Holland. It ' t M a f ]i ■■i K ' Pep Club Council consists of officers, cheerleaders, and representatives from each class. Members are V. Purvis, C.Thompson, C. Crandall, P. Brace, L. Klaasen, C. Klotzbach, N. Hadley, B. Martin, J. Goss, front; R. Soren- sen, S. Mihulka, E. Johnson, K. Youker, middle; J. Bjork, and N. Cornwell, back. There Is Spirit! Chris Deimos and Libby Harris begin Pep-a-Rama decorations for the sophomore wing. At a pep assem- bly, Eva Svcnsson impersonates a Trojan player reading a love note as he rides to an away game. 47 Youths Members of Hi-Y received the opportunity to gain train- ing in leadership and respon- sibility for the places they will someday occupy in the com- munity. This year ' s projects incorporated raising $104.00 for the March of Dimes, solici- ting for the Michigan Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, helping with the YMCA membership cam- paign, and extending the YMCA gym program for elementary school boys. Also, the Hi-Y Club traveled to the annual Youth Legislature in Lansing, the UN Conference, the State Council meetings, and the away football games. Leading the Hi-Y through its second year of activities were Britton Sanford, chaplain, David Easling, president, Steve Bursian, vice- president, and, seated, Paul Biederman, secretary, and D ale Manty, treasurer. President David Easling discusses a future service project with the Hi-Y members. 48 Create, Maintain, and Extend President Mary Lou Paxton inspires her fellow members with plans for a new project. Tri-Hi-Y began its second year by scheduling various new service projects. These worthwhile activities included reading to and visiting with the residents of the Solem Nursing Home, leading the Easter Seal Drive, Christmas caroling at the State Hospital, and participating in the Michigan Heart Month service proj- ect. Through this combination of work and fun, the Tri-Hi-Y strove to fulfill its motto, " To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and com- munity high standards of Christian character. " Treasurer Sarah Gaunt, Vice-President Linda Hall, President Mary Lou Paxton, Chaplain Sharon Mihulka, and Secretary Barb Muse formed the nucleus of Tri-Hi-Y. Thespians The Thespians, under the direction of Mr. " Woody " Hansen, initiated their active dramatic season with the staging of " The Mouse That Roared. " In addi- tion to two performances at TCHS, this successful two-act comedy was pre- sented at the Traverse City State Hos- pital. The Thespians deserve much credit for aiding in the productions of the class plays, Bo-Gi talent show, and musical. The members assisted in lighting, props, scenery, and student management. To recognize the club ' s achievements and to honor the fifteen members who gained membership into the National Thespians Society, a spring banquet was held. Students Express a Humanities Club Tim McGrew, Mary Lou Paxton, Nancy Comwell, Sally Smith, Sally Pike, Steve Ballance, Bill Reynolds, Mary Satter, Marsha Sporre, Becky Bisel, Bob Purvis, Earl Hamilton and Lee Marnett are interested in the advancement of humanity. The Humanities Club, an informal or- ganization with no actual officers, dues, or permanent mem- bership, conducts in- formative discussions and sponsors lectures on topics of interest to humanities stu- dents . This year the club discussed books including Baldwin ' s A FIRE NEXT TIME and Camus ' THE STRAN- GER . Lectures on Zen Buddhism, folk music, and music apprecia- tion highlighted the club ' s activities . FIRST ROW: J. Russell, M. Rox- burgh, T. Grapes, N. Sporre, C. McDonald, T. McGrew, S. Elsen- heimer. SECOND ROW; Mr. Han- sen, M. Roe, S. Bright, L. Hahn, S. Tibbitts, P. Mains, C.Cowell, F. Nelson, M. Paxton, L. Cooper. THIRD ROW: L. Radant, B. Hodek, J. Lentner, M. Nixon, A. Raftshol, S. Pike. FOURTH ROW: J.Graham, M. Cowell, N. Fineout, D. Schultz, K. Wheeler, L. Solomon, H. Rum- ble. HFTH ROW: J. Burston, L. Gildarski, M. Johnson, K. Walters, J. Jurica, J. Harbeson, L. Parker, S.Harma, D. Fox, N. Hammond, B. Reynolds. Taste for Culture Philaedians For artistic stu- dents, the Philae- dians provide an op- portunity to develop and utilize their cultural talents. Al- though this year ' s new club lacked size, it engaged in such vigorous projects as sponsoring a dance, selling posters to various organiza- tions, and exhibiting their works at an art show. Ted Thirlby, president, and Nancy Hammond, secre- tary, were at the head of the organiza - tion. Analyzing silk screens are Judy Ball, Terry Miller, Nancy Pestolis, Ted Thirlby, Carol Homan, Philip Keegstra, Mary Kiser, Lloeta Thompson, Betsy Sleder, and Nancy Hammond. Chess Club During its second year, the Chess Club met weekly to im- prove individual games and to give the members a chance to com- pete with others . This year an inner club tourna- ment was held proving to be very interesting and worthwhile . The club consisted of about a dozen players headed by President Dave Gaumer, Treasurer John Kennedy, Sec- retary Roger Rayle and Adviser Lyndon Sala- thiel. Dave Gaumer, Sue Grabe, Tom Novak, and John Kennedy observe Tim Foley ' s move against Roger Rayle. Multiple Interests Hold The Penmen A writing club. The Penmen, was organized this year under the supervision of Mrs. Wynn Bade. Meetinginformally oncea week, the menibers criticized each other ' s works to improve their writing skills. The club subscribed to a student magazine for ideas of the writing capabilities of students across the nation. President Bob Dixon, Vice- President Bob Beery, and Secretary-Treasurer Ann Ballance led the clue ' s activities. 52 The American Field Service Club lias two specific purposes: to raise funds to send a TCHS junior overseas for the summer on the Americans Abroad Pro- gram, and to stimulate interest in foreign cultures among the students . Swedish cookie sales, Danish cookie sales, and French cream puff sales brought in money, besides giving the members a chance to try out foreign recipes . The five visiting exchange students, as well as the TCHS students who lived with families in Europe last summer on the American Field Service and Youth for Understanding programs, presented evening programs at members ' homes. Special highlights of the year were delicious potlucks, where each mem- ber served a delicacy native to some part of the world. Mr. Arthur Schubert made an appropriate adviser after his year of teaching in New Zealand. President Jeanne Moss, Treasurer Sally Smith, and Sec- retary Rita Soren en demonstrate the AFS Club ' s in- terest in other parts of the world. TCHS Attention AFS Club members gather at Mariann Ingwersen ' s home for slides of Germany by Mariarm, Earl Hamilton, and Manfred Sommer. Enjoying the sunshine are Red Cross adviser Mrs. Mildred Feague, Red Cross Aides Mary Stachnik, Judy Gallivan, Nancy Frazer, Yvonne Panek, Gloria Skipski, and Stephanie Sika- -STANDING. Diana Hentshel, Joan Gallivan, Camilla Gar- land and Connie Archer- -SEATED. Students Explore Possible Careers Red Cross There are 35 girls who work as Red Cross Aides. They have worked at Munson Hospital for many years, but the program was en- larged this year to include Solem Nurs- ing Home and Med- ical Care. Red Cross President Geneva Wolcott, Co- Chairmen Frances Pink and Barb Lyle, and the Red Cross Supervisors form the Red Cross Council. The ' 65 Red Cross Drive netted $84. 00 for the World Children Fund. This was the best drive ever held at TCHS, 23 homerooms hav- ing 100% participa- tion. Future Teachers The John Dewey Chapter of the Future Teachers of America helps to give the members a background in teaching as a career . F.T.A. offi- cers are President Roberta Hall; Vice-president Sandy Tibbitts; Sec- retary Mary Moran; Treasurer Alma Mills; Historian Candy Hines; and Librarian Joan Girocco. Projects undertaken this year by the F.T.A. Club include an annual trip to Mt. Pleasant for a state meet with other F .T. A. chapters, films, guest speakers, and sending two delegates to the state meet in St. Mary ' s Lake, Battle Creek. Meeting in the library are Future Teachers Honey Wagner, Dave Gaumer, Alma Mills, Candy Hines, Roberta Hall and Adviser Geraldine Pagel. 54 Enjoying the outdoors are Future Farmers officers Bob St. John, sentinel; Russ Broad, secretary; John Kroupa, treasurer; Adviser W.C. McMath; Jerry Strieker, president; Frank Mikula, reporter, and Frank Giles, vice-president. Future Farmers The TCHS chapter of Future Farmers of America consists of Mr. McMath ' s two agriculture classes. This year ' s officers attended a leadership training con- ference at Cadillac ' s Camp Kett last spring. In March Russ Broad and Jerry Strieker represented Traverse City at the state FFA convention in Lansing. The principal April activity was the FFA banquet. The TCHS chapter sponsored land judgingcontests and crop shows, as well as directed traffic for basketball games. Future Farmers in the Traverse City chapter are C. Lardie, J. Horton, C.Johnson, D. Kingdon, K. Kroupa, J. Thompson, J. Strieker, B. Tharp, J. Nelson, P. McManus, D. Hilton, J. Kroupa, B. St. John, D. Snyder, M. Gar- land, R. Broad, W. Stone, F. Giles, B. Spink, J. Elzer, F. Mikula, R. Finch, D. Thomas, D. Leggett, W. Herkner, D. Lautner, M. Warren, C. Scott, T. Parker, T. Whiteford, J.Bohrer, W. Glassco, J. Pickard, C. Whiteford, R. Fiendges, R. Smith. Hardy Ski Club members brave snow and bitter temperatures. Sports Attract the Before the first snow fall, TCHS ski enthusiasts assembled to plan Ski Club activities for the coming season. Under Adviser Philip KruU, this year ' s club took advantage of Northern Michigan ' s ski facilities and weather. The Ski Club scheduled two trips this winter; one to Nub ' s Nob and one to Boyne Mountain, and also viewed a ski-wear style show. Leading the way to an exciting ski season are officers Nancy Cornwell, treasurer; Kathy Hagen, secretary; David Easling, vice president; and Gary Olson, president. 56 Varsity Club above, and Le them T-men officers Mike Allison, Gary LaMott, Bob Diller, Steve Lockman, n Hawleyand Bill Meyers show off the athletic prowess that made The " T " on TCHS varsity jackets means Traverse City, Trojans, Terrific, and Toil. The boys who earn their var- sity letter have the key to a VarsityClub initia- tion. Tlie club collected tremendous amounts of food to claim a victory over Pep Club for the Christmas Food Drive. Boys in the club act as coaches andreferees for elementary school teams . Hardy and Fun-loving Earl Hamil- ton ' s initiation outfit creats quite a stir. " Cut the witty com- ments, " grins VC initiate Bob Purvis. FRONT ROW: B. Purvis, D. Runyon, VanStratt, L. Haw- ley. SECOND ROW: F. Nelson, D. Hults, B. Olson, S. Lockman, B. Myers, M. Sommer. TMRX) ROW: J. Mar- nett, B. Neason, J. Royce, E. Hamilton. FOURTH ROW: B. Cozzens, D. Chamberlin. FIFTH ROW: B. Kortokrax, R. MacEachran, R. Neason, R. Heffelfinger, J. Korb, A. Correll. SIXTH ROW: T. Parker, J. Swanson, J. Richards, J. Nurn- berger. SEVENTH ROW: J. Riley, M. Allison, G. Olson, J. Bomer, B. Naymick, L. Selkirk, L. Yankee, B. Diller, P. Mc- Manus, K. VanDeventer. The Tro-Gi Talent Show highlighted the fund-raising campaign for a new Bo-Gi building. Bo-Gi Sparks Community Youth You should see it when it ' s crowded! After school and on weekends, the Bo- Gi serves as a recreational center for teen- agers and provides them with worthwhile projects. The Bo-Gi Council plans dances, tournaments, fund-raising projects, and rallies throughout the summer and school year. Pool shark John Riley, right, concentrates on pocketing the ball. John won the Bo-Gi pool tournament. Bo-Gi Council members, elected from Traverse City Junior and Senior High Schools and St. Francis, are BOTTOM ROW: Mr. David r ye, adviser; Jim Kroupa, president; Peg Rasmussen, secretary; Kathy Hagen, vice president. SECOND ROW: Aime Marie Raitshol, Tom Carroll, Mike Fouch, Jim King, Jim Widrig, Dave Manthei, Tom Pelky, John Anderson, Dave Parson. THIRD ROW: Harry Calcutt, Mike Leiding, Adair Correll, Bill Myers, Bob Hall, Greg Schu- gart, Charles Jones. TOP ROW: John Riley, Jack Erickson, Dave Morhardt, Patty Bloomquist, Gary Olson, Steve Weir. Absent is Treasurer Stewart Reed. 1964 LMAC BACK ROW: Head Coach Bob Bacon, Manager Fred Nelson, Steve Lockman, Larry Yankee, Pat McManus, Dennis tfcxie, John Fliley, Jim VanStratt, Jerry Stanek, Don Bragg, Bill Stokes, Bill Naymick, Jim Bomcr, Ross Over- beck, Bruce Cozzens, Tom Parker, John Swanson, Ron Heffelfinger, Dennis Basch, Bob Diller, Manager Bruce Ol- son, and Assistant Coach Jim Ooley. FRON T ROW: Bill Myers, Gary LaMott, Dave Runyon, Russ VanStratt, Karl VanDeventer, BillNeason, Bob St. John, Bob Purvis, Jim Kroupa, Rick Neason, Jeff Richards, Don Chamber- lin, Steve Bursian, Jeff Evans, Ron Smith, and Len Hawley. For the second time in four years, the Trojan football team won the LMAC championship. After a slow start in the Mt. Pleas- ant game, the Trojans went on to win from Alpena, Muskegon, Muskegon Heights, Holland, and Mona Shores. A tough Grand Haven team upset the overconfident Trojans in a heart-breaking battle. The next week, however, the Trojans re- venged their loss. Conference rivals Benton Harbor and Traverse City met, and Traverse emerged with the LMAC trophy. Next year ' s Trojan team will miss senior starters Steve Lock- man, Bill Myers, Bob Diller, and Gary LaMott. However, several promising juniors, John Swanson, Jerry Stanek, and Larry Yankee among them, should be a great asset. 60 Champions Season Record TC 0pp. September 18 - Mt. Pleasant 26 14 25 - Alpena 46 6 October 2 - Muskegon 27 7 9 - Muskegon Heights 14 16 - Holland 21 23 - Mona Shores 19 30 - Grand Haven 12 13 November 6 - Benton Harbor 14 All -Game Total 179 40 Conference Total 88 20 Varsity football coaches Bob Bacon and Jim Ooley are justifiably proud of the 1964 LMAC trophy, for it is the third time in their seven years as head coaches that they have brought a champion- ship to Traverse City. They have compiled an almost unbeatable record in Class A competition: in their four years in the LMAC, they have won twenty -eight games, lost only five, and tied one. 61 Touchdown Twins Steve Lockman powers his way to the LMAC lead. Steve also passed, punted, and held for the PAT. Bill Myers, the faster of the twins, breaks clear for a long run. Junior halfback John Swanson did a tre- mendous job filling in for Bill Myers in the Benton Harbor game. Here John scores against the Tigers. Senior guard. Big Bob Diller, the strongest man on the squad, clears a path for John Swanson in the Benton Harbor game. Bob was elected Most Valuable Player by the Trojans and also named on several All-State teams. 62 Lead in Scoring Four Trojan de- fenders, Jeff Evans (37), Larry Yankee (13), Jim Van Stratt (43), and Dusty Bragg (44), level the Mt. Pleasant quarterback. Senior tackle Bob Purvis leads a play around left end during a hard- fought game. Quarterback Len Hawley illustrates tlie famous sneak that gained so much vital yardage during this season. 63 7 - 11 4 Steve iockr_-i ien Hawley, QB Bill Myers,,. Lettermen — 11 Dave Rimyon, C Bob Diiler, G sli»-i%|r Gary LaMott, E Bruce Olson, Manager Fred Nekon, Manag Little Trojans Again Split BACK ROW: G. Yankee, D. Madigan, J. Steffey, J. Owens, P. Jacobs, E. Tyge, J. Hemming, G. Shugart, B. Hilt, J. Hzer, B. Dejong, T. Shield, T. Edenburn, R. Kuemin, and B. Fisher. FRONT ROW: J. Batsakis, R. Collins, R Joslin, B. Strieker, J. Bohrer, B. Beery, S. McGarry, R. Green, T. Stokes, K. Marek, B. Leismer, J. Fouch, and J. Mutchler. Junior Varsity Record Mesick TC 14 0pp. 18 Cadillac 26 12 Muskegon Heights Leelanau 19 12 12 26 Alpena Mount Pleasant 14 20 13 14 St, Francis Totals 20 14 TD9 ' C " Team Record TC Opp Baldwin 20 7 Manistee 6 Cadillac 13 20 Benzie Central 40 Totals 79 27 66 into Two Squads The prospect of such tough varsity action is the spur that drives the reserve players through all those long, cold practices. By again splitting the Reserves, the Trojan coaches were able to make better use of some of the talent in the underclass ranks that would not oi dinarily get any exper- ience. Instead of having strictly JV and sophomore teams, some of the boys saw action on both squads to balance the weight and skill of the two teams. The two reserve teams did quite well for themselves this season. Coaches Thibedeau, Ebright, Dye, and Salathiel can be proud of their boys. BACK ROW: R. Gordon, J. Eagecomb, R. Bauer, T. Crandall. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Salathiel, T. Nelson, T. Riley, H. Joslin, R. Green, L. Livasy, D. Linger, M. Hayes, B. DeJong, T. Sommerville, T. Shield, P. Spring- stead. FRONT ROW; R. Liddell, J. Hamilton, S. Purvis, T. Lardie, J. Steffey, R. Dudley, D. Edwards, and R. Hall. 67 The two traditional ri- vals for the LMAC, Trav- erse City and Benton Har- bor, met at Thirlby Field on a cold November night . Both teams worked hard. The Tigers did their best, but when the whistle blew the Trojans had brought the LMAC trophy back to Traverse City, 14-0. Bacon- Hawley strategy pays off. We won ! 1 ♦ TROJANJ TROIASS nft , i i : KNEELING are varsity: Russ Fifarek, John Kwasky, Mike Allison, Dennis Spenceley, Jim VanArkel, Tim Holt, andJonKorb. STANDING are: Gary Olson, Dick Hults, Tom Heminger, Tom Swan, Randy Pike, Dave Mikowski, Qiarles Jones, Gary Basch, Bob Karczewski, Jon Robinson, Tom Billington, Dave Underwood, and Coach Cramp- ton. Cross Country in a Building Year Cross country, still a fledgling sport in Traverse City, suffered a dismal fifth season. The team was plagued by a series of difficulties. Though Coach Dick Cramp - ton, in his first season as the Cross coun- try mentor, did his best, the team was un- able to pull itself back up. However, several team members, including Jon Korb and Russ Fifarek, underclassmen who will be back next year, placed in the Grand Rapids regional meet, 67th and 92nd respectively. This year ' s Traverse City team re- liedheavily on its returning letter- men. Here Coach Crampton starts Russ Fifarek, Mike Allison, and Dick Hults in a practice meet. 69 Big Bill Naymick takes the jump ball from the Dutch center during the Holland game. Despite outscoring the Dutch from the floor, the Trojans ' 36 costly fouls capitalized on by the visitors gave Holland a 74-61 win on February 12. The Dutch swept the series and in this game inflicted the 11th loss on TCHS. Trojans Fail Against Strong LMA C Varsity coach Ike Gil- lespie, Athletic director Irv Menzel, and Reserve coach Terry Ebright look over their equip- ment. The ball rack was a new addition this sea- son. FROM LEFT: Mgr. J. Evans, B. Strieker, S. Lockman, P. McManus, R. Heffelfinger, D. Underwood, J. Swanson, B. Naymick, D. Couturier, E. Haven, R. Oliver, M. Mohrhardt, J. Riley, Head Mgr. J. Numburger, and Coach Gillespie. TCHS ended tied for fourth with Muskegon in the tough Lake Michigan Athletic Conference with a 3-7 record, ending 5-13 overall. This year proved to be a losing one for the Trojan cagers . After a bad start against a fired-up Alpena team, the Traverse City squad didn ' t seem able to get their feet on the ground. Repeated defeats against conference rivals also dampened spirits. How- ever, the last half of the season the team began to make things click, ending with a five-win, ten-loss record. This year ' s team was led by Steve Lockman with an average of 19.2 points per game, and Bill Naymick closely following with 12.5. Pat McManus received the Most Valuable Player trophy. Bill, Pat, and John Swanson will form the nucleus of the 1965-6 team. Jay Vee Basketball team: J. VanStratt, Coach Ebright, D. Madigan, D. Manthei, C. Tompkins, H. Calcutt, D. Heminger, J. Hemming, J. Fouch,B. Heminger, B. Gee, B. Wares, W. Stone, M. Taylor, K. Shroyer, J. Follet, R. Schuknecht, and Mgr. S. McGarry. Absent was T. Sommerville. The JayVees ended 7-11 after edging the strong Frosh 67-65. Trojan Get Plenty 1964-65 Varsity Record j-r TC Opp November 27 - Alpena 40 78 December 4 - Musk. Cat±i. 69 77 l - Muskegon 72 63 18 - Musk. Heights 48 81 22 - Holland 61 67 January- 8 - Mona Shores 74 88 9 - Mt. Pleasant 72 68 15 - Benton Harbor 49 120 16 - Alpena 54 96 22 - Grand Haven 73 64 29 - Muskegon 61 67 30 - Mt. Pleasant 68 64 February 5 - Musk. Heights 64 65 6 - Mona Shores 65 89 12 - Hall and 61 74 19 - Benton Harbor 57 91 26 - Grand Haven 94 77 Totals 1082 1329 March 5 - Musk. Oath. 57 70 (Musk. Dist. Tourney) Steve Lockman, the leading Trojan scorer and all-LMAC choice, goes in for a lay-up against Benton Har- bor, moving past L. C. Bowen (25), left, and Dave Mack (14). Concentration is the watchword for Gary LaMott, John Riley, Mike Mohrhardt, Eric Haven, Dale Couturier, Coach Gil- lespie, and Coach Ebright on the Trojan bench during a tough game . Cagers of Action 1964-65 Junior Varsity Record TC Opp November 27 - Alpena 53 64 December 4 - Musk. Cath. 55 53 11 - Muskegon 60 75 18 - Musk. Heights 44 73 19 - St. Francis 71 54 22 - Ffolland 44 73 January 8 - Mona Shores 65 78 9 - Mt. Pleasant 59 73 15 - St. Francis 65 46 16 - Alpena 68 82 22 - Grand Haven 62 67 29 - Muskegon 64 61 30 - Mt. Pleasant 76 88 February 5 - Musk. Heights 47 89 6 - Mona Shores 69 72 12 - Holland 52 64 26 - Grand Haven 67 77 Totals 1021 1189 March 15 - TCHS Fresh (Post-Season) 67 65 A Bill Naymick, the team ' s leading rebounder (208), grabs one from the Muskegon Big Reds. Most Valuable Player Pat McManus (50) battles for the ball with Mt. Pleasant defenders. Steve Lockmau brings the ball down for a shot against the Tigers of Benton Harbor, who crushed TCHS 120-49. %: j l l-si " : _j . ' " «»-idifc " ' - %. = t- - The victorious Trojan boy and girl ski teams consisted of Mgr. D. Hbxie, J. Stanek, D. Ligon, T. Thirlby, J. Owens, T. Bensley, T. Shield, Coach R. Luttinen, L. Hall, S. Jordan, C. Thompson, L. Kyselka, M. VanderWall, N. Ferguson, C. Gibson, and Mgr. J. Downer. They Did It Again. For the fourth time since 1961 both the boys ' and the girls ' ski teams made a clean sweep of the Lower Peninsula High School Regionals. This year ' s ski teams were two of the best ever, compiling records in keeping with the winning tradi- tion at TCHS. The boys ' team captured its sixth consecutive regional title, while the girls added one more to make a total of ten. Besides successfully defending their regional crowns, both teams continued to ski near-perfect records. The boys made it aperfect 18-0 season. The girls lost their first meet in four years, giving themselves a 15-1 record. The male section of the Trojans has lost only two meets since 1961. Next year ' s teams will miss the excellent services of seniors Nancy Ferguson, Linda Hall, and Dave Ligon, but will retain the rest of the teams, giving Traverse City very good chances in 1966. 74 Russell P. Luttinen has spent four years as TCHS ' ski team coach. During this period he has led the boys ' and girls ' teams to four straight sweeps of the Lower Peninsula Higli School Regionals. The teams have had outstanding rec- ords since Mr. Luttinen took over. This year the DETROIT NEWS honored Mr. Luttinen with the Coach of the Year Award. Traverse City is indeed for- tunate to have him as a coach. Topping the DETROIT NEWS All-State Ski Team this year were three juniors: Boys ' Captain Jim Rennie, who received a second team berth last year, Girls ' Captain Cherie Gibson, and Jerry Stanek, both of whom are on for the second time. Cary Thompson and Tom Shield earned positions on the sec- ond team, while Nancy Ferguson, Linda Hall, Luana Ky- selka, Marge VanderWall, Dave Ligon, and Jim Owens claimed honorable mentions. Cherie Gibson, Jim Rennie, and Jerry Stanek flew to Bend, Oregon, to compete in the National Junior Ski Championships . Linda Hall and Jim Owens won Most Improved Skier awards for their respective squads . p1[%s spring Break Members of the tennis team are H. Calcutt, R. MacEachran, A. Correll, D. Mikowski, R. Stulen, B. Reynolds, R. Pike, D. Hakala, M. Hains, T. Swan, D. Manthei, M. Beers, W.Raft- shol, and Coach Lyndon Salathiel. Tennis Fares Well Tennis fared well in Traverse City this year. With a team consisting mostly of underclassmen, the Trojan netmen managed to finish with a five-win, four- loss season. After losing to Grand Haven and Cadillac, the team managed to come back to beat Petoskey and Leelanau. The Trojans again faced Cadillac and Petoskey, ending with the same results as before. The team did not place high in the conference and regional meets, but individual members did well. With only one senior, Roland MacEachran, leaving the team, Coach Salathiel should have an extremely good team for 1966. Juniors Mike Hains and Adair Cor- rell and sophomore Harvey Calcutt will form the core of a team that should finish high in the LMAC running. Coach Schuknecht, W. Avery, R. Wamsley, J. Harrison, J. Alfred, J. Kellogg, J. Wysong, H. Calcutt, B. Wares, J. Stanek, T. Bensley, D. Belyea, and B. Somers make up the TCHS golf team. sports Even Playing on the baseball team were C. Withers, R. Smith, D. Sheffer, P. McManus, J. Fouch, L. Yankee, D. Eickenroth, J. Judd, S. Mathias, B. Heminger, J. Brigham, and L. St. John, BACK; Coach Lockman, G. Feneley, J. Hines, R. OUver, E.Hamilton, J. VanStratt, R. Kuemin,G. Yankee, J. Bomer, J. Hemming, G. Johnson and Asst. Coach Gillespie, MIDDLE; and D. Darling, R. VanStratt and K. VanDeventer, FRONT. Baseball Ends 7 — 7 Al Lockman ' s 1965 baseball team played a hard season, but finished with only a 7-win, 7-loss season. The team had the fluctuations that usually mar a record, but most of the defeats were by a narrow margin. One of the year ' s high- lights was a no-hitter pitched by sophomore Ray Collins against Brethren. With a good crop of underclassmen, the 1966 team should be a real success, but seniors Gary Feneley, Earl " Yogi " Hamilton, Russ Van- Stratt, and Karl VanDeventer will be missed. Golf Goes Down Although this year ' s golf team had power to burn, it only managed to win half its matches. The season went 5-5. Coach Ed Schuknecht expects to do better next year, with the majority of lettermen re- turning nextyear. Harry Calcutt, John Kel- logg, and Jerry Stanck should form the core for ' 66. Leaving the team are seniors Don Belyea, Bill Somers, and Ross Wam- sley. Junior Mike Hains shows off his fine forehand form. Senior Russ " Lefty " VanStratt hurls a strike during a hot practice. Thinclads Unbeaten in Dual Competition Lee Mamettpasses the batonto Siumy Riggs during a relay. Track is mainly a sport of individual competition. Althioughi thiere are several team events, tiie majority are single con- tests. Because of the very nature of tliese contests, it is inevitable that the team be composed of boys excelling by themselves. Many hours of hard work, patience, and self-discipline go into each showing of each event of a track meet. The track team was Bill Myers, Bob Diller, Mike Allison, Lee Marnett, Gary LaMott, Gary Olson and Don Wyatt working for the good of the school. (. Bob Kortokrax kicks home in the 440. I Bob Dillerand Gordy Wilder compete with two J.V. ' s in the dash. BACK ROW: Head Coach Ooley, Coach Parling, J. Van Arkle, B. Smith, T. Pantazopoulos, J . Robinson, D. Gilbert, D. Madigan, T. Heminger, R. Schaub, B. Hilt, R. Schuknecht, M. Hayes, G. Shugart, G. Keyes, B. Colson, G. Adams, J. Pulcipher, J. Widrig, B. Stokes, P. Jacobs, B. Leismer, S. Riggs, J. Smith, L. Ritola, J.Hall, B. Fisher, B. Waples, M. McDonald, L. Cumberworth, D. Winsemius, R. Overbeck. MIDDLE ROW; J. Owens, J. Burrows, D. Heminger, B. Brackle, B. Ludwig, R. Fifarek, B. Naymick, B. Kortokrax, G. Wilder, R. Broad, J. Strieker, J.. Lautner, D. Hoxie, D. Underwood, J, Marnett. FRONT ROW: Mgr. B. Sanford, D. Runyon, L. Mamett, G. Ol- son, M. AlUson, D. Wyatt, G. LaMott, L. Selkirk, and S. Lockman. The 1965 track team boasted a successful year. Starting with one new coach and a preponderance of underclassmen, the team came from a series of early defeats to finish with a winning season. The last half of the season was one long string of suc- cesses culminating with the L.M. A. C . meet on May 28. Al- though able to place only third in the meet, Coach Ooley felt that the team had done its best. This year the cindermen placed sixth in the regionals at Grand Rapids, May 14. Bill Myers, Bob Kortokrax, and Dick WoUam qualified for the state meet. May 22, but were un- able to place. Also in the regionals, John Marnett, running the mile, and the Trojan mile relay team both took fourths, one place short of the qualification mark. The track team has great potential for next year with such juniors as Bob Kortokrax. Gordy Wilder, John Marnett, and Jim Owens, but nothing will make up for the loss of this year ' s seniors . 79 Ski Coach Russ Luttinen hands out awards at the winter sports assembly. Football, Ski Champ Cheerleaders Barb Martin, Nancy Hadley, Lynn Klassen, and Carolyn Klotzbach present the LMAC football trophy to the school. HeadFootballCoach Bob Bacon presentsthe Most Valuable Player Award to senior Bob Diller. Coach Baconsums up the football season during the fall ban- quet. Trophies Top Awards Basketball Coach ' Ike " Gillespie gives Pat McManus the Most Valuable Player Award for his outstanding contribu- tion to TCHS basketball. The fall sports banquet, honoring the 1964 LMAC champions, was excep- tionally well attended. Pep Peddlers Stimulating enthusiasm for the JayVee teams is the job of cheerleaders Gail Bruland, Lynn Fouch, Nancy Zupin, Libby Harris, and Sharon Kennedy. The girls cheered for Saturday reserve football games and reserve basketball games held directly before Varsity games. Trojan varsity cheerleaders, their coaches Miss Mary Jane Draper and Miss Maxine Maclnnis, Muskegon cheer- leaders, and their coach get acquainted in the home ec room before a dinner which TCHS cheerleaders prepared. The menu included Italian spaghetti and homemade ice cream. As it promoted friendship among the cheerleaders, it was concluded a big success and placed on the agenda next year for more extensive practice. 82 Push Pep Left, Varsity cheerleaders lead students with pep and enthusiasm through an exciting Pep- a- Rama basketball game. Their skill and efficiency are shown by the anticipating expression of Pep Clubber Linda Hall. The members of the Varsity cheerleading squad this year were Janet Goss, Lynn Kla- asen, Carolyn Klotzbach, Barb Martin, and Nancy Hadley, captain. The Trojan squad, heralded as one of the best throughout the state, has a rigorous practice schedule and many other qualifications to meet . This year, for the first time, the squad used eligibility cards. Another first for the squad was at- tendanceat a cheerleading training camp last summer. They were proclaimed Best- Dressed Squad, and Second Best All -Around Squad. In addition to these trophies, Nancy Hadley claimed the trophy for Second Best Individual cheerleader. Congratulations to the Varsity cheerleaders for an excellent job! 83 SCOPE Leads; GSC Plans Below, SCOPE leader June Lentner spots an arabesque which Stephene Sika is executing. Above, SCOPE leaders Sarah Gaunt, Sharon Nottke, FRONT; Geneva Wolcott, Gloria Struble, Linda But- ton, Cheryl Stroh, June Lentner, Penny Conway, MIDDLE; Karen Larcom, Tron Thompson, Leona Cooper, Pam McCain, Linda Swan, Barb Martin, and Judy Brown, BACK, congregate in the girls ' locker room. The Student Committee on Physical Education helps teachers Misses Draper and Maclnnis in their gym classes. This year SCOPE held a fun day for the prospective sophomore members. Below, Geneva Wolcott conducts a meeting of the Girl ' s Sports Council. The various clubs of the schoolsend delegates. This year ' s council members are Geneva Wolcott, Tron, Thomp- son, Mimi Cowell, Barb Martin, Pam McCain, Marg Bellfy, Chris Agruda, and Leona Cooper. Absent are Nanci Cornwell and Cheryl Gibson. The GSC helps plan a fun night for junior high girls ann ually. 84 Without Ice, It ' s Field Hockey Ground sticks, ground sticks, clack! Two girls try for the ball as it is put into play. Gloria Skipski pushes the ball skillfully while girls in the background pursue her. Cliris Agruda drives the ball to Gail Olson, guarded by Sharon McManemy. TCHS girls ri- val annually with Pinebrookin field hockey, basket- ball, and track. In field hockey, Pinebrook edged TCHS at each of the four games after school. 85 tr Cf { Miss Draper directs and co-ordinates the class while gills run in place to build endurance. Running in place was an important part of the RCAF physical fitness program, a complete unit of the physical education program this year. SCOPE leaders lead a girls ' gym class in exercises as a warm-up before continuing with other activities. Physical Fitness Means Exercise Volleyball is the competition here. The volleyball unit was quite long this year allowing the girls to become very skilled. 86 Beth Milks spots for Connie Meeuwenberg, while Connie tests her balance in a three-point headstand. Norma Bailey bites hard as she spikes the ball over the net, below. TCHS girls practice basketball, right, in prep- aration to battle the Pinebrook team. Although there was a big interest taken this year by a large number of girls, both scheduled games terminated with Pinebrook ahead. 87 Tops in Track, Topped in Tennis On your mark! Get set! Go! Connie Meeuwenberg, Lynn Decker, and Gloria Skipski are anxious to run. Lynn Decker shows her ability as she clears the hurdle easily. The TCHS girls continue sports in the spring with track and tennis. The big event is the annual tri -county track and tennis meet with Pinebrookand Benzie Central. This year Trojan girls copped the track trophy for the second consecutive year. The final score was TCHS 39 1 2 points and Benzie Central with 17 points. Those girls who placed were Kyra Slivinsky, Lynn Decker, Sharon McManemy, June Lentner, Jan Burston, and Jen- nifer Frye. The girls ' tennis team participated in four meets this year, two with Pinebrook and two with Benzie Central. Because of a lack of experienced girls, the team lost its first three meets, but finally claimed victory in its last meet with Benzie Central. Below, Kyra Slivinsky executes a serve. 88 Academics Business Manager Garland House studies a financial problem to seek a solution. New principal, Mr. Eugene Lawler, addresses the student body at an assembly. A dm in istra tion Takes This year the students of TCHS witnessed two changes in the administrative staff. Prin- cipal Robert Johnston was initiated as superin- tendent of schools, while Mr. Eugene Lawler from Leland moved up to replace him. Both men adjusted quickly to their new positions and readily won the students ' respect. Superintendent Robert Johnston supeiAfises the community ' s educational system which in- corporates over three hundred employees . He also acts as the head of the Administrative Board and carries out its policies. Principal Eugene Lawler represents the school at Administrative Boai ' d meetings and at other community functions. Besides working with the heads of the different departments, scheduling and balancing classes, and counsel- ing with parents and students, he spearheads the school ' s policies. As business manager, Mr. Garland House acts as the overall financial officer. He handles finances for all school maintenance and trans- portation. Mr. Robert Johnston heads the administration in his new position as superintende nt of schools. 90 Mr. Edward Schuknecht, senior attendance officer, issues an absence excuse for a returning student. Mr. Dugald Munro records the sophomore at- tendance, as well as snaps publication pictures. the Responsibility As attendance officers, Mr. Ed Schu- knecht, Mr. Al Lockman, and Mr. Du- gald Munro shoulder the responsibility of taking attendance and of keeping records in their respective academic wings. Be- fore school and between classes, they issuepasses which admit or dismiss stu- dents from class and prepare the daily absentee list. In addition, they check on students with continual absences and at- tempt to prevent further reoccurrences. The new attendance officer in the junior building, Mr. Al Lockman, inspects a student ' s absence excuse. 91 Mrs. Burkholder shows junior Carol Doyle some guidance literature on colleges. Mr. KruU introduces Michael Way, a new student, to TCHS. Tomororw and The graduating seniors are a product of the guidance of TCHS ' counselors. The counselors work with the TCHS students to schedule their subjects and to plan continued education after they receive their diplomas. They administer aptitude tests and college entrance examina- tions. Miss Mary Jane Draper, Mrs. Helen Burkholder, and Mr. Dugald Munro start the sophomores on the way through their high school educa- tion . Mrs . Burkholder and Mr . Philip Krull advise the juniors. Mrs. Ella- beth Smethells and Miss Maxine Maclnnis have the big task of guiding the seniors on to schools of higher education. Mrs. Smethells looks over guidance pamphlets with one of her office secretaries, Kathy Neuman. 92 Mr. Richard Crampton, Mr. Arthur Schubert, and Mi. Edward Camisa team-teach a government class. Mr. David Hardy and Mr. Norman Pollman think up questions for a government test. Yesterday American history fascinates Mr. John Johnson and Mr. Robert Bacon. Mr. Thomas Lynch strikes again with a zero for an incor- rect answer. 93 Mrs. Wyim Bade listens to discussion in one of her honors English classes. Senior English teacher Miss Geraldine Pagel briefly scans an essay. English: the Basis Studying new curriculum materials, evaluating the present curriculum and making recommendations, meeting with consultants, and experimenting, along withteaching five classes each day, were the activities of the thirteen senior, high school English teachers. New materials, including tape recordings for teaching reading were developed by sophomore teachers, Mrs. J ane Horvath, Mrs. Jo- Ann Panter, and Miss Susan Stark. Mr. Lyndon Salathiel and Mr. Michael Wis - newski developed a new course at the junior level. Senior English teachers in- troduceda new class stressing composi- tion. Delegates attended area, special, and state conferences at Plnconning, Michi- gan State University, and St. Mary ' s Lake. Mrs. Wynn Bade was chairman and Mrs . JoAnn Panter a member of a panel discussion group at the annual meeting of the Michigan Council of Teachers of English. Mr. John Sabo and Mrs. Betty Parker admire a model of Westminster Abbey, a project by one of their senior English students. 94 Mrs. JoAnn Panter, Miss Susan Stark, and Mrs. Jane Horvath look over sophomore bibliography cards. Mr. Michael Wisnewski and Mr. Terry Ebright teach American English to a class of juniors. for All Communication Comparing notes on American English instruction are Mr. Lyndon Salathiel and Mrs. Louise Williams. Books on the varied subjects he instructs and ad- vises surround English and journalism teacher A. V. Williams. 95 Mr. Ken Janssen, Spanish, and Mrs. Gertrude OnJker, French, watch a foreign movie, part of the new language program. Mr. Walter Oberlin, humanities teacher and curriculum co-ordinator, points out the characteristics of prehistoric art while Mr. John Sabo, humanities and English, prepares to contribute his knowledge. TCHS Contemplates s uWH V f fTi " Magister amicus. " Latin and English, teacher. Mrs. Mildred Feague, is, indeed, a friendly Mrs. Arm Potes, art, patiently assists her students, Barbara Sheffer and Virginia Bradshaw, in the fine art of clay sculpturing. 96 Miss Pearl Faist, librarian, and her assistant Mrs. Mary Guldice remind Margie Bud- nik that her book will be due in two weeks. Culture Miss Maxine Maclnnis, sociology and physical education, en- joys conducting an informal discussion in her sociology class. Mr. Garwood Hansen performs his daily task of roll-taking in his speech class. 97 TOP ROW: C. Scranton, M. Paxton, P. Decker, A. Raftshol, M. Scranton, S. Fihdley, D. Manker, R. Heller, T. McGrew,K.Murchie,E. Haven, C.Cole, K. Leismer, R. VanStratt, J. Kroupa, S. Hanna, C. Zaremba, J. Swanson, B. Strieker, L. Hall, L. Solomon, N. Frazer, K. Nemec, P. Merriam, L. Derks. SECOND FROM TOP: S. Mc- Manemy, C. Friauff, B. Flansburg, M. Kendall, J. Burston, E. Williams, D. Toeiper, R. Purvis, T. Stokes, K. Nor- cross, B.Wadsworth, T. Hubert, H. Cook, R. Bright, J. Savage, J. VanStratt, D. Eickenroth, G. Wylie, P. MeCain, S. Strieker, G. Olson, L. Kaley, C. Cowell, H. Lindsey. THIRD FROM TOP: R. Happy, L. Seabrook, K. Kinney, ; ' 1 Let There The CHOIR, directed by Mr. Melvin Larimer, is one of the busiest organi- zations at TCHS. Their spring production of " Finian ' s Rainbow " kept up the school ' s tradition of fine-quality musicals. Full houses enjoyed the Christmas concert, the spring concert, and the smaller concerts. The choir performed with the Northwestern Michigan Symphony in Pachelbel ' s " Magnificat in C. " The ninety-five members traveled to Lansing Sexton to present a program there . The choirelecteda choir council, headed by President Bob Purvis and Secretary Norma Bailey, that planned such activities as parties, concerts, and the operetta. The GIRLS ' GLEE CLUB was big in both quantity and quality this year. During the Christmas season they sangf or various organizations. Besides presenting ex- cellent Christmas and spring concerts, the glee club aided the choir in the pro- duction of " Finian ' s Rainbow. " TCHS heard sounds from the best glee club it ' s had. 98 S. Racey, C. Gabriel, K. Brooks, J. Lawler, A. Correll, R. Schaub, F. Nelson, D. Chapman, R. Rinal, E. Agruda, P. Jacobs, B. Leismer, J, Jurica, K. Racht, S. Weller, S. Scheck, B. Hodek, C. Kinney, C. Wheeler, S. Anderson. BOTTOM ROW: C. Guldice, M. Price, J. Lemcool, G. Wilson, L. Keway, S. Pantazopoulos, K. Walkmeyer, C. McDonald, J. Harris, D. Wyatt, J. Hayes, M. Thompson, B. Fisher, D, Claycomb, J. Eickenroth, M. Rumble, L. BroadhuTSt, J. Amon, N. Bailey. t - tl w » ' rf- Be Singing: V V ■ %. TOP ROW: M. Page, D. Fox, D. LaFranier, P. Haines, S. Williams, C. Spencer, B. Russell, B. Glass, C. Homan, S. Jordan, V. Case, C. Krings, A. Gregory, M. Eckersen, N. Garn, L. Grant, M. Wolf, B. Kniss, M. Lindsey, K. Rufli, D. Snyder, M. Ganger, N. Herkner, S. Hasse. SECOND FROM TOP: M. Nixon, R. Tanner, E. Harris, S. Mathias, J. Gallivan, M. Cowell, C. Hooper, P. Hanna, J. Hanna, V. Parker, B. Sheffer, R. Bennett, L. Lupa, B. Round, G. Soappman, J. Wickstrand, C. Archer, P. Davis, C. Starr, N. Brown. THIRD FROM TOP: T. Stathakis, I. O Meara, L. Fry, P. Burton, F. Spink, J. Feiker, C. Doyle, J. Soappman, L. Tompkins, G. Haywood, B. Hend- ges, J.Weber, L. Wilson, S. Cox, M. Mielke, S. Compton, C. Ochs, R. Wiesler, J. Gallivan. BOTTOM ROW: M. Kiser, i. Grubb, L, Thompson, S. Thomas, P. Cooper, B. Round, J. Bendickson, A. Rhodes, M. MenzeL S. De- Ruiter, B. Rayle, E. Hoch, C. Flees, M. Endres, J. Parker, P. Hawley, R. Rhodes, L. Petereon. Jt£ - t f FRONT ROW: M. Hayes, C. Wuerful, P. Richardson, J. Bragg, A. Blankenship, M. Moran, R. Miller, D. Pot- ter, S. Hagelberg, J. Eckersen, R. Overbeck, J. Vandervoort. SECOND ROW: S. Mathias, M. Widrig, J. Bur- rows, T. Nink, N. Grant, D. Ulrich, J. Keyes, J. Smith, S. Steed, M. Fleming, S. Packer, R. Sterling, L. Cumberworth, S.Winchester, B. Riskey, P. Buifiend, D. Manthei, B.Wales, B. Harrand, M. Dean, P. Nelson. THIRD ROW: H. Wagner, L. Fudge, D. Prosello, S. Walkley, M. Strine, M. Riskey, G. Zoulek, R. Radcliffe, J. Merrick, L. Schlueter, D. Torrey, D. Zimmerman, N. Ritola, J. Bilow, D. Rothermel, G. Johnson, R. Waldby, R. Mathews, W. Jvlilks, D. Perla, J. Hopkins, H. Muse, M. Fuller, R. Bunn, J. Mutchler. FOURTH ROW: G. Adams, D. DeMaw, J. VanArkel, D. Willis, J. Beery, W. Chappel, K. Schmuckal, S. Fryckland, M. Benedict, J. Nelson, T. Ormsby, J. Shearer, L. Peterson, B. Hosier, M. Lawler, M. Bright. HFTH ROW: J. Harbeson, J. McMillin, T. Smith, K. Schichtel, A.Craker, D. Runyon, D. Brewer, Mr. Cumberworth. Toot, Squeak, FRONT ROW: T.Edwards, C. Fricke, L. Riskey, J. Annis, N.Bailey, D. Oatley, P. Sanford, J. Wylie. BACK ROW: A. Melichar, C.Thompkins, T.Novak, R. Wuertele, F. Crandall, R. Finch, S. Killman, T. Killman, M. Widrig, M. Kortokrax. STANDING: L. Cunningham, Miss Glaspey. 100 p. Nelson, B. Wales, B. Harrand, M. Dean, TOP, G. Adams, D. DeMaw, J. Bragg, L. Fudge, M. Lawler, M. Benedict, SECOND ROW, T. Smith, D. Rothermel, C. Herbert, J. Beery, B. Hosier, BOTTOM, of the Pep Band spark up student enthusiasm and school spirit at pep rallies and games. Oom-pah-pah Director Rodney Cumberworth spent much time with the TCHS band to improve its quality. He held section rehearsals nightly for the different instruments. The best players formed an honors band. The band members elected a band council which directed band discipline with Mr. Cumber- worth ' s aid. Besides marching during football halftimes, the band presented concerts, played in the district festival, played for Traverse City ' s Christmas Window Night, paraded for Veterans ' Day, MemorialDay, andin the Cherry Festival . Individuals competed for honors at the solo -ensemble festival . New orchestra director Ruth Glaspeyled the orchestra through an active year. The orchestra played for the fall scholastic awards assembly, il- lustrated forms of music at a special humanities concert, presented the annual Christmas and spring concerts, played for " Finian ' s Rainbow, " and played at Class Day. An orchestra sextet, consisting of Jerry Wylie, D ' Arcie Oatley, Mark Kortokrax, Tom Killman, Carolyn Fricke, and Tom Edwards, played the concerts and appeared on television with the choir at Christmas. Orchestra member Tom Edwards won the Osterlin Scholar- ship for the summer at Interlochen Music Camp. Jerry Arniis was awarded a two -week scholarship to the camp. 101 Sciences Meet Needs of Dynamic World The importance of the modern math program at TCHS increases every year. Its two features over the older method of math teaching, the use of inductive reasoning and teaching for understanding as opposed to rote memorization, make it stand outamongthe teaching methods used at our school. Unique this year were meetings for the parents of modern math students in our system and a meeting for the Northern Michigan regional math teachers . Mr. Glenn Sands instills knowledge of trigo- nometry into some of his avid students. Mr. William Novak explains a solid geometry problem to Sue Swarthout. Math Chairman Joseph Thibedeau talks over the new math books with Mr. Ron Johnson. Mr. David Dye and Mr. George Wales question each other on the best way to present new math problems. 102 Mr. Robert Meyer looks wary as Mr. Charles Ailsworth pours a highly explosive chemical into his beaker. Mr. Bernard Kirk helps some future physicists with their lab experiements. Dick Meeuwenberg, John Miller, and Jeanne Moss get the low-down on the latest problem. Gary Basch shows Mi. Richard Gertz the growth in his petrie dish. " Am I pmning this right? " asks Mr. Ron Gray of ex- pert biologists Dugald Munro and James Ooley. 103 Mr. Herbert Olson, with the help of Mrs. Beverly Kaiser, directed the vocational department, including the co-op program, first semester before going to Royal Oak schools. Mr. Bruce Withers goes over the finer points of draft- ing with Mr. Clyde Graichen, who retires after 36 years here that began in 1929. He founded an avia- tion course, skippered the first Sea Scout ship. w ' }i ' - ' -- ' . 1 9mm " . :■■■■- ■ 1 « Skills Pave the WEEDS Weed control captivates the interest of Mr. Wilbur McMath, agriculture instructor. He assumes director- ship of the vocational department- coop program, succeeding Mr. Olson. The vocational department enables stu- dents to work and learn simultaneously. Through co-op they can work part time at different jobs in the area to decide what field of work they would like to pursue . The industrial arts program familiarizes students with the operation and parts of ma- chines . The program stresses safe working practices, skill, and appreciation of good craftsmanship. Cars, Cars, Cars, are the interests of Driver Training Instmctors Al Lockman, Ivan Gillespie, David Dye, and Ed Schuknecht. Mr. Norman " Bud " Trahair and Mr. Ivan " Ike " Gillespie, industrial arts instmctors, admire the intricacies of an engine. m Way for Future Vocations Mrs. Phyllis Johnson and Mrs. Winona Kirby experiment with a recipe in their home economics class. Electric adding machines chatter from the touch of Mr. Bernard Ackerman and Miss Nellie Smith, commercial. Mrs. Geraldine Kinney demonstrates the correct typing procedure to Mr. George Kinsman. Mrs. Lucille Clawson, commercial, corrects a bookkeep- ing error for seniors Marion Eiken and Owen Owen. Mr. Irving Menzel, athletic director, challenges physical education instmctors Miss Maxine Maclnnis, Mr. Robert Bacon, and Miss Mary Jane Draper to a tennis match. MissPam Guy consults Mrs. Shirley Pritchard on correspondence from the principal ' s office. Nurse Mabel Wade believes that good health is beneficial to good education. Making the School Run Smoothly How many realize the responsibilities of the TCHS school staff? The indispensable secretaries are responsible for correspondence, records, report cards, school budget, payroll, and club accounts for the principal ' s and superintendent ' s offices. The custo- dians keep the school in good order with repairs and maintenance, while the matrons keep it spicand span with their cleaning. The bus drivers transport the students safely to school, where they are re -energized with hearty lunches prepared by the staff of cooks . These smiling ladies, Mrs. Irene Bush, Mrs. Virginia Riskey, Mrs. Delsia Lutz, Mrs. Shirley Buchan, Mrs. Florence Bruland, Mrs. Ida Tompkins, and Mrs. Geraldine Selkirk, sitting, constitute the superintendent ' s secretarial staff. 106 Mr. George Wilson, day janitor, industriously clears snow so TCHS students can walk to their classes. " But every litter bit does hurt! " suggests Mrs. Eva Coleman, school matron. jSjasr m Night Custodian Robert Young continues school maintenance long after the students have departed. Transporting students requires nerves and a sense of responsibility such as those possessed by Bus Driver Charles Doe. This efficient kitchen staff, headed by Mrs. Annamae Eiken, feeds more than 1200 hungry students daily. (2 pictures above.) The full-time kitchen crew in- cludes Mesdames D. Wilkins, J. Esman, M. Goddard, I. Corpe, and " Head Cheftess " A. Eiken. 107 Making plans for the annual open house are PTSA officers Mrs. Clare Wilder, secretary; Mrs. Joel Evans, second vice-president; Mrs. Robert Dixon, president; Mrs. Peter Batsakis, first vice-president; Mrs. Carl Bjork, historian; and Ivlrs. Arthur Gray, treasurer. Citizens Tie Community with School The Parent-Teacher-Student Association initiated its year with a get-acquainted night for sophomore parents. A crowd of seven hundred parents attended the traditional November open house where Student Council representatives acted as guides, sold PTSA memberships, and served refreshments. PTSA members served coffee to college rep- resentatives during College Night, as well as to the teachers during exam days. Each year the association gives one hundred dollars as an NMC scholarship to encourage continued education. The Board of Education administrates the Traverse City schools by hiring new teach- ers, hearing departmental reports, keeping abreast of the latest teaching methods, and appropriating funds . They form school policy, plan for the future, and approve budgets . School board and administration members Garland House, assistant superintendent; Ida Tompkins, office sec- retary; Julius Beers, board secretary; Dale Wares, president; Harry Running, board attorney; Edward Stokes, vice- president; Richard Harwood; Bruce Graham; Robert Dean, Jr.; Mrs. Betty Parsons; and Robert E. Johnston, super- intendent; hold a regular Monday night meeting in the administration building. Underclassmen Class of ' 67 FoUowingspirited elections, sopho- mores learned at the Elections Reflec- tions Dance that they had elected Tom Lardie, president; Ross Overbeck, vice-president; Marg Bellfy, secretary; and Bill Smith, treasurer . The soph class council, aided by Adviser Ron Gray, consisted of Ann Ballance, Ray Collins, Ed Shelby, Bill Wares, and JimWidrig. Sophs showed an abundance of interest in everything they did . The class council had much cooperation in Pep -a -Rama. the magazine sale, Christmas food drive, which the class won, orderingof class rings, and school activities. Our youngest Trojans formed an integral portion of our clubs, teams, and spirit. Sophomore class officers and Council are Bill Smith, Ann Ballance, Ed Shelby, Bill Wares, Marg BcUfy, Ray Col- lins, Ross Overbeck, Jim Widrig, Tom Wilkinson, and Tom Lardie. STANDING is Mr. Ron Gray, adviser. no Sophs Support Class Acha, Terry Adams, Gary Aeschliman, Connie Agruda, Chris Allen, Mary Alpers, Cindy Amidon, Yvonne Anderson, Karen Anger, Byron Annis, Jerry Anys, Tom Archer, Connie Avery, Wolfgang Axtell, Sharon Baase, Steve Bailey, Janice Bailey, Vernon Ballance, Ann Barich, Mike Barnes, Benny Barr, William Basch, Gary Basch, Sue Bauer, Roger Bcarss, Willard Becker, Sherrie Beecham, Yvonne Beeman, Gary Beery, Jay Belanger, Keitli Belanger, Terry Bellfy, Marg Bendickson, Janice Camilla Garland puts up a Christmas English bulletin board. Ill Expression Takes Bendickson, Jean Benedict, Maik Bennett, Joe Beyer, Dennis Biedron, Janet Bilow, John Bishop, Fred Bishop, John Bloxsom, Patricia Blue, Anita Bohier, Jerry Bohrer, Susan Bonn, Peggy Bovee, John Brace, Peggy Braden, Jack Brewer, Dan Brewer, Bob Bright, Shirley Bristol, Donald Bruland, Gail Buck, Gaylord Buim, Rodney Burr, Patti Burton, Penny Bussa, Bonnie Bussa, Vema Buysse, Marie Calcutt, Harvey Canfield, Pat 112 Various Forms Carboneau, Anne Cardwell, Cathy Case, Judy Cavitch, Patty Chappel, Larry Chappcl, Wayne Chouinard, Lynn Clark, Marvin Collins, Ray Colson, William Coo ley, Jon Cooper, Pat Corcoran, Linda Couturier, DuWayne Cow ell, Mimi Cozzens, Bruce Crandall, Fritz Crandall, Kris Crandall, Robert Crawford, Pam Croucli, Sharon Cumberworth, Lon Cunningham, Linda Dailey, Cathy Dalrymple, Brenda Dalzell, Doug Daniels, Lucy Darling, Becky Decker, Lynne Deeren, Harold Eva Hoch intensely sings away an hour in Girls ' Glee Club. 113 Sophs Utilize Dejong, Linda Dennos, Chris Dempsey, Ruth Dockery, Daniel Dominick, Rob-yn Donkers, Peter Doran, Penny Dorman, Mike Downer, Jim Drake, Debbie Draper, Mary Dudley, Rodney Duncan, Beverly Dundon, Tom Dunham, Linda rXuin, Mary Eckersen, Mary Aime Edenbum, Tom Edgecomb, John Edwards, Dave Edwards, Tom Elzer, John Engle, Janice Erickson, Kent Erickson, Rebecca Erlandson, Larry Fahlsthom, Tom Fawcett, Dave Feiker, Jean Finch, Ron Brenda McCallister seeks library informa- tion for her report. " " ■ w: ' .T- ' fT! m m W - P W ' - . K " ■ ' X K w 114 Study Time A -_ .4 1 Finnila, Mark Fisher, BiU Fitzmaurice, Susan Flansburg, Barb Fleis, Theresa Focke, John Fogle, Diane Follett, Jack Fouch, John Fouch, Lynn Fowler, Jim Freeman, Brenda Fricke, Cindy- Fritz, Kathy Frye, Jennifer Fryckland, Calvin Fuller, Mike Gallivan, Joanne f.V ; Gallup, Julie Ganger, Marie Garland, Camilla Garvin, Gary Gee, Bob Getchel, Joe Ghering, Jeannette Giddis, John Giles, Kathleen Girocco, Janice Glass, Douglas Gohr, Pam Goodland, Greg Goodwin, Don Gordon, Ron Grant, Ed Grant, Maxine Grant, Nancy GreeiUess, Dick Griffin, Anne 115 Future Scientists Learn Hall, Jerry Hall, Robert Halladay, Mary Halm, Mark Hamilton, Gary Hamilton, Jim Hammond, Nancie Hamstra, Iva Hanell, Cindy Hanley, Mike Hanley, Vicki Hanna, Dave Hanna, Julie Hanna, Sally Hansen, Sue Harris, Libby Hartenbach, Janis Harvey, Janet Hasse, Ray Hawkins, Peggy Haw ley. Penny Hayes, Mark Haywood, Donna Hekel, Greg Heminger, Don Heminger, Bob Hemming, Jud Hendges, Delton Henry, Linda Hentschel, Nancy Students direct their attention toward their instructor, Mr. Gertz. Hentschel, Dick Herkner, Mary Herkner, Warren Hilt, Bill 116 and Practice Techniques Hinds, Jill Hines, Candace Hbch, Eva Hoch, Sharon Holcomb, Janice Holcomb, Lonnic Hooper, Candy Hooper, Peg Hopkins, Jerry Hbrton, Jim Hosier, Bob Hoxie, Bonnie Hubbell, Ric Jacobs, Paul Jamieson, Janice Jaquish, Jim Jewell, Darrell Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Gary Johnson, Phyllis Jones, CJiarlie Jordan, Sue Judd, John Kage, Bonnie Kaltenbach, David Kantz, Mike Katana, Robert Kecgstra, Pliilip Kelderhouse, Laura Kemesch, Karyl A. ' f-p TO ' JPW H7 Square Dancing Offers Kennedy, Sharon Kerby, Konnie Keusch, JoAnn Keyes, Gary Kingdon, Dale Kipley, David Kirkpatrick, Glen Kirk, Lee Kirt, Mike Kniss, Al Knowles, Margaret Kerb, Jon Korb, Kathy Komerska, Jeanette Kortokrax, Mark Krings, Carol Kucera, Carl Kuemin, FUchard LaFranier, Dixie Lamiin, Rosile Larcom, Sharor Lardie, Brenda Lardie, Larry Laidie, Tom Larson, Sharon Lautner, Dianna Lautner, Linda Lauzon, Jud Lauzon, Rae Lawler, Mike New Amusement f 1 V. Leggett, David Leismer, Bill Lewis, Curlista Lichty, Dave Liddell, Rodney Linderleaf, Richard Lindley, Richard Livasy, Lyle Loomis, Bill Loveless, Marilyn Lupa, Linda McCallister, Brenda McCarthy, Ann McDonald, Mike McDonnell, Doug McDuff, Sandra McGhan, Nancy McGrew, Shawn McNabb, Ralph McWatters, Donna McWatters, Julie Madigan, Dennis Majszak, Wayne Manker, Don Mantliei, David Marek, Susan Marnett, Kendra Mathews, Rick Meach, Steve Meeuwenberg, Connie Menzel, Mary Merrick, Jim Meteer, Ron Milks, Arlene Milks, Don Milks, Elizabeth 119 The Perfect End Mikowski, Karen Mitchell, Bob Mlujeak, Linda Molnar, Sue Monroe, Connie Montague, Teny Morton, Jim Mooney, Mary Morrison, John Mowen, Mary Arm Mullen, Pat Muse, Harry Nelson, Kenneth Newman, David Newstead, Jim Nicola, Dan Nink, Tom Nixon, Virginia Norton, Betsy Noteware, George Novak, Tom O ' Heren, Mike Olman, Linda Olsen, Don Otto, Regina Overbeck, Ross Parker, Steve Page, Barb Page, Marcia Pantazopoulos, Tom Panek, Bernadine Parker, Linda Parker, Virginia Paxton, Robert 120 of a Day Penland, Beverly Perla, Dan Peterson, Lynne Petterson, Pam Phillips, David Pickaid, Jack Pickard, John Pierson, Cecil Pike, Randy Poertner, Kenneth Pokoj, Linda Prentice, Laurel Pressell, Patti Price, Pat Prosello, Diana Pulcipher, Jim Pur kiss, Judy Purvis, Steve Quinton, Linda Raftshol, Warren Radii, Beverly Reed, Lyle Reincke, Jon Remesch, Karyl Reno, Floyd Rhoads, Anne Rhoads, Robin Richardson, Philip Riggs, Gordon Riley, Tim Riskey, Mark Ritola, Lars Robbins, Ron 121 Sophs Enjoy Cindy Hanell, Bev Radii, and Carol Stark find something worth giggling about. ' I ?k N ▲ . Robbins, Sheryl Robertson, Bob Robinson, Eva Robinson, Jon Robinson, Shari Rokos, Don Rokos, George Ronk, Carolyn Root, Sharon Round, Harry Rowe, Dennis Rumble, Harriet Russell, Barbara St. John, Ladd St. John, Theresa Saunders, Roger Saunby, Linda Savage, Rose Ann Saxton, Frank Schaub, Gerald Schaub, Rodney Scheidel, John Schichtel, Cathy Schichtel, Kay Schmuckal, Ken Schrader, Milly Schuknecht, Rick Scott, Charles Seaberg, Richard Selkirk, Paula 122 Congenial Company Sheffer, Dennis Sheffer, Sue Shelby, Edwin Shroyer, Keith Shugart, Greg Sika, Stephanie Sivek, Suzanne Skipski, Gloria Slivinsky, Kyia Smedley, Donna Smith, Bill Smith, Jim Snyder, Dianne Snyder, Duane Snyder, Pam Soappman, Gayle Soappman, Janet Sogge, Laxy Solem, Linda Soper, Joe Soper, Mark Sorensen, Fred Stachnik, Mary Stark, Carol Starr, Cathy Starr, Donna Stathakis, Tina Stauffer, Gloria Steed, Stanley Steffey, Joe Steinmiller, Romona Sterling, Richard Oblivious to the admiring glances of Rick J-Iubbell and Wayne Tyge, Kris Crandall looks afar off. 123 Sophs Conclude First 1 1 4 .O. f Stoffel, ' Jack Stokes, Bill Stokes, Tom Stone, Wayne Strait, Tom Struble, Linda Swanson, Tom Swift, Jerry- Taylor, Beverly Taylor, Mark Tezak, Marlene Thayer, Ron Thill, Rick Thomas, Dan Thomas, Linda Thompkins, Chuck Thompson, Jim Thornell, Linda Torrey, David Tyge, Wayne Ubl, Mike Valleau, Elizabeth Valleau, Mary Van Arkel, Jim Vance, Bill Vanderley, Jim Vanderwall, Steve Van Stratt, Jim Wadsworth, Brad Wagner, Honey Wagner, Michaelene Waldby, Ray Walkmeyer, Ken Walters, Kathy Waples, Bill Wares, Bill Wares, Clifford Warren, Mike Weathers, Douglas Weathers, Rod Weber, Mike Weir, Steve Tear at TCHS Weller, Gary Wellman, Linda Wells, David Wemple, Bonnie Whipp, Bonnie Wicksall, John Widrig, Jim Widrig, Marilyn Wilkinson, Tom Williams, Don Willis, Don Wilson, Linda Winowiecki, Alice Winsemius, David Wisniewski, Sarah Withers, Jon Wollam, Barbara Wollam, Tom Woodbury, Larry Woodcox, John Woodhouse, Candy Worden, Dorothy Wright, Larry Wuerfel, Christy Yankee, Gary Zaremba, Chester Zupin, Barb Zupin, Nancy Camera-Shy Sophs Chupp, Dennis Corpc, Rene Elliott, Larry McCaffrey, Gaylord McPherson, Perry Ockert, Lois Schaub, Daniel Schmidt, Crystal Sikorski, Fred Wcose, Walter Wiggins, Charles Yagle, Robert 125 Junior Class Council is made up of Bob Guyot, Bill Bjork, Bill Woodrow, Adair Correll, Randy Oliver, Jim Bat- sakis, Dennis Spenceley, D ' Arcie Oatley, Dana Hager, Nancy Pestolis. STANDING: Mr. Terry Ebright, adviser. The juniors fulfilled their patriotic duty by electing Bill Bjork, president; Jim Batsakis, vice-president; D ' Arcie Oatley, secretary; and Bob Guyot, treas- urer. Class Adviser Terry Ebright aided class council members Adair Correll, Cherie Gibson, Randy Oliver, Nancy Pestolis, and Denny Spenceley. The juniors ' year held many features: the class rings arrived, AFS finalists Rick Stulen and Connie Spencer were chosen, a number of juniors were ini- ated into the National Honor Society, the Pep -a -Rama was well done, and the prom was a success. The juniors also took part in the Christmas food drive, class plays, and school clubs and ac- tivities . Class of ' 66 126 Juniors Participate in Government Acker, Cheryl Acker, Joy Aeschliman, Ron Agruda, Ernie Alford, John Allen, Betty Anderson, David Andresen, Howard Ansorge, Cindy Armstrong, Glenn Amey, Glen Arp, Robert Atkinson, Joan Babe 00 k. Barb Bailey, Nancy Bailey, Sherril Ball, Judy Bannon, Allan Bannon, Richard Barnes, Linda Basch, Steve Bates, Ned Batsakis, Jim Bearss, Michael Beckstrom, Pat Beers, Mack Beery, Robert Bcndickson, Joanne Bendickson, Marlene Bennett, Gene Bill Woodrow, Jim Rennic, and BillBjork discuss candidates in the junior class elec - tions. 127 A Time for Work . . . and Bennett, Ruth Bensley, Tom Bezile, Ginger Bickel, Gary Bickler, Jack Bishop, Diane Bjork, Bill Bland, Steve Blankenship, Allen Bliss, Dave Blodgett, Don Bolek, Bob Bolek, Bill Bomer, Jim Bradford, John Bradford, Kathie Bradshaw, Virginia Bragg, Don Brakel, Bruce Brigham, Joe Bright, Sharon Brittain, John Broad, Russell Broadhurst, Linda Bromley, Max Brooks, Kathy Brown, Norma Brown, Sandy Bragh, Jerry Burd, Suzarme Burfiend, Patricia Burns, Diana Burrows, Jim Burston, Janet 128 a Time for Play Butler, Becky Calcutt, Harry Carlson, Jack Carlson, Rose Chichester, Paul Chilson, Judy C lark, Bob Clark, Judy Claycomb, Dennis Cline, Art Clouse, Dick Cole, Coleman Compton, Sharon Conant, Chris Conaway, Penny Conklin, Sue Cook, Howard Cook, Jim Cooper, Chris Cooper, Jane Cooper, Shirley Cornell, Coleen Correll, Adair Courson, Dick Cox, Jackie Coyne, Arme Coyne, Richard Grain, Art Craker, Alan Crandall, Ted Crouch, David Crumbley, Colleen Darga, Daniel At the 1964 Pines Pen Party, Vickilee Purvis watches the camera, while Paul Wilbur watches her. 129 Juniors Recognize Durrow, Jon Dean, Mike Dejong, Bruce Demaw, Dave Dennis, Cindy Derks, rUchaid DeVol, Nancy DeRuiter, Sandy DeVito, Nick Dezelski, Loreen Dingman, Dawn Dixon, Bob Doyle, Carol Edenbiirn, Dawn Edmonds, George Edmondson, Lynda Eickenroth, Dave Eisner, Sharon Elder, Jack Eldred, Dawn Emory, Kathy Endres, Mary Erickson, Jack Erickson, Linda Ernst, Mike Esman, Amos Fasel, Laura Ferguson, Bob Fifarek, Russ Fitzgerald, Mary Responsibilities Foley, Timotliy Fowler, Marianne Fox, Donna Frantz, David Friauff, Carol Fricke, Walter Frost, Elizabeth Gabourie, Maxine Gallivan, Judy Ganger, Susan Gardner, Jackie Garland, Mike Gam, Nancy Gauld, K-thy Gayo, John Ghering, Liz Gibson, Cheryl Gildarski, Lynn Glauch, Sharon Goss, Janet Grabe, Susanne Graham, Jeanne Graham, Sue Grant, Linda Gray, Larry Gray, Patti Gray, Phil Green, Ron Gregory, Aime Groesser, Mike Grubb, Lynn Grueber, Cathy Guyot, Bob 131 Juniors Partake in Haberlein, Jim Hager, Dana Hager, Mike Hains, Mike Hakala, Don Hall, Madelon Halpin, Chris Hampel, Gerald Hanna, Gary Hanna, Sue Harbeson, John M. Harrison, Jim Harvey, Albert Haskin, Betty Haven, Eric Havens, Rusty Haywood, Kathy Heller, Ralph Heminger, Tom Hentschel, Dianna Hessem, Sharon Hines, Jack Hockett, Dave Holcomb, Regan Holt, Tim Homan, Carol Hooper, Jay Hooper, Layne Hopkins, Sandy Hoxsie, Dennis 132 Extracurricular Activities Hulet, Linda Hults, Dick Hunt, Edward Ingwersen, Kathy Johnson, Mary Johnson, Steven Joslin, Herb Jurica, Jim Kabot, Ronald Kantz, Karen Kellogg, Brenda Kellogg, John Kendall, Martee Kennedy, John Keway, Linda Killman, Sharone Kilmury, Mary King, Dick J. King, Richard D. Kinnee, Edward Kinney, Karen Kirby, John Kiser, Mary Klaasen, Lynne Klotzbach, Carolyn Kologe, Karl Kortokrax, Bob Kozelko, Karan Krohmer, Leo Kroupa, Frank Kroupa, Marilee Krumlauf, Lyle Kucera, Karen 133 New Experiences Await Kyselka, Luana LaFranier, Louis Landfair, Raymond Larcom, Karen Lardie, Charles Lardie, Linda Lass a, Jim Lautner, John Lautner, Rosemary Lentner, June Lieding, Mike Linger, David Lloyd, Sandy Loomis, Bob Loper, Joe Low, Mary Ludwig, Bob Luick, Karen Lyon, Janet McCain, Pam McCallister, Gilbert McCloskey, JoAim McCloskey, John McDonald, Chuck McGarry, Stephen McManemy, Sharon McManus, Pat McPhall, Jim Mack, Karen Maddy, Dick Maitland, James Manville, Sharlene Marek, Kenneth 134 Each Junior LA k Marnett, John Marshall, Jean Martin, Barb Mashka, Joice Mathews, Bob Maxson, Linda Maxson, Sandie Mayer, Cathy Meach, Charlie Meeuwenbcrg, Gene Melichai, Anne Merchant, Joyce Mericle, Sherry Mielke, Marilyn Mihulka, Shirley Mikowski, Dave Mikula, Frank Miller, Richard Mohrhardt, Mike Montague, Judy Moses, Juanita Mosley, Cathy Murchie, Kim Mutchler, Jeff Naymick, Bill Nelson, Ann Nelson, John C. Nelson, John J. Nelson, Robert Nelson, Tom D. Ncw alle, Sandy Nixon, Millie Norcross, Ken Nordstrand, Dave Oatlcy, D ' Arcie Ockert, Claude 135 Juniors Offer Oliver, Randy Oliver, Tom Olman, Jan Olson, Gail G ' Meara, India Ormsby, Terry Orr, Mike 0%vens, Jim Paid, Carol Parker, Tom Parker, Ed Pestolis, Nancy Peterson, Linnea Piasecki, Debbie Pickard, James Podleski, Jerry Poertner, Pat Porter, Larry Powell, Randy Price, Mary Proper, Jacquelyn PHilaski, Lunny Purvis, Vickilee Racey, Sharon Radcliffe, Sandra Radtke, Larry Radtke, Raymond 136 Time and Talents Randall, Marie Rasho, Gloria Rayle, Barbara Reid, Paul Renrrie, Jim Reno, Joan Richardson, Edward Riley, John Rinal, Richard Rinckey, Marilyn Ringsmuth, Dave Riskey, Ben Ritchey, Paul Ritola, Nels Ritola, Ricky Roe, Dennis Roe, Mary Rokos, Dave Rokos, Gene Rokos, Sandy Russell, John Riassell, Marg Salensky, Sue Schaar, Jerry Schafer, Marijane Scheck, Sandra 137 Juniors Support Schlagel, Jerry Schroeder, Walter Schuler, Sue Schuster, Ursula Schwind, Bill Scranton, Charlene Scranton, Marlene She f far, Barb Sherrill, Dorothy Shield, Tom Shugart, Duane Simerson, Darrel Simmons, Penny Skingley, Kris Slater, Bobbi Smith, Jeff Snyder, Randee Sommerville, Tom Specs, Barb Spenceley, Dennis Spencer, Connie Spink, Bill Spoor, Linda Spoor, Martha Sporre, Nancy Stanek, Jerry Stachnik, Sherry Stark, Jean Stephan, Kathy Stinson, Pat Stout, Lynne Strait, Sandra Strieker, Barney Strieker, Jerry 138 Community Facilities Strieker, Sandy Strickland, Brenda Strickland, Brian Strine, Marian Stulen, Rick Swan, Tom Swanson, Charlene Swanson, John Swartout, Sue Tanner, Ruth Taylor, Bill Taylor, Karen Thirlby, Ted Thomas, Rodger Thomas, Shyrl Thompson, Gary Thompson, Lloeta Thompson, Mike Thompson, Roger Throop, Lynn Throop, Sherryl Toerper, Debby Tomlinson, Larry Tompkins, Mary Arm Tyler, Elaine Ulrich, Doris Underwood, Dave Underivood, Ronald Valade, Jerry Vandervoort, Judy Vandenvall, Margie VanWingen, Darlene Wagner, Candy Walkley, Sharon Ward, Sue Wares, Craig Wares, Karen Warren, Susan Watson, Chuck Watson, Jan Weinrick, Carl Wlieeler, Cindy 139 Class of ' 66 Has Moved Up Camera-Shy Juniors Terry Aiken 1948-1964 Alther, Brett Barch, Louis Barrett, Charles Barrett, Daniel Beckwith, Dewey Bonnell, Cinda Darga, Daniel Draper, Don Feck, Albert Gallup, Kenneth Gazarek, Larry Groen, Denise Griffore, Linda Hamstra, John Hill, Larry Jackson, George Kerby, John Kitchen, Richard Lamie, Richard Lyon, Launy Majeske, James Milks, Wayne Milks, Vem Mohonen, George Nelson, Thomas E. Newell, Gary Rogers, Danny Rosinski, Larry Sanborn, Roger Soper, Marie Springstead, Pete Stroh, Cheryl Vanderby, Ellen Vert, Michael Wamick, Larry Whitten, Robert Wyskochil, Ken Zick, Sharon Whipp, Sandy White, Dave Whiteford, Chuck White ford, Terry Wiens, Julie Wiesler, Rhea Wilbur, Paul Wilcoxen, Carole Wilder, Gordon Williams, Mike Williams, Sue Wilson, Nora Winchester, Sara Winowiski, Jackie Wolf, Curt Wolfe, Diane Wollam, Judy Woodcox, Ivan Woodrow, Bill Wright, Norman Wurtele, Ruth Wysong, Jack Yankee, Larry Yon, Gloria Zeits, Roger Zick, Stan James Husby 1948-1964 These two juniors died in a fatal automobile crash on November 8, 1964. 140 Seniors Class of ' 65 Leaves an « « ■ f ' f " ! ' f ? as »■ Treasurer Stewart Reed, Vice-President Roland MacEachran, Secretary Linda Hamrick, and President Steve Lockman take a last look at the Class of ' 65. The Class of 1965 is Traverse City ' s first to attend school from seventh through twelfth grades on the present system of separate junior and senior highs, the senior highlocated on thenew campus . Officers JohnRoyce, Elaine Johnson, Shirley Hagelberg, and Sandy Conroy led us during the first of our four years before graduation. Freshmen Ron Heffelfinger and Len Hawley governed the junior high student body. The pep pills that roused junior high enthusiasm were Frosh cheerleaders Margi Budnik, Nancy Had- ley, Patti Stokes, Kay Youker, and Judy Gould. We voted Linda Hamrick queen of the freshman prom, " Holiday Abroad. " As low men on the totem pole at the senior high campus, we kept up a whirl of activ- ities and spirit. We elected Ron Heffelfinger, Len Hawley, Jean Bjork, and Elaine John- son as our soph officers. We made $1700 for our class treasury on the traditional sophomore magazine sale . We defeated the juniors and seniors by bringing the most clothing for Bundle Week. We struggled with indecision over which stone and style we wanted in the class rings we ordered. Receiving our class rings signaled the beginning of our junior year. Voting was very close for class officers. After a number of ties, Phil Nelson, Mariann Lngwersen, Patti Bloomquist, and Elaine Johnson grasped victories . Again we won Bundle Week. While SallySmith, John Boquist, and Tim McGrew were semi -finalists, Jean Bjorkwas afinalist for theAFS exchange program, spending the summer in Turkey. The more experienced seniors edged out the hardy junior girls for the Powder Puff football game on a muddy Thirlby Field. We transformed the school cafeteria into an evening in Paris May 16, for the junior prom, " Champs Elysees. " The passing of the senior class gavel into the hands of President Phil Nelson symbolized the transfer of leadership of school government, clubs, and activities into our awaiting hands. U2 Impressive Mark at TCHS To set a good example for the admiring underclassmen, we seniors elected Steve Lockman as our president, Roland MacEachran as vice-president, Linda Hamrick as secretaiy, and Stewart Reed as treasurer. Governor Len Hawley and Lt. Governor Jeff Hayes assumed the responsibility of directing the student council. A special addition to our class were our exchange students: Danish Lone Jacobsen on AFS; Eva Svensson and Toby Sandberg of Sweden, Manfred Sommer of Germany, and Nora King of Uruguay on the Youthfor Understanding Program. Demonstrating that ' 64- ' 65 was agreat year, our boys fought through the football season to become LMAC champs, and the ski teams again claimed the Lower Michigan Peninsula Regional titles! Barb Muse reigned over " Our Fair Lady " Homecoming festivities. " Wunderland bei Nacht, " the senior prom, culminated our activities for 1964. The Class of ' 65 united its efforts in snow sculpture, decorations, skits, and class counts to win Pep -a -Rama. Jean Bjork became the DAR Good Citizen. The Optimist Club of Traverse City honored Rita Sorensen and Brit San- ford as Girl and Boy of the Year for TCHS. Seniors voted among themselves to place mock titles on their classmates: Friendliest --Jean Bjork and Gary LaMott; Best Dressed --Linda Hall and John Royce; Best Athletes --Tron Thompson and Steve Lockman; Done Most for the School- -Jean Bjork and Len Hawley; Most Likely to Succeed --Norma Bailey and Len Hawley; Best Dancers --Darlynn Walton and Bruce Jenkins; Most Talented --Mary Rumble and Jeff Hayes; Book Worms --Norma Bailey and Bill Bradford; Most Handsome Boy--Bob Diller; Most Beautiful Girl--Janine Gibeau; Wolf- -Jim Harris; Flirt--Linda Swan; Brownnoser- -Norma Bailey; Rebel with a Cause - -Bill Moulton; Mad Scientist -- John Boquist; Wits --Judy Brown and Lee Marnett . We were picking up our graduation announcements about the time we received special invitations to the junior prom, " Sakura Odori . " Our last activity as a class before reunions was the graduation march and party. Ln the opinions of our counselors, the Class of 1965 is one of the most outstanding clas- ses in academics, at- titude, and all-around qualities in recent years. Casting ballots for mock elections are Tom Grapes, Sharon Mihulka, Dave Easling, Elaine Johnson, Rita Sorensen, Earl Hamilton, and Paul Biederman of the Class Council, while officers Linda Hamrick and Steve Lockman ob- serve. 143 Seniors Begin Abbey, Sheny Lynn Acha, Judith Ann Adams, Linda Lou Addington, James Richard Aeschliman, Keith Paul Allison, Michael James Am on, Janice Maureen Andersen, Beth Ann Anderson, Sandra Lee Andms, Linda Jean Ansorge, Christopher William Austin, Daniel Lee Bailey, Norma Jean Bain, William Charles Ballance, Stephen James Barlow, Teresa Ann Barnes, Vicki Deborah Barrett, Ronald Jay Basch, Dennis James Bauer, Robert Edward Jr. UA Final Tear Beattie, Sheralyn Arm Beitner, Duane Howard Belyea, Donald Gary Beyer, Gary James Biederman, Paul Martin Billington, Thomas John Bisel, Rebecca Lou Bishop, Joan Marie Bjork, Jean Ellen Blankenship, Karen Leigh Blodgett, Shirley Henrietta Bloomquist, Patricia Jane Blue, Alexander Clyde Bohn, Gerald Lee Boquist, John Alexander Boyd, Arnell Ray Braden, Susan Lee Bradford, Henrica Ann Bradford, Michael Edward Bradford, Raymond William 145 Seniors Bragg, John Mandaville Bright, Michael Ora Bright, Randall William Bristol, Howard Joseph Brobeck, Linda Lee Brott, Thomas Lee Brown, Judy Marie Brown, Keith Richard Budnik, Marjorie Arm Bums, Robert Brenton Bums, Roger Allen Bursian, Steven John Bussa, Clark Joseph Button, Linda Margaret Campbell, Norwood Michael Carlson, Carol Ann Jeff Richards, Bill Myers, Dave Easling, and Rita Sorensen discuss the 1964 Pines publication. Communicate C , CW, or E ? Phil Nelson fingers his valves as he practices with the bind. Carpenter, Sandra Lee Carr, Martha Carter, Connie Grace Case, Valerie Beatrice Chamberlin, Donald Dale Chapman, Dermis Steven Chappel, Lynda Lou Chappel, Nancy Jane Chappel, Wallace Henry Jr. Collings, Pandora Conroy, Sandra Ellen Cook, Judith Kaye 147 Participation Takes Elections over, Patti Bloomquist returns the activity area to normal. Cooper, Leona Jean Cornwell, Nancy Mathison Cottrill, Wayne Allen Courtad, Douglas Gene Cowell, Carol Lynn Cox, Billie Ann Cox, Dale Lee Craig, Diana Lynn Crandall, Gloria Munro Crawford, Shari Lynne Daniels, Donald Dennis Davis, Patricia Eileen Davis, Tana Lin Decker, Patricia Ann Deeren, Forrest William Derks, Loretta May 148 Many Forms DeVito, Paula Louise DeVol, Robert Allan Diller, Robert Raymond Dingman, Richard Dennis Dobson, Jerrine Ann Dorman, Ralph Gregory Dorman, Kathleen Harris Downer, David Edward Easling, David Paul Eckersen, James Bartola Edgecomb, Elizabeth Arm Ehrenberger, Donald St. Claire Eickenroth, Judy Ann Eiken, Judith Karen Eiken, Marion Sue Elsenheimer, Suzanne Marie Santa Claus, John Hawkins, asks junior, Carolyn Klotzbach, and senior, Eva Svensson, what they want for Christ- mas. Seniors Work Evans, Jeffery Lynn Everson, David Roy Feneley, Gary Jack Ferguson, Nancy Fern Fiebing, Jennifer J ulianne Findley, Sandra Kay Fineout, Nancy Lee Fitzmaurice, Jon Arthur Flees, Cynthia Marie Fleis, Barbara Jean Fleming, Michael Edward Fouch, Janice Rae Fowler, Susan Kay Fox, Bonnie Elizabeth Fox, Pamela Jo Frazer, Nancy Ann 150 w ith A dm in istra t ion Fricke, Carolyn Louise Friemoth, Brenda Sue Fritz, Ronald James Fry, Lynda Ann Fudge, Lewis Lee Gabriel, Mary Catherine Galloway, Lynn Edith Gambrell, Thomas Newton Garner, Janet Sue Gaumer, David Lewis Gaunt, Sara Louise Getchel, Nancy Elaine heatfc : luv hi: Gary Olson helps the maintenance department by taking down campaign posters. Besides, there ' s a rule about it. 151 Seniors Take Paula DeVito, engrossed in her cooking attempt, squeezes a lemon into the preparation. A i jiM Ghering, Rick Charles Gibeau, Janine Marie Giddis, Kirt Alan Giles, Francis Rudolph Jr. Gilmore, Alice Eva Girocco, Joan Ann Glass, Barbara Jean Glassco, Walter Emmett Gordon, Charles Albert Jr. Grant, Marlene Arm Grapes, Thomas Edward Gray, Thomas Michael Groesser, Terry Lee Grubbs, Barry Kent 152 Interest in School (?) Grueber, Gayle Lyrm Guger, Pamela Dee Guldice, Cheryl Ann GuUka, Ernest Wilfred Hadley, Nancy Jane Hagelberg, Shirley Ann Hagen, Katherine Laura Hahn, Linda Jo Haines, Peggy Ann Hains, James Oral Hall, Linda Jean Hall, Richard Alen Hall, Roberta Sue Hall, Sally Elizabeth Hamilton, Earl Ellsworth Hamrick, Linda Kaye 153 Seniors Display Happy, Roberte Lou Harrand, Barry Lee Harris, James Milton Harris, Alexis Evelyn Hart, Jennifer Jean Hasse, SiKan Kay Hawkins, John William Jr. Hawley, Leonard Roy Hayes, Geoffrey Leigh Haywood, Glenna Louise Hedlund, Dorothy Leone Heffelfinger, Ronald Thomas Hendges, Beverly Jean Hendges, Nancy Kay Hendges, Randall Kenneth Herbert, Charles George Students and teachers chose Mariarmlng- wersen, Norma Bailey, Jeanne Moss, Patti Stokes, Kay Youker, BACK ROW, Shirley Patriotism Hessem, Edward Elihu Hilton, Dennis Ralph Hinchs, Larry Roy Hoch, Neil Edward Hodek, Barbara Frances Holbrook, Timothy David Homan, Cynthia K. Horn, Sue Elisabeth Hubbell, Cynthia Lynn Hubert, Timothy Douglas Huey, Barbara Jo Hundley, June Kaye Ingwersen, Mariann Jacobsen, Lone Pelle Jahraus, Nancy Jakee, Thomas LeRoy Hagelberg, Elaine Johnson, Jean Bjork, Anne Marie RaftshoL and Linda Hall, FRONT ROW, as D.A.R. semi-finalists. ■J - ' •k fl ujKf- AMP ' - n t i . ' «« i ' - LEN HAWLEY GOVERNMENT MARY ROXBURGH DRAMATICS The 1 3th Annual Bo-Gi Hall of TOM GRAPES ACTIVITIES Mr. Bud Moyer started the annual Bo-Gi Hall of Fame in 1952 as a service to the community by rec - ognizing the outstanding seniors in various fields at the Traverse City high schools . Picked by a com - mittee of administrators, pictures of these seniors taken by Moyer are kept at the Bo-Gi Youth Center for a year. ELAINE JOHNSON CITIZENSHIP v l i " ' - ._ It 71 lit I _ NANCY HADLEY CHEERLEADING Fame NORMA BAILEY PUBUCATIONS SHIRLEY HAGELBERG NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 1 t r- JEAN BJORK CLUBS STEVE LOCKMAN ATHLETICS 157 Seniors Have Jaquish, Patricia Ann Jenkins, Bruce William Johnson, Elaine Marie Johnson, Karen Lee Johnson, Nancy Ann Judd, Jacqueline Sue Kage, Ronald Richard Kaley, Linda Louise Kane, Richard Irving Karczewski, Robert John Keith, Pamela Kay Kevwitch, Ron Keyes, Jack Robert Killman, Thomas Halvor King, Nora Denise Kinney, Cinda Marie Varsity Club initiation proves quite a trial to Steve Bursian. Unique Experiences Kirt, Gregory Kniss, Bonnie Kroupa, James Rodney Kroupa, John Richard Kroupa, Kenneth Leon Kukla, Dale Jerome Kwasky, John Walter LaMott, Gary Lee Lannin, Danny K. Lardie, Barbara Lee Lautner, Duane Stephan Lautner, Judy Mae Lawler, Jean Elizabeth Leismer, Kenneth Henry 159 Seniors See Lemcool, Judith Ann Lewis, Kenneth William Ligon, David Phillip Lindsey, Helen Jane Lindsey, Martha Ann Linger, Carol Ellen Lipski, Jan Alexander Lockman, Stephen Lewis Luft, Dolly Darling Luzius, Donna Marie LyU , Barbara Mary Lyon, Jerome Bruce McGill, Mary Joanne McGowen, Jackie Dee McGrew, Timothy McManus, Jean Ann 160 Enlightened seniors, Chris Ansorge and Steve Woodrow, know it is necessary to see where they are going. the Light McMillin, John Robert MacEachran, Roland James Manker, Diana Kay Manty, Dale Edward Manville, Linda Lou Manville, Sharon Mae Maraett, Lee William Martin, Suzanne Jo Meeuwenberg, Richard Allan Mihulka, Sharon Lee Miller, John Raymond Miller, Terry Lee Mills, Alma Hope Misner, Kenneth Ramond Montgomery, Linda Lou Moon, Patty Marie Moran, Mary Ann Morgan, John Chase 161 Seniors Strive for Morton, Donald Eugene Moss, Jeanne Loraine Moulton, William Phillips Mumby, Thomas Michael III Murphy, Wanda Kay Muse, Barbara Lou Myers, David Fay Myers, William Walter, Jr. Nash, Michael Clyde Neason, Richard Lee Neason, William Mac Nelson, Frederick DeWitt Nelson, John David Nelson, Lynn Beverly Nelson, Paula Kay Nelson, Philip Albin 162 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it ' s Linda Tompkins balancing herself on the parallel Physical Fitness Nemec, Catherine Marie Neuman, Kathy Lorene (Ehrenberger) Newman, Patricia Laurel Nicola, Gary Lynn Nottke, Sharon Kay Numberger, James Lewis Ochs, Kathleen Marie Olson, Bruce Gregory Olson, Gary Lenwood Owen, Gwen Elaine Owens, Craig A. Page, Linda Margaret Panek, Yvonne Marie Pantazopoulos, Sue Ann Parker, Jean Katherine Parker, Thomas Lee bars with Leona Cooper ' s help. 163 Seniors Excel Paxton, Mary Louise Penney, David Ronald Perrin, John Dean Peterson, Harry John, Jr. Piasecki, Nancy Kay Pike, Sally Lyn Pink, Frances Lydia Potter, Donna Elizabeth Powell, George Byron Proper, Susan Diane Purvis, Robert John Racht, Kenneth Gregory Raczkowski, Linda Jane Radant, Linda Ann Radcliffe, Roger John Raftshol, Anne Marie Raney, Kenneth Lee Rayle, Roger Melvin 164 Scholastically Reed, Stewart Duane Reynolds, William Earl Richards, Jeffery Dennis Riley, Mary Kathleen Riskey, Lynn Louise Roan, Peter Gilbert Robinson, Judith Mae Rogers, Suzanne Marie Rothermel, Richard Brakel Round, Bonnie Jean Round, Elizabeth Marie Roxburgh, Mary Gwendolyn Royce, John Harvey Rumble, Mary Cleveland Rufli, Karen Lee Runyon, David Harry St. John, Robert Joseph Sachtleben, Philip Lee 165 Fun Is Also Part Safionoff, Gary- Saier, Eugene John Sanford, Britton Warren Sanford, Patricia Ann Sandberg, Hans Torbjom Satter, Mary Ellen Saunby, Sandra Savage, James Lee Sayler, Barbara Jeanne Schlueter, Linda Ann Schrouder, Sue Ann Schultz, Denyse Schwartz, Myrna Lou Scott, Daniel Curtis Letter of Commendation winners, Fred Nelson, Peter Roan, Terry Groesser, Elaine Johnson, Dave Gaumer, and Norma Bailey, don ' i always act scholarly. 166 of Senior Life Scott, Kathleen Anne Seabrook, Lynn Ann Seel, Margo Lou Seese, John David Selkirk, Lance Barry Shearer, Jon Alan Shearer, Judi Lynn Sheffer, Richard Lynn Shipman, Ruth Hudnutt Skiver, Terry Lynn Sleder, Betsy Ann 167 Seniors Are Smith, Harold Richard Smith, Kenneth Clifton Smith, Mary Margaret Smith, Richard Donald Smith, Robert Wayne Smith, Sally Maurine Smith, Theodore William Solomon, Linda Lorraine Sommer, Manfred Somers, William Sorensen, Rita Karen Spink, Florence Emma Sporre, Marsha Ann Stanwick, Roger William 168 Photogenic Steinbach, Daniel Edward Stevens, Ronald John Stokes, Patricia Lynn Storrs, Barbara Marie Stowe, Garth D. Strahan, Janet Marie Struble, Gloria Jean Stuck, Randy Allen Susan, Elaine Marie Sutton, James Svensson, Eva Benedicte Swan, Linda Lee Swanson, Rhonda Lynn Tharp, William Jonathan Thomas, Wilma Gladys Thompson, Rebecca Jane 169 Senior Facial Expressions Thompson, Tron Suzanne Tibbitts, Sandra Kaye Tompkins, Linda Lu Valade, Ruth Ann VanConant, Carl Frank VanDeventer, Karl Leroy VanStratt, John Russell Wahl, Mary Arm Wales, Brian Keith Walling, Kay Ellen Walton, Darlyrm Marie Volley ball teams strive for extra points. Bemie Welch defends against a " spike. " 170 Tell Stories W ' amsley, Ross Halvary Wares, Gregory Loren Weber, Gordon William Weber, Joyce Arlene Weigand, Carole Ann Welch, Bernard Lee Wellor, Shirley Dee Wheeler, Catherine Juliette Wheelock, Donald Neil Wheelock, Doreen Ann Wicktrand, Julie Lyrm 171 Seniors Work Widrig, Maxine Lorraine Wigman, Bradley John Williams, Elizabeth Dunbar Willman, Donald Edward Wilsey, Harold Arne Wilson, Georgene Wing, Lois Jean Winowiecki, Darlene Grace Wisner, Sally Margaret Witt, William Edward Wolcott, Geneva Rae Future Farmers discuss agricultural problems. 172 Toward Tomorrow Promising musician devotes his time to practicing. Tlic choir room is home room first hour to many seniors. Pianists keep the ivories jumping. A future senior, Bob Guyot ' 66, runs through his scales. Wolf, Marie Elizabeth Wollam, Richard John Woodrow, Steven Lawrence Wyatt, Donald James Wylie, Gerald Stanley Wysong, Frank Lewis Youker, Kay Ann Zimmerman, David Zoulek, Caroline Mary Zoulek, Gordon Francis Lash, David Lee Cornell, Glenda Jean 173 Until We Meet Again Fettig, Carl Douglas Gavaldon, John Russell Lehn, Eileen Conroy Livasy, Neil Burr Mooney, Judith Ann Gould Skoog, Nancy Ann Erickson tfTk ii % Seniors Not Pictured Bates, Charles Roy Boursaw, Dan Bradford, James Christopher Cooper, Val Victoria Couturier, Dale Austin Cuddington, Gary Lynn DeWolfe, James Bruce Dunham, Roy Gordon, Jr. Fasel, Joseph Francis Fehrenbach, James Herman Harma, Patricia Lee Hanna, Stephen Douglas Kellogg, Lynda Lee Kliiigelsmith, David Clayton Lehn, Douglas Lyle Lemcool, Clifford John Lievense, Richard James M cDonald, Catherine Anne Mclntyre, Ronald Lee McNinch, Thomas Romaine Maxson, Carl David Mummey, Maurice Even Olmstead, Jim Linn Osga, Edward William Ostlund, Kneale Richard Robinson, Edward Daniel Rogers, Joe Clarence Sattler, Alan Schmidt, Bruce Gordon Sikorski, Ivlichael Lee Slater, Gregory Kertt Smith, Beverly Jane Soper, Sharon Stachnik, Donald Eugene Stuck, Carol Lynn Chance Szpek, Lynn Allen Joseph Tidman, Patrick Allen Whaley, Ernest Patrick Williams, Nancy Ann Winn, Joseph Edward Wright, Jo Erin Yagle, Dan Zimmers, Michael John 174 A dvertisement VATfOJVAL » wti i I " 1 I PEJrTON pLAcr " ' " ■ ' RETUpJi TO Pini L PLACE r - rr.- v- RT E?5 i ' ' " .V; Country Squire Campus Plaza Tom ' s Food Markets West Bay Shopping Center 545 West Eleventh Waples ' Motor Company Award Winning Photography by Bud Moyer RIT-PPA Nationally Known o- Mary Lou Paxton 1965 Junior Miss Moyer Studios Photographic Center •o books from horizon 224 east front ( ( Meet You at the Big Boy. " J v ' t Wk- ' t»MAt S " :.S ■ fe iV ' i- i.. ' i« i Golden Fowler Home Furnishings 1132 South Garfield Wares Brothers Office Supply 148 East Front Stacey ' s Restaurant 128 East Front With the Aid of Consumers Power Company Special Lighting Effects, the Senior Prom, " Wunderland Bei Nacht, " Was a Success. F. A. Earl Jewelers Sporre ' s Steak House Campus Plaza Chet Swanson Oldsmoblle Cadillac 202 East State 225 East Front 946-8002 Waddell Brothers Inc. Over 37 Years with Buick Opel Soles Service Petertyl Drug Co. " Your Walgreen Agency ' 24 AMF Automatic Lanes Spacemakers Air Conditioning Cocktail Lounge Dancing Snack Bar Billiard Room Pro Shop Quality American and Imported Yarns " Is That Knit or Purl? ' Tiny Yarn and Knit Shoppe 513 South Union Quality Senior Portraits in Beautiful Colour and Texture Tone by LijjxT Xjooh P.P.A. Studio Located in the Professional Photographic Center State Boardman Traverse City, Mich. Crandall Brothers Service Station Eighth and Union I Welcome to the PARK PLACE MOTOR INN— the newest and finest in Northern Mich- igan for o vacation any time of the year. The PARK PLACE swimming pool is competition size and is open all year. Sauna baths are a feature, and the health club provides therapist and masseuse services. You come into a new realm of cordial hospitality and charm when you arrive at the PARK PLACE MOTOR INN in downtown Traverse City. From entrance lobby to " Top of the Park, " everything is new. Decorof the old world, modern world, and Northern Michigan hove been blended into the most unique spot in the state for vacation fun and relaxation, and convention headquarters. 185 Roxburgh ' s Drug Store Traverse City IRON WORKS 1 29 Lake Avenue SHAFFER ' S MEN ' S SHOP 149 E. Front Enjoyable Dining The Man ' s Barber Shop Les ' s Barber Shop llOS. Oak 946-8233 Carroll ' s Bakery 537 W. Front 946-5285 m n A t national bank AND TRUST COMPANY TRAVERSE CITY • MICHIGAN 189 • ■ • ' Northwestern Michigan ' s Pioneer Independent Petroleum Jobber Bellaire— Traverse City— Frankfort 606 West Front Baldwin Studio Where it ' s fun to be photographed Charles M. Baldwin, A.S.P. Master of Photography 946-8544 Savage Construction Company Hammond Road The Chalet 3006 Munson 946-8810 947-5125 " You asked for it! " Potter ' s Bakery 908 East 8th HERB JOSLIN CHEVROLET " The Home of Quality Service " 436 West Front Wl 7-71 30 Caldwell Jewelers 531 West Front 947-8480 We have the most complete gem testing laboratory in Northern Michigan. Doug Murdick ' s Fudge 1 16 E. Front 947-4090 Congratulations Seniors J S Hamburg Restaurant " 299! " Traverse City Recreation 631 Woodmere Traverse City Cadillac Charlevoix Oleson ' s Food Stores JlUJl ' Jil ' . ' i ' iii " ' " ' " " Everybody Banks at Traverse City State Bank Member F.D.I.C. Ski TIMBER LEE 7 Miles North of Traverse City ♦ .« .« " ♦ €• ■■ ' • ; t .»4 m Senior Index ABBEY, SHERRY LYNN- -General- -Red Cross Delegate 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Junior Red Cross 4. ACHA, JUDITH ANN--College Prep--Chal- lenger 4; Pep Club 1,2. ADAMS, UNDA LOU--Commercial --Tri-Hi-Y 4; Co-op Club 4. ADDINGTON, JAMES RICHARD--Commer- cial--Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4. AESCHLIMAN, KEITH PAUl— General. ALUSON, MICHAEL JAMES--College Prep- Track 3,4; Weight Lifting 2,4; Cross Country 3,4; Varsity Club 3,4; Vareity Club Historian 4. AMON, JANICE MAUREEN- -College Prep-- Transferred from McNichol High School, Hollywood, Florida--Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; English Award 3. ANDERSEN, BETH ANN--Collcge Prep. ANDERSON, SANDRA LEE— GeneraI--Choir 1, 4; Musical Play 4; Glee Club 2,3; Student Council 1. ANDRUS, UNDA JEAN--General. ANSORGE, CHRISTOPHER WILUAM.-General --Transferred from St. Francis High School, Traverse City, Michigan- -Hi-Y Club 3. AUSTIN, DANIEL LEE--College Prep--Senior Class Play 2; Student Council 4; Core Council 4; Class Cotmcil 3; Weight Lifting 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. BAILEY, NORMA JEAN- -College Prep--Pines 3, 4; Challenger 2,3; Watchbird 1; Choir 1,2,3, 4; Madrigals 3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Student Council 1,3,4; Core Council 4; Principal ' s Council 4;ClassCouncil 2,3; Powder PuffFoot- ball 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill and ScroU 3,4; D.A.R. Good Citizen Nominee 4; Exchange Student 3; Girls ' State 3; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3;English Awards 1,2,3,4; Math Award 3,4; Music Letter and Pin3,4; Student Council Secretary 4; Choir Council 4; Choir Secretary 4; U.N. Club 2; Musical Lead 3; Pines Editor 4; Girls ' Field Hockey 4; Girls ' Basketball 4; National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Talent Show 1,4. BAlN,WILUAMCHARLES--General--Choir 1. BALLANCE, STEPHENJAMES--College Prep-- Red Cross Delegate 2; Weight Lifting 3; Prom Committee 1,3,4; Enghsh Award 2; Science Fair Award 1; Schol.- stic Honor Pins 2,3; U.N. Club 2; Electro- Pro Club 1; JETS Club 2, Hi-Y Club 3; Humanities Club 4. BARLOW, TERESA ANN--General— Transfer- red from Alcona High School, Uncoln, Michigan. BAR ES, VICKl DEBORAH- -College Prep-- Challenger 4; Art Award 1. BARRETT, RONALD JAY--College Prep. BASCH, DENNIS JAMES--College Prep-- Weight Lifting 3, Football 1,2,3,4. BATES, CHARLES ROY--General. BAUER, ROBERT EDWARD JR. --College Prep --Science Fair Honorable Mention 1; Hi-Y Club 3,4. BEATTIE, SHERALYN ANN--CoIlege Prep. BEITNER, DUANE HOWARD--General-- Weight Lifting 2; Hi-Y Club 3. BELYEA, DONALDCARY--GeneraI--Transfer- red from North Central High, Indianapolis, Indiana--Colf 3; Varsity Club 3,4. BEYER, GARY JAMES--General--Transferred from Dow Junior High, Detroit, Michigan-- Black Gold 2; Ski Club 3,4. HEDERMAN, PAUL MARTIN— CoUegePrep-- ClassCouncil 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Scholastic Honor Pins 3,4; Prom Committee 1, 3,4; Science Fair Awards 1,2,3; Hi-Y Club 3,4; Hi-Y Treasurer 4; U.N. Club 2. BILUNGTON, THOMAS JOHN--GeneraI-- Weight Lifting 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,4; Red Cross Delegate 4. BISEL, REBECCA LOU--CoIlege Prep--Cit- izenship Award 1; Humanities Club 4. BISHOP, JOAN MARIE -Commercial--Student Council 3; Scholastic Honor Pin 1; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Co-op Club 4. BJORK, JEAN ELLEN- -College Prep--Watch- bird 1; Choir 1,2; Class Secretary 2; Student Council 1,2,3; Core Council 3; Principal ' s Council 4; Class Council 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club Council 1,3,4; D.A.R. Good Citizen 4; Exchange Student 1; A.F.S. Foreign Exchange Student 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3; English Awards3,4; PepClub 1,2,3,4; Pep Club Treas- urer 3; Pep Club President 4; Pep Club Vice- President 1; A.F.S. Club 4; U.N. Club 2, Ski Club 1,2; Ski Club Secretary 2. BLANKENSMP, KAREN LEIGH- -College Prep --Transferred from Holt High School, Holt, Michigan- -SeniorClass Play 4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Thespians 4. BLODGETT, SHIFUEY HENRIETTA--College Prep--English .Award 1; Co-op Club 4. BLOOMQUIST, PATRICIA JANE--College Prep--StudentCounciI 1,2,3,4; Class Secretary 3; Core Council 3,4; Bo-Gi Coimcil 4; Class Council 3; Exchange Student 3; PromCommit- tee 3,4, Science FairHonorable Mention 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club Sec- retary 1; Ski Club Council 2; G.A J . 1. BLUE, ALEXANDER CLYDE--CoUege Prep-- Transferred from Kingsley Area High School, Kingsley, Michigan- -Junior Class Play 2,3,4; SeniorClass Play 2,3; Play Committee 2,3,4; MusicalPlay 3; Thespian Club 2,3,4; Thespian Club Vice-President 4; Chess Club 2,3; Co-op Club 4. BOHN, GERALD LEE--General--Ski Club 1,2, 3,4; Ski Team 1. BOQUIST, JOHN ALEXANDER--CoLlege Prep --Watchbird 1; Student Council 2,4; National Honor Society 3,4; National Honor Society Treasurer 4; A.F.S. Foreign Exchange Student Nominee 3; Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; Sci- ence Fair Awards 2,3; JETS Club 3; Hi-Y Club 4. BOYD, ARNELL RAY--General--Prom Com- mittee 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. BRADEN, SUSAN LEE--College Prep--Chal- lenger 3, Pep Club 1,2,3; Ski Club 3,4; Debate Team 3; U.N. Club 2; Girls ' Hockey Team 2, 3; Prom Committee 3,4; Co-op Club 4; Co-op Club Secretary 4. BRADFORD, HENRICA ANN--CoIlege Prep-- Prom Committee 3,4; Student Council 4; Eng- lish Award 3; PepClub 1,2; F.T.A. 4; U.N. Club 3; A.F.S. Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; SpanishClub 4; Humanities Club 4; Challenger BRADFORD, JAMES CHRlSTOPHER--ColleKe Prep. BRADFORD, MICHAEL EDWARD--CoLlege Prep--Student Council 1,2; Science Fair Award 3; Electro-Pro Club 1; Electro Pro Club President 1; WTCS 2,3,4; Co-op 4. BRADFORD, RAYMOND WILUAM--CoLlege Prep--SchoIasticHonorPins 1,2,3,4; U.N. Club 2,3. BRAGG, JOHN MANDAVILL— College Prep-- Challenger 4; Senior Class Play 4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Musical Play 3,4; Pep Band 4; Student Council 4; Drum Major 2,3,4; Prom Commit- tee 1; Science Fair Award 1; Music Varsity Club 4; Music Varsity Club Vice-President 4; Honors Band 3,4. BRIGHT, MICHAEL ORA--College Prep- Transferred from Glen Lake Community School, Glen Lake, Michigan- -Band 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 3; Pep Band 2,3,4; Music Varsity Club 4. ' BRIGHT, RANDALL WimAM--CoIlege Prep --Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Scholastic Honor Pin 1; Michigan State HonorsChoir 2; Science Fair Award 3, National Honor Society 4. BRISTOL, HOWARD JOSEPH- -General. BROBECK, UNDA LEE-College Prep-Choir 1; WTCS 3,4. BROTT, THOMAS LEE--General--Choir 1,3; Science Fair Award 1; Ski Club 2. BROWN, JUDY MARIE--College Prep--Black Gold 2; Student Council 4; Scholastic Honor Pin 2; SCOPE 3,4; SCOPE Vice-President 4; Girls ' Hockey Team 2; Pep Club 1,2; Girls ' Track Team 1. BROWN, KHTH RICHARD- -General— Band 1, 2,3,4; Honors Band 2,3,4; Science Fair Awards 1,2; Rocket Club 1; Ski Club 4; Electro-Pro Club 1. BUDMK, MARJORIE ANN--CoUege Prep-- Challenger 4; Watchbird l;JayVee Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3; Frosh Cheerleader 1; Pep Club Council 1,3; English Award 3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4. BURNS, ROBERT BRENTON--General--Ski Club 2,3,4. BURNS, ROGER ALLEN--General--Football 1, BURSIAN, STEVEN JOHN--ColIege Prep-- Student Council 1,4; Football 4; Boys ' State 3; Science Fair Awards 1,2,3; National Science Fair 3,4; Hi-Y Club 3,4; Hi-Y Club President 3;Hi-Y Club Vice-President 4, Varsity Club 4. BUSSA, CLARK JOSEPH- -General. BUTTON, UNDAMARGARET--CoIlege Prep --National Honor Society 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; SCOPE 3,4; SCOPE Treas- urer 4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Girls ' Hockey Club 4; Red Cross 2. CAMPBELL, NORWOOD MICHAEL--GencraI-- Co-op Club 4; Co-op Club Treasurer 4. CARLSON, CAROL ANN--Commercial--Glee Club 2; Student Council 1,2; Powder Puff Foot- ball 3; Tri-Hi-Y 4. CARPENTER, SANDRA LEE--General--F.H.A. Club 4; F.H.A. Club Secretary4. CARR, MARTHA--CollegePrep--Pep Club 4. CARTER, CONNIE GRACE--Commercial-- PepClub 1,2,3. CASE, VALERIE BEATR1CE--General. CHAMBERUN, DONALD DALE- -College Prep --Black Gold 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2, 3,4; Weight Lifting 2,3,4; Exchange Student 4; English Award 3; Varsity Club 4. CHAPMAN, DENNIS STEVEN--College Prep-- Senior Class Play 4; Choir 2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Weight Lifting 2; Hi-Y Club 4. CHAPPEL, LYNDA LOU--College Prep. CHAPPEL, NANCY JANE- -College Prep- -Band l,2,3j Math Award 1; Science Fair Honorable Mention 1; Co-op Club 4. CHAPPEL, WALLACE HENRY JR.--CoLIege Prep--Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3. COLUNGS, PANDORA--General— Co-opClub 4. CONROY, SANDRA ELLEN- -College Prep-- Black Gold 2,3,4; Black Gold Editor 4; Watchbird 1; Class Treasurer 1; Student Coun- cil 1,3; Principal ' s Council 4; Red Cross Del- egate 2; Quill and Scroll 4; Pep Club 1; Pep Club Council 1; Ski Club 1. COOK, JUDITH KAYE-General-Choir !■ Glee Club 2,3, COOPER, LEONAJEAN-CoUege Prep- -Chal- lenger 1; Junior Class Play 4; Senior Class Play 4; Red Cross Delegate 2,3,4; Scholastic Honor Pin2; Science Award 1; SCOPE 3,4; Thespians 4; Girls ' Track 2,3. COOPER, VAL VICTORIA- General- Art Club 3. CORNELL, GLENDA JEAN— General. CORNWELL, NANCY MATHISON-College Prep--Pines 3; Watchbird 1; Class Council 3; Pep Club Council 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club Treasurer 4; PepClub 1, 2,3,4; Pep Club Treasurer 4; U.N. Club 2; Humanities Club 4; Girls ' Tennis Team 2 3 4- G.AJ . 1. COTTRILL, WAYNE ALLAN-General-Trans- 196 feired from Pontiac Central Higii School, Pontiac, Micliigan. COURTAD, DOUGLAS GE1 --General--Band 1,2,3, Co-op Club 4. COUTURIER, DALE AUSTlN--GeiKral--Black cS:GoId4; Basketball 4. COWELL, CAROL LYNNE- -College Prep-- Record Eagle Reporter 4; Junior Class Play 4; Senior Clais Play 2,4; Choir 1,3,4; Musical Play 3; Glee Club 2; Glee Club President 2; StudentCouncil4; Quill andScroll 4;Exchange Student4; Music Award 1, Tro-GiTalent Show 4; Press Club 2,3; Press Club President 3; Girls ' Field Hockey 2; Thespians 2,3,4, National Thespians 3,4; Pep Club 4; A.F.S. Club 4; Girls ' Basketball 2; Humanities Club 4. COX, BILUE ANN--Commercial--Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; Co-op 4. COX, DALE LEE--General. CRAIG, DIANA LYNN--General--Choir 1. CRANDALL, GLOFUA MUNRO--College Prep --Band 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Prom Committee 1,3,4; U.N. Club 3; Junior Red Cross 2,3,4; Junior Red Cross Supervisor 4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3,4. CRAWFORD, SHARl LYNNE--College Prep-- Black Gold 4; Prom Committee 4; Pep Club 1,3,4. CUDDINGTON, GARY LYNN--General. DANIELS, DONALD DENNlS--College Prep-- Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; English Awards 3, 4; U.N. Club 2,3; U.N. Club Vice-President 3; National Honor Society 4. DAVIS, PATRICIA E1LEEN--General— Black Gold 4; Glee Club 4; Junior Red Cross 4; Candy Striper 4. DA aS, TANA UN--College Pi«p--Black Gold 2; Challenger 1; Press Club 2,3; Press Club Vice-President 3; AJ.S. Club 4, Hu- manities Club 4; JETS Club 2, JETS Club Sec- retary 2;Pep Club l;Girls ' Basketball2; Girls ' Track Team 1 . DECKER, PATRICIA ANN--College Prep-- Choirl,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Co-op Club 4; Junior Red Cross 2; Pep Club 1. DEEREN, FORREST V lLUAM--College Prep-- Hi-Y Club 4. DERKS, LORETTA MAY- -College Prep-- Choir 1,3,4; Musical Play 3,4; Glee Club 2; Co-op Club 4. DEVITO, PAULA LOUISE--GeneraI--Black Gold 4; Prom Committee 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; F.HJ .Club 4; Junior Red Cross 4; Ski Club 1, 4; Art Club 4. DEVOL, ROBERT ALLAN--General. DEWOLFE, JAMES BRUCE--General--Track 1, 2; Student Council 3; Cross Country 2; Football 1; Prom Committee 4. DILLER, ROBERT RAYMOND--College Prep-- Football 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Weight Lifting 2,3, 4; Varsity Club 3,4; Varsity Club Serge ant-at- Arms 4. DINGMAN, RICHARD DENMS--Ceneral-- Transferred from Long Lake Area High School, Long Lake, Michigan. DOBSON, JERRI NE ANN- -College Prep- -Choir 1,2,3; Musical Play 2,3; Pep Club 2,3; Red Cross Hospital . " lide 2,3; Co-op Club 4. DORMAN, KATHLEEN HARRIS--College Prep --Challenger 1; Watchbird 1; Tro-Gi Talent Show 1; Student Council 2,3,4; Bo-Gi Council 3; Red Cross Delegate 3; Prom Committee 3,4; Science Fair Award 1; Ski Club 1 ; Pep Club 1, 2,3; Girls ' Field Hockey 2; Co-op Club 4; Junior Red Cross 2,3. DORMAN, RALPH GR£GORY--General--Ski Club 1,2,3,4. DOWNER, DAVID EDWARD--CoIlege Prep-- Student Council 1,2,3,4; Bo-Gi Council 1,2. DUNHAM, ROY GORDON JR.--Collcgc Prep. EASUNG, DAVID PAUL--College Prcp--Class Council 4; Formal Committee 3,4; Hi-Y 3,4, Hi-Y President 4; Ski Club 1,3,4, Ski Club Vice-president 4; KiwanisKey Club 4, Kiwanis Key Club Treasurer 4; Principal ' s Council 4. ECKERSEN, JAMES BARTOLA JR.--Generai-- Band 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3. EDGECOMB, EUZABETH ANN- -College Prep Choir 1; Glee Club 2; Formal Committee 4, Red Cross 3, Musical Play Committee 3. EHRENBERGER, DONALD ST. CLAIRE--C0I- lege Prep. EHRENBERGER, KATHY LORENE NEUMAN-- College P!ep--Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Girls ' Track Team 2; Co-op Club 4. EICKENROTH, JUDY ANN--Commercial-- Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; FHA Club 4; FHA Club President, Fl-L Club Song Leader 4. ElKEN, JUDITH KAREN- -Commcrcial--Choir 1; Glee Club 2. EIKEN, MAFUON SUE--General--Co-op Club 4. ELSENHEIMER, SUZANNE MARIE--General-- Transferredfrom St. FrajicisHigh School, Tra- verse City, Michigan — Senior Class Play 3,4; Glee Club 2,3; Student Council 3; Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Girls ' Track Team 2,4; Girls ' Basketball Team 2. EVANS, JEFFERY LYNN--College Prep--Stu- dent Council 3; Football 3,4; Basketball 4; Track 4; Intramural (Basketball, Weight Lift- ing) 1,2,3,4; Science Fair Award, Honorable Mention 1,2; Varsity Club 3,4. Ski Club 3,4. EVERSON, DAVID ROY--General--Red Cross 3,4. FASEL, JOSEPH FFIANCIS--General--Band 1. FEHRENBACH, JAMES HERMAN- -General. FENELEY, GARY JACK- -College Prep--Ease- bal! 2,3,4, Varsity Club 3,4. FERGUSON, NANCY FERN--College Prep-- Student Council 4; Red Cross 3; Ski Team 4; Formal Committee 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,4; Press Club 3, French Club 3. PETTING, CARL DOUGLAS--General--Trans- ferred from St. Francis High School, Traverse City, Michigan. HEBING, JENNIFER JUUANNE--Collegc Prep --Challenger 4; Forensics Contest 1; Horse Club 2, Horse Club President 2; Girls ' Sports Council 2,3. HNDLEY, SANDRA KAY--College Prep-- Choir 1,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Glee Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Music Varsity Club 4. HNEOUT, NANCY LEE--Commercial--Junior Class Play 4; Senior Class Play 3,4; Play Com- mittee 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Red Cross 3; Ski Club 1,2; Thespians 2,3,4. FITZ MAURICE, JON ARTHUR--General--Hi- Y 3; Rocket Club 1. FLEES, CYNTHIA MARIE--General--Glee Club 4. FLEIS, BARBARA JEAN--General--Transfer- redfromSt. Mary ' s High School, Lake Leelanau, Michigan--Glee Club 1,3; Formal Committee 3. FLEMING, MICHAEL--General--Band 1,2,3,4. FOUCH, JANICE RA£--ColIege Prep--Red Cross 2; Formal Committee 3,4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Student Council 4. FOWLER, SUSAN KAY--Commercial--GIce Club 1,2; Co-op 4. FOX, BONNIE EUZABETH--General--Formal Committee 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Pep Club 1,4; Ski Club 4. FOX, PAMELA JO--College Prep— Glee Club 2,4; Student Council 3; Red Cross 3; Class Council 2; Formal Committee 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Art Club 1,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. FRAZER, NANCY ANN--General--Choir 1,3, 4; Musical Play 3,4; Glee Club 2; Red Cross 1, 4; Pep Club 1. FRICKE, CAROLYN LOLnSE--College Prep-- Junior Class Play 3,4; Senior Class Play 3,4; Orchestra 2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Thespians 3,4; U.N. Club 2; Art Club 3. FRIEMOTH, BRENDA SUE--College Prep-- Transferred from Cedar Lake Academy, Cedar Lake, Michigan. FRITZ, RONALD JAMES--General--BIack Gold 2. FRY, LYNDA ANN- -General- -Transferred from Anderson Senior High School, Anderson, lndiana--G!ee Club 2,3,4; Formal Committee 3,4; Pep Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Ski Club 4. FUDGE, LEWIS LEE--College Prep--Band 1,2, 3,4; Pep Band 4; Music Varsity Club 4. GABRIEL, MARY CATHERINE--Commercial --Senior Class Play 4; Choir 1,3,4; Musical Play 2.3,4; Glee Club 2; Formal Committee 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Ski Club 1,2; Red Cross 2. GALLOWAY, LYNN EDITH- -College Prep-- Humanities Club 4; Girls ' Hockey Team 2; Girls ' Track Team 1. GAMBRELL, THOMAS NEWTON--Collcge Prep --Student Council 4; Formal Committee 2,3; Hi-Y 3,4. GARNER, JANET SUE--General--Bowbng Club 1,2, Red Cross Hospital Volunteer 3; FHA 4. GAUMER, DAVID LEWIS- -College Prcp--Math Award 1; Hi-Y 3,4; Ski Club 1,4; Chess Club 3,4, Chess Club Secretary 3, Chess Club Pres- ident 4; Electronics Club 1, Principal ' sCouncil 4. GAUNT, SARA LOU1SE--College Prep--Chal- lenger 2; Choir 1,2,3; Madrigals 1; Musical Play 2,3; Exchange Student 4; Girls ' State Nominee 3; Formal Committee 3; Music Award 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y Treasurer 4; Thespians 3; SCOPE 3,4, AFS Club 3,4. GAVALDON, JOHN RUSSELL--General. GETCHEL, NANCY ELAINE--Collegc Prep-- Red Cross 4; Red Cross Hospital Volunteer 4. GHERING, RICK CHARLES--General--Sci- ence Fair Award 1. GIBEAU, JANINE MARIE- -College Prep-- Challenger 2; Junior Class Play 4; Student Council 4; Scholastic Honor Pin 1; Pep Club 2. QDDIS, KIRT ALAN--CoUcge Prep. QLES, FFIANCIS RUDOLPH JR.--General-- FFA 2,3,4; FFA Vice-President 4. GILMORE, AUCE EVA--General--Choir 1. GIROCCO, JOAN ANN--College Prep--Tri- Hi-Y 3; Humanities Club 4. GLASS, BARBARA JEAN- -General- -Glee Club 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. GLASSCO, WALTER EMMETT--General. GORDON, CHARLES ALBERT JR.--General-- Band 1 . GRANT, MARLENE ANN--Commercial-- Transferred from St. Francis High School, Tra- verse City, Michigan. GRAPES, THOMAS EDWARD--College Prep-- Pines 4; Watchbird 1; Junior Class Play 3,4; Senior Class Play 2,3,4; Play Committee 3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Class Council 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; Math .Award 1. Thespians 2,3,4; Thespians Treasurer 4; Chess Club 4. GRAY, THOMAS MICHAEL--General--Stu- dent Council 1; Class Council 1; Track 1,2,3; Ski Team 1,2; Intramural (Wt. Ufting) 1,2; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. GROESSER, TERRY LEE--College Prep-- Watchbird 1; Student Council 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Boys ' State 3; Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; English Awards 2,3, National Merit Letter of Commendation 4; Science Fair Hon- orable Mention 1; Student Radio Station WTCS 2,3,4; Station Manager 2,3,4; Electronics Club 1; Principal ' s Council 4. GRUBBS, BARRY KENT--Ceneral--Transfer- red from Parkway High School, Rockford, OhiQ --Student Council 1; Band 1,2. GRUEBER, GAYLE LYNN- -College Prep-- FormalCommitlee 3,4; Pep Club 1,4; Ski Club 1,2, Spanish Club 4; Spanish Club President 4. GUGER, PAlvlELA DEE--General--GleeCIub3i Pep Club 3. GULDICE, CHERYL ANN- -General- -Black Cold 2; Challenger 2; Choir 1,2,3,4, Madrigals 1 ; Musical Play 2,3,4; Student Council 1 ; Honor Award 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3. 197 GUTZKA, ERhEST WILFRED- -College Prep-- Student Council 1. HADLEY, NANCY JANE- -College Prep--Stu- demCouncil 4; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Pep Club Coiincil 3,4, Second Best All- Around Cheer- leader atCamp All American4i Pep Club 1,2, 3,4i Tri-Hi-Y 3; Ski Club 1; Art Club 2,4. HAGELBERG, SHI RTEY ANN- -CoUege Prep- - Pines 3,4; Challenger 2,3,4; Watchbird 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Honors ' Band 2,4; Class Secretary 1; Student Council 1,4: Red Cross 2; Class Coun- cil 3; National Honor Society 3,4; National Honor Society Secretary 4; Quill and Scroll 3, 4; DAR Good Citizen Nominee 4; Girls ' State 3; Michigan Youth Advisory CounciM, Formal Committee 3,4; English Awards 2,3; French Choir 2; Humanities Club 4; Scholastic Honor Pin 4. HAGEN, KATHERINE LAURA--College Prep-- Challenger4; Bo-Gi Council 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1; Cheerleading 2,3; Pep Club Council 3; Homecoming Queen ' s Court 4; Formal Com- mittee 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club Treas- urer 1; Ski Club Secretary 4; Bo-Gi Secretary 3; Bo-Gi Vice-President 4; AFS Club 4; Hu- maiiitiesClub4; PepClub 1,2,3,4; Girls ' Track; Girls ' Athletic Association 1. HAHN, UNDA JO--CoIlegePrep--TransferTed from Mooresville High School, Mooresville, lndiana--Senior Class Play 4; Choir 2; Book- keeping Award 3, Thespians 4; FHA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2. HAINES, PEGGY ANN--CoUege Prep--Trans- ferred from Harper%voods Junior High School, Harpeiwoods, Michigan — JuniorClass Play 3,4; Senior Class Play 3,4; Play Committee 3,4; Glee Club 4; Thespians 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Hu- manities Club 4; Spanish Club 4. HAINS, JAMES ORAL--General--Choir 1,2; Co-op; Co-op Vice-President. HALL, UNDA JEAN--College Prep--Pines 3,4; Watchbird 1; Senior Class Play 3; Choir 4; Musical Play 4; National Honor Society 3,4; DAR Good Citizen Nominee 4; Foreign Ex- change Student 3; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3, 4; Formal Committee 3,4; Science Award 1, English Awards 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4; WinterSportsClubl,2;Tri.Hi-Y 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y President 3; Tri-Hi-Y Vice-president 4. HALL, RICHARD ALEN--CoUege Prep. HALL, ROBERTASUE--College Prep--Band 1, 2; Pep Club 3; FTA 3,4; FTA Historian 3; FTA President 4; Principal ' s Council 4. HALL, SALLY EUZABETH--General--Choir 1; FormalCommittee3,4;Ski Club 2,4;Tri-Hi-Y 4; Pep Club 4; Business Club 2. HAMILTON, EARL ELLSWORTH - - College Prep- -Watchbird 1; Senior Class Play 4; Class Council 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Intramural (Basket- ball andWt. Lifting) 3; Foreign Exchange Stu- dent 3; Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; English Awarxl 1; Science Fair Fir Place 1; Debate Club 3; Humanities Club 4; AFS Club 4. Ski Club 4; Varsity Club4; National Honor Society 4. HAMRICK, UNDA KAYE--College Prep-- Class Secretary 4; Student Council 4; Class Council 4; FreshmanQueen; Formal Committee 4; English Award 2; CriscoHomemaking Award 1; Pep Club 4; AFS Club 4; FTA 3; FHA 4. HANNA, PATRICIA LEE--Ceneral--CleeClub 1,3,4. HANNA, STEPHEN DOUGLAS--College Prep- Senior Class Play 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Thespians 4; Music Varsity Club 4. HAPPY, ROBETTE LOU--General--Choir 1,3, 4; Glee Club 2; Musical Play 3,4. HARRAND, BARRY LEE- -College Prep- -Band 1,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Hi-Y 3. HARRIS, ALEXIS EVELYN- -General- -Black Gold 4; Red Cross 4. HARRIS, JAMES M]LTON--College Prep-- Challenger 1; Junior Class Play3; SeniorClass Play 4; Choir 3,4; Musical Play 3,4; Student Coimcil 1. HART, JENNIFER JEAN--General--Transfer- red from Fostoria High School, Fostoria, Ohio --Student Council 3. HASSE, SUSAN KAY--Gen£ra]--Black Gold 4; Glee Club 3,4; Student Council 2; Pep Club 3,4. HAWKINS, JOHN WILUAM--GeneraI--Pines 3,4; Black Gold 3,4, Challenger 1; Student Council 3; Football 2; Student Photographer 3, 4; Honorary Quill and Scroll 4; High School Record Eagle Photographer 3,4. HAWLEY, LEONARD ROY--CoUegc Prep-- Choir 1,2,3; Governor 4; Lt. Governor 1; Vice- President 2; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Core Council 3; Principal ' s Council 4; Class Coun- cil 2; Football 3,4; National Honor Society 3, 4; Exchange Student 3; Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; English Award 3; Science Fair Award 1; Youth Leadership Training Conference 4; Var- sity Club 3,4; Varsity Club Vice-President 4, Ski Club 1. HA TS, GEOFFREY ' LElGH--College Prep-- Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Lt. Governor 4; Student Council 4; Principal ' s Council 4; National Honor Society 3,4, Exchange Student 1; Boys ' State 3; Scho- lastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Kiwanis Key Club 4; Kiwanis Key Club President 4; Choir Coim- cil 2,3; Boys ' State Governor 3; Best Contribu- tion to Boys ' State 3. HAYWOOD, GLENNA L0U1SE--General--Glee Club 3. HEDLUND, DOROTHY LEONE--General. HEFFElnNGER, RONALD THOMAS— College Prep--Black Gold 3; Choir 1; Governor 1, Class President 2; Student Coimcil 1,2; Super- intendent Council 2; Core Council 1; Class Council 2; Football 4; Basketball 4; Foreign Exchange Student 3; Boys ' State 3; Science Fair Award 2; WTCS 2. HENDGES, NANCY KAY- -College Prep--Band 1,2,3; Student Council 2;Football 3;BasketbaIl 2; Teimis 2; Formal Committee 4. HENDGES, RANDAU KENNETH- -General. HERBERT, CHARLES GEORGE--College Prep --Junior Class Play 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Intramural (Wt. Lifting) 2,3; Thespians 4; Pep Band President 3,4; Music Varsity Club 4; Music Varsity Club Sergeant-at-Arms 4. HESSEM, EDWARD EUHU--General. HILTON, DENNIS RALPH- -General- -FFA 1,2, 3,4. HNCKS, LARRY ROY--GeneraI— Transferred from Lake Orion High School, Lake Orion, Michigan. HOCH, NEIL EDWARD--CoUege Prep--Choir 1,2,3; Musical Play 2,3. HODEK, BARBARA FRANCES--CoUegePrep-- Challenger 4; Senior Class Play 4; Play Com- mittee 4; Choir 1,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Glee Club 2; Thespians 4. HOLBROOK, TIMOTHY DAVID--General. HOMAN, CYNTHIA K.— General--Glee Club 4. HORN, SUEEUSABETH--College Prep--Glee Club 1; Student Council 3; Home Economics Outstanding Student Award 2; Winter Sports Club 1; Co-op Club 4; FTA 2; FTA Secretary 2; Horseback Riding Club 2. HUBBELL, CYNTHIA LYNN--GeneraI--Chal- lengcr 1,2,3; Bo-Gi Council 1; Red Cross 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Art Club 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Riding Club 2; Bowling 1,2,3. HUBERT, TIMOTHY DOUGLAS--CoIlege Prep --Challenger 2; Senior Class Play 3; Choir 2, 3,4; Madrigals 2,3; Musical Play 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; Academic Award 1; English Award 3; Talent Show 1; Electronics Club I; Electronics Club Sergeant-at-Arms 1; Thes- pians 3,4; National Thespian 4. HUEY, BARBARA JO- -Commercial--PepClub 2,4; Co-op Club 4. HUNDLEY, JUNE KA YE- -General. INGWERSEN, MARI ANN- -College Prep--Pines 3,4; Challenger 1; Watchbird 1; Class Vice- President 3; Student Council 1,3; Core Council 2; Class Council 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4; DAR GoodCitizen Nominee 4;ForeignEx- Student 3; Scholastic Honor Pin 2; Pep Club 1, 2,3; UN Club 2; UN Club Secretary 2; AFS Club 4; Red Cross Hospital Volunteer 3; Hu- manities Club 4; Junior Class Play 4. JACOBSEN, LONE PELLE--College Prep-- Foreign Exchange Student from Hcllerup, Den- mark; Student Council Honorary Member 4; National Honor Society Honorary Member 4; AFS Club 4; Pep Club 4. JAHRAUS, NANCY- -College Prep- -Transfer- red from Upper St. Clair High School, Pitts- burgh. Peimsylvania--Drum Majorette 1,2,3; FormalCommittee 3,4; FNA 1; Activities Club 3; Pep Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Humanities Club 4. JAKEE, THOMAS LEROY--General. JAQUISH, PATRICIA ANN--CoIIege Prep-- Challenger 3; Choir 1; National Honor Society 4; Scholastic Honor Pin 3; Science FaitAward 3. JENKINS, BRUCE WlLUAM--ColIege Prep-- Transferred from Arthur Hill High School, Saginaw, Michigan- -Band 1; Student Council 4; Ski Club 3,4. JOHNSON, ELAINE MARIE- -College Prep-- Choir I; Class Vice-President 1; Class Treas- urer 2,3; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Core Coun- cil 3,4; Class Council 2,3,4; Powder Puff Football 3, Girls ' Tennis 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club Council 4; Homecoming Queen Court 4; DAR Good Citizen Nominee 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; English Awards 2,3,4; Pep Club 3,4; Pep Club Secret ary 4; Ski Club 1,2. JOHNSON, KAREN LEE— College Prep--Choir 1,2,3; Musical Play 2,3; Formal Comiiiittee 4. JOHNSON, NANCY ANN--Commercial-- Transferredfrom Grayling High School, Grayl- ing, Michigan--Black Gold 2; Challenger 4; Pep CIub2,3; Press Club 3,4; Humanities Club 4; Co-op Club 4. JUDD, JACQUEUNE SUE--ColIege Prep-- Choir 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2; Core Coun- cil 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Musical Play 3. KAGE, RONALD RICHARD— College Prep— Hi-Y 3,4. KANE, RICHARD IRVING— General. KALEY, UNDA LOUISE--General--Choir 1,4; Musical Play 4; Glee Club 2,3. KARCZEWSKI, ROBERT JOHN--General--In- tramural (Wt. Lifting) 3,4; Hi-Y 3. KEITH, PAMELA KAY--CommerciaI— Choir 1; Future Homemaker of Tomorrow 4. KELLOGG, LYNDA LEE--General--Choir 1; Red Cross 3; FHA 4; FHA Vice-president 4; RedCross HospitalVolunteer 3,4; Supen ' isor 4; Girls ' Track 1,2,4. KEYES.JACK ROBERT--CollegePrep--Senior Class Play 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Honors ' Band 2,3,4. WLLMAN, THOMAS HALVOR--General-- Orchestra 1,2,3,4, Musical Play 2,3,4; Student Council 2; Track 4; Hi-Y 4; Chess Club 4. KING, NORA DENISE--College Prep--Foreign Exchange Student from Lycee Francais, Mont- evideo, Umguay--National Honor Society Honorary Member 4; Pep Club 4; AFS Club 4. KINNEY, CINDAMARIE--Commercial--Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Stu- dent Council 1; Red Cross 1; National Music Camp Scholorship 3; Music Vareity Club 4; Co-op 4. KIRT, GR£GORY--Commercial. KUNGELSMITH, DAVlDCLAYTON--GeneraI. KNISS, BONNlE--College Prep--Senior Class Play 3; Glee Club 3,4; Red Cross 4; Pep Club 2,3; Bowling Club 3; Red CrossHospital Volun- teer 2,3; Co-op Club 4. KROUPA, JAMES RODNEY--GeneraI--Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Bo-Gi Council 3, 4; Bo-Gi President 4; Football 3,4; Formal Committee 3; Varsity Club3,4, TalentShow 3, 4; Principal ' s Council 4. KROUPA, JOHN R1CHARD--General--Class Council 2; FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Treasurer 3,4. 193 KROUPA, KENNETH LEON--Collogc-Prcp-- Band 1,2,3; Intramural (Basketball and VVt. Lifting) 3. KUKLA, DAIE JEROME--CoUegc Prep--Sci- ence Fair Award 1; Art Club 1; Electronics Club 1. KWASKY, JOHN WALTER--College Prep-- Cross Country 4. LaMOTT, GARY LEE--CoIlege Prep--Student Council 2,3; Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1,2,4; Track 1 ,2,3,4; Science Fair Honorable Mention 2; Varsity Club2,3,4; Varsity Club Secretary 4. LANMN, DANNY K.--College Prep--Co-op Club 4. LARDIE, BARBARA IJEE--College Prep--For- mal Committee 4; Red Cross 3. LASH, DAVIDLEE--General--Tram.ferredfrom Kettering High School, Pontiac, Miciiigan. LAUTNER, JUDY MAE--Commercial. IjWVLER, JEAN EUZABETH--College Prep-- Transferred from Leland High School, Leland Michigan--Junior Class Flay 3; Band 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 4; Student Coun- cil Secretary 3; Jay-Vee Cheerleading 2; Na- tionalHonor Society 2,3,4; PepCIub 4; Library Club 1,2,3, Assistant Editor of Leland High School Paper 3; Class Secretary 2. LEHN, DOUGLAS LYLE--General. LEISMER, KENNETH HENRY--Co!lege Prep-- Transferred from Petoskey High School, Petos- key, N ' lichigan--Band 1,2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 3,4; Musical Play 3,4; WTCS As- sistant Manager 4. LEMCOOL, JUEJTH ANN--Commercial-- Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 3,4, Choir Letter 3; Choir Pin 4; Honors ' Quartet 3; Music Var- sity Club Treasurer 4; Thespians 3, 4; Play Com- mittee 3,4, Tri-Hi- Y 4, Red Cross Worker 2,3; C.A.A. 1. LEWIS, KENNETH WlLUAM--College Prep. UEVENSE, RICHARD JAMES--Ceneral--Black Gold 2,3,4, Ski Club 3,4. UGON. DAVID PHILUP--College Prep-- Transferred from Ottawa Hills, Grand Rapids, Michigan--Slding 2,4. UNDSEY, HELEN JANE- -College Prep--Choir 1,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3; Red Cross Delegate 3, Pep Club 3; Bowling Club 2, 3; Co-op 4. UNDSEY, MARTFLA ANN--College Prep-- Choir 1; Musical Play 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Glee Club President 4; Bowling Club 2; Pep Club 2. UNGER, CAROL ELLEN--Ccmmercial--Black Gold 3;ChaUenger 2;Choir 1; Pep Club 2,3; Co-op 4. UPSKI, JAN ALEXANDER--General--Trans- ferred from Rogers City High School, Rogers City, Michigan--Audio-Visual 2,3;WTCS 3,4; WTCS Assistant Manager 4. UVASY, NEILBURR--General. LOCKMAN, STEPHEN LEWlS--College Prep-- Black Cold 2, Senior Class President 4; Stu- dent Council 3,4; Principal ' s Council 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Track 1,4; Baseball 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4, Ex- ;:hange Student 3; All-Conference Football 4; All-Conference Basketball Team 4; Scholastic Honor Pin 3; Formal Committee 4, Varsit ' Club 2,3,4; Treasurer 4. LUFT, DOLLY DARLING--General--Junior Class Play 4; Senior Class Play 4; Play Com- mittee 4, Red Cross Delegate 3; Pep Club 2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Red Cross Worker 3; Thespians 3. LUZIUS, DONNA MARlE--College Prep-- Transf erred from Mission BayHigh School, San Diego, CaIifomia--Pep Club 3,4; AFS Club 4. LYLE, BARBARA MARY--General--Red Cross Delegate 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2,3, 4; Riding Club 2. LYON, JEROME BRUCE--Gencral--FFA 4. McDonald, Catherine ANNE--Generai-- Glee Club 1. McGILL, MARY JOANNE--College Prep-- Transferrcdfrom Plymouth High School, Plym- outhMichigan--Pep Club 1,2,3,4, C.A.A. 1,2. McGOWEN, JACKIE DEE--College Prep-- Choir 1; Pep Club 2,4. McGREW. TIMOTHY- -College Prep--Jumor Class Play 4, Senior Class Play 4, Play Com- mittee 3,4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigal54; Musical Play 2,3,4; Student Coimcil 1 , HumanitiesCIub 4; Thespians 3,4. McINTYRE, RONALD LEE--GeneraI--Band 1. McMANUS, JEAN ANN--General--Co-op 4. McMILUN, JOHN ROBERT- -General- -Band 1, 2,3,4, Pep Band 3; Football 1; Ski Club 3,4. McNABB, DOUGLAS MEREDITH- -College Prep--Junior Class Play 2,3; Senior Class Play 2,3; Play Committee 2,3; Musical Play 2,3,4, Thespians 2,3; AFS Club 3. McNlNCH, THOMAS ROMAINE--General-- Transferred from Manistee High School, Man- istee, Michigan. MacEACHRAN, ROLAND JAMES--CoIlege Prep- -Choir 1,2,3; MusicalPlay 2; Senior Class Vice-President 4; Student Council 3,4, Basket- ball Manager 3; Termis2,3,4; Foreign Exchange Student 3; Varsity Club 3,4; Choir Council 3, MacTAVlSH, UNDA JEAN--College Prep-- Transferred from North High School, Phoenix, Arizona. MANKER,DIANAKAY--CoUege Prep- -Trans- ferred from Luther High School, Luther. Michigan--Choirl,3,4; MusicalPlay 3,4, Glee Club 2; Tri-Hi-Y 4, Gi rls ' Field Hockey Club 4. MANTY, DALE EDWARD--College Prep-- Watchbirdl; Challenger 1, Black Gold 2,3,4; Pines 4; Student Council Talent Show Director I; Musical Play 2,3; Choir 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; ClassCouncil 2; National Honor Society 4; Formal Committee 3,4; History Award 1, Science Award 1, Ski Club 1,2,3,4, U.N.Club 2, Press Club 2,3,4; Press Club Vice- President 3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Hi-Y Secretary 3,4. MANVILLE, UNDA LOU--College Prep- -Choir 1; Pep Club 4. MANVILLE, SHARON MA£--College Prep-- Watchbirdl; Student Council l,4,Bo-Gi Coun- cil 1; Scholastic Honor Pin 3; Formal Commit- tee 3,4; Art Award 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3; Ski Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Art Club 1; Art Club Pres- ident 1 . MARNETT, LEE WILUAM--CoIlege Prep-- Challenger 2; Track 4; NationalHonor Society 3,4; Formal Committee 4; Scholastic Honor Pin 2,3,4; Spanish Club 4; National Ment Senoi -finalist 4. MARTIN, SUZANNE JO- -Commercial- -Trans- ferred from Washburn High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota--Glee Club 3.4; Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 1,2.3,4; Riding Club 2; Red Cross 2. MAXSON, CARL DAVID--General--Co-op 4. MEEUWENBERG, RICHARD ALLAN--CoIlege Prep--Science Fair Honorable Mention 1; Hu- manities Club 4. MIHULKA. SHARONLEE--CoIlegePrep--Pines 4, Class Council 4; Powder Puff Football 3 Girls ' Basketball 2; National Honor Society 4 Pep Club Council 4; Formal Committee 3,4 Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; EngUsh Award 2; Science Fair Honorable Mention 2, Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 3,4, U.N. Club 2; Ski Club 4. MILLER, JOHN RAYMOND--College Prep. MILLER, TERRY LEE--General--Weightlifting 2; Art Club 4. MILLS, ALMA HOPE--CoIlege Prcp--Future Teachers 2,3,4; FTA Librarian 3; FTA Treas- urer 4. MISNER, KENNETH RAMOND--College Prep --Red Cross Delegate 1. MONTGOMERY, UNDA LOU--General--Black Gold 4; Band 1,2; Red Cross Delegate 1,2,4; Pep Club 1,3. MOON, PATTY MARIE--Ceneral--Challenger 2. MORAN, MARY ANN- -College Prep- -Band 1, 2,3,4; Musical Play 3; Science Award I; Math Award 1; Science Fair Award 1; Future Teach- ers 3,4; FTA Secretary 4. MORGAN, JOHN CHASE--CoUege Prep-- Track 1,2,3,4; Weightlifting 2; National Honor Society 4; Scholastic Honor Pin 3; Science Fair Award 2; Varsity Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. MORTON, DONALD EUGENE--GeneraI--In- tramural Sports 1,3; Science Fair Honorable Mention 1 . MOSS, JEANNE LORAINE--College Prep-- Challenger 1,2,3,4; Challenger Editor 3,4; Pines3.4;Band 1,2; StudenlCouncil 4, National Honor Society 3,4; Quill and Scrolls. 4; D. A. R. GoodCitizen Nominee 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3.4; Formal Committee 3; History Award 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; AFS Club 2,3,4; AFS Club President 4; Ski Club 2.3; Powder Puff Football 3; U.N. Club 2; Principal ' s Council 4. MOULTON, WILUAM PHILUPS--CoIIege Prep --Transferred from St. Francis High School, Traverse City, Michigan- -National Honor Society 2,3,4; Scholastic Honor Pin 3,4; Na- tional Merit Semi-Finalist 4. MUMBY, THOMAS MICHAEL- -College Prep. MURPHY, WANDA KAY--Commercial--Glee Club 4. MUSE, BARBARA LOU--CoIlege Prep--Home- coming Queen 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3, 4; Formal Committee 4, Science FairAward 1; Pep Club 1,2,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. Secretary 4. MYERS, DAVID FAY- -General. MYERS, WILUAM VALTER--CoIlege Prep-- Black Gold 2,3, Student Council 2, Bo-Gi Council 4; Football 3,4; Basketball 4, Track 2, 3,4; Weightlifting 3; Vanity Club 3,4. Varsity Club President 4; Principal ' s Council 4. NASH, MICHAEL CLYDE--College Prep--Banc 4; Student Council l;Science FairAward l;Ski Club 2. NEASON, RICHARD LEE--College Prep-- Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track l;Base- ball 2; Weightlifting 3,4. VarsityClub 3.4; Ski Club 3,4. NEASON, WILUAM ?vlAC--College Prep-- Black Gold 3,4; Football 1,2.3,4; Basketbal 1.2; Track 1; Baseball 2; Weightlifting 3.4 Varsity Club 3,4; Ski Club 3,4. NELSON, FREDERICK DeWITT- -College Pre) --Pines 3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4 Football 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; Varsity Club 3,4 Electro-Pro Club 1; Thespians 4. NELSON, JOHN DAVID- -College Prep-- Musical Play 2. NELSON, LYNN EEVERLY--GeneraI--PepClul 3,4. NELSON, PAULA KAY--CoIlege Prep. NELSON, PmUP ALBIN--College Prcp--Baii 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4, Musical Play 3,4. Pe| Band 3,4; Junior Class President 3; Studen Council 3,4; Superintendent Council 3; Clas Council 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4 Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Camera Club 2 Honors Band 2,3. NEMEC, CATHERINE MARIE--CoIIege Prep- Choir 4, Musical Play 4. Glee Club 3. NEWMAN, PATRICIA LAUREL--Commercia --Transferred from Ellisville High School Ellisville, Mississippi--Choir 2; Red Cro: Delegate 4. NICOLA, GARY LYNN--General--JuniorCla: Play 2; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2; Rocket Club 1 Thespians 2,3,4. NOTTKE, SHARON KAY--College Prep--Pla Committee 3; Choir 1; Student Council Booster Club 1; Pep Club 3,4; SCOPE 3,4; SI Club 1.2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y. 3. NURNBERGER, JAMES LEWIS- -College Prep- Basketball 1,2; Basketball Manager 3,4; SI Club 1; Varsity Club 3,4; Hi-Y 3. OCHS. KATHLEEN MARIE--General--GIe Club 1,2,3,4. OLMSTEAD, JIMUNM- -College Prep--Trans ferredfrom Bryant HighSchool, Salt Lake Cit Utah. OLSON, BRUCE GRECORY--CoUege Prep- 199 Choir l,2,3i Musical Play 2,3; Football 3,4; National Honor Society 4; Boys ' State 3; Scho- lastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; Science Fair Award 3; Winter Sports Club 1; Electro-Pro Club 1; Electro-Pro Club Vice-President 1; Varsity Club 3,4; Thespians 3. OLSON, GARY LENWOOD- -College Prep-- Core Council 4; Governor Pro-Tern 3, 4; Student Council 2,3,4; Bo-Gi Council 2,3,4; Bo-Gi Treasurer 2,3; Track 3,4; Formal Committee 3,4; Varsity Club 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club President 1,4; Ski Club Treasurer 3; Principal ' s Council 4. OSGA, EDWARD W1LUAM--General— Trans- ferred from Lincoln High School, Warren, Michigan. OSTLUND, KNEALE R1CHARD--General. OWEN, GWEN ElAlNE--Commercial--Co-op 4. OWENS, CRAIG A.--General--Football 1,2,3; Basketball 2. PAGE, UNDA MARGAR£T--General--Future Teachers 2,3; Co-op 4; Tri-Hi-Y 4. PANEK, ' i ' VONNE MARIE--General--Red Cross Delegate 4, PANTAZOPOULOS, SUEANN--GeneraI--Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 1,4; Student Council 1; Red Cross Delegate 1; JayVeeCheerleading 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Tri-Hi-Y 2; Choir Club 2,3. PARKER, JEAN KATHERINE--General--Black Gold 4; Glee Club 3,4; Red Cross Delegate 2,3. PARKER, THOMAS LEE--General--FFA 1,2,4. PAXTON, MARY LOUISE--College Prep-- Transferredfrom Bay Village High School. Bay Village, Ohio--Choir 1,3,4; Madrigals 4; Musical Play 3,4; Glee Club 2; Senior Class Play 2; Junior Class Play 4; Play Committee 4; Traverse City Junior Miss 4; Formal Com- mittee 3,4; Y-Teens 1,2; Y-Teens Social Chairman 1; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain 3; Tri-Hi-Y President 4; Pep Club 1,2,4; Rock- ettes2; Bay Players 1,2; Thespians 4; Principal ' s Council 4. PENNEY, DAVID RONALD--General. PERRIN, JOHN DEAN--General. PETERSON, HARRY JOHN--Commercial-- Football 3; Varsity Club 3,4. PIASECKI, NANCY KAY--Commercial-- Co-op 4. PIKE, SALLY LYN--College Prep- -Transferred from Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland--Junior Class Play 4; Senior Class Play 4; Play Committee 4; Formal Com- mittee 3; Humanities Club 4, Thespians 4. PINK, FRANCES LYDlA--CoUege Prep--Red Cross 2,3,4, Council 3,4. POTTER, DONNAELlZABETH--CoUege Prep-- Transferred from Mason Junior High School, Mason, Michigan- -Band 1,2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3,4; Musical Play 3,4; Formal Committee 4; Red Cross 3,4; Band Council 4; Honors Band 3,4. POWELL, GEORGE BYRON--College Prep--Art Club 1; Humanities 4. PROPER, SUSAN MANE— College Prep-- Transferred from Bay City Central, Bay City, Michigan. PURVIS, ROBERTJOHN--College Prep--Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 1,2,3,4; MusicalPlay 2,3,4; StudentCouncil 3; Principal ' s Council4; Foot- ball 1,2,3,4; Track 1; WeightUfting 3; Varsity Club 3,4; Choir Council 4; Choir President 4. RACHT, KENNETH CREGORY--Collcge Prep --Choirl,2,3,4; Madrigals 1,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4, RACZKOWSKl, UNDA JANE--Commercial-- Transferred from West Junior High, Lansing, Michigan- -Play Committee 1; Student Coun- cil 3; Chess Club 3; Pep Club 2. RADANT, LINDA ANN- -College Prep- -Senior Class Play 4; Play Committee 4; Choir l;.Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 4; Thespians 4; Formal Committee 3,4. RADCUFFE, ROGER JOHN--Collcge Prep-- Band 1,2,3,4. RAFTSHOL ANNE MARIE--CoUeEe Prep— Senior Class Play 4; Play Committee 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; Core Council 3; Bo-Gi Council 3,4; Class Council 2; D.A.R. Good Citizen Nominee 4; Girls ' State Alternate 3; Formal Committee 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club President 1; Pep Club Council 1,2,3; Ski Club 1,2, U.N. Club 2; Thespians 4. RANEY, KENNETH LEE--CollegePrep--Talent Show 4. RAYLE, ROGER MELVlN--College Prep--Bas- ketball 1; National Honor Society 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Formal Committee 3,4; Science Fair Awards 1,3,4; JETS Club 3; Chess Club 3,4; Hi-Y 4. REED, STEWART DUANE- -College Piep-- Senior Class Treasurer 4; Bo-Gi Council 3,4; Bo-Gi Treasurer 4; FormalCommittee 4; Gen- eral Motors Scholarship Award 4; Science Fair Award 1; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. R EYNOLDS, WILU AM EARL- -College Prep-- Junior Class Play 3,4; Senior Class Play 4; Termis 4; Science Award 1; Science Fair Award 1 ; Thespians 4; U.N. 2,3; JETS 2,3; Sid Club 3, 4. RICHARDS, JEFFERY DENNlS--College Prep- -Transferred from St . Francis High School, Traverse City, Michigan--Student Council 1, 2; Football 1,2,4; Formal Committee 3,4; Var- sity Club 4; Ski Club 4. RILEY, MARY KATHLEEN--College Prep-- Red Cross Delegate 2; Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Girls ' Track 2; Co-op 4. RISKEY, LYNN LOUISE--College Prep--Or- chestra 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,4; English Award 3; Orchestra Pin 4; Orchestra Letter 3; Pep Club 1; National Honor Society 4. ROAN, PETER GILBERT--College Vrep-- Transferredfrom Linton High School, Schenec- tady, New York--Band 1; Wrestling 1,2; Scholastic Honor Pin 4. ROBINSON, EDWARD DANIEL--General. ROBINSON, JUDITH MAE--General--Black Gold 4; Challenger 4; Play Committee 2,3; Choir 1; Student Council 4; Formal Commit- tee 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; WinterSports Club l;Field Hockey 2; . " rt Club 4. ROGERS, JOE CLARENCE— CoUege Piep-- Black Gold 2. ROGERS, SUZANNE MARIE- -College Prep-- Science Fair Award 2, Pep Club 1,3,4; Red Cross 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Girls ' Track 2. ROTHERMEL, RICHARD BRAKEL- -College Prep--Band 1,2,3,4, Pep Band 4; Honors ' Band 3. ROUND, BONNIE JEAN--Commetcial--Glee Club 3,4. ROUND, EUZABETH MAR1E--General--Glee Club 3,4. ROXBURGH, MARY GWENDOLYN--College Prep--Junior Class Play 2,3,4; Senior Class Play 2,3,4; Play Committee 2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4; Musical Play 2, 3, 4; Red Cross Delegate 2,3,4; Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 3; Thespians 2,3,4; Thespians President 4; Field Hockey Club 3; Principal ' s Council 4. ROYCE JOHN HARVEY- -College Prep- Sophomore Class President 1; Student Council 1,2,3; Core Council 2; Principal ' s Council 4; Class Council 2; Skiing 2; National Honor Society 3,4; President 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Science Fair Awards 1,2; Varsity Club 2,3,4; Humanities Club 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4; AFS Club 4. RUFU KAREN LEE--Gencral--Transferred from Suttons Bay High School, Suttons Bay, Michigan--Glee Club 3,4. RUMBLE, MARYCLEVELAND--CollegePrcp-- Challenger 1, Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 3; Musical Play 2,3,4; Pep Club 3; Choir Council 2,3,4; Talent Show 1,4. RUNYON, DAVID HARRY--College Prep-- Band 1,2,3,4; Football 3,4; Track 4; Weight- Ufting 2,3,4, Varsity Club 3,4. ST. JOHN. ROBERT JOSEPH- -General- -Stu- dent Council 4; FFA 1,2,3,4; FFA Sentinel 4. SACHTLEBEN, PHIUP LEE--General. SAFRONOFF, GARY--College Prep--Scholas- tic Honor Pin 3; Foreign Language Award 1; Science Fair Award 1; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. SAIER, EUGENE JOHN--General--Football 2. SANFORD, BRITTON WARREN--CollegePrep --National Honor Society 4; Hi-Y Club 3,4; Hi-Y Club Chaplain 3,4. SANFORD, PATRICIA ANN--College Prep-- Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,4; Red Cross Delegate 4; Formal Committee 4; English Award 3 ; Orchestra Letter and Pin 3,4; Tri-Hi -Y Club 4. SANDBERG, HANS TORBJORN- -College Prep --Foreign Exchange Student from Sweden; Choir 4. SATTER, MARY ELLEN--General- -Student Council Alternate 3; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; Hu- manities 4; Red Cross Candy Striper 3. SAVAGE, JAMES LEE--College Prep--Choir 1, 3,4; Musical Play 3,4; Student Council 2; Class Council 4; Choir Letter 4. SAYLER, BARBARA JEANNE- -College Prep- Pines 3,4; Watchbird 1; StudentCouncil 2,4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 4; English Award 3; Science Fair Honorable Men- tion 2; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. SCHLUETER, UNDA ANN--General--Band 1, 2,3,4; Red Cross 3; FHA 4. SCHMIDT, GORDON BRUCE--Ceneral. SCHROUDER, SUE ANN--College Prep--Pines 4; Orchestra 1,2,3; Musical Play 2; Student Council 2; Red Cross Delegate 2,3; Formal Committee 3; History Awartl 1; Citizenship Award; U.N. Club 2; Winter SportsClub 1,2,3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4. SCHULTZ, DENYSE--General— Black Gold3; Senior Class Play 4; Junior Class Play 4; Play Committee 2,3,4; Choir 1; Glee Club 2,3; Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Thes- pians 2,4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 3,4. SCHWARTZ, IvTi ' RNA LOU--College Prep-- BIack Gold 2; Press Club 2. SCOTT, DANIEL CURTIS- -College Prep- -Ski Club 1,2,3,4. SCOTT, KATHLEEN ANNE--College Prep-- Red Cross Volunteer Candy Striper 3; Co-op Club 4, Principal ' s Council 4. SEABROOK, LYNN ANN- -CoUege Prep- -Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Choir Letter and Pin 3,4; Horseback Riding Club 2. SEEL, MARGO LOU--General--Choir 1; Stu- dent Council 2; Red Cross Delegate 2; Red Cross Club 3; Press Club 2. SEESE, JOHNDAVlD--College Pn?p--Science Fair Award 1; JET Club 2,3; Ski Club 1. SELKIRK, LANCE BARRY--Conege Prep-- Bandl,2,?; Pep Band 2,3; Football 1; Track 2, 3,4; Intramural Basketball 1; Intramural Weight Lifting 3,4; Science FairHonorable Mention 1, 2; Varsity Club 4. SHEAR£R,JON ALAN--General--Bandl; Stu- dent Council 1. SHEARER, JUDl LYNN--General--Band 1,2,3, 4; Orchestra 3,4; Musical Play 3,4; Class Council 2; Formal Committee 4; Science Fair Honorable Mention 1, Ski Club 1,2,4; FTA 2; Future Teachers ' Parliament 2; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4; Band Council 4; Honors ' Band 3,4. SHEFFER, RICHARD LYNN--College Prep-- Baseball3, 4, Intramural Sports4; Chess Club 3. SHPMAN, RUTHHUDNUTT--Commercial-- Transferredfrom PlainwellHigh School, Plain- well, Michigan--Teimis 1,2,3,4; Formal Com- mittee 3,4; GAA 1,2; French Club 1,2; Ski Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4. SIKORSKl, MICHAEL LEE--General. SKIVER, TERRY LYNN--Commercial--Pep Club 2,3; Red Cross Club 3; Co-op Club 4. SLATER, GREGORY KENT--College Prep. SEEDER, BETSY ANN--College Prep--Red Cross Delegate 2,3; Girls ' Basketball 1; ArtClub 4; Red Cross Officer 2,3; Field Hockey 1; Ski Club 4. SMITH, BEVERLY JANE--CoUege Prep--Chal- 200 lenger 3; Co-op Club 4. SMITH, HAROLD RICHARD--General. SMITH, KEN ETH CUFTON- -College Prep-- Basketball 3,4. SMITH, MARY MARGARET--Collegc Prep-- Choir 1,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Glee Club 2; MathAwarxl 1 ; ChoirLetter and Pin 3,4;Booster Club 1, GAA 1. SMITH, RICHARD RONAID--College Prep-- Band 1, Football 4; Ski Club 1,2,3,4. SMITH, ROBERT VVAYNE--ColIcge Prep. SMITH, SALLY MAURI NE- -College Prep-- Choir 1; Pines 4; Foreign Exchange Student Nominee 3; Scholastic Honor Pins3,4; Science Award 1; Pep Club 1;JETS 2,AFSClub 3,4, AFS Club Treasurer 4. SMITH, THEODORE WILUAM--College Prep--Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4. SOLOMAN, UNDA LORRAINE--Gencral-- Seruor Class Play 4; Play Committee 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 3,4; Thespians 4; Pep Club 3,4, Choir Council 1. SOMMER, MANFRED--Collcge Prep--Foreign Exchange Student from Germany; Student Council 4; Varsity Club 4, AFS 4. SOMERS, WILLIAM--CoIlege Pr«p--Band 1,2, 3; Student Council 2; Golf 2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2, 3,4. SORENSEN, RITA KAREN- -College Prep-- Pines 3,4; Watchbird 1; Red Cross Delegate 1, 3; Class Council 4; National Honor Society 4; Pep ClubCouncil 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2, 3,4; Formal Committee 3,4; Optimist Girl of the Year 4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4; AFS Club 4, AFS Club Secretary 4, Ski Club 2, Powderpuff Foot- ball 3. SPINK, FLORENCE EMMA--General--Glee Club 2,3,4. SPORRE, MARSHA ANN--CoUege Prep--Pines 3,4; Challenger 2; Watchbird 1, Choir 1,2,3; Musical Play 2,3; National Honor Society 4; English Award 2; ScienceFair Honorable Men- tion 1,2; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Basket- ball 2,4; Tennis 2,4, Ski Club 1,2,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. Humanities Club 4. STACHMK, DONALD EUGENE--CeneraI. STANWICK, ROGER W1LUAM--General. STEINBACH, DANIEL EDWARD- -College Prep --Band 1. STEVENS, RONALD JOHN--Collegc Prep-- Challenger 4; Band 1,2, Pep Band 1,2, Honors ' Band 2; Student Council 3; Science Fair Award 1. STOKES, PATRICIA LYNN--College Prep-- Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Powderpuff Football 3; FroshCheer- leading 1 ; National Honor Society 4; Pep Club Coimcil 1; D.A.R. Good Citizen Nominee 4; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Music Award 3, Science Fair Awards 2,3;Ski Club 1,2; PepCIub 1,2,3,4; AFS Club 4. STORRS, BARBARA MARIE--General--Stu- dent Council 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; SCOPE 3,4. STOWE, GARTH D. --General. STRAHAN, JANET MARIE--Commercial-- Band 1,2,3; Talent Show 1; Co-op 4. STRUBLE, GLORIAJEAN--Commercial--Band 1; SCOPE 3,4, Track 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3. SUSAN, ELAINE MARIE--Collegc Prcp-- Transferred from Bolivia; AFS Club 4. SVENSSON, EVA BENEDICTE--College Prep-- Foreign Exchange Student from Sweden; For- mal Committee 4; Pep Club 4; AFS Club 4. SWAN, UNDA IJEE--General--BIack Gold4; Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 1,2,3; SCOPE 3,4; Art Club 4. SWANSON, RHONDA LYNN--CeneraI--Choir 1,4; Musical Play 4; Glee Club 2,3; Track 1,2, 3,4; Red Cross 3. SZPEK, LYNN ALLEN JOSEPH--Commercial-- Intramural Sports 1,2. THARP, WILUAM JONATHAN--Gen£ral-- FFA 1,2,3,4; Parking Club 1,2,3,4. THOMAS, WILMA GLADYS--Gen£raI--Pep Club 1,2,3. THOMPSON, REBECCA JANE- -College Prep-- Challengcr 1; Watchbird 1; Play Committee 4 Student Council 3, Red Cross Delegate 2,3 Formal Committee 3,4; Science Fair Award 1 Humanities Club 4; Thespians 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3; Ski Club 1,2; Press Club 2. THOMPSON, TRON SUZANNE--Coll ege Prep Watchbird 1; Red Cross Delegate 1,2; Powder- puff Football 3; Girls ' Track 2,3;FormalCom- mittee 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3, 4; U.N. Club2,3;Tri-Hi-Y Club 3,4; Red Cross 2,3; SCOPE 3,4; SCOPE Treasurer3; SCOPE President 4, Field Hockey 3. TIBBITTS, SANDRA KAYE--College Prep-- Senior Class Play 3,4; Play Committee 3,4; Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 1; Thespians 3,4; FTA 4; FTA Vice-President 4. TIDMj N, PATRICK ALLEN JR.- -College Prep --Transferred from Ontario, Canada--Knights of Altar 3; AFS Club 4. TOMPKINS, UNDA LU--College Prep--Play Committee 3,4, Challenger 2, Glee Club 4; Foreign Exchange Sttadent 3; Formal Commit- tee 3,4; English Award 1; Pep Club 2,3, Thes- pians 3,4, Humanities Club 4, Spanish Club 4; Tri-Hi-Y Club 4. VALADE, RUTH ANN--General--GleeClub 1; Red Cross Delegate 3. Formal Committee 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Ski Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3. VAN CONANT, CARL FRANK--College Prep. VanDEVENTER, KARL LEROY--General-- Football 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Student Council 4, Varsity Club 3,4; Intramural Basketball 1,2; Weight Lifting 3,4. VanSTRATT, JOHN RUSSEU- -College Prep- - Choir2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Student Coun- cil 1; Football 4, Baseball 2,3,4; Intramural Weight Lifting 2,3,4; Science Fair Award 1; Varsity Club 2,3,4, Ski Club 1,2,3,4. WAHL, MARY ANN--ColIege Prep- -Challen- ger 2; Student Council 3; Queen ' s Court 1; Formal Committee 3,4; Art Club 1; Pep Club 1,2,3. WALES, BRIAN KEITH- -College Prep--Band 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 4; Pep Band 3,4; Science Fair Award 1,3; JETS Club 2, WTCS Radio Station 2; Honors ' Band 2,3,4; Hi-Y 4. WALUNG, KAY ELLEN--College Prep--Trans- ferredfrom BayCity, Central High School, Bay City, Michigan--Choir 2,3; FormalCommittee 3; Science Fair Award 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,3. WALTON, DARLYNN MARIE- -General- -Black Gold 4; Play Committee 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2, 3,4; Art Club 4. WAMSLEY, ROSS HAL VARY--General--Intra- mural Weight Lifting 3, Winter Sports Club 1, 3,4. WARES, GREGORY LOREN- -Commercial. WEBER, GORDON W1LUAM--General. WEBER, JOYCE ARLENE--General--Choir 1; Glee Club 4, Pep Club 2. WEIGAND, CAROLE ANN--College Prep-- Choir 1; Red Cross Delegate 2; Science Fair Award 2; Horseback Riding Club 2; Red Cross Club 1. WELCH, BERNARD LEE--GeneraI. WELLER, SHIRLEY DEE--College Pn:p--Chal- lenger 1, Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4, Formal Committee 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4. WHALEY, ERNEST PATRICK--General-- Transferred from Garden City High School, Garden City, Michigan--Choir 2, Glee Club 3. WHEELER, CATHERINE JUUETTE--ColIege Prep- -Transferred from New Market Joint School, New Market, Indiana- -Junior Class Play 3; Forensics Contest 2; Band 1,2,3; Pep Club Council 3; Formal Committee 3,4; Queen ' s Court 4; Sunshine Society 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Pep Club 3,4, Thespians 4. WHEELOCK, DONALD NElL--Commercial. WHEELOCK, DOREEN ANN--General. WICKSTRAND, JUUE LYNN--General--Glee Club 4; Pep Club 3,4; FHA 4. WIDRIG. MAXINE LORRAINE--Commcrcial --Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2; Pep Club 2,4. WIGMAN, BRADLEY JOHN--General. WILUAMS, EUZABETH DUNBAR--College Prep--Choir 1,4; English Award 3; Humanities Club 4; Thespians 2; Musical Play 4. WILUAMS, NANCY ANN--General. WILLMAN, DONALD EDWARD--College Prep --Student Council 1,2,3; National Honor Soci- ety 3,4, Latin Award 1, Math Award 1 , Science Awards 1,2; English Awards 1,2; Science Fair Awards 1,2; National Honor Society Vice- President 4; UN Club President 2; ' Ski Club 1, 2,3,4, Humanities Club 4. WILSEY, HAROLD ARNE--General. WILSON, GEORGENE--CollegePrep--Choir 1, 2,3,4, Madngals 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4, Scholastic Honor Pins 2,3,4; Englisli Award 2; Music Letter and Pin 3,4; Science Fair Award 3; Thespians 3; Choir Council 4. WING, LOIS JEAN--Commercial. WINN, JOSEPH EDWARD--Gencral. WINOWIECKI, DARLENE GFlACE--Commer- cial--Glee Club 3; Student Council 1; Pep Club 3,4; FHA 4. WISNER, SALLY MARGARET--College Prep-- Choir 1. WITT, WILUAM EDWARD--General--Base- ball 3,4; Varsity Club 4; Hi-Y 4. WOLCOTT, GENEVA RAE--Commercial--Red Cross Delegate 1,2,3,4; Red Cross 1,2,3,4; Red President 1,3,4; GSC 2,3,4; GSC President 4; SCOPE 3,4; GAA 1. WOLF, MARIE EUZABETH--Gen£ral--Glec Club 4; Choir 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Art Club 3. WOLLAM, RICHARD JOHN--General--Track 2,4; Science Fair Award 1; Bowling Club Pres- ident 1 . WOODROW, STEVEN LAWRENCE--College Prep--StudentCounciI 4; National Honor Soci- ety 4; History Award 1; Science Fair Award 1; Hi-Y 3,4; Hi-Y Vice-President 4. WRIGHT, JO ER1N--General--Transferred from Glen Lake Community High School, Maple City, Michigan--School Annual 2; School Newspaper 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Future Teachers ' Club 4. WYATT, DONALD JAMES--College Prep-- Choir 1,2,3,4; Musical Play 2,3,4; Ski Club 1, 2,3,4. W ' UE, GERALD STANLEY- -College Prep-- Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Choir 4; Musical Play 2,4; Music Award 1; Hi-Y 4; Chess Club 4. WYSONG, FRANK LEW1S--General--Bandl,2, 3; Pep Band 3. YOUKER, KAY ANN--College Prep--Choir 2, 3; Musical Play 2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; Core Council 2; Class Council 2; Powder Puff Football 3; JayVee Cheerleader 2; Frosh Cheer- leader 2; Frosh Cheerleader 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club Council 1,2,3,4; Queen ' s Court 4, D.A.R. Good Citizen Nominee 4; Foreign Exchange Student 3; Scholastic Honor Pins 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club Sec- retary 3; Pep Club Vice-President 4. Student Council Secretary 1; AJ.S. Club 4. ZIMMERMAN, DAVID- -College Prep--Band 1, 2,3,4; Science Fair Award 2; Hi-Y 3; Ski Club 1,2. ZIMMERS, MICHAEL JOHN--General. ZOULEK, CAROUNE MARY--Commercial-- Co-op 4. ZOULEK, GORDON FRANCIS- -Gencral--Band 1,2,3,4. 201 uuuutjuDai General Index A — Administration F Faculty S—Staff Abbey, Sherry (12) Ackerman, Bernard (F)--105 Acha, Judith (12) Acha, Terry (10) Acker Cheryl (11) Acker, Joy (11) Adams, Gary (10)--43, 79, 100,101 Adams, Linda (12)--44 Addington, James {12)--48 Aeschliman, Connie (10) Aeschliman, Keith (12) -97 Aeschliman, Ron (11)--191 Agruda, Christine (10)--84,S5 Agruda, Earnest (ll)--98 Aiken, Terry (11) Ailsworth, Charles (F)--103 Alford, John {ll)--76 Allen, Betty (11) Allen, Mary {10)--49,86 Allison, Michael (12)--5,56,57,69,79, 176 Alpers, Cynthia (10) Alther, Brett (11) Amidon, Yvonne (10) Amon, Janice (12)--98 Andersen, Beth (12) Anderson, David (II) Anderson, Karen (10) Anderson, Sandra (12)--25,98,178 Andreson, Howard (11) Andrus, Linda (12) Anger, Bryon (10)--56 Annis, Jerry (lO)--lOO Ansorge, Chris (12)--4,5,34,48,68, 160 Ansorge, Cinday (11) Anys, Tom (10) Archer, Connie (I0)--54,99 Armstrong, Glenn (11) Amey, Glenn (11) Arp, Robert (11) Atkinson, Joan (11) Austin, Dan {12)--36,56, 185 Avery, Wolfgang (10)--76 Axtell, Sharon (10) B Baase, Steve (10) Babcock, Barbara (11) Bacon, Robert (F)--5,60,61,68,80,97, 105 Bade, Wynn (F)--52,94 Bailey, Janice (10) Bailey, Nancy (11)--106 Bailey, Norma (12)--20,31,36,38,39, 40,86,87,98,154,157,179,208 Bailey, Sheml (ll)--39 Bailey, Vemon (10) Bain, William (12) Ball, Judy (11)--51 Ballance, Ann (10)--4,36,42,49,52,1 10 Ballance, Steve (12)--50 Bannon, Allan (11) Bannon, Richard (11) Barch, Louis (11) Barlow, Teresa (12) Bames, Benny (10) Barnes, Linda (11) Bames, Vicki (12) Ban, William (10) Barrett, Charles (11) Barrett, Daniel (11) Barrett, Ronald (12) Basch, Dennis (12)--60,65 Basch, Gary (10)--69,103 Basch, Steve (II) Basch, Sue (10) Bates, Charles (12) Bates, Ned (11) Batsakis, James (1 1)-- 13,30,36,39,66, 126,208 Bauer, Robert (12)--41 Bauer, Roger (10)--67 Bearss, Michael (11) Eearss, Willard (10) Beattie, Sheralyn (12) Becker, Sheme {10)--31,46 Beckstrom, Pat (11) Beckwith, Dewey (11) Beecham, Yvonne (10) Becman, Gary (10) Beers, Richard (H)--41,76 Beery, Jay (10)--100,101 Beery, Robert (1 1)--41,52,66 Beitner, Duane (12)--5,48 Belanger, Keith (10) Belanger, Terry (10) Bellf ' , Margaret (10) -13,84,110 Belyea, Don (12)--76 Bendickson, Janice (10) Bendickson, Jean (10)— 99 Bendickson, Joanne (11) Bendickson, Marlene (11) Benedict, Mark (10)--43,100,101 Bennett, Gene (11) Bennett, Joseph (10)--117 Bennett, Ruth (ll)--2,99 Bensley, Tom (U)--74,76 Bergman, John (11) Beyer, Dennis (10) Beyer, Gary (12) Bezile, Virginia (11) Bickel, Gary (11) Bickler, Jack (11) Biederman, Paul (12)--48,143 Biedron, Janet (10)--86 Billmgton, Tom (12)--56,69, 184 Billington, Patricia (11) Bilow, John (lO)--lOO Bisel, Becky (12)--50 Bishop, Diane (11) Bishop, Fred (10) Bishop, Joan (12) Bishop, John (10) Bjork, Jean (12)--41,46,47,53,154,157 Bjork, William (11)--13,30,126,127, 186 Bland, Steve (11) Blankenship, Allen (ll)--lOO Blankenship, Karen (12) — 22 Bliss, David (11) Blodgett, Don (11) Blodgett, Shirley (12)--44 Bloomquist, Patty (12)--36,58,97,148, 181 Bloxsom, Patricia (10) Blue, Alex (12)--12,22 Blue, Anita (10) Eobji, Jerry (12) Bohrer, Jeiry (10)--55,66 Bohrer, Susan (10) Boiek, Robert (11) Bolek, William (U) Bomer, James (1 1 )--57,60,77 Bonn, Peggy (10) Bonnetl, Cinda (11) Boquist, John (12)--40,48 Boursaw, Dan (12) Bovee, John (10) Boyd, Amell (12) Brace, Peggy (l0)--46,47 Braden. Jack (10) Braden, Susan (12)--44 Bradford, Henrtca (12) Bradford, Jim (12) Bradford, John (11) Bradford, Kathie (11) Bradford, Mike (12)--24 Bradford, R, William (12) Bradshaw, Virgmia (ll)--96 Bragg, Donald (ll)--60,63 Bragg, John (12)--41,42,100,101 Brakel, Bruce (ll)--79 Brewer, Dan (lO)--IOO Brewer, Robert (10) Brigham, Joseph (ll)--77 Bright, Mike (12)--100 Bright, Sharon (11)--46,49,51 Bright, Shirley (10) Bright, Randall (12)--20,41,98 Bristol, Donald (10) Bristol, Howard (12)--159 Bnttain, John (11) Broad, Russell (ll)--55,79 Broadhurst, Linda (ll)--98 Brobeck, Linda (12)--24 Bromley, Max (U)--39 Brooks, Kathleen (ll)--98 Brott, Thomas (12)--15 Brov Ti, Judy (12--84 Brown, Norma (ll)--99 Brown, Keith (12) Brown, Sandy (11)--19 Brugh, Jerry (11) Bmland, Gail (10)--26,46.82 Buck, Gaylor (10) Budnik, Margie (12) — 2,46,49,97 Bunn, Rodney (lO)--lOO Buid (Lake) Suzanne (11) Burfiend, Patricia (ll)--lOO Burkhoider, Helen (A)--92 Bums, Bob (12) Bums, Diane (11) Bums, Roger (12) Burr, Patti (10) Burrows, James (11)--79,100 Buisian, Steve (12)--5,48,60,65, 158, 176,186 Eurston, Janet (11)--5,28,49,51 ,98 Burton, Penny (10)--46,99 Bussa, Bonnie (10) — 86 Bussa, Clark (12) Bussa, Vema (10)--118 Butler, Becky (11) Button, Linda (12)--41,84 Buysse, Marie (10) C Calcutt, Harry (ll)--58,76 Calcutt, Harvey (10)--71, 76 Camisa, Edward (F)--97 Campbell, Woody (12) Canfield, Arthur (10) Carboneau, Anne (10) Cardwell, Cathleen (10)--49 Carlson, Carol (12) Carlson, Jack (11) Carlson, Rose (11) Carpenter, Sandy (12) Carr, Martha (12)--56 Carter, Connie (12)--44 Case, Judy (10) Case, Valerie (12)--99 Cavitch, Patricia (10)--46 Chamberlin, Donald (12)--57,60,64 Chapman, Dennis (12)--5,22,98 Chappel, Larry (10) Chappel, Lynda (12) Chappel, Nancy (12)--44 Chappel, Wally (12)--100 Chappel, Wayne (10) Charlton, Carolyn (12)--49 Chichester. Paul (11) Chilson, Judith (11) Chouinard, Lynn (10) Chupp, Dennis (10) Clark, Judy (11) Clark, Marvin (10) Clark, Robert (11) Clawson, Lucille (F)--105 Ciaycomb, Dennis (ll)--98 Cline, Arthur (11) Ciouse, Richard (11) Cole, Coleman {U)--46,98,176 CoUings, Penny (12)--2 Collins, Ray (10)--66,110 Colson, William (10)--79 Compton, Sharon (ll)--99 Conant, Christy (11) Conaway, Penny (ll)--84 Conklin, Sue (11) Conroy, Sandy (12)--39,40 Cook, Howard (11)--20,2S,31,41,98 Cook, James (II) Cook, Judy (12) Cooley, Jon (10) Cooper, Christine (11) Cooper, Jame (11) Cooper, Leona (12 )--51,84,162 Cooper, Patricia (10)--99 Cooper, Shirley (ll)--2 Cooper, Val (12) Corby, Jan (12) Corcoran, Linda (10) Cornell, Coleen (11) Cornell, Glenda (12)--44 202 Comwell, Nanci (12)--46,50,56,57 Corpe, Rene (10) Conell, Thomas (1 1)- -21,30,57,58,76, 98,126,138 Cortiill, Wayne (12) Courson, Dick (ll)--56 Courtad, Douglas (12)--44 Couturier, Dale {12)--39, 70, 71,72 Couturiei, DuWayne (10) Cowell, Carol (12)--20,39,40,46,51 , 53,98 Cowell, Marianne (10)--20,22,51,84, 99 Cox. BilUe (12) Cox, Dale (12) Cox, Jackie (11) Cox, Sharon (ll)--99 Coyne, Ann (11) Coyne, Richard (11) Cozzens, Bruce (10)--52,57,60 Craig, Diana (12) Crain, . ' Vrt (11) Ctaker. Alan (U)--IOO Crampton, Richard (F)--69,97 Crandall, Frederick ( 10)-- 100 Crandall, Gloria (l2)--44 Crandall, Laura {10)--47,123 Crandall, Robert (10) Crandall, Ted (11)— 67,181 Crawford, Pamela {10)--46 Crawford, Shari (12) Crouch, David (11) Crouch, Sharon (10) Crumbley, CoUeen (U) Cuddington, Gary (12) Cumberworth, Lon (10)--79,I00 Cumberworth, Rodney {F)--101 Cunninghapi. Linda (lO)--lOO D Dailey, Cathy (10) Dalrymple, Brenda (10) Dalzell, Douglas (10) Daniels, Carol (12) Daniels, Don (12)--41 Daniels, Lucy (10) Darga, Ben (11) Darga, Darnel (11) Darling, Rebecca (10) Darrow, Jon (11) Davis, Patricia (12)--39,86,99 Davis, Tana (12)--53 Dean, Mike (U)--100,10l Decker, Lynne {10)--88 Decker, Pat (12)--44,98 Deeren, Forrest (12)--5,48 Derren, Harold (10) DeJong, Bruce {ll)--66,67 DeJong, Linda (10) Demaw, Dave (11)--.100,101 Dennis, Cindy (11) Dennos, Mary ( 10)--46,47,49,167 Denpsay, Ruth Ann (10) Derks, Loretta (12)--44,98 Derks, Richard (U) DeRuiter, Sandra {ll)---99 Devito, Nick (11) DeVito, Paula (I2)--39,46,56, 152 Devol, Nancy (11) DeVol, Robert (12)--44 DeWolfe, Jim (12) Dezelski, Loreen (11) Diller, Bob (12)--31,56,57,60,62,65,78 80,184 Dingman, Dawn (II) Dingman, Richard (12) Dixon, Robert (1 1)--4 1,52,56 Dobson, Jerri Ann (12)--44 Dockery, Daniel (10) Dominick, Robyn (10) Donkers, Peter (10) Doran, Permy (10) Dorman, Greg (12) Dorman, Kathleen (12)--44 Dorman, Mike (10) Downer, Dave (12) Downer, Jim (10)--74,116 Doyle, Carol (ll)--99 Drake, Debra (10) Draper, Don (11) Draper, Mary (10) Draper, Mar - Jane (F)--86,105 Dudley, Rodney (10)--67 Duncan, Beverly {10)--49 Dundon, Thomas (10)--43 Dunham, Linda (10) Dunham, Roy (12) Dunn, Mary (10) Dye, David (F)--20, 21, 58, 102,104 E Easling, Dave (12)— 48,56,143,146,185 Ebright, Terry (F)— 70,71,72,95,126 Eckersen, James (12)--97,100 Eckersen, Mary Anne (10)--99 Edenbum, Dawn (11) Edenbum, Tom (10)--66 Edgecomb, Elizabeth (12)--24 Edgecomb, John (10)--67 Edmonds, George (11) Edmondson, Lynda (11) Edwards, Dave (10)--67 Edwards, Tom (lO)--lOO Ehrenberger, Donald (12)--44 Eickenroth, Dave (1 1)--2.77,98,178 Eickenroth, Judy (12)--98 Eiken, Judy (12) Eiken, Marion (12)--44 Eisner, Sharon (1 1) Elder, Jack (11) Eldred, Dawn (11) Elliott, Larry (10) Elsenheimer, Suzanne (12)--22,23,46, 51 Elzer, John (10)--55,66 Emory, Kahty (11)-- 191 Endres, Mary (U)--9 9 Engle, Janice (10) Enckson, Jack {ll)--58 Erickson, Kent (10) Erickson, Linda (11) Erickson, Nancy Ann (12) Erickson, Rebecca (10) Erlandson, Larry (10) Ernest, Michael (11) Esman, Amos (11 ) Evans, Jeffery (12)--60,63,64,71 Everson, Dave (12) F Fahlsthom, Thomas (10) Faist, Pearl (S)--97 Fasel, Joseph (12) Fasel, Laura (1 1} Fawcett, David (10) Feague, Mildred (F)--54, 96 Feck, Albert (11) Fehrenbach, James (12) Feiker, Jeanne (10)--99 Feneley, Gar - (12)--11,77 Ferguson, Nancy (12)--74,195 Ferguson, Robert (11) Fettig, Carl (11) Fiebing, Jenny (12) Fifarke, Russell (ll)--69,79 Finch, Ron (10)--55, 100,1 16 Findley, Sandra (I2)--41,49,98 Fineoul. Nancy {12)--51 Finnila, Mark (10) Fisher, William (10)--66,79,98 Fitzgerald, Mary (U)--39 Fitzmaurice, Jon (12) Fitzmaurice, Susan (10) Flansbmg, Barbara (10)— 98 Flees, Cindy (12)--99 Fleis, Barbara (12) Fleis, Theresa (10) Fleming, Mike (12)--100 Focke, John (10)--39 Foley, TimoUiy (U)--52 FoUett, Jack {10)--71 Fouch, Janice (12)--41,46 Fouch, John (10)--66,71,77 Fouch, Lynn (10) " -26,82 Fowler, James (10) Fowler, Maianne (ll)--42,49 Fowler, Susan (12)--44 Fox, Bonnie {12)--46,56, 179 Fox, Donna (11)--42,51,99 Fox, Margy (1 1)--5 Fox, Pamela (12)--46,179 Frantz, David (11) Frazer, Nancy (12)--54,98 Freeman, Brenda (10) Friauff, Carol (n)--98 Fricke, Carolyn (12)--100 Fricke, Cynthia (10) Fricke, Walter (11) Friemoth, Brenda (12) Fritz, Kathy (10) Fritz, Ronald (12) Frost, Elizabeth (II) Fry, Lynda (I2)--99 Fryckland, Calvm (10)--56,100 Frye, Jennifer (10)--49 Fudge, Lewis (12)-- 100,101 Fuller, Mike (lO)--lOO G Gabourie, Maxine (11) Gabriel, Cathy (12)--98 Gallivan, Joanne (10)--54,99 Gallivan, Judy (ll)--54,99 Galloway, Lynn (12) Gallup, Juhe (10)--112 Gallup, Kenneth (11) Gambrell, Tom (12)--5,48 Ganger, Marie (10)--99 Ganger, Susan (11) Gardner, Jackie (11) Garland, Camilla (lO)--lll Garland, Mike (ll}--55 Gam, Nancy (ll)--99 Gamer, Janet (12) Garvin, Gary (10)--118 Gauld, Kathleen (11) Gaumei, Dave (12)--5,48,52,54 Gaunt, Sara (12)— 49,84,102 Gavaldon, John (12) Gayo, John (U) Gazarek, Larry (II) Gee, Robert (10)--71 Geitz, Richard {F)--103,116 Getchel, Joseph (10) Getchel, Nancy (12)--31 Ghering, Elizabeth (ll)--46 Ghering, Jeanette (10) Ghering, Rick (12)--31 Gibeau, Janine (12)--23,3l, 182 Gibson, Cheryl (1I)--39,41,74,75 Giddis, John (10) Giddis, Km (12) Gildarski, Lynn (11)--46,51,136 Giles, Francis (12)--55 Giles, Kathleen (10) Gillespie, Ivan (F)- -68,70, 71, 72, 77, 81, 104 Gilmore, Alice (12) Girocco, Janice (10) Girocco, Joan (12) Glaspey, Ruth (F)--IOO Glass, Barbara (12)--49,86,99,159 Glass, Douglas (10) Glassco, Walter (12)-- 55 Glauch, Sharon (11) Gohr, Pamela (10) Goodland, Greg (10) Goodwin, Donald (10) Gordon, Charles (12) Gordon, Ron (10)--67 Goss, Janet (ll)--26,30,47,82 Grabe, Susanne {ll)--52 Graham, Jeanne {11)--46,51 Graham, Sue {ll)--34,46.49 Graichen, Clyde {F)--8,104 Grant, Ed (10) Grant, Linda (ll)--99 Grant, Marlcne (12) Grant, fvlaxine (10) Grant, Nancy (10)--42,100 Grapes, Tom (12)— 22,28.39,41,51,53, 143,156 Gray. Larry (11) Gray, Patti {ll)--46 Cray, Philip (11) Cray, Ronald (F)--13,103, 1 10 Cray, Tom ( 12) Green, Ronald (ll)--66,67 Greenless, Richard (10) Gregory, Anne (ll)--99 Griffin, Anne (10)--49,86 Grifforc, Linda (11) Groen, Denisc (1 1) Groesser, Mike (11) Groesser, Terry {12)--43,52 Grubb, Gail (ll)--99 Gnibbs, Barry (12) Gruebcr, Cathy (II) Grueber, Gayle (12)--46 Guger, Pamela (12) 203 Guldice, Cheryl (12)--46,98 Guldice, Mary (S) Gutzka, Ernest (12) Guy, Pam (S)--106 Guyot, Robert (11)--13,39,126,137 H Haberlein, James (11) Hadley, Nancy (12)--ll,26,47,80,82, 83,157,183.194 Hagelberg, Shirley (12)--38, 39,40, 41, 97,100,154,157 Hagen, Kathy (12)--14,26,42,56,58 Hager, Dana {11)--19,46,187 Hager, Lawrence (11)--126,187 Hahn, Linda (12)— 22 Haines, Peggy (12)--22,51,99 Hains, Jim (12) Hains, Michael (Il)--76,77 Hakala, Donald (ll)--36,43,52,76 Hall, Jenold (10)--78,79 Hall, Linda (12)— 5,26,38,39,46,49, 74,83,98,154 Hall, Madelcn (11) Hall, Richard (12) Hall, Robert (10)--67 Hall, Roberta {12)--54,159 Hall, Sally (12)--49 Halladay, Mary (10) Halm, Mark (10) Halpin, Chris (ll)--46 Hamilton, Earl (12)--!!, 22, 41, 50, 53, 57,77,143,185,194 Hamilton, Gary (10) Hamilton, James (10)--67 Hammond, Nancy (10)--51 Hampel, Gerald (11) Hamrick, Linda (12)--13, 41. 46, 142,143 Hamstra, Iva (10) Hamstra, John (11) Hannel}, Cindy (10)--49,86,122,162 Hanley, Michael (10) Hanley, Violet (10)--44 Hanna, Dave (10) Hanna, Gary (11) Hanna, Julie (10)--99 Hanna, Patricia (12)--99 Hanna, Sally (10) Hanna, Stephen (12)--29,51,98 Hanna, Sue (11) Hansen, Garuood (F)--20,21,22,28,51, 97 Hansen, Sue (10) Happy, Robette (12)--98 Harbeson, John (11)— 51,100 Hardy, David (F)--97 Harrand, Barry (12)--100,101, 102, 159 Harris, Elizabeth (10)--26,46,47,82,99, 181 Harris, Jim (12)--22,28,98 Harris, Lexie (12)--39,86 Harrison, Jim (11) — 76 Hart, Jennifer (12)--19 Hartenbach, Janis (10)--46,49 Harvey, Albert (11)- -41 Harvey, Janet (10) Haskin, Betty (U)--36,46 Hasse, Raymond (10) Hasse, Sue (12)--39,99 Haven, Eric (11)--28,71,72,98 Havens, Rusty (U) Hawkins, John (i2)--19, 38,39, 40, 149 Hawkins, Peggy (10) Hawley, Len (12)--12,13,15,30,36,41, 53,56,57,60,63,64,68,80,153,156 Hawley, Penny (10)--99 Hayes, Jeff (12)--12. 13,20,29,36,52, 98,156,164,183,194 Hayes, Mark (10)--52,67,79,100 Haywood, Donna (10) Haywood, Glenna (12)--99 Haywood, Katherine (11) Hedlund, Dorthy (12) Heffelfinger, Ron (12)--57,60,64,71, 179 Hekel, Greg (10) Heller, Ralph (ll)--98 Heminger, Donald (10)--71,79 Hcminger, Robert (10)--71,77 Heminger, Thomas (U)--69,79 Hemming, Jud (10)--66,71,77 Hendges, Beverly (12)--99 Hendges, Delton (10) Hendges, Nancy (12) Hendges, Rindy (12)--55 Henry, Linda (10)--46 Hentschel, Dianna (ll)--54 Hentschel, Nancy (10) Hentschel, Richard (10) Herbert, Charles (12)-.41,101 Herkner, Mary (10)--99 Herkner, Warren (10)--55 Hessem, Edward (12) Hessem, Sharon (11) Hill, Larry (11) Hilt, William (10)— 66,79 Hilton, Dennis (12)--55 Hincks, Larry (12) Hinds, Jill (10) Hmes, Candace (10)--54 Hines, Jack (ll)--77 Hoch, Eva (10)--99,113 Hoch, Neil (12) Hoch, Sharon (10) Hockett, David (U) Hodek, Barbara (12)--31,98 Holbrook, Tim (12) Holcomb, Janice (10) Holcomb, Leilani (10) Holcomb, Regan (11) Holt, Tim (U)--41, 52,69 Homan, Carol (11)--51 Homan, Cynthia (12)--99 Hooper, Candis (10)--99,118 Hooper, Layne (11) Hooper, Margaret (10) Hooper, Jay (11) Hopkins, Jerry (lO)--lOO Hopkins, Sandy (11) Horn, Sue (12) Horton, Jim (10)--55 Horvath, Jane (F)--95 Hosier, Bob (lO)--lOO, 101 House, Garland (A)--90,108 Hoxie, Bonnie (10)--118 Hoxsie, Dennis (ll)--60,74,79 Hubbell, Cynthia (12) Hubbell, Ric (10)--123 Hubert, Timothy ( 12)--31,44,9S Huey, Barbara (12)--44 Hulet, Linda (11) Hults, Richard (1 1)--42, 56,57, 69, 188 Hundley, June (12) Hunt, Edward (11) Husby, Jim (11) I Ingwersen, Kathy (11) Ingwersen, Mariann (12)--ll,23,26,38 39,41,53,154,168 J Jackson, George (II) Jacobs, Paul {10)--66,79,98 Jacobsen, Lone { 12)--18,41,53 Jahraus, Nancy (12) — 97 Jakee, Tom (12) Janssen, Kenneth (F)--96 Jamieson, Janice (10)--46 Jaquish, James (10) Jaquish, Patricia (12) Jenkins, Bruce (12) — 11 JewL ' ll, Darrell (10) Johnson, Charles (10)--55 Johnson, Gary (10)--77,100 Johnson, Elaine (12)--14,24,30,36,41, 46,47,154,156,180 Johnson, John (F)--97 Johnson, Karen (12) Johnson, Mary (11) --51 Johnson, Nancy (12)--24 Jolmson, Phyllis (F)--I05 Johnson, Phyllis (10) Johnson, Ron (F)--102 Johnson, Steven (11) Johnston, Robert (A)-- 108,90 Jones, Charles (10)--56,58,69 Jordan, Sue (10)--74,99 JosHn, Herb (ll)--66,67 Judd, Jacqueline (12) Jiidd, John (10)--77 Jurica, Jim (U) — 23,29,51,56,58,96 K Kabot, Ronald (11) Kagc, Bonnie {iO)--49 Kage, Ronald (12)--48 Kaiser, Bev (S)--104 Kaley, Linda (12)--98,159 Kaltenbach, David (10) Kane, Richard (12) Kantz, Karen (11) Kantz, Michael (10) Karczewski, Robert (12)--69 Katana, Robert (10) Keegstra, Philip (10)--51 Keith, Pamela (12) Kelderhouse, Laura (10) Kellogg, Brenda (11) Kellogg, John (ll)--76 Kellogg, Lynda (12) Kendall, Martha (ll)--98 Kennedy, John (ll)--52 Kennedy, Sharon (10)--26,46, 181 Kerby, Connie (10)--86 Kerby, John (11) Keusch, Jo (10) Kevwitch, Ron (12) Keway, Linda (ll)--28,30,36,46,98 Keyes, Gary (10)--56,79 Keyes, Jack (12)--100 Killman, Sharone (11)--49,100 Killman, Tom (12)--41,48,100 Kilmury, Mary Lou (ll)--46 King, Richard D. (11) King, Richard J. (11) Kingdon, Dale (10)--55 Kinnee, Edward (11)--170 Kinney, Cindy (12)--44,98 Kinney, Geraldine (F)--105 Kinney, Karen (ll)--29,98 Kinsman, George (F)--4,105 Kipley, David (10) Kirby, Winona (F)--105 Kirk, Bernard (F)--103 Kirkpatrick, Glen (10) Kirt, Greg (12) Kirt, Lee (10) Kirt, Michael (10) Kiser, Mary (ll)--5i,99 Kitchen, Richard (11) Klaasen, Lynne (ll)--26,47,80,82,83 Klingelsmith, David (12) Klotzbach, Carol ' n (U)— 26,30,47,80 82,83,149 Kniss, Alfred (10) Kniss, Bonnie (l2)--99 Knowles, Margaret (10) Kologe, Karl (U) Komerska, Jeanette (10) Korb, Jon (10)--57,69, 1S2 Korb, Kathryn (10) Kortokrax, Mark (10)- -42, 100 Kortokrax, Robert (ll)--57,78,79 Kozelko, Karan (11)--46,20S Krings, Carol (10)--4,99 Krohmer, Leo (11) Kroupa, Frank (11) Kroupa, Janes {12)--2l, 28,58,60,65, 68,98,185,193 Kroupa, John (12)--55 Kroupa, Kenneth (12)--55 Kroupa, Marilee (11) KruU, Philip (A)--2l,92 Krumlauf, Lyie (11) Kucera, Carl (10) Kucera, Karen (11) Kuemin, Richard (10)--66,77 Kukia, Dale (12) Kwasky, John (12)--69,184 Kyselka, Luana (11)--41,74 LaFranier, Dixie (l0)--99 LaFranier, Louis (11) Lamie, Richard (11) LaMott, Gary (12)--5, 19,56,57,60, 64,70,72,79 Landfair, Raymond (11) Lannin, Danny (12)--44 Lannin, Roslle (11) Larcom, Karen (ll)--84,86 Larcom, Sharon (10) Lardie, Barbara (12) Lardie, Brenda (10) Urdie, Charles (ll)--55 Lardie, Larry (10)- -43 Lardie, Lynda (ll)--44 Lardie, Tom (10)--13,67,110 Larimer, Melvin (F)--21,28 Larson, Sharon (10)--46,49 i 204 Lassa, James (11) Lautner, Dianna (10) Lautner, Duane (12)--55 Lautner, John (ll)--78,79 Lautner, Judy (12) Lautner, Linda (10) Lautner, Rosemary (11)--39,41 Lauzon, Jud (10) Lauzon, Rae (10) Lawler, Eugene (A)--13,90,1S0 Lawlet, Jean (12)— 5,28,41,46,98 Uwlet, Michael (10)--100,101 Leggett, David (10)--55 Lehn, Doug (12) Leismer, BUI (10)--66, 79,98 Lcismer, Ken (12)--20,28,98 Lemcool, Clifford (12) Lemcool, Judy (12)— 5,28,41,49,58,98 Lentner, June (11)— 24,46,49,51,84 Lems, Cuilista (10) Lewis, Kenneth (12) Lichty, Dave (10) Liddell, Rodney (10)--67 Liedmg, Michael (11)— 58 Lievense, Richard (12) Ligon, Dave (12)--15,74,97 Linderleaf, Richard (10) Lindley, Richard (10)--43 Lindsey, Helen (12)--98 Lindsey, Martha (12)--99,44 Linger, Carol (12) Linger, David (ll)--3,67 Lipski, Jan (12) Livasy, Lyie (10)--67 Livasy, Neil (12) Lloyd, Sandy (11) Lockman, Al (A)--77,91,104 Lockman, Steve (12)— 13,24,30,56,57, 60,62,64,70,71,72,73,79,142,143, 157,177,180,184 Loomis, Robert (11) Loomis, William (10) Loper, Joseph (11) Loveless, Marilyn (10) Low, Mary (11) Ludwig, Robert (ll)--3,79 Luft, Dolly (12) — 22 Luick, Karen (11) Lupa, Linda (10)--99 Luzius, Donna (12)--46 Lyle, Barbara (12) Lynch, Thomas (F)— 97 Lyon, Janet (11) — 39,41 Lyon, Jerome (12) Lyon, Lanny (11) M McCaffrey, Gaylord (10) McCain, Pamela (11)— 5,84,86,98 McCallister, Brcnda (10)--114 McCallister, Gilbert (11) McCarthy, Aim (10)--42,52 McCloskey, Joann (11) McCloskey, John (11) McCordy, Don (10) McDonald, Cathy (12) McDonald, Charles (11)--29,51,68 McDonald, Mike (10)--79 McDonnell, Douglas (10) McDuff, Sandra (10)--86,162 McCarry, Stephen (11)--66,71 McChan, Nancy (10)--42 McCill. Joanne (12)--46 McGowen, Jackie (12)— 181 McGrew, Shawn (10) McCiew, Tim (12) — 20,23,28,50,51,98 Mclntyre, Ronald (12) McManemy, Sharon (1 l)--5,2e,46,49, 85,98 McManus, Jean (12)— 44 McManus, Patrick (11)— 55,57,60,68, 70,71,73,77,81 McMath, Wilbci (F)--55,104 McMillin, John (12)— 97, 100 McNabb, Douglas (12) McNabb, Ralph (10) McNinch, Tom (12) McPhall, James (11) McPherson, Perry (10) McWatters, Donna (10) McWatters, Julie (10)--86 MacEachran, Roland (12)--13,57,76, 142 Maclnnis, Maxine (F)--97,U)5 Mack, Karen (11)— 97 Maddy, Dick (11) Madigan, Dennis (10)— 66,71,79 Maitland, James (11) Majeske, James (11) Majszak, Wayne (10) Manker, Diane (12)--49,98 Manker, Donald (10) Manthci, David (10)--58,71,76, 100, 183,194 Manty, Dale (12)--5,12,39,42,48,102, 181 Manville, Linda (12) Manville, Sharlene (11) Manville, Sharon (12)--15,191 Marek, Kenneth (ll)--66 Marek, Susan (10) Mamett, John (ll)--34,57,79 Mamett, Kendra (10)--43,49,86 Mamen, Lee (12)--24,41,50,78,79, 164,178,180 Marshall. Jean (11) Martin, Barbara (ll)--26,47,80,82,83, 84 Martin, Suzanne (12)--46,193 Mashka, Joice (11) Mathews, Rick (10)--100,122 Mathews, Robert (11)--31 Mathias, Steve (11)— 77,100 Mathias, Sue (10)--99 Maxson, Dave (12) Maxson, Linda (1 1) Maxson, Sandie (11)--167 Mayer, Cathy (11) Meach, Charles (1 1)--1 1,53, 167. 176 Meach, Stephen (10) Meeuwenberg, Connie (10)--86,87,88 Meeuwenberg, Eugene (11) Meeuwenberg, Richard (12)--56,103 Melichar, Anne (11)--42,100 Menzel, Irving (F)--70,105 Menzel, Mary (10)--99 Merchant, Joyce (11) — 49 Mericle, Sherry (11)--15 Merriam, Patricia (12)--98 Merrick, James {10)--100 Meteer, Ron (10) Meyer, Robert (F)--103 Mieike, Marilyn (ll)--99 Mihulka, Sharon (12) — 1 1 ,41,47,49, 143 Mihulka, Shirley (11)— 46,49 Mikowski, David (1 1)--69,76, 182 Mikowski, Karen (10)--46 Mikula, Frank (ll)--55 Milks, Arlenc (10) Milks, Constance (12) Milks, Don (10)--170 Milks, Elizabeth (10)--87,162 Milks, Wayne (11)— 100 Milks, Vem (11) Miller, John (12)-- 103 Miller, Richard (ll)--lOO Miller, Terry (12)--51 Mills, Alma (12)--54 Misner, Kenneth (12) Mitchell, Robert (10) Mlujeak, Linda (10) Mohrhardt, Mike (11)--71 ,72,73 Mohonen, George (11) Molnar, Sue (10) Monroe, Connie (10) Montague, Judy (11)--15 Montague, Terry (10) Montgomery, Linda {12)--56 Moon, Patty (12) Mooney, Mary (10) Moran, Mary (12)--100 Morgan, John (12)--56 Morrison, John (10) Morton, Don (12) Morton, James (10) Moses, Juanita (ll)--42,49,53 Moslcy, Cathy (11) Moss, Jeanne (12)--38,39,40,41 ,42,53, 103.154,185,208 Moulton, William (12)--164 Mowen, Maryanne (10) Mulhonen, George (11) Mullen, Pat (10) Mumby, Tom (12)--171 Munro, Dugald (A)--91,103 Murehie, Kim (1 1)--20,2S,98 Murphy, Wanda (12) Muse, Barbara (12)--14, 25,49 Muse, Harry (lO)--lOO Mutchler, Jeffrey (11)--66,100 Myers, David (12)--186 Myers, William (12)--56,57,58,60,62, 64,146,179 N Nash, Michael (12) Naymick, William (ll)--57, 60,70. 71, 73,79 Neason, Richard (12)--57, 60,64, 177 Neason, Bill (12)--39,60,64,177 Nelson, Ann (11)--191 Nelson, Fred (12)--5,38,39,41,51,57, 60,65,68,98,167,208 Nelson, John C. (11) Nelson, John D. (12)--55,188 Nelson, John J. (II)--IOO Nelson, Kenneth (10) Nelson, Lynn (12) Nelson, Paula (12) Nelson, Phihp (12)--12,36, 100, 101 Nelson, Robert (11) Nelson, Thomas D. (ll)--67 Nelson, Thomas E. (11) Nemec, Cathy (12)--98 Neuman, Kathy (12)--96 Newell, Gary (11) Newman, David (10) Newman, Patricia (12) Newstead, Jim (10) Newville, Sandra (11) Nicola, Danny (10) Nicola, Gary (12) Nink, Thomas (lO)--lOO Nixon, Millie (ll)--51,99 Nixon, Virginia (10) Norcross, Kenneth (ll)--98 Nordstrand, David (11) Norton, Betsy (10) Noteware, George (10) Nottkc, Sharon (12) — 56,84, 193 Novak, Thomas (10)— 42,52, 100 Novak, William (F)— 102 Numberger, Jim (12)--57,71 O Oatley, D ' Arcie (1 1)-- 13,46, 100,126 Oberlin, Walter (F)--96 Ochs, Kathy (12)--99 Ockert, Claude (11) Ockert, Lois (10) O ' Heren, Mickey (10) Oliver, Randy (1 1)--30,7 1,77, 126 Oliver, Thomas (11) Olman, Janice (ll)--39 Olman, Linda (10)--86 Olmstead, Jim (12) Olsen, Donald (10) Olson, Bmce (12)--57, 60,65, 68 Olson, Gail (1 1)--5,1 1,20,39,46,85,98 Olson, Gary (12)--36,56,57,58,69,79, 80,151,181 Olson, Herbert (A)--8,lu4 O ' Meara, India (ll)--99 Onker, Gertrude (F)--96 Ooley, James (F)--2U,60,61,79,103 Ormsby, Terry (ll)--lOO Orr, Michael (11) — 23,41 Osga, Ed (12) Ostlimd, Kncale (12) Otto, Regina (10) Overbeck, Ross (10)--13,60,68,79, 100, 110 Owen, Gwen (12) Owens, Craig (12) Owens, Jim (11)— 66,74,79 P Packer, Steven (lO)--lOO, 178 Page, Barbara (10) Page, Linda (12)--49 Page, Marcia (10)--2;i,99 Pagel, Ceraldinc (F)--54,94 Paid, Carol (11) Panek, Bemadine (10) Panck, Yvonne (12)--54,159 Pantazopoulos, Sue (12) Pantazopoulos, Thomas (10)--79 Panter. Jo Ann (F)--95 Parker, Betty (F)--94 205 Parker, Charles (U)--57,60,194 Parker, Edward (11) Parker, Jeanne (12)--39,99 Parker, Linda {10)--22,51 Parker, Tom (12)--55 Parker, Virginia (10)--99 Parting, Donald (F)--79 Panison, Michael (10) Paxton, Mary Lou (12)--20,21,23,28, 49,50,51,98,177,182 Paxcon, Robert (10) Penland, Beverly (10)--86 Penny, David (12) Perla, Daniel (lO)--lOO Perrin, Dave (12) Pen-in, John (12) Pestolis, Nancy (11)--49,51,126, 187 Petersen, Harry (12) Peterson, Linnea (Il)--42,100 Peterson, Lynne (10)--99 Perterson, Pam (10) Phillips, David (10) Piasecki, Debbie (11) Piasecki, Nancy (12) Pickard, James (ll)--55 Pickard, John (10) Pickard, Jack (10)--118 Pierson, Cecil (10) Pike Randall (10)--39,69,76 Pike, Sally (12)--50,51, 193 Pink, Frances (12)--44,97 Podleski, Jerry (11) Poertner, Ken (10) Poertner, Patricia (11) Pokoj, Linda (10)--86 PoUman, Norman (F)- -8,21,97 Porter, Urry (ll)--8 Potes, Ann (F}--96 Potter, Donna (12)--100 Powell, George {12)--53 Powell, Randy (11) Prentice, Laurel (10) Pressell, Patricia (10) Price, Mary (ll)--98 Price, Patricia (10) Pritchard, Shirley (S)--106 Proper, Jacquelyn (11) Proper, Susan (12)--44 Prosello, Diana (10)--106 Pulaski, Lunny (U) Pulcipher, James (10)--4, 19,79 Purkiss, Judith (10) Purvis, Robert (12)--20,21,28,50,57, 60,63,65,68,98,186 Purvis, Steven (10)--67,186 Purvis, Vickilee (11)--39,41,46,47, 129,208 Q Quinton, Linda (10) R Racey, Sharon (11)--41,46,98 Racht, Kenneth (12)--20,28,58,98,192 Raczkowski, Linda (12)--19 Radant, Linda (12)--46,51 Radcliffe, Roger (12)--100 Radcliffe, Sandra (U) Radii, Beverly (10)--122 Radlke, Lawrence (11) Radtke, Raymond (11) Raftshol, Anne Marie (12)--20,21,23, 36,41,46,51,58,98.154 Raftshol, Wanen (10)--76 Randall, Marie (11) Raney, Ken (12) Rasho, Gloria (11) Rayle, Barbara (]l)--99 Rayle, Roger (12)--5,41, 48,52 Reed, Lyie (10) Reed, Stewart (12-13.142,187 Rcid, Paul (11) Reincke, Jon (10) Remesch, Karyl (10) Rennie, James (11)--7S,127 Reno, Floyd (10) Reno, Joan (II) Reynolds, William (12)--23, 50,51, 56, 76 Rhoads, Anne (10)--99,177 Rhoad , Robin (I0)--99,177 Richards, Jeff (12)-.24,57, 60, 65,176 Richardson, Edward (II) Richardson, Philip (10)--52,100 Riggs, Gordon {10)--78,79 Riley, John (1 1)--39,57,58,60,71,72, 133,194 Riley, Mary (12) Riley, Timothy (10)--67 Rinal, Richard (11)--98,191 Rinckey, Marilyn (11) Ringsmuth, David (11) Riskey, Ben (ll)--lOO Riskey, Lynn {12)--41,100 Riskey, Mark (lO)--lOO Ritchey, Paul (11) Ritola, Lars (I0)--79 Ritola, Nels (ll)--lOO Ritola, Ricarda (11) Roan, Peter (12) Robbms, Ron (10) Robbins, Sheryl (10) Robertson, Bob (10) Robinson, Edward (12) Robinson, Eva (10) Robinson, Jon (10)--69,79 Robinson, Judy (I2)--39 Robinson, Shari (10) Roe, Dennis (11) Roe, Mary (11)--51 Rogers, Danny (11)--128 Rogers, Joe (12) Rogers, Suzanne (l2)--49 Rokos, David (11) Rokos, Don (10) Rokos, Gene (ll)--44 Rokos, George (10)--118 Rokos, Sandra (1 1)--39, 41,46, 208 Ronk, Carlyn (10) Root, Sharon (10) Rosinski, Larry (11) Rothermel, Dick (12)--100,101 Round, Bonnie (12)--86,99 Roimd, Elizabeth (12)--2,99 Round, Harry (10) Rowe, Dennis (10) Roxburgh, Mary (12)--22,28,51,156 Royce, John (12)--40,41,53,56,57, 185 Rufli, Karen (12)--99 Rumble, Harriette (10)--22,51,58 Rumble, Mary {12)--28,29,41,58,98 Runyon, David (12)--57,60,65,68,79, 100 Russell, Barbara (10)--99 Russell, John (11)--22,51,92 Russell, Margaret (II)— 41,46,136 S St. John, Peter (Ladd) {10)--77 St. John, Robert (12)--19,55,60,64,68 St- John, Theresa (10) Sabo, John (F)--94,96 Sachtleben, Philip (12) Safronoff, Gary (12)--19,187 Saier, Eugene (12) Salathiel, Lyndon (F)--21,67,76,95 Salensky, Sue (11) Sanborn, Roger (II) Sandberg, Toby (12)-- 16,28,41,188, 192 Sanders, Roger (10) S ands, Glenn (F)--102 Sanford, Bntton (12)--4S,79,178 Sanford, Patricia (12)--100 Satler, Alan (U) Satter, Mary (12)--50,192 Sattler, Alan (12) Saugie, Julie (12) Saunby, Linda (10) Saunby, Sandra (12) Savage, James (12)--28,29,98 Savage, Roscann (10) Saxton, Frank (10) Saxlon, Sandra (12) Sayler, Barbara {12)--38,39,40,41 Schaar, Jerry (1 1) Schafer, Marijane (1 1) Schaub, Daniel (10) Schaub, Gerald (lo) Schaub, Rodney (10)--28,79,98 Scheck, Sandra (I1)--9S Schcidcl, John (10) Schichtcl, Catherine (10) Schichtel, Kay (10)--49,100 Schlage), Jerry (11) Schluetcr, Linda (12)--100 Schmidt, Bruce (12) Schmidt, Crystal (10) Schmuckal, Ken (10)- -100 Schooley, David (12) Schrader, Mildred (10) Schroeder, Walter (11) Schrouder, Sue (12)--39,49,208 Schubert, Art (F)--97 Schuknecht. Ed {A)--20,76,91, 104 Schuknecht, Rick {10)--71,79 Schuler, Susan (ll)--49 Schultz, Denyse {12)--22,51 Schuster, Ursula (11)--179 Schwartz, Myma (12) Schwind, William (11) Scott, Charles (10)--55 Scott, Daniel (12)--19 Scott, Kathleen (12)--44 Scranton, Charlene (ll)--20,28 29 41 98 ■ ' . Scranton, Marlene (11) — 5,4i_98 Seaberg, Richard (10) Seabrook, Lynn (12)--9S,192 Seel, Margo (12) Seese, John (I2)--34 Selkirk, Lance {12)--57,79,167 Selkirk, Paula (10) Shearer, Jon (12) Shearer, Judy (12)--49,100 Sheffer, Barbara (ll)--96 Sheffer, Dennis (10) Sheffer, Dick (12)--77 Sheffer, Sue Ann (10) Shelby, Edwin (lO)--llO SherriU, Dorothy (11) Shield, Thomas (U)--66,67,74 Shipman, Ruth (12)--46,49 Shroyer, Keith (10)--71 Shugart, Duane (11) Shugart, Greg (10)--58,66,79,181 Sika, Stephanie (10)--54,84 Sikorski, Fred (10) Sikorski, Mike (12) Simerson, Darrel (11) Simmons, Penny (11) Sivek, Suzanne (10)--86 Skingley, Kristin (ll)--30 Skipski, Gloria (10)--54,85, 86,88, 152 Skiver, Terry (12)--44 Slater, Greg (12) Slater, Roberta (11) Sleder, Betsy (12)--51 Slivinsky, Kyra (10)--86,88,178 Smedley, Donna (10) Smethells, Eltabeth (A)--92 Smith, Beverly (12) — 44 Smith, Bill (10)--13,79,110 Smith, Jeffrey (ll)--lOO Smith, Jim (10)--79 Smith, Ken (12)--97 Smith, Mary (12) Smith, Nellie (F)--105 Smith, Richard H. (12)--55 Smith, Richard R. (12)--60,65,77 Smith, Robert (12)--56 Smith, Sally (12) — 39,50,53,195 Smith, Ted (12)--100,101 Snyder, Dianne (10)--99 Snyder, Duane (I0)--55 Snyder, Pamela (10)--86 Snyder, Randee (11) Soappman, Gayle (10)--86,99 Soappman, Janet {10)--86,99 Sogge, Larry (10) Solem, Linda (10)--118 Solomon, Linda (12)--22,51,98 Somers, Woodford (12)--21,76,167 Sommer, Manfred (12)- -17,41,53,57 192 Sommerville, Thomas (ll)--67 Soper, Joe (10) Soper, Marie (11) Soper, Sharon (12) Sorensen, Fred (10) Sorenson, Rita (12)--38,39,41,46,47, 53,143,146,195 Specs, Barbara (11) Spenceley, Dennis (11)--36,39,69,126 Spencer, Connie (11)--19, 49 99 Spink, Florence (12)--99 Spink, William (ll)--55 Spoor, Linda (1 1) Spoor, Martha (II) 206 Spone, Marsha (12)--21,39,41,46,50 Sporte, Nancy (11)— 36,51 Springstead, Peter (ll)--67 Suchnik, Donald (12) Stachnik. Mary (10)--54 Stachnik, Sherry (11) Stanek, Jerry (U)--60, 74, 75,76 Stanwick, Roger (12)— 21 Starek, Ralph (11) Stark, Carol (10)--49,99, 122 Stark, Jean (11) Stark, Susan (r)--95 Starr, Catherine (10) Starr, Donna (10) Stathakis, Tina (10)— 46,99 Stauffer, Gloria (10) Steed, Stanley, Jr. (lO)--lOO Steele, Har ey (12) Steffey, Joe (10)--66,67 Steinberg, Nancy (10) Steinebach, Dan (12) Steinmiller, Romona (10) Stephan, Kathy (11) Sterling, Richard (lO)--lOO Stevens, Ronald (12) Stinson, Pat (11) Stoflel, Jack (10) Stokes, Bill (10) — 60,79,177 Stokes, Patti (12)--30,46,58,153.154, 185,194 Stokes, Tom (10)--21,28,52,66,98,177 Stone, Wayne (10)--55,71 Stout, lynne (1 1)--42,49,53 Stowe, Garth (12)--44 Strahan, Janet (12)--44 Strait, Sandra (11) Strait, Thomas (10) Strieker, Barney (1 1)--66, 71,98 Strieker, Jerry (ll)--55,79 Strieker, Sandra (1 1)--5,20,98 Strickland, Brenda (11) Strickland, Brian (11) Strine, Marian (ll)--lOO Stroh, Cheryl (ll)--84 Struble, Gloria {12)--84 Struble, Linda (10)--86 Stulen, Rick (11)— 18,41,53,76,188 Susan, Elaine (12)--49,53,150 Sutton, Jim (12) Svensson, Eva {1 2)--17,41.47.53,56, 102,149 Swan, Linda (12)--39,89 Swan, Thomas (1 1)--56,69,76 Swanson, Charlene (11) Swanson, John (11 )--57,60,63,71,73, 98,178 Swanson, Rhonda (12) Swanson, Thomas (10) Swartout, Susan (11) Swift, Jerry (10) Szpek, Allen (12) T Tanner, Ruth (ll)--99 Taylor, Beverly (10) Taylor, Karen (11) Taylor, Mark (10)— 71 Taylor, William (11) Tezak, Marlcnc (10) Tharp, William (l2)--55 Thayer, Ronald (10)--39 Thibedeau, Joseph (F)--102 Thill, Richard (I0)--39 Thirlby, Edwin (11)--30,51,74 Thomas, Daniel (10)--52,55 Thomas, Linda (10) Thomas, Rodger (11) Thomas, Shyrl (ll)--99 Thomas, Wilma (12) Thompkins, Charles (10)--71,100 Thompson, Carolyn (1 1)— 4 1 ,46,47,74 Thompson, Jim (10)--55 Thompson, Lloeta {11)--51,99 Thompson, Milton (ll)--28,98 Thompson, Rebecca (12) Thompson, Roger (11) Thompson, Tron (12) — 84,187 Thomell, Linda (10) Tliroop, Lynn (II) Thioop, Shcrtyl (11) Tibbitts, Sandra (12)--22,51 Tidman, Patrick Allen (12) — 53 Tocrper, Debbie (1 l)--5,46,49,9e Tomlinson, Lany (11) Tompkins, Linda (12)--24,99,152,180 Tompkins, Mary (11) Toney, David (lO)--lOO Trahait, Norman (F)--104 Tyge, Earl (10)--39,66,123 Tyler, Elaine (11) U Ubl, Mike (10) Ullich, Doris (ll)--lOO Underwood, David (1 1 ) — 69,71,79 Underwood, Ronald (11) V Valade, Jerome (11) Valade, Ruth Ann (12)--26,56 Valleau, Elizabeth (10)--4,86 Valleau, Mary (10) Vandcrby, Ellen (11) Vanderley, Jim (10) Vanderwall, Margaret (ll)--74 Vanderwall, Steve (10) Vandervoort, Judy (1 1)--39,42, 100, 188 VanArkel, Jim (10) — 69,79, 100 Vance, Bill (10) VanConant, Carl (12) VanDeventer, Karl (12]--57,60,64,77 VanStratt, Jim (10)— 2,60,63,71,77, 98,181 VanStratt, John R. (12)--57,58,60,64, 77,98 VanWingen, Darlene (11) Vert, Michael (11) W Wade, Mabel (S)— 106 Wadsworth, Brad (10)--4,98 Wagner, Candy (ll)--44 Wagner, Honey (10)— 54,100 Wagner, Michaelene (10) Wahl, Mary Ann (12)--178 Waldby, Ray (10)- -100 Wales, Brian (12)--31,100.101 Wales, George (F)--102 Walkley, Sharon (11) — 100 Walkmeyer, Ken (10)--28,98 Walling, Ka (12) Walters, Kathleen (10)--30,49.51 Walton, Darlynn (12)--15,39,56, 193 Wamsley, Ross (12)--56,76 Waples, Bill (10)--79 Ward, Sue (ll)--8b Wares, Bill (10)--7 1,76,1 10 Wares, Clifford (10) Wares, Craig (11) Wares, Greg (12) Wares, Karen (11) Wamick, Larry (11) Warren, Mike (10)--S5 Warren, Susan (11) Watson, Charles (ll)--39 Watson, Janet (ll)--49 Way, Michael (ll)--96 Weathers. Douglas (10) Weathers, Rodney (10) Weber, Gordon (12)--97 Weber, Joyce (12)--99 Weber, Mike (10) Weese, Walter (10) Weigand, Carole (12) Weinrick, Carlton (11) Weir, Steve (10) Welch, Bernard (12)--170 Weller, Gary (10) Weller, Shirley (12)--2S,98 Wellman, Linda (10) Wells, David (10) Wcmpic, Bonnie (10) Whaley, Ernest (12) Wheeler, Catherine (12)-- 14,28,46,51 , 56 Wheeler, Cindy (11)--98,136 Wheelock, Don (12) Wheelock, Doreen (12)- -86 Whipp, Bonnie (10) Whipp, Sandy (11) White, David (11) Whiteford, Charles (ll)--55 Whitelord, Terry (ll)--55 Whitteii, Robert (11) Wicksall, John ( 10) Wickstrand, Julie (12)--99 Widrig, Jim (10)--36,58,79,110 Widrig, Marilyn (lO)--lOO Widrig, Maxine (12)--100 Wiens, Julie (11)--42,191 Wiesler, Rhea (11)— 99 Wiggins, Charles (10) Wigman. Brad (12) Wilbur, Paul (11)— 22,23,39,41,52,129 Wilcosen, Carole (11)--19 Wilder. Gordon (ll)--78,79 Wilkinson, Tom (10)--39,110 Williams, A- V. (F)— 38,40,42,95,208 Williams, Donald (10) Williams, Elizabeth (12)--5,28,98 Williams, Louise (F)--95 Williams, Michael (11) Williams, Nancy (12) Williams, Susan (ll)--99 Willis, Donald (lO)--lOO Willman, Donald (12)--40,41,56 Wilsey, Harold (12) Wilson, Georgene (12)--20,41,98 Wilson, Linda (10)--86,99 Wilson, Martha (11) Wilson, Nora (11) Winchester, Sarah ( 1 1 )--39,42,49.53. 100 Wing, Lois (12) Winn, Joe (12) Winowiecki, Alice (10) Winowiecki, Darlene (12) Winowiski, Jackie (ll)--49 Winsemius, David (10)--52,79 Wisner, Sally (12) Wisnewski, Michael (F)--95 Wisniewski, Sarah (10) Withers, Bruce (F)--104 Withers, Jon (10)--77 Wilt, Bill (12)--48 Wolcott, Geneva (12)--84,86 Wolf, Curtis (11) Wolf, Marie (12)--34,99 Wolfe, Diane (ll)--43 Wollam. Barbara (10) Wollam, Judith (11) Wollam, Richard (12) Wollam, Tom (10) Woodbury. Larry (10) Woodcox, Ivan (11) Woodcox, John (10) Woodhouse, Candace (10) Woodrow, Steve (12)--5,41.48. 160. 186 Woodrow, William (1 l)--48, 126, 1 27, 160 Worden, Dorothy (10) Wright, Jo Erin (12) Wright, Urry (10) Wright, Norman (11) Wuerfel, Christ (lO)--lOO Wuttele, Ruth (U)--IOO Wyatt, Don (12)--79,98 Wylle, Gerald (12)--28,96. 100 Wyskochil. Ken (11) Wysong, Frank (12) Wysong, Jack {ll)--56,76 Y Y-lgle, Dan (12) Yagle, Robert (10) Yankee, Gary (10)--66,77 Yankee, Larri (1 1 )--57,60, 63,77 Yon, Gloria (Il)--49 Youker, Kay (12)- - 14.4 1,46.47,56. 154 Z Zaremba, Chester (10)--28,9S Zeita, Roger (11) Zick, Sharon (11) Zick, Stanley (11) Zimmerman, Das e (12)--I00 Zimmers, Micliael (12) Zoulek, Carolyn (12) Zoulek. Gordon (12)--100 Zupin, Barbara (10)--46,49 Zupin, Nancy (10)— 26,46,49,82 207 Closing Up Shop . . . Well, we ' re done. We ' re finished. The yearbook is completed. No more getting up Saturday mornings at 9:00 to go to PINES workshop. Our parents won ' t have to greet us as strangers any more . John can stop snapping pictures and snapping at people. Editors can stop snapping at John. Jeanne can stop pecking at the type- writer. Mr. Williams can go home after finishing a late deadline . All these un- pleasantries will be forever gone. But yet, all these things played a vital part in the satisfaction of producing the 1965 PINES. A group of young people learned to work together to produce a unified book. A quality bookwasproduced. We all gained a feeling of having given a part of ourselves, of having accomplished something worthwhile . We made some major changes this year, which provided some new headaches . We expanded by 12 pages, including four more pages of student advertismg. We continued the August delivery program started last year. We put a student- designed cover on the book, mstead of a stock cover. And finally, we created a student-faculty index, which gives the page numbers of every person ' s picture in the book. We hope you like these innovations. As shortcuts are sometimes important in getting to class in five minutes, so were shortcuts necessary to produce the PINES . Many persons helped our book by providing shortcuts. The downtown pho- tographers promptlyprovided glossies for us. Student photographer John Hawkins and faculty photographer Mr. Munro snapped literally thousands of pictures. Other shortcuts were provided by the RecordEagle, downtown businessmen, the American Yearbook Company, the faculty and administration, and you, the student body. Special thanks and best wishes also goto Sandy Rokos and next year ' s staff for the working support they gave us. Most of all we ' d like to thank our adviser, Mr. A. V. Williams, photographer, copy writer, head writer, page checker, and super errand boy. Thanks for all the shortcuts . When we started way back in September, we were uncertain. We didn ' t really know what to do. Now the PINES was our re- sponsibility. We were almost afraid of receiving that first page, for, would it be good enough? It was. Then we wanted more and more, faster and faster. We weren ' t always sure of meeting our deadlines. We did. Our proofs began to arrive, and we hoped we hadn ' t made too many mis- takes. We hadn ' t. Now we ' re done. We have no fears, only that you like it. Do you? 208 " 7 C iou Listens— Red Chinese Premier Chou En-Lai held an earpiece as he listened to an address by the Soviet Union ' s new party leader, Leonid Brezhnev, during a meeting of world Communists in Moscow on November 6. Aiexei Kosygin, Soviet premier, is at right. They Died in ' 6- — These world figures died during the year. From left are Prime Minister Nehru of India, General Douglas McArthur of the United States and former President Herbert Hoover. New Presidejtt—Yorei n Minister Giuseppe Saragat (right) was formally notified in Rome on the night of December 28 that he had been elected president of Italy. Stretcher Cases— ' Wounded white hos- tages and Belgian paratroopers were carried from rescue plane at Leopold- villc after it arrived from Stanleyville November 24. The paratroopers de- scended on the rebel-held Congo city just as a massacre of hostages began, and their quick work saved the lives of hundreds. Alliance Talks— Uulxsh Foreign Secre tary Patrick Gordon Walker, left, talked with West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard in Bonn on November 15 during efforts to find a compromise on a new nuclear force for the trou- bled Atlantic .Mliancc. World Events in Review — 1964 Pope J ' isils India— The 38th International Eucharistic Congress opened in Bombay. India, on November 28. In December. Pope Paul VI made the longest papal journey in history to attend sessions of the congress. Wifuue at 9fl — Winston Churchill acknowledged cheers of well-wishers who gathered outside thr window of his Hyde Park home in London on November 30. The occasion was his 90th birthdav. Tokyo, Jiipfni-WiUiiim H. Mills {left) of the I ' . S. A., led Mohanicd Gain- moudi of Tunisia across the finish line to win the Olympic 10,000 meter event on October 14. Swampy Victory— Pi group of Viet Cong prisoners sat quietly in Camau last Oc- tober while guarded by armed South Vietnamese troops. The prisoners were among those captured during a major battle on the Camau peninsula. Reunions at the Wall— An East German mother enrbraced her West German chil- dren last November at the Helmstcdt railway station after the border dividing East and West Germany was opened for first time since I9( I for East Germans. Sparc Tciiiit Wriroined — Cosmonauts Konstantin Feoklistov. Col. Vladimir Komarov and Dr. Roris Vcgorov. lefi to right, waved to the crowd from an auto during their greeting in Moscow on October 19. The trio had just returned from a 16-orbit llight in space in the " ' nkshod " Change of Fouj(:t— Alexei Kosygin, 60. left, and I,eoni l Brezhnev. .57, respectively, were named to be premier of the .Soviet riiion and secretary of the Communist party on October l. ' ». They look over the posts vacated by the resig- nation of Nikita Khrushchev.

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