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M? ,Jw MW ff ffm. vfpiffjjwa Aw WW J Jw if SMG! QV' A hw' Q M, agjgitgxy? M? 7 f N 1 f ,fp 91 HM ww fnwprr fbf DKCK RlCHT , Q K' . 'A , 2 M' - v " LUN fl!! if Af 1' X3 My 3 kfly Sb 9 MJ If ' . W rn ,XJ J f:g f,ll 92' N .NJ if F vb f if WJ? Q X f JU yn' , QP' t ' W 'sf JP Q fA ' , 4 A Wy M X ff, Q N ,, . .Q M 3 Q rf is-A X fb, D N2 " - xx' XXAX Q3 Xb MH ,f I K .6 -,515 b F. XJR! J X ,f H 1 XV -A ,. k X K ,W M ff - YJ .Jw VV ' Iv' I , ' ,L f W :rdf 'NU XNUV ff l 'K l , ' FX Axis E! my V bf Q f ,J U 1 L if 0' J f M 'S 1 I ' Jil aff , . l I 'JL hz 'E V5 gfwj gl-ff' N 1 VCXD . jj! - hy? Q! Jfyf 1 JJ . fn W W , Q0 f- jf 91155 4 W 'li ,ff fp! 3 Dfw ' I W Q" ,gi 5 ry Q JH by , I - A 1 I ' ,Ja ' " 9 xy VI, w jf ,Ji ll A ' l A IM? My Central Hugh School Volume XL Traverse Cnty Mlchlgon June 1952 6 Wlllnom Gerard Rodgers A Bradle We ore deducotnng thus edltnon of The Pines to these two men, not merely for the-ur yecrs ot teochung tenure nor even thenr devotxon to numerous school orgonnzotuons, but more specnflcolly for theur sincere truendllness ond personol interest an oll hugh school students One mork of thus personolrty trout ns thelr electron over o pernod ot yeors os loznt sensor closs odvlsers The Bo Ga Club ond Pep Club ore two orgonnzotnons whnch have been portuculorly stnmuloted by theur mognetnsm To our friends, Wullrom Gerord ond Rodgers Brodley, we, the Closs of 1952, ottectuonotely dedncote thus tortneth edntnon of The Pnnes 2 l tx-Sfsctlgl at K Www 4. Hxlvk AUTLJM 0 v. Q 3 fx ff 3 MQ 55 X774 Hivy X 5 L ,k N - L 4 FOREWORD No srnce the days ot Vtloocly the lrttle Troran rse e you been conducted througr Q page ot The Prnes by o charnrrng a character as the Worry Burcl ot l952 The chret worry at the stall has been to please you vyrth thrs tortretlr xourrre ot our annual We one ou wr e rt nov we lqnow yo.r W lr treasure rt efen n e these lays ot elatron and clesparr o achre ernent C trrlure of haoprne and sorrow at peas TDVSCS TDOVT H9 rnents me a a 5 our per onalrty y u wr hnd your terchers your C rnates the ecord ot our ath CtrCT9C1rns the yarrous as C rr actryrtre our departments o rusrc rna rc 0 nate ta s We haye raclt sea r aacrc TCT TC VU VXHTC TIT X jurcle you CX-,JD TABLE OF CONTENTS r e age ann De atr r Autumn Dlvlsron Foreword Board ol Educatron Faculry 7 4 Cftrce Staff Student Government Sophomore Cla l7 24 Northwestern Mrchrgon College Football 27 33 Cheerleaders 34 35 Features 36 38 Wmter Drvrsron Library and Cateterra Basketball ill 48 t MCA ocrat rnor Vxrr ter Spar Veteran lnstrtute Nusrc Seaton llaclro Black 8. Gold Clubs ana Actryrtres Sprung Drvrsuon Natronol t-lonor Society Senrors Junror Class Festrval Ensembles and Solorsts Sprung Sports Travel Club The T952 Prnes StaFt Snap Shots 62 63 64 78 T28 ,IT b P U L, 'ln ' I j 2 'iii T 3,75 T V 'TH T F E F 'T1,,i TTT 'T' TT fI'l'if'T'f'f'Q"I Y ' J , ' - ' ' ant su r 'L and aiscr p r. trne t,, ot all the ho' I hay 5 ' l thx ele 1 , et hte which go to fest the t l t ' ' - V " In it o 'll t r' C ', lass- f I F A A lr r Y 'll lrk dura wa the" ' 1 r n "F - l ll -V ' ' T 'OV rr Q , are t' 5, .el , rourr C llurn, r f highly in 'he years ahead as it recalls to you irrrar -L rl ern by . so rs rnsotar' as 5 r' t'q rl, I V. ' 5 'sy 1 and we Sher turtl ' tl : 'C llo V J ' cle 'O and ff' , I ' -ss , l - ' - r T'tl 31 6 l Clic or - - - l-2 G rls' A'l le' ss A ron '--- 49 M r' w r' ts ----- 50-5l l . U - ' s ' ------ 52 ' ' -"""' 4 .r ' ' ---f-f 53-59 Q ' ----- 6 ' ,,,,,,,,, 69 - FYFAY 7 V 15 A . . . M - A - - E - V - - - - lo - A , , Q6 ' ' - - - - 80 . , . . . . . , . ' - - - - - - - - 8l-lO9 K A ,,V,a,- , ' ------ l l l-l l9 . . , , , , , . , ' ' . . l2O ' ------ l2l-T24 . . . . - Q - - - - - 125 ' A ----- 40 " ' " ---- l26-l27 W4 Y v fx ADMINISTRATIQN D 14 P1 1 fr 4 5 - '+fe ff ee+ff W-rfe f-Neff BOARD OF EDUCATION Arnell G Engstrom Presudenf Harold B Lynn Secretary Douglas E Lander Vuce Presldenf Colon War s Treasurer Dr Kneale M Brownson Bruce M Graham Mrs Marian P Hammond Glenn E Loomis Superunfendenl of Schools Harry T Running Attorney for The Board 6 fl 1 4 r I J 7 L, 10 R Graham l-lummond, Lynn, Loomis, Engstrom, Running, Wares, Llnder, Brownson , I , 1 - A 5 , eeee The Pi1ze.f,I952 Wlllnam Woodro Novak BS MA Central Mn gon College Unnvers Ty Alabama Much: 1 te College Prm zpa the High Srhool GlennE Loomis A B MS MA PhD Olrvef College Unlversnty of Mnchngan .Supa nnlemlezzl of Schools George Anderson A B A M Mnchugan Sfale Normal Cellege Umversny of Chlcago junior High Slhonf Prmupal Charles Anabel, A.B. U. of Michigan Srienre I -tear Rodgers A. Aletheia Cochlin Clyde C. Edwin Bradley, A.B., A.M. Brown, B.S. Graichen Melin, B.S., M.A. U. of Michigan Michigan State Normal Western Michigan Northern Michigan Michigan State Oberlin Michigan State Normal U. of Wisconsin 1 I New York School U. of Michigan Michigan State Normal Chenlutf-l of Design , I Western Michigan H iean Alerbwxuul Draumg U- of Michigan Ar! 27 year! 23 jean Votulirmal Ifdlxmlimr 30 years l l Edward Graybiel, B.S. Central Michigan l Gozfemment and Afbl8IiL'5 20 yearx Robert L. Hamilton, B.S., M.S. Lincoln U. of Illinois English and Terting 15 ,wean Lars Hockstad, A.B., A.M. Olivet U. of Michigan t 1---v A ldlb6'llld!1L'.f -JU yearx -9- George Karl Fnsher B S A M Mnchlgan State U of Chicago U of Mlchlgan Cofrefpmzdence Study aml Vetemnr Imutute 31 geury Wllllam Gerard A B Central Mnchngan Mlchlgan Stale Hzftory I 5 yearx Harry L Hansen B Mus U of Mnchlgan 0 rchextra 3 year: Edmund Howard B S Michigan Sfafe Normal General Science 13 years Tharel Kanitz, B.S, U. of Michigan A fill? metic 20 years Glenna Marie Kiefer, B.S. Michigan Stale Normal English 29 year: lrene E James D Heck BS Leonard Jr BMUS U of Mnnnesola Central Machngan English Michigan Stare 6 yeqrx Vocal Muna M el 7 J l 19 3 vearx f- Western Michigan Irving Oswalt n, A.B., BS. Menzel, AB. West Virginia State Michigan State Normal Duke U. A 411111 EL'UllUUlil.l l'l1i rica! Ififfn' ' 21 Vl6'tlf,i' I 9 lmlri' If , Raymond Ruth Glenn Opland, B.Mus., M.Mus, Rafi Sands, BS. U. of Michigan Michigan State Normal Anderson limnl Iffllllblllrlifllg Cr-9111218171 . 6 taaiir 25 'twin Speech am! Biology l leur Allan A. Lockman, BS. Central Michigan Michigan State Imluflrial Arty 4 J eurf Thomas S. Lowden, B.S.Ecl. Michigan State Ohio State U. Central Michigan C.i0N1IIl67l'id1 and Farm Shop 2,3 yearx Nellie l. Smith, B.S. Central Michigan Davenport-McLachlan Business Inst. U. of Colorado Com merrial I 7 year: l Hig- t William R. Stier, B.S. Central Michigan Michigan State Normal C, 0 111 m errial 1 10 ,weary .3 UI! Sh Arnold Vernon Dean Margaret Lee Williams, AB., M.A, Wilson, B.S. Wing, B.A. Wyatt Michigan State Western Michigan U. of Wisconsin I W Antioch ,llarlurle 51,711.9 Weyem Michigan I Vlingliib. Hixtorgi and Ififfflfvl IU -wart U. of Michigon Gerzeml Svieuve -I Jean 2 jean Iinglifb . 14 Jean f Herbert J. Olson, AB, Michigan State Central Michigan lliimrri and English 6 -wary lila Gardner Wilkinson, BS., A,M, Central Michigan U. of Michigan English I8 jearx 414- Ido Betty Violo Beverly McColl Emerson Kaiser Serretarp to A, Senior High junior High Vocational Superintemlezll Bookkeeper Offire Olfife Office Wondo Beers Adult Eduzation Office Jeon Kruse Rereptioniff " A Louise Gorvin Clerk P111 197 x.. c ow a l e csnc o a on rcr wlc fer h r Row s r n e on c oesse econa Row B all Jolnnson Fo ch tn opp N n to cl owe font ROW op e sner tgec ersow Ha H u er 3 md g o ern app rnc Na 1 OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE Each Tuesday noon the Student Councul pre suded over by Governor Kenneth Knapp met to plan the actuvutues and to dnscuss the problems ot the school year an Central Hugh As a member ot the Natuonal Assoclatuon ot Student Counculs Traverse Cnty played host lost Governor Knapp to an ante councll meetrng attended v representatuves tram the student groups ot Moms tee Cadlllac Petoskey and Alpena Thus meetrng conslsted of duscusslon groups on mutual problems a luncheon and vnsltatuon and observation of our school an sessuon The sole money malang prolect ot the councll was the sponsorlng ot noon dances an the com mumty room Wuth the proceeds the council bought stakes and chauns to enclose and protect the campus lawns sponsored motlon plctures had the lamps used tor school partnes IH the gym nasuum repaured and presented a scholarshup to a sensor voted the most deservmg A committee ot the councul helped plan the general assembly programs also osslgned dates tor dances to the various clubs and other student groups Another protect was the malang ot hall posters tor campaugns on safety drlvung tests better hall behavnor and cleanluness and the sprang talent assembly 'llfuf A ear. 'Q W- "T -'T'-H - ' V7 , .' 'y- . s -v, f 'K . Ba la R C':1nlal,C Y- J, C llx, Nels ,K -is Oh-c-r Jlrj' T rd Art from, Cl nto , Ball J r M, Gr r, Strong S ' e ', l , ul,Nes't'1 , C ,.' sg, a T3 l , C Vl F T sl V, Ke , Chc. l." 1, llaazz Ti-'N O 'ft atc rn Ca or Kn , Pr rpal .uk 1 1 ', - fell ' ' ' , ls, J . . I . -16- QQ KTH W SQPHQMQREQ ,Q eP11zeJ JD sd 117 to o og eS?c SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1954 President Vice President Secretory Treosurer Foculty Advisers Don Clanton Volerue Strong Borboro Jerome Wllluom Sfrucker Mr Wolfer Oberlin Muss Shurley Cunningham -13- Martha Aulcen Donna Aldredge Barbara Allen Beverly Allen Lenlanu Allen Wllllarn Alpers Marilyn Anderson Ethel Armstrong Florence Ask John Babel Edward Bagle Charles Ball Julla Bclr Charles Barton Elame Beaton Larry Bensley Gerald Benton Sarah Blake Gary Boehm Patrucna Bohn Bryce Boursaw Charles Boylan Darlene Brakel Douglas Brandow Carlton Brazee Carolvn Brnght Fred Brught Aluce Brnmmer Lloyd Britton Clayton Brooks Ann Broomhead Dwlght Brown Ester Brown Maruanne Brown Murno Brown Shsrley Brown ullnam Buchan LaVern Buck Norma Bumgardner Marvin Burdnnne Ellen Bushong Kenneth Carlnsle Carl Carpenter Edward Carpenter John Chandler Verna Chapman Norma Cheeseman Lorna Chervenka e Pznex If 5 'E 1 .ei ff ' T b ' . J 2 I x lr :K ' 5 Y 1 1 ,E '5.'. K :vis , if . f . . . .1 . 'wr 'A Y ,J Q ' N ltl .M . . ' -P . ll W- A, "" as 1 3 ls 4 W- ' - 19 - e Pznef I X 91 ,Q Gerald Clark Jamce Clark Marllyn Clark Paullne Clark Vlrglnla Clark Dan Clanton Clufford Cochran Bnllue Jean Comme Gary Comrue Fred Cooledge Mary Core Goal Corpe Carol Couturler Herman Cox Lowell Cram Eugene Curhss Jean Curtnss John Delanty Ronald Dowd Wnlma Durga Dean Eddlemon Jean Edenburn Dora Mae Endres Julva Endres Shelley England Wnllxom Estes Loretta Fashbaugh John Ferrns Julua Flemnng Gary Fort Enleen Fouch Julian Fouch Zandra Frazer Sharon Freeman Elizabeth Fry Calvin Fuller Robert Gannett Bonnie Giller Jane Gildden Donna Goin Frank Gander Ellen Goodrich Donald Gordon Marilyn Graham Elmer Grant Earl Greenman James Greenman John Greenman Elame Gustafson Ilene Haalond Ray Holek Walter Holl Jon Holladay Bernard Hansen Robert Hanson Wesley Hong Isabel Horrrs Tom Harrls Larry Hendrnckson F: d Hen y Rucltord Hull Martel Howard Ellen Huddleston Henry Huffman Dan Ingersoll Robert lrush Larry Jackson Potrucuo Jackson Sandro Jackson Elmer Jamreson Barbara Jerome Arnold Johnson Donna Jean Johnson Joyce Johnson Donna Jones Judtfh Jones Delores Kodrovach Slturley Kadravoch Frances Kennedy Ruth Mary Kung Beverly Klrsch Betty Korb JoAnn Krotky Sally Krohn Frances Langworthy James Lannnn Rosemary Lonmn Nancy Lordue Stacey Laurence Arlene Loutner Nancy Lautner Jorma Lawllss Dovld Lazarus Kaye Lenghton Ted Lernen T e Pznes 1957 bw id 21 LJ'-4P:0'u.f:f4ouL - -A " b ' . .. David Hardy ' Q -5 , 4: f 'e r l ,N " R fu e Pznef 195 arlene Lnchty aymond Lrnderleaf Donn Lnndquust Marflyn Longcore Loreen Love and Marne Lyon Robert Lyon Potrlcma Molze Charles Manvulle Rose Manvrlle John Marsh Lyn McAllister McCor9y McGee Pete Mcliann ,leon McLean Sylvua McWat1ers Susanne Meoch Barbara Mellchor Arlue Mularch Dorothy Muller Steve Muller John Moore Jam s Morey Eleanor Morgan Sharon Morrnll Corolyn Morse Mornlyn Murphy Rnchard Nanfz Jerry Noperalsku Carol Newman Avonda Newsfeed Jane? Newsiead NElIlC Nowak John Olula Sandra Olson Florence Panek Marlene Panek Leona Parker Roberta Parker Claressa Pawloskr John Perry Wayne Peterson Kay Phnllups Lznda Phillips Kay Joe Pierce Sharon Potts Rose Ann Rasho e Pznef 1957 Theodore Rosho Bonme Reechko Wllluam Renme Larry Race Carol Richard Nancy Ruchards Ro e Rnchle Mary Rlckerd James Rrsdon Wnlllom Rntola Clyde Robertson Barbara Robinson .lay Rogers Mauruce Root Betty Rose Jerome Rosmske Donald Russell Wnllmam Russell Beverly Salensky Maxlne Scomehorn Joon Schovey Delores Schlomonn Julnus Schroeder Ronald Schroeder James Schwoble Leon Schworm Marlon Scott Poul Sears Geraldlne See Harold Selung Mnchael Shannon Aphra Show Dorothy Shearer Fern Sheer Douglas Sheldon Barbara Sherberneau Gall Sherlc Shnrley Slodek Norma Slocum Shnrley Snellmg Dolly Snohr Donald Snow Jock Snyder Robert Snyder Corolene Solem Shnrley Somers Al Sorenson Duane Spoof -23 M- T 11 ' , - wtf S - I e Pznef 1 5 Ewfifmk' MJ Rnchcrd Stafford Foymo Steed Rrchord Steiger Shirley Stemeboch Sondra Storm Donald Stowe Annamoe Strlclcer Elemoe Strncker Wnllmom Henry Strrcker Wolluom Hugh Strrcker .lonet Stroh Valerie Strong Albert Svec Joe Svec opald Swanson Ny Terhune Ddyld Tl'1O or if A- 24 REV Gordon Trmmuns :leonor Tower Grace Tweedle Morllyn Tyge Koye Volenhne Shurley VanDeventer Chorles VonOstran Eleonor Wagner Potrlcla Waldron Carl Weeselberg Kenneth Welch Mary Weller Roger Weller Stello Westcott Ted Wheelock Warren Wheelock Eluzobeth Wilson Robert Wllson Sherry Wnlson Robert Wnnme Leono Wrsnsewskn Ronald Wm Lowell Wolbrnnk LoVern Wolfgrom Marlene Wysong Glenn Yetter Audrey Yon Carl York Dovld Youlcer BESTIST PARTY LUCKY FOUR SUCCESS PARTY DOGPATCH PARTY SQUARE DEAL FABULOUS BALLOT T951 52 SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES 5 U 3 I CHEROKEE PARTY BLUE RIBBON FTREMEN WATT PARTY INDEPENDENT JETS I X J T14 PIHLA. IUWT N5'RUf' xl-N3 ' 3, I K. Nm. , 1. .Il 1 K ,V ,MH ,KN T., 1. , .Tl .. A ,. V51 . L! I sn. .. ,, ,, LX,.L , , ,-I ,,,,, .,. . - V- ,. Q Q A - - , C O "- ':' 1 'fix "V p ' ' HT U1 V . Y, ,, Q, ., , ,x,' . ,pklq ,. , W 541 N, T V if . -,T , -- , 1 , .. W TM, , , .. ' T' ' - V '-'7--V-V79 T'T1I'.1", rwi 'A--T r ,H 1' 4' L ,T ,iw um -' 1,1 KM, HHH., -Y V, '1 -1 lnrw- V Q O ,, O Q , ' - g 1 'Wfifirh' rl 'E , bww' ' ' V 'vw ' gg . 1' fi3??Fjfi'S:' E- ' 1 N 1 - ww . - " H, ??i5E'9-9' - Tw 5,3 '- '. T ,, .'.f K' N 1-Kp-. ,. , , H , . V , M 111, 1 'v'. ' . V P. Vf , ' NT' -1" 11, ,1 3 T O Q A V V O O T- -'4 Tp- E-Ny. 'lfS','x.' v " l11r'V'1Tl1. ,wv "1 APY TT r1'-www I Tff 9-QESTIDTV-I' ML, LST 4- V111-vw 'SH WN: ' 1117, Yv'- 'ATT 3- mmm : pw' SEfRi"4QY x 1 f R "1 1 f'l"11vww 'JM 'qw Y- ' .T1f'W'.E'-1' 'If--S Q: Q 5 T if '-- T--T1 MASS SERS xg ,,, T V- , 3- V gy. ,, , ,,. Tloe Piney 1952 Ellns Wunsch Wrntten and Spoken Englush Humonxtues L Harry Strauss Lubrarlan Walter Beardslee Glenn E Loomns Velma Brand Marcus Sheffer M D Hustory of ClVlllZOYlO Economlcs Paulune Baver Busuness Education Supermtendent of Spanvsh Psychology Schools Buologlcal Sclence Preston Tanls Lars Hockstad Lula Wulklnson Durector Mathematncs Language Wrntten and Communucatnans Spoken Englnsh NORTHWESTERN MICHIGAN COLLEGE The people of northwestern Mlchrgan have long felt the need for a college Many of our youth have ln the past been dented a hugher education because of the great dnstances to such an mstutu tlon and the cost of llvang there The cltlzens of the area have also realnzed that a local college could offer vocational trarnmg related to the unlque character of the reguon as well as a general education program Communuty centered and communrty servung Northwestern Mlchugan College came mto benng un the fall of T951 George Washungton Carver once sand Start from where you are with what you have and work from there This us lust what the founders dnd The college as bemg built largely on the dimes and dollars of the people of the regnon at serves lt IS now operatung 10 em orar quarters at the Traverse Cnty Aurport but plans are sn the makung to move to more permanent buildings on the new campus un the near future Begnnnmg with approximately eighty first year students urrucular offerungs wall be expanded to care for addltlonal needs next year The future growth and success of Northwestern Mlchlgan College seems assured and the tnme wall arrive when the students wall publush their own year book lust as they have chosen school colors and flelded a basketball team But to record the bnrth of thus latest addutlon to the lust of hngher educational nnstntutuons of Muchugan the l952 PINES ts happy and proud to present this page E . 5 . 4 ' ,N Ar' All 3 S f . C . . . -26- F6553 M I Mx FCDCDTBALL ? o U X ,f x, X X , N. ,ff IA T e P1ne.r,I952 Back Row Coach Menzel Kramer Gregory Conrad Hickey Nelson Samuelson Grueber Pltylak DeYoung Coach Graybuel Thnrd Row Franke Munro Hall Mollema Ohrenberger Anspaugh Hartley Allen Mehl Second Row Johnson Rhodes Knoll Rumanes DeFer Blesel Shearer Forton Hilton Front Row Sherbeneau Krepps Poft Rlchter Relmer Podleskl Boursaw Zimmerman Tompknns YEA l TROJANS 1951 Ends Nelson Hlckey Rhodes Samuelson Pity Guards Tompklns Polt Knoll Bzsel Anspaugh lak Munro and Rumanes Center Johnson Tackles Shearer Mehl Conrad Hartley Allen Backs Franke DeFer Sherberneau Kramer and Gregory Hall Kreps Rnchter Reimer DeYoung Podles Sept Sept Sept Oc . c . c . c . Nov. 2 Who Won? Alma here Petoskey there Cadillac there - Manistee here - - Aplena there - Ludington here - -Big Rapids here - - Mt. Pleasant there skl Ohrenberger and Forton OPP The Pznex, 1952 FOOTBALL PASSES IN REVIEW Are we gettnng unto a football pattern? Durtng Thus defeat dropped Traverse Cnty to thlrd place the past three years we have won from Manlstee Ludrngton and Bug Rapnds and lost to Alpena Petoskey and Cadnllac The Alma and Mt Pleasant contests are usually close This season ut was four wnns at home and four losses on the road Perhaps It IS well that we have outgrown Class B Perhaps nt would be somethung of an unsprratnon to contest with a fresh lnne up of schools as un the old days when we were a match for Sagnnaw Bay Ctty Detrout Grand Rapnds and Muskegon schools Last fall the coaches were greeted by eleven lettermen on openlng day of practice but only went on thus year to become All Conference and All North guard and received Honorable Mentuon on the All State squad It was a green but spurnted team which downed Alma In the opentng home game Reumer and DeFer tallytng A pretty pass from Kramer to Nelson accounted for the only score agalnst a very strong Petoskey outflt whlch later humullated Cadillac Even the Trolans gave Cadillac a good game but the breaks went the wrong way Kramer Pntylak Hall and Forton carrned the pugsktn unto pay terntory agaunst Manrstee Alpena the Panthers from Thunder Bay agaln fielded a powerful team whuch ran roughshod over the Trolans Only Sherberneau collected any points IH that one Ludtngton and Bug Rapids were easily vanquushed with a flurry of seven touchdowns A vuctory at Mt Pleasant would have glven the Trogans a co champlonshlp In the Conference but the Ollers seemed more at home on a frozen field IH snow flurrtes and freezlng temperatures behund the Oilers and Vlknngs Rermer paced the seasons scoring with three touchdowns Ten other players shared nn the pount makung Only four conversuons were made un fifteen attempts but fortunately thus weakness decuded no games Johnson and Hall gamed All Conference berths In addltuon to Captain Tomp kms and Franke Kramer and DeFer received honorable mentnon Other bright spots nn the seasons play were the kuck offs of Blake Hickey the Ine play of Shearer and Mehl the defensnve end work of Maurlce Rhodes and a brllllant open fleld run by . ' ' ' , l Budd Tompkins was a starter from 1950. Budd Richter in The Big Rcplds Qome- ' , 1 if . ' . . f ' 5 t . . . Ax l A X 1 . . I ,, A PfI1LJ'.1,9iJ LETTERMEN CLASS OF 1952 on Row D ono Juc Fun Seton Row x r .1 vw n o ourwc o e D nuli uno Sv cY'o Row c o neue Cwen Pub fveou Bwfd Town n 30 it 1'-v' , ,.,, X' eq, 95 'Q' -':: 1 i T 5 clmd C r' d, Hurry Dcfur, in v kc Tinvd Row Bhwko Hckey, Rrnuvd Johnson, Dunne Menl Hudow Nelson it P-We cz-oef PiYuW'k Ed 'uri P 5, M 53 Rh d 5, O 1 S1 el O' B fn Q iw f: SI r f, Sm fe X , ,lv S The Pznef IJ AT THIRLBY FIELD Wotclwng on Proctuce Game wsth Boyne Cnty Looks Luke u Completed Pass Budd Tompkms AlIConcerence Lnnemon ond Stole Honorable Menfson An Of? Tockle Gom Hold Tho! Lune 3l ' 'fig Y 1,7 W -11" -A-x, v ' Q C - lg I f I l I K x l V: ' 2 - f 1 1 The Pinef, .7952 Back Row Perry Matthews Bagley Estes Marsh Rnce VanOstrom Jamneson Bank Third Row Coach Duduch Fort Hanson Harrus Shannon Lard1e Moore Taylor Dudley C Carpenter McCarthy Coach Schuknecht Se ond Row E Carpenter Stenger Benton Gordon Brozee Nhner Russell Brandow Boylan Cl1nton Ballentune Front Row Strncker Noperalskr Bensley Hardy W1tt Boehm Curtus Boursaw Delaney JAY VEE The Trolan Reserves under Coaches Schuknecht and Dudltch played an elghtgame schedule and shpped under the record of last year However thelr record of three wlns and a tle agaunst four losses was not too bad un that three of those losses went to varsnty squads of Benzonna Mesuck ard Leelanau for Boys One VICTOTY snapped a 26 game w1nn1ng streak ot Lake C1ty Malor reserve awards were rnaae to Grueber J Boursaw Mollema Z1mmerrnan and GIUHFG Regular reserve letters went to forty other players whuch 1nsures a blg experuenced squad tor the T952 varslty The Schedule t. c. opp. ' ------- 6 T2 ' ..... T3 T3 ' -.,--,. T8 6 - . - - - 25 T3 ' .'--- T3 7 ' -------, T4 T8 ' ----- o T9 - - - - - 6 45 'Q 'Qs -32.- Benzoma Cadrllac Reserves Lake Clty Petoskey Reserves Manlstee Reserves Meslck Cadlllac Reserves Leelanau for Boys The Pines, I THE LITTLE TROJANS Coach Dean Wllson had both a freshman and an 8th grade team thus season and after losnng a close opener to Cadillac went on to wan four straight vuctorles Including a return match with athletuc set up Cadillac which reversed the prevuous score The The Schedule Cadillac Cadullac Bug Rapuds Petoskey 33 Bug Rapnds game was entirely an 8th grade con test and these boys will be ellgnble for the varsity squad next year under the new Class A OPP 0 T. c. . ' ------- O 7 Petoskey ------- 18 O ' - - - - - - 6 O ' ' ------ I4 O - - - - - - - 26 6 51 T 13 Tloe Pi11e5.I952 Ya Iverson Hem Chaffee Tflany RRAH TEAM FIGHT Being consrdered one of The besftrauned and best dressed cheerleading squads an the state was no sample easy Task The members had To ob To look neat cheerful and full of pep af all games and assemblnes where they appeared Varsny and Reserve cheerleaders were chosen by The students alter a series of Try outs by a Pep Club elumunanon commlrfee The Freshmen lead ers were selecled by The commuhee All cheer leaders serve on The Pep Club Council vvhuch sponsors the cheerleadung squads and plans The The Varsity Cheerleaders were Capt Doris Chaflee and JoAnna Helm who cevved lerfers for two years of servrce Jean Iverson and Lorraine Tiffany who celved pans for one year of servmce 1 l L. R.-' , a , , 1 serve rigid pracflce schedules, and were required pep assemblies. . I ' . . ' re- . - . . I re- -34- E - E" "'--if-'H' The Pimfl. 1952 RESERVES Borboro Sherberneou Elleen Fouch Shelley England Nelum Nowak Sonya Gorthe Dorothy Grueber Karen Schubert Jo Morulyn Homllton 35 l l ir 'A' FRESHMEN The Plueu. 1932 P -we see - e Y- eeeee ef w f-ef-W e were u PEP CLUB BOOSTERS SUPREME Presudent Patrucua Struble Vuce Pre udent Kay Strucklancl Secr tary Betty Pratt Treasc er Ardelle Holmes Ao a Pep Club member l pledge mysel' to be a lOO booster ot the Trouarus and Central l-lugh School I promuse that my effort wull be durected toward the promotuon ot true sportsmanshup at all Tuunes Thus pledge expre ses the aums and obuects of the Pep Club It us o largc group pruncupa y gurls whuch ha been ot unestumable servuce to the school year after year Wuth approxumately two hundred member ut tlnds tho uts actvt can best be durected by a councul of the oftucers the varsuty cheerleaders and seven other mem bers On the councul thus year were sen ors Janet Cook Natalue Gustafson and Susan Schubert uunuors Freda Bosker Paulune Brugham Karen Gulbert ana Carolyn Svec sophomores Stacey Laurence Neluta Nowak and Carol Puchard Durung the past year the club tlnushed payung tor the recently erected bleachers at Thurlby Fueld bought new unuforms tor the reserve cheerleaders complete new Jnuforms for the yarsuty basketball team and pur hased an enclosed bulletun board tor the hall near the Senuor Hugh oftuce A new cottee maker was also added to the clubs equupment It us sugnutqcant that the concessuon booth at Thurlby Fueld was rated the best equupped un Northern Muchugan and that the Trouan cheer leaders were among the best dressed and best trauned l I3 u ..... . . .... I" , . .....,... ,u R . u , . , , . , , O, . . , . . o , . ,, , . , u - ' - l - 1 . ,. X . . u , , 5 . . I . . . H . . H F . . , , L , , . - - , s, t u uues . , . , u ' . . I . , . - , , 2 vc 1 4 FOOTBALL QUEEN Queen Dorothy I belng ushered To The throne by her lodles an vvomng Queen Dorothy Sheorer ond her our? conslsnng ol Solly Tompkins Kofhy Greuluck Dolores Wfrnght ond Elsle l-lollodoy were chosen by the penny vote system alle belng nomunoted by The loolboll Teom personnel Mory ond Helen Hunsberger served os crown ond from beorers The gurls were glven corsoges of n ums ond donced wnth Teom members ofler The rownu wg Coptoun Budd Tompkuns crowns the Queen 37 in 'll It e P i II 0 5 . I 9 D 2 fe4lefeeeevv MOMS AND DADS At The Bug Rapids game on September 28th by on event sponsored by the Pep Club Numbers corresponding to those on thenr sons unltorms helped ldentlfy them as they were pre sented to the crowd between halves of The game Mums were gnven to The moms Bo Gu took nts turn honorung the moms and door They entered to observe and partucupate In the recreatnonal set up so tamulnar To thelr chnldren The hugh school dance band turnnshed musuc for the occaslon ' l .fi-9' t- Tlle POVQUTS Ol The loolbfill Pl0YeV5 Wefe honofefl dads on December 5th, After registering at the RZ V KJ QW ww Q ll' Pi TER WIN 'E ,S" E ff I 1 Q L U "Egg VJ Qq.:! K 4 K N NX e Pzzzet IJJ7 WHERE WE STUDY .f1" The Sentor Hugh School lubrary otters SOOO pertocltcals to the number ot 59 a d 25 volumes ot scuentuflc works hctuon hnstory and spectlvely are also subscrlbed to for student use Hugh School lubrary has an addntsonal 2000 be apt to End a number ot enthusiasts playing volumes of a srmular nature Magazines and chess here WHERE WE EAT W4 Each school day our cateterua serves approx: The favorite dashes durlng the present year were mately 225 hot plate lunches ID addutuon to whuch barbecued hamburgers and chocolate puddnng another 200 students carry their lunches whuch The cafeteria ts a non proflt organrzatuon under they often supplement wuth mulk or lce cream the dnrectuon ot Mnss Anne Kusta 40 Th ' . 1 '- r ' sv . . . I . 4 n I re- reterence material of many types. The Junior Between 3:30 and 4130 each afternoon one would ff? Q M , MJ X I K6 Q XY .4 ff W, Q A 5 K E e PineJ,1 952 Clancy 1Mgr Nelson 45 Knapp 142 Kramer 144 DeFe 36 Fanke 134 Grueber 43 Kelsch 139 Beton 138 DeYoung 137 Wtt 135 Rchter 133 Rley 147 Menzel Coach Forwards DeFer Franke Benton Richter Kelsclw Centers Knapp Ruley Guards Grueber Nelson Kramer DeYoung Dec Dec Dec Dec an an an CID 6 6 S 6 S 6 G Mar Petoskey Bug Rapuds Alpena Ludungton Cheboygan Cadullac Mannstee Mt Pleasant Bug Rapnds Alpena Ludmgton Cadnllac Mamstee Petoskey Mt Pleasant Petoskey THE RECORD Opp Regnonal Tournament Trolans Regular Season Won 13 Lost 3 Pct 813 Conference Won 8 Lost 2 Pct 800 Co Champsons wsth Ludtngton All Games Won 13 Lost 4 Pct 765 42 NORTH CENTRAL CONFERENCE CO-CHAMPIONS . 7- --------- 27 34 . 14- ' ' -------- 49 52 . 18- --------- 37 39 . 21 - ' --------- 34 45 J . 4- ------4- 30 81 J . 11- ' ------,-- 34 44 J . 18- ' --------- 45 47 Jan. 19-Alma ---------- 28 45 J .25- . -------- 33 40 F b. 1 - ' ' -------- 49 61 F b. 2- ---------- 52 51 F b. 8- ' --------- 50 36 F b. 15- ' ...--.--- 44 54 F b. 22- ' --------- 33 42 F b. 23- --------- 23 50 F b. 29- . --------- 45 42 . 6- --------- 49 28 652 791 A MILESTONE IN TROJAN BASKETBALL c Pzner I D7 The l95l 52 basketball season was a moment ous one for the Tronans lt marked thenr final appearance nn the Petoskey Regnonals and wnth drawal from the North Central Class B Conference School populatnon has nncreased to the ponnt where Traverse Cnty Central becomes cn Class A school and ut must seek the manor portnon of competntnon from other Class A schools cns soon schedules can be so arranged T s wll course open up varsnty and reserve squads nnnth graders nn all sports Efforts wnll p obcnbly be made to lonn another league wnth the Arrow head Conference composed of Alpena Bay Cnty Handy and Mndland the most lnkely After a notnceably bad season nn l950 5l the Tronans opened thns years schedule most nm pressnvely taknng the hrst ten games wnthout a loss and wnth the all sennor Iron Men carrynng the burden Then mnsfortune struck nn the form of leg nnnurnes to Nelson and Franke after Johnson lost hns elngnbnlnty by partncnpatnng nn an nnde pendent game Alpena squeezed out a one ponnt wnn nn a double over tnme nn the Thunder Bay Cnty after whnch the boys couldnt come through when the chnps were down They lost the league lead at Ludnngton on the postage stamp floor fanled to regann better than a tne by losnng at Mt Pleasant and were ngnomnnn ously crushed by Petoskey nn thenr flrst tourna ment game However wnth the conference co champnonshnp and an overall percentage of 765 nt must be classed wnth the better seasons of the past They out scored the opposntnon nn Held goals free throws and an average of 8 l ponnts per game Somethnng unusual for Traverse Cnty teams they also commntted less personal fouls Ken Knapp was the manor scornng threat and poured nn 2l0 ponnts to add to hns T80 last season Grueber and DeFer were the only men to exceed a hundred ponnts and thenr combnned Held goals were stnll eleven short of thenr centers record Grueber was the best man at the free throw lnne wnth Benton the most prone to foul The flrst strnng qunntet accounted for 590 ponnts thenr replacement made l83 counters and John son and Kelsch added l8 to the total Wntt played nn two games but fanled to score M--- L' 1 5 izi Th 1 ' ' 9 ' M , , . . , I . . . its . I , " as . , hi i , of - - ' l . To I , , , , r ' - ' 1 . A . ,, H - - . , , ,, . . - , I - . . - , - I A . I , -43- T e Pznef 1952 SENIOR LETTERMEN 1952 Harlow Nelson guard Kenneth Knapp center Harold Grueber guard Jack Franke forward Coach Menzel and Team Harry DeFer forward 44 l!wPiz1L v. 195 The Piney. 1952 TROJAN RESERVES Qpark plugged throughout the season by Jun nors Ben Kreps and Bob Lehnhardt after losnng Ron Wntt to the varsnty squad the Tronan Reserves reversed last years record of wnns and losses agannst strong conwpetntnon as follows Opp Reser St Francns ot Traverse Cnty Leland Wnllnamsburg St Mary s of Lake Leelanau Cadnllac Reserves Mannstee Reserves Wnllnamsburg Suttons Bay St Francns at Traverse Cnty Suttons Bay Cadnllac Reserves Mannstee Reserves St Mary s ot Lake Leelanau Elk Rapnds Benzonna Stand ng Coach Schuknecht Ca nute Go don VanOstran D Ianty Leh ha dt Kreps Str cke Mgr Kneel ng Moore Estes We sel ber Cu tss Brazee W son McPherson TROJAN FRESHMEN The freshman squad also fanled to equal nts l95l records but fought hard to establnsh a 4 6 won and lost mark Opp Frosh St Francns of Traverse Cnty Reserves Leland Reserves St Marys of Lake Leelanau Reserves St Marys of Lake Leelanau Wnllnamsburg Reserves Suttons Bay Reserves Leland Reserves St Francns of Traverse Cnty Reserves Suttons Bay Reserves Benzonna Reserves Standnng Wnlson Prnce McGlvray Bathke Watson Hopknns Pem beton Banks Greene To pknns Coach Wlson Kneelnng Pahl Mgr Wooters Zue G Anspaugh Schm dt Rutter St oud T Anspaugh Bu khard Nerbonne Mgr mawnrm l , r , , e- g, r i , , il , l . VBS ' - . A ' - 48 42 ' I - - - - V 51 22 l ' ' ---- 30 40 . ' ' . ' - 61 52 ----- T8 19 ' - - - 29 63 ---- 24 22 ' - - - 34 40 , ' ' ' ---' 63 45 ----- 29 I5 - - - - - 29 35 . ' Leland ------ 44 26 Reserves ----- 23 l 8 . ' ' - 35 24 ' ' - - I5 37 - - - - - 39 32 - - 5 28 ' - - - 4l 37 ---- 29 22 ' - - - 31 39 . ' ' . ' - 35 39 ----- 35 28 ' ----- 26 34 - - l T 29 ' ----- 40 31 ' - - - - 25 23 it T gs-ef nl Queen Kcntherune wos elected from o slote ot thur teen grrls nornunoted by the yorslty squod The queens court wos composed of Sue Schubert Dolores Tousley Morgo Reynolds ond Neluto Nowolc ond eoch wos pre sented wnth o rose corsoge by School Governor Ken Knopp K The Pir1eJ.l952 QUEEN KATHERINE Kotherine Tent-louten is shown os she wos crowned Coge Queen of 1952 by Tro- jon Horlow Nelson, Little Cookie Clancy wos crown oeorer lor her nwoiesty. HG Photo by Alike Shdllllllli e Piney, 1952 STand ng Tezak Podlesk Bloomqu sT Colby Tompk s Fuller Kneelnng Melvn Bye Poff Gall hugh BIG INTRAMURAL PROGRAM IN BASKETBALL VV1Th Twelve Teams made up of approxTmaTely one hundred Twenfy boys playung Two games Three days each week The Thnrd successful nnTramural year under The dlrecflon of Mr lrvung Menzel was broughT To a close lasT March The four sensor Teams Tinnshed un order Bears Luons Wolves and Cats wnTh The Top Team wnnnung nnne Tynng Two and losnng none NexT came The Tumor Pups and Trogclns before a sophomore Team The Mnghhes rose To Tue The lunnor Tngers and beaT ouT The Rlnlcey Dunks The oTher sophomore Teams flnnshed aT The boTTom SparTans Tom Colby was hugh scorer for The season wuTh l2l pounTs OThers an The hugh pounf brackeTs were Tompklns 98 Johnson 67 Kubby 64 Ball 60 Bye 58 and WalTers 53 All sTar Teams Tor each class were chosen aT The end of The round robun schedule, and an elnmlnahon TournamenT sTaged The Hnals were played as a prelnmunary To The Varslfy FaculTy game on Merch 25Th for The beneTlT of The P T A The Sensors pictured above chllled The Junuors 28 To ll clampnng on an anr TnghT defense whuch held Therr opponenTs scoreless durlng The lasT Three periods except Tor a lone Tree Throw Colby ouT scored The enTnre Junior Team by Tallyung l2 po:nTs In The feaTure evenf The varsnTy rocked The TaculTy Team 50 To 27 48 i - , i, T , , in , . ' - i f , , 5 . , T I I I I . , . , , . . . . - I Bobbers and Slop Shofs in ThaT order. ' ' , 1 , 1 ' , 5 , 5 , 2 , . - . X I I I - ' I 5 71 4 Indoor Baseball Amazon Athletes Archery Basketball Volleyball Terms and Badm nton GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Athletnc games tor gurls under the dtrectton ot Mlss Helen Lander were parttctpated tn by a large number of Central gurls thus year They played tleld hockey volleyball basketball baseball and other games some at whnch are Illustrated above In the sprung they held another Play Day wtth groups tram Ptnebrook Benzonua and Cadnllac The OITICGVS were Prestdent Betty Lou Walt Vuce Presudent Sandra Morrull Secretary Treasurer Sandra Olson -49v e Pznef 159 Bowling at the Traverse Cnty Recreatnon alleys under the supervrston of Mr Norman Grueber enloyed a very successful season mterest an thus sport mcreastng year by year Erght teams of boys representlng grades nlne through twelve competed on Thursday afternoons wnth the hugh average keglers beung Joel Matte son Ren Round Kenneth Harty and Donald Schaff Stx teams of gnrls took the alleys on Tuesday afternoons wath the htgher averages fallung to Shrrley Lautner Ardelle Holmes Dorothy Grueber Shnrley Becker Rose Mellchar and Frances Welselberg The teams and captains are lasted herewnth The teams and theur captauns w Round s Pnnheads Cherry Plckers Fave Flubs Royal Schaffs Flve Bums Loco Fave Yukes Fnve Blowers Sparnng Strikers Bouncung Balls Hot Spots Trolanettes Pun Heads Hot Shots BOWLING ere as follows Ren Round Richard Potter Joel Matteson Don Schaff Dutch Mukowskl Ray Brnef Duck Youker Wrllue Lyon S Lautner A Holmes D Grueber D Johnson E Gustafson F Welselberg Back Row Gustafson Lautner Tompluns H ol m e s Boursaw Sherk Wysong Meluchar Krause Blshop Purvls Mlddle Row Gllbert Svec Brown Fashbough Lada Becker Roman Knbllnger Front Row Lyons Hood Broad Gruever Hoadley Weuselberg Ramsey Tb ' ,9- e- use e Pznef 1957 TUMBLE BUGS Through The physicol eclucotion program ci lorge number of boys become inferesfed in Tumbling ond desire To develop skulls therein The instructor Mr Irving Menzel, encouroges this, ond often The ooys become sufficiently proflcienf To stoge public exhibitions. -51- e Pines. 1952 Fowle Stunson Engle Nesman Leckrone Bannen VETERANS INSTITUTE For the past sux years the Veterans Instntute has altered a varuety of tranmng to the veterans of World War ll tn the area around Grand Traverse Bay A total of I OI4 students have enrolled In one of four groups of courses on the farm tralnrng related traunrng for apprentices other vocational sublects or hugh school Karl Fisher BS AM Drrector Mrchngan State College Unrversnty ot Chrcogo Umverslty of Michigan Watson E Fowle BS MA Mlchlgan State College Albert S Nesman BS MS Mrchrgan State College University of Mnchlgan Kenneth Leckrone BS Manchester College Central Mrchlgan College Western Mrchrgan College Mnchagan State College Faculty Robert L Hamllton BS MS Luncoln College Umversrty of lllmous Harold Engle B S Michigan State College Roy Rrchard Bannen B S Mncl-ngan State College Harold Stunson BS Mrchrgan State College 5 I f I , 1 I . , . . 1 1 - , . ., . ., . , . ., . . , . ., . . , . . . , . ., . . , . . , . . , . . 9- U S QQ Flutes Lou Ann Thuel Henry Johnson T ePzneJ, 1 52 THERES SOMETHING ABOUT A BAND Prtor to the opening of school the Central Hugh band partucnpated In the Grand Floral Parade ot the Nattonal Cherry Festuval Durnng the year tt played at all home football and basketball games and took one out of town trap to Cadnllac A Chrnstmas ttme the band welcomed Santa Claus to Traverse Cnty and also led the Red Feather campaugn parade Several concerts were gtven durnng the year and the band made nts usual excellent showung at the Dustrtct Festival and the Memornal Day servlces The ofhcers were Drum Malor, James Gruftlth Lrbraruans Dorothy Davus and Marilyn Lyon Equnpment Manager Charles Greenman Tenor Saxophones Pat Barton Donna Johnson Peggy Munro Betty Wolf Bethany Berry Garnet Palmer Donna Rnchard Oboes Donna Arlstrom Bethany Beckwith Clorlnets Charles Anspaugh James Grlftuth Dorothy Davis Ted Lemen Marllyn Stover Rudy Emerrck Donald Swanson Lorratne Burgess Robert Herkner Ronald Wooters John Dean Gall Sherk James Boone Rnchard Arthur Marvin Burdlnle David Rnley Alto Clarinet Pat Clancy Bass Clannets Ronald Wltt Jack Snyder Bassoons Dugald Munro Mary Lou Robinson Alto Saxophones Marnlyn Lyon Sally Nesman Gordon Tnmmons Patrtcua Hull Barbara Somers Coronets John Tousley Ronald Bell Dora Mae Endres Charles VanOstran Greg Anspaugh Jean Curtts James Greenman Steve Mtller Wtlluam Lawrence French Horns Ruchard Stafford Ted Anspaugh Robert Snyder Trombones Davud Allen Russell Strom 54 Dean Rhodes Harold Selmg Al Sorensen Barltone Horns Donald Crandall Ethel Armstrong Cello Patricia Strahan Tubas Wtlllam Pike Ronald Armstrong Guy Ryle Drums Lawrence Wheat Ruthmary Kung Joseph Svec Fred Cooledge John Sundeen Kenth Compton la ' 9 1 - - ' ' . T . : . . . I Sonua Garvhe Cello Horn 'flu Pi11c.u'.l952 HOLIDAYS FOR STRINGS The CenTral Hugh orchesTra us The only organu zaTuon of uTs land un hugh schools norTh of Grand Rapuds Thus year The group generally played a lughTer Type ol musuc Than un The pasT and under The durecTuon of Mr Harry Hansen uf has made excellent progress A double breasTed uacIceT gave The orchestra a dusTuncTuye unuform for The Among uTs appearances un publuc were The general sessuon of The M E A reguonal conference The annual ChrusTmas program The dusTrucT musuc TesTuval The senuor play and commencemenf A number OT The members parhcupaled un The solo and ensemble TesTuval at Harbor Sprungs un January A new group made uTs appearance Thus year Hugh pupuls Personnel Vounl Muler Pruncu a Karen Gulbe-rT Lubrrurunn Sandra Kullunan CIaudeTTe Kurlcby Beafruce Schneude MargareT Slorrs Merro Lee FouTs BetTy Chandler Gaye LaGuure V n I Mary Conune Pruncupal Gaul Corpe Vu KaThIeen Faurbanks Janetle Sun Ronald Johnson Manager Morulyn Bloonuqu su RuThann DeLong Margery Penrose Erda Gulbert ou Vuola Panelc Paul ne Brugham Marua Pelluzzaru Lbraruan 55 PaTrucua STrahan Lou Anne Thuel Flute Donna Johnson Patrucua MarTun Clarinet Rudy Emeruclx Trumpet Paul Tousley Greg Anspaugh Ruchard Wundbugler R hard 5 ago d led Anspauglru Trombone H: rold Selung Al Sorenson Boss Tuba N Iluarn Pulne Percussuon Ruuhmary Kung oe Svec Lawrence Wherul fu . ' s 4 . ,l W 'T flrst Time. in The form of a sfring ocTeTTe of Junior i I' ' Iris 'I 'p I I g I: ' I ' I u' , I . T i . I U ioli I - I Tb e Pill cf. 1952 V ff--f f WITH A SONG IN THEIR HEART The Cenrrol I-lIgh ChoIr under he CIIVGCIIOIT ot Mr Jomes Leonord song tlrst thIs yeor ot the M E A regIonol conyentIon IIT October TheIr non-:es luded the DIstr t F stuyo Petoskey the Good Frtdoy church program ond the Blessmg ot the Blossoms The tlnol numbers next oppeoronce wos I0 December ot the onnuol Ch rIstmo s Concert Sopranos Lelo Burley GerrI Brshop Poulrne Blonshme Pot Brondow PC1uIIn6- Brnghom Es er Brown June ChcIpIn Lonno Cherx :Ilan Jonet Cook Mo Ilyn Cunrnnghom Noncy Doty I-Iorruet Flonders Shoron Freernon Euleen Fouch Beverly Johnson Sully Krohn Fronces Longwortlwy CelIo Norton Other scheduled per Bef Note-w I Koren Olson Be rly Patterson Nancy Phelps Betty Prott Margo Reynolds Apnro Show Nortcy Srnlth Fcnfmo Steed VI: orIo Sunder Suson Sw bold Delores Tousley Tenors Edwrn Coddnngton P I e n RIchord Potter Poul Sears Glen Wolters were rendered ot In une Bosses Les Cook VVIIIICVTI Eggl Fred Feuger DICI4 Kruplco NorrIs McAdons PhIl Roney Owen Sherbeneou Gforge VVIlson Jomes VVooC Altos Kay Bngger Delores Bloornqum PauIIne Clark Wondo CroIn Jeon Edenburn Betty Frye Kathleen Gt'6IlICh the boccoloureote servtces Dorothy GruebeI Borboro Jerome Donno Johnson Noncy Loutner Helen Lempke N LIc y Noncy McCort Ann MCGufTIrI Janet Ronney Cotherme Roche Beverly Solensky Suson Schubert Dorothy Sheorer Cormebelle Srrnth Morulyn Stover Volerne Strong Corolyn Svec Sondra Youlne ' ' ' 't ' torr Inc ' ic e-' l ot ' . - ' J . ye . I Ruth BIIlet Mono PeIIzzorI Greg Fieblng Nancy Klblmger ' ' I , hr , t Hn , . ' r I hl H I ' V e Pznet I9 THE GLEE CLUBS Seventy gurls enrolled an the Gnrls Glee Club thus year where they learned the fundamentals of musuc readnng and lmproved theur voices These young Jenny Lands often turnnshed rnussc for the Jumor Hugh assemblues but specual appearances were made at the annual Chrrstmas concert the dlstrrct festuval and the sprung concert an May 'ki' Learnung to sung well together was the mam purpose of the twenty five boys who composed the Boys Glee Club They also sang for school assemblles and appeared nn the same specual concerts as the gurls group 57 - . . . , . 1 1 1 - , . . . . , T e PineJ,1952 SHALL WE DANCE? Wuth the exception of James Grlttuth who acted as student dmrector the dance band had an enturely new personnel thus year as well as a new sponsor Mr Ray Opland A new rule was also put unto effect requurlng dance band members to flrst be enrolled un the concert band None of these changes handncapped the performance of the band whnch dld an excellent 'ob un a varuety of programs dance engagements as well It substituted for the concert band at two basketball games when seating space was at a premnum lt played for the Music Parents Club and at Chrrstmas time for the P T A It was a non competing added attractuon at the distract Band and Orchestra Festuval Personnel Trumpets Saxophone: Plano John Tousley James Grlfflth Wlllnam Strucker Ronald Bell Ted Lemen Bass Charles VanOstran Charles Anspough Wllllam Pike Trombone Drums Henry Johnson Lawrence Wheat Joe Svec Ronald Wutt 58 IJ The group played at all local high school and Bo-Gi dances and several out-of-town T "T T 'T' T The Pine.v,1952 L MODERN DANCING The common two step cund 'utter buggung becomung turesome to o group of Centrol Hugh gurls resulted un the orgonuzotuon thus yeor of the Modern Donce Club under the sponsorshup of Muss Helen Londer They expect theur efforts wull brung obout some orugunol ond more clossuc vuews on cloncung Scully Nesmon octed os presudent ond the club prouects consustecl of two dcunces Youll Never Wolk Alone ond Syncopoted Clock The gurls unvented theur own routunes ond costumes cund gove cu demonstrotuon un the Gym tor the P T A un the sprung 1 if YOU SHOULD HEAR THEM SING Who you osk'? Why thot Borbershop Sungung Club under the durectuon of Mr Herbert Olson Thus group developed from the Lost Chord Quortet of lost yeor ond now the gurls blend theur vouces wuth those of the boys There ore presently eughteen members of thus hormonuous group but they hope to recruut oddutuonol tolent They proctuce un groups of tour un the corners of the Musuc Room eoch Mondoy uncludung such old fovorutes os Down By the Old Mull Stream ond Sweet Adelune to R Cunnnghom Foshbcugh Show Clorlc Seors Ferrs Crcun G ebung o o S e ent Ro ley M Clement Moore sh Febung Mr Oson B ght Jones Rchter 59 l .. 11 1 H H fu u - - , . , . ' I , . f ' ll ' ll Il ' ll ' ' i I f , , , 5 , - dull, . Fi ' , D ws n, . CI - m I W f - f f Pui is, S. I ' , . l , ri , , i . e Piney. 1952 to Ja eso Halen Root Bu gess Co pe T e TRAVERSE CITY SCHOOLS ON THE AIR Three regular programs were broadcasted over WTCM this school year Each Tuesday Mr A V Williams publicity director presented school news being assisted by Junior High students in their department On Wednesday evenings the programs usually consisted ot plays and skits put on by the ditterent departments of the high school under the direction of a committee made up Programs were presented this year by the commercial music languages speech science and mathematics departments The picture herewith presented shows a group from the biology class in the studios ot WTCM On Thursday evenings News Views and Interviews was presented by Mr Williams a sports program sponsored by the athletic association covering information on games and players In football basketball baseball track golf and tennis In February a high school dusc lockey program was sponsored by the Traverse City Dairy Different teams ot two were picked each week to write their own chatter and select their own favorite records 60 l t l.. R.- mi n, , r , r , yg. of Miss Shirley Cunningham, Mr. William Stier, Mr. J. W. Bennett and Mr. A. V. Williams. fb Q32 UBS ND T A AC IVITIES The Piney. 1952 - TT ffm Stand ng Olson Root Mr Wllams To pk ns Boylan La g orthy Wolf Strahan Kosar Stt ng Ste ens Boursa Tenl-louten Copp ng G egory Con ne Couch BLACK One ot the numerically smallest staffs the history of the school weekly printed record number ot issues this year with special editions tor Christmas Thanksgiving Valentine a Ski Club and Pep Club ln the s rin service pins were presented to the statt and and Scroll GOLD The statt sponsored Sadie Hawkins Week and the annual dance printed and sold programs tor all home football and basketball games and the district tournament They also published a Student Director with the names addresses and Telephone numbers of all teachers and students in Senior College The Staff Editors Chief Frances Capping Managing Katherine Tenl-louten News Patricia Strahan Asststant Mary Conine Editorials Rita Stevens Co Features Julius Clancy Shirley Boursaw Co Sports Dick Richter William Gregory Exchange Vtola Panek Reporters Seniors Juniors Sophornores Delores Tousley Mildred Kosar Betty Wolf Maurice Root Business Advertising Circulation Accounting Phil Raney Beatrice Crouch Barbara Langworthy Mechanical Ed Bush Tom Colby Ray Miner l - , , , i i , m i , X , n w , , , . i l - v , w, , i , r , l , r . ll 8 ll . in . . . , O 1 . D Y! C. ' Pl 9' C U ' . . outstanding members were initiated into Quill l-ligh, St. Francis, and Northwestern Michigan :f c'rrcincc1 so ii?-H The Piney 195 u Slondmg Kosor Mollemo Mr Holbrook Gomer Ryckn on Comne Seated Potter on Svec Morrlll Colby THE CHALLENGER A llterory mogozlne contounrng contrlbutlons solely trom students of both sensor ond lunuor dlvrssons ot Centrol Hugh School ns publushed once onnuolly under the nome ot The Chollenger The edltorlol stoft as selected by the Englush teochers ond the edltor ln chuet IS elected by the group to serve the tollowung yeor Thus yeor s edltor wos Mory Conlne At leost tive members reod eoch contrubutuon whlch as roted good poor or relected occordlng to ongmollty Interest ond style of wrltung Four must rote t good before occeptonce tor publncotlon Approxrmotely one thousond :tems were reod thus yeor with forty occepted The contents ot The Chollenger Include humorous verse poetry ot oll types phllosophnes of lute book reports ond essoys on polutucs ond school ottours In the opunlon ot the wrxters The book report sectlon consists of excerpts rother thon the lull length report Mr Allen Holbrook wos the toculty odvlser ond the typlsts were Sondro Morrlll Jeon Kendoll Dorothy Dovls ond Corolyn Syec 63 e S , , ' , . 1, 1, f , , 1 ll ll - , , , , - f , , . e Pznex I D and g S sky We Co ne Coddn on e ted Doyle Haga C ell Vot a HONORABLE JUDGES AND WORTHY OPPONENTS Under the direction of Miss Shirley Cunningham, the debate squad began its season early in October by traveling to Mt. Pleasant to attend the Central Michigan high school debate conference. There they attended several debates and discussions on the state subiect: Resolved, that all American citizens should be subject to conscription for essential services in time of war. The squad also attended a discussion festival at Clare, the first time such an event was held on a state-wide basis. Traverse City had the largest delegation attending this meeting. The discussion question was: "What should be our manpower policy?" Competition was limited this year to schools in the Class B League-Ludington, Hart, Big Rapids, Mt. Pleasant and Traverse City. The best record the team could compile was three victories and five defeats. -64- LPII165 9 7 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FUTURE NURSES CLUB Mr R Edward Johnston SUQGFVISOT of ele mentary educatIon reactIvated and dIrected the group of students Interested In the teachIng pro fessIon and known as the Future Teachers of AmerIca Its OTTICSVS WSIS Loretta Groesser presIdent and Janet Cook secretary treasurer To Hnance trIps to dncferent teachers colleges the club hela candy sales and sponsored dancIng party after one of the basketball games At theIr bI monthly meetIngs talks and dIscussIons were carrIed on COVSFIHQ such sublects as class room strategy preparatIon for teachIng salarIes areas where teachers are vItally needed and a teachers socIal lIte The group also had some opportunIty as IH dIvIduals to do some practIce teachIng In the Traverse CIty publIc schools Eleven students comprIsed the membershIp of the club The Future Nurses Club sponsored by Mrs Mabel O bun RN and MIss Anne Kusta has furthered th Interest of a number of gIrls careers ID the Held of medIcIne and nursIng VISITS were made to James Decker Munson HospItal the Traverse CIty State l-lospItal and the North western MIchIgan Center for PractIcal Nurse EducatIon Other club OCTIVITISS Included the wrappIng of ChrIstmas gIfts and trImmIng ChrIstmas trees for the ChIldrens ClInIc and sponsorIng a dancmg party whose net proceeds were used to swell the funds for professlonal VTUTSIITQ scholarshlps The OTTICSVS were ElsIe Tharp presIdent PatrIcIa Brandow vIce PresIdent Jacquelme Lyon secretary treasurer Rosemary Hagan correspond Ing secretary Pat Brandow Nan Gustafson and Sue Schubert program chaIrmen Germ BIshop and B rbara Nelson publIcIty chaIrn Th I ' . I 5 - I - - -- I . . , . ' , , ' ' ' - e ' ' in V - I - I I I I 1 I - ' I - t I . a . . . . X , . , . . V 4 I . I . F - , - z , . I I . . I , a , " ' 1en. -.s J 'ak -T .. M . T' A - 65 Tl1ePi11eJ.1952 ' f-It FUTURE FARMERS The Traverse Cnty Chapter ol the F F A reached a hngh of hfty snx members thns year and elected the follownng oflncers Presndent Jack Donner Secretary Carl Dreves Jr Reporter Cal Jamneson Vnce Dresndent Charles Kesner Faculty Advnser Mr Wnlbur Mclvlath The boys began the year by enternng thenr tat cattle and hogs nn the Stock Show at St Johns nn September Three of the sennors next represented the chapter at the natnonal conventnon nn Kansas Cnty These boys were Cal Jamneson Carl Dreves and Charles Kesner and they have been named for State Farmer applncatnons OF AMERICA The ofTncers of the chapter went to the regnonal conventnon at Hnggnns Lake nn November and the tollownng day nourneyed to Grand Rapnds to par tncnpate nn the state hortncultural show and nudgnng contest Traverse Cnty took flrst place nn both the dnstrnct and regnonal contest Two boys were selected to take part nn the state conventnon at Lansnng and they also exhnbnted thenr stock at the Danry Show nn Cadnllac Carl Carpenter and Cal Jamneson exhnbnted apples at the conventnon nn Gaylord and were grand champnons of the show Members mnssnng from the above pncture of the chapter were Lloyd Brntton Edward Bussa Wayne Clark Carl Dreves Charles Harrns Charles Kesner Guy Royle Paul Reed Wnllnam Scott and Davnd Youker - - - , , . . . . Treasurer - - - James l-larvey , , . . ' . , . . I I I I I , , , t 7'T7ill'i The Piney. 1952 Standing Longcore Kroetsch Lautner Meach Selkurk Strucker Mrs Bowerman Tyge Seated Leighton Gilbert Taylor Svec Smith Lardue FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The F H A under the sponsorship ot Mrs Gladys Bowerman has furthered the interest un home economucs un Central Hugh by a number ot means A Junior chapter was organized thus year under the guidance ot Ruth Ratt In October both chapters attended the regional convention tended to all gurls interested Kay Leighton and Beverly Kroetsch ot the Traverse City group were elected secretary treasurer and vice president respectively Junior Chapter Officers President Beverly Kroetsch Vice President Wanda Crouch Secretary Maria Larson Treasurer Geraldine Lautner Standing Miss Rafi McDonald Steiner Tharp Baumberger Fraser Kroetsch Seated Crouch Larsen Lautner Clement Lemcoal McLean The state convention was held un March with several ot the local gurls attending oan Kroetsch state edutor and Anna Mae Strucker state puanust partucupated un the program ot the convention Chapter ottucers were sent to St Mary s Leader President Nancy Smith Vice President Carolyn Svec Secretary Sandra Taylor Treasurer Karon Gilbert , T ' ' ' L J . . . I D - I - at Benzonia, where an open invitation was ex- ship Training Camp in June. . 1 an Y I - ' I 1 -67- lin it-Blemurlam JANET MARY RAINEY January 26 1936 December 21 l95l Janet and her parents were knlled when thenr automoblle collnded wuth an onl truck on slnppery roads lust seven mules from town lt was the tragoc beglnnlng of what was to have been a loyous holiday ID Flornda Janet moved to Traverse Cnty from Wyandotte lust tour years ago but had rnade many frnends with her wealth ot vrtalnty mnschnevous ways and sparklung personality She loved dancing and sports and the Bo G1 was one of her favorute spots Janet was a member of the Pep Club Dramatic Club Raunbow for Grrls and Grace Eprscopal Church She sang second soprano un the hugh school Chonr 68 f AR , cv 7 I T I 1 1 - , ' . I I 1 was H ' ' Q u 7 The P1r1eJ.1f ' The Councl s n sess n Always c popular Corner e t nn s ser ous bus ness Mr Mun o knows all the angles We ust keep danc nq BO GI INCORPORATED BO GI is a club organized tor boys and girls the City of Traverse City and subsidized by the Community Chest lt has a snack bar ga e facilities and space for lounging and dancing Special events are held from time to time such as the pie eating contest and ping pong tourna ment with dances throughout the entire year The Council is made up at representatives ot the iunior and senior hugh home rooms ot both Central Tom Hall Pat Clancy Sue Schubert Mr Willianw Gerard Mr Rodgers A Bradley Mr Irv Hunt lvir Edmund Howard President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adviser i i i IO . 1 . Tabl e I is ca ' i . . r . ni ' I x. ' 1 sponsored iointly by the Board ot Education and and St. Francis and elects its own ofticers, 6Q , e Pznef 1657 o Forton Ka tz Mr Dennns a ne S ea e Storm Mlss C nn ngham Jo es Gustafson Reynolds M c M a u s Boske M ll Walke THE CHAMELEONS The former Dramatlcs Club took upon ztselt a new name thus year the Chameleons Mlss Shirley Cunnvngham and Mr Donald Dennus were the sponsors Partucrpatzon rn dramatncs us omethvng lnmsted to a certam few selected for the class plays but thus organlzatlon gave opportunuty for all who were Interested to loan In the club prolects Thenr flrst prolect was a course ID the art of applyung make up Later a short play was staged for a school assembly Ronald Garner was the club president ASSEMBLIES A modest actnvnty fee pand by all students covers the publucatuon ot a student hand book a subscruptnon to the school paper and a number ot protessnonal assembly programs The sernes tor l95l 52 was as follows September 27 DeWlllo Concert Artusts October I9 The Shoatnng Mansflelds November lo Don and Gnnger Bechtold Archery December IO Ray Koos Puanust January 30 Nutchuk Eskrmo Land February 26 Conservatory Players Our American Cousnns March lf? J Phnllnps Robertson Muslcologust Aprul 3 Harvey and Rey Ballet 70 ' J I- Y? Wu-V , Y,VY W, , ,Y l,?.. Q'Qij . L.t Rr- , ni , , 'V Gi r, h r r, , ' u i , n , , , Vl f V, Orri , r. Q I 1 1 - I I 1 , . H - ,, . . ,, Tbe Piney, 1952 Back Row Conme Davus R Smnth Watson Mlss Sherman Mnddle Row Waldron Graham Muss Lautner Mehchar Podleskn Bnllett Smnth Slmms Front Row Falrbanks Flfarek Elston J Turnbull L Turnbull Stelner Lougheed JUNIOR RED CROSS The number one prolect of the Junuor Red Cross for the current year was In helping to make our less fortunate friends merruer at Chrustmas time They decorated trees In all the wards at Munson and the Osteopathmc hosputals The chnldren nn the Pavuluon were guven candy canes and breakable records Orphans between the ages of two and flfteen were glven useful gufts whrle several entire families enloyed a Christmas dunner and gnfts of clothnng through these young Santa Clauses Another progect of thus group was the hnnshnng of an afghan begun last year Money for all these good deeds was raxsed by a homemade candy sale a school dance and by all the lads of the hugh school who pond dues amountung to S57 21 A portnon of the dues went to the Natuonal Red Cross organlzatlon The Junior Red Cross chapter IS made up of representatnves from each home room In both Junlor and Senuor hugh schools with anyone else welcome to partnclpate who ns Interested In helping to make others happier Mass Elsie Lautner and Mlss Barbara Sherman were e faculty advusers President Dorothy Smnth Vnce Presndent Betty Lou Wolf Secretary Margaret Podlesla AV it '!' ., ti T Q .Q ,Q . . . , 4 -' I I AI ' I I 1 I - I h- I I I I . I I I I I l ' L- V I I I ' I ' I I ' 1 I - - H- H - - .. . Un- . . - 1 l I I ' ' ' ' th -71- . , The Piney. 1952 ee- eli---- T ,...-. Q . LATIN CLUB Presndenf James Ferns Vlce Presrdent Marulyn Tyge Treasurer Roy Halek Sponsored by Mass Gerrrude Hofllmeyer The club s mann prolecf for the year was The purchase and presentatuon of emblems for members dolng oufsiandlng work IH Lahn Actrvmes promoted To false The funds were a Valentine Day candy sale and a Leap Year dance The club IS afhllaied wlfh the Junior Classlcal League and several members wear This naflonal pun 72 Secretary -------- Darlene Brackel Jelfeee ' ' T The Pinef. 1952 DOWN BY THE RIO GRANDE The Spanish Club sponsored by Mr Donald Dennus us one of The largesT organuzatuons un CenTral Hugh All Spanish students are auTo mahcally members of The club w h a set of ofhcers being elecTed by each class All The classes are Then comblned To form The cenTral The mam purpose of The club us of course To learn more about The Lahn American countries as well as sTudy The language The club made a specsal observance of Pan American Day and Took an umagnnary Trap down The Pan Amerucan Hughway IT also sponsored a dancung party lrsT semesTer ofhcers PresudenT Wnlluam Gregory Vice Presndenr Nancy KanuTz SecreTary Joan Munnema Treasurer James Clancy Second semester ofTlcers PresldenT Dan Cl1nTon Vxce Presldenf Nancy KanlTz SecreTary Jeanne Iverson Treasurer James Clancy . I 4 F. , : ' , iT - - - , organization which elecfs officers each semesfer. W 73 ,, The Pines, 1952 Back Row Mlss Smith Lempke Flansburg McGnnley Smuth Ask Hart Adams Mlddle Row Hughes Mandens Pnllars Lunderleof Chamberlann Stemebach VcnLeushout Lautner Podleslu Front Row Euken Hullco Saxton Schroeder Kroetsch Hull Ramsey Weuselberg Somers Shurnslcy COMMERCIAL CLUB pernod Traps have also been taken to local busuness establnshments and to Northwestern Mlchxgan College They have had several guest speakers and have acted out skits on OHICG courtesnes Omcers Presldent .loan Kroetsch Vlce President Sue McGxnley Secretary Patrucua Hrll 74 This class, composed of twenty-six members, functions as a club during the Hfth - emefeef -ee f S ee---ee-W - llte P111eI. I9 5 2 COMMERCIAL ART CLUB A new club came to Central HIgh thIs year when the CommercIal Art Club was organIzed and sponsored by Mr Donald DennIs These young artusts assIsted In makIng back drops for the musIc department s ChrIstmas concert decorated the gym for the Football Queen s Ball and made the posters for the Student CouncIls clean up cam paIgn Because of the enthusIasm shown by ITS members a regular class was oftered the second semester to gIve the buddIng de Angelos more knowledge In the held Instead of the regular parlIamentary procedure OLTICGVS It was felt that busIness managers could best serve an organIzatIon ot thIs type so lVlarIlyn Longcore MarIlyn CunnIngham and Ruth BIllet were elected as managers wIth Ellen WInchester as treasurer SPORTSMEN S CLUB Under the sponsorshIp of Mr Glenn Sands the Sportsmen s Club was reorgamzed to Include both boys and gIrls and now has twenty members The clubs Interests are huntmg and fishIng and both outdoor and Indoor sports ot all kInds It members have partIcIpated In hshmg trIps tobog ganIng and skIIng and archery contests Funds to cover the expense ot Its OCTIVITISS have been raIsed by dancIng partIes The ofhcers were Tom l-larrIs presIdent ClInton Cox VIC9 pVGSIdGHT John Moore secre tary and Roy Halek treasurer to Estes York Ste ger an e s out ussell Iott ox son Lvotdon TIghe l-lc c III s MooIe lvlr San s l , , . . . . - . I I . I - - If II I A I . S L. R. ff , , I , V L i h , R , Ell' , C . Ol , A ' , ' , aI -k, Hr "I, ' , . d.. -75 ,- 6 Pzn 957 we Aaiihr Barbara Sherberneau and Sue Cowell at Hickory Hills P11010 It jdlk Bcnrlet SKI CLUB The Ski Club under the sponsorship ot Mr Don Orr adopted Hickory Hills as their week end meeting place a new winter recreation area which the members helped prepare for its first season Late in the winter they participated in the dedication of Holiday Hills a year around playground overlooking East Bay One big week end was spent at Skyline at Grayling where the members enloyed excellent skiing weather and first class facilities. With Sugar Loaf Briar Hill Cabertae and Boyne Mountain easily accessible skiing has become a maior activity of the region. A team made up of members of the club and representing Hickory Hills entered the Midwestern Junior Internationals at Wausau Vllisconsin. Tom Hall and Larry Bensley qualified and attended the National meet at Winter Park Colorado. Barbara Sherberneau was second high placer in her class taking a second award in the slalom and third in downhill. William and Barbara Jerome Sue Cowell and Tom Zimmerman also participated in this meet. The club is governed by a council of six who plan the meetings arrange the trips and keep the organization functioning smoothly. Its members are Judith Shumsky Sue Cowell Barbara Sherberneau Tom Zimmerman Larry Bensley and Tom Hall. -76- ovle 'TJ l'T The Pincx, 1952 C H R ISTMAS PARTY Holiday lnn The annual ChrlsTrnas Formal was The lasT parTy To be sponsored by The Class of l952 Harm l-leaTers orchesTra again provaded dance musuc Tor Thus yUleTude parTy whale Wullue and Wally Tvvo local comedians of The record panfornlme enTerTauned during lnTermlssron LlghTed evergreen Trees luned The walls sup plernenTed by Tnnsel clecorafuons and sprngs of rnusTleToe An old fashioned sleugh loaded vvuTh guTTs and balloons resTed on a Terrace of snovv aT The vvesT end of The gym A Truo of favor gurls dressed IU Swedish peasanT cosfumes checked wraps and served reTreshmenTs :T I v X H 4 11 - - - 1 1 1 ' A v , . . I - . . . I 1 4 ' f e Piney, 1952 78 Sadie Hawkins Day - 1951 xx M U DOJ X ffi Uidijjjx L Y SPRING bvwkx, kb N K f x N META Q LJ Q five Pi1zeJ'.I952 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY of SECONDARY SCHOOLS The Traverse Cnty Chapter No lO3O was organized an T930 sunce whuch tame a total of l88 boys and 359 gurls have been elected to membership representung l5 ot each class for outstanding achuevement un scholarshtp leadership servtce and character Mr Karl Fusher as the present sponsor Elste Halladay Kenneth Knapp Margaret Manrgold Joan Kroetsch Ronald Garner Margaret Rodleslcu Suzanne Cowell Marta Pelnzzarn Harlow Nelsor Allen Dean Katherine Tent-louten Rosemary Hagan Francis Podle lc Charles Kesner Judith Shumsky Donna A lstrom CLASS OF 1952 Jaclc Donner Shirley Doyle James Ryckman Sally Tompkins Patrucua Clancy Frances Coppmng Kenneth Hull Fred Fuller Loretta Groes Ratrucua Hull Carole Case James lNood Robert Galluhugh Shirley Lautner Joanna Helm 80 CLASS OF 1953 Sally Nesman Jack Ohrenberger Betty Lou Wolf Freda Basket Dougald Munro Mary Conune Lewis Meyer Carolyn Svec Betty Beall Joan Munnema Karow Gvllaert . , 4 O, 1 fo f , A ' ' Tom Hall - ser y . ' s t ' . f Q 'L 1 93933 Q51 SENICDQS , . Sw, 3 X, Ts xx f' 5 xv f fn . gk 7 Q I N Tye Pznex 195 'X Yo esne u er A sf o De e SENIOR CLASS 1952 President Vice Presndent Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advnsers Wulluam Gerard a Class Colors Royal Blue and Whale Class Flower - Yellow Rose. Charles D Kesner Fred C Miller Donna R Arfstrom Harry O DeFer nd Rodgers Bradley Class Molto - "IT's not how much we do, but how well we do it." Lorraine Commercial the laik .the hat lo do." cltin Club ep Club .ommerfiol Club unior Prom Comm. hristmos Formal Comm. enior Play Comm. In-mf. ever Irue. In ,,7s.....-- Diane Mae Adrian Richard Alice Marie Donna Rae Akers Anderson Anderson Artstrom Commercial College Prep. General College Prep. "I fufl in lore loo 'Neither nolezf nor notori- "She'J fired amnng 111' "By lhe zrorlf one knows emily." our noun hu! .ture to make there .rereral year! um! the u'orkmau," , Glee Club hu mar get ue kfmu her xml A Sm Dramatics Club Sportsmen's Club Future Homemakers n - Bo-Gi Council r str ' ' Junior Red Cross P Pep Club Spams En' Ny G.A.A. i Cou cil- Future Homemalcers ' Class Secretary Junior Prom Comm. Senior ss Secretary Christmas Formal Comm. Student Co cil Junior Play Comm. l - l l Joan Alice Ask Commercial her way." Spanish Club, Pep Club "A gentle maiden. yet the ou'J Commercial Club, Ski Club Mary Jo Babel College Prep. "She speakx fmt. hui there liex cozzrerxalion in her eye5." Latin Club, Student Council Conservation Club Free Hand Lettering Club Marilyn Eylane Bean Commercial "I'm rather quiet. my life ix Jerene. and mmeday in my home I Jhall he queen." Glee Club, Choir Future Homemalcers Future Nurses Club -Q f 4 inf .loan Robert Lee William Henry Phyllis Arlene Breithoupt Bright Broad College Prep. Commercial College Prep. General and nearly, yer "Beware, I may do mme- "Forever foremoxl in the "Ain't nature rronzlerful. aluayr reazlyf' thing Jenrational yet." rank: of fun." jus! look at my hair." Club :ate :ir Spanish Club Secretary Dramatics Club Future Nurses Club Ski Club Travel Club' Senior Play Comm, Christmas Formal Comm. wi f it ff r fd Future Homemakers Pep Club GAA. Travel Club Bowling Club Sportsmen's Club Senior Play Comm. I Christmas Formal Comm. Pep Club Industrial Arts Club Class Play Comm. Lorraine Mae Burgess Commercial "For Ihe good are half bad. and the had half good. " Band, Skating Club, Pep Club Junior Class Play, Conservation Club Bo-Gi Council, Black 81 Gold Stat? Senior Class Play, Christmas Formal Comm. Beverly Faye Burkholder General "She pleased while rlixlani. but when near she charmed." Orchestra, Choir Future Homemakers Treasurer Richard Lorentz Bye College Prep. "Boob are my only enemy." Sportsmen's Club Reserve Football Intramural Basketball .L .fl 575515 Mil M., 'ltilpsl -g5.. Darlene Yvonne Brown College Prep. "Here 'n there 'n e'z1eryu'lJere." Glee Club G.A.A. Skating Club Pep Club Bowling Conservation Club Future Nurses Club f - wc Lawrence Osborn Carole Elaine Doris Jane Carris Case Chaffee General College Prep. H Cvmmerdvl D "School il a grand institu- "She haf a thought for He' "Wie if Lu ' her tion-during vacation." thoxe about her." mannef. m 'J e 145 ,Q that uwth md. Glee Club Bend Glee Club ,A c.A.P. G.A.A. vom Ciqlereod Ski Club Pep Club h ' a P Spanish Club Senior Play Comm. Club 33 Sportsmen's Club Intramural Basketball d oss Student Co cil Pines Staff Class Play Comm. Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Marie Elizabeth Clement College Prep. " 'Tis better to he brief than tedious." Transferred from Dickson Future Homemakers Barber Shop Singing Club Student Council, Pep Club Edwin LeRoy Coddington General "Nothing in education if Jo a.rtoni.rh4 ing to me at the amount of ignor- ance it turn: up." Choir, Debate Reserve Football Dramatics Club Beverly Beatrice Chamberlain Commercial 'Spinsterhood hath no charms for me." Travel Club Bowling Commercial Club Pep Club Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Tom Howard Colby WL K General . "Not that I love study len, ' hut fun more." W ' Baseball Student Council ' Intramural Basketball Challenger Staff Reserve Football and Track Patricia Ann Clancy College Prep. "The soul that overflows and Jympathy will alu ay! be cheerful." Watchbird Stal? Latin Club Band Spanish Club Black 8- Gold Staff Bo-Gi Council Pines Stat? Senior Play Comm. Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm David Leon Conrad College Prep "Noir let'J I lo ' to Ain . Foo Spa en's C Chal ger Stal? Carl Edward , Cook College Prep. "A fool talhi. man liftenxf Janet Ann Cook College Prep. "She liver in lhal ideal world zvhoxe language it fmt speech but Jong." hu! a :rite Leslie Earl Frances Cook Capping College Prep. College Prep. 'lWhal Jhall I do if e "Watch her lad. .rhe'J forever knou'n?" fooling thee." Lgtin Club Intramural Basketball Travel Club Latin Club Pep Club Dance Band Pep Club Glee Club Choir Choir Black 8- Gold Editor Bo-Gi Council Pines Staff Student Council Student Council Reserve Football Pines Stott Dramatics Club Sportsmen's Club Bo-Gi Council Future Teachers Club Junior Prom Comm. Latin Club Pines Stall Class Plays Bowling Junior Prom Comm. Q- Junior Prom Comm. - Christmas Formal Comm. ,tj Christmas Formal Comm .A.,4.,4-J,f' i ,gswgu ,J M M C 7,-.NJ Jack Dale Capping ,J I I I I ' fa General 7 ' a"He putt his -u'o.rrieJ in a pocket 'J '-6 with a hole in it. Intramural Basketball Transferred from Petoskey Bowling, Ski Club, Sportsmen's Club Reserve Football and Baseball Pep Club, Senior Clos Plain m.:l Z I, 'i'CZe2Z.2 X ffm Suzanne Lois Cowell College Prep. 0,60 of 'Y Transferred from Ann Arbor National Honor Society "Kf1ou'le1lge it the Jun of the mind." A .f - Ski Club, Debate, Student Council Senior Class Play, Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Wanda Lee Crain Commercial "A maid .ro quiet feu' her pretence." Glee Club, Choir -37- afe aware of Barbara Jea n Dreves Carl Edward Dreves Virginia Ann Elliott William Beverly May Egg li Eiken General Commercial Commercial Agriculture General "I had 4 pleamtlf time with my heart for it :rar happy." Travel Club Pep Club Future Homemakers Senior Play Comm. "You mn tell heir rt farmer -be had foyally pftuf' Future Farmers Industrial Arts Club Intramural Basketball "A good hook if the lzext of friendtf the tame lo- zlay and forever," "A Il'i.fE mutt never fallx in lore." Choir Glee Club Intramural Basketball Spc-rtsmen's Club Reserve Football Junior Pram Comm. Commercial Club Future Nurses Club Future Homemakers Orchestra Glee Club Dramatics Clu b Frederick Harold Feiger College Prep. "Do one thing at once and :fo it well" Choir fa-'lf Karleen May Fischer General "To be in lore it to be happy." Laura Estella Flansburg Commercial "To judge the maiden right you muy! know her zvellf' Latin Club, Choir Pep Club, Sextet Commercial Club "lf I take care of my rbur- arter, my reputation will luke care of itrelff' Pep Club G.A,A. Future Nurses Club Travel Club Sportsmen's Club Senior Play Comm, Christmas Formal Comm. ff QQ' N Andre Roger Forton General "Plea.fure has been the busineu of my life Sportsmen's Club Junior Red Cross Dramatics Clu Pep Club ,W ls, Fred Charles Fuller Commercual Jack Benlamnn Robert James Franke Fraser Agruculturol General lack l:1aJ a zanetg of hob Im Jmall nz Jzze ble! all dealing 14 :Ib only No uoman Jball ezer bon me Pmes Stal? Senior Class re ur Jponj Intramural Basketball Football Basketboll I Baseball 67 2 V S 91 Ml' o W 0" WW fm dJ Boseb l M Ronald Gamer College Prep All excellent arc rare Student Councnl Presndent Superrntendent s Councll Spamsh Club Class Plays Challenger Stoll National Honor Socuety Quull 8- Scroll Dramotucs Club Punes Staff QW 9, My Z'-59244 Kp Ro ert Henry Galllhugh College Prep M 2 Half m earner! half an len' Junuor Red Cross Intramural Basketball S amsh Club Debate P Conservation Club Challenger Staff Virgil Thomas Goodrick Machine Shop-Trade Prep. ' What be will be doth not ye! appear." Sportsmen's Club Virginia Kaye Graichen College Prep, "She li1fe.t a date to date exixlencef' Latin Club, Pep Club Junior Red Cross Future Nurses Club Skating Club Commercial Art Club -90 ,- Q AL-dc 2621.144 041 George Howard Gregory College Prep. K. Kathleen Ann Greilick College Prep. Eleanor Moe Griflen College Prep. Loretta Ju ne Groesser y College Prep. "It'J nire to be namrul "If business interferes with "There if a garden in ber "She belierer in 1 ererr kph H mfr Mmm!! pleasure-you krmu' the lure rrffere rruer mul if the is quiet. Hifi .. l 6 'l ren. white lzlrer .thong Orcres r Freshman Secretory Glee Club Choir Pe rf GI Club Pep Club Choir - ' Pep Club h Club Secretary Pep Club P ,tp Spanish Club s ure s u S1 en il Ski Club Future Nurses Club D am s I birt 0 Q ' Class Plays ' u - ill P' es ! gwjiunior Prom Comm. J o r m m . e T M' . 1 liristmas Formal Comm. r sw l m. 0 I b lj . V' - 1 ' r P m Eomm. ' . of I W If C ma Comm. f . . A MZ M' xl l D ll S l XJ' IIC' v 1, l 'iw' 'F' uf N-zviilffflt Natalie Adele Gustafson College Prep. "You'll never :walk alone." W fl A' Glee Club, Pep Club, Latin Club - ' , f Student Council, Junior Red Cross f G.A.A., Ski Club, Dramatics Club 1 Pines Staff, Senior Play Comm. - -Oil Future Nurses Club, Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. 7 A 5.2 I 1' ' A ' A 1, - V. if lRosemary Jane Hagan V V lfo ,fl-gf' College Prep. X' M Y jf I "He goo . ml le! uho will . Jfjf LEC' z ,C be rl " j . if Wdtchbird Editor, Pep Club ML I, , I K amatics Club, Junior Class Play 'f ' A 2 ' Spanish Club, Debate lfy' Q ,KV National Honor Society jj ' -X !,, Superintendent's Council , ,' ' IV! , Future Nurses Club Secretory J fl ff J - Lf Us u , . Fx, A ,f I , , . f J gif! 'M J 5 CV, Edward Alexander Hall ' General v "He chooses the pall: of leaf V rexirlance. " Football, Track Intramural Basketball K, Harold Eugene Grueber College Prep. "Take life .terioutly um! what ii it worth?" Freshman President Bo-Gi Council Football Tennis Basketball Choir Band Bowling Pines Staff Dramatics Club Class Plays l i Elsie Lee Halladay College Prep. "Hair at blurb at night and eyeJ at bright at any Har." Watchbird Staff Student Council Latin Club Pep Club Bo-Gi Council Superintendent's Council Dramatics Club Pines Staff Black 8- Gold Stat? Future Nurses Club National Honor Society Class Plays Comm. Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. E in .E Y . .J fix 5 O F Y. Arlene Betty Donald Lawrence Kenneth Willard James Edward Hart Hart Harty Harvey Coryn r General Commercial 4 Agricultural " L e fier 1 t "I profeu not talking: 01113 "Little. but all "The fruit derired from J 5 -h rl ' tbif, let each man do bit bu.fineJJ." labor if the Jzreetext of I lieu. Glee Club pleayuref. Pe ub Choir Intramural Basketball Future Farmers J 'or R ro lntramural Basketball Bowling Sportsmen's Club Co rcial u J Lrgsrsgrioural Basketball 'gm' .fqxhli if 7-ffphj 558 fn 1 -c l M vs-x Otis Lee Hedlund Commercial "Are your alilzit copyrighted?" Band. Golf Sportsmen's Club Football lntra mural Basketball Joanna Rose Heim College Prep, "SmileJ are the language of lore." Band, Varsity Cheerleader Latin Club, Pep Club Council Spanish Club Secretary Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. .wfw Phillip Louis Hein J College Prep. A "I-1e'J a self-made manf' Latin Club, CAP, Track Giee Club, choir, Pep Club ' Sportsmen's Club, Ski Club wp Dramatics Club Barber Shop Singing Club Reserve Football and Basketball , l -92- Richard Helferich General "lVim, zwigor. :vitality and women. " Pep Club Glee Club Sportsmen's Club Conservation Club v Intramural Baske ll Dan Glenna Joyce Blake Lawrence Xrs Wf N Helton Hennrick Hickey College Prep. - ercial College Prep. "Hit every act hexpeaks 0 more initiative than "Blake hide! his temper the gentleman." , a Jhad'0u'." beneath a warm .tmile and Transferred from Mafewan lee Club H everyone! friend' Baseball Spanish Club Football WJ C rvation Club Track 1 Intramural Basketball Conservation Club - Student Council y Junior Class Play yr, Junior Red Cross MYQ t Q 5 M. A . QI., Patricia Ann Hill Commercial "Her Jwift hands fly o'er clinking keys and notex: on columnx long and red inked lined .rhe fairly deter." Band, Orchestra, G.A.A. Pep Club, Commercial Club Junior Prom Comm. Lynette Amber Hoadley College Prep. "U7l60llC6ft76ll' with matterx of the moment." G.A.A., Pep Club, Latin Club Conservation Club, Bowling Class Plays Comm. Travel Club, Skating Club Junior Prom Comm, Ardelle Anne Holmes College Prep. "I, myxelf. mutt mix with action lext I wither with zlefpairf' Pep Club, Latin Club, Bowling Bo-Gi Council, Senior Play Comm. Future Teachers Club Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Kenneth Douglas Hill College Prep. "Some preach their virtue: and mme expreu their lives by what they do." Spanish Club Student Council Class Plays Dramatics Club Pines Staff Loren Richard Frank Johnson College Prep. General ext mil aml ,rlrrmg 'Greater men may have c'mfea1'r1r." lived. hut I zfouhl il." ish Club Football Baseball Reserve Basketball OW JD4N -'ON J ,Tv U' Q Grace Elizabeth Kadrovach College Prep. "We knou' zrhal :re are. but not what we maj he." Latin Club Glee Club Spanish Club G.A,A. John William Kildee Diane Sharon Kasper General "Life it' Jhnrl, hilt xo am I." French Club G.A.A. Pep Club Machine Shop-Trade Prep. "Speak up, you may he right." Football Ray Fred Kirt General "A man of many inches and every inch a man." Football, Ski Club Latin Club Intramural Basket Il if Kenneth Duane Knapp College Prep. "A rare comhinatiorz of a Jludenl, a man. and a great athlete." Superintendent's Council Band, Basketball, Golf Pines Staff, Student Council Junior Class President School Governor Future Teachers Club ,National Honor Society Charles Douglas Kesner Agricultural "Ii it not rank, nor birth. nor state: har gel-up- aml-get that maker men grealf' Senior President Future Farmers E Sadie Mae .lack Raymond Joan Edna Knight Knowles Kroetsch Commercial General H Icommgrclol, "Laugh and the uorld "Hit Ibougbtf and hit ron- 'f'Tf'?"'flf'f?'0" of laugln with you." duct are all hi! own." Llhdeum' Future Homemakers Richard Francis Joan May Krupka Lamb College Prep. Commercial "lf you want to .rurreed in "You can hardly life, make the most of her, but they rem Hire Jour opporllfnitiex ax gon Pep Club G.A.A. I ,, Glee Club Quill is Scroll Pines Staff go dong' GAA. National Honor Society Choir Challenger Editor Wrestling F.H.A. State Editor Travel Club Treasurer Commercial Club Class Plays Comm, Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Barbara Anne Langworthy Commercial "Being good is an awfully lonexome job." Black 81 Gold Stal? Senior Play Comm. Pep Club Christmas Formal Comm. Dora .lean Lappo Commercial "Beware the flatly of ber brozvn eyeffl Vllatchbird Stall, CAP Charlene Inez Lardie Commercial "She Jeemx too quiet, yet no one ever knowxf' Future Homemakers, Pep Clu Travel Club, Senior Play Future Nurses Club Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Co . 90' V gill Thomas Edward Largent Cooperative Training 'The euxierl may is un- 1f0l1bte1lfy the be5I."' Intramural Basketball Reserve Football - 4....M- Louise Geraldine Lasco General "It zflleilfl pai In uurr and gmu' lhinf' G.A.A. Pep Club Student Council Bowling Commercial Art Club Senior Play Comm. At Shirley Ann Lautner College Prep. "A fair exterior ix 4 Jilenl rero nz lll!.'I1ddff1H1.n Dramatics Club Student Council Student Court, G.A.A. Reserve Cheerleader Glee Club, Pep Club French Club, Choir Bowling, Pines Staff Bo-Gi Council Future Teachers Club Commercial Club Class Plays Comm. Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Helen Jean Lempke Commercial "A quiet. intelligent. Je- mure -Tllllflg marilyn." Choir Sextet Commercial Club Barbara Joanne Linderleaf Commercial "On Jivzpficilui and uealnesr .rbe lair murb Jlreis. " Latin Club, Pep Club, Commercial Club Senior Play Comm., Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Joa nne Peggy Lordy Commercial "Not that I lore 5111115 len. but fun more. " Evelyn Mae Maidens General "Shy silent. and .rim'ere." Commercial Club Choir Caroll Anna Lichty Commercial "Her mind ir like a .run dial. it remnlx only p1eafmm1e.u," Orchestra Pep Club Senior Flay Comm. Junior Pram Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Harlow Walter Nelson College Prep. "A man both capable ohligingf' Football Track Basketball Spanish Club Treasurer Student Council Pines Staff National Honor Society Vice-Gov mor! W M W aml "For he if a quiet hind Gerald Paul Noel Leon Olson Overholt College Prep. General IFIJOJE Ildlllfthf IIEVEV' vary." Golf Orchestra Football lntramural Basketball Skating C u 'U MMF5 79' Viola Arlene Panek College Prep, "She doeth little kindnesrer which mort leave undone or despise." Orchestra, CAP, Future Nurses Club Conservation Club, Black B- Gold Stott Pines Staff, String Quartet Challenger Staff, Quill 8- Scroll Dramatics Club, Senior Play Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Jerry Frederick Patterson General "Drum5tick clilherf with the tlrumrf' Band, Sportsmen's Club Intramural Basketball Norma Faye Pease Commrcial "lWhat a delight 4 quiet life affords." "Conduct is the mouth- piece of character," Leon d John Pa eneral ' of weather life? rtorm. Huy calm." football Track Intramural Basketball l l 1 1 i l i 1 Ruth Margaret Purvus General uit If ar lflllef zncs Her life IJ fnezl ullhm llerrelf Future Nurses Club Pep Club Glee Club Travel Club Bowlnng Jumor Prom Comm M Beverly Ann Ramsey Commercual And rm har nge rbe uearr G A A Pep Club Skating Club Commercaal Club Black 81 Gold Staff Bcwlmg Semor Play Comm fry' Mfr u g em Phllnp Albert Raney General He knraux tba! football I rugg lm! ilu rn 1 me or a er lme n estr F otb ee C 1 0 ub our Track BoGl u l Class Plays Back Gold s fl O Intramural Bask tb l Jacquelyn Moe Race Her name IJ u Jfgu 0 refrain June!! Lotln Club Pep Club Dramatlcs Club Sennor Pla Comm Jumor Prom Comm Chrlstmas Formal Comm Donna Jean Ruchard College Prep Her prerenre lendr Ili zmrrnlh Cholr Band GAA Glee Club Pep Club Student Councnl Spanish Club Jumor Red Cross Travel Club Future Teachers Club Jumor Prom Comm Chrastmas Formal Comm June Chrnstune Rlchue College Prep Be your nun self aml mu ull! be original Jumor Red Cross Pep Club Jumor Prom Comm Dramatucs Club Christmas Formal Comm Glee Club Chozr Spannsh Club Class Play Comm U lOl 7 Donna Slocum ICS Commercral .She bar churen ber mreer Future Homemakers GAA Pep Club Commercnal Club Jumor Prom Comm Philip Edward Rickerd Agricultural HAIL me dll-'tfhillfl abou! the farm." Future Farmers Track Intramural Basketball James Alvin Robertson Agricultural 'Country bred. but nel! bred." Future Farmers Sportsmen's Club Baseball Intramural Basketball 78 Ren Paul Round Mary o J l Robin er ile 5 zo! 1 ul lr 'onf' d 'l ' og .A. ' J Pe ub ' s dw " iffst ...ff Christmas ormal Comm. Machine Shop-Trade Prep. Q "Mark Il'i.fll07N often ferret! Il Unis." Football, Bowling Track Manager intramural Basketball James Richard Ryckman College Prep. "Partly uit. partly bzmlor. llllf Nloilfj' .f6tl1.l'6.ll Glee Club, Latin Club Sportsmen's Club Secretary Student Council, Challenger Stat? Pep Club, Ski Club Class Plays Comm. ii if D Samuelson College Prep grief Il illz Hen of feu 11010151116 fren the bert Spanish Club Golf Football Skating Club Pines Editor in Chief -102- Jeanne Maxine Roman College Prep. "A1u'a3r on the .furlrzr .ride of life." Pep Club G.A.A. Spanish Club Dramatics Club Travel Club Bowling Pines Staff Class Plays Comm. Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. 'ffafsaql Amanda Louise Rosenburg Commercial USil6'lIC'9 ix a.r deep eternilj- Jpeerlv if Jballou a.i' lime." Spanish Club Georgene Carrol Marvin Dwight Saxton Saxton Commercial General "A flower 112211117 be lull "Size 1loeJr1'l make and Jtately nz order Io be the m rl." . ., 0 1 notzced. Cross Future Homemakers 1 I amural Bas etball Commercial Club Christmas Formal Comm. D A f wi PWM fe-N ev-Uffflk ll 6"glf' Joan Beverly Schroeder Commercial "Silence urzrl modesty are lhe bex! ornamenlx of a u'omar1." Future Homemakers hoir Bowling Commercial Club Christmas Formal Comm. John Arthur Shearer General "He if the mildext marmererl fellow." Sportsmen's Club William Francis Scott Agricultural "Whence come: this quiet unanuming youth!" Susan Ann Schubert Cellege Prep. "Sweet Sue, iuxl you." Choir Pep Club Latin Club Black 8- Gold Staff Sophomore Sec.-Treas. Dramatics Club Bo-Gi Council Future Nurses Club Class Plays Comm. Pines Staff Christmas Formal Comm. Junior Prom Comm. Future Farmers Sportsmen's Club Intramural Basketball Richard Theodore Shearer General "Past and to rome seem bert: thingy present u'orJt." Football, Track Sportsmen's Club Intramural Basketball William Bryan Sheets College Prep. "I can fool part of the world all the time - iff tbe other par! that worries me. " Latin Club, Glee Club Sportsmen's Club Choir, Ski Club Intramural Basketball Junior Class Play Comm. Junior Prom Comm. - l03 - Terry Alliene Stack College Prep. Q Audrey Eileen Steinebach Commercial "A Jurmy dixpnrilmn is the "Without lalmr nothing rery .mul of .run'e.i.t." Latin Club pro.fperx." Spanish Club Commercial Club gf? Rita Joan Patricia Anne Marilyn Lee Stevens Stocking Stover College Prep. Commercial College Prep. "I'm not very big hu! I nm "There'J mixchief lurking "Ami when the played the do and .ray a lot." in her eyes." qtmoxphere around ua: Transferred from Alma Spanish Club filled Hub mulu Black 8- Gold Stafl Pines Stat? Band Latin Club Glee Club Pep Club Latin Club Student Council Challenger Stall Quill 81 Scroll Patricia Ann Struble Commercial "Bury 45 a hee and someones honey." Student Council, Pep Club President Challenger Staff, Pines Stat? Superintendent's Council Junior Prom Comm., Class Plays Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Victoria Madeline Sundeen Commercial Ulf lazlief he hut young and fair. they have the gift to thou' il." Latin Club, Glee Club, Pep Club Watchbird Stah, Choir Bo-Gi Council, Student Council Class Plays Comm., Junior Prom Comm. Christmas Formal Comm. Sandra Marlene Taylor Commercial "There'J nothing .ro queeuly at frzemllinexxf' Future Homemalners Secretary Pep Club -lO5- .fm-,,. ., , Conservation Club Skating Club Senior Play Comm 1' Hal Tuller, Jr. General "Wa: there ever a time when he wanted for something to my?" Ba nCl Marianne Vanleishout Commercial "It can he :lone it good. hut it it done ix hetter.' Pep Club G.A.A. Conservation Club Bowling Skating Club Commercial Club Senior Play Comm. Junior Prom Comm. Donald David William Keppel Glen Noble Vest Votruba Walters C II p I College Prep. V f' I .. O ege rep . "That which ir Arr ,, Malone Cart you prove tt. or .rhall d - ll - N It matter! not hou' long 1 ' Q" OW 4' " ' ' A 1' 1, ty - 'uf' Jtart anumtng. dawg u ,, you we, ut ou ue . Spanish Club Freshmao T as Track Track Choir Latin u Intramural Basketball ack 8- X ' llbfclub X t A-of ou' Dramat' M I Studen cil Tennis I Pines Sta Ski Club Mfg, ' Intramural Basketball Senior Play Comm. cya Junior Prom Comm. John Herman Walters General "He :tubs at Jtudy like a private on KP." Football, Golf, Track intramural Basketball . 'X' ' fri, Frances Maureen Weiselberg Commercial "She'J not 4 flower. Jhe'5 not a pearl. the it jurt a nohle, all-arournl girl." G.A.A., Band, Skating Club, Pep Club Bowling, Conservation Club Challenger Staff, Black 81 Gold Staff Commercial Club Christmas Formal Comm. Richard George Whiting General 'Thingr are not alzmyx what they Jeemf' Track, Bowling, CAP Sportsmen's Club Spanish Club Ski Club, Pep Club diewfe as l'-113 i William DuMont Wickham College Prep. "I'd like 10 be a good Jludenl-Oh. Slal1x."' Latin Club Football Sportsmen's Club Skating Club Bo-Gi Council Dramotics Club Intramural Basketball Senior Class Play ww0Q" : 70 sfgfvsssnnio 5' :-'Dv-:Jew-QQO' -:Q 35:00 -4 .UC QQQSIQCS X1 3' 50- E-CPQ3,,m Om 4 Ur-'25 5 no .'-. 1: J Q " ' QQ' o sg B0 3 -O- -7 'X KD 3 av- ' ...N G :lt 'Jn 9 Qe 0 72:- 'C Hee 3' TNI S. 0 'ow 00 ' S- 5"Uo::-as 7: mg3fl3-.05'm U' "'-'3"m"tO 3 mmm.,-,gn 93'-34 33' anQ.'g9,N.,mU Il-'4-Q1"""V'O C- 25.2.61 Jeep 52-gf 'Q 'UQ 3 317-'C LQ E472 U m lsr. .. wnmuvv 5 1. ETTPUQQHG-'-1 EQ O-gO'U0Q'QB,gO Q: E-Om S-gm clog 3 TFQN.-Rgaw o' r. Q 5fNi:'fv EP C 7 b ev U' gmac? Cl '-Si? 'SLA'-2 N-.T in 55 Ja 3 2. ,. "If you ran? Jai il. Jpell il" Junior Play Comm. intramural Basketball Qyitiijggjq Unphotogra phed Seniors Roger Allan Flanders Dale Eugene Gary George B. Gilmore Jack Michal Simone George Smith, Jr. Ronald Lee Smith Robert Gray Whittaker Arthur William Wilkins -108- Joa n Margaret Zeits College Prep. "Sl:1e'J quiel: bu! zrben ,lou lwmu' ber thaff different." Travel Club Spanish Club Bowling Pep Club Pines Staff Junior Prom Comm. ll 'E is Q ---435' 74170 PfHL.l. l95f Stand ng Bou sa H ll Ga ne She Lerneau Tomplc ns Mao e Mss Cunn gharn Doyle Seated Hagan Salle Rche Holmes Clancy Case MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS A Three Act Comedy D amatlzed by Chrlstopher Sergel from the Boolc by Graeme and Sarah Lorlmer Presented by the Senror Class on May lo and l l052 Dlrector Mrss Shirley Cunningham Student Asslstawts Carole Case and Terry Stack CAST Maudue Mrs Mason her mother Sylyua her older sister Joy an adolescent cousun Margaret the housekeeper Davy the unsuspectung boy lrlend Jerry Mr Masons business partner Chu anyones boy trmend Ted Felton the bank presrdents on Rncky Lysbeth Ju ue Maudlesgrrl tnends A IX Mrs Whute Mrs Allen therr mot ers Mrs Day 109 Patrrcua Clancy Elsue l-lalladay Rosemary Hagan Katherune Tenrtouten June Ruchue Ofven Sherbe neau Ronald Garner James Ryckrnan Jaclc Moore Blake t-lnckey Ardelle Holmes Anne Soll e Sally Tomplcuns Shrrley Boursavy Eleanor Grlften Shrrley Doyle , V' lx ,f , ' 7, , . Mr,4Mason,lher father -------f- Kenneth Hill y, , , . . V V V V V V l ' I' l ' T ' lt ...AV.. ' i' . , V V K nurse ver or hoccr vmrlc 1 v 3 mf 1 LO' O1-IGTOI Dum VI L I UIVIDC VIC O x COOPERATIVE TRAINING STUDENTS ON THE JOB HTVUI I-hgh DCPOOI IOW W OI QYTGITSINC or A vveII owded 0 OT or HI duccmoh p cgrom S des The regu' co ww er ICI home mo In C1grIcuITurOI prmh wg wood shop mechomcol Ofvmg, and hw ISU-9 e Q I UTC bln fed pcm Mme oopercm F E Q ogre ww Lmde The dwrechom 04 Mr Arch e McLe-im Thus prowdes work experxence IIT Ioccw esrnbhsh m nf Lund ree e rrcwwmc m 0 c or eqeg F3 1 C K3 CXO I 'img SIGN--' ind. 4. Bs- .Iy B 'IQ IIA, wo" kg ow PUII Puxws ref 4, Q, Qxxck Dc,1v':, I Tag s:1Ie,fs"-gzm 0 3 pefer' MfK'1"v prerzzzf 'wg :uf lo" c 5, .Ich Shame' 'ep ' KI ekecf ' T fzifez. 6, Lee How, rv':::'wwI3T. Ce ' A ' ' Q w I us 1 . 'z vve'I- -, : 'SIN I 5 C N we VEIIITIPQ we. -r 'r .' Q E x. e ' r . ' ' " 'e ' 1 I . Be 3 ' Isf I N 2' , - ke Q, ' A ' ' I A - " , I , ' es' 'IWTCI "J'3ChoI5 E 'I CII' I ' ' 1 , mac' he SINCD CIC VL, Th re Is QI mmbq of Icw- X er w,.,I4, TIC X x ffl, 'Ihe Hzef JD 3 to R Ch enbe ger es CeYo JUNIORS President Vuce Presndent Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisers CLASS of 1953 John Ohrenberger Robert DeYoung Jean Iverson Sally Nesman Mlss Barbara Sherman Mr Charles Anabel IT? -- Shrrley Aeschluman Davld Allen Charles Anspaugh Norma Antoune Norma Auldrlch Joan Austxn Diana Ayers Thomas Baker Rlchard Balentune Larry Bankey Shnrley Bare VVllluan1 Barrett Barbara Bauer Betty Beall Rnchard Beaton Shurley Becker Bethany Beckwnth Nancy Beeman Royal Busel Gerru Bnshop Patsy Bliss Pauline Blonshme Freda Bosker Jerry Boursaw Jeann Boyd Larry Boyd Barbara Boyer Dorothy Brelthaupt Raymond Bruef Fallnne Brngham Gladys Brnrnmer Mary Broghamer Jacquelune Brown Edward Bush Mary Bye Ramon Canute Eugene Carlson Euleen Carnahan Terry Carpenter Shlrley Chandler June Chapnn J4 rnes Clancy Sharon Clement Frank Cllngan James Clune Mary Conlne Ethel Cox William Banks T ePzne5 I 2 3 P -N-1-v1,n...,-M, 'W 1 l l 4 if Kotharm Cram Donald Crondell Crouch Jack Doane Dorothy Davns Nola Dovus Mul'ord Dawson Lorena Day Dan Deerung Lu Iabelle DeForest Robert DeYoung Alvin Dudley Donald Durga Darlene Enkey Shtrley Enclres Dowd Er: kson Loren Fewuns Gregory Fnebung Harriet Flanders zrnest Forton Jacqulyn Fouch Scott Fraser Teresa Gabuer Rlchard Gorvm Rrchord Gertz Davnd Ghastun Thomas Ghermg Karen Grlbert Frank Glndden Ina Gore Dollenc Gordon Jeanmne Gravlnn Barbara Gray Wllluam Gregory James Grnftath Thomas Hall Mnldred Hanna James Hartley Shirley Hatlem Dorothy Hedluncl Robert Herkner Betty Hood Patrock Huggnns Robert Hoolnhan Nancy Houghton Marlon Howard Helen Hunt Milton lrush la ' , 9 5 D ' N tl ' .,., j V y N .......,:. 1 xl A Y Ai I z W A D V Xxx: lk . 5 L H94 Q K lean Iverson Beverly Johnson Donna Lee Johnson Ruth Kaltenbach Dorns Kamradt Nancy Kanltz try Bud Kelsch Charles Klbby Nancy Ann Klbllnger Roger Kutchen Roy Knoll Sharon Koontz Muldred Kosat Ned Krarneu Joseph Kratky Layeda Kr Beinard Kreps Frederlck Kiopp Lotsa Kroupa Marlene Lada Kathleen Lardxe Chrns Larsen Dowd Lathes Robert Lehnhardf Albert Lemcool Richard Lewis James Longcore Jack Lougheed Robert Lynn Jacqueline Lyon Marilyn Lyon Willis Lyon Catherine Maidens Naida Marsh Junior Martin Patricia Martin Joel Matteson Elmo Matthews Norris McAdams Patricia McBride Lcuella McCarry Nancy McCort Hazel McDunnell Ann McGuFfin Mary McManus Lloyd McPherson t Q' 'Q .M b " x avi? 1- 7 , . n ee 1,1 -- The Piney 19 7 A L r lf tr' li La" Keller h Q Jean Kendall 5 .,. ' ' ' 55' ' . . M ' lk . V fl Al 1 E gh' 1 'X Eg I 1 W l e Pines I9 Rose Mary Melichar Lewis Meyer Albert Mielke Barbara Mikula Iris Mil ei Ray Miner 7552 Joan Minnema John Mollema Sandra Morrill John Morrison Dugald Munro Sally Nesrnan Wfmw Betty Noteware Thomas Nateware Donald Novak John Ohrenberger Sylvia Olson Beverly Patterson JoAnn Peck Elizabeth Peters Nancy Phelps Marie Phipps William Pike Richard Podleski Betty Pratt Zelna Puishis Fugene Purkiss Marlorie Purvis Lawrence Ramsey Guy Rayl Doris Reed Hubert Reimer Margo Reynolds Dean Rhodes Helen Richard Richard Richter Catherine Roche Sharon Rogers Arlene Rhocly Donald Rosinski Pete Rumanes Yvonne Sanborn Avis Schaub Charlene Selkirk Barbara Shaw Sandra Sheldon Verna Sheldon Phyllis Silcorslci Ploxes Skrpslo Corrlbelle Smuth Mary Ellen Smlth Ronald Smsth Dorls Snow .lulla Snow lrvlng Snyder James Snyder Shnrley Stelner tl '-I John Stewart Qi, Kay Stltes A Carolyn Stoclong Charles Storm Margaret Storrs Potrlcna Strahan Lucllle Strolt Joseph Strong Kay Strlclcland Russell Strom Carolyn Svec Charles Taylor Jacquellne Taylor Suzanne Thomas Dorothy Taffony Denuse Tomplcnns Peter Tomplcuns Paul Tousley Euleen Trlmmer Eugene Umlor Dole Waldo June Walker Marlene Watson Allene Wellman Donald Whalen Lawrence Wheat Betty Wolf Shnrley Woodcox Ronald Wooters Delores Wrlght Joyce Wright Charlene Wyson Sandro Youlcel' Tom Znmmerman e Piney 195 Unphotographed .lunlors Loretto Belanger Marvin Moldenhouer Davud Rlley Rudy Emerlclc Herbert Moulton Donald Shaft dn Henry Johnson Richard Olson Plchorcl Whaley George Lardue Pobert Whaley ll7 e Piney. 1952 Tap Row Rumanes Munro Hall Standang Nesman Syec Stewart Stntes Noteware Kramer Morrall Bye Kanatz Walker Bosker Maller Second Row Gabaer Mass Cunnangham Basel Rachter Mass Sherman Front Row Pake Gregory Clancy Faebang GREEN VALLEY A Fantasy by Frank Wattron The Junaor Class Play laterally went off wath a bang thanks to Grandpa Berrys musket Two audaences saw a laugh snatchang fantasy the flrst ot ats presented an Central Hagh It was darected by Mass Sharley Cunnangham Mass Barbara Sherman The Cast Elclon Berry wath a green thumb Ne Nancy Tanker Smath a perplexed tractor drayer am Greg Freda Pram Stokes the garl who layed ham Tobaas J Eyerheel a bag land operator Martha Mears a member of the Hastaracal Socaety type to be assasted by Kramer Kanatz Clancy Faebang Basker Eva Fraese an outspoken creamery maad From Out of the Past Grand paw Berry a peppery frontaersman Lonesome Berry a mechanacally anclaned 49 er Calhoun Berry a gruff maner Jeb Berry a stalwart brother Ransom Berry a small sample manded brothe Prudence an ampash watchy charmer Dasplaced Settlers Rufe Thomas a poor good hearted natave Sarah has pataent wafe Mamae has dasgruntled wate Mamae has dasgruntled wafe Kay States Ball Gregory Tam Hall Dugald Munro Dack Rachter Rocky Basel Sally Nesman Dack Carey Carolyn Svec Tam Nateware Teresa Gabaer Shade Stokes Prams vagorous father Chaldren June Walker Mary Bye The productaon stat? ancludecl Zelna Puashuas Mary Conane Don Whalen Denase Tompkans Arlene Rohdy Gerra Bashop Loyeda Krause James Hartley Sandra Morrall Dons Kamradt and Barbara Boyer ll8 2 I I 4 . f ' r I 1 I A ll ll 1 - - 11 11 1 1 . 1 - , ' 1 1 ' ---'------- cl . . , . V V l - D - - - - J. I ....,. Granny Berry, a sharp-tonguecl Mennonite - - - - - - lris Miller y ........... 1 1 - ' r ------- ' I V ' I "" '-"" - , 4------------ , ' ' ' - - - - ------ Bill P'ke - ---- -------- , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .9 -4...e.--e The Piz1eJ.1952 STORK CLUB The Junnor Prom ot 1951 brought the Central Hugh hatters and guests an evening of dancing and fun un the spurut ot the popular Manhattan nugt cub 1 Servus an has band rom the Unuyersuty ot Muchugan turnlshed the music and vocals Couples were met by a doorman under a red and whute striped canopy where they were pre sented wth their programs Inside cugaret gurls handed out favors Shnnmerung blue lights fell through the white crepe reulung on walls decorated wlth cocktail and prot1le murals A terrace at one end dnsclosed a dnstant ynew ot New York and Brooklyn Q . sf ' B 1 an WA! 'Ae'-Wx Q. 'h 1 , Jin ' cl ' f ', -119- e Piney IJJ 7 MUSIC IN THE AIR Choir girls who sing in the sextet. 4. Madrigcil singers, Ronald Bell, trumpet soloist, and Marilyn Lyon and Sally 5. Donna Johnson and Charles Anspough, flute and Nesmon, saxophone duet. clarinet duet. Mory Conine and Betty Wolf, violin and flute duet, and 6- MUVY Conine Und Bent' Wolff violin OVICI fl I CI I u e ue. PUT MOVTIVI, IIUT9 Soloist. 7, Pat Martin and Donna Johnson, flute duet. AIQO- QQ N The PineJ,1952 .Q ul - Back Row Mgr Whalen Raney Rhodes Anspaugh Muner Greenman Coach Russell Thurd Row Zummerman Johnson Reuner Rumanes Gherung Tompkuns Second Row DeYoung T Hall E Hall Ohrenberger Whutung Wnckham Front Row Huckey Hanchett Tousley J Hall Fra er MEN WITH Once agaun the Trouan tracksters ran well but weakness un the fleld events kept them from rank ung hugh un the malor meets The muddle dustance relay team ot Wlckham Huckey Fraser and Hall broke the record at 6 l2 at the Central Muchugan Relays un Mt Pleasant Jum Hall the 880 star ran hus first unterscholastuc mule and set a school record of 449 35 .lum also took second un hus 880 heat at the State Funals un Ann Arbor good tor 3 pounts Fraser qualufled un the Reguonals but tauled to score un the dashes Aprul Aprul Aprul Moy May May May May TC 67 Norman Duckson of Brethren 42 TC 83 Leelanau for Boys 29 Benzonua 25 Cadullac 74V2 TC 34V2 Manlstee 62 TC 47 Central Muchugan Relays TC lst un muddle dustance relay 5th un medley relay Cadullac 68 Bug Rapuds 45 TC 24 Conference Meet Cadullac 56V2 Mt Pleasant 43 Ludnngton 39M Manustee 25V2 Bug Rapuds I8V2 TC I2 TC 62 Petoskey 47 WINGED FEET May Reguonal Meet Cadallac 62 Ludungton Petoskey 26V2 Bug Rapuds 22' May May Don Fraser Burt Wuckham James Hall Phul Raney Blake Hickey John Tousley Eugene Gherung Bernard Hanchett Jack Ohrenberger Bert Reamer Ed Hall Robert DeYoung Henry Johnson Leonard Panek Ruchard Shearer Charles Greenman 15 Hart TC 78 Leelanau for Boys 31 State Funals TC 3 pounts Lettermen lSenuors starred Events TOO 220 440 broad lump relays 880 uu 44 hurd hurd 440 0 s ot fT1I 9 mu e 44 Other pount wunners were Vest Rumanes H Hall Whutung and Heun 122 mule pole vault broad mp hugh lump relays mule relay 220 broad lump relays relays 220 relay hugh lump relays relay relay u broad uump Gabuer T Manustee 22 Pounts 3 ' 2 L4 1 l l 0 '- , , , . , S . ' ' , 19- ' 4 ' , ' 49, ' , 1 4 4 6: 4 : . . . . . . T.C. 1 7. . .4 22 - . . g . y ' ' . . 26- ' 4 . . ' . 4 4 4 , , - - - - - 62 ' . ' ' ' ' , ' - , . 496 ' - A f - - seo, ' , - - - 45x 4 - - - l0O, , 4 1 36X 4 - - 0, ---- 35f2 4 20- - . : - 4 . Bud Tompkins - - 880, shot put ---- 28 . 243 H I I . I f - . uoo, , . . - 2412 ' K - aao, ' ' ' - - 21 4 27- ' 1 - . . f - les ----- 20 I - . , A - 220, ---. us 4 4 4 - - les A - - - - l4 4 " 4 4 H A - 4 4 ' - - - , - - - - 126 ' 1 ' . - aa , ---- to 8 - . y . . I - - h p t '--- - 8 , , . . . I . ,I h i - - 1 u 8 uo - e ' , . ' - 'I ------ 8 : 4 1 4 z 4 ' ' - 0, ' - - - 6 4 4 4 4 4 ' 4 , , 4 , . H ll, I5 - . . 2 . . , 4 4 4 . Aj- llc The PineJ,1957 Back Row Oleson Ho kstad Pitylak Carlisle Harger Kramer Gilpin Gregory Coach Kanitz Middle Row Taylor Priest R Wooters Donner T Noteware J Noteware Smith Baird Front Row Biesel Johnson Franke Mgr Wooters Fuller Capping Goodrich ROOT ROOT ROOT FOR THE HOME TEAM The 1951 Trolan baseball team under Coach Dutch Kamtz for the fourth year turned in the best record for any nine in the history of Central High With nine lettermen back from the 1950 team which had a lOl record the 5l crew upped it to il wins and one loss The loss to Cadillac was redeemed in the seasons finale Johnson Harger Noteware Kramer Franke and Gilpin did well at the plate while Hockstad and Pitylak each won five games on the mound back in 1952 the seniors gone being starred Infielders Harger lCaptl Fuller Franke Johnson Capping Donner Outfielders Kramer J Noteware Gilpin Goodrich Wooters Taylor Smith Catcher Carlisle Pitchers Hockstad Pitylak Gregory Substitutes who were also of value in building a winning season were intielders T Noteware and Priest outhelders Oleson and Baird and catcher Biesel The schedule Apr: April April May May May May May May May May Leelanau for Boys Northport Boyne City Northport St Francis East Jordan Cadillac Mancelona East Jordan Leelanau for Boys Cadillac I I , , . mc . ' I 'l 20 iT.C. 65 - - ' U A 24 - rc. ll, ,--, 4 27-T.C. 2: l - - - Eleven lettermen from the following list will be May 3 -T,C. 18, Sv. Francis of Traverse City - A - ,, - - - - ' ' IO -T.C. 65 . ' - - - - - ,r I4-T.C. 6, - - . ' ' ' ' i7 e tc, 0, ' ---- , l , . 21 - T.C. 85 ---- - ,t wk . - 22-T.C. 4, - - - ' ' ' ' 29 - T.C. 25 - - I , , , T ' . 31 -T.C. 6: ' ---- - 123 - e 1716! IJ 7 Coach Howard Votruba Rchte Munro Mollerna Pratt Canute Stewart DeFer ITS A GREAT RACKET The Taoaan tennis team undea Coach Ed Hofyard hnashed the l95l season wath the best record an the sport for many years wannang five dual matches taeang one and losang one The tean showed skall and power throughout the sea son but fnashed thard an the Regaonals behind Cadallac and Rogers Caty Only one letterman Pratt Munro Rachter and DeFer won a maaoraty of thear sangles nnatches but at was an the doubles play where the Troaans showed thear superaoraty Other lettermen were Votruba Canute Mollema and Stewart Up from the freshman squad wall be Estes Watt and Clanton The team won 3 matches from Leelanau for Boys one from Mt Pleasant WHERE BELOW PAR IS GOOD Senaor Eugene Dennas wath Ken Knapp Don Samuelson Noel Overholt and Neal Kabby raght behand ham completed a most credatable season tor the Troaan golf team wath a 4 2 record an dual matche qualafyang an the regaonals and Hnashang fourth an the State Fanals Class B behand Royal -Q Oak Petoskey and Adraan There Knapp shot an 83 Dennas 87 Kabby 90 and Samuelson 94 Matches were won from Cadallac Mt Pleasant and Cheboygan Taylor played No 4 man an the latter match and won three poants an the T W2 to V score Dennas Knapp Samuelson Kabby Overholt Taylor Wooters Hedlund Coach Menzel Tb P ' . 4 5 - TT ' ' l l , , i r, , , , , , 4 I X . , . . I I , . was lost by graduation - doubles player Allan split a pair with Petoskey, and tied with Cadillac. ' ' ' ' ,Q , - l24 - ef ' -e The Piney. 1952 Stondlng Mrs Clowson Dreves STraxT AnTolne Berry Svec Ruchard Gulberf Brondow Thorp Roman Cox HunT Wolf Brood Miss Smnh Morhn SeaTed Davls Hood Lardue Doane Kroefsch McGnnley Smuth Pulshus Rohdy Lyon LETS GO PLACES The snghts of Wash1ngTon D C were what all The Travel Club members recall from May l95l Each year Thus club under The sponsorshlp of Mlss Nellie Smith and Mrs Lucille Clawson selecTs a cuTy or region of The UnuTed STaTes whuch They would luke To vlslT funds for The Trup by such means as candy sales noon movues and school dances All prolecTs have been very successful Thus year and The ThnrTy gurls cornprlslng The group plan To vlsrT New York CuTy1n T959 PresndenT Sue McGinley Vice PresldenT Carol Doane SecreTary Nancy Smnth Treasurer Joan KroeTsch 125 I WiTh This goal in mind They learn all They can abouT The place and raise The needed oe P11141 7 Stand ng Panek Lautner Not ubc' Tousley Ga ne Schubet Cook P Clony .l Cloncf Sea ed Kroetsch Tompk ns Nesnow Samuelson Coppng Fulle THE T952 PINES EDITORIAL STAFF Donald Samuelson Edrtor tn Chref Elsle l-lalladay Organuzatsons Edutor Janet Coax Susan Schubert Dolores Tousley Natalue Gustafson Sally Nesman Assrstant Edrtor Alayne Tomakrns Classes Edntor Patrlcua Clancy Shlrley lautner Romjld Gomer Frances Coppung Feature Edutor Wllluartw Votruba Kenneth l-lull Actuvutles Edutor V'OlO PONSK Jocm K Oetsch Harold Grueber Fred Fuller Sports Edltor Faculty Advrsers Julnus Clancy Mr Karl Fusher Kenneth Knapp Mr Dougald Munro -I26 The P11165 1957 Sa d g S1 uble Roman G oesser Mun o Cook Seated Wr ghf A fs? cm Te Haute B gha THE T952 PINES BUSINESS ART STAFF Kafhernne Ten!-ioufen Art Editor Donna Arfsfrorn Curculaflon Manager Typnsts Jeanne Roman Pafrucla Sfruble 127 Loretta Groesser Leslle Cook Joyce Wright Pauline Brngham Peggy Munro Rosemary Hagan Wullnam Gregory Sharon Poffs Eleanor Wagner , Y, W, , . ,7, 7 A ,,,,,-.,, ,,,, , E, - ' - i i w T n in Y r , , r , r , . f i , r r , n n, ri m. 1 f e PIIZEJ IJ 7 uf 4 T 45 ws the wcxy 5 1 2 O' those gre-of bug bemmful eyeQ Look c Tnose musc PS urs PERSONALITIES OF 1952 Conch The day we skupped school T IS IS PTISTOVYI 'ook mo four hcmds The tive wdches of Salem 128 Too oid for doHs'P Mg what Mg ears you have Koty' Bug feet Yoo Sue' Grandma Gollrhugh T b ' ' . 4 5 - Q ? ff J as ' 1 , x I Q. 1' k -+ 5 4 - . L Jaw 1 A X ' , if 7 J X- w vs W1 X A 'J N 4 b g f 3 . Q , f 1 i , " H . wi Q X j' 'A "F Q s I if' t ww '- in S ff -- . 5 " yi Ax , f- Ai Q ,Q ' as I. h' ' , O.. 4. . 9. P . . . ' " 5. . IO. ', J' f 1- fs. H ' . ' 3. lf X I. , QA 1. 7' h , V , 11. , , . 8. ' , 12' ' - y ,JV QW' Wfwqc. JM' 45 Wg

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