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f Q E!!! .. 4 as I gf 4,-L, "Q T-li-5 l WUI!!! M illi NH HMVEHSE EW HIEH SEHUUL To Miss Page! . Whose kindness, patience, and thought- fulness have made her an outstanding teacherg Whose ability to deal with stu- dents as individuals has helped many over the path of a difficult English as- signmentg Whose time has been gener- ously spent assisting us with her sound advice and guidance in our dramatic activitiesg Whose enthusiasm for Work has served as inspiration to all - it is with pleasure that We dedicate the 1946 "PineS.', U1 Q 'f j 9. :. fy 1 V ' M, 3 FQRENXXGIQD. May this book stand as do those giant pines - a symbol of past days and as an inspira- tion for the future. E41 " ,J . ' 'Q iff . r . 2' I f. BQARD CDF EDUCATICDN wi Zi We, the graduating class of 1946 and all underclassmen, sincerely thank the school board for their support, co-operation, and subsidy which made possible the successful completion of the year's projects and activities. ISI GLENN LOOMIS A. B., M. s., M. A., L. L. D. 077277Z677C677267flf . . . A better name for graduation is commencement. lt is the beginning of life careers. Figures show that the days spent in school are the best preparation for a successful life. Educators agree that the prime purpose of a high school is to build a broad, firm founda- tion upon which your more specialized life career may be built. The great men in history are the results of the joys and heartaches, of successes and failures, of putting their theories, ideas, and practices to work in Life's school. Education is not complete upon graduation from any school. Learning in itself makes no one great. It is, rather, how you use it in helping to make a better community, a better world for all of us in which to live. Education is a living, throbbing force that drives the world. You know from your study of biographies of successful men that their success was the result of further study and experimentation to find the unknown bf using the known as a basis upon which to start. We hope your high school has given you that basis. Eric Johnson said, "A nation's greatest resource is its capacity to be educated." If your school has created within you a desire to fill yourself to capacity, then you have something of greatest value. No one is ever completely educated. lt is only a matter of degree. Even the greatest still have capacity for more learning. There is always more to learn and to do. Education is growth. It is the never-ending process of evolu- tion which starts where we are and takes us toward our objective whatever it may be. Today you start. Go on with what you have. Add to it. Remember we must all go forward together. Great nations are the results of the lives of great people. Stand on the sound principles established by your forefathers. Yours is the privilege and opportunity to help build in a peacetime world an even greater and happier America in which all men are kings. You start from here. The finish is up to you. G. E. Looms, Szzpefinfencient. IGI LA Clmllenge to The Class of 1946 You have just completed-a four year course in one of the thousands of high schools in the United States of America. It has tried to make you one hundred per cent American, believing in tolerance, equality and freedom of religion and speech. Although many of us may differ in our ideas and opinions when we are trying to solve world problems: crime, capital and labor, race discrim- ination and many others-we ITILISK not forget the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Therein lies the answer to ALL the problems of today. Your for success, GEORGE R. ANDERSON. 7 Sometime, if you have not already done so, try this experiment: Sit down in a quiet secluded spot where you will not be disturbed and make a picture of the kind of person you want to be. Take time to fill in the details. If, at the first sitting, the outlines and backgrounds are not dis- tinct, try again and again over a period of days, months, or even years until the picture is sharply defined. Then it can well be a blue print to follow. Gf course this is all in the mind. a vision, an ideal, but from such figments of the imagina- tion, men are constantly fashioning the good life. Now to fill in the details-Think of yourself as one who is fair-minded, tolerant, self-possessed when others are excited. Conceive of yourself as one who can take the pin-pricks, as well as the more serious hurts, without whimpering. See yourself as a person with whom it is easy to live, courteous, helpful, generous. And be sure the picture shows you to be ambitious, enthusiastic, industrious, willing to do more than is expected of you. If you can paint such a picture of the person you want to be, and have the energy to follow through, your success is assured. Best wishes. L. HocKsTAD, Principal, L 5155755 Garland House Marion Corey Dorotha Chapin Isabelle Smith "Call on al bzziinefx 777417Z azz bmifzeff timex only, and on bminefx, mznmcl your bmineu and go about your bminen, in order to give him time to finifh hi! bzaJine5.r." Duke of Wellington ga'-. 'wr' ,040 ? Karl Fisher Elsie Lautner C. Allen "Tell me not in mofmzfzzl 7'l7l77Zb61'.l',, life is but an empty clfeamf' Longfellow. Dugald Munro E. R. Chapman William Novak William Howard "Science when uw!! zligeftezi, if nothing but good Jeme am! rcmonf' Stanislaus ISI iff? l ill Mary Jane Hunt Glenna Kiefer Geraldine Pagel Barbara Van Volkenburgh "When I reall Shezheypelzre I am .rzfrzzch with womler that meh trivial people Jhonlcl more and zfhimeler in meh lovely lfmgzmgef' Lawrence if f , Q ' Les 'V' ' - - -. . - 9. v', . 'v' . v H Edi:l1 Anderson Gladys Freerhy Marion Kennedy Leila Hartsell "Literf1t1h'e if the zhozfghr of thinking Jozzlff' 95 'E' ty X. ,, f at Carlyle 43' Y' . js N, M 'fi ,4--4 Margaret Davis Pearl Hammond A. V. Wlilliams Margaret Benson Gionetta Ten Hourcn "Who climhf the gnmzmzzr free. cliftmetly lwzorzwe rzrhere fzofnz. and rerh. and participle g7'01llJ'.M Dryden WJ l I 1 l Dwight Densmore Harold Andreas Martha Seaks William Gerard Mildred Scholten "The Htytorttzvt if a prophet looking htzck'wtz1'd.', Schlegel my ., ' ' B ,Q 44" 'ia' V 1 Clyde Graichen Leo B. McQueen Edwin Melin A. L. McLean Lee Wyatt "The vocation of every man and 'womtm if to serve other peoplefl Tolsroi 'Wh Pat Heiges Irene Pfannenschmidt Maxine Dumbrille Betty McCall Geraldine Barrett "They Jemfe with fz .rmilefl U01 f lllfm 1 f XM, . M , 0 2 I If 1 7 y Z f, 7 , .Aff Y if il, I X02 3 Ruth Rafi Vera Gardner Watson Fowle Gladys Dawson "lt tahes a heap 0' livin' in a honxe t' make it home A heap 0' .fan an' Jhailileif, an 'ye .foinetimef have t' roam Afore ye really 'preciate the thingf ye lef' hehinil, fln' hanger fer 'em J'O77'l6h701lf', with 'em allnf on yer mind." , . , X X joseph Deike E. A. Guest tm yn. --IWW Alethia Brown "All art conftantly afpiref toward the conilition of mafia." Giorgione ' 1+ fi 2 Q! 'Yr ' K Q K 5 X all .je A W iv . X , as V' P , . Q X X fre . ,gk-. " t ' I T? ia 'i I 232. ' Pearl Faist Lucille Schowengerdt "E1Jerywhe1'e I have .fought i'eJt anal foitntl it not except fitting apart in a 72002 with a little book." li 113 Thomas A. Kernpis My lp. I '. Irv Menzel Tharel Kanitz Lee Brannock Genevieve Reinhart H eiilzfh ix the greizlefzf of all polfeffiom and 'zfiJ iz maxim with me, that iz hale cohhler if LZ hetfer mmf than iz Jich king." Bickerstaff TRAVERSE CITY CAMERA CLUB I 12 J l I s, L.. ,V it Q' K ' K giigfgw f ' 43421-I, ' fy, ' 3 :5,y!',, A wg-,1 -, 1 'S Q 'S 1' '. V .1 , 515343 A , 1 ' , ' I ji ,, Q ,-ff ,1, - ,,r1-.. gr, '55 '41 f ff1."ifiM'w.f1 1 11.-MZ. 1 ' '- '1' " ' ,, !',V3yS1fdm,' ,.. W, . . 1 1. ,W 21112:-, , 1 14' 1' ,, Eg-:'wg1? ' M 1 ' "N-H' "1f 'A 1. .5 -5- 1:4 1 " 1-:ey A ' ' .1 Q3 bl '11 " 14 ".,-1 L"14gf1gYQ,, A- , x v 2 1 , l',efkw,41Q1,3Y1 M 1 , .1 , 4: A -Q,-1,1 1, eg. M., my - , 1,-,M 5 ff., ,16!?,,5 V 'fn A Lf. 11 -1 5Q',.rE x 1 -, Jig sw 1 H ' 1 ,ff 12 V116 T n M- V VX, Y fin' , UZ .1 w, , I ' I ' 15 1 1 -s 1 , wa' 1 ' Xwwi ' viz, ' 4- 46, 1 ,, 1 ,154 1 ,, 7 A, , 1 1, pd5,g,,fm,g, :fc-' , N 11 .1 3 f , ., -A19 ., ,CWWX 5,51 ,Vg p ig. ,105 M, 3,0630 ,Mrk-K r , - 41 1 ,,-, ,QS MW 4 4. ,W "L' it , , , 1 543311, 1.55132 1 ' 1 wg " f" ', vw i' .h . A5 ju t, W 1,"' ' 1 Ju: aj N' iig 'lg A 'ck .N agy 1 ZW , j. f Q ' , 111 'f .1 .Ja ZXZWZ iujzb 1 ,fliff f BICIKC1-S 7726, 1 2 . 1 fag 2 -' 'I .13 . , ,, 'rv-. I gf 1 1 V" 'fi 11" ' mv' EIWQ ' T ' f 'I 7? Iii V 1 I f f , mm 1 'f,, ,L , I V f , mi' .rf 15.5.1 1 - f f , ' 1 fqwfj 1 1 ' 11 1 1, ' 1 144 A, X, ,Wi . 1. . 2 ' - iff' ,WNV KW 1 . ,, Qin 4: gm x 1 Wi , x.-11 ww 1 4 1, '-mnm , , ,. .,, 1 ,,, A i-A . ' , R ,. , , 7 , i, 5 5 1 1 ' ' . 1 . I , 1 1 ,, Mr-1 'I ' '55 ff, ke n 1 , 1 1 1 ,E K' 4 .,15!kAE H1 SENIUH UHIEEHS 5 PRESIDENT . Q Herbert Prouty VICE-PRESIDENT . . . Bob Core :'r 21' if i' .f 'W .wA4 i X '. SECRETARY . . . Virgilene Burton TREASURER . . Betty Eikey U51 S 'B Florence Alper "HV aaiatv: Exif : 1 f .'r9a 1:5135 gferg. Czllege Prepararoq' G. A. E+.. AS. 51 Drafnatics Cin: if Spanish C15 21 Biff: az: Goin 25. AG Senior Pig' Committee 56 Tina Mae Amidon "Sie Jpezeg 119: Ba: 2" ': 5 H159 2: Commercial Knfrtgng Ciao Glrls Glee Clan Senhr Play' Comrrree Tricia Amidon "xi mailer: 5901 :t1:f:9' 4. pfetergje. 5.5151 :L 1.1: feafwi ,nil 55. WJ 199.2 7:77 'Q U Cornrnerciai Twirling Club 'Sl Knitting Cmb 12 Chrisnnas Pagmnt 55 Girls' Glee Clan A6 Senior Play Committee ' jack Dale Anderson Hajtf If a :mag fOf6l 39 mf, native." A gricxlrtzral 6 72 Sara Mary Anderson "If maj: be :Ee ,'G9.Zi 9 fore. Sing 071.-I Cnllege Preparatory F-ff. V1-1. 15. '16 fwlairigal Singers Af. EQ Gif! Serttette 95 National Music Camp AA '-if junio: Prom Comminee -lnnio: Plaj' Ceznmittee Fllillfif Elan-4 ani Goli Af OQIiOOf Cllb "Olaf Do-:toni '-11 "Sixth in Senoran 2' G. A. A. 21 Christmas Pip' Al Paz? Committee AE Laura Mae Antoine 'One 253: :n5g7:v::f1f jmi.'e.' College Prepafaz-'3' Orchestra ES. '-sa, -F G. .AL fx. 713. Y-i-7 Coop Training Af. Af .f 5 . ! V f L X rrence Babel "Lit:fe. bn? :ff Lair.: College Pzejsaratog' Freshman Football AQ. Al Reserve Fmzball AS 'Xarsity Football 31. Af Traclc 3124. 'HP -J Golf 445 Band will - '55 Trombone Qnarter 95 Trmsurer Srnclent Connci '46 Chairman Scholarship Committee '46 Tumbling Team - A6 Intramural Basketball '45 '46 Varsity Club A6 Richard Barrett "Gif!5 are fialjifilief - 129 asfetf. "' College Preparatory T141 .3 fu ll PL nf., pi 1 Theodore Bathke "He'r rl man. every inch of him." Commercial Entzred from Central Lake ' 5 Intramural Basketball '4 3, '46 Reserve Basketball '44, '45 Reserve Football '45 Black and Gold '45, '46 Senior Play Committee '46 Barbara Joan Bernhardt "One of our class optimixlx -the lakes life ar the fimlr it," Commercial Twirling Club '42 History Club '4l Christmas Pageant '45 Girls' Glee Club '46 Senior Play '46 Doreen Louise Bezile "Yun haze to hnozz' her' to uppreciale fully her' crew' ready Jmilef' College Preparatory Entered from Kingsford 45 Home Economics Club '45, '46 Red Cross Council '46 Bruce Blackmore "Beware of lhat luring smile, girly." G. Academic Intramural Basketball '42, '43, '44 Freshman Football '42, '43 Baseball '44, '45 Machine Shop '44, '45, '46 f15l Luella H. Blakely "In her ezer quietnerr there if charm." College Preparatory Entered from Ellsworth ' G. A. A, Barbara Jean Blanchard "Daily Nelly" zvlrh circzzlalionf' ez large College Preparatory Dramatics Club '45, '44 Junior Prom Committee '45 Black and Gold '42, '45, 45, '46 G. A. A. '43, '44 Secretary Junior Red Cross '45, '44, '45, '46 Reserve Cheerleader '45, '44 Bette Joann Blanchard "Here '71 lhere 'II every- where." College Preparatory Dramatics Club '45, '44 junior Prom Committee Junior Play Committee '45 Black and Gold '42 - '45 Editor, Black and Gold '45, '46 G. A. A. 1 Pan American Club '45, '44 P, T. A. Representative '45 Senior Frolic Committee 1 '46 Student Council '42 Quill and Scroll Society '44 - '46 Mary Louise Bain "If .the knew an ez'il thought, the Jpohe no evil word." College Preparatory Marian A. Boone SE Jerome E. Burrows "For the it a quiet kind "Dorff u'orr'3' me with whore mztzzrei vzerer 1f'L1f'J'. " Commercial 277. iff- A ?g,' wi ' - Pf1p,'6D Genilee rackett "The reigi' rfezfil in ber eye." College Preparatory Band '41, '42, '45, '44, '45 Student Council '44, '45 Black and Gold '45, '46 Annual Board '46 junior Play '45 Junior Prom '45 Senior Frolic '46 Christmas Play '45 G, A. A. '43 Christmas Pageant '44 Dramatics Club '45, '44 Scnior P af mittee '46 5' 1 "' Norma Brugh "She if pretfy to walk zrifb and zritly lo talk u'if!9."' Commercial Black and Gold '44, '45, '46 junior Play Committee '45 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Senior Play Committee '46 Girls' GleeDClub '46 ffzdrl if Garnet Bullet "SilZC67'il-'1' is 1201 aluzzyt ex- pratiten' by many 14'01'12'J." G. Academic U63 Zl'0772Ell." G. Academic Cf Virgilene Burton HDEIIZIIVE' but roy," Commercial junior Play Committee '45 Black and Gold '44-'46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Senior Play Committee '46 Glee Club '46 Senior Class Secretary '45, '46 Mull,-1 :D Phyllis Anne Chapin "Being yoozf it an az1'f!z.' louetome job." College Preparatory Dramatics Club '43, '44 junior Prom Committee '45 junior Play '45 junior Red Cross '42, '45, '44 junior Red Cross Presiden' '45, '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Dale Christopher "Six feet of nza.t:zzli11it3f,i zvifh a zfimple i7Z eillaef' ' cheek," Agricultural Football '42 - '46 Track '45, '46 Varsity Club '45, '46 Chorus '45, '46 5 A 'P c..l-L Shirley Clark "She ir never fully drerred until rbe zceatr az rmilef' Commercial Black and Gold '43, '44 Junior Pro '45 fxgkj ' C Nr .Wye , 'Iv vw" X" Eugene Clouse "Ll'fben in doubt be noncbalantf' G. Academic Intramural Basketball '42, '46 Basketball '44 Tennis '45 Tumbling '45 Black and Gold '46 Navigation'Clu '45 Calvin Cole "Care fo our Cfljjfill. mfzfr 4 nail fm ffolzbl. Auf! ever u grin Jo nzerry zf1z1zz'J it Uni." G. Academic Patricia Mae Collver "Make the M051 of Today" College Preparatory!! Marian Conant "Quiet and cofziciezzliozw bill cf9az'n1iz1,g."' College Preparatory Dramatics Club '42 Debate '44 Black and Gold '45, '46 Q., LJ. Dona Conroy "EZ'67'-'1'O71E can renzf the language of a rmifcf' Commercial Knitting '42 Black and Gold '45, '46 junior Play Committee '45 Glee Club '46 Home Economics Club Senior Plaefwiornmittec '41, s if Y' Mar N OW 2:6654-9 arf' Nw ' '1 Kenneth R. Core "Tuff, Ellffj' fmirezf. bfllk eyeff-zrlmf have ilfllly our 'il'l'6J'ffb!6 fr1z'c1"" College Preparatory Basketball '44, '45, '46 Football '45 Vice-President Senior Class ,ADJ Angeline E. Cozart "She hm a IUIIIIUEI' aff lm' 0z4'11." Commercial G. A. A. '43, '44 Home Economics ,raw Club '42 wi' l17l Gerald E. Culman "Neafrze1.r and rfJeerfz1f11e.i.r are qualifier of ralzzef' G. Academic lbvid H: Day III "I-loner! cofzfefriozz if good for the Jozzf- but buff for Iloe repzztaIio11." College Preparatory Student Council '42 Boxing and Wrestling Club '42 Stamp Club '42 Locker Committee '42 First Aid Club '42 Freshman Football '42 Intramural Basketball '42 - '46 Archery Club '44 Ski Club '44 Latin Club '44 Clfuf Glenn L. Denn s HCIIVZVI' forth zlllll' ffzlzgbiug eyerf' G. Academic David Gerald Derrick "A zzzaffr zvorfb 21117 zzzemzzred 63 fair iizof' College Preparatory Freshman Football Black and Gold '44, '45, '46 Football Manager '44 Scholarship Committee '46 Intrmural Basketball '45, '46 Tumbling Team '45, '46 Annual Boardl '46 T131 Patricia Draper "Plen.t11i'e has been the bluifzerr of my life." G. Academic Charlotte Drone "OtberJ think of bei' be- came Jlae think: not of !927'J'6Zf.', Commercial Glee Club '42 Junior Red Cross '45, '46 Senior Play Committee '46 Mary Lou Eblacker "Tbe1'e'J nothing Jo queen ly ar f1'ie1zzlli11eJ5," Commercial Betty Eikey "She makes friefzrly. not 4zcq:.'ai1m1z2ce5, Commercial Student Council '44, '45 Senior Class Treasurer '45 '46 Home Economics Club '45 '46 Black and Gold 145, '46 Senior Play Committee '46 Girls' Glee Club '46 Senior Frolic Committee Assembly Committee 46 zW5""9'X' Jeanne Ann Eitniear "It'r tz uf0mtzn'5 hurinerr to pletzref' Commercial Black and Gold '45, '44 Junior Prom Committee '45 Student Council '45 Home Economics Club '45 Senior Frolic Committee '46 V169 93: W 11 bww Margery Emerson "I love life cuz every- thing'J Riehlf' Home Economics qs...,9h.etvtJ. P Robert K, Finlayson "My liei' ur'en't little white lier, lhey're in techni- color." G, Academic D-J' Don M. Foote "A rare L'OIlZbl1ZtZll0ll of zz rlltzlent, tz Ifldlll. :mtl zz great zzthlelef' G. Academic Freshman Football Intramural Basketball '45 Baseball '44, '45, '46 Basketball '44, '45, '46 Willianl R. Fouch "He ir tz wire man. who when in zlozzht, thinhrf' College Preparatory Student Council '42 - '46 Junior Class President '44, '45 Governor '45, '46 Baseball '44, '45, '46 Intramural Basketball '45 - '46 Freshman Football '42, '45 Junior Prom Committee ' 5 Jerry F. Fouch "He'J quiet hut when you honw him-well that'r diferent." G, Academic Varsity Club '44 ,Tb Q .gabe'ut1Lts. riottt V.. 411' " ! Maretta M. Fouch "She har lived among III there many yearr null yet we know her xml." College Preparatory ,V 7f ,pufrfff U91 Florence Franklin "I'm rnttzll in size only." Home Economics Wi? .43 L14 . ..t, ,, u f . . . a no .,,, ll' Q5 .. .L . -.. W a Opal Jeannette Fritz Betty Lou Gee "She huilzlr her roxy rattle "Be your oun .felf and you in the air, will he original." Bal ity cornerstone is a Commercial rolitairef' Home Economics law-1 Laurence L. Garthe "It paid him well to he Jo lanh and tall, He put it over playing harleethallf' College Preparatory Basketball '44, '45, '46 National Honor Society '45, '46 Student Council '44 Youth Council '46 Track '45, '46 . . . Mc, Patricia Louise Gar e "When Jhe'J not hury, rhe'J hasierf' College Preparatory National Honor Siciety '43 Challenger Club '44, 45 Debate Team '46 Library Board '45 Annual Board '46 Quill and Scroll '45, '46 G. A. A. '44 Black and Gold '46 Senior Play Committee '46 John H. Geary "Girly zronilei' wha! goer on hehinzl the rilence " G. Academic 41201 john Gilmore "I can fool par! of the uforlzl all the time-il'J :he other pan that zvorrier ine." College Preparatory Entered from Ottawa Hills High '44 Junior Play '45 Senior Play '46 Cheerleader Tumbling Choir l ntramural Qgketball 11' ww' 1 Tw T930 Vera Grant "She if jurt the quiet hind ZZVIJOJJ' nalurer newer vary." G. Academic Robert W. Greene "Eat, drink ana' he merry for tomorrow we have a test," G. Academic 126: f V' JiX,4il"l Q' 1 Meridith Jean Dorothy Ellen Harker Greilick "life hear many 'ramorr of "Happy-go-lachy galf' her flfflffef' G. Academic G- Acad-UWC Glee Club '42, '45 G. A. A. '44 Senior Play Committee '46 Home Room Representa- tive of P. T. A. '45 ' . Esther Griffen Robert Frank Hartsell "Alu'a315 merry, never "A quiet youth-at timer." glam, makes a bright G. A d ' aml cheerful chamf' Ca emw Black and Gold '42, '43 Class Treasurer '42, '45 Intramural Basketball '44 Reserve Football '44 Tumbling Club '44, '45 Junior Play 145 College Preparatory if an MQ Carolyn Fae Hamilton Gloria hit ey Hast "How floer a girl know "Her Jmile if not her only when 5he'r really in attraction." haw?" Commercial G. Academic "Oh! Doctor" '43 1 -1 Choir '45 g'1fjfQ'6b 42 46 Black and Gold '44 Dramatics Club '44 I L5 "South in Senora" '45 B ' L Science Club '43 Girls' Sextet 'fn VW-'give ' wg T: 6. b 3 +4 1 M , Larry C. Hardy Eva Clara Hawkins "Greater men than I have HRdf'6K' 1065! and eyer of lived. hal I doaht it." Jeff' College Preparatory College PfCPafaf0fY fl LM History Club '42 G. A. A. '43, '44, '45, '46 V' "Oh! Doctor" '45 "South in Sonora" '46 f 21 Il John Heiges "HappineJJ if a hahit- acquire the hahitf' G. Academic Freshman Football '41, '42 Glee Club '41 Choir '43 Football '44, '45 Varsity Club '44, '45 Junior Play '45 Intramural Basketball joan Huene "A daughter of the divinely tall." College Preparatory - Senior Frolic '46 Senior Play '46 Black and Gold Godx. '43 - 46 Senior Play '46 John C. Hemming Margaret Mary Hunt "Hare I time for the fair "A woman wizh a clear rex?" head," College Preparatory Commercial Home Economics Club '42 Safety Essay Contest '45 N7 Francis Hoxie Doris M. jackson "He alzragr trier regardlerr "I Jlep! and dreamed tha! of the lark." G. Academic life war heaulyg I awoke and found that life was duly." College Preparatory History Club '41 Home Economics Club '41 Dramatics Club '44 Annual Board '45 Youth Council '45 Black and Gold '45, '46 Entertainment Club '46 junior Play Committee '45 William Hoxie 'fllafzzzerr make the man." G. Academic If . t ,its W Fay A. johnson "Built like a Jhy.fcraper." College Preparatory Band '41 - '46 Clarinet Quartet Drum Major '44-'46 Intramural Basketball '42, '43, '44, '46 Student Court '42, '45 Pres. Current Events Club '45 Twirling Club '42, '43 Dance Band '41 - '46 WA Chief justice '45, '46, , Black and Goldf'4eQ '45 . ,479 X. '+ 2. 'C' f' fzzj Yes! Ll Q N, fax ,Q 'V Patricia Kalaharf 2, "Her uvzy ir frientlly, ber manner kind, the lover to that with all vnan- kind," College Preparatory junior High Student Council '4l, '42 Junior High Student Court '42, '45 "Bubbling Over" '45 Junior High Black and Gold '42, '45 Scholarship Award '45 "Byrds Christmas Carol" '45 Junior High Cheerleader '45 Dramatics Club '42, '45, '44 G. A. A. Vive-President '43, '44 Black and Gold '45, '44, '45, '46 Reserve Cheerleader '44 Home Economics Club '45 Varsity Cheerleader '45, '40 Junior Prom Committee .45 Junior Play '45 Senior Frolic Committee '46 ' Delsia Keeler "Ir that 4 .folitair we fee on your tlairtl finger left l9amz'?" G. Academic Clarence Robert Kevwitch "From little Jptzrkr nztty bztrrt tz mighty flame." College Preparatory Latin Club '45, '44 Intramural Basketball '44, '46 Douglas R. Kirkpatrick "F7'l67lIl'ljl ar they rome- tl9at'J Dong." G. Academic . f231 NAP- ' We ai ' " t . af I- , 1 ,Le ,W tv-JJ, X, fr 5 Y 1-,fxfffd Sharon Lee Kistler "True to be1'rer'f,' tme fo ber frien1l.r,' trite to by rltttj' dlZL'tZ.l5." College Preparatory Scholarship Award '45. '45 Dramatics Club '45, '44 Ski Club '45, '44 Christmas Play '45 Band '45 G. A. A. '45, '44 Annual Board '45 Editor of Annual Boartl '46 Black and Gold '44, '45 Junior Play '45 Junior Prom Committee '45 Secretary of Class '44 National Honor Society '45 Party Committee '45, '46 Locker Committee '45, '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Senior Play Committee '46 I Ava Jeanette Kitchen "Little tly1m1nite." Commercial Library Club '45 G. A. A. '44 Volley Ball '44 f Basketball '46 Senior Play Committee '46 Arthur Knapp "A goozl example of big ambition in tr little fellozzf' Col lege Preparatory D. Eleanor Koszarek "Oar loafr offf Intelligence pltzr per',ro11tzlif3'f" Commercial Student Court '45 Basketball Champs '45 Student Council '44 Class Treasurer '45 National Honor Society '45, '46 Black and Gold '46 D. A. R. Representative '46 Glee Club '46 14 ' Rosemary Kruse "Small laaf efficient." Commercial Assembly Committee '46 Secretary Student Council '46 G. A. A. '44 Senior Play Committee '46 unior Pla Committee 45 J Y ' Student Council '45, '46 Annual Board '46 Mock Election Committee '46 Rosemary Kucera "The road to Jacreft is Jleep lfal I'll make llae grade." Commercial Cooperative Training '45, '46 I A1713-M ' ,ff . af-'ef' JPVM of lf . Gaylord Kyset "A laalf-pint of ilynamitef' G. Academic manuel G. aggis "Capable and ui ing will: a reaily .feme of laamorf' College Preparatory E241 Betty Laming "In ber qaieziiefr lier charm," Commercial EAA 5010!-LJL' 5 Edward Lardie "He'll be preiiileiit some day - be Jays." G. Academic Student Council '42 Tumbling Club '44, '45 Machine Shop '44, '45, '46 l . james Largent "Tl9al'.f true, I am iloorl, bat look lame mach chance I have to grow." G. Academic Patricia ILauterhahn "Her smile goef all the way aroaml and liat tom in tlae back." G. Academic Black and Gold '46 Orchestra '43, '44, '45, '46 Challenger Club '45 A Capella Choir '44, '46 Madrigal Singers '46 "Oh! Doctor" '44 Home Economics Club '45 junior Play Committee '45 Senior Play Committee '46 1 Music Festival '46 Dorothy Lautner "Her face crm Jblne tbougb zbe riuy be cloudy." G. Academic Choir '45 "South in Sonora" '45 Vivian Lautner "A model pal-true ur tbe .fbier are blue. If lbere were only men like you." Commercial Marvin Lautner "Country bred, but well bred." G. Academic Machine Shop '44, '45 George Law ence "Maybe Jomeday l'll final Jomebody zrbo irzterertr me." Agricultural Freshmen Football '42 Football '45, '44, '45 F. F. A. '44 Intramural Basketball '45 Student Council '42 11251 Carl Lemcool "Mile u minute mum' Commercial Band '43 Track '45, '46 Varsity Club '45, '46 Verna I. Lewis "Smile and half lbe batllc if won." G. Academic Dramatics Club '44, '45 Newcomb Champs '42 Barbara Lossman "Kr10u'lealge ir poulerf College Preparatory Black and Gold '45 Latin Club '45, '44 National Honor Society '45, '46 Annual Board '46 Senior Play Committee Dorothy Marie Lundberg "A maid ro quiet. few are uuzzre of ber prexerzce Commercial Home Economics Club '47 '43, '44 G. A. A. '42 Betty Lyon "lWiJe ar an ow! and just ur rilentf' Commercial Beverly Lyon "BleJJed with a temper whore mzclozzded my, Call make tomorrow cheerful ar today." G. Academic G. A. A. '43, '44 Rose Marie McGarry "W'l9at'J the use of taking life Jeriourlyf' G. Academic Twirling Club '42 Knitting Club '45 Home Econoilgcs Club '44 1: NWQD ak 569 wr' Donald McIntosh "The lbwzder after tfye norm." College Preparatory Barbara Leigh ,A Macintosh 'Gozfernezl' fry e far co11tra1'ier." . ' College Preparatory Scott MCKIHICY Band '41 . '45 "SflJo0l if zz gnmcf inriilxz- Latin Club '45, '44 tion-during 1'am1fio11." Sports Club 43, 44 Agricultural G. A. A. '45, '44 Home Economics Club '44, Student Council '44, '45 P. T. A. Representative '44, '45 Junior Prom Committee Annual Board 45, 46 Christmas Pageant '45 Senior Frolic Committee William H. McCort "Everyone was lair friend: enemier had he none." Robert I. Mains College Preparatory H I Q President of Class '42, 45, He ll razl Zlae Jerfefznrear '44 before foe: done. Junior Classical League '45 G. AC21ClCf1'1iC Reserve Basketball '45 Glee Club '42, '43 Intramural Basketball '44,,U7 Choir, '42, '43, '44 '46 M Intramural Football '42 Red Cross '46 B '1 Tumbling Team '44, '45 Tumbling '45 o Junior Play 45 36 junior Prom Committe A -ll Vice Governor '46 Freshman Football 'Q Home Economics Club '4 4 '44 f 7 3' Ski Club '4f i261 Anna Marie Madsen "The reamn tz 1007714172 also mindf ber own bzzrifzeyf mcreetlx if because flee loaf Jo little competi- tion." G. Academic Knitting Club '42, '45 l A f .- L-. Vivsp ,,,,-D, Dorothy Manville "Her swift lnafztli fly 0'e1' climbing key! amz' Jlaortloanrl fzotef. O12 colzzmm long and recl- inked linef the fairly dozer." Commercial Drum Majorette '43, '46 Cooperative Training '44 Emily Matteson "It'5 mg t177Z5lflO11 to 5113 in len Jeutencef, what ereryozze elre my in a 1'ol11me." Home Economics Dale Matthews 'Tlae Jzweeteft mari:-tlaf zlifmer' bell." G. Academic .5 , ,M Donna Mae Martin "Bl'0ll'7I eyer Jparlaliug with fuzz." G. Academic Youth Council '43, '44, 45 G. A. A. '45, '44 junior Prom Committee '45 Junior Play Committee '45 Black and Gold '45, '44, '45, '46 Ski Club '43, '44 Annual Board '46 Home Economics Club '45 f,fQM4' I Mary Mason "Life ii .rloort but Jo am I." G. Academic G. A. A. '45, '44 U71 Doris jane Mielke "Tmlfz3' ii laere. ltftfi' eujoj' Il. G. Academic Black and Gold '42, '45, '46 Ski Club '43 Challenger '43 Cooperative Training '15 Maxine Miller "CO17ZlI!OlZ reuse if fmt ty common Ilaiugf' G. Academic V at 57 -134' .. .WA :F Audrey Minch "If tlaerelr izotlaing doing, 5l9e'll start rometlaifzgf' College Preparatory Jane Maxine Montague "Alwayr bright with excitement." G. Academic 'A J. Harvey I Montgomery "lf iz line were crooked lJe'd argue it .ft1'aigl2t." College Preparatory Kelsey Moran "Mort gtzily wire. mort innocently loved." G. Academic Band '42 - '46 G. A, A. '44, '45 Cornet 'l'rioV'45' lv Sarah Ann Murray "The mort mdgnifieent Jigii of wirdom ir con- tinued claeerfizlneryf' College Preparatory Choir '42 - '46 Madrigal Group '44, '45 Girls' Sextet '44, '45 Annual Board '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Junior Prom Committee '45 Pan American Club '43 Ski Club '43 Secretary junior Class '44, '45 "Oh! Doctor" '44 "South in Sonora" '45 Wx Shirley Nelson 'Silenre may be golden. but then u'e'1'e OH the gold Jtandardf' Commercial Art Club '45 junior Prom Committee '45 Senior Play Committee '46 Junior Play Committee '45 Girls' Glee Club '45 1 ' N Robert Lewis i Newberry '- "Bob believer in letting the other fellow worry." G. Academic Freshman Football Football '43, '45 Track '44, '45, '46 Intramural Basketball '45 - '46 Challenger Club '45 Navigation Club '45 Home Economics Club '44, '45 Ski Club '43 Varsity Club '46 Senior Play Committee '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Dorothy Neuman "Sleek iz quiet mir! and not ro tall, A trite and fditlyfizl friend to dll." Commercial Senior Play Committee '46 Choir '43 G. A. A. '44 U31 Paul H. Norton "He knouu' that football lm't the only place a line it needed," College Preparatory Entered from Pontiac Debate '45 Reserve Basketball '45 Junior Play Committee '45 junior Prom Committee '45 Varsity Football '46 Varsity Club '46 lntramural Basketball '46 Senior Play Committee '46 ..,:.,f Don Nottke "The boy who Iyar a More of ufit, and l9e'r not at all .thy about ating it." G. Academic 7 . evg4JU X. Q Willianu Oliver "lWl9e11 better radior are made Oliver will make them." G. Academic Tumbling Team '45 - '46 Challenger Club '44 Archery Club '44 Home Economics Club '44 Navigation Club '43 Ski Club '43 Junior Play Committee '45 Senior Play Committee '46 President Radio Club '45 P. A. System '44 - '46 junior Prom Committee '45 Madelon Park "P0lite11eJJ cotta' nothing and zrinr 61!67'j'fl9ll7g." G. Academic Wllittier Players '44 Latin Club '45 Reading Contest '46 Senior Play '46 Sharon F. Perkett "Not only good bat good for fometloiugf' College Preparatory Junior High School Council Debate '46 Prose and Poetry Contest '43 Annual '46 Challenger Club '44 Junior High Black and Gold Black and Gold '45, '46 National Honor Society Junior Class Play '45 Senior Class Play '46 Assembly Committee '45, '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Mock Election Committee '46 , - Aififloii Kern Pefmyi "Watch laer lad. Jlyel' fooling thee." College Preparatory "Bubbling Over" '42 Junior High Black and Gold Dramatics Club '43, '44 G. A. A. '44 Junior Prom Committee '45 ' H junior Play '45""' i Senior Frolic Committee '46 Annual Board '46 Black and Gold '46 P. T. A. Representative '45 "Birds Christmas Carol" '45 junior High Student Council '42 1 Jeannette Pitcher 3 "A damrtel with a lie- zvitfhlllg raffle." College Preparatory Junior High Student 1 'jf Council '42 , JZ G. A. A. '44 'J '- ' "Oh! Doctor" "South in Sonora" Glee Club '41, '42, '45 Choir '45 - '46 Black and Gold '44, '45 Challenger Club '45, '44 Junior Prom Committee '45 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Dramatics Club '45, '44 ff- Herbert Milt n Prouty "A zrife man newer' fallr lu lore." College Preparatory 'tt , A lk it . 5' -all U91 ' a -X. Richard William Provencher "He if at cleuei' with hit tongue at with hit penlu College Preparatory Secretary Freshman Class Black and Gold '43 Intramural Basketball '43, '45 Treasurer Sophomore Class Junior Play '45 junior Prom Committee Annual Board '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 arold Glenn rvis "Dignified, yet natural always." G. Academic Freshman Football '42 Intramural Basketball '43 - 46 Reserve Football '44 Outdoor Club '44 Varsity Football '45 Varsity Club '46 Baseball '45, '46 Charlotte E. Rice "Nothing if Jo tontageoux at enthuxiaxmf' G, Academic Girls' Glee Club '42, '43 Choir '45 "South in Sonora" '45 Senior Class Play '46 Phyllis joan Sanborn "I have done my heft. 'why uf'orry.3" G. Academic lf50l Patricia Ann Sawyer "It iJn't my fault if I look timid." College Preparatory Black and Gold '42, '43 String Orchestra Latin Club '43, '44 Vice-President Sophomore Class '43, '44 junior Play '45 junior Prom Committee '45 Youth Council '45, '46 Dance Band '43 - '46 G. A. A. '43, '44 National Honor Society '45 Senior Play '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Richard C. Schrei er "The greatest men in hitt- ory haue heen .fmallf Napoleon Bonaparte, Juliux Caetar anal I." Freshman Football '43 Intramural Basketball '42, '43, '46 Baseball '44, '45 Reserve Basketball '44 Latin Club '45 Tumbling Club '45 First Aid Cleston Shaffran "Rough and tough antl hard to bluff." College Preparatory john Shaw "Much wixdom often goei with fewest wora't." G. Academic Y ,kv Z YW Y , . xg Q t. , .i I awe f , 'zrrwvr , . ' 1 "' 56 5 it t ek" Y wr g ,ia ' Y 1 "' 5 I ,wtf 5,5 " 6 ffm S5575 ' -5-if 4 zrcthdfli nl'- f'1f2'X5'3Sg. mg 1 tiiigztxgfgiit 'gif X . ' .gg.g:q322x11f:?,5 iii 3 1 xfitzziilgb- Lvzwgri , l Jacqueline Edith Shea "fait a hill ana' like all bidi. hlflaflxhf' G. Academic Wally Guy Sheckler "So long ai fate permit!- lizfe in chee1'falneJ.f." Latin Club '42, '43 "Oh! Doctor" "South in Sonora" junior Prom Committee '44, '45 Junior Play '45 Senior Play '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Black and Gold '45, '46 Keith Sheldon Hllfith Jeff confidence ana' tleleffmination. the im- poiiihle hammer the poiiihlef' G. Academic Raymond Sladek "Newer do toclay what yoa can pat off anti! t0m0i'r0zz'." G. Academic 11511 .n..-0- Doris Solomonson "All nite thingy come in inzall packaged' G. Academic G. A. A. '43, '44 Civil Air Patrol '44 - '46 Student Council '45, '46 Senior Play'Committee '46 nff""' wi ,uwfdft atb, Z at 7 ,Q 0 alle Marilyn E. Sorenson "If: nice lo he natural when y0n're naturally nice." G. Academic David Stites "fl man to he traitezlf' G. Academic Entered from Waterfortl, Mich. '45 Intramural Basketball '44, '45 Mk :P.j.n.ab8 ov- jean Marie Sutter "On with the fiance! Yon can ref! in your grave." G. Academic Twirling Club '45 Latin Club '44 Reserve Cheerleader '44 Varsity Cheerleader '45, '46 junior Play '45 Senior Play Committee '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Annual Board '46 Junior Prom Committee '45 ' J sd,-,'L1x '-7' Charles Tafelsky "I7zelepe1zdenee now and f01'eve1'-- Amen." Commercial Marvel Tallady "A cafe of gigglexf' College Preparatory Anne Marie Taylor "Wlae11ez.'er people agree ullla me I feel I must be zt'r'o1zg." College Preparatory Black and Gold '45 Orchestra '44 Annual Board '46 junior Play '46 yn .6-JJ' Mary Thomas "Either I will find al way or make one." G. Academic G. A. A. '45, '44 Christmas Play '42 Beatrice l. Umlor "Quiet and 1'ei'e1'vecl-gffl comrmzl ar lbe norlb star." G. Academic Marjorie Wfaldron "She lmlb 61 leinflly lomzcl to help." G. Academic G. A. A. '42, '45 Cooperative Trap. g 5 A Capella c - '45, ' C. A. P. '45, '46 K 5 lla Wil ., ,Q U f 1 .-Q41 V941-is -'--qc V' Frank A. Throop "Gl1'l.r are fzlrigfar, but ez bacbelork life for mef G. Academic P. A. System '45, '46 Archery Club '44 Boys' Athletic Club '45 Tumbling Club '45 Reserve Football '45 Senior Pl'a ' 6 Phyllis Marie Walter "Perfect ionic for 'blue fllomlwy' " G. Academic "South in Sonora" '45 Archery '44 A Capella Choir '44, '45 .46 . tm TW , J D Gerald Calvin arren "Take life xeriozu y and what ix it worth?" G. Academi Moira wsop, ca v5"'l LV? Irene Watkoske "Her whims heep men guetfingf' Commercial Elaine Ruth Watson "A wife ufomalz confiffei' in few pe1'50m." Commercial Entjred from Cooley High ' 1 Youth Council '44 "Oh! Doctor" Student Council '45 junior Play Committee '45 Senior Play Committee '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Elizabeth Kirk Way "An island of Jilence in zz rea of 1f0ice,f." College Preparatory Choir '45, '46 Annual Board '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 "South in Sonora" '45 Senior Play Committee '46 i331 Jessie Weese "The greater lhe ,ffiult Ihe more gloriom zhe tfiumphff' College Preparatory Annual Board '44, '45, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, ' '46 45 IA Ward Thomas Welir "In the rea of life eyery man it hir 0u'1z pifnt- zmtil he meer! zz u'0mm2." G. Academic i Lp xf' vvxflk 9 I K2 9 .Lf ef' M7 gifu' Doneva May Wfeidenhamer "Teacher, may I he exczzieff to pnzwfer my flare?" G. Academic G. A, A. Home Economics Club '45 '46 tj, Pauline Wfeiselberg "May .the nerer change exe rep! in mime." G. Academic Twirling Club '42 Newcomb Champs '42 Red Cross Club '46 Cooperative Training '44 '45, '46 1 .l may fl TvJ1u .xg of Barbara Ann West "Beware of my temper." Commercial M A5 T 15.9 Geraldine Wheaton "She Jeemr to he quiet- Jfet one never agus." G. Academic ' ",Mj.P.L-e-8 George Howard Wilhelm "I um willing 20 he cou- zfincefl hut Jhou' me lhe man thu! can zlo it." College Preparatory Band '41 -'46 Dance Band '43 -'46 Symphonette '45, '46 Operetta Orchestra '44, '45 Choir '44 Varsity Football '44, '45 Intramural Football '4l, '42 Intramural Basketball '41 -'46 Varsity Club '45, '46 Ski Club '43 Building and Ground Commissioner '46 Senior Play '46 Ralph E. Wolff, Jr. "A hlurh if beautiful hut ir Jomelimer incon- veuieulf' College Preparatory Student Council '42, '43, '45, '46 Sports Club '44, '45 Latin Club '43, '44 Home Economics Club '43, '44, '45 Freshman Football '42, '43 Reserve Football '43, '44, '45 Varsity Football '45, '46 First Aid Club '42, '45 Junior Play Committee '45 junior Prom Committee '45 Senior Play '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Intramural Basketball '42 -'46 Donna Jean Woodrow "CheerfulueJJ and gooxl will are the Jecret of her happiuenf' G. Academic G. A. A. '43 -'45 Senior Play Committe '46 Basketball '43 -'45 Volleyball '45 -'46 Archery '43 -46 Tennis '43 -'46 -'i Earl D. Wyxoff "A youth light-hearted and content." G. Academic Freshman Football '42 Intramural Basketball '42, '43, '44 Varsity Football '44, '45 Machine Shop '44, '45 Varsity Club '46 Reserve Basketball dp- Track '44, '46 5 dj: C201 YA ive' Q' T2 X Outdoor ClubQ44"' ...FJ Lucile Janice Yahr "Do one thing at once and do it well." College Preparatory WJ, P1,,, Richard Zimmerman "When the fure hloufr out he'll Jeltle down." College Preparatory Track '44, '45, '46 Football '45 Reserve Football '44 Intramural Basketball '43, '44, '45, '46 Varsity Club '44 -'46 First Aid Club '43 Sports Club '44, '45 Home Economics Club '44 '45 Latin Club '44 Junior Play Committee '45 Junior Prom Committee '45 Senior Play Committee '46 Senior Frolic Committee '46 Freshman Football '43 Tumbling Club '45, '46 -. john Ziolkowski "A good .vport if there ever was one," Agricultural William Lahym "Wim, wigor, wilality, and women," G. Academic Onnalee Jeanne Smith "Fate tried to conceal ber by naming her Smith," G. Academic Drmatics Club '41 Richard Hoehler "He never .rhifkr his rtudierf' College Preparatory 11551 -an P ll LST , r +1 x 1 ' vw x Q 1 WW, 1 1 1 .'w,1 . JUHIUH UHIEHXE PRESIDENT . . .Charles Kelly VICE-PRESIDENT . . Jack Sheets SECRETARY . . . Mary Jean Witt TREASURER . . Nancy Dean f 37 fl of- ur ' as nf 1 fx up C' S xg, I . 'lf 1' N X s X 4... .J .ff .5 sr.:::::::Q" 3. x X Q ks A Ss X X. , .. . Q serv' X .X 1 . X J.. Q, .--v if ' I I Adams, N. Aeschliman, V. Allen, J. Allen, T Alto, N Anderson, A Arnold, C. Axtell, R. Baesch, B. Baker, N Ballentine, V Banton, B Bay, J. Bennett, Bennett, L. Belcher, I Birdsey, D. Bland, L. Bochniak, L. Boone, D. Bottje, B. Boursaw, J. Bradford, B. Breithaupt, J. Brobeck, D. Brown, G. Brown, J. Brown, Burkholder, L Burrows, K Bush, M. Bye, C. Carmien, D. Castle, G Cavanaugh, D Clancy, P Clark, R. Clay, C. Clutterbuck, J. Core, W. Corpe, D. Corpe, L. U81 'K-A 'N vw :,. an 'uv 5 . . ,J 5 H . ,R A filo Cox, Culmarx, L. Darrow, K. Dekker, P. DeYour1g, L. Dietrich, E. Dreves, T. Dunn, B. Durga, M. Erickson, M. Emory, J. Essex, M. Fouch, Gleason, E Gonder, D. Gregory, S Greilick, j. Griffith, D. Hartley, H. Hartsell, B. Hasselbring, D. Davis, AI Dean, B Dean, N. Dobson, M. Dolseri. C. .1 Donner, M Eggii, 1. E f ,fs , . A i f iff ' Eimiear, J. 1' Farrington. J E . , A V Q . Femriell, T Q E Folsom, Al il E . in , ' az- ca , Goodrick, F. , V Graichen, CQ. I f 37X Gruuel, C. I fx A ,M Q., f , S R f 1 L ff 11. QL , Eg .G - Q if Q ,fl ' if A ""' ' X -if f H.'k.A 'B' 'ff of ,Ile V ' "'?J'.,, gr Hamilton. D Harris. nl Hart, D. Hays, F. Heniser. G. f59l .5 a f" 'R -S 'Qu 4. 1 'T-7? wt, ies.. A A if Y .-N ., yn 3 . 5 1, K J., is I. wi' N X -x v X XX 5 ' . P . fs I Eg y l Y. Q :ii 3 . GQ xxlff if ff' at , 'JA' Y. 5 q f. if f I 23 WXS 1 . a X 1 ww X - .. 5 L ' , Q 5 P. D I P I P E C P K B A B D K A. P. F C, Hicks. K. Hilbert. A. Hines, VU. Hoover, Horton, Houghton, Hughart. D. I-Iulerr, C. Hunt, Al. Hunt, Irish, Irish, jackson, F, jennetr, C. Knley, G. Kaniewski, Kelly, Kelly, Kelsch, T. Keplmrt, R. Kevwitcli, F. Keyes, Kingscorc. Knapp, Kneip, D. Kologe, J. Kropp, J. Lahyrn, Langs, Lannin, Larclie, R. Lautner, R. Lazarus, H, Lardie, Luinstra, Lyon, Mclzarren, L. McLean, P. Mallion. N, Malin, Marshall, Mathison, L40 3 J D. 'ill is ss A 7, O .s..s ix .. 57' 4 . si .. A ,ssl I "' X 0 .. 3 .Sf SA .... . f X X i A f M Q- f 'if i fy. . C'hv ,xx ll' lxY'4x N A- 4' iwwvg A ' . . fi 'W i . . . K 'ki ,fx fkgjjx ' f ll i " . Q f. fs M In-Q, rvx ,Sk V . N x .W-' I r x XX? A s 'cz-5 .f-4 X 'S iv' 4 L Matteson, L. Mattson, A. Maule, C. Mikula, W. Monk, B. Moore, J. Morse, J. Morse, V. Moulton, H. Newcombe, M. Newhall, A. Norman, M. Peckham, B. Petertyl, S, Pitcher, D. Polhamus, H. Popa, Pratt, S. Reid, B. Rennie, M, Riehl, H. Maurer, Melichar, Meyers, Moorman, Morgan Morrison, Meyers Nelson Nevins, Oberlin O'Dell, Olsen, Pleva, Plucker Polack, Purvis, Randolph, Raymond Rosenberg Round Routsong tm a x v R Lf .QQ A 'Y' . -. Ryckman, M. Ruble, H. Salenski, G. we . Sanborn, V ,d ir sawle, B , Schopieray. ul Seaks. A. Shalf, E. Shannon, A. Shaw. E Sheets, ll . . Sheldon. B Sheldon, V. Shugart, R. Sleder, K. Sleder, P. Snyder, C. ,px 5 Spoor, N. Steffes, B. Stoddard, B. Srruble, B. Taylor, A. L Thayer, F. J Soapman. C. Thompson, bl. , Vx p rg Thorpe, NI. .',j" 6 of. Tirhof, A. . ,X L S Tompkins. B. T X' T Tompkins. T. p Trinka. B. S Turkish. D. N. ' 'Qx Wfachter, J. Y as X sy Whgner. pl. Wfaldo. F. Xwallstead. K. be W g Q A Xxilllkx. dvi X ' i Q! .. , i Y. -' x g . ' 4.. - 1 . Wfeber. M. S g YX'eede, T. i .3 Welclu. B. hr' W'enger. YW. X ...J Wfhirson, B. I Williams, 1. f -. ,z. - Wfirkop. P. S Q S 5 Q.. Wfirr. M. 1 S Xwoodrow. M. ST' . S if Wurm. R. 5 B Phillips, B. B W6llS. M. C423 7 HTA A 5 E .' T, Y .,. I mx W o 5 'X S1 ., '?' Y Ai ' -,rm 53- , in La t:-A kin, Q.. . ' -5 l 1 irq -A , .,,.. 'TJ' 9 Y.. -:asf , X233 73. . 9 N r .. .V ., A 1 Q .lo-, Q, 'T ! rf, 'A 1. I 1 x x I A Q., Q.. ' K rw ZQLM4 . v' SUPHUMUHE UWEEHEZLR PRESIDENT . . . Beverly Garthe VICE-PRESIDENT . . Bob Baynton SECRETARY . . Pat Bay TREASURER . . . Barbara Gilbert P531 Adams, N. Al-fer. Y. Ashmore. R. Avery, C1 Barnes. Z Bay. P Bay. R. Baynton. R. Beardsley. B Bennett. I Bensley. N Berry. C Bezile. L. Birdsey. D. Bissell. D. Bland. G Bossingham. M Boursaw, J Boyd. -T. Brief. H. Bright. B. Brown. F Brown, H Bunn. M Burkholder. Bush, R. Bush. R, Campbell. J. Carnahan. W' Chandler. L. Clark. P. Claypool. B. Cleland. D, Coddington, A. Cole, K. Collins, M. Compton. R. Conroy. B. Core. N. Couturier, K. Cozart, M. Curtiss. D. DeForge. M. Dekker. V. Delp. E. Denman, G, DeTure. B. Dunmore. G. E441 DeWirr. G. DeXX'irr, P. "" Dohm. R. .v t Dornarus. K A f Draper, bl A Dumbrille. F Durga, L. Durocher, C. Ealy, D. Q Faust. T. ' England. Bl. Fennell, V. Faly. S Fdenburn, B Fggli. H Ferris, G Gewins. M Foote, D Forton, J. ,L 5 Forton. L. . 'X 1 Francisco. G. 35 Franke, ,I V Frank, S 3, 4 Freeborn, C 'Q Q If Furst, G. Garrhe, B. . Gilbert, B. M. X Q ' Gilmore.G 4 F ' ' Gilmore. R 4 Gilrner. B Glzinville, B. E- , ' Gloucli. G. y ' " ' Goodland, H. .. Gordon. T , , . Gore. G F' f' Grant, l, Greene M Griffen R Grinclsruen Harry, M. Hatfield S S Grueloer H gg cl Hinni N Hayxx ood. E. Heim. nl. Helferich. -I. Henrschell. P. E453 Z 4 J . -j.":Wv'. 4' 1 . E DJ F e... '?E..X11 L 9 V . . 'rv.,n ig. rw. -as ' ei N3 . f., a Q X wwf . 3 'M fxnvirxf-fy, ...av .4 5 f I . Kira In-u K Nvf HT' gi 7 1 ,QQQWX 73 L 1 'W' Q s A Q N3 Q X vs f- . fn? ' L X. YVQI it s Hr , .-. .. I 3 . A 5 lil? . . 'i ' ' x , r. xr f' - lxsxir. Q. ' L Lis X - ' . X XX.x M? N ' X Af ' X -- X xvlxx 1 sf..:.pfx 9 ,, sr . sis . " K QD . ix. ig- ,G . . 3 t, , b. . X. KW. CYS' . i D K 1 n- A ' SEQ. . S 3 . .rosy 1 xt. Q X. M Herkner, B. X Hicks, E. N, L 5' Hoag, M. ,x" if Y Hoehler, I fi? A . Hollister, D. , . x X Horn, P 5' X' L A 5 o x Hunt, D. Irish, L. , 1 , Irish, N. N A f 5 , jessop, J 7 MF . johnson,D A 1 ft Joynt, K. ,g g f A . X va F5 ,My I is joynt, M. V Kitt, B. L Koenig, K. ,, .ff ' " "i' X , in " rt Komora, R. his 'X f gh Korr1,A. 'L L ii Q Kratochvil, C. ' , Krohn, K. Kropp, P. Kruger, K. ,Cv ,A . L .1 LaBar, D. . V Q 'V I Lada, F. A ,, M , . Laggis, A. 6 ii 13 , ,,., Largent, A. Lawson, T. f Lazarus, A 4 9 ' M A , Le-Graff, B. 1 Q .5 lj. L Lewis, C. I I L' 1 . L if we A Linderleaf, D. Linsley, R. Love, D. Y' K McIntyre, vi, McKinley, D. A , . Potter, R. N f 1 U Ii X Mcwethy, D. 1 Maison, C. Manville, B. 7' .. . A' ttff 5.9 , Matthews, A. L . ' Maurer, H. A L .5 A , . ff, Milkowski, D. ' ,S As, lor ,V i N", 1 I .f I . Miller, B. Miller, Miller, N. Moore, G. 9, Moravec, Newberry, B. 11461 E H, MQ, ,, fail' ,-rw frm , 'v . Z , 1 -W, 5 sz Y 'X mn.. if It ' ' ,Q x 3 ,M t 'M -M . 4 J if 9, y- ' ' 7 . My E T A, f 1 may IM vi' ' t Q, -f I Shqdffe gsii I. D11 'L . 4- J, 4 'Z Z 1 M . :ik ' 'ii'7IS'f'f'f , ' 7 fsf'q5,,f.l1f r ui. 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Wright, B. Wright, L. Wyatt, L. Yfmski, B. Youker, B. Ziegler, Y. Kevwitch, F. N81 ,fn W' 5- g ' H". , 5, . Ai?fEQ'. ' - mio' , E L, . ,iv . q :'s.q.. ,- VIE . I f V- 4 .., Wil I "QL TQ W ' fi- Q , -YQHX AQ-L Ziwwf "ff 'V If p I V ,fx I, I ,Mngfivmfy ,-I-fwem , Kg -Q-Q 5'-X FEfEfL.1Gf' ' f,,r,41-Q, K ' - ,1 i 131.114 , -11.-J '1.1 ' - 15" 121,11 Q, '1f11e1"-5,1 1' 1, , 1 ' Q- I 1 , JF, V 'E 1 ' L . n 51251, ,1 gg 1 1 , qu.: f 1: , 1, , 1 f, '1 gj?:.Z',','. ' 'if' K i1,.,,, 'Typ ,, . .21 11' V1 ff, 1 reggae- f f j V' xi.. :VI LN 'Vu' " X , ,, , , ,' 'Wi 1- ' 17 '13, - 1, , " . 'W . ' IJ' I X ' f ,V 11.1 ,1 M, 1, 1 V 11 1 1 , .1 . ,rff'A-- -fz' - -- . , " - ff, ,1 1 uv. 1 ,,Lfff,w1 14 -1 - , M' , . 1. 11 11. 31, "W ,, A .1 gf-Wlff 1 . U 'vQ1,g1-,111 3 3 7, +P: ,W-A 1 1 -1' ,-,1:,1,.51gL11 11, 1 , A 16- ,f 1QfQ,j,f1?f'g, 115 "':-25:2 1 ' .,'.-'11 1, 4-72141. -"NJ, ,' 5-2111-2.1Qe?11,,Q'-,1 1 png.. ,, ' 1 -f - , ww. 'gf .gy ,,114,,1wg.'1 U A . 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'Q .1 13 lQ'fil.Q'f"'f,iil-UF 'f".Qjf,ZJ Nr,.:'1'.,g'-513fQ'f"'.fQfl11f'EXW-""U4i'1'1..ij7 'j :,, 1 ,1:. Jw fu: '.4xfiLgaiv,,:g11.'..1311115.41 .'1'y',g 391,515 . , .1 ,1,'gg. 1 , " . L-1,,.f1-gq4,1N'11.1-' 11'1-1,..,Lq1.'Qf,-11,1 ,1ug1kf1gi G' M14 111 ,1 1' 1 ' -2' 1? ,314 1. 9111111 , wg? gfa1,i11 .+'w.1,1-9, ' 1 1 - . 1 ,if iq,-.,.p ,1-gf -, ,.1'y.1,.g1::,'1',g,,1 ., ' 2111.-'r'g13f. ,521--p.r,1, 1,,, 1--1111 -gf- - 1' ,.11' 1- g-21,111 'f -1 3 ' FV 1- .Wi 11- U'-,,11. 151' ' ' " ,.1,1.511x1'. ' . 1, ' " 1' l"1-1 fffrf ',f,I' 'W' 1 , 1 ,f 1, , ' 1f:',1 - -wf1'.,.-wk . ., 11 1 11-1 V1 " 1' . ,' LL -S 'NH' . R ' " 'V1 ', Q2'f.vf.'111,QW1'iZ? . AJ' 1- "f-1v,J-"Z,f- iw' Fw Y ' 351.711 Jil 'E ,, f -: -,Q-1', 111- 11mg .1 ,11 fp : ,v'..1 1 N 1, m14w1..h1,a.ruI5ferm.-,mf1.',,, .ax.,i,1x .11 J,-1-1 ,1 1 -H1111-1 , ,1 4, 3 A, l NATIGNAL HGNCDIQ SQCIETY Richartl Barrett Theodore Bathke Barbara Bernhardt Virgilene Burton Jeannine Farrington Wfilliam liouch Lawrence Garthe Patricia Garrhe Dorothy Hughart Margaret Hunt F. Allen Johnson Patricia Kalahar Charles Kelly Sharon Kistler Arthur Knapp Eleanor Koszarek m +A? Rosemary Kruse Rosemary Kucera Gaylord Kyser Carl Lemcool Verna Lewis Barbara Lossman Patricia McLean Dorothy Melichar T493 ' , Joanne Moore Sally Murray Sharon Perkett Jeanette Pitcher Herbert Prouty Maxine Ryclcman Patricia Sawyer Emil Shaw .4 , .f I ' J J I, ., , a .-, A , A 4 A wr 5 . 1- V 7 J ,a Q 'my ,' XY'ally Sheclcler Jack Sheets Mary Thomas Joan Thompson Fred Nvaldo Sponfor Mr. Karl Fisher STUDENT CCDUNCIL Among noteworthy achievements of the Council in past years are the promotion of the paving of Pine street the establishment of an Annual Scholarship award to a Senior, and formulating of rules governing school parties, which have been so successful that they have been copied by many other schools. The Council is also responsible for the establishment of regulations for fire drills and Corridor tralfic. Currently the Council is supervisinf' the D noon intermission, Other projects under way are the sponsorship of a suitable Memorial to those who served in World War ll d ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , an active cooperation with the Board of Education to build diagonal walks along natural traffic lines. ' W may Contribution of the hrst semester, hfth hour History VII class under Mr. William Gerard f 501 1 Pygjzgieni ,,,,,, ,,.,,, P l1ylllS Chapin f s A JUIXIICDR junior Red Cross activities in High School were directed and promoted by a junior Red Cross Council under the supervision of Miss Vera Gardner. In November, 1945, the council sponsored a successful enrollment drive. This was followed by a Junior Red Cross dance. The major portion of the proceds from the roll call and the dance was spent for gifts for the crippled children at the University Hospital in Ann Arbor and for Christmas gifts for convalescents at Percy Jones Hospital at Battle Creek. Before purchasing the gifts for the boys at Percy jones Hospital, three council mem- bers, namely, Phyllis Chapin, Barbara Blanchard, and Bill McCort, were sent to Percy jones Hospital by the Senior Chapter of Red Cross to get first-hand information as to how junior Red Cross could help most advantageously. They found the boys liked playing cards, afghans, model plane sets for rehabilitation purposes, art novelties, lapboards, and many other items junior Red Cross has been making in its various departments throughout the school. junior Red Cross afghans were made in the Home Economics departments, lapboards in shop, menu covers in print shop, Christmas carols in the commercial department, art novelties, tray covers, and wall hangings in the art department. Council members for Junior Red Cross for the year 1945 - i946 were: RED CRCDSS Sery Trear. ,Barbara Blanchard s Patricia Bay Doreen Bezille Charlotte Drone Vivian Fennell Ralph Grueber Bill McCort Virginia Rufli Mary Jean Witt Ralph Wolff an junior High d Lynn Braden of T511 BLACK AND GGLD STAFF Editofialf-Features: Florence Alpets, editor, Emil Shaw, Gerry Gilmore, Marion Meyers, Pat McLean, Hel- ene Lazarus, assistants. Newt: Nondys Baker, editor, Alyce Seaks, Barbara McIn- tosh, Genilee Brackett, Evy Lou Tompkins, Norma Brugh, Gerry Wheaton, Al- ison Petertyl, Sharon Kist- ler, assistants. jzmior Higlo: Beverly Garthe, editor, Bette Maison, assist- ant. Sporlfz Ted Bathke, editor, Peter Clancy, Bob Stoddard, Geraldine Wheaton, Verna Balentine, assistants. BUSINESS Accomzzingz Eleanor Koszarelc, head, Rosemary Kruse, Jacqueline Popa, assistants. Aclverlifing: Virgiline Burton, head, Norma Brugh, Betty Eikey, Donna Conroy, assistants. Circillation: Barbara West, head, Anne Taylor, Norma Core, Nancy Alto, Dot Love, Yvonne Ziegler, Barbara Gilbert, assistants. Editorial ami Bminen: Vernon Williams. junior High Editorial: CMrs.D Mary Jane Hunt. Printing: Leo B. McQueen. Editorial! - Fefztilrefz Sharon Perkett, editor, Pat Garthe, Donna Martin, Mari Nev- ens, Doris Jackson, Betty Eikey, Marian Conant, as- sistants. Newt: Jeanine Farrington, editor, Barbara West, Don- na Conroy, Barbara Blanch- ard Pat Bay, Verna Balen- tine, Joan Huene, Adele Lazarus, Betty Hartsell, as- sistants. jmzior High: Jeannette Pitch- er, editor, Bette Maison, as- ADVISERS mam BLACK sTAFF Sporty David Derrick, editor, Wally Sheckler, Alec Laggis, Barbara Blanchard, Patricia Bay, assistants. T521 JUNIOR I-IIGI-I STAFF JUNIOR HIGH FIRST SEMESTER JOURNALISM CLASS First row, lefr to right: Editors, Bette Maison, Marilyn Braden, joan Couturier. Second row: Jeannine Light, joy Fouch, Genevieve Gore, jackie Vanderley. Third row: Carol Coddington, Gary Frye, Howard Skerratr, Gordon Garthe, Mereda Gill and Delores Leonard. I53l DEBATE TEAM Compulsory military training was the timely subject for the Debate team this year. Beginning with one veteran, the number was increased to eleven within a short time. The squad participated in four tournaments, an invitational pre-season tournament at Lansing. two regular preliminary tournaments, and the Northern District Elimination Tournament, winning eleven of the fourteen debates. Winning the District brought Traverse City into the State quarter-finals, where the team was defeated by Hudsonville. Madelon Park, reading "The Death of the Hired Man" was senior high school winner in the third annual all-school interpretive reading contest held in assembly November 14. Maxine Ryckman with "An Open Letter to the Norwegiansn was a close second. Marilyn Wahl, humorously interpreting "The Gusheru and Harley Billings dramat- ically giving "Da Horsa Race" were junior high school winners. , 4,44 PIQCDSE and PCDETRV T541 ffyffgff fffffi BG-GI YOUTH CGUNCN. Pe . Students who plan the entertainment and parties for your Youth Center compose the Bo-Gi Youth Council. Members of this council for 1945-46 were: Chairman, Patt Sawyer, Secretary, Pat Dockery, Larry Garthe, Bill Golden, Lauralie Wyler, jean Wright, Tom Weede, Nancy Dean, Bob Baynton, Virginia Rufli, John Newton, Paul Beardsley, Janet Lemon, and George Weeks. Miss Gladys Freethy is director of the center. Among the activities presented by the Bo-Gi this year were the Christmas Party, Hard Times Party, Bo-Gi Birthday Party, Barn Dance, and Valentine Party. High school dance band members played for most of these affairs, which drew large crowds in every case. This council also had several fund-raising projects, principally the food concession at the basketball tournament. l55l BG-GI CANTEEINI BAND For the first time in four years, the 70-piece marching band traveled out of town to Cadillac for 1 football game. Because of the war, these trips had not been taken. The State Band Festival has also been resumed and Mr. Deike took the band to East Lansing in April for the renewal of this popular event. The 1945-46 Band this year consisted of members: CLARINETS Charles Kelly Jessie Weese Dorothy Hughart joan Thompson Lee Wyatt Mary E. Scratch Genevieve Gore Faye Straite Leona Hedlund Esther Nevins Delores Gilbert Joy Fouch Lee Thiel Florence Thayer Jack Graichen John Minnema CORNETS Marilyn Green Shirley Round Karoline Wallstead Phyllis Williamson David Wing Roger Bullet Sue Schulte Warren Mikula Barbara Dean Kelsey Moran Allan Wilhelm Gordon Garthe Carl Endres Joyce Slaton Wayne Wyscoff Ronald Brinkman FLUTES Mary L. Bain Mari Nevins Ruth Griffin Karen Domatus SAXOPHONES Roderic Bosse Shirley Holman jane Moran Ben Vischochil OBOES Martha Rennie Lynn Braden BASSOON Bob Linsley FRENCH HORN Ralph Grueber John Davis Rudy Thompson Roy Novak Terry Adams Don Eggli Larry Grahm TROMBONES Erwin Dumbtille Larry Babel Howard Skerratt Louie Wright BARITONE Don Hollister Jack Lichty John Newton BASS Gary Routsong Bruce Tompkins PERCUSSION Howard Wilhelm Chuck Morgan Gordon Warren Clayton Johnson DeVere Eikey Larry Schreiner Bob Stoddard Dick Heuss Director-joseph Deike DANCE BAND SAXOPHONE Fay Johnson Charles Kelly Lee Wyatt Benny Vischochil 5 TRUMPET Warren Mikula Allan Wilhelm Gordon Garthe T571 TROMBONE DRUMS Erwin Dumbrille Howard Wilhelm Howard Skerratt PIANO BASS Gary Routsong Patt Sawyer CHOIR SOPRANOS Sally Anderson Barbara Whitson Pat McLean Jeannette Pitcher Pat Lauterhan Dorothy Love Helene Lazarus Lynn Braden Dawn Ann W'eiss Pat Bay Pat Kelley Phyllis Walters Pat McKinney Barbara Essex Betty Way Sally Murray Barbara Newberry Joanne Moore ALT05 Wflghf Pat Knapp Jacquelyn Verderley Barbara Gilbert Doris Moore Elsie Mae Beardsley , X, Rosie Axtell Kathy Cole Margret Collins Marilyn Essex Betty Manville Rhoda Sackett Pat Irish Jean Peppler Nancy Bensley Helen Hartley Evy Lou Tompkins Barbara Miller Alice Coddington .rv Adelle Lazarus Betty Claypool LaVonne Myers BASSES Gilbert Gleason Bob Bay Emil Shaw Tom Fennell Don Redell Dick Johnson Wally Scheckler Raymond Hart Gary Frye ORCHESTRA VIOLINS CELLOS Waldo Hughart Byron Miller Bill Youker Mary Jean Witt Dorothy Samuelson Pat Jacobs Patty Lauterhahn Emily Kleis Francis Manigold Eric Brogen Ruth Riehl Shirley Kroop Ellen Dockery BASSES Ann Shannon Maxine Rykman Pat Densmore Direftor-Joseph Deike John Gilmore Dale Christopher Clyde Soapman TENORS Don Greilick Pat Fiebing Bob Hemstreet Kent Keyes Jack Bay John Minnema John Davis John Zimmerman VIOLAS Lt-:Roy Greilick Ann Buchant BASSOON Bob Linsley OBOE Martha Rennie PLUTES Mari Nevins Mary Louise Bain i531 CLARINETS Dorothy Hughart Joan Thompson TROMBONES Erwin Dumbrille Howard Skerratt PIANO Part Sawyer DRUMS Bob Stoddard HORNS John Davis Roy Novak W' CORNETS Barbara Dean Kelsey Moran N or in pietzzre- Deni Kneip Edna Berry Howard Wilhelm X Y 1: xgl- JUNIQR CLASS PLAY looked inmf wiV1ClOLU'59QT D r 1- i, "' wime S 15 Jonwmmi 'ww oo O ' f wine! 9 4155? lg, SENICDI2 CLASS PLAY "arf ia achieved only Uxvouqh Slice i601 GIRLS ATI-ILETIC ASSGCIATIGN The T. C. H. S. Girls' Athletic Association has been an active organization since 1943, being organized under Miss Delores Engstrom, with membership consisting of both senior and junior high girls. Each year games are played in basketball, newcombe, volley ball, and baseball. The best 1945-46 turnout was for basketball. Membership this year consisted of the following: Yvonne Acker, Verna Aeschliman, Florence Alper, Par Bay, Nancy Benslley, Barbara Bunn, Ann Cozart, Donna Cavanaugh, Margaret Collins, Norma Core, Eloise Cunningham, Vivian Daniels, Barbara Dean, Nancy Dean, Mary Lou Dobson, Billy Eaton, Barbara Edenburn, Helen Eggli, Marjorie Emerson, Molly England. Pat Feibing, Sally Feiger, Vivian Fennell, Charlene Freeborn, Beverly Garthe, Barbara Gilbert, Geraldine Gilmore, Veta Grant, Charlene Grindstuen, Eva Hawkins, Betty Harry, Mary A. Hoag, Cathleen Hulette, Barbara Kingscott, Joyce Mclntyre, Adele Lazarus, Helene Lazarus, Dorothy Love, Barbara Miller, Mari Nevins, Martha Rennie, Mary Lou Struble, Pat Sleder, Beverly Steffes, Par Somers, Doris Solomonson, Annie Laurie Taylor, Evy Lou Tompkins, Mary jane Witt, Marilyn Woodrow, and. Donna Woodr'ow. Miss Genevieve Reinhart, director of T. C. H. S. girls' athletics, followed Organizer Engstrom as sponsor this year. JUNIOR TEAIVI WINS G. A. A. CAGE TITLE Girls' Athletic Associa- tion basketball had a suc- cessful turnout this year. Captaining the teams were: Seniors, Ava Kitchen, jun- iors, Pat Sleder and Bar- bara Kingscottg and Soph- omores, Barbara Edenburn and Mary Ann Hoag. Kingscotts team was victorious over all others, winning nine of the ten games played. Mary Lou Dobson was G. A. A. manager, her job being: to keep accounts of the games providing refer- ees, time keepers, etc. T611 FUTURE F-ICDMEMAKERS CDF AMERICA ,rgvfjw '.-- -,r A ,f. ,f - vm.-M! X, .gf f , f f me f . f 1' PI'e.fide7ll ,,,,,, . ,,,, ,,,,,,,, . ..,. ,,.,...,. .. . .,,,,, ,,..,.,, A,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,A . . . Pat Sleder Vice-Preriden! ,,,,, .. .. Lucile Yahr Secretary Betty Hartsell Tfeafwef VVV,V,VV,VVV V,V7V7Y f H 77V7VVV 7.7,. ,...k.V.. ... f.77.......Y...f. Vrrr, 77.Y ,... 77, S h i r l e y Pratt PURPOSE To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfaction of homemaking To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. To encourage democracy in home and community life. To work for good home and family life for all. To promote international good will. To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. To further interest in home economics. F621 FUTURE FARMERS CDF AMERICA The officers of the F. F. A. are: President, john Heimg Vice-President, Raymond Purvisg Secretary, Harold Riehlg Reporter, Ralph Clark. Other club members include Charles Mahn, Robert Mahn, Leroy Stowe, Charles Clay, Lee Thiele, and Leroy Durga. Some club members have made trips to var- ious parts of the state, President john Heim went to Higgins Lake to meet with other Northern Michigan Future Farmers groups. He also attended a Lake City speech contest where he won second place. Because of the latter he was chosen to take a two day trip in june to visit farm cooperatives all over the state. Reporter Ralph Clark won the distinction of being one of eight star farmers in the state out of 108. The Demonstration team, consisting of Ralph Clark and Leroy Durga, went to Lans- ing for a farm meeting. The rest of the time the club has been meeting at the homes of different boys in the club, with Mr. Watson Fowle, advisor, in charge. 5 lg .5 ri. 1 i i,f x ', ig: 'Tk :Vi f. s ,V Yi, if 5. Q. sf' Q" 'ie 1. M -. i., iw: , 1 - f -mg . ff Y W QQQI grad i iii. f:x',.-,i li ffl' - l, 4 'lily' QM f , AH ,,-f ,X evl, IZA' HH 2111 i Y' - P' T , 11:1 ?i,,iv iff " bills gs xi fl iff' I i' :cf ' Q . , 54 E a 4 ly, l , i ,J . 1.1 ,L U ig appreciation of iportance of worthy racy in home and r iome and family li" tional good will. lopmenr of creative SO me individual ani ,t in home economi . 'QS my L i Hs. 'G '6 M. W A L ' Q fi' 5 l 'Umar DF AML me officers of the I Heimg Vice-Presid ary, Harold Riehlg 1 ,club members ini Mahn, Leroy Stow and Leroy Durga. Club members haw 1 4 TO: MR. KARL FISHER- Sportsman The 1946 Traverse City high school annual board has very appropriately chosen to dedicate this "sports" section of its annual to Mr. Karl Fisher. Mr. Fisher is a living example that a man does not necessarily need to be a two hundred pound full back to be a valuable member of his school and community. Any shortage in brawn has been more than made up in spirit and enthusiasm. He participated in baseball and track, graduating with the Traverse City senior class of 191 l. The years have not dimmed his enthusiasm for good clean sport. You always find him at our games helping with the game, or encouraging the team members to give their best. He is a fine example for all of us-to give the best we have, even though it may seem little to us. It takes the best of all of us to make a winning team in school, or in life. When you sing the high school song, remember it is also a tribute to a real sportsman, its author, Mr. Fisher. G. E. Loomis, Szzperintendenl. li 63 il COACH THAREL KANITZ "Dutch" Kanitz has been piloting Trojan football teams since 1942. His teams have won two Big 8 Championships. The U. of M. grad also coaches golf. COACH LEE BRANNOCK Coaching since 1942, Brannock took over line- coaching duties this fall. He also served as Reserve Coach for both football and basketball. i641 VARSITY FQ GTBALL x-- X 'I N'l Top row: Nottke, LaBarr, Kephart, l-licks, Kaley, L. Culman, Weede, Ziolkowsl-ci. Middle row: Coach Kanitz. J. Culman, Shaffran, Core, Newberry, Lawrence, Wyckoff, Coach. Brannock. Bottom mux' Babel, I-leiges, Wilhelxn, Hemming, Mascot, Richterg Manager, Bay. Christopher, WOIH, Wehr, Norton. Season's Record Opponent Place T. C. Opponent Holland Here 14 30 Mt. Pleasant Here O 14 Manistee Here 20 O Ludington There U 2 S Cadillac There O 6 Manistee There l 9 3 Ludingron Here 7 13 Cadillac Here 6 0 66 99 i651 john made it tough for all his oppon if at if 'QQF vnu K,t.t,.t wx ?l JERRY CULDJAN EARL WYCKOFF JACK HEMMING LARRY BABEL Small. but spunky. Jer- A demon on defense. A three year veteran. One ofthe lightest hoys :jfs determination and iighling spirit earned him a harilield position on the Earl was awarded a herth "Ind" tossed most of the on the All'Conference sec- Tro1an's passes. He .was ond team for his brilliant elected honorary raptazn. on the squad. Larry was instrumental in setting up many of the touchdoiwns. zarsitj. defensive play. JOHN HEIGES A rarsizy tackle for Iwo years. The Trojan football squad, piloted by Coach Tharel Kanitz, completed an eight-game schedule with 66 points to their opponents 99. Tom Weede, a junior, was elected by conference coaches for a guard position on the All-Big S Conference Team. Cles Shaffran, Earl WyckoH, and Howard Wilhelm, tackle, end, and guard respectively, received berths on the second team. The first two games of the season were non-conference tilts against Class A Schools. Holland invaded Thirlby Field in the initial game and whitewashed the Black and Gold 50-14. Wehr and Hemming snatched touchdown-passes and "Red" Kaley used his educated toe to kick the extra points. The next Friday evening saw the locals bow to a strong Mt. Pleasant aggregation, 14-0. The "Oilers" scored both the first and second quarters, holding the Black and Gold scoreless. Babel, Kaley and Wehr carried the brunt of the load in the backfield for the Trojans. The Trojan's first victory came over Manistee, the Chippewas biting the dust for a 20-O defeat. l-lemming and Core snagged passes accounting for two touchdowns. and Kaley plunged over the line from the one-yard mark for six points. Kaley also made good two of his three chances on kicks-after-touchdowns. Breaking camp for the first time, the locals clashed with Ludington at Oriole Field, The rain-swept gridiron proved fatal to the Black and Gold with the Orioles scoring four touchdowns the first half. Fired by a typical Kanitz pep-talk, the Trojans held their own the last half, although they went home with a. 28-0 whipping. Cadillac took advantage of a kick-off-shaky Trojan eleven and scored a touchdown eleven plays after they received the ball. The rest of the game was a see-saw affair with fumbles, bad kicks, and large ground losses accounting for the fact that no one knew for sure what the final score ents in the line. nuwnn N xiii:- ,., ,. PAUL NORTON Although this was his fzrsl ,tear ont. Paul held an end position and fonlil hola' his ozrn on any grill- 1:f'l1 ll . would be. The score: Cadillac 6, Traverse City 0. 'vsluunu !"mi' CLESTON SHAFFRAN RALPH XVOLFP GEORGE LAYWRENCE Cles rarried the hrnnt of A scrappy guard and Georges acrlzrale passes the loarl in the fornanl hard blocker. "Boots" sau' enabled the lrarkfield to nall at tarkle and earned plent-1 of artion in the line. get the jump on their op- a berth on the All-Confew ponenzs. He zras a strong enre .veronrl team. linebacker also. 11661 WARD WEHR DON NOTTKE .. GLENN PURVIS .. JOHN ZIOLKOWSKI Working in the hack- Although playing bit Fart and Jtochy, Glenn Little hut lithe. johnny field for hir Jecond year, jirrt year on the varrity. did a good job in the conrirtently made long Ward war a tonrirtent Don added plenty of guard porition. gain! on end Jufeepr, and .rcofer and good rafety man weight and power to the war a hard-hitting tachler for the Trojanr. line. in the recofzdary defeme. BOB NEWBERRY Plenty of weight and lotr of fight gave Boh. a tackle, a vanity herth. 5 lnvading Manisree, the Trojans won their second game of the season 19-8. The locals scored 12 points in the first frame when Wehr crossed the line early in the period, and Kaley's pass to Core was good for six points via the air route. The Black and Gold picked up seven points when Ken l-licks, center, intercepted a pass and trotted forty yards with a host of Chippewas on his trail. Manistee scored in the third period on a touchdown and added a safety in the fourth quarter. Coach Kanitz changed the entire Trojan style of play the last three weeks of the season. The rejuvenated squad worked off the "T" formation which is more suited to a light and fast backfield like that which we possessed. With very little drill work the Black and Gold faced the Ludington Orioles for the second time. Traverse City held their own until the second quarter when a Ludington pass was completed for a touchdown. The third quarter was a printing duel and was only the lull before the storm. It broke in the fourth frame when Traverse City, with the ball on their own 25-yard stripe, marched 75 yards for a touchdown. Kaley's kick was good and the locals led 7-6. With only three minutes left and deep in Oriole territory again, the locals tried a lateral pass that ended in a 65-yard sprint by the Ludington right end, and resulted in another Trojan defeat, 13-7. Bouncing back from the heart-breaking defeat of a week before, the Black and Gold reversed thc score of the first Cadillac-Traverse City game and won by a thin 6-O score. The locals made a touchdown as soon as they received the ball, working it to the 25-yard line where Kaley passed to Wehr for the only points. HOWARD WILHELNI DALE CHRISTOPHER BOB CORE TOM WEEDE In the Jtartlng lineup Harhiert hoy 011 the Lamffy Boh matched Izzo Ton: ir the only jmzror every game. Howard'J pre- squad, Dale filled in a toafhdozwz parser and piftared. He zrar elerferl I'l0llJ experience 'war azz lachle spot. He rear hzzoirvz hrohe up plenty of end to a guard porition on the aid to the Trojanr. for "Jhoe-rtz'mg" tackler. l'lHI.f dfzrrzzg hir firr! year, All-Cmifereure firrz team, T673 VARS ITV BASKETBALL Sla11fl111g.' Coach Menzel, Foote, Garthe, Core, Arnold, Lardie, Manager Travis. Siltings Prouty, Kaley, Kelsch, Mcliairen, L. Culman, Wehr, J. Culman. GmdihvLknmlhmlmlTmpnbmkH- baH squads Mnce 1940. lib teanw have never gone beyond the runner-up spot, winning the regionaltide every year but one. 'The YVest Xhrgnna grad ako in- structs gym classes and handles mentor- ing duties of the local baseball nine. Season's Record O Opponent Place Cadillac Here Ludington Here Saulte Ste Marie Here Rogers City Here Ludington There Petoskey There Mt. Pleasant Here Manistee Here Alpena Here Mt. Pleasant There Manistee There Saulte Ste Marie There REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Cheboygan Petoskey 7 3 Rogers City Petoskey 44 STATE TOURNAMENT Alma Midland 27 T681 The Trojan basketball team opened their 1945-46 season with a 50-14 win over the Cadillac Vikings at Trojan Hall. Dead-eye Don Foote sank 12 markers to lead for the locals. Grand Rapids Central's Hilltoppers eked out a 26-25 win over the Trojans in a thriller before a capacity crowd. Don Foote, Larry Garthe and Bob Core 4 the big threep stood out with seven, six and two points respectively, The Menzelmen stayed in the "lose" column when the Ludington Orioles pounded out a 57 - 31 win before a capacity crowd. Core, Garthe, and Kaley all made seven apiece for the locals. The Soo Blue Devils administered a 29 - 28 heart-breaking defeat over the Black and Gold. Clayton Arnold played an outstanding game and was runner-up in the scoring parade. The Trojans lost their second game in as many nights before the Rogers City Hurons on the home court, 29 - 26. juniors, Kaley and Lardie, led the Trojan scoring. Ludington eked out their second win over the Trojans 25 - 23 in Oriole Hall. Louie Culman displayed exceptional floor play and will have a promising future. The Menzelmen jumped back in the win column in a free-for-all game at Petoskey, 41 - 28. Wehr looked good at his guard spot. . The locals steam-rolled over Mt. Pleasant 26- 20. Core meshed eight points at center while Garthe, at forward, made seven. Manistee went down 28 - 22 before a revived Trojan squad. Foote, out for several weeks with a chipped ankle, turned a creditable game. Garthe and Culman led the locals in downing Alpena's Wfildcats 29 - 27. The Trojans traveled to Mt. Pleasant and Won a 40 - 38 overtime tilt before a sea of strange faces. The Menzelmen came from behind in the third quarter to take a return game with Manistee 27 - 24. The next Friday the Trojans crossed the straits and again beat a determined Soo quintet 38- 36. Foote was high with 16 points. After drawing a bye in the Regional tourney at Petoskey, the locals downed an inexperienced Cheboygan five 75 - 21. The Black and Gold took the Regionals at Petoskey by beating Rogers City 44 - 34 in a rough and tumble game. Core showed outstanding accuracy with 18 points for the evening. The Trojans went down in the quarter - finals before a peppy Alma quintet 51 - 27. Larry Garthe dumped in nine pointsg Core and Lardie each made six. Returning veterans next year will include Kaley, Arnold, Lardie, Culman, and McFarren. Foote, Garthe, Core, and Wehr will be lost from the squad through graduation. if 69 1 ,Fi 5 I .1 1 g. N i R H lfii' HJ Larry Caribe who um Jzvitcfaed from g1zrzn1to forzrarzf earfier in the reumn. um high Jcorer u'il19 146 poiutr in 18 gamer. Scoring 1,55 pointy and covering the pix-'nf porilion, kept Bob Core plenty hwy lbmfzgla the reason. Sfnarp-slmotizzg D011 F0016 u'a.t held 1101171 because of injuries' this pear. Nerertheleit. he picked up 112 pointy rfnring live IEIIJOII. Tl-IE Q, . Uieil in the guard Jpot, Clayton Arnold niaile 47 9 pointf and will he hach next 'earz , x 3 5 5 f"- miarrr ' Scrappy giiaril and a Ital- zwart ilefenxive ntan, Wara' Wehr aideil the teanz farther hy making 20 pointy. Six-foot guard Louie Cul- fnan, with 37 pointx to hix frezlit. will he hash next .rea- son. ir ul' 'k VARSITY HK ik' - N. Lyle Mclfarren is only a janior with another year aheail of him, He xcorefl foiir poinlf P ' thi! year. X , ' EE 38 Teil Kelfch, Northport tranxfer, wax med only flar- ing Jeconil JenieJter. Gathereil ten pointy. 1 A flaxhy forward and gooil A -, Jhot, Gerald Kaley garnereil ' ' 62 pointy thix xeaion, He haf ' another year. F I , A nalaahle hack-eoart man ana' good hall-haniller, Boh Larilie made 59 pointy this year, E701 f , -A' A WN- .H I w s I . N auf: Coach Kamtz, , ow: Cox, LaBarr, fl i INTR' 5 ,I S 'N 'WV' as ,, A I J 0 ,ff J S f 414' 'V ' -. x RESERVE BAS KETBALI. Back row: Coach Kanitz, Kruger, Franke, Joynt, Redell, Baynton, Coach Brannock. Front row: Cox, LaBarr, Tafelsky, Grueber, Avery, Wilson, Manager Dekker. INTRAMURAL CHAMPS Slazzzfingx B. McCort, F. Johnson, D. Kirkpatrick, H. Wilhelm. Kneeling: J. Pouch, Captain, L. Babel, D. Derrick. E711 A TUMBLING Sitling: Derrick, Cox, Schreiner, Zimmeiman, Stover, Oliver, Langs, Bland. .Yf:111di1zg.' Kc-phart, Banton, Weede, Bradford, Babel, Heim, Ziolkowski, Coach Menzel CHEER LEADERS f f X f I f, 2 Jean Sutter, Pat Kalahar, Nancy Dean, Pat McLean, B. Bauton, J, Gilmore f 72 1 ff FEATURES DLD1 ll.1.NK.f.IXJ jean Sutter john Gilmore i MOST ATHLETIC Don Foote Marge Emerson BEST DRESSED -,qv Bette XVay jerry Culman MQCK BEST LINE Rosie McGarry MO or ,, A Q V, fl : T 'X 4 K , K ' G -ff T V X ,I . Q, Dick Hoehler Bill Ixing ST STUDIOUS 5 X f I .2 1 Barb Lossman CUTEST FRIENDLIEST 1.33 , 'x Xf Bruce Blackmore Pat! Sawyer jerry Eouch Sally Anderson XVITTIEST ELECTION Bill Oliver Shirley Nelson MOST POPULAR PIN UPS Y , jk 1 Bill Mfcoff '-Red" Blanchard Bob Core Booiie Pererryl Mosr BASHPUL M051 FLIRTATIOUS 'v Mary L. Bain Dale Christopher Pat Kalahar Fay johnson MOST FICKLE Done School for Most Done Most for School Barbara lVI:lcIntosh Dave Day Don Nottke Sharon Kistler f, . 2, Twm afounsjovls - 51 You. Tall. 'am ,Verna - QQ- - 2. Bgfove the. game. - - - - 3 'Pzv.sonoA.i1R,1 - -- - -+ - HV 4, I xulhmfs ulovvqinqwiou. ? '- - 5 M ,NC H6061 ldovu kNIbque5Sd'G. Watch The bixdie, - 5- -- '- - 7g if mi E Siva GL o:1mov - - --+- -- -ff-f '- 8. X , '9, fvwife ham whmvaaamq-vm Nana PM G""""Ff'3'1 , VV - xg' X -Nmhx ix ,V IV I 5-MS v N -15 Q f5. Nbrma 4- 43 2? ,mf -, . W mowing 15 Just Phvl Q6-B?'0J1e .wheffs X Lac, W 28.1-li. Rosie! 9.COYY!.Sl-j ? 10-311. The girls. 1'2..New ca11,Ve+nq.? 315.The, dveafne-r. A 4.Fou.1f spare Ti-res .1 5.uJe1hxjee I4 ' 313 M-v a f, I 41 M412 '61 ......,,,m Y Lossmm' Jeavvrtete Jurmni 'J-Mani ff ' 7" MOLClelonPavk Ewkmi X Sw., "'h iff? ' L5 'V,, Q-, Q 'via V V . 'V V , ,il ,Jeanmnelk 1011. Noftke- Lz,f3, L:.Ja.-3 Q ! ' f f'F'aI Lauilievhahnni A , Genfbobso wt! AJS: ABLmr1.d1,e W P - V ,Bcib Newbexfmj n,Ch.aqm, vf ,W A HW. ,z nv W ,l 1n,,,,,.' Wm- f f ff V ,, , ,f f f aa Q M ,M ' , -,M .6 -...W , -..-Nm -.,, W 4 at-. 1 if ff ,x, , P' I, 5 , ,fi wif--gif I , , , 7,1 f' J V 4, f If 241 4 2 ,tajvg fy". J .f w. dffikfpef H . QM-4 1 in ,1 '1 1 fn. if W i , . af" 1-1 fx f Q 1 ,f f j, : V ,. , -Q, f 1 I 4 ,T -.,. -Jig!-,-lv. ,If I ,I L 'N H., an 4 -W ' ,:, .f x ,M . M4 3 ' M ,Wf.,5VN!-f.j . f ,mf A 'ff W 1 LU ww ,V 11 W. Q .x A -X ,Jim 5-541 - 4-f'j" gn . , ' ' ff. 1 L 'V v , A E . . 1 ,Q V V V .K if 3' , , 1 , ,jf 1, , M6 ,rs-Mr-'ff-awp:-:v :nm Ng . . u ANNUAL BGARD ,.'f, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Sharon Kisdef TYPISTS Rosemary Kruse, Jean Sutter CLASS EDITORS ' . ' zfwff' Wh., Genilee Brackett, Donna Martin, Mari Nevins, junior assistant , ' 'V G if ,M , T . Eff g X, egg., . I J' if lllll , - T .1 :- ART EDITORS Pat Garthe, Barbara Lossman, Richard Provencher, ii 31 1 ,af 1 Marty Rennie. junior assistant ORGANIZATION EDITORS Jessie Wfeese, Sally Murray, Sharon Perkert, Nondys Baker, junior assistant SPORTS EDITORS Ted Bathke, Dave Derrick -,,f,g,,x1s E H X I P 53:22 Y u B ' S" FEATURE EDITORS Allison Petertyl, Barbara MacIntosh, Betty Wfay. Jeannine Farrington, junior assistant T321 VV v ill , .q. V V.. f V 44Vff' V .:'. ' 5,5 ,V fy 2 'EVE EE? , , .4 I 1 4-,, VV.'VV' V F - dui , V 4 - .-V,a,- V' 5' li V. .V V . V.- am . Var.. GV JV- ,Vi 1' .if V Y Y , , V V if ' rm r' QQQGZ V -V, HAf'V,aVi?B V V .,.,6 V - V ,. N L-kwpifl Y - VM .r -J'.".fV- 'J " . V95 f V V - ' 1 L 5 - ,V V. VwV,.sr4gjr,pQfbi4 4' 1- Vu .VVV-5V A -. ' 14 - 5" , -.-. 1, 1 vw' ' -N gl V- , 5-VLV, if .VM-'gSg., V 'f ' , " 1' , -VVJZJHV V -r :L y -'1 ,D ,M + , A- V19-"' -ww.Vw--V V-1wwVM V .V.,V.V--V--Va ss-VV :- V V L 21 V- - . Vw ,-.V- .. ax: .iq 70? 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Suggestions in the Traverse City High School - Pines Yearbook (Traverse City, MI) collection:

Traverse City High School - Pines Yearbook (Traverse City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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Traverse City High School - Pines Yearbook (Traverse City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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Traverse City High School - Pines Yearbook (Traverse City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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