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3 . Wil x KVA ' 1 i eff J , N... X fl? L 'fv X. ' iw 0 W ' X A 'x ZW WP 5 rf LN 4 K 4 fu 1 1. f up J Q Q, wg. f0fffffW,Wf TRAVERSE X CITY Ex LE X A 1 x T' I5 A gk U Mb X' ' ofvg ob 6 S00 00 X f K f Q. ff L r.. L, f m. ,Wa L. S14 iff'-QQ' qt 'l.1LgL -,gh , , .-, bwzmm a,'5s.. i,fk,f Q., A? NH WNVEHSE EW HIUH EEHUUL 2 45 Tl'lbUl'2 to 6 Gfedt NUFSC Within every town the life service of some of its citizens leaves a lasting imprint on the community. It may be a business man, a doctor, a teacher or some other. Such a business man was W'ill Hobbs. Such a doctor was G. A. Holliday. Such a teacher was Lydia Kotilainen, Such a nurse is Mildred Compton. Miss Compton's unselfish service to this community is her life. She has given freely of herself, sometimes beyond her strength. Such devotion is not reimbursable in money. If grateful hearts and children's love were money, Miss Compton would be one of the world's richest bankers. Knowing her as I do, I am sure she would rather have that which she has-the love-the friendship and deep respect of all who know her. In the years ahead, we hope that some of the happiness which she has so willingly made possible for others, may be hers. No one more richly deserves it. Nursing is one of the noblest of professions. The greatest in its ranks have been kindly women with great hearts and deep love for their mankind. In paying tribute to Miss Compton, what more can be said than - Mildred Compton is a great nurse, G. E. LOOMIS i2l MISS MILDRED COMPTON I 3 'I FOl'2WOfd THE PINE S There they stand Relics of a time that used to be When millions towered toward the noonday sun. A few remain To breathe a fragrant memory of the past. May this book stand A record of those crowded happy years When hours were filled with friends and work and fun May this remain To wake the memory of your high school days. lfil 5 I 7K 552 if fisxfs I 51 lr r M. Q :M 'fffffj I I .Pff:5,:5 ,W . . , x . 3112355 fffff5 - L mfg, ' ' 5 lllllll Arnell Engstrom lllUl'rfllUN Colon Wares Frank Ashton William N6wl0n The Class of 1945 would like to express its appreci- ation for the role played by the Board of Education in making T. C. H. S. a High School ro be remembered with pride, Hazel G. Bird f 61 Douglas Linder VWW f GLENN E. LOOMIS Supe1'inte1zdent Olivet College --- A.B., M.S. U. of Mich. - M.A. NYour Trusteeslvipu June 7th, 1945! Your graduation! lt is a date you have looked forward to during your whole school life. You are to be congratulated upon your persistence that has enabled you to reach this important goal. Now that you have reached it, you no doubt find yourself somewhat confused about your future. This is especially true in these war years. We have been at war during your whole high school career. You can- not help but feel somewhat confused since you have had the double duty of helping win a war on the home front, as well as laying the basis of your future life work through your studies. VC'e congratulate you on your success in this dual effort. Many of you are now in the armed forces. More of you will follow. ln times of crisis, youth has always risen to the defense of our country. Our boys in this war at Bataan, Midway, Anzio, Ardennes and hundreds of other places have proven, through their heroic action that democracy means as much to them today as it did to their forefathers at Lexington, Saratoga, Argonne and other battles in the years past. Yes, our heritage - our way of life - is safe in the hands of our youth. Some of you will go immediately into your chosen work. America needs your help. Some will take more specialized training. Our country needs specialists. Victory needs the best efforts of everyone. Like- wise, after victory, there is another big job to do, War always brings destruction and desolation. Yours is the opportunity to rebuild an even better America. Servicemen and civilians will again join hands to bring into reality their dreams of comfortable homes and happy families through constructive work. Today, as you graduate, do not expect success is to be gained by plucking some nebulous star. As you take up the tools of your profession, almost an equal number of older men and women are laying theirs down. They have done their life work. As you study their lives, you will find that their success did not just happen. It came about through simple understanding and adoption of seemingly simple principles, truth, love, loyalty, honor, integrity, understanding, toleration, cooperation, faith and work, They are the keys to successful living today, as they have been through the generations past. Simple principles, yes, but attainable by every member in this class. Make them part of you. Success and the gratitude of your fellowmcn will be yours. "The Youth of a Nation are the Trustees of Posterityf' G. E. LOOMIS, Superirzterzdezzt of Schools UT E e LARS H OCKSTAD Prinfipal A Question of Values Now you have your diploma Indulgent par- ents may have presented you with a substantial war bond, or a gold watch, or a sum of money as a graduation gift. The relative value of the diploma and the gift will depend upon you. To be specific I mean the stuff you put into the earning of the diploma, as compared with the money value of the gift. If, in your High School course, you learned to THINK for yourself, developed self-reliance, dependability, and honesty, then you are rich even if your purse is empty. I am reminded of the wise father who, when his son was gradu- ated, presented him with a nickel and the world in which to make a living. I hope necessity may make Hard Work a required course instead of an Elective for you, because it has the power to trasnform human pulp into manhood or woman- lzood as the case may be. Yours for hard work. L. Hofkstad i 8 GEORGE ANDERSON Assisffznl Principal With commencement, congratu- lations are in order for the Class of 1945. Happy years are in store for you if you resolve to steer your course to a worthy business, occupation, or profes- sion. Hard work develops will power and a keen sense of what is right. Remember "Diligence is the mother of Good Luck." With best wishes. I am, Sincerely yours, George K, Anderson Garland H ouse f Marian Corey Marion Sivertson Gimzetta Ten Houtefz So much more business-like than business men. - Robert Frost wws Dugald Munro Karl Fisher Elsie A. Laumer C. Allan I have hardly ever known a mathematician who was capable of reasoning. -- Plzllo Z ew ,A W 1 0 T ef , flel ,s, , . 3 , Delora M0011 E. R. Clmltwnzmz Harry Lifzelmu "Science is simply common sense at its best - that is, rigidly accurate." - Huxlei' i91 yfbk 1 . 1Q ,A Mary jane Hunt Glenna Kiefer Geraldine Pagel B. Van Volkenburgb "If I could have one wish, it would be - to be master of the English Language." - Wooilbr'idge N. Ferris. ff "'5,.""'- Edna Bevan Gladys Freetlay Loraine Giuliani Leila Pike I-larlsell "My early and invincible love of reading, I would not exchange for the treasurers of India." - Gibbon 5 in Y .,. c. ,. Margarei Davis Edna Send Irene E. lVade A. V. Williams "Language, as well as the faculty of speech, was the immediate gift of God." -- Noab Webster' f10l D. L, Densrnore H. M. Andreas Martian Seules Ruth L. Turnbull A. L. Gniner "History is something that never happened, written by a man who wasn't there." - Anonyinom U f Y Y' NW' swims ,gwg NPWN ,Sr Clyde Graicloen Leo B. McQueen Edwin Melin A, L. MrLean Lee ilfyatt "The bread earned by the sweat of the brow is thrice blessed bread, and it is far sweeter than the tasteless loaf of idlenessf' -Ca owquill Shirley Dalton M 1. Plmnnenscbrnidt Verna Gilbert Beatrice McCall G. Barrett "Enough work to do, and strength enough to do the work." E111 Rudyard Kipling lValson Fowle Gladys Lula-ym Ioan L. Vedro Vera E. Gflrclner "The injury of prodigality leads to this, that he who will not economizc will have to agonizef' + Confucius foseplo Deike Howard Hansen Alelloia Brown "The artist . . . speaks to our capacity for delight and wonderf' -fosepla Conrucl WM . 1 3 , H n VV ?,,.,,, N..-. , Senior High Library Pearl Faist L. Sclaowengewlt funioz' Higlo Library "The true University of these days is a collection of Books." - Carlyle l 12 I Tlaarel Kanitz Lee Bmnnock Y Irving Menzel Delores E11 gstrom "Look to your healthg and if you have it, praise God, and value it next to a good conscience." - Izzzak Wfallou U31 C46 W all 'V we- fb 'I :X .gash gb U51 SHWUH UPHEHQS Vice Presidents - George Pulcipher Marilyn Van Eenenaam Secretary jackie Wahl Treasurer Mary Whaley f 16 T ww M37 M WALTER E. ADAMS JEAN ALLEN General Afademk Commercial Course WOTfy is Il7Zk7101U71 to 7116. A figuyg an lgguy gig-gy and not a minule wasted. Black and Gold '44 Dramatics Club '42, '43 G. A. A. '43, '44 junior Play '43, '44 Pep Club '42, '43 Senior Frolic '45 , 1 4 4 ,V 5 DONNA ALWARD College Preparatory Her thouglols and lacr rou- durl are all ber own. Black and Gold '43, '44, 45 junior Classical League '43 Quill and Scroll '44, '45 National Honor Society '44, '45 "South In Sonora" '45 Secretary, Student Council '45 WALT YV. ANDERSON General Academic Do you umm! to Hgh! about it? Typing Club '41 Freshman Football '41 Reserve Football '42 Football '43, '44 Reserve Basketball '42, '43 Baseball '42, '43, '44 Varsity Club '43, '44, '45 "Y't4..1ZL21eJ"f-l"0'-X jr. Prom Committee '44 Track '45 et!! Sr. Frolic Committee '45 Tumbling Club '45 .5 f'i , A .. -.' 4 Q , R, 7,11 get ow Q fm 4 1. is ff 1 , ' .... P-Self 5NB'tf2"' I f' if "' QA- Q Lf BONNIE LOU ANNIS General Academic A sby and modes! lass, RAY AVERY General Academic If you wan! to succeed in life, make lbe mos! of your opportunities as you go along. Tumbling Club '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, '45 Boxing and Wrestling '42, '43, '44 Typing Club '41 Intramural Basketball '40, '41, '42, '43, '44 Riding Club Track '42, '45 lfrcshman Football '42 Machine Shop '44, '45 ZFLDA BAILEY Commercial Course Before I marry I'll shop around a bil. Twirling Club '42 Student Council '43 junior Classical League '45 Black and Gold '44, '45 Senior Play Committee '45 , wi 4lEANNE BARR Commercial Course 11's a friendly smile Ilya! colulls. Glee Club '40, '41, '42 A gapella Choir '42, '43, '44, 5 Sextettc '44, '45 Madrigal '45, '44, '45 "Oh Doctor" '44 "South in Sonora" '45 Dramatics Club '41, '42 V-m....i , , W., ,,.. -.-..-'-1.- Jntnxu: DAAKAI 1 SHIRLEY BATHKE KENNETH C. BELLEVILLE I.. GEORGE BENNETT College Peparatory College Preparator5 General Academic Course General Academic Work brings its own reward. The greatest of all facilities The sort of a fellow that Roller skating is a great past Chairman, Bond and Stamp is common stnse. maker a good pal. time. Drive '43, '44 Entered from Central Lake, Baseball History Club '42 Executive Youth Council Michigan, '43 Intramural Basketball Intralllurnl B?1SkStlD21ll '43, Board '45 Girls' Glee Club '45 '44, '45 G. A. A. '44, '45 Tumbling '45 Black and Go '44, '45l Boxing '43 . W, . lf 4 f :Lf fly In Z, ,Mfy 4 F7 IVA BENNETT LEONARD H. BERG CORNELIA BERGERS General Academic General Academic College Preparatory Slve juxt keeps quiet and take: lVorry kills menf I'm in tlae Always ready. notice. best of bealtla. f18 junior Classical League '42, ,43 Pan American Club '43, '44 Civil Air Patrol '45, '44, '45 Ir. Play Committee '44 National Honor Society Home Room President '43, '44 Editor-in-chief, Pines '45 Photography Club '42 Typing Club '41 Senior Play Committee '45 Tumbling Exhibition '43 J VIRGINIA BERNHARDT Commercial Course Happy, and ever ready to enter into a conversation, pro or con. Creative Writing '40, '41 Library Club '41, '42 Senior Play Committee 5 'Cx . 5 . 1 2 ,l-L-qi ,iii- MARILU BERRY Commercial Course The on! wa to et rizl of 9' . 3' 54. . temptalzon 15 to yzeld to zf Re-entered from Terrace Park, Ohio, '44 Home Economics Club '44, '45 A Capella Choir '44, '45 "South in Sonora" '45 .1 ,I Et 1 ,H ft flax .,,-,ft .,,,,.f ,. KATHLEEN BIRD College Preparatory l'-le's in the Navy. Blaik and Gold '41, '42, '44, ' 5 G. A. A. '43, '44 Secretary of G. A. A. '44, '45 Tennis Club '41, '42 Pep Club '41, '42 junior Classical League '41, '42 junior Prom Committee '44 junior Play Committee '44 Senior Frolic Committee '45 DOROTHY ANNE BLACK General Academic A good woman is always quiet rather than talkafire. Commercial Club '44 Dramatics Club '41 MAXINI: rsurntnn Commercial Course lVlJoe1'er is no! too wise, is wzse. Student Council '41, '42 Flwirling Club '41, '42 Commercial Club '43, '44 Choir '45 Operetta '45 t Scholarship Award '41, '42, 1 1,1 ,J ,431 '44 BOWL. z M K V .N ,Qt V il fy 4 , 31, Z ,d- gf A ROBERTA BOONE Commercial Course A friend Io everyone. Dramatics Club '41, '42 Home Ec. Club '42, '43 Commercial Club '43 BETTE M. BOROUGH College Preparatory I wonder who xlve'5 smiling at. Entered from Northwestern, Detroit, '43 Student Council '43 Christmas Play '45 Pep Club '43 Senior Play '44 G. A. A. '44 Sec., Ski Club '44 jr. Prom '44 Senior Erolic '45 ry.: XVILLIAM BOSSL Commercial Course A penny for your llaougbfs. Entered from Fife Lake '44 Intramural Basketball '44, '45 Challenger Club '44, '45 Black and Gold '45 Student Court '45 Library Board '45 Choir '45 "South in Sonora" '45 Senior Play '45 C191 BOB BRADEN College Preparatory Take life Seriously am! uflml is if worllo? Student Council '42 Marshall of Student Court '42 lntratnural Basketball '42 Black and Gold '44 Class Treasurer '45 Tumbling Team '41 Youth Council '44 Class Treasurer '45 junior Class Play '44 Chairman, jr. Prom '44 Class Secretary '44 Reserve Football '43 1 5 ki- NIILLARD LEROY BUSH SHIRLEY CASE JACQUELYBI CHAMPNEH' General Academic General Academic College Preparatory He is the milclest mannerea' She is pretty lo walk with, Some think the world is made fellow. witty to talk willy, and for fun and frolir and so pleasant to think on, too. A Capella '44, '4s Home lic. Club '44, '45 do I. Dramatics Club '41, '42 Operetta '44, '45 C. A. P. C. Senior Frolic Committee '45 -Iunior Prom Committee '44 G. A. A. , junior Classical League '41, '42 Choir '42, '45, '44, '45 f K J' ROSALIE E. CLOUSIT General Academic A solemn face she ever keeps but who knows? Still wal- ers run deep. Photography Club '41, '42 JUANITA CLUTTERBUCK BERNARD J. CORPE A friendly heart bas many General Academic ffiendf- His smile is friendly, tbougla Glee Club '41. '42 his manner grave. Bildmillwn '40 Intramural Basketball '41 Library Club '42 lntramural Softball Champ- ions '43 Ifntered U. S. Navy in '45-A medical discharge '44 I 20 ROBERT COURSON General Academic Never trust a woman! Basketball '43, '44, '45 Baseball '44, '45 Reserve Football '44 Student Manager '42, '43 NOEL COUTURIER Commercial Course. W'hat be will be, doth not yet appear. Typing Club '42 jr. Prom Committee '44 jr. Play Committee '44 1' Senior Frolic Committee '45 jf ff First Aid Club '41 U ,fl fa! Varsity Clubi'45 . if-, ,ff XV dk Qi Jtfgvwvmz ,si wie--bf lx f "1 1 ALMAN BILL CRAWFORD General Academic Sorry girls, he's already hooked. WM' ' ROBERT DEAN College Preparatory Some think he's shy, bul-- Photography Club '41, '42 junior Red Cross '43, '44, '45 Track '44, '45 Senior Play Committee '45 Student Council '41, '43, '45 Student Court '45 Chief justice '45 Intramural'Bask tball '44, '45 YVILLIAM j. DEMPSEY General Academic The easieft way iv undoubt- edly the best. DALE B. DEWAR College Preparatory Always "horn" ing in. Band '41, '42, '43, '44, '45 Dance Band '45, '44, '45 Typing Club '41, '42 junior Classical League '42, ,43 Golf '43, '44 State Musical Festival '41, '42, '43 Trumpet Trio '42, '45, '44 If I BARBARA DIETRICH DONAVON T. DOI-llVl 'XVILLIAM E. DONNER General Academic AgI'iCl11il-ire Agriculture Course lViihouf labor nothing pros- A1'fiSi0Yff1"1W"-' Ask me anything about ihe pers. F. F. A. fdfm- L'b Board '45 Entered from Bear Lake '44 1 rary G. A. A. '44, '45 F211 CLYDE DOXVNLR College Preparatory For a man hy nothing is so well known as hy his marl- ners. Freshman Football '42 Reserve Football '45 Football '44 Reserve Basketball '44 Varsity Club '44, '45 A Capella Choir '41, '42, '45 '45 Boys' Cvlee Club '41. '42 Boys' Quartette '41, '42, '45 '44, '45 Madrigal Group '42, '43, '44 '45 "Oh, Doctor" '44 "South in Sonora" '45 Youth Council '44, '45 i '22 XVILLIAM E. DRAKE DOROTHY DUGAL BINA DUNN College Preparatory General Academic College Preparatory A mlm 0f Cheerful yfilefrldyr Silence is golden, but who Silence and modesty are the and f0'ffdf-"U f0m0Yf011f'S- wants to be rich. best ornaments of woman. Tfafk '44, ,45 I Ir. High Cheerleader '42 Art Club '41, '42 btudenr Council '44 Jr. Prom Committee '44 Latin Club '43, '44 G0V?rH01' '45 Jr. Play Committee '44 PI'6Sld6IlI of '45 Sf, F1-Oliq Committee ' Latin Club ' 4 fy, J Pep Club ' rv, 'X L JN K J A iff' xx vu 'ie' 4- -, 1 Mm f f, 4Q'5'f'f.' J H , Tifw. T' 1 ,- LAXVRENCE DUNN General Academic Tomorrow never comes, make the most of today. Intramural Basketball '42, '43, '44, '45 Typing Club '42 Student Council '42 Home Ec. Club '45 Baseball '45 '41, f LEWIS H. EALY FLOYD R. EDMONSON MARIAN EGGLI HAROLD A. FMERSON General Course General Academic Commercial Course Agriculture Course Napoleon was ll sbort man. I'zfe got a lock on success and IVbat's the use of frowning? His smile is like turning up too. I'zfe los! Ike key. Ixrt Club '41, '42 a lamp. Tumbling xx 1'!,lif" 'fl ' kk' K 1 ' Og , ff 1 if l l E' IV ' ll 221 ul JO ANN ENGLAND College Preparatory l'd rather wear out, than rust out. Pep Club '41, '42 Camera Club '42 Student Council '42 Student Court '42 C. A. P. C. '45 A Capella Choir '44, '45 "Oh Doctor" '44 Dramatics Club '44 jr. Prom Committee '44 "Rafferty Racket" '44 Prose and Poetry Contest Winner '44 Varsity Cheerleader '44, '45 "South in Sonora" '45 "Plane Crazy" '45 , . f 'hwffyj f K BARBARA FINLAYSON College Preparatory Please bring him bark safe, sound and single. jr. Classical League '42, '43 Camera Club '41 C. A. P. C. '43 A Capella Choir '45 Operetta '45 Entertainment Chairman jr. Prom '44 Senior Frolic Committee '45 Costume Chairman jr. Play '44 Dramatics Club '44 G. A. A. '44 Black and Gold '43, '44 Tumbling Exhibition '42 "Promote the General XVel- fare" '44 CHARLOTTE MARIE FITZGERALD General Academic Look what sloelv done! Entered from Grand Rapids, Michigan, '42 Secretary of Class '42 Pres. of the Dramatics Club '42 Choir '43, '44, '45 "Oh Doctor" '44 "South in Sonora" '45 Co-op. Train. Course '44, '45 Vice Pres. Home Ec. Club '44, '45 Dance Committee '44 Student Council '45 Honor Society JOYCE E. EORTON General Academic l'll try anything once. Student Council '42, '4 Commercial Club '44 Senior Erolic '45 Typing Club '41, '42 dd., LJ '5f41,u,,g.. lfiyrfffw JOANNE FRANKE General Academic To judge this maiden right, Senior Play '45 CARL FRANKLIN College Preparatory Nobody would suppose it, you must know ber' well. but I'm naturally a bashful Co-operative Training Course 'mm' '44, '45 Freshman Football Typing Club '42 Art Club '42 Intramural Basketball '41, '42, '4, '44, '45 ilu'-rv - W33M'1 LAURAINE FREETHY College Preparatory A mre combination of frolir anal fun. "Bubbling Over" '41 High School Bowling League '42, '43 Pep Club '41, '42 jr. High Cheerleader '41, '42 Black and Gold '41, '42, '45 Band '42, '45, '44, '45 Orchestra '42 C. A. P. C. '45 Tumbling Exhibition '43 Iunior Classical League '43 Basketball Champs '45 Annual Board '44 Xouth Center Executive Board '44 Decoration Chrm.. Prom '44 Adv. Chrm. jr. Play '44 Youth Council '44, Chrm. '45 "Let Me Come Back" '45 ELAYNE j. GARDNER General Academic "Bubbling Over" '41 Knitting Club '41 Typing Club '41 Civil Air Patrol '44 Q4 CHARLES GARTHE BIELVIN CHARLES GEE POLLY GHASTIN General Academic General Academic General Academic lWben in doubt, smile. Musir is the thing of his soul. Red is not her danger signal, Intramural Basketball '45 Knitting Club '40, '41, '42 Senior Play Committee '45 f MILFORD GINSBURG College Preparatory When in doubt, be nonrhal- ant. Student Court '42, '43 Student Council '42, '43, '45 Orchestra '41, '42, '43, '44, '45 Dramatics Club '43, '44 Christmas Play '43, '44 P. A. System '44, '45 Building Commissioner '45 Tennis '44, '45 Basketball '43, '44 Operetta '44, '45 History Club '41, '42 Senior Play '45 L Xljgaf WWW JACK GLINES CORTLANID K. GORE General Academic General Academic W'hy do today what we can A big tall man I would be, put of until tomorrow. but nature played a trick junior Classical League on me- ' Dramatics Club '44 Operetta '45 Track '43, '44, '45 Intramural Basketball '43, '44, '45 Senior Frolic Committee '45 'Www' MARY JANE GRAPHOS College Preparatory Her ajfertions are constant, but her objert rhanges. Student Court '41, '42 French Club '41, '42 Girls' Bowling League '41,'4Z junior Classical League '42, ,43 spanish Club '43, '44 Chairman, Bond and Stamp Drive '43, '44 Chairman, Iunior Play Com- mittee '44 Chairman, lunior Prom Com- mittee '44 Chairman, Senior Frolic Committee '45 Senior Play Committee '45 Black and Gold '45 Annual Board '44, '45 JOYCE GRINDSTUEN General Academic Busy is a bee, and some- body's honey. Q, x, 'tl I 1 "kilt I 3 'E ti lil .3 gl fr" ,Hy t ,!". -.ft ' NORMAN A. GRUEBER DONALD F. HAGGARD WAYNE E. HANSEN LEON MAX HARIG College Preparatory General Course General Academic Commercial Course Sttceess in school often con- And still he talked, and The greatest art of an able A single hair out of plate stsls of knowing when to talked and talked. man is to know' how to fasts its shadow. dzsagree. Photography Club '40, gil, conreal hts abzlttzes. Stamp Club t42 '42 Intramural Basketball '42, Student Council '43, '44 '43 Track '44 Football Manager '44 l C , , , l I Intramural Basketball '40, 4-,OU '!'f""""" '41, '42, '45 A' 1 U. S. Navy '45 lf7Lj?I'? 7 4, 124,11 jwjpkf-"1 JEAN HEIGES College Preparatory If she does something good, she forgets it and tloes something better. Black and Gold '41, '42, '43 '44, '45 Editor-in-chief '44, '45 M. I. P. A. Convention '42 Cuill and Scroll '44, '45 D. A. R. Representative '45 National Honor Society '44. '45 Red Cross Council '44, '45 Annual Board '43, '44 Youth Council '42, '43, '44 Student Council '42, '45 Student Court '43, '44 jr. High Chief justice '41, '42 lunior Prom Committee '44 lunior Play Committee '44 Sophomore Class Pres. '43 lunior Classical League Senior Play '45 FLOY I-IELFRICH College Preparatory She's always quiet, but there is mischief lurking in her eyes. Photography Club '41, '42 Speech Contest '41, '42 junior Play Committee '44 junior Classical League '42, .43 National Honor Society '43 '44, '45 Badminton Club '43, '44 ,435 5 DICK HOAG General Course I am always "Mary" when I hear sweet music. Football '44, '45 Captain Football '45 Basketball '44, '45 Baseball '43, '44 Varsity Club '44, '45 First Aid Club '42 lunior Prom Committee '44 Senior Frolic Committee '45 'l ', , vf',T, ' K ,NIQT l'l"-"' '- Q ,N'.'5, ' C L ,jf fr 1 '-gl" ' 4. ri , it I I? f l,. ."l,' fy L, e-1i J 1 . BETTY jOl'lINSTON College Preparatory I lore only one man-at a time. Iintered from St. Petersburg, Fla., '43 Black and Gold '44 lr. Play '44 Sr. Play '45 Victory Speaker's Club '44 f 5 - ' -. WM...-.3 f 2 , MARY JEANNE KALEY GLADYS L. KADROVACH EVELYN KELLEY DELITE KELSCH General Academic College Preparatory General Academic College Preparatory Don't rush through this life Personification of efficiency. The hest is none too goocl It's a wise head that makes a -the next may he worse. photography Club '42 for me. still tongue. Photography Club junior' Classical League '43 Typing Club '41 Latin Club '42, '43 junior Play Committee '44 Badminton Club '44 Student Council '42 Home Ec. Club '43, '44, '45 junior Play Committee '44 junior Classical League '43 Annual Board '45 I J' me 1 - .J if Commercial Club '43 Senior Play Committee MARGARET KEVWITCH College Preparatory Innocence is always unsus- picious. Latin Club '44 ff' ROBERT KEYES General Academic If a line were crooked, he'd argue it straight. Intramural Basketball '42, '45, '44, '45 Editor of Challenger '44, '45 Annual Board '45 Dance Band '43, '44, ,45 Band '42. '43, '44, '45 Debate Team '44, '45 Forensic Speech Contest '43, '45 Black and Gold '45 "Oh, Doctor" '44 Library Board fPres.j '45 Vice Governor '45 Saxaphone Quartet '42 Senior Play '45 i261 gum BARBARA MARY KIEFER DORIS KOSZAREK College Preparatory General Academic He profits most who serves The laughter of girls is, anrl hesl. ever was, among the cle Class Treasurer '42 Class Vice President '43 Black and Gold '42, '43, '44, '45 Student Council '42 Challenger Club '42 junior Red Cross '44, '45 Latin Club '44 ,Iunior Play '44 National Honor Society '44, '45 Ouill and Scroll '44, '45 Senior Play '45 lightful sounds of earth. Library Club '41, '42 Photography Club '41, '42 Band '41, '42' junior Classical League '42 '43 ' W EL!-L1t.,,u,L,,.tcSfc,,f Dew' ,y U2 . X Riu Q,rg,aJ1.5l'L-' Z 4 4 Q , , 04 RICHARD KRATOCHVIL MAXINE KROUPA KNISS PETER H. KROHN College Preparatory Spinsterhood had no charms General Course He is a short boy who walks lm' me- He chooses the path of least fall- resistance. Stamp Clpb '42 Football '45, '44 If F- A- 43 Basketball '44 Student.Council '44, '45 Track '44, '45 Civil Air Patrol '45 Varsity Club '44, '45 Intramural '42, '45 Re serve Basketball '45 Student Council '40 Typing Club '40 Riding Club '40 JEAN EVA M. LaMIE General Course As the saying is, I have got a wolf by the ears. Baton Club Baseball Team Basketball Team Senior Play Committee '45 .1 yyftlfc in Wave? GERALDINE LAIWTIE General Academic To he awake is to he alive. Girls' Basketball '42 Girls' Baseball '43 Newcomb '45 G. A. A. '44 Stamp Club '42 Senior Play Committee '45 -fl. ,Pwr CURTIS E. LATHER SHIRLEY LEXXVIS College Preparatory I-lomemaking Course I like the company of women, She pleased while distant, there's nothing like il, ex- eepl more. H Student Council '40 Baseball '45, '44 Intramural Basketball '44, '45 First Aid Club '40 Black and Gold '41 Senior Frolic Committee '45 junior Prom Committee '44 Cheerleading '44 junior Classical League '43 Softball '41 Dramatics Clubf'43,- rf ,Lal-"M-"'AC"L'J I ff I N !.'!!'l,La.43Af I 326 ', 4..-f M' "' ' 2 QZLMM U1 hut when near she charmed ome Ec. Club '45, '44 ROBERT L. LICI-ITY College Preparatory He's "Gen"-erally occupied. Band '42, '45, '44, '45 Trombone Quartet '42, '45, '45 Dance Band '45, '44, '45 junior Class President '44 junior Prom Committee Student Council '42, '44 Student Court '44 Black and Gold '42, '44 Annual Board '44, '45 Party Committee '45 Varsity Golf '43, '44, '45 Basketball '45, '44 '44 Intramural Basketball '42, '45 JY X vw. W f f i f L X, , A if Q. W, f W ' 'QW' .,wh46 f' ' W1 ' VE ,ff . 344234 X xg X 4 ft ff W JUNE LINDLEY JAMES LEROY LUTES College Preparatory General Academic Upright at an exrlamation C0l1C67lf7'l1fi07Zibllf on what? point. Student Council '42, '43 Challenger Club '45 Glee Club '43, '44 A Capella Choir '45 "Oh, Doctor" '44 "South in Sonora" '45 Senior Play Committee '45 MARILYN LUTZ General Academic Second lhoughis, they say are heyt. Entered from Detroit '43 Dramatics Club '43, '44 G. A. A. '44 National Honor Society '44, '45 Bowling '44, '45 Library Board '44, '45 "South in Sonora" '45 Student Council 445 Nh AVANELL MCFARREN General Course Sunhirsed moonhissed - nu mid. Cafeteria '45 Tumbling Exhibition '42 MWQJU MARGARET M. McGlI.L BARBARA MANHOFF MAXINE MANIGOLD ROBERT C. MARTIN Commercial Course College Preparatory General Academic General Course He said little, hut to the That whirh if worlh doing af Alwa-vt remember io fake the No more iniliafire lbI17Z 11 purpose. all is worth doing well. door hey. shadow. Entered from Immaculate Black and Gold '42, '45 Home Ec. Club '45 Track '43, '44, '45 Conception '42 Challenger '42, '44 Knitting Club '42 Intramural Basketball '42, Tumbling Exhibition '42 Graduation Formal '44 A Capella Choir '45 '43, '44, '45 Cafeteria '45 Senior Frolic '45 "South in Sonora" '45 Tumbling Club '45 b . flw l H" f28l ARTHUR MEEREIS College Preparatory Everything comes if a mon will only wait. Band '42 Choir '43, '44, '45 Dramatics Club '44 Football '42, '43, '44 Basketball '42 Intramural Basketball '42, '43, '44, '45 Track '43, '44 "Oh, Doctor" '44 junior Play '44 Fire Chief '45 Youth Council '45 Civil Air Patrol '44 d,L4.af4f7' DORIS MOORE Commercial Course Wbat has been done, can be done again. Iunior Play Committee '44 Senior Play Committee '45 Commercial Club '44gee,X Senior Frolic Coniw! 45 Student Council '47 Student Couxw , MW nf' DOROTHY MELICHAR College Preparatory Her mind is like iz sun dial, it records only pleasuni ness. Glee Club '40, '41 lunior Classical League '43 Latin Club '44 Challenger Club '45 Senior Play Committee N C it 1 f k .V ,V K. JJ? m 149' EDWARD NIIKULA JOAN MINCH College Preparatory College Preparatory Tut, mt my many giyls wgny Lough and tlae world laughs laurt you. with you. Band '41, '42, '43, '44, '45 ' l Freshman Football f Student Council '45 Student Court '45 Intramural Basketball '45 yy , MARY M. MUIR BETTY NORTON General Academic College Preparatory Slae lives a date to date ea- lVe know wlmi we are, but islenre. not what we may be. Entered from Arthur Hill, Pan American Club '44 Saginaw '44 Stamp Club '41, '42 Choir '45 Art Club '42, '43 Operetta '45 Senior Play Committee '45 29 jACli O,X'fl.l1Y General Academic A young mon will be wiser by and by, Archery Club '41 First Aid Club '41, '42 Varsity Club '45 Reserve Football '42, '43, '44 Track '44, '45 lntramural Basketball '42, '45, '44 Freshman Football '41 X fx f. 7 l,,, Vx, VM' rw H-N 1 C fn- ci, f- AMX lx, ' , E . . in 1' If ,,x,, ng, 1 " " A 4 JOHN A. OTT Pl-IYLLIS OUVRY PERRY E. PALMER, JR. Colle e Pr ' ' ' g eparatory General Academic General Academic Come on girls, make a fuss I mn resist everything except I am slow of stuzly,F,-,H over me. temptation. V , ,MM Jai! Q Freshman Football """, j37!jl,' ' '7f"i M Football '42, '43, ,44 ,ffl 0" " , QQ' , M Basketball '45, '44, '45 WGJQZHU 'kg Baseball '43 '44 '45 , , 2 ' ff H' varsity Club '42, '43, '44, '45 f f'lg"""J't'U2"Q x Y KE MW ,LJ IOAN D. PITCHER General Academic We live in a very fast world. Pep Club '42 Commer,ial Club '44 Senior Frolic gmmittee '45 Aly!! l--Q,-W1 GEORGE C. PULCIPHER JOHN R. PULCIPHER HALCYON RENNIE General Academic General Academic I'm not a bit like my brother. IVl9at's the use of burrying when tlvere's plenty of time? f30 College Preparatory I"ve taken my fun where I've found it. Student Council '42 jr. Play Committee '44 Sr. Play Committee '45 Jr. Prom Committee '44 Black and Gold '45 Annual Board SHIRLEY REYNOLDS College Preparatory Hitch your wagon to a star. Student Council '41, '42 junior Classical League '42, ,43 Latin Club '43, '44 Iunior Play Committee '44 Senior Play Committee '45 BARBARA ROWE General Academic If 1 take care of my character my reputation will take care of itself. Entered from Elk Rapids '42 Girls' Basketball '43 Commercial Club '44 Annual Board '45 Senior Play Committee '45 JAKE L. RUFLI RALPH RYERSON BETTY RYON College Preparatory General Academic Commercial Course A mystery tl9at's never been Let every man look before be That shorthand class haunts solved. leaps. me. Typing Club '42 Commercial Club '44 Girls' Basketball '45 junior Play Committee '44 A Capella Choir '45 "South in Sonora" '45 ARLFNE L. SACKETT Commercial Course X or 35 BEN SAMUELSON College Preparatory It matters not bow long you Quiet on the surface but litfe- lire, but bow well. Knittin Y Club '42 ly wztlmz. Class President '41 in - Vice Governor jr. High '42 Commercial Club '44 Student Court '43 Student Council '45, '45 Golf Team '43, '44, '45 51 al' .4 5 HARRY SANBORN General Academic A cloud of dust, a bang, and Harry skids up to the curb. Freshman Football '41 Typing Club '41 Reserve Basketball Manager '42 Reserve Football '42, '43 Basketball Manager '45, '44 Intramural Basketball '41, '42, '43, '44, '45 l SHIRLEY SANBORN Commercial Course The great end of life is not knowledge but action. Student Council '42 Dramatics Club '42 Girls' Basketball '43 Girls' Softball '43 Commercial Club '44 junior Play Committee '44 Senior Play Committee '45 LIEKIRUDE SCHROEDER College Preparatory Her silence is more eloquent than words. ALAN J, SCHMIDT College Preparatory He's zz self-made man. '44, '45 Dramatics Club '42 Ski Club '42 Christmas Play '42 Iunior Varsity '42 Baseball '42 Tennis '42, '44, '45 Tumbling Club '44, '45 Senior Play '45 Intramural Basketball '4 1, 1 if X EDITH M. SCHXVIND XVILMA SEELEY General Academic College Preparatory On her finger Il gem she She picked something out of wears. everything she read. A Capella Choir '44, '45 Knitting Club '40, '41 "Oh, Doctor" '44 Library Club '41, '42 "South in Sonora" '45 jr. Classical League '42, '43 Spanish Club '43, '44 jr. Play Committee '44 Challenger Club '44, '45 Annual Board '44, '45 Sr. Play Committee '45 7Q,,J,,S7-'CZ HARRIETT SHISLER EUGENE M. SHUGART ROBERT A. SIVEK DEWEY SLEDER General Academic Agriculture Course General Academic College Preparatory Nothing succeeds like sur- Men of honor and courage A nickname is the heaviest Don't fuss me fellowsf here cess. are still in the world. stone the devil can throw comes 41 new girl. French Club '42 Archery Club '42 ef " 'mm' Football '44, '45 Photography Club '43 F. F. A. '45 junior Prom Committee '44 Home Ec. Club '42, '43, '44 Debate Club '44 Baseball '44 Challenger Club '44, '45 Library Club '45 523 Senior Play '45 Senior Frolic Committee '45 Varsity Club Student Council '40, '41, '42 Reserve Football '42, '45 .. V 1' 1.4.1 ,lLl1 GERALD W. SLOCUM BRUCE L. SMITH General Academic General Academic No woman shall ever boss I like work, it fascinates me. me. I can :il qvvjfl look at it for hours. N f""t 1 ,W t 4 U' ' . 1, K , ,fa . ll 5y0 lk' EQZ774 FRANK SNYDER ELEANOR j. SOLOMON College Preparatory Love me little, and love me long. Entered from Saginaw Arth- ur Hill '43 Basketball '44, '45 Track '44, '45 Football '44 Varsity Club '45 Student Council '45 "Oh, Doctor" '44 junior Play '44 Dramatics Club '44 Army Air Corps Reserve Commercial Course lvvbdl 11ez'er.' Hardly ever. Art Club '43 Commercial Club '44 G. A. A. '44 Black and Gold Staff '44 Iunior Play Committee '44 Typing Club '42 Dramatics Club '41 VIRGINIA STANEK Commercial Course Her step is music mul ber voice is song. "Ralferty Racket" '44 Home EC. Club '45 "Breakfast" '42 Dramatics Club '42, '44 Tumbling Exhibition '42 A Capella Choir '41, '42, '43 '44, '45 Operetta '44, '45 Sextette '44, '45 lr Prom Committee '44 Madrigal Group '44, '45 "Promote the General Wei fare" '44 Choir Festival '41 Girls' Glee Club '41, '42 HELEN STARBUCK College Preparatory Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. Knitting Club '41 Student Council '42 junior Classical League '45 junior Play Committee '44 Challenger Club '45 Annual Board '45 National Honor Society '44 C. A. P. C. '43 R. DOUGLAS STEIGER College Preparatory Outspoken - by whom? First Aid Club '41 Photography Club '42 Freshman Football '42 Apprenticeship Program '44 Wfar Stamp Sales '44 Spanish Fiesta '44 Track '44, '45 Cadet Commander CAP '45 Fire Commissioner '45 Intramural Basketball '45 Senior Play '45 i331 XWILLIAIVI STRAUB College Preparatory I'm busy mairzlaiuiug my digrzily. Freshman Football '42 Student Council '45, '44, '4 Varsity Club '45, '44, '45 Football '45, '44, '45 "Oh, Doctor" '44 junior Prom Committxe '44 Iunior Play '44 Track '44, '45 Tumbling Club '44, '45 Intramural Basketball '45 Treas., Youth Council '45 President Senior Class '45 Senior Play Committee '45 Civil Air Patrol '45 Senior Play '45 ALLENE STRICKER General Academic She bath riches suHirie11t. who ball? enough to be claaritable. Dramatics Club '41, '42 Home Ec. Club '42, '43, '44 DAWN THAYER General Academic I had a pleasant time with my mind for it was happy. Fntered from Roseburg, Ore- gon Bowling Team '45 LEILA TILTON Commercial Course Pretty as a picture. Commercial Club '43, '44 Twirling Club '41, '42 Majorette '45, '44, '45 Glee Club '41, '42 GARTH TOMPKINS General Academic I crave excitement. f . . Q If ef? A f' iff we fm, 'in qw JAMES W. TREMAIN College Preparatory As be tbirzkelb in his heart, so is be. Photography Club '42 Intramural Basketball '42, '45, '44, ' U . 1 VJ gf .y' R ELIZABETH TROUTXVINE General Academic W'bal is yours is mine and all mine is yours. Typing Club '40, '41 Twirling Club '41, '42 C. A. P. C. '45, '44 Challenger Club '44, '45 Senior Play '45 N ADJA TUREK Commercial Course IVe bear many rumors about ber future. Vice President junior Class '44 junior Play Committee '44 Iunior Prom Committee '44 Baccalaureate Decoration Chairman '44 Senior Frolic Committee '45 Home Ec. Club '43 National Honor Society '44 C341 MARILYN VAN EENENAAM College Preparatory Eyelashes that could sweep the cobwebs from any man's heart. jr. Play Committee '44 G. A. A. '43, '44, '45 Library Club '44 A Capella Choir '43, '45 Operetta '44, '45 Annual Board '45 X DOROTHY VAN MAREN College Preparatory lt is good in every ruse, you lenow, to have Iwo strings upon your bow. junior High Cheerleader jungtimr Classical League '43, Black and Gold '41, '42 "Rafferty Racket" '44 Ir. Prom Committee '44 Secretary of G. A. A. '44 Senior Frolic Committee '45 Annual Board 4' fl 'Q P 'bl' l' U , 'A .A-, '-,'.. wa: '1iZf " 1. I, JACQUELIN XVAHL Commercial Course If ladies be bu! young and fair-they have the gif! to know it. Typing Club '41 junior Classical League '43 junior Play Committee '44 Commercial Club '44 Annual Board '45 A Capella Choir '45 "South in Sonora" '45 'Mb li JACK WANGEN College Preparatory A pun is ibe lowes! form of wif, unless you think of it first. Cleilg of Student Council '42, Secretary of Class '42, '43 Tennis '43, '44, '45 jr. Prom Committee General Co-Chairman Senior Frolic Iunior Play '44 Senior Play '45 Black and Gold '43, '44 Annual Board '44 Pres. Athletics Association '45 Clerk of Student Court 'Lis Intramural Basketball '43, '44, '45 ,IQ 4-49' -4628 -B' JOYCE XVATSON College Preparatory Ambition is no ture for love. Dramatics Club '41, '42, '45 Economics Club '43, '44 jr. Play Student Director '44 jr. Class Treasurer '44 Debate Team '44, '45 Black and Gold '41, '42 Annual Board '42, '43, '44, '45 Senior Frolic Committee '45 jr. Prom Decorating Com- mittee '44 QRIV I 'A FDXVARD A. WEEDE NORMA XVELLMAN MARLYN WENZEL General Academic Home Ec. Course College Preparatory He bas lbe .Yil'1I:Il'f0I1 well in .Wwe luis lived among us flzese She is ri very zlemure little lmml. sereml years mul ye! we maiden, know ber 1101- Ir. Dramatics Club '41, '42 ,V Glee Club '44, '45 Latin Club '45, '44 ft Operetta '45 Choir '44, '45 Cafeteria '45 Opel-elm '45 I Senior Play '45 . l xx .. Z7 ll xl W, MARY XXVHALEY College Preparatory flbsenre makes llac hour! grow louder. junior High Cheerleader Girls' Glee Club '42 Black and Gold '42-'45 G. A. A. '44, '45 Treas. of Senior Class '45 lr. Play Committee '44 lr. Prom Committee '14 Senior Frolic Committee '45 National Honor Society '-ii, '45 Sec.-Treas. Honor Society '45 is 'Hi' tif' , 5313 . ,y x-1 fi tm A 'A . I, . .,VA,!- 3., , ...f .t MARY LOU XVI-HTSON Commercial Course Courteous, calm and compe- tent. jr. Classical League '45 Band Festival, Ann Arbor '42 Tumbling Exhibition '42 Sax Quartette '43, '44 Dramatics Club '42 Band '41, '42, '43, '44 A Capella Choir '41, '42, '43, '44, '45 Choir Festival '41 Madrigal Group '44, '45 Scxtctte '44, '45 ir. Play Committee '44 Girls' Glee Club '41, '42 Commercial Club '43, '44 Student Council '45 Student Dance Chairman '45 Operetta '44, '45 DONALD J. WILSON College Preparatory For even though zunquisbed be argues still. Football '45 Dramatics Club '42, '43, '44 Wfar Bond Salesman '43, '44 Iunior Prom Committee '44 Senior Frolic Committee '45 Iunior Play Committee '44 Civil Air Patrol '44, '45 .:, ,-p'gW xxiii' r'i'x ' V ' 0 1, W5 JEANNE WRIGHT College Preparatory A girl of many talents. Choir '42, '43, '44, '45 Madrigal '44, '45 Sextette '43, '44, '45 Black and Gold '43 Dramatics Club '43 "South in Sonora" '45 "Oh, Doctor" '44 Senior Frolic '45 Senior Play '45 Accompanist To H JHj,pb mn" E361 MARY LOUISE YENISH Commercial Course A regular girl - sincere, loyal. -...N ,um fvjs z.. X E ka X J 'ff wx H6 E JUNIUH UHIEEHE President - Bill Fouch Vice-President - Herbert Prouty Secretar - Sall Murra 7' Y Y W r f, wffxk wr Wwin,,,,,f' X Treasurer Eleanore Koszarek .ze MW, , f531 Akers, B. Alper, F. Amidon, P. Amidon, T. Anderson, J. Anderson, S. Babel, L. Barrett, R. Bathke, T. Bzrnhardr. B. Bessen, R. Bezile, D, Blakely, L. Blackmore, B. Blanchard, B. Blanchard, B. Boone, M. Boursaw, T. Bracken, G. Breithaupt, B. Brugh, N. Burrows, J. Burton, V. Button, I. Chapin, P. Christopher, D. Clark, S. Clouse, E. Collver, P. Conant, M. Conroy, D. Core, B. Cozart, A. Day, David Dennis G. Derrick, D. DeViney, C. Draper, P. Drone, C. liblacker, M L. Eikey, B. Eitniear, J. Emerson, M. Finlayson, B. Fouch, J. Pouch, B. Foote, D. Pouch, M. li39l 5: 1 I bi 5 Q W, V s L f L 2 . , X A - -1 Q Ax A , . ,,,,h ? w., L YQ - it vi 5. 3 ,Q Egg, Ffinl-alin. F. Fitz. O. Z 2, Q Garthe. L. B 1: Girthe. P Gee. B. L , ' f Gilmore. rl E, q Gleason. G. A f Goddard. R. 7 ' Grant. Y. .1 i Greene. R X I Greilick. M X Gritfen. E N... Hnnilton. D. Hlmilton. F. ,W-Q , Hardy. L. Harwell. B ' W' Hbt. G X-f l'l.1Vs'liiDS, E Heiges. 1. Hemming. -I. Hoehler. D. Hoxie. B Hoxie. F Hunt. M jackson. D. johnson. F. Kalahar. P. Keeler. D Kewvitch. C Kirkpatrick. D , iiistler. S. Kitchen. A. 'V Koszarek. E. Kropp. D G V Kruse. R M' " Rucera. R Riser. G. Lltning. B. Lardie. E Largent. I Lauterluhn. P Laumer. D. Laumer. BI. , '54 Laumer. Y. KD Lawrence. G ' Lerncool. C , ff' ' , ., Lewis. Y yr V51 f-101 A T J 'L L v ... f m.l L f I L , L ' . it 9' - "Z, ' ff Z: li Z Q V ' P' M H' , f 3, aww , i, ' ., ff 'X 3 . A 1 ' 1 K 'Eli' Yr MMM L 1 "- 3 . 6 X f f 1 N i Qvfz. I, ,gm A., X fi x 'rg iig Wx 44 1 5 i ' . . QE, ,f gnfv e I 5 A' N ,... ,, rap , ff- k ,li ,R X., K fag" x ' , f I i ik B-3 AXP l i?'3s fl H7575 I I F.: ,Q ...Lrg E . Q " Q R " l .w Y I. 7 . X-za., I, ,X ff' 1 L S -'fl' Q 5? Q . i 4 if B R ji Q i.Li1' , , .i I ,ALB Lossman, B. Lundberg, D. Lyon, B. Lyon, B. MCChar1es, B. Maclntosh, B. McCort, W. McGarry, R. McKinley, S. McMains, R Madsen, A. Mallion, N. Manville, D. Bfartin, D. Mason, M. Bffatteson, E. Matthews, D Mielke, D. Miller, M. Montgomery, H. Moran, K. Murray, S Murray, M. Nelson, S. Neuman, D. Newberry, R. Norton, P. Nottke, D Oliver, B Otis, B Perkett, S. Pererryl, A. Pitcher, j. Plachetka, M Polhamus, H Prouty, H Provencher, R. Purvis, G. Rice, C. Sanborn, j Sawyer, P Schreiner, R Shaffran, C. Sheckler, XY". Sheldon, K. Shea, j Shaw, Skeoch, B E411 -in 'T' QRS' as Y! .S , , Q 11 if ' 6 lg P 'L L uf? ff rl , Q? m x-gf r 'S fl . R .. . r V 1 5, . fxg, ,ig ' I fi! tif Lexi f Qs. 'L Q . QS, L , s, u . A q:.g .. . cf T 1 ,.,- F - -4 : li.. 1 I L fn. A L Q S' .., 4 fs .an KA V.-.1 .D W .A""'U lb' yr g gh mf 2 , L . X Q Smith O W J, XJ L. .1 . y X fbf W flaw we ? XR ,Q 4 .X . 'Q 4 uf Sladek, R. Solomonson, D. Sorenson M Stander, B. Stites D .X i Sutter, J. -.,,. Tafelsky, C. 'X ,,,,, K 5 Taylor, A. L W V. i, 5' Throop, F. MF 5 6' X Wx f Q gm? Umlor, B 1 A " D X Waldron, M. , ,. M . . Xvarren, V M., 4vEi:xR . Watkoske, I. , L ig i .f- 1 i f ,loo Wafsonf E' 7 1 QL. l M' , A ff ' W9e5e, J- . Q, 'i ' , , ' 1 I ,ij , Wehf, W- 2 ,gi f K X6 'I 'ld 1 A' A 0 !' ' 1 f Weidenhammer, D. Weiselberg, P. ,, , Wheaton, G. I V 538' W'ilhelm, H. WF A W'olff, R. X ' Z , ' Wfoodrow, D. i f N I. I ,I ,, . ., WV- Wx 1 X V0'yckoff, E. Q X Wilson, P. 1 2-, Q: Yahf, L. KT.. X ff Ziolkowski, j. g V fx ' Zimmerman R. i f f ZW 7 f, 'k Walter, P. ff 'I X' , E421 W ,J WW ,M A fo WWW 'QM ,4 X f M ll as W' l V ' A, ' W .1 ' , 'D W ., , VY df fyywl I f ' J , 1 , 'jf ff'J-. , v- ,l,:s V 5 ' 'n ' is "' :xx .Q tt ',.4... U. 5 , " in h 1. s . ' Q ' .xxx Q Q . on .u 1 ,. 'xnls R 5. 5, 1 a ..' 5 Y ' 7 K m xx s .sv 'l 's '- ' - xy' Q E as . 4 xxw M ' .Q ' V x 1:1151 SUPHUMUHE UHIEHQB President - Jack Sheets Vice President Peter Clancy Secretary - Nondys Baker Treasurer Barbara Kingscott i441 W . , Adams, N. If f .WW , f V V VA ' Aeschlxman, V. ,, 1 if .p V f Anderson, A- B rf- QL Q 1 ff V W' 'f 'C A ld C QD , " f ' ' , mo ' ' , 'X f Q f Q,?2MWZ Ammk B V, V V Baesch, B. ,, Q U3 Balley, fi ,fr .As VxVV 1 . y Baker, N. ' 'J W "' 4' Balentine, I. fw- V' V, ' Balentme, V. ' W R .f fl ff Banton, B. - ' I ,V, f V , ,, 'J I --ff 41' X I "L .2 - J r , Bauer, R. . , ,F f . W2 galyhj' J dz B f f V VV, V . V' e C er, V V vga QA sw , ' 5' Bennett, J. ' gr 4, V ' Bennett, L. V , 4,-I 7 Birdsey' D' as M y uh hw., Q2 W ' ,kd x". Bochnialc, L. ll z, L of' f B 7' Hoover D' ff? . .V .G ,A 2 ' N V , - Bottye, B. V V K- we " 4' 1 V 4 Boursaw, VI. 6 K Q V ' V 1 ' "', ' Bradford, W. M Ns, 4 ,V Brexthaupt, J. V 'N Q 3 BdeLj. V , l 1 ,.., V V l Broheck, ID. V ' V 3 5 W ' mf? ' , Q Brown, G. f ,gh 1 X 2? 'X W EV 'Q ' V M-1 Brown, J. ," ' , L., , C . ' Burkholder, L. ' ' v 'R X . , V ' 1 " - f V- - , - 5' fl! . V , V , V ', 4 Burrows, lx. , RV , 1' Y K f B . 5 . 1 ' Bush, M. V V 36-V Bye, C. , 7 VB V I , "" - Carmien, D. it K W V el X, A Castle, Gene 'f -w ,' N V X V Cavzmaugh, D. I ff ' l . A Cavitch l 7 A . ll A ,I 'ff V Clark, R. 'V :X . Clancy, P. 'VV MV FV A rf Q B' Clay, C. " " V ' 'f " "J wa Q N 1 ,di A-4' ' X Clutterbuck, J. 9 12, --' V i A g X, V - Core, W. all , V V - X ' Lorpe, D. VW V V i451 . ' Q I. ,, yf+f:'f41f1i..,' f'-,"' 5 pl- ff MY ff J 7' f, in 'vie W, ,A , i 'T .Y':.'."' . 1 in. F , f " A 9 ,xy .s 1 A ,K , ,1 f Q .4 .W A ,. bfi' 23 I .cm f Im 3 7 1 f N f Y 1 if , 1 .AW I J ' . - 3 W xi ,, - f f ,WL ' ff X. Cox, Crain, L. Culman, L. Darrow, K Dean, B. Dean, N Dekker, P. DeTour, B. DeYoung, L. Dietrich, E. Donner, M. Dreves, T Dunn, B. Durga,'M. Eaton, B. liggli, J. Eitniear, J. linger, J. Erickson, K. Erickson, M. Essex, M. Farrington, J. Fary, B. Fennell, T. Pouch, J. Frankfurth, D. Giller, S. Gonder, D. Graichen, C. Grauel, C. J. Gregory, S. Greilick, J. Griffith, D, Hajek, A. Hamilton, D. Harris, J. Hartley, H. Hartsell, B. Hasselbring, D. Hart, D. Hays, F. Heniser, G. F461 ...wwf . . wwf 4 . ,, fm. , ' N ' A Q.. ,- 'UQ 'F gi Q v 2' -0 'Z' , . G.. QV, j Vx' ii i 1 if 1 A N, .Af .X -N L e D M f 421 M r dr ff ' X . Y . 4 rf , . Pi A fi Km sv . .3 .6 'lf' he 5 filf .'Q-W nd!! 1 Xl ' x , if 1 '21, ' X fl"'2s, I 7 'Y 7 M.. 3 f t f f 4 fs, ,fix :mich , ff ,Q ' ,f f 4 ' Mu' 1... Af ' . 1 , Q4 q MQ' A I i 1, ., fb ,f ::'jT',V is . . 2 1' ff I fi V .. xl. I .i ,gif " ' , 2 1 g l .zz K '35 'Q ,f 2 4, W , -ar' I ty! f' 'vuvjlf f 0 ze tn wi 40' an fl ,Z fn ' F , L W- ,xii .ov Z. E R 1' Q.: , -1 a,g,.m,, 'S . 1 -LI. 1 if av 4 . 9-f L , i t. ' "" 5. . I ,Q 'fb Q .fi l is X Hicks, K. ' Haywood, T. ,M 57. Hilbert, A. K C2 4 7' , Hines, W. W MQ, A il? ' Homrich, R. I w i, Hoover, P. L Horton, D. Houghton, J. J Q Hughart, D. A Q. Hulett, C. "" Hunt, J. 5 Irish, J. Irish, P. ' f ' 'Q jackson, F. , if? 3 L' . jennett, C. R' .2 Q L' ,W Iqaleyv in A Kaniewski, E. V, , m Keaton, C. 1 X Kelley, P. . Kelly, U X 'ew Kephart, R. NX W -0 Keyes, K. V X3 "' X " A Kidder, D. .l Kingscott, B. I Kitchen, H. , Knapp, f:- Q, , Q- 5. ' 9? -,Q Y Kropp, J. .X F :I 1, Lnhym, B Xu! ' Lungs, D. . , Lannin, K. l Larcom, K. 1 Lardie, A. 1 .. , 7- Lardie, R. e ' Lauter, R 9 Lazarus, H Q K I , 1 1 Leonard, B Ll 'X Xl X Q . lx ' X.. Lyon, F. McFarren, L. P ff' 7 l McLean, P. -e J ,T ,, C? 6 Mmm, C of -f , "' Marshall, j ' Q Nlathison, D. E471 sd., Y Nh f l -. f l ,X 3 ' X. Fvlatteson, L. I x 'X l i Q - X X f 6 Mattson, A. X X X W ' 'WX of Y 'K N. Melichar, H. gg, ,M A , If . Mlkula, XV ':" 'X 0 XX 'gy ' 'M' K . . , . X, M X X X , Mlsner, M. ,X f' , X A K , X ' Monk B ll ,fwljly . " Q B4oore,J- lllw . P as 2 Q AX ' V:-V Moorman, R. X XX ' XX ,. ml ,. ix C:-X 23 I QW ' Morgan, C. 1. 23' X L' 'ff' ff - lp 2 . . ? ' r , X X X L 'E Q1 f MOIIISOH, B M W I 4 ff ' , ' - 1 . 1 Q fi ' of 1 Morse, V I V. 43 Q r 1 Q 1 - i Moulton, H S ' X. i W, 'Q X A Myers, G. l A l Ni C? K XXX Myers, L. N: 5 5 5. ,X X ch Nelson, J. . 1 an 2 -L Q Nelson, j 'N -vi! -Q' ,x 9 , X Nevins, M ,X ffl K X i Newcombe, M K - . . -11522-iff hi Ai , . f , i Newhall, A. M s ,Q , ' - J Norman M. , - fr 'N " l , of-M 1 N - jr s,""" N' rv- as .al Q 1: 'R 7 X ' fig OITIS, . l qs ' X G . , ., 6, X M, .., ss g,- Q! ,gr X 2?3ETvg , M j an ,ft ..': AX K. f I If by XX as 6 , N X f gfggb, ,gf Olson, R . X F E ,I f , :sl . . . V f ' H f ' Q5wagww5x, iss sl.-ii fHQlKEEf XQWJMB X X V T 2 Peckham, D. A 0 .... l TN A , Pitcher, D. l 7 ,ff -. ..... ...J V X W , ,V ,W , ls "' "' , Y . L' Pleva, M. " r X ,,. or Mx . W 1 Pl Xk 4: L- ,,, . W X X N X' ' .5 Pllk QW , l was X X. X , X . ., I 0 ac X ,, L N . ' .-:fy , NX , ' POW, J X X . l sf W1 7::1.l6' N-ZXSY7 :"' L' 1 ' " " A"k'k: ' s , puns, RX - . RW! , .. W ' ifl j " R' d I h D. V in , N- l an fl P ' 4 9 'I' 1 N Renme, M. s ,, N X f l s Rm, A s X, U F , s H. X . 5 3, , , xx I. Round, R S s ' XX .XY ' - X Ei ,E , - -4 X K ' N X Rosa, H- " X . X .W , ' . .,,.,, A in . Routsong G A Q W- M- , M s . one , X. , X 5., v - r-ff' sms- , M X Whig w X El - X X X Ryckman, M. ,lg Q 'X Aga, ' 'Q' Salenski, G 2 -W 1 XXGV X sf Xf ,, is . X S b A any K if' L 'X , fx . ., "ff .'-- Schopleray, P ' i ', My 1 f ,, X XXX, um- N, V H -+ 7 H- b-1: s . .A -sl 12481 ,V , Shaff, E. . Shannon, A. Z! W 4' ' Shaw, E. f.. A 2' V , Sheets, 4 XV Sheldon, 'f Q, Shugart, A A' , - Sleder, K. X A 'l W Sleder, P. . , Q fighg , Sheldon, B. ,V VV V f -, V omewlng, ,I qw V V , Q, Snyder, X , A f r Soapman, A Spoor, N. V - ' V Steffes, B. M f S Stoddard, u. V HL: j ' , ,L . 4'-4' ' Strubel, , , H for 1 mf, V W W M Taylor, A. ' ' .... . . . '1'h2'f'e1'f VH fmt. . :V V V XA V ,mtl g r if Al ff f ' 1 , I Thompson, J. 145 " E 4 rj: Q - , Thorpe, J. V 'Q ' M QV Z Q . VL W 9:45 if A if , T1thof, A. V V Q! lf' , Tompkins, , VV V VV VVV V, V 'rot-npkins, f meazf 1 y'We Zrfm MZ , X . E 2 'gli Q me A Qww fig ,bg 2 Q5 K ' , Q E 41- in A' Q V A ' Wagner, j. ' ,g 1 Waldo, F. ' V, f , an-f X 7 Walter, P. i V V '7 Weber, V 'V V' X X Weede, 5 .1 ily . vvl h f ra V if C L a my 'M Xl W. A S- 5, Vlfhitson, B Q an on ,W , . ,g""'5Y""" we I 3" K Wxlllnnms, I. QLL '75 f A. r fe Vvhknp, V r - w Win, , N N - Wcmlfe, ks T kv' r 'Z X X n .3 I , rr .... A , A Woodrow, M. . Y Q A Q Wollam, I.. 9 'N Y Q, 5. Wurm, R. ' -X ', WA Young, X Q' Yorks, ' X ev p Zemke, is , A i X i491 J v R R. C C B I. F B. T B M T B P M A B G R ff A 2 C , A , 4.41 . n' V wa - Ave 'Y nu' 7 " rg . ,Y rf, ll ,, , ' 4:- W , f gli f " f. f ff -1 , , f , 4 VW 4 ,, V' ,QW A ' , , A - A X1 ,. any ?'?Zi fb awgfl 1,n A 2.4, '2- V b ' . of ' 1 if ,,,Vf,.0f 1 Qi , .. if Y " ' . 'N arf nv 1, A , f ' , S' jf' .. K. 2 I . P . , .... H .- , w f wr f 1 2 KT' 9 . , ,, -. E' r fi. ,-- ww, N wx f ff' 7 ff fi A .ff 1' f X X , f wif ?' ffm ,mf f, ,W 1, ,K ' ff? in Snowfbdushroonl F1dWk 13661 i501 -m,..,. Lff Q..-..,f pta' V5 xf"'N'LLf'1l ,f 4 Z, 1, ix, N4 K Nil q:lr,,XN f .7-Y IJ? .L '27 -R 5 'Q 4 Xxx x' ff i ' .fu IL' I ,Zi I Student Council Exemplifying a war year, the Student Council spent a great deal of its time planning a memorial to be dedicated to all the alunmi of T. C. H. S. now in the armed forces. In order to present this and other plans, an assembly program was given by the Council in which problems of the school and methods of improving the school government were discussed with the student body, A locker clean up day and a campaign urging students to keep lockers locked were also on the Council's activity list along with the sponsoring of two dances, the proceeds of which went into the Student Council's Scholarship Fund. OFFICERS Governor - - - - Bill Drake Vice-Gorerzzor - - Bob Keyes Treasurer - Frank Snyder Secretary - - Donna Alward MEMBERS Barbara MacIntosh, Genilee Brackett, Barbara Dunn, Joan Moore, Betty Eikey, Royce Kephart, Elaine Wlatson, Marilyn Lutz, Bennett Samuelson, Bill Bradford, Bill Fouch, Herbert Prouty, Darcy Pitcher, Mary Lou Vflhitson, Annie Laurie Taylor, Dorothy Hughart, Jack Sheets, jack Wlangen, Bill Straub and Advisor Mr. Hockstad. Police Commissiwzcr ------ Ed Mikula Fire Mnr'slJall ----- - Doug Steiger Buildings and Grounds Conzmissiouer Milford Ginsburg Manager of Srlmol Pariiex - - - Mary Lou Wlhitson l52l f ..t .. Mx Debate The debate team this year had two veterans: Robert Keyes and Gale Gleason. The newcomers were Joyce XY'atson and Paul Norton, with Patty Garthe substitut- ing in the Preliminary tournament at Alpena. The team won its preliminaties at Cheboygan District after defeating Luther. At this time, there were only six schools left. Traverse City was then defeated by Union High School of Grand Rapids. U53 'QP' Forensics The School Orator this year was Bill Drake. Bill's oration on the colored race was called, "Well Done." Robert Keyes represented the school as our Extempor- aneous speaker and both boys were given Dictionaries by the Detroit Free Press. Entering the Declamation Contests were Betty Johnston with a Scene from MacBethg Helene Lazarus doing "Little White Gir1"g Lois Bennett whose declama- tion was called "Lidice"g and Gene Castle who gave "I Am An American." Helene Lazarus was also one of the winners in the Prose and Poetry Contest held in the fall, To IRENE VUADE Coach i541 Machine Shop i551 .funior Red Cross Councif President - - Phyllis Chapin Secretary Barbara Blanchard Members: Pat Bay 44RaIph Grueber jean Heiges 'FLeon Harig Marjorie Emerson 2'Dorothy Hughart Arthur Knapp :?Wayne Hansen ?Bob Dean Hn service :5:Not in picture i561 1 Junior Pla y '45 "DONT TAKE MY PENNYN Presented Marcia 23, 1945 Cast: Pat Kalahar, Gale Gleason, Allison Jetertyl, john Heiges, Bob Hartsell, Sharon Kistler, Anne Taylor, Par Sawyer, Wfally Sheckler, Richard Provencher, Sharon Perkett, John Gilmore, Jeanne Sutter, Genilee Brackett, Phyllis Chapin, Bud Finlayson, Herbert Prouty. Director - - - Miss Loraine P. Giuliani Student Dirertor - - - Genilee Brackctt i571 -1 , , A Q 6,9 ,wi . Q X, -5, Lg -K 'C . fa, Q 1 v ,CX X. Q 0.0 N 'Q ,a xg . bf -f Q gli? 5: 5 .A x J. W .Q Y. if 1 VS 1' 'XJVTS m -' , QA 4 4 6 w O2 Q Q53 G x C my 8 If X if ,QF X' h R QX A -xg .X f w SxNfF w ' I iw ' wiv :I if QW. I W' Q 5 ff' w -f w- 5 ,, '1 Q u e ' J m1w'nt jbQ turg Gif the 1QH1tl0H in the car? ffxi' ii- E9 C L ffk' bij? on all last night - and all today!H gawmg 'f Challenger Club Under the editorship of Bob Keyes the Challenger Club has compiled and pub- lished the best literary work of the year from both the High School and grade schools of the city. Bill Bosse has served for two years as business manager. i591 Black and Gold For the first time in a number of years, the Black and Gold was awarded a first class honor rating by two National Scholastic Press Associations. Despite the serious manpower shortage, the Black and Gold Staff has managed to cover the school each week with an issue, and as an extra activity, the staff handled the programs for the football and basketball games and put out a special tournament issue, providing in- formation for all who attended the Regional T ournaments, Editor-in-chief for the 1944-45 Black and Gold Staff was jean Heiges, assisted by page editors: news-Barbara Kiefer, editorials-Bob Keyes, junior High- Jeannine Farrington, The makeup staff consisted of Donna Alward, Betty Blanchard, and Charles Tafelsky, and business staff work was handled by Bill Bosse, manager, Zelda Bailey, advertising, and Florence Thayer and Delsia Keeler, circulation. Reporters for the papers were: seniors - Mary Whaley, Kathleen Bird, Shirley Bathke, Mary jane Graphosg juniors - Norma Brugh, Virgilene Burton, Fay johnson, Sharon Kistler, Jeannette Pitcher, sophomores - Helene Lazarus, Pat McLean, Mary Nevins, Emil Shaw, Bob Stoddard and Florence Thayer. i601 Get Publication Honors Quiil and Scroli Elizabeth Moyer chapter of International Quill and Scroll Society was formed in 1944 with Gloria Wilhelm, Ann Hay, Mozellc Sawyer, jean Heiges, Barbara Kiefer, and Donna Alward charter members. The group was organized to give recognition to those doing outstanding work on any T. C. H. S. publications- The Pines, The Challenger, and Black and Gold. During 1944-45 the chapter served purely as an honorary society, but in the future may serve more actively to promote journalistic work in the school, improve publication, participate in journalism activities outside such as press conventions, and promote school publicity. The second initiation class was held in May with nine elected to membership from the three publications. jean Heiges, Barbara Kiefer, and Donna Alward were in charge of arrangements. 11611 Tumbling Team Varsity Cfub i621 Y' Gvwval Gwqsigcgo Greqon-10 Ckvislgbal UJOWWOLY71! Oman, wcmaxqy "Vo.Lc1vo2v-0. cle La'Qei'0aIP.fq5idQniQfC'Hexic0 ll . 'PQPC-L mto, I am SOIWW1 Iwcns cross, forgive me? f fr X Cx WLM . . L wh 1-Q TQJPQS A F1 vale T'lQ'uG'q mei-Q-5 Q Waug- Home Economics F. F. A. The F. F, A. organization has had a busy and successful year. Officers were: President, Wfilliam Drake, Vice-President, Gene Shugart, Secretary, Ralph Clark, Treasurer, john Hiemg Reporter, Don Dohm, and Advisor, Watson Fowle. Other members were: William Donner, Harold Emerson, jack Anderson, Charles Mahn, Bruce Morrison, Harold Riehl, Larry Anderson, George Lawrence, Leroy Stowe, Walter Adams, and Raymond Purvis. In September, Harold Emerson, Bill Donner, Don Dohm, Gene Shugart and jack Anderson took part in the potato and apple show at Gaylord. The club officers attended a week-end at a leadership training camp last winter. At the end of the first semester, Harold Emerson and William Donner left school to take short courses at Michigan State College. On return, Harold Emerson was elected as a state farmer In April, William Drake took part in the state speaking contest at Michigan State College. As the school year comes to a close the members can look back at a very active year, and are now laying the plans for club activities next year. N wb, N 5 W' , . Ki 'Arg V . ' , w,f.,.r,,4,1w' f, . ' ,A mm ,,., .f.,,..fff,f. , i , ,M T641 National Honor Society Alwzirtl, Donna Berggcrs, Cornelia Bosse, NVillinm limcrson, Hurolcl lioucli, Xxyllllillll Freethy. Laurziine Garthe. Larry y. A Gzirthe, Patricia Ginsburg, Milftmrcl Heiges, jean Helfrich, Floy Kadrovzich, Gladys Kelsch, Delite Keys, Robert AW Kiefer, Barbara Kistler, Sharon Kozzirek. Eleanor Krzitochvil, Richard Lossmzin, Barbara Lutz, Marilyn Meereis, Arthur C653 Mclichar, Dorm Perliett. Sharon Rennie, Halcyon Sawyer, Patricia Seeley, XVilm:i Snyder, Frank Starbuclc, Helen hb Turek. Nadja Xvatstln, Joyce XX'haley, Mary Wright. Jeanne x R 0:6 ' I NX. Il lBig Party Plan11ed forl Saturdayg !Bar, Dance Floor Ready for Use Be sure and meet the gang at the B0-Ill C1111L1:c11! Yes, ihe long wanted Yfqblllll center will dpen Sz1f111'day 111yl'1t, M:11'1:l1 24 at T o'Cl0c-k, it g S Pda ' '-'f 23' 1 NX -X 11.946 ll 11111 lm 1:1111-tum! ill llm Klum' by fgwa Z But, ili you feel like just sitting l1l'O11l1fl, lots cf leather Seats and 1.11- slss lxavcif been p1ov1.1e1l, S01 1-1, but 1111: 3.11.01 111171625 1.5111 111111 we manly 101' 5ut111'1l11y 111gl1t. lf 11c1:5s111le the 1111.11- iugg Llllfi,-5 may be 111 wc,11'li111g1 o1'1'le1' 111 H111 l1a15e:11111:111, The 1lz11'1w-- will lm- gin HIAOUJHI Sl 11l1f101fl1g on the S11111-111115 sixty cc,1111'1l12 dzxxuzcf fl1Jci11'. 'l'11r- 11111f1i1' w1ll he D1'OVlllill1 by 1l1c 1lifQll an-l1of1l 1z111cce bz111fl 11'1zl+11' ll11f- dl1'.c1lio1'1 111' M13 10361111 De-ikc. U10 C102 'OU 1.11 xml use 114 umcf llll cl 5:1151-,-11 c:11l111' 111153, 11 y11u'1v l11111f:1'y llalw-11115, 'U -+0111 bklll' will lw 011011, Sl'l'Vl!lK '11-we . ,,., ', ,.,, Ill .11.1l 11111. 0141011151 1 its ?Ll,ll11JS 10 luf11'11.1s1 X012 1,110 CCI.'kl, Cola Bul- 1 , 1 Co. has rluxxznlucl plz1,'i11g: nrzwcls 1111 z1f4sr11'1111u11l. ot' 7121 Ulf? lm' yfilll' 1 l 1 S 1 l E 1 1 1 1 Q 1 QW x ' ' Nunnn-'urn-nn--1......v.....v...........,-.ununn f i.1m5 Band In a series of three concerts, the High School Band brought to the students and . . h citizens of Traverse City fine programs of varied music ranging from stirring marc es to popular selections. Members were honored on the last concert by the presence of Dr. joseph Maddy of lnterlochen as guest conductor. Rain or shine they proved their skill on the football field both musically and by marching in intricate formations. An added spark was also given to the basketball games by the faithful attendance of the band. The fine record established by this organization was made possible by Director Joseph Deike and the following members: Alla Clarinet Lee Cole Bb Clarinet Fay Johnson Charles Kelly Dorothy Hughart jessie Wfeese joan Thompson Barbara Wfhitson Dick Griffith Lee Wfyatt Shirley Round Marilyn Braden Florence Thayer Genevieve Gore Patsy Hall Marilyn Greene Phyllis XVilliamson jack Graichen joy Fouch Saxapbone Bob Keyes Mary Lou Wfhitson Roderic Bosse Shirley Holman Ben Viskochil F?'C'l1t'1.7 H oru Warren Mikula Ralph Grueber Willizini XYf'ilson Rudy Thompson Barbara Maclntosh Cornet Dale Dewar Barbara Dean Kelsey lWoran Allan Wilhelni Leonard Gleason Gordon Gartlie Gordon Salenski Carl Endres Betty Scott Trombone Robert Lichty Erwin Dumbrille Lawrence Babel jack Anderson Howard Skerratt Buriloue Donald Hollister john Newton Sousaplvone Gary Routsong George Meyers Bruce Tompkins i573 Percussion Edward Mikula Howard Wilhelni jack Lichty Bob Stoddard Larry Schreiner Barbara Newberry Bill Baesch Charles Morgan Flute Mary Nevins Lauraine Freethy Ruth Griffin Oboe Martha Rennie Bassoon Robert Linsley Briss Cltzrinel Melvin Gee String Orchestra Violin Byron Miller Milford Ginsburg Kent Keyes Bill Youker Mary jean Witt Vivienne Fennell Waldo Hughart Charles Tafelsky Ann Bachant Helen Brogren Pat Fiebing LeRoy Greilick Pat Jacobs Viola Edna Berry Esther Griffin Cello Eric Brogren Laura Antoine Ellen Dockery String Bass Ann Shannon Piano Patty Sawyer f68'l l llll ll l 5 Drum Major Majorettes Ensembles K Clrfrinel Quartet: Coronet Trio: Fay Allen Johnson Barbara Dean ,Ioan Tompson XY'arren Mikula Chuck Kelly Kelsey Moran Dorothy Hugart I 69 1 "' dill' x.. 1 'F Dance Band Under the able direction of Joseph Deike the T. C. H. S. Dance Band has pro vided music for all school dances and neighboring proms, The Friday night dances which have been sponsored by various organizations have been faithfully attended by this group who gave up their own pleasures ro be of service to the students. They also took part in several assemblies and always provided the Hnest of dance band music. 5 Madrigal Singers Melvin Gee Ralph Grueber Jack Bay jack Spaulding Clyde Downer Tom Fennell Bob Bay Barbara Whitson Sally Murray Jeanne Wright Sally Anderson Virginia Stanek Mary Lou Whitson Jeanne Barr lf 70 l A Capella Choir The sixty voiced A Capella Choir directed by Howard Hansen clirnaxed an outstanding year by participating in the Baccalaureate services for the Class of '45. Three succcssful ccncerts were presented by this group throughout the year in addition to other projects such as providing chorus music for the operetta, sponsor- ing various school assemblies, helping with the VE Day celebration and entertaining arents and teachers at P. T. A, meetin s. 8 All in all this group has contributed greatly to the enjoyment of the citizens of Traverse City. Girls Sextette Glee Club Lois Anderson, Lorraine Burkholder, Nancy Clark, Phrllis Clark, Patricia DeYoung. Hula Mae Dietrich, Dora Lee Fre- chette, Fae Hamilton. olida Howell. I.aReve Kirt, Pat Kropp. Eloise Loveland, Betty Manville. Ruth Moulton, jackie Yan- derlev, Marilyn XY'ahl, Norma Xlfellman, Delores Yon. Donna Barbara Xvhitson, Sally Anderson, jean Barr, Mary .Lou Wfhitson, Sally Murray, Virginia Stanek, Jeanne Wfrrght. Pelky. 1 f 'l l hu Donald HButcl1H McCall "Butch" McCall never donned a playQr's uniform- yet he played every game. He vias denied the physique of an athlete-yet he loved all athletics. His value to the team as manager was equal to that of its greatest playing star. It was his team - his school, even though he did not carry the hall. He learned early in life what some never learn. That games on the football field, or in life, are won by team- work. Touchdowns are registered by the ball carrier, but it is the blocking and assistance of his teammates which make it possible. "Butch" would say, "Here jim, these shoes are better, you must not slip tomorrowj' or "Bill, let's fix that leg. You will need all your speed today." Such quiet unsel- Hsh devotion as "Butch's", to help the team wherever he could, typifies the spirit that makes America - America. It is this spirit that is winning victory for us over our enemies. "Butch's" last team was the world's greatest- the American armed forces. As a member of a Flying Fort- ress team, he was running interference and blocking for the ground forces which were carrying the ball. Victory in this vicious conflict demands much of its men. "Butch,', as always, gave all he could-his life for V1CtOfV, for his team, America. May we be worthy of his sacrince! G. E. LOOMIS l 72 l 453' if ff' WEA' Cl If rs , G, Y ,Y , FOOTBALL -- ffrf it X 4 ,ef 1-,Q X.i . r q-, 55.1, 'zrriee-lfsgfriif Pictured above is the 1944 Football Squad. From left to right the members include: fEront Rowj Managers Haggard and Derrick. fSecond Rowj Sivek, Downer, Ott, Co-Captains Hoag and Weede, Crawford, Krohn, Anderson. fThird Row, Coach Kanitz, Hemming, Straub, Meereis, Sleder, Snyder, Christopher, Wfehr, Coach Deikman, fFourth Rowj Bursau, Zimmerman, Babel, Heiges, Larcom, Hicks, Wfilhelm, Lawrence. DATE September 22 September Z9 October 6 October 13 October 30 October Z7 November 3 November 11 OPPONENT Holland ..,..,.,,,, Ludington ,,v,.,. Cadillac ....,..t Alpena .t,,. Petoskey ..,.,, Soo Manistee ,.,.as Rogers City SEASON'S RECORD T743 PLACE T. C. OPP. ........There.. ..,..,.?.6 14 .....,..There.a.. .. 7 6 ..,,....Here 0 0 ........Here 0 21 ,.,,...,.There.... H51 7 ..,.....Here ,...,.,12 13 e,.....Here .,,.,,,39 6 ..There.,.,,... 0 155 67 iw, 09" PN, DE RSO '7- 'fix U51 'rx 5 A DEIKMAN '-"QI, HE REKS 1 ' ""'5M-., Q- Fx '1 - sl ,, 1 BABEL Football Coaches Kanitz and Deikman were greeted early in September by nine lettermen and a host of able candidates for a successful season of four wins, one loss, and one tie. September 22, the Trojans invaded class A Holland and walked off the field with a .26-14 victory tucked away. The Anderson to Ott aerial combination proved to be the downfall of the Dutchmen. The following Friday found the Black and Gold squad in Ludington, where they narrowly escaped defeat by edging out the Orioles 7-6. john Ott's 48 yard run and big Bud Weede's outstanding line play sparked the Trojan attack. The Trojan's old nemesis, Cadillac, lived up to all expectations by battling the locals to a 0-0 deadlock. Coach Kanitz' charges fought the Vikings on the ground, as their passing attack faltered. Clyde Downer and Bill Straub, stalwart tackles, were a stone wall on defense. Friday the 13th played its part well when Milford Finch's powerful Alpena Wildcats came to town and tripped the locals 21-0. The Tro- jans were completely outplayed, being unable to cope with the terrific Alpena ground attack. Dewey Sleder, capable Trojan center, received a knee injury during this game which kept him out the remainder of the grid season. In the traditional battle for the little brown jug, the Cherry City gridders drubbed a weak Petoskey eleven 31-7. juniors jack Henirning and Larry Babel were big guns in the winners offensive. Coach Kanitz' squad played host to the boys from the American Soo October 27, and were nosed out 15-12. The Soo took to the air and a pass into the Trojan end zone provided the margin of victory for the Blue Devils. Bill Crawford turned in a stellar performance at his end position, recovering fumbles and piling up ground attempts. Nine Trojan seniors played their last home game in the Manistee fracas, which was won by the locals, 59-6. Dick Hoag, fleet senior back, sparked the Black and Gold offense with a shining array of laterals and brilliant all-around play. Nearly all the Trojan backfield ll. ao- got in on the scoring, and Bud XVeede's educated toe accounted for the extra points. In the concluding game of the season, johnny Ott spearheaded the Traverse City eleven to a 40-U shellacking of Rogers City. The big senior added 20 points to his season's total, ending up in second place in the conference scoring race. Weede and Ott successfully wound up three years varsity competi- tion by being chosen for various all-state elevens. Ott was picked for the United Press first team. 0- 'ip xx ,,. wha- 2.- H LARCON f76l BASKETBALL l Members of the 1944-45 "Big 8', Basketball Champions are: QLeft to Rightj Manager Bob Dean, Ward Wehr, Gerald Kaley, Don Foote, Frank Snyder, Larry Garthe, Bob Core, Bob Courson, john Ott, Dick Hoag, Jack Hemming, Paul Norton and Coach Irv Menzel. DATE December December December December january january january January February February February February February March March March March SEASON'S RECORD OPPONENT PLACE 1 Cadillac ............. ....,,.... H ere ,A , ,,,, ,,,, , ,V 8 Rogers City ....... .r.rr..... H ere Yrr. 15 Ludington .,....... .,........ T here .,,, 22 Soo ..........., ........,. T here r..,,rr, A,,,, , 5 Cadillac ...,..... ,...r,.... T here ........ ,,,, , , 12 Ludington ...,... ......... H ere ...r, ,,,,,S, 19 Petoskey ....... .......... T here .,...l.. ,,,Y.r, 26 Manistee ,...... ..,....... T here ..,r.... ,,,,, , 2 Alpena ...... .......... H ere .... 9 Petoskey ....... .......... H ere .,...... ,,,,,,, 15 Rogers City ....... .,......., T here rrr. 16 Alpena .,....,.. ..r....... T here vv..... .Va.... 25 Manistee ...,.......,.........r......,............. .,... H ere A... REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 9 Rogers City .......................................... Petoskey 10 Petoskey ...,.......,,...................r...,,.......... Petoskey ,...... ,,r,,,, 4 0 STATE TOURNAMENT 15 Saginaw St. Joseph ...,........,........,..r....... Lansing 16 East Lansing ...........,. .......... L ansing lf77l OPP. 10 23 27 37 10 25 50 24 21 54 28 20 24 23 19 35 41 ,,n-...mag . ...A.,. -.,......a.:.. ,H,,,,,W jjQIE.Qgf,,, ,, 1 ' "fur nf' 'ff - E g? ,pg 7 R J: . , ,Ljj-v- PT , M , . .flip 4 - 'T'r"' Af- Wt---,- ' It ,am it a 1 5 Tp . i...' 4 ti, 1- V- - gg, V'-T . . Il 135-3 ,L -Q55 5, ,LI 4, i. - A . -l1i..,..,g.,1, ,Haig ,V ww., ,..4g,- ,gt H - ,ish - g jk .IL R .4 415 x. f . V .f . i Q 2 ' .ii ' K 'ax Q 1 a ,.........,.,., s . ---gl '- '99 . ..,...v... ...,. M rw .Ss W-. s......X!:'...-.. Basketball -7 ,et g Successfully ushering in the 1944-45 hardwood season, the Trojans held a weak Cadillac five to two goals and six free- throws in crushing them 52-10. Captain Iohn Ott tossed in 18 A Qu s Qtr? 'I Eff.. 1' . .ir , i, EP " 4 S l.,"'i,,mi,,-V ,Tr , 1-TTT it points to take individual scoring honors. . H.. ,... ,t . .-.. C. ft-.. ':. The following Friday Coach jim Quinn's veteran Rogers City Huron's invaded the local court and were edged 23-33. 'fi Dick Hoag's 14 markers headed the scoring list, while Larry - . 3-r Garthe's floor play stood out. Taking to the road, the high-riding Trojans tasted the pangs of defeat, bowing to the Ludington Orioles 24-27. Seniors Bob Courson and Frank Snyder led the attack, scoring 15 points between them. The Blue Devils of Sault St. Marie handed the Black and Gold their second straight defeat, 29-37. The Soo built up a first half lead which the locals were never able to overcome. Bounding back into the win column, Coach Menzel's charges buried Cadillac under a 44-10 count. The entire squad should be praised for fine play throughout the game. The Trojans readily atoned for their lone setback at the hands of Ludington's Orioles, by trimming them when they invaded the local encampment. jack Hem- ming, although used only sparingly, turned in a fine performance at his guard position. Bob Courson poured in 17 points when the Black and Gold quintet overpowered Petoskey 56-30. Bob Core showed fine play in his abbreviated stand at the center post. The following Friday, the Trojans overcame a highly-touted Manistee aggre- gation 29-24. It took a last quarter rally, which was spearheaded by lean Don Foote, to put the game on ice. Alpena's Wildcat's were next to fall before the Trojan onslaught, being tram- pled 21-41. Dick Hoag gave an excellent performance, netting 15 points and 7 F' are 1 4- - fig-1 11" ff A 1 H .. ,... ...V TJ. iggi . V357 ,, fir g TI'ff'T,L,QQ'Ql'g. -jf ' cf, .. ,Lili T A 3 9- -: ,, ,cf-.L '. V 4 ' . . ug. '11 .1 . ..- T it 3. 1- gf 1 516 ? -'fic Eg he 7 . -, ' f in , fi f - Y l f7Sl Basketball A breaking up numerous Wildcat scoring thrusts, while Sopho- more Gerry Kaley also turned in a creditable game. At Petoskey, the Trojans unleashed a powerful scoring avalanche that netted them 57 points, while the Northmen garnered 34. The scoring department was ably handled by Ott with 17 points, Hoag with 14, and Snyder with 11. This was Hoag's last game before entering the armed forces. The Black and Gold five continued their mastery of the hardwood by trouncing Rogers City and Alpena 39-28 and 40-20 on successive nights. junior Ward Wehr turned in a nne exhibition of ball handling in the Alpena fracas. In their last home stand, the Trojans blasted their only remaining threat to the championship, by trimming Manistee 37-24. john Ott paced the Trojan attack with 12 rallies, closely followed by Courson and Foote with 11 each. Petoskey's spacious gymnasium was the scene of Traverse City's next two triumphs, as they copped the Regional Trophy by downing Rogers City 34-23 and then smothering the Northmen 40-19 in the finals. Frank Snyder, dependable Trojan center, reached his peak in these two contests, and Courson's work in the Petoskey tilt was equally outstanding. In the State quarter Hnals at East Lansing, Coach Menzel's boys built up an early lead to take Saginaw St. joseph 45-55. Ott again led Trojan scoring with 17 counters, followed by Courson with 15. Handcuffed by the loss of Courson and Snyder via the foul route in the third quarter, the Black and Gold squad fell before a powerful Lansing Eastern quintet 26-41, to bring down the curtain on a very successful cage season. junior Don Foote gave indications of high-scoring potentialities by meshing 15 points. Prospects for next year seem bright, as Coach Menzel will have six lettermen around whom he can build his 1945-46 squad. Hoag, Ott, Snyder, and Courson will be lost to the squad, but those coming up to fill their places includes Foote, Garthe, Hemming, Core, Wehr, Kaley, and Lardie. K- 1 --- ws JUNIOR VARSITY Members of the Traverse City junior Varsity are as follows: Front Row fleft to rightj Manager Dick johnson, Ted Allen, Rich Schreiner, Phil Hoover, jack Greilick, Bill McC0rt. Bob Leonard Back Row-Ken Darrow, Louie Culman, Paul Norton, Clayton Arnold, Bob Lardie, Ted Bathke, Coach Lee Brannock. OPPONENT T. C. St. Francis .......,. Empire ...,.....,..., Bellaire .,.. .... . Norrhporr .. Leelanau ,...... Bellaire .. ...... .. Sutton's Bay ...... Marion .,..,,...,.. Empire ..... Leelanau .i,. Honor .,....,.,,. N orthport ,...... Sutton's Bay ,..,. . RESERVES RECORD PLACE Here ..... Here ..... There ,..,.. Here ..... There ...... Here ..... There ....., Here . There .,.... Here ..,.. Here ..... There ...... Here ..... f30l OPP. 39 34 16 29 25 14 39 12 47 23 12 31 42 363 TRACKH ,Wm l Members of the 1945 Track Squad, pictured above, are, front row Qleft to rightj -Drake, Babel, Kaley, Avery, Martin, Oatley, Laggis, Lannin, Back Row- Coach Brannock, Lemcool, Garthe, Snyder, Krohn, Newberry, Anderson, Zimmerman, Manager Bay. Members who are not in the picture are Banton, L. Culman, Green, and Christopher, Coach Lee Brannock's Trojan track squad started the year off right when they drubbed State Class D defending Champions, Leelanau for Boys, 68-59. The following week the local thinclads edged a favored Cadillac aggre- gation by a mere point, with Leelanau trailing another point behind the Vikings. ln the Ludington Invitational the Trojans trailed Cadillac by eight points in finishing ahead of Ludington, Manistee, and Ludington St. Simons. Cadillac's victory could be accounted for by their placement in ten out of the twelve events. In the rubber match between the Brannockmen and the Vikings, the well balanced Cadillac squad gained a 70-50 victory. The Trojans failed to place in either of the dashes. May 18 the tracksters went to Cadillac for the Regional-Big 8 meet and came out second, again falling to the powerful Cadillac squad. In the concluding contest of the season, the State Finals, the seven Tro- jans who were qualified for the meet garnered five points. The leading Trojan point-getter was Senior Pete Krohn, who consistent- ly took first place in both low and high hurdles, broad jump and high jump. Ray Avery, Larry Babel, and Gerry Kaley upheld the Trojans in the dashes, while Walt Anderson, Frank Snyder, and Larry Garthe frequently placed in the 440. Anderson and Bob Newberry were Trojan musclernen who tossed the shot. junior Carl Lemcool, speedy half-miler, besides winning numerous times throughout the season, copped second place in the State Finals. Dick Zimmerman, another junior turned in some nice hurdles races during the season. ln the mile event, Jack Oatley and Bob Martin represented the Black and Gold, while Louis Culman, a promising Sophomore, ran this event until pulling a ligament early in the season. Krohn, Babel, and Kaley did most of the Traverse broadjumping, and Krohn, Snyder and Kaley all won points highjumping. The loss of Trojan Seniors through graduation will be very hard felt, but Coach Brannock has a good crop of juniors and Sophomores to make up a formidable squad for next year. fS1l BASEBALL --, Pictured above is the Trojan Baseball Squad, Its members are from left to right fFront Rowj C r T - son, Largeant, Manager Baynton, Lather. fSecond Rowj Weede, Fouch, Hilbert, Blackmore, Schopieray, B. Fouch, Schreiner, Prouty, fThird Rowj Coach Menzel, Purvis, Wehr, Norton, Ott, Hemming, Foote, Schmidt, Bathke, Griffith, Leonard. fFourth Rowj Castle, Sleder, Greilick, Culman, Cox. The Trojan baseball squad was largely built around the following lettermen' infielders Sch idt H . m , em- ming, Schreiner, Foote, outfielders Bill Fouch, Ott, and Courson. Senior Curt Lather, veteran second base- man was lost to the Navy at midseason. Dependable jerry Fouch regular catcher on last ear's uad k , y sq , too over the hurling duties this year, and junior XVard Wehr ably handled the vacated backstop position. The Trojans started their campaign on the wrong foot, being trimmed 6-1 by a crack East jordan nine Th l l h 1 h ' ' ' " ' ' ' ree oca ur ers ad difficulty in flllillflg the plate, issuing eleven walks, which accounted in a large part for the setback. Fourteen hits rang off the bats of the Black and Gold nine when Mancelona fell 14-6. jerry Fouch chalked up twelve strikeouts in his initial erformance on h d ' hits apiece. p t e moun , and he and Ott knocked out three Continuing on the victory trail, Coach Menzel's lads outclassed a Suttons Bay squad 8-1 Fouch gave up but three hits and breezed thirteen opposing batsmen, while his mates capitalized on seven walks and three Bay errors. john Ott had a field day when the Trojans edged Manton 8-6 The big Senior homered i th fl . n , e rst to score behind Wehr, and then touched off another rally in the third inning with a long triple. Bill Fouch and Don Foote landed on the offerings of the Manton flinger for two hits each. The rainy afternoon of May 11 saw jerry Fouch and Suttons Bay's Keith Smith stage a ruellin 3-2 pitchers battle with the locals coming out on the short end of the score. A triple in the segenth igning drove in the deciding run. Coach Menzel should have a strong nucleus to form next year's diamond squad, losing but three players through graduation -john Ott, Bob Courson, and Al Schmidt. i323 Members of the Golf team are Cleft to rightj back row: Clyde Graichen, Bob Lichty, Coach Kanitz, Ben Samuelson, Larry Babel, front row: Phil Hoover and Ted Allen. With Ben Samuelson and Bob Lichty, two year veterans returning for their third year of varsity golf, and a host of promising newcomers, Coach Kanitz' golf squad looks toward a successful season. Larry Babel, junior, and Clyde Graichen, Phil Hoover, and Ted Allen, sophomores, will battle for the remaining positions. The golfers' again face a limited schedule, as only two matches have been definitely arranged, both with Manistee. However, Leelanau for Boys have been asked about a match, and Mount Pleasant gave some indications of fielding a links squad. The Trojans drubbed the Chippewas in their double meeting last year, and look forward to a repetition o that this season. After a successful '44 season with a double triumph over Frankfort and an even split in two matches against Cadillac, the netters this year, although having a six meet schedule, were forced to cancel four because of rain and bad weather. The Trojans tasted defeat on both occasions, falling to the Cadillac Vikings 5-2 and 3-2. Prospects for next season are none too bright with the loss of three graduation lettermen: jack Wangen, three year veteran and No. 1 man for two seasons, Milford Ginsburg, who played two years, and Bob Keyes, who came out this spring for the first time. The nucleus of the '46 squad will be filled by the three remaining letter winners, Larry Hardy, jack Bay, and Kent Keyes. Members of the Tennis squad are Cleft to rightj front row: Hardy, XVangen, Stoddard, Fennell, Ginsburg, K. Keyes, back row: Kelly, Bay, Garthe, Coach Andreas, Shaw, B. Keyes. v ..1-'rf Wi ? MA.. Quin ,V .A K J 5 brig-. " Q22- nu- '-4-f.:.s .' 25331. 'I iw9?','Tf fr III1 ww-1 III I ...J 4 AD' az?" , ' f W, ,f .4 L V JL -4 r L Q -X r 'O 01' 'T vf li. TP HOYSC? 3 it mmm 5M Sfgvc- 4'c'tura o nz, Gen? 5'4fP?U Ujfll Deweq 'T'Y1YlOC6Y3C0 COYYXGQ OH 3 .ffxnjg f'5,.l' lbonncl muSf F2 17' ' ., xx by l I ' , 1 11 '- M32 '-S.. " :1 . f' 'N w f Q' 5 w we P Q V .ur Boo'fS Barb QWQL OYJHO- 7 Qun ' J u ST Sicmw lLADC1't5Y' 5 'fnqe a Y? 'I'-'TL '3' ii' ' ' mn. ' :R 7' , 'W I - 514' 1: 1751 , 1'-QM I+- .1l'm xn ru Q L' :waits ww -M2 ff iw. W t g 'A wL.... 4 x ,qv W- ' -. ' Ho 'S CQSYS-Q Whq 5440.-fan M h X S5f3RBob Arc. vx' t Qowj la Q GMA-VXK3? K 17 Q Poor MGE, I A ' ' V J .' an . .V ffl! Y w Q A f QQ C QIMXIL X I : fi. q f ' E X I ' .x Z A X N , gt-s,f, V, - Y , O ld SQ We ' ,A wUfxaf'S "ix UAH FQFMQ, Marla 's Q Cmalf L Q' A Ct rx MGC Ivevxexs cd dYeSSGc!5 up IVYQY cmd, Dons Sha Quedme xea A hx Wx A GIYWCAMQYW Queen and Cong? l -,. H YYX MXSS s fl ', , Dk. K VXQWB C1362 ' f,,, , , '1 uh ,h-KW t W ' K IJ S ww' rfwho ' . Mt at h3Q,y, CL if , 'f Dklligf I I4 M I f W ' ' ' C. Yeezg at . 4' i I Z A Iir'i0L!S 1 'iqfirig G X YA 43? E.-t , s Ax Y X" 3? 41, 'M e S0-f m ----Ji' he n, YYJOYYHVQC X 1' G V gp, ,, '21, gl, -. ,W ,W +I- I7-,V , f, , ,W " -'ygjv , f , an sv 1: yqf vt If fa ,V f , f WT , ,V,, Q, -gif, WK' ' min? ww H BH, LOW QS T, , L7 fizgmyjeah D L'ffH"qne5'LfCzf. QQ Comme, mfs bf 'KC ,' af, I' l I I ' , fy .ge Q 4 M ,, 'gh 5 fha 'C-fy rpm! S WL' f , mlb, 1 1 0 4, 1' 5 J I J f' ' .v 5 . ' M ii Ii, , . ."' ' 4 if y rl nv, 2 1' f 4, ff MZ' H? ., I ' U if K i v R' ' 157,51 f W4 1 ,. 5? N tk 3 Q. ,- f 1' ,-' 4 f pf' 7 .- , nr .vll ,Q ,ily ,fb T , P 1,2 KN ,, -V V - -Q-' 'X A, I X AV U' ' -,N 1' Odifnof .J U ,M - V hi ', iv ,LX I if Z T'1 +'f 4 2 'Gif wvw Q Hmm Wmm Lllttlg EC!-xtk mcggil 0-W3 , .V . may -,,, f 2 . 4 t Pin-ups JACK GLINES DORIS MOORE J 1 5 if l, Best Girl Citizen JOYCE WATSON ff f K' 'NX N fxf ill A l Best Boy Athlete JOHN OTT ,. .V Q, 'H J fwg, , , ' Q W" , Z 'fjg , Aj? , UQ", QUKUQ KATIF BIRD Dc-st Boy Citizen BILL DRAKE vt, . . V. , , ',,f.,fj.3v,', I aff: ' " , ff A .YI ' Best Girl Athlete M. VAN FENENAAM Wfirtiest Boy IACK XVANGEN MOCK Best Dressed Boy Best Dressed Girl BOB LICHTY MARY JANE GRAPHOS V 4 Best Boy Dancer Best Girl Dancer JAKE RUFLI JOANNE ENGLAND , J ft 4 ,i' fig? il' fit Done Most for School Done School for Most JEAN HEIGES BOB SIVEK ELECTION AFWTR rr' Most Flirtations Boy Most Flirtatious Girl CURT LATHER BETTY BOROUGH Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl DICK HOAG MARY XYJHALEY on .EGWQHFII Cutesl Boy Cutest Girl RAY AVERY BARB FINLAYSON . A4 x -, fax 'f 5 V N -ui Q-F ,N I 1, 1 V, , rea-L Q S. , ,ix ,X 1 D hi AL K Q , ' H L l f .ii,V Most Stuclious Girl Most Studiousi Boy Best Line Best Ling HELEN STARBUCK BILL BOSSP, BETTE JOHNSTON BOB BRADEN . 3 K ul 6 ""i L99 , , :.6 V, .I ,hh 1 ,Z 7.4 5 ' - ,iffy jf O , B, l w U' ff L' . 'H ' Y X ' F M Q I 4, ,A K , Girl We'd Lilac to Sim by Boy We'd Lil-ze to Sit by Best physique Ben Figure in S. H. in S. H. NADJA TUREK BOB KEYS BUD XVEEDE SHIRLEY CASE iw ,wi , W1 , f ,W . Hd1tOF in Chief, Connie lGFfGWS. Vnist Junior, Qssiqtant Editov, haron Kistler. Jackie 'ahl Kathleen Bird Marilyn VanFenenaQm. Marv ihalgv, Chairman. Barbara Maolntosh, Junior Assistant. DQ D fe Q IHUQOP QqsiQfant. ?aMv Jane Grapnoag Chairman. 3 621 E ' X I ' . I nas 5 -,-V! A K Sw Y 0 iYViSf fhwtoxrapuic 1l1k2'J Barbara Howe. Ann Tavlsr, Junior Assiwtant. Tovvf xt OH. 4-M flux: 1ditm?H. Jilmg ggqley. Halcyon kenmia, dhmir Uorlw Jackman, Junior Larizhwmt. . 'Q D in 'fn' '- ,' I .- xi L '-A ' 3 ,, sh : nw Q ' I' J fi 5' Tkifln A if if "W"--37. .,,,, ' .M JY. ' .,,.x. Q-M ,-.-,., C. 14. ', - .1 i v, A SUOFES EiitOT- Hob Lichif- 9atTicia Yart?Q Yumior ' HUD. 1 1 Dorothy Van lefm . Autographs U63 'wAzw.,g,'- ' ,f ml ' ,F f A if X , f -f Q ww K 1 M N x fy 3 .' , ,365 ,, -. 5-E . --9. ' - 'E 3 '51 V 2 Fi! A, Q ,. 'P ij? F' -w. AN- A " ,wp -9 , ' Q2 A .K ,, - ... R A , 4 , Y ,w r , 5 1 ' x . ? ' gg I , J y gi I 'tr ,, " , 4 . 1: '1 ' w. ? af. var H .4 J' E Y . , - , E' .1 if ,N . K: 1 '51 u, 1 , 5 5. fi ' N' Y 'if , , 15" J- M T, 7 is W A. ' 1' .Q f .Y if ' if., , .Y '- L ' fx fv ,A 1 . Y,,,, , A , ,V fl A -V 5 ' - f k 33.19 4.24, , -T ' :Hai 'Fil ' ' if K Q f 1 A .f 2 V G 5 ag' Q ' '. V Q3 Je: , , , , 4 , 'I , 'Q ' ,. .ol '11,: "f - D A, K . ,YA I I N 5 , ' ' K iw! - '1 .. , f f . ' 'ff' .' M - + 2 W fr- 1' w " 1 -' -L? 4 H- W Y' 'fi' ' - ' :, , V"iigk'- I' 3 .' .Q V-HF' -fn y. , T ,N K . " C- fx "' 1 ' P ' f, Q 1555 . ' 'K' gl . ' . , A . - Y 5 .T if v , ' 5 '-if Q'! V . 1. - X . , n .I .4- ? 'YW W 'la 1 'X gg .X - , . :ing , .552 , .W 1 , if 4 n-35 , L- ' " -ef 'F ..- -- -Q - if: na A -I, ., . f AQ1 , : N ' T J K, - ., '.n ' ' . '31 v. x ' f - L, '- 5' 9. f F- 9 . ' I .G V A7 avi, ' ggi' iffy 441.151 f v I4 1 if H -if 3' f Lf" "9 f, ' ' 5 4 .K 5,-Q ,H , r4:, ,.., rf-i' 1 pgfwj' W M I , Z YU 4 , eff GV gn x fvi 9 L' AW 5 N52 rj ' W li, I X fhllfff TRAVEHSE CITY Q S L X xx X ,Q X' ' O pos 200 W J? Q f ff f ff 1' J a X S N X ' JE in .S

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Traverse City High School - Pines Yearbook (Traverse City, MI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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