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 - Class of 1935

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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1935 volume:

■ ■■»« ■H ■ ■MM J J [I J t J _u ce. 3 ts?c ■ " = iS S KSSS o c i cat o - 4 E ; ■Hii» r«r ' « 5 llillll ■ ' » ' I .uj 5 £«=? Si iy i 5« - 5 i»V5«s WitiS P V Nineteen Thirty-Five 11 41 1 i| fit is 11 (ilhri- • Edit o r Cli«ifl ' Ilf I i« ' i ' ill • Bus. 11 ir. O o TO Q DA N 1 EL BOON E 17 3 4 Because wills Hie glUSSilBU «M k «» ' S our reason lor qrulitude So him increase, ne honor Btiniel Boone iuo hundred years alter his hirlh n m AD 7M ! ; MORRISON COLLEGE B MUUM w4 ft represent i ir« k «il 4oli« «|4» ilio « k r«»««r«l for ; r » - vt % li«i% r e in a i n« d iiittfiiiiiiwil tliri»ni|li llii i|par « « wrawn A3 HAM I LTON HALL fl « " p r e e n f the H i p » (rimson. t h v m w »■ to «» » it I I r a n g I a n i «» College. 1 e x i ii «j I o n . Kentucky p% ■■ THE COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE IO IMWIKH VlAON In recognition of Iris fnitlitnl %«»rvi«e during Hie |»«i ' »( twenty utMir . Iii% soIcimImI lotjolfu to Iran%i|Kuniu. and In is k« ' «»n int vi %i in li«» liiqh - e l iilviilv of lite « « « « 00 H si % rfftiKvi Ifiltl ' K Ol ilNM mi i oiitCiE 8 III 4 HUH 11HLETICS ORGANIIATIONS I I 111 Kl% Carii«Mji Hull , ■ ■ . C , V 41 tt£ 3 »w 1W| IT O M rn DR. ARTHUR BRADEN President The power and vision of leadership are qualities to be found in few. Transylvania has been fortunate in having as its president one who possesses these qualities — one who is keenly interested in student problems as well as in administrative affairs. Much of the progress made by Transylvania in the past five years has been due to the energy and efforts of Dr. Arthur Braden, our " foremost pioneer. " During the period of his guid- ance we have witnessed the successful continuance of an institu- tion instilled with the pioneer spirit but devoted to the desire for advancement of the twentieth century. A PAGE 13 I ELAND A. BROWN, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Biology I ARN] S I W. DELCAMP, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. English, Minn I EONIDUS R. DINGUS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Modern Languages ALONZO V. FORTUNE, B.D., Ph 1 . Christian Dm trine THE FACULTY C. C. FREEMAN, A.B., M.A., LL.D. English C. L. PVA II. A.B., M.A., B.D., Th.D. Old Testament ELMER 1 . SNODDY, A B., M.A., LL.D Philosophy |( ' l [A F. ALLEN, A.B., M.A. English ▲ PAGE 14 VIRGI1 I . PAYNE, A.B., M.A., Ph IV Rt gistrar, Chcmisti y M ' I R |; SHANNON. .VI ' ,., M V, I ' ll 1). History, Political S, i m , HARVEY A. WRIGH 1 , A.B., M S , II. D. Milt lit ' rnatii j II ORENCE 111 I 1 , A.B., M.A. ysi, al Education THE FACULTY tdk 4h IAMES L. LEGG1 II. B.S., M.A. Ediii ation, l ' sy liology i ,1 i IR( IE V. MOORE, A.B., B.D., M.A. I ' h. I). Religious I Au ation MAY HUGH] S NOLAND, A.B. Musi, [AMES M. SAUNDERS, B.S., M.A. Piiysics, Cht mistry Vl PAGE IS y % WW I IK C. GIBBS, A.B., B.D. ( ' Inn h History WINONA S, JONES, A.I!., M.A. Rum, uii e Languages Rl III 111 I I S, A.B., M.A. nglisli HOWARD II. GROVES, A.B., M.A. ■ i onomit s, So, iology I THE FACULTY DANIEL C. TROXEL, A.B., B D. New Testament EDWARD SAXON Expression IZAIU 1 II VAN METER, A.B. M.A Chemistry ALFRED REECE, A.B. Physical Education . 1 PAGE 16 Spexce S. C vrric k, . i., LI 3 ' ; casuri i Mr. Carrick has been I reasurer ol I ' ransvlvania since 1929 and liu Managei -in, e 1 9 J2. I li- administi a linn has Ih-cii during exceedingly diffi- cult times, Inn in spite oi this fact tin college has experienced .1 remarkabli growth in enrollment and physical plant. II, has kept before him the ideal nl n greatei inii 11 Mt , .mil has worked unceasingh to secure funds foi the proper maintenance of the institu- t i. hi. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Jessie Ledridge Secretary in the President Irene McDonald tssistant Registrar Josephine CiRuss Assistant Treasurer Mrs Virgin] Mc Loney Dietitian PAGE 17 |HHT« 9 »- 1 IB ji A % ■J THE HOUSE MOTHERS Mrs. Frank Hell Freshman House Mother Mrs. Price Fish hack Sophomore House Mother Mrs. B. C. I i-:w EESE Scnioi House Mollid Mrs. Grace Gaines House Mothei at Ewing Hull Mrs. H. C. McDougal Junior Hnuse Mother Mrs. W. T. Withers Mother to All ¥-■ I 1 JT 4 A PAGE 18 J W2i El In Bono llu%i Hoi I n 00 00 rn oo OFFICERS Mary [ngle Mc( Jill sim r vn i e, 1 1 . I ' n Sill, 111 x ' .: 5 ' ' . 1. ■. ■ I, Vic i - President, 2, Pi esid. nl 3, • ' :il, in. ■!. I , Stagei rafters, 1. 2, 3, I, Secretary, 3, Presi- dent, I, Pi Kappa Delta. 1, 2 3, I. Vice-President, 2, 4; Band, 1. 2. 3, 1; Glee Club. I, 2; Pan-Hellenic Council, :;. I , i ' k and i ' rones, l . thetiaeum 3 . Se I At- tendant to Miss Transylvania. 1, I ' mm Attendant, 2, Miss Transj Ivania, I ; Lampas, 1. I )oi i.ii ( 1 vn i ii m CARl IS! K , K . n i -I ' n sidcnt Eastern State Teachers College, 1; V. W. C. .. I. Crim s,,n Club. I , Crook and i ' i on. s, I Hfxriftt I I RRIS Ml I l Bl ijl I RQUE, V. M. Si i n tm y- lit asm i 1 1 " . w . ' , A, 1. 2, 3, I. S tary, 2, Cabinet, 3, President, I, Class Secretary and Treasurer, 2, I. Class Vice-Presi- i, ii I; Crook and Ci ones, President, I ; Lampas, I SEN O R S PAGE 21 N O R J i i she Ellen Barr CARLISLE, KENTl Ckl Qli e Club. 1, 2; r. W. C A., 1, 2 Barbara Nell Bowers 1 EXINCTON, KENTl CK1 Y Y i ' A.. 1, 2, ::, I , i ' In I lelta Phi. 2, : ' .. I ; Treasurer, 3, Chapter Editor, !; " Tli Crimson Rambler. " C. H. Blumer $ K T LEXINGTON, KF N I I Ul Bool and Bones, I. Crimson Club, ::. 1; Football, i .ii.i-i .. h. ..II, i, :. 3, J Co-i ' aptain, 4 Orville Burns Brierlv Sll RPS11URG, m n i i CK1 Edwin Bobbitt II K A COVINGTON, KENTUCKY Vn, President 01 Freshman Class; II -Coun- cil, l , V M i ' .. 1. 2, ::, Glee ' Hub, 1, 2; Stage crafters, 1, 2 Pri sidenl of Junioi ' ' lass . Pan- Hell i ' ..inn II, :: I. President, :. Lampas, : ' .. I, [ ' resident, l, Aleph Theta Ze, I, Intramural Sports, J. 3, I . Mr. Pioneer. Edward Britt 1 I l NGTON, KENTUCKY Editor " The Transylvanian, " I, Associate Editor, :: , Honor Council, 1. Lampas, 3, l. Vice Presi- dent, I. Sigma Upsilon, 2, : ' ., I. President, 4. . iiee i ' lull, 1 . -. :i, I . Football, I. I , Basketball. I, ■:. :••: Intramural Sports, :: . Trai k, 1. " . 3; Athenaeum, 3; Transylvania Quartette, 1. -. ' ■ ' PAGE 22 4 ► N O R Lillian Broughton P1NEVILLE, KENTUCKY History Club, 3; YAV.C.A., ! : Pan Anthropica I Elisabeth Calhoun a a a Mil [ ERSBURG, KIM UCK1 1 W i ■ A.. 1, 3, -I; Stag. . i .il I. i I. 2. 3. Ti nas .2 :. " The i ' i imson u omen ' s Mli letic Council. 2. Athenaeum, 3; I pas, l Mary Edna Bruce A V. i mil, i mi i Hono: Coun. il, 2, :; . Pi Kappa I elta. 1,2 : i ■ i Ita Phi, 1 ; Y. w. C. A , 1. 2. 3, i. Cabinet. 2 :;, i . ft ' omi n ' s Uhletii Vssoeial ion, 1, 2. Anna M e C rti r -I MIDI I, kl ll CK1 ' . ' ' A , ] 2, 3 l , Li ■ i George Wesley Burdick ALBANY, NEW InRK rnde] lent Club, 4. " The Crimson Ramble] 3, l. Managing Editor, i . I Mee Club, I, !, Business Manager, 2, ::, Treasurer, l, V. M A., 1, 2, 3. i, i ' .i Mn i, 1; Stage, i a i tei - 2. 3, ' ' ust.,,i ian 3, Treasurer. I. John Cabell Chenault, Jr. k WI-SI POIN I , MISSISSIPPI Glee Club, 1. 2. 3. 1: V. M C ball, 1 ; Pan-Hellenic Council, President , Book and B ' .Mini tette, 1. - ' . 3 : Band, 1. i ■ ;, Foot- 1,1. impas, :: i i ; Transyh ania !. ' ' i . he II.,. : PAGE 23 N O R Frank Clayton SPRINC1 IE] I), TENNESSEE Student Chairman. I. Independent Club, I. " I ' ll. Crimson I ;a in I ■! «r , " 3 I. Associate Editor, l Book and Bones. I. Sigma Upsilon, 3, l Vice l ' i, sldi nt, I V. M. C. A., I . Football, 1 . Basket ball, I . Intramural Spot ts, 2, 3, i ; Athen- aeum, 3 Rose Hart Dale A V. LIVINGSTON, I ISM SSI I Stagecrafters, 1. 2, 4; V W. C A.. 1, 2, I: Bas- ketball. 1; Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, ::. James Coke Cirtis A A T VERSAILLES, KENTUCKY . ill ,. . ii.i. i 2. 3. 4; Y. M. C. A l l , Tran- sylvania Quartette, 1 2, Lillian Harris Dale PARIS, KENTUCKY st.. iv Club, 1, Glee Club, l, . I ' an Anthropi v w. C Emily Yen ng D wson LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Honor Council, 4; Glee Club, 2; Y. W. C. A.. 1, j, 3, I. i :. I .i m. t l . . ' In I ' .II.. Phi, 3, I, l ' i ■• sident, Elizabeth K. Dingus ■i ii LEXINGTON, KENT! CK1 w C A.. 1 I, Glee Club, 1; " The Crimson Rambler, " 1, 2, I. Exchange Editor, 3; " The i ' runs. ii. " Junior Editor, Feature Editor. 4; Exchange Editor, " The Transylvanian, " l. Pan- Hellenic Council, 3, I, Pn sident. I . Sea etai s Honor Council, 1; Vice-President. ( ' k and Crones, 4; Crimson Club, 4; Athenaeum, ... PAGE 24 ► N O R I I RKY C. Dm GHERTi U II.LIAMSTOWN, KENTI CK1 2, ::, l , Sigma Upsilon, ] ' ;i 11 Anthropica, I. Charlotte Strother Holman a n I EXINCTON, KIM I l ' k i W V . 1 2, ::, I, Cabinet, 3, I, Secretary, I . Par Ant lica, I, 2, :;. 1. Se. retal v. :: Pi esi tic in. 1: i llee i ' luh, I, 2; l ' rook and i ' i ones, 1. Fred H wimond B01 IV K. PI NNSYL AVI A Gravi City, 1 ; St. Vincent. J , Foe, 1 1 r n a 1 1 Captain, + . Edn M w-: Hoover I EXINCTON, KhM UCK1 Georgetow n i College, 1, 2. Arnold W. 1 1 rrison NEW VORK l- I I 1 ew York University, l ' Th. Crimson Ram- i, 3, 4; lntr.iiii.ui al Spol ts, 2, 3 I . Basket - ball, Freshman Manager. 2. Y;umi Manager, I Y. M. C A.. 2. M ry Betty Iri i. I CORINTH, KENTUCKY Kentuckj VVesleyan College, l. Athenaeum, 2; i lii ' Imega Aw ard, 2; V V. C A., I " The i ' rims, ,n l;;i tnbler, " 4. PAGE 25 N R Thelma Jacobs I I XINGTON, KENTUCKY Unl ersitj of Kentucky, 1 ; Y. W, I ' . A., :: Stage l. 2, : Frances Lutes A A e OWINCSVILLE, KENTUCKY •afters, 1, 2; Gl :iub, 1, 2; Y. w. C. A. I, Cabinet, : ' .. -1; Pan-Hellenic Council, :: I . Mu I »elta Phi, 1 ; Lampas, 4. S k Margaret Jones MlKI II MIDDLETOW N, KENTUC Kl Hamilton Delta Phi, 1. ' !li . 1 W. crafters, Tub, A I . i In Stage- Mary Otis Mather AAA llnlii, l NVILLE, KENTUCKY Stagecrafters, 1; r, W. C. A . 1, 2, 3, 1, Cabinet, 2, 3, i Vice-President, :: : Glee Club, 1. Pan- Hellenic Council, 3, 4; Crook and Crones, l n i Council, ::. I. Secretary, 3, President, 4; First Attendant to Miss Transylvania, 3; " The Crimson, " : ' . 3, I. Editor-in-Chief, i; Crimson Club, 3 I: Women ' s Athletic Council, 2; ' " hi Delta Phi, 1, " The Crimson Rambler, " 1, 2. Patsy Lewis ' E n n I I XINGTON, KENTUCKY S W ' ' A., ' J. 3, I; Stagecrafters, : ' .. 4; Chi I ' . Ita Phi, 3 l ; Women ' s Athletic i ' II, 2. 3; Pan-Hellenic Council, 4. Clinton B. Meininger BRANCH HILL, OHIO Lamnas, l, " The Crimson Rambler, " " , I. Staff Poet, : ' • , Sigma Upsilon, 3, 4. Secretary, I PAGE 26 1 9 j .A A N O R Alice E. Miller a 9. L EXi N GTO N, KENTUCKY 1 ' In I lelta Phi, 3, I : V u 1 ' , A., 1 2, ::. I; G Club, 1, 2, Emm Eliz beth Peck I I " I I . I II S , klAll I ' kl 1 ' In I H ' lta I ' ll 1 2, ;:, I. 1 ' oi responding Secretai j . 1 Y. u . 1 ' A., 1. ::. 1.1 ' aninet, ::, vie i-i ' nsl- ' !■ in 1 Stagi . 1 hi, 1 s 1 , Glee 1 ' lub, 1, 2; Women ' s Athletic • ' ouncil, 2. Dorothy Miller a n I EXINCTON, KENTUCKY Glee Club, 1; Women ' s Athletic Council, 1. J. Y. W C A., 2, 3, 4, 1 :al 1 ::. 1 . ' hi Delta Phi, ::. 1, Vii 1 - President, 4 . International R. la tions Club, 1, 2. Charles Pieratt 11 K A l I STER] IKC, KIM UCK Stagei rafti 1 - 1, - 3 : Y. M. C A , 1, 1 labinet, 1 ; Lanipas. ::, I. Sei fetal j pud Treasurer, 1 , Sd - ond Vtti nd ml to Mr. Pion er, I ; " The 1 Irimson, " Business Manager, l. Ira Adina Paternoster A A T SYDNEY, N. S. Y., AUSTRALIA Sigma Upsilon, 1, 2. 3, 4; Aleph Theta .•■, 1, 2, :;. 1 , Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Band, 1, 2. Orchestra, I 2; Football, 1; Stagecrafters, 2; International Relations Club, 1. 2; Intramural Sports, 1, 2. I. Virgin] Pr ther NORTH M1DDLET0WM, KEN ' Tl I kl Kentui l Weslej an I !ol lege, I I Hee 1 Mub, • VV. C. A.. 4: 1 ' H. 1 Phi, 1. PAGE 27 N O R Melvin Portman Rhorer b K T I EXINGTON, KENTUCKY Football. 1; Basketball Manager, 1 2, 3; Base- ball Manager, 3; [ntramural spoils, 3, l, Stu- denl Business Manager, I. Book and Bones, r. Pan-1 [elleiiic Coum il, 4 John Schwalm HAMILTON " , OHIO Football, 1, 2, 3, I, Captain, 1, :!. 4; Track, 1; Basketball, 1. s .,1 Attendanl to Mr. Pioneer, l, " The Crimson, " 1; Miami University, - M uo .Mack Rogan AAA MIDDl ISBurii, KENTUCKY i ,,ll, ge nt Music, l ' incinnal i. ' Ihio, ' 30- ' 31 . Glee i ' lui. 1 -J :: . i ' hi I lelta Tin, ::, l , si agei ral ters, : : l . V W. C A ::. l , Pan Anthropi. a. I Ramon Schoonmaker II K A k 1 iMAZOO, MICHIGAN Western State, Michigan, 1, Band, : ' . 3. 4. T i , ,,,ni el . :;, I , i n . ii mi a, :. :;. l, Treasui er, 3 I. crimson Club, :;, 4, President, I: Intramural Sports, 3,4; I it aiiii Majoi , 3, 1- Hazel Rowland I EXINGTON, KENTUCKY Kate Tucker Stallard SHU. in VILLE, KENTUCKY Y W. C. A., 1, 2. ?,. 4. PAGE 28 ► N O R Charles Dudley Starns K A LEXI NCTON, K ENTUCK1 H. J. Whitehoi se CARLISLE, KEN I I Ckl i in ii. 1 1 a, 3, Virginia Elizabeth Thomson PORTSMOU1 II, VIRGIN] V. V. C. A., 1. 2, ::, l. Cabinet, I. Crimson Club. 2. 3. 4, Vice-President, 1. Secretary, Crook and ' ' i. hi. -. I . " I ' ll. i ' i ims.,n Rambler, " 1. 2; La ms, -1. Orex Brentox Wilder a A T WINCHESTER, KENTUCKY StaKeerafters, 1 2, 3. I, Bool and Bones 4 • Pan- Hellenic ' ' ouncil, I , Y. M i ' A 1 2 Cabinet, 1. MlI.DREH W Mis ,K1IMI , khMUkl i hlistian N a] Institute, ' 34, Grayson, Ken tucky; W C. V, l William Willson II K A VTHENS, I I s s I sm | Tennessee Wesleyan College, 1, 2: Football, :: t Basliel ball, ::, -I, ' ' o-i laptain, l , Book and Bones! i ; Pan-Hellenic i ' ouncil, 4. PAGE 29 SENIORS Jeannette B, rr c RI Isl I , KENT! CM Richard Alton Mann i:i Kin IV, MISSISSIPPI H. Rm Carson O ' Brian mi. iif i i in , OHIO Winston Robert Sti bbs I l 111 iiw, KEN I I CKY " Who couldn ' t find the studio. PAGE 30 OFFICERS P L I. St l FFER Presidt nt All AS I A, CHiKi.l A II K A Math. i) McCl N n Sei it tary- I reasurer II IMS, KEN ' 1 HK1 A V. Ann Clay Hinkle it i -Prt siil ni P VR1S, KENT1 CK x ' .; J U N O R S PAGE 31 ► -mi i THE JUNIORS Horatio Barnes Cincinnati, Ohio Alma Barnhili Lexington, Kentuck} Leonard Boynton, .1.17 ' Gary, Indiana Evelyn Brierly Sharpsburg, Kentucky Gerald Britton, A AT Cincinnati, Ohio Alice Brown Kansas City, Missouri Betty Campbell, X L Hopkinsville, Kentucky John Leslie Carter, K A Stanford, Kentucky Henrietta Claxon, I I I Lawrenceburg, Kentucky PAGE 32 10 1 !_ THE JUNIORS Susan Clay Cleveland Lexington, Kentucky Melvin Dean, II K A .... Nicholasville, Kentucky Curtis Dewey Brazil, Indiana J ck IHmw, l K T Covington, Kentucky William Eldred, K A Lawrenceburg, Kentucky (7erai.ii Fisher Brazil, In. liana Marvin Garner, K A Liberty, Kentucky Mae Geary Baltimore, Maryland Dale Gerster Elkhart, Indiana PAGE 33 ► B -; 4» i. ' THE JUNIORS Harryyv ( Ir i . II K A Co iii.Lrtiin. Kentucky Margaret Greenlee, X Q Owensboro, Kentucky Garrett Griggs, Z A E Montgomery, Alabama Dale Groom Lakewood, Ohio Emil Gross, A 10 Lexington, Kentucky Moll Hardy, Q II Nashville, Tennessee Virginia Henry, X Q North Middletown, Kentucky Nolan Hibner Monticello, Indiana Margaret Hofrichter Baltimore, Maryland PAGE 34 1 THE JUNIORS Charles Holder Roanoke, Alabama Willard Hopper, A AT Jeffersonville, Indiana ( )sc r Jenkins Danville, Kentuck} James Leins Brazil, Indiana VVoodrow Lester Liberty, Kentuckj Ji nita Lowry Carlisle Kentucky Ken Maddox, A AT Oldham, Kentuckj Howard H. Mastin, K A Versailles, Kentucky Margaret Mayes, X Q Harrodsburg, Kentucky PAGE 35 ► 0 THE JUNIORS Norman Moore, A TQ Greencastle, Indiana Virgie Myers Brooksville, Kentucky Earl Nallinger, A AT Gary, Indiana Frances Newell, X Q Maysville, Kentucky Kenneth Osman Brazil, Indiana Albert Pagett, A AT Gary, Indiana Gora Pettit, 1 K I Pendleton, Kentucky Marcus Prather Lexington, Kentucky Robert Prewitt Lexington, Kentucky ■ . ' G E 36 THE JUNIORS M vr 1 . Qi k ' k, .1 10 Atlanta, Georgia Mary Katherine Rice, . I Q Lexington, Kentucky James Riddle Nicholasville, Kentucky At dre Russeli Taylorsville, Kentucky Cecil Sanders Lancaster, Kentucky Jane Simpson, III Burkesville, Kentucky Margaret Speake, .1 Q Harrodsburg, Kentucky Charlevne Stewart Denton, Kentucky Robert Thomas White Plains, Kentucky PAGE 37 THE JUNIORS S i nders Threlkeli) Flemingsburg, Kentucky Margaret Toliver, X Q Danville, Kentucky Thomas Vaughn, 1 K T Paducah, Kentucky SoPHRONlA Veatch Harrodshurg, Kentucky Edwin Warstler, .1 .1 7 ' Massillon, Ohio S k Whaley Paris, Kentucky Scott Whitehouse Carlisle, Kentucky Alvin Wiggins, 11 K A Lexington, Kentucky i i.u Wilson, A Q Lexington, Kentucky PAGE 38 OFFICERS S M I I I S SI I ' r , W A 111 I ' l E El AMI, II1IKI i J t K Bryden i -Pn udi ui DETROIT, MICHIGAN DoRiiTHV Doi B Si r i , tut y- I 1 1 usi i i i Dl I Kin I , MICHIGAN A A SOPHOMORES PAGE ■i -» THE SOPHOMORES 1 I 1 l;l III Rae C] TON Lexington, Kentucky ( ' KK 1 BRIT1 K T 1. xington, Kentucky GEORGt BLANTON II K A Lexington, Kentucky W ' ll LIAM C U ' l ' l S ' TER Al 1 1 l 111 K 1 II K A NlCHOI AS Brii 1 Kansas C i } Miss Shelbj v llle. Kentucky Gary, 1 inliaiia El 1 M ' .l III Beals Mm h:;i d Campbi i i Nl i i ii Ei mm Brii n Plymouth, Indiana Lexington. Kentucky I ' aris, Kentui 1. v I.ii vbi i ii Baker Km Borrow Bandana, Ki ntucky M IRVIN BuRNSTINE Alpha Brierly Shai psbui - Kenl ui K Lexington, Kentucky VIRGINIA Rt ill Aknoi lu Ridge. Kentucky A A T 1 ' Vns BORDES T. 1 1. Amu RSON Elkh in. Indiana Crab Orchard. Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky PAGE 40 dr ik , THE SOPHOMORES [ [ WIN " A EDW VRDS Lancaster, Kg] i.y Dorothy Edw mn- a e Lexington, Kentucky J Wll S I ' l k! Mini 1 u Collingsv I Sew Jerse; Georgi Dawson II K A C h a t li a m , Georgia I ' u 1 D in i-i i •1- K 1 1 1 , li. li rson Kentucky Pali (ri mb m gh A 1 Ann Mi Ml i 1 in Co. AAA Flemingsbui - Kent ii ' 1 v M Md I. IK 1-1 ClIKNH 1 AAA . in _ inn, Kentucky [01 " N 11 1 Ki BIX Hum ebai m eland, Ohio 1 im i Dearborn Lexington, Kentucky 1, Wabash, Indiana xry Esther Crossfif.i.d ■■ tWli ' I], 1,111 g K " , HI Hi 1. ' . 1 i - 1 " l.i li.i in I km -i Collins Bath, Kentucky I ills Dw A A Jack Cox 11 K A ] i ii I - ( n ii i A A T M holas I!, ■. K. ntui ky Russel, Kentui 1. Atlantic ' ' iiy. New Jersi PAGE 41 THE SOPHOMORES Erwina Edwards PlIOEBI FLL ' TJ Maxim Frazier 1 ,an a stei K entucky AAA » i- . In -1, : K. mil. k Hoi Spot. Kentucky Amis Lstili Donerail, Kentuck y Elizabeth Foi i John Frei r A A T William Everton V. i sailles, Kentui ky Akron, l ' lun 1 ' Ol IslMi ' Ul ll , ( Hli. I u k Fairfax Jefferson town, Kentucky sum Francis AAA SI 1. Kentui k] [SADORI Frisch i Ueveland, ' Ihio Alma 1- - Fall illi, Kentui l.y [OHN FRA1CZ k 1 Lexington, Kentuek Ann 1 CI LLIE ' I ' ll, -mi A rl iui i ROBER ' l FlTZPATRICK II K A Pershing, l ndiana Beecher Frank Fori Laudei dale, Fl la M ki. ki i Gilpin a a Somi i set, Kentuckj A PAGE 42 THE SOPHOMORES Rli H VRD rODl Kh Lexington, K ntu. • K i mi. ii Har i K A Susan 1 1 i k i i X ' .. ' Helen ( Joodm leniingsburg, Kentucky Paris, Kentucky Shelbj ill. . Kenl w k) I I SCI Heathman A A II V ' irom Hofi A A T Arthur Gorman A V 1 Ni « i !astle, Ki mucky Logan ( Jracc K A Lexington, Kentucky I ' ll H EATON II K i.i ton, Ki ntucky . 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 Illinois Ki i ii Holmes A S3 Ell li.ii i. Indiana Lexington, Ki nl uekj II zn Grimes AAA Fa] iih. K .mi mi l v 1 InU KI i | 1 Will |ll Somerset, Kentucky 1 ois h ins A ll Lexington. Kentuckj M kion Hum I Elkhart, Indiana LORAINE HOOS S3 Holiart, Indiana M i;i. ki t HOPKINS Ml .-i. i ling K. ni a. k PAGE 43 THE SOPHOMORES Grace Ivins George Kali | Ull v 1 [NGENI 1 111 K a ;; .A A 1 Lexington, Kentucky Elkhart, Indiana Ne« l ' astli . iano Viola Lowry M RC ui i I icOBS Harold Lai in; Carlisle, K ntucky Si.m! h t ' arrollton, Kenl ueky 1 g Island • ' ity, New oi k Charles I.i vdi r K 1 V ' lNCI 1 JOH XSO.V Ll 1 NIK I. U KI N( 1 Covington, K ■ in in kj Maysville, KentU ' 1. Ellis K , 1,1 ii, l v NETTI1 Mil mi (iK. II Frank [ones Joe Lehman I ' .li niiti gham, Alabama II K A Paris, Kentuck} A A T Elkhart. Indiana Dorothy McDade i !hat tanooga, Tennessee Ilni roN Ki sum i Doroi m foi 1 Wis Ann McDonald K Flemings burg Kentuekj AAA Grayson, Kentucky •|. Q II Lexington, Kentucky A. PAGE 44 THE SOPHOMORES Wll 1 I M NK rINl l i 1 1 1 Perkins Edward Rm " oi ds Ml Olivet. Kentuckj Bui us Ide, Kentucky K Millersbui :, Kentucky Caki Mh ton 1 K 1 - PuLLIS Stafford, Kansas )-:■. ansj ille, [ndiana Minnie Riihh i Am mi Mi kg Nicholasvil le, Kentuckj x a Wll 1 1 1 1 1 R iSCH ..iili Middletown, Kentucky n I Wll v Rn n Lexington, Kentucky Lexingl on, Kent ucky Ann i Mi i i i CI " ' 1 i Ti.l. J1| in Alice Redden Pun msi; Rns I ' K wki i Moosn ic k M idway, Kent lh i v M illersburg, Kent ucky Versa ill s, Kentucky 1 ' 1 1 Will! Rl Hi 1 1 U ' ul li Rl ON Henry Morris A II ir k Hopkinsville, Kent ucky Ravenna, Kentuckj E ing, K ' in Hi 1 y PAGE 45 THE SOPHOMORES W ii 1 1 1 1 Rush Dorothy Smitha Portia S i rh ki i Vei sallies, Kentu. k Lexington, Kentucky Sa v .i nnah, G oi gia Edgar Sai kders ' " ;i 1 lisle, KiIH in ky Elsie Sp w h Margarei Sumpter ' . ' A ' .. Thelma Seen 1 Lexington. Kentucky Paris, Kentucky Mil i ik i ii Sii ii Georgetown, Kentucky ] ' 1 III l Stamler Lexington, Kentucky Maki Sweeney I,, xington, Kentui ky DliKI Shrader ] 1 1 1 1 S 1 u- h - AAA Robi R i 1 u noil Si Sulphur, Kentuckj Midway, Kentucky K leorgetown, Kentuckj Mil 1 1 K 1 1 1 SlEW 1 K 1 Elizabeth Shim- a ;. ' •i ' ' ..• n Ben 1 ' u i iik Ilni, Mil. Indiana Lexington, K entucky Paris, Kentucky - . PAGE 46 THE SOPHOMORES Chari i s rixsi 1 s 1 K vi is [ " LTKEI. I.I.I 1 A Willi 1 IXGTON 1 I] ; Rids . K.lilm Ii. k , in i.l, k 1 1 r ii. I,. V, i - i nl, ■- I. ■ hi ii. I . ! ' i 1 i;t I ii l ' l; i |l N 111! Lexington, Ki j i ' , Eon, k- lit III U Peggi Wrighi AAA M l l 1 ROX1 I Si BORN W ' ii linn Lexington, Kentucky A .J A 1 Lexington, K. ' iit hi i Lt-xhiston. K.-iitu.Uv K U MOND Wkigii 1 Charles L ' ri mbo S K M W ' l 1 1 A A 1 1 ' t . i r l 1 ■. i h i t i K. hi ii, 1. i V. 1 -.1 1 1 1, . Is 1 i 1 ill, ho, ' 1 1 -.i Ii i:i PAGE 17 PAGE 48 JUNIORS : Howard Baxter Thomas Freeman LEXINGTON ' , KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY J ess 1 1 i i. Simpson LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY SOPHOMORES :: 1 i 1 w: i-tii Cr k. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Gabe Davis George Murphy HENDERSON, KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Pai l Kibler J ( i gl s Paine I INI l ' . ' . UT, OHIO in I Kin I, MICHIG Logan R iddell I I I m . I i i s , KENTUCKY Joe Riddell LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY ■ WIiii couldn ' t find the studii OFFICERS William Conk Presid eni I.I K IM.ICIS, h 1 K 1 1 CM A A T Clint ,ACi Vicc-Pn udt in il AC KM , K N 1 UCK II K A 1 I.IZ i:i TM M x ! s i rt tary-1 1 1 USUI 1 1 HATTA, INU1A A A e FRESHMEN PAGE 49 THE FRESHMEN Frank Am. en . . . . ( ■., K . 1 ii lii i ORD .... Nicholasville, Ky. I ' inim s Anderson . . Lancaster, Kv. Ev El. V V B URKE . . . . . Hazard, Ky. Ar ' i iu k Arnhoi i . - Columbus, Ind. Kiwi i ii Haiku . Buechel, Ky. 1 III [SI C M I ' .hRl . . . . Falmouth, Kv. J 1 1 1 1 n Atki n son . Mi. Sterling, Kv. [an Eric Campbell . . Lexington, Kv. Gerald Barker . . . Darfork, Ky. W ' : k l Carr ... . Lexington, Kv. I ' ii ord Barnes . Williamstown, Kv. Olive Carrincton . - . Charters, Kv. TllllM S 111 ACK . Hazard, Ky, Mar [nun Carson . I [ustonville, Kv. 1 l l 1 BR] II INCH M . Lexington, Ky. Janej Case . Sinai, Kv. 1- ::i i Brown . Landrum, S. C. El IZABEI II CASON . . . Auburndale, Fla. ! i; i in; 1 1 Brow n . ( iw ensboro, Ky . Marcare i Cl vrkk . . . . Mayslick, Kv. I ' m i i m Bin ANT . . . Lexington, K» . Eva Clai Crittendon, K. Katherini Brvden . . . Detroit, Mich. Kv. A KimiRi Cord .... . Mt. Sterling, K. PAGE 50 FRE THE SHMEN ( ,i orgi i Ri S " SH u . Hopkins ille, Kv. Agnes Eason . . Nicholasville, Ky. 1 RI CkuH ' E .... I ' ll is, 1. S i i ' .n 1 ; i i nu i Hodgenville, Ky. Wil i.iam Cui r.i RI mis . Nortnn, Va. M HJiiKll ' Dri k . Bradfordsville, Ky. K mhi lii Cui.pi i ■ i- 1 R . . DemnpcilU, Ala. W ' oi i ui;ii 1 u i . Paris, Ky. Betsi Dams . . . . . Versailles Kv. Virginia 1 mki . [effersontow n, Ky. M m;i i I is . Nil li ihis ille, Ky. Edgar f ergi son Knoxville, 1 inn W ' n i i m D is . s.n annali ( ,,i. David Fi win meyer Cleveland, 0. l " i 1 v -ii ' . (, 1 inn. lli i ■.. 1 in, i i . 1 i linnllth. Kv . M i: i (.mii rin i Hi MAN . Annistim, V.i Sarah Fosi i-k . . Dunn, N. ( ' . Mi ■ i I DeZonia . . . Maysville, Kv. Dorothy Frahm . II th, N. . 1 nu- Dokri i: . Maysv ille, K v. Mai Gaunci . ( .i i lisle, K i . Carols n Estill . . Domerail Kv i I V.RR1 ( mi.nv 1 K W ' esi Cnllin swood, N. J. 1 1 Mini n |)i ; l i . 1 .in tiin, Kv. 11 i; iv Grasti Lexington, Ky. Kv. Mari Graviti . 1 cxington, Kv. PAGE 51 THE FRESHMEN PAGE 52 Logan Grai Paui Gudceli Emii i II Mini s II Km II m ( 1 1 ARL ES H ECK El . Dl S III IIKILk . M iRl III I Sv . I ' UQUA HeNDRII kv Paui Herrin . . Eupiir M III SSI I VVn i i i Hoi i . I M IN HOW KI . Nan mi Ik bii kd W ' ll I I M ( (VVEM 111 n ington, Muir, Sterling, Hazard, New Albany, liu! I exington, Ky Savannah, Ga Russell, Ky Little Rock, K . Lexington, Ky I i ungton, Ky Versailles, Ky Hodgenville, Kv ibard . Hodgenville, Kv Charles Jackson .... Rockwood, Tenn. Robert Johnston . . Montgomery, Ala. Roberi Jones Lexington, Ky. Martha Jordan Fairhope, Ala. Esther Kaplan Cleveland, O. Bernard Kenner Covington, Ky. 1,1 Mil Kl NGSBURY . J (II IS Langford . ( 1 1 I II I.AllilMU . Mm in ' Link . . Opai I.ockhari . C ' HRISI IS! I. sen . Lancaster, . Savannah, . Lexington, I ' m -. Paris, Nicholasville. Ky. ( ia. Ky. Ky. K Kv. 4ft Aki hur Lynn . Pick Lyti.i . VV m 1 1 k McGov an . K I M C H ATTO N . I ' H 1 I l X . 1 I I I l Markwei.i . J iMES M KIIS . . . MAYM1 ! SC01 [NO . K ' if: f i: I M u B VI M . I- i 1 VBI I il MlDDI l li- ' . II ' n Mil I fk . I k is Minor . . . ; i Minimi . El sii Mnii s . . . . I.l|lll|i III:!. Brazil, Ind. . Cincinnati, O. . Elkhart, Ind. Maysville, Ky. I ' xington, K . ( ribson, Itiiii. . Lexington, Ky. Hobart, Ind. I lodgen ill ' , Kj . W ' nt Springs, Ky. Logansport, Ind. Lexington, Ky. Roanoke, Ala. V.a x Napier . . . . Hazard, J u ( ' . Ni i son .... Co ing PoR i i r L. Oakes . Wichita Falls, M r ( ) i i k .... Willianistow n, I.i ki i- si ( Ikk . Bil mingham, Kmiiikim Orwin ... . Somerset, G. G. Parker Ravenna, Nu i I ' iiii i ips .... Falmouth, Orinona Puccini . B ksville, M K i K vbis . . . South Bend, I- i in k Km mii ds . 1 exington, M VR1 Ki i MH ns .... I ii.ll ' .u , si sin Reynolds . Nicholasville, Maxim Rio shland, Kv. Ky. I ex. Kv. Ala. Kv. Kv. Kv. Kv. Ind. Kv. Ky. Kv. THE FRESHMEN PAGE 53 THE FRESHMEN Ik i .I DoROT 1 1 . Robi ! •■.. . Paris Ky. Randolph Robertson . Lubbock, Lex , hm J i Robertson . Mi. Sterling, Ky. Jon N Rodgers Chardon, ( ). ( ,1 UK. i Ru-,-. . . . Ft. I homas, Ky. Virginia R . . . Carlisle, Ky. Georgini Rumrii.i . Harrodsburg, Ki. Marcaret Sauer . . . Lexington, Ky. Sterling Saunders . . Carlisle, Ky. Chari es Scot i . Lexington, Ki, Robert Shi kik . . Lancaster, Ky. I ' i i.i ' i Shehan . Harrodsburg, Ky. ( mi i i Hun . Bellevue, Ky. 1 k is Shei.ton . . . n " i getow n, K . II i i i Smi in . . . . Co ington, K . Lillian Smith .... Lexington, Ky. Steve Snowden . . . . Nicholasville, Ky. Marjorie Steele ..... Versailles, Ky. William Stegmever . . Detroit, Mich. Helena Steinkohl . South Bend, 1ml. (ii ni ie Stivers . . . . Lexington, K . Channtng Strader . Lexington, Ky. Bei i mi Strong . Harrods Creek, Ky. Rhodes Sii ui . Winchester, Ky. Bili ii I .u kit i Lexington, Ky. | mis I ' m i . . Winchester, Ky. Brandes I ylor . . Williamstown, K Brooksii fAYLOR Anniston, Ala. PAGE 54 THE FRESHMEN Hi km i i 1 ' iimk . CIe eland, ( . Kenneth Tilhman . . Lexington, Ky. 1 om I ' rh i r Earlington, Ky. M vrcari i ri i n. e . . . . llit: nside, Ky. Helen Vest Walton, K . i u m ; i Wa isi-.R . Lexington, Ky. Wai iir Wainowski . Detroit, Mich. Roberi Waite Logansport, liul. Ar 01 n V ytson . ... Somerset, Ky. Agnes Watts . Versailles, Ky. [mis Watts Frankfort, Ki Korin 1 Wesi 1 RH01 M . Hobart, Ind. Evei.i v Whei an . . I i. 1 auderdale, Fla. ( ,i oRc.r Wiggins . . Wellsburg, W. V. r Lou W ' ii in R . . Corbin, Ky. | l Wll 1 1 VMS . Lexington, K . fOSI I ' ll Wll 1 1 VMS . Mi. Stei ling, Kv. M VRJORIE Wll 1 1 MSON Albuquerque, . M. Mai rici Wn lis . 1 . iti hfii Id, ki fOSI PIIINI W ' l il)l) V.:i . 1 i xington, Ky. Katherine Wyati . Lexington, Kv. [ OS E PH I N 1 V N C El . Mayslick, Ky. PAGE 55 FRESHMEN Marsh i i. Bonta HARRODSBURG, KENTUCKY l.isi I l!l NNELL ( rEORGE ( rREER HARRODSBURG, KENTUCKY PARIS, KENTUCKY Al i Crism ell M RY ( ll ILFOIL PARIS, KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY I )cu glas El am John Hall W1LLIAMSTOVVN, KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Arthur Marcum LOCUST, KENTUCKY Mary Rich rdsi in SOMl RSET, KENTUCKY ■Who couldn ' l find thr studic PAGE 56 l 1 m I rr o 00 JAMES M. SAUNDERS CHAIRMAN OF ATH1ETIC COUNCIL L ATHLETIC COUNCIL Athletics at Transylvania are go - erned by the Athletic Council, com- posed of seven members of the faculty, two alumni, and two members of the student body. The composition of the Athletic Council is as follows: Dr. Arthur Braden, Dr. V. F. Payne, Professor J. M. Saunders, H. H. Groves, W. C Gibbs, Coach Alfred Reece, Mrs. Winona S. Jones, from the Faculty. Messrs. Robert Byars. Ben Allen Thomas, from the Alumni. Messrs. Melvin Rhorer, Roy Hulin, from the Student Body. 5 W £» m f PAGE 59 THE T R Coach Jim Cassidy Shannon Coach Jim Shannon is a tireless worker. For two seasons he has given all of his time and energy to the coaching of varsity- football. Truly, he has not won an S. I. A. A. title nor has he even won half of his games in these two seasons. Never- theless he has succeeded in doing some- thing that will make for greater men in the future, greater teams. He instills within the boys a spirit of " never say die, " and it is to this that a local sports columnist referred in the following ex- cerpt: " We have never seen a Transylvania foot- ball team fold up. We have seen a Transylvania team get the living day- lights whaled out of it, but we have never seen that team quit. They just don ' t quit at Transylvania. It is jus; such teams as Transylvania ' s that make football a priceless sport. At Transv vania, love of the game, love of the sport supersedes the importance of winning. " Football Results, 1934 Sept. 21 — Transylvania Xnvier University 41 Sept. 29 — Transylvania Marshall College 12 Oct. 6 — Transylvania 18 Eastern Oct. 20 — Transylvania Western 20 ■Oct. 26 — Transylvania 12 Morehead 2 :: Nov. 10 — Transylvania 13 Louisville Nov. 17 — Transylvania Union College 12 Nov. 29 — Transylvania Georgetown College 12 Games at Thomas Field. AN SYLVAN I A O N E E R S JL». JBta k ytft Sy AA BJBm m L r .- . ., Captain Johnnie Schwalni Perhaps no one exemplified the spirit of " never say die " as did Captain Johnnie Schwalni, who pio- neered the destiny of the team over two stormy sea- sons. Often handicapped by injuries that would nave sent men of lesser steel to the sidelines, Schwalm participated in every game during his two seasons of captainship. I le was rewarded for his successful career this sea- son by being awarded an end position on the all- State S. I. A. A. mythical eleven. Johnnie ' s name will live in Crimson football history. JOHNNIE SCHWALM Captain FOOTBALL VARSITY PLAYERS FREDDIE HAMMOND Tackle JACK DUNCAN Center CHARLIE LUZADER End PETE MOORE Tackle " ■pvjj i M " ' . ' Transy, 0; Xavier University, 41 Before .1 crowd of six thousand Transylvania opened its l l ' i4 grid season against Xavier Uni- versity at Cincinnati. The Pioneers were against insurmountable odds and gave way in the second quarter after holding the Irish eleven scoreless in the first period. The Blue of Xavier ran rampant for three quar- ters, and not until the final moments of the last quarter did Transy open a passing attack that registered two first downs. The defensive work of Captain Schwalm and Luzader, with Fitzpat- rick ' s and Britt ' s ball lugging were the bright spots of Crimson play. Transy, 0; Ma-sha ' l College, 12 Playing in a sea of mud and in torrential rains that made the football as elusive as a greased pig Transylvania Pioneers lost their second game of the season to John Zontini and his Thundering Herd. In a downpour that drenched a crowd of three thousand. Bill Willson and Keadle engaged in a ferocious punting due. Zontini scored the Herd ' s first marker in the third quarter, the other in the fourth. It was the playing of the entire team that featured for Transy, Hammond doing especially well. PAGE 62 FOOTBALL VARSITY PLAYERS BILL WILSON Quarterback DANNY DANHEISER Halfback CARRYL BRITT Halfback BOB FITZPATRICK Halfback Transy, 18; Eastern, Behind a pile-driving offensive that was fur- nished effective blocking, the Pioneers carried Transylvania ' s colors across the goal line three times in the last half to register their first vic- tory. Bill Willson, veteran halfback, and Vernon Tucker and Paul Danheizer, sophomore proteges, garnered the touchdowns. The Crimson ' s block- ing was the outstanding feature of the game, per- mitting the Transy backs to get away for long jaunts and consistent gains. Wingmen, Schwalm and Lingenfelter, were especially brilliant on cov- ering punts, while Griggs blocked everything that came his way. Transy, 0; Western, 20 Too much weight and too many reserves spelled defeat for the Crimson at Bowling Green. West- ern ' s powerful running attack and exceptional for- ward wall were irresistible for Transy ' s scrappy but considerably outsized aggregation. However, the Hilltoppers ' advantage in these departments was not so great that the tilt was uninteresting. The whole team clicked well, but Dick Mann got the plaudits of the crowd. " Pete " Moore played a stout game. 8 PAGE 63 FOOTBALL VARSITY PLAYERS DICK MANN Quarterback VERNON TUCKED Ful back JIMMIE LINCENFELTER End JOHNNIE FRANZ Center Transy, 12; Morehead, 2 An enthusiastic home-coming crowd saw a smooth-work. ng, hard-scrapping Transylvania football team turn on its gridiron artillery and win a much-deserved combat. It was undoubtedly the high spot of the Pioneers ' season. A warm sun was out to greet the " eld grads " who came back in time to witness one of the most colorful melees staged on Thomas Field in recent seasons. The appearance of the Transylvania band, smartly togged for the first time in the brilliant crimson and white uniforms added consid- erably to the success of the gala day by perform- ing intricate formations during the intermission. Paul Danheizer, hard-driving sophomore halt- back, Hashed the form of the afternoon to scamper across the line for Transylvania ' s tw.i touchdowns. Tucker ' s vicious line drives were as paralyzing to the baffled Eagles as Danheizer ' s romp, and both were well aided by C. Biitt and Fitzpatrick, who reeled off considerable yardage. The whole team was at top form. PAGE 64 FOOTBALL VARSITY PLAYERS ED BRITT Halfback JACK COX Halfback FRANK JONES Center Q WILLIE GRIGGS Tackle Transy, 13; Louisville, Flashing power at the critical stages of the game, Jim Shannon ' s proteges fought the Cardi- nals of Louisville to a standstill and pushed over touchdowns in the first and last periods to win their third and last home engagement. It was Vernon Tucker ' s swash-buckling tactics and fimmie Lingenfelter ' s touchdown run on an inter- cepted pass that provided the Pioneers their mar- gin. Transylvania gained at will over the Cardinals ' line in the first quarter, carrying the tight into their territory, where a pass, and one right-end skirt put the oval in position for Tucker to carry it over. Somewhat slowed down by a brace in the oppo- nents ' line after the resumption of the half, the Pioneers loosed an attack in the closing moments ot the game that fell but a few inches short of another marker. Lingenfelter ' s timely snatch turned the gloom into light. Dick Mann booted the try for point squarely between the posts. Some expert kicking by both teams featured much of this game, with Bill Willson on the toe- ing end and Schwalm, Luzader, and Lingenfelter going down on the punts. Injuries to Danheizer and Luzader somewhat marred the play. PAGE 65 FOOTBALL VARSITY PLAYERS C. H. BLUMER Guard IRA PATERNOSTER Halfback BOB THOMAS Guard RED HOLDER Guard Transy, 0; Union, 12 Union College ' s ever bitter Bulldogs sunk their teeth deeply into Transylvania ' s hopes for a vic- tory at Bourhourville, and administered the Pio- neers the most decisive licking, comparatively speaking, that they took all season. It was not a case of bigger team as had been the case in previous defeats; our boys lost to a team that was just fighting harder that afternoon Transy, 7; Georgetown, 12 In a game that was pitched in a tone of high fever throughout, these two old rivals waged their battle until the last three minutes — Transylvania enjoying a slim but apparently safe 7-6 margin. Then almost within the sound of the closing gun. the Tigers turned the tables and took a 12 to 7 advantage as spectators fell into sideline combat and pummelled one another about. A frenzied free-for-all halted the game with Georgetown vic- tors. Being a " Natural, " the player; on bath teams fought hard; Transylvania ' s wreath, however, should go to co-Captains Schwalm and Hammond, who both displayed their characteristic skill and " right " throughout their career-ending game. PAGE 66 FOOTBALL VARSITY PLAYERS WOODY LESTER Guard RIP COLLINS J Guard SCOTT WHITEHOUSE Tackle CARL MELTON Center » f , N A Parting Gla nce I In Pioneers began taking their football serioush .it Camp Daniel B i on the Kentucky River one week before the college doors were opened. Enough kinks were ironed out l knotty muscles in that week to justify the expense of the camp. Our chiei concern here is to tell you about the men that have played their final role in the great drama of college football. We have already dropped the curtain on Captain Johnnie Schwalm. It is with as much regret that wt write a farewell ti alternate-captain Freddie Hammond. The Pennsyl- vanian has been a bulwark in the line and will be greatly missed. Dick Mann will be stepping out " I a picture that is hardly complete without his reckless bravado for matchless tackles. The friendh thud of Hill VVillson ' s kiekniL; ti m on quick-kicks back in 1 " the enemies ' terri- tory are onh memories. WmihIjmu Lester ' s husky form has retreated into the shadows of the goal post he has so often de- fi ided. Beside him, minimized in size onl is ( ' . U. Blumer, the sm.illest man on the team, but the hardesl ol scrappers. Our hats are also lifted in reserves I ' d Britt and John Freeman. Boys, we hate to see you go! | g PAGE 67 i Managers: Reynolds, Link, IIimus, Rhorer ALFRED M. REECE Dm (tor of Physical Education Mentor " Algie " served his firs! season at the helm of basketball activities on Transylvania campus this year. With four t the freshmen netters that per- formed under his tutelage last season embracing the varsity line-up, his task was much a continuation oi work he had already begun. Reece produced a hardwood quintet that won six of its fourteen scheduled games and progressed into the semi-finals oi the K. 1. A. C. tournament. In spite " f the fact that the} did not win quite one- hall »l their booked tilts, the Pioneers demonstrated enough kill ami determination on " right " nights to claim moral victories for games lost In narrow counts. " Algie " sent a well coached aggregation into the game for Transylvania. We would say that he sent the Crimson colors through a very successful season, considering the lack oi veterans who had played to- gether and the strenuous schedule that threw as many as six games in nine nights. Congrats, Coach! PAGE 68 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL The Tenderfeet oi I ransylvania started the season off right bj defeating a Nich- olasville Independent eleven 7 to o. Eastern took our rhinies for .1 rule on our own field bj a ji too count. Mentor Reece was successful and turned the tables with his yearlings against Morchead ' s first year aggregation In holding the conquerors oi Eastern to a o tu o tie. The frosh were represented In a larger turnout than has been shown In that class in the last five or si years ami the) gave tin- varsttj eleven mure than one good prac- tice nt nip anil tuck football. Much of the talent that was shown on the freshman squad is sure to find its wa into varsitj berths that are not secure!) won — ami there aren ' t am of those while Czar Shannon commands. 1 he frosh line-ups Ends: Lacy, Napier Center: Carr Taekles: Scott, Tilghman Fullback: DeZonia Guards: Fi.wi, Ewalt Quarterback: (!rkkr Halfbacks: . w. Crisw i i i Elliott, Sauxders, Laxgford, I!i nxell, Mitchell, Taylor, Sheehan, ami Hendricks also saw service FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD PAGE 69 . W g% THE 1935 GROUP OF PIONEERS. Inset: MANAGER HARRISON RESUME OF THE SEASON Transylvania, 32; Alumni, 30 By defeating the Alumni, 32 to 30, in a closely fought contest, the Pioneers began the season in a victorious frame of mind. Transylvania, 30; Union, 35 In the first collegiate encounter against the Union Bulldogs during the Christ- mas holidays, Messrs. Fitzpatrick and Company were unsuccessful and added onlv the dubious glory of supremacy at fouling. Two were ejected and the Baconites were winners, 35-30. Transylvania, 25; Centre, 47 At Centre, the prayers of the Colonels were answered with showers of baskets for the Munnmen in the second stanza of a tilt which Centre paced 21 to 15 at the half period. The final score was 47 to 25. Transylvania, 30; Tennccsee Wesleyan, 23 Stimulated by two previous defeats and barely hanging on to the tail-end of a 14-10 score at the half, Transy clicked like a well-geared court team in the second half of the Tennessee Wesieyan engag:ment and emerged victor with a handsome 30 to 23 margin, mostly due to some uncanny sniping by " Pokey " Dawson and Captain Willson in the concluding moments of the game. PAGE 70 BASKETBALL VARSITY PLAYERS C. H. BLUMER Co-Captain, Forward BILL WILLSON Co-Captain, Guard POKEY DAWSON Forward BOB FITZPATRICK Forward Transylvania, 24; Morehead, 18 Playing their third game in as many nights, it took " Algie " Reece ' s proteges twenty minutes to get warmed up in the Morehead set-to and when the Big Red did get to penetrating the Eagle defense, their shots went awry. The Pioneers scored 16 to their opponents ' 9 in the final stanza, and the game ended, 24 to 18. Transylvania, 32; Berea, 53 As tor the Berea game. Skip it. The buckets were as fast and frequent as those at a Volunteer fire brigade. The Moun- taineers turned on and left our boys in the wake of a terrific gale that stirred up a 53 to 32 toll before the final gun sounded. Transylvania, 26; Ky. Wesleyan, 16 With three S. I. A. A. losses chalked against them, the local hardwooders were at the bottom of the heap when they rounded the first half of their regular season. With one stroke they turned the tables and thor- oughly laced the Kentucky Wesleyan Pan- thers by a 26 to 16 score. PAGE 71 BASKETBALL VARSITY PLAYERS JACK DUNCAN Guard CHARLIE LUZADER Guard PETE MOORE Center JERRY FISHER I I Transylvania, 24; Louisville, 23 The Louisville five were the next to feel the power of the Big Red machine and they were disposed only after a gruelling contest that ended with our boys on a narrow 24-23 margin. With Bob Fitzpatrick playing in his usual stellar scoring role, capably as- sisted by Jerry Fisher, the Transylvanians performed in a first class manner. Transylvania, 24; St. Xavier, 37 Considerably weakened by loss of men after the close of the first semester, the Pio- neers, although defeated 37-24, gave a good account of themselves against the strong Xavier club. Transylvania, 35; Union, 37 Union came to Lexington for the return engagement with the Reecemen and nosed out the Crimson in an over-time contest which gave the fans an eye full of basket- ball. Kept in the running with Bob Fitz- patrick ' s fifteen points, Transy maintained a lead throughout most of the fracas, but fal- tered momentarily in the additional period. PAGE 7? BASKETBALL VARSITY PLAYERS WOODY LESTER Guard CURT DEWEY Guard JACK COX Forward RED GARNER Transylvania, 23; Eastern, 17 Pulling the game out of fire in the clos- ing minutes, Transy put on a rousing after- math to a rather loose first half and concen- trated upon the basket to defeat the Eastern Maroons, 23-17. The rapidity with which the Crimson rallied their winning baskets in the second half was a sight for sore eyes. Transylvania, 27; Ky. Wesleyan, 30 Defeated by Centre, 34-22, in the return match here, the Pioneers were still in the slump when they invaded Kentucky Wes- leyan at Winchester a few days later. The Dittomen turned back our boys, 30 to 27, and avenged a defeat of a fortnight previous. Transylvania, 26; Louisville, 20 Putting much zip and zest into their last home game, the Pioneers pushed over Coach ' Red " Money ' s Louisville Cardinals, 26 to 20, and then went into the K. I. A. C. tourna- ment at Bowling Green and handed them an even more disastrous 28 to 1° defeat. Be- fore the Murray Thoroughbreds in the semi- final round of the tourney, Transy was swamped in the second half after holding the K. I. A. C. runner-up in the first period. PAGE 73 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL CRull ' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Winning the lion ' s share of their contests, the Transylvania Tender- feet proved to be one of the best frosh quintets representing that class in recent years. Led by Waldon Napier, who passes well, thinks coolly, and is a bul- wark both defensively and offensively, the freshman aggregation gave the other first year fives of this collegiate vicinity some tantalizing moments. The games that they lost were not taken without a scrapping melee. Assisting Napier were a number of ace performers who are sure to make varsity competition especially tough next season. These are: Lacy, pivoteer; Stivers and Howard, forwards; Elam, Criswell, Carr, and Greer, guards. In the remainder of the frosh roll are several lads that served in substitute rolls who will be heard from also. They are: Dezonia, Wig- gins, Nelson, Hulett, and Stephan. These freshman celebrities, with the stars of this year ' s varsity, who will not be lost bv graduation, namely, Bob Fitzpatrick, Pe ' e Moore, Jerry Fisher, Curt Dewey, Charlie Luzader, Jack Duncan, Jack Cox, George Dawson, and Marvin Garner, give Transylvania the greatest basketball prospects in the history of the school. PAGE 74 :i " ■ .HooRE s v i ' v - 4 i ' f K.:mnsK ■ »._. it — -Y ' ihu mmiim W TO N o CO ■ M. THE CRIMSON ' I ' hc Annual Publication) Mari Oii Mather . ... Editor-in-Chief Pierah . ... Business Manage) Elisabeth C ' i inns ... .... .... Scnioi Editor E vki N i i im.i k ... Junior I ditoi Ai i M i Bi ki Sophomore Editor PORTER Oakes I nth man Editoi Elizabeth Dingus Feature Editoi klSMIII OjMAN Spalls EditOI Phoebb I i i ii .... Issistant Business Manaejei Palm Simiiih ssislant Business Managei Ren i i Bi in. i . i, n, i iJk 4 j „ as ;r liJ ! vl 1 J! PAGE 77 Britt, Hai ins. Stau iter, I Ungus THE TRANSYLVANIAN (A Literary Publication Smit iSjij) Edward Britt Editor Horatio Barnes issociate Editor Pai i. Sta; ffer Business Manager Elizabeth Dingus Exchange Edit (By vote lit the student body, Miss Dingus was elected Editor " t I ' ll Transylvanian at the beginning of the second semester when Mr. Britt transferred to the I niversit of Kentucky.) PAGE 78 ' THE CRIMSON RAMBLER I.I Weekly Neivsptiper) Assoc: te Editors Kinmiii Osman Issociate Edito Ik sk Clayton ... Issociate Editor George Burdick Managing Editoi Paul Sta Business Managei Editori m St mi DOROl in DOI B IlKk LyTI.I Salli Fe vxc is Ri bin Di c ki i b u m PeGCI I ' M IVER ! I (.11 S l l RS Jeax Tun Porter Oakes II KI: K BliH I RS CHARl ES 1 Kl MCI] I ' n.i; ' ! Wrichi Isadore Frisch Bei n T k i i nn M k is R. r i Ami Rum Brown John Atkinson M Mil. ki i J u obs PAGE 79 Tup Row Chenault, Clayton. Wilder, Rlumer Botl Row Rhorer, Scln maki i. illson BOOK AND BONES (Honorary Senior Fraternity) ( (fficers John Chi i President Frank Clayton Vice-President Orf.n Wilder Seaelary-Trrasum M I IHERS C. II. Ijiimik Raymond Schoonmaker Mil VTN RlIORER Wll I MM Wll l.SON PAGE bC M Top lt " u Mi . , I litiKiis, ThiinisKii, i l:itc i B " l tnni [ti « I liilmun, lli i ' .ill M ilh.i , Joi CROOK AND CRONES ( 1 1 niiii! in y Scmoi Sorority) H ENRI ETTA MlZ E . . . . . Ei izabe in Dingus . . . . In ujei ii Thomson President . . I ' ice-Pn , . nt Set i i,n y- Treasuri Members Dollif Gai ewood ( II kl c i ■ II- IIoi.m M m l i.i i . K ( ,11 M un Otis Mai hi r Sponsor Mks. Winona Stephens [ones PAGE 81 PAGE Top Row lb Gill, I il-aj . U ' ilili i. KaSL ' h. I !ol i oni Row Bui ill. I, Tl umbo STAGECRAFTERS M KN 1 M.I.I Ml Glt.l Harrywood Gra . Ores B. VVn der . . Edward Saxon . . . ( )FF1CERS . . President Vice-President liusin, ss Manugt . . . Directoi VVn i i i 1 1 Kami . .... Secretary Georce Burdick . . . . Treasurer Charles Trumbo . . . Custodian George V. Moori . ... tdvisei Members Kiwi i ii Baird El IZABI III I ! K I K I iiiw m;m Baxter Ai I KM l 111 KI ROYCI III I " . I EVEI IS Bl RKl I I 1 Mil III ( ' M Hill V I w Eric ( ' wicin i i Marjorie Carson I i 1 m:i ill Km (i ins |. C. Cook M R I . I ROSSI 11 I D Wll I I M Cl I 111 K I SOS ( ,i oitoi Cri MSH u R Mill 111 CuLPI I ' l ' l R Kl ' SI I I Mtl |), l I Hi im Davis Evelyn n M. I.. Dean M R C I III KIM DENMAN Ci rets Dewey I I M K 1 ! ( ' . Pill GHERTY Harold Hi i i s Edw i Ed« vrds Am s Estili S i i Francis Beecher Frank I ' miii be Fluty ' Dorothy Frahm Marcarei Greenlee Hazei ( Ikimi I) Ml ( iROON June Heathman Lois He m Sl SAN HlNKLE M k . ki- i Jacobs S KA M Ki. KI- I JONE! M k i ha Jordan I i si II KlNGSBl K 1 1 1(11 I i Kl SI) M I [AMES 1 I INS Dorothy |n Lewis Patsy Lew is | U SI I Lowri NE I I II U Cl I LOUGH M U Ml M SC01 [NO Carl Mm ins l ' i i Meng I . i k i . i s i ( ) K K K I III KIM I )RVt IS Emm l ' i ck Marci s I ' k m in r ( ' 1 1 r i f s Pier ATI I mi s Riley Mary Jane Rober imis M K UllK Kill. s ( .1 0RGIN1 Kl MRU I Aubrey Ki ssi i i Mildred Sii u h s Stevi Snow hi s Marjorie Sum Bll I II Kill T U ' KI- I I Brooksie Taylor George Wiggins Top Row: Blanton, Blumer, Britt, Bryden, Dingus, Edwards. Second Row Francis, Gatew I, Goodman, Heathman, Hoff, Maddox, Mather. Bottom Row: Newell, l ' i. wilt, Schoonmaker, Stone, Talbott, Tl ison. THE CRIMSON CLUB (Honorary Pt Organization ) Raymond Schoonmaker President Elizabeth Thomson- Vice-President Francis Newell Secretary Virgil Hoff Treasurer Georce Blanion Helen Goodman C. H. Blumer June Heathman Carryl Britt Ken Maddox Jack Bryden Mary Otis Mather Elizabeth Dingus Robert Prewitt Edwina Edwards Edward Reynolds Sally Francis Elizabeth Stone Dolly Gatewood Robert Talbott PAGE S3 " ' ■ i i " w W% T,,p Row Bobbitt. Britt, Chenault, Melninger, Pieratt. Bottom Row: Staufftn ' , Carter, I » u • , Duncan, Boynton, LAMPAS (Honorary Junior-Senior Fraternity) V c lty Members E. W. Delcamp C. L. Pvatt G. V. Moore A. M. Reece G. A. Shelton ( )ffr IRS Eiavin Bobbitt President Inn Kh Britt Vice-President Charles Pierati Secretary-Treasurer Members I eonard Boynton John Carter John Chenai i i Jack Duncan CiRTis Dewey Clinton Meimnger Paui Stauffer Winston Siubbs (I ' n iitrr nut in panel) FAGF 84 f 4 n ■n - r 2 DCjq THE GLEE CLUB Ernesi Woodrufi Dei.camf . Directoi Marjorie Brown . Mrs. Mm Hughes Noi nd . Iccompanisl George Burdick . Virginia Arnold, Grace Ivins . Librarians Set relary Treasurer Virginia Arnold | M I ( W Ann NK Mi i i in Co.x Margarei Clarki Ai hi Rose Brown Marjorii Brown M vri Louisi Corneli Edw vrd Brut J ck Bryden ( JEORGE lil RDK k Cames Curtis Nic hoi vs Brii i 1 1 1 i V K|i B . i i k IlUI Cllh S M I I So prim os Mk- . I , VV. Dili wir e dwin i ' dm rds Dorothy Edwards Adi i i i Gallie Doris Shrader Altos Lois Heaton (iuwi hiss Dorothy McDadi [ean Tutt Tenon [ames eckexhof] Harrvwood Gray I oman Trover I . Mill VMP Bas fi i W ' n liam I ) u is II KIII II Dl I |.is E l», K I ' I RG1 SON Ruin ki She kik M vrg m i ii pin Mill I II I I K I " ! S k mi M m; k i i Jones Viola Lowry (Catherine ( )k is ( iEOGINE RUMRIl 1 I I s I f ROX E L M. Gri i sin Logan Gray e ki vi i [nci r Randolph Robi rtson ( ,i orge Kyle W M.ll-K Ml ( low 111 K MllKKIS PAGE 85 BAND Dr. E. V. Jack Bryden Director of Music . Directot Clarinets l a le ' ■• i si ei , i lone rtmaster Gerald Brltton Willis m i " .i! pentei Louis Cohen Robert Cornell Edgar Ferguson Margaret Gilpin Nolan 1 1 ibner I torothy Me] ' ade Mary Ingle McGill u illiam Mo ' iinety .della Metzel Hai old Runyon lint I,, ii Thoryn Mai j Lou Wilclei Jani w illiams Peggy Wi ight Alto Clarinet Mildred Siewert Mass Clarinet Bernard Kennei Flutes Vlbert Paget! Peggy Tolh er Betl Van Meter Ka i hi. West e i holm ObOi I Ra nn. u Scl n ma ker Mi -. E. W. 1 " I ' amp Bassoons Ma 1 1. .ii ll elm R x McHatton Alto Saxophones Waltei Wainow ski M.i ] y Kat In i in. ' Ric-f Tenor Saxophone Earl Nallingei Baritone Saxophoni William Stegnn J el Cornets Arthur iorman, Solo George Blanton N icholas Bril la Marjorie I :i ow n William Buttei field Harry Hall Joe Leb ma n Robert Maybaum Frent h ll»i ns Ernestine I ■ l. a m p Horatio Barn s Robei i | h ' li amp Jra ce l vins Jeorge K yle Georg.- Ross Harp I thj l ' " Hi. Trombones Paul irumbaugh I .a Fayette ' ' a rmine Robert Shearer ' lent r v Shelton Elw in Warstler Seborn Wilhoit Hun ones Loi a in. HOOS I ' r.i n i, I »ickey Cello Ruth ih. im - String Basses Sam Saslaw Esther Kaplan Brass Basses Darrel Norwood Charles 1 1 ecl el Jan i M nn. i I I .in v Morris Marvin Rabin Percussion .1 1 in Burnstine I a nl Flandermej ei Robei i .1 -s Tympani M ;i i --. i et 1 1 ofrichtcr PAGE TRANSYLVANIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA I . W. Dei camp, Condut tor First I iolins Chari es Si kns Concertn HOR Mill B KM S Hum Hi i s m ryin burnstine A McMui us Cox M Ml M iSCO] I No Am i i Metzel Doris Shrader Wai i IK W UN0WSK1 Si i " ' ' iolitis I in i- Frii dm n Virgin] Ki i n Arnold Mil DRI n ( ' WUPBELI. I Kl ] nl ISE CORNE1 1 grac1 [vins Robert Jokes R u mond K. 5E [AMES MOORE 1 K1 SWEENI M K InKII VVll I 1 UUSOS tolas Rubin Deckelbai m Fred I! gsh Keller 1 i s n Marvin Rabin M r " i Kai herine Rick Mildred Si h iri II I I IN Steinkohi ioloncellos Ruth Holmes Brvson Burns Charles Heckei loraine hoos WESI El Mori, AN RllRFRI W U I I String Bassi s Sam Sasi vw Nicholas Brili I. hi. is Coh I N Esther K mm in Jarvis Minor Scon Win 1 1 inn si Flutes o Pit i olo Albert P m.i i i (II RI IS Dickerson Korini Westerholm Oboa o English Horn Ramon Schoonm k j-k Mrs. E. W. Dei c ml Bassoons Marion i Ii i m Rix Mcll Al ION Earl Nali i nger Clarint is o Bass Clarinet Nolan Hibner I hi. k Ferguson Ii i i Gerster Dorothy McDade Fit ink I loins Ernestine Del imp robert delcamp ( ,ioRi;i K I I i ,i orgi Ross I rumpets Arthur ( (orman William Butterfield Joe Lehman Rlllll Rl M 1 II M M rombones P M I ( " Rl MI1AI I. II David Flanderm ever El win Washer Gentry Sum ton I ' u ha Darrel Norwood yrnpani J U K i« DEN Pen i ssio i Marc rei Hoi rich i i r Wii I iam Stecmei i r Harp Dorothi Doi r. PAGE 87 Top lt l i Peel Holman Second Row iiiiamson Klin J . Lutes Toliver Third lt " Qui. k. Mill ' I Mc-Gill Edwards Fourth lt " « i i ' ullough I lawson, Mather Mi i llanahan Bottom linn Tllomson Bi in ■■ Miller PAGE 88 Y. W. C. A. I I I NK1I ■ I I Ml 1 I M I I ' l I k . ( )l I H I RS Pi csidrnt ( 11 vrloi i i Hoi. man . Vice-President Marjorie Williamson Si ci clary I reasuri i Phoebe Kirn . I R INCES Ll rES . 1 K ; KH Till l ER . M m l!i i ii Quick . . Doroi in Mn ler . Mar Im;i i McGn i . Fk is FliU vrds . . Cabinet Members . Social So, ial Si i Vl f Mi, i, ■ inartt f World Felloivsliip ir " i ship . . . Vespers Nettie McCullough Emu Dawson . M K ( ) I I s M ATI I ER . Matilda McCi in ah an . Ei 1 iu i ii Thomson . M K1 EDN Bkl CE . Mrs. rEORCE E. Mn i i k . Publicity Home Ser-vic, Membi rship I ittle Sistei Room Serviti Commissai .Idvisei B, ttj Beats E von 1 1 o n i ■ - Lillian Broughton Alice Rose Brow n Marjorie Brown Kath rine Bryden Evelyn Burke Elisabeth Calhoun i ii mhi. Carson Anna Mi. Carter Elizabeth l lason Eva Clay Susan C 1 1 . ■ . i lllia M. Mllllm Cox Ma j Esl he] I i la III I: a .Ii.. Lee ' " ulpepper Rose Han Dale Betsy Davis i . -ii Da ] ■ ■ ' ..ii i :n. i ' . a in 1 1 ■ li Dingus Doroth; Edwards Erw ri.-i Edv Members Sara Post, i 1 r 1 1 % Frahm ll. I. n i; [man ll nzii i ; 1 1 in. Illillly llail.l.ii June 1 1, at 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 Lois II. .ii... Virgin ia 1 1 . 1 1 1 v Ann Clay Hinkle Ruth Holmes Mai garel Hopkins ' li a . . vin- Dorothj Jordan Esthei Kaplan Dorothy Joy Lewis II. I. n M.,| Li. I! M i; m, M is. olinn M a rga li Ma i . - ma ini . i Mens A.l. lia Mel . Eli 1 1.. Hi Middleton All. . ' Mill, i Elizabeth M I El -I. VInsi Virgic Meyers K a i h. i Orwin Velma Perkins N Ivia Phillips Mm j Quii i. li. .. Ri .1.1. i, Pnrotro Roh. i i - Mai s Jan. Rob. . i -..a .I., in 1 1, a Simpson Elsie Spanton Marga i . i Spea k. Kati Stallard B ksie Taj lor M.lMll. Tl.iN.l Margaret Tuttle Helen V. st -n. - Watts Jim Lou Wilder Jane Williams Sally Witt P. gg_ Wright Joseph in- Vancej Miss Julia Allen Mrs. L C Bell Mrs E l ..!.., :.i Mrs i: ■ ' . DeWeese I [oNORARY ME i II Us Mi s. E . ' . Estes Mrs. W. . ' .lil. I., M I s. Joseph in. . li ..s- Mis, Heli a II. .li. hi Ml - II.. ' M. I I Mi- I. l ' i :.l 1 Mis. G y Moor. leth Van M. i. PAGE 8» Top Rom Payne Shannon Saxon Second Row Trox I Boynton McGill Third Row Sanders Eldred M add ox Fourth Row Edwards Beard ( :iaxton Bottom Row Bruce KENTUCKY DELTA CHAPTER PAGf 90 P I K PPA DELTA Alpha Chapter, Ottawa, Kansas, nj ; Colors: Cardinal and White Flower: Red Carnation Publication: " The Forensic " KENTUCKY DELTA CHAPTER Installed in Q- ' f Faculty Members Dr. V. F. Payne Edward Saxon Dr. J. H. Shannon D. C. Troxel Members Altamae Beard Erwina Edwards Leonard Boynton William Ei.dred Mary Edna Bruce Marv Ingle McGill Elizabeth Claxton Ken Maddox Cecil S m k PAGE 91 v ' To] Row: Britt, Clayton, Meininger, Dougherty, Bottom Row: Moosnik, Barnes, Paternoster, Eldred, ' »sman. SIGMA UPSILON (Honorary Literary Fraternity) Edward Burn Fr sk Ci ton C ' l INTON B. MllMM.I R . Presidt ni Vice-President Si , retary-Trcasurer Membi rs Horatio Barnes Kenneth Maddox Harry C. Dougherty Fkankliv Moosnick William Eldred Kenneth Osman John Freer Ira A. Paternoster Winston Robi n Mi BBS I I ' n tin, mil in panel) PAGE 92 Top Rr.u ||. athman, Lul s, M. Gill, Toliver. Bottom Row Mai her, Wright, I lingus. Lewis WOMEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Alpha Delta Tht ta J i i II e th i Frances Lutes Delta Delta Delta Mary Otis Mather Peggy Wright Chi ( in, mi M rv Ingle McGill Margaret Toi iver Phi Omega Pi Elizabeth Dingi s Patsy Lewis PAGE 93 Top K " w: Lu 1 1 5 I latewooi Heaton Second Ro : Qui. Edwards Gross fliiril Ro« : r I ... 1 1, in.. Day ! ' „],,..],,„ Fourth flow : I ' . niii.i n I ' i.iIiii Jordon It.. It. .111 Row : Moody Smith Taylor PAGE 94 ALPHA CHAPTER a 1£ i i-.-t; " trr». ALPHA DELTA THETA Alpha Chapter, Transylvania College, kjji i 01 Scarlet, Silver, and Blue Flower: Sweet Pea Publication: " The PnriaN ot Alpha Delia fheta " ALPHA CHAPTER Installed in ii ji Class of 1935 Dolly Gatewood Emily Gross Frances 1 . 1 1 1 -. Cl ss OF I936 M ry Qt k K El i wmk Ri 1 n Cl ss nl ' [937 Evelyn Dai June Heathman Dorothy Edwards Lois Heaton Radie Lee Culpi ppi r M k Catherine Denman Cl ss 01 1938 Dorothy Frahm Meri.i Harper Martha Jordon Ei 1 m:i 1 11 Mm iiv 1 111 1 Smith Brooksie Ta 1 OK PAGE 9b Top Ron : i hi. Jones McGill Campbell Second Row : Greenlee Hi in i Mini I Mii is Third Hon : Meng Newell Toli i Doul) Fourth Row : i ; I I ml li - ' lei Spanton Fifth lt " : B row n Budge Bryden Bottom Row: Davis Robertson Steele aneej CHI CHAPTER rAtot 96 i CHI OMEGA ' .( Chapter, University oj Irkansas, 1895 Culms: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation Publications: " Eleusis " and " Mystagogue " CHI CHAPTER Installed in iqoj Cl ss of r 935 A Mai Carter Sak Margarei Jones M ri [nci 1 McGii.i Class of 1936 Margarei Greelei Amanda Meng Virginia Henr Frances Newell Anne Ci w Hiskii Margarei 1 ' 01 ivm M VRGARE I MAYES Bl I IV Campbei I Class of [937 Doroi in Dot 1: Susan Hinkle Iln i Joodm Doris Shradi r Elsie Spanton Cl ss of [938 M k- roRii Brown Betsi Davis Rovce Bt hi. 1 i. v Jani Robertson [Catherine Bryden Marjorie Steeli Marjorii Carson Josephine Yance PAGE 97 Top Row : Calhoun Math« i R oga n Second Bow: « Uaxoii Simpson Coi nell Thir.l Ro« Fluty " Francis Fourth ll " w : L v, is Starks Troxe! Fifth Row: w I I _ 1 1 1 Clarke Dry Fifth Row: Foster Rii i Wilder BETA ZETA CHAPTER PAGt 98 D E LT D E LT DELTA llpha Cliaptcr, Boston University, iSSS Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Publications: " The Trident " and " The Tritnn ' 1 Flown : Pans BETA ZETA CHAPTF R Installed in ooS El ISAB] I II ( ' l HOI N Cl ss hi ' [935 Mary Otis Mather Mar m U k Rni. w Ci ss (M 1936 Henrietta Claxon Jam- Allen Simpson Cl ss hi [937 Mary Louise Corneli Dorothy Joi Lewis Anna Mi Mi i i is Co. Km 11 SntKs 1 ' imiI BE I- 1 in Maxini rROXi I Sai ly Fr mis Pi GCi Wrigh i I I l I ( IRIMES Cl sn of [938 Margarei Clarki Sarah Foster Marjorik Drye Maxini Kiel M r I. m ise Wilder M k-i III is PAGE 99 7 " • »■ K I i| Ro« : i.. ■« is I tingus Hardy St-rnntl Row : Stone Mi I ' M Bnmimli. ' i Third Rom : I UllM a Wyalt I iiiii-I h Rom : W Mini in • Maacolino Bottom Row: B ' 5 nolda PAGl- 100 KENTUCKY KAPPA CHAPTER EJ- PHI OMEGA PI Founded, University of Nebraska, iqio Colors: Sapphire Blue and While Floiuer: Lilv-of-the-Vallev Publication: " The Pentagon " KENTUCKY KAPPA CHAPTER Installed in yc iS Cl. SS (IF 1935 Elizabeth Dingus I ' um Lewis Cl, SS OF ig.36 M01 ly Hardy Class of 1937 Anna Mhh McDonald Elizabeth Stoni Cl ss of 1938 JUANITA BrITTINGHAM ESTHER REYNOLDS vlrcinia fairi m kc ki i sauer Mayme Mascolino Katherine Wyati Mary Jordan Oder Jani Williams PAGE 101 Vft5 r g W» Top Ron LAMBDA OMEGA PAGE 102 I jfci LAMBDA OMEGA Organized Transylvania College, ioji ( ' ah ,ii Lavender and Inl.l Flower: Sunburst Rose Class of i g j M u: I l BRl CB ClIARI.OTTl HOI.MAX RoSi I I l ' I Dali Al k I Mil I I R Doro] in Mn 1 1 r Class ok 1936 M ii.n McClanahan M k . kii Spi k i M «i (vatherini Km Ni 1.1 1 Wilson M k I - 1 Ml I! ! ' ROSSI III II M kc. ri 1 ( ,11 pin Class 01 1937 Ki 1 11 Holmes LOKRAINl HOOS M K(, KM. I I [OPKINS GRACE l l s W ' ii 1 11 1 1 Rasch Mm urn 11 Si 1 ik 1 Cl ss ni [938 Evelyn I ' .i rki Ki 111 Hu elm KlIKISI W ' l S ' ! I KIHM M PAGE 103 CHI DELTA PHI PAGE 104 (Honorary Literary Sorority) Ai rii Iota Cm vpter [Jniversity of Tennessee i i i ) Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Pans} Publication: •riie Litterateur " Honor rv Memrers Miss Ri ' TH Betts U ' n. W ' imin [ONES Alph Chapter Top Row Dawson Miller Newell Second l! " Pei I. Bow . rs .].,, olis, Jon. Third Row [,e» is Mlll.l Quli I, Fourth limv Stnrlcs, Hoos Beard Fifth Ron Roean l ; . 1 1 1 1 Mi Edwards Bottom Ron Edu .ii ds Wilson, l ■ Lm ' Pi ,i in r ' fciftftM To,, li Y hi. I , MndflriN, . -li. .mull i ,11 l.i i III i I ' mi. in llsnll. I:. .1.1. HI. MEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Alpha Lambda Tun Kenneth M vddox ( )KI WlLlUR Phi kappa Tint Jac k Duncan Melvin Rhorer kap pa Alpha John Carter John Chen u lt ' A uppit Alpha I l I BOBBITT Willi vm Willson PAGE 105 Top Row il.l.i. Mntlilox Curtis, Patrrnuster Saunders Second l{ Boynton, Pagetl i - ' ■ i Warstler, Britton ll.n.l Ron i umbaugh ' ohra Fourth Ron Helm, w I Kvle. Wright li, • i Fifth lt " « B u r n s t i n , I, Saslav, si tli Ron Dawson, Martin Taul Willis iggins Seventh Ron Lytle, Sanders Thoryn, Itobin II in I, s Bottom Ron Ti o ■ I Mi II. ill. ii L Jl iJ r,il J Alt J 4, OMICRON CHAPTER PAGE I f : 6 ALPHA LAMBDA TAU ll ' m Chapter, Oglrthorpt I niversity, Q 6 Colors: Black and Gold Flower: American Beaut R " m ' Publications: " Rose Leaf " and " The A. L. T. " ( )MICR . CHAPTER Installed in n Ju F.ACt 1 1 M I- IBER II. II. Groves Class of IQJ5 James Curtis Ira Paternoster Kfwi in Maddox Oren Wilder II. C. O ' Brian Class " I a) ,6 Leonard Boynton Eari Nallinger Gerald Kkii k -ki 1 ' m.m i Wii i kh Hoppi k Edgar Saundi rs Edw in Class ' I rg , ' ; Marvin Burnstini Arthur Gorman Georgi Kwi Louis Cohen Marion Hum Joe Lehman Paul Crumbaugh Virgil Hun Sami ii Sasi u John Freer Pali Kibler Sebron Wilhoii R.w mono Wrichi Class oj 1 1) , S ' William Cook Richard Lytle Burneti Thoryn Jons Dawson James 1 kii Loman r rover Jack Goodvear Ri McHatton George Wigcins William Hurlei Marvin Maurici Willis Si i-k! ing Saunders I am es I M I PAGE 107 Ti | 1! " » : I In N. Hill M;is| in Starns Second K : Carter E Third lt.,i t : i:. nolcls Grag§ I I ii Fourth Ron : Kendal Talhotl i ' ,n il Bottom Row : i ' ii nsli i w Kingsbury ' i I. ■ - ALPHA THETA CHAPTER PAGE 108 -i i K A P P ALPHA Alpha Chapter, Washington and Lee University, 1865 Colors: Crimson and Gold Flowers: Magnolia and American Beauty Rose Publications: " The Kappa Alpha Journal, " " The Special Messenger " ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Installed in i$ui F ri ltv Members Ok. E. E. SNonm D. C. Croxei Class OF 1935 John Chen li i Howard Mastix Thomas Freeman Jesse Simpson Charles S 1 k s John L. Carter W ' ll I I l El DRl D Ci vss of 1936 M k i Garner Enw ri Kv xoi n i Cl ss OF [937 Log lv Gr gg I loi ton Ki- i u i Rawleigh K. H ki Robert Talboti Class of [938 Robert Cord Georgi Grfer George Crenshaw Leslii Kixgsbi in PliK I I K O kl s PAGE 109 mMmh Top K " v u illson Si I tiTn.i I.- I Pieratt, Bobhitt Second Row i ; i .1 Wiggins SI. Mill I Carpi nt ' i Dean I I, ml Ron l;iiu mi I i ' o I ' . I : i 1 1 I • 1 1 1 Fourth linu I I ■ ;i t mi, Dawso i rn , ii i Nilsiin, r.nli.-i In lil I Illli Row Atkinson Sheldon Gray, La Bottom Ron .InlMI-nll Mill lull i ' mii. Ewall I ' llllll llH.II KAPPA CHAPTER PAGE I 18 A P P A L P H A Alpha Chapter, University oj I ' iryinia, iS h Colors: Garnel and Gold Flower. Lily-o) the-Vallej I ' ublieations. " I In Shield and Diamond, " " The Dagger and Kr " KAPPA CHAPTER Installed in IQOO Fact, lty Me mbers Dr. A. V. Fortune Gentry Shelton Alfred Rmi Cl ss OF [935 Edwin Bobbiti Raymond Schoonmaker C ' ii k es Pier 1 1 William Wii i son Class OF 1936 William Carpenter Harold Runyon M. L. Dean Paul Stauffer Harrywood Grai Alvin T. Wiggings Cl ss of 1 937 ( j| ORGI l!l iip ROBER I FlTZPATRICK J a Cox Joe Hi i ( !i orgi D son F rank Jones fOHN A I KIXSON Will I AM l!l [TERFIE1 1 Warren Carr . ( ' RISH I I I Cl ss or 1938 W ' n I 1 wi Cui 1.1 r rsON WOl I ORD EWAl I Logan .. Grai Robi rt M. Johnston (l INT lull Al BERT R MlTCHEl I Jay C. Nelson C M. Sheldon PAGE I I I THETA CHAPTER FAGE I 12 P H KAPPA TAU Alpha Chapter, Miami University, iqoIi Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold Flown Red Carnation Publications: " The Laurel " and " Star Dust " Tlll ' TA CHAPTER Installed, in lulu Faculty Member Dr. C. L. I ' uii Cl ss of [935 Mi lvin Rhorer Class of 1936 1 u ' K I )i m: Gi iR Pi 1 1 1 1 1 ' hum - Vaughn Cl ss OF 1937 Carrvi Bki 1 1 John Franz Paul Danheiser (n ki i s Li ni 1; ! ' l ss 1 H I 938 Bernard A. Kenner Arthur Arnholi Thomas Bi cv. Dudley De Zusi Walden Napier Douglas Kiwi Melvin Lisk PAGE 113 Mather, Dingus, Britt, Dawson, Bruce, Dewey, Boy ton Frank, Franz Starks, Steinkohl Kingsburj Cla THE HONOR COUNCIL Senior Representatives M k ' i Oris Mather, Chairman I n» rh Hkiii Elizabeth Dingus, Secretary Imim Dawson, Deputy Ji nkir Representatives Mari Edna Bruce Curtis Dewey Leonard Km s roN, Deputy Sophomori Ri present ti es Beecher Frank John Franz Ei in Si auks, Deputy Freshman Representatives IIiiisx SiHNkiiiii Leslie Kingsbury 1 a Ci ay, Deputy PAGE 114 ft ■■■■■ " •. Tl TO n oo CRIMSON PRESENTS Jrli s s cJr a s ijlvan ' t a MARY INGLE McGILL Mr. (Plan eer EDWIN BOBBITT f B B zfLrst Cfttenoants CllraUk Mool, toe l ' ViQcjin% Second Ofttendanti BAYNHAM SHOE COMPANY Incorporated STYLE— COMFORT ECONOMY EAST MAIN NEAR LIME BREEZY BRIEFS Well, folks, this is the windup of a very successful year for dear old Transy. With the largest Frosh class on record successfully assimilated into our student body and made ardent Transvlvania-ites, we are read) ' to face anybody or anything. Among the many reforms, improvements, and innovations noted on the campus this year were: a newly-uniformed band, the robed choir for Tuesday services, the weekly- French table, a lot of new planting on the campus, and a new program that is being prepared for next year. The Grand Finale in College Lire Instant Freeze Ice Cream Loans under the National Housing Act for remodeling, repairs, improve- ments and modernization, repayable in low monthly installments, are add- ing millions in new sales value to old houses everywhere. Your made-to-order opportunity is here. See us for information. We shall be glad to arrange all details for you. COMBS LUMBER COMPANY •439 E. Main Street Incorporated LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Telephone Ashland 5300 THE STAFF Wishes to thank the following business men ana concerns for their co-ofreration in the publication of the 1935 Crimson: Lexington Roller Mills Co., Inc. Honaker — The Florist The Fair Store Peerless Laundry Q$ Dry Cleaning Co. Brown s Bootene Society Brand Clothes RS THORPE SON Incorporated " The Men ' s Store of Lexington " Opposite Phoenix Hotel A newspaper should be judged almost solely on its news — the completeness, rhe accuracy, tht enterprise, the decency, the constructive quality of the information to which it devotes its space. READ THE LEXINGTON LEADER COMPLIMENTS OF Fred Bryant Motor Company Thanks to Bozo, the mind-reading dog. Prof. Payne can no longer kid us about his age. No reminiscences of the year would be F irst National Bank Trust Co. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY CAPITAL, $1,000,000.00 Established 1865 Member Federal Reserve System COMPLIMENTS OF LAFAYETTE HOTEL complete without mention of the George- town football game, and the subsequent sev- ering of relations. Remember how historic old Morrison had to undergo a " facial " ? LEXINGTON DAIRY Incorporated GRADE A PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone Ashland 7878 Ashland 7879 Generally conceded to be the " hardest " teachers are Miss Betts and sometimes Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones always asks you things you thought you knew and had forgotten. THERE ' S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU ICE CREAM J CRFAM Of THl BlUJGRASS TAYLOR TIRE COMPANY 24-Hour Service LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Compliments of ADES-LEXINGTON DRV GOODS CO. and Miss Bctts asks you things that you didn ' t even study. Sorry the hoys didn ' t get the Transy son Sutter wore when he played on Eastern ' s ' Meet Me At " THE ARCADIA Cor. Fourth and Broadway Soda, Sandwiches, Lunch, Magazine football team. Better luck next time. Too bad, too, about the basketball team losing out in the KIAC tourney, but we ' re proud of them anyway, and think they did very- well. Howard and Heafey Florists Winchester Road LEXINGTON, KY. " WE NEVER DISAPPOINT " Phone Ashland 404 Stage crafters scored a great coup in pre- senting Professor Edward Saxon as " Shy lock " m the " Merchant of Venice. " The whole play was a milestone in the achieve- ments of the organization. Compliments of PHOENIX DRUG M angels, Inc. 210 West Main Street The favorite shopping quarter for the College " Miss " . Outstanding Femi- nine Apparel for those who demand the smartest. PRICES ALWAYS REASONABLE Some of the year ' s most flourishing " cases " — Peggy T. and Red Garner; Newell and Milward; Mingle and Gentry. He nrietta and Jimmie R.: " Woody " and Mary Lou; PRINTING AND ENGRAVING HURST AND BYARS PRINTING COMPANY, Inc. 165-167 N. Lime Phone Ashland 760 WHITE SPOT CAFE The Right Spot is the White Spot George Sarras Main at Lime " For Kentucky First First With the News THE LEXINGTON HERALD Compliments of THE MITCHELL, BAKER-SMITH COMPANY LEXINGTON. KENTUCKY KELLER-ORAM Flowers 119 West Main Phone Ash. 7000 Jane Allen and Bill; Pet Meng and Holton Kendall; Hoffle and Hibner; Mary Heins and Dick Lytic; Budge and " Schoonie " ; Portia and Virginia; Kady Orwin and Jack C; Helen Smith and Bill Cook; Ethel and Cardy; Lutes and Bobhitt, etc. Were Luralene and Joe engaged? Didn ' t Mingle make a very lovely " Miss Transylvania " on that big day or the year, " Transylvania Day " ? Has Phoebe lost her heart to a Phi Delta Pledge at State? LEXINGTON CAB COMPANY Phone Ashland 8200 LEXINGTON CAB DELIVERY CO., Inc. ANYTHING IN TRANSPORTATION CABS, CITY BUSES FOR TRUNKS AND DELIVERIES CALL ASHLAND 444 Patronize Our Advertisers r FURRIERS STORAGE CLEANING ANGELUCCI © RINGO Authentic Fashions for Men 149 E. Main St. Lexington, Ky. Compliments of Lexington Laundry Company FROM A FRIEND « " HS:al 540 Walnut Street PRINTING AND BOOKBINDING . . . COMMERCIAL PRINTING COMPANY Lexington, Kentucky Payne-Whitenack Co. Wholesale Grocers Nos. 308-312 East Vine Street LEXINGTON, KV. Fancy Domestic and Imported Food Products Phones Ashland 27, 60 THE TOGGERY SHOP 114 East Lime Street LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY and a lot of other mid-year graduates arc out in " the cold, cruel world " working for their living. Polly and Roy are married. Miss Bell is Mrs. Hamrick. a freshman boy " GIFTS THAT LAST " SKULLER ' S Lexington s Leading J eivelers 115 WEST MAIN STREET LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Like any campus, Transylvania has her marriages, deaths, and departures. Ann Elizabeth Jones is now over in Paris studying at the Sorbonne. Captain John Schwalm Laiayette-Phoenix Garage The Very Best Adjoining Lafayette Hotel COMPLIMENTS Ol Chrysler U-Drive- -It • 134 E Short Street Ashland 8552 Convenient to the College TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING CO. Incorporated D ance Programs ana Fraternity Stationery, Omce Outfitters, Stationers Printers, 108 N. UPPER STREET LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY got married, hut his father had it annulled. so we are told, and no doubt there are " secret marriages " as yet unrerreted out. Patronize Our Advertisers In closing, I ask, as Beecher Frank did all year, " Are You Happy? " VANCE INSURANCE AGENCY 515 CITIZENS BANK BUILDING Phone Ashland 424 REMINGTON RAND TYPEWRITERS Typewriters for Sale or Rent Corner Church and North Lime LEXINGTON, KY. ► VIRGIL HOFF, Campus Agent PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS QUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS CROPPERS LAUNDRY Phone Ashland 210 117 West Short Street TRANSYLVANIA COLLEGE " First in the West " 155th Year Standard Courses Leading to A.B. Degree SUMMER SESSION, 1935 JUNE 10 TO AUGUST 17 THE COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE An Institution for the Training of Religious Leaders Courses Leading to P.Th.B., M.R.E. and B.D. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY The F olloivmg Merchants Generously Donate d Toward the Publication of the 1935 Crimson TRIANGLE MARKET McGOVERN BROS., LEXINGTON PRODUCE CO. A. D. ROBERTSON, Wholesale CITY FRUIT MARKET W. W. STILL PICTURES IN THIS BOOK BY SPENGLER STUDIO 139 West Main Ashland 240 IX DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITURE Quality Photographs Oil Portraits Expert Copying Miniatures Frames Somebody, Somewhere, Wants You) Photograph THIS BOOK Designed and Printed by BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee Engraved by the JAHN AND OLLIER ENGRAVING COMPANY Chicago, Illinois

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