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Text from Pages 1 - 140 of the 1934 volume:

■ ' iv. W ' ' ' ' ' U ( ,V , ' ' ' , : f i y{ P .MV, m-K ■■{ ih: . ' MW ' ' - .(; ' ' 1 . ' i . ' , V . • ' ■ . J ■ ■1 ' ' y 1 ' ■ ' , V ' , 1 ' i " :r.,.-;M ■ v 4 1 t -;s " v ( ' ■ r fv ,vl. ' ■■,. ' ! -■: .-v :i ' :y- :. ' i, v ' " y ' IH K ■• ' ■ ;- ' ' ■ ' kI ' ' ■ . ' ' ■ ' ■, ' %M i ' , ' ' ' ' ' - : - vv, ( : 1 ■ ?: ' iV ' - s:¥.j- -;v:::: ' :t ' i ' : !; ' : ' ■■! J: i. :.i ■ ' • ••■■ ' A. )A:V ' ' - n - ' : r ■■e : , ((:■ ' :: J ::XC: ' Ar ' ' :;? J:, :,■::[: :Av-A- ■■. :A. " :-i ' ' 3 ' ' ' ' A ' - ' ' ' • ■■■ ' ii ' ' : ' ' ' ) -. , t : ' .f .ss-AJ- - EX LIBRIS KENT PENDLETON •« BUSINESS MANAGER ■ A YEAR BOOK PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF Transylvania College LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY THE DEDICATION Dr. Ernest Woodruff Delcamp THE STAFF OF THE 1934 CRIMSON HONORS THIS ANNUAL BY DEDI- CATING IT TO DR. ERNEST WOOD- RUFF DELCAMP, A PIONEER. . . FOR THE PAST THIRTY YEARS DR. DELCAMP HAS BEEN INSEPARABLE FROM TRANSYLVANIA. HIS HEART, HIS TIME, HIS INESTIMABLE CAPAC- ITIES, TALENTS, ABILITIES AND MIND HAVE BEEN DEVOTED TO THE GROWTH OF THE COLLEGE. THE SAME FERVENT ARDOR THAT CHARACTERIZED HIM AS AN UN- DERGRADUATE HAS MADE HIM INVALUABLE AS A FACULTY MEMBER OF TRANSYLVANIA; AS A MAN AND A LEADER OF MEN. . FOEJEWOE] THE CRIMSON HAS AS ITS PURPOSE THE PERPETUATION OF THE GLORIES OF TRANSYLVANIA, TO RECORD THE MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT BODY— ITS CHIEFEST GLORY; ITS LEADERS AND THE FOLLOWERS OF THOSE LEADERS. HERE IS PICTURED WHAT MADE TRANSYVANIA LIVE. i i i i i WE HAVE HOPED TO CAPTURE THE INTANGIBLE SOME- THING—SPIRIT—THAT HAS MADE TRANSYLVANIA, AND WHICH WILL MAINTAIN ITS PERSONALITY WHEN THIS BOOK IS YELLOW WITH AGE AND, WE HOPE, A CHERISHED REMINDER OF THE COLLEGE OF 1934. BOOK ONE H ' u i ■ ' - ' f ' 1 1 ' ' ::i t ' Z ' , ' , i ' fi " ' h ! ' i V.C ' i . ' . i ' !::MMlil!!l!: " mliliilllliiHiinniiiillmil!l " !:i!Hillll:::::n)::::!il::::»: ,,.,,...,,...,...,,...,,...,,.....,l....,,l.. J,,,ll DR. ARTHUR BRADEN PRESIDENT The Class of 1934 has the honor and distinction of being the first to have spent its full course of years at Transylvania while the College was under the administration of Dr. Arthur Braden. With him we struggled through one of the greatest economic depressions the country has known. We saw him fight with courage, and win. With him we have learned to live with that courage. Through him we, as does Transylvania College, face the future unafraid. Page ele Den THE FACULTY LELAND A. BROWN, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Biology ERNEST V. DELCAMP, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Ertijlisli, Music LEONIDUS R. DINGUS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Modern Languages ALONZO V. FORTUNE, B.D., Ph.D. Christian Doctrine VIRGIL F. PAYNE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Registrar, CJiemistry HARVEY A. WRIGHT, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. Mathematics C. C. FREEMAN, A.B., M.A., LL.D. English C. L. PYATT, A.B., M.A., B.D., Th.D. out Testament ELMER E. SNODDY, A.B., M.A., LL.D. Philosophy JULIA F. .ALLEN, A.B., M.A. English FLORENCE BELL, A.B., M.A. Physical Education RUTH BETTS, A.B., M.A. English Page twel ve THE FACULTY CHARLES Y. FREEMAN, A.B., M.A. Pliysicat Educalion WALTER C. GIBBS, A.B., B.D. Cliunli History HOWARD IL GRO ' ES, A.B., M.A. Eco iomiis, Sociology WINONA S. JONES, A.B., M.A. Roinanct ' Lanyuatjes JAMES L. LEGGETT, B.S., M.A. Ediuation. Fsyi liuloyy GEORGE V. MOORE, A.B., B.D., M.A. Reliijious Eiiuialion MAY HUGHES NOLAND, A.B. Music JAMES M. SAUNDERS, B.S., M.A. P iysics, Cliemislry EDWARD SA.XON Expression lASPER B. SHANNON, A.B., M.A. History, Political Science DANIEL C. TRO.XEL, A.B., B.D. A ' -ir Testament ELIZABETH YAN METER, A.B., M.A. Cliemistry Page thirteen OFFICERS OF THE ADMINISTRATION SPENCE S. CARRICK, A.B., LL.B. Treasurer JESSIE LEDRIDGE Secretary to the President JOSEPHINE GROSS Assistant Treasurer IRENE McDonald, a.b. Assistant to the Registrar MRS. VIRGINIA McLONEY Dietician HOUSE MOTHERS Mrs. B. C. Deweese Mrs. Grace Gaines Mrs. H. C. McDougall Mrs. W. T. Withers Page fourteen The Classes m ' - im BOOK TWO OFFICERS Melvin Thomas Stubes, President Ludlow, Kentucky Kappa . ' lpha ; Class President, i ; Football, i ; Basketball, i ; Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4. LiciLLE Gordon, J ' icc-Prcudcnt Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Delta Delta Delta, Hamilton Cr.llese, i, 2; Y. W. C. A., 3, 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Chi Delta Phi, 4; Atheneiim Club, 4. Roy S. Hulan. Sccietarv-Trcauirc- Shelbyville, Tennessee Crimson Club, 2, 3. 4; Aleph Thcta Ze, 3, 4; Atheneum, 3, 4; Secre- tary, Y. M. C. A., 2, 3; Vice-Preiident, 3, 4; President Crimson Club, 4. SEN O R S SENIORS VINCENT A. BARR FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY Pi Kappa Alpha; V . nf K., ROSCOE C. BARTLETT, JR. MILNER, KENTUCKY Atheneum, 4. BENNIE F. BRATTON GARY, INDIANA Alpha Lambda Tau ; Foolball, i, VERNON McKAY BURKHART AKRON, OHIO Pi Kappa Alpha; Football, i, 2, 3, +; Glee Club I, 2, 3; Band. 3; Stagecrafters, i, 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A., 2, 3; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic, 4; Book and Bones, 4; Lampas, 3, 4; Mr. Pioneer, 4. WALTER DOUC L. S CARDWELL ST. .MATTHEWS, KENTUCKY Pi Kappa Alplia; Orchestra, i; Band, i, 2; Glee Club, 3; Y. .Vl. C. A., I, 2, 3; Stagecrafters, 3, 4; Football, I, 2, 3, 4 ; Lampas, 4. FLORA LEWIS CASSELL HARRODSBURC, KENTUCKY Delta Delta Delta; Women ' s Department nf Centre College, I, 2. SENIORS LEONA KATHRVN CONLEY LEXl-VGTOK, KENTUCKY Stagecraftcrs, i, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club Reader, CHARLES D. DARSIE CVNTHIANA, KENTUCKY rhi Kappa Fan; Fii.)thall, j, I5a k:tball, 3, 4. ERNESTINE DELCAMP LEXIN ' GTON, KENTUCKY Lambda Omega; Orchestra, i, 2, 3, 4; G ' ee Club, 4; V. W. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Cabinet, 2, 3; Band, 3, ) ; Siiiilcnl Director of Band, 3, 4. KATE TRAIU E DICKINSON GLASGOW, KENTUCKY Lambda Omega; Y. W. C. A., i, 2, 3, 4; Cabinet, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3; Band, 3, 4; Rambler Staff, 3, 4; President, Crook and Crones, 4. MARY T. EDWARDS CORBIN, KENTUCKY Alpha Delta Theta ; Kentucky Wcsleyan College, i, 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Stagecraftcrs, 3, 4. LILLIAN RAY GOODAN MT. STERLING, KENTUCKY Alpha Delta Theta; Y. M. C. A., i, 2, 3, 4; Cab- inet, 2, 3, 4; Crimson Club, 2, 3, 4; Wonnen ' s Pan- Hellenic, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, Junior Class; Pan Anthropica, 2, 4; Rambler Staff, 4; Chi Delta Phi, 2; Vice-President, Crook and Crones, 4; " Miss Transylvania, " 4. SENIORS WALTER BREWSTER GREENWOOD BROOKLYN " , NEW YORK Pi Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A., i, 2, 3, 4, Cabinet, 2, 3, 4; Crimsnn Club, 2, 3, 4; Atheneum, 3, 4; Sigma Upsilon, i, 2, 3, 4; Crimson Rambler Staff, 1; Crimson Staff, 3; Tennis, 3, 4; Book and Bones, 4; Lampas, 3, President, 4: Editor-in-Chief, T ie Crimson Rambler, 2; T ie Transylvatiian, 3; The Crimson, 4. JAMES J. GRIEVES FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA Football, 4. WENDELL H. GROVES LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY ' Alpha Lambda Tau; Football, i; Football Man- ager, 2, 3,4; Band, 2, 3 ; Atheneum, 4. LULU SUTHERLAND HAHN MOUNT EDEN, KENTUCKY Western Teacher ' s College, i, 2, 3; V. W. C. A., 4; International Relations Club, 4. MARGARET BURFORD HARRIS VERSAILLES, KENTUCKY ' ROEMOL HENRY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Y. W. C. A., I, 2; Chi Delta Phi, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4. SENIORS LUCY ROBERTA HOGAN I.EXINCTOX, KENTUCKY Y. W. C. A., I, 1, 3, 4, Secretary, 2; Stagecrafters, 2, 3, 4; Athencum, 4; International Relations Club, j; Crook and Crones, 4. WILLIAM C. HIFFMAN CLARKSBURG, WESl VIRGINIA Pi Kappa Alpiia; V. of K., i, 2. ANN ELIZABETH JONES LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Delta Delta Delta; Stagecrafters, i, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3; Atheneum, 4; Assistant Editor of Ramhlrr, 2; Crook and Crones, 4; Chi Delta Plii, i, 2, 3, 4. marc;aretta kchlman PAINT LICK, KENTUCKY Y. V. C. a., I, 4; Atheneum, 4. ARTHUR E. LAN DOLT CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY Springfield College, i; Stagecrafters, 2, 3; Athe- neum, 4; Honor Council, 4; Band, 3; Crimson Rambler, 2; Business Manager, Crimson Rambler and Trarisylvanian, 3, 4. BUYD WINDER MAHAN PETERSBURG, KENTUCKY Editor Crimson Rambler, 3, Associate Editor, 2; Ha-ketball, i, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4; Lampas, 3, 4; Football, 2; Sigma L ' psilon, 3; Tennis, 3, 4, Cap- tain, 3. SENIORS THOMAS J. MATTlNtiLV OVVEXSBOXO, KEN ' IUCKY Pi Kappa Alpha; Basketball, i; Pi Kappa Delta, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; StaKecrafters, i, 2, 3, 4; Honor Council, 4; Secretary, Book and Brnes, 4; Chair- man of Student Body, 4; Alcph Theta Ze. JANE MURRAY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Phi Omega Pi; Stagecrafters, i, 2, 4; Glee Cluh, i ; Rambler Staff, i, 2, 3, 4; Women ' s Pan-H.dlenic, 4; Y. W. C. A., I, 4. H. DUNCAN NAVE NICHOLASVILLE, KENTLICKV Pi Kappa Alpha; U. of K., DARREL J. NORWOOD ELKHART, INDIANA Glee Club, i, 2, 3; Band, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, i, 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Honor Council, 2, 3, 4; Aleph Theta Ze ; Lampas, 3, 4. MRS. KENT PENDLETON LHXINCION, KENTUCKY KENT PENDLETON LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Sigma Upsilon, 3, 4; Book and Bones, 4; Busines Manager, The CrimsoNj 3, 4. SENIORS I.ons PAUL PAWLOWSKY HAMIITON ' , OHIO Phi Kappa Tau ; Football, i, 2, 3, 4; Baskediall, 2, 3, 4; Mill ' s Pan-llellenic, 3, 4; Book and Bones, 4. A. R. ROBERTSON, JR. MT. STERLING, KENTUCKY Kappa Alpha; Y. M. C. A., i, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Pi Kappa Orlta, i, 2, 3, 4, President, 2; Stage- cratters, i, 2, 3, 4; Lampas, 3, 4; Football, i, 3; Men ' s Pan-Hellenic, 3; CRIMSON ' Staff, i; Aleph Theta Ze, 3, 4. V. MARSHALL ROGERS DETROIT, MICHIGAN Sigma Upsilon, 3, 4; Associate Editor, Riimhlrr, 3. RALPH H. SAUNDERS SAVANNAH, GEORGIA Sigma Upsilon, 2, 3, 4; Stagecrafters, 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta, 3, 4, President, 4; Honor Council, 2, 3; Aleph Theta Ze, 2, 3; Crimson Rambler Staff, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, 4, Cabinet, 4; Lampas, 4; President of Class, 2. JOHN W. SCHWALM HAMILTON, OHIO Phi Kappa Tan; Football, i, 3, 4. Captain, 4; Miami, i; St. Xavier, 2; Track, i; Basketball, i. EUNICE SMITH CANADA, KENTUCKY PikeviUe College, i; Eastern Teacher ' s College, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A., 4; Glee Club, 4; Stagecrafters, 4. SENIORS OLIN H. STEVENSON BIRMIN ' CHAM, ALABAMA Phi Kappa Tau ; Birmingham-Southern, i, 2; Foot ball, 3, 4, Alternate Captain, 4; Stagecrafters, 2. SALLY STONE LEXIN-CTOV, KENTUCKY Phi Omega Pi; Y. W. C. A., i; Assistant Manager, Crimson Ramhtf r, i, 2; Vice-President, Women ' s Athletic Association, 3; Junior Editor, Crimson, 3; Assistant Business Manager, Crimson, 4; Crook and Crones, 4; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic, 4; Crimson Club, 4. OMER HOLFERD STUBBS LUDLOW, KENTUCKY Kappa Alpha; Pi Kappa Delta, 3, 4; Honor Coun- cil, 2, 3, President, 4; Business Manager, Stage- crafters, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3; Editor of T Book, 4; Atheneum, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3; Pan An- thropia, 2, 3. WILLIAM STEWART STUBBS LUDLOW, KENTUCKY Kappa Alpha; Football, i; Basketball, i; Pan An- thropia, i; Crimson Staff, i, 4; President, Sigma Upsilon, 4; President, Book and Bones, 4; Athe- neum, 4; Stagecrafters, 34; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, I, 3, 4; Rambler Staff, 4. WINSTON ROBERT STUBBS LUIILOW, KEXTUCKY Kappa Alpha; Football, i; Pan Anthropia, i, 2; Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 4; Sigma Upsilon, 2, 4; Stage- crafters, 2, 4, President, 4; Editor, The Crimson Rambler I 4; Atheneum, 4; Lampas, 4. MARY ALICE TALBOTT CYNTHIANA, KEXTUCKY Hamilton, i, 2; U. of K., 3; Y. W. C. A., 4; Gl Club, 4; Chi Delta Phi, 4. SENIORS CHRVSTAL K. THOMPSON MIDDLETOWN, OHIO llflta Drita Delta; Glee Club, i, 2, 3; Ckimson, 2; Crimson Rambler, i, 2; Stagecrafters, i, 2, 3, 4; Chi Delta Phi, i, 2; Women ' s Pan-Hellenic, 3; Band, 3, 4. LEETHA LORETTA TROXEL LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Delta Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A., i, 2, 4, Cabinet, 2, 4; Chi Delta Phi, i, 2, 4, President, 4; Orches- tra, I, 2, 4; Glee Club, 4; Editor of Transylvanian, 4; Sorbonne, University of Paris, 3. LUCILE WHARTON LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY HELEN LOUISE WILLIAMS LANCASTER, KENTUCKY Alpha Delta Theta ; Glee Club, i, 2, 4; Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Rambler Staff, 4; International Re- lations Club, 4; Flute and Violin Club, 4. MARY ELIZABETH WITT VERSAILLES, KENTUCKY Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 4; Glee Club, i, 2, 3; Athe neuin, 4. LULA CALVERT WOOD MAYSVILLE, KENTUCKY W. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4; Band, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, Atheneum, 4; Stagecrafters, 4; Pan Anthropia, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Rambler Staff, 4. Vale A hundred years. Big stretch, no matter how You figure it. Too bad they put those lights Out here. They could have left the old, or done Without. Electric lights can ' t harmonize With pillars old as yours. But then it ' s not Your fault, or mine. Such things must be. It ' s like The cars out front on concert nights. New tines. New faces. Like the smashed-in noses on The newer cars? You haven ' t noticed yet? You can ' t remember everything, I guess. You can ' t remember me. I came four years Ago. It rained that night. I can recall I saw your dirty walls that looked so gaunt From lack of care. I laughed and said, " Why don ' t They fix the place? " 1 thought you needed — you Who has so much to give. Four years is long. It is to us, at least. I guess you know. I ' ve learned a lot of love and pride, and things We won ' t go into here. This present crew Is more of head than heart, and think it smart To be blase. I wish I ' d learned to cry, Or speak in Greek, I ' d show you how I felt. It ' s getting late. About the time I came Four years ago. You don ' t remember that? I ' m leaving now. You won ' t remember that. I shall. I ' m taking part of you along. The parts that don ' t need fixing. Never will. Be seeing you. Too bad about the lights. My cheek is wet. It must be raining some. Page twenty-s ' ix OFFICERS Edwin Borbitt. Prcnilcnt COVINGTON, KIXTUCKV Hexrietta AIize, J ' icc-Prcsiilcnt AI.BUQUERQUL, NEW MEXICO Irene Kirby, Sfcrctary-Ticasw cr WEIIAWEE, ALABAMA i: yj JUNIORS ::.i::..i::;.itii!:;.iii!r!:;,iiiiiitii Mnii:;::::!!:;:!!!!;:::-!;:::;;::!;:::;;::;:::. i. JUNIORS JEANNETTE BARR CARLISLE, KY. JIMMIE ELLEN BARR CARLISLE, KV. BARBARA BOWERS LEXINGTON, KY. EDWARD BRITT BANCROFT, NEB. GEORGE BURDICK LEXINGTON, KY. ELIZABETH CALHOUN MILLERSBURG. KY. HOYLE CARLOCK ETOWAH, TENN. ANNA MAE CARTER STANFORD, KY. JOHN CHENAULT WEST POINT, MISS. • RANK CLAYTON SPRINGFIELD, TENN. Page ivjenty-eifflit JUNIORS GEORGE CRAIN LONG BEACH, CAL. JAMES CCRTIS VERSAILLES. KV. LILLIAN DALE PARIS, KY. EMILY YOLNG DAWSON LtXISCTOX, KY. IRENE DAY LEXIKGTON, KY. ELIZABETH DINGUS LEXIXCTON, KY. HARRY DOUGHERTY WILLUMSTOWN, KV. DOI.LIE GATEWOOD CARLISLE, KY. CH.-VRLOTTE HOLMAN LEXINGTON, KV. KATHLEEN HORNER BIRMINGHAM, ALA. Id I ' X Page t ienly-nine .!;;;::;:::;£;;!:;ll:::;ii:!:iMi!:r::;;iilliiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:i:!n tL Mt JUNIORS MARY BETTY IRELAND CORINTH, KY. SARA MARGARET JONES NORTH MIDDLETOWN, KY. WOODROW LESTER LIBLRTY, KY. MARGARET LEWIS LEXINGTON, KY. EARL LITTON CHARLESTON, W. VA. FRANCES LUTES OWINGSVILLE, K Y. MARY INGLE McGILL SHELBVVILLE, TENN. KENNETH MADDOX CRESTVVOOD, KY. MARY OTIS MATHER HODGENVTLLE, KY. CLINTON MEININGER LOVELAND, OHIO ;;;;;;;;nilll|||l||]|i;i||i:||lili:i;iui;;;;i;;ii;;;;;ii|;; Page thirty ll![|||||||lllllllllllllllllll SiiS;:. JUNIORS ALBERT PAGETT GARY, I n. IRA PATERNOSTER SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA m r EMMA PECK LEXINGTON ' , KY. CORA PETTIT FALMDl IH, KY. CHARLES PIERATT MT. S ' lERLING, KY. VIRGINTA PRATHER NORTH MIDDLETOWN ' , KY. MELVIN RllORER LEXINGTON ' , KY. SAMTEL PfRDY FALMnLTII, KY. JAMES RIDDLE NICHOLASVILLE, KY. BERTRAM RIGG MORGAN ' , KY. 1 ) es M O aJ P a mJ 4 |;™.J .,,;j.,,;;..,„ .,.,,, j..,,,,,|| Piii e thirty-one .::::i::£:li::;i::::!i:::llliii;ui!!!::::n(liliiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilillli;;;: » » JUNIORS Uij MARVMACK ROGAN MIDDLESBORO, KV. RAMON SCHOONMAKER KALAMAZOO, MICH. KATE STALLARD SHELBVVILLE, KY. CHARLES STARNS LEXINGTON, KV. SARAH THOMAS SHELBVVILLE, lENN. J ELISABETH THOMSON PORTSMOUTH, VA. iMM OREN WILDER WINCHESTER, KV. WILLIAM WILLSON ATHENS, TENN. n;;;;;;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin|;i;;;:;i.ii||; Page thirty li o OFFICERS Jack Duncan Presii mi COVINGTON, KENTUCKY Polly Anne Huffman, Vice-President SHELBVVILLE, TENNESSEE Robert Prewitt, Secretary-Treasurer LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY SOPHOMORES Page t iirty-tkree ;:;l;:i::;ii::;l::;il!::;:iii!::;ili!!: " ;i;Miii! iil hA mm nil ftMM 1% I1II1.m;;;;1II.;;;;|i SOPHOMORES LUCILLE ARNOLD FALMOUTH, KY. LUCV ATKINSON ' MT. STERLIXG, KY. HORATIO BARNES CINCINNATI, 0. ALMA BARXHILL LEXINGTON, KV. NOLAN BOWDEN MAVFIELD, KV. LEONARD BOVNTON GARY, IND. E ' ELYN BRIERLY SHARPSBURG, KY ' . GERALD BRITTON CINCINNATI, O. LILLIAN BROLGHTON PINEVILLE, KY. MARY BRUCE LAXETT. ALA. MARVIN BURNSTINE ELKHART, IND. JOHN CARTER STANFORD, KY. RUTH CLARK MOOREFIELD, KY. HENRIETTA CLAXON LAVVRENCEBURG, K . SUSAN CLEVELAND LEXINGTON, KY. CURTIS DEWEY BRAZIL, IND. PAUL DOHERTY LATROBE, PA. WILLIAM ELDRED LAVVRENCEBURG, KV. Page lliiny-four SOPHOMORES MARY ARMSTRONG ELLIOTT FRAXKFORT, KV. ANDREW FINCHAM LEXIXCTON " , KV. GERALD FISHER BRAZIL, IND. NL R ' IN GARNER LIBERTi ' , KV. TEMP.A GATNCE CARLISLE, KV. MAE GEARY BALTIMORE, MD. DALE GERSTER ELKHART, IND. HARRY WOOD GRAY COVINGTON, KV. MARGARET GREENLEE OWENSBORO, KV. EMILY GROSS LE.XINCTON, KV. MOLLY HARDY NASHVILLE, lENN. ARNOLD HARRISON ASTORIA, N. V. VIRGINIA HENRY NORTH MIDDLETOWN, KV. NOLAN HIBNER Lt.XIXCTON, KV. ANN CLAY H INKLE PARIS, KV. MARGARET HOFRICHTER BALTIMORE, MD. CHARLES HOLDER ROANOKE, ALA. EDNA HOOVER LE.XINCTON, KV. i " f?; r n f ' " i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiili;! ' ,;i ' i " ,! ' ,! Page thirty-five .;:::;!::i:::;i::;i:::;i!:::;ii!:::i:;il::::;;i;niiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiliii;i;;;i::::lh:;: ilMJ iik iii mi HL tiM ' ' ::; :;|:;;-:::;|::;||;;;|iii;;;;|ij;;;;;;iiiiilllllll|||||||| SOPHOMORES WILLARD HOPPER JEFFERSON ' VILLE, IND. MARGARET L. HOWARD LEXINGTON, KV. THELMA JACOBS LEXINGTON, KY. RUTH JONES NORTH MIDDLETOWN, KY. ELIZABETH KEISKER MEMPHIS, TENN. BETH KIBBLER CINCINNATI, 0. PAUL KIBBLER CINCINNATI, 0. J r ANITA LOWRY CARLISLE, KY. VIOLA LOWRY CARLISLE, KY. MATILDA McCLANAHAN DAYTON, KV. JOSEPH MANN ABERDEEN, MISS. MARGARET MAYES MAYO, KY. ALICE MILLER DAMOH, C. P., INDIA DOROTHY MILLER DAMOH, C. P., INDIA JOHN MOORE, JR. CHILESBURG, KY. EARL NALLINGER GARY, IND. PRANCES NEWELL MAYSVILLE, KY. KENNETH OSMAN BRAZIL, IND. Paffe thiriy-iix SOPHOMORES FRANK PERKINS LEXINGTON, KV. MARCrS PRATHER LEXINGTON, KV. ELEANOR REED RAVENNA, KV. EDWARD REYNOLDS MILLERSBUrC, KV. MARY RICE LEXINGTON, KV. JAMES S. RIDDLE NICHOLASVILLE, KV. JAMES K. RILEY LEXINGTON, KV. HAZEL ROWLAND LEXINGTON, KV. H. ROLD E. RUNYON EWTNC, KV. AUBREY RTSSELL TAVLORSVILLE, KY. CECIL SANDERS LANCASTER, KV. EDGAR SAUNDERS CARLISLE, KV. JANE ALLEN SIMPSON BURKESVILLE, KV. MARGARET SPEAKE VANARSDALL, KV. PAUL STAUFFER ATLANTA, CA. SAM STERNBERG BEATTIVILLE, KV. WAYNE THOMPSON STARK, KV. SYDNEY TIPTON LEXINGTON, KV. ( Cs DAP P P P iiiiiiiiMiiiMiiiiiii " ;;:;;;: " ;;:;:: Page thirty-seven ::::::;:::;i!::i::::l:!h;;ir:::;:il::h:Miil!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;::::!im % % Jr ' ' :::5::;;:::|:::::;:;;|::::ij;;;:il;i;;;;:::illi;iiiiiiii SOPHOMORES MARGARET TOLIVER DANVILLE, KY. STARLING TRACY WINCHESTER, KY. WILLETTA TUCKER LEXINGTON, KY ' . CHARLES TRUMBO FRANKFORT, KY ' . JEAN TUTT LEXINGTON, KY ' . LOriSE TUTT LEXINGTON, KY ' . MARY KERN TUTT LEXINGTON, KY ' . SOPHRONIA VEATH HARRODSBURG, KY ' . ELWIN WARSTLER MASSILLON, 0. CRAWI t)Rn WATTS FRANKFORT, KY ' . SARA E. WHALEY PARIS, KY ' . EVA NELLE WILSON LEXINGTON, KY ' . CECIL WOMACK CINCINNATI, 0. Pai e thirty-eight a e rtt a t It c ' clan jP cwd en June 22, 1912 %prii 16, 1034 H ' ' OFFICERS George Blanton, Frcs ' ulcnt LEXIXCTON ' , KEXTUCKV Frank Jones, Vicc-Prisiilcnt NORTH MIDDLETOWX, KENTUCKY Anna McM. Cox. Secretary-Treasurer FLEMINGSCUKG, KENTLiCKV FRESHMEN Page iliirty-nine a;::;!;;l:::;:::;T:::l!;:;;lii::;;ii!!!::MililliiiiiilllllllllllllllllliiHiiliilll;::villl:i!ill;:;:l D f O f ' .11 fTik ( ' H r f 1 p rN f fS .O f FRESHMEN T. H. Anderson Lexington, Ky. Elizabeth Baker .... Lexington, Ky. Walter Baker Camenon, Mo. Marv M. Barber .... 0 " ingsville, Ky. John S. Barnett .... Shelbyville, Ky. Altamae Beard .... Knnsas City, Mo. Neil Bertram Lexington, Ky. Alpha Brierly Paris, Ky. Elaine Brierly ....... Paris, Ky. NicKOLA Brilla Gary, Ind. Carrvl Brut ...... Lexington, Ky. Jack Bryden . ..... Detroit, Mich. yACQUELiNE BuLLARD .... Hazard, Ky. Jessie M. Burke Hazard, Ky. Rhea M. Burrow Bandana, Ky. Helen Caldwell .... Cave City, Ky. Mildred Campbell .... Lexington, Ky. Wm. J. Carpenter .... Shelbyville, Ky. Hugh Chandler ..... Gibson, Tenn. Margaret Chaney .... Lexington, Ky. Elizadeih Cla.xion .... Lexington, Ky. Louis Cohen Atlantic City, N. J Ernest Collins Bath, Ky. Ernest Combs ....... Hazard, Ky. Ray Combs Nicholasville, Ky. Cecil Cook . . ' ' .-.. Owensboro, Ky. Joe Conwell Jasper, Ala. Mary L. Cornell .... Lexington, Ky. • " ::; " :; " ::-:::|i:;;;i;;;;|ii;:;; ' , " i;;;;;;;: " iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiii;:;;;.. ' ' ;:;; Page forty Jack Cox Russell, Ky. Mary Crossfii;ld . . ■ Lawreiiceville, Ky. Paul Crl ' mbaugh Wabash, liid. John Darnell Frankfort, Ky. Evelyn Day ..... Nitiiolasville, Ky. M. L. Dean Nicholasvillc, Ky. Rubin Deckelbaum .... Cleveland, O. Dorothy Doub ... ' ... Detroit, Mich. Mary L. Dunn Lexington, Ky. Morgan Earl M .rg.Tiific!il, Ky. James Eckenhoff . . . Collings vood, N. J. Dorothy Edwards .... Lexington, Ky. Edwina Edwarls Lancaster, Ky. Erwina Edwarls . ' . . . . Lancaster, Ky. Isabel Elam Lexing;on, Ky. Allen S. Estill ..... Donerail, Ky. Wm. H. Everton .... Portsmouth, O. Jack Fairfa.x Jefferstown, Ky. Skid Far.mer Stinnett, Ky. Alma Fields Falmouth, Ky. Jeannette V. Flauiz . . . Covington, Ky. Phoebe Fluty ..... Winchester, Ky. Elizabeth Foley .... ' ersailles, Ky. Sally Francis Stanford, K . Deecher Frank . . . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. John Franz Lexington, Ky. Maxine Frazier Elsie Coal, Ky. John Freer Akron, O. FRESHMEN | " O ' 1 t. " f- ■ ' ' r% r- T% 1 i ' f ' a a a liii Page forty-one .iiSlliilSliitliiiillliiiiiliiilHiiliiii ' lliliiliiiiiliii WLMM mOMtM f% n t ' a FRESHMEN IsADORE Frisch Cleveland, O. Adelf. Gallie . . . Madero Canyon, Ariz. KiDON ' Gardner Pontiac, Mich. DoRoiHY Garrison .... Lexington, Ky. Margaret Gilpin Somerset, Ky. Richard Godfrey .... Lexington, Ky. Helen ' Goodman .... Shelhyville, Ky. Arthur Gorma. j .... New Castle, Pa. Logan Gragg Lexington, Ky. Hazel fiRiMES Falmouth, Ky. Howard 1L .viilton ' .... Somerset, Ky. Rawleigh K. Hart . . Flemingsburg, Ky. June Heatfiman Lexington, Ky. Joe Heaion Lexington, Ky. Lois Heaion Lexington, Ky. Marion Helm Elkhart, Ind. ' iroima Hill . . . . . South Bend, Ind. Susan Hinkle Paris, Ky. O. T. lilNTON Lexington, Ky. ' IRGIL Hoff Clinton, 111. Rl ' th Holmes Elkhart, Ind. James Holt Hazard, Ky. LORAINE Hoes . ' Hohart, Ind. Margaret Hopkins . . . Mt. Sterling, Ky. ' ENeiN B. Hohard .... Versailles, Ky. CJrace Ivins Elkhart, Ind. Margaret Jacods . . . S. Carrollton, Ky. Neil Jacobs ' . . Waycross, Ga. | ' ::::;i;;;;;|i " ;;;;;i] " iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNii ' i;;:,..i " ;; Page forty-two .,:;k;!::;ik;;ii:iir .;;r :;;;iui;:;;;;uuuiiiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiiiNin,;;;:;::i«;;;:;ii;::;h;;;:i.;;;.::h FRESHMEN John Johnson Miiiwny, Ky. Vincent Johnson .... Mays ville, Ky. Irving K.atzer . . . . . . Clevclaiul, O. HoLTON . . . Fleming hurg, Ky. Charloite Ki.aren .... Lexington, Ky. George Kyle New Castle, Pa. Harold Lauter . . Long Island C, N. V. Luther Lawrence Elliston, Ky. Joe Lehman ....... Elkhart, Ind. James Leins Brazil, Irul. Clifton Lesier . ..... Lilierty, Ky. Lois Lienhart ..... Wakarusa, Ind. Nathalie Linville Paris, Ky. Thelma Lowe Paris, Ky. Charles Li ' ZAder .... Covington, K . Nettie McClillough . . liirminghani, Ala. Anna McDonald .... Lexington, Ky. Lorinda Manning .... Economy, Ind. Carl Melton Evansville, Ind. Amanda Meng . . . N. Middletown, Ky. Adelle Metzel Cleveland, O. Franklin Moosnick .... Versailles, Ky. Henry R. Morris . ■ . Hopkinsville, Ky. Darwin Oliver . ' Hazard, Ky. FRANCE ' S PuLLES Shelbyville, Ky. WiLLETT Rasch Lexington, Ky. Alice Redden Midway, Ky. Minnie Riddle .... Nicholasville, Kv. (i ' P M (AtMM O d P ' ii::;|ji;;;;;;|i;i;;;;;|| i|iiiillllllllllllllliiiiii;|ili;;;;jj|li;;;ili:::;;;:;; Page forty-three .■£:;:;:l::;;i;::ii::;iii::ili!;i " Iiiii!i " " llli " i " iliiiii I A ts, . p ff | c f f % 1 i 4 FRESHMEN CiiARi Rs Robinson . . . . ' . Brazil, Ind. Wii.i.hi H. Rlsh Versailles, Ky. Samukl Saslaw Cleveland, O. MiLDREU Shawhan . . Georgetown, Ky. Doris Shrader Sulphur, Ky. Mil DKEi) SiFWERT Hobart, Ind. Shirley S.vinH Memphis, Tenn. Ei.siE Spanton Lexington, Ky. Ethel Stamler Lexington, Ky. Effie Starks Midway, Ky. Elizabeth Stoxe .... Lexington, Ky. Forth Sirickland .... Savannah, Ga. Margarei Su.MPiER Paris, Ky. Mary Sweeney Lexington, Ky. RoDERT Talboit .... Georgetown, Ky. Clint Tankersley .... Bardwell, Ky. Ben Taylor Paris, Ky. iviAx Thomas Falmouth, Ky. Dorothy Tincher .... Beattyville, Ky. Charles Tinsley .... Dry Ridge, Ky. Elizabeth Tracy .... Lexington, Ky. N ' erno.v Tucker .... Hodgenville, Ky. Sada Wells Stinnett, Ky. Seborn- Wii.hoit ..... Lexington, Ky. Worthixoton Willmott . . . Paris, Ky. Sarah Wiit Versailles, Ky. Esther Wood Mt. Sterling, Ky. Peggy Wright ..... Lexington, Ky. Raymond Wright ..... Clinchco, Va. xS; ' " :s;s:i ' ' ' ; " ! ' ' ' ' ' " " !i ' " " " ii " i " iiiiiii " ii iiiiim- " " !; ' " ■ ::;:;;;::;;;;i;;;::;i;!ip: " :;;i; " " !:! Page forty-four Athletic 7 5£r - BOOK THREE i ROY HULAN YEA. TRANSY FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT VIRGIL HOFF COACH JAMES SHANNON The prospects for a better team next year are good, as usual. At least the schedule won ' t lie so heavy. Coach Shannon has promised that the oppo- nents will be more in the Pioneers ' class. The Crimson squad will have more reserves, or should we say reserves. Only seven men will be lost to the varsity by graduation. The rest of the squad, we hope, will be back. The experience they had in playing together this year ought to be a big help. COACHES FREEMAN AND REECE FOOTBALL. 1933 In his first year as head coach of the Pioneers Jim Shannon demonstrated the qualities of inspiration and leadership that the football squads have recognized in him for the past few years as assistant coach. A coach can accomplish only as much as his team is capable of achieving. Shannon sent his boys out against some insurmountable odds and they gave a pretty good account of themselves. The boys were willing to play with all the ability they could muster. Shannon used that willingness to the best advantage. His inspiration and meihuds kept the men in good training. Only severe injuries kept them off the playing field. With " Coach " sitting on the sidelines thev were more than willing to go in and fight. Coach Shannon should be leading the boys again next year. We hope he is. He does a good job of it. Just six men of the 1933 squad will serve no more in their gridiron togs. Vernon McKay Burkhart, of Porthsmouth, Akron, etc., is the biggest, and in some wavs the biggest loss. It was our gentle Mr. Pioneer who had the honor of scoring the touchdown which won the game against Eastern this Fall. Burky played three full seasons on the varsity in the fullback position. He was a powerful driver, too strong for the peace of mind of the opposition. Like all good men, he had his off days. But he was always fighting. We ' ll never forget the game against Morehead this year, or the one against the University of Dayton a year ago. Handicapped by poor eyesight, Burky seemed to sense the direction of play on the defense. Carrying the ball, he needed no eyes. It was, " Out of my way, big boy, I ' m coming through, ' ' all season. All three seasons. Louis Pawlowsky is the second mainstay the Pioneers will lose from the field. A broken ankle suffered in his freshman days bothered him in his first year of varsity work. After that he was the fighting guard we ' ll all remember. You can ' t remember in what games Louis played well. A guard ' s work is not supposed to be spectacular. Then again, we can ' t remember when he didn ' t play a ccrking game, when he didn ' t give all he had, and more. Louis was selected as a member of the second team of the S. I. A. A. this year, indication enough of what oth?r people thought of his playing. His cour- age and clever blocking, combined with an iron phys- ique, made him a player to be feared and watched. Bennie Bratton had his troubles in the course of three years of work on and off the gridiron. The troubles were large and small. Under them Bennie worked his way through, and turned out to be a pretty good little football player. Bennie, fresh from the Gary ' s steel mills, had a tough time of it. The big boys mauled and buffeted our little demon. Lumped and left him, as it were. But Bennie would stay neither lumped nor left very long. He ' d rather up and at ' em. Light, fast and fighting, Little Bennie Bratton. Those who saw the game at Bowling Green will remember Paul Wright for the day he put in down there in the center position. It looked as if Paul were FOOTBALL. 1933 making all the tackles. He was injured in the first half, injured severely enough to keep most men on the sidelines for the rest of the day. Paul came on back in the second half, to finish the game as well as he started it. This was Wright ' s first and last year as a regular. He done noble, as they say. Coach Shannon will tell you he was one of the best defensive men the Pioneers had on any field, and on the offense he was aggressive and smart. Walter Douglas Card vell, of the St. Matthew Card- wells, is one Pioneer of whom all Transylvania must be proud. For four years he gave his time, heart, mind, and muscle in the interests of a better football team. Cardwell never played much. That is, not in the games. But he never missed a practice. He was the man behind the scenes, one of the reliable reserves which we needed so badly. It takes a man with a lot of spirit and loyalty to go out day after day for three years and suffer all the hardships of practice sessions and be fairly certain it won ' t gain him any public acclaim, or even a letter. Cardwell had that loyalty and unselfishness. A football team needs Cardwells, just as much as it needs Burkharts and Pawlowskys. To him we salute. Jimmie Grieves is another man who failed to be awarded a letter. Injuries kept him out of too many games. He served his one season with all the loyalty of a man who had played all four seasons. Grieves was a much needed guard and the Pioneers felt his loss when he was forced out of games by several in- juries during the course of season. Jimmie got all the tough breaks. But we wish there were more like him, to take the breaks the way he did. THE SEASON ' S SCORES Transy Ivania, o; St. Xavier, 3- Away Transy Ivania, o; Marshall, 36 Away Transy Ivania, o; Center, sfi Home Transy Ivania, o; Ohio U., 69 Away Transy Ivania, 6; Georgetown, 15 Home Transy Ivania, 6; Eastern, Away Transy Ivania, o; Morehead, Away Transy Ivania, o; Union, 10 Away Transy Ivania, 6; Western, 36 Away THE 1933 GROUP OF PIONEERS ■■ ii|; ' • • OMER STUBBS Student Business Manager THE MANAGERS Getting a bunch of football men from one state to the next is a lot more trouble than it looks. Getting them in and out of their uniforms, trying to remember what headgear fits who, which ankle should be taped and which leg massaged, and countless other important if thankless tasks fall to the lot of the managers. The team had good ones this year. A bow to Messrs. Groves and Reynolds. TO THE PIGSKIN Nobody can seriously suggest that the 1933 foot- ball campaign was a rolling success. It was a rolling campaign, right enough. The scores show it was not what you ' d call a walkaway for the Pioneers. The boys had the misfortune of playing teams that were better than they, and that proved they were. Nobody can seriously suggest that the 1933 foot- beall team didn ' t make the going tough for the teams that were rated so much better than they. In sev- eral games the first half ended in a scoreless tie and the winning of the game was decided by superior reserve forces. The Pioneers never gave up. In some games they couldn ' t be blamed if they had. The Pioneers never give up. That ' s what made the games this year interesting to watch. And for that we express our admiration for the squad of 1933. EDDIE REYNOLDS Assistant It was a tough season for the boys, any vvay you look at it. To start with the team had a schedule strong enough for a school that could maintain a squad three times as large as Transy ' s. Injuries took some of the most valuable men out of the line up early in the season. Others were battered from one week to the next and rarely in top form. Despite the handicaps, and the fact that the cards were stacked against them, the gang went in and fought. Hammonds could stick with the best of them, bad knee or no knee. Worn out from long bus rides the team would pull itself together and give a true account of its powers. It can never be said that the 1933 Pioneers ever quit on the foot- ball team. They were beaten into submission and mauled beyond recognition, but the fight never left them. CAPTAIN JOHN SCHWALM Schwalm has the distinction of hav- ing been reelected captain of the Pio- neers. That reelection alone tells enough alinut the captain as a man and player. Johnnie has played a bang-up game at end for the past two years. Next year is his last. If it ' s his best he ' ll have to be a wonder to do any better than he did this season. All you could tell about Schwalm on the field was that he was playing end. You couldn ' t tell which end. He had a faculty for getting all over the field, and being every place at once. WENDELL GROVES Manager ALTERNATE CAPTAIN STEVENSON Olin Stevenson went through a mis- erable season because of a broken ankle. If it wasn ' t his ankle it was his shoulder. The two injuries kept him out of half the games. When he did play he did a good job of it. His work on the field in ' 32 warranted his election as alternate captain. Circumstances this year as- signed him to the sidelines, but he maintained his position as a leader and inspiration. Steve has played his last game for Transylvania. We hope some of his spirit finds its way to the field next year. FOOTBALL SQUAD Bibb Tracy Quarterback Paul Wright . End George Grain . Halfback Dick Mann Fullback Fred Hammond . Tackle Bill Willson . Halfback Bennie Braxton HalfbMk G. H. Blumer Guard Louis Pawlowsky Tackle Jack Duncan Center Gecil Sanders Halfback Walter Gardwell Guard HoYLE Garlcck Halfback Doc Doherty Guard JiMMiE Grieves . Tackle Nolan Bowden Er d Vernon Burkhart . Fullback Jack Mann Tackle WooDROw Lester Tackle THE 193 LETTERMEN OF THE SQUAD BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES V-f Transylvania . . 22; Cincinnati . . . 73 CINCINNATI .-. Transylvania . . 17; St. Xavier . . . 48 .I CINCINNATI i Transylvania . . 52; Covington " Y " COVINGTON . 40 ffl Transylvania . . 22; Union . . . . 34 . LEXINGTON i Transylvania . . 23; Louisville . . . 32 LOUISVILLE 1 Transylvania . . 34; Centre . . . . 31 in DANVILLE Transylvania . . 27; Georgetown GEORGETOWN . 30 Transylvania . . 39; Morehead . . . 36 u .1 LEXINGTON • " ■ ' : - Transylvania . . 30; Wesleyan . . . 28 W l WINCHESTER WW " Transylvania . . 37; Louisville . . LEXINGTON . 36 ;WW A ■ ■ w- Transylvania . . 21; Union . . . BARBOURVII.LE . 28 vw Transylvania . . 24; Wesleyan . . LEXINGTON . 11 S Transylvania . . 22; Tenn. Wesleyan LEXINGTON . 26 Transylvania . . 23; Morehead . . MOREHEAD . 27 Transylvania . . 33; Centre . . . LEXINGTON . 37 Transylvania . . 20; Covington " Y " LEXINGTON . 37 ' V. J I I 1 8 i l« ■■ tl ' B ASKET Ball Varsity C. H. Blumer . . Forward Marvin Garner . Fonuard BovD Mahan, Capt. . Center BiGB Tracy .... Guard Louis Pawlowssv . . Guard Curtis Dewey . . . Guard Jack Duncan . . . Guard Charles Darsie . . Foriiard WooDROw Lester . . Guard William Willson . Forivard HoYLE Carlock . . Forward k Mllvin Rhorer . Manaijer ;«H 3« - :«»« . ' - J " -■vH- J The men who wore the symbol of Daniel BooTie went through a season almost as varied as the great pioneer ' s career. One day they would be lunging forward with huge strides, making an enviable record, the next they ' d fall by the wayside in a stupor, and the third they ' d be climbing a tree somewhere. At least it can never be said that 193+ basketball team did not provide an interesting season for their supporters. And let it never be said that they experienced an un- successful season. What team that played the game Transy did against the undefeated Cardinals from Louisville on the night of January 27th could be called unsuccessful ? That was a game, the likes of which has not been seen since the tournament of 1931. And did they not put More- head in the shade one day? What if they did lose the first game of the tournament? January 27th would make up for a hundred defeats. Coach Charlie Freeman had a bunch of willing boys to guide. Too many of them lacked experience enough to make his job an easy one. The boys made seme strenuous trips and took their one night stands like good troupers. The veteran of many battles, Louis Pawlowsky, went through the season suffer- ing from the injuries of the football campaign. He played his usual steady, smooth game. Blumer couldn ' t always be sure his leg would carry him where he was going. That didn ' t stop him from diving in as if his life depended on getting there. He was a man to watch on the court. Messrs. Carlock and Willsnn materially aided the few men with varsity experience. We could list the merits of each of the members of the team. All that would show would be the collective spirit, eagerness, and an insatiable lust for fight and victory. Out in the middle of everything stands the Petersburg Flash, the Wunder Boy, Professor Boyd Mahan. There should come forth a blast of trumpets to greet his name. In brief, he was the state ' s leading scorer. In fifteen games he ran up 196 points. That ' s just a little less than thirteen points to a game. And that ' s good scoring in any man ' s league. Boyd ' s success was the result of his own efforts. He wasn ' t " fed, " he didn ' t shoot every time he got his hands on the ball. There was something supernatural in the way he could flip the ball in the basket from any poMtion within its vicinity. He was always guarded care- fully, but never stopped. Consider again the night of January 37th. Tommie Thomson, praise her name, came through with 27 of the Pioneer ' s 37 points. Mahan would be the first one to insist that the other four men on the court were necessary to his success. There again is an indication of the spirit of Coach Freeman ' s men. There was never any petty jealously on the court. Mahan was the star, if ever there was a star. Yet his team was always anxious to help, and Mahan was never anxious to " hog the show. " An orchid to Freck Rhorher for his efficient management. Another to Charles Darsie. rS , jiriciao 4n The squad that Reece built suffered mostly from the lack of luuiibers. It was always difficidt for the frosh team to muster together enough men to form the neces- sary eleven. They played only one intercollegiate game, against Eastern. They lost it easily, 27 to o. Coach Reece is pleased about one thing, the prospect that some of his men will make good varsity support next year. The five backs, Charles Luzader, Caryl Britt. Vernon Tucker, Ben Taylor and Gerald Fisher, are certain to be useful in Shannon ' s brigade next fall. Despite the fact that the frosh team played only one game, they did not suffer from lack of practice. Day after day they went out and got buffeted around by the varsity. The squad consisted of : Melton . . . . Center Holt . . . ■ ■ Centcr WiLLMOTT . . . Guard CONWELL . . . . Guard Lauuer . . . ■ Guard Cohen . . . . . Guard Lester . ■ ■ Tackle Franz . . . . . Tackle Moore . . . Tackle Warstler . . . . End Bertram . . . . End Luzader . . . . Back Britt . . . . . . Back Tl CKER . . . . . Back Tucker . . .... Back Taylor . . . . Back Fisher . . . . . Back Earl . . . . Ma uiffcr FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Page fi fly-six The Fi-f-hnKiu basketball M|uad is certain t(i provide a good crop of varsity material for the team that will be led hy C. H. Blunier and Bill Willson next year. Coach Alfred Reese thinks that the men he guided this year composed the best team that has ever represented Transylvania. The bovs pla e(l a full season and piled up an enviable record. Their games follow: Centre 60 Danville Georgetown 22 Lexington Morehead 23 Lexington Wesleyan 30 Winchester Cent. Chris 19 Lexington Eastern 3 Richmond Georgetown 21 Georgetown Wesleyan 28 Lexington Morehead 20 Morehead Athens 18 Lexington Centre 33 Lexington Cov. " Y " 14 Lexington Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Transylvania . Numerals were awarded to 24; 25; 19; 24; 40; 34; the following Freshmen: Norman Moore, Charles Luzader, Jack Cox, Tnhn Freer, Bob Fitzpatrick, Carryl Britt, Clifton Lester, C. Tankersly and Manager Joe Heaton. And let due credit be given Chandler, Dickins, Crumbaugh, Robinson and Fairfax. With the fine training the first year men got under the guidance of Reece, the hope that these men will provide splendid help for the remaining varsity men is not asking too much. They all showed good form on the fioor, and the fine spirit that has always been typical of a freshman team. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Page fifty-seven CHARLES Y. FREEMAN Director of Intermural Athletics The extensive program in intermural athletics organized last year has been con- tinued with even greater succe ss. Some sport fostered is certain to catch the inter- est of every student. At any rate, the interest of almost every male student has been caught. The competition in touch football, in which seven teams participated, was won by the Junior-Senior team, under the captaincy of Boyd Mahan. Medals were awarded to Mahan, Schoonmaker, Hulan, Omer Stubbs, Mattingly, Clayton and Britt. The volley ball tournament fell to the lot of the graduates, led by Cecil Niles. Medals were awarded to Niles, Bushell, Shelton, Schneedl, Turner, Weigeman and Mill. Tournaments in basketball and diamond ball will be held among the groups dur- ing the remainder of the season. Individual tournaments will be held in handball and tennis. One of the offsprings from the intermural program has been the tennis team. Captain Mahan, Shelton, Paternoster, Moody, Bohlinger and Greenwood wen through some six matches last year with exactly no victories sustained. Mahan and Greenwood will continue this year, with Schoonmaker, Stauffer, and Cardwell constituting the rest of the team. INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS I ' offe fifly-eighl 5»|5£.- kl " " ; SlPOlRTS ' ' 7 MeVilleOutvtv r 9 PH ' ,. afm ' ' " ' ■ ' " n , . » -wi . - " " ' « i! iiii;;;;;;i|;;;;;;;;;;i i;;;,,,;, " |;||J]™iil ' ' n. tlie young L- ' e basketball ' s Pio- rei ' nian - lilies be- :c weaker ■,h Thr- scored si time. ■ " e, one to$s?d ■ v.ord showed ced the kind of competition ; courage and quality strain Here, was a challenge ! And to men like challenge is the .sweetest thing in life. ' ! ' set his teaiii-riiittes ■sville, the inigiity, 1 . . . team in Ken-| " Xtra periods. ,;.o III J. • ' li-on ylvauia ' s i o7 points! That is being a ip; ' j. ' i do s -yhei! the goin? is! Paffe fifty- nine ' • ' - WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Despite the lack of an organization the Vomen ' s Athletic Asso- ciation has maintained its various activities this year. Miss Florence Bell, Physical Education Instructor, is in change. In the course of the year the girls participate in six or eight sports, from horseback riding to archery. An involved point system for all the sports is used to determine the winners of letters and sweaters. Last year only one sweater was awarded, to Dolly Gatewood. Five girls, Margaret Hofrichter, Mary Otis Mather, Elizabeth Calhoun, Emma Peck and Nelle ]VIoore received letters for their interest and all-around participation. Horseback riding, hiking, baseball throw, basketball, archery, hockey, volley ball, track, tennis and soccer are all part of the year ' s program. Intermural and " honorary " varsity teams are formed to provide team competition. The girls do stunts, too. Consider the head stand, and " With book on head, walk balance beam, and do a deep knee bend. " Or climb a twelve foot rope, if you like. Jump through stick, chin the bar once, two vaults on horse, grasp right ankle, touch knee to floor and rise — rise to greet the Women ' s Intermurals. Page sixty Organizations BOOK FOUR THE CRIMSON (The Annual Pti ilicationJ Waltkr Greenwood Editor-in-Chief Kent Pendleton " Business Manager William Stubes Senior Editor . Mary Otis Mather Feature Editor Elizabeth Dingus Junior Editor Leonard Bovnton ' • ■ ■ Sophomore Editor Sally Stone Issistant Business Manai er Page sixty-tliree THE TRANSYLVANIAN (A Litdtiry Pii jli( itio i. Foiiuihd lS2g) Leetha Troxel EJUor-in-Chicf Edward Britt -hsistanl Editor Arthur Landolt liusincss Manarjcr Page sixty-four THE CRIMSON RAMBLER (A U ' itkly Xt ' uwpapcr) Winston- R. Sixbbs Edilor-iii-Chief Arthur Landolt Businrss Muniujir Paul SiaufhiR, Jssishiiil Business Manatjir Editorial Staff Ken Osman Mary O. Mather Kate Dickixson ' Henrietta Mize Elizabeth Dingus LuLA Calvert Wood Helen Williams Margaret Toliver Sally Francis James Leins Ralph Saunders Frank Clayton Marshall Rogers William Stubbs Rubin Deckelbaum Anna McM. Cox Margaret Jacobs Nettie McCullough Rhea Burrow Page sixty-five BOOK AND BONES (Honorary Senior Fraternity) Officers William Stubbs President T. J. Mattixglv Srcr clary-Treasurer Members Vernon M. Burkhart Kent Pendleton Walter B. Greenwood Lolts Pawlovvsky Page sixty-six t CROOK AND CRONES (Ifonortiry Senior Sorori yJ Officers Kate Dickinson Presihnt Lillian- Goodan lie-President Ann Elizabeth Jones Secrclary-Trcasurer Members Lucy Hogan Sally Stone Page sixly-setieit (? p p p fi f r ? HONOR COUNCIL Senior Representatives Arthur Landolt Darrel J. Norwood T. J. Mattinglv, Deputy Omer Stubbs, Cliairman Ji NKiR Representatives George Craine, Deputy Mary O. Mather, Secretary Ralph Saunders Sophomore Representatives Leonard Bovmon, Deputy Mary Bruce Curtis Dewey Freshman Rei ' Resentatives Erwina Edwards John Franz Virgil IIoff, Deputy Page iixty-eiglit ' V ik ' «.-•-;. - ■ ■ " lf_ «■ - 4 . £ !h k rT it i H Fi t STAGECRAFTERS Officers Winston Stubbs . • . Vernon Burkiiart . Eeivvap.d Saxon Prcsidrnt . . ■ rice-Prcsidrnt Elizabeth Calhoun Dire I lor Orln is. Wilder .... H ' tsimss Maiinrirr Mar Inglk McGill ..... Scortary . . . . Treasurer George V. Moore, Advisor Members LUCV M. AlKISSON Elizabeth Baker Alta M. Kearr Howard George Burdick Jessie Burke Kathrvn Conlev Marv Crossheld Evelyn Day Harry Dougherty Dorothy- Edwards Edwina Edwards Mary T. Edwards Mary Elliott Allan Estill Skid Farmer Jean Flautz Sally Francis Beecher Frank Harry Gray Margaret Greenlee June Heathman Lois Heaton Susan Hinkle LucY ' Hogan Polly Huffman Margaret Jacobs Sarah M. Jones Elizabeth Keisker . ' rthur La n dolt James Leins juanita lowry T. J. Maitinglv Carl Melton Amanda Meng Marcus Prather Charles Pieratt WlI.LETTE RaSCH Marymack Rogan Aubrey Russell Mildred Shawhan Shirley Smith Omer Stubbs William Stubbs ' ivian Thomas Chrystal Thompson Charles Trumbo Mary K. Tutt Page sixty-nine f f r c c f : fs. f c f THE CRIMSON CLUB Rov S. HuLAN Prcsiiient Frances Newell I ' icc-Prisident Elizabeth Thomson Secretary Lillian Goodan Treasurer Members George Blakton Virgil Hoff C. H. Blumer Irene Kirby (Picture not in panel.) WoODROW LESTER Edwina Edwards Ken Maddox Sally Francis Mary 0. Mather Helen Goodman Edward Reynolds Walter Greenwood Ramon Schoonmaker O. T. HiNTON Elizabeth Stone Sally Stone Page seventy ' o (y f f f) ' iiiilfi liii y LAMPAS (Honor iry J iiiiior-Sciiioi Fraternity ) Facl lty Members E. W. Delcamp C. Y. Freeman Officers G. V. C. L. Moore Pvatt XTER Greenwood . 4rrel j. norw A. R. Rob . President GOD l Tr, ' ice-Pres •asurer ident L j ERTSON .... . Sicrelary- Members Vernon Burkhart John Chenault Edwin Bobbitt Boyd Mahan Edward Britt Charles Pieratt Walter Cardwell Ralph Saunders Winston Stubbs 9age seventy-one Y. M. C. A. A. R. RoBEKTSOM , . PrcsiciiHt Rov S. HuLAN ricc-Piesidc7tt Leonard Bovn-ton Secretary WiNSTOX Stubbs Treasurer Cabixet Members Dale Gerster Walter Greenwood Ralph Sauxders WiLLLAM Stubbs Page seventy-tv:o THE GLEE CLUB ERNtST WooDRUii Dflcamp Din ' tior Mrs. Mae Hughes Nolano ■ hcnniHinni Leetha Troxel Student Conductor Mary TALBnir Slndrnt Jitrimpanisl Mary Barber Irene Day Mrs. E. V. De I.CAMP Dorothy Edwards Edwina Edwards Helen Caldwell Louise Cornell Anna McCo.x Ernestine Delcamp Margaret (Jreenlee Sopritiios Erwina Edwards Mary T. Edwards Adele Gallie Molly Hardy Margaret Jacobs Sarah M. Jones Jllos Margaret CSilpin Lois Heaion Anne Clay Hinkle Susan Hinkle Marcakei Hopkins Edward BRii-r Jack BR nEN Gkorge Burdick Nicholas Brilla Vernon Burkhart lOHN Chenault Tenors Minnie Riddle Shirley Smith Mary Talboit Willetta Tucker Helen Williams Grace Ivtns Lois Lienhart Eunice Smith Leetha Troxel Jea.n Tutt James Curtis John Darnell Rubin Deckei.baum J. E Eckenuoff Basses Holton Kendall George Kyle Carl Melton Henry Morris Gentry Shelton Seborn Wilhoit Par e sevcnty-lliree THE PHILHARMONIC BAND Ernest Woodruff Delcamp Jack Brvden . . . . Flutes Albert Pacett Margaret Toliver Edwina Edwards Clarinets Dalex Gerster (Concert Master) Nolan Hibner (Solo) First Clarinets Louis Cohen Gerald Britten Second Clarinets Margaret Gilpin Doris Schrader William McGinety Albert Corbett Third Clarinets William Carpenter Harold Runyon Peggy Wright Mary Ingle McGill LuLA Calvert Wood Alto Clarinet Mildred Siewert Director Student Director Bass Clarinet Kate Dickinson Oboes Ramon Schoonmaker Mrs. E. W. Delcamp Bassoons Marion Helm Earl Nallinger Alto Saxaphone Mary Katherine Rice Lois Liekhart Tenor Saxaplione Anna McCox Cornets Arthur Gorman Joe Lehman Trumpets (5E0RGE BlANTON Nicholas Brilla Frank Dickey French Horns Ernestine Delcamp Isadore Frisch George Kyle Grace Ivins Horatio Barnes Robert Prewitt Trombones Gentry Shelton Paul Crumbaugh Elwin Warstler Seborn Wilhoit Baritones Loraine Hoos J. W. Wilmott Bass Horns Paul Wright Darrel Norwood Henry Morris String Basses Sam Saslow Charles Robinson Percussion Jack Bryden Marvin Bup.nstine John Chenault Robert Jones Tympani Margaret Hofrichter Harp Dorothy Doub Page seventy-jour THE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Ernesi Woodkuff Dei,cami= Dinclor Eknestine Delcamp Issistanl Diredur Charles Siar s (Concert Master) Marvin Burnstine Addele Metzel Irving Katzer Mary Louise Cornell Marv Sweeney Anna McCox Violas Rubin Decklebaum Virginia Hill Mildred Siewert Mary Catherine Rice Mary Sallee Flutes Albert Pacett u. g. rowbothaue Cornet Arthur Gorman Joe Lehman George Blanton Bass Horn Darrel Norwood Fir it I ' iolins Horatio Barnes Leetha Troxel Doris Sciirader Second Violins Grace Ivins Nicholas Hrilla Mildred Campbel Cello Ruth Holmes Richard C;reggson Bryson Burns LORAINE Hoos Mildred Walker Oboe Ramon Schoonmaker Mrs. E. W. Delcamp French Horn Ernestine Delcamj Isadore Frisch Robert Delcamp George Kyle Percussion Jack Bryden John Chenault Mayme Mascolino RoBERi Jones Edward Boderer Margaret Mayfield James Moore Bryant Doty Dr. G. L. Bailey Raymond Kyse String Bass Samuel Saslaw Paul Wright Charles Robinson ScoiT Whitehouse Clarinet Nolan Hibner Dale Gerster Basso 071 Marion Helm Earl Nallinger Trombone Paul Crumbaugh Gentry Shelton Elwin Warstler Tympani Margaret Hofrichter Page seventy-fi ' ve ' :..i ii " .. Mil iiiiiiiiihim!!!! ' " " ' !!!!! ' :: ' : " I ,g. ;iiiiili„i;;;;;; ' ;iiMiiiii I II Paffe seventy-six Y, W. C. A. MAK ■ Ingle McCiii.i. Mak Oiis Maiiiik . ■(( Officers I ' ltsiJinl -I ' rrsideitl Makv T. Edwakds . I.ri A Caimri Wodi) ■ Si-crelnry ■ Tniisiirrr Cap.inf.t MFMi;i;i;;i Makv 15ruce I ' cspcrs Katk Dickinson . ...... Finance Lillian Goodan Raam Sniiici- Lucille Gordo-V Music CiiARi.OTiE Holm AN l.illlc Siilrr Mrs. E. C. Estes . I ' RANCES LUIES . . DriROTUV MlI.I ER . Henrietfa Mi7,e . Emma Peck . . . Sarah Tho. ias . Jd-visor ■ ■ I ' ub.icUy ■ I ' l ' tlwwsliip . ■ . Social .Sill ill! S ivici ' . Mcmbi-nlnp Alplia Brierly Jessie Mae Burke Margaret Chaiiey Henrietta Claxon Anna M. Co.x Ijillian Dale Irene Day Emily Dawson Ernestine Delcanip Mr.s. B. C. Deweese Dorothy Edwards Edwina Edwards Erwina Edwards Jeanette Flautz Phoebe Fluty Elizabeth Foley Sally Francis Margaret Gilpin Mf.mhhrs Margaret Greenlee Mrs. Josephine Gross June Heathman Viri inia Menry Ijucy Hugan Mrs- I.ula llaliu Ruth llelmes Margaret Hopkins Polly Huffman Grace Ivans Margaret Jacobs Sarah M. Jones Irene Kirhy Charlotte Klaren Thelma Lowe Juanita Dowry Nathalie Linville Margaret Mays Matilda McClanaban Irene McDonald A. D. McDough Amanda Mcng Adelle Metzel Alice Miller Mrs. May H. Noland Eleanor Reed Marymack Rogan Doris Schrader Jane Allen Simpson Runice Sntith Klsie Spanton Kate Stallard Ethel Stamler Portia Strickland Margaret Toli vet- Dorothy Tincher Chrystal Thompson Elizabeth Thomson Mary Alice Talbott Mary Tutt Sarah E. Whalcy Virginia Wilkes Helen Williams Nelle Wilson Mary E. Witt Sarah A. Witt Mrs. W. T. Withers Peggy Wri.iiht I ' age sevt ' ttly-seiirn ,:::;;i:;::;i!::::;i:i;l; ' :::illi:i::illl!:i;;:illlll!!!!il " lllH!!i: .iiiiiiiiiiiinlliMllliiiiii!mlnn;;:;::: ' nli!::i!!im;:::S;:::::li;:::;ii C f% 05i :;: " ::::;:::;;:;:j::::::;;;ii:i::i;;;ii;i: " lll!iiiiiiiiilmllll f! Paffi- seventy-eight i KAPPA DELTA Alpha C ' liiiptir, Ottawa, Kansas, 1913 Colors: Cardinal ami Wlilte Floictr: Red Carnation Fiililutilion: " Ihe Forensic " KENTUCKY DELTA CHAPTER luslallid In l()24. Faculty Members Dk. v. F. Pavke EnwARi) Saxon jAsi ' i.R U. Shannon D. C. Tkoxkl Members Lucy Atkinson Ki;n Maodox Mary Bruce T. J. Mattinglv Mary Ingle McGii.l A. R. Robertson- Ralph SAUNI5ERS Omer Stubbs Melvin Stubbs Sarah Thomas Page seventy-nine SIGMA UPSILON (Honorary Literary FraltniityJ William Stubbs President Kent Pendletox Vice-President Marshall Rogers Secretary-Treasurer Members EnvvARn Britt Walter GREEWvoor Fraxk Clayton Ken Maddox Harry Dougherty Kex Osman Ira Paternoster Frank Perkins Ralph Saunders Winston Stubbs Page eighty i ' .w i f MEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Edwin- Boebitt, President n K A Ken Maduox A A T ' |KN0N- BURKHART n K A Louis Pavvlovvsky K T John Chen ' ault K A Birtram Ricg A A T Jack Duncan ' K T Mklvin- Stubbs K A Page eighty-one : ' .,l ' .t: T . lV ' . ' ' .. ll ' . ' . ' ' V ' l!...iiill! " .l..iiii|i! ' !!l iiiiilll mil i....:!!! ' " !iiii...,::: " !..,.l " " iii...: . I Paye eighty-tvio ALPHA LAMBDA TAU Alplin Chapter Uglethiirpe University, 1916 Colors: Blacl and Goki Floivrr: American Beauty Rose I ' uhliicilions: " Rose Leaf " and " The A. L. T. " OMICRON CHAPTER hisliilli-J ill 1Q2Q Facl LTY Member HOWAKI) H. CiROVES Class of 1934 Bennie Bratton Wen-dell Groves James Curtis Kenneth Maddox Class of 1935 Albert Pagett Samuel Purdv Bertram Rigg Oren Wilder Leonard Boynton Gerald Britton Class of 1936 WiLLARD Hopper Earl Nallixger Edgar Saunders Elwin Warstler Louis Cohen Paul Crumbough John Freer Class of 1937 Arthur Gorman Marion Helm Virgil Hoff Joe Lehman Seborn Wilhoit Raymond Wright Page e ' ujlily-tliree :::;Mlliiii!i!!:!:::MnIli!iiIiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiillMlM!:;:!!!!!!!ilK;;:;::!:!i p ' (f o iiA .. . ......i;.™,,.....,;;..... Xllllllllllllltlll ,,,,jiiiii ;; " , " i;ii " " " ;;;iii " " " ;;i;i " " " ;;! " ' " « Paffe eighty-four KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Chapter Washington and Lee riiiversity, 1865 Colors: Crimson and tiold Hinvns: Magnolia and American Beauty Rose Puhliialions: " The Kappa Alpha Journal " and " The Special Messenger " ALPHA THETA CHAPTER Insliilli ' J in lS(J Charles Freeman Faculty Members Dr. E. E. Sxoddy D. C. Troxel Class of 1934 A. R. Robertson Omer Stubbs Melvin Stubbs William Stubbs Winston Stubbs Class of 1935 John Chenault Charles Starxs John L. Carter William Elijred Class of 1936 Marvin P. Garner Edward Reynolds Cecil Sanders Cecil Womack Jack Fairfax Logan Gragg Class of 1937 Rawleigh Hari O. T. HiNTON HoLTON Kendall Robert Talbott Charles Tinsley Pa e eighty-jive !,.ir ' : ' !l..i! " " ;!.iiii " ' !!l,.iiii ' " " l!lll iiiiiiilllll .pm -- 1 ' - ' ITv? T« -- f fS c T ' - ' iii,„„;: ' ;;;; ' " " iiiMiiiiMii Paffe eighty-six PI KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Chapter rniversity of ' irginia, 1869 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Puhliialions: " The Shield and Diamond " and " The Dagger and Key " KAPPA CHAPTER Installed in IQOO Faclltv Member Dr. a. W. Fortune Class of 1934 Vincent Barr Walter Greenwood Vernon Burkhart William Huffman Walter Cardwell T. J. Mattincly Duncan Nave Class of 1935 Edwin Bobbht Charles Pieratt HovLE Carlock Ramon Schoonmaker William Willson Class of 1936 Ha.rv Wood Gray Harold Runvon Paul Stauffer Class of 1937 George Blanton J oe Heaton - William Carpenter John Johnson Ray Combs F ank Jones j CK Cox Merritt Watson Page eighty-seven :nMil ' ' !!ii!M " llMlMIMllilllllllllllilllllllllllllli r " ' it ™|ii| iliilllllllllllllllllilliiliiiiiiliiiiiii|;;;;;;;;;:;„„Mii Page eighty-eight PHI KAPPA TAU Alpha Chapter Nliami rnivfr ity, 1906 Colors: Harvard Red and Old Gold Floi rr: Red Carnalioii F ' uhlualiQns: " The Laurvl " and ■■Star Dust " THETA CHAPTER Installrd in KJIQ F.ACLLTY Member Dr. C. L. Pvati Class of 1934 Charles Darsie Johx Schwalm Louis Pawlowsky Olix Stevexson Class of 1935 Cole H. Blumer Earl Liiton ' (Picture not in pane!.) RiCHARl) MaNN WoonROW Lester (Picture not in ii.inel.) Mii.vix RiioRER Class of 1936 BOWIIEN Paul Doheriv Jack Duncan ' Andrew Fincham ILarrv (Picture not in paneL) Jack Mann Frank Perkins Wayne Thompson Starlivc Tracy Class of 1937 Neil Bertram Clifton Lester John Darnell Charles Luzader Page eighty-nine n TT n , A TT " ( . " 5 (Pi n ' % o, iM iWir ii4 J CHI DELTA PHI (Ilrinorary Literary Sorority) ALPHA IOTA CHAPTER Leetha Troxel President RoEMOL Henry Viee-Prcsideut Marv Alice Talbott Secretary Barbara Bowers Treasurer Members Emily Young Dawson Alice Miller Lucille Gordon Dorothy Miller Ann E. Jones Frances Newell Sara M. Jok ' es Emma Peck Pledges Altamae Beard Margaret Lewis Loraine Hoos Marymack Rocan Margaret Jacobs Effie Starks HoxoRARv Members Ruth V. Beits Mrs. Winona Jones Page ninety WOMEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Lillian Goodan Jane Murray A A T n Frances Lutes Marymack Rogan A A T AAA ALxRV Ingle McGill Sally Stone X fi n Mary Otis ] Lather Sarah Thomas AAA X Ti Page ninety-one iiiim!I!!I!I!I!h Ill mil ;:: " ' | ' iiii i Page ninety-two , .jn. ALPHA DELTA THETA Alpha Chapter Transylvania College, 1921 Colors: Scarlet, Silver and Blue l ' ubti,dlu,n: " The Portals uf Alpha Delta Theta " Flower: Sweet Pea ALPHA CHAPTER Class of 1934 Mary T. EuwARns Lillian Goooan- Helen. Willlams Class of 1935 Dolly Gatewood Frances Lutes Class of 1936 Emily Gross Eleanor Reed Class of 1937 Mary M. Barber EnwixA Edwards Jacqueline Bullard Erwina Edwards Evelyn Day Jeanneite Flautz Dorothy Edwards June Heathman Lois Heaton ' Page ninety-three f S Page ninety-four CHI OMEGA Psi C ' haplci liiiver in of Arkansas, 1895 V I ' tihlidilini:: " Eleusis and Mvstagogiie " Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flo rr: White Carnation CHI CHAPTER Imtnllrd in rjOJ Class of 1935 Anna Mae Caktkr Mary Ingle McGill Sara Margaret Jones Sarah Thomas Class of 1936 Margaret Greenlee Polly Anne Huffman Virginia Henry Frances Newell Ann Clay Hinklk Margaret Toliver Class of 1937 Dorothy Doub Susan Hinkle Helen Goodman Horis Schrader Elsie Spanton Faffe ninety-five MMi ' ' ' :! " !iiiiMiiii!ii:i:i ' i!l ' liiiiiiiiiiiiiii t iiiniiiili " lllll!i!!!!lllilli;::::!l ' ill " :;: ' ' !i;i ' ,;:;!i ' iii;;::::i;;;;:! r. tf P p W i 1 ' - M ' M ' A ||||;{||iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiim;i;;:; Page ninety-six DELTA DELTA DELTA Alpha Chapter lidston I ' liiversity, 1888 Colors: Silver, Gn i] and BUie Fublii-iilioiu: " I ' lic Trident " and " Ihe rriton " Flower: Pansy BETA ZETA CHAPTER Installid in (joS Class of 1934 Flora Cassell A x Elizabeth Jones Lucille Gordon Chrysial Thompson Leetha Troxel Elizabeth Calhoun Class of 1935 Kathleen Horner Marv Otis Mather Class of 1936 Lucille Arnold Marvmack Rocan Henrietta Claxon Jane Allen Simpson Class of 1937 Helen Caldwell Sally Francis Mary Louise Cornell Anna McM. Cox Phoebe Fluty Lois Leinhart Effie Starks Peggy Wright Paffe ninely-seven 1 -I : " :i!:;; ' ;;;;;!!;;;;;;;::;illli;ii«;;M;;i;i]™|]iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii™]]™ Page nimly-ciijlit PHI OMEGA PI Founded, I ' niversity of Nebraska, 1910 Colors: Sapphire Blue and White Flower: I.ily-of-the-Valley t ' ubliialKins: " The Pentagon " KENTUCKY KAPPA CHAPTER - ■ InslalliJ III 1Q2S Class of 1934 Jane Murray Sali.y Stone Class of 1935 Elizabeth Dingus Margaret Lewis Class of 1936 Irene Day IL ' vzei. Rowland Molly Hardy Louise Tuit Class of 1937 Elizabeth Baker Elizabeth Stone Page ninety-nine !.iHV!!!iii!V.!!!!itii!!!!!!.iitih!!!!!I! mil iiiiiiiiinl!l!:i:!!!!! liun;;::::;lun::!!!iuli;; O • ft r mA ::::;;::::::-;;;::;:;;;;; " ■ V ' ll ' lllllllllllll!l||||™ ' " i™ " ' ||l|liilllllllllllllllll»i " !iiii!i:iill!i " I ' age one hundrrd LAMBA OMEGA CLUB Founded at TraTis K ' ania College, 1920 Colors: Lavender and Yellow Flower: Suiihurst Rose Class of 1934 Ekxestine Delcamp Kate Dickinson Class of 1935 Charloite Holman iRf- F. KiRBY Class of 1936 Mary Edxa Bruce Dorothy Miller Matilda McClen-ahan " Mary K.vtherike Rice Alice Miller Margaret Speake Nelle Wilson ' Class of 1937 Jessie Mae Burke ' Margaret Hopkins Mary E. Crossfield Grace Ivins Margaret Gilpin Willette Rasch Ruth Holmes Mildred Siewart LoRAiNE ?Ioos Shirley Smith Portia Strickland Patronesses Mrs. James L. Leggett Mrs. George Voiers Moore Page one hundred one Kentucky Take me bad to old Kentucky When it ' s my time to (he, To celebrate my jubilee Beneath Kentucky ' s sky. I ivant to be in Kentucky If ' hen I ' ve ( roivn old and gray. To hear the quaint old melody Before I pass aivay. 1 believe in old Kentucky, The state ivhere I ivas horn. I jvas reared in old Kentucky Jf ' ith tobacco and corn. There is blue grass in Kentucky That ' s beautiful to see; If you ' ve ever seen Kentucky I m sure that you ' ll agree. It ' s a state where friendly greetings PP ill welcome you Fm sure; A state ivhere even Kings Are classed among the poor. So take mc back to Kentucky When it ' s my time to die. For it shall be my last decree ' To rest beneath her sky. -Winston R. Stubbs. Paffc one hundred tivo Features BOOK FIVE :lliii!::!!! ' ' ::::!!!!!!!!!!! i ;i::ti]iiiiiii!!N!!!:!!!!iiih!: ;:;:;;|i::;:;;;M;i;;!i]Miii;;i;i||jj " iu;iiiniiiiiiiiiiii ' ij;!;ii;;;iiiiii;;;;;;ii;i;;;::;;;:; THE AWINNAH Page one Iiundred fi ve ,.::;;:::;;:;;;:::;;::;;;::;;;;:::;;;;:;:;;i;;;:;:;;;i!iii::::::::!l!l! ■ ' T;f: " ' t:; ' l;;-t:;--(;; ' ;;.,(...,;...,;„ Lillian Goodan MISS TRANSYLVANIA Page one liundred six ?$ . V Vernon burkhart MR. PIONEER fage one ImnJrcd seven FIRST ATTENDANTS ::: ' ::;:ii::ii!:::i)i!::;iM!!i::iiii!!!i:!iiiiiiiiiiim ;;;;;;|;;:;|;;;i:;:;i;;;;ij,;;iiii;;.i|ii;;i|m MARY OTIS MATHER JACK DUNCAN Page one hundred eight SECOND ATTENDANTS ( 1 :i . ,,...,.,.,...,,..,,...,, ,- .,, .--.,, |...,.,,|.....,,, SALLY FRANCIS GEORGE BLArJTON Page one hundred nine Senior Celebrities VeRN ' ON Burkhart Most Popular Ernestine Delcamp Best Student Ann E. Jones IVittiest Charles Darsie Laziest Cardwell-Burkhart Best Pals Omer Stubbs Biggest Bluff Biggest Griper Kathryn Conley Best Dressed Kent Pendleton Biggest Liar Leetha Troxel Most Talented Page one hundred ten PROMINENT L NDERCLASSM EN Sctt ' iti i hy a Vile cj tlnir rcspfilivr i lasses Fiimuiis Fnslunin Cakrvl Brut Sally Frakcis dokoihy doub Phoebe Fluty George Blanton Aliiji-Jw Juniors Henrietta Mize Mary Oiis Mather Mary Ingle McGill Edwin Bobbitt Siiprrior Sofi iomores Bob Pkewitt Polly Huffman Jack Duncan Ann Clay Hinkle Leonard Boynton llanilsoincst Boys and Prettiest Cirls oj the Senior Class Ann Ionfs Jane Murray Ln_LHK Goodan Lucille Gordon Mel Stubbs Vernon Burkhart Boyd Mahan Roy Hulan Pai e one liundred elivtn WE CAN ' T HELP IT IF YOU INSIS )PON DOING THINGS LIKE THIS i ' AMONG THOSE PRESENT ANI ITTING FROM THITHER TO YON ALL OF THE BEST PEOPL N ALL THE BEST POSES w Engraved and Printed Announcements Dance Bids KEYSTONE PRINTERY Ashland 1938 wfc Lexington, Ky. GOOD PRINTING Programs Printers of the Crimson Rambler Com hments of THE MITCHELL. BAKER-SMITH COMPANY LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY VANCE INSURANCE AGENCY MARY C. VANCE 513 CITIZENS BANK BUILDING Phone Ash. 424 Phone Ashland 980 VICTOR BOGAERT CO.,inc Manufacturing JEWELERS AND IMPORTERS Importing Houses 31 Ave Victor Jacobs Le Bourget 127-129 W. Main St. BrJsseir Belgium Paris, France Lex.ngton, Kentucky WHITE SPOT CAFE ' ' EAT THE BEST AND TELL THE REST " George Sarras MAIN AND LIME LEXINGTON CAB COMPANY Phone Ashland 8200 N. P. and L. M. Smith, Owners and Operators The Grand Finale m College Life Instant-Freeze Ice Cream C. L. RYLEY COAL COMPANY Incorporated Mines: Happy, Scuddy, and Montoco, Kentucky General Office LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Loca l Dealers " Raccoon Coal " Fayette Coal, Grain Feed Co. Phone Ashland 7S00-7801 " Happy Coal " Red Hoi Coal Company Phone Ashland 3904, 4904 QUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CROPPER S LAUNDRY Phone Ashland 210 117 W. Short Street HOTEL LAFAYETTE Attractive Private Dming Rooms for Parties at Special Student Prices THERE S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU ENJOY ICE CREAM CREAM OF THE BIUjORASS First National Bank ' Trust Co. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY CAPITAL 1,000,000.00 Established 1865 Member Federal Reserve System Contractors Builders COMBS LUMBER CO. Incorporated LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Lumber Yard Planing Mill COMPLIMENTS OF DRAKE HOTEL " FOR KENTUCKY FIRST " First With the News THE LEXINGTON HERALD A newspaper should be judged almost solely on its news — the completeness, the accuracy, the enterprise, the decency, the constructive quality of the information to which it devotes its space. READ THE LEXINGTON LEADER GRAVES, COX CO. Incorporated Established 188S Exclusive Agents for Kuppenheimer and Michael-Stern Clothes, Dobbs Hats and Nunn-Bush Shoes VISIT THE CRIMSON CUBBARD 416 North Broadway COMPLIMENTS OF Lexington Laundry Company COMPLIMENTS OF Shepkerd ' s Clothing Sto re Society Brand Clothes R s. THORPE SONS Incorporated " The Men ' s Store of Lexington " Opposite Phoenix Hotel PRINTING AND ENGRAVING HURST AND BYARS PRINTING COMPANY Incorporated 165-167 NORTH LIME Phone Ashland 760 and Clay 760 Lafayette-Pkoenix Garage The Very Best ADJOINING LAFAYETTE HOTEL COMPLIMENTS OF ADES-LEXINGTON DRY GOODS CO. COMPLIMENTS OF BANK OF COMMERCE omejif ta ' s, Jn , Furriers Storage Cleaning FROM A FRIEND BAYNHAM SHOE COMPANY Incorporated STYLE — COMFORT ECONOMY EAST MAIN. NEAR LIME TUNIS. PAYNE WHITENACK Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS LEXINGTON, KY. Distributors FANCY DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED FOOD PRODUCTS Phones Ashland 60, 27, 106 HOWARD HEAFEY FLORISTS Winchester Road LEXINGTON, KY. ' ' We Never Disa ojnt Phone Ashland 404 FROM A FRIEND Patronize Our Advertisers THE STAFF Wishes to thank, the following business men and concerns for their co-operation in the publication of the 1934 Crimson: Peerless Laundry Dry Cleaning Co. Fred Bryant Motor Company The Fair Store Lexington Roller Mills Co., Inc. McCormick Lumber Co. Bryan-Hunt Company W. T. Congleton Co. Louis des Cognets Co. Curry s Drug Store Bro vn s Booterie B. B. Smitk Co. The Following Merchants Generously Donated Toward the Publication of the 1934 Crimson: PHOENIX DRUG CO. HARBISON TIRE CO. PARITZ CLOTHES SHOP S. BASSETT AND SONS ANGELUCCI RINGO W. W. STILL LEON ' S HAT SHOP ■ 9 ALL MAKES TYPEWRITERS Sale or Rent Special Rental Rates to Students STANDARD TYPEWRITER CO. 225-27 W. Short Street LEXINGTON, KY. TRANSYLVANIA COLLEGE " Fjrst in the West ' 154th Year Standard Courses Leading to A.B. Degree SUMMER SESSION, 1934 JUNE 11 TO AUGUST 18 XKj m. THE COLLEGE OF THE BIBLE An Institution for the Training of Religious Leaders. Courses Leading to P.TLB., M.R.E., and B.D. ih ' LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY THIS BOOK PRINTED BY E WORLD ' S LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE ANNUALS COLLEf E ANNUAL HEADfXI ARTERS ia iedQaa ihjh oi man:i im - fiweA.10 1 (9X en6n) i U aic ' cAiitographs vuw. » » »- « ■ » »«- - - C-c -««, - ? « c-f t r v. ■•; mMw mmmmm 1,

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