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Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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T LE 1955 ., W m 1-A 3 ,Q . X. rw S 1 Dedication John Marshall To U1 john Marshall whose patience, unrlersfanchng, corrlzal manner, and uonalu ul sc use of humor azll remam an the ll1"HIOJ'l8S of each member of the grarlu atzng class u c rlerllc ate the 1955 Tule Because of thc endless hours requzrell for sturlyzng problems of scmors and rom coachmg afhletxcs Duwng Ins 17 years as coach M1 Ma1shal's teams' uon 19 champlonshzps zn euery spoil and zn euery class, A B, and C' H15 greafest season uas m 45 46 ah' n Tranquzlllfy u on champzonshzps zn footha l, baslcefha l, haseba l, track, and fennzs 2 , l -" 1 71.1. 1' . Q' ' ' ." ' Q other students he counsels, Mr. Marshall found it necessary this year to retire Q , ' I I s I U I I 1 ,I 1 I . k n ,. 43 , S 1 ' 1 55 3 Y 4 H' S' v'4 1 .'f,, , , 1 Q o fulx a.. S 4 Q U .H 5 ' .ac an Q-...f xii? 7-M: M-,I 4 .mf ,.-W TU AW W . The Trustees Help to Make Our Memories Possible 4 A. M. CARVALHD EARL R. WHITE President Clerk N W I I R WILLIAM DEAL, SR. FRED GARRISON EDWARD L. EVANS Fhey Set Our Feet on the Upward Trad lr f,,w xlxxx 44 lx"x' 3 Lihue SUPERINTENDENT ALFRED R EVEREST JACK COOK Vice Prunclpal semor clvucs frack B basketball football attendance HELEN NAPIER, Secretary, and LIDGE GIBSON, Asslstanl, keep the schools busmess runnmg smoothly F o 'Q , 'Q w'Q9lf V, W L'9'!T":zf:fg :'v we 'I . ,while es!! teena ,r ,Quanta nh'a3Hag,g fe as H l 'W ,U G1 nl 4 , ' iii: W ar Q . I . ' I l " I I , , - sph. JAMES ALEXANDER- Woodshop, Crafts, Student Body Finance. RAY MOYER- H English, Social Science, Hobby Club. GUY DUCKWORTH- Piano, Chorus, Art and Music Appreciation, Rally Committee. Memories of JOHN MARSHALL- Counselor, Spanish, Adult Citizenship. THOMAS RUCH- US. History, Biology, Dra- ma, Photography Club. EDMUND POWELL- General Math, Junior Busi- ness Training, U.S, History, Senior Problems, Varsity and Winter Baseball. MRS. RENA DURBAHN- Physical Education, Tennis, GAA, Will Stay MISS CAROL DAWN KROPF Homemoking, FHA. CHARLES HENDSCH- Physics, General Science, Algebra, Hi-Y. WILLIAM BRAUN- Agriculture, Head ot De- partment, Ag Math, FFA. Our Teachers With Us HAROLD ROTH- General Moth, Plone Goo mctry, Arithmetic, Alqo bro, Student Body Finance. MISS MARSALETTE CARPENTER- Typing, Publications, CSF Quill 8. Scroll. CLIFFORD CARR- Band, PCD Band. FRED LINDSEY- Physical Education, Foot- ball, Varsity Basketball. JAMES SIEWERT- Ag Shoo, Senior Adviser, GLEN HASTINGS- Sacial Science, Physical Education, C Basketball, JV Baseball, Freshmen Ad- HSCY, MISS ESTHER MElER- English, World History, Li Drary, Writing Club. K'- .14 Q., AI, THOMAS RAGAN- English, Public Speaking, Commercial English, Jun- ior Adviser. MISS MARY ARMSTRONG- Dean of Girls and Coun- selor, Bookkeeping, Short- hand, Junior Business Training, FBLA, Y-Teens. GEORGE MONTAGUE- English, Head of Depart- ment, lJ.S. History, Sopho- more Adviser. Custodiaris, Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers Help to Keep Us Rolling C J e, Lidge Gibson, Harold Vonzont, James Huftord, Jimmie Martin, and E. A. fShortyJ use for a moment in their busy day. Other bus drivers not pictured are Clay Robinson and CLASS OFFICERS BACK ROW Nadine Barnes Treasurer James Siewert Adviser Bettye Jo Butler Vice President FRONT ROW Erwin Perry Student Council Repre sentative John Horn President Jack Kruse Secretary ROSS SHARP- Salutatorian, Bank of America Math and Science Award, Hi-Y l, 2, Vice President 3, Letterman l, 2, 3, President 4, Publica- tions Staff Photograph- er 3, 4, CSF 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Lions Speaking Contest l, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Track l, 2, 3, 4. FARRELL MANCINI- GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 4, Maiorette I, 2, 3, Co-Head Maiorette 4, Chorus l, 2, Junior Play 3, Student Body Secretary 2, R e I a y Queen 4, Future Farm- er Queen Attendant 2. Seniors Cherish Memories of TUH As They Go nknown Ways DORIS KING MORTON- Transfer from San Joa- quin Memorial, Senior Play 4. JOHN HORN- Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Foot- ball 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Track 4, Class President 4, 6 WILLIE BLYTHE- BARBARA MILLIGAN FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Bas t A l ball I, 2, 3, Foot T CHS I 4 2, 3, 4, KATIE LOPEZ- GAA I, 2, 3, Vice President 4, Y-Teens I, 4, CARMEN RAMIREZ- Drama 3 4 Y-Toons I2 3,4 GAAI,2, 3, 4 331' W JESSIE RIOFRIO- Y-Toons 4, FHA 3 Membcrsblb Cbalrmon, Bana I, 2, Sergeant 3, 4 HORACIO QUINTANA Basketball I, 2, 3, Track I, Football 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4. JERRY WHITE- THERESA ESTRADA- FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Presl- Y-Teens 3, 4, GAA I, dent 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, PCD Band 3, 4. 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3. I HELEN PEREZ- Transtor t r o rn San Jose, Y-Teens 3, Tale 2 LOIS ANN SCHMIDT- Band I, 2, 3, Officer 4, Chorus I, 2, Operat- ta 3, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Cablnet Member 4, GAA I, 2, 3. EUGENE BARRETT- Letterman I, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot ball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Manager I, Basket- ball Manager I, 2. MARY SILVA- lntermeduate Band I, Y-Teens 3, 4, FHA 3, FBLA 4. ZORA SMITH- Class Secretary, I, 35 GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens I, 2, 3, Rally Chalrman 3, 4. JIM BELL- Valedlctoriang Student Body Vrce President 3, Presrdent 4, I-Ir-Lute Assistant Edutor 2, Edl- tor 3, 4, Class Presu- dent 3, CSF 2, 3, 4, GRADY TERRY- Tennls 2, 4, FFA 4. Boys State 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Winner Polntucal Quiz 4, Llons Club Speakung Contest I, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, Hr- Y, I, 2, 3, Presldent 2, Letterman I, 2, 3, 4, ESPERANZA RAMOS- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, Secre- tary 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4. GLADYS VARNELL- Y-Teens 4i FBLA 4. MARTHA JANE BERRY- JERRY SALTERS- MARY CAROL NEILSON GAA 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Lions Club Speak' ing Contest 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Tennis Manager 4, Advertis- ing Manager for Tule and Hi-Lute 4. Hi-Lite 4, Senior Play 4, Baseball 4. GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens 2, 3, CSF 2, Class Representative to Sacramento 4, Student Body Secretary 4, Stu- dent Council 3, Tule, Advertising Manager 3, Bank of America Vocational Arts Award 4. JUANITA ESTRADA-- FHA 4. JOHN FISHER- Baskctball l, 2, 3, 4, Lcttermcn l, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Track 4. BETTYE JO BUTLER- Y-Teens l, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Cam- era Club 4, Annual Editor 4, HlALite 3, 4, Rally Club 4, Class Vice President 4. 144' JAMES WEATHERS- JOYCE HANNEMAN- lelterrnan 4, Football GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Rally 2, 3, 4, Track 4, Base- Club 4, I-li-Lute 4, Jun- ball l, 2, 3, Junior lor Play 3, Senior Play Play 3, FFA 3, 4, 4 JIMMY GIVENS- Tcnn's 3 4 JACK KRUSE-- Basketball l' FFA l 7 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4. CARLOS GONZALES- BARBARA ANN TOMKO Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bas- Y-Teens l, 3, 4, FHA lfetball 2, Letterman l, FBLA 3, 4, GAA 3, l. 4, Chorus 3. YVONNE STARNS- GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 4. -',.,-rf ROMONA FRYE- GAA l, 2, 3, Y-Teens VICTOR LOPEZ- Track 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Letterman 2, 3. NADINE BARNES- Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 4, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball Chair- m a n 3, Swimming Chairman 4. MARJORIE CHURCHILL Prom Girl I, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Sen- ior Play 4. JERRY McDONALD- Hi-Y 3, 4, FFA 3, 41 GAA 4, Christmas Play Football 2, 3, 4, Bas- 3, Hn-Lute 2, ketball 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Track 4. KUBA KRUSE-- SYLVIA HAMMONS- ANDREW DIAZ- GAA I, 2, 3, 45 Y Track 3, Sierra Valley Teens l, 2, 3 4 Championship. Chorus 4. l, 2, 3, 4, FBLA l, Secretary 2, Reporter and President 3, 4, Junior Play 3. PEGGY BURKHART- JOY DRISCOLL- Majorette l, 2, 3, Co- l-lead Majorette 4, Yell Leader 2, 3, 4, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Constitution Com- mittee 3, 4, Junior Play 3, Rally Commit- tee 2, 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, CSF 4. AUGUSTINE RIOS- Transfer from Parller, Baseball 2, Basketball GAA 4, FHA Secretary l, 2, 3, Letterman 2, 4, Hobby Club 4. 3, FFA l, 2. CARMEN CANTU- FBLA l, 2, Vice Presl- dent 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, Program Chairman 3, Song Leader 4, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 3, Student Council 2, 3, 4, FFA Sweet- heart l, Tranquillity Relays Attendant l, Queen 2. CAROL ETCHEBERRY- KENNETH SELZER- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, FFA I, 2, 3, 4. GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Busi- ness Manager Tule and HiLite 4, Class Treas- urer 3. BETTE ROBINSON- Maiorette 2, 3, Bond I, 2, 3, 4, G I234'Fl-IAI2, Junior Blay 3. l ALICE GUTIERREZ- Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4. TONY GUARDADO- Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Lite and Tule Sports Editor 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Student Body Treasurer 4, Let- terman I, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4. VIRGINIA WILSON- GAA I, 2, I, 2, Play Prom man I, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Maiorette Chorus 3, Junior 3, Senior Play 4, Committee Chair- 3. NANCY JONES- Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, FHA I, Secretary 2, 3, FBLA Secretary 4. BUDDY MILFORD- Track I, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, FFA I, 2, 4, SYLVIA JOYNER- Letterman I, 2, 3, 4, Beginners Band I: Pia- Camera Club 4, no 3, 4, Hobby Club 3. ERWIN PERRY- MARGIE HERNANDEZ- Football I, Track I, GAA I, 2, Secretary- 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Treasurer 3, President 4, Junior play 3, FFA 4, Y-Teens I, 2, 3, I, 2, 3, 4, Letterman 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Class I, 2, 3, 4, Student Treasurer 2. Council 4. DANNIE OCHOA- Transfer from Stockton 3, Baseball 4. I4 JUNIOR OFFICERS-EXMQK RC6. L HV'1'Q1 Myfdm' SM.1I0m Cirm 5 vwp'z'sCP'.Zgv .Q John gtrgngo '- " "f:"' ' 1" S Mr Tfw:'YoGs H ' f-.1 me .woes 50' e '37 FRONT QQ' F iw: 'rw'-'WMUC Ju T- rvx E Qr'Z'mv prcsm -' 1 ' ,rv l'L'SN1L"1Y P Uh rw: X , Q I FAQK QCA Don Kurvg Arn, 'af' Y." Zz, L: Horocv :ez FRONT ROW HQ CF 'woncm floowx Jowaon, Evolve Ruchex unior Turn Another Page I Book of Memories I 5 2 ,oi S.. A--1 f BACK ROW: Shnrley Sncyers, Dc- Iores Wood, Kofhy Chemham FRONT ROW' Betty Cox, Emma Hernandez, Maurwne Wilkerson 'T 9 J BACK ROW: Olrywo Nerl, Frank Rexna, Orrencna Cholxco. FRONT ROW: Bob Huey, Monroe Gnyens, Mary Lou Smith. I6 BACK ROW: Bob Marshall, Em- ma Moore, Johnnie Martxnez FRONT ROW. Terr Milford Gul- Y 1 bert Reyes, Jnm Markus. B f-""'1 BACK ROW Svfwo HGKQNQ, lfmoqcrve Combs, Pofrxcwo Sexton NEO .T ROW Kcrwcfh Robwneon ,W-rr Uofvsvn, Dcmvns Torre!! i BACK ROW AVQU EOVM Mimi Dco'm Rohm! Johniofv FRONT RON. Swv. T':'. 9' Jozk Wm! 9' rw Hcfwczrci fr,- EACK ROW Eanme Adncx., Mo'- gc Chcmzcrs Ango Chavez FRONT QOL ,ack ENonkensh1p Johrm' Averzo Porgy CorDCrvTer I7 BACK ROW. LoVernc Hawley, Janet Tuftbe, Donna Brown. FRONT ROW Drone Smnfhson, Ahrn York, Jer: Coublc. PACK ROVV Mow Droz,Vrroun1G Ha os Shmcv Lum FRONT ROW Jcwrw Jovner, Alrcc Perez, Mom Jeno Nrboh. I8 g 1 BACK ROW Womio Srmpson, Jeanette Thomas, BCTW Hooper. FRONT ROW Marv Jones Morro Smwih, Jcclmo Foyer Nw. ,ill BACK ROW. Pal VanZon7, Jerry W:n':urn, Gail Didway, Sam Joyner. FRONT ROW: Mary Jnne Johnson, Rornunita Ramos, Bennie Garcia. 4.4 9 su q'0,a.Yr' elafqllpl BACK ROW: Gale Stout, Gilbert Quiroz, Wayne Rocha. FRONT ROW: Les Pifferini, Benny Oller, Kenny Robinson. 2 1 - LEFT: Tommie Williams, Vernal Lemon, Nonon Daniels. l 9 SOPHOMORE OFFICERS - BACK ROW: Bill Braun, sergeant at arms, Bully Soares, treasurer. FRONT ROW, Kathy Weathers, secretary, Eddie Anderson, vice president, Gene Humphrey, president, Donna Noren, student council representative. 513524 Milf uf nv-1. w,m ophomores Reach Halfway Markg trive for Greater Heights BACK ROW: Dennis Lawson, Rudy Diaz, Jessie Magana, Roy ILittle Jackj Whitten. FRONT ROW: Peggy Scott, Nadine Graham, Sue Kinney 20 BACK ROW: Gene McKinney, Ernie Marquez, Everett Wright. FRONT ROW: Nancy Valdez, Mary McDon- ald, Cecelia Ortega, Edith Nolan. BACK ROW Sars Jo l-lardwlck, Bol- fy Meacham, Ellcn Joyner FRONT ROW Claudua Black, Carolyn Eyom, Carmcln Ccryantcz, Mclba McClaln BACK ROW: Gary Honneman, Jum my Johnson, Albert Drake, Dowd Cox. FRONT ROW: Andrnetre Metz- icr, Jcssuc Mctzler, Pafrucla Lemus. T' .sr fl BACK ROW' Elyln Wilson, Vlcenf Yanez, Winslow Thurman, Joe Gong FRONT ROW: Dans Vanzant, Flame Srnltn, Sulyna Self, Jessle Shlr- ey, 2l 'mf V54 BACK ROW: Earl Pruutt, Dulany Sample, Frank Taylor, Donny Whita- ker. FRONT ROW: LoDelle Smnth, Betty York, Joan Shows, Jeanette Newman, BACK ROW: Eugene Horn, Paul Brown, Leland Harrelson, Mrckey Tomko. FRONT ROW: Joe Turner, Jerry Roblson, Sam Sharp, Jum Rus- com BACK ROW: Alyln Clark, Gary Cox, Rudy Esplnosa. FRONT ROW: Marv Ellen Blythe, Dolores Enrxquez, Do- retta DeShneIds, Bonnie Daly, BACK ROW Jerry Ma,f1e!d, Jac Marffncz, Song Gong, Freddle Gon- za es. FRONT ROW. Martha La ez, 3 Wanda Gore, Ora Lee Gullwsrmc BACK ROW: Pete Sandoval, James Pickens, Albert Chan, Johnny Peter- son. FRONT ROW' Margaret Van- sanr, Myrna Owen, Georgia New- mon, 23 X. x Nt vi v-4. BACK ROW, Mathew Arcelus, Albert Castro, Joel Alexander, Ruben Es- pvnosa, FRONT ROW: Lillxe Canfu, Mary Frazner, Ilene Fronchwnl, BACK ROW: Estelle Cosfonedc, Dorothv Crain, Mory Fernandes, Margaret Dovns. FRONT ROW: Mc1rA gore! Anderson, Shirley Bollmon, Jackie Cole. V"-Cri C Huvr x Rmb 3 Y L- V' ywffn i-,Mx Hum "rc 'VO .T RON Earns Hzzsi 4 r nw -' V Fc 2 'Vurrwcr "Have some peanuts," Says Mr. George Montague, adviser, to Freida Mc-fs as Richard Ra- mlrcz as-fai"s his turn to me scrvcd. 'J -11 FRESHMEN OFFICERS - BACK ROWi Bonnue Gough, ytce prcsracnt, Bonn Valdez, treasurer, Raymond Bernard, Sergeant at arms FRONT ROW Gene Hubbard, Student coun' all reprcscntattye, Shrrley Sams, presrdent, Gary CTark, secretory -if Freshmen Take First 9 .gh J y,,--C Tia, Step in Climb to Top BACK ROW: Daynd Spnngwater, Garvin Lane, Lows Moore, Vincent Hernandez, Jerrel Pearson. FRONT ROW Sharon Lurnpkxn, Elvira Hurt- acio, Sue Kung, ROSIE Matus, Angelo Sandoval, BACK ROWi Tony Wslson, Gary Lemon, John Maxwell, Larry Ayres, Bobby Breese. FRONT ROW Penny Eubanks, Roberta Dobbs, Betty Combs, Perfecta Castro, Kotherune Drake. BACK ROW' Bliley Henry, Fldel Ra- mlrez, Robert Arreaondo, Manuel Morales, Kenneth McGunms FRONT ROW' John Phxllrps, Dlane Pickens, Antonra Lopez, Dolores Ramsey, Leola Merrltt xv .wry f 5X1 ' O BACK ROW Ramon Martlncz, Nar- clsco Qalntana Jlmrm Phlllms, Noel Snlrley, Art Sazer, FRONT ROW Paullnc Pcrez Ella Mac Lorn,G1nacr Hakala, Joyce Nnbolu, Anna Owen -1 BACK ROW: Jerry Dldway, Nicky locch nn, Joan Faurless, Jnmmy Du- fur, Eloy uarcua. FRONT ROW. Jlmrny Foster, Ruth Gore, Verna Crowell, Olga Gonzales, Glona Gar- cna, 12 1? vi ' 'M-WN!-4 mv A ,, .": 6 BACK mond SublO, Jcmct Smtfh, Sowol ROW Joyce Suflsvon, Ray- Blythe, Bcmobe Rnyos, Bobby Albert Rnyero. FRONT ROW, Soltzmon, Patsy Qurgley, Juno Vlrgwmo Weotbers, Shcrlyn BACK ROW Betty Lyons Pam Brmcgcr, Alonzo Olwyorcz, Jorrx Scroggms Ruben Gorcwo, Howorri Clotvouqh FRONT ROW Mortcrwc Qytotz Nancy Evans Bcccy Brcoso Cfwodottc Frost, Jody Frompton 1 vm EACK ROW Mor-bc' Gonzales, Geri GV1 Horns, Jac Hernandez, Dono':,1 'Lifter Pots. V-dxer F'oyC1 James FRONT ROV. Mow, rto Jones Rc' :ciao VcJc::'1o:': EQ-tt. Jormecfv Pct Loftdey 301.5 Thrcot 27 Q if K BACK ROW Dame! Yartez, Emtl Ruscom James Worrtak Mary Porter Mwke HaWcy, James Smith, Everett lowes FRONT ROW Betty Ncrt Margaret Mosby, Angela Hartado Peggx Owckems, Kathy Truetovg Patsy Srwth 3 2 BACK ROW Mclwn Hansen, Rumen Horns Paul Jones, Mclwn Jertk ns, Jwmmx Hfurrts FRONT ROW: Ra- phaeta Navarro Fratrccs Raoakcba Teresa Pawart, Marcze Mora Marguc Lopez 28 BACK ROW: Pauline Gonzales, Es- tello Gutierrez, Som ESDIVTOZO, Frank Ybarra, Rowe Rocrtdez FRONT ROW' Lune Rodrtquez, Vera Hcrf rtarmdez, Velta Rarmrcz, Yvonne Rtchey, Lots Wntson. 8 chael Bell, Jane Reno, Helen Whitten, and Donnie Fann look at Betty Duenes' lfrontl collec- tion of photographs. 9 1 ,bs If F t ss 'M J Vs 4 N I. 45, BACK ROW Robert Dcbusk, Bobb-. Evans, Roy Comocho Louis Brown Tony Awcrzu FRONT ROW Espcronzo Bo urto Mom Dmoz Bc-llc Dawson Bor- florn Emdtord, Jconcttc Clork Wil"am Huerta, Mr. G'en Hastings, class cdv'scr, Joe Wi'son and Jimmy Smith pause after reading day's bulletin. 29 ' N 'se' x 47, s Classes Cover Varied Fields iv all Doris King Morton and Mr and music appreciation 111' Andrew Dial, Gilbert Quiroz, Horacio Quintana, and Carlos Gonzales experiment with a storage cell in physics. Carmen Cantu ties a hand bandage on John Horn in senior first aid class. Guy Duckworth teach art students ta to'k da HCS. Q I I Jerry McDonald sits atop cotton picker in tarm me chanics. Rai' Boys taking woodshop learn art of furniture making. Penny Eubanks takes Jeanette C!ark's pu'se in home nursing. Mary Ellen Blythe, Mary Fernandes, Ella Mae Lum, Betty Duenes, and Yvonne Richey watch the demonstratIon. 30 C CL CTI ITIE ' o 4 'f . -""""f" P0 farms' If Ili, iii: .w"'-oq.,- f .w D 'U 4 4 N fl G if i, f -7'..f-"9 vm., JON ,5'- z Wx STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS - BACK ROW: Duane Smrlhsan, Donna Noren, Erwln Perry, Mrchcl Arcelus, Barbara McAfee, Claudla Black, Ortencua Choluco FRONT ROW, Gene Hubbard, Sam Sharp, Mane Smrfh, Mathew Arcelus, Carmen Cantu, Mary Jane Nnboln, Council Caverns Student Af airs J Xue Q I ix its v Tony Guordado, sports editor, admires the 24-inch trophy former baseball coach, John Marshall, received from the Letfermen's Club. 32 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS - BACK ROW. Jrrn Markus, vuco president, Marlo Smith, head yell loaderj Tony Lvuardado, treasurer FRONT ROW: Carol Neilson, sccrolaryj Jrm Ball, president, Zara Srnuth, rally chanrman John Marshall, aclvlscr all Q, .O 0: ,xx FIRST l44c, BACK Franc Black ro' Jnet Tottle Wanda blrnoson Shure Sams lotce Nlbon Eobbv Marshall not plctured Honor Students Keep Standards Hzgh CSF members and guests gather for a waffle supper in the cafeteria. In the back row are John Horn, Diane Smithson, Claudia Black, Ilene Francini, Janet Tuttle, Ora Lee Gillispie, LoDelle Smith, and Jim Bell. Johnny Ayerza and Carol Neilson are in front. B AVERAGE HONOR ROLL BACK ROW John Phlllups, Gary Lemon, James Womack, Gllbcrt Oatroz Bob Wagener Muke Haley John Horn Benny Oller Gene Humphrey Pete Sandoval Johnny Ayerza, Carol Nerlson, Horaclo Otnntana Ora Lee Gullnspue Ilene Franchlnl Tony Gaardado CECOND ROW Antonxa Lopez Kathertne Drake, Andruette Metzler, Carolyn Evans Bonnue Daly Gladys Varnell Nancy Jones Margle Chorchull Nancy Evans Mary prlva Judy Frampton, Nadune Barnes, Mary Dnaz, Martha Berry Peggy Scott Morgue Hernandez Es oeranza Basarto FRONT ROW Anlta Owens Barbara Mnllzgan, Doro thy Johnson, Mary Nlboll Shurlcy Lam Sylvla Hakala Joan Shows Mary Ellen Blythe Noi ouctured are Angela Sandoval Shrrley Bollma n, Rlchora Rarnurez, Gaul Dldway Carlos Gonzales Sylvna Hammons Jovce Hannernan Dons Kung Zora Srmth Jerry Whrte, Nadune Graha rn, Maureen Wxlkerson, Evelyn Rnchey Sf' IT. 5 hunt Kathy Traelove Duane Smuthson Claurlla ADVANCED BAND - BACK ROW: Esperanza Ramos, Barbara McAfee, Joyce Niooli, David Selzer, Marie Smith, LoDelle Smith, Beccy Breese, Charlotte Frost, Sam Sharp, Margie Hernandez, Theresa Estrada, Kathy Truelove. FOLRTH ROW' Billy Soares, Dulany Sample, Jerry Olivera, John Strange, Robert Breese, Donald Hooper, Les Plfferlni, Imogene Combs, Mike Haley, Jessie Riofrio, Sharlyn Sawall, Virginia Weathers, Mary Jones. THIRD ROW Terry VanZant, Alice Gutierrez, Penny Eu- banks, Jim Markus, Johnny Huglis, Mathew Arcelus, Antonia Lopez, Bobby Suhia, Bette Robinson, Jack Kruse, Sue Kinney, Ginger Hokala, Band Earns High Ratings TranquiIlity's band under the direction of J. Clifford Carr placed second in its class at the All Western Band Review in Long Beach and was rot- ed superior at the Fresno-Madera Music Festival. It made a total of 32 appearances during the year. Patsy Smith, Lillie Cantu, Sari Jo Hardwick, Donna Noren, Kathy Weathers, SECOND ROW: Mary Jane Nibofi, Carolyn Evans, Bonnie Daly, Joy Driscoll, Johnny Ayerza, Anita Owens, Judy Frampton, Patsy Quigley, Ernie Marquez, Mary McDonald, Marshall Machado, Farrell Mancini, Benny Oller, Virginia Wilson. FRONT ROW: Mary Kathryn Carr, Ora Lee Gillisple, Janice Stricklin, Gene Humphrey, Darla Hind- man, Pat VonZant, Bonn Valadez, Claudia Black, Nancy Evans, Diane Smithson, Janet Tuttle, J. Clifford Carr, director. MAJORETTES: Joy Driscoll, Forre'I Mancini, . Donna Noren, Virginia Weothers, Bette Robinson. Q Eoni Va adez, Mckey Tomko, Kenneth M Phillips Bettv Neri FRONT ROW hom, Kathy Truelove. BEC!NNERS AND INTERMEDIATE BAND - BACK ROW: Pauline Perez, Garvin Lane, John Strance, Bobby Evans, Winslow Thurman, An r-elo Hurtedo, SECOND ROW: Gary Clark, Mor garet Mosby, Robert DeBusk, Emil Rusconi G nnis, Joe Hernandez, Jimmy Johnson, John , . : Nancy Evans, Vernal Lemon, Peggy Dicken, Patsy "ruth, Anita Owen, Patsy Ouig'ey, Eloise Smith Ginger Hakala, Bonnie Gough, Nadine Gra X, X, Instructor Guy Duckworth directs Piano ll c'ass in preparation 4 Q 4,14 HORUS - BACK ROW, David Selzer, Dean l-lolt, How- rd Cox, Everett Wright, Ortencla Ci'lO1lCO, Jessie Rzotrlo, Evelyn Richey, Tillie Bracamonte, Faye Turner, Margaret Anderson, Shirley Wilson, Betty Meecnam, Marv Lou Smltn, Jeanette Thomas, Helen Whitten. SECOND ROW Victor Lopez, Ruben Esplnosa, Pat VanZant, Gall Diane: Darla Hlndman, Barbara McAfee, Cecelia Ortcqa, Ro rnanlta Ramos, bv.-.C Hernandez, Sflvva Harnmons, Mary Frazier, Betty Neil. FRONT ROW Director Guy Duckworth, Roy Whitten, Gary Cox, Allen Baker, Alvin York, Nadine Barnes, Mary Dlaz, Jeanne Foster, Peggy Scott, Rose L00 Carter, Lillie Cantu, Dolores Ramsey Wanda Simpson, Estclla Castaneda Snlrlcy Bollman at the plana, Cast rehearses for operetto, "Lowland Sea." Gary Cox, Alvin Clark, Nick Cortez, Roy Whitten, and Gail Didway are in the back raw. Around the piano are Wanda Simpson, Mary Frazier, Sylvia Hammons, Helen Whitten, Bennie Garcia, Pat Langley, Betty Neri, Sari Jo Hardwick, Mary Lou Smith, Faye Turner, Jeanette Thomas, Marion Brown, and Shirley Bollman. Shirley has the part of Dorie Davis and A'vin York linsetj the role at Johnny Dee. Mr. Guy Duckworth directs from the piano. for demonstration at music educators conference in Berkeley. ln the aroup are Betty York, 0'ivia Neri, Jean Joyner, Mar- lene G'otl A'ice Perez, Mvrna Owen, Sylvia Joyner, Tommie ' Williams, Delores Terrell, Wanda Gore, Mary Ellen Blythe, and Jeanette Newman. Chorus Presents Operettag Pianists Play in Berkeley The truck driver airs his griefs as Mrs Trimmer and Sarah look on in amaze- ment. CAST Jett ..... Jerry Salters CBrother Goosel Peggy VVinkle . Bettye Jo Butler l-lyacinth . . . Zora Smith Carol . . . Margie Churchill Wes , . . Jack Kruse Lenore . . . Yvonne Starns Eve Mason. .Virginia Wilson Sarah ..... Doris King Helen . . . Peggy Burkhart Truck driver . . Jerry White Mrs. Trimmer . . Joyce Honneman eniors Stage 3-Act Comedy "Brother Goose," a comedy in three acts, was presented by the Senior Class De- cember 3. The plot revolved around Jett Adams who was left to bringing up his or- phan brother and sister and still carry on his business as an architect. Poison ivy, ped- dlers, motorcycles, and a surprise ending added up to an hilarious evening for all present, Everyone gets into the act as Peggy demonstrates an important football play. Carol, Sarah, and Hy wait patiently tor the hand-off. Helen and Lenorc appear to be indifferent. Carol listens attentively, as all sis- ters shou'd, while "Brother Goose," Jett Adams, explains the art of mending. juniors E nact Hillbilly Farce The Junior Class chose a farce comedy, "The Campbells are Coming," with hillbilly fla- vor and presented it for the public April 29. Revenue agents, high falutin' city folks, and even a gun-toten' grandma kept the audience in stitches. Don'i fafk that way lo Kingslon," Kaye repraves Jeff. gi elm 7118 . ,--.0 1' .', 4: 'r-.iw fe "Throw up your brains," shouts Ma Bran- nigan to an amazed Kingston Campbell and his mother while Catalpa, Betty, una Dick sfare in silence. J Ma Brannigan . Catalpa Tapp . , , Betty Brannigan , Dick Brannigan Bildad Tapp , ,, Cyrus Scudder , Jeff Scudder Kaye Brannigan Kingston Campbell CAST Helen Mancini Barbara McAfee , Marie Smith David Selzer Jack Whitten , , , Bob Huey Jack Blankenship , Shirley Sievers Bill Soares Mrs, Augusta Campbell Imogene Combs "You can'f have her wages io buy liquor, Bildad Tapp, even if you are her father," Ma says em- pnohcally. Scrzbes Keep Presses Rolling Hi-Lite Editor BETTYE JO BUTLER JIM BELL Tule Editor PUBLICATIONS STAFF - BACK RCW Mass MarsaIette Carpenter a ufser Tony Gaardario, Carlos Gonzales, lor'-, gwdtws Ross Sharp FRONT ROW' Coral ETCIWC- Irurry Syl. a riakaIa Martha Jane Berry, Jwrn BeII, Bettye QUILL AND SCROLL - BACK ROW Tam Gaar fart Jo butIOr BeII, FRONT ROWi Ross Sharp, SyIywa HakaIa fe-rl? ,, , .., .hy . - ,, -'IF' ,U 4 WRITERS CLUB -- BACK ROW: Robert Arredanda, John MaxweII, Kenneth McGwnr1ls, Jerry Mayfweld Johnny Peterson. SECOND ROW: Albert Drake, Faye Turner, Margaret Anderson, Carmella Cervantez, Mary Frazwcr, Roswe Matas, Mwss Esther Meter, advtser. FRONT ROW: Paul Brown, Everett Wright, Dean Holt, Jerry Wnnharn, Emma Hernandez, Donna Neat, Bobby Subla. I A ' I I 'HI FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA 1 liz'-KK rl' l '-lcrfiw Clf C1'1:1.w . rw, 5-. '- 'v.: Frwe SECOND 'vtcin pez Carnoel C Cemanrr: var. P Arm Strong Utwgcr 9 5 .'.t,stn kr-'nc Crewe' Lille Cant.. FRONT ROI, Altce Gotterrez Cairn ro Cant. E :1 Dx Hoey Frank R-una iyarnarc: Tomko FBLA and Hobb Club Members Learn B, Doing Bobby Huey lbackl, Barbara Tomko, Carmen Canfu, Ramona Frye, and Frank Reyna look over a Iisf of requiremenfs for FBLA lead- ers' rank for which they are ready fo quali- fy. L41 q, in HOBBY CLUB - BACK ROW Win- slow Thurman, Vernal Lernon, Acle user Ray Moyer, Melvtn Jenkins, Dennis Lawzon, Loule Moore, Louie Brown, James Smlih. Tl-HRD ROWi Marqultta Jones, Olga Gonzales, Patricia Sexton, Fidel Rarnlrez, Manuel Gonzales, Everett Jones, David Sprtngwafer, Eloy Garcla SECOND ROW Glorla Garcta, Teresl Payan, Marge Lopez, llene Franf cn nl, Ora Lee Grllxsole, Bull Cook, Aiert Rvera FRONT ROW, Sllvta Se f, Bonne Hosrtngs, Elotse Smith, Marv Ellen Blythe, Marlon Brown, Maree Mora Hobby Club members of work - Wins'ow Thurman lstandingl makes progress on papier-mache toysj Ilene Franchini adds touches to a copper plaqueg Alberf Rivera and Marcie Mora weave table mats. I-f V .14- I , 1' Wiz, 1 QQ V , , QwNs??38H 4' 4 W 4 qygff 22? 49' 1 ' Vw' Qfsfff 'vs 'wif z , LN MM lf' if we' Q 4 s s f. -. I' -. if V 52' 1 1 W , Af Q mg A1 I X K7 , in . 5 ,Y Y . o f 3 Z ff L 4 ' sf -lk, 9 . il' Q-ww R1 3 X WWW F .: f ., 135 .fw gg if pn, 3 If , , Jul i , , Q Q 1. V .. 4, ,Z W Q. W: , 4 A jgf'?'33f7:? fn 355 5 3 2 Y v wf,fs+.1f12 'VfZ"5, I A , f ,Rpm-, f 1 41,541 J V, I ,gi fs A33 ' gf Y . M' in :g.,,j 1 yu gs , 5 Q fiaiw-f E , va Jr ,X ,,f -fy, 4-HA gy N., 51, 1 .F w ng Sgr : X 9 7 - ' fij 4:5 " - . gg. , 1 4 -fr-f SB I Nv- .Ll -, if W lv .elm 1 gi. ru.- ps. 4-.A fs FFA MEMBERS - BACK ROW Howard Clabough, Jimmy Dufur Louie Phillips Tony Ayerza Eddie Snowden SECOND ROW W Ile Eraffn, Nicky Flocchir-i, Jann Maxwell, Carlos Davis FOLRTH R W Jerry Mclsanald eddie Workentine Sam Joyner Albert Cast David Cox, Jirnnty Faster, Alvin Clark, Ruben Harris, Jimmy Phillips ROW Waxne Rocha I y Braun Elmer Holland Me vin Raul Joncs Noel shirlev, Paul Brinegar THlRD ROW. Eugene Horn Dennis Lawson Jim Rusconi Som Sharp Wayne simpson Arcnic Gordon Kenneth Selzer Don Kurtz John CF r ne sa E te dg' g Co tests f!?F.CERI - BACK ROW' WiIl:a'n Braun, OOVISCV, i i -i'-, Fir- union sentinel SECOND ROVV Corky Han- n 'fro ter Eutch Arcelus, tieoswer, Siuj Arce'us fimnci rz1ii"Cnl'1fixO IROTLT RON Jerry i i X it in ,ii nt lmry Whit' into tlwnl- Terry i 'f"z'lf'r1 Future Farmers at America wound up their schedule for the year with a trip to Cal Poly tor the State Finals, May 7. The "Farmers" also participated in state meets at Fresno State College, the Son Francisco Cow Palace, and the University ot California at Davis besides numerous Valley contests. The livestock judging team was composed ot Corkv Hansen, Kenny Robinson, Billy Braun, .lerrv Hansen, and Terrv Milford, On the dairy team were Ken- neth Selzer, Jim Rusconi, , Melvin Hansen, Ruben Harris, and Wayne Ro- cha, and Willie Blythe took part in milk judging. Jack Kruse, Butch Arcel- us, Sam Joyner, and Ecl- die Warkentine made up the tarm mechanics team, A western barn dance in March was the cccav scn tor the crowning ot Kathy Weathers as chao- ter Queen SOPHCMORE DONKEY BASKETBALL TEAM - fi . is 'QVJW Q.""i cmiswi Friendship and Faith an HI-Y MEMBERS - BACK ROW: Louis Brown, James Smith, Albert Rivera, Pau! Brown, Jimmy Jahmon, Richard Lenox, Jimmy Dutur, FRONT ROW, Raocrt Lenox, Everett Wright, Mathew Arcelus, Eloy Garcia, Bobby Marshaii OFFICERS - BACK ROW: Sam MOVIE SELECTION COMMITTEE - LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernie Marquez, Eioy Garcia, Larry Ayres, Robert Lenox, Jimmy Smith, Don Turner, ..Akw,vf Jerry Didway. Sharp, student council representa- tive, Albert Drake, chaplain, Eddie Anderson, treasurer. FRONT ROW. Jerry Mayfield, secretory, John Horn, president, Jerry McDonald, vice president. r -.--v.. 'A I John Horn tells Martha Berry about his trip to the H at Asilomar. i-Y convention 42 , 1 I n Carmen Ramirez gets ready for fun rn snow at Yosemite Barbara Tomko pre- pares to take beauty sleep at the end of the day s snow frofic, CLUB OFFICERS BACK RON Lois schrnrat program chalrmna, Donna Brown treasurer Jessie Metzler service chairman FRONT ROW Esperanza Ramos secretary Dane smrtnson president Mar Jane Nihon ,ice president, F ostered by Y Groups Y-TEEN CLUB - BACK ROW. Margie Hernandez, Theresa Estrada, Carmen Ramirez, Jessie Riofrio, Alice Perez, Pauline Perez, Cecelia Ortega, Patricia Lemus, Nancy Evans, Judy Frampton, Charlotte Frost, Sharlyn Sawall. FIFTH ROW: Maria Cuellar, Teresa Payan, Marcy Mora, Emma Jean Moore, Emma Hernandez, Ortencia Cholico, Olga Gonzales, Sue Kinney, Carolyn Evans, Bonnie Daly, Carmella Cervantez, Kathy Cheatham, Dorothy Johnson, Wanda Simpson, Shirley 51evers. FOLJRTH ROW: Mar- aurtta Jones, Barbara Tomko, Mary Silva, Eloise Smith, Katie Lopez, Barbara Mulligan, Alice Jones Sari Jo Hardwick, Esperanza Basurto, Marlene Glotz, Ginger Hakala THIRD ROW: Sylvia Hakala, Mary Lou Smith, Marion Brown, Donna Neal, Sylvia Hammons, Kathy Weatners, Jer: Coable, Mary Ellen Blythe, Betty Neru, Estello Gutierrez, Lupe Roclriauez, Gladys Varnell, Patsy Walker, Lois Wilson. SECOND ROW: Dolores Ramsey, Mary Diaz, Lillie Cantu, Joy Driscoll, Frerda Mays, Nadine Graham, LoDelIe Smith, Joan Fairless, Ruth Gore, Ramona Frye, Alice Gutierrez. FIRST ROW: Helen Mancini, Joyce Niboli, Edith Nolan, Virginia Wilson, Margorne Churchill, Donna Noren, Farrell Mancini, Nadine Barnes, Martha Berry, Betty Hooper, Ora Lee Gnlluspie, Jeanne Foster, Bette Robinson Left Sylvia Hokola and Lois Schmidt confer with Music Chair- man Carmen Cantu on plans for Mother-Daughter Banquet. 5 I Meet TUH R0 alty Q31 FFA President Jerry White helps Queen Kathy Weathers into royal buggy for a ride around dance floor. Attendants Marie Smith and Zora Smith watch from the background. 1 If" ' ' awn, HA Jerry Salters and Bonnie Gough, Campus King and Queen, make their way to throne. R 'cr' Queen Farrell Mancini presents trophy to latori cass A contain, Jesse Garcia. Tranquil- 'itv B and C contains, Pat Vanlant and Butch A'celus accept trophies from attendants Donna Norcn and Janet Tuttle. Inset Queen Farrell. 44 Drum Moior Terry Vanlant PEP GIRLS - STANDING: Lullne Confu, Marv Frozner, Verna Crowell, Borboro Mc- Afee, Evelyn Rnchey. KNEELING: Betty York, Beccy Breese. 45 Pepsters Keep School Spirits High .,v"" YELL LEADERS - Joy Driscoll, Pot Vonlant, Marie Smith. Letterman Sell Slavesg ponsor Tourney Lettermen Prexy Ross Sharp lrightj holds the chain that shackles slaves Alvin Clark, James Pickens, Frank Self, and John Strange. The slave sale serves as an initiation for new members ond a source of revenue for the club. Tourney All Star Team - Phil Wulf and Co'umbus Craig, Central, David Selzer and John Horn, TUHSi and Joe Ortiz, Coruthers. Tom Towle of Avenal lfrontl was voted the most valuable A payer. CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE - BACK ROW: Ross Sharp, Jim Bell, Tony Guardodo. FRONT ROW: Ben Oller, Jim Markus. BLOCK T'S - BACK ROW: Everett Wright, Jerry McDonald Vernal Lemon, Roy Whitten, Jerry Winburn, Leland Harralson, James Pickens, Eddie Anderson, FIFTH ROW: Tony Guardado, Johnny Peterson, Frank Self, Alvin Clark, Corky Hansen, Kenneth Robinson, Jerry Mayfield, Terry Milford. FOURTH ROW: Terry VcnZant, Jim Markus, Victor Lopez, Bob Huey, Frank Reyna, Sam Sharp, Dennis Lawson, Bobby Marshall, Ruben Esoinosa. THIRD ROW: Raymond Harris, Alvin York, Jerry White, Robert Johnson, Dulany Sample, David Selzer, Ernie Marquez, Bud Fisher, Paul Sull.van, SECOND ROW: Billy Humphres, Donny Whitaker, Benny Oiier, Johnny Ayerza, Jim Bell, Jack Wh.tten, Erwin Perry, Gail Dldway. FRONT ROW: Slug Arcelus, Rudy Espinosa, Dean Holt, Gene Humpheis, John Strange, Howard Cox, Billy Soares, Butch Arcelus, Adviser Jack Cook. FW 1 UIIS Becomes Duckville For Fall Playday Tranrtaiility was hostess to teams from Riverdale, Kerman, and Central in October tor Dackyille Playday. The Backwards Dance with Disneyland set- ting, April oo, clirnaxed the club's social ac- tiyities, RIGHT - CAA OFFICERS - BACK ROW Mrs Rena Durhahn 'L 1- wr .lane ,nf tri-,on, stu ten' council representatiye FRONi Roi. Kat fi Lopez yice Urn-',i.tcnt Margie Herranjez, president, .'i 'icy 3 utters secretary-Zrcasarar 3 I "May I escort you to the GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION - BACK ROW Mary Diaz, Mary Silva, Theresa Estrada, Carmen Ramirez, Jessie Riotric, Esperanza Ramos, Ce- ceiia Orteaa, Diane Pickens Evelyn Richey, Kathy Cheatham, Dorothy Jannson, Wanda Simpson, Anita Owens, Janet Saitzrnon. FIFTH ROW: Rose Maddox, Barrzara Tomko, Emma Moore, Emma Hernandez, Often- c a Ctfaiica, Zoe Kinney Caroiyn Eyans, liene Franchini, Betty Meecharn, ,cyze Harneman, Zara Smith, Carol Neilson, Margie Chambers, Patsy Ctstgiey. FOLRTH ROW Kathy Traeiave, Donna Brown, Kathy Drake, betty Johnson, Betty' York, San Jo Hardwick Lois Wilson, Verna Croweil, Ecnne Gaaah, Peggy Barkhart Patsy Smith, Shiriey Wiison, Virginia yweatbers, THiRD Qow' Mary Loo Smith, Marion Brown, Donna Neat, X I Backwards Dance?" Bonnie Gough asks Corky Hansen. Kathy Weathcrs arranges flowers for a c'assroom on Blossom Day. Syiyia Hamrnons Kata. Vywotwrs Elzsr- En-ist: ,er Caatylc Ciadgrg er, Jane Smith, ,saw Shows, we 3: VtcCiain SECCND ROW Jo-,ce Nioeii, Doiores Ramsey Liliie Cant, Jay Driscoii, Freida Mays, Nadine Black, Barbara M ryan Aiice ,anis Delores Enriaaez Patsy Caroen- T I Vt Gra' am, Stiyia Zeit Jaan Fairtess 'xaflr-ne Glatz Chariotte Frost Shar- tyn Sawoii, Jody Ffamrton, t-.ana E.ans Mary Jane Nihaii, Aticc Got e- rrez FIRST RCW r-teic-n 'vtancn Xrlzfne Richey Edith Naian, 'Jirgnia Wiison, Marque Charcri ii, Danna tslcrtfn Farrefi Manc ni, Nadine Barnes Thomas, Janet Tcttt Carntn Martha Berry, Carci Etcheiqerr-. lea Cars' nit- Foster., Eette Robinson, Jcanette a Eeccy Breese ar- Left: Johnny Ayerza and Jeanette Thomas cut a rug at the GAA Spring Day dance. Right: "Gee, I wish they would play the Bunny Hop?" Tripping the Light Fantastic Toe Who s the farmer s daughter, Davld? .-xoxo ' But Carmen, I dont know how to mambo ig, .?'a,x1. 'K 71 , ,-.. , ,Lx f 1.4: nv 'I f x O A x mw.m.,f,lvg' g : 5, 'N' ' """"' 'ff ' .' "ISR ' M' . ff? ' ' wg? ,L N jk -n."?'.LTf', ,gl . NK Q -I y 'Q ' Av .ff ' X2 Q " 5 U 'gifs' Q A . ' ., ' W fi ,.. . -,.g,,,y ' MQ . . x, ,J fy MM . V4 A if . X N ' 'Ml ' 31. 5, -,,,w, V V r 255' I E' Q. ' ' 'Q' S V . . f ' , r V , Us 1 ' V Y M y? A ' , a -nfl' , I 4 ,ff 41 , 1 PORTS in align K 'fc wk 4, V3 9 3 1 .v-"' 1 .fl -1"- El ll ll R M 1' r a Above: Three shots of GAA basketball tournament. Seniors capfaincd by Farrell Mancini are winners: iuniors lcd by Diane Smithson, second. Tigerettes Display 5 Athletic Ability in if E ,.,. x ii . ' 4 xc ' .. D, 'W 3 2 I - ', ,, 3 .1 ,H W 1 i 4 NP' ' iii-'sl ii ,'.,. F , , X . , - M 'QAM at '-Q fgf , ,l - ' ' ' 'if '9 7 Q-Q-ii 'V Left: Girls ga through warm up exercises before playing volleyball. Lower Lett: Freshmen pIay against sophomores in atter school vol' leybcll game. Lower Right: Zora Smith clears hurdle with case. if ii Use 5- 4 Top Left: Silva Self shows the proper way to miss a ball. Top Center: Judy Frampton takes a mighty cut at a fast ball missedj Top Right: Sue Kinney sends a curve over the plate. Center Right: Virginia Wi:-others ond Bonnie Gough show thc position tor starting a hockey game, Bottom Iett: Beccy Breesc sails across thc brood jump pit. Bottom Center: Shirley Sievcrs worms up before going to tennis courts tor o fast game. Bottom Right: Beccy Brcesc shows hcr skill in badminton. 1" u 1 E365 L-. Uv-x Q, 15 ' -4 - T' lj, 'Q ,X 144 we 1' '55 ffi ,Q ' i,l Vwiv z W W , ff?,, Wi 1 32? Z 5 1, W Mm. it M' f -aff ""' ,K , 5 . 'yi E 3, 'K B' fvffl Q ' Qizjgl' 1 " ' X I ,,.'2Z7ff"Qf, . 'Q ,K 9' ' D, Q ff S 'fl' 4 ? 'Q ' 4 f m , ,sw . .-1, L . 9 2' Varsity WVinds p in Tie for Third Place B TEAM BACK ROW Coach ack Cook xr Braun Gll er Rcvcs Terry Milford Nlck Cortez Eddie Anderson FRONT ROW l. land Harralson Nacl Shar cy Terry VanZanl ltcn Arco ls Jann Stranqv. C TEAM BACK ROW Coach Glen Hasllnbs Narclsca Qalnlana Jann 'vlaxw l Vn err l-lernanfioz err Lenox B l Cares N. axnc Mclnlasn Calc Slow, Rarnan Mar, tlrcz, Jae Hernandez ,OC Gong FR NT ROW R Men ESD. x E 5- bx Marshall, Jonnnx Pclenon Jer' ry Scragalns Frank Roxna Jerry Mayfield, Bobby Sufxla 54 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM - BACK ROW Gene Humphrey, Jerry Whale, Benny Oller, Jann Horn, Davld Selzer, Paul Jones, Coach Fred Lnnascy FRONT ROW Howard Cox, Hcraclo Qulnlana, Jlm Markus, Bud Flsher, Jerry McDonald Frank Self, Tony Guardado. VARSITY LEDGER TUHS 5l . . RIVERDALE 59 it TUHS 52 , . LATON 6l TUHS 52 . . CARUTHERS 36 TUHS 54 . . SIERRA 65 TUHS 62 , . PARLIER 73 TUHS 60 . . RIVERDALE 42 TUHS 62 . . LATON 69 TUHS 66 . . SIERRA 60 TUHS 54 . . CARUTHERS 50 TUHS 52 . . PARLIER 60 Tigers Take 2nd in Tournament Mast valuable player David Selzer has an ear to qri as he rece' f rophy from Coach Lindsey. Moments ot glory overshadowed an otherwise dismal season for the varsity basketball squad. The Tigers placed second in the Lettermen's Club Tourna- ment, losing to Central 59 to 56 in the championship garne. The varsity was also victorious over Kerman, win- ner ot the Dos Palos Tourney. David Seller, big gun for the vOrSify all year, pumped in 339 points during the season tor a l7.9 average. His 22.4 league mark from 224 points in league play was second best, The '54-55 season was one of the least successful ones in many years tor all three TUl-lS teams. The A's managed to win four league games, but the l3's and Cs couldn't even buy one. f. avid Hernandez d es in for a lay up shot as Sierra pl y r attempts lo block Seller jumps to shoot as Parlier players Frank Reyna comes around alter taking i watch helplessly. hook shot in a C game. its s B y shoots over Avenal's Jerry Parlier g t h G H ame ac ion s ows ene umphrey Bock in a tourney game. Jerry Mc- dropping in two points. Se.1er is No. D nald is in the baekground. 16. B LEAGUE LEDGER TUHS 29 . INVERDALE 51 TUHS 41 . LATON 65 TUHS 24 . CARUTHERS 40 TUH5 42 . SERRA 76 TUHS 42 . PARUER 51 TUHS 35 . WVERDALE 38 TUHS 37 . LATON 50 TUHS 37 , SERRA 62 TUHS 33 . CARUTHERS 52 TUHS 44 , PARUER 61 Camera Catches Tigers in Action Bottom Right - Southpaw Jerry Mayfield displays determination as he fires in a one handed push shot. Humphrey battles for rebound with Pa Iier man as Jerry White, 23, and Benny Eddie Anderson closes his eyes and shoots Oler, 29, watch in case assistance is in tourney championship contest. needed. CEN TUHS TUHS TUHS TUHS TUHS Nick C SCORES SERRA FUVERDALE PARLER LATON CARUTHERS Cartel pushes up a two hande Terry Milford 31 g t t f p bl l'9 , , 9552 OI' OS 'f ah gM?M.,,rW',',,,f - ' f -f if fr ...a 4, 5 it P 3 'X f' 2 1 1 , ilgy 5-ff' K ,, ' 1 Q I AQ , , fi fs, K x , Z an ,V I .. W 1 M Aim X iff?-,. Q. V ,.. 'wzkxp-:,,:g-,' -, ,A ff,-I "' A 4' ,M K 5, : ITE '52 -1" 'V 4 ' 'ffl W A f M , , 0 if M I dz ff ,ff GQQW W, ,Q,f,' fn. 5 E4 M, , , In Alw,,,,,., .xxxf If .it -'fw,,.g 4 nm V , f bv -v, up MQW , 4 A , pw 7 fi'-Q., ,.w" "um '51, J .F ' 4-fr 0 v 1 VARSITY - BACK ROW: Manager Gary Lemon, Tony Guardada, Joel Alexander, John Strange, Robert Arre- dondo, Vincent Yanez, Hora- cio Quintana, Jerry White, Coach Edmund Powell, FRONT ROW. Mickey Tomko, Jim Markus, Eddie Anderson, Benny Oller, John Horn, Jerry Salters, Gail Dldway, Jerry McDonald, Manager Kenneth McGinnis. rip., Varsity Takes Zncl Place in League with 7 Victories Horacio Quintana kicks up dust as he slides in safe at third against Caru- thers. F145 , ""Qvr ,, Q Three losses, all by one run, was the only thing that kept the varsity from going undefeated, The Tigers won from Caru- thers, Riverdale, and Laton twice and from Parlier once. Parlier edged cut the locals once and Sierra had to go extra innings twice before winning. TUHS had probably the best hitting team in the league. Tony Guardado paced the hitters with a .459 average. He was followed by John Horn with .447 and Horaco Quintana with .4l4. Jerry Salters did most of the pitching and struck out l2l batters in the lO games. He tied the league strike-out record of l7 against Riverdale. LOWER LEFT: Catcher Jim Markus gets set to receive the ball during a warm up session before a game. Shortstop Tony Guardado rests on first John Horn uses his lonq stretch to take after singling oft a Sierra pitcher. a throw from second base. N we X Mgr , :Few . ' 135 um-' V A byy'gWe - -xi SST' ,,-1.1.5 A sf-:fe F JUNIOR VARSITY - BACK ROW, Coach Glen Hastings Bobby Breese Gen Humphrey, Carlos Gonzales, Paul Janes, Dulany Sample Bernabe Rlvas Jerry Wnnburn, Daniel Yancz, Manager Arthur Selzer. FRONT ROW Ernll Butch Rusconl, Monroe Guyens, Manual Morales, Billy Soares Gene Hubbard Joe Turner Bobby Subla, Elyrn Wulson, Ross Sharp, Manager Jnm Phulllps Varsity Standings Lower Right Outflelders Eddle An derson and Vincent Yanez dns cuss proper way to catch a tly TIGERS SIERRA 6 TIGERS CARUTHERS 3 TIGERS LATON 2 TIGERS PARLIER IO TIGERS RIVERDALE 2 TIGERS SIERRA 2 TIGERS CARUTHERS 9 TIGERS LATON 2 TIGERS PARLIER IO TIGERS RIVERDALE 2 Jaycees SC0l'C'IJ0lll'lI JV's 2 SIERRA 4 JV's 2 LATON I5 JV's 9 PARLIER I JV's II RIVERDALE 5 JV's O SIERRA 9 JV's 6 LATON 4 JV's 6 PARLIER 3 JV's 9 RIVERDALE II Call Ddway makes faces as he Jerry Salters and Joe Alexander practices his batting stance. Tlger pltc1ers 1 'iw rs f. Track Tum Out Hits ew High A TRACK SQUAD -- BACK ROW. Coach Glen Hastings, Gene Hum- phrey, Jim Bell, Gene Barrett, David Selzer, Benny Oller, John Horn, Frank Self, Budov Milford Carlos Davis, Coach Jock Cook, FRONT ROW: Albert Drake, Alvin York, Howard Cox, Erwin Perry, Jim Mar- kus, Joel Alexander, Paul Sullivan, Manager, Vernal Lemon. B SQUAD - BACK ROW Coach Glen Hastings, Ruben Espinosa, Jer- ry Winburn, Gary Cox, Gene Hub- bard, Gilbert Reyes, Eugene Horn, Jack Blankenship, Everett Wright, Bill Cook, Pete Sandoval, Paul Brown, Johnny Ayerza, Coach Jack Cook. SECOND ROW: Manager Ross Sharp, Pat VanZant, Terry Van- Zant, Jerry Hansen, David Cox, Freddie Gonzales, Terry Milford, Corky Hansen, Kenny Robinson, John Strange, Albert Castro, Man' ager Fidel Ramirez, FRONT ROW' lContinued Belowl A4 A lContinued From Abovel John Martinez, Raymond Comacho, Jessie Magana, David Hernandez, Dennis Lawson, Sam Sharp, Archie Gordon, Earl Pruitt, Bill Humphres, Frank Taylor, Roy Whitten. C SQUAD - BACK ROW: Coach Glen Hastings, Joe Hernandez, Rich- ard Lenox, John Maxwell, Alvin Clark, Bill Soares, Jerry Scroggins, James Smith, Mike Haley, Butch Arcelus, Jerry Mayfield, Louis Brown, David Springwater, Jirnmy Rusconi, Bud McGinnis, Coach Jack Cook. SECOND ROW: Manager Robert Johnson, Wayne Simpson, Vincent Hernandez, Don Kurtz, Bile Iey Henry, James Womack, Gary Clark, Robert Lenox, Louis Moore, Nick Flocchini, Jimmy Johnson, Ru- dy Diaz, Raymond 'Harris, Bobby Evans, Jerrel Pearson, Ramon Mar- tinez, Frank Reyna, Tony Ayerza, Manual Gonzales, Joe Gong. 60 Pat Vanlant drives across finish line to anchor B shutt'e relay team to first place at the Tranquillity Relays. ' ffm SGW! Heavenly Twins", Howard Cox and TUHS relay team at West Coast Relays. Johnny Maxwell .helps the C's ta.a first Frank Selt. Self set a school record Terry Vahlant, Erwin Perry, Benny In fhe bI'00dIUf"'P- He V00 SW .flfff of ll tt. 3 in. and Cox vaulted ll Oller, Johnny Ayerza. PIUCB M6403 ut the TYGHQUINITY tt. tar his best ettnrt. R9lUY5- pikers H ave Big Tumoutg Enjoy Successful Season With the biggest turnout in the history at the school, i955 cinder teams enjoyed a successful year. The A's lacked depth but boasted several individual performers which hung up new school records. The B's swept everything in sight except the Atascadero Memorial Relays in which they placed second. They won the League meet with ease, piling up 58 points to 2l for runnerup Laton. Cs took their share of the meets, however, Parlier edged them out of the league crown in which TUHS was defending champion. It was a determined bunch ot C's that traveled to Atascadero and brought back the championship trophy they had sought in two previous years. Frank Taylor sets a school record of ft. 935 in. in class B high lump. on W ,Q i 5 ss A hurdler Alvin York shows form which helped him post a 19.9 mark in the 180 yd. low hurdles for a school record. LL. -fs ,.:.,. Tlger Cross Country Runners are League Champions The first official Northern Sierra League cross country championship was won by the l954-l955 harrier squad. The hard efforts of Coach Jack Cook finally paid off as his squad took league races Sierra Parlier, and Riverdale. In bigger meets, TUHS defeated Redwood High of Visalia and Kingsburg. Archie Gordon captained the team throughout the season and was awarded the most valuable player trophv when he set the present school record of 7:42 in the Letter- men's invitational meet. CHAMPION HARRIERS K ROW C h J k B I y , R d B ddy . d, eRoy Mar am, Frank Taylor. FRONT ROW: onny W t- r, rover ore, rch'e or n, v'n Clark, Gary Clar , on z, a mon arr's, ana er ar es Clow rs. Tiger distance runners fake off on a practice run at halftim of a football game. 'God,s Finger Touched Him, and He Slept, --Tennyson Friends of Curtis Porter, former member of the class of '55, were saddened by his sudden death late in November. Curtis was a great athlete. His sports ca- reer at Tranquillity High School included three years of baseball and basketball and two of football. He will be long remembered b, his teammates, his ccaches, and by all who watched him play. 62 Through the Camercfs Eye C3 Aim Hayseeds. Woe is me. Beauty takes a holiday. Oh yeah? Which twin has the Toni? Make up y o u r mind. Which way are you gu- ing? X., M pu-q ff 'df' , www. new X " ' H' gygg Q ,tx 41 Xu , 5 Q ii-. sewn ig X TWCKS Rililmgmm I R A T H M A N N muck Ann IMPLEMENT mc Farm Equipment Motor Trucks Refrigeration SALES SERVICE GOOD LUCK SENIORS Telephone 5731 TRANQUILLITY 65 CA ms , " 5 A5 ,vsf 'V x ' I - jk- 54 T' :ea sAN JQAQUIN srone SCHRAM AND HALEY, Props. Good Luck Seniors Phone 3296 SAN JOAQUIN FRANK S GARAGE AUTO 4 REPAIRS ,I I is Wifi l Auro REPAMNG Gas Oll Lubrlcatlon Tlres Battenes FRANK TORRANO Prop Phone 5431 TRANQUILLITY Frey Bearing Co. Master Lubrzko Grease Valuolme Products Broummg Sheaues df Belts Chams if Sprockets New Brztam Tools Natzonal Grease Seals Telephone OLuver 5 4267 MENDOTA B F Goodr ch Tubeless T res SEAL PUNCTURES DEFY SKIDS PROTECT AGAINST BRUISE BLOWOUTS Pho I 1-imdrxch B F B 0 rmsr IN Russia 1955 Broodwoy Phone 3 5216 rREsNo Pho S AN JOAQUIN ELECTRIC s. PLUMBING sHoP Roduos Refrigerators Washing Machmes Every Electric Appliance E W NELSON Prop ne 3186 SAN JOAQUIN 'L 'X E R XNHlTE 81 SON E: 'Y G Auto Truck and Tractor Repamng Kelly Sprlngflelcl Tlres 81 Botterles ne 2 Y 3 HELM 66 I f -ll . ns Xl 1..?H Q , N x,iif,i?i,'g : xX f I XX! l I J x. y ' D , N Q , 7 ' xx llg l:""- , . I . . ,G 0 . I' gf I 1 I I I A Q Q HELM GARAGE ' El - - if . . . , tufts-sprgmgg I . . MILLER WELDING WORKS SAN JoAQulN ART L HARRALSON d g h e 3411 SAN JOAQUIN DDD FUll B PII NTS See Your Fuller Dealer Raihmann Truck 81 Implement Co TRANQUILLITY Make Us Your Headquarters For Flshlna and Vacahon Supplles ORLANDOS WELDING AND HARDWARE Ph e 5611 B 7 TRANQUILLITY SAN JOAQUIN ELEVATOR AND SUPPLY CO INC GRAIN STORAGE e 4211 Bo 438 SAN JOAQUIN WefSe eAg t ALFRED E STRICKLIN k F AllF Pho e 5792 TRANQUILLITY 67 X ' . Wel in and Mac in Shop - I Phone I, O Phon x " . Your s id Insuranc en ' O "Stic with Strick" or orms of Insurance on ox 33 n BUTANE - PROPANE Service of Extra Performance Service And Quolity TRANQUILLITY FIVE POINTS MENDOTA J HENRY MARKUS HAPDWARE Wilson Sportmg Goods Phone 3701 Son Jooquun AYMOND C JOHNSON Munn CMO Phone 6 0584 Phone 3811 2379 So G St 8768 Mom St FRESNO SAN JOAQUIN 1 Q We R . d' Y' 441 JL A ' as 7 SCHMIDT TRANSPORTATION CO. Agricultural 8- General Commodities Serving the Entire West Congratulations Class of '55 May all your Dreams and Wishes Come True Phone OL 5-4338 Day P.O. Box 74 OL 5-4335 Nights MENDOTA A '4 GOOD LUCK SENIORS X - t MILLER a. wiLsoN's Groceries and Meats Clothing Phone 5436 TRANQUILLITY Robb Bros Trucking JOHN C RABB ROY K RABB General Hauling Gram Hauling Our Speciality Phone 392l Day SAN JOAQUIN 3609 Nnght .Rfb 69 Gasoline Is Your Biggest Bargain ly West Slde Shell Dlstrlbutors Bulk Plants TRANQUILLITY Dos Palos Rnverdale Phone S J 5617 FERTILIZERS - INSECTICIDES SAN JOAQUIN ARGO co JACK JONES Mgr Phone 323l P O Box 407 SAN JOAQUIN PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL RICE MILLS INC Ruce Buyers 8. Shrppers Ruce Drylng Phone Oliver 54385 MENDOTA WESTSIDE FARMERS COOPERATIVE GIN WMI IKM Owned And Operated By Grower Members SAN JOAQUIN Owned And Operated By Grower Members sAN JOAQUIN SAN JOAQUIN PAPER 8. JANITOR SUPPLY :Nc Congrotulotlons Class of 55 459 Van Ness Ave Phone 3 4668 FRESNO 49 1' till in I L X ff 72225 U s, V' X ' f MENDOTA FOOD CENTER Wholesale and Retail Grocenes Meats Vegetables 7th and Q Sts Phone Oliver 5439 MENDOTA FRANK HUDSON INC 3 Plumbing f' Hf and Heating f I Contractor Plumbing and Heatmg Contractor 2l4l S Van Ness Ave Phone 6 9706 FRESNO ' ff' I .W O O I l I 0 N0 . . 1 ,.:55:-" ." , - 1 A -I Milli '35 1 - WI A if ,gf il x L3 X , . LI.: 'a -Al 5-I -r ' -J X . . A "' 5 ' - ' C -! . ' - 1 - I P P P 70 LOUIS SALTZMON Dlstrlbutor SEASIDE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS P O Box 385 8th and O Sts MENDOTA C S PIERCE LUMBER CO 5 Congrotulotuons Q Q! Sensors jx ERNEST GURROLA Mgr MENDOTA Phone 3661 A J CROW MGR KERMAN Phone 9338 FRANK S SHELL SERVICE FRANK BERTAO Proprietor TIRES BATTERIES COMPLETE LUBRICATION Phone 5616 TRANQUILLITY SH ELBURNE S STATIONERY Offuce Supplies Safes Flles Desks Brnef Cases School Furnlture Blackboords Darkrng Curtains JACK SHELBURNE Mgr ond Owner 1931 Marnposa 1248 Van Ness Phone 6 9577 Phone 2 0975 FRESNO SAN JOAQUIN PHARMACY RELIABLE Q PRESCRIPTIONS SODA FOUNTAIN GIFTS COSMETICS SUNDRIES Phone 3731 Box 361 See ond Drive The 55 Ford KING COLE MOTOR CO Cars Trucks KERMAN E Power if f 5 V Produce bee Allred for all your equipment needs new or used We mamtam four fullyequlpped locations to glve you the best nn equlpment parts and service Buy the equipment you need now Pay as you earn Use our IH mcome purchase plan INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Tractors Trucks Engmes Farm and lndustruol Equipment Refrlgerahon Allled Equlpmenl Co Fresno Reedley Madera Fuve Pounts 7I , mm 1 U " f ,af eg to - A rx X V4 X- 'U :u 0 U c D H1 :u Ui S2 Z Md.f!f5'.'?Ef -2- GJ! 07 ITI za' "JP CUZ Z2 EEF WI- Z-I 'Q-4 VI :P gZ ji- I2 IO Ee Z Q!-.T "'!'vT' ':..:.-9 -q,,r-wi -2 mg- I 'E 'Fr 3 'E Q 5 it ii We the Producers Guns of Tranqunllnty and San Joaquin, wish to express our warmest congratulations to the Class of 1955 and best wishes for a lang and happy life 72 J,7n ..: - 1:35-E':,Q-'f',ffff????I1:, 9' lzff'-,,'1.1Z-C-1"'l ...uni . , 1 ,-::,1if.:t5553F.-122 . .111 LL-. 'g,.1- 'LL,-- .2fJJ"' :-' ,. -' uf 57 1'T E"'- 'U L- if -1 . - , . iz: 'r"::2EE3E2:::::1 1111255999495--"-""' 'iffff 1 . iisbsmzfiiz ::::::::::y -111:-di-A " .1H .f11- if-1-, :::.. - A-----------r 1 -5 f:::.:s: . " 15 -- 'jj ' ,1--1:-Ugg., mu D :2Z.g?7::.':Hll 1- - ' V .f 453144 as .V f Eli- 'E5:!::1wl""2'-1'- Iilaizaszcf, f"fi'ffP5 ARE il ' -I z:---' "' -Ill ----Enrzml z'---.. . 'Y - . 5222 t ITIL 'Ears I f"'..S11!fj:' Zz. L5 - ,, 3' .335 g-gllgzaatiqn-1. tmgggtiiiitz zgfialmz. n HE!! EE:f:: Ei:-25555 -Q Sa: fsraff' -'wfff-f-4 Y H rf- - dsl Q'ijjT.,...,,.':.::::::- '22 .L Q1.,'ulgEu:: "+'f'3'-::- 'A " .- -A --on : :::'.1'S'F. FEEEFE xi .'y j N . A I I ' T.-E, I , . X 'if si- 'A- 1 , ggi sing QSEQQES? 66-imfjgffa Q' 0 Box 302 Pi-no Nl-15461 owuea mm-Nea DON ELLEH BQANNR ELLER CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 55 Covermg the Entire West Sade With Daily Wholesale Delwery g dFesh ggs CZSVI e IG-olde S eDoyP d dWhL Rfsg 73 D 1 Of l Jensen-Pile or r E Q Bollord Biscuits I Dinner Bell Morgcirine - o encio Orong Juice Bars n tot ir ro ucts T k E if new in 'eration BEST WISHES From ENGRAVERS CORPORATION Class Rings Graduation Announcements Diplomas Personal Cards Medals Trophies Club Pms 600 New Hugh Street Los Angeles I2 WHITES BRIDGE CAFE VVe Never Close Featuring Home Made Pies Mgr. Chuck and Helen Kerman KERMAN GIFT SHOP Featuring Franciscan Pottery Fostoria Glass Norcross Greeting Cards and Gifts for Every Occasion 443 Madera Ave Kerman ERNIES CHEVRON SERVICE Whites Bridge and Madera Ave Tires Batteries Accessories Kerman KERMAN RADIO AND TELEVISION Sales Service All Makes Repalred TRANQUILLITY DRUG STORE Oscar Claassen Prescription Druggust First Aid Supplies Coty Prompt Courteous Service Hagel Bishop Drug Sundries At Reasonable Prices Gift Items stahonew 559 Modem Ave Borden s Fountain Service Phone 6 I O8 Kerman Phone 545I Tranquillity I Lubrication - R.P.M. Motor Oils 74 Nadine Barnes models one of the delzghtful dress styles avazlable at McKeans Congratulations Class of 55 Mc KEANS DRY GOODS TRANQUILLITY AMAPOLA STORES Groceries Meats Variety Dry Goods MENDOTA FRESNO CAMERA EXCHANGE Auduo Vusual Supplaes Projectors and Movle Falm Rental Pncture Frammg 2037 Merced St FRESNO P A DALY Standard Dnstrlbutor Chevron Gas and RPM Motor Onls Phone 3l46 3147 SAN JOAQUlN Everythung For The Welder SIGLER S Arc and Gas Weldmg Equlpment and Supplies l828 Los Angeles Phone 2 6322 FRESNO l Drugs Sodas MEN DOTA DRUG STORE Good Luck Senuors' 4'A Phone OL 5 4254 MENDOTA U" KERMAN JEWELERS gm Wyler and Gruen Watches Keepsake Dnamonds ,en F W' Specialized Watch and Jewelry Repaur eegake 704 Madera Ave KERMAN IIGISYI III PIII! I I I x " El ' . 1' ' x X55 M 2 . . . "ho . , E Af' 75 GENE All Types of Sweoters for Schools - Clubs - Lodges and All Organizations Ilil South Woll St LOS ANGELES 15 RAL SWEATER CORP. CONGRATULATIONS on BEST VVISHES Class of 55 ENTERPRISE GROCERY Wheel Aligning And Balancing O Brlen s Brake SCFVICC BRAKE RELINING TIRE SKIMMING WARD OBRIEN Prop Merced and G St Ponoche Rood C Phone 6 0631 B cmd Horruet Rogers P op FRESNO 6 Con gratulatzonsl Melvllle E Wlllson C0 1805 'V 0 Lafayette Phnoe 3 '3177 l ' PRLSINO 76 Good luck 1n all your future efforts 3 ' 7 d . . . . Q F' X il X Jzm Markus Eddze Anderson and Benme Oller look over a dzsplay of temptmg foods Anderson s Market Phone 3721 SAN JOAQUIN TULE BOOSTERS HANSEN BUILDING Dee Hinds Vlrglnla Fmn Mrs Lena Torrano George Chaney Lester Hanneman W C Morris MATERIALS 81 SUPPLIES Donna S0aI'0S Complete Lune of Electrucal Dan York Appliances Mr and Mrs Harold Hale Televlsuon Instollahon and Mrs Douglas Nlchols Mr and Mrs Raymond serwce James Story Urnzola Mrs Wllllam Oller MISS MarJor1e Bray Phone 591 1 TRANQUILLITY PHOTOGRAPHY MAXWELL s'ruDlo I'9SI'1O ENGRAVI NG VALLEY ENGRAVERS Fresno PRINTING ENSIGN PUBLISHING COMPANY Fowler COVERS THE S K SMITH COMPANY Los Angeles H P JORGENSEN 8- COMPANY FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Sales 8. Servuce 818 Broadway Phones 2 0712 and 2 1551 FRESNO I I 77 I in X, I A Picture Of Quali y 'k Mobilgas 'k Mobiloil 'k Mobilfuel Diesel 'A' Butane 8 Propane pehafeum Swwice, fnc. P.O. Box 256 Phone 523l Tranquillity San Joaquin lust a Call to Say. . . Well Done Class of 19 . Q" May Your Future Attainments Be Unlimited Q f"'ffrNMmM ,-"' f ffl.: 1 E Y ' ,-A" ': 2 rpm: lk ll ,w'.ufn, W 1 Me EM " 'M 612 ' Mix g-5--"5yg,' A c o M PA N Y XE 1.x-Nu-viji' 1 COMMERLIAL PRIVJERS AND PUBLISHERS Affkfjfg WM, J, MUENZER, Publisher N fd, 115 N. saxm Sf. FOWLER Phone: TEmple 4-2535 78 deI've H TF om the ovon 3 fb nwceadayf 1+ xswdwbwufrr XS SIL B aa. SL M G 'Rm . F f ,,, X EAD i fgelfll 4 Eel ,he freshness: Everybody knows that HOT bread zs the freshest bread And hot fresh bread as delzczous So treat yourself to the freshest of them all Reach for BE! SY ROSS hot bread today' CAMYS DRY GOODS G H BERRY DEALER IN HAY GRAIN RICE Phone 3471 SAN JOAQUIN LE ...,.......f.,, w'!'95 IN THE SIZE YOU NEED MEN S 8. WOMEN S WEAR SHOES NOTIONS PATTERNS Phone 3216 SAN JOAQUIN Ben Rusconl 81 Son Complete Automohve Servuce TIRES TUBES Cor and Home Supphes H C Crocker Co Inc School Supphes CI1 Equupment Phone 3781 Box 378 SAN JOAQUIN FRESNO SAN FRANCISCO SACRAMENTO 79 l red 0 r 1 anwcn ' sf - . . . ' , I x . xxssli Rx O N S 'U b ' 1 x - J 7 u, 1,3 sX 5 755 x '.. I I ' . ., , . TE BR ' ' 3 .NZ Al I I - C 4 . 10 O 9 I ' , . f I I JI 'lb-,,.. ' H" '7 'l :1-:::-,--,- . ....4 , if 5.1 ' "-12Q'1.':Jjg4 Iglf-533'-1' " ' 0 0 " ' if '15 SJ nhl: S :II if-: 'Z-' 1' 7 1,5-z:+fz4ff:1:g,, .,:?'. ' ' ' """ - - fb.. I I O o o 0' 0 . . O -' d . . ADMINISTRATION ADVERTISEMENTS BAND BASEBALL BASKETBALL BOOSTERS BUS DRIVERS CAFETERIA WORKERS CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION CAMPUS ROYALTY CHORUS CLASS DIVIDER CLASSROOM SCENES CLUB AND ACTIVITIES DIVIDER CROSS COUNTRY DEDICATION DRUM MAJOR FACULTY FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FOOTBALL FRESHMEN GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION GIRLS SPORTS HI Y HOBBY CLUB HONOR ROLL IN MEMORIAM JUNIORS JUNIOR PLAY . LETTERMEN S CLUB MAJORETTES . PEP SQUAD , . PIANO CLASS . PUBLICATIONS . QUILL AND SCROL.L SENIORS . . SENIOR PLAY . SNAPS . . SPORTS DIVIDER. SOCIAL EVENTS . SOPHOMORES . STUDENT COUNCIL TENNIS . . THEME . . TITLE PAGE , TRACK . , TRUSTEES . . WRITING CLUB . Y-TEENS , . YELL LEADERS . 65 79 58 59 54 56 52 53 25 29 50 51 I5I9 3- 20-24 60-61 4 38 43 45 Index . . . . . . . . . . . 34 . . . . . . . . . . . 77 . . . . . 33 . . . . . . . . . 44 . . , . . . . . . . . 35 . . . . . . . . . 30 . . . . . . . 31 . . . . . . . . . 62 . . . . . . . . . . 45 . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7 . . . . 39 . . . . . . . 41 . . . . . . 40 . . . . . . . 47 - ........ . . . 42 . . . . . . . . . 39 . . . . . . . . . . 33 . . . . . . . . . . 62 37 ' 46 34 45 . 35 . 38 38 I0 I4 36 6 64 49 48 32 57 3 I

Suggestions in the Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) collection:

Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 27

1955, pg 27

Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 10

1955, pg 10

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