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jun-M., E3 'ii V 1954 T VOLUME XXXIV Published By TULE STAFF OF TRANQUILLITY UNION HIGH SCHOOL TRANQUILLITY, CALIFORNIA Editor JAMES STORY Assistant Editor Avertising Manager RICHARD MARKUS CAROL NEILSON Business Manager Artist TOMMY FOSTER DONNA NEAL Sports Editor Draftsman TONY GUARDADO I JOHN STRANGE only sux months Muss lone Fox mathematncs teacher wlll be long remembered for the sun cere effort she put unto her work and for the :nduvudual help she gave her students by her sudden death ln an automobile acc: dent chool and Farm Droduce for America Slnce Tranqulllnty Unuon Hugh School Dlstruct ns prumarnly devoted to agrnculture we of the Tule staff have chosen a theme which relates the school and the farming community lt was wath Interest that we noted some dlstlnct parallels could be drawn between school and community Both school and farm represent growth On the farm a seed IS placed un the ground and with proper care and supervlslon eventually bears rlch fruit ln the school youngsters come un fresh and eager and under the watchful eye of teachers and admlnustrators emerge as well rounded young men and women able to take their places an soclety We therefore decided to compare the varlous aspects of school and farm llfe by callung TUHS a corporatnon farm The teachers In the Tranqullluty school farm are the foremen each wlth his own realm of control The superlntendent IS the supervusor of the entire ranch The Board of Trus tees serves as Board of Directors for our enterprlse and every parent IS a stockholder The more one dwells upon the Idea the more sugnuflcant snmularutnes become Both unstntu tnons are vltal to the contlnued growth development and maintenance of the Amerlcan way of lufe So even as the farmer annually reaps hrs crop students an Tranquillity Unnon Hugh School harvest their crop-a ruch abundant and sound education In Memoriam Although she taught at Tranqullllty Both students and staff were saddened 2 Q I ' ' I I 1 ' 1 . I - , . - - 11 - - 11 - . ' I , . 1 ' ' 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 e gym. Around the farm in 80 Dimes THEME EXPLANATION . . 2 FARM BOSSES ........ 4 CCertificoTed cmd Non Certificated Persormelb FARM TOILERS CCIossesI . 9 ACTIVITIES . . 31 SPORTS . . 50 ADVERTISEMENTS . . 65 3 Deditiltivn To Mr Thomas O Ruch the man whose endurnng patuence and endearing manner have gladdened the hearts of every member of thus graduating class thus l954 Tule as dedicated Although Mr Ruch has held no ottucual posltuon wuth the class throughout these tour years he has always been wnllung to help any one on any matter truvlal or great as the case might be We are truly grateful for all the help he has given us and want hum to know he will remain long nn our memory 4 l . . , , . I - Sfreeholder Board' forms TIJINIS Dolicies Paralleling the work of a Board of Freeholders in a corporation, Tranquillity Union High Board of Trustees formulates all policies for the "corporation farm" of the high school. Countless trying problems crop up during the course of a year's school planning, and it takes a great deal of time, effort, and patience to cope with them. This year the Board reached tentative agreement on some issues involved in enlarging the school plant, a matter which has been under consideration for some time Also of special import- ance on the Board's agenda was forming an administrative code, a statement of rules and policies. Mr. Earl White has served on the Board of Trustees for the longest period of time, ll years. He owns and operates the Helm Garage. A member of the Board for lO years is Mr Anthon Carvalho local rancher Mr Fred . y , . . Garrison, a San Joaquin farmer, has given of his time and efforts in the interest of the high school for five years. The fourth member of the Board in order of length of service is Mr. William Deal who farms in the Mendota area. Mr. Clayton Brown has been on the Board two years. He operates a ranch in the Cantua district. ' I.. 2 ' li ki- , , :,'A ,N wi' I 'if-kllv.: lA-:- 4 l 1 4 if i - - 'N Af ' ', E3 . A Q I . ' i ' l 1 h ,K , ', V L Y .yn MR. WILLIAM DEAL, SR. MR. E. R. WHITE. MR. FRED GARRISON Clerk MR. A. M. CARVALHO MR. CLAYTON BROWN President 6 orkers' Draise Again l wish to express my gratitude to students of Tranquillity Union High School for their excellent behavior and fine attitude. Discipline cases gradually become fewer and the percentage of attendance be- comes higher as students make progress in developing qualities of good citizenship. More and more students who transfer to other school express regret upon leaving, and more and more returning students are happy to come back. These are good signs. This is your school, and it is just as good as you make it. As your administrator, l congratulate you, Iliff ?,ff'W-,sesf SUPERINTENDENT ALFRED R. EVEREST ffice taff Handles tfarmt Business Every large farm needs secretarial help to take care of paper work and a variety of office tasks for the business as a whole. The TUHS " farm" is no exception in this regard. ln the school office, letters are written, announcements duplicated and distributed, supplies sold, and rent on teacherages collected. Records of attendance, registration, and grades are made and filed. Separate sets of books are kept for district, cafeteria, and office funds. Monthly financial reports are made and quarterly, semiannual and yearly reports are compiled. r OFFICE STAFF-Mrs. Bernyce Hughes, txpist, Mr Jack Cook, vice principal and attendance officer, Mrs. Helen Napier, bookkeeper and general office worker Tommy Foster and Alphonso R.vera iboth standing are student helpers 6 ired Hands' Keen Danch n rder Well-equipped farm vehicles, a big kitchen to satisfy hearty young appetites-these are other necessary elements to keep the ranch running smoothly and all the workers happy. Every day seven bus-drivers keep themselves busy hauling TUHSers to and from the "main office" and keeping the school plant and surrounding area spic and span. Likewise, every day three cooks slave over hot stoves preparing sumptuous meals for those they love to serve. Mrs. Phyllis Beason, Mrs. Freeda Lewis, and Mrs. Clara Perry prepare tasty foods for hungry students. Lloyd Shirley "rides herd" on TUHS lawns. n1ai,,..,,,, as yo Ag -. ., Seven hord-working bus drivers pause offer a morning's haul. They are Ross Harris, Clif- ford Reeves, Roy White, James Hufford, E. A. lShortyl Anderson, Clay Robinson, ond Lloyd Shirley. 32155 JOHN MARSHALL - MISS MARY ARMSTRONG - JACK COOK - GEORGE MONT Counselor, Spanish, Baseball, Dean of Girls and Counselor, Attendance, Senior Civics, Head of Student Council Adviser Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Jr. Track, B Basketball, Fresh- Public Bus. Training, Office Train- men Adviser, Lettermen ing, FBLA, Y-Teens THOMAS RAGAN - MRS. ISABEL COSTIGAN - GUY DUCKWORTH - . English, Reading, Senior Ad- Homemaking, Biology, FHA Piano, Chorus, Band Assist- viser ant, English JAMES ALEXANDER - MISS MARSALETTE CARPENTER - CLIFFORD CARR Woodshop, C r a f t s, Student T y p i n g, Publications, CSF, Band Body Finance Quill ond Scroll 8 GLEN HASTINGS - F E - R o LINDSEY MR. JACK WILLIAMSON - wn.uAM BRAUN - Social Science, Art, Physical Commercial Math, C Basket- Plane Geometry, Alqetmra, Head of Agriculture Depart Education, C Basketball ball, Swimming, Football, Var- General Math, ment, Ag Math, FFA sity Basketball We sometimes get mad at our "foremen," who put us to work and keep us on the job day after day. But theirs is a huge responsibility, teaching everyone the rudiments of knowledge growth, and they deserve a good round of applause for it. All in all they are a capable, efficient, and likeable bunch who strive to keep the ranch in good working order, each in his own realm. THOMAS RUCH - MISS ESTHER MEIER - CHARLES HENDSCH - U.S. History, Biology, Drama, English, Commercial Geogra- Chemistry, General Science, Photography, Hi-Y phy, Library General Math, Algebra JAMES SIIWERT - MRS. RENA DURBAHN - RAY MOYER - Ag Shop, Junior Adviser Physical Education, Tennis, English, Social EOCHCC Sophomore Adviser, GAA, Pep Squad 9 4 I ' '."e, I Rx .fa fX 449' OFFICERS BACK ROW Jack Whltten treasurer Gene Humphrey reporter Dean Holt er:-cant at arms Mr Jack Cook adviser FRONT ROW Sammy Sharp vuce president Claudia Black presldent Peggy Scott secretary Johnny Peterson F Z-X L :I- +i. F freshmen Dlant eeds of Knowledge ... f-' if l The freshmen got their flrst taste of hugher educatnon thus year as they planted seeds of knowledge The way the growing plants develop wlll depend upon the care glven them durung the next three years Judging from the enthusuasm with whuch the class took hold the plant wlll progress well Thus class largest nn TUHS history partncupated ln many actlvutues also To swell their class treas ury the freshmen sold magazines and Chrnstmas cards They won flrst place un Tranquillity s annual Jabberwock contest wlth a courtroom skut They returned the sophomores courtesy by glvnng a dance In their honor on March 5 uslng the theme Evenlng nn Parls BACK ROW Harold Knlllan Rudy Esplnosa Richard Ramnrez Are thell Featherstone Margaret Da vas Jessle Leyvas Muckey Tom ko BACK ROW Eloise Smlth Sulvma Self Mary McDonald Bet ty York Rosalee Cook Ruta Gon zalcs IO 'Mafia 432 Y 1 gf lc X C f if x YL l I l I . , l eu l I I " 5 I I ,Z f J N l Student Councll representative. "' ,Al if X7 1 SX ff! ff' X I , . I l , l ' ,I 1 I , l , . . 1 - , . I ' ' ' ' ' Il ' ' ' Il BACK ROW: Ruben Esplnosa, Jesse Magana, Freddy Rome- ro, Nnck Cortez, Rudy Duaz, Dennis Lawson, Jerry May- fueld. FRONT ROW' Bully Wrnght, Teddy Puludo, Albert Castro, Frank Perez, Ellas Por- ras, Mathew Arcelus. BACK ROW Danny Smnth Rnchard Lenox Jack Lank ford Jimmy Johnson Gary Hanneman Bruce Howlson FRONT ROW Bonnue Host mgs Nadine Graham Lola Gulnn Frelda Mays Sue Km ney Andruette Metzler Maru on Brown BACK ROW Melba McCIam Patsy Tnearl Janlcc Henske Betty Meecham Joe Gong um Ru c nn Elvnn Wulson FRONT ROW Mary Blythe Nancy Valdez Mary Frazner Eduth Nolan Ollie Roper Dor othy Cram Mary Joyner F,- BACK ROW we-orgla Newman Pa sy Haley Jessle Shlrey Robert l-lersrnger Robert Le now Ernxe Marquez Paul Brown Everett Wrugnt FRONT ROW Carolyn Evans Kathy Weathers LoDelle Smnth Mar garet Vansont Barbara Cook BACK ROW Manuel Ybarra Fred Gonzales Albert Cas ro Ellas Perez 'Vlary Fer nandes FRONT ROW Won da Gore Jeanette Newman Ruth Blxler Myrna Owen Doyle Reno Elya Garcra BACK ROW Sung Gong James Wrllrams Raymond Sngala FRONT ROW Donna Noren Ilene Franchlm Carmelo Cer yontez Bonnie Daly 1 , I f .1 A R 1, ',, f l2 B ACK ROW Ray Hafiey Edale Anderson Dulany Sample James Puckens Pete San doval Vernon Harms Gene Tuck FRONT ROW Bonnie Webster Doretta DeShleIds Jessie Metzler Bertha Wrnght Blllv r-iumohres Earl Pruntf BACK ROW, Lows Applegate Gary Cox, Letand Harralsor' Marwn Hurs1, Davwc1Co-, Ora Lee Gultusolc, Bully Soares, Na- oma McNabb, Yolanda De- mungues FRONT ROW Don Rowland, Charles Clowers, Donny Whntaker, Frank Tayl lor, Raxrnond Harrxs, Atvur. Clark BACK RO Wtllwam Lane Jack vvnwtten fonnwe Aivaraao Do tores Enr aues Jesse Magana Ella Hnqrwtower Patncwa La. mms FRONT RON Jennne Hsterta Eonnte Thomas Ber nwce Guwnn Dons Vanzan? Sntrle, Boltman Ma chem Vaughn - , , R 1 ' 1 XA, .. , , X . t . M r BACK ROW Martha Lopez Jockre Cole Cecelra Orfeqa Margaret Anderson Faye Turner Donna Neal Llllre Cantu FRONT ROW Albert Chan Grover Gore E.Jgene Horn Bully Braun Joe Mar rmez Mncent Yanez Bull Soares Donna Noren and Gene Hum phrey hold up o sketch of Eiffel Tower used as scenery for the freshman sophomore dance An Evening n Pans Joe Turner Leroy Markham Raymond Copeland Raul Saldana confer with Barbara Moore on an Englxsh assignment Z1 ,I 14 ffl ff r M at ag I I tnve Les Prfferlnl treasurer Mrs Rena Durbahn advnser Pat VanZant reporter Terry VanZant sergeant at arms FRONT ROW Duane Smlthson secretary Jam Markus presldent Corky Hansen vce pres dent Ionhomores Tend Growing Knowledge Dlants Cultivating the tlny seed they planted the year before has been the lob of the sophomores Both mentally, socially and physically they grew To welcome the freshmen, sophomores threw a dance on October 9, using a marlne motive They cap ured third prize In the Jabberwock with a hullbllly 5 It A lab umportant to the sophs was the ordernng of class rings In a new desugn called 3 Dnmensnon After several hot arguments they decided on a sweater color 'xpstlck red A tigers head emblem wlll decorate a pocket of the sweaters Sophomores now look forward to thesr furst year as upper classmen BACK ROW Betty Adney Mar porle Copeland Bennne Garcia David Selzer G a I I Drdw y James Mooneyham Frank Rey na Bull Shiner Robert Johnson FRONT ROW Margre Cham bers Vera Amador Marne Smith Ollvla Nerl Angle Cha vez Mary Ybarra I5 ess, W ll A I , if-, rw S X 1 'll' 1 'M' I 5 'WY Nt MX Seq vt w ll N 1,9 , sf.-.DX Xu X ,J X I ,, fn , , X sw, , X SOPHOMORE OFFICERS - BACK ROW: Butch Arcelus, Student Councnl representa- xr ,f I 1 I - , I 1 I 1 ' EE ff ff f' ' f f ff ' ll ll k' . . . . - . . . ,, - . . If - - - - 1 , T. . . I , O Q BACK ROW Sam Joyner Eddie Warkenhne John Strange Rosa Treyuno Joyce Sfrahan FRONT ROW VIYQIFTIO Hayes Lorene Robnefr Patsy Car penter Shnrey Lum ma Ruth Fox BACK ROW Mary Jane John on Kathryn Cheatwarn Shnrley Slevers Doro1I'1y John on FRONT ROW JcancTc Thomas Emma Hernandez Evelyn Rschey Z 1 , f f v- ,I ,T 3 Ts, 1, ,I ,5. : C' ,. , , f ,V ,J , A .. , , Deo es Wood Eye Buxe Betty Hooner BACK ROW Howard Cox Wayne Rocha Garry Traylor Wayne Sumpson FRONT ROW Donna Brown Phyllis Wood Jeanne Fosfer Mary Evelyn Jones Sue Puftman Barbara McAfee BACK ROW Gllberr Quaroz Kenneth Robinson Terry Mul ford Rufus Vega Bob Huey Johnny Ayerza FRONT ROW Carmen Moreno Aluce Pe rez Janet Tuttle Irene Ben como BACK ROW Bob Wagener Elmer Holland Alvin York Archle Gordon Sylvla Hakola FRONT ROW Marxlyn Gelsl Lynn Cosfugan Mary Lou Srnnth Imo gene Combs Mary Jane Nrbola BACK ROW Frank Self Monroe Gavins Jerry Wlnburn Charles Mulligan FRONT ROW De lores Terrell Cordelra Young Vlrgunva Newton Emma Jean Moore Jean Joyner 1 I L ,N t Q l P 1 , "fl T .fx ,ff ' " f A 'ff l ' T ' l l l 7 BACK ROW: Robert Valdez, Jack Whitten, Benny Oller, Paul Sullivan, Charley Wear. FRONT ROW: Mary Diaz, Dolores Quintana, Virginia Ortega, Bobby Marshall, Vernal Lemon. fred Dooley Donald Boyd Jack Blankenship Jim Rich ardson FRONT ROW Wan d Simpson Doris Alyls Kathy DeBusk Helen Man cini Tommie Williams BACK ROW Alice Jones Bonnie Adney Ellser Ruiz Romanlfa Ramos Christina Lopez AFRRONT ROW Marcelo Saldana Gale Stout Arnold Barry George Mendoza Johnnie artinez l8 BACK ROW: Ernest Buie, AI- Wanda Simpson holds teddy bear which sophomores rattled att in the hope that proceeds would swell their treasury. James Story bought lucky ticket. Naoma McNabb ftreshmanb lett and Phyllis Wood right hold tightly to the captive servant Corky Hansen The gurls bought Corky at Lettermen slave sale Students learn dissection In biology class Gathered around the table from left to rlght are Robert Vol del Ellser Ruiz Vera Amador Angle Chavez Mrs Isabel Costlgan instructor, Romamta Ramos and Romona Frye Kyunlarl 'Q L 7' Lifglk ,4- Rufus Vega srnllmgly approves of Vero Amador s sophomore rung while Mary Jane Nnbol admires her own I9 'ba X ' i X f tl! l ii li 'ii Y if l' ll, i W Qf7lif , l 'X W ,W l 4 f 'S Z-A , i xlj az' Vf ri 7 0 sl. ""N..f IV fly! 'i""" J uniors Cultivate Mbit? ' CAROL NEILSON o Ii I d it E,l.lDDY FI'SHER S,5ggfgS'e5f,2,Lg?5g' Mail! Hn!! l10W 0 Q6 iil II S P'em"' CAROL ETCHEBERRY ZORA SMITH Treasurer Secretary Cultivating the growth of their minds was an important thing tor the juniors as they stud' ied hard to be ready tor their last year at TUHS. They also had a tull share of activities, however. To get things rolling they gave a "l-lallowe'en" dance October 30 in honor ot the seniors Wanting to raise money tor the prom, they sponsored a movie January I4 and then started o Carn- pus King and Queen Contest. A highly successful junior play, "Tattleta!e," was produced May 2l. Climaxing the year's social events was the traditional Junior Prom May 28, at the Hacienda Motel in Fresno. Juniors show interest in biological spesimens. Here Horacio Quintana points out features of a skull to the group around him. Left to righl are Joyce Hannemen, Tillman Buzbee, Quintana, Margie Churchill, Jean Bums, and Victor Lopez. 20 Ag boys admlre one of the many trophies lumors have helped wan for the depart ment Holding the trophy IS James Lenex whale Eugene Barnett beside hum observes rt carefully Looking on are Wlllle Blythe Gaston Shirley Jerry White and Jimmy Glv ens wwf' glr from chorus get to aether for o little sm so tronol music About to vocal Yvonne Storhs pn-mo uccompamment are Wanda Cox Vrrglnlo Wilson, Barbara Tomko Carmen Cantu and English students study o chart Important to their work Jes sue Rlofrlo and Loss Ann Schmidt hold the chart whale Augustlne Rlos, Andrew Dual, Sylvna Joyner, and Carlos Gore roles look at ut closely 5 '- -fl' ' Six "s . 1 3 ,Q H g - H-9- ire to 1 ' ' - 5 V Nadine Barnes. I SW L 21 These chemistry students look pleased over sornethlng that a stnll with whnch they re experlmentlng7 Joy Driscoll adlusts the Bunsen burner Martha Berry John Horn Zo ra Smith and Horner Mays offer help These US history fans appear to be absorbed In o portion of the book held by Nancy Jones Betty Butler IS seated on the Iett ot Nancy and Margne Her nandel on the right Gathered around are Theresa Estrada Curtis Porter Don Camy, and Wllhom Maxwell Bette Robinson nves a demon 9 stratlon In typing class while others observe her work Watchmg her are Donn Morehead Sylvla Hammons Farrell Manclnl and Norletta ox . ' . Is . . . , I I ' , l l ,. ...,. r X 1 ' . I .. - , I- , , l ' a I .. . I , F . There is much to learn in the commercial held these girls would gladly testify Tuning the handle of a mlmeograpa is Erma Gore Alice Gutierrez Helen Perez Esperanza Ra mos and Barbara Mlugaa watch the procedure Some juniors became interested in photography this year. Here Tony Guardado, Romona Frye, Buddy Milford, and Mary Sil- va are making a study of the school camera. More US hlsiory students prepare a panel discussion with Jerry McDonald as lead Seated are Katie Lopez Dara Hmdman and Carmen Ramirez Dannie Ochoa and Clro Gaona stand behind the gms. gi 1 16' qv o X sf' Charles Seaton times Gladys Varnell in a typing test. Dorothy Fries, right, admires material Juanita Estrada is using in a sewing proiect, Mr. James Siewert, sponsor, ponders new proiects Kenneth Selzer, Carlos Davis, and Erwin Perry do some for iuniar class. last minute studying. gui tz,Q,M RICHARD MARKUS - Senior President, Student Body Treasurer 4, Tennis 3, 4, Senior Play, Rally Committee 4, Stu- dent Council 4, Tule 3, 4. ALPHONSO RIVERA - Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Captain C's l, Captain B's 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Lettermen 2, 3, President 4, Hi-Y 3, Preci- dent 4, Band Sergeant 2, 3, 4, Class Vice President 3, 4, Chorus 25 Sports Editor Hi-Lite 3. SBIli0l'S l'liIl'V6St CYD!! ' A S0lll'ld EdlICilti0lI At the close of another year in the annals of TranquiIlity's history, members of the class of '54 pause to look back over the four years of fun, festivi- ties, and classwork they have shared. They suddenly come to real- ize what teachers and adminis- trators have been trying to tell them for a long time. lt is they, the graduating seniors, who are reaping the benefits of a plentiful harvest - a sound education. An education acquired while having fun, playing games, developing talents, becoming leaders, is the fruit of the tiny seeds planted four short years ago. DONNA SOARES GAA 2, Y-Teens l, FHA 4, Class Secretary l, 4. KEITH EUBANKS - Drama 2, 3, 4, FFA 2, 3, President 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Football 4, Lettermen 4, Class Treasurer 4. if 'T ff .4- ui XQWE-2 -6 Z 5,30 74? f 1 .arf -lifff, lf '1 !'X v V I if if? . hx 'Z I L, L- ,,' If ' K ' f l ' fr . A i if , if 1 K I E I Ti Active in many ways this final year, seniors sponsored a Football Queen contest in which Gerry Brown, senior Candidate, was winner. To fin- ance a trip to the state legis- lature for delegates, Gerry Brown and Tom Phillips, a movie was sponsored by the class. "Seventeenth Summer" was the romantic comedy stag- ed December 4 as the senior play. The soil is fertile here at TUHS, and seniors have made the most of it. Toiling with hands and minds, they devel- oped traits, ideals, and prin- ciples which will be a guide through life, helping to mold them into sound citizens of tomorrow. 4, Band l, 2, 3, 25 DONNA ARCELUS - Student Council 2, Class Treasurer 3, Cheer Load- er 2, 3, Band Officer 3, 4, Tennis Manager 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: GAA 2, 3, 4, CSF 3: Senior Play 3, 4, Rally Committee 3, Bank of America Fine Arts Award 4, GEORGE FOSTER - Transfer from Walton, ln- diana, Business Manager Hi-Lite, Tule 4, Senior Class Reporter. ANGEL ARELLANO - CSF l, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Student Council 3, 4, Bank of America Moth and Science Award 4, Davis Current Eyents Award 4, Salutatorian. DOLORES FLOCCHINI - Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, GAA 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Rally Committee 3, Pep Band 2, 3, 4. TOM PHILLIPS - Basketball l, Football 3, 4. 26 SHERREL BATTLES - Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4. GERRY BROWN - Pep Squad l, 2, 3, Y- Teens l, 2, 3, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Student Council 4, Chorus 4, Football Queen 4, Operetta 4. DANIEL CRAIN - Football 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Letterman 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4. GWEN ROWE A l, , F , - porter 4, Hr-Lute 3, Sen- lor Play Student Dlrector 4 KENNETH MANCINI - FFA Scntnnal 2, 3, State Farmer Degree 31 Student Body Vlce Presldent 3, pl'CSlCfCVlT 4, Class Presl- dent 2 FFA 2, 3, 4, Sen- tunal 2, 3, State Farmer Degree 3, Band Drum Ma- lor 3, 4, Sergeant 3. 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Let- termen Treasurer 4, Bank of America Vocational Arts Award. ELVERA DUENES - College Prep. Course .im f, 3 ELMA MADDOX - Class Secretary 3, GAA ln- ltlatran Charrman 3, Presu- rlent 4, Y-Teen Treasurer 3, Secretary 4, Rally Chanrrnan 3, 4, Student Councnl 4, CSF Secretary 4, Jaobcrwock Chairman 3, 4, Prorn Chairman 3, Tennls Team 2, 3, 4, School Tennrs Trophy 3, Northern Slerra Champion- snlp Girls Doubles l953 JERRY SMITH - Basketball 3, 4, FFA 3, 4, Baseball 4 SHARLEY WEBER - Band l, 2, 3, 4, FFA 2, 3, 4, Pep Squad l, Y- Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Mayor- ette 2, 3, 4: Jabberwock 2 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Ral- ly Cornmlttee 3, Sensor Play, Operettu 4 27 SHARON WAECHTER - GAA 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, President 4, Stu- dent Councul 3, Rally Commrttee 3. JAMES STORY - Class Treasurer 2, Vlcc Presudent and Presrdent 3, Student Councul l, 4' Hr- Y 2, Secretary 3, Chap- lann 4, Letterrnen Secre- tary 3, 4, Edntor l-ll-Lrte 2, 3, Edntor Tule 4, Cer- taflcate for Edotorlal Wrlt- nng 2, Trophy 3, 4, CSF l, 2, Vnce Presudent 3, President 4, Chorus 3, President 4, Operetta 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Suerra Val- ley Champlonshlp Boys Sungles 2, Track 3, Cross Country 4, Bank of Ame- rnca Achievement Cup, Liberal Arts, Valeductor- lan. ANGELA PULIDO - Transfer from Konsosg Hu- Lite 4. JACK HUBBARD - Boskefboll 2, 3, 4, Bosc- boll 3, 4, DOROTHY WHITE - Transfer f r o m Holtville, Ccmforniog Hi-Lute, Tule 4, BETTY CARPENTER - Hx-Lure 4 GEORGETTA JONES - GAA 3, 4, FHA 2, Hue! roman 3, CAROLL HORN - Boscboil 1. 2, 3, 4, FFA 3, Secretory 4, Sfudent Comma! 4. NITA DQSHIELDS - FHA 1, 2, PATSY VANSANT - CSF 2, FHA 3, 4. MARIE ETCHEBERRY - Y-Teens I, 2, FHA 4 ALVIN SMITH - Hu-Y 2 Footbml 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4,, Chorus, Operetto 4 28 I A ,M 4 s ? Q .wg qw, , be 1 I , an 2 W A W .,,' , 11 53? 'M 1 We 7 1 4? we J Ea? .fllffti efw gh, 3, ,g Miwiffwh 1 X ff X I Wg 393,47 , ,, A ., Tom Phillips and Gerry Brown pore over literature on govern ores Flocchini and Richard Markus display maps which netted them third and first places respectively in the senior ment prior to their trip to Sacramento to observe law ' ' " ' ' ted making procedures. civics "city planning assignment. James Storys mop ra second. Keith Eubanks looks tired as he carries books for Caroll Horn wonders what kind of bandage Wayne Margie Fisher and Sharley Weber who bought Weaklcy wlil tie on him next as a first aid him during the Lettermen slave sale. demonstration progresses. Adviser Tom Ragan and President Richard Markus smile approvingly while Secretary Donna Soares takes down senior class notes, Other members ot the cabinet are ' ' ' 'd t' Tommy Foster, reporterg Keith Eubonks, treasurer: Alphonso Rivera, vice presl en , and James Story, student council representative. 30 1 17' is Dicture Of Youthful Activities Tells Itcry Cf Democracy This is a good picture. Lacking many of the essentials of clarity, balance, and clever lighting T h . H , , . . . . ec nique w icn usually denote top photography, it is still a good picture, for it tells a story. Listen carefully. Maybe you can hear what it says: "l am a representation of democracy Look at me again The longer one stares at m th . . e, e more he realizes that there is more here than meets the eye. l speak of a philosophy of education and of life. "Look at the carefree spirit which characterizes all my subjects- their careless, frolicsome attitude, their happy indifference to the weighty problems of the world. Where else but in America could such freedom and happiness exist? "Look further now at the doors of my gymnasium. The reflected distortion of the rigid buildings is a mockery to strict and binding codes of the past. lt is a call to be free, to be individualis- tic, to search for the fullness of a life well-lived." Yes, deficient as it I a good one, This picture has a heart. may be in some of the technical aspects of photography, this picture is 3l ,X 1 itil ff? if 5 , , , 'S 0 as 3 5 'fr zz, 27 W. -f, YW Q f 1 1 'MZ fa 0922, ,, ,,. I ' as ,Z , t f Q , 32' f a .1 , .wh 4 4 .236 I 'lu 'bw gl v 5 2 1 s K .mr P. X K 5 lay-JL -' 'SY' x 325 1 f 7 . -,Q 1 ., A 5' . ,pw A .. , .-., 'Q , A Q5 I 5 5 T. N., . , ::.?,. 6 N25 Quik Q We f f A , 1. - - " " ' 'a-af -1-..s'n " ,' f Y, . v- Tommy Foster, business manager and Tony Guardado, sports editor, proof-read an issue of Hi-Lite. q,Cr Lite mail pile. lb- M. N14 'uv ,sf fwww ,MNH Z G , . f V W' 'S 7 X . 5 ,, , . Jim Bell, Hi-Lite editor shows Gene Tuck, staff cdrtoonist, what he needs in the way of drawings. Chief stamp-Iicker Ernest Buie puts finishing touches on massive Hi- 'P' ,4 1 if "wifi , ,xp . X47 tif x' K, r,i,i ll!--fT?11:"'l' , N- '9 r-"., ,fax wg. ve-'44 Chief photographers Ross Sharp, Angel AreI'ano, and Jack Whit- ten discuss pictures for both publications. i uw, . .gnu 'L if ,Q A' , 2' 4. ' Q I rs AL Carol Neilson, Tule advertising manager, suggests an ad lay- out to James Story, editor. Dublications C ass Turns Cut Annual, Award - innine COMBINED ANNUAL-JOURNALISM CLASS SCANS HI-LITE. STANDING: Miss Marsalette Carpenter, advlser, Bobby Marshall, Richard Markus, Tillman Buzbee, John Strange, Gene Tuck, Ernest Bale, Jim Bell, James Story. SEATED: Sylyla l-lakala, Carol Nellson, Mary Snlya, Doris Alyus, Betty Carpenter, Bar- bara McAfee, Marte Smyth. 'ir NBWSDEI DBI' Four girfs from first semester class are Jeanie Foster, Wanda Cox, Dorothy White, and Angela Pulido. Q x. , . i R2 Y ,VW X: Us E Hip! L5 Q if S . 71 F55 F J' , Y 'ff ' ' 'fe Q .. ul - , Q, , . fr: g. 1, 1 ' . ' I if ' 'f 'ii 4 if 7, N We Q 3 X54 rf 13,11 A I sg e YY X X, in 5 Mba X xq.. V ,MN ,. Q N , XY V Q Wi X Q Y 'ig M Ni H - 1 f , . Q "' M x- X ff'-2' Ma, XA ' X S Q +A-if -mu if. -Q., - . E 1 1 K .0 Af. xx-X W X51 K X 3 w ,vfx ' Q' xg I 3 ,T V, "? . - ' Q ' 'if N ' -, Q, f 3 V., xx , I X X X .S f E A3 ' ., f'Q-. K XX in "" -H V x' I 1 i X s , ' X 1 at K' .. , . 1 X R , f gf , ' QEN 17 V I V D Nw, W 'K iw VN' , V v A , Y X 3, XX .1 Y , fi X s W AL,l .H ..,: 3, x 'A in P' N.i fffi f 5 5 t- an ' ff 4 W "L' 5 , ' 1 2 0' X V , SX .WA J I Ykkfpgif 'q , X1 K' .JB ' Jack Whitten, as Thomas Bouche, and James Story, as Brack Weaver, ready to let fists fly in the o eretta "D p , own in the Valley," while Gerry Brown Uennie Parsonsj, Alvin Smith fFath I er, and Sharley Weber fLeaderl watch the battle. Chorus Has Busy Seasong Diano C asses Started Under the direction of Mr. Guy Duck- worth, the chorus gave l7 performances dur- ing the year. Numbers sung ranged from old classics with Latin words to light popular mel- odies. The major production tor the group was "Down in the Valley," the first operetta given at TUHS in more than lO years. Gerry Brown, Jack Whitten, and Peggy Scott were the prin- cipals in the Kurt Weill musical drama. ttf .- .vw ,Jaw Top right: Chorus members "qet in" on the refreshments after sing- ing tor the Order of the Eastern Star at Kerman, Top row: Farrell Mancini, Yvonne Storns C W Gibson and Wa n W kl , . . , y e eo ey. Second row: Evelyn Richey, Mrs. Guy Duckworth, Shirley Bollman, and Mr. Guy Duckworth. First row: Betty Cox, Barbara Moore, and Wanda Cox. Center right: Piano pupils warm up on seven pianos. At spring and tall recitals, there were sometimes 28 hands on the keys at once. Piano classes were also conducted b Mr D k th Th y . uc war . e singing, chord, group method of instruc- tion he used is a new approach to piano teaching tried so far by less than lO schools in the nation. TRANQUILLITY HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS - BACK ROW Jack Whitten, James Story, Wayfe WC-aklev Alvin Smith, ana Ernest Bute. THIRD ROW' Betty Cox, Rosemary Arrnas, Phyilis Wood, Patsy Carpenter, Yvonne Starns, Mary Lou Smith, Sharley Weber, ana Betty Meecham SECOND ROW Carmen Moreno, Barbara Tomko, Gerry Brown, Virginia Ortega. Virginia Wilson, Emma Hernandez, Wanda Cox, Ruth Fax, Joyce Strahan, and Director Guy Duckworth. FIRST ROW Accompanist Shirley Boliman, Evelyn Richey, Jeanette Thomas, Nadine Barnes, Barbara Cook, Wanda Simpson, Peggy Scott, Mary Frazier, Dolores Quntana, Barbara Moore, and Carmen Cantu :as 1' Everybody gets into the act in a scene from iunior are: Tod Uimmy Weathersl, Potty Uoy Driscoll tTillman Buzbeel, Ida May KMargie Churchilll, Wirginia Wilson? Joann tAlice Jonesl, Louella Whitel, Donald CBuddy Fisherl. A nostalgic comedy-dra ma, , was staged by the seniors. With parts that mode one want both to laugh and cry, the story unfolded l ploy, "Tattletale." Left to right J, Artie Uerry Mcbonaldl, Walt student tkornona Fryel, Monica tFarreIl Mancinil, Barney Uerry "Seventeenth Summer" Below: Jerry White, Buddy Fisher, and Jimmy Weathers are o'dtirners dis- cussing Abe Lincoln in the one-oct drama, "Candidate for Legislature." lt mainly concerned Angie, who had never gone with a boy until the summer she turned l7. Then she found both ecstatic happiness and moody despair in the ensuing months of her first romance, but all ended well. C ass ID nys Dffer ive y Entertainment Supporting a large cast of 24, the Junior play, "Tattletale," presented a fun-filled evening for all present. This comedy involved "anything and everything" - even a typewriter got into the act. A comical situation developed when Patty, the leading girl, got her diary, instead of a novel she had written, printed in o newspaper. Jerry White tbehind couchl introduces two friends to his CAST FROM LINCOLN PLAY - Tillman Buzbee, Bud Pusher, Jerry White, 37 aunt Uoyce Honnemanl. Left to right: Tillman Bulbee Romona Frye, Donna Morehead, Margie Churchill iseot- edi. White, Honneman, Yovonne Starns. BACK ROW' Wo ne Weakley, Yvonne Starns, McDonald. FRONT ROW: Jimmy Weathers, Jerry neakers Gain Xnerience n Varied Ways Caroll Horn negative captain points out places for emphasis in colleague Geneva Jefferson s speech and James Story does the same for affirmative partner Gwen Rowe Eugene Barrett and Kenneth Selzer put questlons to Angel Arellano nn a public speaking panel while Angel amlably answers their queues 38 Members of the public speaking class have spoken many words dur- ing the course of the past year, gaining experience in written manu- script speaking, debating, and panel discussions. The main speaking tournament participated in was the Lions Club Contest, in which Ross Sharp and Martha Berry took top local honors expounding on the topic "What the Constitution of the United States Means to Me " During Public Schools Week the class presented a program of speak ing for parental audience A debate on the national topic Resolved That the President of the United the United States should be elected by a direct vote of the people was heard Sharon Waechter delivered the national prize winning essay on I Speak for Democracy written by Elizabeth Evans James Story finished the evening by presenting his Constitution speech Ross Sharp and Martha Berry look over rules and regulations of Llons Speaking Contest where they represented the school WHS? , . I . . I . . , . . I I 1 , I I I I I ' I , . . 5 if f. .., ,Q -K Q S' is fe ' , ' A 4Q ,f.2f .M 55 Q4 ll? 'f 1, 3 f' Z' ' ,f:4mg'f,f 'V my ' is 2,4 fwyx f, I ' , Q" ' qs. y V.Ar is 9 1 -1 W , ef ,ZH 1 will r 4 5 Wggg 7 . 7521 1, 1,52 , Q, f 1 if f . 1 W I M 2 5 ,2:,. ,,,, V 'Zu' f 1 it .W 'Q 4 ' A w . 'P , 4" w , ' 'fs' .1 W , . 74 A A 1, 1, Pu '+: 5 " , X4 ' nt 'F 'Y .6 .wma W f 3156 X15 A, ,..-,, QM... X WWJWXJQWK v. .,, -.4.K,f,. Ag? zf ' 1QQ, .. K Y J .gf -,Q -L . Q gllfanu' ,iff , . .W ,W X7 wmaynwf -WM,, 'if' . 'i 'E , Z, gt 93 5 ?f,f,,,9?bg, ,, ynggm ' ,iwqw ,.1.5 ,.,.,A :agua iwHQw fvl' Q. ,M H, Mf,f H an ,, mfg, J. ,v vm, km 5 vii Z Y: " ' f dz., x Q v , Q 169 if 2? 5 . E ,I . ..:.f, ,,, t ,,N..,2 M f gigifi' , f , ' ,,5-p Msq5 .-N. ' 31, ,...,,.,w Q X A N 'R S- 1 ,A x, S.NX'T,QSfN SSXQ w yi 'Xxx gs., ,if 'L Q - fx - 5 . , gwfg 5 . . 4 f . L " . .Q.'1v Q N 'ff , 'Y ,N i x wx Warm., Zi?ff2?' l CSF members Diane Smithson, Marilyn Geist, Ilene Franchini, CSF officers check over their scholarship points with first and Dorothy Fries smile as they prove their knowledge by semester secretary, Elma Maddox. Others are James Story, the dictionary. Ross Sharpt Jim Bell, and Angel Arellano president: Janet Tuttle, second semester secretary, Angel look skeptical. Arellano, vice president, Donna Neal, student council rep- resentative, and Miss Marsalette Carpenter, adviser. I-lonor Societies Deward ieh Achievement Chapter l44c California Scholarship Federation, though small in number both semesters, worked hard to raise money through hot dog and soft drink concessions. This money was used at the end of the year to award scholarships to deserving individuals. Dancing, a scavenger hunt, and a waffle supper highlighted the one party the "intellect- uals" managed to crowd into their busy schedules. The school's other honor society, Quill and Scroll, had a hard time functioning, with only two members. Jim Bell and James Story, editors of the Hi-Lite and Tule respectively, were the only persons qualified for membership in the organization. Andrew Diaz tastes hot dog prepared tor him at CSF con- cession booth. Dorothy Fries and Ilene Franchini await more customers while Janet Tuttle pours a soda. Hi-Lite Editor Jim Bell listens attentively while Annual Edi- tor James Story explains the problems of their being the school's only Quill and Scroll members. ' ,1 f .1 FBLA OFFICERS - BACK ROW: Barbara Tomko, first semester treasurer, Miss Mary Armstrong, adviser, Gwen Rowe, second semester treasurer, Bobby Huey, secretary. FRONT ROW: Ro- mona Frye, reporter, Alice Gutierrez, president, Carmen Can- tu, vice president. FBLA MEMBERS - BACK ROW: Charles Seaton, Frank Reyna Carol Etcheberry, Patsy Vansant, Joyce Tipton, Bobby Huey dez, Jeanette Thomas, Carmen Moreno, Lillie Cantu. '54 s Busy Year f r w New Clubs An organization for people who have both nimble fingers and nimble minds is the Future Business Leaders ot America. Vocations represented involve typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, and other phases ot business procedures. Replacing the old Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Shorthand Association, the new organization received its national charter at the spring regional meeting in Reedley, The club was also represented at a Madera regional meeting in the tall as well as at the state convention in Sacramento. Hobby Club was a brand new idea which had its origin this year. Started by Miss lone Fox, it was later taken over by Mr. Ray Moyer. The club worked on many projects - both individually and as a group. Flower making, plaster casting, metal tooling, weaving, and rug making were among things learned, The game of chess was taught interested members by Mr. Moyer Hoaav CLUB Mmazns - smrsioiisicz Gene Tuck, oofofhy Fries, Ora Lee Gillispie, Mr. Ray Moyer, adviser. SEATED' Geor- Ilene Froncini, Miss lone Fox, club founder, and Ora Lee Gillis- gia Newman, Ilene Francini EII H ht ' ' ' , G ig ower. pie work at rug weaving - a hobby club project lb FRONT ROW: Bertha Wright, Margie Chambers, Emma Her- om makers Have fun, erve chool Members of Future l-lomemakers of America have had tun this school year and at the same time been ot service to school and community. Events that the girls will remember for a long time include attendance at conventions in Tulare and Asilomar, participation in the Jabberwock, the hilarious initiation, and the much-ap- plauded fall fashion show. FHA MEMBERS - BACK ROW: Helen Mancini, Emma Moore, Jessie Shirley, Romanita Ramos, Mary Silva, Margaret Vansarit. SECOND ROW: Nancy Valdez, Virginia Ortega Jennie Huerta, Angie Chavez, Cecelia Ortega S,hirley Lum Bernice Guinn, Bennie Gar- cia, Elva Garcia, Olivia Neri, Lorene Robnett, Delores Terrell, Evie Baie, Virginia Hayes. SEATED: Betty Adney, Mariorie Copeland, Wanda Simpson, Donna Soares, Sylvia Self. Marie Srnith, Mary Jones, Patsy Vansant Girls enjoy one of many a n n u a I elementary school Iuncheons serv- ed to acquaint district eighth grade girls with the TUHS Homemak- ing Department. These are a few of the girls who modeled their :reations at the fall fashion show. Left to right are Shirley Lum, SyIv'a Se'f, Oiiv- ia Neri, Ruth Bixler, Nadine Barnes, Emma Moore, Mrs. P e a rl Smith, and Mrs, Isa- bel Costigan, adviser. 42 Girls are well schooled in the arts of cook- ing and drying dishes, as N a di n e Barnes and D o n n a Soares would gladly testify in t h i s composite picture. Ella Hightower, Bon- nie Adney, Georgia Newman and Mar- garet D a vis learn proper care of pa- tient, Jessie Shirley, in h o m e nursing course. ok toward New Horizons Q . Homemakers provided for community enjoyment by serving refreshments after the spring operetta. They basked in the pleasure expressed by eighth grade luncheon guests and participated in IL . 1 F ' 1 is money-raising sales of cup cakes and popcorn. Last, but not least, came the grand finale - a hay ride picnic. Georgia Newman, Olivia Neri, and Virginia Ortega form a pantornining trio in FHA iabberwock skit. Ortencia Cho- lico played main part. -r it rl G4 -v 43 FHA OFFICERS -- BACK ROW: Georgia Newman, student coun- cil representative, Lynn Castle gan, reporter, Marilyn Geist, vice president, Joyce Tipton, president, Vera Amador, sec- retary, Jessie Riotrio, member- ship cha'rrnan, Mary Lou Smith, treasurer, Mrs Isabel Costiqari, adviser FRONT ROW' Eliser Raiz, refreshment chairman, Ortencia Cholico, song ieaderg Marie Smith, pubirc relations chairman, Eartsara McAfee, en- tertainment chairrnari Evelyn Ricney, paritarrentarian FFA Cillltuflij Award Starting the year off right, the livestock judging team snared first place at the California State Fair. At Fresno State College, the some team won second place. Many individual honors were won at the Cow Palace. Kenneth Mancini was named expert show- man, Corky Hansen, expert sheep showman, and Keith Eubanks qual- ified showman. Mancini had a blue ribbon hog at the event. Eubanks netted one starred blue ribbon for both a lamb and a hog, while Jerry Hansen also copped a blue robbon on a hog. Billy Braun showed three blue rib- bon hogs, and Kenny Robinson dis- played three blue ribbon lambs. A fourth place was registered overall in the State Finals at Cal Poly. The beef judging team placed third, and the milk judging team fourth. Billy Braun, who was high FFA OFFICERS-William Braun adviser Rufus Vega treasurer Caroll I-icrn secretary Keith Eubanks president Terry VanZant vice president individual in hogs, kas fourth in the entire contest. Willie Blythe was third high in milk judging Future Farmers were also active in social affairs. All officers attended an FFA Officer's Meeting at Kerman in the fall. Then came the initiation party where all freshmen became "greenhands." On a co-op excursion, the group visited a feed and mixing mill and an egg packing plant Most of the members went on the Yosemite snow trip. The aggies climaxed their social year by having a Parent-Son Banquet in co-operation with the Hi-Y, and a hard times dance where the chap ter queen was crowned. FFA MEMBERS-BACK ROW-Som Joyner, Eddie Warkentine, Butch Arcelus, Howard Cox, Don Rowland, Eugene Barrett, Jerry Smith, Sherrel Battles, Jay Ray Blair, James Lenex, Willie Blythe, Kenneth Selzer, Eddie Snowden, Eugene Horn, Gaston Shirley Jimmy Rusconi, Adviser William Braun, Kenneth Mancini, Plat Vonlant, Wayne Simpson, David Cox, Jimmy Givens, Slug Arcelus, Corky Hansen, Kenny Robinson, Teddy Pulido, ,pw--"""""M 411' Andrew Diaz and Elmer Hoiland paint bed of new International Prospective buyers Kenneth Robinson, Jerry Hansen truck acquired this year by ag department. and Terry Milford eye candy which Jirn Rusconl Slug Arcelus, and Eugene Barrett lbehind counterl have to sell, FFA boys relax against truck after loading stack ready to be Frank Self Monroe Givens and Freddie Romero ltopl overhaul a hay loader taken to Cow Palace Rice check sluice boxes for two local farmers are Scrubb ng hands after a periods work In ag shop are lcounter clockwise hammered solidly together by Poul Sullivan and around bowl Jerry McDonad Dennis Lawson Avm York Freddie Romero Dennis Lawson Andrew Diaz Miauel Carcia and Sam Sharp 45 l . . I . I - 1 1 - ' XS. i 1 'N 4 I Q' . .f ,Ag ,Q - . 5 . , . . . , ' , , , , , . . I U 1 1 1 1 . , h - , . 1 1 Y-TEEN CLUB - BACK ROW: Rosemary Armas, Carol Etcheberry, Dorothy Johnson, Shirley Sievers, Evelyn Reece, Kathy Cheatham, Mary Jane Johnson, Claudia Black, Ilene Franchini, Carol Neilson, Jessie Metzler, Andriette Metzler, Barbara McAfee, Helen Mancini, Esperanza Ramos, Joy Driscoll, Donna Noren, Gerry Brown, SECOND ROW: Naoma McNabb, Nadine Barnes, Donna Arcelus, Martha Jane Berry, Dolores Flocchini, Mariorie Fisher, Sharley Weber, Helen Perez, Lois Schmidt, Janet Tuttle, Alice Perez. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Wood, Donna Brown, Mariorie Churchill, Emma Hernandez, Ramona Frye, Barbara Tomko, Mary Silva, Alice Gutierrez, Carmen Moreno -Teens0 serve orld friendship ee ln recognition ot World Friendship Week, Y-Teens invited Bill O'Neill, FSC student from Canada, to speak before the student body in the tall, Representatives from the Tranquillity club attended a World Friendship dinner at the Fres- no YVVCA, For their annual snow trip, Y-Teens spent a January week end at Yosemite, Delegates from the club were at Asilomar February l2-l4 for the Midwinter Conference, A dance with an "Under Water" theme was sponsored by the Y- Teens on March 26. The Mother-Daughter Banquet on April 22 was a celebration ot the lOOth birthday of the YVVCA, the 50th anniversary ot the organi- zation in Fresno, and the 30th birthday ot the Tranquillity club. CLUB OFFICERS - BACK ROW' Carmen Ramirez, service chairman, Miss Mary Armstrong, adviser, Mary Jane Niboli, social chairman, Sharon Wacchter, president. FRONT ROW1 Margie Hernandez, treasurer, Carmen Cantu, program chair- man, Diane Smithson, vice president, Elma Maddox, secretary, Zora Smith music chairman Diane Smithson, Sharley Weber, and Sharon Waechter pause Gel' after a frofic in snow. ry Brown, Donna Brown, and Diane Smithson command view of mountain maiesty in Yosemite. in 3 A is l-Q, gi 'J fl' HI-Y MEMBERS - STANDING: Jack Hubbard, Don Camy, Eddie Anderson, Jim Bell, Slug Arcclus. KNEEL- ING' Bobby Marshall, Johnny Peterson, Robert Lenox, Jerry Mayfield, Bruce l-lowison, i-Y Club furthers Christian Fellowshin The HI-Y Club, guided by Mr, Thomas Ruch, started off the year by attending the Fall Leader- ship Conference at Sequoia Lake. This conference provided lasting inspiration to carry out the HI-Y purpose-extending throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. The club participated in the annual Jabber- wock Contest and, to raise money, sponsored a movie. It also gave a St. Patrick's Day Dance, where "wearing o' the green" was a must. In February some HI-Yers attended an over- night snow trip. With the FFA the group sponsored a Parent-Son Banquet May l9. The year's activi- ties were polished ott with a wiener roast. Story, Alphonso Rivera, Slug Arcelus, .lim Markus, and Johnny Peterson lin front of raill. 47 HI-Y OFFICERS - STANDING Mr. Thomas Ruch, adviser, Gibson, treosurerg Keith Eubanks, reporterg Ross Sharp, council representative, James Story, chaplain, KNEELI C Markus, secretary, Alphonso Rivera, president, John Horn, president, Hi-Y boys gather for impressive condfelight installation ceremony Left to right around table: Slug Arcelus, Robert Lenox, Jerry Preparing to leave Lake Sequoia ore Eugene Horn, James M0Yfi9ld, Eddie Anderson, DOY' CUNY, -lim M0l'kl-IS, Jim Bell James Story, Wayne Weakley, John Horn, Ross Sharp, Alphonso Rivera, Keith Eubanks, Butch Arcelus, and Bobby Marshall. .L 5 AD fy Q 'ad' Q ' A f 'mn ,A . - ,,.,,, wihk A -. , . Y ,sf " Y r I H, L , sw JT' X f 'gi w Nr A 4 5 K' A my , Vigil' 7. , if W ff? 3 Vg, 3 Qs , Q in f V, an 432 3 - 4 , i .Q ,.,. +P 14,41 I ' 2 V, n if . . 1 , 3 A V5 I ,, ,ga W Za' -gg fl 1 ' if , --N U44, ,X , is 4 A S f , N 1 , W1 Nil ef 4 'S' if Q 5 5315 Q 1 1 'if 1 ' Q - X , A J' R "WY 7?'nif"'E11.N L31 7 a A ,A . x . CAA OFFICERS - BACK ROW, Gerry Brown, student Council r--prcrsentotivc, Mrs, Rena Durban, adviser, Zora Smith, reDOrt- cr FRONT ROW Marge Hernandez, secretary-treasurer, EI- ma Maddox, president, Geneva Jefferson, vlce president. Donna Noren and Nadine Graham count proceeds from one of many GAA cake so!es. GAA Members nonsor nerts Days for irls Sports days with other schools helped to give GAA members opportunities to be in competitive athletics. Ker- man was host to volleyball play days, Central to speed- away, Riverdale to basketball, and Tranquillity softball and swimming. New members were initiated at a slumber party at the home ot Adviser Rena Durbahn. Boys got to relax for a change as they were invited by the girls to the tra- ditional Backwards Dance. Another GAA idea was Blos- som Day, where flowers adorned the school, and kids started wearing spring clothes. GAA had cake sales in the cafeteria to raise money, and also "sock hops' in the gym. GAA MEMBERS - BACK ROW: Dorothy Fries, Mary McDonald Katie Lopez Barbara Milligan Betty York Jantce Henske Jeanette Thomas Elizaoeth Meecham, Emma Hernandez, Mary Jones, Sue Pittman, Donna Brown, Marie Smith, Carol Etcheberry, Helen Mancini, Phyllis Wood, Nadine Barnes, Farrell Mancini, Evelyn Reece, Georgetta Jones, Betty Hooper, Doris Vanzant, Mary Jane Johnson, Donna Arcelus, Kathryn Cheatham, Martha Jane Berry, Shirley Srevers, Dorothy Johnson, Carol Neilson, Rosemary Armas, Ilene Franchini, Theresa Estrada, Esperanza Ramos, Carmen Ramlrez, MIDDLE ROW: Bette Robinson, Bonnie Daly,Freida Mays, Jean Foster, Mary Blythe, Romana Frye, Maiorie Churcn- ill, Sigel Kinney, Lola Gainn, Naoma McNabb, Eloise Smith, Patsy Carpenter, Carolyn Evans, Mary Jane Nboli, Mariorie Fisher, Sharon Waech- t . I , der, oores occhini, Sharley Weber, Edith Nolan. FRONT ROW. Alice Gutierrez, Janet Tuttle, Joy Driscoll, Donna Noren, Delores Wood, Na une Graham, Dlane Smitnson, Carmen Cantu, Carmen Moreno, Barbara Tomko, Marion Brown, Donna Neal, Evelyn Richey, Bertha Wright, Lynn Costigan, Martlyn Geist. Mr. Fred Lindsey and Mrs. Rena Durbahn tell swimming students what they think of their ability. l Y' .,,L.,, .. my A ,-an-.. irls Have Variety f norts Activity Girls at Tranquillity enjoy a variety of activities in their physical education classes. These activities are planned by the girls them- selves under the guidance of Mrs. Rena Dur- bahn. Participation in sports events arranged and directed by the Girls Athletic Association f xl". f- lf' -ri" Peggy Scott demonstrates an victim Joy Driscoll the proper Qi method of giving artificial respiration. Virginia Wilson looks dubious. GAA BASKETBALL CHAMPS AT RIVERDALE PLAY DAY jf TOP ROW: Elma Maddox, Margie Churchill, Dolores'Flocchlni, Margie Fisher. MIDDLE ROW: Shalrley Weber, Joy Driscoll, Ger- ry Brown Geneva Jefferson Margle Hernandez. BOTTOM ROW Cqrol Nfgilgon, Katie Lopef. Sylvia Hammons, Teresa Estrada. 50 is open to all members of P.E. classes. 4 f' . -O A C Q 4 5 I fi . 4 Y . ' 'K' 4 vm , .ow - A ,,,,,,,, if "WN mflwm 'Q' ' , 'asf' ., -2 J li Bfrgfgaf 'F' dfisfk 1 , uf A ' " , Q ,J fa I J Z 46 W4 5' YL -, Aa 'W' , qw 595 4' 55 W' L.. WU 4 , 'xih f in f W, XX ., , :aff jf' 1:-:nr f'9TT1 'w W, -. , z Z ,A ., 1 ' ap f' 1' q '. . , V'-, f1w'2z?:i 'ry 1: 1 fiv., .ff ,Z 'f ' 112' f f fsk ' . r -1 jg M2 , ,Aff-42 W- ' VV V f J H A' .BJ l, , ,. ,M .M . , , W , ff ,, , ,,, . -fa V , f SHMQ 5 f f ' -' f ff I 453, ' M " ' ' Q v" wf'f- fe. fs ff? ' Ui ag wg ' ' - f f 1' , 'y W 'V V VY 2 . , A Den Girls, Cheer Leaders lieen Snirits flying LEFT-Marie Smith. CE NTER-Margie Fisher. RIGHT - Head Cheerleader Joy Driscoll. 52 Nine girls did their utmost to keep TUHS spirits up this year - pep squad and three cheerleaders. Performing at rallies, football games, and basketball games, they flashed school colors and led Tiger yells. lt made no difference to these girls what the scoreboard read. When the teams were ahead, they gave victory yells and urged players on to higher scores. When behind, the lusty encour- agement still came, to bolster dragging spirits. Accompanied by the band, the pep girls had a classy array of dance, song, and yell routines. Special mention should be given Ral- ly Chairmen Elma Maddox and Zora Smith, who arranged peppy and inspiring rallies. Zora assumed the duties mid-year when Elma became too heavy-laden with other activities. Both pep squad and cheerleaders were decked out in new uniforms during the year. TOP-TIGER PEP SQUAD-BACK ROW: Diane Smithsori, Orten- cia Cholico, Barbara McAfee. FRONT ROW: Vera Ama- dor, Mary Frazier, Betty York. MIDDLE - Pep girls go through one of their peppy routines. BOTTOM - Cheerleaders call for o louder noise during "TIGER CLAP." l D Lf, 5. lJl-I e quad A ain ins Crown ENTIRE TENNIS CLASS-BACK ROW Tillman Buzbcc, Nancy Jones, Charles Harbcrt, Martha Berry, Slug Arcclus, Sharley Weber, Jimmy Givens, Janet Tuttle, Sue Kinney. Johnny Peterson, Gerry Brown FRONT ROW Diane jrnithson, Richard Markus, Elma Mad- dox, Jarncs Story, Evelyn Reece, Keith Eiibanks, Bobby Marshall Tiger netters won every game they played during the season, amassing a total of l3 points to wind up with their s e c o n d consecutive league crown. A fine bunch of lettermen formed the nucleus of Coach Rena Durbahn's racketeers, and new additions came through in good fashion. Most matches were close, , , however, and the champion- J ship was not decided until the final tilt where they edged Laton 3-2, ln addition to the team win, two events, boys dou- bles and girls doubles, won league hon- ors. Bobby Marshall and James Story went undefeated through league play, as did Elma Maddox and Geneva Jeffer- son for the second straight year. Boys doubles went on to capture the Sierra Valley Championship but lost in the San Joaquin Valley finals, MRS. RENA DURBAHN coaghes KEITH EUBANKS demonstrates four-year protege, James Story, backhand form. EVELYN REECE finishes high BOBBY MARSHALL puts twist ELMA MADDOX prepares ro GENEVA JEFFERSON wallops forehond drive. on his Serve. smack her service. her famous forehand drive. ,sr S SENIORS ON SQUAD: Daniel Crain, Wayne Weakley, Alphonso Rivera, Alvin Smith, Ken- neth Mancini, and Keith Eubonks. BOX SCORES OPP. Tui-is FRESNO i-ii 33 ROOSEVELT 0 RivERoALE 34 o PARLIER 32 EATON o CARUTHERS I3 siERRA 27 ieer ridders fight hroueh oueh Ieason Although the Tigers won only two games during football season, they displayed good sports- manship in every game they played. They will lose most of the regulars from this year's team, but have a fine bunch coming up from the JV's for next year, and the future looks bright. Tranquillity opened the season by dropping a game to Fresno High JV's. Bouncing back they took Roosevelt's JV team into camp. Then came two consecutive league losses, to Riverdale and Parlier. TUHS hit the winning column again, however, by swamping Laton, Tigers threw a scare into mighty Caruthers before going under in the third quarter, and ended the season shut out by Sierra. Wingback Rufus Vega, trophy winner, and tailback Benny Oller were the main work horses throughout the season, while Tom Phillips was brilliant on the line. THE FIGHTING TIGER VARSITY - FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnny Martinez, David Hernandez, Horacio Quinton-a, Ray Lobo, Michel Arcelus. SECOND ROW: Coach Jack Cook, Paul Sullivan, Alphonso Rivera, Alvin Smith, Jimmy Markus, Jack Whitten, Keith Eubanks, Don Camy, Homer Mays, Rufus Vega, and Head Coach Fred Lindsey. BACK ROW: Jimmy Bell, Jerry White, Wayne Weaklcy, Curtis Porter, Benny Oller, Thornmy Phillips, Lindell Boyd, Kenneth Mancini, and Jimmy Weathers. 54 .-4 -! .ff - va.. The Junior Varsity squad under Coach Glen Hastings did not have a regular schedule, but play- ed with any school with which a game could be arranged. The JV's had two scrimmages with Ker- man, losing both. Playing regular games, they lost to Dos Palos 35 to O, to Caruthers 20 to O, and ended the season blanked bf Sierra 20 to O. Jim Weafhers snags a pass. Jerry McDonald ramblcs for yardage against Parlier, Other players identifiable are Wayne Weakley, 18, and Tommy Phillips, 41. This stellar combination paid off well for TUHS. Tailback Benny Oller hands off to fast wing- back Rufus Vega, , :J XT E ' ,Tr BACK ROW: Everett Wright, Ross Sharp, Jack Whitten, Gail Didway, Eugene Barrett, Jack Lankford, Dean Halt, Gene Humphrey, Howard Cox, James Pickens, Monroe Givens, Coach Glen Hastings, FRONT ROW' Dennis Lawson, Jesse Mcigana, Freddy Romero, Bill Braun, Jerry Winburn, Bob Johnson, Willie Blythe, Danny Smith, Sammy Sharp. ,AJ ,... X ., , , Q . . U ,, M fs V. .hxu -., ' -'rf' - A' '- . -, ,..,w-Iv... .- . I Q .i ,i-,,,.. ,. . . . A ftngi 1 ':- 1. '-AA st, i . ' X- I ', ' xi-,lr I ..l- "fr . SV s.,f.4f- vi' tartine in un for 6 9 Basketee s GUARD WAYNE WEAKLEY GUARD ALPHONSO RIVERA COACH FRED LINDSEY FORWARD CURTIS PORTER FORWARD DANIEL CRAIN CENTER BENNY OLLER VARSITY BASKETEERS BACK ROW Benny Olber Kenneth Manclnu Wayne Weakley Caroll Horr Daniel Cram John Horn Coach Fred Llndsey FRONT ROW Rooert Espwnosa Manager Jerry Whltc Sherrcl Bartles Homer Mays Alphonso Rwera Augushne R105 Jerry McDonald 56 -' 3 f 1 , If 1 1 - - I , V f 1 f f - Varsity Is Hard Luck Team: finishes Season in Third Tranauillity's varsity was truly a hard luck team. They lost some close games and ended the season with 8 wins and lO losses. The mark, however, does not tell the whole story, as the Tigers gave every team they played a rough game. Some of the high-lights of the year were a lopsided win over the teachers, taking third place in league standings atter being in last place the year before, and placing fourth at the Dos Palos basketball tournament. One ot the teams noted characteristics was that it would play "rough and tumble" basketball for three periods, then play great the last quarter, and rack up easy wins going away. The Tigers bewildered Laton ltwicel, Caruthers, and Parlier with their last quarter spurts. ln the first game against Caruthers, however, they had to go all the way to win by one point. LEAGUE LEDGER TUHS 65 . . LATON TUHS 47 . . SIERRA TUHS 38 . . CARUTHERS TUHS 62 . . PARLIER TUHS 48 . . RIVERDALE TUHS 55 . . LATON TUHS 42 . . SIERRA TUHS 55 . . CARUTHERS TUHS 46 . . PARLIER TUHS 6l . . RIVERDALE B team. Lett - Curtis "Jaekrebbit" Porter leaps high for one of his famous lump Shah while Riverdale men tries in vain ta black it. Right - Another jump that specialist, Davld Seller, makes ready to lurnp ln two point: for the Tiger od Coach Fred Lindsey presents Varsity Capt Alphonso Rivera with trophy as outstanding b Y ketboll player of the ear. B TEAM MEMBERS - BACK ROW. Coach Jack Cook, Eddie Rios, James Pickens, Rudy Espinosa, Gcnc Hum- phrey, Jim Markus, Eddie Anderson, Billy Braun, Horacio Quintana FRONT ROW: Tony Guardado, Victor Lopez David Hernandez, David Sclzer, Buddy F-ifher, Robert Valdez, Billv White, Manager Paul Sullivan. 'I3' Team Commands Iecond Dlace The B squad played six practice games, winning one and losing five. ln league standing the Cubs took command of second place with a 7-win 3-loss record, one game behind champion Laton After Coach Jack Cook changed the team's offense from a set pattern to a fast break, things started happening. First came an upset win over Laton in the first league game. Then came wins over the alumni, Sierra, and Caruthers before dropping a game to Parlier. The kittens bounced back to win from Riverdale. Starting the second round of play the B's took two crushing defeats from Laton and Sierra. They ended up the season in a mad rage by dumping Caruthers, Parlier, and running up a league scoring record against Riverdale. TUHS 57 . . LATON 54 TUHS 52 . . SIERRA 38 TUHS 44 . . CARUTHERS l9 TUHS 54 . . PARLIER 64 TUHS 53 . . RIVERDALE 38 TUHS 3l . . LATON 43 TUHS 46 . . SIERRA 49 TUHS 44 . . CARUTHERS 32 TUHS 5l . . PARLIER 48 TUHS 69 . . RIVERDALE 50 Center David Seller easily grabs a re- zsurxmever opponent's out-stretch- dy Fisher eyes basket warily as he dribbles downcourt on a fast bre es ene Humphrey, left, and Robert Vald ight. 3-K4 f use ,Z C TEAM MEMBERS - FRONT ROW: Terry Milforo, Frank Reyna, Victor Lopez, Eddie Ancierson, Corky Hansen. SECOND ROW '-:rw Hanscn, kenny Robinson, Leland Har- ial'on, Nck Co foz, Jerry Mayfic'd, Muc- koy Tomko THIRD ROW: Rudy Diaz, AI- llC'l Costre Raw:-rt Lenox, Eddie Mundo, Pnlil Brown, Gary COX, FO,RTH ROW , Manager Wayne 5:rnoson, Boo Huey, Ru- J hen Espinocz, Arch e Gordon. Ieason eaves C95 in hird ID ace Since C basketball was played during the football season, the C team played only tive league games, The Cubs showed power as they took command of third place in league standings, A four-point loss to o strong Sierra quintet kept the C's out of another triple tie for the championship. For an overall record, they won six out of nine games played. They won from Dos Palos ltwicel, Central, Caruthers, Riverdale, and Laton, but lost lby two points? to Roosevelt's llfresnol B reserves, to Parlier, and to Sierra. TUHS 28 . . RIVERDALE 27 TUHS 33 . . PARLIER 41 TUHS 42 . . LATON 32 TUHS 47 . . CARUTHERS 27 TUHS 33 . . SIERRA 37 lt's basketball, but Dan Crain reaches up David Seller uses his height to for a Qass in football style as Par'ier vantage in shooting over man tries to deflect it. ponent's arm at Riverdale. Victor Lopez iump-shoots for two points C as Caruther's defenders watch the ball anxiously. - -5 VARSITY BASEBALL - BACK ROW. Coach John Marshall, Gilbert Quiroz, Glen Chesser, Caroll Horn, Kenneth Mancini, Wayne Weakley, Benny Oller, Curtis Porter, John Horn, Jack Hubbard, Jerry White, Carlos Gonzales, Jimmy Wcathers. and Mickey Tomko. FRONT ROW: Managers Gene Tuck and Angel Arellano, Billy White, Tony Guardado, Jerry McDonald, Alphonso Rivera, Ed- die Anderson, John Strange, Rufus Vega, Hora- cio Quintana, managers Eddie Warkentine and Jae Joyner. Tiger Horsehiders Weather ouch Season Tiger baseball team won tour out of ten games played. Failure on the part of pitchers to come through, and loose infield and out- tield playing were main reasons for the club's downfall. The squad started out in high hopes, but received a jolt when Curtis Porter re-injured a shoulder after the opening game with La- ton. The Cats won that game, but minus Porter's services, were easy prey for both Par- lier and Riverdale. Curtis returned for the Sierra game and pitched the Tigers to their second victory. Brought up from the JV's in mid-season, Tom Snowden started against Caruthers, los- ing a heartbreaker in extra innings. Meeting Laton for the second time, the Tigers went down to defeat. They bounced back to take Parlier and then lost a make-up game to Ca- ruthers and were blanked by Riverdale. TUHS ended the season by polishing off Sierra. RETURNING LETTERMEN - Tony Guardado, Kenneth Mancini, Wayne Weak- ley, Alphonso Rivera, Benny Oller, and Curtis Porter. nr' 1, , S . ,Z ug Rufus Vega snaps up ball as Alphono Rivera slides into third base. 4-. Catchers Horacio Quintana and A'phonso Ri- vera signify they are ready for pitchers' deiivcries. i, , :sw 'time fsxfmgsg. JUNIOR VARSITY - BACK ROW C. W Gibson, manager, loc Turner, Bruce l-lowison, Monroe Givens, James Pickens, Arnold Barry, Elmer Hole land, Billy Braun, Jimmy Ruscon, Coacv Glen Hastings, MIDDLE ROW Paul Sullivan, Homer Mavs, lurn Markus, Ed Snowdon, Gilbert Revci, Gene Humphrey, Tom Snowden, Jerry Snmth FRONT ROW Elvin Wilson, Richard Lenox, Du- lany Sample, Billv Soares, Willie Blvtho, Vin- cent Yanez, loc Alexander, Defending Chamnions Tie League Crown Shortstap Tony Guardado leaps high into the air and tires the ball to tirst for a double play as second baseman John Strange looks on. Defending champion Jayvees tied the league championship in the last game they played, against Sierra. They began the sea- son in a torrid pace as they disposed of Laton, Parlier, and Riverdale in easy fashion before meeting Sierra. Losing to the Papooses let down their hopes a little, and they also went down before Laton. With two losses it looked almost hopeless for the Cubs since Sierra was undefeated. Par- lier then came into the picture and gave the Cubs a boost by sending Sierra home with their first loss of the season. The Cubs then raced through Parlier and threw Riverdale for a loss while waiting eagerly for their next en- counter with the hill team. This set the stage for the final clash between the two teams on the Cubs home field where the locals won and deadlocked the championship. Outtielders Bill White, Kenneth Mancini, John Horn, Caroll Horn, and Jerry McDonald pause in practice. Six moundsmen warm up their throwing arms: Eddie Anderson, Carlos Gonzales, Jock Hubbard, Curtis Porter, John Horn, Tom Snowden. A AND B. SQUADS - TOP ROW: Coach Jack Cook, Coach Fred Lindsey, Frank Self, Buddy Milford, Jim Bell, Daniel Crain, David Selzer, Jack Whitten, Gene Barrett, Dean Holt, Melvin McCabe, Howard Cox, Sherrel Battles, Coach Glen Hastings. MID- DLE ROW: Manager Charles Mulligan, Johnny Ayerza, Pat VanZant, Erwin Perry, Robert Espinosa, Jimmy Williams, Jerry Winburn, Alvin Smith, Pete Sandoval, Robert Heisinger, Louis Applegate. BOTTOM ROW: Johnny Martinez, Ross Sharp, Butch Arcelus, Ernie Marquez, Jessie Magana, Terry VanZant, Sam Sharp, Fred Romero, David Hernandez, Manager Augustine Rios. Tl'ilCKl11Bl1 Have fine f0i:lS0l1 Although only C's cap- tured Valley Championship, the l954 track season was highly successful. ln the main local track event of the year, Tiger cin- dermen swept two Tranquil- lity Relays championships- A and C class. Going into their dual meet season, the A squad was unbeaten as they rolled over Parlier 57-55, Laton 72M-3l M, and Central 56- 47. ln a larger meet, they combined with B's and C's to win the sweepstakes trophy at Kerman's annual Block K Relays. Leading the A's was outstanding trophy winner Daniel Crain, who scored 86 points for the season. Led by stars Pat VanZant, Frank Self, Howard Cox, "Dutch" Winburn, Fred Romero, and David Selzer, B's enjoyed a good season. ln dual meet competition they waxed Parlier 6l-29 and Cen- tral 6l-43. They were able to take third place in the Northern Sierra League Meet. For the second consecutive year the C team captured the Sierra Valley Championship. Only one defeat ruined a perfect season for the baby Tigers. In dual meets they swamped Parlier 573A- 28lAi, Laton 73-l3 and Central 73-l3. Going to the Atascadero Relays where they competed against l5 coastal schools, they dropped their only meet of the year to King City 33-32. Standouts for the C's were Victor Lopez, Terry VanZant, Johnny Ayerza, Frank Taylor, Robert Valdez, Jack Whitten, Leland Harralson, and Frank Reyna. ,, A ' . 'AILJ Bunched up at the start ot this Sierra cross country race, these distance men later thinned out. Tranquillity won the race as o who.e. ' Left: Archie Gordon clears the bor with room to SPUYE in P0'9'V0Ul7 .V 62 1954 C CHAMPIONS 1 BACK ROW. 1 Coach Glen Hastings, Gary Cox, Dennis ' - Lawson, Charles Clowers, Jack Whit- ten, Leroy Markum, David Cox, Coach Fred Lindsey, Marvin Hurst, Leland Harralson, Terry Milford, Everett Wright, Nick Cortez, Fred Gonzales, Bob Huey, Coach Jack Cook. SECOND ROW: Albert Castro, Grover Gare, Robert Lenox, Archie Gordon, Ruben Esplnosa, Alvin Clark, Billy Humphries, Harold Killian Frank Taylor, Jerry Mayfield, Jerry Hansen, Paul Brown. FRONT ROW Victor Lopez, Raymond Harris, VVOyne Simpson, Don Kurtz, Frank Reyna, Teddy Pulido Kenny Robinson, Robert Valdez LV. A. , rv rm, ' - . iifvswf-M f-1' l r M. n Q ,- I " Q ' 1953 c CHAMPIONS - Bfxck Row. coach Fred 1. 554, I' QQ-,. - ,F,a'-.Qin . ,, Lindsey, Bob Waqner, Terry VanZant, Jack Blanken- "" 3' QA- " Qgw, yy ' ' 1 ship, Frank Self, David Selzer, Jerry Wlnburn, El- ' ' .f 1, ' ' Mg ' Q 2 . I . mer Holland, Corky Hansen, Terry Milford, Manuel ,' Q ' ' "' 5 , Q, 'Q Cruz. Coach Jack Cook. MIDDLE ROW: Eddie Rios, l ' , 3' Andrew Diaz, Jim Morphis, Ines Gonzales, Johnny e ' 'S ." 4 J 0 If 1 if .1 Ayerza, Robert Valdez, Raymond Ruiz, Gilbert Reyes, ' I A ' Q ,N 4 W 4, - . 'Q r . Wayne Rocha, Jerry Hansen. FRONT ROW: Wayne . I T 'A ' r ' . ' Simpson, Butch Arcelus, Victor Lopez, David Her- ' ' ' , , H ' " .' , ' , ' nandez, Kenny Robinson, Ray Mora, Frank Reyna, LQ if Xi' . f ' f l A ,,-J. K Y Johnny Martinez, Q 5 7-'Q ' , ' ,g 'l W, , ' fi' ' If nr ,D " ,V ' 3 F IZ J , I f if N' f 9, 'W' . F N k . -A t Z ,, fy Q, .1 I ' 5- - ,, iv V V X sy ,lt A J , in sw: . . Q .za M ,ers fl Q if , T J w " , F W 4- 34 f- - ' . , -L f 't ffm - iv , 3,4 Decords Tumble Durin 1954 Ieason Many school records were broken or tied this year. In class A, Dan Crain set a new l8O-yard low hurdle record in 2l.4 and tied the l2O-yard high hurdle record of l6.4. Sherrel Battles cleared lO feet 6 inches for a pole vault record. ln Class C, Terry VanZant ran the IO8-yard low hurdles in 13 flat and the l8O-yard dash in 20 flat. Victor Lopez set a mark ot l4.4 in the l2O-yard low sticks. Johnny Ayerza reeled off a l:34.3 660-yard run. The 440-yard relay team composed of Leland Harralson, Johnny Ayerza, Victor Lopez, and Terry VanZant ran a 48.l to whittle down the old record of 49 flat. 19' sail-f 7' on Timber-topper Victor Lopez leads team- Every muscle straining, Alvin York lets Frank Reyna draws admiring glances mate Johnny Ayerza over the hurdles. fly a long discus toss. as he tops the high iump bor in 63 puke! form. X Happy go lucky. Nome it and you can have if. Pin-up gal. Sfick 'em up, Pardner. Lovers, come back to me-who l20Vil1 Ciil11BI'i'l DBCOYUS Candid SIMS H0709 YG BOOSTERS REPRESENT OUR STOCKHOLDERS MR. AND MRS. FRANK ARCELUS BOB MCAFEE MARJORIE G, BRAY W. C. MORRIS MR. AND MRS. JOHN ERRECART VINCE C. MORRISSEY MR. AND MRS. ALEX EUBANKS MRS. DOUGLAS NICHOLS VIRGINIA FINN MRS. WILLIAM OELLER FOSTER'S FREEZE MR. AND MRS, WILLIAM PICKENS MARIE FRIES DOROTHY REECE RON FRYE MRS. JACK THOMAS RICHARD HALL MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND URRIZOLA PEGGY HALLER MR. P. W. VOORHEES BILL HENRY MR. AND MRS. DAN YORK MRS. LEONARD HOLLIER DRAKE STEEL SUPPLY CO. G W946l GZQM of 1954 Cullformu s Imest Table Milk U 8 Gensey Zllwi Wai Safe 35141 Ga DISTRIBUTOR GOLDEN STATE DAIRY FOOD PRODUCTS DON ELLERS CLASS OF 1939 66 0 . -9' Q 0 1 0 G rn - I u r n U - OTSA, I o O O Serving Families Of Distinction In Your Community For Over 25 Years We wish to congratulate the Class of 1954 It is our wish and hope that the knowledge you have gained at Tranquillity High will serve you in not only attaining the better things of life but to appreciate what perhaps you already have GEORGE WRIGHT Hanford Laundry 81 llry Uleanmg C0 4 West 7th Street Phone 56 HANFORD CALIFORNIA dalwarad H Tfrom tho oven 3 x Nw rmce 4 day! 3et44,RJ'c'0 N' we . 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Suggestions in the Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) collection:

Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 84

1954, pg 84

Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 76

1954, pg 76

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