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Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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E .1. gg fwmhi ,V 1 1.2.1 v , 1 ,y 5. 1 Q fi da 1 IEW 1 . ii V, 51 iyw -1 - ' sg . .3 M3 'V T561 if-, ' M, Q51 l A rai ,. 1 'p,,, ' gr 9 eg,-,Q 5, ffl 1QjL.,f-'S-'y-big ggi if , mpg! , H 5v',gL5Qf?iiiE,V " ,E A 91' f' 11:5 13- ' '1sarg,g3:.:'. A L- , Q55-:iv ' 'I,is..i., QQ' Q-VY ij., 'riff U ' , 1: "w .L av' Q". - 201 ' 'ff ' . ' ' ' A . 4- e " , va in il . 6. .A 1. PU ,fiviagf - ' . V ihiliggy-" ,Jw I 'ff ' fi z A 1 if mluz, HQ?-2' - V . .- xflifina ' ' "- l , sa !',,,,.4'+'-rf - ' 'Q K' ,X Q I - 1 5 ., , . u, J A l WJ. A Q V Y! QS, ri, , AE ST' Q3 ff yiir 1- ' 1 EA- .I n 1, , 1 W 7 'Dm ., . .' . l nv.: -ku, Q-X -1,-,,, - rf. W "1 L 55-125' 'W' ' Q 52351 ' I K . 5,54 gglfg uf 'f qg, , U gh- 3.5! Q rim A Q ,M 5 2:25 AGP., ,gulf :au si vt" . , 'Sim ' . W 1.-vi. '14 Q, ' I. .14 V ,, - Jikffwt gs. ' N . f -I -. .. - 4 .1, 'ff ' ' 1 '-.611 ,rf L. L1 '4 . - , V 1,5 ,Q E: 15:5 -0' ,v f b -1:,f,' sm 454, 'ag f' 4 ,, in 4 A.. 1-131 -3' .A "fs . H Q41 fr-' v .. 1 ff LEP - Aw 'ff' V?-.GY WH- ' 2- '. V ',:' " 45555. wi ' +' ,-55 --Nw. CPE' 'f 9"5f1 -iw..-X P ,. M , ,-may 2 ff.: - ' . - Y , ? -wfgfsw, '1 5,,,:..L ., 'l ' I u , 'f ' h'J 4, .M V ' . L " .Y A F ". , 7' is , w f, , I , V , ' I . , ,V , , . -4 1,2 , . 3: ' .fn :'i'i'!' , 1 '3.i43i?" 1 rg . fr' ,.C'j"i'f3?'1? ' fqij fifi- - Q f'1 713 , 5" .. '- , 5?'5'nf., tx 1. Z , 1' M 'rn V X ' V , f .,.,Ls-Q '1" ' " I ' . W -EF,?'f?',lh9 X ' '.2 tg f " -.,1fHQm-ii'F'?1l ' 'Y 1 . , : 1:3 'I'--i' ' aw .veg 4 -2 .'Erl',A.xi"1 'N i - Y vr , ,, ' H 1 A eifid'-, E .1 me , ,if 'f'-Eg, '+L -.lm ' " -5722 ' ' I 1 'J : ,Q U5 VOLUVIEZZ BY STUDENTS OF TRANOUILLITY UNION H ICH SCHOOL E 4,.XX X If f N N Lf W W 4 e X X 'nic aiiw Xt ks wth greot orkde ond grohtode 'ror the horror the N949 FFA hvestock Xudgkrwg teom hos brought our Khshtohoh 'rhok we dedkcote The 'YuXe to on o'oXe Ag. teocher, NWXXX'xorrw Broun ond the three Xudgesz Lows GYOQOOUK, DoyXe Borneo, ond vlOb6YO Borrwes for vim omg 'che Cohrorhko hvestock Xudgmg comes ' hrgh hohorxohxl. The Stork ond p Xocrhg 1 , 'K fe lt is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to maintain and operate the high school. They give, without any remun- eration whatsoever, many hours of their time towards the operation of the school. The students and the com- munity are deeply indebted to them for their continual ef- forts. Board of Trustees, left to right: Mr. F. Miller, Mr. F. Garrison, Mr. A. Carvalho, Mr. L. Chris- topher, Mr. E. White. Above: Mrs. Norma Selzer, Secretary Above: John Dahl, Vice-Principal. Beside: A. R. Everest, Principal 74 aim One member of the faculty is designated as the principal whose duties are no more import- ant than any of the other faculty members. As the principal he is the secretary of the board of trustees and the liason officer between the board, the faculty, and the students. lt is his job to advise the board regarding the school condi- tions thus enabling them to make decisions establishing a logical policy of operation for the school. The principal is expected to help the teachers and the students with their daily prob- lems. Sufficient courses of study are offered to meet the needs, abilities, and interests of the student body in so far as the board considers it economic- ally advisable to establish such courses. Three courses of study are offered: college prepara- tory, vocational, and general. Tranquillity Union High School is an institu- tion designed to meet the needs of the boys and girls of the community. lt is not something forced upon the students. Attendance is a priv- ilege, not an obligation. The administration appreciates the fine spirit of cooperation with which the students have ac- cepted their privilege and a continual effort is being made and will continue to be made to build up a school that will provide the pupils with the factors of development that will enable them to appreciate and live the "American Way of Life." A. R. EVEREST John Dahl, A.B. Margaret Dahl, A.B. Marselette Carpenter, B.S. John Marshall ,A.B,, B.S. Connie Groves, B.S Mary Armstrong, A.B. Clifford Carr, B.M., M,M. Elizabeth Ruch A.B., M.A. Thomas Ru:h, B.S. George Montague, A.B. B D Robert Dinkel, A.B., B.S. William Braun, B.S. Alfred Everest, A.B., M.A. John Peters, B.S. Theta Lawrence, A.B defame! Principal Alfred Everest is a graduate from Pacific College and the University of California, Berkeley. Miss Mary Armstrong, from the University of Redlands, teaches girls' physical education and commercial. Mr. William Braun, vocational agriculture teacher, at- tended the University of California at Berkeley and at Davis. Miss Marsalette Carpenter, from the University of Califor- nia, teaches chorus, science and commerce. Mr. Clifford Carr, music instructor, obtained his B.M. from the Redlands University and his M.M. from Southern Cali- fornia. Mr. John Dahl, freshman social science, graduated from San Jose State College. Mr. Robert Dinkle, mathematics and science, attended the University of California. Miss Connie Groves, home economist, graduated from Col- orado A. and M. College. Coach John Marshall attended the Fresno State College and the University of California. He teaches Spanish, in addition to coaching responsibilities. Mr. George Montague, English instructor, is a graduate of Mississippi College and the University of Indiana. Mr. John Peters, teacher of agriculture shop, obtained his degree from the Western Kentucky State Teacher's Col- lege and has done advanced work at the University of California. Mrs. Elizabeth Ruch, teacher of art, drarnatics, and Eng- lish, obtained her A.B. degree from St. Louis University and her M.A. from the University of Wyoming. Mr. Thomas Ruch, teacher of social studies and Biology, is a graduate of the University of Wyoming. Qecmdm Editor, lst Semester Editor, 2nd Semester Assistant Editor Business Manager . Sports Editors Margie Brassart .. Nadean Gowers and Jo Ann Frazier . Annie Coursey . Joseph Martin ..BilIy Prater and Lily Quintana Advertising Staff: Marvin Arcelus, Jo Ann Frazier, Nadean Gowens and Lily Quin- tana. Staff Photographer . Typist .. .. . . Guy Shirley . .. Rosie Nave Seated: Lilv Quintana, Annie Coursey, Jo Ann Frazier, Rosie Nave, Nadean Gowens. Standing: Marvin Arcelus, Mr. Ruch, advisor, Billy Prater Joseph Martin. lt is the purpose of the Annual Staff to attain a working knowledge of organizing and assem- bling a yearbook, to show the responsibility in- volved as to democratic and honest treating of collected material, handling of finances, filing materials, answering correspondence, to pro- mote appreciation for the possibilities of print- ing and engraving as a means of livelihood. ln fulfilling the above objectives the class elected a suitable staff which proceeded to ap- portion tasks. Ideas for original designs for each page were submitted and voted upon by the staff and the winning entry was used for the present TULE. All division pages, the title page and the cover were designed by the staff and perfected by Edwina Carvalho and Dan Hayes of the art class. ln addition to the art class, the leaders of the various clubs and the faculty contributed information generously and Mrs. Norma Selzer was very cooperative in helping the students type and mimeograph forms. Special thanks go to Mrs. Elizabeth Ruch, whose helpful suggestions and dynamic assist- ance greatly contribute to any merit which this record might possess. THE EDITORS Margie Brassart Jo Ann Frazier and Nadean Gowens Mr. Thomas Ruch WILBURN MILLER BERTIE CARPENTER FRANKLIN HANSEN ROSIE NAVE NOE LOPEZ LILY QUINTANA WINIFRED MCGINNIS LARRY NAVARETTE LUTHER COX VEDA DAVIS NADEAN GOWENS JOHN PETERS, ADVISOR JOSEPH MARTIN JO ANN FRAZIER MARVIN ARCELUS Jawa EDWARD DUENES MARY JO BERRY EDW I NA CARVALHO NORMAN LAZAROTI BILLY GIACONE ANITA PALACIOS ALICE RODRIQUEZ DARRELL FLETCHER DOYLE BARNES BARBARA LEONARD DERL KEEN MARGI E STEELE LEE NOLAN JOHNNIE CAMARENA BRLJCE HARRALSON ROBERT PEDERSEN NELUE SOTELO GUY SHIRLEY TOM KRUSE WAYNE JACKSON 7950 EARL CHRISTIAN RAYMOND OLIVERA BASS ill if The first united action of the freshmen of '47 was choosing the following officers: President, Billy Giaconi, Vice President, Bill Humphers, Secretary, Edwina Carvalho, Treasurer, Frank- lin Hansen, Advisor, Mrs. Muriel Sample. The l947 freshmen were the last group to be initiat- ed. The return party for the sophomore class late in spring was the big social event of the year. ln the first class meeting of the year '48 the sophomores chose Joseph Martin, president, Bill Humphers, vice president, Guy Shirley, secre- tary, Franklin Hansen, treasurer. Mrs. Voria Shreve and Elizabeth Ruch were sponsors. The party given to the freshmen, in lieu of initia- tion, followed an afternoon of competitive games between the two classes. Two dances, sponsored by this class, were given to which the student body were invited. Lily Quintana was elected president, Viola Churchill, vice president, Edwina Carvalho, sec- retary, Billy Giaconi, treasurer, Mr. John Peters, sponsor. These officers were elected at the first class meeting of the juniors. Lily Quintana and Viola Churchill were elected cheer leaders. The school attended the first post-war Fresno Coun- ty Fair. A series of successful dances, the maga- zine sale, helped build up the class fund for the costly prom, the highlight of the year. "A Date With Judy," a three-act play, with' Dottie Crab- tree as Judy Foster and a supporting cast gave an admirable performance. This play had a greater box office return than any other play previously given at TUHS. Powder blue sweaters, and class rings assisted in inflating the ego of the juniors. The class boasted two successful "C" team County Champs-Joseph Martin and Billy Giaconi. The weiner roast at Mendota Dam, and the Valentine Dance were two other outstand- ing events. Doyle Barnes and Barbara Leonard were the blushing sweethearts who reigned over the latter. The crowning achievement of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom, planned around the theme "heaven." This is the first prom danced in "almost total darkness," thanks to a thunder- storm. At the Y-Teen carnival the class had two popular booths, the Marriage and Divorce Courts, engineered by Jerry Douglas. Derl Keen was selected to represent TUHS at Boys State, Winifred McGinnis, at Girls State. Winifred won a SlOO scholarship for her radio skit entered in a contest sponsored by the Nurses Association of Fresno. The senior class responsibilities were assumed by President, Wilburn Miller, Vice President, An- ita Palacios, Secretary, Edward Duenes, Treas- urer, Alice Rodriquez, Billy Biaconi was elected senior representative at the student council. Mr. Peters was sponsor. The senior play, "Almost Eighteen" was the most outstanding event of the first semester, Guy Shirley was the lead. The seniors took part in the Christmas Play and the two one-act plays given in January. The snow trip at Yosemite was held in January. The sec- ond semester brought the Senior Class Day spent at Fresno State College in viewing the plant, the senior Career day at Reedley, and Sneak day. At the commencement exercises Anita Palacios was the Salutatorian, and Derl Keen, the Vale- dictorian. , Robert Pedersen. y 1 .sam 'Q' 1 pq' ll.. JOHN MARSHALL Advisor I EDWARD SMILEY MARGIE BAGDAZIAN BILLY PRATER KAREN KRUSE EARL MORGAN ONETA GAITHER BILLY HEDMAN HELEN SNYDER NORMAN BOLINE ROBERT COLLINS ELISA URIZ DICK COWGER MARGIE ARCELUS BILL HENRY ERNESTINE ROMERO RUTH HOLMES EARL CHRISTIAN SYBIL CARPENTER EDWARD NOLAN FRANCES MILLER REYMUNDO JACQUES BUDDY BARRON AURORA RAMIREZ MARTIN BARCELLOS DEROTHA BLYTHE PERFECTO NAVARETTE IRENE BOX Jawa DONALD BOLINE ALMETA SHELTON DAN HAYES MARY HERNANDEZ EDWARD ADNEY FRANCES SPRADLEY JOE CEJA FRANCES CAMARENA ROBERT MCAFFEE DOUGLAS DAYTON ELSE BERNARD LAWRENCE DICKENS DOLORES MARTINEZ LE ROY ROCHA ROSIE LIMA GERALDINE SMITH PETE GONZALES PEARL DAGGS JAIME HERNANDEZ JESSE PETERS LEON WARMUTH JACK APPLEWHITE DAN YORK RICHARD SMITH WABERN BARNES WINFRED OLIVER CHARLIE MARQUEZ so 42109 Q- X S ob .3 Q' ocxqj 6 by Q 00 07350 K-v KX 0 w 6 p gig? Q15 ff? ox N6 or 0 K OQWF so qsep C952 QSC Sm 'S X 4"Q'6x fo O 'C Q0,o7O3Cg-Q55 90100 by Qfoqgb if ' biyxocxwso Sglbcovo Q9 6' 0? 8019 W L9 ff Qpse Qvmffwg be OOSXF X -f6'x Xlklqg w ex-STXVOS' rv 4, Q, -X ef x 51,0030 O xqfoknbx o 4, '?Q.0L1QbQC fox Q- Q1 Q' av or 6 O Q 66,53 ,,. . 065681 Qfdxysifqo 8974 ko CX ff R' ko ' Oi-Seb "' 6 , Q ,.,7gXQQ. we Cb c,x -x Tvgfoqf AN 'E' ef 0 o Coq' O .X f gf ff fave ff? Ko? Q. wqbff -A x 00 C9 A3 C900 ,. 9Q5,,,cS'x 0 Vx Qs Q' , S419 Qliffoeq 43' N74,'NF0 Cx -s-L xoibgcq' ,pox 06090 Q?:zg,'bO Q p 0 ably We O 'ff Cggegff wvwyo x , QQJKCJ fZ"S'3?'?"2 3' fxmwx ?q3,.Q9bQx5g9 og 48150 OQSLQ' b LJQOQ .500 49 6 -'D fo 0 -5 'VC5 ox 0 Q, 42' Q55 F5 'C Q x24 ,QSO va 6?Q:OW5'C Q, awqkkoxlsjsz, cv 0 Q X. 0 Q35 A073 5 rx xo 0 udxaifgqk V O ao 0 XYZ: QQ' Z5Z'wbsY'0Oo era? x PQ' o X fv fo 5 85. 6,5064 QQJO-ON X 'Zxx x NO X QQ kk K' :XS C3049 0 44" 3 fb Q 0 ko? W Y xo C9 cw? . 'lx .Sox CJKQ?xL9 QAVC? -XX ku K4,s?oci6' O O? Ip ,fb M09.,,,ef O X Q7 ag' 3 Qb,Q.13' :SC .x js X IVXQ. O tai? Qnggfobcq' Q' -6' , 0 'VI 6' bo . C52.'V6f.'z'C.1Q'dQb?0 6 lb'-b.y'Q'lf3'.S , '?'5'o67Q5cx'v'C9o P xql. .gvcgfuxu 98' N .Ns 3.0 555 eggs 'FFFQQQK qi 'Geo ga Q Q-'U .A .Qin-,fS'a" 9 fav 9400 Y' 9' Xscbg, KOS is Q Ao 'U S V1-nk . Safe-'.2"xx6"? 44550054410- Qg'4lo-x-'ob' oo+ tg 'Q X5 f,7"'S'q5 'C .Ki 0 O . rss- Hcfqfziw T55 Z Council Around Table: Billy Giaconi, Lidge Gib- son, Lulla Story, Virginia Collins, Joan McKean, Derl Keen, Karen Kruse, Lily Quintana, Winifred McGin- nis, Norman Boline, Joe Ceia, Margie Badgazian. Seated behind the group: Donald Boline, Doyle Bar- ries. Derl Keen Student Body President The student council discusses all matters concerning the student body. It approves the appointment at committees and club activities, it sponsors all student body affairs-rallies, dances, parties, assemblies, and games. lt punishes offenders ot the school laws when it is given the right to do so by the administration. Student Body Otticers, Seated: Lily Quintana, Joan McKean, Margie Bagdazian, Bernice Carvalho Standing: Derl Keen, Joe Ceja, Billy Hedman Front row: Dorothy Perocelli, Genieva Moore, Helen Miniares, Richard Gregg, Karen Kruse Charles Marquez, Earl Morgan, Elisa Uriz, Bernice Carvalho, Second row: Margie Bagdazian, Joan McKean, Richard Robinson, LeRoy Rocha, Dorothy Reece, Edward Adney, Lois White, XXfillie Riotrio, Helen Snyder, Anita Palacios, Joyce Sul- livan, Lee Nolan, Richard Knight, Benny Rivera. Trornbones: Edward Duenes, Guy Shirley, Joe Cejo, Lidge Gibson. Back row: Aina Johnson, Martin Barcellos, Joe Martin, C. W. Gibson, Bernice Carvalho, Don Henry, Dan York, Gwen Davis, Gene Ruiz, James Hernandez, Billy Hedman Edward Smiley. Right rear: Mr, Clifford Carr, Director. gcmcf The Tranquillity Union High School band placed among the top contestants in the parades in Long Beach, Riverdale, Kerman, Fresno, Mendota, Los Banos, and Chowchilla receiving first place trophies among the "C" schools in the latter two. For the third consecutive year the band received superior rat- ing at the Comp-Festival in Fresno. A pre-festival concert was given in March in the school's auditorium. Behind the lens closeup of Billy Giaconi who sneaked out of bounds on the first take. Soloists: Joseph Martin, Joan McKean, Edward Duenes, Dorothy Reece, Martin Barcellos. t The maiorettes have again this year showed their school spirit and agility with the ba- ton in the many parades in which the band has participat- ed throughout the school year. These girls, none of whom are seniors, will be back in compe- tition again at the opening of school. Margie Arcelus, Karen Kruse, Margie Bagdazian, Derotha Blythe, Dorothy Perocelli. Earl Morgan, Bernice Carvalho, Joan McKean, Joseph Martin, Edward Smiley, Helen Snyder Edward Duenes. QGQZVLWZM gan! The swing band becomes iivier each year as it gains ex- perience by playing tor num- erous school activities includ- ing dances, parties, and plays. Here are the hopeful begin- ners who will bring future laurels to the Tigers of Tran- quillity. Front row: Phyllis Martinez, Dolores Hernandez Shirley Wood, Elizabeth Shirley, Bennie Sue Parker, Gerry Keen, Dorothy Churchill, Mary Williams, Virginia Collins, Eloise Guttierez, Helen Miniares. Middle row: Ruby York, Hershel White, Wayland Harris, Elbert Hayes, Lidge Gibson, Vernon Barnes, Rudy Ramirez, Jacob Segovia, Gene Ruiz. Top row: Mike Estrada, C. W Gibson, Victor Merritt, Donald Reinhardt, Melvin Combs, Willie Riofrio, Allen Sharp, Mr. Carr, instructor. M ' Cyff d Beginners: Bennie Parker, Eloise Cutierrez, Judy Jennings, Ruth Pickens, Sally Hammonds, Zelma r Insltrsgtorcorr Burns, Lois White, Virginia Collins, Dorothy Churchill. Zndh row: Molly Sena, Derotha Blythe, Maxine Pearson, Beverly Hansen Lily Leonard, Wanda Collins, Virginia Finn, Ruth Holmes. 3rd row: Shirley Selzer, Frieda Ireland, Beverly Hansen, Jenna Rogers. Umm The chorus and the dramatics class presented a Christmas program relating the history and traditions ot Yuletide music. The chorus received an excellent rating at the music festival in Fresno. The group sang during the Annual Spring Concert and at Baccalaureate and Commencement programs. Front row: Frances Spradley, Dorothy Perocelli, Wilma Williams, Margie Arcelus, Bernice Carvalho, Helen Snyder, Elisa Uriz, Joan McKean, Geraldine Smith. Second row: Wanda Miller Nina Rocha, Franklin Hansen, Benny Rivera, Freddie Periera, C. W. Gibson, Dan Hayes, Bar- bara Leonard, Karen Kruse. Third raw: Oneta Gaither, Frances Miller, Edward Adney, Lidge Gibson, Don Henry, Guy Shirley, Joseph Martin, Pearl Daggs, Mr. Carr. Fourth row: Helen Miniares, Shirley Landrum, Phyllis Prater, Almeta Shelton, Gerry Ray, Winkie McGinnis, Genieva Moore, Georgia Ray, Zella Griffin, Betty Jefferson. 6563. Seated: Benny Sue Parker, Bernice Carvalho, Joan McKean, Winifred McGinnis Aina Johnson, Lulla Story, Anita Palacios. Standing: Miss Carpenter, advisory Billy Giacone, Darrell Fletcher, Wabern Barnes, Derl Keen. The California Scholarship Federation rose from seven members the first semester of i949 to fourteen the second semester. As the name indicates the requirements for mem- bership are superior scholarship as based on exponents derived from grades. Delegates attended the fall and spring district conference at Fresno and Selma. The officers for first semester were Winifred McGinnis, Aina Johnson, and Bernice Carvalho. The second semester's officers were Billy Giacone, Darrell Fletcher, Joseph Martin, Wa- Pam Hi-Lite, the school newspaper, is published bi-weekly by the journalism class. This course is designed to give the student a better appreciation of the place and function of the newspaper in modern life, and provides motivated work in written composition. The staff is trained to find, to write, and to edit enough good copy, to write headlines and make each issue of the paper attractive. bern Barnes, and Helen Snyder. Veda Davis editor Miss Carpenter Around the table, seated: Luther Cox, Bruce Harralson, Franklin Hansen, Buddy Barron, advisor Frances Reed, Wilburn Miller, Veda Davis, Oneta Gaither, Geraldine Smith Standing: Miss Carpenter, advisor. rum Sag? Wmellmwm Mwiwpzm Y 4 QQ f ' L. .1-' Q::A- 1940 L.-4 X ifmw , b ,I 1531 x .521 Q. QL ? fg :si UP K Q5 1 f -Lf , 'if k 5:53 KEN fin. WNW , bmgli u M -, .. K Q Qi gg wa... ngifgx X 51155 9' 25? if D 'FF V Q.- , .R r y ,V L I Vg.. 1 'liar A 5 M git wf Q 951 1 k 1 E " K A K W 5:11:41 V x f .mg .wa lg Y ff 1 '- ,Q , Q. E Q u t 1? 5 ,Ni 1 I , f , M, .5 Iwi' wx 5 5 ,w ww , A . w , -via ' v- ,QL , 5 A I Nw, . x K Q . - W5 -, 1 '- W' ' M -4 'z' ' ' N, My T: I, . It f.'1:2iQf2fiQf'T'h Qgfgh ' 'Q ff' www, M Y ' iw A ,yi , JF I ,V .Q W 'L ' N , ' 'iv I 7 5, wi Y Qs F.F.A. Membership: Front row: Richard Smith, Bruce Harralson, Mike Estrada, Raymond Wright, Arthur Gonzalez. Second row: John Potts, Luther Cox, Alan Sharp, Reymundo Jacquez, Perfecto Navarette, Herchel White, Billy Deal, Ted Kruce. Third row: Norman Lazaroti, Bob McAffee, Norman Boline, Robert Collins, Donald Boline, Wabern Barnes, Arlie Simpson, Doyle Barnes, Marvin Arcelus, Doug Dayton, Ar- thur Huffman Dick Cowger, Wilburn Miller, Mr, Braun, Instructor. Fourth row: Tom Kruse, Wayne Christopher, Vernon Barnes, Ignacio Silva, Wayne Storts, Bill Henry, Albert Coursey, Don Elms, Charles Bell, Edwin Bell, Perfecto Navarette, John Camareno, Jack Applewhite. ZZMZWLQ 67 af Hmmm The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of, by and for boys studying voca- tional agriculture. The motto of the club is as follows: "Learning to do, Doing to learn, Earning to live, Living to serve." This year the team captured the Volkmann trophy for the third successive year thereby winning permanent possession of the coveted cup. Marvin Arcelus, Douglas Dayton, and Arlie Simpson comprise the judging team. Officers: Seated: Wabern Barnes, Donald Boline, Marvin Arcelus. Above: Dairy team: Wabern Barnes, Norman Boline, Standing: Arlie Simpson, Doyle Barnes, Robert Collins. Doyle Barnes. Below: Livestock team: Arlie Simpson, Arthur Huffman Marvin Arcelus, Doug Dayton. The F.F.A. boys getting actual experience in the field, thus putting into practice the idea "Learning to do by doing." 62. Q 74. Agiwzzw Advanced Ag Class and Queen Margie Bagdazian who reigned over the Future Farmer dance. Beginning class with Queen Margie. California State champs at Boy's Town on their way back to the national contest at Kan- sas City. Seated: Billy Prater, Vernon Barnes, Martin Barcellos, Billy Hedman, Richard Knight, Douglas Garrison Earl Morgan, Dan Hayes Buddy Barron. 2nd row: Mr, Rugh, sponsor, Bill Sawyer, Lee Nolan, Robert Collins, -Douglas Dayton, Doyle Barnes, Billy I-lenry, Richard Gregg, Vernon Garrison, Nathan Johnson, Jaime Hernandez, Winfred Oliver, WabernlBarnes, 3rd row: John Egtts Rudy Ramirez, Jacob Segovia, Ted Kruse, Billy Deal, Darrel Fletcher, Derl Keen, Lawrence Dickens, Will Pritchett, ward Nolan. G44-Q Seated: Darrell Fletcher, chap- lain, Wabern Barnes, vice- president, Wintred Oliver, presi- dent, Bill Sawyer, secretary, Standing, Mr. Ruch, advisor, Billy Prater, correspondent, Doyle Barnes, council represen- ative, Jairnie Hernandez and Douglas Dayton, sergeant-at arms. The l-li-Y, being a youth group under the sponsorship of the YMCA, prides itself in furthering the ideals of Christianity and Christian Fellowship- through the democratic as- sociation of all creeds in mutual tolerance. Through its many activities, the l-li-Y combats prejudice of all descriptions and bases its correction of erroneous beliefs by furnishing members with the facts. Charity, both in wordly goods and mental attitudes, is vigorously upheld and ap- plauded in the ideals and practices of the l-li-Y Youth problems and their needs are solved through rational procedures by the efforts of the youths themselves in acquiring the services of experts to discuss these problems and needs with the young people. The club sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, ci magician show, "Girl of the Month," and a Father and Son Banquet, Officers attended the Officers' Training Confer- ence, in November, at Sequoia Lake, and one representative was sent to the Youth and Government at Sacramento in the Spring, Front: Mary Hernandez, Derctha Blythe, Frances Camarena, Barbara Leonard, OffiCeI'SI BOl'bOYO l-eOf1OYCl, COY'lSflTUfl0n Karen Kruse, Elsie Bernard, Representative, Karen Kruse, C-ouncil Rep- Rear: Miss Carpenter, Sybil Carpenter, Rosie Nave, Bertie Carpenter, Miss Arm- FSSGHTOUVGJ ROSIS Neve, PVGSIUGVITI Def- strong, Advisor. otha Blythe, Secretary. Miss Armstrong, Advisor 7W1Zmq, Qcrcaekeepinq, Skcwfkancf z444cacLaZzcm The typing, Bookkeeping, Shorthand Association is a luncheon organization which meets every two weeks. The Club backs the commercial contests by buying awards for the winners of monthly tests, and also the speed awards in shorthand and typing. This year the members made football programs for two football games. Each year the club takes field trips to business places in Fresno to see at first hand the transaction of business. This year the club plans to visit the telephone building, and retail stores where both salesmanship and office work can be observed. Above Officers: Row l: Eva Hernandez, Group picture: Membership Janet Alavezos, Pearl Daggs, Sally Ham- Row l: Mary Cogburn, Mary Nolan, Jo Ann Harrison, Eva Hernandez, monds, Hazel Boyd. Pearl Daggs, Betty Lenox Shirley Lawson, Sally Hammonds, Hazcl Boyd, Row 2: Mary Huffman, Molly Sena, Au- Row 2: Janet Alavezos, Jo Ann Cooper, Virginia Alexander, Mary Huff- rora Ramirez, Mary Cogburn. man, Rosie Lima, Molly Sena, Aurora Ramirez, Miss Groves. Below: Miss Connie Groves, Advisor. 6-QLZWLQ Jfcamemakew of Nmefuca The Future l-lomemakers of America came into being through the cooperative efforts of pupils studying homemaking in secondary schools to build a national organization of their own in which they may develop social qualities and promote better home life for themselves and their families. Through social activities, educational programs, service projects and money-making activities they have become an integral part of the home economics program. Sitting, Front Row: .Barbara Leonard, Frances Spradley, Jenna Rogers, Wanda Miller, Frances Camarena, Ernestine Romero Alice Rodriguez, Anita Palacios, Eva Hernandez, Genieva Moore, Rosie Nave, Hazel Boyd, Mary Hernandez. I Sitting, Second Row: Aina Johnson, Kathryn Milligan, Virginia Collins, Joan Harrison, Mary Nolan, Shirley Wood, Geor ia Roy Jerry AKeen, Lulla Story, Eleanor Weathers, Shirley Herman, Dorothy Reece, Joyce Sullivan, La Neal Thetford, Jerry Smith. l Standing, Third Row: Norma Ayers, Dorothy Churchill, Shirley Selzer, Beverly Hansen, Frances Miller, Marie Lazaroti Dorothy Perocelli, Nina Rocha, Wilma Williams, Mary Jo Berry, Miss Armstrong, Lily Leonard, Oneta Gaither. l Standing, 'Fourth Row:AAlmeta Shelton, Janet Alavezos, Jo-Ann Cooper, Dolores Hernandez, Molly Sena, Mary Huffman Gwen Davis, Winkie McGinnis, Lily Quintana, Edwina Carvalho, Bernice Carvalho, Joan McKean, Karen Kruse, Elsie Bernard Aurora Ramirez, Margie Bagdazian, Helen Snyder, Elisa Uriz, Derotha Blythe. ' Q- vm OFFICERS Sitting, Front Row: Barbara Leonard, Helen Snyder, Derotha Blythe, Lulla Story Anita Palacios, Winkie McGinnis. Standing, Second Row: Aina Johnson, Marie Lazaroti, Gerry Keen, Miss Armstrong Georgia Roy, Nina Rocha, Bernice Carvalho. The first project of the year was the collection of osh trays to be sent to veterans in hospitals, and money to purchase chocolate bars to be sent overseas OCT. l. Lulla Story and Barbara Leonard attended the officers Training Conference in Fresno. OCT. 8. Mary Jo Berry and Shirley Herman attend- ed the Membership Tea at the Y.W.C.A. NOV. 6. Derotha Blythe, Winifred McGinnis, Marie Lazoroti, and Shirley Herman attended the recog- nition service in Fresno. NOV. I3-15. was World Fellowship Week. Christo- pher Rhein, a German lad, sponsored by the First Methodist Church of Fresno to study a year at the Fresno State College, was obtained to speak to the student body. NOV. 30. Recognition Service was held. DEC. 2. Sock dance was given and the proceeds were to go to the World Fellowship Fund. DEC. The Club sold Cherub Christmas Cards, sub- scriptions to the West Side Advance, and cold drinks at the baseball games to make money for the club's treasury. JAN. A joint Hi-Y and Y-Teen Snow Trip to Yose- mite was taken. FEB. Winter Conference at Asilomar attended by ten members and their advisor, Miss Armstrong, and chaperon, Mrs. Jessie Carvalho. MAR. Two movies were given in the Tranquillity Union High School. APRIL 21. Sadie Hawkins Dance was planned with the Hi-Y. C3 ...V W. TRACK DAN HAYES UQ 1 i 7 f X Y S ' 4 1 1 5. . Q, X L 5 1 x if BASEBALL DOYLE BARNES 9 'i'A',.:,. i ,'A' 9 ' ' ' L BASKETBALL BILL HUMPHERS .5-SQ ,Qgilg fy.- . . . FOOTBALL DERL KEEN Derl Keen Dick Cowger Earl Morgan Norman Boline Donald Boline Joe Ceia Doyle Barnes Bill Humphers Franklin Hansen Wabern Barnes Buddy Barron Dan York Joseph Martin Douglas Dayton Lawrence Dickens Earl Christian Robert McAffee Guy Shirley LeRoy Rocha Richard Smith X950 Robert Collins Don Henry Carl Puentes Gene Cottrell Edward Adney Don Reinhardt Charles Marquez Frank Wilson Martin Barcellos Nathan Johnson Victor Merrit Edward Smiley Douglas Garrison Elbert Hayes Although the Tranquillity High School Tigers dropped all their football games but one in l949, the picture for l95O is much brighter than it was at the beginning of the season of '49. Players for all the positions will be back next year except Doyle Barnes, stellar right half and Cap- tain Derl Keen who played brilliant ball as left guard for the Blue and Gold. Thus the Tigers will field almost the same first string line-up as represented them this season except that the boys will have had much more experience than heretofore. The team showed good spirit and fine sportsmanship, for which the boys deserve great com- mendation. Coach John Marshall Managers left to right: Jesse Peters, Norman Lazaroti, Billy Henry, Ralph Rhodes and Robert Pederson. Squad: Kneeling, Coach John Marshall, lEfren Martinez, Joe Ceja, Pete Gonzalez, Doyle Barnes, Pete Cottrell, Dan York. Standing: Jaime Hernandez, Norman Boline, Bruce Harralson, Donald Boline, Wabern Barnes, Derl Keen, Buddy Barron, Tigers vs. 29-39 49-2l 38-45 39-36 36-44 38-36 29-35 35-25 38-35 33-40 25-26 34-44 45-2l 40-39 Kerman Central Riverdale Laton Sierra Caruthers Parlier Kerman Central Riverdale Laton Sierra Caruthers Parlier 74 7mm Bmkeikall Mainstays: Jaime Hernandez, Norman Boline, Wabern Barnes, Donald Saline, Bruce Harralson, Coyle Barnes, Joe Ceja. The Tiger Class A Team wound up the season in a blaze of glory by defeating the front-running Parlier A squad in a nip and tuck game, 49-48. All other Tranquillity squads were victorious that night. The victory gave the team a 3-5 record for the season in league games. Bill Humphers, stellar forward and Doyle Barnes, dependable guard are the only losses by graduation. Joe Martin, Robert Collins, Martin Barcellos, Charlie Marquez, Donald Henry, Dick Cowger, Richard Knight, Ed Smiley, Ed Adney, Billy Giacone, Mr. Ruch, Coach. B 7mm XWQZMQWL4 2l -27 23-29 26-20 36-3l 36-32 32-26 39-l O l7-28 29-36 35-25 33-23 33-23 34-3l 36-35 24-25 Left 'Io right: Edward Smiley, Joseph Martin Charlie Marquez, Dick Cowger, Richard Knig t. Tigers vs. Kerman Central Riverdale Laton Sierra Caruthers Parlier Kerman Central Riverdale Laton Sierra Caruthers Parlier Kerman Champ The middle-sized basketeers came from a slow start in practice tilts to a l.OOO in the League standings to win the Sierra title. Kerman took the County Championship from the Tiger B's by one point in a closely-fought contest. The team consisted of most of the l949 championship "C" Tigers players plus several excellent players from that year. They were valiant in defeat for the County Championship as they were in winning the League. Edward Smiley captained the squad through its successful season. A team vote showed Edward Smiley, Joseph Martin, and Richard Knight tied tor the most valuable player. Squad: Coach Marshall, Billy Hedman, Benny Rivera, Jack McAfee, Richard Gregg, Billy Prater Elias Ros Rcha d Rob nso Charles Ybarra, Freddie Periera, Arthur Gonzales. Tigers vs. i8-22 38-22 22-l7 25-26 26-20 28-29 28-2l l7-26 i9-22 l5-l7 22-l5 27-18 33-l2 35-24 Kerman Central Riverdale Laton Sierra Caruthers Parlier Kerman Central Riverdale Loton Sierro Caruthers Porlier G7eafmB First five: Billy Prater, Richard Gregg, Billy The Blue and Gold Midgets finished the season with a good 6 8 record They were led by star foreword, Captain Billy l-ledmon. Sitting: Joseph Martin, Martin Barcelos, Richard Knight, Robert Collins, Johnny Camarena. Kneeling: Dick Cowger, Efren Martinez, Dan York, Doyle Barnes, Charles Marguez, Edward Smiley, Billy Hedman. Standing: Norman Lazaroti, Manager, Coach John Marshall, Charles Ybarra, Tony Mendez Pete Cottrell, Norman Boline, Donald Boline, Wabern Barnes, Douglas Dayton, Victor Merritt, Nathan Johnson, and Robert Pedersen, Manager. Pitchers: Dan York, Richard Knight, Efren Martinez, Donald First Fifteen: Sitting, Joseph Martin, Martin Barcellos, Richard Knight, Robert Boline. Collins, Kneeling: Efren Martinez, Dan York, Doyle Barnes, Charles Marquez, Edward Smiley, Standing: Coach Marshall, Dick Cowger, Norman Boline, Don- Catchers: Edward Smiley, Martin Barrcellos, Norman Boline, ald Boline, Wabern Barnes, Billy Hedman. The start of the l95O baseball season was delayed by the lengthened basketball season. Never- theless, the Tigers met Sierra with only a week of practice and were able to bang out a l6-4 win. ln the second league game Tranquillity defeated the front running Laton Mustangs 9-4. Then came a defeat at the hands of Parlier l l -l but the boys bounced back in the title contention by trimming first place Caruthers lO-5. ln the final game of the season, however, Riverdale took the Tigers i8-l. The defeat left Tranquillity in a tie for second with Caruthers winning the championship. Doyle Barnes and John Camarena, both outfielders, will be absent from the team next year because of graduation. 'Us Coach John Marshall Robert Collins Billy Hedman Joseph Martin Martin Barcellos Buddy Barron Dick Cowger Edward Adney Upper: Bruce Harralson Lower: Billy Prater Richard Knight Dick Cowger Earl Morgan Charles Marquez Elbert Hayes Weak The T. U. H. S. track men capped the i950 season by winning the Class "C" championship of the Sierra League in Rat- cliffe Stadium on May l7, l95O. The "B" track team placed second in the final meet, The teams attended the following meets during the season: The Dos Palos Invita- tional Track and Field Carnival, the Sierra Division County Meet at Kingsburg, the Sierra Division Valley Meet at Lemoore and the Sierra Division League Meet. Billy Prater, dynamic and versatile class "C" performer along with Dan Hayes, bril- liant "B" class sprinter and hurdler were the big guns on the Tiger track team. Bruce Harralson was the outstanding "A" man. Prater, in the big valley meet, tied for first in the high jump, took second in the pole vault with a leap of lO' 7" and took sec- ond in the lO8 low hurdles, thus qualifying for the Central Section Finals at Madera in all three events. Hayes won the volley lOO yd. dash in record equalling time of lO.4 seconds, also qualifying, At the time of this writing the Central Section Finals Meet at Madera, in which only the top athletes compete, had not yet been run off. With two such fine performers in this class- ic, the Tigers wrote a fitting climax to the i950 season. Lettermen: Betty Jefferson, Almeta Shelton, Anita Palacios, Billy Beginners, Kneeling: Wanda Miller, Winifred McGinnis, Norman Ayers Gianconi, Edward Nolan, Bill Sawyer, Lee Nolan. Standing: Geraldine Ray, Mary Jo Berry, Carla Pittman, Shirley Herman 7mm Although the l95O tennis team was unable to compete in league com- petition because the courts were not erected, the lettermen from i949 are recognized, and Mr. Ruch, their coach, is duly proud of them, as he is of the coming stars who will use the new courts. Mr. John Dahl, Instructor "On mat" Coach John Dahl, Reymundo Jacques, Hershell White, Noe Lopez, Dan Hayes, "wrestling," Earl Morgan and Richard Smithj "Standing": Ralph Piatt, Lawrence Dickens, Frank- lin Hansen, Jack Applewhite, Billy Deal, Marvin Arcelus, Ignacio Silva, Perfecto Navarette, Donnie Elms, Darrell Fletcher, Mike Estrada. As Coach John Dahl launched his veteran grapplers into their second year of wrestling, having introduced it to T.U.l-l.S. in l948, and welcomed the new grunters he and his charges brought addi- tional honors to our noble institution by competing with the larger schools ot Fresno with moderate success. The local sons showed that in the event wrestling is included in the league sports sched- ule, old Alma Mater will definitely contend for the kudoes. U. Z. Glmaw First period: Sitting: Phyllis Martinez, Lulla Story Lily Quintana, Edwina Carvalho, Eula Clark, Ruth Pickens, Virginia Collins, La Wanda Collins. Standing: Miss Armstrong, instructor, Veda Davis, Anita Palacios, Dorothy Churchill, Fae Huey, Lee Cowger, Eloise Gutierrez, Zelma Burns Judy Jennings, Ruby York, Betty Starr. Second period: Row one: Alice Rodriguez, Nadean Gow- ens, Shirley Landrum, Jo Ann Frazier, Mary Jo Berry, Winifred McGinnis, Annie Coursey, Rosie Nave. Row two: Gerry Keen, Carla Pittman, Joyce Shirley, Wanda Miller Frances Miller, Ruth Holmes. Standing: Mary Hernandez, Aurora Ramirez, Elsie Bernard, Norma Ayers, Virginia Finn, Sue Parker, Kathy Cates, Betty Jefferson, Rosemary Prater, Rose Lima, Nellie Sotelo, Do- lores Martinez, Frances Camarena, Miss Armstrong. Third period: Seated: Eva Hernandez, Wilma Williams, Katherine Milligan, Lenora- Noble, Pauline Sizemore, Mary Cogburn, Gerry Ray. Kneeling: Jo Ann Harrison, Betty Allen, Hazel Boyd, Lily Leonard, Eleanor Weathers, Nita De Shields, Esther Fer- nandez, Zella Griffin Billy Dee Wood, Maxine Pearson. Standing: Mary Kites, Phyllis Prater, Frieda Ireland, Nina Rocha, Elsie Silva, Betty Lenox, Margaret Enriquez, Shir- ley Selzer, Mary Williams, Jenna Rogers, Beverly Hansen, Molly Sena Frances Spradley, Miss Armstrong. Fourth period: Seated: Shirley Herman, Shirley Wood, Georgia Ray, Derotha Blythe, Gerry Smith, Janet Alavezos. Kneeling: Joan McKean, Bernice Carval- ho, Oneta Gaither, Irene Box, Gwen Davis, Barbara Leonard Aina John- son, Pearl Daggs, Helen Miniares. Standing: Mildred Rodriguez, Dolores Hernandez, Sally Hammonds, Inez Coates, Mary Nolan, Jo Ann Cooper, Virginia Alexander, Karen Kruse, Mary Huffman, Joyce Sullivan, Lois Meeks Norma Cox, Evelyn Silviera, Eva Meeks, Genieva Moore. 5 Z Captain Jo Ann Frazier Sitting: Gerry Keen, Nadsan Gowe ens, Jo Ann Frazier, Shirley Lan- drum, Annie Coursey. Kneeinq. Betty Jefferson, Winkie McGinnis, Joyce Shirley, Francis Miller, Rosie Nave. Standing: Mary Hernandez, Alice Rodriquez, Francis Camarena, Nellie Sotelo, Rosie Lima, Bennie Sue Parker, Elsie Bernard, Norma Ayres. "SECOND PLACE' Captain Barbara Leonard Sitting: Karen Kruse, Bernice Car-- valho, Derotha Blythe, Pcarl Daggs Barbara Leonard. Kneeling: Georgif, Ray, Gwen Davis, Joan McKean, Mildred Rodriquez, Shirley Wood. Standing: Gerry Smith, Joyie Sulli- van, Aina Johnson, Shirley Herman. "THIRD PLACE' Captain Margie Bagdaziar' Sitting: Neta DeSl'iields, Phillis Prat- er, Shirley Lawson, Pauline Size- more, Eleanor Weathers. Kneeling: Zella Griffin, Betty Lenox, Mary Cogburn Geraldine Ray, Standing: Hazel Boyd, Betty Allen, Catherine Milligan, Molly Sena. "FOURTH PLACE" Captain Fae Huey Sitting: Fae Huey, Dorothy Churchill, Anita Palacios, LaWanda Collins, Virginia Collins. Kneeling: Eloise Gutierrez, Judy Jennings, Ruth Pickins. Standing: Lily Quintana, Lulla Story, Zelma Burns, Phyllis Martinez, Edwina Carvalho. EQMQZAQZZ l. CHAMPS: Captain Shir- ley Landrum. Team, Row l: Sue Parker, Nadean Gowens, Shirley Landrum, Jo Ann Frazier, Winifred McGinnis. Row 2: Nellie Sotelo, Mary Hernandez, Norma Ayres. ZND PLACE: Captain, Ger- ry Keen. Team, Row l: Alice Rodri- guez, Frances Camarena, Gerry Keen, Betty Jefferson. Row 2: Mary Williams, Ro- sie Nave, Rosie Lima, Elsie Bernard. 3RD PLACE: Captain, Al- meta Shelton. Team, Row l: Aina John- son, Eleanor Weathers. Row 2: Pearl Daggs, Almeta Shelton, Geraldine Ray. Row 3: Gwen Davis, Joan McKean, Joyce Sullivan. 4TH PLACE: Captain, Mar- gie Bagdazian. Team, Row l: Margia Bag- dazian, Derotha Blythe, Geraldine Smith, Katherine Milligan. 2nd row: Hazel Boyd, Lily Leonard, Wilma Williams, Dorothy Perocelli. Above: Mr. Selzer, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Lenox, Mr. Ayers, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Tullis. Below: Buses and respective drivers. Bus onivsks ' The faithful and untir- ing service to the school district given by the bus drivers, seldom receives the recognition it so rich- ly deserves and so the reader is asked to pause a moment and see these faithful friends in service to their community. Noontide nourishment, deliciously prepared, is the repu- tation of our efficient midday victual-producing, utensil wielding, die Custodian : Mr. Kroeker CUSTODIAN Mr. Kroeker, the versatile care- taker of Tranquillity High School has long brightened the halls of this noble institution and this year was no exception. Above: Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Robinson, Mrs. Mochado. Below: Cooks and Cafeteria S -G Z 2 'gl 1 e rf i in 9 Because of"tl1c Su-pjporll' of 'these goal 4? K 3: A-1 3.2 -'2 9 C ff 1-:Q P2 Pc lllll 'Hlfl Southwestern Publishing Co. Sherman Clay Schwabacher-Frey Co. San Joaquin Paper Cr Janitor Supply Co. Shell Oil Co. Redman Scientific Co. Morse M. Preeman J. C. Penney Co. Haas Co. The Psychological Corporation Murphy Sales Co. The MacMillan Co. :"1L1 BOOSTER LIST James M. Moon Co. Marvicl Athletic Service McCormick-Mathers Publishing Co. Lewis Cr Miller Le Moss-Smith Tire Co. Arthur Johnson Hougton Miflin Co. Ward Harris, lnc. William Hopkins 6' Son Homand Co. D. C. Heath and Co. Friends 'che Warbookwas e Q 'financial Success. -:L -5 - ! 2 2 1 5 -E5 'E?t EY!! 2.32 E-'EE FE? F351 'E'f-'22 ,Q n 1 I::'::- - 1 Hockwald Chemical Co. Ginn and Co. Gaylord Bros. General Petroleum Co. of Calif. M. Friis-Hansen and Co. D. C. Heath and Co. Denoyer Geppert H. S. Crocker Buckner Manufacturing Co. American Book Co. American Seating Co. Abbot A. Hanks, lnc. 'ES' SAN JOAQUIN TRANQUILLITY Joe Pettit, Mgr. Primo Niboli, Mgr. As you, the members of the closs of l95O continue to goin privileges of our greot Ameri- con Democrcicy, our hope is thot you use these rights completely, honestly, ond intelligently. Moy Good Fortune olso serve you in this couse. PRODUCERS GINS ::::,'4-:: ::: ::-'0e0:: ::vv-:::: - J Ic Fllllli SHI! COTTAGE CHI!!! E 4 k -A www A I: V 5 UOIIIf.IlnbIIlIL ELLER'S WEST SIDE DISTRIBUTING CO. Tranquillity, Colifornio Phone Son Joaquin 202 Don Eller, Owner N I on O QI! , Qp ' , Fe O 'I ', 472A 46 If, O r WW Wfifff 0 'lf V 2' 0 NP P2 . , ,Z s X-L-ff v I ' L v-.X YOU STRIKE IT RICH IN GOLDEN STATE BRANCH DAIRY PRODUCTS I WO Iii", ff I ifisf-,I ---- ----- ------------------- -,vv -,"-..-i-- ::: E E viLuANfvA We, ,Se e. Wiillz I nd Ccllllirieougzg 6 Wefre. 211 Back of 'fowl Fa 217 affix? Qffhhll lu 'vv'""""""""""""" ll ll ln ll ln l JORGENSEN rvvfwnimzs I. Complete Line ot Typewriters, plus Efficient Repoir Service :Dm 23 Uri Z! 5 F ETA Ui'-"'J '-Slgjy :D msf S2155 l U U15 C21 5 5 2 ?-+ "' -. O P 9. J, 'H cn 2, '11 5 2 No. Dinners - Short Orders Courteous Service ond Delicious Meols M. L. Villionevo, Prop. JOHN BARRY WELDING SHOP Good Luck, Seniors Welding ond Mochinery NIBOLI CAFE Lunches - Dinners Snort Orders Best ot Luck, Grods 'I Niboli Son Jo q FRANK AYERS BUTANE GOOD LUCK, CLASS OF '50 -::4::::Q.'4-p::::: :: ::::4.::,::::::::::: MANUEL CASTRO Locoted by the Contuo Creek Grommor School Complete Line GROCERIES - MEATS - CLOTHING Contuo, Colifornio -:::::: ::c-ae:::-o::::-0::::::::::::::::::v V l 1 l l l l 1 1 1 11 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 '1 11 1 1 11 11 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 '1 1 1 1 1 l I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 :1 1 1 Success to the Class of "195O" Tranquillity High School Kerman Hardware Co. Dealers Crosley Refrigeration Phone 3381 Berry Allalla Milling Company Hay, Grain, Flax, Rice Alfalfa Meal P. O. Box 101 San Joaquin Phone 276 "kiini1'A'n"EiiiiiEnSvi 3-Day Service Pressing While You Wait Try Us For Superior Satisfaction 609 Madera Ave. Phone 3221 Kerman, California GEORGE A. MILLER Welding and Machine Work San Joaquin Phone 116 Lf ::::::::: :::: :::- Compliments KERMAN DRY GOODS Kerman, California GEORGIANNA SHOP The Family Store Best Wishes . . . Tiger Seniors Kerman Calif. HARDY'S Radio and Refrigeration Service Sales - Service Congratulations, Grads 345 Madera Ave. Phone 3-911 Stationery and Office Equipment 7117 School Supplies il? Social Stationery "Everything From A Greeting Card To An Office Safe" 1335 Fulton 1916 Echo Phone 3-2186 Phone 6-5401 Fresno, California . f--.:2'0"?' ', ' 11:31-'ri :'2".- "- ' K:-'.1:i-f ' Vfll-":' ,V 6? A- ....:s:5sz:zf::swgzggags-""age sea.. 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WILSON May you have every success in your new status, Seniors Complete Line Groceries - Meats Clothing Phone 294 Best Wishes, Seniors WASHERS GROCERY Groceries - Meats - Drugs Stationery - Gasoline Manager, Harvey Pantus Phone 332 Cantua -Q-- ..,. -'.Q0- ..... -----'--oo,----- Hansen Building Materials and Supplies Success, Seniors! Complete Line of Electrical Appliances It lt's a Building Problem Let Us Solve lt Phone 29l l Tranquillity vv- ..v.... Q4-,.'- .... .'00aoo-v0--- SAN .IOAOUIN SKATING RINK I Exercise obtained in an enjoyable fashion while you meet the gang Best Wishes, Seniors Milton Quintana HEIM GARAGE E. R. White, Prop. Auto, Truck and Tractor Repairing Acetylene Welding U S T' . . Tres Good Luck, Fittyites Helm, Calif. Phone 2-J-3 NAPA DISTRIBUTORS Parts tor All Trucks, Tractors, Cars Mendota Phone 467I Kaiser and Frazier Motor Cars GREGG MOTOR SAIES Mencl:TcSJECa?Galit. I A----f -----+---- -----+ -------+ A 1 , MENDOTA DRUG STORE Best Wishes, Grads Sodas, Pharmacy, Drugs, Toys, Basketball Teams Mendota, Calif. Phone 454i A--,AAA---,,AA,,,,,,,A,------- 4, 'biSiTEii'iS6ii6EiiiT' Complete Line ot Groceries and Meats Courteous Service Cantua WEST SIDE MEAT MKT. Guaranteed Top Quality Meats Vegetables and Groceries FREE DELIVERY 7th and O Street Phone 48II VAIIEY HARDWARE Complete Line Best of Luck, Gradsl --------A,------,:,::: When you are tat and richg when you have made your mark, Chevrolet will be eager to serve you then even as now. SIMMS MOTOR COMPANY Chevrolet Sales Er Service Tranquillity Phone 277 Class of '50 . .. My Best Wishes For Your Continued Success in Future Undertakings For Your Insurance See ALFRED STRICKLIN Stick with Strick Phone l36 Tranquillity -,::Q4 :: 4::-',:::: :::: '0::: ,0Q,4--' ...... 40---- valley engraving co. l2l7 M STREET Fresno, California gem! WMAM Wm .., M -- . FH Write, yy 2027 Kern Street Fresno ,-,s4.00.a-0-fo4N,s,..Q4 vv .f ,' ,.p. .,'4"4.0Q0::: ::::0:::: A -:::: lt '1 P l E 1: Don't Lose Touch with , .g the Old School I' Q Subscribe tIoU':'-'hs News T GOOD LUCK TO Omp eCiverage ews CLASS OF 'So THE NEWS l San Joaquin California 1 CHEVRON NONINI 8. NASH 1 elsoinii El SERVICE 5: 3: L'N"EfBbN1-1 it Stop in on the way to lfresno BRSEi5QREl9giIQ'5QTG2'EBES 1 for Courteous Service ' gQ.lfTEfQftE5SHlNSU5RYg'2ff:'grg' I, If AUTO REPAIRS 1 Kerman, Conf, S111 and o Ekfregtst C Hphone 3761 1, en o a, a 1 . MENDOTA ,f HMS GROCERY 1 FOOD CENTER 1 can , Groceries - Meats I, Groceries - Meats l Vegetables 4' Gasoline Mendota, conf. Phone 39ll Oil 1 Pedersen s Restaurant 1 AMAPQLA stones 1 I 3: GROCERIES - MEATS 1:1 VEGETABLES jf and Fountain 55 TEX.-,E.i?BES5?6i Ye'ELET'5271 1 1 . Menclota, California 1 SifflffffQiii,QTlQX',fl2Ei,: 1 Home Cooked Meals : Arrange Now For Your Parties l Good COHZGE 51 and Picnics at Q, Weymouth Swimming Pool :I SGH Joaquin phone 108 Whitesbridge Highway Ph. 3-3593 S C H RA M AIberi's Food Center R AN C H ES Groceries - Meots A Complete Line MAY YOUR JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE BE ' ABUNDANT WITH THE EE GOOD THINGS " OF LIFE Moy the 1950 Seniors Prosper ond Be Hoppy Alwoys Good Luck 'I Son Jooquin Colifornio IE Son Jooquin Colif 'I 9 YOUR HOME OWNED AND OPERATED COMMUNITY STORE San Joaquin, California Phone '05 ::::::::':::::::::::::::::: BEN RUSCONI AND SONS SERVICE STATION Congrats, Seniors Auto Parts - Gas - Oil San Joaquin Phone 368 ,----------Q ........ ----------- Reinhardt Hardware San Joaquin, Calif. Implements - Hardware We give our regards to the Graduating Class P O Box T42 Phone ll3 ::.r,4-::':::4 4 ":::.0,:::: ------------ --4-,---------------- CAMY'S DRY GOODS Men's, Women's and Children's Wear Shoes - Notions - Yardage Simplicity Patterns Best Wishes, Graduates 4--.-.'s',--p, ....... -------------- vu' I lw x Al I ..ii SPOMTJSFQIZIPMENIS ca jflllmsfnr ron E G. minimis nos H24 FULTTIEN FWC3,Ri3.Ll 5585 BOY'S STORE Complete Stock tor the Young Man Best Wishes, Tranquillity Neophytes T355 Fulton Phone Fresno 4-I l6I 0.1, 4-04-JA., 0044, 0 QQ' '40 'as'-.f.'a-.0-.0 AORO-PHOSPHATE JACK JONES CO. Distributor San Joaquin, Calif. --------------,--------------- TRANOUIIIITY HOTEL Best Wishes, Grads Plan Your Meals Out at the Tranquillity Hotel Milo Olives, Prop. - New Management ::404-::::4-:::::::::::::::::::: P. A. DAIY Standard Distributor Chevron Gas and RPM Motor Oils Phone 96 San Joaquin - - A -:::::::::: ::::::Q,:::::::::::: MARTlN'S PLACE Bon Voyage, Seniors Tra quillity Californa TRANOUILLITY LUNCH Cafe Dinners - Short Orders Tranquillity Califor a MOBILE STATION Gas, Oil, Lubrication Wash Best of Luck, Class of '50 Earnie Carvalho, Prop. Tranquillity ----o----- --- ERANK'S GARAGE Auto Repairs, Oil Changes Lubrication Best Wishes, Grads Frank Torrano, Prop. --- - A --- - - -0:::::.'.,":- A. L. HARRALSON Welding and Machine Shop Congratulations . . . Class ot '50 CAEE Dinners, Short Orders Good Luck, Class of '50 San Joaquin WEST SIDE FARMERS GIN We Wish You Great Success, Seniors Good Luckl San Joaquin ::::4-::-:::,::f0'04-::'.'.,-::4::::: SHELL SERVICE Gas, Oil, Lubrication, Oil Change, Motor Tuneups Best Wishes, Graduates Frank Bertoa, Prop Tranquillity ,Y a ?4 .4 Q 4. , 4 11 Y f V 1 .? 'QL ..,. ,.- sg 'f .J M ' 'L-4, W . -bar fr' 2-'A . 1 -,p.i2'm3,,-fy V ' . . ,. - +L' F 3,Qiieg:SQ f-S, gif? 'I' ff . E - Q4 n E y,-,"" Y-'U 1- A - +ve-'gf - , A .X ,A ,, . v , if-if 1 22 Af' ' ' . ' , Co v 4 . ,, W . , 5 . , -,,, I -1,3 .,. .E,,,3f. 3, ,q.1,,3.1.'Lf ,gi , . Q 1 ,S--1 -if ' . .-- .. 'mag . Q ng ' V . VE. 53' M154 , 1 f. ,-1 'L ..J --.X ?1'ET', Fig? , Ev? ., "fs 5' ' Q14 -2-:V V E' rl-ft .,',"rf .N gf-f' . f V ECQQ Q :fa " Y 4: , 1 ,,- WK' I fr, ' 1 .,.,3 QW., ., 1, , , .,, 1., 3 fy 1 "JJ fin 5-1 Ex . xii--Q' :U ' 'T ' 31: vu J ,ffl , i :A-Fai ,Z X' r s I 5 ww ,. 1-ls", E15-P ' A :Q ' 'if' Q -' , xv? V, gg, 5 -K J,iH.l3'3 ff 511 -is in -ml .31- ,24- -+ 2,1 wtf! A 3' WE ' Q .VI T Y ,L a-Q "til 1 . ,. dis' . ' eg..-3 :Zigi V ey I "I-1' N521 inf QEFLLE1: " 2 fu, T 35 L mslm M? ' , HL . 1. A LII?-'fx Rf Q r A 'Nb I jx!-,: 2 ? 43f mv. 4 fi E- we. ,., 1, yi PL - .ik 'CE F-is., Es .,, , gifs' . Ju' 1. .W My .- - f sql. . S!-11 3 ' f , ,ll - '.. ' 1. 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Suggestions in the Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) collection:

Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 37

1950, pg 37

Tranquillity High School - Tule Yearbook (Tranquillity, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 38

1950, pg 38

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