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le 1954 EXAM jdamrcl fznrwggfania ,MA Jecficafe MLM A004 lfo our We the Senior Class of 1954, dedicate this book to our community, which has been a great influence on our character. We deeply appreciate the wonderful opportunities it has offered us through its schools, churches and other organizations. Through the years, we have come to expect the warmth and friendli- ness which it has always shown us. Now that we are taking our place as citi- zens in our community, we sincerely hope that we will be able to keep it as won- derful as it is now. No matter where we are, we'll always have a place in our hearts for our hometown. 4 ere fo if CLASSES Eighth Grade .... Freshman Class .... Junior Class ..,..,. Senior Class ........ Seventh Grade ..,. Sophomore Class ...., ACTIVITIES Art Club ...... ,... Atlantic Car ....... Band .........,,......,. Camera Club ..,,. Cheerleaders .... Chorus ......,......,..,... Color Guard ,...,......,, Commercial Club ..... Debate Club .,........ Dramatic Club . ,.,.. Driver's Training , ..... , F. H. A. ..........,.....,,....,,...,..,......,.... . G.A.A. ,..,............. . ,,........ .,..,...,.. ,..,. . .,,. . . Glimpses of the Past and Present Home Nursing ...,.,., ,. .,...,................. . Jr. Class Play ..,...,..,.,...,......,...,.,.... Maiorettes ..............,.,...... May Day Attendants ..... May Queen ,.,.........,..... Minstrel . ,......... N. H. S. .....,...,..,. . Reflector Staff ,... Snaps .......,...... Sneak Peeks ..... Sr. Class Play ...,. Stage Crew ......,,. Student Council ,...,.. Tomahawk Stat? .,........ Varsity Club ................,.. When We Were Young ..., ATHLETICS Baseball .,,.........................,..,..,...... Football Schedule and Write-up Football Squad ,.,........,.......... , ,.... . Junior High Basketball ....,....,. Junior Varsity Basketball ,...... Track , .,,,,,........,,..,........,.............. . Varsity Basketball and Scores Varsity Basketball Write-up ,..... MISCELLANEOUS Administration ,.., Advertisements ...,.. ..... Dedication .........,...,......... Grade School Faculty ,,..,.. High School Faculty ..,.,..,.. Patrons ............,...,.., , ........... ., They'll Never Be Forgotten .,.... 5 2 ,sv., 1 9 in I M -, .i 'SVI :- L y llfjfhe mlzfofd, Pa Page 27 26 24 ...,...'l5-I8 ...,,...28 25 37 ........38 ,......,36 41 .,,,,..,33 ,.,..,.,4'l .,....,.40 ...,..,,40 ........42 36 44 ...,.39 ......32 49 50 ,....,.46-47 42 32 35 37 ....,.23 ,.,,,,..58 .,...,..53 52 57 56 59 ...,....54 55 8-9 62-90 60 .......'IO-'ll ,.,.....6'I T WOQJ Ave j y Qlfelf' aggnnelf jar yamaha JACQUELINE ANN PRATT 'I 936-1953 She lived to conquer, in her youthful way, And knew the very crest of wisdom's hill, So any problem found on any day Was soon but grist to Jackie's ready mill. She romped through life as happy people do, With love and laughter romping at her side, Then suddenly, without a fond adieu, Her place became a place unoccupied. Although all words of reasoning are strange When final partings such as this occur, We who are left to wonder at the change Should feel enriched for having talked with her And thankful for the quick and friendly smile That brightened us, if only for cx while. -William W. Pratt "Uncle Bill 6 orgoffen :jo olfmie DONALD LINTNER 1936-1952 He'll never be forgotten, for he was one of us. We remember his booming voice, His infectious laughter. fDonnie never laughed at anyone, he laughed with themj Whether on the football field or in a class room, He was always happy, And his happiness rubbed off on us Until we, too, became satisfied with the routine Of everyday experience. When we think of Donnie, we think of football. fHe was no slouch: first string tackle his Sophomore yearl To most people Don was known affectionately as "Bull", For he was the immoveable obiect on defense And the irresistible force in offense. It is strange . . . the thing he loved most in life Brought him death. 7 me Carnac 3lPFPVl.5fWg rinczyozzf MR. ANDREW BRYAN CARNACK, Supervising Principal, Mrs, Melvin Buchin California S.T. C., Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Univer- secremry sity of Pittsburgh, M.A. Continued work at Columbia and University of Pittsburgh. Euro! of gylfacafaon Mr. H. E. Seville, Mr. John Hartley, Mr. H. E. Carl, Mr. Joseph Palchak, Mr. James Malley xv--rf 8 MR. R. L. ROBINSON High School Principal SL. ,L GUNAUA fi? Huwrnqvwond AVG. 'ir 'fi'-u' J P111 .. .,., . MISS IRENE DAUGHERTY MR. HENRY FERRI MISS CAMILLE COMFORT Nurse Music Supervisor Art Supervisor 9 E058 W 0 MR. R. L. ROBINSON MISS MARY ELIZABETH BIERER MR. GEORGE KENYON MRS. PAUL GILBERT MR. RICHARD TREMBATH MR. DONALD RUCKLE ' QELC 8725 MRS. C. V. LLOYD MR. CLYDE SCHROCK I0 mend MR. RAYMOND SIEGEL MR. EMERY MILLER MR. DICK T. SHANK MRS. LOTTIE B. HARRIS MISS AUDREY REMALEY II MR. CARL LLOYD MRS, WAYNE NEIL MR. DoNALn KARANovlcH ijQ6LC Qlnff AWLIOZSQ O! fA9 lO6L5f 6LlfL0! lOlf'858lfLf Identification of above p 1 I T d 12 Pug ,SQ Qui if-. 5-im!-me-'H-1x'1-5 A 'f'i'."F'F"r': 6!6L:5:58:5 flvft. K X' A '-nluwm. H.-,mg A .J ".. fat.. .I A ... .I'-1 ., l As the last rose of summer was left standing with- out a rose bud around, and leaves of golden color were scattered all about, the "Famous Forty One"-Freshies, of course invaded the shining halls of Ol' T.H.S. It was 1951, and our chance, at last, to become active members of Trafford High School. We started the year with high hopes for the four long years ahead. We elected a president: Jim Walko, and a vice-president: Dolly Czapor, a secretary: Loretta Vaccaro, and a treasurer: Leonard Colangelo. The first event listed on our agenda was a class party. Surprisingly, this party, our first, was a success. The sec- ond party was "real great". It was held February 15, the day after St. Valentine's Day, and even at that late date a few new "sweethearts" were found. We were kept plenty busy with Miss Bierer's English and Latin I classes. The poor commercial students were "utterly flabbergasted by a new fangled math course called JBT. While in such deep concentration we found to our dismay that we had lost a few students: Charlie Stan- ley left to attend school at Ginter, Pa., and Bernie Desmond left to join the Navy later. But to make up for that loss, handsome and likeable Roland Dobos ioined our "great group". Throughout the year our class was outstanding in the sports' field, having contributed their share to football and basketball teams, and also to track and baseball. These boys, we knew, would prove themselves worthy material for building winning teams. At the end of the year we found that exemptions from final tests were few and far between but we had "great expectations" for the coming year. Il Well, can you beat that! Here we are, SOPHOMORES! We iust couldn't believe that all of us made it. Of course, as always, we started this year off with a bang. Some teachers called it an explosion almost as great as the A- bomb, In late September we elected our class officers. Little Dolly Czapor, who proved to be bigger than we thought, was president, other omcers were: Betty Petrina, vice-presi- dent: Lois Wanner, secretary, Rose Bucar, a very efficient treasurer. Our student council representatives were Jackie Pratt, Ed, Krcelic, Pat Prines, and Chuck Jones. The Sophs, of course, again contributed to the football team the "divine nine": Joe "Ears" Frydrych, Mike Di Cesare, Kenny "Beans" Kinley, Don "Bull" Lintner, Roland lftlf' If0l"7 cf... om... "Rollo" Dobos, Don "Toad" Hopkins, Barry "Boody" Brickel, Jim Furimsky, and John "Shorty" Hartzer, We added Betty Petrina to the ranks of our high step- ping maiorettes. We also had a group of "mad musicians" as band members: Len Colangelo, Jackie Pratt, Walter Trkula, Lois Wanner, and Gertrude Meager. Adding a touch of class to the band was our cute little color guard, Dolly Czapor. In October's bright blue weather we staged a bake sale as one of our many "raise more money campaigns". The sale . . . poor Mr. Horlick . . . he was almost at his wit's end before the day was over. You're wrong! We weren't destructive at all, we iust pestered him until he bought one of our "giant size" chocolate cakes for the very small price of two dollars and fifty cents-tax free. We made thirty dollars and could have made more only we ran out of "goodies". During football season in one of our pep rallies we found out that we really had talented actors in our class. Miss Bierer probably gave up trying to teach us Latin and turned her class into a dramatic skit for the "good of the cause". ln the course of the year we gained a promising addi- tion to our class. His name was Chuck Jones, better known as "Buck", Buck is a typical high school boy: very tall, blue eyes, blond hair. He became a promising artist for our school paper the Tomahawk, and helped with the back- drop for the minstrel, in fact he designed and painted it. Buck also was a type setter and ticket printer with his partner Ed. Krcelic. Both boys gave up their free time most willingly to help out on the Tomahawk. Our sophomore basketball players were Bob Mathias, Bill Henkel, Barry Brickel, Denny Robinson, Jim Furimsky, Leonard Colangelo, and Ed. Krcelic. These boys really helped the team, Bob Mathias, only a sophomore, played for the varsity and was the top scorer with a total of 239 points. Brickel, Colangelo, Furimsky, Robinson, Henkel, Kinley, Hopkins, and Mathias helped the junior varsity come out even with eleven wins and eleven losses. Brickel had a total of 197 points as highest scorer: then followed Colangelo, Robinson, and Furimsky with 134, 127, and 99 points respectively. Mathias scored 29 points in the first game. Ed, Krcelic devoted his time to helping Mr. Trem- bath as manager. Barry Brickel was manager for the iunior high basketball team. The baseball team was blessed with five sophomores: Hopkins, Lintner, Brickel, Furimsky, and Kinley. They filled vacancies in infield and outfield posts. Kinley, Brickel, Lintner, Mathias, Colangelo, and Furimsky added that extra sparkle to the track team. Our girls should not be forgotten either. On the G.A.A. volleyball and basketball teams were Patty Erwin, Dolores Fedor, Dorothy Fedor, Joann Gotch, Jan lovino, Tance Leffier, Gertrude Meager, Mary Lou Merritts, Jackie Pratt, Eleanor Radosh, Pat Reed, and Lois Wanner. The girls who had enough points received, as an award, a chenille letter with G.A.A. printed in brown. ln the inter- class basketball team the "eight fates" were: forwards- Jan lovino, Lois Wanner, Pat Reed, and Gertrude Meager: guards-Pat Erwin, Dolores Fedor, Tance Leffier, and Eleanor Radosh, Romance also played a part in our every day lives. Couples frequently seen during the year were Elly and Mike, Rose and Rich, Pat and Bill, Jackie and Ruck, Dolly and Bud, Barry and Anna Mae, Pat and Jim, Bunny and Yunny, and of course we couldn't forget those three new fContinued on page 22D BRICKEL, BARRY usoodyu x Foo'i'l:all 4, Basketball 4, Track 4, Baseball 4, Minstrel 2, Stage Crew 2, Varsity Club 2. Hates alarm clocks and razors. Pool- room takes up most of his time. Ambition: Make a lot ot money doing nothing. CARUSO, JOHN R. ".Iohn" Chorus 4. Gives with the gas. Seen with Gene. Shy guy?? Ambition: Foreign Agent. COLANGELO, LEONARD "Pete" Camera Club, Minstrel End Man 4, Chorus, Art Club, Dramatic Club, Band, Junior High Basket- ball, Track, Nature Club, Bas- ketball, Class Treasurer, Toma- hawk, Baseball, Stage Crew, Senior Class Play. Jalopy iock- ey, Class Comedian. Part own- er of Record Mart. Ambition: Private owner of a giant syn- dicate. DI CESARE, MICHAEL uMike11 Football 3, Track, Junior and Senior Class Play, Varsity Club, Minstrel End Man. Those darn feet just won't move. A guy with a Plymouth. Ambition: To make more money than Mr. Schrock. gimcfnafea I5 BUCAR, ROSE MARIE ukoseu Camera Club, Secretary of Class, Treasurer of Class 3, Dramatic Club 3, Tomahawk, Chorus, Commercial Club 2, May Queen Attendant, Na- tional Honor Society 2, Min- strel, Reflector, Senior Class Play. Foreigner from Level Green. Sweet on the baker. Ambition: Private Secretary. ELIZABETH CAVALANCIA nBenyu Chorus 3, G.A.A. 2, F.H.A., Dra- matic Club, Tomahawk 2, Com- mercial 3. Likes to sew. Pals with Lois Glasgow. Ambition: Typist. CZAPOR, DOLORES JEAN nbollyu Chorus 4, Dramatic Club 3, Camera Club, F.H.A. Color Guard, President of Class, May Queen Attendant, Reflector, Tomahawk, Vice President, Stu- dent Council 2, N. H. S. 2, Sen- ior Class Play. Short and sweet. Neat dresser. Likes to dance. Ambition: Nursing. DOBOS, ROLAND "RoIIo" Football 4, Basketball 2, Stage Crew 2, Basketball, Varsity Club, Student Council. Senior Sheik. Quietest boy but the root of riots in Physics Class. Ambition: Go to Hollywood and take over for Tony Curtis. FEDOR, DOLORES uBunnyu G.A.A. 4, F.H.A., Maiorette, Chorus 2, Commercial Club 3, Reflector. Keeps steady com- pany with Denny. Co-partner of Murphy's. Ambition: Secre- tary. ERWIN, PATTY ANN upanyu Commercial Club 3, Senior G.A.A. 4, F.H.A., Commercial Club 3, Senior Class Play. Cool as a cucumber and nutty as a fruitcake. Large wardrobe with appetite to match. Ambition: Secretary. FURIMSKY, JAMES "Pretzel" Football 4, Jr. High Basketball, Basketball 3, Track 3, Dramatic Club, Baseball 3, Varsity Club 3, Minstrel 2, Stage Crew, Re- flector. Crew cut crazy. Drives the girls mad. Ambition: Get married. GOTCH, JOANN "Chache" Camera Club 2, G.A.A. 4, F.H.A., Dramatic Club 4, Color Guard 2, Tomahawk 3, Com- mercial Club 3, Chorus 2, Senior Class Play. Born with the gift of gab. Beau's a bar- ber: one of the Murphy gang. Ambition: Work, then marry Myrrl. DONALD HOPKINS 11-I-on du Basketball 3, Football 3, Base- ball 2, Varsity Club, Minstrel. Modern Einstein. Uses most scotch tape in town Cto hold his '37 Buick togetherj. Ambi- tion: own a harem. ifracfnafed 16 FEDOR, DOROTHY "Bunny" Chorus 2, G.A.A. 4, Commer- cial Club 3, Reflector, Major- ette 3. Ambition: Foreign Ser- vice. FRYDRYCH, JOSEPH "Ears" Football 4, Student Council, Dramatic Club, Chorus, Varsity Club 2, Junior Class Play, Jr.- Sr. Class President, Reflector Staff. loudest sound around, Pilot of a Plymouth. Mechanic at Martz's. Ambition: Play pro- ball, own a car agency, get married and have a family. GORNICK, CAROLINE G.A.A. 4, F.H.A., Dramatic Club 3, Commercial Club 3, Toma- hawk, Senior Class Play. Nice disposition, pretty blonde hair. Ambition: Office work. JOHN HARTZER "Hum" Student Council, Dramatic Club 2, Baseball 3, Football, Min- strel end man 3, Debate, Jr.-Sr. Class Plays, Varsity Club. Dark cloud in Mrs. Lloyd's blissful life. Toad's Chemistry partner in crime. Ambition: Own a dry cleaning establishment. JANET IOVINO ulanu Dramatic Club 2, F.H.A., G.A.A. 3, Camera Club 2, Tomahawk 3, Senior Editor of Tomahawk, Chorus 3, Jr.-Sr. Class Plays. Hates French. Experienced class skipper, can usually be 'found in the Tomahawk room. Ambi- tion: Air Force Nurse. JONES, CHARLES nsucku Band, Tomahawk 2, Camera Club 2, Reflector, Student Coun- cil, President of Art Club, Sen- ior Class Play. Space ace, Miss Shaulis's star student. Ambition: Commercial Pilot. KRCELIC, EDWARD "Eddie" Student. Council 2, Basketball Manager 3, Tomahawk 2, Re- flector, Baseball. The silent type, a whiz at solid and trig. Ambition: Go to college. MATHIAS, ROBERT nBobu Tomahawk 3, Camera Club 3, Basketball 4, Track 4, Minstrel, Student Council president, Var- sity Club, Band 3, Reflector, Dramatic Club, Jr. Class PlaY. Noted for his basketball abil- ity, flames from Pitcairn, Am- bition: Go to college. MERRITTS, MARY LOU "Mary I.ou" G.A.A. 4, F.H.A., Dramatic Club, Commercial Club 3, Tom- ahawk. Mrs. Booher as of .lan- uary: totes office notes. Ambi- tion: Become a fulltime house- wife. PETRINA, BETTY JANE "Trina" Our lovely May Queen, Dra- matic Club 4, Chorus 4, Toma- hawk 3, Camera Club 2, NHS 2, .lr. and Sr. Class Plays, Ma- iorette, Debate Club 2, Queen of Hearts, May Queen Attend- ant, Co-editor of Reflector. Called old ironsides by her classmates: nice smile. Always seen-rushirn halls with the Reflector dummy. Am- bition: Marry a millionaire. g"0'LJlfL6Lf8:5 17 KINLEY, KENNETH "Beans" Football 4, Baseball, Basketball Manager 2, Chorus, Dramatic Club, Track Manager 3, Varsity Club, Stage Crew, Student Council, Reflector, Minstrel, Sr, Class Play. History fiend: real gone on Gleason. Ambition: T. V. Star. LEFFLER, FRANCIS "Tance" Chorus 4, G.A.A. 4, Cheerlead- er, Dramatic Club 3, May Queen Attendant, Commercial Club 3, Student Council, Jr. Class Play. Daisy Mae, Boody's Buddy, pleasing personality. Ambition: To raise dogs. MEAGER, GERTRUDE "Trudy" Tomahawk 4, Band 4, Chorus 4, G.A.A. 4, F.H.A. 4, Com- mercial Club 2, Dramatic Club, Reflector, Sr. Class Play. Mrs. Harris's pride and ioy, candy girl. Ambition: Governess. MONCHAK, EDWARD "Eddie" "Our Army". Left us before the year was over. PRINES, PATRICIA uputu Camera Club 4, G.A.A., F.H.A., Dramatic Club, Student Coun- cil, Tamahawk 2, President of Commercial Club, Sr. Class Secretary, Reflector, May Queen Attendant. Lovely black locks: only has eyes for Jim. Ambi- tion: Work two years, then marry Jim. X Mgg RADOSH, ELEANOR UEIIYU Camera Club, Dramatic Club, Chorus 3, G.A.A. 3, President G.A.A., Junior and Senior Class Plays. Owns biggest share in family car. Likes to laugh. Ambition: College??? VACCARO, LORETTA Chorus 4, Sec'y Freshman and Junior Class, Sec'y F.H.A., Dra- matic Club, Tomahawk 3, De- bate Club 2, N.H.S. 2, Co-Edi- tor of Reflector, Senior Class Play. Loves Mr. MiIIer's physics class. Biggest ioker in the Sen- ior Class. Ambition: marry a billionaire so I can be richer than Betty Jane. VUICK, JOHN Track 2. Loves physics cIass??? Big executive at Firth Sterling. Ambition: Have long curly hair like "Boody" Brickel. WANNER, LOIS "Waodgie" Band 4, Chorus 3, Tomahawk 4, Reflector Staff, Jr. Class Play, Debate Club 2, Camera Club 3, G.A.A. 4, Sr. Attendant. Takes a lot of teasing about her strawberry blond hair. Geno's girl Friday. Ambition: Own a Cadillac. YANASO, EUGENE uGeneu Chorus, Professional hookey player. Likes out of town girls. Takes after Brickel when it comes to razors. Ambition: B. A. of Pitcairn. Q"6L6!lfL6Lf8f5 18 ROBINSON, DENNIS "Denny" Football 3, Basketball 4, Track 2, Varsity Club 2. Another one of the so-called "quiet" guys. Neat dresser. Ambition: Ambition????? VE NTURO, JOHN "Pooner" Camera Club 2, Track 2, Toma- hawk 2. Cause of explosions in chemistry class. Future Drive- In king. Ambition: To be a herpetologist. WALKO, JAMES uilirnu Track, Minstrel, Freshman Class President, Camera Club, Toma- hawk 2, Baseball 2, Stage Crew, Jr. Class Play, Reflector, Dramatic Club, Treasurer Var- sity Club, Minstrel lnterlocutor. Man about town. Weyandt's handyman. Ambition: Write a book on Mrs. Lloyd's under- ground activities. WISLOCKY, DOROTHY JEAN nooiu Camera Club 4, Dramatic Club 3, Chorus 3, Tomahawk, Com- mercial Club 3, Reflector, Sr. Class Play. Another Senior seamstress. Can be seen driv- ing a sleek new Chrysler. Arn- bition: See the world, all the inner spaces, outer spaces, and any other kind of spaces. ZENTNER, JOAN ANN unloniu Dramatic Club, F.H.A., G.A.A. 3, Commercial Club 2, Toma- hawk 2, Chorus, Reflector, Sr. Class Play. Everybody's pal: wonderful sense of humor. Ambition: See Mexico. H 01419 .AQ Z8 OSQAOOZ ECLW 77 fTune: Beautiful Dreamerj Gone are the school days, We all loved so Now we are parting And we hate to go. The curtains are closing On our youthful past And we can't believe that Those days went so fast. Days that were happy Some moments were sad But we'll all miss them The best days we had. Now its all over But memories are here Of wonderful friendships That will remain dear. CLASS FLOWER Red Carnation CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver 19 enior CXQ65 We, the Class of 1954, being of sound mind and body do make hereby our last will and testament. To our Parents we leave our appreciation for their devotion, patience, and care through our childhood and youth. To the Board of Education we leave our grati- tude for the many hours which they spent without remuneration in the interest of public education. To our Administrators we leave our apologies for all the trouble which we caused them. To our faculty we leave our humble appreciation for their helpful guid- ance and friendly advice. To the student body we leave our sincere hope that they will more willingly accept the advice which we thought we were too sophisticated to listen to. And we do further make these individual bequests to our several schoolmates: Bob Mathias leaves Mr. Trembath his long legs to use as he wills. Barry Brickel leaves his 5:00 o'clock shadow to Fred Surmacz. Rose Bucar leaves her position as senior class treasurer to anyone who is dumb enough to take it. John Caruso leaves his '37 Plymouth to Mr. Kenyon. Len Colangelo finally has an excuse to leave. Dolly Czapor leaves her love to Buddy. Mike DiCesare leaves his speed to Miss Bierer. Roland Dobos leaves his beautiful black locks to Wimpy Mahr. Pat Erwin leaves Mr. Schrock in peace. Dolores Fedor leaves her continuous chatter to Joan Vince. Dorothy Fedor leaves her ability to twirl a baton to Bobby Peacock. Caroline Gornick leaves her long blond hair to Miss Comfort. Chache Gotch leaves her gift of gab to Dolores Cunningham. John Hartzer leaves his knock-knock iokes to Miss Shaulis. Toad Hopkins leaves to buy a violin. Joe Frydrych leaves his football ability to Robert Scales. Jim Furimsky leaves his love for crew cuts to Tom Zimmerman. Jan Iovino leaves her ulcer to Mr. Robinson. Ed Krcelic leaves his knowledge of math to Bobby Caruso. Tance Leffler leaves her height to Joanne Law- rence. Betty Jane Petrina leaves her clumsiness to Helen Serfling. Pat Prines leaves her beautiful black hair to Rosemarie Kuchta. LoLo Vaccaro leaves her wise cracks to one of Mr. Miller's wise guys. Trudy Meager leaves her home making ability to Dorothy Draganac. Mary Lou Merritts leaves her quietness to Tootsie Traficante. Betty Cavalancia leaves her legal absence slips to Lucille Cush. Pooner Ventura leaves Mr. Miller on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Jim Walko leaves his baby face to Mock. Babe Vuick leaves his cigarette butts to some- one who is too poor to buy them. Woodgie Wanner leaves her freckles to Norma Jean Bradley. Dottie Jean Wislocky leaves her loud laugh to Jean Migiera. Joni Zentner leaves her pleasing personality to Mr. Carnack. Elly Radosh leaves her long hike from Black- burn to Nancy McKee. Buck Jones leaves his commercial ability to Jim Franey. Denny Robinson leaves his cool wardrobe to all the crazy cats. Gene Yanaso leaves his love for academic work to Ruth Dumm. Beans Kinley leaves his warm bed to get his diploma. enior 6761.55 19.-0,9 ec? Barry Brickel and Frances Leffler are happily married and Barry is now part-owner of "Joe's" Poolroom. Rose Bucar is now dean of the Robert Morris Business School. John Caruso and Gene Yanaso have a profit- able grave digging business and also run a gas station on the side. Betty Cavalancia has become a registered nurse and will continue her education. Leonard Colangelo has made another success- ful movie called "Vee Three and I" and is at the present time a French professor in the University of Southern California. Dolly Czapor is the head nurse at Braddock General Hospital. She hopes in the fu- ture to travel with the Navy as a nurse. Mike DiCesare is now living in Florida and has the largest Mercury Garage in the United states. Roland Dobos has opened his School of Danc- ing in Pittsburgh. Patty Erwin, a Powers Model, has recently been voted one of the IO Best Dressed Women in the United States. Dorothy Fedor is now an F. B. I. Agent working in Paris. Joe Frydrych has retired from coaching and has settled down with Julie Ann. Jim Furimsky, the American Ambassador to China, has come back to the United States to marry Nadine. Caroline Gornick has now been promoted from Father Gillen's secretary to private secretary for the Bishop. Joann Gotch "Chache" and her barber hus- band Myrrl are living in Pitcairn where MyrrI's shop is located. John Hartzer is now appearing at the Copa for a 3 day engagement. His latest smash hit is "Get Off The Stove Grampa, You Are Too Old To Ride The Range." Donald Hopkins "Toad", the French Hairdress- er, has just opened a Beauty Salon in Pittsburgh. Janet lovino, the editor of The Daily Worker, has just resigned to make a happy home for Bill Noll. Chuck Jones, better known as "Space Cadet" has just made the first successful flight to the Moon. Kenneth "Lowell Thomas" Kinley has taken over Jackie GIeason's TV program. Eddie Krcelic is the head of the Mathematics Department in Nome, Alaska. Bob Mathias has recently been appointed to the position of head basketball coach for Duquesne. Gertrude Meager is working in a children's home of which she will soon become the head nurse. Mary Lou and Duane are living very happily in their beautiful new home. Betty Jane Petrina has taken over her father's job of driving a truck for the Vienna Bak- ing Company. Pat Prines, now married to James Wracker, has settled down on their ranch in Colo- rado, with their three children. The United States has just appointed Eleanor Radosh os Good Will Ambassador to Yugoslavia. Dennis Robinson opened an Industrial Arts School and is happily married to Dolores Fedor. Loretta Vaccaro has just opened an Interior Decorating establishment. She is doing very well as many interiors need decor- ating. John Venturo "Pooner" has taken over his uncIe's business. , John Vuick "Babe" has finally found steady employment at the Unemployment Office. Jim Walko now owns his own chain of drug stores stretching from Cavitt Avenue to Fifth Street. I.ois Wanner "Woodgie" is private secretary for Pederson's Enterprise. The dreams of Dot Wislocky and her husband have come true. They have'moved into a beautiful new home in California. Joan Zentner and have started a taxi ser- vice from Trafford to McKeesport. lContinued from page 141 romances that happened over the Christmas holidays, name- ly: .lan and Paul, Woodgie and Ron, and Chache and Myrll. O, those guys from Pitcairn! At midterm we lost one of our most popular boys, Walter Trkula, to Penn Township. Walter was better known as Bunny to most of us. Toward the end of January we started an all out drive to raise money. In this we returned to the old stand-by--selling magazines. Our new student, Chuck Jones, came through with flying colors by selling the most subscriptions. We all aimed for that turkey dinner but iust never reached it: however, we sure can't forget the times we had going from door to door selling subscrip- tions. Take notice, underclassmen. Watch out for those doors! Some of us still have old battle wounds from those evenings when we tried to get more sales by not taking no for on answer. Use a different approach. After sell- ing these magazines we found that we still weren't quite the millionaires we expected to be, although we had been moderately successful. As the old year drifted slowly out, January popped up much too fast. It was that dreaded time again. What a way to start the new year! MID TERM EXAMS! Many times the thought popped into our minds, "I wonder if there are going to be any exemptions." To our dismay we found out that only students with all S's would be exempted. The air was filled with tension but after the tests we dis- covered that it wasn't so bad after all. No one was afraid to take his report card home. As Tommy reported: "All those 'saucy sophs' passed their mid-term exams." February found us a little wiser and quite a little hap- pier. After all, who wouldn't be relieved after those tests! Only four more months as sophomores. Individual pictures were taken to appear in the yearbook. Can we ever forget those mugs! Many of us thought they were pictures prepared for the Rogues' Gallery that had been mixed up with ours. Our classes were always kept alive by those ever- ioking four: Kinley, Colangelo, Hartzer, and Hopkins. Mr. Kenyon's English class was the scene of our greatest merry- making: for in that class, during these last months, we had Shakespeare's immortal Julius Caesar. Can't you iust picture "Beans" Kinley as "Ol Juli", Hartzer as Brutus, Pete as handsome Antony, and Hopkins as the lean and hungry Cassius! We still hear those lines, "Friends, Romans, Coun- trymen", and "Oh pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth". Those boys sure added color to this seeming'y drab play. later all of us agreed we really enioyed Julius Caesar and would never forget it. At the beginning of our English II year we thought we had gained a new student, for one day Mr. Kenyon was handing out test papers and called out the name "Eric Frydrych". The whisper went 'round, "Who is Eric?" Well, Joe, as you know, has the nickname of EARS and Mr. Ken- yon thought it looked like Eric. That is why Frydrych 'has never used his nickname on papers since: he's probab'y just allergic to the name Eric. He was always the first to laugh at Mr. Kenyon's iokes even when they weren't verv funny, and when he started to laugh everyone else laughed too. The streets were always cleared when Joe started his old dilapidated car. You could hear that thing coming a mile away. May soon crept up. These days were always bury, in fact so busy that we were almost lost in the shuffle. The Queen's court turned out to be one of the shortest courts in Trafford's history. Sophomores contributed to this cou't by electing Dolores Czapor and Frances Leffier as attend- ants. The girls chose green as the color of their gowns and they carried red roses. Then the annual school picnic was held May 23, at Kennywood. After Kennywood we all settled down to take exams. When greeted with our report cards some of us smiled and others looked surprised and exclaimed, "Whew, I passed!" Ill After a too short summer we found ourselves back in school as "Jolly Juniors". But we really weren't so iolly for during the late summer we lost one of our best friends, Don Lintner, known to all of us as "Bull". Don died after an appendectomy. As usual we elected class officers: Joe Frydrych, presi- dent, Dolly Czapor, vice-president: Loretta Vaccaro, secre- tary and mistress of our books: Rose Bucar, treasurer. First on the agenda was the Junior Class Play. What a scream! That's not an exaggeration: for how could we forget that hideous hanging head of Jan's and her blood- curdling scream? Joe Frydrych almost proved to himself that he was a mad man with a bloody hatchet, while Lois Wanner and Mike Di Cesare really played their part to the hilt. The "prom" was our next problem. Committees were chosen early in the year. ln a comparatively short time the theme was decided upon: a "Mexican Fiesta". "Our Mr. Heaps helped us with a new idea, an all-night prom. The MEN-ABOUT-TOWN supplied the music for dancing. After dancing various activities were offered, even swim- ming. In the early morning a few of the mothers cooked a breakfast for us. All in all it was really a big success. ln athletics we held our place contributing to football "Ears", "Beans", "Toad", "Rollo", Hartzer, DiCesare, Den- ny, "Boody", and Furimsky. ln basketball our players were our own "Bob Mathias", Len Colangelo, and James Furimsky. Our royalty this year were: King and Queen of Hearts, Bob Mathias and Betty Petrina: and Junior Class Attend- ants for May Day, Rose Bucar and Betty Petrina. ln science we had three mad chemists: Jim Walko, John Hartzer, and Toad Hopkins. Those stink bombs were the "most to say the Ieast". Poor Mr. Miller! Maybe now he'll be able to figure out why some of their experiments wouldn't work. Some of those new found formulae were really gaseous. Whew! After May Day and the "Prom" another tragedy struck our class. An excellent student and a best friend of many, Jackie Pratt was killed in an automobile accident. IV After three wonderful years, that really didn't drag, we became the "Super Seniors of '54". Our old stand-by, Joe Frydrych was re-elected president: vice-president, James Walko: secretary, Pat Prines: and once more for a third term, Rose Bucar as treasurer. This year, the year book was our biggest problem. Betty Petrina and Loretta Vaccaro were co-editors. We were then sure that the year book would come out on time. The Senior Class Play, "Take Your Medicine" was quite a hit. Len Colangelo as Henry K. Dodson really proved to all that he was a stuffy old bank president. Johnny Hartzer was as funny as ever as Mr. Puckett. The nurses, who looked so neat in their white uniforms, were Dolly Czapor, Jan lovino, and Rose Bucar. Caroline Gor- nick played the part of Miss Holt the head nurseg she really surprised everyone by being mean and cross. Chuck Jones played the part of Dr. Jackson, a college professor mis- taken for a surgeon. His girl friend, niece of the bank president, was played by Betty Petrina. The maniac Di Cesare, orderly Kinley, visitors to Miss Finkeldink lloretta Vaccaroj played by .loan Zentner and Joann Gotch to- gether with Dotty Wislocky as Dodie, a terribly mixed up student nurse, rounded out a very excellent performance. All in all, perhaps that trip to Torrance and the State Police Barracks which we made earier in the year were aood training for the manhandling some of these characters had to take. Another highlight of the year was the Seventh Annual Burnt Corkers' Minstrel. Len Colangelo was really a hit as End Man. We'll never forget the antics of J. C. Hartzer and Mike DiCesare who were also End Men. "Our own Jim Walko" was not only handsome as lnterlocutor, but also very capable. The school elected Betty Jane Petrina as May Queen and we chose Patty Prines and Lois Wanner for her at- tendants. With May Day over and the "Prom", and with graduation approaching we bring to a close our wonderful school days-some glad, others sad: but we still remem- ber what we did, saw, and heard. We even remember our briefs for Miss Bierer that we disliked so much. Just a few things we'd like to say: some of us wasted time in school: let our difficulties be o lesson for some of you other students. Get everything you can out of those four years, don't gripe when it's time to do some work. We know you won't be sorry. A814 we lfU8lf'8 y0lfLlfLg Top: Cute Twinsg Shy Lolo! ls that all Joan? Woodgie's bear! Rosie Posie. Beaming Betty! Second Row: Going shopping, Elly? Big Bob? Bashful Patty! Tcmce's "school's out" smile. Jolly Dolly! Third Row: Dot playing Little Mama. Scratch harder, Barry! Pensive Patty. Fourth Row: Poor Babe! How did those Juniors get on our page? Sad Sack Jimmy! Chache's first pose! Bottom: More Juniors! Happy Pooner? Betty's friends. Girls, Charles was born with a permanent wave. Tru- die's bangs. lfmior 5 cmd Seated-J. Vecchio, B. Vecchio, C. Del Rosso, E. J. Bruno, C. Cornock, F. Morrow, M. Cardiff, A. Morocco J. Karr, R. Holland, M. Boyd, N. McKee Siclnding-F, Surmocz, R. Drokulic, A, Zigolrovich, E. Krupar, B. Gulloro, M. Sfakor. Seated-C. Copets, P. Koin, M. Schopp, E. Volcouri, B. Peacock, R. Scales, R. Dumm, V. Bonde, B. Mikon, l.. Glasgow. Standing-E. Louderback, F. Comp, R. Groth, K. Schneider, M. Peirovich, D. Fabyonic, J. Beck, D. Divens, C. Bussurd. 24 C5210 OWLOIWQ KZQJ5 Standing-R. Kuchta, J. Turchan, D. Cunningham, F. Geiger, P. Mathias, S. Zimmerman, J. Doperak, T Davis, P. Wislocky. Middle Row-M. Bartakovich, N. Maiernik, C. Zerovica, P. Fundis, V. Capets, M. Nunn, R. Hiner, E. Smith bower, K. Noll, D. Smith. Sitting-N. Bradley, D. Nigro, K. Yanuzo, L. Shawley, J. Franey, L. Venturo, J. Mikan, R. Rossetti, J Schopp. Bottom Row-J. Magiera, P. Carter, J. Simmons, P. Neale, B. Kopnitsky, C. Fix, D. Schrock, C. Brown J. Cimbora. Middle Row-A. Toocheck, J. Martino, M. Dent, D. Traficante, K. Yanuzo, M. Lapcevich, J. Cimprich, G Burkel, R. Crookston, D. Smith, C. Zigarovich. Top Row-P. DiCesare, W. Stutz, G. Kurtz, W. Stutz, E. Mandich, R. Green, D. Morgan, J. Barsic, J. Chiap- petta, J. Stanisic, B. Morocco. 25 c5Zf'8f5Al0fL6LlfL CALM First Row-V, M. Smith, R. M. Racki, D. Wislocky, R. DeFrank, J. Dumm, W. Lawson, J. Cercone, R. Sono vich, J. Iovino. Second Row-L. Culliver, M. Newman, J. Vince, R, Faulk, L, Wampfer, J. Ruffo, R. Geiger, J. Kopylcheck M. Nabuda. Third Row-Z. Yourcheck, J, Lawrence, D. Szmyd, R. Caruso, W. Mikach, J. Culliver, W. Galore. Top Row-A. Washko, M. Kleinhans, C. Jenkins, M. Varsafsky, R, Twardowski, B, Daugherty, J. Pefrichko, B. Bradley, K. Mathias. Middle Row-M. Snopko, D, Drclganac. L. Rist, A. Paola, J. Drakulic, N. Walko, M. Gotch, M. Cunningham. Bottom Row-G. Pascador, D. Rishel, S. Graham, C. Nedrow, N. Cavalancia, S. Camp, G. Fresh, P. Mor- occo, C. Brown, J. Barsic. 26 ZZWA Qi.. Q Third Row-M. Dilmore, J. Howard, A. Wisser, W. Gustowsky, R. Petrichko, M. Fobyonic, J. Louderbock. Second Row-J. Tomkovich, B. Wilson, J. Copets, J. Gorton, G. Simmons, R. Petrini, E. Kain, J. Minto, Mr. Shank. First Row-P. Josephic, R. Kocher, B, Jenkins, A. Ruckle, J. Wallace, J. Smith, S. Locivita, J. McHugh, B. Neale, T. Morcoz. 'lop Row--R. Wengrzyn, S. Plecko, E. Jenkins, F. Law, M. Brletic. Middle Row-M. Froney, W. Jarvis, D. Wislocky, D. Carditt, D. Morocco, C, Noll, J. Bortokovich, C. Knight, C. Stokor, Mrs. Neil. Bottom Row-P. Estok, C. Premoshis, B. Valcourt, J. Holland, J. George, J. Kashowlic, B. Lawson, G. Sim- mons, S. Lupcevich, K. Mutulicn. 27 8l!8lfLfA Qu 8 Top Row-M. Harnicar, D, Carnack, J. Lehneke, D. De Frank, P. Bermon, L. Brown, R. Battle, R, M. Lutz, R. Sarbo, H. Lindbloom, L. Corl, G. Jarrett, D. Green, J. Johnston. Middle Row-B. Kvaternik, F. Zimmerman, J. Fike, L, Desmond, J. Zigolrovich, M. Doperak, B. Sonovick, G Lambeth, J. Sopko, M. Perry, H. Norton, E. Zychowski, J. GraHius, R. Ference. Bottom Row-K. Hopkins, E. Pascador, B. Cardiff, A. Valcourt, C. Mandich, J. Minnicucci, D. Buell, D Geary, M. Knight, M. Yourcheck. First Row-M. Godich, E. Keller, H. Cymmerman, R. Morsholek, G. Schulz, J. Nigro, Bonnie Ruckle, W Graham, Barbara Ruckle, R. Bigler, D. Pratt. Second Row-R. McCoy, V. Bush, B. Nunn, B. Halgas, P. Templeton, A. Kuchta, C. Dimitriou, D. A. Teclder S. Hopkins, W. Novak, W. Frander, A. McCracken. Third Row-C. Burkett, B. Dragan, P. Gunia, A. Krupar, E. Biggs, N. Koepka, A. Zigarovich, D. Artman B, Jenkins, J. Kain, D. Pefrovich, M. Booher, R. Hydak, D. Wracker. 28 A I 1 1, Top Row: Voodoo Trioy She got fl-me Ding Dongp Bernie ole Third Row: Fansg Toofersg Peek-c-boo. Milo. Second Row: Carol and .lerryg Hear The Birdie? Rufus! Fourih Row: King and Queeng Royolfyg Christmas "Tommy' '29 1 SNAP SHOTS Top Row: Foio Fiendsg A Tommy Boosierp Where are the boys?g Grease monkey wench Second Row: Lucifer's lugsg Crazy mixed-up kidg Jivey J. V. Third Row: Sfudiouslg Indians -1- Tomahawks : scalpsg Drammer, noi meller! Fourih Row: Goon squadp Midget Leogueh Opera dolls! 30 ,!4Cfil!iLli8:5 Wafionaf ,Manor ocie fy The Trafford Chapter of the National Honor Society selects as its members Juniors and Seniors who have received honor grades in their subiects. The qualifications for membership are ex- cellence in character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Those members chosen from last year's Junior class were Dolores Czapor, Betty Jane Petrina, Jackie Pratt, Rose Bucar, and Lor- etta Vaccaro. lt is customary for each senior member to receive a gold pin at the initiation of the Junior members. The initiation program is under the sponsorship of Mrs. C. V. Lloyd. The new mem- bers receive their membership card and National Honor Society pins. Left to Right-l., Vaccaro, D. Czapor, B. Petrina, R. Bucar, The Student Council, a non-profit organization, 52 C! t has clone much for the benefit of others. Among the M gn' Council proiects this year were the annual Christmas Hop, the selling of engraved pencils, holding a few afternoon dances and again a collection of clothes for OOWLCL Clarence Fee. Bottom Row-P. Josephic, D. Pratt, B. Valcourt, D. Czapor, M. Yourcheck, B. Jenkins, M, Perry, N. Bradley, R. Petrini, R. Bucar. Middle Row-R. Dumm, A, Morocco, D. Schrock, M. Cunningham, M. Nabuda, R. Peacock, E. Kupar, S. Plecko. Top Row-K, Kinley, W. Mikach, R. Mathias, P. Mathias, K. Mathias. 32 ramalfic The Dramatic Club began its year by pro- ducing a radio script for Columbus Day about the Mutiny on the Santa Maria. The Verse Speaking Choir read Joaquin Miller's "Colum- bus.f' Following this came the spooky "When the Hurlyburly's Done," "From 1918 to 1953" an Armistice Day program with World War I songs, "Our Famous Ancestors" for Thanksgiv- ing, and "The Man Who Found the King" for Christmas. During the second semester the Dramatic Club produced "To My Valentine" and also they were responsible for assemblies for St. Patrick's Day and Easter. Standing-L. Colangelo, J. Barsic, G. Kurtz, G. Burkel, D. Divens, R. Holland, D. Traticante, M. Dent. Middle Row-J. Hartzer, C. Fix, C. Gornick, J. Gotch, G. Meager, D. Schrock, B. Petrina, L. Vaccaro, P. Fundis. Front Row-C. Carnack, L. Wanner, R. Dumm, B. Mikan, E. Valourt, E. Matulia, R. Bucar, D. Wislocky. QZBQMQ CM This year the team debated the proposition: Resolved, that the President of the United States should be elected by the direct vote of the people. The members participated in tournaments at the University of Pittsburgh, Charleroi, Jeannette, Edgewood, St. Vincent and also before Trafford Rotary. Locally they have debated the question of "Wiretapping", "the St. Lawrence Seaway," "Lowering the Voting Age." The first team is now composed of Gilbert Burkel, Myro Dent, Robert Scales and Donn Smith. The second team members are Patty Morocco, Linda Rist, Elaine Smithbower, and Zora Your- check. Standing-G. Burkel, R. Scales. Sitting-L. Vaccaro, L. Wanner, B. Petrina. 33 6Ll0fL8lf'6L 6 DLA Bottom Row-D. Wislocky, L. Shawley, R. Rossetti, J. Garton, R. Racki, E. J. Bruno, B. Vecchio, G. Fresch, R. Kocher. Middle Row-B. Peacock, C. Fix, R. Scales, J. Iovino, C. Zeravica, C. Carnack, F. Morrow, J. Iovino, P. Prines. Top Row-N. McKee, D. Divens, W. Mikach, W. Galore, K. Mathias, M. Varsafsky, J. Lawrence, M. Stakor, C. Jenkins This year the Camera Club started its round of events by electing Robert Scales, President, Robert Peacock, Vice President, Donna Divens, Treasurer, and Eva Jane Bruno, Secretary. The club has been very active taking pictures of football and basketball games, dances and parties. To raise money, they held the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance, a skating party and several other dances. They also held a photo-contest to show the talent of the members. Under the influence of Mr. Kenyon, the sponsor, this club, as always, was very active. 34 0lf1fLOLA6LlfUA First Row-M. Godich, P. Woods, D. Czapor, B. Vecchio, M. Yourcheck, V. M, Smith, R. M. Petrini, J. lovino, L. Venturo, R Dumm, M, Schopp, E. Matulia, R. Scales. Second Row-C. Carnack, J. lovino, L. Wanner, J. Dumm, B. J. Petrini, C. Bussard, L. Vaccaro, D. Schrock, P. Fundis, B. Mikan, F. Morrow, M. Cardiff, M. Yourcheck, C. Gornick, P. Prines, A. Morocco, Mr. G. Kenyon. Third Row-G, Meager, M. Dent, G. Burkel, D, Divens, M. Nabuda, J, Gotch, D4 Cunningham, J. Lawrence, M. Stakor, J. Wal- ko, D, Smith, G. Kurtz, L. Colangelo. Janet lovino has greatly improved the Tomahawk staff and the paper during her editorship. Although with the crowning of the King and Queen of Hearts and the annual Tomahawk Ban- quet Janet's eclitorship ofificially closed, during her term the Toma- hawk was given a 4th place rating and two of the staFf Robert Scales, the present editor, and Helen Sertling, artist, rated 2nd places in P.S.P.A. Three enterprising stat? members Dent, Kurtz, and Smith have printed tickets, for most school functions on the Tomahawk Press. Good luck to the new staff and their once a week publica- tion attempt!! 35 KA-88lf'L6LC!8lf'5 Because Pat Reed moved from Trafford to Wall, there were only seven cheerleaders this year instead of the usual eight. The cheerleaders sold pop at the Little League Baseball games in order to earn money for new sweaters for football season. They held several dances and bought blouses for basketball season. Tance Lemer, this year's head cheerlead- er, will be succeeded next September by Betty Vecchio and Margie Schopp. CHEERLEADERS Back Row: J. Bayko, .l Lawrence, J. Dumm, B Vecchio. Front Row: M. Schopp, F Leffler, N. Bradley. MAJORETTES First Row: Dorothy Fedor Anky Morocco. ham. trina, Dolores Traficante iernik. aybreffed The maiorettes had a very successful sea- son this year. This organization of which sen- iors Dolores Fedor and Dorothy Fedor were co- leaders, marched at every football gamep at they half time they did dances and routines. Betty Petrina is the other graduating major- elle. The maiorettes held several dances this year to raise money for trophies for the three senior members. These girls are also receiv- ing jackets from the band. r Second Row: Dolores Fe- dor, Marian Cunning- Third Row: Betty Jane Pe- Fourth Row: Nancy Ma- ART CLUB Top Row: D. Smith, B. Bradley, D. Draganac, J. Martino, M. Stakor, J. Cimprich, C. Zeravica, P. Morocco. Bottom Row: G. Kurtz, D. Nigro, M. Newman, R. Sonovick, D, Rishel, B. Vecchio, L. Venturo. VARSITY CLUB First Row: Mr. Teitt, J. Frydrych, B. Peacock, E. Horanic, S. Draganac, J. Hartzer, J. Vecchio. Second Row: J. Walko, B, Mathias, D. Fabyonic, R. Dobos, K. Kinley, B. Brickel, D. Hopkins, M. Di Cesare, D, Robinson, E. Cigich. Af CEM The newly organized Art Club had sev- eral interesting items on its agenda. Mem- bers of the club teamed up to decorate the halls, rooms, and bulletin boards of the high school building at Christmas Time. Club offi- cers are Charles Jones, President, Betty Vec- chio, Vice President, Antoinette Morrocco, Sec- retary, and Lillian Venturo, Treasurer. We would like to express to Miss Camille Comfort, our sponsor, appreciation forthe pa- tience and interest she has shown us. amilfy The Varsity Club started the year by electing Barry Brickel president, Roland Dobos vice president, and Jim Walko secretary-treas- urer. The club sold Christmas cards, booster plates, held several dances and put on a min- strel to earn money for iackets. The club is under the sponsorship of Mr. Don Karanovich and Mr. Bob Teitt. The Graduating seniors are Brickel, Fur- imsky, Frydrych, Kinley, Mathias, Hopkins, Walko, Robinson, DiCesare, Hartzer, Dobos. Bottom Row-A. Sawsak, E. Krupar, G. Burkel, E. Pascador, P. Josephic, R, Kocher, R. Keller, B. Halgas, C. Crookston, C. Knight, M. Yourcheck, R. Marshalek, G. Pascador, C, Nedrow, N. Cavalancia, W. Wilson, R. Ference, P. Wislocky. Middle Row-Mr. Ferri, W. Morocco, J. Chiappetta, A. Wisser, D. Divens, M. Ference, J. Kashawlic, P. Bermon, E. Zychowski, S, Lacivlta, A. Krupar, L, Shawley, J, Grattius, L. Brown, J. Minto, R, Battle, J. Barsic, R. Sarbo, M. Franey, R. Rossetti, J, Magiera, D. Wislocky, J. Barsic, D. Smith, R. Crookston, R. Mathias. Top Row-P. Mathias, D. Cunningham, J. Simmo D, D ns, raganac, L, Wanner, E, Matulia, D. Schrock, W, Garvis, M. Dent, J. Johnson, M. Dilmore, C. Brown, G, Meager, R. Geiger, J. Karr, C. Knight. CIA? QDLULIAC! N. Walko, J. Cimbora, J. Gotch, B. Kop- nitsky. KUNG! The Traltord High School Band started oft the season with a bang. They began practice sessions about a month before school opened amid the moans and groans of all its members. Under the able and patient direction of Mr. Henry Ferri, the band marched at all nine football games and the Halloween Parade for which each member received a 35c treat by courtesy ofthe fire department. The band consists of 75 members and 4 color guards, Joann Gotch, Judy Cimbora, Barbara Kopnitsky, and Na- dine Walko. Mr. Ferri purchased 'IO new instruments and to defray the expense of these instruments and to buy iackets 'For the seniors, some band members sold refreshments at the Mid- get Football Games, held a band concert and several bake sales, and Gertrude Meager and her assistant, Dorothy Dra- ganac, sold candy every day at lunch time. The graduating members of the band are Gertrude Meager, Joann Gotch and Lois Wanner. We proudly contributed to county band Ronald Crooks- ton, Joe Barsic and Robert Ference, Western District band- Joe Barsic and Tom Davis, Junior High District Band-Roger Battle, Robert Ference and Roger Sarbo. 38 X , mm fre! Ulflflf CAOIWIJL5 MINSTREL-Standing: M. DiCesc1reg J. Wolko, L. Col- angelop R. Peacock. Kneeling: J. Hortzerp E. Krupcar. Not present: J. Barsic. CHORUS-Top Row: P. Wislocky, A. Paola, N, Walko, F. Mor row, M. Cardiff, Z. Yourcheck, J. Cimboro, A. Morocco, D. Trafi- counfe, C. Brown, E. Radosh, G. Meager, M, Kleinhans, E. Smiihbower, R. Holland, D. Divens, J, Karr, C. Jenkins, N. McKee, J. Cimprich, F. Geiger, G, Burkel, J, Coruso, E. Ya naso. Middle Row: W. Daugherty, D. Smith, J. Barsic, B. Morocco, N. J, Bradley, F. Lefiler, D. Draganac, C, Zeravica, M, Schopp, E. Valcourf, E. Mcxfulia, M. Barfakovich, R, Rosseiii, L. Shawley, B, Mikon, R. Dumm, C. Brown, L. Wanner, J. Simmons, P. Neale, J. Meager, B. Petrina, C. Bussard, L, Vacarro, J. Lawrence, M. Sfakor, E. Krupar, M, Varsafsky. Bottom Row: B. Bradley, A. Sowsak, D. Schrock, M. Cunningham, P, Kain, D. Czapor, V. Capels, D. Rishel, B. Vecchio, C. Del Rosso, R. M. Racki, D. Wislocky, J. lovino, L. Veniuro, P, Morocco, R. Sonovick, J. lovino, M. Newman, L. Culliver, C. Corncuck, M. A. Snopko, P. Carter. 39 The Girls Athletic Association began its season by electing as olticers Eleanor Radosh as President, Betty Vecchio as Vice President, Joann Gotch as Secretary and Ruth Dumm as Treasurer. The group is sponsored by Miss Remaley. The pick-up teams were made up of girls from the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. The Sophomores were captains of the basketball teams and the Juniors were captains of the volleyball teams. Awards were received on a point basis. The Seniors who have earned enough points received a iacket. 40 G. A. A. Top Row: J. Lawrence, M. Stakor, J Martino, G. Meager, C. Gornick, M Merritts, M. Nunn, A. Paola, N. Wai- ko, M. Cunningham, A. Morocco, T Traficante, E. Rodosh, J. Gotch, R Holland, M. Boyd, C. Jenkins, P. Er- win, F. Geiger, J, Cimprich. Middle Row: J. Meager, N. Bradley, T. Leffler, C. Brown, M. Bartakovich, L. Shawley, D. Draganac, J. Dumm, B. Morrow, M. Cardiff, Z. Yourcheck, L. Rist, B. Cavalancia, J. lovino, L. Schrock, J. Cimbora, C. Zeravica, Pi Wanner, V. Bonde, C. Bussard, D Fundis, B. Kopnifsky. Bottom Row: D. Rishel, B. Vecchio, C. Del Rosso, P. Kain, J. Zentner, J. lovino, D. Nigro, L. Venturo, P. Mo- rocco, M. Newman, R. Sonovick, M, Snopko, M, Schopp, E. Matulia, C. Carnack, R. Dumm. HOME NURSING Matulia, M. Cardiff, R. Holland. Capets, C. Del Rosso. ome naming Under the supervision of Miss Irene Daugherty the Home Nursing Class consisting of nine Junior girls met Monday and Wednes- day each week during the first semester. The course was interesting to all of us. We dis- cussed problems, answered questions, and re- ceived training in administering first aid to a person in need. The training is set up as a 'Fundamental course which will help many of us in case of sickness in the home. The course should be taken by many girls because it is a very useful one. Back Row: C. Bussard, M. Schopp, E Front Row: E. Valcourt, J. Meager, V COMMERCIAL CLUB Bottom Row: B. Vecchio, C. Del Rosso, P. Kain, D. Nigro, D. Wislocky, L. Venturo, P. Carter, M. Bartakovich, M. Schopp, E. Matulia, R. Rossetti, J. Meager, R. Bucar, B. Cavalancia. Middle Row: F. Lettler, N. J. Bradley, L. Shawley, P. Neale, V. Bonde, F. Morrow, M. Cardiff, J. Cimbora, B. Kopnitsky, P, Prines, L. Glasgow, .'. Gotch. Top Row: F. Geiger, P. Erwin, M. L. Merritts, C. Gornick, J. Martino, A Morocco, D. Traficante, M. Stakor, Mr. Ruckle. F. H. A. Top: M. Cunningham, A. Paola, N, Walko, G. Meager, E. Smithbower, N. Yanuzo, D. Cunningham, C. Jen- kins, J, Lawrence, Z. Yourcheck, D. Smith. Middle: C. Brown, R. Sonovick, M. Newman, M. Snopko, L. Rist, M. Bartakovich, P. Neale, D. Schrock, P. Fundis, J. Cimboro, V, Bonde, J. Martino, M. Nabuda, Mrs. Harris. Bottom: D. Rishel, S. Graham, S. Camp, V. Smith, R. M. Racki, D. Nigro, P. Morocco, J. Magiera, R. Rossetti, J. lovino, E. Valcourt, B. Mikan. ommerciaf The Commercial Club for 1953-1954 was sponsored by Mr. D. A. Ruckle. On Friday, February 5, 1954 the first meeting was held. Patricia Prines, secretary for 1952-1953, acted as temporary chairman. The election results were as follows: Presi- dent-Patricia Prines, Vice President--Joann Gotch, Secretary-Patricia Kain, and Treas- urer-Ferne Morrow. After a brief discussion it was decided that on February 24, 1954 the annual Com- mercial Club Party would be held. After the party committees were appointed the meet- ing closed. To become a member of the club, you must be at least a sophomore carrying two or more commercial subjects. The Future Homemakers of America have had a very successful year. The officers are: President B. Mikan, Vice President G. Meager, Treasurer D. Schrock, and Scrapbook, J. Cim- bora. The F. H. A. bought a Silver Tea set and a Candle Holder and Dish set of etched glass for the Home Ec. Department. Some of their activities were a tea with F. H.A. members of Penn Township, tea and cookies at Open House, and fudge sales at noon. Judy Cimbora the delegate from Trafford F. H. A. attended the convention at Wilkes Barre, April 2 and 3. Ifage Mew J At the beginning ofthe school term Mr. Robin- son picked Barry Brickel, Ken Kinley, James Walko, Roland Dobos, James Furimsky and Leonard Colan- gelo for the Stage Crew. The iob ot the Stage Crew is to put up chairs for assembly, take care of the stage, and also do odd jobs that have to be done such as putting up the bleachers for basketball season, painting the props for the Junior Class play, and working the spot light for the minstrel. The Stage Crew also held a few dances and with the money received they took a day oft school and went to Pittsburgh. While in Pittsburgh they saw a movie and also ate dinner. The boys on the Stage Crew would like to thank John Vuick, Don Hopkins, Edward Cigich and An- thony Zigarovich for helping to put up chairs a few times. Standing-J. Walko, B. Brickel. Stooping-R. Dobos, K. Kindley. Rest Assurecl, the Junior Class play presented December 2 and 3, was a most enioyable comedy. Robert Scales and Bob Peacock who 1,Ly1,i0r 3355 ably portrayed Morlock and Luigi, were supported by Maureen Cardiff, Donna Divens, Pat Kain, Carole Carnack, Carol Buzzard, Anthony Zig- arovich, Bardo Galloro, Betty and Jimmie Vecchio, Elaine Valcourt, way Bernadine Milcan, Veronica Capets, Margie Schopp, Clara DelRosso, Joann Meager, and Eileen Matulia. JUNIOR PLAY CAST ' Top Row-B. Mikan, M. Cardiff, A. Zigarovich, K. Schneider, D, Divens, N, McKee, R. Holland. Middle Row-E. Valcourt, E, Krupar, B. Peacock, J. Meager, M. Schopp, E. Matulia, C. Bussard. Bottom Row-C. Carnack, R. Scales, J. Vecchio, C. Del Rosso, B. Vecchio, V. Capets, P. Kain. 42 DRIVER'S TRAINING Mr. Carnack, Mr. Schrock, Mr. Robert Mikan. During the 1953-54 school term, Trafford High School received a 1953 Pontiac, for driv- ing classes. Mr. Schrock is the instructor of the dual control car. Each year there are between 25 and 30 students who complete the driving course. This course includes actual driving in all kinds of weather and regular indoor classes. ln November we had two repre:entatives lnlflfblflg from the Atlantic Company giving our stu- dents the Atlantic Driving Test. This test for both students and teachers, was given to point out the kind of driving habits they have. After the tests were completed, two students Pat Prines and John Vuick were chosen to demon- strate to the student body the reaction time and the breaking distance of a car in case of an emergency. ATLANTIC DRIVING Left to Right-E. Kupar, Mr, Mof- fet, J. Barsic, Mr. Pastors, C. Brown. may Queen Eff? Jane lzfrina .1 cm Brcudfey. Je n Boyko, Norma Julian n Sfakor, Mario ne! Won ois L Prines, Pairicicn Podiy Koin, VLQJL me 5 Win? This typing class consisting of Juniors, is under the instruction of Mr. Ruckle. This typ- ing course is available to any Sophomore or Junior who wishes to take it. In the typing department there are 30 typewriters. This is the only course in Trafford High School where you have music while you work. Third Row: B. Vecchio. Second Row: A. Morocco, F. Morrow, E. Matulia, M. Cardiff, First Row: C. Del Rosso, L. Glasgow, J. Meager, .Aff gfom This year there is a big improvement in the art department of our school, because of Miss Comfort. In the picture she is showing her pupils some important factors about art. Miss Comfort is also the teacher of art in the elementary building as well as the high school. Miss Comfort, D. Szymd, W. Galore. QTL 8 CSZAOOZ .!4IfL6b9l'LC8 The grade school students, as shown in this picture, have the privilege of watching educational movies in the high school audi- torium. This year, education as far as visual-aids are concerned is more popular than in pre- vious years. MOVIE SHOT-Grade School cgluenffr granule 57119554 gfcm This seventh grade English class is hard at work under the instruction of Mr. Kenyon. They look very studious, but knowing the seventh grade we wonder! Maybe it will prove something to their parents. English Class Shot-Mr. Kenyon's 7th Grade 46 niece! me A ye-.idling By the courtesy ot the Lions Club of Trafford, Trattord Schools received a Tele- binocular eye testing machine last year. This has been especially useful in testing Driver Training students and those pupils whose vision showed some weakness. Eugene Yanaso, Mr. Clyde R. Schrock 0l'l'L8 C. This picture was taken in the living- sewing room of the Home Ec. Department. ln,the foreground of the picture is hostess Bernadine Mikan with the new Silver Tea set purchased by the F. H. A. for the Home Ec. Department. Standing: Sydney Graham, Patty Morocco, Bernadine Mikan Seated: Gertrude Meager cgzoyo ln this picture John Venturo, a senior, is working on his project which is a table. Mr. Siegel is supervisor in the wood- working shop, which is well equipped with up-to-date machinery. The boys have a great opportunity to get a start in car- pentry. V. Capets, Mr. Siegel, J. Venturo j7l'l'L6LA6tM!A In this picture you see a part of the working staff of our school paper, the Tomahawk. As you can see it takes a lot of work and patience to get the Toma- hawk out on time. The bi-monthly publication won fourth place tor mimeographed school papers in Pennsylvania. M. Dent, G. Kurtz, L. Wanner, l.. Colangelo, J. lovino, P. Prines, J. Walko, D. Czapor 47 endow 6555 pfay Standing: J. Gotch, K, Kinley, M. DiCesare, C. Jones, L. Colan gelo, C. Gornick, G. Meager, P. Erwin, B. Petrina. Kneeling: J. Hartzer, D. Wislocky, J. lovino, J, Zentner, E. Radosh, R, Bucar, D. Czapor, L, Vaccaro. "Take Your Medicine" the Senior Class Play for 1954 was held on March ll. On February l and 2, tryouts were held which proved the Senior Class was full of tal- ent. On February 3, the cast was posted and each character proceeded to study his part. The characters were Henry K. Dodson- Leonard Colangelo, president and stock holder of a large bank, Angela Warren-Betty Jane Petrina, Mr. Dodson's niece, Dr. William Jack- son-Charles Jones, Angela's fiance, Miss Holt-Caroline Gornick, head nurse at the hospital, Patricia Pryor-Rose Bucar, pretty and attractive nurse, Dorothy Carleton fDot- tiej-Janet Iovinop Charlotte Nelson CLottiej- Dolores Czapor, cute pert little nurses, Jack Benson-Kenneth Kinley, an orderly, Jona- than Puckett-John Hartzer, a patient, Miss Cordelia Puckett-Gertrude Meager, Jona- than's older sister, Miss Dovie Finkledink CTur- tle Dovej-Loretta Vaccaro, a fixy old maid, Dodie Blake-Dot Wisloclcy, an undergradu- ate nursep a middle aged woman-Patty Er- win, meddlesome little girl-Eleanor Rodoshg two odd-looking old maids-Joann Gotch and Joan Zentnerp Mr. Hoofendyke, a de- mented patient-Mike DiCesare. lf you saw it, you will agree with us that there wasn't a dull moment, a single unneces- sary line, or a serious scene in the entire play. Q Ld... sw Standing: B. Petrina, E. Krcelic, L. Colangelo, J. Walko, B. Brickel, K. Kinley, J. Furimsky, J. Frydrych, L. Vaccaro Seated: Dot. Fedor, L. Wanner, D. Wislocky, R. Bucar, D. Czapor, G. Meager, P. Prines, Dol, Fedor Co-Editors Betty Jane Petrina Loretta Vaccaro Literary Editor Lois Wa nner Sports Editors Footballf-Leonard Colangelo Other sports-Bob Mathias Clubs and Activities Patricia Prines Gertrude Meager Art Dolores Czapor Dorothy Wislocky Helen Sertiing Business Manager James Wolko Subscriptions Edward Krcelic Leonard Colangelo Advertisements Barry Brickel Joseph Frydrych Bob Mathias James Furimsky Kenneth Kinley Charles Jones Typists Dorothy Fedor Dolores Fedor Rose Bucar Patricia Prines Joann Gotch Joan Zentner SNAP SHOTS Top Row: Hikers roosiy Prefzel's school patrol: Irish lolssieg Buss me Second Row: Bussecl. Third Row: Mop topg Hisfory student: Saul-sack: Silly Sophs. Boffomc Suburbcmiiesy Leaning posh Mysiery Girl. 50 Earle!! With the departure of Coach Mel Eremic and assistant coach Thomas Heaps for Florida, Trafford welcomed to its doors two new coaches for the year of 1953. Don Karanovich, o native of North Huntingdon, and a gradu- ate of the University of Pittsburgh, took over coaching honors, and Bob Teitt, a native of Trafford, acted as assistant coach. Together, they hoped to bring new life to Trafford by showing their coaching talents on the gridiron. After a month of practice the Tomahawks looked forward to their season opener at North Huntingdon. North Huntingdon started their attack early by setting up a six point lead in the first quarter. The Tomahawks, fighting hard, tried to put a stop to this attack, but it seemed, somehow, that the mighty warriors of North Huntingdon just couldn't be stopped. Final score: North Huntingdon 13, Trafford 0. With the loss of one battle in their minds, and the thought of victory in their hearts, the Trafford eleven attacked at Ligonier. Although the battle was long and tough, the Toma- hawks' minds were put at ease when the first touchdown was scored. They came up with the scalp which put a different view on things for the future. Score: Trafford 13, Ligonier 0. Battles of the past have proved our next opponents worthy of the name, the East Mc- Keesport Rams. The blood thirsty Rams struck first but it wasn't long before our boys made them feel the mighty sting from their toma- hawks. However, the Rams of East McKees- port seemed to find our weakness and kept striking it, finally gaining a well deserved vic- tory. The final score was East McKeesport 18, Trafford 6. Our next encounter was with West New- ton, which brought us the hope of another vic- tory. These hopes looked good and stayed good as our mighty warriors Horanic, McCoy, Brickel, and Dobos, led the Tomahawks to their second victory. The final score was Traf- ford 13, West Newton 7. With the taste of battle in their mouths, our warriors waited for the challenging tribe from St. Vincent Prep and descended upon them with great force to take revenge against last year's defeat. Again our warriors Horanic, McCoy, and Brickel, brought victory to our wigwams. Hanging up their scalp made the third victory in the five games played. The score ended with Trafford 13, St. Vincent O. Then our Tomahawks travelled a bit to meet the Indians of Penn Township. ln this game our warriors got off to a fast start which starred Joe Frydrych in the opening minutes of play as he ran for a touchdown to draw first scoring. Also starring in this game were Hor- anic, Dobos, and McCoy who helped bring back another scalp for our increasing collec- tion. Scalps: Trafford 19, Penn Township 13. This game also caused iniuries to Joe Frydrych and Larry McCoy. With the season rapidly closing, the Rob- bits of Rankin came to pit their talents against ours. After last year's defeat, the Rabbits wasted no time in getting started to hand us our third defeat of the season. The final score read Rankin 6, Trafford 0. The Tomahawks then decided they should travel to Derry Boro to match their talents with those of the Derry Rams. This battle caused in- jury to Larry McCoy who suffered a rib frac- ture, but wholeheartedly kept up his good work by staying in the game. This game also was sparked by Joe Frydrych who made most of the defensive stops. Also starring were Do- bos, Horanic, and Brickel in the offensive de- partment, these boys handed Derry Boro their defeat and placed another scalp in our collec- tion. Final score was Trafford 13, Derry Boro 7. The warring season ended with the mighty warriors challenging Pitcairn in an ef- fort to keep the victory bell which they had re- tained last year. The people on this day were to witness one of the most exciting rival battles in all this valley's history. The teams were in top form for this game and both Pitcairn and Trafford were out to "Get that Bell." Although Trafford was bothered with in- iuries during the whole season, they still wanted to get a crack at Pitcairn no matter what the cost was. Thus our braves entered battle. Through the bitter cold our warriors fought but there seemed to be no chance for them to score. Standout tasks were performed by McCoy, Horanic, Dobos, and Brickel. How- ever, this still wasn't enough to stop the pow- erful eleven of Pitcairn and they went on to take the victory and regain the victory bell which had stood in Trafford High School dur- ing the previous year. The final score was Pitcairn 26, Trafford 0. The closing of the 1953 season also brought to a close the many heartaches and happinesses for Seniors who will not be return- ing next year. These team mates are: Mike DiCesare, who didn't see any action because of a heart ailment, Joe Frydrych, Barry Brickel, Jim Furimsky, Roland Dobos, Denny Robinson, Kenny Kinley, Don Hopkins, and John Hartzer, who also didn't see action because of a rup- ture. So to these boys we tip our hats, bid them farewell, and wish them lots of luck. SCHEDULE Trafford North Huntingdon Trafford Ligonier ......,.,.,,.... Trafford Tratqord Trafford Trafford East McKeesport .. West Newton ...... St. Vincent Prep. Penn Township .. Trafford Rankin ,.,............... TI'Uff0l'Cl Derry Boro ...... Trafford Pitcairn .... wrdify Z?oz5Aef6a! Standing Mr Trembath, J. Culliver, L, Colangelo, S. Zimmerman, E. Cigich, Mr. Karanovich. Kneeling E Krupar A. Zigarovich, R. Mathias, J. Furimsky, D. Robinson, B. Brickel, A. Sawsak. C0l"Qff Trafford Opp. Trafford Opp Irwin .--.-.,.-- ----- 6 4 69 ...... Evans City ....... Penn Township 57 51 ..... Pitcairn ............ West Newton " 55 60 . East Pittsburgh Latrobe .,,,... 65 42 Penn Township East Huntington 40 59 H East MCKeeS on Export .,,..,....,.,. 68 ""' d p Alumni ,.,.,....... 58 49 """ Edgewoo """" Kodets ullulunbvluu 37 66 . .. Evans City ...,. ,. EUS, MCKeeSport 51 63 .,... W.P.l.D. .......... . Edgewgod ,,.,-.,- ..... PLTCCILYTI ..,.....,,,. Export .,..... .. .. 57 60 ,..,, East Pittsburgh Trafford 45... 40 .,.. W. P. I. A. L. Opp. Sewickley Township ..... 42 ,Irwin .,.,...................,..,... 58 54 wfdifg g6L15L8fA6L! The Trafford High School basketball quintet completed the '53-'54 season with an impressive eighteen wins and three losses and the copping of the Section XVI title. This fine basketball team was the second in the history of the school to win a section title. Coach Dick Trembath, who is retiring from coaching this year, won his second section title in his six years as head coach of Trafford High. The starting lineup for the Tomahawks, one of the tallest teams in Class B, was Bob Mathias, Barry Brickel, Anthony Zigarovich, Dennis Robinson and Jim Furimsky. The substitutes consisted of Leonard Colangelo, Tom Zim- merman, Jim Culliver and Eddie Cigich, The only returning regulars from last year's team were Bob Mathias and Jim Furimsky. The Trafford squad opened the '53-'54 season by losing to the Irwin Knights in an exhibition game at Irwin. The team looked very impressive as they were playing together for the first time and also against the state champs. The next game they found themselves pitted against Penn Township whom they defeated easily. West Newton was next on the schedule and the Tomahawks defeated them after a very tight game. lt was in this contest that Bob Mathias broke his old school record set last year, 37 points against Edgewood, by scoring 40 points. Traveling to Latrobe for their next encounter the Toma- hawks came from behind to defeat their class A opponents 66-65 in the last ten seconds of play. This was the second year in succession that the Tomahawks had defeated La- trobe by one point. East Huntington was next for the red hot Traifordians and didn't stand a chance when Trafford held a twenty point lead at halftime and held about the same margin through the second half. The Tomahawks then won a close one at Export by a slim two points. This game was very close because both teams had given everything they possibly could in the first half in an attempt to gain a large lead. During the Christmas Holidays the Tomahawks didn't have much rest, they had their annual game with the Alum- ni and defeated them. The following week the Kadets tried to end the winning streak of the varsity five, but could not muster enough to quite do the trick. On January 5, the Tomahawks opened the Section XVI season by defeating the East McKeesport Rams by five points in a hotly contested game on TraFford's court. The Trafford five next visited the Edgewood five and nearly met disaster. The Tomahawks pulled the game out of the fire in an overtime when one of the substitutions, Tom Zimmerman, made a set shot with ten seconds to go to win the game. Trafford played host to Export in an exhibition game because Zelienople had dropped out of the W.P.I.A.L. This time the Tomahawks did not have it as rough as in their previous meeting. Next on TraFford's long line of victims was Evans City, the new entry to Section XVI. Although Trafford beat them badly, Evans City held a twelve point lead at halftime. The rivalry between Trafford and Pitcairn was re- newed in the fourth league game in the Section. Pitcoirn's strategy was to hold down Bob Mathias who was aver- aging close to twenty-nine points a game. They succeeded in limiting him to fifteen points but in the process lost the game. The Tomahawks now leading the section with only East Pittsburgh remaining to be played in the first round, iourneyed to the Shamrock court and defeated them easily. This win was Traf'forcl's thirteenth in succession but was as high as it went. Penn Township out for revenge, outlasted the Tomahawks to hand them their second de- feat of the season by a slim one point margin. With the second round of section play resuming, the Trafford quintet visited the East McKeesport Rams and turned them back for the second time by a slightly larger margin than in their first meeting. lt was now Edgewood's turn to visit at Trafford, but as in their previous meeting the Tomahawks turned them back to gain their seventh Section XVI league win. The hottest game of the season was next for the Toma- hawks who traveled to Evans City, where an inspired team almost handed Trafford their first defeat. With only a minute to play the Evans City tive had the Tomahawks by three points, but Trafford was not to be counted out of this game, they not only overcame the deficit, but went on to win by three points. Again playing an exhibition game the Tomahawks easily defeated W.P.l.D. to gain their seventeenth win of the season. Trafford next journeyed to Pitcairn, the only team in the section which could overtake them. Pitcairn avenging an earlier defeat at the hands of Trafford, gave the Toma- hawks their first league defeat by a slirn two point margin. Trafford and Pitcairn were now tied for the section honors with Pitcairn having Evans City remaining on their schedule and Trafford having East Pittsburgh. Pitcairn now had to beat Evans City, this, however, did not come about as they were turned back by an in- spired Evans City team by one point. This gave Trafford first place honors with only East Pittsburgh standing between them and Trafford's second Section Crown. East Pittsburgh playing probably one of their best games of the season gave the Tomahawks a good game but did not have what it took as the Tomahawks de- feated them by sixteen points. The season scoring showed the Tomahawks average per game was fifty-eight to their opponents fifty-two. The individual scores showed Bob Mathias with 536 points, Barry Brickel 230 points, Anthony Zigarovich T70 points, Dennis Robinson 'Iii points, Jim Furimsky 63 points, Leonard Colangelo 36 points, Tom Zimmerman 23, points and Eddie Cigich 3 points. The graduating members of the squad are Bob Mathias, Barry Brickel, Dennis Robinson, Jim Furimsky and Leonard Colangelo. Returning next year are Anthony Zigarovich, Tom Zim. merman, Eddie Cigich and Jim Culliver. W. P. I. A. L. The Trafford Tomahawks made a fine showing in the W. P. I. A. L. Class B Tournament defeating Sewickley Town- ship Section i7 champs 45-42 at Wilkinsburg High School. Their next encounter was with Irwin at the McKeesport Vo- cational School. Unfortunately the Tomahawks lost to Irwin 58-40 although leading by eight points at halftime. omior liiuwflfy Zgadlefdaf Standing: Mr. Karanovich, J. Culliver, J, Petrichko, R, Twardowski, S, Zimmerman, E. Mandich, W. Morocco J Barsrc Kneeling: N. Cavalancia, R. Peacock, B. Bradley, E. Cigich, J. Schopp, C. Zigarovich, The Trafford Junior Varsity had a very impressive '53-'54 basketball season winning eleven games and dropping eight. Under the able coaching of Mr. Karano- vich in his initial basketball coaching year, the J.V.'s improved with each game. This squad, which will be next year's varsity, con- sisted of Jim Culliver, Tom Zimmerman, Eddie Cigich, Carl Zigarovich, Bob Peacock, and John Petrichko. The second team was com- posed of Bruce Bradley, John Mikan, Eddie Mandich, Joe Schopp, Bill Stutz, Joe Barsic, and Bill Morocco. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Trafford Opp lrwin , ..,.... ., Penn Township West Newton .. Latrobe .........,., East Huntingdon Export ,,,.,........ Export .,.,.....,,... East McKeesport Edgewood ...... Evans City ,.... Pitcairn ,..,..... .. East Pittsburgh Penn Township East McKeesport Edgewood ........ Evans City ...,. W.P.l.D. .,... , Pitcairn ............ East Pittsburgh I". gddlefgd Back Row: Mr. Siegel, R, Petrichko, K. Mathias,,W. Daugherty, W. Gastowski, M. Varsafsky, S. Pleckc. Front Row: J. Vaccaro, W. Lawson, B. Wilson, D. Cardiff, J. Marcoz, J. Ruffo. Kneeling: E. Cigich, E. Horanic. The Trafford Junior High School, under the coaching of Mr. Ray Seigel, had a very fine season, winning eight and losing seven games. Although they lost seven games they were playing against larger schools and teams with more experience. The starting team consisted of Kenneth Mathias, Martin Varsafsky, Bill Daugherty, John Vaccaro, and Walter Lawson. Kenny Matulia, Wayne Mikach and Joe Ruffo were the chief substitutes. This team ended the regular season in a sectional tie with Wilmer- ding, but lost it in the playoff game by a score of 35-27. The TraFFord Junior High had previously defeated Wilmerding twice, but when they really needed the win to cinch their section, they lost a very close game to the Wilmerding team. High scorers of the season were Ken Mathias, Martin Varsafsky and John Vaccaro with 203, I22, and I2'I points respectively? The other scorers on the team were Daugh- erty, Lawson, Matulia, and Mikan with 45, 33, 20, I4 points respectively. J UNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Trafford Opp 30 ........ .... N orth Huntingdon .,.,,,.,.... 39 40 ,..... ...,. I rwin ,,....,,,.....,,...., ....... 4 2 33 ...,. .,.... I rwin .. ....,....,,.,....,... ..,.... 4 9 46 ,... .... N orth Huntingdon .,.......,.,. 33 50 ..... ..... J unior Varsity ....... ,..... 4 4 29 ..,... ..,.. W ilmerding ..... ...,.. 2 8 36 ..... .... F orest Hills ..,........ ,.,.,. 2 8 40 ...... ...., N orth Versailles ....... ...., 4 4 33 ...... ...... E ast McKeesport ...... ....... 'I 8 32 ...,. ,.... S outh Greensburg ..........,.. 59 45 ,..,.. ..,.. W ilmerding .........., ,,,... 4 2 34 ..... ...,. F orest Hills .....,.. ...,.. 3 7 33 .,,.. ..... N orth Versailles ,..... ,,.... 2 7 45 .,... ..... E ast McKeesport ..,,,. ,,.... 3 O 27 ,...... ,.... W ilmerding ,.,..... ...... 3 5 Jw Wffxi, fm: - -f . f 'x given, . . 'M si ff. qff. V. fn., ' ,SY M p. . " ' - V " ' ' A V- .fl 4 W ' ,V 3 , 7 7 'f i 3 " ' 11 ' ' 3 ,A+ ,,,,,,,. 3, , Ai, J, 41,1 , .f . ..,.. - 'if.g."'w,, ,rim . ,,, - ' - f A" W- Lf- E 156 S -' "Y "',w? ' ' 2-i'4lfi'1a+ " Q . f, Q,-.Vg 'QTVT ku, 23 wp X ' m ww tim 'wig ' f gl mf Q gf .M 1 ,fn X 9 2 ,,, ,W ,gm f fl x .mi W , L 4' f x ,rf A ggi mm f D Pwxm QA? ,f ga ' we 'Nui' Wm. I xi 0 qi Q , ... , in f aa ,,,,, fm, A Q- QW, 8 .SZAUQK jZ6LClfLAy Mr. Robert Teifi Miss Helen Cline Mrs. Lawrence Noser Mrs. Vesia B. Miller Mrs. W. A. Hunter Miss Louise Monigomery 'X Mrs. E. J. McCusker Miss Belly J. Marshall Mr. Walfer Bouve Mrs. A. B. Cornack Miss Regina Mazich Mrs. Dolores Fiizwafer Miss Thelma Smiihburger Miss Annu O'Connor Mrs. Russel Robinson Miss Phyllis Widmyer 60 AND MRS. M. R. MARKER AND F 196. from ALTMAN'S FEED STORES INC. MISS MARY ELIZABETH BIERER MR. AND MRS. A. B. CARNACK DOROTHY'S BEAUTY SALON MR. AND MRS. HENRY FERRI DR. G. E. HUNKER MR. LOUIS JENETS KVATERNIK'S MARKET MR. AND MRS. C. E. LLOYD MR. AND MRS. C. V. LLOYD DR. FRANK MOTTOLA PEGGY AND MIKE'S BAR PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOP DR. AND MRS. J. S. POGUE DR. CATHERINE PUCIC MR. R. L. ROBINSON DR. F. K. SNYDER TRAFFORD CLEANING COMPANY TURTLE CREEK AUTO PARTS MR. C. ERNIE WILSON MR. MIKE ZERAVICA 61 AMILY -'K . 1 g vi? MR Q 5 ' l ' 5-fff If - Q ,- ' ' ,,'1-fi.-: ' ,R '11, v 1 , ' . --ff f' ,.0.s 5nIL, - If MAJ," '59 N P' .- ' f 4,4 -P1 I, E,-,I fy QI I f. ' 4' CERN Xfxrfiu' RIF .II 'I ' " QX M I . ff Q.. ,,-- 5 LQ' ' f - vu. fxrex Elglmlzsr - I 0 S 'iff-1' 'I F5 ,X Ax ,f Y V o I5 0'l ,em I IA 1 0 Y Q! E : -,Zn-:ui f Y , f I I! Q : , . lillQ fx! If .A 7 if ' I H "H I x My X ' . 5' "'- 'I KQV V J 11 fvx f M 'L ' ' Z I 7 ff X I ' HS 44" ,--,'1 W V ,f gf I ' ,M:?'fIIl.II,W " ST NP iwiwg' I I efweieysagvs aw I I milf - L dfK y - U-sfaenzfwlmlllli 'www v . W"Q7Wa"'f- LVM? ' W '2,.....,!!,lIlll! www ., tgvkf ,44-- -7.1 PROTECT FINE CLOTHES THAT PROTECT YOU You can be sure your garments are fully protected and insured against expensive moth damage when they are mothproofed along with our fine cleaning. Jgrwgazzr Every woolen garment treated with CLEANING USano is insured against moth damage for six months at no extra cost. THIS SHIELD PROTECTS YOU TRY US TODAY NlGRO'S LOUIS B. NIGRO, Prop. TAILORS 8. DRY CLEANING COMPANY 512 Ccuvitt Ave. Phone Trafford 'I254 62 RICHARDSON'S JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS KOON 81 SON Gifts General Sheet Metal, Heating, Roofing China and Air Conditioning Cameras Appliances RAYMOND H. KOON EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Va. 3-3275 3rd St. Extension Irwin Successors to Phone: Res. Traftorcl 745-J Walter J. Yenny MARK YOUR CALENDAR RYAN TRANSFER 8x STORAGE Saturday, May 22, 1954 LOCAL 81 LONG DISTANCE MOVING Date of PACKING - STORAGE Agent For TRAFFORD ALLIED VAN LINES, INC. L . . SCHOOLS PICNIC argest Nation-wide Movers KENNYWOOD Warehouse Omce P. O. Box 59 528 Fairmont Ave. Route 30 Tmgord' Pc' "The Nation's Greatest Picnic Park' E. McKeesport, Pa. Tel. Traf. 1161 Tel. Va. 4-2720 ROSENDAHL'S JEWELRY STORE Highest Quality at Lowest Prices 217 Main Street Irwin, Po. IRWIN MOTOR SALES CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Moin Street ut Sixth Street IRWIN, PENNSYLVANIA S. Ference, Prop. Phone Irwin I9 MARKO GODICH CO. WHOLESALE BEER DISTRIBUTOR We Con Supply Your Favorite Brand For Prompt Service Call Us -- Troftord 519 205 Brinton Avenue Trafford, Pa. 64 Compliments of HARLlCH'S DRUG STORE ED CAPETS CGNSTRUCTIGN CONCRETE, BRICK, BLOCK General Repairs and Remodeling Chimney Repairs a Specialty Telephone Trafford 1989-Residence f 851-Office 315 Fifth Street Trafford, Pa. ZS i ,fglfbf urn fan BETTER FURNITURE Modern Stores in Wilkinsburg Turtle Creek 65 V 8 M CAFE AND BAR Phone Tra'FFord 9464 327 Brinton Avenue TRAFFORD, PA. Props., Vic and Mike Mcxstrianni JAMES DE FRANK Distributor BEER and POP Phone Trafford 526-J 'Iii First Street Trafford, Po General Body 81 Repair Fender Work VACCARO BROS. GARAGE 202 Cavitt Avenue TRAFFORD, PENNSYLVANIA Phone Trafford - 140 Moss Side Blvd. Best Wishes AMANTEA'S PENN-MOR HOTEL Banquets Phone Pitcairn 9402 Pitcairn, Pa TUXEDOS FOR HIRE LATEST STYLE TUXEDOS DNNER JACKETS SHIRTS ACCESSORIES AND BOY'S FORMALS SUMMER FORMALS WALL AVE. CLEANERS HI-WAY TUX SHOP 'I24 Wall Ave. Lincoln Hwy. - Rt. 30 WALL, PA. T mile eost of E. McKp. Vo-3-6'I9'l Vo-3-8042 Appointments Q1 your convenlence 67 CQMPLIMENTS OF PEGPLE'S UNION BANK IRWIN BRANCH JAMES LACIVITA D' RINALDUS SHOE STORE Custom Tailor Cleaning and Pressing New Shoes for Men and Boys First Closs Shoe Repairing and Shining Dress Suits for Rent Shoe Supplies of AII Kinds 422 Coviit Avenue Trafford, Pa. 514 Covitf Avenue Trc1fTord, Po Phone Trafford 1193-J Phone H7-J 68 Cpl f 1 CLYDE R. SCHROCK 407 Fairmont Ave. Trafford P PHONE 462 HCME FARM BUREAU MUTUAL """""'2i'E 'c':,i::.:::i,E.?.g Compliments of MIKAN MoToR COMPANY P O N T I A C sales and service Seventh Street and Forest Avenue Trafford, Pen . gl:-:il-F?Nf:Z:Z:I:Z-L., mon scuoox. ms . t and caretreel Days 4 'fififfl boys a . mberfthats why W w 22455. hd girts So gay, young ' e suggest you waht to rerue Strem Camera Yortraits, a photographic record 1535355 1 'iffffz to have iorever and ever. S TUDIOS PENN AVEN Ta pzifrgifg ug , A T LANTIC H575 70 S' The greatest days ior ah 'iggggggk C pl f TRAFFORD V JUNIOR OWLS C pl F HARRY E. CORL Funeral Home C pl f TRAFFORD HARDWARE COMPANY lfy h b g y y l'1 Id b g MEl.'S BARBER SHOP! 418 C A Compliments of BOB'S MARKET ITALIAN AND DOMESTIC GROCERIES Trafford 1193-R 315 Cavitt Avenue BOB KALANJA, Prop. Phone 935 A Home Owned Store JlMMY'S FOOD MARKET PRIME MEATS - FROZEN FOODS VEGETABLES 221 Cavitt Ave. TraFFord, Pa. We Aim to Please. Compliments of JOHN E. PRAISNER TRAFFORD NEWS COMPANY 436 Brinton Avenue TRAFFORD, PA. GENO'S DINER TraFFord's Newest Restaurant Home Cooked Meals to take out Catering Service Banquets, Parties, Weddings 221 Cavitt Ave. Trafford, P PHONE 1809 COMPLIMENTS OF THE TRAFFORD LIONS C. BAKER A. BERKLICH B. CARNACK CHURCHFIELD M. CONAHAN FERRI P. GIOIA J. GUNIA HARLICH HENDERSON GRBENICK KAIN KARANOVICH H. KOON KOSANOVICH R. LEFFLER LENTZ E. MALACK W. MCCARTNEY MIGITSCH C. NASER W. D. NEIL . OLIVER E. PEPPER L. ROBINSON H. SMOLA, Sec. SNYDIER TEITT F. TEWES R. TEWES UNGERMAN W. VUKSON N. WITMAN, Pres J. WOODS ZUBAK, Treas. 73 PINK AND BLUE SHOP Under New Management LADIES' 8. CHILDREN'S WEAR TOYS OUR SPECIALTY Colvitt Avenue Trafford, Pu Phone TrcnfTord 816 TRAFFORD MOTOR COMPANY YOUR CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH DEALER Soles ond Service Phone 237 501 Duquesne Ave J. F. SCHNEIDER, Prop. Compliments of McBRIDE'S 74 Compliments of DOM AND APEY'S BAR Corner of Fourth 8. Brinton TRAFFORD, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF AL ADAMS DOM'S BARBER SHOP We Specialize in Scalp Treatment Hair Cutting - -Massages Given "TeII 'em where you got it" DOM and JIM TRAFFORD, PA. SCHADE BROTHERS CHEVROLET, OLDSMOBILE, CADILLAC Sales and Service 407 Oak Street Irwin, Pa Phone I4-I5 Compliments of SLOAN'S INSURANCE AGENCY FIRE, BOND, CASUALTY, LIABILITY BONDS 3I5V2 Fifth Street TRAFFORD PENNA. Phone Trafford 851 CHARLEY AND MARIE'S MARKET Meats, Groceries, Frozen Foods Some People Claim They Hove the Best Foods. We Don't, We Sell Them! CHARLES MIGITISH, Prop. 5th ond Fairmont Avertue Phone 409 Compliments of CELLICH Si SONS PLUMBERS 81 ELECTRICIANS coMPuMENTs or NOLL'S DAIRY LEROY J. PAHEL Wallpaper 8K Paints Quaker Rugs - Hall Carpets - Window Shades Toys the Whole Year Round 484 Second Street Pitcairn, Pa. Phone 356 FUNDIS RADIO 8i TELEVISION Sales and Services FOR ALL APPLIANCES Phone 754 437 Cavitt Avenue Trafford, Penna J. Si W. FLORAL SHOPPE 8i GREENHOUSE "When Its Flowers, Say It With Ours." 213 Fairmont Avenue TRAFFORD, 2166 We Specialize in Weddings, Corsages, Funerals and Dish Gardens Free Delivery JAMES BRUNO WALTER PIENIADZ SHACKELFORD'S FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS Corsages ancl Floral Arrangements Of All Kinds 829 Linden Ave. East Pittsburgh, Pa Valley 3-4020 8i 3-4021 Compliments of NATALE SPORTING GOODS M- FRIEDBERG since 1888 COMPANY WHOLESALE EXCLUSIVELY Team Oufflfling OUP' Spf-ECICIIIY Cigars, Tobaccos and Confections Baseball - Soffbcll Coca-Cola DaggeM's Chocolaies Foofball - Bclskelbclll Reymer's Blend Reymer's Chocolates 716-718 Clay Avenue 710 Fifth Avenue McKeespor1, Po. Phone 2-7182 JEANNETTE, PA. PHONE 73 RUTTER BROS. TROVYIS LUMBER COMPANY FLORAL SHOPPE BUILDERS SUPPLIES FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS READY MIX CONCRETE TURTLE CREEK, PA- 310 Fairmont Avenue Traiord, Pa. Valley 4-1500 Bran. 1-3377 Phone 440 78 Compliments of CARUSO SERVICE STATION Prop., FRANK CARUSO We Give S81 H Green Stamps Brinton Avenue Phone Traflford 9784 SERRO MO-PAR SALES DODGE - PLYMOUTH Sales - Service MOTOR PARTS Lincoln Highway Irwin 274 Compliments of BEYERL CHEVROLET OK USED CARS Turtle Creek Phone Valley 3-5900 Compliments of OHRINGER HOME FURNITURE COMPANY 638 Braddock Avenue BRADDOCK, PA. GREENSBURG MCKEESPORT BEST WISHES fl? Ulll' Qrtzdutzfes As you leave the hilltop of learning to enter upon the work of your life, we wish you success in whatever voration you seleft. Wherzever this bank can help you in financial or f""' W " personalvnattenfplemejreehfree to' tall on ur f' ff IRWIN SAVINGS 8s TRUST CO IRWIN, PA. "Your Friendly Bank" Member of F. I. D. C. 80 WEYANDT DRUG COMPANY 435 CAVITT AVE. TRAFFORD, PA "Service For The Sick" F r e e D e I i v e r y Trafford 345 Compliments COMPLIMENTS of OF ANN'S RESTAURANT ot the Crossroads A. C. SCALES Moss Side Blvd. 81 Pitcairn Road B1 RUSSELL'S FLORAL SHOPPE "FLOWERS OF DlSTlNCTlON" 'lll Westinghouse Avenue WILMERDlNG, PENNA. Phone Valley 3-2200 JIMMY SUNDRY WM. PENN TAVERN Route 22 Smartest Night Club in Western Pennsylvania Catering to Banquets and Parties THE JACKTOWN HOTEL Noted for good food for over one hundred years. CHICKEN AND STEAK STEAK DINNERS our specialty Two miles west of Turnpike Entrance Phone Irwin 2444 GOODMAN'S JEWELRY STORE 817 Braddock Avenue EAST PITTSBURGH, PA. Valley 4-1677 Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Electrical Appliances COMPLIMENTS OF ERNIE HEASLEY'S TURNPIKE BBQ HAMILTON .IEWELERS 421 C A T H cl P Ph T H d 421 Make Hclml h b f you y J ly N d COMPLIMENTS OF SPRINGTIME LUNCH DANlEL'S RESTAURANT Breckfcsi - Lunch - Dinner S lyH Ckg 553FfhS T FF d Ph l203J SUPERICR DRY CLEANING COMPANY 414 Coviff Avenue Trqffordl Pg Phone Trafford 9782 YUUR MONEY BACK IF You DoN'T AGREE MAKES YOUR GARMENT l00K BETTER 12" EEEl BETTER ',:f Sax f if E'f':' My Lg, THAN ANY OTHER DRYCLEANING IUB YOU'VE EVER HAD BEFORE! You can see the dilference domes smy New Wm' with your own eyes! lf ! . TRY 4 4,,...f,f"9"' Vilol Texlila Oils Buck lnvo The Fubri: f x c lu s i v e fh 84 Compliments of TRAFFORD VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS or TRAFFORD ALUMNI ASSOCIATION We invite all Senior boys to io g ation after graduation Compliments of HERFF-JONES COMPANY DON ENEIX Your ring salesman COMPLIMENTS OF TRAFFORD COMMUNITY CHEST C pl f TRAFFORD ROTARY CLUB "H P fits Best Who Serve B 1" COMPLIMENTS OF TRAFFORD WOMAN'S CLUB 301 C Compliments of LODGE ST.-VID 541 of CROATIAN FRATERNAL UNION Ave. TffdP J 81 P BOWLING ALLEYS JIM KLINE, Mgr. For League Reservations and Private or Church Practice Call Trafford 9425 or 2086 R OPEN SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS AT 1:30 P. M. Special Rates for School Leagues 235 Cavitt Avenue Trafford, Pa gmy05e O! Me 196.gif 6? limi Depression 1907 - - - Relocating street car line between Trafford and Pitcairn Standing-Gabriel Martino, Joe Nabucla, Curtis McCutcheon, Robert Hirsch, John Rabo. Driver and owner of team-James Hird, fsitting-driver's seatj Football: First Team 1908. Back row-1, Lynn Simler, 2. C. V. Lloyd, 3. ? 4. Ed Corl, 5. G. Gleason, 6. John Burroughs, 7. Walter Jones, 8. Jack McCutcheon, 9. Russell Fulton, 10. Harry Gethen, Mgr. Front--1. Bob McCutcheon, 2. Robert Bolam, 3. Al Jones, 4. Max Fulton, 5. Frank Briney, 6. ? 7. Norman Bolam. Early School Group. Back Row-1. ? Booth, 2. Elsie Colangelo, 3. Sarah Ament, 4. Hilda Geary Cd.J, 5. Mae Widen, 6. Cozette Grable, 7. Hazel Smola, 8. Eva Ferrari, 9. Louella Schaffer, 10. Pauline Carver, 11. Linda Peduzzi Cd.J, 12. Mary Blystone, 13. Adeline Lorenz. Row 3-1. ? 2. Anne Mikan, 3. Mildred Carlson, 4 ? Lawrence, 5, Ethel Cashdollar, 6 ? 7. ? 8. Valerie Krogowsky, 9 ? 10. ? 11. ? 12, Mabel Schaffer Cdl, 13. Henry Norton. Row 2-1. Joseph Flack, 2. ? 3. Thomas McHugh, 4. Lester Simmons, 5. ? Mathias, 6. ? 7. Oscar Smith, 8. Harry Kuchta, 9. Louis Potocnik, 10. William Pearce, 11. Wilbur Judge, 12. ? Diemert, 13. Kenneth Simmons, 14. Thomas Gorman. Row 1-1. '? Baird, 2. lggie Bugiski, 3. Miller Pillar, 4. Walter Symonowski, 5. Steve Nabuda, 6. Curl Anderson, 7. Dan Vuick, 8. ? 9. Ralph Patsy, 10. Albert George, 11. Edward Kelly, 12. Verner Lloyd. 90

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