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jim, 7953 JL Maryann Mikan ..,.,.....,,.... ...............,.,.... Editor David Iosephic, joseph Mazur, ,.,. Business Managers Mary Elizabeth Bierer .....,... ,....,.. F aculty Advisor 1 l 1 l 1 'Mid the hills of old Westmoreland Reaching toward the sky Stands a shrine, our Alma Mat-er, Dear old Trafford High. Chorus Sing her praises loud and long, They shall never dieg True to thee We'll he forever, True to Trafford High. We, her loyal sons and daughters, Her Virtues aeelaimg May we ever strive to he An honor to her name. As We march into the future VVhile the years roll hy, May we ever love and cherish Dear old Trafford High. 2 " 'W , 2323 S ' F 2 K . , , jim 7953 nPFo M hx, lv sf' 'WW , . Q2 .-a. Q QW M "- M QW my md G 'W V' Y W S IG Q50 A jfzagzfwl, Schnri, Jfmmmi, Fmmqbanim 3 MR. RICHARD L. ROBINSON medication, We dedicate this 1953 Reflector to Mr. Robinson who has not only been our principal and teacher, but who has also been our advisor, our confidant, and above all, our friend. We cannot help remembering all the fun We have had during our school years: the Held trips, the plays, the dances, and with each recollection We remember Mr. Robinson sharing in the work and fun. It is with warm thanks that We dedicate this book to you, Mr. Robinson, for all your efforts in trying to make us better, happier citizens. 4 341612 vi 6' flaaam, Senior Class History .,.....A..,,.,. Senior Class Pictures .....,., Junior Class Pictures ..,... Sophomore Class Pictures .... Freshman Class Pictures ...., Eighth Grade Class Pictures Seventh Grade Class Pictures .. Z E I IE l National Honor Society ...... Student Council ..,,..,....,,. Dramatic ' Club ....,......., Debate Team ,...... Camera Club ,......,... Tomahawk Staff .... Cheerleaders ....,.. Majorettes ...,.,,. Varsity Club .,.. Nature Club ....., Band ,....,..,.... Minstrel .,..,.......,..,........,... Chorus .. ......,..,......,..........,,.......,. .. Girls, Athletic Association ....,..,........ Future Homemakers of America ....... Commercial Club ..,..........,........,.... Junior Class Play ,..,...............,.....,. Orchestra ,...,...,.,. .... Drivers, Training ....,... Stage Crew .............,,,.., May Queen . .,...,....,.,....,., , May Queen Attendants .,..... Senior Class Play .,......... Reflector Staff ,....... dfhlafrca, Football Squad an-d Coaches ...., Football Write-up ..,...,.............,. Varsity Basketball .,......,........,. Varsity Basketball Write-up ...... junior Varsity Basketball ......, Iunior High Basketball ..... Baseball ..........,.,....,.,....,...... Track ..,.... ..,.. , .. ............., Calendar of School Events Crade 'School Activities .,.,.... Advertisers ..,....,....,.............. 5 13-16 20-21 22-23 32 33 33 34 35 35 36 , .,.. ,37 ,..,..37 ..,..,38 ..,...38 39 .,,.,,40 41 Informal Pictures ....,........ .....,. 4 2-43 ......44 .,....45 48 ....,.49 50 51 .....5-3 ,,.,.54 ,.,,.,55 .....56 58-59 60-85 MR. ANDREW BRYAN CARNACK, Supervising Prin cipal, California S.T.C., Pennsylvania State College, B.S University of Pittslburgh, M.A. Continued Work at C0 lumbia and University of Pittsburgh. SCHOOL BOARD: Mr. James Malloy, Mr. Harry Sev- ille, Mr. Harry Corl, Mr. Albert Russel, Mr. John Hartley ,. MR. RICHARD L. ROBINSON. High School Principal, University of Pittsburgh B.A, and M.Litt., Continued Education at University of Pittsburgh. French II, History IH. Sponsors Stage Crew, Minstrel, Senior Class Play, and junior Class Play. Athletics. MISS IRENE DAUGHERTY, R.N. MR. HENRY FERRI Mercy School of Nursing. Continued Carnegie Tech B.A., Music Super- Education at Duquesne, Mt. Mercy, visor, Band Director, Minstrel and Penn State. Home Nursing. Chorus, Ir. Band. MR. CLYDE R. SCHROCK Iuniata College B.A., History 8-12 and driving. Cracluate work at Penn State, Faculty manager of MISS JOAN JONES Cracc Martin Secretarial School Completing fourth year as Mr. Car- nackis secretary. 7 1 . J If M l Miss Audrey Remaley Slippery Rock S.T. C., B.S., English, Health, Gym, Spell- ing and Rea-ding. G. A.A. Cheerleaders. Mr. George Kenyon Westminster, A.B., University of Pitts- burgh, M.A. English 7, 10, 11. Journalism. Camera Club, Toma- hawk. Miss Evelyn Shaulis Thiel College, B.S., University of Pitts- burgh, Bookkeeping, Clerical I 61 II. Busi- ness English, General Business, Shorthand I, Miss Mary Elizabeth Mount Union Col- lege A.B., Penn State M.A. Continued edu- cation at Penn State. English I, IV. Latin I, II. Senior Class Play, Junior C l a s s Play, Reflector, May Day, Dramatics, For- 4 ensics. N Mr. D. A. Ruckle Bloomsburg S.T.C. B.S. Commercial Law, Typewriting I St II, Shorthand II, Tran- scriotion. Commercial Club. Mrs. C. V. Lloyd Wooster College B. A. University of Pitts- burgh M.A. Ameri- can History, World History, French I. National Honor So- l ciety, Nature Club. Mr. Richard Trembath Grove City College B.S., continued edu- cation at Pitt. Alge- bra I, Math 8, Art. lVIr. Dick T. Shank Indiana S.T.C. B.S Penn State M.Ed. Ge- ography 7, 8. History 9, Sponsor of 'Traf- forclians. Mrs. Lottie B. Harris Seton Hill College, B.S. Hom-e Econom- ics. F. H. A. Club. 1' lf Mr Raymond Siegel Mr. Robert Teitt Mr. Emery Miller Cihfornil S TC B Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pitt B.S. Physics S Continued LdllLl B.A. English 8, His- Chemistry, Biology tion it Pitt Industrl tory 7, Art 7, 8. Assit Science. il Arts football coach. Mr. Thomas Heaps Villanova College, NROTC, Lock Haven S.T.C. B.S. Pitt M. Eid. Math 7, Algebra ll, Plane Geom., So- lid Geom. Trig. Prac- tical Math, Track Coach, Assit football coach. ' 9 i 7 ' Mr. Melvin Eremic Slippery Rock S.T. C. B.S., Pitt M.Ed. Physical Ed., Health, General S c i e n c e , Spelling, Reading. Boys' Varsity Club, Coach of football, baseball, jr. High Basketball. Snapm Izaak Waltong Junior attendzmtsg TONE Prom duteg Listen hard: VVhz1t il crew? YVutch thc- couch, Frcdg Gab festg Dun' has it! Star-shuts flanked hy stars. XVhat,s there? Athletes, foot? Church mecting. 10 Y, A ,Y , AM' .14 .Qrfg:,,.mi, L, W +4 , ,ta 1 M 452021575 .5 '-g1w.' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: A. M. Nabuda, 1. XVracker, D. Josephic, J. Sage. It was a chilly Fall morning in September, 1949. Our band of explorers stood on the hill gazing at our destination, Trafford High School, 'feagerlyi' waiting to begin the greatest adventure of our careers. We found that the adventure was going to last four long years, and for some, even more. But all of us soon realized that this venture would be one that we would remember the rest of our lives. We entered into this Hall of Knowledge as 'Creeniesi' bursting with enthusiasm to cfdigv into Latin and I.B.T. After a week or two, this enthusi- asm faded, but we found an outlet for it in our study halls: throwing paper wads, books and shak- ing the floors. We took time-off from the mischief to 'elect class officers, electing james VVracker as our President, Vice President Edward Lenart, Secretary Maryann Mikan, and Bill Ogle as Treasurer. After threats of impeach- ment, Wracker carried on successfully as President. We also used some of our enthusiasm on the basket- ball Hoor. The boys and girls were champions of the interclass basketball tournaments and we celebrated the event by having a spaghetti dinner. The troubles we had trying to eat spaghetti and using good man- ners will long be remembered. Our band of adventurers was a courageous one witnessed by our noble stand at Busby Run. fActually we ran away from the antics of a wild man. It seemed a few of the boys happened to venture into his farm crops. We all fied except Mr. Shank, who stood his groundj By the time another year rolled around, we were firmly established in our Alma Mater. With one year behind us, we 'still ploddcd forward to our goal. With the advancement of a year, we became aware of financial responsibilities thrust upon us. We had a bake sale which proved to be quite a success. Al- though we had a diflicult time collecting dues, we finally pulled through with the aid of our trusty trea- surer, Jim Sage. Ther-e we were in the midst of our Sophomore year. The year of our immortal "Slip Slop Quartet." Who will forget "We Love You Madlyf' and how shaky they were in their appearance in our annual Burnt Corkeris Minstrel? We never thought Joe Mazur would stop laughing long enough to sing. After the Minstrel, we tamed down long enough to choose Frances Stojakovich and Marion Harvey to rep- resent the Sophomores in the yearly May Queen coro- nation. WVO were also very proud of our adventurous crew in the basketball field. VVe contributed our fine sportsmen to Mr. Trembath's quintet. The boys' interclass basketball team had an unusual talent for losing games. Well, we all have our ups and downs. The entire Sophomore year was filled with trials and tribulations. We all felt sure we were prepared to enter into our gala Junior Year. The summer was all too short for us, and we soon found ourselves back in school again for the third chapter of our High School life. Opening our third chapter, we elected Evelyn Morrow as President, Bill Ogle as Vice President, and James Sage was re- elected as Treasurer and Jim Owens as Secretary. After spending a time trying to translate I. P.'s "legi- blei' handwriting, we finally pulled through. Continued on Page 57 to . Y BAMBER, WILLIAM "Bill" Band . . . Naval Reserves . . . Likes to take junior sub- jects. Ambition: Get Out! BANASIK, DOROTHY r.Dot,, Mr. Robinson's secretary and our notice carrier . . . G.A.A .... Interclass: Bas- ketball . . . Junior Class Play . . . ReHector Staff, Major- ctte. Ambition: M e e t Vaughn Monroe. BROWN, ALBERT HAP, Track . . . Junior Varsity Basketball . . . Interclass Basketball . . . Camera Club . . . Manager of Basketball and Football . . . Reflector Staff . Aw in French. Ambition: Co to College. CAPAN, FRANCES "Frank" C.A.A .... Intcrclass Bas- ketball . . . Commercial Club . . . Chorus . . . Mana- ,qer of Interclass Basketball. Works for Mr. Scalesi. Am- bition: Foreign service. CARUSO, VIRGINIA "Virgie" Reflector Staff . . . Always seen with Shirley and Betty . . . Wonderful artist . . . Nice to everyone. Ambition: Mrs. T. Salany. L 4..,,,, isa is . DeFRANK, MARIETTA frEtta,, G.A.A .... Intcrclass Bas- ketball . . . Commercial Club . . . Chorus . . . Band . . . Reflector Staff . . . Trea- surer of the Tomahawk, 3 . . . Junior and Senior Class Plays . . . Minstrel . . . Al- ways seen with Marion. Ambition: Private secre- tary. EVES, SHIRLEY "Skects" Vice President of the F.H. A .... Chorus . . . Minstrel . . . Senior Class Trio . . . Reflector Staff. Ambition: Marry Paul, FRYDRYCH, ELIZABETH :aLiZn Parliamentarian of F.H.A. . . . Chorus . . . Minstrel . . . Ticket Collector for Iunior Class Play. Ambition: Tra- vel anrd become a housewife. CRUBB, GRAHAM 'KSonny" Basketball . . , Track . . . Band . . . Camera Club . . . Varsity Club . . . Reflec- tor Satff.. . . President of Band . . . Vice President of Camera Club . . . Minstrel . . . County and District Band . . . County Chorus. Swell musician. Ambition: Have a band of his own. HARVEY, MARION ul-Iarvn C.A.A .... Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Commercial Club . . . Tomahawk . . . Reflector . . . Cheerleader . . . Sophomore and Senior Attendant. Ambition: Be a secretary. JOSEPHIC, DAVID "Dave" Basketball . . . Football . . . Stage Crew . . . Baseball . . . Varsity Club President . . . President of Student Council . . . President of Senior Class . . . Reflector . . . National Honor Society . . . Chorus . . . Li'l Abner . . . Senior Class Play . . . Interlocutor for. Minstrel. Ambition: Will notify at a later date. IULIAN, JAMES HI. V, Baseball . . . Camera Club . . . Iunior and Senior Class Plays . . . President of Cam- era Club . . . Naval Reserv- ist . . . likes to hunt and shoot at targets. Ambition: Enter College. KELLY, JAMES "Kelly" Football . . . Varsity Club . . . Minstrel . . . Seen a lot with LaVerne . . . Beautiful voice. Ambition: Be a singer - KERIN, JOHN '4Crits" Football . . . Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Varsity Club . . . Manager of Track Team. Ambition: Work at TF 49. KLIMOVICH, VIOLET avetv C.A.A. . . . Chorus . . . Dra- matic Club . . . Band 2, 3 . . . Reflector Staff . . . Jun- ior Class Play I , . Minstrel . . . Senior Class Trio. Am- bition: Go to Oregon with Fran. 5.QI'LLbllA, rx 14 KOEPKA, DELMAR "Ollie" Football . . . Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Track . . . Var- sity Club . . . Varsity Bas- ketball. Ambition: Be a Pool Shark. LAWRENCE, MARTHA "Mart" G.A.A .... Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Chorus . . . Com- mercial Club . . . Always ready for a good laugh. Am- bition: Get a job. LENART, EDWARD aEd,, Basketball . . . Baseball . . . Varsity Club . . . Reflector Staff . . . National Honor Society . . . Stage Crew . . . Minstrel . . . King of Hearts. Ambition: Be an F. B. I. Agent. LOUTSENHIZER, CHARLES "Chicko" Football . . . Baseball . . . Interclass Basketball . . . Holds a job as paper boy. Ambition: Be a detective. LUBANOVICH, JoHrN "Lubo" Interclass Basketball . . . Trafford Sportsmen's Club . . . Likes to hunt, fish, trap and play hockey. Ambition: To become a game protec- tor. at ,.., . . .,..g.,.ra.e-m .-.,.-,............s ,YA , LUDMANN, MARION '4Cert" C.A.A .... Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Commercial Club . . . Chorus . . . Band color guard . . . Drives a black Pontiac, Ambition: To shrink a little. MAJERNIK, JAMES 4.Mugga,, Football . . . Track . . . Trafford Sportsmen's Club . . . Likes hunting and fish ing . . . One of the Naval Reservists. Ambition: Be- come an Admiral in the Navy. MATULIA, HENRY "Henri" Interclass Basketball . . . Camera Club . . . Very quiet . . . Always tri-es to beat the Tandy bell. Ambition: Join the Navy and see the world. MAZUR, JOSEPH "Mike" Football . . . Basketball . . . Track . . . Baseball . . . Var- sity Club . . . Student Coun- cil . . . Stage Crew . . . Re- flector Staff . . . Chorus . . . Minstrel. Ambition: To live in Florida. McCANN, JOHN "Yunny" Basketball . . . Baseball . . . Track . . . Chorus . . . Cam- era Club . . . Varsity Club . . . Minstrel . . . Likes to go out with "Grits," Ambition: Make more money than Wracker. ,S1zmb'm, WA ti McHUGH, THOMAS ..Mac,, Football . . . Track . . . In- terclass Basketball . . . Var- sity Club . . . Reflector Staff . . . Junior Class Play . . . Minstrel End Man . . . Seen a lot with Mitzi . . . Owns a blue ,39 Stude . . . Varsity Basketball 2, 3. Ambition: Be a good husband for Mitzi! MIKAN, MARYANN ..Mike,, Editor ofthe Refiector . . . National Honor Society . . . Chorus . . . Student Council . . . Forensic League . . . Band . . . Editor of the Tom- ahawk . . . Junior and 'Sen- ior Class Plays . . . President of Sophomore Class . . . Minstrel . . . Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Junior Attendant . . . County Chorus 3,4 . . . likes to argue with Saggie. Ambition: Shuffle off to coli lege. MORROW, EVELYN aEv,, G.A.A .... Interclass Bas- ketball . . . National Honor Society . . . Reflector Staff . . . President of Junior Class . . , Vice President of Soph- omore Class. Ambition: Be a nurse. NABUDA, ANNA MAE "Boots" C.A.A .... Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Debate team . . . Stu-dent Council . Cheerleader . . . F.H.A. . . . Reflector Staff . . . Chorus . . . Secretary of Senior Class . . . Daisy Mae . . . Fond of Barry. Ambition: Be a housewife. OCLE, WILLIAM ..Biuy,, Track . . . Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Minstrel . . . Varsity Club . . . Student Council . . . Fond of Pat. Ambition: To stay away from Korea. owENs, JAMES P. HJ' Psy Football . . . Track . . . Minstrel . . . Likes to argue with Wracker . . . Whiz in P.O.D. Ambition: Try to be a Geography and History Teacher. PATRICK, EUGENE Clpat!! Football 1 . . . Camera Club . . . Debate Team . . . Stage Crew...Band1,2... Minstrel End Man . . . Na- val Reservist . . . Works at Mikan's. Ambition: Own a Cadillac and drive a race car. RUFFO, MARY JEAN "Shorty" G.A.A .... Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Chorus . . . Stu- dent Council . . . Tomahawk . . . Band color guard . . . Vice President of the Com- mercial Club . . . Iunior and Senior Class Plays . . . Junior and Senior Attendant . . . Minstrel . . . Shortest mem- ber of the class. Ambition: To grow. SAGE, JAMES asaggien Football . . . Track . . . In- terclass Basketball . . . Var- sity Club . . . Camera Club . . . Stage Crew . . . Chorus . . . Reflector Staff . . . Trea- surer of Junior and Senior Class . . . Junior and Senior Class Plays . . . Minstrel . . . usually seen 'driving a blue truck. Ambition: Play pro- fessional football. SCHOPP, DONALD "Don Juan" Track . . . Tomahawk . . . Camera Club . . . Iunior Class Play . . . Manager of the Football squad . . . Likes to hot-rod in his Ply- mouth. Ambition: Become a race track driver. N l -i ,S.QI'Ll:0'ld, .16 STANISIC, JOHN KlJ'unYl Very quiet in class . . . Owns a green Chevy . . . Leaving for the Army on june 5th. Ambition: Own his own cleaning business. STANLEY, CHARLOTTE Ktcharv G.A.A .... Commercial Club . . . Chorus . . . Min- strel . . . Girl friend: Barb . . . Fond of dancing. Am- bition: To work in the Westinghouse. STOJAKOVICH, FRANCES scFrann Interclass Basketball . . . Chorus . . . National Honor Society . . . Reflector Staff . . . President of G.A.A. . . . President of Commercial Club . . . Junior and Senior Class Plays . . . Majorette . . . Minstrel . . . Queen of Hearts . . . County Chorus . . . Sophomore Attendant . . . May Queen . . . Senior Class Trio . . . Seen with Rip. Ambition: Be a Sec- retary. WALKO, RICHARD KfRich!! Track . . . Football . . . Var- sity Club . . . Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Camera Club . . . Dramatic Club . . . Fond of Rose Marie . . . Another Naval Reservist. Ambition: Be a milkman. WRACKER, JAMES "Wrack" Baseball . . . Track . . . In- terclass Basketball . . . Cam- era Club . . . Student Coun- cil . . . Varsity Club . . . Vice President of Senior Class . . . Iunior Class Play . . .Trouble maker of the Senior Class . . . Navy man . . . Owns a Pick-Up Truck. iAmbition: Keep the girl he ms. ' , ,jnapm CLASS FLOWER CLASS SONG 'lx Tune: "All the Things You Are" We end the twelve long years of schooldays, A Il' 3 ' A The years that we will never forget. ' We start our life into the future ' X I Although We leave our youth lv with deep regret. -A J , We have our memories of days 'T gone by, I ' ' ' Our dearest memories shall never die. Now is the time to say goodbye And now is the time to say we're through, So here's good health an-d luck CLASS COLORS to you. GREEN AND GOLD -By the lyricigts of the Senior Class Silly Seniorsg Toothpaste adg Shy sophsg Show offsg Our "stu-dentsvg Hungry, Tom? Chickg Naughty Mariettag Brains? What is it? Starsg Quizzicalg Bugs Aren't They Cute? 17 V 1 . 1125 H ,n-,, .,...,,. . r, , ,uA,L.,.p ,,...,. ,NHIQ1 -b L L . E . n I . Lg rcwl 1 Top row: -C. Gornick, E. Yanaso, B. Cavalancia, K. Kinley, I. Iovino, L. Colangelo 2nd row: C. Jones, D. Fedor, R. Mathias, D. Fedor, I. Vuick, P. Erwin, R. Dobos 3rd row: G. Meager, I. Hartzer, D. Wislfvcky, D. Rcbinszm, R. Bucar, J. Walko, F. Lefiier Top row: I. Cotch, M. DiC-esare, P. Prines, I. Venturo, D. Czapor, E. Krcelic . 2nd row: J. Caruso, L. Warmer, B. Brickel, I. Pratt, J. Frydrych, L. Vaccaro, W. Henkel 3rd row: E. Radosh, D. Hopkins, B. Petrina, P. Reed, M .L. Merritts, J. Zentner, I. Furimsky 18 I 1 f',.-l,,--x,C, DL-.- 1st row, left to right: B. Mikan, M. Petrovich, M. Stakor, A. Zigarovich, I. Meager,--R. Draku- lic, M. Schopp I , 2nd row: D. Fabyonic,'M. Anthony, B. Galloro, E. Matulia, E. Horanic, M. Boyd, E. Krupar 3rd row: E. Valcourt, R. Peacock, D. Divens, I. Vecchio, P. Kain,'L. Glasgow, Af Sawsak lst row, left to right: E. Bruno, R. Scales, V. Capets, E. Bugiski, C. Carnack, F, Camp, M. Cardiff ' -. 2nd row: F. Surmaz, I. Garmon, I. Beck, H. Seriiing, T. Bush, A. Morocco, K. Schneider Srd row: B. Vecchio, F. Morrow, R. Holland, J. Karr, E. Louderback, C. Bussard, V. Bondc 4th row: C. Del Rosso, N. McKee, Ruth Dumm, R. Croth Q , 19 f..,.J,+esa.u...,.. .Lewin .....,x...... . Top Row, left to right: C. Brown, Hiner, M. Lapcevich, D. Smith, P. Fundis, J. Chiappetta, I. Babeo Middle Row: R. Rossetti, M. Dent, E. Cigich, R. M. Kuchta, R. McConnell, I. Cimprich, M. Rabo Bottom Row: J. Schopp, N. I. Bradley, E. Mandich 0 . First Row, left to right: P. Neale, G. Kurtz, M. Nunn, I. Turchan, D. Nigro, P. Wislocky, F. Geiger A Q J Second Row: P. DiCesare, E. Smithbower, J. Franey, J. Martino. R. Crookston, L. Shawley, D. Traficante Bottom Row: J. Bayko, K. Carter, B. Kopnitsky 20 v -an-LW ,B .,,.,.,L.-----f.-- ' jzmahman, Klau, I .- W . , Top Row: W. Morocco, D. Schrock, T. Davis, J. Cimbora, C. Zigarovich, N. Yanuzo, I. Stan isic. Middle Row: L. Ventuito, B. Helsel, M. Bartakovich, R. Green, P. Carter, Vf Capets, C Zeravica. Bottom Row: A. Toocheck, N. Majernik, I. Barsic. N Top Row: P. Mathias, L. Cush, G. Burkel, D. Cunningham, K. Noll, K. Yanuzo, L. McCoy. Middle Row: F. Monchak, C. Mahr, B. Nunn, S. Draganac, J. Magiera, C. Fix, I. Doperak. Bottom Row: J. Mikan, I. Simmons, R. Morgan. Q .21 . , A. .. .....,.,.-g .., ......,,. . Q., rghth, Hzuwla, 1st row, left to right: J. Vaccaro, A. Paul, VV. Daugherty, P. Morocco, Marcoz , 2nd row: R. Sonovich, W. Mikach, N. Walko, A. Washko, R. M. Rack i lst row, left to right: D. Rishel, J. Ruffo, J. Iovino, I. Drakulic, D. Dragan 2nd row: I. Petriclmko, J. Lawrence, B. Bradley, C, jenkins, R. Geiger lst row, left to right: M. Newman, T. Desmond, S. Camp, R. Faulk, M Snopko 2nd row: M. Cotch, L. Culliver, I. Culliver Not Shown: M. Kleinlums 'VO .--. G. ll C A Lghtltynada lst row, left to right: I. Kopylcheck, S. Skelly, I. Barsic, C. Brbwn, N. Cavalancia 2nd row: Z. Yourcheck, W. Lawson, S. Graham, D. Szmyd, L. Rist lst row, left to right: K. Mathias, J. Vince, R. DeFrank, R. Caruso, C, 2nd Fresch row: M. A. Nabuda, M. Varsafsky, M. Cunningham, V. Smith, I. Karlyn lst row, left to right: I. Cercone, D. Wislo-sky, W. Galore, I. Dumm, R. Twardowski 2nd row: L. Wampler, C. Pascaclor Not shown: J. Omasta 23 A - ---, -..-it - 7ih, Hfwzcla, k K? -A. ' f l ,MH ..,, .,., , ., , ,A A . ,, . First row: J. Capets, J. Kashawlic, E. Jenkins, A. J. Buckle, G. Simmons, M. Dilmore, B. Secqrieldijggwil ' F. Law, S. Lapcevich, J. George, D. Fabyonic, R. Petrichko, I. Tomkowicz, J. Thirgliiflrlivgs R. Kocher, K. Matulia, B. Valconrt, J. Howard, M. Nigut, C. Premoshis, D. Mor- occo ' Fourth row: I. Bartokovieli First row, left to right: J. Carton, E. Kain, J. Jones, P. Estok, B. VVilson, C. Noll, J. McHugh Second row: B. Ienkins, T. Marcoz, P. Josephic, S. Pleeko, C. Stukor, K. Simmons, J. Louder- huck . Third row: M. Franey, D. Wislocky, A. Wisscr, C. Knight, AI. Wallace, S. Lacivita, B. Neale Fourth row: I. Minto, AI. Holland, M. Brletic, R. Petrini, D. Cnrdifi, VV. Gastowski, R. 'Wen- grzyn 24 .in I. Look up, Peteg Sleeping at the Prom? Meller-clraunrerg Tow-away. Supervisor! Chief Cookg They do grow upg Growing upg Going up Boots and Iollyg Professoris cluughter. E Nature girlg Crown him, "Mike,,5 Children of the court. G. I. Bob in Korean quarters. Triog Acllai had nothing on usg Cunrlylzuiclg Czuicly girl. 25 Miiistrvl Timeg Faculty rowg Lust cull. Ouclii Whckcris truckg Robe-rtg High stcps. -Iohiinyg YVliosc Tummy? VVhosc hat? Cutv smilcsg Search fur Kiiowliedgvg Murgeg Open wider Senior fm-tg King 81 Quvcii. Arms up Marion! U. N. Rcscrvws? Half-time. 1' -4 I O ,T Z Ee 0.0 ll...L,,,+.e,,,, ,,,, ,,,..,. , . 'r A+ Ya-A az.-mr . spaaa The National Honor Society was established to better stimulate and promote high ideals of citizen- ship than were being realized through either the emphasis on physical or on mental accomplish- ments. The qualiiications for membership are excel- lence in character, scholarship, leadership, and ser- vice. Those members chosen from last yearis Iunior class were David Iosephic, Edward Lenart, Mary- ann Mikan, Evelyn Morrow, and Frances Stojako- Vich. The initiation program is set off with an impres- sive candlelight ceremony under the sponsorship of Mrs. C. V. Lloyd. Speeches are given by senior members and the new members are presented with National Honor Soci ety pins. Sfudnld, annul The Student Council is the governing body for pupil activity in Trafford High School. It is a non-profit organization which has done much for the benefit of others. The Council held its annual Christmas Hop on December Among other projects held throughout the year were afternoon dances, the selling of engraved pencils, and the collecting of clothing for Clarence Fee. The students sup- ported these projects generously. Later in the year representatives were sent to the con- vention of the XVestern Pennsylvania Associa- tion of Student Councils which was held at Duquesne High School. ,Bottom Row, Left to Right: I. McHugh, A. Toochcck, R. Stecklcr, A. M. Nabuda, B. Mikan, A. Paul, E. Horanic, D, Czapor, F. Lcfllcr, S. Lawson, Minto. Top Row: K. Matulia, P. Morocco, D. Cunningham, -I. Lawrence, D. Croth, D. Ioscphic, R. Mathias, T. Davis, H. Dobos, B. Ogle, K. Mathias, D. Traficantc, M. Mikan. . 28 Qhdmdflk, Klub The Dramatic Club which consists of stu- dents from the Sophomore and Iunior classes, began the year under the Cll1'6CtiO11 of Miss Bierer. The club did something new by organizing a Verse speaking choir which proved to be successful. ln addition to the verse speaking choir We produced a few plays in which a student director was chosen for the purpose of directing the play and choosing the characters. The officers of the organization are Bose Bucar, president, Buddy Calloro, vice presi- dent, and Dolores Czapor as secretary and treasurer. I First Row: , D. Czapor, F. Lefllcr, J. Iovino, P. Kain, C. Dcl Rosso, E. Bruno, R. Drakulic, F. anip, C. Bussard, M. Schopp. Second Row: E. Krupar, E. Bugiski, R. Bucar, I. Cotch, E. Matulia, E. Valcourt, B. Petrina, B. Mikan, C. Carnack, J. Meagcr, N. McKee, A. Sawsak, M. Anthony, L. Vaccaro. Third Row: B. Dumm, R. Holland, B. Calloro, B. Groth, H. Serfling, D. Divens. Qcbnie, jnam, The Debate Club Whose members are Eu- gene'Patrick, Anna Mae Nabuda, Loretta Vac- caro, Betty Petrina, Lois Wanner, Iohn Hartzer, Janet lovino, and Robert Scales, is a newly or- ganized club under the direction of Miss Bierer. The first debate "Should Eighteen-year-olds Voten Was given in assembly just before election day, a month later the club took part in a panel discussion on the usefulness of the electoral col- le e. gNext they debated "Should the United States Support a Federal Unionl' in a coaching confer- ence at the University of Pittsburgh. Finally, on March 27, the team Went to California State Teachers' College to take part in the section tour- nament. 29 L' a, Klub The Camera Club started its new year by electing these oilicers: President, james Juli- an, Vice President, Graham Grubb, Secretary, Betty Petrina, Treasurer, Rose Bucar. The club has increased its membership from 20 to 51. fi The members have been taking pictures of many of the important activities during the year, their latest being the May Queen and hercourt. The club held its annual Sadie Hawkins' Dance on November 17 with Anna Mae Na- buda as Daisy Mae, and David josephic as Standing: I. julian, I. Gotch C. Jones, R. Mathias, G ens, H. Settling, R. Dumm VV. Galore, A. XVisser. Minto, D. Morocco, V. M. son, I. Tomkowicz. setti, I. Louderback, E. fo, L. Cush, I. Iovino, L. Shawley, N. J. Bradly, B. Neale. coz, B. Ienkins, B. Valcourt, I. McHugh, I. Capets, I. jones, W. Lawson. Li'l Abner. The decorations were designed by Helen Serfling. Cn the walls were little pairs of "blue jeansv with all the usteadiesm names on the pockets. These proved to be very decorative and furnished all the girls with something to help them remember the dance. During the week of February 27 the Cam- era Club held its National Scholastic Award Exhibits. Plans for the Held trip in May have the members all excited, for field trips, besides being useful are always so much fun. Grubb, E. Patrick, D. Divl Sitting: R. Scales, F. Leffler, I. Iovino, E. Bruno, B. Pe- trina, D. Wislocky, R. Bu- car, L. VVanner, P. Prines. Row 4: D. Fuliyonic, M. Dil- more, E. Smithlwwer, S. Skelley, M. Lnpcevich, B. Bradley, J. Lawrence, Z. Yourcheck, NV. Gastowski, Row 3: R. Petrichko, M. A. Nabuda, R. Snnovick, R. M. Petrini, S. Lacivita, I. Smith, I. Carton, W. Wil- Row 2: M. Newman, R. Ros- Kain, D. Draganac, I. Ruf- Row 1: P. josephic, C. Pre- moshis, I. Smith, T. Mar- Jo ll. Row 1: I. Smith , I. McHugh, V. M, Smith, B. Neale, R. M. Petrina, A. WVisser, P. Morocco, M. A. Nabuda, I. Dumm Row 2: I. Iovino, Z. Your- check, I. Lawrence, P. Fimdis, I. I 0 v i n o , D. Schrock, L. Cush, L. VVan- ner Row 1: D. Schopp, P. Kain, R. Scales, D. Wlis- locky, E. Matulia, B. Mikan, P. Recd, F. Leflicr, J. Pratt, M. Mikan, F. Camp Row 2: H. Bucar, P. Priues, 1. Cotch, G, Mcager, I. Karr, I. Ventura, F. Mor- row, C. Bussard, L. Vaccu- ro, B. Petina, A. Morocco Row 3: E. Patrick, M. Har- vey, M. Anthony, H. Sert- ling, I. Gannon, R. Mathi- as, I. YValko, R. Holland, M. L. Merritts, R. Dumm, G. Grubb Within the past year the Tomahawk staff and the paper itself has been greatly im- p1'oVed. The staff started the year working in the newly decorated Tomahawk room. They then added a small printing press, which brought more work than expected. At mid-term Janet 'Ioyino stepped into the position as editor, replacing Senior Mary Ann Mikan, and the entire staff was completely reorganized under junior leadership. There are now sixteen members of the straight news reporting staff, with Robert Scales as news editor. There are also twenty members of a special reporting staff, with eleven departments each with a special editor. In all, there are thirty six members of the staff who are working for the good of the paper. On February 14 the Tomahawk staff held its annual Sweetheart Dance which, as usual, was a big success. The gymnasium was dec- orated with pink and white crepe paper and on the walls there were cupids holding hearts with Sweethearts names on them. Congratulations to the sponsor, Mr. Ken- yon, and to the staff for their good work this year in bringing the news to the students. . 1 up lip? fl X F 'F if it NV? gif ,1..'g A f , Q My 1 75. N rx ,. pg: 'af K. nf ' T ll c ff lj ff F74 . .. gy? J ' X xklpikyfwppk q X E W ' K ll . " Q. Q3 r, K , , le x . fa' up A s, I, MAJORETTES Kneeling: D. Fcclor, A. Mor- occo, B. Pctrina, D. Fedor Standing: H. Scriling, F. Sto- jakovich, D. Banasic, D. Traficantc CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: M. Schopp, P. Recd, B. Vccchio, N. I. Bradley Standing: I. Bayko, A. M. Nabuda, F. Lcilier, M. Har- vey 5.1 ' , at ji ' all ,fy 5 if Llc, fo - ,C . x , E . 1141 During the summer months the majorettes were busy practicing twirling and catchy rou- tines which they executed at the football games. During the course of the football sea- son they twirled to Mr. Touchdown U.S.A., I Like Mountain Music, Shrimp Boat, Anchors Aweigh and others. Dorothy Banasik and Frances Stojakovich, seniors, were the head majorettes. The mem- bers of this group are juniors: Dorothy Fedor, Dolores Fedor, and Betty Petrinag sopho- mores: Antionette Morocco and Helen Serf- liugg freshman, Dolores Traicante. The cheerleaders started the 1952-53 school year off with a bang. They Worked all summer to make enough money for new uniforms. In May 1952 the cheerleaders picked two new cheerleaders from the eighth gradeg Iuli- ann Bayko and Norma Jean Bradley, to take the places of Cookie Marshalek and Irene Lit- win, the graduating seniors. There will be two more cheerleaders picked from the eighth grade this year to take the places of Anna Mae Nabuda and Marion Harvey. Pat Reed and Tance Leffler will take Marioifs and Anna Maels places next year as leaders. VARSITY CLUB Bottom Row, Left to Right: J. Vecchio, E. Horanic, I. Kelly, I. Julian, L. McCoy, R. Peacock, T. McHugh, I. McCann, B. Brickel Middle Row: S. Draganac, D. Fabyonic, I. Frydrych, M. DiCesare, D. Robinson, I. Sage, D. Iosephic. E. Lenart, R. Walko, I. VVrac- Top Row: D. Kocpka, R. Mathias, C. Grubb, T. Mazur, I. Furimsky NATURE CLUB Bottom Row: R. Kocher, P. Iosephic, T. Desmond, G. Pascador, I. McHugh, C. Fresch, N. Cavalancia, I. Smith, I. Barsic Middle Row: S. Camp, M. Kleinhans, C. jenkins, J. Lawrence, M. Varsafsky, L. Rist, I. Drakulic, P. Mor- occo, S. Graham. Top Row: M. Cunningham, S. Skelley, I. Pctrichlco, VV. Galore, Z. Yourchek Jim 0 ' grub The members of the Varsity Club spon- sored by Mr. Melvin Eremic, had a very successful year. The oflicers for the associa- tion were, Dave Josephic, president, Barry Brickel, vice president, Edward Horanic, sec- retary, Bill Ogle, treasurer. The iirst project was the selling of Christ- mas Cards for the purpose of raising money for annual award jackets. This fund was in- creased by dances held several times during the year. This year an amendment was added to the club's constitution to the effect that awards will be given to senior members only. Watufm. 6111.11 The newly organized Nature Club of the seventh and eighth grades had several inter- esting things on their yearly agenda. Several of the members of the club brought in reports about astronomy. Leaves and twigs from dif- ferent species of trees were brought in to be identified. The QHTCCIS of the Nature Club are Wayne Galore, president, Ioanne Lawrence, vice president, and Carol Ienkins, secretary. We would like to express to Mrs. Lloyd, our sponsor, our appreciation for the patience and interest she has shown toward us. pl pill Bam! Top Row, Left to Right: D. Smith, D. Groth, I. Chiappetta, I. Barsic, B. Morocco, T. Davis, G. Grubb, R. Green, W. Helsel, P. Mathias, B. Bradley, E. Krupar, A. Sawsak, R. Mathias Middle Row: I. Gotch, F. Camp, D. Schrock, R. Hiner, P. DiCesare, C. Knight, L. Wanner, D. Cunningham, I. Magiera, D. Draganac, R. Ference, E. Matulia, I. Pratt, The Trafford High School Band which began having weekly practice sessions early in the summer for football season marched at all nine of the football games and made ,some splendid showings. The formations were improved and the music was much more difficult, although handled with ease under Mr. Ferriis direction. One new addition to this yearis band was Bob Mathias, our high-stepping drum major. The new majorettes chosen from last year were Helen Serfling, Antoinette Morocco and Dolores Traiicante. In number there were fifty-five marching pieces, six majorettes, four color-guards and one drum major. Besides marching at football games, the band also gave a concert in the spring. Much preparation was needed for this concert as the type of music was especially difficult. Some of the selections were c'Stars and Stripes For- ever, Wizard of Oz Fantasy, and Fantaziniaf' M. Mikan, I. Simmons, I. Meager, D. Divens, Mr. Ferri, M. Ludmann First Row: S. Lacivita, P. Kam, M. Franey, C. A. Camack, I. Karlin, G. Burkel, I. Franey, R. Geiger, R. Battle, I. Barsic, I. Kasliawlic, G. Pascador, N. Cavalancia, E. Keller, R. Kocher, I. Karr, G. Meager, C. Brown, D. Cza- por. The grade school band joined in and played a few selections also. Blue Tango was under the direction of a student conductor, Graham Grubb. Some of our band members represented us in county and district band. At county band Tom Davis played 2nd Clarinet, Graham Grubb lst Trombone, and joseph Barsic, lst Tuba, andiBill Helsel Srd Clarinet. Graham Grubb played Trombone at District Band. Gertrude Meager, i'Old Faithful," was at the door every noontime selling candy in order to purchase new instruments. Ofiicers elected at the beginning ofthe school year, were: President .....,..... ...... G raham Grubb Vice President ..... ............,.. P atty Kain Secretary ............,........... Maryann Mikan Treasurer .,.......,...........,,.....,, Bill Morrocco Librarians .,.... Bill Helsel and Roy Kocher Quartermaster .........,.......... joseph Barsic I f Over live hundred people viewed the sixth 5' 5 annual Burnt Corkers' minstrel produced under . the direction of Mr. B. L. Robinson and Mr. Hen- ry F erri. The veteran funmakers, Tom McHugh, Eugene Patrick, Leonard Colangelo, and john Hartzer were joined by two new men, Emanuel Krupar and Bob Peacock. The very capable intcrlocutor was David Josephic. Supporting acts which added tremendously were solos by Jim Kelly and John Mikan, duets by Lou Lacivita-Maureen Cardiff, Pat DiCesare- jim Walko, and Melvin Babo-Joe Stanisic teams, the Half Steps and Three C75 and Nancy, two quartette groups and a comedy act done by Anna Mae Nabuda and Sam Draganac. Dancing by Helen Serlling, Iean Karr and Pat Morocco, and Zora Yourchek and Marcia together with two chorus lines rounded out the program. The chorus support throughout was 6XCellent. Standing: J. Hartzer, D. josephic, E. Patrick Without the absence of Mr. Carnack's hair L'C01H'1flf'10 tl161'6 WOL1lCl HOt have DCGD 21 THil1SfI'6l. Sitting: B. Peacock, T. McHugh, E. Krupar fhnum, Bottom Row: C. Mahr, A. Sawsak, E. Krupar, T. Bush, N. McKee, I. Ciniprich, F. Geiger, S Stanley, P. VVislocky, K. Nol-l, F. Camp, J. Barsic, E. Mandich, J. Turclian 2nd from Bottom: L. Lacivita, J. Chiappetta, S. Eyes. M. Lawrence, D. Czapor, I. Zentner, P. Kain, F. Letller, E. Bruno, P. Reed, M. Mikan, A. M. Nabuda, D. Croth, T. Davis 3rd Row: C. Grubb, B. Mathias, C. Carnack, F. Monchak, P. Carter, I. Simmons, C. Fix, L Cush, J. Iovino, D. Wislocky, R. Bucar, B. Galloro 4th Bow: E. Matulia, I. Meager, L. VVanner, B. Petrina, F. Capan, M. Bartakovich, M. Car- diff, C. Burkel, L. Vaccaro, V. Klimovieh 5th Row: D. Schrock, I. Cimbora, C. Bussard, M. Harvey, P. Neale, I. Karr, C. Meager, J Stanisic, R. Peacock, R. Holland 6th Row: E. Radosh, C. Brown, N. Majernik, D. Traficante, M. Defrank, F. Stojakovich, M Lapcevich, J. Cotch, H. Serfling 35 Bottom Row, Left to Right: M. I. Rufio, M. Lawrence, F. Leffler, D. Fedor, D. Fe- dor, A. M. Nabuda, L. Warmer, F. Capan, I. Pratt, P. Reed, I. Iovino r Top Row: G. Meager, C. Gornick, P. Erwin, M. L. Merritts, M. DeFrank, M. Ludmann, F. Stojakovich, M. Harvey, E. Morrow, E. Radosh, I. Gotch Bottom row: B. Vecchio, V. Capets, N. J. Bradley, C. Del Rosso, K. Carter, R. Steckler, P. Kain, M. Bar- takovich, M. Schopp, E. Matulia, B. Kopnitsky Middle Row: L. Cush, J. Simmons, J. Cimbora, D. Schrock, P. Fundis, M. Nunn, V. Bonde, C. Zera- vica, D. Trafxcante, N. Ma- jernik, 1. Bayko, R. M. Kuchta, I. Meager Top Row: F. Morrow, A. lviorroco, M. Lapcevich, I. Cimprich, M. Stakor, Gannon, F. Geiger. .. Brown, M. Anthony, R. Dumm, I. Karr l DIAL, . . E. The Girls, Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Bemaley, started the year off by choosing Frances Stojakovich to lead them through the year as president. They elected Ankey Morocco as Vice President, Janet lovi- no as Secretary, and for the second time Ruth Dumm as Treasurer. The iirst activity they had was the pick-up volleyball teams. Right after these games vvere completed, the interclass volleyball games started, which the always victorious Sophomores won. In February the basketball tournaments started. The pickup team games were dis- continued. The interclass games as of now CMarch lll have not been completed. 'How- ever, the honors will go either to the Sopho- mores or the Seniors. As an extra activity to earn money for D Q v.. awards the G.A.A. sold sweat shirts. Some of them had a black and red G.A.A. emblem on the front. These were sold only to the girls in the association. There were others with a Trafford Tomahawk emblem, and were sold to anyone who desired them. At the end of the year the winning teams and the girls who have the sufficient number of points will be awarded the earned awards. The first award given is the Trafford If a girl received a "T" last year she will get a different award this year. Miss Pmemaley is not sure what the second award will be, but it probably will be a pin with the letters C.A.A. and the date 1953 on it. Points are given for participating in the games, for keeping score, keeping time, and for refereeing. There are two points given for doing each of these things. F. H. A. Row 1: S. Eves, R. Rosetti, J. Cimbora, M. Bartakovich, N. Majernik, G. Meager, B. Frydrych, D. Nigro, E. Smithbower Row 2: C. Zeravica, D. Schrock, M. Nunn, R. Kuch- ta, I. Cimprich, I. Martino, P. Nil P. F l': V. ea e, unc is, Bonde, B. Mikan COMMERCIAL CLUB Row 1: F. Morrow, M. Ruf- fo, M. Lawrence, C. Del- Rosso, D. Fedor, D. Fedor, P. Kain, E. Matulia, R. Steckler, B. Vecchio, F. Capan Row 2: A. Morocco, M. De- Frank, E. Valcourt, M. Schopp, V. Bonde, I. Mea- ger, L. Glasgow, P. Reed, F. Leftlen, D. Wislocky, 1. Zentner, M. Anthony, B. Cavalancia Row 3: M. Stokor, R. Bucar, I. Gotch, M. Merritts, F. Stojakovich, I. Gannon, M. Ludmann, C. Stanley, P. Prines, C. Gornick, M. Har- vey Jia 3 . ' 0 The members of the Trafford Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Harris, have just com- pleted one of their most successful years. The officers of the chapter are: President, Berna- dine Mikang Vice President, Shirley Eves, Secretary, Patty F undis, Treasurer, Nancy Majernik, Historian, Rose Marie Kuchtag Par- liamentarian, Elizabeth Frydrych, Song Lead- er, Darlene Schrock. Our projects for the year were, the tea for Open House, dessert on two occasions for the District Teachers, Association, luncheon for the Trafford teachers, and a Christmas party for ourselves, at which we all exchanged gifts. To provide funds for sending our delegate, Gertrude Meager, to the F.H.A. Convention in Harrisburg we held a bake sale and sold vanilla. sf xx' r Klub The Commercial Club sponsored by Mr. Ruckle, started a good year by electing these otlicers: President, Frances Stojakovichg Vice President, Mary lean Ruilog Secretary, Patty Prines, Treasurer, Frances Leffler. The purpose of the club is to familiarize commercial students with their chosen voca- tion. This vear a movie was shown to the students to help them learn how to act and prepare themselves to be secretaries. The movie, called "Duties of Secretariesf, was en- ioved bv the girls since it added to the know- ledge of becoming a secretary. The club also held its annual Commercial Club Party to which the girls always ask their fellows. The party was a tremendous success for everyone had a Wonderful time. fs '5 'IKMMWW On November 20 and 21 the Junior Class presented 6'Hobgoblin House" under the di- rection of Miss Bierer and Mr. Robinson. Jackie Pratt as Miss Priscilla Carter the cur- rent owner of the house, together with her two nieces Betty Petrina and Frances Letller and their fiances Jim Walko and Bob Mathias, and the house staff composed of Lois VVanner, Mike DiCesare, and Eleanor Radosh are plagued by a gang of kidnappers and accom- plices: John Hartzer, Joe Frydrych, and John Venturo. Janet Iovino, the kidnapped girl, was the headless phantom and the slfriclfivvff ghost. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Left to Right: M. Di Cesare, E. Hadosh, L. XVanncr, J. Hartzcr, J. Iovino, J, Fry- drych, J. Venturo, F. Leff- ler, R. Mathias, J. Pratt, J. XValko, B. Petrina U This year the orchestra got oflf to a good start with thirteen members and nine singers. The group played for a high school assembly program on Friday, December 12. They prac- tice faithfully every VVednesday after school. This year they have had more singers than ever before, there is a girls, quartette, a girls' duo, two male singers, and one stray girl. The orchestra has had a very successful season. N. ORCHESTRA Top Row: G. Grubb, C. Burkel, D. Smith, J. Stan- isic, D. Cvroth, W. Morocco, B. Galloro, T. Davis, F. Camp, J. Barsic, C. Brown, C. Carnack, Mr. Shank, L. Culliver Bottom Row: S. Skelley, R. Kocher, G. Pascador, J. Franey, J. Karlin, P. Mor- occo, C. Brown, M. Now- man, C. Fix, R. Hiner, C. Bussard, N. McKee l 38 Qfzivmb, J " Driveris Training has been offered to the students of Trafford High for the past live years. A new Chevrolet car is donated to the school each year by the Schade Brothers of Irwin, Pennsylvania. The schoolis expense on this car amounts to the payment of the in- surance and providing gasoline and oil. An eye-testing machine donated by the Trafford Lion's Club this year, has been used to good advantage in the Driver,s Training Top, Left to Right: E. Patrick, B. Brickrel, I. Mazur, AI. Sage Bottom: R. Dobos, E. Lenart, D. Josephin- class. Students may take this class during their free periods, however, the driving in- structor, Mr. Schrock, has found that the forty- minute periods do not give the student enough actual driving time, hereby increasing the time needed to complete the course. The class has averaged twenty-five to thirty students a year, at the present time, thirteen have obtain- ed their licenses, nine are taking the course, and five have applied for permits. Sfaeff Kfww All we do is work. For every assembly we have to put up the chairs, then afterwards take them down. VVhen there is a play we put up the props, we carry the furniture and place it. We take care of the curtain pulling and the lighting of the stage. But we have fun doing it and we like helping Mr. Robinson because we get a meal and a movie at the end of the season. may, QWWL ww, ,4.Lf.m 40 J I SENIOR ATTENDANTS Mary jean Ruffo Marion Harvey 5 JUNIOR ATTENDANTS Betty Ianc Petrinu I Rose Bucnr SOPHOMORE ATTENDANTS Nancy McKee Bernadine Mikan 41 Hana, r This picture of good-looking girls was taken in our newly dec- orated Home EC room. As you can see we were having a din- ner. Doesnit everyone look hungry? Mrs. Harris is our Home Ec teacher, and she knows how hungry we are when we come to class, so we cook extra large servings of our favor- ite dishes. Our favorite dish is spaghetti and meat halls. lafulcfi To our Commercial system this year we have added a cleri- cal course. This course consists of different types of machines. The School Board has bought a Monroe Calculator and a Bur- roughs machine for this course. We are given a period of two weeks in which to achieve some skill in the operation of each machine. This course is for Inn- iors and Seniors only. jnmahawlr, ln the little 2 x 4 room which is called the Tomahawk room, much work was done during the past year. VVith the purchase of a press the Tomahawk took on the appearance of a more 'Spro- fessionalv publication. But with the realization of how much work and patience the press re- quired, the Tomahawk returned to its mimeographed form while the press is used to print other material. ' 1+ Although we who are pictured here didnit have Mr. Miller for chemistry, we are breaking him in for his future years at Traf- ford High. No, that isn't sul- furic acid Graham is holding over our teacheris head and Joe isnit expecting a big explosion. We just clowned-up this picture to show the fun we had during our days of chemistry experi- ments. SWF' Here is a snapshot taken in the wood-working shop. In the foreground you see james Ma- jernik under the supervision and the guidance of Mr. Siegel work- ing on his project which happens to be a desk. Here a student has the opportunity to learn wood- working, if he puts forth the effort, for the shop is well equip- ped with up to date machinerv and hand tools needed in wood- working. 5 ,cw With a flick of the switch and a swish in the developer a white glossy sheet of developing paper can become an object of art or a bit of trash. The place where this magic is brought about is located in a small room known as the 'cDark Roomf' This room was not designed by an interior decorator but in spite of its drab black walls it has one small cheer- ing speck of color, a red light glowing amidst the neatly lined, chemically filled trays. Some of the uafter-Hve-photo-fiendsv actually have to be chased home by Miss Bierer. With the encouragement and advice of Mr. Kenyon Camera Club members have seen the light in the "Dark Room? X 43 Snfufm, play, Seated: Maryann Mikan, Marion Harvey, Marietta DeFrank, Frances Sto- jakovicli, Shirley Eves, Anna Mac Nabuda Standing: Jim Julian, Dave Josephic, Marion Ludmann, Joe Mazur, Jim Kelly The senior class play was presented to the public on February 20, 1953. The cast for this hilarious farce, No Bride for the Groom, consisted of Marion Harvey, James Kelly, Maryann Mikan, Frances Stojakovich, James Julian, Marion Ludmann, James Sage, Anna Mae Nabuda, Mary Jean Rufio, Dave Jose- phic, Shirley Eves, and Marietta De Frank. Critics said it was one of the most hilarious plays to be presented in many years. Even though there Wasnit a large attendance the seniors had a lot of fun putting it on. The Mold goatv in the play, James Julian, embarrassed his youthful nephew, Kelly, by rubbing noses with the old Widow, Frances Stojakovich. Such carrying on results in Kelly being brideless at a crucial moment, and in the substitution of the scheming and Willing Maryann Mikan. The play is a big mix up be- cause everyone wants to get married. Since there are only four men for eight Women the situation resolves itself into a pit of confusion. The actions of James Sage and Anna Mae Nabuda as negroes in love is very cute. When Marion Harvey and Dave Josephic go through their love scene, it really looks like they are in love by the sweet things they say to each other. Before the curtain falls on the last act there are sorted out four happy couples: Fran- ces Stojakovich and James Julian, Anna Mae Nabuda and James Sage, Maryann Mikan and James Kelly, Marion Harvey and Dave Josephic. The four jilted girls start hunting in other pastures. ,sage Maryann Mikan .........., Frances Stojalcovich ..,.,.., Jackie Pratt ...,.,...,.,,,.......,.,,..,..,.... David Iosephic, Ioseph Mazur .... . James Julian ...........,.A.....,...........,.. Charles Jones, Helen Serfling ...,..r..................,...... Iames Sage, Thomas McHugh, Evelyn Morrow ....l. Edward Lenart, Graham Grubb ..........,....,a........ David Iosephic A..,...,...A.........,..,.....4...,......,......,.,.,..,..,.,.......,a. Marietta De F rank, Dorothy Banasik, Marion Harvey ...... . Dolly Czapor, Iohn Hartzer ....l.,..,........,........ ....,.....,...... Elaine Louderback, Robert Scales .......... Darlene Schrock, Dolores Cunningham ...... Zora Yourcheck, Linda Rist ....,... ..,.,..,..,. Iean Bartolcovich ...,.,...i,............... ........,Editor-in-Chief ..,....Associate Editor ,..,,..n..Ji111io1' Editor i.,.r.,..Business Managers Editor .. Senior Biographies Faculty Biographies Sports Typists jr. Class Rep. Sophomore Rep. Freshman Rep, ..,Eighth Grade Rep. Seventh Grade Rep. 45 . L Prom serversg Dramatists? Loafing managerg Prom caters. lX'Iukle-up artistg VVl1at's funny? Seniors! jolly and Squireg VVlmt big hands you have, Bootsg Queen and Courtg Squire: NVl1itey. filow lmrcl, lwysg Hurry upl Xvllilt a hat! Cue Ball. Boxerg Day-clreamsg Happy Mikeg Two Sophsg Lumbugo? Last elmanceg Learn ,cm fustg VVl1at a pose! Spectatorsg Relaxing. 46 O I I I I -Ol'l'llf 47 4 V ' W Jfwilzall. .Squad 79.52 First Row: R. Petricliko, D. Iosephie, D. Koepka, M. DiCeQzu'e, J. Sage, J. Furimsky, I. Kelly T. McHugh, E. Horzlnie, L. McCoy, J. Vecchio. Second Row: Mr. Heaps, Mr. Teitt, R. Peacock, R. Drukulie, I. Cullivcr, R. Vvilikll, I. Hartzer S. Dragunue, B. Dkulgherty, Mr. Eremie. Third Row: H. Dobos, I. Owens, K. Kinley, I. Frydrych, A. Zigu1'ox'iel1, D. Robinson, D Fabynmie, I. Mazur, D, Hopkins, I. Kerin. ULUL Knanhm. W Y: 1, Mr, Ilcapg Mr. Ereuiic Mr. Teitt W ew Many council fires have been dampened by the words that a warrior of the tribe has fallen. So it was within the wigwams of our tribal unit, for the loss of Don "Bull" Lintner immediately prior to the opening stanza of our fall campaign was sorely felt. The cry of "O Manitou" was raised again when our foremost brave, Dave Josephic suffered an ankle in- jury which was to plague him and his tribesmen throughout the ensuing campaign. But those who were later to feel the edge of our tomahawks reckoned not with the valor of our ancestry, for wc of the Trafford Tribe walk with the lion, fly with the eagle, and thus we know no fear of our adversaries. Our first sortie found us on the moonlight warpath to North Huntingdon. Trafford struck with the quickness of the panther and was rebuffed by the staunch warriors of North Huntingdon whose de- fensive measures showed the cunning of an owl. The contest awed the spectators with the rib-rocking style of play. Finally, in desperation, since they were the favored warriors, our adversaries put on a desperation attack, broke through our stout front line and crossed into our guarded goal zone. The final score was North Huntingdon 6, Trafford 0. What better warn- ing to our future foes might we have offered than this valiant effort against such an overwhelming force. With the taste of battle in their mouths our warriors waited for the challenging tribe from the Ligonier mountains and descended upon them in an avenging manner which devastated the attacking force and caused them to run wildly back over the hills to their own village while leaving many scalps lying on the field of battle. Scalps: Trafford 26, Ligonier 7. Battles of the past have proven our next antago- nists' to be worthy of their new found name, the East McKeesport Rams. The elusive Rams struck first but revenge was not long in coming and our own braves made them feel the sting of our long sessions in 'battle lore. However, during the heavy encounter of the second half, one of our leaders was struck down and this proved a sore spot at which the enemy struck re- peatedly, finally to gain the point of victory. The score, East McKeesport 13, Trafford 6, meant more than a loss on the field of honor. It meant also that Ioe Frydrych, our giant front line warrior, would miss an active part in engagements to follow. The green of the forest acted kindly as a merging color for the East Pittsburgh braves who struck with lightning-like rapidity to score. Such an early crush- ing blow was not easily overcome and it was not until late in the battle that our own warriors, Horan- ic and Mazur, retaliated for the infringement upon our hallowed ground. Suddenly the evil gods of the Jwfball visiting hill-men caused our warriors to err in a catastrophic manner, allowing a migrating member of the foraging group to strike the telling blow which sent our tribe woefully to their wigwams. East Pitts- burgh 12, Trafford 6. Our tribal chiefs thought it advisable to travel afar and participate in a sortie of our own. The hosting warriors struck swiftly through the air and wounded us mortally even at the onset of the conquest. This being another night raid we reeled about in an at- tempt to collect ourselves after this initial onslaught, but too late. The braves of St. Vincent Prep wig- wam had outdistanced our true but tired veterans. When nightis rays had settled we had suffered badly in a 20 to 6 defeat. Our next encounter was with the Indians of Penn Township. While endeavoring to reach our battle- ground we were briefly halted by lack of transporta- tion and so, without our canoes Calias the Trafford Coach Linesj, we forged in. This added effort seemed to ignite the spark with which we fought that day. Our defensive warriors stood unflinchingly and threw down each wave of invaders while our deploying offensive team burst loose from all restrainin forces and surged through the oppenents time ancf again. One enemy charge did pass unrestricted as, with a quick deft maneuver, the enemy scored. This battle saw the emergence of Brave Brickel as our mighty air arm, and adroitness developed to coincide with his running agility. Scalps: TraHord 18, Penn Town- ship 6. Then our warriors traveled afar to meet the tribe of the Rankin Rabbits. Here the combined strengths of Sage, Brickel, Horanic, Mazur, and an unsung brave, Draganac brought victory to our Wigwam only to have it stealthily taken again. The superiority of our tribesmen was undone by a momentary la se during which time this group of rakish maraucfers struck twice in secrete-d moves and struck mortal blows to our loyal legionaires. Rankin 25, Trafford 20. In the past the Derry Boro Indians had struck us down and carried our scalps into their tribal council. But not this day! In the background could be heard the challenging cries of another foe. With the lead- ers of the last foray spreading their war cry through the air, our lusty braves swooped through the oppo- nents and emerged with a victory. Scalps: Trafford 34, Derry Boro 2. The warring season ended as our braves invaded the domain of the neighboring Railroaders. Here our claims to fame and honor lay. The soldiers from Pitcairn had experiencefd more victories, fought equally strong opposition, and surrounded its activi- ties with veterans or experienced men, Whereas we boasted not a lengthy list of victories, nor great num- bers in our midst. Thus our braves entered battle, not embellished with buHalo robes of glory, only the quiet cloak of decision. The defensive measures set up by our protective force would not let the enemy threaten seriously throughout, while our offensive group ripped holes in the forward walls of the oppo- nent. Standout tasks were performed by Brickel and Horanic in offensive chores, while Draganac was superlative on defense, striking down our enemy and making the all important stop-gap play which broke their ranks completely and caused the final vic- tory. The score, Trafford 6, Pitcairn 0 is most inade- quate to tell the tale of the valor shown that day. And so to Sage. McHugh, Iosephic, Kelly, Mazur, Koeoka. Kerin. an-d Owens we extend our arms in a fond salute of farewell. Q. 9 Umar, eaaabau First Row: ..Mgr-Floyd Camp, Anthony Zigarovich, Leonard Colangelo, James Furimsky, Edward Horanic, Joe Mazur, Mgr.--Edward Krcelic. Second Row: Coach-Richard Trembath, Robert Mathias, John McCann, Dave Josephic, Ed- ward Lenart, Graham Grubb. SCORES Trafford Opp. 69 .. ...., .,... P enn Township ..... ...., . 59 44 .,.... ...... W .P.I.D. .............,... .....,. 4 0 71 ...... ..... P 'enn Township ..... ..,..,, 5 3 61 ...... ....,. W est Newton ,...... ....... 4 8 46 ...,. ...... L atrobe .............. ..,. . .44 68 ...... ...... E xport ............. ...... 5 4 50... . .,,.. Alumni ...,.,,.....,. ,.,. . H48 54 .. .. ..... Export .....,......,....,. ...., . .47 66 ...... ,..,. E , McKeesport .,... ,..... 5 0 '67 ...... ...,. E dgewood ,......, ....., 6 4 48563 .... , ..... Glassport ...,., ...... 6 6 57 ..,.,. .,... E lizabeth .,...., ,..... 5 5 71 .,.... ...... W ilmerding ..4.. . 53 66 ..... .,... P itcairn ......,,.,, ...... 5 5 74 ...... ..... E . Pittsburgh .,,,... ...... 5 1 75 ,..... ..... E . McKeesport ...,. ..,.., 5 3 44... .. .,.... Edgewood ...4.,.. 64 65 ..... .,.... G lassport ....,.... .,,.... 7 6 60 ..,. . ..... Elizabeth ..... ...... 4 4 67 ...... ..... W ilmerding .,.. .. 52 66 ......... ,...,, P itcairn .............. .....,, 5 4 67 ...,... .... ....,. E . Pittsburgh .... ..,.... 5 1 aovertime TOURNAMENT GAMES Trafford Opp. 55 ....... Youngwood .,.... .,,... 5 0 5591 ....... Laurcl Val. ,..... .......39 M62 ,,,.....,.,...,..,..., Derry Boro ...... ....., 6 0 M' 51 ...... Irwin .....,... i... .4.,.. .62 Quarter finals 1' 'Semi finals "' " Q Finals The Trafford basketball quintet completed its 1952-1953 season with one of the most impressive rf-1-nrrls in the schoolis history. Coach Dick Trem- bath worked tirelessly to build this basketball quin- tet into the team it was this year. Two years ago this team, composed mainly of sophomores, completed a twenty-game season by winning three and dropping seventeen. This record does not show the experience and knowledge oi' basketball that was obtained by the boys. ln the 1951-52 season the boys showed im- prov-ement by winning six out of seven exhibition games and six out of thirteen league games. In their run for top honors in section sixteen, Trafford ended up in fifth place. The quintet achieved its thirteenth victory of the 1952 season in the WVestmoreland Coun- ty Basketball Tournament. The Trafford squad entered its 1952-53 season with all the regulars returning with the exception of one. The team was composed mainly of seven play- ers: Graham Grubb. Ed Lenart, Joe Mazur, Dave Iosephic, Bob Mathias, and Jim Furimsky. The quin- tet opened its exhibition play by defeating Penn Township. Then it went on to win over W.P.I.D., two over Export, one over West Newton, one over La- trobe, one over the alumni, and a second one over Penn Township. At the end of the exhibition series Trafford showed eight wins and no losses. One of these wins was over a double A school, Latrobe. At the beginning of Ianuary 1958 the Tomahawks entered the running for top honors in section sixteen. After defeating East MeKeesport and highly favored Edgewood, the Tomahawks came up against the top team of the section, Glassport. This game aroused much excitement not only among the people of Traf- ford and Glassport, but also among many people from the neighboring communities. This game proved to be a record in attendance for the Trafford High School Gymnasium. Although the result of the game was a sad one for the Trafford quintet, the Toma- hawks Slave the fans a thriller, losing out by three noints in the last few seconds. The remainder of the first half of section sixteen, games with Elizabeth, Wilmerding, Pitcairn, and East Pittsburgh were won by the Tomahawks. Trafford opened up the second half of the section sixteen games by again defeating East MeKeesport. At this point in the season the W.P.I.A.L. made a ruling which eliminated the top running team, Glassport, and also Wilmerding and Elizabeth from the ranks of Class B basketball. With these three schools moving into the A bracket, the first place honors for section sixteen Went to Trafford. But the losses to these schools would still count as far as league standings were concerned. NVhen the Tomahawks traveled to Edgewood, their only dangerous opponent at this stage, the quin- tet was set back by the highly spirited Edgewood players. This proved to be an expensive loss for the Tomahawks, for now they had to play Glassport with only a one game lead over Edgewood. The Glassport Gladiators set the Trafford five for a loss. Now they were in a tie for first place. The Trafford quintet was spirited up for the Elizabeth game in afdesperate at- tempt to stay in the section sixteen race. But Edge- wood was up for their game with Glassport and Edge- wood came out on top. This threw the lead into a tie again. Would it be Trafford or Edgewood? Nei- ther team at this point could afford to lose another game in the section. Then Trafford was set back by VVilmerding which caused the Tomahawks to drop out of first place. The two remaining games with Pitcairn and East Pittsburgh were won by the Traf- ford quintet. Trafford ended the season with ten wins and four losses in Section Sixteen giving it second place honors in the section. With the ending of the league play the Toma- hawks went to the WVestmorcland County Basketball Tournament. It was here that the Trafford outfit started a season within a season. The Trafford quin- tet traveled to Greensburg for the first game in the tournament. In this first game it met Youngwood High School, when the buzzer sounded after hard play, the Trafford boys walked off the floor with a win under the belts. The people of Greensburg were impressed by the type of ball the Tomahawks played, and they treated us very cordially. The following Saturday, Trafford played Laurel dhdliflj, a6'aAkefbalL this game ended Trafford was in the semi finals with Derry Boro, a tough opponent losing only to Irwin in their section. In one game the boys from Derry had scored over one hundred points, so Trafford wasn't playing a "push-overu team. At the end of the first few minutes of the game the Tomahawks had the lead. However, at half-time Derry Boro was out in front by eight points. When the second half started Derry built their lead to twelve points. It was after this that the Tomahawks started to click and before the Derry five knew what had happened their lead was cut to two points. The Trafford quintet contin- ued their fiawless play and as a result, Coach Dick Trembathis five were in the finals. The Trafford five met Irwin in the finals. Irwin had taken their section this year and were undefeated in their class. The Trafford quintet went to Greens- burg to bring back the Westmoreland County Class B Championship but Irwin proved to be a strong opponent and in the late stages of the game, they led the Tomahawks. The Trafford five threw a scare into the Irwin Knights by cutting down their lead quite considerably, however the flurry came too late in the game and Irwin won, but we gave them a run for their money. When Traffordis quintet went to the finals at Greensburg it was the first time that Trafford had ever been represented in the finals. Although Coach Dick Trembathis team was defeated, the people of Trafford are still proud of their team and they have every right to be, for it completed one of the most impressive seasons in the history of Trafford High School. During the 1952-53 season, the Tomahawks were turned back only five times, three of which were by teams out of their class, In the win column Trafford registered a twenty-one. Although this team didnit win any trophies for the high school, it certainly made Trafford a lot of friends. Mr. Trembath will be leaving his coaching position this year along with five seniors with whom he worked for three years. The five seniors: Sonny, Eddie, Yunny, Ioe, and Dave hope that they have given him some moments of joy during these past years that he will remember all his life. The scoring for the year was led by Graham Grubb, 384, followed by Bob Mathias with 360, Dave josephic with 210, Eddie Lenart with 203, John Mc- Cann with I77, Joe Mazur with 93, and Jim Furinsky with 43. Bob Mathias, jim Furimsky, Pete Colangelo, Eddie Horanic, Anthony Zigarovich and Roland Dobos will be returning next year. The graduating members Valley in the quarter finals of the tournament. Al- though Laurel Valley was a section winner they proved to be no match for the Trafford quintet. VVhen NJ, of the squad would like to wish the basketball squad for next year a prosperous season in "The Friends of Trafford Columnv if not in the win column. ' - Umar, aairqwnfr Top Row, left to right: D. Hopkins, R. Dobos, A. Zigarovich, D. Fabyonic, L. Colangclo, E. Horanic, Mr. Trembath Bottom Row: F, Camp, S. Draganac, R. Scales, F. Surmacz, E. Krupar, R. Peacock, I. Franey SCORES Trafford Opp. 41 ...,...... . Penn Township ,.... .. 29 ........ .......... W .P.I.D. ,.....,...........,, ...,..... 3 7 43 ....... ...,... P enn Township ,.... .. .......... 48 33 ....... ...,... W est Newton ......., .......... 3 8 33 ..,.... .. Latrobe .............,, ....., , .. 61 39 ..,... ....... E xport ..........,,,..., ...,....., 3 6 34 ,.... ...,.. E xport ..............,...,. ..,...,.. 3 5 25 ,,,.... ...... E ast McKeesport ., ........ . 29 38 ....,.. .. Edgewood ,.....,,.,.. ....,.... 4 5 20 ....... ....... G lassport .,......,,. ......... 6 3 37 ....., .. Elizabeth ..., ..... 3 6 1 Traffordis Junior Varsity compiled a record of 8 wins and 13 losses during the 1952-53 season. Anthony Zigarovich, with 69 points, was high scorer. The record is not an envia- ble one but we must consider several factors before passing judgment. First of all most of the squad are Sophomores with only their lun- ior High experience to draw from. In compe- tition they met boys who outclassed them in SCORES Trafford Opp. 30 ......,. Wilmerding ,........ ,..... . .42 31 ..... . . Pitcairn .. ...... .....,... .... . . ,..57 57 .. ..... ........ E ast Pittsburgh ..,..... ..,..... 3 6 32 ...,, ,. .... ,, East McKeesport ...... ....... . 44 31 ..,.., . .....,. Edgewood ....,......... ,....... 2 8 22 ,...,... . . Glassport .........,,.. ,....... 5 5 39 .....,,.. ...,,.,. E lizabeth ..,,.. ...,..., 3 8 37 .,....,. ,. VVilmerding ..,,, ,.... . ., 47 31 ........, . , Pitcairn .,......,......,, ...... . .43 34 ..,..,.. East Pittsburgh ,,,,.. ....... 2 9 height, weight, and experience. Then, too, there is a dearth of material to offset. How- ever, the I. Vfs did not lack spirit or initiative and their future looks much brighter than the seasonis record implies. Next year they will improve and procure new talent, while some of them will probably find a berth on the Var- sity. Better luck next year. A5'a.4lLet6aLL Sitting: R. Hiner, I. Builo, J. Vaccaro, J. Schopp, J. Mikun, A. Toocheck, W. Morocco, B. Green, M. Eremic Standing: J. Petrichko, B. Daugherty, I. Culliver, E. Cigich, B. Bradl-ey, I. Furimsky, J. Mazur, B. Brickle, E. Lenart SCORES Trafford Opp. 26 .,...,... .......,, N orth Huntingdon Township ...... W .,..,.. 23 24 ,.,....., ,,...,. M onroeville , ........,..,.....,,......,.,.. ........ 2 3 35 .,........ ........ P itcairn . .......,..............,..... . .,... 30 23 ......... ,,..... F orest Hills ..... , ....,,... ..,.... 3 1 33 ...,..,.. .......,. F ranklin Township .,... ......, 1 7 21 , ,...,,... ,....... W ilmerdin g ..,.,...,..... ,,..,.. 3 4 35 ..,..,.... ........ M onroevillre ............., ....... 4 9 33 .,....,.. .....,. E ast McKeesport ...... ..,,.,. 2 0 28 ......... ....,,... F orest Hills .......... ..,,... 2 4 15 ....,,.... .,...... W ilmerding .......... ....... 3 6 17 .......... .....,. P itcairn .,.......... ....,. .....,. 3 3 27 ...,,..... ,...,... , Franklin Township .,... ,,,.,.. 1 5 35 ,.,......, ,..,.... E ast McKeesport .,..,, ...,.... 1 7 5 The Trafford Junior High Basketball Team, they lost to Wilmerding 34-21 and to Monroe- under the coaching of Mr. Eremic, triumphed ville 49-35, Coming back to defeat East OVCT its OPPOUCIHS eight time? While losing McKeesport 33-20, they went on to get re- ? 6 tf1V9-5 501119015 Qfteihspllglllghflth North venge on the Forest Hills team, winning 28-24. un mg PH wp' t ey ep ea Omoevi e After losing to Wilmerding and Pitcairn, they and Pitcairn. In an upset victory, Forest Hills ' . b .Qt F kl. T 27 15 d downed Trafford 31-23, which seemingly Once again ea a ran H? WP-, ' an L-' 2-jspurre 'Tur team on to Victory, trouncing added another win to their record by defeat- Franklin Twp., 33-17. In the next two games ing East McKeespo1't, 35-17. 6'a.a.ebalL Standing, left to right: Mr. Eremic, B. Brickel, I. Wracker, E. Lenart, I. Mazur, I. Walko, D. Hopkins, I. Furimsky, D. Iosephic, I. McCann. Sitting: I. Hartzcr, R. Scales, F. Surmacz, Vecchio, R. Drakulic, I. Julian, E. Horanic, R. Peacock, R. Dobos The Tomahawks, under coach Mel Eremic, finished in third place last year behind North Huntingdon and Wilmerding. They started with a 8-2 win over the champs, North Hunt- ingdon. Going dead after the opening game, they lost their next three games mainly be- cause of faulty playing and batting slumps. Two of these were very closely fought games, lost by but one run. Plum Township 3-2, and Wilmerding 2-1. The other was lost on errors to Pitcairn by a score of 7-4. Then another game with Pitcairn started them on the uphill winning streak when Jim Wracker shut out the Railroaders by a score of 7-0. In the next game North Huntingdon showed its hitting ability and walked away with a 14-6 triumph. After this loss the Toma- hawks went on to beat Plum 8-5 in a nicely played game by both teams. Their last game of the season was a 6-4 loss at the hands of VVilmerding which finished second place only a game ahead of Trafford. The leading pitcher was Jim W1'acker with two of the three wins, Eddie Lenart won the third. The leading batters were John Ogle with a .481 average and Jim Furimsky with .463. Jim Furimsky had the most runs batted in while Eddie Lenart had the most runs scored. The squad will be enlarged this year with more boys going out for baseball. The battle for positions will include inielders, Eddie Lenart, Dave josephic, Larry McCoy, Jim Walko, john Hartzer, Bpb Scales, and Eddie Krcelic. The outfielders will include John McCann, Roland Dobos, Ioe Mazur, Bob Pea- cock, and Eddie Horanic. The pitchers are jim W1'acker, Don Hopkins, and Bill Ogle. Iim Furimsky will do the lone catching chores. The team is eagerly awaiting the new season and Coach Eremic, placing high hopes on his team this year, believes they might even bring the school a championship. jfzark 1st Row: J, Franey, I. Drakulic, M. Gotch, I. Kopylclieck, I. Marcoz, R. Crookston, V. Cap-ets, E. Krupar, T. McHugh, Kerin, T. Bush, A. Sawsak, B. Bradley 2nd Row: E. Cigich, I. Beck, J. Vuick, B. Ogle, K. Kinley, D. Scliopp, 1. Owcns, R. Walko, D. Fabyonic, I. Furinisky, B. Brickel, I. Sage, S. Draganac, Mr. Heaps 3rd Row: E. Lenart, I. Petrichko, B. Daugherty, I, Mazur, J. YVrackcr, I. Majcrnik With the coming of the spring rains and with the chill winter still hanging in the air there can be seen activity about the athletic field, pole vaulting, hurdling, broad jumping, discus throwing, high jumping, relays and dashes. The outlook for a promising season is bleak in that there is a need for a complete remolding of team personnel for the best dis- tribution of talents, also there is that seeming- ly insurmountable task of taking those in the embryonic stage and developing them into varsity competitors. However there are rays of sunshine to be found also, co-captains Billy Ogle and Richy WVaLko have the ability to lead their teammates to victorious ventures. Billy was a medal winner at the WPIAL Track Championships in 1952. These two specialize in the dashes and if another duet can be found to match strides with them a formidable re- lay team will be the result. - Hopes for a berth are found in Brickel, Horanic, Mazur, Wracker, and Draganac. These would also be the nucleus of the sprint, E relay, and hurdle events while some would also be found alternating in the javelin and high jump. The latter is Sammy Draganac's specialty wherein he has hopes of reaching the state finals this year. Pole vaulting shows us Schopp and Cigich, both just missing win- ning honors in the event at the WPIAL Meet last year. High hopes are held for Grubb and Mc- Hugh our returning veterans in the distance runs, jim Owens hopes to join them in the select circle of winners this year. Most criti- cal spot of the team this year will be the field events since winners in the shot, discus and javelv have graduated. However, Mazur, Brickel, Mathias, and Grubb show reason for some optimism. Meets for the junior high aspirants have been scheduled also and they will offer the younger group an opportunity to learn the rudiments of track competition while also pre- paring them for the junior high track cham- pionship later in the year. 6' 0,4 School, fvnnfa, SEPTEMBER What a miserable day!! First day of school. First teachers, meeting-for the betterment of the student body, of course. Miss Bierer finds herself with more classes to teach and a debate club to sponsor. First assembly-Remember the senior girls, foot- ball team? First football game-North Hunting- don 6, Trafford 0. Pep Club Dance. Juniors sell magazines. Big deal! Prom assured. Trafford -doomed Ligonier 26 to 7. East McKeesport won over Trafford 13 to 6. OCTOBER East Pittsburgh won over Trafford 12 to 7. Senior pictures-all the senior boys had clean faces. Out early today-sub-branch gHgl0 WCEA need- ed the building. St. Vincent Prep beat us 20 to 6. End of the first six weeks. Report cards-no car this week end. Seniors at Torrance. Trafford beats Penn Township 18 to 6. State Employment Service tried to find out whether seniors are really umployable. Group pictures. That's the day that practically everyone belonged to something or tried to. Ogle got his driveris license. In a thriller of a ball game Rankin defeated us 25 to 20. Assembly debate-Shall we lower the voting age. NOVEMBER p Trafford slaughtered Derry with a score of 34 to 2. Out early-Election Day-we didn't lower the voting age. Vacation-pupils only. The teachers have to go to school. They didn't learn enough so they go to school again. Trafford defeats Pitcairn 6 to 0. Verse-speaking choir makes its first appearance. Football-Band Banquet . . . Favors: wooden musical notes and footballs. Now you know all. The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. Daisy Mae is Anna Mae and Li'l Abner, Dave. Hobgoblin House. Junior Class Play. They did it again-good work, Juniors! Second six weeks. THANKSGIVING and no report cards to spoil the week end. DECEMBER Grunt and groan artists demonstrate. Basketball! We,re off with a win over Penn Township. Operetla: Elementary school. Repeat performance. Basketball-another win: this time over WPID. Capan gets her driving license. Penn Township defeated a second time. Commencement announcements selected. DeFrank and Morrow become drivers. Unto Thy Doors. Seniors proved that they can be serious and sensible. Christmas Formal. Christmas Vacation begins. O Happy Day! JANUARY Basketball league games begin. We win over East McKeesport. Last day of vacation. Dog show scheduled. No dogs, no paws, we worked all day. Miss Bierer takes the debate club to Pitt for extra coaching. J. J. goes to sea. Mid term tests--first miserable day. second miserable day. third miserable day. J. J. returns: the sea didnit want him. Jackets given to members of the varsity club and two senior cheer leaders. Sophs put on a cyclonic magazine campaign. FEBRUARY Important game at Glassport. Trafford is de- feated. Seventh grade assembly. Those blindfolded girls and the lipstick!! Final blow Id-elivered by Wilmerding. Assembly hears Verse-speaking choir give Ballad of the Seven Songs by Hughes and Cupid and Company a one act play. Queen of Heart's Dance. Queen Betty and King Bob reign supreme. Last game of the season-East Pittsburgh. First tournament game-going great guns. No Bride for the Groom, senior class' play. The groom finally got one: for details see Maryann. Last tournament game--Irwin got us. MARCH Every senior has a dollar-afternoon trip to Mel- lon Bank. Seniors learn all about social security. Cotanty chorus rehearsal-Burnt Corkers' Min- stre . Tomahawk visits Post Gazette. County Chorus: Maryann, Fran, Grubb senior participants. Bell Telephone looking for likely senior girls. Gideons leave Testaments. Cultural not-ez bus load of music lovers go to Greensburg for Pittsburgh Symphony,Concert. Ford movie-was Dennyis coffee table there? We give forensics a whirl at California. We make a second try at California. Juniors hold skating party at Memory Lane. APRIL Easter Program by Dramatic Club A.M. P.M. were you ever hypnotized? Vacation at last! Band concert. Dance-benefit of Junior Prom. Sophs gorge on turkey-prize for big sales on magazines. Baseball First track meet-Plum township. Alumni minstrel. ' Repeat performance. MAY May Day with Frances Stojakovich. Theme: Flora, goddess of flowers. ' Junior-Senior prom. Music by Men About Town. Theme: a Spanish Town. Exams begin for Seniors. More exams. They're over at last. Class night. School picnic at Kennywood Park. Senior-Faculty picnic. Underclass exams. We watch them sweat. Still sweating it out. Baccalaureate. JUNE GRADUATION .6,laM. Continued from Page 12 Soon we discovered our financial responsibilities werenit over with our Sophomore year. To earn gr-eenbacks for our annual Junior and Senior Prom, we sold magazines. I might add this wasnit too suc- cessful. Also, we held a dance which was profitable and we sold Christmas wreathes. Coming back from the holiday filled with New Yearis resolutions, we tried to settle down to work. But soon we had a rude "April Shower" awakening by way of the annual minstrel. Our claim to glory in the minstrel was J. P. Owens, smash television debut, or should I say splash television debut. We must admit, I. P.'s crude umbrella wasnit much protection, when Jim Morocco insisted on making it a real cloud- burst instead of a shower. We laughed about it for a week. Our grease paint minstrel men were Tom McHugh, Eugene Patrick, and Jim Morocco. Aside from Moroccois little jokes which weren't included in the script, it went smoothly. After settling down from the minstrel, we elected Mary Jean Ruffo and Maryann Mikan to the May Queen's Court. Life at Trafford High didn't stay quiet very long, for up popped a suggestion which proposed a grudge basketball game between the boys and girls. This exciting game turned out with the boys on top win- ning by a few points. Their excuse for not winning by a higher score was that they weren't used to play- ing under girls' rules. Another prevailing excuse from the boys was that their star, I. P. Owens, was playing under handicap. It seems he couldnit get adapted to having the girls surround him. We'll never forget the look of panic on his face when a girl would over-guard him. All in all, we had a very enjoyable evening. Our junior Year saw the appearance and disap- pearance of Jim Moore. Jim hailed from Florida and apparently got homesick, and returned at the end of the year. We were sorry to lose such a swell buddy. Also, Bob Smeltz, our ace magazine salesman, left to attend North Huntingdon High School. Soon the traditional Junior Class Play was cast. We had so many prompters hiding behind chairs, we hardly knew where to walk. Aiding "That's My Bov,', was Miss Smith. We extend our sympathy to her. I hope our play wasn't the cause of her leav- ing. It was Prom time soon, and we found that we finally had enough money. After much committee work, we chose Candyland as the theme. For this enchanting event, Artie Demore's Orchestra supplied the musical background. The enchantment didnit end with leaving the dance. We found ourselves visiting the morgue at two oiclock in the morning. The boys seemed more frightened than the girls. After a hectic night, we found ourselves safe, sound, and tired. May arrived rapidly and we closed what we thought was the most exciting of our school years. We looked forward to our Senior Year, one that would mean the climax of our bold adventure. We never realized how rapidly the climax would be upon us. The summer fled past us and the autumn grew nigh. The pleasant September days grew into long October sessions in English. We learned what ubriefsn and uthemesn were. Aghast, We tackled assignment after assignment. Physics and Shorthand also kent our minds glued to the thoughts of the Pro- mised Land we hoped to reach in May. We managed to find time to elect the Deople who would counsel our group through the trials of the months to come. Elected were David Ioseohic as President. James Wracker as Vice President, Anna Mae Nabuda as Secretary and elected for the third time, Iim Sage as Treasurer. The football season gave us an opportunity to re- lease some pent-up emotions. We cheered our gallant warriors as they charged down the chalk-lines. There were victories and there were defeats, but we took them in stride. The football season ended in a smash triumph over Pitcairn. Weill never forget that game. Perhaps the boys got a few i-deas from the eleven fair football females who cavorted upon the stage 'during chapel. Seeing the girls in shoulder pads and football uniforms will long be remembered. Football was now in the past and we resumed our routine daily work. But lo and behold, one chilly No- vember morning Mr. Schrock packed all of us into a bus marked "Torrence State Hospitalf, We knew that we were over-zealous in class, but we didn't think we had progressed that far. To our amazement, we found it was a P.O.D. field trip to a state hospital. While walking through the area, some of us had some fears that we would be mistaken for inmates, for the patients stared at us quizzicallyl I Thus, we had to count heads when we returned to the bus. All were present and accounted for. CPD We re- turned to the halls of T.H.S. and oft-times we won- dered if our actions didnit merit our deportation to the hospital. However these doubts didnit linger in our "ma- turei' minds very long. The normal atmosphere of classes returned very quickly. Jim Sage's comments were ended only by the Christmas recess, a vacation that we had looked forward to for many long weeks. For many, the vacation was a dreamy one, for others, it was a welcome rest, and for the majority, it meant making up those papers we never handed in to our understanding teachers. C??l The year 1953 meant one thing to usg the final gal- lop down the home stretch to win the golden prize- "a diplomaf' The gruelling weeks turned into months --the basketball season drew to a thrilling climax. The Senior Class play, "No Bride for the Groom," brought out the dramatic instinct in some of us. After the performances, We all agreed that "It was the best Senior Class play in many yearsf, Our thou hts then turned to grease paint, burnt cork and fioodligiits. Yes, the Burnt Corker's Minstrel was on its way. A goodly representation of the Seniors participated in the annual event, and what an event it was! l The strains of "I Believei' by Iim Kelly still echoes through our minds along with the antics of Eugene Patrick, Tom McHugh and Iimmy Julian. The ballads sung by the Senior Trio still seemed to hang in the air even though the minstrel was over. We were a tired but a happy group as we said adieu to our Burnt Corker Days. We were still in a daze as April drew to a close. Yes, May was here, the month of fiowers, the month that is filled with more heart-warming sentiments that we could account. The month's wonders began with the crowning of our Queen of May, Frances Stojakovich. In attendance with our Queen, were Marion Harvey and Mary Iean Rufio. The pageantry of the coronation set our minds to a pitch of excite- ment. Last minute papers and themes, and final ex- ams were all part of the delirious weeks to come. We managed to get through those weeks in great shape, ready to claim our prize. As the final events arrived, the air of joy faded to an extent, and now an air of nostalgia came over us. We were now ready to write more history for our group as we turned solemnly from the stage, a diploma clutched in our hands, a serious stare on our countenances and the refrain of "Alma Materv reverberating through the air. Our High School Days were over. 4 - 4 Hfzade School, Looking back upon the year of 1941 We see most of the graduates of 1953 just starting to school. The books and teachers have changed but the things We Were taught in grade school remain the same. Itls the first spelling list from K'My Word Bookf' the sto- ries contained in "My Readerf and the fun We had working with those colorful blocks, that will be possessed by everyone as a treasured moment. This picture of todavls youngs- ters is quite the same as We looked back in U41,' and they will follow in our footsteps. L Here We have young students of the grade school Working in an art class. Their Works have been entered into the Re- flector, showing that they, the future generation, are the ones who will take over our duties in coming years. The elementary building including grades from one to six has been Well equip- ped with necessary sup- plies in the past few years. Also something that is dif- ferent is the informal way of having classes. These things Were displayed on Open House Day and are open to the public at any time. 58 few Privy EJILMZQ, School MISS PEARL LYNCH MISS LOUISE MISS BERTHA NOBLE MISS HELEN CLINE MRS. VESTA B. Grade 4, Slippery Rock MONTGOMERY Grade 3, University of Grade 2, University of MILLER Gracie 3, B.A., P.C.W., Pittsburgh Pittslnirgh . Grade 5, California S University of Pittsburgh T. College I MRS. MARIE MISS J. MR. BOUVE MRS. ELIABETII MISS REGINA MAZICH MCCUSKER MAR5H.AL'-' Grade 5, University of CABNACK Grade 4, Duke, BA Kindergarten, Slippery Grade 2, Indiana S.T.C., Pittsburgh, A.B.g Robert Grade 6, Indiana S.'l'.C., Rock B.S., Duke, University Morris California S.T.C. BA of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. ix MRS. DOLORES MISS THELMA FITZWATER SMITHBURCER Grade I, Edinhoro S.T.C., Kindergarten, Indiana BS, University of Pitts- T.C., BS burgh MISS ANNA O'CONNOR Grade I,,Seton Hill, Cali- fornia S.T.C., BA, M.Ed. University of Pittslmurgli 59 MRS. NORMA B. MISS PHYLLIS ROBINSON WIDMYER Grade I, California S.T. Grade 6, Indiana S.T.C C., BS BS L 4 Paffwms, Altmanas Arlottfs Restaurant Beryl Chevrolet Miss Mary Elizabeth Bierer Mr. Roy E. Bigler Mr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Diemert Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ferri Mr. Calsworthy Graham Crande,s Bar The Reverend and Mrs. C. W. Haddock Hornbeck-Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Hunker Mrs. C. V. Lloyd Dr. and Mrs. L. W. McCough Mr. Joseph Meager Dr. Frank Mottola Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Neil Noll,s Dairy Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Pogue Mr. Richard L. Robinson Sandsoifs Market Mr. H. E. Seville Dr. and Mrs. F. K. Snyder Trafford Brick Company Trafford News Company Compliments of IAMES DE FRANK Distributor V. F. W. LADIES AUXILIARY Phone Trafford 526 I 111 First Street Trafford, Pa. POST 4269 60 BEST WISHES from UNION OF SAINT IOHN KANTY POLISH ROMAN CATHOLIC UNION OF AME RICA Organized 1915 Charles Lawrence, Ir. ....,.. ... . ,..,., .,,Pres. Frank Halgas ............. ...,........ V . Pres. Frank Czapor ........ ........,.. R ec. Sec'y. John Marszalek .....,... ..,.4....,. I uv. Seciy. Anthony Szmyd r.r....., ........,. F in. Sec'y. Bron. Surmacz ....... ..,..,.......,. T reas. John Lawrence .,.. ......... T rustee Henry Surmecz ..... ,........,. D irector CHARLEY AND MARIE'S MARKET Meats, Groceries, Frozen Foods Some People Claim They Have the Best Foods We Donit, We Sell Them! CHARLES MIGITISH, Prop. Compliments of HARLICHQS DRUG STORE 5th and Fairmont Avenue Phone 409 ua 61 v O ad ' 1997 it?lU.Gf ' K f - iff! up aff ' f i 'I ., ' C NJQMQMY N f 5 O ' : -' B 7 -. . f gygvyvfg 5 Z BHS ,Y f ff 'V' Aigllll ' ' in " ' wgqinnpn W V ' STO-- t7QjFf.U!ll ig , , Yi xkli-'flufllll AZSM U' M X 'V MQ XM' - f , , I ' '- ,4...l--1, J " O u ll ' ' 5,6 5 IA. 0 'Z' 4 X f Q' I I X J, ,. . 0' f , I es ff' ,f 4 W t ff f -V ' .'vf"f" , - I I Y Z4 X Qc,-J 4 - 4, If X f Xi m ,: Lll 1-Sw 6 f 1 I I tj' ff 1 X is 3, an- M 1 jj? X S.. 4 :u..1- 4 xxxi XY r I! Z f Qi ' -.I Afv T ' of K I ,f 1 0 h X fi iff!! 0, ' : ' ff I P 1 ' , 'of 5 'QW'-nn. ,A I 1. 'I I sa .' nmnzni , i ' was 7-ig'-"' Q ' X -L y X . : 4, W l., I? .229 x x fx ' 'I HC' Q.. i lf 'VW I , 5? "-fe-ff fa Q2 ' 1 i ""5' .- fx ff 'f C PROTECT FINE CLOTHES THAT PROTECT YOU You can be sure your garments are fully protected and insured against expensive moth damage when they are mothproofed along with our fine cleaning. 'J:Ii::,':t5zF Every woolen garment treated with CLEANING U-Sano is insured against moth damage for six months at no extra cost. THIS SHIELD PROTECTS YOU TRY US TODAY IGRO9 Louis B. Nigro, Prop. Tailors and Dry Cleaning Company 512. Cavitt Avenue Phone Trafford 1254 62 Compliments of WEYANDT DRUG COMPANY 435 Cavitt Avenue Trafford, Pa "Service for the Sickv Vic Dettis - Melvin Buchin I Q-, , ED CA S CONSTRUCTION Concrete, Brick, Block General Repairs and Remodeling Chimney Repairs a Specialty Telephone Trafford 1989-Residence 851-Office 315 Fifth Street Trafford, Pa Compliments of TRAFFORD FIRE DEPARTMENT 63 Compliments PENN-MOR HOTEL Banquets Phone Pitcairn 9402 Moss Side Blvd. Pitcairn, Pa. of DOM AND APEY'S BAR 'I' Corner of Fourth 81 Brinton TraHorcl, Pa. Compliments of MELDS BARBER 'n 418 Cavitt Avenue Trafford, Pa. SHOP SHACKELFORDDS For Beautiful Flowers Corsages 81 Floral Arrangernents Of All Kinfls 829 Linden Ave. East Pittsburgh, Pu. Valley 3-4120 51 3-4F21 C fx11 1 pliments of mm UHRINCER HOME FURNITURE We Specialize in Scalp Trea 5 Hair Cutting - Massages Given "Tell 'em where you got it" 638 Braddock Avenue DOM and JIM Braddock, Pa. Trafford, Pa' Greensburg McKeespor1 Phone 935 A Home Owned Store llMlVlY3S FOOD MARKET Compliments of Prime Meats - Frozen Foods Vegetables 305 Cavitt Ave. Trafford, l':1, We Aim to Please. 65 Compliments of TRAP FORD LIONS CLUB Newton C. Baker Albert M. Conahan Stanley Gunia John Kain Ray Koon Stewart McCartney R. B. Milne Lawrence Naser Joseph F. Tewes Dwight Witman Frank Cioia Russell Brinker Melvin Eremic Arthur Harlich John Kolonay Robert Lefller Joseph Meager Richard Robinson, Pres. Alfred Nielsen Joseph R. Tewes Albert Zubak, Treas. John Berklieh Melvin Buchin A. B. Carnack Henry Ferri Robert Henderson Syl Kosanovich Gilbert Lentz Charles Migitsch Wayne Neil Ve 1'11 on Pepper John Ungerrnan Albert Smola, Sec. Joe Wood 66 I I 0 QD d ' -i d 0- e lima?-nan , a y a. 1.::1"': li, AN r'-f -V 1 N- :I 1 n , 1. phi grwixisg - XE, fi ft rlm W , ,s A ilI1ii!IlIl.!l!!!,!,N T35 A7 75' , I V S -1 x, .Z ... 7,1152 3 'A fig! M . gag Y w'df'L :f ' f - Y. .f , in 'gflnyi .nf 41 f, vi a4ff",4 fl" H ' , of .. gi , 4 I 'f 1 A ' .1 V .. Make Banking A Pleasure Y Don't make it a hardship to get to the bank if it7s inconvenient to stop in. Bank by Mail! Drop your deposit in the inail box and your business will receive the saine prompt attention as if you called in person. It's Safe to Bank-By-Mail! 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Trafford High School - Reflector Yearbook (Trafford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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