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ka 1, ia pf - Kiixxgf 9 so if M JR U v - ,f W l :VA W M QQSQW N M 1' -' -1--iles-.-,iff r'f1',gSl'Jf . 5 "" - . K ,. . 'f 1, Q-gie952d".. "mia I 5,3 Dila. ,, .1,, 9 5 ,, Q J, W' 1 N- 31 gf rc X' ,V K, kt, A X 5'i,,'6vi':,, 'i v . ,vm D fl , ,K gf!! ly Lf Q ' I. 'wwf fbi fxif' .- L I W1 .X ..A f , w U gg 41.1 Y K 1 If 'ad , 2' ff' 4 ' f 6' 'EZ X' ' K Q gf V wx A x 'Q kj .YPA Vw f fl? 'A '4' Ps-F 745 ' -' V ' gf, x 4-54 .1-114. 7 'D'-f7 ' J ' . " dy W is ' 9 W V W ' - -4, fm W ' M42 K 1 W,1.,-1' T-,KA 6 X 91. " 7 , ' - Q ' 1 3. I ,W W' w A xx , I ' ,gf ,Y W N ,A 4142 if 4.4 e j 47, cf A , 1,1 f7z,7g-cr 5,7141 C,n.ex,AP -f ' K Wvv' 171, lj. 12.7, 'ljjwfvfx X ffffjff f,,,, Jfi 4:1 , X. 1' .J - HCSLZK, N fl - -.f-S' " ,L .,'. V wSI.u,t- vw I IVA, ff' Q Inj? ,Pi .Alf J J! mn QQXD .1 -., I 2 A Lf- I Nw.-, 6 13, ,ff ,W A ,Q 1 .' - Q , f Af - SL? J? is bl E VSV . V W y F 'in' b N W. 'N J Mb L, . : 'vjivvcl V U4 My Q S ,X A '--Ns p . I. J it : ,, -.7-L."-0 ' U 1 - A-1 ' 1' wg. ,V JA ' "-A -, 4- Tl Q- q I 5' 4 if V f .ll X li , 5 I 's X 'vip THE REFLECTOR Published by the SENIOR CLASS OF TRAFFORD HIGH SCHOOL 1952 F OREWORD In the publication of this book, we have endeavored to acquaint you With the life in Trafford High School. When reading this annual, We hope that you Will be well pleased and that you will hold in your minds and hearts the memories of the Seniors of "52.v In addition to this, We hope We have placed before you a true reproduction of the activities and honors of our days spent in T. H. S. 2 s..--..,g1grIl., ,, amp TABLE INTRODUCTION Title Page ..,.,., Foreword A .,.... Table of Contents ......., Dedication .... ..,.,.. Administration ..,.. Faculty ,..,.,,., , . CLASSES Senior Class History ,. Senior Class Pictures ,........,.. ,,.,,.,, Senior Class History Qcont.J ,. .. Grade School Faculty ,.., ,... Snapshots , , .,,,... . 7 Junior Class History . ..., . Junior Class Pictures . ..,....,. . Sophomore Class History .. Sophomore Class Pictures .,..s.. O '1 CD O Z H D1 Z H Cn p-A 912222 CJDHACDIO 7-8 9 10-14 15 ., ., , 16 17 . 18 19 ,. . 20 .. 21 Junior High Class Histories ...s,s,,.,..... 22 Freshman Class Pictures 7 Eighth Grade Class Pictures .,......,r. . .,.... 23 H24 Seventh Grade Class Pictures ,... .r,.,.... 2 5 Snapshots ,, rrr.. .. .rrr.r ....,.rr.r , .H 26 CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS, ACTIVITIES Student Council ,.,...,..,,rr.r......r. .,.,,. National Honor Society Minstrel ,r,.,,....,,,.,......,,, ..., Junior Class Play .r... ..,, Varsity Club ...r.., , Stage Crew ., ....,., .....,r.t.......,,..r ,.... . , Future Homemakers of America ...r 28 28 29 29 r. ,. .. 30 M30 ...Sl Commercial Club ......,. ,....... 3 1 Chorus ..r,,.. ,,,..,...... .,...... 3 2 County Chorus . ........ 32 Tomahawk s........ ...rr.r. 3 3 Camera Club .,...... ....,... 3 3 Band 7. ..r,..,. . ,...... . 34 Majorettes . ...,.... 35 Cheerleaders .,... ,....... 3 5 Dramatic Club ., . ,r.r... . 36 Orchestra ,.,.. .. .,... 87 Beginning Band .r... r.,,..., 3 7 May Queen .......,,rr,,,,..,. r.r,, ....,.,, 3 8 May Queen Attendants .,.,..., .. 39 Senior Class Play ..,.. .... ...,,r,. 4 0 Reflector Staff A 41 Snapshots V...... .,..,s.. 4 2 SPORTS Football Squad and Coaches .. . ,.,.... . 44 Football Season ,. , .,.....,.,.... ,.....a.....,... . . 45 Varsity Basketball season and scores .. 46 Junior Varsity Basketball and scores ., 47 G.A.A, .. ,. . .... ....,..,,.........,........ .s..,. , 1 48-49 Junior High Basketball and scores .,.... 50 Baseball .,,.,..,,,..........,...s... ..r......., , Z ..,.. 51 Track r.., ,..,. 4. 52 Snapshots . ....r.,.. ...... . 53 Kindergarten ..r,.... . ,.,,.. 54 Autographs ..rr ,,,,A,,, 5 5 Patrons . ,,4,A 56 Advertisers 7. ,btn I 57-30 , V , , ,Y Y , -, -----rv, -YY- . I - 1 DEDICATIO Memor Et Fidelis To the Trafford boys who have entered the armed services of their country we dedicate this 1952 issue of The Reflector. We are proud that in this highly industrialized corner of the arsenal of democracy, honeyeombed as it is with factions subversive and coercive, that Trafford boys still believe in the American way of life so ardently that the cause of freedom, the relieving of the down- trodden and enslaved peoples is yet a rallying cry. We rejoice in the return of the many who have served their country willingly and faithfully and who once more are taking their places in our community life. We grieve for those who in the line of duty have been wounded both mentally and physically. YVe pray Cod to heal their wounds and remove all bitterness from their lives. We revere the memory of those who gave their lives in that last full measure of devotion, those whose brothers and sisters are our schoolmates. May they remember the devotion of these lost to us, and. through rainbows made from their tears, may they see that bright tomorrow, that day we are all striving for when a free people shall dwell in a peaceful world. To the memory of these who have served us we will always be faithful. 4 Indiana S.'li.C., B.S. in Ed. Unixvrsity of Pittslnlrgh M. lid. Cmitixlllrzl Ciillfiliilill alt NIR. ANDREW BRYAN CARNACK Supervising Principal California S.T.C., Ponnsyivzlnia Stutv Col- lcgv, B.S. University of PiitSi7l11'gi1 MA. Con- ? tinnf-cl work at Colnxnlviu and Uniw-rsity of Pittslnlrgli. MH. N. V. LLOYD Assistant Supervising Principal illiYl'l'Sity uf l'ittsl1n1'gi1. SCHOOL BOARD QI to Higlitj Mr. -Ianni-s Malik-y, Mr. llzlrry Svvillv, Nlr. Hurry rl, Mr, Alina-rt Hnssr-ll, Mr. john lIzn'tIvy 'S MR. R. L. ROBINSON High School Principal, University of Pittsburgh B.A. and M. Lette-rs, Continued education at University of Pittsburgh. French I, Ilg Sponsors Stage Crew and Minstrc-l MR. C. R. SCHROCK Assistant Principal Juniata Colle-ge, B.A. History 8, IV, and Driving. Faculty Manager of Ath- lctics. MISS IOAN JONES, SECRETARY MISS IRENE DOUCHERTY, R. N. MR. HENRY FERHI Grace Martin Sc-crctarial School. Mercy Hospital School of Nursing. Con- Carus-girl Te-ch, B.A. Music Supervisor, tinued oducation at Pennsylvania Statv Band Director. College and Duquesne University. MR. THOMAS HEAPS Lock Haven S.T.C., B.S. Ed: Continued education at Uni- versity of Pittsburgh, Math IVg Algebra II, Math 75 Plane Geometryq Track Coaclig As- sistant Football Coach MRS. LOTTIE B. HARRIS MR. DONALD A. RUCKLE Seton Hill College, B.S.- Bloomsburg State Teachers Continued education at Seton Collegvq B.S. in Commerce. Hill Collegcg Home Econom- Typing, Shorthand icS: Sponsor Future Home- makcrs ol America Club MRS. WAYNE NEIL Clarion S.T.C., B.A.g contin- ued education Indiana S.T.C., Duke Universityg Literature, Art, Ancient History, History of Pennsylvania, Civics MR. MELVIN EREMIC Slippery Rock S.T.C., B.S. in Ezlg continued education at University of P i t t s b u r g h. Physical Educationg Health: General Scienceg Drivingg llead Coach of Football, Baseball, lr. Hi Basketball, Sponsor of Boy's Varsity Club MR. RAYMOND SIEGEL Califomia S.T.C.. B.S. In Ed Continued education at Uni versity of Pittsburgh. Indus- trial Arts MISS EVELYN SHAULIS Thiel, B.S. Continued educa- tion at University of Pitts- burgh. J.B.T.g Shorthand Hg Bus. Lawg Bus. Engg Book- keeping I. Transeriptirm MISS MARY ELIZABETH BIERER Mount Union College A.B.g Pennsylvania State College: M.A.g continued education at Pennsylvania State College English I, IVg Latin I, IIg Sr. Class Play, Reflector, May Jaw MR. RICHARD TREMBATH Grove City College B. S. Continued education at University of Pitts- hurghg Biology: Chemis- tryg Physicsg Head Coach of Basketball MRS. C. V. LLOYD Wooster College B.A.g University of Pittsburgh M.A. Continued educa- tion at Chautauquag School Lihrariang His- tory II, IIIg Sponsor of N. H. S. MR. GEORGE KENYON XVestminster A.B. Uni- versity of Pittsburgh M. A.g English I, II, Illg Advisor to Tomahawkg Sponsor of Camera Club MISS LOIS SMITH Grove City College, B.A., Speechg English 7, 85 Art 84 Sponsors jr. Dramatic Cluh MISS AUDREY REMALEY Slippery Rock S.T.C., B.S. Phys. Eclg Healthg Lili. Sc.g Gen'l Science-g Girls Athletic Association MR. DICK T. SHANK Indiana S.T.C., B.S. Pennsylvania State Col- lege M. in Edg Geogra- phy 7, 8g History 95 Sponsor of Traifordians SENIOR CLASS HI TORY SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Betty Koepka .4...4,..,. ,, ,..,.. .,...,......,........,. S ccrctary Wilma Meager ,...,..,,..,,..,. .. , .......,,,.. Treasurer Mary Jane Marshalck ..,., .,,,... V ice President Anthony Asquino ,, In the fall of '49 our "Alma Mammyv was blessed with 57 original udiapered darlings" of '34 who with love in their hearts and brains in their heads sought to prove to upper class- men and teachers that they could conquer Latin, algebra, and English. To lead us through this new year we chose Marcia Cracion as President, and for some reason or other we can't remember the others. Those meetings proved that Marcie Cracion had the most powerful voice in the class! Chosen to lead our teams to victory were Mary Jane Marshalek and Irene Litwin. Others from the class played in the orchestra or band, those in the band were led by the twirling cuties of the class, Marjorie McKee, Marcia Gracion, and Arlene Neale. The two songbirds for the classg Josephine and Lexine Carter, were outstanding as vocal- ists for the school orchestra. jack Connor stood out among the grease paint dramatic group showing his talents as an End Man in the Minstrel and as the annoy- ing "Kid brother" in "A Date With Judy." .. President VVe thought our Freshmen parties would be Hops. But when the food was brought out, with everyone grabbing and gulping, they soon proved to be a huge success. VVhat would those boys do without the girls?? Our Freshmen year will be an everlasting memory in all our minds. It was the year when the school system was partially changed and also no freshmen attendants were chosen to honor the May Queenis court, which disap- pointed the girls. Coming into our Sophomore Vear we found that we lost quite a few of our members. Four of the fellows joined the service and the one girl, Elizabeth Wilson, moved to lean- nette. That left a total of 15 boys and girls. No one can say that the boys had the say so in the class, Elected by the members of the class were Herky Asquino, Presidentg Dick Hydak, Vice Presidentg Betty Koepka, Secretaryg and last but not least Paul Turkovich as our Treasurer. Speaking of Paul Turkovich we suggest that he take a course in bookkeeping! ASQLHNO,ANTHONY "Herky" Football . . . Baseball . . President of the class , . . Stage Crew . . . Minstrel . . . Interclass Basketball . , . Varsity Club President . . . Bernieis pal . . . seen chew- ing tobacco and wearing dumpy hats . . . Ambition: Millionaire, BANASIK, MARGARET "Marge" Commercial Club . . .C.A.A. . . . Never in the room when the late bell rings . . . Tiny but able to be heard . , . Seen with Mitzi and Vernie . . , Ambition: Take a long vacation. BEHE,ANN "Boho" Chorus . . . G.A.A .... Band , . , Cirl's Varsity . . . Cam- era Club . . . Tomahawk . . . Fligbtiest girl in the S-enior class . . . Interests lie in the Junior and Sophomore class- cs, Ambition: future WAC. BONDE. CERTRUDE ..Gert,, C.A.A .... Interclass basket- ball . , , Always seen with Twyla . . . Pet Peeve: Sneak- ing out of school . . . Soda Jerk . . . Favorite song of Cort and Twyla: "Smoke That Cigarette" . . , Ambi- tion: Get married. CARLHEIM, JOHN ..J0hn,, Band , , . Tomahawk . . . Camera Club . , . County Chorus . . . Mr. Schrock's pet . . . Senior Class Play . . . Refiector . . , Bragger of the class , . , Ambition: to make money. SEN IORS C52 10 BANASIK, ANTHONY ..Unt,, Manager of Football team . . . Track . . . favors Chem- istry class IFJ . . . Liked by all . . . One of the First Street Gang . , . Ambition: To get out of school. BARIC, MARGARET "Margie" Editor of the Tomahawk . , . Mr. Schrockis secretary . . . Chorus . . . Commercial Club , . , Always working hard . . . Ambition: Travel. BICLER, TWYLA "Bigler" Commercial Club . . , Cirl's Varsity . , . G.A.A .... Inter- class basketball . . . Ger- trudeis better half . , . Very fond of i'Mendy" . . . Band . . . Ambition: Join the Navy. CAPAN, MARY ..Mary,, Commercial Club , , . C.A.A. ... FHA .... QW... Liked by all . . . Ambition: Secretary. CARTER, JOSEPHINE uJ0sie1s Commercial Club . . . Cirl's Varsity . . . Interclass Basket- ball . . . G.A.A ,.., Heart interest lies out of town . , . Secretary to Mr. Ferri and Mr. Seigel . . . Ambition: Secretary, CARTER, LEXINE "Lexis" Commercial Club . . , C.A.A. . . . Interclass Basketball , . . Sin er of the class Secre g . . . - tary to Mrs. Harris and Mr. K e n y o n . . . Ambition: School teacher, CONSOLI, LaVERNE "Vernie,' Secretary of the Tomahawk, fwriter of Tommy Sezl . , . C.A.A .... Rellector . . . Fond of "Kelly" green . . . Treasurer of the Commercial Club , . . Always seen laugh- ing , . . Liked by everyone . . , Ambition: Nurse. GALLORO, ADDA "Bunny" Tomahawk . . . C.A.A. . . . F.H.A. , , . Commercial Club , . . Actress of the class . . . Fond of Mimi and perfume . . . drives a Chevie . . . Ambition: Nurse. GODICH, SAM "Godak" Track . . . Football , . . Inter- class Basketball . . . Varsity Club , . . joker of the class . . . All bones and no flesh! Jackis pal , . . He finally made itll Ambition: Boro foreman. HYDAK, RICHARD "Dick" Track . . . Junior Class Play . . . Paul's best friend . . . Always ready with a smile . . . King of Hearts . . , Fond of "Bunny" rabbits . . . Drives a Buick . . . Class Romeo . . . Ambition: Draftsman. SENIOR C52 11 CONNOR, JACK "Boz" Football . . . Track . , . In- terclass Basketball . . . Min- strel End Man . . , Senior Class Play . . . Always seen and heard . , . Good actor , . . Sam's pal . . . Ambition: Sam's helper. CORL, GENE "Poofie" Football . . . Track . . . Inter- class Basketball , . . Can't help being seen , . . Under- taker's'son , . , Favorite ex- pression: "I'll get you yet!" Ambition: Undertaker. CALORE, ROLAND "Junior" Baseball . . . Track . . . Seen but not heard . . . Favorite pastime: Hunting and fish- ing , . . Ambition: Sam's helper. CRACION, MARCIA "Mamie" Editor of Reflector . . . C.A. A .... Head majorette , . . Always ready for a good ar- gument . . . Seen hot-rodding in a Pontiac . . . Queen of Hearts , . . Secretary of N. H. S .... Baby of the class . . . Heart belongs to a cer- tain Senior at Penn State . , . Junior attendant . . , Ambition: College. KLIUCARIC, MARKO 41M arkn Hails from Patton Twp .,.. Football . , . Drives a Ply- mouth . . . Favorite subject: P. O, 'Favorite song: "Once in love with Amyf, Ambition: selling television. KLUKO, KATHERINE ..Kitty,, Commercial Club , . . C.A.A. . . , Tomahawk . , , Reflector . . . Favorite subject: Short- hand? . . . Fond of "Evo,' . . . Ambition: Travel and own a cigarette factory. KOLOSKI, MARGARET "Marge" Chorus , . . Camera Club . . . Senior Class Play . . . Com- mercial Club . . . 5' 2" eyes of blue . . , Fond of UTQXH . . . Ambition: receptionist. LUDMANN, MILDRED "Mickey" Band , . . Chorus . . . Toma- hawk . . , Reflector . . , "Billy,' makes her heart throb . . . junior and Senior Class Play . . . Class Poet . , . Ambition: Nurse. McKEE, MARJORIE "Marj." lligh stepping majorette , . . chorus , . . C.A.A .... Soda jerk at Weyanidtis . . . quiet . . . Ambition: Pharmacist MEACER, WILMA nvvimpyn Treasurer of Senior Class . . . C,A.A .... Commercial Club . . . Tomahawk , . . County Chorus . . . Band . , . Object of all teasing . . . Ambition: Own a ranch in Arivona. SENIORS G52 12 KOEPKA, BETTY ..Kep,, Commercial Club . , , Secre- tary to Mr, Robinson . . . Interclass basketball . . . jun- ior and Senior Class Play . . . Nice personality and disposi- tion . . . Mr. Scale's secre- tary . , , Class Secretary . . . Ambition: Private Secretary. LITWIN, IRENE uIn Cheerleader . . . C.A.A. . . . Object of her affection: Tub- by . . , Commercial Club . . . One of the Eighth Street Gang . . . Student council . . . Ambition: go to Atlantic City. MARSHALEK, MARY JANE "Cookie" President of Commercial Club . , . Vice President of Senior Class . . . N.H.S. . . . Secretary to Miss Barmak, Miss Bierer, and Mr. Shank . . . Daisy Mae . . , junior and Senior class play . . . Reflector . . . peppy cheer- leader . . . Ambition: Edu- cated hobo. MATULIA, JANET "Janet" Sophomore and Senior at- tendant . , . Commercial Club . . . Treasurer of Toma- hawk . . . Favorite song: "Bill,' . , . Baric's right hand man . . . Ambition: get mar- ried. NEALE, ABLENE 'KNeale,' Commercial Club . , . C.A.A. . . . Reflector , . . Majorette for three years . . . Junior and Senior attendant . . . Friend of everyone . , . Her interest goes to Clarion S.T, C ..., Dislikes school . . . Pretty . . . Ambition: Own a car and house. OGLE, JOHN "johnny" Track . . . Football . . , Manager of Basketball . . . Iunior 451 Senior Class Play . , . Quiet . . . Likes to ice skate . . . Ambition: Bas- ketball player. PEER, BARBARA nBarbu Possessor of beautiful brown eyes . . . Camera Club . . . Hails from Pitcairn . . . Fond of Eugene , . . Ambition: Mrs. Eugene Patrick. ROBINSON, DAVID "Dave" Football . . . Track . . . Var- sity Club . , . Interclass Bas- ketball . . . Lil Abner , , . Possessor of beautiful black hair . . . Neat Dresser . . . Cracionis Chemistry partner . . . Ambition: college. SNOPKO, HELEN "Helen" Commercial Club . . . Secre- tary to Mrs. Neil . . . Quiet- est girl in the class . . . Fond of Pitcairn . . . Ambition: Secretary. STANISIC, MARY ..Mary,, Tomahawk . . . C.A.A, . . . Reflector . . . Commercial Club . . . Junior Class Play . . . Color Guard . . . Secre- tary to Mr, Trembath and Mr, Ruckle . . . Pretty hair . . . Nice and slender . . . Ambition: Beautician or Sec- retary. SENIOR G52 13 PAOLA, CLARA "Clara" Commercial Club . , . Presi- dent of F.H.A .... Chorus . . . Possessor of beautiful teeth , . . always smiling . . , ambition: to attend business school. PETROVICH, SYLVIA asyln Commercial Club , . . F.H.A. . . . Chorus . . . G.A.A. . . . Favorite subject: Home Ee fill Interest lies in Mason- town . . . Loves to eat , , . Ambition: get rich quick. SMITH, IRENE asmittyv Tomahawk . . . Reflector . . . Chorus . . . Hails from Pat- ton Twp .... Likes to square dance and roller skate . . . Works at Pullens . , . Pleasing personality , , . Am- bition: to become a nurse. SN YDER, SHIRLEY ..Tiny,, F.H.A .... G.A.A .... Re- Hector . . . Possessor of long blonde hair and blue eyes . . . Drives Ernieis Hudson . . . Ambition: Mrs. Ernest Diemert. STANLEY, WILLIAM "Bill" Tomahawk , . . Senior Class Play . . . Camera Club . . . Likes to talk . . . always smiling . . . Likes to stump the teachers . . . Ambition: To succeed Mr. Trembath in Chemistry. TARBUCK, MILDRED "Mitzi" Girls Varsity . . . C.A.A. , . . Interclass Basketball . , . Our May Queen . . . Sophomore attendant . . . Likes Tommy . . . Commercial Club . . . Good Joker . . . Ambition: Future Beautician, TWARDOWSKI, BERNARD .Urubbyn Varsity Club , . . Track . , . Football . . . Baseball . . . Student Council . . . Stage Crew . . . Best Liked boy in the Senior Class . . . His heart belongs to Irene . , . Loves to play hookey . . . Ambition: To enter college. VENTURO, JEAN "Jeannie" Tomahawk , . . Camera Club . . . C.A.A ..,. Loves to pass out the Scholastic . . . lova- ble disposition . . . Every- one's friend . . , Ambition: To be a famous Chemist. ZICAROVICH, JOHN aziggyn Varsity Club . . , Football . . . Baseball . . , Basketball . . . Likes Blondes , . . Stage Crew . . . Pals with Herky , . . Ambition: to play for the Pirates. A , L SEN IORS G52 14 TURKOVICH, PAUL url-urku Football . . . Clerk in Lew's Clothing Store . . , Runner- up to Corl for the fattest boy . . . Loves to tease the girls . . . Always laughing . . . Ambition: To go into busi- ness himself. VECCHIO, MARGARETTE ravechss C.A.A .... Shrimp boat of the Senior Class . . . She's got a hot temper , . , favorite color is blue . . . Ambition: to grow. .X his WATTS, COLLEEN "Watson" Tomahawk , , . Camera Club . . . C.A.A .... Reflector . . . Chorus . . . Band . . . Always in a hurry . , . Beau- tiful complexion . . . Ambi- tion: Nursing. ZYHOWSKI, JOSEPHINE 1.-Iosiev President of N.H.S .... G. A.A .... Attends Westing- house Night School . . . . . , Pleasing personality . . . Likes chemistry class and the person who sits next to her . . . Ambition: To open a comptometer school. - -si-I-an-J na ' -1-r ' Senior Class History Continued Soon We were faced with financial prob- lems. Our first venture into the business world was a magazine sale which did not net large profits. In fact, no profit at all! But with bigger hopes and ideas we managed to hold a bake sale and were shocked at the money we made! The scholastic honors were held by Jose- phine Zyhowski, Margaret Baric, Marcie Cra- cion, Cookie Marshalek and Dick Hydak. The boys in the class weren't too ambitious. The May Queen attendants for that year were Mitzi Tarbuck and Janet Matulia who added beauty to the May Queen's court. Towards the end of the year we found out that we were almost bankrupt due to the fact that no dues had been paid. After the three month vacation we came back full of pep and energy, eager to raise 1noney!! With the aid of the Senior boys we man- aged to put on our Junior Class Play "All On Account of Louellaf' Bunny Calloro and Richard Hydak held the lead rolls of the play. Mary Jane Marshalek played the part of a typical kid sister, while Mildred Ludmann was the old maid aunt. We vowed next year to have an all girl cast. We just donit have any Clark Cables!! The prom presented our next problem. We still had fifteen boys and thirty-three girls. Unless something was done every boy would have to take 215 girls! After many battles with Mr. Robinson our class held the first open Prom in the history of Trafford High! We danced to Buddy Leeis orchestra and everyone vowed Qwhile arms were being twisted! that they had a wonderful time. On the football field the Juniors offered Herky Asquino, Tubby Twardowski, John Ogle, Paul Turkovich, Gene Corl, John Zigaro- vich, Dave Robinson, Jack Connor, Sam Godich, and John Carlheim. In basketball our pla ers were John Zigarovich, Dave Robinson, and,Herkv Asquino. Tubby Twardowski, Sam Codich, Dave Robinson, John Ogle, Dick Hydak, and John Carlheim were on the track team. On the Cirlis Varsity we had the ruflies of the class. Twvla Bigler, Mitzi Tarbuck, Jose- phine Carter, and Ann Behe. The Junior attendants for Mav Queen were Arlene Neale and,Marcia Cracion. For the Valentineis Day Dance Dick Hydak and Marcie Gracion were elected King and Queen of Hearts. Ah! finally after three years of long waiting we became the mighty Seniors of Trafford High. Once again we elected Herky Asquino, President, Mary Jane Marshalek, Vice Presi- dent, Betty Koepka, Secretaryg and Wilma Meager, Treasurer. We started another first by having the yearbook come out before graduation. But we'll have to find a way of getting around to the debt. The only plans made were having an auction and that only got as far as talking about it. Bunny Calloro and John Ogle carried the leads in the Senior Class play "Don't Darken My Doori' and proved that they were tops in acting. In the field of sports Herky Asquino, David Robinson, Bernie Twardowski, John Zigarovich, Gene Corl, and Jack Connor show- ed their talents in football. John Zigarovich was the only Senior on the Basketball team and proved mighty helpful to Mr. Trembath and the Team. We had a wonderful class party. Eating, dancing, and having pictures taken with every- one looking as crazy as ever. We also took a trip to Torrcnce. We had to explain to some of the attendants that some of us were really studentsC?J at Trafford. We promised not to mention it but Vernie Consoli ate all the way up and all the way back! Jack Connor displayed his talents as an End Man. He did his clowning on the stage for a change. Herky Asquino proved to be a very capable interlocutor. A few more of our seniors contributed to the success of the minstrel bv singing in the chorus. Herky proved to all of us that he was still the biggest brown noser for the year of 152. Sam Codich was the Class joker and from the last reports Jack Connor and Paul Turko- vich were in a neck to neck race seeing who could talk the loudest and break the most test tubes in Chemistry class. Ah, those were the days when everyone was trying to blow up the place or else burn someone with a bunsen burner. Mitzi Tarbuck was elected May Queen and Arlene Neale and Janet Matulia were elected Senior attendants. We close now saying that we have really enjoyed our teachers and classes. We all know that we'll miss everyone including Mr. Schrock and we'll treasure the wonderful memories? We end this with just one comment: We entered our Freshman year with our pockets full and our heads empty. We now leave our Senior year with our heads full C?! and our pockets empty, GR DE CHOOL FACULTY VESTA B. MILLER Trafford High School California State- Teac-lu-rs College Sth Grade JANET LEE BARMAK Peabody High School Duquesne University CBachelor's De-greej University of Pittsburgh fMaster'sJ Sixth Grade INIARIE G, NICCUSKER Trafford High School Slippery Rock State Teacliers College Fourth Gradi- DOROTHY K. NASER Turtle Creek High School University of Pittshurgh 5th Grade DOLORES NV. FITZVVATER Divine Providence Academy Edinhoro State Teachers Colh-ga University of Pittsburgh First Grade THELMA SMITHBURGER Uniontown High School Indiana State Teachers College Kindergarten NORMA B. ROBINSON Clairton High School California State Teachers College First Grade RECINA MAZICII Mount Nazareth Academy Duquesne University First Grade BETTY I. MARSHALL Greenslnirg High School Indiana State Teachers College Duke University University of Pittsburgh Second Grade UNIOR CLASS HISTORY The Shrimp boats are coming and so are the Juniors coming to the throne as Seniors. We have notoriously achieved this honor after striving for eleven years to reach the end of our goal. As 4'Young Saplingsi' we must admit we had a very striving class. VVe started this hectic year by breaking in two new teachers, Miss Smith and Miss Remaley. Our parties were quite exciting and will go down in history as being very vivacious. Our Freshman year was the beginning of our newly acquired high school years. We are now convinced we took it boldly. Opening our Sophomore year we elected class officers and commenced to build up our treasury department. Our bake sale added much to our petty Fort Knox. This was the year of the immortal Slip Slop Quartet. We will never forget their quivering in the min- strel. They finally pulled through with high honors. We were proud to contribute Marion Harvey and Frances Stojakovich to the May Queen Court. The girls were very successful in inter-class basketball that year winning the championship, while the boys contributed their talents to the Varsity. We were also proud that year to send Maryann Mikan as our donation to County Chorus. At the beginning of our present year we chose as President, Evelyn Morrow, Vice President, Bill Ogle, Secretary, J, P. Owensg and Treasurer, James Sage. We wish to thank the officers for their co-operation. To earn greenbacks for the annual prom, we sold magazines which proved not too suc- cessful. Also, we held a dance which was profitable and sold Christmas wreathes. Representing the Student Council were four capable students: Dave Josephic, Presi- dent, Jim Wracker, Vice President, Maryann Mikan and Mary Jean Ruffo. Chosen by popular vote Maryann Mikan and Mary Jean Ruffo represented the Junior Class in the May Queen's Court. On the gridiron we were proud to have donated our talent. Among those were: Tom McHugh, Dave Josephic, James Kelly, Joe Mazur, James Sage, Delmar Koepka, James Majernik, Jim Owens, John Kerin, Bob Smeltz, and Jim Morocco. WVe are looking forward to a successful season next year. Continuing their position as majorettes we have Dorothy Banasik, and Frances Stojako- vich. Marion Harvey and Anna Mae Nabuda are our peppy cheerleaders. Contributing to Mr. Trembathis Quintet are: Eddie Lenart, Dave Josephic, Joe Mazur, John McCann, Tom McHugh, and Graham Grubb. The basketball team has proved fairly successful. The Junior girls and Junior boys decided to match their basketball ability in an official game. The grudge game turned out with the boys on top winning by a few points over the well proved girls. This game was played under girl's rules. P. Owens seemed to get quite excited when the girls would surround him! All in all we had a very enjoyable eve- ning. We added another face to our Junior Class. A real southern rebel named Jim Moore. Jim hails from the famous winter resort, Flori- da. Having never seen snow before he came to Trafford, we were just as excited as he when the first Hakes fell. Jim "Texv Moore resides at Duquesne Avenue and can be seen driving a blue Ford. Having gained a new student we lost two. Bob Smeltz having moved away is now at- tending North Huntingdon High School. He left us after our reading of the tragedy, Mac- beth. We can understand his leaving after the great Shakespearean play. Also, Harry Corl left our notorious Junior Class. To the ever progressing Trafford High School Band we donated our own: Graham Grubb, Maryann Mikan, Violet Klimovich, Dorothy Banasik, and Frances Stojakovich. To the newly organized color guards Marion Ludmann and Mary Jean Ruffo were chosen. Mr. F erri deserves great credit for his achieve- ments. In the Minstrel this year as end men were Tom McHugh, Jim Morocco, and Eugene Patrick. ln the dramatic field we put on our pro- duction of "Thats' My Boyf, Portraying the characters were: Jim Moore, Jim Wracker, Anna Mae Nabuda, Frances Stojakovich, Don Schopp, James Sage, Dorothy Banasik, Mary- ann Mikan, Jim Julian, Tom McHugh, Mariet- ta De Frank, Mary Jean Buffo, Audrey Schel- ler, and Violet Klimovich. We wish to thank Miss Smith for her help in making the Junior Class play a success. We close our Junior Year with our hearti- est thanks to Mr. Heaps and Mr. Ruckle our sponsors. . , I U IOR CLASS lst row: I". cillpllll, Nl. Nlikun, A. Nllllllllil, lf. l7x'yclryd1, A. SL'lll'lll'l4, lf. Stojnkmicll. NI ID1'l'l'klIlk. j, c.1l1Jilll, C.. Stunlvy. Nl. Ijllllllilllll, -I, K4-lly, Il. full 2nd row: NV. Uglv, ll. LllI72lllUX'iCII. tl. McCann, li. XVulku, R. Slllvlfl. I. Sum-, D. AI0M'17lIiK f I. Nlumr. Cf. Lolltm-lulmim-r, W. liunlbvr, Mr. lla-alps lst row: XI. RIIHU. S. Izvvs, M. LllXK'I'4'I1L'l', V. c:ll1'llSU. -I. NI2lSfl'iillll1i. F. Morrow. V. Klimu- 2 xin-I1. Nl. l1ill'Yl'f', VI, Kc-rin, QI. xIUI1l'l'. -I. Jlllillll, D. lhnllalsic nd row: N111 Hula-kvl, D. Sn-lmpp, T. AIk'Iillj.'fIl,, tl. Stunisic, I. Owvns, IC. Le-xunrl, A. Brown, D, Km-pku. QI. XYruckc'1', -I. rN10I'Ul'l'U. J, IXIz1jvrnik. C. Cfulwb 19 SOPHOIVIORE CLASS HISTORY As usual our school year started with a bang. This was the result of our president's efforts to extract last yearis dues from us. Around the end of September we elected our class oflicers, which are as follows: Dolly Czapor, president, Betty Petrina, Vice Presi- dent, Lois Wanner, secretary, and Rose Bucar, treasurer. The Student Council members were Jackie Pratt, Eddie Krcelic, Pat Prines, and Chuck Jones. It was with the guidance of these faithful servants that we were able to get through the year without a mishap., The sophomore class contributed gal- lantly to the football team by the addition of Joe Frydrych, Mike DiCesare, Kenny Kinley, Don Lintner, Don Hopkins, Roland Dobos, Barry Brickle, Jim Furimsky and John Hartzer. We proudly contributed Betty Petrina to the ranks of our high stepping majorettes. We also had a group of musicians as band mem- bers. Leonard Colangelo, Jackie Pratt, Walter Trkula, Lois Wanner, and Certrude Meager. Adding a touch of class to the band was our color guard, Dolly Czapor. In October we staged a bake sale in Har- lich's Drug Store with the same purpose in mind-namely, moneyl We "made out" rather well in this, too, about SSO. Also, we can't forget those talented actors and actresses from our Latin II class, who put on a skit, under the direction of Miss Bierer. This was of course put on during football sea- son at one of our Pep rallies. In the course of the year we gained a promising addition to our class. His name, Chuck Jones, better known to all as Buck. He turned out to be a great and promising artist for our school newspaper, the Tomahawk. The sophomore basketball players were Bob Mathias, Bill Henkel, Barry Brickle, Den- ny Robinson, Jim Furimsky, Leonard Colan- gelo, and Eddie Krcelic. The sophomore girls who contributed to the C.A.A. volleyball, and basketball teams were: Patty Erwin, Dolores Fedor, Dorothy Fedor, Joann Cotch, Janet Iovino, Tance Leffler, Gertrude Meager, Mary Lou Merritts, Jackie Pratt, Eleanor Radosh, Pat Reed, and Lois Wanner. Frequent couples seen during the year were Elly and Mike, Bose and Rich, Pat and Bill, Jackie and Cap, Dolly and Bud, Barry and Anna Mae, Pretzel and Fran, Pat and Jim, Bunny and Yunny, and of course we can't for- get those three new romances which happened over the holidays, namely Jan and Paul, Wood- gie and Ron, and Chache and Myrrl. Oh, those out of town boys. At mid-term we lost one of our most popu- lar boys, Walter Trkula, to Penn Township. On January the seventh we had our first class party, our Freshman dues finally being in. This was a grand success and the boys, as usual, enjoyed the food. Toward the end of January we started an all out drive to raise money. In this we returned to the old stand-by of selling maga- zines. Our new student, Chuck Jones, came through with flying colors by selling the most subscriptions. While this did not make us millionaires it was fairly successful. As the old year went out with a bang, we found ourselves staring at the second Week of January, and came face to face with that dreaded time of exams. We then started look- ing forward to see if there were exemptions and who would be exempted. To our dismay we found only four teachers had exemptions and only the few students who had all Sis were not compelled to take the tests. Our hopes fell with a thud as the news circulated. To our amazement, the tests weren't as difli- cult as expected and no one needed to fear the consequences of facing our parents. And so we brought to a close our Sopho- more year and looked forward to a bright future in the hallowed halls of Trafford High School. ' I OPHO ORE CLASS lst Hmm'-Drmmtlmy XVisl111'ky, l'il'2lIlL'1"i 1,1'lIl1'1', I'z1l1'i1-111 111111, IJUIAUHIB' l"1'cl1u', Bvity c:L1XLllLlIlL'iLl Luis XY1111111111 H1-ity l'1'tri11a1. l,2ltl'il'ill IJl'ill'l'S. Nllllj 1,1111 Nll'l'l'iUS. l1lltI'iL'i2l l'1TXYilI. Illllllll Craig-l1,NI1'. K1-1151111 21111 IROXV-FIHIIII lI1l1't71'1', R1rl11111l lbwlms, XV11lt1'1' 'l'l'l111l11, 1111111 Y11ic'L, l3111'ry H1'ickc'l. Kt'11111'il1 Killlvf. lC11g1-111- Y1111z1s111 1.1-1111111411 CIol1111g1'l11, Cl1111'l.'s -I11111's. li11lJ1'l'l Nlaltllials st RUN'-IJOl11l'1'S c:Z2l17Ul', -lllilll Ml'lllIll'I', D11l111'1's l71'cl1114, L1m1'1'tl11 xvilCCAlI'0, .1111-kiv Plulll. 12lIll'l I11KiIlU. Xliss Sluulliw, cll'I'tl'lIIl1' Xll'1lQ'l'l', Now H111-111', Ibm- Xlurim- Salgv, lQl1'z111111' llzuluslu, Cf111'1mli111' Cl11r11i1'k ml ROXVlIJOIl1llll LiHtIli'l', Bill llvlllwl, lJl'IIlIiN li111xi1151m, .lov l"l'j'lll'f'L'Il. Xlike- Ui fj1'Sill4l'. l':llXXLlI'il KIT:-lic. -I111111'S Xvilllxlb, lylillillil llmwpkinw, .l11l111 Cf:11'11s11, .Iulm V1'11h1r11 :II SEVENTH GRADE HISTORY The seventh grade of 1951-52 has made their debut at Trafford High. They have had a very prosperous year with which they are well pleased. They have had several parties which came out beautifully with the help of Mrs. Harris and Mr. Seigel. While the boys were busy making things in shop they never used, the girls were busy trying to send delicious smelling odors through the halls from the Home Ec. room. A few of the girls didn't survive the break- fasts they made. But most of us were out of the hospital in a few weeks. If you see a few boys walking around without fingers you,ll know that they let the band saw get out of hand. But we all survived the tragic happen- ings of 7th grade to be here next year. We hope future seventh graders will have such a memorable year to look back on. We also hope that we havenit been too much trouble to the upper classmen and to the teach- ers. We all made a resolution to try to be better next year. EIGHTH GRADE HISTORY The "Dreadful Dansv of 1938 have at last reached the eighth grade. As the shepherd to lead our flock we chose George Mahr, The other officers were Vice President, Darlene Schrockg Secretary, Norma Iean Bradley, Trea- surer, Joyce Simmons. Our student council representatives were juliann Bayko, Darlene Schrock, Pat Di Ceasare and Gilbert Burkel. We had two successful parties, Halloween and St. Valentine,s Day. The boys were a little bashful at first but Mrs. Neil soon got them over that. Our class increased by acquiring two new boys, Dick Morgan and Larry McCoy. The eighth grade was well represented this year in the gym exhibition. Some of the boys showed their skill on the mats doing wrestling and tumbling. Some of the boys were chosen to square dance with twelve girls. All in all, overlooking the bumps and bruises the boys must have gotten, the eighth grade came out on top. We want to thank Mrs. Neil and Mr. Shank for all their patience in trying to control our class. We are anxiously awaiting next year when weill be taking Latin, Algebra, and Ir. Business Training. We hope our year as "Creenies', turns out as well as this year did. FRE SHMAN CLASS HISTORY On September 4, 1950, the Freshman class with high hopes and a keen sense, entered a new era of their education. It was the same building but how different it looked when seen through Freshman eyes. "At last we have arrivedf, was echoed in each heart. But our serenity was dashed. We found that we were still ninth graders members of the junior High. We elected our class officers-President, Bardo Calloro, Vice President, Edward Hora- nic, Secretary, Eva Jane Bruno, Treasurer, Antoinette Morocco. Our members showed interest in the various school activities avail- able. Take a look at some of the activities we entered: Student Council, Reflector, and Tomahawk representatives and Freshman cheerleaders were chosen, Dramatic Club, Camera Club, Band, Jazz Band, Traffordians, Football Team, junior High Basketball, Cho- rus, interclass basketball, C.A.A., F.H.A., and the Minstrel drew many of us. Intermingled with the serious were the gay times, one of which our Freshman Party, was a great success. Dancing and a delicious lunch kept us in a happy mood. Miss Smith and Mr. Trembath worked diligently for our pleasure and we would like to thank them and say how much we appreciated their kind- IIPSS. FRESHMAN CLASS Front RIDER'-1K'1:1 to right: -Ii111111y V111-11i11, B1-tty V1-1-1-11io, Eva Jlllll' B1'111111, C1111'11 D1-111osso, 1111111-rt SQQ111-5, 1l1L1VVilI'C1 Bllgiski, -1ll1llll1l' 1X'14'2lgl'l', 1511111111 X'Yil1L'0lll'1, 1111111-rt Dr1111111i1-, E111-1111 x11ltll11il, F0111 M111'1'ow, Miss S111it11 Back Row-Carol 1311ss11r11. 111111-11 S111'11i11g, A1111'1't Snwsuk, -111111 KZIIT, 51111111 A11t111111y, 15I1l2l11lll'1 K1'llpLll', 111111111 l'1-111-111-11, NI111'io11 St11c111-11 1311111111 Dixons, 1511111111 1,1111c11-1'11z1c1i, A11t111111y Zig11r11x'i1-11, 13111111111 F111Jyo11i1' Front Row-left to right: Y11r1111i1'11 C11111-ts, R11113' St1J1'1111-r, Putty Kz1i11, 1Tl'l'C1 S11r111111'x. C111'1111 A1111 C11r11111-11, M11rj11ri1- S1-11opp, 1111t11 1DlIllllll, 131-ssiv St111111-y, 13111'111111i111- x111illll, A11t11i11111t1 x1llI'l1l'l'l1. 17111511 Czunp, Mr. '11l'l'll11lil11l Second Row-NQ1111-y N1L'Kl'l', Vl'1llI1l 1511111113 1i1111i1' 11111'1111i1', 11ll11l 111111111111. -1111111 B111'1i. 1311-11 C1'11t11, NIi1111i1- B11y11, 151111 Cl1111111'o, 13111 11lll'Ill'11, KL'll11l'11l S1'11111'i11111'. N1111'xi11 1Jl'1Y0Y1L'1l 23 EIGHTH CR DE 'irst How-Icft tn right: hl. Sq-Impp. II. I'1I'LllN'f'. K. Cfurtm-1', C. Zigm-min-lu. ID. Nignw. -I. Xiang:-11 1 II, Nunn. CI, I7iX, I3. KupuitwIq'. I'. Calrtvr. F. xIflI1l'Ill'L'Ii. K. YZIVIIIYU, NI12 SIMHIQ ccond How-L, Xvk'llIIlI'U, -I. Stzulisiu, li. Czlpf-ls. II, I3a1yIw. C. Z4-luxivu. II. Yk'2lIL'. -I. CIIIIIIVHI 1 NI. Xllllll, II, IIUIIU, Il. 'I1I'2l.IiIL'klllI1'. I". Clcign-r TI1irrI Row: rl, 'I1llI'L'Ililll, I'. DICIL'S2ll4l', -I. I31u'Sin'. -I. CfI1iuppvta1, -I. I311Iwn, I'. XIa1tI1i:m. If. Cup: S. Ilnxgumxc, Xl. li41lm.W. III-In-I, IC. Cigin-I1 'irst How-Ieft to right: Bl. Dc-nt. K. SL'IlIlCIKIl'l', N, B1'z1cIIm-y. -I. NIiIczm, A. 'I'1mm-Iam-Ii. K liurlwl, I.. SIn1wI1'y,lI. I'mssslt1. -I. Slllllllllllh. I'. NV1sImIxy. N. XILI-li'l'IllL'Ii.II1. Duns. Nlrs. Ns 1I econd Row-XI. I'Illl'IilIillYIL'II, -I. Nlalrlinu, L. CIl1sI1. If. SmitI1IJmx'm-r. II. cIl4UUIxSIUIl, IC. Xlazmlulu II. I7umIiw. ll SQ-In'm-k, ID, Smith, Nl. I,lllli'4'XICIl, C, INIQIIII' TI1irtI Row-K. Null. II. IIim'1', I. Cfinlprin-Il, N. Yillllllli, C. I5rmx'11. D. fIlIIllIIIILlIl1lIlI. II xIUI'LfllIl. I5. xII7I'l4llL'U, B,C1rm-n,.l, IJ1lIN'l'LlIx. C. KIIIAIY 21 EVE TH GR DE First Row-T, IDVSIIIUIIIL X. Cfzuallullcizl, D. Iiisllvl, AI. Kzlrhll, Al. xYill'L'ill'U. Xl. Cutcll. li ClC'i1.Il'lx,I4.f.IlHlNl'l4, I. lh1flu,S.Sks-lhgNIr.S4'lg11'l Second Row: A, lirmxwl. NI. Clllminglmln, A. Paul. N, XVulku, K. Nlutlmla, NI. x2ll'SklfSkl, C I:-nklns. IJ. 'I'wnrclmxsky, li. Caruso Third How-D. lDl'LlQllll1lL', QI. Nlomv. B. limcllm-y, VI. Cullivvr. -I. l'4'triL'hku, XI. N1-wnum 'irst Row-left to right: fl. I'11.scuclu1', S. Camp, ll, Dc'Frunk, S. Clruluunl, AI. Bursic, IJ. XVislucln ,l. lDl"lkl1llC. QI. cIl'l'ClJlll'. KI. l"1'm'sl1, j. Kupylolu-ck, V. M. Smith, I.. W lIIlI7ll'I'. Mrs, Ilan' ccund Row-l'. Nluruccu, li. Falulk, -I. Dumm, BI. Nuhudu. NI. A. Snupkn. -I. Yinu-. XV. KlliSil C. 314111-1mx.L.liist,AI. Imi11u,A.XY11sllkrx Third Row-XY. Lalwscm, XY. fl2llUI'!', D. Smith, NY. Xliknn-lu, Xl. Kh-inhzms, K. Yul11'q'l1m-uk. IS Dawg In-rty, It lXlilXHl'1l 25 26 HHPS Lvft to right- How to he populur "Paul and Mitziu NVQ support each other 'tliolf' looks at Pvnn Twp. "janet" NVe-'ro never in n hurry nftvr school Double- qumtcttc Over thvrc Flushf-cl by a Hash "joan" Hvr fntlwr thinks the 0utsiclc"Q safe-r NVlu-n we wvrv younger I. J. how could you! The Huvor's lvmun A comer is ll chilly plzlcc' HL- wouldn't lot us drive it Ambitious A guy and il gal. .X 'NNQRSSQ . CTW I jf I8-S 'L x K KC Mug Qfqam Zafr 10118 Q ' 27 ST DE T COUNCIL lst, Row-B. Nlilcan, QI. XYrackcr, D, .lost-phic, P. Print-s. -I. Pratt, li. Krc-clic. tl. kloncs. M. Miltan, lt. Croth Zncl Row-ll. Yccchio, Nl. liuflo, I. Lilwin, C. Nlarshalclx, 'l'. .-Xscniiiio, li. 'l'warclowski, lt, Pcacocli Tho Stuclcnt Council was organixccl in Scptcmhcr this ycar with Davc Jose-phic, Presitlcntg Alim XVraclicr, Vicc Prcsiclcntg Tony Asc'-uino, 'l'rcasurcr, ancl Hcrnaclinc Mikan. Sccrctary. The first projcct unclcrtakcn hv the group was a clothcs collcction campaign. Fivc hoxcs of clothcs wcrc scnt to a poor family in Kcntuclxv. To show thcir apprcciation this familv scnt thc council a largc lmox of natural holly which was usccl in tlccorating for thc animal Christmas Formal. livcn though thc crowd was not largc at this clancc. thc group cniovc cl tht- music ancl clccorations. NATIONAL HG OR OCIETY Thc Tratlorcl Chaptcr of tha- National llonor Socicty sclccts as its mcmhcrs stuclcnts in thcir .lunior ancl Scnior ycars who havc rcccivecl honor graclcs in tlicir suhjccts. Thcv arc also juclgccl on Lcaclcrship. Scholarship, Scrvicc, and tfharactcr. lt is customarv for cach scnior mcmhcr to rcccivc a golcl pin at thc initiation ol" tht- Junior mcmhcrs. The initiation of junior mcmhcrs was an imprcssivc sight. Each ncw mcmhcr lit his small cancllc. signifvingg his scholastic lifc, from four largcr cancllcs signifving, Lcaclcrship, Scholarship, Scrvicc, ancl Charactcr. This vcar thc oiliccrs arc: Ioscphinc Zy- howski, Prcsitlcntg Nlarv lanc Nlarshalck. Vic:- Prcsidcntg Marcia Cracion, Sccrctaryg Margar- ct Baric, Trcasurcr. Xlcmhcrs oi' thc socictv arc cligihlc to takc compctitivc cxaminations tor scholar' ships, Bcsiclcs thc scholarships awarclccl. tlwrc is an cxtra prizc of a trip to Brazil. South Xl Xlushah-lt. Nl. llaric. Nlrs. Lluyfl. hl. Zyhmxslti. fx'W'l'l4'3l- Nl. tlracion QS M NSTREL Using a copyrighted script from the lack Adair Production Conipauy of Illinois. Nlr. Ferri and Mr, Robinson spent February re- hearsing a cast for "Your llouie Town Minstrel Showfi To the veteran end men. Patrick, Mc- Hugh, Couuor. and Colaugclo. two ucw- comers. Nlorocco and Hartzer were added to the list and llerky Asquiuo took the job of Interlocutor. The hit of the evening was the Varsitv Club presentation of "NVesquirc Calendar Cirlsi' a pautoinine presentation of Esquire Magazine Vargo Girl Calendar. UNIOR CLASS PLAY The coufusiu' hut coinical play held lw the junior Class. uThat's My Boy," made it's debut on Noveinlmer 15th after the usual trials and tribulations. YVL- will never forget Iuuior Q-liunuy Nloorej climbing through the lialcony window, or Olga QDorotliy Banasikj who was inadlv in love with Alvin Qiinmy Sagej the hutlcr. nor will we forget any of the others. VVe,d like to thank Miss Lois Smith for her co-operation, and guidance. we would also like to thank the stage crew and our prolnpters. IUNIOR CLASS PLAY First How - Nl 21 r 5' ll n u Xlikau. .'XIlllI'l'f' St-In-Ili-r. lfrances Stoizikoviclu. Nlar- ietta Dc lfrank. Dorotln' Banasik, Nlary -lean llullio. Anna Mae Xalwucla. Violet Kliiuoxicll. Xliss Slllllll Second Row - IJ o ll a l tl Scliopp, AlillIll'S Xloore. .lauues Xvl'llL'lil'I'. ,Ianni-s Sage. Tom XI c ll u gg lu, .lauues julian MINSTREL ENDMEN First Row-lL to Riglitl -I. Connor, AI. llartzer. 1. Morocco, E. Patrick, L. Colangelo. T. Nlcllugli Back Row - Nha ltolminson A. Asquino. Nlr. F4-rri 29 First Row-Mr, Ercnric. Bernard Twardowski, Anthony Asquiuo, john Zigarovich, David .Iosepl1ic, Grahanr Grubb, Noland Galore Cene Lorl Second Row-AI11l111 lxlfclllllll, -lauu-s XVl'Llt'l'ii'I', lll0IllilS Mcllugh, Iiillilgle,Sa111tl11dieI1 T CE CREW The stage crew had in its group tl1is year, Seniors: Herky Asquino. john Zigarovich. Bernard Twardowski, Richard Hydak. llllfl Juniors: loc Mazur, Dave josephic, a11d Eddie Lenart. Their priniary purpose this year was put- ti11g up the auditorium chairs, due to the fact that tl1e stage productions were few. The stage crew Clliillxll their year with a din11er and sl1ow given by tl1e school for ap- preciation of their work. lldward Ll'llLlI't, ,IUSVIDII Nlaxury David li41l1i11so11, V RSITY LUB 1y1-. till! Varsity Club ineinbcrs. lllltltjl' the direction of Nlr. Eremic had a very successful year through tl1e cooperation of all tl1e mem- bers. At tl1e first of the year we elected to office Herky Asquino, presidentg Bernie Twar- dowski. vice-presidentg Dave josephic. secre- tary, a11d john Zigarovich, treasurer. Wle wish to thank our officers for their leadership during the year. Our first activity was til? selling of Christ- 111as cards which proved very profitable. NVe also sold sweat shirts a11d put out football pa111pl1lets that added to our treasury 11eeds. Our dances proved very profitable a11d we built quite a group of supporters from other scl1ools. All these activities helped to finance our yearly awards of jackets which every rnember received. NVe also awarded jackets to tl1e coaches, tl1e hand leader. the athletic director. a11d the principal. XVe of the Varsity Club. after closing a successful year leave our best wishes to future letterinen. XVe also hope that they will be as successful as we were ill obtaining their varsity awards. F. H. A. Front Row-lvl! tn right: Yi-ronica Caps-ts. Sllirll-5 Eves, Nlargarvtlc YQ-rollin, lllllly Sta-vklvr, Hia Bruno. Margarl-t Knloskl. Nlarua- l'l'l l'lallasiL', lilainv Yal- vonrt, Hvrllaclilw hllliklll. Anna Mae Nalflltlal. Lor- 4-tta Vacraro. Bl a r 3' Capan. Mrs. Harris Second Row-l'lils'1-ll Sla- tlllia. Carol Bllssarcl, Hvs- siv Stanlz-3, How Sagv. Twyla Higlw. Aclda Gal- loro, Hvl4'll Sx'l'I'linl1, Yel- lllil Bonclv. Ivan Karr. Carole Carllauli, Certrllda' Nleagvr Third Row-lrvllv l.itxvin. Clara Pkllll, Arlvlw Nt-alv. Elizabeth FI'y'llI'j'L'll, Ann Bl-ln-. Ruth Holland. Don- na Div:-ns. Sylvia Pctro- lil-ll Commercial Clull First Row-XI. 1, ltllflo. XI. Lawrl-m-1-. -I. Zi-llhn-r. Vt'L'L'lliu. Nl. Kuloslil. l., Consoli. I. Xlatnlia, l'. lh-1-ml. l". la-lllvr. l., Cal'- tvr. ll. l"l'tllll', Nl. il. Xlar- sllalvli. ll, l"l'1lol'. Xlr. llllulill' Svcond Row--ll, llnnlh-. 'lf llilllvlg j. Yvlltllro. Xl. 'llill'lHIL'l'i, M. Bllll2lSll'i. ,l. Nlastrianni. C. Capan. B. Cavalallcia, .-X. Calloro. Nl. Czlpall. H. Sllnpko, J. cl2ll'U'l'. H. Sage- Third Row-C. Clornick. C. Paola, P. Princs. ,l. Gotvll, F. Stojakovivll. Nl. Dt-Frank. D. Banasik. A. Nz-alr, I. Litwin, NI. Har- vey, NI. ML-rritts Fourth Row-P. Erwin. K. Klnko. C. Stanlvy. XI. Stanisiv, S, PL-trovit-ll. B. Kovpka, Rl. Lllillllilllll COMMERCI L CL B The Cl0IIllUCI'Clkll Chill sponsor is Xlr. Rllckle. The officers arc Nlarl' lam- Nlarsha- lek. Presitlelltg Franc-vs la-fllvlx Vice- Plvsiclvlltg Nlilclrccl T2Il'l'JlICli. SCCl'l'till'l'L lJ2lhvl'l'll0 Consoli. Treasurer. To join thv clOIIlllll'l'Cl2ll Chill ont- must take at least Ollt' ClUIllIlll'l'Clill slllljcct. The QlOIllIllt'l'Clill Cluh hclcl its annual clancv on F0l7l'llL1l'y Ttll. which qllitc a fm-W illfl't'Ililltil. llcfmslllllellts wmv sclwvcl and wv clancvcl to rccorcls. This clnh hasnt IIIZIIIV functions but is still in cxistellcv. Tho 'l1I'1ll'l0l'Cl Chaptcr ol' the Flllllllt l'lUllN' Makers of Alll6'I'lCl1 is colnposvcl of girls that havv one or ll'l0l't' ycars of llOlNCll1L1lilllj2,'. This vvar thc' girls had a vt-rv SllCCtlSSllll veal: Mrs. Ilarris was tht- sponsor. Clara Paola was PM-siclvllt. B6l'll1lCllllt' Nlikan was Vice Pl'Q'SlCl0llt. Anna Klart Nlllllllltl was Sccl'v- tary, and Sllirlex' Eve-s was TI'CtiiSlll'611'. fllli' of our most flllwtllllillllg projt-cts was lllL'lt'Zlll0l'f,1JCll House. WT also had a Christ- mas clinncr and the girls 0XClli1llf.:C'll gifts. UNTY'CHORU' Four Seniors, NVihna Meager, Marcia Cracion, john Carlheim, and Paul Turkovich attended the NVestmoreland County Chorus at Derrv Township High School. Mr. lohn Raymond of Lafayette Collgce was guest conductor. Besides heing a won- derful conductor. he had a pleasing personal- tv and a keen sense ot humor. 1 Most of the time was spent in exercising our vocal chords. But in our few minutes for recreation we managed to meet quite a few other students. All of us agreed that we had a wonderful time even it we did have sore throats. Pa. Galore, Nl. Petrovich, Turkovich hl. Hnflo, S. l.aWrence, C, Al. Meafer, I Higler, A. CHORU Under the direction of Mr. Henry Ferri, th sixty memhers of the Chorus again proved themselves to be one of the most active groups in the school. This vear the Chorus has taken part in the Christmas Pageant, Minstrel. Baccalaureate. and Commencement. In addition to their regular practices the Chorus gave a very suc- cessful concert with the hand. To raise money. candv was sold at noon- time each day. Mr. Ferri should he congratulated on his remarkahle Work with the Chorus. Second Row - CIIORUS Front Row, left to rightf DeF rank M. Stnkor, C. Stanley M. Ludmann, C. VVatts, M. McKee. B. Knepka, M. Ludy- mnun, R. Hydak. 1 H. Croth, Evcs, M. Delliosso, Smith, I. atulia, T. g, . Matulin, E. M Galore. H Ventura, H. Sei-Hing, M Gracion, A. Nnlmda Third Row-I. Connor E. Krupnr, A. Sawsak, F. Camp, C. lNIeager, H. Cavalnncia. F, Capan. B. Pctrina, Nl. Anthony, H. Sage, Ii. Vaccaro, L. YVanner, M. Baric, M. Koloski, D. Divens, Mr. Ferri Fourth Row-I. Carl- lieim. P. Reed, B. Vec- chio, F. l.eFHer, E Bruno, D, Clapor, Nl Mikan, XV, Meaxzer, B Peer, V. Kliniovich, C Paola, C. Boncle, E Loudcrhack Fifth Row-C. Curl, D Linter, C. Crchh, D Fedor, D. Fedor, E liadosh. E. Frydych, C Bussard, I. Karr, A Hehe. K. Kluko, F. Sto- inkovich, A. Scheller D, Banasic COUNTY CHORUS C. Cruhlm, AI. Carlheini VV. Meager, M. Craeion P. Turkovich. Mr. Ferrl I. first Row-IJ. XVislor'k5 . '. Reed. J uValnner, L, V.rL'L'aro. B. '1-trina, li. Pmear, ll. J xleager, j. Second Row-J. Barsie. 5. Delfrank. NI. Stanisic. xl. Barrie. Nutts. Nl. Nlerritts. H, Coepku. Xl. Ludnnrnn. Nl. ,udrnann, favalancia, A. Hehe, Nl. 1 arvey Third Row-I.. Snyder, E. Bruno. P. Kain. ll. C llx XI l Scales. .. ln, Z. Youreheek, -I. lovi- ln, IJ. Draganae. C. feraviea, N. lValko. H, Jnnnn, M. Anthony. Nlr. lenyon fourth How-ll. Serflinu. . Cinihora. V. Bnnde. C. Sussard. F. Camp. ll. likan. L. Consoli. j. rlatulia. I. Smith. -I. Ven- uro, Ni. Nlikan. NV. Klea- Jer, A. Calloro 'ifth Row-D. Sehopp. cl C ln V l. Hels - , floroceo. E, Lenart. D. osephic. B. Nlnthias CAMERA CLUB 'irst Row: C. XYatts, .l. hawlcy. E. Bruno, I. lo- ino. J. Gotch. L. NVnn- er, H. Serfling, D. lViw- rcky, H. Scales. Hr. Ken- on econd Row: H. Sage, H. ucar, D. NVisloeli3. P. fines, M. Lndrnann. B. ver, Ventnro. D. ehopp. K. S4'llm'iclel'. -l. llian hird Row: Xl. Koloski. , Belle, J. Moore. l. fraeker, C. Jones. li. lathias. G. Crnhlu . Gnteh. L. lratt. J. lovino K. Kluko, C. R. Sage, B. 7' . . . Nam- .. .o es. . TO IAH WK The Tomahawk with Xlr. Kenyon as ad- visor. started off the year with a trip to the Pittsburgh Pressg this is to become an annual event. The staff conducted the May Queen poll and sponsored a Valentine Dance at which the Queen of Ilearts was crowned. Plans are now underway for remodeling the Toniahawk room. Staff department heads were: Editor- Margaret Baricg Secretarx'-LaVerne Consolig Treasurer - Janet Matuliag Copy Editor - Mickey Ludmanng Exchange-Irene Smithg Sports-Colleen lVattsg and Typist-Betty Koepka. The new junior editor is Marvann Mikau. juniors and Seniors will receive awards for their outstanding work at Senior ASS9lTIl7lV. AMERA CL B The officers are -THINGS lulian. President' Graham Cruhh. Vice Presidentg Pattv Prines. Secretaryg James YVracker, Treasurer. On the Camera Club Held trip to Bushy Hun. pictures were taken and processed hv the menihers on their return. Profit from the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance was used to purchase a printer, photo Hood lights, and a developing tank. A sale of Christmas cards. wallet-sized pictures and a friendship dance with Pitcairn in March were other methods of raising money. For Open House, the Cluh exhibited pic- tures taken hy the mernhers and in Fehruarv displayed the annual Scholastic Award Ex- hihit. BAD First Row: M. liulio. D. Draganaclx, D. Smith, l". Cainj. ll. Nicagcr. T. Higlcr, M. Milian, NV. Mc-agcr, C. Car- naclc, L. NVanncr. B, Klimovich, AI. Pratt. lil. Matnlia. Mr. Fcrri, Dircetorg D. Czapor. Second Row: M. Stanisic, pl. Simmons. D. Schrocli, A. Sawsak, L. Consoli, D. Croolxston, CI. liurltcl, Ii. Scales, Pm. Geiger, M. Dent. C. Pascador, S. Camp, P. Kain. Nl. Ludmann. Third Row: C. NVatts,lI. Brown, D, Divcns, E. Krupar, Cl. Mcager. J. Karr. A. lit-Ia-. 1. Moore, D. Clroth. ll. Calloro, -I. Capan, Al. Turcllan, R. llincr. Fourth ROW: L. Colangelo, D. Cunningham, T. Davis, bl. Carlheim, G. Clruhbs, B. Ilelscl, M. Ludmann, NV. Morocco, li. Green. Absent: 1. Chiapctti, 01. Frans-y. Our school Band is progressing under the fine direction of Mr. Ferri, To our now 6:2 piece band we have added a new tuba. 3 inelophones. and three trumpets. We have added four color guards, Mary Stan- isic, Dolly Czapor. Marion Ludinann. and Mary lean Rufio. Mr. Ferri has started up a Jazz Band. The band played for two concerts this year and was present at all the football games and also played for Pep Rallies and May Day. For the County Band, District Band. and High District Band, members of the Trafford band are selected to represent us. VVe marched for the Halloween Parade for which we received ten dollars. NVe attended the Football Band Banquet as guests of the Lions Club. The Band officers were, President -Graham Crubbs, Vice President - Buddy Galloro, Secretary-LaVerne Consoli, Treasur- er - Leonard Colangelo, Librarian - james Moore. Nine Jackets were received by Sen- iors, Colleen VVatts. john Carlheim, NVilnia Meager. Marcie Gracion, Marjorie McKee. LaVerne Consoli. Mildred Ludmann, Twyla Bigler. Ann Behe. This year has proved very successful and Mr. Ferri looks forward to even a better year. next year. AIORETTE The Majorettes, along with the band, are one of the main clubs around football season. This year we are going to lose two of our "high stepping majorettesf our leader, Marcia Gracion, who has lead us through a very suc- cessful year. and Nlarjorie McKee. During the year, they have done some yery interesting stunts such as the 'iMerry Go Round Broke Downf, uThrec O'clock in the Morningf' and 'Come On To My Housef, Their twirling was much improved also for Marcia drilled and drilled. The Majorettes held a dance for the pur- pose of earning money for trophies for the graduating seniors. They are Marcia Cracion, who has completed six years as a inajorette, and Marjorie McKee, a five year record. This year there was something new tried in the routine. Since jazz was very popular in band music, the only thing to do was to have jazzy dance steps that kept everyone pepped up from beginning till end. The oncoming Seniors will be Frances Stojakoyich and Dorothv Banasik. The others in the group are Dolores and Dorothy Fedor, and Betty Petrina. Two new ones will be chosen for the coming year. MAJORETTES Row 1-M. Graeion Row 2-D. Banasik, M. McKee Row 3-F. Stojakovich, D. Fedor, D. lfiedor, B. Pctrina CHEERLEADER The Cheerleaders of Trafford High School started their 1951 season full of pep, ready to lead our team through the football games. Our team was not successful in winning all their games. but they always did their best in supplying the pep. After the football season got started the faculty and two senior cheerleaders elected two attractive freshman cheerleaders who are Margie Schopp and Betty Vecchio. They also held quite a few dances so it would be possible to buy their uniforms of brown skirts and boleros with white blouses. Many new cheers were drawn up with fancy motions to go with them. They also contributed their services to making a success of all the pep 1'allies with little skits to 1'CPI'C- sent the team played that week, Mary Jane Marshalek and Irene Litwin, our two graduating seniors, received varsity jackets from the cheerleaders in appreciation for their four years of fine service. Next year Anna Mae Nabuda and Marion Harvey will lead you in your class cheers. CHEERLEADERS B. Vecchio, F. Leffler, M. Harvey, I. Litwin, M. nl, Marshalek, A. Nabuda, P. Reed, M. Schopp DRAMATIC CL B Itow I: C. I'11SL'ztfIm'. X, f:1lNilItlIlCIil, QI. I5au'sic'. AI. IDI'2lIxIIIIL'. Cl. I"Cl'l'SL'Il, XI, Clrmtcll. XI. IJUIII. I., XN'mimIt'11 XV. ilixlmv, QI, IIIIIIU. A. 'lbtmvlit-I-k. XV. Iiuis:-1' IIUW 2: XI. IiAIl'I2lIitIXIi'Il, -I. Imimx, NI. XVNYIIIIIII, -I. Imimi, Nl. fillllllillgillllll, Z. XiUtll'L'II4'L'Ix, lf. Dumm. NI. AntImm'. It. Xt-uIc', XI. Klt-iiilmns, V. I3mm1It', II, fXIiIiam. A. NIoi'm-vu, I. Iizlylm Row 3: C, liilwailtl, II. Itvut-ut-Ii, 15. I,t'Il'III2l. ID. Ihaigzllmc, C. fvluuican. N. N14-KW. 'l. Cliiiiimm, S. Slwllwy, Ii. Iiunwlr. I... Y1lt'L'ill'U, IC. Nlutuliu. I". Cuinp, N, Mztjc-rniIQ, IC. SmitI1Imwt'1', Nliw Smith Row 4: -I. IXILIIIIIIKI. A. I'zwIzL, N. NY1lIIw. ff. Ala-nixins, -I. Colvin. II. Svrlling, I'. IJIIIIKIIS. IJ, SL'IIl'tK'IQ, XI. Lupcciicii. -I, ciIllllJI4IL'II. CI. Iirmvn. D. cilllllltllghlllll First How: II, Dmkiiiic, D. Ntcmigznii, Cl. l3urIct'I, C. Ifix. D. Smith, IC. SIIIAIUQIVZ, IC, Iiugiski. Second Row: NI. Smxpko, -I. Dumm. V. Smith, NI. Nnimnlu, P. IxIlll'UL'CtI, C. Ihcmiu. L. ltisl S. Clmlimii, Y. Cups-ts, N. I3mcIIm'y. ID. Nigru. Cf. IDI-Iltussu. IC. xYilIL'0t1I'I. C. fill1'l'lLlL'Ii Third How: K. SltIIIli'IlIL'li. IC. Iirmm. I'. Kami. IC. l.1'IiIi'r. D. Cmpur. L. Yl'llIIlI'1l, I. SIIIIIIIUIIS II. Ihmst-tti, KI. xIilQl'Il'II, M. St-Impp. I'. fIIll'It'l', II. Kupnitsliy. Miss Smith Fourth Row: B. limclivy. IS. Cullum. NV. IJllllgIlt'l'Ij'. A. Saiwsuk, L. Ciish. li. II1mII1mcI. I7 Dix 1-us. E. Lmiclr-rhack. B. Hvlsvl. D, Ftihyonic. Ii. Krupzir. D. Cruth 36 ORCHESTRA AND BEGINNING BAND f,l'CllCStI'il-Fil'Sl R0NV1TilUlll1lS Dllxis. Dllril-lll' Sclmn-lx. .lull-ll Sillllllulls. Lvxilll' Cklfltl .Illsl-pllillv c:LlI'iC'l'. -IllC'l'iiK' llfllll, .l2l.Illl'S Nloul'l'. clfilllillll flrllimll. hlilllll cj2ll'HIl'iIIl SL-cond 1lfHYiXVillft'l' 'l'l4klIiQl. Gillml-rt l3lil'kl-i. IJUIIUILI Slllitil. liulml-l't Si'1lIl'S. Bllrclrl cilllilllli liil-ilqlrci clliiltll, l"lKJj'tifi1llll17. N111 Sllzlllk IS.-gillllillg Bllllcl - First Row - left tu right: IC. l72lSt'2lLIlJl', l.. Bl'l'lllUll, P. .lUSl'1JIliL NY. Xmllk. Cf. lllwllllrsills. A. Kl'lllJ1ll', Xl. Y0lll'l'lll'L-ix. Xl, Klligilt. IC. S2llI1llJlll'l'. Xi. Sllllxl N. fflllllialllcill. S. Llll-all itll, S, fiflllllllll. NY. -It'lIi'QiIIS, Nil: l'ul'l'I'i. cc-ond Row-K. xlllillliil, P. l'wrlllclll. QI. lillrsiv, Xl. Kt'IiSIlillil', -I. Kc'l'sllzllil'. XI. XYilwll. li 5Lll'IJH. AI, lxllfilll. Il. lillttllx NI. I'I'llIIl'Q' rd Row-tl. Zyllmvski. li. Pl-trilli. A. NViss.'r. Ii, l'it'l'l'IIl'k', Cf. Klliglll. K. Nlllllliilk XY. Kzlisl-r 3 EE OF MA , ' WW W' f 1 ff if H ,L ,,,, , ,,.. H , , , ,L ,H5,,J f , , f A , V Wwwfiwi f V 4-V 'm. 4 51,,2w,W" 1' V f' ' W Z,z',:',v ff 'awww W ,hmmf pu H4 , , ,, Q ,f S " ff1,ffm:fw2 I' 'f 'IW .af V M , , fav wi1"'f, A, gf V . i '!?:fWlV'f1w'W' Wmfki " ' ff '54-S ATTENDANTS SENIORS lanet Matulia Arlene Neale IUNIORS Maryann Mikan Mary lean Ruffo SOPHOMORES Frances Leffler Dolores Czapor 39 REF LECTGR TAFF First Row-M. Mikan, T. Bigler, F. Stojakoyich. M. Ludmann. L. Consoli, M. Banasik. A. Calloro. M. Nahuda. Z. Yourcheck, R, Dumm, J. Pratt. L. X'Vanm-r. Miss Bierer Second Row-M. Koloski, D. Sehroelc. P. Eundis, J. Zyhowslci, I. Smith. K. Kluko, M. Stanisic, M. J. Marshalcli, R. Koeplia, S. Petroyich, A. Neale Third Row-M. Cracion, C, XVatts. A. Asquiuo, J, Zigaroyich. J. Clarllieiin. E. Leuart, U. Josephic. J. Julian, R. Scales Editor-in-chief Marcia Gracion Associate Editor Colleen XVatts Literary Editors Josephine Zyhowski. Mildred Ludmami Junior Editor Maryann Milcau Adcla Calloro. LaVerne Senior Identities Consoli. Kitty Kluko. Margaret Banasik Sports Twyla Bigler, Jolm Carlheim. Edward Lenart Activities and Clubs Irene Smith Typists Mary Stanisic, Retty Koepka. Arlene Neale Class Representatives: Junior David Josephic, Frances Stojakoyich Sophomore Jackie Pratt. Lois NVanncr Freshman Ruth Dumm, Rohert Scales Eighth Grade Patty Fundis, Darlene Schrock Seventh Grade Mary Ann Nahucla. Zora Yourchec-lt Business Committee ,, Anthony Asquino. Twyla Bigler, Shirley Snyder, Mildred Tarhuck, Mildred Luclmann, Josephine Zyhowski, LaVerne Consoli, Kitty Kluko, Jean Venturo Art Editors Mary Jane Marshalek. Margaret Koloski Snapshots Colleen XVatts. James Julian Your Reflector staff hopes that many years from now you will treasure these pictures of yourself and your schoolmates. May they bring hack memories of Trafford High School. To know that you are enjoying and will continue to enjoy your 1952 Reflector will con- stitute "Payment in Fullv for the Work entailed in publishing it. NVe would also like to thank Mr. Robinson and Miss Bierer for their ever- lasting patience throughout the year in helping the Reflector staff. HHPS Lvfi tn rightv ,lm-S' sc-ttin' jolly juniurs Dmvn in Cullvyk L-4-llnr NVvll, wo look inn-lligs-nt! lt's lmggy Vllzlitill' Cngvd A m-w gym flour all lust! f VW- mulu- it lmy ilu' Ezlllnn "Lois" S0 !l1i5 is al fix-lml trip! Czulgln Up al lrm' Dirty ur thinly NVL- wrxrlwml scum-, ra-ally. 'J vu 4 My . ni im W FOOTB LL SQUA w 1-Mr, llm-ups, ID. Lintur, 'lf Mcllugh, B. Bricklv, D. Kuvpku, Al. Kc-Hy, B. 'l'waxrdmm'ski F ASllllil'lll, Zig:u'm'icl1, -I. filbllllilf, IJ. llulvin mn, XI. Di CUSQ111-, N111 El'i'llliL' W 2-E. llmumic, B. Snwltz, S. D1'a1,qa111uc, j. K.ri1u, -I, l'1rycl1'yn-lm, K. Kinlcy, .I. KI2liC'l'll j. fXlu1'm-cu, -I. Nlillllf, D. just-pl1iL', C. Curl, -I. Sanga- Row 3-AI. You-cl1io, A, Bmnusik, K. S4-ln11c'imlm', IK. Ilulms, A. ZiQ'1lI'UX'iL'll, -I, P. Owvus. Hopkins, B. Pl'1lL'lTCk, C.Ziga1mvic-ll, VI. llurtzvr COACH ASS'T COACH X14-lxin ICN-mic Tllmnus llvanps -'I 1 FOOTBALL With the veterans of past years setting the pace, the 1951 squad saw a starting eleven evolve and prepare itself for ensuing contests. Seven starting positions were filled by inex- perienced sophomore and junior aspirants who hoped their zeal might act as a substitute for needed experience. The opener with Pitcairn showed an in- spired squad of Trafford braves pitted against the highly-experienced eleven of the Rail- roaders. The first half of play showed the re- sourcefulness of both teams and ended with Pitcairn holding a slim margin. The Asquino to Zigarovich pass combination was showing very well, Hopes for victory went unreward- ed as the advantage of the experienced team showed itself at telling positions. The contest ended with the Railroaders ahead 24-6. Our home opener showed Ligonieris chargers seeking our scalps. It appeared early in the contest that our braves had found them- selves and were to taste the fruits of victory: however, an early lead was wiped out and overcome by the Ligonier warriors who took advantage of a fumble and an intercepted pass to make the final score 19-6. Our next visitors were Avalon, a con- tender for Class B laurels throughout the season and ending undefeated. Their victory came as the result of a recovered fumble and blocked kick-otherwise, they were over- shadowed in all statistics by the hosting Toma- hawks. A Nocturnal visit to East Pittsburgh saw many scoring opportunities fail due to ankle deep mud and hand numbing cold night air. The game remained scoreless until late in the fourth quarter when an inspiring display of pass catching and downfield running was given by Asquino, as he set up and scored the first points of the game. Weary Trafford could not sustain the desperate driving Green, as they pushed to a deadlocking score, 6-6. Our next visitors were undefeated Wil- merding. On the first play of the game, a Wildcat back rambled 60 yards for a touch- down. This is illustrative of the spontaneity and strength of our opponent. At half time Trafford seemed strong enough to overcome a two touchdown deficit, however, the stren- uous play and alertness on defense left 'the Tomahawks lacking for drive on offense. Many drives which appeared destined for scores were stopped-not by the opponentis defensive unit-but lack of reserve strength. The final score 33-0 did not truly tell the con- test. Our visitors later emerged the WPIAL Champions of 1951. Penn Township offered another tribal feud. The first half's play offered hopes for a Tomahawk victory, statistics favoring Trafford. A revitalized squad of Indians emerged in the second half, however, and assaulted our braves with devastating rapidity as we againisuc- cumbed to the effects of weak reserve power. Score 35-12. Our second nocturnal contest was with Etna. Early injuries to the team robbed them of potential power and the few times our team was found wanting Etna men broke through to score. Two drives made by the Tomahawks were halted by penalties which stopped their goalward movement when the opponent eouldnit. Score 13-0. Derry Boro was our opponent, in a game undecided until the final whistle. The Brown and White held a slim one point lead in the 7-6 battle, but loss of the Tomahawk's leader from the game was so costly a blow to both their offensive and defensive unit that a last quarter drive by Derry could not be thwarted, and a subsequent score gave them a hard earned 13-7 victory. Th season's finale pitted a winless Toma- hawk tribe against a once-beaten squad of Railroaders, even then seeking the Valley Championship. Once again an outscored but not outfought Trafford eleven found fumbles and poor passes their undoing as these ac- counted for two of Pitcairns' four scores. Many times the Brown and White marched forward only to be denied their reward. Trafford's strong defensive play waived in the late min- utes of the game and what had earlier proved an inadequate offensive for Pitcairn now gath- ered momentum, and pushed across decisive points. Plaudits are rarely directed to members of a losing club, but when such is the case the glory is greater. Such was ours when senior co-captain and center, Bernie Twardowslci, was unanimously selected on the mythical All- Valley Team. Congratulations Tubby! Farewell Herky, Tubby, Ziggy, Jack, Dave, and Gene. BOY VAR ITY BA KETBALL First Row-tl, to Ilighll Mr. '11l"i'llll'llllll, -I. Meflann, Cl. Grubb, E. Lcnart, B. Mathias, 1. Zigarox ielm Second Row--C. Zigaroxiell, -I. Ogle, -I. Nlaznr, -I. l'llIl'lIllSlij', ll. ltobinson, B. Brieltcl. D. josephic, L. Colangelo, D. Schopp THS OPP- Coach Dick Trembath's quintet has im- 50 Irwin , . 6:3 proved greatly over the past season. When 68. , . Export , . ,. 51 opening the season Trafford played nine exhi- 55 lfl'11HkllU TWD- -- ima bition games. Of these they Won eight and "" T,:f'l'lklll::WE11l3'j lost one. ln their run for top honors in section 14 Pegg fl-lm,lQShfp'i 31 sixteen, Trafford ended up in fifth place. Bob 74 H , , Export , ,,,, 54 Mathias in his first year ot playing varsity bas- 56 .. .. East Mr-Km-sport 36 ketball has helped the team considerably. 25 Eflgf'W"0d V 68 Coach Trembath has great hopes for this boy 32 " Gh1S5l"'rt 34 in the seasons to come K 46 . Elizabeth . 57 ' K' ' . ' . 41 Q p p Willmmiug U 55 Bob Mathias .Was top scorer ol the team 37... . , Pitcairn . , ,. 34 with 239 points, followed by Graham Grubb 44 . East Pittsburgh 40 who had 231, Eddie Lenart with 200, McCann 43- - East M1'Kf'4'5W'1'l 41 with 158. josephic with 113 and Mazur with 58 Edgewood , .. 54 55 1 . Classport . . .. 49 ' ' ' , , 39' V H Elizabeth H 38 The second team consisted of Brlckel, 46 . . Wilnn-rding .. . 58 Robinson. Colangelo, Furimsky, and Mc-Hugh. 45. . Pitcairn . 47 The same squad will be returning with 47 - Emi PittSltl"'F5h 50 the exception of Iohn Zigarovich who will be graduating. John proved this year that he T0UfW'm0"f was a must for the basketball five. Trafford 411 l'3X12Ul'i 1 1 will be rated as one of the top contenders in 46, ' ' INT" 63 the following season and is almost a sure bet "fJW,'ti,m- for taking top honors. BOY UN IOR VARSITY T.l1.S. OPP. T.H.S. OPP all Irwin . . 57 31 .. lilizalmietli . .. 33 33 Seott 29 151 . . xV1lHN'l'i11I1,LI . . 29 -17 1'1XDlll't ..-12 48 . . .. Pitcairn .. . .. 35 27 Franklin 26 S3 . . . East 1',1ttSlDll1'gll . 28 25 lfranklin . 26 38 .. .,.. East N1eKeesport ...,. 31 46 Penn Twp. S35 27. . . Erlgewoocl . .. ...45 41 Penn Twp. S39 253 . Glassport . 37 46 Export . . 34 26 . . Elifzllmetli . . .31 Q2 . . East Xlelieesnorl . S34 31 . . NVilmerc1ing .. . 53 1:3 , liclgt-wood 52 34 . lliteairn . ,.... . 3:3 26 lllassnort . 41 F36 .. East llittslnirgli . . . 37 1 1 wins 11 losses First Row-41, to llightj Xlr. Tremliatli, L, Cfolangelo, 'l'. Mellugli, B. Briekel, -1. Fnrimsky, D. Robinson Second Row-nl. Ogle, K. Kinley. S. Draganae, B. llenkn-1, D. llopkins, D. Sehopp, C. Zigarovieh The '1'raf1'orcl Junior Varsity Basketlmall team wound up the season with 11 wins and 11 losses. This reeorcl inclieates great im- provement over last vearis Alunior Varsity Bas- ketball scores. The team showed this improvement nnclei' the coaching ot Nlr. Tremlvatli. Mr. Tremliath lmelieves that, in making a basketball player. the plarer must spencl most of his time on the lmasketluall floor. Not getting enough rest and practice was the cause of the downfall of last yearls teamg however. things have ehangecl aronntl Traftorcl High School. 47 Here are the names of the lunior Varsity Basketball plavers and their incliviclual scores. Briekel with a total of 197 points is high seorerg then follow Colangelo with a total of .134 points, Furimsky with a total of 99 points, Dennis llolminson with a total of 127 points, and Me-Hugh with 115 points. Some of the other players were Mathias scoring 29 points in the first game. Ogle. Draganae, Henkel, Kinley and Hopkins were some of the other players scoring a few points, The managers who have clevotecl their time in helping Mr. Treinlnath are lohn Ogle, heacl manager and Eclclie Kreelie, Don Sehopp ancl Carl Zigarovieh. GIRLQS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO sl Row-N. Nlc'K1'f', B. St2lllli'j', A. flzlllolww, XY, Mc'11gx'r, Y. limnclw, -I. c:2ll'll'l', lC. :AlUl'l'llXK X. IXIIIHUYICII, Nl. l5zu'1c'. M. lurlmuk. C.. liuncls-, Nl. Luclmmm nd How-K. kluku, XI, Gmc-ion. A. Nc-zllv, I. Lilwin. Xl. Ilalru-5'. li. cZllNill2lIlk'i1l, il. Al1'ilQ.'l'l ll. Swflixlg, AI. Cute-ll. IK, Szlgv, A. lim-luv, T. liiglvr. NI. Llldlllllllll. Nliss lim-lmllm-3' rd Row-Nl. L. XlC,'1'l'iH5. l'. Erwin, IC. Rzllllrsll, I". Siuizxkm'ic'l1, Xl. lD4'Fl'lllll'x, XI, SiillxUl', Nl I Boyd, CI. Wlltts, C. Stunlvy, M. McKc1-. B. Kuvpkn, S. lc-lrmich st Row-Xl. -I. liullu, V, Cupvts, B. V1-cclmiu, Nl. IAlVVl'PIIL'i'. NI. Yvcc-lmiu. P. Karin, I.. Curtm ll. SlK'L'lxll'l', CI. IJn'lRussu, IC. lhunrw. If, L1-fH1'r. D. F1'dm', IJ. Fl'dUl', Miss liK'lll2ll1'f' 2nd Row--I. Yl'Illlll'U. M, Buumsik, L. Cmmwli, -I, Nlululiu. I. Smith, -I, :XI1l9fl'illlllli, Al. Pruti. -I Iuvimu, A. Nulmclu. L, XV1lllI11'l', CI. czilfllilfk, -I. Zyhmvski, Nl. xIilI'SllillL'lx Srcl Huw-VI. NIUQIQCII M. Sclmpp, Ii. lpllllllll, If. fiilllilll, NI. Allllllilly, A. xlHl4Ul'L'U. l". Xlcwrmm lf. Nlutuliu. P. H1-ml -43 G. A. Back Row-M. DL-Frank, F. Capan, E. Morrow, W. Mcager Front Row-M. Tarbuck, C. VVatts. F. Stujaknvielm The Girls' Athletic Association is an or- ganization to promote better sportsmanship among girls. It was put into operation to give the girls at Trafford High a chance to enter into sport when the Girlis Varsity Basketball was discontinued. The C.A.A. not only takes in basketball but vollyball and softball also. This gives the girls a better chance at sports all year round. The G.A.A. consists of the four upper grades in the high school. The membership is open to any one who wishes to join. This being only the second year of the club's exist- ence, it has progressed tremendously from the previous year, It has given each girl an even chance. The complete membership is divided equally into teams that plav each other until all are eliminated, but one. This team will re- ceive memorable honors. The point system by which all girls are Back Row-E. Morrow, M. Tarbuck Front Row-W. Meagcr, F. Stojakovich, F. Capnn, M. Dt-Frank eligible to earn the GAA insignia is based on their activity in the club. Each girl when she plays in a game will receive five points, two points each for keeping score, time, and ref- ereeing. All girls have an equal chance to earn points if they try. Miss Remaley, our sponsor. originated the idea when all other chances for girls, sports were eliminated. The idea had come from a similar college club, which is operated on the same order. The oflicers are President, Betty Koepka, Vice President, Colleen Watts, Secretary, Mary jean Ruffog and Treasurer, Ruth Dumm. Marion Ludmann took over the job of record- er. This consists of keeping an individual record of each girl. We as members of the G.A.A. want to thank Miss Remaley for all her work and cooperation. UNIOR HIGH B SKETB LL J.ll.S. UPP. ZH North llllllllllgilllll 24 IT Xloorovx illm- Zl 23 , lfraiiikliii Twp. 24 251 , lJlll'lllI'll S2 :IT . lfrauiltliii Twp. 26 I7 . lllltillllll . 24 26 , lforost llills 25 4l.II.S. OPP. 30 Iiaisl Nlvli 1'1' sport . 2.5 Jil XViliiii'rmliiig . 32 23 lforvst Ilills . 38 22 linst Kit-Kc'4:sport E28 20 NVilim'rdiiig , 38 -1 wins 8 losses First How-LL to lliglitl D. Fzihyoiiic, IC. Cigiuli, A. Zigru-mit-li, fiom-li lin-iiiic, Ol. Pwclt, li. llomiiit' Second Row-Mgr. li. lirickvl. li. Scales, li. l,4'ilCOL'li, bl. Liilliu-i', M. Mirsatlslxy, IL. lxrupur, L. Zig:ii'ox'icli. E. l,t'Ilill'l i The Trafford junior High liaiskethull tmuii wound up the svusoii with four wins and cight lossvs. Our first fin- stzirtoffs are Ecldiv llOl'ilHlL'. Anthony Zigzlrovicli, Don F11l7yUlllC. .Iohii Beck and Eddie Cigich. The hoys put all their effort into thcir gullies. 50 Other inciiiheis of tlw team arc Robert Scales, liohcrt Peacock. Emrmuel Krupzuz Carl Zigarovicli, Nlurtiii Vzirsufsky and -lim Cullivcr. The junior High Bzlske-tlbull team was ltillllllg' the league during the mid-season. hut somehow it slipped up and ended with 21 4 win S loss rccord. BASEB LL 19 2 First Row-tl, to ltightl lt. Galore, li, Tvvardowski. -I. Kelly, -I. XVracker. D. llopkins. li. C' llloio rl Second Row-Coacli lireinie, -I. julian, li. l,cnarl, UI. Ogle, A. Asquino, nl. Zigarovich Third Row-D. Linlner. B. llrickel. xl, Majernik. II. Nlazur, II. lfuriinsky. D. ,Iosephie The Tomahawks will again field a hasehall team this spring. Although XVPIAL has not sent out schedules. it is assumed that we will he in the same section as last year with NVil- merding. Plum Township. and Pitcairn. liast year in sectional play our record showed three wins and three losses. Prospects are hright for a much lmettcr showing this year with the return of the three regular pitchers and two outfielders. The whole regular infield was lost through graduation. Returning regulars from the 1951 hasehall team are pitchers Lenart. Wlracker. and Roland Galoreg and outfielders blohn Zigaro- vich and David Alosephic. Vacancies at the infield and outfield posts should he capahly filled hy these promising prospects: Asquino. Furimski. Twardowski. lfloranic. Kelly. Kinley. Brickel. A. Zigarovich. Nlajernick. and B. Cal- loro. All positions are wide openg the hoys who show the most hustle, spirit. and ahility will win the starting roles. The baseball field on our own athletic plant will not he ready for use this season. XVith permission from the proper authorities we will prohahly play our home games at South Trafford as we did last year. XVe shall be pleading with Mother Na- ture and that villain the weatherman for the pleasant sunny days so necessary to the proper training and conditioning program for getting aspiring hall players into the hest physical shape for the task ahead. Our aim shall he to win the sectional title. In order to reach this aim it is necessary to capture each of our objectives. the game facing us at the particular moment. Although we may not achieve our aim. we will have the sat- isfaction of knowing that we have given our lmest. Only one team can he the championg the others must look ahead. TRACK First Row-KL to Right? 'If Mellngh. S. Draganaxe, QI. Ogle. D. Sehopp, ll. Moore, K. Kinley Second Row-Coach lleaps, AI. iklaxur, l,. Cfolnngelo, li. xvilllill. -I. I'llll'ill1SlQ', li. Twartlowski Th'ril Row-5. Codieh, Al. NYraeker, li. liriekel. IJ. l,intner, li. Mathias, C. Crnbb, C. ilorl, QI. clill'lllI'lllI, A, Asqnino, Al. Owens Wfhistling winds and driving spring rains are heralding forces which welcome another track season for the scantily clad braves from wigwam THS. The returning braves turn their eyes westward toward the setting sun in memory of Chief I-Runaway-From-them Seraiin who has departed from his inner circle of warriors and left many coveted scalps to prove the victorious nature which he instilled within the tribal unit. A new chief, Catchem- and-Passem-up Robinson. was selected to carry trailing feathers of our tribe to victory this season. Among those braves upon whom he will rely for scouting and foraging are the Run-uin-and-jump-um Ugles. Scout-and-Scout Horanic, VVatchem-My-Smoke WValko. Nie- Tossem Corl, Me-Tossem-Too Carlheim. Me- Heave 'em Hydak, .lump-to-Sky Draganac, Me-Slingnm-Stick Codich, Tossem-Far Mazur. and Stretchem-Legs NVracker. Caretaker of their needs and equipment was Me-Too-Tired F a b y o n i e and coach Me-Crackem-NVhip Heaps. Tribal records were made last year in contests involving braves from the NVPIAL, XVestmoreland County, and the State of Penn- sylvania. Our warriors brought home winning scalps in the 220 yard dash and the half-mile relay. Due to speed of pursuing panther, ex- chief Serafin now runs for Panthers of Pitt Wigwam. Other wigwams seek our present chief to run with the speed of a rabbit for them. Little braves of Iunior WVigwam also catchem scalps in -Iunior Meet held on home reservation. Them bring back skins of Middle- weight relay, broadjump, and highjump. After tribal dances for the blessings of departed warriors, our braves go forth to chal- lenge tribes of Hickory Township. Turtle Creek, Plum Township, Wfestmoreland Coun- ty. NVPIAL, and then, maybe, on to home of the Nittany Lion for All-State Nleet. SNAP I I i THE MINSTREL Top Row-fL4'ft to riglitj tlir' "lluln-rt E. Law- wuts "April Sliuwi-rs." Pork principal sum L-un lilalclc Gentlemen lu- sm-utml, XYc-s- Drumming up tmclf' Clmp utl'i'l'S., liastus faces f!lllTL'CI1tlL'S Tliircl Row-Tuinlmu Collin- Fourth Row - Buncs uncl Fifth Row-Did tlwy rvailly Second Row - Nlurv XVvs- gvlrfs "Shaw l'ulu-fl Tlw 'lwaiiiilmcfs B il ii j u Polka, miss tlmt limit? lNl11yminz1isv quirr-s, Amly Nlniuc-vu mn Clin- Klum Clmmin-l prv- limivsi clLll.S Cum-, Um' vVl'Sflllll'L'Illlllii'-llp wturliu !'.w .J-B KI DERCARTE SilSllIllll' Dvtriclx, Phillip Fzllcuvcliiu, lTI'iIIll'l'S Nlllflllll l,ll'lll2lLlZ, lluth c:ill'Xl'l'. BilI'llill'll Aim llugam, klulm W':uim-r, 'l'11llIN'l' Sus- Snyrlvr, limnuym- l,lUyd. liluing- Almclim-, Simdm Anlliomp Nic-kiv Silnmwnis, f:'L'Ul'Ql' Knight, 'l'lu1y4'1' Cvigcly Putty llaxxis, Nlkllij' lNlkll'QllI'i'l Ilona. Dvmiis Ilitclivy. llmmlcl Omlish, Put Uwvns, Iliamu Donaitvlli, Suszm Pzlrkins, Tmmny Cmminglmiii, Dick Allwrt, .lllllj ,-Xllwrt, cit'Hl'fllll YUIIIIQI. 'Izuwt Zyclmwski, Alucly lfimclis, Czlrul Kailcimiy, jimmy mil, Susan Knight, Nlz1i'gz1r1-tjaliis Sily-:lc-r Dizmu SL-lilividvr, Daumy Bxigiski, Cluylc- Suinuc-ls, Mzu'jorix- Simmons, Kutlilc-vii l'1I'l'L'llL'L'. lJlllll1'lll' lql1llIll1lS. Beith Allll Sulmsc, .Ivan Kc-ller, Carolyn Ilyclv. lfuith llurliuli, Nzuivy llopliills, Sllsam Crulizuii, jimmy Puscuclmg Cimwl Nluknck, Alamiv Kvilil, Paul l,:1wrvm-c', Damny I,,c-nzirt, Phillip lfraliu-y. Duiicvn Toclcl. jimmy Klilw, lic-tty 'Iain' 'llUlllliUYiCl, liuhhy Puguf-, jimmy Film-, Allismi Viiflin l'u- Xlfimlil-In Kwtlnlvc-11 Ym'1lmx'iL'l1 l5'irx'v Xlills-r AllltilASllllll10.lJllllllil lm- XYzilc'sl11Ql4-, uv, ,,. .1 , Q . . , 1 'A . h Iimmx' hl1lNlI'2llklIIlll. Xlairy lmii liuliim-v, Clirislim' l,1lSl'lll' F54 AUTOGRAPHS Classma s 7 I 7 , Schoolmates Q Qykw WM Q Y 1, J, Teachers lf? -.'iQffA U V- rf f. ,f X f ' mi J,W.aw4 355.4 mf fffafwf 6 4270+ 72lQ,iMQ2 'JW PATRON S Mary Elizabeth Bierer Roy Bigler Ir. Brian Esso Service llev. 61 Mrs. O. A. Burkel Mr. 61 Mrs. A. B. Carnack Rev. D. C. Dalke Dom 61 Apeyis Bar 61 Restaurant Mr. 61 Mrs. H. I. Ferri George Cracion Rev. 61 Mrs. C. W. Haddock Ernie Heasley Mr. 61 Mrs. Ed. Himmler W. C. Hoehl Mr. 61 Mrs. K. Kvaternik Rev. 61 Mrs. W. C. Kaiser Mrs. C. V. Lloyd The Lighthouse joseph Meager Dr. C. L. Mitchell Dr. Frank I. Mottola Dorothy Murkish Dr. 61 Mrs. L. W. McCough Peggy's Beauty Shop Pink 61 Blue Shop Dr. 61 Mrs. j. S. Pogue Dr. Catherine Pucic Mr. 61 Mrs. R. L. Robinson Rutter Bros. Sam Sandsonls Market Dr. 61 Mrs. Floyd K. Snyder Speedy,s Elda C. Thomas Trafford News Mr. 61 Mrs. Mike Zervica BEATTY'S RESTAURANT Open Day and Night New William Penn Highway Monroeville, P 56 8. lvl dl - ' ., 'WM .. unxhhs-.ann . ,,. ,Q J. 'I wi Y X22 Y- I g I , J " fb X y Q3 l Q A14 if ll lmao' - . 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Phone 440 Compliments of TRAFFORD BORO COUNCIL Matthew Bryan, Pres. W. B. Meager, Sec. A. C. Scales, Solicitor Robert Henderson, Burgess Tony Morocco Albert Zubak John Vuick Ir. Leroy Carson Samuel Snyder joseph Gontko SERRO MO-PAR SALES Dodge - Plymouth Sales-Service MOTOR PARTS Lincoln Highway Irwin 274 BtA Ph Compliments of HARLICH'S DRUG STORE C pl f TRAF F ORD ROTARY CLUB "He Profits Most Who Serves Be t uynn r 1 ,5 Q WM, Compliments of OARUSO SERVICE STATION Prop., FRANK CARUSO We Give S 81 H Green Stamps Ile Trafford 9784 79 WOMANDS CLUB OF TRAFFORD SOCIETY OF ST. IOHN KANTY Charles Lawren Frank Halgas .. Iohn Marshalek QTOW. SW. Jana Kantego No. 8551 Organized in the year 1915 ce Ir. .. . , ..,r,....,. . .. Pres. Frank Czapor ..,........ , Anthony Szrnyd Bron Surmacz , john Lawrence Henry Surmacz john Cunia Iuv. Sec'y. Rec. See, Fin. Sec, . . . Treas. .. Trustee .. Director Deputy y. V Monthly meetings are held every second Sunday of the month. ., 'Me ' 1 , .I I Q' -.ff . 'ju . 542. . :Ha , -ff '- - .z j7Zgk?'!',..' 4? 5477 . . ff.. l -??",'s1. if13'.f ' Ffflf V . -f . ga.: .4 V.-iff, if rf .' A P':iF'4?. Ai' -,573 3f..E-' . " !' ,af W.:--wk A V---aE'f4,,.' ' ' -, 'lfliz' 9Q"!5,,q: . .a4,Ljq' V. if -v '3 .' Y ?,, 12.2- gef w lr: . me ,. . lil? . w -Q. .- 1 L" 'L-'i ill?-tivxlir h 71.111, A :mix 4. szfl.-,K . '.t',I.S : 3, v aff f 55,4 5. ' :N , 'Tj.?a' . .il":f, L55 1. ' R113-x - I 515' , . wh, , , x -' L. 4 . 1 A fig , KA -Jil gy, L-A L' .: A I-'Aly'-,i ff-,. A P, , -. M -. .- -fgf 1 . L' a '-..'LH, ,A .fR,f"z.-' .',1f'.,.-wf"'-tw f A Y . -,Siu H J-,ig -, 'g. 5,.,i-F 1.41- VA., dw-2 , g , gi .rl nf pw-' -2a:,"i, -. . -Q ' g 5, 'cf'-" '- wk QQ. . N' - - Q' 4 . ,r 'Q f wS.'1-- A' sh if-5 w'1fV'N 'M 1- I . 'K-' . . reg. ft 41' " .. P-'U'J. ' -' , . .!.'L.- ' I: J "F: ,tm -.:.,- , ., I ,- . . . , . 1-L, f 1- - .,.'. ' -11 ff" :'1-Y-' K I v."- - . ' .. .9 - .I-' -.'1'H " " ff - -',".' 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