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The fejlectvr mzmwd ol, the Senior C1444 of Trafford High S ch 001 I 95 I 1 ,"'7"7 if I f A f 1' fff' f sim- V 'X un uhh ' fra!! N fix ' ' Tx 7 5, fda Xi X I .95 X 'xiii .lie Eva I' ' ?orewvrd The Tomahawk has been the symbol of all sports at Trafford for many years. From history we have learned that Indians, really peace loving people, had to be taught the use of the tomahawk. This is a rather confusing idea but since this is an age of confusion We have decided to use the Indian head rather than the scalping instrument as our symbol. The Indian Head represents Trafford graduates who have strong charac- ter, healthy bodies, and strong minds. An Indian head used to appear on our pennies but those issues are almost collectors, items today, perhaps the only value a penny has in these inflationary times. Another thing about Indians-While they did go on the war path, they also smoked the pipe of peace and buried the hatchet. Our school looks forward to the time when all Americans may follow the leadership of the Indians and be at peace with all peoples. 7 7a6le of Con ten tA INTRODUCTION Title ....,........,.....,..... ,.....,,., 1 2 Foreword .....,.....,.,...A .....,..., Table of Contents ..t,..,, .4.,,.... 3 Dedication .,......,.,., .......... 4 Administration ,. ....,,.... 5-6 Faculty .,....... ..,...,... 7 -8 CLASSES Senior Class History ..,...., ......,...... 9 Senior Class Pictures ....,......, ......... 1 O-15 Senior Class History fcontj ...i,.. .......... 1 6 Senior Class Prophecy ......,..... .....,, 1 7-18 Senior Class Will ....,...........,.............,.......,. 19-20 Commencement Program and gifts ...... ......, 2 1 Junior Class History .........,,...,......,.... ..,.,., 2 2 Junior Class Pictures .....,.,,i. .,.... 2 3 Sophomore Class History ,. ,... ...... 2 4 Sophomore Class Pictures .,..,..,.... 1 ..... ....... 2 5 7th, 8th 61 9th grade class histories ..,.,........,, 26 Freshman Class Pictures ,.......4.,...... ...,.. 2 7 8th Grade Class Pictures .,..... ....., 2 8 7th Grade Class Pictures ,......,. 4,.,.. 2 9 Snapshots ................,.,.......,............................. 30 CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS, ACTIVITIES National Honor Society ......,..,..i...,..,,..,.....,... 32 Student Council .,..,...,.,.... .,.... 3 2 Tomahawk Stall ...,,.,, ....,. 3 3 Camera Club ..........,..,,..,.. ,.,..., 3 3 National Forensic league ..,,,.. ..,.... 3 4 34 Chorus ....,..,...........,,.,..,.. : .. .... ... Band ..s.,.,,.....,,......,.... .,i.,... 3 5 Boyls Varsity Club ,..,,.., ,.....i. 3 6 Girlis Varsity Club ...,.. .....,. 3 6 Majorettes ......i,.,.... ..,...., 3 7 Cheerleaders ...,..,,.. ,..,,,., 3 7 Slip Slop Quartet ....,. 4......, 3 8 Minstrel .................. 4 ,...,,. 38 Stage Crew ..,,.,,,..,... junior Class Play .,...,..,.,.....,. ,.,.. Reflector Staff ...,i...,.i............,, Future Homemakers of America ....... May Queen ..4.....i.i...,..................... ..,. . . Junior and Senior Dramatics ...A..... Senior Class Plays .4.,....,........... Commercial Club ...... SPORTS Football and scores .,......,..,,. ..,A... Varsity Basket and scores ,......... Boys Junior Varsity or scores .....,. CAA QGirl,s Athletic Assoc? .....,,....,. 41 42-43 ...W44 45 48-49 ,...,.,,50 51 Girlls Varsity Basketball 81 scores .,............. 52 Ir. High Basketball 61 scores ........... Baseball and scores ...,..........., Track ...,...,.,....,.............,,. Snapshots ..i.,.i,.,.s....,.....,....... Junior-Senior Prom Pictures ........ Autographs ..,..,.,,...,,.........,..,. .,,.53 fl fff' -xvvxx gi-N ' 'X -ft bedicativn We dedicate 'the 1951 Volume of the Reflector to Mr. George Kenyon, a scholar and a gentleman. He is a living example of the qualities which Newman outlined in his "Defi- nition of a Gentleman? Mr. Kenyon is modest and humble. He never forces his viewpoint on another, yet he leaves no shadow of a doubt as to what his point of view is. He shows an intelligent insight when dealing with life's problems and his answers are based on deep thought: you can feel his sincerity. He encourages the backward pupil, he is merciful toward the foolish and kind to all. He is the sponsor of a quartet, the Camera Club and the Tomahawk. It is a distinct privi- lege for any student of Trafford Hi to be acquainted with Mr. Kenyon. Mr. Andrew Bryan Carnack Supcrvisiug Principal California S. T. C. Peniisylvuiiiu State College, B. S. Uriivcrsity of Pittsburgh M. A. Coutinuccl Work ut Columbia uucl Uuivcrsity ot Pittsburgh Mr. N. V. Lloyd Assistant Supervising Principal Indiana S. T. C., B. S. in Ed. University of Pittsburgh M. Ed. SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Mr. Detrick, Mr. VVatts, Mm. Malley, Mr. Hillstrom, Mr. Corl 5 Mr. R. L. Robinson Mr. C. R. Schrock High School Principal Assistant Principal University of Pittsburgh B. A., and M. Letters Juniata College, B. A. French I, II History 8, IV, and Driving Sponsors Stage Crew and Minstrel Faculty Manager of Athletics Miss Ioan Jones Miss Irene Dougherty, R. N. Mr. Henry F erri Secretary Continued education Carnegie Tech, B. A. University oi Pittsburgh Music Supervisor Pennsylvania State College Band Director 6 Mrs. Lottie B. Harris Seton Hill College, B. S.- Continued education at Seton Hill College, Home Economics, Sponser Future Homemakers of America Club Mr. Melvin Eremic Slippery Rock S.T.C., B. S. in Ed, Physical Education, Health, General Science, Driving, Head Coach of Football, Baseball, jr. Hi. Basketball Mr. Thomas Heaps Lock Haven S.T.C., B. S. Ed., Math IV, Algebra II, Math 7, Plane Geometry, Track Coach, Assistant Foot- ball Coach, Sponsor of Boys, Varsity Club Mr. Donald A. Buckle Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B. S. in Commerce Mgr. of Blue Dell, Wrest- ling, Typing, Shorthand Mr. Raymond Siegel California S.T.C., B. S. in Ed, Industrial Arts, Assistant B. B. Coach Mrs. Wayne Neil Clarion S.T.C., B.A., con- tinued education Indiana S. T.C., Duke University, Lit- erature 7, 8, Art 8, History 7, 9, English 8 Miss Evelyn Shaulis Thiel, B.S. J.B.T., Shorthand II, Bus. Law, Bus. Eng., Bookkeep- ing I, II Miss Mary Elizabeth Bierer Mount Union College A. B., Pennsylvania State College M.A., continued education at Pennsylvania State Col- lege, English I, IV, Latin I, II, IV, Sr. Class Play, Reflec- tor, May Day Mr. Richard Trembath Mrs. C. V. Lloyd Grove City College B. S. Wooster College B. A., Continued education at University of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh, M. A. Continued educa- Biology, C h e m i s t r y, tio n at Chautauqua, Head Coach of B. B. School Librarian, History Sponsor of Science Club IIi ISI, Sponsor of Nature C u Miss Lois Smith Grove City College, B. A. Speech, English 7, 8, Art 8, Sponsors Jr. Sz Sr. Dramatic Clubs Miss Audrey Remaley Slippery Rock S.T.C., B.S. Phys. Ed., Health, Lib. Sc., Cen'l Science, Coach of Girls, Varsity, Sponsor of Cirls' Varsity Club Mr. Dick T. Shank Westminster A. B. Uni- Indiana S.T. C., B. S versity of Pittsburgh M. Pennsylvania State Col A., English I, II. III, Ad- lege M. in Ed., Ceogra visor to Tomahawk, phy 7, 8, History 9 Sponsor of Camera Club Sponsor of Traffordians I Cla A Ni tory Senior Class Oflicers President ,........... ........,.. ,,...., ....,.. ....,.. R o n P eduzzi Vice President ,....,. ......., B . Morrow Secretary ,.,..,... .,,..... E . Mathias Treasurer ..., ..., ....,.., ......,...,... ....... ..,..., L . A s f luino In the month of September. 1947, we, the ugreeniesv stepped over the threshold of T.H.S. to begin a new life. This was a day that we'll never be able to forget. For, after waiting eight long years, it was like a dream come true. We knew that we would no longer be looked upon as babies, or be scorned for at- tending high school dances, or other affairs. We, the Class of '51 were now to be an active part of T. H. S. Our first social affair for the year was, of course, our class party. As most Freshman parties, it did not go too well. Most of the boys didnit know how to dance and the few that did just sat around and talked. We sat and listened to the music, and when the food was ready, we went upstairs to eat. At the close of the evening, we all agreed that we had had a good time. In October of the same year, Patti Haines and Patty Cole were added as the personable Freshmen to the Pep Club. But at the end of the year, Patty Cole moved to East Pittsburgh leaving a vacancy for a Freshman Cheerleader the following year. To attend the May Queen on May Day, our class elected as their representatives Bar- bara Holsinger, and Patti Haines. They wore gowns of yellow, and carried red roses. WVe must of course not forget our active class officers, Bill Morrow serving as president, Beverly Kopnitsky as vice-president, Patti Haines as secretary, and Paul Sorokach as treasurer. We entered this year with 61 of our own students, and acquired two new ones, namely Ioan Dashkewitz, and Earl Devine. We left to enter our Sophomore year with 54, leaving a few behind to help the teachers with the new greenies. Our Sophomore year was a great improve- ment over the previous one. We chose Bill Morrow, once again, to be our leader, and to serve under him were Peggy Gibbs, Ronald Peduzzi, and Lucy Asquino. We entered this year with 57 students, adding three new students, Barbara Klujaric, Clyde Minnis, and William Vergot. This year our class was, perhaps, the most active class to enter T. H. S. We were well represented in every field. On the football squad were the Peduzzi Twins, Patsy Paul, Mike Zeravica, Donald Vanisco, Frank Wengrzyn, John Schneider, John Nabuda, Russell Loutsenhizer, and Ed Banasik, with Randall Groth as Manager. The girls inter-class team, "The Amazonsf' as they were called by the boys, because of their daintiness, did very well by only losing one game, and being defeated for the cham- pion-ship by one point. To fill the vacancy left by Patty Cole, Lucy Asquino was chosen cheerleader. Of course we must not forget the two girls who added their beauty to the May Queen,s Court. They were Lucy Asquino and Anne Capets. During the year we had a few parties which were very successful. To end the year, we held a Wiener roast at Bill Vergotis home. Of course, it rained as it always does, but we had fun just the same. We left that year 55 strong to become the Mighty Iuniors. CContinued on Page 16D Asquino, Lucy ULOUU Peppy cheerleader . . . Soph- omore attendant . . . Com- mercial club . . . Reflector staff . . . Tomahawk typist . . . Class oHlcer . . . Student Council I , . . Senior Class Play . . . GAA. . . Loves to dance . . . Pretty natural curly hair . . . Liked by all . . . Secretary to Mr. Shrock and Mr. Heaps . . . Ambi- tion: To be an airline host- ess. Babeo, Russell ..Mex,, jr. Owls Club . . . Interclass basketball . . . Camera club . . . Dramatic club . . . Pals with Chazz, Jimmy, and Paul . . . Mr. Shrock's "backer- upn man . . . Delia's house- man . . . Ambition: Nothing to do and lots of time to do it in. Banasik, Edward "Eddie" Varsity football . . . Varsity Club . . . Varsity show . . . Varsity basketball . . . Pals with Horse and Minnis . . . Seldom heard? . . . Ambition: Take a long vacation. Bowery, Shirley "Shirl" Peppy cheerleader . . . FHA club . . . Commercial Club . . . Honorary member of the H. P. Club fHookey Playerl . . . One of the shortest girls in the class . . . Seen with johnny . . . Neat dresser . . . Ambition: To Graduate! Boyd, Hattie "Hattie,' Commercial Club . . . GAA . . . Girlis Varsity . . . Inter- class basketball . . . Reflector staff . . . Secretary to Mrs. Harris and Miss Shaulis . . . Secret Love? . . . Gets along with everyone . . . Ambition: To be a good secretary. Senior I9 I 10 Brown, james .. . ,, Jimmy Enjoys playing his trumpet in the Band . . . Interclass basketball . . . no pet peeve . . . Teachers: "Likes 'em all" . . . Plans to sleep for three weeks after graduation . . . Good student . . . Am- bition: To get rich quick! Cannillo, Anglean "Angie', Commercial Club . . . Girlis Varsity . . . FHA club . . . Reflector staff . . . Pretty black hair . . . Interest lies out of town . . . Very good dancer . . . Always ready for a laugh . . . Ambition: To get a iobl Capan, Ioan 4. ,, Io Interclass basketball . . . GAA . . . Enjoys reading a good book . . . Spends her nights at the local theater . . . Ambition: Not known. Capets, Anne 'iAnne" County band and chorus . . . Student Council I . . . NHS . . . GAA . . . Girl's Varsity . . . Minstrel . . Junior and Senior class plays . . . Reflec- tor staff . . Tomahawk . . . Sophomore and Senior at- tendant . . . Interclass bas- ketball . . . Pretty and Well- liked. Ambition: Music In- structor?? Dashkewitz, joan ...Ion Commercial club . . . Band . . . GAA . . . Girlis Varsity . . . Secretary to Miss Remaley . . . Interclass bas- ketball . . . Senior class play . . . Reflector staff . . . Al- ways seen with Char . . . Interested in a certain Floyd . . . Interested in art . . . Ambition: Secretary. Delia, James K.. ,, jim Band . . . Camera club . . . Interclass basketball . . . Junior Varsity . . . Shortest boy in the class . . . Am- bition: Future pool billiard owner. Devine, Earl "Earl', Pres. of NHS . . . C0-editor of Reflector . . . manager . . . Tomahawk . . . Com- mercial club . . . Chorus . . . Minstrel . . . May Day . . . Dramatic club . . . Easy go- ing and very intelligent . . . Ambition: teacher . . . For- ensic . . . Hi-Y . . . Band Concert Interlocutor . . . Varsity show . . . Interlocutor for Open House . . . Alum- ni Minstrel. Drakulic, Dorothy r.Dot,, Commercial club . . . FHA club . . . Very quiet and timid . . . Bosom pal-Milli- cent . . . Very well liked . . . Blushes 'easily . . . Spends a lot of time in Pitcairn . . . Ambition: to get a job. Gibbs, Margaret apeggyv Cirl's Varsity . . . Interclass basketball . . . GAA . . . Commercial club . . . Band . . . Minstrel . . . Junior and Senior class plays . . . Junior attendant . . . Reflector Stall . . . Smooth dancer . . . Pleasing personality . . . Am- bition: A future WAF. Groth, Randall "Dixiel' Manager of the football team . . . Baseball . . . Var- sity show . . . Interclass bas- ketball . . . On-e of our class comedians . . . Easy going . . . Ambition: Unknown. Senior I9 I 11 Hysong, Lois "Lois" NHS . . . Dramatic club . . . Minstrel . . . Chorus . . . Reflector staff . . . One of the shortest girls in the class . . . Can be seen walking the highway . . . Always giggling 1 . . Ambition: to go to col- ege. Holsinger, Barbara "Barb" NHS . . . County Chorus . . . Student Council III . . . Junior and Senior class plays . . . Band . . . Interclass bas- ketball . . . Minstrel . . . Reflector Staff . . . Toma- hawk . . . Beautiful voice .- . Freshman attendant . . . Neat dresser . . . Heart be- longs to Ierby . . . Mr. Heaps' pet peeve . . . Am- bition: Music supervisor, Haines, Patricia "Patti" Our lovely May Queen . . . Camera club . . . Tomahawk . . . GAA . . Interclass bas- ketball . . . Minstrel . . . Queen of Hearts . . . Daisy Mae . . . ReHector staff . . . Senior class play . . Fresh- man attendant . . . Shortest girl in the class . . . Ambi- tion: To grow 5' 3" . . . Favorite hobby-Mike. Kerin, Rose "Rose" C-irlis Varsity . . . Commer- cial club . . . FHA . . . Band . . . Interclass basketball . . . CAA . . . Senior class play . . . Likes to dance . . . Typ- ist for the Catholic Church . . . Pals with M-er . . . Am- bition: B. T. O. Kluko, Barbara "Betty" Student Council II . . . Re- flector staff . . . Enjoys read- ing a good book . . . Bashful? . . . Liked by all and a good friend . . . Pretty . . . Ambi- tion: Plans to be a nurse. Kopnitsky, Beverly .iBev,, NHS . . . FHA club . . . Re- flector staff . . . Pretty natural curly hair . . . Always seen but seldom heard . . . Pals with Turchan . . . Ambition: Plans to be a nurse. Krisantz, Margorie .iMer,, Commercial club . . . Hails from Pitcaim . . . Pretty blue eyes . . . Makes friends easily . . . Ambition: To be an air- line hostess. Kromer, JoAnn if ,, Io Commercial club . . . FHA club . . . Iunior and Senior attendant . . . Always laugh- ing . . . Cashier at the local theatre . . . Pretty complex- ion . . . Ambition: Dress de- signer. Lentz, Charlene "Char" Commercial club . . . Senior class Dlay . . . Camera club . . . Dramatic club . . . Art club . . . Reflector staff . . . Member of the H. P. club . . . Hobby: Painting . . . Fav- orite teacher: Mr. Ruckle? . . . Timid . . . Ambition: To get a good job. Lloyd. Robert "Bob" Track . . . Nature club . . . Eddie Szmyd's right hand man . . . Youngest member of the Senior class . . . Hob- by: Guns . . . Ambition: To raise a family. Senior I9 I 12 Loutsenhizer, Russell "Russ" Varsity football . . . Varsity Show . . . Interclass basket- ball . . . Junior and Senior class play . . Minstrel . . . Tomahawk staff . . . Every- bodyis friend . . . Always laughing . . . Pretty teeth . . . Pals with Pusqua and Boots . . . Reflector staff . . . Smooth dancer . . . Ambi- tion: Medical technologist. Massaro, Rose "Rosie" NHS . . . Commercial Club . . . Tomahawk Typist . . . Reflector Staff . . . Secretary to Mrs. Neil and Mr. Shank . . . Has a temper . . . Quiet . . . Favorite pastime: Read- ing and eating . . . Always early for school . . . Pals with Tootsie . . . Secret love? . . . Ambition: Sec. Mathias, Evelyn ..EVe,, NHS . . . Commercial Club . . . Camera Club . . . Dra- matic Club . . . Interclass basketball . . . Secretary to Mr. Robinson . . . Senior class play . . . Class officer . . . Student Council I . . . Reflector staff . . . Chorus . . . Interested in a certain "Red,' . . . Ambition: Air- line Communication Opera- tor. Mikan, Thomas ..Tom,, Band . . . Orchestra . . . Manager of the football team . . . Miss Remaley's "lover- boy" . . . Favorite teacher: Miss Bierer . . . Witty, Good at wood carving . . . Ambi- tion: to Join the Navy. Minnis, Clyde "Minnis', Varsity football . . . Inter- class basketball . . . Manager of the Track team . . . Pals with Banasik, Wengrzyn, and Valmassoni . . . Seen cruising around in a Hudson . . . Ambition: To be a Buck Private in the U. S. Army. Morrow, William "Billy NHS . . . Tomahawk staff . . . Student Council III . . . Class ofiicer . . . Interclass basketball . . . baseball . . . junior and Senior class plays . . . Varsity Show . . . Quiet . . . Ambition: Teacher. Murray, Marie GMM., junior and Senior class plays . . . Interclass basketball . . . Artist for the Tomahawk . . . CAA . . . Camera Club . . . Reflector Staff . . . Minstrel . . . Band . . . Pals with Patti and Betty . . . Favorite Pas- times Talking . . . Ambition: Plans to be a nurse. Nabuda, Iohn "Boots" Varsity football . . . Track . . . Interclass basketball . . . Varsity Show . . . Iunior and Senior class plays . . . Stu- dent council I . . . Reflector staff . . . Chorus . . . Min- strel . . . Enjoys teasing the girls . . . His heart belongs in Pleasant Valley . . . Ambi- tion: To get out of school. Nunn, Geraldine "Gerry" Commercial club . . . Inter- class basketball . . . Reflector staff . . . Camera Club . . . CAA . . . Often seen riding in a Green Buick . . . Heart belongs to Cut, the notorious drummer . . . Secretary to Mrs. Lloyd and Mr. Seig-el . . . Ambition: To become a good secretary. Palesky, Charles "Chazz,' Camera Club . . . Toma- hawk Staff . . . Interclass Basketball . . . Track . . . Mr. Trembath's shadow . . . Noise-maker . . . Pals with Molt . . . Ambition: To s-ee the world. Senior I9 I 13 Paola, Patsy "Pusqua" Varsity football . . . Varsity Club . . . Varsity Show . . . Minstrel . . . Chorus . . . Smooth dancer . . . Never gets mad . . . Ambition: Fu- ture owner of a gasoline sta- tion. Peduzzi, Reynold ..Rey,, Varsity football . . . Varsity Club . . . Varsity Show . . . Stage crew . . . Minstrel End Man . . . Interclass Basket- ball . . . Baseball manager . . . Inseparable from Ron . . . VVitty . . . Everybodyis pal . . . Ambition: To be- come president of Reynoldis Motor Co. ' Peduzzi, Ronald t.R0n,, Varsity football . . . Varsity basketball . . . Varsity Club . . . Varsity Show . . . Stage crew . . . Minstrel End Man . . . Baseball . . . lover of "pies', . . . Class President . . . King of Hearts . . . Stu- dent Council I . . . Insepara- ble from Rey . . . Witty . . . Everybody's pal . . . Am- bition: T0 become a bigger "Bum Portik, julia "Julie" Commercial Club . . . FHA Club . . . Reflector Staff . . . Nice Disposition . . . Pet peeve: Mr. Heaps and his Gjokesv . . . Witty . . . Favorite pastime: "Making Angie laughv . . . Pals with Rosie and Tootsie . . . Am- bition: B. T. O. fBell Tele- phone Operatorj. Schneider, John ECI-IuH'y,, Two-letter man in football . . . Friendly and good- hurnored . . . Spends his lei- sure time at TraHord Motor Company . . . Ambition: Indianapolis S p e e d w a y Racer. Serafin, John "Yush" Varsity basketball and foot- ball . . . Track . . . Varsity Club . . . Iunior Class Play . . . Stage Crew . . . Pals with the Twins . . . Neat Dresser . . . Can be found over by the Sixth Street Flats. CWhy?j . . . Ambition: FBI Investigator. Smeltz, Roy UROYH Manager of the football team . . . Reflector Staff . . . Inter- class basketball . . . Always seen driving a Buick up on Inwood Avenue . . . Ambi- tion: To become a member of the U. S. Army in June. Sorokach, Albert .:P. I-,, Camera Club . . . Alwavs smiling . . . Everyoneis friend . . . Ambition: Future owner of Trafford News Company. Stakor, Millicent "Millie" Commercial Club . . . Toma- hawk Typist . . . Reflector Staff . . . Senior Class Play . . . GAA . . . Secretary to Mr. Trembath and Mr. Ken- yon . . . Enjoys driving her brotheris Pontiac . . . Pleas- ant disposition . . . Can al- ways be found in Glassport over the week-ends. fI won- der why?D . . . Ambition: To be a good secretary. Stanisic, Frank "Malt" Interclass basketball . . . Center Attraction of noise in Miss Remaleyis room . . . Pals with Chaz . . . Junior Varsity . . . Ambition: to get a iob. Senior I9 I 14 Susang, Dolores "Tootsie" Commercial Club . . . Reflec- tor staH . . . Secretary of NHS . . . Secretary to local attorney . . . Secretary to Miss Bierer and Mr. Eremic . . . Petite . . . Nice looking . . . Inseparable from Rosie and Julie . . . Ambition: Secretary. Szajna, Theodore "Tudge" Enjoys teasing the girls . . . Can always be found down on 3rd Street . . . Pretty blue eyes . . . Ambition: Future executive of the Westinghouse. Szmyd, Edward 'KEddie" Draws and paints beautifully . . . Pals with Bob Lloyd . . . Art Club . . . Always Working . . . Quiet . . . Am- bition: Future artist. Traficante, Iean uleannien Our high-stepping majorette . . . Science Club . . . Cam- era Club . . . Tomahawk . . . Chorus . . . Reflector Staff . . . Dramatic Club . . . Girl's Varsity Manager . . . Iunior Gt Senior class plays . . . Interclass basketball . . . Witty . . . Always seen driv- ing a Buick . . . Heart be- longs to the Army . . . Am- bition: Future Home Eco- noinics Teacher. Turchan, Lois "Turch" - Cirl's Varsity . . . Band . . . CAA . . . Interclass basket- ball . . . Chorus . . . County Band . . . Senior Class Play . . . Reflector Staff . . . Minstrel . . . Always seen driving a Chrysler . . . Pals with Bev . . . Lover of sports . . . Pretty eyes . . . Ambi- tion: To be an Airline Host- ess. Valmassoni, Ceorge "Georgie" Iunior Varsity basketball . . . Interclass basketball . . . Favorite subject: Speech . . . Pals with Banasik, Wengryzn 81 Minnis . . . Ambition: To be a school teacher. Vergot, VVilliam "Bill" Co-editor of Reflector . . . Editor of Tomahawk . . . Student Council II . . . NHS . . . Track . . . Interclass bas- ketball . . . Jr. 61 Sr. Class play . . . Minstrel Interlocu- tor May Day Band CTHS In- dianl . . . County Chorus III . . . Ambition: To go to col- lege and e n t e r foreign service. Senior I9 I 15 Wengrzyn, Frank "Horse,' NHS . . . Varsity Football . . . Varsity Show . . . Base- ball . . . Varsity Basketball . . . Student Council I . . . Track . . . Stage Crew . . . Varsity Club . . . Ambition: Engineer. Zeravica, Michael "Speed,' Varsity football . . . Varsity show . . . Baseball . . . Inter- class basketball . . . Chorus . . . Minstrel . . . Always seen driving a Buick . . . Lil' Abner . . . Everybodyls friend . . . Ambition: Future bartender! l Zuzik, Albert "Buck" Interclass basketball . . . Baseball star for South Traf- ford . . . Track . . . Ambi- tion: To get in the Maior Leagues. Claw Hia tory CContinued from Page 92 As we entered our Junior year our main interest was the prom. To help us make this a success we chose James Brown as our leader. Russell Loutsenhizer served as vice-president, Peggy Gibbs, secretary, and Bill Vergot, trea- surer. Through our hard work we put on, in our opinion, the finest prom ever held at Traf- ford. Again our class was very well represented in sports. john Serafin, one of our great athletes, won second place in the W. P. I. A. L. TRACK MEET at Pitt Stadium. On the basketball floor we had Iohn Sera- fin, Frank Wengrzyn, Eddie Banasik, Iohn Schneider and Ronald Peduzzi. They did fair- ly well but not so well as the girls' interclass team which won the championship. As most other plays, our Junior Class Play was not very successful Hnancially. The title was "The Black Ghostv and Jean Traiicante and John Serafin had the leading roles. When the ballots for the May Day were counted the two happy girls were Peggy Gibbs and JoAnn Kromer. They made a lovely showing in their yellow gowns. As we look back on our junior year we think of it as gay, exciting and adventurous. As we "the mighty Seniorsi' climbed the steps of T. H. S. in September 1950 our only thoughts were of making this year our best. We got off to a good start by electing Ron Peduzzi our president, Bill Morrow, vice-presi- dent, Evelyn Mathias, Secretary, and Lucy Asquino, Treasurer. Although our football and basketball teams did not come out on top, we know that they played their best and didnit give up with- out a iight. For the second consecutive year our girls took the championship in interclass basketball. Since we were so busy trying to catch up on late briefs and themes we didn't have time for parties. But to make up for that we took a trip to Torrence. We lost a few boys on the way though but they caught up with us when we stopped at the police barracks in Greens- burg. We also took a trip to the Mellon Bank where each of us started a savings account with a silver dollar. Since none of us could see the value of saving money, we each wrote out a check to get it back. Other trips we took were to the courthouse and county jail. One of the highlights of the year was, of course, the May Growning. Patti Haines was I6 chosen May Queen with IoAnn Kromer and Anne Capets as her Attendents. Something new was tried this year in the way of putting on a Senior Class Play. Instead of the usual three-act play, three one-act plays were put on. But, they didnit prove to be any more successful Hnancially than the previous ones. On Class Night, we discovered some song writing talents among our Seniors. Anne Ca- pets wrote our class song, to be sung to the tune of "My Wonderful Onev: Our school days have passed They were fun while they lasted Each memiry will always be dear. Weill never forget all our friends and the teachers Who greeted us year after year. Our dear Alma Mater we always will cherish "The best school that's under the Sun." And though we wonlt be here, Our hearts we will leave here The Senior Class of ,5I. The team of Holsinger and Loutsenhizer pro- duced two more songs for class night. The first is to be sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne and the second uses the melody of HMocking Bird Hillf' Should auld acquaintance be forgot In the 12 years which have passed The many times we helped our friends Iust to keep them in the class And now we say farewell good friends But never say good-bye To all the memories that we leave In dear old Trafford High. When the sun in the morning creeps over the hill And the Seniors awaken against their good will They finish their breakfast and trot off to school And though they may study they still come out fools. Tra la la Twidle-de de de It makes us feel great To worry our teachers And come to school late Crepeatj As we look back on the past twelve years we think of all the fun we had instead of all our griefs and burdens, and do we wish that they were just beginnng instead of ending? You bet we don,t! l l Senior CIMA Prophecy This is really prophetic. If you donit believe it, wait and see. joan Capan, who so bitterly hated radio commercials while in her high school years, has been accepted into the advertising field of business. She is the one who will bring the name of "HAD-O-YELLD to every Americanis lips. Rose Kerin, who has always said uthereis more fish in the pond than have ever been caughtf' and whose ambition is to be a tele- phone operator, has finally ended up at the bottom of the fish pond, saying, "Number Pleasef' Mer, "Up in the Airii Krisantz has attained her life's ambition as an Air Hostess-she is really up in the air-sitting on top of a palm tree over her straw hut in Hawaii. Theodore Szajna has finally married Pat and settled down to his normal life-with his 16 children on a large alligator farm. Clyde Minnis Cnoted for his blue Hudson? and Dolores "Portiav Susang have settled down in California where they are raising some little Hudson repairmen. Gum cracking Hattie Boyd, Secretary to the famous jimmy Morgan, has just won the World Title of "Miss Gum Cracker of 1962.9 "Spaghetti and meat ballsv Groth has re- cently married Gertrude and is earning a fairly large income in his occupation of driving Gertrude crazy. Soon to be opened in the William Penn Hotel is the Super-Dooper Medical Secretarial School, whose founders are Miss Rose Massaro and Miss Geraldine Nunn. This school will make history in the next few years! ! The miniature Ethel Smith, Lois Hysong, will be featured on her own television show tonight, while performing at the Syria Mosque. President of the Westinghouse, Mr. james Brown, has recently taken a trip to Europe on his private airplane with his hostess Miss Lucy Asquino. Head nurse of the Wall-Wilmerding Hos- pital, Miss Beverly Kopnitsky, has reported the urgent need of more nurses throughout the Valley after the first night of the Trafford Varsity Clubis Variety Show. Mrs. Corky Lawrence, remembered by her Class of ,51 as jean Traficante, announced the birth of their 9th child. This completes her baseball team. Famous night club owner, Geraldine Nunn Stafford, announces the arrival of the world famous dancer and acrobat, Miss Peggy Gibbs, at the Stork Club for the next six weeks. Everyone is invited to come and see the fam- ous Peggy perform, providing, of course, they pay the S50 cover charge. Famous P. J. Sorokach, the author of the quotation "I hope I live till I dief' has been honored for earning the most Boy Scout badges through the year of 1961. Our Valedictorian, Bill Morrow, is now passing his knowledge on to students while continuing his teaching career in the great vacation state of Florida. Ambassador to the Universe, Bill Vergot, has just returned from the Moon to give a report on the funds needed to stabilize their economic system. "Strike three, and youire outlv The play- er will be angry and Millicent Stakor and julia Portik Cwho have captured baseball- player husbandsj will be disappointed as they take the game down in shorthand. "Extra, extra, read all about itf, Charles Palesky finally beat Frank Marino in a game of pool. The noted photographer had been practicing for ten years for this event! ' We have just received news that Miss Murray and Miss Kluko have bought them- selves a new Club Coupe Convertible and are enroute to Florida where they intend to carry on their nursing career by caring for the re- tired rich. Ronald CCeveticD Peduzzi has 'taken over Hooveris place as head of the F. B. I. Of course, this emotionally upset Mrs. Lloyd, a loyal Hoover booster, but being broadminded, she accepted it. This promotion let Ron turn in his old car for a new model. The Smith- sonian Institute bought the old one as an antique. Miss Lois Turchan has made up her mind to leave these happy stamping grounds and take off for New Mexico. Besides working in the Airlines there, she figured this would be the best way to get rid of Mr. Heaps. Mr. Patsy Paul and wife, Christine, are opening "Tas-lik-mor,', a new food house on Cavitt Avenue. Russell Loutsenhizer, famous lab. techni- cian is noted throughout the Valley for his work, a building missing here and a building missing there. Senior C'laAA Prophecy Yes! Shirley Bowery became Mrs. Serafin in a beautiful wedding ceremony this morning. They are planning on touring the states on their honeymoon and expect to settle in California, where Mr. Serafin will carry on as an F. B. I. Agent. Charlene "get rich quicki' Lentz has been employed at the Bell Telephone Company since the day she graduated. Dorothy Draku- lic is one of her co-workers. They managed to keep out of trouble this far, strange as it may seem. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Lloyd have been living at his home these last few years. Bob and his wife, Jane, decided to invest in a fire-arms business. Joan utravel bugv Dashkewitz having fin- ally decided she has seen enough of the states and bookkeeping, is going to settle down. Floyd likes her decision very much. Mrs. Barbara Holsinger Hall has just taken her three children to Ohio where her husband, Jerby, has readied their new home. She has accepted a position in a public school, teaching music. Miss America of 1961, JoAnn Kromer has finished her modeling career in New York and has decided to accept M. G. Mfs offer for screen test. James 'iCue Bally Delia has decided to give up trying to beat the great Palesky at pool and take up boxing. He is expected to challenge Jersey Joe Walcott in a bout to take place at Madison Square Gardens. Prof. Earl 6'Master-Mindy Devine, who has recently proven the Einstein Theory wrong has suggested a new one to take its place. Prof. Devine, now at the age of 63, is still in hopes of receiving his Ph.D. Mr. Smeltz, who has invented a new method for the manufacture of tools, has taken his wife and three children out West where he has purchased a new ranch-type home. Mrs. Anne Smeltz is all in favor of living in the West, since she wants her oldest son, Boy Wm. Jr. to try for the movies. After winning a contest in oil paints, our own Mr. "Rembrandt" Szmyd has purchased a three-acre farm where he intends to raise pedigreed mutts and cocker spaniel puppies. Albert Zuzik is throwing a party tonight in honor of his fiftieth year of owning what we used to call "Dom or Apey,s.', His main dish will be spaghetti and meat balls with all drinks on the house. Schneideris 'KI-lot-Rodv Garage in San Francisco has put out a new type of hot rod, which will outrace any other jalopy on the market. He claims his new hot rod contains most of his old Chrysler parts, which makes accountable its speed of 215 miles per hour. Tom Mikan, famous orchestra leader, has written a note of thanks to Miss Bierer for teaching him the things she did. Tom has decided to donate a few typewriters to the school as his appreciation to her. Evelyn "Bogen, Mathias has decided to settle down and marry Red, after making him wait for ten years while she worked with Capi- tal Airlines as a Communicationist, and made several world tours. Bed still can't believe it's true. Frank "Start Wengrzyn, after breaking all football records in the country throughout his college years, is still in football. He is now coaching at Yale, because they offered him the best salary of the twenty leading colleges that wanted him. Russell Babeo is reported to have accept-, ed a television contract with a Tobacco Anony- mous Company. He is the one you will see when the announcer says "This too, can hap- pen to youf, Edward Banasik is now playing pro foot- ball in the Fall and baseball for the Pirates in the Spring. He was also recently awarded the title "Best Athlete of the Yearf, Beynold Peduzzi is also engaged as an F. B. I. agent. He is the one that is Ronaldis shadow. George "Jungle Boyi' Valmassoni can be seen on television every Wednesday and Saturday nights in wrestling exhibitions. John 'cBaldyv Nabuda has recently accept- ed a contract with the movies to act as a stand- in for Leo Gorcey. John is the one you will see take all the bumps, punches, and falls. Frank Stanisic, whose famous motor bike made history, is said to be building his own manufacturing plant for bigger, speedier, and safer motor bikes. Famous dress designer and stylist Angie Cannillo has recently returned from her trip to Paris to bring back some new creations. Mrs. Patti Zeravica has been taking exer- cises the last ten years to obtain a few inches in height. Although she hasnit gotten any taller since she left school, Mike still has great hopes that her exercises will be a success. C7444 Will We the Senior Class of 1951, being of sound body and unsound mind, make this our last will and testament. To the Iunior Class, We leave our old briefs and themes. To the Sophomore Class, we leave our old parking spaces. To the Freshman Class, we leave our high ideals and morals. To the Faculty, We leave our thanks for toler- ating us. Betty Kluko leaves her quietness to Ann Behe. Lucy Asquino leaves her cheering ability to Margie Koloski. Dolores Susang leaves her job with Mr. Scales to join Margiotti. Russell Babeo leaves his quick temper to Cookie Marshalek. Charlene Lentz leaves Mr. Robinson in peace. AMENI Ioan Dashkewitz leaves her trips to Wilmer- ding to Mary Stanasic. Ieanie Traficante leaves her long hair to Patti Prines. Hattie Boyd leaves her grace on the basketball floor to Mrs. Neil. Edward Banasik leaves his hot-rod driving to Mr. Kenyon. Angie Cannillo leaves her beautiful black hair to Ada Galoro. Anne Capets leaves to see Smutt off to the army. James Delia leaves his physique to Gene Corl. Patti Haines leaves with Mike. Buck Zuzik leaves his baseball ability to Beans Kinley. Marie Murray leaves her miracle diet to Mrs. Harris. Julia Portik leaves Mr. Heaps and his jokes. Frank Stanisic leaves his friendliness to Mitzi Tarbuck. Barbara Holsinger leaves her stage presence to the quivering quartet. Lois Hysong leaves her sweet disposition to Marcia Gracion. Bose Kerin leaves her love for Mr. Trem- bath to Ianet Iovino. Beverly Kopnitsky leaves her math ability to Tubby Twardowski. Bobby Lloyd leaves to be with Janie. Evelyn Mathias leaves her right arm to Mr. Bobinson. Boots Nabuda leaves for an indefinite stay at Torrence. Claw Wi!! JoAnn Kromer leaves to join Boots. John Serafin, Rey and Ron Peduzzi leave their smoothness, fast talking, and apple polish- ing ability to Flash Devine. Frank Wengrzyn leaves his position of right tackle on the football team to Killer Kerin. Prose Massaro does not leave her love for Ron. She takes it with her. Shirley Bowery leaves her love for convertibles to Arlene Neale. Patsy Paul leaves his crooning ability to P. Owens. Margie Krisantz leaves her love for Pitcairn to Mr. Schrock. Huffy Schneider leaves his combination bed and desk to another sleepy buddy. George Valmassoni leaves his girlfriends to Herky Asquino. James Brown does not leave the Buick to Albert! He takes it with him. Russell Loutsenhizer leaves his lpana smile to Unt Banasic. Ioan Capan leaves her love for literature to Sam Godich. Randall Croth leaves his hearty laugh to Rose Bucar. Peggy Gibbs leaves her dancing ability to Bull Lintner. Dorothy Drakulic leaves her shy ways to Barbara Peer. Bill Morrow leaves his straight A,s to Sammy Draganack. Roy Smeltz leaves his favorite buddys-Chaz, Molt, and Paul. Eddie Szmyd leaves Miss Bierer in tears for next year's backdrop. Tommy Mikan leaves his typing troubles to Mr. Buckle. Bill Vergot leaves: Destination unknown! Millicent Stakor leaves her job as Tomahawk typist to anyone who can decipher Mr. Kenyon's hand writing. Ted Szajna leaves his famous "Hello Honeyy' to Ioe Mazur. Mike Zeravica leaves his love for English to Eddie Cigich CMurd0ckj. Clyde Minnis leaves his broken arm to any- one who wants it. Paul Sorokach leaves his smile to Bill Bamber. Gerry Nunn leaves her love for Buicks to Kenny Schneider. Earl Devine leaves his walking library to Wil- liam Burnett. Charles Palesky leaves to hunt up his missing books. Lois Turchan leaves her feminine charms to Bernadine Mikan. cvmmehdemehf - - Program and Qftgf univr C7444 NIA tory In 1492 Columbus discovered America but in 1948 the Freshmen of T. H. S. dis- covered a vast area of territory to be conquer- ed-namely algebra and Latin. In order to help us get through this wilderness we chose Marcia Gracion as president, Marcia nearly resigned her position when the class meetings used to get a little rowdy. Despite our rowdy- ism we managed to get through to the Sopho- more Mountains. This was really a tough journey for most of us fespecially the inter- class basketball teams.j We elected janet Matulia and Mildred Tarbuck as May Queen Attendants and they looked lovely in their pink gowns. We had a magazine sale for our funds were a little on the deficit side, however this idea didn't work out any too well. So, poor as we were, we advanced to our Iunior year, all raving and ranting, to make a successful prom for our fellow seniors. Our class president, Herky Asquino, encouraged us to bring in our back dues and Margaret Baric, being our newly elected treasurer, very efficiently took over the matters of book- keeping. We may have a shortage of funds but our class is also short of-boys too. That is the reason for having senior boys play the parts in our Junior Class Play, "All On Account Of Louellav in which Mary Stanisic and Dick Hydak had the leading roles. The other mem- bers of the cast were as follows: Bunny Galloro, Cookie Marshalek, Mickey Ludmann, Gertrude Bonde, Bill Vergot, Bill Morrow, John Ogle, Iohn Serafin, Gene Corl, Betty Koepka. Incidentally our class parties turned out with a bang! All girls, and oh yes, four or five boys showed up to eat. Representing our class in the athletic field were Ziggy, Dave, Iack, Sam, Carlheim, Herky, Tubby, Ogle, Turk, and Corl. On the basketball court were our part time players fthey only quit 3 or 4 timesj Ziggy, Dave, and Herky. Carlheim, Hydak, Dave, Ogle, Sam, and Tubby represented us on the track team. The girls also showed up in our class. They were Bigler and Tarbuck on the Girls Varsity-although they only had two games this season they displayed their talents well. Arlene Neale and Marcia Gracion were chosen May Queen Attendants by 'the class. Many of the Juniors played for the Band Concert. A solo baton twirling exhibition was performed by Marjorie McKee with a lighted baton. Quite talented, this girl! f So until next year when all of us talented people get into our final Qwe hope? year, we shall leave T. H. S. for three months of peace and quiet. univr Sitting, Left to Right-I. Connor, P. Turkovicli, S. Godicli, G. Corl, B. Twardoski, D. Hyduk, T. Asqnino. Second Row-I. Zyliowski, A. Neale, A. Belie, M. Stanisic, M. Ludlnunn, C. Wkitts, C. Paul, VV. Mcagcr, I. Smith, Mr. Heaps. Third Row-L. Carter, M. Banasik, T. Bigler, I. Carter, M. Tarbuck, L. Consoli, M. Vecchio. Sitting, Left to right-J. Zigarovicli, W. Stanley, M. Kljucaric, D. Robinson, I. Carlheim, B. Galoro, I. Ogle Standing, Second Row-M. Gracion, J. Venturo, K. Kluko, S. Snyder, M. McKee, A. Banasik, S. Petrovich B. Koepka, I. Litwin, Mr. Ruckle. Standing, Third Row-J. Matulia, M. Baric, A. Galoro, M. Cupan, G. Bonde, H. Snopko, M. J. Marslmlic M. Koloslci. 23 Sepia vmvre C7444 NIA tory The Diaper Dans of "1935v have labori- ously reached 1951. We reached this year deserving all the credits due to the Sopho- rnores. Our Freshman year was the beginning of our newly acquired high school years. We must admit, we took it boldly. Our Freshman Class trip 'to Bushy Run proved to be quite exciting, since a few of the boys were chased by some mad man. We hope our picnic this year won,t be quite so frightful. Opening the hectic years we chose Mary- ann Mikan as our class president. We thank her very much for trying to keep our meetings orderly. Vice President was Evelyn Morrow, Barbara Keller as Secretary and Iames Sage was our trusty treasurer. Our treasury department is quite full we are proud to admit. We had a bake sale in Mandelis storeroom which proved to be quite a success. Although we had a difficult time collecting dues, we finally pulled through. In the sports field We contributed greatly to Mr. Trembath's quintet. The members are as follows: Eddie Lenart, Graham Grubb, John McCann, David Iosephic, Joe Mazur, Tom McHugh, and Bill Ogle. We are extremely proud of our quartet, "The Slip Slopsf, originators of the very popu- lar "We Love You Madlylv The mighty four are: David Iosephic, Joe Mazur, Eugene Patrick, and Graham Grubb. The girls inter-class team played excellent basketball, losing only one game and hoping to win the championship. As for the boys, we better not say because of their unusual talent for losing games. In the yearly May Queen crowning. Frances Stojakovich and Marion Harvey were chosen to represent the Sophomore Class by wearing yellow gowns and red and yellow roses. The festival proved to be quite colorful, Representing the Sophomores in the band are Maryann Mikan, Marietta DeFrank, Eugene Patrick, Violet Klimovich, and Graham Grubb. As Majorettes we have Frances Stojakovich and Dorothy Banasic. We send all our regards to Dorothy Banasic, who has been ill for a few weeks. We are hoping sheill have a speedy recovery. In the Pep Club, Anna Mae Nabuda and Marion Harvey are our peppy cheerleaders. We are proud to send our donation of Maryann Mikan to County Chorus. She had a very wonderful and interesting time meeting new friends and students. To aid the Iunior and Senior Prom this year, Frances Stojakovich, Marion Harvey and Violet Klimovich were hat check girls. This proved to be quite profitable, since each received 31.51 in tips. David Josephic, Joe Mazur and John McCann were the boys who served the food. Well, hoping to be very SUCCSSSUII 1n our gala Junior year, we leave you with this thought, i'VVhat fools these mortals Deli, Sepia omore lst row sitting, left to right-J. Mzmir, D. Koepku, F.. Patrick, G. Crublus, VV. Bumber, II. Corl, I. Sage 2nd row standing: M. Ilalrvey, ll. l"rVclryc-li, M. De Frank, A. Brown, D. Iosepliic, J. McCann, T. Mcllugli, D. Buuasik, Mr. Kenyon 3rd row standing: M. Lawrence, B. Keller, D. Seliopp, J. Capan, F. Cupan, V. Caruso, S. Eves Front Row, left to right-H. Matuliu, R. Walkcm, I. Stanisie, J. Mujernik, C. Loutsenliizer, I. Wrucker, V. Morocco, J. Owens, J. Julian Second Row-A. Nabuda, M. Mikan, C. Stanley, F. Stoiakovieli, M. Ludmunn, E. Lenurt, R. Smeltz, XV. Ogle, J. Lubanovieh, Miss Shaulis Third Row-M. Ruffo, E. Morrow, A. Scheller, I. Kelly, V. Klimovicli, J. Kerin, M. Altman, I. Mustrianni 25, Se en th grade HM tory We, the seventh graders, started our first year in the high school building by having an election of officers. Victor Capets was elected president, Norma Jean Bradley, vice president, Darlene Schrock, secre- tary, and Iuliann Bayko, treasurer. Our student Council members were Joyce Simmons, Gilbert Burkel, Delores Traiicante and Arthur Toocheck. Our first party was our Halloween Party. We had Steve Turchan's recordings. We all went home sleepy- eyed having much fun. In February we had our second social. It was a dance also. Thus another memorable party was chalked up for the seventh grade class. At the beginning of the year we acquired a new member, Patty Fundis. We want to thank Mrs. Harris and Mr. Siegel for their encouragement and advice and for sponsor- ing our parties during the year. To sum it We might say that our first year in the high school building was very successful. The seventh grade hopes for many more successful years. 951: tl: gr de Hi tory This year the eighth graders were further initiated into the nightmares of study halls, homework, and the art of avoiding it. At the beginning of the year we had a rather confusing class meeting, electing these officers: Presi- dent Buddy Calloro, Vice-President Edward Horanic, Treasurer john Beck, and Carole Ann Carnak, Secre- tary Eva Jane Bruno. Ruby St-eckler and Elaine Valcourt were our student council representatives. Our first party was a Halloween party. The boys were a little bashful at first but Mrs. Neil fixed that. Soon they were all dancing like little gentlemen. Of course there were trying times like Home-Ec for the girls when we sat watching the cookies burn. While the delicious odors from the home-ec department penetrated the high school the boys were down at shop class, making bookends and footstools that their families never used. Our last yearis president Billy Mahr, and another class-mate Tom Mathias moved away in the middle of the year, making our class two persons smaller. At the closing of the school year, we had our spring party, with the beautiful stag line that spent half of the time outside. However Mr. Shank, our professional dancer, danced with all the girls, which made them feel better. We are looking forward to becoming "Greeny Frogsf' and to being initiated into the Freshman class, next year. ?re Inman Hi tory We started our Freshman year with high hopes for the coming four years of high school. We elected as our president, Jim Walko, vice president, Dolly Czapor, secretary, Loretta Vaccaro and treasurer, Leonard "Peter Lorre" Colangelo. Our first party was in the first part of November at which we enjoyed delicious refreshments and danced to the melodious strains of Steve Turchanis record player. The second party was a bang up affair. It was held Feb. 15. The fun certainly didn't end when the party was over. By this time we were all too deeply absorbed in English I to notice anything around us, so we now skip to the end of the year which finds us minus a few of our companions. In the last week of school our combined history classes had a picnic at Bushy Run. This was really a wild aHair but having successfully dodged Indian Tomahawks all day we returned home safely. Throughout the year our class was prominent in the sports field, having contributed to football and basketball teams and the track teams and the baseball squad. Word of exemptions from the final tests spread like wild fire until we found that the disliked subjects were not included. As the year closed there was many a tearful eye as we looked hack on the fun and frolic of our Fresh- men year. ?re lumen lst row, left to right-I. Wallco, W. Henkel, D. Lintncr, R. Mathias, D. Robinson, E. Yanaso, K. Kinley 2nd row-F. Lefller, B. Petrina, R. Sage, C. Cornik, D. Hopkins, XV. Trlculu, I. Vuick, L. YVa11ncr, Miss Smith 3rd row-I. Zcntncr, J. Ventura, J. Pratt, G. Meager, D. Feclor, P. Rcecl, S. Hartzcr First Row, left to right-L. Colangelo, B. Desmond, I. Frydrych, B. Brickel, 1. Furiinsky, C. Stanley, Mr Triembath Second Row-R. Bucar, P. Erwin, lf. Caruso, R. Doluos, E. Krcelic, J. Cotch, P. Princs Third Row-D. Wislocky, D. Fcclor, B. Cuvalancia, J. Iovino, L. Vaccaro, D. Czapor 27 991: th grade First Row, left fo right-I. Karr, B. Peacock, E. Horzluic, B. Cnlloro, A. Zigurovicli, NV. Burnett, XV. Bondc Second Row-V. Morrow, B. Milam, M. Schopp, I. Bc-ck, H. Dumm, E. Matuliu, li. Vulcourt, Mr. Shamlc Third Row-H. Sczllcs, F. SlIl'INil.tZ, E. Bruno, C. Dclllosso, P. Kain, Z. Drukulic, V. Cupets First Row, left to right-R. Holland, D. Fabyonic, E. Louderbuck, M. Pctrovich, K. Schneider, M. Boyd, M Staxlcor Second Row-S. Vecchio, E. Krupur, A. Sawsak, C. Bussurcl, D. Divcns, R. Groth, M. Anthony, C. Curnack Mrs. Neil Third Row-R. Stcclilcr, F. Camp, N. McKee, A. Morocco, S. hlC'2lg6'1', E. Bugislci, B. Vecchio 28 e en tl: grade First Row, left to right-R. Hiner, B. Morocco, S. Chiapetti, C. Brown, D. Cunningham, E. Cigich, B. Koch- ta, G. Kurtz, P. Neale, M. Nunn, R. Crookston Second Row-P. DiCesare, K. Noll, K. Yanuzo, D. Schrock, P. Wislosky, C. Mundich, D. Sinith, P. Carter, L. Cush, I. Stanisic, C. Fix, Mr. Seigle Third row-R. Geiger, C. Burkel, B. Kopnitsky, J. M gigiera, D. Nigro, J. Martino, K. Schneider, N. Bradley, S. Mikan Front Row, left to right-C. Zeravica, F. Gieger, M. Habo, G. Mahr, F. K1.w0r.1, P. Mathias, E. Caputo, T Davis, B. Helsel, R. Green, M. Bartakovich Second Row-C. Zigarovich, J. Babeo, J. Cimprich, J. Cimbora, D. Traiicante, M. Lapoevich, R. Crcen, I Barsio, N. Yanuzo, P. Fundis, V. Capets, Mrs. Harris Third Row-K. Carter, M. Dent, I. Schopp, L. Venturo, N. Majernick, I. Turchan, B. Nunn, F. Monchak, E Smithbower, R. Rossetti, I. Franey, I. Shawley 29 .L. K l"l 1 . .f. QS M Q! C'lu6A - 14cti17itieA - 0f9dhQdfi0MA 31 STUDENT COUNCIL 72.5 The Trafford Chapter of the National Honor So- ciety is composed of Junior and Senior students who have received honor grades in their studies. This year the Honor Society started the practice of presenting gold pins to its Senior members. To raise money for the pins, NHS members sold peanuts at various high school functions and, with the Band, co-sponsored a Band concert. Senior Officers were elected at the second meet- ing of the organization. Earl Devine was elected presi- dent, Dolores Susang, secretary, Bill Morrow, Trea- surer. Initiation of Iunior members into the society was an impressive sight. Each new member lighted his small candle, signifying his scholastic life, from four larger candles signifying the motto of the NHS: Lead- ership, Scholarship, Service, and Character. Student Council The Student Council began this year as usual with the election of members, a boy and girl from each class to represent them. The purpose of this is to better relations between the students and ad- ministration. Should a serious difference arise be- tween a student and a faculty member, it may be pre- sented to the administration through the council. The officers of the organization are Bill Morrow, president, Bill Vergot vice-president, Barbara Hol- singer secretary, and Dave Josephic treasurer. This year the Student Council sponsored the Christmas Formal and the Christmas Decoration Con- test. First Row: R. Steckler, M. Schopp VV. Vergot, B. Holsinger, W. Morrow, D. Iosephic, D. Czapor, I. Matulia Second Row: H. Hydak, A. Toocheck, G. Burkel, S. Eves, J. Simmons, D. Traficante, I. Hartzer, R. Peacock, I. Fahyonic Third Row: A. M. Nabuda, I. Zy- howski, B. Kluko, I. Morocco, J. Ogle, I. Krecelic NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Front Row: R. Massaro, I. Zyhow- ski, E. Mathias, E. Devine, W. Mor- row, D. Susang, B. Kopnitsky, L. Hysong Second Row: M. I. Marshalek, B. Holsinger, M. Graeion, F. Wengryzn, NV. Vergot, A. Capets, M. Baric TOMAHAVVK First Row, left to right- L. V. Consoli, R. Scales, K. Kluko, B. Koepka, I. P. Owens, W. Morrow, C. Palesky, M. Ludmann, M. Stanisic, G. Bonde, F. Camp, E. Bruno. Second Row-M. A. Mikan, M. Murray, M. Stakor, I. Ma- tulia, M. Baric, VV. Mea- ger, M. Harvey, J. Carr, B. Holsinger, L. NVanner, R. Dumn, P. Haines, L. Asquino, V. Capets. Third Row-E. Mathias, A. Ca- pets, C. De1Rosso, I. Ma- tulia, A. Galloro, E. Val- court, C. YVatts, M. Schopp, G. Meager, B. Mikan, I. Smith, J. Ven- turo, VV. Vergnt. KE. De- vine, missingb, Mr. Ken- yon. CAMERA CLUB First Row, left to right- J. Wracker, A. Sawsak, L. Calangelo, R. Smeltz, B. Galloro, B. Corl, E. Patrick, G. Grubhs, I. Julian, P. Sorokach, Sec- ond Row-Mr. Kenyon, Advisor, C. NVatts, D. Czapor, M. Vecchio, E. Bruno, M. Kloski, F. Haines, I. Venturo, A. Belle, P. Prines, R. Scales. Came af C1116 The Camera Club, in existence for four years, has been very active. To start the year the Camera 'iFiends" went on a hike near Trafford. To raise money they held the "Mystery Dancev and the "Sadie Hawkins Dancef' Later in the year they had a very successful spaghetti supper dance, at which the i'FiendsU and their so called girl and boy friends had a marvelous time. With club funds they bought an enlarger and a dryer. They experimented in copying prints for exhibition at Open House. The officers were, Pres. Pat Prines, V. Pres. James Delia, Sec. Eva Jane Bruno, Treas. james Iulian. The Camera Club sponsor is Mr. Kenyon. Tomalsa le WVith Mr. Kenyon as advisor and Bill Vergot as editor, the 25 members of the Tomahawk Staff got off to a good start. Assets from 15 business organi- zations and the annual King 61 Qu-een of Hearts dance which was held in February financed the paper. The juniors took new staff positions for the last two issues with editor, Margaret Baric, Secretary- Laverne Consoli, Treasurer-janet Matulia, Features -Bunny Galloro, Wilma Meager and Mary Stanasic, Proof Reader-Kitty Kluko, Artist-Ann Behe, Sports -Colleen VVatts, Richard Hydak, Exchange--Irene Smith, Poetry-Mildred Ludmann, Typists-Bettv Koepka, Bunny Calloro, and Business Manager-Bill Stanley. juniors and Seniors received awards for their outstanding work. CHORUS First Row, left to right- I. Traiicante, M. Altman, T. Bigler, M. DeFrank, M. McKee, S. Petrovich, M. Ludmann, M. Lud- mann, C. Stanley, L. Vaccaro, I. Mastrianni, F. Stojakovich, A. Capets. Second Row-M. I. Ruffo, D. Czapor, F. Leffler, I. Venturo, L. Hysong, M. A. Mikan, B. Holsinger, W. Meager, G. Bonds, A. Galloro, A. M. Nabuda, I. Zyhowski, I. Smith, M. Koloski, M. Lawrence, S. Eyes. CMissing--Earl Devinej Third Row--E. Frydrych, B. I. Petrina, V. Klimovich, L. Colan- gelo, D. Koepka, W. Vergot, J. Frydrych, G. Grubb, P. Turkovich, R. Hydak, I. Sage, C. Watts, C. Paul, M. Gracion. ?o enAic league The Forensic League is a sub-branch of the Penn- sylvania Music and Forensic League whose purpose is to stimulate interest in speech work and to help young people make social adjustments in meeting other people from a wide area. Anyone who is interested in any type of speech may join the Forensic League. This year our Forensic League took several trips to other schools. We attended the Original and Humorous Declamation contest at Jeannette, and at Greensburg, Radio and Oral Interpretation. The Poetry Reading Bt Shakespeare contests took place at Trafford. After the contests, refreshments were served and members got a chance to meet and talk to other boys and girls their age. Altogether we enjoyed the meetings of the Forensic League very much and are looking forward to many more times together. S4 FORENSIC Sitting, left to right- B. Holsinger, M. Lud- mann, L. Consoli, M. A. Mikan, A. Galloro, I. Trai-icante, L. Asquino, M. Gracion. First Row, stand- ing-M. J. Marshalic, I. Julian, R. Hydak, J. Wracker, I. P. Owens, B. Vergot, Miss Smith. Second Row, standing- L. Carter, A. Capets, A. Sheller, I. Carter. Cleo uA The Trafford High School Chorus with a mem- bership of forty-five and directed by Henry J. Ferri, has taken part in such activities as the Minstrel and the Variety Show. On Patrons, day the chorus gave a concert consisting of such songs as "You'll Never Walk Alonev and "Cindy,' in honor of George Washington's birthday. One of our chorus members Earl Devine wrote the continuity for George Wash- ington in Song and Story. For the graduation exer- cises the chorus sang "You,ll Never Walk Alonef' at the request of the Seniors, and "Our Fatherf, The Chorus raised money by selling candy at noon-time every day and by putting on a concert. Kane! The band, reorganized by Mr. Henry J. Ferri, has been very active for the last two years. The band attended all the football games this season, and did various formations at each game. After football season was over, the band was invited to go to McKeesport to march in their Christmas Parade. It rained that night so we stayed in the bus and played. Our majorettes and our Trafford High School Indian, Bill Vergot, marched in front of our bus. The Indian was a new addition this year and it was very appropri- ate to have him at the football games. Later on in the year the band put on a band concert which was very successful. We played various songs and one novelty song, Jack Dalton,s Ride, which the audience liked. At the end of the year the band gave to the senior members of the band jackets. The seniors that received them Were, Bill Vergot, Ann Capets, Peggy Gibbs, Lois Turchan, James Delia, James Brown, Rose Kerin, Barbara Holsinger, and Jean Traflicante. We hope to continue this in the years to come. During the year we found various ways to raise funds. We sold candy each afternoon and held a dance. With these funds we purchased music and seven new instruments. The band had a party to which the members of the band were able to invite a friend. It turned out to be a great success. Everyone had a wonderful time and plenty to eat. All the members of the band will receive letters, including the seniors. The band hopes to grow bigger and b-etter in the years to come. lst row: F. Stojakovich, A. Neale, D. Fedor, D. Fedor, W. Vergot, I. Traficante, D. Banasik, M. Gracion, M. McKee. 2nd row: B. Holsinger, I. Chiapetti, D. Schrock, A. Galloro, W. Meager, C. Camack, M. Mikan, T. Bigler, A. Sawsak, G. Meager, F. Camp, Mr. Ferri. 3rd row: G. Burkel, R. Crookston, D. Smith, I. Venturo, W. Morrocco, I. Capan, L. Consoli, P. Kane, C. Heiner, R. Scales. 4th row: I. Delia, M. DeFrank, W. Helsel, M. Gibbs, M. Ludmann, G. Grubbs, I. Carlheim, L. Colangelo, T. Davis, D. Divens, C. Watts. 5th row: I. Matulia, J. Pratt, B. Galloro, L. Turchan, A. Capets, W. Trakula, D. Fabyonic, A. Behe, I. Karr, L. VVam1er. GIRLS VARSITY CLUB , - Y , - 1 3 - P P. Gibbs, CA. Cannillo, missingj. BOYS VARSITY CLUB First Row, left to right-P. Paul, M Zeravica, R. Croth, F. WVengryzn art. Second Row-B. Morrow, Rey Peduzzi, I. Zigarovich, I. Serafin, G Cori, P. Turkovich, T. Asquino, Mr Heaps. 504 va ,fy cm The Girlis Varsity Club is made up of girls who have played at least one year on the Varsity. The purpose of this club is to unite together in an effort to earn money for some sort of an award which the girls receive in their senior year. The organization, under the direction of Miss Remaley, raised money for their sweaters by holding dances for the students and also a bake sale. The girls that received sweaters were: Ann Capets, Peggy Gibbs, Hattie Boyd, Lois Turchan, Angie Cannillo, jean Traiicante, and Twyla Bigler. The sponsor, Miss Remaley also received a sweater. Uar :ty C ab This year was one of the busiest years for the Boy,s Varsity Club. The boys in the club started off the year by sell- ing taffy, after which they sold Christmas Cards, then they had a Variety Show, and finally they held dances. All the money went to the purchase of handsome white sweaters. The boys in the Varsity Club wish to thank Mr. H-eaps, the sponsor, for his full coopera- tion for without it, the year would not have been very successful. Miss Remaley, I. Traficante, T. Big- ler H Bo d L Turclmn A Ca ets, Ron Peduzzi, D. Robinson, E. Leon- MAJORETTES Left to Right: D. Banasik, D Fedor, A. Neale, D. Feclor, M. Gran-ion, F. Stojakovich, I. Tratiezmte, M. McKee CHEERLEADERS Kneeling, left to right-M. I. Mar- ihalek, L. Asquino, S. Bowery, I. t I Wlll Standing-F. Leffler, M. Harvey, A. M. Nabuda, P. Reed l l 1 l I Claeerle der The cheerleaders of Trafford High started the 1950 season all decked out in new uniforms which were paid for by their efforts to raise money by dances and bake sales. After the money was earned and the uniforms paid for, a faculty committee and two Senior cheerleaders elected Patti Reed and Frances Leflfler to the club for the next four years. Though the teams didn't win all of their games, these pep makers did their share to inspire them. Lucy Asquino and Shirley Bowery, two graduat- ing seniors, received varsity sweaters as a token of our appreciation for fine service. lee lllajv ette The Trafford High School Band is led by eight maiorettes, four of whom were chosen this past foot- ball season. Jean Traficante, who has been a major- ette for five years, is the leader of this group. jean, who is graduating this year will be replaced by Marcia Gracion, as head majorette. The majorettes this season held dances and bake sales to raise money to buy two new uniforms and a trophy for Jean. These girls have led the band at all the football games and appeared at various other performances at T. H. S. dum: I lll1nAtl-el Mr. R. L. Robinson coached the six end rnen in The Burnt Corker's Minstrel who were Rey and Ron Peduzzi, Jack Connor, Tom McHugh, Eugene Patrick, Peter Colangelo. The very capable inter- locutor Was Bill Vergot. Mr. Ferri directed the music and played the accompaninients for both the chorus and the end men. The Slip Slops sang two songs "I Had A Drearnf and "Evening By The Moonlightf, James Patrick Owens who kept interrupting Finally was allowed to sing "Me and My Shadowf, Mildred Tarbuck and LaVerne Consoli presented a skit about their first trip to New York. There were also two couples that did the Samba. 5192 Slap The Slip Slop Quartet consists of four boys: Eu- gene Patrick, Joe Mazur, David Iosephic and Graham Grubb. The Slip Slop Quartet was started this year. It was formed just to have fun at lunch hour. Since Mr. Kenyon disapproved of their singing in his home room, there was quite a bit of congestion in the room when they did sing. They finally convinced Mr. Kenyon to let them practice in the Tomahawk room. Then Mr. Kenyon bargained with them, that if they sang in the niinstrel, they would get their picture in the Reflector. So here it is. SLIP-SLOP QUARTET L-R-G. Grubb, I. Mazur, D. Iosephic, E Patrick MINSTREL Interlocutor: NV. Vergot Endmen: H. Peduzzi, T, McHugh LR End Mtn. E. Patrick, R. Pcduui Stage Crew The stage crew was organized about six years ago by Mr. Darr, the music supervisor. WVh-en he left Mr. Robinson became sponsor of this organization. The stage crew's primary purpose is to arrange set- tings, proper lighting, and seating for all stage produc- tions. The boys climaxed their year with a turkey din- ner and a movie in Pittsburgh. The crew this year consisted of the Peduzzi Twins, Frank VVengrzyn, John Serafin and the following Juniors, Tony Asquino and Dick Hydak. Next year two Sophomores, Dave Io- sephic and Joe Mazur will replace the four graduating stageerew members. univr Cla A P az, The confusin, but amusin, junior class play "All On Account of Louellav made its debut on November 16 and 17. The members of the cast were as follows: Bill Morrow, Gertrude Bonde, Mary Stanasic, Bunny Calloro, Mary lane Marshalek, Betty Koepka, John Ogle, John Seratin, Bill Vergot, Mildred Ludmann, and Dick Hydak. All in all the play was a great success in the minds of the few people that saw it. Many thanks to the three seniors, john Seralin, Bill Vergot, and Fill Morrow, who took over the parts of three junior Joys. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Seated, left to right-J. Ogle, R. Hy- dak, W. Morrow, VV. Vergot Standing-M. Marshalek, Miss Smith, G. Corl, M. Ludmalm, I, Serafin, B. Koepka, M. Stanisic Rear--A. Galloro, G. Bonde STAGE CREW First Row, left to right-Rey Peduzzi, F. Wengrzyn, J. Seratin. Second Row-Mr. Robinson, R. Hy- dak, T. Asquino, Ron Peduzzi. 39 Reflector Staff First Row: E. Mathias, A. Capets, E. Devine, W. Vergot, M. Gracion, B. Kopnitsky, L. Turchan, D. Susang Second Row: R. Massaro, L. Asquino, P. Haines, M. Stakor, R. Loutscuhizcr, I. Nabuda, M. Murray, I. Traficante, L. Hysong, W. Morrow, B. Kluko Third Row: V. Klimovich, F. Stojakovich, B. Holsinger, R, Peduzzi, R. Smeltz, R. Peduzzi, M, Gibbs, C. Palesky, M. McKee, M. I. Marshalek, A. M. Nabuda Co-Editors ,........ .,.,.,.. W illiam Vergot or Earl Devine Iunior Editor ....,.,. .,........,....,,.....,.......... B iarcia Gracion Sports Editor ........ ..,... .,,.,..,.,..., W i lliam Morrow Literary Editor ....... ........,,....,....,.,.,.,.....,..,.. A nne Capets Art Editors ....,..,.,. ..... lX larie Murray, Edward Szmyd Senior Class Ed. ......, .,........,,.......,.,......,..,...... B everly Kopnitsky Business Managers ,..,... ..,..,....,..,.....,, R oy Smeltz, Rey Peduzzi, Ron Peduzzi, Russ Loutsenhizer, Tony Asquino Typists ....,... ........ R ose Massaro, Millicent Stakor, Evelyn Mathias Snapshots .,,,,.,..,,...,.. ...,............... L ois Turchan, John Nabuda. Lois Hysong, IoAnn Kromer, julia Portik, Patti Haines Thumbnail Sketches ........., .. Barbara Holsinger, Dolores Susang, Lucy Asquino, Betty Kluko, Angie Cannillo, Geraldine Nunn, Hattie Boyd Iunior Representatives ..................,....,......., Marjorie McKee, Mary Jane Marshallek Sophomore Representatives ...,.. ...,.. A nna Mae Nabuda, Violet Klimovich, F. Stojakovich Freshmen Representatives ........ ..............,........,., 1 lose Bucar, jackie Pratt Eighth Grade Representatives ...,, ......,. C arol Ann Garnack, Carol Buzzard Seventh Grade Representative ....,. ....,..,.,,...,.,,,.,....,,.,,..,, D arlene Sohrock Advisor .....,...,...............,.....,,,.,..... .....,, N liss Mary Elizabeth Bierer 40 ?uture ivlvmemaleem 14me lea FRESHMAN FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA lst Row-I. Gotch, R. Sage, P. Irwin, C. Cornick, P. Prines, R. Bucar, B. Cavalancia 2nd Row-L. Vaccaro, D. Fedor, D. Fednr, G. Meager, B. Petrina, L. Warmer, I. Iovino, Mrs. Harris 3rd Row-D. WVis1ocky, P. Reed, F. Lefflcr, I. Pratt, I. Zentner, D. Czapor SENIOR GROUP FUTURE HOME-MAKERS OF AMERICA First Row-I. Kramer, A. Cannillo, I. Portik, S. Bowery, M. Krisantz, A. Sheller Second Row-B. Kopnitsky, D. Drakulic, R. Kerin, Mrs. Harris, Advisor IUNIOR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Left-Right-Sitting-Mrs. Harris, A. Gall- oro, G. Bonde, YV. Meager, M. Baric, T. Bigler, L. Consoli, M. Koloski, C. Paul Standing-I. Venturo, K. Kluko, S. Snyder, I. Litwin, A. Neale, B. Koepka, S. Petrovich, M. Tan-buck, M. Bauasik, I. Matulia Queen of may PATTI HAINES 42 fri may bay When you have an Irish May Queen, consistency demands an Irish May Day. And what better setting could you have than a tumble down shack on the edge of a bog with Peggy Gibbs doing a iig and Kathleen, the Kilronans and their neighbors singing and the women talking of Leprechauns, Pookas, Ban- shees, and other fairy folk while the blessed quicken wood waves from the churn dash to ward off harm on May Eve. It is to Kathleen and the two American visitors that the May Queen in the person of Ceridwen, a moon goddess, appears from the bog. They alone witness the ancient rites of the cauldron of Ceridwen. The Irish hut of Act I and the back drop of the fairy sky with its luminous stars and the bog were the work of Edward Szniyd. These added immeasure- able to the fantasy called Quicken VVood written and produced by Miss Bierer. The rainbow-like gowns of the members of the May Queenls court, and the cute children who acted as crown, flower, and train bearers created the lovely picture. MAY QUEEN COURT 8: CAST MAY DAY SCENE W. Vergot, B. Holsinger, Marion Harvey, S. Vukich, A. Neale, G. Grubbs, J. Carlheim, Mr. Ferri, R. Hydak, B. Holsinger, H. Neil, A. Capets, M. Murray, Queen P. Haines, I. Kromer, M. L. Turchan, E. Devine, P. Turkovich, W. Vergot, E. Patrick Gracion, D. Burkett, F. Stojakovich, F. Del Rosso, F. Pogue, E. Devine ,, br matic 61116 BOTTOM 8TH GRADE First Row, left to right-E. Krupar, B. Galloro, R. Groth, C. Bussard, R. Holland, E. Loudcrback, D. Divens I. Karr, V. Bonds, R. Peacock, T. Vecchio Second Row-A. Snwsak, B. Mikan, M. Anthony, M. Shoppe, R. Dumm, I. Matulia, A, Morocco, N. McKee C. Carnack. Miss Smith A Third Row-R. Scales, R. Steckler, E. Bruno, I. Meager, E. Valcourt, C. DclRosso, P. Kain, V. Capets MIDDLE NINTH GRADE First Row-I. Julian, R. Smeltz, I. Frydrych, B. Brickel, I. Furimsky, D. Lintner, R. Mathias Second Row-F. Leffler, L. Vaccaro, L. VVanner, K. Kinley, L. Colangelo, P, Prines, I. Gotch, Miss Smith Third Row-D. Czapor, I. Iovino, R. Bucar, C. Gomik, B. Petrinn, B, Cavalancia, I. Zentner TOP 7TH GRADE First Row-M. Dent, P. Fundis, I. Cimbora, C. Brown, D. Cunningham, B. Helsel, M. Lapcevich, D. Traficante, R. Kuchta, M. Bartakovich, I. Shawley. Second Row-J. Martino, D. Smith, N. Majernick, D. Schrock, J. Cimprich, P. Neale, C. Zcravica, L. Cush, D. Nigro, Miss Smith. Third Row-K. Carter, N. Bradley, R. Rossetti, E. Smithbower, I. Magiera, C. Fix, K. Schneider, L. Venturo, B. Kopnitsky, G. Burkel. 44 First Row left to rlght B Vergot P Hwmes M Stakor E Mathms R Loutsenluzer Second Row Mr Robmbon B Morrow M Murmy J Nxbuch lst Row- Znd Row 3rd Row- Standing- Kneeling- Cvmmer ia! C7116 First Row, left E0 :iight-G. Bonde, K. Kluko. A. Neale, B. Koepka, S. Petrovich, M. Stanisic, I. Litwin, C Paul, T. ig er Second Row--Mr. Buckle, J. Carter, A. Galloro, H. Suopko, VV. lxlvaxger, M. Capun, M. Baric, M. Tarbuuk Third Row-M. Vecchio, M. Banasik, J. Matulia, M. Koloski, M. I. Mnrslialek, J. Venturo, L. Carter, L. V Consoli lst Row. left to right-M. Rufio, S. Bowery, E. Mathias, D. Drakulic, M. Stakor, H. Boyd, I. Portik, I. Kromer, A. Cannillo, M. Lawrance 2nd Row-Mr. Ruckle, B. Keller, B. Frydrych, M. DeFrank, M. Luclmann, F. Stojakovicll, C. Stanley, M. Harvey, I. Mastrianni 3rd Row-R. Kerin, M. Krisantz, I. Dashkewitz, C. Lentz, P. Gibbs, D. Susang, li. Massaro, L. Asquino 46 J 5 J------- C f if Sporw ?vv Mall Squad First Row: Reynold Peduzzi, Mike Zeravica, Russell Loutscnhizcr, Patsy Paul, Bemard Twarclowski, john Zigarovich, Iohn Schneider, Frank VVengrzyn, Anthony Asquino Second Row: Jack Connor, joe Frydrych, John Serailn, Robert Smeltz, Donald Lintner, Mike Diceasre, Ronald Peduzzi, james Furimsky, David Robinson Third Row: Iames Sage, Barry Brickle, Charles Loutsenhizcr, David Iosephic, Tom McHugh, Eugene Patrick, Gene Corl, Iohn Kei-in, Ed Banasic Fourth Row: Vincent Morocco, Joe Mazur, Sam Codich, Delmar Koepka, james Kelly, James Owens, Kenneth Kinley, Dennis Robinson A . fa. M ' COACH ASSISTANT COACH EREMIC HEAPS 48 ?oot6all I9 0 Sea on The Trafford Tomahawks, Football team of 1950 showed john Serafin, Dave Robinson, Iohn Zigarovich and Iames Furimsky at ends, the guards were Rey and Ron Peduzzi, the tackles were Frank Wengryzn, Patsy Paul, and Russell Loutsenhizer, the center was Tubby Twardowski. The backfield consisted of John Schneider at quarterback, Mike Zeravica and Eddie Banasik at half backs, and Tony Asquino as the fullback. Football started off with a bang in the year of 1950 for the boys from the cellars of Old Trafford High under the hopeful eyes of Coach Mel Eremic and Tom Heaps. On September the 9th, the Vernon Bulldogs in- vaded the fields of Trafford, but were turned back as a beaten foe. The Tomahawks celebrated a 12 to 6 victory with Asquino and Serafin scoring the touch- downs. The highlight of the game was an intercepted pass by Serafin who traveled 55 yards for the final touchdown. In Trafford's next game, we found the Toma- hawks as the Invaders and there objectives, the Moun- taineers of Ligonier. A huge crowd witnessed the dedication of Ligonier's new field Saturday night, the 16th of September, with a shining victory for the fighting sons of Trafford. The score was 16 to 6 in favor of Trafford, with john Schneider and Tony Asquino scoring the touchdowns. Two points were scored by Trafford in the first half, with the whole line breaking through to smother the quarterback for a safety. The third game of the season took the Toma- hawks to Avalon on September the 23rd. The Toma- hawks were held to a scoreless tie, by the Avalon Panthers. Not till a week or so later did the boy-s find out that they were awarded the game, by the score of 1 to 0, because Avalon had an illegal player in the game. The next game was a heart breaker with the Tomahawks losing 14 to 13 in favor of Snowden. Early in the first quarter, Mike Zeravica scored on a dash from the five yard line. Tony Asquino made the second touchdown with a plunge of 2 yards. This proved to be the first loss of the 'season for the boys of Trafford. The fifth game took the Tomahawks to Wilmer- ding where a huge crowd witnessed a great battle which saw the Wildcats of Wilmerding edge Trafford 7 to 0. This game was played at night and for a while looked as though it might turn out to be a score- less tie. But near the end of the game, Wilmerding scored on a long pass. The next game was played at TraHord Stadium and showed Etna as the visitors. Etna came out the victors with a score 26 to 19. John Serafin, Mike Zeravica, and John Schneider scored the touchdowns. The seventh game was also played at the Trafford Stadium and saw Trafford nip Derry 14 to 0. Mike Zeravica scored the first touchdown, and John Serafin scored the second. At this stage of the season, Traf- ford had four wins against three defeats. The next game was played at Pitcairn on Mon- day, November 6, with everyone anxious about its outcome. The Pitcairn Railroaders were outplayed by the Trafford Tomahawks, but they were fortunate enough to squeeze out a 13 to 12 victory. Tony Asquino scored both touchdowns. His first was from the five yard line, the second from the 30 yard line. The final gam-e saw the Tomahawks go down to defeat with Penn Township, getting whipped by a score of 25 to 7. John Serafin scored the only touch- down. Trafford's record now showed four wins to five losses. This year the breaks seemed to go against the boys, and consequently dropped some games which could have been theirs with a little luck. Trafford Opp. 12 ,,............,, Vernon ..,. ..... 6 16 ,.,.... ,..,,. L igonier .,.,. ...., 6 1 .,..,.. ...,..Avalon ............... ,.,.. , .. 0 13 ....... ..,... S nowden Twp. .....,...... 14 O . . ...,.,W1lmerd1ng 0 19 ....... ...... E tna ,.......,...., ...... 2 6 14 ...,.. -. ..... Derry Boro ....... ,.,. . 0 12 .,..... ...... P itcairn ..,,... ...... 1 3 7 ....... ...... P enn Twp. .... ..,.,.. 2 5 Kelp KaAleet6all Uamity First Row--Manager-R. Peduzzi, T. McHugh, J. Mazur, J. Seralin, F. VVengrzyn, G. Crubbs, Manager-R. Hydak. Second Row-D. Koepka, E. Lenart, I. Zigarovich, D. josephic, J. McCann, VV. Ogle, Mr. Trembath-Coach. Traffordis basketball Eve finished its 1950-51 season with a two point loss to East Pittsburgh "SharnrocksD on the East Pittsburgh court. Throughout the twenty game season the Tomahawks managed to win three while drop- ping seventeen. Victories were obtained at the expense of East Pitsburgh, Elizabeth and Penn Township. The Varsity also won a game over the Trafford Hotshots, 54 to 53, corn- posed of Mr. Seigel, Mr. Trembath, Frank Wengryzn, Mr. Heaps, Ed. Banasik, Al Zuzik, Ron Peduzzi, and D. Keopka. Frank Wengryzn was high scorer of the season with 300 points. Lenart was second with 183. McCann, 1745 Grubbs, 1435 josephic, 715 Zigarovich, 675 Seraiin, 565 and Mazur, 415 to round out the scoring. Mr. Trembath is hoping for a good season next year and the following one, as he will have most of his boys playing for the next two years. T. H. S. Opp 35 .........,..... Edgewood ..... .46 28 ...,,,......... Penn Twp. ..... 33 23 ,..........,... N. Huntington 33 40 ...........,.,. Export ......,...... .42 30 ,.....,......,. Franklin ..,...... 40 27 .,....,....,... Export ............. 33 48 ............... E. McKeesport 56 40 ......,........ Glassport ....... 62 42 .....,......... Elizabeth ....... .44 38 .......,........ Wilmerding .44 34 ......,.,..,.... Pitcairn ........... 36 43 .........,...,.. E. Pittsburgh . 38 64 .......,....... Penn Twp. ,,,.. 46 46 ..,.....,.,..,.. E. McKeesport .......... 52 64 ..........,..... Glassport ...,.,. 66 51 .,...,...,..,.. 44 .....,,..,..,... 46 .....,.....,.. 56 .........,..... Elizabeth ....... Wilmerding Pitcairn ...,.,... 5 E. Pittsburgh . 48 52 62 58 501,41 Junior Uamitq and . . A Officem BOYS' JUNIOR VARSITY T. McHugh Second Row-A. Brown, XV. Ogle, A. Asq no, Mr. Trembatli, Coach C. A. A. OFFICERS Stojakovich, Secretary econ ow - L. ouso 1, '. resiz en 5 Remuley, Sponsor JUNIOR VARSITY 1950-51 SCORES Pitcairn I ,.... . ,,.,..... 60 ..,.,,,....... Away E. Pittsburgh ..,o.. , 34 ,..,,. ....,... H ome , 26 """"'i" E325 ' E. Mclieesport ...,..,,.., 38 ......,,.,.,,... gome o,oo, Noffh Humillgfolr oToTTT Away Sliillllfliing ,oo..,o,,o.o, 33 ,oo,oo,oo...,., Away H O, 25 E-MCKffffSP01't i Away Pitcairn . ., , ...,., 40 ......Home.,. ,so Glassport . o,,.o..., ..,., . . Home E, Pittsburgh . ..,,.., 37 ,. oo.. . ,Away 34 Elizabeth .,....,,.,. Away TOl11'll1:l1Tl6Ht-wVCStI1'101'6l3IlCl County Home ..iV. Vernon-49 Trafford-39 Wilmerdiug ,i.,.., First Row-I. Ogle, R. Smeltz, D. Koepk First Row - M. Ludmann, TYEZISUICTQ F S dR C l Y P l t M Gibbs, Prcsidentg C. VVatts, Recorderg M WHA T. H. S. OPP. Loss Export ,.,...... ......,.. W on Export ......,.. ....,., . Won Udmify E332 Kggflzgtbglf Elf.. A , ' A t Franklin ..,..,.......... Alumni .......,.A......... VVest Penn Nurses .,Won ,Loss .Won lst row: M. Tarbuck, C. Watts, A. Behe, I. Dashkewitz, L. Turchan, T. Bigler, M. Gibbs. 2nd row: M. Gracion, I. Trai-icante, A. Capets, J. Carter, R. Kerin, H. Boyd, M. DeFrank, Miss Remaley, Coach. The Girls Varsity began their second season this year under the supervision of their coach, Miss Audrey Remaley. Although they only played five games, the girls were hard pressed and only won one of their games. That being their win over the Cirlis Alumni, who were a little out of shape. The main trouble with the girls was the lack of time for practice. They had a strong powerful team but they could not function correctly together. The girls played Export twice and they were defeated twice. They played Franklin once and they came out on the short end of the score for the third time in the row. They were beaten by the West Penn Nurses, but finally hit the victory trail, when they played against their former team-mates, the Girl,s Alumni. With the end of this season, the Cirl's Varsity Basketball team will be discontinued, because there is a lack of Girl,s Basketball teams around our district. The organization which will take its place will be the G. A. A.- Girl's Athletic Association. The C. A. A. has already been organized and will be put into full working order next year. Since the Girl's Varsity is fading out as a functioning group in Trafford, it would be only right if all would give them a round of applause for the great work they have done in the past. So, well done girls!! We hate to see you fade out of the picture. univr High Kmleetball T. H. S. OPP. T. H. S. OPP. 25 ............... Irwin ..,.,,.., .....,... 3 0 33 ,.,........... East McKeesport ....., 27 22 ...,........... Pitcairn ..,...,. ,,...,... 1 6 19 ............... Wilmerding .....,...,,..., 22 28 .....,.......... Irwin ............ .....,.., 4 9 29 ,.....,..,..... Penn Twp. ..., .......,. I 9 35 ............... Pitcairn ,............,.....,... 24 35 .............. Penn Twp. ................. 34' 25 ,.....,........ Patton Twp. .....,.,.....,.. 10 37 ......,........ Forest Hills ............... 25 32 ,..,....,..,... Patton Twp. ,,....,........ 27 37 ,,......,..,... East McKeesport .,,. 26 38 ..,.....,....... Forest Hills ,.......,....... 18 23 .,.,........... Wilmerding ..............,. 25 "Overtime Front Rowf left to right-D. Lintner, A. Zagarovich, I. Furimsky, B. Brickle, D. Robinson, R. Mathias, K. Kin e Y Standing-R. Scales, I. Beck, E. Cigich, L. Colangelo, E. Horanic, R. Dobos, D. Hopkins, Coach Eremic The Trafford Junior High Basketball team wound up the season with ten wins and four losses. The four losses were to Irwin twice, and Wilmerding twice. The won and loss record indicates that the true quality of Junior high basketball is advancing at Trafford High. Trafford could have won at least two more games if the Jun- ior Tomahawks had been given a few breaks here and there. This yearis team had a well rounded group of boys who, under the coaching of Mel Ere- mic, improved greatly from last yearis show- ing. Almost everyone is interested in basket- ball at Trafford High, for they know that the sooner the boys are taught the fundamentals of the game, the better they will become in later years. Most all ambitious boys who are inclined toward basketball, go out and play when they are in seventh and eight grades. Here the fundamentals of the game are learned and here is the beginning of a championship team if all will cooperate. Returning to next years, Iunior High team will be Anthony Zigarovich, Eddie Hor- anic, Robert Scales, Iohn Beck, and Robert Peacock. Coach Erernic is hoping for a good season next year even though he will be losing some good boys such as Barry Brickel, Robert Mathias, and jimmy Furmisky. Leading scorers of last year's team were Barry Brickel and Robert Mathias, who, with the help of others on the team, turned in sterling floor performances. KaAe6all 1951 Semen L-R-First Row: I. Julian, I. Kelley, E. Lenart, F. Wengryzn, M. Zeravica, R. Peduzzi, I. Wracker, R. Groth Second Row: Coach Eremic, K. Kinley, R. Galore, B. Twardowski, D. Iosephic, I. Majemick, I, Seraiin, I. Furimsky, A. Zuzik, W. Morrow, B. Brickel, R. Peduzzi The Trafford Tomahawkis Baseball team opened their 1951 season with a 3 to 2 setback at the hands of Plum. The next game saw the Tomahawks down the Wilmerding Wildcats by the score of 6 to 5. Following this game, we saw the Pitcairn Railroaders invade the Helds of Trafford with the idea of winning, but they were turned back with a 15 to 2 lacing at the hands of the beloved boys from Trafford. A few days later, Trafford visited Pitcairn and proved their first victory was no flash in the pan, and Walloped the Pitcairn Railroaders again, this time to the tune of 8 to 2. At this stage of the season, Trafford had Won 3 and lost 1, the crucial game was coming up with the boys from Plum. This game was a iight to the Hnish with Plum coming out the victors, with a score of 6 to 4. Following this game, Trafford played Wil- merding again, and this time they lost by the score of 5 to 4. Batting honors were distributed among the different players on the team. Eddie Len- art was top pitcher with 2 wins and 1 loss. Coach Eremic is hoping for a better season next year and will have regulars, John Zigaro- vich, Dave Iosephic, Eddie Lenart, jimmy Wracker, Roland Galore, Tubby Twardowski, James F urimsky, Kenneth Kinley, and Iames Julian. Trafford Opp. 2 ........,. ..,... P lum Twp. ...,.. ,,,,.... 3 6 ..,....... ....... W ilmerding ......... ....,... 5 ' 15 .......... ....,.. P itcairn ........ ...,.,.. 2 8 ....,...., .,.,.. P itcairn ..,.. 2 4 .,........ ....... P lum Twp. ..,... ...,.,.. 6 4 ..,,,....,.........,... Wilmerding ....... ......,. 5 Q Overtime 71' cle TRACK TEAM First Row: D. Robinson, D. Fabyonic, D. Shoppe, E. Cigich, E. Krupar, R. Smeltz, I. Carlheim Secondgiovilq Coach Heaps, S. Dragnick, E. Horanic, B. Ogle, I. Ogle, I. Palesky, I. Nabuda, R. Walko, R. rot . , Third Row: S. Godich, D. Robinson, J. Serafin, F. Wengrzyn, G. Corl, I, Mazur, R. Hydak, T. McHugh, B. Vergot Once again the wintry blasts and spring rains restrained the awakening actions of our short-clad gladiators. Even newly acquired sweat suits were not suflice to counter winter's chill, otherwise, our churn- ing legs of the cinderpath might have been the captors of even more laurels than were taken by our Toma- hawk trackmen. Trafford's junior High "Tomahawks" captured numerous medals in the Valley Junior High Championship Meet and gave hopes for possible cham- pions of the future. The singular home showing of track events was the annual Valley Championship Meet in which Traf- ford hosted seven teams. Wilmerding junior High was winner of the team trophy. A dual meet with Plum Township preceeded Traiford's entry into County and WPIAL competition and an inexperienced group of warriors almost upset Plumls seasoned team in a close 66-62 score, the Final relay event deciding the outcome of the meet. Trafford High's Varsity Track team under the great coaching of Tom Heaps, has grown in renown greatly through the efforts of its "Iron Mann-John "Yush,' Serafin-who had a strange talent for winning just about everything he entered. Yush won notice in l950,s Westmoreland County, WPIAL, and Penn- sylvania State Meetsg he then proceeded to repeat his performance in 1951, winning medals in the County Meet, winning the WPIAL 220 yard championship, sparking the 880 yard relay team of Serafin, Robinson, V-ergot, and Nabuda, who won P. I. A. A. recognition as the Western Pennsylvania Relay champions. The Relay team, with Croth and Ogle as alter- nates, and Yush, as an individual champion, repre- sented Trafford in the State Schoolboy Championship Meet held at Penn State College. "Yush,' once again flashed his spikes in champion form to win second place medal honors among the state's fastest schoolboysg actually, while running second to the 1951 PIAA champion Yush was clocked at a time of 22.7 sec. which unoflicially betters the standing WPIAL 220 yard dash mark. The 880 relay team also sped to a magnificent time of 1136.3 seconds but missed medal honors by but one place as two teams tied for state championship with remarkable times of 1134.1 seconds. Aspirants for the crowns of champions next year will be the returning warriors: Dave Robinson C100 yard dash, half-mile, S80 relay, broadjumpl, Billy Ogle Churdles, dashes, mile-relayj, Tom McHugh Chalf-mile, mile runl, Joe Mazur fshot, iavelinl, Gene Corl Cshot, discusl, Sam Godich Qjavelinj, John Carl- heim Cdiscusl, Richy Walko f440 mile relayl, Eddie Horanic Cdashes, mile relayl, and Sammy Draganac thigh jump, dashesl. LEFT T0 RIGHT-Row 1.-Drug Store Cowboys-One ''Phivlulvfsclxlelhze play. Row Row Row Row 2.-Our "Oscar,'-"Oops',-no hard ball. 3.--another 'Thiendl'-Forget-me-nots-''I crown thee. . ."4Ruse Petals-Thu strollers 4.--Totem pole-Fleur-de-Lis-Our Choice-orchids-Bc-amtiful doll. 5.-Sandlot-"Relay"-"When we were kids? 56 57 IA 14utogmplaA 1 xl :yd 5: Q " V x xY ffin ! d o do -L . - f i7m y E, SERVICE 1 04,0 ij sivj X F75 liit-asf I ' s M-,l Q K 4 S l l L - 2 . , -1 1 E N , .... . .....,... .... I ' YOQQF .M - -QL nw X M' Xe' ,- ' .,... ' IIHXSI B ef Q .1 --" "5 fr 99 'H c :sn 51'f "JAHN S GLLIER AGAIN" A slogan signifying a service created to excel in all things pertaining to yearbook design and engraving. We have found real satisfaction in pleas- ing you, the yearbook publisher, as well as your photographer and your printer. JAHN S OLLIER ENGRAVING CO 8I7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7. ILL. pdfI'0hA A Sr E Arlotti Mary Elizabeth Bierer Mr. Matthew Bryan Bastian Bros. Co. Mr. 8: Mrs. A. B. Carnack Mrs. Daniels Dom Sr Apey,s Bar Sl Restaurant Mr. or Mrs. H. 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Uniforms Class Rings Compliments of 81 Pins SLOANQS INSURANCE DON ENEIX AGENCY UNION TRUST BLDG. 315V2 Fifth Street PITTSBURGH TRAFFORD PENNA Caps 81 Gowns Medals St Awards Phone Trafford 851 71 COMPLIMENTS OF TRAFFORD ROTARY CLUB "He Profits Most Who Serves Bestv Compliments of P. C. PORTZER CLOTHING FURNISHINGS 51 SHOES 433 Cavitt Ave. Phone 967 Compliments of Ryans 72 PENN- MOR HGTEL Dinners Served Daily Accommodations For Banquets Of Any Size Mosside Blvd. MAIE STIC GARDENS Banquets Dinner Parties M Mile West of New Turnpike On Old William Penn Highway Valley 9873 Compliments of F A L L E R S FURNITURE COMPANY Turtle Creek - Wilkinsbilrg SHACKELFORUS For Beautiful Flowers Corsages ESI Floral Arrangements Of All Kinds 829 Linden Ave. East Pittsburgh, Pa. Valley 4020 Sz 4021 SAM SAND SONDS On Main Street Irwin, Pa. Phone Irwin 113 or 1102 Watch The Green Bags Go By Selling Better Goods For Less! 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Compliments of SAMUS BARBER SHOP Our Motto "To Please Youv 434 Brinton Avenue Phone 9487 76 TRAFFORD SCHOOLS PICNIC SATURDAY, MAY 26 at KENNYWOOD "The Nationys Greatest Picnic Parkv SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING CO. BETTER DRY CLEANING EXPERT HAT BLOCKING FUR STORAGE 414 Gavitt Avenue Trafford, Penna. Phone Trafford 9782 Compliments of CARUSO SERVICE STATION Prop., FRANK CARUSO We Give S Sz H Green Stamps Brinton Avenue Phone Trafford 9784 77 Compliments of IOE MEACER Tax Collector 'I' Phone Trafford 145-W Compliments of D E L IA U S BILLIARD PARLOR 'I' 434 Cavitt Avenue Hydro-Glo Carwash LICINA TEXACO SERVICE RODY LICINA, Prop. "For Cars Washed Best Try Licina's Testf, Call For and Deliver Blue Coral 51 Simonizing Trai-ford-Pitcairn Road Phone Trafford 1071 For Quality Beverages DRINK MISSION ORANGE and DIXIE Style MINT Ginger Ale WILMERDINC BOTTLINC WORKS PONSETTO BROS. Valley 1588 COMPLIMENTS OF TRAFFORD LIONS CLUB A. B. Carnack Weyandt H. Dettis Robert W. Eager Melvin Eremic Henry Ferri Elmer Ciglio Arthur Harlich William H. Higgs Robert Henderson George E. Hunker John Kain Sylvester Kosanovich Robert Leffler Gilbert Lentz Michael Martino S. W. McCartney Fred McLeod Joseph Meager Charles Migitsch ROSTER Ivan Mikan Lawrence C. Naser Wayne D. Neil Algred Nielson Veron E. Pepper Richard L. Robinson Clyde R. Schrock Donald Stetenfield Ioseph F. Tewes john H. Thomas Charles Vogelsong Chris Wisser Dwight N. Witman Albert F. Zubak Alex O. Peacock Stanley I. Cunia john D. Kolonay Russell R. Brinker 79 DOM'S BARBER SHOP We Specialize In Scalp Treatment Hair Cutting - Massages Given Tell 'Ern Where You ,Cot It DOM - JIM - FAT TRAFFORD, PENNA TRAFFORD MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH SALES 81 SERVICE Phone 237 501 Duquesne Ave. J. F. SCHNEIDER, Prop. GOODMANS' IEWELRY STORE GIFTS THAT LAST Fine Selection of Watches Diamonds and Jewelry 817 Braddock Ave. East Pittsburgh, Pa. 80 C mpliments of Compliments of LUDCE ST. - VID 541 MCBRIDES of CRQATIAN FRATERNAL UNION 'I' 301 C tt A Trafford, P C pliments of Compliments of V. S. PULTAN TRAFFORD HARDWARE TRAFFURD NEWS CG' Phone 148 4 C tt A Trafford, Pa. B t A Trafford, P 'cC0ing My Wayv TRAEEORD CO H LINES Phone Irwin 1949 TRAFFORD PENNSYLVANI A SERVICE TO JEANNETTE TURTLE CREEK IRWIN EAST PITTSBURGH HARRISON CITY FOREST HILLS TRAFFORD WILKINSBURG PITCAIRN OAKLAND WILMERDING PITTSBURGH CHARTER SERVICE S2 Comypliments of SERRO MO-PAR SALES DODGE - PLYMOUTH Sale S 1'vi R U S S E L L S FLCPRIST SHOP MUTUR PARTS 'U' 'P Lincoln Highway Irwin 274 Compliments of DAVIS BUICK P nna. Ave. Phone Irwi 1591 IRNX IN PA GLENN B FRYE-Trallord l056VV C pl ments of TRAFFGRD ALUMNI ASSUCIATION Compliments of THE PITCAIRN BGARD UF + TRADE + -.-I..-.- Compliments of THE MELLON NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CUMPANY if Ur 5' C 13

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