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ffl CLA? QR E FL 2 K Q 2 5 Q W QS , ','rz3gf?mf55W',,L 5 P L Lffgff 5' ' ' 'fffih '5 ' ,f 'f-,, ,h VHX4 . Y X fllw ,RL P ,Q I1 :2f.',gj?y,1i:.,il:ff2g!'l kU g i!31Y Liga-f-1--f 4 ' - H' .ff-E-. e gm .'+" f9'-Qlgff i ,"- - F5-if-:Q mr R f ' , MA I M -a , HQ,-fi ' A-filmw .SMTL . L, ., 1 , L Q, fi"1W'WF' 'IQ f'?ff5?'ETE'w1 ' f l u '4?fm"fa X ? .,lJ.1f! ,V x f.,f -. X , X A X K , Ijf4'f.1rf'WfahH+., Q l 1 ' E ' A ' H+: "' ,mf ,Wi Nik, ,Q it '. s . .P+ rl-w . I 1 ,r x,d.,,,4 rl-W9 'IW , ki" 5:71 in ' ny-:l,1'l .y " 351421.-h ug. My 7 y ff-ig :ffm -' ','fL,1f4 f "' lf'1:.-12g-, '."Q'-" Wm - ', - , Wu P. 15:13, Rf. wg-i5,,,,1:Q? , I 1335: .5425 NAM? 'MI YN' !lf,kJl'1".l'r,,, ,N , V H V , , HTL:-Hd:-I4 A n,4'mvLMhIsM L!0plwp, ': ,,,W :3: 32 ,453 f "" ' - 1 '-Lfwgigxq,-'f . . :::::.-kiW5-.A-1-.ilyTv, ' f 12752 ffwq. ' .'?:f?Y 1,-X.. SYXIJILM film QA X Awjgsig .. xl W J-41k ' I f f .' fn-. Eri b i 'K Jggxgxkvx f - 41" -- v24-'.:: :fM 'f '- X H -X , ' 'u15g' if:4 X - 'W ' ff 1-iff' V V cliff' 86AjCOLfi0lfL MISS EDNA I. BARR WE DEDICATE this issue of the REFLECTOR to Miss Edna Barr Who taught arithmetic and art. Boom 20 Will hardly seem the same Without her. She has earned a Well deserved restg patiently she explained seventh and eighth grade mathg pa- tiently she corrected our mistakes even when she kept us in to do our Work over. May the "coasts of lightv for her be the faces of all her pupils who are more intelligent and Worthier citizens because she was their teacher. -1 ..!d6!lf1fLl:IfLi5flf'6Lff0lfL Mr. A. B. Carnack, supervising principal California S. T. C. fDip.D Pennsylvania State College B. S. University of Pittsburgh M. A. Continued education at Columbia University of Pittsburgh Maw! of gicflfacafion Left to Right-Mr. Claire Dctrickg Mr. Clement VVz1tts, secrctaryg Mr, James Brown presidentg Mr, Edward Hillstrom, vice presidentg Mr. James Malley. 5 Mr. H. R. Faulk, high school principal California S. T. C., B. S. University of Pittsburgh M. Ed. Continued education at University of Pittsburgh Teaches Chemistry Mr. N. V. Lloyd, assistant principal Indiana S. T. C., B. S. in Ed. University of Pittsburgh M. Ed. 8th grade Math. Alg. 15 Pl. Geom. Sponsor of Student Council Mrs. John Uhrin, secretary Miss Irene Dougherty R. N. Mrs. Robert Gesalman Continued education Music Supervisor University of Pittsburgh Indiana S T C B S in Pennsylvania State College Mr. Raymond Siegel California S. T. C., B. S. in Ed. Industrial Arts Asst. B. B. Coach Sponsor of Hi-Y and Ir. Hi-Y Miss Josephine Murf Mercyhurst Col. B. S. Cont. ed. Univ. of Wisconsin Home Economics. Mr. Thomas Heaps Lock Haven S, T. C., B. S. Ed. Math IV, Cen'l Sc.g Alg II Track coach, asst. football ch. Sponsor of Chess and Boyis Var sity Clubs Miss Mary Elizabeth Bierer Mount Union Col. A. B. Pennsylvania State Col. M. A. Continued education at Pennsylvania State College Eng. I, IV, Latin I, II, IV Sr, Class play, Reflector, May Day 7 Miss Ruth Krysik Carnegie Tech B. S. Type II, Sht. II, Sec'y Pr., I. B. T. Asst. Nat'I Honor Soc. sponsor Mr. Melvin Eremic Slippery Rock S. T. C., B. S. in Ed. Phys. Ed. Head Coach of football, baseball and Jr. Hi. B. B. Mrs. Wayne Neil Clarion S. T. C. B, A. Continued education Indiana S. T. C. Duke University 7th 61 8th grade English 8th History Sponsor of Ir, Dramatic Club Mr. Richard Trembath Grove City College B. S. Continued education University of Pittsburgh Biology and Physics Head Coach of B. B. Sponsor of Science Club Mr. Clyde R. Schrock Juniata College, B. A. History II, IV, 61 Driving Course Coaches Girls, Varsity B. B. . Sponsors Girls, Varsity Club and National Honor Society Mr. George Kenyon Westminster A, B. Continued education at University of Pittsburgh Eng. I, II, III Advisor to Tomahawk Sponsors Camera Club Miss Anna Mae Wilson Carnegie Tech, B. S. Business Law, Bookkeeping I, II, Typing I, Shorthand I Sponsors jr. and Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 8 Mrs. C. V. Lloyd Wooster College B. A. University of Pittsburgh M. A. Continued ed. at Chautauqua School librarian Latin IV, Hist. IIIg Ir. Hi. Lib. Sc. Sponsor of Nature Clubs Mr. Richard L. Robinson University of Pittsburgh B. A., and M. Letters Civics and French I, II Sponsors Stage Crew and Dra- matic Club Minstrel, Jr. Class Play, Date With Judy fdirectorl Mr. Dick T. Shank Indiana S. T. C., B. S. Pennsylvania State Col. M. Ed. Geography 7th, Sth, Hist. 7th Sponsors the Traffordians endow Cgfcwd Jgfdfory Hard as it was to believe, we were Fresh- men on that glorious day in September of 1945, as we entered the halls of knowledge at T. H. S. VVe filled up three rooms with 96 students eager to extract as much know- ledge as possible from the faculty and all the books on hand. The class was very active and participated in many of the events and organi- zations. Gloria Grande and Bernice Twar- dowski were chosen to aid the Pep Club by cheering our boys on to victory. Our Fresh- man parties were successes despite the fact that the upperclassmen ate our ice cream and crashed our parties. Joann Zigarovich and Diana Godich were chosen as attendants at the May Day Pageant. We survived the pranks and ill treatment by the upperclassmen arid finally were promoted to the Sophomore C ass. What a day that was when we returned to the "padded cellsv to find that ten of our number had left us. R. Stafford, S. Zigaro- vich, W. Koepka, H. Scanlon, B. Minkel, S. Vecchio, E. Cercone, W. Holsinger, Brickel, D. Paul, D. Culp, and C. Dettis gave their might and brawn to the football squad. We really got Spring Fever that year. Almost everybody lay down on the job, but a few of the hardier stock donated their services to aid in producing the wonderful operetta "Blow Me Downf' Harry Mahr had the bari- tone lead of Captain Kidd, while Frank Kerin had the tenor lead of Bob, an English profes- sor. Melva johnson and Olive Warden were selected from amongst our fair lasses as at- tendants at the May Queenis Court. School finally drew to a close that year and we de- cided that we really needed a long vacation. After finally passing Miss Biereris Latin Cfor which we had those wonderful helpers, cheat slipsj and Mr. Lloydig Geometry, we thought we were through with the heavy sub- jects, but fear not, the junior subjects were thrown at us as hard as ever. Class officers were elected to govern us, the illustrious ones. They were, Pres., H. Mahr, V. Pres. S. Vec- chio, Sec., O. Warden, and Treas., D. Paul. Our class had dwindled in size quite a bit since our "Green Yearsv because some of our boys went to serve Uncle Sam and a group of the girls entered the sea of matrimony. The big event of the year, the Prom, was placed in our trusting and careful hands. VVe needed money to pay for the Prom, so we eager bea- vers sold magazines and produced a class play, "One Mad Nightv and we really mean mad. The actors were Toocheck, Surmacz, Watterson, Marker, Holsinger, Kerin, Babeo, Paleskv, Bantovich, Mayhan, Matulia, Horan- ic, Lytle, and Zigarovich. Clyde Knightis or- chestra played for the Prom. Gloria Grande Left to Right-Sammy Vecchio, vice presi- dent, Joann Zigarovich, secretary, Wayne Helsing- er, presidentg Steve Zigarovich, treasurer. and Eleanor Uhrrecht were our representa- tives at the Queen's Court on May Day. After staying three long years, each in a different port of knowledge, we were finally tossed mercilessly at the harbor gate of i'Port Seniorf, By this time our class had dwindl- ed to a mere 59. Fifty seven graduated. Due to unusual conditions beyond our control, Boody didnit quite make it and Rico was lured away by a coal mine. The officers that we elected were: Pres., VV. Holsinger, V. Pres., S. Vecchio, Sec. Zigarovich, Treas., S. Zig- arovich. The girls just loved home eco- nomics. Sweetie Crandall ig still trying to make muffins. The boys liked shop so well that Mr. Siegel was forced to eliminate some of the boys because they just couldnit seem to follow directions. Wasnit chemistry class real- ly something? We just loved those small explosions and the wonderful odors we cre- ated. The class put on the play, "Uncle Fred Flits Byf' The roles were taken by Holsinger, Surmacz, Toocheck, McMunn, Kerin, Horanic, Babeo, Lytle, Mertz, Murray, Watterson, and Matulia. Gloria Grande was crowned our "grande, May Queen and Joann Zigarovich, attired in green, and Eleanor Uhrrecht, wear- ing a pink gown, were her attendants. Can you imagine Gloria portraying the part of a saint? There were reported fits of hysteria during the last few days of school, but it was just the seniors. They finally would be unshackled and set free. Amid great pomp and circumstance the seniors marched down the aisle to receive their diplomas. We had a time fitting every- one with caps and gowns. Bemember how nice Leeis cap sat on the back of his head? We were given our diplomas and were pushed out of the harbor of safety into the sea of life to fend for ourselves. Richard Aglietti "Dick,' Interclass basketball . . . Nature Club . . . nice smile for everyone . . . Hi-Y. Thomas Babeo "Mouse,' Football and basketball mana- ger . . . Chorus . . . Dramatic Club . . . Tomahawk . . . Stage crew, Junior and Senior play, Min- strel . . . Operetta . . . Crooner of the class. Earl Bowden "Earl' Band . . . Hi-Y . . . Art Club President . . . Chorus . . . Nature Club . . . Minstrel . , . Interclass basketball . . . Trumpet player of the class . . . can take a joke. Evelyn Burnett "Evelyn" Tri-Hi-Y . . . Minstrel . . . witty . . . Beautiful black hair . . . Chor- us. Edward Cercone "Eddie', Hi-Y . . . Varsity Club . . . 3 year letterman of football . . . be- autiful wavy hair . . . bashful around girls . . . Stage crew. eniom f 9 10 Paul Artman "Artman', Minstrel . . . Chorus . . . Nature Club . . . Hobby, fishing and hunt- ing . . . Nature boy of the class. Irene Banasik "Rennie', Tri-Hi-Y . . . Chorus . . . Works at Murphy's . . . Interests in Level- green. Willa Mae Boyd "Slim', Tri-Hi-Y . . . Varsity . . . Or- chestra . . . Camera Club . . . In- terclass basketball . . . Good pian- ist . . . One of the big six home-ec class. Wilbert Cavalancia "Doody" Football and basketball manag- er . . . Nice curly hair . . . Leeis lab mate in chem. class. David Clarkson "Speedy,' Hi-Y . . . Nature Club . . . ace archer . . . Often seen but never heard . . . Likes to tease the girls. Lois Crandall "Sweetie" Tri-Hi-Y . . . Murphy's right hand girl . . . loves to go bowling at Levelgreen . . . Betty and Wanda's pal. La Verne Edge "Edge" Chorus . . . Ambition, House- wife . . . pretty blue eyes. Leo Gorman "Legs', Hi-Y . . . 6 ft. 4 in. center of basketball team . . . Varsity Club . . . 2 year letterman of football . . . Butch's pal . . . Interested in a Sophomore girl. Ralph Hall "Ierbyv Junior Varsity . . . Interclass basketball . . . Stage crew . . . Hi-Y . . . seen With a certain Sophomore. Helen Hauth "Helen" Chorus . . . Junior year at St. Xaviers . . . quiet and friendly. eniom f 94 Q 11 Lucille Culliver "Lucille', Interclass basketball . . . Hobby, eating . . . Hails from Indiana, Pa. . , . One of the big six home-ec class . . . Intere-st's in the Army. 1 Dolores Faulk "Dolores,' Chorus . . . Interclass basketball . . . pretty blond hair . . . seen but never heard. Gloria Grande "Gloria,' Our ugrandv May Queen . . . Girls Varsity . . . Secretary of Stu- dent Council . . . neat dresser . . . peppy cheerleader. Betty Harvey "Betty" Chorus . . . Minstrel . . . pretty brown eyes . . . interests lie out of school. Wayne Holsinger "Hot Dogn Class President . . . President of Varsity Club . . . President of Stu- dent Council . . . President of Hi-Y . . . Editor of Reflector . . . Foot- ball . . . National Honor Society . . . belongs to Ele . . . Junior and Senior plays . . . Minstrel. Pauline Horanic "Proxyv Minstrel . . .Chorus . . . Pleasing personality . . . Take a look at that beautiful blond Cnaturalb hair . . . inseparable from Peggy Lou . . . neat dresser . . . Favorite subject, Rico. Marie Klimovich "Marie,' Tri-Hi-Y . . . Chorus . . . Fu- ture proprietress of Trafford Bak- ery . . . Quiet type . . . Future Met star . . . Ambition, to grow taller. Robert Kopnitsky "Bob,' Nature Club . . . Quite type faround girlsj . , . Driver of Lloydis florist truck. UI-Jeen John Lee McBride Camera Club . . . Takes the "Conv in arguments . . . One third of Latin IV class . . . Often seen in Harlichis Cwonder whyj. rfMimi,, Charles Marker Hi-Y . . . Secretary of National Honor Society . . . Baseball . . . Orchestra . . . Junior and Senior Play . . . Reflector . . . Minstrel . . . Favorite dishg Bunny . , . Football. . . 5 A eniomi f 94 Q 12 Frank Kerin "Frank', Minstrel . . . Chorus . . . Junior and Senior play . . . Secretary of Hi-Y Reflector and Tomahawk . . Future Met star . . . Tamburitzan. Wayne Koepka "Kep" Varsity Club . . . Hi-Y , . . For- ward on basketball team . . . Mot- to, Better late than never . . . Cen- ter of trouble in Business Law class. Peggy Lou Lytle "Peg'i Senior and Junior class play . . . Chorus . . . Tomahawk . . . Inter- class basketball . . . Minstrel . . . Pals with Pauline . . . better half of joe from East. Harry Mahr "Buzzy,' Minstrel . . . Band . . . Chorus . . . Operetta . . Hi-Y . . . Dra- matic Club . . . Tomahawk . . . Miss Wilson's problem child . . . Liked by all . . . Witty. Lorena Matulia "Babes Manager of Varsity . . . Vice President of Tri-Hi-Y . . . Iunior and Senior play . . . Tamburitzan . . , Minstrel . . . One of the big six of Miss Murf's home-ec class. Eleanor Mayhan "EleanorD National Honor Society . . . Tri- Hi-Y . . , Local attorney's secretary . . . ardent worker. Margaret Mertz c'Margie,, Dramatic Club . . . Minstrel . . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . Senior Play . . . Oper- etta . . . Seen with Palesky , . . Pretty brown hair. Thecla Murray "Tecky,' Operetta . . . Interclass basket- ball , . . Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y . . Senior play . . . Chorus . . . takes a lot of razzing . . , pretty eyes. David Paola "Poncho', Baseball . . . Football . . . Varsity Club . . . Minstrel . . . Hi-Y . . . nice teeth . . . seen with Kay. Joseph Petrina "joe" Notorious critic in P. O. D. class . . . Frequently seen driving the bakery truck . . . Interested in the junior class. eniom f 94 1 13 Cv Ioan McMunn "jo" Chorus . . . Varsity . . . Dra- matic Club . . . Senior play . . . Reflector, Talented artist . . . Hails from Cavittsville. William Minkel "Bill" Football . . . Varsity . . . Stage crew . . . Eleanor's better half. Dolores Palesky 'cDorrie,' Chorus . . . Dramatic Club . . . junior class play . . . Art Club . . . Interclass basketball . . . Minstrel . . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . National Honor Society . . . Reflector . . . seen with Margie . . . pretty teeth. Frank Pasco "Hank" Iunior Varsity . . . Football man- ager . . . Science Club . . . Nature Club . . . Chorus . . . Baseball . C . Hobby, raising chickens. Mildred Rantovich "Mickey" Editor of Tomahawk . . . As- sistant editor of Reflector . . . President of the Tri-Hi-Y. . . Iun- ior play . . . Treasurer of National Honor Society . . . Only female in Trigonometry class. eniom f Q Dorcas Reed "Dorcas" Chorus . . . Likes to dream about Fred . . . quiet type. Howard Scanlon "Butch" Hi-Y . . . 3 year letterman of football . . . Horse lover . . . Fre- quently seen Walking the Trafford Bridge . . . destined to Bemice's . . . Short stop on baseball team . . . Varsity Club . . . Student Council. Russell Stafford "Ceorgev Football . . . Varsity Club . . . Notorious drummer . . . quiet type Caround the girlsj. Allison Stanley "Iwo', Varsity Club . . . 3 year letter- man of football . . . interclass bas- ketball . . . talented artist. . . Driv- er of the only La Salle in Town. Edward Toocheck "Eddie" Track . . . Hi-Y . . . junior and Senior play . . . Minstrel . . . Cho- rus . . . Class accordianist. A 14 Donald Richardson "ConkU Interclass basketball . . . noted for his mustache . . . Cisco Kid of the class. Mae Snyder "Mae" Junior and Senior Varsity . . . Chorusg other interests lie out- side of school . . . Miss Murf's Lifesaver. Wanda Stankiewicz "Vunja', Interclass basketball . . . loves to go bowling at Levelgreen . . . Lois 6: Bettyis pal. Eugene Surmacz "Rip', junior and Senior Play . . . Pres- ident of the National Honor Soci- ety . . . Tomahawk and Reflector . . . Track . . . Hi-Y . . . Scholar of the class. Phyllis Traficante "Phe Phe" Science Club . . . Tomahawk . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . Minstrel . . . Pho- tography Club . . . Varsity . . . Chorus . . . Future Phys. Ed. teacher . . . Iohn's better half. Bernice Twardowski "Barn,' Peppy Cheerleader . . . Minstrel . . . Interclass basketball . . . Sen- ior play . . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . Varsity , . . Nice complexion . . . Butch's better half. Sammy Vecchio "Salvadore', Secretary of Varsity . . . Vice President of the class . . . Hi-Y . . . Football . . . Baseball . . . In- terclass basketball . . . Lady's man. Melvin Vuic "Cerby" Hector's right hand man . . . He finally made it l l l Miss Bier- eris pal. Joann Zigarovich "Ziggy Jon Student Council . . . Majorette . . Science Club . . . Vice President of National Honor Society . . . Fresh- man and Senior attendant . . . pretty. eniom f Q 15 Eleanor Uhrrecht "Ele" Tri-Hi-Y . . . Junior and Senior attendant . . . Favorite dishg "Hot Dogg . . . Cashier of local cinema . . . One of the big six of Miss Murf's home-ec. class. William Varsafsky "Bill" Football . . . Track . . . Inter- class basketball . . . President of Nature Club . . . Minstrel . . . Chorus . . . Romeo of class. Raymond Watterson "Ray,' Reflector and Tomahawk . . . junior and Senior class play . . . noted for his salesmanship . . . 6 ft. 4 in. of pleasing personality . . , Nature Club . . . Chorus . . . Dramatic Club. Steve Zigarovich "Smokey,' Football . . . Basketball . . . Vice President of the Varsity . . . Treasurer of the class . . . Cloria's better half. enior ZKIILZS5 M010 ec? Dick Aglietti has built the largest airplane factory in the United States and Betty Harvey is his favorite stewardess. Willa Boyd and Lucille Culliver are teaching Home Ec in Indiana, Pa. Their favorite song is the one and only "So Tired." Frank Pascoe, known for his famous farm yard calls, can be located on his 300 acre farm in Levelgreen. He can tell you anything from raising 'to killing animals. Helen Hauth is secretary for her brother who is a naval officer in California. Mickey Ptantovich startedanurses' training at Trafford General Hospital shortly after gradu- ation and has worked herself up to Head Nurse. The Yankee Clipper, piloted by Thecla Mur- ray and Dorcas Reed has landed in New York Harbor. It is filled with celebrities, including the songstress Mrs. Luffe, the former LaVerne Edge, trailed by Lee McBride the demon radio re- porter. Dolores Faulk has taken over Iimmieis Mar- ket, now called Dolores, Cash and Carry. As a result of her great business venture she lives in a stately mansion on Station Street. Dolores Palesky, a famous dress designer, has been seen recently at Trafford,s most well- known night spot, owned and operated by Steve Zigarovich. Mr. Zigarovich's featured blues singers are none other than Margaret Mertz and Evelyn Burnett. Gloria Grande, Mae Snyder, and Ioan Mc- Munn have their claim to fame as Westinghouse basketball stars, and are coached by Phyllis Traficante, graduate of Slippery Rock. The new co-owners of Murphyfs are Lois Crandall and Irene Banasic. Charles Marker, the attorney-at-law, finally married his little Bunny rabbit. Since Mr. Faulk got hold of all the senior chemists and taught them lessons on "how to blow your school up in two easy lessonsf' Eugene Surmacz ran him out on 'SHOW 'to blow your school and teachers up in it in one easy lessonf, Joe and Peggy Lytle Stark, who are now living at East McKeesport, where Ioe coaches football at the high school, are still arguing over that tiny unimportant spat Trafford had with them in '48. David Clarkson now owns his own fish market which is called "I catch lem, you eat iem. Leo Gorman who is now 6 ft, 7, averages 50 points a game and is still courting his tall mate, Ioan, 5 ft, 2, Dashkewitz. Q Joann Zigarovich worked for Mr. Mikan and she still does, but she is so good at his work, that he now gives her a brand new convertible Pontiac each year as a small gift of appreciation. Harry and Ann Capets Mahr raised their four children, who are now a quartette called the 'Kfour Ziggetty Boomsf, They are coached by illustrious Bill Varsafsky, the world,s most famous Barber Shop Quartette Singer, who is assisted by another All-American, Paul Artman. Tom Babeo and Ioan McMunn took over Bandyys studio, and now have a modern studio there, where they paint hand-painted portraits, free to all the Brides and Grooms of the Senior class of 1949. They charge 100 dollars to the class of 1950 and 200 dollars to the class of 51. Eleanor Mayhan Minkle and husband Bill are now living a life of leisure in Florida. Betty Harvey is now a famous model and is making a million dollars a month. She is assisted by that famous model, Wanda Stankiewicz. Pauline Horanic Morocco and Rico are now living in California with three children, where Rico is retired. enior 6655 Hop ec? Bob Kopnitsky, who worked for Lloydis, now works for himself. He found Lloyd's secret way to plant Black Orchids so they fired him. Wayne and Eleanor Uhrrecht Holsinger now own their own theatre, with Raymond Watterson the star of the ballet, "Swan Lake," and those four dainty ballet dancers, David Paul, Lee McBride, Melvin Vuic, and Eddie Too- check. Earl Bowden, who played for Mr. Shankis orchestra, now has his own orchestra, in which Harry Iames, Tommy Dorsey, Vaughn Monroe, and Sammy Kaye are some of his players and singers. Wilbert Gavalancia kept up with the Pirates so well that Rosey Rosewell asked him to take over his job to broadcast the games. Rosey is now retired. Eddie Gercone has wooed many women but married none. He has written a book on "20 ways to keep your marriage a successf, Marie Klimovich and Ioe Petrina will com- promise and go into a joint baking business. Wayne Koepka, who always sets such a fine example of promptness, has opened an alarm clock business and is becoming very wealthy. Butch Scanlon and Bernice Twardowski have married and settled down on a horse ranch in Texas. Their next door neighbors are Barbara Holsinger Hall and husband, Ralph. Sam Vecchio has grown an inch and is play- ing for the Steelers. Allison Stanley has replaced his 1937 Stan- ley Steamer with a 1938 model. Don Richardson is operating a school giving lessons in "Ten Easy Ways to make your hair bright, shining and curly." Gerby Vuic has taken over teaching English in the place of Miss Bierer. Frank Kerin and Lorena Matulia are play- ing with the Duquesne Tamboritzans, which can be heard on station WLOA, very Monday thru Friday. Russell Stafford is now known as the great- est drummer in the country. .7!Le ,Senior 0,914 arify 19 O!! The Senior Popularity Poll conducted by the Tomahawk in which both the high school and the junior high school took part, showed the following results: BEST ATHLETE Gloria Grande Wayne Koepka MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joann Zigarovich Wayne Holsinger MOST POPULAR Gloria Grande Wayne Holsinger NICEST TEETH Ioann Zigarovich David Paul NICEST HAIR Gloria Grande Sammy Vecchio CVM. MA!! We, the graduating class of the Trafford High School, for the year 1949, being of sound mind and good judgment, do hereby make, execute, publish and declare this our last will and testa- ment, in manner following, and do individually and collectively, any and all former promises made without due deliberation or careful consid- eration. First, To Our Parents, who have made school life possible, we bequeath our life-long love and devotion. VVe realize that it has not always been an easy matter to keep us in school. Our parents. have denied themselves pleasures and often necessities of life in order that we might have educational advantages. We bequeath to our beloved parents our most sincere thanks for their timely assistance in times of trouble and distress, even though they did not always have the correct solutions to the problems in math. Second, To Our Faithful Teachers, we bequeath our heartfelt thanks for their patient guiding hands even though they were laid on a trifle heavy at times. No doubt, there have been times when they felt the results were not worth the effort and sometimes they may have even suspi- cioned that certain members of the class would never be able to make their grades. We owe much of our educational progress to their untir- ing efforts. Perhaps we have often been thought- less and careless, but in the years to come we will appreciate their efforts more and more. Third, To Our Kind Hearted Principal, we be- queath also our many thanks for his keen fore- sight and strength that enabled him to keep us close to the line even though we were wilfull and contrary at times. We bequeath him the plea- sure of guiding other classes safely through the school course to honorable graduation. Fourth, To The Honorable School Board, we be- queath best wishes and praise. They have given unstintingly of their time and judgment, and we honor them for their wisdom and splendid man- agement of the school affairs and trust they will feel that their efforts have not been all in vain. And individually we make the following re- quests: I, Richard Aglietti leave my ability to get up so early in the morning to Jean Capets. I, Paul Artman, leave my sarcastic laugh to Wanda Lenart. I, Tom Babeo, leave my craze for arguing to Ralph Watts. I, Irene Banasik, leave my alleged fear of boys to Annamae Nabuda. I, Earl Bowden, leave my forwardness with the girls to Clyde Minnis. I, Leo Gorman, leave my height to Jimmy Delia. I, Eleanor Mayhan, leave my scholastic pro- ficiency to Bertha Lawrence. I, David Paul, otherwise known as "Side- burns Paolav leave my unshaven face to "Baby Face Siegelf, I, Joe Petrina, leave my thriving bakery to Bobby Mikan. I, Helen Hauth, leave my quietness to Mr. Faulk. I, Bill Minkle, leave my chronic ailments to Florence Sanders. I, Mildred Bantovich, leave to put my swing on Frank Kerinis back porch. I, Bill, "Nature Boyv Varsafsky, leave for the woods. I, Mae Snyder, leave my tight fitting basket- ball uniform to Angie Canillo. A I, Harry Mahr, leave my sandwich to Nor- man Mcindoe for next year. I, Wayne Holsinger, leave my baby face to Donald Mendicina. I, Pauline Horanic, leave to chase Rico. C am MA!! I, Ioan McMunn, leave my job of paying tu- ition to some other sucker from C'Ville. I, Lee McBride, leave my husky build to Miss Murf. I, Wayne Koepka, leave my ways of not getting to school on time to G. Golick. I, Marie Klimovich, leave an assorted collec- tion of sweets to Margie Lawrence. I, Don Richardson, leave my mustache to "Glumpect,' Palesky. I, Margaret Mertz, leave my giggle to Lois Smith. I, Frank Pascoe, leave my wornout chicken incubator to Dick Shank. I, Howard Scanlon, leave to give the school some peace and quiet. I, Dorcas Reed, leave to join Freddy Eves. I, Charles Marker, leave a poke in the nose to anyone who lays a hand on Bunny Galore. I, Lorena Matulia, leave my ability to play the bigatia to Bill Vergot. I, Peggy Lou Lytle, leave my out-of-town boyfriends to Shirley Snyder. I, Bob Kopnitsky, leave the poolroom for a few hours to get my diploma. I, Gloria Grande, leave my serious affection for love to Irene Lovre. I, Thecla Murray, leave my giggle to Scub- by Cavalancia, I, Dolores F aulk, leave my basketball tackle to Barbara Mae Holsinger. I, Lucille Culliver, leave my atemperv to Muzzy Massaro. I, Lois Crandall, leave my short skirts to Jeannie Traficante. I, Dave Clarkson, leave my supersonic speed to Marie Murray. I, Eddie Cercone, leave my black, bushy hair to Sherman Iarrett or Mr. Carnack. I, Evelyn Burnett, leave my giddiness to Edward Szymd. I, LaVerne Edge, leave my ability to get along with everybody to Mr. Lloyd. I, Allison Stanley, leave my jalopy to Mike Zeravica. I, Eugene Surmacz, the Senior Wonder, leave my brains to I. P. Owens. I, Eddie Toocheck, leave my accordion play- ing to Maryanne Beck. I, Eleanor Uhrrecht, leave to take over McBride,s Theater. I, Phyllis Traficante, do not leave John Scales. I, Sammy Vecchio, leave my love for little girls to Patsy Paul. I, Ioan Zigarovich, leave my pretty hair to Mary Jane Marshalic. I, Steve Zigarovich, leave the stars dressing room to Herky Asquino. I, Bernice Twardowski, do not leave Butch Scanlon to Lois Turchan. I, Melvin Vuic, leave on a wing and a prayer. I, Ray Watterson, leave, my right hand to Mr. Faulk. I, Ralph Hall, leave my false teeth to anyone who runs into Miss Bierer when sheis tramping down the halls. I, Willa Boyd, leave, to teach Home Ec. I, Wilbert Cavalancia, leave my thick hair to Mr. Schrock. I, Frank Kerin, leave to join Mickey. I, Dolores Palesky, leave. I, Betty Harvey, leave. We hereby nominate and appoint the class of 1950 as sole executors of this our last will and testament. omior .J474f5f0l"g As our class approached the huge, ominous building looming before us our group wondered just what lay ahead of us. We were entering the massive portals known as Trafford High School where we have been sentenced to four years of hard labor for repeated mental cruelty to the faculty, for the last eight years. We shuf- fled into the Building and were appointed to two different cells . . . Mr. Kenyon was head guard of one cell and Mr. Cibulas of the other. We elect- ed a committee to represent us. Robert fdonit spell my name with the ic? Marshalic was our president and there were also three other officers whom we seem to have lost record of. We had quite a bit of fun that year at our class parties and our two cell keepers helped us tremendously. Jane Drost and Violet Olinzock were chosen as Freshmen attendants. Betty Zigarovich and F lo- rence Pogue were our cheerleaders. Next year after having been paroled for three months we landed back in the abuildingi' with a higher status and were known as Sopho- mores. Mr. Faulk, the new head warden, had been appointed in our absence and now welcom- ed us at the door. Filing through the familiar halls we realized how much we dreaded to be back. Having been briefed on our discipline rules we elected Margie Lawrence as our presi- dent, Iohn Scales, vice-president, Florence Pogue, secretary, and Joe DiCesare as our honest treasurer. Our class contributed many boys to the prisonis basketball and football teams and the Sophomore girls nearly dethroned the mighty Seniors in the interclass basketball games. We chose two lovely May Queen attendants, Betty Zigarovich, and Florence Pogue, to grace the royal court. Mr. Lloyd and Mrs. Buehner helped our class so much that we were granted another parole for good behavior. That summer found us enjoying our freedom outside the "building" We began our third year of the sentence in Sep- tember as Juniors. We elected to the important job of leading us through the new year, Iohn Scales as President, Iames Leffler, vice-presi- dent, Amelina Buffo, secretary and Josephine Gynkar as treasurer. Our Iunior football play- ers, Scubby Cavalancia, Lefty Leffler, Eddie Er- win, Lou Bucar, Muggs Marshalic, Stush Ban- asic, Don Todaro, Bob Mikan and Bill Fitz- simmons helped the team to win many games. The Junior-Senior class party finally came off and everyone had a good time. Basketball sea- son arrived and to the Boys, Varsity, coached by Mr. Trembath, was added the services of james Leffler, john Scales, Paul Bucar, Scubby Cava- lancia and Billy Snopko. The Junior girls on the Girls' Varsity were Margie and Bertha Lawrence, Jean Capets, Florence Pogue and Irene Lovre. Gerry Gracian was the Junior manager. Both teams had a fine season. The Iunior boys inter- class teamis games with the Seniors and their upset by the Sophomores kept the crowd on the edge of their seats until the final whistle. The boys ended up in a tie with the Seniors and went down to defeat by one point in the playoff. The interclass girls were defeated by the Sophomores and Seniors and decided to hang up their basketball togs and call it a season. After basketball season the Iuniors produced a great play, "Crazy Housefi Florence Sanders and Lois Smith were Iunior attendants to the lovely May Queen, Gloria Grande. Dolores Gel- lich, Mary Ann Beck, and Jean Capets were gyp- sies watching for the beacon on the Brocken. To help finance the big event of the year, the Junior and Senior prom, we sponsored bake sales and dances to raise money, and finally the big day arrived. The gym was decorated as a "Silver Bally. We danced to the music of Tommy Car- lyn. It stopped raining one day through the last week of school for the junior picnic at Bushy Bun. The students amused themselves playing softball, badminton, and croquet. Some just sprawled out on the ground and rested while other brave pioneers set out to explore the sur- rounding territory. Sage and Dettle uncovered an abandoned mine and an unopened coke bottle which they had bought at an Indian village fthey saidj. By the time Robbie got a fire started every- one was starved and made short work of the hot dogs and the tub of lemon blend. Everyone had a good time and came home sunburned and still curious about Sageis wigwams. The year had come to an end and now we look forward to being the Seniors of 1950. omior Cjfaw First Bow-F, Sanders, Koloski, I. Drost, A. Ruffin, I. Cupcts, B. Mustriunni, P. Mzistriunni, M. Mussaro. Second Row-B. Lawrence, D. Ccllich, I. Lovre, B. Zigarovich, K. Frander, V. Olin- zock, L. Smith. Third Row-G. Grzician, M. Beck, F. Poguc, M. Lawr-ence, I. Capcts, J. Cynkur, A. Culiiver, D. Krcelic, NV. Lcnart. First Row-C. Colick, I. DiCesure, B. DiRin11ldo, W. Fitzimmons, J, Drugonick, D. Todaro, B. Snopko, T, Moyers. Second Row-E. Erwin, L. Bucar, J. Lefflcr, R. Mikan, B. Marshalic, I. Cavalancia, R. XVz1'cts. Third Row-E. Malloy, I. Scales, W. Sage, S. Banasic, D. Booher, N. Mclndoe, R. Slmy. 21 Lgblo omore Cycwd Adforg In the early days of our career as Sopho- mores, we were still a bit timid, but as the days turned to weeks we finally came out of our shells and rose as one of the most active classes in the high school. We chose as our chief executive Bill Mor- row who once more proved to be an efficient leader. As members of his cabinet we chose Peg- gy Gibbs, Ronald Peduzzi, and Lucy Asquinog vice president, secretary, and treasurer respect- ively. To fill the place in our hearts made by the departure of our two peppy cheerleaders Patty Cole and Patty Haines, came Barbara Kljucaric and Bill Vergot from Patton Twp., and an old classmaate from way back, Clyde Minnis, who hailed from Swissvale. We were well represented in the musical and athletic fields as well as in many of the var- ious clubs and activities as proof of our active- ness. On the football squad were the Peduzzi twins, Patsy Paul, Mike Zeravica, Donald Vanis- ko, Frank Wengryzn, John Schneider, John Na- buda, and Russel Loutsenhizer. Randall Groth was a manager of the team. On the Basketball floor we had representing us John Serafin, Eddie Banasik, and John Schnei- der on the Varsity, and on the J. V. there were Ron Peduzzi, Bill Vergot, Frank Wengryzn, Frank Stanisic, Jimmy Brown, John Schnieder, Eddie Banasik and John Nabuda. The girls chosen for the Varsity were Lois Turchan, Hattie Boyd, Angie Cannillo and Bar- bara Kljucaric. On the track team we had S. Serafin and B. Lloyd. On the baseball team Ron Peduzzi, Mike Zeravica, Bill Morrow, John Schneider and Frank Wengryzn added their athletic ability and Rey Peduzzi offered his brains to be scorekeeper. The girls inter-class team CThe "Amazona', as the boys so fittingly called themj played ex- cellent basketball, losing only one game and then only to be defeated of the championship crown by the Seniors with the heartbreaking score of 17-16. The boys however did not do so well, winning only one of their games and losing three. Pat Cole's vacancy was excellently filled by Lucy Asquino, another cheerleader is to be pick- ed. In the Band were J. Brown, A. Capets, P. Gibbs, M. Murray, L. Turchan, B. Holsinger, and T. Mikan. Bill Vergot, B. Lloyd, B. Morrow and J. Serafin served as color guards. Our high- stepping majorette was Jeannie Traficante, who will lead the band for the remainder of her high school years. ' A. Capets, J. Brown and T. Mikan lent their musical talents to Mr. Shank,s swing Band. The Student Council representatives were Barbara Holsinger, Billy Vergot, Evelyn Mathias, and Bill Morrow. Lucy Asquino and Anne Capets were the happy girls when the votes were counted for May Queen attendants. They made a pretty picture as they marched up the aisles in their lavender gowns. Ron Peduzzi was the only Sophomore end man in the Burnt Corkeris Minstrel, and he was a corkerl Some of the people are still wondering how he managed to lean out almost parrallel to the floor without falling. We sure put on a swell chapel program this year. It was the talk of the school for a week. And how can we forget that Sophomore Masquerade Ball? Both of our parties turned out successfully and every one had a great time. Do you remember, we even got the boys to do some folk dances. To conclude the year we had a wiener roast. It of course rained, but that didn't stop us! We just sat in the rain and had twice as much fun. We set a record these past two years. We got all of our Freshman dues and most of our Sophomore dues paid. Looking back over the year brings back many pleasant memories. Maybe not for Miss Wilson and Mr. Kenyon though, we nearly drove them frantic with our spit balls. Will they for- give us? The year is over and although we are sorry to say we are no longer MWise Foolsf all that sorrow will turn to joy next year when We be- come the high and mighty Juniors. C5210 0WL0l"8 Kfblifif First Row-L. Hysong, L. Asquino, 1. Dnshkewitz, T. Stuchal, S. Bowery, R. Massaro, D. Susang, M. Murray. Second Row--B. Holsinger, G, Nunn, R. Kerin, J. Kronier, J. Traficunte, C. Lentz, B, Kopnitsky, A. Capets, L. Turchan. Third ROW-J. Portik, A. Canillo, P. Gibbs, J. Capun, B. Kluko, H, Boyd, M. Stakor, D. Drakulic, E. Mathias. First Bow-R. Peduzzi, C. Minnis, C. Palesky, E. Devine, J. Cynnnerman, R. Babeo, J. Schneider, E. Monchak, P. Sorokuch, J, Delia. Second Row-R. Lloyd, T. Mikan, R. Loutsenhizer, J. Nabuda, I. Brown, G. Valmassoni, D. Vunisko, V. Danials, B. Groth, T. SZ2ljI1ll, R. Pcduzzi. Third Row-D. Mendicino, E, Szmyd, J. Serafin, E. Banusik, F. XVengrzyn, B. Vergot, I. Noll, M. Zeravica, F. Stanisic, B. Morrow. 23 omior ,JQ46f0lf'y Seventh Grade We, the seventh graders began the year by having our first presidential election. The offi- cers were as follows: Jackie Pratt, president, Ed- die Krcelic, vice-president, Patty Erwin, secre- tary, Mike DiCesare, treasurer. The Student Council members were Jackie Pratt and James Walko. In October we had our first party of the year with Mr. Shank's orchestra playing for us. Then came the Christmas Party with all its pomp, ceremony, and mistletoe! We had Steve Turchanis recordings for this party. Not that we liked parties or anything like that, but we did have two more, the Valentine party and a picnic at the Gun Club. In the middle of the year Dorothy Harvey and Charles Wilson left us. Soon after that we gained two new students, Patty Prines and Joyce Denton. At the end of the year we lost another student, Doris Guynn. Miss Barr left us due to serious illness and everyone was sorry to see her go. Eighth Grade After a happy summer we returned' to school anxious to try out the long awaited Home Eco- nomics and Shop classes. We started our hectic year by having an orderly election of class offi- cers. As President we chose Maryann Mikang vice-president, David Josephic. As our Treasur- er we chose Jim Wracker and Vincent Morocco as Secretary, although not a speck of minutes can be found, written in his ulegiblev hand writing. Eddie Lenart, David Josephic, Jimmy Ten- ney and Joe Mazur proudly represented our class on Junior High Varsity. And the chapels we had! Such acting or shall we say promoting? Remember how lovely Jim Tenney looked in Mrs. Neilas strapless eve- ning gown, not to mention Pfs popular imita- tions. They clapped so long and loud for us that we surely thought we must be good, but soon found out that they just wanted to get out of classes. We had a few prize winning people who carried away the honors and the prize money in the Fire Prevention and Citizenship Essays. Our contribution to the Minstrel was P. Owens, who received several encores for his be- loved c'Mamief' Miss Murf has called our girls 'idearsn many a time for helping clean up, and Mr. Seigel surely wouldn't have enjoyed school this year if it hadnit been for our boys. Freshmen The 'idiapered darlingv of 1934 entered the regal halls of T. H. S. this year with all pomp and splendor due scholars of their standing. A past filled with experience gained in the elementary grades promises to act as a solid base for the building these aarchitectsi' hope to accomplish- building strength in their bodies, knowledge in their brains, and the spirit of fairness in their hearts. David Robinson alone entered the T. H. S. hall of fame as a Letterman in Track, his en- deavors as a half-miler and relay man were in- valuable. Dave also, along with Anthony Ban- asic, was a medal-winner at the Valley Junior High Track and Field Championship Meet. Moving from the scene of sports to that of club activities we again find many of the F rosh class occupying key positions. Jack Connor stood out among the grease paint Dramatic Group showing his talents as an End Man in the Minstrel and an annoying Ukid brotherv in "A- Date With Judyf, The two songbirds of the Class of 52, Josephine and Lexine Carter, were outstanding as vocalists for the school orchestra. Others from the class played in the orchestra or school band, those playing in the latter were led by twirling cuties of the class, Marcia Gracion, Arlene Neale, and Marjorie McKee. Chosen as cheerleaders to lead our teams to victory were Mary Jane Marshalic and Irene Litwin. Moving on to the path of a scholastic achievement we see consistent Honor Roll Award being taken by Mary Jane Marshalic, Marcia Gracian, Ann Behe, Wilma Meagher, Josephine Zyhowski, and Margaret Baric. The Freshman Class Assembly was out- standing during the school year. It followed the pattern of radiois "Di: I. and gave to the con- testants and audience a memorable hour of laughter and information concerning the school, the faculty, and the students. ' By now these gangling guys and gals have weathered their first year of high school activity and have matured to proportions with which they will proceed to a higher rung of their ladder of life. 3 l"9:5Alf1fLOLIfL 641,155 First Row left to right fbottoml-J, Anthony, I. Mutulia, M. I. Marslmlic, M. Turbuck, I. Carter, Venture, M. Koloski, L. Consoli, L. Carter, M. Vecchio. Second Row-F. Gcttemy, H, Snopko, I. Zylwwski, M. Capan, XV. Meagher, D. Bigler, G. Bonds, A, Galore, M. Bunasik, S. Snyder, Third Row-B. Koepka, C. VVutts, M. Stanisic, A, Belle, M. McKee, S. Petrovich, M. Ludlnan, l. Litwin, C. Paul, BI. Craciun, M. Barie, A. Neale, C. Kluko. First Row bottom-I. Connor, I. Ogle, C. Stanley, R. Galore, A. Banasik, I. Zigarovich T. Asquino, I. Cynnnermam. Second Row-R. Lutz, S. Gocliell, S. Jarrett, D. Bradly, F. Ferline, P. Turkovieh, H Hydak, AI. Curlheim, B. Twurdoski. Third Row-G. Yanuso, A. Zuzik, G, Corl, D. Robinson, C. Iarrett. 25 gm 8 First Row-M. I. Ruffo, F. Capan, M. Lawrence, S. Eves, V. Caruso, M. Mikan, D Banasik, A. M. Nnbucla. Second Row-B. Keller, M. Harvey, J. Mustriunni, A. Sclieller, E. Morrow, V. Kliino- vicli, F. Stojalcovicli. Third Row-E, Frydricli, C. Stanley, M. Lilldlllilll M. De Frank. First Row-A. Brown, R. Lenurt, T. McHugh, C. Devine, I. Iuliun, H. Matuliu, J. Lu- builovicli, D. Sclioppe, J. Cupan, J. Kerin. Second Row-I. Majernik, J. McCann, C. Loutsenliizer, H. Corl, B. Ogle, I. Morocco, D. losephic, R. Smeltz, R. NValko. Third Row-J. Tenney, G. Grubbs, WV. Bil.1Tll7Cl', D. Koepku, J. NVracker, E. Patrick, J. P. Owens, I. Stanisik, I. Sage, I. Mazur. 26 8l!8lfLfA QTL 8 First Row-L. Vaccaro, D. Czapor, C. Meager, D. VVisl0ckcy, I. Zenter, P, Reed, B. Petrina, L. VVanner. Second Row-F. Lefflcr, D. Fiedor, D. Fecior, I. Pratt, D. Gnynn, J. Denton, R. Sage. Third Row-P. Erwin, R. Bncur, C. Gornick, E. Hudosh, B. CilN'Z1ll1IlCi21, P Princs, J. Gotch. First Row--J. Vuic, P. Hopkins, W. Trkula, I. Venturo, I. Hartzcr, D. Bray. Second Row-B, Brickcl, J. Desmond, E. Yunuso, E. Krcelic, C. Stanley, I. VValko J. Caruso, L. Colangelo. Third Row-G. Lutz, M. DiCesare, D. Lintner, R. Mathias, I. Hinkle, F. Frydrych, I Furimsky, D. Robinson. 27 When we were fifth graders just plain Babe What's so funny? Underclassmen Watch out Bernice Three pals Rosie and Iulia High steppin' Smitty Hank and Violet Three Senior misses Watch closely Those hikes What is up Earl? Teacher's banquet Yea team! Abracadabra Prom orchestra Those darn Juniors Gloria, the Queen Little Elmer Aren't they cute Tom Carlyrfs singer Bring on the food Always together Working hard girls? napa 28 if Tim f ,xdclfilfilfied CMJ Olfgcufaizcafiolfw Soorfg First row-L. Asquino, T. Mur- ray, L. Matulia, Miss Wilson, spon- sor, M. Rantovich, B. Twardowski E. Uhrrecht. Second row-I. Dashkiewitz, E Matthias, B. Kljucaric, M. Stakor P. Traficaute, E. Mayhan, E. Bur- nett. Third row - B. Holsinger, I Traficante, A. Capets, M. Murray First row-WV. Koepka, F. Kerin, W. Holsinger, R. Hall, R. Aglietti, E. Bowden, E. Surmacz. Second row - E. Toocheck, S. Vecchio, ll. Scanlon, W. Sago D. Clarkson, C. Marker, D. Paul Mr. Siegel, sponsor. Third row - VV. Snopko, I. Scales, F. Pascoe, L. Gorman, H. Mahr, E. Cercone. 1 a Front row - E. Mayhan, C Marker, I. Zigarovich, E. Surmacz, M. Rantovich, W. Holsinger, D Palesky. Second row-Miss Krysik, J. Cyn- kar, D. Kreclic, W. Lenart, I Lovre, Drost, Mr. Shrock, spon- SOI. Third row-I. Cupets, I. Scales C. Cracion. Front row--I. Ogle, P. Irwin, G. Grande, W. Holsinger, I. Scales, J. Leffler, I. Pratt, I. Walko. Second row-Mr. Lloyd, spon- sor, M. Bock, B. Holsinger, M. De- Frank, E. Morrow, I. Frydrych, A Brown, E. Lonurt. Third row-C. Scanlon, T. As- quino, E. Mathias, VV. Morrow, W. Vergot, B. Zigarovich, I. Zigaro- vich, C. Gracian, C. Paul. Wa fiona! ,Honor 52659 fy .gllncfonf Gund First row -- B. Holsinger, P. Traficante, H. Mahr, M. Ranto- vich, editor, D. Celiich, R. Wat- terson. Second row-A. Ruffo, M. Mi- kan, I. Carter, W. Meager, I. Traf- icante, Mr. Kenyon, sponsor. Third row-J. Capets, R. Lout- senhizer, W. Vergot, E. Szmyd, C VVatts. First row-E. Szmyd, G. Yanaso, I. Carlheim, F. Wengryzn, I. Sera- fin, NV. Vergot, D. Booher. Second row-I. Dashkiewitz, I. Venturo, M. Koloski, J. Anthony P. Sorokach, J. Julian, D. Cuynn a L. Colangelo, J. Delia, M. I. Ruffo. Third row-Mr, Kenyon, spon- sor, A. Brown, P, Traficante, M. Murray, C. Lentz, C. Paul, T. Big- ler, A. Scheller, I. Mastrianni, A. M. Nabuda, L. Carter. Fourth row-J. Brown, P. Tur- kovich, I. Schneider, R. Pweduzzi, D. Vanisko, D. Bradley, C. Palos,- ky, M. Ludman, J. Sage, R. Peduz- Zi. a 0WL6LAOLlfUA QM 6LlflfL8lf'6L cience Woafzfwe Front row, left to right -- G. Bonds, I. Zigrovich, J. Mutuliu, M. Murshulic, M. Banusik, M. Tar- buck. Second row - Sponsor, Mr. T1'611llJ2ltl1, A. Belle, I. Litwin, A. Neale, M. Baric, K. Kluko, I. Zy- lwowski. Third row-B. Koepka, M. Mc- Kee, P. Troficantc, M. Ludmun, S. Snyder, C. XVatts, M. Stansic Front row, left to right - E Monclmk, E. Szajna, B. DiRinuldo V. Daniels, S. Godich, P. Artnmn. Second row - E. Ccrcone, R Kopnitsky, P. Bucar, C. Yunaso Mrs. Lloyd, sponsor. Third row-F. Pascoe, R. Wat- terson, D. Clarkson, B. Vursafsky. JWCZMA t6Lg6 lf'8bU 34 Left to right - M. Beck K. F rander, I. Capets, D Palesky, D. Cellich, M. Mi- kan. Second row-I. Dashkie- witz, M. Murray, E. Bow- den, E. Szmyd, C. Lentz Miss Barr. Left to right-W. Holsing- er, J. Noll, E. Cercone, B. Mikan, R. Hall, N. Mc- Indoe. Second row- D. Todaro, E, Szmyd, I. Simmons, Mr. Robinson, sponsor. Front row, left to right - VV Meager, J, Koloski, A. Galore, L Asquino, A. Ruffo, L. Hysong, L Gonsoli, J. Connor. Second row-Mr. Robinson, I McMunn, E. Mathias, P. Gibbs, D Palesky, M. Mertz, A. Capets, B Holsinger, L. Smitli, C. Frander. Third row - D. Todaro, W Sage, C. Marker, R. Hall, F. Kerin R. Watterson, H. Mulir, W. Vergot F 59 51 5 n-4 o MN P7 5 3 'D' rn r: ur T11 'TJ cn 'T . Zcormf-1 line, T. Babeo. Bottom row, left to right - . Bigler, I. Venturo, J. Matulia, Sanders, A. Ruffo, D, Reed, . Koloski, I. Carter, L. Hysong, Klimovicli. 0 Second row - I. Cupets, Nunn, J. Traficante, M. Gracian P. Horanic, M. Rantovich, If Lovre, E. Uhrreclit, B. Holsinger G. Bonde, M. Baric, A. Galore, Cl Watts. Third row-B. Lawrence, L. As- quino, I. Cnpets, P, Traficante, P Lytle, D. Palesky, E. Mayhan, B: Koe ka S. Sn der R Mastrimni P , Y , - 1 , M. Mertz, B. Twardowski, E. Bur- nett, T. Murray, A. Culliver, H. Hautli. Fourth row - P. Artinan, M. Snyder, I. McMunn, R. Loutsen- hizer, W. Koepka, H. Mahr, R. WVattcrson, W. Minkel, XV. Vergot, M. Lawrence, F. Pogue, K. Des- mond, T. Babeo. ramafic KAOPULJ Oyff 7 lliumifg CM First row-R. Mnrshallic, D. Paul, VV. Holsinger, T. Babeo, H, Scanlon, S. Vccchio. Second row--R. Stafford, P. Bncar, I. Lcffler, Ccrconc, E. Erwin. Third row-A. Stanley, NV. Koepkn, L. Gorman, Mr, Heaps, sponsor. Bottom row-B. Twardowski, L. Matulia, G, Grande, M. Snyder. Top row-I. Lovre, F. Poguc, M. Lawrence. 36 Mardify CM First row-M. Mikan, F. Stojakovich, M. DeFrank, F. Capan, E. Patrick, H. Cori, L. Turchan, L, Wanncr, D. Susang. Second row-W. Trkula, J. Kerin, A. Brown, I. Mazur, I. Sage A. Cupets, M. Murray, B. Holsinger, J, Dclia, Mrs. Gesalman, directori Third row-I. Brown, T. Mikan, F, Kerin, E. Bowden, H. Mahr, I. Carlheirn, C. Grubbs, VV. Bamber, W. Vergot. Seflted I Clrter H Dlvis I Scales G Grubbs 7 J. J. Czfirli1eifnTA. Abapeyts, .C.cMAzirkrer, R.kBta.fford, F Stoju ovic 1, L Davis, L. Carter. pa Standing-Mr. Shank, director, E. Bowden, T Mikan, I. Brown, M. Rabo. 37 lfmior zfmior Front row-C. Meager, I. Zent ner, P. Reed, B. Petrina, L. Wan ner, D. Fedor. Second row-D. Fedor, J. An- thony, M. Banasik, M. Tarbuck T. Bigler, A. Galore, Miss Wilson sponsor. Third row-R. M. Sage, C. Cor- nik, S. Snyder, S. Petrovich, B Cavalancia, C. Paul, F. Leffler. Front row-W. Stanley, C. De- vine, R. Walko, L. Colangelo, I. Vuick, D. Shopp, I. Venturo, D. Bray. Second row-Mr. Siegel, spon- sor, M. DiCesare, D. Koepka, D. Zentner, I. Sage, I. McMann, A. Asquino, D. Iosephic, T. McHugh. Third row - B. Mathias, B. Twardowski, E. Patrick, G. Corl, I. Carlheim, P. Turkovich, S. Iar- rett. Front row, left to right - L Wanner, B, Petrina, P. Hopkins P. Reed D Wislotk VV. Mea er, , - ' Y, g D. Czapor, L. Vaccaro, J. Venturo I. Hartzcr. OU EIKDUJ wan, ago - pg Uwp' 3 gui! iff! Una 'nm CD -10.1 ' ' fb EKU-4 Mikan, I. Vuick, H. Matulia, Carl. OU-104 '31 o F3 01' 'I o YE ..- o FP FU' c 5. on :r' T V' Q T Third row-B. Cavalancia, Klirnovich, F. Stojakovich, Stanley, J. Cotch, W, Bamber, Radosh, A. Scheller, R. Bucar, Gornick, A. Nabuda, I. Walko. langelo, I. Vuick, D. Shopp, S Eyes, D. Czapor, I. Venturo, D Bray, J. Lubanovicli. Second row - Mrs. Lloyd, D. Guynn, J. Pratt, V. Caruso, L. NVanner, R. Walko, B. Petrina, P. Reed, I. Mazur. Third row - J. McCann, G. Lutz, D. Robinson, M. DiCesare, D. Koepka, E. Frydrych, E. Mor- row, E. Yanaso. omior ramalfic vmior Walfowe First Panel Left to right Bashful? Three stars? Ummm! I delicious pies Favorite Home Ec. class Sadie Hawkins Dance Hot Dog Sophisticated junior Two wall flowers Smile pretty Hey cut it out Usual repose Alumni Safe Jeannie and her beans? The condemmed people hearty meal. What a shape? Jack, the drummer boy Babe and Ele Science Club trip Rah, Rah, T. H. S. Joe and his helpers ate a ofa i H. 5 5 w . r Y WE! ,. 5151 X522 fps .1 s , . ., 4 'fm :sm fr at , L ,551 " W7 .. xv iq 1 13- : 1 i I ? ':,,,.- A ,gl ' if -- gf AZ. pf ' N L xg QB QP " ...- If Q 3 W W 9 I 'el' .ft A ff AW gwfmww ,wp EMM First row, left to right-I. Leffler, L. Bucar, W. Holsinger, D. Paul, S, Vecchio S Z1gJ.1'0X1Cll L Cor man, H. Scanlon, A. Stanley, W. Cavalancia, C. Marker, M. Morrocco, I. C21VkIl31'1C1l Second row-B. Mikan, P. Paul, R. Peduzzi, W. Koepka, B. Varsafsky, E.E1'W1Il R lVl'1I'Sll1l1C R Peduz zi, B. Twardoski, R. Stafford, E. Cercone. Third row-F. Ferline, I. Schneider, V. Daniels, D. Toduro, F. 'Wengryzn M Zeru ICI S Bmfaslk F Pascoe, T. Asquino, B. Fitzsimmons, J. Nabuda, J. Brickel. Coach Erenlic Mr. Heaps I. Vecchio Managers Babeo Richardson Shay jdmfj ,1lflfL6'l,A6L M1415 Trafford Opp. 7 ...4..,...... ........ B rentwood ,.... ....... 2 0 12 ....,.... ........ L igonier ...... ........ 7 6 .,....,.,. ..,.,,.. B ankin .44.......... .,,...,. 7 14 ......... ........ Y oungwood ............ 20 ........, ........ E ast McKeesport ...... ........ 1 2 6 .....,... ........ M ount Pleasant ...,..,. ........ 1 9 21 ,........ ....... P enn Township ......., ....,.. 2 0 14 ......,.. ..,.4.. D erry Borough ,...,. ,....... 7 0 ......... .,....,. P itcairn .............., ,AA.... 2 0 O A...,..,. ........ W ilmerding ......, ,,...... 1 4 The Trafford Tomahawks completed a fair- ly successful season which showed a record of five wins against five defeats. New faces were seen in the Trafford coaching lines as head coach Melvin Eremic, assisted by Thomas Heaps began their first season coaching the Tomahawks. The strong Trafford eleven was edged by Brentwood in their opening gam-e under the lights bythe score of 20-7. The Eremic men put up a tremendous fight against the class A team and made them know they were in a game till the final whistle. The following Saturday Trafford bounced back and defeated Ligonier in their league com- petition by 12-7. But again Trafford was set back by Rankin the next week by the score of 7-6. This, however, couldnit keep the Trafford boys down as they charged back with a decisive victory over Youngwood, 14-13. Then on Saturday, October 9, on their own home grounds, the Tomahawks showed their N 43 power and game spirit as they came from behind and upset the highly favored East McKeesport team by 20-12. This will be the unforgettable game which brought many spectators out on to the playing field protesting several disputed de- cisions by the referees. The following week under the lights, Traf- ford met with defeat again at the hands of Mt. Pleasant by 19-6. Although the next week in the first night game ever played on the Trafford Stadium, the Tomahawks won a thriller from Penn Township by the score of 21-20. Not giv- ing up for a minute, the Eremic men rolled over the highly touted Derry Borough eleven, 14-7 and eliminated them from the undefeated ranks. The last two games of the season proved fa- tal to the Trafford team as they dropped both games on wet and muddy fields. The first was to Pitcairn 20-0, followed by Wilmerding, 14-0. 7 035 uardify Boy's Varsity Record T. H. S. ODD. 40 ....... South Huntington ,.....,.... 22 28 ..,..,.... St. Thomas .,..........., ...... 2 6 30... ........ Wilinerding ......,.. ...... 2 7 32 ..,..,..... St. Thomas ...,. ..,.. .,.... 2 6 42 ........... North Huntington .. ...... 46 35... ,,..... Sewickley Twp. .... ....., . 27 , 38 ........,... Bell Twp. ................ ...... 2 9 52 ....,..... Penn Twp. ....... ...... 3 9 38 ........,.. Pitcairn .......,.. .,.... 4 2 40 .. ,...... Saltsburg ......... ..,... 8 3 39 ........,.. Export .. .'....... .. .. 42 39 ........... Franklin Twp. ..... ...... 3 4 27... ..,..... Wilmerding ..... .... . . 35 39 .......,.. Bell Twp. ......... ...... 2 9 1 45 .......... Penn Twp. ........... .. 31 58 .....,... Sewickley Twp. ...,.. ,..... 4 2 67 ............ Saltsburg ............. ...,.. 3 7 46 .......... Alumni ............. ,..... 3 6 63 .......... Export .. ..... .. ...,.. .....39 45 ........... Franklin Twp, . , .....,..,... . 39 Westmoreland County Tournament 41 ............ Vernon ..........,............. U30 Front row, left to right-T. Babeo, I. Leffler, W. Koepka, L. Gorman, S. 33 """""' Bell Twp' """A """""""" 4 3 Zigarovich, I. Scales. W- P- I- A' L- Playoffs Second row-Mr. Siegel, assistant coach, B. Snopko, L. Bucar, G. Malley, 37 ........... Elders Ridge ..,........,...... 49 I. Serafin, E. Banasik, Mr. Trembath, coach. The faithful Trafford rooters expected great things of the 48-49 basketball squad and the team did not let them down, taking Sec. 25 honors with a 7-1 record. Coached by Dick Trembath and Ray Siegel the boys set an impressive record, winning the first four games and winning 5 out of 6 before league competition started. In league play Trafford took the lead early, defeating Bell Twp. and Saltsburg. After losing a non-league game to VVilmerding, the Tomahawks never lost again until the county tournaments and W. P. I. A. L. playoffs. Leffler led the lettermen in scoring with 246 points, followed by Koepka 237, Gorman 208, Zigarovich 93, Scales 81, and Serafin 27. Returning lettermen are Leffler, Scales and Serafin, who will be assisted by Malley, Bucar, Cavalancia, Snopko, Wengryzn, Banasik, and Snyder. These boys will vie for honors in a new section next year. They will be playing East McKeesport, Pitcairn, Wilmerding, East Pittsburgh, Classport, and Elizabeth. We wish to salute three great stars who graduated this year, Wayne Koepka, Leo Gorman, and Steve Zigarovich. Eugene Surniacz-Manager and publicity agent for Basketball. A Raymond Watterson-Students manager for all athletics. 44 7 ir 5 lliamify fgafsfe fda! Front row, left to right-I. Lovre, M. Lawrence, F. Pogue, I. McMunn, B. Twardowski, I. Capets, M, Snyder. Second row-L. Matulia, B. Kljucaric, H. Boyd, P. Trafi- cante, L. Turchan, B. Lawrence. The Trafford High School Girl's Varsity Team has completed a fairly good season this year. With Mr. C. R. Schrock as the competent coach, at the helm they were able to steer through eight games with only two defeats. The girls all cooperated and got along fine. They had excellent team work. Both the guards and forwards should be given credit for the good team- work. The regulars at the guard positions were Ioan McMunn, Irene Lovre, and Florence Pogue, not to mention the much other up and coming Varsity material. The team was handicapped by the danger of a trick knee to one of the experienced members of the team, Willa Mae Boyd, which kept her from complet- ing the basketball season. The Seniors on the team who are leaving are Gloria Grande, Bernice Twar- dowski, joan McMunn, Mae Snyder, Willa Mae Boyd, Phyllis Traficante, and the capable manager Lorena Matulia. 45 foanior uaraify omior 5 - eam Under the coaching of Mr. Siegel the Junior Varsity basketball team finished the season with a record of 6 victories against 8 defeats. Frank VVengryzn was high man in scoring followed closely by Edward Banasik and John Schneider. Next yearis squad will be led mostlv bv boys coming up from the Junior High Teami 4 The Trafford Junior High Basketball Team, under the coaching of Coach Melvin Eremic fin- ished the season with 4 wins and 7 defeats. Al- Front row, left to right - A Brown, E. Surmacz, F. Wengryzn E. Banasik, W. Vergot. Second row - Mr. Siegel, F Stanasic, R. Peduzzi, J. Brown, Mr Trembath. McCann, J. Zigarovich. Second row - Mr. Eremic, D. D. Josephic. JR. HIGH TEABI RECORD T. H. S. Opp. 28 .......,..., Irwin ........,... ......,.. 2 9 24 ......,,... North Irwin ..,... ,. 38 19 ........... North Irwin ,,,... ......... 4 5 25 ............ Irwin ...,,........ .......,, 4 1 9 ..,...,..... Wilmerding ....,. .....,.. 2 1 18 ......,..... Forest Hills .......... ..,,,..., 2 4 18 ........... East McKeesport ,,.........,. 31 24 ....,....,. Forest Hills ........,. ,.,,..... 1 6 27 ........,... East McKeesport ............. 22 32 ................ Wilmerding ...,.. ......... 4 8 34 ............ Mt. Lebanon .,,..... ........, 2 7 258 342 though their record isnit very impressive, the boys showed plenty of spirit throughout all their games. Dave Robinson led the scorers with 58 points, followed by Paul Turkovich with 55, and John Zigarovich with 43. The team of next year will be without the services of all three of these players. New talent, however, seems to be cropping up in the junior high grades and pro- mises a good team for the coming year. Front row, left to right-E. Len- art, D. Koepka, P. Turkovich, J. Robinson, J. Tenney, J. Furimsky, Front row, left to right-J. Con- nor, S. Iarrett, R. Hydak, E. Too- chcck, R. Kopnitsky, E. Surrnacz. Second row-R. Lloyd, D. Rob- inson, S. Banasik, B. Varsafsky, F. Kerin, E. Malley, G. Corl, Mr. Hcaps, coach. Third row-B. Twardowski, A. Asquino, J. Carlheim, R, Shay, G. Yanaso, D. Bradley, B. Snopko. Front row, left to right-L. Bu- car, D. Paul, C. Marker, D. To- daro, I. Schneider, R. Peduzzi, H. Scanlon, S. Vecchio. Second row -- Mr. Eremic, coach, E. Erwin, J. Leffler, M. Zeravica, A. Zuzik, B. Morrow, B. Mikan. Third row - R. Peduzzi, I. Scales, F. Pascoe, F. Wengryzn, B. Sage, D. Booher, R. Croth. 1 T. H. S. Opp. 3 ..........., Wilmerding ......,......... 2 4 .,.,.,..,,,, Elizabeth ..............,...., 3 2 ............ East McKeesport .,...... 7 6... ........ Classport .......,...,.,... .. 10 2... ......,. Wilmerding ,..........., 6 3 ..,.,..,... Pitcairn ..,... 1 18 .......,... Pitcairn ..,.,................... 2 9 .... ...,... E lizabeth .......,.,.,,.,...,. 3 7 ....,....... East McKcesport ........ l 6 ,.,..,..,... Classport .................... 15 . 3-l"6LC . 3-80Ll0fL Trafford High School, having their first Track Team in 29 years, has completed a very successful season. The boys have Worked very hard, and really showed great effort for the first year. With the coaching of Mr. Heaps, the boys hope to have a better and stronger team next year. The lettermen Were, Bill Varsafsky, Eugene Surmacz, David Robinson, and Iohn Serfin. g6Lf58ZOL!Z jam Entered in the W. P. I. A. L. baseball league Trafford High School finished a successful sea- son. This Was the first year in a number of years that Trafford High School has had a team and it proved to be a good one. Under the care- ful coaching of Melvin Eremic the Trafford nine came up with 6 Wins and 4 defeats and ended in tie for second place in Section 17. In batting, the team was led by Lou Bucar with .525 The pitching laurels Went to Hank Pascoe with a record 5 Wins and l loss. Iunior Play Cast Front row, left to right-M. A Beck, D. Cellich, I. Koloski, A Pruffo, L. Smith, I. Lovre. Second row - D. Todaro, VV. Fitzsimmons, B. Mikan, B. Snopko Mr. Robinson, coach. Third row-I. Lefflfer, W. Sage I. Scales. Sitting, left to right-R. Wat- terson, W. Holsinger, B, Twar- dowski, E. Tooclieck, F. Kerin, E Surmacz, M. Mertz, P. Lytle, C Marker, P. Horanic. Standing-T. Babeo, T. Murray, I. McMunn, L. Matulia. cc 77 lf'0LZy 001,58 66 77 MMA 31.4 im. 5, SZ? 'W W zfwnlf CZVLQM im fre 49 Complete Cast End Men Left to right-J. Connor, D. T0- daro, H. Mahr, W. Holsinger, N Mclndoe, R. Peduzzi, J. Owens. Mr, Faullc, Mr. Schrock, instruc- tor, Florence Pogue, in car, Mr. Carnaek, Mr. Schade. Front row, left to right-D. Cel- lich, I. Lovre, M. Marshalic, I. Venturo, F. Sanders, I. Koloski, T. Drost, A. Ruffo, M. Lawrence, W. Shopp. Second row-Mr. Heaps, spon- sor, M. Beck, C. Cracian, I. Cyn- kar, B. Lawrence, L. Turchan, B Kopnitsky, M. Gracian, I. Litwin K. Frander, -I. Brown. Third row-B. Twarclowski, I Hydak, P. Turkovich, F. Ferline D. Bradley, T. Asquino, C. Malley, I. Scales, W. Sage, S. Jarrett, D Toduro, J. Capets, M. Lawrence F. Pogue. a river rainifzg 0lfLl"5Q CAM CM lg Mom 'C ' -..,-, , ,,.- , Q7 W Spring is the time for flowers and beauty and on the evening of May 3 a beautiful spectacle greeted the eyes of the audience in the Trafford High auditorium. Gloria Grande, a lovely dark haired senior was crowned Queen of the May. Her senior attendants were Joann Zigaro- vich who wore a green gown, and Eleanor Uhrrecht who wore a pink colonial type gown. Lois Smith and Flor- ence Sanders, the junior attendants were arrayed in a pale blue while the Sophomores, Anne Capets and Lucy Asquino wore orchid. Gloria was crowned by Joann Peduzzi, last yearis May Queen. Four first graders also took part in the crowning: Bonnie Ogle and Vincent Matulia carried the Queenis train. Timmy Erhart was the crown bearer and Patricia Del Rosso was the flower girl. In the short play, which was written and directed by Miss Bierer, Gloria Grande played the part of Saint Wal- purga, daughter of an English king who came to Ger- many and spent her life fighting against the pagan beliefs of the heathen. A band of gypsies consisting of Frank Kerin, Maryann Mikan, Mary Ann Beck, Dolores Cellich, lean Capets, Bill Vergot, Betty Petrina, and Melvin Rabo came to watch for witches on the Brocken, a rocky moun- tainous area in Germany. Saint Walpurga appears with Jrer aitendantsand teh. tlme. gvpsies thai thege ag no witches and that the fires on the Brocken which were set by her are fires of love. The soloist was Barbara Hol- singer. Top to Bottom Gloria Grande, Joann Peduzzi, Senior Attendants 52 St. Walpurga and the Gypsies Sophomore Attendants 53 junior Attendants Left to right Left, right, left, right Can I help you? Refreshment committee Iam Session Peg and Pauline Head table Mr. Trembath's boys Sitting pretty Gloria on her deer Three more dears Mickey and Ele Where to girls? Play ball! ! Some Juniors again Dig it Heaps Five tired Seniors Phe Phe Look at those legs Sophomore costume hail Big wheels Beautiful sight Miss Bierer's gypsies Teacherls banquet jQQ6LflfLl"8f5 IQ Ld... sw Front row, left to right--D. Palesky, G. Grande, M. Rantovich, W, Holsinger, J. Scales, I. McMunn, C. Marker, E. Mayhan. Second row-E. Surmacz, M. Mikan, A. Capets, G. Gracian, J. Capcts, M. Gra- cian, J. Zigarovich, D. Guynn, Miss- Bierer, advisor. Third row-E. Cerconc, E. Bowden, D. Paul, B. Minkcl, F. Kcrin, R. Watterson, E. Szmyd, B. Vergot, E. Toocheck, R. Hall, T. Babeo. Editor ..,.. ,..,., W ayne Holsinger Co-editor .. ........ .. ..,......,.,.. Mildred Rantovich Sports editors ..,... Charles Marker and Gloria Grande Art editor ...,,..,....... ,..... . . ,... ...,...,,......,. T om Babeo Business Manager . ..,.... Raymond Watterson Advisor ,. ......,.,,.,,.. ...,,. M iss Mary Elizabeth Bierer Your Reflector staff hopes that many years from now you Will trea- sure these pictures of yourself and your schoolmates. May they bring back pleasant memories of Trafford High School. To know that you are enjoying and Will continue to enjoy your 1949 Reflector will constitute Kpayment in fully, for the Work entailed in publishing it. 55 Together for thc last time. Valedictory r0Lc!1fwL1f1f0n A S0161 un ITIOHIQDL Down th e aisle ww-1 Left to right Day is done. Swinging high Sweet music Freed! ! What seems to be the matter here? Going home Mickey Four on a fence Pauline and her lipstick Time out from Varsity practice Gay cabelleros VVhat is the score, Hi, Frank Batter up Irene Safe Peg's thirsty Wish I Could whistle Out on a limb Patch of beautiful blooms Who is this? Going my way? Somebody is gonna fall Swinging low Pals N gina e to 1 f M in i SE RVIC E lusn nuanw' X I L Q I if ' lg ,. 4 1 , 5'f'i'bn,,e Mtn .....,.. L .,,...,.,,,,,.,,., ,.- , X 'Di ana' tif ...,., A 6 w as gi, 5 " -' -----,., . ,,,,.,, .. .,,,. tj - , "I1 9 . ,569 ' I ".lAHN S CDLLIER AGAi " The slogan ti1at's laacizeci lay genuine goociness in quality anti service, the result of 43 years successful experience in the yearimooiz field. We final real satisfaction in pleasing you, the year- lmooiz pulalisiier, as well as your photographer ana! your printer. JAHN 8 GLLIER ENGRAVING Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color Commercial Artists - Photographers SI7 W. WASHINGTON BLVD., CHICAGO 7, ILL. 9 OUR PATRONS AND SPONSORS Ladies Auxiliary V F W Mr. A. B. Carnack Mr. John S. Sloan Schade Bros. Harlichis Drug Store Millieis Beauty Shoppe Hulick Restaurant Mr. Manol Boosnakis Mr. John Magiera Pitcairn Trafford News-Express Miss Mary Elizabeth Bierer Daniels Restaurant Mr. Joseph Meager McCune Motor Co. Dr. L. W. McCough R. L. Richardson Jenetis Shoe Shop Dr. Mr M r Mr Mr Floyd K. Snyder and Mrs. M. R. Marker and Mrs. P. V. Nale H. E. Seville Clement P. Watts Bastian Bros. Company Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zeravica Dr. C. E. Hunker Mr. and Mrs. James Malley Dr. Catherine Pucic Loreski's Music Shop Berkis Clothing DiRinaldo Shoe Shop Frank Fisher Huntington Laboratories CCOMPLIMENTS OF "THE FORTY NINERS,, J 6z P BOWLING ALLEYS 6 SANCTIONED BRUNSWICK CENTENNIAL ALLEYS Open Afternoons at 1:00 P. M. Open Early in August for your Early Season Practice 235 Cavitt Ave., Trafford, Pa Phone 9498 61 Continued Effort Assures Success C. V. 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Box 693 Ieannette, P 65 8 "Going My Wayv Jmggm gpm cram Phone Irwin 1949 TRAFF ORD, PENNSYLVANIA IEANNETTE IRWIN HARRISON CITY TRAFF ORD PITCAIRN WILMERDING Service To TURTLE CREEK EAST PITTSBURGH FOREST HILLS WILKINSBURG OAKLAND PITTSBURGH Charter Service 66 NIGRO,S TAILORS af CLEANERS Cleaning-Pressing Altering 65 Repairing "Our Success--Your Satisfactioni' 512 Cavitt Ave. Phone Trafford 1254 HARTSTEIN HARDWARE COMPANY 300-302 Electric Avenue East Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone Brandywine 2130 Valley 0910 Compliments of NOLL,S DAIRY 216-218 Edgewood Ave., Trafford, Pa. Phone Tr. 699 WALTER I. YENNY JEWELER i'Gifts That Last" 104 Electric Ave., East Pittsburgh Phone Brandywine 3275 Valley 6446 Drink MISSION ORANGE LUCKY STAR GINGER ALE RUSSELL,S FLORAL SHOPPE 111 Westinghouse Avenue Wilmerding, Pa. WILMERDING BOTTLING WORKS Valley 2200 Tr. 594W Res. Phone Valley 1588 "Flowers for all Occasio Compliments of IRWIN SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY Irwin, Pa. Compliincnts of DELIA,S BILLARD PARLOR -G' 434 Cavitt Avenue DIAMONDS WATCHES ROSENDAHL'S JEWELRY STORE 217 Main Street Irwin, Pennsylvania SERVING THIS COMMUNITY OVER 53 YEARS JEWELRY SILVERWARE COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY E. CORL FUNERAL HOME I BEATTY'S RESTAURANT "Pennsylvania,s Most Modern Kitchenv Route 22, Mom-oeville, Pa. Open Day and Night A GOOD PLACE TO MEET AND EAT 69 Compliments of F ALLEPUS For Furniture 533 Penn Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. Phone Valley 1 55 Compliments of CARUSO SERVICE STATION Prop., Frank Caruso Brinton Avenue, Trafford, Pa. Compliments of TRAFF ORD HARDWARE Cavitt formerly McCara Bros. Ave., Traff 01' Compliments of LEROY I. PAHEL WALLPAPER at PAINTS 'U' Pitcairn, Pa. dPa BUTTER BROTHERS REYNOLD,S MOTOR CO. LUMBER COMPANY 'D' Phone Valley 1651 Phone Valley 1500 609-11 Braddock Ave. Turtle Creek, pa. East Pittsburgh, Pa. HORNBECK - MITCHELL WM. M. WAUGAMAN OLDSMOBILE, INC. F BICIDAIRE MAYTAG ADMIRAL TELEVISION Sixth St' 'Sl Airbrake Ave' Turtle Creek, Pa. SMALL APPLIANCES Phone Brandywine 5050 Phone Irwin 1513 Valley 5900 - 2233 71 Success to the Class of 1949 PITCAIRN BOARD OF TRADE 'I' 72 Compliments of Compliments of RUTH MOUNTS PURITY BOTTLING WORKS Local Agent for 'P KNIGHTUS INSURANCE Hermine, Pa. Ph0I'le Tr. Complimrrnts of Cllmplimems Of PEN-MOR HOTEL TRAFFORD INN 'I' 'U' Moss Side Blvd. Ext. Phone Pit. 9402 Brinton Ave. 8z 6th St. l 73 DOM,S BARBER SHOP We Specialize in Scalp Treatment Hair Cutting - Massages Given Tell ,Em WVl1ere You Cot It TRAFFORD, PENNA. Compliments of WEYANDT DRUG CO. 435 Cavitt Ave., Trafford, Pa. aService for the Sickv Vic Dettis Ph. C. GOODMANS, JEWELRY STORE GIFTS THAT LAST Fine Selection of Watches Diamonds and Jewelry 817 Braddock Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa 74 COMPLIMENTS OF TRAFFORD POST NO. 331 OF x XUIIWM 3 QFUC0 f VWAN 'LO W S r QQZNA X I I IONKX THE AMERICAN ,WWW Uv' Warn: mmm LEGION 75 Compliments of MARIO CELLICH SZ SONS Electrical and Plumbing Contractors Phone Trafford 929 Compliments of MIKAN MOTOR COMPANY PONTIAC MOTOR CARS 7th Street and Forest Ave. Trafford, Penna Phone Tr. 506 CHAHLEYS MARKET MEATS, OROCERIES, FROZEN FOODS Some People Claim They Have the Best Foods We DOn't, We Sell Them! Charles Migitisli, Prop. 5th and Faimzont Avenue Phone 409 76 Compliments of Compliments of DAUGHERTY McBRIDE,S FUNERAL HOME 'D' 'J' VIC'S MOTORS INC. TRAF FORD REALTY COMPANY DESOTO - PLYMOUTH REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Company Body and Fender Shop Middle Avenue and Third Street, HOME DEVELOPING Wilmerding, Pa. Valley 5597 315 Fifth Street Phone Tr. 851 77 i C nl Ou lol x dw' 0615 msn The qteilig cvfekeeluiqesl QOL D Young' by we 5 XO HXGP' Scgqxrls. So Qdfbgfflbok s Wiaplfnc recfbfd CYS on nk to Yemen! XXSXG phokofl W0 'QOYW1 You QYG CGYD QVGY Q em nd ixlxve iorevef G - Illu- STUDIOS ine CMM ozfzalb ll-33 PENN AVENUE 0 ATLANTIC 4575, 5:57552 3553573355355 Y:-:i:f:Ii?:2: ':?:f:f:3:f:f:1: 4:-:-:-:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:-:-:-. Students need no appointments. Our able staff is always attentive and that's why students feel "at homel' at Strenfs Studios. "Your Official School Photographer 78 Here's That Good News Again! The Schools, Picnic is always a Must on Everyone-:'s Calendar So mark this date right now . . . Saturday, May 28 TRAFFORD SCHOOL PICNIC at KENNYWOOD PARK "The Natioifs Greatest Picnic Parkv CONGRATULATIONS from ST. JOHN KANTY LODGE NO. 855 Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Organized in 1915 691 Sixth St. Trafford, Pa. Officers for 1949 Stanley Gunia ..,..,... .,....,...,... P resident Frank Czapor .i..,.... ........, S ecretary Henry Surrnacz .,.,,. ...... I uv. Sec. Anthony Szmyd ...,. .,.,,,,. F in. Sec. B. M. Surrnacz .,....., ........ T reasurer John Lawrence ....,,.. i....,... T rustee Walter Nowak ........ ,..... D irector Andrew Drost ........, ....... V ice Pres. ALTMAN,S CASH FEED STORES SUPER A FEEDS Turtle Creek-Valley 1624 Wilderming--Churchill 3779 Irwin-Irwin 64 79 Compliments of Compliments of TROVY'S F ORAL SHOPPE L D. GENRE LUMBER BI MILLWORK Fairmont Ave., Trafford, Pa. Phone 440 Phone Valley 1346, Wilmerding, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of P. C. PORTZER PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE CLOTHING, FURNISHING 61 SHOES 6.31 sinh Street 433 Cavitt Ave. Phone 967 Phone Trafford 1253 80 COMPLIMENTS OF TRAFFORD ROTARY CLUB vs0TA'Pr 3 He Profits Most Who Serves Best' 81 Compliments of TRAF FORD MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING CO. BETTER DRY CLEANING EXPERT HAT BLOCKING FUR STORAGE 414 Cavitt Avenue Trafford, Penna. Phone Trafford 9782 WHITE FRONT MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES IOHN DeFRANK, Prop. 502W Cavitt Avenue Phone Tr. 338 82 MANDEL,S Have the New Styles! Everything for Women, Misses Children, Infants TWO STORES Trafford Irwin 5th Sl Cavitt 230 Main St. Phone 80 Phone 1443 Just ask our Customers Compliments of SLOAN,S INSURANCE Phone PROCTOR BROS. "PACKARD" Sales and Service Route 30 at Iacktown Irwin 1184 Irwin, "Ask the man who owns onei' P Compliments of OHRINGER AGENCY HOME FURNITURE CO. 315W Fifth Street Trafford, Pa. Braddock Ave. at Seventh St. Braddock, Pa. Phone 851 Trafford Phone Brandywine 4300 Compliments of SAM,S BARBER SHOP and GEEDE,S SHOE SHINE PARLOR Our Motto 'KTO Please Youv 434 Brinton Avenue Phone 9487 Compliments of ENLISTED MEN,S CLUB Congratulations to the Class of 49 84 Compliments of SHACKELFORD,S FLOWERS 829 Linden Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa Phones Valley 4020-4021 Compliments of TRAFFORD WOMAN,S CLUB Compliments of LOUIE,S POOL PARLOR 85 Compliments of IRWIN MOTOR SALES CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Compliments of The TRAFFORD 5 81 100 STORE Main :Sz 6th Street, Irwin, Pa. 424 Cavitt Ave. Trafford, Pa. GOOD LUCK Compliments of TRAF F ORD BAKERY To The Class of ,49 HU' A. C. SCALES Cavitt Avenue, Trafford, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF ' L Xvf X .L + LIBERTY + IN1-Eu.lGzNcE + qj JLIUIB Our? + NA'noN s + SAFE-rv 1:1 87 Compliments of DOROTHY LYNCH,S BEAUTY SHOPPE 406 Brinton Ave., Phone 427 TRAFFORD, PENNSYLVANIA TRAFF ORD MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSYER AND PLYMOUTH SALES Sz SERVICE Phone 237 501 Duquesne Ave. I. F. Schneider, Prop. Compliments of TRAFFORD FIRE COMPANY 88 ,Q 1 fa 1 fC"K 7.144 fs M. 4 S -Af.: .x,Q,, n ,. .-,3, ,,, V, 5 ,. ,jul W Qg..a5W .W 'f ' AT . Q, 4. ,Y A .,,.,,, X .411 .,: V, si R.,' ,.-. 1 iw , I , -'- ,. ' -4, W 1, - V, ' gr", ' ' v ,,g,- ,L '- ...- Q X .1

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