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HUNDRED 1 36:15 in ee 'jmq M i '-11 M Z EX LIBRIS 4--'nys' v f'aKUw. 93755 ' Y zqvg... OUR ALMA MATER E DEFLECT 1948 EDITOR joseph Baric CO EDITOR janv L11 X'7Cl'l'l0 Baker ART EDITOR Sophiv Llosopllim' SPORTS EDITOR juan jones CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES Bvtty Rmlnslm BUSINESS MANAGER Thomas Shane Robert Svhnvidcr Curl Mikal: ADVISOR Miss Mary Eliznbvth Bierclr TRAFFOD HIGH SPHYVW. TRAFFORD. PENNSYLVANIA Mrs. l'. V. l,loycl DEDIC ATION This year, we the graduating Class of 1048, wish l l to dvclicnte this publiration to our beloved tear wr unc lll31'2l.I'lZlI1 M'rs. C. V. Lloyd. She has truthfully becn an oxcfvllent instruvtross :intl a wonderful friend. Her clccp unclerstanlling and perpetual kindness lulvc- estnlmliisliml hor as mm li more than a tezlrher in the he-ants of the students. Manx' thanks, Mrs. Lloyd, for all you have clone. -4 48 -53 INDEX Frontpiece Our Alma Mater Title Page Dedication Mr. Carnack Administration Faculty Seniors Sr. Class History Sr. Class Will jr. Class History Soph. Class History Freshmen Class History Activities Clubs Drama May Croxvning Reflector Staff Picture .Xilvvrtising N111 X 11 1'1111:11'1: 111 1'z1,s1- V1111 111111-111 .111'1"111x'. XV1' w1111111 111111 1 '1 111 11111111 11 111-w 111f11's1111z1111y z11'11111111 11111 s1'1111111. 111' is N11 , 1 X 11. 1:11'11z11'1i. 11111' s1111111'x'1 A - , 1 111,21 111'1111'111z11. 11111 C 211'11i111x ssvssvs :1 1111rs1111z11i1y 111:11 is 1111111 g'i'111l1111x 111111 1yl1l'lf1'1111 5 1- 1-1 . 11111 1115 111s1111'111g 111.1115 111111 1111 51111111115 111111 1111 111.1111 111111118 1111 11218 :11'1'11111p11s 11111 111 this his l'i1s1 y11z11' 11Z1X1 1 111'1-:111y l111lI'1i1'11 11111111521 1111111 111' :111i1i1y. 1111 11215 111111111 1111111-11 111:11 111' IS :1 w111'111V s11111ss111' 111 1111- x'111111.1':1 M11 11. 15. 5f'Yl111'. 1111 The good looking young gentleman to the right of this column is none other than Mr. H. R. Faulk, our new high school princiapl. Although only a first yea.r man at T.H.S. he has achieved very remarkable suc- cess in working with the students and he truly possesses their respect and admiration as a leader and organizer. Many of the school improvements this year are due to his own personal efforts and he is indeed to he vom- mended for his devoted interest. We are oonfident that in the person ol' Mr. Faulk we have a fine man, a fine princi- pal and a fine leader. We all wish you contin- ued good luck, Mr. Faulk, and we wish you a long and prosperous future at Trafford high svhool. Mr. H. RL. Faulk BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to Right: Mr. Claire Detrick, Mr. Clement Watts, Mr. james Brown. Mr. lichvard Hillstrom, Mr. James Malley. A if Mrs. Cyril Ferenee Miss Virginia Patrirk Miss Irene Doughertx FACULTY l MISS MARY ELIZABETH MR. H. R.. FAULK BIERLN California State Teachers Col- Graduate of Mount Union A. B., leave, Ed- MN-1 University Of Penn State, M. A. Teaches Latin Pittsburgh, teaches Chemistry- 1, 2, and English 4. MR. CLYDE R. SCHROCK Graduate of Juniata, B . A., Teaches History 3, 4. and driving. Coaches Girl's Varsity Basketball. MRS. C. V. LLOYD MR. R. L. ROBINSON Graduate of Wooster B. A., Graduate of University of Pitts- Univ-ersity of Pittsburgh, M. A. burgh, B. A., Litt. Teaches School Librarian. Teaches Latin English 1, French, and Spanish. 4. Sponsors a Nature Club. MR. VERNER LLOYD Graduate of Indiana, B. S. Teaches Algebra 1, and Plane Geometry. Faculty advisor of Tomahawk. MR. GEORGE KENYON MR. JAMES H. STARK MRS. RUTH BUEHNER Graduate of Westminster, A- B- Graduate of University of Pitts- Indiana Srtate Teachers B. S. Teaches English 2, 3- A-dViS0l' to burgh. B., S., M. Ed. Teaches in Ed., Bookeepingy Bus. Eng. Pho-to Club. Science , Algebra 2, Solid and Bus. Language, Jr. Business Trigonometry. Training. MR. RICHARD TREMBATH MR. JOHN G. GATES MRS. L. NASER Graduate of Grove City College. Gradua-te of University of Pitts- University of Pittsburgh B. A. B. S. Teaches Biology. and burgh. B. S., Teaches Physical Instructs Shrrthand, Typ-H9 Physics. Sponsors Science Club. Education. and Jr. Business Training- lt! CLASS SONG OF '48 by Sophie hloseplmiv Tune - "Deep Purple" Whnt our future will hold, Can never be foretol 1 Hut the memories here will linger m our heart. Of the places we used to go, Faces we used to know, Never from us shall depart. All our teachers and friends, Now our schoolday storv emls' An'l we hid farewell to dear old Trafford High So good bv and good luck to you. We're sorry to be through. We nre the Class of '48, O Q5' 65" 'S of 9 Q3 ' -I-2 . -1 QA if W. 5685 . I 7 . rw f ' JANE LA VERN BAKER "Baker" Co-editor of Reflector . . . Editor of Tomahawk . Junior and Senior Plays . . . President National Honor Socieity . . . Vice President Tri Hi Y . . . Ambition-Journalism. AUGUST BUGAJSKI "Bunt" Hi Y . . . Oh, that mustache . . . Never walks to school . . . Interests out of town. JOSEPH BARIC "Joe" Editor of Reflector . . . Hi Y . . . Camera Club . . Honor Student . . . Roller Skating enthusiast . . . Motto-"If there's nothing else to do, sing." WILLIAM CAMP "Red" Junior and Senior Class Plays . . . Stage Crew . . Hi Y . . . Color Guard . . . Minstrels . . Operettas Dance Orchestra . . Dramatic Club . . Determined to join Air Corps . . . A Bar Bell Boy. JOHN BERG "Berg" Hai Y . . .-Senior Class- Treasurer . . Varsity Foot- ball . . . Reflector . . . Neat Dresser . . Beautiful wavy hair. VINCENT CAPETS "Vinnie" Hi Y . . Dramatic Cllub secretary . . Good dancer eager to learn . . . one of the Bar Belll Boys. ALBERTA BONDE "Alberta" Tri Hi Y . . . Dramatic Club . . . Mixed Chorus . Junior Attendent . . . Quiet . . . Future Murphy manager. ROSEMARIE CAVALANCIA "Rosie" Tri Hi Y ., . Dramatic Cllub . . Interclass. Basket- ball . . beiauftiful black hair . . Secretary of Senior Class Bowling I.ea,f,!ue. WARREN BOWDEN "Bowden" Hi Y . . Interclass Basketballl . . . one of -the Bar Bell Boys . . . Smooth Dancer . . . Takes a fancy to Mary Eleanor. MARIE CONNOR "Tess1e" Varsity and interclass basketball . . . Junior Play Tri Hi Y . . .Minstrel . . .Chorus . Blushes easily. I2 THOMAS ERWIN "Erwin" Football Star . . . Hi Y . . . Good Dancer . . Neat dresser . . Liikes -to tease the girls . Usually seen with Lovett. JOANNE HARTZER "Hartzer" Tri Hi Y Treasurer . . . lntevrclass basketball . . Chorus . . A Murphy girl . . Constantly seen with Joe . . . Neat hair do. DONALD FLQEMING "Flea" Stage Crew . . Hi Y . . Dramatic Club . . Minstrel Mr. Robinson's right hand man . . . loves to tease th-e teachers. HOWARD HAUTH "Adam" Interclass Basketball . . . Hi Y . . . Ministrels . . Operettas . . Junior Class Play . . Class Crooner Beautiful Teeth. JOSEPHINE FUSSILLI "Josie" Tri Hi Y . . . Intesrcflass Basketball . . Mr. Faulk's Secretary . . . Minstrel . . . likes Chester from Somerset. JOAN JONES "Jonsey" Cheerleader . . . Senior attendent . . . Tomahawk Reflector . . . Neat dresser . . . Tri H.i Y . . Inter- class Basketball . . . Always seen with Chuck. DOLORES GALORE "Dolores" Quiet Type . . lnteirclass Basketball . . Murphys right hanel girl . . . Mrs. Nleil's Secretary . . amy Senior engaged. JOHN JONLIA "Bucky" Football . . . fond ot music . . . McBride's movie critic . . . Lu'tz's buddy . . human sports encyclo- pedia . . . worrys' worst elnemy. JOAN HARTLEY 'tHartley" Tri Hi Y . . . Chorus . . , Minstrel . . . lnterclass Basketball . . Dramatic Club . . Smallest member of Senior Class . . . friendly. SOPHIE JOSEPHIC "Soph" Tomahawk . . . Reflector . . . Tri Hi Y . . Chorus Minstrel . . Junior an.d Senior Plays . . Dramatic Cllub . . . pretty . . . favorite subject "Glass," I3 iz. ' ' P STEPHEN KOSANOVICH "Evo" Varsfity footballl . . Infterclass basketball . . care- free . . . Goes home by way of Nol1's Dairy . . . House man alt Delia's. JOHN LOVRE "Johnny" Star fooltballl and basketball player . . . shy . . . spends time avoiding girls . . . plans to enter Duquesne. PAUL M. KOCHANOV "Koch" Hi Y . . . Chorus . . . Minstrel . . . Operetta . , Pride and joy-his guitar . . . western type. LAWRENCE LUTZ "Lutz" Future Pharmacist . . . Interests out of town. . . Terrific at pivoting . . . our "blond." PETER KUCAN "Pete" Four years Varsity basketball . . Hi Y . . Chorus Minstrdl . . . attached to Irene. NANCY McLACHLAN "Nancy" Tri Hi Y . . . Chorus . . . Inlterclass basketball . . Mir. Hel1lman's secretary . . . Pals around with LaVerne . . Friendly . . enjoys a good argument. EILEEN LOUTSENHIZER "Eileen" Tri Hi Y . ., , Varsi'ty and Interclass Backetball . Spends spare -time arguing with Kochanov. LAVERNE MEAGER "Meager" Tri Hi Y . . . Senior Class Secretary . . Interclass basketball . . high scoring bowler . pretty blonde hair. JAMES LOVETT "Lovett" Hi Y Secretary . . .Interclass Basketball . . Foot- ball manager . . . Vice President of Senior Class . neat dresser . . l-ikred by all . . a constant teaser. CARL MIKAN "Carlo" Hi Y . .. . Dramatic Club . . Chorus . . Junior and Senior Class Plays . . . Stage Crew . . . Enjoys mechanical work . . . friendly to all. T4 IRENE MIKAS "Mikas" Tri Hi Y . . Swell dancer . . trim figure . . dis- likes long skirts . . . object af Ungie's affection. JOANN PEDUZZI "Peduzzi" Our lovely May Queen . . . Tri Hi Y . . Chorus Cheerleader . . Interclass basketball . President of Drama Club . . Minstrel . . Opefretta . . Every- body's pal. PATRICIA NALE "Patty" President of Tri Hi Y . . Junior and Senior Class Plays . . Minstrels . . Operetta . . Dramatic Club Likes to talk . . . Beautiful voice. MARY ELEANOR POGUE "Pogue" Varsity and Inberclass basketball . . . Tri Hi Y . . Chorus . . . Minstrel . . . pleasing disprsition . . partial to ouvt of town boys. DOROTHY NOLL "DOB" Junior and Senior Attendent . . . Star brskotball forward . . Tri Hi Y . . Dramatic Club . Minstrel Student Council . . beauitiful complection . . liked by all BETTY RADOSH "Betty" Co-Editor Tomahawk . . . Reflector Staff . . Tri Hi Y . . . Majore-tte . . . Sophomore Attendent . . Minstrel . . Chorus . . future pharmacist's mate. HELEN OLINZOCK "Helen" Seldom seen or heard . . . very neat dresser . . another Murphy girl . . . partial to Marines . . . Student Council. ELVA RUBRIGHT "Rube" Sophomore Attendent . . Majorette leader . . Tri Hi Y . . Reflector . . Tomahawk . . Minstrel . . Drama Club . . . fond nf food and "Turp". GEORGE PAICH "PaiCh" Hi Y . . . Senior Class Play . . . Camera Club . . . Dramatic Club . . . Tomahawk . . . Class Romeo Barr Bell Boy . . . wit-ty. RICHARD RYAN "Ryan" Interclass basketball . . . drives coal truck . . enjoys a friendly game of pool . . . high bowler of Senior League .... pet peeve- being called "Cookie". I5 Fl e i R 96 i' vy X il ROBERT SCHNEIDER "Barrels" Honor student . . Hi Y . Reflector . drives a new Chrysler . . . Mir. Faulk's buddy . . . First class mechanic . . . always ready for a laugh. MICHAEL SOROKACH "Babe" Varsity Football . . Lovre's pool partner . Quiet when not with the gang . . . good student . . . pleasant disposition. THOMAS SHANE "Doc" Miss Bierer's pride and joy . . . Honor student Reflector Manager .... Class plays . . . eager worker . . . Pals with "Barrels", MELVIN STOJAKOVICH "Mel Ray" Hi Y Presidesnrt . . . talented musician . . center of noise in English class .... Senior class play Minstrel . . . Operetta . . six year Band member popular student ., . . wi-tty ? ? MERYLE. SHOPE "Mel'Yle" Tri Hi Y . . . high scoring Varsity forward . . . Chorus . . . Minstrel . . Junior and Senior Class Plays . . . spends spare time baby sitting. CHESTER SZMYD "Chet" Student Council . . . Honor student . . . Hi Y . . clerk at Super Market . . silent but no-t bashful 'teachers dream. EVELYN SNAPKO "Snuffyl' Tri Hi Y . . . Interclass basketball . . . secretary to Mr. Gates . . another Murphy girl . . pleasant personality . . . the better half of Fred. MARY ROSE TURCHAN "Rollo" Varsity Basketball . . . Tri Hi Y . . . Majorette . Minstrell . . Freshmen Attendent . . . future coal Baroness . . . very versatile. MICHAEL SOROKACS "Sam" Quiet member of the class . . . shines in History class . . very jovial . . . a sensible lad . . . good student . . . liked by all. BILL UNGERMAN "Ungief' Class bad boy . . . ace pool shark . . . Inlterclass Basketball . .. Football Varsity . . Mr. Schrockis debate opponent. IIS MAFALDA VECCHIO "Mafa1.da" Tri Hi Y . . Chorus . . Operetta . Miss Bueihner's Secretary . . . good student . . . rather quiet . . has a secret flame. SHELDON WEYANT "Shutz" Hi Y . . Student Council . . enjoys teasing girls a good ki.d . . . seldom seen without a big smile. MARGARET VERGOT "Tootsie" Tomahawk . . Reflec-tor . . Operetta . . Minstrel always laughing . . an all round real pal . loves western music. ANNA MAE ZERAVICA "Anna Mae" Tri Hi Y . . . Minstrel . . Chorus . . . Operetta Mr. Lloyds able secratary . . Katherine and she are inseperable. MELVIN VUIC "Gerby" Interclass Basketball . . Hi Y . excellent bowler popular wi-th his classmaltes . . . "rack boy" at Louie's . . . silent scholar? EILEEN ZORICK "Linka" 'I'omahaWk . . . Reflector . . Tri Hi Y . . Honor student . . Senior Class Pllay . Interclass Basket- balll . . . Minstrel . . fx Murphy girl. JACK WELSH "Dig-Z" Hi Y . . an ablle artist . . . can "tell" you how to accomplish anything .... very famous for his "dead pan" humor. KATHRYN ZYHONWSKY "Kusha" Tri Hi Y . Chorus . . Operetta . . Miss Bierer's dependable secretary . . . pleasant disposition Anna Mae's pal. 17 CLASS HISTORY CLASS OFFICERS J. Lovett, M. R. Stajakovich, L. V. Meager, J. Berg. Seniors! Ah, the joy of it all! To most of' us it really isn't difficult to recall that day in September, 1944, when into the House of Education we entered ---- 58 of us, full of pep and vitality, and anxiously waiting to tackle Algebra, Latin and English. Which, to our dismay, ended up in tackling us. To prove to our upper classmen that we weren't as gre-en as they supposed, we decided to organize and Choose class officers. Our well conducted election fhmll, proved to be successful and Pete Kucan was chosen president, Chester Szmyd vice president, Dorothy Noll secretary, and Joan Peduzzi treasurer. In spite of all the brawls in class, and fight- ing with the teachers, not counting "Ungie's" trips to the office, our class had some really fine beginnings. Joann Peduzzi and Mary Rose Turchan helped grace the May Queen's court in their beautiful yellow gowns. Also, to help pep up our cheering section at the games, Joann Peduzzi was sel- ected as our own special cheerleader. Our Freshman parties turned out to be Sadie Hawkins' Day Dances. Any boy lucky enough to get away was spared dancing with a girl. We owe our thanks to Miss Byers and Miss Bierer for helping to make our parties a success. Also to Mr. Steve Turchan, who aided in securing dancing partners for the female members of the class. We wish to add, that in our Freshman year we discovered that we had some talent in our midst. In the presentation of "Ask the l'rofessor", Mel Ray, Doc Shane, Bill Camp, and Howard Hauth, played the leading roles, and we might add it was a hit. Both the Freshman Boys and the Freshman Girls were not so suc- cessful in Basketball, being defeated in all our Intrainurazl games. Our pride was shattered. Finally, after much struggling, we advanced to our second year in this mysterious house and occupied the seats of the Sophomores. Now, at last we had someone to pick on! We were no longer Greenies. Our class elections Went over smoothly this year and Thomas Shane came out on top as President, Pete Kucan, Vice President, Joann Peduzzi, Secretary, . and Johnny Lovre, Treasurer. Elva Rubright and Betty Radosh were chosen as attendents in the May Queen election and they both wore aqua gowns. Our Sophomore parties seemed -to be getting more life into them and the boys were no longer afraid to -venture florth on the dance floor. Our parties were sucessful we discovered, because of the Youth Center, where the boys lost all or almost all of their shyness. h After finding out we had another year of Latin to go, most of us wished to quit school, being that all of our time would be spent in pine- paring cheating slips for exams, But convinced by Mr. Legory that there was no place like school, we settled down and began the life of a Sophist- icated Sophomore. This year we made a startling recovery. The Sophomore girls won the Ginls' Intramural Championship, and the team boasted such star players as Dorothy N olll, Meryl-e Shope, and Mary Rose Turchan. What .happened to the boys we'll never know. lt was that year that 8:00 every morning, I5 sleepy eyed ansd heavy hearted, potential golfers trotted their weary way up to the football field where Mr. Kelly waited to give instructions. Most of us gave it up as a inuch too strenuous sport. Our contribution to the majorettes were Elva Rubright, Betty Radosh, and Mary Rose Turchan. joan jones joined joann Peduzzi, in cheerleading at the games. The Sophomore boys added to the blend of male voices in the jr. and Sr. chorus. During the course of the year, we uncovered the now famous musician, Mel Ray who, at that time, played with Dorothy Noll and Meryle Shope in the school band. A trying year it was, and we were glfadly bidden farewell by our much relieved teachers and we entered our third year as jovial juniors. with the exception of Betsy Kline who left us to get married. Oh, whlat a class! In spite of all the hustling about, we spared enough time to elect our officers. joe Baric, President, Tom Shane, Vice President, joann Peduzzi, Seoretaiify, and Eileen Zorick, Treasurer. Eileen was just a new addition of the class who hailed from Cincinnati, Ohio. Eileen had to take over joann Peduzzi's job of collecting dues. lt seems joann lost the srecord of who did and who did not pay Freshman dues. But, due to our honesty, the situation was cleared and joan was spared the angry words of Mr. Robinson. Our basketball season fared well winning honors for both boys and girls. ln the midst of things arose our own boys team, "The junior Comets", who were brave enough to tackle the junior Varsity, and the faculty teams. They lost all their games with the fac-ulty. Ah, yes, what a Wonderful year it was. After Mr. Robinson went one round with each junior boy, and settled down as "Champ", he decided that we needed some money. Eileen Zorick, who was class treasurer, said that we were hopelessly poor. Then came the campaigning and selling. We subscribed for magazines, sold stationary and everything imaginable. Our class play, "Aunt Tillie Goes to Town", in which l'atty Nale, Sophie josephic, jane Baker,. joann Peduzzi, Bill Camp, Carb Mikan, and Thomas Shane carried the leads, was a great success. The proceeds helped a lot in our pla.ns for the junior and Senior Prom. We can certainlly take pride in our decoration and fine management of thie prom in which our 'Vat one time" junior Boys realljy were on the ball. Every one was eager to help in any way he could, because it meant not going to classes. That year everything was a success, even French which most of us took in our stride, until the novelty wore off' and we grew tired of carry- ing the book around. Our beautiful May Oueen attendents were Dorothy Noll and Al- berta Bonde who added the blue of their gowns to the pfiocession. We bade fond farewell to two of our members, Leslie VViser, who left to join the United States Arrnyg and Laura Hegland, who left to finish her high school days elsewhere. Also that year we gained a new addition to our class. Sheldon Weyant, otherwise known as "Shuntz", l3ucky's ray of sunshine. During the summer months we almost lost a few of -our male mem- bers. It seems they had been working 'too hard on the railroad all day and decided to take a midnight swim at one of the nearby pools. To their surprise they were discovered, and they barely got away. They survived the incident, discovevring they had everything they started out with but some lost money and a pair of missing shorts. We closed the doon on the third year here as jovial juniors and opened a new door, the last one of' the last flloor of this house which bore the inscription "Seniors Welcome". So we entered, as strong as we started out three years ago. Fifty- eight students, still eager to learn and willingto be subjects under our new ruler, Mir. F aulk. We will remember him long as our pal in chemistry class, which, by the way, was the source of all the unpleasant odors in the building. A Miss Bierer, having to struggle six weeks with us on a course on Parliamentary precedure will no doubt remember long our first class meeting. Mel Ray, otherwise known as "Feet.s" Stojakovich, was chosen as class president. jimmy Lovett was chosen as vice president, LaVerne Meager, secretary,and john Berg, treasurer. On the football team we boasted six members. Evo, Erwin, Lovre, Babe, Ungie, and Berg, who did their share in helping the team in victory 'and defeat. johnny Lovre and Pete Kucan were the only senior basket- ball players on the Varsity. 'Ln the girls sports section, Meryle Shope, Mary Rose Turchan, Mary Eleanor Pogue, Eilee-n Loutsenhizer, Marie Connor and Dorothy Noll put forth their best efforts as players on the girl's varsity. We are very proud of the beautiful display of gowns and of our lovely May Queen Joann Peiduzzi, along with her two senior attendents ,loan jones and Dorothy Noll. We all agree that the students were wise in their decision. On March 12, 1948, the .Senior Class presented to the public our Senior Class play, "We Shook The Family Tree" in which Patty Nale and Thomas Shane took the leading roles. The remaining members of the cast were: Bill Camp, George Paich., Mel Ray, Sophie josephic, jane I..aVerne Baker, Joann Peduzzi, Carl Mikan, Eileen Zorick and LaVerne Meager. Although we were alilowed only one night to put our pllay on, it was a success. 4 Early in February Mr. Schtrock d-ecirded that we courld take the whole class and make a visi-t to Torrenfce. We were studying about mental deseases in history at the time. We traveled by Lincoln 'Coach and everyone was warned to take p-lenty of food, for the trip was long. We promised not to mention that Tootsie Vergot ate llrom the time we started on the trip until the time the bus pulled into Trafford. When we were all set to leave the sanitariumg Mr. Schrook first had to convince the authorities that a few of the students weren't really permanent patients of the hospital. The trip was a very interesting one. As we don our caps and gowns anbd step up to receive our diplomas we leave behind pleasant memories 'anld turn to look at a future with bright promise. We know we'll always remember You, the faculty, You. our classmates, and You. our Alma Mater. 20 CLASS WILL We, The Senior Class of 1948, being of sound mind and body declare this our last will and testimony, to be enacted by Mr. Faulk, our principal. To our superintendent, Mr. Carnack, We wish to bequeath our good wishes for a successful and happy future at The Trafford Schools. To the members of our be-Loved faculty, we wish to leave our grati- tude for twelve years of perserverance and tireless efforts to try and bring forth to the surface the talents hidden within us. Especially Mr. Kenyon, who still shudders at our thought. Tfo the school boand we leave our petition blanks for future use. 'Ifo the library, we leave peace and solitude and a number of books bearing our John Henerys. Also all unpaid dues. To Mr. Faulk, our chemistry teacher, we leave our IOU's for all the -broken test tubes and other lab equipment destroyed throughout the year. To Coach Gates we bequeath this thought--"Don't give up: some class might actually like gym." To Joe Simmons we leave nothing but the memory of a class that will remember him long. To the junior Class we leave the challenge of competing with our talents. To the Sophomorons--oops, Sophomores, we leave our best wishes for a Junior year as successful as ours. To the Freshmen we leave the up and coming Greenies who will Pill their seats. We, the members of the class of '48, wish to leave our individual pos- sessions as follows: Jane LaVerne Baker wills her job of ringing the bell to jean Capets. joe Baric leaves his extensive vocabulary to Martin Morocco. john Berg leaves all his old girl friends to Corky Zentner. Alberta Bonde leaves her quietness to Lois 'I:urchan. Warren Bowden leaves his wise remarks to Billy Snopko. August Bugajski leaves his mustache to Tommy Mayers. William -Camp wishes to leave his natural red locks to Mary Ann "2- tone" Beck. Vincent Capets leaves his smoothness on the dance floor to Leo Gorman. ' Rose Marie Cavalancia leaves her pearly white teeth to Kathleen Desmond. - Marie Connor wills her might and muscle to Marie Murray. Tommy Erwin leaves his ability to charm all the girls to the Junior boys. Donald Fleming wills his size I5 shoes to Jimmy Delia. Josephine Fusilli wishes to leave heir ability to bite her nails to Amelina Rufio. Dolores Galore leaves to get married ---- in four years. Joan Hartley wills her tiny form to Mae Snyder. Joanne Hartzer wills her ne-at hairdos to Rosie Mazaro. Howard Hauth leaves his willingness to argue to Ralph Watts. Joan Jones leaves her shapely legs to Bernice Twandowski. John Jonlia wills his ability to get Chemistry to Lee McBride. Sophie Josephic leaves her shapely sweaters to Jeanie Traficante. Paul Kochanov wills his singing ability to Tom Babeo. Steve Kasonovich leaves his manly voice to Mike Krynak. Pete Kucan wills his hugs and kisses to Irene Lovre. Eileen Loutsenhizer sadly leaves Joe to al.l the Freshmen girls. o James Lovett wills his ability to tease all the girls to Eddie Cercone. John Lovre leaves behind many broken hearts. Larry Lutz leaves his toothpaste smile to Mr. Faulk. . Nancy McLaoh,lian wills her place on the Mnior Class Basketball team to Lois Crandall. LaVerne Meager leaves her serious manner to Carolyn King. Carl Mikan wills his mechanical ability to David Paul. Irene Mikos leaves her graceful walk to LaVerne Edge. Patty Nale leaves her gift of gab to .Shi.rley Bowery. Dorothy Noll leaves her fair complexion to Pauline Mastrianna. Helen Olinz-ock leaves her neat appearance to Joan Dashkewitz. George Paich leaves his humorous traits to Mr. Helman. Joan Peduzzi does not will Mel Ray to Lois Smith - - she's taking him with her. Mary Eleanor Pogue leaves her friendliness to Geraldine Cracion. Betty Rad-osh wills he.r pretty blue eyes to Margaret Gibbs. Elva Rubright leaves her half awake look to Betty Zigarovich. Dick Ryan leaves his ability to sleep in class to Billy Morrow. Robert Schneider wills his job as Mr. Fa'ulk's right hand man to Ralph DiCesare. Tom Shane leaves his flare for making "A's" to Pecky Divida. Mefyle Slwpe wills her height to Patty Haines. Evelyn Snopko leaves her feminine charms to Lois Hysong. K Mike Sorokach Wills his carefree way to doing things to Frank erin. Robert Sorokach leaves his blue neicktie to Jimmy Noll. Mel Ray leaves his sharp wit to Earl DeVine. Chester Szmyd leaves his shyness to Paul Artman. Mary Rose Turchan wills her rugged basketball ability to Delores Palesky. Bill Ungerman leaves the teachers of Trafford High School "Peace" Mafalda Vecchio wills her knack of cutting gym to Bertha Lawrence. Margaret Vergot, otherwise known as Tamburitza Toots, leaves her ability to get along with people to Gloria Grande. Melvin Vuic just wishes to leave. jack Welsh leaves his acid disposition to Sammy Vecchio. Sheldon Weyant leaves his sunny smile to Frank Wengz,ryn. Anna Mae Zeravica leaves her job as Tommyhawk typist to some future Senior. Eileen Zorick wills her quick temper to Phyllis Traficante. Kathryn Zyhowski leaves her efficiency to Evelyn Burnett. Having thus made our last individual requests, we, as a group, wish to bestow our heartfelt thanks upon our school board, our principals, and, above all, upon our deserving teachers for their many pains in mak- ing our school years happy and suocessful. In witness whereof we the graduating class of '48 affix our signatures to this our final will and testimony. JUNIORS l l"irst Row: C. King, B. Twardowski. T. Murray, li. Burnett, D. Reed. l', Horanie, l'. Lytle, M. Rantovich. Second Row: D. Faulk, M. Mertz. D. l'a.leisky, W. Stankovich, L.. Matulia, l,. Crandall, M. Klimovit-h. Third Row: J. Zigarovieh, ll T'rat'ieante. W. M. Boyd, 'L Banasie. E. Mayhan, I,. Culliver. G. Grande, A. Smith. CLASS HISTORY ' As we pass along Memory Lane 'we see ourselves starting out as bright Freshmen hy first electing "Butch" Seanlon, Charles Marker, Eflward Toocliec-k, and Peggy Garvis as our officers. Gloria Grande and Bernice Txvardowski were chosen as Cheerleaders while Diana Godieh and Joanne Zigarovieli were elected as attenrdents to the May Queen. Hur parties started off slowly but ended with a hang. We began our Sophomoire year flewer in number but got off to a good start hy first electing our officers, Wayne Holsinger, 1'residentg Sammy Vecchio, Vice ltresidentg Charles Dettis, Treasurerg and Joann Zigarovivh, Sevretary. Melva Johnson and Olive VVarden were ehosen to the May Queen's Court while the class was well represented on the lioy's and girl's Jr. Varsities and in numerous other activities. Finally fumbling through geometry, Latin, and other difficult subjects we became Juniors. Our Junior Boys made up a big part Qt' the .I'oot,hal1te21m. Butch Scanlon, Russell Stafford, Leo Gorman, Wayne llolsinger, Sammy Veochio, David Haul, Allison Stanley, Jack Briekel, Steve Zigarovich, Bill lN'lenkel, Chuek Dettis, Wayne Koepka, and Eddie C1-rcone were our heroes. With the beginning of Basketball season Steve Zigarovich, Wayne Koepka, Leo Gorman, Donald Richardson and Paul Divida played on the Basketball Varsity while Bernice Twardowski, Mae Snyder, VVilla Boyd, and Gloria Grande were on the Girls Varsity. Our offlicers were Harry Mahr, President, Sammy Vecchio, Vice President, David Paul, Treasurer anfd Olive Warden, Secretary. "One Mad Night" the Junior Class Play, gave Mr. Robinson a few "Mad" moments but finally turned out fairly successful. Eddie Toocheck, Eugen-e Surmacz, Raymond Watterson, -Charles Marker, Wayne Holsinger Frank Kerin, Thomas Babeo, Dolores Palesky, Mildred Rantovich, Eleanor Mayhan, Lorina Matulia, Pauline Horanic, Peggy Lytle, and Joann Zigaroviclh made up the cast. Our representatives in the May Queen's cast are Eleanor Uhrrecht and Gloria Grande. We participated in many other activities and organizations and now are drawing to the close of our biggest and busiest year at Trafflorcl Higlr School-. We hope the next year will be even more successiiul. First Row: M. Morocco, P. Diviada, C. Marker, W. Holsinger, D. Culp, E. Surinacz, E. Bowden, R. Aglietti, j. Petrina. Second Row: J. Brickel, S.. Zigarovich, D. Clarkson, W. Varsafsky, H Mahr, A. Stanley, L. McBride, R. Watterson, L. Gorman, D. Richardson., U. Paul. Third Row: E. Cercone, C. Dettis, R. Hall, R. Stafford, F. Pascoe, W. Koepka, E. Toocheck, J. Gilkey, T. Babeo, S. Vecchio. sovaoivioiuss yd l ,. ,- , - ,, 1- ,YY ,,,,, H' 4 First Row: M. Massaro, K. Frander, j. Cole, R. Mastrianni. K. Desmond. A. Ruffo, L. Smith, lf. Sanders. Second Row: j. Drost, j. Koloski, J. Cynkar, M. A. Beck. I. Lovre, A. Culliver, D. Cellich. Third Row: P. Masterianni, I. Capets, B. Lawrence, G. Gracian, M. Lawrence, j. Capets, W. Lenart, D. Krcelic, V. Olinzock. CLASS HISTORY We are Sopbomores now, and probably we should have out grown the pranks we pulled as Freshmen. By the way, wonder if Mr. Cibulas ever found his grade book? Remember how we used to torment Miss Bierer by prompting in Latin class? And poor Mr. Robinson, how we would always forget to do our English. Our two poppy c'heerlead.ers, Florence llogue and Betty Zigarovich, asdded a lot of color to the last two football games. The freshman attendants were very beautiful as they marched up the aisle in their pink gowns. These are all memories, things of the past, for we had to turn our heads to the future and strive to lixe up to our duties as Sophomones. During the first day of school I heard one student remark, "These books are worse than the ones we had last year." Well, we certainly had our fill of nightwork, but we had a lot of fun along with it. Two new pupils, Duane Booker from Pitcairn and Ada Culliver from Indi.ana, l'a., were added to our ranks but at the same time we lost a few of our class mates to Turtle Creek and North Huntington. A new teacher, Mrs. Buehner replaced Mr. Ruckle in Room go. At our first class meeting we elected Margaret Lawrence, john Scales, Florence Pogue, and joseph DiCeasare. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, respectively. The two Sophomore parties were run very successfully. Everyone seemed to enjoy himself. We owe a great deal of thanks to Mr. Lloyd in helping us with our parties. A new organization in the school is the Student Council. 'The Sophomore representatives are jose-phine Cynkar, john Scales, Billy Snopke anad Jean Capets. The Sophomore boys had a bad year in the inter-class games win- ning only one game and losing five. They ended up in a tie for third place with the Freshmen. The Sophomore girls won four games and lost two anld ended up in second place. The Sophomores played an ex- citing game with the Seniors, defeating them by one point to hand them their second loss in three years. , Finally the day for electing the May Queen arrived. We cast our ballots flor our favorite candidates and then sat back to await the results. The next few days were filled with rumors and most of the students were very anxious. Finally one afternoon we opened a "Tomahawk" and found that Joann Peduzzi had been elected May Queen a11d those two popular girls Florence Vogue and Betty Zigaroviich were chosen Sophomore attendants. The rest of the year progressed rather quietly and peacefully, but a few of us had a little troub.le with our studies. Nevertheless the end of the year found us happily looking forward to another school term. First Row: T. Mayers, j. Cavalancia, E. Malley, W. Sage, J. Scales, D. fodaro, R. DiRinaldo, W. Snopko. Second Row: P. Bucar, Erwin, J. Leffler, D. Mendicino, B. Gontko, R. Marsh.alic, S. Banasik, D. Booher. Third Row: J. Draganac, W. Fitzsimmons, j. DiCesare, M. Kraynak, G. Golick. R. Watts, R. Mikan, L. Bell. FRESHMEN First Row: R. M. Kerin, -I. Dashwiski, L. Hysong, P. Haines, M. Murray, l.. Asquino, A. Caplets, E. Matthias, J. Traficante, A. Canillo. Second Row: B. I-lolsinger, j. Cwpan, P. Gibbs, H. Boyd, B. Kluko, M. Stzikor. ll. llrakulic, C. Lentz, j. Portik. Third Row: R. Massaro, j. Kromer, G. Nunn, L. Turchan, B. liopnitsky, li. Susang. 5. Bowery, l". Cole, T. Stuchal. CLASS HISTORY This term of 47 and 48 brought the new freshmen into high school. Tfot very long after our arrival, we elected as class officers, President, William Morrowg Vice President, Beverly Kopnitskyg Secretary, Patty Halnseg Treasurer, Paul Sorokach. Since the election of officers we have had two parties. The first party was in October and it was a very nice party and everyone was happy. This was the first panty and as you know the boys were a little bashful about dancing or they were afraid of letting the girls teach them how to dance. Finally the panty ended with everyone leaving for home Some time after this party there was a discussion about having another party and finally we decided to have a party near Christmas. We decided to decorate the mrm. Everyone was hapnv and :ill were wnitinff for the special event that night. Then Mr. Trembath and Mr. Kenyon, the Fresh- men teachers. arrived. The party began with most everyone dancing. The spirit of Christmas was everywhere. The dances went on till the time came to eat and then Mr. Trembath led the girls in a Grand March. After this everyone received their food for the evening. As soon as every- one was through eating, we continued with dancingg. now everyone was really happy about fdanciing. The party came to an end too soon for the boys and girls, but they had all decided that they had had a wonderful time and most of them sai:d that th-ey would like to have another party. After this they all left for home. Following the Christmas party there were not very many things happening for the freshmen. A littlie later there were inter-class basket- ball teams, The girl's team was not so bad in playing and tried to win as many games as they could. They played fairly well in their games. The boys inteu'-class basketball team was not bad either, but should have played better in some games. The boys team wanted to win but just dichft play right. The boys are looking forward to the softball team that they will have around April. The May Queen attendants from the fneshman class are Barbara Holsinger and Patty Haines. lhe lreshmen are now awaiting the end of school and the school picnic. l:'irst Row: T. Szajna, G. Valmassoni, j. Schnider, T. Mikan, D. Vanisko, J. Brown, F. Wengrzyn, M. Zeravica, R. Lloyd, C. Paleskey, J. Delia. P. Sorokach. Second Row: R. Peduzzi, G. Zentner, E. Smyzd, C. Jarrett, W. Morrow, P. Paul, J. Naburda, G. Monchak, R. Lutz, R. Babeo, R. Peduzzi. Third Row: E. Banasic, R. Groth, A. Zuzik, J. Serafin, j. Henkel. R Loutsenhizer, R. DiCaesar, F. Stanisic, E. Devine, E. Monchak. ' QW V f5""L, , 1.23 up s C? Vg 5-i,3Y,..Ls XE . z Q K V kr 5 'A' qw ff ! Q4 K ggi K 1 f idffiiiw wkjyft +7 Q4 4 W2 ll g x -.M 1 , fy ,, , 4 aim Ah ff' x ' He, iw J 51 ,Y his by gy Q .. A ja ., ,, 1, M M , f it ' s J if 4.3 Q wg , ', , v if vm vu xy K N Ads x. ff' 1 X x ,, L aww . Af ,,, -Q .Q :s l ' Qlfwvg' ' 51 T' ' Lf ML: issw 'Zx EI W ? - 'Q . ,,, ,. A X. M na aw Ev -.i 6 SEZSQ, F V " ws A Es ' 1 v H, A . 1 H Ja, W :F Qtht . ,e 13 W ' is W., A eff, R si x X .... I N Q. ,.,, X . Q , 4, ga Q' s fs 45 FOOTBALL . pew -1. . - - . -A I First Row: Ron Peduzzi, Rey Peduzzi, S. Vecchio, W. Fitzsiminons, J. Siinmons, l'. Bucar, J. Cavalancia, D. Paul, R. Stafford, P. Divida. Se-vond Row: J. Berg, iT. Babeo, W. Holsinger, J. Lovre, T. Erwin, S Kaisonovich, W. Ungerman, R. Sorokach, S. Zigarovich, W. Cavalanm-ia Third Row: I.. Gorman, B.,Gontko, R. Di'Caesar, W. Koepka, J. Brifkel VV. Minka-l, C. Dettis, H. Scanlon, A. Stanley, J. Henkle, Coavh Gates. Fourth Row: J. Nabuda, JP. Paul, R. Mikan, E. Erwin, R. Mzirslmlic. F f'r-rvrwnv. M. Morrovvo. E. Ranasir. J. Leffler. THS Rr-Cord 47 - 49 Trafford o Wilmerdingf T2 Trafford I2 Derry Boro I3 Trafford 7 Rankin o Trafford 24 Youngwood 0 Trafford I3 F. M0Kc-export 21 Trafford o Ramsey 7 Trafford I2 Penn Twp. 28 Trafford 7 Legioner I4 Trafford 27 Pitcairn o Totals 102 mo Won 3 Lost 6 COACH GATES FOOTBALL The first game of the football season was under the lights against a tough Wilmerding team that outweighed our team in every department. Asia result a fleet but light Trafford squad sustained their first defeat, going down by a score ofl I2 to o. To make matters worse in this first game, John Berg, first string guard, received a fractured collar bone that sidelined him for the duration of the season. lHis presence was sorely missed. The following week the team traveled to Derry, where it again suffered defeat by a score of I3 to 12. Then we had our first taste of sweet victory the next Saturday when the victory starved squad came to llfe an-U. Df0V6d it's mastery by downing a tough Rankin team by a score ot' I2 o. The following week, also, our now inspired boys steamfrolled over weak X oungwood by a 24 to o onesided contest. , Then in one of the year's best thrillers Trafford gave undefeated East Mclieesport the scare of their lives by nearly pulling the upset ol the year. Trafford lost by the score of 21 to I3 but that game was one tha.t will long be remembered by local fans. On the following three Satundiays the team met with hard luck and came down with three consecutive defeats, the toughest of which were the 7 to 0 Ramsey ga-me and the I4 to 7 Ligonier defeat. On the Saturday between these games we lost in a bloody battle to l enn Town- ship by a score of 28 to 12. On the following Saturday, however, a rejuvinated Trafford squad that was determined to gamble and win at al,l cost took to the gridiron and in what proved to be the classic of the year handed Pitcairn, our rivals, the lacing of their lives. Our boys played hard and 'well as we all know and their extremely hard blocking and tackling presented several scoring opportunities, most of which were converted into p.recious points. The running and passing of the team was excellent and at the final gun the injury ridden Pitcairn team returnerd home bearing the brunt of a 25 to o defeat. This, by the way, was by far the worst defeat handed Pitcairn by any Trafford team and indeed it could not have been mo.c appropriate for the occasion marked the first game in the long series be- tween the' two schools that was played on the Trafford field. - This wonderful victory climaxing an otherwise mediocre season was one of the finest gifts that the team could have given the school, the town, and their coach and we would all at this time like to thank them for their splendid achievement. In tribute to the departing seniors it is fair and just to say that both the team and school will miss them immensly. To you johnny Lovre, Tom Elrwin, Bill Ungerman, Steve Kasonovich, Bob Sorokach and to you john Berg whom injury kept fiom the ranks, we the students of T.H.S. extend our heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude for service un- selfishly rendered. Thanks boys and good luck also in your future endeavors both on and off the athletic field. To our team of next year also we wish good luck and a very hap- py and successful football campaign. few 3' . 'E 5 UFUZPCCD FUOVOCJ M. Stojakovich, W. Camp, C. Mikan, H. I-Iauth. we'-1rr1'JUCD""P.?i First Row: N. Walko, B. Ra.d.0sh, Ei. Rubright, M. R. Turchzm, N.j Bradley. Svcond ROW: J. Traficante. M. Gracion, M. McKee, J. Zigarovich. G My I First Row: G. Grubbs, C. McCoy, R. Gvoth, j. Connor, G. Paich, F. VVeng.rzyn, B. Twardowski, M. Murray, L. Turchan. Second Rowe: RL Lloyd., P. Gilkey, F. Stajokovich, A. Behe, V. Gibbs, 13. Holsinger, R. Lewis, L. Davis, J. Scales, C. Mikan. ' Third Row: M. Shope, E. Bowden, C. Marker, J. Serafin, D. Todaro, A. Brown. j. Gilkey, T. Mikan, R. Loutsenhizer. C H E E R S First ROW: j. jones, J. Peduzzi. Second Row: B. Twardowski, F. Pogue, B. Ziigarovich, G. Grande. VARSITY BASKETBALL l Ifirst Huw: XV. t'z1x'z1l:1111'i:1. l'. ll11C:11'. l'. lDivi11l:1 P. lilIC'ZIll, UI. l.m'1'v . ,. , ,I. lmllli-1'. l. lizuln-11. St't'tllltl Row: l'11:14'l1 tlfltcis. XV.lio1'1vk11. l7.t'11l'p. l.. fxflflllllll. -I. llf-11kt-l. ,l. Smile-s, ll. lQit'l1:11'tlsr111. b'1ll 'l'l1o'l'1'z1lil'ur1l Tt7IllJlll1lNVliS viitlvml 11 vt-ry siivvcssfiil lmzislict . s 111tl II losses. This wa s0:1w11 llIl'llt'l' flUilt'll IUI111 tl. Gzitvs w1tl1 Il wm: 1 1l11-i1' first st-zisoii ol'gt't'til111z1l play QXXVJ. The Trztfllord five playm- 1-xu-ptioiiztlly good bziskctbitll, only to be nosocl out by Saltsburg 32-31 Ihr tln- si-rrtirrn titlc- in ll plz1yut't'gz11111-:it Cflzxritlgt-. High srorcrs for tlic Varsity we-rv liocpkzi with 1411 points. Guriiiazn witl1 izfx :mal l,uv1'0 witli llfl. Svvtimi KXXXW l'l'1vuI'I' 'l'1':1I'I'111'1l Sl Sziltslmurg' 32 County T0lll'I11ll11t'l'It ,lll'2lllli0l'tl 38 lixpo.r't 36 Tl'IllllilDl'tl 351 Boll Twp. -2.5, Tntzil 577g Total S13 36 rw. 2. JUNIOR VARSITY First how: Mr. Gates. Stamling: Mikzm, Cuvalzmcia, Erwin, Malley, Mzlrkvr. Snopko. 'frat'fo1'd '1'raff o1'd '1 1'zLI'fo1'd Tratwford 'I'rat'ford Trafford 18 Penn Township 31 26 Penn 'l'0wus11ip 34 I8 Sewickly 9 7 East Mcliecsport 36 24 East Mclieesport 45 I3 North Huntingdon 25 133 212 BOYS JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ' "W" " wi' ' - - . -- . . -.r..,........ ....,.. First Row: -I. Snyder, E. Lenart, J. Zigarovich, J. Mazur. Second Row: V. Danials, R. DiCaesar, ij. Seraflin, EL, Banasik, M. Zeravica. Third Row: J. Nabuda, J. Brown, D. Robinson, G. Corl, C. Palesky, Mr. Trembath. The Trafford Junior High Five under the coaching of Mr. R. F. Trembath Finished a very successful season. The junior High boys were up against plenty of competition but they managed to finish the season seven wins and nine losses. A High scorers for the junior High were john Serarin with 108 polnts, Ralph D'iCaesare with 79 points. and- little johnny Zigarovicli with 65 points. Trafford 24 East McKeesport 40 24 East McKeesport 37 8 Pitcairn I I 18 Forest Hills I5 21 Wilmerding IO 21 Franklin Twp. io I4 Patton Twp. II 16 South Greensburg 42 22 Pitcairn 20 I9 Irwin 45 25 Wilmerding go 16 Frankli-n Twp. go 28 Patton Twp. I7 1 5 Pitcairn 2I I0 Turtle Creek 30 I7 South Greensburg 26 GIRLS VARSITY .41 . IL First Row: M. Shope, E. Loutsenhizer, Turchan, D. Noll, M. E. Po ue M. Lawrence, G. Grande. Second Row: M. Connor, M. Snyder, W. M. Boyd, F. Pogue, B. Tward Ofwski, I. Lovre, L. Matulia, Mr. Schrock. Trafford 32 Trafford 20 Trafford 29 Trafford 53 Tlraf ford 1 8 Trafford 33 Trafford 27 Trafford 4 3 Trafford 29 Trafford 28 Trafford 37 Trafford 16 Trafford I2 Trafford 20 Trafford 20 Trafford 26 Won ro High Scorers-- Noll I37 St. Thomas Bell Twp. St. Thomas Pitcairn Saltsburg Alumni Export Franklin Twp Franklin Twp. Penn Twp. Penn Twp. Bell Twp. Saltsburg Export Franklin Twp. Annunciation Lost 5 Lawrence 1 I7 28 36 I2 18 2I 26 I6 IS 21 I-1 26 27 ZI T7 21 30 Tu rch a 11 o HIGH SCHOOL BAND We never cease to be amazed at -the T. H. S. band's constant quest and .discovery of new music and new and novel routines to astound their wide eyed audience at the T. H. S. football games. The band, which has made rernarkalle progress .during the course of the year, has been heard at all the football games, aft assembly programs and at 'class plays. Mr. Darr was band master at the begin- ning of the year, but after his resignation the band was taken over by Mrs. Ference. lnu band's great success can be attributed to none none other than our Mrs. Ference. We are sorry to see the band lose a few of its members -this year. Those who are gradu- ating are Merle Shope, saxaphonist, Howard Hau-th, Bill Camp, Carl Mikan and Mel Ray our faithful color guards. Aliso we shall lose throne of our petite majorettes, Betty Radosh, Elva Rubright, and Mary Rose Turchan. This year was a very successful one for the band., but let's hope that next year and all the following years are twice as sussessful. ,..1-ii MAJ ORETTES During the c urse of the football season this year, our lovely majorettes fulfilled their duty in providing entertainment for the specta- lors at ll e 5-amos. The novelty of their per- formnn es was pleasing to -the eye. Especially at the Trafford-Pitcairn game where they don- ned high hats and canes and twirled and danced to the music of "Moonlight Bay". Many compli- mgntarv remarks have been said about the splendid work the majcrettes have dfne under +'-A If-1-rlershin of Elva Rubright, graduating senior. We all hope that next year her successor will dn af: swell a job as she. This year we lose in addition to Elva two other majorettes Betty Radosh and Mary Rose Turchvn who led the band in her Junior year, We all hope -that the remaining majoretltes, under the leadership of Jr-ann Zigarovich will help build and keep a reputation of a truly fine: band. CHEERLEADERS Our peppy cheerleaders have come to the close ot another successful season. Ther pep and enthusiasm did much to instill into our athletic teams the wholehearty support of the stuoent body. Under the student leadership of seniors Joann Peduzzi and Joan Jones this talented group has met with the approval of the many hundreds of fans before whom they have performed' Their artistic presentation of precision group cheering was indeed a sight to behold and we can truthfully say that seldom have we seen another group that has out- cheered our very own. These talented girls also displayed their power of organizing by the several successful dances they have sponsored. To replace the departing seniors, fresh- men Patty Col-e anld Patty Haines were added. We wish the cheerleaders continued good fortune in their future undertakings. TOMAHAWK STA FF The staff of the T.H.S. Tomahawk with Janie LaVe-rne Baker and Betty Radosh at the wheel was safely guiiided through another year. The first mate Mildred Ranitovich, Junior Assistant edi-tor, was a valuable aid with her contributions of poetry and articles. Our ship of journalism, the Tomahawk also crashed on the rocks last year due to lack 1-F funds. With the help of our towns people plus the cooperation and fighting-spirit of the crew, the ship finally left port. It was slightly marked and weather-beaten but willing and able to put out on another voyage. This year our paper had many handicaps left from last year to overcome bult ilt can be proudly said these were more than merely coped with for the Tomahawk has been put back on its feet even to the degree' of being financially built-up. Fcr all the ai.d given to help this year be a surif'r's.'fu.l one, Mr. Verner Lloyd receivers our most sincere gratitude, Now that the Tfmahawk is sailing under its own power we 'rave it to the future crow with every wish for a successful continuence. 4 O' S VX 69 ,,f- S on -119319966 I fgx 0625331 Q' by Z OS' O4 K 0 X 659 75 ,ax 'Tk' -90 94 1. 'r mf of. C T 3 E: may I 6 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Rlmw: IC. Zcnrick, AI. L. Iiukor, C. Czmyd. Sc-vcmcl Row: M. I2zmtox'ic'Ii, C. Mzirkor, Mr. SCh1'0c'k, T. Shrine bl. liziriv, R. Svlim-icIc'.", Mrs Lloyd, xl. Zig:u'mwicI1. BOYS VARSITY CLUB L . -- - First Row: EQ. Cercone, P. Bucar, +C. Dettis, J. Berg, S. Vecchio, R. 'Sta,Pford, T. Erwin, Mr. Gates, Coach. Somnd Row: R. Sorokaichb A. Stanley, B. Ungermzm, J. Hriicklv. S Zigzu-ovich. S. Kosanovich, I. Lovre. I' 42 STUDENT COUNCIL First Row:M. Rantovich, j. Capets, J. Cynkz1.1',. L. Asquinio, A. Crmets, li. Mayhzm, H. Ollinzock, D. Noll. Sevoncl Row: R. Peduzzi, I. Nabuda, J. Scales, C. Szmycl, W. I-Iolsingvr S. VVOyant. W. Snopko. Q YOUTH CENTER OFFICERS Steve Zigzlrovi-CI1. john Lfwrc. Karolyn King. Harry Mahr. TRI iw HI-Y TRl'HI-Y i i I First Row: M. Rantovich CSecretaryJ, P. Nale, CPresidentj, Mrs. Buehner lAdvisnri, J L Baker iVice Presidentl, J. Hartzer 1TreasurerJ. Second Row: G. Grande, O. Warden, E. Burnett, D. Fabyonic, A. Smith, E. Uhrrechf, P. Horanic. Third Row: J. Zigarovich, C. King, T. Murray, P. Traficante, W. M. Boyd, P. Lytle. L. Ma-tulia, L. Crandall. SENIOR GIRLS TRI HI Y First Row: J. Fusilli, E. Zorick, E. Snopko, Bi. Radosh, M. Vecchio, D. Galore, J. Peduzzi, J. Hartley. Second Row: I. Mikos, M. Vergoft, E. Rubrigrht, D. 'Nd1l, H. Olinzock, A. M. Zervica K. Zyhowski, S. Josephic, A. Bonde, L. V. Meager. Third Row: M. Connor, R. M. Cavalancia, J. Jones, N. McLachlan, M. Shope, E. Louvtzenhizer, M. R. Turchan, M. E. Pogue. HI Y First Row: J. Welsh, J. Berg. Second Row: S. Weyant, Mel Ray, Mr. Stark, M. Vuick. Third Row: P. Kucan, P. Kochanov, TL Shane, M. Sorokas, J. Baric F. Kerin. Fourth Row: A. Bugaski, L. Lutz, R. Hall, D. Flemming, R. Schneider C. Mikan. E. Toocheck, C. Szymcl. CAMERA CLUB Top Row: G. Nunn, M. Murray, P. Traficante, j. Serafin, W. M. Boyd li. Devine, IE. Maylian, j. Sales, F. Kerin. Vliircl Row: E. SZl11yli, E. Matthias, E. Burnett, K. Desmond, j. Cole, C. Szmycl, W. Sage, R. Marshalic, Mr. Kenyon. Soooml Row: L. McBride, M. Massarro, F. Sanders, P. Haines, J. Baric' M. Lawrence, j. 'I'.ral'icante, I.. Turchan, T. Shane. 3 Bottom Row: D. Booher, AI. Schneider, P. Sorokarli, C. Ialvsky, VV. Snopko, F. Wengrzyn. SCIENCE CLUB 6 TOMAHAWK STAFF First Row: F. Kevin, R. Watterson, J. jones, B. Radosh, j. L. Baker, M. Rantovicli, E. Zorick, J. Scales, L. Smith. Second Row: J. Cole, K. Desmond, L. Crandall, P. Lytle, M. A. Beck, P. Traficante, E. Matthias, J. Traficante, PA. Horantic, A. Ruffo. Third Row: J. Zigarovich, W. Stankoviich, D. Cellich, E. Devine, li. Surmatz, A. Capets, A. M. Zeravica, M. Murray. TRAFFORDIANS First Row: J. Scales, G. Grubb, C. Marker, M. Stojakovich. Sevond Row: C. Mikan, J. Connor, R. Stafford, F. Stojakovicli, W. M Boyd. - Third Row: Mr. Shank fDirectorJ, R. Loutsenhizer, T. Mikan, E. Bowden 1. Brown, W. Camp. NATURE CLUB .7,..v. , K , I W 1... ,.,...y?'- . W--. - V f . .... ,...... . .,.. ul., ,,,,-..,,--Wg ,, ,,Y,, First Row: C. Szmyd, P. Kochanov, W. Vmrsafslcy, Mrs. Dorothy Lloyd qSponsorJ, G. Monchak, D. Clarkson. St-mlul Row: V. Daniels, R. Kopnitsky, P. Artmzm, W. Bowden, G. l'z1,ich, P. Divit-la., W. Holsinger. Tlnird Row: W. Sage, M. Kraynak, M. Sorokzws, R. Hall. R. Watts, R. I 3iRiI1Zlld0. VARSITY CLUB Mil, .-f-M-ffm, First Row: M. Shops, M. R. Turchan, D. Noll. S1-cond Row: E. Loutzenhizer, M. E. Pogue, M. Connor, Mr. Schrnck. OQ'?' STAGE CREW i Y .,......,. we ., First Row: T. Babeo, C. Mikan, R. Li. Robinson fSp0nso.rJ, W. Camp ,I. Simmons. Si-vom! Row: li. Bowden, R. Hall, D. Culp, D. Fleming, J. Noll, li. Szmycl JR. 81 SR. DRAMATIC CLUB First Row: Hysong, Asuquino, Stakor, Gibbs, Matthias, Beck, Cellich, Dashkewitz, Smith. Mr. Robinson CSponsorJ. Second Row: Murray, Culliveir, Nunn, Traficante, Koloski, Frander, Lentz, COIB, Third Row: Babeo, Holsinger, Tu-rchan, Zentner, Szmyd, Ferline, Zuzik, Devine, DRAMATIC CLU First ROW: E. Burnett, E. Zorick, R. Watterson, J. Buric, D. Noll, j. Pcduzzi, T. Shame, M. Mertz, j. Hartley. Second Row: T. Babeo, C. Marker, J. L. Baker, C. Mikan, D. l'a1c-sky, A. Hondo, li.. Mayhem, R. Cavalanicia, F. Kerin. Third Row: M. Rantovich, E. Surmacz, J. Gilkey, D. Fleming, R. Ilall, VV. Camp, M. Stojakovich, C. Szmyd, M. Shope. SENIOR PLAY SCENE SENIOR PLAY CAST First Row: G. I'z1,icl'1. T. Shane, P. Nale, M. Shope, M. Stzljolmvivlm. j lk-cluzzi. Sa-voml Row: C. Mikan, E. Zorick, Mrs. Lloyd, L. Manger, Miss IgiCxl'l'l' S. josvplmiv, bl. Baker, W. Camp. JUNIOR PLAY SC ENE JUNIOR PLAY CAST ..., -...w -u-qgr MINSTREL 'SCENE Q EE ' CQUR HER MAJESTY jozmn Peduzzi LADIES IN WAITING SENIOR Dorothy Noll ,loam jones 7 JUNIOR Elf-amor Uhrrerht Gloria Grande SOPHOMORE Iivtty Zigzmwiclm Florvnce Poguc FRESHMEN Barbara Holsingcr Putty Haines First Row: j. Welsh, D. Noll., T. Shane, E. Zorick, J. Bariv. j. I-. Baker. XV. lfngerman, J. Berg, M. Sorokacs. Sevond Row: I.. Hysong, C. Mikan, R. Svhneider, C. Szmycl, l'. Nale. C. Surmucz, j. Scales, W. Morrow. 'Fhircl Row: E. Snopko, M. Vecchio, J. Zigarovich. B. Raclosh. J. jones, -I. Fapets, M. Vergot. J. Peduzzi. M. Connor. AUTOGRAPHS wi? 9 Q wh Q A v 4 5 422.3 I ,mont G ,rv-A .'J?',. - S f-,X 25. 3 a 4 1 , . , 3, , K ,U 'f-:aa "I ?KxNf, E: A 13 X I l1uis ,L Ywuu, OUR PATRONS AND SPONSOR S American Legion Auxiliary Arlotti's Bastien Brothers Company Miss Mary Elizabeth Bierer Mr. and Mrs J. M. Brown Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Derrick Mr. and Mrs. Harry DiRenaldo Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Fleming Mr. and Mrs. John Furimsky Golick Brothers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grande Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Hillstrom Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Himmler The Italian Club Mr and Mrs. Louis Jenets Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Link Loreski's Music Shop Mr. Mr. John Magiers and Mrs. J. M. Malley Millies Salon of Beauty Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Mitchell Dorothy's Beauty Shop Mr. Mr Dr. Dr. M r. Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Nale amd Mrs. C. L. Pogue and Mrs. F. M. Pogue Catherine Purci-c and Mrs. R. L. Robinson John S. Sloan Turtle Creek Auto Service Valley Hardware Company Mrs. Marv Vergles The Village Inn Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Mike Zeravica Compliments of BLUE DELL SWIMMING POOL Lincoln Highway . . i 4331155 " eww' 5 Life Insurance Co. Mutual Fin Insurance Co. Mutual Aulomobile Insurance Co. Home Office - Columbus, Ohio -.... Clyde R. Svhrovk, Agent 31 Short Street Trafford, P21- Phonc Tr. 5711 Compliments of BRECKON STUDIOS fForme1'ly Strem Studioj 604 Locust Street McKeesp0rt, Pa.. to the Graduating Clues of 1047-48 ALTMAN'S CASH FEED STORES Super A Feeds Turtle Creek - Valley 1624 Wiliiierrliiig - Churchill 3779 Irwin - Irwin 64 RUSSELL'S FLORIAL SHOPPE III Westinghouse Avenue Wilnuercliirg, Pa. Valley zzcxm Tr. 594W Res. Flowers For all O4-czisioiis PONSETTO Drink SALES 81 SERVICE MISSION ORANGE CARS-STUDEBAKER-TRUCKS Lincoln Highway East Mclieesport, l':1. Wilme.nlin,Q I-Bottling VVorks Valley 3009 Phone Valley 1588 ' Www GRAIJUAIIUN Graduates, for many ot you the Q. school bell will ring for the las! ' 'lx After learning now comes earning. Today, you face the world with an independent spirit. We hope that some day you will ' time. 5 be able to face it financially in- dependent as the reward of your ,..g,.,, labor and thrift. -K lit 45, You can count upon the Iriendship P 8' I-..,,.., ,3- -' w " X x ., N Q1 g,'.g,g5,u,,,g, and cooperation of this banl in all your x '32 ' . etiortstoreachthisgoal.Goc.ll'..cktoyou! X K- '11,-,.,,.-11, IRWIN SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY Irwin, Pa. LIMEGROVER SALES AND SERVICE Phones lmiranclywine 5050 Valley 2233 Sixili and Airbrake Avenue Turtle Creek, Pa. JAMES LACIVITA CUsr0M TA1i.0R Cleaning and Pressing Dress Suits F0r Rent 305 Fifth Street Trafford, Pa. RUTTER BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY Phone Valley ISOO Turtle Creek, Pa. KRATERNICK'S CLOVER FARM STORE Meats and Gmc-erie Delivery Serriec 575 Sixth Street Plionu l'1'ziffkml 1433 fcmlplimcnts of TRAFFORD LIONS CLUB x.L9lVsj QW? ggi. Q .X Y: x if ' 2 , 125 DS- .f Pm-, ' AYf6'?NA1m0'Wv Liberty - Ilmtvlligulmco - Our Nutioxfs Sufo ZENTNER FOOD MARKET Meat - Fruit - Frozen Food X'vl'5.l'0tZlhlPS - Dairy l'r0:luc'tIs 209 Brinton Aw-11110 Vlmom- TI'ZlfxflJl'll I.27I BABE'S BODY AND FENDER SHOP Phono I24? 202 Cnvitt Avenue Trafford, Pa. fQ0ll1Dli1116'l'itS of MAYER BROTHERS Com, - HAULING Plmonv Tr. 8661i PORTZER 81 HOY A Hvttvr l'lz1r'e To Shop Bank Builclingg Phono Trafford Q67 "GOING MY WAY" USE THE NEW TRAFFORD COACH LINES Compliments of DELIA'S BILLARD PARLORS 434 Cavitt Avenue Compliments of MCGARA BROTHERS HARDWARE COMPANY Trafford, Pa. Compliments of MCBRIDES -,,, CHARLEY'S MARKET Meats, Groceries, l".rozen lfoomls Some People Claim They Have The Best Foods We l7on't. We Sell 'l hum Charles Migitish, Prop. 5,th and F2ill'IllOI1l Axenuf Phono 404, Crmtimwcl liffort Assures Success 'Sli C. V. LLOYD FLORIST Skrventh' Strevt li Tru Nord. T' Phunv 232 xfm-nsiml Il- 6 V Compliments of VIC'S MOTORS INCL ROSENDAHL'S Desoto - Plymoutll Complolcl Body and Ffxlillnl' Shop . ,O , , 224 Malin Street Mulcllv Ave-:uw and lhml btuet . . A Irwm, Pa. Wl1I11Lxl'Klll1g', Pal. Valle-y SSQ7 fomplimvnts of Compliments of DAUGHERTY MARKO GODICH CO FUNERAL HOME 205 Brintrm Avenue Phone 519 SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING CO. Better Dry Cleaning Expert Hat Blocking Fur Storage 414 Cuvitt Avcmw TI-'21ff0l'll, P21 Phone' Tm fforcl - Q79 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF IRWIN PENNSYLVANIA Organized 1892 56 Years of Service- Resources Over S7, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. INIPIIIIUEXT FPIIPTEII Rvselrve' System Compliments of HARLICH'S PHARMACY JIMMY'S SANDWICH SHOP Your lml.CSCl.iDti0n Drug Store Soft Drinks and Szllulwivlros 592 Cfwirt Avcrnuo Jimmy Ff'1'1'f1r0, Prop. Trafford, Pa. 407 Cavitt Avenue Phono Tr. 9481 ljinc l,2il1l't Go To TRAFFORD REALTY COMPANY CHICK'S DINER Real Estate :md Insurance Home Developing Table Service Curb 315 Fifth Stroot Phono TT. 851 71 Compliments of HARRY E. CORL Compliments of GRACE ANN 'S BEAUTY SHOP Fifth Street Trafford, Pa. Complimc-nts of JOSEPH MEAGFR Tax Collewtm' Complimon ts ol' N OLL'S DAIRY 216 - 218 Eclgc-lwoml Avo Trafford, Pa. Plmm' Tr. fiqq I K NEW BOWLING LANES J 8: J BOWLODROME Cavitt Avenue, Trafford, Pa. Compliments of MIKAN MOTOR COMPANY Pontiar Motor Ca rs 7th Street and Forest Avenue Trafford, Pa. Ph one Tr. 5,06 DOM'S BARBER SHOP We Specialize in Scalp Treatments Hair Cutting Massamxs Given A'Toll'em NVhc-ro You Got It" Tra fforcl, Pa. WALTER J. YENNY NIIQWEIJER "Gi I'ts That La st" 104 Iilevtric' AVO. lEaSt Pittsburgh Phones Bramlywinr' 3275 Valley 6446 75' Compliments of TRAF FORD RGTARY CLUB "He Profits Most Who Servos Best" M. AND I. FLORAL SHOPPE Flowers For All Oieensiom Corsages Weclcling Bouquets 524 Forest Avenue Phone 440 Trafford, Pa. Compliments of CERNPS BARBER SHOP Compliments of LYTLE'S ROOFING AND HEATING Phone Tr. I 178 Compliments of MASTROIANNI COAL COMPANY Phone TT. 1172 ll -V 1 li TRAF F ORD MOTOR COMPANY CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH SALES 81 SERVICE Phmqp 237 501 Duquesne Avenue J. F. Schneider, Prop. Compliments of TRAFFORD ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contractors D Lighter and Fixtures 406 Cnvitt Ave-nuv Trafford, Pa.. Stfiicfly Hflme Cmkillg Pham' Tr. 1241 78 Compliments of Lodgc' No. 5.1.1 CROATIAN FRATERNAL UNION OF AMERICA 3 I - 303 Cavitt Avenue Trafford, Pa.. Compliments of WHITE FRONT MARKET Meats and Groceries lolm DPFrank, 5023 Cavlt Ph on WW- ' FIRE COMPANY t Avenue' Tr. 338 79 Q 1 f TRAFFORD PGST NO. 331 OF THE AMERICAN LEGION MANDELS Trziffwd - Q2 Storesj - Irwin I Dresses For Juniors, Misses X VVoinen Complete Departinents For Children and Inffints Make Our Store Your Headquarters NVQ Have Everything THE HOUSE BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD Catering to Banquets and Private Parties Wm. Penn Higliwm' - - Route Z2 Ihone Export 79 IRWIN MOTOR SALES Chrysler - Plynioutli Main and 6th Streets Irwin, Pa. PEGGY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE CFormerly SzLlly's Beauty Slioppej Owned and Opcruted by IVIZISICIZIIPIN' Fe enee 631 Sixth Street Phone Trafford 1253 lznlurs :mal f1ll'2lllL'l'S f'lI'ZlIlill,Q - I' l'l'SSil1gJf - Altc-ring anal lQ0pui.1'ing "U'l1l' SLIVQPSS ---- Your SuL1sl'.wLion' 512 Cnvitt Avmnw l'lmn0 'l' ral ldforcl I 254 RYAN COAL COMPANY Diamonds Watches JULIUS V. ROSENDALL Coal Moving Gpmiml Hmmm! Rc-gristerml Uptrnnotrist - -Ivwplpr Phone 'l'rzlfforcl m54VV Irwin. Pa, 217 Main Strvet 82 Compliments of TRAFFORD WOMAN'S CLUB Compliments of DICK'S DINER LIBERTY STORES C0 Am9ric'u's Most Beautiful Dim-r 5 85 me STKJIQE Murrysvme Pu- 424 Cavitt Avenue , Trafford, Pa. BANDY'S PRINTING - ENGRAVING - PHOTOGRAPHS SCHOOL YEAR BOOKS COMPLETELY COMPILED Pictures - Drawings - Half-tones - Printing - Binding All Work done in our own plant 236-238 Cavitt Avenue, Trafford, Pa. Phone Trafford 1141 ,L 1 1' , 1 ""'Iil3': " . Aff: A . Am -- - , ' '- ' 2 f. . 1, ' ' , Q , Q. : I 1 -wi l. , ,Z . -. J, In 354.1 iff- 1 tt 5- .:,-51: .- 'J M L'1,fma,g EV., .. I V dl- VLH? - g ' :V - Q A U 9 - V, :Ja f 1-'T X -Y ,, . .,: ,Mi ..-5 - o was .N ng .-L 1- P Q- . , y-,. 17 nfl 1 V., 3 ..- 1- ,ff ,J 15.1 .gb -v. P vi I, V' . 1 .-1 w Q u. Y. '-, 'I 1.1 f-V +1 .W ,img -.5,. N ., . A, .,K, - V 'LH' I' Flu' -hu-l1"A f 'Tl' .Zig W g2f'??'-i2"1?.: '4 - 1. an ,,g3g!: ' 4,-'lf-1 ' , "ga ,ie 1. .. 1 L 'I . VL : f-:J 'Lf"'5'. ' 1- A. ,K.3.,:,N 1, , - ', '3,1.xg"u ' P' E5 Q-f r :ilu 4 N 11.94. ,. 1 V fi'-. ,, . T- ' . - 'ra' 1 J.. 4 "uw x 4- -'. . .Mm : 1. :w.,2'-V - 5 f1'i,f':5 -Qs . 411g"d2' ' , I " ' b, ,L . .n , V V 4, 5 , ,. L I 1, 5 .153 Lg, :rl ,,i.x.- w dawn 1 -. ,fry , ,. I., .,1::, .v..,.n, ,e,,. ,NH . 131,25 111' .W 'f- - WL 5. 1 V25 f'1"?'ii 'Y fri gig., . ig. In ,. , af v J Y J I x 5, . vvw2-,'4:1.-- A , .., . nv! V 1 . ': f " ,- 3" Mi '-" .vcr- ' .' 5 6 "ii, ' ' -1 4 . flgcz.-7 ' 'P .mf -Q earl- ..55iH5-.V ' 1 1. Eff -zpzf . T'ff-1i.::.'fff? - . W- J' '5i1',-155231 S 5 'Ji 'a 1' f . rriwfi ,, mi qn v9fq"5i', A " 'Jhf--', .., , ,,-at ,',z,1!f 'tiglrf-'Q E1 , . v ' 4 1 , 1 ,-Q, , 1- '41 I J., ,Www ,V-1 Marr: 2 v -Mir 1 .., :nr I V Y - . 3 4. 'L E',i13T'+?E -3332-egg, .. 9, lf.-.K 4..,..g1.q-g5b,,,:l.4A,.1 ' VY gig'-" 1 y: - . ' Y Af.-,3ln,.,f'. .- ,ff .f-4, -s . . ..,,..,.,.,. if Qs. 4 I" '-.', , i. -. 1, ...I . Q , , . ,rf f:-, "wg: r. fi .Q Ag-t .N ,Q 1. ' -.T 1"f:,f-' cf' 1' -1. w- X A sf-1 J! 'Q-', . . . ' .gl :'-.N ' J .:.,g V., tm. -3 P Q-.JJ11,,, '. 'A Il ,1,v,, , 4 W' I , w

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