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.334-l: 7 , ,. .TL .g V .V V. .- ., 'za ,V- J1 'K' ir, ,113 -VV,1'i? " 'Q'.-V? . '?" 1- i . " ' V. . 5 Wvf:-S'1a'f:-'iii 1- . VI' 1, Y. , - ' ,:1E" 5fV. :nfl-V ,,':Y-'f:Vi?7j-:ki-TV V -3 fl'x"'L?'1:.:. 7 13 " -'fy 1 -' iw' ff- -V V q ':faVgr,V V'- , .. -. -1. .ii , ' Y, X A Q . . f all Hifi 5511, f R, P if , fig, 1 gc z 1 f 7 , J ' f I Q, 54,13 Ax. K tg: , . v z, in f Vg 1, 51, . ,. -,QQ L -A-,V 1 .. Jr.. .,,fi'."h?1f. If ,- V- 41,1 -.155 - V JV- any , -1 , ,, V, .V fm - V ' 21' -"Z a 53 4 ' --r, ani" . iilxv' Maas, Q .. N L, V. V .. W ,,. U . V. ., X K Q ' . . ?'L?': ..-V a -, i.1'r,m,' E. . 'Gif 1" . hill' V, ,rg '1- ,gil . bv! if ' ,,x ,. A ,Y 11... 'V f 1.5. -. -Q, H7 A - Mn, - - ,LQ , ,, , -uf '1::g.5: ' , - Q ,, ,A .., . i VM. ,-1 1 "Wig . , , wwf 3 T 9, L4 ,my " ,IV-Q' ..V-. - -,-,, -3, A g, , ,fu ,- R- .11.,', , ' V. I VA 1 ::Vf Q 1:--K,-3 rj,-357,55-.h H 1 , ' ' b - V V . , 1- V. .- , - KVV- ' V ' ' ' " 1" WW H ' 57' M' V'V-17' .QQ if f- 915' ,. W 94? O B . ' ' x -.-rv H 5' ' I LU? v w 4 4 ,. 'f T1 .I ' ' . I - 11, A , 1 I9 Aa , n x v K 1 r i l S 7 F I-TIK1 D R ED ' Z Q ' J-pu, N Q -H ua x4fZi1:,lf. , 9, jf 4Q3g""' 15251 - M -gf,-nu m f 2 -'vm nr- E an 2 :,. O n D EX LI B-RIS - D DD x Tl'IE MDDELT STUDENT AND ms DAL! A"'e""' F In a letter sol'citing advertising for the 1942 "Reflector" by mail, we made a statement that despite the war and priorities, there was going to be a yearbook at Trafford High School. This book, as you now see it, represents the fulfillment of that pledge. The school is still the bulwark of Democracy. Dlffllj Y XNQ' H-'X--'r L sf f' R K x , N , ' 4. , - .4 -h X- .'.:,- f' VX .lj 3, vli., E.. 5' , - 5 . S-Jes' 'Th h ld make . .,., .Q MQ. . 3 S 1"?.5.f. I s g d h t if -. V- ' q .- ,..... 1942 EDITIUN TIQAFFUIQD HIGH ICHUUL DUIBLIIHED BY THE IENIUIQ CLAII TIQAFFUIQD. DA. EACIY LEDGE . . . Mr. Edward P. Kelly MR. EDWARD P. KELLY We honor Mr. Kelly for his invaluable seven years of service to Trafford High School. The Class of 1942 shows its respect and gratitude to Mr. Kelly in the dedi- cation of our "ReEector". His extensive knowledge and acccmplislments in the field of science and botany have enabled him to give us advice most unseliishly. For a man of such talent, friendliness, and ability, each pupil can possess only admiration. As we make our own lives and fortunes, we shall always remember a teacher who enriched our lives and helped us on our road to success. Mx . V . 1335.21 x X X .9 Sf., 5 nk jj. . ,j"t ' -. 7 ' ' E ssi -We ,ue 5 S z 'ESZTE7 eff e . . r .. ash 4 is , fx . ff. x. s, .Q swim P- 1 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS So that you don't have so much trouble as Guppy seems to be having in finding your way in the"ReHector", here are some hints: Alumni News , . , , , - - , -Page 58 Service Honor Roll , -- Page 48 Autographs , , -,, Page 62 Snapshots .- Page 26 The Reflector IZDIQE IDD . . . be a very dismal " Comedy is the laughter of the mind." Without it, this world of ours would place indeed. With it, we can drown our deepest sorrows if only for a little while Perhaps you have already noticed the masque of comedy on the cover of this year's "Refiector" and wonder what it had to do with the book itself. In the earlier days actors wore this masque so that the audience might know the presentation was to be a humorous one. We have incorporated this same idea into our annual this year. By using the masque of comedy on the cover of your book, we are revealing to you that the theme behind our publication is comedy and laughter. We bring this new theme to you through the aid of our dear beloved friend and classmate, " Guppy". In case you are inquisitive, " Guppy" is a typical Trafford High School Senior in that he spends at least two nights a week in Time Room, knows everyone else's business, seldom does his own nightwork, and thinks he is just about "it", But at heart is a good chap and will be only too glad to show you about the school and introduce you to our students, faculty, and various activities. The only condition he asks for, however, is that he be excused from classes while doing lt. So why not join him? If you find yourself able to escape from the coniiict and turmoil of our present world while glancing through our book, pausing here and there to reflect and visualize our various school activities in a more or less humorous vein, then we will feel certain that we have attained our purpose. E' I 3 I I 1, OSD EDITOR I Betty Brezovic BUSINESS MANAGER S Gwendolyn Gethin "X ADVISER . ity W. E. McLe1ster E... l T T 5 The Reflector Our Educational Planners " These men deserve credit" BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: Mr. R. T. Gillis, President, Dr. C. L. Mitchell, Secretaryg Mr. H. G. Gethin, Vice President. Standing: Mr. E. L. Hill- strom, Mr. J. M. Brown. School Board Guppy points with pride to the Board of Education of the Trafford Public Schools. Although it is impossible for him to take you to one of their meetings, he can tell you that when they do meet, it is for the purpose of discussing conditions and ways of betterment in our schools. No one realizes more than Guppy himself that the decisions handed down by this Board are the wisest possible for the progress and welfare of our Alma Mater. Guppy will also inform you that the Board does not limit itself to school matters alone, but is responsible for numerous improvements in our community as well. He points with pride to his own resplendent brown and white band uniform. The Board is responsible for outiitting the entire High School Band as well as the alluring majorettes who lead it. This serves as an excellent example of the good works done by this body of men. When Guppy expresses his gratitude to our Board of Education members for all their services, he is merely carrying out the wishes of all the students. We keel certain that these gentlemen will continue to serve, not only the school, but also the community, to the best of their ability. The Reflector I I iw? I IWW I LG e.f'l ' in G U D DY ME ETI TH If D E0 D LE "I must watch my time" Greetings from THE AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY 'I'raf-Ford, Unit 331 Mr. H. E. Seville Our Supervisor Mr. Seville, our Supervising Principal, has for the past eighteen years directed the educational program in the Trafford Public Schools. His interest and sympathy in Student activity have helped to shape the lives of many youths. We always enjoy listening to Mr. Seville tell of his experiences as a school teacher and as a super- visor in a small country school. By hearing him tell of these experiences one can learn many lessons. Some of Mr. Sevi1le's students from that little sclzool have made great names for themselves. He is proud of them. We hope he will have reason to be just as proud of us, Through Mr. Seville's connections with different organi- zations of Trafford, he not only has successfully directed the education program in the Trafford Public Schools but he has also done much toward the betterment of the community. We shall always be grateful to Mr. Seville for his guidance throughout our school years. Our Principal Mr. Legory has been connected with Trafford High School since 1927. He began his work here as a science teacher and in a few years attained the position of High School Principal. Through his self-control and suave manner he was won the admiration and respect of many. As we leave behind our High School days, we can not forget this friend whose guidance through our four years of High School has done much to keep many on the road to success. May we always remember and try to follow the fine example set by Mr. Legory. Not only will we remember Mr. Legory for his excellent supervision of our High School but also for his masterful teaching. In addition to his duties as Principal he teaches several Chemistry classes. We hope the students of Trafford High School for many years to come will learn to know and appreciate him as we have. The Reflector Mr. L. A. Legory Our Instructors Sitting: Miss Bierer, Mrs. David- son, Mrs. Lloyd, Miss Megee, Mr. Shrock, Mr. McFadden, Mr. Lloyd Standing: Mr. McLeister, Mr. Ruckle, Mr. Koepka, Mr. Kelly Missing from group: Mrs. Conolly, Mr. Legory Guppy Sees the Faculty Guppy remembers the faculty by their calling cards. Each one brings vivid memories back to him. One especially, is that of Mr, Lloyd's. On it was written Algebra and Geometry. One problem Guppy has never solved is how can such a short teacher wrestle such large subjects. With Mrs. Davidson, Guppy shared his joys, sorrows, and also his?? marks in Civics and English. Coming with Mrs. Connelly's card is always her S0-50 proposition in Civics and History. 450 true and false questions? On Mr. Ruckle's calling card is Bookkeeping and Typing. Guppy has been hearing lately that our Commercial teacher has been seeing every- thing by twos. The reason might be his lovely twin daughters. Guppy knows the writing on the next card, well, as it has often appeared on his corrected Latin and English papers: it is the easily read script ol Miss Bierer. The aroma of frogs and fish comes with next calling card. On it was written Gen. Science and Biology. Mr. Kelly, can you still go home and eat a good dinner after one of your dissecting classes? From Room 29, comes a card in which is written History. Mr. Shrock has many History dates sealed away in his memory: there is one that is outstanding to him, 1939-- the time when a certain "Darlene" joined the family. The next calling card is written in cyphers--I beg your pardon, Miss Megee, it seems to be Shorthand! Hurry up, Guppy, and get Miss Megee a chair and a glass of water, the commercial girls are taking 110 words per minute. Indelibly written on the next card is Physical Education. Poor Guppy is wondering if he will ever have the muscles and shoulders Mr. Koepka has. Ssh, ssh, let Guppy keep on dreaming. "Je ne sais pas" is Guppy's answer to Mrs. Lloyd's calling card. Poor "la maitresse", after two years of teaching him French and the answer is still "je ne sais pas". QP.S. It means "I do not know"Q. Wading through the Classics, and English Literature, Guppy encounters the calling card of Mr. McLeister. It was written hurriedly, but then who has to straighten out all of the Seniors difficulties? Guppy sadly now turns his step to Room 31. The teacher's calling card reads "Army Air Corps". Our pilots must know some Physics and Trigonometry to win our war, so we supplied them with Mr. McFadden, now, however, Mr. Kudrow is pinch-hitting for liim and doing a good job. Guppy really surprised Mr. Legory when he asked for a calling card instead of an excuse. H20 is vital to life, and Mr. Legory is vital to T.H.S. The Reflec tor visitor in our Miss Grace Huttn i Our Secretary Guppy certainly had one advantage over the other boys in the school. He went down to the office for sup- plies every month. On his first trip to the office, he met Mr. Seville's competent new secretary, Miss Louise Yeager. Guppy thought she was superb-'just the l-Lind of secretary he'd want: tall, blonde, very efficient, and very neat. Whenever he found the office empty, Guppy would call her up and talk for hours, just to get out of classes. l Our Nurse Miss Hutton, the school nurse, had a very frequent in the health office every afternoon. Guppy had the class the habit of making his afternoon calls during periods, but Miss Hutton soon got wise to him. Telling him he was suffering from an imaginary disease, she sent him back to class with an excuse. Miss Hutton has been school for the past Eve years. She's not fond of hyperchrondiacs nor valetudinarians, sic. Miss Lo..ii,e X eager First row: Betty Harris Second row: Betty Zeravica, Dorothy Du- brave Third row: Edith Giacomin, Margaret Lovre, Joan Welsh Fourth row: Mary Grace Lovett,Camilla Lovett, Doris Jenkins The Reflector May Queen Group It was time for the May Queen group to enter the gym- nasium. Guppy was sitting in the front row where he had been stationed since eleven o'clock. He will never forget how lovely the procession looked that night-the Senior representatives in yellow gowns, the junior girls in blue, the Sophcmores in pink, and the Freshmen in green. The queen, who was in Guppy's estimation the most outstanding ever to reign in T.H.S., was, to say the least, super-super. Guppy sat with his mouth gaping throughout the ceremony and when it was all over he sighed and sighedfand sighed again. 10 I-IE 1942 GRADUATE! SENIOR CLASS OFFIC ERS Left to right: John S. Harris, Treasurer, Sophie Shurmatz, Secretary, Robert Cor- coran, Vice President, Elaine Mclndoe, Ass't. Treasurer: James Jenets, President Senior C lass H istory When Guppy heard that he was to write the Senior Class History for the " Reflector", he became panic stricken. His memory had never been any- thing to brag about, but now it was a complete blank. However, after giving his fellow Seniors the third degree, he recalled a few of the outstand- ing events of his high school life. For instance, he remembered the important feeling he had when Mr. Legory dismissed the Seniors from the chapel exercises before the others, at the beginning of his Senior year. The under- classmen seemed quite small and insignificant that day. Then, there was the day that jimmy jenets, who is everybody's pal, was voted Presi- dent of the Senior class. Bob Corcoran went along as Vice President just for the ride, and Sophie Shurmatz and john Harris were Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. Elaine Mclndoe acted as assistant treasurer. "Gallopin' Ghosts", the Senior class play, couldn't have been anything but a success with jane Feigert's contribution as "Righty Marie". Guppy recalled, with pleasure, the operetta, "Crocodile Island", in which Betty Brezovic and Bill Fleming played the leading roles. And of course, he couldn't forget the day that the Commercial Law Class toured Greensburg. Guppy remembered the fun everyone had trying to decide who our May Queen should be, and how thrilled he was when he learned that Betty Harris had been chosen. Her Senior attendants were Betty Zeravica and Dorothy Dubrave. Probing into his memory a little farther, Guppy could see, once more, the look of complete disgust I1 on the faces of the Junior girls during the pre' ceding year when they discovered that every office was held by a boy. Teddy Federonko was the President, Max Dorosa was Vice President until he was promoted and Tony Folino acted as Secretary-Treasurer for the duration. Guppy recalled the line performance given by Edward Josephic as Vaslav in the operetta, "The Forest Prince". The junior Class was given the privilege of presenting as its class play " It's A Long Lane", by John Hershey. The May Queen attendants were Elaine Mclndoe and Betty Zeravica. Guppy can still imagine himself in a Chinese garden when he thinks of the prom. During the Sophomore year, Leila Baker dis- tinguished herself by winning a place in the Forensic League contest for the county, as a pianist. Guppy remembered the May Queen procession in which Anna Radosh, and Catherine Wandless proudly represented the Sophomore Class. Elaine Mclndoe shouldered her responsibilities as President of the class, while John Bucar carried out his duties as Vice President, and Helen Zigarovich took notes and money as a good Secretary-Treasurer should. Guppy smiled to himself as he thought of the Freshman dance, with everyone jumping around on one foot and thinking he was doing the shag. When the time arrived for the election of officers, Sophie Shurmatz was selected at Presidentg George Bartakovich as Vice President, and Catherine Wandless as Secretary-Treasurer. After Guppy had finished reviewing his high school days he muttered quietly to himself, "Those were the good old days". The Reflector SENIORS "We're Graduates at Last - - - ARTMAN, LOIS Known as "Lefty" . . . came from Franklin Twp. when a Sophomore . . . on Girl's Basketball Team. BALKOVEC, BARBARA "Barb" . . . a dignified Miss . . .has an extensive wardrobe . . . likes to dance and sing "Flmer's Tune." BARXC, JOHN john . . . laughs at anything . . . simply loves French . , , predicts he will become President of U.S. BARTAKOVICH, MARY Mary . keeps up Army's moral . . . enioys skating and visiting Canada?? . . . ambitionfaviatrix. BRLETIC, MARY Mary . . .loves Cowboy music . . . dreams of a life in the West with Ray. BURNETT, MARGARET Margaret . . . wishes to become an ambulance driver . . . worry and she are strangers . , . beautiful hair. BAKER, LEILA "Lilly" . . . subscribes to career . . . chapel pianist a music I A . . . likes Pitcairn for producing Bill. BANDY, EDWIN "Ed" . . . is a quiet chap -espec- ially in History class . . beautiful blue eyes. , those BARTAKOVICH, GEORGE "Bart" . . . an honor student . . prefers classical music to jazz . . hopes to attend college. BREZOVIC, BETTY "Brezzie" . . . "A" student . . . has a charming voice . . . TOMAHAWK and REFLECTOR editor . . . oper- etta cast. BUCAR, JOHN John . . . has a yen to be a doctor . . . honor student and operetta. . . . Senior Play CARROLL, MARY "Liz" . . . our Irish lassie . . . happy go-lucky type . . . enjoys dancing . . . chatters all the day. 12 .T SENIORS Its a serlo s time CARTWRIG HT, EMMA JEAN CELLICH, WILLIAM "Sid" . . . is interested in Astron- "E.J." . . . aims to become a nurse . . . greatest asset is her voice , . . full of clever ideas. oflfly . . . an incessant talker . . . Junior and Senior Play. CHAPPETTI , MARIE CORCORAN , ROBERT Marie . . . corresponds with a cer- tain Duke . . . ambition-to become an aviatrix . . . my that shorthand. CRANDALL. JANE jane . . . likes to ride a motor- cycle with?? . . . desires to work in the Westinghouse. DI CESARE, FRANCES "Fran" . . . everybody's friend . . . information bureau of Senior Class . . interested in a certain Gene. DUBRAVE, DOROTHY "Duby" . . . high stepping major- ette . . . operetta cast . . . finds a silver !mmg in every cloud. 13 '4Corky" . . . Senior cassanova . . . pastime drawing pretty girls . . . one of the "Big Four." CZAPOR, ADELINE Adeline . . . likes dancing and Johnny-pardon me, but I mean Dave . . . efficient absent-slip typist. DRAGISIC, FRANK Frank . . . a shy chap . . . tallest boy in Senior Class . . . aims to reach seven feet. EIOHENBERGER, FRED "Flip" . . . creates a floor show when jitterbugging in his red sweat- er . . . another ofthe "Big Four". SENIOR FEIGERT, JANE "Fidge" . . . better late than never . . . ambition-to attend college . . . was daffy Marie in Senior Play. FOLINO, ANTHONY "Tony" . . . theme song-"Mark lyn My Marilyn" . . . Senior's "Tom Harmon" . . . aims to become Ad- miral in Navy. GRBINICH, FRANK "Gerby" . . . will achieve his am- bition by becoming Manager of Portzer's Store . . . Boy's Glee Club. HARRIS, JOHN "Johnny" . . . is treasurer when he's here . . , one of best dressed seniors . . . came from Kentucky. JENETS, JAMES "Jake" . . . Senior Class President . . . part of the "Big Four" . . . "Hauth about a kiss, Kay?" QV "is ls 'lr WW -ri r- Fl E Z 9 E rf E rs- Z i,-me ,J '.:i2 4- -a e 1'12Q ipgsvw, if-ri'--N gn. is j' K L "Don't I look Usgif v hsanctimonious? "Flea" . . . Senior wolf . . . can't get along without his pipe and hat . . . Operetta cast. GET!-IIN, GWENDOLYN "Gwen" . . . A frend in need is a friend indeed . . . operettn cast . . . Girl's Basketball Team. HARRIS, BETTY "Harry" . . . our fair and charm- ing May Queen . . . likes her Bob served "Corky" style . . . Senior Play. IVICK, KATHRYN Kathryn . . . dreams of marrying an old man with money . . . East Pittsburgh her second home. JONES, BETTY "Jonesy" . . . enjoys her food but you'd never know it . . . a very neat dresser. 14 SENIORS "But tlaere's ew Work to D0 - - - " JCNLIA, GEORGE "Pun" . . . can't get to school on time . . . loves to dance and eat spaghetti. JOSEPHIC, EDWARD Alias "Doc" . . . was Vaslov in "The Forest Prince" . . . in Room 31 and Mr. McFadden's pet??? KERRIGAN, MARION "Dudy" . . . wants to be a nurse . . . Girl's Basketball Team . . .likes Pitcairn boys-especially Johnny. LEFFLER, DONALD "Dawn" . . . Junior Play . . . main interest seems to be Turtle Creek and Agnes . . . French rlass protege. LOVRE, JOHN "Amy" . . . doesn't like his nick- name-thinks it's girlish . . . always seen with Sonny. LUTZ, LESTER "Let" . . . thinks Mary Grace is topsgand vica versa . . . clerk at the A. and P. I5 JOSEPHIC, ALEERT "Al" . . . A. and P. employee . will sell any product but Helen sells himself to her. KOSA NOVICH, MARY Mary . . . defense stamp helper . likes dancing and Ruznfaxir e's . . always seen with Eettg. KRCELIC, CATHERINE Catherine . . . her heart belongs to Pete . . . hair styling is her career . . . plays in an orchestra. LOVRE, FRP NK "Sonny" . . . provides hilarity in French class . . . White Front Mar- ket clerk . . . wh0's his favorite ces- tomer? LUBANOX ICH, ANNE Anne . . . Silence is golden . . . likes chile and?? . . . plays in an orchestra . . . that beautiful hair. MCINDOE, ELAINE "T0odie" . . . loves French class L' J . . . gets into everything . . . ask her why she likes Green lollypops. Q ' --5, ' if SENIORS -e 1"'tMm,..., We'll do the Best We Cam - - - " MIKACH, STEVE Known as "Stylish" . . . guard on football team and would like to guard Virginia. MURRAY, FRANCIS "Buddy" . . . likes Time Room so well that he has his own permanent seat there. PAICI-I, MARTHA "Marty" . . . has a Hair for making A's . . . Senior Play . . . the life of every volley ball game. PRINGLE, MARY JANE Mary jane . . . fond of Pitcairn . . . always at Wheeling Jamboree . . . ambition-to visit the West. RADOSH, ANNE Anne . . . a pert little Miss . . Junior and Senior Play cast . . thinks her Eddie is tops. ia ROCKAGE, IVAN Ivan . . . is seen and also heard . . . would like to work in a glass factory. MLINARIC, ELMER Elmer . . . has very few words but many interests . . . wants to become Big League pitcher. MYERS, GEORGE George . . . doesn't get excited about anything . . . likes to drive his brother's coupe. PATIKA. VIRGINIA Virginia . . . best dancer in Senior Class . . . Cooky's Army Sweetheart . . . defense stamp helper. RANTOVICH, GEORGE "Ranky" . , . a man of few words . . . ambition-air pilot . . . prefers male companionship. RIFE, DOROTHY "Dot" . . . pardon ma southern accent . . . Senior Class Play . . . wants to go back to Virginia. Sl-IAFFER, LOIS Lois . . . she and gum are insepa- rable . . . day dreams of Cornell . . . oh! those eyes!! 16 SENIOR , ,sz Q A ' ,ff A gf, RL "Aha, they just U Called my nzrneu SHOPE. GLENN Alias "Inky" . . . member of Room 31 . . ask why he likes to call on the phone. STAKOR, ANNE Anne . . . wants a tall he-man . . . TOMAHAWK typist . . . ambition -to become a private secretary. TURCI-IAN, JOSEPH "Joe" . . . a quiet person who likes to listen to others . . . do you know he is a twin? ZERAVICA, BE'I'I Y Betty . . . loves Ruzmarine Orches- tra and dancing . . . May Queen attendant . . . says she's a man-hater? 17 SHURMATZ, SOPHIE Sophie . . . a real pal . . . enjoys singing and basketball . . . the girl of Nicky's dreams. TURCHAN, JOHN "Johnny" . . . the best looking fellow in the Commercial Class . . . Oh! for girls and danting. WANDLESS, CATHERINE "Cassie" . . . a real pal . . . likes basketball and Johnny . . . Oh! my how she blushes! ZIGAROVICH, HELEN Helen . . . efficient secretary to a lawyer . . . proven theory-True love never runs smooth, ask Al. The Reflector SENIOR 'flu the Days that lie Ahead. " CHESTER, EDWARD "Ed" . . . yearns for easy method of earning money . . . says he will someday be a millionaire. GRANDE, JOSEPH "Josie" . . . excells in sports . . . dreams of "Jeanne With the Light Brown Hair." LENART, JOSEPH "Yah" . basketball shark . . aims at apprenticeship in Westing- house . . . has a sunny disposition. DOROSA, MAX belongs to the "Big "Tuxie" . . . ' V bond . . . Four" . . . the Senior aga a very dominant person. KELLAR, JOHN John . . . Is a male Garbo . . . he wants to be alone, with Adeline . . . football star. SCANLON, WALTER "Skinny" . . . known as the ruth- less killer . . . ambition "to get out of school" . , . always munching pretzels. WANNER, CHARLES "Chuckie" . . . May 20th marks the realization of his dreams . . . catches up on his sleep in school. GRANDE, FRANCIS "Bunny" . . . other half of brotherly b ketball and football star act . . . as . . . takes Betty Ann's extra time. LAWRENCE, EDWARD "Dutchy" . . . star football and basketball player . . . can't decide ' h' irls. between Senior or Fres ie g VACCARO, JOHN "Yosh" . . . wants to supervise the "W.P.A." . . . perfect atten- " 's a drop in the dance?? . . . worry bucket". The Reflector SEN IORS A Long Range Forecast , Behind the editor's desk of that great syndicate newspaper, "The Trafford Tattler," sits our dear old friend Guppy. His hair has thinned out, and his figure is not so dashing as it once used to be, but that twinkle in his eye when he smiles suggests that he still is as fond of mischief as he was many yeais ago at T.H.S. He glances at the calendar to reassure himself that this is the day. "May 27, 1957--How many changes can fifteen years make?" he asks himself. Back in 1942 when he, with seventy-odd other Seniors, graduated from T.H.S., it was agreed that on this date, each one would send a report of his achievements direct to "The Trafford Tattler". From these reports a special paper would be printed and a copy sent to each contributor. And now, the day has come! He presses one of the many buzzers on his desk and in an instant his secretary, Helen Zigarovich, enters laden with letters, papers and pencils. Being a "42" graduate herself, she realizes the tremendous im- portance of this occasion and has already taken time to begin the list. Under her own name and Guppy's we find that of James Jenets, President of the Sixteenth 9 f Nba Rife's "Recipes from the Old South," and Francis Murray and Walter Scanlon's column "The Seattle Cherry-go-Round' . We mustn't overlook Bob Corcoran and Betty Jones, who have originated that new comic strip "Betty Petty" using Barbara Balkovic and Lois Schaffer as models. Then we have the local beauty parlor owned by Adeline Czapor with the famous John Kellar as hair stylist and Mary Jane Pringle, Jane Crandall, Krcelic, and Anna Lubanovich as operators. We might add that Frank Grbinich, manager of Trot- zer's Department Store, and Charles Wanner, manufacturer of noiseless alarm clocks, receive their weekly manicure here. Now we come to our three sets of brothers. The Folino Brothers producers on Broadway with their leading ladies, Marie Chappetti, and Margaret Burnett, their leading men, Glenn Shoppe and Lester Lutz, not for- getting to mention their songwrit- er, John Vaccarro, and stage hands, Steve Mikach and George Rantovich are up to their necks in a bitter feud with the Turchan Brothers, producers of Amalga- mated Pictures with their stars 1 Mary Carroll, Anna Stakor, Albert I f 1,- I ' A National Bank, and Catherine Wandless, his secretary. Following them we find several representatives of the local alumnae of "42" at the Harris Hospital, so called because Betty Harris, world famous mezzo soprano, and john Harris, famous orchestra leader, wishing to immortalize their name, donated the funds to build it. Those at the hospital are Emma Jean Cartwright, superintendent of Nurses Edwin Bandy, famous photographer, who is being re-operated on by Staff Surgeon Dr. John Bucar because Nurse Marion- Kerrigan has misplaced her chewing gum, and society matrons Jane Feigert and Dorothy Dubrave, overstaying cases of mumps and measles respectively, so they might be near the handsome doctors, Joseph Lenhart and John Lovre. There are also quite a few doing work with"The Trafford Tattler" itself. Here we find Sophie Shurmatz, writing the famous "Advice to the Lovelorn", Bill Fleming's column on "You Are What You Eat," combined with Dorothy Mae Josephic, and Edward Lawrence. Here we have our famous character Ivan Roackage, who is a prodigy of Orson Welles. Standing calmly by, supposedly neutral in this feud, we find the Grande Brothers, own- ers of the great network, T.H.S. They have just begun a new show entitled "Gunman's Moll" starring Max Dorosa and Anne Radosh with a supporting cast consisting of those veterans of stage and screen, George Myers and Frank Dra- gisic. This blood-curdling drama is sponsored by Donald Leffier, manufacturer of Tinker Toys for Youngsters. George Jonlia is responsible for testing each of these toys before they leave the factory. Ineidentally, it is rumored that Betty Zeravica and her dancing trio including Virginia Patika, Mary Kasonovich, and Kathryn Ivicak are touring Army Camps in one of Gwen Gethiri's Black- poodle busses. Guppy received a few reports from Elaine Mc- Indoe and Betty Brezovic, who are stewardesses Continued on Page 58 19 The Reflector JU 1oRs , .. e J JUNIOR OFFICERS President James Masterianna Vice President Edward Capets Secretary-'I' reasurer Adam Yourrheck JUNIOR GIRLS First row: M. Smith, H. Lubanovicb, V. Drosl, A. Bray, E. Walsh, S. Novak, B. Murray, A. C-SDSU. P. Detrich. B. Fedor, A. Fanty Second row: J. Richardson, H. Zyhowski, S. Mertz, D. Tamarel'i, A. Mikos, J. Sanders, H. Mackinan, M. Bacon, K. Hauth, A. Zuback, J. Yageila Third row: R. Wagner, R. Derrick, H. Correll, F. Brown, E. Giacomin, J. Welsh, B. Loutsenhizer, T. Johnson, H. Kunkle, T. Wampler, E. Mardhand JUNIOR BOYS First row: E. Magusiak, W. I-leintzelman, J. Kochanov, W. Lucas, J. Masterianna, E. Cape-ts, J, Stankowacz, G. Pogue, J. Cigich Second row: A. Voynak, P. Lytle, H. Howes, Q. Draggie, A. Cynkar, M. Licina, A. Yourcheck, J. Kuljurich, K. Koepka, R. Kozubal, G. Huff Third row: R. Lokmer, J. Runtich. J. Clarkson, E. Lawrence, F. Groth, W. Mazur, B. Mclndoe, S. Todaro, J. Rantovich, M. Drakul'ic The Reflector 20 CLASS OF 1943 "It's Our Tum Next" Guppy, meet your successors. These Juniors will step into your shoes next September. Perhaps you remember them as freshmen. It was their first year on the upper floor and everything was unfamiliar. They missed Miss Barr and Mr. Shank. Why, geography and literature weren't even on the schedule. How- ever, they soon grew accustomed to the new routine and elected class officers. They were: Joan Welsh, president, who had the immense task of doing nothingg Edward Magusiak, vice president, dittog Adeline Bray, secretary, and Charles Baird, treasurer. He collected enough dues to finance two parties. Everyone spent three restless hours at each party, and then went home dissatisfied with the favors, as usual. One day, months before May, ballots were distributed for the purpose of electing May Queen attendants. The freshmen very wisely decided on Adeline Bray and Marguerite Smith. To celebrate their graduation to the sophomore class, all of the freshmen got dizzy riding the Racer at the annual picnic at Kennywood Park. And then their second year at high school. Remember, Guppy? The first few days were spent in the woods killing most of the trees in order to get a few more leaves for Biology note-books. You did the same thing a year before, Guppy. This was a year to remember. The year the Academic students were introduced to Caesar, the year the Commercial learned to pound out words on a typewriter, and this was the year Emma jean and George discovered each other. This year for class officers they elceted Edith Giacomin, presidentg Anna- belle Zuback, vice-presidentg Helen Zyhowski, secretaryg and Kathryn Hauth, treasurer. Naturally these officers wouldn't break any old traditions by working, so their terms passed uneventfully, except for the two parties at which everyone had so much fun?? Another May Day and the sophomores chose two lovely brunettes, Kathryn Hauth and LaVerne Mertz. The closing months of school brought on the usual restlessness and spring fever, and the usual picnic at Kenny- wood Park. Then, on an important day in May, the sophomores became upper- classmen. As Juniors they took on an important task. This year they were at work for the Junior-Senior Prom, which is held for you, Guppy, and the other Seniors. To help their finances, of which they had everything but, they sold salt water taffy. Prizes for selling the most taffy were given to several junior girls, who probably never want to see another piece of salt water taffy again. The class officers were elected, to wit: james Masteranna, president, Edward Capets, vice presidentg Adam Yourcheck, secretary-treasurer. They held a skating party at the Broadway Rink and the profits greatly helped the treasury. Then the Juniors took to selling candy bars ati noon, and at the basketball games, and the plays. No school event was complete without the "Kandy Kids" Qname courtesy of Mr. Shrockj. For the third time they elected attendants, Edith Giacomin and Joan Welsh. Soon after the Junior-Senior Prom, Guppy, you and all the other Seniors will be leaving dear old Trafford High. The Juniors, who will succeed you, wish you all the luck in the world. A Compliments of EVELYN COOPER'S BEAUTY SERVICE 21 JUNIORS QOL ' M y f X 1 N wiki i Q ' "You'll soon be a Senior, son"! SOPH OM ORES I I iw , X X Yi 1 A.,A Q, .153 3 5 "Why did I write that note?" CLA SS OF 1944 ff It won't be long now - - - " One night after school Guppy, a typical Senior, was paying up for sleeping in too late that morning by sitting in Time Room for one-half hour. Like all students, when he got to Time Room, he could think of nothing else to do except talk, so he picked on his neighbor, who happened to be a Sopho- more. The subject Guppy thought was most interesting was the election of the May Queen that morning. This started the Sophomore on a train of thoughts. Half thinking to himself and half talking to Guppy he said, "Yeah, election of May Queen today. Seems like no time since we entered high schoolu. "Hm, our Freshman girls were pretty indignant about their separate Glee Club. The boys succeeded in getting into the older Boy's Glee Club though. Hal Ha! Irrepressible "Halfy" Gioia certainly was at home in the part of the Jester in the annual operetta, "The Forest Prince". "Then there were our class parties. Never had so much fun in my life. Even learned a bit about dancing." Guppy interrupted him to ask who the Freshman class officers were last year. "Oh yes, our class officers. Kids made a big mistake in neglecting to elect me. Oh, well, Pres. Chuck Monahan, V. Pres., Pat Gorman, and Sec.-Treas., Jack Baker did a swell job as our executives, so they didn't miss me". "Gee this stoved linger hurts! Got it playing basketball in gym class. Didn't make the team myself. Coach just didn't appreciate my basketball abilities. Too bad we couldn't have made a better showing as Freshmen, but there'll come a day. " There goes Alma Pogue through the hall. She and Helen Petrini made lovely Freshman attendants." At this point Guppy and his friend were sharply reminded that they were sup- posed to be studying, but after a vague attempt to look busy they were soon talking their heads off again. "Gee", said the Sophomore, "tonight's the annual football banquet. Couple of our huskier Sophornores'll be there. I should be too, but Mother thought I was a bit too frail for football. I only weigh 210 pounds." " Phew! sure is warm today! Reminds me of " Crocodile Island", our operetta. A goodly number of Sophomores were in choruses. Would've had the lead myself if voice hadn't been changing." "Heat reminds me too of the terrific exercise I got trying to do the La Conga at our last Class Party. The Sophomore officers, Pres. Carl Peducci, V. Pres., Jack Baker and Eddie Howes, and Sec.-Treas. Walter Koon did themselves proud in planning both parties." "My basketball abilities were ignored this year as usual, and to my surprise the Sophomore boys made quite a name for themselves and the girls showed a marked improvement too." At last they were aroused from their musing and were dismissed from Time Room. The Sophomore met a fellow-student in the hall and learned that the Sophomore Attendants were to be Mary Grace Lovett and Margaret Lovre. Making their way homeward, the Sophomore said to Guppy, "You know, it's too bad they don't elect boys for attendants. I think I would have made a dandy one. People just don't appreciate me." Compliments of DUFFS-IRON CITY COLLEGE The oldest business school in America 22 SOPHOMORIE 0 President Carl Peduzzi Vice President Edward Howes Serretary-Treasurer Walter Koon 23 SOPHOMORES 2 f FFICERS SOPIIOMORI-1 GIRLS First row: N. Desmond, H. Lukchart, H. Dean, C. Zigarovich. I. Marowski, M. Lovre Second row: H, Warden, M. DiReynaldo, R. Jamnik, R. Delia, R. Chester, M. Wiser, M. Howell, S. Seior, M, Kljurich Third row: A. Crandall, I. Steiner, M. Dubrave, P. Gorman, S. Wrubal, C. Mikos, M, Kraynak, M. Kaufman, M. Dragisic, H. Petrini Fourth row: A. Pogue, L. Lucas. E. Zigarovich. D. Macesic, J. Fercnce, C. Bostedo, M. Lovett H. Baric, O. Koehanov, A. Bucar, B. Meager 1 SOPIIO MOR I-I B0 Y S Firsr rim: C. Hegland, D. Divida, B. Carter, J. Mehalic, J. Verchio, A. McLaughlin, J. Trovy, P Kopylczak, S. Szajna, J. Goodman Secnnd rms: C. Bandy, W. Frye, S. Minkle, S. Cercone, A. Gloia, J. Bruno, E. Huff, G. Horanic J. Martino. W. Nabuda, R. Brezovic Third row: A. Leger. E. Czapor, H. Sarbo, W. Koon. C. Cawley, C. Monahan, J. Baker, G. Hall E. Howes, J. Nabuda. W. Earl i The Reflector FRESHME l L .. M i l FRESHMAN GIRLS First row: M. Walsh, C. Lovett, W. Minear, T. Carver, P. Pepper, M. Capets, H. Zuzic, J. Trai- cante, D. Chappetti Second row: R. McCusker, J. Harris, D. Swank, W. Minear, V. Paich, C. Petrini, C. Hillstrom D. Jenkins, P. Green, S. Terletsky, M. Delia, M. Flick, N. Piper Third row: B. Nead, M. Tomasky. L. Munz, J. Brown, M. Kovacic, C. Lawrence, M. Sanders, L Johnson, P. Heckert, M. Wislosky, A. Masterianna, E. Ikes, N. Dahlstrom Fourth row: L. Lovre, D. Nabuda, F. Mayer, M. Harris, M. Pogue H. Litwin, E. Snyder, D. Sarbo R. Mahr, M. Nabuda, E. Mlnaric, E. Kosanovich, J. Crandall FRESHMAN BOYS First row: E. Runtich, J. Wislosky, R. Neale, D. Rossetti, R. Phillips, M. Szajna, M. Krcelic, W Dettis, A. Ryan, E. Drost Second row: R. Marker, E. Turchan, C. Holsingcr, Susang, D. Cercone, P. Turk, E. Lowe, J. Unger man, F. Lusher, R. Cellich, R. Earl Third row: R. Lovre, A. Cerffone, C. Earl, J. Prire, J. Buchan, C. Magiera, H. Cynkar, E. Walker R. Smeltz, M. Riir, C. Dorosa, C. Scanlon The Reflector I . ,X iv., . ,QL CLASS OF 1945 , . ,rg i i f 'A X NX '5 ' 1 if "We'll get there eventually" , 5 gf 'T Time--8:00 A M. .H Place--Time Room .,., "" in f Characters--Guppy and his friend jinx ljg 3 V .' - 255 X "Gee," says Guppy, "practically every seat is occupied. ,, "You said it," says Jinx. "These freshies don't miss out on a thing." ' 7" "How time flies," says Guppy. "I can well remember the day the freshies ' ':'- ,.. came rushing in study hall searching for a back seat, but Mr. Lloyd was one XM ? :'PZ step ahead of them for in a few days he rearranged their seats. With this HI guess Iam arrangement, they met and elected class officers. The results were President in for ity' Carl Dorosa, Vice-Pres. Frank Lusher, Treasurer, Jean Brown, and Secretary Jean Harris. Mr. Lloyd with the help of these officers arranged for the first freshman party. The boys were somewhat shy about dancing, but finally got up enough courage to venture out on the dance floor. All in all the party was an enjoyable one." "The two freshman cheer leaders are Doris jenkins and Claire Hillstrom. I Boy! Can they yell!" "The lntra-Mural Basketball Tournament came to an end with the freshies on bottom, but they decided to face the music with grins on their faces. The second party rolled around and was met with smiling faces left over from he basketball tournament. Strange as it seems, the boys didn't have to be per- suaded to dance. It, like the first, was a great success. Then the freshies did their bit by donating to the May Queen Group two lovely beauties, Camilla Lovett and Doris Jenkins." " Yes," says Jinx, "and they have two majorettes, Camilla Lovett and Matry Lou Harris, strutting ahead of the band." "Yep," says Guppy, "they're busy little things aren't they?" "Let's hope," says Jinx, "in the remaining years of their high school life, they can carry on the respect and nobility of Trafford High." "Come on," says Guppy, "its time to go now." Therese Carver--"J oe, Joe, a thousand times, Joe." Catherine Petrina--"K-K-K-Katy". Mitchell Krcelic--" Oh, Look at me now" Camilla Lovett--"You must have been a beautiful baby" Calvin Holsinger--"My mama dun tole me" Robert Neale--" Curly head" James Fleming--"A Romantic Guy, I" Patty Pepper J Mary L. Walsh J--"Everything happens to me fusJ" Compliments of GEORGE W. LOHR, Hardware, Irwin, Pa. 25 CAMEIDA V EW N The Reflector I wonder if Phyllis and Florence enjoyed their swim, back in 1939 . . . Vacation bound! These two T.H.S. lasses in slacks are Dorothy Tamerelli and E. J. Cartwright . . . Uncle Sam is quite busy thanking Catherine Wandless, Virginia Patika, Betty Zeravica and Mary Kosanovich for their assistance in the Defense Stamp Sale . . . What would have been the football season without these Cheerleaders - Doris Jenkins, Margaret Lovre, Flor- ence Brown, Edith Giacomin, Dot Dubrave and Elaine Mc- Indoe . . . Remember Mary- bel1e's lovely wedding in chapel? We remember her well as Bruce Mclndoe . . . Thes: are the girls that pop into our rooms daily to see who is absent. They are Catherine Wandless, Helen Zigarovich, Mary Car- roll and Adeline Czapor. BUDDY GCE! IDLACES Ju g uk GlRL'S GLEE CLUB First row kneeling: M. DiReynaldo, S Shurmatz, H. Dean, K. Hauth, E. Walsh A. Zuback, J. Yageila, M. Dragisic. Second row seated: L. Baker, R. Delia A. Chester, V. Drosl, O. Kochanov, S. Novak B. Murray, T. Johnson, H. Correll, M Fussilla, S. Sedor, M. Bartakovich. Third row standing: C. Zigarovich, M Kljurich, E. Zigarovich, M. Howells, M Smith, A. Bray, D. Tamarelli, D. Macesic M. Kaifman, A. Bucar. H. Lukehart, B Meager, A. Czapor, Mrs. Ference Fourth row: G. Gethin, H. Baric, N. Des mond. C. Bostedo, M. Lovett, M. Wiser P. German, L. Mertz, S. Wrubal, I. Maro wski, M. Lovre, A. Pogue, F. DiCesare D. Rife Fifth row: H. Zigarovich, E. Cartwright L. Artman, J.Feigert, B. Harris, E. Mclndoe D. Dubrave, B. Brezovic, M. Kerrigan, C Wandless, M. Paich, A. Stakor, J. Ference H. Warden FRESHMEN GlRL'S GLEE CLUB First row: M. Walsh, T. Carver, P. Pepper R. Mahr, P. Heckert, D. Sarbo Second row: D. Nabuda, F. Mayer, V Paich, W. Minear, C. Petrina, C. Hillstrom Miss Hammon, D. Jenkins, P. Green, M Flick, M. Delia, N. Cerni Third row: N. Dahlstrom, W. Minear, L Munz, J. Brown, J. Harris, B. Nead, M Sanders, L. Johnson, C. Lawrence, E. Ikes E. Kosanovich, S. Terletsky Fourth row: L. Lovre, R. McCusker, C Lovett, M. Harris, M. Pogue, J. Traficante D. Chappetti, E. Snyder, A. Masteranna A. Hart, E, Mlnaric. M. Capers BOY'S GLEE CLUB First row: L. Baker. CPianistJ, R. Teith P. Turk, W. Cellich, Miss Hammon, W Dettis, B. Carter, C. Bandy, 0. Gorman Second row: A. Cavalancia, F. Grbinic Jenets, R. Corcoran, F. Fanty C. Dorosa, H. Sarbo, R. Dunn Our Music Supervisor Mrs. Ference, undertaking the great responsibility as Music Supervisor, has been very successful in completing her first year. Her accomplishment in directing the band and her supervision of the operetta, "Crocodile Isle", are only a few of her many achievements. Her sincerety and patience have been appreciated by all. B. Flemming, J. Trovy, J, Kochanov, J. Third row: D. Cavalancia, J. Bucar, R. Cellich, J. Ungerman, E. Lowe, J. Baker, THE GLEE CLUBS "Blended Voices in Harmony" This year the glee club was under the direction of Mrs. Ference, and Guppy noticed that this was her first year with a high school glee club. During the course of the year they learned many fine selections, but those that caught Guppy's ear were "Leibestram" and " I'll See You Again". On several occasions Guppy has had the pleasure of hearing the girls sing at our assemblies. Within the glee club Guppy detected a quartet, who incidentally performed very well on the nights of the Senior Class Play. The members of the quartet were Sophie Shur- matz, Helen Zigarovich, Alma Pogue, and Mary Grace Lovett. Guppy will never forget Sophie when the quartet sang "Elmer's Tune" at assembly. In early spring, Guppy noticed Seniors, under-classmen and what not--running about the school dressed in bright colored costumes with bright Bowers adorning their hair. T o Guppy's surprise it was operetta time again, and the girls were taking their parts, some as members of the cast and others as natives, sailors, and tourists. Guppy agrees that Mrs. F erence should be given much credit for all the time she spent in getting the operetta ready for presentation. To put the final touch to her work with the glee clubs, Mrs. Ference had a big party in the gym. Everybody had a good time--ask Guppy-- he was there. "This year," Guppy says, "was a successful one for the Freshman Girl's Glee Club". It was surprising the number oi girls who were more than enthusiastic to join with Miss Hammon to form, what has proved to be a very active organization. Upon observing this group at some of its meetings, which incidentally, were held on Fridays, Guppy noticed that these girls really enjoyed their work. Per- haps they seemed to enjoy it because of the fine way in which it was presented to them or maybe too, because of the very fine selection of music. But still, Guppy has a better reason--the director of the Freshman Girls Glee Club is Miss Hammon, who is a new-comer to the Trafford Schools this year. Much credit is to be given to Miss Hammon for the time she spent in helping to make the operetta the success it proved to be. Besides appearing at assembly on several occasions, the Freshman Girl's Glee Club also played a big part in the school's annual operetta, "Crocodile Island". Guppy mustn't forget their piano accompanist and secretary, Florence Mayer and Daisy Chappetti, respectively. At the beginning of the year Guppy had a question on his mind. Who was going to instruct the Boy's Glee Club, since Mr. Renton had left. Finally one day practice for the Boy's Glee Club was called on the stage. When someone said the instructor was coming, Guppy looked at the entrance. He learned that the new instructor was Miss Hammon. Guppy has never missed a practice, isn't that strange? Soon Miss Hammon called for tryouts for the operetta. Guppy naturally tried for the lead, but he went flat and his voice screeked. Finally William Fleming, John Bucar, James Jenets, Carl Dorosa, William Cellich, and Roy Cellich got the male leads. Guppy got a part to scrub and sweep the stage. 29 "Just another 'nightingale?" x 3. ul NA SY xx "X visa 1 ex - , 5 MY, S I- . N ilfii: fzt . R -, lisa .tx N F' ' A, 'tx' .. up NX ' X QN , his ' ' I m all wrapped up in music" INSTRUMENTAL GROUPS "A Symphony of Sounds" When the senior orchestra plays at an affair, Guppy is always thrilled, be- cause that means that he can play his tuba for the public. Guppy hasn't been playing long enough to take solos, but when he plays "off beat" time, it's just as much fun as a solo. ' At the time Mrs. Ference first organized this orchestra, instruments in Trafford High School were almost extinct. However, soon after a drive for more musical instruments had been completed, Mrs. Ference had an orchestra of considerable size. Since the orchestra has made itself a definite part of Trafford's musical plan, by playing at all school entertainments. May it continue to expand in years to come. When our band begins to play, Guppy's heart keeps perfect time with the bass drum. He thinks Trafford's band is just about tops, and for once everyone agrees with Guppy. The brown and white uniforms worn by our present band members present a picture that is certain to please even the most severe critics. They, strangely enough compare favorably with any of the ordinarily more appealing colors. In fact, Guppy thinks they outshine any uniform he's ever seen. Of course, he may be just the least bit prejudiced. Mrs. Ference, the conductor has worked both hard and well with our band this year, and the results have been more than satisfactory. Guppy and his fellow Seniors wish the band success in the years to come. May it always be considered, by the students of Trafford High, as an essential part of high school life. Since everyone at T.H.S. agrees that "all work and no play makes a bad student worse," Mr. Shank's orchestra provides the music for the various class dances. Guppy, Trafford's prize jitterbug claims that no orchestra can play "Alexan- der's Rag Time Band" like our school orchestra plays it--and live. Seriously though, Mr. Shank has conducted the dance orchestra for ten years and that is quite a record. Especially when you consider the fact that he's played his trumpet with the orchestra for that length of time also. In fact, without his trumpet every dance would probably turn into a free-for-all, with each player keeping his own time. But since we do have Mr. Shank, we think he deserved a great big hand for his patience and understanding. 30 ORCHESTRA First row: R. Phillips, C. Whitaker, N. Cerne, M. Lovre, L. Walker, A. Martin, V. Julian, G. Lintner, R. MCCusker, Mrs. Ference ' Second row: j. Magiera, W. Frye. F. Lus her, H. Sarbo, G. Gethin, L. Loutsenhizer F. Lawrence, E. Turchan, J. Brown, J. Miller C. Zyhowski, J. Harris, L. Fanty, C. Bandy W. Fleming Third row: L. Lovre, F. Mayer, L. Muni. R. Smeltz. G. Frye, J. Ungerman, J. Baker, J. Clarkson BAND MEMBERS First row: W. Fleming, C. Bandy, L Loutsenhizer, L. Baker, G. Gethin, P. Gor: man, C. Zyhowski, M. Stryjockovich, A Martino, V. Julian Second row C Dorosa L Fantx Har- . 2 'z . . . ,', J. ris, J. Brown, G. Lintner, D. Corl, J. Miller F. Lawrence, E. Lowe, R. Cellich Third row: R. Smeltz, R. McCusker, C Lovett, M. Pogue, H, Petrina, D. Dubrave E. Zigarovich, L. Heinritz, M. Harris, G Frye, S. Minkel Fourth row: J. Baker, A. Gorman, E. Tur- chan, F. Lusher, A. Leger, L. Walker, J Ungerman, D. Divida DANC E BAND First row: C. Glass, E. Turchan, J. Brown, J. Miller, E. Walker, G. Gethin, L. Loutsen- hizer, F. Lawrence, R. Dean, Mr. Shank fSr.andingJ Second row: M. Wiser, M. Harris, M Pogue, L. Mertz, B. Brezovic, Third row: H. Howes, J. Clarkson, J. Baker, R. Phillips, F. Lusher, C. Mageira, W Fleming, G. Lintner, J. Harris, C. Bandy BANDS Q .L - A 3' L S 1. 31 The Reflector Cur Baton Master Mr. Ruckle is the person to whom we owe our many thanks for the addition of the baton twirlers to our band. Getting this brilliant idea, Mr. Ruckle selected several girls, whom he patiently trained. Finding that they learn- ed quickly, he again chose a few more girls to add to the list. We wish to express our sincere appreciation for the time he spent and for the grand work he has done. Mr. D. A. Ruckle 0PERE'l"l'A CAST Standing: J. Jenets, R. Cellich, F. Di- Cesare, R. Corcoran, G. Gethin, C. Dorosa, L. Baker Seated: W. Cellich, D. Dubrave, J. Bucar, B. Brezovic, W, Fleming, H. Zigarovich M AJORETTES M. Pogue, H. Petrini, E. Zigarovich, D. Du- brave, L. Heinritz, M. L. Harris, C. Lovett SEVENTH AND EIGHT GRADE GlRL'S GLEE CLUB First row: N. J. Richel, N. Uhrecht, E Fedor, E. Kromer, E. Koon, G. Brickel, A. Martin, M, Shope, C. Cawley, V. Julian Second row: D, Schecler, M. L. Primosic, C. Todaro, V. Delia, J. Corcoran, M. Tur- chan, J. Mertz, Miss Hammon, J. Miller, P. Vaccaro, M. Brown, G. Lintner, H. Correll Third row: Y. Cercone, A. Peduzzi, M. Morocco, D. Furinsky, C. Whittaker, D. Philips, C. Martino, L. DiCesare, C. Vuic, J. Dahlstrom, L. Mahr, P. Dvoric, A. Zuzic, E. Todalru, K. Johnson Fourth row: I. Koepka, M. Uhrecht, C. Brown, G. Vollmer, R. Galore, J. Peters M. Portic, J. Heasley, C. Pogue, M. Nigro: W. Worth, M. Nigro, V. Patiick, H. Cellich, A. Babeo is THE OPERETTA "No Crocodile Tears Now." One day Guppy walked into the high school gym just as the curtain parted for the first act of Crocodile Island, an Operetta, being presented by the high school Glee Clubs. The parting curtain disclosed a scene of exotic beauty and Guppy sat speechless as the plot unfolded before his eyes. It appeared that the happiness of Crocodile Island and its cheerful leader, King Bongazoola fRoy Cellichj was being menaced by the presence of the guard- ian of the sacred Crocodiles, Coco Orinoco, Games Jenetsj who acts as an inter- preter for a dreaded oracle and also has sinister designs on the kingdom. Thus, it happens that on the day of the story he demands the King and Nitwit tCarl Dorosaj to be offered as sacrifices to the crocodiles. While the King debates with his two daughters Pearl QBetty Brezovicj and Petal fDorothy Dubravej the best way to escape, the royal nurse, Mammy Lu fFrances CiCesarej comes hurrying in to announce the arrival of a shipload of American tourists. Chief among the tourists are: Dr. Amos McSnoozer, tWilliam Cellichj an elderly gem collectorg his nurse, Sara Crisp QI-Ielen Zigarovichlg Miss Abigail Brewster QGwen Gethinl and her nephews, Tom Brooks CBill Flemingb and jefferson, Penfield Cjohn Bucarj and a colored porter, Hopalong Simpson CBob Corcoranj. Of course, Tom and Jeff immediately make the acquaintance of Pearl and Petal, who tell them about the plan to get rid of the King. They conceive the plan of having Hopalong change places with the King, but Hopalong hides in the oracle. When Coco calls on the oracle for a final pronouncement, Hopalong's presence changes matters and Coco confesses his deception. Tom and Jeff are rewarded with the hands of the King's daughters and Hopalong finds recompense in the charms of Mammy Lu. Guppy applauded when the curtain was drawn, but he felt a pang of regret that he had not participated even in the chorus which played such an important part in making the operetta a success. Outside Guppy noticed the Majorettes practicing and stood entranced as they went through their routines. He registered that Dorothy Dubrave would be leaving and wondered who would take her place. The girls made a big hit at the Football games and were always ready to do their part in making the band a success. They started last year with Dolly Lavish, Dot Dubrave, and Mary Lou Harris. Later Camilla Lovett, Loraine Heinritz, Emma Zigarovich, Helen Petrini, and Marilyn Pogue were chosen to do some "stepping", Guppy finally came out of his trance and noticed Mr. Ruckle coaching the girls. He thought back to the time when Mr. Ruckle started training the girls and still patiently keeps on the job. The students owe a lot to him so its "hats off to Mr. Ruckle." No Guppy, we know you don't have a hat. Guppy on his way home met several members of the Seventh and Eighth Grade Glee Club and commended them for their fine performances in Chapel. They thanked him but said all the glory went to Miss Hammon. 33 JI. .NJ 'F' eta, 3 .11 , ,wr W1 MM fill " lilly WW, f 5 .1 11 l"'l.l'1W 'Mr' .SWT gl 1 fm wi' M Pblwllfllh "ill" :i'.'!1'i"'l. -I' ,L l i if 'iff M y ... ' "I'm only an Island Girl in the Operetta CLASS PLAY "Ga!l0ping Ghosts on Parade" ve S 1 it N X X S 'ON S: 'X T 0 X .E ' 4' 9 xii . W 3? if Y xx ' X "'- ' if 51 X .5 W 2-Y N . kg". Ni .:i. 9 . . Nt, "I'm walking the boards" The Reflector SENIOR PLAY CAST Poor little Guppy happened to wander into the gym just in time to see a white ghost pop its head above a divan on the stage. After Guppy had recovered from the shock, he found that he had encountered Gevalt, make-believe ghost of the Senior Class Play. Pat QBetty Harrisj and Phil QWilliam Cellichj, niece and nephew of Aunt Betty QMartha Paichj, are not idly twiddling their thumbs until the guests arrive for Aunt Bettie's birthday party. They have made a ghost to scare Richard Barton Qjames Jenetsj, a wealthy 1 wyer, and Madame Dupre, QAnn Radoshb but in the meantime .hey scare cousin Melinda CDorothy Mae Rifel nea to death. Steve QBill Flemingj is supposed to dress up as a ghost and scare Madame Dupre but he comes over to show Pat his costume and scares Aunt Betty instead. After the arrival of Richard Barton, his wife Berkely QCatherine Wandlessf, Madame Dupre, and Tom Barton Cjohn Bucarj everything is set to order when who should pop in but Marie Farrell fjane Feigertj fiancee of Tom.. She is a scatterbrain girl who is frank almost to the point of embarrassment and she never shuts up. Dick brought some gold that he was going to hide and then hold a seance with Madame Dupre as a clairvoyant. Madame Dupre has some ideas of her own and she tells Albert fMax Dorosaj, her accomplice, where the gold is hidden and he is supposed to steal it. Well, you know what happened: Albert stole the bag filled with rocks and got caught. Dick got th: gold back and found the real gold that Grandpa Barton had hid besides. The play turned out all right, and I don't think anybody was scared too much by Gevalt except Guppy. This ought to teach Guppy a lesson not to wander around in places where he shouldn't be, or Mrs. Lloyd and Mr. McLeister will put him to work shining light bulbs. 34 Front row seated: J. Jenets C. Wandless, Wm. Cellich BJ-Iarris, Wm.Fleming J Feigert. Back row: A. Radoah M Paich, J. Bucar, D. M Rxfe HTOMAHAWKH Carries On Our monthly journal, "The Tomahawk", originated by the Honor Society in 1939, has completed its third successful year under the supervision of Miss Megee, Mr. Lloyd, and Mr. McLeister. The staff, composed of thirty-three high school representatives has worked hard to bring entertainment and enjoyment to the student body. Much credit is given to Betty Brezovic, our editor-in-chief. Marjorie Bacon is assist ant editor and jane Feigert, news editor. Our business manager, Sophie Shurmatz, con- troling our money CPP, keeps us out of "the red!" Despite the fact that our reporters have much difficulty in remembering the deadlines, they have been faithful and, as the backbone of our paper, deserve much credit. Betty Jones and her assistants have drawn our sketches, and Elaine Mclndoe has entertained us with her exchange articles. Our Sports Editor is Bill Lucas. Our faithful typists, along with these, are worthy of our recognition. This year our business enterprizes were the investments in card tables to be rented at the school parties and the sale of Christmas candy. These have helped us on our road to financial success. Another year has passed in the life of our paper. This, another step forward in the progress of education, has helped to develop the talent of its contributors' and has brought much interest in the school activities. May our "Tomahawk' live for many years to come. TOMAHAWK STAFF First row: V. Paich, L. Muntz, C. Hillstrom, M. Sana ders, E. Mclndoe, D. Du- brave, H. Zigarovich, A. Stakor, B. Harris, J. Welsh. Second row: E. J Cart- wright, J. Feigert, D. Nabuda, B. Neade, D. Tamarelli, M. Bacon, M. Bartakovich, M. Howes, P. Pepper, W. Lucas, J. Ungerman Third row: W. Cellich, B. Brezovic, B. Jones, S. Shurmatz, M. Paich, J. Bu- car, P. Gorman, M. Lovett, M. Walsh, G. Gethin, J. Fleming E N EW SPAPER . gs fx f . ' .Q XX I jk rg .iw '4?5w y ex xl x tv .. . X : x. X f F m 'n " Q 1: ' -' . . Z S F1- Q' iw? ' f' :Iv Sky - ii'-:E , 1. Sgzttigglwfn s .I- ' ii' ,,,, .,.. 4, ' ..-...,:.:,:.: -:.,,g.g5s' 'ff gn at I'll just hammer it out" Compliments of PERRY-JUNE BEAUTY NOOK, Pitcairn, Pa. 35 The Reflector ASTRONOMY CLUB "We may be usepzl Sky-watchers" fr". f 4' 2 .5 - , ? , 4? 7 I Z . .1 5 "Maybe we'll get that telescope" The Reflector ASTRONOMYCLUB First row: J. Baker, J man, M. Lovett, J. Bucar W. Cellich Second row: C. Peduzzi B. Jones, D. Tamarelli, J Welsh, G. Gethin, A. Gioia C. Lo tt N P' ve , . iper Third row: J. Clarkson C. Dorosa, D, Leffler, H Howes The Astronomy Club is under the supervision of Mr. Kelly. Guppy is a very energetic member of this club. When Mr. Kelly calls a meeting, he does not have to look over the whole school to find Guppy, for he is always around where one hears feminine voices. Now Mr. Kelly waits for tive minutes till the members become orderly. Then as he is about to call the meeting to order, Guppy raises his hand, and asks if he may go out and get a drink of water. Mr. Kelly now balances the sword on one hand, and the pen on the other, The pen wins, and permission is granted. After Guppy's return, the meeting is started. Mr. Kelly explains that this year the Astronomy Club will not take a trip to Pittsburgh. "What!" says Guppy, "No trip to Pittsburgh?" "No, Guppy," says Mr. Kelly, and I'1l tell you why. We all realize that transr portation rates are high, and that we must be willing to sacrifice such privileges as trips to Pittsburgh during this crisis. Do you understand, Guppy?" "Yes, Mr Kelly," answers Guppy, "and incidently when will our telescope be completed, and where will it be placed?" Mr. Kelly pulls out his handkerchief and after wiping his brow says, "You're a very inquisitive lad, Guppy, but I shall answer your question. Our telescope will be completed at the end of this year. We then shall install it under a dome, which shall be built on the new field. This observatory when completed will be used by our dear little astronomy students." Mr. Kelly stops suddenly. "Why the tears, Guppy? Are they falling because you are graduating this year?" "No, Mr. Kelly, it isn't that. It's this onion." 36 Jenets, E. Mclndoe, P. Gor- "We're the T Boys, but no tea. VARSITY CLUB VARSITY CLUP- First rowz LFolino, A. Folino, J. Grande, C. Law- rence, J. Turchan, K. Koepka, j. Cigich Monahan Third row: G. Jonlia, Mikach, J. Masterianna, . What is this queer sight coming toward us? Why, it looks like Guppy with " T's" all over his jacket. Oh, now we get it. He is a twenty-one letter man and has decided to let every one know about it. Guppy just couldn't be satisfied with one letter on his jacket, he had to have a jacket made of his letters. Of course, his mother had to do some Crocheting, so the boys decided to save their money and have Guppy's mother make his jacket. Do you mind if we call him over and get some information about this club? "Oh, Guppy, will you come here a moment? What is this Varsity Club, what is its purpose, and who are eligible to join?" "Please, Mr. Reporter, one question at a time. What I want to know is what do I get out of it if I do tell you? My name in the paper?" "Well, I think that can be arranged. We might even have a talk with the principal about your marks. I hear you are just above the line." "Would you really talk to Mr. Legory about me? Gee! that would be swell. Now let me think you asked, 'What is the Varsity Club, what is its purpose, and who are eligible to join?' It's an organization to promote better sportsman- ship, and to encourage the boys to participate in sports so they can receive a "T". You see, only boys who have been awarded "T's" can join. In case you are interested, the officers are: Tony Folino, President: Joseph Grande, Vice Presidentg and Steve Mikach, Treasurer. We also hold dances, candy sales, and sell pins whenever we can. There goes the bell. I had better hurry up and get to my classes. I hope I see you again. So long." .fr F I. , jig, . it 'yfls X . :x' fs Q X fx, Ax i'5:.., qw? ..., fi, rm- a i as M? ':i'-" 1, .. 1. Xiu, . xx' W 1 Q ga O 'fe ga: ax? S :E D FP 0 'Q I it. v.-arf-. -ww 2 2 HQO 0-Q: Egi- Free ' 5 35 F' rn F57-7,3 3 We 03' Kozubal, J. Kellar, B. Mc- Indoe, J. Lenhart Compliments of PAUL PUCIC-Meats and Groceries 37 The Reflector FOOTBALL FOOTBALL TEAM First row: E. Capets, J Kellar, K. Koepka, T. Folino J. Grande, E. Lawrence B. Mclndoe Second row: M. Licina F. Grande, C. Monahan A. Yourcheck, R. Kozubal G. Jonlia, S. Todaro Third row: G. Bucar, J. Mastrianna, S. Mikach, J Turchan, R. Heinritz, J Kljucarich, J Turchan, C P d ' e uzzx Fourth row: R. Lovre, S. McLachlan, L. Folino, W. Lucas, W. Koon, R. Marker, J. Cigich, Coach Koepka . 21.9 I si t .. -3.5 "I hope the Sports Scribes see thisi' The Reflector , 1 Highlights from the Gridiron This year's football season was considered good for Trafford High School. We came within smelling distance of the WsP.I.A.L. and within one game of winning the county championship. Our team had two sets of brothers, the Grandes and the Folinos. QMang was manager for the fourth year.D The team was composed of 25 boys, all of whom saw Uattive service". Fourteen of them received letters for playing twenty quarters, or half the total playing season. Nine of them were Seniors, two Juniors, and occasionally one or two Sophomores were in the starting lineup. Trafford won six games, dropped three, and tied Bell Township in a scoreless deadlock. In all the games played, every boy showed true spirit of sportsmanship and courage. A team like Trafford's stands out as a shining example of coopera- tion liglpting friendly rival teams. The bystanders helped to keep our team's spirits high by cheering them on from the sidelines. The attendance was good for all games, even though our new field was not ready for use. A few of the boys that shone during the year were: Anthony Folino, carrying the ball straight thru the lineg Guppy who kept the bench at 78 9 Edward Lawrence, running sensationally down the fieldg Joe Grande keeping a hole open: Jim Masterianna, brilliant end catching of passes, only to be hurt and miss most of the season. They are only a few of the players that helped to bring Trafford to a victorious season. T he Season Trafford 6 East McKeesport Trafford 12 West Newton Trafford 18 Derry Boro Trafford 0 Blairsville Trafford 9 Wilmerding Trafford 25 Plum Twp. Trafford 0 Bell Twp. Trafford 25 Penn Twp. Trafford 14 Ligonier Trafford 0 Pitcairn Total 100 Total FOOTBALL The Letlermen Joe Grande Tackle Francis Grande Quarter Anthony Folino Fullback Edward Lawrence L. Half John Kellar End Steve Mikach Guard John Turchan Tackle Charles Monahan End George Jonlia Half back Max Licina Center Adam Yourcheck L. Half James Masterianna End Robert Kozubal Guard COACH KOEPKA Our Coach Poor Guppy, after playing seasons of football and basketball, he was posi- tive that he had developed muscles comparable only to those of Coach. This is Mr. Keopka's second year as athletic director at T.H.S. He is responsible for bringing out the best in our football squad, our boys' and girls' basketball teams as well as various other activities. Mr. Koepka was the proud father of a new daughter, Nedra Jean. We are certain that when this young lady is herself a stu- dent at T.H.S. she will be as popular as her daddy is now. The Reflector BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: J. Clarkson, J. Lenart, J. Turchan, J. Grande, E. Lawrence, F. Grande Second row: Mr. Koepka, W. Lucas, A. Yourcheck, K. Koepka, H. House, L. Folino, E. Mlnaric The Record Tournament Runner- Up Trafford 29 Pitcairn 49 Trafford 25 Bell Township 22 Trafford 2 2 Export 14 Trafford 1 1 Pitcairn 17 Trafford 2 1 Sewic kley 2 2 Trafford 14 Export 3 1 Trafford 23 Wilmerding 45 Trafford 21 Plum Township 18 Trafford 20 Pitcairn 29 Trafford 24 Sewickley 23 Trafford 1 2 Sewickley 8 Trafford 1 5 Penn Township 16 Trafford 8 Plum Township 16 Trafford 3 1 Penn Township 2 5 Trafford 24 Bell Township 2 5 Trafford 19 Franklin 23 Trafford 2 1 Youngwood 1 8 Trafford 15 Ligonier 21 Total 355 Total 422 The Reflector Trafford's basketball season was successful and came near being chosen Westmoreland Champions. The Tomahawks started off by beating Bell Township, then lost to Export, and came back to beat Plum Township twice in a row. Next the Tomahawks played two games with Sewickley, away and at home, and won both. They next lost to Penn Township but came back and won a second game. Then came a sensational upset. Youngwood was a lirst class team and in this game Trafford was held down by the Youngwood second team for three quarters but when the first string came in Traf- ford started to score. The Tomahawks won 21-18. This gave us a chance to compete in the county tournament only to lose to Ligonier 21-15. 40 Highlights from the Floor Trafford had an extremely good basketball season this year, as far as county records are concerned. All in all there were seven wins and ten defeats for Trafford but some of the defeats were at the hands of vastly superior schools. Pitcairn, our old enemy, got the best of us this season, defeating us at every try except one. However, we managed to hold our own with teams of our own class and then some. We defeated Bell Twp., Export, Sewickley, Plum Twp., Penn Twp., and made a sensational upset by defeating Youngwood 21-18. Youngwood was ex- pected to beat us by a wide margin, but Trafford came thru to win the respect for the Brown and White after all these years of submission. Trafford never came within the county tournaments before but after defeating Youngwood, they experienced the pleasure of playing lst class basketball with lst class teams. Our home and away games had a good attendance all in all, and we had a good supporting cheering section. The bystanders received a "yell" from Pitcairn which was at once introduced in T.H.S. as, " Our team is red hot!" Guppy was the fellow on the team who sat on the banking board and pushed the ball through. The Tomahawk team consisted of five shirfty, accurate fellows plus Guppy: Edward Lawrence, Joe Grande, Kenneth Koepka, joe Lenart, and Francis Grande. High scores were made by E. Lawrence, and F. Grande, who showed up well in the tournament making most of the goals. We can only hope for as good a season and as good a team next year. BASKETBALL . A ' X S X K T X if x X ... - i A EVM. A "I hope it goes in" JUNIOR VARSITY First row: F. Grnth, W. Koon, C. Monohan, E. House, A. Leger Second row: Mr. Koepka L. Folino, F. Lusher, G. Horanic, J. Trovy, J. Baker, E. Turchan, E. Mlnaric I 41 5 The Reflector GIRLS BASKETBALL We just Play for Fun" THE SEASON Trafford 16 Bell Township 7 Bell Township 25 Trafford Alumni 5 Franklin Township 1 1 Pitcairn 1 1 Pitcairn The Reflector GIRLS' VARSITY First row: D. Dubrave, E Mclndoe, Coach Koepka M. Kerrigan, B. Zeravica Second row: C. Wandless L. Artman, G. Gethin, B Loutsenhizer, M. Bacon, S Shurmatz, V. Patika, B Brezovic l Guppy was always a loyal rooter for the Girls' Varsity Basketball Team, and you would always End him in the cheering section. He had everything down pat when the girls' team was concerned. At the first game, Guppy showed up with a broad smile and a cheer when Trafford tackled Bell Township and bowed to them. The return match proved the girls needed more practice when Bell Township defeated Trafford again. But Guppy would always pat the girls' shoul- ders, commend them on their fine play, and wish them better luck next time. Luck was against Trafford when the Alumni Girls' Team walked off the floor victorious. Two games were scheduled with Franklin Township. The first game Trafford lost to Franklin, and the second game was cancelled because of weather conditions. After losing so many games the girls decided they would surprise everyone by winning the game scheduled with Pitcairn, at Pitcairn. This proved to be an exciting game when the score, at the end of the game, was tied 10-10. An extra three minutes were played when Miss Kerrigan came through with a foul shot, making the score 11-10 in favor of the Tomahawks. That evening Guppy treated the girls' team to a soda. In the return match with Pitcairn, the game ended in a deadlock. And so it ended--the last year of basketball to be played for Trafford High by the senior girls. But next basketball season Guppy and the girls will be back to "root" for an up and coming attractive and enter- taining group, The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team. 42 "We Hope You Liked It" After combing the entire building, calling frantically from room to room, in search of Guppy, we Finally found him, fast asleep, curled up on the cot in Mr. Koepka's office. Poor thing, he tried so hard to make your tour of our high school as interesting and humorous as possible that by now he's just completely worn out. He looks so peaceful and unpreturbed that, instead of awakening and reprimanding him for neglecting us, we have decided to introduce ourselves as best we can. We compose the staff of your "Reflector" this year,. Under the able guidance and supervision of our faculty adviser, Mr. McLeister, we have been able to bring to you another annual containing memoirs of our Alma Mater. We have been able to do so only with the assistance of our dear beloved friend Guppy. When we returned, exhausted from pounding the pavements in search of ads, Guppy had a foot-bath ready and waiting for each of us. When we felt discouraged, he cheered us up. And when it came to write-ups, he calmly suggested that we leave everything in his hands. The method he chose was that of a conducted tour of our entire high school, pausing here and there to describe our various activities, and interview teachers and students. We sincerely hope that the results are effectual. This year we have tried to bring comedy to you, using Guppy as a medium. It has been said, "Laugh and the world laughs with you". By laughing himself, Guppy hopes that at least a small part ofthe world is laughing with him. REFLECTOR G ,V I ,4' i A f l l 1 ,,,g Q X e e 1 .... ",, g . iiz .5 . V 'L REFLECTOR STAFF First row: G. Gethin, V. Paich, C. Wandless, E. J Cartwright, H. Zigarovich, B. Harris Second row: B. Brezovic, E. Mc!ndoe, C. Dorosa, J. Bucar, D. Dubrave, A. Zu- back Third row: F. DiCesare, M. Bacon, S. Shurmatz, M. Paich, P. Gorman, J. Welsh I 'E Compliments of THE TRAFFORD WOMEN'S CLUB 43 The Reflector ADVERTISER S Trafford Business and Professional Association Carson's Real Estate Ee' Insurance Daugherty's Funeral Home Dom's Barber Shop Davis Welding Shop Elmer's Dairy Store Haupt's Drug Store Hill's Service Station Mikan Motor Co. Dr. L. W. McGough McBride's Theatre Mc Gara's Hardware Store Mageira's Restaurant Portzer's Clothing Store Traiford Motor Co. White Front Market Wilson's Service Station The Reflector PATRON S "Muclms Gracias" In the language of our Latin American friends and neighbors, many thanks to you, our patrons and sup- porters. The success of this year's "ReHector" shows that generosity is still a very human trait. Mr. L. J. Asquino Miss Mary Elizabeth Bierer Miss Florence Bower Mr. 85 Mrs. James Brown Miss Catherine Bucar Rev. 85 Mrs. H. M. Carnahan Mr. 85 Mrs. Edward Kelly Mr. 85 Mrs. A. H. Koepka Mr. 85 Mrs. J. Lacivita Mr. 85 Mrs. L. A. Legory Mr. 82, Mrs. Ross Loutsenhizer Mr. 85 Mrs. Ralph Cartwright Mr. 85 Mrs. M. J. Dubrave Mr. Frank N. English Mr. 85 Mrs. H. G. Gethin Mr. 85 Mrs. R. T. Gillis Rev. F. McCabe Mr. 85 Mrs. N. E. Mclndoe Mr. 85 Mrs. Walter McLesiter Mr. Joseph Megee Miss Margaret Megee Dr. 85 Mrs. C. L. Mitchell Misses H. R. 85 M. A. Gunia Mrs. Elizabeth Hall Miss Geraldine Hammon Mr. 85 Mrs. J. A. Harris Mr. 85 Mrs. E. J. Hillstrom Mr. 85 Mrs. Edward Himmler Dr. 85 Mrs. G. E. Hunker Rev. 85 Mrs. William H. Kadel Rev. 85 Mrs. K. W. Munster Miss Helen Neale Dr. 85 Mrs. F. M. Pogue Dr. Catherine Jean Pucic Mr. 85 Mrs. A. C. Scales Mr. 85 Mrs. H. E. Seville Mr. 85 Mrs. J. M. Tamarelli Mr. A. L. Zuback Acknowledgments All of these listed below are as familiar as old friends: all have assisted us before in our "Reflector" work. We are indebted to: Mr. Young of the Pontiac Company for the engraving. Mr. Armstrong of Standardized Press for the printing. Mr. Rubenstein of Strem Studios for the photography. Mr. Miller of Kover Kraft for the covers. Mr. Kelly of our Faculty for additional pictures. And to all our Subscribers and Advertisers for their generous support. DATDDNIZE DUIQ ADVEIQTIIEDI The Reflector ADVERTISERS Compliments of OHRINGER HOME FURNITURE COMPANY The Ohrin gf r Corn er WEYANDT DRUG CO' Seventh Street Zi Brrddock Avenue Trafford, Pennsylvania Braddock, Pa.-Br. -ISCO I Open Fvenings by Appointment STREM CAMERA PORTRAITURE 604 Locust Street Phone MCK. 4-575 McKeesport, Pa. The Reflector ADVERTISERS Compliments of V FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF VVILMERDING Pitcairn Branch-Pitcairn, Pa. I Member of Federal Reserve System I Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The Reflector ,,- " -f 1 ' .2:2Ty-six ,z 5 1. I fat? .jF?i f'3'i' .4'7'L5f' " V "' iff- ffgq..-f' 'BQSXNAW H ,twfjfff -J-'fir-.. .,nff..,,i Nl! f-Q5 R ' JfMbf1f?'QJ W ' W S , J , N J! X " ,, f N vain. W" M ,:..,. 1' -- - , -. ,NI -. "UH '54 4 I I, -3 J 'ff "X ' "' I A . ,, , ., Jwr, I A. .. I A .. . -721: ef' 'CEI 4. X rx J ' 'rm 3.231 ' fss I J- ' ' -1 J?-Lllpe-f ,' .1 A F.-F ,ir . .S 5-1.72, - . .., f f 5 I 4 :Ri f , wx. ., ' Y f.',T"f3Q.'S,' ' f . NX Sf, -G S- f -.X P.-., ' ---5-, .. . DUIQ BUYS IN THE IEIQVICE ADOLPH ARLOTTI WALTER BACON NEWTON BAKER JOSEPH BALKOVEC EDGAR BANKS LOUIS BEARER PAUL BEARER ALFRED BEHE ANDREW BRLETIC ROBERT BROOKY JOHN CAMPBELL MAURICE JAMES CARROLL FREDERICK DOUGLAS CARTER THOMAS ARTHUR CARVER LEROY FOSTER CARSON JOSEPH COLANGELO JOHN DENCY GEORGE WALTER DERRICK JOSEPH BENJAMIN DERRICK FRANK DETRICK CLAIR H. DETRICK JOSEPH DIVIDA LAWRENCE DRIEVER JOHN DVORVIC ANDREW FEDOR STEVE FEDOR FRANK PAUL FERRARO ANGELO FIORENTINO ANTHONY JOSEPH FIORENTINO ALBERT FIX RAYMOND FOREMAN ALBERT FRANDER FRANK J. FRANDER The Reflector ROBERT EARL FUNDIS VICTOR GIACOMIN PAUL GIOVENETTI THOMAS GORMAN CARMEN REGIS GRANDE THOMAS GRBINICH JOSEPH GRGURICK CHARLES HAUPT JOHN JAMES HAUTH ROBERT HAUTH WILLIAM HAUTI-I RICHARD GEORGE HOLIDAY JOHN JOSEPH JAMNIK CHARLES WILLIAM JOHNSTON MIKE JOSEPHIC STANLEY KELLAR MARTIN KOCHANOV THEODORE KOPYLCHECK JOSEPH KROMER THOMAS KROMER CHARLES KUNKLE RALPH DEAN KURTS RALPH ROBERT LEFFLER HARRY LAVISH JOHN LICINA NICK LITWIN DAVID LONG RALPH EDWARD LUKEHART THOMAS MALLEY DAVID JOHN MANDICH NICK MARGIN DEAN B. MARTIN MAX MAURER ADVERTISERS TRAFFORD POST NO. 331 xllllllll X gm American Legion 31 l R f 4111113 X X - N Y ""'f . Q 'Wmwmwx For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of Americag to maintain law and orderg to foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent Americanismg to preserve the memories and incidents of our association in the Great Warg to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nationg to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the mass- esg to make right the master of mightg to pro- mote peace and good will on earthg to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy, to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.-Preamble to the Con- stitution of The American Legion. The Reflector OUR BOYS IN THE SERVICE CContinued From Page 485 JOHN JOSEPH MAYERNIK CLEMENS MCGARA FRANCES MCHUGH JOSEPH MIKACH CLYDE MITCHELL JOE MOROCCO OLIVER NORTHWOOD WILLIAM PAINTER EDWARD PALCHACK WILLIAM PALESKY GLENN PARKINS HAROLD PARKINS LAWRENCE PETRINI JOSEPH RICHARD PILLAR JACK POGUE JAMES POGUE RICHARD POGUE JOHN J. RADOSH ELI RANTOVICH ROBERT REISINGER JAMES RICHARDSON WILBUR ERNEST RITCHEY JOHN ROZZA In Memoriam JOHN RUNTICH HOWARD SHAEFER EDWARD SCHNEIDER PAUL SCHOPP PHILIP SCHWEIKARTH CHARLES C. SLAUBAUGH CHALMER K. SLOAN JOHN SMITH GILBERT ERHARD SNYDER SAMUEL SNYDER JOHN MARTIN SOROKACH RUSSELL STEINER NICKOLAS STOCKER PAUL STOCKER NICKOLAS SUBASICK VINCENT SCHWARTZ JOHN DONALD VIOLA JOHN FRANCES VITOUS JOHN VOYNICK JOHN YOURCHECK MIKE ANDREW zUzIK CHESTER ZYHOWSKI JOHN RADOSH, '40 Lost in action at sea The compilers of this list have not intentionalbf omitted any names of Trajord boys in the various service arms U our country. U' there are any whose names huve been overlooked we apologize for the error and should appreciate any additions or corrections to our list for the Service Honor Roll plaque in the High School Building. The Reflector ADVERTISERS I 1 i E i l l f To the Class of 1942, Congratulations and Best Wishes for your Success IRWIN SAVINGS E? TRUST COMPANY Irwin, Pa. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation The Reflector ADVERTISERS GRACE MARTIN'S SCHOOL "a school discriminate" Secretarial for Young Women l7th K 18th Floors-Keenan Building Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone Trafford 9782 for Better dry cleaning service SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING CO. 41-l Cavitt Avenue Trafford, Pa. VVe Monite Moth Proof all woolen garments cleaned without extra charge Congratulations to the Class ofl9-12 Best Wishes for the success of each individual member C. V. LLOYD --- Florist 1, ,S The Reflector ADVERTISERS ts of Complimen IS EX CQ Trafford Rotary Club "He Profits Most Who Serves Best" The Reflector ADVERTISERS Traifordites Let's Eat at Compliments of THE ISLAND CClub Saharaj McBRIDE'S THEATRE Barbecue and lce Cream Camp Comfort Buttermilk Falls Tmgormpa' Ligonier, Pa. Route 30 Bathing - Dancing Compliments of H. z. SCHMIDT, o.D. Jos. J. SCHMIDT Compliments Of Registered Optometrists TRAFFORD 107 Electric Ave., E. Pittsburgh, Pa. phone Valley 2317 FIRE DEPARTMENT Ofiice Hours: 9:00 A.lVI. to 5:30 A Liberal Credit The Reflector ADVERTISERS Compliments of C omplim ents of TRAFFORD SPORTSMEN'S i BROADWAY ROLLER RINK CLUB Pitcairn, Pa. Trzlfford, Pa. Congratulations TRAFFORD CLASS OF '42 from THE WILKENS AMATEUR HOUR and THE WILKENS JEWELRY COMPANY Headquarters for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Radios On E. Z. Credit Q , Elec-trlic and Braddock Avenues East Pittsburgh, Pa. The Reflector ADVERTISERS WALTER S. Mc INDOE ESTABLISHED 1892 Wall Paper and Paints Quaker Rugs - Hall Carpets Window Shades Second and Center Pitcairn, Pa. Phone 356 Buy With Confidence From L. SCHMIDT Braddock's Oldest and Most Reliable Jewelry Store 728 Braddock Ave. Braddock Compliments ot' Morocco and Warren Coal Co. Trafford, Pennsylvania Route 180 Phone Export 93R2l The Reflector ADVERTISERS verything You een' 1892 l 50 Years af Safety l 1942 l The In Banking if Whether you are a young man or wom- an just starting to earn, or a business man with varied interest, The First National Bank of lrwin is equipped and ready to supply your financial needs. Checking and Savings Accounts, low- cost loans, Safe Deposit protection for your valuables and numerous other ser- vices are at your disposal here. All are time-tested, all subject to lfenl- eral Super vision. 'A' FIRST NATIONAL BANK Irwin Pa. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -eb: 50tl9 Anniversary -113+ The Reflector ALUMNI NOTES Keeping Step with the Grads This time, Guppy is certainly one up on you. He knows all, sees all, and has finally decided to tell all. . One afternoon, down at the ex-coke machine with a group of Senior girls, their favorite rendezvous, the subject of the Alumni was brought up. Well- here's where Guppy stood-out, because he hung around corners and had the habit of " eavesdroppin" on teachers. He managed to gather up many important bits of gossip concerning the Alumni. After much coaxing, he finally gushed forth with this: Many students from the class of '42 are employed at the Westinghouse. Among these are Katherine Bucar, Walter Adamik, Peter Bucar, Russell DeFrank, Raymond Earl, Alfred Eckenrod, james Ferraro, julia Gaslevic,Peter Gioia, Kenneth Green, Francis Himmler, Robert Kalanja, Margaret Lavish, Mike Lokmer, Helen Loutsenhizer, Catherine Lovre, Paul Lovre, Elmer Macesic, Mike Mackinan, Edward Maguire, Charles Mattern, Lloyd Myers, Albert Nania, Joseph Sedor, Frank Todaro, Frances Toocheck, Charles Varsofsky, Clifton Woleslagle, George Young, and john Yushinsky. Those attending business colleges are: Dorothy Bryan, June Crandall, Flo- rence Johmson, Evelyn Racki, Jean Rubright, and Betty Jane T ewes. Dora Bearer is at Seton Hill, Thomas Culp at Divinity School, Imogene Hunker at Indiana State Teachers College, and Jacqueline Morris is attending The University of Pittsburgh. Goldie Burns and Mildred Foster are married and a little bird told me Wed- ding Bells for Beatrice I-Ieckert also. Trafford Alumni is also represented at the Bell Telephone Company by Kathryn Skrgich and Josephine Fanty. Sara Leger is going to a beauty school in Pittsburgh, Edward Arlotti is working at Arlotti's Cafe, Helen Jonlia is working S. at Carsons, and Mildred Piller is employed at Joseph's 5 8 10. ,.-,J Warren Link is connected with the Link Construction Company, Victor "H Mastrianni is manager at Mikan's Motor Company, George Mazur is a cashier at the A 81. P Super Market, and William Ryan is driving a coal truck. The only representative from the class of '42 in the Army, thus far, is John Smith. ployed by the railroad, Louise Yeager is secretary to Mr. Seville, and Amelia Zyhowski is employed at Snyder's Garage. 'D If anyone has been overlooked, ye Alumni Editor is at fault for lack of infor- dl Ill mation. Excuse, please. ml I p ff K I hi' 'r , U A - ,Q ' 59" ,visit Elsie Stone is working in a dress shop in Pittsburgh, Miller Tarbuck is em- 5. 5 1 1 R K X . Q lf' A P A:-'nk A 9: 2-rw 'f if .Ns Sai: e X 'is' H552 7 -Im H 'Ill 'lllllll A Long Range Forecast fContinued from Page 191 with the Disunited Airlines. Together, they have met such famous personages as Elmer Mlneric, successor to Babe Ruth: William Cellich, founder of the elixar of life, Leila Baker, renowned concert pianist: John Baric, discoverer of the new mineral laughawayg Marthat Paich and Lois Artman, composing the famous comedy team "The Can- Fan Girls"g Edward Josephic, first tenor at the Metropolitan: Fred Eichenberger, prodigy to Fred Astireg and Frank Lovre, Professor of French at Vassar. From Washington we have reports from George Bartokovich, Secretary of the Exterior, as well as The Reflector his secretary, Mary Bartokovichg Edward Chester Senator form Alaska: and his secretary, Mary, Brleticg and Frances DiCesare, Secretary of Do- mestic Elations. "There, the list is complete," said Miss Zigaro- vich. But on looking up she discovered that Guppy hadn't heard her but was just sitting there with the same mischievous smile on his face. So she very quietly gathered her papers and took her leave, allowing Guppy to recall fond memories and per- haps dream of what would happen in the next fifteen years. 58 l 9 ADVERTISERS Compliments of Harry E. Corl Funeral Home Trafford, Pennsylvania The Reflector ADVERTISERS The Pitcairn Board of Trade 702 Brinton Avenue, Pitcairn, Pa. Oiiicers Directors J. D. REED, President I. S. HUGHES, Vice President CHARLES R. DECKER, Sec'y Atlantic Es' Pacific Tea Co. Atlantic Service Station Bauman's Confectionery Broadway Clothing Store Broadway Auto Supply C0betto's Confectionery City Ice and Fuel Daw-Renn Studios Daugherty Funeral Home DeBone Shoe Repair Decker Insurance Agency Fleming E? Company Graham Garage Grimm Drug Company Golick Garage Treas. lst National Bank of Wilmerding Hysong Motor Company Hunt's Dairy Store King's Dairy Store Kairy Tailor Shop Kifer Real Estate Kroger Grocery E6 Baking Co. Keystone Garage Ladies Store Lang Hardware Lang Service Station Marsha1l's Market Mathews Insurance Agency McGara's Inc. lf. H. STRAITIH' EARL DAUGHENBAUGH F.. IX. I.ANc: Mease Eff Kuhn Mueller Bros. Grocery G. C. Murphy Company Reis, The Tailor Roots Market Ruthea Shoppe Russell Funeral Home Salyard's Inc. Sanders Market Smith's Grocery State Auto Supply Store Stewart Ee' Thompson Stout Real Estate Ee' Insurance Straitiif's Grocery Stull's Auto Repair Summer's Insurance Agency Tartline Market The Observer Torino Market United States Post Office Valley Thrift Corporation Weiss Market Wilson Insurance Agency Woods' Pharmacy Wooletas Confectionery D. A. Johns C. B. Yothers John C. McGinnis Joseph N. Huston WHAT HELPS BUSINESS, HF.I.PS YOI7 The Reflector ADVERTISERS l 1 F ALLER'S For Furniture 533 Penn Ave. Turtle Creek Phone Ya. 1555 Open Evenings by Appointment TraiTord's Big School Picnic KENNYWOOD PARK I Saturday, May 23, 1942 I W. J. YENNY Jeweler 10-1' Electric Avenue Fast Pittsburgh, Pa. HOUSTON STARR CO. Brick Manufacturers Roofing and Building Materials, House Paint Phone Trafford 151 wr The Reflector AIJTOIEIQAIDHI CLASS OFFICERS Pres. V. Pres. Sec'y. Treas. COMMENCEMENT Date Speaker BACCALAUREATE Date Speaker IR.-SR. PROM Date Orchestra Remarks Boy Friend Girl Friend FACULTY The Reflector CLASSMATES 62 ADVERTISERS I Compliments of Compliments of WAUGAMAN ELECTRICAL E4 APPLIANCE CO. FREDERICK THEATRE East Pittsburgh URBAN THEATRE Irwmf Pa' East McKeesport N. A. Malanos Ask Us To Outfit Your Home CI.Ass RINcIs COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS CLUB PINS DIPLOMAS I-II-Y PINS DON ENEIX Union Trust Building Pittsburgh, Pa. IXKIEDALS CAPS AND GowNs TROPHIES CHOIR Rosas The Reflector ADVERTISERS 1 Compliments of ' A Friend The Reflector 1" js -' ., L, .3 14 L , . ' I , w r, -i s V Y f, if 4 T-, , A, - V- ji ' Q1 M K t W 4 , th, FL. . ' ' H ' 1 11 wi 3 " Q 'I E I ll' 0. J' i V H 4 1 1 I M 'r "use l g., . '4- JQQ 1 P rv I nu- K- .5 R . I A' 1. CWC " . 91 . f ' ' -' L' b N, r E W 'lk "Y r' ' 1, . 14' 'Jw IL -H' 1 -ff: Z 4. ' - : r h - , f. .- K l'?"1,4. ,' wg" 1 uJ .,,4:, ' N 1.11 ,xx dx X . .El '-'Ji-L -L' 5' 1 -A-vm ' ., .' ,. -uk ya ' V H," ' '- A , . -'J N - , 2.2 LK , , " v -1- . -1 ' . ' 4 JI Y, 'V ' ,FO-'L ' ,.,' E , A HIN W ' ' 311 - 1, , -:lp 'rx I j1 .'1-' ' 5' 2 f E 'iwfzfv ' , ' " ' 1 1 -I F' ' " Ut. ' ' 'W " sh' ,+A ". . ' N ""'4 - . ' " - ., 5 I .. W I I ' .4111 ' "1 'Fifi gg:-Q H Lag 4 Lgjgj .Q A 14'-1 - :gg . R jg ' l '..g:---. W , Q -T751-f 'fir .yy -T5 A Ef- V, J -1- if ' ga A Q Y 'lniq "' , iii iii , x. , m 'tg' 1,1129 - , -xl? ' 5. fig - -1-if 1 ,Qi-2 , ,I I , . '? :Q 1 n, 1 r f, Vu

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