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HN TONE S 1 5 3 Q a 5 5 I 5 i 1 I 5 Q E I n I K i 1 u . I .... . .-.....-....:.. ........ .u-.........., ..... -m..1...--....'-.- ,U ........ .am-.......-. ...,........,..-. ...N-.1 ...H - ....,,4.1,.,.-...-......F i I F I ? I E i L ! J M 1 E s 5, i y E 'I l I 5 i 5 2 F f Q ! i I ! 1 ug. L Rf jf. L .. ,- - ff 1 .1 , . 'm.L'f .f- .Nm . .H ' '- -., - 4 :H 1 y 1 V u . ,LI . , 1. , . . X., 1. ,W ,,,,. , .f U... . -.-,.3 'f 3 Qf, L '1' mv f f'. spy.. .n 1. , ,U eg- -u 4,'1 0 5 f. ,,.1-. AI, J J.. L., rv I. - 1: , ,. .-.,..- .. bn .1 -v Q - W I , . wif- "lj.fA vv.. .- I4 V ' 13 ' :- ,Q v ff., - 'I -.- -'Z ,I .. . , 4 V' ! , -5 .,.. .5 . .1 s... YV L m . . :QQ w,:'if..'J if , 1-gf. - uv.. .. ,,5 ' K -. QM...-1.7 f ' i '- -tk-.ii Q " ' :gh Lv, . .M . my clk" . ,. ,f..- " ...f -. , -G.. ..,,,,.Ww,! gi A l 4. . ,L- -V ' T '- f ' "j'f1:l'..,. v ' 1 IFS' 4 I .. ' ' 'AA A.3.,A ' H 1-1.4 ,. , , '1 .Q 1 ,iw " I y..'- ' ' 2 - ' i. ,LJ . ....1 .1-.. f f' ff . .:x,:'- a. .V -. M- , 5.2 ..'. " . ,. . sq .. .Qi ..,, 1 . ,. - a .fx X.. 'N ,x -A .. my ., .,.,fRG, .W -f-gay ' www..- ,fan -C- .. .- -.-gm .- .- -v '1 . ,,,., . W.. .fx --1'-my www.: ".. x I n f.,.,.'-fig' ' V. 1- M w?4.,', J.. I 1, ,F-ff .,,x y,- .., . .f ,. .-A. '-,J '.' . . .. I.. ,s .l.. -r. nm- . I I.: W , ,73v.r"." .. gf f 1.1 45' 'a Y , .-.N .Jw YW W Mk , fn 1 '- " "-' X'-,. 1' ' J' ' ' .1-.. , , . Y ,s. . lu., . - . 'nv--1 1. . .f-r . . , . ,.,,!..,A f lv. ... , 5 9.5.1. f.-..4. .Jn V I .-5.1. V nf " 'A " ' 1 . ' f-.N ' ,Xb Y . .. - 4.11, L.. . .N , 1,,,,Af,y,,,, .Q , .fu li., ., , RLY ,V - -v 'ww HJR 1 . .- V 1 I gif.. '-,,,Q4" 'xilmi-1 J: ll ' ' V.'.f.4 "'5.'. "V . . lv", uw- ff' .. , ,lf .. tj' hull ,, ' ..-.- " ri. ' '-'. 3" .1 V Z"' 5 .ffl- .' .'a. ,, ..n,,, 1.1 7 ' Y' ' ' 415,ifQ.J - nr., 'I w .I .4 .fi , -'wi-. j n ...X . E622 ' .r-1 ,1 LC- ...A Yflg, 1 v . I . H. , 1 ,.Wf ' ga.. Y .ik . .T ..,. .nv 1 5- v '. 'v f '.,l, '... if 15 4- . VT, rm . N' -R' .QUT .A...- 4 , ...J 1 A, ,P -12. - w A , Lf-,. J dr,1..,.,v. T ,,f.. .P 1.324 Y 1" ..-. ' y vL1...x'h...,.,1..4:v.-. I., L Hin Qu...m.1.....,..k .,:Q:s.riu.. mam.. ....,., ... . BMJ-'3 U THE ANNUAL PUBLICATION BY THE STUDENT BODY OF TRAFFORD HIGH SCHOOL TRAFFORD, PA. FOREWORD Among the many memories which will come to us in our periods ol' reminiscing will be those of our High School days. Beloved old memories, like beautiful colors, have a tendency to fade. ln order to preserve ours and keep them ever new, we are publishing this, the second Rcjfleclor, which will strive to enumerate them, verbally and pictorially, 'lihe stall has spent many arduous but enjoyable hours contacting patrons and sponsors and assembling the necessary material for this publication. l,et us not forget the unsellishly given aid ol' our Class adviser, Mr, lX'1el,eister, and other members ol the faculty who so lreely gave their time and appreciated assistance. Our thanks go also to our sponsors and pa- trons, w hose gracious support went a long way in mak- ing our venture a financial success. Not to be over- looked is lXlr. Steele, who did such splendid work with the photography: Xlr, Snyder oi the Pontiac Company, for the engraving: and Mr. Armstrong ol' Standardized Press lor the printing, Through the combined efforts ol' these people -we. the class of '39 give you our book ol' memories. the Reflector! Staff, seated: Brczovic, Hill strom, Rudlowsky, Codich, Ba- con, Gcthin, First row: Foster, Kocpka Gunia, Stankovich, Slaubaugh Second row: Himmler. Poguc McLachlan, Rosnovski, Pe- duzzi, Dorosa, Mitchell, Teitt, Compliments of Arlotti's Grocery Store Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association DE:D1cA'I'1oN It is with great pleasure that we, the class of 1939, dedicate this second edition of the Reflector to Mr. Paul H, Renton-the friend of every graduating senior. just four years ago-Mr. Renton arrived at Trafford, and began teaching in Gur Alma Mater. We seniors were-as I recall, just a little skeptical of our teachers at that time and needed something to snap us out of it. Mr. Renton was that something, Long shall we admire Mr. Renton and the fine standards he established and which he upheld in all our friendly discussions of that first year. Along with his work as mathematics teacher and adviser to the freshman class, he started the Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs. These organizations have en- riched the lives of many boys and girls since the time of their happy beginnings. Mr. Renton, has the respect and admiration of the entire student body. I-lis reward, like that of thousands of others who give their time and energies so spiritedly and unselfishly, lies in the success and happiness of the pupils whom he has taught. So-as we shove off on life's journey, may we always remember that a large part of our happiness and success is making life a little richer, a little more livable, for the man who said-"Resist not learning! " Compliments of Dom's Barber Shop Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association CONTENTS 'THESCHOOL A cross section of the people who lead and those who follow on educations pathway. ' THE ACTIVITIES Apeep into the interests and employments of school life aside from subject matter. ' THE ATHLETICS A glance at the physical activity taking place on gridiron, diamond, mat, and Hoor. Compliments of Daugherty Funeral Service Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association THE SCHOOL Early in the 1920 decade, it became apparent that Trafford had grown so rapidly in population that a high school was needed. Accordingly in l922, the construction of a building containing eight rooms and an auditorium was begun. This building, so designed that two wings could be added on the north and south ends? was large enough to suffice for several years, but in 1929 the north wing was added to take care of an increased enrollment followed by the south wing in 1931. This same year a stage was built into the auditorium. The original enrollment of thirty-five has been increased over a period of sixteen years to the pre- sent enrollment of over three hundred and sixty students. What a con- trast between the first graduating class of 1925 containing thirteen stu- dents and this year's class of eighty-seven! Baum' Uf l tlt to right' Nlr lames Nl Brown, Ur.CMl..lX4itchell,lXf1r..fX. lu. Rvan, Nl: R I Cillis Nlr ll C . I ,. . .i.Ciethin. 'l'he 'lirafford Schools are fortunate in having at their head such men as those constituting our Board of Education, On the hrst lvlonday of every month they hold their meetings. and with intelligence, foresight, and a true interest in the welfare of the school, discuss and rule upon the problems concerning it. Pro- gress has been made by them in every phase of our school life. In athletics, by plans for a football stadium. something for which every student has yearncdl in study conditions, by securing better lighting, and more satisfactory heating and ventilating systems1 and by the addition of a music department wherein many students have discovered their talents and been given an opportunity to further their training, These are only a few of the many improvements and opportunities granted to us by the present board, and for these and the count- less others we do earnestly wish to thank the Board of liducation of the Trafford Schools Our Supervising rinczjml lfor the P1151 fifteen years the Trafford Schools have been under the capable supervision of lvlr. ll li. Seville After coming to 'lirafford in l92-l as Supervising Principal, he reorganized the edu- cational program and put it on a sound basis. A native of lXlcCfonnellsburg, Pennsylvania, he se- cured his education at Shippensburg State 'leach- ers' College and the University of Pittsburgh. llis years of experience in education have given him a w ell-rounded philosophy, enabling him to gttide and direct the learning activity of young people sympathetically. May he continue to serve us' Compliments of Duffs-Iron City College For Better Training'--Enter Duff's 6 Edzzccztion Faculty Zlflembers Seated: Miss Bicrer, Miss Alloway, Miss Black, Miss Recd, Mrs. Davis. Standing: Messrs. Lloyd, Mclscistcr, Kelly, Renton, Wilson, Schrock Lcgory, Nlr. Rueklc Cabsentl. Our high school faculty, under the supervision of Mr. Seville, consists of well- trained men and women, whose work it is to further the education of the stu- dents, Mr. Legory, our chemistry teacher, is the Principal of the high school. Qur mathematics teachers are Mr. Renton, the leader of the Boys' Clee Club, and Mr. Lloyd, ln our history courses Miss Black, Miss Alloway, and Mr. Schrock, are the instructors, Mr. Kelly teaches the freshman and sophomore science classes, and Mr, Renton has charge of the junior and senior classes. Miss Reed, our Dean of Girls, Miss Bierer, Mr. Mclceister, and Miss Alloway are instructors of English and foreign languages. Our commercial teachers are Mrs. Davis and Mr. Ruckle, who is also our wrestling coach. In the physical education department, lklr. Wilson is the instructor. l-le has built up a football and baseball team with the assistance of Mr. Kelly. ln the music department Miss Gethin is the Supervisor. Umf High School Principal Serving in the dual role of principal and teacher is not an easy task, but Mr. L. A. Legory smilingly performs both services. Since l927 he has been connected with Trafford High School as a chemis- try teacher and has served as Principal since 193 l, equally at home counseling students or conducting laboratory demonstrations. Born at Washington and educated at Westminster College and Colum- bia University, Mr. Legory learns more about young people each day as he signs excuses and keeps the school program moving. l-lis self-control and bland manner make him admired and respected. Compliments of M. N. Euwer-Refrigerators, Picture Framing, Furniture Member of TraFford's Business and Professional Association '7 Around the School OUR NURSE For three years now Miss Hutton has done a fine job as our school nurse Helping with physical examinations, suggesting remedies. administering gentle reprimands, she has given many of us a brighter outlook on life. Tlzere was a time, you'll recall, when scarlet lever epidemics threw our plays and dances oil' schedule. Teday. thanks to Miss Hutton, such disruptions to our school pro- gram have been minimized, and all Trafford is happier and healthier as a result ol' her work. UUR SECRETARY Miss Pogue received her position as secretary to Mr. Seville in 1038, the year oi' her graduation from Trafford High School. Her cheerlulncss has brought many people to admire her, and to use a borrowed phrase, she is the "ideal secretary." Always a dependable student in school we feel sure that Miss Pogue has made Mr. Sevilles work more pleasant each day. ll-IE MAX QUEEN LROUP What have we here? A bevy of winsome misses. The oceasioneethe annual crowning of the May Queen. When the Hnal ballot was counted, Elizabeth Clodich had been elected May Queen The Misses Atwood and Beswicls are Senior attendants. Per- haps one ol' the following girls may attain the Queenship in her Senior year: the Misses Seville and Ciunia, Llunior at- tendants, the Misses Skrgich and Stone, Sophomoresg the Misses Harris and Dubrave, lfreshman. Why isn't there a May King? Tl lli CLASS UlflflCfliRS Behold before you the smiling faces of the officers ol' the Senior Class. They are Eugene Peduzzi, President: Edward Ryan, Vice President: Antoinette Gunia, Secre- tary, and klohn McLachlan, Treasurer. The oiiicers have had little to smile about this year alter inheriting a dehcit from the treasury ol' the previous year, But re- lusing to be daunted by this gloomy state ol allairs, they uuiclqly organized the class and soon remedied the situation, ln fact they did their duties so well that it was possible to have this Annual Compliments of Fa1ler's, Turtle Creek See Fal1er's for Fine Furniture 8 Senior Class History CLASS OFFICERS l3residentfEugene Peduzzi Vice President-Edward Ryan Secretary-Antoinette Gunia Treasurer-john McLachlan lt was on September 3, 1935, when we first trudged up three flights of stairs to the third floor of the High School building. One hundred and twenty wide- eyed, half scared boys and girls filled our ranks. ln a few weeks the novelty wore off, and we buckled down to further our education. After a genuine bawling out by the seniors we elected our class officers. The freshmen showed their mettle in downing the sophomores in an intramural football game. Shortly after this victory we had our first party at which many C71 enjoyed himself dancing. At last the long awaited day came, and we were graduated to the sophomore class. After a three month vacation we again hit the trail to education. Many of our number, now accustomed to high school life, began to display their talents. At the mid-term we regretted very much to see our Latin teacher, Miss Haddock, leaving us. The term ended with the annual Kennywood Picnic. On August 31, 1938, the school bell was heard again. We were very much disappointed to see that Mr. Wieland was not to be with us. The style of dress and dancing at the class parties took a drastic change. We discovered some won- derful talent in our class in the dark face comedy, "Dixie" and the operetta, "The Mikado." The time for work on the prom crept around, and Mr. Kelly and lvlr, Schrock with the support of the class put it over with huge success. Seemingly out of nowhere popped up our last and final year. Before we had time C75 to completely settle down we had selected our graduation announce- ments. Did this mean lack of work and study? Well, to the students, yes-but on the other hand the teachers did not seem to think so as we saw when report cards arrived. Well, this meant business and we did settle down fOr a few weeks but soon the Senior Class plays overthrew the studiousness and WC UCVCF did fully recover. The largest undertaking of the year was the RefleC!0ft The C001- mittee C771 after many tiresome and painful hours of work has PUC OUC 3 100014 which we believe is the best in the history of the school. We had our election of May Queen, and Elizabeth l Godich was victorious with Emma ,lean Beswick and Pearl Atwood as attendants. We are now ready to be graduated with all the usual ceremonies. We may be leaving in body, but our mem- ories will often stray back to think of the wonderful times we had together in T.l-l.S. Compliments of First National Bank of Wilmerding, Pitcairn Branch Memeber of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 9 SE IURS ARLOTTI, MIKE . . . One of our most hand- some Seniors . . . lVlikie's manner has all the femmes tickers going pit-a-pat . . . Shagging pig-skin booting hold first place with him. ATWOOD, PEARL , , . Quite an able actress , . . Shown in "A Bargains a Bargain" . . . May Queen Attendant . . . Can take it when one calls her 'ADaisy". BEHE, ALFRED . . . Doc is often kidded about his feet . . . But he claims his pedal extremities make him level headed . . . No swaying y'know . . . Spent summer being a soldier boy. BESWICK, EMMAJEAN . , . "Emmie" thinks its as good to be out of the world as to be out of fashion . . . Her ambition . . . To complete her "lcarnin"' in Pitt. BOLAM. EDWIN , . . Acc trig student . . . Has a lock of hair that simply won't stay put . . . Has set the pace for other Math students. BRLETIC, HELEN . , . "Slim" dreams ofa handsome Romeo in Hollywood . , . Her prize possession is a letter from him . . . Love letter? . . . Go West! Young Lady! Go West! BROWN, MERVIN . . . Have you learned how to spell T,B.7 . . . Prefers Friday cause it's the day just before weekend vacation. . . A ladies' man and a charmer. BRUNO, PEARL . . . Popular pastime is day- dreaming . . . l wonder whom she dreams about . . . Could he be traveling abroad . . "Oh. that typing . .. It stre gets me!" BUGISKI, JENNIE . . . The senior artist . . . "Shorty's ambition is to own a ranch in Wy- oming, but we think she'd do better taking dictation at 120 words a minute, BURNETT, JAMES . . . He trucks in thetruck as well as on the dance floor . . . To a soldier its "Hi ya Cadet", to Jimmie it's "Hi ya Rats". Compliments of Hall,s Dry Goods Store Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association SENIORS CARTER, FRED . . . Freddie can trip the light fantastic , . . When he sings "Old Man River" it really flows . . . Freddie likes77? Chemistry, therefore the nickname "Potash" CARUSO, JAMES . . . If you need a shave or hair cut, call onjimmie . . . He has taken quite a liking to barbering . . . We wish limmie would say more. CHESTER, JOHN . . . Took part in "Sauce for the Goslingsu . . .,lohnnie's a wrestler and a good one . . . Always at the point of the gun in reciting in History Class. CIGISH, FRANK . . . "Boody" is very smooth on ice skates . . . but much smoother on women . . . Keen on dancing . . We'lI not divulge the direction in which Cupid has darted his arrow. CIMPRICH, ANN . , , Casualty! A Senior gets the mumps . . . Has been in many schools, but likes Trafford best . . . Thanks, Ann. DERRICK, EMMA . . . Mighty Gne . . . In- tends to be a nurse . . Nothing is as great an ambition, Emma . . . Does her work and goes her way . . . Without very much to say. DIEMERT, ERNEST . . . Wrestling is his speciality . . . Driving an automobile is lots of fun . . . We'll all remember him as "Dear little junior". FERRARO, FRANK . . . Sweet on a cute little dish called "Radosh" . . . Will never be for- giotgen for his performances on the football e . FOSTER, KELSAY . . ."Muscles" is the best wrestler in the Senior Class . . . Makes love better than R. Taylor, . . See "Hearts and Blos- soms" . . .Verra social minded. FOSTER, MINA . , . Only twin of our class . . . Her rule is to make pleasure her business . . . ls she waiting four years for the fleet to return? Compliments of Haupt Drug CO. Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association SE IORS FRITZ, RAYMOND . . . lf it's quality you're after, look no farther than the Star Market fplug, plug! says Giggs . , . Well on the road to fame and fortune . . , Plays the sweet potato . . . GASLEVICH, MARY E. . . , "Lover is one of the dignihed Commercial Seniors . . . Thank Goodness!!! You bet the eyes have it , , . Fav- orite book "King Arthur of the Round Table, " GIACOMIN, MARIE . , . If "Jacky" has any faults . . . She has left us in doubt . . . Very good sport . . . Never missed a wrestling match . . . "No coaching from the sidelines, please!!! GIOIA, FRANK . , . Gioia is everywhere tra- la-la-la . . . Would like to make a dash to the altar with a Dot . . . When mischief brews, "Chances" are that "Custom" is near. GODICH, ELIZABETH . . . "Libby" . . Very popular . . . Always in fun and a smile in her eye, but she can be sober when duty's nigh . . . Our May Queen. GONTKO, JOE . . . His nickname is "Iehabod" which means glory departed . . . But to have his friendship is a glory forever . . . Grcets everyone with a H'ya Slug. GORMAN, ELLEN . , . "Nell" plans to be- come an actress . . . Remember her magnihcent portrayal of "Jo" in "Little Women"7 . . . iiRoderigo! Save me!". .Basketball's her game. GOUGHENOUR, GAIL . . One of our best tackles . . . Quite an able scholar . . . Believes silence is golden . . . Would like to become a gentleman farmer. GRACE, ,IAMES . . Sells magazines , . . Loves to talk , . , Will probably continue to use his selling ability . . . Classifies all subjects as Greek. GRASON. HELEN . . "Looky, looky, looky, here comes Cookie!" , . . Cookies chief asset is her dimples and intriguing smile, and she sure shows them up to advantage. Compliments of Herif-Jones Co. Manufacturing Jewelers 85 Stationersalndianapolis, Ind. T M SE IORS CUNIA, ANTOINETTE . . . Teenie's a swell actress and singer , . . Who said beauty and brains don't mix . . . Horoscope' Commercial Artist or Journalist. . .Shecanspellumyrtlef HEINTZELIVIAN, ELVERNA . . . Her voice is very soft, gentle, and low , . . An excellent thing in a woman . . . Waits for the day when she can see an Army-Navy game. HILLSTROIVLJANE . , .Janie sets our fashion . . . A sparkly personality .... A Ccurate typist on staff . . . Add 'em up and you have Janie. HOPKINS, IONA . . A loyal iriend . . . The kind that is rarely found , . 'Tis friends like you that make the world so fair . . . What hap- pened to those long curls, Iona? JAMNIK, JOHN . . . Took him four years to find our Trafford Hi had girls . . . Has quite recently mastered waltzing . , . Don't let us for- get his athletic prowess. KAZMERASKI, TOM . . . Kazzie is by far the best boy-dancer in the Class . . . Often re- ferred to as "Brain Trust" . . Left school a a few years ago but the urge for l'arnin won. KELLAR, JENNIE . . . "Jen" has a charming personality and likable manners . . . Hobby is learning new dance steps . . . Quite an effi- cient nursemaid, eh, Mr. Schrock7 KELLY, HELEN . . . Our best girl athlete... lrisheyes , . .Favorite saying. . . "SayHonest" , . . Favorite pastime . . . Chiding Joe Kerrigan. KERRIGAN, JOSEPH . . . Known to his associates as "Chesty" . , . Would like to take Elsie to the N. Y. World's Fair . . . He'll never have trouble getting along . . , Liked by all. KLINE, RAYMOND . . . His ambition is to smash another Studebaker . . . He'll miss his many tete-a-tetes with his pals in Mr. Mc- Leister's room . . . Goodness me! It was the cat! Compliments of Haller Baking CO. Fresh Bread, Cakes, Rolls, Pies-Delivered to you, " Oven to Home' '. SE IORS KOEPKA, MLJRIEL . . . Kep is our best Jitterburg . . . Played piano for assemblies . . . With great ability too . . . Believes humor is the spice of life . . . Where'd ya get those peepers? KOPYLCZACK, THEODORE . . . "Teddy" is quite a wrestler . . . Becomes breathless, greeting everyone between classes . . . ls dennite proof of . . . Good things come in little packages. KRAYNAK, ANN . . . Modesty and quietness are her great qualities . . . She knows most, who speaks least . . . After a year of school in Pitts- burgh, she Hnally returned to Trafford. LAWRENCE, FRANK . . . "Spareribs" . . . A man of few words . . . Very easy to get along with . . . A letterman who owns well-earned ...l..g.. LITWIN, JOE . . .Joe has always been "tops" in Math . . . Wields a very mean hockey stick . . . Quiet and unassuming, Compliments of Hill's LOKMER, FRANK . . . "Curly" is quite the lady killer . . . Reasons are his "Charles Atlas" figure and his blonde curly hair . . . We kid him but we like 'im. MANDICH, BENNY . . . Winchell has nothing over on Benny . . . lf you want a man with a never ending vocabulary . . Look no farther. MANNS, RAYMOND . . . Raymond thinks week ends have too many weak ends . . . They're too short . . . Not enough time to visit with Catherine Baily. TVIAROWSKLSTELLA . . . A girl of few words . . . Talks little and listens much . . . Hard at work she pursues her way . too busy to be gay. MAYERNIK, JOSEPH . pastime we think is Movies . . saying "Did you see him in?' Service Station Yet shes never Joe's favorite . His favorite Deep voiced. Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 14 SE IORS IVICDERMOTT, PATRICIA Just another Irish lassie from Levelgreen . . . "Patty" excels in all sports and her popularity excels in all groups . . . Worry and she are strangers, MCGARA, DONALD , . . "Bubbles" blows bubbles but he never blows up .... A punster and yet a swell friend . . . Reliable and de- pendable . . . Sells Hardware. MCLACHLAN,JOHN . . . An authority on pulchritude . . . Quite popular . . . Business manager . . . Class treasurer . . .Jook has a tem- per which he keeps under control . . . sometimes. MINSTER, CHARLES . . . "Chaddie" is looking forward to becoming a WPA adminis- trator . . . Hobby is skipping classes ,. . Claims English authorshaunt him. MITCHELL, JACK . . Our favorite baritone . . ,and no wonder . . .Social chairman . . . lives up to his nickname PeP . . . Politics his favorite subject . . . Associate Editor. MOLT, JAMES . . . A Senior who was the victim of the 'imumpsu last year . . . Words being futile things Jimmie doesn't talk much , . . Pasttime: Explaining his rosy cheeks. MULLANEY, JOE . . . "Block" is a swell Irish Tenor and that's no blarney . . . An expert on the harmonica . . . disproves the old adage that good things come in little packages. NOVAK, WALTER . . . A born artist . . . Good looking . . , Peddles papers and has a yen for Wilmerding . . . Why? . . . Tinkers with carving. OMANSIEK, ALFRED . . . His "Bonnie" does not lie over the ocean . . . Skilled hockey player . . . His pipe and he are as inseparable as rubbers and rain. PALCHAK, JOSEPH . . . There are other places besides your nose to fall on . . . Foot- ball, dancing, and Romeo-ing . . .Joe's mastered them all . . . His "Uncle Matt" was a swell piece of work. Compliments of BUD Himmler Sound Service for all Occasions SE IORS PEDUZZI, EUGENE . . , Class presidznt . . . Honor student, too . . . "Hotty's ambition is to dabble with engines . . . A very conscientious worker. PEYINGHAUS, HANS . . . "Piney" is quite versatile , , . Not only a matman, football star but also a good scholar . . . Ofheer ofthe Varsity Club. RICHARDSON, ANNA MAE . . . "Richy's" motto is "Hang sorrow, care will kill a cat, and therefore lct's be merry!" . . . Our Hair Stylist , . . Likes to crack jokes. ROSNOVSKI, ROBERT . . , Pet phobia . . . Asking members of the opposite sex to social dig-a-mo-do's . .. Everybodys pal . . .Punch proved an ideal husband, in the Class Play. RUDLOWSKY, IVIILDRED . . . The life of any party . . . Red's not temperamental . . . merely vivacious , , . Shes the reason we like red heads .. . Tided the Reflector through money matters. RYAN, EDWARD . . . Solemnity personified on the surface . . . Underneath? . . Class vice- president . . . Member and associate leader of Room 31's swing band. SCHAFFER, jEAN , . . Good to look upon, better to know . , . With many a friendandnever a foe . . . And many a beau Cin the freshman class.l SCHIVIOLKE, ROBERT . . . "Wings" am- bition is to make his theories become laws . . We've seen him tear clown Alexander's Rag- time Band 'till poor Alex was gone. SCHNEIDER, ROBERT . . . Robbie is the Commercial Lone Wolf . . . Only boy in class , . . A garage man . . . Won the great auto race, way back when . . . Known as Schnitter. SEDOR, ANN . . . 'iAnnie" is the smallest young lady in our class . . . That's just an example that all good things come in small quantities . . What do you say, "Babe"? Compliments of Johnston Novelty Shop Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association SE IORS SLAUBAUGH, jUNE . . . The best-looking girl in Mr. Rentons room . . . Peacemaker in all disputes concerning weaker sex in Room 31 . . . Her report card carries a string of A's, SLOAN, ANNA MAE . . . Dolly won't disclose her heart throb to us . . . Has one of those ever- lasting humors . . Represented us in the Foren- sic Lcague . . . Class Poetess. SNYDER, ROBERT . . . "Slats" is a swing addict . . . ls an artist with the washboard . . . Mr. Renton christened him i'Big Boy" and gave him a candy bar to make it official, SOROKACH, jOSEPH . . . What a way he has with Miss Reed , . . Believes there is strength in numbers . . . Quiet but once he is started and the die is cast . , .Look out! STANKOVICH, IWARY . . . Full of pep . . . "And still we gazed and still the wonder grew . . .that one small head could carry all she knew" Stars in volleyball and basketball. TEITT, MATTHEW . . . In on every sport . . . Has a craving to go back to Elizabeth, Pa . . . Hobby is building airplanes . . . Wore himself out going for ads?7? WAITE, FRED . . . That wavy hair, that vacant stare, she CE. HJ goes for that . . . Could very easily double for a movie star . , , Kiddingly called "Fuzzy". WESTWOOD, BENJAMIN . . . Mustn't touch his muzzy . . . lt's the real thing . . . Ru- mor has it that Ben's Lothario . . . But he claims he likes chemistry. YANKOWSKI, NICK . . . He wrestles and likes it . . . Dances and likes it . . . Sleeps and loves it . . . Came to Trafford when in the eighth grade YOURCHECK, WALTER . . , We're sure "yourchecks" aren't counterfeit . . . Adept at all sports . . . Often called "Gauthier" but pre- fers "Honey" . , Kinda sweet. eh? Compliments of Louis J enets Shoe Repairing Can't be beat in price, material, and workmanship Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association SE IORS ZERAVICA, MARIE . . . Marie has a certain "Matt" hovering on her doorstep . . l-las the distinction of being the only girl in many classes. KUCAN. JOE . . . Well always remember joe for his reviews in History Class ., . Likes to lis- ten, would rather talk . . . Believes women are just an unnecessary expense and nuisance. MARKER, GRACE . . . Gracie's aloofness signihes merely that she's a lady . . . We don t know her ambition . . . Her favorite pastime is "Dicking" . . . Only blonde in the Senior Class. ZUBAK, JOHN . . . A glowing personality with a more glowing face . . . President of Varsity Club . . . Very popular . . . Favorite pastime . . . Dating Kate. RITCHEY, HERSIAI. . . "Hirsh" is one of those people you always see . . . But seldom hear . . . Usually seen as a eutup with the "gang". SCANLON, GEORGE . . . Our onliest soda jerker . . . The third of the three lrishmen . . . Plays a mean harmonica . . . His ambition . . To raise a mustache. Compliments of Jobe and Knee, Funeral Service Turtle Creek, Pa. A Senior? Rea' Letter Day Aug. 29-Entered my senior year in Trafford High. Noticed a green haze enveloping the school. Am informed that it is due to Freshman Daze. Sept. 22eElection. Eugene Peduzzi emerges from the gloom as the savior of the falter' ing Seniors. Edward Ryan is elected cur Vice Presidentg Antoinette Gunia, ourSec- retaryg andjohn McLachlan, the Treasurer. As class officers, they merit their laurels. Oct. Z8+Had a grand time at the Halloween Party Friday night with pumpkin lanterns, witches, cats and owls, and sore feet everywhere. Nov. I2-Wilsonmen go down fighting against Pitcairn eleven by a score of I3-7. The deafening roar of tearing shirts and jerseys gave hint of the terrihc fury of the battle. P. S. flt was really a clean gamey Nov, I7-I8-"Sauce for the Cvoslingsf "Be Home by Midnight", and "A Bargains a Bargain", three one-act plays presented to us under the direction of Miss Reed and Ivlr. lylcleeister. Nov 24-BRING CN Tl-IAT TURKEY and Bromo-Seltzer. Nov. Z8-Back to the old grind. Recovered from indigestion, thanks. Dec. 23gl can smile. cant I7 Christmas vacation begins today. Whoopeel jan. 9-Shortest two weeks in my life, s'help me! Feb. 3-Went to Greensburg to a Spelling Bee. lylt. Pleasant defeated us, but our con- testants' faces were brightened when they were promised consolation prizes. Feb. I-I-Presenting the man of the hour, "Cupid Lots of broken hearts today. Feb. IoeThe art or process of producing pictures by the action of light on certain sub- stances sensitized by various chemical processes is known as photography. This is what happened to us today. Feb. 2-IfProofs returned. Some people didn't realize they were so good-looking. March I0eTrafford Matmen go to Waynesburg, Pa. We are very proud to rate third in the W.P.l.A.L. championship' Coach Ruckle's boys have always been of pretty good calibre and have been able to gain decisions over many big schools. March I7-Was again enveloped by a green haze. Not the freshman todayfSt. Patricks Day. Second Senior Party was a big success although there were only I5 couples on the floor. April I I-Easter vacation is over and the hardest grind is ahead. April I3-Maul-Iearts and Blossoms" presented to us under the direction of Miss Cvethin and Mr. Renton. A very successful operetta, May IfThe spring fever that has been creeping OVC! me Since last Sept. burst forth in all its pris tine glory. May o-Took my last exam, I hope. I hope, I hope. Certainly is great to be a senior on the threshold of life. May I2-Went to Prom. lt is always the leading social highlight of the season. May 2IfNever looked so dignihed in all my life. There l was dressed in a cap and gown. No wonder, it was the night of Baccalaureate Service. May 23eElizabeth Godieh, in all her regal splendor was crowned by Betty Eichenberger, our former May Queen. at the Class Night Exercise tonight. All hail the queen!! May Zo-Saw tears shed and farewells said after the im- pressive Commencement Exercises. Commencement commonly means beginning, but here it seems to mean the end of a number of things, including you, dear Diary. Compliments of J udge's Service Station Member of TraH'ord's Business and Professional Association I9 Class of 1940 CIl-.'XSS Ol"l7lC fliRS lmirsigluiil Ciliairlcs llimmlcr SCCVCIllI'X'f'l'lik'2lYLll4L'l4 Rohcrl XYclsh lllNllORCilRl,S lfirst row: licinii, l,I'2lQ2H12lC. -ludgc. Vluhnston, l,ox'rc, Xl. l,L7LlINCIIlllIL'l', .Xlliixxziy Cfcihin SL'X'IllL', licislsmi, Xllruhzil. l7msl. Scciiml row ' l'ipui', Uhg-rholt:ci'. lfichcnhcrgcr. ll, lcwus. lioiosii. Vogue, XYisci'. l icmlci'son Ciunizi, lf, XYailIwr, l':i'zix. lhird row: lXlLlllilI1L'X,lgillflbli. 5cl1wiclx1ii'Lh,lXl,limlich, S.l1i1l1lUXlL'l1. Xlclixox ich l7. Ramtu vich, Stolxur, liziric, Bums. R. lici'rig.giin ll NIOR l'1OYb lfirst row: Rudolph, Slaiuhaiugh, Yollmcr, Shepard Wilson. Pziich. Iyhowski. l-ox'r'c, Pun lxcrt, Nlcndicinol Stcincr. Second mw: lrcrrzxri. Rziclxi, Noll, l3voi'ux'ic. 'l'crclctsl4y, Riidosh, Schcndcl, Suszmg, Yitoiis Alnzilung. lXlillcr, 'l'hii1l row: Iiillizm, Zigzirovich. Gzislcvich, Hires, liowicic. Cfzirtcr, Cfzipcls, l.ox'i'e, lllzislmx-iq l.uniirt, Xloxiiileox ich. Ruby. Wclsh, CY. Himmlcr, Lorenz, Prague. lfcrlinc. Piiiicrsim Compliments of June's Beauty Shop Do come and see us! We know you'l1 like our shop. Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 20 zmior Class History The curtain rises as the visions are cast upon the screen of high school life. The first scene portrays the enterprises of freshmen. Class officers are being elected, volleyball and basketball brings forth new talent, wrestling is the delight of every boy, and the jovial parties are enjoyed by all. A rollicking operetta named ul-l. M. S. Pina- fore" is given be-fore a large audience. Another picture is flashed upon the screen. The fast-learning freshmen have now reachied the stage in their career entitling them to the right of being called by that honorable name, sophomores. A group of promising lads have a passion for basketball. With little effort they have defeated the upperclassmen and received laurels for their achievement, Through the efforts and reprovals of the saucy little president an excellent party is being held. Both jitterbugs and waltzers are given ample opportunity to display their skill. The Exhibition is held. All the pupils are exhibiting masterpieces and the many patrons greatly admire the work of the pupils. The Cilee Club has reached deeper into the realm of music, and the Gilbert and Sullivan 'ilvli-kado" is being produced. Hearken! The legions of Caesar are attacking on all sides and the pupils are trying to distinguish between a scalene and an isosceles triangle. Their delicate brains are in a mad whirl. However, they manage to fight on and are emerging, standing on firm ground. The third scene shows a happy class of juniors. Perhaps this is the most important year because it is now that the group has really begun to do things. After having two parties all efforts are devoted to preparing for the Prom. Tea dances are being held with the aid of recordings administf red by the mechanically-minded president of the class. Charles Himmler. A blast of the trumpet of victory introduces the news that the Oratorical if W Contest has been won by a representative of the juniors. Another suc- cessful operetta, "l-learts and Blossoms" is being probuced. Also, the stu- dents have learned to sing in French. 4 The curtain is drawn upon the past. A messenger appears on the stage. His message-"Though laurels have been won and lost in both physical and mental trials, days of joy and depression have been encountered, most important has been the building of sound friendships. Peace, happi- ness, and success is the final godspeed to the class of 1939. We shall always be united in two things, our love for Trafford and appreciation of what we have learned there for the good of others and the uplift of humanity." Compliments of Kennywood Park Corporation Kennywood Park-Pittsburgh's Playground ZI Sophomore Class History Upon entering high school, we as Trafford freshmen, soon became accustomed to our new type of work, and it was not long until we were able to enter into our social and athletic activities. We elected our class officers, Bill Ryan, president, Betty jane Tewes, vice president and Eleanor Howieson, treasurer. Soon after the election we had our first party. The girls were disappointed toulearn that the boys wouldn't dance fstubborn thingsj. The second freshman party was a big improvement over the first. The boys were more con- genial, and the girls kept Mr. Kelly and Mr. Wilson busy on tag dances. One of the biggest events of the year was the operetta, "The Mikado", by the Girls' Glee Clubs, under the direction of Mr. Renton. Helen jonlia sang the title role and Mildred Foster had a prominent role in the cast. Twenty of our girls sang in the chorus. This year was the year for the Exhibition. Everyone was kept busy making designs, drawing, cutting, and decorating When it was finished, we had a wonderful display for our parents Our May Queen attendants were Betty Earle and Eleanor Howieson. Dressed in orchid, they presented a lovely picture, and we were proud of them. At the close of the year we were overjoyed at losing the name "greenie". In our sophomore year we received a little more recognition and consideration. ,Iimmie Ferraro played tackle on the varsity football team, andjohn Brletic had a place on Traf- ford's famous wrestling squad. During the first three weeks of school, we elected Mildred Foster as our president, Elmer Macesic as vice president and Wesley Cutman as treasurer. Later, in the May Queen election, Elsie Stone and Kathryn Skrgich were victorious. The sophomore girls' basketball team surprised everyone by being beaten by the freshmen, but we retaliated by defeating the juniors. This year the Girls' Clee Clubs were taken over by Miss Virginia Ciethin, who directed the operetta "Hearts and Blossoms. " Both boys and girls participated in the operetta. George Mazur represented our class in the cast of leading characters. Everyone worked very hard to make the operetta a success. to Trafford High Some of our interesting characters are Eleanor Howiesons. .still Waite-ing Dolly Lavish ........ 4th period flirt Catherine Bucar. .........., giggles Elsie Stone. sheep without a Shepherd Francis Himmler ..... drummer boy Margaret Horranic. .Blondie eh, Vic Kathryn Skrgich .........,.. Dopey Florence Johnston ..... musclebound Sara Leger ......... Red light---stop Vic Masteranna .... .... S now-White Jacqueline Morris Alfred Echenrod Bill Ryan dancing doll bashful bashful immie Ferraro .... .... f ootballhero Frank Todaro. ........,......,. chief Bob Kalan j a ......... Happy-go-lucky Albert Nania . Chewing Gum Supply Co. Dorothy Bryan. . ..Beautiful Dreamer Betty Tewesfiddles while Shank burns Imogene Hunker. . . . .the eyes have it 1- 41 . K .'x Our sophomore year is now complete, we are looking forward to our return as juniors J. I Compliments of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 331 Once a member, always a member 22 Class of 1941 CLASS OFFICXFRS President -f-IX'lildrcr:l Foster Vice President Elmer Nlaccsic Sccrctury-lrczisurcr HXVeslCy Cutmun SOPHOMQRIZ G I RLS First row: Ifantv. B. Iizirlu. lurchzln. lvlihole liochonoxy Ivhowslxi. Fillur, Stone. lffoxxiuon. C. Bucar. I K Second row: Lavish, Ilorzinic. lcwcs. Ii. Bucar. Bearer IL. lfcncy. Slxrgich. Surzilin, Ixronfur' josephic, A. llurlc. Third row: Ruhright. I I. Loutscnhizcr, Neale, vlonlia. Kovusic. l.cgi:r, XYuslXoxx'ici. Clontlxo, johnson. Gorman, Viola. b H Fourth row: Raclai. Vw. klohnson. Foster. Yeager. Bryan. Hunlwr. llcckcri, loochcclx, Crandall, IVI. Lovrc, Lubonovich. SOPHOIVIORE BOYS First row: Link. Nlairtin, Fcrruro. Youghinsliy. E. Arlotti. lXflil9lCl"kll'll1il. Cioiu. Xlu:ur, Ural- kolic. Scdor, Second rowi Carver, Adumik. I7cFrz1nl4. Bacon, Smith Foster. Wollcslzlglc, lvl. I.olQmcr lvlaccsic, Nluckinun. Third row: Surmzicz. Nlattern. Culp. DiRinalClo. XV. Scanlon, K. Green. llurlc. fiLlfITl2ll'l, Fourth row: Fisher, lodaro. IS. Ryan. IN4cycrs. liucar, Klovonic. I limmlcr lfcltcnwmtl, Xim- salsky, Runtich. Rantoxrich, I I Compliments of E. K. LangeRegistered Plumber, Hardware, Paints and Glass Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 23 Class of 1942 VI ,XSS OI7I"IC IRS I,l'L'NlLIL'llI Fupliiu Fliurnizxli Xiu' IjI'L'NIkIk'IlI Cicurgc I5z1rIoIXnx'iCI1 FL'L'I'L'l1ll'y- I I'L'2leLlICI' fi2llI1k'l'IllL' XXIEINLIICSQ IfRlfSI ITXI.-XY UIRIS Ifirsl row' LIFEIIMIRIII. I3a1r'luIwx'icIi. I3:1IXcr, IgI'L'flUX'IC, Rzldosh, TNI. Iii-rrigun, I7LII1l'a1N'c, Rilc IXCIQIL-s:1l'. -loncs Second row: Ixiczslx. Ifislicr. Ciiupmi Iirlclic, Ilullmvic, Ijutilxu. Ifzirlc. Cfui'rw'rif'I1t. Puicli Ijllttursini. IXIill'IxIL'. Iliirll row. X-EIIILITU. Cflizippclli, Iiusunoviclw. I.uI1onox'icIi Iircclich, :L'I'ilX'lCi1. :iggzzrm'icI1 2' ci1II'liUII. Ilzxrris, Iiciggwt, Xlclneloc. I"uur'lIi row: IQ. IgllCllI'. Sliurmzitz, Riclmrdwn, Wzindlcss. Sclwziillw. Yule, Uurhin. I"RliSI IFXIJXXI BOYS Ifirsl row' Lirlwmicli. Butts. IficIiciiIwr',gcr', I'roctcr, Iichcnrod, I I.ox'i'c. If. I.m'rc, Imiig If. ,loscpliio -Ioriliax. Iliurchzm, C1-Ilich, IXILIITLIY, Second row: Iimlolxoxicli, XIRICCEIVU. I,. I,ut:, Iiziric, Rockugu, I.QIIIcr'. Stililicy, 'IlLlI'CI'lllI'l, I. Ifolimv, IX'IIIIlIlI'IC, Nlvurs. 'I'I1ir'e.I row' Silxis. ,IL'l'lL'lN. I3z1mIy, If. Cfliustcr. Yoynick, I7r'l1gisic. Iflcming. IXIiI4z1cI1, ,N .IwscpI'iic, I"ostur'. Iylfwwslxi Rulli-I. If. Umndu. XV2ll1l'lL'l', I"uLu'IIi row: Shops, Il Risingury XY. I,L1r:. IXICIXILIHH, Iiiorcnlino, ,I . I.cm1r't. Iicllzlr. . Clrzmglc Ijlzfoxzl. IIUIIIHU. fiulilirw, IZLICHV. Compliments of C. V. Lloyd, Florist Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 24 Freshman Class History At last the long awaited day had come, August 29. One hundred verdant freshmen very silently crept into the long study hall. Mr. Lloyd, their home room teacher, wel- comed them by saying that the easiest way to recognize the freshmen was by their greenish-tint. The greenish-tint, however, was not the only way to tell they were fresh- men, for you found them wandering around in a daze, trying in vain to find the right rooms. The only room they seemed to be able to find without the aid of an upperclassman was Detention Room, which they filled each night. An ideal place to dispose of their excess energy was the first Freshman Dance which proved to be the noisiest the school had known for a number of years. Every new dance step was used including the Big Apple and the Shag as these were the only ones the boys knew anything about. The second dance was held on january 27. By that time, we had learned how to behave a little better for did we7j As freshman cheerleaders, the high school student body chose Dorothy Dubrave and Steve Petrini. We also had a few representatives on the football squad. Thus, we added our small part in bringing victory to our Alma Mater. The Girls' Basketball Team was no shining star, however it did manage to beat the boys in the Intramural Tournaments. The girls were tied for second place while the boys came in fourth. The majority of the girls belong to the Freshman-Sophomore Glee Club under the direction of Miss Gethin, the Music Supervisor. They all are looking forward to the coming operetta, "Hearts and Blossoms", in which they are all hoping to participate. As attendants to the May Queen the class chose the pert little lasses Betty Harris and Dorothy Dubrave. In this way we add our bit of beauty to the most anxiously awaited evening of the year, Class Night. We are all looking forward with great anticipation to our sophomore year, although we realize we can never recapture the thrill or tense excitement of being Freshmen. Some of our most interesting personalities are: Steve Petrini .....,................................. The baby of the class Gwen Gethin ....,... .,..................... T he future orchestra leader john Bucar. . ........ ...... S h! He waves his hair Dorothy Dubrave. . .... ........... ..... B o om! Rah! Frankie! George Bartakovich .......................................... Bookworm V.. Catherine Wandless .......................,,............... K-K-K-Katy Liela Baker .....,............... She hopes a certain Senior likes good music .I imme jenets, Betty Zeravica, Albert josephic .... Oh! How they can dance! Betty Harris .......... ...........,... . . .Ohi Gee! And was her face pink! William Cellich. ............. He can almost keep up with Charlie McCarthy 1 Helen Zigarovich ..... ........................... S till waters run deep .:. ..,. ::. jane Feigerti' .... ..... ..,. ' ' Miss Maybird ": A very efficient young miss N Edward Palchak, ............... ls he a commercial on account of the girls? "l'- Ann Radosh. . . ............... These Freshies and their Seniors! Tch! Tch! ,,E::::' Louis Folino, Tony Folino .......,........................ .... M utt 82 jeff 32252257 Mary Carroll .........,.... .............,. W hy can't she forget Pitcairn? QEFTT7 Dorothy Mae Rife .... . . . .............,.. Slow and sweet A iq Francis Grande .... I ...... ..... B unny, quidk as a whistle Emma ,ISSN Cartwright ....- ........ A sophisticated miss - Compliments of Grace Martin's School "'A School Discriminate'f for Business Training 25 H ere and There PENNSYLVANIA MUSIC AND FORENSIC LEAGUE The League was organized by the University of Pittsburgh to promote music and forensic activities among the high schools of Pennsylvania. The contestants in the forensic events under the direction of Miss Bierer were-Anna Mae Sloan, declamationg Robert Pogue, oration, jean Rubright, poetry reading. jean Rubright came in second place in the poetry reading contest, Participating in the music events, under the direction of Mr. Renton, were Jack Mitchell, Kelsay Foster, joe Mullaney, and john McLachlan. They won first place and jack Mitchell also won first place as a baritone soloist. Francis Himmler won first prize in a drum contest. ORATORICAL CONTEST An oratorical contest is held yearly under the supervision and direction of Mi. Mc Leister. The purpose ofthe contest is to promote the development of high school oratory. Robert Pogue, the winner of this years contest, spoke on "Socialized Medicine. " An- toinette Gunia was in second place and spoke on "What I Owe America and What America Owes Me. " Elizabeth Godich won third place with an oration on "Dictator- ship versus Democracy. " SPELLINC MATCH A Spelling Match sponsored by the Levin Brothers Furniture Store of Jeannette was broadcast over station WHJB in Greensburg. The Trafford spellers were Robert Ros- novski, Helen Brletic, Antoinette Cunia, john McLachlan, Mervin Brown, and Ellen Gorman. They competed with six students from Mt. Pleasant High School for a valu- able wrist watch and pen and pencil sets. A pen and pencil set was won by Helen Brletic, Trafford's "last man." HONOR ROLL The students who were on the Honor Roll for four successive six-week periods are: Brezovic, Betty Ciunia, Antbinette Paich, Martha Slaubaugh, june Bartakovich, George Kasonovich, Mary Peduzzi, Eugene Sloan, Anna Mae Bucar, john Kazmeraski, Tom Pogue ,Robert Tewes, Betty jane Feigert, jane Kochanov, Anna Rudlowsky, Mildred Tewes, Evelyn Foster, Mildred Mclndoe, Elaine Ryan, William Wiser, Pauline Zigarovich, Helen NEWS-NOTES The Senior boys and girls both won in the intramural basketball tournament-A plaque was presented by Mr. Wilson on which every year will be placed the name of the winning classes in the Volleyball and Basketball tournaments. ASSEMBLIES During the course of the year we have enjoyed a number of very interesting assembly programs. The Chevrolet Motor Company has put on a number of educational motion pictures. Di. W. F. Rex, minister of the Lutheran church, spoke for the Thanksgiving assembly. At Christmas a delightful three-act play, "Reds Christmas Whopper" was presented. Edward Kroen, a newspaper reporter from station WWSW in Pittsburgh, gave highlights on the spelling match that was held on Feb. 3, 1939. Under the direction of Miss Alloway a "Kay Kayser Kollege" program was held, in which the whole assembly took part. The annual Oratorical Contest was held March 10 under the supervision of Mr. McLeister and Miss Bierer. Mr. Sears of the Federal Bureau of Investigation spoke at the assembly on April 6. At the opening of the last assembly on May 27 the upper classmen gave their approval of the incoming freshmen by vigorous applauding. Compliments of Mary Jane 'S Salon If your hair is not becoming to you! You should be coming to us. Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 26 THE ACTIVITIES School to a great many, means principally, readin', writin', and 'rithmetic. But the "would be" monotony of too much mental work is dispersed by our various activities. Though our facilities are limited we find that each extra-curricular activity is well represented. For the athletic-minded, there are wrestling, football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. To those who are musically inclined there are the glee clubs, orchestra, and the swing band The annual Operetta is a product of the girls' and boys' glee clubs. And for our dramatic aspirants there are weekly assemblies and the Senior Class Play Among the clubs are the Astronomy Club and the Varsity Club. The aim of the school at present is to introduce more worth-while educational diversions for the tuden ts and to make us point with more pride-to Trafford I-li!! -Il INIOR-SIQNIOR GIRLS' Glelili CIIJJB Seated: Ii. Iewes, Koepka, Uraganac. judge, Henderson, Pacon, lvl. Loutsenhizer. Iioslto. Beswick. Ruellowslf y Slauhaugh. Wrubal. I Second row' Wiser, -Iohnston, Pogue, I I, Gunia. Iforosa. IXI. Gethin. Ivlarehand, I., Alloway, If. Gorman, A Gunia, Schweikarth, lvliss Gethin. FRIQSI IIXIAN-SOPIIOIVIORLQ GIRLS' GI.IflQ CII I3 Seated: Iiasonovieh. XYandIess. Gethin. Delfeasar, Rile. Iioehanoy, flerayiea. Raelosh. Iioyaeie, Fanty. Iierrigan. Ixlorris. lN4arI4Ie. Bartakoyieh. Patterson. Seeonel row: 'llooeheele I I, Loutsenhizer. vlosephie. CI. Bucar. C1.Goiman, Ruhright, I Iowxe- son, Stone. Lavish. Slsrgieh. Paieh. ZIfli1FOVICI'l.I'lL1fFIS, Ifeigert. Carroll. Baker. lvliss Gethin. lop rowi Richardson. I.. Sehaller, Vuie. If. johnson. Gontko, Fuiniaez. Iewes. Bryan, I Iunker, Foster, Ijatilx, I3aII4ox'ie. Clartwright, Iiubraye, Leger. Brezoyie. lee Club Clooruses In l935 both the Boys and Girls Glee Clubs were organized by Nlr. Renton. a new-eomer to Traffortl High that year. Their First puhlie appearance was in a "Musical" program whieh was Iolloweel the next year hy a nautical operetta, "H NI. 5. Ijinaforeu antl the next year hy a japanese operetta "The Xlilqaelou. Appearances were also maele at the various plays antl programs at the sehool anel at outsiele organizations. Ifaeh aetiye memher reeeiyetl a pin for his ex- cellent worls. This year N38 anel '30, the Girls are uneler the supervision ol Miss Gethin, the musie superyisor lXIany pulvlie appearances were matle. 'llhis is a elistin- guished year lor the lvoys heeause they took part in their first operetta "Hearts and Blossoms". Some ol' the members toolq part in the Iforensie antl lXIusie League. Ihey hope the exeellent worli will he ebntinueel in the Iuture hy the stutlents Ixlueh eretlit is to he given to Mr. Renton and lkfliss Gethin Ior giving their time to musieal worlt. Compliments of McBride Theatre Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 28 BOYS' GLUE CLUB lfirst row: Kalanja, Vollmer, P. Gioia, E. Arlotti, l3eFranl4. Foster, Dvoravic, Novak lXlilILll', klosephic. Second row: lvl. Arlotti, Zubacli, Palchak, Schmolltc, lX'lcl-achlan, h4ullaney. Pogue, Nlitchell Mr. Renton, instructor, Gaslcvic, F. Gioia OPERlj'l"l'A CAST First row: Miss Gcthin, R. lxlullaney, M. Gethin, Gunia, Rudlowsky, Dubrave lioepka. Second row: Foster, Palchak. lvlcleachlan. Ll. lylullancy, TX4itchell, NM: Renton, Nlazur. The O eretta i'Hearts and Blossoms" was presented April I3 and l4 by the members of the Cilee Cltilfs. The male parts were acted by the boys this year. lt was directed by lX'lr. Renton. Nlary Ciethin toola the part of lXflrs. lX4anning, a woman who believed in dreams xlune and Marie, her two daughters, were taken by Rosemary Mullaney and Antoinette Gunia, respectively. Mr. Matthew Brandon, an absent minded man who falls in love with Mrs. Manning was taken by joseph Palehalx, Philip Bran- don, his nephew who is very much in love with june was taken by Kelsay Foster. Llerry Higgins, a poor but promising lawyer, who lell in love with Marie was talaen by slack Mitchell. Malindy, the colored maid was taken by Mary Bacon. Samson Bonapart, the bell boy, who fell in love with lvlalindy was taken by George Mazur. Eileen, Betty, Bruce and Bob, the summer time visitors, were talaen by Dorothy Dubrave, Mildred Rucllowslxy, john Mcl.achlan, and ,Ioe Mtillaney, respectively. Muriel Koeplaa was accompanist. Compliments of McGara Hardware Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 29 OR llliS'l'RA Suatcdi l,. Bz1l4er.F Himmler, Surmacz. lewes, Kovacie, lvliolqovich, Ryan, Lushcr, Phillips. Si inding: Pl7QLlC,lJlCITllI'1g,Zxdilflilli,ci.CiL'Ii'liT'l,NlgI'l,li.l'llI11lTllL'l',ciliJl'RSL7Tl,,lCI'1ClS.Rk'HfllD, C C UIITIII1, lX4iss klcnets, BAND ummcrsi R. I,ovre, ,I. Fleming, Al. Warden. Sc ited: l,. Fanty, rl. Brown, B. lvlurray. FX4. Howell. ll. Uean, nl. lvlorris, Cf. Gorman, if. rch in F. l.5I'iJWI1,-I,cil2ll'liSUl'1,cJ. Fry, D. Clorie. R. Stafford, P. Renton. ht inding: l.. Negro, Cf, Bandy, CI. Pecluzzi, S. Leger, G. Gethin, li. Pogue, W. Adamic, F. limmlti B. Dean, W. Ryan. Cf. llimmler, lf. Snyder, D. Lavish, IXV1. L. Walsh. l Hunker, A. l cgcr R Patterson, VI. Baker, F. l.ushcr, S. Toclaro, Vlenets. be Orchestra mm' Bama' "Of all sad words from tongue or pen, The saddest, are these- It might have heen. " Since the heginning of this school year, lviiss Llenets has made it impossihle for aspiring young Ruhinofifs to say, "lt might have heen, had I received a little training, H for since then, she has patiently taught a class which is held once a weela and is open to all students desiring to play any stringed instrument. Per- haps 'l'raf'ford's elaim to fame will come through one of these who are at the present time heginners in the field of music. Who can tell? When the air is hrislt and the stadium is hlled with hopeful, yelling students what hetter way is there to cheer a team on to victory than hy a stirring martial air played hy a group of students who march down the field, confident and gay? 'lrafford has heen missing this hnal touch to their thrilling foothall games, hut now, thanks to Miss Gethin, our lyfusic Supervisor of only one year, we have our own hand! This hand consists of new hut promising musicians who meet once a week under the supervision of Miss Gethin for their practices. Compliments of Westinghouse Micarta Westinghouse Elec. and Mfg. Co., Trafford Works 30 SWING BAND Seated: Dvoravic, Pogue, F. Himmler, Adamik, Cethin. Morris, Tcwcs, Smith, Richardson Standing: Baker, Clarkson C. Himmlcr, Poguc, Manns, Mr. Shank, leader. The Swing Bama' Fifteen high school students under the direction of Mr. Shank meet every Monday night in order to practice up on their "swing " They help provide for the gala side of our school life. Parties and dances alike are enlivened by their syncopating rhythms. This talented group is known as the Trafford Revelers, and it has been in existence since 1930. The entire school owes Mr. Shank a vote of thanks for the wholehearted manner in which he has undertaken to build-up and direct an organization unique in the curricula of the majority of schools-a genuine "Swing Band". The Reflector Staff CPicture on Page Zj We are sometimes given an enterprise to achieve which at first seems insur- mountable, but after serious application we receive our reward. This years Reflector was such an enterprise. After collectively writing, planning, and as- sembling material, the staff with Mr. Mclseister, the class adviser, has been able to edit and produce this annual-The Reflector of 1939. The staff was headed by Antoinette Gunia, Editor-in-chief, who was assisted by jack Mitchell. john Mclsachlan, Business Manager, was aided by Muriel Koepka, Assistant Business Manager. Eugene Peduzzi was Circulation Man- ager. Robert Rosnoski was kept busy peeking into the lives of our Alumni, and xl une Slaubaugh, Activities Editor, and Tatiana Doroso, Assistant Activities Editor, had their hands filled. Mildred Rudlowsky, as Treasurer, was respon- sible for the Hnances. Matthew Teitt, Athletics Editor, was aided by Charles Himmler. The junior Editors, Mary Cvethin and Mary Bacon, submitted news, and Bob Pogue as junior Business Manager did very commendable work. Mil- dred Foster and Betty Brezovick were Sophomore and Freshman Editors, re spectively. Typing was done by Mary Stankovich, jane Hillstrom, and Eliza beth Cvodich, Compliments of Mikan Motor Co. Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 31 be Senior Class Plays 'l'rying something new and entirely different this ytar, tl.e berior Cfiass w ith the very able direction of Miss Reed and Mr. Mclceisiei, presented tniee satirt one act plays. Up to this time it had been eustoniary to iiesent ont tmee a-t play. Ln the eighteenth and nineteenth ol Noyemler our expeiinitnt was tested and was received enthusiastically. "Sauce for the Coslingsn disclaimed the old adage "youre only young once. " Anna Mae Sloan, whose part as Grandmother had us in stitches, took it upon herself to prove that slang was all right if used in its place. Muriel Kocpka was big sister to john Chester as kid brother. ,lohn Mclcachlan had us all on needles and pins by arriving just at curtain time. Helen Kelly and Meryin Brown were the perfect example of modern parents. 'Be Home By Midnight " was a riot from curtain to curtain. Robert Schmolke as the bellowing, blusteiing lvlr. Jones had us wondering if the rafters would tumble. Nice going Smoky! Antoinette Gunia had her hands full controlling hysterics and being the calm lvfrs, Jones, Emma jean Beswick and Kelsay Fos- ter acted the part of a spatting brother and sister who could very beautifully have wrung the neck of "dear little junior." As for Ernie Diemerts part as kluniorewell it speaks for itself UA Bargains a Bargain" proved "it's a sin to tell a lie", for jane Hillstrom had quite a time explaining away her possession of a mink coat to hubby Eugene Peduzzi. Robert Rosnovski and Pearl Atwood were the perfect, happily? mar- ried eouple. jean Schaffer was quite the vamp and Matthew Teitts "man about town" was well played. And oh! yes let us not forget the cat. Ray Kline was responsible for the feline and produced a different cat for every performance, Ray may have been looking for a talented cat 'cause the kitty on Friday night really meowed, Who, oh who was responsible for the "sound defects"T Compliments of 0hringer's, Home Furniture Co., Braddock 32 ASTRONCMY CLUB First row: l lowicson, jones, Rubright, lTorosa, Seville, M. Ccthin, G. Gcthin ltwt Second row: lX4r. Kelly, Kalanja. Lcfflcr, Patterson, Himmlcr, Poguc, Ryan, kltntt Astronomy Club In 1930 the Astronomy Club was organized by Mr. Kelly with nine members and high hopes. The charter members were Tatiana Dorosa, Elizabeth Seville, Mary Cwethin, Evelyn Tewes, Robert Amalong, jimmy Bender, Bob Pogue, Walter Patterson and Charles Himmler. Meetings were held every week and in this first year the Club undertook its first project, a planetarium. The skeleton of it was made by Charles Himmlcr and the girls worked on it for awhile, but interest was soon lost by the latter, for the plans of a roller-skating party to be held by the Club. Charles Himmlei finished the planetarium, and the skating party turned out to be a huge success. Three new members were ushered into the Club during the second year. The twelve members enthusiastically started a telescope, which is still being con- structed: it is hoped that it will be completed this year. The Club picnic was held last May at Bushy Run with everyone having a glorious time. The spirit of fun was not dampened by the rain which usually accompanies all Astronomy Club outings. The autumn of N938 saw four new members from the Freshman Class and the Club now boasts of fifteen members. The highlight of this yea1"s activities was the trip to the Boggs and Buhls Sky Show, which to all those interested in as- tronomy was fascinating. A new note was struck this year when the members became interested in photography. They take pictures, develop the films and print the negatives. lt is planned that upon the graduation of the senior members charms will be awarded to them at a special banquet. These charms will serve as remembrances ofthe good times their owners had as Astronomy Club members. The Astronomy Club grows more interesting and educational every year and it is hoped that when the charter members graduate the work they have started will successfully be carried on by the remaining members. Compliments of Portzer's Clothing, Furnishing and Shoes Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 33 X'ARSl'I'Y CLUB i t row: Giaeomin. Chester. .'Xrlotti, lfcrraro, ,lamnily lliemcrt, Delia, Stocker. t ond row: Nlaycrnalt. Xtalmassoni. lvlitchell, Yanltosliy, lcitt, liopalczyk, Cligich. lhiid row: Waite, Seralin, Palehalt. Pcyinghaus, Lokmcr, Goughenour, Zubalx. be Varsity Club l-ast, year amid all the hustle and bustle of school life, Trafford High Schools first successful Varsity Club was ushered in, With Coach Wilson and his assis- tant, Mr. Kelly, as advisers, the club was organized and the ofhcers were elected. ,lohn Zubacla, 'liral'lord's lirst lour-year letter man in lootball, was elected presi- dent, and Hans Peyinghaus was elected secretary. Alter the election ol officers, the club really "opened up" and began doing things. Today pcolple arc waking up to the lact that the Varsity Club is an active part of our school, The Varsity Club is an honorary athletic club lor which any boy receiving a Varsity Letter is eligible A small entrance lee and yearly dues are the only expenses. 'lihe purpose ol the Varsity Club is to stir up an interest in sports, and to bring honor and recognition to those lfoys w ho have exceptional athletic ability, We all recognize the fact that a good healthy body adds much to the happiness ol lileg therefore, one ol the aims of the Varsity Club is to build strong- er and healthier men for the future. ln looking over the highspots of the Varsity Clubs doings we find that the boys are regular, all-round business men. The jittery ,iitterbugs turned out to exactly lour Varsity Club dances, and what dances! CYou may draw your own conclusionsl Some ol' the novelties ol' these dances were the slap-happy music ol recordings, the conspicuous absence of girls, and ol' course the shaggin', trucliin' and peeltin' ol the Vjitterbugs, Another business-like undertaking was the pub- lishing ol the football boolts lor the Pitcairn Game. Remember777 Finally the most actiyity of the club was its selection ol a standard jacket, to be given, as a special mark ol distinction, to each graduating senior ol' the Varsity Club. Compliments of the Rotary Club of Trafford "He Profits Most Who Serves Best" 3-l Alumni Notes lt is only human for one to reminisce and wonder what has happened to former school- mates, So this year we have decided to give some food for thought by devoting a page to the Alumni. 4 ln the Class of '35, Paul Bearer, Clarence Gillis, and Robert Sloan are attending Pitt, lrrances Piegert and Beryl Reed, Seton l-lill and Vvooster respectively, Clement Watts, Duquesne. Margaret Teitt, Eileen Wolle, and Thelma Slaubaugh, graduates of business colleges, are now stenographers. In the Class of '36, William Pogue, Glenn Rubright, james Mcl-lale, and Andrew Mihok are enrolled in Pitt. Esther Lusebrink is a beautician and Elva Vollmer, a sten- ographer. Stanley Gunia is president of the St. John Kante Lodge. The Class of '37 may appear to be the most productive class, of the Alumni of more recent years. jane Campbell is in Business College in Calfiornia, Cecelia l-leintzelman and Jeannette Cessna have finished business college and are now employed. Lawrence Driever is studying law at Penn State, Billl-limmler, Pitt, Betty McGara and Audrey Killian, Nursing School. Mary Waldron, Helen Gillis, and Bill Brezovic are at Carnegie Tech, Zetta Thomas, Seton Hill. Naomi Teitt and Phyllis Wolfe are a stenographer and a receptionist, respectively, Urban Schendel is at Westinghouse. Among the boys em- ployed locally are Dwight Batts, clerk in the A 82 P Store, Burwell Koepka, soda jerker at Weyandt's, and Clyde Mitchell, attendant at Hills' Service Station. Quite a number of the members of the Class of '38 are attending various business col- leges. Among them are Helen Connor, Geraldine Loll, Dorothy Shields, Robert Shipley, Virginia Sloan, and Margaret Williams. At colleges are Clara Marchand, Westminster College, Virginia Wilson, Slippery Rock, jack Kelly, Pitt, Don Lloyd, Carnegie Tech. jack Brinton is in the U. S. Navy, Melvin Tamarelli and Clair Detrich are at Westing- house. Elizabeth Pogue has the position of secretary to Mr. Seville. No article on the Alumni would be complete without reference to some of the out- standing members of other classes. jack Carson, William Barwick, Chai les Martin, all of '27, are employed in the field of science. john Graham is an instructor in Duffs Iron City College. james Kelly, '28, is a metallurgist at Westinghouse. Clarence jenkyns, '28, is a mail carrier of Trafford, and Robert Bearer, '29, is an engineer in Texas. The following alumni are all teachers in Trafford Schools: Virginia Gethin, Melvin Meadow- croft, Edward Kelly, Verner Lloyd, Emma Northwood, COVISKSHCC FHICO, Evelyn jenets, and Miriam Alloway. I-larry Corl, '30, is an undertaker, William Malone works in an insurance concern. T. Mehaffey, '32, is in the U. S. Printing Dffice, Washington, D. C, Virginia Seville, '3L, is a stenographer, and Alma Nania is a comptome- trist. Louis Bearer, '33, is a chemist at the Micarta Works, and Regis Schendel, also of '33, is preparing for the priesthood at St Francis College. joe Kelly and john Clark are both teaching, at McCullough and Kiski, respectively. So, having come to the end of the space allotted to him, your toil-worn Alumni editor hangs up his pen. Compliments of Superior Dry Cleaning Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 35 X Scmmblegmm W. Q, Indy l'z1r:zm, quita' il plzznlsl' 'X 'X lulurc i'l'1i1'!mxi Niely Quccn :md 11 sluilunl IH lnsrorx, hur fm In-r liupus iUi'lNk'l' lLilCik1L'!' ln lhk' il umur ligh School, mm Xirs Cf lliricl 'X llwliimxi luuulwl' Izxlsnig 11 li-ssmi In Swing. ull ilxxalx' ur-vuml wxxlurg clulv, 1mz1y.:mL" lihc Niissus lxuns, SL'- vxllc, ,limhnslun, Kusku, ,'Xllnmuy. H 'lfxxui li. S?-,, licxxcs. mini Dlvcnsf Q43 mm' illpuilllui ,lunu-rs X vcxw pupulzxl' HHH1 zllwuul thu sCiXuul,p1,mugluixi Pup 'blnununs N rcul Snnxx XYINIC, iwllvr luiuxxn 2iszlSk'l1IuIif um- nn-rcml .-X lwci-ssnl'x ggrwup nl zmx' giulnu. thu slum-l'lcQnlcrv ,X cnmlplc nfl, young jay- xx zxllsn-rs in-ing lid across mln-slum-1 ,Mi 1'nx'itutu-n "I,ulk l3.u1cu lu Ciimrlis illmmlrr N :unpIl1'y1np.5 sy slum. A lwcglrugglod lmml mln dis- curilusts, Thu' Xlussrs. Snydcr. Scanlon Xiu!- luxiuy. Qiiom, Ryan, Rinclwy, :mil lint: , 13:-n ls liiluxlgg thc DICI u rc. A find' Thu voumgcr Snuthurn uccunl. Sch- molku. .N' wi' cwunlxy sxxccls lin' iX'ilsscs .Xlxxvmd amd Moll Tlliilll fx sump' lmuk lwhnnl slunc Slzmlmupxli Lu soc an Iucully Xicrniim. flhus as am unpuwd plclurci Dail you lnkc li1CYk' cun- ilnl L'2lINL'l'il r'cx'cIu1m11s ul school pwsovmillln-s' N our 3 support ul' ilu' Rujluilof' 4 N5 xxlll nmiw mm rc ul' lhcsc possilwli' IH thu iuturc. Compliments of Schneider-Trafford Motor Co. Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 36 THE ATHLETICS A very attractive side of any schools extra-curricular program is its athletics, and Trafford has plenty of interest here. Messrs. Wilson, Ruckle, and Kelly are kept busy providing action on many fronts throughout the year. In the fall, of course, it's football for color and interestg later comes wrestling along with an intra-mural schedule of basketball and volleyballg in the spring baseball calls the varsity to the diamond, In 1938 Trafford was Class B champion in Westmoreland County football, and our wrestling teams have placed in every tourna- ment since its introduction here in 1936. During its first year in 1938 the Varsity Baseball Team lost only one game, giving way to McKees- port. All these activities work to achieve the Greek ideal in life-"a sound mind and a sound body. " Compliments of Pitcairn Board of Trade be ridiron Team The 1938 season was fairly successful for the Trafford Tomahawlas, Even though the record is not so impressive in scores, the gridders deserve a great deal of praise for their on and off held sportsmanship. Trafford started off on its long season by a defeat from the hands of Wilmerding High. The following week a much higher spirited team met and tasted their first blood of victory when they defeated Derry Boro. After two successive victories came disaster, Hrst from the hands of Glassport and followed by others. lt seemed as if Lady Luck forgot all about the Trafford gridders! The last game of the season with Pitcairn was one of the most bitterly fought contests ever to take place between the two rival teams. The many spectators of that game saw Pitcairn take an early thirteen point lead and fight desperately to retain it. When the calm had settled aftei the hnal whistle disappointment shadowed the Trafford horizon, the Hnal score being I3-7 in Fitcairns favor. At the close of the season Frank Ferraro and Raymond Nlanns received recog- nition for their ability by being placed on the Westmoreland County All-Star Team, and john Zubacla, a 4 letter man, received a berth on the All-Valley Team, an even higher honor, The curtain having fallen on the gridiron leaves only faint recollections and memories of the many young men that participated and won recognition in the eyes of their fellow students. May these young men that stood so honorably for the schools ideals in athletics stand even more nobly in their lifes works in the future. And may the student body never forget the leadership and training by Mr. Wilson and Mr. Kelly, who made the team what it was. FOOTBALL SQUAD Front row: Teitt, Sr. mgr., Lawrence, Fresh. mgr,, Warmer, McGuire, Shopc, Dcliajr. mgr., Yankosky, Sr. mgr. Second row: Ferraro, lvlayernik, Cigich, Waite, Zubak, Pcyinghaus, Goughenour, Lolsmcr, amnik Lawrence. Third row: Wilson, coach, Valmassoni. j. Ferraro, Ferline. lvlasteranna. lvl. Arlotti, Mitchell, Palchalx Shepard, lvlendicino, Yushinsky, Mr. Kelly, asst coach. Fourth row: Tarbuck, li, Chester, Lovre, Giacomin, Folino, Fisher, Bucar, E. Arlotti, Dc Frank Adamik, Brletic. Compliments of Trafford Fire Co. No. 1 Live and Build in Trafford 38 l The Football Season Wilmerding 8 Trafford Derry Borough 0 Trafford South Huntingdon o Trafford Glassport Zo Trafford Salina 0 Trafford Rostraver 14 Trafford Youngwood 7 Trafford Pitcairn l 3 Trafford The sportsmanship and success of Traffords The Coaclr football, baseball, and intramural teams is due to the coaching ability of Mr, Wilson, our athletic director lvlr. Wilson was a four-yeai letter man at Slippery Rock State Teachers College from which he was graduated in 1931. He also has the dis- tinction of being the only Slippery Rock man to be named to the All State, All Star eleven of Pennsylva- nia. Mr. Wilson has been coaching here for eight years, and it is hoped that he will continue to develop sportsmanship among the students and to turn T out champion teams in Trafford High Schol. ' Football Lettewnen M. Arlotti I7 Lokmer C. Valmassoni li. Cigish R lvlanns F. Waite J. Ferline V. lviasterrana J. Zuback F. lferraro T. Mendicino J, Ferraro J. Meyernick G. Goughenour J. Mitchell MANAGERS J. Jamnik J. Palchak M. Teitt F. Lawrence H. Peyinghaus N. Yankosky Compliments of Weyandt'S Drug CO. Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 39 WR1iS'll-1NG TEAM Wrestling position: Rantovich, Petrini, Kopylczak, Giacornin, Stocker, Delia. Back row: Diemert. Valmussoni, Peyinghaus, Yankoslay, Scrafln. be Mat Men ln 1930 when Wrestling was introduced in Trafford High it was never expected to become so popular a favorite as it has with the Trafford fans. During the four years of stiff competition the Trafford team has obtained a remarkable record of forty-nine victories in hfty-four matches. In W.P.1.A.L. championships, Trafford has produced many individual first and second place winners and has had two wrestlers enter the State Tournament. During the four years of tour- nament competition the Trafford Team has taken second place twice and third place twice. This years Wrestling Squad, under the direction of Mr. Ruckle, enjoyed one of its best seasons. Classed with only the best schools, Trafford has shown the power and stamina that it has been known to possess. The Tomahawks hold decisive victories over the strong Carmichael, Elizabeth, and Kiski Prep schools and has met defeat only from the hands of Blairsville and Cannonsburg. After the competition was over this year, the records showed that many new stars were lcorn, Some boys had records of victories in every match, and others had victories in three-fourths of the matches. In the W.P,l.A.L. championships this year at Waynesburg, Charles Valmassoni and Meihl Cviacomin received second place medals in the 155 and 125 pound class respectively, and Theodore Serahn won the championship medal in the 145 pound class. The following week Serahn entered in the Pennsylvania State Wrestling Tournament at Penn State College and received the runner up medal in the 145 pound class. After proving his ability in the eliminations and the semi-finals he was defeated in the finals. Some of the other eonsistant winning and dependable wrestlers this year were Diemert, Stocker, and Yankowsky. The 1938-1939 wrestling season ended with Trafford credited with fourteen victories against three defeats. ln W.P.l.A.L, competition at Waynesbuig, the Trafford squad received third place preceded only by Cannonsburg and Waynes- burg. This years wrestling team graduates only four first string wrestlers, there- ore leaving a very strong team for next year. Compliments of White Front Market Member of Trafford's Business and Professional Association 40 Tlae Wrestling Season Carnegie 5 Trafford 38 Norwin Franklin Twp. 3 Trafford 34 Elizabeth Pitcairn 3 Trafford 45 Carmichael Carnegie 6 Trafford 41 Cannonsburg Blairsville 2l Trafford 17 Pitcairn Elizabeth IOM! Trafford 255 Kiski Prep Cannonsburg 25 Trafford l l Franklin Twp, Dormont 8 Trafford 30 Norwin Mt, Pleasant l3 Trafford 24 Total Points Our Wrestling Mentor The success of the Trafford High School wrest- ling team in the past few years has been due largely to the untiring efforts of Mr. D. A, Ruckle, our wrestling coach. Before coming to Trafford, Mr. Ruckle attended State Teaclfers College at Blooms- burg, where he participated in football, wrestling, and basketball, learning many of the fine points of athletics, which he has been able to teach here. Besides being a wrestling coach, M1 . Ruckle teaches commercial high school subjects. lt is hoped that his excellent work in the teaching and coaching field will continue for many years. The Annual Staff joins the school in wishing Mr. Ruckle the best of luck. 5 Trafford 41 13 Trafford 25 8 Trafford 30 28 Trafford 10 3 Trafford 32 5 Trafford 28 l7 Trafford 24 8 Trafford 32 l8 l V2 4975 W restlzng Letterrnen J. Brletic L. Petrini j. Chester l-l. Peyinghaus MANAGER J. Delia D Rantovich Zuback E. Diemert T Serafin E. Giacomin S. Stocker T, Kopylczak M. Tarbuck ASST. MANAGER M, Kudi ic C. Valmassoni E. Palchak N. Yankosky Eli Foster Compliments of Wilson's Service Station Member of Traffordns Business and Professional Association 41 I . 1 l L MD 2 ,L.,,gQ.A The Tomahawk Because of the many names that have been given to the Trafford athletic teams in the past, Indians, Tigers, etc., this year it was decided to hold a contest to select a permanent name for our teams. High school students were asked to submit names and to give their reason for selecting them, Over fifty-five were submitted. These were carefully gone over by five faculty members who served as judges and selected the name. Because the land in and around Trafford was originally Indian territory, the judges wanted a name pertaining to the Indians. Several of the students sent in the name "Indians" but many schools in the country were known by this name and the judges wanted a name that was original and distinctive. After a close vote they decided on the name "Tomahawk", This winning name was submitted by Josephine Henderson, who received a book of complimentary tickets to all the 1938-39 home wrestling matches. The tomahawk was originally used by the Indians to kill and scalp their enemies in blattle. With this thought in mind the Trafford Tomahawks will slay their opponents in their battles. The Baseball Team Baseball, the great American game, was introduced to Trafford in the spring of 1038. Under the direction of Mr. Wilson the hrst team turned out to be a surprising success. After weeks of training twenty-two players were picked to represent Trafford in league competition, Trafford completed the season by winning eight out of the ten games played, their only loss being to the experienced lVlcKeesport team. April Penn Township This year thirty players are training for the following games: I 1 May 2 "'Pitcairfn I4 South Huntingdon 5 "tEast lVlcKeesport 18 "'Pitcairn 9 South Huntingdon 21 'East lvlclieesport I2 9fEast Pittsburgh 25 Penn Township 16 "Elimination 28 t"East Pittsburgh 19 "Elimination "'I.eague Games Compliments of The Wornen's Club of Traiiord 42 We wish to thank our Patrons and Sponsors whose financial support helped make possible this Rejifector. Without their assistance our book would have cost the students more than it did. Our Patrons X Q N 1 bex . .xx ' 'N f Q' X ,l aQ4 X 46,9 4 s XX 1 a 4 2 x , f on . XX 01 Z ,og X 4 , 23' .0 V X 5 4' 'nas x -. ., o k lr lefzn wx ,nfs XQZIVXQ 02 ,y f .Q . I-Q We hope that the students in turn will appreciate Q I 1, the generosity and cooperation of these people. Q22 Mr. 82 Mrs. L. D. Bardwell Mr. F. Levin Mr. 82 Mrs. A. l. Bearer Mr. 82 Mrs. W. Marchand Mr, 82 Mrs. C. B. Beswick Dr. L. W. McCough Mr. 82 Mrs. C. C. Brandt Mr. 82 Mrs. T. I-l. McKlvee1. Mr. J. W. Burroughs Mr. 82 Mrs. J. Meager Mr. 82 Mrs. L. F. Carson Mr. I-I S. Miller Mr Mr. 82 Mrs. J. Dorosa Mr. 82 Mrs. l-l. L. Feather . 51 Mrs. R. T. Gillis Z. LI. Cawoski Mr Mr. S. l-lerskovitz Mr. 82 Mrs. E. Himmler 52 Mrs. G. E. l-lunker Dr. Kurtz-Brothers Dr. 82 Mrs. C. L. Mitchell . 82 Mrs: Ivan l. Morris 82 Mrs. F. M. Pogue Mr Dr. Rev. 82 Mrs. W. F. Rex Mr. 82 Mrs. A. F.. Ryan Mr. 81 Mrs. H. E. Seville Dr. 82 Mrs. F, K. Snyder Dr. 82 Mrs. D. O. Todd Acknowledgments In addition to our Patrons and Sponsors there were others whose assistance to the Reflector warrants recognition. The Rotary Clubs generous contribution was greatly appreciated. We wish to thank Mr. Charles Haupt, the secretary of the Business and Professional Association, for his effort in behalf of our book in contacting members of the organization for support. Mr. Snyder and Mr. Young of the Pontiac Company, Mr. Armstrong of Standardized Press, Mr. Miller of Kover Kraft, and Mr. Steele the photographer all gave invaluable advice and service to our book. To each and all of our supporters named and unnamed many thanks! THE STAFF 43 n P i r ? my 3' ON! S

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