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EDITOR ' S MESSAGE EDITOR S LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT To the girls of Trafalgar, we leave this yearbook, such as it is. To Mrs. Randall, we give a batch of our mistakes because she ' s only made three since 1952. To Miss den Hertog. we give our thanks and a new gluestick. To Mrs. Hrycyna. our hopes for the future. To the photographers, our humblest apologies and a year ' s supply of pizza. To the next year ' s editors, the enviable job of cleaning up the echoes office. We don ' t ever want to see it again. Well, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and look at the rest of the yearbook. It ' s absolutely fantastic, and it ' s yours. Best of luck, Alix and Melissa 1 1 i CENTENNIAL MURAL The time was 11:31 A.M. The place, Trafalgar School. The event, the launching of balloons to celebrate Trafalgar ' s Centennial. Hundreds of Trafites watched jubilantly as the red, white, and blue balloons were set off, com- plete with return addresses. Later, balloons were found as far away as Maine. All in all, the event was an overwhelming success. 9 TRAFALGAR 1887-1937 What changes thou hast seen down through the years, As thou hast sent thy children forth to find A wider world, with work for heart and mind - Armed still with courage to dispel our fears. With what great pride, and sometimes with what tears Hast thou beheld those worlds which we have made - And yet, however far our steps have strayed Thy call to service rings still in our ears. And so, amid all change, may ' st thou remain. Proclaiming those ideals our school-days knew Of love and service and of fortitude. Proclaiming them in accents ever true, So, bless thy children still, from age to age And make us worthy of our heritage. Muriel Bedford- Jones, Mistress of Form Upper II 1937 11 13 The past year at Traf has certainly been a busy one. Centennial came and went in a whirl- wind leaving us all a little sad but very proud of all the work we had done and of the school we were celebrating. Happy 100th Birthday Traf! Special thanks to the staff who have supported and helped us through the few bad times and the many good times. Also, we can ' t go without saying thank-you to the graduating class of ' 88! There ' s no doubt in my mind that we have all received something invaluable throughout our years at Trafalgar. It ' s a gift of sorts, for Traf has given us the opportunity to be in- dividuals, the ability to be proud of ourselves, and above all ambition for the future. I have been especially proud to represent this school during the past year. I have come to realize that Traf is like a family, and like a family: Together we stand Divided we fall Fedra Braniotis Head Girl STAFF 15 17 IT ' ™: UNDERGRADS Back: Tasha Lackman, Mayera Chazan, Stephanie Ogura, Kieran Haegert, Mme. Lafleur. Next: Amy Wittenoff, Micol Haimson, Jessica Freiheit, Shaunna Burke, Julie Duraes, Dyanne Forde, Reaghan Tarbell. Next: Marnie Aflalo, Sandra Patrocinio, Pamela Fried- man, Mia Rothstein, Sarah Elkin, Natasha Decicco. Next: Erika Fernandes, Amy Vincent, Danielle Lindy, Rachel Cobrin, Carolyn Nessim. Front: Zanna Gibbs, Christine Bourne, Claire Cameron, Amanda Bouchoutsos, Chris Baldry. Absent: Jennifer Bauer, Chantal Rousseau. 20 Back: Joanna Heathcote, Sarah Rosenfeld. Hillary Lancaster, Lindsay St aniforth, Dana Cooper, Christina Brown. Romy Litwin. Next: Christine Winslow, Suzanne Goldbaum, Allison Friedman, Robyn Schwartz. Ne. t: Kate Fellerath, Vanessa Dinucci, Adrienne Bajaj, Maya Ekbote, Amy Harbinson. Next: Marleigh Greaney, Tamara Milberg, Jessica Ni, An- drea Bucovetsky, Amy Kohl. Next: liana Weitzman, Jane Ah-Sen, Mrs. Wightman, Erica Bussey, Tina Scherz, Tamson Lyle. Front: Carrie Scherzer, Tara Dworzak, Erika Bishop. Absent: Lisa Karachinsky. Back: Doreen Kunos, Lisa Lachance, Stephanie Glazer, Samantha Bonder, Mary Webster. Next: Andrea Rubin, Nataiie Ogura, Joanna Kubow, Maya Tisch, Allison Quinn. Next: Karyn Saragossi, Robin Feldman, Christine Jabal, Alyson Babb, Andrea Cowen, Sija Howard. Next: Elaine Moore, Verena Sixt, Debbie Goldberg, Barbara Arvanitidis, Daniela Corvisieri, Edith Arel. Front: Sandy Birrell, Margaret Ferguson, Sonya Hanson, Kimberly Hindle, Mrs. Kalisky, Sara Maclean. Absent: Lisa Kirkwood. FORM 2B Back: Sandra Balbis, Danielle Elkin, Lisa Palmer, Mme. Gonzalez, Sacha Gatien, Karine Perez. Next: Alison Podbrey, Erica Rubin, Margaret Wu, Andrea Blaikie, Jordan Dalfen. Next: Crystal St. James, Mhairi McArthur, Sosan Montour, Cheryl Johnson, Sarah Perry. Front: Jennifer Mullan, Yasmine Sarruf, Tamara Ruby, Helen Bui, Pamela Tran, Sheetal Sahel. Absent: Bano Bilgrami, Cristine Bozzer, Stephanie Shapiro, Denise Stegman, Julie Szabo, Kate Wolforth. 23 Back: Kulsum Murtaza, Puja Mahajan, Nootan Kumar, Nathalie Beaulieu, Sarah Brown, Catherine Kinsman. Next: Yasmin Omer, Linda Liu, Tara Tarbell, Erica Zelnik, Jenny Ar- mour, Torri Mundell, Krystyne Blaikie. Next: Whitney Reynolds, Alana Malin, Paula Scolaro, Rebecca Goltzman, Heather Reich, Vicki Lee. Front: Barbara Maraz, Karina Huber, Anne-Marie Ashcroft, Andrea White, Krista Burke, Karin Stein, Mrs. Nicolaidis. Absent: Vanessa Anastasopoulos, Barbara Colacci. 24 Back: Caroline Davis, Jennifer Moroz, Joanne Fernandes, Natalie Chin Next: Pamela Ogura, Jennifer Blanchard, Tracy Herrity, Candice Spector, Tiala Brown, Lee Anne Henrico. Next: Julie Howick, Tania Cooper. Stephanie Goldbaum, Sarah Martin, Karen Winslow. Next: Miss den Hertog, Maria Greenspoon, Gassia Setian, Jana Gatien, Diana Djihanian. Front: Devi Banerjee, Alia Malik, Stephanie Burnett, Martha Maclaurin, Sabrina Saputo, Lissa Bobrow. Absent: Tamar Flanders, Jennifer Hum. Back: Ruth Cawdron, Cassie Carroll, Shari Kaye, Tanya Schector, Joyce Cameron, Mrs. Randall. Next: Jennifer Abramson, Gillian Mann, Jennifer Rack, Jane Stevenson, Marianne Wisenthal, Debbie Parker. Next: Betty Tarn, Leonora Lalla, Jenne Maclean, Viki Komjathy, Anna Srom-Olsen, Audrey Chan. Next: Trisha Sky, Sonya Farago, Lisa Singer, Jennifer Maclaurin, Alison Hausner. Front: Lynne Echenberg, Avery Kaufman, Jill Shadley, Staph Carpenter, Shelley Hayes, Stacey Pinchuk. 26 Back: Elana Cherry, Christy Bunker, Janice Kubow, Leslie Symansky, Andrea Bartnikas, Helena Cerigo, Heidi Carlson, Katja Frostell, Carolyn Abramowitz, Erin Smith, Felicia Matthews. Next: Leslie Sheils, Darlene Dessureault, Sara Johnston, Kristin McNeill, Tanya Streete, Reena Kazmi, Zainab Murtaza. Next: Sandy Bauer, Tara Young. Front: Lori Beau- doin, Jen Edgar, Nazira Amra, Margo Pollock, Kori Perlman, Saira Chaly. 27 ACTIVITIES In keeping with the spirit of Centen- nial, our Ross Lecturer this year, was an old girl. A graduate of McGill University and Harvard University Mrs. Anne Lancashire talked to both present and past Trafites about Academia, Theatre History, Popular Film, and Motherhood: " Having it all " in the 1980 ' s. As well, we were most pleased to see the familiar faces of Mrs. Packer, Mrs. Doupe and Miss Harvie who were present for this momentous event. On September 23, the first day of Autumn, the Prefects planned a terrific picnic for the student body . Each girl was assigned a big or little sister, as the case may be, for whom she had to make a lunch, and lunch was eaten together, in houses. After lunch there followed an hour of games rang- ing from balloon toss, a posture race, and a three-legged race. Due to the innovative prefects a great deal of fun was had by both students and teachers at the first annual Trafalgar Picnic. 31 HOUSE ACTIVITIES This year, due to the success of our Midget Volleyball team, Traf was hit with a case of ' volleyball fever ' . One Friday afternoon in November, the Midgets and the staff prepared for a showdown. At first the Midgets took the lead, then the teachers rallied back, but the Midgets emerg- ed victorious once more. The game was a great success and the afternoon enjoyed by all. BARCLAY HOUSE Heads: Christine Burke, Sarah Daly Mother: Miss den Hertog Rep: Sara Johnston GUMMING HOUSE Heads: Lisa Carpenter, Robin Krystantos Mother: Miss Layton Rep: Lynne Echenberg Heads: Stephanie Rich, Annika Stein Mother: Mrs Henophy Rep: Ruth Cawdron DONALD HOUSE 36 FAIRLEY HOUSE 37 ROSS HOUSE Heads: Astrid Nielssen, Melany Rourke Mother: Mrs Rollins Rep: Avery Kaufman STUDENT ' S COUNCIL Top Row: (Left to Right) Shelley Hayes, Marge Pollock, Jennie Maclean, Saira Chaly, Sara Brown. Middle Row: Margaret Wu, Carla Wainwright, Christy Laflamme, Dionne Codrington. Bottom Row: Suzanne Goldbaum, Sara MacLean, Debbie Golberg, Shaunna Burke, Christine Winslow, Jessica Freiheit, Karen Winslow, Stephanie Shapiro, Caroline Davis. Absent: Fedra Braniotis, Lori Chapdelaine, Joanne Kay, Rebecca Goltzman and Lola Shepard. PEACE GROUP Trafalgar school ' s Peace Group was hard at work this year. The group was organiz- ed mostly by the Form 4 ' s. but all Traf students were invited to their meetings and discussions. Aside from their weekly meetings, guest speakers, as well as audio-visual presentations, were a large part of this year ' s Peace Group. The members of this group did everything they could to help all Trafites understand the problem of world peace. A special filing cabinet was organized, from which smdents could easily obtain information on peace. As well, a Peace Bulletin was set up near the cafeteria. Everyone who worked on the Peace Group should be congratulated for a job well done! 39 WIENER ROAST As a special treat during our Winter Carnival, the Board of Governors hosted a Wiener Roast. Trafites were provided with a scrumptious lunch of hot dogs and cup- cakes, all of which was much appreciated by hungry Traf girls. Many thanks also to the prefects who had the fun job of acting as our waitresses for the afternoon. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES No, it was not playtime at an elemen- tary school. It was Trafites frolicking in the snow and living it up during our Winter Carnival! The sun was shining and Trafalgar students forgot their troubles as they played in the garden. Though wet and very cold, everyone had a fantastic time! WINTER CARNIVAL SKI DAY Trafites hit the slopes of Jay Peak in February and it proved to be a great start to our Winter Carnival! Traf and L.C.C. skiers enjoyed a fan- tastic day of skiing and socializing. The weather was beautiful and ski conditions were excellent. As a result of good organization and hard work by Traf and L.C.C. head and sub-head prefects, as well as Mrs. Wightman, Trafalgar students experienced a memorable and fun- filled Ski Day. 41 TRAF TIMES Picture to the Right. Jennifer, Heather, Victoria. PHOTOCLUB Front Row; Jennifer, Jenne, Anna, Genevieve, Second Row; Viki, Leslie, Kristen, Jennifer, Third Row; Elane, Margo, Audrey, Shari, Fourth Row; Tamara, Jennifer, Joyce, Miss D. Hertog Fifth Row; Betty, Karen, Lisa, Six Row; Karen, Karina, Deb- bie, Susan. ECHOES STAFF ADVISORS Seated from Right to Left; Mrs. Randall, Miss Den Henog. Mrs. Hrycyna. PHOTOGRAPHERS Front Row; Jenne, Shelly. Second Row; Jennifer, Lisa. SUB EDITORS Front Row; Viki (Activities), Lennie (Art Lit). Audrey (Art Lit), Jen (Centennial), Anna (Sf)orts) Second Row; Christy (candids), Melany (candids), Saira (Centennial). Clare (ac- tivities). Kristin (sports) Third Row; Joanne (sports), Jessalyn (sports), Astrid (activities). Carla (grads), Stephanie (Advertising), Jen (photos), Abs. Betty, Nazira 43 Front Row; Lennie, Viki, Karen, Sara, Stacey, Heather, Second Row; Susan, Betty, Margo, Alix, Victoria Third Row; Jenne, Verina, Barbara, Mrs. Handiak, Nazira, Lynne, Sara, Mrs. Rollins, Diana DEBATING Floor; Karen Front Row; Keri, Sandra, Betty, Leonora, Jennifer, Barbara, Melissa, Michele Last Row; Viki, Lynne, Saira, Nazira, Jenne, Jennifer, Heather Stephanie. MEDIEVAL BANQUET This year ' s medieval banquet was a smashing success. Not only did the Form 2 ' s take an educational look into the past, but they had a great time doing it. The food was tasty, and all the medieval guests were in a festive mood. The evening ' s entertainment was provided by the Form 2 ' s themselves. There was lively dancing and instrumental performances. As the medieval characters entered the banquet hall, they were greeted by a fanfare of trumpets. DRAMA " Anne of Green Gables " This year ' s school production was " Anne of Green Gables " . It is a lively and colourful musical based on the classic story by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The cast and crew were dedicated to putting on a great show as they worked through endless hours of rehearsals. Shar- ing the spotlight as Anne were Michelle Heisler and Tammy Samuels. Mrs. Litwin choreo- graphed the dances, and Mrs. Man- digo brought the whole production together. The sets and costumes were very well done, and in all the show was a great success! Mrs. Mandigo and Mrs. Litwin Class plays Trafalgar ' s drama classes were very active this year. The Form 4 ' s demonstrated their acting abilities with two Greek plays: " Women of Troy " , by Euripides, and " Women in Council " , by Aristophones. The Form 5 ' s put on three equally enter- taining shows with: " A Doll ' s House " , " The Devil " , and, " To Burn a Witch. " Both evenings had a good turn-out, and all of the plays were much enjoyed. Congratulations to all of the actresses and directors! The new edition of the library assistants DATF ME Junior assistants In the junior scene there are 30 assistants. Those enthusiasts! This year the assistants did photocopies, shelf cleaning, and book cataloging. Senior assistants Senior Front Row; Alia, Elane, Devi, Jane, Marianne, Nazira, Second Row; Yasmin, Vanessa, Sonja, Gillian, Jennifer, Jennifer, Heidi, Andrea, Carolyn, Tanya, Felicia, Mrs. Wilson Third Row; Christie, Helena, All in all Tuck had a great year. Despite the fact that prices went up people as usual kept buying and buying. On the whole a great profit was made. TUCK CHOIR The members of the choir met regularly every Thursday at lunch. Under the direction of Mrs. Fownes they learned several songs and practiced scales. All in all everyone had an enjoyable time. NORTHERN EXCHANGE This spring Trafalgar girls participated in a Northern exchange with Inuit students from Fort Ware, Northern B.C. Involved were Jennifer Alderson, Ruth Cawdron, Helena Cerigo, Saira Chaly, Kanice Kubow. Vanessa Logie, Jennifer Maclaurin, Jenne MacLean, Tanya Schecter, Anna Strom-Olsen, Betty Tarn, and Dawn Westley. According to all reports, strong friendships were formed and a good time was had by everyone. Many thanks to Ms. Lord for orchestrating this event. 49 Soccer This year the enthusiasm for soccer was so great that in addition to the Juvenile team that plays in the GMAA, an exhibition team was created. JUVENILE: Barbara Ar- vanitidis, Sarah Brown, Krista Burke, Jen- nifer Blanchard, Stephanie Carpenter, Ruth Cawdron, Karina Curtis, Jennifer Edgar, Debbie Goldberg, Lisa Kirkwood, Vicki Komjathy, Leonora Lalla, Natalie Ogura, Nancy Paquette, Sarah Perry, Margo Pollock, Lisa Singer, Crystal St-James, An- na Strom-Olsen, Julie Szabo. EXHIBI- TION: Whitney Reynolds, Chantal Rousseau, Natasha Decicco, Claire Cameron, Sandy Birrell, Lindsay Staniforth, Andrea Cowen, Kate Fellerath, Lisa Palmer, Cheryl Johnson, Stephanie Ogura, Elaine Moore, Shaunna Burke, Amy Har- binson, Christine Winslow, Natalie Ogura, Krista Burke, Jennifer Blanchard. GMAA Exhibition Fitness 1 After participating in the GMAA competition on Mount Royal, Christine Bourne, Amy Harbinson and Stacey Struthers all qualified for the provincial meet. BANTAM: C. Bourne, A. Blaikie, E. Bussey, T. Dworzak, K. Fellerath, K. Haegert, A. Harbinson, J. Heathcote, V. Lee, T. Lyle, S. Patrocinio, T. Scherz. MIDGET: N. Amra, J. Ar- mour, L. Echenberg, L. Shells, J. Hum, J. Shadley, K. Stein, P. Ogura, M. Heisler. JUVENILE: M. Allan, M. Jones, A. Khan, A. Ohlin, T. Pratt, S. Rich, A. Stein. Cross Country Running 53 54 Team members: S. Burke, C, Cameron, N Decicco, S. Harbinson, T. Lacknian, C Sherzer, C. Winslow, L. Staniforth, S Cowen, D. Goldberg, C. Johnson, C Bourne, C. Baldr , N. Aflalo, L, Palmer K. Wolforth. k ' Burke. N. Chin, M Greenspoon. D. Dessureault, J. Maclean, T Young, A. Kaufman, L. Echenburg, K Curtis. T. Pran, C. Wainwright. S. Rich, J Gilsig. J. Johnstone, P. Bozzer. S Struthers, S. Stnithers, J. Temeides, E. Ter nander, A. Khil. M t A S w I M M I N G VOLLEYBALL Juveniles; Back Row: Erin Smith, Jenne MacLean, Kristin McNeill, Lisa Miller, Kendall Elder, Robin Krystantos Front Row: Helena Cerigo, Jen Johnstone, Melanie Goodz, Joanne Kay, Miss den Hert og. As well as enjoying fun practices and games, the Juveniles came second in the G.M.A.A. Volleyball Tournament. Back Row: Miss Layton, Joyce Cameron, Catherine Kinsman, Saira Chaly, Jenny Armour Front Row: Sara Johnston, Shelley Hayes, Jen MacLaurin, Jill Shadley, Avery Kaufman, Jeenifer Hum. The Midgets had a very successful season, win- ning a large number of their games and becoming the champions of the G.M.A.A. Volleyball Tour- nament. Congratulations! BADMINTON Back Row: Miss Layton, Lisa Miller, Lisa Carpenter, Jody von Colditz, Christine Burke, Joanne Kay, Ruth Cawdron Middle Row: Sarah Martin, Stephanie, Carpenter, Karen Winslow, Jill Shadley, Helena Cerigo, Saira Chaly, Front Row: Sandra Balbis, Debbie Goldberg, Silja Howard, Christine Winslow, Christine Baldry, Mia Rothstein, Andrea Blaikie. Absent: Jennifer Blanchard, Sara Johnston, Karina Curtis, Melanie Goodz, Mary Webster. GYMNASTICS AND X COUNTRY SKIING Back Row: Cheryl Johnson, Natalie Ogura, Helen Bui, Krista Burke, Sandy Birrell, Jenny Armour, Whitney Reynolds, Front Row: Jen Alderson (assistant coach), Shauna Burke, Crystal St. James, Samantha Bonder, Stephanie Ogura, May era Chazan (sub), Mia Rothstein, Mile. Lanteigne. They bend over backwards to do their best! Sonja Farrago, Andrea Blaikie, Krystyne Blaikie, Julie Szabo, Jen- nifer Blanchard, Jane Stevenson, Anika Stein, Leslie Symansky, Michelle Heisler, Dana Cooper, Chantal Rousseau, Mrs. Wilson. Both ski teams participated in a cross country loppet on Mount Royal and finished with impressive results. No one suffered from frostbite! 1 ' I Athletic wards d, C. Bo K. . P. Bozz t. G-BADGES: B. Arvanitidis, K. Blaikie. J. Blanchard, C. Bo MS. Brown, L. Kirkwood, S. Perr . W. Reynolds, T . Silverthome. K. Winslow. P. Bozz rC. Burke, J. Cameron, H. Cerigo, S. Oply, K. Curtis, M. Goodz, S. Hayes, J. Kay, K. Asch, T. Cope, A. Grant, V. Kinsman, sky, R. Sanders, L. Smith. - f STARS: J. k. C. Knight, M. Pollok, J. Quaid, S. Struthers, S. Struthers, J. Von Colditz. The LUCY BOX AWARD: Roberta Sanders, he JUNIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD:rForm lA The SENIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD: Form VA The JUNIOR BASKETBALL CUP: Form IIA The SENIOR BASKETBALL CUP: Form IHB The STOCKING CUP: Form IIB W % And the finalists for Miss Trafite of the Year are Umnini CANDIDS We CAN see the difference! Move over, Christie Brinkley. ART AND LIT 66 The Great Grape Dance " But what if I make a fool out of myself? " she asked, al- most tearfully. " You won ' t. I know you won ' t. Just finish dressing and relax. " " I ' m going to fall, I ' m sure of it. " Sighing my frustrations, I leaned back in my chair and glared at the anxiously dressing Julie. Shutting my eyes as if in pain, I tried desperately to decipher how this whole fiasco had started. The Hungarian Grape Dance, as ex- plained to me three weeks earlier by my friend Julie, was a feast involving several Hungarian adolescents, in tradi- tional dress, who jjerformed intricate dance routines while chanting Hungarian songs. After the dancing, guests were invited to grab bags of fruits and grapes which were suspended from the ceiling. After explaining that she was one of the dancers for this year ' s celebrations, Julie beg- ged me to attend the ceremony, to support her. Of course, I agreed readily. Julie ' s shrill voice brought me back to reality. " Len, what am I going to do? " she wailed, ' 7 can ' t dance. I ' m going to go out there and embarrass myself, I know it! ' ' ' ' Oh stop it already! I can ' t take any more of your pacing and crying! Just go out there and do your best. You ' ve been going to practice every weekend for months. What could go wrong ? ' ' " Everything! I know it! And then there ' s my partner, Hugo. He ' s about this tall ... " She stretched her arm to its limit, holding her hand over her head. " That, " I thought, " could be a problem. " Julie, though fifteen years old, was small and frail for her age. An im- age of David dancing with Goliath amidst bags of grapes sprang to mind. Shrugging away the unpleasant thought, I turned to my friend. " Anyway, you don ' t have time to be nervous. The dance is going to start any minute now. " Alright, " she said, with a face like sour grapes. " You ' II be sitting at the first table next to the dance floor. ' ' She started to run out of the changing room, but stuck her head back through the door with a final message. " Oh, and make sure you grab lots of grapes. " " Ya, sure. Good luck. The hall was a scene of bedlam. Crowds of people swarm- ed around the room, chatting noisily with old friends, while the children laughed and ran about the dance floor. Some of the more subdued sat at their tables, partaking in several types of enticing sugar cakes. I sat down at the table with a few friends who had also come to support Julie, and tried to look as though I fit in. Finally, a radiantly smiling woman tapped the microphone, and waited for the people to take their places. After announcing the first dance, she moved aside, and the crowd applauded to welcome the young dancers. The first dance involved only the girls. Julie danced very well, but, uncomfortable with the foreign language, did not sing the Hungarian song. The next dance involved the young men, and I picked out Julie ' s Goliath easily, by his extreme height and heft. The last dance, which featured the mixed pairs, was announced right after the gypsy dance. Julie took her place next to Goliath, and the music began. From the beginning, I knew the dance would not be a smooth one. Julie had to struggle to move gracefully with her enormous partner, whose baggy shirt sleeves were constantly covering her face while they danced. With every awkward step, Julie grew more nervous, as I did, watching with clenched hands. My eyes travelled around the hall, observing the huge crowds who would surely notice if any mistake occurred. The dance went on, faster and faster. Julie ' s face was flushed and distressed as she stretched her body to accommodate the giant ' s movements. Her huge hat, resembling that of a bishop, teetered dangerously on her head. The dance went on. But then, it happened. I did not ac- tually see the hat fall, but when I saw the mass of red felt on the floor and Julie ' s bare head, I knew what had hap- pened. The dancers, avoiding the new obstacle, frowned and tried to maintain their concentration. People in the crowd giggled and rose from their seats to see which dancer had lost her hat. As the dance neared its end, the adolescents pranced off the floor, and a young man grab- bed the hat and carried it off the stage. Almost as soon as they had left, the dancers returned for their bow. A burst of laughter rose from the crowd. Julie had obviously re- trieved her hat, but hadn ' t had the time to put it on proper- ly, for it lay sideways on her head, resembling the visor of a poker player. The crowd laughed and snickered, while Julie ' s face flushed purple with shame and disappoint- ment. After bowing, she rushed off the stage, but I could not tell if she was laughing or crying. L. Lalla Mrs. Burns often told me stories about the country, the place she loved. I adored it when she told me about the frogs that talked to each other late at night. She told me the little ones would whine: " It ' s only knee-deep, it ' s only knee-deep, " and the wise fathers would advise sternly: " You ' d better go ' round, you ' d better go ' round. ' ' I ' d beg her to tell me this story again and again, and she would, imitating the babies ' high-pitched squeaks and the fathers ' deep, warning croaks. It always seemed kind of magical to me. When I was a little older, I was told that Mrs. Burns was moving to the country. She liked the quiet and nature of the country, she said to me. I remembered the conversations of the frogs, and I could almost understand why their croaking voices had lured Mrs. Burns away. V. Mundell When the days are going by too fast - Tear down the calendar. D. Codrington t WKf if anymore. Life isn ' t wortfi EvCty ' iiay 1 up to the same scene and every tomorrow is the a all my yesterdays. I ' m going to jump. I ' m bore ifc and nobodv cares for nie. AHHH crash!! I can [ believe it. He jumped, my friend, my neighbour, " ■ " tfie only one with whom 1 shared things. I wanted to ■torou old and wrinkled w ith him. I w ill jump, for I cai ' ppKe without him, EEEK crash!! -m life .on ' t be the same without them Our community has been severed! You re right, let ' s all jump Like our brave friends. HHH crash!!! the tree stood bare on a breezv H1. 31 summer C. Carroll A World of Nothingness The harsh wind whips against the lonely dwelling, snug in the meadow of gray ash. In this place, the sun does not shine, no stars gleam, no man smiles. This is a place of ig- norance, a place where man dwells alone. What is the cause of this living hell? What stopped the sun from shining, the stars from gleaming, and man from smiling? It was a bomb, a bomb of man ' s ignorance, destruction, and desire for power. In this place live two children, deprived of love, comfort, and above all, peace. They live alone in this gray world not worth living in. Their names are Death and Ignorance. Created by man, these two children stand alone in this nuclear hell. But in this place lives another child, a weak one who tries to smile. Its name is Hope, hope that was once found in man ' s heart, and hope that everything will be good again. But this child is slowly dying, suffocated by the bleakness of the earth. It lives now, but soon, will live no more. What did the innocent do to deserve this? Did the good of man do this unjust act? No, the evil of man, overcome with hunger, pressed the button, the button of death. But why did man do this? 1 am asked that question every day. Small children whose eyes once gleamed with pleasure ask me. They ask me why they did it, and for that question, there is no answer. This is now the world of man, a place of lingering souls searching for love and comfort. But these souls will search forever, and they will die like everything else in this world. The evil do not search for love, they search for consolation for doing this to the once beautiful world. But this place cannot be reversed. This is it. This is the outcome of man ' s great progress and technology. You might cry, but it ' s no use. Nothing can be done now. It is over. You had your chance, and now it ' s my turn. You think it ' s unfair to have your lives taken away, but don ' t blame me, blame yourselves. And just who am I? I am the soul of Fate, Fate which controlled this world to the very end. Now, I linger alone in this world where the sun does not shine, the stars do not gleam, and man does not smile. This is a World of Nothingness. B. Tam Memories The hopes and fears The laughs and tears Which help us grow And make us what we are, Are bound as one And form for us our memory And life ' s sweet charm. These do follow us through life, Gathering both size and strength, And passing through time, We look back on our years And dream and smile At what is simply us. G. Mann The Alley At night, the alley was positively ferocious. The pavement dissolved into a terrifying maze of cracks and holes, which lay invisible and treacherous under- foot. The piles of junk that lined its sides seemed magically transformed into wild demons with long groping talons, grabbing and grasping at all that pass- ed. Terrifying silhouettes loomed out of these devils: shrouded figures with scraggly hair and impish voices that whispered curses in the wind. Paneless windows gaped into black rooms, inhabited only by the scat- tered dust. Long-abandoned clotheslines stretched between the buildings, while ancient discards clung to the decaying string, crying to the wind for mercy. Above this, the moon shone, throwing its pallid beams over the roof tops. A. Strom-Olsen I stare Not knowing what to think The strength of weakness behind them Are they letting out the secret? Do they blink to hide the truth? Reality from behind the lashes? Uncertainty stares back from the mirror. K. Elder J. Gatien FEDRA BRANIOTIS " FED " ' 83- ' 88 DONALD HEAD PREFECT New York! 85! Yo Wong! the bag?! Smoke - this isn ' t smoke! Mam 86 ' ski with me Andrea! TD - Strange love!! Give me that gum! overpass toboggan CATPEOPLE - AR - time will tell! TORONTO?! Scooter - you owe me one! HK can ' t buy me love!! PRIDE!! Let ' s play house . . me wife EG ohya ohya?! Ham - where ' s my lawyer?? Da Vinci 87 ' Where ' s the beef? GAITORS wanted - long haired dude!! LS you fatso! - friends forever!! - BOO!! LlVl to all the boys I loved before! Somewhere!! EG 1 1:30 - 1 want food!! the big 18 ' Hmoron Kbreak the window!! are you SEE?? Thanxs to all my friends + AK, AH, MB, CB, LC, MG, JK, DC - to ellen helen lisa the bestests!! - special thanxs to Mom, Dad, Francine + schmoo - 1 love U Good - bye my friends Who knows when we shall meet again - if ever Because time is like a river . . . flowing - ALAN PARSONS DIONNE CODRINGTON " DI, MOMMA, DICA " ' 83- ' 88 BARCLAY SUB HEAD So much to say of 5 years - 4TP Aaackk! michael mania! sc + d2. Gr 7 w Dr. For the last time I ' m white! heh Taco! mr. mc. doowah. 211 w mom + lex. talent show w tp. rs! ak " s 1st party, gym dem sw AO Jay peak - bunnyhill! can i look under your hood? FREEZE! Every ' lil thing ' s gonna be alright - Bob Marley. I ' ma New jegro, poetic rap sw JK ak, Ic - snob! Ly. Ch, Al, I love U jj sweet Me 1 my best friend, don ' t 4get: LL. LIVES 165 2 stops? why not Stace don ' t fall on the hice! heh chickee! wash embarassed? Sara, don ' t ever change! rem. license 2 kill! Trips: NY - ron reagan me, KE buy the watch b4 he attack us! T.O. wait . . you like AS too? uh stace, this store? Lxjri, man, move to there ggae beat! Strat - 10 min ' til curfew, as a matter of fact, well i ' ve no ID. JG can we share that g t? the teeth were 2mature? was I in rm 309? Fabienne? fed it ' s 3am! fed relax! 5.00 of gummy worms! plastic bags on our heads, dtwn. Sheddy Odie! Speedy, i ' ll see u in a photo booth! Do I French? Faye happy holiday. Ben ' s w tp. ja. vacation 87 w family, the best! Respect w, kc,cl-To Sara only I ' m WHOOPI. Thanks to everyone I love u all but esp: mr, s2, Iv, dw, cw, jk. A big thanks to Mom, Dad Lex for your patience! Be proud! Di YASMIN AHMED " YAZZY, YAZ, YASMINA, CLEO " ' 83- ' 88 ROSS Fav mems: Gr. 7 w FB, GA, DR, SG. FB ' s die, die, die, my anxiety attacks! Freeze! .science w missd. H. clar. classes w SG, GA PB, No, the other key! total confusion in most classes; hist, test GR. 8 w grads of 85 - LP, MG, EK, TN, JW, NS, DJ, KM, PC, SG thanx for everything. Latin! ugh! semper ubi sub ubi, eh? civilized Romans? help! dog house French + you can ' t decline verbs! Ducktails Bobby SOX. Eng. w mrs H, 1st class 2nd term, math w mrs K FB could you explain something? Gr. 9 w LS, ES, CH, MS, mrs P, Spud the 8 ' s Latin again! a project on what? bio. w SGRU still alive? Rem Brian, GA ' s spud orchards, gym w LS ok, she ' s not looking - flip! hist. ms L = Girls, girls! 2Yasmins?! library w the gang, have 1 corrupted U yet? my mood swings, CHU did what Gr. 10 w Sneezy (LS), MS, CW, CL, SKetc. A Prec. depression. 5hr. x - mas call w LS, constant absence. PSSC chem.!!! FB = help! deep conversations. SG = AL Gr. 11 Strat. did 1 miss anything? SZ ?!LS, MS, SG, mrs. BW, mrs. Raete I luv U all U no who UR Y Mumford, I survived!! JENNIFER ALDERSON " JEZEBEL, JEN, SCUM " ' 83- ' 88 DONALD mems: FUN times BM, MM, FB, LS, RK, etal GUESS?? PJ 37mover trem Want ski and pat ete - scott. Chris stef. pool. LA cabane 85 - crud, TS AM RHand dudes! Grad? what grd?? Station ten. hiro palk lust. days with eric Truffles w Kumi ceria velcro jules Jay pk Slime ' s spill Oblitzed! MICHE bobiche. marcos mania - P M S R - de 225 special! peel days PSYCHO pat is here! joy rides in demercedes din. party 4jess - ken matt rob! fun! apple tree crowd - jon. bri. ko. greg. pik. Ingefants knurd dancing at dezo Strat binges, bentleys. w LEESE. marathons nmadness. pat crlmn. J ' sswt. zogs inde park. Can i keep the faith?? kahl ' s beanism. on the farm. annexed out pik ' s pow wows male nurse?!! 1. nt. crashing at mmmes. bogusman " You can only be free when even the desire of seeking freedom becomes a harness to you when you cease to speak offreedom as a goal and a fulfilment. " I have dream too . . . Thanks loads to those who helped me over those giant hurdles, i won ' t stop needing you so at least keep your numbers listed! . . . Fare ye well . . . PEACE . . . GILDA ALFIERO - GIL, GIGI. GI " -83-88 ROSS UNFORGETTABLES: Winter 84-85 Mgta. Isld. Inega Ven paratyphoid - 40 - day fever When RU coming back to school? PM ' s grin. DR. diets, " gang mbrs. " ' , 5 - day sleepovers. Mars bars apple juice. " It ' s raining golf balls, guys! " FB. Gr. 9: dble. Lat. Gr. 9: ride TO. July 14. 87 . . . WH or- tho. Gr. 11: " Still the tin gr in, eh FB! " SD: cucumbers ass. part. Y ' s dirty laugh SORRY! " Rum happy msktrs. JR ' s sweet " L ' ESTA MINET Itln. Schl. AM ' s " 6 ' n a halFV M ' s hair Alfieritis . . . potato orch ' ds . . . Naturally! " By the way, g uys . . . " Thanx 4 5 fun - filled yrs. at TRAF! Good luck to you all! Mom. Dad, Nance, Minu, thanx for your support! XOX GIL MACY ALLAN " MACE, BRAKER, DIZZY " •83--88 ROSS Great times Valerius, pizza raid, aloha sisters. Learo gr 8 tag in lockeroom Brighton Beach, Othello, Cabaret, G D. Fire JH: ya ya. talk about it, eating like a donut. that ' d be beautiful. I don ' t under- stand ' MH: Sound of Music, Anne of GG, banana stickers AS: durofoam, bain de soleil, olives pickles AK: party time, I feel like a head, " I ' m on fire " LC: Driver ' s Ed, intense depression, " Will we ever get our learner ' s? " MR: I hate French: I love math NYC: Hard Rock, Chinese restaurant Stratford: " Did you make it in the room? " , Craig, Rob, Patric Creelman " My head is like a football " , " Steam Heat " , ' " Tossin ' Tumin ' " , " Two Ladies " , Fred Astaire, Jimmy Stewart. St ar Trek. Thanx to my friends: Julie. Cau, the get along gang. Craig, the youth group: OC. HC, MC. TO. PG. Thanks Mom. Drew and Michael for putting up with me. HAVE A GOOD TIME, YA? MARNIE BLANSHAY " MARN. MARNS " ' 83- ' 88 FAIRLEY HOUSE HEAD MEMORIES: Nffll!! don ' t I know u from smwhr? WANT SOME PIZZA? w AH iwabf! J " Syd " M Strtfd ' 87 . . grounded? KNOWLTON PUB: beat the clock w AH, MG. CB BLBC smmrs. the park. INFATS: PC ' GA(gnh) DWTWN: annx. Christophers, dereks. djs w AH New York 86 W AH SM etc. Disco cheese w MG. CB, AK. DOM. REP ' 87 w KE, RB, SB, KE. New Years Eves; 86,87. BS sssns - MG ' s bthrm. KK ' 86. SGRBSH ' 87 w AH, GB, LW, JB, CE. entry wkjid w LC, LM, CB (oh boy!) U2 cncrt. AH in Knowlton: vod asp w RB -)- JC = brkn toe. B - 52s FZZY NVLS - we dscvd! Brra Fairs. FAKE ID! ROBES? these don ' t look like no gd dmnd robes to me . . , BONNIE, FRANCINE JEAN w AH SB . . . GASP - EWW . . w AH B - DAY ' 87 16 candles, u ' r hair, in this light ... I think, no. I know . . I luv you! w JK. TCS?? . . my name is Luka . . , u r sch a fg! Thanks to all my buds . . . u rebels . . . LC, MG. CB, LM, AK, FB, JG, JJ JK . . . specially Mom, Dad. Steph, Jonathan and Andrea my BFF ... I LOVE U ALL! BYE BYE TRAF!! ' 83- ' 88 GUMMING ear Friends, When we follow separate paths towards separate destinations, gain new friends, ideas, values, always remember: By retracing, back to where our paths merge into one grassy lane, we will still find memories, however faint. MEMORIES: Gr. 7, gangmembers! potato orchards, By the way . . . DR - another diet! YAZZY!! you ' re back!! YA -f- MS — Le Mag, computers. Oh, my stars! Latin class, Whitney. PEP - stop eating the desks. SG - any new illness? Dr. Di - happy St. Patrick ' s (rem MJ!) SD - cheese + crackers, again. Bye Erika! Anyway, my friends, " if de - elevator tries 2 bring u down, go crazy, punch a higher floor! " Prince. THANX MOM AND DAD! PAOLA BOZZER " PABLO, PAYOLA " ' 83- ' 88 BARCLAY ON EST CAPABLE D ' EN PRENDRE . . . HIYA!! so did we have any homework? UNFORGET- TABLES: Finding my " sole " with SR on Simpson Street; MJ ' s blue foot - We will get you Alex! STRATFORD!! SG BNJVI " u give love a bad name! " Tweedle bugs? Sorry Mer, did 1 kick you? - move over! Keel - the question is, ruawalrus?! Ben Oui, BAMBl - oh my gosh it ' s 3am (XOXO) - U2! Concert - binoculars - RU enjoying it thru the blue haze? G " crust " S - HI Seymore!! SG - ruatourist? - Goldilocks! - HEAVY METAL! sadistic! SSC thanx for everything (XOXO) bus rides (haha!) me ' nsue in latin class - 4 yrs of band - wenching - watch the frdep! swimbuds s ss wildflower! Cult w DW Mc Nugget muff in (ZZt) VLflashed sz - Mc D ' s w Di. L ' AUBERGE w L.V, S.P, M.R not2b4gotten. Thanx to Mom, Dad, Kiki and Traf for supporting me thru these 5yrs. - 1 can be a handful - much love to you and special friends! Catch ya later! Bye!! CHRISTINE BURKE " CHRIS, STEEN " ' 83- ' 88 BARCLAY HOUSE HEAD Hhalloah! Gr. 8-11: IWABF! oh, what ' s da use? PYLUAF wkd. w LC + MG. SciFrs: so ya tink der a lil big? U don ' t like my rocks? Just give a lil nudge! (MG) The " island " w MG + oh Carlos! So guys, what ' s the score? (3—2) choo choo choo! BS bthrm + ktchn sessns at Mel ' s (ppscles?) Mcpoufs + Mcmanager w Asty + MG. Mcmillion mania! LC ' s bthrm - WEBELS! 16 cndles - Jake, so prky + give me that fone! NYC ' 86 - Bister in the sun; pm chnnl - SMC + ctrl park at 6am. Pzza bgels at 5: 12 w MG. i get to play miner fuurst! LC ' s monkey face ! Egg trtment w clira (MG) Tbgnning w LM, AK, MG + JK. Snurkul fights w Mel. Later Vvvance w AK + MG. The park + mvies! Disco + cheese + shots w MB, MG, + AK. Mrguerite suspcions? KFC cole slaw-Ak + MG. Ham crtlage anyone? (MG) doink doink + chiquita bnanas w LM. u can ' t ansr can u? (JK) Mm ' s entry 86 + 87: saturated? naw!! Balognaville (watanite) I ' m pasty! Strtfrd 87: gmded!? I luv u Mels, smack! Thanx Mommy, Daddy + Andrea! To my very best buds: MG, LC, AK. LM, JK, MB, AH, FB, JG, + JJ: i luv u + ' 11 miss ya! BYE BYE TRAF!!! LISA CARPENTER " LISSE, CARP " ' 83- ' 88 GUMMING HOUSE HEAD MEMORIES: gr. 8 9 wkends w CB+MG let ' s do something different . . , movies maybe? Nights in the PARK, pyluaf. Jake = stud. atwt addicts w AK. NYC " 85 - porn channel, art farts!!! Tinky dilemma w CB AK. MB ' s country wkends. Obsessions Pink Hair. Bemie ' s w JK, AK+RJ - pretty lipstick! Racing w TP SA. mrtc clinics w AK dream= 1 lam group Downtown: I have no ID! Of course I ' m 18! Stratford= flipping balconies grounded. Partying at Jay w S, P, J, the woodchucksl! 3am talks w JG. Life stinks!! Jen ' s sweet. U2 concert w JG JJ. Babysitting again! Rebels in my bathroom ... To my pals: CB, MG, LM. AK, MB, JG, AH, JJ, JK, + FB YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! I luv u! THANX MOM, DAD, STEP, KRYS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS! I LUV U. LGRI CHAPDELAINE " LO, LOONY, LORE " ' 84- ' 88 FAIRLEY Does this mean i don ' t have to come back? AMA7ANG. GAG, ILOVEYOU; AK AS MH + JH. Weve had 2 many good times! Now its time to party hardy! mems: " why are we doing this? " I want to sleep w the alligator! Yes i ' m weird, chu got a problem? STRAT " 87: look theres a teacher in the window! prk events w AK fla. w AKZCMA. TO. w DCMM+pizza! By the by. perchance?! ribs w AK drivers ed w ASMA! AS ' s wipeouts! lunch table discussions, surprise parties. JH u ' re so slow! no more quest, in movies, please! AA, SHADAP! YO, wench! swensens, guys? hey, it ' s wed. lets go to Fritz!! pebbles at windows, AKJhc u want me to eat some chzwz? AK did u have a bruise? the clockhouse nite! our various fads thru years! weird dances! I need chocolate, durofoam, AS? spares, akdc. LIFE IS FAIR!! THANKS to my family for their support! La vie est quelque stupide et mechante plaisanterle qui m ' est jouee par qulqu ' un. - Tolstoi ZOE CHEE ' ZO, ZWl " •84- ' 88 GUMMING Mems: Math class w TS " rm tired, I ' m hungry I wanna go home " " When ' s the bell gonna ring! " Oh Boy Oh boy song Did you remember to bring the bazooka? " " What? You forgot your, 44 again?!? " w PB ' , SG, GF, TS. GF don ' t forget Tires, TB, SB, 61 1 55 of ' em) especially DN!TS " I hope you ' re suffi- ciently embarrassed " Obscene phone call (LCC guy) at Strat. w GF VL " Please Mrs. Randall can we please get his autograph? Please? " w TS, SG PB SG Don ' t forget Keith Thomas TS worships the pen he wrote with. GF " Oh, no they canned RS " " At least the stairs are working " SG PB Sorry, we ' ll get you an eggbeater instead SG Steve is still bear naked " Sue, are you a tourist? " PB ' s swimming stories in homeroom " Luis, Luis who? " Tiam we got to stop whining No. no, don ' t say the 4 letter word . . . EXAM! Lori B we ' ll miss you. Keep your head high. Mrs. Hrycyna, we stole only the big pieces of chalk for you. Keep using them! Good luck to grads. especially my good friends Hope to keep in touch. KARINA CURTIS ' CRACHA, KRI " ' SS- ' SS GUMMING GAMES GAPTAIN All I ' m asking for is a little respect! w. ' GW, GL, MR + DC " Do you know what I mean Ghrisiy? The night of Mis understood. The Glassic in the SHS bathroom w, ' GW. Those good days in Espanol w GL. Derek ' s w, GL. JG+ JOE- " do you want to smash teeth? " haha-The hill w GL-LgG dances w GW, GL, DG, MR + PP- " You ' ve lost that loving feeling-Top Gun-w GW mmm sushi anyone? Dong what are you on today? " " The Green Beret w KE + guys. Stratford " you used the stairs? wow! " Green-room- click! Run! " We ' re just getting some ice " Mme B-Soccer-MilleL " What ' s a goal kick??? " X-Gountry ski " how much longer?-Badminton " No jc is not my twin " What? K = [x, k(x) x— 2k(x)=5, x-R]I don ' t understand? Thank God for the Photo copy machine and GW notes. Ms Lord- " l don ' t want to sit in the front-Please? Summer 86 87 w Cathrine Ganakis- gang " Stages " The European Men-FH. OW, GS, DS-i-S -Quick the train! w JB. WR, KB. Thanx to Mom, Dad and Henry and esp-Friends who I ' ll remember forever. .All you gotta have is faith! Have no enemy but time. Good bye Gals. " SARAH DALY ' SARS, SARAHDALY " ' 83- ' 88 BARGLAY mems: NY w GN, AS. MAbloomies. the plant, GNMHAKMALG! Strat, the plays the Palm, the place! Ottawa shop w GTNHSW. McD-CN! Dances!? Freeze, lunch, w my pals GA, FB, DR. 2span bio w CNglo Where ' s Paco? LG. AS, MH, MA the Gabaret! Tot Dot - fffTSHw MrsW-me blush? math w GF, PP, Thanx in Fr. SG Gomp.Sc wDG, Anne-MH, AS, MA. Be my partner for assembly? Thnx GB. Vt, w AH. MB. GOOD MORNING !! Bye SisAmy. Spe friends 4ever CN, MH, AS, SG, MA, AK, LG, FB, GA, DR KE (last but not least) Thanks for your love and support-Mom, Dad, Andrew, Tim. Thanx MN, YC— you ' re great! Bye Traf! Thanks for the great friends you gave me! " Laugh and the world laughs with you Weep and you weep alone. " Ella Wheiler Wilcox. SAMPAGEETA EKBOTE " GEETA, GUIDO, GEEN ' ' 84- ' 88 DONALD chronological order(?j . . .LGG dances-nh, ct. sw,ge -stuck like glue . . . gr 9 latin? why? why not? . . . Woodbuddies w Carla . . .trench coats train gang ... the spwt at Vendome . . .EW . . . I ' ll take a small, dingy, greasy spoon, any day . . .MUGTG passes -do you want to leave? . . . STRATFORD what hap- pened? ... but it ' s only 1 1 :00 . . . balcony - it ' s the girls! ... the doors . . .can she read the stucco? . . .how many doughnuts can you eat? . . . Baby you ' ve created quite a stir: CM, oh it ' s only 3:00 Othello review: sarcastic? nah? FFYCanadians. what letter? Black Watch-Sat grad forget it! . . . Diane Walsh- live a little . . . Diane McMath-bonk! Alix Ohlin- freudian slip! Thanks Maya, Grandpa, Grandma and Marty. Thanks Mom and Dad for not making me do dishes! (The term paper excuse really worked!) NA " VY BLUE? Aah it ' s an OK colour! At least it ' s not janitorial green!(?) -. " jr« 1 KENDALL ELDER ' 85- ' 88 BARCLAY PREFECT My three years at Traf have been quite an experience Years filled w memories -mostly all great, some sad and none I care to share now. Why embarrass myself? My friends, U know who UR, have helped me struggle through the weekdays and enjoy the weekends Thanx " I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday, and I love today.- WA White GENEVIEVB FARAGO " GEEV, GOONY, GENE " ' 84- ' 88 ROSS Remember: Mr. Learo, Big " M " , No asparagus so up!?! " SG + TS = LSC- How ' re Mike Alex? SD Keep on smiling! Lola CALM down! SG: We KNOW it ' s snowing! ! Did you see Stefan?! ; ' ' Which floor are we on? " ZC-t-VL2: 15 a.m. obscene phone call-Stratford. Lori, wish you was here! ... I shall cherish 4ever Latin-(-Chem. Study-FPSSC (? !@) History is dead-leave it alone!!! ZC-fTS badmin- ton=boing! Sonnet 29 ZC- Tires, TB, SB., etc . . . (54-1-!!!) We live for the guys on the 21 1 bus!!! Please -no more feminism -I- peace activists!!, ANYWAY, thanx Mutti + Papa for sending me to Traf! Danke, Koszonom! Pesty Sonja. Hey, Tam, let go of my hair!!-No airplane! Sue are you a tourist? YA. VL, PB, ZC- Steve. Shakespeare " Truth may seem, but cannot be; Beauty brag, but ' tis not she; Truth and beauty hurried be. ' ' Toronto - pizza -I- Yonge St. Depanneur! And whatever may come . . . SUSAN GARFORTH " SUE, SHMOO, GARFIELD " ' :83- ' 88 FAIRLEY " Seems like I ' ve been here before, but I can ' t remember when. And I ' ve got this fiinny feeling that we ' ll all be together again No straight lines make up my life and all my roads have bends. Ther ' s no clear cut beginnings and so far no deadends. " All my life ' s a circle " Thank you for being a friend- we ' ve travelled down the road and back again. Remember: U2 concert- TS, PB Vampires! LSC " What ' s a mogul? " Twinkle Toes Alex and Mike who? MP " Lean on me! " I hate your attitude! The Mafia VL flashed SZ No I am not a tourist! Train rides! SP-IR-IT! DR Boyce. SD in French class. Bus news GF. ZC. Chri.stine- have you seen Stefan? Thanks Mom, Dad and Kathryn for your support. And thanks to all my wonderful teachers. Thanks Traf for 5 great years! The Golden Girls. " Smile " JESSALYN GILSIG " JESS " ' 83- 88 DONALD PREFECT 5 YEARS in 1100 SPACES? HERE GOES: Positions (I don ' t deny it) LA man R-l-G " the big " Buziness Crescent at -40 degrees. ID? original NY DON ' T " use " the " shampoo " ! Stfd window hopp- ing " G-f T " for 8 pleease HT party at MS ' 45 min Sweet, thanx Jen Yr Sweet (I can write that) U2 MB-t-AH that ' s illegal! " All we need in our YELLOW SUBMARINE " as long as Jen isn ' t driving JK- my twin! FIRE! LC it ' s 3am STOP calling me! A Rm w a view 8x? HAIRCUTS -f- JEEP train trax Kilo U2 " will u put me on yr shoulders? " Shutters our ap ' t Miss DH-miss us? Thanx " GUYS " : LCJKA, KMBAH.CBMGL, MFBMS, SSSS+ to my other friends: Deb " OWWNT " Dad + of course Jen! ' ' Nous sommes si jeunes ' ' Nous ne pouvons pas attendre " -Paris 1987 80 MELANIE GOODZ ' MEL " " MELS - " SHMEL ' •84- ' 88 FAIRLEY HOUSE HEAD Hhalloah! Gr. 8 wknds w CB, LC. Chinese food! $10-? PYLUAF! Give it a nudge w CB the MH- aren ' t they a bit big? " You don ' t like my rocks!? 5:12 pizza bagels w Steen. O Carlos: What ' s the score ' (3--) 1 luv you Chris; smack! Gr. 9 KFC cole slaw w CB, AK. Disco cheese w MB, CB, AK! The park MOVIES! Big D Dave w AK. LM. MB, BS bthrm ktchn sssns w LM, CB, MB, AK. Ppscles. LC ' s bthrm w LM. CB, AK- Mint poufs. Mcpoufs, Mcmanager w AK, CB at MickeyD ' s. MCMILUONS!! Tbgnning w AK, LM, CB wntr 86. 16 candles - Jake - " Give me that phone! " Main ' s country 86. NY -Central Park 6am- Blister in the sun Prnshnl smc. Egg treatmat ham w CB. Oh what ' s da use! Arowhon right thru w BF Wen! A 86-87 w AS. Meanwhile smmr 87. could we B COOLER ' CIT sconge (sorry Meg) w WR, MS, HG. AS-I luv ya! Mam ' s country 87 w MB, CB, AH- saturated? no mam! LM-stpidhead JK-i don ' t like. To my best buddies: CB, LM, LC, MB, AK, JK, AH, FB, JJ, JG-i luv ya! Mom, Dad, Barry, Bets(poobear) Molly-i luv u!! NATALIE HARDT " NAN NAT THEA ' ' 84- 88 BARCLAY unforgenables: the birds at 5 am. cols party. NYNY central park.d.t. christ. dereks Anx. Notorious n s w col . . . winner? Col, I can ' t shut the door! Infatuations . . the deeper you get the sweeter the pain. WOH, I want HIM, NOW! sex talks at Vanhoutte ' s. cafe au lait, muffin plus Sam. Jacuzzi or at mich ' s. C! boys. Mar. b.b.-Wed. Maine-the beach, the " cools. Strat-party rm. 217. grounded? " they ' re immune to my coolness " COMFORTABLY NL ' MB. kojapst. yes . . no? Weren ' t we the life of that party? one nighters. living among the dead, bk to a ' s for a little boom boom, misty mornings, kitchen blues, smo on 4th, better Col? sleepovers at m s, a.s, l.b. How do you feel about con . . . ? " tonight I ' m feeling like an animal, tonight I ' m howhng inside, tonight I ' m feeling like an animal, tonight I ' m going wild " the Cure. Thanks to mom, dad karl, my live in family, cal pran. And - for making these the best times of my life, to my greatest friends . . . Col, Sara, Mich, Maya - LOVE you always-CIAO! MICHELLE HEISLER " FRIZZY, FRO " •»3- ' SS DONALD PREFECT INCREDIBLE UNFORGETTABLES: florida ' 87 wAS= BROCCOU?! dn ' t frgt L);ndhurst pool! " that looks like Steve ' s van! " Theth = a kith on th lipth. STRATFORD WASL CAKMA +sd Brent -hPatric (sigh) SD= " it ' s him! " CW +RB r one person U2 -t-gn M-)-M ' s rd hair -t-frkls?! CBB ' 87 sit ' s " 10 " = LBBJR, LGG -t- AH nvr 4get NYC ' 85 swnsn AK: i ' ll probably gt some old bag! + " i don ' t believe u " +secrets -t vib in poo-park w mr. I, AS, U -l-me. FREEZE! BYRDY?! stm-heat skiday = ovr th cliff! " mrs G, i dn ' t understand! " " ys udb! " MA: is this pg. ht, ht, hot WHITE! i luv u but u r truly a rake! LC: life is an alg probit ' s been 1 hck of a sice. Stein-baby! I luv u! " U may break, u may shatter the vase if u will but thscent of the roses will hang round it still " Thanx Mom, Dad -)- JJ 4u ' r support + thanx mrs. H 4fixing my life! Bye Bye Traf . . . and guys " have a good time YAAA?! Nhi! Don ' t I know you from somwhr? Cn we play? J " Syd " MS trt frd 87 . . . Grounded?. . . knw Itn pub!! btthc Ickw C mblbc - pt parts! The park. Infats-PC GA DT 4ever (Id)aiix, Chris ' der ' s, dj ' s - 1 hopejrd nngtht up! New Year ' s Eves 86 - 7U2 cones MB ' sb-day 87dt prt. B52, fzznvls! M ' sinKvd asp, RB, JC brkn TS New York 86 - CP at 6P - Chan Binthes! Bfairs Sctt ' s86 G dyrafg! . Ft laud w MS PN . . . Aut. Mdf w CJVTV, HRRSAJ - " real " ROBES? These don ' t look like no gld robes to me! Bnni, Franc. Jean. Ten. 87 w LC - wek a! MB? Gasp-EW. Sgrb shw MBJBG, BLWCE 87 France. Who sings this? Dsn ' t STUNG l(X)k alt. Like the guy in the . . . COPS? JK. O, Fed, can I please? CM-he ' s HOT - they all are! All nighters (Baha) snkng out! Din Parts. Sweets. Math w Ast. Blow Sars. OK IS THAT ENOUGH? BYE TRAF. I LUV U GUYS (GRADS 88) MOM, DAD, JULES, MY BFF MARNS! - THE MUSIC GOES ON - BM. (I know, no quote, but . . .) JENIFER JOHNSTONE " JEN " " JJ " ' 83- ' 88 ROSS MEMORIES: (positions!) don ' t deny it either LAMAN n d R G The BUG TANK TOP 45 mins for JESS rudry! STRTFRD (jumping balconies) GROUNDED! DTSS DeriKs Christophers annexe DJS or stndg outside ID? HOT TUB PARTY med cruise xmas NY at TREN TRIO VEN NEW YORK TRAP DANCE rWABF IWAF YELLOW SUBMARINE me bad driver JK HONK! what movie this time? ARM w A VIEW (8x)? Jess is she good looking? BD w you know who EC PEEL PUB Marn ' s Col ' s party MY SWEET! TRAIN TRACKS w JG donuts U2 w LCMBA, HJG, Sneaky! will u put me on your shoulders BKPie . . e GO w the FLOW shrraton roof Tan Art classes HAIRCUTS JEEPS I ' m soup set YAATP. CJESS our apartment BBon boat Biking PROV. PB BUSINESS really nice ins idea JG kilo? Cartier Au Coin Meeting JC Shutters VB Tanks for evrthng! JKAKC. BMOMB, AHLCL, MFBMS (SS) 2Special thanks to Mum, Dad, BJ and of course JESS ' ' Everyone one of us has all we need in our yellow submarine " - The Beatles. MEREDITH JONES " MER, MERRE " ' 83- 88 DONALD Meeting DW and CK on first day of school. " Getting " stuff with DW and AK. Grade 8 with PB and SG and SR. We only have two seconds left!! Grade 9 with SR and TPPB " I have a problem!!! " SB Pablo the Paddler, he calls every night. Spanish class: permiso! Grade 10 with SR and TP Spanish . . . don ' t fall asleep Tracy. Shopping with SR we make a great team. English with SP: SHAKESPEARE bus with AS every morning. Band: DoWahhh Ma and CSM massage my temples Grade 1 1 going to Stratford with SR and TP CL and PP. walking through drive through with AN SR Labour Day Weekend with SR. Dougie, gyde and Craig. We ' re just hununing along, but we don ' t do tea!! Sailing lessons anyone? Thanks Traf I got a lot out of you, happy birthday. Thank you Mom and Dad for all your help. Thanks SR TP PB SG (remember always . . . MOOTS!) I still can ' t believe I made it through all these years. JOANNE KAY " JO, DOANNE, YOHANNE, DWAYNE " ' 84- ' 88 GUMMING JJ- ur the worst driver! JG - twins! CB-u can ' t ans. can u? I ' m cming ovr! slik! I wal - 1 wab! I wagd! MG - wstmt Id, wen I grw up I ' m gnna B naus. rasta! NY - taxi! LM - hist, class: can we hand this in next week? ubby - dby, knuckles? K is gorg. or so she tells me! DT - Boston dudes. Fatso! Dat ' s hilarious! mrs. Poppy apples! I ' m plying v-ball? . . oh, we ' re playing 4fun! P - cok! AK-drivng. I thght U were in Hdsn! Miss dh-don ' t U like us? dc ' s and salad, dmt gumby! He ' s dead, Jim! EZSS - Bernie! B-gook! MB-did u fall dwnstairs? 10 cool pts est ce que ca compte? Slurp! . . chckn? me? eat a lot? Stratfrd - bracelets. Annoying? moi? RU dieting? . . give me that! And - ren; did U make him up? mcmillions. Psyche! JA - rblpn, kanrchst! DC - new jegro, nice grad pics! AH - who sings this? Uno, if PMcc were 20 yrs yngr . . he ' d look like the guy in the . . . Bugs? Echo and the who? Rabbit people? Strat: escape artists! NY - cntrl. park, bus rides and so much more that won ' t fit! thanks to: AKMGC, BMBAH, FBLCJ, JJGSS, Jon, mom, dad! AZRA KHAN " AZ, THE WIERD ONE, NUTTY. " ' 83- ' 88 GUMMING Wow time flies. It ' s impossible to sum up five years of good times in 1 paragraph, here goes! Thanx to great pals, LCASM, HMAJH (g.a.g.). mems: steam eat, swens?! snort, hnk alert! ak thes dictionary, our little get togethers. strat 87, lets go Icma! spares, Icdc! fla, Ic, chzwz! akl 5bd pck, Ic? bcas? MH = DITZ! my laugh, ma, gettin me mornings, stand by me + animals hs. AS = Irib. i need chocolate Ic! another day, + u are . . ! the reference to lizards, eh? and u act like 12, thth! our habit of giving suprise parties! Hey its Wed lets go to fritz LC!! guys, welstd to many people! my speed speaking! " ak would u calm down! " OUCH, stop hitting me u IDIOT! abuse btwn friends! Gr, 9 NYC! our art discussions, mh? i want yer boom boom. Ic, hi name is . . she ' s not! " when im away from home i feel like a head! " " get outta here! " " weird going son at dances, ski days, of course, trying to teach me AS? ETC. LUV U CLASS OF 88cl! I wouldn ' t have made it without u. gag. Thanx MA, PA FAMILY bha hah blast off!! " Replace tears with laughter. " Howard Jones. 82 ASTRID KIHL ' STREED, ASTY " S-V ' SS FAIRLEY Hhalloh! gr. 7 to 9 w Sandy G - villew SC LM KK85-87. CITS, ' MaCache! " . KK round, RJ ? Crcl tndncies: Biche Na. G-T, LcVrt: PG Strat: escape artists? IWABF! IWAL! 16 Candles: " Howard, he ' s dead! " tbgngw MG, CB, LM eh, eh, eh,! LM Vvvance! NY 86-cntrlprk 6am, prnchnl PER- MADIET? LC-b-room-m int poufs 9 JK: " I thought U were in Hudson " Drivers Ed: that ' s a big 10-4 " RJ, Ic. jk dsco cheese MG, CB. MB 9 ' mnths w Paul Mainew LM-doink! doink! Blister in the sun! BgDckDave w LM, MG, MB MB ' s country Grey Rocks: SM - Madonna " don ' t touch that . . " CITS math w AG no teacher - clorets? m-vie weekends, d - 1: DJ ' s, Christopher ' s, Derek ' s O ' b - fake ID? " dn ' t blow yr chunks, Jo! " f - ball w JG, JJ, JK more . . . thnx 2 Mum La Gang; CBMGJ. KLCLM, MBJGJ. JSCAH, FB my KK pals: MBJAA, IPGAO, RJ everyone else, u no who UR. ■■This is the day ... " - THE THE ROBIN KRYSTANTOS " ROB " GUMMING HOUSE HEAD ' 84- ' 88 Thank God it ' s over! Positions w J.J.G. + M.R. " 84. Nights at " LAM " : Are you playing?? The tan. Summer of ' 86 Wildwood. 190 proof w Sel. Derek ' s w CT MS NH SW. W. Wine at T. Dance. DJ ' s w MH MW + DB Summer " 87 w Ali. " Pookies " . I love ya always. Stratford Dan (who?) Vegging to Floyd " Together we stand, divided we fall " Coke in Jamaica w Dawn. Special thanks to Diane, Ali, Lisa, Dawn and Stephen for their friendship and support. Jen Stay out of trouble! Mitch, Heather and Nicky; I love ya! Mom and Dad, school didn ' t teach me the important things, you did. you ' re the best! " Ooh baby, baby it ' s a wild world, but I ' ll always remember you like a child girl " CIAO BABES! VANESSA LOGIE ' 83- BARCLAY MERCI GRAND - MAMAN Jen n ' oublierai jamais le tr sor que turn ' as donnfi Merci Maman de m ' avoir laissee en de bonnes mains. TO EVERYONE I LOVE (GRANDMA. LISE, DAD) AND TO ALL I WILL NEVER FORGET (MRS. WILSON, FRIENDS. GRADUATES): ■You ' re always in nry thoughts either hidden in the sweet mists or dancing among the clouds of reality ' ' - Vanessa LAFLAMME " CHRIS. CRnTY, BEAVY " •83- ' 88 FAIRLEY " Be cheerful while you are alive " thaax George! sound familiar: RED! tickle attacks w Egg breath - 1 feel a bus. grand march w SS, PC - what should I call u? theo the pervw AK, SM. God I wish i was bald! PP - anthr nrviis brkdwn? Dodge ball - eeek! LCC SELLY dances - PH . . chats w DW at M P ' s - infatuations: " Chip Morena " span. w KC - what smells? PEP - let ' s make a baby! " misunderstood " at KC ' s w CW, MR, SS, SS-pass the t.p. TO trip w uknoww hour! party at CT ' s - 86 TS AM ' s w CW - can i borrow . . . PSSC: I will get it strait! TRAP dance: Derek ' s w KC - joe who? KC. CW, DC, MR: gimme a I ' il RESPECT! AN - who ' s having a baby?! muffy : you ' re no snob - ooops! Strat. w TP, SR, PP - Stef, i have an itch . . EPE ACL: WHAT A TEAM! luv ya COLES! THANX, LUCK, LOVE TO ALL MY BUDDIES esp PP, KC, CW, DW: " Happy are we met, Happy have we been, Happy may we part, and Happy meet again. " I luv u mummy daddy 4 getting me thru the 5 years: " Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest. " 8 DIANE MCMATH " SNUFFY " ' SS- ' SS FAIRLEY Happy B-day Traf; thanks for 5 great years. Special mems: Band, doowah, KFC In NDG (NO one Alix!) Debonking, the train gang, special thanks to Mr. Conductor. Spanish headaches w TP New York w SR, AO, GE. St. Patricks Day is over! It ' s Wednesday. Again, E.W. days, locker room insanities (eh Guido?) Fairy Guido and Snuffyrella, MUCTC strikes we luv u. Form 5: SS - free. Stratford: Who are those Hippies? What DO you carry in those? Balcony bed - time snacks breakfasts. DM: Trafs only male chauvinist. Black Watch (we must stick together) Do you wanna GO? Clorets anyone? Special thanks to my best friends Geeta and Alix for getting me through, also TP, SR. Love you Mum and Dad, thanks for putting up with my temper tantrums. Thanx and luv also to A.L. In closing, the immortal words of my brother: Be sincere, even if you have to fake it. P.S. Sorry about the double pouf Alix. LISA MILLER " LIS " ' 84- ' 88 ROSS PREFECT Memories: Hhalloah! Eh, eh, Eh! NYC86: cntrlprk at 6am: TAXI! pmchnl. blister in the sun! MG: MIMICOS. Big dck Dave w AK, MB, MG. MEw AK. JKlst tmedt: Boston dudes! Drk ' s. Chrstpher ' s, Annx. tbgnning at Mt prk w MG, CB AK. ME86w AK. ME87w LC: bkns, Kvn, pop - trts, U2 pool! SS: span bud. MB ' s wknd w CB LC (pb shots) Balogna - ville w CB. MG. DOINK DOINK. Strtfrd 87 w FBJJJG. KNUCKLES! Did u gain wght over the smr? my mom gave a quarter! Ubby - dubby! JK: hst classmrs. Poppy apples? LC ' sbthrm: " mint pouff ' - MB wanna come over for the party? IWABF! Psyche! Mcmillions. MOVIES PARK. JK: dat ' s hilarious! MB ' s party. JJ: ur the worst driver! vball w 2 MG: woo! stpdhead! FB: shts! how ' s Td? ski bunny in fat: MH. 16 cndls - JR. JK: don ' t blow yur chunks! Yeah, ur ugly! K ' s btfl, or so she tells me! I still IWABF! P - cok! w JK. 10 cool pts. Thanx mom. dad Mike, I luv ya! Thnx to all my buds: LCMGC, BAKMB, AHSSS, SJIUJ, JJGand finally Ted. you ' re the greatest I luv ya! MELISSA MUNDELL " M-SQUARED, MOLASSES " ' 83- ' 88 ROSS PREFECT The Smiths: " time ' s tide will smother you " That ' s inevitable. I must be therefore I try hard to be I am right now. Ic: She was just opening up to me! Bowie87; troll patrol. The Pope ' s off the scale m p ' s w ja. jk; True Stories? brilliant movie but, hey, we ' re intellectuals. " What ' s your phone no? " DPMighty icy tonight isn ' t it Jen? an: There ' s organiztion in disorg. fbyall jh: Yes I go to the mcgill summer school for - - and or - - children. New York 86: BedfordH? Gee dunno. I think it ' s off 5Ave somewhere. Summer 86: L.A. thanks jcgorb pm. Champions w jpmw company - - Shours? Toronto87:duh light. Stratford 87: where ' s Macy? Rehash on life w dw: Jazz Fest 87: July 3 for DLandCh: How can I erase 3 years of my life? ' ' Tear down the wall. ' ' ' ' Did it need to be so high ? ' ' Pink Floyd You did too much for me, Mrs. H, KDH, and Mrs. Sweeney. Many thanks to my friends, uno who ur, and my teachers. I ' m speechless, for once. I love you Mom, Dad, pyxilated bunny and Scott. SBR: " You pulled me up. " Talking Heads. If the universe is a closed space, how can we ever be truly free? CLARE NASH ' 83- ' 88 FAIRLEY Ski Days! " Cleppy " w SR. NEW YORK!: Taxis, " Sleep well guys? " , Bloomies! gr. 9 bio. w CW, LM, FB. cabaret: Grease - are we ever cool! JVC ' s cottage w LM nad CL. Fr. class w AS: smurf nam- ing: now that ' s boredom! Bio - class: dissecting w MH, SD, AS - " I ' m going to be ill! " McD ' s and Paco w SD. Downtown w KE: great memories, eh? STRATFORD!: bus, foodmart, " Cabaret " , " Who ' s turn to use the b-room? " U2!! RHP sw CW!! - Wild, ehC? " So how ' s your sister? " - DC AH classes: " What should we talk about now? " Drama: " Okay, just one more time now! " KE and me: The debate was cancelled AGAIN?! Tickle fights w CL and JVC!! Many thanx to Mrs. W and Mrs. R - You taught me a lot! " It ' s been tough, but we made it! Congratulations and good luck to all my fellow grads! " " Special thanx to all my friends (you know who you are): you made these memories! " Many thanx to my family and to Traf: You gave me the best of times and the best of friends. 84 Summer Exams . . . Winter Exams ... A Never Ending Trauma . . . Two absolutely Great Years!! Looking forward to seeing everybody next year when we are adults at Cegep! I ' ll always remember: , . . Stratford. 100 metre dash in the pouring rain, " can we have a plastic bag please? " - Gummy Worms - ■ ' Wax Teeth!! " " How many more minutes? " Did you see how the teachers looked? " " The side of the bus is open? Oh my God my suitcase! " Summer ' 87 Amazing!!! thanx H.D., B.C. and especially K.G. " No more calls from HAmihon!! " Special thanx to Stacey for Chem. Study notes and lots, lots more. Thanx Dionne for the lovely teeth, now I don ' t need braces! " AND to MElany, fellow house head of the best house, Ross, of course! Thanx! Love to T.P. who also realizes that B.C. grown are the best!! See you there!! Spring Break, perchance?? Can ' t forget " Uglier " and C.N. or K. E., Kendall maybe I ' ll see you next year in - you know - that province - Ont. Steph., cL., C.W., Can ' t forget those P.S.S.C. memories! Thanx guys! AUX OHLIN ' 83- -88 BARCLAY PREFECT fy share of the juvenile gobbled egook: Grade 7 with VA (denOstrog) Steph: Dec 17 anniversary - who ' s SM? Band: doo - wah, cover me. You ' re still there - Thanks. Grade 9 Latin scholars club with CWDr. Who rules! Subliminal hate poetry, houseplay scripts and gymdems with DC. Tracy P: Go back to Alberta. Geometry Bat modia grams. The best kept secret: fried chicken on a bench in NDG. Street poetry: are they selling chairs or places to sit? Cross country running - but to McDonald ' s: Yearbook camp: muffins! Model parliament and math with GE: I am at one with the cosmos, DM: seaweed wars. GE, DM, West Island faction: Stratford: what happened on the balcony? Train parties (I am the walrus). Hells bells, Yahey . EW regulars. BONK! 1 have great potential as a felon, SS riding again - another well kept secret. Bus strikes are so darn inconvenient. It ' s Wednesday, again, Bonjour et bienvenue a Passepartout, sweater face. Do you want to LEAVE? Centennial Bobsey Twins, The Black Watch: Nice while it lasted . . . inspirational words to live by: Waka Zawaka SHELLEY PATTERSON " JUDY, DIANE " ' 86- ' 88 FAIRLEY Bobo 85 NFAB Myahapin, erm. grass, polos, failing stars, walks w Alex. NFic stage 2am. singins duets. Biko. NFBub ML: " Amie says " BZ4S1 Crue unique brain. Bub? Shakespeare w MJ. SLAP! L ' Auberge (terrible headache) the 144 - a Joce, mon meilleur ami, " je t ' aime " toujours. Vicki? Floyd, BH, cards. Med - " he ' s too young! " Jan, the twins say hi! Mcnzzt! Sheddy Chipmunk, right Odie? From the first graduating class to the 100th . . . Sed haec prius fuere. (Catullus) I owe too much to too many, thanks to my family for understanding. Much love to LV, NF, JB, Jen, DOC, AN S S, MR, CK, AK, JK: ML, PB, and of course, AS. Special thanks to Ally for our talks, L N for listening, to Seesuh, I ' ll always be your Sobey. WHYWH, F. WMBTFF. Good luck Grads! TARA - LOUISE PERRAULT ' 85- ' 88 BARCLAY I was never so warmly welcomed into a new school in my life! Traf made high school bearable! I came in a shy reticent girl and am graduating a determined young lady. I will always remember the warm at- mosphere (esp. in the common rm.) along w : the interesting limch conversations, cabaret ' 86, SKI DAY+ conctission, Nov. The assigimient month. The Apollo of BEll as - Mr. President?, A doll ' s house - Nora - Hide the Christmas tree, Helen!, Happy Birthday!, Centennial balloons! Private chauf- feur in the morning! Oh! I ' m better with notes than with words! My violin foreyer first! Well, so long for now! Good luck and a million thanks to the grads of ' 88!! Thanks to my mom and dad! I love you always! TRACY PRATT " TRACE " ' 83- ' 88 FAIRLEY MEMORIES: lunchtime, exercising, muppets, ciieesecake. Stratford w : S.R., C.L. P.P, M.T.Donuts! Alix, Go back to Alberta!! Will you massage my temples? Feet, ice cream, dance w AO, CW. Man 1 Male, diets, Wednesday, again! Spanish Headaches w D.M. Math w DM Identical options Talent show w DC, CS Trrres trrr s content! Summer " 86 nooni noo ninoo nines E!! Forever Young, McDonald ' s ski day ' 87 B.C. pal AN, SR ' s sweet. Are we having f un yet? I feel . . . California here we come! " FiRE " w SR, MJ, CS, CA, Diet Coke 4ever!, good times w CA, bus rides w JA, never forget GUESS? Summers w WBJ, Summer ' 87, SYS ' 87, U2 RENSw DC JA, Jubjubs! spares, thanx for the mouthful JVC! ! ! Clorets anyone? For DC: AAACCCKK! ! i ' ' We must go our separate ways and take what we have experienced with us " L.Barnes " The futures open wide " Modern English PASLEY E. PRESTON " PAZE, PEP, PARSLEY " ' 83- ' 88 GUMMING Someday I ' ll write a book: My Life at Trafalgar; 5 years of Hell (just joking). To confuse me later: CW would u like to swing on a star? Crazy Paze! me ' n ACL-tickle fights. Shh! George might hear you! S. Fair: Ethiopian babies severed hands. You wuss! Drama: A of B.H. am. Witch (repent! I will! I won! And then?) Stratf.: don ' t u hate people w - who STUDDER? Hist, fair: gladiators = earthquake? (cake?) Those unforgettable Icc sh dances! Psycho: reeE! reeE! No! Animal imitations! speakin of animals, thanx to: teachers, Ol ' drama guys (fun eh?) others (uno who ur) b j XOX ' ' Come lift your cups and with glad voices sing, Laugh and be merry in the buds of spring. The bird of youth has but a little time To fly and lo! The bird is on the wing. ' ' Omar Khyhamm STEPHANIE RICH " STEF " ' 83- ' 88 DONALD HOUSE HEAD Unforgettables: permiso Sis! Clepto. Your still there! cover me. Who ' s SM? Go yuck on a white horse, Saddle. N.Y. Summer 86 T.I. w TP nooni, noo, ninoo F! Yello; your sole? P.B. muppets; " Fire " ; Pla- toon w C.W.; Ski Day 87; I feel . . . ; Are we having fun yet? cheesecake Will you massage my temples? CIT ' s 87. Labour Day wknd 87. Stratford w TP, CL, PP, MJ Donuts anyone? I have an itch! Harvey ' s walk - thru w AN + MJ; mail - male. P.S.S.C. S.W. help! diet coke; x - country running to Mc D ' s, This is what grade 11 is all about!! So this is it. 5 years at Traf are finally over. The real world is out there waiting for us can ' t it wait a bit longer? No. All good things and bad must come to an end, and a beginning. I hope this is a beginning because I ' m not good at good - byes. Thanks for everything. DINA ROUMANIS " DYNAH, DI " ' 83- 88 FAIRLEY MEMS.Sum. ' 85. " I thk ths is a nd beach. " " Oh my God! " SURPRISE! " The balcony w John.T,D, + FLIRTATIOUS! Bk to Mont! Gr. 9 Gr. cldesc. " HIM " proj + sleep ' s w Gil. - never forget! " He ' s 26! " The Big Apple. GA + PMtL? " Faye I ' m so confused! " It ' s sick to be that smart. Sweet 16. To wk end. " Your cs. is so g 1. Cath. " Hi Cath, how ' s Champ? " 70% It pop. Bus 38w Darl. , Sab. Kim + Mark. Stratford w GA + FB. SD ' s cheese -I- crackers . . . booring! D wn t wn w Chris. " Those zomb ' s really hit the spot. " too many Greek wedd ' s. M u2! " You ' re such a snob! " " Cent + Lemon crowd! another migraine? " Speaking of which ... " this one ' s for you guy ' s, " oh my stars! " FRIENDS LIKE US R 4 EVER. There aren ' t enough wrds to say how special you guys are to me. Love you Gil, Faye, Cath + CB, LK, SD, YA - Rem when we GRAD? Thanx mom, dad, maria, jim, +art for putting up w me. I love you all! XOX DINA. 86 ELANY ROURKE - MEL " ' 83- ' 88 ROSS HOUSE HEAD NO I ' m not a dippy blond . . . BUT my behavior does sometimes sway towards my hair colour! POSI- TIONS! ' 84 w JJ, JG, RK. NYC ' 8?, 165 bus w SS, RK, LV, DC, (2 stops) Days, eh S + SS? Alio Pierre - Jacques: Stacey; Was he embarrassed? Misunderstood w SS, SS, KC, CW, CL - pass the TP! LCC dances. TO ' 87 - NO. I ' m not CW! Pulling Miss DH ' s leg. I.L. LIVES, Momma! " Respect " vv EK:, CL, KC. CW, L ' Aub. desM. Sub. w PB. SP, LV. - ' Ooh, j ' aime les tortues! " in memory of Mertle. ' " Do I french? I ' m fluent in both tongues. " From x - country ski days 2 downhill. Safari dance w DC. " Sing to me, AS. " ' How may more fr. +math classes left. MA? " " SLAP! ' - SP ' BBK Lives! " Stratford; rm 309 - did you take the stairs? MAD DOG! Grr! w KC, CW, LV.JV = green rm. models. U2 + Van Houtte w LV " Miss USA " AN, my co - mellow yellow house head. Family holidays w my CoUeenee; " I don ' t know. " Thanks 4 5 yrs of of peeled apples. Mom! Thanks Dad. Wend + Rick. " When the world is running down, you make the best of what ' s still around. ' ' The Police. TAMMY SAMUELS ' TAM. SAM. SAMMY TAM " ' 85- ' 88 BARCLAY Mems: What time does the bell ring? " Bear naked! " w SG. PB, ZC. GF LSC w SG GF " No! Not the Bowl! Stratford w SG. PB M " Sue. are you a tourist? " ' Brent ' s over here! w SG, PB, SD: Chem lab w ZC " " I wanna light the bunsen burner! " PSSC w GF, " Conflict! w ZC, " Tweedle bugs " w PB, GF " " Wave to the airplanes! " Sorry PB SG, couldn ' t afford the blender! Would you settle for an eggbeater? U2 concert w PB, SG, BW Zwi, we ' ve gotta stop whining! Math class w ZC " I ' m tired, I ' m hungry. I want to go home! " " " Mrs. Hrycyna, use the big piece of chalk! " Sue, how ' s Mike? GF, how DF? SG, hope you don ' t draw trees for a living! FFF w SD ' my girlfriend! " To BW PW: It ' s not a pink purple prom dress! Lori - wish you were with us! Mom, Dad Corey, I love you! Bub- by S F, I miss you. Bye bye Traf! MICHELLE SHASHOUA " MICH, MICHOU, BOBY " •84- " 88 GUMMING How loose is your goose? Happiness is . . . It ' s a party in hell! MEMORIES: Fla. vodka peaches w MM Central Park 5:00am STRAT: Rm 217 " Listen, who ' s this? " ISRAEL ' 87 w SK " please don ' t send me home! " Sweet 16 - Thursdays MAINE - Vamos a la playa! ctnhmmsw California coolers LOVE? Infats " " I ' ll carry you through the jungle " JACUZZI Col ' s Kitch Alvan Birds 5:00am " all men are scum! " xcept the Big Bad C boys Baha! DT Annexe, Christopher ' s Derek ' s - all nighter ' s one nighter ' s bush boshing marika! egg trash in - depth ' s phone convos sex talks sos - basically one Big Party! Thanks to Dad. Mom Steve for keeping me going. Special Thanks to the BESTEST buddies wildest party animals I know, MM, CT, NH, SW for always being there through the great the bad May you stay young forever J ' vous adore! xoxo Ready - now one more time: 1-2-3 CHUG! LOLA SHEPPARD " 83- 88 FAIRLEY MEMORIES: PSSC CHEM - " Miss Thomson! Miss Thomson! " Phoning PB for labs FB always swinging her legs Band with DC - never practising! Listening to DW ' s love life Always being late for school. " ' Doing " projects with FB Grade 8 one with CD the tar. Guilt trips insecurity. GD worries starting in grade 10. " By next year, I ' ve got to have a bf! " I ' m getting to be such a sap! CTV) Mrs Gale: " Don ' t just listen to the noise I make, listen to the words I say! Grade 9: Don ' t support the wall! " Thanks Traf and all my teachers for 5 wonderful years. Mummy Daddy thanks for all your support and love. I love you all very much! 87 ANNIKA E. STEIN " NIKI, DINKY " ' 83- ' 88 DONALD HOUSE HEAD above all: NY 85 Vane 85 86 Strat 87 - brent patric! STUDALERT! opera glasses! Slime Blockhead mr. Irritating! SURPRISE may 87 nov 85 - boy in the box feb 86! get - a - long - gang! red pen! FREEZE! another day - you rea unconscious! drama! tap - dancing! my facial expressions! boom boom iwant yer sex faith bus w Meredith Xrun - halo road races ski days - do I know you? Don ' t beashnook, it is n ' th how you feel it ' show you look! The Queen = twilight zone ILU; MH, LC, AK, MA, SD, CN MelR - iam your eternal slave - " sing to me! " SD = ras happy CN -— french class az = weirdone mich = ditz lo = always right - it ' s a moral imperitive! nyc = flower! mace = brain jules = myslo sweetie! MH = best bosom buddy AK = euw - not yet driver ' s ed w LCMA Steam Heat! Chris ' s w CL LCDJ 1 love you Mom, Dad, David. Karin. Auntie Clara - thank you for everything! " What? Over? D ' you say over? Nothing ' s over until we decide it is! " Class 88 - it ' s over " It ' s miller time! " (i ' m kidding) BEST OF LUCK TO US ALL! SARA STRUTHERS " SARS, STACEY? " ' 83- ' 88 ROSS PREFECT DON ' T FORGET: licence to kill (ssakjk) take me on the highway Bernie! BBK. am lives! U2 concert, bio class w ah ss P - O - T - V - 1 - N summer " 86 (europe), breaking my finger - good one! x - running = MACD! STRATFORD - teeth, plastic bags w dc, ss, an. 10 minutes til curfew! " as a matter of fact " car 8 people share your g Fabienne? are we in room 309? must be a NATIVE! JULY 1st ' 86. yes I had morning workout. SAFARI DANCE, my petulant buddies, Hhallo Satan! Days my Spanish buddy FREEZE! JG short sweet, was he embarassed Stace? I h 8 TO ouh Stace this store . . . nice headlights wait you like him 2 gimme a break long live Whoopi eh Di? b - gook (sk) To ss, dc. jk, cb, mg, mr, ah, Im, ao, jj,jg, sp, Iv thanks for making this the best 5 yrs. To the teachers, thank you. Thank you Mom, Dad. John, Stace, Mime, Pops for your help and support. I love you guys. Bye Traf thanx for the great memories. STACEY STRUTHERS " STACE, SARA? " ' 83- ' 88 ROSS PREFECT Hey chickee (di), licence to kill (ss, jj, jk) U2 concert, was he embarrassed, KC? Did you AS 2? Oh please. Uh . . . you guys - this store? P-O-T-V-I-N (ss, dc, Ic) my triplet (dc) Can i check your oil? Summer of 86 (Europe) Yes i had morning workout! April 10 ' 87. BERNIE - take me on the highway! STRATFORD: 10 min ' til curfew - as a matter of fact (dc) - JG; 8 to share your GT (Fabienne) - teeth plastic bags = are we mature (ss, dc, as) - were we in room 309? France ' 87 - swim are you serious? (club med) DAYS (mr) swimming - sorry BBK - AM LIVES! great times w HUTCH SAFARI DANCE, bio w ss ah Chem w AN positions - jg, jj, mr. rk, ss. VA i miss ya! (gr. 7) Jen ' s sweet Oui jacques (Pierre) . drives to PC i n BBK w ! K C AN . The night of Misunderstood . To all my friends and to the faculty at TRAF - thank you. A very big thank you to my parents for their support and patience and thanks to John, Sara, Mime and Pop, COLLEEN THOUEZ " COL, NINA " ' 84- 88 GUMMING ' ' and I remember she used to fall down a lot that girl was always falling again and again, and I used to sometimes try and catch her but never even caught her name ' ' the Cure. Times I ' ll NEVER forget: par- tying it up 86 87 Houten in the am pm, mellow candlelights, " trial carruns ' ' uh, something burning, May? not. nm ' s victorous Nan? Strat. 217 party over boys SOS Mich beach party - Maine ' 87, all nighters w M N KOJAPST the time bomb ticks, homemixes feeling comfortably numb, bush - boshing, the night ' s still young, how funky is your chicken? where? ANX, infatuation turns into mild obsession, SUMMER 87 metrop., outstins, strip, poke, and a WHOLE lot more. j.s. for lessons on life, my little pervert Greg, Mike, Markus the King Stef, mr. moodman, for just about every feeling im- agineable. I ' ll never forget you guys, mom, dad, marg ter I love ya lots, last but not least to THE most INCREDIBLE friends in the world - Nana, Michou. Sare Maya - If this world makes you crazy and you ' re taking all you can get, call me up ' cuz you know I ' ll be there, your pal till the end, COL. 88 You want me to fill every square - all work no play . . . First of all, thanks Mom Dad for two years of lifts, lunches moral support. Thanks to JF for putting up with long hours of homework and yes guys I am marrying him, so quit bugging me you ' re all invited to the wedding. Thanks to my friends who put up with me for 3 yrs. Hope to see you all before bum out so that we can reminisce about the days of old. Shelly, here ' s to DLT ' s enchiladas. Mel - to VanHoute a movie the 165 bus, U2 " yeh, we just got the tickets before the concert " to L ' auberge de MS play Paola. Shelly Mel, you guys were great! Astrid - here ' s to berry - D s and deep conv. 87-88 - Stratford - Green Rm. w JV, KC, MR, CW - bare feet in the rain - " plastic bag anyone " KC CW puff. Jenn - how about Bentley ' s. CRR - McD ' s, pic- tures, pain in the rain. Germany - MR, DC. SP, CL - just checkin ' the sights. Spares w sp, ss, tp, tp - popcorn anyone? Diane, keep on talkin ' MH Rob - he ' s your cousin! After all is said and done, the ten riches t businessmen still quit school before grade XI. JODY VON COLDITZ ' JODE (S) " ' SS -SS DONALD Stratf. you took the stairs?!! NYC: Ron Reagan; starv.; downt.: KC; Boston - Joe B, yah 1 go to Western, cab ride home; shoew. blister pad; compulsive liar; a new meaning to hyper, CL; cottage •87CL,CN; cops where?? CW;KE boat ride w DM TM, pshychel. Mr Pony tailman; gin, scence of direc. CN. Jessica cold wars, gettingkiks out of CLw DW, steven bathroom w mickey his bud- dies; . nt farm 87-88. class study Band do - whaahh; chip ' n mug; nobel prize; what date was that again? B - ball, plastic surgery, 6 - ft twins, which way r we going agn.. CL fr. class, hit radiator slip, oops waahhh! 86-87 Mt. Blanc France!ski - day - killer Curtis; rem. gondilla w PH.CW, rem ' 85 BM broke chair! KC midngt. madss. fest; guy w hat; nice outhouses! JA nvr firgt gr8 lit proj. w ? TP wht. flavour sack do u prefer, ftir 3 weeks (ha). 2 all my friends who were there!!! thanks to the staff: esp. MmeB. (mt. Blanc) and Mrs H. and Mrs Ran Mme B. who were there when 1 was target of a terrorist gr. ! ' ' To be or not to be. what was the question? " mod. Hamlet CARLA WABSrWRIGHT ' C. CAR, CAWI " ' 83- 88 DONALD " DON ' T PANIC " - hitchhikers guide to the galaxy Unforgettables: Biologically speaking; gr. 9 latin w AO; answering pay phones w GE; RESPECT: he ' s just this guy ya know! MTC w LG - german men (TG)! TOP GUN w KC; deutsche schule; thanx coles! O - TAY alfalfa; Europe ' 85; satan jokes w KE; annexe - ho do I get out of here? get it straight CL! SHS ball; Dr who - what? contact lenses; Platoon w SR! pssc labs . . . argh! U2; NO, I ' m not Mr! Knights of Ni; SHS bathroom w KC; are those your french fries? woodbuddies w GE; bloom county . . oop ack; LCC dances! fitness . . . fencing! Monterey Pop; Stratford; RHPS w CN - wanna do the time warp? G ' day Bruce - catch any crocs? Special thanks to Mrs. W who always makes me smile, FK for his laughs and advice, all the rest (u know who u are!) . . . of course to mom dad, Julian, Nyssa Igor. I love you all very much! " And now for something completely different! ' ' - Monty Python DIANE WALSH " GRUMPY ' •83- ' 88 BARCLAY " Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind ... " WEAKNESSES: The Beatles, Apple Tree Crowd - Don ' t go home, babe, don ' t go too far. Lest I forget 5 very colourful years at Traf w many high points to remember. Guido lusty, I couldn ' t have made it without you! ' 7 shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood An I - - took the one less travelled by. And that has made the difference. ' ' - R. Frost ' ' Me, stopping here. Got my own row to hoe. Just another line in the field of time. " - Neil Young SPECIAL THANX TO: Mrs. Rollins luv ya. Mom Dad u helped a lot 2 89 DAWN WESTLEY " SPACEY. DONG " ' 85- ' 88 DONALD My years at Traf were the most memorable of my life. It wasn ' t Traf but the people who made these years what they were. As grads of ' 88 we ' ll go our separate ways. May e always remember. " Don ' t you forget about me. " Simple Minds Fondest Mems: gr, 9; NYC - shopping. Brighton Beach Memoirs gross Chinese food and limosines. dirty TV, sitting in closet w NH; DANCE - GM jumping in window; DW feeling good, BA a cop SKIDAY Tremblant first time ever, broke rented ski, fell lOOx, I luved it! Summer ' 86 job, partied at WHC: gr. 10 Dance, DW feeling good again! Kristy met everyone, went to Dome; SKIDAY with TP at Jay = great! falling, but only for gorgeous guys; Play, Scarlat White, " Biff i ' ll do all i can to help! " ; Florida spring break, gorgeous tennis instructors. Summer ' 87, party, trip west = best, gr. 1 1 Stratford = blast, wic boys on balcony. Dan, RK, DW, JA and others; Cin Jat SS w RK, Hi Hyena! no, I ' m not on drugs! Special thanx to grandmom granddad. I owe it all to you. TGIO! SARA WILKINS " SARE " ' 83- 88 DONALD Unforgettables: NYC party ' til u drop! DT anyone? Ob ' s raided? Whoosh! THE party. Rumours (she did what w who where? " ). 1 ' Annexe. Whaat happened? It adds more than just character. Home made drinks candlelight. Is anybody there? Infatuations. Any calls? Failing w Steph. MG ' s Jeeps. Fake ID. 4- 1. Men are scum! Who ' s sleeping over? VanHoutes in depths. Luckies. Jacuzzi parties. H20 fight at Chris linecutting. Stratford . . . grounded? Wet runs. Vamos a la playa? . . . MAINE! Bushes boshing. Bashes. Social scene, here we come! Ftball: CvsSelly. Skiday. I ' m so excited! What a joke. Baha, Saf dance et apres. Baking, what a substitute! Body massages. I need a coffee! Is he good? You ' re carding me? To my family, 1 love ya! To the best party animals ever, CT, NH,MS, MM, keep dancing dirty! W ou I ' d have been talking to myself. Grads of ' 88, remember, " We can change the world! " Ul in concert. GRAB DIRECTORY .rvrUTLXLi-V , I adllUll SQfl Pl ii-p de la Fontaine H ' F 1G7 761-4345 232 DuDauphine St. Lmbt J4S 1N5 465-8220 10 Aiidoin St MtlNorth H IH 332-81 19 AI I AN Marv 50 Summit Circle Wsmt H3Y 1B3 kJilllllllll V_I1V.IV llll 11 I 1 u_ 933-9212 RI ANPHAY Mamie 3295 Ceder Ave. Wsmt H3Y 1Z6 931-8329 1035 " " nd Avenue Dorvnl HQS 1V8 X V _ ' w ' — I lU r V iiuw L ui vm i I y j ivu 631-1721 R077FR Paoln 2125 Guertin St. St Laurent H4L 4E3 332-0930 1050 Voltaire St. Bross. J4W 2S2 671-8812 RIIRKF Christine 40 Forden Cres. Wsmt H3Y 2Y4 486-8566 CARPFNTER Lisa 690 Grovesner Ave. Wsmt H3Y 2T2 486-7980 CHAPDELAINE, Lori 1515 DrPenfield Mtl H3G 2R8 931-5252 65 Devon Rd. Btld H9W 4K7 630-3942 CODRINGTON, Dionne 4145 Acres Cr. Pfds H9H 2T6 696-2437 CURTIS Karina v X f rvui Ilia 219 Lakeview Ave. Pt. Claire HQS 4C8 695-2903 DALY Sarah 625 Victoria Ave Wsmt H3Y 2RQ 488-2487 FKBOTE Geeta 352 Berwick Dr. Bfld H9W ICl 694-6246 ELDER Kendall 111 Aberdeen Ave. Wsmt H3Y 3A6 484- 1 807 FARAGO, Genevieve 426 Greenwood Dr. Bfid H9W 4Z8 695-1036 GARFORTH, Susan 192 Leeds Ave. Bfld H9W 2H5 697-8363 GILSIG, Jessalyn 1202 ch. Dunvegan TMR H3R 2Z5 731-3025 GOOD7 Melanie 55 Forden Ave Wsmt H3Y ' Z1 J J V IUVII V V. . T ' IIIL 11 X — . t 931-5214 HARDT, Natalie 222 Berlioz Ave. aptD Mtl H3E 1B8 761-1917 HEISLER Michelle 4742 Roslyn Ave. Wsmt H3W 2L2 482-1 157 HOWTCK Andrea 23 Redoath Place Mtl H3G lE ' 849-9506 JOHNSTONE, Jenifer 555 Chester Ave. TMR H3R 1X1 738-8419 JONES, Meredith 337 Roslyn Ave. Wsmt H3Z 2L7 932-7641 KAY Joanne 367 Metcalfe Ave Wsmt H37 2J2 931-2326 KHAN, Azra 4050 Trafalgar Rd. Mtl H3Y 1R2 932-0592 KIHL, Astrid 494 Grovesner Ave. Mtl H3Y 2S4 937-2712 KRYSTANTOS, Robin 536 Abercom Ave. TMR H3R 2B4 733-1990 LAFLAMME, Christy 534 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Wsmt H3Y 3H5 932-8340 LOGIE, Vanessa 740 Mont Pellier apt707 H4L 5B1 747-1301 McMATH, Diane 223 Stonehenge Dr. Bfld H9W 3X8 697-6066 MILLER, Lisa 33 Thomhill Ave. Wsmt H3Y 2E1 932-8852 MUNDELL, Melissa 3837 Royal Ave. Mtl H4A 2M3 484-5788 NASH Clare 4859 Draper Ave. Mtl H3X 3P6 488-4841 NIELSSEN, Astrid 9 Redfem Place Bfld H9W 4M7 630-0037 OHLIN, Alix 103 Vanguard Ave. PtClaire H9R 3T4 695-5309 PATTERSON, Shelley 5705 Wentworth CSL H4W 2S2 489-5163 PERRAULT, Tara 75 Wicksteed Mtl H3P 1P9 731-8635 PRATT, Tracy 245 Delx)rraine St I mrt 14S IRl 671-7499 PRESTON, Pasley 134 Abbott Ave. Wsmt H3Z 2J9 931-5243 RICH, Stephanie 770 Rerfrand Ave St Ijiurent H4M 1V9 ' f J A- ' Vl LI allU V V ■ kJk. X-fdlll V. ' lll X X iVX X V 7 747-5 1 06 ROUMANIS, Dina 8030 Place Nehru Bross I4Y 2R4 443-0083 ROURKE, Melany 2395 Trenton Ave. TMR H3P 1Y7 737-7743 SAMULES, Tammy 559 Argyle Ave. Wsmt H3Y 3B8 935-6277 SHASHOUA, MicheUe 342 Kitchner Ave. Wsmt H3Z 2E9 935-1604 SHEPPARD, Lola 3 Richelieu Place Mtl. H3G 1E7 845-0607 STEIN, Annika 3819 Northcliffe Ave. Mtl. H4A 3K9 487-5163 STRUTHERS, Sara 173 Glencoe Ave. TMR H3R 2B6 738-6795 STRUTHERS, Stacey 173 Glencoe Ave. TMR H3R 2B6 738-6795 THOUEZ, Colleen 570 Victoria Ave. Wsmt H3Y 2R6 486-9281 VASDL, Lisa 395 Lethbridge TMR H3P 1E6 731-4862 VON COLDITZ, Jody 3421 Mariowe Ave. Mtl H4A 3L8 484-3117 WAINWRIGHT, Carla 4248 Hampton Ave. Mtl H4A 485-6272 WALSH, Diane 210 Cote St. Antoine Wsmt H3Y 2J3 931-9550 WESTLEY, Dawn 2430 Athenes Bross J4Z 2W1 676-5464 WILKINS, Sara 317 Melville Ave. Wsmt H3Z 2J7 932-0340 91 STRATFORD For 4 days and 3 nights, the Grads of ' 88 visited the beautiful town of Stratford. During our stay we attend- ed 4 excellent plays: 2 by Shakespeare, " Othello " " Much Ado About Nothing " , as well as " The Cherry Orchard " and the exciting musical " Cabaret " . Be- tween plays we found many things to do: private room parties, balcony hopping, cruising the main drag and of course . . . Fridays! Many thanks to Mme Boily, Mrs Randall, Mme Paglia and Mile Belanger, who helped make the trip such a success! 93 GRADS ' 88 71 ' Compliments to the Graduating Class THE SHASHOUA FAMILY SALE AND LEASING OF COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTIES Compliments of THE VASIL FAMILY HEAD OFFICE BUREAU CHEF: 2S85 COTE DE LIESSE ROAD, MONTREAL, P.O., H4N 2M8 (514) 332-052( CABLE ADDRESS: " WEBSTER " MONTREAL Founded in 1913 • Fond e en 1913 T TTTTITJQmTTITJ » SONS LIMITED W Jlll3lD± HlXi FILS LIMITEE BUILDING MATERIALS — MAT RIAUX DE CONSTRUCTION BRANCHES, SUCCURSALES : TRURO, N.S., MONCTON, N.B., QUEBEC, MONTREAL, P.O., OTTAWA, ONI TORONTO, ONT. " As the radius of knowledge expands so does the circumference of ignorance. " . . . Albert Einstein Tritles may make for perfection But perfection is no tritle: The compilation of information May become knowledge. But knowledge is not mere information. With Best Regards VIC OGURA . . . HIROKO FASHIONS INC. Compliments of e . 3 Best Wishes to Carla and the Grads of 1988 BARRY, FRANCES JULIAN WAINWRIGHT Compliments of STEPHAN AND JANE HAYES J.S. Hayes Insurance Broker Inc. The ultimate in personalized catering CATEHING THAITIUR Avec les compliments de IMPRIMERIE SOLEIL INC. Serving Montreal since 1920 Call or visit our shop at 931-8814 1343 Greene Avenue r Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1988 PROF. AND MRS. ADRIAN SHEPPARD TtL. 253.9250 u ei Orientai SHERBROOKE EST 640e eST, RUE SHERBROOKE E. montrCal. que. H1N 3pe Compliments of HOWARTHS Quality Clothing for the Entire Family School Uniforms 1444 St. Catherine W. Tel: 861-9243 RESTAURANT YEN KING Compliments of CUISINE SZECHUAN PEKIN par EXCELLENCE MR. AND MRS. NORMAN PERRY lOLAGAUCHETIEREO AND SARAH MONTREAL, P.Q. H2Z tB9 861-7178 Folklore I Good Luck Grads of ' 88 THE BURKE FAMILY arts folfcloriques handcrafts and folk art 4879 Sherbrooke St W Montreal. Quebec H3Z 2X8 (514) 486-8852 Compliments of THE SAPUTO FAMILY Genevieve, Congratulations and the Best of Luck to You and Your Classmates. RUTH, FRANK SONJA FARAGO Best wishes to DIANE and All the Grads MR. MRS. MCMATH Compliments of Class of ' 88 Good Luck! THE HOWICKS Love, Karyn ' 91 Murray Dalfen President Dalfen ' s Limited 8479 Devonshire Place Town of Mount Royal Quebec H4P1S5 (514)341-4050 La ite ri e IJQGEQ SSl L " ' ®® MEMBRE - GROUP LAIT JOHN WAAGEN DIRECTEUR DES VENTES 1025 RUE LUCIEN L ' ALLIER, MONTREAL, QUE. H3G 2C4 TEL. (514) 866-7801 Compliments to Jenifer and Her Graduating Class BERT LYLIANE JOHNSTONE Compliments of LA CIE ROBERTSON LTEE 5937 Upper Lachine Rd. Montreal, Quebec H24 2C2 t h m yj n GIN PANG TRADING INC. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Importers d Exporters f : 988 Du Bullion, Tel.: (Office) (514) 861-1461 Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 2Y8 Best Wishes Congratulations to Annika, Her Friends, and the • " Centennial " Graduating Class of 1988 MR. MRS. NORMAN STEIN AND FAMILY 8479 Devonshire Ploce Montreal, Quebec H4P 1 55 LAYNE DALFEN Bus.: (514) 341-4050 huss sports Itee GROSSISTE POOR EQUIPCS ET INSTITUTIONS TEAM AND INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLIERS CHANDAILS IMPRIMES ' PROMOTIONAL PRINTED T-SHIRTS AND WEARING APPAREL 495 BOUL. MONTPELLIER BLVD. ST-LAUREMT, QUEBEC H4N 2G6 TEL.: 1514) 748-7767 PATRONS Pauline Tarun Banerjee Frumkin Feldman Glazman Dr. Mrs. Arthur Greenspoon The Moroz Family Dr. Mrs. Marvin Pinchuk AWARDS PROFICIENCY PRIZES CERTIFICATES FORM 1 Proficiency Prize and Certificate: Proficiency Certificate: FORM 2 Proficiency Prize and Certificate: Proficiency Certificate: FORM 3 Proficiency Prize and Certificate: Proficiency Certificate: FORM 4 Proficiency Prize and Certificate: Proficiency Certificate: Margaret Ferguson Bano Bilgrami, Helen Bui, Debbie Golberg, Yasmin Sarruf, Pamela Tran, Kate Wolforth. Devi Banerjee Krystyne Blaikie, Tracy Herrity, Jennifer Hum, Puja Mahajan, Jennifer Moroz, Pamela Ogura, Heather Reich. Leonora Lalla Nazira Amra, Heidi Carlson, Ruth Cawdron, Audrey Chan, Lynne Echenberg, Gillian Mann, Stacey Pinchuk. Faye Boyce Melanie Goodz, Sheppard. Lola IMPROVEMENT AWARDS FORM 3: Margo Pollack FORM 4: Zoe Chee FORM 5: Cheryl Delaronde THE WALKER CUP, presented to the winner of the House Drama Competition: BARCLAY HOUSE THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP, presented to the student earning the most house points: Debbie Goldberg of Fairley, 378.5 points. THE INTERHOUSE SHIELD was won by: ROSS HOUSE, 7641.5 points. SPECIAL AWARDS THE JANETTE C. DOUPE PRIZE, awarded to a student who has brought honour to the school: Jennifer Quaid THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL, awarded to a Fourth Form girl for participation in school activities and high academic achievement: Carla Wainwright THE JANE WEDDLE MEMORLAL TROPHY, awarded to a Fourth Form girl for courtesy, character, and academic achievement: Sarah Daly THE CUMMING PRIZE, awarded for her intellectual curiosity, high academic achievement and contributions to the various aspects of life in the school: Carey Knight THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, leader- ship, a high standard of conduct, academic achievement and contribu- tion to the life and spirit of the school: Tara Cope THE GOVERNORS ' MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has main- tained the highest academic average throughout her final year: Carey Knight THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the Senior Girl who has made the most of her opportunities, showing herself friendly and helpful to all while maintaining a good academic standard: Roberta Sanders THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public-spirited of the Senior girls, who at the same time has maintained a high standard of conduct, and shown devotion to her work: Tricia Pepper SUBJECT PRIZES Carey Knight a) French prize, presented by Mme. Paglia. b) English prize, presented by Mrs. Randall. Veronica Nazareth a) Mathematics prize, presented by Mrs. Packer b) Physics prize, presented by Miss Thompson Laura Smith a) Chemistry prize, presented by Mrs. Kalisky. b) Physics prize, presented by Miss Thompson. Tara Cope Classics prize, presented by The Trafalgar Old Girls, Association in honour of Miss Jean E. Harvie Tricia Lee Physics prize, presented by Mrs. Gale. Jennifer Quaid History Prize, presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association, in memory of Miss Joan Foster with special recognition for her outstanding participation in the Model United Nations. Michelle Stewart Library prize, presented by Mrs. Pym. Celia Wallace Computer Science prize, presented by Miss Armbruster. Dorothy Wong Art History prize, presented by Miss den Hertog. Faye Boyce a) Geometry prize, presented by Mrs. Nicolaidis. b) Economics prize, presented by Mrs. Randall. Alix Ohlin a) Goldstein Medallion, awarded to the Senior girl who has made the most effort in her language course. b) Canadian History Prize, presented by the History Department, with Special recognition for her participation in the Model Parliament. Christine Burke Geometry prize, presented by Mrs. Nicolaidis. Geeta Ekbote Canadian History prize, presented by the History Department with special recognition for her participation in the Model Parliament. Kendall Elder Canadian History Prize, presented by the History Department with social recognition for her participation in the Model Parliament. Heidi Carlson a) Geography prize, presented by Mrs. Hrycyna. b) Latin prize, presented by Miss Armbruster. Nazira Amra Latin prize, presented by Miss Armbruster. Audrey Chan Biology prize, presented by Mrs. Henophy and Miss Layton. CREATIVE ARTS AWARDS THE BRYAN PRIZE FOR CREATIVE WRITING Dorothy Wong THE JUNIOR PRIZE FOR CREATIVE WRITING Jennifer Moroz RIDOLFI ART AWARD Jessalyn Gilsig BERRY-MCKENNA CUP FOR MUSIC Lisa Kwong and Dorothy Wong PACKER CUP FOR MATHEMATICS Vicki Kinsman 102 TOGA NEWS CLASS OF ' 87 Fony-three of last year ' s graduates are attending Quebec CEGEP ' s; at Marianopolis are Tara Cop)e, Suzanne Kushel, Lisa Kwong. Tricia Lee. Sunita Mayer, Tricia Pepper, Gina Pinsky. liana Schwartz, Laura Smith. Lara Speirs, Michelle Stewart and Katherine White. At Vunier are Jill Baron. Lisa Elkin. Audrey Kessler, Julie Kronish, Connie Laufer. Melissa Lubotta. Veronica Nazareth. Andrea Peplow, Roberta Sanders, Danielle Saputo, Jill Steinberg and Cheryl Zacharie. Study- ing at John Abbott are Subuhi Abidi and Vicki Kinsman. Jessica Aranoff, Bryn Caron, Laura Losonczi, Sharon Marks, Celia Petter, Morena Tursi and Katie Wadsworth are at Dawson while Wendy Wathey is studying at Lasalle. At Champlain College in St. Lambert are Lara Borboudakis, Anna Grant, Micheline Lauzon are Claudine Saleh. Katie Asch and Debbie Levy are at Centennial while Natalie HoUinger and Valerie Marcel are at Brebeuf. Carey Knight was a finalist in the Josiens Foundation leader scholarship program in April. 1987, and is now studying in England. Last spring Jennifer Quaid won the Silver Medal in the Science Math category of the Montreal Board of Trade ' s Outstanding Student Award Program for 86-87. She also at- tended the Shad Valley Programme in Calgary last summer and is now in Ottawa. .Andrea Werner is at the International School of Hotellery in Switzerland and Dorothy Wong is in Vancouver. CLASS OF ' 86 ALISOS CARPENTFR spent eight months after graduation touring high schools across Canada and the United States shaking the apathy surrounding nuclear issues in Canada. She and three other students who deferred CEGEP studies are members of Students Against Global Extermination (SAGE). The group also spent two weeks in the Soviet Union. ANDREA BURKE. " NATKAUE GOLDIN. and ESTELLE RICHMOND were on the Dean ' s List at the end of first year Marianopolis. Nathalie also merited one of the Sister Mary MacCor- mack Scholarships for the autumn term of 1987. Estelle was elected to the Marianopolis Student Council for two years in a row. In 1987-88 she holds the position of Chairperson of the Student Activity Standing Committee. ILANA STEIN, who is at Marianopolis, spent the Winter term of 1986-1987 in Israel with the Dawson College Jewish Studies Program. CLASS OF ' 85 MARGARET GOLDSMITH and NADINE SIVAK were on the Dean ' s List at Marianopolis at the end of their second year. Nadine also was awarded a prize for having obtained the fifth highest overall average in Arts. ELIZABETH KURIEN was awarded the Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire prize for her exceptional effort, progress, and achievement in the learning of French at Marianopolis. KUMU PURI was awarded the Grace Fairley Sc holarship for 1987-88 at McGill University. CLASS OF ' 84 CAROUNE LAFLAMME led a Stretch and Strength class last summer at the Westmount YMCA. She continues to teach aerobics. Caroline is in her second year of Early Childhood Education at McGill. PAT WILLIS graduated from Acadia University in May, 1987, with a degree in dietetics. CLASS OF ' 82 MICHELLE BALLANTYNE obtained her B.A. in Political Science from Carleton in December, 1986 and now lives in Woodland Hills, California. GAIL PARKER is in Recreational and Leisure studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. 103 RETROSPECT 87-88 Gym teachers ' injuries Gossett Trial Goodbye Rene Levesque, Goodbye Dorchester Blvd. Spuds Mackenzie Is it Michael or is it Janet? Mulroney ' s government loses a little " Mussel " power Glasnost in the Soviet Union Baby Jessica: Get well soon Postal Strikes: Parents get your report cards? The Bubble Skirt 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics Wall Street, Cry Freedom, Good Morning Vietnam Star Trek: The Next Generation Montreal ' s second English Language Newspaper Death of Liberace Mohammad: Terrorists in Canada (?!!!) Aids: no cure yet Supreme Court of Canada rules anti-abortion laws unconstitutional Leonardo da Vinci Broadcast News now you see it, now you don ' t thirty something: Michael anyone? David Bowie, Pink Floyd, U2 and Sting concerts Moonlighting (We tried to interview the producers but they were away evidently a fashionable trend because so was Maddie. And David. And the plot. And, well. Moonlighting.) Baker and Swaggart Soviet-American treaty October 19, 1987: Stock Market crash The Persian Gulf Free Trade agreement THE TRAFALGAR CENTENNIAL - SO IT ' S OBVIOUS!! 104 Published by JOSTENS CAN AD

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