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TRAFALGAR ECHOES 1986 I - •.-ji•■• " • t:., ■ • ■■ TRAFALGAR 3495 SIMPSON JViOMTREAL, QUE. H3G 2J7 Time goes by so very quickly and before we con possibly appreciate our high school days, fhey are past. For the graduating class, I hope that the memories of their days at Trafalgar are colourful and warm and often brought to mind as good thoughts. The class of ' 86 has demonstrated good intelligence, keen spirit and loyalty to the School . The leadership of the girls throughout the senior year has permitted the success of the many programmes that enrich the life of every student at Trafalgar. They have shown sensitivity to the needs of the younger girls in providing direction, encouragement and support. The faculty has laboured to create an environment where excellence is a goal and where friendships are nurtured. The achievement of our graduates in future schools and their development as generous members of our community form the standard by which our success can be measured. We hope that as students in colleges and universities they are well prepared and will return often to share with us how they are dealing with their new worlds. To each graduate I express my sincere hope (or her success and as well the secure knowledge that she will be remembered. Fondly, D r o S ' 1 W lif ..Research 4, A confrontation! The years have gone by, and with each year there is the passing of the old and the coming of the new. It is now our turn to create a yearbook which we hope captures the special mo- ments in all of our lives. This is a record of our days at Traf. It represents the gig- gles, the jokes, the tears, the breakdowns, and best of all, the friendships... However, these are merely echoes, and the true spirit of Traf lives on only in our memories. Special thanks to our tea- cher advisors and to our staff for helping make this book possible Working in harmony ADi SORS Miss den Hertog, Mrs Randall, Mrs Hara 4 INI TRflTION- ROW: Mrs. Kalisky, Mme Boily Mrs. Pym, Mrs. Rollins, Mile. La- fleur, Mile. Belanger, Mile. Lan- teigne, FRONT ROW: Mrs. Nico- laidls, Mrs. Forbes, Miss Lord, Miss Boislard, Miss Manicom, Mme. Poglia Absent: Mrs. Mora, Mr. Davies, TOP RIGHT: Mr. and Mrs. Martin. BOnOM RIGHT: Mrs. Pollock, Mrs. Amos, Miss Losey. 5 I The three plays attended by Traf grads at Stratford ' 85 were all very enjoyable. " The Glass Menagerie " pleased the mas- ses, while Shakespeare fans preferred " Twelfth Night " . " She Stoops to Conquer " was another great performance. Other fine memories which contributed to two nights and three days of fun are the following: " exciting " Romeo Drive, the Fan Pub, jumping from balconies, Inno- cence contracts, the swans we never saw, hazy rooms, " found " magazines, " darling " busdrlvers, dudes from Pitts- burgh, being locked In hotel room, the long walk home when busdrlver left without usi, and last... TORONTO ' S boy- friends. Thanks to Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Mandigo, Miss Tiessin and Mrs. Rollins for putting up with us. 10 NATHALIE GOLDIN " NAT, NOONIE, DR. GOLDIN " ' 81 - ' 86 DONALD HEAD PREFECT HI! IS JEN THERE PLEASE? Yo Mike! KEOT-AK. Sara? " ER. SHS grad-CN. Urntrs-EC AK! OY KK ' 85. PLACE TO GROW UP IN! Pancks-LC. Bone Maroon-WK. Oxy Syndrm- JS JG WKt Bst-Clque! Booboolee-SB! NYC85-$5-SS. ART TIks. Widgts-WS. Bored? JS. END OF THE PARTY MB SB LV SB! HIday-JS. P-Furs-AK. Skiing Up. Wsmt-JS K! Tomorrow diet! Bronz IS: Harm-Stud-Ala in! Brf-Ormstn lib.tlks! BAZAAR?!? NS SB! OK ' s drvwy-KM! 10:01 ! CCWT NOONIE DANSE! Strats85. Priv. tIks-MDH. SPECIAL MESS- IS: Balloon ' ll last! Wheatns Delila! Stie ' s sucti a btcii! PARTY?TR! Sleepy? JS! AS I WAS SAYING BLANCHE! PJEW-CN. CIT WKND AlCs! Thnx: Mrs. K ' MDH! " THANK NOONIE. DADDY+PAULJ LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! CAN ' T FORGET:TR IS ER JG WK LC TN SB WS SS NS AK MG AC LK! " JEN: BEST BUDDY ANYONE COULD EVER HAVE! R U MAD? QUICK! 1 LAST TIME: FREEZE! CHEERIO TRAF! TATA! NIMA DOLMA SPANIEL " NEEM " " 81- ' 86 CUMMING SUB-HEAD PREFECT Traf tias been the base of ttie most progressive years of my life; I came a scared young girl and I ' m leaving a scared young woman. I can feel life slipping ttirough my fingers. I ' m waving away ttie last of my youtti and trying to come to terms wltti myself as an adult. I lookat this grad shot and I knowthat under the make-up, hair, and strange expression, there ' s a person even I don ' t know, not now. I ' ll know her, use her, leave her, and then I ' ll be truly happy. They say the future holds nothing but dreams of the past. I ' l i dream about you, Traf , and cry. How do you thank those who have meant so much to you? I ' m at a loss: Mrs Hara, Mrs Wightman, Mrs Randall, Armby. I love you, Dad, Mom Greg, Paul, Mikey, piano... My dear past. DANIELA AKERBLOM " D " " DAN " " DA " 82-85 CUMMING Unforgettables:WHO?WHAT?WHERE? ' 83MEwUli Emm lifeguards, vino bonfires. ' 84ME N.S+L.M. E.M John, me ' J.T.con I smoke? Getting FCwLPon bus!! My great loves JB, Ben, AH who? ' 85 New York, NY, Times Sq.,Gr.Vill., where are we? Blisters... Dinner for how much!?! Working with MG in St-Fab. PTBG w MN+the rest of the gang. ' 85 confined in STFD (on the bacony) eating pizza... McDs who ' s doing what? and with who? Nice conversations w. AC, AB LP. J ' s-ZZ BW, SD, GB beauty and the beast. Older men APSi GH. Drinking JDw Lance Jeff. That ' s really BOGUS!! We ' ve f ina I !y made it!! ! I ' d ! ike to tha nk you a II (esp. Lee) for putti ng up w me these last 4 years. Thanks mom and Oliver for supporting me through the years. I love you. KIMBERLEY RUTH AMIOT " GERBLE. MISS KIMBERLEY. MOM " AMBITION: to become an elementary school teacher, marry, fit train my husband! MEMOIRS: EDMONTON CA, SK, MD, AO, JM, JB. DN , OB, AM RB. A toast to all of them the good life! MAC HIGH... I ' ll be home soon! I miss u all! MONTREAL: DS, NW, MM, CM, MC all others that have made my stay here memorable. Things I give: To myself; a plane ticket. To Maria: a farm fit 2 chewed-up pens. Diana: a can of hairspray fit breathing masks to everyone else! NIckie: a Beaker pupet. Maria; a cord 2 tie her hands tog.! Mrs. W.; a joke book. Mrs. P; next years ' cookle-ples. Special thanks to: my parents, teachers 8i friends who helped me adjust. Luv 2 u all! 12 JULIE AREL ' 81- ' 86 GUMMING MEMORIES: Calling teachers " Miss " , isn ' t it free dress day? Ms A ' s Cromagnon man, 1 st movie w Ant, 2nd in Grand Marcti. Cookie ttirow past Ms A. Being tied up in Mrs H ' s math class. Dropping shoe in middle of train isle PGM on the floor, playing V-ball hangman at lunch, Mrs Brock, Ant ' s sash Prince every where, spleepovers, cleaning fish tank Mr L ' s room, ah quiez cute! Eng class card playing, Porter ' s socks, bridge club. NEW YORK: pictures, balloons, dancing on DA ' S head, shopping, losing CL in MACES, soar feet. Ski trips, downtown, the phone, my noils. STRATFORD: - X - caught on phone, 6hrs sleep. Bazaar: bears popcorn? AB I carrying LS after Rd. race, AL ' s coiffe, SF ' s endless time in bath-r, LS ' s exibitions... Merci M ' man pi P ' pa... Bye TRAP! AUDREY " AUD. ODD. ODIE " BAUER ' 81 - ' 86 GUMMING HOUSE ALWAYS REMEMBER: LS the little guy? Wsmt pork. Atwater metro. avoiding+ Following XAI Ep-Broin, your nose is changing shape! Sf laughing fits, hurry with your make-up! ADS Prince, Brett, and that noilpolish! CL it ' s so Gindyish. peach. JA long noils, Chabonel. Stratford rm.409. downhill skiing! STOP ME! disastrous dances sleepovers, puzzle of the wk., making teddy bears, b-boll at lunch. This time I ' m gonna win! school soup: mushroom again?! " the Bridge Club " (from Mrs. Porter) Insufferable chem. lobs with AL. To all my friends never forget the times we ' ve had and will hove and thanks a lot! GLORY DAYS WELL THEY ' LL PASS YOU BY GLORY DAYS IN THE WINK OF A YOUNG GIRL ' S EYE STEPHANIE BLANSHAY " STEPH " " TOFFY " ' 81 - ' 86 FAIRLEY HAPNESS IS... lft ' nessw IS+WK.Rmvbangsok? WK. Wanna be myfriend LC?Stuckin the tv WSJSNG+WK WW3 w WK JG. Nose Job WS. LCC GRAD W TNIS+LC Gamp of two moons IS TWOALLBEEF... SS Rapping w TN IT ' S ONLY TEMPORARY!! w LGTN JH. AHNOH! Trading places (BOOBOOLEE ETC) W NG. FLA. NGSBMB LV. LARONDE W WSSS LC+TN. Knowlton summers-SKNDPPNG (PUB LC IH) Breokdancing ' 85. GIGGLE STICKS! BAZAAR?!? NG NS. NYC-HRG. STRATS-LIMELITE (HAPPY B-DAY SHAWN) Clinton county. Party games TR, JS, WS, NG, LC. Sliding down mtn w JG. FENCE IS. SCOOBS DCS. TEARDROP. SWEETS ( 2 MEANINGS) HENRY IN AUSTRALIA. LEESTEN TO ME! FREEZE! To all my buds (u know who u r) ESP LC, TN+ IS also WG ILOVEYOUALL!! SPECIAL THANX TO MOM, DAD, JONATHAN +MARN. " SAY BYE BYE. WHERE YOU GOING TO NOW? " U2. U2. GEORGIA BOUCHOUTSOS " GEORGIE " DONALD ' 83- ' 86 MEMORIES: SPEEDY MAKE-OVER WITH BW ON THE WAYTO TORONTO! BUS RIDES ON THE 144 WITH SD AND TS " I ' M COMING OUT OF MY GRAVE NOW! " WINING AND DINING WITH TS AT MIKE ' S ENDLESS SHOPPING WITH TM AND SD " NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS MIKE ' S " . RIGHT TS? NYC! DISCUSSING AJ AND SM WITH TS PARTYING IT UP IN STRATFORD. " HOMEWORK " WITH TS " MOVE THOSE BUSHY BON CHESTHAIRS SD! " " DIETING " WITH SD BLACK! SPANISH WITH SS McD ' S LES GAMP IN GREECE AND AJ " REGULIATE WILL YA! " HOW DO WE OPEN AN ALMOND DL? " DISCO " PARTY IN STRATFORD VICTORIA PRINCIPAL HAIRCUT?!! EARLY MORNING FITNESS WITH IH AN NS RECALLING CAMP MEMORIES WITH MS BW ' S BIRTHDAY AT ZIGZAG ' S AND JODIE ' S ROCK FESTIVAL IN ATHENS-DEPEGHE MODE THANKS MOM AND DAD I ' LL NEVER FORGET YA TS BW SD AND DA " LIVE IS LIFE " 13 FRANS BRANIOTIS ' 81 - ' 86 DONALD PREFECT MEMORIES: Black White; Slugs Sunflowers; Punks, mods and preps; DL ' s line " I ' m in iovel " , then everybody else goes " AGAIN " ; CC ' s feet (always in the wrong place); bus rides; New Year ' s Day Y.E.P.; Miserable Threesome (me, CC, EL); Skiing at Smuggler ' s w DL; gossiping w RH; make-up fight w CC, DL in the washroom; Woolco ' s w CC, DL; grad worries; ski bus w CC; Sharing a room w the whole grade at Stratford, thanks to DL ' s disco party; SD: " There are GUYS in our room! " ; heart-to-heart chats; infatuatlons;5hrs. wait; THAN KStoallmyfriends who helped me through. Thanks Daddy, Mommy, Fed Tina To CC,SD,DL:WE MADE IT! ANDREA BURKE ' 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY PREFECT " We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed " I have mostly great memories of my years at Traf: bagels w AL; CM: scifairs, debates, p-can ing... UGH-library; YC-forever a great friend-see ya in LA!; gr8 hist w TN-perverts; " makeover " w LC+TN; metro to boonies w TC KE; Bronze w NG IS: guy fight!; Natis: the 3-some; Summer 85 w JK; Al: Jan sure was a slow month, laugh-cry in Ec, both so worried, honeychunks, shellac, depression; MIM MEM MAM EXCEPT? w AC+LP DA; Bishops w AC ' JF: scarf, conehead, iayoutparty, Herbie... freestyle! PSSC IH:Tony! neato!...LL sweet;TK ' svoice...mysinging whistling;Strat:talkw MS, KMart, Di ' s SBD farts, fall over chair, FLIRT!; going crazy wkg on ybk w AC+JG+ER; CV... ding-dong!; BEST 4 LAST: Love thanks Mom, Dad, Chris Soonie LISA CAMPEAU " LI " OR " LEES " ' 82- ' 86 GUMMING HOUSE HEAD It ' s only temporary. Mix wWS. Pancakes wNG (3am) Hyper on choc wAC. Mv back porch wSB TN. " TN they ' re eating my brain cells! " Cemetary vi B. LCC GRAD. dint ct. safety dance, grease. Jay wTN JH. NYC " Where is it? " - Freudian slip? HRC. Twins (gr8) bthrms wlS. Jill ' s sweet. Sleepovers. Knowlton Pub wSB TN. 5hr convos, Italian gino 1 1 pickups, picture time wJG. TN GD 4-ever? Obnx. SS_ Computes wWK SB. AT WATER pickup. TN ' s poem. Australia. DK ' s apt. Teardrop. Freeze. Happiness is... AH NOH " 1 like wergins " Sex talks at lunch table ART convos. Henry a friendly visitor! DR. NG ' s advice. Strat " I can ' t get over the railing " " I can ' t open my eyes " SB hogging O ' Gradys. DA ' s rm. Limelight. Thanx to ALL my pals (U KNOW WHO U R Mom, Dad, Cynth my bros-LOVE U ALL. THANX AMZ. MEMORIES. LIFE GOES ON! Bye-seeU ALISON CARPENTER " AL " " SOONIE " 84-86 DONALD PREFECT Thanks TRAF for great memories: Debating, public speaking, ECHOES... -also- spanish wTal: " I ' m going tso dsy " ; Morts wWK » Stuart;arrest wTN: mim, mem, mam, w DA, LP AB; fun at Strat. w NS IH; AB AC (Both so worried...); guy talks w IS; indulging w ER • AB B4 Gdem; Flatboards w WS; Henry w whoever; hyperactivity w LC; MaxF sick infatuation: sleepovers, furnacerooms; summer 85 w Chris; Bishop ' s w Jamie AB, Herbie: layout parties and scarves; and last: poetry w SC (luv ' ya) SAGE w MF, SK, TN ' SB... peace, Sadako, Stephen Lewis and the cranes-FREEZE- " see ya " : to all my lunchtable friends esp. the ones who ' ve shared the great tImes-TN, IS, JG, NG and of course, AB. Special thanx to very best buds, Andrea, Liz, M D, Jenn for helping me achieve my goals. With hope for peace, Alison. 14 CATHERINE CHOI " CATH " ' 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY HOUSE HEAD Yep, yep, yep... those were the days. Woolco ' sw F.B.D.L. " Yes, we ' re cool. Driveway talks W S.D., D.L. ELVIS COSTELLO GUY!! Make-up fights w F.B., D.L. Idol concert-BZZZT! Cool stages and bus waits w F.B., S.D., D.L. (5 hr. wait) D.L. ' s sleepovers and crank calls- " NOOOO! DON ' T GO TO SLEEP! " " May I speak to Mongo, please? " SAM AND BUG!!! The miserable 3some. K.E. ' s UN partner! Love my way, it ' s a new road, I follow where my mind goes, so wipe away your tears, my love and put on a newface for you can never win or lose if you don ' t run the race. -P.FURS. Thanx to my family. F.B., S.D., D.L.-WE MADE IT!!! MARIA CUNDY ALIAS " SNEEZY " ' 82- ' 86 ROSS GUMMY-BEARS! " BLEEP! " STRATFORD W JG... COUNT DRACULA STRIKES AGAIN!!! STOWE W PK. ALL PARTIES ESP. PK. SS... FOOD FIGHTS!... ICE CUBES! ESCAPADES ON LAST BUS!... W JG ETC. " SHUCKS, WE MISSED IT! " CONCERTS, ESP. U2, 2X AG, ALARM. BB OMD... WATER FOUNTAINS FIGHTS W DL! CUniNG MY HAIR... AGAIN! NUDGE, NUDGE, WINK, WINK, SUMMER ' 85.. ENGLAND! RED WITCHES!, MEMS W TM: CLOSETS! SUMMER ' 84 MHP EVERYONE IN IT... FOND MEMS! SKINNY DIPPING! " WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE HAS A CAMERA?!? " " BRILLIANT! " " ' ANG ABOUT " COFFEEX25! CHOC CAKE W TOOTH PASTE!! N-CAGE.SLOSHOGGANING! BABY-SIHINGW MM. AB! TO JG PKTM DL JAKE! EVERY ONE ELSE, YOU MADE IT ALL WORTHWHILE I ' LL NEVER 4-GET U! THANX TO MY FAMILY " BELIEVE IN WHERE U R GOING BUT DON ' T 4-GET YOUR YESTERDAYS " LOVE ROCKETS ANTHEA DE SILVA " ANT " " SADS " ' 81 - ' 86 ROSS UNFORGEHABLES: PG CF Poppy JK Soirees (bd gd). BROCK: BOCK-ski trips-Dead or alive? LS Tth. Cx PRINCE Bs-(me» u). Glamourous nails NY: Balloons-blast, Goat! Paranoic AL AB Dick Long Tiffany is boo: 2 con (MAISON OF DIEU) Stratford! Pinky. AW NEVEM OS ANTHEA Lesley. S or IE: X, UN . SF+ Fits Don ' t puff: Mum-AL Ho, Hum Said She, JA+ Me ' Tricycle Hitch Baby-SF. We Had Tons Of Laughs Great times thru the years: JA, AL, CL, SF, LS, AB, BS, RN,ST, AT. " Baby; I ' m Not Gonna Stop Till I Reach The Top, Dig it " -PRINCE " Forget About The Past And All Your Sorrow The Future Won ' t Last It Will Soon Be Over Tomorrow " - RINGO SABRINA DINUCCI " SAB " " SUBAB " ' 81 - ' 86 DONALD HOUSE HEAD Michael: I saw him. YEP w.DL, CC, FB. Happy 4some. Driveway talks w. CC, DL. 23 guys at one time! You R such a fag! Y= Hector. SM ' 84. A Year of silence? I met JK! TM JEW! That ' s nice.. Life ' s most emb. mom. w. Mo. NY: How much 4 the dinner? T.Sq -GV-Where the ' !% R we? IKEA: where is he? w. KM! Bushy bon chesthairs! YFG; DL. Metro guy=MT. Chanel 144.TS:bikes R still there.candy apple.GB=U R blind (HA!) J ' s ZZ ' s w. BW, DA, GB Beauty-beast. ZV God! McDLES w. RH, LP, GB, BW, DA. STFD: What guys? where? LP=U R killing me! Overpass moon. U R so cool!! Jo- workinG again?Felicia U R so MOD!NT= ' DON ' T U 4GET ABOUT MEI ' THANX Mom, Dad, Jo Van! Guys: WE MADE IT! " I know five years is a long time + that times change; but I think that U ' ll find people are basically the same!! " Depeche Mode. 15 KATHERINE EVANS " KATHIE " ' 81- ' 86 GUMMING MEMORIES: Ski trip ' 82, You skied over your hand?!!; breoking everything possible; Rl staircase with T.M-I gotta p...l!; T.M and her locker room talk (What size are you?); doing stupid things with J.W; Summer ' 85-PARTYI!! -porch w. J.W, P.B, R.C (2 bottles!!) Metro with A.B T.C.; T.C ' s Coke!!!- DON ' T LAUGH; mysterious metro man, French class M.C ' s nose!! Gumby hunting for S.B; STRATFORD! !-Donuts anyone?, balcony-SLAM!!! (eh K.F.); G5 what a hunk eh T.C, true love??; C.C and my U.N partner " He ' s soo... cute! " ; Time spent with K.F, N.W, L.L, T.C, C J, P.B, J.W and many more!!! " let tomorrow and today lead a life of ecstacy throw away your tears of confusion " -Depeche Mode Good luck grads... Bye Traf Thanx Mum, Dad-It ' s over luv ya-you too Stephen!! KIMBERLY FORREST " KIM " " KIMOTHY " ' 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY MEMORIES: Cheryl, Kathie me; N.W-trashbags oxygendog; BIG FEET!; K.C-She ' s not my sister!; Those ' @$ " ? ' metro men!; Announcing... SARAH!; summer ' 84 vacation in FRANCE; Gr. 10 obsession w M.E; CM me in TEXAS-russlan music Fudruckers w ROSS! math class lab quarrels w C.M; " How tall is he? " ; sharing info w Susie Cue; " Another book! " ; summer of ' 85-new experiences, trench visitors sting tapes w Flo; long hair; camp ' 83- ' 85-AQD, SD...; long distance phone colls w B.W; holidays w C.+D.; letters (HEE HEE); breaking windows; ETC... " Don ' t worry about a thing ' cause every little thirKi ' s gonna be alright " -B. Marley THANKS MOM, DAD, Boo FRIENDS - 1 LOVE YA! SHARON FREEDMAN " SHAZ " " 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY AT LAST! I ' m breakin ' OUHA HERE!! 5 Great Years-Thanx loads to J A, A.B, A.L, A.DS. C.L, L.S. N.W .-Luv on ya! TALK IS CHEAP: 5 yrs. of fab. mems. - too many, too important to minimize w.a few lines of clich6s but don ' tworry guys-l could never forget!! OH YEAH WE ' RE KILLING TIME, JUST TO KEEP YOU CLOCKING ON, THESE ARE THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE.,.-Elvis Costello -LIFE THROWS A CURVE - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THE GAME OF LIFE. A BURNING DREAM. YOU CAN BE QUEEN. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE...-Simple Minds -AND THE FUTURE IS CERTAIN, GIVE US TIME TO WORK IT OUT...-Talking Heads Hey Babes. Smile, and shine bright onto your future... JOANNA GOODMAN " JO, JUBE. JOADDA, JOSYAN, POGO " ' 81 - ' 86 FAIRLEY HOUSE HEAD MEMS: KPM summers. GINGERBREAD DAYS! ILU John. Mary Queen of Scots BURPED? Lumpy. Bottle. TALES FR JUBY. Disaster nite, WK in TUB: I WANT MY EYELINER! Betty Wang the doorbell. U won Slime WK ' s lessons. SWEETS. Boogying t NO convos w WK: 4more mins! Bckward clothes. Sun. lunches w JS. SOMEONE HIT HER! HERE, PUT YOUR R. ON! 1 7 Mag ' $ w TR. QUIET! I ' m sorry. NYC. Buck • John Crabopple. SH , that ' s NICE! OXY. ECS BAR. Popcorn? YA! Bsmnt w NG. Steve Goodhead, ER? 11 PICKUPS w LC. OBS: Mr. S-berg McD. chats. STRAT: MOOVE! LIMELITE. SUSP? CLINTONCOUNTY, GRUESOMES, URSAP, TEARDROP, NO WAY! AH NO. HENRY (my pal) AUSTRALIA. PDLA ' FREEZE! Wanna cashew, IS? WAMA HAMA COOGAI THNX t all my trends f MEMS LAFFS. SPCL. THNX t M i D, CUBE ' ESP. WENDY: I LUV U! " TAKE MY HAND YOU KNOW I ' LL BE THERE. " U2 BYE TRAFI! JENNIFER GROUNDWATER " Jen " " SAM " ■84- ' 86 ROSS 3 shorts walks on the Wilde side- " No thanx, i think I ' ll take my skateboard! " .. PK ' s parties: LL? CJ? CM! .. Stratford-CHRIS! (thanx a lot Danielo!).. " Yah well my father ' s Mr Guaranteed! " ., slowdancing lessons and curling lessons (wiv dif. people acourse!).. INUKJUAK ' 83--Baab Jen unapik!.. Another Another Country (oh Rup.).. 6t4 ' 85.. Everything w. PK MC ( various others!).. And best friends: Marike, Jo, Lynn+jaiinNB (ducks and Caribbean Queen+a whole lot more) to all of you: i love you (and you know who you are.) " I ' m going straight ahead (straight ahead) And I ' m living till I ' m dead " Untouchables RUBY HAR " RUB ' S " . " RU " . " RUBY DOO " ' 81 - ' 86 FAIRLEY MEMORIES: Sum ' 85, StM: Tony (small boy), M (Wanana 2), beach, sun tan, B-party, spend $, Sussudio, BW two cows, Hawai (3am), M plane, 24 ride, HK: penpal, Lesly (concert " ), L Regant, beach lemon, MH, JHshopping, MH glasses, Canton, lost Bp ' s, 98p ' s, hair cut, skin sofa, MHblob, Eddie, cuz ' s 8t China, cute glasses, J food, ' 85: UNP WT SD, rum coke, McDIess, BW 1 6, WT CL LS CE NW-French, D.F. ice cream, SD BW fit TM WT 8c GB DL 8t CC FB LP 8[ DA-Stratford, pizza lam, NW ' p, Stradford diamonds, 1st and last (rum coke), UNday notes, $2a day, click (I got you " ), tuck pounds, DA ' s stories. Wen, ( " No film " ). Wen smoke fie Moose. All my love to my family: Thank you Mom, Dad, SH, MH, JH fic Granny. Lots of gradtitude to Nanny (I wish you could have seen me graduate). INGRID HYDER ' 81 - ' 86 DONALD HOUSE HEAD What is there to say when " next year " no longer means Traf? We have all affected each other in some way; Traf will have left its mark, even when we forget each other. Thank you, Mrs Forbes, Mrs Randall, Mrs Hara, Miss Armbruster, for helping me to open up my mind... I hope I don ' t forget: Latin classes w Nima and Lisa; PSSC w Cathy and Andrea ; Vag for broken hearts; gr. 1 1 : " But I don ' t have time to die!! " ; SHS grad w Ellen; " I know there are plenty of fish in the sea; but I ' m looking for lobsters!! " I can ' t forget the " lobsters " or the " fish " : RR, KR, PK, MS, DA, TW, DL. ...Thanks to them, and to Mum and Marie-France, I made it through!! WENDY KINNEAR " WEND. GWEN. JELLY-BEAN " 81-86 ROSS HOUSE HEAD mems: Ift ' ness w i.s. fit s.b., ww3 w )o 8c s.b. GINGERBREAD DAYS, s.b ' s bangs, gr. 9 wsmt. scene w the king, disaster nite, command bar w s.s, cheerleading w j.s, craziness w p.c. (what a cuz), sweet 16 s, japping out w l, tfit s, " G " w i.s..! NYC ' 85! scoobies 8c d.cs. boogying 2 N.O. sarcasm, paris wknds, " original " bob, morts w a.c, b.s+i-anymore rumours? TALES FR JUBE! put your " R " on! someone hit her! NO WAY! d.t w le gang, g.ds w jo, oust. 8c HENRY! strats.. MOOOVEI! It ' s madonna! c-quoi! jo fic the " T " , Clinton ct., mr. s ' berg fic p.g. obsessions! m.q.s. burped? phone convs w jo, buck fie crabopple boys! FREEZE! bottle fie lumpy, triangleness,AHNO! fic... NAT, the life of a party! TO MY BUDDIES (u know who u r), I LUV U fic WILL NEVER FORGET YA! THANX M2+D2. BUT ESP. JUBE! U R THE BEST! BYE-BYE TRAF!! PHILIPPA KLEIN " PHIL " " PHAR " ' 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY Three short walks on the Wilde Side; J C. Tri. Tril. GenPubwEP. Doub. Ag. FWKM, Ris Sun. P. Pub, F ' Ketal. Dej. V. U2! YMCA: EP co. FantasieswJen. MC ' s Hair Guys. PK ' s ' otherpartlesi CampOo (6yrs) RupwJ. Another another Country. Scoobies. Plays. Earnwok T YeAh! F=W. QYP. CV " Too Cool " Learning to ski curl. Sum85. Sprouts. Tequ. RR i C. Nu-Fonnations. Osucinn.. I cun ' t OTT! The X. Bart. Jamies. E E.FORN? 73x. Campain Ties. C Calls. StowewMC. Fitness! Slow DancingwJ. Moisturizer. Stratford. Monicotti night What What? Com. NO Thanx, I think I ' ll take my skateboard, CN.Thank-You Mummy!! Anxiously we clamour for a hold, We too young for sometimes for what is old And too old for that which never was - Rainer Rilke ANNIE LAUFER " ANJE, ANNIKA, ANNOUSHKA. EPPUS " 81-86 FAIRLEY SF " BW ' S perfect sense of timing, SF ' s Richter Scale snore, AS ' S fake laugh ' nail polish, JA ' s ability to cope w. AS. CL ' S mumbling, AB ' s insistence that there ' s no need4discretn.onafullbus,economlcsclassw.CJ+LLLS ' snervosity-swaying.Ski trips, St. Martin-thanx BW, OOGIE, laughing fits in math, NW-don ' t touch the hair, chemical equilibrium, WW-hanjeburs, AB ' S voice and bagels, shopping sprees, the blushing problem, SWEET 16, UN-Thailand,STRATFORD-rm.409,yrbk., everyone ' s false accusations about my sense of humour. Thanx to all my friends-l ' II never 4get you. Thanx Mrs. CH, DH, K, JP, R, Miss, A, B, JM, Mme. R, B, Mile. L. Mommy, Daddy, Connie, Robbie, thanx for 5 great years, I love you very much. CINDY LEE ' 83- ' 86 CUMMING MEMORIES: To my friends! Don ' t forget those slumber parties! Anticipating grad dance! SHAZ-Sting concert! Love your sleepovers! ANT- Smelly lunches Won ' t forget Tiff! ANNIE- keep your perfect coiffe in place! ODIE-get that silly grin off your face! Your mut ' s OK! LESLEY- " Les " ; stay toll and thin eating, eating, eating... JULES - stop it! NEW YORK - Banana balloon, shopping. Food! Food! STRATFORD-NO sleep! Anonymous phone calls! Surprise visitors! Thanx mom and dad and all my friends for making TRAFfab! Everytimeyou go awayyou take a piece of me with you - Paul Young LINDA " LIND " CHOUFLEUR " " IDDY-BIDDY-BUDDY " LEE ' 81 - ' 86 ROSS HOUSE HEAD MEMORIES: long phone talks w YC, CJ; PSSC Chem Study - HELP!! assign labs w CJ, CM, KF, WT, RH; Ross House play!; Gr 7-secret admirer (HA! HA!) w WT; PK ' s party w CJ, CM-guy at Steinberg; summer ' 82-FRANCE; corner Guy Sherbrooke- LATE AGAIN ! w CJ; speeches- " OK... " ! ;Stratford w WT, CM, KF, KE-RUMOR! lunch-sour milk aye KEM; Mt Tremblant- you ripped your pants!; writing notes to CJ-JEEZ!!; passing pix (NUDGE! NUDGE! WINK! WINK!) to AL; Spanish class-DESK! 3-legged race- ' ?! CLUTZ egg tossing champs w CJ; FINAL EXAMS-CRAM!!!; falling thru " doors " !! THANX MOM, DAD, J., VICKS FOR EVERYTHING I LOVE YA ALU! 18 DIANA LIM " Dl " " DANA " ' Qi-66 ROSS PREFECT There was YEP, Pete, Vanier, Dem, Weasel, Holnkerks, McGIII steps, Adam! Black! Wooico, eh FB, CC? Idol concert, go CC! The hair. Punk, Prep, Mod? HaHa FB, CC, SD. Summers w FB. 23 guys at a time. MM1, 2 t 3-TM! It ' s cool. Rome+Bar-those parties. LaRonde-YFG. Crash, CC! Letters. Phones. Converse boys and girls. 5 hr wait. Visit Y-SABI OIVID and dIsco-KM. La Mans-TM! X-MAS chink party-can ' t hurry love. Lockjaw. Arrested, mugged, slapp)ed. Wine-bus+ bathroom. Rej club, TM. Listen+cry. Thanks FB, CC. Those red lips, that pale skin. Short, black hair. SM concert, meeting JIM! Les Terrasses. Gay dances. Slugs sunflowers. Sam+ Bug. The tree. Driveway talks; CC, SD! Aloof ness+dazzling personalities. Singing in the rain, on overpass, w ghetto+ moons. To the best of friends: FB, CC, SD; WE MADE IT! KIRSTEN MACLEOD " KRUST(Y), KIRST, K " ' 81 - ' 86 DONALD PREFECT MEMS: J.D., IKEA, Tal ' s calls, ice, VAN 85 w FW- " Don ' t create foolishness! " Nite-tlme serenades w FW, J Snot, jokes, TN ' s sleepover, OK ' s drvway w NG; Hippy day! I MEET THE BEAT! B. IDOL wFW " Are you gonna come 2nite? " New yr ' s eve w ER, FW. seaweed; s-balls wMM.MHP; I hate that guy! the afro; FW ' s untimely entrance!!! TOP SKALTING! THE Cure-who got in, who didn ' t? Apple C; STRATFORD+ DL ' s smells! Notes to SD; Earnest wTM, PK. MY CUZ HAS NO LEGS! The pickup-What brand shirt? We luv u Neil! Ted Teven; Nite in bushes; barf at KA ' s house, OMD+DISCO w Di! Chatterteeth hickey; tea at MW ' s. My new obsession BC; Thanks CC you ' re trying! Thanks to my family, Fw my BF and everyone atTraf for 5 great years! " YOU SMILE AND THINK HOW MUCH YOUVE CHANGEDI-THE THE HI JO! TARA MAN! ' 81- ' 86 FAIRLEY THINGS WORTH REMEMBERING: AM Skibum, look out, she ' s on the loose! Always great ones w RP. WT MS Gossip, does it ever stop? " Sab, you Mowat! " Shopping w GB, again? MM 1, 2 3 w DI+l! RL w KE. NYC w MY. Europe. Edphy+BCS=Best Summers (TO friends + JM) " I ' m going through a mid-life crisis. 16 going on 40 " Classes: Eco(CIS), French, Math " I don ' t understand! " ANXIETY. Hair-pulling! What is the importance of being EARNEST? K+P. To my BFF EM:FM on 10 18 85. SPCA. Pranks. DCOC, Strut. Downtown jive. TRCS " It ' s my turn " Thanks you ' re a great friend! Rej club w DL. Special thanks to KC " my older sister " . To Miche: There ' s a fungus among us! Babbling+sneezing. Strat. fun. Capitalist Pig! INTENSE PLEASURE!! THANKS MUM. DAD MICHE: I love you! Aren ' t you glad it is finally over?!! MARLA MCALPINE " MAR, MARL " CUMMING HOUSE •84- " 86 I have so much to say... Hey,Nik,next DD concert I go! ¥ave People: NM, NW, DS, KA, SF, NF, SP an PSNM gang... SAVE A PRAYER (fave song before exams); STRATFORD! 410... remember, JA, CL, ADS?... What ' s that about bbq gravel linoleum floors? MUSIC! tot, 1 r, Japan N D), a-ha, pc, s, ch, bi, ds, D2, U2? ME@! D ' s cottage: what happened THIS weekend, eh?... FLIP NOT THINE WIG. Coffee spills, cr, model UN (...), b-rooms, b-day pinkelephants (cake raid!) DS . PAL, NW DM: 2GETHER 4EVER. Got a grad date? Like no... " YOU KNOW I TINK DE PEOPLE IN DIS SCOOL IS CRAZY IN DE EAD " Many thanxto all those who mode my stay here memorable in more ways than one... to mom, dad, trev mindy, UNIFORMS: " HI GUYS, BY THE WAY... YOU ' RE BEING ILLEGAL " ARCADIA. Swenson ' s (N. D ME). Gotta go! NO, BUT... CAROLINE McCORMACK " Karolyne " " K ' lyne " VA ' 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY MEMS: Mad Scientists w RP;gr. 8 lunch fights w RP.WT,TM; getting paranoid! Never being in art! MATH and CHEM w KF; PK ' s party! FREDOMANIA! Being dragged downstairs by NW! DALLAS and SMU w KF; FUDRUCKER ' S w GF, KF, and ROSS! SLUSH FACE w DML; PSSC w RH, WT, LL, KF; LAB FIGHTS w KF; METRO MEN w KF (close encounters!) " I ' m so excited...! " Long hair and HEAVY METAL! Stratford; RUMORS! Learning to drive! " You ' ll never guess what happened!? " Scotland and IrelarKi; FAST MACS!! w KF; SUMMER 85 w CB; COFFEE? Special thanks to Mom, Dad and friends for making these years the best!! Bye TRAF. " For now we ' ll go on living separate lives.. " -Phil Collins, Marilyne Martin CATHERINE MOROZ " CATHY " 1981-86 DONALD PREFECT After five years of trying to complete assignments, write up labs and make volleyball practices all on time, I can now lookback, perhaps even humourously, at my years at Traf ... trying to make science fair projects work w. AB CK... But Mrs. Doupe, I didn ' t enter that contest... preparing debates at all hours w.TK,AB,CK... What do you mean I ski like a bat?... finishing labs 1 period before they ' re due- sitting in the window row in Latin w.YC, JM, AB... school soup... Grand March... common room clean-ups... Good teachers are measured by the challenges they provide. Thank-you Miss A., Mrs. W., Mrs. F. TANYA NAYLOR " T " , " TAFFY " , " TANYAH! " , ' 82- ' 86, BARCLAY strats-SOUTHAMERIimelight+Shaun b-day, rappingwSB LCCgrad DC-B. ' 85 ar- restwAC japping at sweets wSB, LCWK " FREEZE! " CN+GGwNG, Henry in Aust. 10:01 wNG KnwItn wSB. TEARDROP gr4-9 wKM, TWITS y SB, dead squirrel wIS, ECS bar wJO, deely bops, vals+hosers wKM, LARONDE 4IS wWS, LC, SB+SS, AND wSS. Nat ' s spaghet wKM (TN+SS) +SK,TAD wis, Camp2Moon-phone call fromlS. I Hate that+She ' s such a B-TCH, AHNOH it ' s only temporary wLCJH+SB Clinton County, pick up at atw. wISSB LC, poem 4 LC. Happiness Is... TEE HEE HEE, Geeta E... Leesten to me- someone hit her I ' M HOT-I LOVE YOU+LC ' s lysol cap. To all my friends at TRAF (u know who u r) THANX! I love you GD also to MOM, DAD, PAUL the Hods+ J " Burning gold memories " Simple Minds+ " lsed a get, get, get on down! " S+WHAM RAND! PERLMAN " BMR " ' 81 - ' 86 ROSS MEMORIES: TbI. 4 4 1st day TCO Mad scientists W CM Bleached baby hair Dragging TCO to every store In Mtl. Elevators at Les T. Metro OOPS!! missed the seat! Wrestling W hair RL mania ISRAEL ' 83 165 1 JG bus rides WT ' s famous (?) stories Is my eyeliner smudged!?! 2yrs. Latin Ugg!! Leather MS SWENSENS Washroom gossip Math W MC-Grd. dresses GUELF (!) La Mans. Umbrellas winter MC ' s party!! raisins (?) Down T. TFF ' 85 W WT, TM-wink wink!!! FRANCE ' 85 Stratford W MS, JG, MC This better not be a joke!!! Thanx Mom, Dad Korl tor five great Traf. 20 LISA MARIE KAWENNANORON PHILLIPS " LEE " " LEEBS " ' 81- ' 86 FAIRLEY MEM: MRS. D ' S OFFICE W F.W. C.J, R.P. LIVING W MOM IN CTGY. " AND THE HOUSES ARE ALL THE SAME " . I.H ' S B.D W DA. SCHOOL BUS. GRADE 8 FIGHT. B.P ' S LOVE LEHER (BUnERCUP)-REM. ING! F.C-1 .5 yr. CI. + ME WATCHING J.M. AND L.G. ON BUS (WHAT) A-ES!)-eh Cher?! Summers w.T.D.Neem ' s interest In school-snore! MrsW ' s winking. Bathroom hangout w. DA, IH, NS, CZ, +WW. OA ' s BOOBS. Ormstown fairs w. IH. HEY GUYS! McDLES w. DA, RH, SD, BW, 4GB! BW ' s 1 7th BD. w STRIPPER! Gym DEM (21 st in line!) TALKING w AC, DA AB in class. STRATFORD ' 85! 50 ASPIRIN RALPH- RIGHT JOEY?! LACROSSE t BBALL GAMES w JM. PARTIES AT KATHY ' S FAG! (LOVE YOU) THANXS FOR 5 GREAT YRS GUYS! LOVE + THANX TO MOM, DAD, CATHY + JOEY TAMARA RICHARDS " TEE. T-BIRD, BIRDIE, TABARA. 84-86 BARCLAY HOUSE-HEAD FREEZE. STRATFORD-SOUTH AMERICA, " YOU LOOK TIRED TN " BALCONY CLIMBING HAPPY B-DAY SHAUN. JO-1 7 ' MAGZN $ ECO; QUIET WKND PLANNING, JOADDA. ER- " IM SUCH A BTCH " UR NEW FRND. PARTY GAMES IN BSMNT W SB, LC, WS, JS, NG. OH BLITZ. THNX ST-G, HL. AUSTRIA, KENNEBUNK, STOWE. NG " YOU LOOK LIKE STEPH L. " JO- HYPNOTIZ ME " DID YOU CALL THE SONG? " TFF U DROPPED IT KA, NOT ME. A SPECIAL THANX TO PAT WHO WAS ALWAYS THERE. TEARDROP. SWEETS.-TALKS IN COMMON ROOM! CK ' 85 DT CHEM. RU.PB- " F-THE FORT, LETS F-EA. OTHER!!! " JH-PARTY FRND WASTE CASE " DON ' T WORRY IT ' S JUST OIL " . CEGEP D ' IBERVILLE. THNX MUM, DAD, SHAUN, PRINCE, CLE AND TRAF FOR TWO OF THE BEST YRS. " IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT ALL MY LIFE " ESTELLE RICHMOND " SMELLY " " JELLY " " S7EL " VB 81- ' 86 DONALD PREFECT SOME1 HIT HER! WS TS, MR. T. SYLVIEwlS. STEVE GOODHEAD, JG? SAF-T DANCEwTN. CCwSSSB. SLEEPOVERS-she ' s such a btch! UP NORTHwTJNWL. KK ' 83-4. SSv@4A.M. JELATWIN-AK. MY NEW FRIEND TR. Help keep Vermont safe. GPwALL. U2wWS. BEDFORD NYCwWSNGJS HRC-SCOOBIES, etc. henry. NYwFWKMWS. MS-NK-FITS. NG-GET AWAY! MATHwSS. INDULGINGwABAC.TRALALAS (smile) JAP ' 85wWSJS (PJJS?) STRAT- FORD! LIMELIGHT (elevator) FLIRT 8( NAILS, FAGS MAGS, S.AMERICA 31 BwSBLCWS. TN-PICK THAT UP! POLICE ACAD. 2. Thanx 2 teachers espMdH4art. MR-DOES YOUR DOG BITE? MOM-WHAT are YOU SINGING? DAD-WHAT ' S 4 DESSERT? Thanx 4 5 great yrs ' § traf.ALSO ECIMTOJL. LUVU, TABLE (uno) NOW IT ' S TIME TO LEAVE THE CAPSULE IF YOU DARE (dBo) XOX2MY FRIENDSesp.WS.P.S. SMILE. YER ON CANDID CAMERA! ONE LAST TIME... FREEZE!!! DIANA SAAKIAN (othenwise known as ME, MOI, Dl, GIOVANNI) Cumming house Trafalgar? Where ' s that? MEMS: Walking in out of nowhere on the first day. Tunics? ARRGH! I refuse! You mean you ' re NOT Canadian? (aye?) Well, to tell you the truth... My,you ' re tall; let ' s be friends! Do you think I ' m fat?? Should I get TUCK? Oh! I spilled my coffee!! Stratford! The busride; Oh, my head! Will you stop flashing that $ ! camera!?!! It ' s 5:30am you guys; I ' m going to sleep. Oh my god! I have so much due next week! .. U.N .: do you think my partner ' s cute? Hello, 1 must be going . No, but!... MM, NW, KA, CM, PAL, CL, JQ: I luvyou all! " ...I believe in people ' s saying of howstarsabovefortell,and they know when love will once more cast it ' magic spell... " (I ' d continue, but it ' d be censored) Thank you Mom and all! I LUV YA-ME. (D, it ' s NO, BUT... you ask too many questions. PS: why GIOVANNI?-M) 21 LESLEY SALTER " LES " 81-86 FAIRLEY HOUSE Bowie! JM SM-unforgettable! Phone colts w. SF, SM, PL! Oh! My God! We hove to cross the rood... NOW! Another interesting sunnmer! - Right SF?! AB rambling on and on etc!!! My baseball fad-guys definately help! My favourite pastime, right guys?! Don ' t forget the slit skirts! Atwaterw.ABA ADS. AL ' s dry sens© of humour! " In " jokes! Gr. 7 w. AC. " X " !!! and various other great embarassments! Plans A Si B w, ADS! SF and laughing fits! Stratford rm.409! A S(?) ! CL, try to remember our names! How ' s life, chump? Long walks w. ME! Sleepovrs-it ' s6AM! Manythanx to Mme. Boily Mrs. Hrycyna. Shaz, Odie, Annie, Ant, Cindy, Julie-Thanx to you guys and all my friends, past and present! Thank you Mom and Dad for 5 amazing years! - Remember the good times! JENNIFER SCHLOSS " JEN " ' 81 - ' 86 ROSS PREFECT Hi, is Nat there please? I.S do you want to sit w. me? Someone hit her! w. I.S S.S, backwards clothes w. JG, IS, SC, math (UCHM!) ' cheerleading w. WK, HENRY, WS can you sail? I ' m hot, I love you! PJ, Ya wanna medal? NYC, Stratford, Sunday outings, KBP w. JO, OXYMANIA, GEN. PUB, U2, trench w. TM ' FW, IT ' S kicking! bored? Delilah, Holiday, diet starts tomorrow, skiing in upper West, wheat thins, R u sleepy? many more w. NG, Fr. fries gravy w.WS, stuck in the t.v w. SB, JAP summer w WS ER, shes such a BTCH! TR ' S basement! SPECIAL THANKS TO: AC, SS, IS, WS, ER, SB, LC, TN, JG, WK, CV, FW ESPECIALLY NAT, THE VERY BEST FRIEND I ' LL EVER HAVE! I LUV YA (ARE YOU MAD?) THANX TO MOM, DAD JACQUIE for putting up with me these past five years, I love you lots! one last time FREEZE!... BYE-BYE TRAF! STACEY SCHWARTZ " STAY " " STAE " " SLIMEY " ' 81 - ' 86 FAIRLEY PREFECT " AND YOU KNOW IT ' S TIME TO GO " U2. Sleepovers, NICE ONE! V O again? Spectrum LOSER wis DEPECHE MODE concert ' 85!! POORU! Wrestling wJS, 2ALLBEEF wSB. Command bar Mary... BURPED-WK. swimming (HIT HER) U285-IS, She ' s such a b-tch! M iss BW-CN . Stratford (S. AM . LIMELITE) Ts I beat u JG! CWP Summer (CIT) JAP scene sweets. GG w NG, NYC-85-5$ NG? Driving wISWS, Grey pubs " BED " IS? Eco- situations - THE POWER! ano-TN, uno-WS, Spanish, BW-doorbell-JG, math wER-Miss B, teardrop, QUIET! mono lit wIS, WS. Jube+lolly. OBNX wLC, gym shorts... JAP man... OBSESSION!!! Thanxtollana;WS;JG;SB;JS;TN;NG;ER;AC;LC;TR;WK. Also EB;DS;MT; JS;MG;JM;and SZ. liana Mom Dad-I LOVEYOU! ...ONE LASTTIME... FREEZE!!! " When I ' m not there in spirit I ' ll be there " Depeche Mode. TALINE SEROPIAN " TAL " " TALLYMAN " ' 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY NEVER FORGET: FREEZE! KM: she loves you! BZ. JD calls. CHANE L ' 144 - rides w GB SD MT-candy apple " mental Institution " " I ' m coming out of my grave now " human dominos. SAB. are the bikes still there? " oh my Gods " " QUIET " " like why? " " Spanish- SS el supermercado! TN-slumber party FW- " men In love " " 10:01 " STRATFORD: " The balcony " mid-night disaster DL: " that is revolting " NEW-YORK- HARD ROCK CAFE: " I ' m afraid you ' re having too much fun " " we ' ll never get there In time " GUMBY! PARIS ' 85 w LD. ER ' s sweet. GB: I LUV YA! mem: Yorkdale. To. " I ' m confused " Gr. 9 " TOP STALKING " . I LUV YA SO MUCH EB: B-FRIENDS 4EVER. THANX POUR TOUT! mem: Antranig. Frankie cone, garacis 8c all those " FACES " . FRANKIE SAY " LOVE IS THE LIGHT SCARING DARKNESS AWAY... " THANX MOM DAD: THANX TRAF! REMEMBER: FRIENDS R 4 EVER... 22 MANITA SHINE " MAGOO, BALLERINA, MINNEY " ' 81 - ' 86 ROSS BAT ' 81 , QUE ' 84 w S.G, EUROOPE ' 84, MY SWEET (AFTERWARDS) - W. S ' S St SMELL ' S, GR. 1 0 N.Y N.Y, STRAT ' 85, SHAAR PLAY ' 84 ' 85, DRIVES w D.S, GREAT TALKS SHOPPING w B.W. R.H, CAMP MEMORIES w G.B. " WASN ' T IT GREAT! " BMR " WHAT ' S WRONG WITH YOUR HAIR? " MEMORIES w T.M. TALKS w A.L, A.G, L.K, Glgl, J.B, MA, G.L, FRANCE-CCVL ' 85! LES SUISSES, ST-ELMO ' S (7)1!! " TOMATOES, RUMCOCA, MARLBOROS, MARSBARS! " ' 24 BUS w TCOl D ' TOWN w A.G, D ' PECHE w E. R! MAINE w DUDS! USY ' 85. VT ' 85 w USY. " GET AWAY " , SKITRIP w T.M, FR. w C.V, C ' ROOMSSPARES, SP. w S.S, (M.M) 24EVER! " HELP " " WE CAN ' T LIVE ON MEMORIES! " THANK U MOM, DAD, ADAM FOR MAKING MY 5 YRS. AT TRAP POSSIBLE! GRACIAS!!! ILANA STEIN. " LANI " " ALANNAAHH " ' 81- ' 86 GUMMING HOUSE HEAD " I DON ' T LIKE MONDAYS " B. Rats. Will u sit w me? JS Lft ' ness wWKSB. NG-B. a ORMS. ILU ' R poem. Mid name? ER. Slovrs. Sfty Dance. Twins wLC. ILU John-JG. Stie ' s such a- ' Art Convos. BOOT BOGUS HENRY AUSTRALIA TEARDROP PDLA! " SOMEONE HIT HER " (me) WCC ' 84-HS: STEIN SIS. REGINA! WASP JAP scene. MG-IF IM a DUCK. U R A-! SB-Fence. Tralala (ugti!) Clinton County. McD ' s wWS. BRNZ wNG: Harm. Ead, Alain, Stud! ILU-I ' M HOT! " G " wWK. NYC. Brbds ' 83-6: TADwTN. Lit wSSWS. Eco: QUIET! SITUATIONS " Battirms wLC. Atwtr pckup TNSBLC. DC B wTN oLCC Grad ' 85. NEW MOON ' 85 2 MOONS-call to TN " I LOVE LA! " All wSS: Loser V O POORU GREY PUBS? U2-Drive Much? " BED " SPECTRUM " I Gotta Go " DEPECHE MODE-cncrt ' 85. 1 LAST TIME: FREEZE! TO: STAE. TN , SB, WS, NG, JG, WK, LC, TR, JS, AC, ER-So Long But Not Goodbye! " UNDERSTAND ME " Depeche Mode. WENDY STEIN " Wend " 81-86 Fairley Games Captain Wana homo cooga. JG? Sitting in the darl w NG. Someone hit her! Stuck in the tv w SB. JS, WK, NG. Sleepovers. she ' s such a b ch! WCC84, Stein sisters, Regina! cruises W Gonzolez f Dallas. Nose jobs, SB? McDonald ' s w IS. Driving w SS. BEDFORD NYC85, Hard Rock. ILU, I ' m hot! La Ronde w LC, SS, SB, IS. Scoobies. ER ' ' ts and Mr T. Tra-la-la (excitement). Lit W SS, IS. Pert. w NG. U2 w ER. Nat Bird B. Jap85 w ER,JS, of course I sail. JS(PJ?).STRATFORD85, Limelight, magazines, nails, Kmart. SOUTH AMERICA SS. Games at TR ' s. Widgets w NG. Flat w AC. To all my friends (You know) I get byw a little helpf my friends. ILU Stel.ThanxM,D,R A, ILU. One last time... Freeze! " And if the homework brings you down, We ' ll throw It on the fire and take the car downtown... " BOWIE WENDY Y.W. TAM ' 81 - ' 86 GUMMING MEMORIES: TCO; gr. 7; the first day BMR, ackward. wierd; gr. 8 9 Latin cl.l double torment; more like 1 hr. of good sleep! 24 bus w MS. Neron; talks about the spaz w TM.- GOSSIPI i live on it! stop your driving me crazy; SHUT-UP!; her ankles hair! RH. 8[ long talks picking at eachother ' s hair! ALL those gorgeous c. guys! esp. at U. nite... TORTURE of chem pssc labs... esp. Mme. B. I ' m not sure if my trench impr. but it was intJ The ideal GR.D. tall, c, cute, ... CL, LL, RH, of STRAT ' 85 the c. club; my cold saved me; NEW YORK!! Thanx to all my friends; RH, MS, TM, BMR, CL, LL, ... etc.! for a great yr.! Thanx mommy, daddy, grandma, wilson, betty, and all my cuz! GOOD RIDDANCE FOR BAD RUBBISH... 23 CINDY VANDERHEYDEN, " SIN " 84-86 DONALD X ' mas ' 83: BONDAGE. Yours Trulv SNAPPY?8i!.Bil Mi Laecl ' orr?DejaVoodoo.Chri$», well he ' s um,. " Hey Dude " Excuse me but I think so " Nuformations. Oscuinn. Q. S 2 years! INSOMNIA! Too Cool. OREGANO ' S, Tequila. " I ' m shure " " I wanna tell ya " ex. BEASTIES,. the RIGHT to. What? NO money? BALCONIES-WAIT! Eating Entering, PIZZA, CPU ' S. 12$.5$? okay! " PARTY " It won ' t work. QUESTION: " LIKE " , thum sucking! MOOOVE! BURN OUT-NEUROSIS- ' criscros i was making a frosty cone ' REMARKABLE; the book SEARS ' SAUNA: AXCELINT. In how many days? Manicotti nites Cottage? Sto? PHONE $ $ $ Fleesh the Phar susp€n-RIGHT.,Tiamos-SAMPY, BUMSY WEINER, w you... yah! AOWW UPRISING, -the Move-YEAH!! " THERE R THINGS THAT R AND THINGS THAT RAND IN BETWEEN R THE BROKEN DOOR NOBS " (or beds!?): it WORKED!!: thanks CHRISTIE! BRENDA WATHEY " BRACUZ " " BRENSON " " BRANDO " GUMMING ' 81- ' 86 SUMMER 83, RH " THINK ABOUT IT! " DA SKIING AT SAUVER. B-day 83 Stripper! BT ' s gifts JW " I HAVE TO CALL A MEETING! " NCW " How much did you take this time! " MAZDA 929-SXM. HT support " 85. MCDLES with the gang! LP " HOW ' S FRANK? " SB " ARE YOU SAD?? " GB " MF " , NU ICECREAM ATTACKS WN ANNUAL FALLS PM " WHO LOVES YA? " MB GRAD RING! AL-SXM 82, RH $$in an hour, WW " WHAT? " " WHERE? " " WHO? " RC " I don ' t want your germs! " Boebie thanx for your support, I LOVE YA! WILLA-go into the boarding business! NORMIE you ' ll get caught one day! special thanks to " ROMIE " , MRS W AND MISS M you made my stay at TRAF an ENJOYABLE ONE!! GOODBYE TRAF ¥ FELICIA WILLIAMSON " FLEE " " FLEESH " ' 81- ' 86 FAIRLEY HOUSE HEAD The pickup: What brand of shirt is that? An untimely entrance McDs-KM meeting Bl Chinese tape stop creating foolishness 73X the move Big Daddycat l feel like an icecream cone-U don ' t look like 1 ! Kiss me babee! HOJO ' s-DKPGAKKMMV Cafe Lespres-AK PG imitating Cujo Beer-n-salt electric jello CVs tales of Ott. Greg ' s driving CV ' s poncho groovy summer in Vane w KM Fun at RS dart ' s at PP CVJGWK-Gruesomes 5 days w D-my obsession DK ' s hair+ theories enjoying a hearty lunch-KM Pharmacy Beasties Men in Love TN ' s sleepover MOOOOVE 6Ts SQUIRE YEah ' manic Thanx CVJG+all my other friends-much luv to mom-Kirst " Man is born unclothed, society ' s task is to furnish beings w their garments, when one fills ones body w toxin, one sheds a layer or two. " -Dlmit NICOLA JANE WOLTERS " NICKI " ' 81 - ' 86 BARCLAY Mems: Eur ' 85, Trashbags w. KIm-Tteam, cow country, Stratf, M ' s lake w. R.V, D. Dconc. D ' s cottage 5 long yrs-so fast: French w. Mme. Boily-merci! Spec, friends: K Ai, K.E, S.F, A.L-you mean a lot: M . Mc, D.S, D ' s trs. Loved f rs: Cake, Kim he noz who. Linoleum floors, B.BQ gravel-I ' m so hip I can-barely see over-my pelvis-Hitch Hikers Paranoid K. Mc-Fred... Every little nowand every lltle then, toe to toe with my best friend, arm in arm in luxury... O.M.D. Pulling Punches moving, sleeping on our feet I needed someone to comfort me-DavId Sylvian (so) Relaxand Swing... Japan for David Danke-Mum-face, Dad luv NIckl xoxoxoxo 24 AKERBLOM, Daniela AMIOT, Kimberly AREL, Julie BAUER, Audrey BLANSHAY, Stephanie BOUCHOUTSOS.Georgia BRANIOTIS, Frans BURKE, Andrea CAMPEAU, Lisa CARPENTIER, Alison CHOI, Cathy CUNDY, Maria DE SILVA, Anthea DINUCCI, Sabrina EVANS, Kathie FORREST, Kim FREEDM AN, Sharon GOLDIN, Nathalie GOODMAN, Joanna GROUNDWATER, Jennifer HAR, Ruby HYDER, Ingrid KINNEAR, Wendy KLEIN, Philippa LAUFER, Annie LEE, Cindy LEE, Linda LIM, Diana MACLEOD, Kirsten MANI,Tara MCALPINE, Maria MCCORMACK, Caroline MOROZ, Cathy NAYLOR, Tonya PERLMAN,Randi PHILLIPS, Lisa RICHARDS, Tomora RICHMOND, Estelle SAAKIAN, Diana SALTER, Lesley SCHLOSS, Jennifer SCHWARTZ, Stocey SEROPIAN,Taline SHINE, Monito SPANIEL, Nimo STEIN, Mono STEIN, Wendy TAM,Wnedy VANDERHEYDEN, Cindy WATHEY, Brenda WILLIAMSON, Felicia WOLTERS, Nicola 209 Kindersley, TMR. H3R 1 R6 735-0532 9270 de Bretogne, Ville d ' Anjou 352-1534 3150 De Beaurivoge, Mtl. H1L 5W7 352-1614 425 Leacross Ave., TMR. H3P 1 M3 731 -8489 3295 Cedar Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 1 Z6 931 -8329 10850 Joseph Coscivant, Mtl. H3M 2B8 334-8899 1050 Voltaire, Brossord J4W 2S2 671-8812 40Forden Cr., Wstmt. H3Y 2Y4 486-8566 420 Lansdowne, Westmount. 937-2190 610 Victoria Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 2R9 484-7434 480 Vonier St., Brossord J4W 1Y2 672-3841 20386 Lokeshore Rd., Bole D ' Urfe, H9X 1 P7 457-3002 195 Beacon Hill Rd., Beaconsfield H9W 1T7 697-9483 1380 Fiset, Duvernay, Laval H7G 4E5 669-6683 7460 Ouimet St., Verdun H4H 2K2 367-551 0 29 Winston Circle, Pointe Claire H9S 4X5 694-3034 536 Cote St. Antoine Rd., Wstmt., H3Y 2K4 483-2089 295 Glengarry Ave., TMR. H3R 1 A6 738-941 7 315 Metcalfe, Wstmt., H3Z 2J2 931-0732 666 Cosgroin Ave., St. Lambert J4R 1G7 672-2022 561 8 Palmer Ave., C.S.L. H4W 2P1 481 -7087 2066 Cloremont Ave. 53, Mtl. H3Z 2P8 483-5709 51 2 Grosvenor Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 2S4 932-9681 375 Prince Albert, Wstmt. H3Z 2N9 489-6790 2210 Laird Blvd., TMR. H3P 2V6 737-6906 2185 Loiseau,St.Laurent 337-8686 436 Strothcona Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 2X1 934-1 805 1845 Tillemont, Brossord J4W 2H9 672 -2656 1 Rosemount, Apt. 36, Wstmt. H3Y 3G6 931 -9389 522 Mitchell Ave., TMR. H3R 1 L4 738-7996 360 Sloone Ave., TMR. H3P 1 B6 738-5900 101 7 Lopolme St., Chombly J3L 2X2 658-1970 722 Upper Roslyn Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 1 H9 486-5229 76 York St., Wstmt. H3Z 1 N9 485-1 1 20 538 Chester Ave., TMR. 733-1 847 Box 159, Kahnowoke, JOL 1BO 632-7513 625 Belmont Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 2W1 481 -8223 540 Kenaston, TMR. H3R 1 N3 738 949 6550 Sherbrooke St. W., Mtl . H4B 1 N6 482-6590 435 Prince Albert Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 2P6 487-3076 4880 Westmount Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 1 Y1 487-5700 236 Lozard Ave., TMR. H3R 1 N9 739-3572 11442 Tordivel, Mtl., H3M 2L2 331-9318 462 Mt. Stephen, Wstmt. H3Y 2X6 931 697 420 Grosvenor Ave., Wstmt. H3Y 2S4 931 -7302 9 Severn, Wstmt. H3Y 2C6 932-9779 5 81 Algonquin Ave., TMR. H3R 1 C9 342-6863 4537 Madison Ave., N.D.G. H4B 2V5 488-6149 42 Forden Cr., Wstmt. H3Y 2Y4 485-1 685 3246 Cote de Liesse, TMR H4N 2P4 735-1 293 2259 Moral Ave., Mtl. H4A 2Z2 489-9220 257 Willowtree, Rosemere J7A 2E7 437-3883 25 THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL, awarded to a fourth form girl for participation in school activities and high academic achievement, was presented to Cathy Moroz. I THE JANE WEDDLE MEMORIAL TROPHY, awarded to a fourth form girl for courtesy, character and academic achievement, was awarded to Natalie Goidin. A SPECIAL AWARD, was awarded for outstanding achievement to Jennifer MacKenzie. THE CUMMING PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct, academic cheerfulness and contributions to the life of the school, was presented to Deborah Gilsig and Margaret Goldsmith. THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, awarded for devoti on to her work, a high standard of conduct, academic achievement and contributions to the life of the school, was presented to Lisa Pasold. THE GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has maintained the highest academic average throughout her final year was presented to Sylvie Turcotte. THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, showing herself friendly and helpful to all while maintaining a high academic standard, was presented to Joanna Wedge. THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public-spirited of the senior girls, who at the same time has maintained a high standard of conduct and shown devotion to her work, was presented to Nadine Sivak. THE BRYAN PRIZE FOR CREATIVE WRITING, presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association, was awarded to Lisa Pasold. THE JUNIOR CREATIVE WRITING PRIZE, presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association in memory of Miss Muriel Bedford-Jones, was awarded to Lisa Kwong. THE RIDOLFI ART AWARD, presented to a senior for showing enthusiasm, interest and effort in her art course, was awarded to Estelle Richmond. THE BERRY-MCKENNACUP FOR MUSIC, presented to a senior girl for participation in musical activities and sharing her talents with the school, was awarded to Margaret Goldsmith. SUBJECT PRIZES Sylvie Turcotte Kumu Purl Maria Antoniou Elizabeth Kurien Lisa Pasold Nadine Sivak Jennifer MacKenzie Georgia Bouchoutsos Andrea Burke Stacey Schwartz Carey Knight Sunita Mayer Celia Wallace Chemistry, French, Physics, Mathematics French, Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Classics History Geometry, Chemistry Goldstein Medallion (Spanish) Economics Chemistry Classics Classics Biology PROFICIENCY PRIZES AND CERTIFICATES FORM I PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Heidi Carlson PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Nazira Amra Lynne Echenberg Leonora Lai la Gillian Mann FORM II PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Sarah Musgrave PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Paolo Bozzer Geeto Ekbote Melissa Mundell FORM III PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Corey Knight PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Sunito Mayer Jennifer Quoid FORM IV PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Jennifer MocKenzle PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Andrea Burke Nathalie Goldin Ingrid Hyder Cathy Moroz Estelle Richmond Toiine Seroplan IMPROVEMENT AWARDS Form III Yu Li Form IV Ruby Hor Form V Laura Foldesi INTERHOUSE AWARDS THE WALKER CUP, presented to the winner of the House Drama Competition, was awarded to Donald House. THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP, presented to the student earning the most house points, was awarded to Jennifer Quoid of Folrley House. THE INTERHOUSE SHIELD, presented to the House earning the most House Points, was won by Donald House with 7571 points. 27 BACK ROW:Anne-MarieAshcroft, Jennifer Hunn, Caroline Davis, Joanne Fernandes, Jennifer Blanchard, Stephanie Goldbaum, Sylvie Martin, Miss Lord, Candice Spector, Tania Cooper, Steptianie D ' Artois, Mrs. WIghitman, Karen WInslow, Tiala Brown, Tracy Herrity, Andrea Wtiite, Danielle Bochiner, Gassia Setian, Krystyne Blaikie, Sarahi Brown, Tara Sllverthiorne, Heattier Reich, Martha MacLaurin, Linda Liu, Tara Saunders, MIDDLE ROW: Krista Burke,Whitney Reynolds, Patricia Goodleaf,Karin Stein, All Notkin, Mireille Viloin, Jenny Armour, Julie Howick, Vicki Lee, Kulsum Murtaza, Pamela Ogura, Natalie Chin, Sabrina Saputo, Barbara Colacci, Barbara Maraz, Karina Huber, Tamar Flanders, Stephanie Burnett, Devi Banerjee, Alia Malik, FRONT ROW: Maria Greenspoon, Nancy Strumwasser, Natalie Beaulieu, Kassia Pang, TorriMundell.YasminOmer. ABSENT: Lissa Bobrow, Alexis Shackleton,DarlaSadana, Tara Tarbell, Vanessa Anastasopoulos, Jennifer Moroz, Puja Mahajan. BACK ROW: Mrs. Kalisky, Mrs. Hara, Erin Smith, Tanya Branco, Andrea Bartnil(as, Felicia Mattliews, Tanya Streete, Vicky Kmojathy Audrey Chan, Joyce Came- ron, Nazira Amra, Jennifer Maclaurin, Kori Perlman, Carolyn Abramowitz, Heidi Carlson, Saira Chaly, Leora Adams, Jennifer Abramson, Debbie Parker, Samantha Bateman, MIDDLE ROW: Marianne Wisen- thal, Zainad Murtaza, Jane Stevenson, Tanya Shec- ter, Kimberly Butler, Nancy Pasemko, Jenny Olders, Reena Kazmi, Jennifer Maclean, Lynne Echenberg, Sandy Bauer 32 Shelley Hayes, Gillian Mann, Kristen McNeill, Jenni- fer Rack, Sara Johnston, Darlene Dessureault, Anna Strom-Olson, Tara Young, Leslie Symansky, Helena Cerigo, Sonya Farago, Leslie Shells, Jodi Taylor, Bonnie Johnson, Jennifer Edgar, Trisha Sky. FRONT ROW: Shari Koye, Trish Hughes, Stephanie Carpen- ter, Lisa Singer, Avery Kaufman, Ruth Cawdron, Morgo Pollock, Betty Tom, Leonora Lalla. RECLIN- ING: Jill Shadley. ABSENT: Cassie Carroll, Katja Frostell, Stacey Pinchuk. BACK ROW: Miss den Hertog, Diane Walsfi, Natalie Hardt, Colleen Thouez, Sara Wilkins, Geeta Ekbote, Paolo Bozzer, Sarah Daly, Diane McMoth, Robin Krystontos, Sara Struthers, Jessalyn Gilsig, Melony Rourke, Slocey Struthers, Gilda Alfiero. Vanessa Logie, Dina Roumonis, Foye Boyce, Genevieve Forogo; MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Nicoloidis. Tora Perraull, Anika Stein. Mictielle Heisler, Mocy Alien, Azro Ktian, Laurie Ctiapdeloine, Zoe Chee, Meredith Jones, Iracy Pratt, Stephanie Rich, Alix Ohiin, Melissa Mundell, Lola Sheppard, Christina Halasz, Susan Garforth; KNEELING: Mamie Blanshay, Sarah Musgrove, Andrea Howick, Christy Laflamme, Pasley Preston. Jennifer Alderson. Dionne Codrington. Jody von Colditz. Clare Nash. Yasmin Ahmed. Tammy Samuels; SITTING: Kendall Elder. Lisa Carpenter, Christine Burke, Melanie Goodz. Michelle Shoshoua, Astrid KihI. Lisa Miller. Fedra Braniotis. Joanne Kay; ABSENT: Sandy Cope, Jennifer Johnstone, Macy Allen, Karina Curtis, Carlo Woinwright. 34 35 BACK ROW: Julia Ostopkevich, Robbie Sanders, Stephanie Robson, Moreno Tursi, Jessica Aronoff, Laetitio MocDougall; THIRD ROW: Miss Boislard, Lara Borboudakis, Valerie Marcel, Katie Wodsworthi, Christine Harold, Katie Asch, Micheline Lauzon, Laura Smith, Michelle Stewart, Kathy White, Sunita Mayer, Veronica Nazareth, Mme. Boily; SECOND ROW: Shirin Rabb, Lisa Kwong, Bryn Coron, Lara Speirs, Tora Cope, Andrea Peplow, Lisa Elkin, Tricia Pepper, Andrea Werner, Celia Petter, Wendy Wathey, Cheryl Deloronde, Cheryl Zacharie, Laura Losonczi, Danielle Saputo, Tricia Lee; FRONT ROW: Anna Grant, Carey Knight, Natalie Hollinger, Gino Pinsky, Julie Kronish, liana Schwartz, Gabrielle Bober, Audrey Kessler, Melissa Lubotta, Debbie Levy, Jill Steinberg, Jill Baron, Jennifer Quaid, Susie Kuchel, Connie Laufer, Dorothy Wong, Celia Wallace; ABSENT: Claudine Saleh, Subuhi Abidi, Sharon Marks. r ■1. FOURS Moreno Turci 4B SWEET SOLITUDE There I sit, Sheltered by trees. Alone but not lonely Listening to bees. I sit with a pen Keeping my record of fantasy dreams, As I let my mind flow Out at the light of reality ' s beams. And I find a pleasure, That I can ' t find elsewhere. Sweet lines of joy on paper Written with such great care. I find this joy alone. This happiness by myself. For with friends I cannot, Be a giant or an elf. -Faye Boyce III A OASIS The sun is beaming, high on its zenith in the land of the burning sands. A cloud passes over, hiding His Majesty, but his warming spirit remains. It radiates from everything. It is the burning of the carpet sands, the gleaming of the sand dunes, and the thirst who drank the water. Miles we have trudged, under many a moon, seeking a non- existent oasis. Even the cacti are drying up. Life is a withe- red mess. The sun comes out of hiding again, while a camel dies of dehydration. Faye Boyce III A ODE TO A BOY CATCHER She stalks, she hunts. It is that time of day once again When she leaves her cave In search of prey. She watches, she waits... Patiently, silently. Her mysterious ebony eyes follow A potential victim. He is helpless. He swiftly turns his head Towards her, as he feels Her stare burning through Him like fire. Experience has taught her To move quickly, so the prey Does not suspect a thing Until the killing blow. She turns away, but not in time. He stares at her, as if He wants to examine this Peculiar creature More closely. She stares back. In them arises such a Passionate ecstacy, Satanic angels could not endure The intensity of the heat. With a brisk movement. He strides over to where She awaits. The bait was working. With on innocent and Angelic voice, he says " hello " . She lowers her eyes and Smiles at her accomplishment... GOT HIMIII Maria McAlpine V A MAN ' S DESIRE Quiet is the sun ttiat stiines, Peaceful is ttie sound of birds, The stars that twinkle in the sky Happiness is man ' s desire. In times of peril I do see, Arguments of enemies. People shout and scream and hollar, War is near, run for cover! The soldiers armed with guns and bombs. The air is filled with smoke and fire. Sorrow and mourning in the distance, People asking for forgiveness. Quietness, no shrill hollar, Peacefulness, the war is over. All alone in a world of quiet. For happiness was man ' s desire. Saira Chaly 11 B Here is an example of a predominating belief many North Americans hold, that PEACE is synonymous with " THE ABSENCE OF WAR " . Considering only this meaning of the word gives rise to references of " peaceful nation " to countries such as Canada and the United States, simply because these countries are not currently at war with any country. But is this the only characteristic necessary to qualify a country as " peaceful " ? Canada, though not at war, is certainly not at peace internally. There is ever-present violence in our day-to-day lives. Racism and sexism still exist. People ore killed, not on the frontline by " enemy fire " , but on the streets and in their homes by fellow citizens. This is not indicative of a pe aceful nation, and yet many Canadians feel they are lucky not to be living in such unrestful places as Lebanon and Iran. True our situation in Canada does not exist on such a large scale, but the unrest is still there, doily. Peace does not only exist on the notional or international level. It must begin with the individual and his community. If public security cannot be achieved on so small a scale, how will it succeed among nations? Such an attempt would be as futile as trying to hook up various freight cars to an engine to be transported elsewhere, when the individual freight cars hove not been assembled into units themselves! Not until each family, community, city con unify itself in harmony and order can the dream of world peace begin to be realized. Divisions con only lead to difficulties. An understanding of differences is imperative for the eventual resolution of the many pressing issues concerning global peace. Jennifer Quaid IV B The next war may prove to mean more than the end of the war itself. In the next war, there will be no need for soldiers in combat. In the next war, there will be only two real powers; those of the United States, and of the Soviet Union. The next war will be a nuclear war. Already, the U.S. possesses 2.2 million kilograms of T.N.T., possibly enough to destroy the world. The Soviets, never to be out done, possess 5.4 million kilograms of T.N.T. in the form of bombs and nuclear warheads. It is needless to soy, that in the event of a nuclear war, these two superpowers could, by each of them pressing a couple of buttons, cause the destruction of the world, several times over. A simple argument generally starts up because of individuals, or groups of individuals, each supporting opposing opinions on a subject, and eoch trying to prove the other wrong. Major warfare operates in a similar way. Allies support each other against nations with opposing views, whoever kills the most people, or is the last to surrender, is declared the winner, and gets to choose the terms on which the peace will be maintained . However, at the crux of the next war, when that mushroom cloud appears out of the nuclear explosion, it will not be decided who was right, but what is left. Bryn Coron IV A 41 ESCAPE Feel the hot rays from the sun soak into your body. The warmth is so soothing, that you want to lie here forever. The fluffy towel beneath you feels so soft against your back, and your hands can feel the silky sand, which is all around you. A zephyr blows gently to cool you off tempora- rily. You listen, and hear the waves roaring and purring endlessly, as they come forth, and then retreat again. The seagulls coo in the back- ground, as a low murmur of voices can be heard. Afaint song also can be heard from the radio, but it doesn ' t ruin the mood. It only adds to it, making it more complete. You sigh, and take in a deep breath of the clean, refreshing air. A unique salty scent from the ocean fills your nostrils, while the sumptuous smell of hamburgers grilling on the bar- becue tempts your stomach. The suspense cannot be prolonged any more, as you open your eyes to see where you are. A marvelous vision entrances your eyes: the shimmering turquoise ocean, the cloudless, pale blue sky, the bight green palm trees waving in the breeze, and the endless beach of flowing sand. The sleek bodies surrounding you are golden and tanned, and to your surprise, so are you. Everyone appears to be so joyful and contented, as there wasn ' t a care in the world. Where you are doesn ' t really seem to matter any more. You just want to relax, and enjoy it while you can. Tricia Lee IV B SOLITUDE PAIX MORT NATURE Je suis seule mais paisibie. Je reve de plus en plus; t a figure fournee vers le soleil. Soudainement, j ' arrfete de r6ver; Je me reveille face a face 6 La realite. J ' ai peur... je panique. La Solitude m ' envahit; Je suis isolee... Je veux parler 6 Quelqu ' un — Est-ce que je vols mourir? Aurais-je une chance de survivre? Mes pensees deviennent de plus en Plus profondes. J ' ai soif, je suis fatiguee et j ' ai chaud. Une mouette vole dans le ciel... Elle est libre. Pourtant, je suis libre moi aussi: La plage, le soleil, le silence... I ais je n ' ai aucun moyen de M ' enfuir. La mer est vaste, I ' horizon est loin... Je suis prise sur cette fte. Daniela Akerblom UNE TEMPETE DE PLUIE EN AUTOMNE A trovers la fenetre, j ' aperqois un monde terne et gris. Le silence regne; les oiseaux sont tous partis. II y a une lourdeur dans I ' air, et partout, rambiance en est une d ' attente. Bientot, un vent cinglant, qui souffle por rofoles, se leve, et les feuilles mortes se soumettent, et se loissent porter et tourbillonner. Les branches depoulllees des arbres rendus spectroux sont secouees violemment. Des nuages sombres et ondulonts ottoquent le ciel degoge jusqu ' a ce que ce soit noir. Le pays entier est filtre par une lumiere grisatre et deprimante. Soudain, quelques larges gouttes solitaires tom- bent lourdement d terre. Vite, plus vite. Un gronde- ment de tonnerre dons la distance resonne d ' un son mena9ant. La pluie replique par un mortelle- ment centre ma fenetre. Maintenont, elle tombe furieusement et obliquement et masque presque completement le monde d mo vue. Le vent hurle bruyamment. Mais aussi soudainement que cela a commence, tout s ' opolse. Le calme remplace I ' actiarnement; les nuages se dispersent et les feuilles mouillees et brunes se loissent porter par les petits ruisseoux ou bord de la rue, ou bien, s ' occumulent dons de petits tas collants. Le pays est encore gris et mise- rable, mais c ' est maintenont mouille, froid et de- plolsant. Andrea Burke V B 1 «K» - «5=- w 1 As stie locked the door behind her, she sighed hea- vily. The overwhelming, grey, wet day enveloped her and matched her misery and isolation with it ' s own. She lit a cigarette and sauntered down the sidewalk, alone, looking at the damp trees, the lovers oblivious to the rain, old women walking dogs covered with beads of moisture, trapped in the outer layers of their fur. She felt lonely and alone, seeing these things, and began to feel immensely sorry for herself. Suddenly, she smiled, unable to resist noticing the humour of the situation. How melodramatic she must seem to on outside observer! She imagined herself as she must look, walking slowly through the rain, looking enviously at " happy couples " . She realized this would have to stop. After a few more minutes of walking, she turned off into a " depanneur " , noticing all the people with umbrellas, and how terrified they seemed of getting wet. She herself hod none, and did not core; she liked the feel of gentle, grey rain on her face: cooler and more comforting than tears. She returned home quickly, with the litre of milk she hod bought, and made herself a pot of tea. She snug- gled up on her sofa, finally realizing exactly how much she valued and enjoyed luxuriating in her solitude and independance. Ingrid Hyder V B 43 WINTER SCENE The gentle whispering of the wind The tall, stately pine trees The pure, innocent beauty 4A The final, magical touch: The boundless sky of azure blue Illuminated by a solitary star A star representing life me non-numan lire The life of celestial creation A winter scene Heidi Carlson II A THE ADVENT THOUGHTS OF A SNOWY NIGHT I was alone, In the streets surrounding nay tiome. The snow hod just began to fall. It would be a white Christmas after all. Christmas, what did it all mean? Was it about family, friends, gifts? Was it about the Saviour ' s birth or Christmas trees? I thought and I pondered about these things as I walked through the streets of my neighborhood. Not a soul was out that night. Everything hod ceased to move except for the continuous motion of the falling snow. I would look up, as I stood under a streetlight and dizzy myself by studying the motions of a single snowf lake of the zillions that fell. For a second it seemed as if time came to a standstill and I could trod on the fresh snowforever. I would not have to worry about school, friends, money, status symbols, Christmas presents, honor roles, the opposite sex, upward mobility, whether I will gain twenty pounds at Christmas of if I will grey prematurely. I would just walk until the snow ceased to fall and life resumed after the brief pause in time. I busied myself by studying the imprints that previous passers-by had left on the snow. The prints of one person were long and the general shape of the show was not clear. Obviously the person was dragging his feet. Christmas must be putting a strain on many people. They are expected to offer gifts to people they often do not care an inkling about. They are expected to put up a tree, Christmas lights and the rest of the decorations. After all the fuss, they are expected to be kind and generous to all. One who does not act by this unwritten code of ethics is condemned. " Scrooge! " they call him mercilessly. Little do we know, that Inside everyone of us there is a " Scrooge " . Maybe the whole idea of giving at Christmas has been twisted to demented proportions. A gift is not a gift from the heart, unless it is a gift from the wallet, is the rule as for as Christmas giving is concerned. Maybe the Scrooge in all of us would rather walk on the fresh snow, disregarding time, the pace at which to walk at and let the tiny snowflakes fall on his shoulders. And that is what I did that night. I walked until I could no longer feel the tips of my ears and my shoulders were covered with snow. I arrived at my home once more-the blare of the television set, the hum of the dishwasher. The snow on my shoulders disappeared, leaving my coat with a musty scent. I was back to reality now. Geeto Ekbote III A THE DESK Drawers agape, Paper cascades spilling out. Scratches made On ttie enamel, one tired night. Bearer of books. Pens, and mementos of romance. No time now - Studying is ttie new rage. Yet minds burst; And now it is ttie numbers, foots, data Spilling out. Kleod bowed low On the trusty desk, who Accepts defeat. Soon, though, the student will Rise, refreshed Facing a new day. The desk has Done its job: To tolerate Failure. Under The scrawled notes and pen smudges. The desk remains - A loyal friend. Carey Knight 1VB Wendy Kinnear VB Katie Asch IVA DEAD SILENCE Best friends, and for a long time too, Wtiat was troubling tier, I wisti I knew. Even stie, she couldn ' t open up to tell me, Wtiat was wrong witti tier, I wanted to see. Ttien one day, after the sun went down, I heard a dead silence all around. She had so much going for her, and now it was gone. I cried form dusk until the crack of dawn. " Good-bye " I said and with some sorrow. Here today and gone tomorrow. Lissa Bobrow 1B ' vi;-. ' ' SOCIAL DEVIATION What is wrong. But can be defined By some. As right. What is not dictated By superiors But played upon By the young . What is looked down upon. By most. But is respected By the weak . What cannot be done By anyone But is the fate Of everyone . The Ultimate Paradox Philippe Klein VA TRAP ' S ACTIVE TRAP ' S ACTIVE 3Ali3V SdV l 3Ali3V S.JVill II TRAP ' S ACTIVE TRAP ' S ACTIVE h 3Ali3V SdV i 3AI1DV SdVUl ' From left: Frans Braniotis, Wendy Stein, Cattiy Moroz, Kirsten MacLeod, Nimo Spaniel, Diana Lim, Nattialie Goldin, Estelle Richmond, Stacey Schiwartz, Jennifer Sctiloss, Alison Carpenter, Andrea Burke. I could tell you stories about Traf forever and ever: from the lowering of sashes to below the hips, to the lunchtable gossip, and the bizarre prefect skits. So many incredible events have taken place this year, and it always seems as though there are more to come. The end is near, but we ' ll always have memories... Memories, you ask? what about bazaar, " Grand March " cabaret, assemblies, fitness? What about the common room, carnival week, and the daily sprint to the tuck counter? I could babble on and on (as you all know!). STOP! Think back on the year: your friends, your tears, your laughs. Think of all the good times that we ' ve shared behind those 3495 Simpson doors. My past five years have gone by too quickly... Traf is special: don ' t let go of the memories. Let ' s face it, not everyone gets the chance to wear a sash below their hips!! Just for the spirit of things: Gimme a " T " ! Gimme an " R " ! Gimme an " A " ! Gimme an " F " ! What does that spell??? TRAP!!! Trafites stick together forever! Nathalie Goldin Head Girl SUBHEAD GIRL: Nima Spaniel; HEAD GIRL: Nat Goldin; GAMES CAPTAIN: Wendy Stein 50 STUDENTS COUNCIL This year the Trafalgar stu- dents ' council was more active than ever before. The council works on a system of represen- tation whereby one class pre- sident and vice-president are elected by the class to repre- sent the forms at meetings of the council. IHeaded by Nata- lie Goldin, Trafalgar ' s Head Girl, with the help of Nima Spaniel, sub-head girl, the meetings were held regularly where everything from A to Z having to do with the student body was discussed; School activities, fundraising, and most importantly school spirit are the main topics of discus- sion. With the assistance of Miss Layton, the staff advisor, the students ' ideas are constructi- vely worked with until they become a reality. The year 1985-86 turned out to be on eventful one in sports. It also brought many new changes to Traf athletics. Traf ' s first Athletics committee was created at the beginning of this year. Consisting of gym captains from each form, and fourth form representatives from each house, the committee help- ed to organize interform and inter- house games. As the year went into full swing, the regular sports seasons flew by. First, there were soccer, cross-country run- ning and volleyball. Then, to break the monotony of the winter months, come basketall and cross-country skiing. Finally, to wind up the year in sports: badminton, tennis, trackond field and the annual field-day, Along with these regular activities came new ones. A new and very popular sport at Traf this year was swimming. Some girls swam competitively, while others sim- ply swam to keep fit. To bring the year to a close, all the Traf athletes are looking forward to a great Sports Banquet this spring. Remember Traf: keep up your spirit! Don ' t forget that it ' s not winning that counts; what counts is that you ' ve tried your hardest and done your best. Your Games Captain, Wendy Stein ATHLETICS COUNCIL 51 Our School radio is finally off to a good start, after a great deal of planning. A number of fifteen- minute stiows have been presen- ted, and the announcers, script wri- ters, producers and editors have all been students. The system is run in such a way that every class has a radio representative whose respon- sibility is, when that class ' turn comes along to present a show, to orga- nize others in the class and to get them involved. The radio is set up at the bacl of the cafeteria and is run during the lunch hour. Included in the shows have been: music selections, concert reviews, interviews, and school announce- ments. Thanks to l rs. Rollins, the staff advisor, and to Kirsten l ac- Leod, the radio prefect, for all the work they have done. f Showed Mr. Marcos trailing. By this morning, Namfrel was being L ' peatediy denounced on the Govem- Tient-controlled . television station, ' .hose propaganda is often suggests ing whether the speeding van was c | posing of ballots. " They shouldn ' t get away with Ihi Mr. Velhagen said, adding that he v | not an organization partisan, men| an angry voter and the operations I IVI;n( js party loyalists. Ml , Marcos (Icnicd this and said the .ari( lily of lh(! ballot " had been vio- ii((J by Nan)frcl, not his workers. ( JarTiftcl ' :, |)Ci .sfjtiiicl have bcrii most julivc and cncrgclic: in violatliij Ihc Slav (iovcr iirncnt. The prosetl lot ' s office said Friday thai three olhl Yugoslavs had acted as informcil helping Yugoslav consular and oil bassy officials gather del .ails alKf Yugoslavs in .Swil .crlatul. II said l| The Traf newspaper, " The View " , had as its edi- tors this year, three grade nine students. They were, Melissa IVIundell, Dionne Codrington, and Jennifer Alderson. The editors of the grad section were Tara Mani and Jennifer Groundwater. Thanl s to all those students who contributed their time and effort in writing editorials, articles, and stories for " The View " . You are the ones who made it such a great success!! I In their drama option, ttie grade 11 ' s re- hearse, and put on for the school, short one act plays. They are performed in morning assembly with the help of their teacher Mrs. Mandigo. The group has put on such plays as, " The Voice of the People " , " Lord Byron ' s Love Letter " , and " Pasa- caglia. " D R A M A This year, Traf ' s grade 11 ' s along with boys from LCC are putting on a production of Oscar Wilde ' s, " The Importance of Being Earnest. " Although still in rehearsal, the play promises to be a great success. The cast members are (standing); Sharon Freed- man as Miss Prism, Mark Dillon as Dr. Chau- sable, Tara Mani and Philippa Klein (direc- tors), Nima Spaniel as Cecily, and Alex Parker as Algernon, (sitting): David Pratt as Merriman, Kirsten MacLeod, as Gwendolyn, and Kendall Billick as Jack, (absent) Nat Goldin as Lady Bracknell, and Jake Klisi- vitch as Lane. 53 This year ' s guest speaker at ttie Trafalgar Ross Lecture was Maureen Forrester. In her speech she told us many things about her life, includ- ing some of her many experiences abroad as a world-reknowned opera singer. Afterwards there was a luncheon where some of the members of the staff and student body had a chance to meet Ms. Forrester in person. 55 Tcalioiiise of Traf ' s major drama production this year was " Tea- house of the August Moon " . It tells the story of the Americans who occupied Japan during the second World War, and shows, with hilarious results; their attempts to " Americanize " the Japanese. The produc- tion was directed by Mrs. Mandigo. Starring in the play, were Alison Carpenter as Captain Fisby, and Susie Kuchel as Sakini. Form five participated in a Model U.N. in November. The topics dis- cussed were: trade sanctions against Soutti Africa and nuclear disarmament. Some of ttie more memorable moments were; " I ain ' t gonna play Sun City! " tlie Roma- nian defector, and " wtiat? Only two messages per topic! " Unfortunately there was no perfect grad date material. Special thanks to Mrs. Hara and Mrs. Wightman who made this event possible. " Thou shall not cl 58 THE MERCHANT OF VENICE CA Traf students pulled togethier shiowing ttieir spirit and enthiusiasm by putting on a cabaret to raise money for a new floor for ttie building. Ttiecafeteria was set up like a French! nighitclub and food and drink were served. The event rai- sed a total of $1238.19. Ne G raising the roof! 65 ... bubbles, o ' henry, mars bar, crispy crunch, reese ' s pieces, twix, d ' or, sicor, m ' n m ' s, jelly tots, skittles, licorice, fruit tella, bbq chips,... IVIAKING YOU HUNGRY??? Thanks to Ruby Har, Wendy Tarn and all the fine people who helped at tuck this year for making the saving of pennies, waiting in lines and gaining of fat bulges all worthwhile. This year our new librarian, Mrs. Pym, has made quite a few changes and innovations in library procedure, not the least of which has been the adoption of " library assistants " . A group of devoted girls taken from all grades take turns helping out in the library by putting away books and performing other tasks. Each girl has been given a special pin to wear on her uniform which indi- cates her involvement. In terms of debating, our sctiool has mucti to be proud of ttils year. In par- ticular, our senior team tias outdone Itself by doing very well at four tournaments to date. In ttie fall a number of girls competed In a two-day higti scttool debating tournament conducted by McGIII. Both competi- tion and standards were high, as schools from all over Ontario, the Marltl- mes, Quebec, and the Eastern United States par- ticipated. At the Pre-Pro- vinclal Debating Tourna- ment held at Loyola High School, the team ' s ac- complishments climaxed as the two-man team of Andrea Burke and Alison o Carpenter were chosen for the final " dream de- bate " which they went on to win, placing them first team overall. At that same tournament, Carey Knight placed third individua ly. Our team did very well also at the Provincials, meaning that we might have the opportunity to send a couple of girls to the Nationals in May. Thanks to Mrs. Wightmon for being a great coach!!! R G b c h F D r This has been the se- cond year that our school has entered a team in a non-tele- vised series of " Reach For The Top " gomes conducted between high schools in the Montreal area. Some of the other schools in the Trof league included: L.C.C., Villa Maria, and Royal West Academy. The Traf team of: Audrey Bauer, Frans Braniotis, Andrea Burke, Carey Knight, Susie Kuchel, Cathy Moroz and Dorothy Wong, placed third in its league. More important how- ever, although some degree of com- petitive spirit did exist, the team met people from other schools: they played a number of social games in which teams were mixed up. Thanks to Miss Loyton, the team coach who spent many of her lunch- hours at practices. Thanks also to Miss Lord, a staff supervisor, and to Cathy Moroz, the Prefect in charge of the team. TRAP ATHL ETICS ' 86 so€ci:it SOCCER BACK: M. Lauzon, J. Von Co Iditz, J. Blanchard, MIDDLE: T. Naylor, R. Cawdron, A. Grant, A. Sfrom- Olsen, D. McMath, W. Reynolds, K. Bloikie, S. Brown, FRONT: J. Edgar, S. Hayes, C. Burke, J. Kay, N. Hollin- ger. Mile Lanteigne COUNTRY RUNNERS BANTAMS: K. Pang, K. Sfein, A. Notkin, J. Armour, J. Moroz, V. Lee, S. Hayes, L. Echenberg. MIDGETS: J. Gilsis, S S Struthers, S. Kuchel, K. Curtis, T. Pepper, V. Marcel, L. Speirs, S. Rabb, A. Ohiln, J. Cameron. JUVENILE: L. Philips, C. Moroz, A. Car- penter, T. Rictiards, J. Goodman, L. Campeau, W. Kinnear, A. Burke, J. Quaid. Coacti: Miss Layton OVER ALL: MIDGETS: Struttiers twins pla- ced fourth and fifth. JUVENILE: J. Quaid, C. Moroz, A. Car- penter, and W. Kinnear placed in the top twenty-five, and led the team to second place! » F TA ESS F TNESS SS F TA ESS - SS 73 vo eu JUVENILES N. Goldin, J. Goodman, W. Kinnear, ( Moroz, J. Schloss, N. Spaniel, I. Stein, V Stein, F. Williamson MIDGETS F. Braniotis, S. Cope, C. Burke, K. Elder, M. Goodz, J. Jotinson, C. Knight, L. Miller, G. Pinsky, M. Rourke All teams tiad alot of fun ttiis year. Our juvenile team placed third in their divi- sion. As for the bantams midgets, well, maybe next year! The juvenile team participated in the B.S.S. volleyball tournament. They walked away with a well deserved silver medal after being defeated in a very exciting match. 74 75 ' ofs swim team... country s iing JUVENILES: C. Moroz, T. Cope, A. Peplow, G. Farago, J. Edgar. Bantams: A. Ohiin, K. Stein, W. Reynolds, V. Lee, K. Blaikie, K. Burke, J. Blanctiard, J. Armour, J. Moroz. Ttiis year ttie Traf team did very well and had a blast at ttie same time! Ttirougti ttie balmy temperatures, ttie girls skiied to incredible results! Some winners include, Cattiy Moroz (JUV.) and Jennifer Blanctiard (BANT.), wtio botti came first in ttieir races, and ttie ski " loppet " !!! Congratu- lations girls! JUVENILE: D. Codrington, K. Curtis, K. Elder, A. Grant, J. Kay, T. Richards, R. Sanders, D. Saputo, J. Schiloss, T. Seropian, J. VonColditz, coach: Miss. Denhertog BANTAM: J. Cameron, M. Greenspoon, S. Hayes, S. Johnson, K. McNeill, M. Pollock, J. Shadley, T. Silverthorne, L. Singer, T. Street, A. Strom-Olsen, K. Winslow, Coachi: Mrs. Manicom BdLLT 79 Iisiiitsiiii juvenile BANTAM: J. Armour, S. Brown, S. Carpenter, H. Cerigo, S. Choily, S. Johnston, J. Moroz, G. Shiodley. MIDGET: C. Burke, L. Carpenter, S. Daly, M. Goodz, C. Knighit, L. Mil- ler, G. Pinsky, J. VonColditz. JUVE- NILE: A. Burke, N. Goldin, J. Ground- water, W. KInnear, C. Moroz, T. Richards, J. Schloss, W. Stein. BADMINTON! 80 82 ECHOES 1985-86 STAFF For their many hours clone in the dorkroom, o million " thonk-you ' s " to senior photographer Jo Goodman, and photography editor, Estelle Richmond. ACTIVITIES Co-editors Assistants SPORTS Co-editors Assistants ART AND LIT Co-editors GRADS Co-editors CANDIDS Editor Assistant ADVERTISING Co-editors Assistant PHOTOGRAPHY Staff Kirsten Macleod, Ingrid Hyder Jessica Aronoff, Kathy White Jennifer Schloss, Wendy Kinnear Carey Knight, Lara Borboudakis Dorothy Wong, Celia Wallace liana Stein, Annie Laufer Ruby Har Andrea Peplow Philippa Klein, Brenda Wathey Susie Kuchel Moreno Tursi, Tara Cope, Michelle Stewart 83 Mr. and Mrs. Kornel Laufer Wish Annie and her classmates of the class of 1986 success and happiness in the coming years. Central American Planning Co. Ltd Best wishes to all Trafalgar girls Lilian and John Howick 1 Best wishes to grads Andre and Maxime Mani Michele and Tara Sunny colors in the tropics; commercial, industrial and car paints We have a variety of colors. 0 See us on the pondfill- St. Maarten 84 Caribbean ST. MAARTEN, DUTCH WEST INDIES Congratulates the graduates of 1986. When in St. Maarten rent from the professionals! Telephone: (599-5) - 5211 or -4231 Auto Rentals Best wishes to Brenda and the graduating class of ' 86 Mrs. J. Wathey 85 TRdF LHUGHS So then what did he do? Just singing in the rain! POLTERGEIST! 87 LES TEXTILES CENTRAL AMERICAIN v CIE LT6E Arnold Baron V 77 est, rue Bernard ? Montreal, Quebec H2T 1A4 % TEL. 273-4435 ' Parker Industrial Photography P O, Box 310 Cote St. Luc, Montreal H4V 2Y5 514 489-1132 514 489-7044 819 326-4845 Walter Parker Congratulations to the graduates of 1986 Dr. Mrs. David L. Burke Christine Compliments of Le service cadeau B+T ltd. Tania Goldin Barbara Schloss Compliments of Stephen Hayes Buscemi, Hayes Ass. inc. Independant Insurance Consultants and Brokers Employee benefits and pensions With Best Regards It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness " Adiai Stevenson Nov 7, 1962 ' HIROKO " 88 With thanks To a fine school Hilary + Kirsten Macleod ZiTTRER • SlBLIN • STEIN • LEVINE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS • COMPTABLES AGREES Wishes " GOOD LUCK " to the 1986 Graduates with special congratulations from Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stein and liana Stein Best wishes to Caroline and the graduating class of 1986 Mr. Mrs. Tony Mc Cormack Compliments of Mr. Mrs. T.G. Hughes and Trish Congratulations to The Graduates of 1986 Dale and Buddy Schwartz I 89 Mr. Mrs. M. Murtaza Mr. Mrs. Donald Johnston The Liu Family Dr. Mrs. Lawrence Knight Sally Jay Bochner Mrs. Mary U. Harold Dr. Mrs. Leonard Pinsky Susan M. Stevenson Mr. Mrs. J.W. Salter Jodi, Jill, Dr. Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Clara Halasz Mr. Mrs. Norman Stein with family Marilyn Richard Shadley Dr. M rs. Arthur Greenspoon Mr. Mrs. Howard Rourke Mr. Mrs. Clifford Caron Mr. Mrs. Reford MacDougall Mr. Mrs. Adrian Sheppard Mr. Mrs. Barry Strumwasser Mr. Mrs. K. Banerjee Dr. Mrs. The Rev. J. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Marvin Pinchuk S.S. Mrs. Armour Brahm Steinberg Ronald Lee Yvon Are! WA. Westley Edward Burnott M. Flanders Kernel H. Wolters James Mc Alpine COMPLIMENTS OF MR. MRS BLANSHAY AND FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS! MR. MRS. MICHAEL RICHARDS AND FAMILY COMPLIMENTS OF MR. MRS PETER BLAIKIE Buick Century. National Car Rental In St. Maarten it ' s Lucky Car Rentals N.V. WE ARE LOCATED AT: JULIANA AIRPORT TELEPHONE: 4268 SIMPSONBAY LAGOON TELEPHONE: PHILIPSBURG TELEPHONE: 2468 THE N.C. WATHEY GROUP congratulates the graduating class of 1986 and wishes them every success in the future EMMAPLEIN REAL ESTATE N.V. PH I LIPSBU RG AGENCI ES N.V. N.C. WATHEY INSURANCES N.V. PHILIPSBURG UTILITIES COMPANY N.V. WATKAN TRADING COMPANY N.V. N.C. WATHEY AGENCIES N.V. S.E.L. MADURO SONS (W.I.) N.V. ST. MAARTEN MOTORS N.V. ST. MAARTEN HARBOUR AND TRANSPORTATION CORPORATION N.V. TOGA News THE CLASS OF 1985 Forty-eight of last year ' s graudates are attending CEGEPs in Quebec as follows: At Marianopolls are Alison Fernier, Mar- garet Goldsmitti, Leslie Kaufman, Linda Kessler, Elizabeth) Kurien, Shieryl Ludwick, Jennifer Macl enzie, f ictiele ManI, Ctiristine Matavei, Jessica tVlosher, Tandi Nkiwane, Nadine Sivok, Anne Tinsley, Wendy Vanderheyden and Jennifer Vine- berg. Elizabeth, Jennifer and Nadine are on the Dean ' s List. In addition, Jennifer and Nadine have each merited one of the Sister IVIary MacCormack Scholarships for the winter term of 1986. These scholarships are awarded to the top four arts students and to the top four science students in both College I and College II. At John Abbott are Blessilda IVIamanteo, Pia Ohlin and Julie Wu. At Vanler are Maria Antoniou, Claudia Cianciullo, Deborah Gilsig, Katalin Makkai, Jennifer Maude, Maha Mirza, Christina Nacos, Sarah Nash, Belinda Peres, Kumu Purl, Vivian Sallai, Jacqueline Schloss, Shaun Thomp- son, and Rosella Tursl. Cecile Choi, Elsy David, Jennifer Lord and Vivian Wang are at Champlain College and Kim Ben- nett, Paolo Exiey, Audrey Moore and Vanessa Zorbas are at Dawson. Studying at Jean de Brebeuf are Patrizia Cappelli, Johanne DInucci, Laura Foldesi,Shana Jolin, Andrea Mandel and Karen Osborne. Sabrlna Lord and Jennifer Sadler are at Centennial; Christie Fuller is at LaSalle College; Lisa Pasold is at Neuchatel In Switzerland and Joanna Wedge is in Lower Sixth Form (i.e. Grade 12} at Bedales School, Petersfleld, Hampshire, England. Sylvie Turcotte is on " Class Afloat " ; Ste- phanie Zelman is studying at Clark University in Mass., and Samantha Shatsky is at school in Toronto. NEWS OF OTHER CLASSES 1984: Sue Ann Blauer will enter, this fall, the University of London, England, to attain her B. Sc. in Biochemistry. Betty Huang and Liza Kessler are on the Dean ' s list at Marianopolls. Michele Petrucci has been on the Honor List of the St. Lambert Cam- pus, Champlain Regional College, in Pure and Applied Science. 1983: Sobino Altenhous was awarded the Grace Fairley Trafalgar Scholarship into first year McGill for the session 1985-1985. Melissa Haggerty is In Second Year at the Ontario College of Art. Jane Ogiivy transferred from Jean de Brebeuf to Maria- nopolls College in 1984. 1982: Nancy Echenberg is in her second year in the Low School at Ottawa University. Judith Maclaren will graduate this June from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Sociology. Adele Marshall was awarded the Grace Fairley Trafalgar Scholarship into First Year McGill for the session 1984-1985. Barbara McDiarmid isinthird year at the University of Toronto. She plans to graduate in spring, 1986, and then attend a school of Hotel Administration next fall. 1981: Patricia Purer graduated in May, 1985, from her 4-year honours course In Psychology, at the University of Manitoba, and is now in the Graduate School to work towards her Master ' s degree in Clinical Psychology. Patricia and Monica again spent August with their parents in Singapore. Katharine Hall first entered " Le Conversatoire de Musique " to develop her singing and piano abilities. She later attended Vanler and is now at Marianopolls enjoying her academic and music programmes. She is soprano Soloist with the Christ Church Cathedral Singers and the choir of Erskine and Ame- rican Church. Grace Kihmm received her BA, in Biology with honours cum laude in May, 1985, from Smith College, Nor- thampton, Mass., and entered McGill Medical School last September. Sarah Russell loves the demanding Commerce and Finance programme at the University of Toronto. Lori Senecal was awarded the Grace Fairley Trafalgar Scholar- ship into First Year McGill for the session 1983-1984. 92 1980: Monica Purer is in Second Year IVIedlcine at the University of Manitoba. Tracy Helm is studying at ttie Lycee d ' Enseigne- ment Professionnel " Leonce-Vieljeux " in La Roctielle, France. Robyn Lawrence (attended Traf 75-77) lives in Los Angeles and is in Fourtti Year Arctiitecture at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. Martha Legge is in her final year at McGill and will graduate in June with a B. Sc. in Biology. Liz Schwenk graduated from the University of Western Ontario in June, 1985, with Honours in Business Administration. She is now working as a commercial soles representative for Xerox in London, Ontario. 1979: Eve Bockler Beauchesne and her husband live in Nashua, New Hampshire, where both ore working as private investiga- tors, lonina Brill received her B. Sc., in Computer Science from McGill in June, 1985. Pamela Hall is in London, England, working part-time as a travel agent, and also pursuing her drama and music career. She performed in a pantomine after Christmas, and is now acting in a production of Genet ' s " The Maids " . She is continuing her organ studies and singing at St. Martin ' s-in-the-fields; she also sings with the B.B.C. Sym- phony choir and hopes to go to Berlin in April. Caroline Harris received her ZA., Major in History, from Queen ' s University in 1 983, and is now in Third Year Law at Queen ' s. In First Year Law she won the Criminal Law Prize, and in Second Year was President of her law class. Jocqui Lacey is in Third Year Law School at McGill. Monique Lunon is in Thunder Boy, working for the Ontario Government on the study of fish. This involves three projects: working on Lake Superior all summer; studying commercial fishing on Lake Superior; and checking on recreational winter fishermen. Joan Noel graduated form Bishop ' s in June, 1985, with a B.A. in Business and Sociology. She then moved to London, Ontario, where she was immedia- tely employed as the salesmanager for an expanding south- western graphics firm. Dana Spence lost spring finished her 5th work term at the Epcot Centre in Florida, working in the Canadian pavilion. She will graduate from the University of Waterloo with on Honours QA. in Recreation in April, 1986. Toni Zannis is teaching at the Villa Maria. 1978: Carlo Hamilton McMoster received her BA, Major in French, from U.N.B. in 1 982, and her B.Ed, from St. Thomas University in Fredericton in 1 983. Since then she has been teaching French in Grand Falls, N.B. Judy Johnston is working in Toronto as a Trovai agent at Travel C.U.I.S. (Canadian Universities Travel Sen ice). Beloine Lacey graduated from Law School at McGill in 1 983 with a B.C.L. and in 1 984 with an L.L.B. She was called to the bar in 1985 and is now working tor a law firm in Montreal. Eleonora Subok will finish her last year in Civil Engineering at McGill in April, 1966. 1977: Heidi Borner-Kerr who moved to Calgary after her marriage in 1981, graduated lost spring from the University of Calgary with her Bachelor of Nursing with distinction. She plans to work in intensive care or cardiology; meanwhile she is look- ing after her infant son, Matthew Alexander Borner Kerr. Che- rine Cheftechi is practising low in Montreal. Belinda Ronko- vich is in Third Year Medicine at the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia. Sylvia Denning-Melville who received her BA. from Corleton in 1981, graduated from the University of Toronto in spring, 1985, with a B.Ed. Alison Hancox in Ottawa, is Programme Officer with the World University Service of Canada, responsible for negotiating with Canadian Univer- sities to set up training programmes for foreign students from South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and Swo- zilond. She also acts as a youth consultant training young people transferable skills: goal setting, career planning, financial management, resume writing, and interviewing techniques. Alison has also recently received approval of a project submission, and a half million dollars, from the Department of Employment and Immigration of the federal government, under the job training programme, to adminis- ter a 3-year programme for 60 youth in the Ottawa area; this has been endorsed by YW-YMCA Canada, and Alison will work as on advisor and consultant. 1976: Suzanne Legge received her B.A. in Economics from the Uni- versity of Western Ontario in 1 981 . Janet Lewis has completed her thesis (in English) on " expert credit risk " , and received her MA. in Commerce from Woseda University in Tokyo. She has been having interviews, with several British and American securities firms in Tokyo, and hopes to be hired as an industry analyst. Her biggest news is that she is engaged to Mosa Shimomoto, a Japanese, who went to school in the U.S., taking his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Oregon. The dote of the wedding will depend on Janet ' s new job. They expect to live in Tokyo for a few years, but then would like to come to Canada. Robyn Ogiivy Williams and her husband, Bruce, who works for Proctor and Gamble in forest management, were transferred to Grande, Prairie, Alberta, lost July, after two years in Georgia. They mode the trip by car - a mere 5000 miles! In Georgia, Robyn was active in running rood races, and has completed in a triathlon. She hopes to continue a career in physical fitness in Alberta, either consul- ting or teaching in a school system. 93 1982 July 31 1983 July 23 1984 Dec. 15 1985 Jan. 26 Feb. 16 Apr. 27 May 4 June 8 June 14 June 29 July 6 Aug. 30 Sept. 14 Oct. 4 Oct. 19 1985 10 03 85 04 05 85 11 06 85 20 06 85 20 06 85 15 07 85 01 08 85 08 08 85 08 08 85 16 08 85 23 08 85 25 11 85 29 11 85 11 12 85 18 12 85 1986 24 01 86 14 02 86 MARRIAGES Jacqueline Larrett to Alfred Sikoro Mary Ann Ogiivy to Ctiristoptier Wilcox Barbara Heward (nee Tims) to Malcoinn D. Loucks Jacqueline Hall to Domenic Sansone, in Toronto Sandra Harris to Peter Scott Kerford, in Calgary Anne-Marie Millner to Peter Stuart Robb, In Ottawa Eve Bockler to D. Beauchesne, in Newport, Vt. Susan Ogiivy to Geoffrey Greenwood Suzanne Legge to Robert Jeffery Orr Patricia Bourne to David Young Jarvis Carlo Hamilton to Keitti McMaster, in Rottiesoy, N.B. Eleanor Nictiols to Arttiur Cunvood Stierry Lunan to Jofin Stierman Burton, in Calgary Margaret Legge (nee Rocey) to William E. Stavert Doptine Wollmann to Mark Cutler BIRTHS Morrie and Karen Flam Gitman, a daughter Ian and Heidi Borner Kerr, a son, in Calgary Peter and Ann Roberts Telller, a son Peter and Diane Madill McLernon, a son, in Toronto Bruce and Debbie Roberts Stevenson, a son Akinobu and Yo ko Otizeki Okada, a son in Osaka, Japan Alfred and Jacqueline Larrett Sikoro, a daughiter Norman and Wanda Burrows Lovell, a son Jerry and Julie Lefebvre Preziuso, a son Doug and Lana Reasin Barnes, a daughiter John and Mary Puddington McLoughlin, a daughter Lenny and April Kope Scott, a son Andrew and Alice Klinkhoff Thompson, a son, in Vancouver Christopher and Diane Matthew Dunn, a daugh- ter, in Cowansville Tom and Sabrina Burchell Monahon, a son. Jean Pierre and Susan Orr Mongeou, a daughter Glenn and Sandra Sundborg Pinel, a son DEATHS On Feb. 5, 1985, in Montreal, Margaret Bain, Class of 1927, On March 10, 1985, in South Africa, the Hon. Mrs. George S. Borwick, formerly Lady Ellermann, (Esther de Sola), Past Stu- dent 1919-1923. On March 13, 1985, in Toronto, Mrs. Earl E. Arbloster (Joan Bayer), Class of 1948. On May 4, 1 985, in Saint John, N.B., Mrs. John W. Mosher (Betty Jordan), Past Student 1924-1927. On July 15,1 985, in Montreal, Mrs. John Trott (Ann Slater) Class of 1954. On July 20, 1 985, in Montreal , Mrs. Barclay (Ellen Read), Class of 1928. On Aug. 28, 1985, in Toronto, Sylvia C. Fosbery, Class of 1929. On October 23, 1 985, In Orillio, Mrs. Smith (Janet Smart), Class of 1926. On November 15, 1985, in Montreal, Mrs. McDougall (Dawn Ekers), Post Student 1925-1932. On December 23, 1 985, in Montreal, Mrs. C. L. Douglas (Altheo Frith), Class of 1920. On December 24, 1985, in Montreal, Edith Caroline Hoymon, Class of 1933. On January 4, 1986, accidentally, at Magog Mrs. Leeds M. Nelson (Alice Rorke), Class of 1931. On January 14, 1986, in Lachine, Mrs. Andrew R. Reusing (Helena Wilson), Class of 1914. On January 23, 1986, in Montreal, Mrs. Michael Pearson (Beverley Mooney), Class of 1955. On February 8, 1986, in Dewitt, N.Y., Mrs Joseph Head (Eliza- beth Train), Class of 1928. V 94 Airplane disasters Good-bye Rocl Hudson... " Out of Africa " " Thie Color Purple " Aids Live-Aid: Bob Geldof Wtiitney Houston Thie Challenger crashi Bloom County Hello Bourassa Good-bye Jean Chiretien Baby Doc Ferdinand Marcos Aquino Year 2000 Plan-Gorbactiev Tube skirt mania Paisleys Miami Vice Valerie The Cosby Show Twilight Zone Anti-apartheid: Sun city!! Back to " Alouettes " " Gnarleyism " " Back to the Future " : Michael J. Fox The Box McMillions Expo ' 86 Steve Fonyo Soccer Riot Rambomania Train disasters Bhopal Forty years: the bomb 95 A U T O G R A P H S I

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