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 - Class of 1985

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TRAFALGAI ECHOES TRAPALOAR 3495 Simpson From the moment each of you ente- red Trafalgar, the School has worked to help you become aware of your indivi- duality. We have encouraged you to develop your own special abilities to the maximum. Every one of you is encouraged to think about your future - your university, your career - and to strive for success in whatever you undertake. I believe, however, that as important as this aspect of our aims is, we must not lose sight of the necessity of being connected to the community at large. There is a feeling abroad that the young people of the ' 80s are a " me first " gene- ration, interested only in their own pro- gress and unconcerned with world pro- blems, problems in their own country or even with those in the immediate com- munity. This is certainly not true of you at the School. Through your fund-raising for cha- rity, visits to hospitals and group homes, and even such seemingly small things as caring for the physical pro- perty around you, we at the School see you becoming involved in the commu- nity. We hope you will continue this involvement when you leave Traf, and be leaders in building the world into a happier, more caring place to live. The world around us is, after all, our world: ours to enjoy and equally ours to care for. If we choose not to, there is no one else. All of us together must work to eliminate ignorance and thoughtless- ness and build a better world for everyone. 2 6 Experience is a hard teacher: she gives the test first and then the lesson. When I was told I was to write a message in the yearbook, I wondered what to write. And then I was told to write something about Trafalgar. Now that ' s another story. My entire five years at Traf have been two things: loads of work and LOADS of laughs. One more thing.. .friends-great friends whom I know I shall keep. Only a few are lucky enough to experience Traf. While you do, be your own person, try to keep both feet on the ground (without) getting them stuck in the mud). When you finally graduate, congratulate yourself and remember: always make the most of what you have and cherish it forever. There are two paths you can go by but in the long run there is still time to change the road you are on. I wish you all the best of luck in the future. Patrizia Cappelli Head Girl On the morning of October 17, the grads could think of only one thing - Stratford! We somehow managed to survive the first five classes before boarding the bus for an eight hour ride. The trip was a great success. In the three days we were there we saw three excellent plays: A Midsummer Night ' s Dream and Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and A Streetcar Named Desire by Tenessee Williams. We also visited St. Jacob ' s, a Mennonite town and toured the University of Western Ontario. Special thanks to our chaperones; Ms. Doupe, Mrs. Henophy, Miss Layton and Mrs. Rollins and to our busdriver, Claude. 12 PATRIZIA ANGELINA CAPPELLI " GORGEOUS, PAT, UGLE " VB ' 80- ' 85 DONALD HEAD GIRL " Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind... " Barbara Streisand Doing Crazy Things With Crazy People-SJ,CC,JD,etc., last of CAPPELLI CLAN Hey Babe!, Loverboy, skitrips (82?)Braids+Braces, Mrs. Kraxley, metro rides,phone calls.unsuccessful diets, " You ' re so cute " ,Shana..shu- tup,pitite,Darwling,non non Clousseau, Haiti!, basically.. " You ' re so rude " ete 84-party! always late! Mother Christian Stratford- " ne real moi " Thanx Nikki! slumbers, Dilly l, WW3w Jo,ti-moon,what homework? quarter-nose HOLe.conf.-Sloppy Joes, OK FOLKS!! " You ' re station! " , Santa... MilleGracie Mama e Paps!! ' DUSTY,ANNIE. " VA ' 81- ' 85 GUMMING SUB HEAD GIRL Memories:Towndown w JJT.meeting tasties " Oh how nice! " thanks for the housework Reggie! Splashing pots, thanks to PLLC for helping me get my nursing degree, chocolate bars LARONDE(one minite MOM I ' m in the bathroom) playing atari w BL as well as eating great esp. at S.GRAD, happy birthday.diets,- MADONNA FONDA,rotation,flying off J ' s balcony,TUNAFlSH SOS,TD ' s breakfast, " how ' s my hair? " ,sun- glasses.walking home.taxies.bees pinkies, playing cards w C6, Steinbergs man, STING, ZINGZING, the TELEPHONE,Teqie+Tia, brown cow,ltaly,QT,milkbones,dancingw PDLG,BlgM, history test.A special thanks to my family close friends who made this year the best so far!! MARIA ANTONIOU VA ' 81- ' 85 FAIRLEY MEM0RIES:D6.EK GR.;0rmstown!;SK+165+Mrs.K. (Dunce!), " Anyways. . " . " Call me up " KM,EK+ntbks+- langs!Ski trip ' 83:Help! I ' m stuck!,Geog!Latin w EK;DP f RI ' S;WF10X;NB;ski trip 84:left behind wK;SJ books;Cn Hist(ugh)- " We- re talking- " ;PB H sandwiches;Aerobics;Stratford-BM,am parties w.CF +JW JD co,R+J jokes,Stan!,Gr ' 82,Grn ' 81, ' 84;any extra crackers? " Um..Mrs.F? WAIT... " , PSSC labs:- " What ' s she SAYING? " , " Marie " ; " Anyone have a kleenex? " jP A HBio:REALLY?!;Stl ' 83-118wSR;p.lessons!, pp ' s: c+p labs, 101 projects due same week; ANY essays+Publ.Speechs;Assembly. LOTS A THANKS to my FAMILY!! ANTIO KIM " BERLY ERIN " BENNETT VB ' 80- ' 85 FAIRLEY MEM:gr.7 locker,running track, baseball w RS,SN,ST,AF,etc;confetti,CR0- 49 math w Jen;bio tests;- TEA;JD ' s pres L.C.C. grad-married?! car! ldol Bowie Clash-oi!,top ranking-eating plastic plants;sitting in rain w AS BG. sum ' 84-party! Fun Park;facial grafitti w Jen Martin;DF ' s-heath food! were ' s ma going in that police car?spidersat ES ' s house;measure by the thumb.PBST.lO.repo man;ma ' s apt;16 b-day wkd;Blitz,c.wash,soccer;Sarah " a " partiessp.thanx to;RS,ST,VS,JV,CM,ES,VZ,Jen,Sarah.Mi- che,Poala,Mom.Dad,Cindy,Laurie all my fantastic friends out of Traf ! Bennett ' s give a warm goodbye! " Hold on towhat you believe is right " ALARM " I did it my way " S. PISTOLS. 15 CECILE CHOI " S-XTET " " CECIL B DELUXE " VA ' 80- ' 85 BARCLAY PREFECT " Don ' t be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends. " Eternal and Cherished Memories:Summer 84-wild, crazy 8, incredible w.JP,JH,JC,CC,SR,TK,JK,HS,HL,JK, DC,PP,AK-KOREA!LATIN(PC JD),Weston(PC SJw.DC,BS), SAS 16{TR)!SC00BID0U I LUV U (wSA $)! CCH.CH P R,STRATFORD (censored),JD ' s 16I0HH NOOO!GAWD!HEY BABE!MM(fel.consp.),HEy LOR- DIOx.Bl.wPC ? lunchtime laughs. To my GREATEST FRIENDS;PCap,SJol.JDin,JWu.Shn.CCia VSal.l love you8.will never forget you.M0M,DAD8.CATH-L0VE YOUITo my family in Korea-I miss luv u a lot!! CLAUDIA CIANCIULLO " CLADJA " " CLAUDINE " VA ' 80- ' 85 CUMMING PREFECT " unpredictable like the sun and the rainfall " DEPECHE MODE IN MEMORIAM:ltalian connection(RO JO IVIE)metro rides busy in June? " OH MY GAWD RO WHAT A HUNK!- ! " walking down McG.Michael?Studio mixte ' 83 Xmas dance. Spoons w JL SL " my-7up " Blue eyes;yC ' s ticket.STING!yellow black8.synchronicity:ITALY ' 83ST.Catherine:Hunk-Patrol " Humina " $500-ringJimKer- r;ECHO BM w friendsSTRATFORD ' 84 room 30lw JL SL JD GANG " What a blast!! " Censored Thanx for the GREAT memoriesll LUV-YA Mom Dad Danny friends " amor omnia vincit " STING ELSY DAVID VB ' 80- ' 85 CUMMING Thanks TRAF FOR SOME OF THE BEST MEMORIES OF MY LIFE, TO ALL THE STAFF WHO SO WILLINGLY HELPED, TO BM, AG, EK, ST WHO SHOWED ME THAT LOVE IS A CHILD INSIDE EVERYONE AND WE ALL BELONG TO EACH OTHER, WE ALL BELONG TO LOVE " THROUGH THE YEARS THROUGH ALL THE GOOD AND BAD I KNOW HOW MUCH WE HAD AND I ' VE ALWAYS BEEN SO GLAD TO BE WITH YOU THROUGH THE YEARS " JOHANNE DINUCCI " JO " " PEEWEE " " CHIPMUNK " VB ' 80- ' 85 DONALD HOUSE HEAD " Memories. ..Burning gold memories " -Simple Minds. What r u SAD? Italian conn-CC,RT+ME;Michael " He talked 2 me " ;ltaly 82-84 (che casino) Ci-vai?;PONCA!! SURPRISE SWEET " special " gift-JM,PC;the ACCI- DENT (arrested?)-DIRTY JOKES-Enngawd! Sppazzz " You ' re such an idiot " SPATSw PAT SMconcert. PC+ME ' car thiefs? ' ohh Signore Caruso. ..we won! DILEMMA-lalala-JMP ' Eyes " ' Stop grabbing.. .u r so crude! " STRAT- FORD W SLJLCCPCSJCCSZVSSTMMJM-RM301; shower scenes.. .Nicki-GRIND!! GRAZIE MAMMA, PAPA,SAB,VAN,VI AMO XOX NORA+SIL 16 PAOLA EXLEY VA ' SO- ' SS DONALD Now life ' s span has reached it ' s ebb; We have left no things unsaid. And so, dear love, there is no goodbye; Death does not frighten me to cry. In memory of the dreams we knew; A star shall shine from me to you. Ruth Lacey Remember: Summer of ' 83, The Clash, MD ' s The Parties, the blitz. Thanks to my dearest and longlasting friend Emma. Also to all the teachers who helped me through five of my best years. And of course to my loving mother and sister who have guided and counselled me through my life. Take care: K.B,J.M,S.N,M.M,G.S.M.A, and caring A.S. LOVE YA ALL BYE. ALISON ANN FERNIE " ALI " " BUB " VA ' 80- ' 85 BARCLAY CHERISHED MEMORIES: Experiencing school soup w ST,JV,RS,ES,PE,SN,CM,KB,AM,VS SZ= " Cloud- cover " 8. " cow " ,Charging w RS,Stratford:what an experience,JD JL ' s cold shower.Heart Attack (Ugh!), PC JD impersonation of Prince Stpoor DG AM.Gym Dems prayers. Window seat at Swen sons w ST,JL,VS,JV,AM SL=Marc Paul ' s!!!!! Revenge of the Nerds w ST=Dead rat. Bdayparty w VS,Ormstown Fair. SZ VS as Mrs K.Cem w JW,PO,DG. Physics w ST.Math w Mrs F.?! !Visiting Miss L ' s apt. w ST.hel- ping Miss L.w DG at track meets=oranges neal legs!!! BYE TRAF THANX Thanx to Mom,Dad,Andrew Keith for all the love and support thru the years!! LAURA J. FOLDES! VA ' 80- ' 85 FAIRLEY Cherished memories:Stratford trip, hilarious train rides with D.S., Maria ' s " I wish I had green eyes! " Com- ments, Danielle slamming car door on hand.Blessilda and Christie-The best friends,the who ' s retirement,- Booger,trips to Hungary.Newfie jokes.Shmoo.M.A.S.H. Ambition:cartoonist Probable destiny:shoe shiner for Ben wicks. " Long live rock " . - The Who. Thanks Mom and Dad for 5 terrific years at Traf. Thanks to you too Steve! CHRISTIE FULLER " STIE " " C.J. " " CUPCAKE " " CHRIS " VB ' 80 ' 85 FAIRLEY MEM:5yrs.atTraf!lstdy-embrrss ' g!Gr8-bg,stttGr9-DNCS!DM ' s-ntanthrone?!Stay ' gatsch.w ' sup th prss ' s on th fns r go ' g wld!JD ' sjokes!MrsH ' s drty jk!TN s shrk ' g lgh!-we luv u anyway!JT,NR,SL,RT ATwe luv u2 Dnt kiss me TN.where ' smy nxt stry JW ' Rept ' g th CRm-oh S.Trip to Eng-get ' g d watch ' g-VS8.AM in b.slp ' g w:CM,VS.AM-FAB!OHNO-my ban.spl.melted-sorry M6 STRATFORD! You ' re only aSSICn I hv one LK?Rml09,301,412!WH-AKATHRedLghtRm!Slp?Prty?Whre?LK ' g outfrthbg T ' s!Cmarks?Summer ' 84-NH NormThanxMom,Dad,Gray,Sue David frput ' g upw me!XOPSAerobics DG 17 DEBORAH (NOT DEBBIE!) GILSIG VA ' 82- ' 85 DONALD PREFECT TN:PINK MJ(squeek!).JW NS ' s hair! KP-ski-D. D D-LK I missed it. B-days:B-B Barn, Oances:no shoes! P.C and her moveable locker; w! R U SAD!; MATH; PSSC; LABS!-What ' s going on?! NS I ' m Sooo confused! LK-country hick, urn, It ' s about a G his P a P. What sheets? JD me bank. New Yrs. 83-84. KM w me 8, movies. C.C-$500 ring (L.C-Fedora) X-C 8, Halo. Oranges. Stratford-view-leg. Thanks Miss L. 8. many more memories. Thanks to Mum. Dad angular Jess, Traf! " Life is like a sewer. What you get out out of it depends on what you put in. " -Tom Lehrer MARGARET JEAN GOLDSMITH " MAGGIE " VB ' 82- ' 84 DONALD PREFECT " My road calls me.lures me West,east,south and north; Most roads lead men homewards, My road leads me forth: " -John Masefield THE BEST OF EVERYTHING GRADS!!! MEMORABILIA: I guess you had to be there... We ' ve come a long way,- - 1 can ' t believe we made it?! To some fantastic teachers, past.present and future grads-THANKS!, I couldn ' t have done it without you. Mom.Dad,- Dave:rm glad you made me go to Traf., I ' ve had a great time. THANX-I LUV YA ALL!!! SHANA JOLIN VA ' 80- ' 85 GUMMING MEMORIES:swimming,the beginning of a lifetime of aerobic dancifJg,second year of lattn:HELP, " What ' s going on? " , ski trip in grade S.winter carnival ' 84,loverboy,my birthday gift from the gang 2 years in a row.bedtime stories, my mother ' sbroom;selfexplanatory,my books;my sanity.temporary insanity:house- play ' 84Stratford;what can Isay.Specialthanks to veryspecial friends:JD, JW,JL,SL,JW,MGand many othersTo the best friends anyone could ever have PC,CC love always. Mom.Dad, Blake, my love8.thanks. " So it ' s the laughter We will remember Whenever we remember The way we were " . B. Streisand. LESLIE ANN KAUFMAN VA ' 81- ' 85 ROSS SPECIAL MEMORIES:My first friends CM 8, JV.Debating-thanx Mrs.W.Vienna Gr. 9-the 5 of us an unbeatable team 3 more!Talks w MF-Beauties,Swenson ' s Bens Gr.lO-bumpy rd. talks w LM,KH-tea cups-Kon Tiki. Europe w KO,St.Marc,Andrew, food fight, pillow Paris!Hall talks. Fla.w Kim. Vagabond-best summer ever-Utah-hyper?! Thanx Barb,Stu,Bri,AS.The View,Echoes,Wilbur! DJ,Chretien-Quebec! STRATFORD! Sexex.bald chicken, bugs-thanx JM,JS,AT,SL.My sweet,hair,phone! TO:NS,KP,JW,DG,LP,TN,MG,GR,CM,Neil, Mummy,Daddy 8, David-I LOVE YOU 4-EVER!! " The best of friends never part... " -Boz Scaggs 18 LINDA KESSLER " LENDL,LINNY,WINNIFER,PREP!!! " GAMES CAPTAIN VB BARCLAY ' 80- ' 85 MEMORIES:Sticker collections BL WHAT ' S THE DEAL? Americans " CAYNADA " Florida My Pope co- mics WTPACTIVATE Redsh.. TENNISACADEMY ' 84 CampMaromac-Jordan- " LEENDA,LEENDA " My Sweet 16-BIG CHILL! NUTS?..NO " Your legs are blue!:-A.T-MY MENS TOES LENDL CONNORS Ski trip - Tremblant ' 84-WIPE OUTS with J.F!! TENNIS BUNNIES DRIVING SCHOOLMr.Katz Magnetic toy cars My Mad eye doctor!? Long convos w Manita USY-Feud,Name that tuncDaniel ' s Pizza FILA.KENNEX... 10 IS mime PEPPER B;Sphinx " DOWNTOWN!! ' 7STRATFORD:402,FANTA,ROOM CHECK! Heart attack.where ' s PIA?Where are my pants?-SL-MY warden?JM,AT,JS,NS CM " My private nurses! " Many thanks to my family friends for putting up W ME!!! ELIZABETH CESSEENA KURIEN " ELIZ " " LIZARD " " THEBAZILE " VB ' 80- ' 85 CUMMING " PUT THAT BOOK AWAY!! " Thanks to all my teachers friends for being there when I needed you! Special thanks to:MA (10 REM LATIN),KM,MM(PIGS FLY), ST(PSSC LABS!),BM,ED,TN.JW.LP,KP,MG,DG.5 yrs of memories... " Of the GOOD in you I can speak.but not of the EVIL. For what is EVIL but GOOD - tortured by its own hunger and thirst? When DOOD is hungry, it eats, even in dark caves, when it drinks even of dead waters. " (LCARROLL) Thanks for stickin ' through thick n thin!LOVE TO MY FAMILY + MY FRIENDS! " Love is only chatter.friends are all that matter. " (ANON.)O.K. GUYS?? LOVE ELIZABETH JENNIFER LEIGH LORD VA ' 82- ' 85 ROSS ' 81 Talent Show w JM;at back of Latin w JD,CC,LP;reject club w JM,KS: ' 81 w BA,LT.MB,KS:82 train rides w CM,SL,NB,LN; ' 83 Mr.Sandman w SL;Lost in Laval w SL,VS,CC;CC ' s sweet w JD,PC,RT;Expo w SZ,A- M;out on the town w VS,ST,SN,KB AFJraf dance w Loyola:Dances w LCC.SHS;Crush on Ronny:Class w JW;STRATFORD w SL,JD,CC,VS.AM,ST,SZ,PC.JW,SJ,;Vic.lnn w everybody,Tim Horton ' s: " NO R U " " Oh my god! What are you sad ?!! Thank you for everything Judith. Thanks a lot guys I could not have done it without you, class of ' 85. Traf thank you for 4 of the greatest years. " I get by with a little help from my friends " . SABRINA DANIELLE LORD VB ' i2- ' B5 ROSS My stay at Traf has been both fun and well as a learning experience, thanks to KH I will always remember grade 8 train rides with Judith. Smugglers82Notch W KA.,CMCJ,LS, " I THINK I SHOULD TELL YOU, I CANT SKI Mont Tremblent84w CC 8,JM " What do you mean you can ' t ski. Traf dances " LOOK AT JDGO! " Spoons concert w CC.The most unforgetabie memory wasSTATFORD w JD,JL,CC.The shower scene- s " Oh my god you are so small! " JD underpants,committee room 301, Big Chill Prince Pat C ' AND NIKI STARTED TO— - " In a cold world you need your friends to keep you warm. " Special thanks to friends. Mommy, Daddy, Charles 8. Jennifer. SHERYL LUDWICK " SHERSHY " " POOKY " VA ' 80- ' 85 GUMMING MM JS LOG dance;sunshjne?l can ' t fit either!Sunimer:GM!KP,KC,LA,PB,SR BSTEST FOG MTN, plastic sheet!Packy,Pooky;Alamacka!, phone callsiOZZY.I ' m Pooky not Poopy.ATW yo dudeBK,JH-LEGS!,Flap- jackJ.U, sunburns;Ttwjns-it ' s called walk!PBw La,LL,GG;P$w SR;take it easy w Hunny?Bunny!Beaverl. (2)NS GG;Hey SS platinum?No!No!Browny points;Sept ' 83 campout at MCD ' s:Kerm,SH?,Moses!Madorina Fonda ' Call me Dr.Sher EH?LK,CM,PO,NS!16C)(10 ttiat you?That melWelHI dont know you know?GG;Yes I ' ll crylHow bougeoi!TO FL!Lifew out baseball?Ein Ein!TF=Babe!BEACHINGw MW!Luvyou!to:GM " lf you were here " lstwamwy!Luv u alllThanks Mom?Dad for waking me up for 5 years:Chow for now " So this is my life ' T.TWINS. GUMMING ...And the fans are going wild! Remember Paella and Garmen (did you catch that?), Mafalda Paco (u r a dog w fleas MM), Gym Dem Aerobics Oh Mickey! The safe days of H.S. are over guys, Welcome to the Big Bad World - but i don ' t KNOW what i want to be! Fiji waterskiing boo-hoo. " I ' m depressed. " Stratford- the Red Light room, c-marks?! Ohmigod LOOK at Stanley. Shake ' s dirty jokes. CF and those Summer Games. " Don ' t worry MA what could we POSSIBLY do in PSSC? " Dip dip.. .aim.. .FIRE! Those romantic labs (right JW). D6 and I the jocks (we didn ' t LOSE). Ne lachez pas guys. The only 2 on the mountain and what do we do?... Thanx for a ducky time!(eh SJ?)KOSSZ ZS,Ap,KtT. BLESSILDA MAMANTEO VB ' 80- ' 85 FAIRLEY (BLESS) Thanks teachers for putting up with me. Mrs.K.H, thanks for everything. Guys.we made it!Miss ya all, especially my best friend E.D. special thanks + love to Mom.Dad.Ike + Alan for their support, love + patience eccliasteslThanks Traf. for the cherished memories. Luv ya all!!! Tomorrow-A dream that leads me on... Tomorrow-A path I ' ve yet to choose. A chance I ' ve yet to take, a friend I ' ve yet to make. All my gifts I ' ve yet to use. Tomorrow-A dream that leads me on... Forever a step before me... The love I ' ve yet to show. The happiness I ' ve yet to know, the love I ' ve yet to be. i ANDREA S. MANDEL, SHMOO, RANDY ANDY, BUMMER THE BUMMER (POP) ROSS ' 82- ' 85!? On.Expo wisz+JL,skiing w TM,famousfights:eyelinermarkerchalkcakerouge!Barb,MM+METRO,SW GRAD, sleeping outside, no 1 knows the trouble I ' ve seen!Mom at SAM at SZ!4musketeers:Mmamvssz+champagne!- Hairll was a 16 yr old virginll luv y now 4ever garv G!VS barebumlStratfordrl ' m a girllPainful lesson, stre etcar!WPG:Massad!cheerstotogas!mothers.Dylan+Americanpie!Up north w SZ+MM,Exposw MM.My heart is palpitating!Twilight zoners!St+GUM!Showerscene!My friends-l luv u!Frankie!.ril never forget you Jess- ie.To Mom, Dad " Booger " : " Though I know I ' ll never lose affextion for people and things that went before I know I ' ll often think about them.ln my life I ' ll love you more " BEATLES 20 MICHELE AIMEE MANI " MICHE " " MIGGY " " FIG " VB ' 80- ' 85 FAIRLEY HOUSE HEAD ARE YOU SERIOUS?Poker w CN+AF.Tree KO.Noodles w VS.EDDHY(Zorro). BCS.AM. at Plam.Confet- ti;snow;Pens-My Gosh!HAIR-l GOT LIFE! French w ST.(100%)Cottage w A+S.HEY Z!0hh..Geotn(9-2).l DON ' T UNDERSTANDIMME X! Hand.K+M SKIN.MY BEDICAMP P0INT.CLASH ' 82 ' 84.Skiing (HEWIE).Bio tests+Chem CalamitieslGeom w JD. DOORS.BOOB. PARIS ' 84.Champagne w S+A+V.Park w KB;JM;SN;PE.- PARTYIL ' C.HEY! HOW BIG7MEASURE BY THE THUMBS!MONTY PYTHON-CHA CHAIeh umm.B-Day in Strat. Meniories.KC;DK;MA;SL;HG.LOVE U MOM.DAD+TARA.YOU ' VE BEEN SUPER ' Thanks. DIB+DAB. The hands of time hold something.and it ' s offering it all to you -STRANGLERS CHRISTINE MARAVEI VB ' 80- ' 85 GUMMING Unforgettables:Sisters w KO;KB JV RL;spinach souffle?spam! " lob it.. crash! I don ' t believe hit the wall! " latin, trench, ec.chem study w BFP;notes, notes, notes!! " don ' t worry she ' s blind! " 10 is nel.WTP activate! " downtown.. say when! " JW NS LP LK=bfs;Conners and Lendl;blondish..!st.l w BFP;my sisl- e my cuz:KA:TJ lighter BB cutie dilliot meat;engl:Fla:Stratford... psyche!LK PO JM JS AT SL; " Po ' s running for president " " you ' z a s.. " " J. my knees are going to give out. now! " togas;Heart attack? " you liar! " " whipping cream " special thanks to:Mum,Dad,Dan Thorn ;Llnny and Bielles... luv ya! " Friends forever separate we ' ll never " -LK(remember?) JENNIFER MARIE MAUDE (BUT I ' M NOT) VB ' 80- ' 85 FAIRLEY HOUSE-HEAD It ' s like WOW!LE GR0UPIH20 pistols in hist.w dH.MONTY PYTHON(penguin skit) Fla.w BP(s-berry soup) Movie w BP+STEVE.JO ' S present!Science Fair w Jo YVES Bio.tests at lunch{close call w H)TEA!Top Ranking and M+M ' S!Exams:champagne and piz2a!B0WIE ID0L CLASH concerts.Summer ' 84: " FUN PARK " Parties!PEI SHINE! D-town-art on KB ' s Face w MA.OI!Park and Paras!FOG!w KB,SN,PB STRATFORD!!! Great times w too many great Friends to mention (U NO WHO U R!) MOM,DAD,M and J.D..P.E.,M.M.,S.N. KIM,etc... Thanks Love ya! " The future is unwritten " -The CLASH. MAHAMIRZAVB ' 82- ' 85 ROSS TRAF?HUM...Ok place. I think I came through it OK too, after all, I still love blue, soup, metros and buses. And let ' s not forget Gym Dem! I ' m glad I spent three years here ' cause I met some people really worth meeting. Thanks to my whole form for making my stay " interesting " . Special thanks to EK (Yes, Pigs do fly) VW (our most successful PSSC LABS) BM (what do you want Maha?!) CF (tasteless jokes) KM (no more apes,pleese!) ED (Earnest Heminguay) MA (remember " los chicos " , sigh!) LP, AND LF. Luv ya all! 21 AUDREY MOORE VA ' 80- ' 85 DONALD There is nothing wrong with a dream a dream could become reality, " Every now and then I get a little bit terrified but then I see the look in your eye " -Bonnie Tyler. Memories from 80-85: Grade 7 Art class.diving 81-83, rough trade ' 84,England the band (AP.JLB.R), " You look like a little vagabond " CC,MH,MP,TR,PG,MP,GT. Special thanks to my friends; JS.JL.AGJR,SDx2,CR,GG,AT.CF. JESSICA MOSHER " JESS TIA TOAD " VA ' SO- ' SS BARCLAY Unforgettables: LARONDE, Eating fudge.breakfast party at TD ' s.bees and pinkies w AT taxies in the mornings.zings and flings w tasties.he is NICE,rotation(TD ' s basement),DUSTY+TEQIE(never been sic- k.right Jenn?),lt ' s cool, It ' s casual.flying on the balcony during the party year.spiashing pots, and Dusty ' s washing the floor.chocolate bars, history test.playing cards w AT+CG,Kennebunk summers(Parsons Bea- ch, right Tara!) Stratford,hold on MOM I ' m in the bathroom! dancing and falling at DJ ' s!! thanks Traf for five great years! special thanks to my friends esp.GA,CL,AT and TD THANKS MOM,DAD,AND ACE! CHRISTINA NACOS " MACHOS " " B.l.T " VB ' 80- ' 85 DONALD GAMES CAPTAIN mems " Bowie,LeGroup:JMKOBPSSVZ-LIKE WOW SAMS S-0verwBPM-shakes WSummer ' 82wBPP0LICE:fs that illegal? OLDER FRIENDS-PH BS.The OMEN my imitations wKO " A GOOD TIME " R0U6H TRADE raee- ting CAROLE wRT.POKER wMM.FLORIDA ' 84-wMy PAL SAM.right DAMMIT.PAPILLON!Biking fleshwounds wBUTCH 2-You got hit? WEAKNESSES:A Good jaw,music,padded shoulders.B-BALL.Head games Good- byes WBP JS-HYSTERICS STRATFORD-Pictures BP-DO I still put terror in your heart? Where ' s the BEEF TS? P-JEWWNG THANKS ALL TRAFIES but esp-BP,JS,SS,KO,RT.SL,PO,JM,AT.LOVEU ALWAYS! U2Munch Rent- s.Oh how boring-LIQUID SKY.DON ' T DREAM IT BE IT!-ROCKY HORROR.BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK 2GETHER-R0UGH TRADE (Who rules?) SARAH " WART " NASH 5A ' 80 ' 85 FAIRLEY BOWIE concert w J.V +K.B. ;Stratford-constant indigestion ;FunPark w J.M.+M.M +K.B. ;Echo+the Bun- nymen w friends ;Remember that fog! ;Parties I can ' t remember ;L ' Entre Cote ;Measure by the thumb ;Bushes + wine at Murray Hill. My friends: Kim,Shawn,Jen V.,Jen M.,Alison, iv.,Chris,Michele,Vanessa,- Paola,+ many more outside of Traf. Special thanks to my family + friends including Ziggy Stardust ,Sara Lee Dumpling + Push-Push. TANDEKA " TANDI.PINKY.LAUGH-A-HOLIC " NKIWANE VB ' 80- ' 85 FAIRLEY PREFECT PLPNAALA ILYA 0 lA AN If EP 0 0 L H ST DA D ST V U L AI IL LI B •E NY IT SN ES ED C ' I ' D B SS SB ¥ AO BC DD HE HH KG am RO RV A WT T T 0 RP OH OE AN EE AA AA AP UI N IH HO R Id lA UC HE Nl LH NU NT SS D GO A U BN IB PI AR OP II DG DI 01 Ed N RI YG ES ' G P SN IH AM 10 TG K SO ' E ' I SY H KG GT LI ON MH TN S SO Y Y OE LS ' NT N S • ' R ' M S S S S PIA OHLIN " PI-PI.BORIS,JESUS " VA ' SS- ' SS BARCLAY Cherished Memories:Pierre Laporte.Lindsay-Lunch in the lockerroom?...211 w-JW-are racoon hats in style?...dancing on Pie 9 w SL.GD,GG..Expos,games wASL-that you?Ya,dat me?Sue tell LS I existlSL did you fail Chem 2? Scab joke-ick!how ridick!! SB-Bengaywokoing? Summer 84-SC-JK:what a bodlStratford- togas.MADONNA FONDA!CM LK:WHERE ' S PI?runningfor Prez. soccer,Conn-party... McD ' s forever! thankx SB for TL the dance!GR.6-what a blast;B-day,CB! Tim Raines-babe(no.l)..shared b-friends w SB: FD,JL,DZ,LWT:Sue:my next one! Wow! Ro:la meteo-da wedder..ttwins:SL-it ' s right then left!SL-saga w CM GG!! don ' t know?thanx to family friends.l luv u. KAREN OSBORNE " OSBAT.KA-KA.FATS.ASBURN " VB ' 80- ' 85 CUMMING HOUSE HEAD MEMSle Groupe:VZJMBPCNSS.Grapesw MM. Remember AF,CM?Official Fats Tuesw Thins.Meditating+its like wow w legroupe.Juan,my little slave. Beezys sweetw Kirb?+JM.Tundra. BOWIE w SS.KILLING RT+bo- dyparts.Pudding Popsw Poopy!Oops,l mean Pooky.AIIesor w Nerak,Mems (on tape?)w BP:Fargo,airport scetc.The OMEN w CN-thwack!lmmitations w CN.SHort Stories w JS+PC.EUROPE! w LKSTAS.Circus w JS.THOMPSON TWINS w everyone.6eog class w Slasb.Teddy wVZ Dances w ATJM.Do all you faces w BP.Taking bus + jogging?w LP.Toyi Pi Movi w PC.STRATFORD-all in 1 rm.Babysitting.Schmuck!l LOVE YOU ALLISpecial thanx to Mom,Dad+Mot!Always have a good time right CN? WA,WA,WA-BOWiE LISA PASOLD VB •80- ' 85 FAIRLEY " Suddenly, up from a small basement flat. Why who should stalk out but the great Rumpuscat His eyes were like fireballs fearfully blazing. He gave a great yawn, and his jaws were amazing... And what with the glare in his eyes and his yawning The Pekes and the Pollicles quickly took warning. " from The Book of Practical Cats byT.S. Elio t It has been a marvelous 5 years... Debating, Do peaceful men have it all in Latin, grade 9 ' s inseparables, Pink, the meese+Copyville. Thank you (you know who you are) 23 BELINDA F.PERES " BINDY " " BELLE " " BFP " " PERBAr " THINS " VB ' 80- ' 85 ROSS HOUSE HEAD menis:Fast talking.singing.head games w CN,la vie continuhu-(SS). LE GROUPEIIKE WOW!Meditate,m-shakes w CN.W ' s,Latw VZ,Grover,clay,CM ' S note book, STOP signs, whip. cream, JM-smke perf, blue movie, pnguin skit,fla ' 83-2x arnd the ocean!NY ' 83w JS. Beginning-Police •82-lllegal?Police break-up Thanx Jack,NG-Flgrnt.SPS-KABOOM.JFBea!s,mf(both)sf(best),TEARSOFA CLOWN. Kaka-River outfits,scenes, faces, etc. .Ropo-summer ' 84-overdressing,chip dip Ambulance-LK OB- SESSIONS:Sting,blond spiked hair,guys in black,Jimmy-attacks,CN ' S coo CNSSKOJASRTCMJS CGOODBYE CN!) I LOVE YOU ALL!! " You don ' t understand us so don ' t reprimand us. We ' re taking the future we don ' t need no... " -Police " KU " VB ' 82- ' 85 DONALD HOUSE HEAD LOOKING BACK- 1 see the good times and I see the bad, the ones that made me laugh with joy or left me sad. Unforgettables: NAD ' s flying bee killer bun. DenH.-SAGGING CEILING! PSSC-another cart?! TAN-Don ' t kiss me! Shut the window.MAG. DURAN DURAN ' 84 1st SKI DAY-lst time on skiis! House Plays: " Italian Style " Coke bottle and B-day. Que. City w JO,LES. STRATFORD-Rm. 109;Excl. PI Thanx to my friends and teachers for 3 great yrs-l love you and I ' ll miss u Out of our beliefs are born deeds;out of our deeds we form habits, out of our habits grows our character; on our character we build our destination JENNIFER SADLER " TEQUIE.PARTY W.A.S.P. " ' 80- ' 85 VB BARCLAY HOUSE HEAD Surprise for JM,Hey Sunshine Istill don ' t fit!Carnivar82 w JNBLDP SUPERMAN, latin.Papillon w CNJOND 1st dance w SL+CR,JF+JS,Fla ' 83 thanx GD,geog w SUS " Oh no! " ,v-ball-Jon w CNSSNG Xmas ' 83 w AT- KOJSBP we mods dowap! BVI w ES waving-J.math w JM why only one ski? adogface clean eh?CG+the party wasp scene Summer ' 84 towndown w ATCM my man in uniform hair cuts.the breakup.the walk (you know who) stealing CG ' s car w ATJM.bed+bathtub fun,LARONDE,thumper commandments know ' em learn ' em live ' em, " hold on MOM I ' m in the bathroom " MADONNA FONDA nursing-102, " we should ' ve flown " JS(2}CG+MP ZING CMSJ to Tia Dusty I love u cause a T spthks to ESCGGGCM,RNS+G love u!!! Bye Bats keep in touch! VIVIAN SUSAN SALLAI " VIV WEIRD ICE CREAM AMAZE " VA ' 80- ' 85 BARCLAY HOUSE HEAD MEMS:Strat,bus rides,sick AM? SZ our luggage!What room was I put in? PC is that u? ST it ' s cleanlJL NoRU? MM U say it ' s your BD! JD RUa jew? JV hotel! CChow!JW MATH7KB ow yourhair!JM IHi:BP B my BF?SN floating! ' 84 Eng! ' 83 PE ES Geo!SZ=UR AZ ' s cous! DT=Paris,here it comes again,talks,l analyse u writ CHEM!box,twins,poems,B0STON,MAYBE;AM=laughs,gymclass,jokes,0H NO MY HOUSE! MANNERS.BIFFY.- POOPSIE;MM= ' 81+PG, ' 85 closeness revisited,songs,rm comfy,BARB Thanx we ' ll B2geth;EF8iVG Hung F PlaysSongsDancingJewelsiAUD J we grewup2geth SkiTrip=lcan ' tski SZ16=ASMV=T0ASTSChampCaKelce- milk ' 2geth4ever.To all who know MOM-EATMORE!DAD-l ' IIDriveNextTime!THANX FRIENDS-ESP. AMSZST MOM DAD ILUVU r r 24 JACQUIE SCHLOSS ' JACK. GUNBY 1.5, J.A.P.;SLASH;CQ " VB ' 80- ' 85 ROSS HOUSE HEAD UNFORGEnABLES: 1 DUNNO Y KNOW ' STRATFORDwSSCNBPKORT- BABYSITTING. GEOGwSUSKO diets. VALLEY GIRL-GIRLS WE MUST. FERSURE wMY LITTLE PICKLE. CSF!KK4E.dots! THE POOL SCENEwCN-THE BIT. SPOONSwBPSSRT, BIKINGwCN. SPECIAL FRIENDSHIP, NYCwBP-YOU GUYS. I ' M TELLING YA I ' VE NEVER HEARD OF IT! JS2 MP+CG, COUCHwSL.A LA MAKALAKA F.wSL. LIZZARDSwJS. SHORT STORIESwKO, PIGGY! JMAT.riM IN THE BOOK! CN-WHERESTHE BEEF?!CHOMP! NUDGING SHOVINGwCN. GUMBY I, THE MEMORIES NEVER END! SQUASHBALL SUCTION, METROS, SS+JS J0KES7TRENDS, JW+SS ALLNIGHTER, DIARYwP+R, YA SHNOZ, SHERBROO ST. YO IZ A BIGGA HO! !SSCNSLBPKORTJSJMATPO, I LOVE YOU 4-EVER! THANX TO MY FAMILY(ILU)AND TO WILLY ' S BRODDA! (RIGHT SS?!) CHEERIO!!!! SAMANTHA SHATZKY " SAM.SPS,GUMBY l,DOnY " VA ' 80- ' 85 BARCLAY Le group,meditating,likewow!FR.Aris,RL+NK chasers, Vals, rebels, Eurythmics ' 84+Dalbello w RT.Bowie ' 83 w KO.PRL w SL.putting up w CP JR ' s CP phase+Florida ' 84 ' 85 w CN.MF(both), SF(our experiences), JFC,JK,BS ' s on the balcony, eco-fits. Notes. HOGQM ' S + KABOOMS w BP. DIET COKES, burps, allnighters, hair-dying, Vally Girl, meeting Randy, P+R (friends 4 ever), JW+me, P-machines+MA Shonz w JS(JAP). My little pickel, Yo is a Ho, DAMMIT! Spoons+ Stratford? Liquid Sky-the white obsession. Phases: Prep- py+T.T.H. (was 1 ever) Hey JS,BP,CN, RT,KO,+SL: These memories and more will last forever.l ' il love you alwayslyou ' re the best.and PS: thanks to Willy ' s Brodda. (right JS7!) NADINE SIVAK " GOOSE " " DINO " " BEAN " " SIV " " SWAK " VA ' 80- ' 85 BARCLAY PREFECT IT ' S BEEN GREAT:Gr7 lipstick, odd laughs, Merlin, T ' s pink, rehearsals, debating-thanx Mrs.W, Tweedle-Dee + Tweedle Dum, ski trips, DD, Lat peaceful men, minute men, Swensen ' s, hair, leak, Gr9-2gether 4ever, dances, MATH-help, booth pics, miss ya AG,RS, SL,LM,J ' s geek, Sask, Kon Tiki, talks, Echoes, TO, meese, Druids, notes, crises, sweet 16s, STRATFORD: parties,H. Attack. NURSE! Pres.PO, sexex. To all my friends:you know who u r " Cause we ' ve shared the laughter and the pain and even shared the tears " -P.Collins. LOVE YA! Thanx to my parents, teachers friends for filling my five years at Traf with cherished memories. You ' re always in my heart. SHAUN THOMPSON " BOOG " " T.S.GA ' RP " " SHMOO " VA ' 80 ' 85 FAIRLEY GAMES LIEUTENANT Cherished Memories:school plays, ski trip ' 84-We left Viv on top!, fights with rouge, chalk cake, concerts w VS, Sheraton adventure w JV VS, first time skiing w CM, Feeding the Beast,chem lab explosion w JV,Bowie Wart,fights w RS Cheers w RS JV KT,French w MM MmeR,KB ' s sleepovers, Europe w LK KO,PC ' s movable locker,Bishops-l got a basket!ECO w AM GUM,Strat-cold showersw JD JL,- Prince -PC JD-Cheers to AM,OOOG!and the BEST of friends:JV,JL,VS,SN,AM,SZ,AF,KB,DL I love ya!Thanks Miss L. for EVERYTHING! Thanks to DEE also! Special thanks to mom, dad and Brian for always being there! SYLVIE TURCOnE VB " gS- ' SS BARCLAY HIGHSCHOOL YEARS at TRAP CSA;LABS!!w E.K.BM VW arguing I have to go to the bathroom Music teacher w VW. V ' s scream SANFRANCISCO volley.x-country.track.Cafeteria-mornings " We.ROMAN CATHOLICS " w JD.PC.FRIENDS:MR.KA.BP.SD.JB.BF.MB.RB.MB.JM.SM.JB.SC.-CSA VW.BM.ED, (EK MA, KM.DG.) JEUNES DU MONDE;syphillis!souris!Aline Louise SB.YB.MF.LB.DG.LA.MV LATIN w SAMSON Amherst ' 84 Olympiques Rape Chris De Burgh EXODUS " The meaning of tears and humility " MERC! A TOUTE MA FAMILLE:Maman,Papa,Lorraine, Daniel, Helenejoanne, et Jesus " Je suis la Lumiere " ROSELLA TURSI (RO.RO-PO ALLESOR) VB ' SO- ' SS ROSS " There ' s no limit to the heights you can climb " Rough Trade. MEMORIES:SS-Fr.aristocrat$,val,RL+NKcha- sers+rebels;BFP-Chip dip,mowats,army surplus scene,PINKIES;Nerak-barfield,kill,l have waited 600 yrs for this moment-sweetPHT! sash dash whip-JS;Rough Trade rules right CN.RT concerts! meeting CP+KS w CN;Eurythmicsw SS-Dalbello;Oh my god.Ro-what a hunklmetro rides w CCJD+PC SM concert w Chtp+Sugarplum;Echo the bunneymen-slamdanctnglLa meteo da wedder.DMmania.excuse me are you busy in Jane?Stratford!! thanx Mom,Dad,Mo+all my friends " lf it wasn ' t for you don ' t know what I ' d do " Depeche Mode. WENDY VANOERHEYDEN VB ' 84- ' 85 DONALD Free fun with " Heart attack " special thanks to PC JD MM and many more memories of new friends new places getting used to school sans les gar?ons and beaucoup de travail is difficult but I ' m trying! People have been great STRATFORD was an event of a fabulous time " autograph please " invention of new drink this a party schooMQuote " This is the song to all my friends to take the challenge to their hearts the challenge to conceive new ideas to say good-bye to our standard fears dont crack up bend your brain see both sides and throw off your mental chains " -Howard Jones to all the people in grade 1 1 1 wish you luck and success in the lives you choose make it good! JENNIFER-JEFF " " JB ' VINEBERG VA ' 80- ' 85 ROSS I ' m not Vanessa, I ' m Jennifer, pencil cases and water bombs w CM, " did i hit the dog? " Ormstown sicknesses w RS, bunny hopping at sugaring-off, Traf dance w ST, window shopping at Swenson ' s, downtown adventures w VS, September is after November, Sheraton w ST.VS, SM, Dan. DCs cutney sandwiches, Boston vacations, Europe ' 84 " whip it into shape " CM chem lab explosion w ST Cheers to ST,RS, KT.AT.ST ' s blockparties TO W TK and Stratford:parties, HeartAttack? cold nights in room 303.Thanx to all my grt friends and my family who were always there. VIVIAN WANG VB ' 80- ' 85 GUMMING HOUSE HEAD " Genious is 98% perspiration and 2% inspiration. " -Thomas A. Edison. AMB.: Electronic engineer?. PROB. DESTINY: Who knows? Anything can occur in Can. Am. job market by 1990. PET PEEVE: Late bell, Forbes ' physics class. CHER. MEM.: 5 long years at Traf. ACTS: Volleyball (city champ 2x), track, basketball. Should our paths go a separate way, ' hope to see you someday, -best of luck WANG-OI JOANNA WEDGE -JO.BOJ.JO-JO VB ' 80 ' 85 BARCLAY PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE! WHAM!,debating.Provincia!s,MaryQofScots,weird laughs,DURANDURAN-John! crisis of IV V,Eng. C,La- tin-3,ski trips, pierced ears,CHEM Physics,matrics. I ' m depressedlGuess what?,shopping,losing things,- leak, grad date? Mrs.W.s history class-minutemen,hmwrk before+in school, springboard.SH Ball,Bobbythe Geeklhis letters!;Johanne her jokes:, DG=red,the ltalians,TN-laugh+tunic,SJ-mag.PC ' s goodtimes!,LK- country+amours,NSmop,LP+hairEchoes,TheView,ApplebySTRATFORD-tears+cheers,Nikki,sexex,sleep?PAR- TY! THANX to all my Friends-I couldn ' t begin to count,Mum+Dad,R+C " We had good times;we had bad times, but We ' ll always remember the times we had.the times we had together-Margoiies. JULIE WU " JEWELS " " JUWIE " " WU VA ' 83- ' 85 ROSS KEEP ON SMILIN ' MY FRIENDS! MEMORIES...B.Streisand (fav. song: " Hard 2 Say I ' m Sorry...Chicago) BHS 80-3 Miss TAB AK gang; bye KS at Mac. 83-4 211 w.84 grads PO:RACOONSTYLE 1st day wBH!83- 4AMI44witaConn bye Roache ( V6);CC me-fr.oral! ski84 w.MAF Cec LUVS SCOOBi!PSSC!=?(STRAT- F0RD ' 84...Mr.Claud(BDr);JD:Edie Prince-PC w Jamaican Sesp W;mooner;JL JD sing in shower;RM 412 WINDSOR wCec PC SJ!! JD JL SL Me 2geth;chocm H20 or.juice;Remem VS ST SZ8.LUV YA!RAISE YOUR FT). Thanx 2 mom dad Margie f riends for putting up w me!!! Good luck " ...Whenever you call me I ' ll be there... " . ..Jackson 5 2 FUT. 6RADS STEPHANIE ZELMAN " THE BIG Z " VB ' 83- ' 85 CUMMING NEVER FORGET: That ' s not the point! Ten ' 83 Vag ' 84-J N;Luvu! Wild times W SL VSMMAM. Vo North w A+M 3bed! Hey Mich! Can you f eel it? " Kah milk! FLESH! mellow hell. oh!ou!hmm...{R) chem;geo{9-2)! Oh Mrs.K...Nuts.W VIV-C DE P; And this is..who cares?!And THAT..maybe..HONEY-BUNNY SH R;rat-tat- tat late ca!ls;B-LAKE(ugh. .ahh);Thanx TG 4 all the gr6 mem! BOS ' 82;SC- " NOT AGAI N STEPH! " EXPO ' 84 OOF! KYOY0;champagne w AMY..STRAT;hold that cia A! u sick! GR ND! 10 sec-RUN... HI MOM! HI DAD! Thanx for being there! I love u! (HAA too) Miles from nowhere guess ill take my time o ya, to reach there -Cat Stevens VANESSA ZORBAS VA ' 80 ' 85 DONALD " Enjoy yourself it ' s later than you think " . The specials GOOD-Eye] Just three days after our last summer exam, a group of fourteen of us, including Miss Moll and Miss Boislard, left at 9:30 p.m. for England. Two of us almost missed the plane and about half of us almost missed the flight home. Visiting such places as Stonehenge, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey (to name just a few), we had a fabulous trip. So if any of you out there are pondering about the trip to France, our advice to you is-GO! You ' ll have a blast just like we did. Special thanks to the staff of Casterbridge Hall for keeping us well fed, well informed of England ' s history and present, and well guided. E G GRAD D RECrO fy ANTONIOU, Maria BENNETT. Kim CAPPELLI, Patrizia CHOI, Cecile CIANCIULLO, Claudia DAVID, Elsy DINUCCI, Joanne EXLEY, Paola FERNIE, Alison FOLDESI, Laura FULLER. Christie GILSIG, Deborah GOLDSMITH. Margaret JOLIN. Shana KAUFMAN. Leslie KESSLER, Linda KURIEN. Elizabeth LORD. Jennifer LORD. Sabrina LUDWICK. Sheryl MAKKAI. Katalin MAMANTEO, Blessilda MANDEL. Andrea MANI, Michele MARAVEI. Christine MAUDE. Jennifer MIRZA, Maha MOORE. Audrey MOSHER. Jessica NACOS. Christina NASH. Sarah NKIWANE. Tandi OHLIN, Pia OSBORNE. Karen PASOLD, Lisa PERES, Belinda PURI. Kumu SADLER, Jennifer SALLAI, Vivian SCHLOSS, Jacquie SHATZKY, Samantha SIVAK, Nadine THOMPSON, Shaun TINSLEY, Anne TURCOTTE, Sylvie TURSI, Rosella VANDERHEYDEN, Wendy VINEBERG. Jennifer WANG. Vivian WEDGE. Joanna WU, Julie ZELMAN, Stephanie ZORBAS, Vanessa 2495 St. Louis, Mtl. H4M 1P7 747-0324 343 Lansdowne Ave., Mtl. H3Z 2L5 932-1237 2750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay Laval H7E 1R4 694-6306 480 Vanier St., Brossard J4W 1Y2 672-3841 120 Meunier. Pont Viau Laval H7G 1R6 663-2387 6150 Milan Blvd, Brossard J4Z 2A9 678-8658 1380 Fiset. Laval H7G 1R6 669-6683 469 Lansdowne Ave. Westmount H3Y 2V4 937-5844 624 Victoria Ave. Mtl. H3Y 2R9 489-6135 58 Comtois. Laval H7Y 1S6 689-0478 4207 Old Orchard Ave. Mtl. H4A 3B3 484-3000 1202 Dunvegan. Mtl. H3R 2Z5 731-3025 56 Westland Dr. Mtl West. H4X 1M2 486-6575 127 De Picardie. St. Lambert J4S 1J2 671-8677 3 Westmount Sq. Apt. 1612, Mtl. H3Z 2S5 933-3788 624 Carleton Ave. Mtl. H3Y 2Y2 483-2456 5815 Bergevin, Brossard J4Z IZl 656-1261 2204 Dorchester West, Mtl. H3H 1R6 935-4195 2204 Dorchester West, Mtl. H3H 1R6 935-4195 1310 Scarboro Rd., Mtl. H3P 2S1 731-6662 4837 Hutchison, Mtl. H2V 4A4 ' 279-8993 351 Duke of Kent, Pointe Claire H9R 1Y5 697-7519 336 Portland, Mtl. H3R 1V5 737-2522 522 Mitchell Ave. Mtl. H3R 1L4 735-0821 735 Dunlop Ave. Mtl. H2V 2W5 733-9752 3622 Prud ' homme, Mtl. H3A 3H4 484-8634 7635 Milan Blvd., Brossard J4Y 1H6 676-8243 184 Handel Rd. Candiac J5R 1S5 632-5034 9 Burton Ave. Mtl. H3Z 1J6 486-6205 75 Belvedere Place. Westmount H3Y 1G6 931-8284 4859 Draper Ave. Mtl. H3X 3P6 488-4841 C o Univ. of Zimbabwe, Mount Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe 103 Vanguard Ave. P ointe Claire H9R 3T4 695-5309 167 Edgehill Rd. Mtl. H3Y 1E8 489-7830 419 Roslyn Ave. Mtl. H3Y 2T6 3300 Ridgewood Ave. Apt. 37 Mtl. H3V 1B8 737-3710 4900 Cote St. Luc Rd. Apt. 209 Mtl. H3W 2H3 481-2093 147 Lazard Ave. Mtl. H3R 1N6 738-3463 3210 Forest Hill Apt. 1408 Mtl. H3V 1C7 731-0966 4880 Westmount Ave. Westmount H3Y lYl 487-2179 4800 DeMaisonneuvve W. Apt. 501 Mtl. H3Z 1M2 931-4392 602 Victoria Ave. Westmount H3Y 2R9 488-9391 126 Wolsely Ave. N. Mtl. H4X 2R9 486-7723 44 York St. Mtl. H3Z 1N8 489-0552 610-17th Ave. Lachine H8S 3P5 637-5436 1090 AlbanelCroiss. Duvernay Laval H7G 4L1 663-9559 42 Forden Crescent, Westmount H3Y 2Y4 487-5516 3 Sunnyside Ave. Mtl. H3Y 1B9 931-0485 1615 Rousseau Cr. Brossard J4X 1S8 465-3354 4800 DeMaisonneuve W. Apt. 104 Mtl. H3Z 1M2 934-1662 30 Chaudiere Cr. Kirkland H9H 4C9 697-2336 4555 Bonavista Ave. Apt. 1010 Mtl. H3W 2C7 482-8535 352 Metcalfe Ave. Mtl. H3Z 2J3 933-3375 31 awarded to a fourth form girl for courtesy, char THE JEAN E. HARVIE M ftLi nwii(j d to a fourth form girl for participation in school activities and hig presented to Nad THE JANE WEQOLE MEMORIAL TROPH presented to eborah Gilsig. THECUMMIIG PRIZE, awarded fordev© into her work, a high standard of conduct, cheerfuin school, waspresented to Heidi Weigand. THE FAIRLE YRIZE, awarded for devotio i to her work, a high standard of conduct, academic life of the scHool, was presented to Christine Gilsenan and Betty Huang. THE GOVERNORS MEDAL, awarded to tl]e girl who has maintained the highest academic a presented to Patrma Willis. THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, shojwing herself friend! while maintaining a higKp ademic stanqard, was presented to Dawn Wiseman THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awar frcjto the mokt public-spirited of the senior girls, who at the sam time h of conduct, and shown devotiorHQher v ork, was presented to Heather Gold THE BRYAN PRIZE FOR CREATIVE WRlTljlG, presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Associatioli was awarded to Betty Huang THE JUNIOR CREATIVE WRITING 9 ttZE, Iresented by the English department, was awarde achievement, was ,ement, was life of the achievement and contributions to the erage throughout her fin» year, was helpful toall ntainedahigh standard THE RIDOLFI ART AWARD, presente! Tursi. 0 J ifer Quaid. 5 sifeior student for enthusiasm, interest and effort i h " 5ralf course, was awarded to Roseila SUBJECT PRIZES Patricia Willis Dawn Wiseman Rebecca Bird Caroline Cohen Liza Kessler Michelle Petrucci Sylvie Turcotte Katie Makkai Christine Maravei Kumu Puri Nadine Sivak Jennifer Mackenzie Cathy Moroz Physics. Mathematics, Frenc PhysicsSi pputer Scie] Chemistry History French Physics Computer Scielce Geometry, Chemistry] Goldstein Mecfillion (|panish) Economics Gmmfltry, C C lemistry assies. Biology, Geography assies. Geography 5 mTJTTms. ' Xiasacmii INTERHOUSE AWARDS THE WALKER CUP, presented to the winler of the House Drama Competition, was awarded he student earning the most House Points, was aw arded to Carey Knight of Ross House THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP, presented to THE INTERHOUSE SHIELD, presented to tRe ' Tfouse " eaTni by Donald House 0 Donald House. 32 PROFIENCY PRIZES AND CERTIFICATES PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Sarah Musgrave PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Christine Burke Melissa Mundell AlixOhlin PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Carey Knight PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Lisa Kwong Tricia Lee Sunita Mayer Jennifer Quaid PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Andrea Burke Jennifer Mackenzie PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Yiling Chang Nathalie Goldin Ingrid Hyder Tasha Kheirddin Cathy Moroz Estelle Richmond Jennifer Rogers Stacey Schwartz PROFICIENCY PRIZE AND CERTIFICATE: Sylvie Turcotte PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES: Maria Antoniou Elizabeth Kurien Katie Makkai Lisa Pasold Kumu Puri Nadine Sivak IMPROVEMENT AWARDS Brenda Wathey Paola Exiey Jelana Duncan BACK: Miss Moll(A), Gillian Mann(B), Jennifer Abramson(B), Saira Chaly(B), Mrs. Wightman(B), Heidi Carlson(B), Tanya Streete(B), Jenny Olders(B). SECOND BACK: Audrey Chan(B), Vicky Komjathy(B), Shari Kaye(B), Jennifer McClean(B), Bonnie Johnson(A), Jennifer Rack(A), Sandy Bauer(A), Jennifer Edgar(A), Trisha Sky(A), Anna Strom-Olsen(A), Marianne Wisenthal(A), Elena Cherney(B), Nancy Madruga(A), Leonora Lalla(A), Nancy Pasemko(B), Kimberly Butler(B). FRONT STANDING: Tanya Branco(A), Tara Young(A), Leslie Sheils(A), Katja Frostell(A), Darlene Dessureault(A), Jane Stevenson(A), Jodi Taylor(A), Sonja Farago(B), Zainab Murtaza(A), Reena Kazmi(A), Kristin McNeill(B), Felicia Matthews(A), Trish Hughes(B), Stephanie Carpenter(B), Shelley Hayes(B), Sara Johnston(A), Cassie Carroll(B), Carolyn Abramowitz(B). FRONT KNEELING: Betty Tam(A), Tanya Schecter(A), Leslie-Ann Symansky(A), Margo Pollock(B), Samantha Bateman(A), Debbie Parker(B), Avery Kaufman(B), Lisa Singer(A), Kori Perlman(B), Ruth Cawdron(A), Jill Shadley(A), Lynne Echenberg(B), Nazira Amra(B). YORm TUJO BACK: Mrs. Kalisky(A), Natalie Hardt(A), Colleen Thouez(A), Lisa Carpenter(A). Michele Shashoua(B). Cynthia Desjardins(B), Lisa Miller(B), Alix Ohlin(B), Stephanie Rich(B), Diane McMath(B), Jennifer Johnstone(B), Annika Stein(B), Susan Garforth(B), Bethan Mowat(B), ZoeChee(A). Genevieve Farago(B), Lola Sheppard(B). SECOND BACK: Mrs. Hara(B), Pasley Preston(A), Melanie Goodz(A). Sara Wilkins(A), Clare Nash(B), Fedra Braniotis(B), Mamie Blanshay(A), Christine Burke(A), Karina Curtis(A), Sarah Musgrave(A), Christy Laf lamme(A), Melissa Mundell(A), Sarah Daly(B), Lorraine Chapdelaine(A). FRONT STANDING: Mireille Mendioroz(A), Michelle Heisler(A), Meredith Jones(B), Dionne Codrington(B), Tracy Pratt(B), Jody von Colditz(B), Joanne Kay(A), Azra Khan(A), Melany Rourke(A), Jessalyn Gilsig(A). Macy Allan(A), Geeta Ekbote(A), Christina Halasz(B), Jennifer Alderson(A). SITTING: Gilda Alf iero(A). Dina Roumanis(A), Faye Boyce(A). Caria Wainwright(B), Diane Walsh(A). Robin Krystantos(B). Stacey Struthers(B), Paola Bozzer(B), Sandy Cope(B), Sara Struthers(A), Astrid Kihl(B), Dawn Lambert(B), Yasmin Ahmed(B). Vanessa Logie(A). 39 BACK: Laura Losonczi(B), Melanie Haggerty(B), Lara Speirs(B), Katie Wadsworth(B), Tricia Lee(B), Valerie Marcel(B), Jill Steinberg(B), Gina Pinsky(A), Audrey Kessler(A), Melissa Lubotta(A), liana Schwartz(B), Jody Shugar(A), Sari Karper(B), Jill Baron(B), Bonnie Satov, Naomi Klein(B), Celia Wallace(B), Christine Sandilands(A), Sunita Mayer(A), Veronica Nazareth(A). SECOND BACK: Mrs. Nicolaidis(A), Cathy Delafontaine(A), Bryn Caron(A), Robbie Sanders(A), Yu Li(A), Subuhi Abidi(A), Lisa Kwong(A), Rina Gupta(A), Claudine Saleh(A). Morena Tursi(A), Jessica Aronoff(A), Katie Asch(A), Tricia Pepper(A), Danielle Saputo(B). FRONT STANDING: Miss den Hertog(B), Connie Laufer(B), Carey Knight(B), Dorothy Wong(B), JenniferQuaid(B), Tara Cope(B), Andrea Peplow(A), Lisa Elkin(B), Nathalie Hollinger(A), Julie Kronish(A), Galit Janco(A), Shirin Rabb(A), Sharon Marks(B). Wendy Wathey(B), Cheryl Zacharie(B). FRONT SITTING: Kathy Lund(B), Tanya Fournier(B), Susie Kuchei(B), Michelle Stewart{B), Kathy White(B). ABSENT: Stephanie Robson(A), Debbie Levy(A). BACK: Miss Boislard(B), Daniela Akerblom(B), Ingrid Hyder(B), Nima Spaniel(B), Philippe Klein(A), Lisa Phillips(B), Leslie Salter(B), Anthea de Silva(B), Audrey Bauer(B), Julie Arel(B), Carolin IVIcCormack(A), Nicola Wolters(A), Kim Forrest(A), Jennifer Groundwater(A), Maria Cundy(A), Cindy Vanderheyden(A), Maria McAlpine(A), Brenda Wathey(A), Ruby Har(A), Annie Laufer(B), Sharon Freedman(B), Diana Saakian(A), Cathy Moroz(A), Paula Parsons(B). SECOND BACK: Mme Boilly(A), Cindy Lee(B), Andrea Burke(B), Linda Lee(B), Kathie Evans(B), Cheryl Annesley(B), Cathy Jansen(B), Randi Perlman(A), Georgia Bouchoutsos(A), Wendy Tam(A), Sabrina Dinucci(B), Manita Shine(A), Cathy Choi(B), Diana Lim(A), Frans Braniotis(A). FRONT STANDING: Tara Mani(A), Daphne Tsadilas(B), Alison Carpenter(B), Wendy Stein(B), Tamara Richards(A), Jo Goodman(A), Wendy Kinnear(B), Taline Seropian(A), Stacey Schwartz(A), Nathalie Goldin(B), liana Stein(A), Lisa Campeau(B). SITTING: Tanya Naylor(A), Estelle Richmond(B). Felicia Williamson(A), Stephanie Blanshay(A), Kirsten Macleod(B), Jennifer Schloss(B). ABSENT: Jennifer MacKenzie(A). Castles in the Sand Like castles in the sand I built my dreams, Majestic in sight but yet so weak. By breeze away are swept grain by grain No eye can see until just a few remain. Like castles in the sand ashore the sea, That stand until they ' re washed away, and I, Nor any other ever see again The dreams that will never come to life. Like castles in the sand I built my dreams. Alone at night ashore the restless sea. Alone I am beelow the darkened sky, The lonely wind, majestic skies and me. Below the spaceless sky I search a star, Upon which I ' ll dare to make a wish. But like a blindman, I can see no light No castles in the sand remain tonight. Upon the horizon, for horizon is no more Where waters meet the skies, I cannot see. Like ruins in the sand tonight remain, The lifeless dreams I ' ve built ashore the sea. Diana Saakian 4a Monday Mornings: Savings of a Trafalgar Lunatic I sat on the bus on Monday morning, going to school from god-forsaken Pointe Claire. I was petrified, scared stiff at the thought of a Trafalgar Monday morning. I broke out into a cold sweat, my fists clenched and unclenched in desperation, and I was swallowed in the depths of a vivid nightmare as I thought of this Monday. I imagined myself caught in a Venus fly trap of French verbs. An awful combination of Latin adjectives, math equations, historic dates, and topographic maps sucked me down into a giant quicksand pool. Teachers leered at me from the safe shores of the quicksand pool, grotesque charicatures of a once decent profession. Gaudy neon signs blinked sassily on and off, flashing " ADVENTURES IN READING!!! " in green and gold letters. Bells rang crazily, uselessly. Everything seemed to point at me accusingly, saying " You ' re late! You ' re late ON A MONDAY MORNING!!!! " After an eternity, I reached school and realized I was late. I had completely missed homeroom and assembly. The fear seized me anew and sent me rushing around in an irrational fury. I finally ran down a hallway toward my first class, a hallway that seemed to grow longer the more I ran. I was there at last. I paused for a millisecond with my hand on the doorknob, shuddering at what lay inside, all my nightmares and fears. I opened the door and tiptoed in AlexOhlin The Drop of Life It glows so brilliantly as it catches the first sign of light in days. If I look closely I can see a rainbow, but not for long. It disappears before I have time to know if it was really there. The cold from the window pane freezes my nose sending chills up and down my spine. I snuggle deeper into the cushion that is my home. The bottom of the window is now a thick sheet of fog. But I can still see the beauty of the outside world. Then again, the rainbow catches my eye. I see it fall, frozen from the cold. It shatters as it hits the cold unwelcoming pavement, only to be replaced by another. Stephanie Rich Mountain A battlefield of ambition, To reach the silver moon. But hopes are soon shattered In despair, Surrendering itself to the clouds. Taking with it its only memories - Of lonely echoes brought by winds. CarIa Wainwright Form 2 48 A Source of Solace I lie in my bed and envelope myself in my comforter. I let its softness surround me and the heat build upas if warmed by the sun. I my nose in its coziness to inhale the fragrance of a flowery spring breeze, the scent that brings memories of Aprils past. bury Yet, I think back to the time when this comforter shone with the brightness of new, and I see the freshness of youth, portrayed by that wrinkle-free, crisp cluster of purple and red flowers carelessly clinging on tovines of green on a white back-drop. As I lie there enswathed in my downy cloud of heat I wonder, " If I should climb those vines of green, would I find a melodious golden harp and a splendid castle in the sky, as Jack did? " But now, scarred by the wear of time, lumpy in certain places and the red and purple blossoms faded by numerous washings, this comforter must be my oldest friend. This is the friend I can cry into yet it never bores of hearing my sorrows; one that I could wrestle and punch when my frustrations boil over but would never answer me with hostile words or even cry out in pain; and then one to watch over me, protect me, keep me warm as I drift into the arms of Morpheus. Geeta Ekbote Form 2 Unicorns Mysterious and undiscovered, Said to be found in the enchanted kingdoms Of the world... In the deserts of Australia, The tropical jungles of large, wild Africa, And the forests of North America. In the waterfalls, beside castle walls. At the presence of a rainbow. In the deepest, most fragile snow. Creatures of God, signifying beauty, As the dove signifies peace. Reality? There is no question. But why man, does he not have it In his possession? Just look at all other beasts of God ' s creation... No wonder, he does not let us touch The beauty of his nation... Can we be taught this vital lesson? Or is this too, out of our human possession. " J Colleen Thouez The World of Whiteness In a fury, the unicorn kicks her heels up in play. Sending a shower of white fur along her path. Everywhere she touches with her magical horn. Is dappled swiftly with a gentle mist. As she breathes through her delicate nostrils. She sends tiny puffs of shivering cold down upon the still and blanketed land of men. Melissa Mundell Ik ELEPHANT by Lisa Pasold 5b The men were slowly taking the great tent down. The huge pieces of canvas were rolled with care and loaded onto the trucks. I watched these people work with awe. It was the first time that I had ever seen a circus. I had of course read about them, but our town was very small, and large shows or events rarely performed here. There was also the elephant. I was fascinated by this huge animal. He had briefly appeared, wearing a golden harness, in the circus ' show. A tiny man had whipped the beast ' s feet with a chain, and the elephant had risen majestically on his hind legs. He had trumpeted once, and then had been led away. I had sat enthralled. I did not really watch the remainder of the show as I was dreaming about elephants. I saw myself in Africa, riding through the lush vegetation pictured in my jungle book. My steed was the elephant, with his sparkling bridle. I imagined him trumpeting happily, occasionally tearing up a tree with his trunk and eating it with delight. But the circus was leaving today. The only elephant I had ever seen (and I reasoned that he could well be my last) was disappearing without me. I was determined to at least say goodbye to him and so made my way to his truck. There was no one near the truck. I swung open the door and stared into the dark. I shall always remember the smell of that darkness, the horrible smell of filth and rot. I was afraid for the elephant and wondered if he had left the circus. I wondered where he had gone. It was then that I noticed a form in the truck. In the dim sunlight that shone in the doorway, I could see him. He was lying, crumpled, his great head flung back at an unnatural angle. He did not move when I called him, remained motionless, and I threw the apple I had brought for him at his stomach. I crept up to him and, hardly breathing touched his ear. It was cold, too cold, and rigid. I turned and leapt from the truck. The circus left in the afternoon. I did not watch it drive off. Instead, I stayed in my room, crying, and looked angrily at the pictures in my jungle book. An Older Image I looked into a mirror And saw an image That I have never seen before I see a dried up petal And yet, I see much more. The radiant shining lips Are now in the form of a frown I see the silver-white hair Of what used to be brown Now there ' s wrinkling, sagging tissue. That now has to be soothed That used to be such lovely skin Which was so clear and smooth I see the beautiful blue eyes Which now have turned to grey And I see a whole image Slowly fading away. I squint into the mirror But now there ' s nothing left to see Because there is no beautiful flower Which used to be me. Rock of Ages by Natalie Hardt I am a four hundred year old rock. Ah, how I remember the days when I was a young boulder. I was a strong, firm boulde r facing the sun. A thin layer of soft moss grew on my back. I remember the young loving couples that sat on me happily, fresh faced, exchanging loving words. How I then longed to be a young boy i running with my mate. I still reminisce about the families of children, mother and father, that dined their picnic lunch on my warm back. They were always so happy. While the adults gossiped, their children would play hide and seek. Their favorite hiding place was behind me, where my broad shoulders shaded their glowing faces. But I had one faithful visitor, a young girl who had no friends. She would climb up the mountain every Friday, and sit with me, telling me her secrets and sorrows. I always felt a closeness to her, and sometimes believed she could under- stand me when I responded. Suddenly the ocean became angry, and swept into the air, carrying a spray I could feel at the tip of the mountain. It swept on to land and into the village on the seashore, flooding the streets and smashing the huts. And I, dry and warm, elevated from the wave, heard the cries of grief and desperation. Today, two hundred years later, I am a decayed old rock, eroded from rain and wind; depressed by loneliness and unimportance. I can no longer see happy faces and feel the touch of a human j hand. I am left alone, on the peak of a mountain, for the storms to blow on, and the rain to fall on. The wind is cold, but as I think, a flower begins to bloom beside me, and my heart is warmed. Perhaps, I may again have a friend. Alive to Dead by Jennifer Quaid The golden sand sparkles in the sunlight, the entire beach is shining. The clear and cloudless, bright blue sky is seemingly endless as it joins the ocean in the horizon. Blue is everywhere. The foaming waters of the ocean crash onto the sand and then slide up the shore, only to retreat back to the ocean. The tide is out and a thin sandbar extends out, parallel to the coast, leaving small pools of water on the beach. Kingfishers sit in these pools, bill in the water, trying to catch some trapped minnows. Overhead gulls screech, a high pitched noise, circling in the air in search of a catch. On the beach, transparent circular jellyfish melt, in the brilliant sun ' s exposure. In the sand near the waves are tiny crab holes which bubble when covered in water. Off in the distance, the image of a ship is seen, but it is so miniscule that it is almost an insignificant part of the scene. Boom! Bang! The sound of a large explosion disrupts the scene. Off in the distance, bright and orangey red flames leap up, consuming the distant sun making it a huge fiery mass. However all in the scene soon lose interest in the incident and return to what each was originally occupied with. Time passes... the sun is now blocked by a thick grey layer of cloud, which now fills the sky. The kingfishers have flown away and the waves crash with a new force onto the shore. The tide is coming in. Something odd catches the eye, one hundred feet away, the sea appears unnaturally dark and coated, the foam of those waves is a dark grey colour. One wonders if it is the absence of sunlight, which gives the scene such a dull, dark, sombre atmosphere. The black, coated sea approaches the shore, a seemingly evil front, like an undefeatable enemy army, closing in for the attack. Now the evil waters crash forth on the sand, sliding up the shoreline, blackening everything in its path with its thick, greasy slime. The water now retreats, but the blackness remains. Now one notices white, silvery oval shapes glued in the ink-like substance. One gull makes a fateful dive at these shapes, but, at the same moment, a second black wave washes in, surrounding it in the jet slime, making it too a prisoner. It soon stumbles, trying, to escape from the blackness, but its wings are covered and it becomes another image in the slime. The sand no longer sparkles in the sunlight, for the beach is black. The gulls are no longer there, screeching above the crashing waves, and one cannot locate a single jellyfish on the shore. The waves are no longer white and foamy, but grey and black. This scene has changed from bright to black, happy to sad, alive to dead. Revery Sitting on the window sill, in the den, while the rest of the family is watching television, I look outside and forget everything else around me. It seems so peaceful, with the crisp, white snow falling from the heavens to the other snowflakes resting on the ground, after their long journey from above. There is a small breeze, the trees sway back and forth letting go of the piles of snow they hold in their arms. The flakes sprinkle slowly to the ground, to meet their fellow companions. There are only dim, cloudy street lights outside to illuminate the road, guiding lonely, lost strangers to their destinations. The snow shimmers when the small beams from the light are reflected upon it. There is one pair of foot prints, marking the sidewalk outside my house. Everything is pleasant and silent. It will be sad to leave my warm and cozy spot by the window, when I am told to go to bed, but right now I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. In my imagination, I am the only creature living in this world of shining white. by Sarah Daly After the War Rain will fall, flowers will grow Lightning will strike, wind will blow Fish will swim, and birds will soar Before the war. Men will leave to risk their lives. Kissing goodbye mothers and wives. Rich families will suddenly become poor And then there will be war. Women will mourn for those men away. Praying they ' ll return safely one day. There will be darkness, sorrow, blood and gore, During the war. Rain will fall, flowers will grow Lightning will strike, wind will blow- But man will be no more After the war. by A. Ohiin This year we have been particularly fortunate in having several fascinating people visit the School. In fact, two acclaimed Canadian writers have come to talk with us. As speaker for the Trafalgar-Ross Lecture. Ms. Adele Wiseman vivaciously discussed her literary career. She then answered our questions about her work. Later in October. Ms. Mavis Gallant visited the School and read one of her superb short stories to the fifth form. She too was very willing to answer our questions and even offered some advice for our own short story assignments. We look forward to more literary guests at Trafalgar. Mavis Gallant ■;3— ■ — As part of the grade eleven ' s model United Nations, we were very fortunate to receive a visit from former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Tru- deau. Mr. Trudeau was asked a wide variety of questions by the students and his answers were thorough, informative and very interesting. We all greatly appreciated this unique opportunity to meet with one of the great political and distin- guished figures of the twentieth century. Adele Wiseman 59 This year ' s Trafalgar School drama production was 50 ' s musical called Ducktail ' s and Bobby- socks. It was directed by Mr. Learo, Traf ' s new music and drama teacher. It was a great success. inTeRKXJse 62 Traf ' s Annual Variety Show was great. The acts were a lot of fun and we had a memorable day. 63 64 ir EPI (% ' S This year ' s theme for houseplays was " Mysteries " . T houses came up with five very original, very humouro plays. Donald won with their production, " Return of t Purple Panther " . They were followed by Fairley who present " Farley ' s Angels " . Next was Gumming, with ' Murder on t Gumming Express " , then Ross ' s " Who Shot Gharlie Brown ' i Last but not least was Barclay ' s " Nancy Drew Layton and t Hearty Girls " . DONALD: Mrs. Henophy, Kumu Puri, Johanne Dinucci, 4t form rep.- Nathalie Goldin. FAIRLEY; Miss Moll, Michele Mani, Jen Maude, 4th. form rep.- Stacy Shortz. 11 r " Thank you, Madame Speaker. The Debating Club would simply like to thank Mrs. Wightman for her superb coaching. We could not succeed without her. " Pictured above: Back: A. Burke, J. Quaid, C. Moroz. Middle: A. Carpenter, N. Goidin, L. Kaufman. Front: C. Knight, L. Speirs, J. Wedge, S. Zelman. Absent: J. Lord, T. Nkiwane, L. Pasold, N. Sivak. illllllll II This year our news- paper The View add- ed many new sections. Our February contest added to the spirit of the carnival. The Graduate was also great success. We had a lot of fun and we hope it will continue next year. 68 i ' i - ■0 MflTION§ The grads participated in a model United Nations with the grade elevens at Lower Canada College. It was a very interesting day, and the students found it a great experience. 69 71 ! JUVENILE TEAM: J. Lord; S. Lord; J. Maude; C. Nacos; B. Peres; E. Richmond; J. Sadler; S. Thomp- son; V. Wang. VICTORY!! is the word to describe our Juvenile team. They were the top team in their G.M.A.A. division, and they reached the semifinals at the Vanier Invitational Tournament. Under the guidance of their coach Miss Layton, and the team leaders- hip of captains Christina Nacos and Vivian Wang, this highspirited group has bumped and volleyed its way to triumph! MIDGET TEAM: F. Braniotis; N. Goldin; J. Goodman; W. Kinnear; C. Knight; C. Moroz; J. Schloss; N. Spaniel; W. Stein; F. Williamson. Our Midget team has been almost equally as successful. They placed fifth in their division, and carried off the silver medals at the Beaconsfield Invitational. tennis tennis tennis nBL v tennis tennis tennis tennis tennis 3 t ' smua; smuaj smuaj smuai s uud smua; smua smua; smua 74 F TNESS 3: 75 BASKET A m JUVENILE TEAM: Cathy Jansen; Wendy Kinnear; Cathy Moroz; Christina Nacos; Tamara Richards; Jennifer Sadler; Jen Schloss; Taline Seropian; Shaun Thompson; Sylvie Turcotte. Our Juvenile team has been extre- mely successful this year. They have won the majority of their games, thanks to the cooperation of the team members, Miss Layton ' s coa- ching, and the leadership of team captains, Cathy Jansen and Chris- tina Nacos. BANTAM TEAM: Joyce Cameron; Susan Garforth; Shelley Hayes; Trish Hughes; Joanne Kay; Kristen McNeill; Tracy Pratt; Jill Shadley; Anna Strom-Olsen; Caria Wainwright. Our Bantam team, coached by Miss den Hertog, has played with spirit | and enthusiasm and has been a great success. 77 The gymnastics team, under the excel- lent coaching of Mile Lanteigne, had a terrific season. The team participated with great enthusiasm and spirit in various meets. Medals were won in many divisions such as the vault, the bars and the floor. TEAM MEMBERS: J. Alderson, S. Bauer, M. Jones, A. Kaufman, R. Krys- tantos, M. Mendioroz, A. Ohiin, J. Quaid, S. Rich, J. Taylor. Substitutes: E. Cher- ney, T. Young. 78 The theme of this year ' s Gym Dem was toys and games. The routines were most creative and enjoyable. The more memorable were " The Toy Box " , " Building Blocks " and " Soldiers " . The Mat and Box Clubs, coached by Mile Lanteigne, were impressive as were the Free Cal routines. " G " Badges are awarded to girls who have attained a high standard in gymnastics and or games during the year: J. Gilsig, N. Goldin, C. Jansen, C. Knight, J. Quaid, J. Sadler, J. Schloss, W. Stein, S. Thompson. " Stars " are awarded to girls who have pre- viously won a " G " Badge and who have maintained a high standard: W. Kinnear, C. Moroz, C. Nacos, S. Turcotte, V. Wang. The Lucy Box Award for sportmanship, athletic ability, enthusiasm and cooperation was awarded to Christina Nacos. ,1 LGvm Dem 8? ATHLETIC AWARDS 1983-1984 THE STOCKING CUP Presented to the Form showing the best spirit and most improvement in Athletics: FORM lA THE JUNIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD Presented to the Junior Form which had the best performance in this year ' s Gym Dem: FORM IB THE SENIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD Presented to the Senior Form which had the best performance in this year ' s Gym Dem: FORM IIIB THE JUNIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP Presented to the winner of the Junior Form Basketball Tournament: FORM IIB THE SENIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP Presented to the winner of the Senior Form Basketball Tournament: FORM VA THE JUNIOR SPORTS CUP Presented to the Form winner of the Junior Form Relay: FORM lA THE INTERMEDIATE SPORTS CUP Presented to the winner of the Intermediate Form Relay: A fc- FORM IIIB " ' THE SENIOR SPORTS CUP Presented to the winner of the Senior Form Relay: FORM VA THE TRAFALGAR BADMINTON CUP Presented to the winner of Senior Interform Badminton Singles Competition: CHRISTINA NACOS THE INTERHOUSE BASKETBALL CUP FAIRLEY HOUSE THE INTERHOUSE VOLLEYBALL CUP BARCLAY HOUSE THE INTERHOUSE BADMINTON CUP DONALD HOUSE THE INTERHOUSE TENNIS CUP ROSS HOUSE THE INTERHOUSE FIELD DAY CUP BARCLAY HOUSE School Captain: C. Nacos School Lieutenant: S. Thompson Lisa Pasold, Editor, Nadine Sivak, Assistant Editor ; ur? 84 Estelle Richmond Mrs. Randall, Miss den Hertog, Mrs. Hara, Advisors ECHOES STAFF 84-85 Editor- Lisa Pasold Assistant- Nadine Sivak Photographers- Jennifer Maude Estelle Richmond Activities- Jessica Mosher Assistant- Kirsten Macleod Art + Lit- Nathalie Goldin Nima Spaniel Sports- Kumu Puri Assistants- Andrea Burke Jennifer Mackenzie Candids- Joanna Wedge Captions- Michele Mani Stephanie Zelman Advertising- Leslie Kaufman Cathy Moroz 85 TOGA NEI I S THE CLASS OF 1984 All fifty-one students in the graduating class received their high school leaving certificates from the Quebec Ministry of Education. Forty-four of these girls are attending CEGEP ' s in Quebec as follows: At Marianopolis are Kim Anderson, Rebecca Bird, Barbara Dawson, Kendra Durnford, Li-Hsien Fan, Heather Gold, Betty Huang, Liane Keightley, Liza Kessler, Caroline Laflamme, Tammy Lazare, Tina Leber, Sophie Lynch-Staunton, Brigid McKenna, Ann Osana, Laura Perry, Nicola Philpott, Mary Sweeney, Dawn Wiseman, KatherineWoltersand Kimmy Wong. At John Abbott are Angela Bissett, Natalie Comeau, Jelana Duncan, Marley Guyda, Carolyn McCullough, Heather Outer- bridge, Megan Potter and Laura Shiomi. At Vanier are Sue Ann Blauer, Ruth Costa, Susan Homa, Carole Jakubovic, Janice Johnson, Suzette Madruga and Jane Wilkins. Caroline Cohen and Christine Gilsenan are at Jean-de-Brebeuf, Gillian Morrison and Michele Petrucci are at Champlain, Stephanie Laberge is at St. Laurent, Anne-Marie Desjardins is at Andre-Grassett, Shaun Richards is at Centennial and Ligia Sanches is at Dawson. Four students are studying in Ontario. Caroline Applebee is at North Toronto Collegiate, and Lissa Constantine is takingGrade 13 in Ottawa. Savriti Manmohansingh is at the Bishop Strachan School in Toronto and Wendy Rochester is at Carleton University in Ottawa. In the Maritimes, Heidi Weigand is at Dalhousie in Halifax and Patsy Willis is at Acadia University in Wolfville. Lise Dube is continuing her studies at Northfield Mount Herman School in the United States and Lara Lazare is studying at Neuchatel in Switzerland. NEWS OF OTHER CLASSES 1983: Sabina Altenhaus is at Vanier. At Jean-de-Brebeuf are Jacqueline Angus and Stephanie Leith in second year of " Sciences " , and Claudia Besso and Alison Mercer in second year of " Communications " . Nandra Bhargava is in First Year Science at Western. Natalie Dumoulin is representing Montreal on a Rotary Club Exchange and is living for a year in Dinant, Belgium, where she is enrolled in the Academy of Arts in dance and continuing her studies in French. She has also travelled to Holland, France and Italy, and another exchange trip to England is planned in the spring. Last year she attended Jean-de-Brebeuf, and plans to return there in the fall of 1985. Melissa Haggerty and Lisa Zukov are in second year of " Arts Plastiques " at Jean-de-Brebeuf. Anna Maclachlan is in First Year Honours Computer Science at McMaster. Jane McLaren is in First Year Arts and Science at Queen ' s. Katie Pratt is in First Year Science at the University of Guelph, preparingtogo on to the Veterinary Science course. Stephani Risk is in First Year at Queen ' s, aiming for a B.A. with honours. She is majoring in Economics, at least for the present. Roberta Wedge and Andrea Zeliger are in second year of " Sciences Humaines " at Jean-de-Brebeuf. Gisela Schmidt entered Royal Roads Armed Forces College in Victoria, B.C., m July, 1984. She plans to obtain an engineering degree as well as to become an officer in the Canadian Forces. 1982: Bri(iittf; Altenhaus gained her D.E.C. in " Arts Plastiques " from Jean- de Brebeuf last year and is taking an Honours course at Concordia in Graphic Design and Art History. Kelly Ann Amey has moved to Toronto, and IS at York University, in the second year of a four year honours programme in Coordinated Business, Karen Biernaski is taking Commerce at Concordia. Chris Bush is in first year Arts at McGill. Elizabeth Crompton received the D.E.C. from Jean-de-Brebeuf in " Sciences Humaines " last year. Constance Exiey is on the Honor List (i.e. 80% average) for the Session H-84 in Social Science, at the St. Lambert Campus of Champlain College. Nancy Echenberg received her D.E.C. in " Sciences Humaines " from Jean-de-Brebeuf last year, and is studying Law at the University of Ottawa. Christine Haubenreisser has graduated from Marianopolis and begun a Bachelor of Business Administration course at I ' Ecoie des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, an affiliate of the Universite de Montreal. Philippa Jones has been on the Honor List for the Sessions A-83 and H-84 in Social Science, at the St. Lambert Campus of Champlain College. Heidi Ludwick is in second year arts at the University of Toronto majoring in Sociology. Judith Maclaren is in second year Arts at Western. Adele Marshall received her D.E.C. from Jean-de-Brebeuf in " Sciences " last year. Diane Moquin-Leonard and Barbie Outerbridge are in first year McGill. Louise Panet-Raymond, having received her D.E.C. from Jean-de- Brebeuf is in second year at Carleton. Lesley Penny received her D.E.C, in December from the Lennoxville Campus of Champlain College, She and sister Janet are planning to go to Europe in the spring for several months. Julia Sassen is studying at Carleton University. Laurie-Anne Tough is in first year North American studies at McGill. majoring in History and Economics. Nathalie Wechsler is in Second Year at the University of Syracuse. 1981: Linda Cappelli received the D.E.C. in " Sciences Humaines " from Jean- de-Brebeuf last year. Jane Crutchfield is studying Phys Ed at McGill. Marie DesPeignes received her D.E.C. in " Sciences " last year from Jean-de-Brebeuf. Anne Halley is in second year at Bishop ' s, taking Sociology. Patricia Murray is in Second Year Fine Arts at Concordia, taking Studio Art. She is engaged to be married (in 1986). Kate Wilson is in Third Year Canadian Studies at Queen ' s. 1980: Lynne Biernaski will graduate from McGill this spring in Industrial Relations. Michelle Catterill is working in England. Monica Furer has entered First Year Medicine at the University of Manitoba, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream. She spent the last six weeks of summer visiting her parents in Singapore. Tracy Helm received her B.A. degree from Trent University in June, and was awarded the 1984 French Consul General ' s Prize for general proficiency in French in the Third year of the Ordinary Degree Programme. She has now returned to Trent to do her Honours year in French and Canadian studies. Christina Issaris, Form III ' 80, finished high school in Halkis, Greece, and is now in second year of English Philology at the University of Athens. She is glad that most of her classes are once more in English! Susan Jany is at the University of Waterloo, taking the course in ophthalmology. Maren Mehnert was one of the two finalists in the Miss Montreal contest held at the Four Seasons Hotel in May. After graduating from Traf , Maren took Grade 12 at Stanstead and then did two years of Economics at Carleton. Last year she studied fashion merchandising at LaSalle College, and also joined a modelling school. She planned to return to university after finishing her course at LaSalle. Marilyn Meikle is working as an estate counsellor with the firm of Earl Jones and Associates Reg ' d. Maryanne Moroney, Form IV ' 80 will receive her B.A. in History this May from the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts. Liz Schwenk is in her final year of Honours in Business Administration at the University of Western Ontario. 86 1979: Jane Brumwell has moved to Toronto and is working at a group home for mentally handicapped young adults. Pamela Hall received her B.A. from Bishop ' s last May, with First Class Honours in Drama, Major in Music, also receiving the University Prizes for Drama and Music. In addition, she won one of the two President ' s Prizes for her academic standing, and the Hon. G. Howard Ferguson Cup and the Chief Justice Greenshields Prize for participation in university activities. Mary Maclachlan graduated from Carleton in June in Mathematics, and is now working as a programmer in the Computer Science department at Carleton. Susan Marshall received her B. Comm. from McGill last year and is working on her C.A. while employed by Fuller Jenks Landau. Joni Noel has returned from Edmonton after a successful year at the University of Alberta as an exchange student, and has returned to Bishop ' s to complete her degree. Barbara Wise is studying law at the University of Ottawa. Toni Zannis received her B.Ed, from McGill last June, and is now teaching at Villa Maria. 1978: Julie Moroney Furey has entered the Master in Business Administration Program at Northwestern University, Chicago. Janet Penny will receive her Bachelor of Social Work degree from McGill this May. Cynthia Roberts is working as a fashion photographer in Toronto. Julia Tilden Swiggum received her M.A. in English from Queen ' s last summer. She now lives in Toronto, and has started a Ph.D. course in English at the University of Toronto; she has received a Canada Council grant. 1977: Alison Hancox has been working as a Project Group leader with Katimavik. Her new home, a lovely old brick house, is in the country near Fitzroy Harbour, Ont., where she lives with twelve teenage Katimavik volunteers, whom she supervises,- and two cats! Alison is planninga trip to Australia, India, Nepal and Europe this spring. Sylvia Denning Melville is now living in Toronto. Wendy Moore works in Toronto as a development analyst in the IBM Lab. Belinda Rankovich is now in Second Year Medicine at the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia. 1976: Janet Lewis last April entered the M.A. in Commerce programme at Waseda University in Tokyo. All her courses except one have been in Japanese, so it has been quite a challenge, but she will be able to write her thesis in English. Her area of specialization is management of international trade. Martha Hiam White is now living permanently in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. She still owns the Stinson House Restaurant in Burlington, Ontario. 1975: Margrit Buchholz is still in the armed forces and has reached the rank of Captain. She is now an air-traffic controller at CFB Comox, B.C. Jackie Hall recently spent a year in Paris and then about a year in Saskatoon before moving to Toronto, where she now works and is taking courses in literature and dance. Reisa Lash is now living in Toronto, after receiving her B.A. in Psychology at McGill. She has been working as an Instructor for the Metropolitan Toronto Association for the Retarded, and returned to college in the summer to begin her studies towards a Master of Social Work degree. Marg Pigot Rivard received her M.Sc. from McGill at the 1984 Fall Convocation. Ruth Simons is studying for her Master ' s degree in Speech Pathology at the University of Toronto. Susana Torrents, Upper II ' 75, is spending her third year of university at the Sorbonne in Paris. Winnie Tse, who still works in a downtown law firm in Toronto, was called to the Bar of Ontario last April. Deb Perry Walsh graduated last spring from Guelph with an Honours B.Sc, specializing in Wildlife Biology. MARRIAGES 1980: Nov. 1981 Aug. 1982 Aug. 1983 Winter 8 Susan Fulton to Murray W. Taylor, in Toronto Joanne Palmer to Adrian Foster, in Vermont 21 Deborah Perry to Michael Walsh Judith Ann Stevenson to Harm Philip Gross in Jakarta, Indonesia 1984: Feb. 20 Martha Hiam to William T. White April Sarah Carnegie to John Curtosi (Jiva Mukta dasa) in the Hare Krishna Temple, Toronto May 12 Alison Noel to Dennis Frank Medaglia, in Ottawa May 12 Sylvia Denning to John Melville, in Burlington, Ont. June 8 Julia Tilden to David Swiggum, in Pointe Claire June 22 Sabine Hoff to Stephan Rudolph, in Buchholz, West Germany July 21 Heather Lunan to Norman Ross Carson July 28 Stephanie Luetticken to Nabil Fanoub Sept. 29 Jane Brumwell to Michael James Doyle, in Brampton, Ont. BIRTHS 21 02 83 Bruce and Ellen Nemec Charkow, a son 14 02 84 Lenny and April Kape Scott, a daughter 21 02 84 Don and Jackie Warren Cogland, a son 09 03 84 Murray and Susan Fulton Taylor, a son, in Toronto 15 04 84 Michael and Cyndy Eraser Gilbert, a son 16 04 84 Trevor and Gail Goodfellow Skutezky, a daughter 1 4 05 84 Paul and Robin Gagnier Michetti, a daughter 19 06 84 Dr. Marie Gauthier and Dr. S.S. Rizvi, a son, in Groton, Mass. 19 06 84 Mark and Catherine Tombs Somma, a son 26 06 84 Michael and Merrilyn Hodgson Martineau, a son, in Ottawa 04 07 84 Richard and Lesley Harris Bercuson, a daughter 07 07 84 Joe and Margaret Coyle Parish, a daughter, in Brockville 11 08 84 Franco and Lucille Dorken Fragomeni, a son, in Trenton 10 10 84 Anthony and Cornelia Peabody Stroka, a daughter, in Calgary 26 11 84 Ross and Nancy LaVigne Barrett, a son, in Montreal 02 02 85 Alan and Shirley Aboud Poirier, a son, in Medicine Hat, Alta. DEATHS On Nov. 1, 1983, in Montreal. Mrs. Norah MacDowell (Norah Hodgson), Class of 1916. On Feb. 16, 1984, in Kingston, Ont., Mrs. Peter Case (Diane Pefanis), Class of 1972. On April 1, 1984, in England, Dr. Alma Howard, Class of 1930. On J une 16, 1984 , in Montreal, Mrs. W. Wynne Robinson (Clark Dunlop), Class of 1906. On July 20, 1984, in Montreal, Mrs. Ted McKinney (Dolores Woolnough), Past Student 1945-1947. On Sept. 26, 1984, in Montreal, Mrs. Alan King(Geraldine MacKinnon), Past Student 1937-1941. On Nov. 24, 1984, in Montreal, Mrs. Charles Droste (Doris Zinsstag), Class of 1927. On Dec. 9, 1984, at Pierrefonds Manor, Mrs. Andrew Fleming, M.B.E. (Ruth Stevenson), Past Student 1902-1907. On Dec. 11, 1984, in Montreal, Eileen Peters, Class of 1925. On Jan. 12, 1985, in Vancouver, Muriel Bedford-Jones, Class of 1922. On Jan. 16, 1985, in Ottawa, Mrs. James J. Macdonnell (Audrey Grafton), Past Student 1926-1930. 87 Compliments of Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Saputo and Daughters Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Johnstone Jennifer and Brigitte Congratulations o to the Graduating Class of 1985 Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Donald Taylor Jodi and Jill Compliments of TftI (514)843-3374 TaniaGoldin Barbara Schloss MINI TOGS Inc. THE GIFT ' .ERI IICE IB T LTD., COMPANY GIFTS PROMOTIONAL ITEMS 7i is 410 St, Nicholas St, Suite 204 Montreal. Que, H2Y 2P5 88 Compliments of THREADS INTERNATIONAL Inc. MEN ' S AND BOYS APPAREL Compliments of TWINKPAK Inc. Congratulations to the grads of ' 85 Compliments of (leliCbil Canada, Inc. Robert T. Struthers Mount Royal Quebec Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Richmond- Estelle and Michael Compliments of a friend 89 PATRONS The Pasolds Mr. and Mrs. Frank Saputo Mr. and Mrs. S. Shashoua CHAUSSUREsTON Y INC. CHAUSSURES DE QUALITE POUR TOUTE LA FAMILLE QUALITY FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY TEL. 935-2993 1346 GREENE AVE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADS OF ' 85 FROM THESIVAKS COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS MR. AND MRS. T. WILLIAM OSBORNE KAKtIM AIMU lUIVI COMPLIMENTS OF THE LOSONCZI FAMILY COMPLIMENTS of THE BLANSHAY FAMILY BEST WISHES TO THE GRADS V 90 HOWARTH INC. Speciaiizina in .Scltooi Out Haberdashers Custom Tailors Made to Measure Clothing Custom Shirts HOWARTH INC. 1444 St Catherine St. W. Montreal, P Q. H3G 1R3 OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 5:00 P.M. TELEPHONE: 861-9242 ROBERTSON La Cie Robertson Ll6e Depuis ' Since 1926 Service d Enlrelien des Edifices Complfite maintenance Services Lance Myers PRESIDENT 2185 AVE MADISON tvlONTREAL H4B 2T2 481 2775 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nacos, Melina and Christopher Wish Christina and her classmates of the class of 1985 Success and happiness in the coming years. Take the picture. OLYMPIA Sports Specialty Camp Interlaken, Muskoka, Ontario a Ml ' ) ' . ,OI MDMNir . Ql " ' " ' Q HUGGER QmH,,,,!,,, QiooriiAii Q ' , ' ) ' .(;! Q jurx; QiiNNis ' ) to 1 ' j M nyWA fi fJiilst;iri(JirH) Coacties to f;tir ' ,A];i iii ' .tfiir.tifjf) MiifJ gaiiio Dxpnrionci; i w;itnrfronl Mctivities. 62 Rldgevale Drive, Toronto, Ontario M6A 1L1, Tel: (416) 783-0589 a II ' ' , Kl fllAI I ■ou ' ' .I ' oii r I; - I ' jU iv;ihi lljf, ' HI I In I .| IIK, Q TRI-SPORT O VOLLEYBALL Q WH!:STI INO Q WINDSURFING VOTRE MARCHAND EXPERT QUINCAILLERIE A.D, LEBLANC inc. Miiiitis Pc ' Icliiil, pr(i|) Centre decor dclair Tel.: 522-1102 16r)() est, nil ' Sic Catherine, Monir( .il, Qii6. 92 PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. A. Rack E. Braniotis Pole Air Aviation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. M. Murtaza Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kay Bonder Bookstore Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stein BGL Brokerage Ltd. Congratulations to all Trafites @ STEVE FOLDESI Praises a metaux de Montreal Inc. Montreal Milling Cutter Co. Inc. 1600 Cunard, Chomedey, Laval, Quebec H7S 2B2 Tel.: (514) 687-3523 Telex 05-268585 Res.: (514) 689-0478 Good Luck To The Graduating Class Of 1985 and Farewell Traf THE BENNETTS " Laurie, Cynthia and Kim. " COMPLIMENTS OF Lady Diana Salon d ' Esthetique Buckwheat is dead? 93 Compliments of MR. MRS. AM AN 1 MICHELE ANDTARA Compliments of THE LAFLAMME FAMILY Compliments of BRAHM AND MARILYN ELKIN AND FAMILY LES TEXTILES ? CENTRAL AMERICAIN CIE LTEE ARNOLD BARON 77 est, rue Bernard X Montreal, Quebec H2T 1A4 y TEL. 273-4435 ? Compliments of STEPHEN HAYES BUSCEMI, HAYES ASS. INC. INDEPENDANT INSURANCE CONSULTANTS AND BROKERS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND PENSIONS THE PINSKY FAMILY BUS: 878-9052 RES: 658-1970 McCORMACK INSURANCE BROKERS 491 VIGER ST. W., MONTREAL, QUE. H3Y 1H9 ANTHONY C. McCORMACK, FIIC, CIB. 94 PATRONS THE LUDWICK FAMILY MR. MRS. ADRIAN SHEPPARD MR. MRS. KORNELWOLTERS DR. MRS. LA. MOROZ MR. MRS. ANDREW SALLAI MRS MOIRA FERNIE Compliments of Compliments of MR. MRS. DEREK SPEIRS AND LARA RODINE SECURITIES LTD. PATRONS DR. S. AMRA MRS. CLARA HALASZ MR. MRS. PETER DESJARDINS DR. MRS. LAWRENCE KNIGHT MR. JUSTICE FRED KAUFMAN AND MRS. KAUFMAN ST. LAWRENCE NATIONAL PAINTING, LTD. 95 Doupe. We wish her the best of luck in her new position at Havergal, It is with much sadness and yet a host of happy memories that I leave Trafalgar. I began my work here in 1964 as a chemistry and mathematics teacher in the senior school. In those days, Trafalgar was both an elementary and high school, with a boarding school of 30 girls. An era of great changes began in the 1970s with the decision to phase out the elementary school and close the boarding school. By the time I was appointed head in 1975, Trafalgar had completed the transforma- tion into a high school only, built a new wing and refurbished the older sections of the School. The past ten years has seen the School consolidate its position as a first-rate girls ' high school, retaining the valid traditions of the past while preparmg students for their future. The School has always committed itself to provide sound traming and to incul- cate the values of hard work and clear thinking. I know the School will flourish in the future. The excellent staff and Boatd here at Trafalgar makes that a certainty. I will, of course, never forget Trafalgar. It is a School I love and I shall stay in touch through the years to come. KBTROSPECT 1984-85 Brian Mila Geratdine Ferraro Four more years of Reagan Star Wars Our 71 cent dollar Pope John Paul II, the Popemobile Ethiopia ' s starving Indira Gandhi A Passage to India Richard Burton Newborn Prince Harry British coal miners ' strike L. A. Olympics Carting Bassett Guy Lafleur retires William Shroeder, Murray Haydon Doctor Morgentaler Baby Fae Where is Chernenko? Trudeau retires Premier Hatfield P, Q. Nationalism questioned Bourassa tries again A cure for AIDS? Bouguereau opens the Museum doors Vanessa Williams loses her crown Ghostbusters Gremlins A V.C.R. in every home Muchmusic Yuppies Tofutti Hollywood Wives Rhinestones and Pearls Swatches Doonesbury returns Trivia mania f

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