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TRAFALGAR ECHOES I I V TKAFALIiAlt SiCHOOL 195 SIMPSON STREET, MONTREAL, QUEBEC H3G 2J7 MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL Looking back over recent decades at Trafalgar and reviewing changes that have taken place in our society, I am struck by the changes that have occurred. We have witnessed the upheavals of the 60 ' s, the move to " return to basics " of the 70 ' s, and now the fears and the promise that technological advance is bringing during the 80 ' s. Trafalgar, your school, has a somewhat special perspective on the world. Its role is to teach you about the world and its opportunities and problems. At the same time, the school is a world of its own, even a somewhat sheltered one, where inculcating values such as truth, professionalism, friendship and love - ancient values indeed but, it would seem, eternal ones - is at the core of our work. On turning these ideas over in my mind, I looked through the yearbooks of those decades. I saw reflected in their pages a remarkable population of young girls, girls who have taken the best from the changing scene and have continued to produce excellent work. It is encouraging to see the high standards that have been maintained in writing, art work and the production in general. Publishing the yearbook is itself a metier in which many young people spend their working lives, as will perhaps some of you. In fact, many of the things you do here will be replicated in the world you enter after leaving, whether it be computer work, languages and literature, the sciences, or the domain of economics. The values you express and develop here will help you succeed in that coming world. One thing about it will certainly be the same - always there will be much to be studied, thought about, and learned well. I feel confident, as I see our graduates of 1984 heading off into the wider world, that they will continue to strive for excellence and produce work of the highest quality. 2 PRINCIPAL Ms. Okuda Mrs. Henophy Mrs. Randall Sra. de Gonzalez Miss Tiessen Mile. Libero Mrs. Mandigo Mrs. Rollins 3 STAFF Mrs. Tolmy Mrs. Panet-Raymond 4 STAFF ECHO EN TAVl 17 " ( J:MrO .y6eu 4 CLa-Cun . xijSi .oo-t -i- Mt Y y- - 6cctM Jo You. 6Jc. QAJU . ,,: i 6 ECHOES BACK ROW: Lisa Pasold, Art and Lit; Nadine Sivak, Art and Lit; Sue Ann Blauer, Sports. FRONT ROW: Lara Lazare, Sports; Brigid McKenna, Photography; Caroline Laflamme, Activities Sub-editor; Mary Sweeney, Advertising; Christine Gilsenan, Activities; Dawn Wiseman, Activities. ABSENT: Caroline Cohen. BACK ROW: Nima Spaniel, Sports; Philippa Klein, Art and Lit; Joanna Wedge, Activities; Andrea Burke, Art and Lit; Kumu Pari, Sports; Sam Shatzky, Photography. FRONT ROW: Estelle Richmond, Photography; Shaun Richards, Photography; GiUian Morrison, Photography; Laura Shiomi, Photography; Betty Huang, Photography; Lise Dube, Typing; CaroHne Laflamme, Activities. ABSENT: Tasha Kheiriddin. 7 ECHOES " What a fabulous and fruitful year! " I would like to thank the teachers who helped and supported us through our years at Traf as well as our parents. As well, a considerable amount of thanks must be given to Trafalgar ' s graduates of 1984. With- out their school spirit, hard work, cooperation and smiling faces, this fine year would not have been as magical and special as it was. Trafalgar has truly been rewarding. With a little luck and hard work we will all make it. Always remember Traf fondly. Heather Gold Head Girl. 1 9 PREFECTS o 11 GRADS HEATHER GOLD " LEATHER " " ER " " HEATH " " GOLDY LOCKS " VB ' 79 ' 84 lJf;NALD HI,AD GIRL INCREDIBLE MEMORIES: UNERA, SF THE WP WATCHING THE DETECTIVES GB on a rainy day Janice i ' m so sure the SUPREMES, SPLIT ENZ ... SHAUN are you alive? OUR DAUGHThk ' S WLUIJJNG at ra ' s hotel, the BEAT, ROXY, YELLOW RINGS; my LUCKY no. is l.CIT ' 83 YA (,()I IA l OVL IT FMYH? JK DL. wanna be the daughter of drac. who was that man in the tali dark glasses S 1 fjWi, " k ' i w KD, LL, GM, SR, JM. PINHEADS, SUICIDE SLIDDING IN VERMONT, UN COME BACK TO hAk I H near the end w MS, RA ' S MASKED LOVER ALL OUR LOVE ER UN, darling hunk of a fruit, Mr J lorida, DOUBLE DULL, mosquito bite Shaun? OUR EVERLASTING DESIRE, KARATE ROTC, BIG RED Sting, ANGUS kay, bah but rides, man in a suitcase, RANDY WHERE R U ? GIRLS WE MUST ... loving ya in a BIG COUNTRY, UN your fans r waiting punk " 16 " Fab Thomas, Bijoux Prince. BIKE RIDE w ra. ALICE, Mr. H. his dice M M, PONYTAILS, TURTLENECKS WET THUMBS UUUH ZZZFAB ya know GRACY, SOUND-OFF, F H, S J, L C LCC GRAD. candies, contours Gillet, FIRST SHOELACE PS JL. TO LOSE A FRIEND IS SAD. I ADORE YOU SR, LL, SB, GM, JL, PS, SH, SL, AB. BD, NV, CC, LC KD. BYE BYE SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FAMILY, I LUV U. ANGELA BISSETT " ANG " " FUNGI " " ANGUS " VA •79- ' 84 GUMMING SUB-HEAD GIRL Traf has been great with amazing memories; sports w Miss L D MrsH- Daddy, most coordinated, provincials w Casey, MK MissL, etc. I ' ll never forget Dec26 - thanks Jeff-STH will always be my The picture at R JC ' s-RZ, AO etc, the taxi w KA- hull, the broken bed, J ' s grad-hi-turtleneck? Car rally- JW, DS, PL - oops. HW ' s sweet-rem CM KA Hist test w KA - poose toi. Bushwacking football at MH, feel the face - Suz SL-S, getting drenched at LaRonde, s ' ing. O, golf course-oo Nelly - NO GAS!? Stop the car-NOW. DJ ' s - Pinheads! DH ' s w JW, Suz, Belch, Bz, EW, BD ... Russian V Brewskiesat Sof ' s w JW, AW, TS, AM, RM, PL, AS, DS NR ... BF Max. Beating the clock-Kojax, broken glasses, stitches J ? Sorry Ester KA, rides w HG, LL, SR MissD-thanks. Many, many amazing memories w Nick-whh-hat?! Hallo? telephone company?! Jaonsie- it ' s only Thursday! Am I dreaming? Well, this can go on forever but this space can ' t. Special thanks to Jeff, Nicola, my terrific teachers, my wonderful family parents, and all the great friends I have made in my 5 amazing years at Traf. I love and will miss you all. Good luck and thanks again. KIM ANDERSON " BERLEY " VA ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY UNFORGETTABLES: Gr. 9 sleepover w HW, MP- stuntwoman. Car rally ' 83 w KP, NR, AB, JB - what do you mean arrested?HW ' s sweet- it ' s a long walk from Green Ave! WR ' s overnight bag. Ski carnivals: LS ' s broken poles, CM ' s downhill disasters. Owl ' Head ' 83: The Hoot w DS and many good times w LM, AH, SM- watch the rope (oops). DAVID BOWIE w CM, CA. Summer ' 83: BERMUDA- w CM, WB, ML, CM, AM, DM; Fr Connection, Disco 40 mopeds, curfews?! Failing driving w AB, first ride w CA, LK. Ear piercing and free taxi rides w AB. LP ' s laughs. Mosquito bites (AB, CM). History test (hull, hull!) Strat- ford. Concerts, parties, dances, sports ... and much, much more!! To CA, CM, LK, LP, and Ange: " When I think of you again it will be more than just once in a while. " Thanks Mom and Dad for five very special years. CAROLINE APPLEBEE " BUMBLEBEE " VB ' 82- ' 84 GUMMING UNFORGETTABLES: LINDSAY ... 211 w LS, CM, LI ... 3 Musketeers ... imitations- did I do that? ... infatuations ... BOWIE ' 83 - thanx Gary ... hey Oscar, did you see Three ' s Co. last night? ... BANZI! ... Mr, Donut w KA (can you please fill my tire) ... wink, wink SHSl la-st chance dance ... veryvery ... hunting w LP ... 1 little 2 little 3 little minors ... doodle-bug ... SPAZ ATTACK ... just nod your head smile ... Mrs. Forbes: HELP (thanx) ... A.L. Van Houtte pit-stops ... metro-mania in the A.M. ... pSche-pSche one rainy Sat. nitc ... knee-high ping-pong w pres ... Amahzing eh. Anno? ... LAUGHSANDLAUGHS- ANDLAUfiHS ... hurt me! .. and then there was Stratford. I ' ll always remember never 4-get: my very special friends VS KD RB AO CC LS BIG HUGS for LAURA P, KIM, CAROLYN LIANE: you guys arc tfie grcfiicst! " When you ' ve; seen beyond yourself- then you may find, peace of mind. " -the Beatles I flANX Mummy, Daddy Valerie for all your love and support. I LOVE YOU! 12 c;rads VIVIANNE AUER VB ' 83 FAIRLEY REBECCA RENEE BIRD VB ' 83- ' 84 DONALD CHERISHED MEMORIES: Hanging out on the bale. " Love those legs guys! " , PVM " Tempted " , PCMG, " I wanna swing! " Wine Hotdogs- CLASSY! Tanning by the pool so many secrets all w STEPH. YB " wanna go to Hawaii? " Munching Mooching, Daiquiries, Glace Glasses, same shoes! Chili for the W C, " Stop picking your hair! " Memories during tennis all w " My Buddy " CACO. Tail lights on the Vineyard Houseplays Echoes ... Panic! Sp.Ppl;SN, CC, YB, WH, FB, BB, GK especially Mom Dad. Thanks for all your support. " I ' ve been afraid of changing " I ' m going to California Cause I ' ve built my life around you in my mind. " But time makes you bolder even children get older I ' m getting older too. " -Fleetwood Mac AH my love to Yves for being there to h elp me get through it all. SUE ANN BLAUER " FLOO " VA ' 79- ' 84 FAIRLEY Only the few are lucky enough to experience Traf! Be not in the world What the world expects of you; But be of yourself Only to proffer What you will to the world. ME THANKS HG HW. " Myrna " , " Orphil " , " Bubshkalah " , and my friends, THANKS. CAROLINE COHEN " CACO " " CACS " VB ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY GAMES LT. In Retrospect: Glasses Glace, Munching Mooching, daiquiris, chili, " MEMORY " in tennis all w Beccers. " GHOULING " w NIGS, LP, AC. The cabin - Bible pages, walk in woods, shades-swimming- " Everything is cool " many more w my fellow Blues sister Studette, 4 yrs. of Viking KK 4 yrs of stories to go w them; thx for Mstening, guys (SR) RSing w KS " Ya like that, eh? " TYG 82-3. Sp.ppl: BN, HB, LT, AP, KS, SR, HG, LP, CA, esp RB, SC NT. " We have been friends in sunshine and in-shade " C. Norton " How wonderful life is while you ' re in the world " E.J. HG-an a-1 HG! congratulate yourselves for having put up w me for 5 G-D yrs! K Parties-! 2 many! (SAS) " Time it was and what a time it was a time of innocence, a time of confidences long ago, it must be. I have a photograph, preserve your memories they ' re all that ' s left you " S G " There ' s a land that I see where the children are free and I say it ain ' t far to this land from where we are. " (Free-Bee) AE-Gr.7 The AGP! THANKS M.D J all the fridges of Westmount! See ya in the movies, I ' m gone 790! NATALIE ANN COMEAU " COMO, NAT, HEY KID " VB ' 80- ' 84 FAIRLEY SOUND FAMILIAR? " PSSST! Fine! OOGH! Cheese sandwiches!! " BIG BROTHERS (DP BS) f HP. HAND (iVIike, Dan, Sam, etc ...); PHS; weeicends at HL ' s; THE STRANGLERS; THI. kl OENT, Mod l- George! BARROOM BLITZ (PF GORGEOUS!!); SCOOTERS RABBIIS; BLUE; diner. Mi., ENGLISH BEAT: Giff ' s w MH Nov ' 82; adopting; quitting school; my apt; DOWNTOWN w SL " is that a Mod?! Yank!!! Gimme your Parka!!! " BIG COUNTRY; MODS, SKAS RUDE BOYS! weekend- w SL VA; THE THE; STRATFORD w SL VA; " SOME PEOPLE ARE DANCING AND SOME FALL IN LOVE TO THE MUSIC OF Mil I f AR Y f i;M.S YOU HAVE TO BE CRAZY TO STAY IN THIS PLACE, YOU HAVE TO GET OUT 01 Jl Al I fH! ii MAKING UP THINGS THAT WE ' VE ALL HEARD BEFORE, LIKE ROMANCE AND LNGAGL A Mj DIVORCE. YOU HAVE TO BE CRAZY TO STAY IN THIS PLACE, YOU JUST HAVE TO LAUGH AT IT ALL. " -THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS- THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME ... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ... ELIZABETH AIRDRIE CONST ANTINE " LISSA " VB ' 79- ' 84 ROSS Living in the limelight the Universal Dream for those who wish to see. Those who wish to be must put aside the alienation, get on with the fascination, the real relation, the underlying theme. To Darren with LOVE .... Rush Because you ' re young, you ' ll meet a stranger some night ... Supertramp Tour summer ' 83 I just don ' t have that much JAM! The Glimmer Twins safety dancing in spares w SL BM DON ' T GIVE ME ATTITUDE! CP CO CN Reality begins here .. Fi, Steph, Bid, Cac, Bebe, Goidie Locks, Un, Ra, Bz, Flu, Rebecca, Gill, K JT, Cacoline ... Punker I ' ll never forget!! Freeze! Blachos! KK w Cac JK, CB VL, Jeanot, Rush ' 83, Cream Picking apples w Mora Dad-I LOVE YOU RUTH COSTA VB ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY UNFORGETTABLES: Poisoned pizza ... Sweet 16-BaIloons on St. Catherine; Summer ' 81 w JP and MC, Summer ' 82 Police Concert, Summer ' 83 Hampton Beach; Swimming w MB and LS; Skiing-grade 8 w LF and SM, 3 hrs putting on the skis; Fights w TL, TL ' s moods; LP ' s surprise party, jumping over fences, BH hiding in bushes; MS ' s fortune telling - perfect man in Calif.; Wonk-The hunk; PW ' s red head; Bus Trips w LS and VG ... cychngon the Met.; Traf Dance; Sting so close and yet so far; Locking LFin bathrooms w TL FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: Sure! I don ' t believe it! Are you serious? WEAKNESSES: GQ guys and MD Special thanx to Mom, Dad, Johnny and friends! ! ! BARBARA DOUGLAS DAWSON " BABS " " BARB " VA ' 82- ' 84 DONALD CHER MEM: Peter Pan, Museum, T-Courts, L-Blue, Summers w the Gang, WHS Band ' 81, Bowie, Stratford, J.B, D-Dnuts, B-Watch, Air Frogs, Hudson w VJ, AM, KC, JC, Mutilation in the store, E.S, DP w the Prefects, Mom of 2 SL, SH, Pss s, 13 discipline marks, Monty Python! Bz sweet, Studio, Rac REN, " Go outside and play " , P.N, Windsurfing, BLAH PP: Blue Butch, Stereotypes, Nitwits. THKS TO: Mrs. K, Er, Ra, Un, Bid, Gill, Ang, LP, KB, LS, KC, VEE Mom Dad ' You ' re O.K. ' SP THKS TO: Roslyn, WHS Vee for helping me grow up! QUOTES: " I drink therefore I am " -M. Python Who Me? " Oh Lord won ' t you buy me a Mercedez Benz " -J. Joplin " Experience is a hard teacher, she gives the test first, and then the lessons " " Lord what fools these mortals be " WORDS OF WISDOM: Don ' t be Nah-Nah Parting note: THANX GUYS! 14 ORADS ANNE-MARIE DESJARDINS " HENRY " VA ' 79- ' 84 DONALD A " Know who you are There ' s a world wants to know you know where to go There ' s a world wants to touch you ... " -Supertramp CHERISHED MEMORIES: Soup Oh no! singing on the bus w DW, BM, BM.; SWEETS!? Short tunics- Backgammon w LC, Trouble in spare by DW, SB, HW. " It ' s all your fault! " Head w RB, ' 81 Ormstown Fair FFB w SB .. Icebergs! wars! Lots of laughs at lunch w DW, MP, LS, HW ha!! MP likes windows (weird) .. " By the way, my nose is not that big! " and many more ... " If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you dream it, you can become it. " -William Arthur Ward- THANX MOM DAD FOR FIVE GREAT YEARS AT TRAF. I LUV U W ALL MY HEART. GOOD LUCK GUYS. LISE DUBE " BEEZY " " BUMBLE BEE ' " ET " " BARBARIAN " VB ' 80- ' 84 CUMMING IN RETROSPECT: HALLO! Florida w SB ' 81; Boston To w PS; Preppymania w LZ; HS years; DP! MATURITY? Math w SH, SR gr. 10; Hampstead parks w .IW; DIET! Art w SR, SH; Bars? Parties! Skiing expeditions-4800 - Traf Dance ' 82; Shoelaces; Oie! Undertall; Sweet 16; Pigs; Ma! Concerts-Music: Thanx Stranglers! My Husband Space; Uncle Bob (Frank ' s BC) Wine Beer I ' M HYPER! 3 company w BD, PS- THWACK! Wake-up calls kids-EW; Oops sorry Jon! Driving - 3 naughty girls; The Family; Many Memorable Memories w SR, LL, HG, GM, AB. SH, SL, JL, PS. Xerox room w Mrs. K.; Bye Mum, Hi Dad; Thanx SR, KdH, EW, BD for keeping me sane! ! ! Luv u Mum, Dad, Jon- 1 couldn ' t have made it without you ... " supping back on golden times Breathing with sweet memories " Simple Minds " Maybe I ' ll win " The Fixx P.S. " Ang, where are my clothes?? " Thanx Traf . . . JELANA P. DUNCAN VA ' 79- ' 84 CUMMING MEMORIES-x-country running, lunches pass the?? ' 79 Grey Cup 1 2 time. Music Box, all other school specials and trad., Quebec Games, Jean Baptiste, Van Hallen summers a million vacations spent in different fairways in different towns. AMBITION-Golf Pro. PET PEEVE-having to deposit empty bottles " Life just may be just one day to go you ' ve only got yourself to fear you must go faster you never know if you never DARE. This was over land under seeing by Pye Dubois. " A big THANK YOU to my family and especially the teachers at Traf. ! KENDRA DURNFORD VB ' 79- ' 84 DONALD CHERISHED MEMORIES: Latin classes w AO Miss A., Mrs. F. Physics Chem classes .. (BBQ chicken?), table for 4, AO, MG, LK..P.. ski(?) trip, AO, MG, LK .. new CA .. piano and recitals .. Sheppy .. bathroom mess.. " I have to call my mom " ., gym dem rehearsals .. Canada Day ' 82 .. Traf dance ' 83.. " Show Me Where The Good Times Are " ..HB..I..Jags. Stratford (rm 14).. pate oranges ... raspberry yogurt .. rneatloaf in the tuck box .. Sabena.. Rennifer ..mono!, kay bye?., brrmoo!.. howzzit goin?. eeeee.. why? ..Noble bros. party ' 83 ..LCC dance.. Sophie ' s Choice ..May 24,28, July 13, 17,26. .M... April Wine concert ' 82.. I dunno Danny... blowdryers ..P.. fag., watch games at B M ... Thanks Annica Peterca (and the entire Osana family, Rennie Irving too!) Special thanks to Mom, Daddy, Meg and Sally for help and support. LI-HSIIiN VANi NGEL " 5B ' 79- ' 84i " By your leave I think that I ' ll be going now I think I ' ve stayed a little long I look ' ;d up li rr, , ru ' j ' h :r ' s recipes 1 can ' t think what I did wrong " (Men At Work) REMEMBER?: Civilian clothes ' ' Feb. 12 82 (I remember, Dan!) LCC Dance Harwnw TL,CJ, MS! Cycling on MeTlSwec ... My Surprise Sweet-Merci Dan, I Loved it! 1st anvrsry! Candystiper! NY, w KW! Traf Dane; ' i ' - ' j Champagne! 575 DAYS! Studio 55! DCs Gifts! Fizix-SOS! XL ' s RC ' s ch.abusc! Superiramp . . , : Stratford?! 17th B-day! Winning! Parties! Going nuts w Tam ... Goggles! Fangs Inc!!!! My deepest gratitude to Mama Papa! ! ! Special thanx to Dan " pour tout " much, much more! Love to those who have helped keep me sane! Many thanx to TRAF staff! " To those 1 leave behind I want you all to know you ' ve always shared my deepest thoughts I ' ll miss you when I go. " (APP) CHRISTINE GILSENAN " GIGGLESTICK " VA ' 80- ' 84 ROSS My years at Trafalgar have left me with many unforgettable memories including the pre-provincials ( ' 80) with Savitri and the barbarians, the talent? show, Sarah ' s party, Latin gossip, the sagas, the school paper, debating, chem. study, computer deadlines and much more. I have enjoyed the friendships of S.F., M.M., S.L., J. J., S.M., P.W., and especially Wendy. Special thanks to Mrs. Wightman who made the debating possible. MARLEY GUYDA " CHERRY " 5A ' 79- ' 84 DONALD Bus rides-metro views-notes. Hist and Geog w CL; " Are you crying? " " Wanna bite? " SH-tree. Chocolate pudding w AO, KD, LK. Munchos w KD, LP Edin- HO, KD, AA. Nails w CJ LK; ani medaberet ivrit; unchi. -Atilla and the Huns. Nose rush w LK, CJ, CL, HO, TL. Wanda; Lissey; Hoarding; Slick Carole. 5 = 6! Skiing? ' 81 w LK, KD, AO; Smuggler ' s-lamp, sneeze, cough, hiccup w LK, LP; Tremblant-chairlift w CL. " I don ' t know?! " w LK, CJ. CW ' s party " Greek Gods. " LM ' s party. Driver ' s Ed. Children ' s Theatre. Coiesseo ' s slick chicks, Loyola w SR, LP. The Glue ' 83 Day Camp. Curzon! Cake; BEEP; Ovetkakah!; Wit; Hein?; NICE car! " Let me see your sweatah! " You missed him- HA! GH ' s backyard; BM ' s house, cottage. Insults! Radio-attic! MP ' s-egg. Spitting. BC at LY!; OM w GH, LM, BM, SR; Alex-DP, GH, BM; Ann-ex. J. Geils; Kinks; Men At Work; BOWIE! " We have to take the bus. " " If you don ' t like somebody MATTER! Stratford! Special thanx to all my friends. Hi! " IT JUST DOESN ' T Thanx Mama i Tato. SUSAN P. HOMA " SUZ " " FLEABAG " VB ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY UNFORGETTABLES: Grade 7 w CC. and AE. BM. +CC. ' 79 Sophia Lauren and Suzanne Summers. Talks w CL, summer ' 82. Summit shower w SL-S. Parties! Summer ' 83! Boat House w AB, KK. " The face feel the face. " Ikai it Mon. Tues. 16 to 19 so quickly. Jonsy?! Beer Bashes The Four Seasons w BL. one short moment. B her nightly shower. Math class w SR. BZ. CL.. AB.w RK.RZ., who? PJ. Party, (too many) BZ, and the cork screw. Balcony scene w SL-S SR. Shoelaces, Pre-LCC. w SL-S. SR. LL.HG.LK.CJ. The DP. Drivers Ed. w SK.SL-S. LL.DB. Para chase, AH.s«i. KK. good times. Ski turns w SL-S. Yellow Submarine. KC. wc wish (still wishing). Acapulco, winter ' 83 AS ' couch never fails. Tea leaves w SL-S AB. Bush wacking. The incredible cyclist. Funky chicken. Fungy Belchy. Summit Steps. " Try to keep your feel on the ground without getting them stuck in the mud. " English Beat. Thanx To My Other Half. Mom, Dad Theo for your lifts. 16 GRADS BETTY MING WEI HUANG VA ' 80- ' 84 ROSS PREFECT CHERISHED MEMORIES: You had to be there ... Look how far we ' ve come, how much we ' ve changed! It ' s hard to believe we ' re actually here! Thanks to some great, great ladies from whom I ' ve learnt so much ... To some extra -special people, I couldn ' t have done it without your friendships and I thank you ... To incredible friends not graduating this year, it was so special ... For the jokes and problems and secrets and memories we share, I ' ll miss seeing you all everyday ... Nothing but the best success to the grads. May we meet again soon! Hey Mom, I ' m graduating! " Now the party ' s over I ' m so tired And the background ' s fading Out of focus Yes the picture ' s changing Every moment And your destination You don ' t know it.. " -Roxy " ..I ' ll never lose affection for people things that went before. I know I ' ll often stop think about them.. In my hfe.. " - Len Mc CAROLE JAKUBOVIC VA ' 79- ' 84 ROSS AMBITION: .social worker. PROBABLE DESTINY: weekly visit to psychiatrist. REMEMBER... FORM 1 w D.W; Not being able to open my lock; My " big " birthday party; falling off the bus; My hair always in a ponytail; FORM 2 w N.G; Noodles, Nutella, Constance, Miriam, Kluts, Ghool; Jumping over chairs to get first seat in Latin; Trying to become ballerinas w L.S; FORM 3 w S.H; Asking each other if we should become best-friends; .lune exams 1982-phoning each other every night to pray that we would pass everything; 15 minutes to climb the summit steps!; Form 4 5 w LK MG CL-MANY MEMORIES!!! WANDA WATERFALLS, biting nails haircuts; " Liza your hair is standing up! " ; " Caroline don ' t be scared of the ball " ; Spares w Marlev, " Are we really making that much noise? " -MERCI MAMAN ET PAPA POUR M ' AVOIR DONNER CES BELLES ANNEES. THANK-YOU, VALERIE, FOR ALL YOUR HELP ; TO 5 A 5B: " LU V YA ALL ! ! ! " -CHOW- .lANlCE MARIA JOHNSON " J.J. " " CHOO-CHOO " 5A ' 79- ' 84 ROSS TOO MANY MEMORIES, NOT ENOUGH SPACE: Camping-summers ' 80- ' 83!! those words (SL)! multiple crushes! Bdays: Sav. Jan ' 83 Steph. Aug ' 83 esp mine ' 83 = Leggs, Mulroney, hangover, the big 16. Talent (?!) shows! G ' s cabin!! sum ' 83: blackswimsuit, fall off a rock finally w HIM! TGIF ' 75- ' 83 Beatlemania ' 83 Ike ' s terribly protective parents: MY INCREDIBLE SOCIAL LIFE!! Air Supply ' 80-smile!! The MUSEUM!!! older men leches, stare, legman!! My boys can cook-I ' ll bet!!! too many Chrises! Dirty jokes autographs au Forum! Alexis, Guy = harmony w Sav. I ' M SO CONFUSED!!! My party ' 80 = Caro football! Broadway spares Bimbi ' 81, Penny ' 82, Max ' 83 Gilles trouble!! Stratford!! Terry Fox arms race. ambit: producer prob.dest: groupie!! " Hard B times come hard times got inbetween you hope and pray the scars don ' t show " Styx Y Just a few of the many great (and a few other) memories of my life ' 79- ' 84E " It ' s the things you didn ' t do that make you cry " Strait Lines THANKS M D FOR SUPPORT RECEIVED (moral, physical monetary) PRINCESS MUN- CHKINTOO! LIANE KEIGHTLEY " OSCAR " " LEAPY " 5B ' 79- ' 84 FAIRLEY THINKIN ' ' BOUT: 3 Musketeers; Imitations; 211 w C.A. C.M.; " Winkin ' at U! " Laughin ... SNORT!; C.A. convulsions. DANCES: 1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Minors: Talkin ' 3 ' s co. w wahoo; Van Houtte stops w Bumblebee; ooo ...; The good life w E.C., R.M., SQ., B.B.S, SP.S, Eng.,B.,T.H.S,H.C.100, ...; Mad Dancing; Keir ' s jams; Maine vacationing country summers w Nikki, Trina, Lacey, my 1st Love, Chip; running w k. " Damn that Television " ; Just 4 k! SUTTON!; on the look-out w L.L. (scouting); Peche-Peche constant pig-out w all; food-talk ( practice) Love u Mummy Daddy ... yes u2, John Keir, esp. My lil ' Punkin (a friend always) In all times ... love ya L.L. -Thanks to my true Dearies ... Wahoo, Kak, Berley. LIZA D. KESSLER " LEE-C L. " " UK " " S.E. " 5A ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY PET PEEVES: MY NAME IS PRONOUNCED LEESSA!! NOT LEEZZA OR LVZA! " WHY V; OU- HAIR STANDING UP? " , " I CAN ' T BELIEVE THAT ' S HOW YOU BROKE YOUR PUNK ' I " STOP LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW " , " NUTS? NO! " CHERISHED MEMORIES: y PEAK. SMUGGLERS NOTCH- " OH NO, THE BUS IS MOVING! " -TEACHING MG Cl. M . liJI TREE " OH MY GOD, WHERE IS CAROLE? " MY LAMP-SNEEZING, COUGHING, HK ij finy QUIK, CHOCOLATE PUDDING-AO, KD, MG. L.C.C.- " I DON ' T KNOW, 1 DON ' T RF.MI MBLK ' ' SLAP! UNCHI. " ANI MEDABERET IVREAT " LS. FOOTBALL? ATTILA AND THL HUNS, " SfOP GNA-ING " , " FOGEY STOGEY " NOSE RACES " HAS ANYONE SEEN MIKE HUM? " , " CJ. WHA ' I DID YOU WASH YOUR HAIR WITH? " -SLICK, " STOP DROOBLING! " " FI-Fl " DM, MATH RACES W MG. THANX MOM, DAD, LYND, AUD, AND JO FOR FIVE FAB. YEARS! ! STEPHANIE LABERGE " PUNKER " OI 5B ' 80- ' 84 BARCLAY " AND NOW THE END IS NEAR AND SO I FACE THE FINAL CURTAIN HA! HA! HA! " -SID ' 57- ' 79 REMEMBER: NDG, OI, DV HAMPTON PARK. Sunday in the park. GORGEOUS! SWEDEN! ROAD WARRIOR! The DISCORDS. Wild weekends w NC DC KC. DV 4-years. 15-3, 15-4, station 15 Mohawk ' s new wave glasses. L-BLUE. PST! JH-BLITZ. SKINHEADS!, COMBAT BOOTS, SAFETYPINS. Cargo? yuccch! SLAMMING. NO. 21. DAVE VALENTE. Motorcycles + leather jackets. CRASS.RCMP BARROOM BLITZ. SID. MELLOWING OUT BRIQUE. CLASH. MAINE ' 83. One a week. JH 3-mths AMB.: LAWYER IN USSR PROB.DEST.: SIBERIA. TH. Hey DISCORDS, love ya! MAD MAX. WEAKNESSES: SHAVED HEADS, Mohawks, high cheekbones, and JH ' S SMILE P.P: POSERS, BUD " FIST COMES DOWN LIKE A HAMMER ON A DRUM, HAMMER ON A DRUM. " -PAYOLAS " DON ' T KNOW WHAT I WANT BUT I KNOW HOW TO GET IT! " -SID (LOVE TO MY PARENTS...) " REGRETS I ' VE HAD A FEW BUT THEN AGAIN TOO FEW TO MENTION ... I DID IT MY WAY. " - SID (AND I ' VE MADE IT THIS FAR EH?) CAROLINE K. LAFLAMME " CHIQUI " VA ' 79- ' 84 FAIRLEY LEST I FORGET: Hey Charlie; Guerilla, Prune monkey face, Hist, hair w MG and (are you crying?) Peanut face, apples, oranges, pears w SL-S! Climbing water pipes, letters. Physics Gr 8 w AB; nose clearing at lunch, Carole ' s conditioned hair! SHS dances! Spanish w CJ, SH SL-S; " TL has a problem.. " Fitness, Bio w Mrs.H Surprise party?! at AB ' s! Skiing?! at M. Tremblant w MG " Atillas Huns " , " Unchi " LK ' s " I don ' t know " at LCC D. The " LY " w AB, SH, JW, J. Geils w LK, MG Kinks w CA BOWIE w SH!! SHS yearbooks w SH " WANDA WATERFALLS " Rugby JB! Sharing love life w LL in Eng! STRATFORD! ! " wanna cookie? " THANK YOU MUM DAD, the staff and all my friends at Traf who made my stay much more enjoyable. LARA LAZARE " RA " VA ' 81- ' 84 GUMMING PREFECT UNI ORGETTABLES: Who was that man in tall dark glasses? Shaun come back to earth!; Suicide sliding in Vt; Murry HP; SR basement w EFBD; DP, Pigeons, garage, store; Getting holey w HG; Randy where are you?; Thomas, Bijoux, Prince; Mr. Florida; Wind.w SR; CASG; " Girls we must .. " ; Stowe w GM, JL, SR. HG, KH; GP and BE In a mirror eh ER!; Butterbean; Aye lassie; I ' m sooo sure!; watching the detectives; roses for mc?! BZ 16; Split Enz Shaun?; Shoelaces; Karale-ROTC, Big Red, Sting; bike ride w Heath; Double Trouble; driving w SR, SH, SL-S; Sweel 16 kissing bandit; GB on a rainy day GM house-mornings!; Summer ' 83 Israeh Soldiers and Bart-C.I, VI, SH " GIRLS " Bananas!; ALWAYS A LAUGH W GM, BD, BM, SH, SL-S, LC, AB. NV, JL, PS I hanx Miss D for alice and the new guy but mostly for always listening and understanding. To lose a friend is sad, so Un, Er, Ra will last distance and time. Thanx Mom and Dad lor giving mc three great years at Traf! 18 GRADS TAMMY C. LAZARE " TAM " " JANUARY " " LAZARE KID " VB ' 79- ' 84 ROSS " Every now and then I get a little bit restless and I dream of something wild. " - -Bonnie Tyler- REMEMBER: walking in the sand.. " Ma, I don ' t wanna go to school today! " ..waking up at 6 Mon to Fri .. SUPERTRAMP w LF (her first)., fight w RC in grade 8.. meetin ' 2kw ' s in grade 9- Hi, I ' m Tammy ... LIFEGUARDING { ' 83) ..sweat-n-tears w LF, KW.. people on the bus (right Lese?).. coz Harry.. HerLah (what a laugh) ..AC DC concerts.. Beat It-MJ ... Carn ' 82 w 2KW ' s, LF, RC, SM-n- LS.. KW learning to ski, Carn ' 83 MOODS.. Daddy, can I have some money?.. WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND w KW (whuta blast).. " Are you nuts? " ..GL Lisa luvs.. White HjO rafting w 2KW ' S, BH, VA, NP.. JM.. Sharing a room w Pickle... Bye KIMMY, I ' m glad you were there and FAN, thanx to the moon and back for everything! Daddy, Mom, Arnold, Warren, Dawn-n-Louis... " Love is like a rock " TINA LEBER " LEEBS " VA ' 83- ' 84 GUMMING LIKES: skiing, tennis, sun tanning, D.J ' s, holidays DISLIKES: Jino squeezy ' s, uniform, computer science MEMORIES; being with CC, JP, CL, Europe " 83 " , pink watch. Safe Arrival, BMW, Florida " 82 " , Nash, nose clearing tables, tickets, Stratford. WEAKNESS: tall, dark, and wearing vuarnets FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: Tell me about it. Oh no!, are you serious? Thanks Mom and Dad for everything! SOPHIE LYNCH-STAUNTON " LOAFIE " VB ' 79- ' 84 GUMMING MEMORANDUM: Mrs. H ' s Bio.w A.B, Thursday ' s w J.C., T.O March ' 83, Summit shower, the incredible cyclist, etc.w S.H, Owl ' s Head w Bros., J.L, C.M, J.H, K.D, " Starman " w J.B Que. city w J.A, stranded at Police w S.H, A.B, BZ., J.W, E.W, D.H, B.D, M.C.L and maid service w L.K, tea- leaves w A.B, S.H, bush-whacking: key?, " the face, feel the face " w A.B, camping; Sum. ' 82w Mr.W, Gr.7 w C.L, Bermuda ' 82 " let ' s take this speedbump " w Hbs., Bermuda ' 83 (R), Drivers Ed, w L.L, S.H, S.R, and D.B! Alfie w A.B, flowers (J.C, J.B), B.Z ' s " private " shower, pre-L.C.C w S.H etc., country w S.J, and R.F, hen parties, Hbs. ' s party w sociables!, para-chase. Burke: no toenails, ski-turns w S.H Math w A.O, K.D, J.Cs lambourghini, the break almost but luckily not, w BZ., E.W, the D.P, the yellow-sub (pri. w S.H), K.C. we wish, debating) w L.K, Help Sophie, K.A, wading pool, France w V.deL, Guy ' s Yellow Bird, Funky Chicken, and all the etc. " 1984 " -David Bowie. THANX TO MY OTHER HALF AND THE M-N DUO! SUZETTE MADRUGA VB ' 79- ' 84 ROSS MEMORIES: Summer ' 82, Portugai-Aug.29.. .parties, movie. Nov Fri. 13 w JS. DM dance TV, letters, ' Rat ' . Driver ' s Ed. w KW-We survived! Casa Pedro, capuccino? D. Oct 30 ... Straycats w L,J,F... Spies; Bet; Plan under control. Traf dance; Business w LS CG ... Le Scandale; Roque, letters (poems), soaps; Downtown, Glace, Thursday ' s w LS. POLICE Aug.3-ride in limo w LS, GL, talking w Andy, Stuart ...STING! BowieS No sleep -Lamp attack! Vice, plot thickens; Mistaken! GQ! PORSCHE! ...Stratford - candle, drinks, BF! ! ! " Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long run there ' s still time to change the road you ' re on. " -Robert Plant Special thanx to all my friends. All my love to my parents. We made it! BYE TRAF! SAVITRI T. MANMOHANSINGH " SAV. " VA ' 79- ' 84 DONALD " Heavens to Betsy " ...fracturing my finger. ..ELVIS PRESLEY. ..Ro!lerthon.,Tucl3I WBfcolatc bars and donuts...Oh HenryL..the Pre-Provincials of 1981 w CG.. .rugby games. ..SF ' s party GA,.,SL ' ! cxpre sion,- Psssst...MP ' s party. first school dance. ..The Blitz. .TO ' s Pioneer Village,. Sean. S..,1 " SSC and ' ' h ' -rn ON FUSION!!... Church and CG...LCC Variety Show- " Rainbow Connection " ...James Dean..,Ai Beatles and Beatlemania!... summer of ' 83- Hawaii and the grads, Alaskan- John, Steve and cK - ;.. ■■. and TGIF ...The Prince party. ..P. Andrew-Yukon... my beloved husky Duchess... the I ' nory JjV. ' skiing. ..gym dem. and Grand March-blah!! festival. .Sbarro ' s-ha!ha! Guys-commentary, Destination: doctor modelling-past time. Thanks dad for the trips and paying my fees; mum, brother and si ' for supporting me in my activities, And thanks to all my schoolmates and teachers for a wonderful 5 years at TraJ. I ' ll miss ya! Remember Stratford!! " ..take the best, forget the rest. ..these are the best of times " -Styx CAROLYN PAIGE MCCULLOUGH " GARY " " MC " VB ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY PREFECT RECOLLECTIONS: Imitations! 211 bus rides 3 Musketeers in Mathw CA, LK; train rides w JL, SL; 13th b- day w MP, LS, HW; accident-prone ski trips w KA; Mtl West Slugger; Bandanna- Wonderwoman; Badminton prov w MK, Casey; Bish tournie: " Will you sleep w me? " Hey there! HW ' s Sweet- sorry KA; DANCES: Close- up; " 1 little 2 little 3 little minors " ; Beau Bridges; preppie; ear-piercing; Jane Fonda; Peche-Peche; TSGF golf team; SUMMER ' 83: best yet! GOLF; crushes on everyone! Trivial; LaRonde; " OOF! " Expo games-Wallach! RMGC Backshop romances; BOWIE! San Diego; TO; Vancouver; BERMUDA: French Connection; Berm Gold 7up; moped misfortune on Morgans; under-H20 pic; curfew; Mocklow clan; vests; Stratford " A what? " roses!! ' ' Two men look out through the same bars : One sees the mud, the one the stars. " -F. Langbridge. To Berley, Oscar Wahoo: " Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ. " Thanks to my best friends- my mom, my best fan- my dad, my idol Scott. BRIGID MCKENNA " BOO " " BID " " MAC " VA ROSS PREFECT CAN ' T FORGET: 359 SIMCOE BSMT W ALL " THE PEN " ENG. CLSS W GILL (click click) DO DROP, MANY CARS (way to go Sue) TIMS, B B(33), G B, X, MUSIC W SUE " ONE DAY YOU ' RE GONNA TURN ON YOUR RADIO... " GRADS ' 83 (chirp chirp) (way to go. Sue) SUMMER ' 83 W EB...MN DD DA et all VIOLENT FIGHTS W SUE, M. JACKSON, NEW MUSIC BOWIE CONCERT (Little China girl) " YOU ' RE DRIVING TOO FAST! " (way to go, Sue) DOWNTOWN? IN THE RAIN (way to ...) " I ' M DEAF " ANNEXE, DEJA VU, PSEUDO BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN HOPE IT DOESN ' T RAIN " MAZING " TRIV.PURS., JOHN.C, MILLA, AG., COMMON RM, DARK RM, DOWNTOWN W ALL, " PETER PAN " . THESE WERE THE 5 BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE. I LOVE YOU ALL. I ' LL MISS YOU. " I COULD MAKE IT ALL WORTHWHILE, AS A ROCK ' N ROLL STAR " BOWIE GILLIAN MORRISON VA ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY GYM CAPTAIN REMEMBER? WACKAWACKAWACKA! HUTCH CLICK CLICK PUDDINGS WITH BID THE SV EAR PIERCING, TRICKS IN STOWE " 1 FEEL IT AGAIN " " UPSTAIRS! " FROM LJ-BJ THE BIG CHASE, TRAF ' S NOOKS CRANNIES, GYM DEM, LIBRARY LOCKER ROOM, SECRETS, THE PEN BOWIE (MUSIC) FANTIC, WARNINGS, CALMINGS MUTUAL DISGUST WITH DTH SUM- MERS IN WESTMOUNT WITH MON COMP SUMMER ' 83 WITH JOEL PERHAPS EXCESSIVE pRori:srArioN WH A 1 CAN I SAY?- HEI GHT ORDER- DHT, AH, LL, HG, TS, SR, LD BD PRICELESS PEOPLE: JOEL. MON, JEN MUM IN GREAT DEBT TO: BID I KNOW IT DON ' TTHRILL YOU, I HOPE IT DON ' T KILL WELCOME TO THE WORK I NG WEEK ELVIS COSTELLO AND II ' I HE HOMEWORK BRINGS YOU DOWN, WE ' LL THROW IT ON THE FIRE AND TAKE THE CA« IXjWNlfjWN TURN AND I ACE THE STRANGE CHANGES DAVID BOWIE 20 (;KAf;S ANN OSANA VB ' 79- ' 84 GUMMING Ambition: Concert pianist Cherished Memories: Peterca.. Bubby moods w KD..l don ' t know, Danny. .Stan.. Eating chicken in chem class w KD.. In the box,. Peterbutter..Ski trip w MG, LK KD..PN ' s dancing. .KK ' s grad. .Canada Day ' 82. .Tuck w CA, KD CC. Train rides.. PN as a prep.. Is " ca " Peter ' s last name?.. Korroltjes.. Noble PI.. Europe ' 80. .Zebra slippers.. Marianopolis dances.. Latin w KD Miss A. of course.. Irving.. JPL-A32. .Piano with Sheppy..July 26th. .General FU ' s.. McGill bathroom mess.. Mr. 6.02x1023.. Pierrots.. Upset to the 17th power. .Heli.. 6 ' 4?.. The friendly giant. .3? yes tree.. etiquette. Dead duck in the bay. .Thin mint. .Every 10 sec. .Celebration.. Laughs w MP, CA.KD SL GH.. Conservatory of Quebec. .2 1 2 hr piano lessons.. Egging Out.. 7up Coke., the look. Much love to my dearest Peter. Thanks for your love and support. 1 never would ' ve made it without you. Thanks Mom Dad for sending me to Traf for five great years. HEATHER JEAN OUTERBRIDGE " FISH " ' 79- ' 84 VA GUMMING MEMORIES: Swimming; BA, SD, RR. Fla. TO. Mtl. Halifax, JG ' s X-mas MV, BA. Sudbury-DB!! Summer ' 83: Sailing, ice cream, movies, parties. Trivial Pursuit. Day Camp-sleepovcrs, JS ' bike, swimming, mardi-gras, macrame. It just doesn ' t matter. Leyne-Outerbridge get together ' s! Thursday ' s-lunch. Shopping!! School: Lunches, Gym dem, X-mas concerts, G.S.- syntax error, Closing, Straiford Grad?I Pet Peeves: Cliques, CTGUM, ' huffiness ' ! Weaknesses: Food, .Tags, Clothes, DB! " Wipe you r glasses with what you know. " -James Joyce- THANX Mom and Dad! LAURA PERRY VA ' 79- ' 84 FAIRLEY CHERISHED MEMORIES: Green Elephants, tunic tuggers. Saturdays w RR. Smuggler ' s Notch Owl ' s Head. driver ' ed. Slick Chick-.MG SR. DP. Barbados, history bet incomplete. blankei-.Vloo! The Glue ' 83. library spares. EC at LY. Cake Cherry. wave. Rain! " Let me see your sweatah " . Burlington w SR.MS. Pac-man, Laughing attacks. Italian Tootsie. B-day of ' 82. BOWIE concert! " Don ' t speet on me " . Willingdon, metro views. " If you don ' t like somebody-Hi! " LK ' s lamp.S-C-H.NF ' s calling MP. The Rose, house plays. No. 2! Stratford ' 83! Goreeous! AGP-NG +.A.C + CG. Cottage w NG+CC. Maine ' 82. " RADAR " FAVOURITE EXPRESSIONS: Cacaouete!! Nice Car! Oh mvGod! It just doesn ' t matter!! PET PEEVE: Food btw. teeth. " They came for him one morning at the breaking of the day. She woke to hear him calling as they carried him away, accusing him of spr eading lies and hate. These public meetings are a danger to the state. Some soldier said: who was he anyway? " Chris de Burgh. Thanks to my family and friends. XO MICHELE PETRUCCI " SHRIMP " " PETRUGH " VB ' 79- ' 84 ROSS PREFECT MEfvlORlES: Grade 7 lunches. Leaky in History w CM, being stuck between CM AO... remember...? KA ' s second story party! LS MH, HW who knows, CHEMcfePSSG! ! ! Florida w LS, Snakes HW, broiled cake, knife SM in the middle of the night, trying to hft LS out of bed w MW, Sweet 16.. .DW in St.Bruno LF in Brossard, LS falling on glasses in sleeping bag, LS ' s sweet baby picture! Beep fights w HW, DW LS, crazy DW bombing down ski slope, SB ' s Brr... reaching second line in Grand March, Having a jump ball w 5 ' H " giant! conflicts of interest, VECTORS! Locker Room frenzy at 3:30, skiing w SM trying to make it down, Bromoni w LS CM... Where ' s Laura...? Lunch laughs w LS, KD AO, Jetlag in Lehigh, fallout shelter in Washington, will I ever make it to five feet! Vaseline in Halifax. STRATFORD! ! ! Ape in spare. THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR FIVE INCREDIBLE YEARS AT TRAF. NICOLA PHILPOTT VB ' 80- ' 84 GUMMING Joy the marshmellows... Werewolves. ..Russian agent 66. ..Mary ' s neighbours. ..Joint birttic eyes...Chem. and silverfi,sii ...Contacts!. ..Digital ... Kimrny ' s seances... Beads and braids. ,.,M ' ' Skip Roberts... Lunches with Betty. ..Mondular... " and " signs. ..Stephanie Valente... Dinky dj!..,SUkl ' i ' . -i . ' vlary and Li-Hsien ...Concerts (TV)... Deadlines!,.. Weekends and summers with special people... White water raf- ting... Chattering and gossipping... Green hair... Stratford-more water?! " And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. " -Kahlil Gibran Special thanks to everyone who made these four years at Traf so enjoyable. MEGAN G. POTTER " MEG, MEGGIE, SMEGGIE, GUMP " VA •82- ' 84 FAIRLEY QUOTE: " THOSE WHO THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING ARE ANNOYING TO THOSE WHO DO. " MEMORIES (SWEET OR SOUR): Camping out.. .falling asleep holding a full glass. ..ETON ...trying to inject things intomushmellows... " LASER of the LAKE ' 83 " . HHS EASTER DANCE ' 83... exploring the wilderness of Hudson (Bay if you must) and getting SOAKED!! trip ' 83 (Quote: " MY MUSCLES ACHE " ), " ..des batons p ' is des antennes p ' is des gros gars dans des gros chevrolets... " , biking across Canada?!... evenings of ANIMALS and DYLAN AND FLOYD ... HYORTNBORTN ... MHP ' s AMBITION; PSYCHOLOGIST or FAMOUS PHILOSOPHER. PROBABLE DESTINATION:. ..MHP (the works) QUOTE: " YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME AND ALL OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME. " " ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE, ALOT OF PEOPLE ARE NIFTY, INCLUDING YOU: Teachers and Principal who made me pull up my socks. SHAUN RICHARDS " UN " VB ' 81- ' 84 BARCLAY PREFECT A.MBITION: pro tennis player. PROBABLE DESTINY: BALL GIRL UNFORGETTABLES: Siowe ' 82 w .IL, SB, LL the Philadealphians. UNERA! Split Enz ' 82 thanks Heath... Skiing w Miss D, is she dead? Grade 9 Bio w Bid. Who was that man in tall dark glasses? Martha ' s Vineyard w KB. Beezy the Bumblebee. The Gang of four = BDEF. Our little trip w GM, HG, LL, JL Miss D. Shoelaces, Pigeons DP. Murry park w Kel. Prince, Bijou Thomas forever. CASG! I ' m so sure = LL HG. Baw ha ha! Girls we must ... Driving we made it, HA! Caco you mooch! LC ' s wild stories. Thanx for the rides Miss D for just being a friend, I ' ll miss ya! Skiing and ... falling w Er Ra. Punk 16zzfab ya know! The phone call w JL? Bz sweet w Martha. Kissing my dimple, wild times w HG, LL, Bz, SH, SL.KK, AB, BD, GM, PS, JL. Ra Heath you guys are the best. MOM, DAD TEE thanx for putting up w me you know I love you. Thanx Traf for 3 incredible years which I ' ll never forget. I love the passing of time never for money, alwavs for love cover up and say goodbye. -TALKING HEADS- WENDY ROCHESTER VA ' 79- ' 84 ROSS Trafalgar is an experience of a lifetime. Five years here amounts to more than a paragraph ' s worth of memories and people. My most cherished memories are of my closest friends Christine Gilsenan, Sarah Fletcher, Micheic Mani, and my time spent in their company. Our internal jokes like the grade 9 Latin code, the daily gossip updaic and sagas or the grade 10 eyebrow and pungent London smog are jokes that will never die in my memory. I also hold ibnd and bitter recollections of debating but I it was all for the better and I would like lo thank Mrs. Wighiman and my friends for getting me started. Activities that 1 remember in particular are the ' X2 l,C(. lak-ni? show with the Rainbow Connection and the embarra,s,sing ' 83 golf season. Reinember who " THhY " areSlrallord. All ' s well that ends well Shakespeare 22 GRADS LIGIA SANCHES VB ' 79- ' 84 DONALD Unforgettables: CP ' s w SM, MM. " It ' s either a Porsche or nothing! " POLICE CONCERTS w MM, SM, RC, GL, Aug3- Lime w SM, GL, talking to Andy, Stewart. Bowie$$. Straycats w S,J,F. Sweet Sixteen; CP ' s Irish Jazz Band, MM ' s car " Oh my God we ' re rolling back down " . Pool Party! Gr. 8: The " B " Incident, P.ed Pizza?! Jr. High? Joke-Joke. The Spies Skiing?! Bus trips to school w VG. Jumping over balconies. THE BMW?! David Who? " Too much " Sleep overs w SC, SM, MM. Constant laughing fits. Drowning? Ps Ds what next? " Rat " I ' m so embarrassed " Le Sandale-business w SM CG? Plan under control Summer of 81, w SC, PS, AC. Vacationing in Portugal! Spreading balloons and cruising on St. Cath. School dance, discovery of B. Favorite sayings: It ' s not funny, " Test what test? " get serious, " He what? " Weaknesses: GQ, STING. Special thanx to my parents and friends. LAURA A. SHIOMI " SHOMS " " TEETH " VA ' 79- ' 84 FAIRLEY UNFORGETTABLES: Falling off desks w CJ, crunchie bar bets w CM, trainrides: friend attempt REMEMBER NAND! The many " not so surprised " parties. All nite giggling at MP ' s sleepovers, first time skiing w MP: " EMBARRASSMENT " Laughing attacks w MPDWHWAD. Ski Trip " 82: The madonna mid- point. Potato land PEI ' 82 and Maine ' 83 w KW; MISS VOGUE! Sweet 16 party w MP CA Cat dodo, DW sweet flying pretzels, Beep fights w HW; " deflation " Illegal driving zits! Borg (LS) vs McEnroe(KW) at Wimblebon! KA ' s silent alarm. Florida ' 82 w MP; " The Pier?! " Chairlifts and hideaway beds w MPHW at CM ' s B-day. BT PP: my pouchies. An.xiety attacks hair pulling over PSSC w NB! CO 7 yrs. Photobooths and LOUD telephone calls w KW!! " THE PRO " Skiing w KW- " the best of friends forever " -hockey games and swearing; REMEMBER THE PUCK, KEL! Double ( !? I) physics w MP Love and thanks to mum dad for 5 yrs at Traf; I ' ll never forget them (I made it!) PBDPJJ JON I miss you guys! MARY LAUREEN MINGO SWEENEY VB ' 79- ' 84 FAIRLEY A corridor, long and narrow, leads to a great oaken door that bars my way. For a long time I have been waiting by the threshold, waiting for the heavy lock to turn. The lights in the hall finally grow dim; the time has come. Silently, the door swings open, revealing a dank, cold flight of steps that melt into ob- scirity. The dark bids me enter, and I follow. There is no going back, no time for regret. I descend the rough steps cautiously, with neither torch nor lantern to light the gloom. I need none, however, for far in the distance, a flame leaps from the writhing shadows, a fire that burns brighter with every step ... There are a few people who have made these years so much fun: Katherine, Kimmy, Li-Hsien, Nicola, Suzette, Christine, Ruth, Wendy, Tammy, Ligia, Jane, and you too, maniac. This isn ' t the end. It ' s only the beginning. Si jamais tu t ' en vas, m ' ami, Je m ' en irai aussi. Felix Leclerc HEIDI WEIGAND " BLONDIE " " THE BLOND BOMBSHELL " VA ' 79- ' 84 BARCLAY PREFECT " A friend is someone who knows all about you but likes you anyway. " MEMORIES: wild lunch laughs w LSMPADDW; Pssc-Chem... FORGET IT! Wizum Power!!!! Spare ' s w SBDWMPADLS - getting AD in trouble; Math dropping pencils-GMJLDW; WN? Ormstown fair news to Sue; high kicks ; low serve Sue BONK!! Grad room - GQ BRETS Ski Carnival ' 83 Tremblant - Maddog D MP.. Head s up stuntwoman! Don ' t jump out windows! IVAN LENDL!! chairlifts-LS! Sports: Basketball - wrong way Morrison!!!! Volleyball - SPIKE-whoops; nose-dive!! Badminton - sorry!! Sue ' s strange moods?? SBC- MLSMPDW JUST friends... BOWIE (2)! MRHS - CSVCGBDKPLABNR - good times-sweets! Flying eggs VC; Worms GB; Christie H-S-16! Woa Bess; Give me shelter - PAUL!!!!! Yogurt! Chester - KD ' s oh no! Spectacle Lake; Troublesome Trio - Tim Travis ME!! SAILING w Tracey; climbing masts; trapezing-whoops sorry Trace! Racing Prov ' s!! Blue Collar - LK! ICE CUBES! Pig ' n ' half!! STRATFORD - Trinity!! JAMES!!!!!! Thanx Mom Dad and NANNY! Special thanx to Chris Vicki Dawn-what are friends for! JANE MARGARET WILKINS VB ' 79- ' 84 DONALD " I get by with a little help from my friends " The Beatles I ' ll always remember: French orals; exams; grand march (ugh!); Xmas concerts; house plays: spare; free dress; long hair. ..short hair; train tracks; time machine; letters from G.B., K.M., M.G., G.R.; Montserrat and An- tigua, mopeds in Bermuda, ENGLAND!!!; frisbee at Ivy Lea; H2O skiing; summers at " The Webfool " ; hurray for lifeguards!!!; Paul; DanBob; aggravation w Danny Jay; sand dollars; " The Orchard " ; Tobie ' s; Worm- woods; Ms. Pac Man; downhill skiing w Kimmy; Knots Landing; baby-sitting Avon Regal = spending cash; driver ' ed.... " I haven ' t hit anyone yet!!! " ; Stratford!!! I LOVE YOU MOM, DAD, AND SARA! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! PATRICIA L. WILLIS VA ' 80- ' 84 DONALD " All ray best thoughts were stolen by the ancients. " R.W. Emerson DAWN WISEMAN " WIZUM " VA ' 79- ' 84 DONALD PREFECT " Best of friends never part, best of fools are friends forever " -Boz Scaggs Hey Chris! You know, but there are some things no one will ever know ' cept for us ding ding. I want to do the " ding-dings " ! Love you, Wizum. Memories: skiing w HW, MP. ..cream cheese days...Toute la gang at MRHS...Grad ' 83 Breathless w VC, CJ...Scot ' 83...GRT TIMES W CJ, EB, TL...Cape Cod...WK in ' 81 He ' s gone D... Lunch w LS, MP, AD. HW.. SPARES.. .Dbl Lat...Math w GM, JL, HW ... Sweets! PSSC, Chem HELP! Mrs. Forbes! SB ' s strange moods... say Toe-nee!H + T + T + H but ...CJ ' s surprise... Getting AD in trouble... CL en CJ? Lots of laughs and fun. " Time is money " eh HW! A dy in Feb ' 83, 1 knew. ..Ice cubes. ..WIZUM POWER. ..Short people. ..HEIDI- ril never forget you. Flying Argentinians! STRATFORD! L.S.H, etal Tony: Thanks for everything, it helped keep me going. Love you (really) Mom, Dad and Al I love you all very much. Thanks for 5 GREAT years! Dawn KATHERINE WOLTERS ' 81 - ' 84 BARCLAY I ' LL NEVER FORGET: first day Kimmy, braids in grd.9, Maypole Gym Dem, sugaring off and stuffing, Mary and strawberries, 4(KW), living in Rosemere (cow country), the " Petty Strut " , Betty in the bushes at Li-Hsien ' s party, chem. and math probs w Kimmy, lunchtime birthday parties, mtisic festival, Smugglers Notch(icey) and downhill at Tremblant, " participaction! " , " talented tree " in house play. Seance at Kimmy ' s, " sponging and leeching " , decorating St. Catherine St. w ballons, car wash, metro mornings and " interesting types " , locker room battles, parties and dances!, Souvlaki, " Kawthren! " , lunch discussions, crazy volleyball, white water rafting and Nicola overboard!, all the great jokes and laughs, running team, Stratford: Old Prune, feeding duckies, night time goings ons? ! soft drinks prob. ... and much more than can fit here! Thank you everyone for everything! ! ! rU always remember the fantastic times I ' ve had here. I love you all. KIMMY WONG " WONK " VB ' 81- ' 84 GUMMING " AS GRADUATION ARRIVES, IT IS TIME TO DEPART, YET THE MEMORIES WILL BE LOCKED FOREVER, DEEP WITHIN OUR HEARTS. " REMINISCING: 1st day w KW then TL; ham sand. yogurt, gossip lunch hrs; driver ' s ed w SM; KW " sponging " -long dist. calls; Sweets-slumber party w Chinese food; run away cookie in Math; skiing at Tremblant-an ex!! " Big Apple " w LF-still 4; rumcake: Ruth ' s hunk; Petty Strut w BH: TURN ME LOOSE - Tam; candy stripping w LF -still 4; shopping w NP MS: big mistake; aerobics; rafting -oops Nick; GQ hunks; Miss D ' s designer lunch bag; elastic teeth; screaming down Sher. w JW NP; small world?? Stratford - hicktown fun. Concerts. ..parties, ..dances ...movies... shopping... goofing off. ..Loads of laughs. " I can see the destiny you sold, turned into a shining band of gold " -The Police Thanx Mom, Dad all my fantastic friends LUV YA! ! TRAFALGAR SCHOOL LIBRARY 3495 SIMt SON ST„ 25 GRADS 8S T It A T F O It n Once again the grads ' trip to Stratford was a marvelous success and everyone had a fantastic time. The four busy days flew by. In addition to sightseeing in the town, feeding the swans and discovering all the delicious restaurants, we saw three plays; " Death of a Salesman " by Arthur Miller and " Macbeth " and " Richard the Second " by Wilham Shakespeare. All were excellent performances. We also had a tour of Western University in London, Ontario and then went shopping at a nearby mall. It was a memorable experience. A big thank you to our chaperones who kept us under control; Miss McColl, Mrs. Burke, Miss Boislard and Mrs. Rollins. 29 GRADS i IIKIIEItrpKAIIN... 31 UNDERGRADS BACK ROW: Jennifer Lord, Claudia Ciancullo, Kim Shatilla, Deborah Gilsig, Nadine Sivak, Audrey Moore, Laura Foldesi, Cecile Choi, Shana Jolin, Miss McColL MIDDLE ROW: Andrea Mandel, Sheryl Ludwick, Jacquie Schloss, Sam Shatzky, Jennifer Maude, Vivian Sallai, LesUe Kaufman, Juhe Wu, Marie Antoniou. FRONT ROW: Christina Naros, Jennifer Sadler, Jessica Mosher, Pia Ohlin, Ann Tinsley, Paola Exiey, Shaun Thompson, Sarah Nash, Christine Maravei, Alison Fernie, Katie Makkai. BACK ROW: Miss Boislard, Lisa Pasold, Maggie Goldsmith, Sylvie Turcotte, Vivian Wang, Patrizia Cappelli, Christy Fuller, Sabrina Lord. MIDDLE ROW: Rosella Tursi, Johanne Dinucci, Jennifer Maude, Joanna Wedge, Kumu Puri, Blessilda Mamaneteo, Maha Hirza, Elsy David, Elizabeth Kurien. FRONT ROW: Jennifer Sadler, Jacquie Schloss, Karen Osborne, Vanessa Zorbas, Belinda Peres, Linda Kessler, Samantha Shatzky, Michelle Mani, Stephanie Zelman, Jennifer Vineberg, Rochelle Strauss, Emma Strachan. BACK ROW: Tara Mani, Georgia Bouchoutsos, Corrie Owens, Philippa Klein, Nicola Wolters, Cathy Jansen, Annie Laufer, Brenda Wathey. MIDDLE ROW: Cathy Choi, Diana Lim, Tanya Naylor, Lisa Campeau, Taline Seropian, Kristen Macleod, Sharon Freedman, Wendy Tarn, Miss den Hertog. FRONT ROW: Felicia Williamson, Linda Lee, Yiling Chang, Andrea Burke, Wendy Stein, Nat Goldin, Stephanie Blanshay, Cheryl Annesly, Kathie Evans. FRONT ROW: Estelle Richmond, Sophie Catchlove. BACK ROW: Mrs. Hrycyna, Jennifer MacKenzie, Lesley Salter, Anthea DeSilva, Maria Cundy, Jennifer Rogers, Julie Arel, Randi Perlman, Caroline McCormack, Ingrid Hyder, Ruby Nar, Diana Lim, Sabrina Dinucci, Cathy Moroz, Tasha Kheriddin. MIDDLE ROW: liana Stein, Audrey Bauer, Wendy Kinnear, Jo Goodman, Kim Forest, Stacey Schwartz, Jen Schloss, Cindy Lee, Frans Braniotis, Lisa Phillips, Manita Shine. FRONT ROW: Daniella Akerblom, Nima Spaniel. BACK ROW: Mrs. Kalisky, Kathy White, Celia Wallace, Lisa Elkin, Lara Speirs, Katie Wadsworth, Katie Asch, Andrea Peplow, Tara Cope, Berky Thompson, Christine Sandilands. MIDDLE ROW: Michelle Stewart, Subuhi Abidi, Julia Ostopkevitch, Carey Knight, Tricia Lee, Sandra Leslie, Alison Leigh. FRONT ROW: Sari Karper, Debbie Levy, liana Schwartz, Audrey Kessler, Bonnie Satov, Natalie HolUnger. BACK ROW: Mrs. Nicolaidis, Rina Gupta, Claudine Saleh, Stephanie Robson, Julie Trudel, Morena Tursi, Noelle Leger, Danielle Saputo, Cheryl Zacharie, Jennifer Quaid, Laura Losonsci. MIDDLE ROW: Wendy Weiner, Dorothy Wong, Lisa Kwong, Sue Heintzman, Connie Laufer, Susie Kuchel. FRONT ROW: Melanie Haugerty, Jessica Aronoff, Melissa Lubotta, Jill Baron, Michelle Irwin, Gina Pinsky, Li Yu. ABSENT: Robbie Sanders, Wendy Wathey. BACK ROW: Tracy Pratt, Jody von Colditz, Dionne Codrington, Melany Rourke, Jennifer Johnstone, Faye Boyce, Carla Wainwright, Pasley Preston, Sandy Cope, Karina Curtis, Dina Roumanis. MIDDLE ROW: Gilda Alfiero, Susan Garforth, Astrid Kihl, Tiffany Howard, Stephanie Rich, Sarah Musgrave, Diane McMath, Elissa Dallegret, Yasmin Ahmed, Miss Moll. FRONT ROW: Jessalyn Gilsig, Sara Strutheres, Denise Cundy, Meredith Jones, Diane Walsh, Azra Khan, Christy Laflamme. BACK ROW: Mamie Blaushey, Christine Burke, Cynthia Desjardins, Clare Nash, Melissa Mundell, Christine Haley, Lisa Carpenter, Jennifer Alderson, Sarah Daly, Mrs. Wightman. MIDDLE ROW: Cathy Evans, Lola Sheppard, Elaine Ostopkevitch, Vanessa Logie, Paola Bozzer, Dawn Lambert, Bethan Mowat, Fedra Braniotis, Naghma Chugthai. FRONT ROW: Michelle Heissler, Alix Ohlix, Mireille Mendioroz, Marleen Eisenloeffel, Valerie Applebee, Sara Wilkins, Sara Struthers, Annika Stein, Macy Allen. 37 UNDERGRADS Airr ijT... A PINK CITY POEM What do you think when you say pink? Calm, sexy, feminine or pretty? Sometimes doesn ' t it make you think What a nice change to have a pink city. Branches, trees, all coloured pink Skyscrapers rosy and tall; All the calamity, in our minds would sink Alas, complete pink is boring after all. Tandi Nkiwane, IVB K.B., IVB THE METRO Silence. A lonely beggar ' s voice softly humming accompanied by a strumming guitar. As one person ' s footsteps thump down the stairs, the soft music fades. Alone. In silence. The sleepiness of the metro is slow and dreary. Then suddenly a whoosh of wind and the dull light of the metro becomes blinding. The silence is broken when the doors of the metro open; the morning crowd rushes off. The lonely person steps into the now-emptied car. The doors creak shut. He looks, the metro littered with coffee cups and cigarette butts. He hears the tired shuffling of feet going up the stairs. There is one more blinding flash; the metro and the people are gone. Once again, silence. Valerie Applebee, Cumming House, IB 40 Al 1 1,11 THY CITY WOMAN Her hair cut short, cut short to frame her face becomingly, Leaves a slim white column exposed to view. The crisp white collar is part of a shirt Which is hidden under the tailored jacket - man-like. SHm jacket leads on to slim slacks. Legs encased and yet enhanced at once. Beautiful woman walks on high-heeled slippers Made of glass - so white, so right. Thy city woman - O model of efficiency! - walketh on. No ruffles, no lon g skirt, hair out of the way. Where do her children hang on? Where do they pull? Anonymous, IVB THE SNOWSTORM The snow began slowly. Few people noticed it, since it did not hinder anyone. The snowflakes that did fall, floated down from the white sky above. Each snowflake seemed to know where it would land, and despite some detours, it would always arrive there. Calmly, it would lay itself down on the branch, fence or other place that was its destination. Each flake was unique as a little girl remarked to herself as she walked along the street. She then stopped in order to catch the largest snowflake possible but was caught in a coughing fit that wracked her frail body. The density of the falling snow thickened, as many people noted. The traffic had thinned, as had the number of pedestrians. The snowflakes no longer floated down, they whirled about in a furious dance. The flakes were no longer content to rest and were constantly settling just to be swept along by another blast of the icy wind. The young girl was crying now. Her nose was running, and she continuously was tripping over her feet and landing in the freezing snow. No one paid her any attention since she was not theirs. Soon the snow was blinding. The few pedestrians that were challenging the elements pulled down their hats and rewound their scarves around their throats. The snowflakes were no longer beautiful and kind; they had become monsters stinging any naked skin. The snowflakes whirled around and around, as if each were a tiny hurricane caught up in itself. There were no longer gusts of wind, for now the wind blew relentlessly. It whistled around the corners and sent old newspapers scuttling. The sidewalk was slippery, for under the shifting snow was treacherous ice. The trees looked frozen in their places, and their boughs were weighted down under the thick snow. The girl was huddling in the doorway of an abandoned building. She was clutching at her thin coat. She was peering into the snow, searching for help. The waif was no longer crying but whimpering, as if resigned to her fate. Then the snowfall lightened, and the city prepared to step outside again after a hibernation of two days. It was in this silent time when neither cars nor people had emerged, and the wind did not howl, that the young girl died. Joanna Wedge IVB 42 AR I A l THE BIRD LADY As soon as the morning sun rises, you can see the bent, old bird lady hobbling her way towards Central Park. She wears the same faded pink shawl, old black ladies ' oxfords, and shabby dress of green plaid. On top of her head is a crumpled straw hat secured with a hat pin. She has been coming faithfully to the park ever since anyone can recall. Short-sighted eyes squint out from the much-creased face as the gnarled, wrinkled hands scatter bits of stale bread crumbs for the early morning sparrows and pigeons. The birds flock around her feet and some even perch on her head and shoulders for she is as familiar to them as the sky. The bird lady beams with delight and reveals her toothless grin at the birds ' eagerness to gobble down the crusts of bread. The bird woman is a vital and living part of the city. D. Wong, IIB. f. Wil I icxi noon nra THE FORGOTTEN CITY The sunlight dances on the windows Of the skyscrapers standing proud Who buih them, no one knows Each swallowed at the top in a cloud. The land around them is white and cold The remains of houses scattered around, Lying like bones, bleached and bold On the empty ground. Bleak as it is, something remains Amongst the wind and cold Of a great civilization, bereft of stains, And a forgotten city of old. Alix Ohlin, I THE VAGRANT As I viewed him from a distance, I could see the vagrant ' s hands trembling as he rummaged through the garbage bin beside the restaurant, hoping to find sufficient scraps to satisfy his extreme hunger. Finally, after searching the bin from corner to corner, he walked away in disappointment, for he had not found anything to eat. He stumbled over to a bench and lay down on it. He picked up some aged, rended newspaper and carefully placed it down on his stomach, he rolled over and closed his eyes, but the paper fell off. Looking very annoyed, he trailed over to the sidewalk and leaned against the window of a restaurant, peering in at the food. The delectable smell and the enticing appearance of the foods tempted him, but as he knew there was no chance to obtain any food, he ambled away. I could still see his face as he swaggered down St. Catherine Street and for some reason, he was smiling and gazing around him at all the people. I wondered how he could be so content living such a hard life. I could still see him as he turned into a dark alley as if he did so every day. " Home, " I thought. liana Schwartz, Form IIA L. Kwong MB 44 AR I Kl M I " 1__ 1 THE FINAL TRIBUTE I am a statue, lost and obscured amidst the bustling, swarming people4hat live in this metropolis. uilt in honour of Norman Bethune, a heroic doctor who was ere. Bethune was a greatly respected man, but 1 am tre|tjed tie regard or esteem. Tranrips camp out on my feet nightly, children liUgliP small park that I dominate, and rain or snow, I am engulfed iflHKing pollution. Every dlHvatch the crowds sift by ... people so concerned with themselves tl they cannot stojfcto pay any heed lo the trees, atues that contrib to so much of the city ' s history, straggler will ga e in awe at my neighbour, a monument erJcted in memory of ,r[ic soldiers who died in the war, but no one reali ' S that we statues ha ' l eelings too. NevertheiPs, here I have stoocM anguish for countless years. Here 1 am ... heii I shall remain - ar fand in a sea of tumult, a lonely statue in thqtity. buildings and The occasion Carrey Knight, Form From my balcony I love to see The garden with its Swimming pool, The children playing ball. The man Reading his book under a tree Pasted on a pastel-blue sky, Safely out of reach of The bustling city which carefully envelopes My small Utopia. S.B. VA 1983 was a very successful year for many Trafites. There were three major writing competitions open to them. The Bryan Prize, awarded every June to a senior student, was won by Jane McLaren ( ' 83). The runner-up was Lisa Pasold. The Junior Competition was won by Tasha Kheiriddin. The Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition awarded Katherine Wolters First Prize and Li-Hsien Fan Second Prize in their respected categories. The Canada Permanent Creative Writing Contest awarded the following with Honorable Mentions for their submissions: Lissa Constantine, Elizabeth Kurien, Jane McLaren, Lisa Pasold, Shaun Richards, Roberta Wedge. MY FAVOURITE WALK by Jane McLaren, ' 83 As I took my favourite walk for probably the last time, I remembered sadly the last time I had stomped angrily out of the house after having a fierce argument with my mother. I had walked at a brisk pace, not knowing exactly where I was going, but my feet led me, as they always did when 1 was upset, on my favourite walk. Down the quiet suburban street of my home, left on Fairway Drive, and through the thick forest on the winding dirt path. After having walked for about a mile through the woods, I reached the other end which opened out into a beach with a small lake. I had stood in awe, as I always did, gazing at the hot golden sand, and the clear deep blue water whose waves rippled gently against the shore. Then I ' d seen a small mother chickadee, and five baby birds out on a rock on the sand. Incredibly, I ' d been able to get right up close, but the panic-stricken family caused me to back off, for I had no right to invade their privacy. After this, I had sat down and cooled my feet in the sparkling water, reflecting over the argument I had had with my mother. The peaceful setting always calmed my nerves and cooled my anger, and soon I was able to return home. Although I had taken this walk several other times when I was angry, it was not for the same reason that I returned now. After this, I would have to find myself another place to walk, for I had just discovered that the forest was to be destroyed. In its place several homes were to be built. I was told it was the perfect location, and that good land was being wasted without any construction on it. I walked slowly down the path to the lake, and when I reached the clearing, had my last rest on the hot smooth sand. I heard the happy birds chirping, and smelled the faint sweetness of the wild forest flowers. After the sun went down, I got up to take the path back home. The rippling waves seemed to be saying goodbye. I had almost reached the other end of the woods when I heard the distinct sound of a chain saw. I covered my ears with my hands and ran the rest of the way home. I never went back. The Traf x-country team ran faster than ever this year. Mosquito and bantam teams placed first while the midget placed third and juvenile placed second over all. E. Dallegret came in first for the bantams. cross- cofiiifrv ruiiiiiiig III mi i In September Trafalgar held its first annual tennis tournament within the school. The doubles junior winners were Katie Asch and Carey Knight. Natalie Golden and Jennifer Schloss placed first in the senior doubles champ- ionship. Angela Bissct and Sabrina Lord were the conso- lation winners. SO SI ' OK I S the s port of flirtiiii| 51 SPORTS 52 SPORl S TEAM MEMBERS: Jennifer Alderson Sandy Cope Tara Cope Denise Cundy Maria Cundy Rina Gupta Audrey Moore Jennifer Quaid Stephanie Rich Claudine Saleh Morena Tursi The gymnastics team, coached by Mile. Lanteigne, worked hard during their season. The season started off with great success! Rina Gupta and Claudine Saleh won ribbons in various divisions, and the whole team placed well. Traf can be proud of our little " flexible tumblers " who bounded to victory! I 53 SPORTS BACK ROW: S. Thompson, A. Bissett, J. Sadler, E. Gold, M. Petrucci, H. Weigand, K. Anderson, W. Rochester. MIDDLE ROW: C. McCullough, C. Nacos. MANAGER: B. Dube. COACH: Miss Layton. KASILETBAIili The Juvenile B-Ball Team enjoyed a very successful season this year with only three losses out of ten games. Traf hosted the Annual Invitational B- Ball Tournament which was once again a huge success. B.C.S. defeated Havergal in the finals. Traf then went to B.C.S. in February to participate in their Senior Tournament. Traf played very well and had fun on and off the court. 54 SPC)RTS 55 SPORTS VOLLEY No one can say the bantams didn ' t work hard this season! Al- though they didn ' t quaUfy for the finals in the G.M.A.A., everyone enjoyed himself tremendously, thanks to their coach, Mile. Lan- teigne. PLAYERS: V. Applebee, F. Braniotis, L. Elkin, S. Garforth, M. Haggerty, S. Heintzman, C. Knight, S. Leslie, E. Ostopkevich, G. Pinsky, J. Schloss, L Schwarts. The midgets had an exceptional season, finishing first in the G.M.A.A. after an exciting match in the finals. This is their second year winning the championship, with Miss Layton as their coach. PLAYERS: N. Golden, J. Goodman, J. Lord, S. Lord, C. Nacos, J. Sadler, S. Schwartz, N. Spaniel, I. Stein, W. Stein, V. Wang, F. Williamson. 56 SI ' OK I S KALI The juveniles finished a com- mendable season, advancing to the semi-finals in the league. They also played in two tournaments in which they fell short to the provincial champs of Nova Scotia. Miss Layton and co-captains Angela and Heidi made the year one to remem- ber. PLAYERS: K. Anderson, A. Bisset, S. Blauer, A. Desjardins, C. McCullough, G. Morrison, M. Pet- rucci, W. Rochester, S. Turcotte, H. Weigand, P. Wilhs. 57 SPORTS " The birds flew swiftly " through this year ' s badmin- ton season. Our skilled players, coached by Miss Layton, enjoyed a fun-filled season. BANTAMS: M. Blanshay, C. Burke, L. Carpenter, J. von Colditz, M. Haggerty, S. Heintzman, C. Knight, G. Pinsky, J. Schloss. MIDGET: S. Blanshay, W. Kinnear, J. Lord, S. Lord, C. Moroz, C. Nacos, B. Satov, W. Stein. JUVENILE: K. Anderson, A. Bissett, S. Blauer, A. Desjardins, C. McCuUough, G. Morrison, S. Richards, H. Weigand. 59 SPORTS 61 SPORTS ACTIVITIES 64 AC I IVITIFS iUliaSIC PKKTIVAL This year ' s Music Festival was held at The Villa Maria. The theme was " Canada " . Participants included choirs from E.C.S., Sacred Heart, Loyola, The Study and Trafalgar; a stage band from Selwyn House; and a ' choir cum ukulele ' group from The Villa. After each group had sung individually, they joined together in a rousing and bilin- gual rendition of " O Canada " and " Canada Dear Home " . ACTIVITII Once again this year, Trafalgar held lunch-time activities taught by members of the community. There were many excellent choices offered. These included: drama. Trivial Pursuit, debating, mould-sculpturing and in- ternational cooking. 65 ACTIVITIES IKTEimOHKE VOLLEYBALL 1st -Barclay 2nd - Cumming 66 Ac rivn iES 67 ACTIVITIES FRONT ROW: Laura Shiomi, Heather Gold, Joanne Dinucci, Claudia Ciancuillo, Anne Tinsley. BACK ROW: Caroline Applebee, Nima Spaniel, Felicia Williamson, Gary Knight, Michelle Irwin, Sandy Cope, Stacey Struthers. Both Junior and Senior debaters, coached by Mrs. Wightman, en- joyed a very successful year. Many Trafalgar teams and individuals achieved recognition at tournaments held at a variety of schools. As well, Trafalgar hosted a Junior tournament in November and a Senior one in January. All in all, it was a very busy year. 68 AC I IVITIES HISTOKY In December Form II held its annual History Banquet. All the girls came dressed as characters from Medieval times. The evening began with a musical interlude. This was followed by dinner, which consisted of authentic Medieval broth, mead, bread and cornish hens. Dessert was slightly more modern petits fours. Afterwards there was entertainment and dancing. A good time was had by all. 69 ACTIVITIES SCIENCE VAUl Science Fair was held in March. Girls competed for prizes at the Junior and Senior levels, in four catagories: biology, chemistry, physics and geography. Prizes were awarded for originality, detail and research. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS! B II A form II band was started this year on the basis of last year ' s flute and clarinet classes. With the addition of saxophones and a trumpet, the band is really shaking the foundations. Under the direction of our conductor, Mr. MacMillan we will toot in the new year. 35i5l 70 ACTIVITIES FIRST ROW: Samantha Shatzky, Patrizia Cappelli, Shaun Thompson, Rosella Tursi. SECOND ROW: Kim Anderson, Susan Homa, Sophie Lynch-Staunton, Heather Outerbridge, Anne-Marie Desjardins, Rebecca Bird, Sue Ann Blauer, Laura Perry, Lissa Constantine, Carole Jakubovic. THIRD ROW: M. Ruscio, Miss Leyton, Mrs. Henophy, Miss Moll, Miss Armbruster. The theme for this year ' s house plays was " Classic Movies and Books " . This prompted original and interesting presentations by all the houses. As a result, Mrs. Scott, the former principal of The Study had a difficult time selecting a winner. In the end, the victor was Donald House thanks to its presentation of " The Wizard of Oz " . The runners up were Fairley, who performed an adaptation of " Canterbury Tales " , Barclay with " The Sound of Music " , Ross with " Peter Pan " , and Cumming with " Romano and Julie " . 72 A(IiVri II.S 73 ACTIVITIES IKTEKNATIOKAL On March 2nd, Trafalgar held its first International Day. Students signed up to participate in clubs representative of dif- ferent countries. Each prepared food and entertainment both of which were well received. As well, parents and friends of the school gave seminars where they talked about their countries of origin. Altogether it was a most entertaining day. I II A Y 74 PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATES JUNE 10, 1983 FORM I FORM II PROFICIENCY CERTIFICATE: PROFICIENCY CERTIF FORM III FORM IV PROFICIENCY CERTIF PROFICIENCY CERTIF CATE: CATE: CATE: JESSICA ARONOFF CAREY KNIGHT SUNITA MAYER JENNIFER OUAID ANDREA BURKE YILING CHANG NATHALIE GOLDIN INGRID HYDER TASHAKHEIRIDDIN JENNIFER MACKENZIE CATHY MOROZ ESTELLE RICHMOND JENNIFER ROGERS STAGEY SCHWARTZ NIMA SPANIEL MARIA ANTONIOU KATALINA MAKKAI KUMUPURI NADINE SIVAK SUANN BLAUER PATRICIA WILLIS JUNE 1983 SUBJECT AND SPECIAL PRIZES KAREN PINSKY a) PHYSICS PRIZE, presented by Mrs. Forbes. b) FRENCH PRIZE, presented to a Secondary Five student for her interest and high academic achievement. c) HISTORY PRIZE, presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association, in memory of Dr. Joan Foster. RUTH TENENHOUSE STEPHANIE LEITH COMPUTER SCIENCE PRIZE, presented by Miss Arm- bruster. PATRICIA SAPUTO PHYSICS PRIZE, presented by Miss Boislard. GISELA SCHMIDT COMPUTER SCIENCE PRIZE, presented by Miss Arm- bruster. CHEMISTRY PRIZE, presented by Mrs. Forbes. MATHEMATICS PRIZE, presented by Mrs. Forbes. NANCY BOIVIN FRENCH PRIZE, presented by Miss E. MacAuley, in honour of Mme. Louise E. Brouillette, for consistently maintaining a high level of interest and participation in her work. MICHELE FEDER FRENCH PRIZE, presented by Mr. Yves Laberge, in memory of his father, doctor Lassalle Laberge, and awarded to the student of Secondary Five who has made the best effort to integrate the French language in and out of school situations. VALERIE JAKUBOVIC FRENCH PRIZE, presented lo a Secondary Five student for her interest and high academic achievement. ANJA UDOM CLASSICS PRIZE, presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association, in honour of Miss Jean E. Harvie. LISE DUBE CHEMISTRY PRIZE, presented by Mrs. B. Kalisky. CHRISTINE GILSENAN CHEMISTRY PRIZE, presented by Mrs. B. Kalisky. BETTY HUANG GEOMETRY PRIZE, presented by Mrs. C. Nicolaidis. SUZETTE MADRUGA GOLDSTEIN MEDALLION, awarded to the Senior girl who has made the most effort in her language course. 76 ACTIVITIES JUNE 1983 FORM IIIB PATSY WILLIS a) ENGLISH PRIZE, presented by Mrs. Rollins. b) ART PRIZE, presented by Miss K. den Hertog. KATHERINE WOLTERS SPANISH PRIZE, presented by Mrs. D. Gonzalez. ELIZABETH KURIEN a) GEOGRAPHY PRIZE, presented by Mrs. Hrycyna. b) CLASSICS PRIZE, presented by Miss B. Armbruster, in honour of Miss Jean E. Harvie. NADINE SIVAK BIOLOGY PRIZE, presented by Mrs. Henophy. YILING CHANG AND JENNIFER MACKENZIE CERTIFICATES from the Quebec Association of Mathematics Teachers for outstanding scholarship in the Gauss Mathematics Competition. THE BRYAN PRIZE FOR CREATIVE WRITING Presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association, awarded to: JANE MCLAREN HONOURABLE MENTION LISA PASOLD THE JUNIOR CREATIVE WRITING PRIZE is awarded to: TASHA KHEIRIDDIN THE J.M.V. FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Presented to the Form I student with the highest average in her year ' s work and not presently holding a scholarship. JENNIFER QUAID RIDOLFI ART AWARD Presented to a Senior student for enthusiasm, interest and effort in her art course: BETTY HUANG June 1983 ATHLETIC AWARDS 1 . THE JUNIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD: Presented to the Junior Form with the highest ability in gym- nastics: FORM IIB 2. THE SENIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD: Presented to the Senior Form with the highest ability in gym- nastics: 3 . THE JUNIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP : Presented to the winner of the Junior Form Basketball Tour- nament: FORM IIB 4. THE SENIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP: Presented to the winner of the Senior Form Basketball Tour- nament: FORM IVA 5 . THE INTERHOUSE BASKETBALL CUP : BARCLAY HOUSE 6. THE INTERHOUSE VOLLEYBALL CUP: FAIRLEY HOUSE 7. THE INTERHOUSE BADMINTON CUP: GUMMING HOUSE 8. THE INTERHOUSE TENNIS CUP: GUMMING HOUSE 9. THE STOCKING CUP: Presented to the Form showing the best spirit and most improve- ment in athletics: FORM IVA MISCELLANEOUS 1. THE WALKER CUP: Presented to the winner of the House Drama Competition: GUMMING HOUSE 2. THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP : Presented to the student earning the most House Points: Name CATHY MOROZ DONALD HOUSE 515 POINTS 3. THE INTERHOUSE SHIELD: Presented by Mrs. Wynne Robinson, and won by: 1. DONALD HOUSE 5920 POINTS 2. BARCLAY " 5642 POINTS 3. GUMMING " 5111 POINTS 4. FAIRLEY " 4798 POINTS 5. ROSS " 4426 POINTS 77 ACTIVITIES 78 CANDIDS I ft rail IHreeforY Anderson, Kim 172 Bedbrook Avenue, Mtl. West, H4X 1R9 486-5662 Applebee, Caroline 75 Lucerne Avenue, Pte. Claire, H9R 2V1 Bird, Rebecca 230 Elgar Park, Nuns ' Island, H3E 1C8 761-2006 Bissett, Angela 672 Roslyn Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2T9 487-2927 Blauer, SueAnn 4800 deMaisonneuve W., Westmount, H3Z 1M2 935-8650 Cohen, Caroline 631 Landsdowne Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2V7 482-1327 Comeau, Natalie 3455 Belmore Avenue, NDG, H4B 2L8 482-1 147 Constantine, Lissa 32 Windsor Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2L8 484-5624 Costa, Ruth 3676 Henri Julien H2X 3H5 Dawson, Barbara 4379 Westmount Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 1 W8 489-7225 Desjardins, Anne Marie 32 Hudson Avenue apt. 4, TMR, H3R 1S6 733-7602 Dube, Beezy 10 Rosemount Avenue apt. 603, Westmount, H3Y 3K4 937-1884 Duncan, Jelana 365 Elmridge Avenue, Dorval, H9S 2Z6 631-9395 Durnford, Kendra 128 Percival Avenue, Mlt. West, H4X 1T6 Fan, Li-Hsien 4085 St-Andre apt. 802 H2L 4M9 Gilsenan, Christine 527 Victoria Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2R3 932-8428 Gold, Heather 617 Roslyn Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2V1 487-4995 Guyda, Marley 7 Banstead Road, Mtl. West, H4X IPl 487-6526 Homa, Susan 57 Sunnyside Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 1C3 482-3088 Huang, Betty 4005 Melrose Avenue, Montreal, H4A 1S5 489-0207 Jakubovic, Carole 4255 Jean-Brillant, Montreal, H3T 1P2 731-0873 Johnson, Janice 44 Windsor Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2L8 484-7145 Keightley, Liane 386 Berkeley Circle, Dorval, H9S 1H4 Kessler, Liza 624 Carlton Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2Y2 483-2456 Laberge, Stephanie Westhill Avenue, NDG, H4B 2S5 Laflamme, CaroHne 482 Landsdowne Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2V2 Lazare, Lara 15 Aberdeen Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 3A5 935-1481 Lazare, Tammy Box 233 Caughnauaga, Quebec, JOI IBO Leber, Tina 1357 Dumfries Road, TMR, H3P 2R2 731-5137 Lynch-Staunton, Sophie 31 14 Daulac Road, Montreal, H3Y 1Z9 932-1874 Madruga, Suzette 5880 Madore, Montreal, HIM 1H4 252-8319 Manmohansingh, Savitri 5205 Connaught Avenue, NDG, H4V 1X5 488-8447 McCullough, Gary 49 Wildtree Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 5G2 Mckenna, Brigid 406 Revere Avenue, TMR, H3P 1C4 341-7343 Morrison, GiUian 30 Redpath Place, Montreal, H3G 1E3 844-9031 Osana, Ann 14 9th Avenue, Roxboro, H8Y 2M8 Outerbridge, Heather 146 Ballantyne North, Mtl. West, H4X 2C1 481-6676 Perry, Laura 223 Ballantyne North, Mtl. West, H4X 2C3 482-4512 Petrucci, Michele 188 Brixton, St-Lambert, J4P 3A2 Philpott, Nicola 466 Claremount Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2N5 484-8186 Potter, Meg 602 Maun Road, Hudson Heights, JOP 1 JO 458-5908 Richards, Shaun 609 Belmont Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2W1 481-8223 Rochester, Wendy 2090 Vendome Avenue, H4A 3M5 489-4560 Sanches, Ligia 305 Roy, Montreal, H2W 1M8 Shiomi, Laura 32 Valerie Street, Kirkland, H9J 1 J9 697-4166 Sweeney, Mary 4771 Sherbrooke Street W. H3Z 1G5 932-2872 Weigand, Heidi 4314 Mountrose Avenue, Westmount, H3Y 2A7 937-7656 WilUs, Patsy 4115 Cote des Neiges Road, Montreal, H3H 1X1 989-9188 Wilkins, Jane 317 Melville Avenue, Westmount, H3Z 2J7 932-0340 Wiseman, Dawn 549 Abercorn Avenue, TMR, H3R 2B5 731-7091 Wolters, Katherine 257 Willowtree, Rosemere, J7A 2E2 437-3883 Wong, Kimmy 896 Queen, St. Lambert, J4S 1T9 465-8545 81 DIRECTORY THE CLASS OF 1983 Forty-four of the class are at CEGEPs in Quebec. At Marianopolis are Paola Altomonte, Jane Bachynski, Catherine Blundell, Jill Bobula, Emily Feldman, Nancy Fletcher, Valerie Jakubovic, Jennifer Lymer, Jane McLaren, Aislinn Mosher, Mandy Pfeffer, Stephani Risk and Karen Robson. At College Jean-de-Brebeuf are Claudia Besso, Anlonine Despeignes, Nathalie Dumoulin, Michelle Feder, Melissa Haggerty, Stephanie Leith, Alison Mercer, Jane Ogilvy, Gisela Schmidt, Roberta Wedge, Andie Zeliger and Lisa Zukow. Attending Vanier are Sabina Altenhaus, Nandni Bhargava, Denise Carr, Suzanne Grant, Nicola Rutherford, Patricia Saputo and Sanda Sasarman. Six students are at Champlain Regional College: Nadia Cappelli, Olga Martin and Katie Pratt at the St. Lambert Campus; Annemarie Drumm and Vania Kirby at the Lennoxville Campus and Patricia Heintzman at the St. Foy Campus. Janina Francescutti, Anna Maclachlan, Annamarie Roberts and Tanya Sterbenk are at Dawson College and Nancy Boivin and Janice Patton are at John Abbott College. In the United States are Karen Pinsky at the University of Michigan and Ruth Tenenhouse at Brandeis in Waltham, Mass. Chantal Cassar and Marie Lessard are attending professional schools in Montreal and Anja Udom is following night courses at Lasalle College. Liane Kotler is in Toronto. NEWS OF OTHER CLASSES 1982: Michele Ballantyne is in First Year at Carleton University, Jane Freer is attending the University of New Hampshire and Diana Leblanc is in Second Year at Carleton. Gail Parker is studying French and Secretarial Sciences at Institut Alpin Videmanette, at Rougemont, in Switzerland. 1981: Sandra Cappelli and Jennifer Roman graduated last spring from College Jean-de-Brebeuf in Sciences Humaines. Naila Chughtai is in First Year Biology at Concordia University and Jennifer Cohen is studying Psychology at York University. Sarah Russell has transferred from the University of Windsor to University College at the University of Toronto; last summer she worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources in Southwestern Ontario. Bronwyn Spotton completed her course at Vanier in December and in January she entered Concordia, taking Anthropology. Debbie Taylor is taking a Science degree course in Psychology at the University of Western Ontario. 1980: Hilary Borner will graduate with a 3 years major in Economics at the University of Toronto this spring and hopes to work at Ontario Place this summer and then go into industrial, commercial and investment real estate. Alice Emili is in First Year Mathematics at McGill. Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton spent last year at the University of Toronto studying Liberal Arts, and is now in First Year Architecture at the University of Waterloo. She spent the summer working as a hostess in two restaurants in Stratford, Ont. Marilyn Meikle is working as an estate counsellor in Montreal. Heidi Overing (Form III, 1980) has been studying at the American School in Switzerland. Barbara Parker will graduate from Queen ' s with a B.A. in Psychology this spring, and plans to attend the McGill School of Social Work in the spring. 1979: Megan BOrner will graduate in June from York University with B.F.A., Special Honours Art History; she wants to do research of paintings for exhibitions and at present is a volunteer at the Royal Ontario Museum and a paid part-time worker in the slide library at York; she hopes to get her M.F.A. eventually. Jane Brumwell graduated in the fall from York University with a B.A. in Sociology. She is now working as a residential counsellor in a group home for mentally handicapped teenagers. Jacqueline Lacey, after completing two years of the B.Sc. course at McGill, was granted early admission to the Law School, and is now in First Year Law. She plans to take her B.C.L. and LL.B. degrees and to complete her undergraduate B.Sc. course in the summers. B. Joan Noel last spring completed her first year in Business Administration at Bishop ' s, and was awarded an Exchange Scholarship to the University of Alberta in Edmonton for 1983-84. Dana Spcnce is in third year at the University of Waterloo, where she is taking co-op Honours Recreation, mainstreaming in Outdoor recreation. She enjoyed her first two work terms, one at a training school for juvenile dclincjucnts and the other at the Ontario Crippled Children ' s Centre. Barbara Wise is in her final year of Commerce at McGill. I oni Zannis is President of TOGA, and on the Advisory Committee of the Board of Governors. H2 I OCA NI ' .WS 1978: Christine Bardecki received her B.F.A. from Concordia in June, 1983. Heather Cherrier, after completing two years of nursing, has had to give it up because of severe knee problems, and has now switched to Social Work and Psychology at Dawson. Charlotte Farkas took social counselling at Dawson College, then followed an intensive course in therapeutic training for communities. She is now working in Ste. Adele as an educator in a therapeutic community. Belaine Lacey received her B.C.L. from McGill in June, 1983 and is now continuing, to get her LL.B. Last year she was elected (the first woman!) President of the McGill Branch of Phi Delta Phi, the International Legal Association, and represented McGill at the International Conference in Washington. Heather Leigh graduated in ' 82 with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, minor in Math and Business. She is now living in Calgary working for Canadian Western Natural Gas as a Computer Consultant. Alison Noel has received her B.Comm. with Honours from Carleton University, and plans to remain in Ottawa. Noreen Shah Preusser received her B.Sc, Honours in Chemistry, in June, 1983 and spent the summer in Europe on her honeymoon. Melanie Sheridan changed from Psychology at McGill to the Nursing degree programme. Lori Spotton who entered Concordia with a scholarship, received her B.A. in Journalism with distinction (i.e. overall average of 85%) last spring. She is now in First Year Law at McGill. Julia Tilden last spring graduated from Queen ' s with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English. At the convocation ceremony she was presented to the Chancellor as the winner of the Medal in English, awarded to the candidate with the highest standing in that particular concentration. 1977: Patricia Bardecki is taking the Dental Hygiene Programme at John Abbott CEGEP. Sheryl Beadle graduated from Queen ' s in 1982 with a B.A. Honours in Economics; she is now working in New York with a Trust Company, and is enrolled in a 12-month management training programme, after which she will become a lending officer with the Bank of Manhattan. Heidi Borner Kerr will graduate from the University of Calgary in 1985, with a Bachelor of Nursing, a B.A., and a R.N. She has won awards each year at U of C which have paid her tuition. Cherine Cheftecki graduated in Law from I ' Universite de Montreal in June, 1982, and did her articling at Clarke and Tetreault. She became a full-fledged lawyer in November, 1983. Wendy Moore graduated from McGill in May ' 83 with a B.A., Major in Mathematics, and is now in Toronto, working as a development analyst trainee in the IBM laboratory. Diana Lori Purdy Sonntag graduated last spring from Mount Holyoke College with a major in Chemistry. She is now working as an organic synthetic chemist for the American Cyanamid Company in Princeton, N.J. Belinda Rankovich is in the first year of medicine at the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia - and so far so good! The Serbo-Croatian language is a bit difficult, but not too bad. 1976: Andrea Baron received her Law degree, magna cum laude, having been on the Dean ' s List every semester, in Spring, 1983, from the School of Law, University of Miami, and has now begun practising Law. Theresa Hamilton Proverbs is now living in Nassau, Bahamas. Janet Lewis went to Japan in March, 1983, to study Japanese at the University of Waseda, and has appUed there to do her M.A. in Commerce in the field of " management of international trade " (in Japanese!) Her professor has studied in the U.S., so she hopes to be allowed to write her thesis in English. She has been supporting herself by part-time editing and proofreading (in English) for a Tokyo company which produces annual reports, etc. in Enghsh; at the moment she is working on a 500-page book surveying Japanese industry. Robyn Ogilvy Williams, who gained her B.P.E. from the University of New Brunswick in 1980, and her husband were transferred from Alberta to Perry, Georgia, last June. Bruce works for Proctor and Gamble, and Robyn is teaching at a local Dance and Gymnastics Studio, in charge of the Gymnastics programme. She has been active herself, and won a couple of road races in both the 5km. and 10 km. events in middle Georgia. Christine Wheeler graduated from Humber College in Equestrian Studies and is working for stables in the Toronto area. 1975: Louanne Beadle is attending Carleton University, studying mass communications. Nicola Spotton Jarmai, who previously completed the three-year course at Lasalle College in two years, with three medals, is now dress and blouse designer for Loriann; this involves many trips to fashion centres in Europe, New York, etc. 1974: Margaret Coyle Parish has moved to Mallorytown, Ontario. Louisa Crooks Teron received her M.D., magna cum laude, from the University of Ottawa in June, and is doing her internship in an Ottawa hospital. She has also received a helicopter pilot licence! 83 TOGA NEWS MARRIAGES 1979: Aug. Elizabeth Rothgeb to Adam D. Steacie. 1981: May 23 Gail Gilbert to Kenneth Leclerc. Dec. 31 Debbie Butterfieid to Vern Reed Olsen, in Hamilton, Bermuda. 1982: Spring Robyn Ogilvy to Bruce Williams. Aug. 28 Nicola Spotton to Thomas Jarmai. Oct. 9 Mimi Judah to William Chase. 1983: Feb. 12 Coreen Waters to Michael J. Kushner. March Barbara Kho (nee Hymers) to David Arthur Hall, in Toronto. April 23 Susan Cameron to George Strickland. May Noreen Shah to Steffan Preusser. May 14 Diana Lori Purdy to Richard C. Sonntag, in Princeton, N.J. May 20 Kathryn Kredl to Thomas Bruce Shaw. May 21 Martha E. Nixon to Denis Hilton Nixon. July 2 Nancy Eraser to Colin John Carson. July 29 Brenda Kaine to Gregory William Taylor. Aug. 13 Sandra Sundborg to Glenn Ronald Pinel. Aug. 20 Liane (Schacter) Sharkey to Howell Gotlieb, in Toronto. Sept. 2 Diane Moquin to Steven Leonard. Oct. 7 Gina Schnabel to Edward Baker Johnston, in San Francisco. BIRTHS 02 81 Adam and Elizabeth Rothgeb Steacie, a son, in Kingston. 23 10 82 Doug and Lana Reasin Barnes, a daughter, in Ottawa. 07 02 83 Kenneth and Gail Gilbert Leclerc, a daughter. 10 02 83 Ted and Pam Barrie Brown, a daughter, in Nassau, Bahamas. 11 04 83 Peter and Ann Roberts Tellier, a son. 19 04 83 Douglas and Jill Gardiner Rollins, a daughter. 03 05 83 Michael and Danielle Kraus Munzar, a son. 12 05 83 Jack and Wendy Fyshe Tonkin, a son. 21 09 83 Christopher and Diane Matthew Dunn, a son. 21 09 83 Michel and Kathleen Furlotte Martin, a son. 05 10 83 Bob and Glenna Wood Ferguson, a son. 06 10 83 Allan and Brenda Wilson Laidlaw, a son, in Mississauga, Ontario. 25 10 83 Brent and Colleen Heffernan Pearce, a son. 28 10 83 Eric and Linda Delafield Riven, a son. 02 11 83 Henry and Ann Evans-Olders, a daughter. 16 11 83 Ted and Barbara Tabah Veit, a son, in Morristown, N.J. 28 1 1 83 Robert and Brenda Keddie Fowler, a son. 30 11 83 Ronald and Elizabeth Pigot Smith, a daughter, in Fredericton, N.B. 29 01 84 Michael and Coreen Waters Kushnir, a son. DEATHS On Feb. 1, 1983, at Pierrefonds Manor, Mrs. J.H.H. Robertson (Eleanor Fleet), Class of 1910. On March 13, 1983, in Montreal, Mrs. Alexander Gordon Anderson (Margaret Taylor), Class of 1917. On May 25, 1983, in Redlands, California, Mrs. Samuel Swanton Sewall (Avice Meeker), Class of 1907. On June 13, 1983, in Montreal, Mrs. W.D. Schofield (Margaret Slack), Class of 1935. On June 25, 1983, in Montreal, Mrs. Harold Johnston (Eleanor McBride), Class of 1928. On June 27, 1983, in Montreal, Mrs. Peter McEntyre (Katharine Creelman), Class of 1936. On Oct. 13, 1983, in West Palm Beach, Florida, Mrs. Donald K. Dawes (Julia Merrill) Past Student 1930-1934. On Dec. 11, 1983, in St. Lambert, Mrs. Forbes Hale (Jane Spier), Class of 1917. On Feb. 4, 1984, in Brock vilie, Mrs. Philip D. Magor (Mary Beard), Class of 1923. 84 I OGA NEWS Compliments of MR. AND MRS. T. WILLIAM OSBORNE KAREN AND TOM Compliments of MUFFET Congratulations to The Grads of ' 84 THE WISEMAN FAMILY The Fourth Memorable History Banquet In the SAPUTO FAMILY Compliments of REYNOLDS ANDERSON LTEE LTD Insurance 4920 DeMaisonneuve Blvd. W. Suite 201 Westmount, Quebec H3Z1N1 Compliments of PROF. AND MRS. Z.A. OSANA ANN AND HELEN 9f I ADVERTISING Tel (514) b-4 J Jj|, ' 4 TaniaGoiam Barbara Schloss IHE GIFT SERI ICE Bfjr IlTID. COMPANY GIFTS PROMOTIONAL ITEMS ■ ' ■•r- 410 St Nicholas St Suite 204 ffl Montreal, Que H2Y 2P5 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. A.H. POTTER Compliments BIG BLUE JEANS L TEE of 50 Oijpst Riip .Jean Talon THE HOWICKS H2R 2W7 Tel. 274-5646 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. CONRAD LEBER BLAUER INTERNATIONAL LTD. 225 Chabanel W. Suite 505 H2N 2C9 Best Wishes 86 AI VI ' .K I ISINd Tel. 527-4757 527-1801 PLAQUES D ' IMPRIMERIE ART INC. ART PRINTING PLATES INC. PLAQUES D ' IMPRIMERIE EN CAOUTCHOUC DE TOUS GENRES ALL KINDS OF RUBBER PRINTING PLATES PHOTOGRAVURE - PHOTO-ENGRAVING K. LAUFER 300 Hochelaga PRESIDENT Montreal H1W 1G2 LES TEXTILES CENTRAL AMERICAIN CIE LTEE 77 est, rue Bernard Montreal, Quebec H2T 1A4 Tel. 273-4435 ARNOLD BARON 87 ADVERTISING JOHN LYNCH STAUNTON President John de Kuyper Son (Canada) Ltd. P R DESJARDINS CONSTRUCTION INC. General Contractors - Entrepreneurs Generaux 1575 Graham Blvd. Town of Mount Royal H3R 1G7 738-9461 Good Luck to All the Graduates THE PHILPOTT FAMILY McKENNA COTE DES NEIGES FLORISTS HH ADVI-.K 1 ISIN(i LES ENTREPRISES x tO S INC. 460. QUEST RUE STE-CATHERINE MONTReAL, QUEBEC H3B 1A7 T£L. (514) 878-1022 MR. AND MRS. P. DESJARDINS AND CYNTHIA FAIT SUR MESURES • MADE TO MEASURE Compliments of MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH HOMA STEVE FOLDESI 1 @ I THE E. BRANIOTIS FAMILY Praises a metaux de MohIr mI Inc . 1 Montreal Milling CuttcTC o. Inc . I 2975 Boul. Le Corbusier. Chonipdey, (Ju. H L.iM:i Tel . (514) 687-3523 T n,. O ' j . ' bribBb H Res. (514) 689-0478 ■ 89 ADVERTISING Compliments of MR. AND MRS. KAROLY LOSONCZY AND LAURA Compliments of MR. AND MRS. L. BLANSHAY AND FAMILY MR. AND MRS. K. WOLTERS Patrons Compliments of THE ZELMAN FAMILY ALEXANDRA NOMKIN-PERES PODIATRIST 1410 Stanley No. 506 Tel.: 288-2314 Compliments of G.W. FULLER ASSOCIATES FOOD CONSULTANTS 4027 Old Orchard Ave. H4A 3B3 Compliments of MRS. C. HALASZ AND CHRISTINA Compliments of A FRIEND 90 AI)V|-.R I ISIN(i HOWARTH INC. Speciudzin in Sclioot Out itd • Haberdashers Custom Tailors • Made to Measure Clothing • Custom Shirts HOWARTH INC. 1444 St Catherine St. W. Montreal, P.Q. H3G 1R3 OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 5:00 P.M. TELEPHONE. 861-9242 91 ADVERTISING To the Grads of 1984 Goodbye and Best of Luck in the Future See You Later SAVITRI MANMOHANSINGH AND FAMILY Complinnents of THE MOROZ FAMILY Congratulations to the Graduates of 1984 fronn MR. AND MRS. F.E. JAKUBOVIC AND VALERIE 92 ADVI.R I ISINCi Happiness is a Gift that comes in a Births Blue Box. Bl R KS JEWELLERS Best Wishes from THE PINSKY FAMILY CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Best Wishes from THE LEVY FAMILY Best Wishes to the 1984 Graduates 93 ADVERTISING ir ii At E Ai K E n Can We Talk? 1st Annual Spirit Week New Locker Rooms International Day at Traf . K.AX. ... Murder in Flight The Late Yuri Andropov Trudeau ' s Peace Crusade Troubles in Beirut Jeanne Sauve-lst Female Govenor General Winter Olympics Gaetan Boucher ... Gold Pierre Trudeau Resigns " The Day After ' ' Bought your ticket yet? Loto 6 49 The Bob Two-Toned Hair Japan Trend Sunflower Seeds and Diet Coke Second British Invasion 1984 ... George Orwell Breaking and Rapping Friday Night Videos Boy George The Eurythmics Gender Benders Duran Duran ... You either love ' em or leave ' em Michael ' s Catch Fire Popularity Flashdance Terms of Endearment Big Chill Oh Grow Up Risky Business Sometimes You Just Have To Say ... 94 REMEMBER AHTO ;KAPHaS 95 AUTOGRAPHS 96 AlJTCKiRAPHS

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