Trafalgar School - Echoes Yearbook (Montreal, Quebec Canada)

 - Class of 1983

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Trafalgar School - Echoes Yearbook (Montreal, Quebec Canada) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1983 volume:

TRAFALGAR 3495 Simpson St. Montreal Editors ' Message Dear Trafites, Ar?other year, another yearbook! This book is for ali of you, especially for the .■ grads of ' 83. We hope that in ten or twenty years you will all look back at these pictures and .; remember the good times you had at Traf. Many thanks go to all the people who helped us put this together. Enjoy it! Editors PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jane Ogilvy, Patty Heintzman-Head Photographer, Brigid McKenna. BACK ROW: Caroline Cohen, Sports; Rebecca Bird, Art and Lit.; Dawn Wiseman, Activities; Sueann Blauer, Sports; Mary Sweeny, Advertising; Christine Gilsenan, Activities; Nicola Philpott, Art and Lit. FRONT ROW: Emily Feldman, Sports Editor; Jane Bachynski, Sports Editor; Sanda Sassarman, Advertising Editor; Anna Maclachlan, Activities Editor; Valerie Jakubovic, Activities Editor. Trafalgar School for Girls 3495 SIMPSON STREET • Tel.: 935-2644 MONTREAL, Quebec h3g 2J7 Trafalgar was founded upon the ideas of Donald Ross, a successful Canadian businessman of the nineteenth century. He believed in the full academic education of women, not just in the " womanly arts, " but in languages, literature, mathematics, history and science. He and hke-minded members of the community, working together in the 1880 ' s, opened the School in 1887 to eight students. The constitution of the School and its Board were formalized in Mr. Ross ' will, detailing the future governors and operation of the School. Through the years since then the School has grown in size, but the original academic thrust has remained constant. In the 1960 ' s the governors of Trafalgar instituted an advisory board as an ad- junct to the Board of Governors, bringing interested parents to assist in governing the School. The ideas and expertise of this addition to the board blended with the formally-designated members to give new force and direction to the School on the base of rapidly-developing modern ideas and values. This ideal of Donald Ross, that women should be educated, forms a goal toward which all students at Trafalgar are expected and challenged to strive and we urge that upon all of you. Acquiring know- ledge and intellectual skills are important elements of becoming thinkers and doers in the real world. It is our belief that women should participate actively in the shaping of our world. You who are graduating are going into a more uncertain world than that of recent decades. The economy is weak, jobs are scarce. But it is just in times such as these that independent thinkers and fresh ideas can make a profound difference. As you continue your education at CEGEP, university and beyond, I hope you will live up to Donald Ross ' dream, that you will use your education to design and build a better world. Women have much to offer and I am confident that Trafalgar graduates will be at the forefront in our future world. STAFF Miss McColl Mrs. Forbes Miss Armbruster Mrs. Nicolaidis Mrs. Doupe Mrs. Deros Annemarie Drumm, Nat Dumoulin, Valerie Jakubovic, Jane Bachynski, Nandni Bhargava, Ruth Tenenhouse, Jane Ogilvy, Patty Heintzman, Karen Pinsky, Stephani Risk, Tanya Sterbank. Graduating from Trafalgar is something I am sure we are all very proud of. It is the first step of many that we will be taking in our search for happiness. The friends we have made and the experiences we have shared will remain dear to us forever as well as help us in our future en- deavours. I would Hke to wish you all the best of luck in finding your happiness. Karen L. Pinsky Head Girl KAREN LYNNE PINSKY " PINSKY " " K.K. " VA ' 80- ' 83 DONALD HEAD GIRL LET ' S START FROM THE BEGINNING " hi my name is karcn pinsky. i ' m a new girl and i want to make friends. " OY VEY but i did make some terrific friends and had one amazing reunion ... RIGHT SPIKE I ' LL ALWAYS REMEMBER AND NEVER FORGET highlighters and worksheets ... irafia my 1st fete at hector ' s .. CORRUPTION .. tennis w Lady .lane .. 6-0 loss, social sprt Fysics w PHorbes .. who ' s got the extra- strength TYLENOL? ... mad hatting w alix i still love your blue eyes Mrs. H(FOSTER BROOKS, EH?) ... drivers ed. w Timmy B stodgies w sl,cb, banana .. porcupine bleep cake. BBC.late for fitness w patricia pet peeve: public speaking w summer school sterbenk .... title: one small candle sutton ... frootloops and chair 3 ... the stare .. smushed egg.. AND STRATFORD .... Shakesplace ... the cat - — road (one more time Miss L.) SPECIAL THANKS TO MOM, DAD, SUSAN, TODD AND GINA, WHOM 1 LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART PATRICIA MARY HEINTZMAN " PATTY " " GRENADE " VA ' 79- ' 83 BARCLAY SUB-HEAD GIRL I can remember ray first few days at Traf ... Ever since that first day I ' ve had lOO ' s of unforgettable experiences, I was so lucky to have such great friends and classmates who made the graduating class of ' 83 so special. Who could forget KP ' s evil eye or JO ' s EcHoInG Laugh. How about disco dancing w KR at sugaring off, the Leitzraan twins, Superballs, the TRAFIA, tennis w Ster., CB ' s grade 8 parties, CB- " You are so pretty " . The dance- " Who told you? " , Avon in Geo., revenge, STOP THE CHAIR tepid oil for lunch. The common room moid, Patrick Yeah BBall tourns, cr mewhiches " They ' re soooo good " As for other Trafies they ' re great too. I ' ll never forget GL w the little toughy- " Ya had no chance, I got ya " " It was " Chris ' s idea " Gossip too tall also known as big foot, Wonderwoman. There ' s so much more to say. I could possibly write a book about it but i don ' t have the TIME-as usual THANX Traf, MOM DAD, friends. Woofer, Doug Sue for putting up w me. " One of the worst things to do is to say goodbye knowing it ' s forever " Anonymous SABINA ALTENAUS " SAB " " SABBETTE " VA ' 79- ' 83 GUMMING UNFORGETTABLES: Cruise ' 76 w M.K., Maine ' 81 ' 82 w R.M., J.S., L.F., L.P., Fla 81, Blues, feasting w M.K., Le Club w Claudette-lst time: what a joke. Sir Winstin ' s w S.B., C.K ' s party, Annexe, Vanier b.b, Spanish classes w C.B., A.D., crazy b-day parties at Traf, Bio classes w S.G...tuc Belmont Park w M.K. ..Preppies, CB ' s Christmas party ... Singing disco songs in the bathroom, Anna ' s get 2-gethers, Centaur Theatre w J.F., Winter Carnival ' 80, liking K.M., R.M., C.K., M.R., CB ' s surprise party ... never leaving for downtown, La Reprise, trips to the L.C, catskills w S.B., Lighthouse Disco in OOB w Lifeguards, pigouts, piggery diets, on 1.1. w M.K- " Allo c ' est qui? C ' est Francine " Swensen ' s w M.M., " the big Huni " - deadline April 30, A Faces ... Mufania muffins, Picasso ' s-greasy characters, sleepover w S.K., M.M., Geo classes ... SOS, Alex at neuf. Mama used to say I keep forgetting-M.K., Stratford-the spare room, the lizard- A.M., sweets Special thanks to Mom and Dad and all my friends for the great memories PAOLA ALTOMONTE " COCHI " VB ' 79- ' 83 ROSS " Dimentica, Dimentica, ta corgi un giorno che ... quelli che ti capiscano ... sono tutti dietro a te. " " Dimentica, Dimentica, che il dispiacere scivola ... la mia paura e vivere, uscire e amare e ridere e non volare adesso giii, perche accanto me non ci sei piii. " UMBERTO TOZZl AMBITIONS: Interpreter, work in embassy or consuls - live in Europe (ITALY) and own a Fiat Spider or a Ferrari MEMORIES: October 9, ' 82 w L.A„ M.C, V.C, V.M., R.R., P.M., D.A., gym dems, house plays uniform, discipline marks, common room, having arguments at table w DC, PS, VJ, KP, NC, SS, GS, Good luck fellow graduates in your future. GRAZIE E TANTI B ACI A VOX - GENITORI E P ARENTI CI AO . ' 4 JANE BACHYNSKl ' JANIE ' VB ' 78- ' 83 BARCLAY PREFECT CHERISHED MEMORIES: superballs; doodles; bio w SL heehee ; nameless in several classes; little booms w SL in chem; BBC (this yr!); April fool ' s SHS; tennis w KP. EF ' but it ' s SUCH a social sport! ' w LZ; backdives; green white converse a tradition! football: playing short! (we ' re already short). Did we MEAN to hit you? rugby; MA ' s yacht: Burton Island " bo ' docks " Americans " Sears catalogue men " Dean Mark; PARTY ! eye? 1 am a camera " ; the cat walked across the road (smile as hard as you can); TRAF dance: KP " I ' ve got it in the bag " (she did!); porcupines etc; LCC grad 5 min before limo!; closing heehee; parks w JL, LD etc; the CLASH concert; Old MTL (summer) everyone; JC: Aug 29, eh?; Sutton; almost a drive-in!; Like .. amazing, super cool, awesome! " does she always talk like that? " " Death or glorv becomes just another story " -The Clash THANXS to Dad, Mom all the AMAZING friends. CL.AUDLA BESSO " CL.AUDETTE " " CLORIA " ' 79- ' 83 VA ROSS UNFORGETTABLES: SILENCE SA! PARTIES w MG B.R ' S w TG. GEO. STATISTICS w L.A, WADING w AR, SL, SELLING FLOWERS, INFATU.ATIONS, AR ' S PARTIES, SLEEPOVERS, SAPUTO CHEESE ON MY RO OF THE FOREST. THE DEVIL. DASHBURNS, BOWIE ' N PIZZA. AM ' S PLANS, JF ' S STORIES, NYC w AD XMAS w KDB, piggery diets, THE PEAS. POLETTE SISTERS, P. PARK. AN- TELOPE. ALL ' N O.AT. ROD STEWART CONCERT. BEAUTY PLANS w AR, CHEM w AR, NF, LK, VOWS. CONTRACTS. A. FACES, SPANISH w AD,SA,AM lizzard face, XMAS PARTY, LOUIS AND BLINKIE. MY TURKISH HAIRCUT. A .AND Pw JF, SA. SEAFORTH, NOAH w L.A, SUMMER 81 w KDB. CHEESECAKE, PASCAL ' S GREEN TAG, STRATFORD SPACESHIP VOYAGE w AM, JF, VOICES. TUCK. TOGAS. BACARDI PARTY. DOWNTOWN AVEC LA G.ANG KOJAX PT GAME. LA VOUTE. STEVIE WONDER YOURE A WONDER. GOD-D FRIENDS WHERE ARE YOU. TRAF DANCE. MEDITATION. WHS GR.AD, DRESSING CHIMADI, AD ' S LOOKS. SERGIO VALENTE GANG. SAUNA w TS. AM. MANHUNTS, MEN w O HATS, OGS w AM,LA-ATD, ROPE ' N BALL w AR BELMONT PARK w AD, AM. M.ARCH BREAK AT WHS HAHA. AND THE LIST GOES ON SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FAMILY AND SA, JF, AM, LA, AR, AD, MG-I LOVE YA! NANDNIBHARGAVA " NAND " " NANDINI " VB ■78- ' 83 FAIRLY PREFECT MEMORIES: 1st day W VK; LITTLE FRIEND, KR, Raisins in math; fainting in Mrs. K ' s class; lollipops and 190 rides w SL; great traf lunches!; sugar pie?; train rides w LS, CM, JL, WH, F? PV; PV CRAZE (!!?); Sept.21 ' 81-Thanks SG and JL!; fruit cocktail fights; scoring w DC AH; Gallery w CB; Ski Trip ' 82; deep .... discussions w KR, CB, LA; geom w NE; Summer ' 82 w ; LS ' s " Surprise " party; Bishops w Steph; SG ' s Sweet 16; Houseplays w RT AARGH ' .; CHEMISTRY AMUSEMENT; yearbook deadlines; SURPRISE ' 82- THANKS GUYS; COLD nights at Stratford; BBC? " Our time is just a point along a line that runs forever with no end. " -Al Stewart Special thanks to 2 great people, my parents. Bye Traf! I ' ll miss ya! CATHY BLUNDELL (SUMNER) VB ' 78- ' 83 GUMMING Shaz lives! pink dusters w GK should we get HER autograph? March break ' 80-McDonalds w AC Have a coke a smile oh, I understand Banana Legs! 6 years at CHHC Top Brass. Northern Rocky-my kids Oct. 16 ' 80 w AC Barrie Memorial Hosp. Get well card-thanx guys S4EWCATPO Lunch w THE PICTURE Jan. 7 ' 81 UdeM the beginning!! April 16 Aug. 10 meeting THE POLICE " We lost poor Andy! " Peachy Keen and Melon ... Danny Q. in TOR 4 Seasons w MH VL Mustavi (right AC?) Field day ' 81 w ML VL MD TD- beauties! Pencils in the ear in math 8 Hemmingford, I ' ll miss ya Al. Want some hay? Drivers w VK-pas de problemes. Crackers in chem w SR. FLOCK GULL! Air conditioners w MH KR JR TS Return to UdeM BOOHOO! Stingland w SL! Picasso ' s THANX-? " The future is but a question mark, hangs above my head there, in the dark ... " -THE POLICE JILL J.A.F. BOBULA " Jillbaby " " Jillybeans " " Pitou " " Missypoo " VB ' 82- ' 83 FAIRLEY DEST Psychologist, lawyer, helping people be HAPPY. FAVORITE EXPRESS.: " Oh Pooh " " Umm " , " Are you hungry? " P.P: Snobs, Frauds. WEAKNESS: ARAMBABY, apple-pie W V .icecream, food. AC- TIVITIES: Soccer, Badminton, skiing, motorcycle, beating up Aram, forgetting everything Dad tells me, making friends. Three great years in Billings W All niy beautiful friends; Bikini Bon; Soccer Pal, Lisa; More fantastic times to come W Mel, My Adorable Coppertone, Bubbly N.H. My Beautiful, unforgettable Sabina, Helpful talks W Grant, Great times W Kurt, Good Year W Jay, Special mention: My two sisters. Never En- ding Love to Mrs. Strike; Deep Gratitude to U. John A. Lilian (Kids) Thank you Trafalgar. -New Para ' s W JF. " GENESIS " Concert W Buster, Aram, Many more Beautiful times spent together with you. Thank you ever so much for helping me get through rough times. You ' re deep in ray heart. Mom Dad, I Love You Both Very Much. Thank- You " HEAR WHAT YOU HEAR-SMILE AND ENJOY, FROM BEGINNING TO THE END, FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION " GENESIS. " Have a good one " Bye-Bye... NANCY BOIVIN " Mrs. Gretzky " VA ' 78- ' 83 FAIRLEY PET PEEVES: Physics, navy blue, Guy Lafleur WEAKNESSES: Hockey, GRETZKY, food, Billy Squier, COLLIN FAVORITE SAYING: Did you see the hockey game last night? UNFORGETTABLES: ski trips; TRAP DANCE; The train w.JM; Meeting DB, RW, RJ, MH, etc; w.w; April Fool ' s w. S.H.S; botton of Roual; Sweet 16 and never been ...; Sean ' s w. VK; The ACCIDENT: lunch hours w. OM, AO, KD; cutting CC ' s hair; Sugaring Off Madness; VK ' s B.Y.O.B. Party; " Les murs derriere la grange " w. COLLIN; Fozzy Hall Oats; Meeting GRETZKY; hockey games; Stratford; common room convos; visiting hours; Plot to murder Mrs. K; Robs, Mikes, Colhn, Wayne, Dennis; " Everybody has a place time, a need to live, a need to find, we all got something that we care about 1 propose you find it out " -Billy Squier " I ' m gonna beat hfe to the punch, I ' m gonna win " -Foreigner SALUT TRAP. C ' tait en I ' fun ... Merci MaMan pis Pa NADIA CAPPELLI " NAD " " NADINE " " CAPOUCHE " ' TS- ' SS VB DONALD " Good-bye my friends, Who knows when we shall meet again ... if ever, Cause time keeps flowing like a river, on and on ALAN PARSON EXPRESSIONS- " Are you serious? " " Dear God " " 1 don ' t believe it " " good grief " AMBITION-Lawver Police Officer MEMORIES-Winter Carnaval ' 80, GETTING LOST W V.J K.P. and M.F -TRAP DANCE -BUS STRIKES - wild PARTIES at STRATFORD, CALLING ROOM 1 10 at 2:00 a.m -COMMON ROOM -TRIPLE SPARE Friday mornings -being LATE almost EVERYDAY for SCHOOL - TUCK SHOP PET PEEVE-HISTORY NOTES -NEVER knowing What to WEAR on FREE DRESS -PRAYERS, NO TALKING -GRAND MARCH, left, right ... -DISCIPLINE MARKS -WASHING DESKS -EXAMS ... WEAKNESSES-FOOD, LOVE SONGS, CIGARETTES, MOVIES MERCI et AU REVOIR GRAZIE MOM DAD DENISE CARR " Denic " " Didi " " Dee " " Den " " Denisey " " Neese " ' 78- ' 83 GUMMING PET PEEVES: Arguing W PA, KP; Explaining things to VJ, Being called " Denis " ; lockeroom FAVORITE SAYINGS: Lordy Lord; Geez you you wiz; Are you serious " You ' re a trip. WEAKNESSES: Magnum Gonzo; blond-hair-AH, IF, NG; Swenson ' s W VJ, NC CHERISHED MEM.: Grade 9 W VJ " Oh, sorry it ' s attached. " LCC, Traf dances; Debating W Mrs. W, LF VJ, MF: Scoring vball W NB; going crazy over AH W NB; ski- ' 80 W VJ, NC, MF for first time: April 1 82 iSHS-corner Greene Sherbrooke; gossiping W NC, KP, Paputo PA VT; Teasing VJ about Chipmunk cheeks fitness-7:45; aerobics- ' 82; Stratford- 1st night ' til 3:30 AM; frigis rooms. 1 may not be perfectly wise. Hang on to 1 6 as long as you can, perfectly witty, ' cause changes come around real or perfectly wonderful, soon to make us women and men. but I ' m always Me. -John Cougar THANKS TRAF, MOM DAD FOR 5 GREAT YRS. CHANTAL CASSAR VB •78- ' 79 ROSS FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: " Give me a break " " Spare me " MEMORIES: ski trips esp. Smuggler ' s; going to a SHS dance w PPP; after school trips to the park w O.M and N.B to watch J.H. and company; (afternoon delight); wild and crazy times w my great friend Jan. Angrignon; Park episode; April Fool ' s day ' 81; Stratford brr ...; Confessin night; the phone call w Andy. PET PEEVES: Miss B ' s Physics; compositions WEAKNESSES: horses; ' Stairway to Heaven ' ; Roxy Music " So much to do that is not even begun. So much to hope for that we cannot see. So much to win, so many things to be. " -W. Morris A million thanks Mom + Dad for all your love + support during my five years at Traf. ANTONINE DESPEIGNES " TONI " " ANT " VB ' 79- ' 83 BARCLAY " Until the color of a man skin is of no significance than the color of his eyes there ' ll be war " -Bob Marley " Legalize it " -Peter Tosh REMEMBER .. Jump-up ' 81 W VL TG WN; REGGIE ' S Thursday nites; NDG park w VL, ML. ST, PH, RB; JACKSONS w VL, ML, BURGANDY BOYS still!! Haiti ' 79 w Reggie ' s 3-cycle; Kinks w VL, ML (after), CB, MH; Florida-n-Haiti w BMW-n-chauffeur; Jf ' s first words to me " No Problem " ; CB ' s party " Opened my eyes to many things " ; TS ' s party (late) raids!!! PS ' s ride home- " Our Father ... to die " Traf dance w CA, PS on M- Royal (down the stairs??) Spain 5-weeks summer ' 82 w HP. SR, NC, SL, MC y los chicos de Cuenca " Otema " " No Entiendo " . " The Sergio Valente Gang " w LA, AR. CB, AM, SA, JF.-too moody just to french!! Going to NYC w Claudia " roll up the window slowly but fast! " jump-up ' 82 w CH-n-Boys (nite) at " The Rendez " , " Planet Rock " w CH-n-Boys BeRrI MeTrO w AR; metro rides w JF; TG, TD, RB, GG, LC were there. Stratford my diff. sleeping partners. Mom, Dad you know I love you. Chris I almost forgot you Thanx a lot. ANNEMARIE DRUMM " ANNE. SHRIMP " VA ' 78- ' 83 ROSS PREFECT AMBITION: Business Executive PROBABLE DESTINY : Grinding coffee beans PET PEEVES: Monday mornings. Gym Dem, Grand march WEAKNESSES: DODO, clothes. Ronny UNFORGETTABLES: long hair, braces; house plays; grade 9 geog; ski trip ' 82 " Follow me " w JO; Mrs. Kalisky ' s math class w EF, JO. ND, AM; Florida w TS. Lifeguard party; Bobby pins w Kim; ND Bruno party; 1202; Great times w COYOTE CORP; Plattsburg w Ronny (Porsche, Zapper); Stratford, room 208, keeping warm w ND; dippidy-do; To Ronny. there aren ' t enough words for you; " So many things I don ' t know. So many ways I won ' t go So many secrets that will never be found, But as long as you ' re with me, loving to give me, we can watch the world go round. " , . , „ -Chns de Burgh Thanx Mom and Dad to the sky and back a million times. BY TRAF! ! NATALIE DUMOULIN " NAT, BACONFAT " VA ' 80- ' 83 DONALD PREFECT MEMORIES: Mac ' s in Bruno; Duncan Donuts: ROD STEWART w HL, KS?? KINKS w JO, KS; DALLAS- 82 w KS, DH " YALL COME BACK NOW YA HERE! " Stratford; OH OH J ' ai tombe! talks w Doug! TC ' s dimples; 1202! OREGON ' 81 w FM; UWP-RICH! Tramway w JO, KS:45 min! was it 10 or 12? crying w JO over KS leaving; Ruth ' s den! Hitting Crescent w KS, EF, JO, AM! after school w AD-gettlng hit by a car! T.O- voUeyball .. LOST! living at Kim ' s house: Thanx Mrs S!! living in the Boondocks! skiing w Simon; Double Dating w KS House Head w NF:No 2 ain ' t that bad! DAVID BOWIE! ! ! Bishops " don ' t touch me i hate this " , " I ' ll never run the 1500 again " , " Wanna go to my grad? " climbing trees w GZ, KM; Thanx Kim. I couldn ' t of done it without ya. Love always, Nat! ! ' ' Take your time, don ' t live too fast, troubles will come and they will pass " -Skynyrd Thanx TRAF for these cherished memories and many more! ! ! ! Special Thanx to Mom and Dad for giving me the best three years of my life! ! ! MICHELLE SONJA FEDER " MlCHl " VA ' 79- ' 83 DONALD ALL THE MADNESS: Ski trip ' 80 w VJ, NC, KP. double Latin. Sex ed.w Mrs. H. debating w Roberta (thanx Mrs W). chem labs! troubles w MUe L. and AK (laugh it up guys!) All my pals: RW, GS, JA, SS, DC, VJ. A la mode. SYNTAX ERROR. Physics test?!? Grade 8 w AM. Pregnant rabbit. Pilgrims and pebbles w RW. Summer ' 82. YOU want to be a NUN! Gone with the Wind. Punch chugalug. Mrs. Forbes! .. WEAKNESSES: Clark Gable, O ' Henry, Swensen ' s, Sailing Thanks to all my friends who helped me through and to Daddy, Mummy, David and Justin whom I love with all my heart. BYE TRAP! EMILY FELDMAN " EMMY " ' 78- ' 83 GUMMING GAMES CAPTAIN The world is a playground ... have fun - Rough Trade UNFORGETTABLES: Seed Bun; latin classes w J.O.; henna; Harvey ... Kinks w AL; R.T. ' s living room; earthquake; C.C.; A.M. ' s balcony; N.F. and shoes; schoolyard w Al; Kim + Ceasar ' s; Al and St. Henri rounds; Rough Trade w Al + C.N. +L.B. (ha, ha) Dean; jolen + Al Jane ... oh no ... Jane; Paul + Pizza w J.O.; WHO concert-the best; 1202; Myron ' s; A.D. + Traf dance; Chinese restaurant in Bruno; Al coming for dinner ... you know what that means!! Al + Russian water; Wendy O ' -it ' s like having a baby! K.S. +N.D.- dance; Lisa ' s p.b. sandwhiches-yum! Mtl. West: slugger; b. ball-always on the floor! Kaiisky classes on NDAD ... Geography + vaseline; Kanawana ' 82-it ' s so amazing!! dinner parties w AWPCAMJOLKNFTF; Thanks Mom + Dad for being the best! (you too. Matt + Tim) .. Listen not to vain words of empty tongue. -Anyone can do anything if they hold the right card- THEWHO P.S. My mama better have a good dinner on the table! Right, Jane; KAMFUNG!! NANCY FLETCHER " NANC " VA ' 79- ' 83 DONALD What a thing friendship is-World without end! -Robert Browning LEST I FORGET: Elgin ' 76, ' 78, 10 puppies, Gymnix- 7 yrs-lt was worth it! Gr. 8 w AM, AB, gr 9 w AM, Babe! BF Goodrich! Thanks. USGTC ' 80! chem w LK, CB, AR, LK ' s Mrs K. imitations, Eng foursome, The Wink Gang, RHPS, country w BW, LK, broken glasses, uncontrollable laughing, marathon talks w JO, LK, Granny ' s car, going crazy w JO, " This is too much! " typing, Beatleniania, Kinks, RS, LK ' s slowness, first talks w EF, JF, panic city w MH, ND, LK ' s after school, Timitous, As The Heart Bleeds, movies, music, pictures, CITKK ' 82 THE BEST TIME EVER! " AMAZING " To my fantastic friends, a huge THANK YOU-the memories arc forever! All of you! I love ya! Thanks Tim for everything ... and lifts! M. and D., I HAVE appreciated everything. Sp. thanks to LK. 1 wouldn ' t have made it w out you! I ' m gone! 790! JANINA FRANCESCUTTI VA ' 81- ' 83 BARCLAY MEMORIES: Partying w ' The Peas ' ; especially C.B ' s party; all those 1624 Seaforth gatherings; T.S ' s B-day party; Stratford, 202, space voyages, togas and guardian angels; new paragraphs w J.B; math w N.F; A + P w C.B + S.A; A.M ' s ' plans to make plans ' ; lunches; Tuck treats; metro rides w T.D; times w the 3L ' s; favorite topics of convo w L.R: T and S; Stanstead invasion in Mtl.; G.H; mountain w D.F and Shadow; riding in crate elevators and ending up in PVM ' s basement w L.R; six Ont. football players; classy hotels w L.R; concerts; out on the town; movies on Sat. afternoons; hippies to punks; Genesis; 07 05 82-; and all the other great ones! SPECIAL PEOPLE: CB; S.A; T.D; A.M; A.R; mustn ' t forget L.R, J-M.L, the K ' s, pigs (in space); thanks Mom and Dad, after all you were the ones who picked Traf! IF IN HEAVEN WE DON ' T MEET, HAND IN HAND WE ' LL STAND THE H EAT! " I ' ve seen t ' ue aod l " c seen rain I ' ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end I ' ve seen lonely times where 1 could not find a friend, but everything always works out in the end " -James Taylor AMBITION: To hit five feet. PROBABLE DESTINATION: Four eleven and three quarters HAPPINESS IS: Mail, telephones and Alligators MEMORIES: M. Mole w VJ, the hill w AB, lettersw AB. NF + AM, B.M.end at 9:30, H.C. w EM, AZ partyS (JS). the play wEM, LC + GI, Camp b ' SY w CN, NO + EM, triple K. pineapple vv JL +NB, amazing time in T.O. -March ' 82-lo e you forever guys! April Fool ' 82, grand march, Vagabond ' 82-best summer ever, my sweet, thanks: BSMKDRLCEMGI, RT ' s apt. 24 w LC. hds cinnamon gum (Trident of course) NB ' s 16lh bday- SURPRlSE-1 luv U NAND, S.O. - T.O. ' 82 Brahm: Thanks, Lisa: I couldn ' t have done it without you, to Evie: We made it! BFFE 1 love you both. To all my friends in T.O. (MKDR)-Friends forever. Thank you also to my financer (AZ + HZ). A special thanks to Mommy and Daddy. I love you. MELISSA H.AGGERTY VA ' 79- ' 83 DONALD LEST I FORGET: My God! Where to begin! ... Perms w VL. ML .. Pushing CC into locker (grS) The Police ' 81 w VL.ML, CB, .AC .. THE note in English (Rescue me before I fall into dispairo) .. WAHOO! .. juicy gossip sessions in art w ML, VL, CB .. Bio w ' AM and then CB Kinks w AD.CB.VL and sitting outside the warehouse after w CB .. Hockey games and RW u CB .. Sting hunting w CB, VL .. Rock En Stock w Cathy .. Getting TW ' s autograph w KR .. Last E.xpos game w CB.KR.PH (Birthday Girl), KP,CN .. Karen ' s letter to Tim W .. Talking people ' s heads off about a certain male (not Mr. C!) Thanx for putting up with it Guys! .. Police Picnic ' 82 w ' Holly .. Hernias w NF over houseplays .. Getting organized for Stratford (HB MB) .. And last but not least, worrying about the Grad one year before! " When the world is running dow n, you make the best of what ' s still around " -The Police (Well I had to have them SOMEWHERE in here, didn ' t I?!!)Thanks so much Mom, Dad and Mel for all your support . . To all you guys who made the tough spots bearable: so long, but not goodbye! Bye Traf ! VALERIE JAKUBOVIC " VAL " " VI " VB ' 78- ' 83 ROSS PREFECT " Good friends we have, good friends we have lost along the way In this great future you can ' t forget your past ... " -Bob Marley AMBITIONS: Interpreter or lawyer PET PEEVES: Exams!!! People pinching my cheeks. CHERISHED MEMORIES: Grade 7 with SG, winter carnival ' 80-missing the bus with NC, MF, KP, geography and Chem study with DC, Spanish with NC, people thinking my sister and I are one person, locker room crush, getting mixed up with Geritol and Ex-Lax, Surprise parties ' 81 and 82 ... Swenson ' s ... MISS A calling me " Little One " ... April Fool ' s Day ' 82 ... History and debating with Mrs. W... GrandMarch ... Stratford - staying up until SAM with AZ and RT ... Teachers saying " We have a nice weekend " and giving us tons of homework for Monday, It ' s not fair. " P.S. Good luck for next year undergrads! -Merci Maman et Papa pour mes belles annees a Traf. Special thanks to Carole my friends and teachers for making these years wonderful. VANIA .ARCHAMBAULT-KIRBY VA ' 78- ' 83 DONALD AMBITION: fashion merchandiser PROBABLE DESTINY: elevator girl at OG ' S FAVORITE SAYING: filler (UP) LfNFORGETTABLES: MC -basketball team (grade 7) -SKI trip W.MU -Dances - Marchbreak W.JM -April Fools 82(SHS) -JM ' s sweet 16 -NB ' s sweet 16 - Carleton trip watching P.DEL -summer 82 W.SV (remember the boat ride at 2AM Sonya?)-BYOB(I7) W.NB,JM,SV,PM,CS,BF,GB etc. Concordia football -grad committee - Stratford " I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS " -BEATLES " I ' VE GOT A CHANCE TO MAKE IT IT ' S TIME FOR ME TO TAKE IT " -BILLY JOEL THANKS MOM AND DAD -WE MADE IT! BYE TRAF LIANE KOTLER VA ' 78 - ' 83 FAIRLEY UNFORGETTABLES: Playing on the bars in gr. 7 vv A.M. and A.B... Friends over after school at 105 ... Chem classes w N.F C.B and A.R .. Mrs. Kalisky imitations .. Tartan Room w A.M. and A.R. Fun times w P.C, A.W., and A.M... Men without hats ... Blues (Dirk the jerk w J.O.) ... Apt. 909 ... Country w N.F. (Timitous) ... marathon talks w jN.F. B.B.Q.w A.M. ... " THANKS FOR THE CAR GRANNY " . Noh stare. Econ w S.L. (Miss A coughs) C.B. ' s Xmas party (1202) Kinks (How ' s EF?) .. always late ... NF " Hurry up " ... B-ball tryouts ... KK stories .. As the Heart Bleeds ... talk to Willy, " Hi Woody " ... cards w AM broken glasses ... and so much more. " A real life adventure worth more than a piece of gold " -David Bowie Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with my crabbiness (Warren and David too) STEPHANIE LEITH VB ' 79- ' 83 GUMMING CHERISHED MEMORIES: Hand-squash, w JL, superballs, traps w LZ, Men w out Hats, CB ' s party, ski carnivals (1 ski w Pat), porcupine poop, bio. and math w JB, rm.lOl after lunch ... Russian Gypsy Love Song, Bowie and Pizza, P.E.T. and vikings, " skating " w JB CS " I ' m sooo embarrassed! " , Chem. booms and doodles w JB, twirling chairs w Cathy, " You know " w Cindy, " You ' re 16 " , " Gie ee eye its ack ease " and " Hoiman " w Anna, Peter Tosh, Rockers, Rod Stewart, Plans to make plans, selling flowers, Jay and J.J. w CB, Franny and Franny, parties at AR ' s Demais. apt., lollipops w Nand, tea at Og ' s Leithzman twins, Traf dance and G. Seng, Para-Pam w KP and CB (cloudy contacts), July ist weekend 82, Eye? Am a camera!. The cat walked across the road, April Fools at S.H.S., lunches and birthday cakes, Xmas concerts, Gym dems, House Plays, slo-mo, , Shake ' s Place, Benny Hill w KR, Saputo cheese on CB ' s roof, Marmite!, Spanish Bombs, mongos, greeners .. BBcity ... and many more good friends and good times. Special thanks to Mom, Dad and Roberta (Preston!). BYE TRAF ... MARIE LESSARD VA ' 78- ' 83 ROSS I ' M HEADING OUT TO THE HIGHWAY I ' VE GOT NOTHING TO LOSE AT ALL I ' M GOIN ' TO DO IT MY WAY TAKE A CHANCE BEFORE 1 FALL -JUDAS PRIEST MEMORIES: STE-CATHERINES WITH VAL.N.D.G. WITH T.D.V.L. POLICE WITH M.H.,V.L.,C.B. STRATFORD WITH J.P.,C.C. HOME WITH OLGA. PERM WITH NEL AND VAL. THANKS BUD FOR YOUR HELP AND ENCOURAGEMENT GOODBYE EVERYONE AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE FUTURE. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING MOM AND DAD. JENNIFER LYMER " SLYME-BAG " VB ' 81- ' 83 DONALD MEMORIES: MAC, Did I ever tell you about my sick dog? Earl Grey, Mirva, They ' re playing the Doors! Knob, Knob, Knob, I can handle it, Park w L.C, Fisher Price on 2-20, Shlash ' s party, N.L ' s house, 3 bombs. Holes in the trees at Memorial Cinnamon toast, BDCC, X-mas decorations, Rev. in window, Neil Young, scones w Boo (Raisin Pancakes) T.P roll, suntanning in rain on TARA ' s deck, come on W.F. Life goes on! Barf bag in S.C car, D.C obsession, BBC, Hand squash, Stratford Baby powder! Blithe Spirit, Cokes w T.S, Chem. AMUSEMENT, red skis, going DOWN Bum tanning!, Sugarbush North, Taxi driver conversation. Porcupine poop, Do you want an aspirin? Octapus, S.S losing something at park, Electric Chicken, Orange on S.G ' s head, FOF, LIFE BOOK!! THANKS W.T.L.S.B for getting me through it! THANKS MOM AND DAD. I LOVE YOU! " Many times I ' ve listened. Many times I ' ve wondered how much there is to know. " " I live for my dreams and a pocketful of gold. " -LED ZEPPELIN SALUT! ANNA MACLACHLAN " ANNA BANANA " VB ' TS- ' SS ROSS MEMORIES: Our " Seedbun " Cult, Greenpeppers have juice!. Diphthongs, Susan Wars Locker room rush, meet me in " the crest " , taking the 24 home w everyone, " ciao " Xmas and New Years at Georgevitle, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Avon cosmetics!?! Sash burn. Room 101!, " Ordinary People " starring TIMOTHY HUTTON. Sam ' s store Tea w L.K. A.R.. Chocolate bars after lunch w R.T. Aislinn in 101 Stodgies! My sweaty palms. Doing Echoes?, Signing w Stephanie, preppiness, a common room Laughing at " rolls of fat " watching too much TV-T.H movies . soap operas w R,T. Being called Mary by every teacher, Suzanne G. ' s height, COLD Stratford trip: Latin W Liane K., History w Cindy B., PSSC w Karen P., First Aid w Stephanie. MEMOR. ' BLE QUOTES: Ruth: " Cuigo " , " Come! " ; Emily: " Can 1 twirl? " ; Liane: " Noh stare ... " Mrs. Kalisky: " incidently girls, Mrs. Forbes: " We will do that NEXT DAY " TO MY PARENTS AND FRIENDS: Thanks-you ' ve been great to me! SALUTE! OLGA NLARTIN " LA VIEILLE " " OGIE " VB ' Tg- ' SS BARCLAY FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: " T ' es ben EPAISSE! " " Did you see THAT??? " WEAKNESSES: P. Saputo ' s laugh, FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! " Ripples " E.F ' s HAIR!! SPACE INVADERS? PET PEEVES: NB ' s FLAT thumb. DB " s SPRINGSTEEN shirt. HOMEWORK! and DIETS!! ME.MORIES: SHS. LCC, Traf dances w NN + Pinto ' s w; DB (PIZZ.A-GREEN GUN) spying on " MG " . SHS FOOTBALL w NB, CC. Maped ride w CG " ROYAL " RB ' s EYES. Lunch w AO, KD " FREE BIRD-GK " APR. FOOLS + SHS (H.AGEN!) The Exorcist w NB-HA!HA! " WILDWOOD " BOBSY TWINS at LCC-NB LEAK in lockers. .ANTIGOME! " Do you have a QUARTZ " " PICKY PEOPLE PICK! DB ' s FLIP! JE L ' ALME A MORT! " bv NB. TERRY!! TOOT!TOOT!SCANNERS. CIRCUS w ML. Phoning DB at BAM! Pippe WHO? Tuck THIEVES. Bine Blanche " Get down on it " SKI-TRIP w JM NB CC. SUGAR HOUSE MADNESS MEN AT WORK! w CC. C.SPENCER! - " Goodbye Mary Goodbye Jane, will we EVER meet again? " " I suppose I should be happy, I suppose 1 should be sad " -SUPERTRAMP " But I ' ll NEVER doubt my feelings on the good times that we had " -ANONYMOUS THANKS TRAP!- MOM AND DAD, Words are NOT enough! T ' was great while it lasted!! ! ! JANE McLAREN " GROS NEZ " " T-GUSZ " VB ' 78- ' 83 GUMMING " Only one thing matters-That wherever we go and however we go we hear the music of life " -Theodore Fontane FAVOURITE SAYINGS: " What?! " " mmm ... different! " CLAIM TO FAME: My height and my nose-I ' U never forget that Nance! ! PET PEEVES: franglais; Vania ' s jokes UNFORGETTABLES: Train rides w. Nancy-RJ and gang, DB, RW, TF (mouse) etc.; soccer on st. in Bcnsfld. w. " Toute la gang " ; DM and our uniforms; ski trips esp. gr.8; SHS dances; Traf dance; March break w. Vk- Ayer ' s CUff; VK ' s Sweet 16; my surprise sweet 16(18)! coaching w S; April Fool ' s ' 82; Carleton W.P.DEL. ;BYOB w.VK,NB,SV,PM,CS,and GB; soccer team; Concordia football games; house plays ' 82; common room; Stratford! ... THANKS TO MY FRIENDS FOR FILLING MY FIVE YEARS AT TRAF WITH CHERISHED MEM- ORIES SPECIAL THANKS MUM, DAD, AND DUNC FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT, AT HOME. ALISON MERCER VA ' 78- ' 83 FAIRLEY LTvFORGETTABLES: Jane ' s overnight bag, Schoolyards with Em and Ruth " Ah but where the seeds of Education grew " The " movie star ' s " party with Chrissy and Wendy O. Restrictions (?!) with Jane (who ' s kidding who?) Rough Trade-Grade B movie-one kick bathroom, 2 kicks out. Mrs. Sunflower ' s pink lady. Kam Fung with Em. Calgary and the Indy 500 in the parking lot w Em. " One plain beer " Kinks with Em-best seats in the house? I ' m in love with my Harley 227 and Hyron Maydon. " Homework " with Jane on my balcony Chalet BBQ. Stratford-Our " comfortable " room and Jane ' s Pac Man Fever (!!!) Grannie ' s car-Is that a cop? My FAVORITE cousins from Wisconsin-Have a dwink on me-Talk to him, to Woody? Grovelling for Darwins with AW PC. Still Life with Jane and our first phone call. Summertime BBQ ' s with Liane. LAUGHS AND LAUGHS AND LAUGHS with Jane-Some things are never forgotten, ' cause GOOD memories last forever, right? AISLINN MOSHER " AIS " AISYBOP " VA ' 78- ' 83 BARCLAY UNFORGETTABLES: Seedbun, Saputo cheese on CB ' s roof, Bowie and pizza, the forest can on braces, raiding tuck, CB ' s Xmas party ' 81, Green Tag Sale, Polette Peas ... La Voute, Kojax ... Stratford! (space voyages w CB, JF) Apt. 909 on Fort, 1624 Seaforth-thanks dinette! greasy characters vv SA, downtown w LA,CB,AR,JF,SA, AD Rocky Horror, Maine, friends where are you?? God d, togas and guardian angels, Fla. w SA, sleeping in sauna w CB, TS, A faces the lizard (w SA). diessing AR, balcony w JM MK BL, clash get togethers, belmont park w AD CB, Jehova witnesses, traf dance, CB ' s turkish haircut, bacardi party, voices, Ogs w CB LA-ATD, and much more ... To all the special people: AD,SA, JF,CB,AR,LA: Thanks for the incredible times. To Mummy, Daddy and Jess: Thank you for everything, I love you " Time may change me but 1 can ' t change time " -Bowie " Roxanne " -Sting JANE OGILVY VA n9- ' S3 ROSS PREFECT Unforgettables: Gr.8 at Al ' s-my overnight bag, if you need me I ' ll be in the kitchen. Math classes w L.A. (left, right, center, back) Blue ' s-A.M, and L.K. ' s friend, eyes w Em. Being one of the favorite foursome in Miss M ' s class. Dunkin Donuts w N.D. and K.S. Al ' s " New Toy " dance N.F. ' s suppressed? laughter Geog. -Em read! L.K. late again? Mrs. Sunflower-pink lady. Hyron Maydon-Harley 227. Stratford-(soft room). No, I ' m only kidding. Jokes in math w L.K. " Should wc save some? (A.M.) " -are you joking? Concerts, parties, sports. Granny ' s car " we drove over! " Laughs and laughs and laughs ... Kanawana ' 82 - the most " amazing " time of my life!!! This is for E.F.,N.D.,N.F.,L.K.,A.b.,R.T., but especially for Ali.son: " Best of fools are friends forever, " -Boz Scags JANICE KAREN KAWAGEN: SE PATTON " JAN " " BOOM BOOM " VB ' 78- ' 83 ROSS A TEAR IS SILENTLY SHED SORROW FOR WHAT ' S LEFT BEHIND ANTICIPATING WHAT ' S AHEAD KNOWING WE ' LL NEVER FIND FRIENDS AND TIMES LIKE THIS AGAIN. AMBITION: Nurse PROBABLE DESTINY: Nursing a husband MEMORIES: SUMMER of ' 82, ANNEX w DS, OLD MUNICH w DS ... 2nd, TRAF DANCE w DS, RR, and CC. Agrignon Park w David, Chan, Ronnie ... Partying w DS and RR. Common Room, DEC. 30, ' 81 Tramway w CC, ML, and HL ... Stratford!!! WEAKNESSES: Magnum ... David ' s Kisses ... food TO EVERYONE I LOVE THANKS FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU ! ! AMANDA C. PFEFFER " MANDY " " MAN " " PFEFF " VA ' 82- ' 83 FAIRLEY PET PEEVES: Finding exotic spices in my purse, " So, what do you think of Traf? " CHER. MEM: " ANGELO " , Cruisin ' w Shell; chasing pigs off the road, the " ISL,A,ND " (?), green army pants, CHAMPAGNE, pizza w Arno, being a dumb blonde! marrying Boo-Boo in Que, AK ' s pj ' s: wish I could rem!!? the " layered " look, the sleigh ride: Paul ' s panty raid, Mardi-Gras, sweet-16 at the Apt., Stratford: " can I use your bathroom? " , pool halls, " ... it ' s true she is " , MVR dances friends good, good times ... AMBITION: April Wine II, Mandy Joplin, " Ya, we ' re cuttin ' an album this week " PROBABLE DEST: Shding down the escalators at Lionel Groulx. Don ' t buy anything with handles; it means work, and don ' t put your knife in the toaster; LOVE Y ' ALL!! Thanks " Space " Deep Purple, " Freedom ' s just another word for nothing left to lose ... " Janice Joplin -I ' m such a good kid. KATHERINE PRATT " KATIE " VB ' 78- ' 83 FAIRLEY AMBITION: Veterinarian PROBABLE DESTINATION: Working tor the S.P.C.A. FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: " What was vour first due? " " Tell me about it " " MRS. FORBES! " CHERISHED MEMORIES: Winter carnival " 79; Diving n9- ' 82; April fools ' 82; Swensen ' s w V.S. N.C. D.C.; Summers " 81 ' 82; Stratford ' 82; " MESSIAH " 82; Christmas ' 81; Camping weekends ' 81- ' 82; M.M.; Epiphany House: Form V; New Year ' s ' 81- ' 82; Graduation dance and ceremony. " Don ' t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends. " -Richard Bach- THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR FIVE GREAT YEARS AT TRAF. ANNAMARIE M ROBERTS " GINETTE " " .A.NNA " VA ' TS- ' SS DONALD CLAIM TO FAME: being " CUTE " UNFORGETTABLES: laughing fits w KR. 101 after lunch, Avon, LK ' s after school w AMac saputo cheese, selling flowers w CB SL, rastas w SL, raiding tuck, CB ' s xmas party mornii gs after, Polette sisters ' beauty plans ' K.AR1N. . koja.x, THE PE.AS, La Voute, ROD, sleepovers at 1624 seaforth, antelopes w CB, VIVA LES COMMODORES, TR7 ' s (white?). Police ' 82 w LA. " Je suis une amie d ' Antonine " , voices w CB, watching Waltons w L.A, chem v CB LK NF, " I ' ve had it! " , ... Plus many other memoiies!! " Trv Jah love, let it whip and vou ' ll see it ' s just an illusion " " SKY IS THE LIMIT! " " Time is a thief w hen you ' re undecided " Rod Stewart Special thanx to all my friends at TR. F. esp. CB AD AM JF SA and LA: will miss you To my family: Thank-you for everything and I LOVE YOU! KAREN A. ROBSON " SPIKE " " RUBBLESON " " NERAK " VA ' 78- ' 83 BARCLAY MEMORIES: CLASH!, J. Geils concerts; Tim Wallach ' s aut. w MH; Seedbun, superballs Trafia; Backdives, Terror Train, oy veying, Spanish Bombs, Anti-Christ!, Chinese ha-ha ' s w JB, KP. 7-layer b-day cake; beef noodle soup; raisins in math w little friend; curried sandwiches; Heaven ' s to Betsy; CB ' s gr. 8 parties; being a tree; rm. 101! No. 3 in Grand March; PARTIES!! I hate physics! Mad Hatting w KP (oy vey), Bio, Eng (haha) prizes; Career Day antics w ECS; painting common room, ballgames w KP, PH; Eng Wksp, Hist, notes, mime concert ' 81 w TS; CB ' s X-mas party! SPARES Orange marmalade oral; BBC, eh Jen? -Toujours!; Sutton (FrootLoops); KP ' s candle speech; imitating Disco Diane; insults w Nacos; Robin Hood ' 82; Slo-mo.; Rassian Geepsy Laff Song; Monty Python Benny Hill w SL, Anna; Don Martin walk; Adopt a Little Sister Mongos w Ais.; STRATFORD FUN!! (Grinch MORE w TS, JL, CB etc.) " We ' re working for the clampdown! " -The Clash ThaiLK to Dad, Mom, Steph, Teachers and FRIENDS for making these years the best! ! STEPHANI E. RISK " STEPH " VB ' 78- ' 83 GUMMING PREFECT CHERISHED MEMORIES: Summers on Buck Lake; Q.L. ' 78- ' 79 w AA, NW, CM; Gr 9 Bio w KR- the crayfish; Caribbean ' 81 w NW; GS twirling scribes- DN, BA; ice creams w KR; Anne of Green Gables; Lake Placid ' 81; Ponderosa w TL; Day Camp; Chem labs crackers w CB (gr 10 only!); hockey game w AA - the menu!; CW dinner w7 JM; called by the wrong name (JB!); Swensen ' s; SG: alligators aspirins; gr 10 PSSC labs w JL- the one that does all the work (?); Canada Day; " Slick Chicks " w MG LP; BF Dorton ( JW!); LP ' s cottage: minibike mercedes!; Bishop ' s w NB J?; Baseball games w LP MG; Dances parties; Stratford: JB, TS, KR, JL, NB, AM, RT, JB, NR, SG; spares in Echoes room; padded shoulders punk glasses. Thanks to Mom Dad all my friends- love ya! NICOLA RUTHERFORD " NICK " VB ' 78- ' 83 CUMMING Raisin and cracker sandwiches w JL, Falling upstairs Gym Dcm ' 82 " Downboy! " right JL? Rugby we did it! Ski Carnivals, Sutton ' 82, Old Mtl. Dinner Party, " Get down on it " w JL, Decll ' 82, Thanx Ange, Football- " no we weren ' t trying to hit you-I think? " SPAZ playing short, binoculars w JL, cracking backs, Caesars, Dances, Traf w KP,KR,LCC w KY: MG,HHS w KY, Hudson w RC,Sj,WS,JG,KY. Gr 8 Basketball at Bish, volleyball, gymnastics, badminton, squash tourn. Metro w JB " Where ' d you get those, Salvation Army? " No Howarths, Stratford-the nails, The bird flew across the sky w SL JB MissL,MrsH. The crashers. Letters to Andrew, Letters FROM Andrew, MC,RN,RobNBob,Jane-I am a camera; Piano man-HeHeHe! Police Concert w JB-Flock of Seagulls ' bus, Andrew Teenage Nicky-Thanks idiot, summers-Yea!, Virginia w JG, Sailing LCC grad; Math w CB; April fool ' sw SWH. Scotland, The Wedding, hot gum, 1202, CB ' s Party " You ' rejust a memory ... " -The Stones- Thanks Mum and Dad and Thanx to all my friends for a great five years. P.S. Angela-The white men arc still on their way! PATRICIA MARY SAPUTO " PAPUTO " " LITTLE CHEESE " VA ' 78- ' 83 BARCLAY " Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. " -Diogenes FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS: " Hey Mongo " " Don ' t do li ' dat " " Get ata here " " OUCH (ET) " . AMBITION: Accountant, Notary, or Computer Specialist. PROBABLE DESTINATION: Ballerina, skater, magician, painter. PET PEEVES: DC asking for time in middle of class. LS saying " You want bagel? " CHERISHED MEMORIES: 1st day RM 108 w Liane. Seed-Bun. After lunch RM 101. KT MT GR. 9 Zaploid Yazoo. Apple core, Nothing more. Whose your friend? Her. Mis. Boislard ' s math class. Ap.l 82 SWH. ex- change. Lunch w group. Playing w computer. J.O.-790(out). Skiing w gang. X-mas 81 in FL. LL ' s f)arty up north. " Good Answer " . Thanks for 5 years of ... Grazie Mamma Papa per 5 anni della mia educazione. SANDA SASARMAN VA ' 78- ' 83 CUMMING CHERISHED MEMORIES: Christmas concerts, Mrs. W ' s classes, first dance. Mikado w R.W, fainting in Mrs. H ' s bio class, JWMT thank you, M.F ' s birthday parties, summer of ' 81 and ' 82, kittens, friends and many more beautiful memories. A warm thank you to the teachers of Trafalgar. A very special thank you to my family whom I love and respect with all my heart. I wish to all the girls only good fortune in the future. GISELA P. SCHMIDT " GISIE " VA ' 79- ' 83 CUMMING THE DAY ALWAYS STARTS OFF WITH A BOOM: " MRS. F. HELP! I CAN ' T DO ANYTHING WITH MY PHYSICS LAB!! (THANX FOR BEING THERE). THEN OFF WE GO TO CHEM. CLASS TO GET GOOD SEATS TO HAVE H.E.F.W. J.B. WHILE WATCH THE P.K. AFTER SCHOOL THE MAD RUSH TO THE CAN. WHAT DO I SEE: " F.L. W U.T. LYING AROUND. AT THE VOLLEYBALL TOUR- NAMENT, PLAYING A GAME WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN " CRACK " THERE GOES MY KNUCKLE. GROWING AND GROWING. CHANCE TO DO NOTHING EXCEPT CLEAN OUT THE RUBBISH FROM THE DESKS. ANOTHER DAY BUT NO DOLLAR. SPLAT GOES THE SOUP TO COVER MY M.D. AND LEAVE A G.H. LEG AND SHOE. GOING TO M.F. COTTAGE TO STACK LOGS WITH AN O.H WHEELBARROW TO TALK GOING BACKWARDS AND FALLING OVER A STUMP TO FALL KERPLUNK ON MY CHEEKS I THANK MY TEACHERS, FRIENDS, AND PARENTS FOR MAKING THIS SCHOOL YEAR POSSIBLE. TANYA STERBENK VA ' 79- ' 83 ROSS PET PEEVES: Public Speaking w KP; Eng. Workshops; Cafe AMBITION: Lawyer. PROBABLE DESTINY: Court Stenographer. THE MEMORIES: Latin class w JO. BB w AE in chem lab; Eng. class w KR. HISTORY NOTES!; D.P. w GM and NS, Badminton w SB; Tennis w KS, PH; FITNESS ..? Houseplays; Gym Dem ' 82; WHOOPS I ' m a bit late! CB ' s sleepover w AD; JF; AM AR and JW; 17 bus vv JW TAXIS; McDonalds w GM; NS; COKES JL: AM ' s party in Stratford!! Downtown w CA; AD; CB; JF; LA and JW. RAIDS! Driving home w CA; AD: JW and of course Paul! My B-Day dinner; Kinks w JW; " Wake-up Jane! " J. Geils w NS and GM; " Where are you Gill? " AR ' s party; SAUNAS!; sleeping in a Laundryroom w JW; NS and SW ' s Halloween partv, remember Jane? Dances; AM ' s braces; THE FOREST;Well Aislinn, now it ' s time to say good-bye ... THANX MOM. DAD .AND PAUL FOR HELPING ME THROUGH MY YEARS AT TRAP. RUTH TENENHOUSE " RUTHIE " VB " TQ- ' SS FAIRLEY PREFECT MEMORIES: Carleton ' 82 with A.M.; Bikini at Olies; Seeing O.P. seven times in a row and Taps twice; Dreaming about T.T.H; Calif. ' 79; .Arowhon ' 77- ' 80 with C.A,M.C..L.R.,C.T.,L.C.,M.C ' s slobbering one night stand; Arow ' s loves-B.H.. too bad A.C.; colour war captain; Pembroke ' 79, 10 days of torture; Bruce SPRINGSTEEN ' 80 with A.M.,EF,J.O.?H.L.; Chinese with A.M. and E.F.; Rocky Horror; Latin classes-Noli stare prope me!! kweego; Suffrage; Chem. with A.M.; 1202; Yuch it ' s L.K. -Gross me out School yard craze with A. L: France ' 82-Hooook, N.T.:R. and M. ' s surprise 25th; Being mad about ..H.; SWEET-Nov.7, 1982 with .A..M.,E.F.,L.Z.,. .M.,N.D.,J.O.,, .D.K.S.; wonton canton eze; Stowe " 82 with the Blops: Skiing with A.M. or at least trying to; D.AVID BOWIE; Stratford ' 82, rooming with A.M.,S.G.,N.B.; getting sick thanks A.Z. and V.J.,; SandG " Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you ' ve got for you will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not " . Special thanks to .Mom, Dad, Lee, and friends who made it great. BYE TRAF. ANJA UDOM VA ' 79- ' 83 GU MMING REMINISCING GRADE 8, was when I first came to Traf The school tunic reached to my knee The school lunches were then complete with deserts, vegetables and meat. GRADE 9, a senior I finally became, and high marks were my main aim. In art we worked hard: clay + papier mache Etching, and sketching our own way. I ' ve had four memorable, educational, and great years at Traf. GRADE 10 went by fastest of all, History notes drove me up the wall Fashion became my obsession and made me miss occasionally a lesson. GRADE 1 1 , although just begun, has already been lots of fun. Stratford was a real blast, Why can ' t the good things ever last? ROBERTA WEDGE VB 1978-1983 BARCLAY It is raining. The rain, once just a trickle, is now pouring, roaring down- the more I open my eyes, the more I see, the more I hear, the more I sense it with every straining fibre of my being. The tattered black umbrella (once, when it was new, I thought it shone so bravely) is now unnecessary: it has served its purpose as well as it knew how. But I love the rain, the pure, cool, refreshing, intoxicating lifeblood, and it loves me. Its Pan- haunting, summoning cry cannot be ignored. As I step out, into the rain, from under the patient warder, I think: It can protect me no longer. I am free to drown by my own choice. And I am happy beyond words. To all: Kids have potential; realize that. To my few true friends, know that you have touched me- I have grown. " Your children come through you but not from you, and though they are with you they belong not to you. " -KG Think: have individuals shown ideas strange- nay, original to some un- blossom ' d marmoreal mind, engendering reality? Hoping I live, laughing I die. ANDREA ZELIGER " ANDIE " " KID " VA ' REMEMBER: F.A.C.E.-axIc 4 parties, B.D. me: THE (PRINCESSES, J.Y. THE KING watching T.V.. playing baseball, visiting the rabbits, " silly kid " " Have I seen this place before? " closets. BESSIE SUKY - arbs, roses, BOYS!! OXY 5! Children ' s creations: Theatre-St -Denis, ... sniffers, M. Pagliaro, Lindsay, The Old Spaghetti Warehouse, Le Vieux Port, rehearsals, Hampstead Park. S.G. - " Playing in the park tonight? " Sweet Sixteen, SHS dance, my parties, V.J. -Danny, getting my hair cut, economics class work, hiding from J. A. B u r g c r K i n f. . S r R A T F O R D - S . G . . V . J . , N . B . . R . T . , A . IVl ! : SUMMER ' 82: Y.W.A. -Hallucinations, canoe trip w H.G., MEGA!! EPIC!! Paddling w J. S. The other kid family. " I ' m a tough kid, I can take it! " THANX TO EVERYONE, ESP.; MOM, PAPPY, BECKA SUKS for making growing up a little easier, " VJt had joy , we had fun, we had seasons in the sun, but the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone ' ' Bye! El ISABETH ZUKOW " LISA " " LL7 " " GOOSE " VB ' 80- ' 83 FAIRLEY IN RETROSPECT; Surprise!-Apr. 22; Darkroom w BS; WHS Grad - Magog! Joan and Madge- click! One yr ? -Chat. Champ. Jan. 23; Pink-Green w Beezy; Volleyball? - AJC; ILGP " But it ' s such a social production " -JB (tennis); Stratford! Eul gy to Sam (frog); Louie and Blinkie-the Guy Riot; That S gittarian! .TAGGER ' S! Marois Summers -Kel Mallow Fluff! " You ' ll never guess what happened! " -LL,SR,BD,HC,NV,GM-(8:30) Find your horoscope; Gorilla Ice Cream! Prep or Punk (will we ever know?) Alaska ' 81! The Stranglers- " An eagle? " Grd, 9 talks w Em; Rocks and Roadsines - Joan; PHOBIAS " It goes POP! " Closet Affairs; Art 312 " What would Picasso have said? " WOW-1202! Consequently ... Traps in French -Steph; New York, New York! Scream Therapy (CB) Lunatic ' s Party! (SM) Thanx -U NO WHO U R (Mummy, Daddy, the Four G s, Peter) To Garran- Thanks. Although the song is over, a good performer always gives an encore. All of my love, forever. Grads in Stratford In the eyes of all the grads who went to the Stratford Festival between October 20th and 23rd, the trip was a great experience. The temperature inside and outside was a little cold for most people, but we all gathered up enough courage to get out of bed to see three plays. We saw " Julius Caesar " and " The Merry Wives of Windsor " both by WiUiam Shakespeare and " BHthe Spirit " , by Noel Coward. We also travelled to London where we visited the University of Western Ontario and went shopping in a local mall. The entire trip was a big success that, in spite of a few problems, was immensely en- joyed by all. Special thanks go to Mrs. Burck, Mrs. Mandigo, Miss Layton and Mrs.Henophy, our chaperones and also to Hans, our bus driver. -K.R. BACK ROW: Megan Potter, Wendy Rochester, Kim Anderson, Laura Shiomi, Laura Perry, Jelana Duncan, Patsy Willis, Heather Outerbridge, Sueann Blauer, Savitri Manmohansingh. THIRD ROW: Heather Gold, Janice Johnson, Christine Gilsenan, Annemarie Desjardins, Betty Huang, Angela Bisset, Heidi Weigand, Dawn Wiseman. SECOND ROW: Barbara Dawson, Carole Jakubovic, Liza Kessler, Caroline Laflamme, Marley Guyda. FRONT ROW: Lara Lazare, Gillian Morrison, Brigid McKenna, Nathalie Valois, Miss McCoU. BACK ROW: Mary Sweeney, Kimmy Wong, Nicola Philpott, Li-Hsien Fan, Suzette Madruga, Tammy Lazare, Ligia Sanches, Ruth Costa, Lissa Constantine. THIRD ROW: Katherine Wolters, Natalie Comeau, Stephanie Laberge, Caroline Applebee, Rebecca Bird, Ann Osana, Kendra Durnford, Sophie Lynch-Staunton, Susan Homa, Liane Keightley. SECOND ROW: Jane Wilkins, Michele Petrucci, Miss Boislard, Carolyn McCullough, Shaun Richards, Beezy Dube. FRONT ROW: CaroUne Cohen, Heather Gold. BACK ROW: Jennifer Lord, Jennifer Maude, Christina Nacos, Karen Osborne, Martha i Kirby, Joanna Wedge, Nadine Sivalc, Christine Maravei. THIRD ROW: Tandi Nkiwane, I Vivian Sallai, Samantha Shatzky, Lisa Pasold, Leslie Kaufman, Deborah Gilsig, Audrey Moore, Paola Exley, Linda Kessler, Kumu Puri. SECOND ROW: Margaret Goldsmith, Sarah Nash, Maha Mirza, Emma Strachan. FRONT ROW: Larissa Pickering, Jennifer Sadler, Sheryl Ludwick, Jacquihne Schloss, Miss Den Hertog. ABSENT: Kim Bennett. BACK ROW: Laura Foldesi, Patrizia Capeili, Shana John, Vivian Wang, Alison Fernie, Belinda Peres, Michele Mani, Cecile Choi, Jean Senior, Mrs. Hrycyna. MIDDLE ROW: Christie Fuller, Claudia Cianciullo, Pamela Garami, Andrea Mandel, Shaun Thompson, Jennifer Vineberg, Blessilda Mamanteo, Elsy David, Maria Antoniou. FRONT ROW: Rosella Tursi, Johanne Dinucci, Jill Naimer, Jessica Mosher, Anne Tinsley, Rochelle Strauss, Vanessa Zorbas, Sabrina Lord, Elizabeth Kurien, Katalin Makkai. TOP ROW: Mrs. Kalisky, Lesley Salter, Jennifer Mackenzie, Randi Perlman, Caroline McCormack, Jennifer Rogers, Kim Forrest, Brenda Wathey, Annie Laufer, Nima Spaniel, Daniela Akerblom, Nicola Wolters. MIDDLE ROW: Sheila Markland, Judith Marshall, Sharron Freedman, Yiling Chang, Andrea Burke, Stephanie Blanshay, Devon Clark, Nathalie Goldin. BOTTOM ROW: Tanya Nayler, Felicia Williamson, Estelle Richmond, Linda Lee, Anna Goulston, Julie Arel, Anthea De Silva. ABSENT: Sophie Catchlove, Wendy Stein. TOP ROW: Tara Mani, Wendy Tarn, Cheryl Annesley, Frans Braniotis, Sabrina Dinucci, Diana Lim, Cathy Jansen, Ruby Har, Kathie Evans, Mrs. Nicolaidis. MIDDLE ROW: Manita Shine, Cathy Choi, Phillipa Klein, Ingrid Hyder, Lisa Phillips, Audrey Bauer, Maria Cundy, Cathy Moroz, Aviva Cowan. BOTTOM ROW: Lisa Campeau, Taline Seropian, liana Stein, Joanna Goodman, Wendy Kinnear, Stacey Shwartz, Jennifer Schloss, Tasha Kheiriddin, Kriten Macleod. BACK ROW: Erin Clark, Katie Asch, Tara Cope, Morena Tursi, Jennifer Quaid, Laura Losonczi, Wendy Wathey, Julia Ostopkevich, Miss Moll. MIDDLE ROW: Dorothy Wong, Gina Pinsky, Celia Wallace, Traci-Lyn Yaccato, Nancy Parish, Noelle Leger, Cornelia Laufer, [uchel. FIRST ROW: Tricia Lee, Audrey Kessler, Mehssa Lubotta, Susan Heintzman, Hollinger, Alison Leigh, Veronica Nazareth, Roberta Sanders. ABSENT: Andrea Peplow, Julie Trudel. BACK ROW: Mrs. W-ightman, Lisa Elkin, Elie Angelidis, Li Yu, Cheryl Zacharie, Becky Thompson, Michelle Stewart, Michelle Irwin, liana Schwartz, Christine Sandilands. MIDDLE ROW : Lisa Kwong, Lara Speirs, Katie Wadsworth, Steph Robson, Danielle Saputo, Carey Knight, Bonnie Satov, Jill Baron, Debbie Levy, Jessica Aronoff. FIRST ROW: Nikki Magnan, Susan Williams, Nataha Gracoveisky, Deidre Raymond, Rina Gupta, Rebecca Russel, Melanie Haggerty. AST t LIT r The Bryan Price for creative writing is awarded every June at the schi senior students. Last year first prize was awarded to Elizabeth Crompto Diarmid of Gumming House received an honourable mention. Both students ai I he long, green-painted corridor stretched on into the distance, its end an undefinablo blob of darkness. The half circle windows nestled at the tops of the alcoves let in a feeble, dust tinted light, helping to illuminate the dingy, dirty hall where a large variety of people sat around, discouraged and miserable. The once gaily patterned floor tiles were faded and filthy after years of muddy overboots and sloppy people, sadly reflecting the state of the rest of the hospital. Nurses and receptionists in drab whhe uniforms tiredly trooped around, talking to patients and calling messages to distraught oung doctors who rushed in and out of the reception area, peering at the different cases and, frowning, scribbling things own in strange little, tattered black books. Bags hung under the eyes of the patients, emphasizing their already pathetic hysical states. Unhappiness and hopelessness filled the air, creating a haze which hung in the atmosphere like a heavy black coat, dragging down all those who entered the ill-fated building. Heavy, strugglin g breathing pervaded the un- comfortable silence, making it sound as though there were a huge and monstrous beast lurking in the disinfectant- smelling corridors, stalking helpless and sickly people to claim for itself. Fingerprint graffiti was scrawled on the sooty walls behind the wooden chairs and wall partitions, names and telephone numbers were Magic Markered on the walls near the floor, small blood spatters were visible on the first doctor ' s door. The red splashes started halfway down the door post and spread upward, fanning out to cover both the door and the wall surrounding it. Only about a dozen spots in all, but the darkness and morbidhy were a grim reminder to the destitute people who frequented the slum hospital. The door was slightly open this day, and from within came low moanings and pleadings, tainting the air whh a note of horror, of desperation, only to join the hair-raising chorus of other sounds, part of the nightmare. Liz Crompton SUMMER NIGHT Above in the black sky, the stars shine as if with a phosphorous quality. The cool night air descends into the valley bringing with it a sprinkling of dew which makes the farmer ' s clothes on the line slightly damp. And down the lane marked by a letter-box with the letters M.J. Joshua, lies a well-developed farm centering around a rather large farm- house, A single oil lamp burns at a front window. A squeak on the porch tells of someone rocking in th| cK ifif f .? Out in the grassy fields, beyond the barn, he several spotted cows, now peacefully chewing, while tails flick away pesky flies. Nearby, moles and other night creatures hurry about, doing their work. . ? - ■ . . From below the fallow field, where lies the river, comes the sound of frogs in the marshy area. The crickets and cicadas chime in with their seperate tunes, while the occasional bird, when av akening, lets out a sleepy chirp. The full moon casts a gentle light on the front lawn where a dog peacefully thumps its tail. A sudden breeze brings the sound of distant thunder, and a Hash of faraway lightning follows quickly. As the breeze blows stronger and cooler, the squeaking from the porch stops abruptly and Mrs. M.J. Joshua hurries to the clothes on the line, preparing for the coming rainstorm, by Barbara McDiarmid RENAISSANCE Warm blackness, pulsing life, Pushing, sliding, redfaced, Birth. Infant, toddler, exploration, Child; Curious, naive, trusting, eager. Adolescent; Mature, immature, growth. Adult; Working, building, responsibility. Success, failure. Elderly; Happy, sad, loved, alone. Strong, feeble, Sickness, wasting. Death; Oblivion, chaos. Turmoil, floating, detachment. Sudden warmth, belonging. Warm blackness, pulsing life, Pushing, sliding, redfaced, Rebirth. Mary Sweeney Form IVB P. Altomonte 5B TOWEL RACKS FOR DADDY by Rebecca Bird I was excited about going to California until today. Today it truly hit me that Mommy isn ' t coming with us. I always knew, well, that is I knew since that day, when was it? Last summer, last summer when Daddy went away for such a long time, working on, oh I don ' t know what. I ' ve never understood exactly what he does except that he teaches to University students, and we had a big celebration when he became a doctor. Now how can a University teacher be a doctor too? Anyways, Mommy and I were walking to the store and I was holding her hand, telling her some funny story. All of a sudden, out of the blue she asked me, " Isn ' t it nicer when Daddy ' s not around? " I got mad at her and I started to cry and she took it back. I never heard about it again, but from then on I knew. I knew that Mommy and Daddy were having some kind of problem. Finally Daddy came home, and a few days later Mommy went away. I didn ' t know then that it was a trial separation. I wouldn ' t have understood, I ' d only just turned nine. I ' m nine and three quarters now, I un- derstand a lot better. Anyhow, we ' re leaving for California today, and we ' re leaving Mommy behind. We ' ve spent just about every Christmas of my life in California. Grandma and Grandpa lived there in the same house Daddy grew up in. They ' ve got a white house with rose bushes along the walkway and they ' re always happy to see us. Grandpa is always filming Bruce and me. Then he shows us his stamp collection. Sometimes, if we ' re careful we can help him take stamps off the envelopes. He likes to play games with us, or help us build things. Grandpa and Grandma have lots of toys, for grown-ups. Grandpa likes to go on walks with me and Bruce, and watch us climb trees. It ' s warm enough that Mommy . . . Daddy lets us go out in just a sweater. Grandma makes up lots of cookie dough before we come, and puts it in the freezer. Then Bruce and I get to roll out the dough and make Christmas cookies with the cookie cutters, then decorate them with all sorts of candies. By the time we ' ve finished we both feel sick because of all the dough we ' ve eaten, Grandma always warns us but we never Hsten. Grandpa and Grandma always get a Christmas tree before we arrive, but the decorating is up to us. Bruce and I like to make decorations ourselves. Everybody says they look much nicer than the ones bought in stores. We string popcorn and cranberries, with Grandma ' s help, and we make colourful chains out of paper. After all the decorations are made, the whole family helps to decorate the tree. Bruce and I sleep in Grandpa and Grandma ' s room ' cause it ' s the only one with separate beds. They sleep in the back while we ' re there. Mommy and Daddy sleep in the guest room, only this year it ' ll just be Daddy all by himself. We ' re leaving today. We even get to miss some school. Our teachers don ' t mind, they smile and wish us a Merry Christmas as they assign us enough homework to keep us busy for a month. Yesterday I felt so happy, so excited. Now I don ' t feel so well. I feel very sick to my stomach and I can ' t eat a thing. Maybe I should stay home until I get better. Maybe I ' ll be so sick that I can ' t go at all. Mommy said I ' ll be okay once I ' m on the plane. I hope she ' s right. I ' m gonna miss her so much! She ' s gonna be all alone, she won ' t even have a stocking to be filled. Who will put her presents under the tree? Mommy was right. I ' m on the plane now and I feel much better. We nearly missed the plane. I threw -up all over the waiting room, and again in the washroom. Mummy and Daddy both agreed that it was only natural, didn ' t feel very natural to me! Daddy came to pick us up this morning. I was already crying. Mummy sat in the back seat with me. She let me use her leather bag to put all my Barbies and their clothes in. That ' s her best bag! Mummy and Daddy acted like strangers who ' d just met for the first time. Mommy gave Daddy a big nicely wrapped box to bring to California. He ' s sitting next to me with the present under his seat. Just before we left. Mummy told me that Daddy thought the present was supposed to be fore me, but actually it was towel racks for him. Wasn ' t that nice of Mommy to buy him a present? Maybe she ' s not so mad after all, maybe Daddy ' ll change his mind when he opens the present, maybe ... Grandpa and Grandma are paying extra special attention to Bruce and I this year. Grandma helped me build a pretend Barbie house that ' s so big it could be an estate! She gave me Httle boxes to make furniture, and material for sheets, table cloths and blankets, then Daddy took me to a store where we bought a Barbie cottage, right before Christmas! Grandpa took Bruce and I to Frontier Village. He takes us just about everywhere he goes. Daddy took us to a big mall outside of San Jose. Bruce saw a big toy destroyer ship that he really wants. Mommy ' s gonna give it to him. Daddy ' s gonna pay for it now and I guess Mommy ' U pay him back when we get home. They talked about it on the phone and they didn ' t even argue! Even though I ' ve been so busy I still really miss Mommy. I think about her a lot. I think of how lonely she must feel when she gets home from work and we aren ' t there. I talked to her last night on the phone. She sounded okay, but she says she ' s lonely and she misses us a lot. She told us to send her love to Grandma, Grandpa and Daddy! I wanted her to talk to Daddy, but she said that Grandpa ' s phone bill would be sky high. I keep thinking about the present Mommy got Daddy. It was really nice of her to go and pick something out for him. I can ' t wait to see his face when he opens it. Then he ' ll have to talk to Mommy on the phone, to thank her. It ' s Christmas Eve and all through the house no one is stirring except this little mouse. I ' m too excited to sleep. When I was absolutely sure that everyone was asleep, I snuck into the living room. There were so many presents under the tree that I had trouble finding it. Finally I found it, way in the back, buried under lots of little presents, the towel racks for Daddy. Up until then it didn ' t have a name tag on it, that ' s what I was doing. Earlier today, when everyone else thought I was playing with my Barbies, I made a card to stick on the present. It says, " To Daddy with love from Mommy, " and I drew lots of pictures and x ' s and o ' s. I taped the card on the present and came back to bed. I can ' t wait until tomorrow! It is Christmas morning, Bruce woke me up at five. We woke everyone else at five-thirty, we just couldn ' t wait any longer. First we opened our stockings, now it ' s time to eat breakfast. Bruce and I are gulping ours down. Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa don ' t appear to be in any rush! Gosh! They ' re eating like turtles! I wish they ' d stop talking and concentrate on their food. Good! They ' ve finally finished eating, if we help Grandma clear the table it ' ll speed up the process. Grandpa always takes the presents, out from under the tree, then hands them to Bruce and I to give them to whomever they belong to. We watch everyone opening their presents. It ' s taking forever, there are so many presents this year. And now for the last present! Grandpa is reading the card and tells me to give it to my father. But Daddy says, " There ' s been a mistake, that ' s for you. " I tell him that he ' s wrong, that Mommy was just fooling when she said it was for me. Really it was for him. Daddy keeps on insisting that he is right. Finally Grandma suggests that I open it so we can all see who it really belongs to. Reluctantly I open it. It ' s " Amy " the doll from the Hollie Hobbie collection that I ' ve been begging for all year long. Everyone in the room is laughing. I feel like crying. THE END. BLACK AND WHITE by Caroline Applebee THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1982 I have travelled to many exotic countries but I never would have imagined myself going to Senegal, Africa! I am nearing the end of the plane journey and cannot wait to set foot on this foreign land. My grandfather will be waiting for me at the airport in the country ' s capital, Dakar. I will be staying with him on a university campus where he teaches. I am writing this diary in order to have a written testament to the experiences which I am sure will be much different from those in the every day life of the Canadian teenager. FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 1982 Everything is so different. I am having a hard time adjusting to my surroundings. The villages are small, maybe five or six huts of straw and clay each. There is sand almost everywhere I look, and little vegetation apart from the eerie baobab trees. The people are dressed in beautifully coloured robes and no one is without a hat of some sort. Their dark skin is so appealing compared to our pale, white complexions. I am feeling slightly out of place and uncomfortable as I am one of very few whites in Senegal. I never thought I would have said it, but I do not like being part of the minority. There are people walking everywhere, as even a bicycle is a luxury. Their houses contain no furniture and their few tools and utensils are handmade of wood or stone. The women do most of the work as Senegal is predominantly Muslim. Fetching water, cleaning the house, making the meals and other small chores make up a full day ' s work for these women. The Senegalese seem so poor compared to American standards. They almost make me feel guilty as I think about all the luxuries I have that they will never even hear about. SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 1982 Although leprosy, malaria, yellow fever and other such diseases are rarely thought about in Canada, they are a regular fact of life in Senegal. It is a little hard to get used to. There are beggars everywhere, some missing limbs or eyes or having deformities such as I have never seen before. There is an incredible lack of medical assistance. The heat becomes so unbearable in the afternoon that all I can do is sit by the air-conditioner. I have had to take the thermometer out of the sun as the mercury had already reached the top: a scorching 45 degrees Celsius! SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 1982 The Senegalese diet consists mainly of fish and rice. The great abundance and variety of fruit at market does not seem to appeal to the Senegalese, accounting for the very high degree of malnutrition. For those who can afford it, there is a large assortment of high quality food but it is amazing how many different dishes there are made solely of fish and rice. The most popular dish is tie-bou-dienne which has recently been declared the national dish. It consists of fish stuffed with parsley, then stewed with several different types of vegetables. I am avoiding the meat as I have seen it hanging at market in the hot sun covered in flies. MONDAY, MARCH 29, 1982 The insects are driving me crazy. My arms are swollen and red with bites. I am just praying that I have not been af- flicted with malaria. I have heard so many stories about the wild animals of Africa but I have yet to see anything more ferocious than a goat. TUESDAY, MARCH 30, 1982 The people of Senegal are truly a beautiful race. I no longer feel uncomfortable. Instead, I am beginning to feel as though I belong to this country. The people ' s charm has a grip on my heart. I have begun their language, Wolof. It is almost a necessity to know it as it is spoken by nearly eighty percent of the Senegalese. I have been reading up on the country in which I am staying. Besides a bit of geography, history and culture, I learned that nearly forty percent of Senegalese children die before their fifteenth birthday. The average Hfe-span of a Senegalese rarely surpasses sixty years. These facts may seem alarming but would seem much less so if one could fully comprehend the amount of disease in the third world countries. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31, 1982 The day was spent in downtown Dakar. Being from Montreal, I expected the city to be towering, gleaming buildings separated by small boutiques and cafes but these hopes were soon crushed. The " gleaming sky-scrapers " were grey and dingy, the boutiques were junk and souvenir shops and the " cafes " were mostly fruit vendors set up on the sidewalks. THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1982 I remained on the beach the entire day. The ocean was my oasis in the insufferable heat. We are beginning to prepare for a trip to Casamance. (Southern Senegal). SUNDAY, APRIL 4, 1982 We started what was going to be a long tedious drive to Casamance this morning. I saw my first flock of vultures today busy devouring a goat by the side of the sand road. The further we got from the more populated areas, the prettier the villages seemed to get. We stopped about noon at a hunters ' camp called Toubacouta. As we sat and had a drink, a local tribe, the Man- dingues, were dancing and chanting in a frenzy, readying to perform the traditional ceremony of circumcision on a young girl. They use no anesthetic other than incantations. Their tools are primitive. If the operation was a success, the girl became a woman. If something went wrong, she died. As we continued our journey, we spotted a group of monkeys playing amongst the trees. I was overjoyed at having seen my first wild animal. I now had something to tell my friends back at school. By sunset we had had enough and decided to stop for the night. MONDAY, APRIL 5, 1982 After a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit, we started once more on our way. The greenery becomes more and more lush as we progress south. We drove through a dense and beautiful, jungle. There are no words to describe the vegetation. There is every type of flower imaginable, as well as different varieties of palm trees. We reached our destination just in time to absorb the sun ' s last rays on the beach. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 1982 I have been living the life of royalty. Casamance is a veritable paradise. We must begin to head for home but I could easily stay a few more days. THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1982 We are back on the road, and decide to make it back to the campus in one day. This is not an easy feat as we have to wait for a ferry crossing at the Gambian River. The wait lasts four hours in the heat of the noonday sun with not a spot of shade to be found, and our bottled water supply almost depleted. As we have been travelling, I have been observing the Muslims closely and have developed a great deal of curiosity towards their religion. The men do almost no work as work is for the inferiors to do, in other words, the women. Those who have worshipped in Mecca are identified by a red fez, however, women are denied this privilege and honour. Polygamy is practised in most parts accounting for much of the poverty. I know of a man with four wives and twenty- eight children. The sad part is that this man earns only one hundred and twenty dollars a month. FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1982 Yesterday was spent catching up on sleep and getting back to the regular routine. Today we went to Goree Island, a famous historical part of Senegal. Apart from being a strategic point during war, Goree Island was where thousands of black slaves were gathered and imprisoned before they were sold to richer coun- tries, namely Portugal and the United States. SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 1982 It doesn ' t seem like Easter today as it is not celebrated amongst the Muslims. We attended a mass at a nearby Catholic monastery, which had a small chapel decorated in a very simple African style. Instead of the familiar sounds of the organ, the hymns were sung to the tam-tams and the cora, which is a cross between a guitar and a harp. It was the prettiest religious ceremony I had ever attended. MONDAY, APRIL 12, 1982 Today we went to the fishing village of M ' Bour. We arrived at the village just when all the boats were bringing in their catch. The fish were unloaded and stacked on straw mats on the beach where they were smoked. They were then covered in sea salt and shark oil to ward off the flies and then left in the sun to dry. The variety of fish was incredible considering the men used only large nets and their hands to catch them. There were sharks, sting-rays, sword fish and thousands of others drying out on the beach. FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1982 It is now 8:00 a.m. Senegal time, 3:00 a.m. New York. I still have two full hours of flight left. The plane has been hitting some terrible air pockets and I have not been able to sleep. I am looking forward to getting home but I was never so reluctant to leave a place before. I have learned and experienced so much these past three weeks my head is just dizzy with new knowledge. This diary could not possibly contain everything I have learned but will hopefully interest those who are not so fortunate as I and cannot travel to such a country. My journey to Africa has certainly been the most memorable experience in my life. RUNNING I watch others Lucky Behind glass. Behind these bars envy and imagination aren ' t enough to Fulfill my Expectations. My well ran dry long ago I watch others Lucky Fill their everydays And drink Oblivious to my thirst I am a prisoner of my incapabilities Behind bars Unable to fulfill My dreams Immovable -- the Wall which Separates My reality from My desires. By Caroline Cohen Form IVB Barclay House " Running is good exercise, It helps shape up those flabby thighs, Join cro ' ss-country running now, And you ' ll be fit like Lord knows how! " I read the sign most carefully, It seemed to reach out and snatch at me. At that time I wasn ' t quite sane. So I grabbed a pen and signed my name. At first it wasn ' t all that bad. We had to stretch to pull that flab, Then we ran around the gym, My partner was Diana Lim, Soon we began to run outside. My legs weren ' t used to the forced applied. All of a sudden, we were running uphill, I began to pant and feel a bit ill. I thought of chocolate and ice-cream galore. But my body just couldn ' t take anymore. My legs stopped running, against my will. All of a sudden, everything was still, When I finally got back to school, I was so tired, I couldn ' t keep my cool, But I marched straight to the gym. And what I did was not a whim, I crossed my name right off the list And smushed the sign with my fist! NEVER AGAIN! Cathy Choi Form II Barclay House Lissa Constantine Form 4B Ross House tPMTS Tennis The doubles teams were Jane Bachynski and Karen Pinsky, Emily Feldman and Lisa Zukow, and Patty Heintzman and Tanya Sterbenk. Patty and Tanya won the overall tournament defeating a Sacred Heart team in a grueling set. Emily and Lisa entered the con- solation finals, and almost beat the E.C.S. team. FALL TENNIS TOURNAMENT Once again, Traf hosted our annual fall tennis competition. The other private schools invited were E.C.S., Q.A.A., The Study, and Sacred Heart. The tournament was set up as a basic round robin match. Thanks to Mile. Libero, the coach, and all the helpful parents who were in charge of the barbeque. THE JUNIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD: Presented to the Junior Form with the highest abihty in gymnastics - Form IIA THE SENIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD: Presented to the Senior Form with the highest ability in gymnastics - Form IVB THE JUNIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP: Presented to the winner of the Junior Form Basketball Tournament - IIB THE SENIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP: Presented to the winner of the Senior Form Basketball Tournament - Form IIIB THE INTERHOUSE BASKETBALL CUP: Fairly House THE INTERHOUSE VOLLEYBALL CUP: Ross House THE INTERHOUSE BADMINTON CUP: Ross House THE INTERHOUSE FIELD DAY CUP: Ross House THE STOCKING Presented to the Form showing the best spirit and most improvement in athletics - Form IIB CAPTAINS AND LIEUTENENTS FORM GYM CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT GAMES CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT lA N. Hollinger M. Tursi S. Heintzman G. Pinsky IB K. Wadsworth M. Haggerty M. Irwin S. Robson IIA N. Goldin W. Stein S. Catchlov F. Williamson IIB W. Kinnear D. Lim I. Stein F. Braniotis IIIA L. Pickering K. Bennett J. Lord C. Nacos IIIB A. Tinsley J. Dinucci J. Senior JHBHb V. Wang IVA D. Wiseman N. Shiomi B. McKenna G. Morrison IVB H. Gold C. Applebee M. Petrucci C. McCullough VA A. Roberts C. Besso T. Sterbank J. Ogilvy VB J. Lymer R. Tenenhouse N. Dumoulin J. Bobula SCHOOL CAPTAIN: E. Feldman. SCHOOL LIEUTENANT: J. Bachynski. VOLLEY JUVENILE VOLLEYBALL Our juveniles participated in the G.M.A.A. this year and although they competed against some killer teams, they proved to be very competant. The team came first in their division. With the help of Mrs. Henophy, the prized coach, Traf entered the semi-finals and came amazingly close to advancing to the finals. PLAYERS: J. Bachynski, J. Bobula, A. Drumm, N. Dumoulin, E. Feldman, P. Heintzman, J. Ogilvy, K. Pinsky, and N. Rutherford. BANTAM VOLLEYBALL The bantams, despite many injury setbacks, played remarkably well during this season. Coached by Miss Den hertog and led by captain Nima Spaniel, the team consisting of F. Branions, L. Elkin, N. Goldin, J. Goodman, S. Heintzman, C. Knight, A. Mandel, C. Moroz, N. Parrish, G. Pinsky, I. Stein and W, Stein, proved to be a very talented team placing third in their G.M.A.A. division. MIDGET VOLLEYBALL Again this year Traf ' s midget team was very dominant in G. M.A.A. volleyball competition. After finishing first in their division, under the leadership of their coach, Miss Layton, they moved steadily to the finals where they were successful in winning the championship. Congrats to A. Bissett, S. Blauer, J. Lord, G. Morrison, C. Nacos, S. Richards, Manager; W. Rochester, V. Wang, H. Wiegand and P. Willis. CROSS-COUNTRY X-COUNTRY RUNNING The x-running team proved to be very successful in this year ' s competition. In the mosquito division, J. Mackenzie came in fourth place. The Bantams placed third as a whole team, while J. Quaid came in tenth. The midget came in second with S.L. Staunton coming in fifth, and L. Keightley following in sixth place. Great season guys!!! SOCCER SOCCER This year ' s soccer team played in four exhibition games against other schools. The team, with the help of coach Miss Nassif, and the ever-lasting spirit of the team finished the season with terrific results. Out of three games they won one, and tied another. The members were L. Campeau, C. Choi, D. Clarke, N. Hollinger, C. Jansen, A. Leigh, D. Lim, S. Lord, S. Nash, A. Peplow, L. Pickering, J. Sadler, D. Saputo, R. Saunders, M. Shine, R. Strauss, S. Thompson, and L. Yaccoto. BANTAMS The bantam basketball team showed great spirit and enthusiasm on the court this year. They played in a difficult private school league, and helped host the Montreal Independant Schools ' Basketball Tournament. TEAM MEMBERS: K. Asch, Captain; J. Goodman, S. Heintzman, M. Irwin, C. Jansen, Captain; W. Kinnear, S. Mayer, N. Parish, R. Sanders, J. Schloss, and T. Seropian. JUVENILE BASKETBALL The Juvenile team did extremely well this season. They placed second in their G.M.A.A. division, losing only three close games. REMEMBRANCES: small gyms (Grrr!!), playing " man to man " . Bishop ' s (only one point), Emily ' s foul shots, loyal fan (Chris ' sis!), hosting Havergal, Angela ' s falls, Jane O ' s imitations of Miss L. Jane B. ' s shuffling, twinkle toes Chris, and Michelle ' s rebounds. TEAM MEMBERS: J. Bachynski, A. Bissett, E. Feldman, Captain; P. Heintzman, Captain; C. McCuUough, G. Morrison, C. Nacos, J. Ogilvy, M. Petrucci, and H. Weigand. Thanks Miss Layton for a lot of fun, good coaching, and memorable laughs ! ! Angela GYMNASTICS [TEAM MEMBERS, Left to Right: R. Gupta, M. Tursi, C. Knight, F. Williams, C. McCormack, M. Cundy, M. Mirza, K. Makkai, and Miss Nassif, Coach. GYM DEM The theme of this year gym dem was the evolution of music. Some memorable rou- tines were " King Tut " , " The Roaring Twenties " , " The Swing " , and " the Age of Aquarius " . " G " badges are awarded to girls who have attained a high standard in gymnastics and or games during the year. This year they were presented to: Cathy Moroz Nicola Rutherford Nima Spaniel Sophie Lynch-Staunton Tanya Sterbenk Vivian Wang " Stars " are awarded to girls who have previously won a " G " badge and who have maintained a high standard in sports. Jane Bachynski Angela Bissett Sueann Blauer Caroline Cohen Natalie Dumoulin Emily Feldman Patty Heintzman Martha Kirby Caroline McCullough Gillian Morrison Christina Nacos Jane Ogilvy Karen Pinsky Heidi Weigand Every year the Lucy Box Award is given to • the graduate who displays the most athletic ability, sports- manship, cooperation and en- thusiasm. The winner of this year ' s award was EMILY FELDMAN. BADMINTON BANTAMS: J. Baron, S. Blanshay, S. Catchlove, N. Goldin, S. Heintzman, W. Kinnear, C. Moroz, J. Schloss, W. Stein, and S. Williams. MIDGET: A. Bissett, S. Blauer, H. Gold, M. Kirby, C. McCullough, G. Morrison, C. Nacos, M. Potter, S. Richards, and H. Weigand. OPEN: K. Anderson, C. Besso, J. Bobula, L. Constantine, N. Dumoulin, P. Heintzman, N, Rutherford, T. Sterbenk, D. Wiseman, and L. Zukow. Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1983 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH ALTENHAUS AND BRIGITTE Jk ' riiie Senocal .pres. m Fondee en 1900 ' DnA licfUc St ' Pcennc Atcicen Auccm ScuUhc IioHi(l(Mitial and conniKMt ' ial li . Larj e assort inont of lamps lor all docors. Vorsatilo track li »litin ibr t ' oiitoinporarv intorioi ' s. Dopositairc dcs prodiiits " " " Li litolior, Qiioi ol, [ _ , J — Stil ' t ' cl, ot Nutono. " " w i Service de stort ' s venitiens, verticanx, draperies, rideaux, et couvn H-lit. llaymond St-Pierre lY votn? s(;rvic( 6575St.VMU ' , 274S345 Gilbert Satov LES PEINTRES ST. LAURENT NATIONAL LTEE ST. LAWRENCE NATIONAL PAINTING LIMITED 3520 St. Patrick Montreal, Quebec H4E 1A2 EIGHT YEARS OF MEMORIES of rA 1 KUNo THE SAPUTO FAMILY BRAHM AND AT TRAF MARILYN ELKIN AND FAMILY w Compliments of Compliments of THE CLARK FAMILY G.W. FULLER ASSOCIATES LTD. P R DESJARDINS CONSTRUCTION INC. General Contractors - Entrepreneurs generaux 1575 Graham Blvd. Town of Mount Royal HSR 1G7 738-9461 Compliments of JOHN DE KUYPER SON (CANADA) LTD. Compliments of THE LAROSE, LALIBERTE, PETRUCCI PARTNERSHIP ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS 980 Ste Catherine St. West, Suite 400 Montreal Compliments Compliments of of MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. A.R. DE SILVA T. WILLIAM OSBORNE AND ANTHEA KAREN AND TOM HOWARTH INC. Compliments of PATRONS " FRIENDS " THE COMPTROLLER THE ANGLICAN CHURCH OF CANADA DIOCESE OF MONTREAL " 514-935-7225 C " " " 22 iSS MYRNABLAUER 4800 deMAISONNEUVEW. 424 plli WESTMOUNT. QUEBEC H3Z1M2 PATRONS MR. AND MRS. KORNEL WOLTERS Compliments of THE LOSONCZI FAMILY COMPLIMENTS OF FCA International Best Wishes MR. AND MRS. P. ANGELIDIS PATRONS THE BRANIOTIS FAMILY Best Wishes from MR. AND MRS. STEVEN LEVY AND FAMILY PATRON DR. AND MRS. L.A. MOROZ PLAQUES D ' IMPRIMERIE ART INC. ART PRINTING PLATES INC. 3000 Hochelaga Tel. 527-4757, 527-1801 Montreal, Quebec H1W1G2 Compliments of MR. AND MRS. TONY STERBENK AND TANYA Compliments of LE SERVICE CADEAU B T LTEE Tania Goldin 843-3374 Barbara Schloss Compliments of Compliments of DR. AND MRS. LAWRENCE STEIN AND WENDY MR. AND MRS. E.F. JAKUBOVIC Good Luck, Grads THE PINSKY FAMILY Congratulations to the Graduates of 1983 PATRON Perry Printing Limited 1061 St. Alexandre Street Montreal, Quebec H2Z1P5 A.H. POTTER (514) 866-8651 Compliments of PATRON MR. AND MRS. SPEIRS AND LARA MR. AND MRS. S. SHATZKY ▲CTIYITIbt HOUSES TOP ROW, House Heads: Aislinn Mosher, Karen Robson, Stephanie Leith, Emily Feldman, Nat Dumoulin, Nancy Fletcher, Ruth Tenenhouse, Nandni Bhargava, Jane Ogilvy, Valerie Jakubovic. MIDDLE ROW, House Mistresses: Mme. Lariviere, Barclay; Miss Layton, Gumming; Mrs. Henophy, Donald; Mrs. Forbes, Fairley; Miss Ambruster, Ross. BOTTOM ROW, Fourth Form Reps.: Caroline Cohen, Angela Bisset, Heather Gold, Sue Ann Blauer, Carole Jakubovic. PLAYS On October 9th this year, Trafalgar held its annual house play competition. The en- thusiastic audience voted Melanie Haggerty as best actress and SueAnn Blauer as best " actor " . " The Royal Wedding " by Gumming House was voted best play. Judging the competition was Miss Passaretti who had a tough time selecting the winner. Tmfalgm Presents Fred Carmichael ' s The Bes MUSIC FESTIVAL On November 9th, Trafalgar held its first invitational music festival. There were choirs from The Study, Villa Maria, The Priory, St. George ' s Elementary and Traf, as well as concert bands from Centennial Academy and St. George ' s and a stage band from Selwyn House School. Each school gave its individual performance, then joined together to sing Sine Nomine accompanied by the St. George ' s Concert Band. The music festival was such a resounding success that it is hoped it will become an annual event. VOLUNTEER DAY This year, as last, we at Traf decided to hold a " Volunteer Day " where we would go out into the community and give help where we could. Since our last , 9,mmnm«i ' :wim mm« m x ' m r. m: ' .,., ' . ' year ' s efforts were so successful forms VA and lA went to the Griffith-McConell Residence where a Hallowe ' en party was prepared. The residents at the Griffith were anticipating our visit and a good time was had by all. This same day, October 29th, members of other classes went to Victoria Park School, in St. Lambert, where they entertained and looked after the children at the school. Again reports were favourable and everyone enjoyed themselves. In conjunction with this " Volunteer Day " a Christmas Pageant was presented at our school by residents of the Griffith-McConell. Also a St. Valentine ' s Day party will be held on Friday, February 11 at the residence. " Volunteer Day " has been a good experience for all who participated and could be a great Trafalgar tradition. A.Z. VA HISTORY BANQUET On December eighth the second form students, with the excellent guidance of Mrs. Wightman, held the annual History Banquet. The girls and teachers dressed up as various characters of the medieval period. After being graced, the entire group enjoyed a scrumptuous meal of broth, cornished hens, tarts and ale. Short skits of this period were held after the meal. The banquet was a real success and everyone seemed to enjoy it. DEBATING This year both of Trafalgar ' s senior and junior teams have participated in debating competitions throughout the Montreal area. Trafalgar fared very well in all. In January, a senior debate took place at Macdonald High School, in Ste. Anne de Bellevue. Trafalgar placed in the top ten for individual speakers and schools. Mrs. Wightman did a superb job preparing the debaters for their competition. Members of the debating team are: Cathy Moroz, Tandi Nkwani, Roberta Wedge, Michelle Feder, Joanna Wedge, Wendy Rochester, Nancy Boivin, Lisa Pasold, Nadine Sivak, Jennifer Quaid, Leslie Kauffman, Christine Gilsenan, Tasha Kheredin, Denise Carr, Susan Heintzman, Alison Leigh, Natalie Hollinger, Sunita Mayer and Coach Wightman. TUCK SHOP Vania Kirby, Jane McLaren, Patricia Saputo, Paola Altomonte, Nandni Bhargava, Suzanne Grant, Jennifer Lymer, Ruth Tenenhouse, Patrizia Saputo, Shana Jolin, Natalie Comeau, Cheryl Annesley, Liane Keightly, Carohne Laflamme, Sophie Lynch-Staunton, Susan Homa, Christine Gilsenan, Wendy Rochester, Savitri Manmohansingh, Cathy Evans, Kim Forrest, Philippa Klein, Kendra Durnford, Laura Perry, Marley Guyda, Liza Kessler, Maria Antoniou, Audrey Bauer, Annie Laufer, Tara Mani, Randi Perlman, Carolyn McCormick, Andrea Burke, Yi-Ling Chang, Linda Lee, Tricia Lee, Tasha Kherridin, Paola Exley, Emma Strachan, Judith Marshall. FITNESS Sometimes we do Barbie, Richard or Jane, We all work hard and do our best, But always end up in pain. You really all should come and view, How great this fitness can be. It may seem like a drag to you. But lots of fun to me. Our thanks go to Miss Layton, Who runs it every day, She ' s always there and never late. Makes it good in every way. When we go to fitness, We all have so much fun. If you want to be a witness, You ' ll have to come and run. -A.B. TOGA VOLLEYBALL On February 17th the old girls challenged the fifth form to a volleyball match. The fifth form upheld the tradition and accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm. Displaying truly amaz- ing talents on the volleyball court the fifth form were victorious winning two out of three games. After the exciting match, the fifth form enjoyed a cold buffet prepared by the old girls. All in all the evening was a complete success. N.R. Trafites held their annual Science Fair in February. The entrants brought in projects of every description that they had worked on at home. THE JUDGES: Mrs. Ewing, Dr. Gilsig, Dr. Lafleur, and Dr. Tenenhouse chose winners in each category. FIRST PRIZES: Kirsten Macleod and Tanya Naylor Philippa Klein SueAnn Blauer and Gillian Morrison Rochelle Strauss and Allison Fernie Julie Arel and Anthea de Silva Margret Goldsmith There were also second prize winners and Honourable mention in each of the six categories. Five projects were entered in the Marianopolis Science Fair and one by Andrea Burke and Cathy Moroz won third prize in the High School section. While at the Science Fair, parents and friends were able to see some of the students ' art work on display in the halls. CLUBS The activities clubs were organized on a trial basis this year. People from outside the school donated their time once a week for five weeks in the first term. Working in small groups, all the girls and teachers spent their lunch hour learning various skills from the volunteers. The clubs in- cluded; backgammon, computers, drama, debating, guitar, communica- tions, chess, caligraphy, knitting, sewing, Chinese painting, bridge, French conversation, and cooking. Being a success, the clubs were con- tinued in the second term. Special thanks to Mrs. Pasold for organizing this special program. te. ' ■ ' ' gji ' t.i On March 3rd and 4th, Trafalgar hosted the Provincial Debating Tournament. The topics debated were " B.I.R.T. Compulsory National Service is in the best interest of Canada " and " B.I.R.T. National Service should be com- pulsory in Canada " . There were 64 students participating from 12 different schools: L.C.C., Chambly County Regional. Sacred Heart, Loyola, Selwyn House, and Traf were all participants. Trafalgar did very well - the team of Roberta Wedge and Michelle Feder debated in the Dream Debate in the final round. Although they lost in a close decision to Chambly County Regional, they had a strong argument against compulsory national service. Michelle and Roberta also won the prize for the best team of two. Traf also did well in other categories. Joanna Wedge, Wendy Rochester, Nadine Sivak and Christine Gilsenan won the prize for the best four person team. Out of the top ten speakers, Nadine Sivak placed third, Christine Gilsenan placed seventh and Joanna Wedge placed tenth. The tournament was a great success thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Wightman, who coached the Traf debaters as well as organized the tournament. The judges did an excellent job helped by the Traf students who served as speakers and timers for the debates as well as " wenches " at the Medieval Banquet. STUDENTS ' COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Angela Bissett, IVA Pres.; Nancy Parish, lA Pres.; Li-Hsien Fan, IVB Pres.; Miss Layton, Staff Adviser; Jennifer Schloss, IIB Pres.; Jennifer Maude, IIIA Pres.; Nima Spaniel, IIA Pres.; Carey Knight; IB Pres.; Sanda Sassarman, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Shaun Richards IVB Vice-Pres.; Lara Lazare, Vice-Pres.; Karen Robson, VA Pres.; Patty Heintzman, Vice-President of Council; Karen S. Pinsky, President of Council; Anna Maclachlan, VB Pres. ABSENT: Patrizia CappeUi, IIIB Pres. TUTORING This year, instead of having tutors outside of school come in, girls in form five began tutoring those who needed help in the younger forms. So far it seems this system is working well. Subjects tutored included Physics, Chem- istry, Math, English and French. Awards THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL, au aided to a fourth form girl for participation in school activities and academic achie ement, was presented to Karen Pinsky. THE JANE WEDDLE TROPHY, awarded to a fourth form girl for courtesy, character and achievement, was presented to Sanda Saserman. THE CUMMING PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct and contributions to the life of the school, was presented to Brigitte Altenhaus. THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct and con- tributions to the life of the school, was presented to Adele Marshall. THE GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has maintained the highest academic average throughout her final year, was presented to Adele Marshall. THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, showing herself helpful and friendly to all, was presented to Delia Grenville. THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public spirited of the senior girls, who at the same time has maintained a high standard of conduct, and shown devotion to her work, was presented to Judith Maclaren. THE BRYAN PRIZE FOR CREATIVE WRITING, presented by Trafalgar ' s Old Girls ' Association, was awarded to Elizabeth Ann Crompton. THE JUNIOR CREATIVE WRITING PRIZE, presented by the EngUsh department, was awarded to Tasha Kheiriddin. THE RIDOLFI ART AWARD, presented to a senior girl for enthusiasm, interest and effort in her art course, was awarded to Patty Heintzman. THE J.M.V. FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, awarded to the first form girl with the highest average in her year ' s work and not presently holding a scholarship, was presented to Catherine Moroz. ACADEMIC PRIZES Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science Physics French French History Mathematics French Biology, English Classics, Biology Economics Geometry Goldstein Medallion (Spanish) Geography INTERHOUSE AWARDS THE WALKER CUP to the winner of the House Drama Competition: Ross House THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP to the student earning the most House Points: Catherine Moroz THE INTERHOUSE SHIELD to the House earning the most House Points: Barclay House Diana Leblanc Josee Alessi Elizabeth Ann Crompton Jane Freer Adele Marshall Louise Panet-Raymond Helene Turcotte Karen Robson Dawn Wiseman Jacquie Angus Karen Pinsky Sanda Saserman Katherine Wolters THE CLASS OF 1982 Forty-four of the class are at CEGEPs in Quebec. At Marianopolis are Michele Ballantyne, Caroline Cullen, Jane Freer, Christine Haubenreisser, Heidi Ludwick, Barbara McDiarmid, Barbara Outerbridge, Heather Patterson, Sharon Pearl, luci Ravenda and Natalie Wechsler. At Vanier are Natalie Baghdadlian, Linda Hooper, Christine Klein, Elena Moshovas, Janice Perlman, Lydia Saputo, Paula Segal, Gigi Simpson, Laurie Tough and Saiqua Waien. Ten girls are at Champlain Regional College: Jos6e Alessi, Laurie Bennett, Constance Exley, Pippa Jones, Diane Moquin, Beth Perry and Cathy Wong at the St. Lambert Campus, and Gail Parker, Lesley Penny and Carolyn Walsh at the Lennoxville Campus. Attending College Jean-de-Br beuf are Brigitte Altenhaus, Liz Crompton, Nancy Echenberg, Hilary Ladd, Adele Marshall, Louise Panet-Raymond nd Jane Webster, while Kelly Amey is at Marguerite Bourgeois. At John Abbott are Joan Barnard, Karen Bernaski, Chris Bush, Judith Maclaren, Heldne Turcotte and Marie Wallace. In Ontario, Delia Grenville is at Havergal in Toronto, Diana Leblanc and Julia Sassen are at Carleton in Ottawa, and Kim Shetler is at Brescia in London. Darlene Flynn is working. Jessica Lawrence is spending the year with her parents in Australia, and Sarah Tinsley is taking courses to prepare for CEGEP entrance in January. NEWS OF OTHER CLASSES 1981: Kathy Bardo is taking a year off from her studies; she is one of the bilingual people hired for a period of one year, from September, 1982, to work at the Canadian PaviHon at Disney ' s new EPCOT Center in Orlando, Florida. - Belinda Dale is studying Social Science at the County College of Morris, N.J. - Patricia Purer is in second year Psychology at the University of Manitoba. - Tanis Gravenor has entered the four-year course in Psychology at the downtown campus of Concordia. - Jennie Kwo is in first year at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. - Sarah Russell is in first year Business Administration at the University of Windsor. - Eva Svendstet visited Sweden from September to December, and then entered the Sorbonne in Paris to continue her studies. 1980: Angela Ebsworth was awarded a scholarship in Field Hockey for entrance to the University of Rhode Island in Sep- tember, 1982. - Monica Purer is in second year Pre-Med at the University of Manitoba. - Tracy Helm is in first year Canadian Studies at Trent University. - Susan Jany is in first year Optometry at the University of Waterloo. - Helen Khimm is doing third year at McGill before completing her degree at Smith College. - Jean Kwo is majoring in Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. - Marilyn Meikle is studying Communication Arts at Concordia. 1979: lonina Brill is in second year Honours computer Science at the University of Western Ontario, - Gillian Brodie is working as receptionist for a dentist and training as a dental assistant: she plans to complete university later. - Sonja Broomfield Smith has been living in New York, working as a secretary in the personnel department of UNICEF. - Jane Brumwell has transferred from Trent to York University and is continuing her studies in Psychology . - Danica Dale is in first year Arts at McGill. - Monique Lunan is taking a double degree course in Outdoor Recreation and Natural Science Biology at Lakehead; she has also received certificates in survival training, first aid, canoeing, swimming and search and rescue, and is a member of the Lakehead Search and Rescue Unit, as well as being House President of her house in residence. - Diana Skiadas graduated from College Jean-de-Br beuf last summer . - Janet Weeks is working in Ogilvy ' s. 1978: Heather Leigh is in her final year at Acadia, taking a B.Sc. in Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics and Business. - Jennifer Marler is in her final year at McGill, taking a B.Sc. in Honours Neurobiology. She was one of the only undergraduates accepted for a course at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole last summer; she has been awarded a fellowship by the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada to support her research at the Montreal General Hospital Research Institute on myelination of the peripheral nervous system, and has also published several papers. - Jane Morganti is living in Paris; from January to October, 1982, she taught English at the Berlitz School of Languages, and is now receptionist in a large Paris hotel. - Julie Moroney Furey is working for Ernst and Whinney in Boston. - Cynthia Roberts Tomas is in third year Arts at Carleton, majoring in Philosophy. - Julia Tilden is completing her last year of Honours B.A. in English and History at Queen ' s; she is engaged to David Swiggum. 1977: Sylvia Denning received her B.A. in Psychology from Carleton in May, 1981; she is now working and plans to return to college for her M.A. in 1983. - Janet Hardy is in her final year of Molecular Biology at Concordia, and hopes to enter Medicine next year. - Trina Hill is in her final year at Concordia, majoring in Applied Social Science with a minor in Psychology. - Kathy Kredl graduated from Queen ' s (on the Dean ' s List) in May, 1982, with a B.Com. (Honors) in Ac- counting; she is now in Calgary working for Coopers and Lybrand, and studying for her C.A. - Sandra Levy and her brother are running the family business. - Anthea Liontos is in the final year of the B.A. course at McGill, majoring in English; she also teaches part-time at the Gallois Language School, teaching English as a second language. - Belinda Rankovich received her B.Sc. from the University of Toronto last spring, with a double major in Biology and Botany, and has now applied for admission to Engineering at McGill. 1976: Andrea Baron received her B.A. in Psychology from Bryn Mawr in May, 1980, and is now in third year of Law School at the University of Miami; she is on the Dean ' s list and also a staff editor of the International Law Journal. - Martha Hiam lives in Burlington, Ont., where she and a partner have bought and are operating a well-known restaurant, The Stinson House, on The Village Square. - Janet Lewis had a three week ' s holiday this winter in Japan, where she attended Yoko Ohzeki ' s wedding, also visiting Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and Tokyo and spending three days in a Buddhist temple. - Heather Lunan spent the year 1981-1982 travelling; four months in Europe, six months in Israel - two on a Kibbutz on the Sea of Galilee and four in the Moshov-Negev desert - and a month in the Greek islands. - Christina MacFarlane received her M.A. in English and Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh last spring, and is now doing a teacher training course in Glasgow. - Yoko Ohzeki Okada married a baseball star, so her wedding was a spectacular affair, with more than 400 guests and over 50 press! - Diana Reisman graduated from Yale last spring; she is working this year, and then will enter Law School. - Debbie Roberts Stevenson works for the stockbroking firm of Midland-Doherty. - Susan Senecal is working in a hospital in Sri Lanka, organizing reference data for the laboratories. - Sandra Sundborg works in the payroll department of Alcan. - Lorraine Turcotte is at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, taking a two-year course leading to an M.A. in Exercise Physiology; she has a teaching assistantship and is one of only two Canadians in the course. 1975: Mary Archontakis Tavan is living in New York City. - Sherry Lunan Jardin lives in Calgary and works for the Royal Bank. - Donna-Lynn McMurray Kovic, after taking her B.Com. in Economics, worked for Club Med in Martinique, the Bahamas and Mexico; since then she has taken an Administration Training course with the Royal Bank and hopes to make a career in banking in San Francisco. 1974: Jennifer Braidwood received her B.F.A. from Loyola last spring. - Margaret Coyle Farish is living in Pickle Lake, Ontario. - Nancy Eraser is working towards her M.Sc. in Cytogenetics and is employed at a hospital in Halifax. - Alka Gursahaney has her M.Sc. in Hospital Administration and is working in the States. - Stephanie Luetticken has her M.A. and is living in Toronto. - Glenna Wood Ferguson is living in Sarnia. 1973: Nicky Baktis is Supervisor of the Rail Travel Bureau for VIA Rail at Central Station. - Jane Housden has applied for admission to the Master of Architecture course at the University of Saskatchewan in Regina. - Liz Pigot Smith is living this year in Madison, Wisconsin, where her husband is working for his Master ' s degree; after that, they will live in Fredericton. MARRIAGES 1975 Jan. 1979 Oct. 1980 March 15 Dec. 20 1981: Aug. 23 1982: April 10 April 17 May 11 May 22 June 19 July 24 Summer Summer Aug. 21 Aug. 28 Aug. 28 Sept. 12 Oct. 2 Dec. 11 25 Barbara Pocock to Gilbert R.W. McKee 13 Cynthia DesVoignes (nee Nunns) to Michael George Cafferky, in Vancouver Deborah Roberts to Bruce Stevenson Cynthia Roberts to David Tomas Deborah Kraus to Victor Robert Kennedy Glenna Wood to Robert Ferguson Helen McGill to David Chown Barrett, in Toronto April Kape to Lenny Scott Donna-Lynn McMurray to Antony Kovic Julie Moroney to Tim Furey Sonja Broomfield to Christopher Neal Smith Mary Archontakis to F. Robert Tavan Cornelia (Corey) Peabody to Anthony Victor Sroka, in Stowe, Vt. Elizabeth Pigot to Ronald Frank Smith Danielle Kraus to Dr. Michael Munzar Sherry Lunan to David Jardin Margaret Coyle to Greggs Joseph Parish, in Stittsville, Ont. Diane Matthew to Christopher Dunn Yoko Ohzeki to Akinotsu Okada, in Osaka, Japan BIRTHS 07 01 81 Teddy and Kathy Cash Akiba, a son, in New York 07 08 81 Gemot and Ellen Cash Mehnert, a son, in Wyhl, West Germany 03 03 82 Michael and Hana Ceska Sowsun, a son, in Winnipeg -- 04 82 Andrew and Alice KHnkhof f Thompson, a son, in Vancouver 04 05 82 Michael and Cynthia Nunns Cafferky, a daughter, in Vancouver 08 05 82 Ted and Barbara Tabah Veit, a son, in Morristown, N.J. 1 8 05 82 Ian and Anne Begor Lancashire, a daughter, in Toronto 29 07 82 Brian and Judy WilHams Topp, a daughter, in Toronto 09 08 82 Glen and Janet Chandler AUingham, a son, in Toronto 1 1 08 82 Guy and Andrea Whittaker Thibaudeau, a son, in Montreal 03 10 82 Jason and Patricia Roth-Kyritzopoulos, a daughter, in Ottawa 04 10 82 Randy and Maureen Burns Hall, a daughter, in Calgary 03 1 2 82 Peter and Diane Madill McLernon, a daughter, in Toronto 30 12 82 Richard and Lesley Harris Bercuson, a son, in Montreal DEATHS On June 5, 1982, in Montreal, Mrs. William O. Sharp (EHzabeth Stanway), Class 1928. On June 15, 1982, in Montreal, Mrs. Roy McLernon (Phyllis Morrisey), Past Student 1926-1931. On June 17, 1982, in Montreal, Isabelle Eakin, Class of 1922. On October 1, 1982, in West Vancouver, Mrs. Neill S. McKechnie (Elizabeth Cameron), Class of 1931. In October, 1982, in Montreal, Mrs. Frances Thompson Kennedy, Class of 1917. On January 25, 1983, in Montreal, Mrs. George Mitchell (Cicely Jack), Past Student 1930-1933. 0 ffAAwiifA ciciss Aifecifjfy ALTENHAUS, Sabina, 7915 Cote St. Luc Rd., Apt. 706, Montreal, H4W 1R4 ALTOMONTE, Paola, 5995 de Belief euille, St. Leonard, HIS 1B9 BACHYNSKl, Jane, 78Thurlow Rd., Montreal, H3X 3G9 BESSO, Claudia, 3787 Cote des Neiges Rd., Apt. 405, Montreal, H3H 1 V9 BHARGAVA, Nandni, 39 John White St., Kirkland, H9J 1L4 BLUNDELL, Catherine, 4340 Montrose Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2A9 BOBULA, Jill, 203 Viau, Chateauguay, J6K 2M4 BOIVIN, Nancy. 245 Markham Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 2B9 CAPELLl, Nadia, 2750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 CARR, Denise, 70 Canterbury Ave., DoUard des Ormeaux, H9B 2G6 CASSAR, Chantal, 1227 Sherbrooke St. W., Apt. 104, Montreal, H3G IGl DESPEIGNES, Antonine, 146 Denonville Ave. , Chomedy, H7W 2M9 DRUMM, Annemarie, 4998 de Maisonneuve W., Apt. 822, Montreal, H3Z 1N2 DUMOULIN, Natalie, 2010Melba, St. Bruno, J3V 3S1 FEDER, Michelle. 64 Sunnyside Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1C2 FELDMAN, Emily. 2031 Grey Ave.. Montreal, H4A 3N3 FLETCHER, Nancy, 239Percival Ave., Montreal West. H4X 1T8 FRANCESCUTTI. Janina. 98 Campbell South. Mont St. Hilaire, J3H 3T5 GRANT. Suzanne, 4925 Ponsard. Montreal. H3W 2A6 HAGGERTY, Melissa. 430 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2T5 HEINTZMAN, Patricia. 1475 Caledonia Rd., Montreal, H3R 2W2 JAKUBOVIC, Valerie, 4255 Jean Brillant, Montreal, H3T 1P2 KIRBY, Vania, 3455 Stanley St., Apt. 308, Montreal, H3A 1S3 KOTLER, Liane. 4347 Old Orchard Ave.. Montreal. H4A 3B5 LEITH, Stephanie, 885-38th Ave., Lachine, H8T 2C4 LESSARD. Marie, 430 Alexandra Ave., St. Lambert, J4R 1Z5 LYMER, Jennifer, 109 Hawthorne Dr., Bale d ' Urfe, H9X 2L3 MACLACHLAN. Anna, 561 Argyle Ave., Montreal, H3Y 3B8 MARTIN, Olga, 5955 Veronique St., Brossard, J4W 1G6 MCLAREN, Jane, 608 Victoria Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2R9 MERCER, Alison, 3805 Old Orchard Ave.. Montreal. H4A 3A9 MOSHER, AisHnn, 9 Burton Ave., Montreal, H3Z 1J6 OGILVY, Jane, 4524 King Edward Ave., Montreal, H4B 2H7 PATTON, Janice, Box 492, Caughnawaga, JOL IBO PFEFFER, Amanda, 2424 Park Row West, Montreal, H4B 2G6 PINSKY, Karen, 430 Kindersley Ave., Montreal. H3R 1S2 PRATT, Katherine, 245 de Lorraine, St. Lambert. J4S IRl RISK, Stephani, 36 Rugby PL, Montreal West, H4X 1C4 ROBERTS, Annamarie, 201 Chamonix St., St. Adele, JOR ILO ROBSON, Karen, 122 Simcoe Ave.. Montreal. H3P 1W5 RUTHERFORD, Nicola, 672 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2T9 SAPUTO, Patricia, 215 Les Erables. Laval Sur Le Lac, H7R 1 A3 SASARMAN, Sanda, 5883 Coolbrook Ave., Montreal, H3X 2M5 SCHMIDT, Gisela, 12 Harmony Dr., Kirkland, H9J 2H9 STERBENK, Tanya, 7 Fairfield Cres., Montreal West, H4X 1R5 TENENHOUSE, Ruth, 399 Clarke Ave., Apt. 7A, Montreal, H3Z 2E7 UDOM, Anja, 3875 Plamondon, Apt. 11, Montreal, H3S 1L8 WEDGE, Roberta, 4800 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Apt. 104, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 ZELIGER. Andie, 5029 Ponsard Ave., Montreal, H3W 2A6 ZUKOW, Elizabeth, 31 de Casson Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2G9 M.A.S.H. Italian soccer victory Karen Carpenter PayT.V. Prince William, Koo Stark and Andy Tennessee Williams Breshnev Glen Gould E.T. Grace Kelly Ingrid Bergman Henry Fonda Gandhi . Winds of War ■ ' ' Guardian Angels Teachers ' strike Queen ' s nocturnal visitor Barney Clark Home computers Edmonton-Grey Cup Marvin Gaye Bill 111 Anti-Nuke Garfield Bye-ByeDoonesbury The Winter That Wasn ' t Val Talk (Per Sure) Hershel Walker Bye Bjorn Borg Dynasty, Falcon Crest Time Sharing Real Men Don ' t Eat Quiche Klaus Barbie Marilyn Monroe Mount Everest Cats Constitution P.C. Leadership Convention Tylenol murders World ' s Fair-Knoxville AMT CXAPHi

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