Trafalgar School - Echoes Yearbook (Montreal, Quebec Canada)

 - Class of 1981

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TRAFALGAR ECHOES 1981 A J TRAFALGAR 34 95 Simpson H3G-2J7 editorial fir, to er 9re Sri rsfj ' tes Of 4 sytjj rjy J ' e. ose ' ' Out;. Of nib, ' rs the orl Of ' re. ' Jug 4, b, lOf] ye. -njoyf ' rh 3t ' " " Oku Of ' ' OIL to principal ' s message An important goal of Trafalgar is the preparation of its students for the increasingly active role women are playing, and will continue to play, in the modern world. We at the School are meeting the challenges of achieving this goal in many ways. Besides giving our students a sound academic education and simultaneously inculcating in them a respect for high standards of performance, we give them the opportunity to develop non-academic skills necessary for their future success. The production of a school publication requires many such skills. Decision-making, teamwork and imagination,- as well as a great deal of time and hard work, have gone into the preparation of the yearbook. I congratulate all the staff, the contributors and their advisor, Miss McColl, on the high quality their efforts have produced in the 1 980-8 1 edition of Trafalgar ' s ECHOES. Janette Doupe Principal 3 4 Echoes Staff BACK ROW: Jennifer Day, Copy Editor; Lori-Ann Senecal, Activities Editor; Jennie Kwo, Copy Editor; Grace Kihmm, Clubs Editor; Josee Alessi, Advertising. MIDDLE ROW: Nancy Echenberg, Clubs; Caroline Cullen, Sports; Adele Marshall, Advertising; Diana LeBlanc, Sports; Barbie Outerbridge, Art and Literature Editor; Cathy Wong, Photography; Miss McCoU, Yearbook Advisor. FRONT ROW: Grace Kurdyla, Sports Editor; Susan Neapole, Photography; Randee Baron, Editor; Kate Wilson, Editor; Jennifer Roman, Sports Editor; Margie Hope, Photography Editor; Sarah Russel, .Advertising Editor. S5 . IhVjfVf j s _ v:irac . STAFF BACK ROW: Mrs. Henophy, Biology; Mme. Larivere, French; Miss Layton, Phys. Ed., Senora de Gonzalez, Spanish; Miss den Hertog, Art; Mrs. RolHns, English; Mrs. Nicolaidis, Math; Mrs. Gendron, English; Mme. Ruscio, French. MIDDLE ROW: Mme. Paglia, French; Mrs. Burck, Librarian; Mrs. Forbes, Physics-Chemistry-Math; Miss Boislard, Math-Physics; Mrs. Wightman, History; Mile, Libero, French; Miss Purden, Geography-Math. FRONT ROW: Miss Armbruster, Latin- Economics-Computer Science-Ancient History; Miss McColl, English; Mrs. Ritson, History; Mrs. Doupe, Math; Miss Moll, English; Mrs. Kalisky, Science-Math. OFFICE STAFF: Miss Brooks, Principal ' s Secretary; Mrs. Panet-Raymond, Bursar; Mrs. Tolmie, Bursar ' s Secretary. GRADS KATE WILSON " MONTY " VB ' 78- ' 81 GUMMING HEAD GIRL " Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, All you gotta do is call. And I ' ll be there, yes I will. You ' ve got a friend. " -Carole King Cherished Memories: Skiing with CO., Miss L. Miss d.H J.A., E.H., CO h owdy partner w B.S. ... Stratford .. you bet ... donuts w J.C ... d.H. ' s Rabbit ... personally ... ... Echoes deadhnes ... bumblebee ... Bermuda!?! ... tuck ... chem. w A.H., M.D., K.G., and licorice ... plays ... French orals ... c.c. soaps ... North Bay ... ' 78 math w J. A. ... out on the town ... art (handcuffs) ... Kingstonw CO., K.R. ... ' 80- ' 8I lunch table ... eyetwitchers ... oops!! ... pig out! ... I ' m a lumberjack. ... Thanks to Mom and Dad, Traf students and staff for 3 great years. So long! . . lights ... on the high seas ketchup w G.K. ... spare! pizza w football, orbs ... Chipper ... egg salad sandwiches BRONWYN SPOTTON VA ' 78- ' 81 GUMMING SUB-HEAD GIRL " We could learn to love the days Crazy actors on a stage In a vaudevillian play Leave them laughing, exit dancing In the wings. " Rhod Bannatyne " I came, I saw, I conquered but not necessarily in that order. " Steve (PahPahPah) Weaknesses: Clark Gable. Thanks to the teachers who helped me. And to my dear parents and to my sisters, Nicky and Lori, whom I love with all my heart. JACQUIE AGUAYO " JACK " " J.T. " ' 76- ' 81 VA FAIRLEY Weaknesses: Pete townshend, Mrs. H ' s egg salad, mods. The Shepherd ' s Bush Geezers. Cherished Memories: Who concert, 4-seasons w E.H. and L.H., pigging out, football, meeting Roger Daltrey, " I may be old but I ' m not boring. " blocking, fairgrounds, parkas, dumb blond, the guy with the guitar, Wakarimas, Eva, frankenswine, weekends with E.H., Stratford, skiing with a wineskin, the Clash, say hi to Roger, soap suds. I Wish I Could Forget: Tran ' s musk, E.H. heel ' s, disco, japs, grease rriongers, Damon, Graquie, Bronwyn - " ILYAIWYB " censored, grade 7, diets, the boss. " Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. " Monty Python. " I ' m free, I ' m free, and freedom tastes of reality. " The Who " I can ' t get that even tanned look on my face, ill fitting clothes and I blend in the crowd, fingers so clumsy, voice too loud, I am one. " The Who. Ed, thanks for my life. Kate, Bronwyn, etc. etc., seeya later. GABRIELLE ACHERMANN " GAB " VB ' 76- ' 8I DONALD " Sit down and listen ' cause I got news for you, t ' was in the paper today, some physician had made a discovery. This is what she had to say, she said that every result she had, backed her claiming that love ' s a longevity factor. " Unforgettables: Movies w. E.E.; St. Agathe w. E.E.; L.B. ' s parties chem labs with L.B.; flask, beaker, therm., walking down Sherbrooke; potatoe lunches; credits; trouble with Xerox; tennis w. E.E.; S.M.: history w. R; Stratford w. S.M., L.B., S.C, K.B.; phone calls to mom in spare. A warm thanks to Dad, Mom and Pierre. There is more to a question than answers And sand will slip through your hands And love is faster than lightning So grab it while you can. 10 CATHERINE BARDO " KATHY " VA •76- ' 81 BARCLAY Memories: First year jitters, putting on a tunic for the first time, getting stared at on the Metro, from HB to Guy for five years, TRAP lunches, GYM DEMs and 5 yrs. of Grand March. Art with Mrs. R. and rock music in .A.rt with Miss Denny. Carnivals, wipe outs, field day, sunburn. L ' s parties, shotguns. Restaurant paranoia, parking lot switches, crazy antics. GOOD times spent with LB, SC, SM, G . DL, EE, SC, KM, ... Florida in March ' 80, STY.X ' 79, GL. for the summer, thinking of FLAG ... Rene S. show with SC, kissing him, frog classes, breaking in Deanna ... EE, in DC. away from us nuts, toilet paper balls on the ceiling ... Stratford ' 80 ... Cramming for exams ... patiently awaiting our GRAD. Remembering spares with Mrs. B, Stanstead plus 4 ... never getting caught The thought of going to school with boys ... changing with the times ... FREE AT LAST! Ambition: To be a famous movie producer or director with worldly recognition. Probable Destiny: Directing children across the street. Thanks, MOM and DAD, love you always. To my friends, ' CIAO! " Keep in touch! R.A.NDEE BARON " RAND " VB ' 76- ' 81 DON. LD ■ " Conquering, holding, daring, venturing as we go the unknown ways. Pioneers! O pioneers! " -Walt Whitman Cherished Memories: First in G.M. - 3 years ... chem labs with CO. " The Mad Scientist " ... " burning hair " ... P.S.S.C. and chem labs that don ' t work ... Mrs. W ' s history projects ...anyone have any scissors??? OW!!! ... Ottawa, Stratford ... snappy problems, HELP!!! Mrs. Forrbes ... fights with J.D. ... " thank you girls " ... history notes and note checks ... Sweet Si.xteen ... North Bay ... look at the " HOLE " - N.C. ... spares with N.C., G.K., and A.C. ... movies with J.D. and N.C. ... mouseketeer, schoolgirl, cupid, ... J.D. asking for money after lunch - carrots ... N.C. ' s eyebrows ... Rocky 1 1 with N.C. and J.D.I?! ... stamps and ping pong. Thanks Traf for all the good times. ELVIRA BRACCI " MISS ELLIE " " LV " VA ' 79- ' 81 BARCLAY Favorite Expressions: What assignment?? OOH NO! HELP! I ' m not kidding I ' m Italian! yep yep yep. Cherished Memories: First day ' 79 ... This is Traf? double spares ... Chem labs w MM tennis ... tuck shop ... spares AND talks w K.V. and M.M. - fitness-Common Room ... 3:30 Chem with G.K. - Franfais S.U.P. Quoi? Going down the hill - stares - regulars - metro Small lockers - Gym Dem ... A. P. A.M.G. Y.A. J.C. A.C. V.F. - Thanks Thanks Mom, Dad who were always there to help me out. Thanks Traf and So Long! " Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you ' ve got. " " You ' ll still be here but your dreams may not. " -Cat Stevens- LANA BRONISZEWSKI " DAISY " VA ' 76- ' 81 BARCLAY Memories: 75-80, great friends, DM and phone calls, SB ' s small things, KM ' s wiggle, LSK Graham, GA cookies, KB apples, SC voice, EE laugh, DL stories, SM fickleness, flying, saying bye, PINK, " our movie " , commercials, silverball, bluet, Bam Bam, mush, KT, P.V.M., Al., Our Bet, breaking it, split in my pants, long distance calls, letters, bachelor, measles, D-Day, sorry, O.K. fine, presents, driving calmly, sweet ' n sour, powder ... christeniiig houses, Deanna ' s bags, falling on people, pancake, nib and ies favorite number ... 3, lending things, cutting hair. Groove me. Lay it on the Line, fixing things up for the weekend, my family, people reading TRAF backwards. Just Another Night, getting into the music, fun times with great people, learning shotguns, take your time!!! Pet Peeves: Lies and fashion shows. Special thanks to 2 great people, my parents 11 LINDA CAPPELLI " LEENDA " VB ' 76- ' 81 DONALD PREFECT Pet Peeves: I ' m not Sandra! Are you late again, Linda? Look at your hair Linda. It ' s so messy, being reminded that I only came in early enough to have attended 2 music and 4 history classes, grade 9, term II, always being late for tests. Cherished Memories: Quebec City, Stratford, Gym Dems, being mixed up w Sandra, bugging Mme. Paglia w Marie, 26 Trafites at sweet 16 sleepover, getting locked in downstairs bathroom, being followed by 2 weirdies at Alexis Nihon w Marie, dinners w L.N., going out grad partner shopping, debating tournaments w Sandra and Mrs. Wightman, trying out for all teams but never making one, trip to Europe. Favourite Sayings: Sorry! It ' s okay, I ' m so tired. Special Thanks To: Mum, Dad, Sandra, friends and staff for making me pass 5 of the most memorable years of my life at Traf. " Thanks and Ciao Traf " P.S. To the undergrads; the Vth Form locker room will soon be yours but be careful of what you say: the teachers are right next door! SANDRA CAPPELLI " SANDY " VA 1976-81 DONALD No! I ' m not Linda! I ' m Sandra! Memories: Summers ... the parking lot ... locker combination ... playing the old miller ... sis prefect ... jazz ... wearing different earrings ... free dress days ... bus strikes, ... getting cable ... spares.... the Americans versus the Canucks ... going home with Deanna ... my buddies - KB, GA, LB, DP, DL, SM, EE, ... Stratford ... 16 ... my cords ... being late ... LB ' s snoring on the couch ... nearly taped it ... taking KM to the bathroom ... G dancing in the street ... diets with Kathy ... LB ' s sex ed. class ... Kathy ' s heartbreaks ... DM ' s car ... What are all these wires? Being pea-shooted at in MacDonald ' s ... Hfting DP ' s skirt ... Carlo ' s car stuck at Steinberg ' s ... going bald ... nearly drowning! Tryouts ... never made it! ... LB ' s zipper stuck in the parking lot ... locker room rush ... Traf lunches! ... yelling at sisters ... Traf being flooded with the CappelH sisters ... breaking two windows! ... being attacked by bees ... finally leaving this school! Ringrazio i miei genitori per mi aver mandatto qui! CIAO TRAF! SARAH CARNEGIE VB ' 76- ' 81 GUMMING " Never the rose without the prick. " I don ' t know what they ' re talking about. " Hope I ' m wrong but I know. " Torn Curtain loves all ridicule. " It ' s got nothing to do with you if one can grasp it. " It ' s too too too to put a finger on. " So Where ' s the moral? Throw the rock upon the road and it breaks into pieces. " Electric guitar gets run over by a car on the highway. " Fingerprints will prove that you couldn ' t pass the test. " My senses are shot and my hands are like gloves. It ' s soon before but it ' s always new. " A series of shocks - sneakers fall apart. " They pick the sound and let it drop. " Remain in hell without despair O Urizel. " Maybe we ' re lying then you ' d better not stay AD INFINITUM I got by with a little help from my friends D.B., D.B., R.F., T.V. ... ANITA CHOPRA VA ' 76 - ' 78, ' 79 - ' 81 FAIRLEY " My skin is kind of sort of brownish, pinkish yellowish white. My eyes are greyish bluish green But I ' m told they look orange in the night. My hair is reddish blondish brown. But it ' s silver when it ' s wet. And all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet! " -where the sidewalk ends Collection of recollections: ' 46!, lunches, lifts, gossiping, Beatles (sigh) ... sprained ankles, fights, " surprise " b. party, walking home in the rain - tea - w E.S. ... A.H., London summers w G.K., ec and french, K.H. trying to teach me the piano, bus stop walks, chem labs, oolahwan ... - just knowing - always late, and of course Vth form and friends ... " And each day I learn just a little bit more, I don ' t know why, but I do know what for ... " -B. Taupin Thanks Dad and Didi 12 9 NAILA CHUGHTAl VB ' TS- ' Sl GUMMING Favorite Expressions: Ya, 1 know ... Mrs. Foorbesss!! Claim to Fame: My LAUGH Cherished Memories: PM, SC ' s wisecracks at lunch ' 78 pepper w oranges ... catching up in history notes (Mrs. R) ... lipstick erasers w LS, GK, JD ... JD ' s tunic ... studying for Mrs. F. tests! -Chem and FSSC labs ... dissecting: worm, frog, piglet, crayfish " STRAWBERRY STRIPES " at Swensen ' s w RB (I), JD ... RB ' s sweet 16, Stratford ... French w RB-RB ' s wisecracks (scissors) ... BeeGees ' 79 ... GK ' s remarks at lunch " where did you get those barrettes? " (JK) ... JD ' s carrots, handmovements by LS ... one year with Saiqua ... wear what you want days ... " 66 " bus driver ... pizza for lunch? gym dem ' s.. house plays ... DR. FU MANCHU ... Ottawa (ugh) ... PIGLET JD " quiet in the library! " ... HOUSE POINTS ... tuck shop ... Cincinnati (EID) ' 80 ... GLEN (N) ? JD ... science fairs ... Geometry (ugh) ... Phantasmagoria w JD ... guppy (GA) - THANX to MOM and DAD, staff, and friends BYE-BYE!! JENNIFER COHEN " GABBY " VB ' 80 - ' 81 BARCLAY Weak: being short, being compared to my sister, playing with my hair, sad songs. Cher. Mem.: Sleep overs, yogourt, faces w. JR, WHS 77-80, history 412, WAP 77-79, Europe 78, KK 80 w. DG, oreo cookies, ice-cream at Swensons, band trips 79, 80, clarinet lessons. New Years 80, parties w MR, LB, PK, TYG 79-81 events, LCC grad w TG, LONG talks, tritle, long distance calls, pyjama breakfast at JR ' s canoe lake w Powells, di ing at O.P., " roofs " , h and s crying w. CB, Stratford, spares, common room munchies. sweets, H.R. 317, IOC, great friends: JR, TC, JP, PS, VM, PB " You ' ve got a friend " - Carole King. I Rem: O.S.W., S.U. w TC, and many others, thanksgiving 80, sharing clothes w. TC, " avoid arguments and fights of any kind, they are always vulgar and often useless " , " take your time, think a lot, why think of everything you ' ve got for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not " -Cat Stevens Thanks Traf, for a good change, and good times. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Caroline, and all my great friends who helped me through. AMY (BOO-BOO) CREIGHTON VA ' 76- ' 81 FAIRLEY Grow up! Ell at C.H. in ' 75? Carpool (ha!) ' 79-81? P.Y ' s pool party? The S.H. grad vis Max? Plan T and D-a? M.D ' s party? people to remember: M.D, D.W, " Chuckles " and Davey and his grapes? EEEva ... " There they are! (A.S.) Steve and Britt, and of course, Mikail. Fenics with Edi ... with Lesli - Chip and Dale, Paisley, ring a bell? Ayme . . . Plasma and Lamella? The Twilight zone, D.H. in ' 78, Diana Ross and the Supremes at lunch, streptococcus,, latin, grade 9 spares,, Claime to Fame: Yeeha! And my super stunning not so blond looks ... " The Mane " Never to forget: Badminton with K,. my h ' animal - Bali Sanai, (Thank-you A.S.) The Barn Maniac ... Boutique? Bonners on Aug 4 ' 79 ... Parting shots: that - houseplay! Like, like, you know, it ' s cosmic, saying hi to M.D. Gotcha there! Shabang ... I feel wild!! Oct. 4 w.k. and E. Stratford ' 80? I ' ll never forget Surveyor Pue ... or my poetry; I hear tunder!, Saturdays at C.H. BALI SAHAI - my 15 h.h wonder horse! Hi Pie! Hog Dog! My fuzz face! Hi honey! " To say goodbye is to die a little on the inside " (Oct. 16 - Cathy) JANE CRUTCHFIELD " MISS JANE " VB ' 77- ' 81 FAIRLEY PREFECT Cherished Memories: PARTIES: M.H.L.F. sleepovers, munchout, balloon popping coffee-ho uses Royal Vale 1st day gr 8, skiing! J.R. HA! HA! Carnival - 79. nite on mt; tucking in JEN, Riding; All my luv to my horse! " Olympics " Tennis courts (SB) Florida (B.S, K.S, J.R?) Dances? V.G " Ghoul " Restaurant (S.N, O.T, D.L) " Annex " Downtown, TEACHERS: " Jane throw out that gum " - B.S and Friendship, Westmount Park School, Polaroid camera Bull chain, " Sue you know what I say ... " B.D. ' s house " Rocky horror, " All those movies, Riding Camp, First horse - Last horse, great Friendship w Sandra, pig outs w B.D, Beating up " Tout la Gang " sports, spares, B.D ' s ... partner, etc. ...etc. ... " I ' ll miss ya Traf. " It ' s been real! " I Don ' t know, but I ' ve been told, if you keep on Dancing you won ' t grow old. " -anonymous- Special thanks to my parents who supported me with their love and happiness and made these years the happiest years of my life " You ' re my everything " 13 BELINDA DALE " BINDY " GERLINDA VA ' 76- ' 81 FAIRLEY " Only the good die young ... " ' ' Honesty is such a lonely word ... " - Billy Joel. Lest I forget: MH ' s party, being JC ' s? partner! NL stealing my licorice, BS ' s party - Rocky Horror, getting ?, Lori ' s party, Kim ' s earphones! Bonnie ' s stories! Tori and Kim w diets! Florida twice w KS and AM, summers w AM, horse camp w JC, pigouts w JC after lunch, alone for week w KS, my Hermans resentment towards Liz, love for Paul, " Later baby later " , coffees houses, LL ' s PR, trying to read KS ' s writing, going to movies w AM, Westmount park w J, classes, being so protective over my cats, TG, polaroid, Hudson, going downtown w KS, AM, DD and TO, restaurant, calling JC - CC, pigouts in double spare!! Probable Destiny: Paul Micheal Glaser ' s wife! (hopefully). Pet Peeves: Kim ' s loud music, history notes!, JR ' s S?, caraway seeds, " Japs " . A special thanks to Mom and Dad who helped me through my five years at Traf. I will always be grateful. I have many memories - Bye Traf! ! JENNIFER DAY VB ' 76- ' 81 DONALD " You never know what makes some people tick until they begin to unwind. " Cherished Memories: Movies with N.C., R.B. ... N.C. ' s crazy laugh ... A trip to the mountain with N.C., A.C. ... M.D. and " brain waves " ... R.B. - Great minds think alike! (P.S. Rand - Fools seldom differ.) ... Mrs. W ' s history projects ... Chem and P.S.S.C. labs with N.C. ... Four years of French and Quebec City with M.M. ... Intellectual excursion to Man and his World - R.B. ... N.C. - the no. 1 housepoint fanatic ... " snappy problems " ... Downtown with M.D. and J.K. (M.D. ' s scream) ... R.B ' s sweet sixteen ... Trig with CO. ... Ottawa, Stratford ... Mania with N.C. ... Asking Mrs. Forbes endless questions. - Thanks for the good times, R.B., N.C, friends and teachers " I wonder what tomorrow has in mind for me, or am I even in its mind at all? Perhaps I ' ll get a chance to look ahead and see. Soon as I find myself a crystal ball. " -Styx- MARIE DESPEIGNES VB ' 79- ' 8 1 BARCLAY " I ' m a warrior and I ' m a fighter, what I fight for is my freedom " - BOB MARLEY Memories: ... FOXES with J.D., M.B., J.K. ... P.S.S.C. ' 79- ' 80 with K.W. ... STRATFORD ... eating everyone ' s lunch ... fitness ... math with MOM (A.H.) ... Going out with E.G. ... La Cage au FoUes ... Grad pictures ... Fame ... fights with P.N. ... summer ' 80 ... prayers ... weekends over at M.B. ' s ... My first houseplay ... second houseplay. Basketball try outs ... M.B. ' s sleepover ... sur- prise pictures ... T.G ' s messy hair ... brainwaves ... school lunches ... History note checks ... P.S.S.C assignments. SPECIAL PEOPLE: M.B., J.C, P.N., E.G., G.B., K.W., A.H., D.G., THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR SENDING ME HERE, I REALLY APPRECIATED IT. CECILA EMMANUS " BUTTERFLY " " SANDY " VA ' 79- ' 81 GUMMING " Don ' t cry out loud just keep it inside and learn how to hide your feelings Fly high and proud and if you should fall rem ' ember you almost had it all. Melissa Manchester Precious Memories: ST. Lucia ' s scenery ... First K with R ... camping with Mom ... K.V ' s " Are you crazy " spares - KS BD TG DT. 105 - GK ... Darwin ' s Theory photo - MH. Feb 22 Nigera ... Ballet in S.. computer s with SM ... Tropics in 79 ... M. L. Tennis ... Palm B. Ambition: SUCCESSFUL psychologist. " And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain. My friends I say it clear I state my case of which I ' m certain. I ' ve lived a life that ' s full, I ' ve travelled each and every highway but more ... much more than this I did it " MY WAY " Special thanks to Mom for choosing Traf. Thanks to Trafites esp KS and Teachers who helped in my adjustment. I ' ll remember what you taught me ... Bye Traf... 14 REINIE FOZO VA ' 77- ' 81 FAIRLEY ■i ' %e been lately thinking about my life ' s time, All the things r e done, how its been. And I can ' t help believing my own mind. Know I ' m going to hate to see it end. " - John Denver - Pet Peeve: " Renie " , " Rainy " , " Rene " , " How do you spell your name? " Unforgettables: Lunches w G.K. (The Ketchup); Houseboat summer w M.M; Math w K.R. Band w K.H; Week w P.M; Homeroom antics ' 79 w A.H; Vow of silence w K.V; Frisbee, " Use the window " ; Shower; Stratford; Skiing instructor for G.K., A.H., P.M., C ' s skiing; Track; V.B; B.B during spares; Broken school bags; Thanks to Mom, Dad, and everyone at Traf for four great years. Bye Traf. PATRICIA PURER VA ' 76- ' 81 ROSS PREFECT One door opens, future beckons with a smile. What ' s in store round life ' s ne.xt corner? Patience for a little while! Though we cannot always see the reason for what ' s waiting there. Something ' s taken, something ' s given - the scales of life w ill balance fair. anonymous Cherished Memories: skiing?! with JK, GK, LS; meat pattie - Big Mac; USGTC 79, 80; " smoking harmlessly " with SR; gymnastics; physics labs with JK; being first in grand march with RB; Miss Marvie; LS ' s " Alio cocoon! " ; grade 7 lunches with AV; Filling the computer with blab with JK; " 10 inches " ; LS ' s UGH!; JK ' s puzzled look; Mrs. Forbes ' center fuge; Jenny!; banana split before Gym Dem 80 with LS; JK ' s " Can I ask you a question? " Stratford ' 80?; surprise parties; House Plays ' 80; VICTORIA GORDON " TORI " " TO-TO " VB ' 76- ' 81 ROSS Ambition: Actress Probable Destiny: Being a chief ghoul Claim To Fame: Urges with K.S. in math Weaknesses: My thumb, making plans, tuck, diets, " IF " , Fights with M.H. about Miss M. Could You Imagine: Tori trying to stay on a diet? Favorite Expressions: " What a Ghoul " , " Are you serious? " , " Really " , " I, want to beat you " Unforgettables: Dances of Gr. 9, Hudson 79, Down- town with D.T, B.D, K.S, Stanstead, attacking Kim, Stratford, Polaroid camera, ski trips, failing biology, all the excellent times with L.F, K.S, B.S, J.C, J.R, K.O, B.D, J.M, D.T, common room munchies, J.M. ' s country, summer ' 80, Fitness, Diaries, the park, fights with Mom and Dad, ear- phones, parties, making S.N. go crazy! " The road is long with many a winding turn which leads us to who knows where, who knows where " Bob Goldsboro. I bet you never thought I ' d say this but special thanks to Mom and Dad for being there. Bye Traf, I ' ll miss ya! TANIS GRAVENOR " TAN-TAN " ' 78- ' 81 ROSS " Remember the time ... " New girls room, Jen ... Fool ' s cake?, Surprise party, W.H.S. - Kris and J.D., First time trying to ski, sop stories with S.C., Partners with Suds, Lib. spares, French with Sueily, " He ' s so obnoxious " , smuggling with Marg (wanna see my etchings?), Boys?, Theersty?, falling in lake St. Louis, E.M. ' s grad., Kidnapped to Bishop ' s, kidnapped again, Thanks Jen! " Quick " K.O. Crash ... (Bang), " Sweets?! " Bruises, Banff, cowbs - new outlook -, " This is very true " , art class, " Tweety ' s look alike!! " , Mondays! I would like to thank my parents, all my friends, producer, writers, director, editors, and especially Mrs. Berger. ' ' Wisdom is seldom gained without suffering. ' ' - Sir Arthur Helps. I suppose after all my long, tedious hrs. of studying I must be very wise? 15 KATY GRAY ' TOAD ' ' KATES ' VA ' 76 - ' 81 FAIRLEY The Good Times; Julie ' hot blooded ' ; coffee houses w P and CB., E.S., L.H. Grade 8 w E.S. T.E. and P.B. ' KISS ' ; The park people; S.H.S. dances and the ball w G.B.; R.G. ' s party w E.S and Anika, C.C. The friends fr E.N. plaza, Greg! St. Georges dances ' overgivet hus ' and xmas presents, ski hawks w E.S, K.S, L.S, C.R. and the keprons and chuck. Week-end at the lodge w Eva! S.H.S grad w D.M.L.C.C dance and silver lips; D.W. yellow mercedes. Being thrown in the wading pool w J.G.; P.Y. and his silent laugh. Kate ' s party; Fla, w Mom; Maine w Danny, Kate, Ted (24yrs.); Yogi fr Sweeden; Amy ' s saab; surprise party for M.D. Kanawana shorts, D.S, J.K, A.P, M.M, taboo, S.W, Jello w mature Kate, canoeing, rowing, archery, gas! Billy Joel, Gary Newman, Styx. Stanstead w E.N, S.B. skiing w Jane, watching her Mom, A.P ' s and T.A ' s parties. B.I and chocolate babies, Paget at Eva ' s, Jane Olgilvy and her " hi Jane, hi, Jane, Jane " , Quebec City, Stratford, Ottawa. Chem w Kalisky H2O fights w K.O.R.R ' s party w D.T. Talks w Kate, B.I ' s shorts. Thanks to all my friends, And thank you very much Mom and Dad, it has been an experience not to forget. Later for you! KATHERINE HALL VA ' 76 - ' 81 DONALD Activities: " The Rag " coeditor, Echoes staff, band (R.F. and C.C.), " Lizzie " and various other murders. " Wings are not only for birds; they are also for minds. " " If you can not understand my silences, how can you begin to understand my words? " " Don ' t ask me: What about tomorrow? I do not wish to answer you until today has gone. " " I may not always be right, but I am absolutely never wrong! " • Toller Cranston. Thanks to everyone who was involved in getting me through Traf . ANNE HALLEY " FANNIE " " MAD-DOG " VA ' 76 - ' 81 BARCLAY PREFECT " Happy is the person who can laugh at himself. He will never cease to be amused. - Habib Bourguiba. Ambition: Commercial Airline Pilot. Probable Destiny: Monty Python ' s Flying Circus. Pet Peeve: History notes. Locker-room crush and DISCO! Remember?: Rice puddings ... Mme. G. ' s bomb- scare ... L.T. ' s hat ' 77 ... Granny (alias ... Dawna) and home-made pizzas ... CP. and pizza at Bish ' 78 ... Quebec ' 78 ... Ottawa ... " Eel-Face " with D.S. and K.R. ... skiing (???) Tremblant ' 80 ... gr. 7 food fights w peas potatoes mixture on wall ... " Hi Annnne " ... California ... " you ' re such a card " Favourite Pastimes: chewing gum, watching good flicks on the tube. Parting Words: Thanx to all. Enjoy!!! " What a drag it is getting old. " - Rolling Stones. EMMA SAVAGE HANCOCK " E.D. " " AI INTIE EM " VA ' 77 - ' 81 BARCLAY PREFECT " Rock and Roll will never die. " - Neil Young. " Won ' t get fooled again! " -The Who. Weaknesses: Roger Daltrey, The Who, The Clash, blond hair, muscles, Mods, tacos, Sheperd ' s Bush Geezers, Harvies - all dressed. Pet Peeves: Disco, musk, Tran, JAPS, Rockers Greasers, J.A. ' s " Ego! " Je Me Souviens: May 7 ' 80, WHO Concert, electric coolaid. Mods with J. A., meeting Roger Daltrey, Kevin, diets, 4 Seasons Hotel, " Where are you from? " " Ah ... OZ. " (R.D.), meeting John, wakarimaska, " See me, feel me Say hi to Pete! " We are the mods. We are the mods. We are. We are, We are the mods! " " Can ya see the real me, can ya? " (Quadrophenia.) The Who. Thanks mom and dad for sending me to Traf. Thanks Jack for ... all. The last of the Hancocks says farewell, (until the next generation..) 16 MARGIE HOPE " MURGUY " " MARGS " VB ' 78 - ' 81 CUMMING Cherished Possessions: Conception of time and accurate memory ... Ah the summer! Maniac Memories: morning walks with C.S., old D.B! scoffing at Lykins-B, cruising w M.R., creative stashing, porching with J. P., " M.P.L.C. " , my room, melting with Suey, Apply the brake Kam! D. Discussion w Deb, smuggling w Tan, Mags and Margs inc. A goer, photography, eh? Say no more! Artistic expansion and gossip sessions. Brownie fun! Pet Peeves: Being called the pet, my Claim to Fame: " Are you chewing? " different text books for each class, jokes about the weather up here, when nobody - even my purple friend - has surprises. " Spleeeeeeeeefage - I ' m up for it! " " It ' s all right now, in fact it ' s a gas! " Rolling Stones thanx Alice " 1 am a child, I ' ll last awhile " Neil Young " Monday 1 ha e Friday on my mind " David Bowie - Suey telepathic madness strikes! I love it, it ' s all so uncalled for! Oh my God, oh my God, where ' s he going Cingy? Well the last thing I can say is I bet Admiral Nelson and the gang had more than us! LESLl-.ANN HYRST " R.AZZIE " VB ' 77 - " 81 FAIRLEY W eakness: Mick, animals tear jerkers and food. Pet Peeves: " Farrah ' s Grin " , homework and being uncomfortable. The Unforgeitables: Grade 8 vv Pancake and Pony; spares in grade 9 w Aime; Gillyping; J.S. and Sau Haus ball Grade 10; streptococcus; diets in grade 10; wall bouncing w J.A.; horsetails. Four Seasons after WHO concert; Club 281; P.J. ' s; The Jazz Bar; Bermuda?; ear- thquakes w E.H. and J. A.; St. Pat ' s day ' 79; Gym Dems; Peter ' s parties; Mareen and Mikee!; Grtchen at St. A. de B. in the pouring rain; Mishka and going away; Ceasar ' s Palace; old M.T.L. on St. Jean Baptiste; monkey man; New Year ' s Eves; Yves of Three Rivers; Roberto; singing in the rain at Tramway; Studio 55; Chris the scientist?; the chair and orange peels at K.; Sau Haus Grad; Michel Villeneuve; hectic wknds; Charles and yaah!; tapoter; writing this. " The noontide is upon us and our half waking has turned to fuller day, and we must part. " - Kahil Gibran Bve and Thanks. GRACE KIHMM VB ' 76 - ' 81 DONALD PREFECT " Year ' s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us " Memories: Reveen ' s guinea pig with M.M.: Quebec trip; U.S.G.T.C. Waah! GO FOR IT!; candy striping with A.C.; concerts w J.K. or G.K?; UGH!; gym dems; Susie Q ' s; wipe out S.S!; preppie; crazy contests with L.S.; movie reviews in English (?); houseplays: dwarf, guard, dancer, tall Trafite; " Watch my eye! " ; cracking up, pollution lectures; dolphin; Dole-Elod; ribbons!; clean room contest; " Love that song " ; Take it back; Hang Ten; Yeeah!; " Turn on the lights! " ; MCH; 1st day at Traf; friendship with E.S.; Eh? B,C,D; Parting Words: Well thassal folks! Baah! Many thanks to Mom, Dad, Helen and all my friends for 5 super years. GRACE KURDYLA " KURDY " " YOGI " VA ' 76 - ' 81 FAIRLEY Cherished Memories " : Winter Carnivals; Tremblant Feb. ' 80, Gr. 10 spares w Booboo, common room, field days at Molson Stadium, Chem labs w Booboo, BB games w Booboo, Bio w BooB. and bear on patrol, X-mas concerts, Covey Hill, M. Desl. at Orms;, C.o-w M., Jan-Dec. 26 ' 78, at Fozo ' s, Pink duster - on guard " C " , Boo and Thumper at Que. city, jogging on the boardwalk, Crescent - Limelight, Pub, Oz, downtown impulses, ... Let ' s " RROMPH " , Youppi, Swenson ' s, bribing usherettes and attendants at big 0 and Forum, Mt. Royal encounters w K, D, L ' oiseau at MSO. the telephone soap, Jock talk, J.O ' L, D. Rise, G. Datt., the LP-15-EX-27 saga, - still luv ya LP and Johnners, Gully, Trans-Am " Hello Red ... " white car notes - Leigh, Kelly Jeff, Tom, Expo Fever, Traf lunches - flying ketchup, dinners Alt. 737, and L ' Habitant, country place in Val Morin, boutiques, classes w Mrs. F. Gr. 10 was the best ... friends forever Booboo ... Thanks Traf, Mom, Dad, mes amies ... 17 JENNIE KWO " JEN " " GENEVA QUOQUE " VA BARCLAY PREFECT Unforgettables: " I ' ve loved these days " ; plinka-plinka w BK, MF: Que. City ' 77; PSSC labs w PF; gymnastics ' 77 - ' 81; USGTC ' 77 - ' 80; " You may be right, I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you ' re looking for " ; COBBLESTONE; PF ' s " Try to act normal " ; JD ' s foxes; GK ' s mellow voice; Math competitions w EH; 66 and 124 nt; Miss Marvey;! elim S; blowing up Chem lab; gravelly voice; 3 musketeers; 3-way conversations; BJ ' s concert ' 79, ' 80 w AE; " I ' m just beginning to live ' " Bee Gees ' 79 w GK; LS ' s Alio - Police; surprise parties; another house play?!; skiing w PF, GK, LS,; " Hey it ' s good to be a young man and to live the way you please. Yes a man is the king of every kingdom that he sees " ; " pats " ; banana splits; GYM DEM ' 79; Jennie? Grace?; LB ' s " What ya doing Sat. night? " ; entrance exams w KG; pinky power; Honeybun ' s stay-overs; Mrs. Forbees; " Before we end and then begin, we ' ll drink a toast to how it ' s been " ; " They say that these are not the best of times but they ' re the only times I ' ve ever known " - Billy Joel DAWN KWAWENNAWI LAZARE " DAWNBOL " " ZOO-ZOO PICKLE " VA ' 76 - ' 81 ROSS Hindsight, foresight Sometimes we ' ve got no sight at all New love, true love Sometimes we ' ve got no love at all - Garland Jeffreys Claim To Fame: Being the first " AMERINDIAN " to graduate from Traf. Memories: Mickeywalk,. Doritos with JP, Neb ' s ski lift, Emiles, Anything to be a Lazare, Northern lights and Ratz, SHOE ' 80 (Old Munich ), Sweet 16 (what a laugh!). Being tickled (it ' s okay dad), AP and Le Child, 17 birthday, Jeffrey come home! Rising water, clouds in my coffee, sharing a room with Teardrops, stories, AP eating at Rustiks, All of my love, ding-ding, lunches, tickets for Led Zep., Hide-and-go-seek, upside down, Purdy math classes, spares. You tink you ' re sumbady? " Those " days, I don ' t know, Mr. Horn being a pain, maybe baby, plus some! To Traf and Friends: Nia: wen (Thanx in Mohawk) PS - LUV YOU MOM AND DAD SUSAN McCORMACK " SUE " " SU-SU " VB ' 76 - ' 81 BARCLAY Cherished Memories: Fighting over History test w DL ' 76, morning conferences in the " J " w M, SC ' s " sweet 16 " ' 80., Selwyn House ' 80 w LB, GA, MAM, EE, English classes w EE ' 79, talking in math w LB ' 80, K ' s " Note books " w DL, computers w CE, " INCIDENTLY GIRLS! " , summer ' 80 at LB ' s, April fools in Mme. P. ' s class ' 78 CE ' s neck! House plays w KB, LB, ' 76, and ' 77, planning for Grad night! EE ' s blush! acting stupid in French w GA, trying to make the 4:10 bus w DM, fighting over " Bridges " w DM, Stratford w KB, LB, GA, SC, " What chapter are you on? " NB, " Virgie Baby! " by NB, " You got mud on your face, big disgrace! " DM, RB ' s sweet " 16 " , " Girls sit! " , " Girls stand! " , DL pushing me through the " WR ' s door, my " Superman leap! " , " Paydays! " Pet Peeves: History note checks!!! Special thanks to my mom and dad and all my friends who made this last year . . . UNFORGETTABLE. Bye Traf, it was FUN !!!??!! LIANE MENDELSOHN VB ' 77 - ' 81 GUMMING " Dreams die first but the reality of them may live on forever. " L.M. Ambitions: BA in sports, medicine, psychologist, professional runner. Probable Destinies: Opening up a massage parlor, playing with mice, modelling shoes. Nicknames: " Shrimp " , " Lian " , " Tr ooper " , " wittle weewan " , " Lee-Lee " Claim To Fame: My " Horking " cough T.E. Cherished Memories: Beating up M.M., telephone calls, milk and quik, ??? " thoughts " ???, la lune, Boomba, NG, summers at YWA ' 77 - ' 80 ' 81?, summer ' 79, 735 - 10th, weekends at the country with MM, Ottawa trip, Stratford trip and pig out at Tim Horton ' s?, Chem with Kalisky, jogging at fitness and in the rain, (Ha Ha) 21 - 5, paper airplanes, MM, driving Pg. crazy " chose " , JB load out and stay, hquid paper, Thanx Traf and all. 18 MYRIAM MUERMANS " MIMI " " MOOSE " VB ' 76 - ' 81 DONALD Si je recommencais ma ie, Je tacherais de faire mes re es encore plus grands Parce que la ie est infinimenl plus belle Et plus grande Que je ne I ' avais cru, Meme en re e. -Anonymous Cherished Memories: Grade 7 lunches - summer ' 78; walk around lake w gang- " BuU " -hide and seek vv DS - grade 9 w Mrs. P. - last exam; ceiling, larzan, " my shoe " - French w Mrs. Pg. (for 3 yrs.) - Quebec City w JD; " Calling Occupants " - house boat trip v RF and folks - friends w LM; math book on head - summer ' 80 - trip to Florida - last wk. end dance; " Babe " , JDd and JM, MM and EC - Sat. night " brmmm " - EC and French homewk. - Merci Mama, Merci Papa. Thanks to all my friends who ' ve helped me miss y ' all. PATRICIA MURRAY VA ' 76 - " 81 ROSS " To cherish we must see and fondle, and when enough ha e seen and fondled. There is no wilderness left to cherish. " - Aldo Leopold. " GROW-UP! " : 1st day w G.K.; " Three Musketeers " ; R.F. - Reinie day people; following Mrs. W. ' s orders at H.B. ' 77 (Be Rowdy! " ); Covey Hill w S.C, G.K., C.B., A.C.; L.C.C. grad ' 79 (w;S.K.); L.C.C, S.H.S., Stanstead; attacking CENTAUR by 50 ' s; tickling K.V., K.H., C.E.; CHRUNCHIEPHOBIA!?; Mice w S.C. (Bonnie and Clyde); tuck credit w A.H.; High on corn bread w S.R.; 1st skiing - Carnival ' 80 - w C ' s, G.K., A.H., C.B., R.F.; FULL MOON ' s w R.F.; April Fool ' s on Mrs. H.; Redecorating Library; Gym Dem ' 80 - Playground; Fr. Moyen class hitting the town w Miss L.; Stanstead grad ' 80 (w A.C.); Tea Parties in the common room; HOWDY!?!; tennis LV??; Anne of Green Gables Tommy; Autoharp - what ' s that??; Future Luck to all my class mates, friends, and teachers. P.AT. SUSAN NEAPOLE " FLOOZIE " " POOHEAD " VB ' 76 - ' 81 GUMMING " Monday I have Fridays on my mind. " - David Bowie Memories: Walking on the moon. Melting at Queen ' s w Margie, Field day blindness w Deb, Ginny, Murg, Old Montreal w P.B., CeeKah, Bath oils and cup-a-soup, V.B. w No. 35 and Romanchuck, The Restaurant, Graham Drugs w G.H., Bev and her parties, Sam Spam, Summers w W.T., A.T, S.C, E.W, That night in Old Mtl., Jungle Boy, Parks w D.T and a friend, festivities, Old Munich w Tan-Tan, RESTRAIN!, ETC. and stupidity, Sarah said will say, says ... Thanks to: Spam, Nebranski, Fish, Murguy, Suds, Miss Jane (you know what I say??), Tan-Tan, Tori, Kam, Kimmy, Romanchuck, Dawnbol, Bindy, Buunie, and Slauri " A nod is as good as a wink to a blind bat. " " He laughed knowingly. " - Monty Python " I am a child I ' ll last awhile. " - Neil Young. Thanks to Janet and Bob. PAGET NORMANDIN " BOBBIE " " BONES " VA ' 76 - ' 81 ROSS Memories: house plays, gym dems, drama productions, winter carnivals, gymnastics w Christine M., Bio. Dissections w SC, Mrs. W ' s history classes, walks w Eva at lunchtime, ES and her party, KG and me at N.D.G. Park, being in a cast for 2 months, sprained elbows, SC ' s beerbash at Centaur Theatre, sex-ed classes w Mrs. W, mad night ' 80, Grace Haven, July 20th ' 80, Oct. 17, 18, 19 ' 80 w Lynda P. and Amir, jogging on Sherbrooke St. on Fridays in April, Stanstead dances, football games, terror train, dedications on CKGM, double spare last on Tuesdays, H.O. w Andy B., June 18th ' 80 my graduating year, candle-lit supper and roses w Mr. C. Special People: RB, LP, AM, JW I, JW 2, JW 3, JD, AB, LC, ES, JA, KG, IC, CM, Mme. P, DK, CL, DB, Capt., left B., C. Gold, B. Wo, AW ' s kids! Thank-you Mom for sending me here. XO Thanx Traf. " I want to learn how to fly, high, oh I want to live forever ... " Pat Benator. 19 KIMOLIVER " KAM " VB ' 79 - ' 81 ROSS Memories: First day at Traf ! Columbian river, Silent screaming in history, The zoo, Knowlton w JR, JA, Owl ' s Head, Mt. Washington, Argyie party, " Start applying the brakes " . Handcuffed in metro TG! Brownies w MH, JK, Abbrevs w TG, " Stanstead blindness " . The Who, " If you ' re my friend you ' ll follow me, JR " , " Downtown " ? Old Munich " Hello ... I just woke up MP ' s party " , " Quick " , " The sun will shine tomorrow " TG, MN ' s party: dirty words, scrabble talks w TA, Lobsters and Champagne, Yacht Club, Brome Lake! encounters of the worst kind with the wrong people!, " Spleeeetage!!! " , Stratford " room 109 " w MH, TG, JR, CS., " flush! " 2 of them, right JR. " Could it be that somebody else is looking into my mind, Some other place Somewhere Some other time. " - Alan Parsons. CATHERINE OUTERBRIDGE " CATHY " " CHIP " VB ' 76 - ' 81 GUMMING PREFECT A tear is silently shed Sorrow for what is left behind Anticipating what ' s ahead Knowing that we ' ll never find Friends and times like these again. Cherished Memories: KdH ' s rabbit ... orbs! ... lights w K.W. ... Stratford ... Quebec City ' 77 ... Chem labs w R.B. ... Mrs. Forbes help! ... Mrs. W ' s history ... " thank-you girls " 1st in G.M. ... Bio ... witchies and teddybears ... ' 76 lunches ... skiing w K.W, Miss L., Miss dH. ... Animal House??? ... " sailing " ... K.W., J. A., E.H., B.S. on the town ... K.E. ... playwrites ... " 7 " or " 57 " ... chipmunk jokes ... football! ... ' 80 - ' 81 lunch table ... ski team ... Bermuda?! ... bombscare ... M.W. Hfe! ... goofing off anywhere ... Kingston ... the friends ... summers ... P.S.S.C. why? ... tunics ... laughter ... 6 in math ... field days ... R.R.S.S. bus ... M.W.C.C. ... day camp ... many more ... Thanks to parents, friends, staff! CAROLYN PO WE VB ' 77 - ' 8 1 ROSS Ambition: Medicine Probable Destiny: Failing Miss dH ' s first aid course Lest I forget: Honey on Crescent St. ... feet ... SB J and after hairdo ... shoe shopping Ormstown ' 80 ... " nicnac energy " ... " lay off " ... back row grade 8 science ... GWTW ... DLR Henry and Mildred ... after lunch laughs ... 1-2-3-4 ... Chris de Burgh ... " Football players shave their legs " ... summer ' 80 w J.S. ... grade 9 history ... wandering conversations w H.P. " Don ' t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those who are friends. " - Richard Bach. Thanks to all who made my years at Traf truly great. JENNIFER ROMAN ' ' ROMANCHUCK " (THANX TANIS ! ) VB ' 76 - ' 8 1 ROSS " Me, I ' m not stopping here. Got my own row to hoe. Just another hne in the field of time. ' ' - Neil Young. Pet Peeve: " Jennifer, where ' s your sash? " " Don ' t you have any shoes? " " Is that gum? " Un- forgettables: Tanis ' s Fits and Phobias, skiing w Jane-Carnival!, BROWNIES w MH and KO!, mountain w JC and being tucked in! riding, summer 79 and 80 TSSSC thanx Mark and Tessa ILU, long talks w Jennifer - laughter and tears, X cake w Tanis!, Grad w TG and Jen-LIMO!, Knowlton w Kim and Jill - the LONG NIGHT! saiHng w Kim - in and out of Lac St. Louis!, highway whiteout and people on the roof, yogurt faces and oreo cookies w Jen, Tanis for Christmas - AM! Stratford, summers and years of memories w Tricia (Jazz?!), Tori and the perm!, KS and KO Phobias, Breaking into PH ' s with KO, Househead?!! (HA!HA!), Mountain w SN and MH and the rescue! - too many more that don ' t fit in 82 spaces across and 15 down. Special thanx to: TG, JC, JC, KO, TV for always being there, thanx Mom and Dad, bet you never thought I ' d say that! - There is more to the picture than meets the eye - NY, bye! 20 SARAH RUSSEL VA ' 76 - ' 81 FAIRLEY Cherished Memories: Howarth ' s shorts; Lunch with C.W., P.S., L.C. (tea for four); Ottawa with N.C., R.B., J.D.; " S.T.D. " , Stanstead ' 80 - cornbread with P.M.; " J ' ai allee " ; Bank lines for tuck; " Thank-you girls " ; " please erase this board " ; pigging out at Swenson ' s with L.C; bad. with P.S.; Mrs. W. ' s blushing classes; house plays sidetracking Miss A. in double latin and economics; fitness with K.dH., D.H., J.R. bodysuits with bulges; chem with Mrs. Kalisky; " now, it ' s not difficult girls " ; " uh, Mrs. Forbes!?! " ; " left, left " ; corner of Mackay and St. Catherine with L.C, M.S.; J.T.; " Lian " and " Elvi " ; Stratford, coughing fits; G.l. Joe; " sad eyes " ; an " A " always; " test? what test!?! " ; summer ' 80; " failing " ; winter carnivals; fuzzball; sunbathing on field days; serving; low d esks, high chairs; champagne; exams!; C ' mon Fairley; " That ' s with an H and two L ' s " Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf for five great years and for being there when I needed you most! K. REN RYE " MISS RYE " " BOOBOO " VB ' 76- ' 81 BARCLAY Cherished Memories: Baseball games with " Yogi " , paper with K.H., Chem with Mrs. K., Stratford ' 80, Quebec City ' 77 with G.K. K.H., " Sammy " , chips with M.M., rides with A.H., L.P. and S.S. (cousin?!), C.E. ' s chair in math, stairs in Grade 8, K.V. ' s knuckles. " Now we must lake a hard road, a road unforseen. There lies our hope, if hope it be. " - J.R.R. Tolkien. " If you miss the train I ' m on, you will know that 1 ha e gone. " - Peter, Paul and Mary. " The time has come for me to take my bows and leave the stage, but 1 feel I ' m just beginning, there is so many things to say before I go. " Thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf. KIM SALOMON VB ' 78 - ' 81 BARCLAY I wonder what the world has in mind for me or am I in its mind at all! Lest I forget: coffee houses, dances with the gang, Hudson, BS party, carnivals w LCC Florida with JC, the park, liking JK, Stanstead, getting carried away at TG parties, a week w BD (alone), Florida w BD and AM (the best time of my life). Cinema V, behind the stacks at WL w JC, summer ' 79 w JK and TG, fitness, pig outs in spares, TG urges. Peel Street, night on my roof, Howard Johnsons shopping w BD, TG, SI, Lf party, house plays, a friendly card game w HM, ST, fv. summer w HM (Hawaii, Georgian Bay), Later baby later, Graphic, partially ceramic. Disco, The romish thumb, Champlain, " My secret " Ambition: Actress Probable Destiny: Teaching Farrah Fawcett how to smile. Special Thanks to: DT, MH, SN, BI, MM, JK, TG, KO, JR, SS - Thanks to: HM, BD, TG, SI, JC, ST, LS, RS Pet Peeves: People talking to me with my earphones on, dieting, TG mooching, dieting. Last Comment: Thanks Traf, you gave me memories which I will cherish forever. LORI ANN SENEGAL VB ' 76 - ' 81 GUMMING " Well, think back on last year. Think of some of the things you did that you should avoid doing again this year. " " Hmm, ... I really can ' t think of anything. " - G.B. Trudeau. Remember ... L-OREO, P. HAT, J-HEN, GRAPE-APE, chem labs w. GK Burning pencils, 10 inches, JK ' s puzzled look, GK ' s facial contortions, my UGH, GYMNASTICS w. CHRIS, JK, PF, GK, KG, USGTC w. banana overalls. Gym Dems 78-80, Star Wars, Super Man, Rocky 2 themes, nail and hair growing contests w. GK, and barrettes w. NC, Quebec City, Stratford ' 80, intellectual convo ' s W. JD in study, English (?) w. JD, GK, and NC, JK ' s surprise party, metroing w. PF Thanx M and Z, and friends, Au Revoir, arividerchi, salut, chow, adios, shalom, aloha, goodbye ... 21 CYNTHIA SUTHERLAND VA ' 76 - ' 81 ROSS " Me I hope that I ' m crazy. " - " Win " David Bowie. EVA ALEXANDRA SVENSTEDT " SVENSTIE " " S.S. " VA ' 76 - ' 81 DONALD " All these places had their moments, with lovers And friends I still can recall, in my life I ' ve seen them all. " - The Beatles. Cherished Memories: All my friends; CS: blue PJ ' s, smoking behind wall, JA: Gr. 7 and 8, Beatles, J. Lennon, Love ya ' , A. Chopra: marks, books, storm, Beatles, lona, GK: cats gossiping, Donald, EH: chips, mountain, Aries, Roger, KG: Gr. 10, sh, overgivethus, Fredrik, Stanstead, all bitter and sweet times, Tremblant, AC: Gr. 1 1, SH, HH, SH - Grad, Sebastian, MK, MD and DW, BI and KG, snow, MAAA, 8:10, Stones, baseball, TI: Sveedland, Tweetie, JA party. Yogi, switch wives, SLF: Stowe, All That Jazz, TG: dumb blonde (ha), classes ' 80 - ' 81, SH, ' 81 Study, DL: Jeffery! PN: 5 years at Traff! I love you all and will never forget you! " Boy! " " Little innocent Eva with the baby blue eyes! " -KS. DEBBIE TAYLOR " NEBRANSKI " VB ' 77 - ' 81 GUMMING Cherished Memories: BS ' s party, TG ' s plate licking, LP ' s party (eye contact) winter of ' 80, food fights w mz, bt, " egg sandwiches " (EF), Cinema V w KS, summer ' 80, PB ' s week of parties, Bev ' s place, Macoobery ' s Bar, " cup of soup " w SN, Old Mtl. w PB, VL, SN, AM and Co., " Are you from Lebanon? " LCC rugby games w MH, Ottawa trip, getting lost w TG, brownies w MH, KO, JR, " Purple Haze all through my mind " ... Jimi Hendrix, SP ' s w DL, JC, JR, DL ' s stories, dilemas w. MH, crazy weekends w SN (staring, chips and dip), 66 bus rides home w JC, SN, downtown w TG (relapses ' 80), Who concert w PR, JB ' s apartment (quarters) " Won ' t get fooled again. " " Are you ticklish? " " To be a rock and not to roll. " , guitar lessons w RW. Pet Peeves: History classes, disco, Traf lunches, " Right baby later " . Tori ' s beatings. Weakness: Guitar players " I don ' t need to fight to prove I ' m right, I don ' t need to be forgiven, don ' t cry, don ' t raise your eye, it ' s only teenage wastelands. - The Who. Bye " T " Thanx M and D. KIKI VAGGALIS VA ' 79 - ' 81 ROSS " To live for today, and to love for tomorrow is the wisdom of a fool. Because tomorrow is promised to no one. " - Tom Jones. Cherished Memories: Two fantastic years at M.C.H.S. followed by two educational yrs. at Traf ... good ol ' days when me, S.U, F.G, and all the rest would take off from M.C.H.S. and spend the afternoons at parks ... " Do something constructive with your work " by C.E. ... jeans in the washroom ... when S.U. got a pie in the face and fire bell rang ... in ' 76 when I rang the school fire drill ... long tel. convo ' s. Pet Peeves: English ... homework on weekends ... M.H, J. A. ... being stared at because of my uniform ... last minute surprise tests. " Don ' t go around with your head hung down, you ' ve got to hold on, you ' ve got to be strong, ' cause only the strong survive. " - Elvis Presley. 22 Prefects CATHY JENNIL PATRICIA LINDA ANNE BRONWYN KKTL JANL Grad Trip Last October, the graduating class of 1981 took a three-day trip to Stratford. While in Stratford, they attended two plays, King Lear by William Shakespeare and Long Days Journey Into Night by Eugene O ' Neill. They also toured the campus of Western University in London, Ontario and visited other interesting places. Many thanks to the chaperons. Miss Mc- CoU, Miss Armbruster, Mrs. Henophy and Mrs. Burck. UNDERGRADS BACK ROW: Elena Moshovas, Sharon Pearl, Diana Leblanc, Gail Parker, Barbie Outerbridge, Cathy Wong, Julia Sassen, Darlene Flynn, Paula Segal, Mrs. Ritson. MIDDLE ROW: Linda Hooper, Jane Webster, Chris Bush, Laurie Tough, Delia Grenville, Saiqua Waien, Joan Barnard, Brigette Altenhaus, Lydia Saputo. FRONT ROW: Diane Moquin, Adele Marshall, Helene Turcotte, Josee Alessi, Heidi Ludwick, Caroline Cullen, Hilary Ladd. ABSENT: Gisele Simpson. BACK ROW: Liz-Ann Crompton, Constance Exley, Judith MacLaren, Karen Biernaski, Louise Panet-Raymond, Natalie Wechsier, Kim Shetler, Jane Freer, Barbara McDiarmid, Miss McColl. MIDDLE ROW: Marie Wallace, Natalie Bagdadlian, Kelly Amey, Michele Ballantyne, Christine Klein, Lucie Ravenda, Laurie Bennet, Nancy Echenberg, Pippa Jones. FRONT ROW: Sandra Saserman, Christine Haubenreisser, Heather Patterson, Beth Perry, Lesley Penny, Janice Perlman, Carolyn Walsh. ABSENT: Jessica Lawrence. BACK ROW : Jasmine Borba, Gisela Schmidt, Nancy Boivin, Jane McLaren, Olga Calotychos, Lee Dumoulin, Stephanie Leith, Leigh Aspin, Vania Kirby, Janice Patton, Miss denHertog. MIDDLE ROW: Sabina Altenhaus, Claudia Besso, Paola Altomonte, Jacquie Angus, Michele Follows, Emily Feldman, Lisa Zukon, Chantal Cassar, Nandni Bhargava, Katie Pratt. FRONT ROW: Nadia Cappeli, Suzanne Grant, Anne Marie Drumm, Jane Ogilvy, Alison Mercer, Ruth Tenenhouse, Anja Udom. BACK ROW: Patricia Saputo, Cathy Blundell, Marie Lessard, Mary Turczmanowycz, Denise Carr, Karen Pinsky, Andie Zeliger, Nicola Rutherford, Melissa Haggerty, Antonine Despeignes, Miss Boislard. MIDDLE ROW: Valerie Lowe, Nancy Fletcher, Karyn Taussig, Jane Bachynski, Aislinn Mosher, Karen Mosher, Karen Robson, Michele Feder, Roberta Wedge, Stephani Risk, Cindy Bennet. FRONT ROW: Patty Heintzman, Anna Maclachlan, Anna Marie Roberts, Liane Kotler, Valerie Jakuovic, Tanya Sterbenk, Angie Mandry. BACK ROW: Savitri Manmohansingh, Mary Sweeney, Sophie Lynch-Staunton, Susan Homa, Kim Anderson, Heatiier Gold, Sue Ann Blauer, Ruth Costa, Joy Temple, Mrs. Kalisky. MIDDLE ROW: Carole Jakubovic, Heather Mitchell, Michele Petrucci, Toni Chichak, Stephanie Laberge, Janice Lemaistre, Lissa Constantine, Lise Dube, Heather Outerbridge, Tammy Lazare. FRONT ROW: Jelana Duncan, Wendy Rochester, Janice Johnson, Li-Hsien Fan, Suzette Madruga, Naomi Gordon, Laura Shiomi. ABSENT: Carolyn McCullough. BACK ROW: Patricia Willis, Nancy Welsford, Marley Guyda, Christine Gilsenan, Liane Keightley, Heidi Weigand, Dawn Wiseman, Anne Marie Desjardins, Natalie Comeau, Angela Bisset, Mrs. Nicolaidis. MIDDLE ROW: Penny Shearson, Caroline Cohen, Sarah Fletcher, Ann Osana, Alexandra Catterhill, Laura Perry, Brigid McKenna, CaroHne Cohen, Natalie Valois. FRONT ROW: Liliane Popescu, Deanna Pietramala, Jane Wilkins, Lisa Kessler, Gillian Morrison. BACK ROW: Cecile Choi, Tandi Nkiwane, Lisa Pasold Patrizia Cappeli, Michele Mani, Vivian Wang, Sarah Nash, Betty Huang, Debbie Phillips, Emma Strchan, Miss Moll. MIDDLE ROW: Beth Lawee, Jennifer Sadler, Tanya Gilmour, Alisia Grenville, Rochelle Strauss, Shaun Thompson, Alison Fernie, Vivian Sallai. FRONT ROW: Pamela Garami, Jessica Mosher, Sheryl Ludwick, Linda Kessler, Helen Daigneault, Kim Bennet, Paola Exley. ABSENT: Shana Jolin. BACK ROW: Elsy David, Jennifer Maude, Karen Osborne, Johanna Wedge, Sherri McGurnahan, Samantha Shatzy, Susan Marks, Belinda Peres, Sonia Puisin, Claudia Cianciullo, Mrs. Wightman. MIDDLE ROW: Laura Foldesi, Audrey Moore, Vanessa Zorbas, Christine Maravei, Andrea Eraser, Jill Naimer, Johanne Dinucci, Nadine Sivak, Rosella Tursi. FRONT ROW: Christina Nacos, Jacquie Schloss, Jennifer Vineberg, Deidre Grenville, Elizabeth Kurien, Christie Fuller, Geeta Suchak. ACTIVITIES FUN AT FITNESS OR HOW TO SURVIVE THE DAILY JOG. Before running - Arrive 5 to 10 minutes late. Take a long time to change . . . ' ' IH H B-imh and even longer to tie your shoes. K KKf iflk fBjjjjjjjjjjj l B ' 13 While running - There are several things you can do to break up the period of time actually spent running ... Keep pace with Anne Halley or Kim Shetler. Bend to tie a shoelace (if this is properly done it can be done twice) The unbearable cramp. Thirst. Wait for someone to catch up. Cut corners. (This has no real effect but helps you feel as though you are beating the system.) While stretching and exercising - Criticize everyone else ' s lack of movement. Stay out of Miss L ' s range of vision. Make a lot of noise but don ' t do much. Pretend not to hear the start: " What did she say? " Count situps to your own numbering system: " 1, 3, 7, 11, 14 and as you get to the end say loudly, " 30! ! " The crowning touch to this masterpiece of deception is to exclaim loudly, at the end of fitness, how good you feel and what a wonderful workout it was. N.B. These things must all be practiced with a certain amount of subtlety. G.M. J.L. j 11 I r ★ I g y m c 1 u b The gym club meets every Friday afternoon. The club consists of members who wish to practice and improve their tricks. Everyone is free to work on all apparatus at their leisure. Many thanks go to Mrs. Christine Michahelles for her time and dedication to the club. Show Me Where The Good Times Once again Traf Troupe successfully pulled off another musical. For two consecutive nights, " Show Me Where the Good Times Are " brought in full houses. The show was lively with the dancers, choir and band all adding to the entertainment. Special thanks go to Mrs. Mandigo for her time and effort in directing the play, Mrs. Forbes for the dazzling costumes. Miss Armbruster for organizing the ban d. Miss den Hertog for scenery, Mme Paglia for makeup, and the assistant directors, Cynthia Bennett and Constance Exley. =5 HOUSEAPLAYS Title: Puss in Boots Performed by: Donald First place Main Actresses: Linda Cappelli as the King, Kathy Hall as Puss, Chris Bush as Marquis, and Patrizia Cappelli as the Princess. Title: Sleeping Beauty Performed by: Barclay Fourth place Main Actresses: Karen Robson as King, Kim Solomon as Queen, and Emma Hancook as Sleeping Beauty. 40 Title: Imagination makes it Real Performed by: Cumming Fourth place Main Actresses: Barbie Outerbridge as Bunny, Heather Outerbridge as Sarah, and Sarah Fletcher as Jenny. Title: Darby O ' Gill Performed by: Fairley Third place Main Actresses: Leshe-Ann Hyrst as Darby O ' Gill, Amy Creighton as Chief Leprechaun, and Lee-Hsien Fan as Princess. Title: The Nutcracker Performed by: Ross Second place Main Actresses: Claudia Besso as Clara. On December 4th, Trafalgar held its annual history Medieval Banquet for second form students. All the girls in grade 8 dressed up as famous people in history from the 10th to the 16th century. Besides a dinner consisting of Cornish hens, and Medieval ale, serveral of the students provided entertainment. La Matelotte and L ' Agreeable were played on the recorder, and two plays about St. Becket, Elizabeth 1 and Lord Essex were performed. This year ' s guest of honor was Helen Ritson. She portrayed Princess Henrietta Maria. Mrs. Doupe did her part by saying grace in Latin. It was an enjoyable evening for all who attended, A special thanks should be given to Mrs. Wightman who organized and supervised the history banquet. In keeping with the increasing popularity of rollerskating, Trafalgar held a Rollerthon as its annual fund raising drive. On October 31st Trafalgar students, sponsor sheets in hand, spent the entire afternoon skating laps at the roller rink rented by the school. From 2:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. students from all five forms circled the rink while teachers and several students who did not wish to skate, counted laps. Despite several cases of sore muscles Monday morning, the Rollerthon was a great success. A net profit in excess of $3000.00 was earned. The Rollerthon produced the highest profii thus far, substantially more than last year ' s bazaar. While a portion of the profits will be given to the fifth form for its graduation dance, a large donation will be given to the Montreal Children ' s Hospital and several other charities. Trafalgar students have previously sponsored two Korean children. The profits raised by the Rollerthon will make the sponsoring of a third child possible. Twenty-five house points were awarded to the students in each form who raised the most money. Jane Crutchfield was the overall highest money earner. She contributed over one hundred dollars, and gained 25 house points for Fairley House. The Rollerthon was certainly an original and amusing way to spend Hallowe ' en Day. students Council M BARCLAY: Anne Halley, Jennie Kwo, Mme. Lariviere, Diana Leblanc. GUMMING: Gathy Outerbridge, Margie Hope, Mrs. Ritson, Barbie Outerbridge. DONALD: Grace Kihmm, Eva Svenstedt (absent), Mrs. Henophy, Michelle Ballantyne. FAIRLEY: Grace Kurdyla, Jane Grutchfield (absent), Mrs. Forbes, Kim Shetler. ROSS: Patricia Purer, Jennifer Roman, Miss Armbruster, Delia Grenville. 43 tutor During form periods on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, several fourth and fiftti form students have volunteered to tutor students from the lower forms. Most tutors help between one and four students with a variety of subjects, including English, math, and French. Hopefully by the year ' s end the program will have proved beneficial to the students. ABOVE: Patricia Purer. RIGHT: Jennifer Roman. BELOW: Randee Baron. 44 45 study Trafites, not involved in form activities, can get a head start on their homework during the thirty minute form period. U 1 t a r The guitar club has become very popular this year. The members meet twice a week under the supervision of Mrs. Mandigo to have fun while learning new notes and songs. Some members have played in the school band during the musical and Christmas concert. The success of the guitar club will undoubtedly continue in the years to come. 46 DEBATING ! 1 The debating club, headed and supervised by Mrs. Wightman, meets periodically to practice impromptu debating, and to organize debating teams to represent our school in regional tournaments. Trafalgar has had several students that have placed in the top ten as individual speakers. Mrs. Wightman: Head of the debating club. TUCK COMMITEE 47 THE MOUSE T R A P BY AGATHA CHRISTIE 48 As an encore performance to " Show Me Where the Goodtimes Are " , Agatha Christie ' s " The Mouse Trap " was presented. The play was divided into two acts and two scenes. The cast consisted of Molly Ralston, played by Nadine Sivak, her husband Giles Ralston, played by Barbara Outerbridge, Christopher Wren, the eccentric architect, played by SueAnn Blauer, Mrs. Boyle, a victim of murder portrayed by Emma Hancock, Mrs. Casewell, played by Randee Baron, Mr. Paravicini the foreigner alias Linda Cappelli, and finally, the two detectives known formally as Heather Mitchell and Jane Ogilvy. Many thanks go to Mrs. Forbes for her tailoring abilities, Miss den Hertog for her architecture, Mme. Paglia, Mr. Martin, Mrs. Shiomi, our entire production staff and our director Mrs. Mandigo. GYM DEM ' 80— in Last year ' s field day was held in May at Molson stadium and regardless of the painful sunburns it can be classified as a big success. The large turnout provided for a high level of competition and excitement. And anyone who managed to crawl home in the end can be called a winner. Each house was in competition for the most points. The final results were: 1. Barclay 275.5 pts. 2. Ross 259 pts. 3. Fairley 226 pts. 4. Donald 198.5 pts. 5. Gumming 125 pts. The forms too, had a relay race and the runners burned up the track. The winners of this were: 1 . Junior Sports Cup, 1 . 1 a 2. lb 2. Intermediate Sports Cup 1 . 3a 2. 3b 3. 2a 4. 2b 3 . Senior Sports Cup 1 . 5b 2. 4b 3 . 4a 4. 5a FIELD DAY ' 80 CROSS COUNTRY BACK ROW: Nancy Echenberg, Judith MacLaren, Barbie Outerbridge, Gail Parker, Paula Segal, Beth Perry, Caroline CuUen. MIDDLE ROW: Helene Daignault, Kim Bennett, Penny Shearson, Liane Mendelsohn, Jennifer Cohen, Tanis Gravenor, Margaret Hope, Katy Gray, Adele Marshall. FRONT ROW: Heather Gold. After long hours of training, grueling hard work and everlasting periods of U.S.S.R. (uninterrupted strenuous sessions of running) it all paid off with a great showings for all three of our teams. The bantams put on a great show with Heather Gold finishing thirty-sixth out of forty-nine runners. The midget category took off at a flying start and ended up with Gail Parker finishing forth in her race and qualifying for the Provincials. The juveniles had two top finishers; Margie Hope finished in eighth place, and Liane Mendelsohn finished in fourteenth place. BASKET BACK ROW: M. Petrucci, C. Nacos, G. Morrison, H. Gold, H. Weigand, Mrs. Henophy, W. Rochester. FRONT ROW: C. McCullough, J. Sadler, Miss den Hertog, J. LeMaistre, S. Thompson, D. Grenville. BALL BACK ROW: M. Hope, J. Roman, S. Neapole, N. Echenberg, M. Muermans, R. Fozo. FRONT ROW: B. Dale, K. Gray, J. Crutchfield, L. Tough, Miss Layton. LEFT TO RIGHT: Tanya Sturbenk, Sarah Carnegie, Jennifer Roman. Miss Layton, Anne Halley, Jane Crutchfield, Kim Shetler. CENTER: Mile Libero. If there was one Saturday no one would have minded coming to school on, it had to be this one! On a crisp autumn day, Traf; along with ECS, hosted a private school ' s tennis tournament. The weather was great and lots of people showed up to watch. At noon, an outdoor barbecue was held in our garden and all players munched out royally. After a really tough final round with the Study, Traf ' s top pair - Kim Shetler and Tania Sterbenk came out the winners with the Study finishing a close second. The new courts had their first workover and survived!! (which is more than can be said for all the players who went home with aching muscles to waiting and welcome baths! I). 58 Tanya Sterbenk XCOUNTRY SKIING MIDGETS AND JUVENILES, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nat Dumoulin, Claudia Besso, Beth Perry, Louise Panet-Raymond, Jessica Lawrence, Sarah Russell, Miss denHertog, Cathy Outerbridge, Leslie-Ann Hyrst, Jennifer Cohen, Christine Haubenreisser, Suzanne Grant. ABSENT: Patricia Murray. BANTAM: Janice Johnson, Heather Gold, Caroline Cohen, Sonja Chichak. BADMINTON BACK ROW: S. Carnegie A. Creighton S. Russell K. Gray L. Tough K. Shetler K. Biernaski MIDDLE ROW: G. Schmidt, N. Rutherford D. Wiseman L. Penny P. Heintzman C. Besso FRONT ROW: M. Petrucci C. McCuUough J. LeMaistre H. Weigand A. Bisset H. Gold G. Morrison 59 VOLLEY 60 BALL B. NTAM, BACK TO FRONT: Angela Bissett, Carolyn McCullough, Vivian Wang. MIDDLE ROW: Wendy Rochester, Jennifer Sadler, Heather Gold, Heidi Wiegand, Patsy Willis. BOTTOM ROW: Michele Petrucci, Miss Den Hertog, Janice LeMaistre, Gillian Morrison. This year ' s volleyball teams got off to a good start. Each team had enthusiastic players and great coaches. The teams went to many high schools around Montreal and the Juvenile team went to Toronto for an in- vitational tournament. Each team member, having attended fitness three times a week, kept in excellent shape and played to her full potential at all of the tournaments. MIDGETS, TOP ROW: Cathy Wong, Jane Ogilvy, Kim Shetler, Jane Freer, Caroline Cullen, Paula Segal, Miss Layton. BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Saputo, Nicola Rutherford, Emily Feldman, Patty Heintzman, Jane Bachynski, Gail Parker. 61 G Y M NAS TICS NOVICE: Michelle Follows, Liza Kessler, Jessica Lawrence, Audrey Moore, Louise Panet-Raymond, Katie Pratt, Penny Shearson, Heidi Weigand. INTERMEDIATE: Jennifer Cohen, Patricia Purer, Katy Gray, Grace Kihmm, Jennie Kwo, Diana LeBlanc, Gillian Morrison, Lori-Ann Senecal. ADVANCED: Ann-Marie Drumm, Laurie Tough If one should look in the gym, amongst the bars the litter of mats and be able to avoid a flying foot or two, Traf ' s ever-practising gymnasts would be seen in the disarray. After an uneventful beginning, Traf ' s gym- nastic teams had a fantastic season. All three teams, novice, intermediate, and advanced were filled with enthusiastic and capable girls. A special thanks is sent out to Christine Michelles, for without her help, the teams would never have done so well. ATHLETIC AWARDS Every year a series of athletic awards are presented to outstanding houses and forms in recognition of their admirable efforts in the field of athletics. 1. THE JUNIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD: Presented to the Junior Form with the highest ability in gymnastics: FORM IIB 2. THE SENIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD: Presented to the Senior Form with the highest ability in gymnastics: FORM IIIA 3. THE JUNIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP: Presented to the winner of the Junior Form Basketball Tournament: FORM IIA 4. THE SENIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP: Presented to the winner of the Senior Form Basketball Tournament: FORM VB 5. THE INTERHOUSE BASKETBALL CUP: BARCLAY HOUSE 6. THE INTERHOUSE VOLLEYBALL CUP: BARCLAY HOUSE 7. THE INTERHOUSE BADMINTON CUP: BARCLAY HOUSE 8. THE JUNIOR SPORTS CUP: Presented to the winner of the Junior Form Relay: FORM lA 9. THE INTERMEDIATE SPORTS CUP: Presented to the winner of the Intermediate Sports Relay: FORM llIA 10. THE SENIOR SPORTS CUP: Presented to the winner of the Senior Sports Relay: FORM VB 1 1. THE INTERHOUSE FIELD DAY CUP: Presented to the house w inning the most points at Field Day: BARCLAY HOUSE 12. THE STOCKING CUP: Presented to the form showing the best spirit and most improvement in athletics: FORM IIIA SCHOOL AWARDS 1. THE WALKER CUP: Presented to the winner of the House Drama Competition: DONALD HOUSE 2. THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP: Presented to the student earning the most house points: GILLIAN MORRISON BARCLAY HOUSE 478 points 3. THE INTERHOUSE SHIELD: Presented by Mrs. Wynne Robinson, and won by 1. BARCLAY HOUSE 2. DONALD HOUSE 3. GUMMING HOUSE 4. ROSS HOUSE 5. FAIRLEY HOUSE 7974.5 points 7394.5 points 7363 points 7185 points 7105 points 63 Girls we walk d n town and WINK! at e ery cute boy That passes BY w e giggle and smirk at sights unknown we smile at each other when nobody else could know yet when one sees another they KNOW what goes on inside it ' s our own SECRET SOCIETY known as GIRLS. H.K. Patterson IVB Ross House They come to you at night When they ' re out of sight. They invade your bed. Get inside your head And twist your dreams. The little two-eyed Meems. You toss and turn As they churn Out the ideas of your head. They invade your bed. And leave you with screams. The little two-eyed Meems. WHY? We stop and ask ourselves, " Oh why? " To us he seemed too young to die. His life had only just begun. So many things he had not done. It ' s hard for us to conceive. Even harder to believe That someone whom we love so much Could no longer be within our touch. He stops and asks himself, " Oh why? " " Do all these people for me now cry? " I never wanted all of this Only for them to have years of bliss. So dry your eyes my dear loved ones. For you ' ve lost but one of your sons. You have given me all your love. Now I take it with me to God above. I know it ' s hard for you to conceive and even harder to believe That although I ' m no longer within your touch I still love you all very much. I know that deep within your heart From this earth I ' ll never part Until the time comes for you to be Lying here right next to me. Cathy Outerbridge VB Cumming House SOMETIMES Sometimes you ' re feeling important. Sometimes your ego ' s in bloom. Sometimes you take being the best for granted. Sometimes you feel that your absence would leave an infallible hole. Just follow these simple instructions and see how they humble your soul. Take a bucket and fill it with water, put your hand in it, pull it out and the hole that is remaining is a measure of how much you ' ll be missed. You may stir up the water galore. You may splash all you want when you enter. Stop, and you will find that in no time it looks quite the same as before. The moral of this quaint example is: Do the best you can. Be proud of yourself but, remember ... There ' s no indispensable man. Anonymous IVA Ross House. 69 A MOMENT OF FRIENDSHIP As the days went by and the man grew older, he could not see well. Everyday the boy came and took him for a walk. As they walked, they would talk and the boy would describe the trees, grass, people and birds. As the days came and went, the old man sat on the porch swing. The boy still visited him and they still talked. Once again, the boy described the beauty surrounding them. One day the old man said to the boy, " I know I do not have long to live and I cannot see, but son, when you come everyday and describe everything to me I feel I can see. Thank-you for so much. " The boy could feel the tears falling down his own cheeks. " No sir, I want to thank you because you have given me a purpose in life. " As he finished speaking he noticed a single tear fall down the old man ' s cheek. He had drifted into a deep, deep sleep. Tammy Lazare Ross House LES PROBLEMES DES JEUNES U necomprend rien. 11 ne m ' ecoute pas. Qu ' est-ce qu ' il veut que je fasse ei pourquoi? Oui, je I ' aime et je sais qu ' il m ' aime, Mais il y a des problemes. Oil sont ses resolutions? 11 me commande de lui plaire, Mais il y a quelque chose en moi Qui crie ... LIBERIE! Anita Chopra VB Fairley House. NUAGE IS HER NAME Quiet and shy in a shell floating along the clouds, Nuage is her name. She is open and honest and she lives in her world gazing down at the masses of people who look up at her. Music is a part of her and she is a part of music. The openness surrounds her and she wraps it around her, for Nuage is like a dream. Anonymous VB Fairley House. THE VOYAGER He had been travelling all day, a long journey with many trials in it. His sense of direction as acute as ever, never failing him in this, his year of highest honor. The queen had sent him, a delegate or ambassador of sorts, to see what had become of the two missing scouts. The scouts were dead as he had thought, but, what he had not counted on was cannibalism. The Red Enemy was cruel, but this was unheard of. Before him stretched a great ocean, its muddy depths holding the lives of many of his comrades. Through the lush foliage he struggled, frequently saving himself from the slow clogging death of the mire that surrounded the sea. The ancient vegetation towered above him, the topmost tips swaying in the gentle breeze that stirred the air. Quietly he moved on, slowly, carefully traversing the stretch of earth that separated him from his home. His home was a fortress created by years of toil. Several generations had died before being able to see it, their final trophy of success. Hours slugged well into the night. When he had reached the desert the moon silvered the path before him. The desert was filled with boulders through which only a veteran could pass without losing his Hfe. Many were the dangers in this sea of waste. He was tired, so tired that the urge to put one foot in front of another was a mechanical reaction not associated with the brain. He needed to rest but his need for his home was greater. It was an allconsuming force, an animal instinct that drove him forward, ascending and descending the great boulders that impeded his way. Finally he reached the cliff that mSilifcd the entrance to his home - a lofty plateau nearly out of sight. He climbed as the coral dawn shattered across the fleeting night clouds. He looked upon the plateau and moved forth. The portal was open and he rejoiced at his luck, quickening his pace in his eagerness. Just as he reached the short and most perilous stretch, a mere sprint in width, the monster that ever threatened their lives came and pulled the door shut leaving him crushed to death in its wake. The rumbhng thunder issued forth from the monster forming the words. " Ants, all over the place. You ' d think it was their home. " Emma Hancock VB Barclay House La solitude absolue. L ' obscurite profonde. Le silence r gne. La terreur! Le vide! La maladie insurmontable. Les larmes involontaires Les cris de secours La stupefaction paralysee L ' etourdissement de peur. Your simple smile and hello Give me a warm glow. You take my hand, I can barely stand. Your gestures are positive. I want to learn to give The way you do. I want to say I love you! La tristesse. Anonymous Ross House Gillian Morrison Secondaire 2 Noire et silencieuse. Elle penetre un monde inconnu. Elle perce le coeur des autres et La tristess apparait et s ' eparpille. Elle se repand tout autour du monde. Que c ' est terrifiant la mott! Anne-Marie Desjardins Secondaire 2 73 Awards 1980 THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL, awarded to a Fourth Form girl for participation in school activities and academic achievement, was presented to Mary Anne Moroney. THE JANE WEDDLE TROPHY, awarded to a Fourth Form girl for courtesy, character, and academic achievement, was awarded to Kate Wilson. THE GUMMING PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct, unfailing courtesy and cheer- fullness, was presented to Monica Purer. THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct, unfailing courtesy and contribution to the life of the school, was presented to Bettina Karpel. THE GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has maintained the highest academic average throughout her final year, was presented to Susan Jany. THE FORSYTH GUP, awarded to the senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, herself friendly and helpful to all, was presented to Angela Ebsworth. THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public spirited of the senior girls, who at the same time has maintained a high standard of conduct and shown devotion to her work, was presented to Helen Kihmm. Presented by the Trafalgar Old Girl ' s Association for creative writing to Caroline Bachynski. THE J.M.V. FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Awarded to the Form I student with the highest average in her year ' s work and not presently holding a scholarship, was presented to Joy Temple. ACADEMIC PRIZES Susan Jany Jean Kwo Caroline Bachynski Kathy Camp Jody Foster Monica Purer Tracy Helm Bettina Karpel Marilyn Meikle Mary Anne Moroney Sarah Russell Jennifer Day Patricia Purer Cathy Outerbridge Adele Marshall Kim Shetler Erika Ericksen Margie Hope Chemistry, Physics History, Physics Computer Science Mathematics French Mathematics Jean E. Harvie Classics Prize French French Goldstein Medallion (Spanish) Chemistry, Economics Geometry Geometry Biology Jean E. Harvie Classics Prize Geography Spanish Art THE BRYAN PRIZE INTERHOUSE AWARDS THE SHIELD for the greatest number of points during the year: Barclay House THE WALKER CUP to the winner of the House Drama Competition: Donald House THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP to the student earning the most House Points: Gillian Morrison 74 Toga News THE CLASS OF 1980 Most of the forty-eight graduates are at CEGEPs in Quebec. Seventeen are at Marianopohs: Joanne Archontakis, Caroline Bachynski, Katherine Camp, AUce EmiU, Monica Purer, Diana Garami, Tracy Helm, Susan Jany, Bettina Karpel, Martha Legge, Marilyn Meikle, Diana Metzger, Helen Osana, Nathalie Rivard, Debbie Sail, Elizabeth Schwenk and Laurie Shetler. Eight are at Champlain Regional College: Jody Foster, Dominique Guillon, Suzy Molnar, Barbara Parker and Cathy Wyatt at the Lennoxville Campus; Karen Adams and Hilary Borner at the St. Lambert Campus; and Tracie Swim at the St. Lawrence Campus in Quebec City. Lynne Biernaski, Michele Catterill, .-Angela Ebsworth, Chris Kostopoulos, Athena Paradissis and Barbara Rosenstein are at Vanier; Caroline Salmon, Virginia Saputo and Wendy Stone at Dawson; while Melanie Helpard and Heather Howatson are at Lasalle. Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton is at Jean de Brebeuf, and Nadia Wahab is at Centennial. Maren Mehnert and Sonya Rasmussen are taking Grade Twelve at Stanstead, Franka Diaz is attending Concordia University Night School, and Jo-. ' nne McKenna is taking a secretarial course. Out of province, Caroline Palmer is at Brescia College in London, Ontario, and Kara Spence is in Grade Thirteen at Havergal College in Toronto. Danielle Panet-Raymond is at the University of New Brunswick. Outside the country, Helen Kihmm is at Smith College and Jean Kwo at M.I.T., bot h in Massachusetts. Carolina Macia has returned home to Columbia to attend university there. NEWS OF OTHER CLASSES 1979: Megan Borner is in First Year Communication Studies at the University of Waterloo. - Martha Hancock is in First Year CEGEP at Centennial. - Caroline Harris, although she could not complete her first year at Marianopolis because of illness, was accepted at Queen ' s last fall and awarded a Senator Frank Carrel Merit Scholarship valued at $1,450 a year, and renewable for up to four years. 1978: Christine Bardecki and Jill Samis graduated in Arts from Marianopolis in September, 1980, and Roopali Bhargava in Science. - Ana de Castro is married and living in Portugal. - Fotini Costakos graduated in Arts from Marianopolis in June, 1980, and Melanie Sheridan and Elizabeth Smeaton in Science. - Kathleen Kasirer graduated in Arts from Marianopolis in September, 1980, and entered McGill in January, taking Psychology; from September to December, she and Janet Penny worked at Banff. - Belaine Lacey graduated in Arts from Marianopolis in June, on the Dean ' s List, and entered First Year Law at McGill in September. - Martina Lis has transferred from Western to Concordia, and has also been doing some modelling for Sears. - Lynn Senecal is in First Year Psychology at Concordia. - Lori Spotton entered Concordia in September and was awarded a $3,000 scholarship for each of the three years in the course in Journalism. - Josie Stapenhorst graduated from Champlain College, Lennoxville, and was the winner of the Grace Fairley Trafalgar Scholarship for admission into First Year McGill for 1980-1981. - Julia Tilden graduated from Marianopolis last June, on the Dean ' s List and Honour Roll, and was awarded a $3,500 scholarship for entrance to Queen ' s last September. 1977: Sheryl Beadle is in Second Year Commerce at Queen ' s. - Heidi Borner is in First Year Nursing at Western; she is engaged to Ian Kerr, of Toronto, and plans a July wedding. - Lesley Heuser is taking Fine Arts and Design at Concordia. - Andrea Jones is in First Year Nursing at McGill. - Kathy Kredl and her partner last July won the Quebec Ladies ' Four-Ball Championship at the Lachute Golf Club. Kathy, now in her third year at Queen ' s, was, in 1979, ranked Canada ' s fifth best junior golf player. - Anthea Liontos graduated in Arts from Marianopolis in January, 1980. - Wendy Moore is in Second Year Education at McGill, specializing in Mathematics and Special Education. - Robin Reid received her B.A. in Economics from the University of Waterloo in December, 1980. 1976: Andrea Baron received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College in May, 1980. - Susan Cameron is in her final year of B.A. Honours in Drama at Bishop ' s. - Joanne Cook is at Guelph University. - Pam Cook is an assistant buyer at Ogilvy ' s. - Ali Cravero is at King ' s College, London University, majoring in French, with Middle English and Renaissance Literature as a subsidiary. - Kathleen Furlotte became engaged last June. - Mimi Judah is in Fourth Year Physical Education at U.N.B. - Janet Lewis is in her final year of a four-year B.A. course at the University of Toronto: Specialist in International Relations, with a minor in Economics. She is also External Commissioner on the Students ' Administrative Council, in charge of relations with the different levels of government, other universities, the Ontario Federation of Students, and the National Union of Students; she is a member of the national executive of the National Union. - Christina MacFarlane is in her third year at Edinburgh University, taking the M.A. Honours course in English Literature and Language and specializing in the Victorian era. - Susan Senecal is in Third Year Biology at McGill. - Caren Weinstein last spring received her B.A. in French and History from Russell Sage College, Troy, N.Y., and in the fall started an M.A. in Technical Theatre at the State University of New York in Albany. 1975: Mary Archontakis received her B.A. from McGill last June. - Sandra Burchell last June received her B. Com. from McGill. - Margot Judah Vruwink is working in her father ' s insurance business. - Marg Pigot received her B.A. in May from Bishop ' s ,with a major in Geography and a minor in Social Sciences. She was one mark behind the top graduate! - Winnie Tse received her B.A. from McGill in June, 1979, with First Class Honours in Sociology; she is now in Second Year Law at the University of Toronto. - Joanne Turcotte, who received her B. Sc. in Physical Therapy from McGill last May, completed her postgraduate internship at the Montreal General Hospital in September, and is now working as a full-time physiotherapist at L ' Hopital St-Joseph de Beauceville-Ouest. 1974: Perry Black is the owner of " Chez Perrier " on Mackay Street. - Margaret Coyle has received her B. Sc.(Agr.) from the University of Alberta, and is now living in Winnipeg, working for Cargill in the pork industry. - Wendy Verrier graduated from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London last spring, and plans to work for a few years before going on to postgraduate work at the Slade or the Royal Academy. - Ida Zielinski graduated from Concordia last June in Fine Arts, Magna cum Laude, and is going into Computer Graphics. 1973: Jane Housden received her Bachelor in Design from the University of Saskatchewan, Regina, last May. - Judy Hyde is working as a control analyst at C.I.L. Inc. in Toronto, and has completed the first year of the R.I. A. programme. - Deborah Perlin received her B.A. from McGill in June, 1978, with First Class Honours in English Literature. Last May, she received her M.A. in Journalism from Western, and was hoping for a job in radio or T. V. 1972: Maureen Burns is niarried and living in Calgary. - Vicki Davis has almost completed her Master ' s degree in Medical Sciences at McMaster University, working in the area of reproduction, specifically on ovulation. She is now applying for Medicine at several universities; if not accepted next fall, she plans to get her Ph. D. and then re-apply. - Susan Fulton is engaged to Murray William Taylor. - Brenda Kaine has graduated in Law from Queen ' s. - Debbie Kraus is in the Faculty of Law at Osgoode Hall, University of Toronto. - Mimi Layton is teaching. - Stephanie Paterson is working for Canada Life Insurance of Toronto. 1971: Vivien Law received her Ph.D. from Cambridge in October, 1979. At the end of her Fellowship at Jesus College, she was appointed Senior Research Fellow in Modern and Medieval Languages at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, from Oct.l, 1980. She is also writing a book on how the Anglo-Saxons and Irish learnt Latin, and, for relaxation, has taken a three- week crash course in Russian! - Lee Sullivan is working towards her M.A. in Canadian Literature at the University of Sherbrooke. PAST STUDENTS: Gill Reid (IlIA ' 77) is in Second Year Social Sciences at Champlain College, Lennoxville. - Susana Torrents (Upper II ' 75) graduated last July from the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Woldingham, England, winning the prize for Spanish. She was accepted by Southampton University, and by King ' s College and University College of London University, but decided to try her Oxford entrance examinations. University College is holding her place, in case she doesn ' t make it to Oxford. - Renee Bates (IIIB ' 72) has joined the Montreal office sales team of TV GUIDE INC. She is a National Account Manager with responsibility for national advertising sales for TV Guide and Canadian Living magazines. - Janet McCuaig (VA ' 72) is in her final year B. Sc. in Zoology at Western. MARRIAGES 20 05 78 Margot Judah to Tim Vruwink 09 06 79 Catherine Howard to Michael John Brault, in Foster, Que. - - 11 79 Claire Marshall Boardman to Stanley Mitchell, in Seattle, Wash. 29 03 80 Deirdre Crutchlow to James Eric Weightman 14 06 80 Kathi Milnes to Timothy Ross, in Lachute, Que. 19 06 80 Lynda Trenholme to Maurice M. Moors - - 07 80 Georgina (Dodie) Blaylock to J . Andrew Macfarlane 08 08 80 Lesley Harris to Richard Keith Bercuson 16 08 80 Major Sherry Daws-Knowles Goodridge to Major Norman Frederick Richardson, in Halifax, N.S. 23 08 80 Julie Lefebvre to Jerry Preziuso - - 08 80 Louisa Crooks to Christopher Noel Teron 15 09 80 Heather Robinson to Guy Lecomte, in Warwick, Bermuda BIRTHS 07 10 78 Mr. and Mrs. T. Vruwink (Margot Judah), a daughter 19 03 80 Mr. and Mrs. D. Thompson (Dr. Alice KlinkhofO, a daughter, in Edmonton 02 04 80 Mr. and Mrs. W. Scofield (Wendy Gilker), a daughter 03 04 80 Mr. and Mrs. G. Deros (Christine Okuda), a daughter 06 05 80 Mr. and Mrs. J. Dowie (Clare Connor), a son 07 05 80 Mr. and Mrs. W. Lindsay (Jennifer Macfarlane), a daughter 16 05 80 Mr. and Mrs. M. Somma (Cathie Tombs), a son 19 05 80 Mr. and Mrs. C. Baumberg (Deborah Spafford), a son, in Vancouver 05 06 80 Mr. and Mrs. B. Pearce (Colleen Heffernan), a son 12 06 80 Mr. and Mrs. J. Tonkin (Wendy Fyshe), a daughter 16 06 80 Dr. and Mrs. A. Kolokotsas (Chris-Ann Nakis), a daughter 23 07 80 Mr. and Mrs. D. Fletcher (Bonnie Love), a daughter 15 08 80 Mr. and Mrs. H. Olders (Cicely Ann Arundel-Evans), a daughter 14 09 80 Mr. and Mrs. S. Cox (Hanna Deutschenschmied), a daughter, in Toronto 12 1 1 80 Mr. and Mrs. H. Katz (Yvonne Karijo), a daughter, in Edmonton 1 7 11 80 Mr. and Mrs. G . Coupland (Norma Wathey), a daughter 20 11 80 Mr. and Mrs. W. Foster (Joan Dickison), a daughter 29 01 81 Mr. and Mrs. A. Sevigny (Laurie Delamater), a daughter 04 02 81 Deborah West and W. Bentley, a son, in Toronto 07 02 81 Mr. and Mrs. R. Barrett (Nancy LaVigne), a son DEATHS On March 31, 1980, in Quebec City, Alison May Addle, Past Student 1929-193 1 On April 8, 1980, in Ottawa, Mrs. James E. Finnie (Elinor Matthews), Class of 1940 On May 16, 1980, in Montreal, Mrs. Allan T. Matthews (Claire Hodges), Past Student 1935-1938 On October 11, 1980, in Montreal, Mrs. James E. Gardner (Patricia Mitchell), Class of 1932 On December 1, 1980, in Quebec City, Mrs. Diana Ardagh Elias, Class of 1957 On January 1, 1981, in Montreal, Mrs. Louis C. Drummond (Margaret Robertson), Class of 1921 On January 3, 1981, in Montreal, Leslie Clare Hamilton, Class of 1933 On January 20, 1981, in Montreal, Mrs. Arthur K. Glassford (Norah Sullivan), Class of 1925 On February 1, 1981 in Montreal, Mrs. Hugh A. Jones (Wendy Child), Class of 1950 Directory A Achermann, Gabrielle, 5595 Place Vendome, Brossard, J4W 1B6 Aguayo, Jacquie, 648 Belmont Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2W2 Alessi Josee, 890 Guilbault, Longueuil, J4H 2V6 Altenhaus, Brigitte, 7915 Cote St. Luc Rd., No. 706, Montreal, H4W 1R4 Altenhaus, Sabina, 7915 Cote St. Luc, Rd., No. 706, Montreal, H4W 1R4 Altomonte, Paola, 5995 DeBellefeuille, St. Leonard, HIS 1B9 Amey, Kelly, 309 Brock Ave., Montreal, H4X 2G4 Anderson, Kim, 172 Bedbrook Ave., Montreal, H4X 1R9 Angus, Jacquie, 43 1 2 Montrose Ave. , Montreal, H3Y2A7 Aspin, Leigh, 111 Irvine Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2K3 B Bachynski, Jane, 78 Thurlow Rd., Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Baghdadlian, Natalie, 4000 de Maisonneuve Blvd., No. 1802, Montreal, H3Z 1J9 Ballantyne, Michele, 420 Aberlard No. 2B, Nuns ' Island, H3E 1B5 Bardo, Kathy, 7769 Baldwin Ave., Ville D ' Anjou, H1K3E1 Barnard, Joan, 147 St. John ' s Blvd., Pointe Claire, H9S 4Z2 Baron, Randee, 1 1 Braeside Place, Montreal, H3Y 3E8 Bennett, Cynthia, 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Box 233, Caughnawaga, JOL IBO Lazare, Tammy, P.O. 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QPOIZEI I 9. B A 9 ?2 S A CA - e £ J 85 Compliments of Compliments of MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. W. OSBORNE DUANE W. FREER AND FAMILY 3€ PERRY PRINTING LIMITED BROCHURES • CATALOGUES • ANNUAL REPORTS PERIODICALS • MANUALS • PRICE LISTS • CALENDARS • POSTERS CONCEPT DESIGN • COPY WRITING TRANSLATION SERVICES 1061 ST. ALEXANDRE STREET, MONTREAL, CANADA H2Z IPS PHONE: (514) 866 8651 DR. AND MRS. LEONARD PINSKY Compliments of MR. AND MRS. FRANK SAPUTO AND FAMILY Compliments of G.W. FULLER ASSOCIATES LTD. TECHNICAL ADVISORY SERVICES TO THE FOOD INDUSTRY 86 Best of Luck Compliments of MR. AND MRS. STEVE S. CALOTYCHOS AND FAMILY Compliments of RAVENDA INC. Huile a Chauffage Fuel Oil 210 Est, Rue Guizot Montreal, Quebec H2P 1M2 384-7454 Greetings To " TRAP " Students, Teachers and Parents and Good Wishes to Each and Every 1981 Graduate from THE CHURCH OF ST. ANDREW AND ST. PAUL Sherbrooke Street West at Redpath Montreal, Quebec 87 Compliments of THE PROCOM GROUP Suite 104, 1645 de Maisonneuve W. IVIontreal, Quebec H3H 2N3 (514) 935-2588 LAURIE BENNETT REALTIES LTD. Residential and Investment Sales Property Management Mortages Rentals 937-3231 Member of Montreal Real Estate Board AE.LePAGE The name friends (QUEBEC) INC. BROKER recommend KATHI OLIVER COMMERCIAL LEASING 842-5011 INC. FASHION IMPORTS MONTREAL H2N 2C9 225 CHABANEL W.. SUITE SOS (sm) 387-6446 TELEX; 05-B25748 LEON BLAUER President TORONTO MSJ 2L4 65 HARBOUR SQ.. SUITE 702 (416) 366-3245 TOGA Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes for Continued Success to The Grads of ' 81 1 Compliments of ITALO CAPPELLI y VV 1 M AT 1 N C ■ Impnmeurs et iithograpnes — Printers and lithographers 4525 St-Dominique Compliments of Montreal, Que. H2T 1 T7 Tel. (514) 845-6167 MR. AND MRS. ALAN MARKS AMY AND SUSAN THREE GENERATIONS SAY THANK YOU TRAFALGAR 89 Best Wishes RICHARD AND ROY SALOMON INC REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND CONSULTANTS Congratulations to Graduates of 1981 SP ICONSEILLERS EN RESSOURCES HUMAINES BARIBEAU et de SAINT-PIERRE ASSOCIES LTEE 1 1 10 ouest, rue Sherbrooke, bureau 103, Montreal, Quebec - H3A 1G8- tel. 844-4471 Compliments of THE GIFT SERVICE B T LTD. SPECIALIZING IN COMPANY GIFTS PROMOTIONAL ITEMS INDIVIDUAL GIFTS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS 843-3374 In Honour and Appreciation of ' THE HARDWORKING STUDENTS AND STAFF " for Their Contribution to TRAFALGAR SCHOOL AND ORGANIZATIONS THE CHOPRA FAMILY 90 HOWARTH INC. Speciaiizini in .Sclioof Out OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 5:00 P.M. TELEPHONE: 861-9242 Compliments of THE LAROSE LALIBERTE, PETRUCCI PARTNERSHIP ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS Town of Mount-Royal Quebec Compliments of THE PROCOM GROUP Suite 104, 1645 de Maisonneuve W. Montreal, Quebec H3H 2N3 (514) 935-2588 MPB TECHNOLOGIES INC. P.O. Box 160 21051 North Service Road Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec ANONYMOUS DONOR Compliments of ITALO CAPPELLI VIM VT INC. impnmeurs et hthographes — Pnnters and lithographers 4525 St-Dominique Montreal, Que. H2T 1 T7 Tel. (514) 845-6167 Compliments of the PENNY FAMILY TUCK SHOP 93 The Year 1980-81 The death of John Lennon, John Bonham Who Shot J. R.? Ronald Reagan ' s clean sweep " The PreppieLook " French braids and barrettes High Tops Terry Fox - The Marathon of 1 Shogun Mount St. Helen ' s PrinceGharles and Lady Diana Gang of Four S.O.S. Italia Concerts; Billy Joel, Bruce Springs|ecn, Punk Rock Diets - Scarsdale Olympic Boycott The Yorkshire Ripper Read and Podborski Borg The Northern Magus MGM Grand fire Atlanta children Mods and Miniskirts Quadrophenia iiiice emember. . .

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