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EDITORIAL a g Z Deadlines and crises, we survived it all, though many times they drove us up a wall, to bring you this issue of Traf ' s yearbook and now here ' s your chance to take a good look. As you can see by the situation, the Grads will receive this dedication. The 1980 ' s: They ' re the first class, that is, given they all pass. We know they ' ll succeed in whatever they do for there are many careers for them to pursue. The book is filled with memories of this year which in the future, will still remain dear. And so it is time that we bid adieu and the best of luck we wish for you. PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE On October 21, 1979, Trafalgar celebrated its ninety-second birthday. This year was also the fiftieth anniversary of a landmark legal ruling in Canadian history. On October 18, 1929, the British Privy Council (then Canada ' s final court) held that women are indeed PERSONS. What is the connection between these two events? In the British North America Act, Canada ' s Constitution, women were not recognized as persons and hence could not be appointed, no matter how else qualified, to the Senate. Five women, among them the renowned Nellie McClung, fought a persistent, painstaking battle to have women recognized as persons. Finally, they won judgment from the Privy Council, and shortly thereafter Canada ' s first woman senator was named. She was Carine Wilson, a graduate of Trafalgar. I urge the graduates of 1980, the women of tomorrow, not to forget the history of the School or the many women who worked so dilegently to win rights which many women today take for granted. Because of what these, your predecessors, did, you can now concentrate fully on doing the best job and developing your skills to the maximum required in any activity, or profession, or art, that you wish. You stand to benefit greatly in personal fulfillment and happiness and your world stands equally to benefit greatly from your fully developed con- tribution within it. 3 HERE ' S THE GANG. . . 4 ECHCES STAEE FIRST ROW: Kate Wilson, A rt and Lit; Jennifer Day, Art and Lit; Marilyn Meikle, Editor; Miss Armbruster, Advertising; Miss McColl, Staff Advisor; Helen Kihmm, Editor; Mary Anne Moroney, Activities; Katharine Hall, Activities. BACK ROW: Jean Kwo, Copy Editor; Tracie Swimm, Advertising; Angela Ebsworth, Sports; Miss Tepper, Staff Advisor; Kara Spence, Sports; Joanne Archontakis, Layout; Barbara Parker, Photography. ST4rr- 9 HELEN KIHMM VA ' 75- ' 80 DONALD " It was early morning yesterday I was up before the dawn And I really have enjoyed my stay But I must be moving on. ' ' - Supertramp Never to be Forgotten: 3 black bags; threats from N.R.; II faux que; pommegranites in Rive Gauche; washing M.M. ' s mouth out w soap w K.P.; Bible sermons; Latin lunch; the Preacher from S.H.S.; Gym Dems; " Did you make that? " ; lip gloss fights w M.M.; bread and ale; vacuuming K.P. ' s house; mirrored sunglasses; frog dissection; " I ' m not speaking to her! " ; nutrition lectures; concerts w J.K.; hunting for raffle prizes; admiring the lobster; North Bay; speechless debate; meeting THE S.R.; Magic Pan; pigging out at Swenson ' s; pie in N.W. ' s face; summer ' 78; " I ' m NOT Jean! " Special thanks to my parents, friends and staff TRACY HELM VA ' 73- ' 80 FAIRLEY " Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die Even the undertaker will be sorry. " - Mark Twain Cherished Memories: Grade 10 Eng. class ... tying up the phone with R.M. ... T.S. ' s sleep-over after Animal House ... Summer ' 79 with B.D. ... a red rose ... Stanstead ... Mingo in the Metro ... up at Mont St. Bruno with J.L. ... " neutering " Caesar ... Ormstown ... white Celica ... pulling J.K. ' s sash ... A.E. ' s fantastic wink (!) ... M.H. ' s sweet ... Weaknesses: Swensen ' s ... talking English in French class ... Clint Eastwood " Wildfire " Thanks to my Mum and Dad, my teachers and my friends at Traf KAREN ADAMS DONALD ' MM ' ' T-T " " LABATTS " " S-K " ' 79- ' 80 Pet Peeve: " them " , laughs, flowered pants, lending to CIO ' B! Claim to Fame: my laugh Ambition: to lead a wild life Cherished Memories: Metis Beach ' 77- ' 78- ' 79 with: K. dLR. on the point, C.S., CP., P.H., D.P., B.P., D.D., J.L, J.A. (couse) D.J. (immigrant), Beach nights etc C.G.T.C. (days and evenings); C.S.H., K.dLR, D.D., J.E., M.B., K.B., D.B., J.M., ' 75- ' 76- ' 77- ' 78- ' 79; TRAF: D.G. (thanx), H.H.: PBY and Crea Soda, J.F. (Hairy-T) J.M., (Metis-B-B C.S., CP.), J.O ' B. and C.O ' B! (Daisy Jane and Bowie) J.G.: (Hot L.) Molson ' s Park, etc C.G.: (Sweet, DT, Nick ' s, Tea Time), J. J.? M. and D., Snoopy, MAAAAAAAH! Parting Words: Catch ya Latere, Go for it Kids ... JOANNE ARCHONTAKIS " JOJO " " YOYO " VB ' 75- ' 80 FAIRLEY " The wild and windy night that the rain washed away has left a pool of tears crying for the day, why leave me standing here, let me know the way, " - Lennon and McCartney Unforgettables: grade 7 w E. and J.F. ... Bleep Bleep Club ... Mary-Oops, I mean Joanne ... grade 8 w S.B. and L.R. ... Mrs. Tawfik ' s " Girls, don ' t invent! " ... certain weekend in Magog . . . falling off balconies . . . shut uup . . . but boss . . . picking chestnuts (?) w G.L-S ... Ste. Agathe w B.P. ... North Bay w B.B. (pmph!) ... chopped finger ... Big ' Un and Little ' Un ... phone calls galore ... chuck you pal ... where is it Gubby? ... big bums ... S.W. ' s laugh ... horoscopes ... Didi and Sandy ... kooks ... pop music ... born to rock ... I need a gong! ... Special Thanks to Mum, Dad, G.L.-S., and B.P. 12 CAROLINE DAWN BACHYNSKI VB ' 75- ' 80 BARCLAY Ambition: Independently wealthy writer Probable Destiny: Writing descriptive paragraphs for Echoes Claim to Fame: My Snoopy bag Pet Peeve: A certain nickname of mine Favorite Pastime: Patting Jennie on the head Preoccupation: Helping Mon do her English Cherished Memories: " The Cat in the Hat " ... copper-plating a leaf ... Commonwealth dinner with Miss Carpel ... logs ... PhD ' s for Mrs. D. ... flip books ... pinky luck ... jogging with J.K., M.F., S.J., and B.K. ... P.S.S.C. and Chem Study labs ... stealing rides on buses ... " Bettina, I ' m leaving now " ... BeeGees concert ... " My name is Theodore " Thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf, and to Traf for the wonderful times. English with Mrs. A . Latin lunch writing small LYNNE BIERNASKI VA ' 75- ' 80 FAIRLEY Ambition: Hotel Manager Probable Destiny: Chambermaid Claim to Fame: My body Pet Peeve: " Is that nail polish I see? " Favorite Sayings: Not even, you wish, AR, AR! Neither, Nyther, Nor Cherished Memories: Bananaman ... Elephantum ... R.S. with M.H and T.S. ... stair jumping ... Stretch up North ... common room with turtle ... Mrs. W. and vase ... Easter basket ... Miss L. and frozen polo shirt ... Summer ' 78 ... before dinner chant ... ' taters ... Pats ' party ... M.C. on beam ... Buck Wheat at Ormstown ... " When are we going to the Gaspe? " ... Tuck Shop Treats ... Chem. labs with V.S. ... Uniprixbag ... Distributivity . . . Bahamas with M.C. ... acrylic coat, ... and ... Thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf, and good luck, guys. HILARY BORNER " HIL " VB ' 72- ' 80 ROSS " Pass me the bottle, pass me the wine, open your throttle and I ' ll drive you out of your mind. Watching the waves, watching the sky, I ' m just sitting down here by the riverside, watching the world go by. " - Chris de Burgh Ambition: Computer Analyst Probable Destiny: Cleaning the computer room Pet Peeves: Mrs. F., serving, typing Cherished Memories: old school grades 4 and 5, box lunches, V.B. with CP. and J.F., skiing with W.S. and D.G., winter carnivals, Ormstown with S.R., Bio with J.F., common room, garage, detentions, the Annex with F.D., J.F., W.S., D.P.R., C.W., L.S., food fights, gym dems, Rod Stewart with J.F., CP., C.N., Chris de Burgh with C.W., W.S., D.P.R., L.S. Claim to Fame: laugh, feet, and blushing ears KATHERINE CAMP VA ' 74- ' 80 DONALD " Anyone can amass a fortune if he struggles for only that. It is he who struggles to be poor and ends up wealthy with whom we should be annoyed. " - Kehlog Albran - Unforgettables: Entrance exams with K.S. ... cliches in double Latin ... neutering Caesar ... B.B. ' s after lunch ...B.J. w K.S. and M.A.M. ... get your purses! ... BUM ... FEED THE FISH! ... the willies ... wis ' you ... lunch chant ... COMPARE ... mailbox bag ... Shirley ... racing turkey ... K.S. ' " fits " ... Footloose and fancy- free ... " boodica " ... Lynnie B. ' s luncheon ... forgotten(?) math class ... decanting ... zipper with M.L. ... studying for Tuck ... composing songs ... grapeman ... Betty and Mollica ... a new perspective in biology, eh D.S.? ... Jacques Cousteau and his " feesh " ... Catch ya later, eh Kids? 13 MICHELE CATTERILL VB ' 75- ' 80 ROSS Ambition: Hotel Manager Probable Destiny: Porter Cherished Memories: Falling off window ... Easter basket ... you want to dance (Lime)? Fooby-Roo ' s ... T ' s party at a 1000 miles a minute ... Blazer crest on tunic, HARBOUR Island with Lynnie, KARA ' s picture, KT ' s stairs, KEN WARD, isn ' t Math like mixing a martini? Y swims and MH, JT ... Lynne ' s briefcase, melonade, Animal House, BEEP BEEP MAN, PIECE OF BAR, MRS. W and vase ... " ALORS DONC " ... Lynne ' s sweet, Peter Frampton concert (ha), being first at grand march ... KRAFT crunchy, treats! Que pasa! Bonjour MADAME, F.L. FROG JUMP, YAPPY YOGI ' S aftershave, CAPTAIN COOK game, and many more. THANKS MUM AND DAD FRANKADIAZ " FREAK " VB ' 78- ' 80 CUMMING HOUSE Cherished Memories: WS locker room, Annex with WS, DP-R, HB, JF, CW, CP, basketball, not talking to anyone on team, HB fainting-spells Ormstown, food fights with HB SR JF SM WS DPR Weakness: Caramilk and Eg Pet Peeve: VS ' s jokes, homework Ambition: Computer Analyst Probable Destiny: Dusting Computers Claim to Fame: Freaking on basketball court " Of giving and sharing we learn as we live. When we give of ourselves, we truly give. We cannot change yesterday, that is quite clear, nor begin on tomorrow until it is here. So all that is left for you and for me is to make today as sweet as can be " - Anonymous - ANGELA EBSWORTH VA ' 75- ' 80 ROSS Pet Peeve: Being told I could do better Unforgettables: Falling plant on J.F.; Bleep-bleep Club; Jo- Jo pres.; eraser tag; S.O.S. pads, pinklips; hello, Bettina; attacked by J.K.; M.L. - Anchela; laughing with " Jods " ; L.S. never getting in trouble; pepperoni and green pepper in Mrs. H. ' s house (thanks); embarrassment for Mrs. L. in French; oranges in math; cribbage in chemistry; L.B. ' s bananaman; D.P.R. fangs - you lose buckwheat; Bishops bus ride; basketball; many, many car rides with Miss J.L. " Not in the clamour of the crowded streets, nor in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, but within ourselves, are victory and defeat. " - Wordsworth - " Raise a little hell " - Trooper - ALICE EMILI VA ' 79- ' 80 ROSS Petit mouton. Philippe et Michel a Paris. Je m ' en fou. Bonsoir Mademoiselle, tu veux des frites? Je serai toujours comme ca. Un jour on va se rencontrer encore. Pet Peeves: Vous etes Quebecoise? Japs. E.A.B. Disco Babies Sonia Semenic, Scott Baikie, Maria Sandy ' s, Jill Burnett, Liz Varnedoe, I love you. The sextet in Paris. Another one? Mais tu crains Philippe. Tu crains from Dum. To Gauloises, Gitanes, Drum, CRn.A, Dum. Again. The white Citroen. " Please allow me to introduce myself. I ' m a man of wealth and taste ... " Vive la France, Les Rolling Stones, et Bowie. Rona and Liz, thanks, we ' ll get by. Thanks, Mum and Dad. What ' s one more year? Paris . . . Je ne t ' oublierai jamais 14 JODY FOSTER " JODS " VB ' 75- ' 80 BARCLAY " You can ' t erase a dream. You can only wake me up. " - Frampton - " It ' s not time to make a change. Just relax and take it slowly. You ' re still young. That ' s your fault. There ' s so much you have to go through. " - Cat Stevens - Unforgettables: B.B.; wailing J. A.; Bleep bleep Club; peewee football; crush on C.F; T.H. ' s giggles; art; gym dem ' 78; " Moods " ; Frampton, diaries, locked bathroom w W.S. D.P.R; W.S locker room; " Super Creation " ; gimme, gimme (never gets); The Annexe (right F.D?); skiing w W.S., H.B., S.R.; Geog. breaks; sleeping outside for R.S. concert w C.P. C.W.; V.B warm ups w C.P., H.B.; new boots ... shoe polish w S.M., W.S.; Springsteen; V.B party; Plattsburg ' 79; blushing Mme. L.; " Dods " (right K.A?), " B.S, " the laughs ... the friends ... MONICA FURER " MOL " " MONNIE " VB ' 76- ' 80 ROSS " Life is full of gateways, A place to take the view, To leave behind our failures and face the road anew. " - David Hope - Ambition: doctor Probable Destiny: " candy-striping " all my life. Favorite Expressions: What ' s this? Mrs. Fooorrbess!! ... Well, I was going to do it on Saturday ... I ' m seriously worried ... Pet Peeves: Thursdays and logs. Cherished Memories: plinka-plinking for Anne of Green Gables with B.K. and J.K. ... carrots for recess ... Are you sure you don ' t wanna stay after school with me (S.J.) ... wait for meee ... THE pencil case ... B.B. ' s after lunch ... clumps ... the communal crib essay ... mumbling before H. tests ... writing PhD ' s for Mrs. D ... flip notebooks ... " bocabulaire " and " conbersation " ... pinky-luck ... L.B. ' s birthday luncheon DIANA GARAMI VB ' 78- ' 80 CUMMING " So if you think your life is complete confusion cause your neighbor ' s got it made just remember, that, it ' s a Grand Illusion and deep inside we ' re all the same. " - Styx - Ambition: Dietician Probable Destiny: Weight Watchers Cherished Memories: The basement ... swerving on Atwater, V.T. ' s party ... " The surprise " ... At the " A " with G.L-S, D.A., N.C., M.W. ... " The parking lot " ... Rod Stewart concert ... sleep talking ... A Nos Deux ... " In through the out door. " Well, after two years at Traf, I ' m on my way looking for bigger and better things. Thanks to the students and teachers who have made my stay at Traf as best possible. DOMINIQUE GUILLON " NIQUE " CHIREY VA ' 78- ' 80 ROSS Cherished Memories: meeting J.M, R.E, B-B; Chem classes; notes; planning for week-ends; Owl ' s head March break; M.R., " hitting the slopes! " ; Van Halen, Feb 10; cake scene; Tuck; Marie ' s apt; scout, Mazda; R.E. ' s grad, summer ' 79; even- ting; new friends; T.M.R. meeting M.S; " The Thing " ; A. J., " take 68! " ; Knowlton pub with S. Smith; country with D.P.-R. Pet Peeve: Monday mornings, crowded buses, English assignments. " School ' s out for summer, school ' s out forever. No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher ' s dirty looks. Out for summer! " - Alice Cooper - Special thanks to my parents and staff. 15 MELANIE HELPARD VA ' 69- ' 80 BARCLAY HOUSE Ambition: Advertising Executive Probable Destiny: Putting up billboards Cherished Memories: The Junior School, Miss Harvie, oxfords, drawing room ... TS party TH, LB, MC .. BERMUDA ... MAINE .. aw geez . . . Annexe CB, DH . Leo the Lion ... birthday .. hangabers ... AR, AR ... math ... neither, nyther, nor crib in Chem. with AE ... Mrs. W ' s driving skills ... Mac ' s TR and the guys ... The Cars and CB ... punk ... MW, CR, TM ... car mania . . . Fooby Roo . . . WHHS . . Lime... Roger... Hullo CB ... BYETRAF! ... " Let the good times roll ... if the illusion is real let them give you a ride, if they get thunder appeal, let them be on our side ... " - The Cars Thanks to everybody and good luck! Thanks to Mom and Traf for eleven years! MARIA LAURA HERNANDEZ VA ' 77- ' 80 DONALD HOUSE " What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose. " - Anonymous Cherished Memories: Summer ' 79, Greece and J., falling stars, make a wish .. R.M., Texas, Dallas ... going to Quebec with C. ... French classes with C. and N. .. skiing with M.R. and C. ... Jeff Beck ... The Ramones concert and Supertramp ' s ... " Don ' t be out too late, don ' t let it get too dark They tell you not to hang around and learn what life ' s about And grow up just like them - won ' t let you work it out - And you are full of doubt. Maybe I ' m mistaken expecting you to fight Or maybe I ' m just crazy, don ' t know wrong from right. " - Supertramp SUSAN JANY " SUE " VB ' 76- ' 80 FAIRLEY HOUSE " Knowledge joined to action can protect the future. " - Margaret Mead Favourite Expressions: This is Susan Jany speaking, are you eating? ... Anyway Are you staying after school today? Memories (cherished or otherwise): Feeding the fish ... studying for tuck WORKBOOK ... glasses ' case ... B.B.s after lunch ... PhD ' s for Mrs. Doupe squished reinforcements ... double Latin ... braids ... running miles ... podadoes the saga of Chinless Charlie ... prezzies ... heavy-handed History teacher ... ' Bum ' ... M.F. ' s blabbing ... messy books ... peanut butter ... footprints on Simpson pinky luck ... between 5 and 10 after! " They say life is a highway and its milestones are the years, And now and then there ' s a toll-gate where you pay your way with tears. " - Joyce Kilmer BETTINA KARPEL DONALD HOUSE " BETTY " BET ' NA " " BETS " VB ' 73- ' 80 Claim to Fame: BIG school bags Favourite Pastimes: Tapping Tracy on the shoulder; tying up the phone for Jennie; listening to Monnie mumble before History tests; patting Jennie on the head Favourite Expressions: " Mutherrr! " " let ' s compare " " It ' s totally ridiculous! " Pet Peeve: Being patted on the head by Jennie ... Identities ... logs Cherished Memories: Naming Theodore ... writing PhD ' s for Mrs. Doupe ... plinka-plinking for Anne of Green Gables ... Commonwealth dinner ... getting millions and millions of homework books ... pinky luck ... American saddle chair and fruit basket motif ... copper-plating a leaf ... J. A. asking me for a pencil ... Mrs. Forbes ' 100 miles per hour classes ... Chem Study and PSSC labs! ... Hello Angela! ... A.H. ' s shoes " The world is a circle without a beginning and nobody knows where it really ends. " - Hal David " Let the sun shine in. " - James Rado and Gerome Ragni CHRIS KOSTOPOULOS " CHRISSY " VA ' 77- ' 80 DONALD Ambition: Linguist Favorite Pastimes: Reading, swimming, ice skating, music, movies Cherished Memories: July 1, 79; Grade 10 math class with Mrs. N.; R.R.; Florida ' 77; matchmaking for T. and G.; chem class with M.M. and D.M.; Greece ' 79; red knees; Mrs. Akin; morning bus rides ' 79; Glyfada; R.S. concert; meeting L.A., T.B., andR.C. " If you search for tenderness It isn ' t hard to find You can find the love you need to live But if you look for truthfulness You might as well be blind It always seems so hard to give. " - Billy Joel Thanks to Mom and Dad JEANKWO " JEAN-BEAN " VA ' 76- ' 80 BARCLAY " I ' m just beginning to feel I ' m just beginning to give I ' m just beginning to feel I ' m just beginning to live. ' ' - Billy Joel Do you remember? Stuffing yourself at lunch; paper airplanes in art; John meeting your father; dissecting hungry frogs and retarded pigs; jogging; Anne of Green Gables; copper-plated leaf; failing Christmas exams (especially Biology, Chemistry, and Geometry); BEEGEEs ' 79; " Jean! " (Gym Dem ' 78); the Preacher from Selwyn House; the fruit-basket motif; mumbling in Math; Cato; rhyming the Houseplay; nutrition lectures at lunch; " roaming hands " ; the Pinch for A.E.; Monie ' s " Let ' s compare. " ; B.K., M.F., C.B., and S.J. writing this? Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jen for the times you ' ve given me. MARTHA LEGGE " MARF " VA ' 75 ' 79 ROSS Marf, these last years have made you famous for your short tunic and " spaghetti legs " . You have left many memories with us, such as: not being able to pronounce Angela ' s name, your self-destruction in Gym-Dem ' 77, K.D. ' s first Zipper ride w you, reading out loud in French, always phoning D.P.R. during dinner, jello eating contests (you always win!), " Zoom " (you always lose!), instructing A.E. on the art of sliding down a hill of white on a narrow fiberglass board, summer ' 79 w H.L., D.P.R. , F.P.; A.M. ' s party and victimizing you for the " glass box " . Of course, we ' ll never forget your " innocence " (you never got caught, eh?) Well, ... What else can we say except that we ' ll miss you, so we ' ll keep in touch. Her parting words: " Weekdays revolved on a sameness wheel " - Maya Angelou " May all her enemies go to hell, Noel, Noel, Noel! " - Friends GABRIELLE LYNCH-STAUNTON " GUBBY " VA ' 74 ' 80 CUMMING " A childish story take, And with a gentle hand Lay it where Childhood ' s dreams are twined In Memory ' s mystic band, Like pilgrim ' s withered wreath of flowers Plucked in a far off land. " - Lewis Carroll - Cherished Memories: March 8th, 1979 ... vaseline fights ... anywaays ... LaRonde ... Stowe ... long phone calls ... Prouts Neck ... My Lucky Days ... sleeping over at J.L. ' s ... chestnuts ... " out the In door " ... M.G.H. ... so, long, click ... nothing to lose ... parking lot. Pet Peeve: Being called Gabby. Special thanks to my parents and J.A., S.R., D.G., and Woody for making TRAF bearable. 17 CAROLINA MACIA VB ' 77- ' 80 FAIRLEY Success is failure turned inside out, The silver tint of the clouds of doubt, And you never can tell how close you are. It may be nearer when it seems afar: So stick to the fight when you ' re hardest hit. It ' s when things seem worst that you musn ' t quit! - Anonymous JOANNE McKENNA " JO " " CHIKEY " ' 72- ' 80 ROSS Cherished Memories: Meeting C.G.; AJ ' s grad; R.E. ' s yogurt; Pogo ' s; Bingo; Owl ' s Head; March break ' 79; M.S.; S.M.; Sean Mullen; " GENESIS " ; B-B; double spares; Birthday ' 79; P.G.; " DREW " ; Feb. 10 ' 79; July 21 ' 79 (A.S.); B.S. ' s parties; D.G. ' s pick-up; " True, true " baby chair; " Dirdle " ; Eric P. Pet Peeves: Mark R., Disco, rainy days, delivering flowers Friday nights Weaknesses: Tuck shop, talking in class with D.G. " There ' s an angel standing near the sun, and he ' s calling with a loud voice, This is the supper of the mighty one, the Lord of lords, King of kings has returned to lead his children, to take them to the new Jerusalem. " - from Genesis ' " Foxtrot " vlAREN MEHNERT " RENNIE " VB ' 71- ' 80 CUMMING " Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind ... " - The Beatles Cherished Memories: Summer ' 79 with KO ' s - DM and me as " The Peanut Gallery " - Latin class 78-79 (neutering Caesar) - parties with MD - going to Miss T ' s farm - English with Mrs. A. - phone conversations with MD - shampooing with KO ' s - S, my God ... - " Strawberry Stripes " at Swensen ' s with TH - talks with CVH - letters to from MD - PC as " coach " - LC and surfboard - notes to from DM, CVH, KP - " Chrisee " - Florida with JS, JR, SB - " Smarties " - postulation in math class - " blue moon " - Mrs. T and " Don ' t Invent ' . Weaknesses: K ' s ears and orange boat, STYX, Steve Martin, the Beatles, ice cream. Thanx to Mom and Dad who loved me enough to send here for the best years of my life and thanx to great friends and teachers I found here. Bye Traf, I ' ll miss ya. MARILYN MEIKLE " MAR " VA ' 75- ' 80 CUMMING " I ' m movin ' like a fast train, Gimme that passing lane, And I ' ll be gone. " - Charlie Daniels Lest I Forget: 3 black bags ... K.P. ' s jealousy of G.E.R.P. ... H.K., K.P. washing my mouth out w soap ... B-day cast ... letters from Sydney ... Baby Kangaroo ... pierced ears " The Nail " ... my fingers ... insolent snit ... Yeah Donald! ... hymns in H.K. ' s bathroom ... Silent Treatment ... a " tad " sleepy ... The " Rev " ... d ill pickles and ice cream ... Jubb ' s wet hair ... losing a bet to G.K. (little do you know Graceee) Peel and St. C ... J.K. at W.H.H.S. ... Are you American? ... What language is that? ... " Rent-A-Boy " ... H J G J?? ... warped view of life ... RED kneecaps ... Roddy Baby ... nutrition lectures ... stapler after lunch B to A ... Bing Sessions ... get tough ... she ' s out of it ... " Fav. " teacher T-neck: " Well it was dark! ... Exploration ' 79, dorms ... letters from K.H. ... Hells Bells, no more space!! Bye y ' all!! 18 DIANA ELIZABETH METZGER VA ' 75- ' 80 CUMMING Cherished Memories: Christmas ' 78 ... grade 8 with C.V.H., K.P., M.M., H.O. ... hockey game May 5, 1979 ... Gonzague moods with H.O. in English ... M.A. ' s urns ... Linton ... Tiffy, Cookie, Taffy, Sir ... Capricorn One ... California ' 77 ... train rides ' 79 ... Mad Dash ... camp ... M.M. and fun times ... " Life is spaz " ... C.H. and her James ... N.B. and Sept ' 78 ... chemistry and math with C.K. and M.M. ... Latin with Miss A. andK.C, S.J., M.M., H.O. andT.H. ... " medical purposes " ... Thanks to Mom who persisted in her efforts to send me to Traf. Thanks also to all the teachers and friends who made my five years here great. Bye Traf! SUSIE MOLNAR VB ' 73- ' 80 BARCLAY " Smile your little smile, have some tea with me awhile, brush away that black cloud from your shoulder. Twitch your whiskers. Feel that you ' re really real. Another tea time another day older. " - Jethro Tull " And it hurts when you ' re not trusted by the people you lie to. " - Pink Floyd " If one were given five minutes warning before sudden death, five minutes to say what it had all meant to us, every telephone booth would be occupied by people trying to call up other people to stammer that they loved them. " - Christopher Morlay Unforgettables: " the Mystery " , " Don ' t you want your ring?! " , the alarm and J.F. ' s new boots, " Tell him you love him! " , secret notes - not all so secret, Tiff ' s, Church Girls? " , " Do I really look like C.S.? " , gave up medicine after F.D. ' s toe, H.B. ' s laugh, " Richard, ya " , " It ' s your room not mine! " , " Where ' s my B " . HELEN OSANA VA ' 76- ' 80 CUMMING Ambition: mathematician Cherished Memories: Gonzague moods with D.M. ... Grade 8 with D.M., M.M., C.V.H., and K.P. ... Oct. 1, ' 79 ... hockey games ... " Don ' t invent " ... the Mad Dash! ... music " classes " with M.G. ... Toblerones with T.H. ... Fritz ... Gimmy, gimmy attitudes ... May Recital ' 79 ... golf gardens ... my Handsome Prince ... Beverly Hills ' 78 ... Fairview with D.M. ... Mickey ' 79 ... Fred ... Dzeeana ... Halls and Certs from C.H. ... hilarious train rides with D.M., C.H., and M. ... " A jellybean is a man ' s best friend " ... Latin classes with M.M., D.M., T.H., K.C., S.J., and of course, Miss Armbruster ... tackling Mrs. F ' s labs and tests ... neutering Caesar ... working in the library after school with T.H. ... April Wine Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf for four wonderful years. CAROLINE PALMER VA ' 77- ' 80 FAIRLEY " There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do, once you ' ve found them " - Jim Croce " When we were young ... A man was judged by what he ' d done But now you pick them from the screen What they look like, where they ' ve been. " - David Bowie " Success is getting what you want, Happiness is wanting what you get. " - Unknown " I know it ' s only Rock ' n Roll, but I like it; Like it, Yes, I do. " - Rolling Stones 19 DANIELLE PANET-RAYMOND " DAN-DAN " ' 73- ' 80 DONALD " You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need. " - The Rolling Stones Pet Peeve: oxfords, having to pull up my socks, wear my sash around my waist and doing an all-together lousy job of following in Claire ' s footsteps. Cherished Memories: The zipper and five stitches ... 3 years, later w H.B., S.R.; Sans Souci; Bowie and Springsteen concerts; Thurs. mornings; double biology w S.M.; J.F. and our cake fight; Rocky Horror; Spaghetti Warehouse and " The Last Waltz " ; Green eyes; going out, munching out, crashing out!; Crescent St. and The Annexe; W.S. ' apt; locker room; summer ' 79 ... B.M.; W.S. ' " nonfunctional " moods; tubing w M.L., H.L.: sign language; country walks w C.W.; " marionettes " ; All the excellent times I had w M and P Words of Wisdom: " ... and if the homework brings you down, then we ' ll throw it on the fire and take the car downtown. " - David Bowie ATHENA PARADISSIS VB ' 70- ' 80 BARCLAY Ambition: Writing Probable Destiny: Failling du to spelingg! ! Cherished Memories: " Frisby " ... 101s ... backhand slam ... fights with C.C. ... Math?? ... telephones ... getting the " how many nuts? " back ... nights with N.W., J.R., P.W. ... " Cats Howl " ... " IGS " ... Froggies and Piggies!! " Gotcha! ... Letters Special delivery ... " disappointments " ... C.N. ... Maple sugar ... Pet Peeves: diets!!, " THE KID next to ME?! " Weaknesses: " nuts " , ice cream, " swimming pool " Many thanks to Mom and Dad BARBARA PARKER " BARBI " VB ' 76- ' 80 BARCLAY " Don ' t want to spend my life, living in a Rock and Roll fantasy Don ' t want to spend my life, living on the edge of reality Don ' t want to waste my life, hiding away anymore. " - The Kinks - Memories: " Parcoeur " ... Summer ' 76 ... " Yeees " ... French with M.A. ... the Weekend ' 79 ... driving with T.O. ... House Plays ... pictures of W. ... Miss Daisy ... having friends ... winter carnival with G.L-S. ... being at the right place at the right time - 7:40 every morning ... Ste. Agathe with J. A. ... and most of all, studious spares. Special thanks to my family, and also, J. A., G.L-S., C.F., and G.J. SONYA RASMUSSEN VB ' 73- ' 80 FAIRLEY Cherished Memories: 5 min. break between double Geog., blue ribbons and high heels, Marionapolis with D.P-R., C.G., G.L-S., " Merdle the Turtle " , cheating in 21 with J.D., jogging with W.S., telephone calls with H.B., tennis pro S.M., Cashmere, Ormstown and the zipper, Gym Dem ' 79, Help me with D.P-R., the garage, phone call of despair to J.M., double spare, field day, almost beating F.D. at long jump, plant from J.M. which is now a tree, winter carnival, caps at D.G. ' s, deuce in Stowe with L.S., Wiggles and Bottles, Mme. G. ' s teeth, church bazaar with M.H., different friends, fainting spells and green eyes, chocolate cake and fudgeeO ' s. 20 JANE NATHALIE RIVARD VB ' 70- ' 80 CUMMING Ambition: large animal veterinarian Probable Destiny: fainting at the sight of blood Can You Imagine: Nathalie not talking about horses?? Cherished Memories: M.M. ' s espadrills ... " The Nail " ... driving M.M. crazy in Math ... Ormstown ' 79 ... " The Mystery " with S.M. ... driver ' s Ed with J.F. and K.S. ... arguments with B.R. ... old friendship with K.P. ... red Kneecaps ... dollar signs . . . eruptions with Mr. C. ... my ten years at Traf . . . " Let the night be too dark for me to see into the future. Let what will be, be. " - Robert Frost Special thanks to my parents for everything. So long Traf! BARBARA ROSENSTEIN VB ' 73- ' 80 CUMMING " If I could stand, beside myself. Would I see me or maybe someone else. ' Cause it ' s hard to please, most everyone When your spirits got you on the run. They say be yourself, but don ' t make a fuss Don ' t make waves be like the rest of us But I can see the tide is turning fast. And I know that baby I can ' t last Another day. " - Styx DEBBIE SNEBBIE, QUAKER, SHNEEPS, WOODY ALLEN, SALL VA ' 78- ' 80 FAIRLEY " People try to put us down just because we get around talking about my generation " - The Who Weaknesses: Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, the Fab Four and Five Ambition: psychologist Probable Destination: A psycho Woody Allen " Day after day, alone on a hill, the man with the foolish grin is perfectly still, But nobody wants to know him ... But nobody ever hears him. He never listens to them. He knows that they ' re the fools. They don ' t like him. " - Beatles " Although I laugh and act like a clown, beneath this mask I ' m wearing a frown " - Beatles " Long live rock! I need it every night " - The Who CAROLINE SALMON VA ' 75- ' 80 DONALD Cherished Memories: M.H. and Aug. 18; Frank ' s Pizzeria; the Molly Hatchet Band in Boca Raton; the Pier and adventures with Beth; concerts and gang ... parties; Summer ' 79 ... Logan and Wade; skiing lessons; phone calls; Lake Placid ' 78; The Blue Oyster Cult in Panama City; M.R. and R.F. after school; meeting Eric Clapton; Lake Champlain with S.K.; surfing contest ' 79; Crescent; " Our " Sungish; the " Painters " ; the doors; meeting Mike; Sweden House and J.E.; water skiing with Dave; Jaime ' s vette; " the Seville Hotel " ; Cardinal and D.M.; K.S. and running in the rain; Beach Boys ' 78; " Duper " and PH 3 21 VIRGINIA SAPUTO " GINNY " VB ' 75- ' 80 BARCLAY Activities: soccer (after school); football during spare (with R.F., the " D-O-N-K-E- Y " ); skiing at Avila (wipe-outs!) Ambition: Lab technician Probable Destiny: Ski bum Favorite Sayings: " Freak-me out " " Yo-Yo " " Ciao " Memories (Cherished or otherwise): go-carts ... the movies ... out for lunch with Melina ... " double " F.R., L.M., F.M., and the Vena ' s ... Lauzon with L.M. ... mornings at Emile ' s ... Seaforth w M.R. and friends ... typing ... Gym Den " 78 " (trampoline w S.R.) ... train w V.W. ... Common Room (the hanged turtle) ... ' Great Labs " w Lynn ... detentions ... high lockers but tiny ... uniform ... Mel ' s Sweet ... L.B. and my Uniprix bag .... M.S. (Salami) ... Ciao Traf! (Now the time has come) Thanks to Mom and Dad ELIZABETH SCHWENK " LIZ " VB ' 74- ' 80 DONALD " I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I ' m not sure you realize that what you heard isn ' t what I meant. ' - " I don ' t know! " Activities: debating, cross-country running, ski team, grad committee Pet Peeves: superficial people, " Oh, you ' re still in high school. " - Japs Memories: debates with Mrs. W.; summers of ' 75- ' 79 at Arowhon; " Dilly Dah " ; camp reunions; Sweet 16; M.H.; YES with S.S.; S.H.S. parties; J.C., C.S. (Puffy); skiing in Stowe; R.L. - " What ' s happening? " ; long John Party; spares; USY meetings; California; B.R., J.L. and Co., Pembroke ' 79; Huntsville w H.D. and Slawka; Moonchkins; Crescent St., S.P.; Wicopee; J. P., L.T., A.Z., H.D., A.G. - C.I.T. ' s ' 79! - Alice What can I say? - the perfect Trafite! " You ' ve got to have friends! " Well, Traf, it ' s been 6 years - O.K., Bye! ! .. 16th B.D. at the O.S.W. with R., CP., C.W. ... Eng. Comp. LAURIE SHETLER VA ' 74- ' 80 FAIRLEY Ambition: Marine biologist Probable Destiny: cleaning aquariums in a pet store Cherished Memories: skiing with M.L. at Jay ... D.P.R., K.S., C.W., CP. ... CHOM with D.P with D.P.R. ... 1st Physics test ... Bahamas ' 79 " Everything I do has been done before, Everything I know has been known before, Everything I think has been thought before " Anonymous " Morning is when I am awake and there is a dawn within me. If men had not been so overcome with drowsiness, they would have performed something. To be awake is to be alive. " Henry David Thoreau KARA MICHELLE SPENCE " KARMICHAEL " ' 74- ' 80 FAIRLEY " Education is a social process ... Education is growth ... Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself. " John Dewey My Famous Memories: Entrance exams w K.C ... Bish bus ride ... B.J. w K.C, M.A.M. ... McC ' s country place ... Dad ' s lingo ... Mom ' s 50th at Ritz ... fits for Misha ... D.N. my Honeys ... K ' beach (!)(!)(!) scoping at Weinstein ' s w Dane ... port shopping ... Prep ... L.S. ' s 16th b ' day (!) ... Anne of G.G. w M.A.M. and B.S. ... tramp in math ... summer songs ... Are the rents home?? ... a Canuck ... California ' 79 ... Wis ' you ... Bye guys! 22 WENDY STONE " WEN " VB ' 69- ' 80 ROSS Cherished Memories: The Prep room in ' 69, pointed oxfords, black marks, demerits, detentions, gym dems, fun times! " Excuse me while I kiss the sky. " , Ste. Agathe, Richard, Robert, and D.P.R., baby food all summer, the Annexe, Tiffs, Seahorse, pick-ups, Oh-boy! long philosophical talks, intense! Ottawa with S.M. and J.F., S.M. and her superior papers, How bizarre, J.F. and Gimme-Gimme, ski- trip and others, finally getting to fifth form, common room, friends, being the first to come and the last to go, smiling, saying " Hi " and " Good-Bye " " You ' ve got to go through Hell before you get to Heaven " - Steve Miller " Best of friends never part, Best of fools are friends forever. " - Boz Scags BONNIE PATRICIA TRACIE SWIM VB ' 76- ' 80 BARCLAY Memories: Europe (New York, England, France) ' 78; Manitou (Big Isl); Magog, ski ' 78; a certain party with MC, LB. MH, TH, KC, JM: caleche ride in the rain; K.T.; stairs; T. and B. ' s party before school with KC; Echoes (1000 times); bazaar; mooch (Mrs. A.); horseback riding on Dylan; Montreal West Day Camp ' 79; C.C. exchange trip and B.B.; learning to drive!!; Harbour Isl, Miami, Freeport, and Blinkbonnie; my friends. Ambition: " To reach the top without the climb If I cannot do great things I can do little things in great ways. " Mummy and Daddy, thank you for four fantastic years filled with memories. NADIA WAHAB VA ' 75- ' 80 CUMMING Ambition: To know what my ambition is! Cherished Memories: " Frisby " , " Gotcha " , ... bus, Maple Sugar, ... diets, ... noses, ... " The Hawk " , " Donuts " , swimming pool, " Claws " , " The Nail " ... Gym Dem ' 79 ... the letters, Banana Cream Pie, ... Birthdays ... J. B. ' s spelling corrections, ... Chemistry and labs with " the Mad Scientist " , ... back hands ... N. math tests, What me?, ... broken window, A. P., J.R., P.W. Weaknesses: Weekends Pet Peeves: Reading, E.K., Grand March Claim to Fame: Retaining my mental stability after five years at " TRAF " Favorite Sayings: " No offense or anything " , " Noway " , and " Get off! " CATHY WYATT VA ' 77- ' 80 DONALD Do you know the warm progress under the stars? Do you know we exist? Have you forgotten the keys to the kingdom? Have you been born yet and are you alive? Cling to life our passion ' d flower. Jim Morrison With half damp eyes, I stared to the room where my friends and I spent many an afternoon. Where together we weathered many a storm, Laughing and singing till the early hours of the morn. Bob Dylan Parting Words: As far as I ' m conceived, this correction of short writty is the most wonderful larf I ' ve ever ready. God help and breed you all. John Lennon P.S. Thanks a lot, David 23 HEATHER HOW ATSON " HEATH " " FEATHER " VB ' 73- ' 80 ROSS Ambition: Fashion Buyer Pet Peeve: Pouring milk; Police ... Police; MM; Bathrooms; clogs - J.C. Probable Destiny: Designing tunics for TRAF. Cherished Memories: Down town; K.A. and her P.D.; laugh attack with S.R. at A.M. ' s winter of ' 78- ' 79; S.L. dans son costume de bain; muskova summer ' 79 M.W.; R.MC; A.M.; " Mike don ' t bug me! " ; Ancaster ' 79 bonfire; D. Driving; munchies at Harvies Kojaks; S.R.; P.M.; A.M.; Oqunquit ' 79; R.T. productions 3:00 a.m.; B.S. concert with C.W.; D.S. and A.M. " someone broke the ketchup bottle " , 152 brews; painting in muskoka with M.W., A.M.; Fruit Loops! D.S.; Vince A. Could You Imagine: Heather without a tennis raquet! Favorite Saying: " No Probs " ; " Are you serious? " ; " Hey Guys " ; Good tunes on Q10 Parting Words: Thanx TRAF ... So long . . . 24 EEEEECTS EEFCEE Note the natural poses of these serious students. 4EEEE Oh my! What a fantastic acting job!!! 0 •o $CkuMsil(. 26 IV A - BACK ROW: Jackie Aguayo, Kathy Bardo, Tanis Gravenor, Cynthia Sutherland, Jennie Kwo, Eva Svenstedt, Erika Ericksen, Amy Creighton, Sharon Clarke. MIDDLE ROW: Cecilia Emmanaus, Sarah Russell, Grace Kurdyla, Elvira Bracci, Anita Chopra, Lana Broniszewski, Patricia Furer, Anne Halley, Sandra Cappelli, Patricia Murray, Miss Boislard. FRONT ROW: Reinie Fozo, Katharine Hall, Belinda Dale, Bonnie Spotton, Kiki Vaggalis, Emma Hancock, Katy Gray, Dawn Lazare. IV B - BACK ROW: Gabrielle Achermann, Kate Wilson, Karen Rye, Lesli-Ann Hyrst, Susan McCormack, Mary-Anne Moroney, Naila Chugtai, Lia ne Mendelsohn, Linda Cappelli. MIDDLE ROW: Kim Salomon, Jane Crutchfield, Kim Oliver, Cathy Outerbridge, Jennifer Roman, Lori-Ann Senecal, Grace Kihmm, Paget Normandin, Miss McColl. FRONT ROW: Jennifer Day, Tori Gordon, Debbie Taylor, Margie Hope, Susan Neopole, Marie-Elizabeth Despeignes, Mimi Muermans, Randee Baron. Ill A - BACK ROW: Linda Hooper, Gail Parker, Paula Segal, Julia Sassen, Pamela Wales, Laurie Tough, Diane Moquin, Lydia Saputo. MIDDLE ROW: Caroline Cullen, Chris Bush, Cathy Wong, Jane Webster, Diana LeBlanc, Adele Marshall, Heidi Overing, Susan Sockett, Darlene Flynn, Mrs. Popescu. FRONT ROW: Josee Alessi, Delia Grenville, Sally Mitchell, Brigitte Altenhaus, Heidi Ludwick, Barbara Outerbridge, Joan Barnard, Kate Wilson. ABSENT: Hilary Ladd. Ill B - BACK ROW: Laurie Bennett, Natalie Baghdadlian, Carolyn Powe, Debbie Flynn, Jessica Lawrence, Beth Perry, Catherine Mulkins, Heather Patterson, Carolyn Walsh. MIDDLE ROW: Judith Maclaren, Karen Biernaski, Michele Ballantyne, Nathalie Wechsler, Constance Exley, Kim Shetler, Nancy Echenberg, Barbara McDiarmid, Pippa Jones, Jane Ross-Russell, Miss Tepper. FRONT ROW: Marie Wallace, Liz-Ann Crompton, Christine Issaris, Louise Panet-Raymond, Jane Freer, Tina Haubenreisser, Christine Klein, Kelly Amey. II A - BACK ROW: Suzanne Grant, Nandi Bhargava, Annmarie Roberts, Emily Feldman, Susan Goth, Michele Follows, Nicola Rutherford, Patricia Saputo, Nadia Cappelli, Patty Heintzman. MIDDLE ROW: Jacquie Angus, Ruth Tanenhouse, Anna Maclachlan, Beth Mahan, Angela Mandry, Vania Kirby, Anja Udom, Jane Ogilvy, Mrs. Kalisky. FRONT ROW: Denise Carr, Janice Patton, Liane Kotler, Kathy Renaud, Cathy Blundell, Tanya Sterbenk, Yvonne Westphal, Leigh Aspin. ABSENT: Alison Mercer. II B - BACK ROW: Cynthia Bennett, Katie Pratt, Valerie Jakubovic, Annemarie Drumm, Aislinn Mosher, Roberta Wedge, Chantal Cassar, Jane Bachynski, Olga Calotychos, Melissa Haggerty. MIDDLE ROW: Jane McLaren, Rie Kamioka, Sabina Altenhaus, Antonine Despeignes, Karen Robson, Debbie Ludgate, Stephani Risk, Allison Beerman, Nancy Fletcher, Nancy Boivin, Mrs. Nicolaidis. FRONT ROW: Patricia Sabatin, Marie Lessard, Claudia Besso, Kathie Sxim, Christine Mulkins, Paola Altomonte, Valerie Lowe, Gisela Schmidt. I A - BACK ROW: Gillian Morrison, Deanna Pietramala, Michele Petrucci, Susan Homa, Kendra Durnford, Ann Osana, Renee Phillips, Lilianne Popescu, Ligia Sanches, Ruth Costa. MIDDLE ROW: Wendy Rochester, Heidi Weigand, Carolyn McCullough, Suzette Madruga, Sonja Chichak, Penny Shearson, Brigig McKenna, Heather Mitchell, Miss Moll. FRONT ROW: Kim Anderson, Joy Temple, Caroline Cohen, Li-Hsien Fan, Jelana Duncan, Elaine Sassen, Janice Johnson, Tammy Lazare. IB- BACK ROW: Savitri Manmohansingh, Laura Shiomi, Dawn Wiseman, Carole Jakubovic, Alexandra Catterill, Sarah Fletcher, Heather Outerbridge, Anne Marie Desjardins, Liza Kessler, Caroline Laflamme. MIDDLE ROW: Mary Sweeny, Jane Wilkins, Angela Bissett, Eileen Bistrinsky, Laura Perry, Nancy Welsford, Victoria Lucas, Mrs. Wightman. FRONT ROW: Marley Guyda, SueAnn Blauer, Sophie Lynch-Staunton, Janice LeMaistre, Lissa Constantine, Heather Gold, Stephanie Leith, Naomi Gordon. ABSENT: Nathalie Valois. A CLUBS V T 1 ACTIVITIES Houses Both house heads and sub- heads are fifth form girls chosen within each house. These girls organize activities and affairs within the house. This includes such things as House Plays, inter-house games and Field Day. The Fourth form rep. is the secretary of the house. She records each member ' s house points collected throughout the year, and she keeps track of the house dues. BARCLAY: Jean Kwo, Barbara Parker, Mrs. Popescu, Mary Anne Moroney. CUMMING: Franka Diaz, Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton, Mrs. Ritson, Lori-Anne Senecal. DONALD: Kathy Camp, Bettina Karpel, Mrs. Henophy, Grace Kihmm. FAIRLEY: Laurie Shetler, Joanne Archontakis, Mrs. Forbes, Jane Crutchfield. ROSS: Angela Ebsworth, Miss Armbruster, Patricia Furer. ABSENT: Martha Legge (Ross). Photo Club Have you seen some stark crazy girls frequent- ing the Traf halls, flashing their cameras at you? Well, they must be a part of our newly formed photography club. This club, organized by Miss den Hertog, consists of those girls interested in learning more of photography. BACK ROW: Mme. LaRiviere, Wendy Stone, Grace Kihmm, Cathy Wong, Valerie Lowe, Miss den Hertog, Barbara Parker. MIDDLE ROW: Maren Mehnert, Lissa Constantine, Olga Caltchoys. FRONT ROW: Paola Altomente, Cathy Blundell, Laura Perry. 36 Band This year Trafalgar ' s band is a new- comer to the clubs of the school. It was first formed for the performance of " Heavens to Betsy " and continued to play together during the year. The band, consisting of many talented Trafites, met during form period for their playing time. The band was created by Mrs. Mandigo and lead by Miss Armbruster, who also played the accordian. Keep up the good sounds! BACK ROW: Katy Gray, Jennifer Roman, Ann Osana, Linda Hooper, Miss Armbruster, Jennie Kwo, Bettina Karpel, Rennie Fozo. FRONT ROW: Heather Gold, Kathy Hall, Lilianne Popescu, Caroline Cullen, Patricia Furer. ABSENT: Nadia Cappelli, Monica Furer, Helen Kihmm, Helen Osana. Debating This year ' s debating club was composed of various girls from forms one through five. The club, under the guidance of Mrs. Wightman is con- stantly on the go. During the year they competed against such schools as Lower Can- ada College, Sacred Heart and Montreal West High School. BACK TO FRONT: Mrs. Wightman, Tina Haubenreisser, Beth Mahan, Joanne Archontakis, Liz Schwenk, Liz-Ann Crompton, Sandra Cappelli, Linda Cappelli, Barbara Rosenstein, Carolyn Powe, Josie Alessi, Christina Essaris, Diana LeBlanc, Nancy Echenberg, Debbie Flynn, Barbie Outerbridge, Roberta Wedge, Jane Webster, Adele Marshall. ABSENT: Bettina Karpel, Helen Kihmm, Marilyn Meikle, Tracie Swim, Laurie Tough, Jean Kwo. 37 pl Ays This year ' s traditional house-plays were presented in October. The scripts of the plays were based on the theme of mythology. As usual the houses were given a short time for preparing their play. The plays were written and re- hearsed within one month, a challenge for all! Mrs. Rudolfi, who retired from Trafal- gar ' s art department last year, was the judge of the performances. The decision was a difficult one, and finally Donald prevailed, beating Fairley by a close margin of only one point. Other per- formances from Barclay, Cumming and Ross trailed closely behind. It was a most interesting and amusing day for all. ' We must get every bit of dirt! " ' Gee your hair smells terrific! " 39 " Send in the Clowns " This year, Traf held its annual Bazaar on Nov. 8, 1979. The ba- zaar resulted in a success as 1400 dollars was raised, some of which was donated to various charities. As usual, there were several booths of items such as plants, games, handicrafts, white ele- phant and of course the success- ful bottle raffle and baked goods. New attractions such as the for- tune telling and the haunted house were added. There was also wet sponge throwing at desirable prefects. It proved to be a great day of fun. Many thanks to to the Ba- zaar reps, teachers and cleanup crew. 41 TRAP TC€Ut E Heavens to Betsy This year in November, the Traf Troupe presented the comedy-musical, " Heavens to Betsy " . After a long ar- duous two and a half months of practice, the musical was a success. Both performances attracted record breaking crowds. An entirely new idea for this musical emerged. The actresses were accompanied by a new school band, lead by Miss Armbruster, and a chorus of girls. This chorus included thirty members, three of which were teachers: Miss Moll, Miss den Hertog and Mrs. Popescu. Many thanks go to Mrs. Mandigo, the director, Miss den Hertog for the superb scenery and to Mrs. Forbes for the excellent costumes. Also thanks to the assistant direc- tors, Jean Kwo and Marilyn Meikle, for their (in)sane assistance. MURDER IN 44 A NUNNERY The perfect murder of a baroness (Tori Gordon) was directed by Mrs. Mandigo and her assistant, Judith McLaren. Reverend Mother (Marilyn Meikle) and her fellow sisters (Paget Normandin, Caroline Laflamme, Sarah Russell, and Carolyn Powe), outfitted by V. Forbes " de Paris " , took time off from teaching the students (Caroline Cohen, Lesli-Ann Hyrst, Roberta Wedge, and Emily Feldman) to search for the Baron and Miss Geza (Maren Mehnert and Jessica Lawrence) who had mysteriously disappeared. The Inspector, Sergeant, Mr. Turtle, and the Reporter (Margie Hope, Emma Hancock, Debbie Flynn, and Katy Gray) tried in vain to remove their 5 o ' clock shadows (courtesy of Mme. Paglia) while Mrs. Moss (Katharine Hall) hid behind Miss den Hertog ' s wall looking for her next victim ... Don ' t understand? It ' s your own fault, you should have gone to the performance! ! ! 45 students 9 council TOP ROW: Helen Kihmm, Miss Layton, Tracy Helm. MIDDLE ROW: Kathy Renaud, Debbie Ludgate, Kim Shetler, Diana LeBlanc, Patricia Furer, Lana Broniszewski, Kathy Outerbridge, Jennifer Roman, Jane Crutchfield, Bettina Karpel, Jean Kwo, Caroline Bachynski, Marilyn Meikle, Barbara Parker. The Student ' s Council is a representative body of the school which discusses and decides upon school functions and activities. It is comprised of the class presidents from the first to the fifth form. They meet close to once a month. The Student ' s Council is headed by the Head Girl, Helen Kihmm, and Sub Head, Tracy Helm. This year, the Student ' s Council organized a wide range of activities. The proceeds of such activities were donated to the Quebec Committee for the boat people. Other proceeds were donated to the Biology department. The hard work proved to be a great success! Thanks to all who were involved. 46 tuck shcp committee TOP ROW: Patricia Murray, Anne Haley, Caroline Bachynski, Bettina Karpel, Kathy Wong, Melanie Helpard, Kathy Camp, Susan Jany, Anita Chopra. MIDDLE ROW: Miss Armbruster, Christine Bush, Jessica Lawrence, Carolyn Walsh, Nandi Barghavi, Nadia Cappelli, Beth Mahan, Vania Kirby, Jane Ogilvy. BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Sail, Adele Marshall, Patricia Saputo, Tori Gordon, Kathie Swim, Laurie Bennett, Tanya Sternbenk. gym club The GYM CLUB consists of girls from all grades who are interested in improving and practicing gymnastics. The girls meet every Tuesday after school, under the direction of Miss Christine Micheheles. All of the gymnastics equipment is available for all. The club is a great success in that there is always a good turn-out of girls. Thanks goe s to Christine for her great help and dedication to the club! ! ! 47 The guitar club meets during Form period. This club, led by Mrs. Mandigo, enables the members to learn more about the guitar, how to play and to exchange new material. The club is offered to beginners, as well as to the more advanced. BACK ROW: Nathalie Wechsler, Laurie Tough, Beth Perry, Julia Sasen, Heidi Ludwick, Susan McCormack, Stephani Risk, Kiki Vaggalis, Delia Grenville, Heather Patterson, Eva Svenstedt, Patricia Murray. MIDDLE ROW: Diana LeBlanc, Jane Wilkins, Christine Klein, Marley Guyda, Mary Sweeney, Barbara Rosenstein, Mrs. Mandigo. FRONT ROW: Liane Mendelsohn, Laura Perry, Eileen Bistrisky, Susan Homa, Brigid McKenna, Kate Tindale, Caroline Cohen. HIST€Py NIGHT The History Banquet was held for the Form IPs in December, 1979. The banquet was a true medieval feast. The girls and teachers came dressed as various characters from the medieval period. The chefs cooked up a feast of cornish hens, hot bread, and soup. This was followed by dancing. It was an excellent evening which proved to be a success. In November of 1979, the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association challenged the Form V girls to the annual Grad-TOGA volleyball game. Old girls from the past years came to try and defeat the fifth form class. The match was exciting and after much effort, the grade elevens proved undefeatable. Jody Foster accepted the cup on behalf of the fifth form. Congratulations to the Grads! TCGA vs rirTH fCCM fitness club This newly formed club meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8:00 a.m. They attempt to jog for twenty to thirty minutes, and exercise without passing out. The clu b has been found to be most beneficial to all (Ha, ha). It is quite successful and fun. It has helped a great deal for the various sports teams and by getting the individual into shape. The club owes its success to the dedication of Miss Layton, Miss den Hertog, and Mrs. Henophy. ©y H DC H 79 Trafalgar ' s Gym Dem of 1979, under the direction of Christine Michelles, was slightly different in form than precedent years. Instead of a general theme for the entire school, each class chose their own theme. There was therefore a variety of ideas on which to base their routines. These ranged from the evolution of dance to such routines which depicted the Quebec political scene. Each girl in every class performed and contributed to these class routines. The classes showed much enthusiasm in the Gym Dem which resulted in a great success. In addition to the class routines were perform- ances of the Box, Mat, Beam, Uneven Bars, and Trampoline clubs. After the traditional Grand March, various girls were presented with special awards. G badges, which were awarded to the girls who have attained a high standard in gymnastics and games during the year, were given last year to: Franka Diaz Patricia Furer Katy Gray Dominique Guillon Anne Halley Heather Howatson Grace Kihmm Jennie Kwo Diana LeBlanc Paget Normandin Kim Shetler Tracie Swim Stars, Which are awarded to girls who have previously won a G badge and have maintained the necessary high standard, were awarded last year to: Hilary Borner Angela Ebsworth Jody Foster Helen Kihmm Martha Legge Monique Lunan Mary MacLachlan Mary Anne Moroney Caroline Palmer Isabelle Richard Lisa Senecal Lori-Ann Senecal Laurie Shetler Diana Skiadas Bettina Sorby Dana Spence Kara Spence Cynthia Sutherland The Lucy Box awarded for sportsmanship, athletic ability, enthusiasm and co-operation was awarded to: Monique Lunan Special Help awards were given to: Linda Cappelli Reinie Fozo 52 I III I DAy 79 Top Individual Performers: BANTAM: Kim Shetler, Fairley House, 22.5 points MIDGET: Anne Halley, Barclay House, 26 points JUVENILE: Jody Foster, Barclay House, 32 points House Results: 1. Ross House - 195 points 2. Fairley House - 160.5 points 3. Barclay House - 144 points 4. Cumming House - 107.5 points 5. Donald House - 77 points New School Records: 50 m. 7.4 sec 100 m. 13.3 sec 400 m. 1:12.0 1000 m. 3:55.0 Franka Diaz - Cumming House Jody Foster - Barclay H ouse Martha Legge - Ross House Margie Hope - Cumming House High Jump: 4 ' 8 " tie Long Jump: 15 ' 2 " Javeline: 85.6 " Baseball Throw: 172 " Susan Jany - Fairley House Dominique Guillon - Ross House Franka Diaz - Cumming House Mary MacLachlan - Ross House Paula Segal - Ross House Last year ' s 1979 Field Day was held in May at Kent Park. This was the first in many years that Traf did not hold their Field Day at Molson Stadium. The day lasted a long six hours while girls raced, sat, or basked themselves in the hot, sweltering sun. There were several competitions which included long distance running, sprints, long jump, high jump and various throwing events. It was a most exhausting but certainly enjoyable day at the " track " . 53 NETS Bantam This year Trafalgar entered its first ban- tam badminton team into the G.M.A.A. league. The season consisted of four tournaments. Angela Bissett, one of the singles players, finished the season with a total of five wins and three losses. Patty Heintzman and Gillian Morrison, one of our doubles teams, won three out of eight very tough games. CONGRATUATI- ONS bantams for a great first season. Good Luck next year. Midget The Trafalgar mid- get badminton team did very well this season. They placed third in their division. Kim Shetler lead the league in the singles division by completing the season undefeated, eight wins and no losses. Our midget team proved to be tough competition for other teams in their division. Next year may prove to be even more successful. CONGRATS you guys!!! BACK ROW: Angela Bissett, Janice LeMaistre, Gillian Morrison. MIDDLE ROW: Olga Calotychos, Lissa Constantine, Heather Gold, Dawn Wiseman. FRONT ROW: Patty Heintzman, Nadia Cappelli, Claudio Besso, Kathy Swim, Gisela Schmidt. BACK ROW: Tori Gordon, Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton, Patricia Murray, Karen Biernaski, Kim Shetler. FRONT ROW: Anne Halley, Katy Gray, Lydia Saputo, Paula Segal. ABSENT: Sarah Russell. CHAMPIONSHIP Juvenile This year our juve- nile team was up against some tough competition. The extremely talented doubles team of Danielle Panet Raymond and Laurie Shetler demonstrated their skill by com- pleting this, their final season, undefeated, eight straight wins! The two then qualified for the individual championships and again came out on top receiving a gold medal. What more can we say Juveniles, you ' re the best!! BACK ROW: Heather Howatson, Karen Adams, Jody Foster, Danielle Panet-Raymond, Caroline Palmer, Angela Ebsworth. FRONT ROW: Laurie Shetler, Kara Spence, Debbie Sail. ABSENT: Diana Garami. Karen Adams Kim Shetler 55 CASKET BALL Dear Abby, We have a problem. We have to write a report for our school yearbook, but we don ' t know how to say that we are fantastic . . . super ... great ... unreal ... awesome modestly. Signed the Shooting Stars Dear Stars, Your reputation has preceeded you. I heard you were razor - sharp, especially at N.H.S., but you didn ' t play the perfect hostesses when you won your own tournament. As far as your problem goes, all you can do is be honest with yourselves and admit that you are as good as you say you are. TOP ROW: Hilary Borner, Martha Legge. MIDDLE ROW: 5 ' 1 Moroney, Kara Spence, Caroline Palmer, Wendy Stone, Franka Diaz. BOTTOM ROW: Jodes Foster, Coach Layton, Angela Ebsworth. 56 This year the Midget team faced a lot of tough competition in their league. The team has greatly improved over the season and they work well together. At the annual BCS tournament in Lennoxville, our Midgets placed an impressive second, playing a very tight game in the finals. Congratulations must be given to our Midget team. TEAM MEMBERS, Left to Right: Nicola Rutherford, Anne Halley, Paula Segal, Cynthia Sutherland, Coach Layton, Lydia Saputo, Caroline Cullen, Kim Shetler, Jane Crutchfield. basketball °o Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, SHOOT! Oops try again ! ! ! Roarin ' down the court We shine in this sport We pass, we shoot, we score As for victories, Here comes one More! ! ! ! ! TEAM MEMBERS: Michele Ballantyne, Michele Petrucci, Heidi Weisand, J anice Lemaistre, Heather Gold, Stephanie Leith, Gillian Morrison, Angela Bissett, Patty Heintzman, Jane Bachynski, Emily Feldman, Carolyn McCulloch. 57 J u V e n i I e s VOLLEY STANDING: Reinie Fozo, Martha Legge, Kara Spence, Jody Foster, Mary Anne Moroney, Snoopy, Virginia Saputo, Barbara Rosenstein, Karen Adams, Angela Ebsworth, Caroline Palmer, Wendy Stone. SITTING: Miss Layton. ABSENT: Hilary Borner. Ill i d e t 58 I Gail Parker, Katy Gray, Pam Wales, Jane Crutchfield, Jennifer Roman, Susan Neapole, Anne Halley, Cathy Blundell, Grace Kurdyla, Mimi Muermans, Nancy Echenberg, Paula Segal, Kim Shetler. Miss Layton. BACK ROW: Gisela Schmidt, Jane Bachynski, Patricia Saputo, Miss Layton, Annemarie Drumm, Carolyn McCullough, Jane Ogilvy. FRONT ROW: Patty Heintzman, Heidi Weigand, Janice leMaistre, Gillian Morrison, Michele Petrucci. ABSENT: Emily Feldman. The volleyball season does not start till mid-March, but the teams show great potential. This year Traf has entered three teams in the GMAA Bantam, Midget, and Juvenile. Each team, under the guidance of Miss den Hertog, Mrs. Henophy, and Miss Layton, has been practising hard and with no doubt will be successful. GOOD LUCK TRAF! Grace Kurdyla LEFT TO RIGHT: Cynthia Sutherland, Karen Adams, Caroline Palmer, Kim Shetler, Laurie Shetler, Kara Spence. FRONT ROW: Nadia Cappelli, Annamarie Roberts, Kathy Renaud, Janice Lemaistre, Marley Guyda, Heidi Weigand, Naomi Gordon. SECOND ROW: Monica Furer, Cathy Blundell, Mary Anne Moroney, Jessica Lawrence, Heidi Overing, Heather Gold, Jelana Duncan. THIRD ROW: Susan Jany, Angela Ebsworth, Dawn Lazare, Cynthia Sutherland, Margie Hope, Liz Schwenk, Kathy Swim, Judith Maclaren, Cathy Wong, Katy Gray, Paula Segal. ABSENT: Heather Outerbridge. FRONT ROW: Dominique Guillon, Jennifer Roman, Susan Neapole, Barbara Rosenstein. BACK ROW: Miss Libero, Martha Legge, Reinie Fozo, Kathy Camp, Pam Wales, Hilary Borner, Virginia Saputo, Liz Schwenk. SKIING: Traf ' s ski team started the season with great success. Dominique Guillon placed first in the meet at Chanterclerc Ski Hill. Another team member displayed amazing skill in freestyle by completing two consecutive 360 ' s while another team member finished like Ken Read. In the overall standings Traff juveniles placed second and midgets third. Good luck next season! CROSS-COUNTRY: This year Traf put in a fine showing in the Mt. Royal meet at Beaver Lake. They showed great dedication by practising on their own time and in the snow. This proved successful in that everyone completed their course. Jelana Duncan, the top Traf finisher in the bantam category, (placed seventh) went on to compete in the provincials. There, she represented Traf very well. The top finisher in the midget division was Jessica Lawrence in seventeenth place. Mary Anne Moroney, juvenile, came tenth followed closely by Susan Jany, who placed seven- teenth. So amid the biting cold, Traf pulled through and overall success was evident. Good show! TENNIS: The tennis season was short this year but Traf hosted a tournament. Many schools were invited and the games were close and exciting. Although Traf did not win overall, the games proved to be rewarding and most interesting. Traf hopes to host another tournament early this Spring. Best of luck then. A special thanks to the teachers that gave their time to cheer on the team. In recent years, the gymnastics routines have been made more complex. Our teams have been able to meet these high standards year after year, and this year has been no exception. The team performs routines on the floor, box, bars, and beam. Many thanks go to Miss Christine Michehalles, under whom the team trains during the week. Our teams are continually amazing us, defying all of poor Newton ' s Laws! ! ! ! INTERMEDIATE TOP ROW: Laurie Tough, Katy Gray, Diana Leblanc. MIDDLE ROW: Lori Ann Senecal, Kim Soloman, Gillian Morrison. BOTTOM ROW: Christine Michehalles. ABSENT: Anne Marie Drumm. NOVICE TOP ROW: Patricia Furer, Jessica Lawrence, Grace Kihmm. MIDDLE ROW: Brigitte Altenhaus, Louise Panet- Raymond, Paget Normandin, Jennie Kwo. BOTTOM ROW: Christine Michehalles. ABSENT: Liza Kessler, Karen Robson, Sally Mitchell. Interform Awards Junior Gymnastic Shield Form IB Senior Gymnastic Shield Form IIIA Junior Form Basketball Cup Form IIA Senior Form Basketball Cup Form IVA Junior Sports Cup Form IB Intermediate Sports Cup Form IIIB Senior Sports Cup Form IVA The Stocking Cup Form VB Interhouse Awards Badminton Cup Donald House Volleyball Cup Fairley House Basketball Cup Ross House Field Day Cup Ross House THE TRAFALGAR BADMINTON CUP, presented to the winner of the Badminton Singles Competition: Heather Howatson. Yo sienta esta jornada como al ultima dia apacible anterior al estallido de la guerra. La presiento en el sol, tan luminoso, La adivino en el cielo, tan azul, y la percibo en la fragancia de las flores, intensa, casi irreal. Manana tal vez diga: No es esta ciertamente, una de aquellas tardes en que aun sin causa viable el mundo luce hermoso,y la estrella mas lejana se coloca a nuestro alcance faltando para asirla solo el gesto displicente de estirar los cinco dedos y arrancarla para si. Podre decir: Estas noches de insomnio son el reves de una medalla, noy opaca, ayer brillante, en cuya efigie merodea un dejo de sonrisa que es mitad nostalgia del fulgor perdido y la otra mitad regusto de aquel ansiado bien. Tal vez Uegue a decir: Este horror de sangre y lodo, este cruel ensanamiento con la paz, este vei descapitada la inocencia y encumbrada en su lugar la perversion . . . pero todo este, humo prematuro de un ardor incierto, acaso no llegue a concretar. Acaso el sol siga brillando, acaso el cielo siga igual, y tal vez - quien sabe - no sea esta la ultima jornada apacible, j anterior al estallido de la guerra. Maria Laura Hernandez VA Donald House 66 FLOATING JEWELS A thought drifts through my mind Soft and light as a plumy thistledown before a summer breeze. I grasp at it, but it tantalizingly eludes me. I grab it, but it is Boring. I let it go to continue its affairs. Another wanders aimlessly into my periphery And I seize it as it flutters, like a piece of swansdown, down, down into oblivion. It too is Dull And so it is released. Yet another idea swims lazily to where I can catch it. I do so. This time I comprehend it And I will not let my prisoner free, Till it has imparted to me the information it carries. I take the knowledge I desire, and I gently push it on its way, Whence it will drift, empty, to the bottom of a d ark pit. There are few thoughts I do not want, But, this morning, two of them have come my way. Yet, because of my patient waiting, a second of precious, precious insight Is now mine. Roberta Wedge IIB Barclay House THE LIVING DEAD Whirling and swirling, lost in its mind, clenching to its thoughts, troubled, seeking to find ... Hoping for destiny, it ' s strolling so near, Hiding from life. Meanings gasping from fear. Sighs covered with threats, but very brief, Trickles of mist swallowed by relief Clambering on moisture and sweat, Over-heated revenge, to pay life ' s debt. And creatures of the devil lay asleep on their bed, For this is truly the living dead! Sueann Blauer IB Fairley House Daydreams are: but a mere escape from reality leaving but the present behind and drifting back into the past or forward into the future only to be awakened by the harsh, cold hand of QUI? Quand je serai vieille Qui saura ... si je suis malheureuse? Qui me prgtera d ' attention ... si je suis seule? Qui m ' aidera ... si j ' ai mal? Personne. Anita Chopra IVA Fairley House Life is a storm that has rays of sun that shine from time to time. Sometimes, it shines as often and as quickly as your eyes blink. Sometimes, it shines as often as you move and as long as a song. Sometimes, it will shine for weeks or months. But remember that there is a storm out there and sooner or later it will hit. It may hurt a lot, yet there is always a ray of sunshine hidden beneath it. Carolina Macia VB Fairley House DESPAIR The cell was dark, except for a faint beam of sunlight that filtered in between the bars of the tiny window. The light was reflected from the facing wall and cast a gray haze across the room. The door of the cell, made of heavy oak, was massive. When it was closed, it gave a low, dull thud that had a sound of a certain finality, and it sent a chilling draft into the room. The walls, smooth gray slabs of stone, were cold and damp. Sometimes, when it rained, water seeped through the cracks in the mortar and trickled slowly down to the floor where dust and dirt collected in the tepid water. The stench of sweat and urine hung in the dank air. In one corner, farthest from the door, a man, strapped into a straight jacket, sat hunched over his knees. He was trembling. His hair fell limply across his shoulders, and the flesh of his face was sallow and wasted. His eyes stared blankly at the wall opposite. Slowly, from between the lids of one eye, a single tear slipped down his cheek. Tracy Helm VA Fairley House I live in a world of schemes, complicated themes and secret dreams The time will come when I will be lost in my thoughts, never to leave . . . I know I am just a fool, living in a world of make-believe. Jennifer Day IVB Donald House In a classroom loud, bare, cold teacher ' s at the board asking me, prodding me, I do not stop what I am doing, my secret, no one else ' s maybe one day . . . maybe never . . . Share my secret? I think not It ' s mine for as long as I want it. Anonymous IIA Ross House 70 THE NOW GENERATION They have rediscovered simplicity, the sanctity of life, nature, peace and freedom. They are going back to the past, to the earth, to working with their hands, mastering ancient handicrafts, to small shops and street-vending, just like the men in my great grandfather ' s time. They give birth naturally, nurse their babies, and carry them on their backs. They bake bread and eat organic foods. They are nostalgic for a past they never knew. The fashions of the future-makers are right out of the past. The " now " group dress up as shepherds, woodsmen, pioneers, soldiers, Adam and Eve, Bonnie and Clyde. They do not believe in ritual. Like pilgrims they come from all corners of the earth for festivals, but they do not call them pilgrimages. They will gather before an illuminated stage in a field but do not call it a shrine. They will partake of bread and wine but do not call it communion. They wear peace beads and love medals but do not call them sacred medallions. They take vows but do not consider them oaths. They participate in transcendental meditation but do not call it prayer. They will congregate for sit-ins, love-ins, talk-ins, but don ' t call them congregations. They will not say " Amen " but they do say " Right on " . They have not come to the end but to the beginning of tradition. Welcome home! Lynne Biernaski VA Fairley House A SNOWFLAKE One of the most beautiful objects formed by nature is a snowflake. This miniscule six-sided ice crystal is totally unique. It is difficult to believe that this delicate and picturesque design is simply frozen water that has crystalized. As this shimmering crystal lazily drifts to the ground, it conveys a clean and pure feeling due to its immaculate whiteness. Although spectacular to observe in the air one is immediately aware of its coldness and wetness as it helps to blanket everything. Even though it is a beautiful example of nature ' s art, together with many other snowflakes, it can cause much disaster. Randee Baron IVB Donald House 71 Once Is Enough In general, I am not a superstitious person. This past summer though my scientific beliefs were put to the test. Saturday, July 15th. At seven-thirty a.m. I was preparing to enter Universal Studios with my mom and dad. We had been up at five-thirty that morning in order to arrive on time and to avoid the surge of people who begin to arrive at eight a.m. sharp. I had been planning this diy for months. While travelling in our motorhome from San Fernando to Los Angeles, I had stood in front of the mirror admiring myself. My four inch high heeled shoes matched perfectly with my new skirt and top. I was ready to be discovered by a well-known talent scout. Now, back to my (ominous) experience. I was walking rather rapidly behind my parents in order to keep up with them. As luck would have it, about thirty yards from the main gates, I fell. This was not exactly what I had in mind for making my debut in Hollywood. I got up and limped back to our motorhome. By ten o ' clock, I was still sitting on the couch with an ice pack on my foot. " Boy, " I thought, " what a stupid time to sprain my ankle! " My overwhelming determination to be discovered forced me to try to walk back to the gates. (This was not one of my more intellectual ideas!) Now attired in old shorts, a T-shirt, and running shoes, I began to hop on over. The people in the parking lot must have thought that I was trying out for a role in " Our Miss Clutz " . Halfway across the parking lot I decided to rest at a nearby garbage can. It was then that my father came up with the most stupendous idea: " Why don ' t we get the clutz a wheelchair? " Ten minutes later, my dear father returned and declared, in more ways than one, that Universal Studios was a totally disorganized tourist trap. At eleven-thirty a.m. we left Hollywood and all my future fans behind. From smoggy L.A. we drove to less smoggy San Bernadino to visit my relatives. My aunt and uncle, whom I ' d never seen before, were quite surprised to see me crawl into their foyer. The only one I could relate to was their Pekingese dog. I took a tour of their home on my hands and knees. (They have the cleanest baseboards around.) That evening their friends came over to meet us. Never in my life had I been so fussed over. One woman diagnosed my foot as broken and scolded my parents for not having taken me to a hospital. Florence Nightingale then proceeded to bandage my " sprained " foot. Sunday, July 16th. We arrived in Las Vegas. I persuaded my keepers not to take me to the hospital that day. Sunday evening, while coming out of the shower, I slipped and hit my supposedly broken foot. Monday, July 17th. I was awakened that morning to find out that it was my fifteenth birthday. (I had actually survived one and a half decades!) After eating my birthday toast, I was greeted with the news, " You are going to the hospital today! " We arrived at the hospital at nine a.m. As I hopped into the emergency ward, we were asked such questions as " Where did you fall?, Why did you come here? " I soon found out, after seeing eleven people, one of whom took an X-ray of the wrong foot, that my foot was broken. From there we were sent to an orthopedic surgeon. My only problem was getting out of the hospital on crutches. I fell on my mother twice. It was then that I began to think of the past few days. The night before my little mishap I had dreamt that I would fall. The date on which I fell corresponded to the number of years which I lived: fifteen. I haven ' t come to a conclusion as to whether or not my experience was an omen but I have decided on one thing. If I ever am discovered and become a famous actress, on my opening night I never want to hear " Break a leg! " 72 AWARDS 1979 THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL, awarded to a Fourth Form girl for participation in school activities and high academic achievement, was presented to Helen Kihmm. THE JANE WEDDLE TROPHY, awarded to a Fourth form girl for courtesy, character, and academic achievement, was presented to Barbara Parker. THE CUMMING PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct, unfailing courtesy and cheerfulness, was presented to Mira Gamsa. THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct, loyalty and contributions to the life of the school was presented to Pamela Hall. THE GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has maintained the highest academic average throughout her final year, was presented to Caroline Harris. THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, showing herself friendly and helpful to all, was presented to Susan Marshall. THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public spirited of the senior girls, who at the same time has maintained a high standard of conduct and shown devotion to her work, was presented to Antonia Zannis. Academic Prizes Caroline Harris Leslie Rye Mira Gamsa Susan Marshall Antonia Zannis Jean Kwo Susan Jany Diana Garami Marilyn Meikle Kate Wilson Patricia Furer THE BRYAN PRIZE Presented by the Trafalgar Old Girl ' s Association for creative writing to Tracy Helm. THE JOAN FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Presented to the Form 1 student with the highest average in her year ' s work and not presently holding a scholarship: Patricia Sabatin. Interhouse Awards THE SHIELD for the greatest number of points during the year: Barclay House THE WALKER CUP to the winner of the House Drama Competition: Ross House THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP to the student earning the most House Points: Kim Shetler Mathematics, History Physics, Chemistry Computer Science French, Computer Science Classics French Mathematics, Geometry, Biology Jean E. Harvie Classics Prize Geography Goldstein Medallion (Spanish) Art Geography TCGA NEWS Most of the students are attending CEGEPs in Quebec. At Marianopolis are Eve Bockler, Ionina Brill, Mira Gamsa, Pamela Hall, Caroline Harris, Jacqueline Lacey, Mary Maclachlan, Susan Marshall, Nathalie Orianne, Susan Pedersen, Leslie Rye, Ann Samuel, and Toni Zannis; Toni is acting as a Staff Assistant for the Forum for Young Canadians this March. Megan Borner, Jane Brumwell, Joni Noel, and Lisa Senecal are at the St. Lambert Campus of Champlain Regional College, and Gillian Brodie, Monique Lunan, Bettina Sorby, and Dana Spence are at the Lennoxville Campus. At John Abbott are Janine Allen, Wendy Fraser, Cynthia Roberton, Colleen Shaw, Nelly Trakas, and Joanna Harris, who entered in January; at Vanier are Gisele Bijok, Lise Ericksen, Ann Kmetyko, Barbara Wise, and Naomi Woebler. Danica Dale and Joanne Miller are attending Dawson, while Diane Skiadas is at Jean de Breboeuf. Peggy Essaris is at O ' Sullivan ' s College, Judy Seymour is attending Centennial Academy, and Veronique Pourcelet is in Grade Twelve at Stanstead. Also in Montreal, Sonya Broomfield, Martha Hancock, and Janet Weeks are working for a year before entering CEGEP. Sandra Brown is at Branksome Hall in Toronto, while Shirley Miller and Isabelle Richard are at school in Florida. In Europe, Samantha Farrant and Caroline Smeeton are studying in England, and Kilby Dodson is in France. Martina Lis is in First Year Science at Western. - Laurie Neapole is in First year Arts at Queen ' s. - Cynthia Roberts is working for a well-known fashion photographer. - Julia Tilden was on the Dean ' s List for both semesters at Marianopolis in 1978-1979. 1977: Sheryl Beadle is in Second Year at Queens. - Sandra Blackburn has been accepted into the Music Honours Theory Programme at McGill for September 1980. - Naomi Campbell graduated from Champlain College, Lennoxville, in December, and entered First Year Science at the University of Guelph in January. - Alison Hancox is in Second Year at Queen ' s. - Janet Hardy has transferred from Guelph and is now studying microbiology at Concordia. - Trina Hill graduated from Champlain College, St. Lambert, in Social Sciences and is now going in for journalism. - Lorraine Javet graduated from Champlain College, Lennoxville, in December. - Shamala Jayasekera graduated from Marianopolis in June, 1979, on the Honours Roll, coming fourteenth in a Science group of 211 students. - Kathy Kredl is in Second Year at Queen ' s; in July, 1979, she won the Quebec Junior Ladies ' Golf Championship. - During her second year at Marianopolis, Michaela Milde held a Sister Mary MacCormack Scholarship, and graduated in June, 1979, on the Honours Roll, taking first place in an Arts group of 360 students; she was the winner of the Grace Fairley Trafalgar Scholarship for 1979-1980 into First Year McGill, and also won a renewable James McGill Award of $500. - Wendy Moore graduated from Marianopolis in Arts last June. - Andrea Ottley graduated from Marianopolis in Science last June, on the Dean ' s List, and is now taking Engineering at McGill. - Joan Sum is in Second Year Geography at McGill. - Kathy Szabolcsy is in her second year at the Business School of Stetson University, DeLand, Florida, majoring in Finance; by taking summer courses, she hopes to graduate in three years instead of four. Ginny Ball is a hostess at the University Club of Montreal. - Brigitte Boesenberg is now living in B.C. She graduated from U.N.B. last spring with a First Class Honours B.A. in five languages; she completed the four-year course in three years, and on graduation was awarded a Special M.A. Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada. She is now working towards a M.A. in Translation. - Ali Cravero has moved to England with her parents and is con- tinuing her studies in French and Italian at college in London. - Anna Feindel has taken the Student Nursing Course at Vanier. - Kim Finley is in Third Year at Queen ' s. - Theresa Hamilton is in her final year of Arts at U.N.B. - Denise Lane graduated in Arts from Marianopolis in January, 1979. - Janet Lewis, in her final year at the University of Toronto, is on the Executive of the U. of T. News of Other Classes 1978: 1976: Students ' Administrative Council, and is also still very actively involved in the Forum for Young Canadians and the Ontario Federation of Students. - Barbara Markowitz is making a career in photography and, in October, had an exhibition at Progress Photo. - Lorraine Turcotte, at the end of her first year at McGill, was awarded two scholarships, the James McGill and Cousens Scholarships, and also won the Strathcona Medal for skills in Physical Education; she was chosen by McGill to take the second semester at Eastbourne, England, at the Chelsea School of Human Movement. - Anne Wood graduated from Carleton in December with a B.A. in Economics. 1975: Donna Charters graduated from the Sylvia Gill Secretarial School. - Carol Kimoff is working in fashion design. - Sherry Lunan, in her final year at Bishop ' s, is Head Marshal of the University. - Mary Ann Ogilvy is in her final year of Honours Geography at Queen ' s, having held scholarships for three years. - Marg Pigot is in her final year at Bishop ' s, majoring in Geography; she plans to go into commercial art next year. - Joanne Turcotte will graduate from McGill this spring in Physiotherapy. - Linda and Wendy Wilson are now living in North Vancouver, B.C. 1974: Jennifer Braidwood is in Third Year Arts at the Loyola Campus of Concordia. - Margaret Coyle is completing her B.Sc. (Agr.) at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. - Louisa Crooks is in First Year Medicine at the University of Ottawa, having been accepted after completing only one year of the B.Sc. course at Carleton; she therefore had to decline the Southam Scholarship awarded by Carleton. - Heather Delamater is taking the B.A. course at McGill. - Laurie Delamater received her B.A. from McGill last spring, with a major in Art History and a minor in Linguistics; she has been accepted as a student at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England, for the fall of 1980. - Cyndy Fraser Gilbert received her B.A. from Queen ' s in 1979; she now lives in Toronto and is a sales and service representative for Bell Canada. - Alka Gursahaney graduated from McGill last spring with a B.Sc. - Sandra Harris last spring received her B.Sc. from Queen ' s with First Class Honours and the queen ' s Gold Medal for Geological Sciences; she was also awarded a National Research Council Scholarship and is now working towards her Master ' s degree at Queen ' s. She is still active in squash and was reserve for the Canadian team which recently was host to overseas teams. - Sabine Hoff received her German High School Certificate in 1977, then studied Spanish and English in Heidelberg for two years; she is now living in Kiel and working as a translator for Spanish. - Betty Hutchins received her B.A. in Honours Political Science from Bishop ' s last spring. - Julie Lefebvre is working for Air Canada in " in-flight " service at Dorval Airport. - Jane Nemec received her B,Sc. last June from the University of Guelph and is now working as a lab technician at McGill. - Susan Ogilvy is in her final year at Bishop ' s, majoring in Geography. - Claire Panet-Raymond received her B.Com. with Honours from Queen ' s last spring and is now in Toronto, working for the Royal Bank in its Management Training Programme. - Wendy Verrier last July received unanimous distinction for her London board examinations, taken after the third year of her art course, based on an 8,000-word essay and an exhibition of her work. 1973: Lucille Dorken Fragomeni is living in Belleville and is working as a real estate agent. - Liz Pigot is teaching Grades VII and X in Inujjuah, on Hudson ' s Bay. - Corey Peabody received a B.A. Honours degree in Geography from Carleton in spring, 1978. After a year ' s travelling in Europe and Florida, she moved to Toronto last May and is doing contract work with the Ontario Ministry of the En- vironment. 1972: Cynthia Nunns DesVoignes is living in North Vancouver, B.C. 1971: Hanna Deutschenschmied Cox moved to Toronto last year and works as a receptionist-secretary for an advertising firm in Don Mills. - Lesley Harris received her B.Sc. with Second Class Honours in Mathematics from McGill last spring and now has an interesting computer job with a Montreal shipping company. 1970: Janet Blane last spring received her Master ' s degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, and has now returned to teach in Annapolis Royal, N.S. - Ellen Nemec Charkow is working part-time towards an Arts degree, majoring in English, and plans to go into communications. - Louise Pigot Sladen is now living in Halifax. - Jacqueline Warren Cogland last November received her " Fellow ' s " in the Institute of Canadian Bankers. PAST STUDENTS: Karyn Paterson (Form 1 IB, 1977) is in Grade 13 in Toronto and has been auditioning for the National Theater School in Montreal. - Kate Hancock (Form VB, 1974) plays rugby for the New England Women ' s Select side, and has joined the United States Coastguard, planning to be a diesel mechanic and fireman. 1978: Sept. 9 Cynthia (Cyndy) Fraser to Michael Gilbert 1979: April 7 Nancy Hughes to Brian Paul Antony, in Ottawa June Carol de Escobar to Paul MacDowell July 14 Brenda Wilson to Allan Laidlaw Aug. 18 Jacqueline Warren to Donald Cogland Sept. 1 Donna Morton to Harold Vernon Frey, in Toronto Sept. 9 Ellen Nemec to Bruce Charkow Sept. 24 Chrysanthe (Chris-Ann) Nakis to Dr. Anastasios Kolocotsas, in Athens, Greece Sept. 29 Lucille Dorken to Franco Fragomeini, in Oxford Station, Ont. Oct. 6 Hanna Deutschenschmied to Stephen Christopher Cox Oct. Leslie Martin to Brian Carl Ward, in Moncton BIRTHS 20 12 78 Mr. and Mrs. R. Reeson (Anne Boulton), a son, in Calgary 27 06 79 Mr. and Mrs. G. Allingham (Janet Chandler), a daughter, in Toronto 30 06 79 Mr. and Mrs. R. Hick (Linda Witherspoon), a son 13 07 79 Mr. and Mrs. J. Morash (Christina Vincelli), a son 09 08 79 Mr. and Mrs. R. Lecker (Paula Engels), a daughter, in Bangor, Maine 06 09 79 Mr. and Mrs. R. Corbett (Suzanne De Voy), twin sons, in Toronto 29 10 79 Mr. and Mrs. D. Rollins (Jill Gardiner), a son 24 11 79 Mr. and Mrs. P. Grier (Joan Crawford), a daughter 16 01 80 Mr. and Mrs. D. Bower (Diana Barrie), a daughter, in Langley, B.C. DEATHS On March 10, 1979, in Montreal, Mrs. Arthur Rogers (Vivian Walker), Class of 1930 On March 13, 1979, in Montreal, Louise Mary Hume Cream, Class of 1909 On April 6, 1979, in Montreal, Louisa Margaret Fair, Class of 1919 On June 11, 1979, in Montreal, Nora Frances Elizabeth Collyer, Class of 1917, Art Teacher at Trafalgar 1925-1930 On Sept. 10, 1979, in Toronto, Mimi Langueduc Whittaker, Past Student 1925-1931 On Nov. 19, 1979, in Ottawa, Olive Cameron Morrison, Class of 1930 On Nov. 20, 1979, in Toronto, Mrs. William J. Logan (Eileen Fosberry), Class of 1926 DIRECTORY - A- Achermann, Gabrielle, 5595 Place Vendome, Brossard, J4W 1B6 Adams, Karen, 322 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L6 Aguayo, Jacqueline, 648 Belmont Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2W2 Alessi, Josee, 890 Guilbault, Longueuil, J4H 2V6 Altenhaus, Brigitte, 7915 Cote St. Luc Rd., No. 706, H4W 1R4 Altenhaus, Sabina, 7915 Cote St. Luc Rd., No. 706, H4W 1R4 Altomonte, Paola, 5995 DeBellefeuille, St. Leonard, HIS 1B9 Amey, Kelly, 309 Brock Ave. North, Montreal, H4X 2G4 Anderson, Kim, 172 Bedbrook Ave., Montreal, H4X 1R9 Angus, Jacqueline, 4312 Montrose Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2A7 Archontakis, Joanne, 776 Plymouth Ave., Montreal, H4P 1B1 Aspin, Leigh, 111 Irvine Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2K3 - B - Bachynski, Caroline, 78 Thurlow Rd., Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Bachynski, Jane 78 Thurlow Rd., Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Bagdadlian, Natalie, 4000 de Maisonneuve Blvd., No. 1802, H3Z 1J9 Ballantyne, Michele, 420 Abelard, No. 2B, Nuns ' Island, H3E 1B5 Bardo, Kathy, 7769 Baldwin Ave., Ville Anjou, H1K 3E1 Barnard, Joan, 147 St. John ' s Blvd., Pointe Claire, H9S 4Z2 Baron, Randee, 1 1 Braeside Place, Westmount, H3Y 3E8 Beerman, Allison, 5625 Randall, Montreal, H4V 2W3 Bennett, Cynthia, 343 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L5 Bennett, Laurie, 343 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L5 Besso, Claudia, 3787 Cote des Neiges, No. 405, Montreal, H3H 1V9 Bhargava, Nandni, 823 55th Ave., Lachine, H8T 3B5 Biernaski, Karen, 207 Baderwood Dr., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 1R6 Biernaski, Lynne, 207 Baderwood Dr., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 1R6 Bissett, Angela, 672 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T9 Bistrisky, Eileen, 680 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T9 Blauer, SueAnn, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., No. 424, Westmount, H3Z 1M2 Blundell, Cathy, 4340 Montrose Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2A9 Boivin, Nancy, 245 Markham Rd., Beaconsfield, H3W 2B9 Borner, Hilary, 17 Grenville Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1V9 Bracci, Elvira, 2760 Bruxelles St., Montreal, H1L 6A4 Broniszewski, Lana, 8012 George St., Lasalle, H8P 1E4 Bush, Chris, Box 339, Caughnawaga, J0L 1B0 - c - Calotychos, Olga, 5955 Veronique St., Brossard, J4W 1G6 Camp, Katherine, 43 Curzon St., Montreal West, L4X 1H5 Cappelli, Linda, 3750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Cappelli, Nadia, 3750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Cappelli, Sandra, 3750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Carnegie, Sarah, 4858 Vestmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1Y1 Carr, Denise, 70 Canterbury Ave., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9B 2G6 Cassar, Chantal, 1227 Sherbrooke St. W., No. 104, Montreal, H3G 1G1 Catterill, Alexandra, 628 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S8 Catterill, Michele, 628 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S8 Chichak, Sonja, 6201 Cote St. Luc Rd., No. 24, Hampstead, H3X 2H4 Chopra, Anita, 4580 Queen Mary Rd., No. 101, Montreal, H3W 1W6 Clarke, Sharon, P.O. Box 95, Succ. F., Montreal, H3J 2K8 Cohen, Caroline, 631 Lansdowne Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V7 Constatine, Lissa, 32 Windsor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2L8 Costa, Ruth, 204 Prince Arthur East, Montreal, H2X 1B9 Creighton, Amy, 437 Argyle Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3B3 Crompton, Liz-Ann, 32 Campbell Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1V1 Crutchfield, Jane, 3745 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1T6 Cullen, Caroline, 424 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T5 - D - Dale, Belinda, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L4 Day, Jennifer, 4711 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3W 2L9 DesJardins, Anne Marie, 32 Hudson Ave., No. 4, Montreal, H3R 1S6 Despeignes, Antonine, 146 Denonville, Chomedey, Laval, H7W 2M9 Despeignes, Marie-Elizabeth, 146 Denonville, Chomedey, Laval, H7W 2M9 Diaz, Franka, 4587 Madison Ave., Montreal, H4B 2V5 Drumm, AnneMarie, 4998 de Maisonneuve Blvd., No. 822, Westmount, H3Z 1N2 Duncan, Jelana, 365 Elmridge Ave., Dorval, H9S 2Z6 Durnford, Kendra, 128 Percival Ave., Montreal, H4X 1T6 - E - Ebsworth, Angela, 371 Clairevue Blvd., St. Bruno, J3V 1S1 Echenberg, Nancy, 42 Thurlow Rd., Montreal, H3X 3G6 Emili, Alice, 4394 Circle Rd., Montreal, H3W 1Y5 Emmanus, Cecilia, 2215 Regent St., Montreal, H4A 2R2 Ericksen, Erika, 4769 Sherbrooke St. W., Westmount, H3Z 1G5 Exley, Constance, 469 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 - F - Fan, Li-Hsien, 4085 St. Andre, No. 802, Montreal, H2L 4M9 Feldman, Emily, 2031 Grey Ave., Montreal, H4A 3N3 Fletcher, Nancy, 239 Percival Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1T8 Fletcher, Sarah, 359 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L7 Flynn, Darlene, 10760 Lamoureux, Montreal North, H1G 5L6 Flynn, Deborah, 1422 Dr. Penfield Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 Follows, Michele, 101 Place Charles Lemoyne, No. 2615, Montreal, J4K 2T3 Foster, Jody, 384 Dawn St., Lasalle, H8R 2Y4 Fozo, Reinie, 566 Claremont Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2P1 Freer, Jane, 1227 Sherbrooke St. W., No. 105, Montreal, H3G 1G1 79 Furer, Monica, 3 Place Bellerive, No. 1809, Laval, H7V 1B2 Furer, Paricia, 3 Place Bellerive, No. 1809, Laval, H7V 1B2 -G- Garami, Diana, 2156 Sherbrooke St. W., No. 15, Montreal, H3H 1G7 Gold, Heather, 617 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V1 Gordon, Naomi, 507 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S5 Gordon, Tori, 507 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S5 Goth, Susan, 60 Delavigne Rd., Westmount, H3Y 2C2 Grant, Suzanne, 4925 Ponsard Ave., Montreal, H3W 2A6 Gravenor, Tanis, 580 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S7 Gray, Katy, 2050 Grey Ave., Montreal, H4A 3N4 Grenville, Delia, 174 Wagner St., Chateauguay, J6X 2X1 Guillon, Dominique, 501 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 Guyda, Marley, 7 Banstead Rd., Montreal, H4X 1P1 - H - Haggerty, Melissa, 430 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T5 Hall, Katherine, 5215 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal, H3X 3R9 Halley, Anne, 1655 Torrence Ave., Dorval, H9P 1R6 Hancock, Emma, 3194 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S3 Haubenreisser, Christine, 10572 Belair, Pierrefonds, H8Y 2K6 Heintzman, Patty, 1475 Caledonia Rd., Montreal, H3R 2W2 Helm, Tracy, 1731 Carolyn Ave., St. Bruno, J3V 2W1 Helpard, Melanie, 4155 Melrose Ave., Montreal, H4A 2S5 Hernandez, Maria Laura, 1212 Pine Ave., No. 1807, Montreal, H3G 1A9 Homa Susan, 57 Sunnyside Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1C3 Hooper, Linda, 61 Brock Ave. North, H4X 2G1 Hope, Margaret, 23 Nelson St., Montreal West, H4X 1G2 Howatson, Heather, 4800 de Maisonneuve West, No. 206, Westmount, H3Z 1M2 Hyrst, Lesli-Ann, 1575 Summerhill, No. 214, Montreal, H3H 1C5 - I - Issaris, Christina, 2725 Bedford Rd., No. 10, Montreal, H3S 1G2 - J - Jakubovic, Carole, 4255 Jean Brillant, Montreal, H3T 1P2 Jakubovic, Valerie, 4355 Jean Brillant, Montreal, H3T 1P2 Jany, Susan, 156 Bexhill Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 3A7 Johnson, Janice, 44 Windsor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2L8 Jones, Pippa, 4850 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1Y1 - K - Kamioka, Rie, 1230 Dr. Penfield Ave., No. 307, Montreal, H3G 1B5 Karpel, Bettina, 4850 Cote des Neiges, No. 1004, Montreal Kessler, Liza, 624 Carleton Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2Y2 Kihmm, Grace, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Kihmm, Helen, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Kirby, Vania, 3480 Simpson St., No. 811, Montreal, H3G 2N7 Klein, Christine, 321 Portland Rd., Montreal, H3R 1V4 Kostopoulos, Chrysoula, 2692 Lippe, St. Laurent, H4R 1M1 Kotler, Liane, 105 Cote St. Antoine Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2H9 Kurdyla, Grace, 4408 May fair, Ave., Montreal, H4B 2E3 Kwo, Jean, 4866 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1Y1 Kwo, Jennie, 4866 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1Y1 - L - Ladd, Hilary, 4403 Mayfair Ave., Montreal, H4B 2E2 Laflamme, Caroline, 432 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V2 Lawrence, Jessica, 3504 Avenue du Musee, Montreal, H3G 2C7 Lazare, Dawn, P.O. Box 233, Caughnawaga, J0L 1B0 Lazare, Tammy, P.O. Box 233, Caughnawaga, J0L 1B0 Leblanc, Diana, 2247 Modugno St., St. Laurent, H4R 1Z5 Legge, Martha, 4 Tunstall Ave., Senneville, H9X 1T1 Leith, Stephanie, 885 38th Ave., Lachine, H8T 2C4 LeMaistre, Janice, 20 Grenville Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1V8 Lessard, Marie, 430 Alexandra Ave., St. Lambert, J4R 1Z5 Lowe, Valerie, 2660 Provost St., No. 5, Lachine, H8S 1R4 Lucas, Victoria, 1032 Lac St. Louis Rd., Ville de Lery, J6N 1A8 Ludgate, Debbie, 1184 Lloyd George Ave., Crawford Park, Verdun, H4H 2P3 Ludwick, Heidi, 1310 Scarboro Rd., Montreal, H3P 2S1 Lynch-Staunton, Gabrielle, 3114 Daulac Rd., Montreal, H3Y 1Z9 Lynch-Staunton, Sophie, 3114 Daulac Rd., Montreal, H3Y 1Z9 - M - Macia, Carolina, 1455 Sherbrooke St. W., No. 602, Montreal, H3G 1L2 MacLachlan, Anna, 4800 de Maisonneuve Blvd., Westmount, H3Z 1M2 MacLaren, Judith, 69 Lexington Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 5J5 Madruga, Suzette, 4009 Colonial Ave., Montreal, H2W 2B9 Mahan, Beth, 732 Davaar, Outremont, H2V 3B2 Mandry, Angela, 3540 du Musee Ave., Montreal, H3G 2C7 Manmohansingh, Savitri, 5205 Connaught Ave., Montreal, H4V 1X5 Marshall, Adele, 36 Merton Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1L6 McCormick, Susan, 1017 Lapalme, Chambly, J3L 2X2 McCollough, Carolyn, 12 Thompson Point, Beaconsfield, H9W 4Y5 McDiarmid, Barbara, 1681 Winton Rd., Montreal, H3R 2Z2 McKenna, Brigid, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 McKerna, Jo-Anne, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 McLaren, Jane, 243 Bolton Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W 1Z7 Mehnert, Maren, 333 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2J2 Meikle, Marilyn, 4355 Grand Blvd., No. 12, Montreal, H4B 2X7 Mendelsohn, Liane, 6555 Kildare Rd., No. 212, Cote St. Luc, H4W 2X4 Mercer, Allison, 3805 Old Orchard, Montreal, H4A 3A9 Metzger, Diana, 6 Trianon St., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 2H8 Mitchell, Heather, 232 Corot Pare, Nuns ' Island, Montreal, H3E 2H8 Mitchell, Sally-Ann, 362 Balmoral Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W 2J8 Molnar, Suzy, 5765 Cote St. Luc Rd., Montreal, H3X 2E9 Moquin, Diane, 1011 LaPalme St., Chambly, J3L 2X2 Moroney, Mary Anne, 556 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S4 Morrison, Gillian, 30 Redpath Place, Montreal, H3G 1E3 Mosher, Aislinn, 9 Burton Ave., Westmount, H3Z 1J6 Muermans, Myriam, 5860 Honore Mercier, St. Leonard, HIP 1C2 Murray, Patricia, 4381 Royal Ave., Montreal, H4A 2M7 - N - Neapole, Susan, 18 Strathcona Dr., Montreal, H3R 1E4 Normandin, Paget, 3450 Drummond St., No. 1117, Montreal, H3G 1Y3 80 - o - Olgivy, Jane, 4524 King Edward Ave., Montreal, H4B 2H7 Oliver, Kim, 141 Bedbrook Ave., Montreal, H4X 1R7 Osana, Ann, 14 9th Ave., Roxboro, H8Y 2M8 Osana, Helen, 14 9th Ave., Roxboro, H8Y 2M8 Outerbridge, Barbara, 146 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West, H4X 2C1 Outerbridge, Catherine, 146 Ballantyne Ave., Montreal West, H4X 2C1 Outerbridge, Heather, 146 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West, H4X 2C1 Overing, Heidi, 125 Francois Rive, Nuns ' Island, H3E 1E3 - P - Palmer, Caroline, 337 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L7 Panet-Raymond, Danielle, 511 Clarke Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3C5 Panet-Raymond, Louise, 4681 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1W9 Paradissis, Athena, 635 Graham Blvd., Montreal, H3P 2E4 Parker, Barbara, 5629 Queen Mary Rd., Hampstead, H3X 1W8 Parker, Gail, 5629 Queen Mary Rd., Hampstead, H3X 1W8 Patterson, Heather, 7260 Messier St., Brossard, J4Y 1T3 Patton, Janice, Box 492, Caughnawaga, JOL 1B0 Perry, Elizabeth, 3562 Belmore Ave., Montreal, H4B 2B9 Pertrucci, Michele, 188 Brixton Ave., St. Lambert, J4P 3A2 Phillips, Renee, 1675 Tourigny, Brossard, J4W 2P5 Pietramala, Deanna, 8341 Lasalle Blvd., Lasalle, H8P 1Y6 Popescu, Lilianne, 3490 Iberville St., Montreal, H2K 3E2 Powe, Carolyn, 69 Templeton St., Greenfield Park, J4V 2T4 Pratt, Katie, 245 de Lorraine, St. Lambert, J4S 1R1 - R - Rasmussen, Sonya, E 61 The Chateau, 1321 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, H3G 1J4 Renaud, Kathleen, 4080 Wilson Ave., Montreal, H4A 2T9 Risk, Stephani, 36 Rugby Place, Montreal West, H4X 1C4 Rivard, Nathalie, 500 Boul. Habitat, Box 210, R.R. No. 1, Ste. Adele, J0R 1L0 Roberts, AnnaMarie, 1975 de Maisonneuve Blvd., Montreal H3H 1K4 Robson, Karen, 122 Simcoe Ave., TMR, H3P 1W5 Rochester, Wendy, 2090 Vendome Ave., Montreal, H4A 3M5 Roman, Jennifer, 660 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V8 Rosenstein, Babara, 456 Pine Ave. W., No. 306, Montreal, H2W 1S3 Ross-Rusell, Jane, 4394 Boul. de Maisonneuve, Westmount, H3Z 1L5 Russell, Sarah, 26 Richelieu Place, Montreal, H3G 1E8 Rutherford, Nicola, 672 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T9 Rye, Karen, 445 Stream Ave., Dorval, H9S 2P9 - S - Sabatin, Patricia, 3080 Trafalgar Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1H4 Sail, Debbie, 411 Edgewood Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 3H5 Salmon, Caroline, 3524 Northcliffe Ave., Montreal, H4A 3K7 Salomon, Kim, 400 Kensington Ave., No. 105, Westmount, H3Y 3A2 Sanches, Ligia, 305 Roy St. E., No. 203, H2W 1M8 Saputo, Lydia, 215 Les Erables, Laval sur le Lac, H7R 1A3 Saputo, Patricia, 215 Les Erables, Laval sur le Lac, H7R 1A3 Saputo, Virginia, 215 Le Erables, Laval sur le Lac, H7R 1A3 Sassen, Elaine, P.O. Box 220, Ormstown, JOS 1K0 Sassen, Julia, P.O. Box 220, Ormstown, JOS 1K0 Schmidt, Gisela, 740 Montpelier Blvd., No. 815, St. Laurent, H4L 5A7 Schwenk, Elizabeth, 1314 Redpath Cres., Montreal, H3G 2K2 Segal, Paula, 5501 Adalbert Ave., No. 320, Montreal, H4W 2B1 Senecal, Lori Ann, 1690 Ave. du Pare, St. Bruno, J3V 4L9 Shearson, Penny, 550 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T8 Shetler, Kim, 56 St. Sulpice Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2B7 Shetler, Laurie, 56 St. Sulpice Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2B7 Shiomi, Laura, 41 Breckenridge Ave., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9G 1G3 Sockett, Susan, 186 Dufferin Rd., Hampstead, H3X 2Y1 Spence, Kara, 1418 Rue Dr. Penfield, Montreal, H3G 1B7 Spotton, Bronwyn, 323 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2M3 Sterbenk, Tanya, 7 Fairfield Cres., Montreal, H4X 1R5 Stone, Wendy, 6010 Cavendish Blvd., No. 820, Montreal, H3W 2Y2 Sutherland, Cynthia, 447 Victoria Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2R3 Svenstedt, Eva, 607 Clarke Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3E5 Sweeney, Mary, 436 Clarke Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3C6 Swim, Katherine, 216 Percival Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1T9 Swim, Tracie, 216 Percival Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1T9 - T - Taylor, Debra-Ann, 595 Kenaston Ave., Montreal, H3R 1N2 Temple, Joy, 218 Berlioz Park, No. Ill, Nuns ' Island, H3E 1B8 Tenenhouse, Ruth, 399 Clarke Ave., No. 7A, Montreal, H3Z 2E7 Tindale, Kate, 429 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 Tough, Laurie, 4680 Borden Ave., Montreal, H4B 2P5 - U - Udom, Anja, 4250 Marcil Ave., No. 2, Montreal, H4A 2Z6 - V - Vaggalis, Kiki, 7904 Querbes St., No. 5, Montreal, H3N 2C1 Valois, Nathalie, 125 Irvine Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2K3 - w - Wahab, Nadia, 4850 Cote St. Luc Rd., No. 40, Montreal, H3W 2H2 Wales, Pamela, 11 Cardinal St., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 1R8 Wallace, Marie, 4682 Lacombe Ave., Montreal, H3W 1R3 Walsh, Caroline, 210 Cote St. Antoine Rd., Westmount, H3Y 2J3 Webster, Jane, 3571 Vendome Ave., Montreal, H4A 3M6 Wechsler, Nathalie, 141 Finchley Rd., Montreal, H3X 3A3 Wedge, Roberta, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., No. 104, Westmount, H3Z 1M2 Weigand, Heidi, 4314 Montrose Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2A7 Welsford, Nancy, 4307 Montrose Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2A6 Westphal, Yvonne, 244 Portland, Montreal, H3R 1V2 Wilkins, Jane, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., No. 718, Westmount, H3Z 1M2 Wilson, Kate, 1321 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, H3G 1J4 Wiseman, Dawn, 549 Abercorn Ave., Montreal, H3R 2B5 Wong, Catherine, 4521 Bessborough Ave., Montreal, H4B 2P2 Wyatt, Catherine, 4389 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1W8 81 ADVERTISING mi A WONDERFUL SCHOOL THANK YOU MR. AND MRS. H. KEITH PATTERSON Compliments of THE LAROSE, LALIBERTE, PETRUCCI PARTNERSHIP Architects and Planners Town of Mount-Royal Quebec Compliments of Compliments of the MR. AND MRS. FLYNN HOUSEHOLD UDO R. WESTPHAL AND FAMILY 84 Compliments of MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT PROPERTIES Martin E. Borner, Fri., Sir., Ea. President SPECIALIZING IN COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL AND INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE IN CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES SINCE 1955 (514) 482-8501 Compliments of the JANY FAMILY Compliments of THE HERNANDEZ FAMILY (Canada Argentina) Compliments of MYRTLE CRUTCHFIELD Best Wishes From The Monarch Life Assurance Company Suite 400, 6767 C6te de Neiges Rd. Montreal, P. Q. H3C 2T6 Telephone: (514) 731-8257 Branch Manager: Ghislain (Jim) Rivard Compliments of MR. AND MRS. HIRONOBU KAMIOKA S5 MPB Technologies Inc. P.O. Box 160 21051 North Service Road Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, H9X 3L5, Quebec Telephone (514) 457-2035 Compliments of P R DESJARDINS CONSTRUCTIONS INC, GENERAL CONTRACTORS ENTREPRENEURS GENERAUX 1575 Boul Graham Blvd. Montreal, Quebec H3R 1G7 Best Wishes from DR. AND MRS. KWO Parker Industrial Photography P.O. Box 310 Cote St. Luc, Montreal H4V 2Y5 514 489-1132 Walter Parker Compliments of THE PROCOM GROUP Suite 104, 1645 de Maisonneuve W. Montreal, Quebec H3H 2N3 (514) 935-2588 86 • TEAM INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLIERS • SPORTS UNIFORMS • PRINTING DONE ON T-SHIRTS UNIFORMS • GYM EQUIPMENT • CRESTS • GYM WEAR • ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES SPORTS inc. 733-7117 4980 Buchan St. Montreal, Quebec H4P 1S8 • FOURNISSEUR POUR EQUIPES ET INSTITUTIONS • VETEMENTS DE SPORT • CHANDAILS IMPRIMES • IMPRIMERIE • ECUSSONS • VETEMENTS DE GYMNASTIQUE • PROMOTIONS PUBLICITAIRES Ottawa Montreal BABSON ' S CANADIAN INVESTMENT SERVICES LIMITED INVESTMENT LETTERS STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS AND COMMENT RECOMMENDATIONS: BUY, HOLD, OR SELL REGULAR ECONOMIC AND MARKET FORCASTS Write for a free, introductory copy 60 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. M5E 1R6 416 368-7096 Compliments of THE SAPUTO FAMILY Compliments of B I R KS JEWELLERS 87 Anonymous Congratulations to the Graduating Class of ' 80 Best Wishes for Future Success Michel Panet- Raymond CHARTERED INSURANCE BROKER 935-6109 COURTIER D ' ASSURANCES AGREE MONTREAL ai5 THE TUCK SHOP MYRNA BLAUER INTERIORS 88 HOWARTH INC. Specializing in School Out i • Haberdashers • Custom Tailors • Made to Measure Clothing Custom Shirts HOWARTH INC. 1444 St, Catherine St. W. Montreal, P.Q. H3G 1R3 OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 5:00 P.M. TELEPHONE: 861-9242 Goodbye to TRAFALGAR THE PARADISSIS FAMILY 1 - QtrC a SCHOOL VIV vJ V l|CvJ APPLIED ARTS V loLlv lO DAY AND NIGHT COURSES CERAMICS, TEXTILES, VISUAL PERCEPTION JEWELLERY, STAINED GLASS ALSO COURSES FOR CHILDREN (AGES 3 TO 14) For Information: 488-9558 350 Victoria, Westmount Compliments of ITALO CAPPELLI 1 UvaA y- VIMAT INC. Impnmeurs et lithographes — Printers and lithographers 4525 St-Dominique Montreal, Que. H2T 1T7 Extends Congratulations and Best Wishes for Continued Success to the Grads of ' 80 Tel. (514) 845-6167 90 Compliments of JOHN DE KUYPER SON (CANADA) LTD. Montreal LAURIE BENNETT REALTIES LTD. Residential and Investment Sales Property Management Mortages Rentals 937-3231 Member of Montreal Real Estate Board HOLT RENFREW HOLT RENFREW HOLT RENFR HUBERT KLEIN CANADA LTD. INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL PAINTING CONTRACTORS 735-3641 MEMBER OF THE MONTREAL CONSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION 91 CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY w Some of the benefits of an education cannot be measured in immediate terms. This is because an education should do more than merely teach you about things. It should also help you to understand both yourself and the world in which you live. We hope that your High School experiences have prepared you to deal with the challenges ahead. Best Wishes to the 1980 Graduates Loyola Campus 7141 Sherbrooke W. Sir George Williams Campus 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. Montreal Compliments of THE ALTENHOUS FAMILY 92 pecple. . . .faces. . . . 93 94 95 autcsraphs t a r a p h ■ )

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