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PRINCIPAL ' S MESSAGE As Trafalgar students, you are among the nine thousand girls attending Independent Schools across Canada. Trafalgar, as one of the oldest of these, has had a long and interesting history. Its goals have always been the same - to educate women to take an intelligent and active role in the adult world. You may forget that not so very long ago women were not allowed to enter universities and certain professions, nor to hold executive positions in the church or in government. The women of Independent Schools were much involved in the struggle to gain these rights for women and they did make some major breakthroughs. For example, the first woman graduate of a university and the first woman Senator were graduates of Independent Schools. Today, more than ever, you must think seriously about your career goals. Nine out of ten women will now work an average of twenty-five years, thus it is surely imperative to set long range goals, to choose careers suited to yoiu capabilities and interest and which can provide a satisfactory career throughout yoiu lifetime. I urge you to use your school days as productively as the women of the past and to work purposefully toward your future. Echoes Staff Many times you have walked past that tiny room on the third floor and, seeing the sign " Quiet please, geniae at work " , have wondered what sort of work these " geniae " were at. Well, this is it; Trafalgar Echoes ' 79. It is precisely what the name implies, a book full of echoes of the past; the school year 1978-79. When you first walked in through those big doors on Simpson Street in your brand new, clean tunic with your sash tied around your WAIST (! ), and caught your first glimpse of the " crest " , you ceased to be an ordinary student. You became a Trafite. No matter what you said or felt at times, you always were rather proud of the fact. You have been through many things in the past year; the houseplays, the gym dem., and everyday classes: and whether your memories are good or great, they have all been collected and preserved in " Echoes " . This is your yearbook, your souvenir of Traf to keep your cherished memories for years to come. - The Editor FRONT ROW: Joan Noel, Jacqui Lacey, Gill Brodie, Mrs. Akin, Pamela Hall, Susan Pedersen, Helen Kihmm, Barbara Rosenstein. SECOND ROW: Eve Bockler, Jane Brumwell, Caroline Salmon, Carol Harris, Hillary Borner, Melanie Helpard. THIRD ROW: Tracie Swim, Barbara Parker, Connie Shore, Marilyn Meikle. ADVERTISING FRONT ROW: Mira Gamsa, Toni Zannis, Miss Armbruster, Melanie Helpard. SECOND ROW: Joanne Archontakis, Tracie Swim, Carol Harris. 3 Mrs. Wightman Miss Graham 13 Mrs. Rollins Mrs. Randall I Mrs. Michahelles Miss Armbruster Mrs. Forbes Mile. Tosques Mme. Lariviere Mrs. Nicolaidis Mrs. Ritson Miss Boislard km ANTONIA JULIA ZANNIS " TONI " VB ' 74- ' 79 Ross House " A smile is a language even a baby can understand " Ambition: History and English teacher Pet Peeves: Tony, " We can blame it all on the Greeks " Cherished Memories: the Sash ... Chem Bio labs with Lisa (remember the frog?) ... Traf Talks ... debating (in and out of club!) ... " But Mrs. Forbes, I just don ' t understand! " ... getting you-know-who ' s mind of Latin! ... the crisis ... parties ... private plans with Sue ... friendships ... bluntness ... crest with Glen ... Gym Dems ... Einstein ... letters ... 3:30 with Eve for five years ... birthdays ... bazaars ... listening to Barb (notice the end?) ... Leave it to a Jew! ... poor baby ... four years of Latin? ... conning ... Thanks to everyone for all the great times Vale Traf JANINE ALLAN VB ' 76- ' 79 Is it time that changes people. Or is it people that change in time? Ambition: chartered accountant Probable Destiny: bank teller Cherished Memories: Cape Cod ' 77- ' 78 ... summer ' 78 ... citrus C.A.W. L.T. ... K.M. running for 4-seater ... " park " (C.R.) Favourite Expression: " It ' s a rough life but I can handle it " ... Pet Peeve: people wearing make-up on a summer day ... disco Favourite Pastime: vacationing Cherished Possession: 5 years worth of diaries Cumming House ... brownies with ... skiing ' freak! " GISELE BIJOK VA ' 74- ' 79 Ambition: animal technologist Probable Destiny: behind bars Weaknesses: Tiffany ' s, Roger Daltrey Pet Peeve: School limches, homework, teachers, uniforms Favourite Saying: " I want to go home! " , Cherished Memories: the Annex with S.M. ... a star is born ... common room Favourite Pastimes: concerts, partying " So you think your schooling ' s phoney I guess it ' s hard not to agree You say it all depends on money And who is in your family tree Right, right, you ' re bloody well right Supertramp ' Cookie " , " Swivel Hips " , " Sticks " , " Dennis " VA ' 70- ' 79 Barclay House " Farewell my friend. My beautiful friend, farewell. You take the high road, 111 take the low road. And well meet again. Farewell my friend ... " - Dennis Wilson Claim to Fame: Going to Traf for 9 years and remaining sane. Favorite Expression: " Tell me about it! " Cherished Memories: Mothballs ... Stanstead ' 74 ... roller skating with J.B. ... Kookie and Kevin ... Stavinsky ... Big Red ... school lunches ... pigtails ... Bio dissections ... blood types ... studious spares ... kissing G. McL of Fragile ... Beach Boys with K.L., D.B., S.B. ... Dennis Wilson ... B.M., D.H. in Vermont of ' 78. Thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf, and thanks Traf for the wonderful nine years you gave me! ! 111 miss you! Ross House Alexis Nihon Plaza with S.M. EVE BOCKLER 10 MEGAN BORNER " MEG " VA ' 72. ' 79 Ross House lONINA BRILL " HOT LIPS ' " So many things I don ' t know, so many ways I won ' t go, So many secrets that will never be foimd, But as long as you ' re with me, with loving to give me We can watch the world going around ... Chris de Burgh Pet Peeves: Uniform, rush hour, school limches Claim to Fame: My shoulders, my behavior at Itmch, my o Favourite Sayings: What a jerk!. You guys are so obnoxious! Cherished Memories: The common room ... kettle ... The Blue Avenger ... D.B ... dodgeball ... spares ... math with Mrs. N. ... M.Mc ... limch with " The 8MW " ... the small can ... B.B ... D.B. Concert Activities: Cross-country team, swimming team, games captain, house head Parting Words: I ' m finished, it ' s over!, I ' d like to thank the 8MW for making my years at Traf fun. VA ' 77- ' 79 Fairley House Ambition: pediatrician Probable Destiny: professional baby-sitter Pet Peeve: G. Green, grade 10 English classes! Can You Imagine: Nina going through a day without saying " nnniezz " Favourite Pastime: Talking on the phone, cute guys! Cherished Memories: " The Annexe " ... baby-sitting with S.B. ... for " Right here we go " ... N.T ' s sweet hiccup ... G.L ... the first car date with S.B, G.L, D.D. ... the Traf dance with Baldy ... our wild parties ... " Come with me " ... " Tatoo " . .. who whom ... P.L. .. Suite: Clouds and Rain ... Mickey Mouse ... the European fly ... the pictures ... G. Green staring complexes ... S.B. hints ... arguing over G. small can. I ' d like to thank Sandy for writing this and all the friends I ' ve made at Traf. I would especially like to thank Lydia Puiu who know why. Thanx. GILLIAN BRODIE " GILLIAN OF THE FOREST " " GRILL " " GILLIE " VA ' 74- ' 79 Barclay House " You always try to put us down, just because we get around. Tm talking " bout my generation. " The Who " You ' re still an outlaw in their eyes. ' " Steely Dan " II est trop tard, j " ai deja perdu tout mon temps. " Harmonium Cherished Memories: Pre and post school with Suepy ... 8MW Parting Words: Peace, love and which way to Woodstock ... P.S. " What a drag it is getting old " Rolling Stones P.P.S.: " Nod, nod, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more ... " Monty Python SONJA BROOMFIELD VA ' 78- ' 79 Cumming House Ambition: writer and session guitarist Probable Destiny: busking on street corners Pastimes: correcting spelling mistakes, tacky comments, sleeping in on Sunday mornings, winking at older men. Pet Peeves: being late, pink shirts, tart features, Shaun Cassidy Cherished Memories: Friday the thirteenth, Rocky Horror at midnight, putting on Traf uniform in the mornings, the common room. " It isn ' t so easy when you ' ve been broken before It isn ' t so hard when you ' re ready for more ... " Murray Head 11 JANE B. BRUMWELL VA ' 75-79 Fairley House " Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, they slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe. Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my open mind, possessing and caressing me ... " - Lennon and McCartney " All the times that I ' ve cried, keeping all the things I knew inside it ' s hard, but it ' s harder to ignore it. If they were right I ' d agree but it ' s them they know, not me; now there ' s a way and I know that I have to go away. " - Cat Stevens I would like to thank Mum and Dad for their help and understanding THANKS AND CIAO SANDRA BROWN " SWEET BABOO " VB ' 75 ' 79 Ross House For those who know Sandra know about Sweet Baboo, Ambition: accountant??? Probable Destiny: cashier at the Five and Dime! Pet Peeve: lonina ' s " Nnniezz ' s " Cherished Memories: the mouse ... La Ronde ... Rob ' s Roman hands ... " Jane, I have a problem " ... pow-wows at Jane ' s ... " I like your buttons! " ... " booga booga " ... plastered at N.T. ' s ... David Gates and Bread ... G.L. ... setting Gord on fire ... the good one on the lip ... Nina ' s Sweet ... backseat blitz ... Traf dances z-z-z- ... the wild parties ... cherished memories on the South Shore ... polka dots! ... car dates with G.L. D.D. ... gazing as P.B. walked by! ... driving with I.B. .. more! ! I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to go to Traf. Ill miss the good friends with whom I share these memories. DANICA SUSAN DALE " NICA " " CL " VB ' 74- 79 Fairley House Ambition: English Teacher Probable Destiny: Mrs. Aiken ' s maid Favourite Pastime: hanging around and fighting with Shirley Can You Imagine: Nica not hanging around and fighting with S.M.? Pet Peeve: " Le Chien Jaune " Weaknesses: D.B., a certain someone ' s eyes, T.P. Favourite Expression: " I don ' t believe this! " , " ... OK! " Cherished Memories: S.M. S I at S.C. ' s apartment ... Jello races with S.M. ... obscene remarks with A.L., S.M. ... " after school " with G.B., S.P. ... singing with J.W. ... Guitar Club ... English ' 77- ' 78 ... " Mrs. McCarthy " ... Bio with Mrs. Hen ... initiation of " Gober " " Well we all have a face that we hide away forever we take them out show ourselves when everyone has gone. " - Billy Joel " Only the good die young ... " - Billy Joel KILBY ELIZABETH DODSON " KILO ' KI " VB ' 74- ' 79 Donald House N. ... the Cherished Memories: lunches with the 8MW ... Math with Mrs " Corvette " ... the Greek restaiuant ... 8 track tapes. Favourite Expressions: " Natch! " , " Are you ready yet? " Pet Peeve: locker room rush, L.E. ' s " marvy " , Jo ' s laugh Weaknesses: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Rocky Horror, Villeneuve Claim to Fame: knobby knees I shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again. - Anonymous 12 USE KRISTEN ERICKSEN " BLOODY MEXICAN " " ERICKSEN " VB ' 77-79 Donald House Cherished Memories: Math with Mrs, Nicolaidis ... French with M. Amesse ... spending time with K.D., J.H. ... spares in library... " the Corvette " Pet Peeves: crowded buses, junior locker room rush, slow people, people who walk too fast for me Weakness: Mick Jagger, M.D., Jo ' s laugh Claim to Fame: my accent, loud mouth PEGGY ESSARIS " FUZZ " VA ' 73- 79 Don ' t walk behind me I may not lead Don ' t walk ahead of me I may not follow Just walk beside me And be my friend Cherished Memories: L.S. Barclay House B.S. ... June 22, 1977 ... May 5, ' 77 ... summer ' 77, ' 78 ... Donna Summer concert with RAI ... discoteque ' 77- ' 78 WENDY ERASER " WEE WEE " VA ' 74 ' 79 Cmnming House Activities: house head, grad committee Claim to Fame: I.D. cards Favourite Expression: " it was soooo funny! " Ambition: commercial artist Probable Destiny: drawing cartoons for ' Playgirl ' Cherished Memories: tennis balls in Math class ... common room yummies ... OR ' S at A« W WITH V.P. ... Fanny ' s Vedum tssst shiny shoes ... ribit ... V.P. ' s twit, twit ... icing fights with L.N. ... pigout days ... bread sandwich ... speed spelling with C.S. ... " bus stop " ... " it " ... driver ' s ed with Skunk L.N. ... 4th gear on Jean Talon ... Sven ... bluemoonlscab, yuk, yuk, eggplant dip- face, Gigi ... Pierle nautious at J.M. ' s coimtry place. Thanks to everyone and keep in touch. MIRAGAMSA VA ' 77- ' 79 Cumming House Cherished Memories: " Mira, Mira on the wall " ... strolling Crescent Street ... drooling (with S.B.) over Baryshnikov Starbuck ... plain quarter - poimders ... La Ronde ... summer camp letters ... Baboo ' s party Sue M. ' s guests ... Mrs. D. hysterical fits ... cosine derivation ... religious debates in Math ... infinite loops Ambition: world ' s greatest actress Probable Destiny: world ' s greatest physicist Favourite Sayings: La dee la dee .. " I can ' t take this anymore! " ! ! ?$ Pet Peeves: homework, being phoned during favourite T.V. shows, baking pie crusts, French class, " L ' Histoire de la litterature Francaise " , linguistiques. Mom ' s phone conversations Thanks to Mom Dad who helped me through my years at school put up with my bouts of hysteria. A special thanks to Mrs. Forbes who inspired me in Math sciences, who was always there to help. 13 PAMELA JANICE HALL VA ' 74-79 Donald House " Haply I may remember, And haply may forget. " - Christina Rossetti Je me Souviens: " don ' t invent " ... Christmas Concert ' 74 ... Vinimi Hallmartis ... Latin ... Closing ' 78 ... religious battles ... summer ' 78 ... grade 11 ... Echoes ... " There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so " - Shakespeare " Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference. " - Robert Frost " All the world ' s a stage ... " - Shakespeare Good-bye Traf —Thank you! JOANNA HARRIES VA ' 74- ' 79 " Time waits for no one, And it won ' t wait for me. " - Jagger - Richard " It makes no difference where I turn, I can ' t get over you and the flame still burns. It mak es no difference night or day The shadow never seems to fade away. " - Robbie Robertson " May you build a ladder to the stars Climb on every rimg, and may you stay Forever young " - Bob Dylan Ross House CAROLINE A. HARRIS " CAROL " VB ' 74- 79 Donald House " If you love something, set it free; If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn ' t, it never was. " - Anonymous Cherished Memories: tennis ' 75- ' 76- ' 77 ... Chem countdowns with L.S. ... badminton ' 76 with D.S. ... house play with co-head P.H. .. jogging with B.W. ... school lunches ' 77- ' 78 with B.S., L.S., P.E. ... typing with L.S. ... " Help, Mrs. Forbes " ... a test today?! ! ... " you have to press the return key " ... computer ' 78- ' 79 with L.S. ... History ' 76- ' 77 with Mrs. W. Thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf. ANNE KMETYKO " KMETYKO " " SKINNY " ' 77- ' 79 Claim to Fame: " Amundo " Pet Peeves: limches, " are you chewing giun? " Can you Imagine: me being on time?! Activities: lifting up tunics! Cherished Memories: common room ... week-ends J.M., G.B ... spares ... Rocky Horror. " When the years are heavy and my heart is growing cold. Well I wish the evening comes that there 11 always be ... Some old friend who 11 miss me too! " - Chris de Burgh French with V.P., A.S. 14 JACQUELINE LYVIA LACEY VA ' 75- ' 79 " Friends my soul with joy remembers How like quivering flames they start, When I fan the living members On the hearthstone of my heart. " - Longfellow Cherished Memories: 1st Traf dance ... calle Jacqui! ... bio labs . ' believe you me ' ... growing ... distressing PSSC + Chem St. labs ... accurate anachronisms ... summers in Europe ... California ... grand marches Much appreciation to the staff. Special thanks to my parents. Farewell Traf! Donald House .. little books .. ... Woodstock house plays ... MONIQUE ANNE LUNAN " MQ " VA ' 74- ' 79 Cumming House " I ' d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, The sinners are much more fun, You know that only the good die young. " - Billy Joel Activities: sub-head prefect, games lieutenant, box, mat club, swimming, bad- minton, basketball, volleyball, full-time Trafite Cherished Memories: BB with D.S., M.M., A.E., N.L. ... Bish Pizza ... the gym ... physics with D.S., K.M. ... Gav Deb ' 78 ... Friendly ' s ... KB with D.S., K.S. ... B.M. ... M.P. and meeting Styx ... little sister ... Pooh ... CP wdth S.B., D.S. ... raccoons ... badminton ... Traf Many thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me the opportimity to go to Traf. " We ' re not here for a long time, we ' re just here for a good time. " - Unknown MARY MACLACHLAN VA ' 76- 79 Ross House Activities: school games captain, prefect, basketball + volleyball teams, box Prototype: Kermit the frog Pet Peeve: prototype Cherished Memories: BB with N.L., M.L., D.S. ... not understanding a word in Chem with J.M. ... " I ' m gonna fail! " ... peewee football with J.D. ... AARGH ... THE restaurant ... THE weekend (eggplant) ... HOOB ... Lab 15 ... W. P. 4 a.m. ... 2 Cokes and 7 straws at PVM ... " with a little luck ... " - Paul McCartney SUSAN JEANNETTE MARSHALL " SUE " " MARSBITS " VA ' 73- 79 Barclay House " The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone. And I must follow, if I can. Pursuing it with eager feet. Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say. - J.R.R. Tolkien Memoria Teneo: " don ' t invent " ... " have a danish " ... PSSC labs with T.Z., L.R. ... Raffle ' 77 ... Viniun Hallmartis ... Traf Talks ... meals on the West Island ... religion + P.H., L.R. + others(!) ... one straight milk ... stool hopping m the Chem lab ... Latin ... Bazaar ' 78 ... the wahoo ... " Einstein was rather clever too! " ... crisis ... Shalom Traf - Thank You! 15 JOANNE MILLER VB ' 76- ' 79 Barclay House " I would like to make it understood that though I am little, I am good. " Pet Peeve: " are you sure you ' re in grade 11? " Can you Imagine: Joanne not timing each class? Claim to Fame: my laugh Cherished Memories: summer ' 77 ... Wilvaken ' 78 ... 2 Cokes + 7 straws at PVM ... " the " weekend (yuck - yuck) ... not understanding a word in Chem with M.M. ... J ' s eyelashes ... W.P. 4 a.m. ... pulling A.S. ' s sash ... N.S.! ... leprechaun on snow ... The restaurant ... I ' m gonna fail!... K.P. all night ... hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side (JP) ... tigers, cats and dogs ... la-la-la (J.T.) Parting Note: Too - da - loo CRIP " " GOOBER " " SHIRL " VA ' 75- ' 79 Fairley House SHIRLEY MILLER Ambition: translator Probable Destiny: corner of Crescent and Peel Weaknesses: Shaun Cassidy, Jack, Ralph, Beach Boys Claim to Fame: graduating Pet Peeve: school lunches, Hamlet Favourite Sayings: " royaly " , " oh God, not again " , " take it easy " Favourite Pastime: " that certain place downtown " , Corvette, concerts, partying, fighting with D.D., talking, H.P., N.C., J.M., S.M., P.R., S.C. Cherished Memories: Corvette ... French ' 76- ' 79 ... math ' 77- ' 78 ... Beach Boys ' concert ... Florida ... Shaim Cassidy concert ... G.B. + me before school ... D.D. + I after school ... Wayne + Norman ... J.H. ' s older men ... Lise + Marc ... Gisele ' s twitch ... Danica ' s insults Can you Imagine: Shirley not talking about Shaun Cassidy? Unforgettables: June 6, Nov. 27, Sept. 3, meeting Shaun Cassidy NO PHOTO AVAILABLE Barclay House BARBARA JOAN NOEL " JONI " " B.J. " VA ' 75- 79 " Be wise, look ahead, use your eyes, " " he said " Be straight, think right. " " but I may die tonight. - Cat Stevens Cherished Memories: up North? with I.R. ... St. Bruno ... weekends + dances with J.B., I.R. ... concerts ... am - pm ... munchies ... lost memories with S.P., G.B., J.W. ... Thursdays ... Emile " s ... math with Mrs. N. + co. ... D.D., I.R., S.S., B.R., A.K. (Amundo) ... football games Ambition: public relations with the airlines Probable Destiny: relations with the public Activities: prefect, househead. Echoes, IV rep, IV V.P. " Ever drifting down the stream- Lingering in the golden gleam - Life, what is it but a dream? " ' - Lewis Carroll Frank ' n Furter, it ' s all over. Your mission was a failiu-e, your lifestyle ' s too extreme ... Richard O " Brian NATHALIE ORIANNE " NAT " " MATALI " " TALI " VA " 77- " 79 Cumming House " Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe. " " " Madness in great ones must not go unwatched. " - Shakespeare Ambition: doctor Probable Destiny: a patient! Can you Imagine: Nathalie understanding Physics? Favourite Saying: " Me? " , " But that ' s beside the point " Memories (cherished or otherwise): PSSC labs with C.S ... people staring at my tunic in the Metro ... going home with K.B. ... grade 11 sash ... common room ... Belgium with N.O., P.L., M.V., P.C. ... summer " 78 with Y.P., R.P. + the gang ... Supertramp ... " Mrs. Forbes, I don " t understand! " Special thanks to Mrs. Doupe, Mrs. Ritson, and the staff for these memorable years. Maman et Papa, il n ' y a pas de mots poiu exprimer mo gratitude Love you all, bye Traf ! ! ! 16 SUSAN M.D. PEDERSEN " Susie " , " Fluzy " , " Suepy " , " Pretz " VA ' 73-79 Donald House " And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consolations They ' re quite aware of what they ' re going thru ... " - David Bowie " There ' s no time to lose I heard her say Catch your dreams before they slip away Dying a ll the time lose your dreams And you will lose your mind. " - The Rolling Stones Memories: concerts, parties, utter craziness (nod, nod) w. my good friends Gillie and Mary—also early morning classes with G.B. (wink, wink) and many munchies and mimging snowbanks—knees tight! A Heineken beer bottle and fainting. Thanx to D.D., B.J., P.O., T.G., J.M., CM., M.M., A Z, L.S., G.P., T.P. Parting words: Nurky mungy wanga-wang! See Ya! Thanx 8 M.W. VERONIQUE POURCELET " Veronicky " , " Vernie " , " Rosie " VB ' 77- ' 79 Donald House Activities: grad committee Ambition: translator Probable Destiny: speaking Frenglish Claim to Fame: Paris! Favorite Expression: " Ya pig! " , " Twit, twit. " Pet Peeve: A.K. lifting up my tunic; I.R.— " Ca me fait bozer! " ; my picture (seen here) Cherished Memories: grade 10 math ... O.R. at A W with W.F. .. ribbit, vedimi tssst ... Fanny ' s crumpling paper ... competition of food eating with E.S. ... pi g- out days ... chemistry with D.D., S.M., G.B. ... Sven ... G.M. ' s grad ... P.B. ... 4th gear on Jean-Talon ... Blue Moon ... L.N., A.S., W.F. " it " ... Stanstead dance (Ha! Ha! ) ... pants ... lost in Chomedy CYNTHIA ANNE ROBERTON " Butterball " VB ISABELLE RICHARD " Isis " , " Iso " VB ' 74- 79 Fairley House Ambition: child psychologist Probable Destiny: patient at the Douglas Favorite Pastime: forging signatiu-es, skiing, horseback riding Favorite Saying: Rock ' n ' Roll, " Capote pas, " " A m ' fait buzzer. " Cherished Memories: volleyball, cross-country, J.N. and V.P. with grapes at hospital ... Gym Dems ... St. B— 12 min. to Metro ... lunches ... bomb scares ... drills ... laughs, N.W., J.N., D.S., M.M. ... common room ... L.C.C. dance ... " Do I know you? " ... Katimavick at Lejeune Pet Peeve: English assignments, washroom duty (prefect) Activities: Prefect, house head, grad committee, bazaar rep., class vice-president ' 76, volleyball, cross-country, gymnastics " Take your time, think a lot, think of everything you ' ve got For you will still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not. " - Cat Stevens ' 74- ' 79 Fairley House " The prayer that I pray, from day to day. As I trudge along this weary way. Is that all who knew me will say, after I pass away, I wish she were here today. " Claim to Fame: chicken noodle soup Pet Peeve: There ' s my park and Coleen ' s old park. Cherished Memories: adopting dog, " Tasha " , with G.F. and Examens! Secord fudge ... stuck at train with A.R. and S.L. ... seeing C.Z. again , French classes ... paranoia with L.E. ... Nicolaidis ' math ... BENNY .. " N " fits in locker room ... S. Gay ... " yelp " ... skipping with sashes ... .. Laura , M.A. ' s relieving getting tied up in small can ... J.A. ' s pink shorts ... chips and ice cream with W.F. " Mary, you still look like Kermit! " ... Sandy finally at J.A.C. ... Michael came home! Bye-bye. LESLIE RYE " Les " VB ' 75-79 Barclay House " Some were good, couldn ' t stop the laughter flowing; Some were bad, couldn ' t stop the tears! For each one, I thank the Lord that we have lived. Together through the years! " The Many Good Times: bio. with Mrs. H. ... " Don ' t invent " ... debating with S.M. ... Latin class ... Traf Talks ... extra math ... common room with P.H., S.M., M.G., ... spares with M.G. and L.S. plotting graphs ... jogging ... labs with Mad Scientist, LR. ... guitar club ... " one straight milk " ... LaRonde 6 78 ... chem, PSSC and math with Mrs. F. ... bazaar 78 ... trying to figure out how P.H., A.Z., S.M., and B.A. talked me into doing what I just did ... alone with the computer ... classes with Miss A. ... writing to C.K., A.L., and G.S. ... " Rye, you ' re slipping! " ... and so many more! Thanks Traf, for being there when needed! Peace. ANNE SAMUEL " Annie Fanny " VB ' 75- ' 79 Ross House Activities: Prefect, grad committee Ambition: business administration Probable Destiny: standing at the end of the imemployment line Claim to Fame: " good " jokes Favorite Expression: " Vedoum tsst " , and " Got to go. " Weakness: polishing shoes and folding papers in half Memories: having friends like C.S., C.R. and J. A. ... being chased by men with V.P. ... listening to J.M. and A.K. complain in French ... talking to W.F. about everything and anything ... getting to know D.S., M.M., J.M., and L.S. in my last year ... Spanish lessons with L.N. in grades 9 and 10. Thanks to Mom and Dad and also special thanks to all my friends at TRAF. LISA SENEGAL " Lis " " Lisi " ' 74- ' 79 Gumming House " Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly. Edinborough 1974 B eginning 5 Y ears 1979 End T ravelling to school at 7.00 A.M. R imning in the morning with B.W., C.H. A cting in the house plays F irst Chem. Lab. and many more: gym at 8 A.M. with B.S. and almost missing Gym Dem ' 76 ... the computer ... school lunches. Good-bye Traf, Friends Thank-you Mom and Dad. COLEEN SHAW ' 77- ' 79 Ambition: veterinarian Probable Destiny: shovelling at Granby Zoo Cherished Memories: svern ... amazing A.K. Janine and C.R " ... L.E. bread san ... Wednesday double spare Favorite Pastime: studying and riding Favorite Expression: " That ' s Stoopid! " Pet Peeve: " Freeak " ... A.K. .. ha, ha Weakness: Shaun Cassidy and dark curly hair Cherished Possessions: my horse ... Shaun Cassidy pictures Fairley House driving gyn. crazy ... " Park with I DIANA SKIADAS VB ' 72- ' 79 Donald House Ambition: Becoming rich Probable Destiny: poor piano teacher Cherished Memories: running around old locker room with Megan ... yawning in Latin classes ... science with Mrs. Gendron ... flip over box ... doing laps ... track and field ... leaping over seven people with Miss Layton ... " Aren ' t you and Athena supposed to be in the library? " (Miss T. 1972) Pet Peeve: history class THANKS to Mom CAROLINE SMEETON ' 77 ' 79 You can not trade your wisdom For the youth that you ' ve been missing Burton Cummings It ' s strange aberration this brainstorm of youth Kerry Lwgren To cease to think is but little different from ceasing to be Benjamin Franklin All by myself don ' t want to live - all by myself - anymore Eric Carmen Fairley House BETTINASORBY VB ' 75-79 Ross House Activities: skiing, horseback riding, gymnastics, school games, lieutenants, house head, prefect, hacking around. Ambition: to work with animals Probable Destiny: boarding kennel keeper Favorite Expressions: " come again! " , " that ' s a knee slapper " Favorite Pastime: solving Nim ' s Island soap operas Pet Peeve: Peggy ' s nails (how does she do it?) Cherished Memories: 77 78 geometry class with P.E. ... babysitting Zachary ... going away parties w J.C., M.S., A.S., P.W., M.B., Jen at Harlequins and A.S. ' apt. ... Norwegian parties w R.S. (Ahh!) ... " Grease " ... coming back to J.M. and P.W. ... morning gym w L.S. .. notes, notes, NOTES in and out of class ... planning things w Jennifer ... tennis party ... looking forward to next year. DANA LESLEY SPENCE VB ' 74 ' 79 " Dane " , " Dragon Lady " Claim To Fame: being a Canuck Weakness: ice cream, long distance phone calls Favorite Pastime: scoping, shopping Activities: house head, games captain, basketball, volleyball Most Cherished Memories: Bishops with M.L., M.M., N.L physics ... ert ... McDonalds ... C.P. with S.B., M.L Fairley House beach ... beach ... the port ... pounce! ... the viking restaurants ... " remember when you ' re feeling shy smile and people will wonder what you ' re up to! " A.E. ... pizza .. house plays ... K ' herbies in Chinese J NELLY TRAKAS VB ' 72-79 Barclay House Ambition: math teacher Probable Destiny: Miss Boislard ' s assistant Favorite Expression: " Help, me please! " Pet Peeve: History class Can You Imagine: Nell y not begging for more marks Cherished Memories: first day at Traf ... Gym Dem ' 75 ... C.B. failing me piu-posely ... These physics and math classes ... B.B. ... math with N.W. 77-78 ... downtown with N.W., S.B., LB., J.B., ... those diets ... common room ... 06, 24, 78 ... W.H. ... Boogie Oogie ... " P.P. in the B. " ... " hot shot " ... " let ' s all chant " ... bringing cuz J.K. to school dances ... J.K. crazy driving ... Saturday nights ... downtown Friday nights with N.W., J.K. ... E.L. with S.B. ... run with D.S. ... J.C. records ... guys at P. A. To my friends thanks for all the wonderful times we had together. To my parents and Traf, " words are not enough. " JANET LYNN WEEKS " JAN " ' 71- ' 79 Barclay House Ambition: commercial Artist Probable Destiny: Designing Spirograph Pet Peeves: bloomers, homework, imiforms and Traf lunches Activities: ask D.H. Cherished Memories: 1 year with C.G. ... Nov. 23, 77 ... A.M., P.M. ... romps with D.D., J.N., G.B., and S.P. etc., then having to take Danica home ... Thursday afternoons ... the old gym dining room ... " R " room ... food fights ... " blue moon " ... " come on girls " ... Anne-amimdo ... barn yard noises. " Well enjoy each moment to the last future ' s far away the past ' s the past. " Jan Weeks " Don ' t do this, don ' t do that ... don ' t they know where it ' s at? " Super Tramp BARBARA WISE VB ' 75- ' 79 Cumming House " Some are wise and some otherwise. " Favorite Pastime: " Adida - - " in class Cherished Memories: " Mom, I have a boyfriend in school. " " Yea? That ' s nice. " ... Remember the day I shocked you, Diana, with a bucket of water ... spending Christmas in Miami every year ... Marty Feldman ... 1st time with M.S. A.F. ... " Boluptious " ... Bowie concert ... track and field with C.R. . L.E. ... M.-W. 77 78 ... C.A. with Americans ... " only the good die young " ... Boston (concert G.G. ' s) ... WHAT reputation Toni?? ... and the friendships I ' ve made at Traf. " It takes all sorts of people to make a world " (including Trafites! ). Douglas William Jerrold NAOMI WOELBER VB ' 70- 79 Donald House " True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation. " Washington ... 1783 Well at long last it is time for me to leave Traf and what can I possibly say but Traf, thanks for the memories. Boarding school ... old dining room ... boom scare with Mme. Fotheringham ... mother and daughter races at field day ... rushing to Rathbone theater with S. Torrents ... Nina ' s Sweet ... Bahamas trip with D.S. ... N.T. pleading for marks from ... 1978 Tso ' s gym dem and finally waiting nine years to be fifth form. Special thanks to Miss Harvie, Mme. Fotheringham, Mrs. Ritson. Many Thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me to Traf. This has been an un- forgettable experience for me ! i mm I FORM IVA FRONT ROW: Nathalie Rivard, Athena Paradissis, Virginia Saputo, Carolina Macia, Bettina Karpel, Stephanie Coe, Maren Mehnert, Barbara Rosenstein. SECOND ROW: Diane Garami, Caroline Bachynski, Mrs. Forbes, Tracie Swim, Monica Furer, Susan Jany. THIRD ROW: Elizabeth Schwenk, Joanne Archontakis, Barbara Parker, Hilary Bomer, Susie Molnar, Wendy Stone, Michele Catterill, Sonya Rasmussen, Jody Foster. tut. 5, 9 £| (X ie peop « ir this c(o«s uihoneeel p ydniain ' c he,lp siyn or) fhe. klatkboard. wsrogy bio lat Ms Yroa.H. FORM IVB FRONT ROW: Laurie Shetler, Kara Spence, Martha Legge, Caroline Palmer. SECOND ROW: Jean Kwo, Debbie Sail, Joanne McKenna, Chris Kastopoulos, Diana Metzger, Helen Osana. THIRD ROW: Maria Laura Hernandez, Gabrielle Lynch -Staunton, Marilyn Meikle, Mrs. Akin, Helen Kihmm, Melanie Helpard, Nadia Wahab. FOURTH ROW: Caroline Salmon, Marguerite Rosevear, Dominique Guillon, Cathy Wyatt, Connie Shore, Danielle Panet-Raymond, Kathy Camp, Angela Ebsworth, Lynne Biemaski, Raimonda Pironti. o oo NOT k R re ON The Hern made FORM IIIA FRONT ROW: Katy Gray, Jennie Kwo, Liane Mendelsohn, Belinda Dale, Margaret Hope, Tinis Gravenor, Debbie Taylor, Grace Kihmm, Naila Chnghtai, Paget Normandin. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Sutherland, Miriam Muermans, Linda Cappelli, Mrs. Popescu, Sarah Russell, Suzanne Hooker, Lesli- Ann Hyrst, Edith Bramwell. THIRD ROW: Reinie Fozo, Anne Halley, Patricia Murray, Lana Broniszewski, Jennifer Day, Sharon Clarke, Jacquie Aguayo, Katharine Hall, Karen Rye, Belinda - Rocky Horror, so ' s your face! Sharon - Scooby dooby boo! Lana - Calm yourself. Sarah - I know teacher, (oh! oh! oh!) Debbie - Oh my god, I don ' t understand. Cynthia (Suds) - Far out! ! Katy - Tell me about it. Jennie - Hi guz. Margaret - All right, dynomite, out of sight, far out! Janis - He ' s so obnoxious! Jacquie - What the hell ... Reine - Oh, blaa! Anne - Na-nu, na-nu. Naila - Gombah, oh my god! Gross me out! Edith - Not necessarily ... Jennifer - Slow down ... Do you have a problem? Paget - Are you kidding? Oh my God! Karen - Oh gross! Pat - Clam up, you could have fooled me! Liane - I ' m hungry! Kathy - Should I die now or later? Mary Anne - Maine, Maine, ... Maine! ! ! Myriam - How on earth should I know? Linda - C ' mon. Leslie - Hullo ... meet Razzle Smizzle from Snizzlefits, born in Snoz, in the house of Druz. Suzanne - Super mendo. Grace - Quel bore! FORM NIB FRONT ROW: Dawn Lazare, Andrea Favreau, Tori Gordon, Bonnie Spotton, Lori Foster, Jane Crutchfield, Eva Svenstedt, Heather Freeman, Randee Baron, Amy Creighton. SECOND ROW: Marie Forte, Kim Myles, Jennifer Roman, Kathy Bardo, Cathy Outerbridge, Lori-Ann Senecal, Pamela Rosenberg, Gabrielle Achermann, Erika Eriksen. THIRD ROW: Susan McCormack, Sandra Cappelli, Stephanie Scheid, Patricia Furer, Emma Hancock, Grace Kurdyla, Kate Wilson, Sarah Caregie, Kim Solomon. E.H.: " Oh! pregnant elephants! " " shazbat! " K.M.: " Oh no! I ' m gonna fail! " A.F.: " Whatababe! " CO.: " Test? What test? " " Cute, real cute. " S.McC: " I ' m gonna die! " J.C.: " Ya? " " You ' re kidding! " A. C.: : " But Mikey, I ' m only female... " " Gadzooks! " L.S.: " Oh wow! That ' s great! " T.G.: " I feel nervous. " " I don ' t believe you. " J.R.: " Take it easy! " B. S.: " Slightly Jerry Daychief " " napi " It was a mercy killing. " R.B.: " Oh no! I didn ' t study! I ' ll probably fail! " M.F.: " I told you not to call me that! " S.C.: " Oh! $% +$! " Move it tank! " K.B.: " Boy! I hate your guts! " K.S.: " Oh, you ' re so cute! " K.W.: " Hi! I am a Kingstonian. " L.F.: " Whip it out! " E.E.: " That ' s not true! " E.S.: " She is driving me up the wall! " P.F.: " That ' s ridiculous! " " Emma! " H.F.: " Right! " " Ta ta " S.C.: " I ' m not Linda, I ' m Sandra! " G.K.: " What a hunk! " S.S.: " Have a happy day, you yerky ! " FORM MA FRONT ROW: Caroline Cullen, Kate Tindale, Diane Moquin, Laurie Tough, Natalie Bagdadlian, Josee Alessi, Linda Hooper, Kim Shetler, Nancy Echenberg, Laurie Bennett. SECOND ROW: Paula Segal, Christine Klein, Michele Ballantyne, Mrs. Kalisky, Hilary Ladd, Christina Issaris, Joan Barnard. THIRD ROW: Pippa Jones, Constance Exley, Christine Bush, Sally Mitchell, Julia Sassen, Judith Maclaren, Carolyn Powe, Liz- Ann Crompton, Jessica Lawrence, Carolyn Walsh. A lot of girls old and new, all belong to 302. Jessie who always has something to say; Would make Anne of Green Gables anyway. Chris B. and Scott Baio, are one of a kind, Not a pair like that in this world could give you a find. Constance and Pippa, two chimps in a tree, " Hang " out in the halls most happily. Paula and Chris K. are always in trouble, Hilary whose laughing makes it a double. Liz-Ann with her horses, drives you insane. And Kate with her singing is just the same. Carolyn P. was the smash hit in Ross, But Michele B. is the class boss. Julie with her blonde, blonde hair, And Joan who always gives a care. Judith ' s the one whose a ball. But Carolyn C. is so tall. Nancy comes from the planet Mars, Kimba ' s her neighbor from the stars. Laurie whose name is Tough, Is no match for Laurie B. ' s rough. Linda ' s good at mathematics. While Sally ' s doing great gymnastics. Josee and Carolyn Walsh both have features. They ' d make a hit as outer space creatures. Christina Issaris is quite a gal. But Natalie and Diane are the best of pals. So you can see everyone, our class is the best. Even before you look at the rest ! FORM I IB FRONT ROW: Pamela Wales, Cathy Wong, Lydia Saputo, Barbara McDiarmid, Nathalie Wechsler, Heidi Ludwick, Lindsay Dodson, Catherine Mulkins, Delia Grenville. SECOND ROW: Heather Patterson, Susan Sockett, Jane Webster, Mrs. Rollins, Barbara Outerbridge, Adele Marshall, Louise Panet-Raymond. THIRD ROW: Tina Haubenreisser, Heidi Overing, Gail Parker, Diana Leblanc, Brigitte Altenhaus, Karen Beirnaski, Sabine Peters, Deborah Flynn, Melanie Cox, Marie Wallace. 2B or not 2B, but certainly not 2 A CAN YOU IMAGINE .... Brigitte cutting her hair. ...Karen not cracking a joke.... Melanie not being quiet.... Lindsay not putting on lip gloss or brushing her hair.... Debbie without doing handstands on the wall Delia not being in a hurry Christine not liking James Garner Diana not doing her homework Heidi having an afro.... Adele being tall Barbara without rosy cheeks Catherine wearing a long tunic Barbie without energy Heidi not writing something more than once Louise not talking in class Heather breaking rules.... Sabine being awake in the morning.... Lydia not laughing.... Susan not being vulgar.... Pamela going through a day without hurting herself.... Marie being messy.... Jane wearing a string bikini.... Natalie being fat.... Cathy ringing the wong number. FORM lA FRONT ROW: Margaret Styres, Patricia Sabatian, Jacqui Angus, Emily Feldman, Stephanie Risk, Kim Mesher, Kathy Renaud, Sandra Sasserman. SECOND ROW: Cynthia Bennett, Denise Carr, Nancy Boivin, Miss Moll, Jane Mclaren, Roberta Wedge, Annamarie Roberts. THIRD ROW: Bessie Trakas, Beth Mahan, Kathie Swim, Valerie Lowe, Cindy Jolly, Marie Lassard, Yvonne Wesphal, Victoria Ellis. 30 FORM IB FRONT ROW: Adrienne TurnbuU, Patricia Saputo, Annemarie Dmmm, Valerie Jakubovic, Suzanne Grant, Nandni Bharglava, Karen Robson, Nicola Rutherford, Aislin Mosher. SECOND ROW: Olga Calotychos, Debbie Ludgate, Alison Mercer, Anna Maclachan, Katie Pratt, Allison Beerman. THIRD ROW: Carri Eliesen, Lou Lou Muermans, Angela Mandry, Vania Kirby, Martha Johnson, Laura Taylor, Nadia Cappelli, Liane Kotler. To start this poem out right, we need a burst of lightning. That is why the first on my list is Mrs. Wightman. Next there ' s Liane who ' s the tallest one of all, she ' s really good at many things But best at Basketball Then we ' ve got Anne Marie who ' s a really great gymnast She does her flips very well and does them very fast Now let ' s not forget Aislin who always does her job We never see her sitting, she ' s hopping like a frog. When we think of Martha, All we do is sigh for in a while we must all wave and sadly say good-bye Now the name is Laura, who is never late for lunch and when you want some frienship she always has a bimch. When we think of Vania who always likes to dance, and when she sees a guy she takes a second glance. Now we think of Nadni who really is so good she always does her homework when no one thinks she should. Now this poem is finished. It really is quite dandy I am the person who wrote this poem The name is Angle Mandry. 34 FOURTH: " Once, Twice, Three Times a Murderer " ' Men in uniform ...! " Th is year ' s theme was mystery stories. Some of the characters which evolved from this topic were based on well known detectives, such as, Columbo, the Hardy Boys, Inspector Clousseau and Sherlock Holmes. The plays were suspenseful, humourous and thoroughly enjoyable. A victorious Ross came in first, followed by a successful Donald, then a heroic Barclay. Gumming and Fairley tied for a proud fourth. 35 36 November the ninth was the date of Traf ' s " Ye Olde Countrie Bazaar " . This year, it was agreed that half the money earned would go to the graduating class. Since the bazaar made $1400, $700 was donated to them. The grade sevens were in charge of Christmas decorations, grade eights sold books, grade nines ran the tea, grade tens took care of the raffle, grade elevens sold baked goods whi le the prefects ran the bottle raffle. Everyone had a great time and we made $BIG BUCKS$ ! ! ! ! DRAMA In November, Traf Troupe presented the popular musical, Anne of Green Gables. Thanks go to Miss Graham and all the other teachers and students who contributed to the success of the play. The girls who participated revealed to us that not only can our students act, but they can sing at the same time ! ! ! HISTORY BANQUET In December, the grade eights, with the help of Mrs. Wightman, held their annual banquet. The cafeteria was transformed into a medieval hall with sac-cloth on the walls, banners on the pillars and wenches to serve the medieval meal: Cornish Game hens, broth, bread, tarts and ale. The girls were garbed in appropriate costumes of the time and danced to medieval music. The staff, too, dressed up and parents were invited for tea afterwards. CHRISTMAS CONCERT This year ' s Christmas concert was one of our most successful ever. It was imder the direction of our new music teacher, Miss Nancy Graham. It was especially enjoyable for the students because they got to choose the song their form would sing. Recorders and a guitar were used this year, along with the traditional organ. The readings were taken from the book. A NORTHERN NATIVITY, by William Kurelek. GUITAR CLUB Various Tuesday morning Prayers this year were enlightened by the glorious voices of the guitar club. This is a new club developed by Miss Graham, who chose different folk songs for the club to perform. It was a good musical addition to Prayers. LEFT TO RIGHT: Danica Dale, Janet Weeks, Anne- Marie Drumm, Miss Graham. SITTING: Caroline Smeeton. ABSENT: Sonya Broomfield, Susie Pedersen, Gillian Brodie, Leslie Rye. 40 WINTER DANCE This February, the Vth form Grad Committee organised a winter dance, which carried the slogan: " Come rant and rave! " and that is exactly what students from ninth, tenth and eleventh grade did. The music was provided by Syncrone, a team of disc jockeys, who played heavy raiuich and roll. r 0 STUDENTS ' COUNCIL Students ' Coimcil is the representative body of the school. Class presidents, and vice-presidents in I Vth form, attend the meetings where the school functions are discussed and agreed upon. This year ' s students ' council organised a wide range of activities. The proceeds of these events were donated to The Montreal Children ' s Hospital, St. Justin ' s Hospital, The Montreal Association for the blind, and the Gazette Christmas Fimd. Money was also donated to the Art and Biology faculties, and a new microscope was procured for the lab with the donation. We managed to get through the year successfully! ! Thanks to all. BACK ROW, Left to Right: Barbara Wise, Vb; Leslie Rye, Traf Talks; Barbara Parker, Tuck; Joanne Archontakis IVa; Tracy Helm, IVb; Susan Marshall, Traf Talks; Annemarie Drumm, lb; Brigitte Altenhaus, lib; Miss Graham, Advisor; Sarah Carnegie Illb. MIDDLE ROW: Bettina Karpel IVa; Marilyn Meikle, IVb; Mary Maclachlan, Gym Capt.; Pamela Hall, Echoes Editor; Mary Anne Moroney Ilia; Stephanie Risk, la; Michele Ballantyne Ila; Gillian Brodie, Va. KNEELING IN FRONT: Antonia Zannis, President; Monique Lunan, Vice-President. 41 In March, Traf Troupe performed a serious drama, titled " Lizzie Borden of Fall River. " This was the true story of an axe murderess, who was rumoured to have killed both her parents. For weeks before the production, the actresses assembled at eight o ' clock in the morning to practise the play. The sets were fantastically designed by Miss Graham, and Mrs. Rollins directed the presentation beautifully. Congratulations to the cast and crew and everyone else who helped. LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AXE, AND GAVE HER MOTHER FORTY WHACKS. WHEN SHE SAW WHAT SHE HAD DONE, SHE GAVE HER FATHER FORTY-ONE. GEOGRAPHY CLUB BACK ROW: Mimi Muermans, Reini Fozzo, Mrs. Popescu, Patricia Murray, Jackie Aguayo. MIDDLE ROW: Jacqui Angus, Bessie Trakas, Lesli-Ann Hyrst. KNEELING: Marilyn Meikle, Melanie Helpard. TOGA VOLLEYBALL This year ' s graduating class played volleyball against the Traf Old Girls ' Association and retained the title of cham- pions. The Grads won two out of three games and then were treated to a buffet dinner prepared by the Old Girls. There was a good turnout and hopefully next year will be just as much fim. DEBATING CLUB CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM: Susan Marshall, Tracy Helm, Marilyn Meikle, Elizabeth Schwenk, Helen Kihmm, Pamela Hall. CENTER: Mrs. Wightman. " Red is better than blue ... " Strict discipline is the only way to bring up a child. " These are some of the resolutions that our Debating club has dealt with. Although it was started last year, by Mrs. Wightman it is only recently that it really got going, bringing up points for and against a resolution. In the 1st debate outside of the school, against LCC, our team did very well, winning one and losing one. It has been a great year, and more debates have been scheduled ! 44 TUCK SHOP (for our munchie madness) Tuck Shop is an important feature of Traf ' s way of life. It gives financial support to TRAFALGAR TALKS as well as TRAFALGAR ECHOES, not to mention the satisfaction it gives to our after lunch whims. Many thanks go to Miss Armbruster for her organization and to all those students who participated. TRAFALGAR TALKS This year, Traf Talks was miraculously transformed into a more interesting and suitable school newspaper. This metamor- phosis was due to the hard work of the staff and the entertaining contributions of students who wished to join in the school spirit. 45 HOUSES house: heads: house mistress: IVth form rep: house: heads: house mistress: IVth form rep: BARCLAY Joni Noel Eve Bockler Mrs. Popescu Barbara Parker FAIRLEY Dana Spence Isabelle Richard Mrs. Forbes Kara Spence GUMMING Wendy Eraser Mira Gamsa Mrs. Ritson Gabrielle Lynch -Staimton ROSS Megan Borner Bettina Sorby Miss Armbruster Martha Legge DONALD CaroHne Harris Pamela Hall Mrs. Henophy Helen Kihmm GYM DEM. The Theme of Trafalgar ' s 1978 Gym Dem was, Toy land. Class routines were alive and colorful ranging from IVB ' s jack-in-the-boxes, to IIIB ' s toy soldiers. There were also routines with teddybears, dolls of the world, and sailboats. All classes worked extremely hard on their demonstrations which were performed exceptionally well. In addition, there were the performances of Box, Mat, Beam, and Uneven Bars Clubs. Individual girls also displayed their gymnastic abilities in their own routines. After the final performances of the evening there was the presentation of a number of awards. G badges, which are awarded to girls who have attained a high standard in gymnastics and games during the year were given last year to: Hilary Bomer Jennifer Devey Angela Ebsworth Jody Foster Caroline Harris Heidi Lukas Monique Lunan Mary Maclachlan Heather McCulloch Mary Anne Morony Caroline Palmer Isabelle Richard Lisa Senecal Lori Ann Senecal Melanie Sheridan Bettina Sorby Dana Spence Lori Spotton Cynthia Sutherland Stars, which are awarded to girls who have previously won a G badge and have maintained the necessary high standard, were awarded last year to: Helen Kihmm Julie Morony Kara Spence Martha Legge Alison Noel Martina Lis Diana Skiadas The Lucy Box award for sportsmanship, athletic ability, enthusiasm and co- operation was awarded to: Alison Noel FIELD DAY 78 EVENT High Jump Long Jump 50 Yard Dash 100 Metres 2000 Metres 400 Metres Triple Jmnp Discus Javelin 1000 Metres 1200 Metres BANTAM H. McCuUoch D. Lazare C. Sutherland J. Crutchfield S. Clarke A. Halley D. Lazare M. Muermans M. Muermans D. Lazare MIDGET M. Maclachlan D. Skiadas D. Skiadas M. Borner G. Acherman J. Foster S. Hughes M. Maclachlan M. Maclachlan A. Ebsworth M. Borner JUVENILE J. Johnston J. Johnson D. Palmer J. Harries M. Lis A. Dimcan J. Bregazzi A. Noel A. Noel D. Palmer The Cross-Country Running Regional Meet was held once again this year up on Mount Royal, as part of the G.M.A.A. competition. There were three divisions: Bantam, Midget, and Juvenile. A number of girls participated in each section and, with the usual Traf spirit, they trained weeks before the competition and went to the meet with strong determination. Isabelle Richard did very well, placing eighteenth in the juvenile girls section. Everyone else in the team also put in a strong showing. CROSS- COUNTRY 54 SOCCER This year, Traf students formed a strong soccer team. It was the first one ever organised at Traf and it was a great success. The team practised with great determination and, in the exhibition match, played against E.C.S., Traf dominated the E.C.S. clan and won easily. Congratulations, Team! SKIING The year 1979 was a great one for Traf on the slopes. A number of ski meets were held at Mont Chanteclair near St. Adele. The Juvenile team pulled off an amazing first place finish overall in the first and second races held in January and February. Dominique Guillon was the winner of the first race. Janine Allan was the second -place finisher in the race. The Midget team also put in a fine showing. They placed seventh and sixth overall in the first and second races respectively. Traf you are the CHAMP on the slopes! 55 GYMNASTICS This year, Traf ' s gymnasts entered the G.M.A.A. gymnastic competition. A number of our gymnasts participated in each of the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced sections of competition. Weeks before these meets, om gymnasts vigorously practised their routines in order to attain that uhimate perfection for the day of competition. Four pieces of apparatus were used at the meets. Oiu- girls put on magnificent performances on the beam, imeven bars, mat, and vault. BADMINTON Traf participated this year in a G.M.A.A. badminton competi- tion. Although she was challenged by nimierous strong schools, including Rosemoimt and John F. Kennedy, Traf managed to pull through quite successfully. The doubles combination of Laurie and Kim Shetler played to victory in every one of their matches. Danielle Panet-Raymond, another of Traf ' s star players, almost managed the same feat, losing only one of her games. Traf ' s team ended its season with an exciting second place finish. Way to Go, Traf! 57 In the G.M.A.A. basketball league this year, Traf entered two teams, Juvenile and Midget, The Juveniles were a very strong and skilled team. They placed third in the G.M.A.A. competition, losing only a very close and well-fought semi-final game. The Midget team also trained and practiced hard and were successful in five out of their ten matches. Traf ' s Bantam team played in a series of exhibition matches. In their two games against St. Paul ' s, The Bantam team was victorious. They were also trimnphant against the Roslyn team. Keep up the good work Traf! The Traf volleyball teams have yet to start play in any G.M.A.A. competition which commences late in March. However, from watching the practices after school, I feel our teams are going to be a dominant force in the league and a strong contender for the title. Our players are extremely skilled and competitive. Good Luck Teams! ATHLETIC AWARDS AWARD WINNER 1. JUNIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD lA 2. SENIOR GYMNASTIC SHIELD IVB 3. JUNIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP IIA 4. SENIOR FORM BASKETBALL CUP IIIA 5. INTERHOUSE BASKETBALL CUP BARCLAY HOUSE 6. INTERHOUSE VOLLEYBALL CUP FAIRLEY HOUSE 7. TRAFALGAR BADMINTON CUP DANIELLE PANET-RAYMOND 8. INTERHOUSE BADMINTON CUP FAIRLEY HOUSE 9. JUNIOR SPORTS CUP FORM lA 10. INTERMEDIATE SPORTS CUP FORM IIA IIB 11. SENIOR SPORTS CUP FORM IVA 12. INTERHOUSE FIELD DAY CUP ROSS HOUSE 13. THE STOCKING CUP IIIA 63 FALL Alone, bare, gaunt, but with life the tree stands While the heartless, brutally cold fingers of the wind Are wrapping themselves around it. Enveloping its limbs to deprive it of life. The tree swaying in the power of the wind, Its leaves sweeping the sky. The wind dominates the tree Which now topples down to the damp, messy earth. Jealousy has entered into the heart of the wind. Suzanne Hooker Fairley House Form IIIA The door of the apartment 207 had been left open. It was still open days after the ambulance had taken her old, tired body away. A crack in the faded linoleum led the way into the apartment and disappeared under a worn braided rug, long drained of its colours by the few rays of bright sunlight that filtere d through the grimy window. The rug lay by a tired cot which hadn ' t been made in days. Against the opposite wall stood an ancient bureau trying, unsuccessfully, to hide the cracks and the peeling paint which fell from the wall like leaves in autumn. Atop the bureau were faded pictures of happier times and of a family that no longer existed. They looked across to the part of the room that served as a kitchen. It consisted of a small counter and an early model Westinghouse stove. One of two cupboard doors hung open, exposing to view the only thing it held; a can of brown beans. On the counter a stack of cat food tins stood beside a chipped dish. Below, an empty tin lay open on the floor. A brown striped tabby jumped up onto the coimter and let out a sorrowful cry. Caroline Bachinsky Barclay House Form IVA 66 TO SOMEONE Seeing you a glowing flame My visions all seem clear All my hopes, my dreams and plans Are reality minus the fear. As the flame absorbs the wax So do I absorb in you You reach into my empty mind Inspiring me with all you do. Though the wax will melt away The flame will always glow And while it ' s there I will succeed Though youH probably never know. Cathy Wyatt Donald House Form IVB The desert is a tribute to eternity and simplicity. It ' s apparent infinity is perhaps a glimpse at that which lies beyond the globe. Not even an horizon can be seen, for sand diffused by breezes into the atmosphere give air and earth an even, soothing monotone. These sands are imjustly called barren by a world that is overly concerned with cities, crowds, and people. In contrast, here we find only simple, fixed bits of scenery, all with a surreal quality, as if set down by a painter ' s brush. All have a fine, even glaze of sand particles. The green of the scrub-like vegetation is not green at all, but a compromise of green tones evoked by the perpetual beige of the desert. Things change little from centtuy to century. No fear exists near, only life in the most simplistic ancient forms. Simplicity and agelessness are the only feeling in the tranquil existence of the desert work. Edith Brumwell IIIA Barclay House Je veux ... voir im homme qui est pauvre et lui donner d ' argent; Je veux ... rencontrer un gargon qui a faim et le faire manger; Je veux ... entendre ime femme qui pleiu ' e e.t aller la consoler; Je veux ... savoir pourquoi tout le monde ne remarquent pas ces gens; Si je peux ... Je veux ... Pamela Hall VA Donald House Patricia Murray IIIA Ross House THE BLUE - FOOTED BOOBY A blue -footed booby Walked down to the shore. " My mother ' s a naggin ' , My best friend ' s a bore! " So, along came a shoe ' bee, And said, " How do you dooby? " And the booby answered back, " I ' m fine, and you-bee? " Adrienne TurnbuU IB Donald House 70 THE RED HAIR AND EARS Once there was a couple who had a little boy. This boy was called Tommy but he wasn ' t a normal boy like most Tommys are. Tommy did not have hair on his head. Tommy did have hair growing out of his ears though. Beautiful red hair, and it grew one inch every day. His parents were very worried and took him to the doctor who said to cut it off and it would not grow out of Tommy ' s ears anymore. A month later, Tommy ' s parents took him to the doctor again because his hair still grew out of his ears. The doctor said that he would have to cut off Tommy ' s ears. Of course Tommy didn ' t like this and ran away. His parents found him a month later. He had been staying with a hair -dresser. Tommy ' s hair was so long that he had to braid it and pin it up underneath his cap when he played ball with friends. Tommy ' s friends never teased him because if they did he would wrap his hair around their necks and strangle them, or he ' d take them to a tree in front of his house and tie them to it with his hair and then go into his house, and leave them there, for Tommy ' s hair was long enough for him to leave the end of his hair at home and then travel around the world five and one half times. One day as Tommy was going around the world the pilot forgot to stop at the stop for the fifth and one half time around the world and Tommy ' s hair was ripped out of his ears. He never had hair growing out of his ears again. Barbara McDiarmid IIB Gumming House AN EVENTFUL BUS RIDE I was sitting on the bus, When, without any fuss, A boy came and sat dovm beside me. He gave a little wink. And I began to shrink. Sliding down the aisle is not easy. Looked the other way, Couldn ' t get away. So sat there and sank even lower. I heard him say hello, I really had to go. But the bus went even slower. His gorgeous, lovely smile, Stayed on me awhile. My face, oh, so red under my mop. Embarrassment supreme. If you know what I mean, Thank goodness he got off next stop ! Katharine Hall IIIA Donald House 71 LA SOLITUDE II marche tout seul sur la route de la vie n ' ay ant personne a qui parler. II vit en solitude. Ses vetements toujours noirs, le visage qui nous montre son desespoire. II vit en solitude. Ses pas sont lents, sa tete baise. II vit en solitude. Personne ne salt ce qu ' il pense k mais, il a I ' air concentre. II vit en solitude. N ' a-t-il jamais eu d ' amis? Aura-t-il en avoir? Aura-t-il toujours des soucis? Personne ne sait- II vit en solitude, lonina Brill VA Fairley House PHILSOPHY OF THE FUTURE Things that creep and things that crawl, Never did any harm at all. But things that walked and had a mind, Destroyed the world and killed mankind. Nathalie Rivard IVA Gumming House When something dies something else will be born in its place. Death is not the end, but only a phase in evolution, only a part of the cycle that is eternal. Suzanne Hooker IIIA Fairley House 72 0 KITTEN The kitten with its wondering gleaming eyes. Clawing and tumbling and bouncing up and down. It runs. It hides. It laps its milk. It sees its prey and begins to prowl quietly. It springs and whirls and purrs softly. Its arched back and gold fur are a pot of gold, gleaming in the sunshine. Nandni Bhargava Form IB Fairley House A SNOID " A snoid. " you ask, " What can it be? " That ' s a difficult task. Well ... let me see. A great big head. And scrunched up eyes. A massive mouth. Which never lies. A monstrous grin, Whose teeth shine bright, They have two hairs. Which are cut just right. No ears have they. Yet they hear quite well. It must be their secret, But they ' ll never tell. They hide in the carpets, The floors and the wall. And when you get happy, They ' ll come when you call. They ' ve existed for years. So it would appear. And now the definition. For you, should be clear. Gillian of the Forest Form V A Barclay House 73 HELL AND HEAVEN The cat, Hell, otherwise known as Mouse during the day, waited eagerly until dusk fell with its quiet promise of night. For a while he was an ordinary habitant of number 23 Litter Lane, but at night, and even more so when there was a full moon, like tonight, he became Devil possessed. Red fire glowed in his eyes. He went stalking — sometimes for females, but, more often than not, to kill! Any cat that was so unfortimate to be half an hour late in getting back to his house met a bloody and gory death. Yet nobody could pin it on " poor " Mouser! For dm-ing the day, Devil, or Mouser, hid his hatred by purring and meowing like any normal house cat. Now that dusk had fulfilled its daily promise, Mouser became — Devil! There were not physical changes, just that his eyes glowed with a weird glow that seemed to set his mind on fire, for Devil could not rest any night until he had killed something, cats first and then smaller animals such as wood chucks and moles, for all felines hurried home quicker now they knew about Devil. Now he could set forth. Pausing just long enough to stretch luxuriously and yawn widely, showing his spotless white fangs, he pushed his pussy-door open, and jvunping through it with one fluid, fast motion, he set out. When he breathed the quiet, still night air, he knew something was amiss. He sniffed at the doors of his numerous mates. No male had been near them. But as he rounded the corner of a deserted alley, he found himself looking into a pair of amazingly green eyes! His first instinct was to fight. Faster than a mortal eye could see, he dove upon the stranger. Yet faster still, the stranger jiunped gracefully onto the wall siu-roimding the alley. Devil was a fighter at heart (if he had one), but he always asked his counterpart its name before the real combat. " They call me Devil, " he said. " By what do they call you? " Without so much as batting an eyelash at this ex- traordinary name, he answered cooly, " Oh, they call me by the name of Heaven. " If a human had entered the alley at that moment, he would have seen a milk-white Persian cat with almost luminous green eyes standing proudly, almost defiantly, his beautiful face tiu-ned toward a black-as-Death shorthair, with grotesquely glowing red eyes. He had not a hair of white upon his body, head or legs. " I don ' t like fighting, " thought Heaven, " But, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and obviously everybody here fights for dear life against this crazy killer. " Here he paused for a moment and sighed wistfully. " Oh well, here goes! " So saying, he jumped forcefully onto Hell. Hell had never known such excruciating pain before! He tried valiantly to get free of this ever-tightening grip. He almost got out, but just as Heaven ' s grip slipped. Heaven pounced again — this time plimging for Hell ' s windpipe and squeezing, not letting go this time. Suddenly Hell ' s frantically squirming body went limp. Some instinct in Heaven ' s mind told him that Hell was not faking. So, his mission accomplished, he sauntered carelessly down the alley, jumped fluidly onto the red brick wall and disappeared into thin air. Roberta Wedge Form I A 74 REFLEXIONS La nuit ... je reste dans mon lit en regardant, mais je n ' rien vois; en ecoutant, mais je n ' rien entends, car tout est noir, tout est silent ... La nuit ... tout le monde dort sauf moi - je reste seule en pensant ... en revant ... je dors - finalement. Pamela Hall VA Donald House Ross House OPENING NUMBER As she appeared in the spotlight at the back of the platform above the stage, the crowd of thousands erupted, filling the enormous stadium with a resounding roar. The girl, however, remained motionless, her head hanging. Slowly, a dull throb filled the air as the bass player began to pluck the strings of his guitar. Then, the sharp, clipped slap of the drummer ' s sticks began to sway gently. The audience moved with her, hypnotised and imable to break the spell. Suddenly, the girl jerked her head back, opened her mouth and uttered one, long scream. All the people were pulled back to reality and many of them joined the girl in her cry of anguish. The sound ceased as suddenly as it had started, but the crowd continued their yells. Then, strobe lights of blue and green and red and orange that had been circling the area converged on the spot where the girl stood. She responded to this concentration of attention by jmnping from the platform to the stage, eight feet below. As she landed, the entire group of musicians began to shake the stadium with the strains of the girl ' s latest song. With a quick smile to her frenzied audience, the girl began, in a strong soprano voice, to prepare the crowd of worshippers for an evening of magic. Katharine Hall IIIA Donald House 75 THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD " Justin, how does Santa Claus get down all those skinny chimneys? " Justin ' s big brown eyes lit up, and, as he moved his head, they were covered by his blond bangs. He jumped up excitedly and managed to stutter out a reply. " W-w-when he goes to the chimney, t-there ' s a door, a- and when he opens the door and slides down in the slide in the chimney w-with one of his reindeer and leaves the presents! " " But how does he get out of the house? " " He goes up the stairs in the chimney! " he exclaimed. Children ' s minds are incredible. They have an enlightening and often humorous view of oiu " world. Justin ' s amusing remarks are, to me, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whenever I am with this four year old, he makes me laugh with his comments on the world. His face is that of an elf, mischievious, but innocent, with a secret smile which he puts on whenever he wants to fool you. Justin ' s view of his parents is amusing, but also realistic. One day, while we were looking for something to eat, we came upon some cold cuts in the refrigerator. " Do you want to eat this? " I asked. " No, " he said, pushing it away with his strong little hand. " That ' s my daddy ' s snack food. A-and you know what? " " What? " " When he eats it, my mommy says, Carlos, don ' t eat so much, you ' ll get fat! " On another occasion I asked him what his father, a psychiatrist, does at his office. Justin replied, " He writes checks. " Having been to his father ' s office, he has also told me, " Daddy is just a pretend doctor because he doesn ' t wear a white coat. " His mother often praises him, and Justin swallows up this praise, for he says, " We have to clean up the room so Mommy will say " Justie, it looks SO clean! You did SUCH a GOOD job! " The family travels a great deal, and Justin always knows where they have been. " I went to three coimtries, Spain, Lisbon , and Portugal ! " Young children often look up to older children. When I took Justin skating for the second time in his life, there was only one person at the rink. This was a girl somewhat older than Justin who was managing to wobble around the ice on her own. Justin was holding on to my hand and continually falling. The girl passed by us and, looking back at her, he exclaimed in admiration, " She ' s good! She mUvSt be at least seven. " The second time the girl went by, he decided, " I think she ' s nine! " Justin has also told me that, " In the spring, when all flowers are out, a-and there ' s no snow — our family is going — to have — a baby ! " Soon there will be another elf to lead me to the pot of gold. Caroline Bachynski IV A Barclay House 76 She shivered. The cool moonless night frightened her more than ever. She clung to the brick wall as if she were going to fall off the edge of a building. Nonsense she thought. There was nothing there. She was alone wasn ' t she? But what was that? " Nothing but the wind " , she muttered to herself. But after listening for a few seconds she knew it wasn ' t just the wind but sounds getting louder and louder on the hard cement and then stopping. She edged to the corner not daring to look around. Mustering up all her courage, she inched closer and closer. She screamed. Her heart leaped into her throat and started like an egg-beater. When she saw, she could not believe. A second later she let out a loud laugh and a sigh of relief. It was only a white torn up old sheet. But what was that sound on the cement? she asked herself thoughtfully. " Probably just my imagination playing tricks on me again, " she said answering her own question. She then stifled a yell for help when a small brown rat brushed against her legs. " Oh, won ' t somebody please come and help me? " she wimpered trying to spit out the words but not at all succeeding. Again, she shivered but not because of the cool night but because of the dark dingy atmosphere. She listened carefully, but realized that this was not her imagination, but REAL footsteps on the groimd. The soimds seemed like the steps of a ghost from the upstairs world. It made her feet stick in position so she could not move or run away. A misty, sweet -smelling smoke began to filter through the air. She realized that a dark figure was closing in upon her. She screamed ... Nandni Bhargava Form IB Fairley 77 78 AWARDS 1978 Special Awards THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL, awarded to a fourth form girl for participation in school activities and high academic achievement, was presented to Pamela Hall. THE JANE WEDDLE MEMORIAL TROPHY, awarded to a fourth form girl for courtesy, character and high academic achievement, was presented to Antonia Zannis. THE GUMMING PRIZE, awarded for devotion to their work, a high standard of conduct, unfailing courtesy and cheerfulness, was presented to Lori Spotton and Lynn Senecal. THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, awarded for devotion to their work, a high standard of conduct, loyalty, and contributions to the life of the school, was presented to Jennifer Marler and Cynthia Roberts. THE GOVERNORS ' MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has maintained the highest academic average throughout her final year, was presented to Julia Tilden. THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the Senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, showing herself friendly and helpful to all, was presented to Kim Robichaud. THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public-spirited of the Senior girls, who at the same time have maintained a high standard of conduct and shown devotion to their work, was presented to Melanie Sheridan and Julie Moroney. Academic Prizes Belaine Lacey Classics, French, History Julia Tilden Chemistry, French Daphne Wollman Classics Roopali Bhargava Computer Science Jennifer Marler French Alison Noel Mathematics Melanie Sheridan French Lori Spotton Geography Eleonora Subak French Demetra Tzevelekos French lonina Brill Chemistry Mira Gamsa Spanish, Geometry Caroline Harris Classics, Geometry Jacqueline Lacey Goldstein Medallion Susan Marshall Classics Leslie Rye Biology, Mathematics Jean Kwo Geography THE BRYAN PRIZE Presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association to Cynthia Roberts for poetry, and Julia Tilden for prose. THE JOAN FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Presented to the Form 1 student with the highest academic average on her year ' s work and not presently holding a scholarship; Jacqueline Valmont. Interhouse Awards THE SHIELD for the greatest number of points during the year; Barclay Hotise. THE WALKER CUP to the winner of the House Drama Competition; Donald House. THE FIELD DAY CUP: Ross House THE BASKETBALL CUP: Barclay House THE VOLLEYBALL AND BADMINTON CUPS: Fairley House THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP to the student Earning the most Housepoints; Susan Jany. 80 OLD GIRLS ' NOTES THE CLASS OF 1978 More than half the class are at CEGEPs in Quebec. At Marianopolis are Christina Bardecki, Roopali Bhargava, Fotini Costakos, Katherine Kasirer, Belaine Lacey, Martina Lis, Jennifer Marler, Kim Morrison, Lark Nemerever, Deirdre Palmer, Janet Penny, Jill Samis, Melanie Sheridan, Elizabeth Smeaton, Sunniva Sorby, Lori Spotton, Julia Tilden, and Nadia Tontini. Charlotte Farkas, Patty Finkelstein and Kim Robichaud are at Dawson; France Robillard and Demetra Tzevelekos at Vanier; and Katie Russell and Daphne WoUmann at John Abbott. Josie Stapenhorst is at the Lennoxville Campus of Champlain Regional College, while Lynn Senecal is at St. Lambert Campus. At Centennial Academy are Madeline Bock, Angle Heck and Judy Johnston, while Heather Cherrier is attending the Sir George Williams Business College. In the Martimes, Heather Leigh and Jane Morgan ti are at Acadia, Carla Hamilton and Fran Tramontin at U.N.B. in Fredericton, while Andrea Roberton is at Mount Allison. In Ontario, Andrea Duncan, Alison Noel, April Romagnano and Noreen Shah are all at Carleton University. Jane Bregazzi is taking Grade 12 at a Calgary High School; Ana de Castro has retiu-ned to Portugal; Julie Moroney is taking journalism at Emerson College in Boston; Linda Roten is at St. Michael ' s College in Vermont; and Cynthia Roberts is working for a year before continuing her studies. NEWS OF OTHER CLASSES 1977: Heidi Borner and Sandra Levy are in First Year at the University of Western Ontario. — In First Year at Marianopolis, 1977-1978, Michaela Milde was on the Dean ' s list for the Autumn and Winter Semesters while Shamala Jayasekera and Andrea Ottley were also on the Dean ' s List for the Winter Semester. -- Karen O ' Reilly, after taking Grade 13 at Havergal, is now in First Year at Smith College in Massachusetts. — Belinda Rankovich is in First Year Science (premed) at Victoria College, University of Toronto. 1976: Louise Benjamin transferred from Wellesley to Brown University in January, 1979. Last summer she spent in Texas, visiting her parents and tutoring Spanish. — Brigitte Boesenberg, at the end of her second year at U.N.B. , was awarded the Ambassador of Switzerland Prize. — Susan Cameron is in First Year at Bishop ' s University, taking a double major in Fine Arts and Theatre. -- Ali Cravero is in First Year Arts at McGill, specializing in languages. -- Eleanor Hsu and Susan Senecal are proprietors of a printing business called L ' Elan Momentum, Engr. Eleanor is still at the University of Waterloo, while Susan is in First Year Science at McGill, majoring in Biology. -- Janet Lewis, now in Second Year of International Relations at the University of Toronto, is national treasiu-er of the Forimi Association, a nation-wide group of politically -interested young people, and has organized both a National and a Quebec Provincial Convention. -- Heather Lunan is in First Year Arts at Loyola, majoring in Recreation. -- Christina MacFarlane left Fettes College in July, 1978, having done her ' A ' levels, and also having represented the school at Bisley - the only girl on the Shooting Team. She is now at Edinbiu-gh University in the first year of the English (M.A. Hons.) course. -- Robin Ogilvy is in Third Year Physical Education and Recreation at U.N.B. -- Yoko 81 Ohzecki is now living in Japan. -- Lorraine Turcotte was awarded the Grace Fairley Trafalgar Scholarship into First Year McGill for the session 1978-79. -- Wilma Wathey graduated last spring from O ' SuUivan College as a Legal Secretary. -- Anne Wood is studying Economics at the Universite de Montreal and expects to graduate by Christmas; in May, she is going on an Outward Bound mountaineering course. 1975: Mary Archontakis graduated from Marianopolis in Literature and Languages in 1977, and is now at McGill, where she was awarded a $3,200 scholarship for 1978-1979. -- Simita Chopra also graduated from Marianopolis in 1977 and is now taking Occupational Therapy at McGill. -- April Kape graduated from Marianopolis in 1977 in Social Sciences and Joanne Tvu-cotte in Health Sciences; Joanne is now in Honours B.Sc. at McGill. -- Nicola Spotton graduated last August from LaSalle College in Fashion Design and Merchandising, and was the winner of three awards. 1974: Louisa Crooks is in her final year at Carleton and plans to enter medical School next year. — Cyndy Fraser was married on September 2, 1978. — Alka Gursahaney is in her final year of the B.Sc. course at McGill. — Betty Hutchins will graduate from Bishop ' s in the spring with a B.A. in Honours Political Science and has applied for a Rhodes Scholarship; she has also been working as an Associate Director of Residence in MacKinnon Hall. — Wendy Verrier is still at the By am Shaw School of Art in London, where she won a scholarship after her first year. She will receive her diploma in 1980 and then hopes to go to the Royal College of Art to study sculpture. -- Laurie Delamater is in Foiu-th Year Art History at McGill. -- Julie Lefebvre received her B.A. from Concordia in Jime, 1978, majoring in Political Science, 1973: Lucille Dorken graduated from Carleton last spring with high Second Class Honours in Geography and has spent part of this year working as a research assistant for one of the Geography professors; she also became engaged at Christmas. -- Liz Pigot is taking the Diploma in Education course at McGill. One of her practice teaching assignments was at Inujjuah, on Hudson ' s Bay, so she also been studying Inuktitut. 1972: Janet Clarke received her B.A. with Honours in Political Science from McGill in 1978, got married, and is now living in New York, where she is staff editor of Quest 78 Magazine; she is maintaining her maiden name. — Donna Fairservice graduated from McGill in June 1977, with her B.Eng. (Civil), and is employed by a large construction firm in the James Bay area. First she was stationed in LG2, and is now a concrete formwork designer in LG3 - one of the very few women engineers, or, for that matter, of very few women! - on the James Bay project. -- Jackie Millner is now in Toronto, working for the Bank of Commerce as a specialist in on-line computer systems. — Christine Okuda Deros is teaching English and History at Wagar High School. -- Joanne Palmer, who received her B.A. with First Class Honours from McGill in 1977, is one of this year ' s winners of a Gulf Canada Limited Fellowship worth $4,500, and is doing the first year of her Master od Business Administration at York University. -- Susan Solymoss is in Second Year Medicine. -- Susan Roy got her B.A. in Honours English at Carleton in 1977 and her B.Ed, from Western in 1978. 1971: Sally Moore (B.PE., U.N.B., ' 76) is working in Ottawa for the YM-YWCA in the area of Youth Programme 82 Development and Promotion and also as a summer camp director. — Rosemarie Okuda is in Second Year Master of Education at McGill, and was also appointed Liaison Officer at Concordia University last August. 1969: Pippa Hall Henderson graduated from McGill in Jime 1978 with a B.Sc. in Honours Biochemistry, obtaining the highest mark in Biochemistry. She was awarded a post - graduate scholarship in Biochemistry by the University of Saskatchewan but refused it in order to enter the Faculty of Medicine at U. of Sask. 1968: Anne Boulton Reeson moved from Victoria to Calgary last fall, and was expecting her second baby in December 1978. " Janet Chandler Allingham has been acting as ' Liaison nurse ' at St. Mary ' s Hospital, serving as a link between the hospital and the Community Nursing Service. PAST STUDENTS: Nicole Beukers (IVA ' 75) entered the Faculty of Commerce at McGill in September 1978 to specialize in Business Administration -- Susana Torrents (Upper II ' 75) is in her last year of school in England studying English, French and Spanish for her ' A ' levels. — Susan Coromel (Upper II ' 74) completed High School in New Hampshire. -- Jackie Tomassi (IIIB ' 74) is in Second Year Drama at Dawson College. — Janet McCuaig (VA ' 72) did a two-year programme at Humber College in Toronto, attended Queen ' s during 1977-1978, and is at Western this year. - Celia Ross (IIIB ' 69), after graduating from Queen ' s with Honours in French and German, went to the University of Bordeaux for post-graduate study. She obtained her Maitrise last summer and is now working on the first year of her Ph.D. course. Marriages 1978 June 3 Janet Clarke to Judd Burstein June 17 Gail Goodfellow to Trevor John Skutezky June 17 Alice Klinkhoff to Dr. Andrew Douglas Thompson July 1 Christine Okuda to George Deros July 22 Cicely Arundel-Evans to Henry Gerard Olders Summer Norma Wathey to Gary Coupland Aug. 25 Vanessa Morgan to Gerhard Hoffman, in Victoria, B.C. Aug. 26 Linda Marchand to Ron L. Marsh, in Ottawa Auttmin Elizabeth (Buffy) Williams to Jeffrey James Packard Oct. 11 Erica Morey to Roy Mainprize Nov. 11 Cathy Ferguson to Nigel Burrows Dec. 16 Wilma Wathy to Peter Manessis Dec. Robyn Kwiat to Morris Krymalowski Births 24 10 77 Mr. and Mrs. R. Reeson (Anne Boulton), a son, in Victoria, B.C. 26 04 78 Mr. and Mrs. T. Powell (Valerie Hornibrook), a daughter 06 78 Mr. and Mrs. P. Newell (Jane Curwood), a daughter, in Toronto 13 06 78 Mr. and Mrs. M. Sinclair-Smith (Jackie Strowlger), a daughter 15 07 78 Mr. and Mrs. P. Hyde (Beverly Monks), a son, in Ottawa 16 08 78 Mr. and Mrs. B. Bostock (Joan Cowie), a daughter, in Willowdale, Ont. 08 10 78 Mr. and Mrs. Marchand (Jennifer Lamplough), a daughter 14 08 78 Mr. and Mrs. Sowson (Hana Ceska) a daughter, in Winnipeg 23 10 78 Mr. and Mrs. J. Finch (Lois Groves), a son 15 02 79 Mr. and Mrs. G. Thibaudeau (Andrea Whittaker), a son Deaths n Montreal, Dorothy Reed Cushing, Class of 1922 n Montreal, Mrs. Hugh P. lUsley (Lilias Shepherd), Class of 1928 n Montreal, Katherine Torrance Trenholme, Class of 1906 n Oakland Cal., Mrs. Joan S. Foster Jr. (Barbara Anne Wickes), Class of 1940 n Sherbrooke, Mrs. John A. MacLeod (Marjorie Bayne), Senior VI, 1935 n Montreal, Pamela Stead, Past Student 1926-1928 n Montreal, Mrs. Richard Monahan (Anna H. L Conowens), Class of 1913 Feb. 6, 1978 Apr. 1, 1978 Apr. 6, 1978 Apr. 16, 1978 Oct. 1, 1978 Nov. 14, 1978 Nov. 21. 1978 Student Directory -A- Achermann, Gabrielle, 5595 Place Vendome, Brossard, J4W 1B6 Aguayo, Jackie, 648 Belmont Avenue, Montreal, H3Y 2W2 Alessi, Josee, 2441 Thierry St., LaSalle, H8N 1H9 Allan, Janine, 112 Astoria Avenue, Pointe Claire, H9S 5A8 Altenhaus, Brigitte, 7915 Cote St. Luc Road, No. 706, Montreal, H4W 1R4 Angus, Jacqueline, 4312 Montrose Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2A7 Archontakis, Joanne, 7215, De L ' Epee Ave., Montreal, H3N 2E2 -B- Bachynski, Caroline, 78 Thurlow Road, Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Bachynski, Jane, 78 Thurlow Road, Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Baghdadlian, Natalie, 4000 de Maisonneuve Blvd., No. 1802, H3Z 1J9 Ballantyne, Michele, 420 Abelard, No. 2B, Nun ' s Island, H3E 1B5 Bardo, Kathy, 7769 Baldwin Ave., Ville D ' Anjou, HIK, 3E1 Barnard, Joan, 147 St. John ' s Blvd., Pointe Claire, H9S 4Z2 Baron, Randee, 11 Braeside Place, Montreal, H3V 3E8 Beerman, Allison, 5625 Randall, Montreal, H4V 2W3 Bennett, Cynthia, 343 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L5 Bennett, Laurie, 343 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L5 Bhargava,Nandni, 823 55th Ave., Lachine, H8T 3B5 Biemaski, Karen, 207 Baderwood Dr., DoUard Des Ormeaux, H9A 1R6 Biemaski, Lynne, 207 Baderwood Dr., Dollard Des Ormeaux, H9A 1R6 Bijok, Gisele, 711 Miller, Greenfield Park, J4V 1W6 Blundell, Cathy, 4340 Montrose Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2A9 Bockler, Eve, 4089 Grand Blvd., Montreal, H4B 2X4 Boivin, Nancy, 245 Markham Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 2B9 Borner, Hilary, 17 Grenville Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1V9 Borner, Megan, 17 Grenville Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1V9 Bramwell, Edith. R.R. No. 1, Hudson, JOP IHO Brill, lonina, 4850 Cote des Neiges, No. 212, Montreal, H3V 1G5 Brodie, Gillain, 60 Lansdowne Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V8 Broniszewsk , Lana, 8012 George St., Ville LaSalle, H8P 1E4 Broomfield, Sonya, 616 Victoria Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2R9 Brown, Sandra, 1190 Kenilworth Rd., Montreal, H3R 2R6 Brumwell, Jane, 2520 Bernini Crescent, Brossard, J4Z 2S2 Bush, Chris, No. 339, Caughnawaga, JOL IBO -C- Calotychos, Olga, 5420 Pontiac, No. 3, Brossard, J4W 2Z9 Camp, Katherine, 43 Curzon St., Montreal West, H4X 1H5 Cappelli, Linda, 2750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 CappeUi, Nadia, 2750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Cappelli, Sandra, 2750 Boul. de Blois, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Carnegie, Sarah, 4858 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y lYl Carr, Denise, 70 Canterbury Ave., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9B 2G6 Cassar, Chantal, 1227 Sherbrooke St. W., No. 104, Montreal, H3G IGl Catterill, Michele, 628 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S8 Chughtai, Naila, 4640 Cumberland Ave., Montreal, H4B 2L4 Clarke, Sharon, 2285 Adrien St., Brossard, J4Z 3A5 Coe, Stephanie, 156 Shannon Park, Beaconsfield, H9W 2B8 Cox, Melanie, 687 Miller Ave., Greenfield Park, J4V 1W6 Creighton, Amy, 437 Argyle Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3B3 Crompton, Liz-Ann, 32 Campbell Ave., Montreal West, H4X IVl Crutchfield, Jane, 3754 Westmount Blvd., Westmount, H3Y 1T6 Cullen, Caroline, 424, Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T5 Dale, Belinda, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L9 Dale, Danica, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L9 Day, Jennifer, 4711 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3W 2L9 Diaz, Franka, 12758 Brook St., Pierrefonds, H8Z 1B8 Dodson, Kilby, 12 Park Place, Apt. 4, Montreal, H3Z 2K5 Dodson, Lindsay, 12 Park Place, Apt. 4, Montreal, H3Z 2K5 Drumm, Annemarie, 4998 de Maisonneuve Blvd., No. 822, Montreal, H3Z 1N2 -E- Ebsworth, Angela, 371 Clairevue Blvd. W., St. Bruno, J3V ISl Echenberg, Nancy, 43 Thurlow Rd., Hampstead, H3X 3G6 Eliesen, Carri, 4349 Draper St., Montreal, H4A 2P3 Ellis, Victoria, 721 Upper Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1J2 Ericksen, Erika, 4769 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, H3Z 1G5 Ericksen, Lise, 4769 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, H3Z 1G5 Essaris, Peggy, 1680 Rockland Rd., Montreal, H3P 2Y3 Exley, Constance, 469 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 -F- Favreau, Andrea, 118 Brentwood Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 4M5 Feldman, Emily, 2031 Grey Ave., Montreal, H4A 3N3 Fleming, Rona, 345 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2M3 Flynn, Deborah, 1422 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 Forte, Marie, 243 Montrose Ave., St. Lambert, J4R 1X4 Foster, Jody, 384 Dawn St., LaSalle, H8R 2Y4 Foster, Lori, 384 Dawn St., LaSalle, H8R 2Y4 Fozo, Reinie, 566 Claremont Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2P1 Eraser, Wendy, 280 Revere Ave., Montreal, H3P ICl Freeman, Heather, 408 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2Z6 Furer, Monica, 3 Place Bellerive, No. 1809, Laval, H7V 1B2 Furer, Patricia, 3 Place Bellerive, No. 1809, Laval, H7V 1B2 -G- Gamsa, Mira, 85 Columbia Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2C4 Garami, Diana, 25 Rosemount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3G6 Gordon, Tori, 507 Grosvenor Ave., Westmoimt, H3Y 2S5 Gravenor, Tanis, 580 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2S7 Gray, Katy, 2050 Grey Ave., Montreal, H4A 3N4 Grenville, DeHa, 174 Wagner St., Chateauguay, J6K 2X1 Guillon, Dominique, 501 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 -H- Hall, Katharine, 5215 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal, H3X 3R9 Hall, Pamela, 5215 Beaconsfield Ave., Montreal, H3X 3R9 Halley, Anne, 1655 Torrence Ave., Dorval, H9P 1R6 Hancock, Emma, 3194 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S3 85 Harries, Joanna, R.R. No. 1, Senneville, H9X 3L2 Harris, Caroline, 3015 Barat Rd., Westmount, H3Y 2H4 Haubenreisser, Christine, 10572 Belair, Pierrefonds, H8Y 2K6 Helm, Tracy, 1731 Carolyn St., St. Bruno, J3V 2W1 Helpard, Melanie, 4155 Melrose Ave., Montreal, H4A 2S5 Hernandez, Maria Laura, 1212 Pine Ave., Montreal, H3G 1A9 Hooper, Linda, 61 Brock Ave., Montreal West, H4X 2G1 Hope, Margaret, 23 Nelson St., Montreal West, H4X 1G2 Howatson, Heather, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., No. 206, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Hyrst, Lesli-Ann, 1575 Summerhill, No. 214, Montreal, H3H 1C5 -I- Issaris, Christina, 2715 Bedford Rd., No. 10, Montreal, H3S 1G2 -J- Jakubovic, Valerie, 4255 Jean Brillant, Montreal, H3T 1P2 Jany, Susan, 156 Bexhill Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 3A7 Jolly, Cindy, 3285 Goyer St., No. 5, Montreal, H3S 1H9 Jones, Pippa, 4850 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y lYl -K- Kamioka, Rie, 1230 McGregor Ave., No. 307, Montreal, H3G 1B5 Karpel, Bettina, 4850 Cote des Neiges, No. 1004, Montreal, H3V 1G5 Kihmm, Grace, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Kihmm, Helen, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Kirby, Vania, 3480 Simpson St., No. 811, Montreal, H3G 2N7 Klein, Christine, 321 Portland Rd., Town of Mount Royal, H3R 1V4 Kmetyko, Anne, 4895 Cavendish Blvd., Montreal, H4V 2R4 Kostopoulos, Chris, 2692 Lippe, St. Laurent, H4R IMl Kotler, Liane, 105 Cote St. Antoine Rd., Westmount, H3Y 2H9 Kurdyla, Grace, 4408 Mayfair Ave., Montreal, H4B 2E3 Kwo, Jean, 4866 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y lYl Kwo, Jennie, 4866 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y lYl -L- Lacey, Jacqueline, 174 Wexford Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1E2 Ladd, Hilary, 4403 Mayfair Ave., Montreal, H4B 2E2 Lawrence, Jessica, 3504 Avenue de Musee, Montreal, H3G 2C7 Lazare, Dawn, Box 233, Caughnawaga, JOL IBO Leblanc, Diana, 12340 Olivier St., Montreal, H4K 1V4 Legge, Martha, 4 Tunstall Ave., Senneville, Lessard, Marie, 430 Alexandra Ave., St. Lambert, J4R 1Z5 Lowe, Valerie, 2660 Provost St., No. 5, Lachine, H8S 1R4 Ludgate, Debbie, 1184 Lloyd George Ave., Crawford Park, Verdun, H3H 2P3 Ludwick, Heidi, 1310 Scarboro Rd., Town of Mt. Royal, H3P 2SI Lunan, Monique, 6460 Monkland Ave., No. 13, Montreal, H4B 1H3 Lynch -Staunton, Gabrielle, 3114 Daulac Rd., Montreal, H4B 1H3 -M- Macia, Carolina, 1455 Sherbrooke St. W., No. 602, Montreal, H3Y 1Z9 Maclachlan, Anna, 4800 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., No. 716, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Maclachlan, Mary, 4800 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., No. 716, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Maclaren, Judith, 69 Lexington Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 5J5 Mahan, Beth, 732 Davaar, Outremont, H2V 3B2 Mandry, Angela, 400 Kensingston Ave., No. 303, Montreal, H3Y 3A2 Marshall, Adele, 36 Merton Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1L6 Marshall, Susan, 36 Merton Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1L6 McCormack, Susan, 1017 Lapalme, Chambly, J3L 2X2 McDiarmid, Barbara, 1681 Winton Rd., Montreal, H3R 2Z2 McKenna, Jo-Anne, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 McLaren, Jane, 243 Bolton Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W 1Z7 Mehnert, Maren, 333 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2J2 Meikle, Marilyn, 4355 Grand Blvd., No. 12, Montreal, H4B 2X7 Mendelsohn, Liane, 6555 Kildare Rd., No. 212, Cote St. Luc, H4W 2X4 Mercer, Alison, 3805 Old Orchard Ave., Montreal, H4A 3A9 Mesher, Kim, 4098 Highland Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1R3 Metzger, Diana, 6 Trianon St., DoUard des Ormeaux, H9A 2H8 Miller, Joanne, 329 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L7 Miller, Shirley, 1360 D ' Auteuil Blvd., Duvernay, Laval, H7E 3J3 Mitchell, Sally- Ann, 362 Balmoral Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W 2J8 Molnar, Suzy, 4530 Cote des Neiges, No. 2007, Montreal, H3V IGl Moquin, Diane, 1011 Lapalme St., Chambly, J3L 2X2 Moroney, Mary Anne, 556 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S4 Mosher, Aislin, 9 Biu-ton Ave., Westmoimt, H3Z 1J6 Muermans, Loulou, 5860 Honore Mercier, St. Leonard, HIP 1C2 Muermans, Mimi, 5860 Honore Mercier, St. Leonard, HIP 1C2 Mulkins, Catherine, 477 Strathcona Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2X2 Murray, Patricia, 4381 Royal Ave., Montreal, H4A 2M7 Myles, Kim, 439 Red Cross, LaSalle, HSR 2X8 -N- Noel, Joan, 105 Champlain Blvd., Candiac, J5R 3T1 Normandin, Paget, 3450 Drummond St., No. 1117, Montreal, H3G 1Y3 -O- Orianne, Nathalie, 12622 24th Ave., Montreal, HIE 1V6 Osana, Helen, 14 9th Ave., Roxboro, H8Y 2M8 Outerbridge, Barbara, 146 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West, H4X 2C1 Outerbridge, Catherine, 146 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West H4X 2C1 Overing, Heidi, 125 Francois Rive, Nims ' Island, Verdun, H3E 1E3 86 -p- Palmer, Caroline, 337 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L7 Panet-Raymond, Danielle, 511 Clarke Ave., Westmount H3Y 3C5 Panet-Raymond, Louise, 4681 Westmount Ave., Westmount H3Y 1W9 Paradissis, Athena, 635 Graham Blvd., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 2E4 Parker, Barbara, 5629 Queen Mary Rd., Hampstead, H3X 1W8 Parker, Gail, 5629 Queen Mary Rd., Hampstead, H3X 1W8 Patterson, Heather, 7260 Messier St., Brossard, J4Y 1T3 Patton, Janice, Box 492, Caughnawaga, JOL IBO Pedersen, Susie, 12 Windsor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2L6 Peters, Sabine, 1455 Peel St., No. 6030, Montreal, H3A 1T5 Pourcelet, Veronique, 4690 Upper Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3W 2L2 Powe, Carolyn, 69 Templeton St., Greenfield Park, J4V 2T4 Pratt, Katie, 245 DeLorraine, St. Lambert, J4S IRl -R- Rasmussen, Sonya, E61 The Chateau, 1321 Sherbrooke St., W., Montreal, H3G 1J4 Renaud, Kathleen, 4080 Wilson Ave., Montreal, H4A 2T9 Richard, Isabelle, 107 Beloeil St.,Outremont, H2V 2Z1 Risk, Stephani, 36 Rugby Place, Montreal, H4X 1C4 Rivard, Nathalie, 3777 Cote des Neiges, No. 426, Montreal, H3H 1V8 Roberton, Cynthia, 16 Elmwood Ave., Senneville, H9X 1T4 Roberts, Annamarie, 1975 de Maisonneuve Blvd., No. 909, Montreal, H3H 1K4 Robson, Karen, 122 Simcoe Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 1W5 Roman, Jennifer, 660 Lansdowne Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V8 Rosenberg, Pamela, 2296 Fulton Rd., Montreal, H3R 2L4 Rosenstein, Barbara, 4840 Cedar Crescent, Montreal, H3W 2H9 Rosevear, Marguerite, 1688 Place Seigneuriale, St. Bruno de Montarville, J3V 4E4 Russell, Sarah, 26 Richelieu Place, Montreal, H3G 1E8 Rutherford, Nicola, 672 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T9 Rye, Karen, 445 Stream Ave., Dorval, H9S 2P9 Rye, Leslie, 445 Stream Ave., Dorval, H9S 2P9 Ross-Russell, Jane, 4394 Boul. de Maisonneuve, Montreal, H3Z 1L5 -S- Sabatin, Patricia, 4824 Dornal Ave., Montreal, H3W 1V8 Sail, Debbie, 411 Edgewood Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 3H5 Salmon, Caroline, 3524 Northcliffe Ave., Montreal, H4A 3K7 Salomon, Kim, 550 Hillcrest Ave., Hudson Heights, JOP IJO Samuel, Ann, 561 Kindersley Ave., Montreal, H3R 1S3 Saputo, Lydia, 215 Les Erables, Laval Sur Le Lac, H7R 1A3 Saputo, Patricia, 215 Les Erables, Laval Sur Le Lac, H7R 1A3 Saputo, Virginia, 215 Les Erables, Lavel Sur Le Lac, H7R 1A3 Sasarman, Sanda, 3400 Linton Ave. No. 106, Montreal, H3S 1T2 Sassen, Julie, Box 220, Ormstown, JOS IKO Scheid, Stephanie, 2395 Des Patriotes, Ste. Rose, Laval, H7L 3M8 Schwenk, Elizabeth, 1314 Redpath Crescent, Montreal, H3G 2K2 Segal, Paula, 5501 Adalbert Ave., No. 320, Cote St. Luc, H4W 2B1 Senecal, Lisa, 1690 Ave. du Pare, St. Bruno, J3V 4L9 Senecal, Lori Ann, 1690 Ave. du Pare, St. Bruno, J3V 4L9 Seymour, Judith, 41 Holton Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2G7 Shaw, Coleen, 1 Cambridge Rd., Baie d ' Urfe, H9X 2V5 Shetler, Kim, 51 St. Sulpice Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2B7 Shetler, Laurie, 51 St. Sulpice Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2B7 Skiadas, Diana, 75 Fernhill Ave., Outremont, H2V 2S2 Smeeton, Caroline, 613 Belmont Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2W1 Sockett, Susan, 186 Dufferin Rd., Hampstead, H3X 2Y1 Sorby, Bettina, 209 Darwin Park, Nuns ' Island, H3E 1C5 Spence, Dana, 1418 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 Spence, Kara, 1418 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 Spotton, Bonnie, 323 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2M3 Stone, Wendy, 1100 McGregor Ave., No. 715, Montreal, H3A 1A8 Styres, Margaret, P.O. Box 493, Caughnawaga, JOL IBO Sutherland, Cynthia, 447 Victoria Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2R3 Swim, Katherine, 216 Percival Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1T9 Swim, Tracie, 216 Percival Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1T9 -T- Taylor, Debra-Ann, 8830 Mauriac St., Montreal, HIP 2N1 Tindale, Kate, 429 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 Tough, Laurie, 4680 Borden Ave., Montreal, H4B 2P5 Trakas, Bessie, 5615 Pinedale Ave., Cote St. Luc, H4V 2Y1 Trakas, Nelly, 5615 Pinedale Ave., Cote St. Luc, H4V 2Y1 TurnbuU, Adrienne, 475 Caledonia Ave., Villa 181, Dorval, H9S 2Y3 -W- Wahab, Nadia, 4850 Cote St. Luc Rd., No. 40, Montreal, H3W 2H2 Wales, Pamela, 11 Cardinal St., DoUard des Ormeaux, H9A 1R8 Wallace, Marie, 4682 Lacombe Ave., Montreal, H3W 1R2 Walsh, Carolyn, 210 Cote St. Antoine Rd., Westmount, H3Y 2J3 Webster, Jane, 3571 Vendome Ave., Montreal, H4A 3M6 Wechsler, Nathalie, 141 Finchley Rd., Montreal, H3X 3A3 Wedge, Roberta, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., No. 104, West- mount, H3Z 1M2 Weeks, Janet, 201 Metcalfe Ave., No. 627, Westmoun t, H3Z 2H7 Westphal, Yvonne, 244 Portland, Town of Mount Royal, H3R 1V2 Wilson, Kate, 1550 McGregor Ave., No. 1601, Montreal, H3G 1C2 Wise, Barbara, 316 Dufferin Rd., Hampstead, H3X 2Y5 Woelber, Naomi, 32 Reid St., Chateauguay, J6J 2N5 Wong, Catherine, 4521 Bessborough Ave., Montreal, H4B 2P2 Wyatt, Catherine, 636 Murray Hill Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2W6 -Z- Zannis, Toni, 3511 Benny Ave., Montreal, H4B 2S1 9tV 90 Compliments of uompiimeriis ot METROPOLITAN DR. MRS. PARKING W. WOELBER Compliments of MR. MRS. P.H.ZANNIS AND FAMILY COMPLIMENTARY PARKING IN BUILDING - ENTRANCE, 1255 MACKAY ST. Howarth ' s of Canada Limited TRAFALGAR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS • Made to measure Clothing • Haberdashers • Custom Shirts • Custom Tailors Howarth s of Canada Limited 1444 ST. CATHERINE ST. W., TELEPHONE: 861-9242 MONTREAL H3G 1 R3 TELEPHONE: 861-9243 OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 5:00 P.M. CONCORDIA A UNIVERSITY W " Grow Up By l l e ?ope rA7af f e experience and effort that went into your Higf) School Days will help you deal with the Challenges ahead. MRS. M. CRUTCHFIELD Loyola Campus 7141 SherbrookeW. Sir George Williams Campus 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. Montreal 1 AilRir RTNUFTT CHEERS! REALTIES LTD. Residential and Investment Sales Property Management Mortages Rentals DR. MRS. H.R. BR ODIE 937-3231 Member of Montreal Real Estate Board 93 CoMpLfMENts Compliments of THE SASSEN FAMILY Compliments of MR. AND MRS. H. WECHSLER Compliments of MR. AND MRS. W.J. MANDRY Compliments of PAUL MORIN C.A. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT 95 LAURIE BENNETT REALTIES LTD. Residential and Investment Sales Compliments of Property Management Mortages Rentals VIRGINIA, LYDIA AND PATRICIA SAPUTO 937-3231 Member of Montreal ' Real Estate Board Compliments of SUSAN JANY ' S FAMILY Compliments of WENDY STONE AND FAMILY Compliments of MUIR DRIVING SCHOOL LTD. 5024 Slierbrool St. West Compliments of MR. AND MRS. LOGAN R. BROWN Compliments of MR. AND MRS. C.J. BRUMWELL .good tea— tea you can reall y taste! Brooke Bond Foods Limited. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of MR. AND MRS. UDO R. WESTPHAL Compliments of ITALO CAPPELLI wVIMXX INC. Impnmeurs et lithographes — Printers and lithographers 4525 St-Dominique Montreal, Que. H2T 1T7 Tel. (514) 845-6167 97 Parker Industrial Photography P.O. Box 310 Cote St. Luc, Montreal H4V 2Y5 514 489-1132 Walter Parker Compliments of THE HERNANDEZ FAMILY (Canada Argentina) Compliments of Bl R KS JEWELLERS A. E. Lepage COURTIER EN IMMEUBLE The name friends recommend! 842-5011 Best wishes to the young ladies of Trafalgar School Compliments of NADEAU FENCE CO. 733 Oak Ave. St. Lambert, Que. 672-4330 465-4440 When 3 ou get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day, Just go to a mirror and look at yourself And see what the man has to say. It isn ' t your father, or mother, or wife, Whose judgement upon you must pass. The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back from the glass! You may be a Jack Horner and chisel a plum And think you ' re a wonderful guy, But that man in the glass says you ' re only a bum If you can ' t look him straight in the eye! He ' s the fellow to please never mind all the rest, For he ' s with you clear up t o the end, And you ' ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test If the man in the glass is your friend! THE LUNANS GENERAL INSURANCE ADJUSTERS JULIUS BOCKLER INC. AND MARINE SURVEYORS Compliments of Compliments of MR. AND MRS. E.A. PARADISSIS Include Holt Renfrew in your circle of friends. HOLT RENFREW 99 DR. AND MRS. CHIN KWO Compliments of THE KMETYKO FAMILY Michel Panet- Raymond CHARTERED INSURANCE BROKER 935-6109 COURTIER D ' ASSURANCES AGREE MONTREAL Congratulations to the Graduating Class of ' 79 Best Wishes for Future Success THE TUCK SHOP 100 I Equipement et Produits Sanitaires Service d ' Entretien de Bureaux Complete Maintenance Services Cleaning Supplies Equipment RQBEIilSDN 2446 Rue Dandurand Montreal 331 527-4548 makingdreams come true is rewarding work Bank of Montreal TEAM AND INSTITUTIONAL SUPPLIERS BROSSISTE POUR EOUIPE5 ET INSTITUTIONS CHANDAILS IMPRIMES — PROMOTIONAL PRINTED T-SHIRTS nCIC IlCi WliJIIUVCl ur 49Sa BUCHAN ST. MdNTREAL, OUEBEC HAP 1SB TEL.: (514) V37-Z15S Acad em ie de Danse ) Ballet de la Jeunesse f H. Voronova . " " J Tel. 486-4415 5270 Av. N.D. de Grace l 1 " Thcx nk Vou I)GLnlce Schon Grcx-tuouS A emuS UXOUplCTTO 1 1 I J-l , Helena Voronova Salle du Campanile 5319 Av. Notre-Dame-de-Grace Tel. 484-1378 OUlTipillTlC I llo Ui RICHARD ROY SALOMON INC. MR. MRS. HIRONOBU KAMIOKO 1245 Sherbrooke St. W. Suite 1730 H3G 1G2 288-2261 102 PATRONS Mrs. C. Armbruster Ann Gamsa Mr. Mrs. P.M. LaRue Mr. Mrs. George Wise Miss K. Polikretis R.D. Ritson Helen Grace Kihmm Mr. E. Polikretis Cynthia Roberts Mr. Mrs. David Marshall Best Wishes for Future Success to the Girls of Trafalgar School Compliments of from MONARCH LIFE HOTEL SHERATON ASSURANCE COMPANY MT.-ROYAL JIM RIVARD - BRANCH MANAGER 1455 rue Peel Montreal, Canada 6767 Cote des Neiges H3A 1T5 Suite 400 Montreal, Quebec H3S 2T6 731-8257 103 AUTOGRAPHS 104 {

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