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I I :ccES ' 5 uttf 1978 MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL This year Trafalgar celebrated its ninetieth birthday which was marked by the holding of the School ' s first Book Fair. Since its beginning in 1887, the School has certainly changed a great deal, but its purpose has not. Trafalgar still exists to provide girls with an education of a high standard, as well as a chance to participate in sporting and cultural activi- ties. The work of sincerely interested and able teachers is what makes possible the attainment of these aims. I am sure students and parents share my appreciation of the staff at Trafalgar. I hope those who are leaving the School this year will always remember Trafalgar and the values we try to uphold. Naturally, I hope your memories of your years at Trafalgar will be pleasant ones. We will continue to be interested in you and will be delighted if you return from time to time to let us know of your progress in whatever you do after leaving Trafalgar. The staff and I expect those of you who return next year to continue to do your best and to meet all the challenges offered you with enthusiasm and vigour. 1 a note from the people behind the typewriters Lori Spotton Photography Editor Martina Lis Sports Editor After fifty bottles of liquid paper .... after ten thousand sheets of whi te paper .... after seventy broken fingernails (cause - typewriters) .... after countless nights of tiresome work .... after blood, sweat and tears .... the Echoes staff has stumbled out of the Echoes Office to present you with this magnificent yearbook. Echoes is a very special magazine. It contains all the memorable moments of the school year. It is a book to be treasured always. Every single girl has a place in Echoes. I have not yet known a Trafite who hasn ' t run home to proudly display signatures scribbled across the pages, the candid picture of her friend actually eating a lunch, the class picture or perhaps even the contributions she made towards the Art and Lit or Sports section. Echoes brings together every aspect of the Traf experi- ence. It is the union of all the teachers, students, grads, undergrads, prefects, and jewelery wearers. It presents all the clubs, classes, teams, defeats (which are, of course, few) and victories (which are, of course, many). In years to come we - each of us - will feel a tingle of pride when we look through the pages of Echoes and see the part we played in Traf hfe. The Editor Lynn Senecal Lay-Out Editor 2 ECHOES STAFF LEFT to RIGHT: Martina Lis, Lynn Senecal, Julie Tilden, Laurie Neapole, Pamela Hall, Mrs. Akin, Lori Spotton. SITTING: Cynthia Roberts. Costakos. SITTING: Miss Armbruster. Cynthia Roberts Editor 3 From the establishment of Traf in 1 887 to the cele- brative year of 1977, Traf has gone through a great many changes. In 1902 the day-school was built. A modern ad- dition was built in 1955 and was opened by the Governor General Vincent Massey. Chalde rton Lodge, the old board- ing house, was replaced by the Caverhill wing in 1973. This wing was named after Miss Majorie Caverhill who left her two houses to the school. Traf has not only grown in size but it has also con- tinued its earliest principle of teaching the girls to excel in both academic and athletic work. Donald Ross said that the school was founded " to qualify young persons for dis- charging in the best manner such duties as ordinarily de- volve on the female sex. " Even though women ' s duties have changed over the past ninety years, we still work in the " best manner " . This can be seen in the ambitions of this year ' s graduating class. Such commendable goals will continue to grow with the high standards and increasing size of the school. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAF ! ! ! 4 O f Many Thin gs . . , by Edgar Andrew Collard How Trafalgar School got its name How did the Tfa algar School tor Qtilt get m nanwT The rooU , or the answer go far back alo Uw traditloM of Montruil. The l««t evml in the long hll- tory of Um icbool will take pUM nert WeAieaday wtitn Ihf new Ca- vertiia ttlJXi wlllbeorflclally opoocd. The iKw building wlH make avBllaUe ipa» and Udlltlei of Uw iDoat Iwdun dMlgn. But Ihe ■cbool, In atrili cbongeg, cherlihei • The (ouDder o( the achool, Don- ald Rou, tllpulaled In Ns wlU that It imut be named Tralalpr. He chose this rtame becauae he had bought, as the school ' s site, eight iBWes of the Trafalgar estate on Cote dea Nelges Road. The school wag never built on those acres: It was opened instead In ie37 on the , land near the head of Simpson Street, below McGregor, where It Is today. But the name originally Intended for the school has been preserved, though the site la dif- ferent. To understand more abojt the origin of this name, It Is neces- sary to go far back into old Mon- treal lore. " ■ Trafalgap Farm The Trafalgar estate on Cole des Nciges Road had been a country ■property, known at first as " Tra- lalgar Farm, " In Ihe early years ' of the I9th ' century the Montreal fur traders were buying farms on slopes of ttie mountain, Tbey bad little Gtreets of the town for the winter months nd a second out in the countryside for Ihe summer. One ol these fur traders, John Ogilvy, ctMM a farm In the Icvely valley between the two mountains — between Mount Royal and what lodny is known as Westmount Mountain. The old Cote des Nelges Road ran past It. His large proper- ty covered the land where Trafal- gar AventK Tiins today. John Ogilvy chose to name bis farm in honor of Horallo Nelson ' s great naval victory of IMS- He was an enthusiast in tils admiration of Nelson. He came forward hand- somely when a subscription list was being drawn up to erect a ■ ' monu- ment Jn some public place at Mon- treal to the memory of that im- mortal nava! hero. " John OgHvy ' s donation was (20. It was outstand- ing on the list. Only one other subscriber gaVe more. Nor was this aU. A cfflnmitte« had to be elected by the saburjbers to carry the project Into reality. Five members were chosen. Ogilvy received the greatest number of It was only natural that a man so keen to booor Nelson ' s memory should name his farm after Nel- Gon ' s tTlunqii. After Johijogiivy died, the old name TrafAlgar continued to be at- tached to his old farm. A later owner of the land, Albert Fumiss, built a fiiM brick and stone house there. It stiU stands on tbe north- west comer of Cote des Neiges and Trafalgar Avenue, with tbe date " 1848 " carved In a stone over its entrance. Ttat bouse was also named " Trafalgar. " Donald Ross ' gardener It becomes quite easy to imder- stand, tben, that when Donald Ross bought eight acres of the old Trafalgar property for a girls ' school be diose Trafalgar as its name. His own house, View Mount Place, was also on Cote des Ross was a Scot from Ross- Shire. He came to Montreal at the age of 15 to Join the drygoods busi- ness of his unde. He married his cousin, Jane Ross. Ross made View Mount one of the most beautiful estates In Mon- treal. He hod as his gardener an Irishman. Patrick McKenna. Mc- nlbe great vinit of Irish emigration the lime of the potato famuw of 1647 Ty|ifaus bad broken out on the His wife took down with It, and died In tbe " lever sheds " built at Poinle St. Charles. She was one of Ihe Several thousand victims buried sar tbe great boulder that today OMita these IriA graves on Bridge Street. When PatrlUc McKenna wished to marry again, Donald Ross set him up. He gave him all the pro- duce grown for one season on the View Mount property. McKenna sold it at tbe martet With tbe money he made, be set op a (lower stall on Cote des Neiges, near tbe oM Tollbooth. This was the begin- ning of the McKenna florist busi- ness in Montreal. After Donald Ross ' death, years were to pass before anything, could be done (o set up the sduio! be had planned. The provisions of his will were complex. It began to appear that many more years might pass before enough money would be available to get the sdiool started. A solution was suggested Per- haps another donor inif t be found to supplement the amount avail- able from tbe Ross wilL Ibc most likely prospect was Sir Donald A. Smith (later to be Lord Stratb- cooa). He had a lively interest la ahead be was to be the foander of tbe Royal Victoria College at Mc- Gill University. Anyone wishing lo get funds from Sir Donald preferred lo ap- proach him throu the miniiter of his church— Rev Dr, James clay, tbe SrattUh minister of St, Paul ' s Preabyterlan Church. Dr, Barclay had the reputation ol being very successfd In getting do- natJoQS. In this case be succeeded again. Sir Donald A. Smith was ready to finance tbe school. But Ik made a stlpulatkn: it would have to t»e established within the bound- aries of the Oty of Montreal, as they were defined at the time. The eight acres bought by Doi - ald Ross, as the sile of his school, 6d not meet this stipulation. Tbe old Trafalgar p f tt ty aa Cote des Neiges Road was then outaldtt the Montreal city limits. Old I i kept Though the wHI of Donald Ross was long and detailed, be had wisely left considerable latitude lo tbe trustees of his proposed scbooL They found tbey could legally es- tablish the school within Mon- treal ' s boandaries. Tbe eight acres of the old Trafalgar ptr ierty on Cote des Ndges Road could be given up, provided that the name " Trafalgar " was still given to the scbooL It is (or this reason ihat the school today is known as the Tra- falgar School (or Girls. Hie nle chosen for the school, though Inside the CHy of Hoot- real, was actually not very far away ttxo tbe lajid Donald Ross had set aside (or IL The slope ti Mount Royal, (adng the dty. lUU bad many of tbe old cnmlry es- tates, with bouses set In large grrnmifa — Ide for a school. trurtees, with (30.000 frwn Sir Don- ald A. Smith, and other aajstaoDc. from olber t}enefactors, boo ttie fine fiece of laad below McGregor Street, at the head of SlnrosoD Street, where tbe school has been wai ' ,nrj par ' ' Iti Jtnr. ' jwjiA lit»mU TuTf wM • enik, the apbjrtt t4 (ha U di c zlc Rhrer. wto bid lii ham ■here ttM Usdoate Ksom apvt ' meals stand to . fir Aicxvate ' s hen ifJd It (A Sir Onrf Sbo Ofmaurj. a Vr wbgrr, tn C f J ' »l firt irfWT. u ! -■ •( Ri»fj U named Th» ojttMn t w vxapM by the wSmA ttA Us eraunlt wm pixxtMad from fir C«Mie Kob ' no tr Or c«ns Amww cnl In IM. Chaiderton Loc e When ibe (ratec of IMtipr tiwA tmtiM lUt land b lbs VtM. itrf dU DBt b e l» taSd a tOrxA The hooM slKsdr by Ski George Wrtbers3 tervad (hs piirpMe«07 wtH In (act tUs old Incae. fcoovn as CtaldoiMi jA . rcmdacd aa part o( the sctool oxoplex, sfter MM erteoma after aooQKr hsd been added lo it. It was put of the Khool (or feoeratlota of gtrlL Every effort wis cnade to pr utr ve it. But necesary repnn b d b«- ojTK so oxtly and t s tt that only mxoiiy It had lo t« tore TV Sb- CbMrtm WetheraB wbo built this bouM (hat became ibe rim Trafalor Scboot was ta to- L sreiimg aanAa. He was a Brtliih army otDcer, tbe sco of a ger l. Sir Fredertdc WeOmta (eiecuior of ttie will of HJUl the Duke of Kent, Queen Vieuw)» t falberi. Sir George bsd seroed In (he army in many ports of Ihe obt — at the Cape of Good Hope, In Java. In India. In Cauda In (be 1B30S he oonrnondad the force ta tbe Bucccsful bittle at SL Ottiles on the RidKheu. In tbe ftdMQiao of U77. He remained with the nscn In Mootreal (or an extraor- dinary length of time, ai depty Apparently Sir George was In Montreal w k»g that he (eh 0)e oeed of a permanent rfridfrre. He bulH Cbaldertoc) Lodee u a large house In the rtyle known is " Gotloc Revival " Its quaint anA- gave 11 great dutincboa and charm. There were marveOocs Gothic cellingi and fireplaces, leaded glao windows, bsnd carving in dxn i Sir George bad f den came to return to F.ngbnd. to become deputy adjutantfenenl at the Horae (Juanfs, Ibe head- qoartm of the amy. In taso OiaJderton Lodge wv put up for rent or sale. Early school days CfaaktertoD Lodge and Us groumfc passed ihnugb several owners before they wtre boo by the trustees of the new Tra- falgar School. For a Dumber ol years the whole school was in OA. Wether ' s old OaUerton lixlge. The school bos been expanded in a series of addilioiB, Next Wed- nesday, the blest of these will be opened. Miz Marjorie Caverhlll kft tier borae oo i ' TT " " ' to tbe scbooL Proceeds from tbe sale o( tiis horae lave made pos- siWe the wing, named in ber memory. " Tbe bricks ar« new but (he tradrtlocs are old. " says one of ttnee closely connected with the Trafalgar Sd)oot for Girii. How iM these tradiUons are Is seen In the fad that the very name of the school goes back to fur trvfer John Ogilvy ' s farm in the valley between the moonlalcs. 5 MELANIE SHERIDAN VB ' 72 - ' 78 Fairley Nicknames: " Mel " , " Chief In grade seven we always knew Melanie would make it to the top. She was the class president every year, so who would question her becoming the head girl? Even when we tied her to a tree in grade seven and forgot her, or when she nearly blew up the chemistry lab, she still kept that innocent smile that won all the teachers ' hearts. Although her lowest mark is 98, Mel does find time to enjoy a social life. She ' s left her mark in many places: teeth marks in rubber plants, bananas at L.O., wine spills on P.B. ' s table. She would like to be a micro-biologist considering her micro-height. She ' s famous for her freckles, long hair, apple pie smile and cats. Could we have chosen a better all-Canadian girl for our head girl? " Pythagoras was rather smart too. " Her friends. CHRISTINE GRACE BARDECKI VA ' 72 - ' 78 Camming " Nothing is lost on him who sees With an eye that feeling gave; For him there ' s a story in every breeze. And a picture in every wave " —Thomas Moore And to the open road, looking back, my memories will always be there. Thank-you all. ROOPALI BHARGAVA VA ' 74 - ' 78 Fairley Nickname: " Roc " Never to be Forgotten Memories: first day of school . . . grade 8 B.B. game ... Ill A twice . . . Ottawa, grade 8 . . . B.B. and V.B. teams . . . " Shadow " . . . gym dem ' 76 . . . Miss T. and bio. class . . . fruit cocktail races with A.N. . . hand in cake . . . ketchup . . notes . . . class prez ' 76 - ' 77 . . . A.H. ' s party . . . perfect? . . . smog and Miss L-aneous Hey ref . . . Bee Gees . . . class trip?! . . . work in Mrs. Forbes ' class? . . . mail in math . Mrs. Tawfik . . . Drama club . . . mornings in gym . . . train with Ju and Daf ... 1 1 06 77 with A.N., M.S. . . . insulting and embarassing a certain friend . . . Mac ' s with A.N., F.R., A.H., and J.S my other half ... all my friends . . . " Tout est beau quand on le partage avec un ami. " Thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity to come to Traf and thanks to my friends for making it terrific! MADELINE BOCK VA ' 75 - ' 78 Gumming Nicknames: " Dart " , " Mad " , " Tart Narc " . Ambition: Novelist. Probable Destiny: Proof reader for Natio. Claim to Fame: Telling stories, cheerleading. Favourite Saying: " For sure " , " Yah. " Pet Peeve: Not getting stereo promised for 15th Birthday, people who interrupt. Favourite Pastime: Dancing, skiing, fritzing. Cherished Memories: Blind date, March 17, ' 77 with N.B. . . . Logins and Messina . . . Cat Stevens . . . F.H. . . . Fritz Kiki Dart . . . Sweet . . . sweet J. Peni . . . Maurice . . . April 30 . . . M.N. ... the week of the Bazaar with the five musketeers. 12 JANEBREGAZZI VA ' 76 - ' 78 Cumming " But if in your thought you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle all the other seasons. And let today embrace the past with rembrance and the future with longing. " -Kahlil Gibran Activities: Class vice-president, gym captain, school cross-country team, school volley- ball team. Cherished Memories: Percy Walter ' s Park. HEATHER GWYNN CHERRIER VB ' 74 - ' 78 Donald Nickname: " Cherry " Favourite Expressions: " What?!! " , " Eh?! " Activities: Grad committee. Ambition: Nursing. Probable Destiny: Doing " Band-Aid " commercials. Cherished Memories: Bomb threat . . . dances . . . Fifth Form . . . human bio. classes with Mrs. H. . . . common room . . . " Wuthering Heights " movie with Mrs. G. : . . class trips. Claim to Fame: Crutches. Pet Peeves: School lunches, bio. tests. Favourite Pastime: Anything but homework. Thanks to Mum and all the people in my family who made it possible for me to go to Traf. SUSAN CLARKE VB ' 77 - ' 78 Donald " I sit here 5 hours a day - Do you expect me to work too? " Ambition: To go through college. Probable Destiny: In one door, out the other. Favourite Expression: " so " . Pet Peeve: Mrs. Akin ' s English assignments. Favourite Pastime: Starting diets with Eleonora. Could You Imagine: Sue doing her Enghsh? Cherished Memories: P.R. ' s party with S.S. . . . March ' 76 street . . . music? . . . S.P. S.C.P. . . . across the FOTINI COSTAKOS VB ' 77 - ' 78 Donald Nickname: " Fo " . " Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, and every tomorrow a vision o f hope. " Ambition: Lawyer. Probable Destiny: Watching re-runs of Perry Mason. Favourite Expression: " Absotively posolutely bugger all! " Cherished Memories: W.H.H.S. . . . summers at the J.G.H. . . . Saturday nites . . . Sunday mornings . . . Macs + Max . . . fries + fryes . . . sweets . . . Feelings . . . Color my world . . C ' est la vie . . . To My Friends: Thanks for the memories. To Mom, Dad and " Jo " : " Words are not enough ... " 13 ANA MARGARIDA DE CASTRO VA ' 74 - ' 78 Faiiley Nicknames: " Tweety " , " Guida " , " Aninhas " . Pet Peeve: D. and C. in math class, and J. posture. Ambition: Translator. Probable Destiny: Being with D.S. although he was not there and making long distance phone calls. Most Cherished Memories: Strugghng with D.S. partying with J. and planning weekends. Weakness: Being a ski and tennis pro, Europe and looking good. Activities: House head (tough), and gym captain. " Giving is receiving, receiving is giving. That ' s really the secret that lies behind living. " -Dean Walley " If you love something very much, let it-go free. If it does not come back to you it ' s because it was never meant to be your ' s. " ANDREA DUNCAN VA ' 74 - ' 78 Camming " We ' re here for a good time, Not a long time. " Ambition: To become a veterinarian. Probable Destiny: Working on otters, beavers, buffaloes, and other aircraft. Memories (cherished or otherwise) : In III A for 2 years . . . Traf lunches . . . exams . . people ' s reactions to my uniform . . . Traf dances . . . homework . . . house plays . . . Track and Field day . . . gym dem . . . prayers . . . Christmas Concerts . . . winter carnivals . . . chem labs . . . the class at Beaver Lake . . . summer ' 76 . . . class meal at La Crepe Bretonne ' 77 . . . school closings . . . making Henry VIII . . . the Klondike Vidio Films . . . Friends: F.T., P.F., R.B., A.N., J.S., J.T., F.K. Claim to Fame: Servicing military aircraft in my spare time. CHARLOTTE ANNE FARKUS VA ' 76 - ' 78 Camming Nicknames: " Kiki " , " Ch ' Iotte " . Ambition: Acting. Probable Destiny: Politician. Could You Imagine: Charlotte taking her time to leave school? Cherished Memories: Form IV math class with S.K., K.P music class . . . Selwyn House with P.F., J.P., K, L.L. Activities: Talking. Pet Peeve: Math, math homework, math tests. " Donne moi une chance et je te montrerais qui je suis. " Thanks to all the great people I met while in Traf. I won ' t forget you. I love you all. Bye! PATTY FINKELSTEIN VA ' 74 - ' 78 Gumming Nickname: " Fritz " . " You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. " Cherished Memories: Linds ' s twitch . . . " music classes with Janet and Kiki . . . Moris ' s nicfits . . .Dartagnon . . . fritzing out with Kiki ... the giggles . . Fiona ' s missing shoes . . .astronauts . . .Miss Jefferson . . . phone calls with Linda . . . M.L. . . J.B. . . . S.B E.S D.T J.M Pet Peeve: " Patty, would you like to leave the room until you can get a hold of your- self? " Thanks for the memories, I love you all. Thanks to Ma y Pa. 14 JACKIE FOURNIER VB ' 77 - ' 78 Faiiley Nicknames: " Fathead " , " the Furn " . Probable Destiny: Bartender. Favourite Expression: " Oh wow, man! " Favourite Pastime: Arguing with S.S., Maxwell ' s, Ennid. Pet Peeve: Freaks. Assets: None??? Pet Possesion: Driver ' s hcence. Could You Imagine: Jackie with a sad face? Memories: 76 77 . . . G.D., F.L., R.H January 14th and 15th with J. D Common room . . . N.G.D. . . . Parking . . . Friday nights with R.H. . . LCC Cheerlead ing ... Ireland with Sunny and A.B., B.E. . . . Saturday nights with the van ... ' 75 to ' 77 with J.D CARLA HAMILTON VA ' 74 - ' 78 Fairley A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men. -Anonymous A fool must now and then be right by chance. -Cowper FIONA ELIZABETH HAWLEY VA ' 75 - ' 78 Donald Pet Peeves: Lunches, locker room rush. Claim to Fame: Red hair and freckles. Could You Imagine: Me being early? Weakness: Food. Cherished Memories: Spares in library breakfast before school at Ben Ash . . at Stanstead-fending off passes! tea at " pregnancy " with Alexa . . " dumb math " class with Mrs. Tawfik . . . . . . " Sunrises " at Le Tube with " J " . . . darkroom Supertramp with P., J., and K . . . after school Maine with K. and M. . . . farm in Quebec with J . . Armand ' s bullet Good-bye Traf ! . . week at Jane ' s ANGELINE HECK VA ' 74 - ' 78 Ross Nicknames: " Angel " , " Smiley " , " Big Baluka " , " Angie " . Ambition: To be one of CharUe ' s Angles. Probable Destiny: Being one of Charlie ' s Devils. Pet Peeve: Bloede kuh (that ' s German for " Stupid Cow " ). Claim to Fame: Her family (especially her dog). Activities: Badminton, basketball, games captain, games It., class pres. Cherished Memories: Her sweet sixteen ... " Patricia the Striper " Maxwell ' s ... a " 57 " elevator . . . apple picking . . . " You crazy ... " . . . " Ya sure! " . . . camping . . . Corina ' s eyebrows . . . " Wide World of Wrestling " with J.S. . . . Trafs Junior locker room . . . " The Crucible " , Feb. 17th ' 77 . . . meeting Earl . . . grade 9 with J.B. ... Favourite Pastime: Embarrassing J.S. Thanks to Mom and Dad. 15 JUDY JOHNSTON VA ' 76 - ' 78 Barclay Claim to Fame: Parties, lose laces, green dot. Favourite Saying: " Calm down " , " cut it out " , " some day . . . " , " T @$%$ " . Weakness: Getting money out of pockets, food, T, Ambition: To have a good time at whatever I do. Probable Destination: Ski bum. Favourite Pastimes: S.S. Deh? . . . skiing . . . goofing around . . . Pet Peeve: Having no money, cool people. Cherished Memories: M.V. . . . Christmas ' 76 ... Summer ' 77 . . . Malibu . . . skiing in B.C Deer Bay . . . B.R. and T.B parties in ' 76, ' 77, ' 78 . . . tricks with J.B. . . . walking the dogs . . . 04 26 77 ... The butler did it . . . KATHERINE KASIRER VA ' 76 - ' 78 Ross " I cut down trees I skip and jump I like to press wild flowers I put on women ' s clothing And hang around in bars. " -Monty Phython BELAINE LACEY VA ' 73 - ' 78 Donald Nickname: " Wool " " Though nothing can bring back the hour, Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower, We will grieve not. Rather find the strength in what remains behind. -William Wordsworth Cherished Memories: Operating on a frog with E.S. . . . the moldy brain . . . Bilingue . grade 8 history and latin classes . . . telephone marathon with D.W. . . . formula for nitroglycerin . . . cracking up in Chem Study class . . . " Now girls! " ... St. Francine . . plotting to accidently blow up the lab . . . " spare gods " ... a growling stomach . . . French pastry . . . " notebook " . . . and five years of Traf lunches! Many thanks to Miss Harvie, Mrs. Doupe and staff, for these memorable years. Special thanks to my parents who provided me with the opportunity to come to Traf. HEATHER LEIGH VA ' 74 - ' 78 Fairley Impartiale Man, Unlike from soul to soul. Dissimilar thoughts from different minds, But all alike in many ways, for they are equal; for they are Man -Johanne Laplante Special appreciation to my parents for giving me this opportunity to learn and for the support that they have given me ... . Thank-You. 16 MARTINA LIS VA ' 73 - ' 78 Donald Cherished Memories: P.B. and . . . , ... Jan. 8 - Homes . . . tennis with Nick . , . S.H.S. gang and parties . . . Summer ' 76 . . . Austrian Ski Club . . . Ballets at G.B.C. and L.C. . . . Skiing at Jay and Tremblant . . . Tony ' s farm . . . Oct. 21 . . . Gym Dem ' 77 . . . Henry VHI - flukes . . . Cyn ' s party . . . phone calls . . . shopping with J.B. and S.B New York City . . . Activities: Prefect, S.C., School Games Captain, Sports Editor, Tuck Shop Committee, Grad Committee, Tennis, Gymnastics, Badminton and Track and Field. Can You Imagine: Martina on time or not flipping her head back? Dekuji Mami a Tati pro Vsecko. I ' ll miss you Traf ! JENNIFER MARLER VB ' 74 - ' 78 Donald Nicknames: Jeffner, Jenffer, Little Jennifer. " I don ' t hke to commit myself about heaven or hell- for you see I have friends in both places. " -Mark Twain Prototype: Tim Conway. Claim to Fame: Cookie monster haircuts. Pet Peeves: Casts, crutches, hospitals, P.S.S.C., school lunches. Uncherished Memories: Softball with Captain Templeton . . . 250 subs with Lynn . . . fitting 18 crates of soda into Mrs. W. ' s toyota . . . inventing 400 new theorems . . . disapproving Pythagorus . . . Miss L- who? . . . passion with Mrs. Grover . . . Aku-Aku co conuts at the Kontiki with Mel . . . M ' Goy Feh Noey at the Maison Moon-wah with Mrs. Tawfik . . . egg rolls with Sally . . . Estetica . . . Traf Trash . . . Cyn ' s fainting spells . . . Friar ' s . . . VALENTINA MONTICCIOLO VA ' 11 - ' 1 Barclay " Memories, light the corners of my mind. . . " -Barbra Streisand Valentina came into Trafalgar via R.H.S. During her year she participated in various sports. Though it was her only year at Traf, she has had some memorable days. She wishes to further her education in the field of social sciences. JANE MORGANTI VA ' 74 - ' 78 Ross " Old friend, so you ' re in trouble again, you ask me today to try and find a little time and maybe buy a glass of wine, Old friend, I ' m coming through. " -Chris de Burgh Pet Peeve: Having to wait for people who are always late! Favourite Pastimes: Spares, recess, holidays, concerts. Could You Imagine: Me not talking?! Cherished Memories: Broken lab equipment in chem . . . Selwyn House . . . tuck shop . . messy lunches . . . never finishing physics labs . . . Mrs. Tawfik for three years . . . Super- tramp with F., K., and P. . . . " nights on the town " with F.H. . . . Fiona ' s birthday with A.B. and K.H. . . . Mr. and Mrs. B. ' s well known parties at their well know mansion . . . waiting for Mar . . . farm in Quebec with " Fifi " and nos amis " pepsi " . . bringing D.K. to Traf . . . D.T., H.L., H.T Grade 1 1 sash ... bye Traf! ! ! Thanks to Mummy and Daddy. 17 KIM MORISON VB ' 76 - ' 78 Gumming Ambition: Psychologist. Probable Destiny: Psychotic! Weaknesses: Gymnastics, weekends, holidays, being with good friends. Pet Peeves: The small lockers at Traf, physics, not enough holidays, homework on weekends, bossy prefects, and stuck up people. Claim to Fame: Making it to grade 11. Cherished Memories: Spares with Marietta . . . certain parties at L.F. ' s house ... a dance at Bale Durfe . . . summers in Europe . . . running around with D.P., J.P., K.K. after lunch ... the common room . . . being J.P. ' s best friend at school . . . Fritz and Kiki helping me write this. Special thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity of coming to Traf. Also, thanks Traf, for the memories. JULIE MORONEY VB ' 76 - ' 78 Barclay Activities: Sub-head prefect, house head, Trafalgar Talks, tennis, volleyball, basketball, cross country. Ambition: Journalist. Probable Destiny: Writing Trafalgar Talks forever. Favourite Pastime: Partying with A.R. and K.R., eating ice-cream at B.B. ' s. Favourite Expression: " What do I do now? " Pet Peeve: White running shoes, funny looking gym shorts and waiting for 11 P.M. to come. Most Cherished Memories: Bishops with A.R. and S.K. . . . K.K., " I don ' t even like it! " . . . chem classes with K.R. . . , sand dunes . . . Aug. 1 to 17, 1977. Weaknesses: Long distance love affairs and midnight rendez-vous ' s. LARK NEMEREVER VA ' 74 - ' 78 Gumming Cherished Memories: Going through a whole term spelling physics with three s ' s . dreaming of working with B.L. and D.W. to blow up the chem and physics labs . . Rueil Malmaison . . . Sam, Catherine and Ann . . . Avignon and Paris . . . Chuck, M.A.N. , W.J.N. , Gisele . . . falling off Phi three times while standing in the same position. . . . Pet Peeve: France ' s toilet paper, George and banana. Station 10 and 30. Ambition: Cooking a full course meal without disaster. Probable Destiny: Going back with Al. Saying: Henry and John met the Statue of Liberty and decided to make the " cat ' their prey . . . ALISON NOEL VB ' 74 - ' 78 Barclay Nickname: " Ali " . " I know that as I leave I ' m leaving a good friend. " Activities: Volleyball, basketball, badminton, swimming, prefect, house head. Memories: Grade 8 French with Wood twins . . . Ottawa with H.T. . . . being best friends and enemies with H.T. and A.R. . . . " The Shadow " . ... Macdonald ' s after volleyball . . . basketball, volleyball, badminton clinics . . . A.H. ' s party .... basketball at Bishop ' s .... " Henry VIH " . . . Bee Gees . . . hand in cake .... courier pigeon in math . . . fruit cocktail eating contest with R.B. . . . 11 06 77 with M.S. and R.B. . . . ketchup anyone? . . . almost going to Quebec City . . . gym dem . . . " No I don ' t take biology! " 18 DEIRDRE PALMER VB ' 76 - ' 78 Cumming Nicknames: Dee-Dee, Ding-Ding, Wildwoman, Fish Eyes, Palmtree. Activities: Waterskiing, horseback riding, badminton, swimming. Pet Peeve: Lousy weather, being grounded, having people ask me if I ' m related to Arnold Palmer. Pet Possesion: Blow dryer. Favourite Saying: " A Cha! Cha! " , " Kiss you? I don ' t even know you! " Ambition: Fashion designer. Probable Destiny: Owning a clothes store in a nudest colony. Cherished Memories: Harvey ' s ketchup, " Stairway to Heaven, " " You ' ve Got a Friend " , tea CO., New Year ' s Eve, Holiday Inn with Main, Gino ' s Mini, Mrs. Tabba, the Five, Summer of 76, Suzuki 50 cel. Big Ben; the sax, g.w. in Canaught in the F ' s, doing what bees do best, the 2 spies. JANET PENNY VA ' 76 - ' 78 Ross " It ' s better to be short and shine, than to be tall and cast a shadow. " Pet Peeves: School in general, trains, living in the sticks. Ambition: Shrink. Probable Destiny: Shrunk. Cherished Memories: Controlling Kim ' s fits . . . double spares . . . Marietta (the pyro) .... Friday nights. Claim to Fame: That hair! Weaknesses: Tabac, toilette, and the Pepsi challenge. ANDREA JEAN ROBERTON VB ' 74 - ' 78 Fairley Activities: Prefect, school games lieutenant, house head, basketball, volleyball, badmin- ton, gymnastics, swimming, gym captain. Pet Peeve: Freckles, freckles and freckles. Favourite Pastime: (top secret). Weakness: Seeing R.G. and S.K. drive off. Cherished Memories: Bishops with J.M. and S.K. . . . basketball stands . . . S.K. ' s pink lemonade . . . A.G. ' s class party . . . weekend with K.R. . . . J.M. ' s mateus . . . " K., I don ' t even like it! " . . . K.R. the cook and choc, chip cookies ... 6:30 A.M. " Thanks for the memories, Traf! " CYNTHIA HOPE ROBERTS VB ' 73 - ' 78 Ross Nicknames: " Cyn " , " Sin " , " Boss " , " Ruffers " . Ambition: Literary genius, Hollywood director or humble university professor. Probable Destiny: Educated bum. Claim to Fame: Hair, P.S.S.C. poetry, " insanity " . Pet Peeve: Waiting for Martina. Favourite Saying: " What can I say?! " , " What is my life coming to? " Cherished Memories: Bananas with Mel . . . " Henry VIII " . . . falling through Lori ' s roof ... La Ronde with Lori . . . Ottawa with France . . . waterbeds . . . babysitting Lori . . . Jen jumping out windows in " Trafinstein " . . . Limelighting with Lori . . . M.G.M. ' s . . . weekend of Aug. 27 ... La Coupe . . . editing Klondike film . . . rolling tires .... " And if my thought-dreams could be seen They ' d probably put my head in a guillotine But it ' s alright. Ma, it ' s life, and life only. " -Bob Dylan KIM ROBICHAUD VB ' 75 - ' 78 Ross Nicknames: " Kim along Jubilee " , " Jubes " . Ambition: Police woman. Probable Destiny: Meter maid. Favourite Expression: " Oh my God! " Pet Peeve: People biting their nails (me!). Weaknesses: Food, boys. Cherished Memories: Wunderbars . . . operating tuck . . . being boss (not really) chevi ' ing gum before school . . . gym dems (flop and all?) . . . chicken a la king. FRANCE ROBILLARD VB ' 74 - ' 78 Gumming Nicknames: Tweetumes, Frank, Fran, Paris, Frizzy. Ambition: Psychologist. Probable Destiny: Seeing Patty, Charlotte and Linda as patients Claim to Fame: Tiny feet, frizzled hair, good temper. Pet Peeve: Being called Paris, being told I ' m wrong. Favourite Saying: " What? " , " 1 don ' t understand. " , " . Cherished Memories: Basketball Princess at Stanstead play with Lori . . . parties with Phil, Francois, Harry . the apple in my eye. " . Ottawa with Cyn . . . house Mel ' s sweet sixteen . . . " Klondike Days " with Lori and Cyn . . . Bob and his letters . . . Gaby ' s. Theme Song: " Puppy Love " . Activities: Prefect, house head. Advertising Committee, Geography Club, basketball, volleyball, games captain, track and field. Can You Imagine: France without a lovelife? France talking without her hands? APRIL ANN ROMAGNANO VA ' 77 - ' 78 Faiiley April wishes to become a " vetenerian. " Precious past consists of Sunshine B.B. ... 3 tiny ivory elephants . . . virgin wool ... a white dot of friendship . . .Papa in Peace . . . and letters of future fate. " Be open and free, so that you may taste life. Hold your morals; but share your ideals. Hope is our eternity. " LINDA ROTEN VB ' 75 - ' 78 Fairley Ambition: Psychologist. Probable Destiny: Flying over the cuckoo ' s nest. Favourite Expressions: " © ! $%?! " and " C ' est pas mal trippant. " Pet Peeves: " Linda, put your sash on please! " and " Take off your rings! " Cherished Memories: Fritz ' s lab partner in chemistry in Form IV . . . running up and down Stanley Street with Kim M. and Kiki . . . calling Kim R., " memere " . . .Demetra and Kiki ' s love at first sight of Pietro standing by the door at the gym dem ' 77 . . . Heather L. ' s antique school bag . . . Heather L. ' s Bubble Yum! Could You Imagine: Linda wearing her sash and bloomers? Favourite Pastimes: Pietro, skiing, horseback riding, talking on the phone with Fritz. 20 KATHLEEN RUSSELL VB ' 76 - ' 78 Barclay Nickname: Katie. " Did you marie me absent? " Ambition: Having two of everytliing. Activities: Baslcetball, volleyball. Weakness: M M ' s and Buster bars. Pet Peeve: Those stylish uniforms. Cherished Memories: Julie ' s mateus . . . living at Julie ' s every Tuesday night; coming in late every Wednesday morning for English . . . Jane ' s party when S.K. drowned . . . A.R. ' s at 5 A.M. cooking grilled cheese instead of C.C. ' s . . . being J.M. ' s Chem Study partner . . . math class with S.K. and C.F. . . . double spares . . . Big Macs. Thanks a lot Traf ! JILL SAMIS VB ' 74 - ' 78 Fairley Nicknames: Cheeky, Jilly. Ambition: To have eyelashes as long as Demetra ' s, ha ir as blond as Cynthia ' s and brains as big as Juha ' s. Probable Destiny: Oblivion. Favourite Pastime: Don. Claim To Fame: Decapitating people on the squash court. Pet Peeve: A.H. ' s dog " Capy " . Favourite Sayings: " Having a nice fit " , " Oh poop " , " I ' m getting old. " Activities: Squash, M.A.A.A. Junior Committee. Cherished Memories: Making up excuses with A.H. to go to Arlington ' s to see D.B. . . Diane . . . trains to Toronto . . . A.H. ' s sweet sixteen ... St. Jean Baptise . . . passing out at parties . . . late movies at A.H. ' s house with Co ... . Maxwell ' s . . . bitten by A.H. ' s dog . . . lunch at the Tramway . . . Feb. 17th, ' 77 . . . trying to speak German. Oma ' s . . . roasted peanuts . . . Wielst du mir heite . . . LYNN SENEGAL VB ' 73 - ' 78 Gumming " One day, as the King was strolling about his castle, he discovered two tiny babies, beautiful golden haired girls. ' We ' ll call this one Rhyme and this one Reason, ' he said, and they were brought to live in the castle. When the King died, his sons left home and created the kingdoms of Dictionopolis and Digitopolis. The princesses remained in Wisdom and were sought for their advice on many problems. The two princes, bitter rivals, submitted the question of the superiority of letters or numbers to the princesses. After, days of consideration, they decided that letters and numbers were of equal importance. The princes, not pleased with this verdict, banished Rhyme and Reason to the castle in the Air. That is why today, in all the land, there is neither Rhyme nor Reason. " from The Phantom ToUbooths Norton Juster NOREEN SHAH VA ' 75 - ' 78 Ross Nickname: " Nor-Nor " . " Those who dream at day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night. " —Edgar Allan Poe Favourite Expression: " Oh well! " Ambition: Research chemist. Probable Destiny: Self-destruction. 21 ELIZABETH KAY SMEATON VB ' 73 - ' 78 Barclay Nickname: " Liz " , " Lizzy " Happy Thought- The world is so full of a number of things, I ' m sure we should all be as happy as kings. Robert Louis Stevenson Cherished Memories: D.W. ' s volleyball serves . . . chemistry and physics labs with J.M. (naturally they did everything except what they were supposed to!) . . . Upper II . . . " Bizzie Lizzie? " . . . house plays . . . blackboard erasers . . . biology labs with B.L. . . . T.T. office. SUNNIVA SORBY VB ' 77 - ' 78 Ross Nicknames: " Sunny " , " Sin " . " The brain can only absorb as much as the seat can endure. " Ambition: Business adm. (to make it big). Probable Destiny: Collecting from U.I.C. Pet Possesion: Driver ' s licence. Favourite Pastime: Arguing with Jackie. Pet Peeve: Sonofo. . . Claim to Fame: Mickey Mouse. Asset: Confidental!!! Could You Imagine: Sunniva getting fat? Favourite Expression: " Oh Wow! You ' re kidding? " Cherished Memories: The phone call W J.B S.C.P. with M.J. and S.C football with G.S. and Co ... . Secher les cours at W.H Tea Please! ... the common room the bathroom . . . P.R. ' s 24 hr. party . . . Ireland with J.F., B.E. and A.B B.M.A. remedies in the car . . . early morning his . . . LORI NOEL SPOTTON VB ' 74 - ' 78 Gumming Nicknames: " Ruffle Puffle " , " Riff Raff. Ambition: Cameraperson. Probable Destiny: Shooting remakes of " Rocky Horror Picture Show " Claim to Fame: Big black bag, oxfords, filming Tilbert Prod uctions. Pet Peeve: Being indecisive, Cyn playing her harmonica while walking down Crescent St. Favourite Saying: " La Poof, " Quel Drag " , " El Toro " , " Touche " . Cherished Memories: Shooting " Henry " with Cyn . . . attempting to film Jen jumping out the window with Sally . . . " Klondike " . . . visiting Jen after coming home from downtown with Cyn . . . Cyn carrying out dares . . . discos with Cyn, Mike and Monty .... editing " Henry VIH " with Cyn . . . Gaby ' s and France. Can You Imagine: Lori being able to make up her mind in a spUt second? Activities: Prefect, house head, basketball, volleyball. Geography Club, photographer for Echoes, gym captain, making movies. JOSIE E. STAPENHORST VA ' 76 - ' 78 Ross Ambition: To study business and work with languages. Favourite Pastime: Writing letters and poems, skiing, sailing and sociahzing. Most Precio us Memories: " Halloween friendship " with A.R. . . . laughing with A.C. . . Mexico . . . Christmas ' 74 . . . Europe . . . Summer ' 77 . . . family times. Weakness: Saying good-bye. " Take care, it ' s such a lonely sky. They ' ll trap your wings my love and hold your flight. They ' ll build a cage and steal your only sky. Fly away! Fly to me! Fly when the wind is high. I ' m sailing beside you in your lonely sky. " -Chris de Burgh Special thanks to M. and P. (parents)! 22 ELEONORA SUBAK VB ' 74 - ' 78 Donald Nickname: " L " " When I feel the urge to work, I sit until the feeling passes. Ambition: Architect. Probable Destiny: Going in one door and out the other. Favourite Expression: " Let me give you the look. " Can You Imagine: Eleonora with a clean tunic? Prototype: Cleopatra. Favourite Pastime: Gossip. Pet Aversion: History tests. Asset: No comment. Activities: Being late. Theme Song: " That ' s Entertainment " . JULIA M. TILDEN VA ' 75 - ' 78 Donald Nicknames: " Ju " , " Stuff, " Jewel " , Ambition: Famous writer. Probable Destiny: Typist. Favourite Expression: " How ' s your lovelife? " Activities; House head, Drama Club, Gym Club, Echoes Copy Editor, Choir. Memories: Roo, Daphy, Scott, J.D., and Peter on the train . . . the wedding invitation . . . 15th birthday . . . music? . . . Forbsie and Mom . . . J.D. in the lobby . . . singing in the lunchroom (and the locker room and the halls and . . . ) whistling for the janitor . . . Henry VIII . . . Klondike . . . 16th birthday . . . J.D. waltzing alone . . . Valentine ' s Day ' 77 . . . The French Revolution with Huey, Dewey and Luey . . . being confirmed . . . religious maniac . . . being crazy and loving it! ! ! NADIA TONTINI VB ' 76 - ' 78 Barclay Favourite Expression: " Oh brother! " Activities: Roller skating, skiing, football, figure skating, hacking around. Ambition: First getting out of Traf ! Probable Destiny: " Who knows? " Cherished Memories: Bomb scare ' 77 . . . blackouts . . . other usual Traf activities. Pet Peeve: 2 years worth of music. Favourite Pastime: Boys, the common room. " No man ever became great or good except through many and great mistake -William Gladstone FRANCESCA TRAMONTIN VA ' 73 - ' 78 Barclay Nickname: " Fran " " Look to this day! For it is life, the very Ufe of life For yesterday is aheady a dream and tomorrow a vision. But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of hapiness, and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " from the Sanskrit Thanks to Mom and Dad and everybody else. 23 DEMETRA TZEVELEKOS VA ' 76 - ' 78 Ross " From the seeds of love Will grow the flowers of peace ... " Ambition: To go into business. Pet Peeve: Eleonora ' s look and Ana ' s wandering hands. Weaknesses: Food, jewelry, cute guys. Cherished Memories: Spares in the cans with C.F., N.B. . . . being late . . . typing with J.M., P.F., J.B., N.B. . . . downtown with E.S. . . . lunch with N.B. . . . gym dem ' 76- L.R. ' s Pietro . . . make-up sessions during music class . . . scenting up the school with perfume . . . Rod Stewart with F.H., P.F., J. M. . . . Thanks to my parents and Traf ! ! ! DAPHNE WOLLMAN VB ' 73 - ' 78 Barclay Nicknames: " WUbur " , " Daffy " , " Olga " . Ambition: CEGEP. Probable Destiny: Failing grade 11 for the rest of my life. Claim to Fame: Owning a big locker. Cherished Memories: Cracking up in chem ... St. Francine . . . the wars of the elbows . . . nitroglycerin (?)... Roo and Ju and the letters . . . killer volleyball serves . . . " Angle " . . . gym dem ' 76 . . . " Do you know where you ' re going to? " . . . speeches . . Gwyneth the Carp . . . telephone marathon . . . the " note " book and (of course) P.S.S.C. labs which never worked out. Pet Peeve: " Olga, how tall are you? " Favourite Saying: " Mrs. Forbes, 1 don ' t understand . . . ? " Can You Imagine: Daphne not hungry? Dear Millicent MELANIE SHERIDAN - Head Girl - 24 Jennifer Marler 25 27 FORM lA FIRST ROW (1-r): Pamela Wales, Heidi Ludwick, Adele Marshall, Kate Tindale, Nancy Echenberg. SECOND ROW: Michele Ballantyne, Heidi Ove ring,. Sally -Ann Mitchell, Christine Klein, Miss Moll, Kim Shetler, Diane Whelan, Karen Biernaski, Barbara Outerbridge. THIRD ROW: Ann Margaret Maclsaac, Melanie Cox, Caroline Cullen, Delia Grenville, Diane LeBlanc, Laurie Bennett. ABSENT: Lisa Maguire, Laurie Tough. FORM IB FIRST ROW (1-r): Jacqueline Valmont, Christine Deacon, Birgitte Altenhaus, Lydia Saputo, Nathalie BaghdadHan, Pippa Jones. SECOND ROW: Gail Parker, Heather Patterson, Diane Moquin, Barbara McDiamond, Mrs. Whitman, Nathalie Webster, Catherine Wong, Joan Barnard. THIRD ROW: Constance Exley, Jane Webster, Carolyn Powe, Liz Ann Crompton, Catherine Bichay. ABSENT: Martha Johnson, JuHe Sassen, Carolyn Walsh, Marie Wallace. 29 FORM IIA FIRST ROW (1-r): Belinda Dale, Grace Kihmm, Paget Normandine, Kate Gray, Patricia Purer, Krista Clarke, Eva Svenstedt. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Kalisky, Sarah Russell, Debra Taylor, Kim Myles, Lori Foster, Susan McCormack, Samantha Bragazzi, Cynthia Suther- land. THIRD ROW: Stephanie Scheid, Grace Kurdyla, Myriam Muermans, Anita Chopia, Karen Rye, Linda Cappelli, Dawn Lazare. FOURTH ROW: Susan Neapole, Reinie Fozo, Katherine Hall, Tori Gordon. Here are the girls that stick like glue, That all belong to room 302. Eva, Anita, Jacquie, tied up in their dreams, Mimi in the water, at least that ' s how it seems. Victor, Lucky, Patches, clinging to dear Grace, Beautifully together, amid the human race. Sam and Sue are always trouble, Then came Heather and Cynthia to make it double. Add Patricia and what do you get? A bundle of mischief that ' s perfectly set. Dawn ' s the one who kicks with her knee. Sarah ' s nickname is S.T.D. Paget said " Golly Gee! " When Susan put soap in her tea. Katarine Hall ' s the Beatles ' fan; Shawn Cassidy ' s Linda ' s man. " Fuzzy " Fozo, 11 A ' s humour ace, Karen and Grace, 11 A ' s disgrace. Grace with sports and Karen with retorts. Stephanie ' s not unattractive While Tori is very active. Lori seems to love gymnastics While Kim ' s for the sport with hat tricks. One member, Debbie Taylor, Always in the horse ' s trailer. Belinda Dale is the whale. Krista Clarke is a shark. Katy Grey is their prey, And all together we ' re llA!!! 30 FORM IIB FIRST ROW (1-r): Jane Crutchfield, Mary-Anne Moroney, Lana Broniszewski, Gabrielle Achermann, Heather Freeman, Amy Creighton. SECOND ROW: Randee Baron, Erika Eriksen, Lori Ann Senecal, Sharon Clarke, Angle Randall, Jennie Kwo, Cathy Outerbridge, Sanadra Cappelli. THIRD ROW: Miss Graham, Edith Bramwell, Jennifer Day, Anne Halley, Patricia Murray , Emma Hancock, Susan Angliker, Sarah Carnegie. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Hooker, Kathy Bardo, Leslie-Ann Hyrst, Gail Morison, Heather McAdams, Jennifer Roman, Bonnie Spotton. Cathy and Jennifer Day are top in the class. We like them although they are the top brass. Old type writing is Leslie ' s passion. And Bonnie sports the latest hair fashion. Angle and Gail aren ' t the music teacher ' s pets. She looks on them as deadly threats. Lana and Gab are sweet as spice. Their long brown hair makes them look quite nice. Jennifer R. and Trish are very sporty. Plan your death if you caU them shorties. Emma in French was smoothing her dress As to catch the attention of Mr. Amesse. Heather M. and Jane are good friends; Together their free time they spend. Susan ' s the swimmer and Sharon ' s the rlinner. These two active athletes make our class funnier. While Lori is turning cartwheels over tables, Amy is talking of Poncho and stables. Mary Anne ' s our boo-boo face. Sarah, on the tennis team, takes her place. Heather F. is a Games - Lieutenant. Jenny Q. ' s log-book should get a pendant. Kathy and Anne are volleyball girls Their fancy moves put our heads in a whirl. Erica is quiet but Suzanna is not. Her long sagas tie our minds in a knot. Sandra, who talks as fast as a plane, Doesn ' t take Latin; isn ' t that a shame? Randee and Edith are writers of this verse. We hope you like it for better or worse. 31 FORM IIIA FRONT ROW (1-r): Angela Ebsworth, Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton, Heather Howatson, Tracy Helm, Simone Hughes, Chris Kostopoulos, Bettina Karpel. SECOND ROW: Melanie Helpard, Liz Schwenk, Jody Foster, Sonya Rasmussen, Mrs. Popescu, Lynne Biernaski, Caroline Bachynski. THIRD ROW: Michele Caterill, Wendy Stone, Hilary Borner, Joanne Archontakis, Barbara Parker, Susan Jany, Kathy Camp, Jean Kwo, Tracie Swim, Monica Purer. 32 FORM IIIB FIRST ROW (1-r): Barbara Rosenstein, Heidi Lukas, Connie Shore, Jo-Anne McKenna, Susie Klein, Virginia Saputo. SECOND ROW: Nadia Wahab, Martha Legge, Danielle Panet- Raymond, Athena Paradissis, Danielle Shanks, Mrs. Akin, Helen Osana, Maren Mehnert, Cathy Wyatt, Helen Kihmm. THIRD ROW: Nathalie Rivard, Jennifer Devey, Suzie Molnar, Caroline Palmer, Heather McCuUoch, Kara Spence, Dimitra Kostarides, Laurie Shetler, Fiona Cooper. Can you imagine Fiona having a temper tantrum; Jennifer with long hair; Helen K. with a messy notebook; Susie K. without her skates; Martha being fat; Heidi G.B; Jo-Anne without her lip gloss; Maren without her Bold Baby; Marilyn without " the nail " ; Diana without freckles; Susie M. not saying " ZEZZZZZ . . . " ; Helen O. with her glasses fixed; Caroline P. not drinking her tomato juice at lunch; Dan-Dan without a badminton racket; Athena with her sash on; Nathalie without her horse; Barbara with her assignments handed in on time; Caroline S. without her brush; Ginny being the tallest in the class; Danny with straight teeth; Laurie getting a detention; Connie with laryngitis; Kara not making a team; Nadia without three butters on her bread; Cathy hating the Beatles; Dimitra not saying " Miss " . 33 FORM IV A FIRST ROW (1-r): Peggy Essaris, Nathalie Orianne, Shannon Hubbard, Jacqui Lacey, Jennifer Deacon, Wendy Fraser, Cohen Chaw. SECOND ROW: Giselle Bijok, lonina Brill, Pam HaU, Gill Brodie, Mrs. Forbes, Sara Ballem, Eve Bockler, Susan Marshall, Jane Brum- well. THIRD ROW: Caroline Smeeton, Laurie Neapole, Megan Borner, Joanna Harries, Susan Peder on, Joni Noel, Monique Lunan, Mary MacLachlan. ABSENT: Mira Gamsa, Shirley Miller. Those of our class who have been at Traf since grade six or seven, or even those who joined our band of merrymen this year, have witnessed a feat thought impossible. We, IVA, have managed (how we don ' t know) to sustain a rela- tively sane class throughout our terrible hours of slavery in this establishment. What has kept us striving is the fact that next year we will be Vth form (heh, heh). Watch out Traf! 34 FORM IVB FIRST ROW(l-r): Joanne Miller, Lisa Senecal, Janet Weeks, Sandra Brown, Diana Skiadas, Bettina Sorby, Candy Zwicker. SECOND ROW: Danica Dale, Barbara Wise, Cynthia Robert- on, Sue Deacon, Miss Boislard, Anne Samuel, Nelly Trakas, Antonia Zannis, Lise Ericksen. THIRD ROW: Veronique Pourcelet, Isabelle Richard, Kilby Dodson, Naomi Woelber, Caroline Harris, Leslie Rye, Dana Spence, Janine Allan, Karen McCuUoch. ABSENT: Anne Kmetyko. -- - 35 sports 37 38 TENNIS Trafalgar started her sports debut with the Interschool Tennis Competition in which she placed first, second and third in the Singles and first in the Doubles competition. This year ' s G.M.A.A. Tennis Competition was held at Claude Robillard Centre on October 4th and 6th with E.C.S., the Study, Sacred Heart and Trafalgar participating. The competition was stiff which made the matches overly exciting. Trafalgar players displayed their strategic and versatile techniques which brought them victory. Caroline Harris placed first winning 3-0, Cynthia Suther- land placed second winning 3-1, and Kim Shetler placed third winning 2-0 in the Singles competi- tion. In the Doubles competition Caroline Harris and Cynthia Sutherland placed first winning 3-0. Traf you did it again ! ft; ' , -r: 39 FIRST ROW (1-r): Kathy Bardo, Anne Moroney, Kara Spence, Martha Legge, Pamela Wales. SECOND ROW: Miss Layton, Heidi Lukas, Caroline Palmer, Heather McCuUoch, Ann Maclsaac, Jennifer Devey, Anne Halley, Mrs. Henophy. The G.M.A.A. Volleyball season was a great suc- cess for both teams. The Midgets, in the final standings placed second with fourteen points. They made it to the semifinals, in which after immensely tense games, they were defeated by the Study. We must thank Mrs. Henophy for her time and help in coaching the team and the mothers that helped with transportation during the bus strike. Good Luck Next Year! 40 FIRST ROW: Lori Spotton, Monique Lunan, Ali Noel, Dana Spence. SECOND ROW: Martina Lis, Mary Maclachlan, Julie Moroney. THIRD ROW: Roopali Bhargava, Karen MacCul - locgh. FOURTH ROW: Miss Layton. ABSENT: Judy Johnston, Jane Bregazzi, Andrea Roberton, Isabelle Richards. The Juveniles started the season with an ex- hibition tournament at Lester B. Pearson. In the G.M.A.A. competition, Trafalgar placed first along with the Study with 18 points. However, in the semifinals, Traf was defeated by Malcolm Cambell and Lachine. On the whole our team has tremen- dously improved its techniques and strategy. There is more emphasis on spiking and team passing. We must not exclude the team ' s spirit, enthusiasm and determination. Thanks to our coach Miss Layton and manager, Roopali Bhargava for their help and support. We almost did it! 41 FIRST ROW (1-r): Heather McCuUoch, Kara Spence. SECOND ROW: Ann Maclsaac, Miss Layton, Heidi Lukas. THIRD ROW: Laurie Tough, Angela Ebsworth, Jody Foster, Jennifer Devey, Martha Legge, Caroline Palmer. 42 LEFT to RIGHT: Diane Skiadas, Melanie Sheridan, Roopali Bhargava, Mary Maclachlan, Julie Moroney, Monique Lunan, April Romagnano, Miss Layton, Alison Noel, Dana Spence. f In the G.M.A.A. Basketball Tournament, The Midgets tied for second place with 7 wins and 3 losses. They are quahfied for the semifinals of next week. The top scorer is Jody Foster with 162 points. Good Luck! The Juveniles ended the season with 5 wins and 8 losses. The top scorer is Dana Spence with 95 points. During the season both teams attended an exhibition tournament at B.C.S., which was a great success. Trafalgar is also co-hosting with other private schools a tournament with several Toronto schools. The G.M.A.A. Cross-Country Meet which took place on Mount Royal, was another success for Trafalgar. In the Midget category, Trafalgar placed second, in the Bantam category she placed eighth, and in the Juvenile category there was no competition. The course was strenuous, in- cluding steep inclines and rocky and muddy paths. Partic- ipation was excellent, which demonstrated the girls ' deter- mination and enthusiasm. In the Midget competition, Megan Borner placed seventh and Martina Lis, ninth. In the Juveniles, Sue Clarke placed third, Fotini Costakos fourth, and Andrea Duncan fifth. All these girls qualified for the Provincials at Oka Park. LEFT to RIGHT: Andrea Duncan, Sue Clark, Fotini Costakos. FIRST ROW (1-r): Martina Lis, Miss Layton, Julie Moroney. SECOND ROW: Laurie Neapole, Sunniva Sorby, Jackie Fournier. ABSENT: Jane Bregazzi, Katie Russell, Isabelle Richard, Eleanora Subak. FIRST ROW (1-r): Heidi Lukas, Kate Gray, Laurie Tough, Pamala Wales. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Moroney, Angela Ebsworth, Martha Legge, Dawn Lazare, Jennifer Devey. 44 FIRST ROW (1-r): Monique Lunan, Jill Samis, DeeDee Palmer, Laurie Shetler, Martina Lis, Sue Deacon. SECOND ROW: Miss Layton. THIRD ROW: Sarah Carnegie, Sarah Russel, Heather Howatson, Kim Shetler, Tori Gordon, Caroline Palmer, Hilary Borne r. Bantam 1 n 1 n Cynthia Sutherland Kim Shetler Hilary Borner Caroline Palmer Sarah Carnegie Heather Howatson 7 wins 7 wins 7 wins 0 losses 0 losses 0 losses 6 wins 1 loss CHAMPIONS Open f n n n Jill Samis 3 wins Monique Lunan 2 wins Danielle Panet-Raymond 4 wins Laurie Shetler Sue Deacon 4 wins DeeDee Palmer Martina Lis 2 losses 0 losses 1 loss 1 loss 45 SPORTS AWARDS INTERFORM AWARDS Junior Gymnastic Shield Form lA Senior Gymnastic Shield Form IIIA Junior Form Basketball Cup Form IIB Senior Form Basketball Cup Form VA Junior Sports Cup Form lA Intermediate Sports Cup Form IIIA Senior Sports Cup Form IVB The Stocking Cup Form VA INTERHOUSE AWARDS Badminton Cup Ross House Volleyball Cup Ross House Basketball Cup Barclay House Field Day Cup Donald House TRAFALGAR BADMINTON CUP, presented to the winner of the Badminton Singles Competition: Jill Samis. 46 GYM OFFICERS FORM CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT lA Diana leBlanc Laurie Tough IB Jane Webster Lydia Saputo IIA Lori Foster Grace Kurdyla IIB Kathy Bardo Heather Freeman IIIA Susan Jany Melanie Helpard TTTU Kara Spence rieiai i uKas IVA Susan Pederson Gilhan Brodie IVB Kilby Dodson Bettina Sorby VA Jane Bregazzi Kathrine Kasirer VB Kim Morison Fotini Costakos GAMES OFFICERS FORM CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT lA Diane Whelan Ann-Margaret Maclsaac IB Constance Exley NathaHe Wechsler IIA Heather McCuUoch Kim Myles IIB Mary Anne Moroney Jane Crutchfield IIIA Tndv Fnstpr Gahripllp T vnrVi-Staiintnn IIIB Jennifer Devey Martha Legge IVA Eve Bockler Megan Borner IVB Diana Skiadas Dana Spence VA Ana de Castro Judy Johnston VB Andrea Roberton Alison Noel FIELD DAY RESULTS BANTAM Dawn Lazare - first place with 28 points - Ross Diana Skiadis - second place with 19 points - Donald Jennifer Devey - third place with 13 points - Donald MIDGET Martina Lis - first place with 26 points - Donald Mary Maclachan - second place with 19 points - Ross Judy Johnston - third place with 16 points - Barcley JUVENILES Sheryl Beadle - first place with 24 points - Donald Lynn Krueger - second place with 21 points - Donald Heidi Borner - third place with 1 5 points - Ross HOUSES FIRST - Donald SECOND - Ross THIRD - Barcley FOURTH - Fairley FIFTH - Cumming 47 art and lit 49 LE RADIATEUR Dans la classe, Dans le fond, Dans le coin, On trouve le radiateur. Vert, sombre, et pousslereux, II semble que cette invention etrange Merite du respect, Quelquefois, Pour la chaleur qu ' il a irradie Combien de tetes a-t-il senti se pencher sur son corps bizarre, Combien de papiers jetes la par hasard? Combien d ' emotions, De reprimandes, De punitions, A-t-il vu se manifester? Beaucoup. Combien de livres, De personnes, De decouvertes, A-t-il enregistre dans sa tete que n ' existe pas? Beaucoup. Mais combien de caresses, De mots d ' amour, D ' acclamations, A-t-il recu? Aucun. Et, pour chaque nouvelle generation, Le radiateur n ' est que quelque chose, Sur lequel on gra son nom. Julie Moroney Form VB Barclay House FOR THOSE WHO WENT BEFORE US A bare tombstone marred with script Why did it have to be so? They were once young, alive and well A pleasure to behold They are now dead, six feet below, For the earth to mold. A variety of meaningless caskets Why did it have to be so? They were clowns, a multitude Of lines aimed to jest They were the laughter and the mirth. But now what separates them from the rest? A long funeral procession Why did it have to be so? They could please us with their movements. Their songs, their quips They entranced us with a strum, a smile, A giration of hips. A mob of crying faces Why did it have to be so? They were adored, idoled. And given a name, They were scolded, criticized. But missed just the same. Fotini Costakos Form VB Donald House Susan Neapole Form II A Cumming House THE TREE It stands there, gaunt and bare, all alone, braving the cold winds howling around it. The old, gnarled trunk forms a pillar against the times it has lived through; a witness to five hundred years of history, reminiscent of an old man who has battled through Hfe. A squirrel scurries along a branch, seeking a hiding place against the wind and snow. An old hole in the trunk serves it well - this shelter has been a secure place for many animals and birds in the tree ' s long life. Under the bark lives a whole commu- nity of small creatures, using the tree as a place where life, birth and death proceeds in a continuous cycle, undisturbed by the outside world. A gust of wind suddenly blows through the dense mass of branches, but they do not bend, for they are too strong to submit. This old tree has always stood alone, a landmark, a symbol of strength and fortitude. Carohne Smeeton Form IV A Fairley House 50 If you always assume that the man sitting next to you is the Messiah waiting for some simple human kindness- You will soon come to weigh your words and watch your hands And if he so choses not to reveal himself in your time- It will not matter Barbara Rosenstein Form III B Daphne Wollman Gumming House Form V B Donald To lose something is to want it back. To have something is to take it for granted. To wish for something is to always have something to hope for. Toni Zannis Form IVB Ross THE SNAKE The snake slowly slithered across the ground on his belly. His forked tongue flicked back and forth rapidly. He twisted along the desert sands and hissed incessantly. As he crawled, his hypnotic eyes scanned the arid ground. He spotted his prey and sneekily writhed along the loose terrain. He then prepared for the kill. His prey was a man, He suddenly threw his body on the man and sank his jaws into him. " Cut " , yelled the director, and the snake fell into a metallic hump, and they carted the dummy off the set. Lori Senecal IIB . Gumming A ROCK It stood there, Cold, hard, wet, Few things passed it, As they went down the drain. Fiona Coo per IIIB Donald The conductor waved to the engineer, quickly climbed up the steps and clamped the door shut. He swung into the nearest coach and shouted " Vos billets, s ' il vous plait . . . Your tickets, please. " There was sudden panic amongst the passengers as they dug into their pockets and purses, some going as far as to bend over and look under their seats. Exclamations of relief escaped from those who were fortunate enough to find the precious slips of paper, while others still frantically searched. This was the best time for the conductor. He felt very important looming above the passengers, especially when he stood there tapping his foot and whistling softly to himself as a passenger mumbled excuses for not yet having remembered where he had put his ticket. The car jerked suddenly. Only the conductor succeeded in remain- ing in the same position. A smile slowly crept across his face until it almost stretched from one ear to the other, revealing two fine rows of strong, white teeth. He chuckled to himself as his eyes travelled down the aisle. He loved to see everyone settle themselves in their seats, straighten their coats, undo their scarves, hide their hats and gloves or mittens in a safe place and then have to do it all over again when they were disturbed by the abrupt start of the train. It was just too funny. The passenger sitting beneath the chuckling, whistling, and foot- tapping conductor at last found his ticket and handed it over ceremo- niously. A man with bushy eyebrows, drooping mustache, and a long, gray beard he was constantly pulUng this way and that, was engrossed in a huge book rested upon his lap. He held his ticket between his thumb and forefinger high above his head. The conductor snatched at it, shook his head, and turned to the passenger behind him. So it went until our ' hero ' reached the opposite end of the coach, at which point he swung open the door, passed into the vestibule, slammed shut the door, swung open the next door, and bumped right into the train manager. The latter was in no charming mood that morn- ing and he glared at the embarrassed conductor who quickly marched on toward the new set of passengers. Just as he was nearing the first four-seater, a loud crack made him turn sharply. Shattered glass httered the floor. Two people, after reahz- ing what had happened, sprang from their seats. A trickle of blood ran down a woman ' s cheek. She touched it and her eyes grew wide with horror. The other passengers quickly crowded around the broken win- dow, one convinced that such and such had happened, another arguing against such a solution while proposing a second one. The conductor, realizing what had been the cause of the broken pane, tried to reassure the passengers who were now clustered around the tearful woman. She held a handkerchief spotted with red to her cheek, declaring that she would never again ride the train and what a helpless lot the conductors were. The group surrounding her nodded their heads in agreement. The conductor, not succeeding in his assur- ances, went in search of the train manager. Both men returned within minutes, the conductor explaining what had happened and how he had saved so and so from such and such. The manager approached the group, uttered several firm commands, and soon the passengers were seated once more. He whispered something to the woman and led her out of the car towards the front of the train. The conductor, slightly miffed by the turn of events, silently cursed the boys who had thrown rocks at the train. He announced anew, " Vos billets, s ' il vous plait . . . Your tickets, please. " Only this time he didn ' t feel quite so important as he proceeded on his way. Tracy Helm Form IIIA Fairley 52 THE RIVER ' S DAM The river of my thoughts is wide and deep Its path is not narrow or straight But curving and wandering around ideas Of valleys filled with warmth and snowy mountain tops And purple skys and pink clouds. The river ' s tributaries lead to ancient golden fortresses That stand upon treasures which have long since disappeared. But the beavers in the river have blocked its wide path With algebraic functions, prepositional phrases, and historical battles, till my river runs no more. Jacqui Lacey Form IVA Donald 53 DROWNED She falls And in solemn procession before her rise The bridge The banks The rocks Trees ' black spires Ascend into the sky with her call The water Floating Arms imploring Outspread Dress billowing in heavy wet folds She gazes up and sees a man Shimmering On the bridge Being pulled Inexorably Down Thin white hands Appear Lifeless above her Waving hair Rises in stately forms Dark weight Forcing silence Crushing Compressing mute horror Powerless Immobile captive in the green prison Mouth gapes Screams with no sound Eyes wide in frozen anguish give A last look, straight sharp up They see Splashes on the silk water Boats And oars Too late Drowned Julia Tilden Form VA Donald X XX XXX XXX XXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXX XXX X XX XXX X X X X X X X x X x XXX XX XX X XXX X X XX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XX X XX XXX X XX X X X X X X X X X X X XX X XX X XX X XX X XX X XX X XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X X XX x XXX XXX X XX x xx XX X xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx XX X xxxxxxxxxx X Roc pal i Bharjsira Form V Fairley House Time: where does it go, where does it stay? I wish I could find it and block its way. It passes so fast, it flies right by, Fast like a rocket or a winking eye. I want to catch it and wish to see What it all actually means to me. Like a river in which the fish all flow, They never stop and I don ' t know where they go. Good times to enjoy, sad times not to forget. Time makes me believe they and I have never met. Moments with family or with a friend. Speeding time brings them all to an end. Yes, time does fly and goes far too fast, All I see is tomorrow, not now nor the past. Josie Staphenhorst Form V Ross House THE TRAIN Maria and Tobias Walter slumped in their chairs, watching the rain tumbling steadily outside the train window. The usually bright green leaves were no more than an olive colour. A lost leaf plastered itself upon the window; it was mauve in colour; its veins clearly notice- able; its stem strong but lifeless; lonely and forlorn. Minutes later, the leaf had slipped below window-level and was twirled away again into the forest. Little Johnny Stephenson crept up behind his mother. He whispered to her that his stepfather seemed to be asleep, so could he sit on Mommy ' s lap? His stepfather, Tobias Walter, did not think children should be seen with their parents on a long and hazardous journey, so poor Johnny Stephenson had to sit with the other children at the back of the train. Maria checked to make sure her husband really was asleep, and then let Johnny Stephenson clamber up onto her. She was softhearted; she didn ' t want her little boy to be separated from her, but her husband was tough. Too tough. Maria rocked and cuddled and sang to her five-year-old son. A few hours later, Tobias grunted and shifted. He half opened one eye. Maria turned her body so that Johnny Stephenson was concealed, but when Tobais settled down and Maria returned to her previous position, Johnny Stephenson had gone. She looked behind her seat, and saw his small figure disappearing down the aisle. Liz-ann Crompton Form IB Barclay House Invisible yet often wanted. To fill the sails of ships, To blow about the clouds, To cool a barning day. The wind can whisper gently. Or if angry, it shouts as giants, But the wind is full of love. Fiona Cooper Form III B Donald House 54 THE SNOW Twisting, twirling, the idle flakes of snow fell from the sky. They landed and twisted themselves lazily around the pine trees in the plantation. The sky was dark but the snowflakes seemed to light up the lonely plantation farm. Nothing was stirring in the house, barn, fields or wood. The lights in the house had long since been off, the fields were Ht from the moon, peeking from behind the dark snow clouds. There was a gentle wind, blowing lazily across the field and around trees. It blew loose powder snow in all directions, and played happily with the snow barriers it created when a wall prevented it from pushing the snow further. When it was tired of playing, it moved away. The snow stopped to admire its effect; its sequined blanket was neatly laid on the farm and its surroundings. At that moment, the sun peeped over the horizon, and left the plantation in a different love- liness. Liz-ann Crompton Form I B Barclay House ? f ft Oirn Hall Why do I put on a face every place I go so no-one will know Who I am? Pam HaU Form IV A Donald House HUMPHREY Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a tiny rabbit and his name was Humphrey. One day Humphrey decided to go for a stroll. He opened the door and step- ped outside into the beautiful sun. He strolled into the forest and thoughtlessly plucked a plump, juicy peach off the golden tree, forbidden to all except Hilda, the Yellow Fairy. Suddenly a bolt of lightning flashed across the clear blue sky. Hilda, an ugly, cruel fairy, appeared, her teeth gritted and her hair uncombed, and she squealed at Humphrey. " How dare you yanketh the fruit of my tree, that which Satan gaveth to me in thanks for my everlasting wickedness! If I catcheth you near my fruit tree once more, you shall have to suffer the consequences! " She disappeared just as quickly as she had appeared and Humphrey, who didn ' t really care about Hilda, sucked on his juicy peach and tossed away the pit. The following afternoon, Humphrey returned to the forest and once again plucked a juicy peach from the luscious tree. Hilda arrived, this time on a mop. Furious at Humphrey for disregarding her message, she once again screamed angrily at him. " You have not listened to my knowledgeable words, you bumbhng bunny! Now you must suffer the consequences ... ZAP, you ' re a goon. " -The moral of the story is hare today : goon tomorrow. Gill Brodie Form IV A Barclay House 55 Cars speed past the orange lights A small boy runs across across danger He stops the screech of brakes not in time an accident has happened ambulance and pohce cars come and the boy . . . This can be avoided but no-one cares Caroline Smeeton Form IV A Fairley House Above my head the clouds lay thick and hung hke great globs of gooey meringue and the sky shone yellow. The sun ' s frustration to penetrate the clouds was realized and through a crack the sun shone through a single sunbeam captured in innocence and it lay on the black asphalt lonely, destitute, looking, for what man had lost. Lisa Senecal Form IV B Gumming House SAX The little, dwarfed people who lived in Eken, once known as Sax, many years ago, have always been remembered for their mini- scule villages found amongst the mushroom path in the Black Forest, and their victorious battle against the Truffles. One day, Einna, the emperor of Sax, declared war against the Truffles, who lived in the next kingdon, found within the strawberry patch. Einna was, a minute man who lived in a house found in a poisonous mushroom, however, he had converted it into a most suitable abode. He had chosen a poisonous mushroom to live in for no one would pick it, should they be starving. Einna himself was 2V4 milli- meters high with a slightly larger than normal head. His bed was made of a lily petal, his blanket, a blade of grass and his pillow, a morsel of coconut. All the Saxons (those who lived in Sax,) were constantly happy and frohcked about in their garden of fairy grass near the pond. The Truffles, on the other hand, were always fighting. They too were miniature, and lived in the stems of the Black Forest ' s speckled lily flower. They were always at war with someone and this time had chosen to involve the Saxons. Their leader was named Abdul. He was a monstrous Truffle with a massive mouth, always in a frown. His house was a dead lily flower stem, propped up with a twig. His bed was a clam shell with a pebble for a pillow. Seeing as Truffles are covered with long black hair, he needed no blanket. Abdul had provoked Einna into war. Yillig, Abdul ' s army general planned a careful attack on the Saxons, however Enyaw, Einna ' s general, had planned a counter attack as well as an attack on the Truffles. Yillig led his army across the oak tree roots and into the mushroom patch where Enyaw and the Saxons were waiting. They dueled with crabgrass as swords and shot enormous acorns as bombs. It was a horrid battle; Truffles and Saxons lay scattered across the moss. After days of war, there were few live Truffles left on the battle field and the Saxons were winning. Abdul and Einna were now in combat. Einna took a dried up twig and powerfully thrust it into Abdul ' s heart. The Saxons were victorious! They carried Einna around on an oak leaf in triumph. They buried Abdul near the duck ' s nest, by the pond, in a discarded shell. The rest of the Truffles were buried under the rock near the riverbed. The Saxons were the first ever to conquer the Truffles and when they settled colonies in the strawberry patch, once known as Truffland, they renamed their conquered land and their original land Eken. The people of Eken could once again froHck and be happy and live to prosper in peace forever more. Gill Brodie Form IV A Barclay House 56 BLOOD FROM THE ROOFTOPS Blood from the rooftops Rebellion is in the air, Santa Claus dies As wee children run away. Guns are handed out To all those old enough To be trapped into orders. Hand to hand Knife to knife. Cheek to cheek Hot, sweltering, bloody sweat trickles off all who deserve it. Fight! Fight! Fight! Kill! Kill! Kill! Hate! Hate! Hate! No one really knows why they yell these words. The roar of enthusiasm BELLOWS VIOLENTLY IN MY EARS!!! Patriotism is at its best when others are accused Feeding off Human emotions Human sufferings Feeding, Human egos. Growing, Dying, And then. Rising, but always rolling downhill. And when all the hearts of innocent, mad, confused men Lay soaked in the blood of others, And when relatives pick up the pieces of those who died; I walk through the silent Cobblestone streets; the clouds of war the mists of tears Rising to be pushed out by the Sun The blood stained paths Of those who fought before. The streaming tears Of those who wished they could The worn smooth grey walls Of cottages that were once Adorned with flowers The distant and faint clanking of the Church bells in the medieval tower Ding, Each Christian chime cutting at my chest. Dong, I walk on; slowly. Ding, My naked feet splashing in the Dong, Cool blood and mud. My Ding, Toes touch the slimy stone, wishing Dong, It was dry and warm like before. A cart rolled by with Blue and crooked arms hanging. Stiff fingers clutched as if still Holding their weapon. One finger twitched .... and beckoned me .... to follow. A trick of the fog. I shivered The carts rattled down the wet stone road where Blood from the rooftop dripped and splattered on The lifeless mound rolling by. Blood from the Rooftop Rebellion was in the Air Cynthia Roberts Form VB Ross 57 Dear God Pam Hall Form IV A Donald House SHE ' S HIS LITTLE GIRL When a father-to-be is pacing the floor. It ' s a pleasure to watch him as nurse opens the door. The news " It ' s a girl " is a surprise for this dad, Since for a long while he had expected a wee lad. For six months of her life, she ' s Mommy ' s it seems. But just give her a compliment and watch how he beams. She ' s his httle girl. The years go by from age one to seven. And according to him she was sent straight from heaven. Mom ' s there for her and she loves her alright. But the kiss that counts is " Dad ' s " kiss goodnight. She ' s his little girl. Form eight to fifteen their love ' s in full bloom. In spite of the times she ' s been sent to her room. These are difficult years for this loving pair, Because " Dad is so miserable and doesn ' t seem to care. " She loves him and hates him all in one day, ■ " What can I do with her? " you ' d hear him say. The discipline is more than she can cope with it seems. He ' s protecting his little one from others ' bad schemes. She ' s his little girl From sixteen to twenty, young men will appear. Mother will smile but he looks on with a sneer. " She ' s so young Mother, she ' s not ready yet. " He ' s holding on to his dear little pet. " But Daddy he ' s asked me to be his wife. " Now as their life together flashes before his eye. He says to himself " Let this Httle bird fly. " His arms wrapped around her not wanting to let go. And the tear in his eye that only she would know. She ' s his httle girl. Coleen Shaw Form IV A Fairley House Give me strength, the wisdom, the something to be a teacher. Give me one child, a single boy or girl who will be an honest Judge, and another who will have the courage, because of me. To stop a wrist from bleeding. I cannot wash the sky, but let me find some man who Does not care for the sun or an old woman dying of T.B. In a Montreal apartment - let me touch him and teach Him to care, and let him use his own soul to clean the Windows of heavens. Let me breathe the fire of peace into a quiet, unassuming Diplomat, so that he may pace the deserts and palaces of Your earth, reconciling brothers and sisters who have forgotten To love. Is this too much to ask? No? Then - Dear God Give me the grandchild of a Hungarian Zeyde whose ashes rushed Down the raging Vistula from Auschwitz - a child with beautiful Hands, and let me be the one to say, here is a violin. It belongs to you. Go! Make the people dance! Give me a joker, a carpenter who loves his wood and hammers, A childless mother who wants so much to love a baby. Please O please O please. Barbara Rosenstein Form III Gumming Magicians magic mystery they wave their hands what appears? a rabbit, a bird, who knows? cutting people in half, but they stay together who understands? Magicians Adele Marshall Form lA Barclay House 58 59 ' I HOUSE PLAYS The House Plays this year were based on the theme of Historical Events. We were given about two and a half weeks to prepare - what a challenge! -- and the parents were invited to come to see the masterpieces. Donald gave a first prize performance of a love story at the time of the French Revolution. They were followed closely be Barclay whose theme was Women ' s Liberation. Then, Ross presented " The Fall of Troy " , and last, but not at all least, was Fairley, who showed us their version of Columbus ' s discovery of America. All in all, they were great fun and a wonderful success. Congrat- ulations to everyone for such a super show! 63 October 21st was Trafalgar ' s nineteenth birthday. To celebrate, Mrs. Burke and the parents ' Committee planned a book fair and bazaar. Anyone could buy a book to be donated to the school library. The girls organized the bazaar. The First Form sold Christmas handicrafts, while the Second Form sold a variety of plants. The Fourth Form sold over five hundred tickets for their fifty-prize raffle, and the Fifth Form ran the ever-popular bake sale. After shopping, people could head down to the cafeteria where the Third Form was serving tea. All in all, the day was great fun. Over two hundred books were bought, and the bazaar proceeds totaled over $900. Thanks to everyone who made this a success. 64 DRAMA This year, the members of Traf Troupe worked very hard to produce, in just six weeks, the play, " Danger, Girls Working! " Rehearsals took place at all sorts of odd times of day in some unusual settings such as the cafeteria. Remember shouting over the clatter of those dishes?! Two performances were given on November 25th -- one for the school in the afternoon, and an evening show for the parents. The cast would like very much to thank Miss Graham, the director; assistants, Eve Bockler and Jan Weeks; and the stage crew for all their work towards making the production a success. DANGER- 66 CAST Arlene Day Marylin Meikle Selena Barnes Jennifer Marler Grayce Johnstone Jacqui Lacey Rosie Veronique Pourcelet Hannah Williams Tori Gordon PhyUis Deering Julia Tilden Claudia Vandermeer Kilby Dodson Mrs. McCarthy Danica Dale Lulu Ann Smith Mary Anne Moroney Miss Verne Pamela Hall Ray Cartwright Mira Gamsa 67 CHRISTMAS CONCERT The annual Ckristmas Concert, held Wednesday, December 21 , was every bit as enjoyable and as well done as those held in years past. As well as the three songs sung by the entire school, several smaller groups of students contributed their talents to the program. A choir, a recorder group and a duet sung by Eve Bockler and Pamela Hall added much to the musical aspect of the concert, and the selections read by seven girls added much spirit to the evening. Thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Ghosh, who co-ordinated and directed the program, and the generosity of the Reverend Mr. Russell, the Christmas concert was an event to be remembered. WINTER DANCE Traf held its winter dance this year on January 27. LCC and Selwyn House were invited and great music was provided by the Flaming Flamingos and a DJ from Sherbrooke. The proceeds went to the Grad Dance, and everyone has agreed that it was a night of great fun for all involved. SCIENCE FAIR The first few weeks of the second term were probably hair raising for our science staff as all the budding chemists, biologists, physicists, and geographers started work on their projects for the science fair. However, no-one blew up the school and the projects displayed ranged from the anatomy of frogs to soundwaves and radios. Prizes were awarded to Lori-Ann Senecal for her recycling project. Sue Marshall and Pamela Hall for their winemaking exhibit and Kim Shetler and Diane Whelan for their rivers model. CARNIVAL Friday, February 17, will be remembered by all winter activity-freaks and the like as the day grades eight and up of Traf, Selwyn House, The Study and Weston headed off to Smugglers ' Notch for a great day of alpine and cross-country skiing, tennis, swimming and snowshoe- ing. Even though there had been a dance the night before at Selwyn House (terrific music was provided by Fragile,) everyone turned out bright and early at 7:30 on Friday morning to enjoy the day. The grade sevens had an enjoyable time as well. In the morning, they saw a movie, then had a great lunch from Macdonald ' s and Mamma Mia, and in the afternoon, went skating on Beaver Lake. All in all, it was a day of fun for everyone! FASHION SHOW What Trafite has not wished, at one time or anoth- er, that she could be like all the self-possessed models in • a fashion magazine? For the fifth-formers, it was a dream come true as, on February 24, they produced a wonder- ful fashion show to raise money for the Grad. Could it be true that the noisy, tunic-clad bunch called Traf fifth form were the same people as these confident models displaying the summer fashions of 1978? No matter - the fashion show was a success from all accounts. Thanks to everyone who organized it; it was super! 69 HOUSES FIRST COLUMN (Top to Bottom): BARCLAY - Julie Moroney, Ali Noel, Mrs. Popescu, Joni Noel. SECOND COLUMN: CUMMING - France Robbilard, Lori Spotton, Mrs. Ritson, Laurie Neapole. THIRD COLUMN: DONALD - Jennifer Marler, Julia Tilden, Mrs. Henophy, FOURTH COLUMN: FAIRLEY - Ana de Castro (absent), Andrea Roberton, Mrs. Forbes, -- . FIFTH ROW: ROSS - Cynthia Roberts, Josie Stapenhorst, Miss Armbruster, Toni Zannis. TUCK SHOP The Tuck Shop Committee has sponsored the Students ' Council and other Traf organizations such as Trafalgar Talks. Not only is Tuck an asset for school activities, but also. Tuck is always open and ready to satisfy our munchies. Thanks to Miss Armbruster and all the students involved. 70 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW (1-r): lA - Adele Marshall, IB - Jacqueline Valmont, IIA - Cynthia Sutherland, IIB - Lori-Ann Senecal, IIIA - Bettina Karpel, IIIB - Helen Kihmn. SECOND ROW: IVA - Pamela Hall, IVA - Joni Noel, IVB - Toni Zannis, IVB - Eleanora Subak, VA - Patty Finkelstein. THIRD ROW: Tuck Rep. - Kim Robichaud, Sub head Girl - Julie Moroney, Staff Advisor - Miss Layton, Head Girl - Melanie Sheridan, Echoes Editor - Cynthia Roberts, Games Captain - Martina Lis, Secretary - Lark Nemerever (absent). TRAFALGAR TALKS Trafalgar Talks is a new addition to Trafalgar. T.T. is a school newspaper that tries to convey to its readers the most current events at Trafalgar, and keep the students interested in school activities. The paper also includes articles for pleasure reading such as a fashion column, a make-up column and advice from Dear Millicent. We also encourage girls to submit examples of their writing, which are included in our creative corner. The Editor - Julie Moroney TRAFALGAR GEOGRAPHY CLUB FRONT ROW (1-r): Leslie-Ann Hyrst, Melanie Helpard, Bettina Karpel, Cathy Wong. MIDDLE ROW: Marilyn Meikle, Nathalie Rivard, Lizann Crompton, Julia Sassen. BACK ROW: France Robillard, Lori Spotton, Sue Peder- son, Mrs. Popescu. ABSENT: Joanna Harries, Barbara Parker, Barbara Rosenstein. 71 STUDENT DIRECTORY -A- Achermann, Gabrielle, 5595 Place Vendome, Brossard, J4S 1B6 Aguayo, Jackie, 648 Belmont Avenue, Montreal, H3Y 2W2 Allan, Janine, 1 12 Astoria Avenue, Pointe Claire, H9S 5A8 Altenhaus, Brigitte, 7915 Cote St. Luc Road, 706, Montreal, H4W 1R4 Angliker, Susan, 103 Ballantyne Avenue, N., Montreal West, H4X 2B9 Archontakis, Joanne, 7215 De L ' Epee Avenue, Montreal, H3N 2E2 -B- Bachynski, Caroline, 78 Thurlow Road, Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Baghdadlian, Natalie, 4000 de Maisonneuve Blvd., Apt. 1802, H3Z 1J9 Ballantyne, Michele, 420 Abelard, Apt. 2B, Nun ' s Island, H3E 1B5 Ballem, Sara, 360 Wood Ave., Westmount, H3Z 1Z2 Bardecki, Christina, 4990 Circle Road, Montreal, H3W 1Z7 Bardo, Kathy, 7769 Baldwin Ave., Ville D ' Anjou, HIK 3E1 Baron, Randee, 1 1 Braeside Place, Montreal, H3Y 3E8 Bennett, Laurie, 343 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L5 Bhargava, Roopali, 823 55th Ave., Lachine, H8T 3B5 Bichay, Catherine, 1212 Pine Ave. West, Apt. 1908, Montreal, H3G 1A9 Biernaski, Lynne, 207 Baderwood Drive, Dollard Des Ormeaux, H9A 1R6 Biernaski, Karen, 207 Baderwood Drive, Dollard Des Ormeaux, H9A 1R6 Bijok, Gisele, 71 1 Miller, Greenfield Park, J4V 1W6 Bock, Madeline, 640 Alexis Nihon Blvd., St. Laurent, H4M 2B2 Bockler, Eve, 4089 Grand Blvd., Montreal, H4B 2X4 Borner, Hilary, 17 Grenville Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1V9 Borner, Megan, 17 Grenville Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1V9 Bramwell, Edith, R.R. 1, Hudson, JOP IHO Bregazzi, Jane, 436 Strathcona Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2X1 Bregazzi, Samantha, 436 Strathcona Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2X1 Brill, lonina, 4850 Cote des Neiges, 212, Montreal, H3V 1G5 Brodie, Gillian, 600 Lansdowne Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V8 Broniszewski, Lana, 8012 George St., Ville LaSalle, H8P 1E4 Brown, Sandra, 1 190 Kenilworth Rd., Montreal, H3R 2R6 Brumwell, Jane, 2520 Bernini Crescent, Brossard, J4Z 2S2 -C- Camp, Katherine, 43 Curzon St., Montreal West, H4X 1H5 Cappelli, Linda, 2750 de Blois Blvd., Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Cappelli, Sandra, 275 0 de Blois Blvd., Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Carnegie, Sarah, 151 Bedbrooke Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1R7 Catterhill, Michele, 628 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2S8 Cherrier, Heather, 4595 Prince of Wales, Montreal, H4B 2L2 Chopra, Anita, 4580 Queen Mary Rd., 101 , Montreal, H3W 1W6 Clarke, Krista, 3236 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S3 Clarke, Sharon, 2285 Adrien St., Brossard, J4Z 3A5 Cooper, Fiona, 30 Thornhill Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2E2 Costakos, Fotini, 4880 Lacombe Ave., Montreal, H3W 1R5 Cox, Melanie, 687 Miller Ave., Greenfield Park, J4V 1W6 Creighton, Amy, 437 Argyle Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3B3 Crompton, Liz-Ann, 32 Campbell Ave., Montreal West, H4X IVl Crutchfield, Jane, 3081 Trafalgar Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1H6 Cullen, Caroline, 424 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T5 -D- Dale, Danica, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L9 Dale, Belinda, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L9 Day, Jennifer, 47 11 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3W 2L9 Deacon, Sue, 450 Mount Stephen Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2X6 Deacon, Jen, 450 Mount Stephen Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2X6 Deacon, Christine, 450 Mount Stephen Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2X6 De Castro, Ana, 4605 Harvard Ave., Montreal, H4A 2X3 Devey, Jennifer, 1 19 Blenheim Place, Westmount, H3Z 2K8 Dodson, Kilby, 12 Park Place, Apt. 4, Montreal, H3Z 2K5 Duncan, Andrea, 365 Elmridge Ave., Dorval, H9S 2Z6 -E- Ebsworth, Angela, 371 Clairevue Blvd. W., St. Bruno, J3V ISl Echenburg, Nancy, 42 Thurlow Road, Hampstead, H3X 3G6 Ericksen, Lise, 4769 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, H3Z 1G5 Ericksen, Erika, 4769 Sherbrooke St. W., Montreal, H3Z 1G5 Essaris, Peggy, 1680 Rockland Rd., Montreal, H3P 2X3 Exley, Constance, 469 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 -F- Farkas, Charlotte, 647 Cardinal St., Mont St. Hilaire, J3H 3Z4 Finkelstein, Patty, 5698 Merrimac Rd., Cote St. Luc, H4W 1S6 Foster, Jody, 384 Dawn St., LaSalle, H8R 2Y4 Foster, Lori, 384 Dawn St., LaSalle, H8R 2Y4 Fournier, Jackie, 207 Darwin Rive, He Des Soeurs, H3E 1C7 Fozo, Reinie, 566 Claremont Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2P1 Fraser, Wendy, 280 Revere Ave., Montreal, H3P ICl Freeman, Heather, 4224 Dorchester Blvd., Montreal, H3Z 1V2 Purer, Monica, 3 Place Bellerive, 1809, Laval, H7V 1B2 Furer, Patricia, 3 Place Bellerive, 1809, Laval, H7V 1B2 -G- Gamsa, Mira, 85 Columbia Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2C4 Gordon, Tori, 75 Ballantyne Ave., N., Montreal West, H4X 2B7 Gray, Kathy, 2050 Grey Ave., Montreal, H4A 3N4 Grenville, Delia, 174 Wagner St., Chateauguay, J6K 2X1 Gulliford, Barbara, 169 Highfield Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 1C7 -H- Hall, Pamela; 5177 Grand Blvd., 79, Montreal, H3X 3S3 Hall, Katherine, 5177 Grand Blvd., 79, Montreal, H3X 3S3 Halley, Anne, 1655 Torrence Ave., Dorval, H9P 1R6 Hamilton, Carla, R.R. 1, P.O. Box 210, New Richmond, GOC 2B0 Hancock, Emma, 3194 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S3 Harries, Joanna, R.R. 1, Senneville, H9X 3L2 Harris, Caroline, 3015 Barat Rd., Westmount, H3Y 2H4 Hawley, Fiona, 1245 Peloquin St., Brossard, J4W 2L1 Heck, Angehne, 31 Les Cedres, Laval-sur4e-Lac, H7R 1C4 Helm, Tracy, 1731 Carolyn Ave., St. Bruno, J3V 2W1 Helpard, Melanie, 4155 Melrose Ave., Montreal, H4A 2S5 Hooker, Suzanne, 218 Berlioz, Apt. 21 1, Nun ' s Island, H3E 1B8 Howatson, Heather, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., 206, Westmount, H3Z 1M2 Hughes, Simone, 2660 McWillis St., St. Laurent, H4R 1M6 Hyrst, Lesli-Ann, 5137 Clanranald Ave., Montreal, H3X 2T8 -J- Jany, Susan, 156 Bexhill Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 3A7 Johnson, Martha, 510 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T5 Johnston, Judy, 349 Kindersley Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3R 1R8 Jones, Pippa, 4850 Westmount, Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1 Yl 72 -K- Karpel, Bettina, 4850 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 1004, Montreal, H3V 1G5 Kasirer, Katherine, 496 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V2 Kihmm, Helen, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Kihmm, Grace, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Klein, Christine, 321 Portland Rd., Town of Mount Royal, H3R 1Z4 Klein, Susan, 2842 Bedford Rd., Montreal, H3S 102 Kostarides, Dimitra, 3405 Appleton St., Montreal, H3S 1L7 Kostopoulos, Chrisoula, 2692 Lippe, St. Laurent, H4R IMl Kurdyla, Grace, 4408 Mayfair Ave., Montreal, H4B 2E3 Kwo, Jean, 4866 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1 Yl Kwo, Jennie, 4866 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y lYl -L- Lacey, Belaine, 174 Wexford Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1E2 Lacey, Jacqueline, 174 Wexford Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1E2 Lazare, Dawn, Box 233, Caughnawaga, JOL IBO Leblanc, Diana, 12340 Olivier St., Montreal, H4K 1V4 Legge, Martha, 4 Tunstall Ave., Senneville, H9X ITl Leigh, Heather, 335 Etienne Brule, St. Bruno, J3V 2N7 Lis, Martina, 329 Morrison Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3R 1K8 Ludwick, Heidi, 1310 Scarboro Rd., Town of Mount Royal, H3P2S1 Lukas, Heidi, 633 Lac St. Louis Rd., Ville de Lery, J6N 1 A4 Lunan, Monique, 6460 Monkland Ave., 13, Montreal, H4B 1H3 Lynch-Staunton, Oabrielle, 3114 Daulac Rd., Montreal, H3Y 1Z9 -M- Macia, Carolina, 1455 Sherbrooke St. W., 2701 , Montreal, H30 1L2 Maclsaac, Ann, 420 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V2 Maclachlan, Mary, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., Apt., 716, Westmount, H3Z 1M2 Maguire, Lisa, 4300 de Maisonneuve W., Apt. 929, Westmount, H3Z 1K8 Marler, Jennifer, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., Apt. 316, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Marshall, Susan, 36 Merton Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1L6 Marshall, Adele, 36 Merton Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1L6 McAdams, HFather, 1 1 1 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West, H4X 2B9 McCormack, Susan, 1017 Lapalme, Chambly, J3L 2X2 McCulloch, Karen, 430 Edgewood Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 3H4 MucCulloch, Heather, 430 Edgewood Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 3H4 McDiarmid, Barbara, 1681 Winton Rd., Montreal, H3R 2Z2 McKenna, Jo-Anne, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 Mehnert, Maren, 333 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2J2 Meikle, Marilyn, 4355 Grand Blvd., 12, Montreal, H4B 2X7 Metzger, Diana, 6 Trianon St., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 2H8 Miller, Joanne, 329 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L7 Miller, Shirley, 1360 D ' Auteuil Blvd., Duvernay, Laval, H7E 3J3 Mitchell, Sally -Ann, 362 Balmoral Ave., Beaconsfield Molnar, Suzy, 4530 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 2007, Montreal, H3V 101 Monticciolo, Valentina, 7675 Blvd. Provencher, St. Leonard, HIS 2S9 Moquin, Diane, 101 1 Lapalme, Chambly, J3L 2X2 Morganti, Jane, 3377 Appleton Ave., Montreal, H3S 1L7 Morison, Gail, 168 Chartwell Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 1C3 Morison, Kim, 168 Chartwell Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 1C3 Moroney, Julie, 556 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S4 Moroney, Mary Anne, 556 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2S4 Muermans, Myriam, 5860 Honore Mercier, St. Leonard, HIP 1C2 Murray, Patricia, 4381 Royal Ave., Montreal, H4A 2M7 Myles, Kim, 9478 Centrale St., LaSalle, H8R 2K3 -N- Neapole, Laurie, 18 Strathcona Drive, Montreal, H3R 1 E4 Neapole, Susan, 18 Strathcona Drive, Montreal, H3R 1E4 Nemerever, Lark, 31 Redpath Place, Montreal, H3G 1E2 Noel, Alison, 105 Champlain Blvd., Candiac, J5R 3T1 Noel, Joan, 105 Champlain Blvd., Candiac, J5R 3T1 Normandin, Paget, 3450 Drummond St., Apt. 1117, Montreal, H3G 1Y3 -0- Orianne, Nathalie, 12622, 24th Ave., Montreal, HIE 1V6 Osana, Helen, 14 - 9th Ave., Rox ro, H8Y 2M8 Outerbridge, Catherine, 146 Ballantyne Ave., N., Montreal West,H4X 2C1 Outerbridge, Barbara, 146 Ballantyne Ave. N., Montreal West, H4X2C1 Overing, Heidi, 125 Francois Rive, Nun ' s Island, Verdun, H3E 1E3 -P- Palmer, Deirdre, 800 St. Clare Rd., Town of Mount Royal, H3R2M5 Palmer, Caroline, 337 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2L7 Panet-Raymond, Danielle, 5 1 1 Clarke Ave., Westmount, H3Y3C5 Paradissis, Athena, 635 Graham Blvd., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 2E4 Parker, Barbara, 5629 Queen Mary Rd., Hampstead, H3X 1W8 Parker, Gail, 5629 Queen Mary Rd., Hampstead, H3X 1W8 Patterson, Heather, 7260 Messier St., Brossard, J4Y 1T3 Pedersen, Susan, 12 Windsor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2L6 Penny, Janet, 162 Windcrest Ave., Hudson, JOP IHO Pironti, Raimonda, 12 Springfield Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2L1 Pourcelet, Veronique, 4690 Upper Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3W 2L2 Powe, Carolyn, 69 Templeton St., Greenfield Park, J4V 2T4 -R- Randah, Angle, 1205 St. Germain Blvd., Ville St. Laurent, H4L 3S5 Rasmussen, Sonya, Suite 1200, McGih College Ave., Montreal, H3B4G7 Richard, Isabelle, 107 Beloeil St., Outremont, H2V 2Z1 Rivard, Nathalie, 3777 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 426, Montreal, H3H 1V8 Roberton, Andrea, 16 Elmwood Ave., Senneville, H9X 1T4 Roberton, Cynthia, 16 Elmwood Ave., Senneville, H9X 1T4 Roberts, Cynthia, 178 Du Beam, St. Lambert, J4S ILl Robichaud, Kim, 930 Beaudry St., Apt. 7, St. Jean, J3A 1A9 Robillard, France, 13136 Aragon St., Pierrefonds, H9A 1C7 Romagnano, April, 1 1695 Pavilion St., Pierrefonds, H8Y 2Y3 Roman, Jennifer, 660 Lansdowne Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V8 Rosenstein, Barbara, 4840 Cedar Crescent, Montreal, H3W 2H9 Roten, Linda, 1205 Jean de Brebeuf, Duvernay, Laval. H7E 3Y8 Russell, Katie, 416 Doric Crive, Beaconsfield, H9W 3X1 Russell, Sarah, 26 Richelieu Place, Montreal, H3G 1E8 Rye, Leslie, 445 Stream Ave., Dorval, H9S 2P9 Rye, Karen, 445 Stream Ave., Dorval, H9S 2P9 -S- Salmon, Caroline, 3524 Northcliffe Ave., Montreal, H4A 3K7 Samis, Jill, 35 Brynmor Ave., Montreal West, H4X 2A8 Samuel, Ann, 561 Kindersley Ave., Montreal, H3R 1S3 Saputo, Virginia, 215 Les Erables, Laval Sur Le Lac,H7R 1A3 Saputo, Lydia, 215 Les Erables, Laval Sur Le Lac, H7R 1A3 Sassen, Juhe, Box 220, Ormstown, JOS IKO 73 Scheid, Stephanie, 2395 Des Patriotes, Ste. Rose, Laval, H7L3M8 Schwenk, Liz, 1314 Redpath Crescent, Montreal, H3G 2K2 Senecal, Lisa, 1690 Ave. du Pare, St. Bruno, J3V 4L9 Senecal, Lynn, 1690 Ave. du Pare, St. Bruno, J3V 4L9 Senecal, Lori-Ann, 1690 Ave. du Pare, St. Bruno, J3V 4L9 Shah, Nooreen, 3470 Simpson St., 504, Montreal, H3G 2J5 Shanks, Danielle, 125 Somervale Gardens 1, Pointe Claire, H9R 3H6 Shaw, Coleen, 1 Cambridge Rd., Bale d ' Urfe, H9X 2V5 Sheridan, Melanie, 6590 Terrebonne Ave., Montreal, H4B 1B4 Shetler, Laurie, 56 St. Sulpice, Montreal, H3Y 2B7 Shetler, Kim, 56 St. Sulpice, Montreal, H3Y 2B7 Shore, Constance, 3682 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S8 Skiadas, Diana, 75 Fernhill Ave., Outremont, H2V 2S2 Smeaton, Elizabeth, 3455 Limoges, St. Laurent, H4K 1Y2 Smeeton, Carohne, 613 Belmont Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2W1 Sorby, Sunniva, 206 Darwin Park, Nun ' s Island, H3E 1C5 Sorby, Bettina, 206 Darwin Park, Nun ' s Island, H3E 1C5 Spence, Dana, 1418 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 Spence, Kara, 1418 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 Spotton, Lori, 323 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2M3 Spotton, Bonnie, 323 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2M3 Stapenhorst, Josie, 19 Libersan Crescent, Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 2B4 Stone, Wendy, 1 100 McGregor Ave., 715, Montreal, H3A 1A8 Subak, Eleonora, 29 Edgehill Road, Westmount, H3Y 1E8 Sutherland, Cynthia, 390 Prince Albert, Westmount, H3Z 2P2 Svenstedt, Eva, 4976 Ponsard Ave., Montreal, H3W 2A5 Swim, Tracie, 216 Percival Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1T9 -T- Taylor, Debra-Ann, 8830 Mauriac Street, Montreal, HIP 2N1 Tilden, Julia, 74 Winston Circle, Pointe Claire, H9S 4X6 Tindale, Kate, 429 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V4 Tontini, Nadia, 1678 Bizet Ave., Chomedey, Laval, H7S 2V4 Tough, Laurie, 4680 Borden Ave., Montreal, H4B 2P5 Trakas, Nelly, 5746 Northmount Ave., Montreal, H3S 2H5 Tramontin, Francesca, 1863 Victoria Ave., Longueuil, J4J 3E1 Tzevelekos, Demetra, 7587 Champagneur, Apt. 4, Montreal, H3N 2K1 -V- Valmont, Jacqueline, 37 Holtham Rd., Hampstead, H3X 3N2 -W- Wahab, N adia, 4850 Cote St. Luc Rd., Apt. 40, Montreal, H3W 2H2 Wales, Pamela, 1 1 Cardinal St., Dollard Des Ormeaux, H9A 1R8 Wallace, Marie, 4610 Queen Mary Rd., C1 , Montreal, H3W 1W6 Walsh, Carolyn, 210 Cote St. Antoine, Westmount, H3Y 2J3 Webster, Jane, 3571 Vendome Ave., Montreal, H4A 3M6 Wechsler, Nathalie, 141 Finchley Rd., Montreal, H3X 3A3 Weeks, Janet, 201 Metcalfe Ave., 627, Westmount, H3Z 2H7 Whelan, Diane, 3001 Sherbrooke St. W., Apt. 203, Montreal, H3Z 2X8 Wise, Barbara, 316 Dufferin Road, Hampstead, H3X 2Y5 Woelber, Naomi, 32 Reid St., Chateauguay, J6J 2N5 Wollmann, Daphne, 397 Dublin Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 1V3 Wong, Catherine, 4521 Bessborough Ave., Montreal, H4B 2P2 Wyatt, Cathy, 636 Murray Hill, Westmount, H3Y 2W6 -Z- Zannis, Toni, 351 1 Benny Ave., Montreal, H4B 2S1 Zwicker, Candy, Whitten Rd., R.F.D.2, Malone, New York, 12953 OLD GIRLS ' NOTES THE CLASS OF 1977 Most of the Class have gone on to higher education, more than half of them to CEGEPs in Quebec. At the Lennoxville Campus of Champlain Regional College are Christina Bassett, Naomi Campbell, Lorraine Javet, Andrea Jones and Rosemary Mandry, and at the St. Lambert Campus, Trina Hill, Carolyn Marsh and Susanne Wingrowich. Attending Marianopolis are Sandra Blackburn, Heidi Borner, Maria Facci, Alison Hancox, Shamala Jayasekera, Anthea Liontos, Michaela Milde, Wendy Moore and Andrea Ottley. Irish Bourne, Cherine Cheftechi, Debbie Manessis, Diane Shea and Norma Wathey are at Vanier. Sheryl Beadle, Nan Milligan and Georgina Wigley are at John Abbott; Susan Hirbod is attending Dawson; Nancy Morgan is at Jean de Brebeuf; and Lesley Heuser and Lynn Pettigrew are at LaSalle College. In Ontario, Pat Bardecki is at the University of Windsor, Sylvia Denning at Carleton University in Ottawa, and Sandra Levy at Brescia College in London. Taking Grade 13 in Ontario high schools are: Annmarie Burrows, Janet Hardy Kathy Kredl, Karen O ' Reilly, Belinda Rankovich and Susan Schirmer. Belinda is living in Mississauga and attend- ing Glenforest Secondary School. Two of the girls have gone to New Brunswick, and two to British Columbia. Janis Cunningham is at U.N.B. in Fredericton, and Jennifer O ' Donnell at St. Francis Xavier in Antigonish. Joan Sum and Kathy Szabolcsy are both at school in Vancouver. In the United States, Andra-Lee Black is at the Florida Bible Institute, Juliet Floyd at Wellesley, Lynn Krueger at Northfield Mount Hermon School, and Lori Purdy at Mount Holyoke. Robin Reid is in Lausanne, Switzerland, doing Grade 13, and Terry van Gelder is spending a year on a Kibbutz in Israel. Mary McKenna is learning the family business at McKenna Cote des Neiges. Heidi Borner was one of twelve girls chosen last summer to represent Quebec in swimming at the Canada Games in Newfoundland. Last summer, also, Alison Hancox was one of a hundred teenagers from all parts of Canada chosen by the Forum for Young Canadians to attend a week-long symposium in Ottawa, to bring them into closer touch with the operation of the country. The participants visited the various institutions and assembhes in the capital, and also discussed the na- tion ' s business with the decision-makers, dined with their M.P. ' s, and held mock parUamentary sessions, including one enhghtening debate on national unity. AHson recently addressed the Westmount Rotary Club on her experiences, and pointed out that the young people were able to develop a real Canadian spirit and to form close bonds with their con- temporaries from the Yukon right across to Newfoundland. NEWS OF OTHER CLASSES 1976: Eleanor Hsu is studying Mathematics (Computer Science) at the University of Waterloo. This is a work-study pro- gramme, involving alternate terms of study and practical work. During the work ter m from January to April, Eleanor worked for the Royal Bank in Montreal. — Mimi Judah is in First Year Physical Education at U.N.B. — Janet Lewis is in First Year at Trinity College, University of Toronto, specializing in and enjoying International Relations. — Caren Weinstein is now living in Ottawa. She is in her second year at Russell Sage College in the States, majoring in History and International Relations, with a Uttle bit of French thrown in, for good measure. — Anne Wood is at Carleton, working towards her B.A. She has not yet decided on her major, but is learning Political Science or Economics. 1975: Jackie Hall is in her third and final year of the Professional Theatre course at John Abbott College. — Sherry Lunan and Marg Pigot are in First Year Arts at Bishop ' s University; Marg is majoring in Geography. — Susana Torrents (Upper II, ' 75) is now at school in England, at the Sacred Heart in Woldingham ; she is still living in Geneva. — Winnie Tse is in Third Year Arts at Wellesley, honouring in Sociology. 75 1974: Marg Coyle and Jane Nemec are at the University of Guelph; Jane is in Third Year B.Sc, while Marg is taking the Bachelor of Agricultural Science course and means to apply for Veterinary Medicine next fall. Wendy Verrier is taking her Third Year of Fine Arts at the Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting in London, England, and plans to return next fall to the University of Alberta for her final year. She is now concentrating on oil painting. 1973: Debbie Breuer received her B.A. from McGill last June, with Honours in Political Science, and is now studying for her Master in Business Administration at York University. — Liz Pigot graduated from U.N.B. last spring with a B.Sc. in Biology. She is now involved in a " spruce budworm project " , which has meant spending the summer in Fredericton, the autumn at Cultus Lake, B.C., with one of the Katimavik groups, the winter in Newfoundland, and the spring in Arundel, Que. 1972: Gail Heughan is in her final year B.A. at McGill, majoring in Geography and hopes to take her Teacher ' s Diploma next year in Edmonton. In ' 75 she took a two-month French summer course at the University of Lausanne, which she highly recommends. In October, ' 76, she joined the Air Reserve, 401 Squadron, where she is an administrative clerk, and flies every second weekend. Last summer she worked for the Canadian Armed Forces, spending two weeks at Chatham, N.B., with the Search and Rescue Squadron, then, after a seven-week course in Winnipeg, went to Toronto to work for the Air Show in September. — Anita Joubert was recently promoted to Assistant Accountant at the Plaza Cote des Neiges branch of the Royal Bank. — Brenda Kaine is in First Year Law at Queen ' s University. — Jacqueline Millner now lives in Ottawa and works as a programmer in a Software Support group in the government. — Laura Spafford Peterson graduated from Carleton in November, 1976, with a general B.A. in History. Since her marriage last summer in Bloomfield, Ontario, Laura has been living in Blacksburg, Virginia, where her husband is doing a Ph.D. in Geology, and is working as a volunteer in a hot-Hne crisis centre. 1971: Vivien Law is still doing brilliant academic work. A year ago January, for interest, she took up Portuguese, won a scholarship from the Portuguese government to a summer course at the University of Coimbra, worked hard for a month at the most advanced level and was awarded a diploma entitling her to teach the language. She is now back at Cambridge, putting the finishing touches to her Ph.D. thesis. The Master and Fellows of Jesus College, Cambridge, elected Vivien, out of about 85 applicants, to a three-year research fellowship, effective October 1, 1977; this entitles her to a room in college, one meal a day, and a sizeable stipend for doing what she wants. Incidentally, she is the first woman resident at Jesus since the nuns of St. Radegund were expelled in 1496 to make room for the new college! She will continue her work on resurrecting various neglected grammatical tracts by Anglo-Saxon and Irish scholars of the eighth and ninth centuries. As a sideUne, she has developed a method of teaching university level beginners to read medieval Latin as quickly as possible; it has worked so well that she is trying out similar systems for Greek and German. — Lesley Harris continues to do top-flight work in Mathematics and badminton. In the early spring and summer, she was a memb er of the team representing Canada in the Pan-American championships, the Devlin Cup against teams from the U.S. and Mexico, and the World Badminton championships in Malmo, Sweden. In September, she transferred to the University of Calgary, where there are excellent opportunities for competitive badminton, and, in January, she and her partner were runners-up in the women ' s doubles at the Eastern Canadian Open championships in Toronto, losing to the winners by a very narrow margin. 1970: Marie Gauthier Rizvi is continuing her brilliant medical career. She received her M.D. from McGill last May, and in June moved to Boston to continue her studies in surgery at the New England Medical Centre. She has already been accepted by Boston University for a four-year programme, 1978 - 1982, in specialized surgery. — Lee Anne Nicholson received her Master ' s degree from the University of Illinois in the fall of 1976. — Lana Reasin Barnes, since h er marriage in the summer at Lake Louisa, Que., has been living in Lachute and works in the office of Cara Flight Kitchens at Mirabel Airport. - Liane Sharkey, after attending Vanier and McGill, moved to Toronto in 1974, and for two years or- ganized Public Relations for Red Cross Blood Clinics. She now is secretary in the Psychiatry Department of the Hospital for Sick Children. 1969: Pippa Hall Henderson is now in her final year B.Sc. at McGill and has applied to enter the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Last year she won an Honour Scholarship, coming third in her class, with top marks in Biochemistry. — Martha Smith received her B.A. from St. Thomas University, Fredericton, in 1973, and her Diploma in Education from McGill in 1976. 1967: Pamela Sears Ludolph graduated from Mount Holyoke, in 1971, with Great Distinction in Psychology, Magna cum Laude, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. She was then awarded a fellowship by the University of Toronto, and received her M.A. in Special Education and Educational Psychology in December, 1972. After working in Massachusetts for some time with emotionally disturbed adolescents, she is now busy completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan. 76 1966: Martha Davidson returned to Montreal last spring, after a two-year assignment for the government in Kenya, and is now studying for her M.A. in Agricultural Economics at the University of Guelph. - Mary Kelsey Kateck, now living in Ilford, Essex, is Head of History at a local secondary school and a part-time lecturer in Archaeology at a nearby In- stitute. She is also experimenting with ancient Roman and Medieval cooking! 1962: Martha Nixon received her M.Ed. (Reading) from McGill in fall, 1976, and has recently been promoted to Assis- tant Professor in the Faculty of Education. She has just pubhshed a book, " Puppetry Without Tears " , and is also a part- time lecturer at Vanier College and a lecturer in the evening Continuing Education Programme at McGill. 1953: Sherry Daws-Knowles Goodridge is now 3rd Mate of CGS " Chebucto " , a fisheries patrol vessel enforcing the 200- mile fishing limit; during her time ashore she is studying to get her Second Mate Foreign Going and Mate Home Trade tickets by Easter. She has also has been reactivated from the Armed Forces Reserve to become Second-in-Command of the Intelligence Section at Atlantic MiUtia Area Headquarters; this means that she will be Commanding Officer by the fall of 1978. — Helen Holbrook Stevenson lives in Windsor, Conn., and is Artistic Director of the recently-formed Windsor Ballet, which performed its first " Nutcracker " in December and is now touring local schools with a production of " Coppelia " , Act II. She has also been choreographer for many shows, including " 1776 " , put on by the Windsor Bi- centennial Players. 77 MARRIAGES 1975 Sept. 27 Nancy Wall to D.D. Lawson 1977 April Jennifer Pearson to Jeffrey Albert Kila June 25 Jean McKenna to Iain Archibald MacEachern July Emily Black to Brian Uncles July 23 Lana Reasin to John Douglas Barnes Aug. 20 Laura Spafford to Ronald Charles Peterson Aug. 26 Jill Gardiner to Douglas Stuart RoUins Oct. Kathy Feig to Henry Stopnicki BIRTHS 23 03 77 Mr. and Mrs. C. Cabrera (Jeannette Gonzalez), a daughter 08 04 77 Mr. and Mrs. C. Morash (Christina VincelH), a son 17 04 77 Mr. and Mrs. W. Bentley (Deborah West), a daughter, in Etobicoke, Ont. 20 05 77 Mr. and Mrs. R. Hand (Dianne Maloney), a son 17 07 77 Mr. and Mrs. P. Gainsbury (Elaine Caplan), a son j..m Mr. and Mrs. M. Longley (Suzanne Kerr), a son, in Christchurch, N.Z. Mr. and Mrs. R. Eremenko (Barb Downie), a son, in Calgary 19 08 77 Mr. and Mrs. J. Hunt (Cynthia Oddie), a son 21 08 77 Mr. and Mrs. E. de Roche (Diana Place), a son 23 08 77 Mr. and Mrs. W. Lindsay (Jennifer Macfarlane), a son 22 09 77 Mr. and Mrs. Tremis (Betty Jongeneel), a son 06 11 77 Mr. and Mrs. P. Michetti (Robin Gagnier), a son 29 12 77 Mr. and Mrs. D. Barrington (Kathryn Tees), a daughter 17 01 78 Mr. and Mrs. D. Crombie (Elizabeth Tighe), a son, in Toronto 27 01 78 Mr. and Mrs. B. Pearce (Colleen Heffernan), a daughter 28 01 78 Mr. and Mrs. G. Price (Sandra Crabtree), a son, in London, Ont. DEATHS Nov. 30, 1977 in Montreal, Helen Brainerd Ogilvie, Past Student, 1913 - 1919 Dec. 8, 1977 in Nassau, Bahamas, Mrs. Edwin Brownrigg (Mona Robinson), Class of 1935 78 AWARDS 1977 SPECIAL AWARDS THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL, awarded to a Fourth Form girl for participation in school activities and high aca- demic achievement, was presented to Alison Noel. THE JANE WEDDLE TROPHY, awarded to a Fourth Form girl for courtesy, character and academic achievement, was presented to Melanie Sheridan and Juha Tilden, jointly. THE GUMMING PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct, unfailing courtesy and chee fulness, was presented to Belinda Rankovich. THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, awarded for devotion to her work, a high standard of conduct, loyalty and contributions to the hfe of the school, was presented to Patricia Bourne. THE GOVERNORS ' MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has maintained the highest academic average throughout her final year, was presented to Michaela Milde. THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, showing herself friendly and helpful to all, was presented to Sandra Levy. THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public-spirited of the senior girls, who at the same time has maintain ed a high standard of conduct and shown devotion to her work, was presented to Sheryl Beadle. ACADEMIC PRIZES Michaela Milde Shamala Jayasekera Joan Sum Sheryl Beadle Cherine Cheftechi Kathy Kredl Lori Purdy Charlotte Farkas Lynn Senecal Josie Stapenhorst Julia Tilden Daphne Wollmann Allyson Lunny Classics, French, History, Physics French, Mathematics Computer Science, French French Jean E. Harvie Ancient History Prize French Physics French Geography The Goldstein Medallion (Spanish) Biology Geometry Geography THE BRYAN PRIZE Presented by the Trafalgar Old Girls ' Association for creative writing to Georgina Wigley. Honourable Mention Siobhan Moore. THE JOAN FOSTER MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Presented to the Form I student with the highest average on her year ' s work and not presently holding a schol- arship: Patricia Furer. INTERHOUSE AWARDS THE SHIELD for the greatest number of points during the year: Donald House. THE WALKER CUP to the winner of the House Drama Competition: Ross House. THE INTERHOUSE SPELLING CUP to the winner fo the House SpeUing Competition: Donald House. THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP to the student earning the most House Points: Kara Spence. 79 81 ( orn T l irn pn t s of Compliments of a friend Dr. and Mrs. Best wishes from W. Woelber Mr Htirl Mffi iTX 1 • Ct 11 il ill 1 S • Stapenhorst I am only one. But still I am one. I cannot do everything. But still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. Monique Anne Lunan 83 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Benedetto Monticcioio Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. A. Bock Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Zannis and Family Compliments of The Saputo Family Compliments of The Wechslers 84 . . . the au gout vraiment remarquable! Brooke Bond Foods LImKed. Dr. and Mrs. H. R. Brodie Compliments of Rasmussen, Sharp Company Limited INVESTMENT DEALERS 1 200 McGill College Avenue - Suite 1 21 0 Montreal Canada H3B 4G7 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brumwell Compliments of Mr. Mrs. Logan R. Brown Compliments of Wendy Stone Family Compliments of J. L. Orianne 85 Compliments of Warnock Hersev Professional Services Ltd. 128 Elmsie, Lasalle, Quebec 514-366 -3100 Compliments of Compliments of The First Canadian Bank mm Bank of Montreal THE COMPANY LTD. Snowdon Hampstead 5353 Queen Mary Road Montreal, P.Q. H3X 1V2 Granby 86 COMPLIMENTARY PARKING IN BUILDING - ENTRANCE, 1255 MACKAY ST. of Canada Limited TRAFALGAR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS • Made to measure Clothing • Haberdashers • Custom Shirts • Custom Tailors Howarth s of Canada Limited 1444 ST. CATHERINE ST. W., TELEPHONE: 861-9242 MONTREAL H3G 1 R3 TELEPHONE: 861-9243 OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 5:00 P.M. 87 Compliments of ITALO CAPPELLI Joseph - Lefebvre GENERAL - CONTRACTOR ENT - GENERAL Tel. 333-2641 y — VVIMAX INC. Impnmeurs et lithographes — Printers and lithographers 4525 St-Dominique Montreal, Que. H2T 1T7 Tel. (514) 845-6167 Best Wishes " " TRAF " David and Anne Harris Lesley, Sandra Carol Compliments TOGA of extends CONGRATULATIONS ivieiropoMtan AND Best Wishes for Continued Success rarKing inc. To THE GRADS OF ' 76 88 With Compliments of an Anonymous Admirer of all Trafites 5 89 the family fashion store HOLT RENFREW LAURIE BENNETT REALTIES LTD. Residential and Investment Sales Property Management Mortages Rentals 937-3231 Member of Montreal Real Estate Board BEST WISHES FROM Dr. Frank Furter Screen Printing Done On - T-Shirts - Athletic Apparel - Crests - Canvas Leather - Nylon Jackets 4980 Buchan, Suite 102, Montreal, Que. H4P 1S8 Tel: 737-5454 Compliments of WHEATLEY WILSON LIMITED Commercial Stationers 90 nnNRRATIII ATinNfi Tn THE UUHU lln 1 ULn 1 IUmO IU IIIL RRAnilATINR HIA flF ' 7R UlinllUn 1 Inu ULnOO Ul 10 BEST WISHES FOR FUTURE SUCCESS THE TUCK SHOP PLANTAGENET CONCORDIA A UNIVERSITY W TRACY With Compliments La Societe V.S. Ltee. Loyola Campus 7141 Sherbrooke W. " Food Services it ' s our Business " 8180 Montview Rd. Tel: (514)341-7770 Sir George Williams Campus 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W. Montreal 91 92 Quebecers go to Smuggler ' s Notch. 94 95 96 I wonder what Mr. Amesse is doing tonight? 97 Hot Lips Sheridan. 98 99 100 Have you ever considered trying Head and Shoulders? Another Monday morning. 102 Ice Cream Delight. 103 Hi there! CANADA YEARBOOK SERVICES LTD. 628 Kent Street P.O. Box 239 Whitby, Ontario

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