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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1977 volume:

TRAFALGAR SCHOOL LIBRARY 3495 SIMPSON ST., MQNTWAl 25, ?Q. ( This book is dedicated to all Trafites TRIBUTE TO DR. PENTON Dr. Stephen Penton joined the staff of Lower Canada College in 1935 and became Headmaster in 1941 . He headed that school for 27 years. He was involved in the educational development of this significant Canadian School through the depression, the war years, the post-war boom and the turbulent 60 ' s. Through these changing periods, he helped to guide Lower Canada College and build it into the strong vibrant school it is today. When Dr. Penton retired as Headmaster of Lower Canada College in 1968, he accepted an invitation to join Trafalgar ' s Board. His experience, his interest, his love of the educational prefession made themselves early evident. It was inevitable because of this array of talents that he become Chairman of the Board, which he did in 1970. Dr. Penton headed the Board during the development of the School into its present form - a revolution in a small way at Trafalgar - that was its change from an elementary and secondary school, with a small boarding school, to a secondary day school. He played a leading role in this transition which resulted in a marked improvement and expan- sion of the school ' s facilities. When I became principal, I had the chance of working directly with Dr. Penton for the first time. I then discov- ered that his public qualities as an educational leader in the community, which were widely known, were overshadowed by his personal qualities. The sincerity of his interest in the school was very real. He came to Trafalgar almost weekly - to attend meetings, to lunch with the students, to chat with the teachers, and to give me many hours of valuable counsel, drawing on his past experience. We all came to know what a genuinely kind and thoughtful man he was - to everyone. The tower of strength that Dr. Penton has been to Trafalgar will be deeply missed by all of us who had both the honour and pleasure of being associated with him. Tribute given by Mrs. Janette Doupe, Principal of Trafalgar School, at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul on April 28, 1977. Dr. Penton 2 STAFF Miss Gardiner - English Miss Boislard - Math Mrs. Forbes - Math Mrs. Gendron - English Mrs. Burck - Librarian Mm.. PagB.- French TRAFALGAR SCHOOL LIBRARY 3495 SIMPSON ST.. Mrs. Tawfik - Math Mrs. Popescu - Geography Miss Brooks - Secretary SHERYL LYNN BEADLE " Beadle Bug " VA ' 74-77 Donald House Ambition: Architect. Probable Destiny: Demolition crew. Claim to Fame: " Bloopers " , " What ' s the difference between...? " Pet Peeve: Eating lunch with Trashy, 4:10, having parties, C.C. ' s practices, practices, peach pants, biology classes... Cherished Memories: A la Crepe bretonne with T.B., C.C., N.B., Party " chez-moi " with N.M., C.C., T.B., H.B., D.B. in F.F., C.C. in music classes... oops! Stanstead carnival— the " Sting " . Weakness: Biological vocabulary, snakes. Can You Imagine: Sheryl calm, cool, and collected... Activities: H. prefect, S.C., B.B., V.B., gym, track, C.C. Special thanks to Mom and Dad, Vth form and staff for great times. PATBARDECKI " Fast Pat " VA ' 71- ' 77 Gumming House Favourite Pastimes: Casa Pedro, MacDonalds with Blah! and snoots, sitting in the common room listening to George Carlin. Favourite Expression: " Class meeting? What class meeting? " , " Math homework? " . History notes? " , " Test today? " , " Hey Ho " , " Bi " . Unforgettables: Trip to Ottawa, Smugglers Notch, poisoned birthday cake, stuffing the Xerox machine, catching Another World. Claim to Fame: Getting past Mrs. Ritson and Miss Layton with gum in my mouth. Cherished Memories: Summers of ' 73, ' 74, ' 75, and " 76. Special thanks to: My parents, who sent me to Traf, and all my friends who gave me a great time. Bi! CHRISTINA ANNE BASSETT VA ' 74- ' 77 Fairly House Trademark: Chrissy, " babe " . Ambition: Special Care Counsellor. Assets: First aid and lots-o... patience... Probable Destiny: Ending up being cared for... Favourite Expression: Ohhhh! you know what I mean! Can You Imagine: Christina ever being late? Cherished Memories: Eng. class, notes with C.C, S.H., Carol King, Concert with big C.C. and J.H., nervousness, " Nazarath " -C.C., J.H., J.L., Laronde, spares-C.C. S.L., Summer of ' 74 with A.J. J-boy. Thanks to Mom and Dad. ANDRA-LEE BLACK " Blah, blah " " A-L " " B.Lee " VA ' 73- ' 77 Donald House Ambition: Rehabilitation worker. Probable Destiny: Being rehabilitated! Pet Peeves: Lunch and watching T.B. eating apple sauce. Unforgettables: Trying to get pigeons in library, meeting Roger (1 wish I could forget), putting icicles in girls ' tunics during spares, going through the language room window with Lynn P., the destruction of the lunches, snatcliing Sandra B. ' s sash, being " Igor " in the house play. Can You Imagine: A.-L. talking with lier hands behind her back? Favourite Pastime: Bugging the hell out of people!!! Favourite Expression: You turkey, " You ' re a real dingle! " Cherished Memories: Finally leaving Traf- not saying that I don ' t hke Traf, but... SANDRA BLACKBURN VA ' 73-76 Donald House Even if I have faith to move the mountains, If I have no charity, I have nothing at all. — St. Paul Ambition: Doctor of music. Probable Destiny: Operating pianos and organs. Favourite Pastime: Practicing the organ and piano, playing with my brother, Jonathan. Favourite Expression: 0 me, 0 my. Can You Imagine: Sandra chewing gum? HEIDI BORNER VA ' 72-77 Ross House " Man is at his best when stimulated by the hope of reward, the fear of failure and the light of a star. " Ambition: Doctor. Probable Destiny: Head Undertaker. Can You Imagine: Heidi coming in on time with her sash on, not chewing gum and with dry hair? Claim to Fa me: Stumbling late into class after morning practice looking like a drowned rat. Pet Peeve: " Set a good example girls, you ' re fifth form now! " Cherished Memories: Summer, S.B. ' s parfies. Bio. with Miss T., S.B ' s bio.-mishaps, Phys. C.S. with R.R., A.L., and B.R. Activities: Prefect, House Head, Swim Team. PATRICIA BOURNE Trish " " Trashy " VA ' 73- ' 77 Barclay House Ambition: Veterinarian. Probable Destiny: Cat-box-cleaner-outer. Favourite Expression: Had the biscuit, wo-ho, HKF, " It ' s a party! " Pet Peeve: Giving Terry bus tickets, exams. Claim to Fame: Grotesque eating habits. Can You Imagine: Trish eating properly? Prototype: Laurie Partridge. Cherished Memories: Loggins and Messina ' 76, Summer ' 74, the Barnsider, watch- ing Another World with B.P., cruising!!! Trademark: My laugh. Activities: Prefect, school games captain, B.B., V.B. NAOMI A. CAMPBELL " Nasal " " Naz " " Horsey " VA ' 67- ' 77 Barclay House Thank you Traf.. You kept me 10 years. Do you remember my: Favourite Expression: Forget it. ' re kidding!?!. ..Something ' s gotta happen. Assets: My teeth. ..being weird. nailpoHsh. Weakness: Dark brown, curly hair. pony ' s, motorbikes, jean jackets. Claim to Fame: Having my picture in the back of the yearbook. Can You Imagine: Naz being on time? Unforgettables: ' 67 ballet classes. ..months of boarding school.. .Quebec City. ..plays I did with B.R., A.L., S.K., A.J.. ..Ottawa ' 74. ..skiing at Orford...M.A.A.A. dance... bazaars. ..D.R. ' s sweet. the chem. lab with J.H... .chocolate cake in the Hbrary... coffee houses. ..Sept. ' 76 party. as H.H.?!...pregrade?!... sessions with N.M., R.M. P.P., and G.W.... Parting Note: " I ' m just as sane as anyone. " — Supertramp CHERINE M.T. CHEFTECHI " Cherry " " Cher " VA ' 72-77 Ross House Ambition: Lawyer. Probable Destiny: Needing a lawyer! Trademark: My height. Claim to Fame: My volleyball serve. ..Mean Cherine... Pet Peeve: Trish eating applesauce, dissection in bio. Favourite Expressions: Awright!, buzz off, Stuff It... Unforgettables: Deb ' s cake, polk-a-dots with Mr. C, class pictures, water-skiing: Rob go help Cherine, please! Cherished Memories: S.B. ' s question in bio., Dante with makeup. Math with T.B. Stanstead Carnival Run around Sue, Winter ' 75, the Ew, shopping with Terry... " Can ' t we sit down now? " Activities: Pres., S.C., Bazaar Chairwoman. JAMS CUNNINGHAM VA ' 73- ' 77 Cumming House " The only way to amuse some people is to slip and fall on an icy pavement. " — Ed Howe Weakness: Cruising city lane looking for certain people, minnows, my uniform, Nauset hfes, Romanes, Laurinos, J.H. ' s ears. Pet Peeves: Leeches, claustrophobia, algae eyes, Noxema, J.H. babysitting on Fri- day night, cake. Cherished Memories: Loggins and Messina, Barnsider, Cape ' 76, Beach Boys, Fla. ' 77, 4: 10 L. K., S.B. ' s bloops, T.B. at lunch. Trademark: Jul. Claim to Fame: Yellow Bird. Favourite Expression: Louse, G ' head. SYLVIA DENNING VA ' 74- ' 77 Barclay House " Happiness is like a butterfly; The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, It comes and softly sits on your shoulder. " — L. Richard Lessor Ambition: Psychologist. Probable Destiny: Working for Tel-Aid. Weakness: Blue-eyed " curlies " , peanut butter. Pet Peeve: Uniforms, Spanish class. Happiness Is: Sleeping in late, no homework. Cherished Memories: Summer ' 74, ' 76, A.B. T.J., sash fights, after school L.H " funny " history, spares, " gourmet " lunch, Stanstead. MARIA A. FACCI " Maf ' " Murray " " Mia " VA ' 68- ' 77 Ross House Make up your mind which way to go about it Choose your road, just don ' t doubt it. - Earth, Wind and Fire Ambition: Mr. Right and a TR7. Probable Destiny: Mr. Wrong and hoofing it! Uncherished Memories: M.V. mailing my cookies. Weaknesses: Woody Allen, a certain bouncer. Pet Peeve: People without a sense of humour. Favourable Expression: How was your weekend Diane? Memories: Hilton Head Island, diabolical plans with Anthea, the old school, a certain smile, Westniount library, Latin with Trina, Ottawa, fireworks, Miss T ' s Biology classes, Cha-Cha, prefect duties, TraPs staff, Gus, house play ' 76, my hfe at Traf. P.S. Thanks for a lifetime! 10 JULIET FLOYD VA ' 76-77 Cherished memories at Traf: Train rides, lunches, spares with J. Though I speatc with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I am become as sound as brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prephecy, and understand all mysteries, and all know- ledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love. It profiteth me nothing. From the Chapel. ALISON JANET HANCOX VA ' 73- ' 77 Gumming House Claim to Fame: Orange hat. Assets: All five feet eleven inches of me. Ambition: Marrying someone taller than me. Probable Destiny: Marrying a dumpy dwarf. Can You Imagine: Alison ' not hungry ' . Favourite Pastime: I ' d never be so dull to have just one. Cherished Memories: Coffee houses with members associates, JAK inc vs Tye ' s navel, ' little girl ' fights with A.J., sob stories with W.M., Traf lunch banquets, short guys, D.M.: letters cars, L.C.C. grads with T.P., R.M., A.J., M.H. I am not afraid of tomorrow because I have seen yesterday and I love today; Man is like a parasite but he forgets that all we have on this earth is just rented. JANET ROSEMARY MACKINDER HARDY VA ' 71- ' 77 Fairley House Ambition: Farm Vet. Probable Destiny: Getting four dollars weekly to muck out. Assets: Dirty Button Book. Pet Peeve: Being called Jardy. Can You Imagine: Janet. ..(can you?) Cherished Memories: Junior school. ..the old lunchroom. ..(Mme Gauthier ' s ham- burgers). ..being the backside of A.J. ...Ottawa ' 74...hay-making...A.H. ' s " felis " jokes ...Grad write-up sessions. ..riding. ..Brutus. ..dissecting worms and frogs in Bio. Labs... bloomers. ..Grade seven fights with R.M. and Tacey ' s math book. ..good times with N.C. and gang. ..Mrs. C. ' s math chalk tantrums. six years at Traf with all of you. thanks to Mom and Dad. LESLEY ANN HEUSER VA ' 73- 77 Donald House Ambition: Fashion designer. Probable Destiny: Designing " barbie " dresses for Mattel toys. Claim to Fame: My " short " nails. Cherished Memories: Summers of ' 74 ' 76, spares in the Common room, all of my friends at Traf, Stanstead " gongs " , spares and math with L.D. Weakness: Dark, piercing eyes. Unforgettables: S.B. in the Common room, on the bus after school, math classes ' 75. Pet Peeves: Monday mornings and deadlines. " If you love something very much, let it go free. If it does not come back to you, it was never meant to be yours. " — Anonymous 11 CATHRYN IRENA HILL " Trina " " Treen " VA ' 72-77 Barclay House God grant me the strength to change the things that can be changed, to accept the things that can ' t be, and the wisdom to know the difference. Mornings w. SS-the old school-singing-Latin w. Miss A-Merlin Lectures-Every Feb. 15-LCC carnivals, senior soccer, football, bashes-the MB+SC-GAS+KS-Mac ' s w. TC+SC-rock concerts-Pierre-Traf Troupe-Physics w. HB-BC-Tuck Shop-Gym Dem 76-i-77-Misses L+T-LCC grads-Closing 76-houseplays-the Coffee house-grad rings- TJ-i-missing Mrs. Taw-Bazaar 76- " Speedy Buggy " -southern hospitahty-sweets+sur- prise parties-St. David ' s Ball-Vth Form diets-May 6-a necklace, a teddy bear, + a guitar-white caps and g owns... Thanks to TOGA, Mr. S, Mrs. C, Miss Harvie, Mrs. Doupe, Maffy, AC, and esp. DAD ' Take Care Traf -Keep Boogying! I ' ll miss you. SUSAN HIRBOD VA ' 74- ' 77 Donald House Alas! this is not what I thought life was. I knew that there were crimes and evil men, Misery and hate; nor did I hope to pass Untouched by suffering, through the rugged glen. In mine own heart I saw as in a glass The hearts of others. And when I went among my kind, with triple brass Of calm endurance my weak breast I armed. To bear scorn, fear, and hate, a woeful mass! — by Percy Bysshe Shelley SHAM ALA JAY ASEKRA " Shammy " VA ' 71- ' 77 Donald House " Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. " - Oscar Wilde Memories: My first Traf lunch; " A quarter of a hamburger? !? " ... tuna sandwich races. ..Quebec City ' 72...B.R. and caramels. ..a broken window in the drawing room ...trying to explain the house systerh... Ottawa ' 74... " Magistra, Puellae " ... Latin classes that had nothing to do with Latin. .. " Don ' t invent " . ..copying over EngHsh assignments on the bus. .. " My name isn ' t ShaMAla JayaseKEra " last year at Traf. ANDREA JONES VA ' 73- ' 77 Fairley House To be what you really are and not what people think you are is you. 12 KATHY ANNE KREDL " Kruddles " VA 74-77 Fairley House Many thanks to my parents, my good friends and my favourite teachers for making my three years at Traf so memorable. Ambition: Having M.D. after my name. Probable Destiny: Having C.O.M.M.I.T.T.E.D. after my name. Pet Peeve: Being called Willard or Kruds. Claim to Fame: Being tall and my long legs. Activities: Prefect, house head, Tuck and Bazaar Committees, tennis and cross- country. Cherished Memories: Spares with M.F. and F.R., phoning S.J. for answers, rolling coins for Tuck, donuts, Biology with Miss T., Madame Garrette, C.S. with Goody Taw, commuting, lunch with A.,A.,J.,J.,K.,S.,W., tennis with S.K., bomb scare, trying to be a " perfect prefect " . ROSEMARY MANDRY " Rose " VA 72, 75- 77 Donald House Ambition: Ahce Cooper ' s makeup artist. Favourite Pastime: Reading dirty books, eating, playing with Pinball machines. Pet Peeves: Being ignored, the country, hunks. Prototype: Blushing, pretending to be shy. Trademark: BIG EARS! Weakness: Skinny guys, records, jeans, makeup, long legs, Peter Frampton. Claim to Fame: Best eavesdropper in the world!!! Unforgettables: April 2, Delaware, summer with Di, concerts, night in Sherbrooke, everyone at Traf, attempting to play squash! Unrecorded History: Skipped school with Lorraine and Di. Can You Imagine: Rose not whispering!!!?! WENDY MOORE VA 75-77 Fairley House Wherever you go; whatever you do; May your life always be a wonderful adventure. — unknown Happiness Is: Summertime, camping, tennis, visiting friends, travelling, speaking German, 100%, great friends, long free weekends, laughing... Cherished Memories: 72-73, summer 73,75,76, carrying 32 lbs. of fruit across Canada, walking to school, spares with good friends, 20 mile hikes, saying good-bye to friends... TERRY VAN GELDER " Bagel " VA 73-77 Gumming House Sounds of laughter, shades of earth are Ringing through my open view, inciting and inviting me Limitless undying love, which shines around me hke a Million stars It calls me on and on across the universe. - Lennon McCartney Cherished Memories: French class, Sacred Heart, Bowie, Centaur, D.M. cakes and chem. labs, S.B., Ottawa 72, Stanstead, C.H., G.N. ...J..., " Belvedere " . ..lunch with T.B. 13 SUSANNE WINGROWICH " Stu " VA ' 76-77 Ross House Ambition: Undecided. Probable Destiny: Decided. Unrecorded History: Prout ' s Neck, Old Orchard. Claim to Fame: My last name. Unforgettables: Friday nights, Traf s Caf., R.V.R. gang, Sandra B., Mike Fox, Thursday mornings. Pet Peeve: Carolyn ' s eye, pots. Favourite Pastime: Getting a good laugh out of everyone. Weakness: Blond hair and blue eyes. Favourite Expression: I forget, Ruf-a-roo! Can You Imagine: Me with my mouth closed? " Make the most out of what you have and cherish it forever. " ANNMARIE BURROWS " Annie " VB ' 72- ' 77 Barclay House " Veni, vidi, vici. " A weak man goes where Where he is smiled at. Cherished Memories: Basketball games at the armoury, holidays in Maine, football games with the gang. Circus with H.T., Tigger, Pooh Roo. Activities: House head. School Gym Lieutenant. LAURA DI FIORE VB ' 73- ' 77 Gumming House Like a race. Time sped fast, it didn ' t last. — L. DiFiore Claim to Fame: My pinkies. Cherished Memories: Florida " our car " room 350 " ze-ro " , " The Company ' Percy Walter ' s Park with G.W., Big Red the dancing trees, Lynn ' s boats... Ambition: Commercial Artist. Probable Destiny: Grafitti on the Metro walls. Weakness: The Beatles. — Arrivederci Traf. LORRAINE JAVET " Bine 11 " VB ' 75- 77 Barclay House Life, like a flower, is beautiful, fresh, lovely, - but withers too soon. Cherished Memories: Europe ' 76, train with T.V., J.S., F.R., A.H., Di ' s party. Fashion Show, Maria ' s Sweet, ski trip ' 76, Birthday at Crepe Bretonne, Miami with Rose, Karen and Jennifer ' s party, Skipping school with Di and Rose, April 9, 1977. 14 LYNN KRUEGER VB 74-77 Donald House " The time has come for closing books, and long lost looks must end, And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best friends. " - D. Black M. London Ambition: Olympic Track Athlete. Probable Destiny: Chasing Bruce Jenner, (Gold Decathlete). Claim to Fame: Long hair, acceptance walk, lee-lees, and commuting from Reserva- tion daily. Pet Peeve: Falling out of bed on to the 7:00 train (and not waking up until the 4:10). Cherished Memories: Cape 76 with J.C., N.M., J.H., (Laurino ' s), cut knees at Nauset, eating Joe ' s cake, spending spares with Mrs. C, weekends with S.S., and D.K., Provincetown, J.H. ' s birdseed, field days, J.C. ' s sweet sixteen, 4: 10 with motor- mouth, and loving it all. SANDRA LEVY VB ' 67-77 Cumming House After spending most of my life in Traf, I would now like to say good-bye. Many thanks to my parents who sent me to Traf, and to all the teachers who have taught me. One more thing, the food was terrific!! ! ANTHEA L. LIONTOS " Anth " " Lion-toes " VB ' 66- ' 77 Ross House " Till the very last day, when the curtains are drawn, we are children. " — Bee Gees Ambition: Psychoanalyst Probable Destiny: Patient in the Douglas. Weaknesses: A certain smile, Adidas shorts, food, and cars. Pet Peeve: My grad picture. Activities: Prefect, V.P. of S.C., B.C., G.C., Gym L. Unforgettables: Grade 2 ballet classes; diabolical plans with Maria; Traf boarding; May 21 , July 8 16; Westmount Library; Ottawa; my front stairs; tennis courts " work, work, work... " ; lunches (?) at Traf; Biology Miss T.; Cha-cha; prefect panic; certain songs; hospital days; Vth form; tree in Mur ' s backyard; " I ' ve got one of those!; the old school; Lulu; Bee Gees ' 76. P.S. So long Traf! DEBBIE V. MANESSIS " Boardwalk " VB 73- ' 77 Fairley House Assets: Hot pink gaunch, and my waistline. Weakness: Food. Favourite Expression: Censored... Pet Peeve: The annoying habits of M.H., W.W., and N.W. Favourite Pastime: Bob, Dick, and Harry. Ambition: Getting my Bachelor of Commerce. Probable Destiny: Just getting the bachelor. Cherished Memories: Those weekends eh Norm?, making our tours of town, right guys?, April 17, ' 76, " the cake " , Carnival ' 76, chem labs with T. VanG., disturbing the peace, doing crazy things with crazy people. ..etc. ..etc. ..etc... 15 CAROLYN MARSH " CM2 " VA 76-77 Ross House They came to tell your faults to me They named them over one by one I laughed aloud when they were done I knew them all so well before Oh they were blind, too blind to see Your faults had made me love you more. Ambition: Physiotherapist. Probable Destiny: Working in a massage parlor. Favourite Expression: " Relax " . Claim to Fame: Eyes, undone shoelaces. Unforgettables: Eating with S.B., double spare in the Common Room. Favourite Pastime: Planning devious things. Can You Imagine: Me without a comment? MARYMcKENNA " Red " 72-77 Ross House To pardon is to understand, But in the end to love. Favourite Expression: What? Trademark: Red hair, tanned legs. Weakness: Teddy ' Bears ' . Pet Peeve: Vizzes. Ambition: Mathematician. Probable Destiny: Counting weeds in the garden. Claim to Fame: The cake, only being in the common room once this year. Favourite Pastime: Telling jokes (Did you hear about the Beatles?) 4 „j|r MICHAELA MILDE " Mick " " Micky " VB 73-77 Donald House This speck of hfe in time ' s great wilderness. This narrow isthmus ' twixt two boundless seas. The past, the future, two eternities. — Thomas Moore Ambition: Linguist. Probable Destiny: Over-educated and unemployed. Favourite Expression: " Oh ShizBOLsky " , for heaven ' s sake! Pet Peeve: Physics experiments that don ' t work. Cherished Memories: Shopping with K.S., wasted double Latin periods, Traf lunches, oxfords, la Crasse Enrichie, " C ' est deja la cloche? " , good copies on the 165, " Stop worrying Joan " , Ottawa, movies, Chem., the Queen E., Donald, Salve Magistra Harvia, Traf. ANNE W. MILLIGAN " Nan " VB ' 75- ' 77 Fairley House " Love wasn ' t put in your heart to stay... Love isn ' t love ' til you give it away! " Ambition: Stewardess. Probable Destiny: Mother of twins. Pet Peeves: Blushing, two-faced people, being called Nancy. Weaknesses: Chocolate, summers. Favourite Expression: Give me a break. Favourite Pastimes: Water-skiing, horseback riding, and driving around in my... I mean. Mom ' s car. Unforgettables: Sue ' s Dave ' s wedding. Clierished Memories: August ' 76, Easter ' 75, grade 10 math class. P.S. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) 16 NANCY MORGAN " N-N " " Pesty " " Nourrice " VB ' 73-77 Donald House " The rainbow is more beautiful than the pot at the end of it, because the rainbow is now. And the pot never turns out to be quite what I expected. " — Hugh Prather Favourite Pastime: Being premature with G.W. Trademarics: " The Mouth " , spas attacks and whales. Favourite Expression: " I ' m huunnnngry! " Activities: Pref., H.H., V.B., Traf Troupe, Gym Capt. Cherished Memories: Ottawa ' 74-pizza, " Swallow your beer cans " , the Company, the Joke, baseball games, my lunchtime " theory " , BeeGees, Beach Boys-Dennis ' drumstick, the Coffee house, " Magistra Puellae " , Stanstead- " The Ugly Duckling " , Creep Carson, the High Hill, unsuccessful diets, skiing with A.J. and Tommy, mes p ' tits bines... JENNIFER O ' DONNELL " Bine 1 " VB ' 7 6- ' 77 Cumming House Prototype: Barbara Streisand. Can You Imagine: A Catholic with a Jewish nose? Ambition: A 5 ' 6 " model for Vogue. Probable Destiny: A 3 ' 6 " basement window washer. Trademark: Chewing green Dentyne, whales. Favourite Expression: It loses meaning in the translation. Pet Peeve: The bell being late for the end of English. Favourite Question: What homework were we supposed to have done? Assets: Possible E.S.P. (Extra Science Problems) Unrecorded History: At Stanstead Nanny Nancy let me step out of line. Unforgettables: Sept 24, 31, Oct 31, Nov 6, Dec 17, Feb 11, April 2,9. Favourite Pastime: Growing (there wasn ' t very much time to pass) Cherished Memories: The non-Trafalgarian days. KAREN JEAN O ' REILLY " KOR " VB ' 74- 77 Ross House Activities: Pref., H.H., Bazaar Committee, Grad Committee. Ambition: Size 7. Probable Destiny: Perpetual dieting. Assets: Her smile, love of man(kind). Favourite Expression: J.C. (Julius Caesar), God only knows. Seriously Now! Trademark: The long braids. Can You Imagime: Karen with short hair! Favourite Pastime: Laughing, dancing, swimming, jogging. Weakness: Sweets, date squares. Cherish Memories: Math ' 75- ' 76 with BR ' s jokes, Latin ' 75- ' 76, NM-GW, Enrichie French, parties (MF), coffee house, competitive dieting, bus and train trips with KP, JS ' s rough copies, summer fairs ' 76, super form mates, Jod ' s collar. ANDREA OTTLEY " Andy " " Andy O. " VB ' 73- ' 77 Fairley House Ambition: To graduate proudly with honours. Probable Destiny: Tripping on the stairs while accepting the diploma. Favourite Expression: Doomed, Sigh... Favourite Pastime: Watching T.V., sci.-fi. Can You Imagine: Andy NOT watching T.V. Cherished Memories: " Death alley " with J.S....tootsie rolls with A.L.... double Latin. ..Einstein. .. " the 13th " . ..soaps in the morning. ..the 165. ..choir. ..5 years at Traf. Peace and Long Life Live Long and Prosper. 17 MELISSA-LYNNE PETTIGREW " Lynn " VB ' 74-77 Barclay House " Don ' t walk in front, I may not follow, Don ' t walk behind, I may not lead, Just walk beside, and be my friend. " " If you love something very much, let it go free If it doesn ' t come back to you, it never was meant to be yours. " " Catch your dreams before they slip away... Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. " DIANA LORI PURDY VB ' 7 6- ' 77 Gumming House " When engaged in a battle of wits, Make sure your opponent is armed. " — Petrocelli " Lord when we are wrong make us willing to change. And when we are right make us easy to live with. " — Peter Marshall " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the road less travelled by, And that has made all the difference. " — Robert Frost BELINDA RANKOVICH " Bibi " " Ranki " " Gus " VB ' 68- ' 77 Barclay House " Love is flower-Hke; friendship is like a sheltering tree. " — Samuel Taylor Coleridge Ambition: Physician. Probable Destiny; Playing doctor. Claim to Fame: Jokes, driver ' s license. Pet Possessions: Newfy, John Sabastien Christopher David Bartholomew. Can You Imagine: Behnda quiet? Cherished Memories: The old school. ..bazaars. ..lunches. ..Ottawa ' 74, Lakefield ' 76 ...Miss T ' s biology classes. games with N.M., R.R., L.K., and L.R.... parties. ..K.O. serving. ..all the friends and years at Traf. Activities: Photography editor, class president, Vb., Bb., Thanks to everyone, especially Mom and Dad. ROBIN REID " Ruffles " VB ' 73- ' 77 Fairley House " It ' s nice to have friends. " — Snoopy Favourite Expression: " The pits " and " Terrific " . Cherished Memories: Ottawa ' 74-medium milk and pizza, the Company, " Swallow your beer cans " , " our party " , Madonna with L.K., Expos-Cubs games. Coffee House, The Ugly Duckling, Inch Worm with B.R., summer nights at the tennis courts with D.R. N.B., N.M. ' s Theory at lunch. Deb ' s cake, being kicked out of math. Bio. with Miss T., " Don ' t invent " , " Ookay " , Nicole ' s surprise party, D.R. ' s bash. Activities: Prefect, Tuck Shop, Echoes Advertising, Traf Troupe, and Bazaar Committee. Many Thanks To: Everybody for everything. Final Words of Wisdom: " Smile, and people will think you ' ve done something wrong. " 18 SUSAN SCHIRMER " Susi " " Schrimmer " VB ' 67-77 Fair ley House Had I the heavens ' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the half light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams. — W.B. Yeats Special loving thanks to Mom and Dad, who made it possible for me to come to Traf for ten long and happy years. DIANE SHEA " Di " " The Baby " VB ' 74- ' 77 Barclay House Ambition: Professional squash player. Pet Peeve: School lunches, M.L.S., French. Prototype: Big Mouth! Trademark: Baby face. Weaknesses: Mike, older men, date squares, gum, Mercedes. Claim to Fame: Still 28 AA!, never wears her sash. Unforgettables : Maine with Diana, Magog with Rose, M.A.A. with J.S. and P.W., partying with Liz, running away from Magog, T.M.R., R.R. Unrecorded History: FUpped over a table in a restaurant in Sherbrooke. Can You Imagine: Diane in a convent? JOAN SUM " Yoan " " Greaspot " VB ' 73- ' 77 Barclay House Claifji to Fame: Calves, entering the conversation in the middle of the conversation. Favourite Expression: Huh?, I think I ' m going to jump off a bridge. Prototype: Cleaver. Cherished Memories: Death Alley no. 2, double Latin in IVth form, calves, Ottawa, K.O.R. pulling my arm during an EngUsh test, dialing the wrong number in C.S. 421 . SIGH...THAT ' S ALL...FOREVER... KATHERINE SZABOLCSY " Kathy " " Shiz " VB ' 72- ' 77 Fairley House Deem not life a thing of consequence. For look at the yawning void of the future, and at the other hmitless space, the past. — Marcus AureUus Ambition: Commerce and law. Favourite Pastimes: Horseback riding and music. Cherished Memories: Magister Harvia, the ol ' Traf., Miss Armbruster double Latin, Ottawa 5 ' 74, Mme Garrett ' s " la classe enrichie " , summer of ' 75 at Q.E. Xmas ' 75, Summer ' 76, Les Concours Hippiques Quebec Games, Sans Souci, CIC, Traf lunches Traf Trash, oxfords sashes. P.S. Thanks to Mom and Dad. P.P.S.Take care Traf!!! 19 NORMA J. WATHEY " Community Chest " VB ' 72-77 Cumming House Favourite Pastime: Gary, Stanley Street. Deb?, doing something to clear the complexion. Pet Peeve: Kim, noses, barracudas. Claim to Fame: Hands, big feet. Cherished Memories: Summer ' 76, April 17 ' 76, the Pitts, Lime, the log, adventures with Deb. Ambition: Business Administration. Probable Destiny: SeUing nails in my father ' s hardware store. Activities: Changing the oil. Favourite Expression: Swearing in Spanish, I ' m Dominique. ..who are you? Trademark: Smelly running shoes, chin. Can You Imagine: Norma in a size 5 shoe?? GEORGINA WIGLEY " George " " Jo " VB ' 74- ' 77 Donald House Do not go where the path leads. Go where there is no path and leave a trail. Unforgettables: Being premature with N-N...Room 101 six times a week... Partying with T.C....Dec. ' 75 Jan. ' 76 Summer ' 76. ..The old I.T.T. trick. ..Cat ' s eyes. ..Skiing with A.J. and T.P.. ..Beach Boys and Dennis ' drumstick. ..BeeGees ' 76. ..Feb. ' 77.... G.G. ' 77 and W.J.... Activities: C.C., Echoes Editor, Class Games Lieut., Class Tres. High you fly and long you live And smiles you ' ll give and tears you ' ll cry And all you ' ll do and all you ' ll feel. Is all your life will ever be. — B.J.B. LEFT: Sheryl Beadle. ABOVE: Debbie Manessis. FOURTH FORM S IVA BOTTOM ROW: Julia Tilden, Andrea Duncan, Angelina Heck (Vice-President), Roopali Bhargava (President), Patty Finkelstein (Treasurer), Janet Penny, Belaine Lacey. MIDDLE ROW: Francesca Tramontin, Ana de Castro, Jane Morganti, Fiona Hawley, Mrs. Forbes, Donna Lanthier, Christina Bardecki, Heather Leigh, Martina Lis, Charlotte Farkas. TOP ROW: Lark Nemerever, Carla Hamilton, Josie Stapenhorst, Katherine Kasirer, Demetra Tzevelekos, Madeline Bock, Heather Townsend, Judy Johnston, Jane Bregazzi. BOTTOM ROW: Andrea Roberton, Marietta Fox, Melanie Sheridan (Vice-President), Sally King (President), I _ . _ Deirdre Palmer (Treasurer), Cynthia Roberts, Jennifer Marler. MIDDLE ROW: France Robillard, Linda I t " Roten, Kim Morison, Lori Spotton, Mrs. Tawfik, Lynn Senecal, Eleonora Subak, Jill Samis, Katie Russell. TOP ROW: Nooreen Shah, Nadia Tontini, Elizabeth Smeaton, Alison Noel, Nancy Brougham, Heather Cherrier, Daphne Wollmann, Kerry Hellman. ABSENT: Julie Moroney, Kim Robichaud. 24 THIRD FORM —4. BOTTOM ROW: Jacqui Lacey, Jennifer Deacon, Susan Marshall (Vice-President), Laurie Neapole (President), Mary Maclachlan (Treasurer), Peggy Essaris, Jane Brumwell. MIDDLE ROW: Trish Collier, Wendy Eraser, Shannon Hubbard, Gisele Bijok, Miss Gardiner, Martha Hancock, Sara Ballem, Eve Bockler, Monique Lunan, Pamela Hall. TOP ROW: Alexa Bell, Gill Brodie, Joanna Harries, Megan Borner, Susan Pederson, Violetta Anninos, Shirley Miller, Gill Reid, Joani Noel, Colleen Kimoff. IIIA BOTTOM ROW: Joanne Miller, Lisa Senecal, Glenice Sagritalo, Barbara Wise (Vice-President), Nele Trakas (Treasurer), Sue Deacon, Diana Skiadis. MIDDLE ROW: Jan Weeks, Michele Westphal, Cynthia Roberton, Antonia Zannis, Miss Boislard, Ann Samuel, Jennifer Elias, Kelly Balaze, Siobhan Moore, Allyson Lunny. TOP ROW: Carohne Harris, Danica Dale, Jennifer Campion, Leslie Rye, Isabelle Richard, Karen McCuUoch, Dana Spence. ABSENT: Sandra Brown, Kilby Dodson (President), Naomi Woelber. 25 SECOND FORM BOTTOM ROW: Clare Beresford, Angela Ebsworth, Joanne Archontakis (Vice-President), Katherine Camp (President), Jody Foster (Treasurer), Heather Howatson, Simone Hughes. MIDDLE ROW: Gabrielle Lynch- Staunton, Bettina Karpel, Linda Rodeck, Caroline Bachynski, Mrs. Grover, Lynne Biernaski, Melanie Helpard, Tracy Helm, Monica Purer, Jean Kwo. TOP ROW: Sonya Rasmussen, Hilary Borner, Elizabeth Schwenk, Cory Brown, Susan Buchholz, Tracie Swim, Susan Jany, Barbara Parker, Michele Catterhill. ABSENT: Debbie Gaty. BOTTOM ROW: Ginny Saputo, Heidi Lukas, Karen Paterson (Vice-President), Helen Kihmm (President), Kara II |— I Spence (Treasurer), Connie Shore, Barbara Rosenstein. MIDDLE ROW: Danielle Panet-Raymond, Jo-Anne I f—S McKcnna, Athena Paradissis, Martha Legge, Mrs. Popescu, Carina Van Heyst, Maren Mehnert, Nadia Wahab, Diana Metzger, Danny Shanks. TOP ROW: Carohne Salmon, Kathy Pilley, Laurie Shetler, Nathalie Rivard, Suzie Molnar, Marilyn Meikle, Jennifer Devey, Marie Rosevear, Wendy Stone. ABSENT: Susanna Klein. 26 FIRST FORM f BOTTOM ROW: Anne Mottola, Katharine Hall, Anita Chopra (Vice-President), Yvette Gajewski (President), Heather McCuUoch, Myriam Muermans, Tori Gordon. MIDDLE ROW: Grace Kurdyla, Karen Rye, Heather Mc- Adams, Dawn Adams, Dawn Lazare, Susan McCormack, Mrs. Gendron, Linda Cappelli, Jackie Aguayo, Debbie Taylor, Kim Myles. TOP ROW: Sarah Russell, BeHnda Dale, Cynthia Sutherland, Grace Kihmm, Paget Norman- din, Lori Foster, Eva Svenstedt, Ann Vlodarchyk, Patricia Purer. BOTTOM ROW: Randee Baron, Cathy Outerbridge, Lori-Ann Senecal (Vice-President), Lana Broniszewski (President), Amy Creighton, Jennie Kwo, Kate Gray. MIDDLE ROW: Gail Morison, Suzanne Hooker. Dominique Darmon, Jennifer Morrison, Kathy Bardo, Sandra Cappelli, Sam Bregazzi, Anne Halley, Helen Osana. TOP ROW: Ina Ottersen, Patricia Murray, Jennifer Day, Susan AngHker, Jennifer Roman, Sarah Carnegie, Gabrielle Acher- mann. Sue Neapole. ABSENT: Heather Freeman. 27 FENNIS BACK ROW: Carol Harris, Kathy Kredl, Sally King, Miss Lay ton. FRONT ROW: Janis Cunningham, Laurie Shetler, Cynthia Sutherland, Sarah Carnegie. ABSENT: Kara Spence. This year Traf s Tennis Team did very well, placing second in singles with an out- standing performance by Caroline Harris, for which she was awarded a silver medal. Traf also placed second in doubles, the winning combination was Caroline Harris and Cynthia Sutherland. The other team members also played well, however no others placed in the top three. An all round great year for Traf. Keep up the good Traf reputation! Sally King, Kathy Kredl, Janis Cunningham. 32 33 VOLLEYBALL Traf s Volleyball teams did very well this year. In regular season play, Traf s Midgets lost their first match, won the second against E.C.S. before finally losing in a very exciting match two games to one. Traf s Juveniles participated in a pre-season tournament involving eight schools. They placed first in their section winning all three matches, then won their semi-fmal match before losing two games to one in the finals. In the regular season, Traf placed third out of seven teams winning seven matches. JR. BACK ROW: Heather McCulloch, Dana Spence, Joani Noel, Nancy Brougham, Jennifer Devey. MIDDLE ROW: Kara Spence, Monique Lunan, Mary Maclachlan, Barbara Wise. FRONT ROW: Yvette Gayew- ski, Barbara Rosenstein, Cathy Bardo. Coach: Ms. Layton. Manager: Karen McCulloch. BACK ROW: Andrea Roberton, Martina Lis, Judy Johnston, Belinda Rankovich, Nancy Morgan, Lori Spotton. FRONT ROW: Alison Noel, Trish Bourne, Sheryl Beadle, France Robillard. Coach: Miss Layton. Manager: Jennifer Marler. 34 BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Angela Ebsworth, Martha Legge, Jody Foster, Heather MacAdams, Irish Collier. FRONT ROW: Mary Maclachlan, Jennifer Devey, Dana Spence, Kara Spence, Monique Lunan. Coach: Miss Layton. BACK ROW: Andrea Roberton, Julie Moroney, Lynn Krueger, Sally King, Belinda Rankovich, Maria Facci, Lori Spotton. FRONT ROW: AHson Noel, Trish Bourne, Sheryl Beadle, I ' rance Robillard. Coach: Miss Layton. 36 This year Traf entered the G.M.A.A. basketball league. Traf s juvenile team won four of their fourteen matches, while Traf s midget team were undefeated in the regular season with six wins, and went on to win the semi- finals but were finally defeated in the finals by a team from Ecole St. Exupery. Traf s juven- iles entered two tournaments, one in Montreal at Traf and E.C.S., and the other at Bishops College, Lennoxville. Traf placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. The midgets also participated at Bishops ' Both tournaments were Jump ball-Jump ball-get it, get it! 37 CROSS-COUNTRY This year was the first for Traf in this sport. The Bantams placed fourth out of seven. The Midgets placed second out of six. We were unable to field a complete Juvenile team. Two of the Traf team, Sheryl Beadle and Sylvia Denning quahfied for the Provin- cials and did very well there. TOP FINISHERS: - BANTAMS: Laurie Neapole-1 1th. MIDGETS: Sheryl Beadle-6th. JUVENILES: Sylvia Denning-4th. BOTTOM ROW: Katey Gray, Linda Rodeck, Jennifer Day, Diana Skiadas, Angela Ebsworth. MIDDLE ROW: Ms. Layton, Georgina Wigley, Sheryl Beadle, Danielle Shanks, Andrea Duncan. TOP ROW: Susan Neapole, Laurie Neapole, Kathy Kredl, Jennifer Devey, Helen Kihmm, Sylvia Denning. 38 BADMINTON Trafs girls finished 2nd in team competition. 3 wins: Carol Harris, Diane Shea, Danielle Panet-Raymond, Laurie Shetler. 2 wins: Martina Lis, Sue Deacon. 1 win: Angie Heck, Dee- dee Palmer, Heather Howatson. In doubles, Danielle Panet-Raymond and Laurie Shetler placed 3rd. The spares were Sarah Carnagie and Cynthia Sutherland. Tliey both were a great help. Sp ecial thanks to the new coach, Mrs. McGibbon. Congratulations team! LEFT BOTTOM: Laurie Shetler. RIGHT BOTTOM: Laurie Shetler and Danielle Panet- Raymond. BACK ROW: AngeUna Heck, Dee-Dee Palmer, Sarah Carnegie, Carol Harris, Diane Shea, Martina Lis. FRONT ROW: Laurie Shetler, Heather Howat- son, Danielle Panet-Raymond, Sue Deacon. Coach: Mrs. McGibbon. GYMNASTICS 40 INTER-HOUSE COMPETITION BASKETBALL: BARCLAY VOLLEYBALL: ROSS BADMINTON: ROSS INTER-FORM COMPETITION BASKETBALL: SENIOR - VA JUNIOR - IIB VOLLEYBALL: SENIOR - VA JUNIOR - IIB BADMINTON: SINGLES CHAMPION - Jill Samis DODGEBALL: SENIOR - IIIA JUNIOR - IIB In Volleyball Staff vs Seniors and Juniors Staff - 15 Seniors - 12 Staff - 15 Juniors - 12 41 " G " BADGES " G " Badges are awarded to girls who have attained a high standard in gymnastics and games during the year. Badges have been awarded this year to : SYLVIA DENNING TRINA HILL HELEN KIHM MARTHA LEGGE MARTINA LIS JULIE MORONEY ' LAURIE SHETLER DIANA SKIADAS KARA SPENCE " Stars " are awarded to girls who have previously won a " G " Badge and have maintained the necessary high standard. These have been awarded to: SHERYL BEADLE TRISH BOURNE ALISON NOEL ANDREA ROBERTON OFFICERS GYM CAPTAINS: Sarah Russell LIEUTENANTS: Grace Kihmm FORM: lA Sarah Carnegie Jennie Kwo IB Angela Ebsworth Jody Foster IIA Laurie Shetler Heidi Lukas IIB Peggy Essaris Sue Pederson IIIA Diana Skiadas Naomi Woelber IIIB Martina Lis Heather Townsend IVA Lori Spotton Julie Moroney IVB Janis Cunningham Suzanne Wingrowich VA Nancy Morgan Anthea Liontos VB GAMES CAPTAINS: Heather McCuUoch LIEUTENANTS: Patricia Furer FORM: lA Cathy Outerbridge Jennifer Roman IB Hilary Borner Joanne Archontakis IIA Jennifer Devey Athena Paradissis IIB Eve Bockler Megan Borner IIIA Dana Spence Cynthia Roberton IIIB Patty Finkelstein Donna Lanthier IVA Marietta Fox Kerry Hellmann IVB Juliet Floyd Trina Hill VA Lynn Krueger Georgina Wigley VB 42 FIELD DAY " 76 RELAYS : JUNIOR SPORTS CUP - lA INTERMEDIATE SPORTS CUP - IIA SENIOR SPORTS CUP - IVA INTERHOUSE : JUNIOR DONALD HOUSE SENIOR CUMMING HOUSE HIGHEST SCORERS : JUNIOR - DIANA SKIADAS - 21 DONALD INTERMEDIATE - JOANNA HARRIES - 6 . . . ROSS JUDY JOHNSTON - 6 BARCLAY SENIOR - SHERYL BEADLE - 10 DONALD HOUSE SCORES : DONALD 61 BARCLAY 37 CUMMING 37 ROSS 37 FAIRLEY 18 MILE CLUB This was Traf s First year to have a mile club. Its purpose was to keep the students in good physical condition. This year ' s top ten runners were: 1. Jennifer Devey - 120 miles 2. Jennie Kwo - 98 miles 3. Kara Spence - 93 miles 4. Jean Kwo - 92 miles 5. Yvette Gayewski - 89 miles 6. Linda CappelH - 84 miles 7. Alison Noel - 80 miles 8. Grace Keirdyla - 76 miles 9. Heather McCuUoch and 10. Leslie Rye - 74 miles Within forms, the younger forms did much better than the fourth and fifth forms. These standings are: 1. IA- 857 miles 2. IIB - 806 miles 3. IB -448 miles 4. IIA -424 miles 5. IVB- 324 miles 10. IIIB - 298 miles VA- 212 miles III A - 164 miles IVA - 157 miles VB- 156 miles The House standings this year were: 1. BARCLAY - 1014 miles 2. DONALD - 784 miles 3. FAIRLEY -71 3 miles 4. CUMMING - 677 miles 5. ROSS - 623 miles 43 GUMMING Thanks to all Cummingites who helped put so much work into the pro- duction of " Big Red " . Although we did come in tied for fourth place, we de- served to have come in second. This year we hope to do well in inter-house sports competitions and house points. Good luck and keep up the good spirit fellow Cummingites! L.D. and P.B. P.S. Congratulations to our new house head S.L.! FAIRLEY This year we have done fairley well again. Every Fairleyite participated in the house play " The Pied Piperess " . We finished second in inter-house bas- ketball, and at the end of first term we were third. We bounced right back and won the Winter Carnival. Many thanks to Mrs. Gendron, house mistress, and Andrea Roberton, IVth form rep., for their invaluable help. All in all it ' s been a good year, and fairley soon, we will be first in everything. K.K. and N.M. DONALD Donald House, somehow, always manages to be on top (thanks to J.M. ' s counting) when " house point announce- ment " time arrives. There seems to be something special about Donaldites, because we never (or rarely) manage to win anything of significance (except field day!)-like in house plays in wliich we grasped a healthy third place, al- though we could have done better had the scenery not fallen and the " zapstick " and frog (stuffed of course) not been lost, because, basically, our script, plot and acting were in a class of their own. We ' d also like to thank Mr. Scotch Tape for sticking with us. But Donaldites, never lose your heads. The secret to success is to have spirit, and no other house can claim to have the spirit we have. L.K. and N.M. ROSS We started off with a bang: for the first time in years, we won the house play competition. Then we went into a bit of a slump (to say the least) but we pulled up our yellow bootstraps and bounced our way back to winning the inter-house volleyball competition. Way to go, Ross- ites (and we admit it was far!!) Good luck in years to come, your devoted (?) househeads, Heidi and Karen BARCLAY To everyone, from Snow White to the many Barclay- ites who worked behind the scenes (and of course our dynamic fairy godfather), who put a special effort into our second place play " Snow White and the Eight Dwarves, " Congratulations! Sports: We are improving. Basketball, volleyball, badminton, track... Barclayites, good work! Apart from Carnival Day, we are doing well in house points, and participation has been exuberant. We would like to thank our house mistress, Miss Gardiner, and our IVth form rep., Ali. " One, two, three, four. Who are we for, Barclay, that ' s who. " Thanks for a memorable and humorous last year. Annie and Naomi LEFT to RIGHT, Front to Rear: Barclay House: Naomi Campbell, Annie Burrows, Miss Gardiner. Gum- ming House: Pat Bardecki, Sandra Levy, Mrs. Ritson. Donald House: Nancy Morgan, Lynn Krueger, Mrs. Henophy. Fairley House: Kathy Kredl, Nan Milligan (absent), Mrs. Gendron. Ross House: Heidi Borner, Karen O ' Reilly, Miss Armbruster. a-j BAZAAR ' 76 This year Trafs annual bazaar, held November 13th, 1976, was the most successful ever. We raised $2,233, $500 of which went to the Tiny Tim Christmas Fund. Many new booths were introduced: the plant stall, the French stall, and the bottle raffle. All of them were very popular with our many visitors. As usual, there were many entrants in the Cake Decorating Contest. The high standard of work made it very difficult for the judges to come to a decision; however, in the end, the Senecal ' s entry, Henry the Hedgehog, was declared the winner. Many thanks are due to the Trafites who manned the booths, the people who donated prizes for the raffle, the prefects who risked their lives in the Penny Arcade, the clean-up crew, and most of all to the organizers; Mrs. Henophy, Janis Cunningham, and Cherine Cheftechi. 48 FACING PAGE-Clockwise From Far Upper Left: Susi Molnar at the plant stall; puppeteer Diana Metzger; Trish Collier (right), Susi Klein (centre), and Jennifer Day at the handicrafts booth; Pupil Press member Nadia Tontini selling to Nooreen Shah. THIS PAGE-Clockwise From Upper Left: Tracy Swim; Georgina Wigley (left), Heather Cherrier; wet Prefect Lynn Krueger; Mrs. Kahsky (left), and Mrs. Tawfik. 49 GYM DEM This year Trafalgar held its annual Gym Dem on March 1 0 and 1 1 . The theme was " The Seasons " with each class presenting a different monthly activity. Everything from skiing to tennis to Easter to Hallowe ' en was shown. Girls also demonstrated their talents on the box, mats, beam and in free-cal routines. Stars and G-Badges were awarded to the selected girls by Mrs. Bourne, and the Lucy Box Award was given this year by Mrs. Spence to Sheryl Beadle. ABOVE RIGHT: Grand March. RIGHT: Form HIA. BELOW: Form IVB. FACING PAGE-TOP: Form VA. RIGHT: Sheryl Beadle receiving her star from Mrs. Bourne. FAR RIGHT: Box Club. BOTTOM: Form VB. THE SCHOOL CHOIR A School Choir was formed at the beginning of the school year and regular rehearsals have been held after lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The choir performed two solo items in the Christmas Concert and also took part in the " Musi- cal Evening " , which was held on May 3rd. Although consisting of only a small number of girls, the choir has made up in effort and enthusiasm for what it lacked in numbers. The fifth form mem- bers of the choir are to be particularly commended for their regular attendance and support. It is hoped that we shall be able to continue next year and to increase the number of members in the choir. ABOVE, Right to Left: Andrea Ottley, Susi Schirmer, Sandra Black- burn. TOP, Clockwise from Left: Sandra Blackburn, Susan Hirbod, Andrea Ottley, Trina Hill, Mrs. Ghosh. RIGHT: Mrs. Ghosh. 52 TRAF DANCE Trafalgar held its annual dance on January 28th, the night of a rag- ing blizzard. In spite of this, many girls and invited guests from L.C.C., turned up and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. As an added attraction, personalized T-shirts were on sale. Fourth Form was in charge of re- freshments. Proceeds from this dance went towards the Grad Dance. STAFF (?!) STUDENT VOLLEYBALL THEY WON!! DAYS TOP LEFT: Lynn Gilchrist - the T-shirt kid. TOP RIGHT: Sylvia Denning and Mr. X. MIDDLE LEFT: Miss Gardiner. MIDDLE RIGHT: Mrs. Paglia. LEFT: Wear What You Want Day fashion contest. 53 TRAF TROUPE In October this year Traf Troupe presented " Two for the Show " — two one-act plays. Two performances were given, a matinee for the school and an evening one for the parents. The first play, " A Happy Journey to Trenton and Cam- den " was the story of a family travelling to see a sick relative. It was a play in which there were very few props and therefore a great deal of imagination had to be used. There was only one minor mishap which occurred when the bed collapsed at the end of the play. The second play was " Passacaglia " , the story of the narrow lives led by women in an old persons ' home. The members of the Traf Troupe would like to extend their sincere thanks to Miss Gardiner, assistant directors Robin Reid and Maria Facci as well as the stage crew. 54 FACING PAGE: " The Happy Journey from Trenton to Camden " : TOP LEFT: Jennifer Roman as Beulah. TOP RIGHT: Donna Lanthier as Ma, Nancy Morgan as Pa, Lisa Senecal as Caroline. LOWER LEFT: Donna, Lisa, Nancy, Maria Facci (assistant director). LOWER RIGHT: Karen Patterson as Arthur. BOTTOM CENTRE: Made- leine Bock as Stage Manager, Miss Gardiner, The Director. THIS PAGE: " Passacaglia " : TOP LEFT: Pam Hall as Miss Fenshaw, Josie Stapenhorst as Matron. TOP RIGHT: Julia Tilden as Miss Gibbs. LOWER LEFT: Melanie Sheridan as Mrs. Martelli. LOWER RIGHT: Suzanne Hooker as Nancy, Trina Hill as Mrs. Rose, Josie. 55 FAR RIGHT: Robin Reid about to drown. NEAR RIGHT: Karen O ' Reilly. BELOW: Anthea ' Elizabeth ' Liontos (right) and ' Jim Bob ' Morgan. BOTTOM LEFT: Kathy Kredl. BOTTOM RIGHT: Heidi Borner. EDITORIAL This book is " dedicated to all Trafites " . It is your book of memories. I sincerely hope that every time you open this book the words and pictures will bring back all the good (and great) times you had at Traf. If this book succeeds in keeping those memories alive, then we, the Echoes staff, have succeeded in our aim of producing a book of Traf Memories. I would Hke to thank and express my appreciation to those who helped make Echoes ' 77: the staff, Trish, Nancy, Shammy, Cynthia, and Melanie, for the time and effort they put into their sections, and our snap-happy photographer Belinda, (whose only joy is taking pictures); Mrs. Grover, our staff advisor, for all her advice and help, especially with long-distance phone calls; Miss Armbruster for her help to Robin and Maria, who also deserve thanks. These people comprise the elected staff, many of whom I know did not realize what they were getting themselves into, and who, for the most part, fulfilled their obligations admirably. In addition there are volunteers who deserve thanks: Andrea Jones, who took pictures, and those who participated in Candid Camera Week (especially Belinda Dale and Alexa Bell); typists Martina Lis, Anthea Liontos, and Cherine Cheftechi; as well as others who co-operated for pictures, wrote and drew for Art and Lit, and otherwise contributed. I think this book will have a special meaning for my friends and fellow graduates in Fifth Form, because Echoes ' 77 is our last yearbook, and in a way it commemorates our final year at Traf. I hope it will mean something special to you, and you will be able to look through this book, think about our last year at Traf, and close the book with a smile. I want to wish everyone all the very best of luck and success, and I hope we will all meet again sometime. Good-bye and good luck also to all the other Trafites, and a special good luck to Cynthia Roberts, the editor of Echoes ' 78, and her staff in their efforts to record next year ' s experiences. Georgina Wigley ' 77 Editor STANDING: Mrs. Grover, staff advisor (left); Miss Armbruster, advertising advisor (right). BACK ROW (1-r): Shamala Jayasekera, Copy; Melanie Sheridan, Activities; Cynthia Roberts, Art and Lit.; Nancy Morgan, Layout. FRONT ROW: Robin Reid, advertising; Trish Bourne, sports; Georgina Wigley, editor. ABSENT: Belinda Rankovich, photographer (taking picture); Maria Facci, advertising. 58 SCHOOL LIFE 62 Thoughts are Thoughts are Thoughts are THOUGHTS The sunrise in the East Where God ' s magical paint Brush paints swirls of Mauves and pinks. The waves on the sea Over which two blue Lights wink out from Harbour. Celestial sactles floating Through the mist where only Immortals dwell; For thoughts never die. Siobhan Moore Form III Gumming 66 WOMEN AND STEREOTYPES Stereotyping is a natural function of the human mind. We all generalize and classify in order to comprehend a com- plex world. It can be a useful tool in our adaptation to an unpredictable, modern society. It can also be an obsolete, clumsy tool if its principles are too iron-clad. Unwise stereo- typing is at the root of prejudice and discrimination. This fact is most evident in the treatment of women. The female stereotype of fifty years ago was expected to be capable only within the context of domestic activities. In her place, the home, she was appreciated and elevated almost to divinity by a respecting, chivalrous male society. Motherhood was seen as her ultimate joy and her unshirkable duty. Outside the home, the male tended to regard her as weak, helpless and childlike. She needed to be loved and humoured Uke any child and protected from things she mustn ' t touch. Women who escaped from the normal round of female life were looked down on in utter contempt or were seen as immoral, eccentric or lazy. Religious bias and social tradition caused stereotyping that prevented a woman, or anyone else, from reahzing her true capacities. Today ' s stereotype is not often thought of in this way. Yet, it is just as real and just as unfair. Today women are conditioned to believe that their talents can only be fully expressed if they take up a career. A whole generation of girls are being told, directly or indirectly, that homemaking is a cop-out, a waste of time and talent, and an insult to their intelligence. The respect and admiration that domestic service once commanded has disappeared. Children and homes are seen as anchors that keep the individual from going anywhere, weighing her down. Consequently these dull topics are hardly ever discussed at the neighbourhood level. Career women, who may find the frantic, exacting atmosphere at work less satisfying than supervising the growth of their offspring, often use the poor, incompetent housewife as a boost for their own egos. Homemakers are pitied for having to endure such a menial, unstimulating life. Convinced of their own unimport- ance, many housewives feel they are what they are because they ' re no good for anything else. Motherhood can be a challenging, demanding, full-time job that any woman might chose with pride, believing in her right to find her own hap- piness. Modem stereotyping of women can be seen as an extreme reaction to the kind seen fifty years ago. It has gone overboard. People must try to escape the vicious circle of history trying to repeat itself. In this time of " liberated " thinking dangerous generaUzations have to be avoided to ensure real freedom. Julia Tilden Form IV Donald REBIRTH Under the abysmal, murky waters of the still lake, live the oyoks. These are the water-people; eyeless, milky-white-skinned creatures who never feel the warmth of the sun. These beings dwell in pitch black caverns on the sandy bottom of the pool. It is rumoured that whichever of these creatures reaches the sole lily-pad on the lake will be immediately transformed into an animal capable of sight and feeUng. As the growing season approaches, the oyoks sense a stirring deep within them. They do not understand the urge they feel, but a certain force propels them upwards. There, on the calm surface of the lake, floats a simple lily-pad. It sways gently as if there was an unseen movement far beneath the surface. The slender figures swim up in unison, guided by some uneering instinct directly towards the lily-pad. Their long, humanoid appendages reach above their bUnd heads as they gradually approach their destina- tion. The slim extended figures stretch towards the precious ticket to freedom. Five digits close around the leaf, only one to have it slip out of their grasp. Then, triumphantly, the most fortunate of the oyoks feels its hand clutch the leaf. Suddenly, it feels a strange airy sensation and, it is a great silvery bird, joyously soaring above the dark water into a brilliant blue sky. THE ATTACK The fatigue of prolonged, intense concentration starts to show on her exquisitly carved features. The weariness of crouching, waiting in deadly silence begins to have its effect on her delicate Umbs. Suddenly she sees it. The small ripple in the grass stops as abruptly as it started. Now she knows for certain that all of her waiting was not in vain. She men- tally calculates her position for attack. Possibly the wrong angle, she considers; however, no matter; it ' s too late to move now. She feels that she could be a httle closer for a more sudden attack. No, her position will do. It will have to do. The overgrown jungle suddenly parts and reveals a small beige-grey head. She recognizes those protruding teeth, the typical pointed httle nose, the features of her Ufe-long rodent enemy. She prepares for the attack, stirring her feet in readi- ness. Ears perked, nostrils flaring in perfect precision, she springs, a black streak in a sea of green. She grabs its small neck. Under the piercing pressure of her jaws, it gasps its last breath and puts up its last struggle. Pleased with her victory, she grasps the lifeless body home, dumps it on the doorstep and purrs contentedly until her master comes out to accept her modest gift. Janet Hardy Form V Fairley Laurie Neapole Form III Cumming Naomi Campbell Form V Barclay 67 DIFFERENCE It is quite amazing to see How wonderful it is to be. Just get up and look around For there are many different Things and people to be found. Most people today lack instruction, " Savoir-vivre " and interest. They don ' t know it, but they aren ' t Even close to the best. So just learn, smile and care; Stand out of the crowd, And then you will notice how You ' ve made yourself proud- And remember; it can be quite amazing to How really wonderful it is to be. Josie Stapenhorst Form IV Ross WHY? GOD made this world happy to live in, WHY did all the happiness leave? GOD made a message to all the people, WHY didn ' t they Usten? GOD made a kingdom, full of love and Ufe, WHY did the people ruin it with their hate? HE loved each individual, you and me, WHY do people kill each other? GOD made our bodies useful, WHY do we abuse them? GOD made himself leader, WHY do we fight wars? GOD made Adam and Eve, dreamers, WHY Bonny and Clyde, killers? HE loved his son Jesus, WHY did the Son of God, e? ■■I for us, for you. for me, that ' s why. Nartcy Brougham Form IV Donald FACES He relaxed. The two capsules of white powder that he had just swallowed would take effect in an hour or maybe even sooner. It was a warm spring afternoon and the air was full of warm sweet scents. The park was brimming with people, all with smiles on their faces and a slight breeze was making small ripples in the long grass on the hill. From his grassy, shady spot under a tree he could hear, every once in a while the lively strumming of a guitar. The music seemed to get louder and soon he could hear it clearly. It lifted him into another world faster than he had ex- pected; the world of the magic powder. People could be seen everywhere. They seemed to be in every nook, corner and occupiable space in the beautiful park. Little children were throwing pennies into the fountain and making wishes with their eyes shut tight. Everytime he looked at someone, they would return the look with a smile. Smiles were every- where he looked, no matter what age, creed or colour, every person was wearing a big, bright smUe. After sometime he started to study various faces, noting every smaU detail down to freckles and dimples. There were big noses and small noses, bushy eyebrows and plucked eyebrows, pink lips, red lips, shiny ones and even orange lips. The lips all formed smiles. There were some people with big blue eyes and other ones with small brown beady ones. Wrinkled faces and flabby faces, thinboned faces and freckled faces, innocent faces with innocent smiles and wicked faces with sinister smiles. Strange! Every face seemed to change from friendly and cheerful to ugly and horrid. Their skin was tinted red and green and some even purple or yellow. Some faces were all the colours of the rainbow and the colours were becoming brighter and brighter. The nice smiles became haunting smiles with yellow fangs or black broken teeth and the dimples and freckles changed to pits and holes filled with dirt and grime. Eyebrows were twitching and foreheads were beaded with black drops of perspiration. Strings of wild hair hung down in front of piercing cold eyes, now all grey and black with a few ex- ceptions of white. Some faces were hidden in collars with only the searching eyes showing. What was the strangest of all was the fact that there were no noses; the smiles took up too much space. The crooked teeth flashed in the bright sun and green and yellow tongues were lapping up the fountain ' s water with relish. All of a sudden they started floating towards him. All of these terrifying faces with no bodies. These ever-changing faces with their unforgiving eyes and the terrible smiles that wouldn ' t leave. He stood up and shook himself. The faces disappeared and normal people replaced them. Relief! He started on his way home. It was getting dark and he was hungry. That was the last time he was going to buy that stuff. BEYOND INFINITY Somewhere a mile beyond infinity, a distant sun roars and crackles mightily at the universe tip-toeing by, never dreaming that soon, very soon, in terms of eternity, its voice will fade and die like others before it, and another dark giant or white dwarf will take its place, equally proclaming its might. But the universe, ceaseless and un- ending, will always remain smiling con- descendingly at these transients as it con- tinues forward on its inexorable path in time, reaching onward a million miles beyond infinity. And how infinitely small is Man, scraping about in his miniscule corner and fancying himself competing in grandeur and glory with the immense wonders of a galaxy he cannot even begin to comprehend. How can Man, who has just barely managed to stumble upon his own moon, hope to conquer infinite reaches of time and distance? Gazing up at suns whose roars are mute to my puny ears and whose fiery holocausts are but mere glimmerings to my weak eyes, I muse on how much smaller is my place, my voice. I know that I will never have a chance to explore even the Umits of my own insignificant world, but there re- mains for me the faith that the supreme stubborness of Man will enable, if not me, at least my " distant sons " to reach outwards to infinity... and beyond. Trina HiU Form V Barclay Kerry Hellmann Form IV 69 THE LADY ' S EYES She had lived through war. She had Uved through a broken heart. She had hved through the greatest disappointment and she had Uved through haunting uncertainty; but never in her life had she experienced the deep feeling of not being wanted. She had so much to offer, for through the many decades she had lived, she learned of such things as love, understanding and secret human emotions that can only be taught by experience. Day after day she sat in her rocking chair, the only prize possession she had, and stared with blank eyes at the flowers outside. She once was a flower child. She had eyes of green and long, thick black hair decorated with red ribbons. She would play in the garden and learn of freedom. She took the flowers for granted but now she realized that she was lucky to have them. She had so much to tell, but the glass cut the bond between her and her flowers, and freedom to her was now only a myth. Sometimes she smiled faintly remembering all the young men who courted her so long, long ago. She had been a beautiful girl. Her skin was ivory white and she would sit innocently Uke a china doll. She was a slim girl with a tiny waist and slender hips. People used to praise her for this but now they called her gaunt. She knew of happiness, love and gratitude for all this was given to her with her first and last child. Through the depression she spent all her hardearned money on trivial little gadgets to keep him happy. She gave many years of her Hfe to her son. She sacrificed her beauty for her son. But he went. Along with millions of others his last breath was on the battlefield. A tear came to her eye. The wizened old lady moaned. She could have told others so much about life. She could have made many laugh and many cry, but most important of all she could have made many learn, but, who wants to hsten to her mumble? She was unwanted. She dropped her heavy head and let her chin fall into her chest. Her brittle hands clutched the arms of the chair and she closed her eyes. Before she died, just a second before she died, I passed by the door to her room. She glared at me and then dropped her chin. In that stare, in her eyes, I saw her character and saw her plead for help. 1 saw the end of a long hfe. I was a witness, but I was also too young to explain the lady clearly to anyone. So, now that I am able, here, is the lady whose eyes I shall never forget. Cynthia Roberts Form IV Ross 70 STATE My mind ' s been a blur; whirling and swirling. I haven ' t been quite sure, which way to go. Some say go left; some scream right. All the noise; what a fantastic flight. My friends, they ignore the situation I ' m in. They just say " Sleep on it. It ' ll round out in a spin. " But this is not so. Confusing as it may seem. My mind is Uke a person hanging from a beam. I must control myself, or else, you can tell, I ' ll be stuck Uke a soul between Heaven and HeU. There is no solution to this beastly problem of mine. I have to learn to cope, and be able to draw the line. Nancy Brougham Form IV Donald LOVE IS The Unk that keeps the chain together. What sister and brother share between each other. The greatest thing God ever created. Caring for someone Special to you. What your heart contains and friendship in the mind. Love is being you and me. Kathy Bardo Form I t ■ ■ , J J f V Nan cy Brougham Form IV Donald ONE LAST TIME Reaching out with his foot, he felt desperately for the crumbling stairway which led to an aging apartment-like building. He shifted his weight forward and unknowingly, he stumbled " sideways, falling limply on the stairs. Catching his breath, he sHd his feeble hand along the step. Again, he regained his balance. Groping for the stone railing, he managed to steady himself and move awkwardly to the front door. Once inside, he gingerly found his way up a second flight of stairs and into a sparsely-furnished room. He nudged the arm of a chair with his leg, grabbed for the chair a few times, then finally caught the rung. Feeling his way to the open window, he placed the chair next to it, sat down, then placed his ach- ing head on the window sill. The soft and cooling breeze brushed his cheek. He listened carefully to the lake washing up on the sandy beach below. How he had used to love to v atch the changing colours of the lake with the sun ' s beaming rays reflecting on the glittering waters. Never again would he have that fulfillment. His life seemed to be deadened. He now realized that his paradise, his only enjoyment, had been blotted out. The reaHzation of his blindness now struck him violently. Frantically, he rushed for the door. Fumbling with the door handle he flung the splintering door wide open. Standing in the doorway, he could smell the fresh clean air from the lake and feel the warmth of the sun penetrating his skin. How he longed to see his only love one last time. He raced for the lake, but stopped short as he sensed the water ' s edge. The water on his bare feet was so cool and relaxing. All he needed and yearned for was to have the beauty of his own paradise again. He walked slowly into the refreshing coolness of the lake. The water rose, reaching his waist, shoulders and finally his chin. The sun began to shine and glittered on the lake. The rays from the sky shone down upon him. Then he took his last step. Carolyn Marsh Form V Ross Nancy Brougham Form IVB Donald GOT IT MADE He walked slowly, shoulders slouched, head bent. He kicked the stones that lay in his path; not with any force, but listlessly, as though he had no energy left. At last he reached the bench, a httle off the main path perhaps he could think a bit here. He huddled up at one end with his head between his knees as though cringing from all his terrible problems. He was in the entertainment business - a night club singer. His imitations of Frank Sinatra were good and very popular. He had engagements in many different night clubs all over the city; thousands of people saw him in various settings each evening, and he made hundreds of dollars a week. He had a lovely apartment in the centre of town; near the shops and theatres but also near this park where he escaped on his nights off work. He had no debts, he had enough extra money to make large donations to charities, he went to a church with a good choir, he was respected and admired. He really seemed to have it made. But for all this, he felt condemned to a life of misery. He had no friends. About a week ago, his girlfriend, with whom he had been going for well over two years, had abruptly left him for a young, glamorous singer-actor- comedian whom she had met at the Paris Night Club where she was a waitress. Debbie had been a wonderful friend, jolly, witty and sympathetic. Their mar- riage had been pretty well expected to be soon - until Debbie broke off. True, he still had " friends " but they were the bothersome sort who always asked for " teeny-tiny " favours- just for me- there ' s a good pal. These favours would include anything from a loan of money, to a word in their favour to a boss who was not sure about renewing a contract with them. It was not the warm, affectionate friendship he had known with Debbie, but light, small-talk and the favours which were never returned. With all his auditioning and signing contracts he had very little time to himself. He felt like a caged animal with no escape anywhere. He wondered if he ' d end up like other popular singers who weren ' t made for the job - committing suicide. There was no help in retirement either. He had a good voice that would be good for some years yet. Everywhere he went someone recognized him and wanted his autograph or to have a chat. Not a moment ' s peace was his. This situation was hopeless, like that of a rabbit, tiring, with a wolf hot on its trail - no way out.... no hope.... but hold on! Maybe there was hope! Suddenly he got a ghmpse of an answer- it was coming now- logically and orderly. Go on a journey- quit your job- refuse to be interviewed- go on a round the world for a year- you have the money! He reaUzed now that suffering was folly. It would kill him. If he went away for a year and then went to live somewhere under another name, he would be safe. He could learn an honest trade and Hve in comparative peace! Yes, it would be worth a try- he ' d start planning tomorrow. He got up and noticed how late it was. The sun had set and it was dusk. But to him, the sun was shining brighter than it had done for months. Lynn Senecal Form IV Gumming f f Pamela Hall Form III Donald EXCALIBUR OPEN WIDE YOUR ARMS She stands before the window there. Hands unbraiding chestnut hair, Pensively she stares into The storm that clasps her knight. Open wide your arms And let me cUmb into your lap Like a sleepy child. Brush back my hair with slow, gentle strokes of your fingers And rest your tired head against mine. Well he has been fighting long Many conquests has he won. The fire will crackle and glow to keep us company. Snowflakes will drift past our window. And if we dare to close our eyes Time wiU turn back its wrinkled pages. Yet still he ' s not returned to her Though he knows her plight. Quickly by the sill she kneels. Face transformed by joy she feels To find the solitary form Amidst the sea of white. Annmarie Burrows Form V Barclay Of such are ancient ballads made The love and joy that never fade And still we hold within our hearts The promise of a knight. When the sun goes down it leaves a crown. But who would know the truth When the sun goes down it turns around And then becomes the moon. WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN JuUa Tilden Form IV Donald Patricia Murray Form I Ross 73 xxxxxxx XX xxxxxxxxxx XXX xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx XX xxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx XXX xxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxx xxxxxx XX XX xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx XX X xxxxxxxxxx XXX XXX X X XXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxx X xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXX XX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XX xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx I X XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX X xxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXX X xxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX X xxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx XXX XXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxx XX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx XXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx XXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XXX ' XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX xxxxx xxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X xxxxx XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXX xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX xxxx ) xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XX xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X xxxx XX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx X xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx X X XX xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx XXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxx XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX XX xxxxxxx XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXJ XXXXXXXXX XXX XXX xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX X xxxxxx xxxx XXXXXXXXX XXX xxxxxx XX xxxx XXX SANTA KIARI A xxxxx xxxxx xxxx XXX xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXX xxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EDIT END J.O.D. EDUCATION TODAY Education has become a competition for the bes t memorizer. Individuals with new and original ideas are falling under the wheels of this pseudo-educational machine and their ideas are falling with them. This is more the fault of the educa- tor than the educated. Teachers of the younger grades are trying too much to inject the ideas into the heads of the pupils. They should rather instill in the student the desire to think for himself. TTiis must commence at an early age, for it is during infancy that the mind is most impressionable. We will not have an adult with original concepts if we don ' t let him pursue his thoughts in childhood. Thus, every teacher should instruct each student, not a group. We frequently hear a teacher speak about his class, but how often of the individuals in his class? This is only a general- ization, for in most private schools because of the minute number of scholars in each class, a pupil does receive some individual attention. The true educator strikes a responsive chord in everyone of his students, by individual communica-. tion, not mass indoctrination. For the student to be a productive member of society, which is the goal of education, the pupil must have original ideas. Educators are encouraging students to stick exclusively to their specialized fields. We should rather try to pursue Dr. Johnson ' s view that " Every man should know everything about something, and something about everything. " The isolation of the mind from new ideas has caused nothing but hardship. When man believed in the absolute truth of the Bible, many innocent people were slaughtered as witches. And even today, some men are forced to lead an inferior life because of their race, their creed or the colour of their skin. Thus, every student should receive an education that is diversified enough so that he will judge new ideas and new ideals by the objective evaluation of their merits alone. Teachers sometimes regard knowledge as an end in itself. It is not. Know- ledge is a tool; a tool to use for the whole of our lives. Francis Bacon, and English writer, said in an essay, " crafty men condemn studies, simple men admire them, and wise men use them " . If we are crafty true knowledge is of little use to us. If we admire studies, but do not use them, they become ornaments in our society, mere baubles that glitter and shine, and break easily. Thus, they are of no use. But if we use the knowledge given by studies we can apply it as a tool to solve the problems of tomorrow. Martina Lis Form IV Donald Upon entering the office, I was overcome by a familiar nauseating feeling of despair. The room looked neat, as it did every morning before the day ' s work had begun. I sat down in the chair and desk, which could not really be called mine, as they were exactly the same as everyone else ' s; the chair was stiff, and the desk, hard. 1 opened the drawers and began puUing out stacks of yesterday ' s mail and other things which had gone unattended. At any minute, the phone would start to ring, and today ' s work would have to be taken care of. I stared sadly at the company calendar which was directly before me. Somehow, it always in- creased my tension. I turned the other way, toward the window that could not be opened, only to see other buildings just like this one. In an effort to get myself in the proper mood for work- ing, I reached into the bottom drawer for a cUent ' s file. It care- lessly slipped out of my hand and the papers scattered on the pale gray carpet. Whoever designed this office certainly lacked origin- ality, I thought. Even the walls were a drab brown! 1 noticed that the plant which I had brought to liven up the office was now a faded yellow, probably from the constant cool- ness of the air-conditioning system and the harshness of the lights. The plant made me finally realize that I, like the plant, could not survive in an " efficient " office world. Joanne Archontakis Form II Fairley Daphne Wallman THE PARABLE OF LADDERS Once a group of children joyously played together for many years in a vast playground. For awhile they were content in their easy, unchanging world, but as they grew older, they became bored and wandered far to find something more challenging. After travelling some distance, they came upon a monstrous, towering building obliterating the sky. No doors or windows marred the unbroken surface of the sky scraper, but ladders upon ladders scaled its sides, reaching ceaselessly into the sky. The closer they looked, the more the ladders called to them to cUmb. A few soon became disinterested on closer examination and returned to the playground. The rest picked a ladder each. Some found that their ladders were broken, so they stayed at the bottom and cried in self pity. Others in the same predicament, however, managed, though sometimes with help, to overcome the difficulty, and finding the rungs intact higher up, began the ascent with the others. Very soon the number of climbers began to diminish rapidly. The climb became more and more difficult and a good many decided to return. Some fell because of failing strength. Many found more broken rungs here and there, and the faint hearts were left to falter and fall. Those more determined continued upward despite obstacles. By now the cUmbers were exhausted. Luckily ledges began to appear intermittently as they passed the half-way mark. All stopped at these points at some time. Some rose and climbed onward, but many were content to remain where they were and strive upward no longer. As those remaining neared the top, a few, thinking they were close enough to be safe, grew careless. This was a fatal mistake and although so very, very near, they plunged to the bottom. These were the ones who lost the most. At last the survivors reached the vast plateau atop the skyscraper, and when they finally Ufted their weary heads to look around at each other they realized that they were quite, quite old. Still, they did not regret the decision they had made so long ago at the bottom of the ladder, for as they looked out across the plateau, they found a vast paradise which was like a precious diamond compared to the dark rubble of the playground far below. A wonderous city sparkled and shone before them, filled with all the wealth, power and pleasure they could wish for. And they forgot the poor unfortunates left below, for there would be no more climbing for the successful. Trina Hill Form V Barclay XXXX XX X XX X xxxxx X XXX XX X X X XX X XXX XKXXXXXX xxxxx X X X X X XXXX xxxxxxxxxxxx XXXX- XXXKXXXX xxxxx X X XXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXKXXXXXXXXXXXKXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hirbod XKXXXXX X X XX XXXXXXXXXXX X) XXXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XXXXXXXXXXX xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx X xxxxx xxxxx X. 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They flare up Proudly triumphant in their victory Shining Vanquishing Crushed Ashes in black death He But the flames Share their defeat Julia Tilden Form IV Donald 75 AWARDS ' " 76 SUBJECT PRIZES ' 76 Eleanor Hsu — French Prize, Computer Science Prize. Janet Lewis — French Prize, Jean E. Harvie Classics Prize. Christina MacFarlane — French Prize, Classics Prize. LX)rraine i urcoite — rrencji i rize, f iiysica rnze. Anorea tjaron — riisiory rnze. T J l 11 c O RdMI o Ty t Y lA uiac Dcnjdinin — LroiQsiein ivieaaiuon. Virginia can — rrencn Jrrize. Lisa Housden — French Prize. Yoko Ohzeki — Math Prize. Diana Riesman — French Prize. Susan Senecal — French Prize. Michaela Milde — Chemistry Prize, Spanish Prize. Trina Hill — Biology Prize. Kathy Kredl — Geometry Prize. Joan Sum — Spanish Prize. SPECIAL AWARDS ' " 76 THE JEAN E. HARVIE MEDAL THE JANE WEDDLE TROPHY THE CUMMING PRIZE THE FAIRLEY PRIZE THE GOVERNOR ' S MEDAL THE FORSYTH CUP THE TRAFALGAR CUP THE BRYAN PRIZE — Trina Hill. — Shamala Jayasekera, — Michaela Milde. — Robyn Ogilvy. — Merrilyn Hodgson, — Yoko Ohzeki. — Lorraine Turcotte. — Debbie Roberts. — Heather Lunan. — Denise Lane. OLD GIRLS ' NOTES SECONDARY V EXAMINATIONS, 1976 Last summer, 41 girls of the graduating class received Secondary V Certificates from the Department of Education: Ginny Ball, Andrea Baron, Kare n Benet, Lxjuise Benjamin, Brigitte Boesenberg, Sue Cameron, Joanne Cook, Ali Cravero, Marina Dodis, Anna Feindel, Kim Finley, Kathy Furlotte, Cathy Gelineau, Theresa Hamilton, Karen Hawley, Liz Hilchey, Merrilyn Hodgson, Lisa Housden, Eleanor Hsu, Mimi Judah, Denise Lane, Suzie Legge, Janet Lewis, Heather Lunan, Christina MacFarlane, Robin Mahon, Barbara Markowitz, Anne Miner, Robyn Ogilvy, Nathalie Ottolenghi, Melissa Peabody, Yoko Ohzeki, Diana Riesman, Debbie Roberts, Susan Senecal, Sandra Sundborg, Lorraine Turcotte, Wilma Wathey, Caren Weinstein, Chris Wheeler and Anne Wood. THE CLASS OF 76 In the States, Andrea Baron is a Bryn Mawr, Louise Benjamin at Wellesley, Caren Weinstein at Russell Sage, and Anne Wood entered Vassar. Christina MacFarlane is doing her ' A ' levels at school in Scotland, while Liz Hilchey is taking Grade 13 in London, Ontario, and Kim Finley is doing Grade 12 at Bishop ' s College School. Brigitte Boesenberg , Theresa Hamilton and Robyn Ogilvy are at U.N.B. Most of the others are at CEGEP. At Marguerite Bourgeois, taking the course in French, are Janet Lewis and Susan Senecal ; at Champlain Regional College, Lennoxville Campus, are Anna Feindel , Heather Lunan , Robin Mahon , Anne Miner and Chris Wheeler , and at the St. Lambert Campus, Cathy Gelineau , Merrilyn Hodgson , Debbie Roberts and Sandra Sundborg ; at Marianopolis, Ginny Ball , Sue Cameron , Ali Cravero , Eleanor Hsu , Lisa Housden , Denise Lane , Yoko Ohzeki , Diana Riesman and Lorraine Turcotte ; at John Abbott, Marina Dodis , Suzie Legge and Melissa Peabody ; at Dawson, Joanne and Pam Cook (Joanne plans to take Veterinary Science at Guelph next year), Mimi Judah , Barbara Markowitz and Nathalie Ottolenghi . Kathy Furlotte entered the Nursing course at Vanier, but is now working in the Royal Bank. Nancy Ward and Wilma Wathey are at business college. Martha Hiam is working in the McGill Book Store, and Karen Hawley and Florence Hashim are also working. Heidi Knobovitch is completing Secondary V, and we have no news of Karen Benet . UNIVERSITY NEWS At McGill, last spring, Kathy McCuaig received her B.A. with First Class Honours in English and History; on graduation, she was awarded a J.W. McConnell Scholarship and is now working on her M.A. in Canadian History. In the fall, Audrey Wise received her B.A. in Sociology with Distinc- tion, and is now in an M.A. programme in Education. She is also a part-time Sessional Lecturer, giving a course in " Sociology of Education " , and a member of the Senate Committee of McGill dealing with student records. At Bishop ' s, Louise Pigot received her B.A. with Second Class Honours in Geography and the Canadian Association of Geographers ' Prize. In New York, Kathy Cash won her Master ' s degree in VioUn and is planning to continue to her Doctorate. Among those at McGill, Sally Wyatt was this year ' s winner of the Grace Fairley Trafalgar Scholarship; Lesley Harris , in her final year in Honours Mathematics, has held the Athletic Scholar- ship for two years and is also in the National Games Programme for Badminton. 81 At Bishop ' s, Betty Hutchins was awarded the George H. Montgomery Scholarship, tenable for three years, and is in First Year Arts in Honours Political Science. Susan Ogilvy is in Second Year, majoring in Social Science and Geography. At Concordia (SGW Campus) Carole Theriault is in First Year, after six months ' travel in Europe; Danielle Thys is also in First Year, majoring in Sociology, with Journalism as a minor. Karen Flam Gutman is in her final year of the B.A. course in Early Childhood Education. Mary Ann Ogilvy has joined our girls at Queen ' s and is in First Year Arts. Sandra Harris , on entering Second Year Science in Geological Engineering, was the first recipient of the new two- year Morley E. Wilson Scholarship, awarded by the Geology Department. Celia Ross is in Fourth Year Honours French and German; she spent Third Year at the University of Poitiers in France, and plans to go on to her M.A. course next year either in France or at Laval. At Carleton, Louisa Crooks is in First Year Architecture, while Jane Everett is doing her M.A. in French Canadian Literature. Br en da Kaine , Cory Peabody and Mimi Layton are in their final year. Brenda , after getting her B.A. Honours in EngHsh and History this spring, hopes to go on to law school at the University of Calgary in September. Mimi took a year off last year to work out west. Marilyn Beaton is doing a Computer Science programme at the University of Waterloo; this is a work study schedule, so she goes to Toronto every four months to work; on her last work term she was with LB.M. Maureen Burns is taking her postgraduate Education programme at the Univer- sity of Ottawa. Louanne Beadle is at college in Lausanne, Switzerland. Terri Johnson is in First Year Arts at Barat College in Lake Forest, majoring in Drama, while Toni is majoring in Law at the University of Illinois at Chicago CirCle. Wendy Verrier has done so well in her Second Year of Honours Fine Arts at the University of Alberta that she has been recommended to spend the Third Year in Europe. Margrit Buchholz is transferring to Toronto after two years at U.N.B., as her family is moving to Toronto. Marilyn Mechin Flitton is an English Department research assistant at Simon Eraser University. Her Master ' s thesis, an index to the " Canadian Monthly and National Review, 1872-1882 " , has been published by the Bibliographical Society of Canada. Mary Kelsey Kateck , until her marriage, was Head of the History Department of a large secondary school in London; she is also working towards her Ph.D. at London University on the subject of Roman dress and fashion within the Celtic background. Margaret McGregor returned last spring from China, after two years at the Peking Language Institute and Peking University; she is now an assistant teacher in Chinese and Japanese studies at McGill. Vivien Law , doing postgraduate work at Girton College, Cambridge, had her Commonwealth Scholarship renewed for a third year, while Girton has awarded her a Graduate Scholarship for the last two years. Last year she prepared an edition of the " Ars Grammatica Bonifatii " and this year is giving two sets of lectures. She has applied for a fellowship next year. 82 GENERAL NEWS Anne Boulton Reeson moved to Victoria, B.C., in January, 1971 , after one year at Dawson in biological sciences and half a year at Vanier in nursing, and entered the Royal Jubilee Hospital School of Nursing. On graduation, she received the award for paediatric nursing and, until recently, has worked on the paediatric and neonate intensive care units. Vanessa Morgan , Head Girl 1965, is also nursing at R.J.H. on the Ear, Eyes, Nose and Throat ward. Lyn Berens Cash , Head Girl 1940, has gone back to nursing at the Montreal Chest Hospital, in Public Health. Her daughter, Ellen , Head Girl 1968, is in Paris for the second year on a Quebec Government Grant, studying flute with Roger Bourdon at the Conservatoire de Paris. Caryl Churchill is recognized as Britain ' s leading woman playwright, and, from October, 1974, to October, 1975, was Resident Dramatist at the Royal Court Theatre in London. During that time one of her own plays, " Objections to Sex and Violence " , was produced at the Royal Court. She writes mostly radio plays, but also for television and stage. Leslie Goodson is working at the American Embassy in Ottawa; Cathy Mills Tait is reception- ist-secretary at St. Clement ' s School in Toronto. Nancy LaVigne Barrett has had a varied life since graduating in 1970. In 1973 she was crowned Miss Montreal Alouette, and since then has alternated lengthy trips abroad with working in a Montreal law firm. Jackie Millner is still working for the Bank of Montreal as a programmer analyst, but will probably be moving to Ontario in August. Ann Roberts Tellier is living in Mayo, Yukon; Marianne Teyssier is working for the U.N. in Mauretania, North Africa. Barbara Ward Harvie was Chairman of the Silver Anniversary Maple Leaf Ball, held in February at The Dorchester, Park Lane. This Ball is sponsored by the Canadian Women ' s Club of London to support the work of many Canadian organizations in Great Britain. The guests of honour were H.E. the High Commissioner for Canada, the Hon. Paul Martin and Mrs. Martin, and the Honorary President, the Dowager Countess Alexander of Tunis, G.B.E. The Wurtele twins, Rhoda Eaves and Rhona GiUis , who were on the Canadian Olympic ski team in 1948 (and Rhoda again in 1952), were the subject of an article in the Gazette last January. They were quoted as saying that their desire to make the Olympics began in their ancient history classes at Traf and that Traf put them in the right frame of mind - never quitting! 83 • MARRIAGES 1976 May 8 Louise Pigot to Lawrence St. Barbe Sladen May 14 Suzanne Kerr to Michael Brett Longley, In Nelson, N.Z. May 1 5 Anne Boulton to Richard L. Reeson, in Victoria, B.C. May Elizabeth Rubenstein to Eric Allen Botner Summer Barbara Busing to Kenneth R. MacKinnon Summer Robyn Kwiat to David Lackman Aug. 28 Susan Black to Frederick J. N. Spoke Sept. Cynthia Nunns to Jerry Des Voignes Oct. 9 Wendy Fyshe to Arthur John Frederick Tonkin Oct. 29 Rosily n King to Robert Lewis Vaughan Winter Ann Roberts to Peter George Millar Tellier Dec. 31 Nancy Draper to Joseph Barker Rose 1977 Jan. 23 Mary Kelsey to Dr. Victor H. Katek, in London, England. Feb. 5 Hana Ceska to Michael Peter Sowsun, In Winnipeg, Man. Feb. Marie Gauthier to Dr. S. S. Rizvi Mar. 19 Nancy LaVigne to Ross Clayton Barrett BIRTHS 21 02 76 Mr. and Mrs. E. Fletcher (Joan Hannan), a daughter 28 03 76 Mr. and Mrs. D. Sampson (Heather Nunns), a daughter 01 04 76 Mr. and Mrs. P. Dion (Betty Ekers), a daughter 13 04 76 Mr. and Mrs. M. Radoman (Janet Calder), a daughter 18 05 76 Mr. and Mrs. D. Stathatos (Cynthia Nonnenman), a son 14 06 76 Dr. and Mrs. W.B. Hutchison, Jr. (Marilyn Forbes), a daughter, in Los Angeles 24 06 76 Mr. and Mrs. J. Neate (Diana Dopking), a daughter 05 07 76 Mr. and Mrs. T. Haslam (Twinkle Ashton), son 14 07 76 Mr. and Mrs. S. Dattels (Jennifer Robb), a son 1 4 07 76 Mr. and Mrs. J. Tait (Cathie Mills), a daughter, in Toronto, Ont. 05 08 76 Mr. and Mrs. E. Leimanis (Ruth Karlson), a daughter 06 08 76 Mr. and Mrs. M. Sinclair-Smith (Jackie Strowlger), a daughter 03 12 76 Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Stanley (Cassie Lewis), a son, in Fredericton, N.B. 27 12 76 Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Foster (Joan Dickison), a daughter DEATHS Nov. 13, 1975 Mrs. Blair Tatley Northgrave, in Rabat, Morocco, Class of 1927 Apr. 13, 1976 Margaret Grace Archibald, Class of 1923 May 22, 1976 Mrs. Hugh Seybold (Hope Laurie), Class of 1929 May 23, 1976 Mrs. Theodore PoHsuk (Irma Ginsherman), Class of 1949 June 19, 1976 Sharron Myers, accidentally. Class of 1974 Sept. 13, 1976 Mrs. Dorothy Nesbitt Ward Council, Class of 1927 Dec. 26, 1976 Mrs. George Sumner Frew (Margot Vail Seely), Class of 1931 Feb. 27, 1977 Mrs. Frank William Smith (Allana Reid), Class of 1939 Feb. 28, 1977 Dorothy Vernon Ross, Emeritus Professor, McGill University, Past student 1913-1916 84 STUDENT DIRECTORY -A- Acherman, Gabrielle, 5595 Place Vendome, Brossard, J4W LB6 Aguayo, Jackie, 648 Belmont Avenue, Montreal, H3Y 2W2 Allan, Janine, 112 Astoria Avenue, Pointe Claire, H9S 5A8 Angliker, Susan, 103 Ballantyne Ave., Montreal W., H4X 2B9 Anninos, Violetta, 2436 Fulton Rd., Town of Mount Royal, H3R2L5 Archontakis, Joanne, 7215 De L ' Epee. Ave., Montreal, H3N 2E2 -B- Bachynski, Caroline, 78 Thurlow Road, Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Balaze, Kelly, 2455 Montmartre Crescent, Brossard, J4Y 1N6 Ballem, Sara, 360 Wood Ave., Westmount, H3Z 1Z2 Bardecki, Christina, 4990 Circle Road, Montreal, H3W 1Z7 Bardecki, Patricia, 4990 Circle Road, Montreal, H3W 1Z7 Bardo, Kathy, 7769 Baldwin Ave., Ville D ' Anjou, HIK 3E1 Baron, Randee, 1 1 Braeside Place, Montreal, H3Y 3E8 Bassett, Christina, 636 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2S8 Beadle, Sheryl, 125 Chart well Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 1 C2 Bell, Alexa, 345 Redfern Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2G4 Beresford, Clare, 4557 Sherbrooke St. W. Apt. 304, Montreal, H3Z 1E8 Bhargava, Roopali, 823 55th Ave., Lachine, H8T 3B5 Biernaski, Lynne, 207 Baderwood Dr., Dollar Des Ormeaux, H9A 1 R6 Bijok, Gisele, 711 Miller, Greenfield Park, J4V 1W6 Black, Andra-Lee, 3045 Cedar Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1 Y8 Blackburn, Sandra, 6302 de Bellefeuilles, St. Leonard, HIS 1C2 Bock, Madeline, 640 Alexis Nihon Blvd., St. Laurent, H4M 2B2 Bockler, Ev e, 4089 Grand Blvd., Montreal, H4B 2X4 Borner,, Heidi, 17 Grenville Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1 V9 Borner, Hilary, 17 Grenville Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1V9 Borner, Megan, 17 Grenville Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1V9 Bourne, Irish, 630 Victoria Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2R9 Bregazzi, Jane, 436 Strathcona Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2X1 Bregazzi, Samantha, 436 Strathcona, Montreal, H3Y 2X1 Brodie, Gillian, 600 Lansdowne Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V8 Broniszewski, Larta, 562 15th Ave., LaSalle, H8P 2R9 Brougham, Nancy, 4086 Westhill Ave., Montreal, H4B 2S6 Brown, Cory, 4726 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3W 2L8 Brown, Sandra, 1 190 Kenilworth Rd., Montreal, H3R 2R6 Brumwell, Jane, 2520 Bernini Crescent, Brossard, J4Z 2S2 Buchholz, Susan, 1 270 Rue Cap Eternite, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 3K1 Burrows, Ann Marie, 3415 Girouard Ave., Apt. 1401, Montreal, H4A 3C6 -C- Camp, Katherine, 74 Easton Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1 L2 Campbell, Naomi, 4800 Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Apt. 504, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Campion, Jennifer, Trinity Rectory, 3469 Harvard Ave., Montreal, H4A 2W4 CappeUi, Linda, 2750 de Blois Blvd., Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Cappelli, Sandra, 2750 de Blois Blvd., Duvernay, Laval, H7E 1R4 Carnegie, Sarah, 151 Bedbrooke Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1 R7 Catterill, Michele, 628 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2S8 Cheftechi, Cherrine, 1 35 Place Cote Vertu, Apt. 303, Montreal, H4B 1G4 Cherrier, Heather, 4595 Prince of Wales, Montreal, H4B 2L2 Collier, Patricia, 370 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L6 Chopra, Anita, 4580 Queen Mary Rd., Apt. 101 , Montreal, H3W 1W6 Creighton, Amy, 437 Argyle Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3B3 Cunningham, Janis, 4 Harrow Place, Beaconsfield, H9W 5C7 -D- Dale, Danica, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L9 Dale, Belinda, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L9 Darmon, Dominique, 4850 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 1609, Montreal, H3V 1G5 Day, Jennifer, 471 1 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3W 2L9 Deacon, Sue, 450 Mount Stephen Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2X6 Deacon, Jen, 450 Mount Stephen Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2X6 De Castro, Ana, 1700 McGregor Ave., Apt. 16, Montreal, H3H 1B4 Denning, Sylvia, 5320 MacDonald Ave., Apt. 901 , Hamp- stead, H3X 2W2 Devey, Jennifer, 1 19 Blenheim Place, Westmount, H3Z 2K8 Di Fiore, Laura, 2 Place Lalemant, Chateauguay Center, J6K 1Y3 Dodson, Kilby, 3058 Trafalgar Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1 H7 Duncan, Andrea, 365 Elmridge Ave., Dorval, H9S 2Z6 -E- Ebsworth, Angela, 371 Clairevue Blvd. W., St. Bruno, J3V ISl Ellas, Jennifer, 1 100 McGregor Ave., Apt. 808, Montreal, H3A 1A8 Essaris, Peggy, 1680 Rockland Rd., Montreal, 3H9 2Y3 -F- Facci, Maria, 368 Metcalfe Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2J3 Farkas, Charlotte, 647 Cardinal St., Mont St. Hilare, J3H 3Z4 Finkelstein, Patty, 5698 Merrimac Rd., Cote St. Luc, H4W 1S6 Floyd, Juliet, 59 Ash Street, Weston, Massachusetts, 02193, U.S.A. Foster, Lori, 384 Dawn St., La Salle, H8R 2Y4 Foster, Jody, 384 Dawn St., LaSalle, H8R 2Y4 Eraser, Wendy, 280 Revere Ave., Montreal, H3P ICl Freeman, Heather, 4224 Dorchester Ave., Westmount, H3Z 1V2 Purer, Patricia, 3 Place Bellerive, Apt. 1 809, Laval, H7V 1B2 Purer, Monica, 3 Place Bellerive, Apt. 1809, Laval, H7V 1B2 -G- Gajewski, Yvette, 418 Edgewood Road, Beaconsfield, H9W 3H4 Gaty, Debbie, 4760 Circle Place, Montreal, H3W 1Z3 Gordon, Tori, 75 Ballantyne Ave., N., Montreal West, H4X 2B7 Gray, Kate, 2050 ' Grey Ave., Montreal, H4A 3N4 -H- Hall, Pamela, 1375 Kingsley Ave., Apt. 79, Dorval, H9S 1G2 Hall, Katharine, 1375 Kingsley Ave., Apt. 79, Dorval, H9S 1G2 Halley, Anne, 1655 Torrence Ave., Dorval, H9P 1 R6 Hamihon, Carla, R.R. 1, Box 210, New Richmond, Quebec Hancock, Martha, 3194 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S3 Hancox, Alison, 623 Victoria Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2R8 Hardy, Janet, 1 530 McGregor St., Apt. 705, Montreal, H3G ICl Harries, Joanna, R.R. f 1 , Senneville, H9X 3L2 Harris, Caroline, 3015 Barat Rd., Westmount. H3Y 2H4 Hawley, Fiona, 1245 Peloquin St., Brossard, J4W 2L1 Heck, Angeline, 31 Les Cedres, Laval sue le Lac, H7R 1C4 Hellman, Kerry, 350 Kensington Ave., Westmount. H3Z 2H3 Helm, Tracy, 1731 Carolyn Ave., St. Bruno, J3V 2W1 Helpard, Melanie, 4155 Melrose Ave., Montreal, H4A2S5 Heuser, Lesley, 369 Seigniory Crescent, Mont St. Hilare, J3H 2V3 Hill, Trina, 77 Jubilee St., Greenfield Park. J4V 3A7 Hirbod, Susan, 7336 Sherbrooke St. W.. Apt. 1 . Montreal, H4B 1 R7 Hooker, Suzanne, 218 BerUoz, Apt. 21 1. Nun ' s Island. Montreal, H3E 1B8 Howatson, Heather, 4800 de Maisonneuve W., Apt. 206, Westmount, H3Z 1M2 Hubbard, Shannon, 780 Churchill Blvd. W., St. Lambert, H4R INl Hughes, Simone, 2660 McWillis St., St. Laurent, Montreal, H4R 1 M6 -J- Jany, Susan, 156 Bexhill Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 3A7 Javet, Lorraine, 50 Vanier, Laval Islands, Laval, H7Y 1K2 Jayasekera, Shamala, 29 Simcoe Ave., Mount Royal, H3P 1W4 Johnston, Judy, 349 Kindersley Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3R 1R8 Jones, Andrea, 4850 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1 Yl -K- Kasirer, Katherine, 496 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V2 Kihm, Helen, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Kihm, Grace, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard, J4W 2R1 Kimoff, Colleen, 1 12 Chartwell Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 1C2 King, Sally, 188 Centennial Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W2J7 Klein, Susan, 2842 Bedford Road, Montreal, H3S 1G2 Kredl, Kathy, 550 Monk Ave., He Bizard, H9E 1B2 Krueger, Lynn, 157 Windcrest Ave., Hudson, JOP IHO Kwo, Jennie, 4866 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1 Yl Kwo, Jean, 4866 Westmount Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1 Yl Kurdyla, Grace, 4408 Mayfair Ave., Montreal, H4B 2E3 -L- Lacey, Belaine, 174 Wexford Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1E2 Lacey, Jacqui, 174 Wexford Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1E2 Lanthier, Donna, 5999 Monkland Ave., Apt. 1203, Montreal, H4A IHl Lazare, Dawn, Box 233, Caughnawaga, Quebec, JOL 1 BO Legge, Martha, 4 Tunstall Ave., Senneville, H9X ITl Leigh, Heather, 335 Etienne Brule, St. Bruno, J3V 2N7 Levy, Sandra, 190 Finchley Rd., Montreal, H3X 3A5 Liontos, Anthea, 4480 de Maisonneuve Blvd., Westmount, H3Z 1 L7 Lis, Martina, 329 Morrison Ave., Town of Mount Royal; H3R 1K8 Lukas, Heidi, 633 Lac St. Louis Rd., Ville de Lery, J6N 1 A4 Lunan, Monique, 6460 Monkland Ave., Apt. 13, Montreal, H4V 1 H3 Lunny, AUyson, 5275 Borden Ave., Montreal, H4V 2T2 Lynch-Staunton, Gabrielle, 3114 Daulac Rd., Montreal, H3Y 1Z9 -M- Maclachan, Mary, 29 Stayner St., Montreal, H3Z 1 V3 Mandry, Rosemary, 27 Upper Trafalgar PL, Montreal, H3H 1T2 Manessis, Debbie, 3244 Cote de Liesse, Montreal, H4N2P4 Marler, Jennifer, 4800 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Apt. 316, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Marsh, Carolyn, 125 D ' Anjou Ave., St. Bruno, J3V 2G2 Marshall, Susan, 36 Merton Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1L6 McAdams, Heather, 1 1 1 Ballantyne Ave., N. Montreal West, H4X 2B9 McCormack, Susan, 1017 Lapalme, Chambly, J3L 2X2 McCulloch, Heather, 430 Edgewood Rd., Beaconfield, H9W 3H4 McCulloch, Karen, 430 Edgewood Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 3H4 McKenna, Jo- Anne, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 McKcnna, Mary, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 Mchnert, Maren, 333 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2J2 Meikle, Marilyn, 4355 Grand Blvd. 12, Montreal, H4B2X7 Mcl ger, Diana, 6 Trianon St., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 2H8 Milde, Michaela, 165 Brookfield Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 2A3 Miller, Joanne, 329 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L7 Miller, Shirley, 1360 D ' Auteuil Blvd., Duvernay, Laval, H7E 3J3 Milligan, Nan, 198 Kensington Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W2J3 Molnar, Suzy, 4530 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 207, Montreal, H3V IGl Moore, Wendy, 587 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y2V7 Moore, Siobhan, 301 Stanley Ave., St. Lambert, J4R2R8 Morgan, Nancy, 46 Academy Rd. 14, Montreal, H3Z 1N6 Morganti, Jane, 3377 Appelton Ave., Montreal, H3S 1L7 Morison, Gail, 168 Chartwell Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 1C3 Morison, Kim, 168 Chartwell Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 1C3 Moroney, Julie, 556 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y2S4 Morrison, Jennifer, 688 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T2 Mottola, Anne, 67 St. Tropez Circle, Kirkland, H9J 2K8 Muermans, Myriam, 5860 Honore Mercier, St. Leonard, HIP 1C2 Murray, Tricia, 4381 Royal Ave., Montreal, H4A 2M7 Myles, Kim, 9478 Centrale St., LaSalle, H8R 2K3 -N- Neapole, Laurie, 18 Strathcona Drive, Montreal, H3R 1E4 Neapole, Susan, 18 Strathcona Drive, Montreal, H3R 1E4 Nemerever, Lark, 31 Redpath Place, Montreal, H3G 1E2 Noel, Alison, 105 Champlain Blvd., Candiac, J5R 3T1 Noel, Joni, 105 Champlain Blvd., Candiac, J5R 3T1 Normandin, Paget, 3450 Drummond St., Apt. 1 1 17, Montreal, H3G 1Y3 -0- O ' Donnell, Jennifer, 26 Rue de Bretagne, St. Lambert, J4S lAl O ' Reilly, Karen, 43 Hyde Park, Beaconsfield, H9W 5L7 Osana, Helen, 14 9th Ave., Roxboro, H8Y 2M8 Otterson, Ina-Janine, 78 Gables Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 5H4 Ottley, Andrea, 5228 Byron St., Montreal, H3W 2E9 Outerbridge, Catherine, 146 Ballantyne Ave., N., Montreal West, H4X2C1 -P- Palmer, Deirdre, 800 St. Clare Rd., Town of Mount Royal, H3R2M5 Panet-Raymond, Danielle, 511 Clarke St., Westmount, H3Y 3C5 Paradissis, Athena, 635 Graham Blvd., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 2E4 Parker, Barbara, 5629 Queen Mary Rd., Hampstead, H3X 1W8 Paterson, Karen, 161 Netherwood Crescent, Hampstead Pederson, Susan, 12 Windsor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2L6 Penney, Janet, 162 Windcrest Ave., Hudson, JOP IHO Pettigrew, Lynn, 91 Parkdale Ave., Pointe Claire, H9R3Y6 Pilley, Kathleen, 1382 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 Purdy, Lori, 4858 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 505, Montreal, H3V 1G8 -R- Rankovich, Belinda, 3565 Balzac St., Ville Brossard, J4Z 2G6 Rasmussen, Sonya, 486 Mountain Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3G2 Reid, Gillian, 494 Wood Ave., Montreal, H3Y 3J2 Reid, Robin, 494 Wood Ave., Montreal, H3Y 3J2 Richard, Isabelle, 107 Beloeil St., Outremont, H2V 2ZI Rivard, Nathalie, 3777 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 426, Montreal, H3H 1V8 Roberton, Andrea, 16 Elmwood Ave., Senneville, H9X 1T4 ■ Roberton, Cynthia, 16 Elmwood, Senneville, H9X 1T4 Roberts, Cynthia, 178 Du Beam St., St. Lambert, J4S ILl Robichaud, Kim, 41 5 Thibodeau, Apt. 37, St. Jean, J3A 1G6 Robillard, France, 13136 Aragon St., Pierrefonds, H9A 1C7 Rodeck, Linda, 5645 Marcel Monette, Montreal North, 86 H1G1G9 Roman, Jennifer, 660 Lansdowne, Montreal, H3Y 2V8 Rosenstein, Barbara, 4840 Cedar Crescent, Montreal, H3W 2H9 Rosevear, Mary, 1 688 Place Seigneuriale, St. Bruno, J3V 4E4 Roten, Linda, 1205 Jean de Brebeuf, Duvernay-Laval, H7E 3Y8 Russell, Katie, 416 Doric Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 3X1 Russell, Sarah, 26 Richelieu Place, Montreal, H3G 1E8 Rye, Leslie, 445 Stream Ave., Dorval, H9S 2P9 Rye, Karen, 445 Stream Ave., Dorval, H9S 2P9 -S- Sagritalo, Glenice, 2180 Place St. Louis, St. Laurent, H4M IRl Salmon, Caroline, 3524 Northcliffe Ave., Montreal, H4A 3K7 Samis, Jill, 35 Brynmor Ave., Montreal West, H4X 2A8 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TOGA Extends Congratulations And Best Wishes For Continued Success To THE GRADS OF ' 77 BEST OF LUCK TO THE GRAD CLASS OF ' 77 88 COMPLIMENTS OF FRIENDS 89 Compliments From FAMILY A. TZEVELEKOS Established 1913 CURWOOD SONS LTD. MASTER PAINTERS 930 de Courcelle At the Westmount Glen ANONYMOUS Compliments of Mr. Mrs. Joseph Balaze At Photography PORTRAITS FOR RUSINESS PEOPLE TED LIOXTOS Studio 7th Floor Tel: 842-3241 Ext. 850 ; ' ' mr ( Compliments of The Bock Family McKENNA COTE PES NEIGES FLORISTS 90 Compliments of JOSEPH LEFEBVRE GENERAL CONTRACTOR Compliments of PIANOS AND ORGANS SINCE 1850 :514) 739-3617 MADELEINE LE BROCK MANAGER Heiintzman Company Limited ROCKLAND SHOPPING CENTRE 2231 ROCKLAND ROAD MONTREAL, QUE. H3P 2Z3 an old girl Gauranteed Pure Milk Co 866-7801 Anonymous Mrs. S.A. Foster 91 Equipement et Produits Sanitaires Complete Maintenance Services Service d ' Entretien de Bureau Cleaning Supplies Equipment BOBEIffSOlf 2446 RUE DANDURAND - MONTREAL 331 - 527-4548 Compliments of Mrs. Joyce H.L. Lunny MICHEL PANET-RAYMOND CHARTERED INSURANCE BROKER COURTIER D ' ASSURANCES AGREE 935-6109 Montreal 215 Compliments of Mr. Mrs. Charles H. Leigh ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT V CITATION M EQUIPEMENT ATHLETIQUE Institutional Suppliers of Sporting Goods Apparel 4980 Buchan St. Montreal, P.O. H4P 1S8 Tel: (514) 737-2155 92 Anonymous Tel: 279-8111 BARON MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers of JEANS WORK CLOTHES 5800 Rue St-Denis, Suite 1 1 02 Place De La Mode Montreal, Que. H2S 3L5 THANKS AND BEST WISHES to " TRAP " THE CAMPBELLS Compliments of Mr. Mrs. Joseph Jany Compliments of Mr. Mrs. Logan R. Brown HELP CANADA JOIN A POLITICAL PARTY (If you don ' t, who should?) 93 ONCE AGAIN ONE LITTLE TWO LITTLE THREE LITTLE LUNANS SAY DR. MRS. W. 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Granby Friend 97 What is " young when is it? Young is an attitude, a spirit. A way of looking at things. Of responding to them. It is not an age. Not a hairstyle or a piece of clothing or a musical beat. Young can be a child exam- ining his first marigold with wonder and delight .... or Verdi at 81 composing his finest opera. Young can be a teen-ager swinging on a surfboard .... or Einstein, in his 70 ' s, still working on his unified field theory, sailing his boat and playing his beloved fiddle. Young is not a monopoly of youth. It survives, and flourishes, everywhere the vision has been kept fresh, the muscles of the mind firmly toned, the juices flowing freely. Let ' s not cater to youth, for its own sake, for its shibboleths and , slogans and styles of the moment. Nor scorn it for any of those reasons. Instead, let ' s respect " young " . Wherever it may be found. Whether the beard is soft and curly or stiff and gray. Spirit has no colour. 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If you find this appealing, we ' re interested in talking to you. ji CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE THE KIRK SESSION AND CONGREGATION of THE CHURCH of ST. ANDREW AND ST. PAUL 99 A. E. Lepage IMMEUBLES WESTMOUNT REALTIES Our business is real estate. Divisions: Appraisals Coast-to-Coast Employee Transfers Commercial Leasing Condominium Services Industrial Sales and Leasing Investment and Commercial Sales Mortgages Property Management Residential Sales and Rentals. 1367 Greene Avenue, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2A8 Telephone: (514) 935-8541 Compliments of MR. MRS. DANIEL GONZALEZ J.- CONSULADO GENERA L DE LA REPUBLICA DOMINICAIMA 5464 Victoria Avenue Montreal, Canada, H3W 2P6 Tel. 738-1068 CONGRATULATIONS to the ECHOES STAFF Compliments of McLEAN, MARLER, TEES, WATSON, POITEYIN, JAYET ROBERGE. NOTARY 620 Dorchester Blvd. West - Montreal, P.Q. H3B 1 P3 Telephone 866-9671 100 marianoDOlis 3880 Cote des Neiges Montreal, Quebec H3H 1W1 Compliments of Friends CHAMPLAIN OIL PRODUCTS LIMITED 571 Lebeau Blvd. Suite 200, St-Laurent 332-4281 Personal Service Is Our Specialty. 101 102 103 AUTOGRAPHS CANADA YEARBOOK SERVICES LTD. 628 Kent Street P O Box 239 Whitby. Ontario I

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