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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1976 volume:

I MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL In this eighty-eighth year of Trafalgar ' s history, much is new and much is unchanged. Methods of teaching have changed, the building itself has changed over the years, but the goals of Trafalgar are still the same. The school has always striven to give its students a sound basic education and inculcate high standards of behaviour. This continues to be uppermost as Trafalgar ' s raison d ' etre today. But the school has tried as well to develop an appreciation of art and music, to encourage participation in gymnastics and games, and to promote a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, and it still regards these as important. I am con- fident that working toward these goals v U prepare Tra- falgar graduates to meet the challenges in a changing, but exciting, world. Janette Doupe HEATHER LUNAN VA ' 73- ' 76 GUMMING For life is the mirror of king and slave- ' Tis just what we are and do; Then give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you. -MadeUne Bridges Qierished memories: early mornings with D.R. S.S. . . . grand marching with T.J. . . . afternoon coffee . . . Stanstead . . . 11 17 74 ... all the other concerts ... El Gitano, Sirloin Barn, Mother Martins . . . Chinese firedrills . . . summer ' 75 . . . Tweedledum and tweedle- dee . . . tap dancing with E.H. Thanks to Mom and Dad. VIRGINIA BALL " Ginny " VA ' 74- ' 76 BARCLAY " I ' ve seen fire and I ' ve seen rain, I ' ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end, I ' ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend. But I always thought that I ' d see you again. " -James Taylor ANDREA BARON VA ' 72- ' 76 DONALD " Three things too much and three too httle are pernicious to man: to speak much, and know Uttle; to spend much and have Uttle; to presume much and be worth little. " -Cervantes " Not enjoyment and not sorrow. Is our destined end or way; But to act, that each tomorrow Brings us farther than today. " -Longfellow, A Psalm of life KAREN BENET VB ' 73- ' 76 ROSS Nothing is lost on him who sees with an eye that feeUng gave; For him there ' s a story in every breeze, and a picture in every wave. -Thomas Moore, (Boat Glee) LOUISE BENJAMIN VB ' 69-76 ROSS " God has placed a torch in your hearts that glows with knowledge and beauty: it is a sin to extinguish that torch and bury it in the ashes. " -Kahlil Gibran It ' s laughter or cry. Laughs are our thing. People can ' t hate when they are laughing. -Jerry Lewis Memories: The fun, learning and friendships I ' ve experienced at Traf: the old school, " Big Kat " - " ookays " , " Girls, this is not the time for talking, thank-yo ' " , " Would the girls in the middle rows please seperate their desks " , " We-e-ll " , contact lens attacks, " Pardon me did you say? " , spares at T.T. Inc., " Soupy Sales " , Facial contortions, and, of course, JERRY LEWIS. Thanks to my friends " whoove " helped make Traf exciting. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the opportunity to always have good learning experience. BRIGITTE BOESENBERG VA ' 74- ' 76 BARCLAY Every individual has a place to fill in the world and is important in some respect whether he chooses to be so or not. -Nathaniel Hawthorn I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today. -William Allen White Special thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity of coming to Traf. SUSAN ELIZABETH NEWTON CAMERON " Sue " VA ' 71 - ' 76 DONALD Activities: Drama, Echoes advertising typist, grad rings, games captain. Tuck committee, bazaar committee, grad committee, badminton, gymnastics, swimming. " You can always tell a real friend: if you ' ve made a fool of yourself, he doesn ' t feel you ' ve done a permanent job. " -Anon. JOANNE COOK VA ' 71 - ' 76 ROSS Unrecorded history: Place where I met C.W. ... 1973 Selwyn House Gym Dem . . . Jungle Beast . . . Humming Birds . . . Grand March . . . first and only conduct mark . . . old gym hbrary and dining room . . . matrons . . . drawing rooms; Bill . . . Ripplecove and J. P. . . . Marina ' s walk . . . wanting to be sixth form and only getting to fifth form . . . D.R. the punk . . . Traf lunches . . . Amelia donkey . . . army life . . . grade 9 D.P. . . . the cat . . . Suzie ' s running shoes . . . the four muskateers, J.C., C.W., S.L., M.D. . . . tootsie pops . . . apple cider . . . two in the can at Edgewater ... T.G.I. F. .. . Miss T ' s biology classes . . . basketball . . . bazaars . . . years ' 71- ' 76 at Traf . . . and more . . . ALESSANDRA CRAVERO " Ali " " Cravitze " VB ' 70- ' 76 DONALD Looks like Hawkeye Walks like Fonze Talks like Mickey Mouse Ambition: becoming a R.C.M.P. Probable Destiny : Mucking out the stalls Claim to Fame: fiery temper Could you imagine: AU not eating?! Favorite expression: ! ! ! ! ! Asset : squeaky voice Pet peeve: missing a Boston-Canadien game Favorite pastime: wrestling with A.W. Favorite saying: Yo! Pet possession: " Cicci " Cherished memories: finally winning a house play, Instructor ' s award, trip to Ottawa with S.S. and A.W Activities: House head MARINA DODIS VA ' 74-76 GUMMING . . . You are as young as life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you ' ll find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun. And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun but it ' s sinking, and racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way but you ' re older, shorter of breath and one day closer to death . . . -Pink Floyd Unrecorded history: One month without the caf, can I borrow your brush?, apple cider- bubble gum, no thanks . . . Suzie??!! Trafalgar ' s busts, the indestructable quintetto, apple sauce, summer ' 75 . . . Pet peeves: E.J. freeks, Dreamer, Thursdays, T.G.T. It was nice meeting you. ANNA FEINDEL VA ' 74-76 BARCLAY Activities: Sub-head prefect. Echoes Sports editor, house head, basketball, gymnastics Night Soft sounds of night birds enter my mind so gently. Clouds fade away; in their streaks of painted powder; so soft, rose and violet. Warm tranquil winds brush by me, with the cool shiver of night. The sun sinks slowly to rest behind distant mountains. Then the stars and moon awake, and Ughten the black of night to a calm soft darkness. -Anna Feindel KIM CHERYL FINLEY " K.C. " " Mik " VA 72- ' 76 CUMMING What can I say? Here I made dear friends, and learned to cope with enemies. Here I created laughter, and found some was at me. Here I reached my athletic pinnacle, and got used to sitting on the bench. Here I was taught a storehouse, and saw how Uttle I knew. Here I listened awe inspired, and dreamt away the boredom. Here 1 came making the same mistakes and leave, afraid of making new ones. Thank-you all KATHY FURLOTTE VA FAIRLEY Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Heahhy, free, the world before me. The long brown path before me, leading wherever I chose. Henceforth, I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good fortune. Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need morning. Done with indoor complaints, libraries ' querulous criticisms Strong and content, I travel the open road. -Walt Whitman CATHY GELINEAU VB ' 75-76 DONALD " A man of knowledge is free ... he has no honor, no dignity, no family, no home, no country, but only life to be lived. " FLORENCE HASHIM " no bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. " -William Blake ' Flo " VA ' 72- ' 76 CUMMING KAREN HAWLEY VA ' 75- ' 76 DONALD Don ' t you feel the day is coming That will stay and remain When your children see the answers What you saw the same When clouds have all gone There will be no more rain And the beauty of all things Is uncovered again. VB ' 72- ' 76 ROSS MARTHA ANNE HIAM Martha " Muff People are what they make themselves out to be. Ambition: physiotherapist Probable destiny: winding up bandages for the injured at Traf. Pet peeve: short guys Could you imagine: Martha wearing her sash. Pet possession: " Sam " Cherished memories: apple picking and weekend at S.S. ' s house, fetching crackers with S.S. for D.R. at 4:30 a.m.; summer ' 74 Activities: grad committee, Tuck committee, Traf Troupe publicity ELIZABETH HILCHEY VA ' 73- ' 76 GUMMING " Ain ' t got no trouble in my Ufe, no foolish dreams to make me cry. I ' m never frightened or worried, I know I ' ll always get by . . . They say that life is a circle, But that ain ' t the way that I ' ve found it. Gonna move in a straight Une, Keeping my feet firmly on the ground. I got the music in me. " -Kiki Dee Cherished memories: 17 11 74, party at " Rip ' s " , house plays as Rosencrantz and Guildenstem 8 10 75, chocolate cake in the Ubrary, Sirloin Bam, El Gitano, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Grade 1 0 Chemistry. MERRILYN HODGSON VB ' 71 - ' 76 FAIRLEY Claim to fame: being short Favorite expression : good things come in small packages Pet peeve: . . . but so does poison Prize possession: memories Cherished memories: ice slide . . . L.K. M.J. . . . new school . . . . biology parties.. . . S.S. house plays ' 75 . . . M.V.M. M.D. and girls special thanks to G.B., K.C.F. D.L. who helped me make it through Activities: Ubrary rep., Grad committee, Bazaar Committee, Tuck Committee spares . . . D.T. J.C. .with thanks to the staff LISA HOUSDEN ' Lise ' VB ' 73- ' 76 ROSS Knowing Lise and her aversion to conformity, I won ' t say that she returned to Traf in grade 9 after a seven year absence or, that she ' s looking forward to Marianopohs and a career in law. Nor will I bore you with details like Lisa ' s knowing smile hiding a racey past. For example . . . being lost in Old Montreal . . . army pants . . . Charlie Brown . . . de- materializing in narrow dayhght . . . appendicitis and corkscrews . . . the hallowed eve . . . Lies, Lisa will be remembered with a smile, and we hope the future will smile on Lisa. (Okay, Lise?) -K C F ELEANOR HSU VB ' 72- ' 76 ROSS 100 let T= 110 let 120 let 130 let F= 140 let A= 150 let L= 160 let G 170 let A= 180 let 190 let 200 print L.S X 999 end RUN RATS T.T. Enterprizes roU paper ape basic (74-75) field day-submarine sandwiches apple picking lectures about life from Peter the doorman greasing (or not greasing) cake tins a rare Kit Kat refreshments at dance ' 75 7 up T+R+A+F+A+L+G+A+R ' Blue and white guild, Methyl Hydrate, and results, Westmount Square and . ' s cart, cashing cheques-but we are the presidents, school song, stupid corners ' GOOD HEAVENS THANKS MARY-LEE JUDAH " Mimi " VA ' 70- ' 76 BARCLAY Cherished memories: Sept. 1970 . . . Quebec City . . . getting stuck with R.B. on back country roads . . . skiing with K.P. . . . M.S. . . . M.H. . . . L.K. . . . C.T. ... ski trips with A.M. . . . winter carnivals . . . H.L. . . . L.H. . . . T.H. . . . judo lessons . . . B.B. . . . T.J. . . . gerbils . . . Miss T ' s biology classes . . . common room . . . tuck shop . . . summer vacations . . . Traf lunches . . . spares ... ice slides . . . SUZANNE E. LEGGE " Suzie ' ? VA ' 74- ' 76 ROSS One by one the sands are flowing. One by one the moments fall. Some are coming, some are going Do not strive to grasp them all. -Adelaide A. Proctor Unrecorded history: R.S. in functions . . . Apple cider - open the door . . . lunch table . . . 75 lb. bust . . . TO BE - THAT IS THE ANSWER! CHRISTINA MACFARLANE VB ' 72-76 FAIRLEY Ambition : to be a teacher or a Hebrideen farmer Probable destiny: teaching and marrying a farmer Pet peeves: Chambly buses, " Hey, Chris " , " Christine " , sad stories Pet possessions: Sherlock Holmes hat, fountain pen, " The picture " Claim to fame: blushing, candidness, " porrige " , " The Onedin Line " , whistling, silro, " C.C.M. " Pastime : catching the C ambly bus Weaknesses: laughing, " It ' s foitain, not England! " Is math an sgathan suil caraid. The eye of a friend is a good looking-glass. -Gaelic proverb BARBARA RUTH MARKOWITZ " Babs " VB ' 74- ' 76 GUMMING " A friend is a present you give yourself. " Cherished memories: my first day at Traf . . . " Hi, fans!!! " . . . my pal . . . my earthchild . Stanstead . . . Heidi teaching biology . . . house plays, Diana ' s cherries, Dave Thompson . . pancakes . . . Summer of ' 75 . . . backgammon tournaments with Pam and Joanne . . . my first experience in the darkroom . . . beer and pretzels with Pam . . . Marie ' s big nose . . . AmeUa ' s lunch jokes . . . taking pictures and pictures and pictures . . . Claim to fame: magnetic personality, my height, my mouth, my camera. Activities: House Head, Photography Editor. PEGGY ANNE MINER ' Minew " VB ' 69- ' 76 ROSS Claim to fame: the kid with the food and the kleenex and the kid with the incredible purse. Favorite expression: " Far out " , " What? " , " I haven ' t got the foggiest! " Favorite room: The computer room Asset : strange hair Could you imagine: Anne without food or not going to a Stanstead dance or an L.C.C. Senior football game? Ambition: to get out of the school. Probable destiny: Trafalgar teacher Activities past and present: Trampoline club, grad committee, Tuck Committee ROBYN JOANN OGILVY VB ' 73- ' 76 ROSS " smile and give your face a break " Ambition: Physical education Claim to fame: telUng people where " Lery " is Cherished memories: Traf . . . Stanstead . . . Lery nightUfe . . . summer ' 75 . . . spares in the common room . . . David Bowie . . . Activities: prefect, fourth and fifth form class president, volleyball, badminton, swimming. NATALIE OTTOLENGHI VA ' 73- ' 76 DONALD " . . . After school is over you ' re playing in the park. Don ' t be out too late, don ' t let it get too dark. They tell you not to hang around and learn what life ' s about. And grow up just like them-won ' t let you work it out. And you ' re full of doubt. . . " -R. Hodgson R. Davies " I can do nothing for you but work on myself. You can do nothing for me but work on yourself. " YOKO OHZEKI VB ' 72- ' 76 FAIRLEY Dear Yoko, When you came to Traf, you sat near the back of the room and didn ' t say much. As you learned more EngUsh you started talking more, and every one started finding out what a nice kid you are! You ' ve come a long way and have done a lot for Traf. You ' ve been our class games captain and on the volleyball team; last year you were Fairley house ' s grade 10 rep. and this year you are Fairley house head, besides being prefect. We know you will succeed in the future. c.QM. DIANA RIESMAN ' Di Punk " VA ' 65- ' 76 GUMMING What can I possibly say but " Traf; thanks for the memories. " Ballet classes ' 66 . . . old dining room, mother and daughter races at field day, pronouncing " fire " . . . Friends H.O. R,B. . . . " Milk " Riesman . . . grade 6 lab . . . Corbeau et le Renard, Uttle pink cakes at closings . . . praying for the day when I can call J.C. " punk " and not be looked down on and laughed at. L.B. ' s comedy routines . . . Jamaica ' 74 ' 75 . . . R.R. . . . Summer of ' 75-Camp Arowhan . . . Ms. Layton ' s " why pretzel " . . . graduating to a " 38 " pinny-gym jokes about flat people!?! . . . waiting ten years to be sixth form and being fifth form again . . . Echoes ' 75- ' 76 Activities: Echoes editor, prefect, class president, tennis team, grad committee, drama club, bazaar rep. badminton DEBBIE ROBERTS " Deb " " Derf " Fats " " Shag " VB ' 73- ' 76 ROSS Ambition: Phys. Ed. teacher Probable destiny: running laps around TraFs gym Cherished memories: May 20 75 . . . mornings at Traf . . . apple picking . . . Friday and Saturday nights with S.S. . . . D.D. . . . Summer ' 75 . . . Macdonalds . . . A W . . . Nazareth . . . Yes . . . canoeing. Activities: basketball, volleyball, badminton, gym captain, prefect, househead. SUSAN SENEGAL VB ' 73- ' 76 GUMMING Word association tape SS197321976. " field day, " " 250 subs, " " 250 subs?, " " exploding Pepsi bottle " , " exploding? " , " L.B. T.J.?, will you please leave S.S. A.W. alone! " , " stop! " " roUing paper down Simpson Street " , " I ' ve had enough! " , " get out of that stuuupid corner! " , " Look, this isn ' t funny " , " Traf Trash " , " Traf What? " , " same to you " , " who? " , " E.H. " , " Eh? " , " apple picking " , " I ' m afraid you don ' t understand... " , " but we are the presidents! " , " life isn ' t all fun and games... " , " Peter the doorman! " , " Never mind whats his face, just... " , " Facial contortions " , " What are you talking about? " , " You had to be there, now continue! " , " Table " , " Methyl Hydrate " , " Is that a new chocolate bar? " , " Kit Kat " , " Kit what? " , " Enjie Claytoo Con " , " What ? " , " soupy Sales " , " your time is up. This has been quite an experience " , " You ' d better believe it! " . 18 SANDRA SUNDBORG " Sandy " Sand " VB ' 71-76 FAIRLEY Ambition: biology teacher Probable destiny: Zookeeper Pet peeve: Chambly buses Favorite pastime: dancing Claim to fame: Freckles Could you imagine: seeing Sandy without D.R.? Favorite saying: could be tense! Activities: house head, gym Ueutenant, badminton Cherished memories: My years at Traf . . . Apple picking, trip to Ottawa with A.W. A.C., A Wand Macdonalds, A.W. and twin, Friday and Saturday nights with D.R., Herbie, March 8, 1974, Victoria B.C., CM. and nightgown, painting with D.R., Nazareth. LORRAINE TURCOTTE VB ' 74-76 Earth " A planet doesn ' t explode of itself, " said drily The Martian astronomer, gazing off into the air- " That they were able to do it is proof that highly Intelligent beings must have been living there " -John Hall Wheelock Activities: basketball, volleyball, school games lieutenant NANCY WARD VB 74- ' 76 ROSS I ' d Uke to thank my Mom and Dad for giving me this great opportunity to come to Traf. Also, thanks to all the people in fifth form for making it such fun. CAREN WEINSTEIN " Wine " " Winishitz " VA ' 71- ' 76 FAIRLEY Turn me loose from your hands, Let me fly to distant lands over green fields, trees and mountains, flowers and forest fountains. Home along the lanes of shyway... For just a sky- line pigeon dreaming of the open, waiting for the day he can spread his wings and fly away again. Fly away, skyline pigeon, fly, towards the dreams you ' ve left so very far behind. -B. Taupin Cherished memories: 11 17 74 with D.T. . . . Sacred Heart! . . . pickles . . . The Humming birds? . . . Ottawa ' 73 . . . The sock . . . coffee . . . Paris lunch at Renault . . . Monday Geo- graphy with Hotlips . . . " Don ' t invent " . . . Home. " What is a four letter word " -Alfred E. Newman CHRIS WHEELER VA ' 71- ' 76 " It ' s the laughter I remember " Unrecorded history: grade 8 with P.C. . . . Ottawa ' 72 BARCLAY Selwyn House Gym Dem ' 73 . yellow roses . . . the old lunch room . . . G.W. . . . camping suitcases ' 75 . . . gym dems . M.O. and Marina ' s tootsie pop . . . Marina at the lunch tatele . . . indestructable quintetto . Pam and her bust . . . army life ... the mess . . . L.C.C. grad. ANNE WOOD VB ' 71 - ' 76 DONALD " Ignore it; it is merely a figment of its parents ' warped imagination. " -zotz By incorporating the services of that co-editor. Misses Moe, Soo, hsu, and Woo, Dr. Kit, Hagar, Peter the doorman, Big Kat, Enjie Claytoo Con, Irma, goon. You can with the addition of Methyl Hydrate, Section E, apple-picking, Spem, Traf Trash, 250 subs, St. Catherine Street contact lens hunt, roll paper, house plays, 3 5 physic and exam ' 75, Ottawa ' 73, humming and spiderman and ejaculations such as; " suck an egg " , " but we are the presidents " , " get out of that stupid corner " , " dry up " , " twenty pounds " , " don ' t give me that rat " , and " how can we lose? " , it is possible to create, over a period of four years,ap y j . j j j THERESA HAMILTON VA ' 73- ' 76 FAIRLEY Nothing difficult is ever easy El Gitano, 20 6 75, 9 5 75, spares in the Ubrary, telephone conversations, brown shoes, many thanks to Mother and D.T.V. ROBIN MAHON VA ' 74- ' 76 DONALD The only real teacher is life itself. The instruments are your mind and heart. The scholarship is eternal peace and freedom. -Koko 1 NO PHOTO AVAILABLE PAMELA MARI COOK ' Pam " VB ' 71-76 ROSS Claim to fame: " Cher " Favorite pastime: (top secret!) Unrecorded history: Selwyn House Gym Dem ' 72 ... all the wonderful weekends spent with K.H. . . . Barbara ' s big mouth . . . Marina ' s grosse lunch jokes . . . symmer ' 75 in Maine . . . L.C.C. Grad . . . " Humming Birds " With K.P. . . . Chris . . . " L.C.C. " on my gym shorts . . . sixth form (now fifth form) common room . . . and the wierdest years of my life with all you people!! Activities: photographer of Echoes, games captain, swimming. FORM I A FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Schwenk, Bettina Kaipel, Shelly Hoffer, Clare Beresford, Gabrielle Lynch-Staunton. SECOND ROW: Tracy Helm, Angela Ebsworth, Simone Hughes, Heather Howatson, Consuelo Guy, CaroUne Bachynski. THIRD ROW: Sonya Rasmussen, Kathy Camp, Mrs. Gendron, Melanie Helpard, Hilary Borner. FOURTH ROW: Jody Foster, Joanne Archontakis, Susan Bucholtz, Beth Jardine, Michelle Catterhill, Jennifer Devey. FIFTH ROW: Lynne Biernaski, Cory Brown, Robyn Lawrence, Debbie Gaty. 26 FORM I B FIRST ROW: Heidi Lukas, Jo-Anne McKenna, Susan Molnar, Connie Shore, Virginia Saputo. SECOND ROW: Suzie Klein, Barbara Rosenstein, Mrs. Wightman, Martha Legge, Danielle Panel- Raymond. THIRD ROW: Athena Paradissis, Natalie Rivard, Maren Meh- nert, Carina Van Heyst, Helen Kihmm, Nadia Wahab. FOURTH ROW: Danielle Shanks, Karen Paterson, Mary Rosevear, Wendy Stone, Kara Spence, Marilyn Meikle, Laurie Shetler. 27 FORM II A FIRST ROW: Jaqui Lacey, Shannon Hubbard, Danica Dale, Mrs. Tawfik, Peggy Essaris, Susan Marshall, Jane Brumwell, Gisele Bijok. SECOND ROW: Eve Bockler, Pamela Hall, Sara Ballem, Martha Hancock, Megan Borner, GilUan Brodie, Joanna Harries, Monique Lunan, Gillian Ford. THIRD ROW: Shirley Miller, Violetta Anninos, Kim MiUoy, Joani Noel, Laurie Neapole, Susan Pedersen, Sandra Brown, Wendy Fraser, Trish Collier. 28 FORM II B FIRST ROW: Joanne Todd, Glenice Sagritalo, Lisa Senecal, Bettina Sorby, Miss St. Germain, Diana Skiadas, Cynthia Roberton, Nele Trakas, Michele Westphal. SECOND ROW: Janet Weeks, Siobhan Moore, Allyson Lunny, Carolyn Harris, Sandra Brown, Anne Samuel, Jennifer Elias, Franceen Weinstein. THIRD ROW: Barbara Wise, Kilby Dodson, Isabelle Leibovitch, Leslie Rye, Georgia Kritselas, Naomi Campbell, Dana Spence, Gill Reid, Kelly Balaze, Tony Zannis. FORM III A FIRST ROW: Julia Tilden, Belaine Lacey, Roopali Bhargava, Jane Morganti, Miss Gardiner, Fiona Hawley, Elena Gantcheff, Andrea Duncan, Cathy Yang. SECOND ROW: Ana de Castro, Christina Bardecki, Martina Lis, Madeline Bock, Francesca Tramontin, Fran- cesca Kyne, Judy Johnston, Carla Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Alison Hannan, Heather Leigh, Patty Finfelstein, Angelina Heck, Mary Albulet, Alison Noel, Heather Townsend, Lark Nemerever. 30 FORM III B FIRST ROW: -Andrea Roberton, Sunniva Sorby, Janis Bailie, Mrs. Calinoiu, Jennifer Marler, Lynn Senecal, Melanie Sheridan. SEC- OND ROW: Donna Doherty, Eleanora Subak, France Robillard, Louisa Oates, Nooreen Shah, Lori Spotton, Marietta Fox. THIRD ROW: Jill Samis, Kerry HeUman, Sally King, Heather Cherrier, Daphne WoUmann, Elizabeth Smeaton, Kim Robichaud, Linda Roten. ABSENT: Nancy Brougham, Cynthia Roberts, Leslie Tolchinsky. FORM IV A FIRST ROW: Janis Cunningham, Naomi Campbell, Sylvia Denning, Leslie Heuser, Miss Armbruster, Terry Van Gelder, Sandra Black- burn, Shamala Jayasekera, Cherine Cheftechi. SECOND ROW: Janet Hardy, Nicole Beukers, Trish Bourne, Sheryl Beadle, Christina Basset, Pat Bardecki, Susan Hirbod, Andra Lee Black. THIRD ROW: Kathy Kredle, Connie Champagne, Heidi Borner, Wendy MoorCj Alison Hancox, Andrea Jones, Maria Facci, Trina Hill, Rosemary Mandry. ABSENT: Tammy Bannatyne. 32 FORM IV B FIRST ROW: Susi Schirmer, Laura diFiore, Andrea Ottley, Mrs. Akin, Lorraine Javet, Anthea Liontos, Cathy Szabolcsy, Marianne Tamaz. SECOND ROW: Debbie Manessis, Mary McKenna, Nan Milligan, Karen O ' Reilly, Georgina Wigley, Diane Shea, Lynn Petti- grew, Behnda Rankovich, Michaela Milde. THIRD ROW: Robin Reid, Sandra Levy, Anne-Marie Burrows, Norma Wathey, Angelina Jeschek, Nancy Morgan, Joan Sum, Lynn Krueger. 33 BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Debbie Roberts, Lorraine Turcotte. SECOND ROW: Trish Bourne, Sheryl Beadle, Andrea Roberton, Anna Feindel, Joanne Cook. THIRD ROW: Heather Lunan, Sally King, (coach) Ms. Lay ton. Tammy Bannatyne, Marina Dodis. 36 1975-76 proved to be an exciting year for Trafalgar School basketball, and both teams played very well. The senior team managed to finish in second place with the aid of high scorers Marina Dodis with 59 points and Heather Lunan with 42 points. The junior team tied with the Study for first place, high scorers being France Robillard with 22 points and Alhson Noel with 17 points. As a special addition to the regular matches, the senior team played exhibition matches against Marymount and John Rennie. Though the team was defeated it put up a very good fight. The teams wish to extend their thanks to Trish Bourne and Melanie Sheridan as managers and to all the enthusiastic supporters who showed up at both home and away games to cheer them on. FIRST ROW: Angela Ebsworth, Donna Doherty, (coach) Ms. Layton, Allison Noel, Monique Lunan. SECOND ROW: Lori Spotton, Patricia Collier, Kim Milloy, Dana Spence, Roopali Bhar- gava, Melanie Sheridan. ABSENT: France Robillard. 37 TENNIS TRAP ALMOST DID IT-AGAIN With our tremendous true-to-Traf team, we came second in the interschool tennis tournament, which was played at home this year. CaroUne Harris played very well, winning both her sets in the junior singles. The junior doubles pair, Laurie She tier and Kara Spence, though playing well, had some trouble against The Study and E.C.S. Marina Dodis, our down-the-Une driver, played close matches as the senior singles representative and won one match, narrowly losing the other. Diana Riesman, our two-handed back-hander, and the powerful shots of Denise Lane, also scored one win and one loss in two close senior doubles matches. Traf, you ' ve done well. Do it again next year! VOLLEYBALL TRAP SUCCESSFUL IN NEW LEAGUE SENIORS MATCH RESULTS Traf 0 Lester B. Pearson 2 Traf 2 D ' Arcy McGee 0 Traf 2 Holy Name 1 Traf 1 Marymount 2 Traf 2 Msgr. Harold Doran • 0 Traf 2 St. Pius X 2 Traf 0 E.C.S. 2 Traf 1 D ' Arcy Mcgee 2 Traf 0 Marymount 2 Traf 2 Msgr. Harold Doran (l Tournament incomplete. FIRST ROW: Debbie Roberts, Andrea Roberton, Sandra Sundborg, Sheryl Beadle. SECOND ROW: Nancy Ward (manager), Suzie Legge, Trish Bourne, Yoko Ohzeki, Miss Templeton (assistant manager). THIRD ROW: Heather Lunan, Marina Dodis, Lorraine Turcotte, Alessandra Cravero, Ms. Layton (coach). ABSENT: Robyn Ogilvy. 40 FIRST ROW: Roopali Bhargava, Hilary Borner, Lori Spotton, Heather Townsend (manager). SECOND ROW: France Robil- lard, Barbara Wise, Allison Noel, Judy Johnston. THIRD ROW: Ms. Layton (coach), Trish Collier, Kim Milloy, Martina Lis, Miss Templeton (assistant coach). ABSENT: Monique Lunan, Jennifer Marler. 1 41 J I 1 . I I I I r I 42 G Y M D E M 1 9 7 6 As a preview to the upcoming summer events, Trafalgar ' s 1976 Gym Dem had for its theme, the Olympics. Class routines dated back to ancient Greece with IVB ' s " Ancient Olympics " and into the present with the construction of the Olympic Stadium by IIA. VA took an indepth dive into various modern Olympic sports, and IIB demonstrated the training needed for Olympic standards. All class routines were done very well. In addition, the Box, Mat, Beam, and Uneven Bars Clubs performed, and individual girls showed their gym- nastic skills in free calHsthenics. Both performances, one on Thursday and the other on Friday night, were successful and enjoyed by all who had the pleasure of a preview of the Olympics to come. D.R. 43 44 GYMNASTIC DEMONSTRATION " G " Badges are awarded to girls who have attained a high standard in gymnastics and games during the year. They have been awarded this year to: Janis Bailiie Susan Cameron Ali Cravero Janis Cunningham Susie Legge Kim Milloy Alison Noel Diana Riesman Andrea Roberton Sandra Sundborg " Stars " are awarded to girls who have previously won a G badge and have maintained the necessary high standard. These have been awarded this year to: Sheryl Beadle Trish Bourne Joanne Cook Pam Cook Anna Feindel Mimi Judah Heather Lunan Robyn Ogilvy Debbie Roberts Lorraine Turcotte Chris Wheeler The Lucy Box Award for sportsmanship, atWetic abiUty, enthusiasm, and cooperation was awarded to: Lorraine Turcotte 47 FIELD DAY 1975 JUNIOR INTERMEDIATE SENIOR HIGH JUMP: LONG JUMP: 50 YD.: 100 YD.: 300 YD.: FORM RELAY: INTERHOUSE RELAYS: Martina Lis IIIA Diane Skiadas II B Janis Baillie IIIA Janis Baillie IIIA Janis Baillie IIIA IIA GUMMING INDIVIDUAL TOP SCORERS: JR. INTER. SR. HIGHEST SCORING HOUSE: Pat Bardecki Marina Dodis Elena Gantcheff Lynn Krueger Lori Rogers IIIA Janis Baillie IIIA Lynn Krueger IVB Lori Rogers Carol Kimoff VA DONALD IVA VA IIIA IVB IVB 15 11 points points points points. Sandra Sundborg VB Kathy Furlotte VA Louanne Beadle VIB Sheila Burns VIA Carol Kimoff VIA IVB ROSS INTERSCHOOL BADMINTON 1975 TEAM ONE: Sherry and Heather Lunan TEAM TWO: Joanne Cook and Carol Harris TEAM THREE: Marina Dodis and Jill Samis SPARES: Diana Riesman, Debbie Roberts, Sandra Sundborg FINAL SCORES: 1. E.C.S. 180 2. Traf 145 3. Study 134 4. St. George ' s 96 5. Weston 18 GYM OFFICERS 1975 - ' 76 FORM CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT lA Debbie Gaty Bettina Karpel IB Kara Spence Laurie She tier IIB Trish Collier Wendy Fraser TTR Gillian Reid IIIA Roopali Bhargava Fran Kyne IIIB Janis Baillie Sunniva Sorby IVA Trish Bourne Jannis Cunningham IVB Belinda Rankovich Nancy Morgan VA Denise Lane Mimi Judah VB Debbie Roberts Christina Macfarlane GAMES OFFICERS 1975 - ' 76 FORM CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT lA Hilary Borne r Kathy Camp IB Heidi Lukas Suzie Molnar IIA Peggy Essaris Megan Borner IIB Diane Skiadas Michele Westphal IIIA Alison Noel Elena Gantcheff IIIB France Robillard Andrea Roberton IVA Sheryl Beadle Tammy Bannatyne IVB Lynn Krueger Georgina Wigley VA Susan Cameron Kathy Furlotte VB Pam Cook Yoko Ohzeki INTRAMURAL SPORTS Interform Basketball Interform Volleyball Interform 21 Interhouse Basketball Interhouse Tennis Sr. Champs: VB Jr. Champs: IIA Sr. Champs: IVA Marina Dodis Sr. Champs: Gumming Jr. Champs: Donald Combined Champs: Gumming Senior Singles: Diana Riesman, Gumming Junior Singles: Trish Collier, Fairley Doubles: Laurie She tier Kara Spence Fairley Combined : Fairley 49 EVENING STARS They met in a clearing of the forest and it seemed their love was born as the evening star awoke from its slumber and chased the sun away. He came every night thereafter and to them the light of the stars became more bright and lovely than the brazen light of day. And the evening star brought them together and became the morning star to guide them home. But then one night he wasn ' t there. Her evening was gone and all the other stars as well. And so she sits alone, lonely in the dark ' til her love returns and lights the stars again. C.Hill 1 S. Hirbod L ' HIVER La neige mouillee, blanche, pure Legereme nt, doucement, tranquillement Tombe sur la terre Silencieusement. Les glagons Clairs et durs, Clairement, froidement, brillamment Brillent dans le soleil Disparu. 53 L. Senecal IIIB Je suis seule, Parmi les gens, Qui marchent a cote de moi, Et je suis triste. Mais quand je me rappelle. Que j ' ai un ami special Dans la foule, Je suis content . . . Parce que tout le monde A besoin d ' un ami. J. Tilden III DEMAIN Quand viendra demain? Me demanda un naim. Apres aujourd ' hui, Je lui repondis. Quand est-ce aujourd ' hui? Me demanda la pluie. C ' est maintenant Lui repondis-je lentement. Quand est-ce maintenant? Me demanda I ' enfant. C ' est cet instant ci, Je lui repnodis. Merci dit le maim, la pluie et I ' enfant. N. Morgan IV B Lisa Housden VB It was war time again. The few people that were seen every now and then outside of their living quarters had it written on their faces. A quick smile here and there, soon to fade into hollow grey grim expressions, a half- hearted wave to acquaintances. I rarely left our basement. I was ill and my skin was turning yellow from the lack of sunshine. The blackout curtains were constantly drawn, even during the day. No one had time to open them, and I was too weak to stand. Occasionally I would be put in a chair by the window where I could take a few peeks outside, but the daylight hurt my eyes. It was better when they put me at the window in the evening. But, as I said before, there was no time left, and it would rarely chanced that I would be set at the window in the evening. There were two beds. I got one because I was sick. We were lucky that there were only five of us in the base- ment. Next door they had nine, all sickly small children and infants. Anyway, the second bed was shared, and the rest slept near the stove. We all ate our meals around that stove, and I was always given a bit more than the others on account of my sickness. I guess I was quite lucky. One day, however, I was sitting by the window and the sun was shining that day so I couldn ' t look out at all. As I was sitting alone, I heard hurried footsteps outside the door. The person thumped down our steps and burst through the door, shouting and crying. I could feel move- ments around me outside and inside. The boy was my brother, clutching a newspaper. I could detect huge head- lines on the front. " The war is over! " he screamed. Slowly, I stood up, my knees shaking, and leaning on the window sill I opened the blackout curtains. SunUght poured in, in bucket fulls. I was blinded by it as the room, the dingy dirty boiler room lit up, making the filth and poverty more notorious than it ever was, and I cried for joy. I had never known anything to be so sweet and welcome as those hysterical words that burst out of my brother ' s mouth that day when I couldn ' t bear to look outside. It had seemed like ages since I had last seen sunlight, and it seemed so much better after that long dark wait. 54 55 A DAY IN THE LIFE A teacher spewing out questions, A construction machine drowning out her voice. A mumbling from the back of the room. A half asleep class. Heat, fatigue and disinterest all contribute to the wandering minds of ' holiday worn bodies. A few poetry books being unconsciously stared into. Pens drawing irrelevant figures in the margins of pages. An assignment and inquiries. The Bell . . . Susan Cameron VA THEY STILL BLAME ME It was the last day of school, and everybody ' s spirits were good. The day was unusually warm and sunny, and to top it off, it was Friday. But no celebrating was going to be done by me that evening. I had the unwanted pleasure of babysitting two recalcitrant eight-year-olds. They wanted me there at six o ' clock. I hoped that didn ' t mean feeding those charmers dinner. Fortunately, when I arrived things were more organized than I had expected. The kids had been fed and my only job was to entertain them from then on. " Mommy " and " Daddy " left, and the show was mine. That very afternoon, Susi had received her first " Two- Wheeler " . This meant that I either had to walk with her as she rode, or tell her, " No bike tonight " . After being bugged to let her go alone, I decided that there would be no harm done. " But just once around the block, " I repeated over and over. Off she went. Ten minutes later there was no sign of little Susi. I became slightly worried. I had been playing " Let ' s-bug-the- babbysitter " with Susi ' s brother Keith. Another ten minutes went by. The scream of the telephone startled me. It had rung about four times before I could find it. A lady with a thick British accent was telling me that Susi had fallen off her bike, and I should get right over to her house. The thing that stuck in my mind was that she had said, " It looks like a good thirty stitches to me " . To my dismay, I discovered that I had no idea where this woman lived. I thought to myself, " She couldn ' t have gotten too far from home. Or could she? " After looking for the woman ' s house for what seemed like hours, I decided to go back to the house and maybe she would phone again. As I got back, a green Volvo pulled up the driveway. Susi, who had left home in a yellow- flowered dress, was now covered in blood. Her head was wrapped in two large beach towels which were also drenched in blood. I panicked. The woman very calmly told me to phone the parents and tell them Susi would be at the hospital. 1 ran in the house to phone and was confronted by screaming Keith. He thought his sister was dead. After I phoned, I had to sit down. I hadn ' t done a thing and yet I was exhausted. Susi ' s parents said they would phone when they got to the hospital. At 1 1 :00 the phone rang. The father told me very sarcastically that his little girl would only have to have minor surgery, and 1 might be able to babysit there again if she lived. An hour later the parents came back without Susi. Lynn Krueger IV B 56 ODE TO A ROSE Sweet ruby rose, Trembling on the brink of being Just a heap of wind-blown petals, Linger yet a little longer To charm us with your smile. Sweet ruby rose, Past your prime but not yet fading, Stay awhile in peace and quiet None to stir your shiest ways In darkest hollows hiding. ... So soft your cloak. So bright your boughs. So lovely your head from folds ' a peeping . . . Sweet ruby rose. Please do stay a Uttle longer. Let me dwell on loves you token. Turn your head towards the sun And skies so rosy-day beginning . . . VIOLINS AND BLUEBIRDS Violins and bluebirds and sidewalk cafes Sweet smell of lilac - of April and May Chitter and chatter of birds on the wing Flowing blue waters that silently sing. Bright yellow meadows of freshly mown hay Flowers arranged in fantastic array Elegant ladies with soft feather hats Distinguished young men — on cushions they sat Smiling and nodding and singing in rhyme Gestures and movements like a pantomime. Viohns and bluebirds in unison sing Of merriment, Ufe and most everything. C. Hill IVA Laura Di Fiore IV B THE ADVENTURES OF FREDDIE He was holding on as long as he could. This time he was certain the end was near, but all of a sudden he felt a hand touch his. As it was his instinct to panic when in trouble, he did, and he closed his eyes to chase the problem away. When he opened them, he found himself in a warm walnut bed with a kind face looking down at him. Freddie was an adventurous mouse who lived at Knot-Hole Twenty-Five. He had a reputation of being a chatterbox, but questions were the large part of his conversation. He was always asking things like why the sky was blue, the grass green, and the tree trunks brown. He was grey, had tiny black eyes, and velvety-soft ears. His tail was always coiled which explains his nickname - " Coil " . Freddie had a great admiration for Peter, the mayor of Knot- Hole City. Peter had once been a monk, and sometimes gave sermons on topics hke, " The Mice of Tomorrow " . Freddie ' s best friend was Max, a nice but somewhat timid mouse. Unlike Freddie, Max preferred to be silent, and he usually wouldn ' t utter a word. Instead of shouting at someone who did something stupid, as Freddie would do. Max would simply jeer at them, making mice very uncomfortable. One beautiful May morning, when the sun was smihng down and all the mice of Knothole City were feeling tired and lazy, Freddie had decided that he was in the mood for an adventure of some sort. He was also hungry and the two thoughts together spelt trouble. He thought himself to be mature enough to go past the restricted zone. Before the restricted zone was the city of mice, and beyond was the city of cats and men, the two most dreaded things. Freddie did not know what cats and men were; he thought them to be foreign mice. So Freddie, looking for adventure, came upon his friend Max. " Hi-ya Freddie. Doin ' any thin ' special? " " Naa, hey wanna join me? I ' m looking for adventure. " " Who ' s adventure? " This slang conversation would go on and on. Many times Max would be surprised by the words Freddie would use. " Hey, Max, come with me! I ' m going ' past the er- oh Restricted Zone, and I ' m tryin ' to find a theodolite! " " Well, er, um, Freddie, er, I don ' t think my ma would like it if I was to go past the er, Restricted Zone, and er, I ' m afraid of them theodolites, whatever they are! " However, Freddie soon convinced Max that it would be fun to go on an adventure and that fighting theodolites was a brave and noble thing to do. Freddie started to pack. He opened his small poUca dot kerchief and placed in it some cheese, bread and water-proof boots (for the rain). He then joined the corners of the kerchief and tied them to a stick made out of reed. He then started towards Knot-Hole Twenty-Four, where Max lived, and knocked loudly on the door. " Hey, Max, will ya hurry it up! " " I ' m comin ' , I ' m comin ' ! " " Ya know. Max, if we don ' t get there soon, we ain ' t goin ' to catch any of them theodolites! " " Here I am. Which way do we go? " " Uh, er, eh, this way! " The two mice had been walking for four hours, when suddenly the nature changed from beautiful scenery to huge buildings that rose from the ground. Freddie was amazed at first, but then didn ' t have time to stand and gawk as he smelt food! " Mmm, take a whiff of that, " said Freddie, rubbing his tummy. The two mice made a dash for the sidewalk as a car roared around the curve. " That, " said Freddie, " is probably a theodoUte " . After seeing many extraordinary sights, and many different animals, even ones that stood erect, Freddie thought he would like to enter a shop. He and Max went into a grocer ' s store, when suddenly they saw the grocer locking the place up. Now they would have to dig under the walls to get out! Adding to their bad luck, a large black cat was about to pounce on them! They ran up onto a counter and across the cash register, where the drawer sud- denly popped open and almost threw Freddie to the ground. He caught onto the edge of the counter and was hang- ing on for dear life when he felt a hand touch his. This had to be the end. Freddie slowly opened his eyes. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. He then saw his mother looking at him. " Freddie, " she said sternly, " you . . . . " But she couldn ' t say another word because Freddie began to plead for her forgiveness. " Please, " he begged. " Don ' t punish me! I ' ll never wander off again! " " But Freddie, " his mother said, " that was a dream. Right now you are late for school! " Freddie, bewildered and confused, knew that he would really never disobey his mother and go past the Restricted Zone, and that he wouldn ' t really chase theodoUtes, whatever they are! Jacqueline Lacey II A 58 LE SOLEIL Qu ' est ce que c ' est? demande le p ' tit oiseau. C ' est le soleil, repond son pere. Qu ' est qu ' il fait? demande le petit oiseau. II chauffe le monde, repond son pere. Es t-ce que je peu le toucher? demande le petit oiseau. Non mon fils, c ' est comme une reve, repond son pere. Elizabeth Smeaton III THE UNICORN The unicorn was young and free, And wild and white and gold was he, And galloped, of a summer ' s day. Upon the meads a year away. Adventure-bent, he made for town, . Along the streets walked up and down, In shop windows studied prices, Bought— with horn dust-orange ices. When behold! inside a box Struts a clothed and pompous fox. Unicorn is fascinated; Coming closer, bumps frustrated Into glass. At last sees that— 0 direst tale!— the fox is flat. What monster can it be that flattens Foxes into talking patterns? Unicorn looks behind the screen. Finds a snake of blue and green, And two others, brown and black. Raging, feels he must attack. Paws the ground and horns the adder. Nothing happens! Growing madder. Stabs the box, the fox, the lot- Fox fades into stripe and spot. Hissings blare out from the monster And the manager who wants to Call the S.P.C.A. To take the maniac away. In a zoo, near Greenfield Park, Lives a unicorn, drab and dark. Fenced-off pens, though bright and Ught Are too confined for his proud might. All because he chanced to stop To watch a TV in a shop. J. Marie r THE SEA The sun is setting over the horizon. Its fiery red glow is reflected on the still water. The reflection is complete for the water is motionless. The water is a mirror of fantasy, a crystal ball which only foretells beautiful fortunes. But now the sun has set and the darkness and the silence of night has settled upon the earth. The daytime beauty of the sea has vanished. Black oily creatures now inhabit the body which is a cavernous of evil things. Huge waves like the jaws of some black sea monster, rise and fall shattering the crystal ball. The sea is full of fury. Like an angry demon it tosses and turns, churning the sea into a whirlpool of evil. Then, a faint pinkish glow reflects on the water. The fury and the motion cease to exist. The sun is rising over the horizon. Its faint pink glow is reflected on the still water. Siobhan Moore II B La chambre etait vide mais nette II n ' y avait aucune sentiment mais qu ' une fleur pale et rose vivant soigner par de petites g o u t t e s d ' eau qui restaient dans le vase. Un adulte est rentre ' et en surveillant la chambre il a dit de voir qui comdamnait. Quelle chambre deseagreable, quel vide horrible. Un enfant est rentre et ses yeux emerveilles a dit. Quelle chambre charmante avec une fleur si delicate et si belle. L ' adulte a ramasse la fleur et la jetee de la fenetre. II a dit, Cette fleur est morte, elle n ' est plus belle, elle est fletrie. L ' enfant a regarde et a " i e u r e. Diana Riesman VA 60 SEA OF THOUGHT Wading knee deep in contemplation, Paddling in a sea of thought, I ponder on Up to my neck in dreams. And now, the waves of thought flow in, " Splashing against my brain. I don ' t know What to do. Now or later, yes or no. Decisions drift by me. Like flotsam on the waves, I don ' t know If I want to reach out And hold on. Georgina Wigley IV B 61 THE LAST WINGS OF SORROW The light shone dimly in the narrow corridor. No sound was heard except for a dying fly making its last efforts for life and madly banging into the walls. The sticky, sweet odour of an assorted array of medicines and remedies drifted out of the bedroom, through the humid air. The door to the front porch opened gently, and the floorboards creaked as the petite, white-haired lady made her way to the bedroom, having first placed her shopping bag in the kitchen. " How are you, Harry? " she asked in the most cheerful voice she could muster. " I tried to do my errands as quickly as possible, but, well, you know how busy the market is on Saturday mornings. " She knelt by the bedside of her husband, a once handsome and spry man who now lay in bed awaiting a miraculous cure, or, more likely, imminent death. She placed her right hand on his folded arms, and, with her left hand, she brushed Harry ' s wet, matted hair off of his feverish forehead. " Harry. Tell me how you feel. Are you better today? " " I . . . I ' m so sick, Dolly. H-h-help me get better. I want t-to live. " Harry ' s once clear brown eyes now focused hazily on his wife with a pleading look. " You will live, Harry. All you need is rest; plenty of rest. Don ' t get yourself all worked up. Wait, I ' ll go get you a cold compress. " Dolly tip-toed out of the room, holding her breath lest one of her deep sighs would make Harry aware of her suffering. As she prepared his cold compress, she could control herself no longer. How long had this been going on? Three months, four months, probably five. Harry showed no signs of improving— who was she fool- ing? Yet there had to be something . . . s omething she could do for him. She was not God, though. She could not perform miracles. The cold water streamed out of the faucet while her warm, salty tears flowed down her cheeks. Her Harry— her childish, jolly husband was dying and nothing could be done. All these sweet, sickening medicines . . . what did they do for Harry? Nothing. They were just part of the daily ritual she went through in order to make him feel that there was still hope. Of course, she still hoped. The Lord only knew how she prayed, but her prayers had gone unheeded. Dolly stiffened her back, blew her nose, wiped her eyes and tip-toed back to her husband. " There you go, my love, " she whispered as she placed the washcloth on his burning forehead. How could it be that Harry ' s face was so sallow, so sickly? Never, in her wildest dreams, could she ever have imagined her strong, muscular husband in this condition . . . lying there . . . just wasting away. Harry tried to raise his heavy head, but it dropped back against his pillow. " There, there now. Just lie still, Harry, " Dolly gently cooed. " I-1 1-love you, Dolly. Th-thank you for taking c-care of me. " A shiver ran through Harry ' s body. Dolly brought the blankets up under his chin and brushed away his hair from his forehead once again. The buzzing of the fly in the corridor grew louder. The fly was trying desperately to rescue itself. Bzz-fump- bzz-fump. Up it would raise its body, and then— fump— it would fall mercilessly to the floor. In nervous agitation Dolly went out into the narrow hall to locate the cause of the disturbing, futile buzzing. There was the fly, in the corner. " I can ' t take your buzzing, " Dolly cried, now beside herself. It was as though her nerves were being stretched across a board and would snap at any given moment. She grabbed a towel from the kitchen and swung it at the fly. She missed. The poor wretched fly buzzed and tried to raise itself again, but, this time, Dolly got it. " There, now; leave me alone! " Dolly madly yelled at the fly. It was now lying on its back, its worn-out wing flat under its body, its legs pointed in the air. Dolly took a few short breaths and crept back to Harry ' s bedside. " Well, now I ' ve gotten rid of that annoying fly, " Dolly giggled nervously. " Feehng better, Harry? . . . Harry, how are you? " She lifted his Ump wrist, and it flopped back to his side as she let it go. " Harry! Harry! " she cried hysterically. " Harry! Answer me! " It was over. Harry made no response. A slight breeze entered through the screen near the porch, and the fly was swept into a corner of the hall. Dolly lowered herself to the floor and sobbed. Louise Benjamin VB 62 A MUTUAL MURDER " You should see the kid drive when she ' s drunk! " Lori laughed, watching her friend stumbling around, kicking the empty beer cans as she pirouetted about in a drunken dance. " And I ' ve got to go home with her, too! " " You don ' t let her drive, do you? " asked someone. " Yeah. I haven ' t got a Ucence. I used to take the car home sometimes, but it ' s kind of fun to be in the spectator ' s seat for the terror trip. She ' s better when she ' s drunk than I am normally! " The clank of beer cans was momentarily drowned out by laughter, for everyone had heard of Lori ' s narrow escapes. " I guess I ' d better take her home now, any- way, " said Lori, looking at her watch. " It ' s after two. " As she led her friend out to the car, a chorus rang up among the " gang " : " Good luck! Good bye! Have fun! " " Peggy, we ' re going home now, " said Lori. Peggy let out a silly giggle as she started the car. When they were half- way out of the driveway, Peggy began turning onto the front lawn. Lori nervously grabbed the wheel and steered back into position. " Maybe I ' d better drive, " said Lori. " No, I ' m okay, " said Peggy thickly. Lori lit a cigarette and puffed nervously as she watched the speedometer needle hit forty. She relaxed a Uttle and allowed herself to be mesmerized by the bright-dark pattern as they passed under streetlights. The next thing she knew, Lori was lying in a field about three feet from the car, which lay overturned in the ditch beside the road. For a moment she lay there, transfixed by the right rear tire, which spun in the air as if driven by some invisible force to move, to proclaim " There is life here! " Then the full impact of the situation hit her. " Peggy! " she screamed, and ran towards the car. There she saw the grotesquely twisted body of her friend. Her head was thrown back over the front seat. Her leg was partially torn from the socket, her foot was twisted in the rungs of the steering wheel. Lori turned and ran. She ran until she reached her house. No one was home. Loud noises reverberated in her ears, and she heard voices screaming " You mean you let her drive home? " over and over. She was trembling violently. Tears streamed down her face. She envisioned her parents ' faces and reactions. She heard her father yeUing " What kind of parties do you go to, anyway? What are you trying to do - give me the reputation around town as ' the guy whose kid killed the mayor ' s daughter ' ? This could ruin me, dammit! " Her mind ' s eye perceived her mother ' s tears. She could hear her friends yelling at her. She saw herself ostracized. Her eyes glazed slightly. She could never face it. Instinctively she walked to the rifle cupboard. She loaded a gun. Her heart beat faster and faster. " This whole thing is a nightmare, " she thought, and another, stronger part of her mind bellowed " You wish! " She glanced at the English essay she had written for school the next day - she saw the words which closed the composition - " As Anne Bradstreet put it, ' If we had no winter, the spring would not be as pleasant ' . May I add that, without death, Ufe would not be quite so precious. " Her brain spun around. Her hands were on the trigger, the butt at her head. She heard a key in the lock. She squeezed, and it was the end. Susan Senecal THE FOX He prowls He howls By night By day Watching Waiting For his prey. Then down he springs Quite soft Quite fast. The creature with wings Is his at last. Jennifer Marler IIIB PUPIL PRESS The newly-organized Pupil Press is a group of the art students from grades ten and eleven who silk-screen posters and other advertising for the school. Many examples of the group ' s work have already been seen around the school: shop- ping bags imprinted with the school crest which were sold at the bazaar, posters and programmes for both the school play and the Gym Demonstration, and flyers to note the " Meet the Teacher " night. T.B. BAZAAR In Traf tradition, this year ' s bazaar was another grea t success. From the 2,000 dollars made, the students are donating money to organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society and the Montreal Association for the Bhnd. We would like to thank Joanne Cook for or- ganizing the bazaar, and to give special thanks to Miss Templeton for her time and effort. STUDENTS ' COUNCIL NEW: school year. ..principal, Mrs. Doupe... constitution. ..stage curtain. ..athletic uniforms. ACT- IVITIES: Bazaar, November 13 ...Carnival, February 13 (broom- ball, WET!. ..volleyball. ball., COLD!. ...snow sculptures. ..Stanstead dinner-dance, April 10. ..Live Beaver Band. Heather. ..Anna... Gab rielle... Laurie. ..Gill... Lisa. ..Pattey... Lulu... Janis... Lynn... Laura... Kathy. .. Diana. ..Robyn... Gill... Joanne... Miss Lay ton. Amongst the various money making schemes organised by the Grad committee were a bake sale, to which the junior forms contributed generously, and a weekend of apple picking. CARET INITIO ET FINE Contrary to popular belief, this year ' s Traf Jtush was not under the management of Crazy Gougenheim, It was, however, fabricated by Anne Wood and Susan Senecal - and it showed. But wait ... how can you write a precis of that all time best seller Look what I Found in the Trash without omit- ting some of the frustration, the insan- ity, the rewards, the crimes, the errors, the correction fluid, the libel suits ? Enough. All we want is for this to be remembered as Tlie Year They Swept Out Ilie Trash. 67 The Tuck Shop has continued this year with ever- increasing success. It now operates at both recess and lunch. A popular addition to the items sold is dough- nuts of three varieties. Another endeavor was the sale of large Trafalgar chocolate bars. Heather Howatson and Hillary Borner each won a transistor radio for their superior salesmanship. Tuck Shop also awarded prizes for best costumes on the Hallowe ' en and the " Fifties " wear-what-you-want days. One of the purposes of the Tuck shop is to pur- chase equipment for the school. Last fall it shared the cost of the new stage curtain with Student Council. This was our major undertaking. Tuck Shop is definitely now a permanent institu- tion at Traf. We have a very large committee, and every- one participates with great enthusiasm. In the future the Tuck Shop will continue to make large contributions to Traf. J.B.L. 68 Lewis. BACK ROW: Martha Hiam, Robyn Reid. 70 On Janu ary 23, the Grad Dance Com- mittee sponsored a semi-forrrial dance for grades nine to eleven. The dance was held at the school and those invited included boy- friends and also boys from L.C.C. ' s grades nine to twelve. Although the dance started at 8:00 p.m. with very few people, the num- bers rapidly increased, and by the time it ended, at 12:40 p.m., it was obvious that the event had been a success. For entertain- ment, Neil Tolchinsky dee-jayed and put on a light-show. All proceeds went towards the Grad Dance. Merrilyn Hodgson (Organiser) 71 BARCLAY: House Mistress, Miss Gardiner; House Heads, Anna Feindel and Chris Wheeler. ROSS: House Mistress, Miss Armbruster; House Heads, Debbie Roberts and Joanne Cook. CUMMING: House Mistress, Mrs. Ritson; House Heads, Kim Finley and Barbara Markowitz. FAIRLEY: House Mistress, Mrs. Calinoiu; House Heads, Yoko Ohzeki and Sandra Sundborg. DONALD: House Mistress, Miss Templeton (absent); House Heads, Alessandra Cravero and Anne Wood. DONALD Fellow Donaldites, although many people say that only nerds could come up with the Creep Car- son Show and a duck sculpture that looked more like a cracked boiled egg, and although we ' re incUned to agree, we ' d Uke to give a quack of thanks to our house mascots, Donald Duck and Miss Templeton, to our Form IV Rep, Sherly, and especial- ly to all Donaldites for making it a fun year. A.W. and A.C. FAIRLEY So far this year, Fairley has been coming along very steadily, winning interhouse tennis, los- ing interhouse basketball, coming third in the house play " Bier Burnett " , last at the Traf Carnival, and first in house points at the end of the first term. Don ' t forget, Fairleyites; the year isn ' t over. We haven ' t struck out yet. Thank you all. We are both glad that we got to know more of you, and we have enjoyed working with you! Y.O. and S.S. 72 GUMMING This year, Cumming House has expanded and already, the effects of this added enthusiasm are showing. Gaining the greatest number of Traf miles in the first jogging marathon, we went on to a second place finish in the House Plays. And one, and two, and three So far we have shown well in most interhouse sports competitions and have maintained a good spot in the house points race. We hope Cummingites will always be proud of their house and work had to keep up the Cum- ming House standard! Special thanks to Mrs. Ritson and to our fellow Cummingites for their help and happy faces all year long. K.C.F. and B.M. BARCLAY We had a bad start this year but pulled up very quickly. We did well at the winter carnival, coming in second, and collected many points from our members. Stay ahead and start the house plays early. Keep it up, Barclay! We ' ll make it!! A.F. and C.W. ROSS Well, Ross, it has been a pretty good year! The house play was a success due to the great support from all of you. Even though we didn ' t make it in the basketball competi- tion, we will clean up in volleyball. Keep those house points coming in, and keep up the good work. Good luck next year! J.C. and D.R. 73 THE TRAP TROUPE The latest addition to Trafs extracur- ricular activities is " The Traf Troupe " directed by Miss Gardiner. Our newly formed drama club made its debut by twice performing the mystery " Who Killed Aunt CaroUne? " . Re- hearsals, jammed into odd time slots and un- usual stages such as the cafeteria, began in mid September in preparation for the performance of Nov. 7. Scripts were removed in mid October and Sunday rehearsals began. As well as the actresses, there were those responsible for pubHcity, scenery, prompting, costumes, make- up and hghting. Due to its success, the Traf Troupe will continue to perform other plays in the future, and next year we hope to obtain a few more understudies. (Thank-you Jennifer Marler) See ya next year! Sue and Trina (Agnes and Eleanor) STUDENT DIRECTORY -A- Albulet, Mary, 99 Place Charles Lemoyne, B-2803, Longueuil, J4K 2T2 Anninos, Violetta, 7490 Marengo Place, Brossard, J4Y 1 A7 Archontakis, Joanne, 7215 De L ' Epee Ave., Montreal, H3N 2E2 -B- Bachynski, Caroline, 78 Thurlow Road, Hampstead, H3X 3G9 Baillie, Janis, 2897 Graham Blvd., Town of Mount Royal, H3R1J5 Balaze, Kelly, 2455 Montmartre Crescent, Brossard, J4Y 1N6 Ball, Virginia, 351 Redfern Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2G4 Ballem, Sara, 360 Wood Ave., Westmount, H3Z 1Z2 Bannatyne, Tammy, 1 19 Astoria Ave., Pointe Claire, H9S 5B1 Bardecki, Patricia, 4990 Circle Road, Montreal, H3W 1Z7 Baron, Andrea, 2210 Bourgoin St., St. Laurent, H4R 1M9 Bassett, Christina, 636 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2S8 Beadle, Sheryl, 125 Chartwell Crescent, Beaconsfield, H9W 1C2 Bell, Alexa, 345 Redfern Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2G4 Benet, Karen, 1862 Gray St., St. Bruno, J3V 4G3 Benjamin, Louise, 174 Harland Rd., Montreal, H3X 3E8 Beresford, Clare, 4557 Sherbrooke St., Apt. 304, Montreal, H3Z 1E8 Beukers, Nicole, 462 Wood Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3J2 Bhargava, RoopaU, 823 55th Ave., Lachine, H8T 3B5 Biernaski, Lynne, 207 Baderwood Dr., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 1 R6 Bijok, Gisele, 71 1 Miller, Greenfield Park, J4V 1W6 Black, Andra-Lee, 3045 Cedar Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1Y8 Blackburn, Sandra, 6302 de Bellefeuilles, St. Leonard, HIS 1C2 Bock, Madeline, 640 Alexis Nihon Blvd., St. Laurent, H4M 2B2 Bockler, Eve, 4089 Grand Blvd., Montreal, H4B 2X4 Boesenberg, Brigitte, Box 330, St. Luc, JOJ 2A0 Borner, Heidi, 17 Grenville Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1V9 Borner, Hilary, 17 Grenville Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1V9 Borner, Megan, 17 Grenville Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1V9 Bourne, Patricia, 630 Victoria Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2R9 Brodie, GilUan, 600 Lansdowne Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V8 Brougham, Nancy, 4086 West Hill Ave., Montreal, H4B2S6 Brown, Cory, 1840 Gray Street, St. Bruno, J3V 4G3 Brown, Sandra, 1 190 Kenilworth Rd., Montreal, H3R 2R6 Brown, Sandra, 589 Laurie Ave., Greenfield Park, J4V 2A4 Brumwell, Jane, 2520 Bernini, Brossard Buchholz, Susan, 1270 rue Cap Eternite, Duvernay, Laval, H7E 3K1 Burrows, Anne-Marie, 3415 Girouard Ave., Apt. 1401, Montreal, H3Y 2S4 -C- Cameron, Susan, 4386 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Montreal, H3Z 1 L3 Camp, Katherine, 74 Easton Ave., Montreal West, H4X 1L2 Campbell, Naomi, 4800 Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Apt. 504, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Catterill, Michelle, 507 Claremont Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2N6 Champagne, Connie, 3510 Walkley Ave., Montreal, H4B2K3 Cheftechi, Cherine, 135 Place Cote Vertu, Apt. 303, Montreal ,H4N 1G4 Cherrier, Heather, 4595 Prince of Wales, Montreal, H4B2L2 Collier, Patricia, 370 Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L6 Cook, Joanne, 4938 Coolbrooke Ave., Montreal, H3Y2V6 Cook, Pamela, 4938 Coolbrooke Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2V6 Cravero, Alessandra, 403 Clarke Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3C3 Cunningham, Janis, 4 Harrow Place, Beaconsfield, H9W5C7 -D- Dale, Danica, 308 Grosvenor Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2L9 De Castro, Ana, 1700 McGregor Ave., Apt. 16, Montreal, H3H 1B4 Denning, Sylvia, 5320 MacDonald Ave., Apt. 901, Hamp- stead, H3X 2W2 Devey, Jennifer, 1 19 Blenheim Place, Westmount, H3Z 2K8 di Fiore, Anna, 2 Place Lalemant, Chateauguay Center di Fiore, Laura, 2 Place Lalemant, Chateauguay Center Dodis, Marina, 225 Lakeshore Road, Pointe Claire, H9S4K6 Dodson, Kilby, 1620 Seaforth Ave., Montreal Doherty, Donna, 778 Barden St., Greenfield Park, J4V2G2 Duncan, Andrea, 365 Elmridge Ave., Dorval, H9S 2Z6 -E- Ebsworth, Angela, 371 Clairevue Blvd. W., St. Bruno, J3V ISl Elias, Jennifer, 1 100 McGregor Ave., Apt. 808, Montreal Essaris, Peggy, 1680 Rockland Rd., Montreal, 3H9 2Y3 -F- Facci, Maria, 368 Metcalfe Ave., Montreal, H3Z 2J3 Feindel, Anna, 3940 Cote des Neiges, Apt. A-31 , Montreal, H3H 1W2 Finkelstein, Patty, 5698 Merrimac Rd., Cote St. Luc, H4W 1S6 Finley, Kim, 1270 Heron Rd., Apt. 222, Dorval, H9S 1B5 Ford, Gillian, 107 Walnut Dr., Bale d ' Urfe, H9X 2G6 Foster, Jody, 384 Dawn St., LaSalle, HSR 2Y4 Fox, Marietta Ann, 1820 McGregor Ave., Apt. 512, Montreal, H3H 1B4 Eraser, Wendy, 280 Revere Ave., Montreal, H3P ICl Furlotte, Kathleen, 10921 Drapeau St., Montreal North, H1H3K1 -G- Gantcheff, Elena, 723 Dunlop Ave., Outremont, H2V 3W5 Gaty, Debbie, 4760 Circle Road, Montreal, H3W 1Z3 GeUneau, Cathy, 460 des Boleaux, St. Bruno, J3V 2J8 Guy, Consuelo, 4359 Montrose Ave., Montreal, H3Y 2B2 -H- Hall, Pamela, 368 Courtland Ave., Dorval, H9S 2R9 Hamihon, Carla, R. R. 1, Box 210, New Richmond Hamilton, Theresa, R. R. 1, Box 210, New Richmond Hancock, Martha, 3194 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S3 Hancox, Alison, 623 Victoria Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2R8 Hannan, Alison, 1975 Fleming Rd., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 2N1 Hardy, Janet, 1530 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G ICl Harries, Joanna, R.R. 1, Senneville, H9X 3L2 Harris, Caroline, 3015 Barat Rd., Westmount, H3Y 2H4 Hashim, Florence, 154 Oliver St., Cowansville, J2K IJl Hawley, Fiona, 1245 Peloquin St., Brossard Hav ley, Karen, 1245 Peloquin St., Brossard Heck, Angelina, 31 Les Cedres, Laval Sur le Lac, H7R 1C4 Hellmann, Kerry, 350 Kensington Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2H3 Helm, Tracy, 1731 Carolyn Ave., St. Bruno, J3V 2W1 Helpard, Melanie, 4155 Melrose Ave., Montreal, H4A 2S5 Heuser, Lesley, 369 Seigniory Crescent, Mont St. Hilaire, J3H 2V3 Hiam, Martha, 66 Chesterfield Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2M5 Hilchey, Elizabeth, 3450 Atwater Ave., Montreal, H3H 1 Yl Hill, Trina, 7 Jubilee St., Greenfield Park, J4V 3A7 Hirbod, Susan, 4921 Rosedale Ave., Montreal, H4V 2H3 Hodgson, Merrilyn, 599 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y2V1 Hoffer, Shelley, 720 Upper Roslyn Ave., Montreal, H3Y 1H9 Housden, Lisa, 499 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2 V4 Howatson, Heather, 3030 Breslay Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2G7 Hsu, Eleanor, 44 Anwoth Road, We§tmount, H3Y 2E7 Hubbard, Shannon, 780 Churchill Blvd. W., St. Lambert, K4R INl Hughes, Simone, 2660 McWillis St., St. Laurent, H4N 2N0 -J- Jardine, Beth, 153 Fairview St., DoUard des Ormeaux, H9A 1V5 Javet, Lorraine, 50 Vanier, Green Island, Laval, H7Y 1K2 Jayasekera, Shamala, 29 Simcoe Ave., Mount Royal, H3P 1W4 Jeschek, Angehna, 377 Eugene St., Fabreville, H7P 2R9 Johnston, Judy, 349 Kindersley Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3R1R8 Jones, Andrea, 4850 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y lYl Judah, Mimi, 146 Rabastaliere W., St. Bruno, J3V 1L2 -K- Karpel, Bettina, 4850 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 1004, Montreal, H3V 1G5 Kihmm, Helen, 7300 Pelletier Blvd., Brossard King, Sally, 188 Centennial Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W2J7 Klein, Susan, 2842 Bedford Road, Montreal, H3S 1G2 Knobovitch, Heidi, 5887 Centennial Ave., Apt. 82, Montreal, H4W 1T2 Kredl, Kathy, 550 Monk Sf., He Bizard, H9E 1B2 Kritselas, Georgia, 7813 Stuart Ave., Montreal, H3N 2R7 Krueger, Lynn, 157 Windcrest Ave., Hudson, Box 322, JOP IHO Kyne, Francesca, 5592 Queen Mary Road, Hampstead, H3X 1W7 -Ir Lacey, Belaine, 174 Wexford Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1E2 Lacey, Jacqui, 174 Wexford Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1E2 Lane, Denise, 12 Lakeshore Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W4H3 Lawrence, Robyn, 1355 LeBlanc Blvd., Duvernay, Laval Legge, Martha, 4 Tunstall Ave., Senneville, H9X ITl Legge, Suzanne, 4 Tunstall Ave., Senneville, H9X ITl Leibovitch, Isabelle, 4850 Cote des Neiges Rd., Apt. 707, Montreal Leigh, Heather, 335 Etienne Brule, St. Bruno, J3V 2N7 Levy, Sandra, 190 Finchley Rd., Montreal, H3X 3A5 Lewis, Janet, 4784 Victoria Ave., Montreal, H3W 2N1 Liontos, Anthea, 4480 de Maisonneuve Blvd., Westmount, H3Z 1L7 Lis, Martina, 3119 Brighton Ave., Montreal, H3S 1 VI Lukas, Heidi, 733 Lac St. Louis Rd., Ville de Lery Lunan, Heather, 6460 Monkland Ave., Apt. 13, Montreal, H4B 1H3 Lunan, Monique, 6460 Monkland Ave., Apt. 13, Montreal, H4B 1H3 Lunny, Allyson, 5275 Borden Ave., Montreal, H4V 2T2 Lynch-Staunton, Gabrielle, 31 14 Daulac Rd., Montreal, H3Y 1Z9 -M- MacFarlane, Christina, 6780 Biarritz, Brossard, J4Z 2A2 Mahon, Robin, 103 Sunnyside Ave., Westmount, H3Y lEl Mandry, Rosemary, 27 Upper Trafalgar PL, Montreal, H3H 1T2 Manessis, Debbie, 3244 Cote de Liesse, Montreal, H4N 2P4 Marler, Jennifer, 4800 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Apt. 316, Montreal, H3Z 1M2 Markowitz, Barbara, 320 Elm Ave., Westmount, H3Z 1Z5 Marshall, Susan, 36 Merton Crescent, Hampstead, H3X 1L6 McKenna, Jo-Anne, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 McKenna, Mary, 359 Simcoe Ave., Montreal, H3P 1X3 Mehnert, Maren, 333 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2J2 Meikle, Marilyn, 4355 Grand Blvd., Apt. 12, Montreal, H4B 2X7 Metzgar, Diana, 6 Trianon St., DoUard des Ormeaux, H9A 2HB Milde, Michaela, 165 Brookfield Ave., Town of Mount Royal, H3P 2 A3 Miller, Shirley, 1360 D ' Auteuil Blvd., Duvernay - Laval, H7E 3V4 Milligan, Nan, 198 Kensington Ave., Beaconsfield, H9W2J3 Milloy, Kimberley, 90 Courtland St., Chateauguay, J6J 1 V5 Miner, Anne, 1319 Redpath Crescent, Montreal, H3G 1 Al Molnar, Susanna, 4854 Cote des Neiges, Apt. B-61 1, Montreal, H3V 1G7 Moore, Wendy, 587 Lansdowne Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2V7 Moore, Siobhan, 4998 de Maisonneuve W., Apt. 1116, Westmount H3Z 1N2 Morgan, Nancy, 46 Academy Rd., Apt. 14, Montreal, H3Z 1N6 Morganfi, Jane, 3377 Appleton Ave., Montreal, H3S 1L7 -N- Neapole, Laurie, 18 Strathcona Drive, Montreal, H3G 1E2 Nemerever, Lark, 31 Redpath Place, Montreal, H3G 1E2 Noel, Alison, 105 Champlain Blvd., Candiac, J5R 3T1 Noel, Joan, 105 Champlain Blvd., Candiac, J5R 3T1 -O- Gates, Louisa, 554 Roslyn Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2T8 Ogilvy, Robyn, 1001 Lake St. Louis Rd., Ville de Lery, J6N 1A4 Ohzeki, Yoko, 37 Roxborough Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1M3 O ' Reilly, Karen, 43 Hyde Park, Beaconsfield, H9W 5L7 Otley, Kathy, 14 A. Senneville Rd., Senneville Ottley, Andrea, 5228 Byron St., Montreal, H3W 2E9 Ottolenghi, Natalie, 741 Cote St. Catherine Rd., Outremont, H3T 1A4 -p- Panet-Raymond, Danielle, 511 Clarke Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3C5 Paradissis, Athena, 1900 Van Home Ave., Montreal Paterson, Karen, 66 Hyde Park, Beaconsfield, H9W 5L8 Peabody, Melissa, 432 Doric Drive, Beaconsfield, H9W 3X1 Pedersen, Susan, 12 Windsor Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2L6 Peterson, Keri, 37 Rue de la Broquerie, Boucherville Pettigrew, Lynn, 91 Parkdale Ave., Pointe Claire, H9R 3Y6 Pilley, Kathleen, 1382 McGregor Ave., Montreal, H3G 1B7 -R- Rankovich, Belinda, 3565 Balzac St., Ville Brossard, J4Z 2G2 Rasmussen, Sonya, 486 Mountain Ave., Westmount Reid, Gillian, 494 Wood Ave., Montreal, H3Y 3J2 Reid, Robin, 494 Wood Ave., Montreal, H3Y 3J2 Riesman, Diana, 4360 Westmount Ave., Westmount, H3Y 1W7 Rivard, Nathalie, 3777 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 426, Montreal, H3H 1V8 Roberton, Andrea, 16 Elmwood, Senneville, H9X 1T4 Roberton, Cynthia, 16 Elmwood, Senneville, H9X 1T4 Roberts, Cynthia, 178 Du Beam St., St. Lambert, J4S ILl Roberts, Deborah, 178 Du Beam St., St. Lambert, J4S ILl Robichaud, Kim, 239 Vanier, Apt. D, St. Jean, J3B 3R7 Robillard, France, 13136 Aragon St., Pierrefonds, H9A 1C7 Rosenstein, Barbara, 4840 Cedar Crescent, Montreal, H3W 2H9 Rosevear, Mary, 1688 Place Seigneuriale, St. Bruno, J3V4E4 Roten, Linda, 1205 Jean de Brebeuf, Duvernay - Laval, H7E 3Y8 Rye, LesUe, 445 Stream Avenue, Dorval, H9S 2P9 -S- Sagritalo, Glenice, 2180 Place St. Louis, St. Laurent, H4M IRl Salmon, CaroUne, 3524 Northcliffe Ave., Montreal, H4 A3 K8 Samis, Jill, 35 Brynmor Ave., Montreal West, H4X 2A8 Samuel, Anne, 561 Kindersley Ave., Montreal, H3R 1S3 Saputo, Virginia, 131 Wilson Rd., DoUard des Ormeaux, H9A 1X7 Schirmer, Susi, 2055 Dutrisac, Apt. 512, Ville St. Laurent, H4L 4K9 Schwenk, Elizabeth, 4302 Montrose Ave., Westmount, H3Y 2A5 Senecal, Usa, 1690 Ave. du Pare, St. Bruno, J3V lYO Senecal, Lynn, 1690 Ave. de Pare, St. Bruno, J3V lYO Senecal, Susan, 1690 Ave. de Pare, St. Bruno, J3V lYO Shah, Nooreen, 3470 Simpson St., Apt. 504, Montreal, H3G 2J5 Shanks, Danielle, 125 Somervale Gardens, Apt. 1, Pointe Claire, H9R 3H6 Shea, Diane, 468 Mountain Ave., Westmount, H3Y 3G2 Sheridan, Melanie, 6590 Terrebonne Ave., Montreal, H4B 1 B4 Shetler, Laurie, 56 St. Sulpice Rd., Montreal, H3Y 2B7 Shore, Constance, 3682 The Boulevard, Westmount, H3Y 1S8 Skiadas, Diana, 75 Fernhill Ave., Outremont, H2V 2S2 Smeaton, Elizabeth, 3455 Limoges, St. Laurent, H4K 1Y2 Sorby, Bettina, 206 Darwin Park, Nuns ' Island Sorby, Sunniva, 206 Darwin Park, Nuns ' Island Spence, Dana, 158 Surrey Drive, Town of Mount Royal Spence, Kara, 158 Surrey Drive, Town of Mount Royal Spotton, Lori, 323 Grosvenor Ave., Westmount, H3Z 2M3 Stone, Wendy, 1 100 McGregor Ave., Apt. 715, Montreal, H3A1A8 Subak, Eleonora, 209 Elgar Drive, Nuns ' Island Sum, Joan, 4945 Circle Road, Montreal, H3W 1Z8 Sundborg, Sandra, 108 Jubilee St., Greenfield Park, J4V3A8 Szabolcsy, Catherine, 4095 Cote des Neiges Rd., Apt. 16 Montreal, H3H 1W9 -T- Tilden, Julia, 74 Winston Circle, Pointe Claire, H9S 4X6 Todd, Joanne, 4635 Madison Ave., Montreal Tolchinsky, Leslie, 85 Gordon Crescent, Westmount, H3Y 1M9 Townsend, Heather, 3488 Northcliffe Ave., Montreal H4A 3K7 Trakas, Nele, 5746 Northmount Ave., Montreal, H3S 2H5 Tramontin, Francesca, 1963 Victoria Ave., LoneueuiL S4J 3E1 Turcotte, Lorraine, 6 10- 17th Avenue, Lachine, H8S 3P5 -V- Van Gelder, Terry, 150 Willowdale Ave., Dollard des Ormeaux, H9A 1R9 Van Heyst, Carina, 3460 Simpson St., Apt. 606, Montreal, H3G 2J4 -W- Wahab, Nadia, 24 Edgehill Road, Westmount, H3Y 1E8 Ward, Nancy, 3071 Ste. Therese Rd., Chambly, J3L 2B6 Wathey, Norma, P.O. Box 18, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, 2255 Wathey, Wilma, P.O. Box 18, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, 2255 Weeks, Janet, 201 Metcalfe Ave., Apt. 627, Westmount, H3Z 2H7 Weinstein, Caren, 4760 Cote des Neiges, Apt. 209, Montreal, H3W2E1 Weinstein, Franceen, 148 Fairview Ave., Dollard des Ormeaux Westphal, Michele, 202 Berlioz Park, Nuns ' Island, Montreal, H3E 1B8 Wheeler, Chris, 1212 Pine Ave., Apt. 1608, Montreal, H3G 1A9 Wigley, Georging, 258 Senneville Rd., Senneville, H9X 3L2 Wise, Barbara, 316 Dufferin Road, Hampstead, H3X 2Y5 Woelber, Naomi, 32 Reid St., Chateauguag, J6J 2N5 WoUmann, Daphne, 397 DubUn Rd., Beaconsfield, H9W 1 V3 Wood, Anne, 383 Ashbury Road, Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa, Ontario, KIM 0R9 -Y- Yang, Cathy, 3488 Cote des Neiges Road, Apt. 402, Montreal -Z- Zannis, Antonia, 3511 Benny Ave., Montreal, H4B 2S1 78 AWARDS 1974 THE TRAFALGAR CUP, awarded to the most public-spirited of the Senior girls, who at the same time has maintained a high standard of conduct and shown devotion to her work, was awarded to Louanne Beadle. THE FORSYTH CUP, awarded to the Senior girl who has made the most of her opportunities, showing herself friendly and helpful to all, was awarded to Sherry Lunan. THE GOVERNORS ' MEDAL, awarded to the girl who has maintained the highest academic average throughout the final year, was awarded to Winnie Tse. THE CUMMING PRIZE, was awarded for a high standard of work and conduct, unfaiHng courtesy and cheerfulness to Joanne Turcotte. THE FAIRLEY PRIZE, was awarded for a high standard of work, loyalty and contributions to the Hfe of the school to Mary Archontakis. THE JANE WEDDLE MEMORIAL TROPHY, awarded to a Fifth Form girl for courtesy, character and academic achievement, was awarded to Terri Johnson. ACADEMIC PRIZES AWARDED TO THE SIXTH AND FIFTH FORMS Margaret Buchholz — General Proficiency, French, Biology Mary Archontakis — General Proficiency, Spanish, French Winnie Tse — General Proficiency, History, French, Mathematics Joanne Turcotte — General Proficiency, French Ruth Simons — General Proficiency, Physics Mary Ann Ogilvy — General Proficiency, Geography Sally Wyatt — General Proficiency Sheila Burns — French Jackie Hall — Goldstein Medallion Louise Benjamin — General Proficiency Andrea Baron — General Proficiency Lorraine Turcotte — General Proficiency Anne Wood — General Proficiency Janet Lewis — General Proficiency, Chemistry Susan Senecal — General Proficiency Eleanor Hsu — General Proficiency Christina Macfarlane - General Proficiency THE BRYAN PRIZE Presented by the Traflagar Old Girls ' Association for creative writing to Mary Archontakis. Honourable Mention: Trina Hill. INTERHOUSE AWARDS THE SHIELD for the greatest number of points during the year: Donald House. THE BASKETBALL CUP: Gumming House THE VOLLEYBALL CUP: Barclay House THE BADMINTON CUP: Gumming House THE FIELD DAY CUP: Donald House THE WALKER CUP to the winner of the House Compefifion: Fairley House. THE LUCILLE ROBERT CUP to the student earning the most House Points: Joanne Cook of Ross House. 80 OLD GIRLS ' NOTES THE CLASS OF ' 75: Almost all the girls are at colleges in Quebec. Cathy Ferguson, Reisa Lash, Sherry Lunan, Margaret Pigot, and Linda Wilson are at Champlain Regional College, Lennoxville. Mary Archontakis, Sunita Chopra, Bronwen Creswell, April Kape, Deb Perry, Eva Ruta, Nicola Spotton, and Johanne Turcotte are at Marianopolis. Louanne Beadle, Donna Charters, Jackie Hall, Mary Hyde, Carol Kimoff, and Jackie Larrett are at John Abbott. Donna McMurray is at Vanier, and Margot Judah is attending O ' SuUivan Business College. A few girls are outside the province. Margrit Buch- holz won a scholarship to U.N.B. in Fredericton. Mary Ann Ogilvy and Ruth Simons are at school in Switzerland, at Neuchatel Junior College and Pensionnat Pres Fleuris, respectively. Winnie Tse is at Wellesley College in the U.S.A. Sally Wyatt is at Branksome Hall in Toronto. GENERAL NEWS HONOURS TO OLD GIRLS: ELAINE ROSS MAY, of the Class of 1940, was one of 60 Canadians recently appointed to membership in the ' Order of Canada ' by the Governor-General. She attained this distinction for her work in Occupational Therapy. After a notable career in this field, she organized the Occupational Therapy unit of the first Psychiatric Day Centre at the Montreal General Hospital, and is also creator of the Montreal United Workshop Association, which assists severely disabled, unemployed adults. ALICE JOHANNSEN, director of McGill ' s Gault Estate, was last spring awarded an honorary LL.D. by St. Thomas University in Fredericton; she was also named recently as one of Montreal ' s leading women by the Y.W.C.A. COLLEGE NEWS: Among those who received degrees last spring were JANE EVERETT, B.A., Bishop ' s; ANN ROBERTS, LINDA SABOLO, BUFFY WILLIAMS, and CATHEY CALDER, B.A., Concordia; LYNN BUCHANAN, B.Sc, Concor- dia; GLORIA WATERS, B.A., McGill, First Class Honours in Psychology, University Scholar; DIANA FALKNER, B.A., Honours Geography, and LIZ RUBENSTEIN, B.A., Honours EngUsh, University of Toronto. LIZ is now taking the post- graduate Teacher ' s Diploma course at the McGill Faculty of Education. Among the many Trafites who are still at univer- sity, CINDY ERASER, SANDRA HARRIS and CLAIRE PANET-RAYMOND are in First Year at Queen ' s, the two latter both having been awarded entrance scholarships. At McGill, LYNN MORGAN was this year ' s winner of the Grace Fair- ley Trafalgar Scholarship, on entering University I, while KATHY McCUAIG, on entering her final year in Honours EngUsh and History, was awarded the $1,000 Dow-Hickson Scholarship in EngUsh; DANNY KRAUS is in First Year Medicine, while sister DEBBIE is in Second Year Honours History. Susan Ogilvy is in First Year at Bishop ' s, and LIZ PIGOT in Third Year Science at U.N.B. WENDY VERRIER is doing very well in First Year at the University of Alberta, where she is taking Fine Arts in a restricted class which has been whittled down from 23 to 10 students. MARY HILTY is taking a paramedical course at New York University. After completing First Year at St. Francis Xavier College in Antigonish, JEANIE McKENNA is spending her second year in the Hebrides in Scotland, continuing her studies in GaeUc Uterature. ABROAD: Before starting school in Switzerland, RUTH SIMONS spent August in Switzerland studying French and German, then spent September visiting in HoUand and Belgium. SUSANA TORRENTS is at boarding school in Montreux, but stiU likes Traf best! MARY KELSEY continues to lead a very busy Ufe. After an archaeological trip to Crete, Rumania and Bulgaria, she is now teaching Senior History in a London high school, and is beginning her Ph.D. at London Univer- sity on the subject of Roman dress and fashion within the Celtic background. This will involve research as far afield as Hungary. In addition, Mary is getting married next autumn and she and her fiance are busy redecorating the lodge gate house of his estate in Kent and drawing up plans for rebuilding the manorhouse. MISCELLANEOUS: SHERRY DAWS-KNOWLES GOODRIDGE was recently the subject of an arficle in a Halifax paper as Canada ' s only female foreign going deck officer. Sherry has now passed her written examinations and electronics navigation instruments practical examinations and after oral exams in April will receive her " Watchkeeping Certificate " , which wiU quaUfy her to sail as Second Mate Home Trade or Third Mate Foreign Going. At present she is on a three- month trip on CSS " Baffin " to West Africa, doing a hydrographic survey off the coast of Senegal and also doing some seismic work as part of the oil exploration programme. MARY ASSELIIsl-DAEMEN is working for the National Film Board as an artist and photographer; one of her important assignments was a 1 ,000 sUde study of St. Scholastique, before it was demoUshed to make way for Mirabel Airport. BELINDA KIRKWOOD RABINOVITCH graduated in law and is now Uving in Toronto; her sister, MICHELE, is stiU in Australia and graduated last spring from The Guild Teachers ' College in Ulfimo, New South Wales. FRANZISKA KNIPS is a lecturer at York University in Toronto. JANET BLANE graduated from Acadia in 1974 with a combined B.Sc. (Phys. Ed.) and B.Ed, and is teaching in AnnapoUs Royal, Nova Scotia. GAY McDOUGALL, after graduating from Carleton in 1974, received her McGiU Teacher ' s IJiploma last spring and is teaching in La Tuque. 81 MARRIAGES 1975 June Susan Henry to Richard Michael Nelles Stacey June Wendy Tomlinson to Clark Biesele August 15 Susan Kilburn (Edwards) to John A. H. Vanstone September Janet Chandler to E. Glen Allingham September Christina VinceUi to John Frank Morash October Debbie Spafford to CM .P. Baumberg November 15 Andrea Whittaker to Guy Thibaudeau Autumn Kathy ElUott to Ian Richard McCracken December 6 Patricia Shepherd to Donald David Campbell BIRTHS 1 1 03 75 Mr. and Mrs. P. Gainsbury (Elaine Caplan), a son 12 03 75 Mr. and Mrs. K. Siebrasse (Wendy Davies), a son 29 04 75 Mr. and Mrs. T. MuUan (Gail Chipchase), a daughter 29 04 75 Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul (Barbie Aylett), a son 1 1 05 75 Mr. and Mrs. J. Dowie (Clare Connor), a daughter 04 06 75 Mr. and Mrs. I. Lancashire (Anne Begor), a daughter, in Toronto 15 06 75 Mr. and Mrs. K. Mackenzie (Wendy Ross), a son 29 06 75 Mr. and Mrs. G. Doke (Elsbeth Schnezler), a son, in Toronto 18 07 75 Mr. and Mrs. P. Havercroft (PhyUis James), a son 25 07 75 Mr. and Mrs. D. Ashcroft (Maria Lubecki), a son 30 07 75 Mr. and Mrs. K. Stevens (Debbie Dunkerley), a son, in Port Arthur, Ont. 18 09 75 Mr. and Mrs. F. Greaney (Alice Paton), a daughter 18 09 75 Mr. and Mrs. T. Pov ell (Valerie Hornibrook) a son, in Wimbledon, Eng. 15 10 75 Mr. and Mrs. R. Hick (Linda Witherspoon), a daughter 17 10 75 Mr. and Mrs. W. Winslow (Janice Tanton), a daughter 20 12 75 Mr. and Mrs. B. Pearce (Colleen Heffernan), a son 05 01 76 Mr. and Mrs. P. Hyde (Beverley Monks), a son, in Halifax 16 01 76 Mr. and Mrs. F. Benfer (Frances Knox), a daughter 25 02 76 Mr. and Mrs. T. Redpath (Joan Marshall), a son, in Taupo, New Zealand 27 02 76 Mr. and Mrs. R. Pattee (Bonnie Carnell), a son 08 03 76 Mr. and Mrs. G. MacDougall (Barbie Hanson), a son, in Vancouver DEATHS August 25, 1975 September 6, 1975 October 15, 1975 January 25, 1976 Mrs. Edward Davidson Parker (Jean Robertson), Class of ' 22 Mrs. Laurie Redmond Teasdale (PauUne Mitchell), Class of ' 28 Patricia Anne Burbidge, Class of ' 49 Mrs. Harold Riordon (Ernestine Ellis), Class of ' 25 82 COMPLIMENTARY PARigNG IN BUILDING - ENTRANCE, 1255 MACKAY ST. of Canada Limited TRAFALGAR SCHOOL FOR GIRLS • Made to measure Clothing • Haberdashers • Custom Shirts • Custom Tailors Howarth s of Canada Limited 1444 ST. CATHERINE ST. W.. TELEPHONE: 861-9242 MONTREAL H3G 1 R3 TELEPHONE: 861-9243 OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIL 5:00 PM. 84 Compliments of Mr. Mrs. 1 UuA S. E. Jayasekera extends CONGRATULATIONS AND Compliments of Best Wishes for Continued Success To Mr. Mrs. D. P. Lewis THE 6RADS OF ' 76 Compliments of Two Little Mr. Mrs. J. H. Peabody X £1x69 XjlVllv Lunans THE CHURCH of ST. JAMES THE APOSTLE Say Thank You (Anglican) St. Catherine St. at Bishop Tra£! 85 Barbara Graham Noel Compliments of The Bock Family Compliments of Charles Rita Leigh Compliments of Lisa Frank Saputo REAL ESTATE ON THE WEST ISLAND CARESTA SERVICES LTD Caresta Building 4467 St. Catherine St. W. Westmount, Quebec 86 ima Image One Communications Limited • Audio Visual Marketing Communications Mr. Mrs. A. Cravero Compliments of Mr. Mrs. Naresh Bhargava Compliments of The Klein Family Compliments of Melanie Sheridan 87 COMPLIMENTS OF FRIENDS 88 WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF BOMARC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST QUEBEC CORPORATION MONTREAL 89 HUTCHESDN, JDHNSTDN, TDDD DUR5D Compliments of NOTARY - NDTAIRE ROOM 786 - ONE WESTMOUNT SQUARE WESTMOUNT, QUEBEC Mr. and Mrs. 931-2531 1 1 |JI 1 1 1 1 Lo LI 1 Nikolaos Trakas Mr. and Mrs. Everette P. Furlotte Compliments of John de Kuyper Son (Canada) Ltd. 90 AMERICAN MOTORS JEEP SALES SERVICE PARTS CENTER GREMLIN CJ5 CJ7 HORNETS i i fjg e f e buyer is protected RENEGADE SPO RT A B 0 U T by the exclusive buyer ' s CHEROKEE MATADOR protection plan! WAGON EE R TATIONWAGON TRUCK J ATTTO HFPTC T TEE 10300 PIE IX BLVD., MONTREAL NORTH. Phone 323-4330 Compliments of Compliments of THE BOSENBERGS Mr. and Mrs. Compliments of Baron Manufacturing Eugene N. Riesman Company you ' ll enjoy shopping at Simpsons one of Montreal ' s foremost department stores . . . where tfie surroundings, selections and service make shopping a pleasure. DOWNTOWN • FAIRVIEW • LES GALERIES D ' ANJOU • LE CARREFOUR LAVAL Compliments of MR. MRS. JACK 6ELINEAU Compliments of MR. MRS. HARVEY H. HOFFER n LE CHATEAU Compliments of Tel.: 861-1746 d am : m ' ina ' c . (President) RIVARD, LANGEVIN ET ASSOCIES INC. 1010 ouest, Ste-Catherine, Suite 906 Montreal, Quebec MR. MRS LOGAN R. BROWN 92 10 Compliments of THE KRUEGER FAMILY Compliments of THE SUNDBORGS Beauty at B irks Canada ' s leading jewellers in principal cities from coast to coast HOLT RENFREW Sherbrooke at Mountain Compliments of MRS. JOYCE H. L. LUNNY Compliments of MR. MRS R. ROTEN 93 Compliments of Compliments of THE KING FAMILY THE COMPANY LTD. KEEP UP THE Granby, Quebec GOOD WORK ESTABLISHED 1932 COLOR PASSPORT PHOTOS Rapid Service Available Montreal, H3H 1W1 MEYERS STUDIO Compliments of Telephone o4y- oz MR. MRS. Portraits in Living Color M. RABIN 1 121 St. Catherine St. West Montreal 94 THANKS AND ANONYMOUS BEST WISHES TO Compliments of MR. oc MRS. " TRAF " CLARENCE T THE BEADLES BRUMWELL BEST WISHES FROM THE KIRK SESSION Compliments of AND DR. MRS. CONGREGATION HUGH R. BRODlE OF THE CrlURCH OF ANONYMOUS AND ST. PAUL 95 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ENROLL NOW For TEENAGERS and ADULTS (16 years over) (All Ages) accredited driver education courses 1123 St. Catherine West YMCA, Ppinte Claire Certificate recognized by all insurance companies NEXT COURSES START: At Your School MONTREAL CITY For More Information and Free Brochure Call 884-7303 MOTOR LEAGUE 96 Bestseller! A little gold book of great interest. That ' s what you get when you open a Bonus Savings Account. It pays high interest and, although you can withdraw cash at any time (no charge), there are no cheques to tempt you. So, chances are, the more you read your little gold book, the more interesting your story gets. Ask for your copy today. It ' s free! See the friendly people at your nearest Royal Bank branch. ROYAL BAN K the helpful bank WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF ARTISTIC WOODWORK CO LIMITED 97 What isYoung? What is " young " - and when is it? Young is an attitude, a spirit. A way of looking at things. Of responding to them. It is not an age. Not a hairstyle or a piece of clothing or a musical beat. Young can be a child exam- ining his first marigold with wonder and delight .... or Verdi at 81 composing his finest opera. Young can be a teen-ager swinging on a surfboard .... or Einstein, in his 70 ' s, still working on his unified field theory, sailing his boat and playing his beloved fiddle. Young is not a monopoly of youth. It survives, and flourishes, everywhere the vision has been kept fresh, the muscles of the mind firmly toned, the juices flowing freely. Let ' s not cater to youth, for its own sake, for its shibboleths and , slogans and styles of the moment. Nor scorn it for any of those reasons. Instead, let ' s respect " young " . Wherever it may be found. Whether the beard is soft and curly or stiff and gray. Spirit has no colour. It is always translucent, with its own imaginative sheen. Youth should be listened to. But young should be followed. There is no generation gap between the young of any age. ERSTER PROyiNCIRL RIRIURVS Growing with Atlantic Canada. 98 Compliments of Joseph Lefebvre General Contractor Specialty Repairs of All Kinds Telephone 331 - 2641 Equipement et Produits Sanitaires Service d ' Entretien de Bureaux Complete Maintenance Services Cleaning Supplies Equipment ROBERISDN ILIUI MM 2446 RUE DANDURAND, MONTREAL 331 527-4548 99 LIBERTY IMPORT - EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED 1480 St. Amour Street Ville St. Laurent, P.Q. 100 J. BALAZE Vegh Crane Excavators Ltd. Telephone 2265 Desautels 656- 1 1 55-56 St. Hubert 678-7825 Compliments of FRY ' S SCHOOL SUPPLIES INC. Compliments of Established 1913 Audrey, Harry, lyeDoran arq Cynthia Roberts ivirio 1 1 n v r i • ■ 1 u no Compliments of INTEI aiicI EJ CTERIOR Metropolitan Parking Inc. 930 De Cou at The Gl( 937-392 ' celle 3n 6 101 HELLO LORI-ANIM! GOOD-BYE SUSAN! Lynn Lisa Senecal Compliments of Wendy Stone Family H ' TMC fV niZf e ' - ' ' l 5 Compliments of T. Mrs. Herbert C. Salmon 102 Your mother Auntie Gertie wants you would like you to be to be a Playboy Bunny., a doctor Great ! But what about you? If you think bushy tails look better on rabbits, take a look at some of the career programmes we offer: Commercial art, graphics, interior design, professional theatre Community recreational leadership, social service, business administration, data processing, commerce, executive secretarial science, retail management Mechanical technology, electrotechnology, civil engineering technology, chemical technology Nursing, radiography, cytotechnology, medical laboratory technology, nucleography, radiotherapy And, of course, we have excellent arts and science programmes Dawson College, admissions, 485 McGill Street (corner of Notre Dame) Telephone: 866-9313 Write or phone for more mformation about any of our programmes. Compliments of Bannockburn Farm Athelstan Montreal • Ottawa • Quebec Compliments of Mr. Mrs Hugo Facci TEL.: (514) 737-2155 CITATION ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CO. LTD. 4980 BUCHAN ST., SUITE lOO. MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA H4P 1S8 SHOPPING PROMENADE PLACE VILLE MARIE MONTREAL, P.O. 861-6950 easy way... Voyageur CANADA YEARBOOK SERVICES LTD. 628 Kent Street P.O. Box 239 Whitby, Ontario 104 I • •. ' ' ' • 5 : ■••v ;■ •

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