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1986 TRAFALGAR CASTLE SCHOOL 401 Reynolds Street Whitby, Ontario L1N3W9 Dear old Trafalgar Hear thou our hymn of praise. Hearts full of love we raise Proudly to thee. Thy splendour never falls, Truth dwells within thy walls, Thy beauty still enthralls DearT.C.S. Through thee we honour Truth, virtue, loveHness. Thy friendships e ' er possess Our constancy. Thy spirit fills us through. So we ' ll be ever true To our dear blue and blue OfT.C.S. O! Alma Mater: How can we from thee part? Thou only hast our heart. Dearest of schools. Thy glory we shall see Wherever we may be. Still love OfT.C.S. Our future rules. Cover design by Debra Eckensweiller 2 Mr. Ron Bowman was feted at a retirement shower in the fall where he received wonderful household goodies and was presented with a new TV! Twenty-eight years of faithful service to Trafalgar! Our Editors Editorial This year ' s yearbook was truly a chal- lenge. I came to it at the beginning of the year not knowing the first thing that goes into making a yearbook. The only thing I knew was how to take pictures. The rest I had to learn for myself. Mrs. Metselaar and Mrs. McKay were a great help. They both had to teach me virtually everything that deals with layouts and developing. For that I would like to thank them. Other people helped me a great deal. I would like to thank them all, especially Lisa and Lesley. Lisa was always there making me work when I was not in the mood, and Lesley worked on layouts and helped me do developing. Without their help I would never have gotten the book completed. I would just like to wish the next editor Good Luck, and say stick at it - the end is very rewarding. Hope you like the book ! Editor, Samantha Bentley Samantha Bentley and Natasha Pereira Index Title Page 1 Editorial 3 Senior Dinner 4 Commencement 5 Spirit Day 8 Bazaar 10 House Plays 12 Semi-Formal 14 Christmas Dinner 15 Ski Day 16 Principal Dean 21 Head Girl Student Council 22 Prefects 23 Faculty 24 House Staff 26 Our Classes Grade 13 28 Grade 12 34 Grade 11 36 Grade 10 38 Grade 9 40 Grades 7 and 8 42 Our Houses Carter 46 Farewell 48 Hare 50 Maxwell 52 Our Sports Basketball 54 Tennis Track 55 Soccer 57 Baseball 58 Volleyball 60 Our Interests Yearbook 60 Choir SCF 61 Piano Voice 62 Drama Debating 63 Swim Meet 64 Gymnastics 65 Clubs 66 Educational Experience Week 68 School Plays 74 May Day 76 Track and Field 78 Formal 80 Class Day 81 Our Advertisers 88 Our Addresses 94 Senior Dinner This traditional year-end celebration honours all our graduating students and gives representatives of school organizations an opportunity to reflect on their activities over the school year. Tears flowed freely as memories were shared and we realized how dear our fellow classmates had become and how very much they would be missed. In the immortal words of Browning we can sum up our year in verse: How sad and mad and bad it was! But then, how it was sweet! Commencement On Friday, September the sixth we began our new school year with the traditional ceremony to honour those who had arrived on scholarship, and our prize-winners from the past year. A total of eighteen scholarships for academic excellence were awarded along with numerous prizes, awards and bursaries. Grace Ngai entertained us with a beautiful piano recital, reminding us of the many-faceted talents of our students, not all of whom can be recognized on any one night. Following an inspiring valedictory address by Allison Christ, refreshments were enjoyed in the dining room. Do you really know what you ' re eating? Cheese! Another one? nq w remember Nicole, OVER the net ! Fondest Regards, Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Doyle 7 Cheers erupted from the school yard as houses gathered, mustered their ranks and raised their battle cries. Events of skill and daring were tempting « our students to exhibit their strengths . . . eating large vats of jello without utensils . . . racing the length of a tremendous field with heavy water buckets only to watch their now scanty contents trickle into heavily guarded receptacles . . . dressing one another while battling incredible handicaps ... all of this and more. When the final air band performance left us wanting to call in the talent scouts we were ready to call it a night. Special thanks to Dora Arulanandam, the Athletic Association, House Captains and all for a terrific time. Krista Riggs, Reporter Doing the Neutron Dance Save a Prayer Open Arms The S, C,F. Bazaar This year our bazaar was a great challenge for me and for the whole SCF group, but we worked very hard together. We outdid ourselves, raising approx. $4200 which allowed us to generously support our foster children, the Christopher Robin Home, Food-Share, the United Way, and other worthy charities. Each student worked together as one big family, devoting her time to help others less fortunate. Special thanks to Mrs. Davis who gave of herself to organize the whole event, and to the public for their essential support. I wish best of luck to the next president! Have a great year! Reporter, SCF President, Jane Chin Fashion Show The fashion show this year was a big success. After many weeks of preparation, practices, phone calls and fittings everything finally came together. Much to our delight, three male models joined our girls for the presentation of formal wear, adding just the right mood by their presence. Clothes were provided by India Fashions, Ruby ' s, Ricki ' s and Garbo ' s, with Valentino ' s graciously giving of their time to cut and style the girls ' hair. My special thanks to Mrs. McKay and all those others who helped me pull it off! Reporter - Lesley Forde 11 House Plays The houseplays this year were performed on December 4th. The award for best play was given to Carter House for ' The Lottery ' by Shirley Jackson. Each play was a successful one due to the excellent performances of all the actresses and directors. I would like to thank the crew for all their help. Good Job Everyone, a nd thanks! Ramona Grainge Hare House director, Jayne Burness chose ' Hands Across the Sea ' which involved mistaken identity comedy and pseudo high society carryings-on. The laughs from the audience proved it was well-received. Farewell ' s director, Tonya Hamilton presented a confusing comedy that had us rolling in the aisles! Nicole Hohenkirk and Sue Crawford gave splendid performances as conniving roommates, with Sue winning best actress award for her efforts. Judy ' s Flowers and Gifts is pleased to sponsor this page 12 ' The Lottery ' is a spine-chilling psychological drama of the type generally to be found in the Twilight Zone. Directed by Wendy Bruce, it had us sitting on the edges of our chairs as we anticipated the gruesome climax. Well done girls! Maxwell ' s ' Sorry Wrong Number ' was a suspense thriller selected by director Karen McCartney. Seema Nundy as a bed- ridden neurotic impressed the judges enough to win the adjudicator ' s award, and tried our patience with her whining ploys to be heard. Top notch performances all ' round! Semi-Formal Every year the school starts with a new idea of entertainment but the semi-formal dance is like a tradition, full of life and joy. This year our school invited Trinity College and most of our girls had their dates from Trinity. They had a great time with them, dancing all the time and eating the snacks with their boyfriends. The rest of the girls, whom I cannot forget to mention were divided into two groups - the majority found cute partners whom they tried to get to know as they were dancing, and the others danced alone, or watched, or took chips up to their rooms so that after the dance they could regain some of the calories dancing wears away. The dance was good; all of the girls were in beautiful dresses in exciting colours, full of life which had a good reflection on this dance party. Before I forget, Mr. Kamcke admitted in chapel the next morning that it was an excellent party. Naturally we were all too tired to look towards a new week of studying, but our memories will be with us forever. Marika Joannidis Christmas Dinner Christmas month is the month every person waits for patiently, especially us, because after four months full of tests, homework and exams, we want to change the atmo- sphere of the boring routine of school life. Every year our school tries to end it in a special night, by preparing a festive dinner. Most girls bring their families, which brings the added pleasure of being able to introduce our families to each other. The staff in the kitchen get very excited too, and at my table the coffee and tea were mixed together, however the taste was not bad. The Christmas dinner was not just food and talking, but a chance to sing together the traditional carols of the season, and listen while piano solos were delightfully presented. A small play put on by Mrs. Clarke ' s drama students ended our evening, made us laugh and leave the school with happy faces. Marika Joannidis 15 Ski Day Ski Day is the funniest day of our life! Every- body enjoys it in her own way as she experiences for the first, tenth or thousandth time the thrill of the cold and the challenge of the hills. Girls who knew how to ski enjoyed it by running the steepest hills while the others who did not know how to ski enjoyed lessons from a pro instructor. He made us nervous in the end, by saying always to " snow- plow " as we were falling down. Everyone of us was laughing at each other as we looked like white balls rolling in the powder and counted how many times everybody was falling down. The next day everybody suffered pains in their muscles which made sitting in chairs and walking very hard to do. Marika Joannidis What do you think? Is it me? Half time . . . 17 19 7 ' 20 Reprinted with permission from Castle Signatures Messages . . , from our Principal: As I sit down to write this annual message the sun is shining brightly, the grounds are in full bloom and all seems well with the world and our school. Obviously, there are some dark days behind us; they are ever with us. Still, the feeUng persists that this has indeed been a golden year at Trafalgar Castle. Our school prospers. Laughter rings through the halls. Serious study is evident in preparation for the upcoming final examinations. Sports teams play with vigour and, often enough, triumphantly. Our upcoming graduates are torn between loyalty to the school they have come to love and eager dreams of anticipation for the adventures that await them beyond our gates. We came together in September, some new, many old, to face the rigours of learning and living together. The mix has not always been easy. But now that the end is in sight we have grown into a full-blown community, tolerant of our differences, appreciative of the wealth of qualities that each member has brought to the school family. When, years from now, we pick up this book and leaf through its pages memories will flood back. Some will be sad but most, I feel certain, will be happy. The future awaits us to be faced and conquered; the past, as represented in these pages, is a treasure house that will sustain us as we face that future. I hope that for many of you this past year will be remembered as a golden room in that treasure house. . . . and from our Dean: " There are those who must have thought us daft From the way we cried together and the way we laughed. Well, some trust in chariots and some in big machines Some of you save diamonds, baby, some of us save dreams. " . . . Rod McKuen This past year you have laughed and cried together, studied and played together, lived together. All this is not always easy but it is a growing experience. Save your dreams and use them. Good health and happiness, Ann Wiggins Best of Luck, Mr. and Mrs. Chin 21 Our Head Girl As my days at Trafalgar become numbered, I look back at the events which made this special castle a place to remember. The happy times with close friends; the late night studying for a particularly difficult test; and the constant buzz of activity found within our familiar walls, are daily occurences in the bustle of our school life. One notices that I include the pronoun, ' our ' when speaking of T.C.S. Perhaps, it is because many of us leaving Trafalgar feel a part of our character remains at T.C.S. when we depart. Although not all of our experiences are enjoyable, a tolerant and appreciative attitude is developed. Our sch ool provides us with extracurricular activities and a multitude of diverse personaUties to learn and benefit from. The opportunity for success is available at T.C.S. and I hope that all of you utilize this chance. Set high goals for yourself and you will achieve! Best of luck in all of your future endeavours! love, Nicole Taylor Student Council BACK ROW (1-r): Jayne Burness, Karen McCartney, Sherene Sahib, Mary Rathwell, Petra Palm, Sheila Birchard, Nicole Taylor, Jane Chin, Samantha Bentley, Alison Gilmour. MIDDLE ROW: Natasha Pereira, Merrill Giffen, Ramona Grainge, Laurel Anderson, Karla Korchinsky, Anna Whitney, Susan Crawford, Kate Ball, Carrie Davidson, Mr. Kamcke. FRONT ROW: Carey Church, Briar Jamieson, Dora Arulanandam, Dianne Cox, Caroline Robertson, Jennifer McRae, Patricia Munroe. ABSENT: Kathy 22 Kim. I Sheila Birchard, Susan Crawford, Petra Palm, Alison Gilmour, Nicole Taylor, Jennifer McRae, Kate Ball, Mr. Kamcke. House Captains Miss Underhill, Susie Bruce, Wendy Bruce, Dora Arulanandam, Tonya Hamilton, Ann Steel, Jayne Burness, Seema Nundy, Karen McCartney, Mr. Kamcke. Mr. Shelson Mrs. Large Mrs. McKay, Mr. Kamcke, Mrs. Bagnall Mrs. Dantzer, Mrs. Swann, Mrs. McKay and Kyle Mrs. Kwietniowski, Mr. Wylie They also Serve . . . who sort our mail, check our accounts, clean our halls, serve and prepare our meals and tend to our handsome grounds! For these and thousands of other tasks we thank these wonderful people who seem always willing to come to our aid when we forget our locker keys . . . find trunks too awkward to manage alone, discover a light burned out when studying has to be done . . . the list goes on. Special thanks to Mrs. Smith for yummy salads, bagels, and doughnuts and all the other treats we receive. Mrs. B. Crawford Bursar Mrs. E. Greenslade Secretary Mrs. M. Knowles Reception Residence At left, our Assistant Dean, Miss Jennifer Moore selects a restaurant for an evening out while below housemothers, L. Sutherland and Miss Krey find the munchies right here are just great! Mrs. C. Bovaird Accounts Mrs. H. Luchka Library Mrs. J. Bryce Miss C. Miller Study Hall Nurse Grade Thirteens ELIZABETH ABRAHAMS F.A.: Sleeping; taking 5 hours to get ready; keeping Anna waiting. P.P.: people who are late!! Cherished Memories: Our trek to and from Arby ' s, The Beefeater Club in London. Future: To be a rich and successful business- woman, constantly surrounded by gorgeous rich men. Farewell: True friends are like diamonds precious but rare; false friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere. INGRID ANDERSON (Ingi, Dlnglebraln) F.A.: V.B., swim team, drama, solid gold dancing. Cherished Memories: late nights in room 10, Rosseau, plastic corks, Helga, mousechasing, Kate and 1 meet Cujo. Future: to become a nurse and deliver Anna ' s baby; a savage love affair with my trenchman; hollow cheeks. Farewell: Thanks Mom and Dad for this opportunity. Thanks N.B. for everything. LAUREL ANDERSON (Preppie. luiph, Ed) F.A.: Prez of debating society, student council, basketball, tennis, track, capt. of VB team. Cherished Memories: Sunday Chapel - what is it? Bells, The Keg with Sue, Kate ' s room. New York. Future: to judge Mr. P. at Fulford; be a prominent criminal lawyer who drives a BMW, be a YUP of the 1990 ' s! KATE BALL (Tide, Datlc, Muff, Sue) F.A.: Soccer, basketball, tennis, track, VB, Prez of Chem Club. Cherished Memories: Thurs. night TV marathons, Jane Doe (yes, Mr. P. - it was us) late night convos on the joys of womanhood! F.S.: holy snappers, ubie pay. Farewell: " Men kick friendship around like a football, but it doesn ' t seem to crack - women treat it like glass and it goes to pieces. " SAMANTHA BENTLEY F.A.: soccer, singing, acting. Yearbook Editor, photo- grapher, kicking walls. Cherished Memories: My very special friends: L.F., L.L., cake flghts, dark room, snow, kitchen raids, Paul Young concert, skiing and talks. P.P.: Hypocrites, and people who are supposed to be your friends. Future: To be happy, to have friends, to survive. Farewell: The friends you have now you will have forever. Don ' t risk them over stupid differences, its not worth it. I love you and I ' ll miss you (you know who you are.) We made it! SHEU.A BIRCHARD (HcIm) F.A.: soccer, VB, solid gold dancing, living. Cherished Memories: plastic corks, my sister Inga, Bus Stop Boogie Buddies. Future: to be a Rolling Stone and a millionaire by age 28. Farewell: Thanks Mom and Dadt NICOLE BERTRAND F.A.: volleyball, softball. Cherished Memories: Swiss Chalet diimers, sharing ID . . . not us! Montreal, Rosseau weekend, Tia Maria, O ' Tooles, all my friends, love ya, miss yal! Future: To be a successful business woman with an office of men under me. Farewell: Thank you Mom and Dad and to all my friends for their neverending support! MARLENE BRONTE-TINKEW F.A.: singing, SCF, debating. P.P.: people who snort, rock T-shirts, perverts. F.S.: Amadeus, Guess who called? Future: live in a cabin in the mountains and mind goats as Mrs. Harding. Farewell: It ' s been an interesting experience - special love to J.E. L.F. and B.H. 28 CAROLYN BURNS F.A.: not working, going to Trent, sticking bandaids on people, cottaging, Krug. P.P.: getting caught. F.S.: men screw up your life! Farewell: AdiosI Thanks Mom and Dad and all of my support team. JANE CHIN F.A.: SCF president. P.P.: when teachers ask me to stay after school. F.S.: I hate you! Farewell: Good luck grade 13 ' s. Hope to see you in the future. GILLIAN CHONG F.A.: drama, house volleyball. P.P.: Shower burns - I ' ll have them for life! F.S.: Shut up fool! Farewell: What can I say? It was a great place to visit but I wouldn ' t want to live here! SUSAN CRAWFORD (Snatch Crotchfom) F.S.: I ' m surrounded by good Samaritans - that ' s classic coming from you - I ' m just realistic. Cherished Memories: Thurs. night TV marathons, Kristina Lee ' s, Aima ' s " quest " in grade 12 washroom. Graduation ' 85. Farewell: Yes, it was worth it! MIRIAM DENHAM F.A.: basketball, VB, tennis, swimming, survival. P.P.: annoying people who continually ask what ' s the matter when nothing ' s the matter. F.S.: Go placidly amongst the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. Much thanks to Mom, Dad and U.P. for their love and support. Au Revoirl JULIE EVANS F.A.: Buying hairspray at IDA. P.P.: Girls who grunt, neon clothing, rock shirts. F.S.: Amadeus, sad! Future: to become Mrs. Cross and live in the land of fun and sun. Farewell: Good luck to all - thanks to M. BT. LESLEY FORDE p.p.: Saying Goodbye and possessive people. Cherished Memories: " The Rose " , spares with Di, B.H., M.BT., L.L., S.B., N.P., rainy weekends, the Blue Bomberl, Miss Moore and " Ralph " . Farewell: " HaU the CBS! Master and Servant! " I ' ll miss you all! Thanks to my family for all their support!! BERLINA FU F.A.: choir, outdoor activities. P.P.: Too much homework! F.S.: Good guys, keep on trying it. Farewell: Wish aU the TCS girls have a good time. MARIE-ANIK GAGNE Farewell: " The lips of the righteous teach many. But fools die for want of wisdom. You think you are cool to deny me for simplicity. Yes you ' ve gone for so long with your love for vanity. Yes you ' ve got the wrong interpretation mixed up with vain imagination. " Bob Marley MICHELLE GAUL F.A.: getting change for a dollar. P.P.: flies. F.S.: How ' s it going? Oh, you be quiet. Future: to have the largest empty coke can collection. ALISON GILMOUR F.A.: basketball, soccer, debating, drama, Pres of the Clean Locker Society! P.P.: People who call me Alice; the expression " same difference " . Favourite Memories: Nic ' s 21st birthday celebration, opera-going with Shiela; calculus angels. PRIYA HARRICHARAN F.A.: badminton, aerobics, kitchen raids, driving my roommate crazy with my outrageous diets. Cherished Memories: Karla in the talk room showing off her incongruous dimples. F.S.: Let sleeping animals lie! (esp. at 7 in the morning). Farewell: Thanks Miss Moore and Miss Wiggins for guiding me through those difficult times. Thanks Mom and Dad! F.A.: choir, music ensemble, voice. F.S.: I ' m not kidding! Farewell: I really like this school. Here, I ' ve learned a lot of things and enjoyed many experiences. 1 will miss everyone. AFSHAN JAVED F.A.: making sure Lillian is late for F R class and making sure Oliyog has business. F.S.: Lets go to Baskin Robbins! Farewell: Have faith and you shall succeed. GLORIA JEW F.A.: choir, piano, swimming. F.S.: What? Farewell: Though I have only spent two years here, TCS has given me lots of memories. This is my first year in a boarding school and will be remembered as one of the best of my Ufe. MARIKA JOANNIDIS F.A.: Writing letters, studying, computer club. P.P.: being sick on a weekend. F.S.: Oh my God! Oops!! Farewell: Hope to see you all again after graduation. It ' s been great meeting people from so many different countries. KARLA KORCHINSKY (D.ri«) F.A.: Social Convenor, swim team, debating, baseball team, men-chasing. Favourite Memories: Nik ' s Chippendales (The Beast), all-nighters with She, Rosseau, and being there when my friends have needed me. Future: to own a gorgeous male harem, live in an exotic foreign country, and drive a black Lamborghini. STEPHANIA LING F.A.: Choir, voice, fitness. Farewell: This is my first year as well as last year in TCS. Boarding has given me the chance to meet new friends and know more about the culture of another country. I learned to be independent. 1 will never forget TCS. Never! AMY LEE F.A.: Outdoor Activities, Choir. P.P.: Too many tests! F.S.: Shut up! Farewell: Good luck to all the Trafalgar girls. JENNIFER McRAE F.A.: soccer, baseball, Thurs. night TV with Sue Kate; helping Aiina look for diamond Dave. P.P.: people who think I ' m mad when I ' m not. F.S.: I ' m serious. Banana Whitney Houston! Farewell: Thanks Mom and Dad; Oli! LISA MOHAMMED F.A.: Computer club, tennis, squash and badminton. P.P.: waking up at 7 in the mornings! There ' s nothing worse! F.S.: Oh Flip! Farewell: Grade 13 at Trafalgar was an unforgettable experience for me and my friends - I will cherish all the memories, good and bad. NATASHA PEREIRA F.A.: Leader of resident commando force, occasional tree- climbing, yearbook editor, lunatic-at-large! Favourite Memories: Late night talks with the 3 Musketeers, Oshawa Centre with KT, the Christmas play. Farewell: Well people, it ' s been real, I won ' t say real what. Try to stay happy, it helps! PATRICIA MUNRO F.A.: fund-raising, baseball, drama, VP of Chem club with Kate. P.P.: crowds and heights. F.S.: Si me kish, ma kish, ma gash! Future: to be a public health counselling nurse. Farewell: I ' ll never forget my years at TCS and my friends! PETRA PALM (Pe.chy) Favourite Memories: New York, what a blast; we sure sparked up that city! The Black Tower at night; the Grad. P.P.: Dear old Grandma, wonder what the future holds in that life. F.S.: Guess how much I ' ve eaten? Don ' t let me eat a thing tomorrow. Farewell: It ' s been great! Keep in touch my friends. Thanks Mom, you ' ve helped a lot, you ' ve been like my sister! 31 PAMELA QUIRK F.M.: entering the U.C.C. cross country ski race and not knowing how to ski! P.P.: Walking all the way down to the pop machine only to find it ' s out of diet coke. F.S.: Get lost . . . really!? Yaaah! You guys are gross! Farewell: IVIy year at Trafalgar was truly memorable; thanks so much to my parents and my Aunt Mary for their encouragement and support. NAOMI SHUM F.A.: choir, cooking Chinese food (at school!) P.P.: 1 never get enough sleep in this school. F.S.: Just get it done and throw it behind your mind. Farewell: Trafalgar boarders - work hard during the week and enjoy all your weekends, hence, time flies! LILLIAN TZAMBAZIS F.A.: getting Afshan to F R. F.S.: Oh, my Buddah. Farewell: The best things in life don ' t come easy. DIANNE WHITE (Whiuy) F.A.: Cruising in the Queen IVlary with the windows down, loud music and Brett! P.P.; " I hate being wet! " F.S.; " No, you don ' t understand! " " Lesley, I ' ve had it! " Farewell; To my friends, family and buddies - I love you aU. ANNA WHITNEY (B.n.n.skid) F.A.: School social worker and psychologist, looking for Diamond Dave, fighting with Kevin. P.P.; When 1 can ' t find D. Dave, and people who are two-faced and talk about others. F.S.: Skid, let me tell you a Httle story! American Indians are amazing. What you think of yourself is much more important than what other people think of you. Farewell: Thanks Mummy, Papa and Granny for always being there. I love you all! Serious! JUDY WONG F.A.: choir, voice, music ensemble, and fitness. P.P.; the condition of the shower. F.S.: . . . right? Farewell; All the best to Trafalgar in the coming years. MARY RATHWELL F.A.: sleeping in the talk room, raiding the kitchen with Marie-Anik. F.S.: The C.R.S. rules! Farewell: May God bless those who must go their separate ways. I ' ll never forget my friends. Especially my best friend; Marie-Anik! You ' re the greatest! NICOLE TAYLOR F.A.; SMOKING (right Mr. K.). planning fun-filled weekends with Peachy. P.P.: writing university entrsmce essays, and Sheila on the hall past ten (ha!) F.M.: Mice trapping at 3 am with Inga and Daria, soft-shoeing with Kate, Chinese bombs in NY. Farewell: 1 had a fantastic time! Best of luck to everyone next year. SANDRA VILIMAS F.S.; How ethnic of you. It ' s all a communist plot . . . you redneck! P.P.: manipulators and intimidators. Favourite Memories: Ed! the Bun, Hammy Quick and Bran, " Hats off " Mer! Future: to go to university and become fully educated. Farewell: Life is never as it appears. But never give up, for success comes to those who wait. 32 Best Wishes to the Grade 13 ' s, Love, Jane Chin Grade Twelve Dora Arulanandam Magdalena Bello Wendy Bruce Jayne Durness Medina Carter Lisa Chan Dianne Cox Patricia De La Rosa Elvira Dominguez Monique Doyle Debra Eckensweiler Merrill Giffen Ramona Grainge Victoria Gioanetti Mercedes Gutierrez Beverly Henson Wendy Ip Norma Kalionchez Ayesha Khan Lisa Khan Michele Lang Cynthia Li Rebecca Luk Lydia Mason Karen McCartney Susana Pang Danusia Robaszewski Gillian Robinson Sherene Sahib Cheryl Stuart 34 Grade Eleven Grade Ten Sarah Arulanandam Jo- Ann Blackledge Corina Busch Michelle Cameron Felicia Chau Pauline Cheng Christina De La Rosa Rushmi Dua Lucinda Edwards Sita Gardner Samantha Glasford Lori Hardy Briar Jamieson Rachel Kaufman Lisa Langford 38 Grade Nine Nancy Alilovic Karen Armstrong Vitina Bitondo Fionna Boyle Renata Brejniak Nicole Brooks Connie Caputo Selena Carter Vivian Cheng Shaney Crawford Janice Currie Veronica Furbert Heather Hamilton Katharine Kim MeHnda Loopstra m 41 Grade Seven Grade Eight 43 Air Bands Carter House Baseball Farewell House 49 Hare House Maxwell House Soccer Basketball SENIORS BACK ROW (l-r): Mr. McClure, B. Henson, K. Ball, L. Anderson, N. Taylor. FRONT ROW: D. Arulanandam, D. Cox, S. Lalani, A. Gilmour, J. Wilson. 54 Durham athletes take 5 firsts at OFSAA track finals in Ottawa OTTAWA — Durham secondary school students figured in five first-place finishes at the Ontario track and field (OFSAA) competition on the weekend here at Terry Fox Stadium. Stephanie Taylor of Whitby ' s Trafalgar Castle dazzled in two events, winning the 100m in 12.74 seconds and the 200m in 25.39 seconds. As well, Trafalgar Castle won the junior girls ' team championship on all 26 points collected by Taylor. JUNIOR GIRLS Carol Husbands, Pickering, third in long jump. Stephanie Taylor, Trafalgar Castle, first in 100m, 12.74 sec; first in 200m, 25.38 sec; third in 400m, 57.25 sec Tennis Track and Field FRONT: L. Anderson, K. Ball, A. Whitney, M. Denham. MIDDLE: D. Cox, C. Stuart. BEHIND: L. Mohammed. FRONT: A. Whitney, S. Bruce. SECOND: L. Vaarre, L. Murray, N. Taylor, S. Birchard, T. Jalasjaa. THIRD: C. de la Rosa, S. Taylor, J. Burness, D. Arulanandam, J. Holliday-Rhodes, R. Dua. FOURTH: L. Weiland, M. Peacock, L. Edwards, T. Hamilton. J. Renault, C. Chiappe, J. Currie, N. Hohenkirk, S. MacDonald. 55 Cross Country Run Always a popular event with students, and well supported by the surrounding citizens is our annual cross-country run. Weeks of jogging around the circuit, pacing ourselves against our rivals, and warm-up heats to inspire a truly competitive spirit always result in a great race. This year Mr. Palmer added his own special touch - a change in the route - to make sure we were on our toes! Great fun for everyone! 56 III liMtiiaiMMiLaMMfci Soccer 4f JUNIORS BACK ROW (1-r): J. Renault, T. Sideris, J. Blackledge, M. Peacock, N. Brooks, N. Alilovic, B. Jamieson, M. Shumovich, Miss Underbill. FRONT ROW: L. Langford, S. Crawford, J. Currie, C. Caputo, S. Arulanandam, H. Hamilton, K. Armstrong. ABSENT: S. MacDonald, N. Slawski. SENIORS BACK ROW (1-r): A. Gilmour, S. Bentley, R. Grainge, A. Steel, J. MacRae. MID DLE ROW: B. Henson, C Burns K Ball S Birchard, N. Taylor, N. Hohenkirk, Mr. Palmer. FRONT ROW: D. Cox, C. Stuart, J. Wilson, J. Burness s ' Bruce ' d ' Arulanandam. ABSENT: L. Anderson. JUNIOR TEAM BACK ROW (1-r): N. Brooks, S. Gardner, L. Watson, J. Blackledge, L. Edwards, T. Sideris. FRONT ROW: N. Slawski, S. Crawford, M. Loopstra, K. Armstrong, S. Arulanandam, M. Shumovich, C. Caputo, Miss Underbill. SENIOR TEAM BACK ROW (1-r): J. Wilson, B. Henson, R. Grainge, S. Birchard, R. Tonno, K. Korchinshy, N. Bertrand, P. Munro, Mr. Kamcke. FRONT ROW: A. Pernetz, D. White, A. Steel, G. Robinson, D. Brown, J. McRae, M. Shumovich. 58 JUNIORS BACK ROW (1-r): J. Renault, T. Sideris, N. Brooks, J. Currie, Mrs. Mackay. FRONT ROW: L. Langford, M. Shumovich, C. Busch, S. Crawford, S. Arulanandam. 59 Senior Volleyball BACK ROW (1-r): A. Lee, N. Shum, J. Wilson, A. Steel, J. McRae, Berlina Fu, M. Gaul, L. Forde, K. Tucker, C. Soukoreff, C. De la Rosa, M. Schwartz, S. MacDonald, J. Wong, S. Alidina, Stephania Ling, J. Tse, Mr. McClure. MIDDLE ROW: K. Ball, S. Crawford, D. Robaszewski, L. Mason, R. Kaufman, R. Tonno, R. Grainge, 1. Anderson, M. Denham, A. Whitney, J. Holliday- Rhodes, T. Jamieson, S. Nickson, Z, Kitchell, A. Hui. FRONT ROW: G. Jew, W. Ip, J. Young, P. Munro, B. Henson, S. Bentley, 60 E- Abrahams, C. Davidson, M. Shumovich, P. Cheng. student Christian Fellowship BACK ROW (1-r): Mrs. Davis, Debra Eckensweiller, Danuta Robaszewski, Lydia Mason, Marlene Bronte-Tinkew, Lesley Forde. FRONT ROW: Janet Young, Susie Bruce, Jayne Chin, Michelle Schwartz, Sonja McDonald. Yearbook Staff We are really a larger group than this photo shows but some of us are camera-shy, what can I say? Present at left we have Rebecca, Janice, Lori and Natasha in the rear and Samantha and Lisa in front. For the rest of the club count also Erin, Joanne, Susana, Julie, Pauline, Krista, Lillian, Monique, Rosanna, Sandra, Vivian, Michele and Grace, Melissa, Rebecca and Monika. COURTICE-ALLIN ' S PHARMACY is pleased to sponsor this page Voice and Piano Students BACK ROW (1-r): Andrea Weiland, Lesley Forde, Carolyn Burns, Petra Palm, Debra Eckensweiller, Samantha Bentley. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Broughton, Ramona Grainge, Michele Lang, Ruby Tonno, Natasha Pereira, Marlene Bronte-Tinkew, Angela Hui. FRONT ROW: Judy Wong, Stephania Ling, Beverly Henson, Karen Tweedy, Caroline Robertson, Renee Cunningham. ABSENT: Krista Riggs. 62 BACK ROW (1-r): Susie Bruce, Kathy Wong, Lisa Chan, Wendy Ip, Patricia De La Rosa, Cristina De La Rosa, Janet Young, Sonja MacDonald. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Elias, Tonya Hamilton, Kim Tucker, Tuula Jalasjaa, Karia Phillips, Margaret Wood, Soraya Lallani. FRONT ROW: Tiffany Bradley, Gloria Jew, Cynthia Li, Carrie Davidson, Susana Pang, Lara Vaarre, Joanne Tse. Drama and Debating BACK ROW (1-r): Bettina Zanella, Samantha Bentley, Andrea Weiland, Briar Jamieson, Patricia Ellis, Beverly Henson, Lisa Watson, Carey Church, Lara Vaarre. MIDDLE ROW: Ingrid Anderson, Ramona Grainge, Michele Lang, Lucinda Edwards, Natasha Pereira, Lori Hardy, Tammy Sideris, Michelle Cameron. FRONT ROW: Tiffany Bradley, Elizabeth Everest, Catherine Soukoreff, Kim Tucker, Rushmi Dua, Mrs. Clarke. ABSENT: Veronica Furbert, Liz Smith, Leslie Vanderpool. BACK ROW (1-r): S. Nundy, S. Sahib, D. Arulanandam, N. Hohenkirk, K. Phillips, T. Hamilton, P. Quirk, N. Taylor, A. Gilmour. MIDDLE ROW: S. Nickson, K. Korchinsky, S. Crawford, L. An derson, A. Whitney, J. HoUiday-Rhodes, B. Zanella, M. Bronte- Tinkew, Mr. Palmer. FRONT ROW: S. Alidina, M. Marz, C. Robertson, C. Davidson, S. MacDonald, M. Schwartz, S. Arulanandam. Swim season is kicked off with At a fast-paced meet held this spring houses competed against each other for awards in freestyle, crawl, backstroke, relay and butterfly. Even though Olympic scouts needn ' t have worried if they missed this event, we all had a most impressive time. Most fun is always the surprise relay which closes the meet with laughter and sends the thoroughly-splashed spectators to sog their way home. A great time was had by all! a stellar showing Gymnastics The gymnastics club is small but enthusiastic. We work on various pieces of equipment from day to day, stressing more progressions and body control. A favourite piece of equipment seems to be the trampoline of course! TEAM MEMBERS SHOWN AT RIGHT INCLUDE: Shannon Kohler, Mrs. Carr and Charlyn Long in back and Rushmi Dua and Kim Tucker in front. Janice Currie: 1st - Melissa Peacock : 1st - 100 fly, 50 bk., 2nd - 200 200 1.M., 100 fly, 3rd - 50 bk., 3rd - 50 fr., 400 1.M., bk., 4th - 800 fr., 5th - 50 800 fr . , 4th - 100 fr . , 5th - br . , 100 br 100br.,6th-50br. 65 Clubs Biweekly meetings of clubs cater to the diverse interests of our students in informal, afterclass sessions. During these meetings our school newspaper is created, yearbook pages are discussed and set, photographs are devel- oped, enlarged and reduced, games are even played. Some- thing for everyone is our in- tention; everyone must do something is our rule. A year of strenuous exercise including sit-ups, leg lifts and push-ups was ordered by Miss Underbill, who was deter- mined to mold us (read that ' break us ' ) into shape. Success- ful or not she always kept us up to date with the latest tunes. In Ping Pong our faithful leader Mr. McClure can sometimes be heard chuckling over his jokes but the rest of us just bounce along and try not to make too much racket. Carolyn Burns 66 Mr. Wylie has skillfully taught us which buttons to press to release the secrets of the world of computers. Games soon gave way to more intellectual pursuits as we gained expertise and confidence. It ' s been a pressing experience. Lisa Mahommed Reading club is very relaxing after a stressful day at school. In the tranquiUty of the Common Room we slip away into worlds of mystery, romance, intrigue and war. The over-worked student ' s mind is soothed and temporarily given a key to her private heaven. 67 Educational Experience Week Casting aside the protective walls of our castle all 200 Trafalgar students and faculty burst forth upon the wide world early in March. Tasting, feeling, learning, laughing, we tried our hands at many new and exciting things and came away with delicious memories to savour and new skills to poUsh. Certificates in CPR were earned after rigorous drill and study by one group; another bunch of novices took lessons and spills at Blue Mountain while yet another team gained work experience in Toronto ' s finest hotels. Excursions to Washington, DC, Quebec City, Ottawa and New York yielded such benefits as private interviews with senior politicians and encounters with glamorous movie stars. Some of our students studied the aliens at local Day Care centres while others found they were aliens when they boarded a space flight to Jupiter! An interesting selection of activities, carefully planned and closely supervised made this year ' s Educational Experience Week a success. More of our March Break Activities The Making of a Movie On the 21 of September, our school building and grounds were used for the filming of ' Mafia Princess ' , a TV movie starring Tony Curtis and Susan Lucci. Some twenty to thirty of our girls received a day ' s pay as extras and are now immortahzed on film, but many more came to watch and now know what it is to quake in their boots when a director yells ' Silence ' ! A special meeting of our Alumni Council held here on the same day allowed our old girls to share in the fun. As it happened our school was also one of the designated stops on a local house tour held on the same day, and so we had quite the busy time! We decided it would be a good day to offer a trip to Canada ' s Wonderland for as many of the students as could be persuaded to leave and this cleared the building a little. It was a day we won ' t soon forget. Elizabeth, Tiffany and Karen pose winsomely for the camera before the Senior Dinner. another. Samantha, Lucinda, Rachel, Tammy, Benna and Karla audition for the ' Crest ' Toothpaste commercial. 73 The Interview The audition - the time - the emotions . . . our success! These are the important stages the cast and crew of The Interview, by Jean von Italie hved through. The audition: nerves on edge, the ' good lucks ' and ' well dones ' were passed from auditioner to auditioner. The time: from January to April practices every week, and then those unforgettable Sunday night rehearsals with our tired bodies dragging across the stage. The emotions: yeahs and ughs! The laughter of our mistakes - the nervous release with Deb ' s " Ain ' t She Sweet! " Our success: Last but not least putting on the play for the audiences at Trafalgar and at Toronto ' s Harbourd Collegiate, which were both good learning experiences. With special thanks to Mrs. Clarke and Lisa Watson who helped us reach that " final stage " . Reporter, Briar Jamieson The Cinderella Complex The grade nine class enjoyed the opportun- ity to present our play before an audience on Drama Night. As a class we learned how to concentrate on the characters we were portray- ing. As individuals, we also learned to get along with others when the times got tough. There were a few times when we all felt like throwing in the towel but we stuck it out, and hung on to what we could. Without the guidance, good judgment and encouragement of Mrs. Large we would surely have given up long before our big night. As it was, we had a , successful debut and lots of fun. Reporter, Karen Armstrong 75 The May Queen Jane Chin The Counsellors Nicole Taylor Priya Harricharan Maypole Dance (Grade 10 students) " Rock Around the Clock " by Bill Haley and the Comets (Grade 9 students) " The Conga " by The Miami Music Machine (Grade 11 students) MIDDLETON ' S STATIONERY OFFICE SUPPLIES, PRINTING BOOKS 77 Track and Field Meet On the Friday of our last week of classes we traditionally hold our track day and this year the day was sunny and very hot. New records were set in broadjump, highjump and also in the track events, which was somewhat surpris- ing as our best athletes were competing in Ottawa on the same day. We made a spectacular showing in the final event of the day - a relay against a team of eight teachers. Try as they might, they were hopelessly outdistanced by our house captains and subs. (Actually it was extremely close but who remembers the technicalities?) Great work girls! Could it be better in the Bahamas? Formal Beautiful gowns, shining faces, gleaming eyes, crisp bow ties, incredible food and dear friends, in short, all the ingredients of a first class soiree. Our formal was well- attended and will sparkle in our memories as we recollect the evening through these pictures. Candids AUSTIN P. RILEY Barrister Solicitor 15 Toronto Street Suite 701 Toronto, Ontario M5C 2E3 Telephone: 364-7611 «Patons i AECER Beehive and OTHER FINE QUALITY HAND KNITTING YARNS 666-3855 129 BROCK S. WHITBY McCAUSLAND WOa CO. k Touch of Class Division of 509998 Ontario Limited GIFTS— DIAMONDS— JEWELLERY Telephone 668-3722 106 Brock Street N. Whitby, Ont. LIN 4H2 Total hair skin care Introductory trial certificate 20% off any services new clients only 210 Brock St. S., Whitby, Ontario 666-3805 Across from firehail We know we ' re not the only Bank. We just want to be your only Bank. Bank of Montreal Whitby 100 Brock Street South Whitby, Ontario LI N5R7 John H. Breen Manager (416) 668-5825 Toronto Line: (416) 686-1 71 6 86 Congratulations to the 1985-86 Graduates From the Trafalgar Ladies Guild As we celebrate our fifth Anniversary we would like to take this opportunity to thank all past and present members of the Ladies Guild. It is due to their efforts that we have been able to contribute so much to school life. Our volunteers are capable, enthusiastic women, a pleasure to work with, and our success is due to the wide range of their interests and talents. Come out and contribute your ideas; we welcome them . The Executive Committee Our Juniors take special pleasure in enjoying the Senior Dinner - on Ladies Guild members N. Munro, J. Howells, E. Shumovich, and the left the grade eights, Carrie and Stephanie giggle over the J. Steel gather in the chapel to approve the installation of their speeches, but the grade nines, above, show a bit more newly-donated carpet, ' sophistication ' ! 87 DISCOUNT DECOR SHOP Proprietors Anne Gallagher Claire Fera Specializing In: wallpaper, paint mini blinds and other decorating accessories. All at discount prices 666-1871 122 Athol Street Whitby, Ontario TELEPHONE 668-3540 WHITBY DOMINION HARDWARE Hardware - Paint - Glass Supplies TONY WANDA MARTIN 319 BROCK ST. SOUTH WHITBY PLAZA WHITBY, ONTARIO Durham Goldsmithing DIVISION OF 585710 ONT. INC. Craftsman and Designers of Fine Jewelry JOSREIJNEN 210 Brock St. South Whitby, Ont. L1N4K1 For Free Estimates Call (41 6) 666-4612 Best Wishes from HALPERN ' S Supplier of School Uniforms 3376 Yonge St. Toronto, IVI4N 2M7 416-482-1905 The Book Between Text Books Coles Notes 113BDundas St.W. Whitby, Ontario 666-2442 OWASCO Volkswagen Ltd. R G U Vicky Ferguson Hand and Machine Knitting Yarns, Accessories, Patterns, Lessons Singer Superba Knitting Machines • SALES • SERVICE • PARTS • BODY SHOP • LEASING • RENTALS Including Campers, Vans, Buses and Stationwagons Rentals also available in Europe, Calgary and Vancouver 1425 Dundas St. E., Whitby 668-9383 Toronto Line 361-1128 " (416) 666-1833 KNITTING MACHINE CENTRE 111 Brock St. North Whitby, Ontario L1N4H3 88 DAY CAMP DAY CAMP DAY CAMP CAMP TRAFALGAR A summer day camp experience for boys and girls of grade school age. The camp will be held at: TRAFALGAR CASTLE SCHOOL 401 Reynolds St., Whitby, Ont. L1 N 3W9 The Camp will operate for seven weeks, Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 to 3:30. There is also an extended camp day from 3:30 to 5:00. Our camp will make use of the excellent facilities and spacious grounds of Trafalgar Castle School. An exciting fun-filled programme has been planned to keep every child interested, active, and happy. There is a variety of activities in which your child will be Involved. All activities are fully supe rvised by qualified and competent staff. Camper Staff ratio — 10-1. SPORTS TROPHIES LTD. (Custom radius skate care centre). Complete line of Cooper, Joffa COM Hockey Equipment Skates Darts Dart Supplies. Trophies " We build our own. " Plastic Signs Plastic Name Plates Team Prices available on request. Cresting and Engraving done on premises. Full line of shoes Jogging apparel. K-Way suits separates. Bicycles Bicycle Repairs — Raleigh, Velo, COM, Norco, MIyata Peugeot Madrid Skate Boards Accessories Brooklln — Whitby Minor Hockey Association Corduroy Jackets. SKATE SHARPENING HOURS: 9-6 MON, TUES, WED, SAT. 9-9THURS FRI LOCATION: BESIDE BREWERS RETAIL 110 ATHOL ST., WHITBY, ONT. LI N 3Y9 GENE LINDA PEACOCK 666-1114 89 RESTAURANT TAVERN CHINESE Canadian Food CcM - 668-8321 WHITBY 107 BROCK STREET Steaks . . . Lobster . . ! Fully Licensed DONE RIGHT! RIGHT HERE! 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L1N2L1 (416) 728-4197 SQUARE BOY pi PIZZA £f SUBS I p The best pizza money can buy 1 16 Athol Street, Whitby We Deliver 666-3366 Compliments of BAILEY PHARMACY 362 Brock St. S. 668-2100 Safeway Plaza f Jl WHITBY udio affordable excellence ! 400 DUNDAS ST. WEST, WHITBY, ONTARIO AUDIO: 668-0787 VIDEO: 666-2333 MERCANTILE DEPARTMENT STORE Cotnpltrtienjs o[ 321 Brock Street South Whitby Plaza J r r iK l r L. OU r r L.I Cn DF TRAFALGAR CASTLE UNIFORMS 92 Trafalgar Castle School Studen t A ddresses Mr. Mrs. M., 1 Mark Way, Cherry Gardens, Kingston 8, Jamaica, W.I. AI iniNlA h Hn UT. ivirs. LJ-t onerwoou i_ri. , .. snawa, vjni. LikjoKC ALILOVIC, Nancy Mr. Mrs. J. l460ntarioSt. Clinton Ont. NOMILO ANDERSON, Ingrid Dr. Mrs. A.J. 604 Fourth St. E. Cornwall Ont. K6H 2J9 ANDERSON, Laurel c o Dr. B. Bejnar, 1300 Bloor St. W., SPH 9, Mississauga, Ont. L4Y 3Z2 ARMSTRONG, Karen Mrs. S., 69 Deerfield Cres., Bramalea, Ont. L6T 1K8 ARULANANDAM, Dora Mrs. T., 1920 New Street, Pickering, Ont. LIV 3W9 ARULANANDAM, Sarah Mrs.T., 1920 New Street, Pickering, Ont. L1V3W9 BALL, Kate Mr. Mrs. K.F., 8141 Stanford Aven, University City, MO 63130 BELLO, Magdalena Mrs. E. Roch de Bello, Virreyes, 80 Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico D.F. 1 1000 BENTLEY, Samantha Mr. Mrs. A., 66 Long Circular Road, Maraval, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I. BERTRAND, Nicole Mr. Mrs. R.A., 46 NibUck Way, North Reading, MA 01864 BIRCHARD, Sheila Mr. Mrs. J. P., 15 Canadiana Dr., Thornhill, Ont. L3T 2Y7 BITONDO, Vitina Mr. Mrs. L., R.R. 1, Locust Hill, Ont. LOH IJO BLACKLEDGE, Jo-Ann Mr. Mrs. W., 2551 SW. 28th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312 BOYLE, Fionna Mr. Mrs. N., 87 Glen HiU Drive, Whitby, Ont. LIN 6Z8 BRADLEY, Tiffany Mr. Mrs. R.J., 92 Church Street S., 504, Pickering, Ont. LI V 2S6 BREJNIAK, Renata Mr. Mrs. T., 7 Munhall Road, Etobicoke, Ont. M9P IRl BROCKWAY, Karen Mr. Mrs. A.W., 27 Ladies College Dr., Whitby, Ont. LIN 6H1 BRONTE-TINKEW, Marlene Mr. Wm., c o A.J. Mauritzen Co. Ltd., 90 Queen St., Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I. BROOKS Nicole Mr Mr« A P 71 Trinitv Prp«r nt Whithv Ont I INfil 1 ivii . ivii . n . I • , xj 1 iiiuiy v i cswciii, w iiiiuy , v_ iii. l i i t dl i ivir. ivirs. K.u. , 1 jux nivaiiy L. ' nvc, vjiiawa, i_ ni. xi t Mrs. n.r., ooo Hyland street, WnitDy, Unt. LiN 6al oRUCb, Wendy Mrs. H.r., 866 Hyland street, Whitby, Ont. LIN 5S 1 BURNbba, Jayne Mr. Mrs. P., c o Foster Wheeler Management Operations , Ltd. Madinat Yanbu, KM 19, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia BURNS, Carolyn Prof. Mrs. R.N., 3 Copperfield Drive, Kingston, Ont. K7M 2X2 BUSCH, Conna Mr. Mrs. M.K., Gemmistr. 18, Ch-3604Thun, Switzerland CALLbKY, Iina Mr. Mrs. r.M., 461 Brcntwoou Ave., Osnawa, Ont. LIO 2b9 CAMcRON, Michelle Mr. Mrs. M., 1208 Maple Gate, rickcnng, Ont. LiX 1K2 CAPUTO, Connie Mr. Mrs. G., 31 Forest Circle Court. Woodbridge, Ont. L4L 1N8 CARTER, Medina Mr. Mrs. J. A., 219 Keith Street, Whitby, Ont. LIN 1H8 CARTER, Selina Mr. Mrs. J. A., 219 Keith Street, Whitby, Ont. LIN 1H8 chajn, K.cuy Mrs. K. 1 ing, r.Kj. BOX jo, wmiDy, oni. liin i mo i MAJN, Lisa Mr. Mrs. cnan riing, ju Mount otcrung Mail, o iir. oiage , Mei roo oun cnuen, Kowioon, riong ivong f H AI I T lif ia i rLAU, rciicia Mr. Mrs. Chau Hon Kit, 2A Babington House, 5 Babington Path, Hong Kong CHFNCi Pauline At At C ti na t nV Wni A 1 inrnin RnnH I nwlfv n T ' nno l nu lrw n Hr no Kc na CHENG, Vivian Mr. Mrs. Cheng Ying Bun, 1 135 W. 48th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. V6M 2N4 CHIAPPE, Carmina Mr. Mrs. D.J., 826 Aimes St., Whitby, Ont. L1N6B2 CHIN, Jane Mr. Mrs. P., 49 Jalan Merdeka, P.O. Box 115, Labuan, Sabah, East Malaysia CHONG, GiUian Mr. Mrs. A., 122 Dr. Theodore Herzel Avenue, Petit Valley, Trinidad, W.I. CHUMAKOV, Elizabeth Mr. Mrs. B.T., 8 Woodcrest Dr., Islington, Ont. M9A4H9 CHURCH, Carey Mr. Mrs. CP., 30 Madelaine Cres., Bramalea, Ont. L6S 2Y9 COX, Dianne Mrs. J., 301 Central Park Blvd. N., Oshawa, Ont. LIG 5Z5 CRAWFORD, Susan Mr. Mrs. D., 10 Regentview Dr., Bramptoij, Ont. L6Z 2G3 CRAWFORD, Shaney Mr. Mrs. W.R., 35-101 Dovedale Dr., Whitby, Ont. LIN 1Z7 CUNNINGHAM, Renee Mr. Mrs. L.R., 483 Laval Street, Oshawa, Ont. LI J 6M7 CURRIE, Janice Mr. Mrs. C, 73 Glen Hill Dr., Whitby, Ont. L1N6Z8 DAVIDSON, CaroUne Dr. Mrs. P.W., 207 Byron St. N., Whitby, Ont. L1N4N2 DENHAM, Miriam Mr. Mrs. L.M., 1 10 Peterborough St., Norwood, Ont. KOL 2V0 DE LA ROSA, Cristina Mr. Mrs. F.A., P.O. Box 836, St. Teresa, New Mexico 88008 DE LA ROSA Patricia Mr. Mrs. F.A., P.O. Box 836, St. Teresa, New Mexico 88008 nOMINfilIF7 Flvira LTKjmil KJKJ Cii f Civil a ra T A Pcrnminn 111 Prorr I ntnn I inHn Villnh rmnca ' Fahncrn M ltiro RAn f) 1. .JICI. J , C9WU1 lUll n 1 1 J, n (I . L UlllO L lllUO, llltUICl lllUSa, i dUCUWU, iVft AlVrV rV IVT C Vfr,ni iii» Ann LiKJ X JLC, ivioiuquc niic ivir. ivirs. r.L ., jjv iviumsn ivoau, nigiuanu icck, wni. iviiv.. lui uxjn, Kusnmj Mr. ivirs. CK., C o sauoi leiecom. r.L . ooxxx oi, Kiyaun, 1 147 , sauai uaoia ECKbNbWblLbR, UeDra Mr. Mrs. b. Kice, 1986 Bowler unve, rickenng, unt. Ll v 3K EDWARDS, Lucinda Mr. Mrs. J.D., 84 Middle Road (P.O. BOx 244) Devonshire, Bermuda, 4 ELLIS, Patricia Mr. Mrs. P., 665 Hillsdale Avenue East, Toronto, Ont. M4S 1 V4 EVANS, Julie Mr. Mrs. A.M., I Clovelly Drive, Whitby, Ont. LIN 7A7 EVEREST, Elizabeth Mr. Mrs. A.G., 691 Westdale Court, Oshawa, Ont. Ll J 5B6 FORDE, Heather Mr. Mrs. T.M., P.O. Box N-8329, Nassau, Bahamas FORDE, Lesley Mr. Mrs. T.M., P.O. Box N-8329, Nassau, Bahamas FU, Berlina Mr. Mrs. Fu Chun Kwong, 19 Queen Street, 3 flr. Hong Kong FURBERT, Veronica Mrs. P., " Beulah " , 79 Victoria St., Hamilton, Bermuda Mr. R., 8 Secretary Lane, St. George, Bermuda GAGNE, Marie-Anik Mrs. R., 3115 Des Luminaires, Ste-Adele, Que. JOR ILO Mr. N. Hanna, 6610 Boul St-Michel, Montreal, Que. HI Y 2Cjl OARUNbR, blta Mr. Mrs. b.c, jirr roweii Koau, wnitDy, unt. liin xMj OAUL, Micneuc Mr. Mrs. r., K.K. 1, AshDurn, Ont. lub iau GIFFEN, Merrill Mrs. D.l. Hill, 351 Whitewood Place, Encinitas, Calif. 92024 Dr. A.B., 278 Bloor St. E., Ste. 1404, ' Toronto, Ont. M4W 3M4 GILMOUR, Alison Dr. Mrs. J.T., R.R. 2. Claremont, Ont. LOH lEO GIOANNETTI, Victoria Mr. Mrs. V., 7 Panview, Fairways, Maraval, Trinidad, W.I. GLASFORD, Samantha Mr. Mrs. T., 14 Amulet St., Agincourt, Ont. MIT2E4 GRAINGE, Ramona Dr. Mrs. J. M., 20 Crawford Dr., Ajax, Ont. L1S3A8 GUTIERREZ, Mercedes Sr. Sra. F., Av. de las Fuentes 240, Lomas Tecamachalco, Mexico 10, D.F. HARRICHARAN, Priya Dr. Mrs. C, 57 Bel Air Springs, Georgetown, Guyana, S. HAMILTON, Heather Mr. Mrs. R.W., 597 Stonebridge Lane, Pickering, Ont. Ll W 3A6 HAMILTON, Tonya Mr. Mrs. H.C, 48 FeUcity Dr., Scarborough, Ont. MIH 1E3 HAYDEN, Jennifer Mr. Mrs. D.D., 60 Keeler Blvd., Scarborough, Ont. M1E4K8 HARDY, Lori Mr. Mrs. H., R.R. 4, Cobourg, Ont. K9A 4J7 HENSON, Beverly Mr. Mrs. Ausman, P.O. Box 500 (Dhaka) SUtion A., Ottawa, Ont. KIN 8T7 HOHENKIRK, Nicole Mr. Mrs. V.L., 154 Meadowvale Road, Scarborough, Ont. MIC ISl HUl, Angela Mr. Mrs. Hui Wai Loong, 162 Market Street, 2 fIr. Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong HOLLIDAY-RHODES, Julia Dr. Mrs. A.D., Box 660, Minden, Ont. KOM 2K0 IP, Wendy Mr. Mrs. Ip Kwok Ping, 19 Man Fuk Road, 14 flr. Al. Waterloo Hill, Kowloon Hong Kong 94 Mr. Mrs. B.O., 5 19 Oakridge Place, Waterloo, Ont. N2L 4P1 Mr Mri I 1 Rnnilfiliian N W T XOA OWft JAMltbUiN, lainiKO ivir. ivirs. J.L., oaiuKuuaij, pi . w . i . au u wu JAVtu, Aisnaii ivir. ivirs. ivi jl v ajvcricy i rail, ocaiDuruugii, win. ivi i jrj JbW, Olona Dr. Mrs. Jew Shew Keong, 67-Dl Waterloo Road, 3 flr. Kowloon, Hong Kong JOANNIUIS, MariKa Mr. Mrs. J .3. , r .0. BOX zuooz (oaiatj Kuwait, Araoian ouii KALIONCHlii, Norma Sr. J., Ave. 4 Cienegas 206, Col. Guadalupe, Monclova, Coah. Mexico KAUFMAN, Rachel Mr. Mrs. D., Box 18, Norval, Ont. LOP IKO KHAN, Ausma Dr. Mrs. Z.A., 30 Ravenscroft Road, Westney Heights, Ajax, Ont. LIT 1C4 KHAN, Ayesha Dr. Mrs. Z.A., 30 Ravenscroft Road, Westney Heights, Ajax, Ont. LIT 1C4 KHAN, Lisa Mr. Mrs. A., 101 Woodford Street, Newtown, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I. KIM, Katherine Mr. Mrs. Ki-Moon Kim, 84 Sherwood Road East, Pickering, Ont. LI V 2B4 KITCHELL, Zarina Mr. Mrs. I.B., Kenville Apt. 9B, 32 Kennedy Road, Hong Kong KORCHINSKY, Karla Mr. Mrs. G.M. R.R. 1, Gormley, Ont. LOH IGO KOHLER, Shannon Mrs. S., R.R. 1, Uxbndge, Ont. LOC IkO LALLANI, Soraya Mr. Mrs. A., 10 Avenue Coteaux, Zone de la Gombe, BP 1047, Kinshasa 1, Zaire LANG, Michele Mr. Mrs. A., 25UCeaar Valley Ave., Usnawa, Ont. LIO 3W1 LANGFORD, Lisa Mr. Mrs. W.L)., K.K. ff3, Warkwortn, Unt. KUK 3KU LEE, Amy Mr. Mrs. Lee Ngar Sum, 2 Austin Avenue, 2 flr. Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong LI, Cynthia Dr. Mrs. Sheung Shun Li, 177 Orton Park Road, Scarborough, Ont. MIG 3H2 UNO, btcpnania Mr. Mrs. Ling aniK xsiu, loc uraemar riui Mansion, jv uraemar hui kg. iNorin roini, Hong ivong LUINO, cnarlyn Mr. Mrs., Asniana t-res., MarKnam, unt. LJr jL,y LOUro 1 KA, iVieunaa Mr. Mrs. CM., aunrioge Meaoows, k.k. ffi, KeiiieDy, Dm. luo iju LUK., Monica Mr. Mrs. A.H.W. Luk, 5 flr. Evergreen Court, 71 Blue Pool Road, Hong Kong LUK, Rebecca Mr. Mrs. A.H.W. Luk, 3 ilr. evergreen court, 71 blue Pool Road, Hong Kong Maci-HJiNALU, oonja Mr. Mrs. J. w., K.K. ffi, reneion rails, uni. iinu MAK, cnung Yee Mr. Mrs. Mak lan-uun, duite iziz, zjju Driuietowne circle, ocaroorougn, unt. mi w Jro MARZ, Micnelle Mr. Mrs. K.u., 137 Calais street, wnituy, unt. liin jMJ MAauiN, Lyaia Mrs. 1 ., 7 snerwooG Koaa c., rickenng, uni. li v zao IVltJrlAIVllVlE.L ' , Lisa ivir. K., lu ijnQriQge Kuau, ruinLe-a-rierrc, iriniaau, w.i. MITIMDO Patrir ia ivi u i ivw, raincia Ul, IVll S. IV. , 1 VV CdLUtUC Ol. , wailaWa, Will. I IJ jV l MI IRR A Y T aura Mr Mrc W R dOn Tnhn W Whifhv Ont 1 IN 1NI7 MURRAY Victoria Mr Mr« W R 400 St lohn St W Whithv Ont I IN 1N7 MYPR Marrin Mr Mrc R F CidO avf nd T Ccnirt Ochau a Ont T lO ' HI IVll . IVll 9. IV • r • , 1 l dVCllUCl V LfUI I, Walla Wet, WllL. 1 1 W jn. 1 MfPARTT rPY Ifarpn ivii . ivii a. rr . iv. , u i iic nuyoi owcuiaii V- ' UiioUiaic, r D ja d r ji opciiii, 1 1 iiiiuau, w . i . ivicivAi::, jeniiiier Mr Mrc H Rnv Afl R R tfl Pi V- trino Ont I 1 V ' 7P12 ivir. ivirs. Lf.f Do ho, k.k. i , riCKcnng, wni. li v zro jt A D »C I ilia ur. M. iNagy, j oaiiioi si. ffioi4, loronio, uni, ivi4a icj iNLiAi, orace Dr. Mrs. Ngai Fan Lap, Flat A, 7 flr. Cypress Court, 2 Lung Pak Street, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong NOAl, Micnclc Dr. Mrs. Ngai Fan Lap, Flat A, 7 flr. Cypress Court, 2 Lung Pak Street, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong NlCKaON, atepnanie Mr. Mrs. J. J., oUo Clarence Dr., wnitby, Unt. LIN itA NUNDY, Seema Mr. Mrs. P.D.. 42 Citation Cres., Whitby, Ont. LIN 6X1 PALM, Petra Mrs. H. Scott, 7305 Woodbine Ave., Ste. 501, Markham, Ont. L3R PANG, Susana Mr. Mrs. E. Pang, 236 Prince Edward Road. Flat A701 , Oriental Gardens, Kowloon, Hong Kong PEACOCK, Melissa Mr. Mrs. E., 602 Clarence Drive, Whitby, Ont. LIN 1E4 PEREIRA, Natasha Mr. Mrs. G.K.. 10 Atlantic Avenue, Shorelands, Trinidad, W.L PERNETZ, Adnana Sr. A., P.O. Box Altamira 6903 1 , Caracas 1062, Venezula PHILLIPS, Karla Mr. Mrs. D., 10 Knightswood Road, Toronto, Ont. M4N 2H1 POWbLL, I racy Mr. Mrs. N.B., ay Ureyer Drive t., Ajax, Ont. LIS 1 J3 QUIRK, Pamela Mr. Mrs. J.O., 219 Maple Street, CoUingwood, Ont. L9Y 2R1 D A U if A KIT A wml n KAHMAJNl, Armita Dr. Mrs. A., 0 Ann Arbour court, Wmtoy, Unt. LIN 5 1 o KAlrlWcLL, MSry Mr XJIrr ' ID D D tfl T iwtAr-ntr On VQl vl D 1 Mr. Mrs. J.K., K.K. ffi, Lindsay, Unt. Kyv 4R1 KbNAULl , Jacqueline Mr. Mrs, U,, 10 bileen Dnve, Bame, Ont. L4N 4L6 KlOOo, KJlSia Mrs. C.A., z Longieiiow court, wmtoy, unt, liin ov DII UV I7 n Mr. Mrs. A., 486 Broadgreen St., Pickering, Ont. LIW 3J6 kudAoZ.c woK.!, L anuta Mr, Mrs. 1 ., 29 Hignview Cres., loronto,Unt. MoH2Y3 kudckioUln, Caroline XXr XMm DC 11 nnnA.nn ..a.. 17a« Uill On fc t IDT Mr. Mrs. D.b., 3 Langevin Cres,, West Hill, Ont. MIC 2d7 KutsiiNoUiN, oiiuan Mr. Mrs. K.U., 5o Hibiscus Drive, Petit Valley, Tnmaad, W.I. aAHlB, bnerene Mr. M., Petrokemya, P.O. Box 10002, Al-Jubail, Al-Sinaiyah, Saudi Arabia 31961 oAUiNL;cKa, raincia XMr XMrr. A D U CT T AnnA Dl . On I AU€ Mr. Mrs. A.K.H., 37 Denne Blva., Newmarket, Unt, L3Y 4H5 r l-IWADT7 Mir li»llA av nw Alv 1 z , iviicncue Kev. ivirs. o., i7 oaii court, w mioy, uni. liin 3 1 o dCOAI- , DoTDra Mr. Mrs. ri., rernmu uivc,, usnawa, uni. lij jKJ. CTh AT nAnna OCvJAL, IKlUla Mr. Mrs. ri., iVj rernmu mva., usnawa, unt. lij jIvZ ivir. lYiia. onu Kau oneiig, lOJAoai leung cnoi oi. in. i i iir, iviungKOK, iv.owioon, riong iwung SHUM Naomi ivil , ivii5. ijiiuiii v..iiiuii lu, X7 oiiciicy oi. X 111. v ciiiiai, nuiig uiig SHUMOVICH Martha Mr Mrc W ilS7 RAc« hanb- RH Pirk-prino Ont T 1W71M iVll . iVlla. W ., IVUdCUtUlK I U. 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L1W2B7 TAYLOR, Stephanie Mr. Mrs. A.R., 440 Rougemount Dr., Pickering, Ont. LIW 2B7 TIMMINS, Adrianna Mr. Mrs. R., Box 669, Nipigon, Ont. POT 2J0 TONNO, Ruby Mr. Mrs. W., 121 Marica Avenue. Oshawa. Ont. LIG 3G9 TSE, Joanne Mrs, Cordelia Tse, 80 Dclong Drive, Ottawa, Ont. KIJ 7E1 TUCKER, Kimberley Mr. Mrs. K., 1 1 1 Turtle Place S. Shore Rd., Southampton, Bermuda I UCKbR, Zouta Mrs. G., P.O, Box 268, Warwick 7, Bermuda IZAMBAZIa, Lillian Mr. Mrs. C. 777 Hortop Street, Oshawa, Ont. L1G4N8 1 wtcUY, Karen Dr. Mrs. A., 14 Willow Court, Welland, Ont. L3C4L2 VAAKKri, Lara Mr. Mrs. T.J.. Box 818, R.R. 1, Lot 31. Concession 3, Uxbridge. Ont. LOC IKO V ArNL iiKri.AjL, Lesiie Ur. Mrs. CO., P.O. Box 6287, Nassau, Bahamas VIT TK f AC Can ra viLiiiviAot oanora Mr. Mrs. J., 41 Reesorvilie Rd., Markham, Ont. L3P 3L1 w i ouiN , Lisa Mr. Mrs. B.A., K.K. ffl, Buckhorn, Ont. KOL IJO wniLAiNL ' , Anarca Mrs. G., Jones, 49 Windsor Court Road, Thornhill, Ont. L3T 4Y4 Wt3II AMD I aura wciLATNLf, Laura Mrs. G., Jones, 49 Windsor Court Road, Thornhill, Ont. L3T 4Y4 w ni 1 tZf uianne Ur. Mrs. (j.C, 87 Manca Ave., Oshawa, Ont. LIG 3G9 w rii i iNc X , Anna Mr. Mrs. P. Ponchielli, 6 Petit Court, Dix Hills, N.Y. 1 1746 WIT Qr M Till WlLaUIN, JlU Mr. Mrs. R.A. Jensen, 66 Murellen Crescent, Toronto, Ont. M4A 2K5 WOMn TiiHv w jiNu, juoy Mr. Mrs. Wong Sue Hung, Flat 2008, Block C, 70 Tin Hau Temple Road, North Point, Hong Kong wnwr; Vathv yy jr jf tvaiiiy Mr. Mrs. Wong Kwan Lok, 108 Robinson Road, Ground Floor, Hong Kong WW _IL , iviar)$arci lf «• hlf •! D XM D nnnA D nnvj n. A y n f 1 KT O T C Mr. Mrs. D.M., z Range Koad, Ottawa, Unt. KIN oJ5 YOUNG, Janet Mr Mr Voiina Pnnn Yin I-Taiic 1 nnrln? Villa ilvi rctranH Rparh RAarl ai Vimo M u T rHtrtriM TJnnct Vnna • ' TAA 3, I ut4ii| 1 v vii 1 111, 1 .iv uov J , ocuiuu£ V Ilia, ljii vci all uiu DCtt ii ivv au, t3 u fViUlX, 1 C w l Cl l liui iCo, liUllX IxnnH YU, Nancy Mr. Mrs. C, 18 Harvard Street, Cresskill, N.J. 07626 Mr. Mrs. J. Chu (guardians), 3 Citation Cres., Whitby, Ont. LIN 6X2 ZANELLA, Bettina Mr. Mrs. CP., c o Saudi Telecom. P.O. Box 6350, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1 1442 95 C N Q YEARBOOK SERVICES (1980} 528 KENT ST. NORTH - WHITBY, ONTARIO I Ill ' I i;

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