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i i TRAFALGAR CASTLE SCHOOL 401 Reynolds Street Whitby, Ontario LIN 3W9 FROM OUT OF THE PAST. . . Century-old stained glass windows still preserve the memory of our Castle ' s original owner. Sheriff Nelson Reynolds, inspiring today ' s students with the charm and grandeur of the past. ...A NEW BEGINNING! 2 EDITORIAL I ' d like to thank all those who helped with the year book, especially Mrs. Metselaar, who, after Mrs. Holley left, took on the difficult task. I also appreciate the work Samantha and Natasha have done on photography, both in taking pictures and in developing. This year ' s yearbook was quite a challenge since we developed almost all of the pictures in the book ourselves. Naturally this presented a few problems, but I think the overall quality has improved with this method. With the opening of the new wing, came an improved darkroom It is my second home! I hope you enjoy your yearbook. It is a student book and can be only as good as you make it. I hope you will support next year ' s editor in her efforts towards yearbook perfection. HEATHER McCREA, Editor. INDEX TITLE PAGE 1 NEW WING 2 EDITORIAL 3 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Educational Experience Week 4 S.C.F. Bazaar and Fashion Show 8 House Plays 10 Christmas Dinner 12 Semi-Formal 13 Commencement 14 Senior Dinner 15 Ski Day 17 Formal 18 Career Night 19 May Day 20 School Play (Man of La Mancha) 22 Class Day 23 Activity Day 24 Field Day 25 ACADEMICS Principal and Dean 29 Student Council and Head Girl 30 Prefects and Athletic Association 31 Faculty 32 Office Staff and House Staff 34 Housemothers 35 Grade 13 36 Grade 12 42 Grade 11 44 Grade 10 46 Grade 9 48 Grades 50 Grade? 51 SPORTS Our Houses 58 Cross-Country Run 66 Track Team 67 Soccer 68 Basketball 69 Volleyball 70 Gymnastics 72 Tennis 73 Baseball 74 SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS Choir and S.C.F 76 Music: Piano and Voice 77 Yearbook 78 Drama and Debating 79 Clubs 80 Ladies ' Guild 82 ADVERTISERS 84 ADDRESSES 95 3 it In June, an adventurous group from TCS finished exams and left for a 21-day odyssey of Europe. Oberammergau ' s famous Passion Play was one of the many highlights of the trip. A cruise down the Rhine and a sensational show at the MouHn Rouge were enjoyed. Art treasures in Paris and Florence were admired. A magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower, a close-up of ' David ' and a glimpse of the famous Mona Lisa brought ecstatic acclamations! Monte Carlo, Vienna, Venice, Paris, and Rome offered opportunities to become a part of their history. Who didn ' t enjoy this whirlwind tour - even in our Weimas bus?! tLiiiy-a K urricuLar Educational Experience Week During the first full week of March students have the opportunity to go on one of the many educational expeditions or learn something more specific about their chosen careers. Teachers begin planning and organizing individual trips early in the fall so that full itineraries can be offered and maximum learning can take place. Photos here represent only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, depicting medical, art and hotel work. Medical experience is arranged through the Ajax- Pickering Hospital where students are able to observe varied aspects of hospital life, including the O.R. Art this year introduced students to several forms of printmaking at Open Studio in Toronto. Hotel Administration allowed girls to stay at first-class Toronto hotels, while they learned through doing the full range of tasks from kitchen work, to housekeeping to reservations and reception. There were opportunities for beginners to learn to ski in Collingwood, or if skiing was already among their skills they could ski in a French Canadian community while polishing up language arts at the same time. ..J .| S.C.F. Bazaar ' 84 Weeks of work by S.C.F. President, Deanna MacDonald and staff advisor, Mrs. Davis, whipped the entire school into a participating frenzy for our annual bazaar. Students were required to bring in two or more hand-crafted articles, which most did readily. (The rest, like me, had to be hounded.) Some girls sported period costumes to illustrate the theme, Trafalgar Through The Ages. Our booths offered something for everyone, from the marvellous bake table to our exciting International table. Mr. Molyneaux, a leading Canadian psychic, donated his time again and was booked solid right from the start. Tea Cup readings by Joanna Stocker were another novelty. Profits, (about $3,000), allowed us to generously support our four foster children, (the hungry in Ethiopia, the Salvation Army, Save the Children Fund, UNICEF, Food for the Hungry, The Christopher Robin Home and the United Way.) All in all, we were delighted at the school spirit that blossomed when we all worked together and were very grateful to the public ' s support, as we were to our families and friends. Liz Smith, Reporter (Grade 8). ABOVE: Stephanie and Carmina enjoy the chance to talk with Bazaar guests. On the right, June and Catherine practice their salesmanship at the craft table. 8 Fashion Show ' 84 As the last seat was being taken and the commentator stood up, there was a scurry to find missing shoes, clothes and to fix last minute hair troubles. Then the music started and Trafalgar Through the Ages was introduced as the theme of this year ' s show. The show got underway with a skit performed depicting Trafalgar from the past to the future which brought many laughs from the crowd during this " bizarre " performance. Following the skit, out models showed casual wear and then formal wear. Everyone looked lovely and it can only be concluded that the Fashion Show was a huge success due to the co-operation of all concerned from Directed by Petra Palm, this lighthearted romantic comedy drew many laughs, with Heather McDonald in the title role. Above Meg presents the treasured jacket to her family and we see Ausma being decked out by Michelle. Directed by Lynn Maxwell this bit of nonsense had them rolling in the aisles, especially when Tina would preach, " I told him, Julie. ..Julie, don ' t go! " Above Alison quips again, and Heather discovers her toga has been ripped away. career f ' ' hfe% h aVmj a iBa loy ' f G vmUUeL Nicole Taylor provided direction for this intersting role-reversal situation, taking place in the waiting room on the maternity floor. Above Ramoija offers a toast after learning she ' s a new ' mom ' while Samantha offers Dora her view on the advantages of raising little girls. With credit due to director, Alison Gilmour, and the actresses ' ability to stay in character, this play was ' best play ' when the awards were decided. We invited Mrs. Takach to adjudicate this year, bringing to full circle her drama experiences, from bit-part player, to starring role, to student director, to drama teacher and now finally to adjudicator. In the photo at bottom right, Kelly accepts her best actress cup for her role as ' the girl ' . Tracy at left, was the boy. Christmas Dinner Keeping with established tradition, a sumptuous repast was held on our last evening together before Christmas vacation. Southern students entertained with festive Caribbean carols and shared with our guests their dreams of a " green Christmas " . Our Chinese students then presented a lovely blend of English and Chinese songs, once again emphasizing the universality of this occasion. Parents, friends and students were wished a safe and happy Christmastide. Leading the group in ' Mary ' s Boy Child ' Illeana and Mary do their parts. Michelle holds Lynn in rapt attention during Teresa and Vivian lead the Dragons in f%_ one of the special moments in the play. Semi-Formal As girls prepare for any special occasion there will always be scenes like these. But after the preparation is done, there is only loveliness as Alejandra waits for her date and Karen poses at the grand piano with her escort. 13 PRESENTATION OF PRIZES AND MEDALS The Governor-General ' s Medal for the highest standing in Grade XIII The Lieutenant-Governor ' s Medal for the highest standing in Grade XII The Mayor ' s Medal for leadership and academic achievement The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Medals for the second highest standing in Grade XIII for the second highest standing in Grade XII Prize for the highest standing in Grade XI Prize, by Mrs. R. Leo Gray, for the highest standing in Grade X The F. H. Barlow prizes for the highest standing in Grade IX Grade VIII Grade VII Prize, by Dr. James S. Hall, in memory of Mr. W. S. Hall, for the highest standing in Grade XIII Chemistry Prize, for the highest standing in Grade XIII History Prize, by Whitby Arts Incorporated, for achievement in Senior Art Prize, by Mrs. W. R. Hull and Miss M. Webster, in memory of Mrs. J. C. Webster, for Penmanship The Shapiro-Cohen prize, in memory of Miss A. A. Maxwell, for greatest improvement in achievement Helen Parsons Britton Progress Prizes Prize for achievement in Grade XIII English Grade XII English Ryerson Chapter Award for the President of the Student Council Pin, by Trafalgar Chapter, in memory of Mrs. E. Gallanough, for the winner of the Strathcona Shield Valedictorian Award, given by Dr. Reginald C. Davis Joyce Wai Annie Charm Angel Adam Angela Tsoi Anne Kandiah Alison Gilmour Dora Arulanandam Susan Bruce Sarah Arulanandam Erin Riley Joyce Wai Lyndsay Barrett Pat Sibley Stephanie Kirkham Bobbie Jo Reid Debra Eckensweiler Karen McCartney Adriana Pernetz Danuta Robaszewski Shall Pooransingh Allison- Christ Angel Adam Jacqueline Hibberd Lyndsay Barrett Ethel Treble Barber Scholarship Arthur H. Allin Scholarship T. Kelso Creighton Scholarship Thomas G. Rogers Memorial Scholarship Jessie Lord Ayres Scholarship in Music Alumnae Dr. S. L. Osborne Scholarship Alumnae Scholarship in memory of Dr .C . R . Carscal len Alumnae Scholarship in memory of Miss A.A.Maxwell Ryerson Chapter Scholarship in memory of Mr .G.D.Atkinson Ottawa Chapter Scholarship in memory of Dr. J. J. Hare Helen Parsons Britton Scholarship Anna B. Parsons Memorial Music Scholarship Olive Holliday Denyes Scholarship Marie Honsberger Scholarship for achievement in Grade XII Family Studies Morley S. Bedford Scholarship Caroline McGillivray Scholarship Russell Wharton Memorial Scholarship, given by Mrs. Wharton, for achievement in Grade XII Mathematics Scholarship in honour of Dr. Reginald C. Davis Florence Osborne Memorial Scholarship Entrance Scholarship for first class honours Ladies ' Guild Essay Prize Junior Senior Tracy Powell Susan Bruce Erin Riley Ausma Khan Alison Gilmour Martha Shumovich Karen McCartney Heather McCrea Naomi Shum Armita Rahmani Nicole Hohenkirk Catherine Howie Sarah Arulanandam Heather McCrea Anna Evans Dora Arulanandam Annie Charm Melissa Peacock Nicole Taylor Sherene Sahib Ausma Khan Allison Christ Senior Dinner Following a long-established tradition, we gathered together on the last Friday in April to honour our graduating classes with a lovely turkey dinner. It was an opportunity for the other classes and all of our school organizations to offer praise and encouragement to the grade 12 and 13 graduates. Many toasts were offered, many speeches applauded and many individual achievements recognized - a night to remember! Our special guest from the alumni council encouraged all of our grads to keep in touch with the school and to think seriously of joining an alumni chapter at their first opportunity. The alumni is our common thread, linking past students with the present school population and providing leadership in the best Trafalgar tradition. 7 i Best KaA e5 or mv (_ r . He TeA s or hat a vd i i ow A e rotzeiV tL t otZBti iy 0 TR.y Fb«. THIS oaJ OOM i V Huf l t £D li LD OtslL.y cxJf UOVb:. The, TiAi( vi AS sf RJi iMPu ' St r THe STMOSPHBJZ CO ynAlN b THB OLfUS. Of= AU-. AfHO f A Ti ie D U e: nsFL-f NT thb fLoofivjj s rJGUL.flzp in thick. UKYBtzs Thb H tst rj v oKvs w e so yourjo- aojd NMt - - TH Ki vii txy or £. r; uiTTi . . . Fo rne. ySout-S r h i wisrje. o HFiPPy »a d flZi - A Art) rne Hhppy F e souths yjeJZB uost, fbc uife. Af ft AdUuthcop had cusf o iTS fZyssassioK s. je-lM-iNU BACK p Lc TI T THB pLAC HAD C iKf N . MUCH TiMB N0 0 F SS D A R Sl O O GCiiyiG TRANC B vJO SlL-p A VD Acu TtfoiJ tfrs of Twe Placb. (=aRjjiOTT N . j Ur AS TOfLhjBAtCK RA( eS TO A LO J i i-OST N e.tAO(iy I see. The. uc ht oncb Mo er PitsiV) hue THAf-S sNlTHifJ N B yehQjMS To GO BACkL Sot THe. ehTFS or AVOUTHOOT) HAVB IjOCKFI MB ItJ . TH NO ' RerroQ NiMQ To A vvo e D or iNNoce i Jce: . CuO E My T AQj eyes a vd Hopr i=oc R e ii TH Bur HO tS CA I£ S fJD ACTiOKI ANt UE:A JBS MB VIPT TdieA ThE PAS S. fot vs AI T) AMO (l TOtLfJ TO fZ Ai iTy UBA lNi TH MBf fZy of A Ml iL SPe:ciAU PlACjB . 16 Formal On Saturday, May 4, 1985, our formal dance was held, culminating weeks of work by our Social Convenor, Toni Ann and her committee. Guests were entertained at many parties, both before and after the main event, making it truly a night to remember. 18 Career Night Successful professionals were again invited to speak about their fields of specialty, allowing students the opportunity to learn about these careers at first hand. This was followed by a question period in which students were able to explore possibilities in many related careers. Participants this year were: Mr. Bruce Affleck, Q.C. - lawyer Mr. Alex Christ - investment counsellor Mrs. Janice Davidson - school psychologist Staff-sargeant Hamilton - law enforcement, criminology Mrs. Heatherington - early childhood education Miss Lawrence - theatre Mrs. MacDonald - hotel management Dr. Robert Munro - medical specialist Ms. Muriel Simpson - chartered accountant We wish to express our thanks to these friends of Trafalgar for giving so freely of their time to give us information which will help us make more reahstic and sensible decisions about our future careers. TRAFALGAR CASTLE SCHOOL Presents The Seventy-Ninth Annual MAY COURT FESTIVAL and Official Opening and Dedication of The New Academic Wing MAY 25th, 1985 at one o ' clock THE MAY COURT The May Queen Jacqueline Montes de Oca The Counsellors Kelly-Ann Black, Mary Grist Train Bearer Carrie Davidson Crown Bearer Kelly Chan Scroll Bearer Charlyn Long GRAND MARCH PROCESSION OF MAY QUEEN CORONATION OF THE MAY QUEEN by Mrs. Anne Davies EXERCISES IN HONOUR OF THE MAY QUEEN Maypole Dance (Grade 11 students) Mystery Dance (Grade 9 students) Pyramids (Grade 7 and 8 students) Steppin ' Out ( " Soft Shoe " ) (Grade 10 students) Holiday (Grade 12 students) Sheppard ' s Crook (Strathspey) (Grade 12 students) Blue Finger Lou (Grade 13 students) 21 Presented on three nights this year, our play was well-attended and most successful. Leading roles were played by Susan Crawford, Natasha Pereira and Beanie under the capable direction of Mrs. Clarke. Andrea Lutzeier, as producer, somehow had everyone learn their parts and come promptly to rehersals which resulted in a laudable performance each night. The support cast and crew are too numerous to mention here - hope you kept your program! Class Day June 9th, 1985, we celebrated the end of a most productive year and saluted the achieve- ments of our houses in all of their competitive sports. Trophies were presented, cups endowed and plaques awarded - Farewell House topped the ladder with the most accumulated house points! Sports letters and pins were given to participants in sports through all the seasons by the ladies guild and the coveted honour pins were bestowed on high academic achievets! Activity Day On the 29th of May we treated ourselves after a year of hard work to a day of fun on Toronto Island and the weather was perfect! Our girls rode the bicycles, drove the surreys and stalked male game by the hour. Tired and sunburned though we were, our group enthusiastically watched the final house debate held that evening and enjoyed a cookout supper on the back lawn. For those who could still summon up energy, a performance of Passage to India at the local theatre topped the night. Another typical Trafalgar day! While Lisa is quite happy to ride the carousel, a more daring look at things below is taken by Stephanie and Carrie who prefer loftier transport. Who ' s your chaffeur Jinni? Pat never takes ME anywhere. Of course, there ' s always log-riding with the grade 9 ' s... Principal ' s Message We often talk here at the school of the Trafalgar family. Who are we referring to? In a sense there are two families. The more immediate is made up of the students and the staff who inter-react on a daily basis to create an atmosphere which really does resemble that of a large family. Our small enrolment and many traditions of friendhness help make this possible. New girls arriving in September are quickly engulfed into this family. The second and larger Trafalgar family has been most evident this year. Of course, it is always present. However, on May Day, when we officially opened and dedicated the new academic wing, the importance of this extended family to school life was clearly underlined. Gathered in the gleaming sun of that truly beautiful day were students, staff, former staff, alumnae, parents, former parents, board members and a multitude of fr iends. Their collective efforts had made the new wing a reality. Without this extended Trafalgar family it is doubtful that the school could survive. With it our continued prosperity is assured. Early in the 1950 ' s a young girl enrolled at the school. Later in that decade she graduated and was one of the first alumnae to be married in the new Grace Chapel. A dozen years ago she was asked to join the Board of Directors. Five years ago her daughter came to the school and when she graduated her mother became a past parent. She has been a constant friend of the school throughout. Student, alumnus, board member, parent, past parent, friend: not every girl who comes to Trafalgar will serve the school in so many capacities. However, no matter how small or how large a role you play in school Ufe, it is a significant part of the Trafalgar family web. To those who are leaving the immediate Trafalgar family in June we send our love and best wishes. May you strive to maintain contact in some fashion with your school. In any case, this lovely book will serve to keep alive the memories of your association with the Trafalgar family. C.T. Craig Kamcke, M.A. Expression, emotion, examination, vacation - this is the pattern at the close of the school year. It is a time to )ause and remember, but also to anticipate the future. To the people graduating, thank-you for your leadership, co-operation and flair. To those returning I ' m depending on your abilities next year. A happy summer to all! Ann Wiggins, B.A., M. Ed. OUR HEAD GIRL Trafalgar - what does it mean? Simply, a collage of people and cultures. Each of us come from a variety of backgrounds to share with others what we are and what we have experienced. We learn a multitude of lessons. To me one of the most important lessons was how to be more an individual, to escape from being lost in the crowds. At Trafalgar this opportunity is given to each of us, whether it be in extracurricular activities or academics. The chance is there; look for it and strive to be you! Best of luck in all your future endeavours! love, MOW Michelle Ou Wai BACK ROW (1-r): H. McDonald, K. Paton, Y. Dixon, K. Black, A. Christ, H. McCrea, K. Bourne, T. Nunez, P. Scott, K. Holmes, K. Hanson. MIDDLE ROW: J. McRae, S. Smith, S. Birchard, A. Young, Mr. Kamcke, M. Ou Wai, L. Maxwell, N. Taylor, S. Nickson. FRONT ROW: S. Crawford, S. Nundy, A. Lutzeier, D. MacDonald, D. Arulanandam, A. Gilmour. Student Council " P-| -Piar»f C C ROW (l-r): A. Young, T. Nunez, A. Christ, K. Paton, H. McDonald. FRONT ROW: K. 1 1 CI to Hanson, Mr. Kamcke, M. Ou Wai, K. Black. Faculty Mr. McClure Mrs. Sigsworth Mr. Cleary Mrs. Davis Miss Deschamps Mrs. Kwietniewski Mrs. McKay Mrs. Large 33 House Staff Behind the scenes these are the people responsible for maintaining a sense of decorum and order in our halls but they may not recognize that job description. They supervise each evening ' s study, provide shoulders to lean on and offer support and encouragement to the girls under their charge. Mrs. Huppeler, caught with her tea, has been assistant dean and has won the hearts of all of us with her ready wit and charming manner. We are sorry to lose her to Havergal next year. Below Mrs. Bryce, Mrs. Shaver and Mrs. Mackie enjoy the early morning sunshine together - come to think of it, they enjoy most everything together! Next year Mrs. Bryce will preside over daytime study hall. Office and Maintenance Our office staff above include Mrs. Crawford, bursar, Mrs. Greenslade, secretary, Mrs. Luchka, librarian, Mrs. Knowles, receptionist and Mrs. Sadoway, salary and accounting. Our maintenance corps includes Gord Thrower, Wayne Stinson, Dennis Branton and Ron Bowman. Kitchen personnel are really much prettier than this fuzzy photo shows. They serve, clean, polish and wax, keeping this century building in tip top shape. Mrs. J. Smith, our house manager, oversees everything from day to day and even manages to fit in a daily fitness routine! Grade 13 KELLY ANN BLACK Kelly- Aon haik from Jamaica - tbe ' Ras ' land. Site can always be round wilh Ally and Kel doin some sort of nonsense . . . like excreting sitrogenoas wastes in any type of container she can find. This little ras has been with us for six long years. Suprisingly, she has survived although this is questionable. Her pet peeve is ' toes ' , Yes, she is differeni and you can look for her name on a fashion label in years ahead. JOCELYN CHENG Interested in the world beyond our gates, Joycelyn ' s artistic talents won her the honour of being the designer of our yearbook ' s cover. From Hong Kong originally she now calls Canada ' home ' and has made many friends here. Her hand-knit sweaters clothe half the male population of Toronto! KELLY BOURNE Kelly, or should we say Pookie, or the soon-to-be Mrs. Fike, belongs to the group known as the veterans, having been with us for four years. Kell ' s life at TCS has been a soap opera . . . nanied the first two years, had two Guiseppes. was later divorced, or at least that ' s how the story goes! Behind the scenes she has been head of Debating for iwo years and as you probably have guessed, wants to be an actress. ALLISON CHRIST Ally, a k a " Jabber-Jaw " , has been here four years and is presently one of our day-girl prefects. I ' m sure she ' s known for her laissez-faire attitude - listen Ally - stop " beating your gums " ; you ' re losing friends. Always an asset lo our drama department, she hope lo make a career out of the theatre. See you on Broadway! ANNE CHRISTIANSON This was Anne ' s first year at TCS, and like all Bermuda natives, she can ' t wait to get home for good. She will be remembered for her midnight binges in the common room wlierc she watched late movies night after night with Tish and Kirsten. Now Anne, get those eyes tested! CINDY CROFT ,:hc town of Slouffville, Cindy relumed for her final We will remember her as Hopaiong Cassidy because she spent most of last term on crutches. Where can you find her? Cindy calls our smoker home during break and after lunch. BEVERLY COX Bouncin ' and Behavin ' Bev came back to us for Grade 13. If you can ' t find Bev, she ' s probably on main hall leading some girls In a quest for fitness. Maybe one day she ' ll be a professional aerobics instructor. Whether you end up at McGill or Queen ' s we wish you the best of luck, Bev - if it helps in your final decision Bev, we hear Queen ' s has the better-looking guys. TRACY DE MONTRICHARD 45, 46, 47 . . . yep, it ' s Tracy doing sit-ups again - she ' s out to prove that being over sixteen is not over the hill! If you ' re looking for T in Canada, don ' t check the dinner table, check for tanned legs running down the street. If you ' re looking for her in Trinidad, cheek for a slim thing on board a vessel called Richochet in Scotland Bay. NIEMA EDOO For the past two years, Niema ' s room has been easily identified by the sweet strains of calypso music heard at regular intervals, namely - morning, noon and night! A tall, dark stranger, whose photos adorn her walls at strategic positions, is rumoured to be the love of her life. DEVinitely a Trini, she proclaims an incessant longing for roti, curry, aloo pies, coconut tree! and sunshine. Niema is the soft- spoken editor of the school ' s literary magazine. MARGARET ANN GEALL Peggy a k a Laurie, in her 20th year of life has come to us as a mature student from Woodstock ... lhafs Ontario, not New York, the dairy capitol of Canada. (Yahoo!) Will she be a dental hygenist, a nurse, or back to " CKDK, Woodstock, home of the cows! " When you need Pcggj you can usually find her between here and Casey ' s (staggering). CLEMMIE FU This is Clemmie ' s first and last year at Trafalgar. Our math and science genius and walking encyclopedia will be missed by all, especially her class-males in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for her detailed Theories and Hypotheses. Mary comes from (he Bahamas and has been here for two short years (no offence!) Mary ' s weekends are spent at Trafalgar with her two jammin ' roomies and she will be remembered for her love of red roses and for her birthday - Valentines Day. Her philosophy: ' Remember that all things are possible with God ' s help, so allow him to come into your life and then you will find true joy and fulfilment! After two years al ICS, Kyra finally makes her way off to Mount Alison. Kyra, the one who can be heard from the bowels of the school singing. " Ten more days " til I get out, " much to our surprise, became a prefoi t in her second year. She proved tierself to be warm and carini; to everyone, especially to the girls on her hall. I know a lot of people will miss her interesting rude smells and ' interesting ' stories about her men! Good luck for your future B.C. ANNEKANDIAH This hyper ' head banger " can usually be seen bopping down the halls with either Anita, Toni or Tish ... so where ' s the next Iron Maiden concert Anne? Even after five years at TCS, A.K. still hasn ' t got the rules down pat! On occasion she can be seen entering classes five minutes after (he bell has gone. Don ' t worry Anne, we stilt love you. . .and we hope you ' ll never have to dissect any more worms. KATE HOLMES This k Kate ' s first and final year at Trafalgar, where she came all the way from Ottawa to grace us with her special talents. Kate can always be found awaiting her knight in shining armour - what ' s that you say - no armour? This jovial being will be going to Paris for a year for two things: to be a nanny and to open a franchise called ' Kate ' s Bistro ' - watch out for food poisoning! KIRSTEN KORCHINSKY . man, I ' m so stupid! " Not our Kiki! Kiki tends to hold all night vigils attempting to get endless science work and essays done. " Better (really) late than never, " right Kiki? This wide-eyed iimocent has a fondness for stairways and, of course, men, men and men. As her room mate, I grew to put up with her idiosyncrasies and she with mine. Thaitks for being more than Just a friend always, Kate. EVA LAI Eva is a cheerful, kind and helpful girl. If you think that she is quiet, you do not know her very well. She is our great ' cook ' on the grade 13 hall. You can always see her walking in and out of the common room, carrying the cooker, spoons, forks and food. We know she has enjoyed her years at TCS as much as we have enjoyed her being with us. LISA LEONG POI Lisa, a distant cousin of the late, great mathematician, Pythagorous, is, much to Mrs. K ' s happiness, the ultimate Trinidadian student. Ever wonder where she goes on weekends? Check the B.C.G. and Lee will be there too. NATALIE LAI Resident at TCS for two years, Natalie comes from distant Malaysia and has brought her quiet charm and gentle manner to our school. Friendly and soft-spoken. Natalie finds expression in the beautiful artwork she produces. She plans to pursue studies in art and with her talent, success is inevitable. ANDREA LUTZIER Turtle has been with us for three years and is our assistant Librarian where she gives us service with a smile. In the winter she hangs out on the slopes but can always squeeze in a dinner date on a weekend. DEANNA MacDONALD This is Deanna ' s third year at TCS. During this lime she has been actively involved in the life of the school. She has been a member of both the soccer and baseball teams and was the president of SCF this year. Deanna is known for her love of Care Bears - maybe this is what makes her so caring towards others. If she is not in her room she can either be foun d visiting her friends or talking on the phone! HEATHER McCREA Through the dedication and professional-quality photography of this hall-haunling presence, all of our students will have memories in black and white of our castle. We know you really enjoyed all those quiet, romantic times in the dark ... (darkroom) Heather and wish you luck next year where you can puce madly up and down the dorm at Bishops University. For now. Shadow Lake, look out! JUNE MARTIN In reality is she June or is she Joyce? Why don ' t you i Miss Dave? Our little African who hails from Kenya has been with us for one year. Even though it is also her first year in C anada, she has decided to brave the cold winters f and stay on for university. Kenya ' s loss is our gain! r HEATHER McDONALD After six long years at Trafalgar, Heather has .tried most positions, from head of the Athletic Association to prefect. Hailing all the way from Edmonton. Heather enjoys waching ice-hockey on TV and in her spare time can be spoiled going for lengthy runs around Whitby. She hopes to put her talent for words to good use and one day publish her own work. NAIMA MOHAMMED Naima has come ail (he way from Trinidad with one of the nicest tans I ' ve seen so far. Many know Naima as timid and retiring but when this powerhouse isn ' t banging her head to the tunes of ' The Fighting Irish ' she ' s somewhere off with Portia blowing bananas - if you know what 1 mean. Aside from these hedonistic pleasures, Naima also spent most of her Monday evenings swimming at Durham Centre with the mentally disabled. Off to Carleton U. with her faithful sidekick Portia (ancient snots) Neely next year, we wish her well. JOYCE MOORE During her year with us we ' ve called her everything from Puddles to Smurf and even once in awhile, Joyce. When you hear " is it Friday yet? " You ' ll know .loycc is around. Her crazy comebacks and fun-loving character have helpeti us through some tough moments. Her future will she become Greek Orthodox? JACQUELINE MONTES DE OCA ' Beanie ' (ask her dad about his teenie weenie Beanie: i hails from the tin pan island (T ' dad) - if you need limbo lessors or are into castle-top tanning see Beanie. We will always remember her from her outstanding achievements in debating and her leading lady role in " Man of a Mancha " . Her voice could knock you over but so could her cars! We ' re justifiably proud of our little May (Juecn. PORTIA NEELY This sexy little Bahamian Beauty Queen we call ' Fire- Woman ' (limbo) entertains us with her beautiful voice and stories recounting her pas t experiences. Portia wants to go to Carlton University in Ottawa so that she will be spiritually connected to her honey at home - also ' ■Carlton ' . CATHERINE NOCK This pretty little chick hails from the north of Trinidad. Her big smiles light (he halls which echo with her raucous laughter. Often she comes (o visit, sneaking down like a mouse from her special hideaway with the other little people (grade seven and eights), bearing gifts of great West Indian specialties. Caty often wanders around looking pu zled, questioning why the walls love to crash into her. She has woken up many a Math and (Jeography class with a falling pencil-tin and a moan of ' not again ' . Just one query . How do you manage those unique sitting positions? MICHELLE OU WAI Madame Mow arrived ages ago, an innocent, young, naive, little wimp who has become such a marvellously mature, experienced, woman of the world with our influence. Our Hg is also one of our veterans, recently retired as lead singer of the reknowned JAM SISTERS since she made gold. She thinks that psychologists are all cra .y psychos and intends to discover the secrets of the mind for herself. TONI ANN NUNEZ After only two years with us, Toni has managed to maintain both positions of social convenor and prefect. What would we do without this vivacious islander! This Trini can usually be seen running after guilty offenders who have not paid their dance money, or madly typing away to loved ones. We know she will succeed in w hatever she does. TERESA PANG Teresa was only here for one year but she will leave her mark forever. Some of us often wondered if she would make it through the week without at least seven letters from the one and only Frank. Her future unfortunately does not include Harvard, but I! of T »ve are sure will treasure her happy go lucky attitude. Frank will just have to learn the new address! C KATHY PATON Kathy is he owner uf that hideous j reen tank In (he parking lot. She spends her days with us and. is presently one of our day girl defects, but her weekends are her own. lip in Muskoka by Friday nif(hl, she keeps her better half company. In school, Kathy can be located in Mow ' s room studying lierChem. and Biology texts to keep Mr. McClure happy. ZINA STRACHAN . three-year veteran from Nassau, Bahamas, Zina has transformed from a quiet, shy dreamer into a pest of a roommate. If it were not for her morale-boosting roommates, she would never have survived the year. Niema would tease and Mary would say, " I ' lease, stop complaining. " Krom a bad start to a good ending, ina offers these words of advice: Only with (Jod ' s help will you get through the horrors of today; trust in Him always. BRENDA WALLACE Brenda also came back to Trafalgar for her final year and is from nearby Brooklin, Ontario, Her bright smile and warm friendly manner have endeared her to us all and wc can recall all those times when she and Anne were trying (o figure out what page we were on in French class. SARITA SABGA This spicy ' f rini-Vcnezuelan ' ran Trafalgar ' s onlv tanning house. She tantili cd the guests at our dances with her saucy moves ' I ' rini style ' and constantly disturbed the peace with her massive food parties. Sarita moved on the notorious Trinidadian time and we could always depend on her to keep us waiting for at least a few hours if she ever came at LAETITIA S TREETLY Hail to this wild Trini who has surprisingly survived three years at I C ' S. Her beautiful voice was exhibited publically in Man of l,a Mancha and in chapel services and privately yelling for ' Olyog ' . If Tish wasn ' t blasting music in her room or living in the smoker, she would surely he found playing tennis at all hours. She continues to soak up the sun , , , when will she ever learn that true natives cannot tan in Canadian sun! KAREN YOUNG Karen .spent grade 12 as a boarder but became a day girl for grade 13. We will remember her wild hair styles (what colour next week, Karen?), her attendance (or lack of it) at chapel and her Friday taxi service. Next year Karen will be reunited with her former roommate Laura at George Brown College, where she will major in art. Since she won the art contest for our literary magazine she is off to a good start already. ANITA YOUNG A five-year survivor, Anita has been our trusty grade nine prefect this year. With her relaxed manner and reserved nature, she is liked by all. If she is not up town with Toni, our ' Olyog Queen ' can usually be found dishing out the junk food after hours much to her dismay. She is a native of Barbados. WINNIE YOUNG Our May M(mster, Winnie has come all the way from Hong Kong to grace us with her beautiful voice and radiant smile. She has corrupted the entire popullion of Vrafalgur within the span of two terms. She has a passion, or should we say a need for " green M M ' s " and we all know the reason why she was sent to Trafalgar. Wc wish Winnie well wherever she goes and we pray for those lo whom she goes next. Grade 12 Laurel Anderson Brenda Arzeno Kate Ball Samantha Bentley Sheila Birchard Nora Calcaneo Alejandra Cardenas Jane Chin Susan Crawford Miriam Denham Yvonne Dixon Lesley Forde Marie-Anik Gagne Michelle Gaul Alison Gilmour Ileana Gutierrez Sharon Harpur Angela Hui Afshan Javed Gloria Jew Karla Korchinsky Lynn Maxwell Jennifer McRae Patricia Munro Natasha Pereira Mary Rathwell Susan Rowntree Petra Scott Naomi Shum Suzanne Smith Nicole Taylor Lillian Tzambazis Sandra Viiimas Dianne White Anna Whitney Judy Wong Grade 1 1 Dora Arulanandam Susan Birnie Wendy Bruce Jayne Burness Medina Carter Dianne Cox Debra Eckensweiler Merrill Giffen Ramona Grainge Catherine Howie Ayesha Khan Lisa Khan Michele Lang Cynthia Li Chung Yee Mak Lydia Mason Karen McCartney Heather Parker Danuta Robaszewski ShereneSahib Alison Slaby Cheryl Stuart Ruby Tonno Jill Wilson In above photos we managed to catch Sherene as she prepares for her debut on initiation day. Cheryl may be planning .. .an escape? 44 Grade 10 46 Grade 9 Grade 8 Alice Bennett Fionna Boyle Nicole Brooks Selena Carter Vivian Cheng Shaney Crawford Anna Evans Katharine Kim Melissa Peacock Armita Rahmani Erin Riley Martha Shumovich Elizabeth Smith Alix Soukoreff Margaret Thomas Laura Tymchuk f » MM Whether you catch them in the classroom or in the halls, this bunch is busy, laughing or plotting some mischief. The trouble is trying to catch them! 50 Grade 7 Kelly Chan Carmina Chiappe Carrie Davidson Janis Hill Charlyn Long Jennifer Love Victoria Murray Stephanie Nickson Samantha Pederson Michelle Schwartz On a " dress-down " day you can find us still hard at work in Mrs. Shannon ' s study hall. In the upper left photo, Kelly and Charlyn take a moment to share their running strategy with the duty officer before our Junior cross-country run. Kelly and Samantha pore over the pattern books dreaming up new projects to sew. 51 Swim Meet Excitement fills the air as competitors and their contingents of supporters crowd our pool decks; one blast of that whistle and the heats will begin. Can a record be broken today? Is that stretch of water going to daunt my spirit? " No way, " says the inner voice of each athlete. Races in front and back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly were prehminary to the relays and then comic relief was hysterically provided by the wet shirt-changing (without breaking body contact) swim. 1 SPORTS... Carter House BACK ROW (1-r): N. Lai, A. Young, B. Wallace, J. Blackledge, D. Arulanandam, J. Wilson, P. Saunders, C. Stuart, L. Murray, K. Phillips, D. MacDonald, S. Bentley. THIRD ROW: P. Geall, S. Birnie, B. Jamieson, S. Hallett, B. Arzeno, A. Whitney, L. Anderson, A. Hallett, R. Grainge, N. Taylor, G. Ngai, S. Bruce. SECOND ROW: N. Mohammed, V. Murray, S. Glasford, A. Evans, D. White, C. Croft, C. Fu, J. Martin, N. Batinec, L. Tymchuk. FRONT ROW: J. Wong, M. Carter, S. Arulanandam, W. Bruce, N. Shum, S. Carter, K. Chan, C. Long. Farewell House BACK ROW (1-r): W. Young, H. McDonald, K. Hansen, K. Szabo, M. Peacock, T. Hamilton, A. Khan, N. Hohenkirk, S. Sahib, D. Eckensweiler, T. Sideris, T. Powell, J. Monies de Oca. THIRD ROW: K. Holmes, T. Wright, M. Gaul, M. Myers, L. Edwards, N. Pereira, M. Denham, M. Giffen, K. Young, L. Tzambasis, M. Ngai, L. Streetly, T. Nunez. SECOND ROW: A. Pernetz, J. Moore, K. Ball, P. Palm, C. Howie, K. Paton, A. Slaby, S. Crawford, Y. Dixon, A. Cardenas. FRONT ROW: K. Kim, M. Thomas, J. Hill, D. Brown, C. Chiappe, S. Crawford. Hare House BACK ROW (1-r): A. Soukoreff, J. Chin, L. Langford, J. Burness, G. Jew, C.Y. Mak, A. Gilmour, R. Kaufman, K. Hamilton, T. de Montrichard, M.A. Gagne, D. Cox, A. Kandiah. THIRD ROW: Leong Poi, C. Soukoreff, S. Gardner, M. Rathwell, K. Korchinsky, K. Korchinsky, R. Tonno, S. Birchard, H. McCrea, M. Nobert, L. Watson, N. Brooks, P. Ellis. SECOND ROW: M. Wood, I. Gutierrez, Z. Tucker, K. Bourne, N. Edoo, P. Munro, M. Ou Wai, L. Khan, A. Steel, J. Cheng. FRONT ROW: C. Nock, C. Davidson, F. Chau, R. Boyle, J. Tse. Maxwell House BACK ROW: S. Pederson, T. Pang, L. Smith, C. Li, A. Bennett, A. Lutzeier, E. Riley, J. Love, M. Shumovich, M. Laurin, L. Vanderpool, A. Rahmani, S. Nundy, K. McCartney, E. Lai, M. Grist. MIDDLE ROW: L. Forde, J. McRae, B. Segal, A. Christ, S. Nickson, L. Russell, S. Harpur, J. Hayden, K.A. Black, B. Segal, L. Maxwell, S. Smith, A. Hui. FRONT ROW: H. Parker, B. Zanella, S. Drover, M. Lang, B. Cox, P. Neely, C. Cruickshank, N. Calcaneo, S. Sabga, S. Vilimas. Cross-Country Run After weeks of trial runs and vigorous stretching exercises we were ready to compete in the annual Cross Country Run. As if nature had been cued to our needs, there was a beautiful day to inspire our runners - the whole school turned out to cheer! Junior winners: Senior winners: 1 . Laura Murray New Record! 1 . Nicole Taylor 2. Susie Bruce 3. Laura Tymchuk 4. Karla Phillips 2. Jayne Burness 3. Allison Christ 4. Lynn Maxwell BACK ROW (1-r): Mrs Goheen, N. Hohenkirk, L. Vanderpool, T. de Montrichard, D. Arulanandam, P. Ellis, Mrs. Large. FRONT ROW: C. Chiappe, A. Lutzeier, L. Tymchuk, J. Burness, S. Bentley, Z. Tucker. Zena shows the style that brought her a win in discus and Nicki is LOSS A track... Soccer Junior 68 BACK ROW (1-r): A. Evans, L. Tymchuk, A. Pernetz, M. Peacock, Z. Tucker, A. Steel, S. Bruce. MIDDLE ROW: K. Phillips, N. Hohenkirk, T. Wright, S. Gardner, T. Hamilton, P. Ellis. FRONT ROW: S. Arulanandam, K. Hamilton, D. Brown, M. Shumovich. Basketball Pni or BACK row (l-r): H. McDonald, N. Taylor, C. Howie, A. Christ, S. Smith, A. Gilmour. FRONT ROW: S. Birchard, OClllUl jyj Denham, Mr. McClure, L. Anderson, K. Ball. Junior - HamUton, L. Tymchuk, J. Blackledge, A. Steel, D. Brown, F. Chau. FRONT ROW: Z. Tucker, B. Zanella, M. Peacock, N. Hohenkirk, A. Evans, S. Bruce. 69 Volleyball BACK ROW (1-r): L. Vanderpool, S. Bruce, T. Sideris, B. Jamieson, D. Brown, Z. Tucker, K. Hamilton. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Large, P. Ellis, J. Blackledge, A. Steel, N. Hohenkirk, M. Nobert. BACK ROW (1-r): J. Burness, D. MacDonald, N. Taylor, B. Arzeno, S. Smith, P. Geall, D. Cox. Lengthwise: M. Ou Wai. FRONT ROW: S. Birchard, M. Denham, Mrs. Goheen, L. Anderson, K. Ball. BACK ROW (1-r): S. Crawford, A. Evans, E. Riley, S. Carter. FRONT ROW: L. Tymchuk, N. Brooks, Mrs. McKay, M. Peacock, M. Shumovich. Caught in the middle of a walkover, our gym team is shown in one of its many practice sessions, learning moves and perfecting routines. During May Day a lovely performance to music was put on for guests on the front lawn by LesHe and Tammy, two of our more twisted sisters! Below Selena and Leslie find that teammates Liz, Andrea and Shaney make great bases. . . You should have seen the ones beneath them! Tennis Pictured below with their coach, Mr. McClure, are team members Miriam Denham, Laurel Anderson, Kate Ball, Dianne Cox and Cheryl Stuart, but as you can see from the pictures above, standing still is not easy for them. Both Laurel and Petra are out to show Carling Bassett that competition for top ranks is going to be tough. Baseball The Seniors have had their most successful baseball season ever. They started off the year with a win over our traditional rival, Havergal. The following week they won a share of the Raggedy Ann Trophy with Branksome Hall, winning five of six games in the tournament. After winning the return match with Havergal, the team completed their triumphant match with 17-15 victory over the teachers. The team was led throughout the season by the spirited play of captain, Suzy Smith. Cathy Howie pitched effectively all season and won the most valuable player award. The good batting and excellent running of Heather McDonald added much to their success. Although the Juniors did not match the record of the Seniors, the team made much progress and gained valuable experience under the enthusiastic coaching of Mr. Cleary. Senior Team BACK ROW (1-r): Mr. Kamcke, D. McDonald, M. Carter, J. Wilson, A. Lutzeier, P. Munro. FRONT ROW: S. Birchard, H. MacDonald. S. Smith, J. McRae, S. Crawford, K. Korchinsky. Junior Team BACK ROW (1-r): Mr. Cleary, M Peacock, M. Shumovich, S. Hallett FRONT ROW: A. Hallett, L Langford, J. Blackledge, L Watson, L. Edwards, T. Sideris Centrefront: S. Arulanandam 74 ORGANIZATIONS Our Choir and S.C.F. BACK ROW (l-r): Mr. McClure, M. Gaul, A. Whitney, S. Nickson, L. Mason, Z. Strachan, N. Pereira, S. Hurpur, R. Grainge, S. Crawford. THIRD ROW: D. Robaszewski, L. Tymchuk, J. Monies de Oca, M. Carter, M. Grist, T. Pang, N. Mohammed, H. Parker, A. Lutzeier, M. Ngai, N. Batinec. SECOND ROW: M, ou Wai, C. Soukoreff, P. Scott, M. Gagne, J. McRae, Y. Dixon, L. Maxwell, P. Munro, S. Sabga, P. Neely, B. Cox. FRONT ROW: E. Smith, S. Bentley, N. Edoo, L. Leong-Poi, L. Forde, A. Steel, G. Ngai. BACK ROW (l-r): S. Crawford, S. Nundy, A. Khan, B. Jamieson, L. Mason, Mrs. Davis, C. Soukoreff, C. Croft, P. Munro, B. Zanella, B. Wallace. FRONT ROW: M. Thomas, A. Lutzeier, D. MacDonald, A. Pernetz, C. Davidson, S. Carter. 76 BACK ROW (1-r): D. Cox, A. Lutzeier, P. Neely, G. Ngai, M. Rathwell, K. Hamilton, N. Mohammed, W. Bruce. MIDDLE ROW: C. Howie, S. Birnie, M. Ngai, K. Korchinsky, K. Phillips, M. Wood, T. Hamiltpn. FRONT ROW: V. Cheng, J. Tse, G. Jew, C. Li, J. Hill, F. Chau. 4 1 BACK ROW-(l-r : J. Montes de Oca, L. Streetly. MIDDLE ROW: M. Lang, R. Grainge, P. Munro, Y. Dixon. FRONT ROW: C. Howie, C. Soukoreff, L. Tymchuk, J. Wong, R. Kaufman. T TQ TY Q BACK ROW (1-r): K. Hansen, L. Vanderpool, P. Munro, Z. Tucker, L. Tymchuk, M. Thomas, H. McDonald. J- 1 dllld FRONT ROW: T. Zanella, L. Watson, L. Edwards, N. Pereira, B. Jamieson, T. Sideris, S. Bentley. Yearbook Debating Society The Debating Society of 1984-85 had a most productive year. Led by Kelly Bourne, this year ' s President, the Society competed in the Fulford Cup League for the first time. The nine seniors and nine juniors acquitted themselves very well. Our best results occurred in the November Round when Jackie Montes de Oca finished second out of forty-five debaters. The Debating Society also participated in debates and workshops, principally with the " other T.C.S. " For the second year, we hosted the Trafalgar Castle Junior Tournament. Members of the Society participated as speakers, timers, scorers and hostesses. Held on May 1, it was a great success. Special thanks are also in order to the faculty staff and friends of the school who helped immeasurably. Have a good year in 85-86! French Club: The French Club is definitely not what you think it is. It is a club for the elite. You can join no matter what level of french you speak or think you can speak. It consists of french charades, french language, french apples and french people. The French Club Member Defined: Who are we and where did we come from? We think therefore we are! The Math Club is a small one. Led by Miss Seguin, we study old math contests set by the University of Waterloo, working towards trying the Descartes and Euclid math contests in April. - A. Gilmour. Participation in the Ceramics Club provides an opportunity for students to learn and to develop skills in various forms of ceramic decorating. This enables the student to develop a satisfying hobby and brings feelings of accomplishment in being able to make gifts for family and friends. Popular items include chess sets, pitcher sets, mugs, ornaments and Christmas trees. Math Ceramics Newspaper Club The Globe and Mail! The New York Times! How about The Castle Chronicle! This year our school newspaper staff has worked efficiently and creatively to bring us the latest gossip, sports news, educational news and creative work about our beloved T.C.S. Of course, we can ' t forget Aunt Zelda who, through her years of ' experience ' and ' wisdom ' has solved the problems of young Trafalgarettes. Many thanks to them and Mrs. Davis. -A. Javed Silents Please ! We ' re a fun club but our name is deceiving - you won ' t find silence if you join us. There is laughter to be heard when a Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton flick is on. Other great classics from the silent film era, as well as documentary clips absorbed our interest while Mr. Shelson filled us in on other trivia about these old time movie stars. It ' s a trip into the past! - D. Eckensweiler The Trafalgar Ladies Guild is an active group of mothers of current and former students, staff and friends, established to improve and enhance the education of our daughters. We have opened a little shoppe after school hours on Mondays and Wednesdays where extra things can be purchased or ordered. Some of our areas of endeavour include: - school tote bags and crests - second hand text books - uniforms and accessories - sports pin and letter awards - annual essay competition - table at annual S. C.F. bazaar - various social functions Come on out to a meeting and join us. It ' s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. II Our congratulations and best wishes to members of the 1984-85 graduating class. Ill Executive Committee: Jean Cann, Jane Evans, Julia Howells, Mary Kamcke, Jill Maxwell, Doreen Paton, Anne Rice, Joyce Steel. ' Shoppe ' Committee: Hilda Boyle, Joyce Cox, Ruth Gilmour, Nasima Khan, Jane Hansen, Shirley Robson, Louise Segal. Social Committee: Barbara Brooks, Bonnie Crawford, Ingrid Grainge, Noreen Munro, Meryll Powell, Gwenna Tzambazis, Betty Vilimas. Members: Kaja Batinic Peggy Hayden Linda Peacock Evelyn Bentley Dawne Hill Jacqueline Pereira Irene Birchard Brenda Hohenkirk Joyce Phillips Ann Birnie Louise Holmes Betty Rathwell Karen Boos Nora Kaufman Linda Riley Gloria Brown Carly Korchinsky Donna Saunders Brenda Carter Renee Lang Carol Schwartz Randy Chiappe Renee Lutzeier Irene Shum Norma Cox Eleanor MacDonald Elizabeth Shumovich Nancy Crawford Tina Mason Irene Smith Jan Davidson Marian McAdam Karen Smith Anne Denham Patricia McCrea Marlene Smith Altamae Eberlee Gerald Montes de Oca Deborah Storey Anthea Edwards Marian Moore Hekga Szabo Elaine Forde Judith Morris Elaine Tymchuk Sita Gardner Joan Murray Rosemary Wallace Dorothy Geall Barbara Myers Maureen White Sally Grist Heather Nickson Karin Vollbrecht Barbara Parker RESTAURANT TAVERN CHINESE Canadian Food CdM - 668-8321 WHIT6V 107 BROCK STREET The Book „ I Between Sell BOOK EXCHANGE TEXT BOOKS COLES NOTES 113BDundasSt. W. Whitby, Ontario 666-2442 SPORTS TROPHIES LTD. 110 ATHOL ST., WHITBY, ONT. LIN 3Y9 666-1114 A Touch of Class Division of 509998 Ontario Limited GIFTS— DIAMONDS— JEWELLERY 1V C0L5 MoTof SALBS Telephone 668-3722 106 Brock Street N. Whitby, Ont. LIN 4H2 WHITBY affordable excellence ! 400 DUNDAS ST. WEST, WHITBY, ONTARIO AUDIO: 668-0787 VIDEO: 666-2333 WHITBY -666-1 711 For Low Budget Cars Both Reconditioned and New We are l-iard to Beat! Call for information on Sales, Service, Warranty Dial 666-1711 P.S. Phone in on our weekly specials 86 HZ C0l£ 0fim sr. B. WHHBy TOM MAXWELL CLU Agency Manager 44 Bond St. W. Suite 1002 P.O. Box 2070 Oshawa, Ontario L1H 7V4 Bus: 725-6588 Res: 576-8497 TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER NORTH AMERICAN LIFE NORTH AMERICAN LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY At DON T Cl ' t ORNEC SQUARE BOY PIZZA SUBS The best pizza money can buy 1 16 Athol Street Whitby We Deliver 666-3366 MERCANTILE DEPARTMENT STORE TElEFHONE 663-354 ' : WHITBY DOMINION HARDWARE HARD.VARE • PAINT - GLASS SUPPLIES 319 BROCK ST SOUTH WHITBY PLAZA TONf vVANDA WARTIN WHITBY, ONTARIO 321 Brock Street South Whithv Pla a OFFICIALSUPPLIER OF TRAFALGAR CASTLE UNIFORMS 87 The Latest in Women ' s Fashions and Accessories Bus. 416-668-1266 143 Brock Street South Downtown Whitby ■■■■■■■ ■■ ■■■■■■■ MM Trrr HR. PHOTO DONE RIGHT! RIGHT HERE! ENLARGING CAMERA REPAIRS FREE PARKING 666-3601 211 BROCK ST S WHITBY ■ ■■■■■■■■ ■ ■■■■■■ ■ iigrT EST. 795« FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS WEDDINGS - HOSPITALS - FUNERALS - SPECIALS GREEN PLANTS SILK FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS 668-3334 214Dundas E., Whitby Compliments of BAILEY PHARMACY 362 Brock St.,S. 668-2100 Safeway Plaza SHIRT LAUNDERERS - CLEANING PRESSING - COLD STORAGE WHITBY CLEANERS Specialists in Drapery Finishing 104 Colborne St. E., Whitby. Ont. 668 2345 Compliments oj M M E K4 FOOTWEAR LTD. WHITBY MALL, WHITBY, ONT. LIN 2L1 (416) 728-4197 SHERIDAN MALL, PICKERING, ONT. L1V 1B8 (416) 683-4871 CoYYyliments oj 1 eil C. " Murlcar O-P- Opto fkeir lit 88 Cottjplimen of Ghh- f-44D lib ATHOL WI+ITBy Ou h£ti and Oj eratecL R.GROCER by Carry and ' tanc (ZfyalL Welcome vou an coffer jrUndlx and cOvLrttoxAs 303 Bl DCK 5X :5. 5 AT: e ' a 89 91 Spirit Day As a year-end spirit-raising event some of our more enthusiastic grade twelves decided a Spirit Day was needed and so an afternoon and evening program was quickly organized. Water balloons were tossed from team to team - there were relays, crazy races and a shave-the-balloon contest. Prizes were awarded to winners of the scavenger hunt and for the best musical talent in the ' stage band ' category, but win or lose didn ' t matter in the least! A great time was had by all! STUDENT ADDRESSES ANDERSON, Laurel Mrs. G. Rochon, 1401-57 Maybelle Ave., Islington. M9A4Y5 ARULANANDAM, Dora Mrs. T., 559 Oakwood Dr., Pickering LIW 2M8 ARULANANDAM, Sarah ARZENO, Brenda Sr. Sra. J., P.O. Box 2009, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. BALL, Kate Mr. Mrs. K.F., 8141 Stanford Ave., University City BATINIC, Nada Mrs. K., 61 Hillcroft St., Oshawa. LIG 2L1 BENNETT, Alice Mr. Mrs. B. Poyser, 182 Rands Road, Ajax. LIS 3C2 BENTLEY, Samantha Mr. Mrs. A., 66 Long Circular Road, Maraval, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W.I. BIRCHARD, Sheila Mr. Mrs. J. P., 15 Canadiana Dr., Thornhill. L3T 2Y7 BIRNIE, Susan Mr. Mrs. J.S., 328 Dalewood Dr., Oakville. L6J 4P5 BLACK, Kelly-Ann Mr. Mrs. M., c o V. Abrahams, Embassy Apts. 2C W., 17 Kingsway, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. BLACKLEDGE, Jo-Ann Mr. Mrs. W., 2551 S.W. 28th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312. BOURNE, Kelly Mr. Mrs. D.R., 48-99 Midpark Gardens, Calgary, Alta. T2X 1L5 BOYLE, Fionna Mr. Mrs. N., 87 Glen Hill Dr., Whitby. LIH 6Z8 BROOKS, Nicole Mr. Mrs. A. P., 23 Trinity Cr., Whitby. LIN 6LI BROWN, Diane Mr. Mrs. R.G., 1302 Albany Dr., Ottawa. K2C 2L9 BRUCE, Susan Mrs. H.F., 866 Hyland St., Whitby. LIN 6S1 BRUCE. Wendy BURNESS, Jayne Mr. Mrs. P., 741 Manor Park Cr., Sarnia N7S4W7 (c o Foster Wheeler Mangement Operations Ltd., Madinat Yanbu, KM 19, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.) CALCANEO, Nora Sr. Sra. M. Paseo Usumacinta 608, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. CP 86080 CARDENAS, Alejandra Sr. F.J. Ortiz de Dominguez, 561 Ote. Col Chapultepec, Culiacan. Sin. Mexico. 80040 CARTER, Medina Mr. Mrs. J. A., 219 Keith St., Whitby. LIN IH8 CARTER, Selina CHAN, Kelly Mrs. R. Ting, P.O. Box 56, Whitby. LIN 5R7 CHAU, Felicia Mr. Mrs. Chau Hon Kit, 2A Babington House, 5 Babington Path, Hong Kong. CHENG, Joycelyn Mr. Mrs. Cheng I.K.M. 24 Old Beacon Hill Road, 1st floor, Kowloon, Hong Kong, CHENG, Vivian Mr. Mrs. Cheng Ying Bun, 84 Waterloo Road, I3th floor, A3. Kowloon, Hong Kong. CHIAPPE, Carmina Mr. Mrs. D.J. 826 Annes St., Whitby. LIN 6B2 CHIN, Jane Mr. Mrs. P., 49 Jalan Merdeka, P.O. Box 115, Labuan, Sabah, East Malaysia. CHRIST, Allison Mr. Mrs. A., R.R. 2, Claremont. 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Palo Seco Junction, Palo Seco, Trinidad, W.I. I I iin Minp TCvnthial L i, oUU iviiiig J ' 111 I iic Dr. Mrs. Sheung Shun Li, 177 Orton Park Road, Scarborough. MIG 3H2 Mr. Mrs. G.K., 7 Ashland Crescent, Markham. L3P 3Z9 LOVE. Jennifer Mr. Mrs. C.A., 7 Preston Court, Ajax. LIS 1M2 LUTZEIER, Andrea Mr. Mrs. H., 120 Waymar Heights Blvd., Box 303, Woodbridge. L4L 1 B2 MacDONALD, Deanna Mr. Mrs. J., Royal Resort, R.R. 1, Fenelon Falls. KOM INO MASON, Lydia Mrs. Tina, 9 Sherwood Road East, Pickering. LIV 2A8 MAK, Chung Yee Mr. Mrs. Mak Yan-Bun, Suite 1212, 2330 Bridletowne Circle, Scarborough. MIW 3P6 MARTIN, June Mr. Mrs. W., P.O. Box 40921, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. MAXWELL, Lynn Mr. Mrs. T.R., 802 Ferndale Street, Oshawa. LIJ 5L7 MOHAMMED, Naima Mr. Mrs. N., 37 Sunset Ridge, La-Romain, Trinidad. MONTES de OCA, Jacqueline Mr. G., Woodlands Road, Valsayn Park, Trinidad. MOORE, Joyce Dr. Mrs. K.L., 65 Harbour Square, PH 5, Toronto. 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(Guardian: Mr. P. Yong. 44 McNicoll Avenue. Willowdale. M3H 2A8 YOUNG, Winnie Mr. Mrs. Young Poon Yin. Hse 3. Sandoz Villa, Lot 324. DD224 Nam Tau Sha. Silverstrand Beach Road Hang Hau. Sai Kung, N.T. Hong Kong. YOUNG, Karen Mr. Mrs. H.P., 2403-65 Spring Garden. Willowdale. ZANELLA, Bettina Mr. Mrs. CP., c o Saudi Telecom, P.O. Box 6350, Riyadh, Saudi .Arabia 1 1442 II

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